Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 10, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 10, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW WHOLE NO. 6801. YORK HERALD. PRICE TWO CENTS. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED ETERT DAT. INSTRUCTION. 1 1 ? Sl'ECIA It or FER? BOOKKEEPING, VV K ITINO, wX v ? arithmetic. DOLKE A R'S Academy, fioy Uroxdway. ? tew mora pupils may enter tbU week n t ou'ir 910, tor aa un limited courae of donMe catty, aud be qualified for praotieal MMllUlla Two private scats may be take a up, without charge -bookhmpiso, time unlimited, wri ?piv. ting clauei lor ladies, tJ tor twelve lessons, all the 5**S? !LM.r. RAINE S academies, 367 Urand street, New * ork, lob I ultoc street, Brooklyn, open day and evening. For Mle? in old established writing academy 1m Brooklyn; fixtures all complete and doing a good business. Apply at 267 Grand street. AYOUNU LADY DESIkES A SITUATION AS GOV ernes* to } oungohildren, having had some yean' ex - perience. can teach Treaoh; uau do every kind of sewing; or ?? companion to a lady. An interview may be bad for three day?, at Itl Cliatoa place. Eighth atreet. H. L. TTELI PORT CLASSICAL INSTITUTE.? THE NEX? X> term of this Iaatltate will oommeaoe the Drat of May. For oireulars apply to W. Kevan. Esq., 11(1 Water atreet, N. T., and for particulars address JAMES CRUIKSHANE, Principal. Bell port L. I., April 2, 183#. tERKSUI RE FAMILY SCHOOL FOR LOVS-STOCK aumnjrr session will begin oa the , ? ? 8 ?o 1? years will be educated for college or business life. 8to jkbrldgc is distiaguished tor Its highly cultivated society, ita tine sensory and healthfal climate ? Cironlars containing fall partlealars will be seat BERKSIIIRE FAMILY bridge, Mass ? The s lint ot May. Boys from oollsge or business life. I highly cultivated sooietj climate ? Cironlars conta oa application to B. Weatermau A Co., booksellers, 290 Broadwav N. Y. JARED RBID, Jr., FERDINAND HOFFMAN, Principals. ftOLLEQIATE INSTITUTE. NO. 143 WEST TWENTY third street.? Arithmetic and bookkeeplag aro taught tfteroughlr and practically, by aa aceompliatied tsaoher. whe lias hud experience m beta the counting bouaea of this country and Eur pe. Lesaons in Spanish, French and Eng lish, by distinguished native teachers. Opon day and even ing. Terms moderate. E NOLISH AND CLASSICAL BOARDINO SCHOOL for bo^rs, at Goshen, Litchfield county. Conn., J Q Rico and H. II. Hart, principals. The summer term of this aohoel will commenoe on May 2d. Clroularj may be ob tained of E. H. Wilcox, at the U. 8. School Atenoy, 293 Broadway, where any or the prinoipals may b" aeen on the 10tb, 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th of April, from 2 till 4 P. M., or he will call on any who will leave tholr oar J at the said cttce INSTRUCTION.- A YOUNG FRENCH LADY, RE | cently trorn Paris, speaking English perfectly well, and retiding with ber Dftrents'in Biooklyn, deaires to obtain em ployment in diving instruction in musio and drawing. In muiic she is the entire pnpil of the well known Ainliroiae Thomas, of Paris, composer, member of the Institute, aad Judge of the Imperial Academy of Mnaic. In drawing, she Is the pupil ol the great Mamdro.i, The French teacher has a full diploma. The family desire two gentlemen boarders. (,'allcornei of Clintou strut and Fourth place, Drooklya. THE FRENCH AND GERMAN LANGUAGES, AS RE quirea for nnalness and cot versatlon, can be thoroughly learned by apply iag at 483 Broadway, near Broome street, to the underaignod, favorably kiown for many years pait lor bis competency and excellent mode of teaohing.? E. TELLER I Is' G WANTED ? A SITUATION TO TEACH TWO OR three children a part of the day, la Engliah, drawing and the rudiments of French and music, for which board would bo considered an equivalent. Address Miss W., 121 Clinton place, Eighth street. HOUSUS, ROOMS, ?StC., WANTED. NEW SMALL HOUSE WANTED IN A OOOD neighborhood (below Tweuty fifth street and west of Fourth avrnue, with gas, Crotun, water, Ac. Rent not to exceed $60t>. Address box l.liti Post Ottoe, stating location A DOCTOR LATELY ARRIVED FROM PARIS, IS anxious to obtain a room or basement, with a small room connecting, in a private Tamily, with private entrance on one of the ny streets crossing Fulton or Court street, Hear the City Ilall, Brooklyn. Mtould the parties desire, he would prefer giving lessons iu French in the family for the reat of said rooms. Please address Dr. H., Fnnrtb place, coraerof CUnton street, Brooklyn, until Saturday. AN UNFURNISHED ROOM WANTED, WITH BOARD, by a widow lady, in a small private family, between Fourth and Sixth avenues and Fnnrteeath and Thirtieth atrtets; trice not to excced S'i per week; retereace eichanz ed. Address 3. V., Herald offioo. DAGUERREANS. ? PHOTOGRAPHERS HAYING whole, extra or double whole camera tubes, lor taking views, for sale, please address Photograph, Tribune ottoe, etatiag particulars. FURNISHES HOUSE WANTED-A HOUSE, FUR aished or partly furnished, aad board given in exchange for nee el furniture and rent, with the privilege of taking a few more select boarders. The best of reference riven aad required. Address Mrs. Bow, Union square Post Oilso. House wanted? a cottage house in drook lyn, mast be In an unexceptionable neighborhood. Immediate possession. Rent not to excced $250 per annum. Addreos H I . 8., llerald office. House wanted? high stjop basement, with all the modern improvements; rent about ton Mutt be In thorough repair, and in a good neighborhood, in the viciaH) of the Sixth avenue railroad cars. Aflress C. H., llerald ottco. OARS W ANTED? FIVE 11 rNl>HBt> Tin islIED ASII ?ara. 15 to 19 feet each. Apply to KREISLER A WARD, t) South W Ulam street. Part or a nousE wanted-by a gentleman aad wire, without ohildren, in a pleaaant neighborhood np town, nit above Tbirtioth street; rent must be moderate. Good retert nree given. Address, with fall partlealars, stating location, rent, Ac., box 4,000 Post Office. Store wantei>-in some good thoroughfare for businees; a small store with back room attached preferred, mited for the retail wooden aad willow ware bu einese; must he a good business stand and moderate rent. Address Woodon and Willow Wsre, Herald ottce, stating lo cation, site of store, aad lowest rent. TO REAL ESTATE OWNERS? THE OWNER OF A stock of cntlerv, all imported within a taw months, and of the moot approved patteras, also some baak stock of ons of thes* now in conrse of setting up, a certain value of which will be guaranteed, wanted to exchange for real estate up town. Address Cutlery, Herald ottoe. mo BU1CHEM. ? THE ADVERTISER WOULD LI EE I to purchase the lease, stock and fixtures of a first class Heat market, now doing a good business. Plaase address H. H., Pouthleepeie Post Offioe. Wanted-a large room, or two small ones; unfurnished , rent not exceeding 170 to $??>, yearly, location between Bleeder street and Twentieth, and Broad to Sixth avenue. Highest reference given. Address A. ? Post Ottce. Good for a week. WANTED? IN H0B0KEN. A TWO STORY HOUSE or rottage. in a respectable neighborhood, for a family of four persons Gas preferred. Rent not to exceed 8175 or S300. Address, with particulars, Uoboken, Herald office. TITANTID-BT A CAREFUI-, QUIET FAMILY, TT without children, a houaa, or part of a houaa, in a raapect?Wle neighborhood, and food repair, containing par lor and tire or ?u bedrooms, with tea room and kitchen, Ac., ia tenement: rent moderate, not to axoeed H-Vi. Addreee, far one weak, N , Exit Twenty Aft h itraat. WAVTED.-A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE WOULD like to hir* * room, furniahtd or unfurniebed, without fcoard, and where there are no boardare, weat ot Broadway; with r How Uidy praierred. Addraaa B. B. C? Herald ofBc*. OTANTED-THE FIRST FIOOR, OR FIRST FLOOR TT and front baaameat, of a email houee, reepectably aitaatad in the Sixteenth warJ. Addreea, atating term aad locatlbn. Alpha, box ISO, iieratd offioe. T*7 ANTED-PART OF A HOUSE WITHIN SIX MI TT nutae' walk of the Naw York Hotel, to contain from fo*r to flv< roomi, rant not toexaeedtBS. Any pareon har tag eurh apartmenta to let, will Had a raepaotabla tenant to ?alt iheat by addreaaiag Jamea, Broadway Poet Office. ?nr ANTED TO HIRE-A SMALL COTTAGE WITH AN TT acre or ao of land, any place within thirty or forty Kflaa Of Naw Lork, for a mechanic, rent low. I'areone baVlox 'he abore, will And a good tenant by addreeeiag a not*. Kith all partieulare, to D. TUBLER, 201 Sareath are ana, ? ?w y^ck. UTANTID TO HIRE-A SMALL, CONVENIENT TT houee. ia a pleaenut neighborhood In the Twentieth ward, rt ut aot to aicead I3MI par aaaam. Addreea J. K. M.. bex 1701 I' jet Offlc , atating partieulare. Good re (irn<M if i Ten good uezhborhood Naw York WHAHTtD. IN THIS CITY? A FIRST CLASS HOUSE with modern tmproreai' nt?, rant not to axoaad ?1.130, roaeei .i' a before lat Ma/. Alae, in good locality near etage ?r railroad ronte a good hoaea witt modera imiirottmente, am t n,i e for a board tag hoaea. raat aot orer SI. WO AddreM A. P., Herald oflc* " " FAMILY (ilUK K RI El . ~ SHHOCEKIES, TEAS AND PROVISIONS -WUM.B eala and rami.? Tha enbeeriber raenectfally iaferme hie aaatamare and the pablic at large, that here opened at fcia old (taal. 41 Taaey itreet which wae partly deatroyed a a re aa tha 8th of Marah. He hae ealargad aaa ratted itora. and aaa eyaaad with aa entire aaw itoek el iaa taaa, eewara, aaffaaa. aplaee, eoap, etarch, kami. ehoal 4ere. awoked baaf, lev, ail. molaaaaa, lyrap. aaadlaa, Aattar, ehteae, Ac , Aa. Gr een, hakere, hotel kaapere. aad famUiea, who aarahaaa gooda far aaah, aad wtah ta aaa aaoaomy ia aa doia?, tha aabecribar reepactfnlly eolieiU to eal. aad etamiae for thamaalraa hafora I porebaaUf alaawher* aad ha eoa?iac?d that tha* aaa hay ehaaeac than at aay ataar eatakHehmaat la tha ally fur aaak. aa ka atUladltara ta hie old ejatem, aot repairing hie mora hoaorab'.o inttomare to pay tha bad dakta whtan are nan voidebla ia the credit eyetem. The aahaerihar flattare him aalf, from a .on- aapenanee in the haataaaa, aad pur-haeiag Mode for caah from importara and lr>t hand., it affarda aim many atirantagaa that othere la tba baaiaeu da nat hare wherareliM* from eaeond or third haada, aaah makiaa a paroaaMre ? PETER LYNCH N B -Ship aad eloot etcraa pot ap at tha ahortaat no. <lce Goed> d?i ?ere<l free of eertaga Tha Mbecriber haa ma i<Hiae<,' .ej with aay otkar etara KlRNlTtRK. fHRN'IURE. -FAMILIES IN NEW YORE BROOK - lyn and WTtiamebirr, wUhiai thai* boneaLoId furai tare rerxraleh^d aid pilliCtd. can bare it dona In tha tut tare re??rn. ?at maan?r | thi? 'city'."' Plan .f<rtot, ' fi'a and ecnntlng b aea fara.tara repilitfted ;a tha moet workmanlike maaaer. 1 eata ad ?ireea fHIN E A MeKEoN l.".'. tMtllrorlway. ?at maan?r poetlble ky txporieneed wOTkmea of Ion* [rae_ 8 cf the moat reipac'.ablc cabinet manofar oriee ol OR BALE 1ARLOR. BEDROOM. AND KITCIIEV ? farming, bo eold ch ip Inr f Mb-tha .* ner. , ?elng We> Ma wila it further Raa f"f ?l?fm . with or witkuat F ?pana>aat> Apply to Michael SchalW. W? Canal MMt < n FURNITURE OF HOUSE MO SECOND AVI ?, aaar Twelfth etrael aonfletiag <* the naeaeeary 1 fckag* for haaaakaasinc w.ll be eald at a ?*rr ')tr.??1e. It tarlf app:!e?ui#. Tha hjinu ta let. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICUS <tin Hftft -WANTED, AN ACTIVE OK SPECIAL iplU.UUU. partner, with thia amount, Ig t btiliMi paying large profits. Mob* bat partial of raepectablllty and standing nc?d notice this. AMrcH Uailnui, (touinr Poat Office, for two days, with real nam* and whan an in ! terriew can b? bad. All oommnnlcationa will be treated I confidentially. <K1 nnn -pa*tneb wanted, with the ipl UUl/. above amount, la an old eetabliahed buainaea, paring large profita, and a food demand throughout the Uni ted HUtea. The capital inverted will be aecured. Addraaa tt ., Poet Cfflce. TBI COPABTNHBSHtP HERETOFORE EXISTIMO between tba nadenlgacd for the transaction or an Ea rcpean expreaa b Balneal, under the Arm of Edwarda, ttaaferd A Co., ia tbia daj dlaaolvad by tba retirement of Br. Oeaw Edwarda. Tba affaire ot tba late Arm will b< aettlad by the remaining partnara, who will eontinaa to aendaet the knai aaaa nnder the firm of Sanford A Co. O BO ROE BDWARD9, E. S. SANFORD. 8. M. SHOEMAKER, J A BBS EI TBS, and > HENRY STABk, > Br B. S. Sanlord, their attorney. ) Xaw York, Barcb 30, lftt. ' TtlE COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EXISTING between Cbarlea O. Thcmpaoa A Uenry Street, for the traoaactioa of the real eatate and general agency boainaaa, I* tbia day di*?olved by mutual conaent. The real eatate bnainca* will atill be coatlnned by H. STBEET, at 34K Pine atreet, betwean Naaaau aad William atraata. New Torh, April B, 1HM. PANTED? A PABTNER, WITH MOD OB 8M0, TO IN veat ia the grocery trade. A single man, withoat ia rumbranee, preferred, as the advertieer alao ia alagle, aad located la a good place for buatseaa. Addraaa T. W. , Herald ofltca. TETANTED.? A GENTLEMAN IN TIROINIA WISHES TT a partner who resides at tha North to join him In planting oiater* ia Virginia, For further information, apply to Aaber 0. Haveas, 32 Albany struct, New York. LOST AND FOUND. LOST-ON SCN DAY EVENING, A WHITE CAMBRIC handkerchief, marked la embroidery M. K. T. A liberal reward will be paid by returniag It to tnt Seoond avenuo. LOST-ON SATURDAY, THE 7th INST , A SHALL black and tan terrier dog, with eara and tail cropped. Had on a chain collar, with Mnllett, Aator Uoaao, engraved npon it. The finder will be liborally rewarded by icturninx t'lm to the office of tha Aator House. LOBT-OK SUNDAY AFTERNOON. IN GOING FROM Broadway, through Prlnoe, Charlton, Varlik or Broome atteeta. a large ahull cam o breastpin, representing Ihorwaldsen'a "Night," with plain gold lotting. A liber il reward will be paid to the Aider, upon returning it to Dr. CI ilton, Mi Prince atreet. MONDAT EVENING, APRIL 9.? LOST, A POCKET book, containing papers valuable only to the owner, aa the payment waa immediately atnpped. Ihe finder will be auitably rewarded by returning the aame to the owner, Mr. Cha?. S. Baudat, No. "Hi Burling all p. The poeketbook contained the name of the owner. It Is supposed to hare been last betwean Morris aud 1'ine atreeta, on Broadway. STOLEN OB STRAYED? FBOM 27 FIFTH AVENUE, a maty black Newfoundland dog, eleven raontha old, very large head, white apot on cheat and niusile, alight con vulsive movement of right fore lag. Finder will bo willingly rewarded upon returning him. CLOTHING, &C. A LARGE QUANTITY OF CAST OFF CLOTHING wanted.? -Uentleuan having lelt off wearing apparel te dispose of In large or small quantities, (hall rooelve tha very highest price for them by applying to or addreaeing THOMAS D. CONROY, 4'J1 Pearl atreet, between City Hall place and Centre atreet. C^IAST OF* CLOTHING AND FURNITURE WANTED.? J Ladiea or gentlemen having any of the aame to diapoae of, can obtain a fair and caah price by aeadiag for the aub acriber, at hia realdenee, or throngh the poet. N. B.? Ladiea attended by Bra. C. B. 8. COHEN, 60 Elm atreet. (1AST OFF CLOTHING AND FURNITURE WANTED. J ? 1 adieaor geatlemen having any of the aame to diapoaa of, ean obtain a fair aad caeh priee by aending for the aub aeribcr at bia reaidence, or through the poet, l.'i Elm atree), for L. M. DUSSELDORF. N. B.? Ladiea attended by Bra. Duaseldorf. CAST OFF CLOTHINO ? 81,000 WORTH WANTED. Gentlamen having good enperflaon* clotblug to diapoae of aaa obtain tha full rafus by applying to James Moronay, at bia eld aatabllahed ataad, No. 11 Orange (treat, (aaw call ed Baxter (treat.) Ordara through poet punctually attaai ed. JABES BORONET, 11 Baxter atreet. CAST OFF CLOTHING AND FURNITURE WANTED.? Ladiea and gantlsman having any of tboae articlea to diapose of can obtain a fair priee for tha aame by calling on or addreaaing throngh the poet, Mrs. SANTEft, 4fiti Broad way, tip itaira. Gentlemen attended by Br. 3. C GENTLEMEN'S GARMENTS -THOSE WHO W13U TO T diapoae of auch, call at 22 Weat Broadway. The hUh eat prices ahall be given. Alao, garmeata made, aewed and repaired. IBMENSE REDUCTION FOR FASHIONABLE READY made clethln<.? Elegant black frock coa'.a, da chine lined, Frauch cloth, at 810; figured aad plain Grenadine veeta, tine cat, cnatom mala, 82; a variety of black and tiiuradL mere pan ta, ffi Iffr** N..? ? *- ; YOUTHS' AMD CHILDREN'S CLOTH I N Q.?l 08BPB B. CLOSE, BAILBY A CO., No. it Park pla**, oppoatte tba Citv Ball, have now aa haad tha beat aaaorted apriax aad aammar atoek aad atylaa to b* found in tha United Statea, aad aaltable for all age*, from three to twenty y*an Id, at wh*l*aal* aad for greatly rcdaaed price*. MOTELS. Eagle hotbl loduinos.? gentlemen will do well to remember that they can obtain clean and com ort.ible reemt, at 2*. per night or 10*. and 12*. per week, at Jhe hotel corner of William and Frankfort atreet*. HOTEL BRIGHTON, BOULOGNE (SUB BEE), FUNCI ? Te familie* going to Earon*. A gontlemaa latelt from lirtM, eaa lately recommend tha "Hotel Brighton.'1 aa mot oafy the beat in the pla*o, bat aa one of tha beet la ?arepe. Situated at a convenient distance from the rail road, aad being la tha middle of a large gardoa, thia hotel poaaeaata all the comfort* daeirable for wealthy familiea. THE NEW YORK DAY hotel, two and a half mlleafrom Jereey City ferrr, un Bergen I'oint plank read, la oae ol tha moet beautiful aoramer r**ldancca near tha oity; atandaon tha beaah, with a baantiful view of the Narrowe. excellent aea bathing, tiahing and boatiag. The hooae will be opened the tret of May, and, being email, early application will be neceasarv. For further particular, %d <lroe* CAPTAIN LEES, proprietor, Jeraey City, or at the bonaa. Stage* leave Jeraey ferry every hour. WAVF.RLY HOUSE, CORNER OF FOURTH STREET aad now prepared to accommodate lllea or aiagle gentlemen with apartmente on the European plan; thia hotel being contirnoui to Shelley'* anperb reatan rant, offer* excellent tacilitie* to thoie desiring meala, terms moderate. C. 11. SIIKLLEY, Superintendent. BnXIAEDI. Billiards.? we have a fine bto< k of rose wood and mahogany tablea, which w? offer for aale, ae being anperitr to any other*, with onr new atyle of ouahion whiea li tha only correct oaahion now in uae; one lecoml hand tablei for aala. GRIFFITH A DECKER, 90 Ann ?t. Billiards.? ann street, no. s, an entrance |4? Fulton. BASSFURD'S old roome-IO table* for playing, of metal and alate. A lann atock of tablea with hi* only patent cuabioni, aid other late improvementa, clot ha. belli, cue*, cue point*, Ac., at reduced pricee. Fac tory 63 and 6? Centre atreet. SILYEE MEDAL AWARDED TO LEONAED A BEN lamia a* tha World'! Fair, ISM, for tha beat billiard table, with apeeial approbation for wnrkmaaehlp. Tha jar* aonaidered onr eaahion* alane eatitled to tha above award. We have a aplemiid atock of billiard tablea, elntha. ball* cuoe. leather*, Ae , Ae., cheap, for *ala. LEONARD k BtfN JAMIN, bUheel premium makara, i.U Broadway. N. B - Two iaeogii hand tabiaa. cheap, for aale. SPORTING, JiC. DOG FOR SALE.? AM UNUSUALLY FINE AND laige Newfoundland dog. Price l?. Apply to PETER THOMPSON. 41 Beekman atreet _ MOCKING BIRDS ? FOR SALE. SEVEN SPLENDID mocking bird*; they moek cat, dog, hen, rooater, and are not to ba excelled by any ia the city. An y gentleman or lady wanting a fine bird may apply at i7i Fourth atraat. SPORTINO ? ANY PERSON WISHING TO DISPOSE of a wall broken pointer, or letter dog. may hear of a purchaser, by addreaaina J. R. P., boa 1,331 Poit Office, ?tatiag aga, eolor, piioa, Ac. fTO SPORTSMEN ?FOR as >? iar/,1 ' * W.V1""' ' <?' ??*?*? brUdl'.?,E rVJ '' ""ED LEGAL NOTICES. IEGAL NOTICE TO SAFE MANUFACTURER**.? THE J ntt'leraigaad gtvee notice that a patent waa uaual March 27. IMA. far tha alum Oiling for aarei, uied by Meaara. H Itaea * Bntler, Not. P) aad W Maidea laae, aad tbat all fntnre infringements thereof will bo rigidly proa* euted. Thia aotice beeomea aeceaaary, aa *om* of the pria clpal aafe mahcra in New Vork (and one la particalar) are undmtood to iiave mad It. or aa imitation ol it, (tare the Cry at el Palace teat in I -A3. G. W. HAMMOND, it. At toraey for Holma* A Butler, N*. IH Wall XTEW YORK SUPEEIOE COURT.-GF.ORQR SLATER ia again*! C'urtia Judeon and ether* ?Notice i* hereby given, that pursuant to aa ord*r of thia eoart made ia the above eatitled actios, all and aluguler th* hoaaehold ead hotel furaitnre formerly owned by Cortla Jndaen, now con teiaed la the hotel kaowa aa tb? Brevoort Donee, (itaated at th<a*rth*aat corner of Eighth atreet and the Fifth aveaae. la the city of New York, will be *old|a) publi-'auetloa, oa th* 10th day of April. IMA. at aaid Brevoott Houie, at twelve a'alock at aoon of that day. _ _ RANDOLPH W. TO WNSEN D. R*a*(v*f. COAL, SU-. / 1C?AI. -THF. SUBSCRIBER HILL DELIVER, FOR V thia lay oaly, tha Loot of Red A*h -<ag coal, from boat*, at oah S8J0p?rton. Fall weight warranted. JACOB W CORN WELL, 47!? Broom* street. < T>EA( H ORCHARD COAL DISCHARGING. AT A RE i dnced priee ? Landing, a cargo of <jaality eeldom ' ,uall?d. egg aad atove aiiea. whl*b will ba e ld at a re iae ti?a from wiater prieo*; alao for aala, Lebigb, Cnmbertaid, I Canael and L-verpool orrel coala, at the loweat market * rata*. niNHV KEEYE rimer Canal aad Centre, and *af nor Jane sad W*et etrette. TKAVEIXERS' UUDF.. NIW J ERSE V RAILROAD -FOR PHILADELPHIA and tha South aad Weat. via ieraa* City mall aad ' iprea* U: *e -- Leave Maw T?rk at a aad lg A. M . aad 4 aad 6PM FaM?2 TSln d. aad sTla K aad 10 A M . aad d i T M., teeaaiT fiaaa S3 9 la 10. aad It M at itopplag at all way *U:ioa*. Tht'iagh tiekate eold far '.Jlaeiaaati a* I tha Weat. aad for Baltimare Wartiagtoa Mar* t A' , aad -Urjagt, haggiga thachai t? Waah'a??v? U? bad U A, M. ? >i^ r. R AFFAIRS IN ALBANY. ANOTHER FINANCIAL SCHEME. Proposed Amendment of the Constitution, 4cr?, Ac., A*. ?W YORK LEOMUTVRB. ? Senate. . A lb ant, April 0, 18A&. Tne committM to whom the aubject m raferted, aikad to ba diaohargad from the farther consideration of the bill confirming tha railway grant in Atlantle itrtet, Brooklyn. Thla w*? agreed to, and it wm referred to another committee to report complete. axknmmq thk co.xnrrnmox. Mr. Pick no*)* had conaent to offer the following rato lutiooa, amendatory of the eotttitntlon k?olv*d, (if tha Aaeembly concur.) That the followbg amendment lx propoeed to tit* Constitution of thia State nil referred to the l.egulature to ha cboitm at tbe next geuertl election of Sena lare, ud be publiehed tor the three month* previous to making auch choice In pareuano* of the prt viaion* or the lit eactlon ol tha l*th artiole of aaid oo? etMutlen. Amnd Motion* ana, two, threa and twalra, of artlelk leva*, m> that tbr aana will road u follow* Sac. 1. After paying tba expeaao* of collection, anperln Uadaaan aud ordinary repaira, thoro aball l>? appropriated aad aa? apart la each tl?ca! year, uat of tba revenue* of tbt Mate canala, commencing on tba brat day of October, 183d, tbc una of Jl.SOO.iXH) aa a aluking fund to nay tba lateraat and tedaaiu tbc principal ol tbat part of the State debt called tba Caaal debt, including ?nob amount aa may be borrowed aa hereinafter provided iu the eecond aectioa af thia article, until the aaino ahall be wholly paid. After compiling with the above provision* thaie auall bo apjro Iriated and let apart out of the aurplua revenues cf the tute canala I a each ducal year, commencing ou ikeflrat day of October, ISflM, the sum of fJJO.OUO, until th? time when a anfflcient tutu ahall have been appropriated at<l net apart under tbe proviaicua above mentioned to pay Vie in tercet aud axtlnguiah the entire principal eanaf debt, and after tbat period tben the mm of one million ami Uvthua drcd thousand dollars in each tliacal year aa a aiukingfand to pay the intercut and redeem the principal ol that part of the State debt called the Ueneral Fund Dobl, in- { eluding the debt for loana of tbe Stata oredit to rallioal ?ompanlee which have failed to pay the intereat thereon, aad alio tbe eoBtlngcat rfobt on State atocka loaned to incor porated companies which have hitherto paid the ittaraat thereon wbenuvar and a a farm any part thereof may b'tome a charge on the Troaaury or General I una, until the iam* ahall be wholly (aid. And the principal and Income ol tha ?inking funda created by tbla auction and heretofore criated ahall be aacredly applied to the pnrpoaea for which they were respectively created. A nd if the payment of any part of the moneya to tho General Fuad Debt Sinking I uad ahall at anytime b* deterred by reaaon of the priority re cognlied in tbla aectioa for t&e Canal Debt Siaklag Fund, the aum ao deterred, with quarterly intereat thereon, at the then nmil rate, anall be paid to the Oeseral Fund Debt Sinking Fund aa aoon aa it can he done comUteuily with Ihaluat right i of the creditors holding aaid Canal debt; out of toe remainder of each revoanea, if any, tba aum of {J >1,1X11) ahall be appropriated in each year for the lunport of the government. The remainder of the revenues, after c jmfly lag with the preceding provlaiona of thli aactlon, ahall be ap propriated to auch pnrpoaea aa the l.egialature may direct. Sac. 3. The Legislature aball borrow inch aa amouat of money aa may be naceaaary to complete tbe enlargement of the Erie, the Oawego, an. I the Cayuga, and Seneca oaaala, and to enlarge the look* ef tbe Chemung canal and feeder, and the lock* of the Chainplain canal, whenevor, from di lapidation or decay, it ahall be necessary to rebuild them, and to compute the Illack River and Ueneaeo Valley can nlr. ; provided that the amount thna borrowed, with the canal debt, aa it ahall exlat on the first <ay of October, IWI6, aball not exeeeil in tbe while tbe nm of li' Sec. .1. If the anid alnklng fuada provided in thia article ahall not he anflloicnt to redeem any part of the principal, or to pay the intereat of aaid debt*, or either of them, when they or any part of them become due, the meana to eatiary any inch deficiency ahall ha provided by loan, on the credit of laid -Unking fund. Any loana made by virtue of thi* or the preceding acctinn ot thia article may be mado redo-ma ble at any ?peclf!ed time, not exceeding thirty year* from the time of the making thereof. No Intereat to accrue after July, ICM, aball be paid on the oanal revenue certificate* iaeiied under th? provlaiona of chapter 4&> of the law* of tho fear l-.'il. No part of the rcvenuea of the canala or of the uada borrowed under tbla article ahall be paid or applied upon or In oonseqaicnce of any a'lcgcd contract mlTle nn It chapter 4>/V of tbe law* of lfAI, except to pay for work or material furnlahed prior to the tlrat day of June, ltli The ratea of toil on peraone and property transported oa the canala ahall not be reduced below thoae for tbe year liUj, except by the Canal Hoard with the concurrence of tbe Le gialatnre. All contract* for work or material* on any canal ahall be made with the peraon who ahall offer to do or pro vile the rame at the lowe*t price, with adequate eeenrity fow their performance. Sec. IS. Except the debt* -pacified in lection* two, three, ten and eleven of thia artiole, no debt (ball be hereafter contracted by or on behalf of this State, unlet* auch debt ?ball be anthoraed by a law for aome eingle work or object to be dlatlnctly apccltled therein, and auch law aball impose and provide fVir the collection of a direct annual tax to pay and sufficient to pay the iatereet on such debt aa it falla due, and alao to pay and discharge the principal of auch debt witbia thirty year* from the time of tbe coatracting thereof. No orb law ahall take effect until it ahal. it a generrl etec tion have been inhmltted to tha people and have received a majority of all the vote* ca*t fur and a*tin*t it at auch elec tJMaaaMrV xfle^UiaUou aball be token by ayee aad no*, w l.c duly entered on tbe Journal* thereof, aa4 shall be, 'Shall thia bill pnaa and ought the *amc to receive tbe lanctloa of the people." The Legislature may at any time after the ap proval of auch law by the people. If no debt aball have been contracted in pnrauane * thereof repeal the aame, an I may at any *.imo by law forbid tbe contracting of any farther debt or liability uader auch law. lint tbe tax impoaed by auch act in proportion to the debt aud liability wbion may have been contracted la purauance of auch law, ahall remala la force and be irrepealable, and be annually cell* -ted until tbe procaeda thereof ahall have made the provlaion hereinafter apecified to pay and diaohargc the iatereit aad principal of *a ch debt aaa liability. loan or liability under the provision* of tbU article, aha bo applied to the work or object specified is the act author , ilia* inch debt or liability, and far no other purpoae whet I ?ver. No ?uch law ihlll be submitted to be voted on within three monthe after ita paa**j[*. or at any .???era I election wben any other law or any Mil or any amendment to the eooatltntiou shall he submitted to be voted Tor or against. NT KCUt. ORUKR*. In committee of tbo whole, tbe following bill* wars coo aid* red: ? To eatabllah a Board of Railroad Commiaaioner*, and define their power* and d title*. Select committee to re port complete. Mr. Robkotiion, in relation to the Treaaurer'* fee* of W?*tch eater county. Third reeling. KTWCIAL OKI) KIIM. The bill amendatory of the emigrant paesenger act ! wai called op, being upon It* third reading. Mr. Wuitmky moved neveral amendment* to the bill, which tad been lubmitted by tbeComml*iloner* of Emi gration ? making it a separate act iaatead of act amen datory of the law of 18(0. Mr. BwHor gave notice of a bi'l to amend the Maine law. Mr. Brook i1, favorably, to incorporate the New York CesHumption lloapital. lhUd reading. arrsaNOON mission. R1UH faMSIfl). Kor the protection of emigrant*, aecond elaaa, steerage and deck paasenger*. Concerning the Gowanu* canal, Brooklyn. Relative to the appointment of I'oiiee Court elerka in New York. Relative to the circulation of income and of trait fund*. Authoring the Board of Supervisor* to conrcot the a**e*ament role. To repeal the act creating the Sailor*' and Boatmen'* friend Society. To ami nd tbe charter of llobart'a Free College Ihe .Senate then took a race*- till half-peat (even o'clock. KTKMXU RBHfllOM. The bill to authorize the Board* of i?upervi*or* to uh *e*!a w?* paated. The n*ti! rali/aton re>olutioue of Henator Goodwin were then calUd up, and now, at 11 o'clock P. M , are und*r debate. Aaaembljr. Auiaxt, April 0, lH'i.i. The Cemuiittee of Nine report* 1 ceveral bill*, including the Hecond Avenue Railway Mil. Mr l.utiH moved to atriko out tbe Railway bitl, but the flouae refu*ed to do ao. Mr. O Knmi aaked eonaeat to give notice of a bi'l to rejx-tl the Prohibitory Uquor law. Refuted. ftveral local billa were then ordered to a third reading. A KTBRNOON HMUfON. The aeveral canal bllla ware reported complete, and ordered to a third reading. mlui r*i*n>. To facilitate tbe eervice of proc**aea on Inaurance com pani*? doitg burnt*** in tbl* Btat*. Relative to tbe election of certain judicial officer* in Ntw York city. To confer cn Juatiee* of the Peace civil and criminal jmiediction in ca*e* of aaaault and battery. To alter the charter of the Manhattan Ineuraaoe Com pany. To enable certain railway com pan le* to aid in the construction of the Iebanon Spring* Railway. BVENIXO KtMlON. Mr. fVxm* brought In a bill relative to the aaUry of tbe Adjutant General of the State. mim ?jtfo?r*r> ooarume. To amend the charter of tbe King* Coanty Mutual !a ?uranceCovpany. To Incorporate the BaptlU Rialorical .Society of New Y< rk city. Ihe h'eroad Avenue Railroad bill. To alter the map of New York eity h aa to eacloae Moomlngdale *qoare. To amend the charter of the New York Central College The Ctlca and Binghamtoa Railway Town 8?hs.?rlpti?n bill. To as en l the charter of the Panama Railway Com pany. 1o authorize the reeoiding of college and acadeti.y charter*. To rtjulate the distribution of tha aaeeta of aav.nga tank*. To ao'horite the Attorney General to dlaeontin-M the autt againet George W. Newell. Mr. Cock* reported in regard to aa Ineeetiaafaon re ?pett ag U.e IUml.toa square bill, itating that tha* bill had been altered, but by whom he would net aee-rta a. Tbe General Supply Mil we* then take* up in CM* hi It tee, aud will occupy tha Houae aatil after m l eight. A a *| propria'.! on of thaowsd do Lai ? to tha E.oart Fi*e Collage we* added to It. A motion to add to rt aa appropriat e i of oat thac ?aa( doOaia (? t the fllto* JUaeo*i?Ua *t Ntv Ye?. we* laartt* Leglalatare.? Inquiry Into the IlHnMijr Proceeding*. TU UYKN 8IHTKKH OF MOTKX DAME TO U BROUGHT tJTOM TUB WAND. [Ft oia the Bon too Uee, April ?.] The committee appointed by joint order of the Heaate ud Houae of Kepreeentativea of the commonwealth of MaaMehamt*, mat In Batata Committor room, No. 2, on Paturdav, to lnvcatigato the charge* ina<lt by the editor* of the Bofton I) ,-?/y Advertittr again* t the Joint Bpectal OommitUa appointed on the 16th da j of Feb ruary 1**1, "to vialt ami examine auch theological ?emi nanen, boardicg achoola, academiea, nuuneriea, con ?en to Mil other inatitutlon* of a like character, aa they may deem aaceaaary which charge* are con tained in xereial article! that have appeared, in edi torial ahape, is the AJvrrtivr dvriiig the paet ten daye, and inelui.e epeoillc complaint againat the legtoiative Ootunlttee m> cbargeh of having exceeded the liaiiia of their duty in conalitutional and Mortal reaped*. Tiie apacMeationa hare been made ao public tliroulli the newapap era, that ?? deem It unneoMeary to recapitulate them. Their nature will appear in the aaqual. The examining Committee met at 10 o'clock, A- M , aad coneiated of the following gentleman ? Meaara Cir peater, of Norfolk county, aad Dawiay, of Briatol county, of the Senate, and Mefara. (JriHin, of C'bar lea tow a, Wilder, of Urookliae, Chapia, of Wuroaatar, Fitch of Hoptinton. and Gaff, of Weetfleld, of the Houae. Tha examlnatou being open to the publia, aulte large aum ber attended, incT.idieg aouie of otj landtag citixeni. The committee having been called to order by the Chairman, Mr. ( ha pin, of WorceeUr. read the minute* of a preliminary maatiag, mil tha notlttcationa of which oapiea hare barn teat to the partiea lntereatoil In the whether the partiea nodded to be pieatnt were in the loom? ... .. Mr. LrrrumLD, of Foxboro , chairman of the com mute*, agaiaat which tha chargaa of the AJtrrhier had been made, atepped forward and report* 1 himself, and atated that the other part'ee w*r* P'*"?1- . On the motion of Mr. Gmrrar, of Charleatown, the commitaee agreed that the witneaee* ahould be ex imined under oath. The Chairman th?n it a tod the question* before the committee, anil the following gentlemen were sworn ? j Hon. Nathan Hale, of Boston, Charles Half, Ksq. , of Boiton, Hta. Strtetcr Kvaos, of Salisbury, lion. Gilbert I'illibury, of l.udlow, John IJttlefield, K*q., of Foxboro', Joseph EJlnx, K*q , of Boston, Nathan King, K*q , of Mlddleboro', J. II lApbtm, IV. i , of Sandwich, Tlie six last uuotii gent<einen composed the committee | appointed by joint ord- r to vlnit the severtl publie in- ? ?motions mentioned In our introductory paragraph, and ? re tbo?e against whom tbe ebargt* of the editors of the Aifrrrtner bare been made. HON. NATllAft nAlJc'H RXAUINATION. The Chairman? Art jou the author o( the article, " Our Houses are Our Caitlee" In the Daily Adortuer of laat Saturday r Mr. IUi.r ? I am not the author of the artiste na-ned. It waa written by one of the editora of the AJiyrtiier ; but we aaaumo the responsibility it tmpoeea. lb* ( haiku an ? Are you personally acquainted with the fact* atated in the article in question? Jft Hah? lam not peraonally acquainted with the facta of the article, nor are any of the editor* ao, in 10 far aa 1 know. Mr. tiHirnx ?I more, that if Mr. Hale wi?lie* to make any statement to the committee he may have hia deaire. (Ibis molinn waa agreed to by tbe committee.} Mr. Halt. The only statement 1 can make u exactly almilar to that whlcbba* airerdy been publiahed In the AUviriuir of faturuay laat, (March 31*t,) excepting on 1 ly such modification* aa have aince been publ'sbed with j reference to that article, the statements In which have been, in tome teepee'.*, slightly modilled In relation to The fact* they described. If I m?ao any sUtomiat at , all, it will have to be a written one, and hu^Ii an one precisely aa the article of Saturday laat, with it* *tate ! menta and modification* embraced; I muat road tbe pa ' per iteelf. The Chairman. Tan you furnlah the committee with the anttoiitie* upon which the article tf laat SetuiJry I wa* written' Mr. Haik? With all deference, that i* a queetion I which I do not th nk pertinent to tbe Inquiry, and I 1 respectfully declini answering it in consequence. If no) thing tranapirea which might call for, or justify an I answer, 1 might, peiliap*, give it; but, in tbe m 'an | t me, the queation being what I conaider an oMuiou* I one. I do not think I am b"nod to gtre It th* reply sog i giated. [After a brief pnune, Mr. Hale continued]? I wlah ti uuderttand corrvctly wbetbi r you want to know where 1 got my information en which tbe article in the Adcr, tin r 1* foundtd f If *0, I answer that it wa* from the ladle* who have charge of the inatitutlon at Roxbury. Tlu-at are th* only p* r>.ons who can give it, ia my be lief, with tbe exception of tbe gentlemen of the Visiting Committee and thoee who accompanied the* on their Tl?lt to Koxbnry . Mr. Dawuct? Were you present? Mr. Hau? I w??jiot.alr. tee of the ladles who hare charge of tbe ti ? 1 1 1 tit Ion at Koxbury 1 Mr. IIalk? I am not myself acquainted with any of their name*; perhaps my son ia. Tbe Chaihmak? Mr. II..Ie, we will waive any further examination In your caie for the preient. MR. CFI AH. iiai.i'h KXAMINAriON. The Chairman ? Are you the author of tbe article which at peered lathe Ailvrttier of the Slat of March j Jena tor 1 {. Representatives. lot, rntitlsd "Our Ilousss are our Castles?" Mr. IJalk? I am. Tb* Duirm as? An you personally knowing n to the facta NUUd Id that article' Mr. C. Hali ? Yen; I have bail, .llrectly from the ladies of the Institution ?t Koxbury, alluded to la that article, assurance that tb? statements made therein (with lbs mudifliatkn* which appear*! In the Ailvrrtucr' ot fhuri da* following,) were entirely correct. The CtuiKM** ? Do you moan that It l? correct that the vlaitlag committee made a forcible entrance lnt> the irstltutlon la question without tbe permission of tbe ladle* in charge of it ? rtuch, If I mistake nut, is the fict implied in tbe article you say you wrote. Mr C. Hal*? I do not wlah, lu any nhape, to >|uallfy what I bare written; auA V aucb la a fair Interpretation of the worils of tbe art Is* It muit be eo. All the arti cle* were written carefully, and were not meant to ex tree# or imply more than tb* language they were w It fen in could fairly convey. Cii-mkmaji? Did tbe Information you ooneidnr good authority come directly to you from tbe ladle* In the institution at Roxburyr Mr. C. IUle? The information came from Ibe ladle* themselves. but cot directly to ma. Mr WiudM? Have you any objection to state to the committee how your information reached you f Mr. C. IIai.b ? It came to me through other parties, who kid ?een ami converse! with the ladle* on tba sub ject of tbe visit of the committee. Mr Dawijty? Did tbe Information come to you through any n? connected with the institution at Rox buryt Mr. C. Hal*? I do not expect that it will be n*c*?iary for me te state the names or describe the |>*r?i*s who furnished me the Information, because tbe inquiry, lu the present stste of'tbls examination, d"e* not seem to us to be a pertinint one. If It stiould appear that the Interest* of justice and truth oannot be served only through a direct anawer to the question put to us, we may th?n name our authorities; but until ttui shall mm tbe case, we will, meanwhile. not do more than de scribe tbtm In tome such way a* tbey may be known. We have leave from tbcm to do *o now, but we decline, with all reapect, and place ourselves on our own respon sibility for the sustaining of what we have stated for ws do not wish to draw our informants into trouble, without ? peels 1 nod unavoidable reason. W* bave, s* I bavs said, permission to make tb* anawer the commit ' do not wl?b to u*e U. for the reason I Tux Cuaiaiuv? When you wr*te tb* article of tbe 31st March, was It wrlttea oalv after peneleaiun had been bsd from the ladiee of the Institution at Koxbury t Mr. C. I did not write anything that was not meant to carry what It *tated, and I do not wish to qua lify only in ao far as the aaatter 1* qualified by tbe modi flca<ion* published on Thursday last (laughter) I do not wl?h to give sur uncivil unsws'r t* any question of tbe committee. ( More Isugh ter. ) Thk ''iKisaas? Dee* thewitne-. mean 'o charge tb* Visiting C ommittee with entering the establishment at Hotbary in a maener lao nsiatent with, and In viola ticn of law" I will read extract from tbe article the wit ne-* testifies to bave written ? Ibe terms of tbe orier are *om*what r^tular, aoi it wc.uld ><* difficult to say bow ample are the powers which it confers IM1 Ik* committee Committee* are > (ten anthorlred "to *ead for persons and (M,1 and In euch caee may compel tbe Attendance of snch wit cesses as th*y desire. Whether tb* order above cited wis designed to author ?* tbe committee to ferr* In great to say building where entrance abould be refu**d, ws cannot say. e e e * e e e hot leg'slator* ought to bave a more intimate pram , rsi ar. ualataaee w lb tbe fundamental principle* of oar governs sat The Hill of Rights, which la ths first pert of the coaabtution of Maasacliu-ette wmtains i ibis article ?' It very subject has a right to be ** cure from all aeresaonable ?earehe* sad ?e t r * I f hla pet son, bis be* ***, bl* paper* and all bl* pessssska* All warmnta tberefors, are eaetrary te tbla rig lit if the cans* cr foaadation of tbem 0* not I previously anppor'ed i y oath or affirmation aad if ihe > rri'sr. In tbe warrant to a elv I officer, to make eoareh .n suspected places, or to arrest one or mors snspe-tad ' p*r'oas or to tbsir property, be no*. ascoaipaaed w.tb a * peaiai deal oat ion of riie person* 0/ object of i ?eareb. arrests or nelsure: and no warrant ought t- b* ? eaed let In ca?*s and with tbe f> r?ul"a(, prescribed bv the laws." It woaid be *nperlluoua to poisit out j hew this artial* ws* vloMc-1 in n?r; alanse by Ua* artlca ws have recorded. % bat ?aa I at warrant of thi* ? amltiae of raven, swelling its >.sa i>?ntars by Ita own aat ? Wotblog but a vote of tba I ft tint urn. i.n ? j poite.| by oath or affirmation, and drawn up> wit* resard to ao formalities either jr*serll*4 by law er ..tfe'rw'.-e " I ?h? old any that Ih* 'oar .Ilea wa? ?*sig*<l in ths--* 1 evtrarte. with sntsnag tb* e- ^bliahasMt In vt*i?Uin ef i retitltnUM*l law. Mr. (' lUrs? : d d no*. ?iab to et plain tbe e*n?tr?' t'O'ftte aw I Heiie rs the (Vmmltiae had no right to ester an; beats a teat tbe -aassat of the o*c?p era. A prr.poei- ion vas reeentiy mads "a u.s Eagl sa do not auppoM that m y opinion ia worth peach; but It i< ? I *>??? etatad It. In what I bar* writUa, and what I hart quoted ia annotation with mr own remarka, I meaat to lax down what wra presided by tha Coaatfu , tion aad U* SUi of KlghU, and alao tha order of the I.pgulature appointing tha Vialting Committee, as that tha paopla might draw their own onclueiona froji the contraat. TbaOuMMiN? I think tha meaning of tUa w Ma i < that the committee rnterad tha houe* without law, it ii my Impreaaton that it ia no. Mr. C. I La lb ? 1 think it ia expraealy mentioned In tha articla that tha ladiee did uot oppo?a any physical fotoa to the entrance of the committee. The Cn^ikMAN ? Ttu committee think It will be u well to waive the dieeuraloae of thla qua* tion for the pretest. Mr C. ILiix? (do out wi?h to evad* anything which ? lite b'en atated in the article w-ltten on Hat unlay laat, with the quallBcationa whloh appear in the artllce of Thurailnj. Mr. Oawurr ? 1 think you atatad that you had written tlx- article of Monday In a careful manner* Mr. C. Haul ? Yea, air. Mr. Wii-ijek ? According to tha Information that jr >u had at the time it waa written? Mr t IIaik ? Yea. Mr Qrittin? Hare you any objection to (I re the nature of the paraona who, of their own knowledge, oan ? peak aa to the conduct of the Committee of Inveati gationf We are here to (lad out the truth, aad wa only want tha truth? no mora. Mr. C. Haut ? 1 caaaot give their nam**, but 1 can da acrtb* than. Mr. (?KfKn* (dubloualy)? Thnt'a it. Mr, I' -Mu.1 --*i ' ? lady who waa alck. but wUh whoae name I cannot charge my memory. I tllink aha wa* callrd Uulin, but am not ure. Mr. Gmrrm? I do not bellere that thla committee can mate and progiere in thla ciamlnotion, unleaa the par t|f? M.ukea ol by the witoanN are preaeut. What objaet ia there in our aitting here and queatlooing Mr. Hale re ?aiding who gave blin hla authority wbcreon to found bin artitle? It ia only from the wltneeaea who were pre etit at the time thu viaitatkn waa made that we can prove anything; aad It la proper, it eeema to me. that ib?ite people aliould be ?ent for before we can go further. I can net look a: thoaubject In any other light All other teatimony la hearaay, and wortbleaa. Mr. Wn nut? We hare the witneeaea on the other aide, ? hoso imtimony dim y not h? or that Kurt Mr. (iMimM ? But we need not cull in the culprit* for evide: c* of tboir own innocence. Mr. lutur? I ilo not in that we no |>ro >???). with the testimony before ua, to the pioof, or confutation of . the charge* now before u*. Mr. Umm* ? Mr. Hale doe* not know the u?ni?< (if the partita who can teetiiy, nul they nt; not be found. Mr. C. IUlk ? Thtlr depoaitiona ma/ be token in their own houie. (Laughter.) Mr. (iBlKHji ? Yea, but we would rather have them hire. (More laughter.) Beaidr*, we may run foul of auothrr conatnutiotai proTiaiun? that parti** ahould be confronted by their aeouatra. The committee then conaulte] together a* to the lie*t n.oile of proceeding undtr the circum itanoea? the difll cult/ in procuring the name* of the ladiee in the I raatl tution at Hosbury being the chief point of diachnion The examination la to be renewed on Tueadty, at tf o'clock A.M. The treat Hacr lit Hew Orlcnna. LEXINGTON TR. 7M. 2<i8.- 'IKXINUTOM Till WINNBK ? FOUK Mll.B-l IN 7:1'J 3 i [Vrom the New Orlean* I'loayune, April 3.) The Uay waa tie loTelleat of th( whulu aeaaon. Aa the lianr appointed for tie great content approadhr), tba town waa all aatir with the eioitemnnt incident to the occasion. Vehicle* of all aorta were in requisition, aad our beautiful level Shell Road* were filled with tlum from the laat pnving atone to the gate* of tho cotirae. The dlM>liiya in equitation during that buay part of the day which may be defined aa "doing to the Race," were almnnt aa amuaing and esclting aa the gi eater ereoi, for wltntaning which ao mauy tbouaaoda were latent. The Juc tea -elected for the occaalon ware H-rt. nte ph?n M. Weel more, upon the part of tba Virginia gen ili mi n, Arnold Harrla, !??*?(., for Mr. Ten Ilroect, and ; John <i. Cock*, tho Prealdent tho Metaire Jockey Club, aa umpire. The timer* woia the Bon. Ihiacan F. Kenalr, Captain 1 Wm J. Minor, and Wwphen I). KlUott, Va<\ It being tho flrat event of the ?ea?on, there ??i *h? urual buatle at the gaUa, the dMtrlbiitioo <>T the tt?'tn b*ia' baOgri and the ntrangera' ba'g**. the adutiatioua to the dilleieot atani'i, and, fiom the character uf tho event, an unuaual ruah of carriages, rabe. bug* to, wa |ona, noddle horae* and foot paaneogers. ano hy three O'clock the couree preaeatad a moat lirlUiani aupearanoe. There were repreaeutatlve* of evera aoction of the conn try, and almost every Htato In the t'ntoo, and among them wo were happy to *e? a goodly ihow of the fa rei portion of creatiou. The field inside the course preaentei a meet animated appeaiance, and the fi e lint/ in favor of tb? gallant l>*? .*?d?sg.lft* unrto'VuM with In - klab o companion*, who ?? re to be partner* for a time in h<* toils, in* feelings a ad hi* lame n ? U>ltl, reaching and elastic step, his unequalled condition ao I hi* fiarleaa, defiant look? conaciou- oi suparlori'y and of victory? gave strength to hi* backers that all waa aa it *boul<l be. Of i be femarity of hU backer and owner, Mr. Richard Ter, llrorck, In stsndlng before the world, bidding d.-ll uncetoall tho pravtoua performance* ever marked by horae. wo have before apoken aa our feeling* dictate J, and bia eitra< r linarr lelf reliance, ba*e-l upon wall di rected judgment and ??un ! *onae, cannot fa i to place him in tba eatiraation ef true a port amen a* tha leader of tho boot. Ho knew ho had an aulmal of unflinching gave, coupled with lightning i peed, and bravely did hi* gallant ally reapoad to Uia call. The betting waa large. Islington's appearance inade him a favorite, and before starting it waa firm at 100 to 76 against Im and hut few taken. The greater pot tun uf tho betting had been done In town, aad there were but few left who -tared t] bravo tha Ilea In hia lair. Tha conflicting opinion* which had boon formally eg proaaed in regard to tba term* of tba match and of tta mode of performance, cauaed a very general excite merit, aach party In turn e?prer?lng hi* viewe aa to the right of tha point* discussed, vix that uf allowing horae < to atart with Islington, to urge him to an increased a pea d. aid tha propriety of glviog tha horao a running atart. Tha Judgee, howevsr, ended tha matter by deciding that he could do both. The derision gava vary general aatiafaction. fiilpatrlck, u | >>d lexlrgtcn, aiw I>c? pared for action, nud aa he started np the stretch j on hla proud courser, to i*o that which no other hnraa bad aver atleniptad. the man anil h< rae formed a beautiful and perfoot pi< ture. He turned him around joat below tha draw gataa, and aa ha reacliad the judgaa >tand, when the drum tappod ha waa at tha para which kt waa intended he abouid mn. To our mind be waa run too fa- 1 the hr?t mile, whi'-b ha acronpliahed in I I". .the firat half mi la in filtv three recondi.) I'pon reeching the * land tt waa iatlaiatad to him to go ilower, wbx h ho did. Joe Hiarkhuin wa* etaitad behind hiin at the bogin nlng of tba Orat roile, but the teepadful 4\a' ha kept In hla rear muat ertamly bauo dtn* him ao Injury rather than a benefit, for at no lima waa be near lor l>tlnfit?a to hoar tha *"und >f hla hi^of*. '1 he place In the aarond mile vialbly det reaee l Arrow, who wa? atarted before it* coioBjeoeement, waitiag about thirty tarda to-hind Islington. In the th rd utile Airow cloeod'tha gap, and Islington him, waa a little mora amkiua, and a.lghtly ln?rea?ad hi- p?oe. I |on ? liter dk the fourth mile Arr>.w waa (topped, and Joa Rlardburn want at him airnln; but, aa in the firat In atance, he waa *1^* rblpe in porridge,'' ef no benefit. Ieilngton darted off In eai neat running the teal mile in I 4*\. He rearhed tba biM of tha front ftrotch m A fl, it. entire length in 'ik'\ eecooda. The whole tiate of the four miiaa la 7 carrying I'M (ounda (iilpatrlck halng tbraa poua^a oter ?<? ght Tt at the c urae wa* In admirable eonJu.on we aee l cot aiaert, but that wa hava eeen It In better ordar for aafety. and for time, we amy aaaart. Tbe writer of tbia waa not jraaent aliet Islington aad l*?mt? aa"t taat aprlog, and ran thi-refora make a > romparlaon, out agree* wUh A Young Turfman, ? that the eitr-ma hirdnaa* of a track might prevent a horae fr <m fullr ? lUndlr % hisaelf, whieb muat have bean tha care with IsiiagtoB jeeterday. lie loet hia left f?ra pia'e aad half the right one . and (Jiipatrteh, at tha ?re?gatee 'ha laat alle, ha I no little diftewMj in loep!ag h ei < a hla courae teaiagt- n making aiolon' effort t o awarva to tha right, where It wa* aoft and heavy. WltK regard to tha ? lee. ao daabt can We eatertaiaal, the off.raf telag >lowar thaa aay alher Outaii'.e, by many *tp*r!*bce<l tlir.a-- ? ?a? m de a 7 1V*. Tha III it?m? nt att?o4l>( lb* prnfT'f of Ibla rtniLrt. able r ?r? nuo { b? d?arriba<? II *?< lat?nr? throe {b out, to lbo?a *ho baa ao opporUalty of la.*** D"U Of tlB?, I> llaftoa ? 4*??pt<T?, foi I k* f t ?<ail not hata glr?B ?h?? bo ft of 'Ofw Tba ,'/jo- ???*? nod hilarity ? ??rj >b?? ?Wlhla, ?bieb follow#*! ??? Mxiitixit lluf I *i. agio a ??i lb* ii<t?r 'k ?*1 U? foil of af lb* Bajorit; cf iha ???> tot U?* It a<i*t b? I njjr'? (fill ki?b?1 n?' HealV-A l? tli* rvd?f ?.( I nlei'U.n that 1? |i4?! kiai tbr?u*b b< (*rV l'<?? jaalB*T no' ?*??!? II j?, ' ?f l?lto th* un, jb?< " an4 kopa* af -iafaat that at>?4?4 him la th ? vo??*<tto? ?* ?i?j f??rl???l/ uMrt that tt>rt?o|h a I0-.4 -?r??r ?( i i i>d ramfj of mor? Ibau twaatr ;??? ? pot . I lli? tarf, lb* n*?? of t Mr i'at/.tk (Uttar H ?> | a- fcllpatr'rk lh? lit*! t<* MTN ??*?*.*) ?.?. mi Iho fcr?at>. of ar. 1 that lh? tirtftil ..cul-h?< n of fil* *an? r?mam un'.ara:>h?J tr.t >< II . J' Saj># bl* la*t ?[ l? nMM, It U U? ?r t*r < l.'if,; ?!? h (hit ki m; NttbiniJ?fM 1a n t?r*'Jta-! ? of a>,l<i!j rt, ar. . that ?h*-? '?ath j n?< fc" 'i imw that t? ?Mrl. a-. aim*. n. ' n i bt foO of ynri it4 l'<aet Tu? nana- W I M'>at?frtr ?i?d I?t'E(i?a ar* !?a?jar?i'/ Vt'h | U- if??i**i *'4 ' ?*m*al npoa tb* Urf Tint Hi ? ir??* hi will p<;titn,(wnrtai j?t ! if'-in, a? 1\? rt? r M< U lteWt?U'?ant t' ' >f tb? ?i '??. U* i,|!- ? ?| 1<Vm w ??f> A I - J*.. - I ,?* L*i?,{V?a to Mat tit* . '*?'.??' .Ill* %l |?ut It k,, MBf 1M. I ImlMuik ? H ? l'? -ft** ??? ?. # na UimU, bj iaip r?f,-Klo a Mil rUr.rVl.,.. Tto *!*?*( Il?< I lat ???. . II" , ti ?i> ;. I'd, 14 * ? 1 MH .. . ? *?% TvU. .... . TI>* ? WZOZVA& ArTAXKf The Wew l.lrjwor Uw, the Broadway *<ail roart. the Tux on Incorporated c?a|M' nlr?, Ac., Ac., Ste. BO A HI ? OF ALOKKMKN. I?aac O. Barker. E?| , I'mUtil, In the eh? inciLunori rim umuo l'etlUona of A. 0. Alcock ud K H. Habfcard, for ? hearing agaioat being lllegnlly eipellnd from Kngloe Company No. 47; of Aleoek, fore hearing M H Mariaey and other*, for aa aaaault . petition to here the City Hill located in Ma<ll>>on i<|un . a imboMI from , Kagina Company Nn. 08, relative to the Chief Kugineer, who refuaea to comply with ? regulation of the lanmoa Council. H kl'okTM > OKI ! HUM) m. Several report* of the Committee <>? Aaeumetti were concurred In. Aiuoogat them wore the report* in favor of condrmiog the apportionmenta iu the matter of opeo ng Fourth avenue, opening kleventh avenue, regulating Hecoad avenue, legulating aid* walk In Third avenue, aad ?ewer* in varWui other parte of the city. The report ef the Kleauoe Committee, concurring with the Hoard of Couno>lm*a. to donate 1600 to the graduate* of tha InetltuUoa for the lUlnd. Report Jr mn'df lUr ? in'rTver , in 'accordance with plana and euiveyi by City Surveyor* Til* Niw YORK 4ND IIAHUIII KAILnoali, A memorial ol the New York and Harlem Ha-lroad Company wa< preeented by the Alderman of the Third wurd, In relation to several proposition* affecting rail road* In the city, now pending before the Common <'oun ell. One waa to compel *11 ataam train* on thl* road In *1on at Hatlem river, and al*o to impoee an additional tariff upon paaaengera who do not procure a ticket l>efore they enter the rail ? In retard to dieeonlianlan eteam power at Forty eeeond ?treat, the ri*htaofthi* eompaay require your m?ia?n*llat* toatate, that within a f.w jeare peat It we* arraagad be teeen < hie compear aad the l'?*?a Count II, tkjwuh lie ?ppropriftu coiumitttif, thil if Ihli eomptni w<w!4 ?,ar the deep rattle* of tte road between Thirty fourth and Forty Ural etraete, aad throw late the Foertb aeeaee twenty feet eft the treat of Ita lota ?n both atdee, fer the par i.nae of ?idmini It, that theraatlei It etioekd n>t he disturbed fa the iinl^t enjoyment of It * depot aad heataeea at "thirty ?ecoad atreet Thl* rnmpaet on the part of the railroad roa>i>aa> baa hero earned eot in good lelth, the erehed tua url coaatrueted at en expenditure of ninety eia thoaeaad dollar*, .nd reel aetata abandoned to etroot (.arpoeea, with out at nip, ii.etton, worth fifty thooaaad dallara mire' ? hat la the leeolt of tlieee greet eeertfUee! Already, aad before the permanent venttllatora on the orowa of the inanel ere erect ed, the rompeay le required to dlBcnatlnu* the ue* ef eteam power below lorly eeoond alreel. within eighteen month* frrm the i7tb uf l>ecnnh*r, MM, ?hea loetng, In addition te the auuia indicated, Ita engine bou*-* abepa and other etee tl. na et Thirty meead atrMt. Tbla uueapeeted artlea (your m?mori ,llata ea III not n.e ?tremer l-ra?*i. If earrled out. will ennlhllete too hundred thoaeeud ef capital. while Ita ilen ?*?? to the puhllecenaot be roeaanred ia dollar*, Doriui Hit yur 'tdlnK oatbi 9Mh of iMi, o?4 hundred and fourteen th'.oeand, one hnndrrd and ?(hll two tone ot freluhl I, eve be.n traa<t>eited ea the road or tne tie.ty down freight. ao. h ea beef pook. floor. A*.. or all nearly all. fe delieer**?r at lb.. freight <iee?t at the MM o? Coatee and W hit* itreeta, thn* euanertlag the city track with the |,.n/?tf?m line I. y ilea U *t rannot h* *?.red without da trlment end loa* to tb* romtneTC" of lb* elty ? Tli* uit uii rial wa* ordered to b* laid on th? labia. Tur MAINK Ul^t'on LAW. AMrimtn Ky ulltraj tho tolls* lag preanhlt anil reso lution Rerclrrd, That t h ? Con sari to Ihr Coiporatlna ??? and he la baraby r? |UMl?d 10 |lr? l.ii opinion aa -trie M pradira bla, oli'll t.r of Dot it will be Iba dnl) of an ANirmia, aa a mtrialrate, In tak>- rouplaiata for breach of iba la* r???t 1/ naeM by Iba l><l>ln>if'<r Ihle Mala. Mmaitaljr laowa aa " Iba Maine liquor I. aw," after Iba Mia la* bu|?i< lu t* effrot. A(lc|l?4 Ald< 'man Hy aleo offered the following NoolreJ, Tlial lb* I lark >1 tbla li ar l b* aad ha la hart by dlraelad id have ?>a thoaaaad eoploe ?f lha la* race a tip raeerd ly lb. I.eitelamro of Ihla niall, aal eioiin ?aal y do* ii aa Iba " Maine Ll|tior prlnle I ib laranaal* rj I?IDI aa aota aa ba r calin a certlted mpy thereof ? Adopt ad. rut 1 1 UK nn-AKTuetT Tho report of tho Uommittao on Kir* Department ta faf*r complaint of li H. Oaborn* annual llooh anil l<aal i(?r Company No. It to Ihi Major anl CliW of I'olioa ; of >idi in laror of eueponiling f*r*i ico Klarnan. of llooa Company No. 17, for two m< nlha. Iloth a'loptod. i miuLTiiT >ur ? ' on m *ir*no? r?r> m a*, iom au HOHKM KHtJUU. a A roramu uicallon traa rrcalved from Mr Kbliug, Cam of ftr*?l? an?l l-ampe, la relation to 1l*eao*d eiiU, u4 aubmitttag an ordloaaco t > i*aa*dy tha aril. Mr. Kbling u; ? " At tbie a*aacn of lb* roar largo 1?rilltl?? of unbaalthy meat I* brought into tha city aa4 aiiM, cauaing diiaaae ao'l <leutb to many of oar eltfaoa*. I bita Instruct id It* .4up?rloWn<tenl of Markata. and alao tlia market cleike, to aiamioa dally aad rotaor* all unhealthy moat tbat may ba otiwaail for aala, aad la uMltltrg to teaiika tt>a of all alio aol! or offor aa; ?a eli m*?i. Cahrt* from ihraa day* old ara a* at bar* by of lt>'ii.'lO''v<iAr4>r<t cacuLf Stlfloa <tarbe aaa{ bar* ao yowor to a*l?* tfiam whil* th*r an alltra. ' for tli?' bottar pnitoct on of our eltirtna, I woald raapoct lulljr aak for tho poaaaf*of tb" ordiaaaea attached, ba Itoviog Mat It vould remove Una gr*at otIL aad ba tha iTicana ef hei ping ouf of Ui* city all inch aaooaltby aad really daogeroua foo<l. Referred to tho market cot* mitt to. ma in murine or Msir ? uit'ii atm-ntT. A tiralgtlia of tha Hoar<l of (Jonoellaaaa dlrae'iif tl.o kaapar of tho City Mali to boUt tb* flage oa tha 12th Icataot tb* btrlh dar of llaary rtay toacurrod la. Tire cow oam M?<K Aldarmaa lx?n ofbtod an ordiaaaea to tbaaflactthat on paraou abatl ke*p mora than on* milch Co* a->ulla of Fi'ty fourth atreat. oador a penalty of $5 for aaafc eo?. lal'l on the to hi*. Tb* Itnard adjournod to Thuraday o?it BOAHI> OP OODHOII.MKII. Aran. V ? TL* lloart mat at i o'rlonb, paraaaat Va adjournment , l? II. Cuaotaa, Km|., I'rea. Iaat, la Una chair ?(?ou'Tti'KM minno Dirort ng tho lUrloin Kollioad t'nmpaay to lay dova their ralla from Ptfty faarth to fifty eoranth atroata, aa a* far a* gra<lad, an<l run tboir oara tharaaa la ac ir dan>*o vlth tha terma of tba>lr graat tmb k(iin>a?i aaiijonti MltB. Councilman Hi ??m pra-*at*d tb* foUaaiaa proaak bl* and rraolutluna. Wbanai, Aa aa aal baobaoa latr* l*o*4 lata tka l.aoala tara of tbla Mala, ealitl*4. " A* ul !?> aaioad iba a*t aau tl? cl an art relallao to iba coaat*ael?a f raltroada la Cltiea. paaor.t A|>ril Mb. IMA, la ?bi-b aol a* latraiaeel, abllat ptirfortiui I* be einply a* *aton4n?*l anibracaa matieia vkolly aakaaw* to iKa oririoal aol aM la diraja II ? to ?barulta aad laiereato uf Iba elty, aad Whereoe <aid n t claima to larox la ladlrtdoaJa aad liable, pttilloato aad eeatraata. irblab baea Barer bo-a I'fally aad daly araatad, coded, or iHltl ta tl.eta by Iba rlly or ita anib?n<l?a aad M l.<r?ae. itil aal alao aliaa lo ioaiia|a< 0*4 Belie all adjodieatl.aa ta faeor of tbe'ily ioa4ta< to eoeara >o 'ha HI; ib r a|.?M 'oeutb liable pdr|le??o, aad (ataf*ati. aad to rem r el all " raaria aad plaooa i t. are all ratbal laj-d rirbl>. pneile?aa aad a i ra u t* bo lagall> ??. * and effreiaal ta all Interna aad a?rt <??*e re|ll<Ua ef lha lli>/al|iy aad larallditt tb?fe?f. aad Mbireaa. aald aol, il It imaaa la*, aill. ao fa? aa tha L*t;alat?ro la a?iaf*taal t? do e~ d>|fHa iba rtty ?l all ooalval oeer or aeoer i*. r*d*la'e at roetrala a ay at oail rallr?ada all' i* lla Itaaila . ther*'' re. H 'Olwit i bat tbe reevlatl'a, ?bl?k eai ?a?Uf Blftll be tbe ('?aiit.'>a Ceaaoll of Ibta oily, aa ?bo Wk doe oa llxeatir UM4. la relallaa la iba e*a?'roeit<-a, oabaill^ meBt. Mr , ef I lailaay la llr'/Bdaar Ill^-ia Badal* r-al. Wi'tebail. aal Plate otexta by Jae-.? ftbarp bad alhera a* Bad t bo aaaa* eMb ell { v aela aad avlbority <oaf*rr*d I bar* by la ber'by roeeiatad, >aeato-t aad r<|aiM Aad bo it farther reaolfad. 1 bal all iraale. IHaanl ntMo 114 imrlbi'i beroioforo aaado ly tbe i n-raUxo ?? Mow Fork, lo lot ralla la kraa l**), aad at ab.- >. tb* ooaatraa tb a baa a<>l already '?aai**a*od to tad tbo aaa* are bora It repealed aad aaaa lad (onnrtlatan Minna morad that t'laruloa ba aaa pa ad *d o orf.9T tltat at'.oa eoa bo uaaan a tba raaol jtV?aa ta nlfl<t. Ibta aaa r.b arte l to, tad no taking l!i? rota Uaa r ' Ucn ell loat. The pr?aiabla aad i*aaMtm? "*?'? thea laid oeer. mi *?? > ITT nan T ba I'aaimittaa ? a Ropalr* aad Supplla ar**aata4 tlaeir retort la ralati' a VI ' ha ptaae Ac , ??' tho *a? fit* Ha I Tbotoaaittaa w- mar*ud tla adaytaa* of tbo p an e?ia>itta?1 by Mooare 'ii bar', KturthJkA ten ar.d Be ta !<>e?t!n?( tbey thtab that tb* aaatr* ad r. n.rn.r-o aiad h?t tk? 'Wtl* if j'ytlMiM, Aktll ka ? all rte'. The; al.'i raatib tbat If tba oaw Oliy HoU ah'.ubl ba boeatad la Madlf* e ,uar*, tka butkUc ba Uiay no* a **4, la *ba flit. *oald hat* b* ba aban 1 *a?-t lhay 'l.a.e 'oro thtab lb* I'arb tb* ara per pkaaa far th? H? Itlll'H Th* WfaM aaa >afart*4 to tha Ooc am.t tea of th? wbola orleitH V* ba pnatad. bad to ha taada be epaalai ordor tor ant Wadaa- Wy teal ilOAilD OF NPEimOifk 'a tit tintnaa of tho Mayar. *? p?r oar t y aaa aaa eallal to tho 'liir. *???*? car* ?a raofwrr. Tl.t lol 'ra tag proantbl* tad r*(*l?ti< t **r* ? lar?l by fuytrtrlaar By Vbeeeae *a bi> b'enaal Hal t ae <oa***d I - a* alter ike aieibcd <-f leeyug tlui I* tbia reaalr iet? n l-o aa a tafl ala rata pot oaat aa*a tho -taiiai ?i i*. i| e*|a4 a. la b-r. eHaiM abUb t*>v?at tb ? hM ? I ba Vatd lata i bo reearary ef tbo aim i , tai latr?,*?i ( th* t>aaar> at tbo e**aly aad aboraae ttera a aea ae ?aaaad apaa 'Aa prafrty f aaetdiaala a* aaaa elty ta n it?> a aaaediad |l"? '**. wb.ak u I eat t-.r the eej^art a-.bvfcla fB t'ler ae elkaao ?f I a *ta<e *ilbe*4 aty ?eaa?t. faalil l> tftaalieaal V tkle ?? eat/ aadwioaaae tbo t aaettt it tbt MB allade^ ?? a *? II aa ? ilatel t-e a'?"B tba '.earn ?? real oetat* bad real fofert. ?(-? *'?? ?a btriataa ?4 n'oaotit unM a ?? a baar a'.' -) - _ . . . . . tkerefara tovlead That tit h.ard '?? }.j* ?4ly lad eoatty ef Say Ink d- ..*f tf [r * fafiteon art art Ibe je-aare of aa ?. or arajorj ? llUlar II ta t a '>?0*bt e 'k laarb I a I ?#?*! 10 Ih* <*^ tad tali a aud ?< abdi ra?afd Ike 'aft rteaoalt vt tt-.tol SS a^^MTb ft la ale *104*' ? a?ltmiidlt?,dl I '.I' bear IA-i'fe ?*h root to sa to th* t ^aili ta forvatd b ?? t" "i\ r tr. tba l?f '"o "'*? . TtM ??rd ntfmtnm 1 1* M??day ant llobakr* laltUlfearr, t.i t r ? - "? a m ?Tha fillaaiat ara tho ylarai l< ? | aa**d ' ?> tU p".j at tha atoctiaa Va day ? f ret War*? At Iba Tc?a Wbfl, taere ad Ward? At Ka IMWiiv'a|tH iftNt, W.eaaa i tfrd aad Faorlb l?wte I Third Wart? At tka at hat; toaao aa tka- )t afaM*. I rwtU U'vtpt aal Vial ?

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