Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 10, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 10, 1855 Page 3
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? HI. ros SAJ^K. ?l n unn ~roiL 8At*. 1H" woce. nnvm uU.vvV. u4 a nifta jroii Uut, ?Tib* B?j State otel, former!; Qunt.rV 140 and 147 Fulton etreet, n?tt nUmr or > p?rt?or will bo tftken with $8,000 ??pit?l. ppty m the premises. >Q ft AA? FOR SAL*. THAT THREE STORT KJ.Ol/v brown atone home nd lot. Mo. 4# Wait Twen '-fourth it root, neftr Fifth ftvenue. *4,800 oftn remain on ortgsgt. Alio, for 98,000, i?t Dftftt tbroo itorr krlok house and lot Ho. 80 West wenty-seventh ?troot, ftnd $0,800 on mortgftge. Also, for 97.000, >ftt Or it rises three-story briok home No. ISO Kftit roadway, ?nd $8,000 on mortgftge. Also, for $0,800, onto ftnd lot 44 Orobftrd itroet Aloo, for $12,100. houio ftnd lot 142 Reftde street. Abo, for $13,000, houie, stable and lot 32 foot by 90, No. 13 Hammond itroet; $7,800 on mortgage. Alio, to exobange r ft rood f?rm. or for vfto>at lot?, tbroo firit elm lour ory brown atouo heueea ftnd lota in the neighborhood of ifth ftvenuo. ? Alio, for iftle, too full vacant lots on Wait Seventeenth atreet, between ?ih and Sixth avaaues. AUo, for $7,000. in Brooklyn, iftt neftt thr'M etory brown atone hoiue nnd lot No. 403 ra te atroot; hfta e?ory oonveaience, tul $8,UOO ou mortgace. Alao, lor $8,IJ00 aoftt throe atory briek bou>e ftnd lot on Dean street; haa is. batba. Ao, and $4,0C0 on mortgage. For card* to ex nin the above property, apply to 8. 8. BROAD, 13 Wftll atreat. '7 nnn HABDWABB AND HODS* FURN18HINO > I .vJuU, atore for aale ? The atock, lixturea, good will id leaao of an old oatablialied hardwaro and bouae fur iahing atore in on* ol the boat buaineta parte of the city. ' hie ie a rare obanoe for a good Inveatm >nt. Satisfactory -ftacna tor quitting the bualneaa will be-*i*on. Addreaa 3. YOUNG, box 3,08>, l'oat Uffloo. ?7 Pinn -FARM AND 8TOKK PROPERTY, JV '4 .tiUUi tbe heart of ft filiate on I out lalaad, Ji lie. from Km Tork; Urge atore, three dwelllnca, three ?ope, barn and eheda, 10 fterea good lftnd, II atocked with ait ftnd shrubbery . store now doini ftlftr^e bualneaa. Will i exchanged T.. A. BUNCE, 211 Br >adway, room No. 8. >D nnn ?'OR sale, the small. ELEGANT 'U.UUU, three atory brown stone frant English basi ent dwelling houae. No. >91 Weat T?enty-aerenth atraet; iftutifuUy finished, new, and replete with every eon nienoe, Croton water, gaa, As : mortgage $4,000. Poaaoa on immedifttely. Apply to ALBERT iVEI.LKi, 37 Sohth 'ilium street. (U\C\ -THAT NEAT, COMMODIOUS, AND YERY 'U.t/UUt quiet privet* roaidence, with two fnli aiied lilding lots of ground, in ft rleaaaut neighborhood, nitnftted I Franklin avenue, near Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn; the >uae in complete order, ftnd the grounds tastefully laid out Ith every variety of trens. rotes, dahlias, Ao., Ac. Terma .ay DE MOTT, No. 10 Spiuce atraet. .r ffnn ONLT, FOB THAT THREE STORY STONE )l),wUU baaement aub cellar brick house, with ftU tbe iproveaMftta of the ftge, gfta. bath. ran*e, hot ftnd oold ?ter, bot >ir furnace, g?? flxturee frr cooking, speaking ?be, belle. Ao , Ac ; houae aituated on Hicks street, but Hve inutea' walk trom the South and Hamilton ferriea. DE MOTT. No. I ) Spruoe atreet. .Q enn-AND ONLY $800 CASH REQUIRED, TO Ifi.Uul/ purchaae tbe oheapeat cottage houae in thia ty. Lot 80 by 100 feet. Situated on 12tith atreet, near tha loond avenue rftilroftd. The bonao oontnine nine flniahed ?oma. oonrtysrd with piazia, From h windows, Croton w? r In bfteement, Ao. Neighborhood good. DE MOTT, 18 Sprueo atreet. '1 ^nn ONLY.? FOR SAl.E OR EXCHANGE FOR U.UUU Ilrooklvn city property, a neat, cimfortable ittage bouse, with seven raoma and onihalf aero of laud, mated at Upper Morriaania, but five minuter.' walk from ie depot: upon the premiaea a amall barn, a good well of ftter, a number of tree*. Ao. Apply to De Mott, 18 Spruce reet, New York, or M. t. Cook, ftt the batftar'a fancy ore. H aebmgton a venue, Lewer Morriaania. ?1 nnn -for sale chf,ap. 'l.UUU. For aale cheap, a throe atory brick bouae in nahwiek, $2,800. Alee, ft two atory cottaue, with two lot*, in Clarenoe lle, Long Island, hall ao hour's ride from New York; hou^e >w? $1,000. Terma verj easy. Together with ft number or bouaea ftnd lota in New York, rooiilyn ftnd Wllliftmahuric. Apply to 1'ECARES, BERNSl'klN A PHILLIPS, 01 Liberty "treat. i !l nnn -FOR SAI.r, THE stock, fixtures, to : 'i.vv/v. gather with fire yeara leftae, at ft reftaonftble 1 ut, ? flret tlnaa grocery rtore, aituated in 8<iutb Brooklyn. I jw doing a bualneaa ol $30,000 per year, mostly oa?h, and oreaaing, aa wilt be nhown. Neae but a caah emt imor ed apply, who will be willing to give $1,000 bonne. A ne aauresaed to (1 B., Brooklyn Post Utfici, will meet j ith prompt attention. hfCnn -FOR SALE, A CONFECTIONERY AMI) ICE I VuUi cream saloon, with alt the tools, uten?iln, A*., r nianufacturing and making the aam . located in a great < laineaa tboroughiftre; it ia ftlao a eomml'?ioa baki-ry, and II ft Urge number of piea, cike. A" ; a aidendid location r ft firat claaa family bakery. Apply to C. U. HOWES A | O., Si Naaeau atreet. tOKA -SEGAR STORE FOR SALE, SITUATED "OuU . near Chatham square, In ene of the ureateat tho fmghfareain New York; the flxturea are complete and Hie (ock ia of the ipoat dealrable deaeriptinn; the present pro -ietor carries on tbo manufacturing of aegar<. Apply to C. . HOWES, S4 Ntaaau atreet. liO/tn FOR A NEW THREE STORY HOUSE, ON I I'fteille atreet, ne*r Grftftd ft venue. Brooklyn; tbe ont of tbe flret floor ia ? atore; alxe of lot 28 by loifj prioa j 8,700; tbe balftnce in eaay paymenta; will rent for $JUl). I PPlj to O. It. UOULD, 36 John atreet, ap atnira. I STORI^ ?A COUNTRY RESIDENCE, WITH FROM L three to sixteen fterea of land, ntuate ftbout one mile , om Aatorift, ftdjoining the lftnd ol George KowenUovtn, on ' ie Hell Gftte Neek ro?d; hi^h rotiiux lftnd, with ahftde end i nit trefte; Iftrge new hcuao and out buildln?a. For partien j.r?, apply to JOSIAH M. WHITNEY, corner of Grand I reet, tad the Creeoent, or at his oflloe, near Hell Gate rry, Astoria, L 1. t MAT LITTLE COTTAGE KoK SALE, I.N B*OOK X Ira, on Clermont, 1 10 feet fr in Fulton avenue, contain ?g Bin* rooms anil cellar, marble mantel* and grates in par rs, can pipes, pump in kitchen. At. Prioa 5 ?< Term) tay. Apply immediately to JAMES W. BOLTON", 147 roadway. t GOOD OPPORTUNITY.? FOR 3AI.E. A NEW F1RJT V elaaa brick aud browa stone, house nitua'ed uo Clermont venue, Brooklyn, third house south of l.afayptte avenie, aving a view of the bay. Contains three large parlors, |ith mantels, grates, tubes, Ac. ; basement, eooking kitchea, tted with range to heat the bouao; tea r'joiu, St.. re room, ?mented cellar, wine vault, and eight bedrooms. Built by toy's work for the owner. Prioe Ml Aiply to Mr. [ R1TTAN, on the premise* ? DINING ROOM FOR SAI.E.-THC I.EASE, FCRNI ture, Ac. ?f a dining aaloon. In one of the greatest boroughfares and business localities, and surrounded iritU ores, manufactories and extensive e*ublirbtnrnts, where ? lonaaada of people are employed. Thla is a grand chance || .t a man with a lew hundred dollars. Apply to C.B.HoWE Co. t*4 Narsau atreet. V RESTAURANT FOR SALE-SITUATED ON A COR ner near the Park. Established upward* of fifteen ??ri, and two persons retired with tortuaea irom it. Toe .aae ia worth all that la aikeil. The flxtures, elegant n> tr le tables, mirrors, Ac. The pro;<ri?t< r'a goinz to Ca.iforni* i a few days ia the cause of sale. Apply to 0. B HOWE Co., 84 Nassau street. 4 RARE OPPORTUNITY TO COMMENCE BUSINESS. A. ? 1 or Hale, atock, fixtures, and three years' lease of a uiidiag on tke west aide of the eity, in a good busmen* lo ality, and busiaess of sight years' standing For partlou i re, address Trade, Tribune office. A SALOON TOR 8ALE? IN ONE OT TIIE BEST LO "V cations in the city, wh?re there are flee lines of stages inning from every five minutes Marble counters, do. Jables, License to May, with the prlvile.e ol keeping open n Honda) . Lease for two years attar May, lfrVS. Apply at '3 Tanthatraet. for particulars. 3 SHOP FOR SALE. CHEAP? 04? HJDSON atreet, oa aecouat of the owner going Into other flusi [' 1ANAI. STREET PROPERTY FOR SALE-HOUSE J aad lot No. 123 Price f 11,000. A map .'an he *een on >a building Half the am. mat cau remain oa mortgage be owner raaiaas ia the house. 10AL YARD.? FOE 8AM, TnC NINB YEARS LEASE J of an eligibly situated coal yard, together with the oisee and carts, sheds, office, scale .ud ttxtur. ?, in com lete order for a lar^e retail trade. Apply to W11 HEKEI.L ROL'SSEL, iilS ? 'ne strest. 'ONI ECTIONERT AND ICE CREAM SACOON.-FOR J sala. atock, fixtures and all rccetsiry aprara'.us for arryini oa an ice cream aaloon. The location t* excellent, nd tha eafablisbment is doing well Letaa two y#ars to run. > ill ke sold low for caah Apply to RICHARD L. Pt'KDY A CO., 119 usd 121 Nawau at. lOUNTRT RESIDENCE FOR SALE AT RYE NECK, J half a mile from the railroad depot, situated oa the Uos oa turnpike read, aad near Long Island Sound; tha house I beautifully shaded; there are about four aer-s er ground, baadanee of shade and ornamental trees, all kind* uf froit 'eee. flewere. Baa kitebea gnrdea. ? table, Ae. Apply t* T. .. SHEPHERD, W and 31 Gold street. COTTAGE ON TIIE HUDSON RIVER FOR SALE OR ta let? A neat cottage house, containing 1 J rooms, silua*. witkln SOU fact of the railroad depot at Tubby uaak? 4# itautes distant from Cham betff stmt. Appiy at M West j treat. SAGUERHKAN GALLERY FOR SALE-SITUATED IJf on? af the laostjvomiaent thoroughfares. aad ieinr an ensivo bus neee. The stock, apparatu and f.iru. ture all i good order Will b< sold to mtt the pirchaier. Apply , RICHARD L. FCRDY A CO.. jj?and |2J aesaa *tre?t^room ? JARBER p street, I \RUG STORE FOR SALE ? TnE DRUG STORE 1/ eotaer ..t North Maara end Grseawioh streets, will be fold vsry law, far aaak ealy. It hat heea. established over lea year*, is taads<,m*ly fin. i ap with a Arst rata stoek ?f lead*. U doing a good lobbing and pressriptiua buiiaess. Lad U offered far sals only haeaaee theowcer wiahesto leaee Jbe aity^ ? \Rl*G STOKE FOR SALE, ATA SACRIFICE ? THE at ?t ere ia anetly titled ia, in a good neiabborkeod for ? Iibysieiaa ac dreggiet; is well worth MOO, bat mast be ssld ?uriag th* weak, tbe bi?lie?t offer tak> s it. T^rma sash | B. W . RK'HAliOS, yf! Broad *r ay. IIBCOTORH' <*aj.f or THE FARM AND COf NTRT . i eeat ?? tha late eminent acalptor. Them? now the pro '?arty at tlse Asaor Estat*. situated ia Clarksfowa, Roek aad caaaty, with aheot 7# acre* of Koad Und. There ia a plendid fallleaRth statue of Waekiartea, out ia brawn .teae standing ia fmat of tbe house W ilt be aeld oa Friday, \pril 13 at if a'tfaak, at tfce Merehaata' Irehaage For erms. Ac . appi> to C. R. MILLER A CO , Aaetiaaaare, | ^ e. Broadeay Hiked store for pale-one of thk best 1 etaads ia the eity, new d-tiag a fair busineai aad ha* ieg iwaaty eetea etalla coaaaatad with it; reat ehaep. Ki Un?e at #1 JacVsea street _ not SALE- AN OYSTER SALOON, AN OLD KSTAB r Ilabe4 ataad for the last tea years The ealy raaaoa for ? elliag is that the pre reat owner la torn# to leate tka oity. Apply at 361 Bowery, after 9 a sleek la the morning ^ ^ IT'OR jitr VERY HANDSOMR. SECOND HAND T *h ftmg top two aaat pk.i ton. a good shifting top burgy. ' " ' ? a pair af wheal*; also. top buggy, and two ' ' cheap, at the lirary raaw three eeat rarkaeay, a new t* uggiea without tape. All will be eel 4 teVla M West Twaaty third street. 1 1 ad a eeeaa4 haa4 doctor s gig, haa two pair af wheal*; al*o "saeay, s new top baggy, aad All e ill be *e14 cheap, st th TwMtjr ?fjlOS \ ? mi, -it LOTS ON THIRTY THIRD ?F atreet. I etweea Sereatb aad Ki 'hth a?"n-i??, tw ? lets ?se Ihirtleth Street near Sixth eeeaoe. no money if in Also, let Iti Wool Twenty oftth street, MBCM r.<i r s-ery ah 1 eae lee atery br" k hoeee .a, n^w oeeanief e'S r* ?' t" -V/J rl!,?'' a*w. *ews','? < May. U ra^a.Tad. T>ia? eaej ia j j'r* .a t^e *wert. fW BALM. F rxcAul BisMsriiir * philups, *1 Ukwtr itml, mm Niaan, Twe three Hory li.t oiaae hriok hoaae* , wlU *11 tk? utei unproveaaeati, in Sixty firat afreet. the fo?r *tory Brit olaii RaglUh kwtailt kMN,fMt X? ty -fifth rntt. mu Eighth iruu, having all the modern lmprovamart*. The foar itory 111 blHMl brows itou (Nil ktlMlM Eighth aveBue scar Forty leoond itmt Tb* three itory brlok hou*e eoraer of Cliataa Mi Rlvlag too itreet*. Two four ?tory brick bou*e?, Seventh imu, near Twenty lftb (treat. The four itory hriok honaa 491 1m* Twelfth otreet. Tbe itara lat, forty feet front, with the Improvement* thereon, weet old* of Eighth avenue, near Forty -elxth etreet. Two loti louth ride of Forty fifth itreet, 100 foot et*t of Tenth nveoue Six lota ia Harlem. I59th etreet, near Sixth arena#. The three itory and baeemeat brlok houeo, flniebed in hand le no ?t ?le. corner of Lee avenue and Row *treet, Brooklyn. Togitbor with a number of hofteee aad let* ia New York, Brooklvaaad Williamaburg All of the above property will be (old cheap, and on ea*y tecs*. FOR SAI.F? TBI MASS. STOCK AND FIXTURES of a flrat ola*e tea etore, oheap for ouli, handsomely fitted up, *ituated in one of the beet thoronghfar** in thii eity. and doing a good trade. Apply perioualfy at 266 llud rod etreet. TjlOR SALR-ON TWENTY FOURTH STREET, NEVR r North River, fourteen vaoant lot*, very eligiole for lao torlce, fouadrie*. Ac. Apply to Thurbcr U?ll?y. (id Wall it. IjlOR SALE ? FOR $6,300, AND $4,000 MAT REMAIN for throe yeui at ^ per cent per aannm, one of tho?o iplendid brown atone front houaoi, on north elde of Flfty ei-cond afreet, near the Eighth avenue eare, with all tha ltiodim improvement! complete; thi* honae beinztho fifh boure from Eighth avoaue. Inquire or addre** the owner, Al.KX DAYlS, 233 Ninth avonoe, near Twsnty (cvontn et. FOR SALE ? PRICK $5,300? A NIAT TWO STORY AT tio end baeement houee, with two lote, eituato on Nine tieth etreet, b^iwoen Third aad Fourth avenue*. For par ticular! apply ? the premiaei. A itable on roar, and good eupply of water. fOR SALE -TO COAL MERCHANTS -THE LEASE, good will and flxtorea of the beet located ooal yard In tbe city, inelnding horeee, cart) harae**, Ac. Trice $1,000. AI?o l?nd to exchange for Improved property. Apply to A. J. BEKR1AN, SI Chamber* itreet For salr-on easy terms, a small brick houie ia a good neighborhood, built by the owner for own nee, with ill modern improvement*; plain garden la front. Apply to A KENNEDY, 130 Xaat Thirty filth etreet, near Third avenno. FOR SALE? OR TO LET IN EAST BROOKLYN, A neat two etory aad attic houee, with ten rootni. Bear l'eck Slip and Oraad etreot ferrle*; also, aaveral genteel apartment*, to let low to good tenaat*. laquire ia the Keel Eitate Agency, at the head of South Tenth itruet, la Fourth ?treet. For sale? a dark iron oray horse, seven- I yean old, rixteen baud* high, a good traveller, and A no ! appeerenee; drivoe free; would make a good horee for an | eipreia wagoa or a carriage. Price $150. la-iulre at Mr. j OKAY'S grocery etore, Ninth avenue, hotween Thirty fourth i aad Thirty fifth atreeta For salr? a handsome house, wrrn several ! lote of land, neatly laid out and planted, In the tlnoit pert of the village of Flushing, I,. 1 ; houee nearly new, and Aniihed la tbe beet mauaer, with marLle mantel", illdlng doore, Ao. Two third! the price can remain on mortiage for a term of yean Apply to VVM. JOllNSON, at A. U. Mul ier'e, 38 W all etreet FOR SALE-SIX LOTS, SITU ATE ON TIIE SOUTH | erly lid* of Thirty tint itreet, I>etwe5n the Seoond aad i Third arenuei. cemmonclng 200 foot wefterly from tho .Se cond avenue. A portion of the purchaae mouey can remain on mortgage fer a term of yeare. Apply to T. Jai. Olovor, I or J. Van N anion, 133 Naisau itrtfbt. J>OR SALE? ONE OF THOSE MARBLE FRONT Til RE P. ' ?tory and baiemrnt boutei oa Lexington avonuo, Mur 1 ray Ilill, between Thirty fifth and Thirty aixth etraete, one I block from the Third annne oara; half on mortgage, or 1 would exchange for good building lot*. Apply on the pre- . miaee. VO* SALE? A SUIT OF SECOND HAND SAILS 81JIT r able lor a veeeel of forty torn burthen. Sills aro and will be told cheap if application be inadc in a few day*. I Apply to U. F. Town, !'l Weet atreet. For sale-a i-assace ticket per steamer Baltic, to *all the 18th in*t. Apply at No. M liroad ! ?trcet, tip atalr*. JIOR SALE ? THE VERV DESIRABLE THREE STORY i and baaement houee 82 We*t Thirty iecond atreet, near | bixtli avenne. In perfect order and with all tmprovemi-ata; I lot 22x100. Apply to HENRY FKANKLYN, 71 West Thir ty tilth etreet, near Broadway. I'oli SALR-STOCK. FIXTURES AND LEASE OF A I brat elaii book and atationery More, under a lint clan 1 hotel. Will be rold low for oa*h Apply at No. 4 Everett Ilouee, Fourth avoiiue, near Seventeenth atreet. Apply in i pcrfi n. FOR SALE CHEAP? A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY SEAT, at New Roebelle, oonaiitlBg often acrei of very an perlot land aad a tint claii Irame hon*e. nearly new, and very good, with the reqaialte outhouie*, a new picket fence ; ar>iund the whole place, and from W0 to 300 fruit treei of virioui kinde; near the depot. PEMAMEBT A BASSET, No. I Aitor place. | For sale cheap, near morristown, new jer ley? A home containing aix roomi, with a good cellar; ! alio adjolaing ii a iirall ahop *ultal>le for a ta-lor orahoe maker, together with l>4 aerea of good laud abounding in ! fruit, cherrl- *, plnmi, apple*. Ac. For a imall family ' aialiing a pleaaant and healthy place In the country, (par ticularly for tha rammer month* ) a morn deiira'ile ip>t cannot he round: price $>'00. For further particular! in quire ?f Mr. kBELhR, No. 3 Croiby itroat. For sale cbrap-thr fixtures of an ice cream and oyeter laloon. laquiie 1M Fonith itreet. H'illlamahnrg. For sale or to two story and attic briek houae, 113 Hammoad atreet, lot 32xK). home 32x 4fi deep. On rear ol lot la a two bnildiag, *oitable lur a ita ble, with aa alleyway eight feet wide. Tbe bojie ha* *v*ry modern Improveat. Inquire at No. 9 Perry itreet. FOR SALE OR TO LET-AT EAST WILLIAMSBURG, | ? two atory and attic bout, with green hoi>e and kitoh ?n attached, a good bars ?ud .table, cna'ainlng half an acre of land, with (rait trees and lar?e *r.ipo arbor, gardnn. ibru ti lery, Ac Slag*" ran put the door every hour, fare rente. For particulars, inquire of A. B. . No. 10 Attorney itmt. F(?R sale, or to tour storv brick dwelling kouM No. -t)7 Jtait Thirty third street, he taeen Lexington and Third iVtanti; ttni.he I with all mo dent improvements, bath, ran**, gas and Croton water, on ?vary floor. Apply at 100 bit Thirty third (treat. For sale or to let, in hoboeen? a first class three ?tory and basemeat btiek dwelling house, newly aad conveniently built, with all tha modern] Improvement*, In aa excelleat location, 'eight mtaataa walk fnn tha farry. Terms easy. Inquire at I9u W aahlagton atcaat, Hobokaa. I?OR SALE. OR Wtl.L BE EXCHANGED FOR UN Improved lota in N aw York, VVIIllainebiirg or Brooklyn, a luhetaatial frame duelling hone* and atore, tbr-e atories, 2.'u.V>, lot 2.'>xlOP, aituate is aauand street, VVIIliameliurg, I withlB thrae hlocka of Pack Slip Farry. The building la In good condition, yard pared, A?. The preaniiaa are aultahie , for a Cartman or Expreaa man, then beiBg a ?ood atahle and large (hop on rear of tha lot. I'riee, . li,*m on bond I and mortgage, and a aecond mortgage for part will ba taken ! If required. HUGHES A UKEES, l.U Grand atraat, Wil liamsburg CUR SALE OR TO EXCnANGE-FOR UNENCUM E berad or (lightly eneumbnrrd lota, or a country residence near tha city, a four atorj, double brisk, tenement house, In Twenty ?i*tn atraat, north aida; It haa twa (tores, oa?h let for 912 par month, and will rent for from SV> to WH per month. A person having tliua to attaad to It eonld make it let for over per annum. Ca?h price V Ofaj. *3,VAJ can t<main. Address H W. D.( box 1.1BU Post Office. For sai.e, in astoria-a hell built douse, with marble mnatels, kitchen range, and otbern mo (era improvement a. with eight lots, having two hundred . feet Iront ob Academy street, aad one hundred feet on Ja maica aveane The house la huilt of the heat material". | The wtolewillhe sold at a aacriSce I'art of the money , ran remain on hand aad mortgage For partiealara, apply , to Mr ANUKIW EAIilK. 117 Fultoa street Now Fork. | T.-"R SALE-A VERY HANDSOME SHETLAND PONY, 1 I VVaxoB aad liaraaaa ; tha wagon aad harneaa war* made exprveafy lor the ponr l.jr one of tha beat makera. Tha pony ia tlx yaara old, kin<i and gentle in barne>a or uad-r the ; saddle. A apleudid get-up. Apply at 3?1 heconl <tre ,t. In ; Bot'. and Shoe atore. Li'AflM FOR SALE, 'M ACRES. AT CLARE8TOWN, I f Rorkland cunity. good orchards, laud .n line ord r, middling buildings; 2K hours by boat, l\ hours by railroad from New York. It will be told at a bursaia. Alan.Varre fann, three fonrths of a n la from Roosvllle, Stataa lalaad; mod houaa aad bara. It will ba aeld eheapai than auy place on Itatsn lalaad. Apply at XI Fulton street. HI'I'SES FOR HALE.- AT THE UNION SQUARE REAL ! Fstata Ofhce, No. S Everett House, corner o! Fourth I averse and Sovent xnth a treat aflac four story brows atone hcurt, in Thirty second atraet, near Fifth avenue, $17, IW; da., *!A.I??I. do, flt.OtlO; do, three honaes, ?!?,??>, all he twran Madison avenue and Broadway A neat English base irmt koosa in Thirty first atreat, near Lexington avenue, K.'aaj. Two fine honaea ia < liau a plaea. Sld.oAl and W.iMi. Several elegant honaea Ib Htuy.vaaant square, uararpassad in ateellenoe of finish and baauty ol loeatioa by anything In the nrnrket, MI.WS). Two baa fonr story bra * a stoaa houses on I exinston avenue, SU.'TO and fl.1 '??. Alan, upwards of use hundred other bouses Ib vtil'iai parts of tha city, at I from f.l.iaaj to OW. Call aad examine our Hat. KEYS * HOAQL4ND. House and lot. with store, for sale cheap for raah. Na iaenmbranee. l our star? (reproof honaa, t rotaa water all throagb the hansa, sltaated oa Seventh aveaue. car fwecly f..arth (treat. Apply at .VI I'earl evr*H ta C5? (tore. To let. sevefal houses, raataa. be^ rut ins, Ac. 1IVER? Si'flNESS FOR SALE- THE 1IK AT CHANCE I J sver Ollerad to llrrrymea ? The stock, lease, sad roe4 ! will of the work of ea? of the leet hatela la tbe Called ! | Statca The "table has room for oae baadred horiee Tbe i ' heat rtaad in tha citr. The stable haa mora convanleneea ?' I than an> <ther stable la New Tork. Sallafaettry raaaaBS i 1 ?l*e? for aalling F? r faitber partiealara address, with raal ! mine O II . IlV raid office. Eajtera. wastera, Bortbera aad | 1 * Bibera papera plaaae eopy O'TeIn SALOON, LONO BRANCH -OCEAN SA ! Icon, taveii'v leet Isai, and tweatraevea faat wide, twa ?t?ries high the let I?iO leet fraal. and Z Jr. feat daep: a geed site lor * llverr atable, ball allay, ar aay thinr af the klad | Tkare is an icebauie oa tha premises aad well tiled. Aad I alaa a building at Red Baak. forty feet daep aad thirt* , seven reel wldS, already fltted op aad oeeapled b? tha sab ' soiiberaaa aalooa To be sold at pabUa sale April IJth, I'V. Attaadsaeaasd eoBditioas by JOS E. REEVES. Ran Baara, April S. 1M?. SPLENDID F ARM OF 100 ACRES-IN BERURN 1 reaaty, New Jeraey, aear tha Erie Railroad; iaperior I I impravemente Price ??"?), or dtty a?rea and haildlnits, orchard. A* , for 91.000 Apply to C. R MILLER k CO., anctlaaaara, IW Broadway. CEGAR 'TO R e T() R ? A I E? <'11 E A P ? FOR Til E i u stork aad bxtarea, or flJO far tbe ?ataree. The atars is dolag a good basln-sa Tha owner is g'dag to li-rmaay la the reaeonlfoT aelllaa Apply la O. M. HARTW It'll, laalaatate I ?e?iit,>#i Sraiiaa iv , room Na. I. rt WllffWW Wttt Rtrr A SMALL OFFICE worth aitaat-d in oae e? tbe b*al I ^atioaa ia tha I cily: now dolag a weakly paper also, a-w material for 1 ?'"???Jlf work A rare ehaare for a Tone* max wl'h a amall capital. Add raw Printer. Herald a?ea rro DAOVBRRFOTYPIATS -for SALE VERr cheap. ' X the atoek of a dagaarraaa aaliery. ronsMMag af aa-ru ' *?*? 4c.. jUlla (aad order Apply at Or-aawirbatretl, roratr ef In k fO PBfRtCfANt AND DBCOOI??T?.-A PMTVICtAN owaiagatrat claea drna (tare, with thrae raara leaaa ? 111 atll It. ib e< naeeltoa aslth a larra prae?wa, t >* half ita i vela* Is sbtwfed ? v #a awrwa'1 fvr his baaJtb A rare ahaaee | , ' f a , T.I , p ras^iaa iaaairaaP 1 i. f. t aw*A3, a*. 5 am** At**. , srevsSroS? * t"in* BtthH Q7A B?Oi?iTf;-???*H?ID ROOMS TO LIT.? O I U HuiwM f?r*uk?4 room* with MtraiuN. vary ing ia priee from S2 t? M ft week. The houM Is ?>l, a* meting at May ; bmtfWl darirad. At 870 BwX??f . fiAft broadwat.-two sum or well fur UtO 1I1M front rooss*: iIh riir mil, with oat r**tn for iia?l< nitlnn. may b? M, with full board float* hi ? til modern lapnrtBiali 7 IA BKOADWAT. HANDSOMELY FURNISHED I1U roam to Ut to famili** or (lagl* i*nU*msn, with or without board. No moving Ut of Mtgr. Apply >? abort. OOQ HENRY STREET, BROOKLYN ?A FRONT O^O suit of room*. on th* aeooad lloor, to Ut, to<ether or eeparato, la a iret claaa homo, to a g*nil*m*B and hii Wi'a; alio, sccommodatoa* for suuU gentlemen, Uoatloa doalrablc, and oonvenient tt th* South f*rrit?. Apply ai I >i 1 NINTH STRBRT, THIRD DOOR BAST OF ItI broad way, furnlahad rooms, ia lalta or a* parattly. AUo, back parlor and nUailo room oa th* flrat floor. U Ut ta geatlemeu. with breakfaat, If ro^aicad. Ala*, fwi - alabad i 1 > mi at No, 6 Collac* plaoa. 7ft FRANKLIN STREET, FIRST HOUSE WEST OF I U Itroadway ? Two parlora oa th* Irak door ta Ut, teparate or together; a gnod looatloa for a phyaloian; alio, live or six a'nirlf and double room*, tor Wdgiug*, naatiy far nish*d; ojcanlln*** atrictly ob**rv*d. A t* WEST WASHINGTON I'LACE -CHOICE ROOMS 11' to Ut, either singly or in aaita, baadaomaly aad newly furnished, with or without partial hoard Families and aia ft e gentlemen will do null to eiamlne the acooamoda'lons '?ffered ; house coBtaiai tha modtra improvements Kefer enoes osohangod. AK GROVESTREET. NEAR BLEECKER -DKLIQHT J' I fill rooaa on flrat aad aeoond floor* to lot, furaiehtd ec unfurnished, with board; lion** flrat eleae, oontaimng Ira provementa; looalioa rooat daairabla, aad aoooMibl* to aara aad stage liasa. Bo obildron takea. i)L> AMITY PL ACK.? ELEGANTLY FURNISHED iU parlora and bedrooma to Ut to gentlemen, with or withont partial board; no moving on th* Ut ef May. Waat *d. a German, Sootuh or Engllih (irl aa a*amatr*aa, who ua dcrstanda dreaamaklag. Apply aa abov*. OC GREEN t: STREET.? A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, or t?o single gentlemen, oaa h>?* a haadaorael) fur nished room, and fall or partial board if desired; al*?, a Lack l*t. No moving at May. Reference* ox changed 1 ?> CARROLL PLACE, BI.EECKER STREET.? PER J O ansa ia queat of aiiperior accommodation a, will ploaae call at No. LI Carroll Place, Itleeokor atreet. Bath, gat, Ac., to th* hona*. Ref*r*no*a required. 1(| I .N ION SQUARE ?A HANDSOME PARI.OR AND iv bedroom to Ut, on tL* a*cond floor, with full or par tial board. Alio, two aingl* rooaa. AT NO. ?1 PRINCE STREET, WEST OF AND NEAR Broadway, rooms and iuit*a of rooma, handsomely furaishad and nleaaantly locaUd, with board llouso flrat c ass, containing all th* modern conveniences. I'amliy small and select. Apartments, consisting ok two largr par- I lor*, coamunieatiag, alto a ptlvat* table if daairad, at ! 25 Waahingtoa Place. A PARLOR AND BEDROOM, SUITABLE FDR A GEN jf\ tltnsn and hla wife to rant, ia tb* flrat olass houaa 31 Woat Twenty acoond strict. Refercnroa required AN ELEGANT SUITE OF FURNISHED APARTMENT* 1 to let, is th* flrrt rlaaa house 77? Broadway, suitable for taniiliea or aiaglo gantlemon, having all the privilagoi and corvenicnces for housekeeping. AI EW SINGLE GERMAN GENTLEMEN CAN BE accommodated with furniihcd rooaa at No. It Newark ? treet, Holoken. A PRIVATE FAMILY. HAVING MORK ROOM TIIAN U\ they rii|iure wish to let a furniahed parlor aud bedr.iotn, attached, 1* ooe or two single gentlemen. Terms >1 IW per week. Inquire at No. 71 Crosby atieet, oau block trom ISruidw*). A IUII.M TO LET, WITH BOARD, TO A GENTI.E J\ man aud hia wile; alio one or two single gautlemen oan Le ncoiinmudated with board in a private family. Em|uira at l?i Suffolk atreet, third houi* abov* Rlvingtoa. AYOCNG INVALID LADY WISHES BOARU AND pleaiiant room with a widow la ly, in hnmbla olr<'um atancaa. who will be a good kind nuisi-: na other boar Ier4; lor th* riuhl kind of accommodations a liberal price will be pni<l. Addreaa Invalid. Broadway Pott Offlc*. with par titulars. A I.ADY, WITH AN INFANT, WISHES BOARD AND a good furnished room in a private 'amily. Pl?*?e .id dress stating terms, which mutt ba moderate, J. C Herald cttcc, f A BEAUTIFUL SlITE OF ROOMS FUR A (JEVTl.K man and lady Also a tin* r*om lor two aingl* ?<ntU i n<<n, all in aecond (tor)', with Urge pantries atta<ih*<l. inty | he Lad permanently, with inll botrd in a small family at ill Kast Thirteenth street. Hons* has all modern improve tin jits. Do not movs first of May. References eachaugo i. I Boarders.-skveral cknti EUEN CAN ItE At: ? OBiin. dated with lull board and pUksant r ioma at N >. IP Stat* strvat, opposite the Battery. Ref rs?o*i ex ohang*d. BOARD-A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIPE CAN BE furnished with a pUasaat room lighted by ga(, aad board, at .13 Market atreet OARD? A YOONO LADY DRSIRINO TO MARK, A permanent Jicme In s reapeotabla lam ly nan have the B . k ^ earn* with uae of piano, for her aaaiatan e in the family, by appl> lag at 21(1 Weal Thlrty-flrat atreet. A Protestant pre ferred. If Mr. Da*h will eall, ha may hear aimsthing to hia advantage. OARD? SEVEN SMALL FURNISH F.I) ROOMS TO 1 lit to aingl* gentlemen or ladiea, with or without botrd ll."i,1, Grand atreet, three doors from Broadway. No mo<ing the 1st of May BOARD?A SUITE OF UNFURNISHED ROOMS. TO gether or separately, and oae furniahed room,- rnxjr b had with board, in a private family, wh*r* th* c<>afort* a bone may b* eajojed. Hona* modern, soaTeoient to earl and atagaa. Apply at No. H Warren plao*, C bailee atreet. B Board ?im madison avenue.? suits or rjoms ftirr.iahad or uafaraiahad, on lb* aecnad floor; aleo nac nn the third, m * newly built flrat claa* ho***, a d?li<ht'ul lo. alien for tbo nimtr; alaa rooma for ainile geaUaiaea An t-arly application it dcairable. Tb* Wall atraet atagaa paaitbo door. BOARD-A OENTI.EM AN AND HIS WIFE CAN PINO aplaaaant auit of rooma, with paatriea on awoud lluor, t*i< ther or aeparat*, by calling at ti Hudaon itreat, near Cbambera. No moving ia Nay. Board ? a handsome front room, with bodrooB) altaobad, with tb* boat aa<-ommodatloae, at 1U2 Eaat t'ourtaeuth atraet. Ueuaa baa all tb* modera im provement*. Reference* *xchang*d. BOARD. -HEYERAL ROOMS, HANDSOMELY FUR aiabed, amiable for alngle gentlemea orgratl-men nod their wivep, will > a 1*1, a it h good board, ia a flrat claia bon*<-, 37 Math atr**i, naar Firth aveaae. BOARD-A iew ladies and gentlemkn, and one or two married couple ean t o aocom aodatet lit May ia modern h?aaa, l.aautifal ioeatioa, 300 W*at Thirty abroad atraet, between Eighth and Ninth avanaea; ua? of piaao, Ac., and a good noma iaa'ired; tarma moderate. A [ply aa above, or to T. Mauaon, Dcatiat, i-.l Uroadway. K' faii-area exchanged. BOARD.-A FRONT ROOM AND BEDROOM ON SR road floor, aailabl* for gentleman and wife, or ainda tentlenien, fiirniahad llot and fold water and (aa. I' ill at IK Vteit filth atraet. Board in wkst eleventh .street, near Uruadwey? Kooma on aoeoad and third floor* t? let, with board aleo a baa- m?at: h<>u?a haa all tho modern l-o provetnenta. An ly at IN Weat llevonth atreat. a few d jora from liroadway. B('ARI> DOWN TOWN? PLEASANT FURNISHED r < ina for alngla gentlemen, with or without aaard, u. ay l a obtaiaed by calling at IA, ( h.iubera atreat. Rei*r eatea repaired. Board in Brooklyn -a few gentlemen, or gentlemen and thflr wlvea, ran he eccommr.Jated wl h I-! a-an* f mt, ia a vary d-elrabl- aelghhorhood, ooave nknt to tbe fijrlaa, by applying at 1^1 pacific atraet. Board in bkooklyn.-a gentleman can fino a alagl* room at J* Willow rtrert, three mluutea walk fr in tbe talton and Ha I atraat ferria*. B Hoard in jerseV city.? fur m." he d o? unPTO aiahad noma, with hoard for famillea *r alagl* gent!* me*. Locality very deeirahle for tba gammer. T*rm* r?a OA R D IN BROOKLYN ? AT Nil 1US PINEAI'I'LE atra*?, near K niton. A aacoad atary front room and badroi.m tojlat, aaparately or together, faralahed or unfur niah'C. a ttrr d?alrahl? location, aaar Wall atraet aad 1'nl toi farriaa. 1 ?rma moderate. Alao, a vary deeirabla haa* mant room, aaitabl* for a pbyaiciaa. Releianca eichaniad Board in Brooklyn.? two single oenti.emkn caa be arrnmmo'lated wltli hoard la a grated private family. I'leaeantly loi ated near tiia fontb nr Wall aire- t farrlaa. I'leaa* addreai 11. boa ld?. New York I'oat ollic*, with raa) name. BOARD IN BROOKLYN -ONE OB TWO PLEASANT ro'iBi to let, with partul board, ia a private family, location ia convtaieat to eithir Wall or Fulton farrba Tirar reaaaaahla Befereae* axehaaged. Apply it N't Il'J Adama itrtat, batwaaa iehaaoa aad Tillary Board in Brooklyn -a oenii.eman andwifr, or tiro alaale |rBtl*n<-B. raa obtaia hoard ia a pieaaaat ? ait of Broollya, roareaiaat ta South aod Wall (treat Reference raqaired l?Ti.r? at 17 Coogma atraet, flrtt hotia* wrat of Htin, 150AR6 IN WILLIAMSUl'Rfj ? A LADY AND & ??* '<? tbr*a (tag la ?.atKman, aau b* a. roXfcoTiUd a itb part or fall baard. la a genteel prirate family, with all tba eamforta of a bam*. Baleraaoea at chaagad No auSoatb 1'iftb atnat.two miautaa walk from tl>* f*rri*?. aonahl#. Addraaa Mr* S H Btild oflkaa. Naa?li|<i tba let af Nay. Board in doboken-wa.nted, i-ron the iit of May, b* a gaallemaa aad bl* aifa and a aiagl* tea tlaaiga . partial beard, oalv, forth} gaailamaa ReAr*ae>e ri?e*. Addraaa for a Waal, atatiag tarma aad l*?atioa, W P., ha. }..m Peat Q?ao, Maw Terk Board in tnr country -three or foun oen tlam*a, or two ?*atleaa-a aad thair wl?-* raa h* ar r?mmodat*d with board with a private family where all <b* oomforta of a bom* raa ha raioyed. la t*>o haaltby village ar M?art V' ranvi. '>a* hoai'a rtJa by Now llavea Railroad la eatmmer, traiaa boarlr Apply paraaaallr at by a?.l? ta Mra llMlitl.AM), W Bl?a*i*r itrvt, or J a* V Marab .'1 M' taar atreat. Board wanted-for a oenti fman and lady, | l.<iard for tb> lady oaly; with a widow lady praferrad laiaiaitivr [er>r>aaa*el not anewvr Addraaa Ooorga I'or tar Brrald a. Bmaip wantr?-a sinule booh. WIYM PAR tial baard. >?? a yeaag gaa?l*maa. la a family wb ire there ar* a I. w other youag gaatl lata aad ladla* praf*rtat I'laaae il^a full partiralara, <ta?iaf fme ?l reea. with or ? ttb' ui hrart, Utatlaa *f boa?? lr, Allraaa P. 0 , lla ! raid aHaa. B??ard wantei?-in a priyate family TOR two r?a*|e?*a, wltb wivea aad oa# rbi.doarb Woat aid* *f tj* all* fref?rre4 Addroea Hm'tb Herald ifl'e atatiag !(.> *tiea aad t?rme. abb h nmi* be laadaf at* BOA?;.|St._? IT Y AND COI NTRir ? FA*n II' * Ml JH aiag ? gentlemen aaa ?ow aeiera ale**aat aaaomnoda | tiaa ta a a ret ria** briwa *ta*e h*aaa aaavaateatly aataa I ia I hrd - ? a *.ata aaa fram tha eny .a a lawati <i aeaiu/ ti<a ai*a Iwma ad^al* A#;lr a* , ? W?at ?tg*i nwth atf?** s*a{ link *a?^?* >*?'-nag B HOARD WANTED -A SINOLE OIMTLIMAN WISHES ? te *htaia board la a qunt hmlli German ?refeyved Addree* W. aad t, TUao* tBc*, tUUng term*, uifMliit Board wanted ik the countby-iy a aix ? IIcbm end mil, il a farm hoaae, near tk? ear* or heel, within Ml hour'* rid* of Mi* Turk where there art but f. ? or no bttrim Bilk lead mfanklt; Utu mtmtblt Addrere, itetingrartlculara. kox2M Nov fork l*oit Offlc ? BROOKLYN -A CENTI.RMAN AND Wirt, AM) one eiogle lutltnu, can h?. 0 heard and oeaforta hlo room*, in a very plaaaant loeatiea. Apply at 132 Duf Held itrnt, soar t alios aieiu Boarding. -a front suit or BOOMS to lit. together or eeiiarate, ia a Iret olaaa privet* bearing honeo, up t?wa. Locality very deeireble fur tbo nmur. '?'MIMI every facility of aoooM to all part* ?( the oily.? Apply at 100 Wavcrley plao*. Boarding - two gentlemen and their wiyes oac have pi, aeant enfarnubad room*. with board ia a j>ri*a<? faml j ly applying at 101 Seaend avenue. B Hoarding, at ia> and 122 ciiau urrs street? Haa newly furniahed reoma, fur familial and Mugie fSeitleiuca, with oviry ounycniunoe; largo pleaeent rumae, bat will aoeommodate parti** of four gentlemen. Da/ boarder* aooommodeted ?l?o. Reference required. BOgRDING.-A FRONT AND BACK ROOJI ON Til r ?eeund atory, with pantriea attached in a modern bfti'K, villi I xIIm iu, Ao, to l*t, to a gentlemen aad wife or two eiogle gentlemen. Location 111 Weal Suteuuth aireet, betweta Sixth and Seventh avenue* BOARDING? ROOMS WITII I'llMANENT BOARD, auitablo lor fanulieaaud elngla aentlemen ImiobIioii oae ol t h* moat d* irable in the city lor a >u ruui or reaideaeo, acccaaible by vara aad elagea Irom all pirtl ol tU'iclly. Appl> at No. I A l>lo. don equare, aecond door from llask at. B HOARD WANTED? A LADT DESIRES A LARGE, nicely furniahed room, or a mall parlor and bedro.m. up town, ami aluri than ur? bat fo? or no other boarder* T.rma muet ba moderate. Addrtaa Miller, Union *i|uara 1'oat OAce. OARD WANTED-IN BROOKLYN, fONTIOUOUS HI to the Wall etrect lerry, by a gentleman and bla lady, fohllil and aervai.t, a luii room on aecond flmr, with acooia modati'm for eervent, ni a atriutly privato family, where thrre aro but few or no other boarder*, and the comfort* of a bone may be enjryed The moat unexceptionable ref? renoe *111 be required and given Addmai bo* 3 275 I'oit OAs*. JB B Board wanted-m a gekhan gentleman' in llotuken, or tome other plao* convoniem or acieai from the city ; Spantah faatlly preferred Addrosa, atatiu/ t. rma, II D , box 3,IKi. I'oat offlc* Board and education -five or six little girl* can hav* a plra-ant homo with a lady accu<tjmvd to the oar* and adnoallaa of children. Apply at 41 Kaat Eighteen! h atreat, between Broadway and 1 north areau*. OND STREET, FIRST HOUSE FROM BROADWAY, 1 No. .1,? A lady baa takan thia apaeioa* and boautifui bouie. and olfrra it. together or in anart m nti, to a party of Ent lomen or to two or three email tainiliea, without board vera) hotel* in the noip;hhurbood. Th"*e who dour* a quiet and xenteel locatien, aad iinri-mittia^ attention to the oriler, o'eanlinraa, and i omfort of a lion**, will tind tliia wortbt of atteation. Rofi>reu e* *artianE*d Appll casta (ilaaie cail from H to 12 A M. C10UNTRY BOARD WANTED-I1V A LADY. FROM ) ah lit to flfteen mils* from the city, in a family ?>i*tt there i> no other boardera prrli-rred. Ple??e ad Ireat, atat ing terma and partloulan, for on* w?ik, to I. Lirinjat^u, llerald offlo*. C10UNTRY BOARD IOH CHILDREN?IN HICK?. ) *llln, L. I , t? mty at> on miiaa Irom New T"rV. <'ara pea. twoe a day. A good ael ool. If raqnlrel Apply at No 7 Ilauiilton ayenin'.oyer tho dm* atore, IJrooklyu. Furnished booms -a resi*ecta iii.e family, baring more r?iin than reqalred, would let a alttlni roon, three orfo r hcrfroome, and u?e of kl'chen, to a amall family or to alngla genllomon In'inire at H| W*at Slxteanth (trett, two doora from Sixth arenue. Furnished rooms.-a PRITITI famii.t ocrc pylng one ef tha line t honae* fronting nn Hi John ? Park. Hill let to aingl* anntlemon one or two anita of tooma in tho accoml atory. The houae ia elegantly fnrniah eil. and haa all th* modern impr itjinenta. Addrtaa box 4,044 I'o., t Olfice. FURMSHKD ROOMS-A F 10 N'T ROOM IN THIRD atorjr, at J'l; and back rf oiu - n aama lio'ir, at fi.Mp'r weak; will he rentod furniahed, without hoard, to gantleiuen of rr?|)*ot*hility Houai' in lltminond atroet, notr H'ayorUy place Krmainder ol premiara oceuplad by a amall i.rivalo ran ily; loaaeaaioti immediately. Addro a M , box 2,111 I'o t Ofllcr. Gaa and hath. Furnished rooms?1 to let, in south rrook. lya. to one or two gentlrmen, with or wiihoiit KreaW la?t nad toa The hnuae la out o' the (Innat an I mot commodioua in Brooklyn; th* roMui airy, aui niwly lur nlnheil in the beat atyl"; the aitnttlon ia lofty and hcalthr, only afrw rndi fr intlio routo ol the Greonweod cara. asi within Bro mlnnt*>' walk of llapiilton furry. Good re f> reaee required and givan. A Idreaa II. M., at the Uorald office, for particular" F BURNISHED ROiiMS.-TWi> BEAUTIFUL! Y IM.'R nirhed roomt with ga* and t'rot .u water, in a privet > family, * about bo:ird. Apply at Ji? Bowery in the drug ?tore. F ^URMSIIED ROOM AND BRDKOOM. FRONT. WITH partial board, il r*i"ir"<l, to let. Gaa, l.ath, at. For trrtn*, which are y?ry low, Inquire at V2 Eait Twenty eighth ?treat, near Leaingtoa avenue. Iil'RN ISHED BOOK!), WITH BOARD. FOR SINGLE gtatlrmen, or geaHtmen and tli ir wtfee. Apply at t;i Wret Twenty Ural atroet, corner ol Sixth avenue Gentlemen and their wives-and a few ainpl* geutUnien. eau be ae ummo tated with ploxaant n oma and board at I'A lludaon atreet, oppoalto St. Johh a I park. Terma moderate Handsome apartments secondstorv, four room*, with on* or two attio noma part of rauli and fi llar at 110 Uaaex atreet, to a gentoel lamily. Inquire at 127 Rirlngton atreat, from 4 to II o'clock. ?rO 24 GREENE STREET-A HANDSOMELY FUR niab'd task parlor te let to a gentleman and wife, or two ilnrle rentlemen, *ith full or partial hoard, II dealred No moving In May Retereeeea exehargad. PARTIAL HOARD? WANTED ON STATKN ISLAND n- ar %a the lerrivi, for four gentlomoa. Addraaa II and C.| box V, I'mI OBca, New Fork, atatlng terma. IjARTIAl BOARD WANTRD? BV TW1GENTLEMF. V, J ia a pleaaanl private family, where they can bare the na? ot a parlor wh*a ao inclined Refcrenee* excliaaged I'lraae addreea C. A. B., Herald offloe, at itlag particular*. PRIVATE BOARD IV BKOOKf.Y* ? A LA ROB AND rary plaaaaat, handaomaly fnrmabal front non to lat, j with partial board, to ona or two r?intlam?n is a prlrata ' family. Location althln a fa? misuKa' walk of Soath mad Mall atraot farrlci. Re'arancaa e>ohaa(ad Allrui hoi 4, <-77 I'oat OAeo. PRir atk hoarding -several VERV I'l. KAMA NT rooma, la auit. or aoparataly, ail her foraltbad or anfnr Blalmd. can bo baa with hoard, on raaaoaabla t-rmi, la a prltata family, raaidlnc at No. ZW> Fourth aroano, (oppoaita t alrarr Church ) Tha nonaa la fin*-ljr loratad, audliaaall tbo niiifrn improramonta. Rafaraacai aiahanicad. Private hoarmino. ? two oevtlemkv and tli'ir olaoa can l>? a<'roinmndat*d with hoard In i plaia family, at 3, KiriBiton itrart naar tbo Hooary whar* tho , anmforta of a homa. ran bo enjoyed. Alao, aftor tha lat of Hay. loar youac ara. To thota wiahin* pvrmanaat board, Wna roaacaa'Ta No airu of boardlai oa tba door Bonus with hoard -a tew ei.eoant sum i of rooma, lor familiea and atngla gantl'-man, will ha v-> root from th* lat of May in a tplMiall liouaa In Twaaty (rat ' (treat, oppniita (iramerr-y I'ark Early appltoatlon la da- > alraMa at 42 ltoaob at root, ooraar of Uudaon Rooms roK genti.eue.v ? three rooms neat ly fnraiihad. will ha lat ?i paratalv or to*?i bar, wltl.unt 1 board, (or I r-akfaat arrrod iB room If daalrad.t in a boat* oo i i ttplad t j a r mall private family Location vary daatrahlo, I convenient to atagoa and cara. To partial of reiaootatiility niahli.f to enrage pormaoeat rootr.a on or before the flr.t of I fay, they will be ..Eared on ?ary law tar mi Apply at XU Woet Fourtteentli atraot. Room wanted? in Brooklyn, bv a single reatlenan, til t ar with or without partial board, noar ; * Montagno fairy, Aldrria Wllllame, Herald ofltoe. Rooms to let with board-in a private | hoarding bonao, locat'emon and thalr irfaee, or 'in ?le ?? ;itl? n, ? Ti, la tba flolnity of St. I.uke'a rbnrrh, leeation i dtrirablo, ttrmi roaaonabla. Apply at 075 Urooawicb atraot. Rooms, with board.? si no i.e gentlemen, or rontl* man and thalr wItoi, wlahlnr to enjoy tba i tm forte of home ean be handaomaly aecomtnodetod I* a Arat tlaaa modrrn b< nao, by apilylng at ISA Ei chteantb atraot. In ttir in medial* elelnlty or two railroad' Room.", with board-suitable for a obnti.e ! mail and wlfa; alao ona amall room for a (incle goalie I man I. oration pletaaat. and oearanifat to th? Broadway ?tagoa and cara. 404 Foarth atroot, Alhlon plaro Rooms with board.? a pie as a s t tront room and bO'troom on tbir l Ro?r, with r?mmodl >oa pag'n.a and ?aa will ta Iti to t permanent tooaot oa roae-oeM Urma, ?ltb I ? ard Soltaale tor a (aatlomaa an I wlfa. or tkraa gentlem- b Apply at IS Baa?b atraat. aoar "t Jot. n a park. , SI'I EMU It "UTeS OF ROOMS TO LET-IS THOSE boaoaa I M and IKS Weet Itntj Nf Ul atraat tbaao apartment! naod oaly to b? aa-ato bo apf ra< intod aar y applli at on ia a' -amr; ta ae< ura tbam Appij aa al.ora r to W AI.I.E R A BEELT, 440 U<btb SBRMJI OENTI.EMBN CAN BR A) COMMODATED I ? Ith ra</B.a, or aalta of room*, furaiabad or ?nf am aba I, j alii, fall >r partial toar i at Mo R N'tatk atraot, k?two>a Fifth and l?i?lb atanaaa Tha hooao ia han4a-/aa aad bai all tbo modara improTamoata. TWO VOI NO OIMTIEMEN WISH A RO'tM. WITH oot hoard, la ? prl?at* ta-i.ila lo^atloa mo t ha bo twa?n I'rlota and Eoartb atraot# aad'nM modorata Ad droaa S, I C , ll'rald idta. TWO IARCE FRONT XfKiMS, f RONTINO BOWLINO I ? roaa, aaltohla f r (aatlrmaa aad lh?ir wt?ao, or aiaila . %? at|ita-? may ba ftbtafard, with foil boara. far tha aprfa* > and foaimrT. or tbr*B(b tha yaar. Apply at No I | ?r??o TWO I.ARUE IIAMDSDMEI.T Ft'RN I "IIEO ROOMS ooaaa' tin#, to lot, with boari to t party af foor lattU m>s. if a family alao. a ha*k parlor '>a hrat ?tr. nafor nlib* I Iha i?? liaaa )oft I a, a pa|?ra| ini, aa ,aa 1 a'l tl,? o. > d ! a improtamaata >.?t?? ? Hr ad?a; aad tUa 1 Bowrry iar? aad ata?aa paaa tha d >| Call at WO Br ,?ma 1 a'r??? The original boardico aoeni v is iw broad *ay room No tO, tha ?ld*ai oatahliahod .f?-a la tha I atty oh^ra ptlrato familto* aad boardlof hoaaoa >antia*o to 1 ? b* aapfhod with parmaaaoi or trana'tott Wardora. ta tho ; oty ond ooan try, oa BtodoraU Urma No '.ar<? aado ta I apr'iKaa .a f ??? hoard. Aa. \1'^VTBD-IN A.N AMERICAN TRIVATE EAMILE. "I aitb'a ton mioataa walk from *tiMarl? H'k t?a I ooary *? i m-ala o aaadara b y a I r?v h jaatlamaa | who a willta* to pay raaaoaatla lorma it c"*a T*oo-?aa la Tfaa'h ?? r r?mpra<tuoa Aotrooa B A. C . Ur ? Iwa> l' <ai (????. . El,' A NTED? I CRN I'll TP B"<tM AMD BOARD fOR VT a (?atlamna aad wif* fa'.l ? ?. ard f- r ?ba lady and r-ar t al b'.>?i far tha aaatWmaa wi'h a raall family wboro 'Haf a f will aot bo aay ->tb?r > ardarw. f orma aaat Mt | ??a-adl? r>or woo* l -aa'i a waa' ??? Ba- a4ooa at 4 bol-,o B>? i-i a'raot. Addraoa II R Sfaadaaj foot OtRao Tiite MiurAMi. i ' t HI. I Kh' HE A l??Jl ART! R* *J M?0IV?N 1 j iifoit ~ TVa o?aW*ri ol 'hit fammoad aaa ??roh> *o ? ?a I ? i %t -ad tha ratalir mo othly moat a*. ? a aa oa) i 'h^a lo.. tai.i April 1 1, iav, Mr ?r4*r _ r-.? m? A bif. I o< T T>at Mi(?a|f f ; rnumiL. ai n/iA /ii va Bo.sos or thk fiionu Vno v1.UUU.UIh' TniWM Bailroad Coupttj -I'n poaala will bo r..i.>d for <b? whole or aar pwt of tu. tktti Umi of boada Tb'J ?r? dated M Jul*, UM, u4 payable U born, ia tho ??> ?' Haw Vac*, n ?ha M Jim, 1MN, with inUroet Mapoua at tho rate of G fwoul Par ??DUB, payable anal aoau^lly ?? ?bo h?l ?T Am?t? ?? Ik* U? of Jaau \ty and J air oi 'aota roar, 4 oao hall thoir ameuat convertible luto the elook #f fh* omapaay al the op ?loa of tho holder. The.. boada *r? i**u*d aad*t fall aathority of tho *teokboldora, lor thtf purpaoo of taiahiax aad oqufpplBf tho r<>*d. and they in itfarr 4 br a ooaoaa norlgaie ou the r-al witb all tbo roe1 eat ate ulara oad *4|uli?BiOO ta, traur liiaca, appurtenancea and |>/i*ll?<r?? app"r tatniag thor< to. Tho Brat and prior murtxano i. fnr II.OUO.WW, Of which fl.OOU.OUU waa takoo by tba State of Virginia, ua tko follow in* mir ad vantage. .in tortaa ? Si? per rant ia* 1 01 oat, and tno | rtnW|>al to U tlqaidated by pay lunate auuti ally of ru par rant f<>r thirty tour y<-are, e .ramen.ln ? ntt th* la. of July 1MM. 1 be roiaamla* IWM.UUII war" oold at p?r Tho capital of thooompvay ia t.t,UUil l?l, three li'tha of winch la bald J'? the .State ot Virginia. aad th? whole a-niunt In I* TLo length of thi road from the oily of 1 yaohbon to tho Traneaeeo hue, la ?M mire. of ohiok |.V> are entirely flauhod aad I* oiierair>B. T lie r.iuainln< slaty uiao nlloa reijalr* onl) t'M ilJO to eoanlnto ? St ill, IU | lea montha labr r in only nc 'omrr to pal the entire road into full operation. i i.Hfo hae l>?en aapeiido I on t w read ftboil i nw.OUO In coeatruot in, rolling nook And eg pen?ea, a mm double the amount o> Loth mortgagee, which together do net exceod flS.UO per milt of r<ed The run J forma* link In the obtm of roidi wk ioh ere to bM >ue proUb y (hi m ??t itiapor ? ar i route in tho I m on, ki*i * in almoat -t r?. ?- line Ir n tho Northern nod fca t. rn ci'iee th'*" on tho uvlf af Mexico nod tho If taaieeippi, ahcrtvning llio diatauce mere than ta< hundrfl mili r; and there ii but one more ll:ik to be finiahad lo afford a oonf tmioui nllrati trauap rtatlaa iroui the city of Waebington to Montgomery, A in uni Hut Indepondout of tho tr?voi ti nt will oom* taltlit |?*rt of tfrtt ?ran% .Houtli und N< rth line the Virginia and Ten n???A<j Railroad I n a retain l ualneM of ita o*a, whiek ia rl'-arlr aeoertaiutd ?>y tho ? ai ? in<i? of Inet yoar, ?ith only ei>ht> five mil?%? o|*an, 7v,) aa beinjc awfllt'lont of tt eel! tu anpport th%r?a<l It ptf?.e? almni |t? whola lonxth ibrough a recioa ar oundinx with a %art?*tjr of rain*trala of the moat telnable nature, etioh aa |?a I, oo%l, ir*n. e>p;or, aalt and Kjpetim, all of wluoh eiul in ?r?% t ahan Uuoa. wtuelt have bean hithurto ta|laata4| but whicb ara faat bwin* d ire lopad now that they oan ho eonvevad to market la xhort. the proepecte of tba road aro moot flati -riuc, and fo?terei aa it haa h*en by tho Stat?, and eu|?|?*rt*d nfrally by tno Ko|>le of Viraiaia, with ?? l?r<? a oaih capital aotukliv p*i4 , it la fialievod no MM'urtty ha? henn rec*-ntl> oflVr J of a hrtter character. Tho Company hove a?r <*<i to act apart rno par rent annually on tha amouat of their b<?nda ?r >at tl?w earainga of tho r ?ad, an a linking fund to iuo?t tho pay ment of th*i? at maturity: and the atookhol lore ha%o adopt (d aa a line of poliry, to do<<1ir<i oo dividend ciconttnc from a catti eurplua, after tho InUreet and ainkloK fund have h<ea provided for. Ibe terma on whlob the Halo all! ha mado ar> V* per coat, down, and tha baJai.oe in paymentaot h? par ? ao? every thirty da>a till all paid. If tho whoia am uiot la pnid at once intereat to lat July to to allowed. Ihn ruht of reject in? all ?r any aart of tho l'id? In iraervod. If deemed fur tho intereata of tna Cumpauv to do eo. The hoada will l>a lodaed in bank, to be delivered a haa tlia whole amount i? paid full information will ho given on all labjocte con nectcd with tba financial alleire of the Compaav, which oonld be derivad by partien wlahfna t ? offer f r th? b ?nd?, and documente and referent re obtained by appl*in< to Adrian II Muller, Kai| , H all atreet, .Now \ ork, to ahoin offora mtictbe pent, aealed, and marked " r- nd-r for Railroad Uouda," on or befote the 24tt> day of May neat. JOHN R6III.N Ndl.tMKL rreaident Virginia and Teni.ea?e? Knilroad Co. Tha Hoard of Diraotora are HENRY DAVIS. THOMAS I. I'HE-?T0N, ! i;korck an; art. wai t. andekion, WI1J.IAM A H KAD, And C. F. M OARNFITT i? t hief gnrtneer I will racelvo naaled propoiala for the above loan, which will rcmaiu with m?* unopened till three n clack r. M of Ihitraday tha ?'Ith day ol Ma> neat, to hi then opened in the jretenoe of th" Prcaldetit. or M?uie other auth'iru^d Tl^Rl AN II Ml l.f.ER, Wall atract. New York, f?th April, lWiO <L7F\fi nnn NKU V0KK ANr> "AIM.EM rail ?P I tJUaUv/U ? road at* co u 1 mortgage 7 per cent bonda, part of au isaiie of one milliou. Thia mortgage cot ara a large amount of real uptate in thla eity, a? woll ?< many pare?ia on the lint of the road, not incln led in the drat mortgage; tho i rat ?h r<?a<i t ?? Pari M r/n, on tua Kaat River, with wharf and ground helongta 4 thereto and al! the rolling atock and lurniturc of the rotd Tha bonde are iniued with latcreat tuopn.* attached, pay able en the 1lr<at daya of I obruary and Augnat in oarh year, and tho principal rolmburpaolc on the flr?t day of Aucuat, iHi t. The mortgage ip made to tha farmer*' I. an and Truet Coirpanv. of thl* city, an tru*tee for the bondholder*, and recrrded in ell the roin tn ? through which the road pitaai, Thla iaaue, added to t !?e flrat will make the ui in cnmlratica upon tka road four million dollar* Iq?m than fifty rjer cont upon Ita coat un to thla time The proc? etU of I he londa tow ? ffored, will be uaed? flrat to Hgtioguieh tho floating debt of the tympany; and. a<*ooiid, t ? -oiutilite the double track to While f'lalna, and erect a ?me few atation houaeg required on the hue of tho road all of whl h, It ia ox pactrd may bo done |ao a* to olofto *' eo^ntruction ae count '' at the end of the > car. The po< urity npan which theae hooda ar? baaad I* believed | to ba in all rcaiieeta an. pie, quite aa rellabla aa that of tie flrpt ni(?rtpaK" iha lanunii aftba rotd ? ? ??uiiall/ cr aning and ita buelnaan, preaont and proapectii ?, never an aatiaftctnry aa new i'roiK>aala for all or any of thaaa binda mav f?e ad lrae<ed to W illiam B. Draper Treaanrar, Harlem ll%ilr >ad <*aut rai,y. Now York, andor^ed '* I'ronogal# for 2d Mort^a/e," until the fifteenth day of May na*t, whan they will be oj.nned, and ahould atate whether the 1 fler lie inad? ia eanh on receiving tba bouda, or in in Ptalmenta of twentv Uve Scr ceat, payable rea|?cctlvelv on tfia 15th of May. 15th of iune. l'lt'i of July, 4nd l.*th of August. The right of re Jertlni all or any part of the bidi It reserved, if laam?d f?r | the Int^raat of the Company ao to do Hy order of tha Board of Director* NfrilOl.AH DEA.n, I'roMlent W? II UiiAn r Treantirer. Nora ? Thla road termlnaUa In the centre of the city of New York, ia one hundred and thirty utilea Ion 4. con necting tha eity with Albany, and all the trada of tba great Weat togather with a portion of that of the North The annual rroaa earuinga of the road bow eiieed one million ot do llara Naw Verb, April U. 1M6. fWMl ?MONEY TO LOAN, l?N l?IAM??NliM. tpUVM/ watchra, jewelry, aegara, pianoforte*, mcrchandtae, and j>ereonal prnyrlj generally, (or bought forcaab.) Ilualneta conA-iential, and eae* utad promptly, at No. 7^ Naaaa-j atreet, tirat flwvr, hack of!)e? MaORKNCK A I O. nnn -MONEY TO LOAN ON DIAMONDS ^P# /?/UaUUU ? watchea, Jewelry, dry aooda, aagare, Ae . er bcugbt for caah; eity etoefce, notee, bonde, mortgagee ana bills of ascbange nerotfat**d Bualnaaa eonfldeatial aad promjpt by TliOMJ'iloN A CO , brobara and eomuueatea merrhanta, 102 Naaaau etraet, corner Ana, room 2, a^aoad floor. AQO A/IO TO I. OAN, ON BOaNO AND MORTOAOE. unon flrat elaca Improved property, in tbi* city, la euma af about Noae but pr i< ela need ft||>lf, Addieaa Mortgage, Barald "(Ace. 41 rxrx (uu\cA*n, m any amount, can m aPl?JtJ?"/UU bad on dlamoada, wa?? ha? jewalry, aa gara, Ae , (ar bought out.; Iloada aa4 mortgagee bon?to? android Commiaaioaa of aay kind r "omptly aitan !? d u at tha Loan aad Commtaaioa otae, 146 WUliaai. a ear faAaa ?treat, baak ofBca, op etaira. 4*10 (inn I7.?<w, it, 000, www. 91,000, %\,m ?PJl/.vl/U to l<jan *>a bond and m' rt^a/a, oa improved city pr?|iurty. Apply to S M. RIKKK 1 VI N aaaaa atreet (to /lllO AND w-"?" WANTED-AT fix I'KK CENT, qTl/aV/V/"/ on prop.rtjr In tli* li*arl of th? *l?j. w irth Bad Ift.lJW. A4ilrMi WD, (hat bam riaMo I'oal om &?> /"?nn WANTEth-I* rAJtll, WITH AS A< TIVK mm, In (Ilk tli) xlvrlicr (lit dtl inacat ? Ilk* amount In a lumbar pUnioc bti>ina<a airaa ly Ink' 4, in tbla rUf, which will nat $1 ?> I) !>? r jraar I'artlculari II *n lal'lfltw, t/ m! lr?i?iin l. im'xr, Ilaral4 ?tel. <2><mOO -WANTED, BV A VOCNO MAN, TO IN ml in ? ??Ir buainaaa, wl I 4lvt tlx hatl *( rtlaraac-a, a*4 nml<,,ikt?d a**?rtl/. anj pa> ? l|b?r?l pri ?ulnn for tin an of th<i mo n ? y Any |*raon b*?laa tka a'ora ainouat to Ivao. wilt oonlf-r a flT*r II * y?r/ I?-rr ring ?o"B*. miii by a<l4r"iala( 11' njarriin, H?ral4 W A STED? ON IIOSI) ANIi lOIMUt iUW for aaraa /? an It oovaa p*r ? in t Tbi a-ia ii to Iiuli4 a houH ib unoklio, ob wbi>li a in rtra ? will b? fl*on Tho lot l? worth t "> Allrui W. , 11. nil oflli ?>, for two ilaya. V inn T" lo*N 0!* OOOt) fllH-RITr ADDIIEM! ^UU Mn UlTl.tll, ll.r.M ol8 ? C inn ~A IA"V ABOUT To COMMENCE Bl ?Tl'/U. >?!?, >?>I I, borrow bno'li I 4 ,!!*?? will *l?a aotonij OB prnp'rir loaarad for ?l *<| An/ pari? Ii?vibi* tin inti r*<|urr*4 and 4i*i-om1 to - s II I/ ?i< h out rifb, will ilaio i*b4 raal nam? Br 4 adlr H, no atbar ? otleid.p to AaoUHo, 1*01 114 llanlti ofllci ? NOETH CAROLINA II* PER CENT STATE rTOCCR ? Troaotitp l>*|'irtm'nt, BoUlrti, W. (' , Mara'i <1 IbM ?E*al*4 *r?|MiMla will bo nuinl a* Mill aAro ? ?tf Rlo'clnrk A ? . of tbo Mlb of April ant. for lb* (iniu of obo Billion ilollari la boa4i, ramln* iklhr /mm. T-*a? f>a4a or* t**a*4 hr ll>* Htat* af N >itb Carolina fof tki ****lro*tloa of Iho North Caralia* Killml. ml la *4(1 Mob to tin faith ol th* Mat*, all Hi* *to*k hold i j tl . Ma*/ I* <ai I ro?4, b*4 tka 41*t4a?<i* ariolnx fr< ? ml a*'>?h, an nl?df*4 for tbolr radampllr a. Thap will boar d*a* km Irit dijr of April, IMW, *a4 wilt km Mapex at ***>?4 f*i tbo it on |*r oaat fit aaaaa, pi)aUilhilw Uriof April a*l Oalooor I* **?b l Mr Aotb lBi*>*it ?? I prloolpat will ba ;?rabla at lb* Daa k a, tb* Rapablli. I* th* *11/ of K*w Tort ?alaaa ?baro lb, Korahaoar prafori la bat* tr>*a psjabla at tba Tiwor; * lortb I *?< IIbb. Tb?jr will b* i?*?*l la nail of oaa ii**m*4 4?4 lut aaaa T'l.oa Ionia at* b/ iiproa* oaaa**iaal.ilomp4o4 froia Hi ? tin for Bar PartU* M4<fla< will aloaao M4r**a Malr !?< Wra aa4'r?*4 " l*r*' t^aal i for ur*k i arol>aa it*?*ha, tatka *a4aril?*M. at k a, -U V b 0. TRir will *l?> *a*t* tt we, at t-o at. a*4 la ? kat lla4 of faaia tbar prop <a* U I if Tb* U4* wi'l b* o|?aa4 at In * olv*k A V.,*fai*l*il Apr.l Boll IB tbo praoaaM of Ik* liaaraif, Iho "HfUfl ul r*?ptroll*r it Htab* *b4 of li W tfir4M*a. I'ra*i4?? of th* Ba*k ?f lb* i at - *f ' i ' ' Cirallak Tba aa4*ralga*4 raaara** tba ri?bl of ***??< " Mia la wb',1* *r la part, a* bi| b* liiaH aa*laliiaU|Mai bl tba Mat* t***i**fal M44ari will b* r> r*^*ira4 aa ami a* l?f?m*| rt th* **?*)A*a>r? of lhatr bl4l U 4?pMll la bit I tba whi# of tbalr bl4*. with 1U aaara* I at*r**t ft .? tb> (rat 4*p w April, li tt ta th* cto4ll of lb* Traiaara of lb* ti*M ? M'.rt>, i.arolsaa Tbla 4apoa?l ?*/ W ?*!* I* Uta B*?k ? tka lUpabt'a. N*w Tark. tba H**k *1 Ik* R?*a* af !??**? Cwallaa *1 ik* Ba*k *4 C*;a faai l*lat|k li o?aianta ak ' w tac th* ail**t ?! Iba m ar-l af Ika ??*?? lal tk* aataaal ?f lif ls4*ih*4aaM? war " ' *' 'H? or m ii|li*Mi*it* Eotar* ER"W"f 4 1 M R'KUETT Hit *f a*w T-ak U w. > oCMTt, 7 _ )?,. T ? a . - ? r W N-?* c'al^afc H At I.WAT ACCEITAECTE A? WW BOEIEEEE tlpar (affinal b/ i'lllN I KI/blilT, Ml 14 Wil| atra*l . > E**k al > orlk Aaoarwa ' *??> l4'ii'?a aala op* * la*r itram, pr-,?i?i?B*. Ia4a4- a?4 atk*? iaar*haa4iM. *a4 *a tHMia *? aa* ar la p?rt i*l aa all kaWf*4 **** | f'tla* TO CAPtTAI l?T? -TB? FOl ?Ml W|Bi'<>*?lE latT'ifa'!1 ri*(ti;>?if t* >*i tWkti far latart ?a Ml tk* ra*,afaia< half ?' Mat* ? fW awat Waa4* ?W> l?*J I aa/abla f-?r-a r I l**? laWrart **?! aaaaall/, at th* Bank of Nor'k AaiaftM *i?f *f N?W Twt TVaaa >.*a4i or* winl > r ? aaftfic* npoa ;u4t warth, it a law raluitw vara thaa < ?VU tb* aa?*a?. al** 1^1 lb* Ma Era... tail', lafilMrwIlk II* p* ?? **4 a wtw ttwa I *1 ? lr* *t tb* >flH *f lb a f ? IB (iff l?i . ???! /iA?n ATlVAV/ kn |\ ANT AEoOJfT M n'E I a a** 1 II * ah < I' af??*la ?IM? lf, lf?f'| a*4 ? a.aa>ia j '?>aal |f.?aflf (*a wall r E w?y>n. *? r*itoa I?*a*4. law. f'aa' r***a ) A I ulr I ! / <AIH A fiT A Nf Elf ON Ttli EOST I.tEEEAl TURN* I v '?* w*tah**,p ata 4ta*' *4i 4r/ iiali far*<tar? p a*a l-.naa KM) t!.*r pr*p*r<) *t tba 4 at* ibilfb*! Mk ^ , I I Br a i**? < f?a*?. itnat *a. ?a. 1 |*>i r**a ? i Tl i tif nit k*a*r *a*?r*i4 I il?i a* *t n- ? bi that I r**?4Mi?a 0EMT or THR I Alt BSrBBl 1C '?? 1E1U k> w?bt bp OL1 * HR ? ITAknl *1 ^ra*t (brwal. WONIT I T hi BALI. T AB*ANC?ri. Jil Bp 1 1' a b b> trr ?>*!?"?. A?a?. oara, P>* V liWfli a'raai, Ml 1 I" tm ta ati an null ?**a- . ? *' ?**' a lad . a, 4^*. .a. ? 4 a.!?.. 4 I a aft IM H lay CSiSL. . ** Ul '"?? m Tk? t,mu ?t aSt {VU'""*J J" """'T ln?..ated la Uill u< nurtiuwla ?'?out of How York, wortb luku tke w?ut laaaeZ aa> ***??&* I" tbla oil# CALKUH WlHJKilLLL. 1'rul le.i "?">?* lhu <-lt/ a L rbV wcmJdu f ix," i-raMdaat" W. M. I'l l. i t a, I _ ? M ?. f Aa l'?i. r, I TU* ? ?.t,Ua?i. _________ TiiDiniuf I.. 11, ,r.)fl luriUfy MARINER'S RAYINOa BANK CORN** Or MMB ?nw and Nlatk (Iran -p>|.?|u nlia i. iS laetilutlva or bafora Ik* lUik of A pnl W|i| draw ta Unit from tba 111 laalaat. M tb* 11U ol mi oec Ma| M ?urn* #f t0"> ??'* and 0?e p?r rout 'a .mn' it? MM llaJAtOII A. WkAl KKVtl.r, fr-.,4aiT^ I*nim? W. Rhus ud luio X. tkitH, Vie* I rwiliaU W H luvoarii, Siorttir; ildtuklT CAEMAW HH, am . Arrows iioiui iok ram iimur rirriRw hard* blah. round aad klml. (aald fer want of imL wi?? jnrt old I u ba im at 7 7 tail llnrtjr mirl *ir-?t, l.*fore V A M . and aflir # I" M S?*n for t w j daft AVFRY HDI'KRIOH L'lTV HA OK I'll KTot*. lir U*r>an A(u , with karnaa* la matuh, of Ulbiaa'a maki, eill be aoM low. *? Ilia own >r liae no n*? for tka aamr, eitl.rr Mptritl ar together Ha. baaa hat lltile a?4 Apply al Jarna' etablee, ? irnar of liroadray and Taaatf an -alii atrial A DOOTO*'* UIO r??R \m If II IN IXfllUiMV U V i rl?i. rtdae and rui a aery i-aay, aail will be aald al ? Oi"deiate prloe ae i|, a ? ni-r bai m. further uaa far It la qalre ?r aiUreae lir It OH Uroadaey. AllKAl Til U I. TARII.V ll'iltM. |<IK H A I *, WHITS is ana and tall. aa?iu yaara 'I:. I \ ?ih, i?r jet lie la barn?a* and atdt a? to'.a m. 4. rale tpeat aad cr*M ??durante. atemle withait I/Inn, aail aarraatad perntnty auua<l ami fr<" fr la all deleata A t'f'T at Mn W aehtaakaa Mm I, brtwrva 'J and U Hicirri, I 1 1 H RALE? ONE SEVEN TRAU OLD MARK. HlxrkM J1 I'll da ln?b aoiind and kind la ant bmaia ?aa trot ta ?lilt "f thra- inli. ulna Aliu, fin* llabt eblftiaj ten vu^a an" auit ? ) and eialfb, togalber aitb baraaaa blaukaia, r . v?a. ?a Idle, bridla. Mo W II b* arid rhaap, at tha oauar ht< aa u a lor tb< m lu iuira ol 1 It CRvCK Kit, III k aiaaa Mark at L'<ik BALI? A I'AIH or TIIOKiillnn RK*I> rRRnilU r t'aaaalaaa baaatlful aad Jat bl?ak- rommodora .tlaak iai aa<l Hluk Warrior, vaa trot t?(aikar laalda thraa tiilnutaa; baan la New York una loontli, aad haaa kaat aH amala and dnnbla taami tbajr bava mat on tha road laiialta al OlIAHl RS IITAKI.INd, K'<i , l&ii Craahy alraat, >r Mr Btlllnfa, Matrvpolllaa Ifntal F10R It A!.*- A IIORSR *10117 VI ARN OM WAS raatod anand and aantla W' nil wata aaoad w aaaa borrr Fn intra at IIW Chambara alraat, or 2i Waal alraal M I,tOK HA I K A linKftB, WAOOV, fllfl KV, IIVRNBBB Ar ; all in ao' d ordar aa l anarlv aaw, wUl ka aald ta K'tbir ar ariiarala, tba boraa la a <ar> Una eadlla haraa faf a lailr or gaallamaa Cm b< laai al alablat N j. XT tluri atraal. 1jM>R SAI.R-TWO BBCONDIIAND CARRIAURS. P i bra|i lor caab at tba iuary atablaa. Ilo t'llaAa* plaaa. F(>K KALI IHBAr-A II ( M III WORK lluRAR IN >inlr? It tba markat, atall No t, aur nar al Coaaatd aad Pulton atireta, I'.rookljro 1MB !>AI.R-A SIOMD IIAMI IIKARhK. IV UOKB luobinr nrdar rric?$.*i, aaab Caa ka aaaa at IM liuaaa alraat liililt HA LI? A I'ONV, RUITAlILK fOR A IADTIW I (aatlnnan; la rrry iljliab and of aa aa*/ (att, lailrclljr aiuaj and V iud. B?a faara old A ldrata J W. llrrild iiDlti. F<OI RALK-A SllRRII. IIORSR SK V I.N TEARS OL?. |.'itk banda lnr.b. aound aid gentia In barnaai aad a IWf linn aai dli b< raa I an La aaan at U Hnada atraak> I(i?'K "ali a iikai Tirri, bokrki. mahk srvrn ) ? ara old . I ' , band* bub wartaotrd aound kiad aad Kaalla In htmcai aad tiadartba aaddlr. It la with fa# aa captiotia, tbn baiiilaomaa! maia oa <lia mad. alao, a aUilitaft loll ?a*"D, In gix d ord' r. with baraaaa. Ar . will ba aald ta a ? ? ' In- 1 i I. nap, in a piraon ab? will Iraal liar aail. Appl/ at Iil< K I l.'.s Hdlaa arhool. or at r>l Itroad alraat, ap ataira l^OR RAI.F.-A IIRAUTIIUL WIIITK IKIRHK, WIT? r lunK natural tail , la T'1! l amia bi ll, ai<bt raara old, an ii aaal aad kill. I la ill barnrae, aad * ar > baa andat I fie aaddta, pnarraaaa iiraat at/la, amkltlna and andoram a Kor faribar par H ulara inquire at Hionipeon'e ?table, I In laat Tlurlaaath eira't f/OK RAM ? A I.ARUK I 'll K llnllRK TRUCK. HUIT I abla fnr iarr>lB? bollrra, If . ? ill ba eold > b?ap far ca>h I or furl liar f arllnniara iminire af IIARNl.t, II ATI IIAN A III! I> I ? 1. |{ai W , 0'.' liaekman alraat I/CH ?AI l-lfOR??B, f.* A KKI All K9. THIlTriNll AND lnrf)r ? annua, barnaea. Ar An/ at a la el artlalaa ia th? line i'au be aali rtad from a large aadorimaat . loll aat Ata lor lamil) or r-?d uaa Appl/ >< N'ii ntad I I S.tlai alraat. rorner of fulca a?en?" llfi.okl/a Htill' K' -NEW VORK TAT1 K K1 A l.l.'H HIKTll AYR, rorner of Tblrt/ ulatb atraat Ti.ia da/, at II o clock, v III be auld at aneiloe aia bnraas, saltaUla far kaat MM aad ilia road, me pair faat blaek boraae wltk 'l^kt baa at., 'in and Hue baraeae one aaanb aad doable baraaaa, tea IM.* a , new and aacond band baraaaa af all deaartp tioaa, klaakeia. abaala, Ar , tayatbar arltb a rraa'. aariet/ af iropart/ Uanallf ? (lite I al lateraall a eale< flKom.l. CI.KMuNR. Aaatlaaaaf. Hulf I'At.MlB, ItlawM. nllRMR t'Uf AT ? UOHD IIKAI f IIOMM A IMT? aaaaral ire waa' aa, Ira to?i|a, tt , alll ba aild ekaap, rf a| | Had for immedlatel/, at 77 f.raene atraat ta* Ilapat 3ai?vh rahpli N?iR-r wantih -the adyik J tiaar oaaa a faat raaklna boraa, wbl lb be will aiahuaa far a lad/ a aaddla bora* Tb* boraa oS*f*4 I* aacbaaia ta a ti rf laet and valuable one, e*.iiad aad klad ta aaarr par titular A wn-ea for tba eauatry, tbat will aaa> alt paraona, alll alao be takaa la part pa/aaaat I'rlaa af Uraa tl.'in Ad lreae boa ?t, r*alii|#re \| I MR WANTk.Il -WANTED, l<? LAIOI BIBS ill wall broke aalea, from four to all /aara aid. A pat/ ta tba Vrookl>a Cltf Railroad Coiapan) . II faltoa airaat Mill 'All. Ml 1. 1 LANK AMI muTCB poaiaa, amiable for rklldrea to nda or drtra la baraaaa, i* pair ol baantiful p. i.iea, warraatad klad la baraeaa, (ad laat < aa b* ae. i, at M Kliaabetb atraal UBH J II ALL. f| IIRH 1 1 ? ? H - K - /HI -til A I'AIR IAY I maraa 'tloodedi for aala, ar will trade far a Madia bee an, alao a la/ b' raa I 1'v.lad (-.-d for li?l.t aa(a> a I t aa4 If n. the try raa U area tor ll. raa dara, fraM Id I. to 7 I" N at Kiad A Traadall a atatiee, |/| Mara** abraa*. near Olxikrr. rpitt vrn COLT for ram -will rb s yea m 1 old la Uai aeat, 10 I aad i bi?b. aa I oaaatlfallt arepar tinted la a fiea at/liab dftaar. atepa a luare aad (idki. aa4 ran trot a toll* la .V, lataatee a'.teb rait Ma/ be Maab la | rota I / prober tranuaa laiarlaatl/ eaaat aad klad M ? or/ r-aperi Moull a.ake a aplaadid t ad ar laatlf bora* laaeat pile* l?l l a* ba e*aa m itabl* af the ?team aa e Mill, laot of I ortr tfU air-at -.'BKIiont horhbr >... wrt- -Tosr. Appb ?? ?< ?' ? or TUB 4 MM, Ml AIM CORPORATION ROTICM. Mati-h ? nrrifE. m w ro?. ai-rii. ?th, i?? - Malta* l> hanky iiki Ihtl Ida t araiaaaa^ r?uii?? t? k?p?i or juak akoM. wiU tuMf aa iie*4 I't. (l%AMxi ?'?>!> Marat tMlml Tka M a/?f fro* tla* to Hi**, traai U ciiki inuk ^n?< u - ? ? 1 1 arocor* ik? rt'vKwvittli'rL l#f (kit I ar| of lk? I'alla* Jull'X ?r < III*' af 1'allM *r U * allt *f t* k**| ak*t m avaaaaaaf/ *alla4 Jai.k a la* |*a, fat tk* i ?i( *tl* I Jaak, *I4| m|?* til lr?l , 1 raaa I' ^i.hi, Ih4. niii. iluL ? I ??MrMUta. I iirj |<ri?i. ? irk liaoH akail tk??*'vr lk? anaa *1 laaaly laa 4?llar*. f*t ?kk aaa ?< III* |>**f af Ik* ?il) 1 Kt*tjr |?r*?n ?-? ll**a**4 *>1111. n tk* iiaa* *1 N t'lMm *a*r. U?*a m, *al*t. vttl m< ???Hi urii; nk a )>ii 1 1 *i. '1 ????! *> r* 'i*i.i i? .? ? . t<? * ? K?r -r ciir oii m4 ( HLKutiii; *r it< m/ *i N?* y "rt, i* ih< h?i ?? *t la* Laa4i*4 ?>.4 <'? r 4?Mafi. '? a4it>,a*4 tm tk*4??*k Kfi?-? ?f *?' b >i4ltii?M ?l tk* C ill iaa? I mill ti m*J l^liMilir in l?tH.r.i|<-i,i| tii* k** ).i?t *f jui ?k*H? i nt tla>* 4iirm? Ik* *?a'la?a*ra of u-k U mm n*< >? k??j -f ? r * j'i> k ?> ? ?n ?.*; f ?- i i **r -*ia ? I M> 4??< n|ti?a. ?r ??; an .*1* ?f (111 af filT.f, ?f ft* f ? iii>l >|i(tr*l. w a*faftM*af kiM>kil4 l<r?iiin. m ? I) t*?|l?a?at U?l <t auatll, la a hm4. aakaokaa *r ?* *1 aaiitl ma-liti' a: a- f tkall *?'k k-?j-i '*??<??, I* tka I n* *1 kt* tt kMrr katlaaai aaf attiala *? tklai kf >af a* I U4?* ir |>a?a. *? tat all h* if tka I ? a .ril>ia?*a*|im *< moaaj ? a O * aaaailt/ aa i **> k ar<t*l> at Ik u K*? I liw; kwftr af * Jink f tkall mill* a*4 k**r a k?*k la *M*I> akall t* (airlf *tltfta* al ?k* ?laaa af ?ntl a lixn^in tl lb* aft Ml* h pankaaad, lM iaai niMiai* ?( Iki |?ri?a fr* ? *k?a n?k far ka** *u aa4* aa4 Ik* 4*f *a4 kttrif M*k pm ?|,aa* l*> *> I<mi M'k kft'k ill i at all ttaaa ko^alt Ik* ia-i*f?l'?? *f at.- Ma ft, AM?na* a Aaaaataal AH ??????, l'? i?* J uUr*? aa I i i i*l af l'? Ua ti>* .itr *f N*? V ? I a *a4 aa. ft af lk**a h I* ??/ fm? *k* *nj> ka aa ltnli'4 I' I ' k* I irt^ftt la tflliv i 7 *'ik<f ?t tfcaa nail Hii i. aakl'lilM la iMkkMMi hli an'iiftlllf ai*f>rwu4 Ma t?-fr ?aak i ?? t I *( * Jaaa ?? ; ak* akall aia lax, it aw*l r f*'?? i? '"afli auk lit lw?> ?a| m a alaaa ?f *l? 1 1 f Ikaai. akall, f< t i(Wf mk ?(?*<?. IN i all ||4 |a; ik* ita ?l thr I . 'ar? ??' 7 I'Wtli'tH la aa<r*ai*4 I* aar 4aal?* la aa raa4 kai 4 aiil'la* r k'fti ?? ?l a i*a| ftkatl i>i.i?*i* It,- kftwi* ? r | la?a i a aki ik Ik* |<ra<ia '?"?i ia? >a*k UaaM* akall k? a>>ik*'>a*4 I* ?a?n ?a -? knaiaaa* *? ? K ftry ?*' !? I.'?aa* I t ' alia- * la (?f* aatil Ika ac *a4 M-.a4*f la Mar ?ai MI**Im Ik* ??**?.?? Ikmil, ?l)u Mtaf ift > <-k"4 k? Ik* Ma/*t. >a4 *? Hull ??? ? Oa r*a*aal *f **??????k naaaaa. Ik* piaan ?**?!?> ??.* ?? ?* ? akall fj ik* >aa< *aai iMnlti a* i* r? ?c. ell* la |*I4 >a |tiftllt| **'k lka*aaa la ttilfrt a ?!?*?? *ft. I'l l?f> a tl.all *a*. *>*??la* '<f *arv? ?a Ik* I'a4a i kaftlaaa* .,f a ???In ia i??-.a4 kaa4 >i( Mil a k?|?rili J?ak ak??. ?llk?*k k*la? *^a<iallf iim-.*?4 fa* a?'li |??|?|- a* alfti'?*M ar akall wni aa aai *?*k k>ia i?< a* ift) alkar k*aa* "T (la-- I'aa tk* aa* 4a*.(aai*4 Ik *a?kllr*a? ?* akall taaluw Uiam aa aaak l>aaa>aa al in t?ik ' >' * * ? ? aaf kaaa fc**a faaaka4. ?a4*i Ika raukf al IHf 4*1 1 ? r* faf a**rf aaak ? H' | TNB Tl'Rr. >?<> HotM r i rase ib ii*?i cm *i k * lilOWJII Kitatll* f aaa' aaaaa I* a.a IWaal* a?4 Ika faklw i*i <ia lf ikal k* kka aa* na|la?*4 ka* llUaXT* la^>*Ha<all al ikla aalak**U4 al a ft* a? laftftn I art* a44ilia*a ka?a ka*a ail* ia Ma alaktaa. ?kiaa **? a<<>t4 f<>*??4ia>i>l la all Ikaaa wka aaa i a 'a. ia*a *?.??? af ikara "iiiniaaaaa aa4 akaa* Ika ft ft* n koraaa aa Ik* ft aalrj a<* altafi ?> aala. *Mak ??* ka aa*a Itfr kr |*ra- a* 4i*(?*a4 I* akll Ik* (*aaa^aa Tk* iia?i?| iia?k aa4 makak ?ra?a4* af* aa* ia la* *f4*? aa I aaa aa*-|**IJ*4 k? a*f HlM-a ia Ika aaaa'ff Tk* k*?aa ka* a*4*fta?a aiaaaaiaa ttf aira a*4 laiaa al?uaaika? k?" mala aakl*? ika *k?b taa *1 4-a a*H ?*<fa ' a* Mia a Ik* **fl4 Tk* tftMai .a?a?* laiJf** I >?' faM ik* 11*4 Hft*a* a*i rj it* la *ai*a 1.1441 OM, 4k4' KM'.* MHIIIM. Ptom , ?4Mialtal? w?a a *f * 7iVi a* <t*4a a a.a.'al Ikai '? ?" ???? **** Vi , a JfLa liaaaa - f t.aa.aa M.taaa W , iTVCa? 4 i i ? '*** af Hf < ki..a?.a. Ma. ftft, "J ? a ftf? aaatiaaal ikal aa '"k*? Itaat tjMin M* . i a>? taa t ?aak '*? ".*? t - X c::f actt aalMWlkat '?? ka*a il aak4* iai? ii<,<aat < I ?? *K' || ft*. Ik* Mlarai k?a? \f *k at t- 'aa> a* I I ?<> 'ka n?, i? iKaamliul**!* I *? *la* aaak i aa f aa*?* ft?#i i'*i aliiU Kg *kaa? *li * *k ft* aaaa ?'aaaa?a ki Ift. . ? *a a** *?4 kill atafta* l*? 't aaal laaa* a? 4 f??* aa ... uk.alka a>.t ?|IU< * > .?*>iK?r UTkal .?T] ?r**tl >ia?a???i

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