Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 10, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 10, 1855 Page 7
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MrmTwampg umwp pni mi. ? KflA -WANTED TO RENT, TO* A BOOT THIS 9UUU. torn, in the epper pert eflbe city, a good houae with (M and Croton. A mint oieellent Uim( may be ted fcjr applying to CHASE A TULI.KE, Na. 7 New street. M B^., containing aboat yyJUf MTU, WaUflflly looatosj Hp tlx Snii ruVMiiluf ftpply to ADAMS A WfllT, HMwm itmt Ati?l CHANCE? TO LET, THE SECOND 8 TORT, No. 1 Chatham nun. ft good ihuot for ft harbor or dtgaorro** business ? tight Iftrge wladowa in tho Oft* room; a Mai of tvo Toftn wfll bo giTOft; root rcacoaftbls. Inquire of TW. SANDERS. Im tho lamp .two. A EAEE CHANCE.? TO LET. WITH STOCK AND A iatura*.? For (ale, tho wo'l known stand. ooraor of Park ftsd Vftodorbilt avcaue*. Brooklyn, oitftblkohod ia 1H4?, ud is low doing ? buaine** of foar hundred dollar* a week To a bualae** mftn tbi* 1* ft good opptrtonitj. Roaooa* for otlltng, tb* owner ha* otbor businees. Tbi* ia, and ftjwftji ha* booa a temperance itoro. Apply oa tho pramleee, of CHARLES HEDG ES1 Ateet desirable four story house to lbt ona door from Broadway; loaio of foor yo&ra; root Tory raaaoaahlc. furnitara In good order Will bo (old on easy tarma. Prloe about f2,MU. Tho plaoe iaooooplod ft* ft flrtt olaaa boarding houae, and fall of good paring boardora. rioaao addrou A. B., Broadway Poat Otto*: At harlem.-to let. oe for sale cheat, ON 133d atreet, botwoou Fifth and Sixth avenue*. a n?at two and a half atory frame houae, filled in with brick, nine nodii. cellar, Ao , and all foil lota o? ground. Car* atop at Ittd t treat. Prion $4,280; only S8S0 caah. East >240 Pun ?aealon now. Apply to 11. U. BICE, Superior Court, No. 18 City Hail. A COUNTRY HOUSE RENT FREE. WITH AN ACRE A under fence, and erery convenience. A family Vitb a Utile mean*, or moveable employment, by loaning $200 (ft bin t the rent! m*y bftve tho above oncyoar, immediately, woo. Addroein. 1. Grftvea, Poit Office. AEEBY TO LET ON EIGHTH AVENUE? A RARE ebftneo for ft good man to mftke money; tho neighbor i* good and growing. Will bo let low, ifftppliod fjr*t WALLER A SEELY, W Eighth avenue, ftOUNTRY HOUSE TO LET? TWO STORY AND V/ kitchen, situated at Klngabrldge, with a Urge ?ardon of wavy ahoieo rrult, nod a grftpe arbor one hundred ftnd forty faat in length, with n ahoiooaolootion of gTftpe Tina*. Apply b* JOHN P. DOUG K, (tore oppoaito. ftOUNTBY SEAT TO LET? AT HARLEM, WITH \J ?bout IS lota of ground and ft Vftriety of fruit trooa, at tho toot of lilat atreet, opposite Randall a I aland. Poaiei aion given immediately. Inquire oa the premiaoa. ?1 OTTAOE IN BROOK LNN TO LET. AND FUBNt \J turo for aalo ? Tbo hou*a i* well finished, with gaa, Ao. The parlor furniture i* bandaomoly cftrred roaewood, in bluo ftnd jgold dftmaak; rent low. Apply on the premleea, No. 2M Dean ttrfet, near Powari. N.B A handsome Brussels ear pet alio for aftlo. /COTTAGE TO LET IN BERGEN POINT, N. J.-CON V/ taining nino room* and a good cellar, well, .to.; thi* ?Iftee baa a iplendld view of Now York b*y, New Bri/hton, Ao. Inquire of V. SEAMAN, 21 Hamilton atreet. N. Y., from 7 to 9 P. If., or by letter aa above. COTTAGE TO LET? AT WINDSOR TERRACE, FLAT bush, corner of Vanderbilt atreet ftnd the Coney Island alftftk road, with (table ftnd gftrden ftttftched. Tho building Is now ftrranged for a store, but if doalred, the (tore will be altered to a parlor. Rent$3A0. Apply to E. BELKNAP, ta W?ll (treat. ESK ROOM TO I.ET? IN BASEMENT BACK ROOM, No. 49 Wall (treet. B D FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET? A BOOM, BEDROOM ftnd kitchen, with oookiuv (tove and other oonvenlenoea for keeping houao; prloe from $3 50 to (A 00 per week. Apply at No. 123 n eat Twenty -fourth atreet, near Sevonth avenue. Four houses and stores to let-u atlantic atreet, Brooklyn, being Just robnllt and now ready for immediate occupation; tt ia ia one of the beat atandi for basincs* in Brooklyn, bMng right by the South forrjr and Long laland Railroad depot Al*o, adjoining Noi. 11, 13 and lft, will be ready by tbo flrat of ?*y. Said houses are con ?tructed for either wholesale or retail business. Inquire of T. V. HBISSENBUTTEI., ?t the building; or of the hou mason. Hanover square. -to rent, the first floor Of (tore 110 Pearl (tract, oornar of Old slip. Apply to JNO. W. TuWT, 3<l Bookman atreet. House to jet.? to let, the first class three (tory and baaemeat houae No. <6 Seventh atreet, >ear the Second avenue, with all the modera improvements; real $MO. Inquire at 32 Maiden lane, or on the premiaoa, from 10 to 3. House to let-three stories high, and at tie, with all the modern improvement*, in the beat ?onditinn, Ne 3WH llouatoa *treot, near Broadway. Pe**e* atom immediately. Apply at 263 Broadway. House to let.-the new three story house HI Eaat SUteoenth atreet, nearly opposite St. Oaor<e'a U<r. Tyug'a; Church. It has tb* modern Improvements, *uch ft* bath, range, Croton wfttor (hot ftnd oold), heated with bot ftir furnaces, ftud lighted with gaa. It hfte, beside*, a greenhouse attftohed to the tea room. Itia in perfect or der, having been fitted up uipressly for the owner'* nee. who ha* continued in ita oceupaney up t) the preaeat time. Rent $1,1X10. C'aa be teen betwtea 1 and 3 P M. House to iet-$4&>-the four story brick bouae 9ti Vt . . t Forty filth atroot, counter oellar, mar ble mantle, range, bath, gaa, Ac., will ba let te a good tenant at KM), ftnd water tax; referenoee required. Apply oa premlass or to E. N. PRINCE, 23 W*ll atreet. House to two story brick house 226 Wooater atreet, third houae south of Amity, to ft lead tenant, a lease will be given *t ft fftvorftble rent. Ap ply ta Mr. LIVINGSTON, 100 Brondwfty, up alairs. OUSE AND FURNITURE TO LET? THE MEDI um sised houie. No. 4 Amity plftoa, well furnished, to all family ftt a reasonable rate. H House in bushwick to let-a two story brick houae, having aaven room* and a large garden attached, situated on the Myrtle *venue ftnd Jamaica plftnk roftd, within four minntee' walk of the Mvrtle Avenue Rail road. The owner i* going South, and would rent it very lo * t* a gmtaal family. For further partioulars ftpply to C. Cbabot, on the premieea, *r to Erd. Humbert, 8 V Falton ?(rest, ap itaira, New York. -TfOUSES TO LET IN UOtlOKEN ? WITHIN THREE n minute*' walk of the ferry; a]tew aew first ola?* houae* la River terrace, with eonrt yard*. *ommandlng a beautiful lis* af the river and eity of New York; gaalaal hot and oold ?a tea , Aa., Ac.; and will be let to private familie* of the ?briaaet reipaetability only. Inquire at the ottae eoraer *4 Hudson aad Seaoad streets, ilotokea, of E. MARTIN. House to let ob lease, -a neat two story aad basement brick houae, oontajning eight rooma, with ?ad<* cellar, large yard, Ao.. at 21* Dean atreet, near Pow era, Brooklyn; reat (2W. laquire at 84 John atreet, New Yark, up etaire, from 11 to 12, or at 127 llivlngton atreet, from 4 te 8 o'clock. House to let-tiie first class brown stone bouae 40 Weat Nineteenth atreet; haa all the modern improvementa, aud containa eevenUen rooma. Poascsnion ?aa be had immediately. Apply at 710 Broadway. OUSES TO LET.? A LARGE NUMBER OF TnREE atory houeea, flniahed with gratee, marble mftotels, Ae., aw the corner of Uitlaion and rluahiag avenue i, Brooklyn; ear* and atugea pnas the houses every few minutes; will be lot very low to genteel familie*. Apply to H. STREET, No. i and William HOLSES TO LET-THREE THREE STORY HOUSES in Fifty-third atreet, between Fourth and Firth ave aare, with Croton water. To good tenants they will be let H MX 1'iae * treet, betweea Naaean and WUliam *tr*eta. HOLSES TO I AT? THREE THREE STORY HO in Fifty-third (treet, between Fourth and Fiftl ?a**, with Croton water. To good tenants tbay will be let ?tSMW tacb. Apply to JAMES BUCKLEY. 181 Broftdwty. IN NINTn STREET. IN AN ELEGANT. PRIVATE baoae, between Fifth aad Sixth avennea.? Will be let, with board, one or two auita of rooma, aeparttely or to gather if reference agreeable. Term* moderate. Private table or not. Saitable deduction to thoaa that furniab. Ad draaa, with name aud auabor, M. 8., Union *qnar* Poat Office. LOW RENT! ? TO LET, A NEAT THREE STORY brick boaae, with twelve ronme, kitchen, cellar, Ac., dt*ata4 la the moit desiralil* part of Thirtieth street; rani MM. Apply at 197 South street, up atairs, from 10 A. M. to ?r. m. fkCBAN HOUSE, SHREWSBUBY.-TUIB LARGE AND V eommodiona betel, furai*b*d throwgbcat, is ofared to Wt, ar a peraen of reapoaii Mtity who aadoretaade keep tog a lei af that kind, with a moderate eapttal. eoaldjeiarbe www ear a a a partner oa favorable Urma. Apply ta H. E. BIELL, *4 Lupeaard atreet OFFICER It) I.1T? IK TUB STORR, NO. 9, SOUTH William at root near Huoicr aqaare, two offloea, coa alto oao ola?lo offiea. Apply oa th? pnulm. OFFICE TO LIT- A LARGE FRONT ROOM IN A loeatloa, ooatenleat to lb* principal hotela is tbo lower part of the city, aaltable for deatlet, lawyer, or othor Maht respectable baaioera. Inquire of I1AAC A BLAU VRLT, No. 177 Greenwich itroot, above Cortlaadt (troot. PART OF A HOURS ? FIVE OR BIX ROOME. IN eladlac I a* aad Crotoa water eoareaioaoeo, oa the MM< and thjrtf Boon, la a renteel hoaae, plaaaaatlr aita ?M la a ralhretable neighborhood, brtweea Foarth aad SaToath avtaiM, aad Hoaitoa and Siiloontb atraota, waatod by afamilv. eoaaietln? of a widow and her ami. Uaoaeeptioa ablo toaaata. Addreaa T. B. 8., Horald ofBoe, atatia# parti aalara la fall. PART OF A FURNISHED HOUSE TO LIT? IN A eery ploaaaat locality in Brooklya. Tbo honae la ela gaatly faralalied, with tapeatry releet carpeta, large mtr Ton. gaa, eater, aad every ooaeealeace lor a email geot-rl family. Tbo noaa coaaiat of two baaomonta, two pari or a ?a tret door, aad oao or two rooma la third atory. AddroM ?Hr. 6iH Broadway. PART OF A HOUM? M1DDI.R FLOOR-TO BE LET . from lot of May, enaaiattao of front aad baok roam, wltb dlfl badma aad oleaeta bolwooa, aad hall bedroom, with privilege ?f kitehea, bathroom, ?aa baraora, Croion wator, wader collar aad yard. Apply at 130 Seeoad at root, a oar tint aroaao, from 1 to 1 e'eloeV PART or A HOUSE TO LRT.? THR SECOND STORF, ?"?moot, of a three atory hooae In Twenty fearth atreet, between Math aad Teatb areaaee, with hath, gaa. Be , aaltable for a email family oaly. Heat lor to a Hood toaaat. I again at IX Broadway. ap ataln. Of .,?r A 0BfCT*?I. HOUSE TO LRT ? TO A ally wltbont amall eblldraa? foralahed wltb gae, ? Wr. *? Apply at Eighth aroaao. PART OF A HOUSI TO LRT IN PRINCB STRBET, ?r Broadway. laqalre tor oao week at 8B7 Broome HARR OBANCR-TO LET OR FOR SALE IN BED ford, Brooklyn, tea mlnatea' walk from Faltoa aroaao ralli ad depot. See houeea, nlae rooma eaeh, Dniehed, cellar, garden. Ac ; tho earner atore. wltb lrtar?a la a good atand lar aa apoth< caiy. To roep. neihle teaaata, (pb yearly, emart'r'y la advance, laqulra at SACKMaN'S Bindery a Teeey atroot, opatain. OTOU AND HOUSE? NO. II* CANAL STBEBT, TO C> lata ala% hoaee 17 Wooater atraot; alaa atore and hoaia Na. 924 Broadway. The latter j r?mi-ea will balot aoparatoly Mroqalred. Apply to J. CHAM. V) talon aqaara ?<TORB TO LET? NO. FULTON STREET, OPPO. v3 rite Weal ingtoa Market; a good loeatloa. R?nt m >de MU. Apply aa aBore. H. T. It'll EN C t. ULTRAM POWER.- ROOMS. WELL LIGHTED WITH AJ (trady rteam. to let A aplr ai JO!!* KIlllIDf 'S ?tMi^ marble work*, eoraer of Thirty tflh atraot aad Broad ^?r QTAiaK* ISLAND.-TO BENT FURNISHB.'>, por itl O moatha, or loager a tea roomed htaee, antttUe for a ?waat aaaib. f of boardtra or a private ?ally, I* a ***Mbarlteed, ? mlaatoe' walk tnm a ferry, awo eom aaaadlaa a vie* of tha bar aad eite af Mow Vort. Fair P?r ???>? to Jr. W AN Mi l, Poet ofl< a, Tampkw>* Tllla, *utoa lalauo IVMJRV RMUTIR. QTATBN ISLAND.? TO LBT, A NEAT. BANDSOM BL Y ? furalaaed lottui, teaatifally Imtii, 1MI the ferry, la a very raiMttUt aeighberheed ; Ui > tx view of the tor. Long bland, Ac. Addreee F. Cos, 276 P?(t OAeo, with real >m. STABLE IM TWELFTH ST BEET, ONB DOOR EAST or Broadway ?To lot, room for eae or two bono* ud carriagea is a private stable, with a iiitloau who boa stall* for four bono*, and baa hliuolf oaly a pair. Apply to Mr. Cob (took, St. S St. Fliu'l place, ono door Horn Barclay itroot. . STABLE TO LET-VERY CONVEHIENT TOR A PR1 vate ?r club stable; would bo lot la whole or part; alio for Mlo, a oaooad hand ooaoh, or woald bo sxohaaged for a horse or wagon. Apply to B. JONES, 181 Varlch itroot. mo LET? AT MELROSE. A TWO STORY CORNER 1 hoapo, with basement, 38 by 26 loot, wltbla oaa minute's walk of station; Areata tho railroad, oa high ground, bask to ??meat. lappliod with woll and eistern wator. Boat low. Apply to ilEAD A KNIOUT, 1,018 Broadway. mo LET-TUB TOUR STORY BRICK DWELLING X bouse, 80 foot front, lot US foot doop, situated at J08 Washlagtoa stiset, Brooklyn: house in complete order, eoatalaiu twenty room*; gao fixtures with tho bouse: a de sirable location- Apply ta A. S. CROWBLL, Ml Falton ?treot, Brooklyn. TO LIT. TO LET? TWO HODSES ON THIRTY-SIXTH, street, la floo.-e and half fleors.halls.ollolothod stair*, oar noted, gao .wash hoaaoo, largo yards, and everything beautifully fitted up for (Ball genteel families wishlag to lire respect able aad elean. Inquire at 116 Weet thirty sixth itroot, be tween Eighth aad Ninth avenues; alio a splendid store to lot, at SSi Fourth avenue, with fixture*; liw. laqulro at No. 5 East Thirty first street, moragiugs. 'N "AM FORD CON TO I.ET? SUPERIOR APARTMENTS AND OFFICES in No. 10 State street, iroatlng the Battery, and in No. KJ Warren street, la view of the Park; also in 179 Cherry street, star Market street; jail In exoollent order and healthy locations. References required. Apply at 132 Li berty street, (shoe store,) from 10 to 12 o'olook, TO LET-A NUMBER OF VERY FINELY FURNISHED houses, at rents from $1,200 to S2.M0; also a number of unfurnished bouses, well located, at trom SS00 toflJJOO. Ap ply to E. H. KINSHIMER, 319 Fourth avenue, horn 3 to 7 P.M., and from 8 to 10 A.M. TO LET-A BOUSE, 30 ANN STREET, UPPER PART used at present as a dwelling for a small family; the first story as a tailor's store, and the batsment as a bottling cellar. For particulars, apply at No. 127 Faltoa street, thira story. B. OALBRAItH. TO LET? THE WHOLE OR PART OF TOE HOUSE, 83 Cliff street, Tbe house has fine oellws. basement, kitchen rang*, hot and sold baths, Croton water throughout lha building, and is wsll calculated for a boarding house. For particulars inquire on the premises. TO LET-AT 80 ATLANTIC STREET, BROOKLYN, w itbin ono minute's walk of ths ferry, fire room* and closets on tho third Boor. Rent low to a respectable family. TO LET? THE BUILDINGS NO. M HA UCLA Y AND 64 Vesoy streets: also, No. 148 Yariek street; also, a suit of offices in Trinity Building. Apply at No. 42 Trinity Building, 111 Broadway. TO LET-FOR RELIOIOUS SERVICES ON SUNDAYS, a largo room, woll lighted and warmed; also a mom suitable lor an office or studio, on second floor. Inquire at Dodworth's Aoadomy, 800 Broadway. TO LBT-TBE MODERN TBREE STORY BRICK bouse 117 Seventh street' also, tho hotel Nes 7 and 9 Washington street. Inquire or WM. OGILY1E, 37 Columbia street, or II. 3. ROGERS, 449 Broadway. mo LET-A FINE STORE WITH FIXTURES. AND J. two rooms joining, at No. 3 Union street, Biooklyn; will be let or leased low to a good te tant. For particulars, apply to ALBERT HORN. 90 Beaver street. TO LF.T.-ROOMS FOR MANUFACTURING PURPOSES to let la brick building No. 14C Seventh uvenue. Inquire on tbe premises. TiO LET, TO A SMALL FAMILY, PART or A HOUSE with all tbe modern improvements. Apply on tbe pre mises (234 Twenty-seventh street, between ibe Eighth aad Ninth avenues. TO LET? A VERY SUPERIOR I1ROWN STONE HOUSE, oa East Thirteenth street, at the low rant of IWKI; also a four story basement house, on Fourth avenue, S7U0; alto dwelling parts on Fourth avenue, between Twenty seventh and Twenty eighth streets ? 12 rooms, bath, gas, Ac., $.710.? E. B. K IN SHINER, 319 Fourth avenuo, 3 to 7 P. M TO LET- ON WEST TWENTY SEVENTH STREET, A genteel throe story house, with modern improvements. Rent ftiOO. The lessee of the bouse will reserve three rooms, with board, and the rant boarded out. Apply to E. B. KIN. SIMMER, 319 Fourth avenuo, 3 to 7 P. M. TO LET-NO. 26 MAIDEN LANE.? THE FIRST STORY of this store to let. Well calculated fur the plated ware, jewelry, and watch business, or any other light business. Inq ulre of SMITH, YOUNO A CO.. No. 2 Maiden lane rpO LET-A THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE, BATH, .L gas, Ac., In Lamertino place. Twenty nlath street, S"i I. Also, a three story brlek bouse In Thlrtu eighth street, near Eighth avenue, gas, bath, Ae., M60 Also, a two story and attlo btlek house, In West Seventeenth street, M00. Also, a stoac front bouse. 70 West Twenty-sixth street, bath, gas, 4c., (M*). Also, No. 260 West Thirteenth struct, bath, in., 1300. Also, No. 177 West Sixteenth strict, bath, gas, Ac , MU0. Also, several stores and dwellings, together with some balf houses, Ac. J. DEN HAM, Eighth avenue, corner of Sixteenth street mo LET? TWO OF THE ROW OF THE TWO STORY X basement aad attic brick houees in Seventy third street, between Third and Fourth avenues, with an adjoiuing lot of ground to each bouse. Said houiee are handsomely flnUhed, range, grate, Croton watar. Aa. There Is attaohed to oao of the nouses, on tho adjotnlag lota, a larga aad good stable For further particulars apply to BAKER A WEEKS, No. I Plae street, near Metropolitan Bank. fpO LET-A SUITE Of UNFURNISHED ROOMS;, AT X P23 Broadway. Possession bsfore the first of May if re quired. Apply at 8f> Murray street. a 10 LET? IN HICES STREET, BROOKLYN TniRD doer east of Degraw, and but fivo mftautes' walk of eitbe ol tbe Battery femes, tha see and story aad back basement, or part sf secoad story, back parlor ana back basemeat, (six irons,) to a small respeetsblo family. Gas, raaga aad sub cellar privileges, Ac. Rent very cheap. Apply oa the pre mises, or to GEO. LANE, M Cartlaadt street. New Yuri. TO LET.? SEVERAL LAROE STORES AND OFFICES la tba sew Coaeert Hall buildlag, la Stamford, Connec I lent, wall finished, aad calculated for a ml liner, harness maker, tailor, or >ny other business. Alio, a cottage near the same. Apply to SAN DS SEELT. StamforJ, Connecti cut, or THEODORE MOULTON, 262 Cherry (treat, New York. TO LET. -GENTEEL APARTMENTS AT 3H DOWNING street, nsar Bedford, in floors of six rooms, first, second and third floors. The house baa Just beea papered aad paiated, and is In elegant order. The rooms caa be seen this day. Now oilcloths aad earpe's 1st ef May. 1'rasaat ' teaaats remove. E. B. KINBHIMER, 319 Fourth avenue. TO I.ET-rROM FIRST OF MAY, AT CABMANSVILLB, 166th street, Bear tbe depot, a handsome two story double gotblc cottage, with kitchen and flower gar lea attach ed ; also, a choice lot of fruit trees la lull bearing. Eaquira on the premises, or of JOHN C. ERN EN PUTSCH, No. 76 WUllam street. TO LET-IN BROOKLYN, ON THE SOUTHWEST corner of Coart gtreet and Third Iil?oe, marble front home, fornlabod i> modem at?l?, amiable fur a Srat claw b< ardtng bouae or private family. Rent J-'jOO. Iaqolra of J. W. BE AIWA HP. Wall *tr**t f*rry, Brooklyn. TO LET? 110 GRAND STREET. TURRE DOORS EAST of Broadway, on* largo room,|iurnlah*d, tollable for a r?ntlcmaa and lady, with or wlthoat board. A aambet or imall rcoma, furnlebed. Room lighted wlthgaa. TO LET? FROM FIRST OF MAT, A FRONT PARLOR, bedroom and pastry oa the eecond floor, one room la tbo attic, and bach kaeemeat Can be aeon from 2 to I P M Apply at SSO Broom* atroot, botweaa tbo Bowery aad (.'brjatio atroat. mO LET? TO A SMALL RES I'RCT ABLE FAMILY, THE A aotoad atory and part of tbo third, coaateting of Are rooma, with all tbo modern improvemeata of a ttrat cla?a bouae, in a highly reapeotable neighborhood, No. 21 Weot Forty flrat atroot, botwoen SUth avenue aad Broadway. RcntSMO. TO LET-A PRIVATE STABLE, WITH OAS AND Cruton water, 167 Elm atroot, a oar draad . room ior two or tbreo boraoe aad tiro* light wagoaa. Alao, two work abopa. Inquire of J. O. SOMON, 1 S4 Oraad atroot. TO LET? 298 THIRTY SECOND STREET. TENEMENT bona*, will be rented to one reapoaelbla party at a mod erat? rent; the premlaee will bo pot ia order Apply to MOTT A ML'NdlY, atUrmeya at law, 7? Naeaao atroet. r LET- 71 DEO RAW STREET, EEOOELYN, NEAR Hamilton ferry, three atory brick hoaae, lately pat la porfoet order; rout moderate. Apply to MOTT A MURRAY, attoraeya at law, 76 Naaoaa atroot. rpo LET-THE UPPER PART OF HOUSE 172 FORSYTH X atroet, ooaaiatlng of tbreo front aad two baek rooma. with kitobon on aame floor, at a low reat, alao, rooaa io roar building, with atoam power, Inquire on the promiao*. rpo LET? AT 4 J WALKER STEEET, FEOM THE HR?T 1 day of May, a very plea?oat front parlor oa the Bret floor, callable for a pbyoteUa'c nEn; hac boon occupied u aaeh for a long timo; alao, other room*, fnralabed, wlta or wlthoat board, to geatlcmon oaly. Apply to, or addreaa Madame L . SW Blceckor atroot. TO I.XT-IN THE YILLAOF OF NYAPK, ROCKLAND coanty, M. Y , Ike large aad cammodtoaa hoaae known a a the York lloaao; it coataiaa aboot forty rooma, ia well calculated for a inantr boarding hoaeo, botag of oaar accoaa from the city, aad aameroaa applieatloaa far board ia thia Tillage makee it a very deatrabla locality. Alao, oa* four ikry brick atoro, ?aitatle for mer<-aatil* or maaofactariaf piirpoaoa. For particular* applp to Theodore Roae, V> Peail i treat, New York, or to Aiariah Roee, oa the pr>mieea Toi.rt-frery slip ambticket OFFICE. AT tbo foot of Liberty atroat. laqmr* at No. 57 Mar obanta Eicbange * TO LET-THE CPPEE PART OF THE HOUSE til Pprmg atroot. near Meodeagal. A pleaaaut locatioa, aad there ia a good largo yard. TO LET-THE UTPEE PART OF THE TWO STORY briok bonao 201 Heater atroot. acar Mai berry, ooaaiatlaf of two rooma, two bedroom*, i.aaoment, Ac For fort her particular*, laqulre <-f D. OA RTH WAITS, It] Eli?ab?U. at PLET.-A NUMBER OF HOUSES, AT REDUCED rente, ha viae tkc modern Improvement. ?No* 227 a d 229 W oat Thirty marth atroot. 11, 2h). ISO Weot Thirty fourth atroot, (WO. Thirty to. rtb atro*t. Swu V Scvantb at SI. SOU; V7 W?it Thinr fltth alr?et, |sr.< Wot Twaaty aoventh etreet, $U0, Fifty aaeond atroot. Lleroath avena* aad river, Si'?>, I *1 Wect Thirty ruth atroot, 1M Weat Thirty aiatk atreet SSfiti. Broadway ant Suty fonrth atroot, SA>. alao a auml or of teuemeate Apply to SMITH A WODeLl 44 Eighth wana. r LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY? THE UPPEP PART aad troad baiomoat of a thro* atory brown ittae fr-.nt bonao, with all the modern Improremeate, ia Wool Thirty ?rat atroot No. 2Xi. prle* IAS". TO LET. TO A QUIET FAMILY, WITHOUT CBIL ^J. it* M*??d floor of the modern three etory brink 1*7 Thirty futh atroot, aoar tbo EiaStb avenue toa elating of four rooma. with one oa tbo third atorr, I* well aapnliod with gn*. ('rote* wilcr. hatha, Ac. , reat M' eoa if* f j oar* with a prtvn?o e?*> I ? ia the rear, " TO ka aeoa from olovoa till gve o'clook. T a n !>m ?TOEY BEOWN I atone front bonao tn I'aeiA* atroot. Brooklyn, the iftk h?u?- from the corner of Road atroot, ia a haadoomo row of vow. atone koaooo, flaiakod I. ?Sm .t,";^k ,M ,.i oetcrlatwroo. Can bo avow daily froK 1 t* i o'clock A* J !< iAMLi COCEE* A CO., *4 J oka *?,*? ' niAirrr uovniBi mo LBT-THB f OCR STORY BROWN STOItB FRONT JL !???*, MI blmtk avenae, wall oalealatod far a boardlag henae, Mag hntaM with all the modern lapnw??ti. Alio. a flnoatore u4 baaoment to let. Apply I* STEWART A SMITH, 111 and lis WNt Thirty- third at not. or af W. H R*;ior, Hnur ot Broadway aad Thirty (Ah ilrati TO LBT-TBB TBIRD 8 TORT ABD BASBBBNT 0 F ?tort No. 94 Bookman (treat, aiaoty foot doop; will h? rented eeparato or togotkar; reat low. Inqair* > iko pro mi*o*. or A. P. OA LB. 10 LBT-THB SBCOND STORY or ONB Of TBUSB duiraklo cottagee on Twenty-fourth ? treat, eituated aaar Math avaana; Tt eoHtoiaa (U, bath, Ao.; will bo let low to a (ultablo toaaat. Addraaa box 183 Uoraid oBoo. rro LBT-TO A SB ALL fABILT, TUB SBCOND 1 floor of a modara built koaao? (bar roomi, with paatrien! roat 1 100. Tko houao ta beaatifuljy lituatad on Bergon Hill, N?w Jeraoy, eommanding a view of Now York bay aad bar bor, aad aaar tho ataio mute to Jeraoy City ferry, where (tagee oontlnually paaa during tho day and evening? far* til ooato. Apply at 388 Grand etreet. ooraor ot Suffolk. TO I BT? FURN18HBD, TOR FOUR MONTHS FROM tho middla of May, a houea on Staten Idand, contain ing tkroo titling roomt and *ix bodrooma, bountifully eitu ated on tho face of tho hill, withia ton minutca' walk of Quarantine aad Staplotoa ferriee, and commanding an ex tonalv* vtow of the bay and the aarrOBnding ooantry. Ap ply to ALEX. McANDREW, 62 Watar atreet. rro LET-IN TUK BRICK HOUSE, NO. 21 JONBH X atraat. a law dooro from Bleceker atraot. Brit and aaoond Boors, with baaoment; can l>a ha I together, or part of it. The houae lain tho beat of order, aad with gaa. Apply to HENRY HYMAN, 7(1 Canal atreot _ TO LBT-THB TIIRBE STORY AND BASBME.fT hnuaea on the welt lido of Third avenue, between Twenty eixth and Twenty seventh (treat*, Brooklyn con taining eleven rojma. flniehed, wltn parlora on two floora, marble maatala, eliding doori, oornice, Ao. Cara from Ful ton ferry every five mlnutea. Rant 8280. KENNEDY A SHERMAN, No. 6 Wall atreet. TO LET-FKOM MAY 1, THE STORE AND BACK rooma l?.H William itroot. Apply to EDWARD HART. 74 Jamea etreet. npiO LET? RENT 8230-1'RETTY COTTAGE HOUSE, X BOW in nloe order, 11 rooma, liable in rear, ahade truea, Croton water, bath room, apace for garden, Ac. Second ami Third avenue carapaaa night and day. Apply oa the pre miaee, corner of 103d atreet aa d Third aveuao. TO LBT? HALF OP A NEAT UODSE, M NORTH Monroo atree', coneiating of eoeond Soor, front baaetnont, end attic bodrooma. Tho only other occupant* being a Sentlomau and bio wilo. To a email genteel family thia la i ealrabio reeldeuee. TO LET-TDK LARUE AND COMMODIOUS STORE. SO North William etreet, 130x24 feet, forming a front on old William atreot 223; the itor<' lo very deiirable lor a pap<r cr furaitnte baainaaa, or, in fact, for any builaoaa requiring much araoe. Apply to JOHN Ka/A.NAGH, agent, 20 North William ttrect. TO LBT-TO A SMALL OENTEEL FAMILY, THE upper part of a two atory hou<e, 44 Fourth atreot; tho apartment! coaalat of front and roar aitting rooma, bed room, kitchen, and Croton water on aeooml atory Three led noma in the attic, opon garr< t. and wood houao in tho yard. To be teen alter ten o'clock tliroi-rU the day. Rent, flUO. _ _ TO I.ET? SEVERAL GENTEEL THREE STORY BRICK, mat tie front, houeci, lituatod on tha louthej.y aide of Haikett (treat, between Columbia and Van llrunl atrceta, city of Brooklyn; about throo minntea' walk from Hamilton avenue ferry. Ilouaea in good order, and poaeeaaion may he bad itu mediately. Apply to EDWARD D. JAMBS, So. 25 Nairan atreet. f|0 LET? SF. VERA I. HOUSES IN BROOKLYN, IN and near Clinton avenue. Rente from 1100 to S3A0, ao eotablo neigh > Naaaau tt. TO LBT? THE LARGB THREE STORY AND BA-E ment houna No. V3 Eaat Twenty nix th atraot, fourth honac eaft of Lexington avenue, with pae flxturea, bath, do.; houao in good order an J immediate poaeeaalon ran be bad. B. B. K1N9H1MER, 31 K Fourth avenue, from 3 to 7F- N. TO I IT? IN THE FOURTH ANENUE, NEAR UNION iquaro, a teeond floor, oon?l?tlnir of two parlora and two bedroom*, with back kltohen, and one bedroom on the third floor to an American family, without children. Inquire at 147 Fourth avotue. cording to aiie; in an eleaant and liiably reapeotab borhood Inquire of F. T. bTAl.l.K N fcCHT *6 N TO LET? IN SBCOND AVENUE, TO A SHALL FAMILY, tho third floor of a geutocl throe atory houao. Rent moderate, to a iuitablo tenant. Apply at 411 Second avenae. TO LET-TO A FI R*T CLASS TENANT. A SUPERIOR houae, went of Bioadway, In Blcecker atreet, the real denoo of tho owner, who will give atveral ytare leaae of the aame. Yearly rent, p-60: with bathe, gaa, chandelier*. Ac. ; poiaeiaion before drat ol Mty. B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. rpo I.ET-A DESIRABLE STORE AND CELLAR. FOR aaa f on atreet, coraef ef Gold, up atair*. a paper warehouse, hardware (tore, or any heavy buai noaaa. Kent moderate, to a good tenant, or would belea'ad for a term of yeari. Apply to CUAS. SHIELDS, 23 i'latt To lit? part of tm tiirke story rrii-k bonie No U1 Rivlngton itreet, cobiuiIdk of tbe aa cond floor it. rough, with back burm?t, all m (rood repair. For particular* mqaire of I). H. IIU1TS, .Hn; wul,lo(lm itreet, through ibc itf, or >l the luin after 7 u'tloik P. M. TO LIT, ON STATIN ISLAND. -A LA KOI DOL'BLI home, furniahed, at Clifton, fronting oa the outer bar, will ha let for theiummer. Tbia ie oae or tbe not deitrel.le loeatioai oa tbe la lead. Apply to JOUN J. 3TIPIII N8, 3K Wall itreet. TO LK'I? THE WHOLE OR PARI OF A FINE THRIE itory bueux-nt hrlck houaa Terraa reaaoaable to a I tood tenant. Situated within l>? miioln' walk of two ferrlee. Alao lor tale, lateral auitea of Ana covered boa wood parlor furniture, flne and hnudaoinely oovrred In vel vet aad lalla Frenah brocatelle. If ipplied| tor aooa, a'. HO Dcgraw itreet, or addren bo* 1 1U 1L raid office. TO LET? THI FINE I.AROg DWEI.LINO HOISE No. 910 liroadway, luitable for a botol or boarding aobool, having thirty live rooina, with all the muderri un proveneati Flrat (foe rata? remain ai a Itore, or ho alter '1 to luit tbe tenant. Apply to N . W A H STUYVESANT, No. ? Wall itreet, ar to 0. W. 1'ILI., jl Wnt li/titemth ?treet. TO LIT ? A 1AIUI FOUR STORY HOl'SI, COM pletely fnraUhed, ia a ileligbtfnl location near Waeb ington iquira, with everything tor houaakropin,; except all var. to a private family Rent (I, COO. Saourity required, and poiMiaiaa immediately. Alto, ehaadclleri, mirror*, Ac. Addreaa aotaa to Fountau, Herald oflkce. mOHT-THE UPPER PART OF A HOUSE IN FIF X teeath itreet aear Stuyrciaat aquare, oonalating of two Elore and a bedroom, furaielied or nurura'ibod, with all modern improvement! Would be let to a imell f.. taily without chlldraa. A pioue family preferred Addreaa C. II H . Heral" oBlr, * TO LIT? THI UPPER PART OF HOUSI M OR cbard itreet, aear tiraad (treat. The looatiea ie plea eant. It aoaaiatl af two aeat parlora, fol.liag doora, three good tiled lodgia* reoma, pantriei, hack baeement, gn?, Ac. Apply aa the premliea. TO LIT-THI UPPER PART OF A HOUSE IN WAR ket atraet, ooaaietiag of three rooms oa the leeond floor, and oae la lha attie. Path and yaa. Will Ha let to a imall family, witboat children. Addreaa Oliver, Chatham e inert Poet OSce. fTO RENT CHEAP IN HOBOKEN-A FIRST CLASS X thrte itory aad baa t meat briok dwelling hoaee, newly end convenleatly I mil, with all the modirn Improvemeata, eight mlnutee* walk from the ferry, la aa eiccllont nelrh borl end, will be let aheap to a geateel family, lauuire at luu Waikiagten itreet, Hobakcn. TO LIT. AND IIMEDIATI POSSESSION UIVF.N The third floor of a pleaaaatiy tituated three It ry home, to a email family, or faraiahed for lod|lii roomi; tbe heaee ia ore a pied by a email family without children In uaire at 3U Oliver itreet. TO LET OR LEASI-TIIE PRIMISI8 HI WHT Thirty link etreet, lirit door toom Broadway, at preeeat occupied a a a marble yard; inltahle for aay biad e* man afaeturii | baain eie. Apply aa above. TO LIT 01 LIASI ? IN BROOKLYN. A THRIE STOIT hoaea la Tompaiai aveaae, between Hickory aad Quiaoy ?traeti; a (arden of ill let* all laid out, itable aad carriage hauea; aaar I , effort a park. Alao, a two Mary heaee eorner of Htakary etroet aad Tompkiae arcane, adjoining tbo above. Far farther partiealare apply on tbe premfiaa. fro LIT 01 LIASI? THE STORE AMD OWELLINO X aa tba aorthiaat eoraer af Fourth avenue and Nine totath itreet. laquirc oa tbe prunleee from S to IS A 1, aad altars P. H., ef J. J. PEL II RON D, t? Caaal etreet. TO LET OR LIASI? THI PUBLIC HOUSE KNOWN ae the llret Ward Honae, eoraer of New aad Bichann* place, oppoeite tbe Uaited Statee Banded Warebouee, oae af (be baet itaade ia the ward tor refraihmeate. A- alio, ?tach aad flitana for iale I'oieoaeioa ilvea immediately. A| ply oa tbe premiiea, to II. W. Ml 1. 1. EH SS New itreet. flTTTETOI LIASI? SINCLAIR'S HOTEL, 754 ERoAD A way, eoraer of Eighth etreet.? Tba above hotel will ha Itaied tor oae ar more yeari from let May aeit Tbe itock. (imoagat wbirb are lame rare old wiaae, braadiea, Ae.,) fa rait are aad tit tree, together with avalmhla collection of oil paii.tlaja ead flna eerravlage, will be aold at poblte aartiea oa tbe 2Mb of April, onion previeaily diipnea-l of by private aele. Apply to P. W INOS A SOStS, 131 I'root Itreet. or Mn i t. KIN' I. AIR. admiaiatratril, oa tbi pra ?lan. r) LET t<R FOR SA 1.1? Til E TWO RflOWN STONE Brat elue Eagliih baeement heniei, ia Tweaty third ?traat, oppoiite Loedoa terrace, only aiaety feat from Niath Aveaae Railroad The booioe are replete with every mo d?rn improvement, tba loti tela* wider thaa aiual ia eaeh bonne. They bavo a private ?tairway, whleh makea them very deairabla. Apply to JOHN OREGORT, 290 Ei|bth aviaae, eoraer ef Tweaty eeooad itrvet. TO LET, OR FOR SALE VERV LOW-A MoflERN be lit tear itory brick heuia. well foraiebed. aad aloo a three itory brick carpeater ihop. *n r> ar ef lot, ea Com terlaad itreet, aear tbe I'ark, Broohlya. A flrat rot ' haael for any biiioeia reanee ted with balldlnx Inqalra at the Warner pamp itoro, III) Maiden laae, New York TO KENT. AT N A ('OMR'S DAM-TUE RRIIiOF. AND the hotel oa the W?eteh.?t-r tide. Apply te ROBT. B. CAMPBELL, Na. 6 Uaaover etreet TO MANUFACTURER* RIOUIRIXO STEAM POWER. 1o let or I'aae for a terra of veara. the larie aew baild Ufa Not. IS aad M I'ltt etreet. aear Oraad. well adapUI lor n iLofactariar perpoaee ef aay klad, haviat a I'eaia eariaa tapable ef lepplyiag power for tbe whole premliea. Apply ea tba pramlaea TWO TWO STOIV I?OI DI E HOUSES AT ASTORIA TO LIT, flva mlaatei walk from itoemtx at laadmr Kent SSWeaeh. Apply te E MILLS, Peatmaater. TO LIVERV STAHLF A.N It Rt' > K REPER" -TO LIT. ia eieelleat itaad tor tfe abave baiiaeia. flrat floor aa<i taiemaat. IS by 43 feet. It lad ep for tbe kaaleeee, real low, aad aoiaeaaiea Immediately. I H>|<iire ea the prewaae a, No. i Miibattaa place laek of llartna a t beat re . er te t. ( I. ARE. M Broadway, aaar Wall itreet. TO LEASE FOR A TERM OF T EARS? THE LABOR etare, with ar withoat the app*r part ef h raa?, an Mo* try Aleo, a larae lot In rear, <>a Emahetli atreat, D( by Iffi feet laqaira of J B. A W K CtlST, tu Bawary. \l'OOI)I.AND MANSION. ON THE RI.OOM INODAI.K If Road, to let ? Th?.?* aremiiac ooataia 11 a ree ef land with a ipleadld maaeiaa loaae >ad beaotlfnlly laid eat (troaitdi; Ilea oa tti lladeea Kivar aad Rlcomtafdaia riad. ef roavealent areeae, tba l?M etreet itatlaa ?( Me II ? leoa River R a 1 1 r ? ad beia? at the f'iat of lb* plaaa, aad < ? ly * >rty mlantee ride to f'bambera itreet: admira' ly raJealatad tor a flrat ciaec betel aad lammer raaevt Tba groaadl aradaeo rated with feaataiai aad ibrel kery, aad wall il aded by <tc rtdaeae treee. la creeae; eefliei^tly far freal the et?? bo ferra a plaaaaat drive wit Ifeat fatt|ae Tbeee wiablna ta I e< a.e tba place will be aaab ed te da ae by tbe gate, wbkh la eroa mealed with Ileal ea tba p<#ta Far peraiaeioa M view tba pjemu-a aad "iker lafoimatlMi. ii ply to I II. I l Wow. II Wail Itraet. mo DENTISTS AND OTHER UEVTI.EMKN -THE J. bmbbb mm far mm wgmt mwH by Dr. J. | 8. Dadge, ta let; ale* m pny?">1an? ?do*, aad rxai for am i (la geallenieB, la rait* or No. 27 Boat ? tract I W^HATEK PROPERTY to LIT. ON REASONABLE] ? Ursa, it Oreea I'eint Brooklyn, 107 'let on the wat-r by i'X faat deep, callable for lumbar, brick Ilia* or coal yard, it weuld make a good apar yard or would do to build veeeele ob. la^Blra or J. H. BUNNIN, Ho 7 avenue D, New York, from 1 to j P. H. root for Now York than In ehlpe calling at m Apply >o Havre aad Parle. 17 Bouluvarde del ondd I omo, or laNtw York to ?. CUNARB, FOR LIVERPOOL.? UN1TBD 8TATB8 HAIL 8TBAM ?kip BAXTIC. Joe. J. Cometoek. commander Thti ateemihip will depart with tha UaMod SUtaa maUa foa Bargee peiittvely oa WedBceday, April IB, at 12 o'eleek H. from aoi bortk, at tka foot af Caaal atreet. Por freight at peerage, ha v lag aaanaallM aoaoaaitatiwi for elegaaae aad ooniort, apply to BDWABD HCOLI.IN8, tt Wall (track, raareagere ara requeeted to bo oa board at 11K e'eloek A. H. Tha atoaaaklp PeelBe will eaaaead tha Baltio, aad oa'l Hay t. Shipper* plaaaa taka aotioo tbat tha thipa of Uua liaa oaaaot carry aay goo da ooatrabaad of war. K. HBW 10U AND LI YBRPOOL UNITED STATU Hall Staaaers.? Tha akipa eompoeing tkla llaa ara Ma wine: ? ATLANTIC, Capt. Wool. BALTIC. Capt. C oat ? lock. PACIFIC. Capt. Nya. ADRIATIC, Capt. . Thoao aklpa hare boaa bollt by ooatraot, eipreaely (or ger em men t aerviee. Every oara baa boon taken La their eon atraotioa, aa alao ia their aagiaee, to eaaure itrangth aad apcad, aad their aoooaiaiodatioua for padP^fi araaaauual lad far elegance aad oaaafort. Price of paaaago from No* York to Liverpool, la Brat alaaa aabia, flJO: In aacoad dp., 171; eaelualve aaa of aatra alao atatarooma, its, from liv arpool to Now York 90 aad 20 guineaa. Aa eiperieaead anr (aaa attaekod ta aaak ehip. Na barth aeeured aatU paid fat. aaoroaas ditii or aaiLisa. rttaiiffoii. raua uriirnOL ? Wadaoaday, March 2i . 1866 Saturday, Mara b S IWi WedBceday, April 4 I0M Saturday, Hareh 17 Mtf It adaaaday, April IB ? 1MB Satarday, Harcb SI WM Widoe.dey, May 2.. ..1866 Satarday, April 14 W* Wedceaday, May IB., 1866 Saturday, April 28 1861 Wadocaday, May ?. ... 1866 Satarday, May B IBM For freight or peerage apply ta BDW'D R. COLLINS. No 66 Wall atraot, Naw Yark. BROWN, SMII'l.RY a CO .Liverpool. STEPHEN KKNNARL) A CO.. V AaaUa Fraire, Loadaa B. a. W AIN W RIGHT A CO., Parte. GEORGE U. DDAI'EH, 11a*ra. Tha owtara of tbcae ahipa will aot ba acacnatabla far gold atlver, bnllion, apaela, Jewel, y , preotone atenaa or metala galeae bllla of ladiag ara atgaad tharafor, aad tha valat iharaof therein oaproaaad. Bbippora plaaaa laka aotioa that tha thipa af tkla lint aaa aot oarry aay gooda contraband of war. THBLIYBBroOL AND PHILADELPHIA STBAHSHU i'oaiiiaay latand calling tbalr favorite eteemehtpe C1TY OF UANCflRHTER LI 23 to ta, Capt Wyila. CITY OF BALTI MORB.laew,) 2,638 toaa, Capt CITY OF WASUlNQTONTdo. 2,71)0 toaa. Capt. R. Lataak Salooa WJ, BOA, and 866, aaacrdlag to atata room. A limited lamba/ af third alaaa paaaaagora will ba takaa friBi Pbiladal tibia aad Livarpool, aad found in prorlaloaa From I'blladaljbia |3U I From Urarpool M j'artloa to bring out their frlaada oaa obtalaoorM Vataa of raaaaga aad 4rafta on Llrarpool, in tuiua of A etarliag aad up airda. Apply to SAXl/KL SMITH, Aaent i? IV aln a*, itiaar, Fkaltdalplia, aad Na. 7, Broadway, Nat YtB. STKAMBUirS I1BTH KEN HAVRE AND NEW Y<iM iliraat. ? Tba an aiuahip ALPS will aail from Havre dlrao' for Naw Yark. without aalling at aay p<rt ia England,) at Bat irday, 26th of Novambar. Tho ratca of Iralght and paa aaaa in Brat and aacoad cablna will b? fury moderate. Tin aalling af tba aoooaadlug ataamara will ba ahortly aa aouaecd. The rata af luauranca In Franoa ia laaa by aMju from llavra diraut for Now York tkaa In ahip Borliab port. A| .tal'wra, to Dona Va. i Bowllag Uracn. FOR SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN.? TUB UNITB1 Btataa mail iteamer WAIUIKflTON, E Cavaady. aom mander, will aail for nr*a.eB, tauahiag at Southamptoa w land tka maila aad paax ngara for Raglaad and Franaa. oa Satarday. April 21, at 12 o'alook M., trom pi?r 37 North ILTat Price ol paiaage ? la tba Brat aabin, main aaleaa SIX In the Bretoahia, lower aalota 11( la aacoad aabia ? An eiporioaead aurgaon la attaahad to aaoh iteamer. AL lettara maat paaa thronali tha Poit Oftc*. S|>a?ia deli?ere< ;n Hat re a:d London. For paaaage or fr<'i|iht, apply to C. II. SAND, Agent, 11 South Will, tiu a treat. The ateamar Harmaaa will aaceeed Uia Waahingtou, aad aail May If. _ T1IE VAPDERIiUT EUROPEAN LINE OF STEAM alupa ?The tret elaaa ataamahlp NORTH STAR, SiD icia tt amark. niaatcr. will leaac New Yurk, from pior No. Si), fact cl chamber! itraat, at nooa, prreiaciy, April *1, for Hatre. direct. Firet vlaae paaaago, fill); aaenud %<". The North SUr will bo followed by the new ateaoialdl Ariel, in May. Tba owner of Ibeao veieela will not be ao toaLlaMe for geld, ailear, bullion, ap"oio, Jawelry, praoiuui ttonea, or metal", uulaaa bflla of lading are ali<Bo.| theiefor and '.he value thereof therein eipreaaad Specie an I -oodi taken at naaal ratca. No freight received after nooa or tb( day bafora aalling. No berth aeo ired aatil j ail for. Let tare prepaid, eaata per half onnae, will be reoeitud at the oftee Bp to li A. M. ef tha day ot aail b/. and wi^l t? earrtad in atrosg India rubber ' age, under lock; and on a r rival at Havre, will be immediately depoailed ia Poet Of&o? there. aiatn rim or iailibv. ?toa a?w to a a raoia iiarur. North ftar A pri \ 21. North Star May 19 Ariil. .. Mat 19. Ar>cl J>iue Id .Voitbflar June 16. NortkMar lulv Id. For fraikbt or paiaaga. apply to D. TORRANCE, 2b South William elreet. New roik SUMNER, MONTANTA DRAPER, 2li Hue N. D. del Tictoir'i, Paria. A1 BERT N CURYBTIE, 27 Quai Caaimlr Delavlgre. Havre. N. II ?Oa and after Hay 1, D. Torraaoa'i oAea wil ba at No. 6 Bowllag Orecn. REDUCTION OI FARES TO SUIT THE TIMES - Naw York aad Califorala MmmHI Liaa, via Nieara gua ? The Aeeeaaery 1 raaait Company, of Nlearagui propria tori.? Tbrtagh in advaaoa af the in ail; 71*) milee ebortct thaa aay other roate, avoidiag tha deadly Panama fever and two milee ol daagtraBa t?atina in Panama hay. The ipl?a did doable eniiae ateamahip *T A K OF THF. WEST, Cl,"< toat kurtbaaj Captaia Turner, will leave pier No 3. Nirtk river, at 3 o'clock P. M , prceiaaiy, ??.r Paata Ar naa, oa Tbsraday, April 12, 1B&6, eoaneeting with ike etcamahif Unele Sam toaa,) ever tke Nlcaragaa Traaatt route, havlag but twelve milee af land traaaportatioa by Brat rlaaa carriagea. Sevaral new aad awift Iron atcamboate have late ly been pat en river and laka, wbiab ahartea the time oa the traced from eraan to ocaaa. Thaae eteamere arc uaeorpaeo ed ia their ?eatillaticr and aeeammodatioae. I'or iaf rtna tian or paaaage at tba reduced ratca, apply oaly to CUAS. MORGAN, Ageat, Na I Bowliag Greea letter bag made up at tha eflteo. N B ? Coamaaciag aa the JUth of May the data af leaviag Naw Yark will be shaagad to the Btb aud 2iHh of each moata UUITED STATES MAIL LINE FOR CALIFORNIA via Aaplaaall aad Panama.? Califoraiaai ara iatnrBMd that the Paaama railroad ia eombletcd, aad the traaait ef the lethmaa will ba made by railroad from ocean to ocean No mora mala travel I No river boating. -On Friday. April 20, at t*e a'elaak P.M., from pier at foot of Warraa etrect. North river, will ba dnpatebad the Beet ateamahip ILLINOIS, Captaia , t> eoaaect at Panama with the saw aad eupcrior ateamahip ieha L. Btepbeat A I pa re boat alwaya kept at Paaama ta prevent doteatioa, ia aaea ol aeeioat. No freight raeelved after 1 a'elock oa tha wUllaj day. Far paaaage apply at tha compaay'a oHee. No. 177 Waat itreet T W. RAYllOND. UNITED STATES MAIL BTEAMBBIP COMPANY POB Havana ?b.I New urlcana ? Un Tueaday, April 17. at I P M , Iroat pkr foul of Vtmn atreet, North rlvor, by the M* iKtaililp (IIANAI)A, Ur> ? ? . Pa* ??it cod ke eacured at the aoiupaa/ 'lollei. I nublU New ? Irleane, Ml rar<t* Mr cahic foot Ahlppwr* will ba eupplied with klaab l.ille of lad tag of lb* form aigaed by th^rompany, oa application at lAeir clw Mo other farm* ?<a><l aad a* kllla of ladiag will ka ?l?ned after tha hoar of eatltag. For fratabt or pauifa, apply at tba cBre of tl.a toai> ??/, No 177 Watt itraat, coraar of Warrta. I. O. ROBERTS. A CBTRAL1A PIONBBB LINE, CABRTIMO TBI A Lulled jtataa maile. -Tha aolohaatod ellppar rttl Ol'BAN mil), Thoa. Caoalagham, maatar, I* ?aw at hat With, pier S bit river. loadlag lor Malbanraa. Tht* akin k going oat as htf oaaoaa ?t;l?a ka thU line, havlag aadeVa ;ut paaaage la 4|bt; ulai daye. Baa eiee Ileal a?a?aaa4? Uru for Int aa4 naoa4 olaaa f-aaaaagera. Karl/ itrfH tiaa for fnktt ar paaaaaa naaeaaary. aa aha will mlUi#; aatl a boat artddio of April. Tha Oaaaa 9taa4 will ha ana eaeaed by tha aafaMaaat ellppar ehlp Nightingale, lit Jaaa, aleo oa har eaenad voyage, hating Bull her laei la tha aapco < odea led tirna of aevenlviir daya Par freight ar DUHti trply aa board, arte II WTCAMKRON, Na. ? B'wUat Crooa. aad lit trail atreet NKW VOBE AND NEW OB1.EAN8 SrEAMSBIP COM paoy ? Par New Orleaaa, alopplng at Bevaaaa, car rvlaa the I'nlted SUtea mail The ataamaMp CAUAWllA, M. w. Skufaldt, eoaimen Jer, will eaaaaeaoe repairing freight ta ftatarday, April 21, aad eall far the abive porta ea wedaaeday, April 24, at IS o -look, float pier at foot of Beach itraat, North river Freight for the latrrler aad for Moklle, eaaaigned ta oar ageata In New Orlaaae, "Jaaea I'oanoly A < e , ' will ke forwarded free of ooaiialieioaa. Faeeeagen for Bavaaa aiaat pro eara paagparW before leer lap part. Bllli af lading mail be Mat la far algaing the evialag prevtoa ? la the ahip aalllag. For fralekt or paaaago apply ta LITlNOftTON, CBfH'BEBON A CO . Ageate/31 Ji roadway. N. B -The Blaah Werner, J. V Balleak, oaa rnaader, will aaeeaad the Cahawha aad tail Wedoeeday, Map Ilk. For aatannab and pi ohida- dnitid htatbi Mall Uaa ?Tha aaw aad elegaat ateanehip ALABAMA, O R- Sebeaek will leave New Perk for Baraaaah oa April II. from pier Na. 4 Berth river, at 4 e'elotk P. M fill la e^ lading at# aed aa heard Par freul.t apply aa hoard, t 1m paaaege. ta BAM U XI. L MITCfllLL. li Breadwap Pol Florida , Ihraagb tlrtaie from New Tark to JathaoertlliL HI. ta Pilatkl. HI The Kaei'llle. Capt. C. D. I.adlow. will ?aeaeed aad leave aa "aturday, AptU Id. F" 'bi trBABLB8TO!? AND PI.ORI DA.? BEMI WIBKLT Tailed ftatea Mail Maa.? Tha aew aa/ faat flni eaeaaier J A MB? AlKIRR, B. C Tarner ( aBntaader will Una par No 4 North H??r, oa *al irday. Apr>l 14. at < o'e orb, P. M , Preeleejp. Par freight applp ea heard. wh?ra ail kllla af ladlag will ha aigaed. aad for paaaa*' at tha ? ?Baa al BPOPPtiRD, TII.EpToN A OO,, *' Broadwap Ihroaph tlibeta to Florida aa follow! ? Tie Ja'keeaTtlle, Ml to rilatka. tfl Tha Marlea will laeceod, aad laare ea Wadaei4ap, the 1Mb. cmi nobfole, rtfiuilla aed bicb mond - r The L'alU4 Ptatea mail ataamahlp KOASuKB. Tkomea ?klanar, rammaader, will laare jl?r No II North riror ??? W 'dneaday April II. at 4 o riaeb P M , will arrle* At Mar folk the a?at aftaraoea, aad at rewakan ea I Ri".af>a4 ti e followiag moralag. Prom Norfolk paeeeagera for tha 5>?ath proeae-l bp railraad dlreet with thraagh tiek>tafr'>m MTaldea to Wllmlea' a, rherleat'.n. 4' Paaeaga aad fara to or"'lk, BB; ta Patrral orr aad Rlahmoad. 41' ataeraae half |T?a. Threark ti'kata to I ynekiar*. Ill Apply te M l I. AM A PLB A" ANTa No li Broadway N M.-Na freight tabaa Wo Eiehmead. ! I BAWEB A ?<?. N BW roKB A N U BAv' pBA N e| a eleeo B>ir?aa ? Oar aait t.aliferaia ?ap'eee will ' ? t rw aided by tiaa M eragaa ataaaar "TAB OP TIIB ta p.'T oa Tharadap April llta la akarra of tkreafh aa?ae?a<>r I'aclagee. parrel*, aad lettere f-oalted at the "Boa 71 I roadway. I'a'tagee meet ke dellaerad at the >.B?a h.?.,r? M a'cla'k "a eat I lag day J. II A ITB1 A CO J w. raaarwaTos, Ageat, 7 * Broad ?*y N II ? We rail atlratlea af ahipprri to the epoe al fa? IMf of a 'team Perry kaat or lilliler koloarlar la teat Paaane, ; ky wktah wa avatd tha nab aad daiay af traaahippia< k; I .aaaehaa. PAdPtC KXTBE't ri. MI-ANT. 114 MROA DVAT ? Oar Biat regular efpree^ela Nieetagaata Baa Fraa ?maa, will ha 4eapat?ha4 oa Tfcaradey , April I J. MM j,?r ' ateeaer "Ptar <f I ka Weet, f ayt Tarawa, la aaarre at a i poet a I aaeaaaa?>r Pratgl.t, paaiagaa aad eapreag aaiur , i ea orally, far all carta it Cal fereSa Booth *?<?-? "a?i wiek Ieiae4e Oragoa ead f'bla* rweiaadat the laaaet riua "or aewtpaay I* ararpwaoH ?.f tha lada eaaplwt e^wf A4aaaa* 1 Ca ta Baa FWaekea* aad < eliferaia peaaraily, aad ear fhrlll , Uaa far traaeailar Vaaiaaad ltre??Uet llta1 tm? aa I I Opapta are paa^aaUad WE 11 AA14-, A go a I N! unnmm IlLO'S UilOlN^lMiN OPERA.- MO (ITS _ . Buhaeriptien NUkt.-Twaaday events*. April 10, irlii N performed Ballial'i 0ru4 Oaer* al ROMEO AND JULIA. Firrt ipMUUM ef Mi** CAROLINE LEHMAN M IUbm MAD. BIEDENNURO. K?M SCBRAUMS TADTER ?4 VIM'KE, Is Ik* ether prtulptl ikwMUn. Mu mil DlriaUr t>4 y Jul Vi|?. Price* or Adaiaeiea? Itm, hcviMIm to loeallea, $4 t>4 ti; lire a* circle u4 Secured mil, 91; Co all other parte if Ha konac, W cent*. Dera ihi >( 7, la it A o'eleck. Dm o?ee open from 9 A. M. to 4 P. M Broadway theatre.-!, a. Marshall, sol* I ?????.? Door. open el 7, tomineace at 7V. o Clack. Tucaday evasinc, April 10. will ba performed JACK CADE JaakCU* Mr Pcrrcat Mowbray Mr. Ornevcnor l.?oy .. .Mr. USiiaall i.?oy ... Mr l.ranywall Mariano* .Mm*. I'onial Widow Cede Mra. Hoar* Kate Mr* veym?ur Mlaaea lliir) and frlci Saffelk Mr. Bradley Lord Say Mr Haaaheti Bnckiimkaa... Mr Sartord ClUfvra. Mr. Laoaraan Wal Worthy. .. .Mr. Whltm* Paa da Deax To coielnde wltk the laroe of THE IKISH TUTOR Torry O'Eourka Mr. Seyaonr Roaa a Miaa Barnard WALLACE'S THEATRE. BROADWAY, HEAR Broome atrecl.- I uraday areata*, April 10, WILD OATS. Sir Otorya Thunder Mr. Rlaka Rover Mr. I.aat*r Joka Dory.... Mr. Broaybam Tim . Mr. Viaccat Siuro'h Ma Pawn Harrv Thunder. . . Mr. Hand Bank* Mr. Bernard Oauiuion. ...Mr. Ktoddart Um|' Mr. Chlpi>end*le Lady Amaranth. . .Mr*. Iloey Jin ii y Mra Stephana Amelia Mra. Cram-r Twitnb Mr Trover A KISS IN THE DAHK. Mr. raillboaa. ..Mr. Vlneant | Frank Fathom Mr. B I aad B ARM M S AMERICAN MUSEUM. -MAMMOTH CIRL over (100 ponnda; Mafaa Gianleaa, nearly clrbt Itot h.*b Dwarf l ady, only 17 inehaa; tha renowned Frjea Mermaid, Ae.?Tuacday. April 1U. -Evening, at 7', o'alork, lha FLY ING PVTl.llMAN. Afternoon, at 8, th? naw fame, MY WIPE'S DIAHT, and LEND Ml! 1 1 V K sill I.LI N 111. Admittance, 2ft cental children under tan, UU acuta (HAND NATIONAL HAIIY SHllW. Jnae 3. (I. / and 8. Promlamc 11,000. Clreulara to b? had at the Murium Beooklyn atiif.n ,v.i;m. LAST CONCERT I'YNE AND HARRISON ENtlLlKH OPEIIA COMPANY On Tui-hiav Aran. Id. PROGRAMME? 1'AHT I. Overtrre iplanolortc) G F Brtatow Aria? Sornata Itoaaitu Mr. Uorauai. Ballad? "I'll Sprak oiThoa".. M B ilawta Miaa Phi. Balltil? "Tha Old Arw Chair Ball* Mr W. llarriaoD. Air and Variation*? ' Ceaaa Year t unniny Miaa l.ouiaa I'ync Rrritative and Aria? "Friaad of tha Urate . Dr Caicott Mr. J 0. Atkiai Duct? Toruami a dir (Don I'Mquala) Dcnitdti Mia* Louiaa I'yn* ami Mr W Uurr.aon. Ad iatcrval of ten aiinuto*. FART II. Glee Who ahall win my Ladi* Fair Miaa Louiaa Pyno, Mine Pyiie, Mr W. Ilarx.aou and Mr. Iloracaalle Iriah Ballad "0 Bay ul Hubliu. . Miaa I'yue Balled? "Brightly tko Moon". I.mdy Mr W llarriaon Scoteli Ballad? "Uounie I'rmue Charlie'' . . Miaa Louiaa I'jui Soar? "The Sea Veukomm Mr. Burraai. Echo Duct. ..... ... The M >aca I ' y na Bnffo So??? Simon tha Cellarer'r . . llatUu Mr llorncaetle Clcc? 'See the Chariot at liauj IL raeley Miaa Louiaa I'yne, Miaa Pyne, Mr H'. Ilarriaua, nod Mr. J. O. A thine Ticket*. DO eenta? to he had at tha Irk atore ot Mr Marah, Atlantic atraet and Mr. Waiaal. tauain elore, Fulton atrcat, and at the llall in the evening. Doora open at 7. Concert to commeueo at H o'aloeh prcciacly GEO. CHRIST* A WOODS MlNtTEEIA NO Broadwa), (Maebaaloa' llall.) Proprlatora lleary VerdaadOaa. C'hrlat; Tail weak, a varied aad plraame ETHIOPIAN I'KRFOHM ANfg eomuieaelBa every evening, at 7 W ? eloek To aoaelnda wtt} Til K GHOST OF N IG<; E !t l>BMl>N Tieketa, M err. la. All baaiaeaa tranaacted hy llrury Wo- ?. j)ERUAM'S BCRLESQUE OI'EHA HOUSE M3 IIROAD 1'ERl'iAM'S GIO ANTIC ETIIIOIMAN ( I F.RA TROUT E Grand perforinancea avari evaninr, at 7\ a dork, aad v a Wadnaaday and Saturdav afternouna, at S b clouk. I hit waali, the lauybahle piece antitleil l?AN AND PtlMFEV, with I.aiaDi* aad Smith In the principal charaetrre Admlaaion. CAcanla; children half |r or. I'crhatn'a Gift Tieketa will admit four per" na. J '.'UN H. SMITH'S ORAND T /CR 'F ItkOfl AND SIIGE OF 1EYASTOPOL. At Eaanai llai.i., 'W Nkii air, ehowti* uaranaiiiraaiiaa, forty fret wide, of the firmcipal CITIES AND OBJECTS OF INTEREST II lilt' Tl Every evaainy. at 7M o eloek, and *>?ry ^a'arday aitaf luoa. at S Tha mania by Mr. Alwya Fie d, af Loadoa. Admlttanaa ...IBeaali THE TABLEAUX P L C-.STrni:, Aran. 10. IW? OF TIIE AMERICAN DRAMATIC I U\T* ASSOCIATION. The boa uAaa la aowtwi In a*< ore piaraa aad eMail lickrta, '.a Wedaaanay neat, at |o l M Coatuiua Tlekata, admitting a i ad > aaj Canllaa.aa .... M Ciliten a Dreaa I ickal*. " .jf Eitra Ladiaa' Tlekata .... f I eeeb Private Haiaa an the lower liar IHI eatra All other Maura OTL'YVESANT INST1IUTE, BR( A l? W A V - WON I' drrlul liacloaarea? A aaw reformer in tha A?>d ? Prof AHKFAN, the (real reioriaad Witard aad nowaS| iri nal lit, will untold all the wouderlnl myatcri'a ol ma,<i< and leirerdcinaia, and ibaw the aadiaa<e how theac th ofaari performed He will be aaatated hy tha rrea'. Ethu plan cm Hirer aad ventriloiuiat, MEER CA*ilM CaaiOMnaiat MEDNkSDAV EV EM NO, April II. Daaia tp.n at 7; to cob.b*bo* at u'eleck. Adtaiaeiuo 2A aenta, children half price. M ERIC AN DRAMATIC FIND HA IV- NOTICE ? A Hack mi' n aad olbera briaiiaa company to the above fall will atop at Iba entrance In IrauiK [lace, wl'.h Ibeir horaaa' brada Uwarda Flfteeatb atraat; aad, < a returalaai. la tha revera a All peraoa* aanploycd in front of tlie Academy ef Muaie oa tb* above oooaaioa miaat be .a at teauanea at II o'clock PEEHAM'S GIFT COMMITTEE WILL MEET AT Oaanatawa, D. C., at tka . i . a>f April, to dlapoca al tha Olft Property. The Sbareholdera are raanetled la tand iclofataa ta ad ?ice tbc Comaiille* bow to aicpoaa of Ite ease. h'EANEI.IN MUSEUM. NO. U EOWERT. NEAEL1 eppocite tbc Bowery Tkaatre. Fcrfotoaaueaa atwy al teraooa, at S, aad every eventa*. at K N b. ttraa?an will abaerve that the fraaklia Macaaa. II tha caly ?iaaa la the Uaitad Statea where the Model Artlcla are ciUbiied. wilb atber cri?iaaJ ealertaLuaieaU McBaakat, Na U Bowery. HOP -nUENTON'B LAST HOP PREVIOUS TO RE l|jrl?? from the daaclaf [rofeaaion. wlll take plaaa tkia avaaiay. April 10, al the Cbiaaee Moowa, Broadway Tbeec wha have aot tiebelc raa proeare them at the deor. WANTED IMMEDIATELY? A YOUNO LADY TO daace aad aia| la a drat rale travalliaff ' < mpaay Ad drata Profaaaor. Herald af)ce. Til y CELEREATED AEEOTT COLLECTION OP EQ YP tiaa aatlqeitlaa, namberlaa apwarda of ? tbaaaaad ob ject*? the meat yayalar, atlreetiva, aad laetraetlva eahlbl tioa I* Ik* city? i* npea day aad crcaiaa at tkc Sta/vcaaal Inatituta, ISM Broadway. MIIKAT.. __ I A VOPNG I ADY WISIIH A BITI' ATION TO MHO J\ alto la abureh; r*a4a rabdiljr. ?od kia > ??n om*t' naa I I t<> a qaartotto ahalr Alii t trv I n U fit) |rl?M : Ihwm i* ftMiau >1.4 arltbaaatic Addraoo Ooodaaia, i Ui"i4tif rm A BITt'ATION WAMID-RY A ROPRAKO RtNORR, j\ la mo* rbarrti In tki* city Hat bad oii-rwaaa la ttial llao. a ltd la fully taallb'd to road ui ama M M|U. laltnui ?l?a?. Addraaa H tlm, M<nM iMm. KYOL'NO I.AD V TO TBACB HirttK WA1TIU-I* aa Inatltatlva la It* eouat rj Addraaa 1 II Addla?a, N-? Yark. mORIAT ' II * r -GRAND D1AQONAI. PI A WO. forta. la alagaal tui, laitbtlall rauiul aa?a? ?ut? ty Iba baai nabar. a*4 *arraala>l (oatAtjft WiUb*?al4 I.IIJIIUI aaaaaat of 111 b**HI. M?.a aaa4 but a abaft IIM. I an ba ?au at No. Ill Nlatti atr**< a>ar 0i?a4aar, ' tro? 10 u Sa'aloob. j B'OR BAM OR RXCIIANOR-roR OAH ?IT( :RH OR a*rj.atla?. a aaw | laaoforto. aaado by ?a? < f Iba ???> city. A44iaaa S. W B|?a4aay Paf. ORm, far Ibraa daya For kai-E-a piano, v cm v i mn rut i prici ttnu. coat W*i lai?ln at I'lT UlacMi?l4 atroat, II a bofcaa. / ' RIAT RAROAINB IK SROOND IIAWO PIAMol AT U III Hroadvay To cloao tbo ataob bofor* aatiu t a No III Hnalaay, M Nlobola* llotal an oataa* fall r> aad plaao lor 174. oaa for 111 mo for RldA, R<a****d <<ilbort iiaao 'naarly aowj (or fl*', do do G.lbort V .iaa f .r ?W, toad ir Rf ad?oo4 |xaao f'.r 9TS trill a faaa aaaa pa aoa a< aoat Pla? oataa* aalodaoaa ??? (if |? LIN '?! S A 111.. Ml Htni Mt'Ric AT TUf RIIH'< r.n i rk t-rn ?li?|4it catalo?ao of aiaalt la lit world *?? "~wa ' 1 all ma aoao foad naaa, ' ?i|a4 I j Nr< Mary r. Rao, It ?alody fro? Wallaoo a boaatlfal rtaia** . Tba Vlil^a Maldaa ? V.a#, ayaaiboalaa aa I Maaafaa ky ' '.a* I arala, prl?a B arala "Tba 'wkaa ? Crajrt a?aa aa? Bid by < borl.a Jama ^riMBaaaia *00 hlxluih Maaoaln Acbottiib by J A f tin. |T?al?o*aU N?? l'olka Rodaaa? T?.o f llaar a I'alka R?4o?? 'y Iras iliil Brataa. |>rtoo Jt a*at* W U II AH. A ?<S*. XV Ilrta4aa;. 0 | >iu ??.? Cut UIAKOIOKH* A f>t.W AM' liRA ' Tlf l'l I. Y X carrad roitood 7 a'laa* ytaoaforta ?.t ail tbo lat??t layriiiaoata, aa4 ?*4* ty ooa of lit boot ?i?a aalxa. ?4l I AO. for tala <|f?alt?4 fo* tof' fo tba drat ?( ??? f?r Ho Aa >.14 |Utao tak?a ia?a?Liar? I j?i Iih4Iw tala Md t? lot 'kaay at ttt ftfaad awiad. SI' 0>DIIA*iti l'?- ? If '1 R I A T lldR'ltll* Oao 1 bi?brria? iiaao aoaoa o-ta?o all m>| iifiltt, v|tb otraalar Kali ir?a froato, aa J all tbo at'.darn lOyf .?? ?rata, irlaa %*"? *111 b? aold fo* I.H '.aa T Ullbrr* A C< ift*liaa Haao j-H?a |IM ?lll ba a- 14 lor $^|A, oao Hara- r? l^aao. <!?< aadaoa, ' > |l"l. a?a?1y Vlaao.l?< oitai. 4at fl*A. aoarly oo? aa4 oao 4o far |1W a aalt toiao a inldMfi at itbl? yaiBtatt t?th, II ? I H A? I W A TIM. ).a' .i iMoai.. w Br .?d*ay Il'ATII'' IIMC AT TIIR RIl?f< III PR I' I - TV ht ? ol iba laii-it aa4 ml aalotlad *atalo?*aa of a.aata la Iba I altad Atat?a ratalafaao datn otolf. aay a4 ' roaa fyao of ? 1 or ra *' Tvlliib t .a * Kaotoa tba load Vooaia ?Hai a.aal daot vr4?by Via C l.a-?4 aaai ky too >||| A ?.?l -? a? >1 ' tar Ctarlla C < oarort* -Si oaato ooa4<r*4 I y II a bro..b aid' al aaatifol ballad by J Jti'nU. "( anti? f. lla, a abaraitar arrao?>at?al, 1/ Hoard 11 Iat'??- I .* *?ata "..111/ va k t >a *.0 airiM'l W tk? [? aolar air of tbo I illy WMt^a rut lo of If lh. B oak lay a, ly JoaiM H- aa M aaola. !*????? or lira* l*a??4 Oaioi valla |-.lko aa I w!.*m ?ba-? bail ' Iaa t 'rV? bi b lla t aaalo '!? ao??- Aaaaba. ' bin aod ?lila, ??* m Iba *a* at arraoiooaoaia for tbo ^?aaa* aa? (??.llolad by tba oo|atf*t?4 a?aa^-<aor "a-af I'oraaltaab? ?i ?ata '^arbl ar r?lba arraar* I a* a d* t I a i ? a roo> raaar-.aor Tb?au Itak^r dn aaola Acati aa to! 1* Iff) too a la tbo faitod dtataa to aali aa*i- at tba r- lr< I irwa, ba ?kaa tba Maat ad?ao*M* ?a taiao ai.l to rlaoo NORA' I*lrATIRI RU Hr ata purno (arim. OLA TIRO CARD* -fARO Pl.ATtffO CARM YIRT I old aad wall aa oao aod. attb ail tbo rwiaaa atbor 100J Itaaaad l aaa aad oatbaa aarla aodo by OAR MdRT A >?> for aala U tba ?Ua aad alat kaaow at I'aAr avoa* ?t ?afatay atfaat ? ty aata tbo Aavar llaw AMVWWWrr% Boiriir tnm-rwruim K*a nr. I. f. Waldroa. Nla?* llllMir. Robert Jmm. Prlaoa ol adailaaluu ? Bw?,iS M.uTrU u< Qftlianr, 11% a*al?; I'rtrat* w?l?|, Af U I?. TUBCotRIBB uf LYONB. JoM|>b LMnrtiiiM ? - Mr. B. BJ?J BLACK ITID tfUBAN. RAN bOll. Bl'BTON'S. CKAMHBB* tTRMBT.? TOBSDAF, AMU JAM.T I'dlDE, Tk? boo! pulail ?ad trio aaoa*aol Ik# MMi NtW BtENKRY HT IIIILGI. Tka akacrbla* InUrnl and oirlliaf Mt aallaaa to MM |M?* ?llrll Ik* uabouadod >IM?i n of ?>owit?d knM, IWpiJ formaaea li ireUJ ?UI, l*u/hiar. (uri and loo? appiaa?4 Ildird rril*. Mr. Hart'.n.Jan* iu< Jimi PrMi, lira. 4 f. Dakar; Hlaak Jul, Mr riaktr, Baraard, Mr. Mmn. Tha ?ral tat la Parl?. lb* aaooa4 act la AuatralJa,* il tblrd aa< foartb act* la Loadoa. Ik* ttftk aal il >M|M JaU Tba london Paack aaya- 'OaotU raadar, go, loartaaal ?lhar Ballara. alraUbtwa; la ika tkaatra, aa4 aaa aad M "Jaaal I'rUa." Wa ar> aara that ti aball ka npw4 Hy yoor tbaaka II i< aot uftan thai tba pa Idle baa ..Ifarad l? Il a drama of a? muck bona as 4 uaaaal#, aa4 a?A a kit baallnj haarl la II.' Naata mar b? a#ear?d for an? alfbt la Iba araak. I rtdar , Mllul H rAMII.r AND TOUPLM. A I'AViiHITE KAId E < ~ry n,?M altar ' Janat rn4* ACADEMY Of MOM ITALIAN PP BRA. Roaalai'a ikcf diravm ol W I l.l.l AM TEI-L ? ill I ? ral ? atad iia WII'MHIIA V a 1.4 ruin * Y HVIMMIS. Arr.l II and 13, Mun-.r,. nun AMiVf aid HERTl'I'vA MAKBfXBK, wllh Mr aara IHH i |.?, |, ViETM, HAWAII, ROC CO and CliI.ElTI will appear la tko prloalpal rolaa Tka I'aa da Tron, in u.o f, r ' i and third aota, <taaaa4 h? kJVb , A VI(iN,^? L**kl?BR ??>l Monaaaar CAR Maalral Olractnr aad Cna-taolnr Mai Mlkirtal Tbo I'aa dr Irula and llaila nitanuadly ... Mlla Loaadrr Kaata may ka aomr^.i at lla'i A Aon., Ht'.adoay, Vaa **?? 4?a A KIiji'i. and at Ilia l?o? - ol lha Arodomy al Hunt. I'rl.aa ol Adcnlaali.n I'ar^aa*. nad l>f*a# Ctrala II; Sacarod, II Ml; H?aoo4 Cirola, SU aaa'a, AinaAI lliaalra, 'i"> oaata. iJiora op.-n al 7; ?par? .>amn,anoai at Ho'aloak BUCE LEY'S HEKEN ADERS, M> IIEOAHWaV A OOMIIIS aTUKV i.K ENTEKTAINMES'TB l.VEKY MUlir Til IN WEEK MI.UO M I N bT K E LS V , ?o>al.tia? of Soaiia, < i,.,roaaa, I'laatallou and i am) l'ai.cci, Uaalu Solo*. Duata and W t tlrlama. Ann. nv r * h Tict'l. ai itrvinr, Dvam ni'a count oirta Tii r ri i* in or i.ovb. in u ii n k rArr.t, C aaaarl at 7% t'aluk Tlcktl#^ B ? U. Tiie uram> niiaeii k^mean eehtitai.. ii a i. ciisriiHi, in AH* nr IMC rritria or m> AMERK'AN HKAMA1U IUKU ASiWICI ATIOM, AT TIIE A ' AHKMV Or MUSIC. Aran. Ill, IMA T?.a Tlrkala talnr Hr.ltad, aa aarl/ ap|.ural ta Will b# MMMMJI. I oalana Tlakft, adn.HI n? a lad; aad ganllaman IS I'ltiiaa a Orraa Tlrkvi '? " ....... ) K>tra ladlaa' tlckata ?l aaob f ?rur?d }tlac?a ib tba It aaa for tba aatlr* arar lag V) raall aitra l>ai.4 lux *111 roaiinanraai V n'alock Half aa ki ar a l* tar Biaaloa al llo'alnrb. Ha llillllant M.aka* afan Tnblaaaa will ba praaaatad al It), v'aloak, ra|>raaoat. d k| Iba |>rlaol|>al draiuat.a Bftlat* .a tha ? it jr. Nuiipar Rooma npaa all lb? -??nlot Tlckata may I a t r>-rur> d at tha aaaaral k'.lata a?4 naal# ?taraa, alao at Iba Ui ? n.raa of tba Thaatraa, ar froai nay al ? ba Bimikara aad bn icirary u>aia>*ra of Ilia Dramatic fand Mr Wil l.iAHa. . : lir.1 ma itraal. a ill ko in attaadaara at tba Aaadaiay of Mualo t 'Iia laraa aaaortuiaal ?f ?|i)aa?i4 t oatuaiaa. I'AKTIOt'l.A* ^OTll ? ? I ..a a.nat rl/id aaratlay Will I* ? baaraad un lha part nl lha < aaiailltoa af Ka*a|t<oa. No* fall kill I a for dlalrlbtiiion ol T at>Uaaa. ANEI I'RIIiB Al III HT'iM'l Ourin? tha rua af Una aairamaly aaaooaafnl, a?ar J Willi E'H lifEHA HOCEB. 4* IIOWERV BV?UT nit lit tbla ?a.k. II rr Von lfHa|lar, tba iroal won lar af tba aorldj Whlto'a "aianadMr* and tba na?ro faraa of Ol.l) DAIi'N I'A III N 1'arf riaaaaaa cauoiaaaa ata qnartaf to R u rlook | rtclaaly, 4 riDiirr or music.? J\ lha oiatorln "f tlo ' Hiai.oi Maitr, or i KI < lllXlliN ill I II K I n r, (i - in I* i?. d kf W W. I ry.) will ko Mrforni"d by tlir ar'ia'o atraii|lh .1 tba roB-fkriy < a Till U.sfiAV BVEMKO, APRIL IH, Itlftrlad ly* Sitlaly of Vaa York, to II* a taal ?>( 3? addul. aal ?-lca?. ICiMvHA ?'A7A! ISA IKRIlAHI. fH? II Til t ??rvftlorj oJ UtUn. |?ri* % dntm* ?f m ? ? in Cit ??? ftnti wi *!l lli* rmolpAl J??l In ihl? eilj . I r-* jiiM#i - *r. ?, ? hp h?n dMld'd t'? ?!?? <pri A * V,i ft n M liKfi c#< BEIOI. ih? + ill ? ?* r It M 4iili???|H.i mid wtll lintiWM btrit- n? >lu. innor t>> vtat**?, n *?!? > rftt? ?J I rtnck ( Inn * ?( , Ike k(?ii In llnicily, md ?tli*r tniRint itluti. iUtiiWfl Bi^nt rn y ifriri l w*i ?. !? f?;4 Id \ ?? ??rj rtSMrliilU, ?? rcfcfftlultt* tlir r in adding Ihtrt i"lli \f ?ft lim rr nr*rt n rhnt < ' ? ?ft?r f??r llm irtl lltti#. tf n N?n York Iftdy, kn t* n? t??iliil who Ui offtrtd l.9t *n!an kilt ??r? n# In rt?nrd al n?^n"rn hrr?n Wn t? |?n !!??? Nt? York | nl Uc will in l Ut*?ntt> n 0 vd ? |>|< tf btnr* i*f ** ?*l nn??l<? |>4 rfnt !t>??d t? m. k??4*?i Rlnirtr* nt '*kt mtafuntd TK* tunti rl nlfl ink* f>ln? t tn n ftw dt/t, ncd llit |>r(*grti?init will 1 d o|i| orinntl y JMpliRA CI. A NK, W.ll|l?* ktl Mfolnl C.RAH U CON( EKT HITROTOt'TAV THEATRE. n? Tl MPAY fcVKMMl, A|>nl 17. laaiaad >' ika ijik Inai ll.>n?ii|lickti?<( Ik ar4ar t? (o(|l<K 1M u r*?i< Tl'RMlD TO I.KAPE-A I AKORARA ? I NOf M I .fiaai a-i^bt | r?i. ri?-l Anl| fit. SMlWaat Taaaly nlatk airaal. MEDICAL. Dk **ni!t.'v mbnber or Tin ????.? or Hinimi al Paklia. n d Ultkari, HWMi la frtakta K*llaa, at Ma oil ? nakiiah.* al't, 71 Ha4taaa Hmi mm if.arlaa, alim L? to rl?ru.laj im anal Hktiililu aaraa ?? tnj, aittial <? ?< ? ' In AM w i? tm farra'ia | H HUNTER, MO. ? DITIRIOH *TK BET HEW T- RE. Dr. uvntsr. mo. I division rrrnir hew Tori a* laaa ?< faatrakl/ laa?a in tka mMR mm I aaiaaallad al kla al4 aalaMlaka4 ??*aa vl.ara ka ka* ft* iM la ?>a krutli at kxllaiaa IM Ika !ulk iaM aa4a Bira aaraa ll.aa at; alkar aaa ka Ika ally, la alaaaaa af aanaaa a aiiaaM la. ' aai af aki kaa /arfalaalak ta rifai w> aa kartMata CkW|M at? Hi I* All aaaal k aara gaaraalaai Caakiaa -If raaiaf/, Haatar'a ra4 4r*f, Iba* aaraa aartola 4iaaaaaa aal art la/ Ika >*laa a la ika i Iaa4 aaa aalr ka M I Filat (l. Call a*4 fat Ika Haalvar af Haallk D' 'J'' Mraiaail aaraa Ilia liaaiaaatu Ika aaaaa Mttal it aa Itaa4 k/ Ika araat ftiaarl ?f Carta. N R.? l?r. l"a<l|iaai, aa aaaaa kaf al Ika haa Ta/k UaliMlf. aa) ka Maa la Ma L CORHETT It tlla'ANi RTRIIT. RAT ?? aaaat?lu4 alia r?a>4aaaa ?a aartaia 4 laaaaaa. Tata I; faar f kra' la Ikla apaaiallt/ aaaklaa klaa la raltailaa laaaat aaraa Mia traaiaaaalia Ika aaaaa kaikal (r a aRaa ER JOHNSON. M DIANE ITBEET, HAS rRRrrtM a4 aara aaraa (kaa. aa/ oat.a* aa4taal aaa ka Naa I I?r it traalaaaa! la aa fa a. a aaf*4IU*aa. kkaail aiaaa aaa ka lakaa allkaaa faai a' 4<iaallaa laamaa aaa arala, an J Ika aaaaa/ rafaa4a4 II aat.a'f i , a to aai ^taa. D> COOrRR, 14 DVARE ITBIIT. RO LORD ENOWR i'< Ika altlnaa af Kaa T art aa Ika aan iawairf< /raaliUaaar lalkla aaaatr/ aaa kaa? af. ikaMklil la ka aaaaallaf al kto al4 i*m, rallaflai Ika aafartaaala aal ?tlai aaaaa lallaa la auf aa aaklaa kaar /a ara a laaa a aara la all aaaaa aaAariaJkaa D kaar I. ?. R Dt. R. WARD HAERB TM* ON IT IVBR TEE Hit aafa'laaaia'a fnaal aaraa whaa aalkiac alaa arlll ? aarra akaa all athar Ikiaaa fail Tkaaa aka kaaa Irfanl lita [rataa4ara varraala* a aara Maa Na. M Caaal airaal aaa 4aar f/aa Br*aa4 ?ar EaaaakUakal BMI aaaaa. Faraa aarraata4 (aaaalkaiUaa raalia fka NBHI It, ? Halt I Allaa4kaaa till l> a'aUafc f. 1 Dk W-lADIES' OOI.DEN TONIC AND rEEinftiQ /Ilia? ika aalr aartata far faaala uraraUrtliaa aaakaaaa aa4 tialrt>iwai II atf Vki IM4 al Na. m Caaal airaal, ?aa 4??f lr?a Bi-.iflaa/ >R 1'IRRT. II* WERT RROADWAV, im ?h ' II r?a/kaal Ika t'al-.a */? kla aaaoaaa la aariac aaata.a aiaaaata. la a- aaalla4 a?< atai ! r I'arr/ .a Ika k#aalf*4 liatal'a I taark aiaia, a a?a4laala4 laalr%aaal far ><aaia akatraaltoaa I'rwa K I)1 Mi ARRORT.rARIt ANR LONDON FRI >i#tAI aa4 . aargaaa. aal kaa af Ika Ra4kaal A 4rkaaa u4 laniMa Ilal4a, (aal1a4 1/ kla. *aa'a4 alaaal/. la aa/ a?4raaa (| III la a?a?alta4 il Na U Raa4a a*raaa aaraa *4 IraaR aa/. fraa ll A N Ifll l aal 4 la ? P 8 . Marl aa?a?ta4 Tkaaa a4 a 4Jaaaaaa Waala4 ky aaafl i?4 agl? % Wa aaaaa / allk alkar /aiira la laaaaaaaaku It E aa4 BCSulrg wsMnp" PIN I COTOH aTRrP Win. r-PRI A fOCML RN? Ik. 4la*aaaa a/ ika laaca All ak*al4 kaa* tl fa 14 ka /raaa II, far Rk aaala | ar tallla al IRI Rraa4va/. Wfl Tki?4 ataaaa i;? Malk kaaaaa la ltraakl/a kf Naaaa. fallal aaa A llaaiia Hraala tra4aaa//Ua4 k; C I RLNO TRR 0R1ATBRT RRDIORt DIRCOTSRT aaa ? MR IEnNRt>T.a< Raabar/ kaa 4k i at aar akkaa /arkara aaala a raaa4y ika* ?9 TRR kaa ataRHt?J lia nraaa, aU aaMMa kla4 alknaar, fraa aka aaaat a aaa lata 4awa la ? ?iRkkll. Ha kaa krta4 II ta aaar l.l? aaaaa ka4 la i?. . aa?a lilklt?4a kaaat Ha aaaaa .a >tar la> I.?a4ra4 ??rta> ia>aa af kaaaij a., - a .. Ta Unlaa art ?aaaaa aa4 la aara a aaralka ?rt taaaaa fraa la Ikaaa ka4llaa aUJ aara Ika aaaal kta4 af ?aa?>laa aa Ik* 'aaa Taa la Ikraa kalilaa will aara ika a/ al aaa al kalla Ta a kalilaa ara wan kali 4 la aara ika a aara aaakar la 144 aa? tk ?r aaaaa a* a TLraa u It. kaiala* kaa aamalal la aara ika aaaal aaa* af at/iia<<M Oaa u laa tattlaa ara aaaraatal t? aara all k a aat aa Ika a/aa Taa kakitaa *ra aarr?al?4 la aaa* raaalaf af Uka ?/aa a*4 Mala kaa aaaa/ Ika kaaa fiat f aa kaialaa ara aarraataf ka aara aatrar* 1*4 raa. kla/ ataar a Ilka lallia a U! <ara aaal/ aaa/*laa ** Ika >b.a Tai la I*, raa katOaa Ma aarraa:a4 U aar* 'ka a a/at aaa* af rla/aara 1 aa la lkr< a kaiaiai ar. iaffktl|( l? aara Ika aaaal 4aa l?a?ai? <ka* a< r 1 aaua uaaa Tk raa I* f ?r k um ar* aknaa w4 ta aar* Ik* Ml r k?*a |ii? la at<kl I at I ' aa afll aa/a Ika waral a aaa ?' aaa?/ala A I" atl U llra/i ar I arWc aa#f^aa Ika Rral kt**la a. 4 a f- r 'aal ' ara I* aarraalal a kaa Ika akaa* t*aal.i/ 4 ?>? laalaf, I |ai4lal aaar k Ifcaa?aa4 l-illat af Ikia ? Ika ri laM< af RaWaa I kaia Ik- ataa?aaf ilia tiar; a*ra ka ara aa a alar alii aakaralak Ira aa rara al. 14 .a aara aa It!, a' I kat I'kt a-lf a?<"kar i ,rr.a riraaa RaaVarr^ kaaa rrlaakl W kali aal a aaaala ,M Tark? ^ka*. R ita4L Ha IM Nra a4 a a/ ,C T. ..lata Na n RaraU/ WaaiT. A I IB Iaa4k Ra 141 . laa airaal Rarak ? Rarlkraf. Ua Oaa.aaiak naaaa, a at a $ Rraa A <*r IR Wnilaaa air aaa OaH I raa* I aalrn twal ? I C W*H* R Ca Vraallia aar?a* R t ar . Rail aa A < a Raa- -a laaa Ra-i!aa4 N a aa all A Ra , W aaaaa *?*?**. Var4 ' laaa I Da ka* k* ail ?a a aakallalraMM

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