Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 14, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 14, 1855 Page 3
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m&nmzMsm imra stbkt m. FOR SALE. kl 9 nOt) ?TWENTY ACRES ON STaTEN ISLAND wiw.V'WU, shor* front, Lew and oostly buildings, a 1 ten acre*, splendid improvements, $\.'i00; do tea Bra, large mansion, out houses. Ac , $e OUU, will exohanze. ^^e b*?t store and ground* in Babylon? L. I., trading $30, ) a year, >6,000. t A BL'NC E, 2U Broadway ,_reom 3. 7nnn y0K sai-e at a great bargain, that .UUU. very neat three story brown stone house and It No. 403 l'aoitic atreet, between Bold and 5evins, Brook Im bath, gaa and every convenience. $6,000 oan re lain on mortgage. Alio for sale, for SS.000. a very neat bree ftory briok and lot on Dean street, near Nevius, Irooklyn. Has batb, gaa, Ac. 94,000 can remain on mort V?. For the keys, apply to 8. 3 BROAD, 13 Wall atreet. if* fCAA ONLY? FOR THAT THREE STORY STONE JOiUVu ba'eement sub-cellar brick house, with nil the ^verne^s of the age Gaa, range, hot and cold water, r furnaces, gaa tixuires for cooking, speaking tube, Ac. once on llioke street, five minute* from South Ferry Kklyw. DE MOTT, IS Spruoe atreet AAA _A BUSINESS FOR SALE, WITH THE .Vl/V/. manufacturing machinery and material all on nu; ha* been establish* I forty year*; includes gronnda d building*. The good ? ill alone u worth the money. So S?J>J,'K>rtun' ;y for business rarely oflers. Apply to ? B. HOWES, ft! Nassau street, h nnn -for sale cheap. pA.Vf U v. For (ale oheap, a three story briok houae in |uabwick, $-'.500. Alio, a two itory cottage, with two loti, in Clarence 11a, Long Inland, half an hour * ride from New York; house w? $1,000. Term very easv. Together with a number of houaea and lota in New York, rooklyn and Williamsburg. Apply to PECARE8, BERNSTEIN A PHILLIPS, 51 Liberty gtreot. il nnn ?FOR SALE. THE ONE HALF INTEREST 'l.vUU. in a well established and flourishing real tate business, of several years standing, and in one ot the sat location* in the city Satisfactory reasons given for lling. Apply to 8. DROWSON, Esq., 203 Broadway. ?GOO -VERY RAH CHANCE, A COFFEE ROAST 'vyvi ing andapice mills, and good will of the busine-is; tiis is a very good paying business, and the reasos the pre nt proprietor wants tosell, is that he is going to t ie |>untry , and would sell below the valne, the horses and ~gons, and all oomplete to carry on business. Inquire at ) factory, o32 Third street. The business will be taught to ho ever wishes to bin ? t^AA -FOR SALE, a CONFECTIONERY AND ICE cream saloon, with all the tools, uteuiils, Ac., ir manufacturing and making the same, located in a great uniness thoroughfare; it is alao a commission bakery, and 11 a large number of pies, cake. Ac.; n splendid location 7 a firet elass family bakery. Apply to C. B. HON'ES A . 34 Nassau street. A PL A ONLY.-FOR SALE, THE FIXTURES AND iuU furniture of a weU established boarding house. Boated at the south-east corner ot Forty-ninth street, Eighth enue, directly opposite the Eighth avenue depot, one of i best in the oity, now having near twenty good and per nent boarders, and can accommodate thirty. Ill health ) cause of selling. For particulars inquire as above, or at University place t/LAA WILL BDV A SMALL PBINTING OFFICE, iTul/ in good order, situated in one of the best locali ea in the city, worth more than $800. now doing a weekly a per. Also, new material for stereotype works. This is a Lre ohance for a young man with a small capital. Address Trinter," Herald office. onn -A GREAT bargain? a handsome ^lUUabuilding plot, 100 feet square, and only 80 minutes le from the City Hall; title undisputable. Address Plot, terald office. NEW HOUSE FOR SALF, IN BROOKLYN-ON the south side of Degraw street, between Court and ?linton. House three story, basement and sub-cellar, 20 by "feet, with ten feat elevation, let 20 by 100, gaa lu each ory, hot and cold water bath, marble mantels, all in good 'der. Sold cheap. Inquire of E. H. DAY, 44 Douglass st. YALUABLE FARM FOR SALE? OYER 100 ACRE9, _ well watered; dwelling and outbuildings in good order, splendid orohard and a great variety of other fruits, situa on healthy, one mile ana a half from railroad depot. The jnn is In a good state of cultivation, about twenty acres in ood , will be sold on easy teims and early possession given, pply to E. Y. Rogers, Esq., Rabway, N. J. GOOD OPPORTUNITY.? A 21 FOOT FIRST CLASS brick and brown stone house, situated on Clormont a vo ls, Brooklyn, fourth house south of Lafayette avenue, riot finished with arob and glass sliding doors, ten feet ex nsion, bay window basement, three rooms deep, store Hoom. good under cellar, eight bedrooms; price $.'>,000. Will sola on easy terms. Apply to R. WARLAND, on the muses, ; FARM OF 57 ACRES FOR SALE? OR WILL EX l ohange for Now York, Williamsburg or Brooklyn pro perty, situated in Onondaga county, N. Y. Inquire of fOHN VALENTINE, i)4 Eighth avenue. BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY RE31DENCE FOR SALE, _ on the Hudson river, is the immediate vicinity of a de t, about twenty-two miles from New York. Has eleven 90ms, and fins garden attached. Beautifully located, and ommanding a magnificent view. Prioe $4,000. Apply at AN LIEW'S Land Office, 1,110 Broadway. IV A HANDSOME FARM AT FAR ROCKAWAY, L. I., fx to put on sharos, or It will be let. Building lots, beau ifully situated at toe above place, for sale in quartet and talf acres, within two hours' ride of New York. Apply to lAMl'EL R. B NORON, ou the promises, or at No. >ak street. (ROADWAY SEGAR STORE FOR SALE CHEAP-ON I aocount of sickness of the proprietor. Inquire at till Broadway, in the sogar store. 101LERS FOR SALE? FOl'R CYLINDER BOILERS, _J forty feet long and three feet diameter. The boilers ara those which have been used for about nine months, about our hours pet day, in oonnect ion with the Crystal Palace, ^nd have never been pressed over SO lbs. steam, but are cal bulattd to stand over ISO lbs., as they are male of )i inch plates, best American iron; tho ware built by the well known Mid eminent engineers, Messrs. J. S. ttunce A To., Washing ton street. Will be sold together or separate, with tire bars, 'ace plates, Ao., Ae. ; if together, the connections and ifeam pipes can be hsd with them. Far further information nquire of JOHN STUART, 102 Broadway, second floor, up stairs. . 1ANAL STREET PROPERTY FOR SALE-HOUSE and lot No. 123. Prioe $15,000. A map can be seen, on the building. Half the amount can remain on mortgage. The owner resides in the honse. COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALE OR TO LET? AT J Westport, Conn., either separately or together, a two toryhouse and cottars, with lourteeu acres of land, two ?.ours from New York, on the New York and New Haven ?Railroad and within ten minutes' walk of the railroad sta ioa, sltusted in a remarkably healthy and pleasant place, 'or further particulars inquire ot J. ALLEN, 2(7 Bowery. 1HOICE LOTS ON FIFTH AVENUE AND OTHER U locations lor sale.? Six lots on northeast oorner of Thlr y sixth street and fifth avenue; one lot on southwest cor ler of Thirty second atreet and Fifth avenue: six lots on ,ort beast corner of Thirty -second street and Fil th avenue; Ix lots on southeast oorner of Thiity-third street and Fifth .venue; one large lot on southwest corner of Thirty seventh ?.treet and Fifth avenue; four lots on southeast corner ot |Thirty-soventh atreet and Fifth avenue; one or six lots on louthwest corner of Thirty -eighth street and Fifth avenue; me or tix lots on northwest corner of Thirty eighth street .nd Fifth avenue; one or sever lots on Thirty fourth street, >etween Fifth and Sixth avenuei ; threo lots on Seventoonth itreet, between Fifth and Sixth avenues; two lots on West Thirty- second street, near Fifth avenue; two lots on Thirty. eventh street, between Fifth and Madison avenues. Appty o ROSH'ELL G. PIERCE, l'lne street, cornerof Broadway, nder the Metrtpolitan Bank MOAL YARD FOR SALE? GOOD LOCATION, WITn V,' horses, carts, buildinr, sheds and furniture; seven, tears lease. Also, city property wanted in exchnnije for Jlne Jewelry; also, improved property or merchandise lor land; also, farms winted for city property. Apply to A. J. BERK1AN.37 Chambers street. Drug store for sale,? the beautifully lo cated store oorner of Broadway and Fourteenth street, (Union Plaoe Hotel,) together with the lease, will be sold low for caah or approved security Full information with Regard to the circumstances, business prospects; Ac., may 1? obtained from the proprietor on the premises. Dm RUG STORE FOR SALE-FIXTURES GOOD, RENT moderate; well situated for a druggist or physician; tine offlct room in the rear. Price $500. Address Physician, hex 200, Herald offlcw. Drugstore for sale in chicago-the sub scriber offers n very eligible retail drag store for title, ] in ft good locution, under one of the principal hotels in the oity, baviug already been in operation nearly four ye.iri. HENRY RITCHIE. Drug store for sale ?situated in a pleasant and growing part ol the city, and doing a moderate business, but capable ot being greatly increased. Apply at 1,100 Broadway, near 1 hirty geound street, Bri g store for sai.e-in one of the best business avenuos. It is elegantly fitted up, thoroughly ?tookad, and doing a good paying business. The mott satis factory reasona given lor selling. Price 13,000. Address A. B. Co Union square Post Office. Desirable lots for sale-at ravenswood, Long Island, situated on the Williamsburg and Astoria turnpike; the Green Point and Astoria stages fast every Iff , or; ? church and schools in the vioinity. Inquire of K. Pratt, CI Fulton street, or E. Schwaeofer, 28 Downing street, New York. Feed store for sale-one of the best stands in the oity, now doing a fair business and hav ing twenty-seven stalls connected with it; rent cheap. En quire ftt 21 Jackson atreet. Fob sale, by PECARKB, BERNSTEIN A PHILLIPS, 91 Liberty street, near Nassau. Twe three story first ciaaa brick houses , with all the modern Improvements, In Sixty first street. The four story firat class English basement house, VTest Sweaty-fifth sireet, near Eighth avenue, having all the modern improvements. The four story and bftsement brown stone front house 603 , Eighth avenue near Forty second street. The three story briok house corner of Clinton and Riving ton streets. Two four story brick houses, Seventh avenae, neat Twenty fltth street. * Dhe feur story briok house 101 East Twelfth street. The gore lot, fcrty feet front, with tho improvement thereon, weet side of Eighth avenue, near Forty -sixth street. Two lots south side of Forty -fifth street, 100 feet east ot Tenth aveuue. Six lots in Harlem. 129th street, near Sixth aveane. Tli? three story and basement brick house, ftniahed ia hand ' tone style corner of Lee avenue and Rose strati, Brooklyn. Together with a number of houses aad lot* In New York, Brooalyn and Williamsburg. All of the above property will be sold cheap, and on easy terms rR SALE ? ON TWENTY FOURTH STREET, NEAR North Rivtr, fourteen vacant lots, very eligible for tac torles, foundries, Ac. Apply to Thurber Bailey, 83 Wall st. U?OR SALE? OR EXCHANGE FOR CITY OR NEAR J! by village store, or other property, or for stocks, goods, or merchandiee of any kind, a farm of 130 aares, within two fttf.1 ft hftlf miles of depot, at Waverley, lloga county, New York, oa the New York and Erie Railroad, one of tho most thriving villages and best markets for farm produce in the Stat*. For further pftiticnlara, apply to J A. DANVILLE, 111 Bros i elrt t, N. Y. ITTOR SALE? A LARGE SAFE, SUITABLE IOR A I Jeweller or watch importer, Wilder's Patent Kich's c?u b^saen at t3 Jay street, price #1C0, F">R .Ml**? BP STOCE, FIXTURES AND GOOD T1 Y* well established boat and sho-; store, doing a ifWft 'B 0B* leading avenues ol the eity Apply U ALEXANDER MX AIR. IX West T? entietb Street' , -,0?k.^.ALK~THlt BA* a*0 futures, wirn I M |^52> ?22Sf iSMfe.* known Temple ?alo^n, ^ ( *??!? fjf Cast iai?ir? oa roa r&lr. FOR SALE-TIIRII LOTS ON TU1I17V THIRD strret, be'ween Seventh and Eighth ifinuu; two ljti on Thirtieth street. near Sixth avonus; no money U im proved. Alio, lot 103 W oit Twenty sixth street, with one four story ahd ene ive story brick homo on. bow oeoupted as a grocery etere, reated for ll, US', pries $8,00C; puiMMtn 1st of May, tf required. Twmi ?ny, Inquire ia the store. For sai.e-a first rati stand for anv kind of business, the lease, etock and fixtures of house 211 West street, uow doing a firs' rate cash business. Apply oa the premises. JAMES 3PELMAN. For sale? the stock, fixtures, horse and cart, and round and good will of lease of an old estab lished bakery. Inquire at 392 Eighth arenas. In the store. For salb-an oakum factory, nearly new. situated in Bristol, Rhode Island. It is furnished with the latest and most improved machinery, capable of making eighty bales per day. Adlress JOHN NORRIS, Bristol, Rhode Island. Brnmmm For sale? one full lot, with buildings thereon, situated on the south side of Thirty-fourth street, between the Seventh and Eighth avenues; alto two Iota on the east side of Fifth avenue, between Etghty-third and Eighty fourth streets. Apply to J. IIIGGINS, 158 Thirty fourth street, between the Seventh and Eighth ave nues. For sale-a beautiful old plack at spuy tendevil, a large atone mansion, and 54 acres of ground in lawn, garden and fine old woods; it is fourteen miles from the Ci?j Mali over a free bridge, and three miles below and on the road to Yonkers. It would bo let partially furnished, if tot sold. Apply to E. POTTER, 229 Uroadnay. For sale? a basement and three story bouse, in Fifty-ninth street, between Second and Thirl hvcnuen: house 22 bv 38 feet, lot 22 by 100 feet-price $3, HIM. Also, a small new two story and baseim-nt house, in Fifty flrbt street, near Third avenue? price $2. WO. Inquire on the premises, Fifty ninth street, between Second and Third avenues. FOR SALE? a DINING SALOOM; IT IS FITTED UP in u very neat and handsome style, with everything cum plete; the present owner mu it leave for the country on the first of May, and will sell cheap. Apply at 62 White street. For sale-two first class brown stone front houses, replete with modern conveniences, situ ated in Twenty first street, near Fifth avenue. Will be sold low, as the owner is about to sell for Europe. Apply to ALEXANDER WECKBKCKER, 31 Liberty street. For salu-at no. 10 cortlandt street, a large and well finished office sale; has been in use ten months. The owner having no use for the same, will dlsposo of it for ISO less than cost. For sale -on Monday, april k>, atm Leonard atieet, tools, furniture and machines for watchmakers. For sale-the stock and fixtures of a re3 taurant looated down town, doing a business of thirty eight thousand dollars a year. Will be sold cheap for cash. For further purtieulars addreaa A. M. II., Herald oi&oo. For sai.i- property in the fourth ward, being 22 to 2.1 feet on Pearl street, 87 feet on Oak street, 1 7 feet deep, and 108 feet to the place of beginning. Apply to SAMUEL B. B. NORTON, at No. 3% Oak atreet, 1TIORISALE-A MEAT AND VEGETABLE MARKET, J J neatly fitted up with marble atalls, and in an exoellent neighborhood, with a good set of customers. The rent all taken out the shop. A fine opportunity for any one who wishes to engage in the business. Apply on the corner of Henry and Rutgers streets. For sale for sc.soo-one of those splendid brown stone houaea on the north side of Flfty-seooud street, near Eighth avenue oars, replete with all the in provementa, being tho fifth houao from Eighth avenue; alao, for sale for $",<*<? that handsome four story houao No. 167 West Thirty eighth street, three rooms deep, near Eighth avenue oars; has all the modern Improvements oomplete; also, for sale for #4,000, each those two first class four story tenement bouses No*. 156 and ir>8 East Fortieth street, near Third avenue oars; will rent for $500 each per annum; also, for rale for $7,000, that four story and basement store No. 261 Seventh avenne, near Twenty sixth street; nas Croton and gas throughout; rented for near $000 per annum. The titles are all perfect, and will te sold on easy terms. Ad dress ALEX. DAVIS, owner, at 255 Ninth avenue, near Twenty-seventh street, or apply to A. J. Bleeoker, No. 7 Broad street. For sale cheap-a bay mare, is hands high, five years old, sound and kind, a good lamily or road horse, will make a fast one when trained; oan be seen at Clnb stable In Downing, near Bleeoker street. Apply at Washington Market MAKEWEN A SALTERS, No. 8 West atreet side. fOR SALE CHEAP? FOUR BROWN STONE FRONT houaes, situated sonth side of 38th street, near the 4th avenue; are built in the most substantial manner and hand somely finished with all the modern improvements; let D8:9x 20 feet front. Will be sold cheap or exchanged for unim j roved lots well located. Apply on the premises of E. KIL PATRICK. For sale at harlem? all but given away? Two fine houses on Fifth avonue, with marble mantels, Ac. ? price $2,250 each; of which $1,500 may remain on mort gage, without interest, until paid off, at the rate of $300 a year. AUo, aeveral splendid frame and brick houses, with modern improvements, and large gardens, at $5,000 to $8,000. Apply at WaID'S Real Estate Office, adjoining the railroad depot, Harlem. FOR SALE, IN ASTORIA-A WELL BUILT HOUSE, with marble mantels, kitchen range, and otbern mo dern improvements, with eight lots, having two hundred feet front on Academy atreet, and one hundred feet on Ja maica avenuo. The house is built of the best materials. The wtole will lie sold at a sacrifice Part of the money can remain on bond and mortgage. For particulara, apply to Mr. ANDREW EAD1E, 117 Fulton street. New York. FOR SALE, AT ASTORIA AND JERSEY CITY? A good two story and attic house, filled in with brick, 28x 32 fett, with eight lots of ground, at Astoria, situated on Jamaica avenue, near Acaaemy street, at present oooupled by Mr. Filby; also, at Jersey City, a good two story house, as above, 22x40 leet, with two story tea room, lot 23x120 feet, and haa three feet alley way. Apply at 212 Pearl street, second floor, back office. For sale in the city of hoboken-"beamers notel," corner of Hudson and Third streets. The hotel contains 24 rooms; ball room, bar loom, biiliard-room, 3 basements, kitchen; garden, and ten pin alley attached, be ing one of the best locations in the city, embracing a magnifi cent view of the North river and ci.jr of New York. Also 8 lots of ground for sale. Inquire at Beamer's Hotel. For sale or to let? a new model English basement house, on the north side of Thirty-first street, between Second and Third avenues, fitted up in the best manner, with the modern improvements. Inquire on the premises, of D. V. REED. For sale or to two story attic high basement brick house, No. 190 Church street, In Sood order, with modern Improvements. Also to let, stores, ouses and parts of houses. Inquire of ROSS A ERVING, Real Estats and House Agents, No. 48 Eighth avenue. For pale or to let-a new three story brick house, containing 13 rooms, gas, range, bath, Ac. IDS Dean street, South Brooklyn, genteel neighborhood' Kent K.'O, Also thelowerptrt of bouse. 11 Third street* New York, containing two parlors, one room on third Boor' and kitchen. Rent $400. Apply at 132 Canal street. N. \< ?OR SALE OR TO LET-A ONE STORY AND ATTIC bouse and out buildings, with a large garden, situated on the Iiushwick and Newtown shell road, one mile from the penny bridge. Terms moderate, Possession immediately. For particulars inquire of J. CASE, 17!? East Twenty seventh street, N. Y., or B. II. SMITH, Trains' Meadow, Newtown, Li ng Island. avenue, 3 to 7 P. Jl. B ltIN;slIIMER,3i9 Fourth fOR SALE OR TO LET-THE FOUR STORY. AND basement modem brick bouse 64 West Fourteenth street, near Filtb avenue, and the fonr story brown stone front house, with all the modern improvements, on Forty second street, near Broadway; also, 200 other bouses for sale in this city, by A. SERGEANT, 15 Wall street. For sale or to let? a furnished house with a saloon attached, known as the Albion Saloon, looated at No. 4 Si; Hi van street, two doors from Canal. Long lease. Well calculated for a lady. Inquire on the premises, or at the Rail Road Restaurant, corner of Hudson and Caaal, For sale or exchanue? for a paying Busi ness, In or near New York, two brick houses, three stories and basement, situated In a thriving part of Jersey City, within eight minutes' walk .ef the terry. They are worth $7 000, ot which $4,000 can remain on bond and mort gage. Title indisputable. Should anything he offered of more valne than these building*, tie advertiser has another honse in Iloboken, which might be included. Address JA4. BROADMEADOW, 77 Maiden lane. For sale or exchange-! he beautiful block of ground, containing six acres, with tuu fine man sion houee and other improvements thereon, between 149th and l;Kjth streets, and Seventh and Eighth avenues. Apply to J. Aitken. 119 Nassau street, or at W aid's real estate or flee, adjoining the railroad depot, Harlem. For sale or exchange? wanted to pur chase, a corner lot in this city, in exchange for a briok store and dwelling at Little Falls, Herkimer county, N. Y. Any party having a corner lot, well lecated. can get a good trade in the above. Apply to E. B. KINbUIMLR, 319 Fourth avenue, from 3 to 7 o'clock. House for sale at astoria.-a new and convenient two story and attio boas* with eight lots of land, ten minntes walk from the terry, on Jamaica avenue, on very favorabble terms. Also, the two story and attic house 17# New ark avenue, in Jersey City, lot 2SxL20. Apply to HOSWELL G. PIERCE, Pine street, eorner Broadway Houses for sale or exchange.? fourteen two story tram* houses, situated on Twenty. first ktreet, between Filth and Sixth avenues. South Brooklyn, sii* 18x79, lot 100, in perfect order. Will sail separately or together. Apply to ROSWJCLL G. PIERCE, Pine street, corner of Broadway. House with stable for sale-in thirty tttth street, bo t ween Fifth and Sixth avenue*; house ilx.W; lot, 29x9*1:1'; stable, *)i?; one of the very best built houses in the city; all the modern improvements. Price SIMKV. Sold cheap if applied for immediately at VAN LlkW'S Land Office, 1,110 Broadway. Hotel property for sale. -a hotel, entire. ly new, with about five aores of ground, situated on the Highlands of Netisink about one hundred yards from the landing, commanding a moat beautiful view of the *ea, the Raritan, New Vork Bay, Long Island. Ac., all vessels pass ing InaLdontof the hari or in lull view. The house Is 90 feet front, with wing oonti.lns 70 rooms, dining room to ac commodate one hundred persons, and every convenienoe for a hotel of tbis description. There are also on the grounds two cottagcs, each containing ten rooms. There Is a detach ed bnilding, 2A by 73, containing kitchen, bakernom, laundry room, Ac. This place bas the advantage of both river aad sea bathing and proximity ts New York. Apply to * homer Morgan. Pine street. No. 3 Metropolitan Bank Bnilding. IMPORTANT TO BUTCHERS ?AN OLD ESTABLISH ed meat matket, situated on the best part of Eighth are nne, for tale cheap. Apply at 197 Eighth avenue. 1IVERY BUSINESS FOR SALE.? THE BEST CHANCE J ever "(Tered to liverymen; the stook, lease and good will of tb* work or the best hotel in the United States. The stabl* has room for one htndred horse*; the best stand in the city, the stable ha* more conveniences than any other ?'able in New Vork. Satisfactory reasons given for selling. For further particulars address, with real name, 0. H Herald o?r?. Raitetn. Western. Northern and Southern papers, please oopy. STfFE FIXTURES FOR SALE-AT 129 EIGHTH avenu*. for a s'.or* 4.'- er 10 feet deop. The shelving and four gtod walnut ?op oun?*r*, Ac., in cousnlste orderTto ht sold at a ** riiics, on or li.floro thv 1st of Msy Apply at the ?b?v? nomb-r, W WAITER AITKIN, n? fcigi,th areau*, FOR BALK. [ QEWINC UirHdl FOR SAI.E, CHEAP ? one or O Wheoler A Wilsoil's. nearly new, in good order Apply j to A. W. NlCHULf.ON, ttf front street SODA WATER ESTABLISHMENT FOR SALE AT A fair valuation, having been aanj years established, with everything necessary for manufacturing and oafryiac on tin business extensively, wagons, horsesric., and now in suo operation, doing a business of about $30, WO yearly. Apply to U. W. RICHARDS 307 Brow/way. TO PHYSICIANS AND DRUGGISTS.-A PHYSICIAN, owning atlrst elass drug store, with throe years tease, will sell it, la eouncotioB with a large practice, for half ita value, la obliged to go abroad for hi* health. A rare chamoe for a youag pbyucian Inquire of L. 9. THUMBS, No. 5 Nassau street TO CARRIAGE MAKERS.? FOR SALE-THE TOOI.S, fixtures, Ac.. of a blacksmith, paint and woxiahop, with a two years' lease for (hop from the tirat of Hay next. Iu quire ot W . RFM&EN, on the promises. No. 8 Dougfcty street. Brooklyn. TO PERSONS DECLINING HOUSEKEEPING -AN' interest in a valuable invention for sale, in exchange for good liouaehold turnitura. Addr?aa Furniture, for three day a He raid ollce, stating where interview can be had and furniture teen. REWARDS. REWARD.-LOST, ON THE 13TH INSTANT. IN riding in a Second street omnibus |to Cortlandt. or going from Cortlandt to Catherine street, a ptekage of bills containing six hundred dollars, h> packages of one hundred each; in one package ten fifty city, the balance in smaller tills, mostly city. Whoever should flno thx same, and return it to the owner, shaft receive the above reward. STEWART B. CLOSE. 310 and 312 Second street, dtOA REWARD ?LOST, ON SATURDAY, THE 7TH ?Pfci" " inst., a small black and tan terrier dog. with earj and tail copped. Had on a chain collar, with Mallet, As tor House, engraved upon it. The tinder will roceivo the above reward by returning him to the otflce ot the Astor House. REWARD.? LOST IN THE BOWERY, ON TIIE morning of the 13th April, a pocket book, containing a W gold piece, about $-12 in bill*, mostly of the Bank or the Commonwealth, some small change, and two dyer's tickets. The above roward will be paid on the return of tho same to the owner. No, 37 East 21st street. 0>f: RK WARD ? LOST, FROM NO. 2 IRVING PLACE, <]p?J black and brown spotted dog; answers to th? name of boxer. <1>C REWARD-LOST, ON THURSDAY AFTERNOON, in Nassau stroet, or Broadwny, between Exchange t Uce and Liberty street, a pocket memorandum book, in brown leather, with the name of the owner in it. The finder will receive the above reward on leaving it at SI Broad St., up sta rs. MISCELLANEOUS. 1 CtPL CANAL STREET, NEAR YARICK. ? W. A ? JLOO VAN NOTE'S gratj and fender, kitchen rang* summer range and stove warerooms. We have a large a* sortment of the latest patterns of mantel grates, range* aa( ?tovea, for sale on reasonable term*. Grate* and rttnges Ml and repaired, ranges lined, brass founder*' and Jeweller* furnaoes built, stove* lined, baker*1 o??ns bmilt and I* paired. Anew invention.- the patent?sleeve axle for wheels of every description, is now on exhibition at Lovejoy '* Hotel, and the right i* offered lor sale. The right for the whole Union, State, distriot or county, will be dis poied of a* may be agreed apon betwoen the parties. E. H. GREEN7 Patentee. BRUSHES OF EVERY DESCRIPTION AT THE BRUS1 factory, 337 Pearl street, Franklin square. All artiolef sold at the lowest factory prices. Paint brushes of superior quality oonstantly on hand. Maohine brushe* made to ordar. JOHN K. HOPPEL. Connecticut river shad. -received this day, seventeen Conneotiout river shad, from J. S. Otis, w ho intends to send about one hundred thousand to this market this season. All lovers of good shad oan be supplied in lot*, either for the retail trado or for salting, by calling on BENJAMIN A WEST. No. 1 Fulton Market. CHEAP BOOTS AND SHOES, CORNER CANAL street and Broadway.? The proprietor, going out of business, will sell his entire stock of gent*' and ladies' boot*, *hoe* and gaiters, at 25 to 3d per cent below usual prices. Boy*, misses and children's boots, shoes and gaiters of ev?ry description, will be sold at lea* than coat; alao, a large lot of Boiled work very low. Save a dollar on your boots, and fifty cent* on gaiter*. DEM EUR E A CO., MANUFACTURERS OF PATENT j ?pring bed bottoms, French iron bedsteads, and mat- I tresses of every description, will remove on the first of May ' from 63 and 65 Centre street to 382 Broadway, where they hop? to *ee their patrons. I eAS FITTING AND FIXTURES -STORES, DWEL- I ling*, factorie*. and pnblic bnildings promptly fitted np with gas pipe* and fixture* cheaper than any otner house. ! A splendid assortment of chandeliers, pendants, brackets, ! Ao., of the latest designs, at the wholesale and retail gts ! fixture manufactory of JAMES G. MOFFET, 119 and 121 Prince street, 3d blook west of Broadway. r\ AS FITTING AND FIXTURES.? STORES, DWEL U lings, factories and publie buildings promptly fitted with gas pipe and fixtures, at reduced prices. Gas fixtures ot the latest styles and designs, or made to order. JOSEPH H MARTIN, No. 9 Canal street, near the corner of Centre street. GLENFIE1.D PATENT STARCH. The ladies are respeotfuuly solicited to make a trial of the Glenfield Patent Starch. Which, for domestic use, now stands unrivalled. Sold by all respcotalle grocers. ROBERT HOSIE. 8 Pine street, New York, Soie agent for the United States. Marble mantels.? to builders and others. The subscriber has a few very noat mantels, which he will rell at halt price for cash. Apply at the Steam Marbls Works, 130 Essex street. R NEW YORK AGRICULTURAL WAREHOUSE AND SEED STOKE, occurring thrcj large stores ; the subscriber |has the larg est, cheapest, and most complete assortment of agricultural and horticultural implement*. field and garden seeds, in the United State*. Peruvian gnano? with government brand on eaoh bag.? and not dampened to make it weigh heavier ; superphosphate of lime, bona dust, poudrette. Ao. R. L ALI EN. No*. 189 and 191 Water stmt. VTORTH AMERICAN* LAND AGENCY, ESTABLISH JLl ed in 1817.? Taxes paid, dfeds and other documents recorded. Land* redeemed from tax sale*, examination ol title*, and other agency business, in any of the Western States. Land warrants obtained and located, through this old agency. F. S. IIOES, formerly H. Myers, 229 Broadway, oomer of Barclay *treet. VTOW IS YOUR TIME TO CLEAR UP YOUR LOFTS Xl garrets and cellars of all old rubbish, such as old uewipaperi, pamphlet*, old writing paper, old blank books, old school books, and old paper of any scrt or any size, for which you can get the oash, at 2S Ann street, basement, between Broadway and Nassau street. J. cnAUNCEY STOCK WELT., PAINT FOR BUILDINGS, FENCES. ROOFS. AC.. 1>< cents a pound; Preble's boiled oil at 70c. a gallon; ma chinery oil at 75c. a gallon: tinners oil at 28c. a icallon, at 113 Maiden Lane. JOHN H. SMITH, Agent OSES, ROSES, AND FRUIT TREES.? O. MARC, Ol i Astoria, Long Island, would respeetfully inform hit flrifnd* and the public la general, that he ha* for sale ? splendid collection of standard and dwarf itandard rosea, comprising all the newest varieties of hardy, ever bioomlnj and mo** rosea; also, five thousand dwarf pear tree* la bearing state; two thousand standard imported pear and apriooa trees, all having been selected In Europe with the very best eare, and without regard to cost. Ladles an! gentlemen, amateur* of fine flower* and good fruit, are In vited to eaU and make their selection*, as early planting if the only way of sucoe**. All plant* warranted gondii*. Order* will be thankfully received, and promptly attended to, by O. MARO. REVOLUUION I REVOLUTION I To the insect world confusion ' Bed bugs, roaohe*, ant* and fleas, Moth* and iniect* upon tree*? All are kilted? and brief the task? With E. LYON S powder flask; While hii pill*, dropped once or twice, Slay whole awarm* of rat* and mice. Principal depot for Lyon'* magnetio powder and pills for the quiet and inevitable deitruotioa of inieot* and vermin, 424 Broadway. fO BOTTLERS OF SODA WATER, ALE, PORTER, Ac.? The subscriber has constantly on hand a lar*e as sortment of boxes, thoroughly seasoned, which will be sold clienp tor oash. Orders left at 14 Front street (whore sam pie boxes can be sec*), will meet with prompt attention. JACOB H. HIKES, Bergen, N. J. TITHITE'S SPRING STYLES NOW READY. A GOOD TT tuat salesman wanted. WHITE'S, 212 Broadway, cor ner of Fulton street. WHOLESALE DEALERS ARE INVITED TO CALL and examine our stock, selected in the best markets fur our own trade, and offertd for sale low for cash or ap proved paper. Silver Plated Ware? Tea and coffee sete, with slop bowls to math; candlesticks, casters, plain and revolving, cake ba* kets, Ac. Table Cutlery? Fine knives, for table and dissert, oyster knives, nut pick*, cheese scoops, cork screws, Ac. Japannery? Tea trays, all (lit'*, toilet *eti, chamber palls, knife trays, plate warmers, Ao. Bright Tinware? Tea and octree urns, tteak diiha*. of all slaes, with lamp and water heater*, oyster chatting dishes, tonp tureens, tea and coffee pot*. Britanaia Metal Ware? Coffee and tea sets, choice*! style* issued, molasses cup*, candletticks, tea urn* and kettles, spittons. Refrigerator*? Style* and pattern* of approved quality. Bathing Apparatus? Hip, plunge, shower and foot baths. Travelling baskets of sea era**, brushes, feather dusters. Ao. _ WIMBLE A CO.. SO Maiden lane. 8 PORTING, ?fcC. Birds.? ioo pair the best lono breed bbl gium canaries, all mated. A lot of breeding and tancy cage*. The beat mocking bird in the city will be cold at cost, to cloae the butlne**, on the 39th of April ? 327 Bowery, near Second itreat. FOR 8ALI-A VERY LARGE AND SUPERIOR NIW foundland dog. Apply to PETER THOMPSON, No. 42 Betkman street, comer of William. Mocking bird.? for sale, a splendid mock ing bird, jnst arrived from Savannah. This bird mock* cat, dog, rooeter, hen, and (ing* tiUht and day. Any person wanting a fine bird, may apply at 476 Fourth street. TO SPORTSMEN.? FOR SALE, NINE FULL BRED setter puppies, of superior breediag and beautifully marked. They are well worthy the attention of sportsmen or others fond of well-bred fancy dogs. May be eeen at 31 Menville street, Hoboken, N. J., a short distance from oboksn Riding School. FURNITURE. Furniture-furniture -the highest cash price raid for second-hand household fnrnitori, oar pet*. pianoforte*, nautical instruments, silver plate, gold watches, jewelry, Ac., ^t No. 2>i Catherine street, by Mc CAIFRAY A WALTERS. Furniture for sale -a gentleman re moviiu to the country haviog mot* bedroom furniture than he require*, would wi*h to dispose of a part of it very low; It is in very good order. Apply at 41 Lexington avem**. RO/AS A CO . MANUFACTURERS OF rASHIONADi E and every k ad of fnrmtwo, having oniargod the^r premises, a m now pr<-f>*roil to off*- a large acd ox'-tnaiv* u aortrnat at moderate P'i.os, ?b is??1.i and ce'.ai;. rft.e r .oonj Utoviwa?, eofoj^ of Bno^nntt B^AHDINO AND LODGIffG. , QCiQ BROAD .WAY, UNION SQUARE ? A UiMMDUE ODu furnished ,Hiit of fourroomson brst Boor, b?th rjom, gas. Mid on the lut?re?n plan, oi private table if preferred, niodioms rooms for jfentlenieu with or wit buy i board No moving in M?y. n rn BROADWAY? .A fl AN DS OM E L Y FURNISHED I U?j suite of roomi will' vaeaU-d in a few days, in fin above firit class bouso, wbic<* iu be engaged for tha eusuin.; season, by a family, or single ^mtlemon. 1-1 r HUDSON STREET, JTRONTINO ST JOHN'S lit) square. Rooms on sooontd floor, in unite, or separate, containing gas, bath. Ac. Refcre exohanged. m NINTH STREET, THIRD DX>?K BASTOF BROAD way.furnichoa rooms, iu suitrV>r separately. Also, took parlor and extension room on tbc> Brut floor, to let to gentlemen, with breakfast. if required. AUo, fornfobed rooina at No; 6 Collet* place. 1 ( \J TRNTH STREET, BETWEEN BROADWAY AND 117 1 University place, a handsomely farm shod suiteof rooms, with prrvate tabl: on the first floor, consisting of a large front parlor and two bedrooms, will be- vacated in ? j few days. Q1 HENRY STREET. ? A LARGE AND FLEASaNT OX front room, t? the (eooud floor, to let, wiri board to a gentleman and wife The room has a good pantry attached, and bedroom if required. A couple of single gentlemen can also be accommodated. KfJ WEST TWENTY THIRD STREET -A FEW SE tJ I lect families and gentlemen oan be acooinmodated with a suite or single rooms, with fu'l or partial board, in that eligible brown Mone building, uhiob it new and newly furnished, containing all the modern improvements. Rooms can now be secured by the last week In April by permanent boarders for the season. AZ GROVE STRBET. NEAR Bf.EECK.ER -DELIGHT Tit/ ful rooms on first and second floors to lot, furnished or unfurnished. with board; hous* first class, containing im provements; location most deeirabl*, and aocossible to oart and stage lines. No children taken. OK GREENE STRBET? HANDSOMELY FURNISH ?jk) ed rcsms to let to gentlemen and their wives or single gentlemen, with fu'l or partial board. Also, a baok parlor to let. No moving in May Reference I exchanged. 19 TROY STRUT, NEAR TWEL1TH-PLEASANT lij front rooms to let. on second anil third floors, furnish ed or unfurnished, with board; house flrst class, containing improvements; location pleasant and healthy, accessible to ears and stage lints. No moving on the flrst ofMay. 1 A UNION SQUARE? A HANDSOME PARLOR AND 1U bedroom to let, on the second Boor, with full or par tial board. Alto, two single room* A PARTMF.NTS, CONSISTING Of TWO LARUE PAR JX. lors, communication, alio a ptivato table if desired, at 23 Washington Place. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE CAN BE ACCOMMO J. l dated with a handsomely !urniehe<l parlor and bedroom, or single room, in a private family, in the vicinity of Four teenth street and Luivn square. Address R. S. Y., Union square Post Office A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY. HAVING TAKEN A iV bonse in Watt Twenty second street, tnd having more room than required would let furnished rooms to gentle men, or a gentleman and his wife. The house is pleasantly located, bat gas, baths, Ac. Address C. B. E., Herald office. Referenoes required. A RARE CHANCE FOB GENTLEMEN WHO WISH J\. to practice the French language; several furnished rotms to lot with or without partial board, in a French fa mily. Inquire of D. BEAU DIN, French hatter, 299 Broad way. A T 91 WEST SIXTEENTH STRERT, A FEW DOORS Xl. from Sixth avenue, neatly furnished parlors, with bod rooms attached, ean be obtained (without board) on reason atle terms, by a gontleman aud his wifo, or two single gen tlemen. A I.L PERSONS WISHING BOARD OR BOARDERS, JX. will find ny efftoe the surest, most respoctable and sa tisfactory method of finding either; boarders politely directed free of obarge, to all parts of the oity or country. Office Clinton Hall. Eighth street, near Broadway; open from 8 A. M., to 9 P. M. AT NO 81 PRINCE STREET, FOUR DOORS WEST OF Metrepolitan Hotel, handsomely furnished and desirably located robins, and suites of rooms with board. House first class, family small and select. Baths, gas, Ac. A PRIVATE FAMILY HAVING MORE ROOM THAN thoy require, would wish to rent to one or two single gentlemen a front parlor, with bed room attached. Terms S4.M) per week. Also a hall bed-room at SI 7'> per week. No moving in May. Inquire at 71 Crosby street, one block from Btcadway. ABACK PARLOR, AND ROOM ADJOINING, FIT ted for two gentlemen, elegantly furni-ihed, in the cen tral location 89 Priiue street. Gas and bath. A SUIT OF SPLENDID FURNISHED ROOMS TO let, to single gentlemen, in a private and quiet house, with all the modem improvements. Inquire at 9# Prince street, a few doors west of Broadway. Board -several rooms, handsomely fur nisbed, suitable for single gentlemen or gentlemen and tbeir wives, will be let, with good board, in a flrst class house, o7 Ninth street, near Filth avenue. BOARD-A FRONT PARLOR. WITn PANTRIES ON second floor. Buitvble for a gt ntleman and wife, with reasonable board. Apply at lift East Twonty-flrst street. BOARD-UP TOWN, AT 29? FIFTH STREET, BF tween aveuues C and D, a tew .single genttvmen will find a pleasant home and good beard; gentlemen and their es can have rooms ULfurnished, with board; a few day BOARD-A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED SUITE OF rooms on second floor (fronts in a first class private boarding houte to let with full or partial board; alto other rooms on third floor. House with all the modern improvo ments, and situated in Twenty third Btreet. between Sixth and Seventh avenues. Apply at 146 West Twenty second street. F)ARD. -FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, WITH BOARD, oa first and second floors, in a house with all tbo mo dern improvements, and pleasantly looated at 120 West Twenty fifth street. Board ?to let, to one or two gentlemen, a suite of rooms in a first class house, with modern im provements. in n private family, furnished or unfurntihed, with partial board if required. A retired merchant prefer rc d. Apply at 37 Bleecker street. Board.? a gentleman and his wife can find a pleasant suit of rooms, with pantries, on seoond floor, together or separate, by calling at 02 Hudson street, bear Chambers. No moving at May. Board,? an elegant parlor suite and other rooms lor families may be obtained on or before the first of May. in the first class houses No. 1U2 and 104 East Sixteenth street; likewise two rooms suitable for the ac commodation of single gentlemen now ready. References exchanged. Board in a private family-with suite of rooms, for a small genteel family, in an elegant brown stone house, in Tbirteentb street, between Seoond and Third avenues. Also, basement to rent, in the same house, suit able for phjsiiian's or surveyor's olfioe;referenees exchanged. Inquire at 196 East Broadway. Board in west eleventh street, near Broadway? Rooms on second and thir l floors to loj, with board also a basement: house has all the^moderu Im provements. Ap[ly at 18 West Eleventh street^a few doors from Broadway. Board in Brooklyn? in a private family, tor * gentleman aud wife, with reference. 123 Sands i street. Board in Brooklyn.? a gentleman and wife, and two single gentlemen can obtain roonni * ith or with out board; in a private family, at 9"i President street, within five minutes' walk of Hamilton ferry. Board in Brooklyn -two single gentle men can be accommodated with pleasant turnished tooms and partial board, by applying at 114 High street. References exebauged. 1)OARD IN BROOKLYN, NEAR FULTON FERRY. ) ?Two or three tingle gentlemen can be accommodated with a spacious frott room on the second floor, lighted with gas. and iartinl board, in a genteel family, very pleasantly located on a oity railroad line. Apply at V) Sands stroet. Board in brooklyn-near the south and Wall street ferries, tingle gentlemen desirous of ob taining partial board on moderate terms, can be accommo dated with pleagant rooms at 91 State street. TJOARD IN SOUTH BROOKLYN. - PLEASANT D rtcms, with bedrooms and pantries attachsd, with board for gentlemen and their wfvos, or single gentlemen, can be bad at No. 0 Tompkins place. References exchanged. B'iuS." ^om^^r^V.-rURNIsnED OR UXrUR nien. Locality rery desirahle'fVu.'tL* lilies or single gentle ?enable. Address Mrs s if ?? ?? ?ummor. Terms rea the.lst of May 3' H ? ^"Id offlce. So moviijon Board in jersey city? a furnished parlor aid single rooms, to let, to gentlemen, with full or par tial board, in a house furnished with all the modern improve ment]; terms moderate. Address Beard Herald offloe. Board in tiie couNtry-within two hours ride of tho city, and within one mil) of eae of the prin cipal depots on the New Haven Railroad. Location retired, h? alt by and very pleasant. Persons wishing a quiet coun try home," will Ond this a desirable location. For further particulars, inquire at 62 John street. Referenoe exohanged. Board in staten island.? a few sinole gen tli-men can be aooommodated with beard and pleasant airy rooms, in an elegantly furnished house, situated on the New York avenue, near to O. Christ's, Esq., Clifton, Staten Island. Hie house is on high ground and has a line view of the Bay and city of New York. There is also a stable and carriage house attaehed to the premises Inquire at the alove place, or at 104 Fonrth avenue. Board on staten island-three minutes' walk from the first landing; single gentlemen can be ac commodated with pleasant rooms, with breakfast and tea, in a strictl) private family : price from SX) to $?r> per month 1 or particulars, inquire of Mrs. Kruger, at Tompkinsvills. Board wanted-by a oentleman and his wife. A private family preferred. Location any where within two or tnree blocks of the Metropolitan Hotel. Ad dress Myself, Herald office. Board wanted-for a lady and child, with room. which she will furnish if required, forH or 94 ?'*! per week. Address Mrs. Conner, box 1S8 Herald office. Board wanted? roR a gentleman and wife, ipartial for gentleman,) where they can find a plain, cemtortable home, in a small family, where no otter boarders ore taken. Satisfactory reference will b? given and required. Address Clinton, Herald office. Board wanted? by a gentleman in brook Ijd. near the Wall street ferry ; reference* required. Addre'ns 3. B. W., box &> Herald office. Board wanted-by a lady and son in tue city, locution below Fourth street, nest side preferred: cc mlorU of a home preferable to modern improvement*. Ad dress A. Y . Herald offic. Board wanted-for one gentleman, two females and three ohildren, (vis. , two, three and eleven )i.ars of age ; Ireikfaat and tea for the gentleman; one large room and ouo bedroom. Terms must be moderate? not to exce'd SU or $12 per week For further ialortnation address t;. 0 D. Uerald offlce. Board wanted? fo* a gentleman, wife an) ?.ster, ab<vo Houston street. Addr**s, (tating locaton and terms (Which mu:t ?>e moderate,) 0 A. B C . Metropolitan poa' otto. Astor pis. e Board wanted. -a yodno gentleman wishes to eenage ? farniahed room nitli p?r?ial bo?rd in a r"ip?? tabio Amruian pr>??;e (am \ ' )C;t? u , bjx' 1 VK I' t?\ Vih < i, ita.m^ t?f?|. BOAROmQ ADD UWUIMi. BOARD WANTED IN BROOKLYN? BY A party of gentUf??a (five*. on the Heights or in South Brooklyn terms do otjn* if a fair equivalent i* otf*r*d. Address Hatty, Herald oftcf BOARliINO -A FRONT SUIT OF BOOMS TO LET. together or sepurnt* iuaurstclass private bi>ariing hi uie up town, lui* till t / very desirable tor th* smnmur rooms kiry and pltasaiit, posaesie* every faoilii* of *oc?e? to all part* of the city. Rif> r^o.vjs oxebanfoa. Apply at g3l W eit fourteenth street BOAROTNG-AT 120 AND ie t flAMBERS fcTREET lino lar^e plctraut, newly furnubcd rjoin*. for tarnt lie*. with ?r?ry convenience attached also, pleasant rooms fur single gearlemeu with full towl; roomi to accommo date a party nf fnr gontleuien Dny bourdon acoommo dated alto. Reference required F Boarding. -a peivate FA?rLY, occupying a first class house, s?ntaiaing all tho mcrkrn iini-rovo I meats, and plesftsnMy /orated m Mat Kigbtoentb street, mar Fifth avenue* Will lot, unfurnished tiro 'front room* on second floor Diamr at 6 fr clock Address J U VV , llerali officc. aOARDING? NO I 080 BROADWAY? ROOM.'- TO LET. i? wihm or *l/>fily, to families of mown persons or ?inula gentlemen. II tiso is w*w ut,d hi* the uio.^ru im provciacnts li very aonvvniozX to earn aod stagos Rate renoo ie>-ciircd. ?OARDING? A FROIW SUM* f>F ROOMS. WITH LARGE pantries, also room* for single geutlowe* in a Arat class pri vat ? boarding hcase; locntion pleasatt, eool and atr) ; oonvenient to oari ar d stagos gving to all parts of the city. Apply at No. 4 Abii gdon sq rare west aid*, second door from Bank atreet. BOARDING-A privat?*amilv residing A OON venient distance up tow tu and adjacent to Mr<adway, will let two ver> pleasant room to two or three acn^um-D, either witto or without partial board; gal and bath in the house. Apply at 158 Greene st.-eet, Boarding in eighteenth stkeet-a few doors from the Fifth avenue ? A privnte family would let to gentlomen or gentleman and wife, t?j l:?r 'u second floor p rlors. furnished or unfurnished, with breakfast u/nd tea. A note to 4. IV., box 479 Post O1*?*, will meet iname diate attention. COUNTRY BOARD MAY BE HAD AT A PI EASANT residence seven miles from Brocklyn. The bouse is large and airy, with fine lawn and shade trees, oonvenient of access by cars or singes: a desirable place for fmnilie* 1'or furthor particulars, apply at 71 East Twenty third street. Accommodations also for horses. C10UNTRY BOARD? A GENTLEMAN AMD WIFE J can have board from May to October, in a small private family , whoso house is pleasantly situated in a very healthy location, within an honrs' ride by railroad ot the city. Re ferences required. E,, Herald office. (10UNTRY BOARD WANTED.? A FAMILY OF SEVEN J or ten persons wish to engage board at a farm nouse, or one where few boarders are taken, near the salt water, with good bathing and of eas> access to tho oity. Address ??) Lniixht street, mentioning situation and terms, or a furnished house, near the salt water, with room for tbe same number of persons. J Furnished rooms? to let, in south brookj lyn. to one or two gentlemen, with or withoi>t break- ' fast and tea. The house is one of the finest and mns- ' commodious in Brooklyn: the rooms airy, and newly fur- > nished in the best style; the situation is lofty and healthy, , only a few rods from the ronte ot the Greenwood cars, and ' within Ave minutes' walk of Hamilton ferry. Good re ference required and Riven. Address H. M, at th* Herald office, for particular*. tURNISHED ROOMS, WITH BOARD. FOR SINGLE geutlemen, or gentlemen and their wives. Apply at b3 West Twenty-first street, corner of Sixth avenue. FURNISHED ROOMS, IN SUITES OR SEPARATELY, can be obtained, with board, in a tirst-class honse, by applying at No. 45 East Sixteenth street, coraer of Irving place, and within a block of Union square. References ex changed. URMSHED ROOMS.? A PRIVATE FAMILY HAV- , ing more room than thoy require, would let two nicely furnished roomB to a party of gentlemen, on the second door ? they aie very desirable, gas and bath room in the house? with partial board, if required. References ex changed. Inquire at 709'Honston street. Furnished rooms? a parlor and two bed rooms elegantly furnished, is a house having all the mo dern improvements, and oceupied by a respectable family, are ofTered to let to two single gentlemen. The looation is in the vicinity of Union squar*. Inquire at Twalfth street. Furnished rooms to let -two beautifully furnished rooms with gas and Croton water, will be lot very reasonably, to tingle gentlemen, without board, in a ptivate family. Apply at 158 Bowery, in the drug store. French board in Brooklyn. -iwo or three gentlemen can be accommodated with nicely furnished rooms in a qniet Frenoh family, no obildron in the house, whore there are bnt a few boarders taken. Apply on the premises at C6 Willougbby St., a few block* from City Hall, Brooklyn, or box 4,148, N. Y. Post Office. /GENTLEMEN CAN BE PROVIDED WITn ROOMS, UT without board, at No. ID Jay street, near Greenwich street. Very convenient tor those doing business downtown. Lawrence street, Brooklyn.? a young man wishes to engage a furnished ror.m, with partial board, in a respectable American private family, in the vioiuity of Lawrenco street, immediately. Address V. J-, Brooklyn Post Office. ONE OR TWO SMALL FAMILIES CAN BE ACCOM modated with fine rooms and board, at 74 East Twenty third street. Ths hove contains all the modern improve* ments, anif is pleasantly looated, between Fourth and Lex* ington avemes. PRIVATE BOARDING. -SEVERAL VERY PLEASANT X rooms, in suit, or separately, either furnished or unfur nished, enn be had with board, on reasonable torms, in a private family, residing at No. 230 Fourth avenue, (opposite Calvary Church.) The bouse is finely located, and has aU the modern improvements. Reference! exchanged. PRIVATE BOARD-A FEW RESPECTABLE GERMAN gentlemen can find a genteel, pleasant home, with good (artist botird, in * itrictly private family, at No. 90 Harri son street, near Her.ry *tie*t. South Brooklyn; gas all over the house Rolerenccs exohanged. OOMS TO LET? FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED, to single gontlemon only, without board. The house has all the modern improvements. Apply at 387 Fourth street, between tbe Bowery and Lafayette plac.>. Booms to let with board-in a private boarding house, to gentleman and their wives, or sin gle gentlemen, in tbe vioinity of St. Lake's ohnrch; looation desirable; terms reasonable. Apply at 675 Greenwich stroot Booms, with board.-single gentlemen, or gentlemen and their wives, wishing to enjoy tbe com torts of home, can be handsomely acoommodatod in a first class modern house, by applying at 135 Eighteenth street, in the immediate vicinity of two railroads. Booms with board-elegant suxts of roomi in a Dew brown stono house, Jnst completed in Four teenth street, near Urion square. None need answer except those who can appreciate a first ola u honse in every respect. Address " Channmg," Herald office. OOMS TO LET-FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED at No. 5 Bond street. Inquire at 581 Broadway. R R TO LET DOWN TOWN-ONE OR TWO PLEASANT furnished rooms, for gentlemen, withont board. Apply at ?6 Murray street. TWO PARLORS, WITH BEDROOMS ATTACHED, furnished or unfurnished, with full or partial boarj; als s two (ingle rooms, suitable for gentlemen, with or with rut board, can be had on reasonable torms by those who w-isk to become permanent. Apply at 38 Great Jones street, near Lafayette place. TO PARENTS AND GUARDIANS -A LADY, LIVING on a tannin the country, is desirous of obtaiuing a few respectable children to board, where they will have a mo thcr's care, and enjoy tbe comforts ot a home. Distance, two bonis' tide by railroad For further particulars apply at 40 South Third atreet, or 39 Soutn Seventh stree*. Wil liamsburg; or of Mrs Boyle. St West Twenty-ninth street. N ew York. ITNFURNISHED ROOMS, WITH BOARD -TWO SE / cond story parlors, with bedrocm and pantries attach ed, and snpplied with iras, may be ohtaintd with ? small private family, by applying at 538 Greenwich atreet, opp*. site Vandam street. ?WTANTED? FULL BOARDING AND A SINGLE TT room, by a strictly temperate single gentleman, with a family where good society and tbe comforts of a home can be had at 95 a week. Reference given. Address, for one week, Astor. Herald effioe. WANTED- BY A YOUNG GENTLEMAN, OF EXCEL lent family, a room, with hoard, in a respectable pri vate family, between Bleecker and Fourteenth street*. Will wait till the 1st cf May, if desired. Address, stating terms, which unit be moderate, W. T. S., box ii, 146 Post Office. TITANTED-ONE OR TWO UNFURNISHED ROOMS, TT witt board, for alady and sentlemao. In a small private family. Comforts of a borne required. Address, stating terms (which must be moderate), H. L. R., Herald office. WANTED-A OOOD FURNISHED ROOM AND FULL board for a gentleman, his wife, and a child five years old, at a moderate price, not to exceed $9 per week; location not above Houston street. Address, stating price, box 111 Herald office. INSTRUCTION. Bellport classical institute -the next J term of thi* Institute will commcnce the tint of May. For circulars apply to W. Reran, Esj , 110 Water street, N. T., and for particulars addrest JAMES CRUIESHANE, Prineipat. Bellport. L. I., April 2. 1886. BROOKLYN RIDING SCHOOL, NEAR THE MAN'- | ?ion Home, Hicks street ?The proprietor, relinquish ing tbe school, otters bis entiro stock for sale, consisting of ladies' and gentlemen s saddles, harness, horaes, wagons, Ac. If not previously disposed of, will be Bold by auction, on Thursday, May 3 BOOKKEEPINO ?THE SUBSCRIBER WILI. REC'EI VF. new pu] ila daily, for instruction in bookkeeping and P> nmanohip. Term a reductd one half. Cards and olrculars may be bad at the rooms, 302 Broadway. OLIVER B OOLPfMITH. MUTUAL INSTRUCTION IN FRENCH AND EVG liah. ? A Parisian gentleman recently arrived in this country, and having some knowledge of the English lan *uage. I* desirous of making an engagement with some pri vate family to devote a few houra every day ts mutual in strncticn in French and English. Address t ,r three day?, B. H. B. Herald offlt e. ORNAMENTAL PENMA> SHIP ?DIPLOMAS, I AMI ly reo/rde. ruffle par era, window labels, and address earda. m?rria",( i ortificatoH and all other doleriptiona of or namental wiiiict', executed in a superior style, by FOSTER .% DIXUN 54 u Lioadway (Appleton's building', wbero every facility is VcT lid for th- upeerty attainment of elegance in penmanship, experience to arithmetic and skill ia book keeping. T>RIVATE INSTRUCTION IN PENMANSHIP.? THE X subscriber will receive new ?upils daily, for private in struction in penmmship. Each pupil Is entitled to a sepa rate parlor, and has his personal attention Circulars at the rooma, 362 Broadway. OLIVER B. GOLDSMITH. SCHOOI FORTOUNO LADIE3, CEDAR CLEM, SINO Bint. N. V.-MISS FOSTHR. Principal. The summer session w.ll Cummante Tuesday. May 1. Terms $lflO a y tar Refiranees? D P Baton, Esq. Fourth strset, N. V 1 iiou>?s Smnil. Esq , N ? 5 F?rry street, N V lTTrRITfNO, K ft) -MR DOLBEAR, 00t BROAD WAV, vT cotser ot II juston s'.WJt, wiU frr-w* priv?t-i clans toe 1 1 h -it this d if, at only (1 '?! for ? full cetirse at t?a lessons ,v >*ta must !??? Met u?for? 9 H i e. >ek l a, a area ta* but ;hv lessui.s n>a> be taaoafit p.?n??p. SPftCIM, NOTKIl A LL I MSOHS HAVINO CLAIMS AGAINST TDlt ??? ?? ,1b J'1*'0"' K*'l *U1 P"*?nt them duly vw O? ??ibacrtber ?? ?'>? ??<*, Nu i tl K ?> leu lane 2??"'? tM'hHn A Sob I and a'l persons indcltwl to Mr u? ? ? >??11 mu pr?iDi indcl tod to Mr ?i Hi'" re<lUMted to I'?y the nam* to the nubrcriber %M tbe ??. place. GEO. L. SHAW, A?,t?o. ( 5? t'JTF Or 8T 1,001a, II IK*, i?? flowing uli of tb? Third SlS M bSil'l ?-?inon. St Loui*, Mn*ouil-l TU? beautifnl building lot.let ?uetion-Bv orier of the May m ?ad Council of the city of St. Lo*. Misuari. on Welnesd ay *?/ 2 WOwMlwil at pnMic auction uie entire number of J?y ? '? ?!>? clt' ???????. belonging to the city, rem aiaiaa nutold. 1 hi* property ronipn-e* 71, ? ?? bdlviMoa* of tut# eoanBoa* block* No*, rl 2?> -.7, ?r nnd ?r. The?? b*te boca aubdivided into atn?,ler lota ef tw?t?%?a faeA iron t each, by a d'pthof on* iiuuj re.l and t~?: ? rich lot fronting on a broad and btsmn tfe] av?nae tK (rnnJ te most beautifully situated imtnt?>t:?teiy back of the prceent cit) limit*. en a high and cjamtiltai point afford ? 11 g * mag mtt rent viffW of tbe entire city of St Loin tb? Mu?a?ippi River on tbe aa*t. aad ttao l*auttfu'. nndutatua* Iirairw on the w ??< Uriatf and spl iad>d trvonun havn >?**? ai J off and openo* wi' bra the Mat y_?r through the groa'ia, aud n.ny of thea art wiroadv macadama.ed, Urge traot? have ten rencrved and retained by tLo city for firkit, whiefe at? beautifully looased, MM of wtuoh aro already in a big\ utile of improvement Term* ofaale? One nltb oiab; the balance ia oqoal pay . ini'nta. at oie, two, three, tovr aad- liva year*, with interna* a; tbe rate :t all per ceat per atimn, aeoured by dbodi oaf trust ?n tbe property. II OVERSTOLZ, Comptroller, for further yartioular* apply to KSS'f A OMAR. Anetionera, Office Ho 71 Chesaut street, St. Loom. 10 OF O I ? TUE MEMBERS OF 1'ILGRIM LODQB ? No 213, I. W. of tl i' aw r?<|uetted to meet at tbMr Lodge room, No SI Diviaion atreot, on Saniav, the 15th ia staat, at one oMoek. I' M . to pa\ tbe laat tribute of raapOe^ to tbeir late Wiu 11 L? F,?i -ro ALfKKJC MaRIEN, Secretary. SO. OF-O. K.-J THE MEKBKR8 01 AMARANTHOS w Lodge, No. Xt'i, we particularly rt<)t;e*teJ to attand ?* meeting of their lodip. held at .127 Botrcry, on Monday erea mg April 16, aa buainxt of importano' will he trauaaiteid A UAUNAUY, N. O. Legal and oenebal reporting -messiu. HAYES, 1IINCKS. CAKfcV A CO hive opened offie?a, ltj and 17 1'rankhn Buildinga, l'.'i BroaJwaj . for short hanA reporting, lheir poaitloc and experieace us C'ongreiaioaM. legil and new apaper reporters, warrant them in promiain* the utmost accuracy and /apedition in fulhlliuK 0 rder* "VTOTICE.? ALL PERSOfSR ARE HRRRBY NOTIFIB0 JL.1 not totruat or pay any money oa oar aocount, a* we do not recognize any one |n-:?on or p?r*one an our agenta. J AM L Jf J , A M 1LLIAM OAHItOLL. PETBRSVILLE HOMESTHAD ASSOCIATION ?A HP* rial meeting will bd held on Monday oroning. April ll>, to hear the report of committer and mnki) nrrangeuoata foe dletribation of the land* of th> a?*tci?tion W. A POIT1R, 1'remJeat. ROBT THOMPSON. JR., COMMI.SSItlNKB FOR PCNIf* aylvania, ottioe, Irving Baak Buildim, Greeuwioh aa<d Warrea atreeta, Mew York. THE MARINERS' SAVINGS BANK? CORNER OT Third avenue and Ninth atrtet, paya aiz percent inter est on earns of tfiOU and under, and five pjr oeut ou aotaaevec $4(10. Open daily from !f A M. to 2 P. M , aa 1 MTE0NK30AT and SATURDAY EVENINGS, from 5 to 8. orrtciu Hon. JACOB A. WESTERVELT, Gatj Ma; or of ths oaty President Fhilif W. Enoa and Isaao T. Smith, Vioe Presidoate W. H. F.luwokth, Seocotary. N. B.? Tbia Savinga Bank is in n) way oonneeted with aa# other banking iaatitutlon in thia city, is regularly chartered aooordina to law by the Legislature of thia State, and ha* ita funds eeourely invested, mainly oa bond and uiortgat*, on property worth doable the amoant loaned. Tammany society, or Columbian order - Brothers, a regular meeting of the institution will be held in the Councifoliamber of th? Great Wigwam, on Moa day evening. April 1(>. at half an hour after tho sotting at" the aun, tor the election of officera lor the enauing yeac. General and punctual attendanoe ia requested. By order EMI J All F. PVKilY, Gr:ind Sachem, Stcpiicn C. Dvryca, Secretary Manhattan. Seaaen of Blossoma, Uli Moon, Year of DU covery 303, of Independenoe 7!>tU, and of the lnatitutaoa the 60th. UNITED FREEMANS' LAND ASSOCIATION, No 3 ? At a regular meeting of the United Freeniana' LaaA Aasociation, No. 3, held at the City Hotel. Brooklyn, oa Tuesday evening, April 3d, 1K.V the following officer* wer* re tlected for tno onauing term JOHN A LAWRENCE I*r?kideat. AARON L. WEST. Vico Prrsnlent. JOHN M II AH R l> GTl>N, Recording Secretary. WILLIAM MACKEY, Financial Secretary JOSEPH L. BROWN, ) JOHN V. STOOTHOFF, J ??f *" 7, .? "0M And JOHN JONfcS, V Committee HE/EKIAIl RUSSELL. HENRY BENTON, JAMES HALSTEAD, ALEX. BARN E1T, JOSEPH RENDALL. EDWARD MILL! KIN, J WILLIAM MACKEY, Financial Seetitacy. YERMONT copper mining company -a spb cial meeting of tbe stockholders of this company wflR be held on Friday, April 20, at W o'clock M , at N*. It Broadway . Every stockholder is reuueited to bo preMat. EDWARD M." JOHNSON. Troaauter, Direotjra. j^NONYMOUS -LETTER RECEIVED WITH $100; AL PERSOVAL. ITTXR RECEIVE so, another enclosing 5140 Thanks arc returned. Ad ibj the undersigned in closing the business entitle* the whole amount B.N. IF THIS SHOULD MEET THE EYE OF MR. A. TREAD veil, who former'; did bttsinets at 2y.'t Pearl ?tre?t, ia this city, he will coifer a tavor. and possibly hear something to bi* advantage, by dropping a note in tbe Pint Office, bos 2.01*2, btatisg where he may be found. MISSING-JOHN UTE. CHAURETH, ALIAS CHARTS, of n L'abbnye du Kcire, Diatrict ot Throe River*. Ha left Apfil 17, 1*54. and bu* not been heard trom since HU afflicted mother, therefore, solicits any one who ha*he*rdoc know* any thin; about her ion's whereabouts! to addraaa Mr*. Sophie Bertbelette Cbauretb. Bay State Hotel, room. No. 6, 14.'> and lt7 Fulton atraet. New York. Mr. ChiuretA is 33ycara old. almoit si* feet higb, robust, dark compleaioa. dark hair, grey eyes, mouth ordinary, mixaing two teeth ia front of his upper jaw; was dressed, when he left, in blaek pantaloons and a gray overcoat, mod) of the gray stufT farmem wear in Lower Canada black hat. and a obaia aa?i tmall broorb, in a black satin cravat. COPARTNERSHIP MOTICK9 A GENTLEMAN Ot' CONSIDERABLE BUSINESS Ex perience. ana who can yive the very bout of rotorenooe, would like to become interested in ioiui respectable biid ueis in tbii city, li worth about $30,000, of which $.<,UUU u oanh, and tho litter might possibly be increased in a short necessary. Parties willing to liavo an interview, will please address fstating nature of hu?insssi Mr. Willi*?*, Ilcrald office, and may rely upon having tbeir cowmuiiioa tloni considered entirely confidential A SPLENDID OPTORHJNITY 19 NOW OFFERS* to eDpaga in a renp.ictable, profitable and salt husinaae; to a business man having from $2,0110 to $.'S,<X)0 thla is a rar? chance; only $60J u anted at present Addreja Trade, derail office, stating where an interview can be had. A YOUNG PHYSICIAN, GRADUATE OF GENEVA, and a student of the late Dr. Doriun, of Montreal, an<l also of Professor Sjencer, of Philadelphia, wishes to asso ciate himself with a highly respectable practitioner of modi - eine. lias had three years' oxtorienco in city praotica. Would have no objections to go on a salary foe a year or SO. Address to J. P. M , box 168 Ilcrald office A GERMAN DRUGGIST, WELL QUALIFIED TO take chtrge Ot a store, who has $1,060, can join as part tier in an established German drug store, more than twenty years established, now doinji a business ot some $3) a day. A rare chance. Inquire of A. 11. GOUGU, t:> Wall a'root, batem> ut PARTNERSHIP NOTICE.- TI1E PARTNERSHIP FIRK of George W. Quinby of which Walter Bon-no. Senr., was "special partner, " having liocome dissolved by tho death of the '' genoral partner," tho undersigned hav? tormod a partnership under tln> tirm of "Qcinby. Field A Bowno." and will continue the businoss ot dealing In slaugh ter hides, fat, calt skins, Ao , at the old stand No 198 Eluabeth street. WALTER U. tjUINBY. URIAU FIELD. New York. Ap?il 12, 1S5P. WALTER BOWNE, Jr. PARTNER WANTED. -UNF. OF OUR BEST CAR penter* is desirous of joining a carpont-tr or bnildic who is in the above business; or, as he is a draughtsman, would associato with an architect of equal m "ins and capaci ty. Address Builder, box No. ItiO Herald office TO MILLINERS AND DRESSMAKERS -A LADV HAV ing $3,i00 in cash, wishes to associate with soma pec sen already established in the millinery business; or would furnish all the stock ol millinery goods with a lady eeta blltbed in the dressmaking business, having a bonne furnish sd suitable for both. Business location in Broadway pre ferred. Address, with real name. Mrs. Sarah Barker, He rald office. TBE COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EXISTING ketweon the undersigned for tho transaction of an ?? ropean express baslness, under the Arm of Edwards, Snaford A Co., is tnis day dissolved by the retirement of Mr. Georgo Edwards. The affairs ot the late Arm will bo settled by too remaining partners, who will oontinoe to ooaduot the mm ness tinder the tirm of Snnford A Ce. GEORGE EDWARDS. E. S. SANFORD, S. M SHOEMAKER JAMES E1VES, and ) IIENKT STARR. New York, Marob By E. S. Saatord, thoir attorney. 30, lftfl. TO PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTISTS ?A OOOD OPERATOR, v>ith $.'??> cash capital. ms\ hear of an excellent open ing for busteois in one of the best galleries in Broadway. Apply, with real name and address, m attist contidonot. to 1 bos'. Herald office. TirANTED-A PARTNER. WITH $8,000 CAPITAL, TO TV join in a very profitable manufacturing busicoeo alrtady established, making an article of unrorsvoonsump tion. From $T.iKX) to $10,011* por annum can be roalixed, M nisi be clearly shown. Addrexi BUB Broadway Poet Ufflce WANT ED? A PARTNER WITH IWO, IN A DA* gnerrean gallery established in l!W9, and doing a good steady business Ono not knowing tho art will be taught it. This is a rare chance for a safe and profitable tovee'moat. Address Artiet, Uersld office L.IQ.COR8, AC. A CHOICE SELECTION OF SHERRY, P0RT~llX deira. claret, champagne and other wines, braajioo. whiskeys rums, gins, London and Dublin porter. domes** ale ana porter, for family uao, for sale at W H. UNDERBILL S, 130 Breom? street ALE, PORTER, WINES. AC . AC-riNE ALB AND porter in pint bottles, at six shillings a doien and pne ticulatly suited far family use; pure wines, braadioo. schnapps, Ac., Ac The above can be relied on for medioiBM use. Apply at PIERSOVS. 18 BUeeker street, >oe block from the Bowery. RKMOTAJL. Dr. van doren ha? rmotbo h? omo* rooms to bis residence, 63 West one block west of Broadway, and a lew doers w?t of Sixth avenua. JOSEPH Ml. MERCHANT TAILOR? HAS RIMOVKB fro? 914 Btesdway to Oilssy'* baUdiac*. IN Broadway Removal -f a t pavis bsg leave to inform their pa?r? ? ao i frends that thoj have removed tboar luraiiore os*abluhwsit frooa 03 Ana strsot, to lit Mnrux s'.reef. water 'be St Nicholas TI?t-*l . and that they have <f"sbj aJdsl to their aioolc ot anperb nartor, dinmg rt*sa , ,,| ^smber <uro!Ur? They'ths >Mf opaortanit* t? la vne i he ^obl letogi vvt k? a ? oaU. *uj also If tta*? th?w i l(t paV

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