Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 14, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 14, 1855 Page 5
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Knox hu made a Great Hit with hli Hew bpting ftjle of bats. Tbev are the town talk, and repre sent the embodiment of taste and eleganoe. Wo know, tor a certainty (hat, to popular ban he become in all part* of the eosntry, bif order* extend from Main* to California, and that he aa hsi at mnch an he can dn to keep tho market sup plied. Ilia stores are Not. 533 Broadway aud 128 Fulton et. Annexation of Canada.? "Coming Erenti cart their sbsdow* before." See tho incomparable portrait of Lord Elgin, in ROOT'S fine show ease at the ontranoo to hia gallrrief, No. 3?8 Broadway. It ia a likeness, and a pie tore without a fault. ? Tills Knocks Spots out of Anything tvir ??en in Ntw York," waa the emphatic remark of swell known artiat, yesterday, aa he waa examining tho magnificent array of photograpbejuat made public at the entrance of ROOT'S great gallery or art, No. 303 Broadway. A single glance will convince any one of tho txsct truth of tho artist's do ?iatos. Photographic Portraits Executed In the iret atylo of art, plain snd eolored, on the cheap system, exclusively for tLe people, tho niaia. Daguerreotype*, 23 asd SO conta, and SI. Stercesoopos. 91? by HOI.MfcS' pa tent doable cameras, 289 Broadway, the depot of art. Pianos.? Girnt Bargains.? Tne Largest As sortment of celeorated pinos in the Unjted States. T. Gil bert and Co. 'a premium scolean pianoa; Uoiace Water*' mo dern improveu pianoa, and thoae of a largo nutn>>er of other makera, comprising the largest and maat desirable ysS'?rt ?*nt in the Union; will be fold at a prioe which defy oompe titien. for eaah or satisfactory paper, fereuna in tho oity bating orders fdfpianes will find it to their advantage to call on HORACE WATERS, 333 Broadway. Melodeonn.? S. D. 6i H. W. Smith's Melo deons. tnned tho equal temperament, to which waa recently swsrded the first premium at the National Fair, Washing ton, D C., can bo found only at 333 Broadway. A liberal disoonnt made for oash. Tne trsde supplied on the most liberal terma. HORACE WATERS. Phrenology ?Sir. Fowler will Lecture In Gsntintntal Hall, 8th avenue, corner of 3lth street, on Tuesday evening, April 17th, Thursday evening, 19th, and Ssturday evening, 21st inat., commencing at 7>?. o'clock, and closing with public exemisations. Seats Troe, and eelleotion taken. ?fouralng Goods.? We have now a large stsek ef bombasine*. alpaca*, delaines, baregea, silks, Can ?on crapes, ? " ' sad eve ran _ __ ?47 Broadway, eerntr Leonard street. Shawls from Auction? Just Received, the fallowing let of shawl*, which we will offer at s diaoonnt of fiO per cent from the cost of importation, oaalimcre lonj ahawla, all colors, o ash mere sqnaro do, printed Thibet do. wool Ion; andfsquaro for travelling; 1,000 embroided and plain Canton crape do, of superior quality. E. II. LEAD BEATER k CO., 347 Broadway, corner of Leonard stra t. ts ei fom ti an nes, alpacas, delaine*, baregea, silks, Can crnpei, grenadines, tissues, lawus, prints, gingham*, I every other article in the mourning line, whloh wo are ing at great barsains.? E. n. LEADBEATGR k CO., Bonnets.? Among all the Bonnets we see on ladies of taste, wo And they are from R. T. LIISK'S, 151 Fulton street. Brooklyn, one door below High street. Call ?con and judge tor yourself. Kid Gloves? Kid Gloves? We will ?|wn, this morning, another lar^e lot of superior Paris made kid eeca, which we will soil at great bargain*. Our storo will open, and ready for bnsines*, at 8 o'clook A. M? E. II. UADBEATER k CO., 347 Broadway, eorner Leonard street. J*mu Little & Co. have an Excellent %s nertmeit of ready made elothing, mad* np under their own ?jea, and for quality of goods, style and finish, there id no equal Goods made to order at tho shortest notioe. No. 412 Broadway, near Canal street. Oah Hall Clothing.? Ready, Our New and faebionable stock of spring and tummor clothing (of every bind and quality), wnion wo can aud will soil cheaper than nay house can afford to in this city. Remember Oak Hall, DE GHOOT k SON, 81 and 8<j Fulton, and 17 and 19 Gold at*. Fsney Flguired and Striped Shirts for the approaching summer? Having received a splendid assortment or Frtnch colored mnalina and fanoy ahirtiag linona, wo are prepared to exeoute apecial orders for ahirta, in tho most fa shionable style, guaranteeing a perfeot fit, and oompleted punctually when promised. MOODY k WIUGANS, No. 391 Broadway between Walker and White stroet*. Perfect Fitting Shifts to suit all sixes, made eapreesly for custom trade; silk, merino, and cotton under ahirte and drawers, anl every article in men'* furnishing goods. MCLAUGHLIN, 292 Greenwich street, corner of chambers. If 1 was a voice, a persuasive voioe. That could travel the wido world through. 1 would fly on the beams of the morning light. And apeak to the ladiea with a gentle might And tell Them that at no other Store In New York can snoh beautiful gaiter boots, such dipper ties, asd toilet slippers be obtained, a* at J. B. MILLER k CO'*. 134 Canal street. Pajlelan Style Gaiters and Shoes.? Persons about getting boots and ? hoes fcr apring wear, shoul l junt etepinio WATK IN'S,114|i ulton street, and get posted up as ts the latest *t; lea. At his extensive establishment can be Sound the largest and host assortment in tho Unitod States. Let this he your Guide for Carpet*! English velvet carpet*, 10*., 11*. per yard. Esgliah tapestry carpets, 7s., 8* , 9s. per yard. English three-ply carpets, 7s., 8?. per yard. English Ingrain carpets, 3s., 4*., 4s. Gd., 5s. per yard. English oilcloths, 6*., 7s. per yard. American oilcloth, 2s. fid., 3s , 4s. per yard. Gold window (hade*, $3, 94 fcj per pair. Table cover*, m. to 24s., at HIRAM ANDERSON'S, 99 Bowery. Portable Dressing Cases ?The Subscriber's assortment embraces every style suitable for travellers' use; they contain all that 1* nicesaery for tho toilet. SAUN DERS, No. 7 Astir House, and 387 Broadway. Paper Hangings, Wholesale and Retail THOS. FAYE k CO., 360 and 257 Broadway, directly oppo site tbe City Hall, have constantly on hand a full stook of Trench ana American paper hangings, borders, fireboard ?Tints, curtain papers, bed tester*, statues, landscapes, Ao, ?f every etyle knows to the trade. Merchant* laying in tbslr atook*, can buy from tho first hands, as wo maanrao tare largely, and import direct from the Frenoh manufac turers, for whom wo ars sol* agents in the United State*. Our retail department comprises tho riohest styles of deoo ?sUions. Special importations made, when desired, froia cur splendid collection or samples. Artlstio paper haulers sent te any part of the United State*. THOMAS KA YE k CO., Mi and 257 Broadway, directly opposite tbe City Hall. Gay tor's Double Flange Salamander Safes, with powder proo! looks, email key*, fifteen thousand sold; hundreds tested by fire, not one has failed. All sixes on band at tbe only cepot, 205 I'earl street, oppo.<>te Fletcher. Defiance Salamander Safes.? Robert M. TATRIOK is the sole manufacturer in tbe United Statee ojt As above oelehrated safoa, and F C. Gotttn's imponotrable defiance locks and cross bars. Depot No. 192 I'earl *'re*t, soe doer below Maiden lane. Wedding Cnrui. ? \ >1 Aaaortment of Evcr dfll's elegantly engraved at home notes, wedding cards, en velopes, Ac , can le bad on ?plication, or aunt by post to any part of tbo conn try. Established 1840. JAKES EVERDELl, 302 itroadway, corner Duano *t. In the Mofikt BoUtllng, No. 333 Broadway, lawyer*, artUta, mau ufaotnrers of jewelry, clothing or otber light fabric*, can be aoojzn uodated with spaoi'iu* noma, well lighted and ventilated, ami rent* varying from S100 to {000. A'?o, a suite of fire rooms, connected together, uitb all the modern Improvement*. Apply to WU B. MOFFAT. 336 Broadwiy. Teas.? Tltc Beit Asaortment of Fine Teat Hill be found at the Canton Tea Company'* newly erected and elegant store, 123 Catkam street, botween Pearl and Roosevelt ? the oldest establishment in the el'y. Wc assure cur rend' rs they ran do tatter here than elsewhere, either at wholesale or retail. 4 P* IVerrooa retired Cleigjr mm r*?trred to health in a few days, after as any years rf great nsrvou* sutforing. ia aniioos to make known the ttaaua of our*. Till sand (free) the rroic-ipiion need. Maaet to He*. JOHN If. SAQNALL, Mo. 67 FiHoa ItrMt, SaMUjm, H. T. Co Nktooi Snfltfcrs? \ retired Pnyatclan smmism a prescription that proved effectual ia restoring fern U> health ia a lew days after years of suffering from !faaeral nervous debility. Anxious to make it known, will ma*. the prescription used free. Direct to Dr. BbWARD WILLIAM S, Of Fulton s treat, Brooklyn, N. T. Dr. John Bull's Baraaparllla? la the Molt effectual purfier 'of the blood and all tho secre'ien* of tb9 human rystem Cor moat eminent physicians (to whom its ?ouiposition has been mado known.) pronounce it to be an unequalled tonic medicine for indigestion, dysDepsia, and liver complaints. fold wholesale and retail, a'. Dr. JOHN BULL'S; principal office, 2 Cortlandt street, two doors ?rem Broadway. Price, In quart bottles, SI each, or 0 lot ties for 9ft. Balm o t Tlionaand J>'lower?-Fot beantlff h. (he complexion and eradicating all tan, pimple* and lee from the fao?. FETKlD'iE A CO., Boston; C. U. KING, 19J Broad a ay, agents. CUrehagh'a Hair Dye Rives all the Inttrme n>< diatc sbades of color, from red or whito, to tbc doepest Hack or brown. This is tha boct and snrust dye yet dis ?overed, fl per bottle. Applied at all hour;. Cllrthagh'a Wig* wi4 Tonpeef nwlv >Tli'a bis newly invented skin division, MC fashioned after na ture's own desiga, and sv fitted to t1;# heal that all wig wearera have pfoaeubMd them perfect heads of hair, {'no tary 1C2 Fulton street, west side. ? Hair Dye, Will and Toupee*.? Batcheler'a taetory for these article* I* 233 Broadway. Nine private room* expressly for the applioalioa of hi* famous hiir dye. Held wholesale and reta(l. The largest assortment of wi{?, toupees aad ornamental hair ia the United States. T?n Dollar Wlgi and To npee*.? The cele brated manufactory fer wi<*. tonpees, (.raids of long luiir, bach and front braida, curls A#., Is situated at 27 Maiden late, cornsr of Nassau street. Beware of Broadway prioes. MKDHUR4T A HEARD. Particular notice to the Ladle* ?Having 1 \ sen infermed that some of my friends have reported that I bave been unfortunate, and compelled to give up my busi ness, I wmld n o*t respectfully announce to my customers and the public, that 1 rave removed from my storo 427, to a mere convenient location, at No. U9 Broadway, which I rhall open in a few days, where I can be found at all times, as my res'dsnee is connected with the stare. Ladles will not have to call *o often, but will promptly l>e atUnled to tj ?? ptrionilly. WILLIAM I'lllill.KK, ladi**' hair dress ?r and wig maker, MO Broadway, between Spring and I'rinoe street*. Orahom'aOuRnenl forced mybeardtoffrow. 1 bad very little before I used it Jno. I. eland, 1-to third street. Cincinnati, O. My ongneot is SI a bottln, sent to any part of the country. R. u. ORAIIAII,.1M Broad vay; Zoiber, 44 fcnlh Tlird street. Philadelphia, liegeman, Clark & Co., surviving paitners aad aucnssors to Rnsbten, Clark A Co., ohemiits and dru; (lists, nnj sole mat ufactnrer* of their genulLe cid livor oil. it b, 373, Ml and 7M nroadway. ?tishfon s Coil Liver Oil la partlcnlarly ??dapted to consumptives *t this ?o?son. To bo genuine it most Lav? (hi- naaie of Frederick V. Rushtoa in lull on eaoh ahel. Nencr.? 1<0 other parties are authir.ied to use his 'iSas, e '1*t solely or in ' ornection ivlth any i tlisrs Only ?? No. 10 Astor House, eorrer of Barclay, and 117 Broad vay ?"?vaer Cictl street. Par Congh* >nnd i'olda? Haatlngs' ayrup of < tptha, Rusbton'r cod liver nil, Ayer'f chcrrr pectoral. oaafc *i.for?aver and e;uc, India '?bolaTogno #1#). Deshler'if DJ afl; for rfropry, jrravel, Ac., Wolfe's Hohiedattl sehnapp-, 'ra't's ;.n*.;dots. each SI, for rheumatism, scrofaJa, Ac., balsam 7'ic., llollowaj's nils .'.nil oflnment, ? t' ntl,r, tir snri'T'silon, ot straction, Ac.. Vnn Ilamhcrt's 'emtiftnonthly pills, fl; a so Th. mptnti s ffl"?h ?r?r nnl mr jr.sfp, I JV r.f C'l'H N 1" r. U< ?'y. I The cat.le tish cuunici/Iy blackens the ftain When an em my darts hi the i(necr little gnome; But ii ({nick Criatadoro will darsen the hair Witt I. ii dye of all dyea moat efficient and rarj. Cilst&<toro"a KxcrUlor Hair Dye, mtnaftc* tared, sold and applied at So. C Aator Houae. Hollowny'a Ointment. Hatlt Uheuni, Scot* botie eruption, and ?croiula ? Niarly half the human race can bear witneae to the efficacy of tbia wonuerf il ougdeut la the eure of tfceas dlsfaaes. They never fail, however long Handing or desperate the caae may be. Sold ut tho manu lactoriea, hO Maiden lane. New York, and London, and by all druggiata, at 115 centa, t>2,4 jents, and 91 per pot. The genuine Arnica Plaatera.? KU ?V. Von : dersmith'a celebratel Arnica plasters are reoommended by ; a'most every pnycieiaa in thia city for rheumatism, pain iti the aide or bat*. Only try them, then you can judge tor yourself. Sold only by the manufacturer at the Bowery I drug 'tore, No. lori, abovo Broome atreet. A Card.? To InTallds Visiting or Renldtng in New York.? A atrong desire to aave the invalid f. om tho snares which imposture and quackery spread, inducea tho undersigned to give thta put lie invit&l'on 10 all invalid* vl siting this city lor medical advice, or thoae residing here, to call upon him, at hia office, 711 Broadway. He will be pleased to give them parfeetly tafo and reliable counsel and advice; and in all caaea where he cannot alfotd relief, he will g've anch information aa will enable the invalid, resi dent or stranger, to avoid imposition, and find the medical aud surgical aid required. For the following < iieaaea ho may to coneul*cd from 9 o'clock A M. to 4 o'clock 1'. M , every day in the week, Sundays excepted:? Conaainption, and all diseases ot the luags and throat; palpitation, and all other forma of heart diaeaae; liver complaint, dyapop.iia, and all other diseases of stomuch and bowcla, piles, A).; prolapsus, and all forma of female complaints, irregularities and weaki.<'sses; rheumatism, scrofula, and all akin dU eases, Persons at a distance are invited to consult him by lettir, giving him a full statement of tho oase. Prompt an swers will be returned. All counsel and advice without auv charge whatever. Address S. S. FITCB, A. M , M. I)., 714 Broadway, Mow York. What a multitude of Lotions, Snivel, Oint ments and nostrums arc advertised aa beantihera and pro servers of the l.uman cuticle, the concoctora of which (so chronlo ia their cupidity) would resign all hopea of immor tality could they reach tho goal which DR FELIX UOU It AlJl) by patience, skill aud industry lias attained in bringing to perfection his world-renowned Italia i inodicated soap, lor realising a luxurious, aoft, atrootn and traaaparont complexion, ux. flecked by a riugle hlomish to mar ita child like beauty. That Gouraud's aoap will perform all thia ia as cirtain as there is a sun in the heavens! It Is, moreover, tbe very but shaving compound ever invented, (louiaufs lily ?bite, r age, poudre subtile tor uprooting hair from any tart of tbe body, hair dye and restorative found at the old depot, 67 Walker street, first store from Broadway; t'allendei, 88 South Third street, 1'biladelphla; and 1&> Washington street, Boston. Rhenmatlkin, Scrofula, Goat, Cancer, &c._ HYATT'S Life Balaam, as at*ested by a thousand desperate esses which have appeared in the lloralJ, Sun, and other papers, is tho great reliable purifier. Among the lateat ease* of King's evil is that ot William Uouacl, 12 Willett street, who suffered by a deep and loathsome scrofulous uloer under the left rar, the swoiling from which oovered tho neck. Mr. 11. Uardner, as sworn before Major Westorvelt, Jute 30, 1MWI, was enred in one month of a terrible cancer, which nail existed twelve years and destroyed his nose. In rheoma tism, gout, neuralgia, Ac., tbo cases ot iloa. J. V. D. Kowlor, lt8 Stanton atreet, and Mr. B. Kiue, 32 Grove street, stand forth among the most astounding cares over efTcoted. They were completely crippled. You who aro afflicted, go visit thoae piraons. 75 centa per bottle. depot, Uii Grand street. Married, On Thursday, Ap. il 12, at the Church of the H'/ly Apostles, by Rev. R. 8. HowlanJ, Jokkph H. Ukrrnk, Jr., to Olivia d . ycungeat daughter of the late Oliver Wood ruff, Eiq., all ot thin city. On Wednesday iven-ng, April 11, a1; t le resilience of tie bride'a mother, by the Rev. Dr. Millett, of No. 308 Broome street, Mr. John Ackkr to Miss Hrnkirtta Cook, all of thia city. On Thursday, April 12, at St. Gsorge'* C lurch, by the Rev. S. H.Tyng, D. D., Wii.uam M. Asbtikld to Mi-ia VlOLUTA Timpbon, both of tli .s city. On Thursday, April &, in St. Andrew's Church, by the Rev. Dr. Curian, Patrick Moork to Catherine Tbresa O'Connor, eldest daughter ot John O'Connor, Esq , ot tbis city. On Sunday, Aprils, by the Rev Dr. Tyng, Gkokgk P. Covh.l to Martha Barkkk Philadelphia papers pit use copy. In Brooklyn, on Monday, April fl, by the Rev. Henry Ward Beechtr, William McDopoall, of Glasgow, Scotland, to Fanny 1 ktitu, eldest daughter of the Rev. Robert McLean, of St. John's Church, Ho bar t town, V. D. L , late of Newry, Ireland. Belfast and Newry papers plea?e copy. Died. On Thursday, April 12, Mr. Andrk-v Sadukr a native of Drnmahambo, county Leitrim, Ireland, aged to yeir*. The friends of tbe family are respectfully invited to attend the fun-ral, this afternoon, at two o'clock, with out further notice, from his late residence, No. 36 Van ue water street. Interment in Mount Olive Cemetery. On Friday, April 12, Elkaiuth I., wife of Patrick A. Duffy, aged 21 years, 8 months an 1 8 days* The fiwnds and acquaintances, thou of hsr father, Peter Farrell, aad of ber brothers in law, Thorn ih Duffy, Michael Neary, and Michael Farrell, are tespectfally in vited to attend the tuncral, from her late residence, No. 32 Stone e'rfet. to-moriow alternoon, at two o'clock. Boston and Tr >y papers please copy On Fiirfay morning, April 13, Kuzaovtb, wife of Saml. W. Atkin, aged 30 years. lhe fr ends and relatives of the family are respec '.fully invited to attend the funeral, from No. 132 Greenwich avenue, coiner ot Thirteenth street, to day, at twelve o'clock M. On Thursday, April 12, Wm. A. Hamilton, Esq., aged 62 yeare. Hia relatives and friends are respectfully invited to at tend the funeral, from No. 112 Uivis'.on street, at ten o'clock tbis morning, without further invitation. On Thursday morning, April 12, Abraham Kblskt, aged 76 yearn, a veteran of the war of 1812. The funeral will take place at two o'clock to-morrow afternoon, from his late residence, No. 70 Hester street. 1 he veterans of tbe war of 1812, tho me.nbersof the Masonic Order, and the relatives and friends of the de ceasec, are respectfully invited to attend. His remaias will be interred in Cyprefs Hills Cemetery. New Jtrsey and No?burg papets p ease copy. On Thuistiny afternoon, April 12, of consumption, V l li jam e. Winn?, in the :i&th ye-.r of his age. Tbe relatives and frieuds of the family are invited ta attend tbeluneral, to morrow afternoon, at two o'clock, from the residene* of bis brother K.T.White, No 67 Broome street. His remains will be taken to Greenwood ltr Interment. + On Friday, April 13, of consumption, Thomas Atridok, late of Tralee, county Kerry, Ireland. The relatives and friends of tbe (am ly s.r? respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from his late residence, No. 3 Pell street, tomorrow afternoon, at t?o o'clock. OnFiiday, April 13, of remittent lever, Wii.ija < G., only son ol the lute William G. Dougherty, aged 0 years The relatives and frirnds of the family aiv respectfully invited to attecd tbe funeral, from the residence or ht> mother, No. 244 West ?even*e?nth atreet, to .uorrow af ternoon, at two o'clock, without f'uther invitation On Wednesiay, Apill 11, Madame Marir Von Ha*si:i.l, a native of Hanover, long a reaident of Columb:a, S C , aged (6 jears. touthern papers pleu*e copy. At Black well's Island, on Friday, April 13, Willi am B. Fi.aglkr, cleik of the Penitentiary, agud 66 je^rs. His rtmainawill be taken to Hu laoa to day. Ou Tbuisday morning, April 12, Wiluam Taylor, of tlie firm of Wm. Taylor 4 Co., No. lb Ann street, age t 60 years. His friends and relatives are respectfully lavited to at tend tlie funeral, to-monow a:toruoon, a, two o'clock, lioin hia late reetaence, No. 141 Gold street, Brooklya. ' His reinains will be tiken to Greenwood for interment. In lirocllj n, onFtiday, April 13, SIary Ann, w.fe of Ci>pt. Icaac ilart a. tf No. 7 Monroe place. The friends cf Ine fam ly are rnrpeotfully invited to attfnd the funiral services, to morrow alternoon, at balf past one o'clock. Tbe regains will be ac^mpanied by the more immediate friends, on Monday, to Cy^ss Hiila for inteiment On Thursday, April 12, Kmma L. A , daughter c* Wil liam and Mary A B&lleu, agod 2 years and U months. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully luvited to attend the funsral, at tjo o'clock this after noon. from the residence of his parents, No. 140 Gran 1 street, YVilliamsburff. The r?ms'ni will be taken toCy pies<; Hills Cemetery 'or interment. At Fast New York, L. I., on Friday taora ng, April 13. after a short ana severe llinesa, Mrs. Mary L. Pill, aged 66 j cars. lhe friends and acquaiotaases of tie f.ira ly are res pectfully invited to attend the funeral, from her ?te re silience, to morrow afternoon, at tbrtO o'clock. On Xhursdsy, April 12, at Rye Neck, Westchester county, of dlsfftse of tbe heart, John Mo.-wku, in tbe 66th year of his age. lbe if lativ8 and fr'eads of the fsmiiy are reipe^tfullj ir> vite 0 to attend tbe funeral, this afternoon, at two o'clock, without farther invHa'ion. Trains will leave the Naw Hivn Railroad depot, id CcDil street, fir Mam aroo<?k statin at 1 A.M. and 12 M, wbere carriages will be In readlneis. Pott.ivllle, Pa., and St Louis, Mo., papers pleaie copy. At Canaan, N Y , on Thursday, Apr. I 12, a'ter a pro traeted illness, Dr. t-T?PHRW Brown, ia the 67tb yesr ef his sac, for many tears a resident o: th s city. At I'anville, Vs., on Friday, April 0, Col. Thomas H. C. Grasty, Mayor. He was a resident of tbia city yersral years ngo. On Tuesday, April :'i, at Three Ott-n, Bedford county, Va , the rcaid>n<-e of ber aoo, A. B Nichols, Mrs. Bally Nkhoui. relict of tbe late Jam*s Nichols, in thi 78th year of ler age. At tan Francisco, California, on Friday, August 17, 1864, Wiluam 11 Dk torn a, in the 28th jear of his age. His funeral will take place to morrow aft?-rn>on, at two o'clock, from the residence of h s brother-in law, IHniol Gaive, No. 326 Front street The relativeo and friends, tbe members of Pilgrim Ixidgs, atd tbn Order of OJd Fellows in general, are invite! to attend. kmivmmm iemewed ktem day. RALBS aT AUoTIOM. At<;riuN notice. - household furnituhb aaloi. ? EDW \RD SCQENCK, Anctlonofr, will sri*e bia personal attention to tho aaloa of household furmiure at the maidens** of lanuiiei bre.iking or honsi-keeping, or at Ma aalrarooma, No. 16 Wall a'reet, for thoie who mar piefor it. Auction kotice.-j. booart, auctioneer? iy 8. lloyari ? Tliin day, at loVS o'olook, at tbe auction ro<>me, corner of I'r*nfclort an! William atreota. boiibold ftrniloro, dry gooJa, iota*, bediteads. beda ami bodlinj, l tireaua, tablca. mahogany and > an? ohaira, mirror), car P< ta. oilrlotha, kitchen inrnitnre, retricirator4;aUo, ctocke ry, china tea leta, rtaaaware; alao, a lot of fauoy <lry *o>il?, jilk, mantillaa, ailk trimming*, Udtei bonnet', book inoi lin. p?nril eaaea, glovea, neck ?!??, Ac. A UCTION NOTICE? JOIIN REDDING, AUCTIONEER -*\w th'* <l?y. April 14, inatant, At ND<; l)r>adw?y at ball paat t< n o'olook. fifteen boraca, nx closo ooicho-, S?? ,w'> r0*?kawa ja, foor li-ht wagona, mtft barncaa, ?OK?tbar with ejaht alodget, ,t<i. r. A 2' ! If!???, *' to let, in Thirty feveotb atreet, near W?y Innuiru of tbo tietlSMW, l,l(M Broad * DMINISTRATORVS BALfi.?rtf fi? S^I.D At PUR j[S an< tion on April 21, MM a?2?. "*?? i\V. o Wn tr.jf ?, uadion oonnty, s. J. ? ' . -IU.? fr m ' '?"? J \<r?;Vn Vj1 in "JrU. . a.** " >? " "? -?,N RALES AT AUCTION. Auction notice -continuation sale-great ia!e of magnificent d.umouil jewelry, genuine im ported English latent Itvir watches. in heavy geld banting cimi, Ac EDWARD SC1IESCK will > icll at auction, thU day, Saturday,) April 14, at hia salesroom*, 16 wall street, at 10}, o'clock, a lar<? ;>ad magnitieentc.invoiee of brilliant diamond Jewelry, watche 1, Ac , consitting in part of elecant diamnnd clutter and single st-ne rings, pius, earrings, brea*tplna, Ac.; ladle*' beauti j fully enameLed wa tcbe*, let on both aide* witb diamond*; i otier* bvRoakell, Cooper, Tobias, Lbesou, Coi, iwen ca, Breting Frtres, and other celebrated makcts, consisting of I independent second; chronometer, 15 day, patent and de 1 tachcd lever, duplex, lepin. , Ac. ; pold guar', fob aud Teat chains, suitts of mosaic and ^olditono piu and earring*, ! bracelets, biooebea, seal rinr?, soldatone sleeve butt-jo*, i e'uds, pencil caaei, gold pens, locket*, Au. Auction notice? i.arge and peremptory sale of magnificent household furni ure. EDWAitD j SI HENCK will *ell at auction on Tuesday, April 17, at l(Hj click, ou the premises , 142 rbompa.n atroot, l^eiWveu 1'iince and Houaton, ? ut honienold furniture, sold on (ocount of the owui-r breaking up l,ou*ekceping oonsmiag in p rtf f elegant Brusaels. Wilton, three ply and iusram car pet* rocewood-euites of tote a tete8,?o?a, armchair and parlor cbaira, in hair cloth and brocatt lie, one superb rosewood piano, tevtu octave, elegant Trench plato and gilt frame pier and mantel glaa^a, mar .le tot aofa, ceatre, p|er and aide (aLlea; rosewood, mahogany. black tud oa't droning bureau*, wuafistands dreaaing table*, Au ; roMwood and mahogany bedateada, liair aud feather bed*, uiattreaso*, pillows, |>allia**o*. bolatera, Ac , diver plated war?, knives, fork*, ;,la?? and crockery of every description; blanket*, qnilti, window curtain*, Aj The talt will coinme ice with the assortment of kitchen utensil*. Termti cash, in city fund*. AT JC H AND AT 12k, THIS DA Y.? TUNIS MORKELL auctioneer, will sell at the private resideucs, 17 - #est Twenty-eight street, richly furnished parlors, but reoently selected with cue, from fashionable Broadway morohant-, carpeting, (tapertry of tbo first quality,) rosewood piano, made by Van Winkle, oo*t 8325; rosewood etejere, coat $150; rosewood parlor suite*, (with many omum(.n'-si, twenty oil [alntln^s, of ohoice de*ign, well framed; mantel ornamtnta, very *up<rior; French plate mirror^ mahogany parlor *ait, of beat design; roiewood I labia, palliastic ornaments, two rich chaiideliere for centre (gas1, corner etegcrea, Ac., oval, Ao .mirrora; hall, stair, and gas chandelier, Ac.; in all valu able furnished parlor*. Call curly and examine, as the auc tioneer must sell, at bis sales room, at 12K o'clock, this day, at 81 Nassau street, a largo and rich stook of valuable fur niture, Ao., in large variety, consisting of foil ?to :k, des cribed on catalogue; also, rosewood pianoforte.*, of excellent tone oval mirrors, cut glas* ware china and Bohemian glass, balr mattreaaes, gold jewelry. On Monday, at Wtj Second avenue, the ei tire furniture of a family; particular*. Ac., hereafter; catalogue this afternoon, at HI Naasau street. Auction notice.? parties having goods at 209 Thirty first street, bought at aaction on the 9th in r tant, are notified to remove them by this day, (Siturday,) ut 8 o'clock, a* the house goes into tke hands of other parties after that time. Auction notice.? camilias and other choice plants.? SAMUEL OSGOOD, Auctioneer, will sell at his salesrooms CO Nassau street, this mornin/, Satur- I day, at 10% o'clock, a large collectioi of oamiliaf, rosea, geraniums aud other choice plants, frtm a well known Uoritt of thi* city. Term* cash. Auction notice.? household furniture, Ac , j SAMUEL OSGOOD, Auctioneer, store No. Mi Nassau ?'ic t. v ill stll by auction an Tueiday, April 19th, at 10J^ A. M. at the house No 41 Laight street, opposite St. John's park, the household furniture, comprising parlor, dining loom, bedroom and kitchen furniture, gas fixtures, Ao. j Auction notice.? tuomas bell auctioneer ? liy Boll A Bush? Thi* day, at 11% o'cloo't, in our salesroom*, 27 Centre street, a large variety of good house bold furniture, of all classes; sogars, birds, Ac. Monday, by virtue of a mortgage, at 11 o'clock, the stook, fixture*, Ac., of a ceteral grocery store, corner of Washington and Carlisle street*. Tuesday, in the salesroom*, 25 abow oasea, tor millinery, lancy goods, Ac., for outside exhibiti ?n; alio, other*, for counter*, Ac. BA. CHILTON, AUCTIONEER.-SAl.E OF SUPE . rior household furniture, the property o* a family going to Europe, which baa not been in use a year, and wa* nearly all made to order by Alex Roux, the celebrated ca binet maker, and ia now in excellent condition, ? COLE A ClIILTON will sell at auetion on Wednesday, April IS, at \ No. 5 Leroy place, Blcecker street, commencing at 10}? o'clock, rich rosewood parlor furniture in maroon velvet, ! tapestry aid Brnsaels carpets, olooka, vases, Ao; Froncn porcelain and cut glas* ware, table linen, Ao , superior j hair mattreaaes and bedding, carved mahogany bedsteads, chair*, oilcloths, Ac., together with kitchen furniture. Catalogue* oan be had of the Auctioneers, Colo A Chilton, No. 18N'a**au street. A full advertisement in detail will appear in Monday'* Herald. By c. a. waterbury, auctioneer, Saturday, April 14th, (thi* week,) large continuation importer*' salu of choice Havana segari, wine* and brandies. The** good* art adapted to eity and hotel use, or for Western au 1 South ern market*. Huyera fer these looalities are invited to at tend. Every article ia warranted a* represented on tho catalogue. The sale is positive, without reservation, fur cash on delivery, commencing at 10>? o'clock, at our store, No. 38 Broad (trnet. (CONSTABLE'S RALE OF A 3KGAR STORE? ON SAT J urday, April 14, at 11 o'clock A. M., at X) Bo* cry, contents of segar store, consisting ol oounter and shelving, esse*, sofa, chairs, table crockery, *tove and pipe, sugars, sogar boxes, Ao. JOHN R. FARR1NGTON, Constable. DS. HOUGH, AUCTIONEER.? AUCTION NOTICE. ? Alliance'* sale of splendid roaeuond furni'ure, richly cated and fine toned pianoforte, valuable oil paintings, oo*t ly china and rilverware, Ac., Ac ?This (Saturday) morning, at V>% A. M., at No. 81 Warren itreet, comprising the whole oontent* of the t^ouse, consisting of royal velvet floor and stair carpeting, tapestry, Rrusiels and ingrain do., but little wcrn; rosewood parlor, dining and bedroom furni ture, eunritHiig of elegant upholstered suite* in Frenoh bro cade satin; Italian marble top centre table*; al*o iota, side and fancy do; also, one splendid rosewood seven oct%ve double action pianoforte, warranted; rosewood Louis XIV. ettgero, g^as* plated throughout; work table*, fanoy; ladioa' receptiou chain ercritoirea, latge and aplendid pier ^Ibsso*, in costly frsmes, with slab and brackets; brocatel ai,d lace enrtains. told shade*, valuable oil painting* by eminent ar tilt*, gothlc inlaid olocka, coatly china va*e?, and bisque and I ariau decoration*, handsome heavily oarved oak eitonaion table, table liucn, napkins, crockery, French ehina, silver tea icriices, eaka barVets, forks, sptons, ivqry ootlery, out glass* are, liquor cases, decanter*, winoa, champagne*, Ac., Ao ; waiters, ga> fixtures, ehina toa sets; also, rosewood and luahegany bedstead*, rosewood and mahogany bureau*, with marble ti p;, do. wastelands, corner and towel stands, palli asses, fine curled I. air mattresses, blanket*, counttrpanoi, l ed*, boLter* and pillow* of fine liv.e g"eae feathers, alone china toilet c?tr, oval and iquaregilt frame mirrors, Ac., Ao. Sale {oaitiio, rain or shine. 17UCBNE B. FRANKLIN, AUCTIONEER, ? BY FRANK JlU lin A Mc Lola.? Assignee's raloof 113 c?ses of the Amori 1?I1 Mai '.ifacti rir g Company'* superior black Ink, by t>amplc, Ibis (Saturday) morning, at 79 Nassau street. By order. J. BROWN, Auignoe. IfUGENF, B. FRANKLIN, AUC1IONBER. ? BY J lracklin A Niehol* ? Thij (Saturday) morning, at M), o'clock, at 79. Nassau itreet, bctweeu Fultun and J >rm, Eugene B. Franklin will *ell, r.t auction, as above, a large variety of very tupcrior oahinot furniture, carpet*, mirrors, Ac., viz.:? Rocewojd and mahogany bo' kca^ei, wardrobe*, 1'cditeaca, bureaus, waihstandr, parlor furniture, en suite; painted and enamelled clinmber turniture; beautiful velvet, Bruaaels and ingrain carpcts; rosewood and mahogany soi'as; fete a tetes and chair*, iu rroat vaiiety; besides a 'quantity of second hand fnrniture. Three l.eautii'ul hngliah vo.vct < nrrets, at private *ale Goods can remain on stora^; ?, or lie paoaed for shipping in the best mannei. Also, at 12 o'<.look, one express wagon. 1PLEGANT HOUSEHOLD FCRMTUBE.-A M. CRIS 'j TA I A R, Auctioneer, will sell, on Monday, Kith in tact, at 10>, o'clock, at No. .'17 i'erry street, all lurnitarc u intaiuud in taid house, cousistin;; of onion aud ingrain carpttj, par lor chairs, tote a tetes. sofas, pier, oentre and card tublea, p irror* and curtains, waidroiie, dressing bureaus, feather beds and hair mattresses, rcsetfood and mahogany hod itetds. Also, cne splendid neewood plitno, tiilbert m kir, with icolitn aitachmest; kitchen utensil*, and a variety of ' tin r articles. Thi* sule is wfifthy tho attention ol bouii keeper* and other*. I1UIA8 B. IIENRY, AUCTIONEER? WILL SELL AT li auction ou Monday, April 1(1, at lu), o'clock, a'. >u. 73 Seventh street, between First ayd Scooud aronum, an ai lortment of household fnruitoi'C, consisting of io'j*, chiir*( eentrc table*, miirors, Brnseet* ea*pots, bodateads, (snmi, washi-tandc, mattresses; alic one piano l'orte, Allen, of Lon don, maker. Ep COLTON, AUCTIONEER ? OENTEEL HOUSEHOLD . furniture ? lour rosewood pianofortes, t'rench plat I mirror*, carpet*, oilcloths, parlor furniture, A.c. F COh ION villaellon Monday April 1(1, at 10' j o'clock, at the audit n rooms. VJ llci kman street, a very large aocrtmout o goo4 rorcwood *rd maho ;tny furniture, most of which is from a family wl.o ar* removing. It will comprise la part ot several suite* of roiewood p.irlor furniture -?? s.ttin hroea tell nr.aboaar.y tete-a-tete, French bed'toads, m\r. le top drfisini bureaus, bookNiser, seeretary, dinner an' exton sion tahl**, marble top centre, card and aofa ? i !>!?*, aofsg and sofa bedsteads, French plato and oval mirrjrt, oil paint ing*, oak and curl maple chair*. Itrii'sel*, three nly end ingrain otrpets, oilcloths ? all of which will -So sold to tho highest bidder? to dose a consignment. I'ltalo/ues ready early Monday morning, and *a'e preremptrry. 0- IIORTON, AUCTIONEER? WILL SELL AT AUC T. tlcn, thi* day at 2 o'clock, at hi* *alosroom 13 Sisth avenue, a general assortment of houschoM inmi'ure, re moved for convenience of sale ? handsouio ilrossing baNHi, tables bed* and bedding, ir irror*. hat stand, refrigerators and erov>er;, suit* o' painted and gilt cottage bedroom fvni(ar?. CI O. HORTON, AUCTION KER? WILL SELL AT AUC !? tion, on Monday, April 10. at 2 o'clock, at the sales ro m* Lt Sixth a\enuc. a general assortment of gold jewelry, watches, rings, ear rings, pencils, h ooches, keys, thim ble*, Ac. CI C. HORTON, AUCTIONEER.? ADHIS I8TRA TOR'S T. aale.? O. U. Ilorton will Hell at auction, on Tui'iJny, April 17th. at l?}3 o clock, at 90 Thompson atree!;, ttoek, flxtnrea, ltd tool* of it aaah and blind maker'* rhop. Ti?;~ twilre tboorand feet of monidin?, pauel and lAsti <] torn, rathtu and bliuda. two morticing machine*, ^bcti of toola, work bene bee, lumber ?nd WBMt ?? on. HRNRY U. LEEDS * CO., AU-TIONEERft ?ll.trif: bold faraitur* aale*.? Heory II. I.eMa i Co. nill h tc their peritonei attnntion (** thay hare done for many >ea>a paat) to the aale* of bouaehold furniture, at the rom denes* of families breaking in hcaaikeeping or t *".*ioYtnjt. Thr.r ? III alao hare tar <lar aalea at tbeir auction ro- n>a, Ntt. 1? Maaaaa atreet, ietwoen l'lno and Cedar, lor the mn'U tcet of tboia who may deaf re thia medium of tai*. HEMIV II I. KIDS, AL?'TIONEF.S. ? BY U. II I. BEDS A ?'<>, on Saturday , April M, valuahln carriage*, h >r*e<, Ac., at Njk o'clock. at the atable cormr of WcDm/nl Alley, oirrerof McDouKal atrc#t. rear of Washington frinnrt, be longing to a family leafing fur Knr.ipe, conpiating of a 3 ;au tilul pair of grey carriage hortea; a fl-e coupe, in do by Ihrilo*, of Taria; a calnehe, made by do; a double photon, made by l.awrem e, N. V ; a dnu ,le act of Pari i m "to har ncir; a double let of 1'arlt plain harnena . alat, all the blanketa. linen alieetf. (table furai'ure, Ac. Tu-iy oa.i b<> examined between the hour* of (I and I o'clruk uatil day oi aale. Alao, a i air of lar?<- dark bay earri.'gc bnrsej, iotcd and right years eld, rety atyli*h ;nd perTeStly gentl* >n every r-ai^ct Alao. a olnae o?rrin/e, lined n.vh dm', cloth, mails \.y Wood, Touilinaon A Co., in 4fat rate order and nearly new. Henry n. i.eids auction ker-by ii. ii t.i;bds A tO, .'"a'-urday, April 14, at 10U o'.lock, at ttio aalc r om, No. 19 Maaian atreet, hiuachold Carnitine, frenwved f< r ?' nTtnlence of aale) eonaiating of roaowood anile* in hair, eloth and *arierated brocatell, cottage ault of tho newel', ni.d ni??t faahionable pattern*, mahogany ?olaa and chair), l'nn?ea in bair, cloth *nd brocatell, rosewood ae.?io, cl aim office rh.iira in morocco, locomotive chairs in do , made l>j M. W. Hint; A Son, eommo4oc, detka, in/ruin ?n< Brustell carpet* mattln?, As., compri-lug a l?r;B an'1 ui reterveil aale ol ho.ieehold and counting Mom fnrniture. HENRY II I.EED*, AUCTIONEER? BY H. II. I.EEIH A CO.? Henry II. Le^da A Co., will iell by auction o. Min<!ay. April It!, at 10), o'clock, at -No. > 1 1 Twelfth itroo. ll.ird aitd Fourth avenue*, oon?i*tiD|( of one apl"n did itrrn octav errand ao'lon |>iano f'irtc, tormorly need I, , Jrrnj I.ird, #nd coft. SI,:t<0, ten .tilul mitoa ot rn?iwoinl C'.y?r?il in rr<rn,*r>l<l and Mack aiTl* brocatMl, ri )b >.*rfcil roa'wood n-.aible top ccntra tanle-, aide table*, etej-%- ?, lithmarl'l v?m?, brocttell and lace <lndow curtain*, rijb Ttlttt ctrftt ird r'i*t .n^ram and three ply carpet-, p'iatinn*, mabo?aiiy ao'aa in haircloth, ro^enooj b^d-tr^J*. do. ? ri>aing lurtaiaa. marlle top w#? liUatHa, tai;le? n,i k' ?any tea and din nc takl a, rn.<wfod boo(""*f:e, cne m< b'Kfwj vu lrol'C, window curU n? imrforj, ir,%,tr*-iec ! I?w? and J ?./<?*?, ?lum,*Uf.l ?Bd ?ilTerti?.?td t?i?. i ??. < '!cl? : i! < I ' 1 ???.* . * 7, , ? ? 1 fif I p j SALES AT ACCTIOS. HE > RY~ b'TiERTS, JR.,~AUCT10NEER. ? MORTGAGE tale ot the content* of a billiard taloon on Monday, April 10, 1S55. at 10X o'clock, at No. 109 Grand ttreet, vr > ner ot Mercor ilreet, known at tho Eureka BilliarJ Salom c< meriting four rose'ood billiard tablet, four mahogany di'to, with fixture! couip'et*, mado by Winaota, 'hr e pit chandelier*, tone duieu arui chni'a, with cuthiona, bar and 1 ar fl*tnre?, two itoves and pipe, rolrl/trutor, ?iu iixture* ! fir tablet, maple a.?ui chair*, cane io.V-?; marble top wa*b ! itaod, large ttreet. lamp, r.latt aud plated wa-e, ?i^h'? i>eit | billiard tullir, leoking glass, Ac., A*. HENRY II HERTS, JR., AUCTIONEER ?ON TUB? day. April 17, at 10), o'clock, at 91 ClMbj ilrttt, coc-atold furi.t'urc. the property ol a gentleman loavmg for Err p> ? consisting in part of elegant roaowood suito in oro cattl rosewood aud mahogany Freuoa teds toads. mahogany ?<'lat in hair elotb, mahogany chairs in do , inahoxany mar ble top liurrauii, mahogany marble top centre, ?ideaud drc*? it (j tablet; lar<e French plate pier glasaes, oil paintiu&a, en gravicgs, liriistclt and ingrain carpet.-, it air .do . hair and straw mattresses, feather beds and pillows, lace and damask window curtains, window shades, cornices; china, glass anJ silver plated ware, Ivor* handled knives and fork*, together with mi assortment of kitchen utenPs, with wbioh tho tile >111 commence. 1 BERNSTEIN, AUCTION' EER. ? VALUABLE REAL . ertatc a*- auction. ? By 1'ECARES BERNSTEIN A I'U11.I II'S. offico SI Liberty ttre t, Tuesday, April 17, 18SA, at 12 o'clock, at tho Mercnantt' Exchange, tho following valuable pri pcrty:? On Sixty fir<t itreet? The two three story, basement and under cellar I rick houeel ou the north Hi le of Sixty-brut ttree', ISO feet east of the First avenue, with court yards in frou , having all the modern improvement, and built iu tho ciott substantial manner. On Seventh avenue ? The desirable foi.rttory t,riok lioux t, i'lti ai:d 222 Seventh avonue. Lota 21 feet Ij la !?? 78 feet 2 n. On Twelfth ttreet? The four ttory double < nek Lou * 191 East Twelfth ttreet. Lot 26 feet by 75 feet. On 129th and 130th street* ? Those six beantitiully located lots on 120th street, 325 feet west of Fifth (.venue, being 7 6 feet ftont ern each street, and situate m the immediate neigh boring d of valuable improvements. On Fl.ty third ttreet? The desirable lo" cn Tifty third street, sUi feet cast of Seventh avenue, 2fi teet by 82 leet. ivfhue, Brooklyn ? The throe ttory, basement and under cellar uiasti". front brick house, corner of Ross street and Lee avenue, finished with marble mantels, cornices, Ao. Lot 20 by 7.1 Alto, the fourth and tilth bouses from the crrner in the tame row, finished same as the above desuribed corner b lute. Lots each 20 by 75. These houses are annate within Loss than ten minutes' walk from the I'eok slip* ferry. A lur.o portion of the purchase money of all the above property may remain on bond and mortgage for a term of year*. Termt ot aale and maps of the property can l.e bad at the ?ffice of the Auctioneers, 61 Liberty ttreet, neaj I Nathan. j JOHN W. SOU ERIN DYKE, AUCTIONEER? MORT gage sale of mahogany hoiuehold fiirn'.nrc, piano, French j plate mirrors, marble top counter, Ac., this day, April I 14, at the corner of Broadway ami Puane stroe', entrance in j Duano at reet, second floor, tlx French plate mirrors, gilt Iratnes, rosewood case. piano and ttonl, upholstered *ett.x>?, two chandeliers, bar counter, and tilaes ware and l>ritatin:a ware, beer pump and pipe, oilcloth; aUo, mahogany bed 1 steads, warhttands, side tables, bureaus; also, hair tnat ' tretses, feather beds, lUTrain carpots, ljolt u<? glasses, Ac JtillN W. SDMER1NDYKE, attorney for mortgagee. JOHN W 8011 E RIND YKE, AUCTIONEER.? MORT itage tale of household furniture, on Monday, April 19th, at No. 52 Ludlow stieet, at 10, o'clock: mabogaoy sofa with chairs to match, do. rosker, pearl inlaid table, mahogany bedsteads, rosewood bureauH, mahogany wash stands, inurain earpets, mahogany book xtaud, cane seat chairs, mahogany frames, ttoro Lair m&ttrcssei, china vaiot; alro, a quantity o ta? le and b"'l linen, rare to kc, Ac. JOIIM W. SOMERIN'D . ICE, Attorney for Mortgagee. JOHN W. SOMERINDYKE, AUCTIONEER.? A881G uce's hale of machinery, lathes, tools, Ae. on Thursday, April 19, at No. 124 Liberty strcot, at 10 o'clock, vertical lathes, with pulleys and hangers; drilling inaohinea, with frsmes; cutting or slabbing machines turning lathes, riflo machines, cut boring machines, double bead 8-foot lathe s>rew making machine, cono making do., bard lathes and trip hammers, wrenches, iron boxes. blackim!th's tools, screw plates, hammers, fan vices, anvils, hollow*, <tc. Jl . VANDERWATER, AUCTIONEER.? E J. TER . NER will sell this day, April 14. r.t 10,'J o'clock, at th) rale: room 20 Nassau street, a large and very tine aseor'.mcit ot fruit trees, consifting of apple, poar. plum, ch rry, fiulcces, curraut, rafpbory, tilver fur, arbour vetca, M'ey month pint; also, ornamental trees., shrubbery, roses, box tor edsing. Ac. lie above ar* all in toed rrdcr aod tuve been taken up exjiressly for tliil tale Irotniue of '.he bent nurseries iu Flushing. JL. VANPEWATER WILL 8EI.I. ON MONDAY. ? April lt>, at 10>, t'clocit, at 426 lludeou btreot, near Lo ! toy ttreet, genteel household furniture, consisting of roso I wood suite, covered in brocatetl, tete a tetes, arm and par lerthair.4, Brustela carpets, marble top, ocn're, pier and side tables, eiegt-res, gilt 'ranie pl?r and mantel glass' s, win dow cnrtninn, extension dining tables, d. oner and tea sets, mantel ornaments, cloeka, candelabra", bedroom furuituro, mahogany bedsteads, bureaus, waahs'ands, cha rn, txblei, mattresscF, paliattcrs, mirrors, Ac , together with h general assortment of bartuient aud kitchcn furniture, with which the tale will commence. JOHN L. VANDEWATER AUCTIONEER, WILL sell, this day. at 10W o'clock, at tho tnlesroom, No. H Maiden lane. ? assignee'! talo of stock, Iron, fnrritora, eon silting of bedsteads of various patter** and kinds, w n?h EtamU with mirrors, batin, ewer an I ilrawer compVtc, narp towel tack, Parisian gothic towel rack, bl .wer stands, hat rackr, umbrella ttaadB. tire standt, garden chairo, setteeo, gothic worlKtards, tables of various patterns, Ac., Ao., the whole to cloie an aaeignment. Alto, a largo atsortment of mahogany and rorewo -d furni' nre, rosewood suites covered in Irocatellc, secretary and oookcaiex. e'.oger s, extension tables, bureaus, washstands, lounges, Ac. JOSS I'll niGEMAN, AUCTIONEER. - MONDAY, April 1C, at 9 o'clock A. M. , at 249 tiold street, between Johnson and Myrtle avenue, Roroklyn, a small quantity of household lurnlture. Same day, at 12 o'clock n&'.n) pre cisely, at :M Fulton street, Brooklyn, near the f^-ry, house hold furniture ? brdste'ads, leather beds, beddin*, wash ttands, crockery, cook stove, clock, pictures, Ac. Samo day, nt 2 o'clock I'. Jl. pr'ciselv, at 7t> Remtcn, corner of Henry street, Brooklyn, a gem-rnl assortment ot mahogany m^rhle ti p parlor and chamber furniture, tapestry, Brussels and in grain carpets, oil olotbs, matti-e?ses. with kitchcn furuiture; also, mahogany piano, ' Oeib A Walker;" 'w-. rich gilt chan dcllers, bracket*, Ao., Ao. Catalogues at tho salesroom i. JOnN H. OAK MY, AUCTIONEER? BY OAKLEY A Wrignt-Will sell, at auction, on lue-day, April 17. nt 10 o'clock A V., at ItjO Chambers street, a lar/o and general assortment of household furnitnre,, Brnsscl* atii ingrain carpets, stair and hall do,, so'as and easy chairs, spring seat parlor do., curtain* and comic**, marblo top centre table*, bureaus and wash*tbt,ds; bedsteads, ma. trcrtes, l.edt, bedding, toilet sets, looking glasses, diaing tables, dininc room chairs, cut glr.sswt:ro ivory table cnt lery, crockery, tilver aud planished tinware, kitchen articie-i of evrv darcriptlun, a Inrite and general Assortment of cham ber anu tedroom furniture. with which the rale will com mencc. Term* caib, in banka;le mocey. Catalogu>s on the morning nf sale. 1 MOKIARTY, AUCTIONEER? Wlf L 3SLL THIS t) ? day, at 10 o'olock, at 173 < hat ham tquire, a general aax rtment of fornituro fiom famtlics removing; also tea' her beds, carpets, tola*, mirrors, and various other goods Salo poaitiro, without zcaerve. | F. DUNCAN, AUCTIONEER? HARDWARE AUT si . tiou sale, till* day, Saturday, a* K> Aveouo I). at 1U<.? o' Hock? 1'uncan A Ellsworth, will s- 11 u large !? t of sorows, finishi -g and other nails, Farr's planes, a noantity of trass looks and sash flxinta in large lo's; pulli y s, truna handles, tiles, evtr/ description of hickory tiandlos, l.cVs, a l*rje c ni ter, glass case, aid one of Davenport t M.i-lory's lock ?ample bulletins Sileca account ol o-ncr bivirg t.vo other business to attend to. MDOUtJIITY, AUCTIONEER? W I LL SELL, THIS DAY ? at lti'j o'clock, at 04 Sixth aveuuc, a larte ^iforltn :nt ol parlor, chamber and dining room turnituro,eofa bedstead*, several good carpet*, feather beds. iniMrs, Ac. Also, on M'nflsy at lf3 Seventh, the ttflWf ar.d tx'ureto1' a liqucr store, brtndies, gin, wines, Ac., in ? ask-, demijohn'* and tottle*. PiANTS AT AUCTION ? W. 8. MclLLVAIN WILL tall this d*y at 10)^ o'clock, at the te-ed stero, 7 Jchn t*re*t, r. splendid assortment of perpetual, monthly, climb ing and nun roses, tin and out of pots) bone- suckles, jossa grapo vinos, carnations, pinks, verbenas, oarMias, gludiolnt, tuberoses, Ac., Ac., direct Srom the garden on morning of sale, from Peter Derderson, Jcr.-ty i'ity. ?.'at tloffci, RU8BXLL W. WMTCOTT, AUcDO.stER - HOUSE talo of tuner') rocewcrd and mahogtny furniture, thi* day, iSttnrday.) at o'clock, at hou-o No. 72 Eighth avonue, between Thirteenth and Fourteen 'h *trcct-t, con sittii g ol handsome tanostrv, )lra.'*ols i.nd inrraio room a id stair etrpeta; two iplcndid French pier gla??cs, and biaoket*; cn? suit rosewood pa-lor lurnitcre, elogantly nerved, (OTfred in cr<D>son *n<1 m:irocD hroendo; one do. In haircloth; marble top rosewood ctegerc, ova! mirror Iront; lace curtains and ahadet; sofas, armchair*, rocker*; roso wood, mar'ile top, centre and pier tr.rlcs; rich mantel orna n er.t*, Ft en< h shado ulc k, oil paintings. Ac.; w ith r. splen did variety ol tosewood and ninli gany cLauher furnitnre to match throughout, ma Je in tho bret inanner; hair mattresses, oval and other mirror*, gold and pointed toilet acts, gold vordtr d tbades, tet? a te'e*, springscat ohftirt bookcase, feather beds, Ac.; with a number of I rench cottage bed stemla, with hair mattresses and |..liir., Ma to tit. Also, all the lasement arran;cuient(? extension tal-lc, rich chin?, cut glassware, silverware, ivory cutleiy, crockery, irunwa?o, Ao. i.'atalnguas at bonse. No pottponement WS M1LLOR. AUCTION EI R.-BY HOLUHT.iN A ? MKI LOK. ? Tuesday aud 'Vtdneadaj, April 17th and 1Mb. at 10'j o'clock each day, at tl.e oxtecsivo warefooini ol Mtntra. MoGraw A AlUrdorph, -iM Hr aJ way. emiraoing the whole of their costly and elatc-rately car sod furniture, of the latcat and most approve I styles no-v in rife. Wo invite our nniuorons Iricnd* and tt e pti .lir to vio'? this really beautiful colUotior previous to the ?ile, and they i'*n rest *i lured the sale will be peremptory, ax they arc olosmg the bntines*. II"t*l proprietors, mereriarts, and those who arc a' 'it refnrniablng tlrst class bouets, would profit b| at tei-dir.g thi* sale Every faeulity on the premise* for p.iok ing i.nd shipping. Article* p ir-hased at tnia tale can re main in ti e store until the first ol May. Tho ftoox consists in pnrt, xix.: twenty e?pcrl> richly decora tet! and eiamelled cl tuil' r tuits. of the latest atyle* red di'tign*: parlor far n.t'tt incli.dinc carved rosewood furniture in tuits, in n.uslin. Ac., of tie latest design* ?nd styles; rosewood par 1' r Be retary and bookcaae, l.ned with satmwood, cost rieh en're, pier and side tabes; beautiful roscwo'i'l ?to ?>rrs, wi'h iniiror doors anl bnctt. ?"hatucer 'arolture? V lul orstelv cirved rosewood bedsteau.-, 'mreain and wash stand-, t" match, ?ith morbl" top?. Also, mahogany and waltut suits; chamber furniture to match; toieth? r with ball furniture, of *very (tyle and deti. n, iuc'udlag rnso w t od ami mahogany kali stauda, ball taolo* with ,uid with out marble tip*, ball chairt, Ar . together wi'h a large as sortmer.t of plain furnitnre, via . tn: Logany tete a t' tes, arm chairs, rockers, divans, ottemans. card tables, plain ? nlniit ni:d muhog:.ny exters.ou d'.n'iig ta'Va, oornir stands, ttrgeres, musio stands, fancy table*, ll.-ht stand*, A' . ''atslopne* ? 111 be ready on Monday. ! liril l.IAM HIVINO, AUCTION BRR ?1IANDSOUR IT hoiiMhold furnittir*. WM 1RV|V(J ,1 CO ? ?llaill >' auction, on Saturday, Arril 14, at IU>J o'clock, at tho I fale'i'ooir.", 8 I'm#, il'nan- aoit carr'U initio any | furniture. iu groan ?alret , ??|>erb Wiltoa oarpatu, I H li r ii ???? ? ?< carpet*, ingrtln and thr??|/y c irpei .? 10 gr?it I I turlatlci; ivit ca ved rntc-AOO'l furii"u e. vvv?r--d 10 rcoa ! and gold broeatall*; ruita < arrcd r. ? ptrlor I ir nigra, I <;o??rcd in moqi ettt: carved roiewood *&rdr ,b?. wiUigta ? I (!???*?: elegant Fr<nch plate pier glarr, idi.U<>ki>0J i>ot..? and elatm, In hair cloth; c^al inlroro, 'Upcrb o..r td oak ?idr board; mahogany rod rotewoo-1 marble top .ontro tall**: ?'ndo? cortaiaa of darnfipk and Inro tw> mahogany j extern ion din mi? ' able*, extend -'<> feet eac h , 1 rv,o nifiliOg..ny lanrcia 1 obkcaae; toi'wood '.ounzcn .n ? rocatel!. ai*S>o*any i!ooble and tingle Krenb )>ed?*eadii; 1 mr'r< ??e-, leather btda, Ul'tcri aid pillowi, rirjimng lnrf?o<, ? aih?t- nd?. . mahogany dining ?nd ten tables, toiltt itt , emVery and j mahor?ny nidctionrd*, e>.l pnin' 1 Ao. AltO j j.i' r bedroom nirrnra oil fi>lntint'?. rnrT..rir.;--, Ao , j xold t j order of John S ferae, Con*t*t?l?-. riLUAM IRVIWO. auctioeTr ~~~a ?51 .I\B ii 1I1 ?t it ini nilni MmiMtoi tviijUAM ikv i I NO A CO,, mil jell at aaetion on tf:noay Apr. I>>, a. t..e j j ir>n rail.Bg (tore, 2S1 Adima atieet, firoob'jn, >a '?"? matt ir 1 01 K. I). Aidrrton, <Jaofg? Cirhart, i??r,.-neo *;? < of the rti.cV, tool", Ac., 01 un iron railine miinufact-rer, court-ting j ot fhret iron deer" aide anehora, t^ook an. '?re, ftniowe, j a-hl?r anchor, tlrap f.ncbirt, pur.oli ni machine-, fiuv.1-, i ?le?a turning t'.rg", ob.'?i" A ; pnnobts, ?hd,-g? funob ir.g diec, r*rcbt>, for f.? lacka. ?l p Lfcnn.itciv u. lioge, atoop ca?*>ng?. iron icrar*, fenco r? ling far.i* '*11 n ?, ironldmga va ult eotara, ble^ winou* giiai Ir, 0. I*. [!a: 1 term f. aloe, ahuttera, patUrue, ban tf iir?lliog ui? I, Kinuovt tfcUoaica. lead, iiT. and wcjd' n pttteT&p, 1 l. nn.'ra iroa bcrin drill ?h< inn 'odr'oa.;?. grn'<?, 1 la-ne I.U'k?n.iHi ? teal, to .?b ito? A. a ?o a ' tba t-ooii t 1 . n '? t b? aoll n 1> Ic r ? I tl ? ;? ,< . t y < idet ?>.* 1 C' t/R' ?- C A KIH BT. f 8ALBI AT AUCTIO*. RUSCBLL W. WtSTCOTT. AOCTIOKUR -OBNTKKL household furniture at tha residence No. til Wnt Thir teenth street, no Monday, Apr.l Hi, at 10*a o'clock , oonsnt Ing cf tbe entire furniture of tbe house, roum and stair cur pets, oiiel'tha, uiirr r ?, anfas, tele a-tetea, marble top '.ulle*, arm chairs, rockers, thirty day cl ick, co?tly mautul vim, { t J'rin, scat and rottage < hairs, dining and ' reakfaat tables. i:eh cLina and silver ware, mahogany and co'tag- bedstead*, Uith.-r he da hair uisttr?iar#, lounges. c. *d tables, marulo tup Mid plain bur<au?. uaihstinds toilet aer-i, ival trained snt ravings, Ac., with Ibe kilcben arr^uguuems, with which the sale will eonimtuce. No [rutpoatinfnt WM WUTEKS AUCTIONEER, WILL BELl, OV Monday atterno<n, at o'clo-k. at 187 t'ural *' 4< C, a ? lame and seneral assortn ft. t of nente> 1 household fnrait'irv, I Ac., from families bruakibi up ho i-ok?etirg, ehairs, | tables, bookcase, p:er ai.d oval mirror* pa 'I'ings, rocking : chair*, elegant tsp> try ard other carpe'a, ci'. -lo'na mahog | any and weir nt bedsteads, hair and oth?r mettreasea. he] ding, marble top dressing ouroa-is mid vastistan -ia, toilet sets, chir.a, glsss and plated ware, it >c, Ac. An-antity 1 of machinery, lather, tenches Ac Alan, a lot ot bonne'.a, tr illincry, show eases, counters, Ac. WAST*. AlAdy is desirous ok obtaining A sVuja (ion aa teacher in a family ol ore or owre children no dertwelve leara of a.-e; she will devote four botrs in tbe firenoon to thiir in,tru< tion, at their own reeideui->. Terius It per week. Address K. N. A., Herald office. A GERMAN GIRI , WHO SPEAKS ENGLISH AND A J \ little Frtneh, and who understands hair dretaing, drees miking and embroidory, wan tea situation as lady'* maid Of muse and gi vernes* to growing oliildreu; would nave no o* jeetions to ilie Icsm ns to children 11a < lived live years in u high family, and can irlve the beat of reference Acdreas U. K., Herafltftioe till Monday. A YOUNG T1DV WOMAN, TWO YF.ARS IN HER laat place, and ?trongly recommended aa being a very superior servant, wishes a situation a? chambermaid and to aaaiat in the washing, ironing and other work of a reporta ble Private family. Apply at 2A1 Spring street, near Varfok, ia tbe rear. A YOUNG ENGLISH WOMAN WHO IS DESIROUS A of returning to England, wishes to eugage with u faini ly goinr there u< nurse, or to wait on au invalid, or if agree able would travel in Europe. Can refer to the lady ?ho now live* with. Address by note, S. D., Chatham aquarc Post Office. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young ladv. as saleswoman in any kind of businosa; she can at eak Ergliali, Freneh, German and Italian; neat refer enee will he given, at Mrs. livatte'a 64 White street. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN vUANTS A SITU ation aa cbum'.itrmaid and seaiuatreaa, has i;ond re comniendatiuas; can aa?i-t at washing ami ironing; hna no objection to go a abort di.-tance in tbe country. Apply at 2W( A tlantic tirvet, between Smith and iioeruui (trccta, up stairs, Brooklyn. ARE? PECTAB1.E SCOTCH GIR1. WISHES A SITUA nation to nurse cbildri*u, or ia cliauiberma- i; would bavc no objeotions to cook for a ainnll family ; ia a good baker and washer and troner. Good ro^eronui... Plciiae nal I at I'd ltth ?t., between 7th and 8tb av., second floor, front room. AUIGUI.'Y RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN I)E aires a situation iu city or country; is a good cook, drat rata washer and iromr, and makes excellent bread; could lake a place aa lanndroas Ik highly recommended. Apply ?t Ml Bowery, tbia dl) and Monday. A YOUNG SWISS LADY, SPEAKING KRENVII OER man and Engliah, efTera her services to an American Udj , elth'r aa companion or aa housekeeper; nn objection to travel; refers to pre^ut employers for capacity bad re rpectability. Please adlross S. S. il9 Clinton st. Brooklyn. A GOOD COOK, EXCELLENT WaSIIER AND I ROVER, (a middle aged Welsh woman,) * ants the ahoy# situa tion. Govd city refireuta. May c( seen at 114 bth avenue, above 17th afreat, third Door. A YOUNG GERMAN WIDOW, W IIO SPEAKS ENU lish well, wishes a situation na chsmbermaid or aianiftrfas. Would prefer to go to California iu that capa city. Apply at 158 Grand street. A YOUNG LADY WANTED TJ ATTEND IN A sej-ar rtore, not more than sixteen yuan; old. Amen can, Irench or Italian preferred. Address Lif:.yettr, Ctia-/ bam square Post Office, stilting wbtn ai d where i. u inter view may be had. A SINGLE MAN WANTED? TO TARE CARE OP A garden, a pair of horses, and to drive. Call as 227 !>? b avenue, after b 1'. M. AN ITALIAN YOUNG MAN, ABOUT 23 YEARS OF age, speaking aed writing P ranch perfectly, and Eug I'.ah tolerably, desires a situation; he baa some knowledge of accounts nnd mercantile transactions, ami would make himsi If useful in any capacity. Salary not so much an ob ject as an uceupation by which he uuuld an introduc tion to builnocs routine. Addnss N. S., care o I Mo?sr* VyseASons, 67 Broadway. Satisfactory rcferenocs can bo given. A BOY PIF'I EEN YEARS OLD, WAN IS TO OBTAIN j i employ ment; is willing to work i'or hi* board aud clothes. tiLd only Kishea for a oonifortable home, would bind himself to any pool trade, ai.d eau lurnlih good city refaroucea. Notes addressed Mtrvyn, Uurald ofiice, will be iui iiudia'-ely atteLded to. tUllLlVS NURSE ?A PERSON OP EXPERIENCE IN 1 the above capacity, and of nnoxceptionable char&ctcr. n. ay h?ar ol a situation, on application, between d at.d 5 o'clock in the afternoon, at 14 Gramerey ipark. It will be t-ntirel) useless to apply unless of superior qualifications. CtOOK.-A SITUATION WANTED IVY A RESPECTA l)e wuman a: cook. Who thoroughly understands her tu >iictf, and csn tirodnoo the most satisfactory reference. Will not iinderta'c to do w rahimr. Plea-c call <r addr<se E I.., lb West 13th stroet, third floor, tor two days. Dry goods.? a first c lass city retail sa man wanted. Apply ut4b9tith aveutie. ntwctn SSlh and ill h streets Drug clerk. -a young man, havin ; \ per lect knowledge of the retail and prescription busino??, wishes a situation. Ile.-t city re ereuce. Addicts by lei, Uer, Apothecary, Uerr.ld office. El'ROPE.-A young frenchman, who speaks English and Itnlian, wish .' a situation as wai'or or valet ilo clam Ire with one or two gentlemen, or a'amily going to Enroje; he on pive the beat r< (?? tnincnda tion from tils laat placc: he ia well a<-<|iia*ot*d wit i fiarooean modes of travelling 1 lease call at 200 Church St., to twecu Write and Wa l er. Ij^MPLOYIRS, IN CITY OR COUNTRY, IN WANT OF li goud belp, are respectfully reminded that thfy ( an ai? aj s have ? i-ood choicu from a laigc numierof respec table, well recommend* d si rvante, in every eapaci'y, at the South Brooklyn Registry fjffice, SB Atlaotfc street N. If ? Phase remember the numter. I/*AHMER WANTED? A SINGLE MAN, SCOTCH I RE I ferrcd.togo aa furtmau on a farm theci-y. Ue mitt have had some experience in this country, ana ce aa ictive, intelligent man, tble and willing to lead hit men. A; ply to Mr. Olmsted, at Dix A Edwards, 10 Park plice. Iron 11 to 1 o'clock. ?ARM LABORERS, MECI/AMOS AND FEMALE DO 1 mcstios, way be engagt d at the office of tbe Aineric.'.n ar.d Fi rrlgti Emi. rar.t Protective and Emploi ment Soiiety, Mi. '27 Greeuwicli street. Proapictusos sen*, un at p ica'.icn (' IB1. WANTED? CAI' AU I. E OF WASHING, IRON I ing, ai.d doti l general lion lewora. To a good Atiteri eau gir', not a'raid ol work, and well recommended, good wages will bo given, and sbu will l ave a good home. Call thi> moriiug at 20a jlat it., near Hth avenue. Housekeeper wanted? a proiestant, and t.t.o not afraid to work. A widow lady, aud member ol aotre church preferred Call after 4 o'clock at 44i ioatb Sixth street. Williainelicrg, near P< ck slip ferry. Morning governess.? a young lady of kc i pec (ability desires an on (agomont an morning go vi tlcsj in a family wbi re the ebildmn are under the a/o of J twelve. She prorcsaea to tcaeh the usual branches oi a I sound English education. Address K T. L'nior s.j"aro Post ( flics. I PRi FKSSED cook and laundress wanted. ? A frniili, residing on the Hudson, thre; burs' di tan*, turn the city by railroad, wish to ibtain a competent cook; she must lop rfectly familiar ?Jth all the branefces of bcr pro!es?ion, and require no instfuction. Also, a lattodreSSi able, itiduatrinni, and not iu licr perion. None but I'.-o tertanti r eed apply , ? it ? sntiafa- tory tcstimnni il?, at 110 William stiet t, to J. Lansing, between 10 and 3?';lock. SITUATION lYANTKD? BY A YOUNG ACCOMPL'SH O ed German lady, aa teacher >f mu?i ?, e.thcr in a scm nv ry or a ptivatt family; no objection to go in the couaT*. ltd tot ref'reroos can bo excliitngcl atil'i Wes. Twenty ? tccend a?r-et, or through the Post Office, to* 3.187. SITUATION WANT1 D? BY A RESPECTAHLE PRO les'ant girl aa chain) crmaid and laundi .as, or chambcr maid and plain sewer. Ilaa very gro.l ci'.y reference from | Lcr last place, fall at .15 W\?t 13th street, second floor, ! front room. QTHAW HAT TRIMMERS WANTED.? NONE BUT j O those ? ho hare had experience nee 1 apply to A L'Jaud A Co., 171 I'tirl itreit. STRAW HAT I'UUII WANTED? ONE WIIf< UN ilerMar.di t oing old work. Ap|ly to E. C. Blake 33 ?: v t 1 1 ?? avenue, It r ? <>K lyn. oetkn mwyiwa iron* by a romro man, I fl Ut> ly arrived from Siirope ? namely, Englir'i, Italian, t.irman, SpanUh, ' reek, Hortu?m;tie and Arabic; can mail" bimtait' understood in t lie I'rcnch language; Ins f ad exp'rknco at tar tondliut and waiting on tahle, or ti make Mtmeir arefnl at noit anything; wi-be? to nav. a situiti n. Can lo seen any time this week at 170*^ t'ltcrry Blr?ct, -wo . doors riotn Xarket. SITUATION WANTI.U-BY A SINGLE YOUNU MaN, I ol sorer and induitri >us habits; is a n<jod apen'ftr, an baa some I no?Ud|ie < f maohi .ery. and is willing to ?i h ?t any kind of main' it ? hereby ke may gain ft liwlib' Oil; Wiil devote bin ntmoit energies to the intercktu of bit ttn,>! jf. j A p; ly to or address A. S. Hope, Herald office. Salesmen.? wan ted. one or two i?ry cor 1 rale* nun, with g?i d reference, at Hot ton & B/.O'.s, <.v> { >tb nvenne. A p :>ljr tetween H and 10 o'clock. TO MERCIIANT* ? A YOUNO MAN OF r.Xi'R?lF> K and thorough business I at its is denirous ? f an tnr ,m | meet as talesman, or entry clerk and ax ittBl fookkeej r, In the dry goods, clothing or wholesale grocery trade*; is a good accuntaiit and correspondent. snd bat leen keens* limed to aet as travelling salesman. He ?M> uliilao ory rferenees as to oharacter and ati.itj. Addresr W Sf , Herald office. I TO CUTTERS ? ?U?TOM CUTTER WANTED; ONE wbo thoroughly nndirstands the Ijntiness, &rd ?,i I t ?horl distance inlo the country; at Amor '.an ircicrre!. I /ddr>s* A 1? Brom'n. Oiraid (louse, for two da,s rr^? FARMERS -WANTED. A WAS To MARE KAII, I fence, drive nn o? team and do th< uSi-a! wetVo't. t' mi. Apply tu C'orgo Sheer, 1?>7 Br aduay, second ? I I nek room. fl'li INVAl ll>* -A OENTI.FMAN. TIIIKTY Ytf ? op J, sro, being an excellent medical ecbolar would ' , 1< ? a liktral consideration, to be a companion to ?n i,va' I; I n,tild?esd for Mm, play the p.ano, ri'le, or drive out ?? th I lim, Ac. I'tri ns "1 the blih- St tef pectability wtsbinr 1 ef a | erson will please a dress It.valiJ, Herald office NO ?'C;t'OI ATE AND I OfOA MANUI A' TURtS.-A 1 yi,?#n Jinan. * ho In had iceral ye.u rtptrkn c n tre ni ana fact ore of vstione sorts of eh icotate an ??ci i> dt'irovs of oMslrli.. a sUoa'.i n in tl" at v. los'nc" or in flnj other where he can tnske Muiself ttaefal; e,.i r ? drtte ft it entitle. <;o?d reference p .ia ? rc<; >. I ddri ?s t'hoftolste , It. raid ffi.;e. rpo nir. cnfmi'i ovbd. ? anv ?r- i i hi i 1 Jt>ltl< mm, of f" ' I t r, i inCr ? I I t?, (.r ... 1-e a|<ti arcn* clcrk'htf ?? ft salary of t.'-"1. it' fr* -< v.* ? ! i? !< ft.lrr f< r E'iro| ' ind is t< '.' ileg d iu pr . r i - at. on< , ? .'tftl.le f r Ms rmplnyr* (iy fe,in. , ne dell r t ?? ?lk? < ? fense*, .t< , ' ill I' hinrral y den,'. m S ?r"f M> r'.'l*!int, j!*rtldoffi e j \\ AV TED -TWO OR "IIREI f. ' I IM l> ? <V'K'< j fv 1. H heclre a W ? eeTiiir ms h i < ? f?ii ft 'I tft'.d , t N'o O lire#, i free t. watm. TAr ANTID? IN A FEMALE SEMI VARY NEAR THE theeity a Fr< nch lady to itvi Instruction in '.t?e lret h lull i ape nod tousle. Address bat No. HI Poet Offici WANTED- BY AN AMEH (CAN LADY, A SITI7A t on k : tuMy'i companion and housekeeper; ahe U wil 1 'ojrak' herself useful. Address J. W , Herald offioe VIr ASTEI). ? A YOI' N (J WuMAV JUST COM* FROM TT the country, a station aa tret nurae. Cm gtvc good refert nee. Pleats e?'l at 17 Olivet street. WANTED - A SITUATION BV A YOUNG AND healthy wot. an with a (r h > r ast . ? railh, wbo would tuhe a chlla to neruo. Apply at 3'M Sth avenue. xi r anted? a situation, uy a re^pe :tai.e Tt y onng ? on an, to do ehaiul erw. rk and waiting in a iiuall piivate family. Best of city t.f .rtuu given- Apply at i't6 lot b avenue, for two days WASTED? A SITUATION, BT A RESl'ECTAdLE young woman, aa cook washer and iron' r, at to (saaiet in I onscwerk, or to go a abort distance in the country. Gooj references. Oan be seeu for two jay*, at 3C Trinity place, rear hasernent. WANTED -A WET NUR?E, WITH A FRESH BREAST TT of n. Ilk Apply at 31 East Wth it., in the dcotor'a office, IfttttD I- and ti A. M. and from four to five P. M. W AN TED-TWO TRIUMEUS. IN A MILLINERY TV store. Apply at >u. A Division ai. Tl' ANT F.D? BY A RESPEC'l AUI.E MIDDLE AGED it l'r.ti?i:,i,t woman. a situation aa wet oarae, aud to do plain sewing. l*lea?,c i.ppl> a? 13K West 13th street. WANTED- BY A IlESPEC i ABI.E YOUNG WOMAN, a tituation a< chambermaid and waiter, or to do the housework of a i-iiib.II family Andy atS, Bergen ?tr.?et, corner of Smith, lirooLly n, f ir ouu week, if not engaged. WANTED IMMEDIATELY FOR TRAYELLING-A well recommended person exempt trom MarMkMMi cue who speaks English and Fran h preferred. and oapabte of taking charge of a baby d-.iriug a voyage to Fruuoa. In quire at office -0 South W illi tin street. XAJ ANTED IMMEDIATEI Y-TWi) NEAT COLORE? VV 1'irla, one aa cook, washer aud ironer;-tbe other aa chambermaid and waiter. Dot tit;, refer acn required. Call at 1M Wee. street WANTED? A SITUATION TO DO HOUSEWORK, TO oook.waah and iron, in a private ttinily. or to tai<? care of children, or to d ? ehaml erw 'rt. Be?t of city refer ence iriteu. A pply at 27-? Weet l?th street, in tho roar. WANTEI -BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG LADY, .1 ?ituat n aa nnrstry goi< mess : ca teach u<l the ru diments ol the English In ngitayc, geography. arithmetic, writing. Ac.; ia ? illiug to employ the rent of her time i? sew iigfortbe tnmil and doe* not object to go oot o ' town ; ahe ran give the most tatisfactory references in the city. Apply at No 00 Prince Itrtti by note or f erson , <%.n M attended to iminediuteljr. |1T ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE I'ROTBHTANT TT yooiif woman, a aitnation M chambermaid and to at ?i>t in waahing and irorlnr fan be *een for two day<i at 2lfl Eaat I Dili at., corner ol lat ave. Would go anhortdia tance in '.be country. WANTEP-A SITUATION, U\ A YOUNG WOMAN, aa laundreaa; alia undcr-tanda her bnaitieas, u willing to fO in the country. Good relcrruc *a given. Apply ut 40 id avenue, between lUtn anu 11th ?ta. WANTED? A GERMAN. ENG1.IM1 OR AIIK'll WN woman, to cuok, waih and trou, an i aanift in * work; ?l.e murt thoroughly umlcratand her bualii>n?i. Apply lit ?(0 Weat J.d atreet, thta day, (SUurday,) Iron ? (to X WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RESPKCTV3LB woman, an wet nurie. The beat of reference fitou. Apply at WGold itreet, Brooklyn. llfANTED ? A WOMAN WHO U.VD&K3TANDS PLAIN TT cooking, and ii a good waiber aud ironer. Apply at No. J I Amity atreet. \\J ANTED? A NEAT ENGLISH GIRL, OF GOOD TT character, who under tanda choking, waihin." and iron irg, fm a tumily conaiatinj; of two peraona. Apply thia ? Saturday) uttcrnoon, alttr five o'clock, at 81 Wilioughhy atreet, corctr ol Duffivld, llrookly u. WaNTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG GERMAN girl, to take care ol ehildrcii: euu alio conk good. City lelcrcnce gittn. Apply at No. 7X Trinity place. Can >i? ?eec vntil ruited, "|ir ANTED? BY A RESI'ECTA H1,E ENGLISH LADY, TT u. (Ituation ai housekeeper or to wait upon an invalid lady, a? companion, or to take charge of children, as uurxerj goytnear. Addreai P. E., ll- rald ofliue. TIT ANTE D ? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOM IN, TT aa nurie and aeama rtli; ia eapablo of taking olmrge ? f an infant flroa ita birth; or to do ehamberwora. f ho (lent of city reference aa to boutaty and capability. Apply at 7<i llLdaon arct. tie, Jlrooklyn, in the grocery, lor two d >ya. TIT ANTED? BY A TO UNO WIDOW LADY, OF GOOD TT edu. ation. a aitnation aa housekeeper, baa no ohjee tion to a hotel. Cull at 2*0 Lowery, up itairi; itquire for M. F. WAN1KI>-I?Y TWO MIDI Lk AGED, AND THREE ycuig Prctiatant women, rituationa at houaoke'ipera. oooka, anil general houat keeper*. Alio, by a n nn'ier of I'i.tholic glila, fitua'iona in varioua capacitiea Ttiey are well rei omn.ended Apply nt Vt A LLAC E'S ollloo, 1 S.iuda Itieet, netf i ulton a reet, llr akit i. WAN'IKD-A COOD COOK ; A PROTESTANT OR Amori'-an rirl, willing to tuake herself generally uae tiil. aith pood city reference, preferred Apply at W7 Weat iid ttreeu Tl7 AN TED? A MIDDLE AGEII I' ROTES'! AN T WOMAN TT to do H'n rul hou>e?ork in a rmall lanilly; must be a -.?ood eoolr, waahtr and inner, r.ud have good refcreouee aa to cbara> ter nnd laputilily. Apply thia murium; at No. Pirenpp'e etrett, Brooklyn. WANTED? BY A RES PECTAUcE Wt-MAN, A SI TU TT aticn aa uo"k; one who under<tauda her bn. n?na per ?i ctlj well in all iti brancliefi, m an eaoelloiit hake , t>ai no otjtctlni to go a fh?Tt di-taac; in the tojot',y f ir ')>.? n cimT. 1 he 1, tat of city re>renue given Addr ?i Hi (ith i-vciiuc, between Sth ?t. and WaVerly Place, ecojc l door, fr'T.t roi n1 , TIT" A VI ED? A PROTESTANT GIRL AS RA I F, TT (oi.k. waalier and ironer, to Kn a abort ill.-taore in the com try. Must he neat aid tidy in her appro ranoo, and Iw'ly capu lc of perloi miug the dull a tiamod. S iihaa^te u;a> i 1 1 ly nt N??. It 3 Greenwich at. t'ji day. "11TANTED? Df A LADY GOING INTO THE TT ci uiitry fi r the auiuimr a ;;irl to tak1? car) ol chil tree, (? j.reftrretl ) bot of relerunto roijuir <J. Apply nt 12M Lawrence itreet, neur >V illoughli> , krooklyu. ' A N TED? BY A HEALTHY WOMAN, WITH A TT fresh treast of milk, a situation as wet nurao. Can f ive tne heat ot ref<rence. Call from V to 12, aud from 2 to I, nt : 17 Pearl TZTANTBD? A SITUATION, hY A KCSPECTA8LK 11 y tung woman; nhe is a ^ood plai x cook, washer and ironer, in a emill private family; undern'.an la ba'tin;;. Has nc oljeotion to go with a family a f*iort dutanca in tae co in fry Can give the beat of city r- f rtuce. I'ltascc tll attii Mulberry rtrci^t room No. I?. ?fJP ANTED ? AN AMERICAN, GERMAN, OR S ^OT 11 Vl girl, to do ' he eeneral l:ouee*ora o' u en.- 11 umiljl, .t pily at 'J Ham raley atreet VETANTED ? BY A YOUNG Ol HI., A SlrUVTIOITO It d> r*n>/al housework, plaia e.ooktng, wwihing. Ac. t an * e sron a', her nreeent employer'!, .VJ ilo^t e reel, cor utr of I'n-n, South Brooklyn, to whom she relert. \\J A N '1 K D ? BY A RESl'F.t TA Ul.K WOMAN, \ s; I TT atlin as cook; ahe under^tanda hir buaiao-a | o ? r^i *y well in all ita btancbcs; ia an excellent ?k?r; tm m. ob jeetKD to go a thort distance tn the cout try ftr tho eumicir, lie best at city refironce given. Apply at 87 tith avenue, tetwe?H Mfc itreet aua Waverlcy place, second Hour, ro< m TIrA\TED-A SITPAT'ON WITH A GEHTl.L tlA V Tr a farmer, in the country, ly a man and wife, ?vfio are f iinsst and upi igfct; the man ia cempetent to take obnrgo ol ti farm and garden, an he l.i.a been accustomed top >cii; bo likewise nt.drrst..cds the mai.t^ mcnt of horaca, tc. wi.e rndtrstanda general l.ou.-e work, and wiahua to be em | loyi d in tW' same houac ? ith her liu hand. Good rcTerenoe I iven. Can hi^^cn fer two days at Si Croeuwiob street. TA'ANTED-A COLORED MAN AND HIS WIFE; TUB TT man muaf be a th<r.u,b <r>cm, and ouderaUnd tl>e care of bono. Tbe latter to cook and waah for two gentle m-ti. 1 ity referer.cea re iuircd. Apply, after j I'. 0., ui li M'esfcingten g'|Uare. T1TAWTED.? AN OTPOKTVMITT l< m anikd, B* TT a yonng mr.n ol rerpeota' ility, to go to Sootli Amorioa it InJia, as permtnent or tomporary iuptru*ego. or in ?ny ti parity ; ha'* graduated at a Southern men an Ho college; is well qualified to make li'mseir generally* tiselul, ?s t-i ? re ftrecttt will testify. Addrois hox ?*yj, C?n.iao^,(?a, N. Y. WANTED A DRUG t'I.ERK; A YOUNG MAN A; TT cn-stomrd to making pills and oomponiidiii; m Heine*. A PI ly a t 307 W at strei t, between 12 at d 2 o'oloek, this day. w WANTED? AN EXi'ERI E \' CED HOT El. WATjH m uiad. One nbo ttaoron?bly uudemand* im b mmou, ?l <! ? in l-rio* un Jonbti d reference*, in* y he' r of a ?ihisKd ' > ?l *t the Union 1'Uou iivtel on Sat urii ?> . oo' ?oen I.' atd it 'clock J'. U. \\r ANTED? A filTUAftoN AS FARMER, ftY A MAR t? ri( <1 mm ( ?coiciimaai, without family, or -v, c id u t ninn?ir-mont of a *?><eiatle ?*rd -n. Cm rno rv tiafacttry recommendation* fall "raddrtar I arirwr, at A. ' in' ' L ?, tl White ?trcet. 7 A NIPT? AT HuI)ERl< K A,KuW Mre? t, a pood faleanen; be muit !?o w?ll ao |i .wnvid ft itb Ucea ii nd rnibroidrrien. ~W' ANTED? A PRoTESTANT CERMAN WAITER, ONE it ?l,n can *i?e good city rei'ireneaa. No no ot Nor oxed ? PI ly rail bft?'m the hour* of 10 and U, thU day, .Ha tirday, . at >5?th avrnno, corner 11, th rt, WAITER WANTED IN A PRIVATE FAMILY- AN V? (i|.(ilincd waiter, who thor.u nly undereteaile bi? I ">-ir i and ran five lb* mo?t nadoubtrq rofi reacf. Apply ?; No 20 Exchange PWce, l<rt?.-?n I aid lo'c osk. \1TAME11? A SVOIIT, ACTIVE, INTEIIIGEnT LAD, I' i bon?, 11 or lijmrnof at*, m itt r"lde ?. < h h? pa rerff, ai d I r nill'ra to makr hlini< Ii generally nrfjl ?al . rj, frit y*i-r, f.M). AddieM ilar<!w*r?, ClV.h.;m "S>i.iare lot <>fh e. TIIK I'l'HK. Kid hmc*>, iiahleh.? Tiii5 fashionable rb IW >? n"? onmp'i te in all ita appoiol tnenu, and too >al?etta- ?? attached arc eonntautly (filed with it.e flneet i.fid liitiat lioriri to bo found. I'er-omin wani of homo* ?n ?>? ayi lo inpplted at the Urd Home. r?? t'oitiait ' ' a. k i? in K>l?ndtd order, and trotting mat?*"* oouur e i*-y al'emooa. The Se-'od Aream car* p-?a? ' lie d<v>r ev ry t ?? n. ,i ntce RRi.iuioi'i* *t>ricre? ON ilMlAY NEXT, AVSA.VU7XO'CWCK f b> Iii?iO' f.'ririr?ion, ? ftrnion will fc? prifcviied *f Jt ti n or Marter"" liiebon, abon ih? ioiiethering of Itr*"!, : t. No. lf> * im atr?e?; a >? t- pr>?e the Holy Rer ptnre < n.t | 11: ntl nn 'a 1, >r?'* s riuoa aud a book ot bfmun) ? :.n it obtalmd thcrr. I?ir %? IIINf. - II TIK Ml - I Itf KT MOIITII AVENU*:, lj R, ? ?I], at j A M. aad 3 P. M riu, MlultAHY. ~ -|*Eir.HAx nRP8 '),r THE n OP 1312 -THE V p,i,,i.r? ?k- rarti ulrlr iu??led u attend the laaoral oitr.i. ?'< iff! "M o'dH, Abraham Kxloay, i>ob> ^ > ? roij'* ? No <6 Ilelter on Mand?y, li'.b ibl i.i Jo I I'. v with tbe u>a*l bidie ol moaraiBi. Iiy U RAYMOND, Colon*;. ? i.foi >n i hi ot rr< er? or tiii ? < r *? i*i>itnii?r >r.' reont't^J to in'tt at tbrlrroome, at tl.e Hifrn H" If# >li ? i4?turdaj) evmlnit, April II, at Half t *?!. f#T?M o clock, tu titinui ot iinprrtaom U? cfd"r roi. c. bcrvium ?' V. 1 1 ' r # fc ? ' r, Adjn'art.

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