Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 16, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 16, 1855 Page 5
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SK'ui' *'d ?* ''>? "cans fcy whieh duHH or lb* lnuga ia " " Latter av. * _ t* 1 rttrroa Or tmb new von* niialu. ??>?*?? ?? olUn miatakan for other dia?a??<. fv ? 2.%.. * *eet*eyiag iafUeBoo ia c?b#b?4 to the lung*, ? T?f'4??w oompihatloae U which it give* rise are ?"J**!*** J ot *uch m? wi'y, kad produo* so much distress ii to l*ad to rrievoas mistakes aad errors in If von k*T< carefully read what I have said oa Vm ''Mod* or c- nsumption," you will at onoe uaderattnd why it'n that pbysiciaas are M liable to overlook the disease in tha lung*, aad direct their whole treatment to mar* tern *oMT> derangements of the *omach, lire* or bowala. ?b* injur; always oommeucai in tb* lunge, hut often give* ? no warning of it* presence. It pane* on from stag* to ?tage without pais, or oougb, or expootoratian. Tha lung* do not manifest their diaeaaea by suffering. I have known large ulceroua excavations to b? farmed without tba patient ever having been eonacioua of tho alichteat pain . lint when 41mu? goes on thaa ailently la the lunga, it produoea iu other parta of tha body the moat violent disturbance I will explain why derangement of tha general kealth alwaya fol low* any aarieua di**a*e of the lung*. In the change* which are ever going on in th* body, th* reeelvingof fresh nutriment, and tne expelling of impuritiua, there are certain offices to b* perlormed by each organ. Tbe stomach receive* the food and freparcs it for nutriment. The bowela, the kidneys, the akin, and th* unit expel the in>I unties: aaeh iai it* appointed duty and that duty 1* its function. Now tbe funetion of th* lunga consists in purifying the Hood , by removing irom it a poisonous aubitanee known a* carbon. Tbia ia accomplished by breathing, and eo destruo Uv* to life ia thia substance, that we die if we eeaa* to treat he for *vri five minute*. Th* impure blood i* aant from the heart to th* lung-, and i* distributed ovet th* sur faflt of th* *ir-cella in delioate vessels, whloh form a perfect network on the laner eurt'ace of each cell. The heart throb* and every veaael is 11. led with hlood^we breathe and every air-cell ia filled with air. By a beautiful law of nature, thia momentary union ia sufficient to remove the carbon from the blood, and the air i* expelled from th* lung* loadtd with this impurity Now, eon*fd*r th* immediate effect produced by diseaie Within the lung*. Tb* tube* and oella of th* diaeaatd part > ceom* tiled up, and do not allow the air to enter, in oouae quence of which the blood tent to that part of the lunge re turns to tbe heart unpurlfied, and la again sent the round of the circulation, producing disturbance in every part. Thia disturbance we call aympathy. But it ia aomething ?ore than that ntrvoua connection exia'.ing between the organ a of the body to whloh tb* term sympathy is frequently applied. It is a sympathy produced by Impure blood. Thi failure, on the part of the lungs, to perform their function, link* tho several part* of the bouy together in tho disastrous eonteqoences which remit therefrom. The injury begins in tbe lungs, whence it Is transmitter from organ to or* an, until tbe local malady becomes lost in the wide i auge of oom tiiicatlona to which it has giVen rise. In one instance, diar rooea is to violent, and assumes ao much the character of chronic dysentery, as to engroas the whole attention. Iu another, tho chief aymptom conaiat* in diaordar of the atom acb, and i* marked by loaa of appetit*, pain, and vomiting; ?r there may be obstinate dyapepsia, in wtilch case it ia th* ?ommoneat thing in the world for the patient to be doaed with bittera to improve digeatlon. In a third, there I* ul ceration of tha epiglottla, when the diieat* U thought to be all in tho throat? in a fourth, ulceration of the larynx, with lo*a ol voice ? in a fifth, the pleura become* Inflamed and ad tier i a to the ribs, when tne dtaeaiu is called otirouio pleurisy. Tke pleurisy may not be discovered until water has tormeil in the chest, which follows a* a consequence; and then it la called dropsy In the chest. Sometimes a hole ulcerates through the covering of the lungs, allowing the air to pats through into the cavity of the onest, producing a condition known a* pneumothorax or air in the chest. All these, and many other secondary disea.ea, become eagrafted on tbe original malady in the lunga, diaguisiug ita true character and leading to th* moat deplorable and ratal errors In prac tice. Such are the "complications of consumption." Space will not permit me to extend my obaarvationa on thi* head, but 1 feel that I cannot leave it without warning the reader to be ever watchful of the cheat, and not to be misled by hopes based on a hastily formed opinion. Few medical men arc competent to determine tho true statu of the lunga in the early stages of consumption, and certainly no opinion can have the least valuu, except it be formed after a thorough and careful examination. Unfortunately for the poor in valid, and equally so for the dignity of our profession, ex aminations of the lungs by the stothosoopu arc generally little more than an idle form. 1 hey are made in the most careless manner? often through several tnicknesaes of cloth ing?and with a parade ol' knowledgo and aa assumption of intelligence regarding tbe statu of the lung* whiuh would de serve to be called luuiorou*. if it ware not tampering with human life. Henoe spring tbe contradictory opinion* giv*n by physicians in th* same ease, and hence tho doubts whioh have hitherto shrouded the invaluable principle* of .auscul tation and percutsion. The publio have been in a great de gree deprived of their benefits, and the profession, as a con sequence, has failed to obtain the confidence ol the public. And the reason why this has so long existed, and still con tinues, it, that the phyaloian attompts to grasp too much. He is not satisfied with being a good physician, a thorough ?nrgeon, or an able aoooucheur,but he must needa be all three in one. Once engagealn practice, hi* active and dia ?is ilar duties leave Mm no time or opportunity to fill np the blanka in hi* education. Whatever hia ability may be, he i* unable to attain a profound acquaintance with either de partment, or to accumulate that ainouat of experience in amy intricate disease whioh would render his opiulon deserv ing of full reliance. Too often, indeed, all the pride of pro fession, and even the native geniui of his own mind, are crushed out before the first few year* of hia profeaaional life are paated. Ho fall* listlessly into the routlue of his pre ceptor*. From this time forward he cling* to tho dogmai of the past? lives on th* discoveries of past generations, and die* without having added on* stone to the venerable tem ple of Medicine. The study of auscultation and percussion alone, require* year* of iateuce application, combined with the practical experience of a hospital for consumption. Thus educated in all the sounds of the lungs, tho pnysioian can as easily and ae accurately deteot tlioir condition, in di*ea*e, as the pian ist oan detect, by th* touch and tho ear, the notes or the piano which are out of tune. But yon might, with a* great reason, expect a man to be a thorough muaiciau without practice, at to look |for a oorrect opinion in disease* of tha cheat irom a physician who has not devoted special atten tion to. their study. In my next letter I shall diacuas the ' Treatment of Con ??motion." It wa* my intention to liave continued the se riea to a much greater length, but 1 And that the nature of my profeaaional engagement*? in consultations at my ofBoe, and in correaj ondence with patient* from abroad? rondera it neeeuary that I abould devote my time wholly to the practical duties of my profession I shall, therefore, close tfc? pieaent aeries In considering the Treatment of Consump tion ? availing mytelf, from time to time, of such leisnre aa may pre/out, to an J a few observations on snch points as I deem of interest to the public. Your obedient servant, ROBERT HUNTER, X. D., Physician for Diseases of the Lungs. No. 828 Bread way, New York, April 10, 1858. 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Nine private rooms expressly f.r the apnllca \lo* o' bia famous hair dye. 3?ld w.iolesule and retail. Tbe largeat aisortment of w:g?, toupoes, and ornamental hair in the United Mate*. H? downy'* Ointment?The Urat Jargtent of tbia great country have soncroisly and nobly recom wier.deil this ointment 'o their I a' ionts and chn public gene rally, aa an invaluahlc remedy for wonnda, aores, and nicer*, fteltl at the mamtfhatoriei, 9) ^ald n lano, Sew York, md !H Mrand London, aid by all drncjtlsts at 2."> >.enta,, andtl per p.t. Mailing ??d Satu*?1aj, April 14, at the rwidence or the br'<Je'? fatrer, tf .li*,K?v vV?. on, of 'H. 'tt-r'a Ctursb. K. ???*.? to UJUMTR NlCHOHO*, dill Kilmer o' Jar.e* B. Ni ho'oon K?q , all of tbii city. The party l-rt. th*'t afternoon in tb? if*<je.mor KioxtI'iI^, lev Pavaro&h. m i-' Wcqnesre *,f h* m., i ec-: v? ? i geni-flof th?* ?n. '? a anj uAt,gero..? .lo?* <?f . * bri )?'<? toother, at that pl*e>. In i?M, to i'aeadnjr, Ui- <i 20, at t ?* f * .'?<?.? of hto Fxoelxnry l>i* liin J. Y. Mason, oj it* H?t W. B f-'eere W r. I'me'TY ty.rfon -f V "I ir'?; wi v*. iLaoiberi-iiji, jt??i . ti ."aj I*. I Ob Saturday morning, April 14, Aroaiw, Ma of Aa 4n? ud Margaret Byrne, aged 7 ;mm, 10 mouth* aad S days. The Menda of the family, and thono of JiaM By no, are /eapeetf ally invited to attend Um funeral. from No. lit bat Broadway, thia afternoon, at half paat tvo o'clock. Dundalk and Dublin, Ireland, papers pleaae copy. On Saturday, April 14, of consumption, John Knera, of Edgeratown, eounty Longford, Ireland, aged 37 yean, a resident of thia city (or the laat 31 yearn Hia friends, those of hia father, WJUaaa Kaafe, aad of hla broth era ln law. Charles Ooodwin and Chyrlea B*ek man. are requested to attend the funeral, from hia late residence, Mo. SCO First avenue, near Eighteenth street, at half paat two o'clock this afternoon Hia remaina will be interred in Eleventh street Cemetery. On Sunday morning, April 16. after a Uag?rlBg illness, Thomas r Woooacrr, in the 74th year of hia age. ' His relatives and friend?, thoaa of hla bod a, John 0., Marena P. and Augustus P., and of hla aona in-law, Ed ward K. Collins and Benjamin H. Lillie, are respeotfully invited to attend hia funeral, to-morrow afternoon, at half paat three o'clock, from nla late residence, No. 33 Filth avenue, corner of Tenth atreet. ESisabethtown, N. J., papers please copy. On Saturday, April 14, of apoplexy, Alkbsandbo Ten on. of Kimim, Italy. M?d 71 yeara. Hia funeral will take place tnia morning, from hia lata realdenoe, No. 59 West Fourteenth atreet. On Saturday evening, April 14, Jacob Grotin, In the 30th year of hia age. The relativea and frienda of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from his late residenoe, No. 17 Charlton street, thia afternoon, at two o'clock, with out fuither invitation. Cn Sunday morning, April 13. GBORoaAHNA. eldest daughter of George and Roeeanna Lyons, in the 23d year of her age. the relativea and frienda of the family are respectfully invited to attend t be fnneral, from the residence of her father, No. 204 William atreet, to-morrow afternoon, at three o'clock, On Saturday, April 14, aftera lingering illness, Zacha ry Taylor, only son of Peter fl. aad Helen A. Edmons ton. aged 7 yeara and 12 days. Tne relatives and friends of the family are respoc*:full v invited to attend the funeral, from tbe residence of hfi parents, No. 150 Christopher street, thia af'ernoon, at one o'clock. Hia remains will be taken to New Jersey for intei ment. Nawburg paper a pleat e copy. On Sunday, April 16, Hxlk*, daughter ot Timothy and Helen Heron, aged 3 years, 6 months and 12 days. Her remains will be taken to Greenwood Cimetery for interment, this afternoon, at three o'clock, from the re sidence of her parenta, No. 01 Mott atreet. On Sunday evening, April 16, in the 4 2d year of his age, Ouvir Clark, proprietor of Clark'a Hotel, corner of Washington and Jay streeta. Tbe relativea and friends are respectfully invited to at tend the funeral, from the above place, on Wednesday morning, at eleven o'clock, without further Invitation Eastern papers pleaae copy. On Saturday, April 14, in the 78th year or her age, Ann, wife of Daniel Burna, ot county Longford, parish of Climbroney, Ireland. Her friends, and those of her roa-in law, John McDo nougb. are respectfully invited to attemL the funeral, thia afternoou, at two o'clock, from No. 413 Broadway. On Sunday, April 15, Mr. William Wubkn, a native of Germany, aged 26 yeara. The funeral will take place from the Brooklyn City Hos pital thia afternoon, at one o'clock. Tne friends of the deceased, those of his brother, Hr. Cla'is Wieaea, and thoteof Mr. Martin Muller, are reapectfully invited to attend. On Sunday, April 16, of consumption, Mary Callan, formerly o the city of Dublin, in the 72d year of her uare, Her frienda and relatives, and tboae of her aona, Wil liam and Nicholas, are reapactfally invited to attend the funeral, this aiternoon, at throe o'clock, from her late residence, No. 37 Atlantic street, Brooklyn. Dublin papers please oopy. On Saturday, April 14, after a long and painful lllnesa, Mrs. Sarah Brown, relict of the late Robert Brown, in the 76tb year of her a fie. Tbe trienda of the family, those of her aona, William J., Edward, and Jimeson D. Brown, and of her sona-in law, George Kitching and William R. Loudon, are res pectfully invited to attend the funeral, from her late residence, No. 136 South Fighth street, Williamsburg, Ibis afternoon, at three o'clock, without further invita tion. Carriages will be In attendance at the Peck alip and Houston street ferriea, Williamsburg. On Sunday, April 15, Maria, daughter of Goo. Rudd, aged 1 year and 28 daya. Tbe relativea and friends of tbe family are invited to attend the funeral, to morrow afternoon, at two o'olook, from No. 140 South Eighth street, Williamsburg. At New Rochelle, on Sunday morning, April IS, of con sumption. Misa Harrikt C. Flandrhau, aged 26 yeara. Tne funeral will take plaoe from the real tence of her lister, Pamelia D. Flanlreau, to morrow afternoon, at two o'clock. Weekly Report of Death* In tbe city and oounty of New York, from the 7th day of April to the llth day of April, 1865. Men, 97: women. 74; boya, 167; girla, 141 ? Total. 479. Adulte, 171; children, 80b; males, 214; females, 215; oo lored per aona, 5. Albuaainaria, and Bright' a Fever, puerperal 7 disease of kidneya 4 Fever, remittent 2 Aneurism (in the cheat). 1 Fever, acariet 30 Apoplexy 4 Fever, typhoid 2 Asphyxia 1 Fever, typhus 7 Aotbma 3 Fracture of tbe riba, &o.. 1 Bleeding. 1 Heart, disease of 7 Bleeding from lunge 1 Hooping cough 4 Bleeding from stomach.. 1 Inflammation of bowels. . 7 Bleeding from womb 1 Inflammation of brain. .. 0 Bowela, dlaeaae of 1 Inflammation of liver. . .. 1 Bronchitis 7 Inflammation of lungs. . . 32 Cancer 2 Inflammation of throat. . 2 Catarrh 1 Inflammation of womb.. 1 Caaualty, by railroad.... 1 Insanity 1 Cholera, morbus 1 Jaundioe 1 longeation of bowela .... 1 Killed or murdered, by a Congestion of brain 8 blow on the head 1 Congestion of lungs 9 Lockjaw, infantile 1 Consumption 64 Lues venerea 1 Convulsions, adult 2 Lungs, disease of 2 Convulsions, infantile ... 64 Malformation ot hear; ... 2 Convulsions, puerperal.. 2 Malformation of lunga... 1 Croup 12 Marasmua, adult 2 Debility, adult 2 Marasmua, infantile 20 Debility, infantile ....... 4 Measles 14 Delirium tremana 3 Old age 4 Diabetes 1 Palsy. 3 Diarrhoea 6 Pleurisy 2 Dropsy 7 Premature birth 11 Dropsy In the head 82 Scrofula 3 Dropsy in the heart 3 Sourvy 1 Drowned 3 Smallpox 1 Dysentery 5 Stillborn 35 Enlargement of the heart 3 Stomach, disease of 2 Eruption, (scales on the Suicide by shooting in the body) 1 cheat 1 Erysipelas Is Teething 1 Kxpoaure, &c 1 Ulceration 1 Fever 1 Ulceration of ?be bonea.. 1 Fever, congeative 2 Ulcsratiou of t he bowels. 1 Fevsr, nervous... 1 ? ? - Total 479 R*CAPmTLATION? OTKMASaa GUflUD. Bones, joints, Ik 2 Stillborn, and premature Brain and nnrvea Ill birth 40 Generative organs 0 Stomach, bowela, and Heart and blood vessels 17 other digestive organs 02 Lnngs, throat, Ac 145 Uncertain seat and gen Old age 4 eral fevers 31 Skin, tic., and eruptive Urinary organ a 5 fevers 47 ? ? Total 479 Of which seven were from violent causes. >sm Ccderlyear 162 19to49ve*rs 35 1m 2 years 44 40 to oo ;Mra.... 25 2 to 5 year* 79 60 to 00 years 21 6 to 10 years 25 00 to 7u y>;ar* 18 10 to 16 yeara 7 70 to 50 years 6 16 to 20 yeara 6 80 to 90 "years 8 20 to 26 yeara 20 90 to 100 yeara 2 26 to 30 year* 27 ? Total 479 NaTIV 1X1*1 British America 1 Poland 1 Denmark 1 Scotland 3 Kngland 10 Sweden 1 France <1 in.ted -'tatea 328 Germany 47 Unknown 3 Ireland 79 Wale* 1 Madeira 1 ? Tota; 479 public tsmrri no?o Almshouse, Blk'lTs IaL.. 3 l.unalic Aiyl, B'.o)m'd*le 1 Bei.evue Ilosp:tai 9 Pen'ry hospital. Blk's Is . 3 City Hospital 2 Raadl's Ial. Nnrs. Hoap'l. 4 City Prisons 1 P. C*tli Orph. 4?ylarai. 1 Colored Heme Hospital.. 1 Ward's Tal'd Rmi't Hoop. .47 Home of the Friendless . . 1 ? Lunat'c 4ayl. Blk'U's IsL 1 Total 74 WARD* 1 15 13 14 2 3 14 10 8 h 1"? 15 4 20 10 24 6 21 17 2H 0 24 18 24 7 28 19 17 8 19 20 24 ? 26 21 28 1 0 19 22 13 1 1 42 ? ? 12, 67 i-otal 479 THOMAB A. DOWNING, City Tnipeetor Oity Inspector's Ofloe. New York, April 14, 1156 IBfBJWfSEIBllTS BVEptl ilAl7 fl iLKS AT AUI TIOX. AUCTION Mn ICR.? t'ONTINUATIli V SAI F,? GREAT ?ale of nannifioctit diamond Jowelrj, iienutne ho iiortcn t.neHih patent levor wetchna, in b vy lii-var^t gold hiii. Tin.' caaen, A 0 KllW'AKD 8CIIINCK wilt ncll at auction, thin day, (Monday,) April 16, at hi* aalrarnoma, 16 Wall atrcet, at ll))4 o'oloci, a lar^o anil magnificent invoice of tirllliant diamond Jewlry, watohea, | Ao., eonaistininn part of elegant diamond olnater and aiuale rt'.ac ring*, pina, carrinic*, l.reaat pina, Ac.; 1* ilea' t'eauti folly anamtljcd witchea, net on both aide* with diiraonda; otl.tra t.yRoakcll, Cobper, Tobiai, l.eaaon, t'oi, Jn*ne??et>, H rating Fr?rea, and utber oel'br.tted r.iakcM, oonai itin* of indr pendent r?c?nrt; ahronomotcr, IS day, patent and de lcTtr. du;>l<ix. lepinc, Ac. ; fold', fob and taut (baina, unite* or nmfaio auil frolditone pin and aarrinpra, tracelota, brooebea, anal rinra, ccldatone alcove tuttoua, a'ndr, pencil caaea, gol i pena, losketa, Ac. i-rert Eat, a liciuwi br .?ex ii u roR s aalo of forty aeven valuable Iota md (DIM. altaateii on ? iret and Sceonri *r?nnra and Eichty tilth atreet. Nino tecntti w.ird, in the centre of Yorkville. Albert 11. Nloolay ? ill )?tll at miction on Wedneaday. April 1H, !>y ordir of t!to t x outor of Jolin H. I/O Connt, 4eee*aed, to clone tha eatate, (?rty raven valuable lota nnd porea, fituated on I'irit antl Second avomiaa and Eighty fifth atrcet, among which are live v?ry de?irible corner lota, 'he four oorner< of Seiond avnnne and Eighty fifth atreet *nd ttio aouthnast corner of > irkt avenne and Eighty fourth atreet. No pr party offara ? water in'lnceinenta for Iftfl iuvatineot of capital in p<ir rlj?M' or improvement*. The aale will tie pmltlve, terma liberal, title peilrct, ami the property will be conveyed free lmm all enciim'>r?icea. l it .o, r?nl,io u.iim md <*11 par ' ici, Urn or.n be obtained nf Choa. I'almer. Ni 9 Moroh ?nt?' , l.?? ?????, M A. U ' i (*<i ? r i I T.i I itH-t. WE. V. UK COUNT, Sactutor. I t Mill AT ACCTPB. AUCTION NOTICE -LA RGB AND PEREMPTORY J\- sale of magnificent houaeliold furniture. IDWilD DC'IIINCK will tell it Miotics on Tuesday, April 17, >' IU>{ clock, on the premiee* , 142 Thuapt iu street, between Prise* and Houston, utnilMiit household furniture, sold on aeoount of th? o*ur breaking up housekeeping, eons i*t lag la p>rtfrf elegant Brussels, Wilton, :hree ply ud ingrain itr p? t*. roe* w eo d suites or Veto a tei#?,?of?,ftrn\ch?ir and parlor chairs, in hftir cloth ftad brocfttella, one superb reeewjod piano, aeven octavo, elegent i'ronch plate ftad gilt frame pier >ad mantel ||1? we, marble top eon. centre, pier ftad side table*; rosewood, mahogany, bUek walnut and oak dreaslng boreaaa, wushatanda dressing tahlea, Ac ; roeewood ftad mahogany bedsteads, hair and leather beds, mattres?es, Cow*, pallia**** bolaters, Ac., atlver plated ware, kuirea, ks, glfta* and eroekerreof evert deecriptioa; blanket*, Stilts, window ourtains, Ai Ike aalt will commence with o assortment of kitchen utensil*. Term* caah, in city ftndi. Albert ?. nicolay, auctioneer.? stocks and bonds at auction.? Regular iftle. ? ALBERT II. NI COLAY will aell, thi* d*y, April 10, ftt I2X o'clock, ftt the Ucrehftata' Exchange, for account of whone it may oonceru, 13,000 Northern Indiana Railroad (Coahen branch) bond*. *1,1.00 each. $15,000 Indiana State 5 per oent bonus SkOiOeach. $10,000 Michigan State 6 per oent bind* $J|00<) each. ?500 six per oent first mortgage bond* of the Cincinnati, Le gftneport ftnd Chicago Railroad. S3, UU> four fox and Wisconsin lmproroment Scrip certift. cate* .$500eaJh. $4, IX* Can.iudaigua andTorning. $7,000 Bre?kenridee Cannel Coal Company, incorporated by the State of Kentucky. 160 chare* Reading Rtilroad cash $100 8 " Third Avenue Railroad 100 So " Erie Railroad 100 25 " Second Avenue Railroftd 100 875 " Itabelia Copper Company 10 aw " Potomac Copper Company 10 25 " Chatham Bank 25 2 " Bank of North America 100 50 " Bask of the Commonwealth 100 20 " Americas Express Company 100 10 " Broadway Fire Insurance Company 52 20 " Stuvvcsant Fire Insurance Company '36 6 " Park Fire Inanrance Company 100 IK *' North Amerioan Fire Insurance Company.... .V? 40 '? North River Fire Insurance CoLipany 25 'ft iron of sale? Ten per cent thia d?y, and the balauoo be fore 2 o'clock to morrow. Albert h. nicola y, auctioneer.-household furnitnro at auction.? ALBERT H. NICOi.aY will ?ell on Tuesday, April 17th, at 10)a' o'clock, at N<>. yi Weit Twenty -second itreet,, coniiiting In part ot mahogany ao faa, marble top centre table*, bureau*, Brunei* ana ingrain orpets, Bohemian ware, fancy from* pier slass, chair*, table#, china and glaaa ware, hair mattresses, bedsteads, curtains, Ac.. Ac., together with ? l^t of kitchen furniture with which the lale will commence. Term* cash, an 1 a de posit Irequirod from every purchaser unknown to the auc ilonccr. Catalogues on morning of sale. AUOTION NOTICE? GLASS AND CHINA? JOHN B. VAN ANTWERP will *ell, on Tuesday, April 17, at iilti Pearl Itreet, nt 10 o'clock, from the snelvea, NO orate* aaoortcd wbite grrnito ware, plate*, dishes, bakers dinner and tea aet*, jng, bowl*, china in teti, 44 pieces, 4k) pieois fancy French ohina v alien ?nd motto coffees ass'd, 70 pack ages glaaa ware, 7 crate* Rookingham uptttoona, jag* .to., 50 dozen Japan ohamber and water pail*. Alio, guarded lanterns, tea trays, waiter*, knivea and fork*, clooks, Ac. Ac. Catalogue* any previou*. A UCTION NOTICE -THUS. BELL, ATCTIONEER? J\. By Bell A Buah? Thl* dav, nt 11 o'cloak, at 120 Wash intiton atreet, corner of Carliale, by virtue nf a mortgage, the (took, fixtures, and other arrangement* ot a good grooery (tore, counters, shelving, oil cans, screen, soup, sugar, aegars, crockery ware, casks, kega, and other articles in the line. Muet be removed same day. Tueiday, rale of 25 abow a* so* for ouuidc or eounter* Wednesday , largo sale of elejknt furniture, in our salesrooms. Monday, 23d, will commeneo ?t 1(1*^ o'clock, the sale of a moat extensive and valuable stock of atationery, blank book*, and every articlo ccnueot ed with the business, at 177 Pearl street. By order of the assignee. Catalogue* in time. Auction notice? duncan a Ellsworth, auc tioteers, 14 Pine street, office No. 5 Commonwealth Buil dings, will give their personal attention to furniture aaloa at auction; likewise to the aale* of everv description of merchan dize, at the (tores ot partie* retiring from businoss. Return* given Invariably the uay after the sale, and advances made when r> quired. J. F. DUNCAN, H. H. ELLSWORTH. 4 DMINISTRATOR'S SALE.? TO BE SOLD AT PUB A lie auetlon on April 21, 1855 at2o'clook. P. M., in Woa vertown, Hudson county, N. J., two ana a half mile* from the Hobokcn ferry, 3 00-100 acre* of land, in a good atate of cultivation. For particular! inquire of WM. ROSHAN, near the premUe*. ? ART UNION PAINTINGS AT AUCTION. ?THIS J\. morning (Monday), at 10>? o'clock, at the aalearoom, 541 Broadway, opposite the Tabernaolc, a large find pleasing ?Ucction of oil paintings, by talented American artlats. i% subject* are all desirable and mauyof them remarkably weH executed. Eaoh one 1* appropriately framed and ready for hanging. Those who are deairous of adorning the wall* of their draw in* room*, cabinets or public saloons with work* oi art, will have an opportunity to do ao at thii sale, and bartain* may booxpected u there will be no reserve. JNO. LEVISON, Auctioneer. AUCTION SALE OF HOT AND GREEN HOUSE A plant*, fruit and fnncy trees, hot house*, heating ap paratus, sashes, gardening implements, Ao. ? Samuel Obi good, Auctioneer, 66 Nassau street, will sell by auction on Thursday, April ltfth, at 10)^ A. M., at the establishment of Thomas Dublap. fiorUt, Eighth avenue and lllith street, the whole of the choice stock of 1,500 oamelias. 1,000 roses, 1 000 violets, 1,000 choice dahlias, orange and lemon, capo Jena mines, yellow roses, verbenas, trees, ash, mulberries, black walnut, catalpas, prime rtses, pear stocks Ac. Ac. And at 12 o'clock precisely, the :hot and greeo houses, hoatln; ap puratus, sashes, gardening implements, flower pots, Ac. This will be the closing sale of tne eoncern, and those wish ing to purchase should not forget this sale. AUCTION NOWCE.? BY WM. W. 8H1RLE Y.-THIS day, (Monday,) April Itf, at ten o'clock, 400 Hudson atreet, a choice atock of crookery, glass and china, of a dealer declining the business; also, shelving, ctaes, fix tures, Ao. AUCTION NOTICr.-J. BOGART. AUCTIONEER? BY 8, BOGART, on Tuesday, at 10>? o'clock, at the anc tion moms, household furniture, oonsiatine of a general as sortment of mahogauy and walnut parlor, bedroom and kitchen furniture, crockery; china and glaisware. Ac. AT AUCTION.? THE ENTIRE FURNITURE OF A private family, breaking up housekeeping, on Wednes day, tbe ltth instftut, at 10 o'clook, at 90 Seventh street. The furniture consist* of mirrors, piftno, sofas, chairs, oar peting, window curtains and cornices, sideboard, mantel clock, beds and beduteada; Ac. JOHN W. bOMERINDYKE, Auctioneer. Auction notice? household furniture, ac. SAMUEL OSGOOD, auctioneer. Storo Gti Nuiau street, will *eil, on Tuesday (tomorrow), April 17, nt 10>? o'clock. A. M., at 44 Laight atreet, opposite St. John's park, the bouaehold furniture, comprising parlor, dining rooia ana kitchen furniture, gas fixtures, Ao. Terms cash. Am. cristalar, auctioneer, NO.23 bowery, ? respectfully informs his friends and the pnMia that be has enlarged his sales room forty feet, and is new revly to receive consignments of dry goods, hardware, watones, Jewelry, diamonds and furniture, on which he will make liberal advances; and alro sollsits out dcor sales of furni ture from families breaking up housekeeping, or parties re tiring from business and wishing their stock sold. A UCTION WF.T GOODS? SALE THIS DAY OF WET A black silks, wet damasks, wet napkins, wet linen shirt ing and sheeting, wet cotton shirting, and she?tiug,wet prints, gingbaniA and do laines, met linen camlieric handkerchiefs at t.d, worth Is., wet hosiery very cheap, yard wide prints, fine' and fast colors at Is. ANDREW G. C. H'Jl.BY, 37 Third AMoCAFFRAY, AUCTIONEER? THIS DAY. AT ? lOJfc o'clock, at the anction room No. 26 Catherine street, a genteel assortment of furniture, seat by .tmi'ies removiig, consisting of velvet, bruaels and ingrain carpets, marble top bureant, tables and w a h stands, French mnhog auy and patent bedstead*, hair mattresses and feather beds, ana a generai assortment of bedroom and kitoben furni ture. Alio, three furniture spring carts. BA. CIIIT.TO!*, AUCTIONEER ?SALE OF 8UPK . rlor bob at bold furniture, thu pr party of a family ?oiu2 Jo Europe. The iurtiiturc ha? not bien in uir a year, and waaaearly ull made to order 1>y Alex. Koux, the celebrated cabinetmaker. and ia now in excellent oondito m.? COLE t CHILTON will loll at anetion, on Wednesday, April 18*h. ut Ni?. 6 I.eroy place, Bleecker *troet, commencing at 10), o'olook. a large aaaortment of houtehold furniture, cmi pri*inp rosewood parlor aofaa ami chaira in rich minoa vel vet. l?rje pier glasses, rich tapnetry, Braascla carpets, click*, Tare*, earcel lamp*, marble and parian statuettes, Bohemian glaaa, Ac. ; rich French porcelain and cutgiaia. dinin;rooni fnrniture, tabic linen, Ac oarvi'd maho.*. ny ch^irn and lofaa in tnftod haircloth, marble tap bureau*, centre table*, wash* laud*, toilet *e-.a of china, lace window curtain* and painted sbadoa, poli.n -d and carved French bedatoada, anperior curled hair inattreeaee, corn c.u?k pal liaases, feather beda, Marseille* counterpanea, oak and other cane aeat chair*, rarreta, ra;?, oilclotha, together with a larro assortment of kitchen furniture, with which tbe sale will commence. 1'atalosnes will be ready on Monday. nt the auctioneer'* office, No. 18 Naeaau atreet. BATn HOUSE, NEW UTRECnT, I.. I.-TI1E ENTIRE parcel of fjrniture, I.edding, CToekerr, ijlasawaro, h-.., of t ho above bona', for rale; If not disposed of at private aalc, will be aold at auction on or ahout tne ad of April. For particular*, Inquire of T. GII.SEY, 171 Broadway. BY A. J. BI.EF.klR? aT AUCTION, APRIL !?*, AT 12 o'clock, at the Merchant!' Exchange ? ^ lots in t<o Sarcel* of 4 lota encb, wilh privilege of both, on east nils of i*bth avenue, between Fifty aecond and Fifty third str et*, fee t by 100, except corner*, wh ch are '.!o icet !i ty 101. Seventy per cant can remain oa mortgage. For particular*, apply at >o 7 Broad ttreet. /NONSTABLE SALE UNDER AN EXECUTION?A. M V' CRIsT\l.AR. auctioneer, w;ll sell on Tnoaday, 17th inatant, at 9' , o'clock, at 'ZH> Gritn.t atrcct, :iarroom fixture* and cue billiard table, cnea, counter*, Ac. D8. UOCGH, AUCTIONEER.? MORTGAOE SALE OF ? lit ?t cla-- Lourenold turriture and <?o-tly dworattom, seven ootsvt K. W. piano forte, Ac., to-morro>v, Tuesday, Urge aiiii unreserved talc, at lu>? o'elock, at No. 79 Warren street, of the whole contonta ot home, cooslslidg of aiahn wonv sideboards of exocllett workmanabtp, rich and elegant rosewood suite*, mahogany marble top ce-.trn, eiab and aota table*; aim the lace and l.roratello wine ow curtain* and shades, mahogany aud walnut easy cnaira, sofas, hatr cloth i;?U Mat parlor chair*, mantel orn are en's, flni picture*, Ac.; alio, a Bne toned R. W seven oetavo piano f irte, al?o an oodles* nu.nitity >?{ r< aewoo.l, mah?*i."y, walnnt and marile Lcdeteada of illfTereet deacri'.ui 'ns, *outb American cried Buae liatr uiattres" s, blankets, comforters. suests, pillow eases, palliasses, mirror*. Ac ; llr-jsso'i. throe ply an I ingrain carpet* on seventeen room*, mah>r:any bureaus, wush*tai:de with marble top*, toilet *?ts, bat rack, cane ?at chaira, canc roekcra, hair olotb ditto, feaidoa ?vwy freat quau tit. .v of crockary ware, irla**, catlery, spoons, wot laa ware. Ac.; oil cl'>'h. stair rod', ??? flxture<, Ae ; atovea for parlora and eookim: r?n.-ea, dinia , and extonainn tahlat, Ac. Every ur'iele in thi* anle will l>? poaitively * >ld to t he hiah' at bidder. The aale i? jierfectly free. Parti'* wtehtn? tl can have the prlvile.-e ot atorinK their gooda until ?h< hr>t day of May. }? B. HENHV, AUCTIONEER-WII.I. -Bl.l. A* AU U* tl'in, t.iia day, at lti)< o clonk, at 73 ><eventii i treet, be t?e, ti I ir-t and Second avenue*, an aMortment ol home hi Id Inr* itrrre eoniiatlafr of *ofa*, claair*, centre tahl'*, nnrri f*. I?r..a*el? carpet*, kedateadf' bnreana wa*h?tani*, mutt ri **i *? A l*o, one pianotorto, Allen, of London, mak'.'. ( (.1.1 OX, AUCTIONEER? GENTEEL HOUSEHOLD > fiirnituri', i nno, mirr jra, carpeta. oil , l<.-.lin? oil pant tri^a. *C Is Col'on will lell thl* day, Mon lay, April Mtb, at. l()f o'eloek, M tbe auotlon room*, .in Hcokman ntreot, a lawe atnortwen*. of new turnitur-i, emhracia^ book ca-e*, aecrctariee fttttl led?teai?, dre*?in;- Mr?auj, maho,a::y parlor euiti, ?ofa*. tote a t.te, aofa liedaii'r.d. c?ncho?, V >1 tatre . hair*, eervcil rocker*, marble topdreoin.; and plain I ureau*, wa^lntand*. rosewood and ms.'ioj .n.v marlil? top centre and card taMca, hair mattre?*??, oval and French llate mirrors, oak and eurl t> aple chaira, Ac ; alao ?hreii pinnofor^ca two roacwood and one maho-any, bat little u ed. Sr.le will be pcrem; tor-. ?nd ruo-l* moat h? T, move ! nuir.rdiatelj alter the aale. <tn TueatUy, April 17tb, tbe inrnituri- of hontc No. ID Wi-oater ?treet; alao, at 2 o'clock, tan.e dav. the entire furni'.nro of home No. 1* Ro*e *'.r?et; alio, on H'edneadaa, the IMk. the tiirnrnre of h'.B?t In 2l ller.n atr**'; on Xhnriday, tpe IWb, all the fur uitnre of tbe Old tjooper'a nonae. -nrnef of Twenty . i l-llll al*U X . Uivi* rfVtiUU, AMb, ?'J , , ,,..a, . . fu/pltaac v." 38 5?Coad aTecno. HUM AT APCTW. iMBNTlt&LIIOrHBHO LD FUMITVBB AT AUCTION. V -JOHN L. YANDEWATER will *75 thi* day, at ito Hudson atreet, near Urtjr, I*imKoU furnltur*, oousistio/ ?f blMk walnut raite, covarad in brooatoll*, tetaa late, tm ??< parlor chairs, Bruiill rarfHa, mtMi top Mtln, pier and sofa table*; eltftni, gilt fnu pier and oval glum, window curtain*. extension ail dialog tables, dinner and Ua aeti, mantel ormam*at*, aloek*, eaadoiabrao, Ae ; bod ? leads, turvaui, waahstand*, chairs, UM?, mattressea, pal liastors, mirrors, Ac., together with a general assortment of basoment and kitchen furniture, with which tha sale will oommence. George cook, auction eer.? by stover a cook, Tuesday, at lo^ o'clock, at their salesrooms, Broadway and Doane street, a splendid assortment at roaewood, oak, walnnt and mahogany lurnltur ?, pianofortes, rieh gilt rramed pier and maa'el glasses, oil painting!, rieh decorated china ware, iilver plated ware, flna table outlery, 4c. Ae. Cata logues on tbe morning of tale, Every facility afforded par ohaoers for boxing and shipping. Articles purchased ean bo ?tored, free of charge, intll after the ltf of Mar. S. A C. give their personal attention to auction aalos of every de scription. Beet of reference given, and liberal cash ad vaneea made on conaignmenta. GROCERIES, BARREL FLOUR, HERRINGS, FISH, liquors.? Un Tueaday, April 17, at ten o'clock, at 47 Dry tti et, corner of tireonwich, segara. Madeira nuw, rai iina, currants, almonle, pieklea, teas, shears, coffees, cho colate, maucarmii (t ap, oandlea, hardware, knives, spoons, icalea, apriug balances, whips, sawa, chiaele, Ac. W. A. CAKTEK, Aactioncer, 57 Dty street. GG. HORTON, AUCTIONEER. ADMINISTRATOR'S ? sale.? G. 0. Horton will sell at auction on Tuesday, a' 10>i p' 90 Thompson atreet,ato?k, fixture* and tool-i of a each and blind maker* shop, vis: 1,200 feet moulding, paLe! and sash door*, sash and blinds, 2 morticing machines cheat of toola work benches, lumber and lumber wagon. HINRY H. LEEDS A CO., AUCTIONEERS.? IIOUSB hold >nrnituro inle*.? Henry U. Leeds 4 Co. will give their personal attention (a* the; have done for many years past, to the aale* of houaehold furniture, at the residence* oi families breaking up housekeeping or removing. They will *l*e have regular ?*l** at tb*ir auotion room*. No. 19 Nassau street, between Pine and Cedar, for tb? convtU?Bt? of those who may desire thi* medium of *al?. Henry t. leeds, auctioneer, -assignees' sale of manufactured furs, counter*, show case tafe, cutting-boards, Ac., on Friday, April 20th, at Maiden lane, at 11 o'clock. The above goods are worthy tlie atten tion of tbe trade and private buyers. Full particulars here after. HH. LEEDS, AUCTIONEER? n. H. LEEDS WILL ? sell on Monday, April 23, lttM, genteel household fur nituie, at 10)? o'olock, in Cumberland street, betwoen Do Kalb and l.auyette avenues, Brooklyn, consisting of an ole gant parlor suite in rosewood, oovered with green and white satin; cue sofa, four pallor and one -sewing chairs, English Brussels tapestry cur pet*, superb large French pier glasses, lace curtalna and rich eorniccs, fine painted window shades, mahogany suite oovcrod with crinisou plush, dining room carpets, extension tables, arm ohairs. oak ami black walnut lounge, chica, dioncr und tea sets, clock, mantel ornaments, bed room ingrain carpots, elegant mahogany French bed steads, marble top bureaus, waahatand*, Ae. .looking glas ses, wardrobe, toilet aet*. iron bedstead*, hair and straw mattreise* oil cloths, *t*ir varpcta, and other furniture, in eludinrflutchenware. The above ia nearly new, having been in use but a few months. Ihe Fulton avenue oar* pa** within one block of th* homo. Henry u. leeds, ^uctionkek-uy m. u. leeds A Co., Tneaday, 17th, at l1"., o'clook, at the aale* r mm, 19 Niinu atrcet, largo and valuable saieaof wiitea, brandies, mm, Ac., (nil of a high order, the property ofj an importer retiring from buaineaa, cousiating of pure juice Madeira, of 1 white port, ItsS-l ; Reserve Madeira, 1825 ; llartnony sherry, puru ijuicc aherry. Amontilado do.; Graham port; Hennessey C'ognag, 1N30; old Otard, 1M0 ; old Exihaw brandv, lflOfl; Jamaica mm, old Monongahelt wtii?k?y. The above arc all of the first cits', in casks, octavos, and domi johns, and warranted in every particular. Can be examined on the morning of sale. It w ill be a good opportunity for families to supply themselves with really good articlo*, and which can be depended upon. At 12 o'clock, in front store, 19 Nassau street, ? Valuable Horse ? one tright bay horse, lti hand* high, eight years old, 'aat traveller, very atyliah, round and kind, perfectly gentlo, and an cxcclleut family horse? without reserve. HE>RY B. HERTS, JR., AUCTIONEER.? MORTGAGE ?ale of the content* of a billiard aaloou, on tfonday, April 10, 1S56, at 10X o'clock, at No. 109 Urand atrcet, cor ner of Mercer street, known a* the Eureka Billiard Sato in, comprising four ro*ewood billiard taole*, four mahogany ditto, with fixture* oomptete, made by Winants; throe gilt chandeliers, tnree dozen arm chair*, with cushions; bar and bar fixtures, two stove* and pipe, refrlgtrator. ga* fixtures for table*, maple arm ohaira, cane feat*; marble top wtsh atand, large street lamp, glass and plated irare, eight sets billiard ball*, looking glaas, Ac., Ae. Henry b. herts, jr., auctioneer -on tues day, April 17, at 10], o'clock, at M Crolby street, household furniture, the property of a gentleman leaving for Europe ? consisting in part of elegant rosewood suite in bro catel rosewood nod mahogeny French bcditeads. mahogany ?ofas in hair cloth, mahogany ohalrs in do , mahogany mar ble top bureaus, mahogany marble top centre, side and drjsa ing tables; large French plate pier glasses, oil pointing*, en gravings, Brussels and ingrain carpets, itair ido , hair and straw mattresses, feather bods and pillow*, laee and damask window curtains, window shade*, oornioe*; ohina, glass and ailvcr plated ware, ivory handled knives and fork*, together with an assortment of kltohvn utensils, with which the* tie will commcnce. Henry b. herts, jr., auction eer.? on tues day. April 17, at 10)4 o'clock, at 91 Crosby street, household furniture, the property of a gentleman leaving for Europe, constating in part of rosewood auito in broca telle, rosewood and mahogany bedsteads, marble top bureaus, mahogany marble top centre sido and sofa tables. Brussels and ingrain carpets, large French plate pier glasses, lace and damaak window curtalna, hair and atraw beds, leather beda, pillows and bolsters, china, glna* and silver plated ware, ivory handled knivea and forks, and ? variety of kitebeu ware, with whioh the aale will com mence. H WILSON, AUCHONEBR.-AUCTION notice.? ? Sale of superb houaehold furniture, oil ptintinga and mantel decoration*.? H. Wilion will aell. thi* day, ) Mon day.) at 10>? A. M., the oontent* of the ooitly furnished dwelling No. 7fi Franklin street, consisting of velvet, Brus sels and ingrain earpcts; very elegant rosewood parlor suite, with embroidered eeata; auperior roaewood pianoforte, aeven octave, of splendid tone and finish; rosewood oard, centre, *ide and work tables; heavy French plate pier and oval glasses; aplendid roaewood etegcres, with mirror door* and back; brocatelle and lac* window curtains, gold band parlor ?hade*; auperior a**orlm?nt of choice oil painting*, in rich frames, embracing a great variety of auhjeets, eome of which are very costly; book, corner and mu-ic ataad<; <|U,irtotte tablts, rioh chiravaaea, ormolu clocks, bronsoand Farian Sgorea; black walnut extension tea and dining tablea, with richly polished leaves; mahogany sofas, full Frenuh cushioned chair*, mahogany card table*, Ae.; bedroom auites, in rose wood and mahogany; heavy roaewood bedsteads, with bu reaus and waihstand* richly carvod, to nutch; two full suites painted bedroom fu'niture, beet single and double hair mattrrsics, ingrain carpets, oval mirrors, toilet tables, children's chain, oilcloth*, stair carpets, magniScont rose wood ball ttand, extension table, maple and cushioned ohairs, mantel clock, mirror, vaiea; rich chin* tea and din- , ncr sets, cut glassware, rich silvor plated ware, forks, ' spoons, cake taskets, falvers, elejrant plateiHsastor*, with heavy cut bottles; superior ivory cutlery, cooxing s'ove, kitchen utensils, Ac, l'he whole of tfco above furniture will be sold without teaerve to tbo highest bidder. Household furniture at auction.-joiin l. VANDEWAIEK will aell on Tuesday, April 17, at 10X o'clock, at 610 Hudson atrcet, genteel houaehold furni ture, consisting of mahogany furniture, en suite, tetc a tetv, aofa, arm chairs and parlor chairs, rosewood pianoforte, Brussela carpets, marble top centre, pier aad iota tables, Silt fraui* mirrors, mantel oruameut*, clocks. oto;ere, Ac , c. Bedroom furniture ? Mahogany bedsteads, bureaus, waahatands, chairs, tables, mittreaie*, palliaifcrs, toilet sets, tapestry, carpets, Ac., Ac. HOr!?EHOI,DFIITlNlTi;RE.-A.M. CRISTALAR, Auc tioneer, will sell this day, at 1> i, o'clock, at .'!/ ferry street, parlor chairs, sofas, tables, hureans, bed steads, couches, one tpl'.ndid rosewood, Giftct, maker, with ?V'.i; I in n attachment; Brussels and itgrain carpeting, bedo and bedding, Ac. ] BERNSTEIN, AUCTIONEER.-' VALUABLE RfiAlj . estate t'. uuction.-By t'KCARES. BEKMS TBI N' A i'HILl.11'3, office 61 Liberty stre?t, Tuesday, April 17, ISVJ, at 12 o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange, the folluurin,; valuable prrpirty:? On Sixty nrst street? The two thrco story, basement nnl under cellar brick houses on the north Hi le of Sixty-font street, 150 feet east of tho First aveoue, witti court yarus ia rron , having all tho modern improvement*, and built in tho most substantial manner. On Seventh avenue ? The desirable four utory brick hoiivi, 216 and 2S2 Meventh avenue. Lots 21 feet ti in :.y 78 feet 2 '?. On Twelfth street? The four story double trick house liM East Twelfth stroot. Lot 2S leet by 7-> foet. On U"bth nnd 130th street) ? 1 hone tin boautifiully located lots on 12Vth street, 32fi leet went of if iff h tvonue, ' ein-.' 75 feet front on each street, and situate in tho inunadiute aaigh borhood of valuable improvements. On FiJty third street? The desir.iblo lot en "if'y'hlrd street, Tlti feet east of Seventh avenue, 'lb feet by >2 feet. Leo avenue, Brooklyn? Th-i throo story, basement and under cellar mastis front brick house, corner of Ross stre> t and l.i-c avuuoe, finished with marblti mantels, cornices, Ac. l et 20 by 75 Also, the fourth and fifth houses from the corner in the sMiin row, finished same as the above described corner house. I,cts each 20 by 75. These houses are situate within leu than ten minutes' *alk from the I'uok slip ferry. A Urge portion of the purchase money of all the above property nay remain on bond and mortgage for a term of years. Terms oi sale and loaps of tho property can be had >? tho effiee of the Auctioneers, 51 Liberty struct, nea* Nassau. JOHN H. OAKLET, AUCTIONEER? BY OAKLET A Wright? Will sell, at auction, on rue<day, April 17, atlOo'slock A SI., at 100 Chambers street a 1 ?r*o and funeral assor iiiout of household furniture,, lirnssels aul ngrsin carpets, stair and hall do,, sotas and easy chairs, spring seat parlor do., curtain* and corinets, marhle top r?ntre tables, bureaus and waahstands; be Isteads, mi. tresses, beds, ?? - n., toilet seta, looking glasses, dining table.1, dining room chairs, cut glassware ivory tablo cut lery, crockery, silver and planished tinware, kitohen artiolc* of every description, a largo and general assortment of cham ber and bedroom furnitnm, with which the sale will com mence. Terms cash, in bankable money. Catalogues on the morning of sale. "i osipi bmwam, ipcniNrm. -naoAV, ?) A frr il 17, at 9 o'clock, A. M., precis sly at N o. 36 Sydney niaoe, limoklyn, mahogany, pari .r, and eb.imbor furniture, Brnssels and inrraln esrpcts. ami kitchen furniture; same i*ay, st 11 o'elnuk, A. M.. at No. HOOrange, between llonrr end Iltckfi streets lircoblv n. E seen tor's sale.? A large and general assortment of good mahogany parlor and obnuiber itrralt.iN, rich tapp'try, Lrnr.sels c->rpits. oil cloths, mat tresses tnatber beds, gil' eha'delieri and brackets, witn th< Vltehrn furniture. Same day at .1 o'clock, I*. M., at No. "2 nicks street crner of Orange str-et, liroifclyti. -A pncal assortment of parlor, chamber and kltcneu furni ture. Catalogues at the tale rooms. ' fOUN W flVMEKINDVKE, AUCTIoNF.ER.-MOItT ? ) gage sale of household tnrniture, on Monday, April 1Mb, at No, 52 Ludlow i treet, s\ li)?f o'clock ma!ia.;aay sofa with ohalre to matsh, do. rioker, pearl inlaid tablo, mahogany In dsteads, rosewood bureaus, me'ioaany w\si. ?tiii; is, insrain carp -ts, mahogany boek stand, cane seat chairs, mahogany fr*n>' s, store hnir mattress* ?, thm vaiei; slso. is quantity n tat lo and bed linen, rare -ooks, also a ,?m rh 1 ass'rtment of household ornanente Ac. JOI1V W*. KiMEItlNDFKE, Attorney for \lort?a?*a TQUN W. SOM ERIN IIYKK, AUCTIONEER.? HOR T ft gage sale of machinery, lathee, tools, Ac. on Thursday, Arrii It, e? No. 13i LPerly straet, at I!) o'clock, vertical lathes, ts it >i pullayr. ami hanger-; drilling machines, with; cutting or slabbing machine*. turning lath's, rills iiilchinr.s, nut li ring machines, double head H-foot lathe (crew making vitelline, cone making do., teed latnee and trip hammers, wrench i iron boxes, bla< k <m'.th's tools, scrsw plates, bnmuicri, lan vlecs, annls, '>?llows, Ae. JOHN* W flOMSkl > DT K F., AUCTIONEER. ? A sj siri e?'s ftle of nook aec unts, Ac. ? On;in*?i\r *nnl ii'; at the am tkn n <-m, llOrentre s'reet, .-orncr of Frank lin street, at 10 o'clock, a'l tho hook acceunts rsmainin^ un settled sf I lek, t'lani-y A Co., eoai d? .l?rs, ?f this eity, by order of RDWARI C. ASA V, ass gnse. JOHN W ^OMF.RINDTKE, AUCTION f'.BR ? EOKT psg e sale ot marble top eo-intera, Ae. ? On Tuesday, April 17, at. the o' rner i f Forty ift* ftnvr* an d 'Itlh av> np< , at li >4 o'clock, two ni^r' l>- top <-onntcr ", oyst.jr box, oil- loth, ^tcvo at-d i i r>?- r?? tixtnrse. tsMes. -Mi'i. s^et-sratrfu, tKbsti j, -*- *- ? ' wMiting n? nails, Ao. J. W. Cvh hfclM D i sill, Al'l t|f >st'mn ?ALE I AT AtCTKW. T L. ?AHDEWATII, AUCTIONEER"* T. TPRWK? J . will Mil, Uia day, April M, ?? 01 ? rouan, ? !Saseeu .treat, a large a?d Tory j?? **"***"' fmit tim, consisting ef apple, P*?*. P1""; {'"J'i'jJ?; e?rran?, ^.pbetry, ?il?? ??. **bor **f .J ^"EX/a!' also, ornamental UW, .hrcbbery, WW. >>? ? The aborc are ell in good order, M * ? eipreeely for thla aale, from one ef the be.t norsenea la Flushing. ? ? JOnN L. VANDIWATER, AUCTIONEER. - E. T. TUR NEK will Mil on Tueaday, April 17, kt lio clock, the MlMrooiu, 2U Numo atreet an as.ortment of ItUla* ??? Egyptian marble mantels, both plain and carrel. Sale po remptory. The attention of builders lit r*?|,uested to tuiiiit. LH HOFFMAN, AUCT I ON EE R.? <2 RE A T ^3 A I .E 0 K . fine old wlnea, biandlea, Ac., ke., Ao. THOMAS HOl'E A t'O. will offer for Bale at auction, their entire ?took of wine., brudlu and honor. of eftry description, including aomc very fin* old brandiee, rum, gin, Ac. Rare old Madeira*, abtrriea and port ; alao, champagne, olarot, hock and other wine. ; Kronoh and German li^uora ; l.oadon sorter, Scotch ale, Ao, on Saturday ?ea?.2lat, a>. the ftoro of L. M. HOFFMAN A CO., Ho. Ill Pearl .trMt, at which place catalogue. wUl be ready on fJ^y Thewhole to bo delivered trom the atore of THOMAS HOI E A '--') , or to any part of the oitr or neighboring districts, through which their wagon. paaa, nee of oharg*. M DOUGHTY AUCTIONEER, WILL BELI , THIS . da? at !?)? Voloek, at 162 Seventh areane, thv atojk flatuVea of a li'iuor .tore, counter*, cmIii, ?t>ai??, TaTleJ, br'andy? gip, w.nM, Ac., i. d.m.johua, ca.ka aad bottles. ? VTO. 240 CANAL .STREET 'WILL BE MLD ATP OA Si i and provuion .tore. Store to let, poaaoloa may b* h>d imniedla.eiy. . their parioiia* a^tenUon 'to sales of to The tela, and mort.asea, at public and p.WaU ante, MJJW t?. liberally advanced on real eatatf, stock., veaMla, furniture, Ac . left on sale with u?. Loans negotiated . ______ - ? apply to the anotioneer, No. I Broad street I ants AT AUCTION? W. S. MelLLVAlN W'K.L sell this day at 10H o'clock, at the seed stwr?i ' ^.a ?rreet a splendid assortment of perpetual, h'rJad moaa rotM, un and out of pot.) ton. . 'uckleB, je?aa mines irrane vines, carnations, pinks, ?eriienas, ? "adVoiu^ 'ubero".;, Vc, Ac., direel ^ 'he gard.n ? morning of aal?, from Pettr Hendoraon, Jeraty Citj. alogur., RU8SEIX VT. WE8TCOTTLAUCWONEER.-OEXTEBt houiehold furniture at the toenth atreet, on Monday, April 10, at >, Jtair car \nu of the entire furniture oi the houae, room au I ?ta r pota, ollclotliH, mirrora, aofas, tote a tetua, ' arm c hairs, rocker. , thirty rfay olock apring aeat and cottage chaira. dining and IbrwkKiaai *aow ifeh China and ailrer ware, mahoganyindcot^ebed^ad^ feather beda, hair mattro>.Ma, loungM. ?u j Ublea marw the aale will commence. No pottponomont. which arc well wortliy of the notioe of houMkeepora. loguea on tlie morniiiK of STANDARD HOSES AT AUCTION -J. K jASDE ."5 WATER will soil, on Tuesday, April 17, at 10>, o oio .u, at the salesroom U Maiden lane, a Urge .^MoomVa! ataudard and half standard rosea, perpetual bloom -r?. moasei, climbing and running : rosea, tHionl^ e. . .f the J hi neat rietioa a'apted to our climate, an! *11 w?w???d ?"?*? name. S^icctcd with great care, without r^ard tu^ Uij-t , by D. Boll, Fioribt, corner of Broadway and !? lftieth stre ? _ SAMllEfi OSGOOD, AUCTIONEER. Wlt^ SELlf OK aistinK'ei ^a^lor*\edMot^ai^d^kUcl"en*furufi*r^^c Aiding cretary book oaae, Ao. Sale to oominonce at halt- p%at ton o'clook. preclaely, OHERIFF SALE OF OMNIBUSES, HARNESS. ?.?a? & woid *C emet'ery! "Bro o 111 y n "L" C t*'*Krmh?b*c " "? horaea, two carta, acta of hMBJM. lot of timl.OT, Ac.^^.he " aKtatwjy TT,ji?w. J ture. ic., at auotlonroom on Tuoaday. ?,n ?? SOLl>? ON TUESDAY, APBIJ. 17, BV H. H. use. bedding, carpctt, in aaid houae. . ira uniTOR AUCTIONEER.? BY HOUGHTON A ff\tEi^(i!cioie:?hyd^d^ ^itt?n;Vtbb,'r, rntll' t'h * ItsiSSsIsS l<r accrctary and bookcaae lined witn.?in > , kuborataly ^rr?d *o"*ood bedaUada^ljWMa Md^wart^ iurrssj sji'iis Ac. Cttalofrnes now ready. WILLIAM TrVINo" AUCTIONEER- ALS1 ON EEvS ,a!e Ot an .ror railing ??noUei?',H.T Aun M a'. the i,o will Mil at ftiio'.ion on Mcinday, Apr" w, iian railini 'tori, 281 Adam..trMt, B^ok.yn, .nth. mattjr lorm acalea. abnttfra, pati r s, wooden pitterna; chine, win dow ^lconiea l ?td Jron ??? "d^..d,' grate.,' hammer, iroa ber..a, drill wB*oi?. >? . , u ,be o01)k ? ?*? OIOROi CAR1IART. Aaalgrteo. Wj II. I. JAM IRVING, auctioneer -household T? furnitnre? William Irving A Co. will tell at Miction, on Monday, April liith, at loj j o'clock, at 1IK) Leonard utreef, UniMcls and three-ply carpcti, mnhogtny Doras in hair oi>tb, chaira and arm chair* to match; a'ofa cha<?, arm thairi nod divans, in critnaon and maroon brocatelle; crim ton from tell* window cortaita; carved roanwond centra ta llica, mahogany E?ty pt ian marble top centre tablet; maiiN-1 ornamrnta; carved ro?*wood ext?n?ion dining tablo; atlvr plated ware, Ac,; bine brocatelle window enrtnioe: ani'o carved wahoeany parlor ftrni'uro, covered in blue and pold brocatelle; mahogany chaira in figarod dolaine; elegant oarved ro < wo"d pianoforte, mado by Rilbert A Co , Mack walnut end inahceany I'retcb hodateada; dreaaing b re?m; ?u<batanla, Ac. : m ahogar y droaaing tat.lea; cottage bed stcada. main gany wardro-na, arm oii-tira in maalio, cotta/g che>ra, Cbiu a toilet aet<, oilcloth, dining sr.d t,-a tublea, mirrors, bat etauda, Ac.i with an aaau|tmont of kitchen 1 * WII.MaM IRVINO, AUCTIONEER. - ELEO AN r house hoi <1 furniture. WILLIAM 1H.V IN 0 A Co., will a'll at miction, on Taetday. April 17th, at UIJj o'clock, t?t 23 Wi4t Twenty ft ft b atiect, near lifih avenue:? I'aror Inrniiurc? Superb Wilton carpitB, iintei ot carvcd roac wood i&rl-r lnrnitur?, oovered in crim 'on and sold br.. i atallc , coneiating ol ai>fa?, two arm chairj, tewing chaira, fix parlor cbaira, carved rosewood reception chaira, eltifrant, f'rincb | late p cr glaa?ea, brooatcile and lace winder o r taliif, c.rved rosewood ete;cre, neati of roaewood quartette*, ormolu chandelier* and bracketa, elegant china, bronae una nar'an mantle and etegere orn:imenta,elei:ant rowwood ;n?n" lor'a lledroom- -Velvet tapeitry and Rruaa' 'a earpot*, o*rv ed black walnnt bedroom fnrm'ure on unite, Krenah nod atvad', marble top dreaeing fa" lea, marble top tin aain/ bu roa'ia, mtrMe top ?aabttand?, lcnntea, rockio; cbaira and lounging chaira, covert 1 in brocatcilc in toitea i<> much, M.itea ol emtnalled and painted ma-1 1? lop cot'.-KO bedroom (trnitna: hair matt r tiara, leather aoda, boi*ltr??u?d pit- i Iowa, china toilet acta. Ac. : velvet atair carpet*, ailvcr pla ted at air rt>d?, En.niah oil eioth, cwv d onk hat ('and and bail ehuir*. maborany oatention din!?:- tablo, m*h >$? i ai y atiiaa and ebaira In hair elf tb, aiJt hour 1. ?. iir.a dinner , and tea ieti), tut fla-a ware, ailrer pla'cd w . re, tt'.V Tf , Ac Ilfuvy Lnpliah oilcloth on hsaeinent and lit- be a, no?rly new? together with a cenerai a?"ortmcn? of kit- hen I irnt tnrr I f.e above furnltnre is but little aied, and a!! m .de to order b> Newbonee, WD WITTERS. AUCTIONS SR. WILL^SEiX, ON Monday aft<raoon, at Z o'clock, at Irt7 Canal sties', u larf ?rd atneral aaaortment of reateel litutthold luml ttir--, from famlil?a Lrt aking up htu*? keeping, aofaa, ebaira. fablra. book c?a-'i, pitr i.nd cval mlrr ra, pain*4Bia, rook inf haira, ?lecast tapiatry and other carpta, oil c' ltln, ii ab i(vnj ami wilntit bedstcada, hair and otbir nfittrea>?a, bedding, marble t.>p drotinc on. '.ana and waihatxnda, tei'i t tetr, hlr, a, itlaaa and plated ware, ttnvee, ana Is'i t f,tiai.tity of machinery, lathee, benohes. end al? > ? lift of 1 euf eta mBlift*>7, ?h?w eaaoa and eoan'tn. TT/iMIAM IRVING, AVrTIONIER ? HOOSEflOtift TV inmttorc- William Irvine ,i Co, will ?t|l a* a-.irtton on l????:a} A ril 17, at I' k o'cioek, a' No 5 I nivral-y plaee, fcouHl "H fiir-'.lture ? til the furaitrnto contaiaol i>i tbo atovehf rao, eo"?iirtin|; "i Brn??e ? and infriin oarp:t:i, ma boj-ary rofoa and etiatra in huri'o'h, malto.any Mar lo top em re pier ta' lea. m.'.nt- l oraiiaeatt p ar rlaarea, troeat* l'e window enr^alna alth laon nnd?r C"r?a na oil e!<tba Urotaela ca-rat' i iAl.o/?ny and Kro;. h boiatetda, hair int: tru na, >/iahf any and marble tip dre?tin.- bureaat, marble ton wa?iiatai?i! ', eotftte M Madl, feather brd?, N>1 ifert and niilowt, toilet ?e?,i, mah ? aflf Uininjr ami aon tjt.|?t, mirror, window aMdaa, Ao. To^-i-iher w>'?i a (reneral oaaortmeat of kitohan itirnltn re WM WITTEHh, All' IIONEER" VIIV 4Ilb vk Thnra l*y, Ai>ril ta'.b n" ' i> u alo k. a* the dwell hcuae, No. 1 iO Iter'-er ttr> et atlthe -?rit?cl bu ae' old fnr, Ac , in i La abov henao; eflendM r tritd m?ef?l ptf'tr aw*t?, mVever*. rewtro ai?.l ?*(dr t?l U . ? nd 'r ? natalo ei?t ant ?|>U, 4>., ,i,l ' . . U. t , ? I l\ U(<?.ab t"?.p.a. aiit I. . tro?r. ATOVKO LA?Y DESIEES A SITUATION At c'OPT M, W to rilwi I (tier (tor*. A44im Ihqant, H.raMe>**. A RESPECTABLE CIEL WISHES A SITUATION AS J\. chambermaid or waitar. Ha* the beet bf city relereao*. flaaee call at 177 E. ai atr? t. A FOLDER AN D A FA8T WRITES FOR NEWSPAPER A wrapper* wanted, attbeMaaonie ragaalia factor; ?f M J. Dram aw ad. SSI Grand rtjMj ? ? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG 0IRL WANTS A SITUA tion to do the centra! houaework at ft amall private family ; baa jrnod city reference Can be *eea lor three day# at No. 2 Cardan row, llth atreet, near ?ith avenoe. A YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS CHAM bermaid or children'* unra* in a private family; nan gi?* the baat of eity reterei o# from bar <aat place, '.'all at No. 124 21(t (treat, coragr af 7tli ay., ftrat floor, for two day a. A SITUATION WANTBr? BT A YOUNG PROl'BS J\. tant Kirl, to take car* of okildren and du chamMrwork. G< rid city reference. Apply at Knit 17th atreet, for two dtjri, ? * SITUATION WANTED? B\ A ~KESPB J I'ABI.R >:irl, af oh.amVrmaiil and plain (ewer, or to take are of children. The nut of city ref> rence giTen Pleaae oa'l at ltO 17th (treet. < an be aoon for t wo dnv>. if notgagage*. A RESPECTABLE . i K : 1 l-IIKS A SITUATION TO J\ take car* of children, and lo ao light chiiitii-rwork tan bo ?e*n Icr t?c daya at tliei houae of her present m I'loytr, 174 Eaat 19tb utreit who will recomoiond h?r. AYOUNC GIRL WISHES TO GET A SITUATION A* cbainVcrmind, or to take t are <?! children. or tn do ge neral houaework ic a rmall latml) liaa *oo?l uit* reference. I* kind to children Apply a* t>4(i Iludjxm atreet. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AH ?fl. chambermaid, or to do bouacweri; can du plain aewing: tan be (eea for two daya, from 10 i . , o'clock, at 112 Henry ft., rear bnildlng, llrn Soot Can give ^ood eity reference A COMPETENT DRES5.HAKER WISHES TO WORK oat by the day: can c.iYo aatiafactlo/i in cnttinic and tutiag )?<!??' dreaaea. Pleate c dl at 123 12th at ii?twMu 5th and 6th are. A RESPECTABLE VOUKC WOM AN WAN? A SITU A SiWUet'a No. 'J N iblo'e Garden, **> Btoadw..y._ An"?*?"**? A t.SIJ Bowery, (ooond dour. ?f^STwiTn bb^kctabw cvn A *antf a tittiation in a K oMecflon to dogeaeral hcnaework'in'a ^ ^ *Wfor ^ * 242 lith aronue. ? i STEADY YOUNG WOMi ?'y-.-K.r'A'jygrii. a SITUATION WANTED-HY f A VOUNO^WOMAN. & S^?SncV'V^brVeheur ft? twuo?dn:;-. S& S|-rinpr wtw-t, in th* ^ ? ? T respectable you nc A ation a. nnr.o aud to do pltfu -wwiur^-r . 'and U* aVkb.J"%V?.V^Uv- uM,ul in a,. I'Umc call at M 4tii a'teet, in t.'? rear -it" " ?' b """? ^..trw'wM "sssr,* UTMSi A wRi?K|f.^'?Un,Puon ^n'loam^r-^r \t ^ "u -'? ,or two days at 1.S3 Amity jtrtet. ,w A SITUATION WANT.D-.Y A and iroiiig" ?treet, front basement. , "il Y OUN O RW ?jfe? A^1^,^, AmerSan t YOUNC fniiW .owiur^ '?n.t?r/?ndK A .trer a; can do ind do tue i?n? dreramakinp, or J?, . ko r eraelf gen-ralty wMhing and ?ronlng: wiH ' alw i r.enre ? Weal Kest city teferouce ttom U r piace. U.K, bearding "^r^^ me-hanic.and U -T'l^ru/otker office. ;??? Greenwioh atroet. . middle AGED U.UWI",?" A aa houaekeeper ? J?t>^ut( f??r eWUf,B. Th; matron for an> inatitntton rertreaeea gi??n. Ad l,.?tt>f Philadelphia and Naw w 'pjau, at Mr. Kreuoh'a. urexa Mr*. Helm, euro ot Gilbert l it"i, av ins I'earl (treet. Ai?ly % u;^, ia the .tore. A si-tion^eubyar^ at Ler own reaident'! I 'ea tr*m thoeornerof l.e (een lor twooayf. ucat (loor but oue ir*m blceeker atrej^ A XSaST tXPERlTNtTl D ' Appl>? -^1 en^a^ad. at ?i Spriar .treei, near YarU It, In the fU, \ respectable scorc u g i u r. w a ,'k^ ' ',A , A ?l?" ? ? ir "net .\c obje< t.ona io r? a ^ ?Ve\*%rn^1. rSrTmE young aivon. Apply two day* - d t reaby atrael, ta the (tota. ? . i.afiy r... inu; the nt'-,-r VK.i ,hTv \*io ' 1 >ve.' with the ad*?rti-er for ?V.?. ""t'M^tVrel.r-ncc tiven. Oail ?t I A. cl.nton plai-e, near ' n a'""1' a SITUATION w ANTED- 111 A T<^!^M*ha'mber A ?* fkl"'" n"T'erVnd Irimi t "ao tak* entire eharR. of ni:iid and #ne ?a b?r an t'utflU either altua'i in* tho a taby: aad?rat t ton U co in tt cmatry or tra?e . 'lla? e* teUeot cUj riferonc) trom ber la.t place. I '**'* rail at 149 6th aveiin^ rii experienced fine ,^,u^**rt?trp^Ve"^4t) A. hewn aid, #)>? tfcwe immediatily for aentlemen'* with rood re.ereuee, , .uitaole girl*. Alao fainilie" up town; "V/'**''?, " nurKe*. aeam.ttaaaeK, and a wanted, ? ham barmaid*. walteW, hf)),,ewotk. Apply ?l number of li'ijr nVlkeo 1'6 Av?*nnet between W I.SLEY'S Select I 1 .J'pect able eirla ean ottam 22,1 and 24th a^l n ?P? a ,u,nil,,0,. ,N< ,lt.ia>inn?aiid Mgh??t waya ? a "**. and fit children r r ot uinit, an ? . , t,on io tbe country aire of a baby from Ita H.rth r>- ? |b ,nmm? W ould wait on ?? ? t a clmra "" r an d ea| aelty . f a. be ^.t"^ .0,^" (treet, ^ aeoane, ttrat floor, buck room. A COACHMAN'? SITUATION WANTED. BY A YOUNG mon, Mh<> nnderatanda tux b*> mail perfectly, ui can iitTc ratlafp.ctrry r< fcrcnc* fr>m !??t employer. No ob jtction to go in the c untn . I'lts'e iuqaire at Mr Water* , Mlt lliiart*a>, crner of l.'Hl. s'rut, lor J. R. Cm be mod for two daya. AyOIINO MAN ' F TUB FIR T BUAIMBSS QUAI.I ??ati?na and ci.nnuctiunn. wmtea a attnaitM in the in Miranee, hrc k-r i?? >f ootnmia'Wa Unsti'oee. where iaduHry aod mraeTeranee can he appro Uted. Addreaa Broker, offlt c, atatiu- where au interview can b? bad. AN OV.-TEKMAN W ANTI.D-JN E WHO CAN AND in willing to n t a/ w IVr ui *41. Applf aft'ir II b'oluck, A. 11.. at St. Oarlea , , MJ| 347 Broadway, corn . of Leonard at. BARKEElEK WAMEU-A MAN i O TEND BAR IMA restaurant; h> mutt t-trfertly ili-r?tand hia boiinou, * ith nnqaeatlonul l? mty r> N ??" other aoed ap ply. Inquire at 1 0011 re ad* ay bnaeineat. CtAtll'ET*.- OARIKf SAl.fc^MAN WAVTED-OV? / mod to the iirp t tr? . nun* other need apply ? W M. A TOPS. l.y 18 S cartn warcr >oin?, 4AJ Paarl DKU(! Cl.BRK WANTED? AN AUKttlCAN OR liKR max. who enn ap ak Kiu.lirii. Ap. lr between tbo boar el 1) and 10 A. M., or 7 and V I'. U A<I<lre?e 2X7 Bowery I) BB(! C1.IBK WANTED APPLV AT NO. I.? iTll atnat. u'ARM LABORERS. MECHANICS AND FHAI.E DO * meatier, may be enjav' d at the office of tbe Amerioaa and Fnr?t*n Emt.rai t f rote- tire and Kmplormant SooUty. *m>. 27 Greenwich 1 treat. f'ro?p*??^5?a ran'. 00 app'ieatian t1 ROOM WANTED? AN A (THE S/VOI.I VAN AH ? groom, to t Akc <'ar-a <-r f?o b?r"\ ?ow, aad make ? tr rolt ?f nrrall 1 meful; 1 nt little drivlag; preference and l.i(,h ia;ti ilri-n to ? m m bar.'- ? ? Brat rata fcao?l#d<aof l irsr.a a?d varil>Bl"g. la eiilir caje mnat be a tborongh I war tcr of hi" bwefreie and r.cae t!ier need apply, at Ma. !'? ; I r rt ?trrft. 1 want incur ?kntm.*e> <jv ?mai.i. capital. ! thin dav. to < nter >n ? n"w aiid legitimate bteiaeaa, toe ! ircflta not In b? th*" %l" " ?*T- lB order t.> t?a' th> fait call, tntaot witfctnt tfcr c*i>b, oa P- VcMAHOM, at hie I rneral r??' eetato olnce. 1.6 Chatham stree*.. 1 A l'> PHKSS. ? A RESI'ECTABLK YOUVfJ iro?\N Jjwanta a aitoatinn aa lannrfr-*?, In a reap* itaSlo family; I would ?o ?? '.be ro<ntry for the . naa.ner llr?t of r-tom to 1 1 datiea a. rail or addtaaa lt-7 MM rtlMt. ?*'.a??i l>? aod 2d aicaaan. ? 1 ; I : cr I'a'ancc ot -Sivji *?rc, ( - ..A

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