Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 17, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 17, 1855 Page 2
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DVBYiuujrrs ?wi?? Ifjl bit. SALES AT A ALBERT B. NIOOI.AY, AUCTIONEER.? MB*OUfOII*S Mir at forty htib valuable lots and gores. rilikUd no ITiiat U>d Saeond avenaes and Eishty-iuh icmt, Niue latatb ward, ia Us centre of Yorkville. Albert H. Niaolay will sell at iiftios on Wednesday, April Id, by order of toe nroutor ?f Jabs R. Le Count, deceased. u> eloM the out ale. terty seven valuable lota and goras, situated on Pint ami Hero ml inmiw id Eighty-fifth street, among winch are tve very desirable earner low. tbe four eoruers ?( Second avenue and Eighty- fifth street and toe eon the ait corner of r*?: aveaae and Eighty -fonrth street. No pr >pt?f? offer* neater inducements lor the investment of capital in pur chase or improvements. The tale will be posttiv* tar mi liberal, title per fret, and the property will be conveyed free bom all eaeambrances. Litoographic map* und fall par tial la re can be ebtaiued of Tbos. Palmer, No. 9 Merchants' Exchange, er el A. H. Nieolay, auctioneer. No 4 Broad street. iWM. V. LE COUNT. Executor. Albert h. nk-olay, auctioneer.? household furniture at auction.-ALBKRT U. NICULAY will eell on Tuesday, Ajril 17th, at 10\ o'clock, at No. '.>1 Wut Twenty-secend street,, consisting ia part of mahogany so fas, marble top centre table*, bureaua, Bms?ols and in<rain orpets, liohemian ware, fancy frame pier glass, chain, tables, ehina and Rlara ware, hair mattresses, bedsteads, curtains, Ac., Ac., together with a lot ol' kitahun furniture, with which the sale will commence. Terms cash, an J a de posit .required from every purchaser unknown to the auc tioneer. Catalogue a on mornuu ef sale. Auction notice? large and peremptory rale of magnificent honaehrld furni -are. EDWAftD SCHENCK will sell at faction on Tnaadajr, April 17, at 1IH{ elect, on the premises , 142 Thompson street, between Frmee and Houston, magnificent household furniture, sold en aocouut of tb? owner bieaking up honaekeeping, consisting in p <rt|i 1 tlcitant Brussels. W llton, three ply and in.rraiu car rots rosewood ani'ea of tets a tetes,sofa,arm,ehdir and parlor c bairn in hair cloth and brocatt-lle, one anperb rosewjod Idanv. seven octave, elerant Freneh plate and gilt frame jjer and mantel glasses, marole ton sola, centre, pjer and aide tables; rosewood, mahogany, black walnut and oak dretsing bureaus, wain stands dressing taHei, An ; rosewood and uiar.og-any bedsteads, hair and 'cather beds, mattresses, tallows. palliasses, bolsters, Ac., silver plated ware, knives, larks, glass and crockery of every description; blankets, quilts, window enrtains. Ai Ihe sula will oomineeoe w i> u tbe assortment of kitchen utensils. Terms cash, ia city toads. A UCTION NOTICE.? DY EDWARD SC HENCE J\. Thursday, Apri, 19. at 10*1 o'clock, at 16 Wall stroet. ? Crest sale of reallv f u old wines, brandies, Ac. , belonging; 4a eae of our olees im rung houses, now closing u their baaineas, via., 3!>7 cases otara L.D. cognac, 1S37; Hennesay, 1842; champagne cognac, 1841; (cognac virge, 1&S7, private stock;) south aide madeira, /J; Duff Gordon harmony and vitorin sherries; 43 basket*- chempago, Qunt A Co., and For rister'a ports; tokay, 1842; mnseat and wedding wines; L. D. brandies in dumUohns and octaves, and quarter oh sk*, all er wliieh are of tnv finest quality, and can be relied upon for medical or family use. Also, a fino invoice ef Havana se gars now landing. Auction notice? household fornituri, ac. ? This morning, Tuesday, at ltlj^ A. M. ? SAM I El. OS UoOP, auetiouier. store Cii >a'sau|atreet, will|scll, at No. 44 Laight street, oppoaite St. John'i park, the household fur aitere, comprising, iu part, tape?trv, Brussels and other carpets, suK parlor furniture in crimson plush, bookcMe, Ac. ASSIGNEE'S SALE OF CLOTIIS, *C.? SAMUEL OS GOOD, auctioneer, will sell at his salesroomi, No. 06 .Nassau street, on Friday, April '20, at 10)? A. M , a small assek of cloths, cassimerrs, doeskina. Ac., marble tup coun ters, wire figures and frames, glass cases, Ac. By order of tae assignee. Auction sale of green a*d hot no use plants, hot houses, Ac.? SAMUEL OSGOOD, auc'ioneer, HKisho street, will sell on Thursday, April l'J, at 10>? AM. the entire stock ot Mr. Thomas Onnlap, florist, st his establishment, Eighth avenue and lltith strsot, near Har lem, ci mpriaing, in part, eamelias, rosos, violets, dahlias ?range and ieincn, yellow roses, fruit and fanoy treat. At 12 M,, hot houses, heating appi.ratus, aashes, Jtc. UCTION NOTICE.? THOMAS BELL, AUCTIONEER l liy Bell A bnab, thia day. a> 10>j o'clock, in the sales rooms 27 Centre street, the furniture, Ao., of a reatauraut, ??eluding twelve covored Uiahes with neaters, coffee and tea vraa, kitchen arrangements, pictutca, Ao. We also wfl sell all the fcruitnre in the store, preparatory to removal to 12 North William street. Carpets, Ac. At ll>j, o'clock; 50 boxes superior No. 1 tamil? soap. AUCTION NOTICE? THOS. BELL, AUCTIONEER. Bell A Bush will sell at 27 Centre street, on Weilnei 4ay. at 10>1 o'olook, the entire stock of a fancy and toy store, watch aad clock t.aker, jewelry, Ac., removed from Seventh avenne. comprising an interesting and beautiful variety in lots to su t families, Ao. ; will be arranged in nice lata. The sale of show cares will take place on Thursday, at 12 North William street. AUCTION NOTICE? GLASS AND CHINA ?JOHN I. VAN ANTWERP will sell, on Tuesday, April 17, at 210 Pearl street, at 10 o'elook. from the aneives, hO cratsa assorted white grrnite ware, plates, dishes, takers dinner ami tea sets. Jug, bowls, china in sets, 44 pieces, 2UO pieces fancy French ehina vasea und motto ooffves asa'd, 70 pack ages glass ware, 7 cratea Rockingham spiituons, jags Ae., 50 desen Japan chamber and water psila. Also, gnarded lanterns, tea trays, waiters, knivea and forks, clocks, Ac. Ae. Catalogues day previous. A UCTION NOTICE.? J. BOGART, AUCTIONEER.? BY A G. BOGART, this day, at 1U)( o'clock, at th? auction raoms, will be aold, the entire stock of a drv goods and Millinery establishment, sllka, crape, shaws, muslin de lain--, aalieo, buttons, crmba, laees, gimpa, fringes, ladies, hats, al E a, velvet, thread, ( pool cotton, trimmings, fancy goo-' ?, , Ae. Al?o, (furniture, sofas, couch, bedsteads, bureaus, aaaogany bedsteads, fine hair mattresses, new and second hand carpets, black walnut tables, 2U,UtAi segars, M. B. At private sale, one light wagon. A? A UC'TION NOTICE -GEORGE CLEMEN'S, AUCTION J\. eer ?A coach factory stock, tools and fixtures, situate ? Fortieth street, i, car Fifth ivenn?, to be sold on Wednes day, April lb, at 12 o clock. HENRY PALMER, Salesman. 4 uction notice-e. e. aaron will sell, this JV day, at the salesroom, No. t>7 Nassau itreet, an im porter ana mannfacturer's stock of fine gold watche?, in et chronometers, independent seconds, with real dontle ? patterns; hunting and detached levers, of the most ap proved makers, tU , Tobias, Cooper, Johnson, Ac. Also, an isTQiM of fane told watches, manufactured exprossly for ex hibition at th? Crystal Palace, and pronounced to be as nne as could be made. Persons wishing good watches for their ?wa use, er the trad', will do welk to attend the sale, with out reserve, fer cash. Auction notice.? crocks ay, glass and chi na.? J. S. BAiTI LETT'S large saie of whito granite and con.mon ware, yellow and Rockingham ware, Klaus ware, porcelain, white stoneware, Ac., in lots to soit pur chasers, will taae place on Wedn>sJay, April leth, at 10 ?'?lock, at No. 2N1 I'earl street. JBCTION NOTICE -WM. B. JONES, AUCTIONEER ? liy virtue of an execution issued out of the Matiutt Cc-ort, I will sail at public auction, ou Wednesday, April Wth, at the vcctil ulebf the City ilall. at 12 o'clock, all the right, title and interest of John Buxton, Jr., in the ho tel No HA aad 147 1 niton street, that he had on the 19th day cf March, or any time thereafter, on said premises. WM. B JO.NJSS. Constable and county officer, oQice Marine Court. A UCTION WET GOODS? SALE THIS DAY OF WET A black tilks, wet datnasks. wet napkins, wet linen shirt tn* and (heeling, wet cotton shirtings nd sheeting, wet prints, ginghams and do lames. wet linen camberie handkerchiefs at fcd. wor.h Is., wet hosiery very cheap. yard wide prints, kae and fast colors at Is. ANDREW G. C. UOLBY, 37 Third avenue. A Ut TlON ? WILL BE SOID. ON MONPAY. APRIL A. 2IS. at the Merchants Exchange, New York, all that certain property known as Roves' Saloon, at llranoh, ?n the midst of the boarding cstabliiliments, buildinr 27 teet. by 70 on the gr-iund, and finished complete, lot 1UU feet by 226, all aew, and suitable for boarditig or any other pur Rse Inquire of Joseph R Revet. ?t Ked Uank, N. J , or W. Morris, Land Agent, at Long Rraueh, for particulars, raiments easy Sale ?t 12 o'clock M. JOSEPH R. REVES, A T AUCTION ON WEDNESDAY, AT IDS! il o'clock, that well known boarding, lodging and public ? house, the ri^ci-h Tavern, No. 820 Hudson street, near Spring, embracing all the beds bedding, furniture, bar and features, Ac. Bale positive O. WaHKEN. Auctioneer. k I'MINISTRA TOR'S SAI E ? TO BE SOLD AT PUB A He auction on April 21, 1K'<6 at 2 o'clock 1*. M.. in Wca vertown, Hndsoa county, N. J , two ana a half miles from the Boooken ferry, 3 '*>? 10" acres of land, iu a goud state of cultivation. For particulars inquire of WM. RuSMaN, near the premises. A U Mt'LLEK WIl-L SELL AT AUCTION, OX TCES J\ ? day, April 17, at 12o'alook. M.. at the Merchants' Ex change. tbetwostory double boose, convenient!) arranged with stable and other outhouses. with garden attached, on H7th strr< t, between Third and Fourth avenues, and of easy access by railroad, having a tront of lOti feet I inches. 10 per cent on the day of sale; t alance in May. A ?. CRISTALAR, AUCTIONEER, NO. 23 BoH ERY, J\ ? respectfully informs his iriends and the pu ilic that be boa enlarged Lis sales room forty foet, and is now rowly to receive consignments of dry ^oods, hardware, watchos, jewelry, diamonds and furniture, on which he wil! make liberal advances; and also soli :it a out d or sales of fnrai ture '.roB families breaking np housekeeping, or parties re tiring from business and wishing their stock sold. BY A. J. BI.EEKIR? AT AUCTION, APRIL IS, AT 12 o'clock, at the Meiohants' Excbanre ? h lots in t#o parcels of 4 lets each, with privilege of botn, os cast side of Eighth aveaoe, between Fifty secoi.d and Fifty-third streets, 2 ^ feet by HO, except corners, wh>ch are 29 feet S by MW. Seventy per cent eaa remain on mortgage. For particulars, apply at No 7 Broad street. BA. CHILTON, AUCTIONEER? SALE OF SUrE * nor hcasehold furniture, the pr -perty of a family griag to Europe. The furniture has not bten in use a year, and was aearly all made to order by Alex. Koux, the oelsbrat d cabinetmaker, and is now in excellent condition.? < ''OLE A CIIILTON will sail at auction, on Wednesday, April )?th. at Ne. S Leroy place, Bleecker street, commencing at 10)$ e'eleck, a large assortment of bonsehold fnrr ltore, e-im | rising rosewood parlor sofas and chairs In rich maroon vel ??*? ?krge pier glasses, rich tapestry. Brussels carpets, creeks, vases, earcel lamps, marble and parian statuette*, Bohemian glass, Ac.; rich French porcelain and out g'asa, dmiagroom furniture, table linen, Ac.; carved mahogany chairs and sofas in tufted haircloth, tnarble top bureaus, centre tables, wasbstands, toilet so s of china, laoe window enrtaias aad painted shades, polished and carved French bedsteads, superior curled hair mattresses, corn hnsk pal liasses, feather beds, Marseilles counterpanes oak and other eaae seat chairs, carpets, rugs, oilcloths, together with a large sasertment of kitchen furniture, with which the sale will commence. Catalogues will be ready on Monday, at tb? auctioneer s office. No. IS Nassau street, ATH HOUSE, NEW UTRECIIT, L. I.-THE ENTIRE parcel of f.irnituro, bedding, roekcrv, glassware An., of the above hon??. for sale; if aot disposed of at private sal*, will be sold at auction on or about the 23d of April. For particulars, iaquire of T. GILSEY, 171 Broadway. / IIIAhLES H. DELE VAN, AUCTIONEER.? CHARLES \V H. Del' van will sell at auction on Wednesday, the 17th of April, at IV o'clock, all of the majniftcent household fur niture. line oil paintings, royal Wilton carpets, mirrors, pianos, etogcres. de., Ac,, contained in the pnrate dwelling situated Ns. 117 Rest Twenty second street, near Sixth avenue, being the property of a family leaving for Europe. C atalogues are now ready aad oaa be had at the office of the auctioneer. Not. lltf and 121 Nassau street, Marble Build ings. lata Bible House, near tbe Nassau Bank, an J also at No. 117 Rest Twenty-second street, on day of sale. No postponement on account of weather, and deposits requirod tTom all persons unknown to tbe auctioneer. (CONTINUATION OF ASSIGNEE'8 SALE OF JEWEL j ry? JOHN L. YANDEWATER will s?ll on Wednos day, April 18th, at 10*4 o'clock, at the salesroom, II MaHea laaa by order of assignee, a superb assortment of diamond Jewelry and watches, the goods removed for convenience of sale, being tbe stock of a Broadway Importer and manufac turer among which may be found splaadid diamond single stone and cluster pins aad Bhger rings, do. (Insnite) breochoe aad earrings to match, one hundred #ne 18 esrat mid ease watches, ladies enameled indepeodaat seconds, double time hMMrs. English patent lever sight-day chronometer*. Ac., nil bv tbe moat celebrated makers; tea imported sets or dla menJs. mosaic, emerald, cameo, oeal, coral brooches, brace lets aad earrings to snatch; fine gold fob aad guard a bains, ?aal and tagsr rings, of every tsiMi; gold peas and pencil ?MM, wadeh keys, grosses sat with diamonds, spectacles, Mais, sleeve buttons, lockets, As. The whole forming a rich . *ytT7 te be seld poretnptory to j tha highest bidder, and every lot warranted according to gill'S" w tMh- Owds *0 Mhjbittoa thif day with ) B i?mg at atctiai. r? * MILX1*. AUCTIONKE*..~0* TUK8DA*. AP*I L V. IT gtnteei hoaitebold fnrattare. tt 111,', u'oiook, at No. lMt Weil iMtk Kmt, fcetweea Eighth aad Ninth avennen, belonging to a fami / breaking ?p housekeeping, anl tiartil ing of parlor nad chamber furniture, elegant velvet Mjkh rv carpeting, (not worn,. Brussels iltir carpeting, three ply. It., hair sloth tfte i-tttes, mahogany oard tatile, fa* fix tore*. Ac. Airs, on* superior 7 octavo piano, nearly now. CI R. MILI.EK A CO., AUCTIONEERS, WILL SILL A /, fine three story house, nearly now, with store on first floor, at Merchants' Exchange, on Wednesday, April 18 , at 12 o'clock The above to lit uu ted on Bemen hill, N. J., axiut foot irnm the Court Honte. Building ft., beauti iuUy located In an improving neighborhood, one mile from Jersey city ferry. Stages put 'verv tea mfnnte*. Apply at the office of the Auctioneers, 125 Broadway, corner of Dey street. CONSTABLE'S SALE.? A. H. CEISTALAR, ADC tloteer, will tell, this day, nt flk o'clock, at No. 2M Grand street, barroom fixtures and billiard table*, ouei, counter*, Ac., by order of the-conatable. DS. HOt'UH, AUCTIONEER.? MORTGAGE SALE OF ? lint elate household tnrniture and coatly decoration*, ?even octave E. W. piano forte, Ac., tnl* Tuesday, large and unreserved rale, at 10>J o'clock, at No. 79 Warren street, of the whole content* ol bouse, con*i*tidg of maho gany sideboard* of excellent workmanship, rich and elegant rotewood reite*, mahogany marble top centre, crab and *ofa table*; alto the laoe and brocatelle window ourtain* and shades, mahogany and walnut caay cnaire, *ofa?, balr cloth ?prime teat parlor ehaira, mantel ornamenta, fine picture*, Ac. ; alio, a fine loncd B. W. aevon octave piano forte, aleo au endlea* quantity of rosewood, mahogany, walnat uud maple bedateada of different descriptions, South American curled boiao hu-r mattrcssri, blankets, comtoirtera, sheets, pillow easea, palliasses, mirror*, Ac ; Brussels, three ply and ingrain carpets on seventeen room*, mahogany bureau*, wusbatai.ds with marble topa, toilet acta, hat raok, cane ?<*t ehaira, cane rockera, bair cloth ditto, besides a very great quantity of crocktry ware, glaas, cutlery, epoons, wooden ware, Ac.; nil cloth, atair rod*, ga? fixtures, Ac.; stoves for parlors and cooking range*, dining and extension tables, Ac. Every article in thie aale wiU be positively sold to the highest bidder. Tlie sale is perfectly free. Parties wishing it chd have the privilege ol storing their goods nntil the first duy of May. DO. NASH, AUCTIONEER. ? MORTGAGE SALE OF ? grocery and liqaor (tore, on Tuesday, April 17tU, at lo A. M , at the couth-east corner ot Forty seventh street and Eleventh avenue, oomptlting the fixture* of atore, ?u a.sortiuent of groceries and liquon, grocery wagon, light waj cB, sleigh, horse, haruess. awning, Ac , Ac. Also, lease of the hoose and store for three year* from May next, at a low rent. Eugene b. franelin, auctioneer -by frank lin A NIC'HUL. To morrow, .Wednesday, t: 10>? o'clock, at 7? Naaaau street between Fulton and Johu streets, Euuene B. Franklin will aell at auction, aa above, a variety or rich and beautiful household furniture, consist ing of roeewood parlor furniture en auite, rosewood and ma hoi-any wardrobea, library and aecretary bookcases, aulas, tele a tetes, chairs, bedsteads, buveaua, wamistands, com modes, Ac ; two reaatirui English velvet carpets, Brussels and ingrain earpetlfcith a largu catalogue of other goods, too nnmerons *o m ?ion. At private Bale, aud now on view, at. our atore, <9 Nassau atrcet, a magnificent chamber suite, trom the Crystal Palace, cost $7,U0U. Purchasers will find thia sale a desirable opportunity. FCOLTO*. AUCTIONEER ? GENTEEL HOUSEHOLD . iurniture, carpet, oil cloths, Ac., Ac. F. CULToN ill aell. tbia day, In sdav, April 17th, at 10,'? o'clock, all the iurniture oontained in the bouse lb Woester street, near Canal, comprising sofas, tete a-tetes, Brussels, three ply and niyrain carpets, oil elotha, bedsteads, mattresses, pal Hatters, bed* and bedding, mobair and cane bottom chairs,, cei tre, aide and card tables, extension and dining table*, oval mirrors, oil paintings, engravings, mantel orna meuta, glass ware, kitchen furniture, Ac., all ot whioh will be sold wi'.bont reserve, and goods must be removed to-day. Also, at 2 o'clock, a'l the fnrniture eoLtained in the house It? Koae street, comprising a general assortment. George crajk auction ekr.-by stover a cook, day,Nnn!)i o'clock, at their salesrooms, ilioadway aud Duane street, a splendid aasortmeut ot roeewood, oak, walnnt and mahogany fnrniture, pianofortes, rich gilt framed pier and man el glasses, oil paintings, rich decorated china ware, silver plated ware, fine table outlet^. Ac. Ae. Cata logues on the morning of sale. Every facility afforded pur chasers for boxing and shipping. Articles purchased can be stored, tree of charge, until after the 1st of May. S. A C. give their personal attention to anction sal?* of every de scription. Best of reference given, and liberal cash ad vances made on contignmenta. George cook, auctioneer. -by stover a COOK? Elegant Houaebold Furniture, Pianofortes, Ac. On Thursday, at 10)$ o'clock, at the reaidence of H f'incua, Esq.. 41 Gteenwich avenue? Consisting in part of supe-ior rosewood seven octave pianoforte, made bv Messrs. Barmore, in perfect order; rich lace curtains and ooraices, French shades, two suits of rosewood psrlor furniture, in French brocatelle, elegantly carved rosewood sofas and centre ta bles, a beautiful rosewood etenere, Freuch secretaire, inasic cabinet, piano stool, oil paint'ngs, a part of which are of neat merit; rich gilt frame mirrors, French clock, elegant decorated vases, mantel ornaments, royal Wil on carpets, stair do., ingrain carpets, hall oilcloth*, walnut hall stand, do. do. chair*. Dining room furniture? Cuitom made oak ex'ension table, otk aidebo.ird, sut of oak dining room chairs, iu green repp; g-<ld band dinner sot, 172 pieces; heavy cut glaaa ware, fine table cutlery, tea room mahogany extension table, do. sideboard, do. ehaira. French ehina tea and coffee sets, silver plated tea and coffee service, of elcgtnt work manship; silver epoons, forks, ladles, table oaaters, cake baskets, a beautilul set of I'aris glaaa ware. Chamber fnrni ture? Kosewnod and mahogany bedsteads of a superior qua lity, martle top bureaus and washstands, rich china toilet set*. gilt frame minors, bair mattresses, beds ar.d bedding, lounges, arm chairs, sofas, spring seat chairs, kitchen arti cles, Ac. Catalogues on the morning of sale. GG. HORTON, AUCTIONEER. ? ADMINISTRATOR'S . sale -G. C. HORTON will iell, this day, at ldj; o'clock, at 90 Thompson street, itock, fixture* and tools, of a aaili and blind maker's shop, 1,2(10 feet moulding, puntel ard sash doors, sash and blinds, morticing machines, vbeit of tools, work benches, lumber and lumber wagon. Genteel household furniture at auction. J. I,. VAN PE WATER will soli this day, at 10* o'clock, at MO Hudson street, a general assortment of household fur niture, consisting of one rosewood suite, covered in crimson flush, consisting of two tete a teres, arm ahd parlor chairs, irufsxls carpets, marble top, centre, pier and soft tables, tilt frame mirrors, mantel ornuments, clocks, etegeres. Ac. Bedroom furniture? Bedsteads, buretus, washstauas, clia.r*, tables, 'ollet sots, mattresses, palliatters, carpets, mirrors. Cottage sul's, consisting of bedstead, bureau, washstand and chairs. Also, a general assortment of base men* and kitchcn furniture, with which the sate will com mence. Groceries at auction.? in consequence of removal, the proprietor will o'er for sale, on Wednes day, April IP, the en'ire stock and fixtures of store 358 Tbira avenue, corner of Twenty eighth street, consisting of teas, cc flees, sugars pickles, tauoes, Ac ; also, a choice se lection oi tine old brandies, wines, gin, Jamaiaa and St. Croix rum. The fixtures consist or walnut top counters, shelving, two splendid sets of tea canisters, sugar bios, scales. weights, platform scales, I as fixtures, ana all the arpuitcnances i.eces?ary tor a family grocery store. WELLINGTON A. CARTER, Auctioneer. G'RIMERIES, BUCKWHEAT FLOUR, BEHRING3, * bshand liquors.? This day, at 10 o'cloek, at 57 bey ttreet, corner of Greenwich, segars. Madeira nuts, raisins, currants, a'monds, pickles, teas, sugars, endue, chocolate, roaccaroni, soap, candles, hardware, Knives spoons, scales, spriap lial.irees, whips, sawr, chisels, Ac. W. A. CARTER, Auctioneer, 67 Dey street. Henry b. herts, jr., auctioneer -?.n tubs day, April 17, at 10), o'clock, at VI Crosby street, Household furniture, the property of a gentleman leaving for Eur< pe? consisting in part of elegant rosewood suite in hro catel rosewood and mahogany French bedsteads. mahogany sofas in hair cloth, mahogany chairs in do., mahogany mar hie top bureaus, mahogany marble top oontre, side and dress ing tables; large French plate pier glasses, oil p-Untiugs, en gravings, llrussels and ingrain carpets, stair |do , hair and straw mattresses, feather beds and pillows," lace and damask window curtains, window shades, cornices; china, glass and silTer plated ware, ivory handled knives and f.irSs, together with an assortmeat of kitchen utensils, with which the stla will commence. Henry u. leeds, auctioneer-by ii. h. leem A Co., Tuesday, 17th, nt lu>j o'clock, at the sale^ r >om, IV Nassau strict, Urge and valuable sales of wine*, brandies, mm. Ac., all of a high order, the property ofj an importer retiring from business, consisting of pure juice Madeira, of 1NSI; white port. 1834 ; Restrvo Madeira, 1825; llarmouy sherry, pure juice sherry. Amontilado do.; Grab;, in port; lleunes?ey t oensg, 1830; old Otard, 1840 ; old Exshxw Irandv, 1B06] Jamaica rnm, old Mouoiigabcl I whisk'y. The above are all of the first diss, in cask*, octaves, and demi johns, and warranted in ever) particular. Can be examined on the mrrning of sale. It *1ll be a good oppor' unity f?r families to supply themselves with rcafiy good articles, and wnioh can be depended upon. At 12 o'clock, in front #ture, 1'j oasi>au street. ? Valuable llorse ? one i right bay horse, 16 bands high, eight years old, 'ast travell-r, very stylish, sound und kind, perfectly gentle, and an exeel lent family horae? without reserve. Henry h. leeds, auctioneer-by n. n. leeds & CO., on Weduesday, April 18, at 10>? o'clock, a', lt.i West Twenty second street, Between Sixtn and Sevan th avenues ? Genteel household furniture, consisting of rich ta pestry Brussels carpets and stair carpets three-ply and in grain co , rich velvet rugs, rosewood suits covcrtj in crim son, gold and blue; ?ilk brooatelle carved rosewood etcgere and orntmenti thereon; splendid mirrors, marble slabs nnd brackets, rich crimson and black brocatelle drapcrie*, lace curtains and cermets, china, gold and deoorated vases, mar ble Hi man vaaes, India ehina do. oil paintings, marl Ie top carved rosewood centre and side tables, stoel fire sets, ele gant ormolu chandeliers snd brackets, one rioh rosewood ii>{ octave piano, a fine instrument; piano stool, mahogany ex teesion table, fonr feet with leaves; mahogany suit com plete in hair cloth, mantel decks, vases, oilcloths, door rug*. ?c.; china, glass and silver plated ware, rosewood ex tension table and leaves, dining table and chairs, rockers, mirr< rs, chintx window curtains Bedrooms? Hiegant carved rosewood bedsteads, dressing bureaus, marble top washstands, do. tables and chairs, black walnut and maho gtny chambct suits, lounges, ingrain carpet*. The above are all ? early new, having been used but little, and in the best order. Henry h. leers, auctioneer-by h. u leeds A Co ?Wednesday, April 18, genteel Household furni ture. at I0K o'cloek, at 10t> Fourth avenue, betwei-n Eleventh and Twelfth streets, consisting of Axmiuster, Wilton, and Brussels carpets snd stair carpets; drugget rich carved ma hogany sofa*; am and parlor chairs, in haircloth; carved mahogany marble top centre and side tables; Hack walnut Gothic sewing chairs, in pnrple plnsh; mahogany carl tables; splendid gilt frame mirrors; orocatelle and lace window curtains and eornices; rich oil paintings and framed engrav ings; tea table*; china, glass and silver plated ware; rich iras chandelier* and bracket*; on* *pl*adid mahogany extension dining tabl*. 14 fact, with leaves; rich oilcloth injdiniug room and balls; one very superior mahogany marble top side " in Parts, an excellent article; oak buffet*; board, made in Paris, an excellent article; oak buffet*; oak chairs; very rich ormolu candelabra*; vases, mantel oraa mrnt*, clocks, girandole*; mattresa**. bolsters and billows; fone mahogaay 'sideboard bedstead; wardrobes, boob cases, Ac. Ac.; alia, kitchen furniture. Also, one magnificent rosownod 7)4 octave pianoforte, made t? order, by Stoddard, i.rfect in every respect, and ol most exquisite tone and finish, with pearl keys. Henry h. leeds, auctioneer. -by ii h~ LEEDS A CO.? Wednesday, April 18, elegant house hold fnrmturt? at half past 10 o'clock, at No W Tenth st i between Fifth and Sixth avsaues, consisting of rose wood suite* in crimson and maroen brocatel; do. in tbrje colored <e.; bast tapestry carpet* and *tairdo.; splendid I rosewood marble top eentr* tables, heantlinl marble ton " rean side tabla, rosewood and mahogany quartettes, sj did mirrors, extra site; marble and gilt base* for do., J oil painting* and engravings, rich real broases, jj chandelier* of beautiful patterns, brackets do., cl ?tlas* ware, *ilver plated do., sui*rior oil cloth, mi , ball and hat stands, hall chair*, splendid carved rosetL marble tap tables, dining tables, ckalrs, quart otte rosewlvu, mahoianv and black walnnt bedroom furniture, mads order; bedsteads, marble top dressing bureaus; marble tap waslistands, mattres***, bol sters and pillow* of the bast make, wardrobe*, secretary and bookeaaea, window cor tain*, lace do., rich gilt oornicaa, and one splendid rate wood 7 octave piano, mad* by 0. k H Barmore, of eiqalfite ton* and very highly finished. Alto an assortment af kitchen furniture, with which the *al* will commence. HMBEHEYH. LEEDS, AUCTIONEER"? BT ?. M. LUtA A CO., Wednesday, April 18th, at 12 o'eleck, in front ef the (tare Na. 19 N assan street A gray Messenger mare, 16 haads high, Ave year* old, a very stylish driver, an ex cellent saddle hor*e and warranted sound. Also, a set of single harness, made by Traia>r, aad a trotting wagoa, nearly new and ia perfect order. Sale without reserve. Also, a physician'* gig, with top and pateat axles, la per fect order. Alee, tve city, made haraest, by eae of our beat maker*, vie 2 set* dve double harueee, silver plated hooka, terrets aad cord buckle*. Alae, tva sets Baa single bar mm, all a)lver platings aad moiniiag*. fpsiUvsly without IA1EI AT AtOrtBH. TTWIT H. L*iDfl A CO., AUCTIO*K**S.? BOUS1I 11 kali lAtan i4lM.-Ini; B. Lllh A Co. will (W? their (wmmJ attention (a* Un h**e *?"? 'or bmw ;mm pact) lo the sate* of koasokold imiitn, at UinMbm if familio* breaking ur h^usekoepang on removing. They will also have regular sale* at their auction rooms, X*. If N??? street, kaiiHn Pin* aad Cedar, for tht sonvsalenee efthoje who ??} dour* this medium of sale. HKMBY T. LUDS, AUCTION***? LARGE AND P* remptorv (ale if* ente?l household furniture, on Ifedne* dsy, April 18, on tha premiaes, 11 Wooitor (treat, near Oanal, at U>% o'clock. consiVtiag of a splendid assortment of roaa wood and mahogany parlor furniture, pianoforte, oil paint iocs, gilt frame mirror*, rosewood oard, centre, aid* and *ofa taLle*. elegant lace curtains aad oonueea. Pre neb shauesand fixtures, mantel ornuneni*, tape. try aad ingrain uarpeu, *a perior roi ewood and mahogany bedsteads, do. do. bareao* and washatands, with marble top*, superior hair mattressos, pallia****, bed*, bedding, dining room furnituro, extension tables, sofas, spring seat ohairs, arm do., rockers, silver plated ware of a superior quality, ris.: tai/Ie easier*, cake basket*, spoons, fork*, tray*, Ac., inlaid eatlary, rieb obit a and glass war*. Ac. HKNRY T. MBDS, AUCTION***. ?ASSIGN*! 8' sale of maaoiaetarod fan, counters, show ease tafe, co ttinjr- boards, Ac., on Friday, April ?Oth, at 44>4 Maiden lane, st 11 o'oloeh. Tbo above goods are worthy toe atten tion of the trad* and privvte buyers, foil particulars here after. H WILSON, AUCTIONEER.? AUCTION NOTICE. ? Large house sale of furniture, tapestry carpets, piir S lasses, pianofortes, silverware, .to.? To morrow (Wednus ay) morning, at 10k o'clook precisely, at li>9 West Twenty lonrth street, comprising the best selection olfentd at auc tion this season. A portion of tbe content* i* here inbjoin ed:? Rosewood pianoforte, full 7 octave, riohly oarved cm*, cost <400; solid rosewood brooatolle furniture, en mite, very expensively oarved, and oovered with the riohest material, without regard to ooit; large pier and ovsj mirrors, with marble slab* and gilt braokets to matoh; marble top rose wood centre, side, snd sofa tables: elegant rosewood ete gere, marble tap, with heavy plato glass doors aud back, made to order, cost *125; about 250 yards tapestry oarputs, in ex cellent order: rosewood oorntr stegeres and corner stands; beautiful and heavily embroidered white lace window cur tains; rich brooatelle ourtains aad corniee* for four win dow*; large Gothic reoeption and ea*y chain, iu ailk and embroidered brocade; oil painting*, among which may be found a choice collection by modern art i ft*; French porce lain decoratiena and vases, flniehed and painted in a high statu of perfection; heavy rosew*od and mahogany bed steads, both of tke modern and aatiqie styles. witn very elegant marble top dressing bureaus and waahstands to match; pure ourled hair mattresses, beda, bolsters and pil lows; mahogany and maple chairs, sofas and lounges; heavy mahogany ten leet extension table, black walnut do.; tea and tuning tables, china tea set*, very nxpenrively deco rated; elegant mantol clooks; common crookery and glass ware in basement; a large assortment of silverware spoons, forks; lieavy plated casters, wi th cot bottles; silvtr tea ser vice. elegantly ohased snd engraved; large salvers, with solid silver edges; best of ivory cutlery, Ac, I BERNSTEIN, AUCTIONEER. ? TALUABL* REAL . estate at auction.? By PECARES. BERNSTEIN A PHILLIPS, office 51 Liberty street, this day, April 17, 1H.V5, at 12 o'clock, at the licreoant*' Exchange, the following valuable property:? On Sixty -fir't street ? The two three story, basement and under oellar brick bouses ?n the north si le of Sixty-first ftrect, 100 feet east of the Pirat avenue, witb court yards in fron', having all the modern improvements, and bnUtin tlio most substantial manner. On Seventh avenue? The desirable four story brick house*, 210 and 222 Seventh aveune. lot* 21 feet li in. by 73 feet 2 <n. On Twelfth street? The four story double trick house 491 East Twelfth street. Lot 23 feet by 75 feet. On 12S?th and 130th street* ? Those six boautiflully located lots on 129th street, 326 feet west of Fifth \vena?, being 75 feet front on each street, and situate in the immediate neigh borhood of valuable improvements. On Fifty third street? The desirable lot cn fifty-third itrect, 225 feet east of Seventh avenue, 25 teet by 82 feet. l,ce avenue, Brooklyn ? The three story, basement and nnder cellar mastic front briok house, corner of Boss street and l.eo avenue, finished with marble mantels, corniees, Ao. Lot 2<) by 75 Also, the fourth and fifth houses from the corner in the same row, finished same as the above described corner house. Lots each 20 by 75. TheBc houses are situate within less than ten minute*' walk from the Peek slip ferry. A large portion of the purchase money of all the above property may remain on bond and mortgage for a term of years. Terms ot sale and maps of the property oan be had at the office of the Auctioneers, 61 Liberty street, n*aJ Nassau. JAMES MoCORMICK, AUCTIONEER ? BY T. HARDY, ?This day, at 10 A. M., at 056 fourth street, all th* kitchen furniture in the house. Alio, at IS o'olook, at 2ti8 Bowery, content* of an oyster and dining saloon. Burble top tables, Ac. TOHN 1. YANDEWATER, AUCTIONEER. ? E. T. TUR tf NER will sell on Tuesday, April 17, at 12 o'clock, at the salesroom, 29 Nassau street an assortment of Italian and Ejcy ptian marble mantels, both plain and oarved. Sale pa remptory. The attention of builders is requested to tbissale. JL. VANDEWATER, AUCTIONEER,? STANDARD s roses. Ac.? E. T. Homur will sell on Wednesday. April 19, at 10)f o'clo:k,at the aalearoom 29Nassau street, a splen did collection ot standard and dwarf stand roses, moss, per petual and running roses; also a fine assortment of dwarf pears, apples, poacher, apricots, Ac.; also some very fine oa im-lias, prape vines, Ac., in prime order. The above have been grown and imported by Br. G. Mare, Astoria, L. I., and are warranted genuine. JOHN 11. OAKLEY, AUCTIONEER ? BY OAKLEY A Wrigbt? Will sell, at motion, un Tuesday, April 17. at 10 o'clock A M., at ltiO Chamber* street, a lar*e and general assortment of household furniture,, Brussels and ingrain carpots. stair and hall do,, sofas and easy chairs, spring cent parlor do., curtains and corniots, marble top centre tables, bureaus and washitands; bods toads, mat tresses, beds, bedding, toilet sets, looking gtaases, dining tables, dining room chairs, ont glassware. ivory table cut lery. crockery, silver and planished tinware, kitchen articles of every description, a large and general assortment of cham ber and bedroom furniture, with which the sale will corn mencc. Terms cash, in bankable money. Catalogues on the morning of kale. JOHN W. SOM ERIN DYKE, AUCTIONEER. ? A ? tignec's tale of book accounts, Ac.? On iruesday. April 17; st the auction room, 110 Centre street, oorner of Frank lin ctreet, at 10 o'clook, all the book accounts remaining on settled of i?ck, Clancy A Co., eoal dealers, of this city, l.y order of EDWaRL G. ASAY, assignee. JOSEPH llEGBMAN. AUCTIONEER.? WEDNESDAY, April 18th, at !l o'clock, A. M.. prooisely. at yo. 0 Rem ten h'reM, between llicks and Columbia streets, a large and general nssortment of household furniture, spio* did rose wood pianos. 7 octave, Barmore'i, with stool and cover; elegant rosewood parlor furniture in maroon and green satin brocatel. two reception ohairs la crimson and. white, maho gany marble top and enamelled chamber furniture, mattress es, tapestry, Brusrils, three ply, and ingrain carpets, oilcloth, splendid srtlstio bronze chandeliers and brackets, Ed in burgh heater, Bebee kitchen range, with copper holler, and the umsl assortment of kitchen furniture. Immediately after the above, in the adjoining house, No. t Remsen street, at aiout 1 o'clock P. M., a large and xoneral assortment of mahogany parlor and chamber furnituro, ex, cellent mattresses, feather beds, bedding, carpets, oilcloths with the nsual kitchen furniture. Oatalogues of the above at the sales rooms. JOHN W. SOW ERIN DYKE, AUCTIONEER.? MORT gage sale of marble top coouters, Ac.? This day, April 17, at the corncr tf Forty first street and Sixth avenue, at 11 o'clock, two marble top counters, oyster box, oilcloth, stove and pipe, gas fixtures, tables, chairs, refrigerators, crockery, decanters, oval mirrors, cooking utensils, Ac. J. W. SOME R1N DYKE. Atty. for mortgagee JOHN W. BOMERINDYKE, AUCTIONEER-SPLEV did household furniture at auction, on Wednesday, April IS, Instant, at 96 Seventh avenue, at 10% o'clock, cou sisting of mahogany parlor furniture, sofas, arm cbiilrs, par lor chairs, velvet carpets, lace curtains, pier mirrors, frout and back, with marble and brackets, fine taned piano, paint ings of mc-it, framed prints, national snbjeots, marble top centre and side tables, girandoles, inside window shades, ottomans, divans, ornamental stands, hall oilcloth, hat stands, table, large map of the United iSiatcs, velvet stair carpet*, flat rods, oilcloth, in second ball, in sleeping rooms, mahoganj and Iron bedsteads, with htir mattresses, beds, Ac., dressing an t plain bureaus, stand and toilet sets, and excellent assortment of kiteben furniture, with which the sale will oommence. JOHN W. SOMER1NDYKE. AUCTIONEER.? MORT gare rale of machinery, lathes, tools, Ao. on Thursday, April 19, st No. 12i Liberty street, at 1(1 o'clock, vert ioal lathes, with pulleys and hangers; drilling machines, with frames; cutting or slabbing machines, turning lathes, rifle machines, nut boring machine*, double bead 8-foot lathe screw making machine, cone making do., band latues and trip hammers, wrenches, iron boxes, blacksmith's tools, screw plates, hammer*, fan vices, anvils, bellows, Ac. JMOR1AK1Y. AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL, THIS ? day, at 10 o'clock, at 173 Chatham square, a lurge assort ment of furniture irom families removing, amoni; which ar t some good carpets, feather beds, sofb, mirrors, mare lo top tables, Ac.; also a lot of good clothing. Ac Lll. HOFFMAN, AUCTIONEER.? GREAT SALE OF ? hue old nines, brandies, Ac., Ac., Ac THOMAS llOl'E A CO. will offer for sale at auction, their entire nock cf winos, brandios and liquors of every description, intlndiogsome very fine old brandies, rum, gin, Ac. R:ire old Mad?ir*s, slurries and port; also, champagne, claret, hock sod ether wires; French and German liquors ; London p< rtcr, Scotch ale, A*., on Saturday no.\t, 21s;, at the store of L. II. HOFFMAN A CO., No. 111 Pearl street, at whlcb place catalogues will le ready on Friday Tho whole to be delivered from the store of THOMAS HOI'E A CO., or to any part of the citv or neighboring districts, through which their wagons pass, free of charge. Mark wray. auctioneer.- cabinet makers 'took at auction, on Thursday, April 19, at 10JJ o'clock, at the store corner of Broome and Mercer streets.? M. W nay will sell as above the entire stook of J. Soromer, one of tlie most celebrated manufacturers of elegant (nrniture In tho city, con prisieg rosewood parlor suits in muslin, side, eeu tre. tiler and fancy tables, with marble tops; secretaries and botkeate* solas, lounges, wardrobes, rosewood, mahogany and walnut bedsteads, rich Gothle hall ohairs, hat stauds, mshosany and walnnt bureaus, washstands, Ac., the whole of which must positively be sold. MORTGAGEE S SALE.? BY VIRTUE OF TWO CHAT tel mortgages. 1 will expose to sale, at George t'lom mon's. New Wk Tattrisall'i, KM sixth avenue, at 12 o'clock, noon, Tneeda.v, April 17, 18 8ft, two coaehea. THOMAS CARLIN, attorney tor mortgagee. P SCARES, BERNSTEIN A PHILLIPS. REAL ESTATE AND GENERAL AUCTIONEERS, No. ftl Liberty street, one door trom Nassau, will give tlieir personal attention to sales of real estate, stoeks, ves sels, and mortsaies, at public and private sale, and to the sale A anetien of cargoes, household f irnlture. paintings, statuary, wtrks oi art. Jewelry. Ao , and to eat door sales generally. Money liberally advanced on real estate, steoks, vessels, farniture, Ac . left oa sale with as. l.oaas negotiated. PLANTS AT AUCTION? W. S. mTiLLVaIn WILL sell this day at 10X o'clock, at the seed store, 7 John street, a splendid assortment of perpetual, monthly, climb ing aad moss rosea, (la aad out of pots) hone ? sueklcs, jessa mines. grape vines, carnations, pinks, verbenas, aanlias, gladiolus, tuberoses. Ao., Ac., direot trom the gardea oa morn lag of sale, frs>m Peter Henderson, Jersey City. Cat alogues, P R. WILKIN S, AUCTIONEER -PHILIP R WIL . KINS will sell at aaetlon on Wednesday. AprillS, 186ft, at twlve o'clock, at the Merchant's Exohaage, tha first class four story brown stone front houses, and lots Nos. 271, 27S and 278 West Tweaty second street; they are bnllt ?a the best manner by days work, furnished in mod era style and with the latest improvements. For further sartiealar* apply to the auotioneer, No. 2 Broad street, corner of Wall. PHILIP n. WILKINS, AUCTIONEER? PHILIP R. Wilklns will sell at auction on Thursday. April Itth at 10 o'clock, at 2F8 West Nineteenth street, all the furni ture contained in stid house, consisting in part of maboga. ny at d rosewood parlor famltare, mahogany French bed steads, bureaas. drevsiag bureaus, tapestry, Brussels and Ingrain carats, oilcloths, Ac. Catalogues can be had at the office or the auctioneer, No. S Broad street. PAWNBROKER'S SALE THIS DAY.? -A. M. CAFFREY A WALTERS will sell to day, at 10 o'clock, at 2i> Ca therine street, corner of Henry, a large lot of women's clothing, dresses, nmnaats, parasols, umbrellas, Ac.; also, a One china tea set. >f ardor of L. AS. KOFFMAN. RC. KEMP, AUCTION REE.? FURNITURE, PIaNO ? fortes. Ac.? To mhrrow, this day, at 10 e'elosk, at 8ft Nassau ft rest, near Fulton. R. C. KEMP wiU sell at auc tion, as abpve, a very large asaertmea) of good seeoad head farniture, pianofortes, carpets, mirrors, oil paintiags, Ac., which are wall worthy of the no tin of housekeepers. Cata logues the morning tf sal*, IUU AT AUCTION. T> W LATHAM, AUCTIONEER? J. THOMPSONS XV. aBetloa sale*, M Wafeeaday, April 18, at tha Mer ?Hutf Exchange, at 12), o'clock. ?23^000 V irglaia 6 par ecut bonds, coupons, eemi an anally ia 13,600 Laaiaiana ( par cant bands, 4a. da. ?20,080 Misionri 6 per cent bonds, do. da. ?2,MI0 Louisiana 6 par cant bonda, dp. da. ?2.000 Louisiana 6 par aant bonda, do. in New Orleans. ?10,000 Cleveland atd Toledo Railroad 7 p.-r cent ton da, in taraat in Maw York lat March and lat September, du? ia IMS. ?1,500 Cleva and aad To ado Railroad 7 par eent dividend boada, iaaned April, 180b; iataraat April aad October, ia Maw York, dna in 1865. ?2,000 Maw York and Harlem Kailraad 7 par eeat 3d mort gage banda, iataraat FeLruary and August ia Maw Yark. doe in 18<i4. ?8,000 Lake Erie, Wabaah and St Lout* Railroad 7 par eant lat mortgage bonda, intaraat February and Auguit Li Mew York, duel* 1865. ?20. OfO Cleveland, Paint* ilia and Ashtabula Railroad 7 par cent mortgage bonda, iataraat January aad July ia Phila delphia. 20 ?hares Mercantile Fire Insurance Company of Naw Yark, ?M) each. All parckaies mast ha paid for on or before one a'aloak of the day after the aale. When purehaaaa are made for ao count of partlee out of the city, ten par oent will be re quired oa the day of sale, aad aiz day*' grace given (adding interval) on the balance. The accrued interest will go to the purchaser, the aame aa at the BosJd of Lrokeri, exoept when otberwiaa stated. Office Mo. 2 Wall street. J. THOMPSON. RUSSELL W. WESTCOTT, AUCTIONEER.? CLAY turns ces at auction.? K W. WESTCOTT will sell to morrow, Wednesday, at 12 o'olook precisely, 1.2UO clay tujiaeea, at 621 Hudson street, eorner of Jane. They are of all aiiea, and suited to the retail trado for grocers, Ac. They will be lold ia lote to suit purchasers, aad most be removed immediately from the premises. STANDARD ROSES AT AUCTION ?J. L VANDE WATEH will sell, on Tuesday, April 17, at 10>? o'clock, at the salesroom 14 Maiden lane, a large assortment of standard and half standard rosea, perpetual bloomora, mosses, climbing and running rosea, peonies of the finest va rieties a.- up ted ta our climate, ani all warranted true to name. Selected with great care, without regard to eost, by D. Boll, Florist, eorner ef Broadway and Fiftieth street. Tunis morrell, auctioneer.? at auction room 81 Nassau street, this morning, at 10 o'clock, new and second hand furniture, pianofortes, carpeting, oil paintings, mirrors, china, brome needs, Bohemian glass. ? TUNIS MORRELL will acll by catalogue a large collection of good* removed irem warerooras and private dwellings for convenience of tale, consisting o( rosewood pianoforte, seven octave; rosewood parlor furniture, mahogany and black walnut in haircloth and pluah, English velvet ta peaty oar !?? ting by the piece, extension dining tables, sofas, tete a tetcs divan*, eaay and rocking chairs, rosowood and ma hogany wardrobes, library and bookcasca. Bohemian glaaa vans, French ohina tea acta, vases, Ac ; cut glaaa lampe, sugar aud butter diahea, tumblers, French plate mirrors, gold Jewelry, segara, Ao. Also, enamelled furniture in mites, Ac. TERANCE BOYLE, AUCTIONEER- STORE. 46 CENTRE street, will sell on Wednesday noxt, 18th Inst., at 10 o'clock, the building that stand on the lot No. 177 Eliiabeth atrcet, to the biggest bidder, aad it must be re moved before the 1st of May; also, all the furniture, beds, bedding, carpets, in aaid houae. TO I'.E SOLD? ON TUESDAY. APRIL 17, BY H. H. LEEDS A CO., in front of their store, 19 Nassau at met, at <2 o'clock, a bountiful bright bay horse, lti handa hixh, 8 yeara eld, perfectly sonnd, kind and geutle, a very free ?Iriver and aa excellent family horse. Sold only for want of use. WS. MELLOR, AUCTION EER.-BY HOUGHTON A ? MELLOK, Wednesday, April 18, at 10>? o'clock, at 1S8 West Eleventh street, near Sixth avenue, household fur niture, comprising mahogany pianoforte, mad* by Holder, of New York; gilt frame mirrors, Bruaseia and ingrain ear, peta, tetea tetea, centre tables, bedateads, dressing bureana waahitands, several hair mattresaea, French bedstead , cor ner ataud, Ae. Alio, stair carpet), window curtains. An., together with the uaual variety of basement and kitchen furniture. Terms cash. Deposit required of all purchasers. WII LIAM IRVING, AUCTIONEER. - ELEGANT household furnitnre. WILLIAM IKYING A CO., will ??-11 at auction, en Tneaday. April 17th, at 10>i o'clock, at 13 West Thirty fifth atioet, near Fifth aveuue:? Parlor furniture? Superb Wilton carpet*, auitea of carved roae wood parlcr luruiture, covered in crimson *nd sold bro catelle, consisting of lofas, two arm chairs, sowing chairs, six parlor chairs, carved Toaewood reception ohaira, elegant French plate p:er glasseF, brocatelle and laco window ear tain a, carved roaewood ate; ere, neataof roaewood quartette*, ormolu chandeliera and bracketa, elegant china, bronze and parian mantle and etegere ornamenta, elegant roaewood piano forte. Bedroom- -Velvet tapestry and Bruwela carpet*, oarv ed black walnut bedroom furniture en *alte, French bed steads, marble top dresiing tables, marble top dreHing bu reaus, marble top waibstands, lounge*, rocking chairs and lounging chairs, covered in broeatclle in auitea to mat oh, suftea ot enamelled and painted marble top cottage bedroom furniture; hair mattresaea, feather beds, bolsters and pil low*, china toilet set*, Ac.; velvet atair carpet*, silver pla ted italr rod*, English oil oloth, carved oak hat stand and ball chair*, mahogany extension dining table, mahig any tolas and chair* in haircloth, *idt board, chiaa dinner and tea sets, cat class ware, silvar plated ware, cutler) , Ac. Heavy Lugliah oilcloth on basement and kitchen, nearly new? together with a general assortment of kitchen furni tnre. 1 be above furniture is but little used, aad all made to order by Newhouse, WILLIAM IRYING, AUCTIONEER. ELEGANT household furniture.? William Irvine A Co., will loll at auction on Tuesday, April 17, at 10>, o'clook, at 23 West J hirt >? til tL street, near t ilth avenue, parlor furniture; su perb Wilton carpets, suits 01 carved rosewood parlor furni ture, oovered in crimson and gold brocatclle, consisting of sofa,- two arm chairs, sewing chairs and lix parlor obalrs; carved rosewood marble top centre and pier tables, rosewood reception chairs, elegant French plate pier glasses, broca telle and lace window our' ains, carved rosewood etugero, nc-ts of rosewood quartette*, ormolu chandeliers and brack ets. elegant china, bronze and i'arien mantel and etegere < rnamects, elegant roiewood piaaoforte. Bedroom ? Velvet tapestry and Bruasel* carpets, carved black walnut bedroom turniture en suite, French bedsteads, marble top dressing tables, marble top d resting bureaus, marble top waahstaads, lounges, rucking chair', and lounging chairs oovered in bro cute'le in suits to match, suite of euamelled and painted marble top cottage bedroom furniture, hair mattreasea, leather beda, bolster* and pillow*, cbina toilet sets. Ac,; velvet stair carpet, silver plated stair rods, English oil cloth, carved oak hat stand and ball chairs, mahogany extension dining table, mahogany sofas and chain in hair el 'th. Didci oard, china dinner and tea acta, cuc glaas ware, silver plated ware, cutlery. Ac.; heavy English oil uloth on basement and kitchen, nearly n?w, together with a general assortment of kitchen furniture. The above furniture i( but little used, and all made to order by Newhouse. W ILLIAM IRVING AUCTIONEER. ? HANDSOME VY bouaebold furniture.? WILLIAM IRVING A CO., will aell at auction on Wednesday, April 18, st 10>i o'clock, at No 8 Crosbj street, mahogany sons in hair cloth, with arm chairs, rockers, and parlor chain to match; papier mache tables, gilt frame mirrora, girandoles, or molu and china ornaments, mahogany centre tablet, mahogany (is and three fourth* octave pianoforte, made by Stodard, Wor cester A Dunham: lace window curtain*, mahogany sofa bedsteads, tapestry, Brussels and ingrain carpets, mahoga ny and black walnut French bndateada, marble top dressing bureau*, withstands, mahogany workatands, elegant *uits painted and enamelled cottage furniture, mahogany ward robe*, hair mattreaaes, feather beds, bolatera and pillows, palliasse*, counterpane*, blanket*, quilt*, sheets, Ac.: win dew (hade*, couches, cottage bedsteada, cane Beat chairs, tollitsets, black walnut extension dining tattles, mirrors, mahogany hair seat chairs, oil paintings aud engraving'), sil ver plsted ware, cbina dinner and tea seta, glas* ware, out lery, table linen, oilcloth, batstands, Ac;, together with a large and general assortment of kitchen furniture, stoves, Ac. WS. MELLOK, AUCTIONEER.? BY HOUGHTON A . MEl.LOtt. ? This day and Wednesday, April 17th and lt>th, at UK o'clock each day, at the extensive warerootns ot Mtasr*. McUraw A Allendorph, 456 Broadway, embracing the whole of their costly and elaborately carved furniture, of the latest and most approved style* now in use. We invite onr numerous friends and tbe public to view this really beautiful collection provious to the aale. and they can rest assured the sale will be peremptory, as they are closing the burineaa. Hotel proprletora.gnerchants, and these who are about refurnishing first class bouses, would profit by afc tending this aale. Every facility on 'be premise* for paoP lug and shipping. Articles purchased at. tnis sale can re main in the store until the first of May. Tbe stock consists in part, via.: twenty superb richly decorated and enamelled chamber suit*, of the latest style* and designs: parlor fur niture including carved rosewood furniture in suits, in n,u*lin. Ac., of the latest dc*ipn* and atyles; rosewood par lor secretary and bookcase, lined with satinwood, co*t $,**); rich centre, pier and aide tab ea; bea'itiful roscwo"d ete reres, with mirror i oora and backs. Chamber furniture? Slaloratelv carved rosewood bedsteads, bureau* and wash atanda to match, with marble topa. Alto, mahogany and walnut amis; chamber Inmiture to watch; together with hall furniture, of every style and doai.n, including rose wood and mahogany ball stands, hall taclea, with and with out marble tops, hall chair*. Ac.; together with a large as sortment of plain furniture, vis.: maLogany tete a-tetes, arm cbaira, rockera, divana, ottomana, card tables, plain walnut and mahogany extenaion dining tablea, corner stand', etegeres, uiu.-le atanda, fancy tablet, light, steads, Ac. Catalogue! now ready. WM. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL, ( ti Wednesday, at 2 o'clock, at 187 Canal street, all tut gt nteel lionsebold furniture belonging to 'he estate of Daniel Demurs'., deceased, constating ot parlor, chamber and kltchea furniture, elegant tnpeatry and three ply car |eta, oilolotht, pier and oval mirrors, mantel clocks, vasea, tefaa rocking and easy chain, centra and aide tables, ma hogany and walnut bedsteads, hair and other mattresses, bedding, marble top dresaeing bureaus and waahatandt, toilet aeta, dining and kitchen furniture, Ac., by order or John Demareat, executor of the eitate or Daniel Demareat, deceased. WM. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER. WILL SELL, M Thursday, April 19, at 10 o'oloek, at the dweilmg home 149 Mercer atieet, all the genteel household urniture, Ac., in the above bouae? splendid carved rosewood parlor suite, mirrors, centre and aide tables, window curtain* elegant carpeta, Ac : together with the furniture of fourteen rcoma, all iageod aider. rauirniRK. CHAIR AND SOFA FACTORY, -B. KIPPORT WILL aell at his waruroems, 177 1-ewis street, near his factory, ia Fifth *treet, at his wholesale prices, all kinds ol mahogany, walaat and rosewood chair*, tete * tetes and sofas, in hair eloth, plush, damask or brocatelle, far drawing mas. par lor*, lilting rooms and halls. Enamelled suits, at reduced prices-at MATHEH 8 A STACY'S, old established warroems, 514 Broadway, opposite tbe St. Nicholas Hotel. Snitea of rural tare with hair mattress, straw do, and pillows aad holsters, from 140 per salt. FURNITURE-FURNITURI.? THE HIGHEST CASH Fries raid far seeond-haad household furniture, ear pets, pianofortes, nautical instruments, silver plate, gold cISrs'kf'S'W'sfeasB. * c"""" v PNRNITURE FOR SALE, CHEAP-ONE SUIT OF parlor furniture, rosewood, in complete order; alto two rosewood tables and two black walnut do. aad a pair o looking (lasses, sise of plate 34*72. Apply at 100 West Thirty- first street. CIO? SALE? A SUIT OF FURNITURE, ONLY FOUR A* months in use consisting of one mahogany bedateai and bedolng, one bureau, half dosea sofa bottom chain, one ?ofa, one waebatand; marble top, one ceatre table, one mir ror, with gilt frame, uae rockiag chair, oarpot and wiadow shades, glaas ware aad otooltery, and all other oooklag uten sils necessary for housekeeping. The fnraitare le good, and will be sold for half whattteo*t. It is a good ebanee for a couple eonimeneing housekeeping. The reason for selling, the ow ner is going to California. Inquire a* 64 Chatham, corner ot Duaae street, la the sal? a. PNE FURNITURE.? A GENTEEL FAMILY, DECLIN lug housekeeping, efer al private sale, fine carpets, mirrora, ehaiTs, *ofas, ell paintings, Ae.. at low prise*. The i furniture Is nearly new. aad fkahionable. It ran be exam ined by pnrehaaera at No. 178 Wmi Thirty-aixth street, near Eighth avenue, natll Mth in St. RH"J AS A CO., MANUFACTURERS OF FASHIONABLE ? aad every kiad of furniture, having enlarged their premises, are now prepared to offer a large and extensive as sert as eat at Moderate prioee, wholesale and retail. War* (NM?r Broadway, cornet 9r Bf**m ft ml ?OHWM, CiUIMBB, M. CARRIAGES ? AN ASSORTMENT Of CITY MADE, enibraoiag MMbo, oaleehs goMhu, two Jtnd threa CARRIAGE POR SALE.? A VERY SUPERIOR CAR riM?; hM been but little used, city make. Will be told low, M the owner huDDM for the ume. Cm be Men II the Clarendon stables, 87 Irving pUoe FOB SALE? FORTY LARGE SIZE BROKE MULES, Me from Ave to htm years, at the stable ot Augustus Ivans, lut New York, uir William Wheelan's no tel. Inquire for Mr. IVANfe, for on* week Stages 1"" ??7 half boar from Feek slip, Brooklyn ride. For sale? two black horses, ie hands high, ?emjetti old, very reeommendable for a family ? use. Inquire at 131 Clinton Itreet, South Brooklyn. For sale? a horse, wagon and harness, tub property of a gentleman going abroad. ThehoreeU a Black llawk oolt, sound, kind, Ae., and oan trot a mile In 240. '1 he wagon wu made to order by George Wat eon, of Philadelphia, and has been used but twlee. The harneis it entirely new. Por further particular! inquire at the stable of Reed A Trueedelt, 17J Mercer street. For sale.? pour pair ybry pine matched lionee, all young and sound, one fair long tailed bays Morgans, raised In Vermont; one pair Black Hawks, raised in Vermont; one pair very fine bajs, pony built, bob tails, one pair long tailed rrays, very fine and fait. The above horses ar* all young, sound and very fine, the property of a gentleman going te Europe. Gentlemen wanting fine horses would do well to oall and examine the above, at 402 Atlan tic street, Brooklyn. For pale? a good second hand spring cart but little used, will be sold oheap. Apply at the wood jard, corner Washington and Plymouth streets, Brooklyn. For sale? a horse, nine years old, sound and kind, and a good saddle beast. Will bftsold cheap, tcr want of um. Also, one light wagon. Inquire at the market stall. No. 4, corner of Conoord and Fulton streets, Brooklyn, before 12 o'clock. For sale? a beautiful road mare, is* hands high, six years old, sound, and kind in harness. Can trot a mile in three minutes. Will be sold cheap, as the o* ner has no um for her. Can be seeu at 183 Monroe, ctrner of Montgomery street, in the lumber yard. For sai.e-a cart suitable for almost any w ork in the city, built to order, of the best materials and workmanship, ana very little used. Apply at 146 West Ihirtieth street. For sale- a beautiful white horse with long natural tail: if bands high, eight years sld, iascund and kind in all harness, and very fine under the sad dle; possesses great style, ambition and enduranoe. For far ther particulars inquire at Thompson's stable, 110 East Thir teenth street, between Third and Fourth avenues. tfiOR SAl.E ? A CALECUE, IN THE LATEST STYLE, X1 almost new. Also a span of horses, fit for either publlo or private um, with new harneis to suit. To be Mid cheap lor cash, as tte owner is about to quit the business. Can te seen at the stable eorner of Thirteenth itreet and Sixth av. F( "a^biTon, WW. shifting top two ?J?0, ? new three seat rSekl^fav "Pif ' *ud ? *,t|nare 'tufting too ?t?nding toD' For SALE? one SECOND HAND COACH; do. light wagons, with and without tops; also new light trotting watons; all in good order. Inquire at HI Elizabeth street. fjlOR SALE CHEAP? AS THE PRESENT OWNER ?" has no uir for them, a small sorrel pony and wagon. 1 he wagon was made by one of the best makers, expressly for the pony, to orler. It has never been used; pony is m nnn A nsxl bind in lia amAaa ah ??? ft A?s tKn anitdla Htrn uanra Almshouse, Flatbush" L. t. ' ? " l1 ?old^ BAY HORSE, SEVEN YEARS ?.'"J*vt?J")ler .nd stylufeTu.nI.d ^^md iu all harn,?,3 Horse, buggy and harness for sale.? the whole comprises a substantial and comfortable es tablishment lor a gentleman residing in the country. The horse Is last, sound and kind. The buggy bas two bodies, one ol which is enclosed for bad weather, ana the other has the or dinary weather top, either ot which can be Died on the simi wheels, as occasion may require. The entire affair is in complete order, and will be sold below its value, as the advertiser bas no use for the same at present. Apply to L. El>GERTON,S8 Broadway; or *6 Remsen street, oorner of Hieks, Brooklyn. TomlinMnA Co., 410 Broadway. Horse for sale.? a handsome bright bat bono, 7 years old this ipring, about 10 bands higb,. Socd traveller and pleasant driver; warranted lound and ind, well calculated for a family hone, or for any other purpote where a good horse 1) wanted. Apply at FAGIST'8 stable, corner of Hioks and Harrison streets, Sou sh Brooklyn LADY'S HORSE.? WANTED, A STYLISH, GENTLE burse, ior a lady, for which a reasonable price will be paid. Address box 80tf Post Office. NEW YORK TATIERSALL'S, SIXTH AVENUE, COR ner of Thirty ninth street.? At 12 o'olock this day, at uuction, positive sale of th? following horses and carriages:? Une line bay horse, two 1 adits' saddle horses, one pair black horses, four work horses, a doctor' < gig, harness and hone; tl me light wagons, one tine oarriage, one sleigh, tear strings of bells. Also, by virtue of an exeeuSion, and to pay ohargss, one large double carriage. Also, the usual variety of now and seoond band double and single harness, wagons, Ac., Ac., Ao. Also, a pair oi horses, wagon and harness; horses 1 hands higb, kind in all harness, good saddle horses, warranted sound; soli without reserve. GEoRUE C LEMONS, Auctioneer. Ht.KRV Palmf.r, Salesman. SEOOND HAND COACHES, ALSO A FULL ASSORT ment of new carriages, of every description, for sals cheap, at the ropository of HOTT A CO., tiSO Broadway, near Bleeokcr street. SECOND HAND TOP BUGGY AND HARNESS FOR sale cheap.? The buggy has just been put in good order; the harness was made by Trainor, and has Men but little used. The owner having no use for them, will sell both for $7#. Applj to EDWARD MURRAY, stable, corner cf Sixth avenue and Twenty eixtn street, before 11 A. M. rHREE EXPRESS WAGONS AND HORSES FOR SALE cheap.? Inquire of N. &1MGSLY, 96 Reade street. Trustee colt ior sale-dam out of a mor ganmareby Eclipse, will bs live years old in May, IS bands high, and beautifully proportioned. Is a free, stylish driver, steps sqnare and light, can trot a mile in 3)* minutes without training, is perfectly sound and kind in every re spect. Lowest price $5O0. CM be seen at the stable of the steam Saw Mill, toot of West Forty-fifth street. Thoroughbred mare for sale.? a sorel MAKE, 6 yrars old, 16 bands Ugh, warranted sound and kind, is a stylish traveler, has trotted one mile la Z51f?, will be sold at a bargain. Can be seen at the farm of ii. UNDERH1LL, Westchester, Westchester Co., N. Y, TO FURNITURE DEALERS.? HORSE FOR SALE-A handsome black horse, eight years old, gentle and kind; is an excellent iarniiy horse, and would suit tor light cart ing. Trice $2li0, of which a good portion would he taken in pallor furniture. Address W. W . box J, 842 Post Office. T HOTTING HORSE FOR SALE? A VERY STYLISH broan horse, 15){ hands high 7 years old, trotted a mile ib lets than three minntos, warranted perfectly sound and kind in all harness; price 8400. Apply in the store 103 Fourth street, corner ot Charles. WAGON FOR SALE-A HANDSOME LIGHT TROT ting wagon, varnished, without paint; has been used but very little; has no top. Can be seen at 278 Madison It reel. New York. VIN.iRCUk ACCIt I Mm ? M?'MI TO LOAN ON DIAMONM ^'JUU.Ul'U . watcher, Jewelry, dry foods, soger*. Ac or b- un'it Ior cash; city stocks, notes, bonds, mortgages ard bills of exohanpe negotiated. Business confidential acd -rompt by THOMPSON A CO., brokers and eoinmissioa merchants, 103 Nassau street, oornsr Ana, room 2, seeokd floor. ffjon mm Tn L0AJ?. AT skven per cent, on ?JpOv/.UUU bend and mortgage, on good improved or un - iiurroved real estate, in this city or Urotklyn, in sums to suit applicants. Alto $86,500 to invest in the purchase of mortgages. Apply to J. K. COOK, Jun., No. 4 New street, near Wall C IO HOT) ?GOOD FIRST OR SECOND MORT ?jp*lV/?UUU? gages, having one of two y?ars to run, on New York city improved property only, will bo purchased or d.teointed, by R>>SWELL 0. (*I?KOE. Pine street, oor ner of Broadway, under the Metropolitan Bank. Ann TO LOAN ON BOND AND MORTGAGE ?PZu.UUv on improved city property. Alto, sums of Vi.UWJ, $3,IW, $2,000, to suit applicants. Apply to 8. S. RIK.EK 150 m assail street. $1(1 fifin WANTED FOR THREE OR MORE YEARS, ijlJUtUDU on a first mortgage, on improved r.-al c?tato *i rili double the amount. Apply to WaKEMAN A LAT T1NG, 69 Fulton street. q>Z fMlfl T0 LOAN-ON BOND AND MORTGAGE, iJJU.UUU for three years, on first slass improved city property only. Apply to K. M. WEED, 171 Front street. TO LOAN ON BOND AND MORTGAGE ON real estate In this city. Half brokers go only required. Address H. B. R., llerald offioe. $5,000 <t>o rnn $4,?o, and anyisum from $10,000 to ?PO.UUU. $15 (jU), to loan on property in this city. Al so, M.uMHn one sum on Brooklyn property. The property to be in fee, and worth donblu the amount of loan. Apply to DAVIS a TOTTEN. 196 Broadway, rooa Nc. 7. nnn WANTED-ON FIRST CLASS PROPERTY, fU. UUl/ In the mest valuable part of the city of Brooklyn, at six per eent, semi annually, on the condition that the interest will invariably be paid on or before the day it it due. otherwise seven per cent. The title and seaurity unquestionable. No brok< rage allowed. Address Punctu ality, llerald office. , BROKEN BANK MONEY BOUOHT? rH? HIGHEST price la gold, raid for all kinds |?f broken bank bills. All unenmnt funds bought at the lowest rites.* Drafts for sale on England, Ireland and Scotland. Kn'okerhooker Savings Bank boons bought by JAMES M. TAYLOR, 16V Chatham street e raer James. CIAS II ADYANCfcD IN ANY AMOUNT, OR i?UR. / sbased at sight; Diamonds, Watohes, Rich Jewelry, and valuable personal property ^ ^ ^ Second floor, froat room ; 9 A. M. to 5 P. M. CASH ADVANCED ON THE MOST LIBERAL TE RMS on watebes, plate, diamonds, dry goods, fu-nitnre, pia nofortes, or any other property, at the old established and confidential c ? ' any other property, at the old established and I tfllee, 304 Broadway, oorner Duane street, so eond floor room So. 9. The strictest oonHdet.ce may be re lied upon. Ladies waited upon at their residences. Gold to ant amount liberally advanced tor kongbt at sight) on stosks, bonds, diamonds, jewei ry, merchandise and property of all descriptions. Mer chant*. manufacturers and tbo public generally, caa always be accommodated at the old and responsible Facile Agency and Loan Office. 114 Graad street, ov.r the Pacific Bank. OMET LIB1RALLY ADVANCED. ~ By PECARES, BERNSTEIN ? PHILLIPS, Auette*. sort, No. 61 Liberty street, one door from Nassaa, on tWekS vessels, real estate, fnraituro. pictures, merchandise, Ao.. left with ns for sale. ' T? capitalists.? tbe pox and Wisconsin 1 Improvement Compaay offer to capitalists for Invest ment th* Nat eining half af their 8 pet eent bo a da, S250.000J M??l? February I 1873, interest semi annually, ai the Bank of North A merle*, elty of Now York. These heads are eeovred by a first mortgage upon laads worth, at a Iff valuation, more thaa doable the amount, also upon the lss ?roveavent itsalf, together with its proceeds, water powsa, A*. Isqulff st tht oMoe #f tkf Compaay, If Wall stftft, YjtoiTlrri^^ steam r ship BALTIC. Jm. J. C?wt?iL ecamaad*T. Thia steamship will depart* itk the United SUM* Mil* for Iuin pesMvely m April 18, at 12 e'eloek M. IHiui berth, it tbe foot of Cuil itiwi For or ruii(?, ha*iag iiMiillri mmbm4(U?u lax ili|UN ?ad contort, ?W>I|I)WABD R.COLLINS, M Wall atraai. Phhbiki in rcqusated ta be an board at Ilk e'eloek A. M. Tbe neiaiUp PmIIo *111 nteeri tka BilUa, iU s*U May i. Shipper* please take aotiee that the akipa ef thia line cannot carry uj goad* coatrabaad ef war. T~M BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICA* ROYAL MAIL STEAMSHIPS. rnoM mi to uriiiaek Chief cabin paaaage I1!J Beeond cabin paaaa?e 75 _ , rnoM noaroa to UTllNtk Chief eabin passage..... lit Saeond eabin paesage M . from Boaton eaU at Halifax. ARABIA. CaH. Jadkina. AMERICA, Cap*. La* PERSIA, Cart. Ryrie, EUROPA, Capt. Shannea, ASIA, Capt. *. Q. Lott, CANADA, Cant. SUna, AFRICA, Capt. Harrison, NIAGARA, Capt. Lcttck. Theea vessels oarry a elaar white light at a*lt head. ~ en eta hoard bow, red en port how. ASIA, Lott, leave Boaton. Wednesday, April M. AMERICA, Lang. Boaton, Wodahiaj, Apart V AFRICA, Harrison, " Borton, W ?dneaday, May f ASIA, Lott, " Boaton. Wednesday, May 29 Bertha not aecnred until paid for. An experienced surgeon on board. The owner* of these ahlpa will net ha aaeeantahle far cold, silver, bullion. apacia, Jewelry, preeiona atonaa or mAala, anleaa bill* ef lading are signed tJureler, and the vain* thereof therein expressed. For freight or paaaage apply te E. CUNARD, 4 Bawling Oreea. Then will ha no ateamehipe af thia line from New Tart until farther natiee. The vanderbilt european line or steam ahipa.? The fitat olaaa ateamahip NORTH STAR, 2,300 ton*. ? amaak, Master, will leave New York from pier No. SO, North river, foot of Chamber* atreet, at aeon, preciaely, April 21, for Havre, direot. Frat claoa paaaage fill Second '? <K> Tbe North Star will be followed by the new steamship Ariel, in May. The owner of these veiiel* will not be ac countable for gold, (liver, bullion, apaele, jewelry, preeiona stoaea, or metal*, anleaa Hill* of lading are signed therefor, and tbe valne thereof tberein expressed. Speeie and good* taken at uaual rates. No freight reoeived after noon of the day betore sAiling.| No berth secured until paid for. Letters ptepail, l*Ke. per ox., will be received at the office up to 11 A, M. ot tha day of sailing, and will be carried in strong India rubber *-ags tinder lock, and. on arrival at Havre, will be immediately depoaited la the Poat Offloe there, l'atcels takes, each prepaid, one dollar and up wards. FIXED DATES Or SAILING. FROM NEW YOKE r ROM KATkl. North Star April 21. North Star May 19. Ariel May 19. Ariel June 0. North Star June 0. North Star June Si. Ariel June 30. Ailel July 21. North Star Julv 21. North Star August II. Ariel Augutll. Ariel September 1. North Star September 1. North Star. ...September*;. Ariel September 22. Ariel October 13. North Star October 13. North star November 3. Ariel November 3. Ariel November 24. These steamships are ola?scd A 1 at tbe insurance offloea, and ipeoie and goods * ill be insured in them at as low ratea of premium aa in any other steamships that croaa the ocean. For freight or passage, apply to D. TOKKaM'E, 2G South William street. New York. SUMNER, MONTANT A DRAPER, 26 Rne N. D. de* Vic toires, Paris. ALBERT N. CHRYSTIE, 27 Quai Casimir Delavigne, Havre. N. B.? On and after May 1, D. Torrance's office will be No. 5 Bowling Green. iTIHE LIVERPOOL AN O PHILADELPHIA STEAMSHIP A Company intend sailing their favorite steamahipe ? CITT OF MANCHESTER 2,126 tone, Capt. Wylia. CITY OF BALTIMORE, (new, )2,S38 tons, Capt. . CITY OF WASHINGTON, do. 2,700 ton*, Capt. X. LtdMh. Saloon WO, MB, and tAS, aeoordlng to etate room. A limited anmber of third olaas passengers will bo takea from Philadelphia and Liverpool, and found ia pre visions. From Philadelphia *30 | From, Liverpool Mri r- - their friends oan at Parties wishing to bring out their frieuda can obtain eerV teatee of paaaage and dratte on Liverpool, ia snma af *1 sterling and upwards. Apply to SAMUEL SMITH, Agcak. 17 Walant street. Philadelphia, and No. 7. Bwadway T*et? York. FOR SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN.? THE UNITES States mail steamer W ASHINGTON, E. Cavendy. com mander, will sail for Bremen, touching at Southampton ta land the mailt and passengers for England and France, eat Saturday, April 21, at 12 o'oloak M., from pier 37 North Rivet Price el pa# sage In the flret cabin, main aaloon 9L% In tbe first cabin, lower aaloon 11.: In second eabin (1 An experienced anrgeon is attaehed to eaoh steamer. Alii letter* mnat pass throng b the Post Office. Specie deliverer in Havre and London. For paaaage or freight, apply to C. H. SAND, Agent, II South William "tract. The steamer Hermann will roeoeed tha Washington, aa<< aail May 1>. FOR SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE.? THE U. S. mail steamship ST. LOUIS, J. A. Wotton, commander, will leave for Havre, touching at Southampton to land tho mails and paaaenger*, on Saturday, May Mh, at 12 e'eloek. from pier Mo. 37 North river, foot of Beaoh atreet. Price of passage, first cabin, $130; second cabin, $76. Luggage act wanted during tbe vo^a^e, shotdd be sent onboard the day before sailing, marked "below." No freight will be taken ' "?*? fway. after Thuraday. May 3d. For freight or passage apply to MORTIMER LIVINGSTON, Agent, 68 Broadwi Reduction of fares to spit th* timis.-new York and California steamship line, via Nicaragua. Accessory Transit Company, oi Nicaragua, Proprietors? Through in advance oi the mail? 700 mile* (barter than any other route, avoiding the deadly Panama fever aad two mile* of dangerous boating in Panama Bay. The splendid double engine iteamihip NORTHERN LIGHT, 2.00j to as harden. Captain Tinklepau&b, will leave from Pier No. 3 North river, at three o'clock P H., precisely, for Pont* Arenas, ?n Friday. April 27, 1K86, connecting with the steamship SIERRA NEVADA, 2.000 tons harden over the Nicaragua Transit ronte, having bnt twelve miles of land transporta tion by first class carriages. Several new and *wifi iron steamboats have lately been pnt on the river and lake, which shorten the time on the transit from ocean to ocean. These steamers are unsurpsstedin their ventilation and ae commodations. For information or passage, at the rednoed rates, apply only to i tlA&LES MORGAN, Agent, No. 9 Bowling Green. Letter bags made up sit the offie?. No un stamped letter* reoeivnd. Commencing on the 20th of May, the days of leaving New Tork will be o hanged to the 5th ana 20th of each month. U CITED STATES MAIL LINE FOR CALIFORNIA, via Asplnwal! and Panama ? Californians are informed that the Panama railroad is completed, aad the transit of the Isthmns will be made by railroad from ocean to ocean. No more male travel ! No river boating.? On Friday, April 20, at two o'eleek P.M., from pier at foot of Warren street, North river, will be despatched the fleet steamship ILLINOIS, Captain . t> oonneot at Panama with tho now and superior steamship John L. Stephens. A spar* boat always kept at Panama to prevent detention, in ease ol accident. No freight received alter 1 o'clock on the sailing day. For passage apply at the oompaay's office. No. 17? West street. j7w. RAYMOND. Dispatch line for ?an francisco-guaram teed to sail on or bef.-re the day advertised.? The mac aitleent A 1 first class dipper ship ROBIN HOOD. Bearse, master, it now receiving oargo at pier No. 7, Boot river, and will positively tail for Ban Franoisco on or before Tuesday, 24th Inst. Shiopers will please send their freight promptly on board, aad complete their engagements by Tuesday next, 17th inst., at whien time the ship is expeetod to finish load ing BUTTON A CO., 84 Wall street. Australia pioneer link, carrying the United States mails.? The celebrated clipper ship WCEAN STEED, Ihos. Cunningham, master, is now at her berth, pier 8 East river, loading for Melbourne. This ship i? going oat on her sscond voyage in this line, having made her last passage in eighty nine days. Has excellent accommo dations for first and second olass passengers. Early applica tion for freigl t or passage necessary, as she will posi tive'y sail 25th ef April. The Ocean Steed will bo suc ceeded by the magnificent clipper ship Nightingale, 1st June, alto on her seccnd voyage, having made her laet in tho un precedented time of seventy. s<x dsys. For freight or passaze apply on board, or to R W. CAMERON, No. 6 Bowling Green, and 116 Wall street. UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY FOR Havana and Now Orleans.? On Tussday, April 17. at J P.M., from pier foot of Wtrrea street, North river, by th* now and elegant steamihip GRANADA, Capt. S.P. Griffin. Pas sage eon be secured at the company's office. Freight to New Orleans, JO cents per enbio foot. Shippers will be supplied with blank bills of lading of the form signed by thefoompaay, on application at their offic No other forms signed, and no bills of lading will be sigued after the hour of sailing- For freight or passage, apply at the office of the compatw.No. 177 West street, corner ot Warren. M. O. ROBERTS. New York and new Orleans steamship com pany.? For New Orleans, stopping at Hevanna, car rying the United Stutes mail. The steamship CAHAWBA, K. W. Shntridt, comuiauder, will commenoe receiving freight on Saturday. April 21,and sail for the ab*re port* on Wednesday, April 3>, at 12 o'oloek, fi?m pier at foot of Beach street. North river. Freight for the interior and for Mobile, consigned to oar agents in New Orleans, "Jamea Connoly A Co.," will be forwarded free of commissions. Parsen^ers for Havana matt procure passports before leav ing port. Bills of lading must be sent in for signing tho cvsnlng pre* ion. to the ship sailing. For freicht or passage arrly io LIVINGSTON, CROCHERON A CO., AgentOl Broadway. N. B.- The Blaok Warrior, J. D. Bullock, com mander, wiU succeed the Cahawba and tail Wednesday, Bay 9th. _ FOR SAVANNAH? FAKE REDUCED.? THE UNITED States mat: steamship KEYSTONE STATE. Captain K. Hardie, will leave Philadelphia for Savannah on Wednesday, April 18th, at 10 o'clock A. M Fare 920; steerage, $H. Tho Keystone State will leave as above Wednesday, May 2d, Agent* in New York, SCRAN TON A TAL.LMAN, 19 014 slip, where it ate room* may be (soured. FOR SAVANNAH AND FLORIDA-UNITED STATES Mail Line.? The new and elegant ttcamahip FLORIDA. M S. Woodhull, will leave New York for Savannah on Wednesday, April 18, from pier No 4, North river, at four o'clock P. M Bills of lading stgned on board For freight apply on board, or for passage, to SAMUBL L. MITCHILL, 13 Broadway. > or Florida, throng i ticket* from Now York to Jaekeoaville, Ml; to Pllatka, 9SS. The Augusta Capt. Tbos. Lyon, will succeed, aad leave on Saturday, April 21. FOR. CHARLESTON AND FLORIDA? SBMI-WUKLY U. S. Mail Liae. ? The new aad fast going itoamer, MARION, W. Foster^ Commander, will leave pier No. ? dsy, April 21st WUl >???!?? oa Satur F?TheNUn^I^ J[1^K8BtrR0 AMD RICHMOND. - iTklneee V ??,*'! "??m"hlp ROANOdCB, Thomao w 'dSJTluS I^Si iJ' W4Ui No. II North river, oa folk SK 'J? 1 ' * 0 f,oek p- M> arrive at ifrer tbJ afternoon, and at Petersburg aad Rionmoad P*rnl.?? ?>om Norfolk paseeager* forth* wrij.f*??ib'i with through tickets from ?? k t? i? ? A",B' LharW?ton, Ac. Passage aad far* J if ^2 ' v*?r,bnr* and Rlohmond, $10; steerage i lirilFl 2* ?. n ?S*A '"ket* to Lynchburg, 914. Apply to f 1 JAHA.NT8, No. 85 Broadway. N. K-No freight taken to Richmond. CAM FORNIA TICK RT FOR SALE.? FOR SALE, A throngh ticket In the steamer Illinois, that is to sail ea the 20th of April, in the second cabin, by way of Panama. The cause of sale is a suidwn fit ot sickneos. It wil be soli much bel'w oost. For information apply at 82 West Twcn tieth ttrfet. ?PORTING, AC. Birds.? ioo pair the best long breed bbl glum canaries, all mated A lot of brooding and fancy cage*. The beet mocking bird ia tho city will bo sold at eost, to close the bn*iae**, oa the 36th of April.? 327 Bowery, near Second street. POR SALE? A MAGNIFICENT NEWFOUNDLAND dog: price 980. Apply t? JOHN MURRAY, private stable, 11 Vestry (treet, bctwoca 9 aad 11 or 4 and ? o'oloek TO SPORTSMEN.? FOR SALE, NINE FUlCbRBD, tetter peppte*, of euperior breeding aad boautifnlly' marked. They are well worthy th* attention of sportsmen w others frnd*fw*lI.brod fancy dog*. May b* ***n at .11 RhippenviTle .treet tfoboken.N. J., a thoft distance fro? Riding Sobool.

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