Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 18, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 18, 1855 Page 3
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mmrumn unm htki nt. FOB IAUE. fei'-t nnn -r?* 8Aut- at a great sacrifice, PiftvWi that four story brawn (tons house and lot. It Wht lhlrty fourth street, near Alghth avense, the ~n*e i?_*yrou ty test deep and contain* every coavenienoe, ? on mortgage. Also for S8.W0, that neat three ^Btory bfiok house and Tot, fcU Weet Twenty-seventh street. ^And $6>I0 on mortgage. Alsc for Sft.atJO, that house and lot, Orchard strwi lot 20S12 by Wf Rents for$075. Apply 8. 8. BROAD, 15 Wall ?treot. Ann ?FOR SALE. ON* OR TWO LARGE VwV. donble tenement building* in the Wvanth srd: aavh boa*e 25"b* 51 feet deep; fit) per sent or puroha*e loney can remain on bond and mortgage for two or thro* ear*. For farther particular* inquire of WILLlAX 'HOMAS, Architect, 87 Chamber* etreot. E. ft/Ul ?FOB SALS OR TO LIT? ON* OF THOSE D.Ul/U. three story handsome brown (ton* front iglish basement bouses on the nonh side of Fifty-second -eet, between Eighth av.nue and Broadway. It i* fitted ia the best Banner, with C'rotoa water, ga*, marble man j, ornamented cornie r, dumb waiter, waah ba(iB(, wash i range, Ao., oompleie. Terms easy. Inquire oa the emiae*. o' J. V. UNDERDONE. i^flnn_r0? SAlB- a N1AT THREI stort 9U.OW. brown stoiw front born*, on the north (id) I Tweaty -seventh street between bighth and Ninth are luee, No. 1*1. It ia fitted up with ail the modern improve seats. Iaquire oa the premises. J. V. ONDKRDONE.. ^flft -FOR SALE. A GOOD STAGE ROUTE, HPo .oUv. aMj>x|jiye?, horses, harness, Ao., ia gooa ^^rder, and in sucoesMVl operation. Will be sold at a bar kia; ao excellent opportunity for an enterprising man. Ap y to D. HOWELL., 151 Nassau street, up stain. ?b/1 onn ? A great chance.? for SALE, OS ?Pxi?UU, easy terms, three I ax ins near railroad depots, id within twenty -five miles of New York: ? one of ninety ires, largo house, barn and 5, (WO peach troos, for $4,200; ia or fifteen acres, n*w he use, for >1,100; on* of sixteen >re*, now house barn, 75 peach trees. A?., for $1,900. Also, 0 othlr fa run In every Motion of the ooontry, lor *al* by . SERGEANT, IB WaH .treat, _ M ftnn ? F0R balb, an ELEGANTLT FUR JTiVvU. niahed American, German and Froneh roa st, win*, lager bier, billiard and olub room; lea** foar ol premises. together with the rurniture of th* most estly kind, and the looatlon uo surpassed in the city, 'art of the purchase msnay may remain, properly secured. Lpply to C. B. HOWES A CO., 8? Nassau (treat. t9 ftfMl ?leather findings and shoe wiVvvi atore for sale? the stock, fixtures, good-will ?d lease of an old established finding and (hoe (tore. Ap ily at 182 Grand (treet. _ CHEAP PROPERTY FOR CASH.? FARM OT JUUKf ? seven aere*. atocbed with fruit, good house and sra, near the city, oa North river; $Z70 can remain. Also, thre? (tery house in Brooklyn, renting for $270; pricu 11,550, of whlsh $1,300 can remain. Also, a four story brisk pome in Thirty -fifth street, for $4,250. Inquire of O. Y. OA*' TON, lta Fulton street. Bad way A Co.'* ottcs. CASH WILL PURCHASE ANY OF THE FOL _ _ ' lowing property, 44, 47 and 49 South Seventh reet, Williamsburg, the rest in quarterly or halt yearly in ^Btalments, one block trom Peek slip or Grand * treet ferries, it bu(ines( stsud in the Fourteenth ward of Brooklyn. ) property i* let or leased to good tenant*, from Hay Bat. Al(o, a young iron gray horse 15^ hani* high, on* irriage, doable let of placed harness, one gent'* and one de *addl*. To (nit the eonvenienoe of (ome, furniture ould be taken in exchange. Inquire of JOHN C. WEST, lo. 4 Liberty place. New York, or No. 2 Lafayette place, Villianuburg. ?UOAA-WH.L BUY A HOUSE AND BARN, WITH ?POUts ess acre of ground, a good garden spot, with ihoice fruit trees, in a village 12 miles from Cat-tkiU, Green untyS. Y. Apply to J. A. BDRNES1DE, 112 Fulton (t. OCA WILL BUY A WELL BRED YOUNG HARE, 'ajUVFU handa high, perfectly sound and kind in all har es, suitable for road or family us*. Apply at Clnb stable, jwaiag, tear Bleeeker (treet, or stalt No. 8 Washington arhet. West *treet ride. MAKE WEN A SALTERS. ? A BABE CHANCE.? A HOUSE AND STORB, OF ?A. twelve year*' itaading in th* hsaiery and faaoy busi Hrtss, with a leaee of Are years te tun from 1st of Hay next, ?lent $700 yearly, with a stock of about $5,000. Also, th* urnltura of the house for sale. Term* moderate. For par culars inquire at 386 Bowery, near Fourth avenue. RABI CHANCE FOR AN ENERGETIC HAN, WITH a moderate capital? a dry goods store, with a millinery had *how room attached, doing a good business: custom live years eetabllahed, and two yeara of an unexpired leaee; > interest, stock and fixtures, will be (old moderately for ih; good reaeoas for aelling will be given on application. J^pply at lflO Fulton arenue, Brooklyn. BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOB SALE, on the1 Hudson river, In the immediate vicinity of the Epot, about 22 miles from New Vork; house has ten rooms, d fine garden attaohed, beautifully located, and command it magnificent view. Prise $4,000. Apply at YAN BW'S land o?ce, 1,110 Broadway. PROFITABLE INVESTMENT FOR ANY PERSON oi persons desirous of commencing the light publication business? Four set* of stereotype plate*, in good order, enti tled Bariaa Moore, the shipwrecked female sailor;. James T. O'Coanell. the Paoifio adventurer; Confession of George ilamllton, the murderer of Vary Bean; The Faotory Girl, tmeliae Parker, the female murderus*. These works oom nand immense sales? 30,000 copies each o'an be sold. The forks are beautifully illustrated with engravings, designed ' the first artists, and sold by travelling agents In all parts the Union, with circular*. The whole For $130 eash, (J. feroa*, publisher.) Inquire ol W. H. McDONALD, 102 Nassau street. DINING SALOON FOR SALE. SITUATED AT ?XI. one of the bait busineu railroad depots and s irround ?ed with ei tensive manufacturing estiblishment*, where hounande ot persons are employed, and this is their head Barter* for eating and refreshment. $300 to $700 will pur hate it. Apply to C. B HOWES A CO., SI Nassau St., or 62 White. BDUILDINGS FOR SAI.E.? THE BUILDINGS ON PRE D mises 105 Mulberry street, are offered tor sale, if applied or within three days, with the lease (or the ensuing year, rhey will b? sold Tory low and are well suited for a earpen ir's shop, feed store, or llTerj stables. Possession given mediately. Apply at 96 Murray street. ?pONPECTIONAEY, BAKERY AND ICE CREAM SA loon for sale, ia an excellent situation, and now doing a lying business ; stool, fixtures and saloon furniture, allia od order. For further particulars apply at 340 8th avenue. fpkRUG STORE FOR SALE, AT A SACRIFICE? VERY [J prominently situated, in a good neighborhood, on one of he avenues, west of Broadway, doing a good business ? an xeelleat stand for either a physician or a diuggist. Apply o B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. RUG STORE FOR SALE IN CHICAGO? THE SUB scriber offers a very eligible retail drag store for sale, a good location, under one of the principal hotels in thj City, having already been in operation nearly four years. HENRY RITCHIE. IP> ID RUG STORE FOR SALE, NEATLY FITTED UP and doing a good business, loeated, in the upper part of (be city; rent low, and having a lease ot six years, a good chance for any one desirous or entering the drag basinets. |Addre*t M. JULIEN, this office. No agents need apply. RUG STORE.? THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A _ drug store for sale, nearly new, for $2.V), one third of ts value. Inquire in the drug store, oorner of Ninth avenue tad Thirty -filth street. Drug store for sale? situated in a pleasant and growing part of the city, and doing a moderate business, but capable of being greatly increased. Apply at 1,1(10 Broadway, near Thirty second street, TtRUG STORE FOR SALE.? A SMALL DRUG STORE, JJ neatly fitted up, with a fair practice attached, in a fa -vorable looation, in Brooklyn, will be told cheap for cash; ill liealth of the proprietor is the reason for selling out. Apply to F. MORRIS. b7 Gold street. Brooklyn. * TvRUG STORE FOR SALE? IN ONE Op THE BEST XJ avenues in the oity, now doing a builness of $4 to $7 per day; will be sold oheap for cash, or a partner will be taken, as the proprietor is obliged to le-ve the c ity for a fow months. Apply to DUNSCOMB A M'MILLEN, 113 West street, corner of Liberty, up stairs. UNSCOMB A M'MILLEN, 103 WEST, CORNER LIB erty street, has for sale or exchange several valuable farms in this and adjoining States; also valuable oity proper t'j, firs i and second class bouses; two story high basement louse, Paoifie street, Brooklyn, mastic front; mastic honse ?n Dean street, Brooklyn, with two lots of ground; lots in Harlem; also six lots, Windsor terrace, Flatbush, with home, Ac. BAGUERREAN ROOM8 FOR SALE IMMEDIATELY? looatod on the main lesding thoroughfare in the oity, be tween Chambers and Prince streets; now doing a business wTrom '$60 to $90 per day, with dwelling attached, for genteel ?Vesidenoe. Apply to C- G. THOMPSON, 81 Nassau street, room 7. lAASl'ERREAN GALlERY FOR SALE IN WILLIAMS J J burg. ?The above gallery has been fitted up at a cost of $1,000, with a good skylight, show oases, speoimen pictures, instruments, and everything necessary for oarrving on said Irasinsss, with sufficient room for ft dwelling; a fair business doing, and may beUncreased by a little extra exertion. The -whole will l>e sola very cheap if applied for Immediately. Terms and all information obtained Shy applying to M. M. XAWRENCE, 361 Broadway, or J. ATKINS, 363 Fulton ?treat, Brooklyn. WELLING HOUSE FOR SALE OR TO LET.? A three etory and basement erick house, containing bath, with hot and eold water, gas, range, Ae., located in one of the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn, will be sold at a great bargain, or let for one or more years to a responsible tenant Ihquire at 404 Paclflo street, or of J. L. SMITH, 13 Spruoe fe> I, OR SALE? THE BAR AND FIXTURES, WITH three years' lease, of the well known Tempi* Saloon, Meroer street; will be Mid oheap for eash. Inquire on For sale-an oakum factory, nearly new. sltnaUd in Bristol, Rhode I. land. It 1* furnished ' with the latest and most improved machinery, capable of Srituflfiioieulaa^*1 Adiress JOHN NORRIS, For sale-one full lot, with buildings thereon, situated on the south tide of Thirty-fourth ?treat, hrtween the Seventh and Eifhth avenues; also twe _ lots oa the east side of Fifth avenae, between Eighty-third Mud Eighty fourth streets. Apply to J. HIGGINS, tS6 ^Thirty fourth street, between the Seventh and Eighth a va ns. OR HALE? A MEAT AND VEGETABLE MARKET, I+. asatly fitted up with marble stalls, and in an excellent ?neighborhood, with a good sat of customsrs. The rent all %afcen out the shop. A fine opportunity for any one who wishes to engage in the bnsinsts. Apply on the oorner of Henry aad Rutgers strsets lOR SAT E? A DINING SALOON ; IT IS FITTED UP JF la a verv neat aad handsome style, with everything eom plate; the present owner muit leave for the eountry on the fast of My, aad will sell cheap. Apply at 02 White street. OR SALE? A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY HOUSE. IN the village of Madison, N. J., situated near schools, I churches, and railroad depoM containing nine rooms aad eel lar, with barn, earrings house, stable, to* house, large and splendid garden, fruit trees, ten and a garter aores of ja F Pyrior ground, spring of wnter and two farga ponds. Prion fl.OW: talf may lay on mortgage. Apply to Y. DE LA llRACARlF, on the premisei. VOR SALE.? A NEW AND WELL FINISHED HOUSE, * in the village bf Jamaica. Qoeens oountr, opposite the ?MMmee?t the subscriber. Ths house Is 38 feat ftont aad .10 feet deep, aad contains nine rooms aad a basament kiteh ?an; the lot u SO feet by lUK. with mere laad If required. Por twai apply to JOHN A. KING. TTO* SALE? TO CAPITALISTS OR OTI * valuable brick house and store, oorner ?vswanad Thirty fourth street (wide strset), i ?? ?'???? freoery. fold on very reasonable ply oa the premise* to SAMUEL SPARKS, Ja ? SALE-TO CAPITALISTS OR OTHERS. THE valuable brick house and store, oorner of Seventh ? ... . ... .. >ow occupied i terms. Ap Jan. JOR SAL* -THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A F'r> store, possessing ene of the b?st stands ia ths . sd now in full operation. It is well worth the atten of bn,inM'' Arr'r to ANSJN WRIUnr, ?3 Gffttd nrest, contn of AUjraay fWIAUfc IJu* SAL*- AT CHATHAM FOUR CORNER* O O luinbim county, a good ftra o t forty four end a half aero*; variety *T etioto* trait 111 ji>4 h*UM with twelve room* AIM. a farm aad aamage kaa*e too limi Ao.; all in good otdtr; mat th* dapet of the Strlta railroad, and convenient to acbools aad ohurehea. Inquire of i SOTU ERLAN D. M Wall atreet. or X W Stevens oath? prciiwt Fob salb-a small iron copper plate printing press Caa bo Mti oorner Broadway and Walker street, to baMmsat. Prieo $30. POI SALE? A CHEST OP CARPENTER'S TOOLS. IN quire at J44 Sixth avenue, ia the milk depot. POK SALE-AT A SACRIFICE OP $1,000. A HAND sou* n*w aad well built bout* la Aatoria, containiag the modern improvements. It u built oa a lar it lot. having too hundred feet front on Academy itroet, and oat haadred feet on Jamaioa avenue. Tha bona* ia fitted up ia the b**t manner, with marble maotels, kitchaa range, Ac., and 1* ia ?very reaped a deairable location for a gantlesaaa's r**i dance, bate* within twelve minutes' walk ot th* Carry, (t will bo told ior $4,730, om applioatioa to Mr. ANDREW RADIR, 117 Paltoa street. fOR SALE? TO CLOSE A PARTNERSHIP, ONE HALF interest of a loug established Job printing offioa; hat beta la operation aineo 1838. To a praetieal priator, with a ?mall oapital. who oould oocupy th* place of the p*r*on who goes oat, a very favorable opportunity ii presented. Por torm* aad further particulars apply on th* premiaei, to P. MILLER A RON, northwest oorner of Trinity place and Thame* itroet. For sale-a suitable place for a tavern stand, grocery or dwelling houae at N*w Durham, ia N*w Jersey, thrte mile* aad a half from Hobokan. oa th* B a eke Mack plank road. Inquire of B. a. EARL, Now Durham Hotel FOR SALE? CREAT BAGAIN? THREE STORT HIGH haaemeut houae, three room* doep, under collar, oold and hot water hatha, gaa aid gat fix tan*. Mu*t be *old tlii* week. AIm houM and lot oa Eighth av*au?, near Fifteenth street. Apply to LINDSEY A HADSRLL, 73 Eighth avenue, cornor of Fourteenth atroot. FOR SALE. ? A RARE CHANCE FOR ? CASH cus tomer? A gentlemen'* furnishing itore la a great tho roughfare, elegantlj fitted up aad a well s*l*cted itoek; reason for selling, the owur ia oompelled to go to Europe on account of death ia the family. Alio, if desired, a com plete and elegant tot of furniture for parler, bodroim and kitoben, hasbeen ia u*o but a short tim*. AddroiaG. P.. Herald office. For sale? a carvxd walnut book case and writing deak; price $40; aUo a few artiel** of domestio I furniture, ipring mattresses, Ac. Apply early at 325 Twelfth street, between Pint aad Scoona avenues. For sale-one power and on r hand cutting and screwing machine, auited either for the iron pip* or aorew and bolt trade, with all the necessary fittings: also a topping machine ior toppiag couplings, together with a large lot of topi, die*, Ao. ; the whole will be aold very cheap. Inquire in the trooery itore, north-west corner of Forty first itreet and Ninth avenue. For sale-a neat two story and basement house, containing nine room*, lubstantially built, with piazza in front, window* opening to the floor, sliding doors, Ac., lituated on Thirteenth itreet, near Sixth avenue, South Brooklyn, three minutei from Third avenue railroad. Price $1,600. Terms easy. Inquire of Wm. A. Friti, on the premicei, orof G.H.Martin, 309 GrMnwich street, N. Y. For sale? a bright bay cabriage horse. 16% hinds high, long tail, eight years old; sound, kind and gontla in all haraeu, and free from vice, triok and fkult of every kind. Well adapted for a single horse carriage. Prioe $300. Apply at Mr. Gerard's stable, In Twenty-second street, between Fourth and Leslngtoa avenues. For sall? property in the fourth ward. known as Nos. 39U and 390J, Pearl street, and 1, 3 aad 3% Oak street, 22 feet on I'earl street, 87 on Oak, 57 feet deep, 108 feet to the place of beginning. Apply to SAMUEL R. B. NORTON, No. 3 Oak strMt. For sale? a saw mill, for box manufactur ing with machinery of 12 herse power, buildings, fix tures, horses, wagons, Ao. This large business is one of the moat respectable in the city. Clear profit $8,000 to $9.0U0 every year. Price $2/. 000; $15,000 cash, remainder in instal ments. Apply to A. W. STEINHAUS, 1'rinter, 207 2d st. For sale? cheap for cash, a small anu beautiful set of parlor furniture, rosewood, and of the best make; also, mantel mirror and some othar article* to match. For particulars address Furniture, Broadway Post office. For sale-a first class superior built frame he use, at West Mount Yernou, Westchester County, It." "4 miles from the City Hall, and 3 minutes ' walk from the ttarlem or New Haven Railroad Depot. The house is two sto;y, garret and cellar, wlta a kitchen off th* side. The lot is a 132 z 61 feet 6 inches; itarden laid out with box wood, rose busies and fruit trees. Prioe $2,800, Apply to WILLIAM GEE, 59 Fulton street, N. Y. FOR SALE? THIS DAY, THE OLD WELL ESTAR lished hardware aad house furnishing store, on one of the leading avenues in the city, now doiug a good business. Apply this day to C. G. THOMPSON, 81 Nassau strMt, room No. 7. For sale-housei and lot on eighty fifth street, block and a half west of Broadway, la view of the Hudson river; lot full size, house 21x30 feet, extansiou 10x14 feet: finished in modern style: price $1,100, $1,000 to remain. Apply to A. SPRnCE, 29 Wall street. For sale? in west thirty sixth street, be tween Fifth and Sixth avenues, a four story English baMment first class house, size 20 by 70, lot 100, with every convenience. Price $11,000. Apply to ROSWELL G. PIERCE, Pine street, corner of Broadway. For sai.e-at a bargain, in henry street, Brooklyn, a few doers from Atlantic street, ft three Btrr j brick house, sue 23 by SO, lot 100. Possesslor first of lit;. Terms favorable. Apply immediately to ROSWELL G. PIERCE, Pine street, corner ot llr?*dw?y. For sale? an elegant country seat, imme dlately adjoining the residence of Cornelius W. Law rence, in UanhattanTiUe, on the Hudson river, consisting of a xotbic house, and about twenty fire lots in exc<llent order. Elevation fine; within three miuutes of depot. Also, seve ral country seats at Yonkers and other looations. Apply to ROSWELi. G. PIERCE, Pine street, corner of Broadway. OR SALE- IN WEST THIRTIETH STREET, NEAR Fifth avenue, two elegant foar story high stoop base F . meat brown stone houses, each 23 by 70, with every improve meat, on tbe mast favorable terms. Also, an elegant house on Fifth avenue, with stable privilege .near Twenty ninth street; also one on Fifth avenne, near Twenty first street. Apply to ROSWELL G. PIERCE, Pine street, oorner of Broadwfty. EOR SALE? IN THE VILLAGE OF HILLSDALE, Co lumbia county, N. V., an eligible and pleasant situation for a professional man, or as ft snmmer residence for ft oity fentleman and family. Alio 73 to 80 acres, (mostly timber and,) in Harrington, Litchfield county, Conn; also in said town, a goeJ water privilege, with buildings, fixtures, and pftrt of the machinery for. a cotton mill. Inquire of A. A. Chapin, 18 Exchange place; orG. S. WEl.LS.J0O Nassanst. Bf OR SAI.E. VERY LOW, A JINE THREE STORY house and stoie in Pacific street, Brooklyn. Prioe S2.30C; $230 only in cash, or will be retted to a good tenant with the piivilege ot buying. Apply to FOSTER A LOPER, No. 4 Sands street, Brooklyn. For sale immediately? a first class house, with ftll the modern improvements, on tbe west side of Broftdwfty, on White street, near the oorner of Broadway; also a first class house in the Ninth ward, near Hndiea street. Apply immediately to C. G. THOMPSON", 81 Nassau street, room No. 7. For sale this day? two drug stores in Brooklyn, with lease, stock and fixtures, in a genteel neighborhood; also a first class bakerv, with a Urge honse attached that rents out for mora than to pay the rent of tbe whole. Applv immediately to C. 0 THOMPSON, 81 Nassau street, room No. 7 For sale in yorkville? price s3,soo-a neat two etory, attic ftnd basement house, with one or two lots, situated on Ninetieth street, between Third ftnd Fourth avennea. For particnlara apply on the premises. Stables ?re near, and ? good supply of water. For *ale in the city of Brooklyn. -will be sold at a saorifice, one of the two two-story, ftttic, basemeat and sub-celiar cottages, situated in Kent nvenue, near Willoughby street' the best location in the citv. The house is elaborately finished, very convenient, and built in the beat manner. It. quire on the premises. For bale in the city of horoken-"raumers Hotel," eorner of Hudson ftnd Third streets. The hotel eontftins 24 roams; ball-room, onr-ioom, billiard -room, 3 basements, kitchen; garden, and ten pin alley ftttaohedToo lng ene of the best locations in the eity, embracing a magniii oent view of the North river and city of New York. Alio 8 lots of ground for sale. Inqnire at Baamer's HeteL For sale cheap? for cash only, stock, good will ef a second band furniture store, with one year's lease from the first of May next. Rent cheap. Inqnire in the store 23* Seventh avenne, near Twenty -fifth street. For sale cheap? near morribtown new Jkrsey, a house containing nix rooms, with good cellar. Adjoining is ft smftll shop suitable for a tailor or shoemaker, together with 1 acre of good land, abounding in fruit, cherries, plums, pears, Ao., Ac. For ft small family wanting a pleasant and healthy plaee in the country (being entirely free from fever and ague) a more desirable spot cannot be fonnd. For particulars inqnire at No. 3 Crosby street, New York, ot 47 Middagh street, Brooklyn. Priee $550. OR SALE CHEAP? A TOBACCO CUTTING MA _ chine; can be used by hand or power. Inquire of B. P. FAIRCH1LD, corner ot Forty-second street and Ninth avenne. TjiER SALE, AT A SACRIFICE OF $3,000-A SPLEN r did farm, in Westchester county, containing about forty five acres of first rate land, within one mile of the New Haven railroad depot, and twenty -one miles from New York, There is on the ram a neat cottage, with first class out buildings, two orchards of grafted fruit, and a never-failing stream of water. Said farm must be told, with all the stock and implements tor farming, and is offered for $3,000. to close a partnership. For particulars, please apply to Mr. AN DREW EADIE, 117 Fnltoa street, up stairs. F OR SALE OR EXCHANGE? GOOD PROPERTY FOR investment? Three lote on Eighty-sixth street, running F through to Eighty sevsa "tract, 36x202 feet, between Flrel avenne and avenne A; alsA .^,'Mth street northerly side, ... it -'w *a! *. gg ? For sale or exchange-two three story brick dwellings, nearly new, in Williamsburg, 432 Grand street, on the northerly side, fifty feet from Even; lot 26x100 feet, front bouse, with store 28x40 feet; rear honse twelve rooms; good property for in vMtineat. . Apply to B. W. RICHARDS, 907 Broadway. For sale oe exchange? four three stoey high stoop and sub cellar htiek houses, en the north side ofForty eighth street, between Breadway aa4 Sixth avenne; they are finished with all the modern improve ments. Also, at Fort Hamilton, a honse and eight lote, with water scenery; the bouse is nrlck, two stories, with pi atia and a quantity ot fruit and ornamental trees, shrub bery, Ac., A?. Apply to Mr. LIVINGSTON, 196 Broadway, up stairs. r>E SALE, OE WILL EXCHANGE FOR CITY PRO pert*? A desirable oonntry seat at Roslyn, L. I. ; con sisting of a new two story house, furnished, a good barn and carriage bonao, with four acres of land, a tine orchard, vege table garden and ornamental flower garden, filled with the choicest shrubbery and extensive grape Tiaee. all ia perfect order. I Tbe location is very desirable, and the vicinity un surpassed for pleasant drives, fine fishing, Ac., aad easy of accees to the city by four different conveyances. For far ther particulars, apply to WALLER A SEBLT, 440 Eighth avenue. FOR BALE OR TO LET-SEVERAL LARGE STORRS aad oflces, In the new Concert Hall Baildiag la St am. ford. Conn., well finished, aad ealcalated for a milliner harness muker, tailor, or any othsr bustuese. Also, a cot' tace. aear the same. Apply to SANDS 4EELY, Stamford Conn . or THEODORI Mot LTOX, 2 ? Chewy street. N. V' IjiOR SALE OR TO LET? A TWO STORY HOUSE! 1 containing twelve rooms, situated ia New Durham, N. J , 3>, railee from Hobiken nn the Haekeneaek plank road. Will be sold cheap It applied for Immediately Inqnire of PKMAREST A JORALEMON. 1M Racial ctctct, N, t? cr ?f Eft^fTt Pjtt , ?? th5 primuw. PM UU. ? ~Vr> lMT?kt fe^Sssr^^ bO?T****-rt? rx? ? - FOB SALE OB TO LIT? AT FAIRMOUNT, UPPER I Morriaani*. five minute*' walk from railroad depot, ui ' fifty rainuteafrom Wall street. * htDdtomi two story and ! baiom*nt frarna cot tags, entirely n*w, hard finished through- ' out, handsomely cornioed, eliding door*, marble minleU, | Froaoh window*. wide piasia ; the whole built in the beet < manner with eight city lot* enoloaed with fences; an excel , lent welt on the premiMi. Will be (old low er rented. Ap- 1 ply to E. C. CHaRLBS, 138 l'eari *tr?et, or J. B. FBA3ER, , depot T pper Momma*. PCB 8ALB OR TO LET, ON THE MOST REASON able term*, four firit clan brown itone houae* atiuated oh the aeutb 'ids of Thirty eighth itreot, between foarth Hd Lexington avenue*. Apply to E. K.ILPA rBICK, on the premise*. Fob sale, ob to let, furnished ob unfur aithed, a vary mperior fl?e iter y brown itone front house, near Fifth avenue; eitn*ti< n unsurpassed. A 1*0 for Ml* on Fifth avouu*, n superior Ave at or; brown atone house, fall lot, cheap? $19, fiOO. Inquire nt No. 0 Ea*t Thirty am stroet. FOR SALE OR TO LEASE-THREE ACRES OF LAND, with seven large building*. *uitnhle for a glad <aotory or any other extensive manufacturing bn*in*<*. within half ?n huur'a rid* from the city by New Haven Railroad and ty steamboat. Apply to PEC'ARE, BURN STI? E A PHILLIPS, 81 Lib*rty *t. Fixtures for sale.-a handsome counter twelve feet long, fuitable for any kind of fanev fitted up ?tor*; alio an oyiter atand, *ign*, table*, picture*, looking gin**, Ac., will be *old very ohetp, worth the nttontion or any one fitting up a store or *aloou; must bo aold by the Stith ln*t. Apply in th* bn*om*nt of 286 Eighth av*nne. Great babgain.? for sale? the lease and furniture of a hotel and dining taleon. ia Fulton itraot, near Broadway. Inquire of W. W. BREWSTER, 88 Front *t root. Good will and furniture of a boarding bonce for *ala, well oitabliahed ; teaae to ran from th* first of May, aooommodatlon ior eighteen boarders; t waive ia at preisnt. Croton water in and bath, at a low rent, firtt bona* from Forty-seeond atroot, between Fortyaecoad and Forty -third, weat aide of Tenth avenue. Grocery and liquor store for sai.e? a good ?tand, doing a good buaine**, will be *old at a bargain corner of Twenty firat *tro*t aad avenue A. Inquire at D. JANES' Brewery, 311 Ea*t Sixth (treat. Gebman drug store-established OVER 20 year*, and doing $20 per day. for *al*: or a partner wanted. A thorough German drug* tit, with $l,00u. can make a fortune. Inquirtof A. H. QOUQH, 49 Wall street, bail ment. House fob sale, on oxford street, bbook lyn, between Lafayette and- De Kalb avenue*, uoar Fulton? A first olas* tLreo story briok hou*e, with high basement and counttr cellar, containing all the modern im provement* : shield front*, 12 inoh wall*, five marble man tel*, double oornice and centra*; lot 21 6 by 100; yard flagged; bon** two year* old, newly painted, and in the molt com plete repair in every reipoct Poueation on th* 20th insUnt. The owner having Amoved Wait, thi* property will b* told a bargain, and on the moit favorable termi, iay 10 par cant down. 10 per cent each in two and four months; th* balanco can remain for a term of year*. Address Owner, box 582 New York Poet Office. Hardware and tool store for sale on Broadway ?The *tock of on* of the olde*t tool (tore* in the city, together with the leaae of *toro and dwelling bouse. Th* buiineis hai been *uooe**fully oarritd on for the la*t thirty year*. The connection i* very exten*iv*,and the bunnei* profitable. For further particular* inquire at 230 Pearl *tr*et. Hotel furniture and lease for sale.? the prcient proprietor having engaged in other bn*lne*a, w ill dispose or the furniture and lease of a hotel, containing ample accommodation* for forty boardir*, and lituated on the Hud*on river, one hour'* ride from the city of New York, at a great lacrifioe, If he o*n do *o before the 28th inat. For particular* inquire of J. D. FONDA, 27 Na**an ?tr*et. Lease fob sale? of the store aos sixth ave nue. For particular* apply a* above. VTOTICE TO COMPANIES? FOB SALE CHEAP.? ONE dozen black bear oap*, suitable for officer*. Apply at 49 John (treat, up stair*. SODA WATBR ESTABLISHMENT FOR SALE AT A fair valuation, having been many yeari oitabliihsd, with everything necessary for manufacturing and carrying on the busin((( extensively, wagons, horse*. So., and uow in suc cessful operation, doing a buaine** of about $30, 000 yearly . Apply to B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. SEGAB AND FBUIT STOBE FOB SALE? 538 BROAD way' having a flrat rate run of buiine**. Stook and fix tures may be had at a bargain. TO CABBIAGE MAKERS - FOR SALE? TIIE TOOLS, fixture*, Ac., of a blaokimith. paint and wood (hop, with ? two year*' lease for ihop from the first of May next. In quire of W. REMSEN , on the promise*, No. 8 Bougbty itreot. Brooklyn. TO PRINTERS. ? FOR SALE CHEAP, A SINGLE cylinder pros*, Iloe'* manufacture; die of bed 31 by flu feet, in good running order. Apply to J. P. WlLLIAMb, 69 Ann street, in the rear, New York, TO PRINTERS.? $100 WILL BUY A SMALL OFFICE worth more tban $800, sow doing a weekly paper; alio low material for ?tereotyplng; one ot the best looatlon* in the city. Thi* li a rare chanc* for a young man with a small capital. Addren Printer, Horald office. TO DAGUERREOTYPISTS. ? AN APPARATUS, ALL complete for traveUlng; noreen frames, 10 they can be put up in a trunk. The whole co?t $5,000, will be sold for *2 000, on acconnt of ill health. Call for one week at 523 Broome street. TO CARD MAKERS-FOR SALE, TWO THOUSAND card frames, at a bargain. Apply to WM. MURPUY, 'it,: Broadway, up stairs. rpO TAILORS' AND GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING L stores. ? Tbe advertiser will exchange oemetery lots, verv eligibly tituated, for a wall appointed wardrobe ot fashionable clothing, linen, &*., to be made op to order. Ad dress O., box 1 3S4 Post Offioe. TO SASH AND DOOR MAKERS, AND OTHERS.? FOR sale, tbe valuable leasehold premises, 90 Thompson street. New York, with house and tlirte story brick shop, and valuable steam engine and maohlnery for manufacturing dcori, fashes, blinds, Ac. Also, leasehold premises, with houses thereon, known a? No. 79 Twentyflfth street, and a frcohold lot on Tenth avenue, west side, being secind lot above Forty third street, with dwelling houses thereon. AU or any of the above will b? sold cheap. Apply to Mr. OHAS. EDWARDS, Counsellor, 67 Chatham streot. TO BUILDERS, CARPENTER*,, SASH MAKERS AND others. ? The subscriber offers for sale a patented con trivance, by whioli a window sash can, in a moment be ta ken out or replaced, without removing the stop hotd. It can readily be applied to all windows now in vse, but is espe cially adapted to be be put in new bnildings. The owner being In want of a certain amount of money, offers it for sale for the city of New York, and will take one quarter In cash, and the balanee in productive city property. It is a sure fortune. It only needs to be soen to be appreciated. Apply to CHAUNCEY BARNARD, 74 Broadway. THE STOCK, FIXTURES. HORSE, WAGON, HARNESS. Ac. of the grocery stoie 301 East Broadway, corner or bcamuiel street. This is an Excellent stand for business, and to an enterprising man would be a profitable investment. It will be sold very low forioash. The leaf e has two years to run, at the very low rent or $300 Apply to HENRY G. LEASK, corner <^f Pearl and Chatham street*. WILLIAMSBURG FROPERTY FOR SALE. -FIVE lots southwest corner of South Third and Tenth streets. Apply to T. GARNAR, 32 Spruoe street. YONKERS.-FORSALI OR TO LET, TWO OR THREE beautiful reitdenoos, near the depot. E. W. CANDEE, 8 Wall street. HOUSES, ROOMS, AC., WASTED. AN AMERICAN GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE want to rent part of a house, within three minutes waik of Fulton or Wall (treet ferry. Best of reference given and required. No chUdren. Addrevs H. B. N., Herald office. House wanted -a cottage house ; must be in an unexceptionable neighborhood, in Brooklyn ; rent not to exooed $250; Immediate possession. Address H. L. S., Herald office. POST OFFICK BOX WANTED? AT THE LOWER OF fioe. Address, giving number of box and price, C. J. N., box 1W. PART OF A HOUSE WANTED? BY A FAMILY, CON. fisting ot two ladies; location preferred between Fourth and Twenty-third streets, and must be west ot Fourth ave nue. Rent not to exooed 9180 per annum. Flret class re ference given. Addiesi box 154 Herald offioo. PART OF A FURNISHED HOUSE; W ANTED? BY A small quiet family. The first floor, with basement, and one or two bedrooms. Address J B., Herald office, statlag terms and location. PART OF HOUSE WANTED? IN A PLEASANT neighborhood, consisting ot basement, parlors on first or second floor, ana three sleeping rooms. Rent sot to ex ceed $350. Address Y. A., Herald office. ROOMS WANTED.? TWO GENTLEMEN ARE DE3I rous ot obtaining the first floor of a first elate house, (an English basement preferred,) furnished or unfurnished, with 8as and Croton water. Location between Eighth aad Twen ieth streets, near Broadway. Address C. S. P., Union square Poet Offloe. TO LANDLORDS AND OTHERS.? WANTED? FROM the first of May, by a qnlet, respectable American fa mily, of good pay, part of a neat house, consisting ot two parlor* aad bedroom, on|second story, attic bedrooms and basement kitchen, below Spring street; rent not to exceed $250 per ananas. Please address A. F., box No. 178 Herald office. WANTED? A FARM OF #0, 100 OR MOKE ACRES, vv with good bnildings. In saehange for elty property located la 124th streot, iron tin* Mount Morris sqnare, be tween Fourth and Fifth avenues. Inquire ot M. d. LAME, corner of Fourth avenue and Tenth street. WANTED IMMEDIATELY? A NEAT LITTLE HOUSE in Brooklyn, in a respectable neighborhood, not too fu from tho forriee. Ront about $3BO per annum. Address P. Jones, Herald office. WANTED? TWO FEET LATHES FOR BRASS works. Inquire at WK Mott street. J.SMITH. WANTED-A HOUSE, BETWEEN FOURTH AND Sixth avenues, Eighth and Twenty fifth streets, for a private and respectable boarding house; would like to board ownar and family la part or tall of rent. Apply to Eeyes and A Hoaglaad, Union Sqnare. Real Estate Office, No. 8 Everett Honso, corner of 4th av. and 17th St. WANTED-BY A WIDOW LADY, A HOUSE, ON MO derate terms, to rent, for whioh the rent will be board ed out, with the privilege of taking a few boarders; location between Broadway aad 8th av., between 4th and 16th ets. Address R. K., Union Square Post Office, for two day*, where an Interview oan be had. EXPRESS AGENCIES. Express noticb.-pacific express company, 114 Broadway.? Our next'regular express for California leave* on Frlduy, April 20, per United States mail steamship Illinois, in charge or a special messenger. Freight aad ai rless matter taken at ths lowest rate*. Small parcel* re ceived until l o'clock P M. WM. H. HALL, Agent. UK NEXT EXPRESS TO SAN FRANCISCO WiEl be forwarded en Friday, April 20, at 2 o'clock P. M.. per steamer Illinois, via Paaama, la charge of special messenger, to destination W B. DINS MORE, - E. S. SANFOED, 8 M. SHOEMAKER, Proprietor! ?f A Jaas* * Co.'* California Freight aad Package Esprsst. BOABMVO AMD UMDOMO. rrit\ BROADWAY ?TO LIT, A FRONT SUIT Or I XU haadooaely furnished room*. seoeod story. alto, ?sveral "ingle room, for aeaUomea, with or without board Apply as above 17 A HUDSON STREET, NEAR ST JOHN'S 1'ARK ? 1 i U i uraiatod or un/uruieh?d now to lot, with board to familiea or single gentlemen- houM with moaem im prove meat*. Reft-rence* exchanged ~\ A K NINTH STRRET WILL BR VACATED IN A ll u tow days.? Suit* of handsomely furaiahod room*. ob second Mi third floors, wo aid b* lot to families with private t?ble or single with pultil h??rd. lions* flr?t olaes Bid ploMBBtly loo ? tod botweoa Broadway BBd fourth BTOBBO. VEST TWENTY THIRD STREET -DELIGHT fut rooms, furnished or unfurnished, io n now house, with b11 modern iiuproi omenta, fine looatioa, Bad aoceesi bis to cars and stage* Rcterouoes exchanged. Apply from 12 to 4. 1AC WAYERLEY PLACE. THIRD DOOK WEST Or luw Washington Park. ? A suit of four deairablo roaau oa eocond floor, ail communicating, can b? had, with board, by a family or >ii|l? gentlemen . alao, a pioatant froat base meut will b? let to a physician. Uouao first eia<s; terms moderate. 7H eranklin strrrt, first house west or I U Broadway.? Tiro parlori OB tbo first floor to lot, separate or together; a nod looatioa for a physioiaa, alao, live or aix single and double rooms, tor lodging*, neatly for niahod; o<oanflnooo strictly observed. M WALKER STREET? FIVR DOORS WEST OF Broad* ay? A largo front room to lot, furnished, on the second floor, with or without board;1aleo. a few 'single and double rsome, auitabie for aiogl" gentlemen and gentle men and their wires, furnished all new. Hot, cold and ?bower baths ia the hou?o. References exchanged. AH BOND STREET.? ROOMS AND SUITS OF ROORS Tl to lot, with or without board, to families or single Rntlomaa, at this eligible location; rooms furaisbed or u> rnisbod, to suit applicants. P. 8.? Youug gentlemen will be preferred. A r GROVE STREET. NEAR BLEECKER.? DELIGHT TU ful rooms on flrat and second floors to let, furnished oc unfurnBhod, with board; house flrat class, containing im provements: looatioa moat desirable, and aooesdible to oars and stage lines. No ohildreu taken. C7 WRST TWENTY-THIRD STREET? A FEW 8R U I loot families, aad gentleman, oan be aooommoiated with suits or singla rooms, with foil or partial board, in that eligible brown stone buildlns , whieh is newly furnished, aad oontaining all tho modern Improvements, being one of the moat desirable locations for summer residsnoe, as it is on one of the widest streets in ths oity, and is located between Broadway and Sixth avenue, which is very desirable ter per manent boarders. Also, a Tory delightful office for a phyai OK GREENE STREET.? GENTLEMEN AND THEIR wires, or (ingle gentlemen, oan be acoommodafM with handsomely furnished rooms, and full or partial board. Also, a back parlor to 1st. No moving at May. References exchanged. "|f\ UNION)8QUARE? FURNISHED ROORS, IN SUITS 1U or singly, with lull or partial board. 3 ASHLAND PLACE, PERRY STREET.? ROOMS IN suites or singly, for families or single gentlemen, may be obtained, with board, in a new flsrt-class house, for the season. No moring on the 1st of Mar. Apply as above. References exobanged. Aocess by Sixth avenue oars and Amity street stager AT NO 91 PRINCE STREET, FOUR DOORS WEST OF Metropolitan Hotel, handsomely furnished and desirably located rooms, aad suites of rooms with board. House first class, family small and select. Baths, gas, Ac. Avery pleasant front room, on second story, largo pantry attached, suitable for a gentleman and wife or a party of single gentlemen. Boarders will bo takes on reasonable terms, (full or partial,) by applying at No. S Laight street. Few day boarders. No removal at May. A FURNISHED SLEEPING ROOM TO LET, FROM 1st Ray, to a single gentleman; a large third story front room, without board, in a small private family, where there are no boarders. Looation very desirable. Apply at 71 Lexington avenue. _ A LADY, HAYING A LARGE HOUSE, OAS, BATHS, Ac., west of Broadway, nsar Houston street, wishes to lot rooms to gentlamen. A party furnishing their own apart ments can hare them cheap, with or without 6 o'clock din ner. Good attendance. Answers, with name and address, to Selo, box 146 Herald office, will meet attention. A PARLOB, WITH BEDROOM ATTACHED. FUR Jr. L nished or unfurnished, with tall or partial board, oan be obtained, on reasonable terms, by thosa who wish to bo permanent, in the first class house No. 38 Great Jones street. A GENTLEMAN WILLING TO ADVANCE THE SUM of S20O, ean have a pleasant room and board at half tho usual ptioe, in a private boarding house, with delightful lo cation, up town. Address Mrs. L. M. W ., Herald office. A LADY HAVING TAKEN A HOUSE PLEASANTLY situated in Tenth street, is desirous of taking one or two families to board, where they oan have the comforts 'of a home, and where children are no objection; the house has extension rooms aad all the modern improvements. Inquire at OA Second avenue. A PRIVATE FAMILY, WITHOUT CHILDREN, -ft would let to a siasle gentlemen a furnished or unfur niahed room, without boara, in Twenty-second street. The house contains all the modern improrements. References given and required. Address Miller, Broadway Post Office. ALL PERSONS WISHINO BOARD OR BOARDERS, will find ny offloe the surest, most respeotable and sa tisfactory method of finding either; boarders politely directed fres of charge, to all parts of the city or country. Offioe Clinton Hall. Rigbth street, near Broadway; open from 8 A. M., to 9 P. M. A (SUIT OF ROOMS. OK SINGLE ROOMS, TO LET' ?J\.< with board, furnished or unfurnished, to a gentleman and his wife, or a few single gentlemen, in a new flrito'ass brown atone house, with every improvement; looition plea aunt, and mosln can be served at a private talile, if pre ferrod. Family strictly private, consisting of three par tons. Mo moving in Hay, and home newly furnished. Ap ply at 289Weit Twenty-second street. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE TAN OBTAIN' ONE OR two very nioe unfurnished front rooms, on second floor, and beard, with a small family, in a rood neighborhood. In quire at 1M Clinton street. References exohanged. A lady, occupying a new handsome housk on Stuyvesant square, cm accommodate a family, or two or three single gentlemen, with rooms and board; a do ichtful location for summer. Best of referenous given and required. Address Stuyvesant, Herald office. A SUITE OF HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS TO let, for the summer, to a genteel family, in the first class bouse, with all the modern improvements. No. A2 East Sixteenth street, near Irving plaoe. Best referenee given and required. Possession immediate. A SPANISH GENTLEMAN WHO UNDERSTANDS English a little, would like to find bosrd in a respect able American or English family, of a sociable communica tive disposition, where be would have an opportunity of per fecting himself in the language. A fair piloe will be paid If snited. Address C. B. 0., Herald office. Avery fine suit of rooms, or single apart ments furnished or unfurnished, with or without board, in a first class bouse, with all the modern improvements. No. 171 Nineteenth stieet, between First and Second avenues. Board.? several rooms, handsomely eur nished, suitable for single gentlemen or gentlemen and their wives, will be let, with good board, in a first elass house, SI Ninth street, near Fifth avenue. Board.-to let, to a oentlema* and his wife, er to single gentlemen, two or three handsomely furnished rooms, with partial board for the gentlemen ; the bouse is elegant, and oontains all the modern improvements. References exohanged. Apply at 28i East Twolfth street, third blooh from Broadway. Board.? a suite of unfurnished rooms, with board, may be had la a private family where the com iorts of a home may be enjoyed; also a furnished room for a gentleman. House oontaiiJng gas, bath, Ao. ; eonvenient to cars and stages. Apply at No. 8 Warren place, Charles St. Board. -a gentleman and wife can be ac oommodated with pleasant rooms and board in a pri vate family at 82 West Sixteenth street. Also, three gen tlemen can be aeeommodated with rooms and partial board in a private family at 22 Vandam street. BOARD.-NEWLY AND HAND30VELY FURNISH ed rooms to let, either singly or in suits, in the modern built bouse, 40 West Washington place, with or without partial board. Apply on the premises. Roferenoes ex ohanged. Also furnished rooms to let, without board, in house 78 Murray street. Board-furnished rooms to let, with board, on first and second floors, suitable for a gentle man and wife, or single gentlemen, in a house with all the modern improvements, snd pleasantly located, at 129 West Twenty-fifth street. Board.-to let. a suite of rooms, second floor, to a small family; the honse has all the modern Improvements; terms moderate. Any person wishing to en Joy the comforts of a home, will do well to apply; privato family. The best of reference given. Would be let together or separate. Location pleasant and healthy. Apply at 12 Troy street, sear Twelfth. Stages and cars within one block. BOARD.-A LADY WITH CHILDREN DESIRES board, with unfurnished rooms, in a private family; a location between Canal and Houston streets preferred, Ap ply at 110 Wooster street. BOARD-A HANDSOMELY FURBISHED SUIT! OF rooms to let, with full or partial board, ia a first elass private boarding bouse, with all the modern improvements. Also, single rooms, and a basement suitable for a physician. Hoase situated in Twenty third street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues. Apply at 14tt West Twenty-second st. J Board.? a gentleman and his family can And a pleasant suite of rooms, on the second floor, with pantries, together or separate, at 62 Hudson street, near Chambers. No moving in May. Board? at 143 eighth street-opposite the Mercantile Library, may be had several pleasant and well furnished rooms, with board. Possession before the 1st of Mav, if required. Apply at No 113 Clinton Place. Board no. 11 twenty-sixth street, between Broadway and Sixth avenue.? Furnished or unfurnished rooms, for married or single gentlemen, with fnll or partial board; also, hot and eold water, shower bath, Ac. Board at 26 ninth street.-fine furnished rooms, large and small, ia suites or single, with board, may be bad as above. First class house, with modern im provemcnts, and newly furnished. B?.toh3 ^TomWsnu!K"R.S?Ru,!T -A ,,a*GE FUR single gentlemen. Alio a two above first elass honse. Dintier at cV' Board in a private TAmtv _ _ ? ? slngls gentlemen can be ?* THREE ooard, and rooms to themselves St ??. if"/? wlth Partial between Honston and Bleeeker streets Co?*sge plaoe. SmrS/'Sj? ?^??^dauI^(|th8r^0,<JI ""TLB. Ref.rences ?xehaaged*0*'*' k* W"** Hig'h'Si!^ Board in Brooklyn -one or two single gentlemen or a lady and gentleman oaa be aocommo dated with two pleaaaat rooms on aeoond floor, ia a private familf. a fe? minutes' walk from Fulton ferry, by applying at 111 Sands street. References exchanged. Board in brooklyn.-one or two gentlemen can be accommodated with larse airy bedrooms and board, ia a private honse, pleasantly located and coaveaient to the ferries, end where, if so dlsposod, they ean lie tho roughly at home. AddtessN. T., box 2. IK, Post Offioe. Board in Brooklyn - handsome large rooms, with or without smaller ones, aad la ge closets, suitable for families or single gentlemen, la a first ?I sis house aad moot desirable situation, within five minutes' wtlk of Fulton fifty, may be had by eppb?nti?? a*. M0. 170 Washington stmt. ^OlBDOWAIDIMMMk Board iv ?outb Brooklyn -plrasant rooms. with IxdrXuftl >od (aatnes ittieM. with Imrt far trtitlemea aad their rivet, or uncle gentlemen. oaa be bod at No 6 Timpkiut plioe eirbt imastee walk from *ovtb terry. ReletMcei iitluuuM Board on Brooklyn heights ? a plain pei. Tata ftrallv bav* 4 pleaiact ricn on the aooond Hour ta let to two 1-mile gentlemen; would infer to let It without board. but If roquind would furaiih partial board Throe I minut** from Wall or Faltoa ferrlei. T rmj moderate Ap pl> at 46 WUlew street. Board in staten island -a few single gen tli Baa can b? acoommodatad with b oard, aad plaaaaat I airy roam*, 111 an elegantly ftiruubed bouM, ait gated ?a the ! Pi?y York aveauc. aaar to G. Chri.r* Eaq , Clifton, Stataa Inland The home It on high (round, ana hat a Ana view af I the Bay and ci'y of New York. Then it alee a stable aad oartiaga houae attached to the pnmuee. laqaire at tha (bare place, or at 104 Fourth avenue. Board in the country -a private ka*i 1/ mating iato the couatrv, will have room Tor three or foar boardore after tha lit at May; eaty Kctii to tha olty by the Leaf Ialaad railroad. Term! and alt information given. by applying to J. ATKINS, aiS Fulton itteei. Brook- I Iya. Refenncefgiven and required : Board wantbd-by a gentleman and wipb. 1 (Tory plain paapla, ) potitively whore there are no other boarder*, ia a email taaiUy. If ia New Yeek. net above Teeth itreet; if in Brooklya, aea? Fultoa or Wall etreet farrio*. Satiifaotorv referaaoa will ba glean, If taltad. Na eae need apply without describing aecommedatloni aad stating exact Toeatlaa and termi. Addreti B. W. H , bag 101 Herald ulloe. | Board wanted-for a married lady, witb cut children, in a private family where ther* are but few boardsr* Reference givoa. Moderate prioed roomt pre ferred Addrett C. L., Broadway Pott Ottca. Board wanted? with an unfurnished room, for a widow lady, by tha tirtt of May. Addraaa, witb termt. M. M. M , Harald office. Board wanted-by two young men, in the vicinity of Broadway and Blaecker ttraett. or there abouta, within a few bUcVt. Reteron cot Rood, if required. 1'k-aKo addreta, ttatiag termt, Ac., Frederick, Herald offloe. Board wanted-by a lady and gentleman-, board wanted for tha lady only, where there are few or no other boarderi. Location not above Eighteenth atreet. Termt not to exceed $6 a week. Pleaae addreta Jane, Broad way Poet Offiee Board may be had in a priyate family. Apply at IS Warren place, if harlot itreet, J near the ttage route. Board in Brooklyn.? pleasant rooms, con venient to Well itreet aad Sonth ferriet, for tingle gentlemtn or gentlemen with their wtvet, oaa be obtained at No 8d Garden itreet, tacond houte from State itreet, withia five minutei of firriet Relereaoei exchanged. SaS^RBaraaasss Board in Brooklyn.? handsomely furnish ed roomt, or roomt unfuruithed, with board, for fami lie* or tingle gentlemen. Location delightfal, between Fol ton and Moatague terriaa. Apply at Fultoa itreet, oppo site Clinton. Board in Brooklyn.? rooms suitable for familiet or angle gentlemea, can be had after lit May at 206 Washington ttroet. The haute bat all tha modern lm DrovemenU. For termt apply |at 136 Adamt itreet. Alto, to rent, a fine front bailment, suitable tor a doctor or den tist. Board in south Brooklyn? one or two gen tlumun ean be accommodated with large and 'well tur- | aithed roomi, in a very deiirable location. Apply at & Clinton itreet. Board in staten island.-a tew single qbn tlemon can be aooommadated with board aad pleasant airy roomt, in aa elegantly furaiabed houte, lituated on the New York avenue, noar to G. Chriifi, Etq., Clifton, Stataa Itland. Tha houae it on high ground and baa a flue view of the Bay ant oity of New York. There ii alio a itable and oarriage houaa attaehed to the premlset. Inquire at the above place, or at 104 Fourth avenue. Board on staten island-tbrre minutes* walk from the fimt land lag; tingle gentlemen eaa be ac commodated with pleaaant roomt, with break faat and tea, in a itrietly private family; price from W8 to 92ft par month. For particular i, inquire of Mrs. Kruger, at TompkinivLlle. Board in Williamsburg? one of the best houeel and beet location! in the citv, only two minutei' walk from tvo ferriai; a gentleman ana lady, or a faw tin gle gentlemen, ean obtain good roomi, by applying at 19 South Ninth itreet, corner or Seooad itreet. BOAED WANTED ? ELY A GENTLEMAN AND WIPE, between Smith and Poweri itreati, ia or within t^o blooki of Atlaatic itreet, Brooklyn. Addrtu box 1,499 Poit Office, New York, atatiag terns and particular! for a well furnished room. Board wanted? for a gentleman and lady (board for the lady only), ia a retired locatioa, aad poiitively where there are ao other boarderi. Addreit im mediately Economy and Quietasst, Broadway Poit Office. Board wanted? by a respectable young ladv, who worki at light tewing, in a private family, where there are no other boarderi. She will be a plearant and deiirable companion for any lady. Please adareti K. C., Herald office, Hating location and termi, which most he moderate. Reference given. Board wanted? by a plain family, gentle man, wife, two children and servant, for four or five week* from the lit of May, or tooner; two roomi furniibed or unfurnithed. Ai the arrangement will be temporary, the advertlter will be satisfied with ordinary aooommodationa. Addreti, with prico and location, box 4,190 Poit Office. Board wanted ? with a parlor and two or three bedrooms, for a family without small children. A pleasant location desired, between Eighth and Twenty ? ourth streets. Address A. J. H., box SOI, 1'ost Office. Board wanted.? a pleasant furnished room, with board, in a respectable prirate family, in the neighborhood of Forty fourth street, and west of Eighth avenue, by a young man? an American. Address Home, foot of West Forty -fourth street, stating location, terms, Ac. Board wanted on staten island? by a sin gle gentleman; must have pleasant room, good sooiety, and be near the East side.landings. Address box 1,796 Post office. Boarding.? furnished apartments can be obtained for two small or one large family, at 41 East Fifteenth street, near Union square. Qas, bsth, Ac. Boarding- a front suit of rooms, with large pantries; also, rooms for single gentlemen in a first class private boarding house; location pleasant, cool aad atry ; convenient to ears and stagos going to all parts of the city. Apply at No. 4 Abingdon square, west sldo, second door from Bank street. Boarding.? rooms wiTn board, at 03 frank tin street, throe doors from Broadway. No moving in May. Gas. Ao. Boarding.? a gentleman and his wife can be accommodated with a well furnished room, with closets and gas, hot and cold water, with a small respectable family, whose desire it will be to make their guest* comfort able and at homo. Apply at No. 21 West Twenty-seoond street, near Fifth avenue. Boarding -a couple of single gentlimen can be taken in a private family, with pleasant rooms and breakfast and tea, near the Fnlton avenoe railroad. Ap ply at 251 Schermeihorn street, Brooklyn, next to corner of Nevins. References given and required. Boarding.? furnished or unfurnished rooms to let to single gentlemen, with or without break taut and tea, at 110 West Twenty-fifth street. Boarding.? persons wishing pleasant rooms, with board, In a small prirate family, where the comforts of a home can be enjoyed, and where the air Is pore and healthy, the house standing alone, with fields around it, in the upper part of Butler street, between Sixth and Se venth avenues, and thirty rods from Flatbush avenue. The stages pass near the house; Is 2fi minutes' walk ftom South ferry. Reference If required. Inquire at the house of W. NICHOLS. Butler street, between Sixth and Seventh ave nnes, and thirty rods Irom Flatbush avenue. Boarding -the owner of the house 12 la martine Place, 29th street, between Eighth and ?th avenues, having a large house aad a small family, will accommodate two genilemsnt and their wives with beard; no others wonld be taken. The accommodations need only to be seen to be appreciated. The location Is not sur passed by any in the city, having a private park in front for the nse of the residents. Persons having boys from 5 to 15 need not apply; a small child and servant, no objeetion. Persons originally from New England preferred. Thelbest reference will be reciprocated. Inquire as above. BOARDING.-A LARGE FRONT ROOM, ON THE SE eond floor, with oantry attached, to let, unfurnished, to a gentleman and Ms wife, where they may enjoy the comforts ot a home. Also, one or two stnele gentlemen can be accommodated. Apply at 83 Henry street. Boarding.? a private family would let tbe second floor, farnlshed, with partial board, to a party of gentlemen, with gas bath, hot oroold water, with in five minutes' walk ef the Metropolitan hotel; best of refe rences, required. Plvaae addrees box 191 Hetald offioe. Boarding, at m warren street. -pleasant. airy rooms to let to gentlemen, with fnll or partial board; also two ladiee can be aocommodatud with board; also day boarders accommodated with board. Prises mo derate. Boarding in south Brooklyn.? a gentleman and lady aad two single gentlemen can obtain pleasant r?oms, containing gas, with board, in a small private fasally, ten mlnntee' walk from South ferry. Apply at 15 Douglass street, near Court. Terme moderate. Brooklyn heights, three minutes' walk from Wall street ferry.? Suitee of rooms for families and single gentlemen ean be obtained in the elegaat double house t>2 Roassn street. Tne premises are undergoing thoroagh repair, will be ready for oceupanoy prior to the 1st of May. aad will be eoaducted in a manner calculated to ea rn r? the eomfort aad approval of tbe inmates. Gas, bath, Ac. References exchanged. Apply as nbeve. C'OUNTRY BOARD WANTED-FOR TWO FAMILIES, J comprising in all fev grown persoas, six children (ages 8 te 14 years), aad twa servaata: a farm, or prirate hones, where no other boarders would be taken, preferred, location mast be withia one or twa hoars of the eity by steamboat or raiload. Address, with refereaee aad particu lars. poet paid, H., box t,M 8 Poet Office. COUNTRY BOARD WANTED? IN A FARM HOUSB for a lady, infant and nurse, wbera it is oool and braltby. and wlthoat mosquitoes; shade and fruit trees in dispensthls. Addrees R, N. E., by note only, 67 West Twenty sixth street, atatiag accommodations, terms, Ao., which must be moderate. COUNTRY BOARD MAT BE HAD AT A PLEASANT residence suven mllse from Brooklyn. The bouse Is large aad airy, with fiae lawn and shade trees, convenient ef aceese by ears or stages: a desirable place for families. For further particulars, apfly at 74 East Tweaty- third street. Accommodates also for horses. COUNTRY BOARD. ? GOOD AND SUBSTANTIAL board can be obtained in a farm hoMe, very pleasanUy situated, surrounded by plenty of shade trees, withia a quar ter of a mile of a beautiful village, and eleven miles frem New York city. Access ?bree or four times a day, by plank road, stages or cars. Boarders taken from 1st of May, or sooner. Bast of reference (Ivan. Apply at Ne. 7 Wooster street. Elegant rooms, fronting Washington sqnare ?A strictly private family, occupy las a spteu did private residence near the Brevoort Houee, wenld let aa entire floor, handanmeiy tarnished, to one or two gentleman of high lespectabillty, with partial board, served in their 8 triors. Addrees, with fnll name, Residence. Journal ef otnmrrce office. VVRKISHED ROOMS TO LIT-IN A 'PRIVATE X*, at *4 Broadway, with gat, 'nt aad cold water, Ao. Refetamcs given and roqu.rcd. FUENI8HED BOOMS. ?A BMftOTABLB FAB (LB tieHa* more me tfau reqairefl. woetd tat a aikBac. room, thro* bodt ouom, Mi mm of kitahea, to a (Mil tamffiy. or two or thro* young kpfi y at St Weafl mkf tot nth >ln>i two deors boa Sixth ntwu FURNISHED BOOBS TO LBT ? a PBIVATE riww harlas more mn lliti tbey require, wowld lit* to M the second floor, cemlortably farwisbod, u4 with all the modera Improvements. to several .m?Ie jaatliaw Break fa.t it desired Please call at litl fraal TwIy hwB atreat, botweoa Seventh and Eighth aveaaea rt'BN isu ed koob wanted, with pantbt. bw ? man and wife, toll boat J for lady, ia a email faaaAy; Brook ly a. near Fultva ferry, pr ?? rr?d Refereaoe wlB aa required aad given. Address Bookkeeper Brsadwwy Pant Office. FU1M8HID ROOMS?TO LET, TO GgNTLXlUMKl aoat lad a iry; in a quiet faad pleasant location W Chambers street, near Greenwich. I'RMSHED BOOBS TO LBT? BY TUB DAY OM weel , a? ma\ ?uit tli* occupant with or without bea?^ ?t tho Union Hotel, 27V Hudson atraot. French board in south Brooklyn? to lbb, with partial board, together or eeparately, a (area ma and a mall one. wall furnished, with gaa, ia a priraba French fatally, redding five minateo walk fremtbeSawA f?ny. Addres* D. V. U, Herald odea. /'ENTLEMF.N WISHING HANDSOMBLY FLRWI8HBB rooms, with modern improvements, aad partial bai in a pnraU family, tor the ootnio^ season, eta he suited calling at 1? W averley place I WANT A COOD SIZED, NIOBLY FURNfSHE* olcepiag room. witb bmaktast and to#, in some quiet hiM l west 01 Broadway, not .boy* Twenty third atraot, any ama having an apartment may laonru a parmaaaat aaaa I rant Sy addressing sta?n< terms, *c ChM Jnneway. Jr, i Bread way Post Utflce. MBS LAURENCE, Hi) EAST FOURTEENTH STREET. A fow (alert families and gentlemen caa be aeoe^me | dated with suite or ?Inula rooms. with loll or partial baacA ia that elulble brown atone building which i? new aM newly furaiabed, containing aU tho modern impoTemaaata. Board can now be secured by the last wook in April, by par - maneut hoarder*, far tha aeaeua. NO. V? WEST WASHINGTON PLACE -FURNISHB? aad unfurnished rooma to lat, with board, suitable te Ire tlemen aad their wlvai or einrle gentleman, la a ploaaaea oeatlon, with all tha model a improvements. Refaw m exchanged. ONE OR TWO SBAI.L FABILIE3 CAN BE ACOWB mo dated with fine room aad board, at T4 East Tannty third itraat. lb* home oontalaa all the modern laaiii menta, and 1? plaaaaatly located, batweea Fourth aad Ua Ingtoa averMies PERMANENT BOARD) WANTED-FOB A GENTLB man, wife and ebild on vaoations; nenteol looatiaa; i" RIVATE BOARDING -SEVERAL VERT PLBABi ?rooms, In suit. or aeparataiy, either taruiahed or M story rooma, if well furalahed, weat aide, below Niatbi Dine from 1 to 3 P. B. Price, til all iaeladed. Addraae. With full particulars, James, baa 700 Herald offioe. T)RIYATE BOABD ? A GENTLEMAN AND WIPE, Mi JT two single gentlemen oan obtain pleasant rooma wttk Tantriaa attached, furaiabad or unfuraiahed ia ? Mtam Louie, with batna, gaa, Ac. ; location at 116 Wait Sleteewm itraet, between Sixth and Seventh areauea. P aiabed, can be had witb board, an reaaonabla tar ma, tw m private family, maldlag at Mo. MO Fourth aaeane, UppaaMk Calvary Cburoh.) Tha naaea la finely leoatad, aad liaaadi the modern improramenta. Bafareacea axohaa^ad. PBIVATE BOARDING ?A FEW YOUNG BBN CAN be accommodated with board in a small private family, where they oan enjoy tha comforts of a home, at 26 Bivlag ton atreet, near the Bowery. No moviag tn Bar , no aign am the door. PBIVATE BOARDING IN BROOKLYN. -B04 may be obtained in a amall private family, with i nished rooma. oonal^iagaf two room* aad bedrooms aa ae cond floor, llrhtad with faa; would let them together or en par ate, or will furnish the bedrooma far gentlemen; alaa^ a back parlor on first floor. The house ia newly aad haaA aomely papered aad painted throughout, aad in a very alaat eant location. Twe mlnutaa' walk from two railroada. r4 or partial board, aa may eult the applicants. Apply at Itt Vanderbilt avenue, between Myrtle aad Park avenuea EOOMS TO LET? PUBNISHBD OB UN FU BM ISBHt to aingle gentlemen only, without board. Tha " haa all tha modern lmprovemeata. Apply at 3ET atreet, between the Bowery aad Lafayette plaoe. KOOHS TO LBT? IN A PBIVATE PAI1ILT, TWO W three (urniahed rooms, with or without board Tke bouse la elegant and new. and eontaina all the modern km pro* omenta. Apply at 47 Wait Thirteenth aireet, bet waara Fifth and Sixth aveatlea. Rcferencea exchanged Rooms to let-with board, in a privabb boarding-botua, to gentlemen and their wives; alsa a room far a aingle gentleman. Apply at No. 3 Woeeter atreat, first door from Canal. EOOMS FOB OBMTLEBEN ? GENTLEMEN CAN FUOP a nicely furniahed room, witb or witbeat bedreem at tached, in a private family, at 18 Te\th atreet, between Fifth and Sixth avenuea. The house has the modern improvomeata, and breakfast will bo aerved ia the ream If required. Ha moving In May. Booms, handsomely pcrhIshed, nbab thx Union Club, Filth avenne, may be obtained ia a ati vato family, with or without partial board, on Twaaty scat atreat, in a brown atone En^liah basement hoaae, meat eligibly situated. Referet con unexceptionable. Addrem. tor three day*, box 3,474 Post Uffice. Rooms? with board, for gentlbmen an? their wives, or single ucntleiuen; house pleaeaatly aita ated, facing Hoboken ferry, and In the vicinity or8t. Lnka'a Church. Inquire at t?7fl Greenwich street. No removal we Bay. TWO SINGLE OENTLEBEN CAN BE ACCOBMODAT ed with partial board, handsomely furnished roema, abs taining all the modern Improvements, Ao. House Arst elaaa and family strictly private. Apply at 102 Seventh atreat. TWO GENTLEMEN, OR A GENTLEMAN AND HIS wife, can be accommodated witb good hoard aad pleaeaat roema in one of tho moat delightful situations in Brooklyn, a abort distance from the ferries. The house ia in good or der, with gaa, Ac. Pleaae call at 30 Concord stieet, oae dear from the corner of Washlngtoa, Brooklyn. TWO OR THREE ROOMS TO LET. F0BNIBHBB, without board, to gentlemen, at 41 Great Joaea atraat ; brealfaat if desired The house haa all the modera improve - menta. The owner of a house which is larobb than required, can aooommodate two gentlemen, or a lady and gtntleman, with board, west of Broadway, aa* about five mlnutoa' walk from the Metropolitan Hotal. Ib rtqulrea to be ceen to be aprraeiated. Theklf beat refereaaaa required aad reoiprooatod. Adereaa OaUaads, Herald office. TTNFrRNISHED ROOMS, WITH BOARD.? A 3ECON0 (J floor, consutliu; of three rooms deep and hall bod room, with plenty of paatriea nnd wardrobes, to dlapoae af to a family or party of gentlemen. A party about breaking np houteket'plag will hnd this a desirable opportunity te make a permanent arrangement on reaaonable terms AU modern improvementa, location deairable, vicinity of Twea - ty third street and Sixth avenue. City reference given aad required. Dinner hour arranged to suit. No small chU dren or servants takea, Address M. J. I... Herald office, foe three dayi. WANTED-TUREE BEDROOBS AND ONE SITTING room, with full or partial board, for a lady aad tww fen tinmen, in a strictly private boarding houae; looatiaa bw wean 14th and 17tb streets, and Union square aad 3d aveatM. Address Southern, Herald office. WANTED-A ROOM, IN A PLEAS INT NEIOHBOB hood, with board, In a private family, by a lady, where she can have the comforta of a home. Bath indiapaaaabla. Terms must be reasonable. Address H. I<. O., box 33, Poet Offiee. The beat references given. c D HOTEL8. OLLINS' HOTEL, FOOT CANAL STMIT, V T., WIUU lft, with board, three lane trout parlor*, with bedreeat attached, and alio several suits on malt rsasonnble tKai; (or unacr monthi the looatioa i* unequalled; the boaue facet the river oa two aides. TALLBAN * MA PIS, Propri storm. EL A VAN norSE, NO. 8 UNION PLACE, BE tween Fourteenth and Fifteenth etreeti, eaa accom modate a number of (ingle gentlemen with handsomely furnished apartments. with or without meal*. None aeeel applj bnt those who can bring uaquestionabls refsreuoe. GCNTER'S HOTEL, ON THE EUROPEAN PLAN, and Dining Saloon, 133 Fnlton street, New Vurt ?This establishment is admirably conducted, and la very convesM sntly loeated for those engaged in business pursuits in the lower part of the city; while country merchants, viaitias New York, will find its contiguity to railroad depots, steMa boat landings, and all tbe Important publio offices, to afford advantages or no ordinary oharacter. The worthy proprie tor is well and favorably Mown ia this community, ana fbr his seal, industry and enterpri**, merits a liberal patroaage. His o barges are extremely moderate, when house rent aad the exorbitant price of provisions at tbe present time ere taken into consideration. BOTEL BEIOHTON, BOULOGNE (SUB MER), FRAjraB ?To Auaillee going te Earope. A gentlemen Islslf I Europe, eaa safely reoommsndthe "Hotel Brifbtoa" as aot only the beatla the plaee, bat as eaa of tbe bestia Burepe. Situated at a convenient dletaaee boa the rail read, aad beiag la the middle ef a large garden, this MM . psasassos aU tha eoaaferte deeirakle far wealthy f am ilia* Mc COMB'S OAH HOTEL? QEOROE SCARFF BB spejtfully informs his frisads aad patraas that he has re-leased the hotel and bridge, and as the fishiag Hates Is eome he ia prepared to furnish boats and everything Cm sport aad comfort at reasonable rates and short notiee. NEW TORE BAT HOTBL. ?x MILES TBOM JEBSBY City ferry, on tbe Bergen Point plaak road, will ba opened for tba summer on the 1st of May. It studs am Mae beach, with a line view af tha Narrows; excellent . .. ? from tha boating and flsblnc. The stagas leave every hear ferry at Jersey City. Ear particulars apply, by poai CAPT. LEES, Proprietor, Jersey City, or etthe be use. OCEAN HOUSE, SHRBWSBU RT, N. J. -THIS LA ROB. new and commodious hotel, fnraisbed throaghoot, ia offered to let, aad the furniture for sale; or, a peieoa whs understands keeping saeb a house, with *5,(?0. eaald late tba owner as partner, oa favorable terms. H. B. RIBLL. 62 Lispenard street. ITRinTURE. (Ill AIR AND SOFA EACTORT.-B. RIFPORT WILL J sell at bis ware rooms, 177 Lewis street, a ear his factory, ia Fifth street, at hi* whoieeale prioee, all kia4e of mahoganr, walnut and rosewood ehairs. tete-a tetes aad eofa*. ia hair cloth, pluah, damask or broeetelle, for drawing loom*, par lors, sittiag rooms aad halls. Enamelled suits, at reduced pricrs-at MATHEWS k ST ACT'S, old established warroems, Hi Broadway, opposite the St. Nieholaa Hotel. Saitee of feral - tare with hair mattress, straw do, aad plUewa and belrtera, (Tom $40 per suit. Fnrnitvrr FOR SALE. CHEAP-ONE ?uit or parlor faraiture. rosewood, la complete order; nisei we rosewood tables aad two black walnut de. aad a pair o< looking (laasea. sits ef plats Ma7S. Apply at 1M Test 1 hirty arst street. F" INB EUBNITURB.-A OBNTBEL FAMILY, DBCLtN - in. hoesaheeptag. offer at private sale, laa oar pete, mirrors ehairs. *oC*. ail ?' *? . ?* prieee The faruitare is aearl y aew, aad fsefiloaehle. It eaa be taaas ? lasd by purchaaer* a? No. 175 IF eat Thirty -eiith street, seer Ei*h la ?IU fOlh i?f%. ?WA? jTco.. or r abhtovabm aad every kiad of fersitar*. having oalarged ?W prentices, are aew prepared te efer a Uoge ead ert**r.?e ** sort meat at moderate prieea. wbaleea'e aad reuu. Were r?o?s wr Broadf ay, tm?t a I Bro j*a street.

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