Newspaper of The New York Herald, 21 Nisan 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 21 Nisan 1855 Page 2
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?*f LoiiX*, March ?, IMS. ralwurtUm'* K/oh? *miV\ rqmlaritl JLm o/ tJU *.?utry /or Oarryt * on UodUit*? Wmrhke StHtimeHts th* Maut?-Jok? BM't Dand*r 09- A II tK* *,<"u BucklinH ?" "* An*?r for a Gmf' rlXBtrimxuxg* ? **? VnUtd Stain Mxpected to Jhk( Part ?? ^ JttUt, <4e., <c. la <>??? ef my former Utter. I ventured to predict thet Mtwitbetandiag ttl temporary disgrace into which Lord John Russell ipp^ to hire fallen, *r *iton dart tofirli mxb? of the principal member, of the Abel dotn admiaietra'ion, reaultlng in Ito ?* *~w, tbe Mm. wn. no, far dUtant when hi. noma would be again a hottweholi word In EngUud. ? .pit. of many .hortcomiog. whtoh everburning ^, namely, IZ+ZZS SniTtSotum, wh ch In over, iZlTh. doe. or aays, U, with him, above all and befor thi. particular, there 1. *Lt ran compare with him, and the truth la known ?4 .tlnowledged by the country. There U no Indlri* T?1 ^ong tbe rank, of diplomacy who* preeenoo at *. Cenference at Vienna could bare Inapired the people ?I aD partiee with .ueh confidence in hi. firmneai, con ciliation, and acute nee. of judgment, a* Lord John ; *nd fiom no one elae would they accept with equal Maanimity the casting of the die of peace or war. Lerd Palmer.ton, if in .omo thing, he ha. diaappoint" og the hope, of hi. supporter., in thia appointment ?bowed himself worthy of hi. fame; and the confluence b. that independent of the nature of the conference, and the oTO-po wiring resulta of it. decision, tbe ehwh of parties U .taid till the foremoit commoner of England can return and take his pUce in the me'.ce. The ultimate decision of or war mmt, of courae, ?fro He tone m erery ministerial meaaure, and, chief of to the new Chancellor of the Exchequer', budget; tut the manner in which thlt decision has been brought nbent will have to be exactly detiiUd before Parlia ?Mnt. and on that the mlniatry mu.t stu?,l or fall before the country much more than upon any bill, fiscal or emanating Irom them. I<ord John, in fact, tbs hooted, despised ne'er-do- #ell of but a few weeks ?< ace la becoming more and more the mm of tbe lit ua lion a circumstance which the melancholy details dailv elicited by thatCrlmean inquiry, which he had no* oeurtge to vote against, hare not a ilttle tended to ac -rr'th. country has all along aeparated Lord Pal mei.ton, then Minister of the Hums Department, and Lerd John Russell, then Lord Ihrssident, Irom the 1 indi vitlual, though not collective responsibility, of the late mismanagement: and altogether, therefore, the new ad - mteiatwatton is thought to be In a fairer postt'.on at thia moment than since its formation. The civil warfare of debate ia, in common decency, obliged to holat tne whits gar till the trumpet blowa irom Vienna; and Lord Pal merston 1a exerting every nerve in hia preparations for Molested hostilities, to convince the paople of Eugland Skat U fighting ia to be the order of the day, their honor to confided to no unworthy hands. bio one in his heart, 1 am afraid, expects any good to r-,. uf Oic Vienna Conference, beyood an argu>neat that hi possible steps have been taken to obtain a durable neace. this being conceded, as a sop to public morality, Ke war policy will find a genial soil for its roota in tha lowest Oept lis of England Ihe acknowledged patriotism of Lord John Ruisell would do much to reconcile the peo nto to the n?ace be had negotiated ; but the military spi is ao rile, the blood of the Saxon is so up at the odious comparisons made betwixt England and Fran to, that, go whtro vou will, fiom the palace to the market place, ev try man's fingers are Itching for a pinch of " Onr national love of sport, whether to stalk the deer, to todo the fox, to beat the heather, or breast the stubble for unae or partridge : whether to back the mcer, kill the salwirr or frolic on the ocean deep, makes every Knglisn man feel that if be is not a soldior, it is simply for lack ?f education ; that nature has given him the raw mate^ xinlin a far greater degree than the French; and to hold him ap lo the world as the poor, dirty, reckleaa, die away this? picking up the crumbs that fall from the French man s table, as he haa been deacrtbed of late, is to sting th? national pii?le to its very quica ; and I know I am right to tali ess you that if Lord John is able to return with a ?ood account of his efforts, his failure will only make him the more welcome, and probably save the ministry of which he is now a member. When one observes on all silos the immense prepara tions lor war, it Is impossible to believe that any oaa or the evTornments indulges in any serious hope of peace. Loob at Austria, placd in the very oontre of the nogotia Mosa : what is she do ngi- Why, every day despatching troops in the direction of Cracow, as if on that poiut ?he was in expectation of an inevitable and approaching straggle Look at Pruesia, while oonstantly protesting hot neutialtty, tailing every precaution aga-.nat a general W! look at Russia! There the Emperor Alextnler to collecting under hia standard, all the popuUt on of Ito T?ft empire, end jiroposee to nu&t&ta the shock or ^^Iseeed Europe with not one jot lena pritle ana *moi Im tban hi. predecessor. Look at Sardinia ! Tbo pre naratienM for the departure of her 15,000 men to the Eton proceed with greater activity thau over, an Bnaland ia getting ready her loan of millions to help h?r. Every one knows, too, what is going o# in France Three armies encamped in the interior ? that o> the Korth, the East, and the South? are ready to enter into UMiln upon different points at a moment', notlse. m England we are certainly anything but auapend jBg onr preparations; for while we are straining every Aerve to reinforce our army in the Crimea, never was feere such equipment and provla'.enin- ma ?.*. A "lu*dron fcrthwitu to Llsinoro Tomtn htlEiitnne vfltMare \B,\ the coaats of Finland mW wait the melUn^ *' the ice to be the theatre of such aann*na<*'lg tbe world nevtsr heard. Idon'taakif looks like peace, wcauro to secure that blssstng to to only right to be prepared for the other contingency ^ doe; it look as if there was tbe slightest hope of it . Does it wot rather look as If the members of t m 8r?* ^nlfaranee from time to time communicated to their SS,Vgov??ie^U intelligence which had far more yF! with ineoalfi than pea^etil ploughsh%ro? . lathe midst of thi. bubbUng of the Euroiican caul ? ? aar or e. turn, not without anxiety, toward, you. sjmpathy manifested by America ia favor ? Cito-hi? wtaUon. with 8paln-tbe future of oLhS-iw ?ubjjets mpre and jheatUn Iiob of all fibadefl of polltfcTanl. ^ It to ho thought that the war cannot spread without a particl aatton on tho part of the United Stats., and It mav {urn, that With thfem ultimately will depend the result at & gnat European contest. 8hould the ^?M?f *%anao and England be made to interlere with Amsri Wa^ wo>?cta o? Cuba? bnd there le no doubt that It 5flJ_?d war thus follow between the Unitsd StaU.aad Sgisnd, then wiU Indeed come the Uue perils i af j 2** wV* TtrT thought of the misery which the arrival ?t no eotien from America would induce in the iMturing diatricts. i. something too ?wf!^. . ' sag a eonteat wonfd ensue, far more terrible thtn E g tSd has ever vet had to wage slnc^ ..he be came a . contest which many men think all parti., would lose by, except one, namely, Franc., wb?i whoa . . . * ;B fairly embroiling Jonathan and 'A R .. mj?bt back out and help herself to Spain, i!lfa?.w.Th5rttU.? exceedingly diMRrseable to the wide snd taste and commercial prosperity of Engl an , whatever It might be to Americ* UNIV?BflTY CLCB. Our Paris Correspondence. Park, Marsh 29, 1855. ' Eemit Napoleon' ? Library IHbut' to the Memory of thj tat* Csar ? ? Russia Endeavoring to Ot? over Austria to her tide m the Vienm Coherences? The French Empe wr'i Viiitto Queen Victoria? The English Turning Uero Worshippers. Curious Revulsion of Fueling with regit rd to the First Napoleon? The Palae> of Imluitry, etc., dc. 1b? literary and political worM of Francs was yss'.er Asyatonee startled snd gTatifled by s document that wfil probably long bs remembered s* s model ot hie tori ?Si summary. The Monit> ur presented Its res '.srs with ? pags of large type nominally on the death of the late Anpsror Nicholas, but which embraced in language whsss fsres, elegance snd perfect lucidity sre not Is?s tdalnfell than it* condensation, the history of Ratals /rem Its sounsctlon with th? House of Romanoff to the nnto sf the present day. The whole production Is aarbsd by s taste si classic as it Is finished; throughout ?trt predomidstes sn impartiality which eren Russia will scarcely fsil to admit, snd the impression left on the IseJsr's mind, by this elegant snd logical synopsis, is, that ia the far sssta colossal power, gradually assuming a gigs n tic limit, has srissn, threatening the older sn *bstc sivtlised nations of ths West, first to cut star Mr skirts, and lastly., to maks pale their lesser Hfhts before a sun of ovsrwhslming grsndeur Justice ftl dons to ths dssssssd Gear with no niggard hand, anl ths fiattsring mot of M. ds la Feoronsy, ambassador of Ghartee ths Tenth at 8t. Petersjurg, revised and en ?srssd-tbst Nicholas was Peter ths Great civilised 1 The snsposition suffers greatly by translation, snd to vender H as it should bs, would require more time than In at a busy sorrsspoadsat's disposal: but ths following few wards on ths character of the late Emperor msy serve, ia sosse measure, as an illustration.? This Priaes, in effect, had in him all ths robust ausll Mss s t his race Nsturs. blood, tradition, and sducs tten, had mass him a rulsr. His stature so gigantic, his nsagbty hsad, ths straight and hard lines of his Tims hie serf re aspect, coad and scrutinising, whish spark Is of ths" soul svsr illumined, and wboss impas sibility never suffered to steeps an ssaotton of ths heart; ' - - gesture, ? revealed Dignity ?hsre the sam* ? alwa; s sovereign, whether amidst t^s sf his osurt, at ths hsad or his troops, or in ths ?anuilarttiee of privsto llfs. In ssoing him thus salm. "imple and eeld, rsosivs ths bomsgs of ambassadors as 4 SSur tiers. u? in tha front of rasimsnts. or through | ?!*??? psople. of ths civilisation of ysstsrday. ? ? ? in all this, assuredly, something gnat and y? fr whlsb astonishss and ssdusss: but thsrs tasks noblest attributes of man? mors sspsctelly "f1 Kmperor-goodssss. Nsvsr has the was not only absoluta? V' ?? ??s, sonis te^SvCS^!?* ^ JT" m Impossible to toush. SS ???onvmee him, and his heart was as infiexlbls as his on consent, the pc*duetk? U Attributed to I the pen c. Nftpel?; an? I rnsie cannot toil to fc?? tftgether in ele* ranhe mamf w?T.Tbt b. growiftf do.hifu< 3f hi. or*, pohey, or whchad Wow littto co?prebende4 iU natmre. ? notbut?dd,?lso, te ft r.putitio. which U iwrj <Uy beconiii g more ?nd mor* worid wld#" . _ . A report preruls tbftt *. d? dourq.eafty, who hftd sue r-d.dwttb .0 much Uct in detaching Au.tjUfr.rn Rus ?n influence lonnd hunaftU hard piaased by the com ciS?torj tone of ?ttnc? liortschakoff towards that Power, rrf-h in fMt want far to a*p tlM foundation of many ol the aigvm-ut# he bad employ ad in obtaining h?r alU tbe ftrrftngement, lor instance, aa to the ttftenavl cation of tha Dauaba and the Danub'aa Principalities, which tha RnssUn Minister U said to hftve eonoeded In ft manner moat ifttUfftctory to Anawtft, Uftvea thftt Power in refthty no mim of eomplftUt, and wh*th" *?* chooaaa to continue on tha aid* of EogUnd and Franoe is tbalr clftim ftbout the Blftek Son will De ? matter of consideration m to wh?t ?he ? bound to by her good fftith. It la on thii ftccount VhatM^daBour qnenay, It U aftid, the oecesahy of f?ah ln.|rfrn tiona, emanating diwotly from the Tuilerie.; ajjd to onler Mow tha untiy of E.gUnd and JU* alub ha waa looked upon aa a ?t* ,h^dl^a ?'5 St# condeaeend to receive him, the press, *j>jf ?nd oWS tat clai/wara charj of admitting him to tnwr UbUa Wh?t a change^ baa success not eilecvedl In England they were "'in* what ainueed with your reception of Jenny Lind. I suspect the laugh will now bo on your aide, f? r I am quite aure from what 1 know of the Jtate of public 'eellng here. that tho very ? stonee wJl And ? vole* In hla honor. The memory of the great N?. poleon, atrangely aillugh, ia held in ft apooUa of IdoU try, whetber Irom the tact of tha groftt novettst of the day-Sir Walter Scott-hating be* me hla biographer, snl touched him. ft* it were, with that lthuriel *p??r wbiah flung ft halo round ever j thing It c*ma in contact with, I 00 not know, knit it U oertaln thftt every col and apprentice boy, every maid and matron m Eng Und, wi h any pretensions to ganerftl .reading, la an familier wltn tho hfe ?nd strange Incidents of Napoleon the Greftt, aa they are with the ?"*}? Vicar of Wftiefleld, or the adventures of Kobinson Cru see. In Napoleon the Third, the iTUoner of Ham. the self cot let aed parvenu, the spouse ol the beautiful Eu genie, whose picture now adorn* every eabin, tbey win fancy tbey aw the exile of 61 Helenft reausoltated; for havng w?tcbed hU gradual aicent to hla present culml nftting height, ?nd seen the dtaperftte courage with which, in apite of every difficulty, he hfta r? moved *11 obstacJtB Irom bis pftth, they will give him credit for no* er to regain the loat dt minfttion ol hi* mceator, *n<l even thougn the thought may croaa them thftt aomo thing ol thla will be to their cost, they will not tke lean sound the loud trumpet, and sing, ?' 8ee, the conquering hero cornel." But ft week or two hence we ahftil h?ve an opportunity of seeing the value of theao ftnticipa 11 Every day public ftttenllon la more coQcentratnd on the work going on in and ftrounl tbftt 1 ftlnia d Industrie, the inauguration of which the Emperor'a vUlt to hog land haa, it is supposed, sonwtliing to do with, in obtaining the conatnt of the Queen and Prinoe Al bert to be preneLt. Appllcfttiona are pouring in to all the various bouse agenta, Inquiring the price of ?DArtmeni8: and hounes ar? taken on speculation at etennous and ftlmoat fabulous rent*. Tha ehMf occupa tion, extcrnftlly, is tha'. of mftking roftda ftnd ftpproftohes to the palace, which the light aoU ftnd f?cile employ ment of ftsphftlte accomplishes with csmparatlvaly little trouble. Tne space under the tftll trees on the other aide of the grand ftvenue of the Chftmpa Ely sees In Iront, is being dug up, and acvorftl lo?da or ftrti&dftl ?w411 iaJf?" iuced, in order to create an impromptu garden. But the eolosaftl gftllery, which U to dw?rf by ita gigantic proportions every other thing of the mm name, from the Louvre downwftrda, is now the scene of prlncipftl in tert at. Here wiU be deposited the choicest cheft ?'????? of modern art, In painting and sculpture Considerable disousbion ftrose fts to the color of the wftlb best suited for abaok ground in an edlttoe appropriated for such ft purpose, ftnd the ftrchiteot, relmquialiirg any amore pro pre be mlgut have entertained, has ftdopted the sug ge?tion cf ft majority of ?rtist?, and decided thftt olive green shall be the t.nt. For the first lime in 1U h.atory will sculpture h?re ft spaoe suited to its importance. Each statue of mftible, ol bionae, or of plaster, may be viewed In its various nrofil?s, and by diCwrent lights and distance*. Hie different space* demftnded at prssent are 860 metres lor Fngland, 800 lor Belgium, 762 for Prussia, 810 for the WethsrUnds, 130 for Norway ?nd Swedtn, 62 fortbe Grand Duehy of Hesse, 62 for Wurtem berg and for Hanover 1. The amount demanded by Saxony, Bavaria ftnd Munich, so proliflj in works of ?rt, has not yet been ftscertftined. MM. lngors, Horace Ver net and Eugene DeUcroix, the three gre?t ftrt?U of France, are to have one sHe all to themselves. M. Xn Kors sends not lest than furty pictures, ftmoug which fUure Le Van <U Louis XIII , U Martyr dt isaint Syn phontn, ec?rcely known to the present generation, VJtwthiose (V Homer, VJpothcotr de NnpoTton, , taken down for this greftt. oocaslon, the one from the celling or the Louvre, the other from thftt of the Hotel de Vllle. Horftce Veinet send* his SmaU, ftnd other episode* of grand military events. Eugene Delftcroix sends his Tiiomphe dt Trajan, la Mtdia slaying her children, Iax Canei/, a Uon Hunt, ftftd ft patheUc seen# ''EnJvand'fs^wp wanted by Gibson, Landieer, Mul ready , btanlieidf Pi oi!^j ^"nole, and Bolglum by Gitefs. PorUels, Steveni, wltt'JM, sift by Begfts, Magnus, Uuller, and ?*n J other*, gl&ntj Ui 1 their art Comepon^enta ?- e7gfy Eulopean journal ?re spe cially ar.roip'^ ^0 write diily criticisms ftod reUtions ?ran tilt is to he seen or passing during the time or the txuositlon ? and wnether or net such ?nticipfttlons ftre to fflJ Paris for the year 1866 seems to h*ve made up its mind to deliver iuelf over to the complete intoxication or the senses, both 'piritusJ 1 ftnd g mic. The eooks are being summoned from ftll 'he great nrovlncial towns, to exercise the wonders or their art to rerresh the inner man of the Innumerable lionlzers of ieweUery, contftinlng 14,000 gftrnete, which v?ry In cimentioiis fVem the smallest slse U. such )arge >nes i fts are no longt r to be met with in the trade . Ad.ied to the eainets are 8,000 other atonea, and the workmanship _le said to be as exquisite as unique. And the Gr?^ l)uchy of Posen is to rurnlsh a carpet composed of 8.642 p.eoes or skin from animftle ronnd In the duchy, it ia aixty four feet iquare, and in the centre is ft splendid sUr of -? various hues, ?nd on the sides ?nd corners tht vtm-. . ... . udornnient*. The border is an ftr? MmiUrco?ateliatory > 3EHTIR. betque imitating fur. Our Washington Correspondence. Washington j April 19, 18 5. What Thiy think of Otorgt Law in Washington?, d ministration Intrigue* ? Spanish Affairs. The rumors respecting the attitude or the alminis'ra tion towards Cub* cUangc like the kaleidoscope every day, leaving us ia a great etate of uncertainty. The utmost excitement aid feeling now exist, in relation to Geoige Law, at the seat of government, and especially among the departments and officials of government, who car not comprehend the enigma of a President being tales from the ranks of the people instead of the politi cisns. At first it was treated as a joke or malicious hoax of the Herald; but as the character of George Law begins to be dcvoloped, his great administrative talents understood, aid his chanoes brightening with every defeat and discomfiture of the administration, th? ex citement with the increasing chance of his election. Happy would it be for toe future weal of this co us try, if Georte Law sbould suocsed Franklin Pierce as President of the United States The grosses* m'srep reuettatioi s prevail through ignorance or inalerolencs in relation to Mr. Law, his family, ?duration and charac ter. He Is riptessnted by seme to be a foreigner. Now, his fatbsr was an old aad respectable farmer in Washing ton ceunty, New York, and gave his eldest son, Joseph, a colleg.ate education. Joseph graduated at Union Col lege with liigh honors, and was a law partner of ths Hon. Dudley ttaldon, of your city. George had a good sound Bngliih education, and has improved his truly great po vers of mlad since, by reading and study. He 1* a good historian, a logical reasoner, and looks with a practical eye is to everything? mankind, boots and bu siness. As to his character, he is eminently a moral man, strictly orthodox in American views, feelings and principles, and would bring to the discharge of tue exe cutive duties a mind vast and comprehensive, in its full vlger and ex par tion. It does a man good from time to time to be in Wash iagton, even during the recess to see what schemes Pierce, Forney and Jeff. Davis aie concocting for their mutual advancement. Would yon believe it, that after being whipped clear out of his boots, disowned, cudgeled snd literally " crushed out" by his own party, Pierce is fool enough still seriously to entertain the idea of a re election? Forney puts him up to it, for from the time Pleroe gets over his spree, (he is no>v drank with power.) bis butler, bottle washer, and something else, will be without occupation. Bs must be fooled to the top of his bent that be may dispose of all the money and patronage he has to bestow, in favor of his personal frieads; let Pierce become politically honest and free from vlee, and he will spurn such m?n as Forney aad others who are now his boon companions. One ef the contemptible means now resorted to by Pierce, Forney and Jeff. Davis, to keep Marcy down (because it is feared his reply to the report of the Os tend Conference might furnish him with poll tical cap! tal for the next Presidential campaign,) is to direct public attention to another quarter; and hence the Union has kept up an incessant Are upon 8pain, England and France, threatening war and destruction to the whole civilised world, when there is net a man In Wash ington, be he a foreign Minister or a domestic politician, who does not know that Pieroe would sooner faint than fight. Pierce, who, in the presence of Marcy, is over whelmed, and flutters like a little bird enshanted by a big black snake, revenges himself on his stubborn pre mier by setting Forney to sbuse him ia the go vera meat organ. Fornev is glad at the chance, beeause it helps Buchanan while he seems to serve Pierce; and Pierce is glad to kesp ths halanoe of power between the premier and the minister to l^ndon The President, it is believed, takes epon himself the responsibility of the orders, whatever thev may be, that I have b en given to Captain McCauley. Us is probably ordered to blow oat of the water the Spanish eraisers and their British consorts, also, ia resentment of the fpanish assumption of a right to hail our vessels aad a*k for I heir papers, and enquire whether they are on a piratical or comasereial errand. This 8panuh pretension and practice are assumed to besqulvaleat to the ? xerclee of a right of search, which, as advocates of the freedom of the seas, we do not ooaeede to any Power, upon any pretense whatever. The intelligence expected by the government from Havana, via Charleston, probably relates to the exercise by the Spanish authorities of this right of search, or rathsr cf visiting aad detaining oar vseeels. The United States Consul has, of coarse, had a oeafereacs wttb the " authorities on that subject, sad the result ImIno ?om ?Ulctbd to our gov. niawL The dstorssiBitioo of ths tpanish goverumrut to |?iit In this practice la. tberr tore, known uil tbo iMMon paper Ittfawd; made It r? mala ? only to bring tlie question to ths tost of term. fonr# appeal to think that the sinking, by Cap*. McCaa iey, of i Uw Jfulab tuhIi of war, his big Pa>x bar*, will not invito war as a coaeeqaease It wtU, nevertheless, ba now, wbetbar mora or less vigorously can tad on. It will depend upon Congress whether It ba carried on with tne wuole pour of the aoaatry or not, and thty will probably sav not. Tbe expectation of Intelligence from the destined war station of the aetnal destruction already by aay of our ?bipa, of the ofl* nding Spanish guard* tU eosia, will bo disappointed. Tbe orders leading to sueb an event have b*en but just Issued, and an In Co>naaodar* MeGauky'a pocket. But ba will not fall very soon to fulfil public expectation* and tbe wishss of the government on the subject. Propositions are said to he making for equipp'sg for the Gulf service tbe largest float tbat we over sent to sea It will require a vary respectable fleet to follow up the iasue which one single vessel may make. Spain appears to have expected, and has certainly prepared for, a war with the United States. fcbe expected an a tempt, on our part, to aolae Cuba, and Is, no doabt, prepared for that attempt George Sundtrs thinks the President will soon too* the prospect of taking Caba, by the preliminary warning which Capt. McCauk v 's rattlers will give of the intended at tack. We shall eoon have stirring sews from the Gulf. Theatres and Exhibitions. Bboadwav Tmeatr e.? The historieal tragedy of tbe "Gladiator" is announced for this evening, wben Mr. Forrest wil> sppearas Spartacus. and Mr. Coaway as Phasartus, Madame Poniie as Senora, and Mini Gougeaheim as Julia. Miss Price and Miss Benrv appear la a "Pas de Dee Tbe covo'uding pieee will be the "Good for Nothing." Davidge and Miss J. Gougeuheim in tbe principal parts. Bowisv Theatre. ? This establishment, under the able management of Messrs. Waldroa and Jones, is duiug a fair business. Mr. E. Eddy,' a favorite with tbe frequenters of this theatre, and a good aetor, makes his appearance as " W illiam Tell. " being tbe last night of his engagement. Tbe "GroveB of Blarney," with Mr. and Mrs. Eddy, and Mr. Johnston in the principal parts, eonolndes the amasements. Bubtor's Theawbb.? ' The dramatie selections for this evening by Manager Burton, are auoh as coanot fill to draw a sood nouie. Tbe "Comedy of Errors" is the flrst pieoe, in wEicb Burton, Jordaa, Canoll. Fisher, Hall Mrs. Cook and Mr*. Hough will sustain tbe leading characters. The new comedy of "Legerdemain" will conclude the amusements. Wali.ack's 1'hiatbb.? The domestic drama of "Grand father Whitehead" is announced fer this evenisg, with that inimitable comedian, Mr. Blake, as Grandfather Whitehead. The "Bold Dragoons" will follow? Lester, Brougham. Mrs. Hoey and Mrs. Stevens in the prlnoipal characters. The "Happy Man," with Brougham as Paddy Murphy, con cludes all. American Museum.? The admired drama of "Raffaelle" is announced for this afterroon. C. W. Clarke as Count Ksffaelle; Hadnwey as Gregory Tumble, anil Misi Jackson as Pauline Loraine. Thii entertainment in the evening oon silts of the admirable drama of the " Flying Dutchman." Wood's Minstr els. ? A great variety of negro minstrel sy, together Wiethe popular extravagansa or the 'Hotel d'Afriqus," is announced for to-night. Buckley's Sin eraders.? This company is doing a lair business. They announce fcr to-night an entertainment ot great variety The burlesque opera of " Somnambula" is n<so announced. Periiam's Opera House ? The very amusing sketob ef " Dan and Pompey," as also a variety of singing, dancing, and instrumental piooes, for this evening. Empire IIall. ? " Smith's Panorama of Europe" should be seen by the admirers of good paintings. Mass. Augusta.? The admirers and frirnds of this chaste and excellent dansensc will give hern complimentary benellt at Niblo's Garden, on the eveains of the 10th of May. We I now ot no artist who deserves fublio patronage more than Hue. Augutta, and we hope to see tbe theatre crowded in evtry department on that evening. kit. P. Wells and Signor Berhardi will give s ooneert at Dodworth's Academy, on the evening of tbe 8th of May. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. MONET lAEKCr. Fwday, Apill 20-6 p. k. Thei? m * reaction in the stock market thi. norning. All kind. of .took. advanced. and th# " railroad securities wer. quite active at the improvem^t Virginia 6 a w?nt up ^ per cent; Misaouri 6'e v Erie Jn-. w n N< Y C?>tr?l Railroad X ; Cteveland and Toledo Railroad, * , Harlem * . H!d ?onRailroad, Pan.m. Rai Wd,l. ttSan KailroadfeUofflpercent. Tb. ^r.JnZ7 t?! trai Railroad atock waa somewhat unexpected A Urn crater took 1,000 .bare, la . ilngle fdj^ ^ p?'cent0Btl,e etoing priee ef yeaterdny. A/tor wards the market waa a little firmer. Reading RaUrlld improved on the opening. Tue eoal ton.JH7.k~ ? for April wiU be more than 300,000 tona. For the" first ?*teen<?aya the aggregate waa 108,322 tona ahowin* ZST^D^l tiBae ov,r Urt 3t" " 18'682 j ' 1864' the tonnage waa 170,147 tona. Sri* *ail road appeared to be in favor with all the little jobber, of the street, but we doubt their ability to JET" company of a character calcalated to *1? ?? ... . impetus to the atock r-t u .. B#wai tcpZ\i * Ter7 ??nsltlve, and ^After tfe? Adjournment ef the board the following "B ?f *>onda and atacha were made at auction bv SI meon Draper:? *V??n ?nd ""'burg R.R. I,t m. int. ad ?8K 4,000 buffalo, Coming and N. Y R.R. do a- !!'? ?,M0 Ohio ,i| g;; J? M the aecond board there waa a .light improrement in prices. Erie, Canton and Cumberland were in demand, anil closed Arm at cur quotations Heading Railroad waa p ta demMld> *>?* waa held at better pricea. Panama Railroad adranced in the face of large contracts on time, sellers option. The inaide party in Cumberland are buyera, which account. Cor the rise to-day. 1 he European .teamer. will not take ant a lane amount of .pecie to-day. A large portion of the ordirs ha. been countermanded, and the ahipment. will be comparatively limited. The total exportation by both ?teamer. will not exceed three hundred thouaand dollars and the aggregate for the week will not vary much from one and a half million of dollara. The transactions at tht Awl. tent Treasurer'. offl* to day, were as follow. ? R:?iCvnedTr,"UI7doaCOOUnt B&iaxtce (1n ????????aeeeeeee. 66,161 78 Paid for Aaiay office . . . k . .V.V.V.V.V.'.'.'.V." ' ^ *4 'a08 M Paid on disbursing cLlecks eeY.V.W. 34,140 73 The warrant* entered at the Treaaury ' Department, Washington, on the 18th inat., were T-t the redemption or atock flfl 402 M For *aying Ir*ai urj debt. V' ? For covcr'ng into tbe Treaaury from euatoma 671683 84 ^trwri^Kr,MB Und-- g@g For repaying in ^ War ** 24 848 68 lor repaying in tl>? ^avy Department. ?'s73 32 For the Intericr Department. J.' " jj? The earning, of the Ilarlem Railroad Company, for the Ifi?T6!M ?? ? ? eee $9, 191 41 '?r 6 monih* Pf ^ ceding 31st March, j'* ^?r ? BQOn^a preceding 31a't March M 454,474 11 Tncreace In ? months 980,301 49 The amount reported for the .ix montha ending March 31, 1866, exhibit, the exact ca.h earnings after settle ment with, and payment to all connecting roada; while for ' he same period in 1864, the .um repreaented ia that of the gross receipts before auch payment to connect.** roada. Such waa the mode then of mak ng up the monthly atatements, and which could not now be rectified without conaiderable time and labor. 1/ it were dene it ">? actual increase for aix montha more than The receipts of the Grand Trunk Railroad Company of Canada, for the flrat quarter of 1866, were aa folio wa ? First quarter, 1866 ?47 a:o VT? a.? s? m';3? Inereaas, equal to 26 per cent "$36^08 JT.T2!1 !' "" niln* D*oember31, 1864, were $886,086. The earning, of the remainder ef the year, judging from the weekly return, thua far, will sweU the toUl year's earning, to a million of dollar* ; rQn"iD? ? ?t M per cent, tkera ia doll.!. ?r *" Mnt UPOn "ght f /luidend of thirty -three and a third per eent has been declaied by the Keeeiver of the Knicketbscker I 8avinga Bank, payable on demand. Upon the announcement of the second sa.penaion ef P*?* 4 ?*COB> "t St. Uals, we gar. a brief re view of the cau.e. which ted to that nnippy suppowd that, as the pnbUc mind woald soon be absorbed by other ccitemanta, ear raa^rk. W0lUd i 222S ter, and that it would aoon he lost .ight of. But such appear, not to be the ea.e. After a f.wdaysof pro found alienee on the part of the organs of the Llr "American Banking Hoase" in the country, we find a tengthy official statement of the affair, whieh we eaaaot let P?. without notice. Although the fimacui ^-ans of the banking honae referred to have frea. the Irat been pretty loud in their p^. of praUe we hare he fore bee. favored with a blast from an offloUl aenroe We have not mueh space to d.rete to a refutation of the statement, ma/e by the ' American Banking Honae '? and therefore merely give a brief and auccinct hi. tow of ths affair. Me*?. Dnnean, Sherman * Oo hev^Ju^ three months before they ware prepared to give any ex plaaat!on of their unaccountable oouree with their eor. respondents in January last, and now that both the par ties on tbe one side are oat of the city, they nut forth this statement, distorted In all its, incorrect ia all the e.sentlal particulars, and avoiding entirely the main question at issue. We are well assured that at time soarcely wer* Dwan, Sherman ft 90. ia actual tub advance, uM the two acoountsof hp h Bacon ul Page, Bmm * ?s., together. The latter dm gens rill j bad large eaah balances tpioit which Dansaa, Sherman ft Co. eould only ahow acceptances, sot ma turisg for acme time to com, and If a house of the re pited me ana of Duncan, Sherman 4 Co. felt the "torero money pressure" in "thoee stringent aad trying times," it mut hove heen from other sources than from auoU sc eoDDta aa thete. A)1 that Is said a boat wut of seesrity, he , ia futile. Mr Bacon la knows to hare responded promptly to every call of Dnaoao, Sherman k Co. for security, and on the 9th of January, when Mr. Sherman expressed uneasiness, Mr. Bacon at onoo conveyed to him, "in trust," private real estate ?alusd at $600,000? open doing which Mr. Sherman ex pressed himself perfectly satisfied ? his house being, a', that tisse, holders of bonds, stocks, and other good secu rities, previously desmed ample for their entire safety. Wo can easily imagine Mr. Bacon'* astonishment the ?sry next day to And Mr. Sherman still as ere exacting and pressing than ho had ever boon before, complaining of want of money, he. Ho was told to "ssUths securities,'' wh'ch ho did, (Missouri bonds, he.,) at frightful rates. Aga'n Mr. Sherman became mere exacting, and then Mr. Bsoon became alarmed? not so much at his own po sltion as at the equivocal course apparently adopted by Mr; Sherman. It was at this juncture that Mr. Baoon called on his friend, Mr. Asplnwall, and explained his position and askod his advice. An interview was had between all the partios, at which the Una) agreement was made ; and, to avoid any further misunderstanding Mr. Aspinwall dstormined to commit it to writing, which he fid in the note of the 11th of January, which we annex' New York, Jan. 11, 1866. Watts Shxxxax, Esq.? Dxar Sib? To avoid all misunderstanding hereafter, I beg leave to recapitulate the result of our interview of this morning at Mr. Bacon's room : ? lut That the overdrafts of Page k Baoon, as advised up to last evening, be considered as a temporary loan, and be represented by their not* on demand, with the understanding that it shall be halt as a permanent loan for the perod at tlx months, if Page k Bacon are thereby benefitted so as to continue their business without' inter ruption; and provided, also, that the aceount of Page, Bacon k Co , of San Francisco, continues in a satisfac tory shape, by not being oveidrawn, and that Page k Bacon, or St Louis, do not exceed the one hundred thou sand dollars is thsir future overdrafte. 2. That you shall oontinue to pay the future drafts of Page k Baeen to the extsstof one hundred thousand dol lars, to be drawn in the ordinary course of their busi ness, under Mr. Bacon's as sura res that ths same shall be covsred within forty days from this data by the sar liest remittance from California S. That for any advanoee made by Duncan, Sherman k Co., aa above, I will bp responsible to them lor one half of such advances, not exceeding the principal of liability on my part, of fifty thousand dollars (660,000,) to be covered by my note payable on the 10th day of April next, and to be given aa soon as it shall appsar that such advances have not bsen covered by remit tances from California to the credit of Page k Bacon in the books of Duncan, Sherman At Co., or by Page k daeoa themselves, from the proceeds of the bonds in the hands of r. Huth h Co , or otherwise. I am, very respectfully, your obodient servant, WM. fl. ASPlNwALL. On this hinges the main point at issue in the whole business. Mr. Sherman agreed solemnly to two things: ?1st, to convert the demand loan of Pago k Bacon into a permanent loan of six months, if Pago k Bacon are thereby benefited so as to continue their busiases without Interruption; 2d, to continue to pay the futui a drafts of Page k Bacon to the extent of $100,000, to bo drawn in the ordinary course cf their business, he., the same to apply to drafts not then advised, this engagement being without any Other reservation or qualification whatever. On the next day $80,000 only on such drafts sgainirt this $100,000 wsre preiented, one of $60,000 in favor of the Bank of Missouri, and others to the amount of $30,000, all drawn " in the ordinary course of their businsss" on the 12th of January. Mr. Sherman be came again alarmed, and sent for Mr Bacon, end bogged to bs released from his written contract of the day before. Mr. Bacon told him that tho thing was simply ridiculous, and that hs had had enough of such work ; that there was the agreement, and it must be abidsd by; that he would take care of all beyond the contract. Mr. Asplnwall was seat for, and his ideas were the same as to the plain aad unequivocal duty and obligations of Duncan, Sherman k Co., and himself un der the contract. Mr. Baoon loft, fully assured in his own mind that there eould be but on* course, and that was the payments as agreed, and continued his pre parations to leave for fSt. Louis that afternoon, to ar range for all future drafts, when, to his utter astonish ment at 20 minutes to 3 o'clock, he was informed by one of the fcoployes of ths house that Mr. Sherman had determined to rsputfhto his contract and protest the paper he had obligated and pledged himself to protect This was the first moment Mr. Baoon knew of this phase of the affair, this breach of plighted faith and henor, which, among business men, Is consider ed more sacred than all others. Messrs. Dunsan Sheiman k Co., failed to fulfil a written obllga' tion to pay a ceiUin sum of money, and the ooniequtnce was that Pago k Bacon's paper was pro tested, and the odium thrown upon parties where it did not belong. Whitewash it as thsy may, use Albany ethics and taetics as well, these are the facts, and all the special pkading of the Regency cannot controvert them. It avails nothing to set up tho paltry excuss that the sum was, in their after opinion, inadequate, ho. ; that was not their business or in their contract. After events have shown that it was enough, for no more drafts came forward, and even at tho moment they put in this false plea, they received a telegraphic dopatch from New Orleans stating that $40,000 was on the way to them for the account of Page k Baoon, and within a few weeks of the time, Page, Bacon k Co. had a large surplus here, which w>ro than made gsod every pro mise and representation on their part. The annexed statement exhibits the operations of the United States Mint at Philadelphia for March, and tho total for the first qnartsr of 1866:? TJ. 8. Miirr, Philadelphia? Cost aqk ajtd Deposits. Jam. and fW>. March. Total. Double eagles. . $0,660, M0 00 $302,840 00 $6,808,380 00 Essies...?/.... 746,020 00 181,420 00 937,440 00 Half eagles 190,566 CO 166,076 00 346,030 00 Three dollars... 38.610 00 ? 33,610 00 Qnartsr eagles. 293,346 00 ? 203,346 00 Dollars.. 77... . 26,010 00 203,766 00 228,760 00 Total gold $7,818,970 00 $843,091 00 $8,702,061 00 Half dollars.... 68,000 00 ? 68,000 00 Quarters 62,0(0 00 16.000 00 78,000 00 160,000 00 14,000 00 170,000 00 Halt dimes 78,000 00 11,000 00 84,000 00 Total silver.... $349,000 00 $41,000 00 $390,000 00 Copper ? 6,176 86 6,176 86 Total coinage.. $8, 207,970 00 $889,260 86 $9,097,230 86 In 1854...7.... 7,799,236 38 4,400,622 17 12,3*6,867 66 Tecrease, 1866. ? $3,677,365 22 $3,168,620 7u Ucrea.e, 1866. $408,784 62 ? The gold deposited for the month of March was? Frtm California $123,000 From otbsr sources 6,000 Total gold deposits $128,000 8ilvsr purchases 130,300 Total taken for coinage $204,800 The deposits of the precious metals for the correspond ing three months of 1164 and 1866, were ? 1864. 1866. Gold. Silver. Sold. Silver. January... .$4,216,679 108,000 4,209,400 170,000 February ... 2,614,000 1,106,000 1,193,000 76,300 March....... 3,932,000 147,000 128,000 130,800 Totals ...$10,001,679 1 421,000 6,690,400 281,000 ?Shewing a total decrease this year of $0,210,679 in tho deposits of the precious ssotals, of which $6,071,179 was gold, and $1,189,401 silver. This decrease ia the gold ii exclusive of the February receipts from the Now York Assay office, amounting to $1,029,180. The annexed statement exhibits the and ex penditures of the New Haven and Now Loiftn Railroad Company for the year just closed ? Niw Havto akd Nrw Loitdo* Rahiuud. J?ccs*p<?? From passengers $87,007 09 ? freight 9,328 03 '? matt service 4.207 09 " express 1,912 81 " rents $71 76 Tot*] earnings of the road 9108,084 07 Xxptu&Uurt* Operating the rood, repairs, ferry boot, ttiH, innurance, Mniud engine* 150,111 10 Exeeisof earnings otot expenditure* $44,867 18 InUmt on Bondt. Corporation 7 per cent beads 931,500 00 ? 0 " ?? 19,000 00 ?? 10 44 " 060 00 1h*r< in a floating debt of 973,10ft 70, coapcn* to the amoaat ef 92,312 60, not yet pr mated. A isolation was adopted antherlaiag the director* to ?til the remainder en tbe best term* possible, for the pnrpoeeof liquidating the teating debt. The repirt *1 ate* that all the suits again ?t the company hare been ??tlUdat an eipenae of 994,040 20, and there are ao out*' asking claim* of aa J Importance The diwetora hare reaaoa to hope that tba Norfolk County Railroad ? ill *ooa bo able to fnlfll ita obligations, and thn* open a BOW and expedition* through roato between New Ha ?en and Beaton, which will greatly beneftt the road The annexed statement exhibit* the quantity of ooal txaa* ported otot the Onmborland and Psaaiylranla Rail road doriag the week ending ei Saturday, April 7; also lWh?w Cm *?*' ?"^' W**- Tear. KrT3 a."*" (SL *?"? 7.?12 Allegany M. Ce .'.'.' $43 1 200 j'^g Carbon H. C. Ca.. 20 _ }?g} ToW1 2^637 4^130 iSToM Statement of coal transported ow the Cumberland Coal aad boa Company's railroad duriag tha we?k ..ding oa Saturday, tb. 7 th of April; also th. Mount Mmt hy .Mh JO.PMJ for the year tHi|>DaH the Ut of JaiuaSy) Catuil. Week. Yrhr CMMuid 00..MI.M 1,3M ?3 2,203.08 19,213 08 Pmcj t W 110.04 ? 110.04 1 708 IS Everett k Co 43.60 6.10 49.10 'aSji 122 03 1,342 13 2,404.10 21,343 10 Statement of eoal transported over the Baltimore ?4 Ohio Railroad from the Westeropert region, during the wok endlnf on Saturday, the 7th of Ipril ; alto the amount aent by each company for the year beginning the let of January, 1866 from Georgt't Crtrk. Wide. Tear. George's Creek Company 667.11 7,923.17 Swanton Company. 1,797.03 17 671.06 Aaoarioan Coal Goaapaay 1,464.08 12,121.00 ToU1 sijllTw The London Ttmm of March 30, aaya fr0m *??'?tbam, regarding one Url* ?wlur?e in that n^bberkeo*! fur i*?0*1 tlc" 01 tb# **?**??* most ef the various difficulties announced daring the past six month* hare oeeurrod among partiea who oSght ^ver tThaVa been trusted, aad whese s uspew ion must h?? h?p pened sooner or later, whatever might have been th? eOU,,*.w ? f? ?' the money market. It an poara that inthe case aow alluded to although the stoppage took place aome time back, and a meeting of the creditors waa held tho day balm veeterdavth. amount of liabilitica cannot be atatod ai^y,tw? ?ro not known to tho person bfcnsolf. They woro 01 Mn ally reported to be about ilOoTfl^ a sJn&^Su% der the circumstances, will probably bo found u Ln been too amall, while, 'with Egart JL J! doubtful if 2*. in the pound eaa bo honed faT' Won ia, do tho creditor, d^e e* n7Tmart? vV.nT den and nalooked for dW? iTahJ^ <>? th! trary, it aeon a that by a deUrmiaoJTwaUtence !n^hli ?til i^WkUti|1' bil"' ?Penlt,on? were earned on * ~ beokkeepirg waa conaider?d nielnaa. and ererr ? ?h?u?tad. Such a course of p rl ?"]d ??* >???*?? unattended with circum * * "net a long time have been aufflcieot to open the eyes of persons Interested; and if, for the sate of keeping up a system of lalae credit, with the hone that abeence of explanation, it la irreaUUbly suggested, and there can bo no question that ia tho majority of fall area lately in London and Liverpool, aa wall as tho provincea '/"If reckleae way in which persons without !i\.JDg?0r,e*P^ hayJ b**B ,h??rn *? been trust tile debto^" unfavorably on the ereditora aa on Tho Legislature of New Jersey haa passed the follow ing act for the punishment of an over or fraudulent issue of the atock of aay iaeerporatod company ? th?i^^^r^^B*V?dGenWkl ^???mbly of tho State of Mew Jartey. That every president, vioe nSffii.r )0'' cashier, treasurer, secretary, or other olBocr, and eveiy ageat of any bank, insurance company, railroad company, manufacturing company ?ther ?f*P?*tion, who shall wiUuUy andia' ^ intent to issne, transfer, sell or pUdg^or to ?ause to bo issnod, transferred^ sold or pledged, any false, fraudulent or simulated certificate ? ouer evidence of the ownership or transfer or anr share or shares of the capital stock of auch corporation or who ahall wiiruUy and deaignedly aign, with intenl n,'*rJ *'J or plodto, or cauae to be issued, trauterred sold or pledged, any certificate or other evi dence oT the ownership or transfer of any ahare or abarea in auch corporation, or any inatrument purport tog to bo a eertiflcate or otlisr evidence of auch owner ' ,the. tosuing, traasrerriog, seli ! *dftoK?f which, by such president, viae presi dent, director, cashier, treasurer, secretary, or other .ft* ?,r ,ha11 not authorised by the charter and by-laws of auch corporation, or by aome amendment thereof, and every auch preaident, vice- president, di rector, cashier, treasurer, secretary, or ether officer or agent, who shall wilfully, deaignedly, and fraululently othV;. ' ?r "J ?uch certificate, or -hi? i- 7? ?"<**' 0ti ,,uoh 'natrument as aforesaid, with intent to prejudico, injure, damage or defraud any peri on or poraona, body poliUc or corporate, shall be thereof fhin k^' * b!fv J1!?*1?"0*' Md on oonviction theroor shall be punished by flae not exceeding three tbonaand dollars, or Imprisonment at hard labor ror an v term not exceeding ten years, or both. That this act < hall take effect immediately. The annexed statement exhibits the quantity aad vahw or foreign dry goods entered at this port ror con sumption, for warehouse, and also tho withdrawal from warhouae, daring the week ending and including Thuraday, April 19, 1886:? Movnmra w Fordo* Dkt Goods. Entered for With- Ware - ? _ Consumption, drauxils. house. Manufacturea of wool $182,223 $39,0(0 $6 937 " of cotton... 28,017 64,640 14 943 r, ?< 168,491 32:633 l.'SS it. #f ^ 33>?34 80,976 13,367 Miscellaneous 38,188 16^469 3)843 $426,563 $182,608 $39,960 Total value put on the market $608,161 A slight improvement is observable ia the demand for ?eaaonable article* in the dry goods line this week, bat no particularly favorable change is dlscernable ia prices. The country dealers have bean busier in procuring sup plies, which they desire to get home with as early aa facilities for doing so are more generally afforded, by the resumption of Internal navigation; and local job bers have bought a little mere liberally, in order to per fect asaortmenta that had been broken by the execution or orders from their cuatomera, and in order to meet the recurring wants of these. Hence the increased animation, which haa bean without any positive infiueaoe ea prices- ( I Brown and bleached aheetinga aad ahirtiaga have been in moderate request, at steady prieea. Canton flannels are quiet, but otherwise unchanged. Denims, drills and duck remain about the aam?. There is a little more doing in ginghama and lawns, at, however, unim proved rates. Oanaburgs are sparingly purchased at lasguid prices. Printing cloths and prints appear about the aaarfb. Stripe ? aad ticks are dull aad heavy. Woollen goods exhiMt rather mere activity, but no* change in value. There is bat little doing in blankets. Chsaimerea are leaa pctlve, but ateady. Cloths attract rather moreattant on, but are languid in price. Doeskins sre telling in a small way at full rates. Flannels, jeans, aad linseya are pretty rreely offered, but ia alack request, and, if anything, favor buy era Mouslin do laines dis play no improvement. Satinets aad tweeds are essen tially the same. , Foreign productions are in moderate demand, at steady rates, where they suit the taste o 1 buyers. This Is rather seldom the case ; and in consequence, the business ia ra ther limited, at irregular prices, especially la the auc tioa rooms, where goods of an tarenor or unpopular aa ture are sold without reserve to the highest bidder, who seldom oiler near the prime cost. Or course, tbe result is unravorable to factors, but this had been anticipated, sad there Is but little disappolntmeat. We can notice no change in other partieulara. 100 870C0 Virginia 6'a.?3 14000 do *3 MX 10(0 do 07 1000 N Carolina 6'*.. 00 12000 lad Btate 6'?... M 8000 lnd 3* par cent 61 10(0 Miaaouiri #'?...? 92* 0M 50 60 M (0 100 400 Hock Bxebtng*. Friday. April 30, 1866. 248 aha Pan RR 96* 100 do ?? MM ft do M 26 Nor & Wor RK 88 360 Erie RR *3 40 * do a40 49* (0 60 60 ?3 49* do b? 49* do ?10 49?, do alO 4 0* do a60 40 * do b8 49* da 49 S do ? 49 * do MO 60 do alO 49* do b3 40* do b20 49* do bl6 49* alO 49* 00(0 do e 02 X tOOCity 7'a, '67.... 100 OOOOErloCaa Ba '71. M 60C0 Erie toad*. '76. 87 V 4000 N lad latltGL. 86 6000 Paa Ba 2d la ..M 09 3000 111 CRRFB wp 70 * 300 9< 00 NT Ota RR B.a3 02 100 100 N T C<a 7'a..,. 101* 100 1000 Clevklol DItBii. 71* 200 100 ?ha Am Ex Bk.. . 116 100 Caatoa Co. . ..MO 26\, 2600 Miab So JB Ba.a8 86 10C0 T HfcA2dm8pcBa 76* 1*0 260 Pannk Lab Zinc. . 2* 386 836 Nte Traatit 1?* 100 200 Coab Coal 38 V 100 100 do M0 28 X 300 ioo do a30 28v. aro 100 do e 38* 40* 100 do a30 38 * 200 160 do b30 20 160 (NT Caa RK .... 08* 300 1643 do 93* 800 60 do alO 08V 300 do blO 86 200 CteY k Tol BR. *3 78* 600 do 86 60 do 73* lOOHudaonR RR... 38V 100 db M0 74 300 do M 38V 87* 300 do b30 38 * ?0* 300 do M0 88* do a8 49* 286 Harfeaa RR 80 do MO 80* _ do a3 80* do. ..."!. M0 38* 300 Roadiag RR. . b80 86 " do ? 84* do 84* do b?0 R6* do blO 84* do a30 ?4* do alO 84* IlOCbi kBI MR.... tSMIebOaa BR. .. 100 Putnt RR ?4d tXOOWD BOARD. $0000 lad State S'e. . 84 * M aha Ckrfc Tal RR 74 19000 Miaaonrt ?'?..? 98 10000 do *8 98* 4000 Virginia 6'a. ... 87 MOO d? alO 07 6000 Erie Ba' 76. ?80 M MOO IUCtaBB Bt.bSO 78 6000 do.... ?10 78 60 do 74* 60 Had Riv RR. . aOO 88* 1 60 do b60 38* 100 Caatoa Co 28* 200 do WW 2T* 100 do b30 30* 300 do *3 31* 1600 NT CaaRRBa.nS 93 * 300 Erio Railroad.... 60* 200 Aa Cnmb Coal. . 30* 860 do a3 60* 300 do ?8 29* 200 >M do tM0 29* 100 400 do M0 29 50 do a80 39* 100 do aS 39* 100 do 133 If T Oat BR.... M 700 Roadiag RR 60 fe M0 M do aSO 60* do M0 60* 100 do M* 600 Ptaaaa BR. Mm 96 96 M* CI IT mot REPORT. ... ?*?I>ay. April ?? 6 r. M. * **>?? "ere made, at 96 81 for pole, urf >6 ]> for pesrl. BUADKrcn-H ?Flour? Market again 12X?. a 36c per bbl higher for all num, medium and rood grades. Sale* for the da; about 6,000 a 4,000, included in which were common to good State brand*, at $0 Ma $10 36; do. Ohio and Indian*, at $10 26 a 111 for eomtnon to good, and 911 a 913 tor fancy and extra; do. Soother a, at til a *12 76, and Canadian do. (about 1,000 bbl*.) at ?10 60 a til 60. Rje flour- 200 bhk. aold at 99 36 for floe to t? 76 for in per Que. Meal? Small aalee of Raw Jer**y, at 94 76 a 9* 9 1 . Wheat? About 2,000 bnahele Southern white wore aold at p. t. ? aoppo ied to be at about t2 70. Corn waa tolerably active; about 40,000 a 46,000 buahelr, at 107 Wo. a lOtc. for Mixed from store, and 100c. a 110c., with a amaU let at 111c., far new white and yellow? the latter rather aa extreme prioe ; aad 20.000 ?old, oelirerabie in June and July, at Me. a 95c Rye? Sale* of 1,400 buahela Northriver weie aade, at tl 49. Oata? lhe market waa quiet, at 99e. a 86c. for State aad * ea tern, for heavy to good lota. Femobtb ? To Liver pool, about 1,100 bbl*. roein were eagagtd at p. t , 1,200 bbla. roeln at la., 00 tona logwood at lb*., 80 tona of fustic at 13a. 6d., and 60 bale* Saa I aland ootton at 9- 16d. To London, 300 bbla. roein wore takes at 1*. Od To Glaagow, 40 tona of fuatie, at 16e. To Havre, cotton waa engaged to bo taken at Ko. ; aahe* were 97 a 90, and rtoe 98. To Bremen, 100 Wea cotton ware taken at ^c., and 80 bbla. lard at J?e. To Mar aeillea, apirita were taken at 4Xo , roein at la., and pi* mento at Jfc. To California, rate* ranged from 30c. to 3tc. per foot. The clipper Star King cleared yeetorday with about 2,100 too* freight, leaving five clipper* atill i n for California. Fkuit.? 3i,0 boxoe M. rata in* at 92 46. Hay.? 800 a *00 bale*, at tl a tl 09. iBOi*.? Email lota Sootch pig at t20, 0 month*. Molasbki.? 300 hud*. Truiidal at p. t., aad 400 bbl*. New Orleans at 26c. a 27c., and 60 do. do. at 29c. Naval Stokes ?Small lots of spirits at 41Xe-> and of rosin at 62 Xc. Corns ? 260 bag* Sa vanilla sold oa private term*; 100 do. Bio at 11c., aad 20 do. Cape at 9c. I' Pork? Market unsettled, with l*a* doing. Bale* of 660 bbla were made, including eld mess at tl6 81 a tl6 37 ; new mess at 917 76. aad new prima at tit. Beef? 400 bbl*. wore sold at t9 60 * 912 60 for country meas Bacon? Sales at 8c. a 9X?> in package*; abort middle*, rib in, at 8o. Cutireata? 100 a 200 package* ?boulder* and bama, aold at 7c. a 7J<c. for the former, aad 034c. a 9^c. for the latter. Lard waa firmer, with sales 800 bt la prime at 10c. a 10^e. Rice dull. Small lota sold at 6e a 6c. Soap.? 100 boxes caetile aold at 10)fe. Sc?a*.? The t&'ea embraced 600 boxea brown and yel low at 6J?c. a 6\c.: 400 a 600 hlids. Now Orleans at about 5c. a &)* c , and about 150 Cuba, part at 4%c. Spicxb.? 2f>o mats cassia wsre sold at p. t. Tobacco. ? btotks continued amaU, and good paroels coming in the market are readily taken at hill price*. We note the following sale*: ? 136 hhda. Kentucky at 7>?c. a 12c. ; ? 24 bales Havana at 24c. a 41c. ; 10C do. Cuba at p. t.; 80 cases seed leaf at 6\c. a 16c. Oils. ? Lit seed Is in good demand for whole paroels, with sales 01 8,010 a 10,000 gallons, at 88e , mostly to arrive. Lota from store sold at from 86c. a 87*. Whale and sperm were without change. Tallow.? 1,500 lbs. were sold at p. t. ? supposed a fraction under ll)tc. Wikb.? 200 cases ciaret were sold at 93 26. Wuiskey easier 200 bbl*. State and Ohio sold at 34c. o 36Xc ; and 60 hbds drudge, at 36c.,ltime aad interact. Wool ? 1 he msrket is less astive, aad the sale* are considerably leu than la*t week. The operation* have been moatly in pulled and fleece, chiefly from second hand*, and at foimer price*. From the light atook in first hand*, and there jbemg but little wool in the coun try. holder* ar* not willing to aubmlt to a decline. Nothing ?oing in foreign. Bbal Bbiatb.? Houie and lot on Seventh avenue, near Twenty -seventh street, 23x100, 90,100; 1 lot on Forty seventh street, near Tenth avenue, 14x100. t726; 1 do. adjoining, 16x100, t710; 2 do , with baildtnga, on ave nue A, between Thirteenth and Fourteenth afreet*, 62x M, 918,000; bouse and lot No. 60 Seventh avenue, 22x 100, 910,804. Tsab.? Auction sale*, terms *ix months.? Hysoa? 82 half chests at 37c.: 62 do 80; 32 do 36X; 108 da 36: 01 do 34 ?: 46 do 34; 0 do 30; 10 do 28; 40 do2?X; 13 do 26. HysonSkin ? 16 cheats 26X; 62 half cheat* 22)f: 60 cbette 18; 82 do 10: 16 do l&X; 84 do aad 32 half chests 19 ; 26 do and 12 half chests 12 W. Hyson Twan ksy? 67 half chesta 21; 47 do 18X; M do 17X; 47 do and 83 half do 16X gcucbong? 110 chest* 21; 46 half do 20. Oolong ? 88 half cheata 30: 246 do 29; 86 do 28 Xj 1(4 do 28; 42 do 27. Imperial? 48 half ehoete 40 W; 88 36; 67 do Sift; 47 do 31; 20 do 30*; 16 da 28X; 21 do 28; 78 do 27: 70 do end 293 boxea 26. Gunpowder? 106 boxea 44; 61 half cheat* 43 W: 22 do 43: 34 do 39#; 94 do 39; 7b do 37 X; 16 do 87 ; 15 caae* and 11 half ehoete S6X : 17 half cheste 36; 20 do 34#: 13 do 34; 46 do 38 X; 14 do 88; 49 do81X; 02 do 31; 11 do 80: 16 do 28; 83 co 27 X ; 122 do 27; 43 do 18X- Young Hyson? 87 half chests 46; 41 do 46X; 52 do 39X; 30 do88X; 1* cases and 94 half chests 37 X; 286 boxes 37: 76 half chests 36; 234 do 84; 82 do 33; 40 do 32; 43 do 30; 24 do 28X; 178 dl> 28; 262 do 27; 141 do 26; 70 do2&Xl 264 do 26: 102 do 2*Xl 68 do 24; 167 do 23; 98 do 22; 80 da 21; 144 do 20X; 29 do 20; 69 do 18X; 60 do 12X Retail Prices of Fym Produce at Washing ton Market. We have at length the pleasure ef amounting a de t rease in the price of meat. Beet has receded om and wo eeuts per pound. Veal ii also mnch cheaper. There is at preeent large quantities of meat in market. Foul try and game is quite scarce, and consequently dear. Fish is plenty and cheap. Good North river shad east now be bought for from thirty to fifty cents. Large qusntiUes of spring vegetables are in market, though bey ere as yet quite dear. Eggs, butter and shall fish emein at prices quoted last week. The following list has bctn carefully corrected MEATS. Beef? Sirloin, roast, per lb 14 * 18 Bib, roast, prima ? a 16 Bib, ohuck ? a 12 Sirlota steaks 14 a IS Porterhouse steaks 10 a IS Bump steaks 15 a 14 Plates and navels, corned 10 a ? Mutton, per lb 0 ?S a 0 19 per carcase " 0 01 a ? Lamb " ? a 0 25 Veal " - a Oil Veal, fore quarters... " IN a 0 06 Hind quarters. .. " 0 ? a 001 Veal cutlet* " 0 18 a 6 20 Pork ? Freeh, per lb 0? a 611 Hams, smoked, per lb 6 12 a 6 18 Shoulders " *' 0 06 a 0 10 Sides, 44 ? 6 ? a 0 12* Sides, pickled, " ? a 6 10 Jow Is, 44 - a 0 06 Smoked beef, . 44 ? a 8 12 Sea tares, 44 ? a 6 10 Bologna do. " ? a 0 26 Tripe, " 0 07 a 008 Lara, " - a 012 POULTRY AKJ> 9AMJL Turkeys, per lb . ? a 6 18 Geese, 44 0 18 a ? Ducks, tame, per pair 1 (0 a 2 00 Ducks, black, ? a 1 12* Ducks, redhead. " 1 26 a ? Ducks, eanvassbiick, per pair 1 60 a 1 76 Chickens, per pair 1 00 a 1 60 Fowls, ?? 1 00 a 1 26 Guinea do. " ? a 0 87* Partridges, per patf ? a 1 26 Qaafl. per dosen ? a 2 00 Robins, perdos 1 00 Rabbits, per pair 0 60 Wild ducks, per pair 0 02 Grouie, per pair 1 00 Engraft Snipe, per pair ? ^ PISH. Shad, each.. 0 30 a 10 Bass, perlb ? a 12 Halibut 44 0 10 a 6 ? Smelts, 012 a ? Codfish. ?? 0 ? a 0 06 Pickerel. '? 0 12 a ? Sunflsh, " 0 08 a ? Eels, 44 10 a 6 13 Perch " ? a 0 08. Flounder*" 0 66 a ? Salt mackerel, per lb 0'la a ? Salt shad, " 0 12* a ? Smoked halibut << 0 10 a ? Imk'd mackerel ? 0 12 a ? Sounds and tongues, per lb 0 06 ? ? Smoked shad, 44 0 12 a ? Soused salmon, per can 2 00 m ? Smoked salmon, per lb 0 16 a ? Dry codfish, 44 0 04 a ? nunm. Oysters? Princes' bay, per 100 6 02 X a 6 76 Virginia 44 0 02* a 1 00 Gams, Shrewsbury, per 100 6 66 a 1 00? ' Uttle Week, 44 160 a 800 Lobsters, per lb ? a 6 66 Grabs, per dos 0 18 a 0 26 YEQKTABLBS. Potatoes, par half-pock ? a 6 29 Mercer do. per bbl 4 06 a 4 60 June do. 44 ? a 4 60 Turnips? white, per half-pock 0 80 a ? Rirxsia, 44 0 26 a 80 Do. per bbl 8 60 a ? Onions, red, per balf-peck 0 87 X a ? whit* 44 0 87* a ? Cabbages? new, each 0 12 a 0 18 red, 44 0 18 a 0 26 Savoy cabbage 0 06 a ?? Beets, per bunch 0 06 a -*? Carrots, 44 6 08 a ? Celery, " 0 80 a 6 87), Salad, each... 6 16 a ? Oyster plant, per bunch 6 12 a ? Parsnips, per bbl 176 a ? " un for 6 12 a 6 IS Green peas, per quart. 0 12 % a ? Lima beans *4 8 12)J ? a ? Water creeses 0 6 a IWJ Spinoeh, half peck ? Squash, each "~ Garlick, per bunch "* Sweet potatoes, half peek ~~ Radisbet, per bunch Artichokes, half peek. "T Tomatoes, Bermula, h*f peck 0 V Rhubarb roots, aaoh. bbl 4 00 a 6 00 Do. per naif-peck. Greenings, per bbl ? " a ? P*Wpaok 0 87* a App^menb^^bbi.......;- . ;-H Do. per half-peek 0 87* a Box russets, per bW... 4 60 a Do. ptr wdf-ptck ? SO a " ^ I : i~f Cranberries, por bbl 16 66 ? ?rrm, oram, rro. Butter Stats, per lb 6 26 ? 0 84 Orange, 44 o ? - - "? Delaware 44 6 86 Cheese per lb 0 10 f??Hsh, pe*Ib 6 16 Pineapple, each 0 16 ? Sapwgo, 44 6 26 ? Igf*. sevw f?r ? 12* ?

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