Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 23, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 23, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW WHOLE NO. 6814. MORNING YORK HER EDITION-MONDAY, APRIL 23, 1855. PEJCE TWO CENTS. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EYEEI DAY. POLITICAL. OMTICAI^THE MEMBERS Or LODGE NO. 10, IV far or et .-am Houston for thu Prtairienoy, will meat at Um aanal rendexvoua this evtnin*, at 8 o'clock. "POLITICAL ?THE ASSOCIATES Of LODGE SO. 8 X for Sam Houston, will meet to night on businoas of grot Importnnio. T.>, 8>{ o'olook, at the corner plaoe of aectiag. T>OI.mCAt.? THE ASSOCIATES OF THE GEORGE X Lav Association Ho. 12 will meat to night at the head quarters, trtiiacly at 8 o'clock. <io business of important. Virginia aad South Carolina will be present. PKUM)SVL. IF THE GENTLE MAW. WHO BY MISTAKE ON SUN day morning, at the Trinity Ohurib, took a Genia hat, Barked H. A . I . will call at 85 Murray atreet, third floor, he will confvt a tnvor and get his owu tiat. INFORMATION WANTED ? OF HEMIY YATES, ataman, *lout thirty years of aao. dark e .mnlexiou and dark hair; taut so?n mi boarJ tli ? s'a' of the West, bo-ind lor i-anam?, al.out thirteeu mouth* a ??> Auy inrurmation directed to bin wife, Mary Yates. to box 2?7 .Now Havun rost Office, will be gratefully received XI 1 1.8 BRYCGER, A NATIVE OF SWEDEN, MAY HEAR J^f of *?n. Ihing to hie advantage by calling at the Swe ditli and Norwegian Consulate, .\rw York. Any iaforma -tioa regard in,; him will bo thankfully rcoeivudat the Con sulate. LECTURES. Lectures on europe. ?dr. baird gives a ?upplotuoiaUry lectnre to Tilth*, la the Spinster t?eti tnte, union square, at ?'.? o clock, on " Switier'and, Hol land, S>wo?1mi and Spain"? ooaUining brief historical akctohea of tuose countriea. Adulation, 2i conta. t" UK TRADES, *<%,_ . - - A "^VnTwenlliS'a.d Tweni, firat strceU._ Burnishers wanted-a number of girls, who oaa proouce aaUaftatwy toatimoniali aa to oapa Wlity, Ao . will Had employment by applying at 23 Elm at. J~y ARDRNIR WANTED- AN UNMARRIED MAN, WHO V ia a good vegetable gardener and uuleritauda the care ?of a horse; ore potaraaing nonio knowledge of green house l>ls nta preferred. Apply at .1!) N as<au at., oort or of Liberty. CUTTER'S SITUATION WANTED? BY A COMPETENT peraoa, who has been employes by tba butt custom and Southern houfces in tha eity for the laat nin? ycara. Unox cojtionaMe rtfereac aglvet . Would not objoct to go to the ?aorntrj. Addma R. K., Herald office. IjAlNTERS WANTED? TWO OR THTtEE GOOD HOUSE -X I ainter-. Apr>'y to R. CRAWFORD, 3rd aveuae, 127th aud liSth etr., Harlem. TTTHOLESALE CLOTHING ? FOREMAN WANTED, IN Tf the manufacturing department, i'o a No. 1 mau in this profeajion, good encouragement will be givon. No ? need apply. Addreu, with particulars, for one week, box 1,618 I'oft office. -TV>-ANTH1>? A SITUATION, bY A RESPECTABLE ?? joung man, ai gardener nnd C'.aohm in; has a good knowledge <f the bnafpeaa. Addreaa W. K., Herald offioo. *lrANTi 1>? A MAN SCIENTIFICALLY AND PRACTI TT rally acquainted with the prooess of eleanainj, waah inF and dryinc white or ebina alar. None need apply, un ion* thoroughly acquainted with the buaineas, and by aueh, * good situation may he obtained Apply to BRITTON t ELY 37 Wall street. THE fCttp, Etv HOUBf . HARLEM.? THIS FASHIONABLE RE acrt ia now complete in all ita appointment*, and tho ea'?a stables attached are constantly filled with the finest 40 1 faateat Koran* to be found. Persona in want oi horses eas a' way a ee supplied at the Red Houae. The trotting tiark U in ap'.ei did order, and trotting matches oeour envy 'fine attention. The Seoond Avenue ear* paas the door every mkutet. TTNION COURSE, L. I.? TROTTING? A PURSE OF v fwO, trc- lor all horaos that never won a purse over $50; mj'e heat*. lest three in five, in harm as; to come oft on Thursday, April 38. Entries to close on Mondaj. April 23, ?t Do'oicck P. M., at Falkland A Duryee'a, corner of East Broadway and Catherine street. SHAW A WHITE, Proprietors. DAWCHrO ACADEMIES. T.ANClXt. ? L. BE G, BROOKE'S, S61 BROOM K J. " tnw. All tbs iaahionable cai.cea (.aught in one course ?I icst o ns. l"rivat? lessor.* *t various hour a The eloiing ?oiree for this season will tsko rlaoe Wednesday otoatnc, Ijrtirr.. 7 BXU'ABDfl. IMfl R*WaRD -STOLEN FROM THE PREMISES PXi/Vf of the sub.-oribcri , r-u the night ct the 18th-17th ?i.. (C pieros of white China Dundee silks. $U>J reward it 1 be p*ifl for the reoovery 01 t.t. itmt. L_ CAltV A CO,, W Pine street. tO f\ f*waud.-dog loir or stolev-ox ioth *?/*J test., ? Urge, heavy built, tawny colored SootoU Trier, trimmed to resemble a K*H, and answering to the line of '?Mtpptr." If stolen. *25 will be paid on eouvlction f the thief an i return of ?hi d..g, or SIC tor the doc, and no ueationa uke at No. 31 M&rkot street ftOff REWARD ? STOLE.V OK SUNDAY. APRIL 22D, l)?jU in ft. .tame*' church, Brooklyn, a eold watch, frith ui'lats S. W. A i.. No. 0, Mil. 18 carats. with ornwn above nd 9 under All persons are forbid reoeiv inp the said watuh, ?ml pawnbrokers are requested to *top the same if offered or sale. 1!i. above reward will be p.ild by applying to U'HS CARl'NER, c rner of Navv aud Uigh stmts. ? OA REWARD.? IF THE PERSON WHO APPRO <p _i" / printed my watoh and chain i'ioid ITS Da Ison street, WhMpled eed -ho ?aiae. will return tbe watch or tloket, by cat, be wfii receiva the above reward I . U. H. JAN VIC a. aiA REWARD.? STOLEN, FROM r-.OT Or SPRING -^JU street. on Saturday. Apri' If, a eniall roiv-h>a*. Mated wkitr, rml stripe, inside flesh color, lean and trees 'M'nm, board l<-ad color bottom. 1 he above reward will be fiiid for tbe boat, or for any information lending to ita re ??ery. Ap|d> to Wm. Roberta, toot of Spring etroet. ?? RIWARD.? I-OST, ON Til* l.iTU INST , FROM ' bS Oliver itreet, a small hlcck and tan tuner lor. awwecs te the name of Swan, a white rpot on the brea?t, anl a tan spot above each eye. Tho finder will receive the -ahive reward, and no questions asked JAMES WM. RIED. TTWKMV DOII.ARS REW ARD WILL BF. PAID BY A the una "injjm-d on convirtiou of the thief who irtole a ehnliet . silt boat paU tad black out aide, white in-ide, 'J> eel by abt .it 4, lrona the/bore facing John S>ilvy I house, Tniderb lt's Undit.*, 8t?l69 I?lund durl.ig tha night cf the JOti W. a. NEWMAN A CO., No. 4 Hanover huild **#?_ I.oiT AXD~ E"0 cnxk -Cl?VNO? A GOAT STRAYED TO THE HOCSE VO. 19 J Rector st r-et. The owner can recover it hr pricing ?pr?ertyand paying expense?. WILMaM BEkKLE. T >ST OR MISLAID? A CHECK ON THE HUDSON -XJ County Uank, Jeraey City, drawn by Georpe Orooby, an I dated April tl. 1865. All peritona are cautioned against nefoOaMsgi said check, at payment of ths same has been ??W? OfOLEN ON THURSDAY, APRIL l?Tll, INJIT., FROM Ofi?r Ne. 1 North river, enrncr of Battery place, ono tvitjr foot bo*t, painted dark lead ? olor. Branded In siern ?f he b< at. C Thomas. Whoever wtll retnrn ths said boat, ?r{ive information where it oan h tcund, will l>e lib-rally retarded by F. D. Dtgelow, No. 1 Wa-hingtou street. THE ROOM OCCUPIED BV'JHE FREKCn liODflE, ia Binceri'e, at 68K Christie street, was entrrod last waekaadthe regalias, Jewela, books, Ac., As., bsionginfr to the sanae lod^r, were stolen. Tho members ueslre to get the alive said prr.porty without trouble, and will pay lor its restltr.tic,n rather than | rosecnte. By raplncing all the ob lw ta, er sending ? word to the addrea* of Committee of In ve?ti?aticn. H?( 12U Herald o?c" tho thiaga will be taVeu and a reward gtvnn immeolately, witaout any iueatU :is !* tag naked. RBMOVaL. JOSEPH ( EE, MERCHANT TAILOR-HAS REMOVED urvm 3Ij Hi-oadwar to Gilsey > Uuildincs 1W Broadway PIANOFORTES ?REMOVAL? J. A D. WALKER have removed their businesc to the apaeions warsreom mwder the Merosatile i.ibrarr. fronting on Astst ptaos and Fi/hth atrwet. a few donra fr'tn flroadtray. where witl be k?)>t far sale an extensile essbrtireot of now and second hand ntauoloitoe, by vMious Ntw tork and Boston makers, inrludiag thaai of their own manafaeturs; alto, a large ?teek of l>end?. r, Piccolo and horiiontal pianos for hira Planolortea >sce<ved ter sals on commission. UlhOVAL -F. A T: DAVI2 BEG LEAVE TO INK Rt At their patro s aad friends that they have rem. '. sd their are e?taM Uhmen t from 6J Ann street, *o lt>4 Spring ?traet, under tbe St. Nicholas Hotel, aad that they have {really addei ??, thetr stock ?t aurvrb parlor, dining *oo? and eh amber <u;niture. They I eke thla oppcrtuiuty to in rite thenwbltc to give thas a call, and also to fianv their pa'reua fut patt far era. EMOVAL.-HOl MBS A BUTLER'S ALUM PAlfVT _ safe depot hae been removed te No*. 90 and K Maiuen laee, "??<>* '-'bertj.) where aa assortment of their now patent alum-Slled safss may te seen as well aa the <eri 'ina! safe made by them, which received the Bret a*4 ?w l/vedal a| i the ireat Crystal raUcs teat a' twenty font hours. In l>w. r>. B.? A written warrantee of dryness given with oach tafe. iponmo, m, JAI.E-A BEAUTIITI BI.ACE WATCH DOG. J1 Af ;'ly at 1(3 Prince street. In the basement. t.R Aii -AN i;ncsi;ali.v large and pimi _ NswKittk ila>id Jog. Apply to PETER THOMPSON, 4'i Hi f km?a lit.'.t, JTif SAI l ? CIsE 01' THE HK1T W ATCH DOt;S IN New York; rrice ? Sold for want of use. Can lie ,we*a st rtO S?-.oa<i ktract. FOR BALK. IHEAP-IWi. SPI EMDID MOCKfNO Mrdr. two jea*? old, ii ftill song: oas of them warraat .?jd to sing nights during summer, lnqnireat Mr. MeUnirei grncwry stsr- -on'.hwest comer of Seventh street aad First SvrtJS . ? pHOppgyu, Proposals for grading the mfsf.roi r takm at Gr?en Point, Ring's canty, L I. ?Sealed proposal* will ba received lor rrduelng to a t roper grade <10 llttis) ten ?levontbs of the abors farm, ctutaiaing about (173,?Ktv one hundred and aeveaty-three thoo<and cubic yards of ess ? va'ion. Pro ideals to state the price percabio raril for the work. The jrade maps, Ac., can l c re?n at the reeldsiea ?wf ft. U. 8tirev\ c'?rncr cf Union nnd Ptrst street*, on sat 1 aeraaisee, wl crs proposals wi 1 bo retolvad until the JOti bat. WM. MARSHALL, > Y WM. BHANtM. J Commlsjioners. B r. SB RE v*, ) Poijtr, April 10, H85. f IMPOSING RELIGIOUS CEREMONY. Consecration of a now Catholic Btihsp, the Bight Reverend Doctor Bacon, Bishop of Portland, Me.? Sermon of BUhopMeCloakey, or Albany. St. Patrick'* Cathedral wis yesterday the scene of oac of the moat solemn ceremonies of the Catholic Chnrcli. It waa knows for several weeks that the Her. Dr. Bacon had been appelated Bishop of 1'ortUnd, Me. , and aa but consecration waa to take pUce yester day, the church waa crowded to ita utmoit extent. Nothing was wanting that conld add to the in pre* live character of the rites; the rich and magnificent drtsses o" Jbe bishops aad the officiating clergy, the subdued j tot earnest interest of the congregation, the solemn and h ortd service of the miss ? the p, aitdod to the mu. is of one of the finet>t choirs in the city, rendered the conse cration?apart from its purely religious character? oue of tie flieat sights we have ever witnessed. As the oc casion waa one ot more thau u?uil interest wo give the full details of the cersmony. The following are tb?s remes of the bishops acd officiating clergy:? Aichblsbop Hu^hos, oonsscrator. Bight Rer. Dra. longhlin, of Brooklyn; Bayley of Newark; Kitzpetrick, of Boston McClosVey, cf Albany; and Right Rev. Dr. Ba con; Very Kev. Wm St*rr?, vicar general of St. Patrick's, assisting prieat; Rev. Thoa. S. Preston, deacon; Rev. Jot n Barry, mb deacon ; Rev. Francis M lNlerney, master of ceremoniee; Very Pev. Mlclnel McOarron rtsar gineral, and Rev. Wm. Qulnn, deacons of ho&or, besides several other assisting clergymen. The consecration cemioencad at eleven o'clock, at which hour the conaecrator. the bishop-elect, the as sistant birhops and officiating clergy, entered the church from the vestry, and proceeded to the main altar, where the conaecrator was vested, tte blshopeiect an 1 the aaeistunt bixheps vesting at toe side altar All being prepared, and the consecrator seated be fore the middle of ihe altar, tb* e.ect advanced between tbeoseietsnt bi-hops, ssluled the consecrator. and tock bis seat opposite to him. After a few mnutefl they icse, and ifc? Junior of the aciisUnt oishops, turning to wauls the oonsecrator, said:? Uott Reverend Father, our Iloiy Hotber. tbe Catholio C hnrcb, Lous of you to raise thie priest, who is here present, to the burden of the e. itcopaoy The crator aeked? ''Have you. an apostolical mandate?" The wnior prelate ? " We have." The contecnUor? " Let it be read.'' The ccnaec rater's notary received tbe apostolical man date and lead it. At its clot>e, the consecrator said? "Deo Gratia*'' ? (God be tbtnsed ) The Bishop elect then knelt, and read I . v , tbk oath. honcefr'rv ard.'bc ebediealto bhul'il from tllls ?'fur, to the Hoi v R m? n Chu?Cl. .n .'?d. i #ter' tUe Apj.He, airi lope Pin* IX. and fcnTS. 0 th8 mo,t Mowed father. I ilall atnint thum to retain antf'dlfa ^?non,o*lty cho**n. v baterer tfce Komn PoiSflSu LffK1 ?*?*??' ??r ?a?n rank. I .ball tafi eai? t? fi.5' *"h?ot preludico to mv the tight*, honor*, r ri*Uo?*J^nd ancl promote Koman Church, of ?ho I'oce ?nd or hi. ' ?* ^vly ??idK With my wholoVtrXr?? I ?h.U oh.UJ.?."0"'. *' k,or' be observed by ot Lm. the n ii. ?? *n<1 c*uxe to creoa, t-rdin Acres or ^icno^i no ? i !' the de? Jolic.l See W hen called to ? ?Vdj'W?? of th# *P<? I b* f r. vf n io<1 i,y a rnuoL c?l u^ ,i "hall oom j, uulea? .onally vl,it thoAfo.tono SMOI!o^! rimt"t-. 1 'H1 ?>er" d?r an aocoitbt to wttr mott Mobb? i r?t .^ /,> i.*r*T,)ftn r' " ' li? ?uccfl?aor*.a? aforesaid of rnl^ii. i ? Popo) and ofewry tHnK i" rnr wa? anL,7lWhole.p"torul ?m??t and church, to the dlfcinfiie of^^ Ji K V* "?'? my ralvation of th ,oul o^ r{! *nd P#0P'e' *ad *> huml ly reet-ive In r?tt.r? S. 11- "?<? I ohall diligently exccuto them. 'But if l'be n?? ?nd m">"t ""raiment. I .hall ?or"ra Jutb. ''y certain nifwrger eiip?uiall* anthori * rxie?t of tl e dlocesn or h? ^ '"r this nurpote, a prieat of tried value and ptety wil? ![.!!?, ",6r. ur Nf?l" aboro Mibject*. I shall nol P V? e oa th" i;apes enfeoff anow. nor in any wa?Jl^}l?? tTay> "or unrt' helon^Jn- to niy table wlthnTi^ ?i ? poi?a?aloa? Pontiff And "bottld I nro^-.H . tho 1,??ve ?r tlie Roman Lands upon tt.e book', an! .'aid *1 *' aUo P1*0** "otfa srasr aM*tMat ^ elS.* ?ro by the bUUop etob*ire.' ??<*?, toJoIa oinoibua coirieutire JE& V '"J "nd ^{j * Script vn/ > Am. I will. le*ra?d from th* 11 the IraittlonV of ae'iVt^Vd^ra'h'w^VtMh' j"a ol,Jarv? e?WiltKl'BSy0ftb' DoIt Ap??to!le sS * Am* 1Bd 0 -IT Ion fr" Km* i),? and to l't Bt.ff. r Au'. I >r j*I 'uoceiiora, th. Roman ?.5iu.,""vr'5 SUP ?rfwA%iSV?WM4 "'wW'J'h''" *rdr^'li'l??!J,^' i5 i win m MrthIjr Jleie Un? <on*?-crator tat<i ? '? u,lr fl.? r i tb?- thepe anl aU other a ooa thin^a 5??] ftren^tien tb.e ,n all La 'aif ? nawexed ? '? Amefl.'' *""***?*? abu all togetli^r oVun^o^he bliLop^ct1 Wh'hT tU# pro" M&lCCn,,eCr*U)r turned u>w*fa* lU* biihep .toot, ana ! d.'4 ^,TVa;tU.h0.PM? iD.d/^ iBtTir *' or. trttbren, that tha r-odneas of l??*0'r*d th. UMf^lB,,,of hf? flba^h li^.^^ht^^ looki.g to ' throngh CbVi,t| our J.^rd Amln" ib"nd ine Litanu a wt?re now chanted. pr.raat, wtVS l^o'' u$"' e''?"5? on. here sf-S^assiagsAs WoTB ftfflC7^r*th7' iUgss ^wssbsjsjssis^^ ? -w (Cr.ra, ^f VaniiSeation MBpamn.r? 7r,dJti1 "-e aid rrofhrt .o "ay b. ?SJ n?rrl?i,*d D,Tid- KJmf tl ? name of rtmi thr r?tLer ?.?,! /,? "^"""^rafd, <? Holy Oliost, jiaLut th. lik 'nem nf th m9 **>?. and of th. fatintir .feius Chrijt, Vh5 Uth CTr#" atd hath kroayht it {o the K inVd.m^rn rr" ?' d' ath O merriful lat her Almi?htr ,Sd ? B, .. IfV#" H"r n?. What^.a^of thW; the rro'f orator reat' it annolBt the. with ehrlsm and't iyjtical o?^tm. ?. .0riu* si&Mi&wSSi? -?J ?V,r'" lfr- ItTe ???une7 Md\h:y for" tu] ?at'ou!*' ' Aiu.n hl?d "? rroflt'.b^.T.'!, ASEPr PrM#nUi lb? to thecowe ^^^.?UtetT'Am;:ot '"y"" mw* -? ??* ^aCfd tb?,,;P'',<,0P?l nut oa th* annular fln gn of the ct oaec rated, > aviug _ w.Tfi^ol.^aiVb tb?' k"?' -hi. holy thnrch. R> #,t 8"?rd the ?pou?? (.1 Chri.t ,0<,k ^ of <h? OtvpeLi from the thonl bX?.h;.fxdT^ re with % '??, vs; m*usaua&, cp'VT-Hted ? ?race ia thy lehalf? W1,o hVm i.2. I5*jr iaemto hi? 1h. con raUw Tt/d tbS ^aStoto^'huT A'nM,? ceirt-a the conaerratedtn tw? w . , bl,1"?P? Boar r*> he ret,,,?,4 ChhTthe^i^tf, F** : ????** whew he occtinotil the -"ffip th a j?IT hi?.fh*l?L '?TL?TJn ^. Mn?er~ntlu^t?K?y- ^ ? ?2t? Xl'ifrs's SKi.'SSTb, "If, knelt before th? Pjeeeat^i bin,. Hgkte<] terchee ? wo loarea ami t? ft??, ,1,la t*o then kiaeed t he ccnKe^Va hLiu of T^e rptaerrator and the eon^V.a-.^ themaaa at the raae altar, the latta^t tK0* pa"u*UP'1 tt>e ttn'-a raa aaMan uaual >. a f?I !v* ??ietle aide, flren k/ the cc.i^erator. M " th* k'^U.cUon TVe to* ffi atflr now plaeed tl>a of the new liiaiup, aayit^ ?_ "poo the liwd pLc. 0 T o, J, ,poa hMJ tb? |||y ^ ?old lor the helmet of protaelio* ?d salratioB, ?o that, with deoerr led fee* ltd timed Leul, ha nay, with the horn* >f both Ttiti moot*. appear tern He to th* fo*s of truth; an that be may be a stoat asa*.lant of them, whilst tbou ?? ?toweit thy grace upon him; who didst adorn with aut effal.-ent bona of thin* own bri*htnes? and truth the (?*<? of tby servant Mom. whloh had been mad* most beantitul by tr' iuort ii.te*oours* with th**; and didst ommand that a mitre should be placed uron the head of Aaron, thy llljh l'rieat ; through Christ our Lord. Ainen. He then placad the gloves upon the baada of tins con K crate 4, aty ng: ? Inaomuaes, O Lord, the hand* of thla thy minister, with the eleanliueM of a n?w man who detoeuded from Ifeavun; aud, aa thy beloved Jacob, having oovered hit hands itU the akin of the kid, and oflered to his father moat gr* - ofut and drink, obtained the paternal blotaini, to ruav thu thy eervant, who baa off.- red the uaving hoat, deaerve to ob tain the ble-tiug of tby rrace, ?hrou<h our I.ird Je?js Chiiat. thy Son, who, in the likeness of the flesh of lin, of fered bimuell to thco for aa. Amen. The couiecrvtor here ro?o anC took the couaeiriW by therifcbt hand, tie senior enistin" taking Dim by the left, and both entbrored bim in the sett from which the conseerat . r roee. The conseciator puce1 the ciozler in the toft hand of the consecrated, sod turning toward the altar, iatoucd the Te Dew m. After the ' Tf Deum" wax commenced the amiatant bit.hopgbd the cossecr?t?rt thr nigh the church, who cave bis ble's.rg to tb? people kneelit f to receive it. When all returned to the sanctuary, and thx TV Deum being bushed, the oouseerater sung the Axiiiphon "tfir metur tut,'' and then Mid ? Iictcino exaudi orationein meam. Ana. Et elamsr meua adteveniat. Domlnus vobiaaum. Ana: Et sum Spi ritu t :o. Ornn.s. 1 eus cminum Fldelium. Tbu consecrated went to th..* middle of the altar and gave hit b!?f>>ing. After which be went to the epiatle Hide of the altar, knelt and chanted "Ad raultox anno.s," then advancing to the mi< die of the altar repotted '-Ad multos anaoe," again, at th? feet of the oon?ecrater, ho repotted tha same words ; and. as ha rote, he rucelved tha kisa of peace from the consecrator, aa also did tho assistant bislropa, accompanied by whom be went to the tide obaj-el, whtre he real the Gospel accord log to St. John, the consenator reading tha same Gospel at hU own altar. This concluded the ceremony of the consecration. THE SERMON. During an intei val In the ceremony of consecration the Right her. Dr. MeCloaky ascended the pulpit, and delivered one of the most eloquent discourse* to which we hare ever listened on the divine origin of the Epiaon paey. He took hie text from the 10th chapter of St. John, from the llth to the 16th vtrse Indus Ire for hU !h?ep,?d ,hepher<1- Tho *05d ?h?pherd giveth his life n?UMh"? "reli?K ??<? he ihAt fi not the ahepherd who.e own the sheep are nut, ??uth the wolf .omio,' and ioaveth thS Jhect"' al"1 ' *ad th? WoU c?tohetb. ?"<? eoMterelh hMhto?reSrthBe.flbS^bW'MM he U * = ??i he em thu ?ood ahepherd; and I know mine, and mine know la? Uf.^r4h.K,pW,d 1 ka?W th# F'th#r : "d 1 I .n?d.?jrteV^fJ,.I.h*T\tlJflaM not "'this fold : them alio be oae fold and oneVl^pherd ' "* T?'Ce> *nd lh#M """ Words could not be choaen, my brethren, said the venerable preacher, more appropr.ate to tho present in terestirg an! so.emn occasion, than thoee which the church proposes lor our speolil instruction ia the 0 >s Pf1 ?' ttL" Sunday. We have here set before us in the character and person of our blesstd Lord and Saviour, the sublime and perfect model of aU true Eplscopaoy . iU own great and civine original the firrt and highest source whence all its dignity, and all its holiness, and all its power moat be and are derived. Thrice our Lord de clare* blmsilf to be by excellence tho good uhopherd, for the plenl Itude of all spiritual pastorship resides In him: Ji! H i htJoaiH P? eminently the attribute of good In that he has been willing to lay down hia life for his '?**? ?e ",th? ?ood shepherd , and he Is also the one i&X? J ' ' T3 " *lr^dy 8*1J. to h ?n beloags the plen itace o pastorship. None can h;ive share tboreio save those w .o have been thereto ordained by himself; none can feed hi* fold save those whom he has commUstoned ? note ran as same to thenuclvea the honor unless they >-ave been ca.led of Ood, and however many t may mlr.r.!l0.n,?iie mv 4bo for the work of his ministry to associate uato himself, their oowers are t bla> I*"}* ? sncn way a. i?7t they shall ever be reflected back upon the principal of their unity. He is the one shepherd i6.0,,^Cl!?? u?U', t0 tt* and unity in toe flork , and thU unity in ugtia founded upon til* prln cipJe of a coBBoa faltn, of a common obedicnce, and a 0.T* v know ray ehecp, and my sheep knov me anc they kesr my voice ard ' other sheep I have ire not of this lo!d.'? Not they only are to be ?V * l'Vfr!Wr na'-iu?. or ? peculiar people, but the j >ball be called from all nations ami from all pcoplfs and tongues, and however wliely scattered, however distant lie parts froai which they shall be bi ought, thexe stall not bo many folds, but one fold. . !"..** i* aT*,P?'t?T?<l to us in brief and a mple n?ri?e fJU. T ??t picture of the Church or Jesus t urist on emh. la order that yon may uncferatan.l how H |l,? ?I>ipU(itt,blf l^wt fimo and ocoa Jh.e' u h Vfi,??UU to 'h* ?*no and ceremony t. P*''" before your ejra, it behoves as to show efflce and authority ?^*^?^?^2^ Xr\V .hclCtrt, ?r Je"" c**--* h-m ' Z ,the now,T conaecratea Bishop Mfoo^ted In the pastorship h / In h nihi, Pl,v,C?Cni?vU,'lonu wliljh b# b<>""ln com ion with other Bi. hops throughout the world, and with the f reat see of 1 eter Feter having derived the plenitude of Jpiacopey and the office of the visible one shepherd frcmJtsus Oirist himself. It behoves us furthermore u jbe P*?P'* ?re *'?o members of that fold, being united with the Biahop, anl he being united with feter, and Peter being immediately the repie?ematlve of Cnrist himself ; so we" aoaU cave the corfolation to know and feel that we are of tLal one fold under tbe one shepherd. You perceive at important Is the cooslderatlon placed be'o/e m JU proved all is proved, this failing all i' tv i 1 *? j 1,1 tb# P?wer which is oonfmed this tfav bna been derived from Jesus Christ ?f nfl !. I^tim*cy of thit ???? "d the an toontyof that pastorship unquestioned; then is the com mlseioB * he receives, not a human, but a divine ?oMleaion; then is the work which you have beho.d, not a merely human, but a divine work; and then thai h? iul? ?? ^?U 8ht11 Uitenl ,ht11 not "Imply ^ 0? mmn' bnt ????? ?f Vol epesking to you through this human agencv * '* wo.rd* . " this e.annot be shown ?f this comir i- Ieti lr. not divine, neither talent, 'esrnfog vlr itVkin,?,r. K i,' ? ^ kind T"1 nT,k11 En?ht to 'ttpp'y Niitlitr the favor of m?n nor iba yoic? af tbe PtX! ?nr" th?? which originally belonged to iTi ^n.f?'ret^t th#T neyer ?"??*ed?' the paator tip which belonged originally to Christ That thn/rWr^ ftnd VMn1t,?> <"haracteriatic of the chuich of Cod mukt be a'rendy, beloved brethren, inffl clentlv ciear to jou even from tbe very words of the Goepel just cited; but further and additional testimony was it needed conld he adduced in ri;h abundance in^!r<Kl ???'??. for we will And that church likened not only to a abeepfold under ?f? ?h*Pb'rd but lilened al?o to a city, again to a klegi om, then to a houaehold, nnd then to a body ? ?'! the members are together, actuated and coa troileo by one conacn head, receiving life and strength tbT*0.,? COmmCn ?e,rt /,"d in &U tb?"* ^mUitudea JJf v - r,r*V1' conveyed to tu of visible unity ia tbe bory ami the necessity of a visible head, ion C(tve to yoiiraelves a honsahold without a father, nrn.T u T*n State without its it.* w',bout iU kin?- ? ?K body without its heud? eonc?Ive, la a word, to yourselves. ? ,V .w h*nnoDy. or strength, where that prin ci pie of unity is wanting; contoire to yourselves a na too? coir.poeed as many Btatea without one head; con ceive in our own republic, composed as It is of many Stales separate and independent under their own inlivf * ' overncrs, without one common head whinh would frr Vtl* CT?ir? *Dd * l?vn<i' *nd ? controlling influence ? V ,T>.k' aw?y thmi wntr*. thnt head, and the Mates and Gov niors remain no longer one republic, one gieat nation If we cannot conceive this unity, there lt?i^ti?? fu'k ^ ?r,nJ,M- bow 040 we conceive V ??' B rhurch of God? eren in that ttrmi work. His own divine ehurch/ As he himself was not alwaye to remain the visible and lirins head t?t cbnreb on earth, it was esaential that when he ahould be taken 'rom it he should provide for tbe perpetuation anc pre?rvation of tliat character of unity which, of ?ses salty, be bad staaip*dupon It; that the very apostles whom he choee scatUred as they would be amour the na Wens c,f tUeart a should never forget the oneness of their nc.e.icn; that when tb.irvlAible hea l, Chri?t should be talen Item them, there ? hoi Id one remain to renresent hinr. and who >hoBld be th* head of all. Therefore did he take tti of them apart from the rest, and in adr.itlon to the poM trs be bad ecnfemd upon him in common with th* ethers (ontsy th?m !n their pientltude upon him Peter was the one ehr sen to be the vUtbls shepherd of the one hi . ?.? illV chw*n h" ,lMt" told biia be was Mm, hu t ihonld one day be eaUsd Peter, r.riat notice that there shoiald be a change of nam? ^ jou wt)l 1 observe the name is not changed in scripture urU?s ther- lean cflee given with it implying the 'rust whi'b lis 'mpsrt'd One day, walking with these s?m? ^eTlZ' b* ?"?' 10 tbw"' Whom Jo """" Li J?/ ??. ' answered, some say tbe Baptist. >?me Mis*, others Jeremlas. er r*e of tbe prophets i 7 be laid, addre in* pater and bean rwertef ss id, "Thou art Christ, the son of thi living Ood ihe Bavionr, turning to him, seid. "Biassed srt thou, Hnteti Bar Jena, because H?sh and blood hava not revealed It toyon, but my Father who is la heaven I aay te you thou art Peter "-whleh meane a rock_'<and upon tat* roc* I brad my church, and tb* antafi af h?li ahall tot ksv^I againstit. I wilt'givetothi thek.yso" tbe kingdom of heaven and whatsoever thou ahalt tad aron earth ahall be found also la heaven, ami whatsrever ibou slislt loose nPos earth ahalt be loosed nlao In hes ven. Ibe Iteverend Bishop proceeded to give still more proofs off the utlty of the church, and concluded se follows - lifie you have seen the anthoti** nf the cne viuble tesA.ieeogmsed snd obeyed. Otoe is ealUd fiom th<* ran s of his brethren, not simple bv the vnir? Of bis iellow - R. hops, but hy (he voice of the sucoessor t f Peter, and he tslle him he is csllr.l frota bin offloe anl ?* aifotBt'd to that of episcopacy In tho oburih. Whrn be hi si# tl at voice, ne matter what ?iy be the dim c' or bumdity of heart, he reci?niaoa in tbst ve'ci tbe vclee of 0<h1, sot ci man, and he obeys He b*i laMred long among many of you-ba has built nt< churches, ec?verted etoners, hapti/"d ?n<l ioined in foati'nioey, sad haseoiti'.rUd wilh thon an - toe ho-. I ; of ?p'Mtralf?. rentage an > .'feet on, si ? now tl .. eoie of I'eler eeu.e* end te'.is logo f- th frtw i, s t ? j (jTec in! fr* nits- to go forth to another people ?nd an i otbar l?pd and preach the trctfcsif ( fcrle t. Dramatic and Huleal Mart era. At the Tueatrb Mr. Fofwt ha?ce?>l*tel ' the fourth week of hb? engagement. The h?us? it T*rf I well attended. Shcrtdan KnowW play, "Virgiatoa," bu betn the chief attraction of the present weak. Mr. Forrest's conception uad embodiment of tbe brutq*'. p %?? ?donate old Roman was altogether excellent. He was <? effrctire in portion* of the third act ae to ewite tb? audi ence to the highest pitch of ent'.tuxiasm. The Virginia of the night, (Miaa Keiguol U,) a late addition to the com pany, woul . bare been better if she bad not tried to ast so much. She is a young women of considerable personal , attraction*. This evening, "Coriolauus" is to be pro duced, with Mr. Forrest as Cains tfarciue, a par*, which he has cot played for several yearn. The revival will, doubtless, tfraTT a gre?t houso. At mulo'h GaRn&x the German opera company g%ve its la?t performance on Tuesday, since which ttme the theatre ban not been opened. The Opera is an nounced to open on tho llOth, and the artists were ex pected to arrive In the Nashville, which reached this J ptrt yeaterday. Mr. LUinin came, und leports thst Mine. I)e Lagrange, Signorn. Parodt, nud several otitis, would leave in the 8t. Louis, which was anaounoed to sail fro ai Havre on the 11th instant Mr. A. Jaatz an nounces u concert at Niblo'a this evening. At Bi'itTO.N'8 Tukatrk the prinoipni incident of the week has been the revival of Bhakspeare's ' Comedy e( Errors," with some changes in the cast of last season, when Messrs. Burton and G. An irewa were the two Dromios, and Mrs. Bucklaad played Adriana. Mr. Bux ton and Mr. Hall now play the Dromios, and Mrs Hough given a mild representation of Adriana. Tha Illusion of the play was not well supported. The two Dromios had points of peracnal resemblance, bat their idea* of the proper manner of acting the parts were widely dilierent. Mr. Burton whs rapid, smart and intelligent? Mr. Hall was slow, ioggy aul funny. It seemed to us that a Dromio so intelligent at that played by Mr. Bur ton would have vt-ry soon disentangled the "snarl" which is the foundation of the pity. Mr. Fisher and Mr. Jordan plajed the two Antipholuscs, and were un like esch other in aotiag? Fisher was spirited and fiery, Joidan elegant and nonchalant. The pie:* has been somewhat abridged, but the cuts are judicious. This evening Mr*. A. V. Maker takes her benefit, when "Janet Pride" is to b* done for the last time. It hit been placed eleven nights, und would not have reached that number of performance*, had it not been for the veiy excellent manner in which It wan acted. Mr*. Baku, who in one ol the very best of American actresses, deeervee a full house for her benefit. Mr. and Mr*. U. have a benefit on Tuesday, when a ligut and pleasant bill 1* announced. At Wallace's ruEATHH, "The Bol l Dragoon#," an in gonioualy constructed three act comedy ? evidently the result of a petty larceny from the French? has b*en played to the satisfaction of the audiences, which have nit been no large cs the excellent acting at this hou?e should draw. This evening " London Assuranoe" is announced, with a cast iu:lud irg all the favorite member* or the couipuxy, including Mia* Bennett, as Lacy Gay. A new comedy culled " Elopements in High Life" is underlined. At th* Bo WIRY Theatre, this evening. Mr. and Mrs. F. 8. Corner will appear la Mr. Bulwer Lytton's play, ?'Richelieu." Moos. Schmidt end M'lls inereae appear in the ballet celled the "Greek Slave." A uc-v fairy legend is underlined. At tlie AMKiacANMu.-'Kcai, this afternoon and evening. Mr. C. W. Claihe, the stage director has his benefit. The bill includes the '? Lady of the Lake" and a hi drama called the " S?Dr o! the Republic " At Wood's Mixhtrfas, 47!i Broviway ; at Buckley'*, ?39 Broadway, and at Perham's, 66U Broadway, tempt ing piopramiuc* ai* announced for tiiis evening. M.'h Fkjwch Vaudevillk Companv made its tiifoit on Tuesday last at tbe Stadr theatre, before a Vol eiably good audience. The bill coinpriiel Le 1'liiUre, La lite de Martin, thlyard H I" Bo nnr, and a comi t chan sonuette, Lr ton n't il'amt. Th? three vaudsviilo* are spiiiUd and merry. The acting .of Mesdimes Aioxan dtme and Cueile, a* also of Monsiaur Edgar, was very good, but the halanze of the troupe has to acquire a lit tie more habilvite 0> la *ch>e. In a few Saji anothe performance is to take pi aee; but we should advise tne managers to choose for it a more fashionable tieatrj. City Intelligence. vrrrrARY rREPARAT10N8 I* TBIJ OITV IX) r a wak WITH STAIK? TIM voaru uoion 1KB CUBA. It moy perhapa surprise soma of oar reader* to kiow that three recruiting office*, tiro in this city and on* in Albany, are to be opened to-day to enrol tbe namen of those desirous of participating in a war with -apaln, akould the existing difficulties lead to that result. It aipeari that, pending the settlement of th? Block War rior oatrage, application was made to Gorerntr Sey mour to giant informal commas one to the officers of two regiments, to be called the Worth I<egion, t<> serve in tbe war, should an y ensue. GoTornoi Seymour, however, declined granting the application, although hi expressed himself favorably to the enterprise. The pre sent trouble with tbe Cuban authorities ha* had the effect of fcrinrlcg tbe Leg Ion again into activity, and we publish below a complete list of ih?:r offi cers. They claim to bare a |uu*l official aauctlon from tbe Secretary of War; and the fact that tbe Custom Bouse is largely represented in tho board of offiseri, would tee m to lmp'v tfiat the administration Is kindly dispeced tow ni in the objects of the l?gion. It will be teen, by the cuSjoned li?t , that tbe of Cceia ci the New York Voluntsers form no inconsiderable part of the legion. Aman; the namss w e notice Burnhsm, and Hall, and Farnmrortb, cf Mexi can war notoriety : also, Hcrgf int Peel, v. ho bohavad so gallantly in the war, and the bravo Lieutenaut Feruum, of tbe First Pennj<}Wanla Volunteere. The cluef recruiting office is at tbe Cooper House, cor ner of Broadway and Anthony street. There Is another to be ocenod in Otttnv ich atr?vt , but wl ere we are not advised. A dim meeting of the Worth I/egion is to be held in the l ark to morrow (Tuesday) afternoon at 6 o'clock. In tbe t< llowlng thoae marked with a star were for merly attached to the New Ycrk Volunteers. Those marked with a crops are now in the Custom House ? WORTH LRU ION. rnwr r.ronirrr xrw yokk stats tousTErw. Jlostrr. Cnlensl James C. Hnrnlistn* Lieutenant Colonel Q~o. D. Hull.l' Msjor Addlmn Tannworth.* Icbnp) A ? Captain, Israel Miller*: >'>r*t Lioiiteuant, Tho*. J. Ku,Tor?"; Bemud Lieutenant, Robt Johnmon-. Comusuy 11 ? (sptain. W. H. Al:eu; I'lrvt Lienteuaut, Jno. Crcigliton; Second lieutenant, R Knr Company I'? ("sp'aln,Cha?. S. Cooper^*; First Llcutrusni, Wm I eel'; Second Liev.tensnt, T. Bancroft Howard.* Company D ? Captain, Ilenrv DuacaH<trr.)*t; First j ten ant, A. J. Morrison. Ceupenj K? Captain, Hunry Weldca; First Lieutenant and Adjutant, J Entctt I'arcnm; Second Litntouaat, R. H. Hurt I. Company F? A I ban ? company? Captain , J. W. Bl?u'-h arri; Flint Lieutenant, M. Hall; Second Lieutenant, R. Uold wait. Uempaay 0? Captain, Henry Gain**1 ; Fir-t Llsattnaat, F.T. Sei.aena>r; Second Licu'vnant, Domlnlek. Company H? Captain, Wm. Da*l?; Flrit I.icstsnant, Jo ?erh Clark; !<econd lieatenant. Wm. Youne. Cotnpsny I ? Captain, Wm. Wilson; Flr?t Lieutenant, Jos. M. Ba\li?; Second Lieutenant, Arnold. Company K? Captain, De Witt lliutont; Flrtt Listiten sat, P. Horse; Seectd Lieutenant, Frank U. Diliemau. Seiysa at Major, W. H. Rorke. A tioon 8klfoviox foh ihk MnoirAi Cou*i i: ? Tte trustees oi the New York Medical Collogo have selected 1 r. Henry G. Cor, bow President of tbe Medical Board and pbysician In chief to. the State Emigrant's Hospital, ''Professor ef Theory and Practice of Medicine and of Chemical Medicine. " It Is undere'ood toat Dr. Green Kill nmeiu and ccn tone to lecture on the dlaetNe* of tl c lur n* This is rcnsiderod an excellent appointment for ibis tapusly Incteaalng institution. Personal Intelligence. K* l'i?s!<*?nt M'llsrd Fillmore vMted the City Hall on Saturday, accompanied by H. E. Daviss, Esq., aud wm introduced to Mayor Wood, and tte veteran municipal functionary, P. T. Valentine, Esq. Mr. Fillmore appeared to be In the enjoyment of good health, and looked as though be cooM encounter the toils and ceres of another Presidential caovaw. The Portland A'lrrrli* r says that ?.? Governor Crosby, Of Mfine. I* about removing to IVsroc to becnn?e <-..a nccfed with the editorial department of I. tteli's Mehtp Apr. ARBIVAT.". Ai tbe ?t. Nieliels* II?tel ? Crl R Q Adams, Georgia; Jndte R V ^^atord, Btltimors; ex <;?T*rn>r R Wood. Ohio; H n f II v?>Ma?; and lady. Itkica; Dr K Tuntpklne, Chart estea. At l*>e A 'tor Ho'iee? D' n A Cuillam*', Madrid; G W I ii pitt ?r d lady. Vienna; A MiUsr, VKnn-t; JT Duru.t, llldi oie Fr< m Mtniriil, in stsamehip N??l rille? A De Goldam??. Ili-ii F. Evan K E D Wood. T !>? Mcdee, Q W Lippett and - Hily. A MllUr, Misa O 8tcere, V t<is. A C GaUow, J U <iil )o, M Spar.oe , J M da Ba bsaldo, I- Da Aire*, F Gcrnn', J Race:' '.i, Uwif r nf detpstckea; II B Eatle. Mr* itidew fie'" \ Dsrieaa Coaacl at Di.bllo; K n HarrUcu. F K H I llman. Manrles Jtrskosob, S S Gardner. J I. lei 11 H ?Ir-pron. A M Klrkland, R Unian, Thos Whit), \ llepty, Mr aad Mr ? l??y, L Lnilf.rr, J tJrinborn* Mr* C IVm Ui tvu, 1 Fai.?t, W Herman. I. Gallow, 9 J Holley ,S BtehA rarc, ? t arstgle 11 Ri,*h?>oain. S Camoron, J Knclk, J III ri, A *ba?, K Rini rsly, Br J R MeCr^xnr. Misi K. K4?e Iv**. VI-- I'rainev, (l Tsrk* and lady? Total, M. from * au t In'teistV'ti l.c*?e? Antonio Oemet, Tsr.-ai G? tot/ If B> ci? B< telko da (ioaria and lad; , lua?<? Jo?e d I r''B? f- ne vitas, in ba k Tl oa al Ritf hlo? H. Ssnrhet, O S (, ;t)?r?, i RiVtt?, K r?*t ft, ARRIVAL OF THE NASHVILLE. OSE WEEK LATER FROM EUROPE. i THE WAR IN THE CRIMEA. TERRIBLE CONFLICTS BEFORR SEMSTOFOL. Reported Great Battle at Eupatoria, and Death of Omcr Pacha. dzutzat or ibb ftvuum. The Vienna Conferences to Recommenoe on the 10th inst. THE KNOW NOTUINGSIN ENGLAND. ACTIVITY IN THE COTTON fliRkEr. INCREASE OF BUUION IN THE BANK OF ENGLAND. THE RAIE OF INTEREST REDUCED. SLUHT DECLINE IN CONSOLS. Improvement in American Securities. NEWS FROM AV8TRA.Lt A, dcc., dec., Ac The Coll ns msil s'.cauiihip Nashville, C<ptain Berry, arrived at noon yeeter<1ny from Liverpool, whence the ?ailed at 3 o'clock on Saturday afternoon, tuoTthiust The Nashville, on her outward passage, left New York at noon of the 21 at ult , and arrived at Liverpool at 0 o'clock on Tuesday moru'ng, the 3d lent. On the '2 2d, Mr?. Rose Riley, one of the pas.^ngers, suddenly disap peared, and wa* not seen alterwardr. The Nashville ex perienced heavy gales from W.N.W. to W.S.W., on her homeward pat-tsge, from Ilolyhcad to the Banks. the Canard mail steamship Allien, from Boston for Liverpool, was seen off Ormes Head on th? 7th Icht. Among the passengtrs l.y the Nashville are Ber nard I'llman and Maurice ttrakosih of the Opera. Tue foHowitg artists, ergaged by them, were to lsavo Havre on tho 11th instnnt, In the tit. Iioais: ? VC*' dsKe tDe I eg range, Signer Miiate and S'gnor Morelli. Their pausges had been engaged by the Nashville, hut they postponed their departure in conscquence of n grand concert which was to tike plase on the 9th iofet. at thu Tulteriee, to whieh they hid been invited by the Fmperor Napoleon. and where they were to appear for the lait time in Europe. Madame de Lagrange is a singer on the Sontag style, and will undoubtedly, make a great sensation in America. She aad Cruvelll are now the leading prime donne in Europe. Signor Mirtte is one of the greatest of Italian tenor*, and Signer Mo relli, the celebrated baritoun, is from ths Qrand Opera, l'ar'a. H|nora l'arodi has taken passage In the Africa, for Boston. Ti e news by the Na>lirll!u is ono week later and of conniOtr&ble Interest. Tbero was not king new from the Vienna Conference. It had adjourned to the 9th or 10th Instant, to await advices from St. Petersburg, and the arrival of the French, Turkish and Russian MiuUters of Foreign Af fairs. The "third point" would then bo taken into con sideration. The Russian plenipotentiaries refuse to ad mit that in accepting the third p.-int, as interpreted In the aide memoir* of December 28, published in the Ukrald n week or two ago, they bavo acknowledged the principle of a diminution of Russian power in the Black Sea. They assert that the demand for a reduction of the Rnseian fleet is contrary to the dignity and sove reign rights of the empire. The Parle Attemblce XcUional-t, of uth last., says There is every reason to believe tfiat on the 10th of Apr.l, tho Ministers of France, Austria sad England will present themselves at tho conference with a propoa'.ticn Arranged in eonimon, aad upon which Knssia Mill have uo ruoro to do than to declare acceptance or refusal. The uncortninty will rot be of lou* duration, and pn tal ly the ne\t week wul not . i ass without cur l>cinz able to announce to our readers something more precise than hopes and oonjeoturen. It is rumored at Berlin that an ultimatum had been ogTetd to in London, having for its object the placing of Prursia in a position to dec hue deUniiively her inten tions. The advices from the Crimea are oxciting. There had been some terrible conflicts betore Scb?si<>pol. On the and 24th ult. the Russians made a powerful sortie. Geceral On ten Sncken, reports that it was for the purpose of putting a stop to the work o! approach made by the allies neat the K&mich&tkn lunette, which ho de FcribeR a* perfectly successful. Tbe loss on both fide* was eonside. able. A French colonel, a French captain and a'i English captain were taken pri- oners. We give the Frgllsh vtrsion of the affair in another column. I&te!ligenc? from Balaklava is down to tlie 20th alt., and is to tho effect that regular open! ions weie to commence on the 3d iiut. All the troops encamped round the Bay of Kamldoh have received directions to take up posi tions newer to Sebastopol. On the 18th reinforcements of 15,OCO Russian* arrived at Sebastopol, and on tbe same evening a like number ore ved the Tchernay and advanced on Baidar. Advices from Odessa and Warsaw speak of the iot menre efforts which Russia is making to oppose an over whelming force to the armies of the allies in the Crimen. Prince Gortschakoff, on a reoent brief visit to Sebartopol, expressed his high approval of the works constructed in front of ;he Malakhoff Tower, and gave orders to tre ble the number of workmen employed theroon; he alse marked out positions for new works, and ordered up a relnforoement of troops to cover the fosition. Our special correspondent at Liverpool sends us an Important piece of news. It ia of another great battle at Eupntorin, and the reported death of Omar Paahn. Annexed Is bis letter:? or* 9FKCIAL CORMPFONDSNCK. Livkkfool, April 7?2 P M. In cswe jour telegraphic reporter in Liverpool should not have sent yon any intelligence to the "late -it mo ment," 1 write these few hasty lines to inform y?u 'bat on tbe receipt of Canrobert'a despatch. annouocic< a acrtto of tbe Russians, by whieh they lost 2,000 men, and tbe French some f 00, Pari* was full of ruai<us to the effect that tbe French government had rec !>ed ione v<sry important despatches, which were kept Wk until the opportone moment for publishing them ^ould arrive. Great diversity of opinion prevailed as to tlclr teLor, some thinking them favorable to the allies, and others tb< contrary. At two o'slock, this afteraoon great agitation prevailed here, in coanequenoe of a I/indou private despatch, which announced a great battle at Kupatorla, the defeat of the Russians, with n loee of 6,000 men. and the- death of Owr I'ashn. Whe tier true or not, I cannot tell, but I doubt Omer Pasha be ng killed. Wi VIVt Tlie Grsr.d Puke Constantino had left ft Petersburg for Crtwsfndt, i-nrt will subsequently proceed to inspect all tbe stror.g places along the const of tbe Golf ef Finland. The two Urand Dukes, Nicholas and Michael, were preparing to return to the Crimea Tie Pans W,niteur of the 6th tnxtsnt has the follow irg ? At th re<|n>lt et Ms Imperial llirhnsss Prince Napoleon' ? nil conformably "> the Instructions of ths government, of t o Bmpernr. the Minister of trance placod on the -Jd of last met '<h in the hrnd* r.t the Minister of Koreiirn AJfalrs of ,ie! <lwm an official c< ?plaint a*atust th? editor of the bhlet published at*Mriis?els f.B the expcditloa |to the Cri mea. and caluinnlonsly entitled Mtmoirr. ndren* <tu non itn pent ?'? *?>''"? L'Smfsreer Nipolfm ill., par un f iftii in Gtrrrnl. 1 hU complaint was tesmxeiatels brought befc re tbe Jedieial sntLorities. Tie return of the quarter's revtnue of Grant Britain, made up for the first bone urikr tho n*w arrangement, to the 31st of March instead of the 6th of Apid, will be fout d in another com ton It piceenta a very gratifying a net increase of ?4, ?'>*?, i'/S. on the quarter. I nier every head of ineome but on*, and that of verr m nor importance, there ia a surplus, ia eompsrison with the corresponding quarter of last year, The M lowing aaylyaia wlK' ?tow the bet BcnMi S"}""- ?22i,0M K*54* 211, *4 gtMP* 54 044 Tum 06 606 Prorariy tax 3, 798*, flit Po*t Office . 46,012 Crown i and* ? 1,04'. Total ?4,4JM1T DkCKKACZ. Miscellaneous 44,109 Net increase *4,384,348 The iMnui for the year In also considerably larger than that of the former y*a; ? the net iiciNM bmnc ?6, 312,624 The George Hurlburt, C*pta u Poat, from Antwerp to New ^ork, with 360 emifrTants on board, arrived at Portsmouth, Kng 0n the 6th inst,, having b?M in col lision, at 10 o'clock on the night of the 3d, with one of the ships of the Baltic fleet, supposed to hare been the Duke ol Wellington. The George Hurlburt lost fare mat. bowsprit, jibboom, and sustained other damage. The Ameriena ?or-vette Levant left Gibraltar on Mb* Slat nit for the United State*. The St. Lou: j -"rnrtte arrived at Gibraltar from Cipeztia on the eame Morning, She saluted the garrison shortly alter anchoring; alto the United Slates Consul, Mr. H. Soraguo, on go* ag on board. Our Loudon Cor mpondrnee. 1-omiox, April 8, 1*66. The Negotiation* and the H'ar? Vienna and -Ittoui-eput Serrre Fighting? The Double Siege? The M of Apr*? JfitceUmuwt Intelligent. The two great points of interest which now absorb the attention of ever y party and of every oiass am the ne gotiations at Vienna and the siege or Sebastopel. As regards the former, I have already informed yen that the negotiations came to a sudden stand still, aad tfcat it was resolved, before ptooeedmg further, to await tbe arrival of Dronyn de L'Hujs, the French Minister or Foreign Affairs. As I expected, the Russian plenipo tentiaries showed light at the third point? the dlmten tion of the Russian power la the Black Sea. It Is quite clear that the Western Powerj hare abandoned the ras ing of Sebastopol as a sine qua n m, but it seem* thai there are other points at which Russia stloks, anl I daily expect to luar that sll negotiations are broken off, aad that tbe war will be continued with incr*aae1 vigor oa all tides. Thtn comes the great question, will Austria declare war against Kus?ia and take the odemive t It is bound tn honor to do so. At the came time hsr vacillating conduct, and aecrf'. sympathies fur Ruaala, have engendered doubts which no man can preanaaa satisfactorily to solve. We ean only a wait tbe coumw of events. Monday, 9th April, ia, I believe, tbe day fixe I far the re opening of the conferences. All Pasba, the TurkM Envoy, will aleo have arrived at Vienna bv that UsS. It 2s now said that Nesaelrcde will not attend. Our Parliament does not meet again till the 17th. The siege of Sebaetopol la carried on all this time with renewed vigor. There has been some very severe fighting, especially on the French side. Tae defeace of Sebastopol is carried on with a vigor by (be Kusefaaa, which evinces no desire oa their part to giva ia. They are, in ract, advancing towards the allies, and havo thrown up two new works on hillocks, formerly pomssed by the allies. One of these liiUook*, wbloh has now been christened " the Mamalon," ia oa froat of the MalakholT tower. The Russians have erected bat teries there, and pits, from which their riflemaa aanrrg tbe French workmen continually. The French havo made two or three moat < esperate attacks to take thfc redoubt, which has become a sort of Russian " Arab Tabia." On tbe night of the 2'Jd a tremendous flghi ensued. Ihe French lost 600 men ; Canrobert la ports the lose of the Butsiana at 2,000. Tha Rnisicn* at the same time made a flora* ssrtio on the Fngllsh Urea. Four Kngltsh officers am* killed. It was a regular battle by a'ght, with a oisar Kocn shining upon tha oombateata. But I oadwa yon the only full account ot the affair, which appear* in this day's Time*. A tel? graphic despatch says thai a general attack waa to take place by the alliaa oa the 3d April. They are to attack oa all aides. Omar Pa tha is to advanoe on the north side, whilst tha Eag and French attack tha Russians In the (laid. Tea must take tbis mm gruno. Ihe general attack has been so often announced, and never taken place, that 1 cannot guarantee the correctness of the Intelligence. Enpatoria ia becoming a regular fortreaa. Mo further attack has takes place upca the town, bat the Raaaiaae still muster ia strong force in the neighborhood. Thus, whilst ihe allies are besieging HshastopX the Russians are besieging Enpatoria; whilst words of peaee are Interchanged at Vienna, flame and sword are *?? ploytd on the actual theatre of war. The death of Nicholas doer not appear to have had mnch effect the Russians. The most fanatical appeala to tbe ] appear in the Russian journal*, aad the authorities are eadeavcring to make the war popular by calling rt " a holy war," and promising the kingtom of Beavea to all who fall in battle. The Roebuck Committee has adjourned. Layard, (te seems to be the chisf cross questioner, waa yeateril ay installed as Lord Rector of the University or Aberdsesi. He will have doubtless made a great speech at the baa quet given in hi* honor in the evening, but it haa not yet been received in town. To-day, being Good Friday, very few paper* pubifch xeeond edition*. Crartoviskl has addressed a letter to an g?gw??> am ber of Parliament on the regeneration of Poland, wMeh I enclese. It represents the opin'.oaa of the better eert of tbe Poles, la other respect* there ia little to otaaa nlcate. The T imrt of to day has a first lender devoted ?* the Know Nothings of Amerca, which I leave for ytar own consideration. The Ppanlah Governacent has demanded the recall of Lord How den, the British Minister at Madrid. The (al lowing paragraph explains th^a ?our**. ? Lord Howden bai addressed a oommuLlcatlon te tke Ma drid journals In eontradletion to tbe Ministerial declaration* relative to tb? *?v?ritie* exercised against some Protestant* at Seville. The Spaaltb Governmeat wilt complain on ihe subject to that ot England. It would appear from ibis that the affair between Lord Howden at d the Government, rela tive to the I'rnteataats at 8eville, is not yet terminated. It ?as not the civil, but the eeeleslnstical authorities, thai ordered tbe Rev Antony Frith, tbe clergyman who** 0 en duct is complained of, net to reoeive members of hi* com munion at his own bouse tor the purpose ot Pr*t**taue worship. Iondon will be very gay fn n week, a* the arrival ef the Emperor and Impress of the French i* looked to ward to with considerable interest. Tbe opera opens on the 10th. Fund* nre heavy. Our Parta Cor * tipMMteint. Pab?, April 6, 1066. 7A? Pmrir Exhibition ? TV Antrim* Pari of ih? Affatr? French Wu(>-rn G ugraphy-D-yartwrt of Mr. Mmvmfar Aioe. M. Drouyn d* L'Huy* will probably nwh Vienna t? Jay, toil bia *rnr?! ma/ hasten the reunion of the ?m ference, which had adjourned on Monday evening nntf tbe 10th inet. A* little ie publicly known of the in etiuctlona which be been from London end P?H?, en e t the deliberaiionaof the conference, ?od the Pari* Jour nal* ft re leea disposed thin week than prerlonely t* re peat the vain eonjectnree of the Oermtn jonrnnla, ther aie content with chronicling the latest newe fromtfcn Oinea, that tbe allied armiee am beat upon taking poteeerica of the poeiticne in tbe neighborhood ef tW > tower of Malakoff, with description* of tbe race*, which attracted 'ait Buadsy a multitude of epeetaten. whe wc uld hardly bare found room in th* churches even If tney bad been c I*po?;ed to stay in Pari* and jelni tb* piout crowds that thronged the cathedral of Nnu* n?ine, the Madeleine and the other temple* of the aa*~ | tropoll*, and with acsounts of tbe confusion that tbnn randn of laborer* axe striving to reduce into ordee ia time for tbe great exhibition, which it is positively de termined shall ep?n ot. tbe lit ef May. To carry this latter deter mi nation into effect wHI en quire prodigies of nlustry on tbe part ef tbe wnrt men. r.fconded by equal pr^'UI?? ?a the part of the nkM tors, many cf wbcm ospeefally among the eahibitoennt Pari" bed not *?ilou*!y begun to prepare for the gr*0a display until the Mth of Ms-rh. Hot a few et the Kanufattuiei* of Pa*w have iencun:nd the idc? of et hlbiting. But tbe n.ft.iontj tore widely main tb.etr p-? psraticni beforehand a* if certain ot onia* > im!t'?d. and Pari* ?'H doubting not be tubemci of t> . gafbfiaa of H< cer, in which it baa been dennWd y, npose th* cfcoiee?t profncVon* of Paiisitn iKitl. An - ir*nt*|eua* d stincllon I'M Wen dtoided upon betr , tJw artisle# to be exhibited by tlie niia^lsc i.rtv MeroeeJiee, ftJt

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