Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 24, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 24, 1855 Page 2
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tVTVITIS sSTFTrS *t?HWED_ITERT P'4y. ifcUBS AT AlKTIO.. lTfTION NOTICE -w 8. M ELI.OR, AUyfiONEKR By UOCOHTO* * UELLuR? t?? W>dne*day aac Ttursdny, April .? ul 10>4 ? ? large and ptmup t,rv .al'oi nirnitur* at "ft"'? *oub? h?UM No- '? I niverkitv place. corn.r ef E<ahth .tr.4l ?VMiii, a mat variety of richly esrved aid heavy turnlture, rioh cits in velvet aad brecattlle.laee curtaiu*. reoention chairs, crimson Blii.hiofa H Suim'1 Mkllt NfilMlHtU hair oloth ?hair* sofas, <KUI, 4c. ; 700 yard! of rich volvet superiuo Kiddermin-tcr < nriwtiug, Ac.; Ac. ; oil cloth, matting; .to , A* ? *l?o, a great variety of marble tip and ma^otanv dress lag 'bar***' , wasbstanas; hall, dining room and onamber fareilare; alto, thirty-elx oak arm chuim, furnishing about thirty rc oma. Sale positive and peremptory. Every art i olv offered will be sold, Furniture eaa runatn until Sa turday. ALBERT H. NICOLAY, AUCTIONEER? GENTEEL beuiehold fnraiture at auetioa. ALBEitT II. NICO LAY will tall on Tuesday, April Mtb, at 10)? o olook, at Mo. 17*rt\ne place, (Tweaty-ninth street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues) hor*ehold furniture, consisting in fart of mahogany sofas tetc-a-tetes, voltaire and parlor ehair* is nalr oloth; marble top, oentre auJ quartotte table*; ?uaadeUirn, mahogany bedsteads, bureaus, washfltands, l(unli tapestry carpets, Ao.. Ac. Terms oash, and a deposit regain i! from every purchaser unknown to the auo tnnerr Catalogues on the morning of sale. TTbEHT H. NICOI.AV, AUCTIONEER. ? HOUSE BOLD n furniture at suction. ? ALBERT H. NICOLAY wili aall oa Tuesday, Ajiiil 24, at 10>? o'clock, at 25 Woos'. t street, household furniture consisting of mahogany, rose weed and black walnut sofas, chair*, ottomans, Ao., in plush aad damask; marble top centre table, mahogany bedsteads, marble top bureaus, cnrtaln* with eornioes, shade*, Bru* ?eia and ingrain carpets. Alio a variety of kltohen uten sils. Terma ea*h. A depoeit required frem evory pur ohaaer unknown to the auctioneer. Catalogue on the morn fcf of sale. A UCTION NOTICE.? CONTINUATION SALE? LARGE A sale ot a superb a**ortinent of diamond jewolry, imported watches, A*.? EDWARD SCHBNCK will Mil at auction, on Tuesday, April 24, at hi* taletroomi, 16 Wall stroet at !<?>{ ?'eloek, a large invoice of splendid diamond jewelry, Ao , A*. , consisting in part of single stone and cluster diamond lings, pins, eairing*, broncho*, breastpins, Ao., ladio*' watches, set with diamonds, splendid imported watohos, in Is aaTjr 18 earat gold oase*. patent and detached lerer, dkauble time keeper, independent geoond duplex, leiiine, Ac., %ar the beet makers in Burape, vis: Cotpcr. Tobias, Dent, Keehell, Jurgensen, Bretlng t'reros, Omlia, Ac., Ac.; spleu dU net* of motaic, oameo, goldstone aad onyx pin and uar tfcsg*. aet* ot gold do., bracelets, breastpins, gold lob, guard and ve*t chains, lacle* chatelaine*, sleeve buttou*, (tods, ?Ml rings, pencil cases, lockets, gold pens, Ac., Ac. Sal* Maitive. __ B UCTION NOTICE? GREAT SA IE OF MAGNIFICENT A oil painting*.? EDWARD SCHKrt'K will sell at aua lioa on Weonesday, April 25, at bis sales rooms, hi Wall street, a private nailery of modern oil paintings, including feme very beantifnl specimens of the Belgian, English, French and American scbojli, w. 11 worthy the attention of ?aaaoisseur-'. This collection w*.? made with great cure and ?ta greet expense, inoludes many pleasing landscapes, into tiers, sea pieces, llowor pieces, pastoral*, and otbor subject* ?I geaeral Interest, The whole of the paintings are elegant ly framed. Among the collection are some beautiful speci mens by Schaeffel, Robbe of lirusseln, Possair, Soruc', Jus pare, Sohilling of Munloli, Pilliet, Untenbaok, Brandenber^, Roelcss, Bergcr, Seidel, Webster, Laselle, Carter, I^esiie, Shaver, Wilson, Darby, and other celebrated artist*. Sate peremptory. J I CCTION NOTICE ?THOMAS Bil.L, AUCTIONEER? 1 By BELL A BU9H ? Thi* day, genteel fnmiture at 1(1)^ ?look, we will sell at 313 Henry street, near Or ted, a lar^e portion ot the furniture nf a family, Ac., via. kitohon and basement, stair*, hall we 1 furnished bedrooms and parlor*, Brussels, it grain and Venetian carpets, Englith oiloloth, looking classes, handsome curtains and ornament'), ehina, ?las* aad the usual varieties, all in good order. Ai utual, deposits required. A UCTION NOTICE.? THOMAS BELL, AUCTIONEER A By BELL A BUSn. Tho particulars of our sa'e of ex cellent household furniture fur Wednesday, at I0>? o'clock, te the fonr story honse ION First avenue, will be givon moru ?ef sale; moit ot the cabinet furniture made by Duncan yfe. Bedroom, parlor*, Ac.; also elegant ga* fitted chan delicri, piano, Ac. Alio the *ale, same day, at 2 o'clock, Twenty-ninth street, earner Seventh avenue, as already noticed. Fanoy good*, Jewelry, confectionery and fnmiture. We request attention of booksellers and others to our sale ?f the valuable stock of a+ationcry, Ac., at 177 Pearl street, am Thursday and Friday, by order of assiguee. Catalogues Beady. Furniture sale, Thursday, at 12 o'clock. Sale of Ftirni to asd other articles at 12 Batavia street; must be settled A H. CRISTA LAB, AUCTIONEER, NO. 23 BOWERY, reapeetfnlly inform* his friond* and the pultlic that he enlarged hi* sale* room forty feet, *ad is now ready to dve cosnignment* of dry goods, hardware, wAtuhoa, elry, diamond* and furniture, on which he will make al advance*; and also soli:its outdoor sales of furni from families breaking up housekeeping, or parties re I from business and wishing their stock sold. M. CRISTALAR, AUCTIONEER WILL 3ELL AT ? 414 Pesrl street, on Wednesday, 2Atb, at lOo'clock, the atock of a thread, needle and fancy store, compriiiug every thing in the line, together with counter*, (helving, cases, to-, to. ?eehe fisiy, A LUDLOW, AUCTIONEER? OENTSEL FURNI tare, soit of it made to order, will b? sol J at 10 A.M. 1 173 Spring otreet. on Wodnetdav, April 20, consisting In . paintings, engravings, looting glasses, fancy article) and ?rnan. en U, Ao. l arge aj?ortm< nt of ailvur plated ware; ?at clasn ware, china an 1 crockery ware, oilcloth*, mattinga, Ae ; alio, one luptrb piano, C\ octavo. Every thing mmt be eold, a? the family aro leaving lor Europe. A NTHONY J. BLEECKER, AUCTIONEER -TH-IEE *- story brick house and lot on West Fifteenth itroet. Aatbooy J. bleacker will tell at anetion, on Thursday, April 1IC, MM, at U o'clock, at the Merchants' Exc'iaugo, N. If., the fellow ing desirable real estate, viz: ? On Fifteenth street. The three story brick house and lot on the suntbarly side of fifteenth street, Letv een the Seventh and Eighth avenues, and known as No. 144, commencing 322 feet 10 Inches west of tto SoventS ave&ue; the house is U feet 9 inches front, by 4t foot In depth; lot H6 fret 0 inches deep. The house is well bail* and finished with all the modern improvements. Tit lo Mqneationable. and 16,000 of the purchase money may re - mam on bond and mortgage. For maps and full particulars, apply to the anctioneer, No. 7 Broad street. UCTION NOTICE -CROCKERY. GLASS AND china ?J S. H. BABT1.E fT, anctioneer, will sell ou A1 Wodaeaday. April 2ft. at 10 o'clock, at No. 381 Pearl street, totet* to salt purchasers, a lar;;e assortment of while gr* iM mrv, pressed glass, china fano7 articles, Ao.; yellow and Rockingham ware; alto, a lot of itoneware to be ?I* aH2 o'clock! A UCTION NOTICE.? WX. B. JONES, AUC T/ONEB R, Jk. will soli, this day, at 10.^ A. M., at bouse ?ld canal ?treat, the whole of the furniture in said house, consisting of ? beds, table*, sofas, chairs, kitchen furniture, Ac A UCTION NOTICE ? HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, A pianoforte. At. ? SAMUEL OSGOOD, Auctioneer, store $t N a**au street, will sell by auction, on Thursday, April 36th, at 10)tf o'clock A. M., at the dwelling house 28 Green vieh street, ef the household furniture, comprising Ml part sofas, ehairs, divans, ottomans, marble top cen tre and other table*, dining room, bedroom and kitchen fur ?iture. Alto, one pianoforte. Catalogue* on morning of ?ale. Terms ea*h. AUCTION NOTICE.? J. BOGART, AUCTIONEER? BY 8. Bogmrt? Store cor. of Frankfort andWIlllam streets? This day, Aeril 24, at 10>? o'clock, at 30 White street, " genteel household furniture, consisting of mahogany sofa#, ?tie a tetea, mahogany *pring *eat chain, roekera, marble top aefa tablet, pier glasses, damask window curtains, tapestry, Brussels, three-ply and ingTain carpets; splendid aanttl ornament* and mantel clock*, dressing bureau'.* mahogany French bedsteads, hair mattresses, beds and Madding, mahogany washstands, toilet set*, looking gla**ea, star and bedroom carpcts, kitchen furniture, with which the sale will comineace. NB? Ellas B. Henry'* Mend* will find him at the corner of Frankfort and William ?trccl*. Auction notjce.-j. bogakt auctioneer ?by B. Bogart. Wednesday, at lo1^ o'clock, attheauotlon n?ni. corner of Frankfort and William street*, mortgaie sad constants' sale, pianos, household furniture, A* ; e n sitting of a very large nnd general assortment of parlor, ledroem, and kitchen furnitnre, two pianofortes, carpets, crockery, Ac , Ac, Also, by virtue or an execution, one l? eweod pianoforte. MICHAEL DQODY, Conttahlt. AMcCAFFRAT, AUCTIONEER. ? WEDNESDAY, AT ? W'/i o'clock, at 202 Grand street, all the furniture con tained in the above noute; consisting of a large adortment ?t parlor, bedroom and kitchen furnitnre. AMcCAFFRAY, AUCTIONEER.? T11URSDAY, AT ? 10)f o'clock, at Grand street a large assortment of parlor, bedroom and kitchen furniture. Particular* on day ?i tale. Auction sale of furniture, on Wednesday. April 2Mb. at 10 o'clock A. M., at the corner of Mlnteeath afreet and Eighth avenue, consisting of *ofas, table# chairs, bureaus, tete a-tctes. vaohstauds, Ao. A. BL'TTERFIELD, Auctioneer. Auction sale of handsome household fur aitsrt.? PETER PAKRS, auctioneer, will tell on Wed need ay, April 24th, at 10J? o'clock, at No. tJ8 West Thirty - aaeond street, near Sixth aienne, a general assortment of ?aperior boasehold furnituie of a family declining house keeping, comprising Brussels and other carpet*, rosewood and mahogany, parlor, basement and chamber furniture, tod* and bedding, rich 7 octave rosewood piaauforte, ??terly, crockery, kitchen at< naiis, Ac. Catalogue* at tale. Auction sale at carll a duryeas liyery ?table, on Monday, April 30th, at 12 e'eloek, M. the entire stock of the Livery stable, occupied by Carll A bur yea. Me. 4 Water (treat, oppoiite Fulton ferry, consisting of JK wagon*, 8 of whieh are new, 3 coaches, 4 rookaways, aad 26 horse*, with harartr, robe*, Ac. Salt positive, premise* totag told to other partitt. CARLL A DUKYEA. Brook kpa, April 23. IMA AT AUCTION, ON WEDNESDAY, AT l?t< O'CLOCK, tht grocery on the corner ol Lndlow and Hotter streets, ??bracing a general assortment, with the Axturee aad toaMbold furniture, and a very favorable lease ef flv* yian. Sale positive. A WA BEEN, Auctioneer. BY JOSEPH HEGEMAN, AUCTIONEER -WEDNES. day. April 28, at 3>? oolock P. M., at 43 Middagh, near Willow stretti, Brooklyn, a small quantity of parl?r, oham tor and kitchan furnitnre. Aito a mahogany piano. BY OAKLEY A WRIGHT? TUESDAY. APRIL #4, As signee's tale of a large aad reneral a***rtment of ele gant cabiae; furniture, at 10 o'tloek, A. M., at the ttort ef the late llenry Beecher, 31 C?nrt ttreet, Brooklyn, eoa*ist lag of tlegant carvtd rosewood black walnut and mahogany Blor aad chamber furniture, the celebrated California age*, rosewood aad mahoraoy chair*, *ofa*. bedsteads, ?satble top centre tables, Voltaire ehaira, aplendld book matt, rosewood aad mahogany marbl* top aureaus and vaibitaiii mahogany aad Iron hat staads, dlalag and ei tables, blaekwalaat and oak dlalag room chair*, Bosaitei of cottage turaitnre, Ac. to bo (Old low reeerve. Term* _ By nrder, B Al.UEBT S. JA4ES, > . . R. C. ROBIN SOU, ( Atslgnee*. Y OAKLEY A WRIGHT-THURSDAY, APRIL 3$, AT l HI e'eloek A. M . at 1H3 Fnlton strset, Breoslyn, a large, vsried aad extensive a-aortment of rich ehiaa. glass, earthen and crockery ware, elegant ohiaa tea aad dinner sttt, iron ?tone china do., a large aaeortment of rieh vaees, cat glass aad flint ware, earthenware, casters, china toilet *???, stone ?hiaa do., earthen d' , china card baskets, Ac , tbt whole ?empritiag a complett aad general assortment, to he sold in lots to suit purchaser*. Sal* positive aad without reierre, and will be worthy the attention of the public. CR MILLER A CO, AUCTIONEER. WILL 8ELI. ? at anetion, on Friday, April >7. at 10 o'clock, at hint Ne 1 State street, coraer of Whitehall. hon<ehoM fnrnl tore, eontiatlng of carnett, chamber furaitare, buroaas, bod >te?ds, wathstandt, ehairs, crockery, Ac. C1AB1NET MAKER'S STOfK, PIANO, TOOLS, IX* J ber.Ae., at anetiia. M WRAY. aactioneer, will Kll, on Wednesday, April V. at 10 o'clock, at the store 4&2 isoaiitnet. corner Meroer, the < niire stoek of i. Sum vert, eemprlaing a general aasortmeat of lest class parlor ?*d ehamker furniture, one nperior octav* rosewood ifiao tools, hardware. Ac , the whole or which mutt pttl \rtly to MM. Depotiit re-juiyed Hob tftry rar-haeer. aAX.ES AT ACmOW. * C" V R. MILLEK A ca WILL SELL ON WEDNESDAY. J, April 26, ?t the Msrobnntt' Exebaaae, douole housu uii 21 lot* at East Neit York, situated on Brooklyn and Jamaica plank raid. Vansiclen and Division avenue-, also, ootugo bou-e, at Groenpcinl, on Fifth street, between Colics and L street; buiie and *tore, Bergen llill S J.; and lot, 23xllki, Monroe ttre?>, Ur<" k'yu, between Marey and Noatrand are nue*. For map* and toll particular*, ftpply to C. R. MILLER A t o , Auotlonear*, 196 Broadway. DS. I10UGH, AUCTIONEER. ? SUE RIFF' 3 SAL*.? ? Excellent household furniture, rich velivt otr pcti, large n. irror*, oil painting*. silverware. An ? Thi* u?v, (Tuesaay.) at 10^ o'clock, tbe furniture in tb? large thr*? story houae No. M Warren at reel, oonaiaiing of on* eo*lly piannrcrt*. la rosewood, seven octave, Tory eoitly and nearly new; elegant carved rocewned parlor suite*. in ?atia broeede; mahogany iof?i. cushioned chain, roekera, icacwood centre, aide and card taMei, book rack, niuele end corner atands, elegant ta pea try carpet*, nearly new; largo , nirrtrt, rich brooatello and laoe curtain*, *oat ly oil pamtiiga; extension Ua and dining table*; bed room fori iture, of the beat kind, tIi.: ? rotewood and ma hogany bedatead*. bureaus and waahatand*, made in the baft manner; alio, maple and other bedataada, caao teat chair*, two elegant painted bedroom aattei, beddlug, sheen, pit Iowa, blanket*, feather boda, hair mattreaaai, common wasb itaad* and eroekury, bedroom oarpet*, lounge*, china vases, ?legant china taa *eta, be*t cut glassware, outlery, rich ail ?er ware, sari vera; oaater*. with heavy cat bottle*; cake baskets, ?poena, fork*, rich plated tea *ervice, Ac. Tha *ala will commence with tha kitchen furniture, which embraces a large and desirable assortment of everything necessary for housekeeping. Persot a about going to nonsekoeplo^ will do well to attend, a* e?erything will be *old contained in tbe house and without the lea*t re?er?ation whatever. A cash depoait required Irom all purchaser*. Daniel t. macfaklan, auctioneer.? wal DRON A CO.. auction sale* and commission room* at 40 Dowtry, between Third and Fourth (treats, will bold re i nlar sales at tlieir room* every week, and special sales when required. Goods aold on commission. Alio will give <hcir persona) attention to auction *alu* at tba residenoes f fannies braakin* up hom ekeepiDg. Alio real eatate and tocks sold at tbe Merchants' Exchange. Daniel t. macfaki an, auctioneer? a vari aty of household furniture at auction.? W ALU K ON A C'O. will sell at 10ft Icntli street, between Tnird and Fourth avenues, on Thursday, April iC, at lu}? o'clock a general assortment of household furniture, consisting of on* pis'.oforte, one large extension table, carpets, tables, chairs, bureau, gas fixtures, oilcloth, bedsteads, Aa? Ac. Damel t. macfarlan, auctioneer, -extes sire assortment of housebold lurnituru at auction, en tirely new. ? WALDRON A CO. will roll at their room*, 349 bowery, on Friday, 27th inst., at 1U)< o'clock, a general as sortment of household furniture, entirely new, consisting of bureaus, tables, etcgrret; chairs, hair seat and cane bottom; washatands, marble top, Ac.; bedstouds, otftoo chairs, chil dren's chairs, clocks, mirror*, lar^e and smalt, rocking chairs, toilet classes, Ac., Ac. N B.? A large stock ol goods on hand, selling off at cost. 1'orsons wishing to pur chase cheap furniture will do well to call and examine. Wa'dron A Co will hold special sales at their rooms ?h?i required. Good* sold on commission. tValdrun & Co. will give their personul attention to auction aalea at the resi dence of families breakiug up housekeeping. Eugene b franklin, auctioneer-by frank Iin A Nichols, hardware, furniture, oarpetg, mirrors, Ao., to morrow, Wednesday, ut 10 J-J o'clock, it 79 Nassau stieat, between Fulton and John streets. E. B. FKANK 1,1 N will sell at unction as above, a variety of superior cab im t furniture, consisting of rosewood parlor furniture eo ? ui'e, in rich French satin hr icatelle, roiawood, mahojany and walnut bedatetds, buieaua ar d wiahatanda, librtry an I locietary bookcase*, wardrobes marble top centre, pier and fancy tables, tcte a totes, sofa?, roaowood and mahogany parlor chairs, lounges, oak, walnut and inahorany wxtemion dining tables, velvet. Brussels and ingrain carpeta, Ac. Cat alogues on the morning of ?ale. Eugene b. franklin, auctioneer-by frank lin A >ichol*. Administrator'* sale ol' the furniture of t!:c late C V. S Kane, deoeased, on Thursday, 20th iust., at Louye No. 33 East Twenty eighth street, comprising one splendid rosewood 7 octave pianoforte, made by K. A W. Nunns, suite of rosewood pari' r furniture, Brussels attd ingrain carpet*, mirror*, oil paintings, bedroom furniture, bedstead*, ma'tretse.' and palliasses, (able*, chairs, Ac., be ing a variety of superior furu ture * ol 1 worthy of attention. Also, a curd table which belonged to the immortal Jefferson. Catalogues on morning of mle^ Eugene b. franklin, auctioneer ?by frank lin A Nichols.? Household furniture, on Friday, April ?7. at tn>7 Houston stroet, cirner of Laurens, consisting of ono superior rosewood seven octave pianoforte, ingrain oar pi ts, oilcloth*, mahogany at tits, lounges, ehairj, extension tables, bedsteads, bureaus, and washstAud*, hair maltreido*, paliasses, blankets, sheets, oounterpanes, oil paiatings, pier glasses, bcautilul Isce window curtain* and blinds, base ment and kitchen furniture, Ac. Cash depoait required from all put chasers. fCOLTON, AUCTIONEER.? F. COLTON H ILL SELL ? this day, (Tnnsday) April 24, at 10>j o'clock, at 317 Twenty-first itreet, ctrnerof Tenth avenno, the ontire fur niture of tbe family; ooinpriiing mahogany and rosewood pnrlor furniture, mirrors, tape*try, three ply and ingrain carrots, oilcloths, sofas, mahogany ohaim, Franoh bed steads, dressing bureaus, Oedroom and basement fnrniture. china and glass ware, Ac.. Ac. On Thursday, April 2d? All the furniture in houae 27 U Madiaon atreet. Alio, on Fri day, April 27. nil the genteel furniture in houae 20 Eaat Twenty-fourth street, sear Fourth avonne. IfURNITL'KE gALKS ?ELI AS COMBS, AUCTIONEER, gives his pers .iai sttontion to auction sales oi furni ture, Ac , at private residence*, or elsewhere; also, real ea tate, *tock*, bonds notes and *hipr, at tbe Merchants' Ex change. Prompt returns guaranteed. Office, 241 Grand atroct. *2 ? "???ttiivf/er-by stoyer a cook. pit*. Ac., tbia day, Tueada.v, at 10>; o clock, at uitnlp..,n. sale rooms, Ulead way and i>uane street, coniisting in part of roaewood and mahogany parlor furniture, cn suit, in French brocatell, plush ana bslr oloth, richly oarved roae woed etegeres, secretaries, library bookoaiea, marble top centre Mid sofa tables, French plate pier and mantel glasses, oil paintings. French clocks, vases and mantel ornaments, custom made ext?n?ion dining tables, dsniug room chaira, sideboards, wardrobes, rosewood, walnut and mahogany bedsteads of ft variety of styles; dresiing and plain bureau*, w&ihatatids, mattretsar, bedi, bedding, sofas, tete-a tetes, arrr ohaira, *tring seat parlor chairs, fine table cutlery, sil ver plated ware, a beftutUul assortment; Frenih clocks, splenitid tapestry, Brussels iftrpets, onamelled oottage fur niture, with and without marMe tops; kitchen artiolos, Ac.; also to dote ft obftttel mortgftge, suits of ptrlar and cham let furniture. Catalogues on the morning of sale. GEORGE COOK. AUCTIONEER? GE.\ TEE L HOUSE bold furniture. thii day, 'i'uosdty, at 10X o'clock, at bouse No. 117 E*-t twenty first street, near I hir I avenue. My STOVER A COOK, the furniture cf a family rolin jalsh in? housekeeping, consisting of rosewood parlor suit io bro cade fatlo, do. do mahogany in bair oloth, contra and aofa table*, tapestry, three ply and ingrain carpets, stair car pets, cil cloth, centre and aofa tiMi.s, tap;atry, three ply ard ingriin carpeti, extension dining fables, cbaire, maho gany ledstcads. bureaus, washstands, hair mattresses, beds, bedding, enamelled cottar* seta, crockery, plana and obin* ware, conking stove and kitohen articles of every descrip tion. Tbe whole to b? sold to the highest bidder without resent. GEOltGE COOK, AUCTIONEER.? GENTEEL II Ol'.SE bold furniture, pianotorte, Ac. ? On Wednesday, (to morrow.) at 1U)? o'clock, at lionae 41 Greeuwicb avenue, STOVER A COOK will (ell aa above the entire furniture of a family rellnqulthing housekeeping the whole to be (old ?without reserve, consisting in part of auperior Wilton car peta, stair and hall do.. Ingrain chamber carpets, elegant rosewood parlor (uitea, in French nrocatello, marble top centre aud sofa tables, French secretaire, music cablnit, French plate pier glass, tne oil paintings, ric'a lace curtains and cornices, French shades and fixtures, mantel vases and ornaments, clock, dining room furniture, oak extension tablo, do. sideboard. do. uhatrs, rockers, china and glass v ?re, elegant china tea and eolfee sets, table cutlery, silver plated ware, chamber furol'ure, rosewood and mahogany bediteadr, bureaus, washstands tables, chain, china toilet sets, gilt frame mirrors, mattrisses, beds, bedding, Ao.; also superior rosewood 7 oHave pianoforte, by oil of the best city makers, is lu perfect or Jer, having been used t>ut a short time. ;G. HORTON, AUCTIONEER, WILL RI5I,L ON vT? Wednesday, at 10W o'clock, furniture contained iu house King street, consisting of the usual assortment. /^EO. LEV IE. AUCTIONEER? LARGE AND PBREMP U tcjj s-vje of cleths and clothing.? Sal* by anction, l.Vi Nassau nreet, Wednesday. April S3, the entire itooa ana fix tures; i? 1 so , th* interest of Geo. Levie is said building; stook comprises cloths and cassitaeres. readymad* clothing, clatk, alpaca and linea frock coat*, silk, satin and Marseille* vasts, black and floured ca?iitn*T?, linen and satinet pant* shirts rnd gents' furnishing*, Ac. Sale at 10>; o'clock. ?n Tntsday A pnl 24. (GROCERY AND LIQUOR STOCK AT AUCTION.? M. X WRAY, anctloneer, will aell on Thursday. April _''i, at 1U o'clock, at the store 2?j4 Third avenue, corner of Twenty second street, the entire stock of lam>ly groceries, Ac , of J. Ilnnter, retiring from business, comprising in part teas coffee*, sun.irs, spices, Dickies, liquors and ae<ara, with an extorsive assortment nf (roods usually found in a flrst class grocery; also a auperior horse and wa?on, one ll<ht wa^on, seta of harness, five 200 gallon stand easks, scales, sugar n.ills, Ae. The above is worthy the attention ol private fa milies. dealers and boarding house keepers. Sale positive. Lepusit* required. N. B.? The liquors are of a superior quality, /^ROCEKIES. SUGARS, CLAKET WINK, CIDER \T vineaar.? 1 his day, at 10J< o. clock, at 67 Dey street, Curlier of Greenwich? brandies, Holland gins, whiskey, teas, oi ITees, segars, tobacco, pickles, olive oil, shel ed almonds, Madeira nuts, fish, herrings, candles, soap, whips, horse co. lars, shovels, forks, nails, Ac. W. A. CAKTEK, Auctioneer, 57 tey street. HENRV T. LEEDS, AUCTIONEER.-CONTINUATION of assignee'* sale of manufactured fnrs, sable talmas, vietorlnes, euffs, robes, gloves counters, .-lass fixture*, rate, board*, wadding, Ac., at 44>J Maiden lane, on Tuesday, April 24, at 10)^ o'clock. The above goods are worthy the atten tion of the trade, and private buyera. Terms cash. H^RY It. HERTS, JUN., AUCTION BKtt.-SHEBI FF'S sale, on Wednesday, April I?, at No 73 Chatham atreet, at 10 o'clock? A large lot of men's and woata'a olnthin<, marine shtlls, Indian and ether curiesitirs, guna, pistol*, watches, jewelry, Ac., Ac. By order of JOHN OR^KR, Sheriff. Jos. CoaifRLL, Depnty. Henry b. iierts.jr , auctioneer.-sal* byor de* of attorney for mortgagee ? Adjourned to Wednesday, April 26, at 10 A. M , at 4UI Broadway, l> th* baiemont, on* pair solid ailver pitcher*, one English Vser pump, three silver mounted mils, bar and back countcr. oyster box, twenty live table*, one iteam table steam boi'er, gas fixture*, tw* dozen arm chairs, three evaf mirrors, seventeen settee*, fifty engraviag* and painting*, two detea gla** decanter*, four dozen tumbler* and wine glassoe, Ac. HENBY U. HERTS, JR , AUCTIONEER. -SALE flY order of Attorney for mortgagee? Adjourned to Wed nesday, April IX. at U A. M., at Van Ranit'* (table*, 34 Canal atreet, on* horae, wagon, haraes*, blanket, Ac. Henry ij. herts, jun.. auctioneer. ? su perb houaehold furniture, pianoforte, Ae.? Oa Vhnrs day, April 20, at I0)i o'clock, at No. IKS East Broai way, the whole of the furniture In the sa'd bouse, consisting in part of rosewood and broeatelle sofas, obairs, eonobes, divans. Mo , en suite; mahogany aefai, eb ail s, rockers, Ae., in haircloth; velvet tapestry, Brussels and ingrain oarpets, Trench mantel docks, vase* and orna m nts, tolid ailver tea set, diver and plated ware, large French plate pier glasses, etegerea, china, dinner and tea services, glassware, oil palntin?s and engravings, window cur tains and eornloes. Minds, shades, eilclothe, rosewood, ma hogany and enamelled bedsteads, bureaus. wash(tand(, Ae.; aleo a general assortment of kftchea utonsilj with whieh the (ale will enmmenoe. Catalogue* at (ale. Terms oash. liepos.ts required. Household furniture at auction.? will bb sold on Tuesday. April 24th, at 10^ o'aloek, at No. 2A Wooetar street, household furniture, consisting of aahoganv, rosewood aad black walnat sofas, ehairs, ottamana, Ao . in plush and damask: marble top centre table, mahoganv bed steads, marble top bureaus, cnrtalns with ooraloea, shades, Brussels and Inaraln carpets. Also a variety of kitohen uten sils. Terms cash A deposit required from every purchaser unknown to the auctioneer Catalogue oa the morning of sale. Henry h. lebds auctioneer -by h h. lieds A CO.? On Tuesday, April 24, at low o'clock, at No. 13 Howard street, household tnrnlture, consisting of Bras sals carpets, oval mirrors, marble top pier tabUe, m ah oca ay aide tables, dlvana in hair eloth, ehairs and reokers In hair eloth, lace eurtain* and fixtures, extenaion dining ta ble aad crockery. Bedroomv-Mahogany wtrdrokea bad- > stead. Ingrain carpets, mattrssaee een'fe tables, draeelnc poreani, stair carpets, otlflotbs, kitchca furnitare, Ae. ' IALM AT ABCTICW. TJ ENRY It. LEEUHA CU, iUai JN LtRS -HOUSE. XI hold furniture taint.? Bear; II. Leods A Co. will their prr-cna' ntfuti'i <a* tbe y hma ioue for many F<an past) to tho Mica of household furniture, at the res:'ler.c?s 01 familios braaMnjt ap housekeeping or removing. The/ will alio have regular y.les at their auction rooms. No. 18 NaMtnirMt, between line aad Cedar, Jor Um mhukboi of tbote wUu may riemre this medium of aala UENHY H. LEEDS. AUCTIONEER-BY H. H LEEDS A CO. ? On Tuosdav, April 21. at 10K o'clock, at No. V6 Clinton plaoe, household furniture, consitttng of antique furnituro Of l.ouia XV Ith style and time; solid rosewood ao ta and aix cbxirB to ma'cb, open backa, from Spun; ?>lid rosewood centre talle, from Portugal, all elegantly carted; also, cent'O aud Ua tablos, aad otherehairs; lar^e old cabi net, with braes antique handles: ronnd, tara up tablot of mahogany? all with tbe ball and eatle claw of that age. A:; oi> | aintinga rich mantel vases, marble do , clocks, tapes try. lirnaiaU and iinraiu c arista, rugs, oilcloths, mahoga ny extension table, loaves and rack. Ik feat; mabugany aulas, arm and parlor chairs in hair clotb.nualin embroidered and drapery window curtains and cornices, mirrors, marble alabi and brackets; china, glass and silver plated ware; mahogany anu maple windlass bedsteads, ingrain carpets, mattresses, bolsters and pillows, feather bads, blankets, oomforters, dressing bureaus, withstands, wardrobes, cbaira, Ac., with an ao ortment of kitchen furniture. Also, ono elegant roso wood seven octavo piano, of very fine tono and elog&nt fin III. HENRV II LEEDS, AUCTIONEER? BY U. H. LEEDS A Co.? On Tuesday, April 24. It 58, at 12 o'slock, in front ot stoic 19 Nassau street, a black Indian pony. 6 years old next fall, kind in tinilo and double harness; oSu trot in 3k minutes. Warranted sound in every particular. A light wagon, nearly new; alsj, aingle se silver mounted harness, but little used. Sold for want of use. Henry h. Leeds, auctioneer-by h. a. leeds A CO. ? Tuesday and Wednesday, April 24 and 25, at liiU o'clock each da>, at salesroom, 1!) Nassau street, Signer (j. B Pandolfiui's opening sale of real marie statuary, ra tes, Ac. Superb statuary of Carrara marble, being oopias from the most celebrated Florantine masters, conaisttng of the Madonnt of Tonncranni, Magdalen of Canova, Venus of do., David of Grecian school, flower girl, origlaal of Franchi, the four seasons, and onesuperb mantel ol' statuary marble A fine tnat ofZeuo, executed by one of tho most celebrated Ital ian sculptors of the present axe. Also, an assortment of Verde antique, irarblo and alabaster groups and statuettes; am ni? them will be found tbe rape of i'roterpin?, raps of tbo Sa binea. the Farneaa Bercules, Hercnles reposing, the dyia< gladiator, tiercules returning from the chase, group of Ceu taur.lllerculcs and tbe lion, Venus of Canova, dtaciug girls of do , Cleopatra, pleas ire and pain,? of fine polished stat uary marble; He.e ot Canova, and other beautifully execu ted antique anil classic subjects. Superb mosaic inlaid o?n tre tables snd brooches? 6 magnificent mosa>c inlaid tablet, inlaid with malocbita. piatra ouru, and various other tine specimens in land-capes and flowers, all from the manufactory of the Grand Duke of Tusoaay, lately en exhibition at tbe Crystal Palace. Also, rioh carved wood tramos, various sizes, suitable for paintings. Also, Sriobly catved and fluted marble pedestals; a largo variety of Mardiiilio, agate aud yellow of Sienna vases, of various styles anil sizes, gothic. etrusean, Grecian, Rumtu, Mediciana, Uobe, Florentine, Ac., tastefully tad elegante oarved in alto and baso relievo; llercnla jicum and i'ompoii urns; rich and elegait tazzasand card reeeivers, Belgian lyons on pe destals; corner pieces; fruit bowls; flower vases; beautiful Florentine and openwork baskets; agate caudlcstioks; watch cases: fountain with birds, and a variety of marble and alabas'er articles, useful and ornamental. The above goods have been select* d from the most celebrated studios o( Italy by Signor Pando lloi liiuisel', expressly tor this market, and mutt be closed peremptorily, at be is obliged to return to Europe early in the ensuing summer. Tin sale therefore presents an excellent opportunity to persons desirous of de corating thoir residences with articles of real taate and or nnmcnt. Plated ware? A large aasortmcnt of platel ware, com luting of casters, liquor stands, cake basket, card re ceivers, spoons,, clocks, Ac. ? A superb collection of ? tr nzes of various subjects. Among them will be found tbe fellow 'uk choicc productions? Phidias and Pericles, War and Peace, Tragedio and Comedie, Infant liacohus, Franooit ue Philebirt. Chovmix dc Marly, Commeroe and Agriculture, History. Meditation, llasidora, Ariadne and othersof equal merit; also bronze and ormolu clocks, of the best workman bip, by the most celebrated Paris maksrs, of the newest uiid most eipensiro devices, forming in tie whole the most rcchcrche and unique colleotion offered this year. The col lection will be ready for exhibition on Monday, when ladies and gentlemen are respectful!) invited to call and examine. Henry h leeds, auctioneer-by h. h. leeds A Co.- Wedne?dav, April 26, at 10J? ? 'clock, at tho New llaven House. 114 Broadway, uesr Caual street. Hotel furniture, the entire furniture of said hotel, there being about ninety furnished rroms and parlors, consisting of Brussels carpet*, mirrors, parlor suits, in rosewood, coverid 8 luth do., in haircloth, arm and sewing chairs, parlor and ining room do., oilcloths, mahogany bureaus, dressing (lasses, wardrobe?, withstands, block walnut, mahogany and maple bedstead*, oilcloths, about 1U0 fine mattresses, straw do., about 00 fine feather beds, pillows and bolsters, thefts, blankets, stone glaisware, and other furniture utu ally in a hotel, including kitchen ware. Henry h. leeds, auctioneer -by u. h. leeds A Co.? Wodnesda) , April 26, at lli>i o'c'ock, at 622 and 024 Broadway.? Houteboic furniture? Consisting of rote wood, mahogany and black walnut soia3, tete a-tctos, arm and parlor cliairt, divans in crimson plush, mahogany mar ble top centre tables, elegant mirrors, slabs and brickett, rich brown snd ormolu chandeliers, brackets, sets mahoga ny dining tables, chairs, sideboards, rich oil paintings, bro catelle and lacc window curtains and cornices; tapestry, Brussels and ingrain carpets and rugs, oilcloth; ohin:i, {lass, silver and silver plated ware; one rich rosewood 7 no ave piano. Ac; mahogany aud black walnut bedsteads, bureaus, nirrers, wash stands, chairs, mattresses, bolsters and pillows: carpets, window curtains, Ac. Henry h. leeds, auctioneer ?by h h. leed? k Co. ? Wednesday, April 26, at lU^j o'clock, at 12 Wool Thirteenth street, Between Fifth anc Sixth avenues ? Household furLiture? Consisting of rich Brussels carpets, rich mahogany carved sofas, tote a-tetts, arm and parlor centre , JnvJ'.Vrun'rti *RJB*^l)S.'Cauy. the house, oilcloth, Brussels stair carpets, hat stands, tanoy chairs, lounges, pier tables, chiua and glassware, oil paint ings. Ac , 4c. Also, ono elegant rosewood 7 octave piano, of very superior quality. Bedrooms? Mali' gany and bla^k walnut bedsteads, dressing bureaus, washstandt, chairs, toilet sett mirrors, tapestrv and Rrussels carpets, mantel ornaments, shades, Ac. Also, an assortment or kitchon fur niture. Henry h. i eeps, auction n. h leeds A Co ?On Wednesday, April 26. at tbe salesroom, U Nacrau street, after the sale of taicy goods, will be told fine stuffed birds? a large collection, picpartd by the cele brated ornitho'ogii't, Mr. GaPraith. in a manner unsur patted for dnralility and workmanship, consisting of birds on springs and brapchcs, singly and in groi ps; also sevoral cares of humming birds, collected poisonally by Mr. Gal - braith in Italy and South America, of variegated aid changeable colort, comprMng in whole the most beautiful collection offered this Henry h. leeds, auctioneer.? by ii. h. Leeds A Co.? On Wednesday. April 26th, at 10)? o'clock, at ;;:v Broadway, aasignees' sa'.o of ma cMnery, tools, ctock, Ac., consisting of one superb highly finished steam engine, bails by George II. Fox A Co., of Boston, eight horsepower, aid in complete order; one steam boil' r and connections; one 10 foot nack geared engine lathe, made by Leonard; thres 6 foot back geared engine lathes, made by Lineoln A Co ; ono 6 toot back geared engine lathe, made by Watts; two tapping ma chines; one poser screwing machine; one hand screwing machine: twe Fox lathes, with screw attachment; ono Fox hand lathe; two fine foot hand lathes; one die cutting ma cbiie, aide rests chucks, chasers. Ac.; blacksmiths' tools, fitters, fitters' tools, Ac. Also, the shafting and hangers, belting, heating fixtures, and office furniture. Also, a lar^c lot of brass valves and cocks, stoam and gas fittings, pumps, pipe, vices, filet and beooh, tools. Ac. Also, lease of store, three years from Ut of May next; together with a great va riety of other stock, recently mauiMtured. All this ma chinery it of the first class and in ffne order, nearly new. Ihey can be examined at above at any time previous to Henry h. i.eeds, auctioneer.-by h. h. leeds A CO.? Thursday, 2tith, Friday, 27th, and Saturday, 2Stb, i.t 1U)j o'clook, corner of fifth avanuo and Eighth itreet. Lr-tocrt Ilcu<e.? All tho splendid furniture contained in laid house, eompriaing an elegant and complete aasortment of vglnaHe cabinet furniture, of the unit uoatly description, vii.:? velvet carpets, rplendid mirror* of various kiad*. par lor and bedroom mite* in rosewood, blaok walnut a td ma hogany: *iik and laoe enrtains; extension and other tables; ' eds, mattiesie* and bedding; costly china and glassware, wine*. Ac. The above will be told without reserve, and fonnd to be one of the most elegantly fnrniihad hotel* in tho city, fan be examiaed two day* before the sale. JAMES COLE, AUCTIONEER.? STEAM ENGINE, boiler, A e.? JAMES COLE A SON will cell on Wednes day, April ;fi, at 11 o'clock, at tha corner of North Firit aad Tenth street, Brooklyn (late Wil'lamsburgb), by order of tha uioitgagee, lot account of former pnrclmser. on* steam engine, about ten horso power, in good running order, to gether with the ikattiiig, two boiler*, Ac., oonnested therewith. Term* cub. Jm ?I|N~ >'? VANDE WATER, AUCTIONEER. -ELEGANT huuiehold furnitnr* at auction. J. L. Vandowater will a< 11 ob Tuesday, April 24tb, at lUMo'clock, at the residenoe of Charl** Morlot, Esq , IK) East Eighteenth street, sold in consequcnce of the owner retnrninn to E'iropo? front parlr furniture, carted rosewood suits in satin damask brocatell*, rich satin damask window curta'ns with laoe underdo., French pier ind mantel glasae*, Anblssnn, Wilton and Brus eels parlor carpet*; alogant rosewood seven octavo piano lorte, Baribore, maker; one month tet, consisting of one real bronze and ormolu and mantel thirty ilsy elook.with oaids labra* to n.atih; superb carved rotewood ctMere, elegant French artist c by Ucvanx and other*; bisijuet, pa rian and china decretive ornament*, rosewood carved can tre,?ide and pier tattles; a splendid line of old oil painting* by the most celebrated artists, among which will be found ori ginal Dusseldorf, signed by the folio wing artist* two ele gant landscapes by Oe Munter, from ratine, foggy weather hy De 1 .inter, sea view by Delacroix, am viewTy Fleury, children playing on *hore (muftit) hy Vovhockhoven, do. by Common, landtoape in Wesrthalia by Ratteehea; alio oval gilt frame paintings under glas* by ohambeaux; alio a splendid line of Chine** curiosities. Middle and baek par lor? rosewood carved snit in damask brocat&le. gilt frame pier and mantel gltise*, Brussels carpet*, marble top rosa wood centre, pi*r and sofa tables, mpstc stand*, mantel or | nanente, bronies, French mahogany 6X oetavs pianoforte, Pape, maker, Pari*. IMalng room? mahogany extension < table with leave*, rosewood bookoeee, dining eh air*. French china dining, breakfast and tea gets, eut glasa vara, silver plated ware, knives, forks, etegere*, Urussels earpet*, Ac Bedroom furniture? mahogany and rosewood bedet-ads, bureaus, washstands, tables, cbalrs, lounges, feather bed*, mattresses, mirror*, bronte towel rack*, toilet eats. ward robea, Ae., and a general assortment of basemeat and klteh en fnrnitnre, with whkth the sale will commenoe. Aleo a fine (tock of old wine*, braadie*, Ac. imported far private use. Jm 0I1N 1.. YANDEWATER. AUCTIONEER? WILL sell thi* day, Tnesdav, April 24 genteal honeenold tor' niture ? At 2 o'eioek, at 116 Atlantio street, Brooklyn, con sisting of rosewood suit, covered in brooatel, teta a tete, Voltaire and parlor chair*, pianototto, ??fas, mirror*, pa nt lns*, cloeks, mantel ornamsnti, Brussels carpet*, extension taMei, tea *at*. silver plated ware and sofa. Bedroom fnr nitnre? Bedsteads, bnreani, waihataoda, wardrobe*, ohair*, lounges, mattreasee, feather bads, mirror*, eagraving*. paintings, toilet seta. Ingrain earpets. Ae , together with' a general assortment of baaement and kitehea furniture, with which the aale will commenoe. Jm OHN L. VANDEWATERTuCTtONEER. WILL SELL thia day, Tneaday, April M, lunerb household furnitnra. At 10^< o'eioek, at the residence of Char'.as Morlot, No. 90 East Eighteenth street, sold in oonaequenee of the owner re turning to Europe. Front parlor furniture ? rarved roee wood suits in tatin damask brocatal, rich satin damaik win dow curtain* with lace under do. , French pier and mantel nl asses Aubisson, Wilton and Brussels parlor carpets, ele pant rosewood aeven octave pianoforte, Ilarmore, maker; one month set, eonsi'ting of one real bronie aad ormolu and mantel 30 day eloek, with candelabra* to match; enperb carved rosewood etegere, elegant French artistie broaiee, hy Dvvanx and others: bisque, parian and ehiaa dec orative or i anient*, rosewood carved centra; aide and pier table*, a splendid line of old oil punting*, by the most oelehratad artists among whioh will be found original "Dusseldorf," signed by the following srttit*, two el'gaat landscapes, hy lie Munter. (rem nature; Foigy Weather, by Ue l.anter; Sea View, by Delacroix; Sea View, by Floury: Children Playing on Shore.(merlne) by Verbockhoven; do. by Common; l.aad ?cape In Westphalia, by Rat techen; alio, oval gilt frame painting*, under glaa*, by Chamheanx, alto, a splendid lino of Chines* enriodtlei. Middle and back parlor? Rosewood carved snit In dama*k broeat*), gilt frame pier and mantel glas#*#, Brussels oarpeta, marble top rosewood centre, pier and so fa table*, mneic stands, mantel ornamente, bronsee, French mahogany ?>? octave pianoforte, Pape, maker. Paris. Dining room? Mahogany extension table with leave*, rose wood booksase, dinfng cjialrs. French china dialnr. break fast aad tea sets, ant glassware, silver pitted ware, knive*, fork*, etegere*, Bruisel* carpet*, Me. Bedroom furniture Mahogany and rosewood bedstead*, bureau*, washstands, table*, chain, lounge ?- feather beds, mattrasae*. mirrors, bronte towel rank*, toilet set*, wardrobe* Ac., and a general axortmeat of baaement aad kitchen fnrnitnre, with which the sale will commence Also, a fine stock ef old wlat*. Irapdiea, At., imported for private u*e. IAI4M AT ACOnm. T U V AN DE WATER, AUCTIONEER-WILL SEI.L M . ou Wedaeiday, April 28, geateel household furnltare ? At 10^| o'clock, u 610 Broadway, oon?i?.lu< ot Bru.?*'.s and tapestry carpeia, rosevond suit covered in kr?oito', t?i'e a tetee arm ebuir, parlor chairs, ete^erca, rosewood marble top centre table, chairs. eug ravings, painting*, mirr >r*. ?via dow curtain*, mahogany at fas, chairs, roekert, Ao. Bedroom furniture ? Mahogany t>nr?nu?, tables, bedsteals, chairs, 'I rockers, tuilet sets, mattreasoa, palliasses, ingrain carpets, oilcloth*, stair oupoU, wardrobes, Ac. JOHN L. VANDEWATIR, AUCTIONEER.? E J. TUR NER will i?ll on Wednesday, April 2ft, ait l'<>a o'olock, at tba salesroom 29 Natsau street. about five hundred apple tmi, of tba beat varieties, to ba ?? id in lo'.s to anit pur cbaaera The above are all in good nrdor, and are from a celebrated nursery on tbe banka of the Iludaon Sale pe remptory, to close the consignment. AWo, a large assort ment or apple*. pear*, quinces, cherries, plum*, running rosea, box for edging, Ac , from Fln-hlng, L. I ; alto, a large variety of.greenhouae plants, moaa rosea, rnnuing ro <es, ca ms!!**, dwart paari, Ac., In bloom, from the nursery of Mr. J. Hare, Astoria, L. I. JOHN L. V AN DE WATER, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL on H elneaday, April 20. elegant household furniture, at lttjj o'clock, at 772 Broadway, corner of Nlntb street. Front parlor:? Elegant carved rosewood parlor suite, made by ronaott, covered in plush, consisting of tote a-teta arm ebair, mwIi g chair and six parlor chain; elegant black marble and Xronxe thirty day elocka, superb real bronie figure*, by Fratin A Mene; rosewood French plate secre talre, rosewood marble top oontre table, Parisian mantel vase*, velvet tapostry carpet, gilt frame pier glass, large French plate mantel glaaees. O 1 painting*: ? Very valuable and rich painting* by the most celebrated artists ? Veraock hoven, Stratcn Scholi, Olet, Rubens aud others. Lace window curtains. Back parlor:? Splendid rosewood piano forte, 7 V4 octave, made by IMrason, from the Crystal Palaoe, London; rich carved walnat suite, covered in rno^uet, eon slsting of two sofa*, two easy chairs, six parlor chairs; lace window curtains and fixture*, three line original oil Dilut ing* of great merit, aix liirht gas chandelier, with globe*. Dining room >? Mahogany extension dining table, seere'ary liookoase, dining chairs, Brussels carpets, splendid china dinner and tea sets, rich crystal out glass ware, silver filated ware, table ontlery, etei>ere, Ac. Bedroom furni ure:? Mahogany bedstead*, marble top dressing bureaus, ditto centre tables, mahogany aofa, bronxe and ormoln clocks, rich china vases, Colognes, mantel ornaments, bionte candlesticks ano candelabra!, mah, gany and rose wood wardrcbes, rosewood bedsteads, rosewood marble top bureaus, washstands to match, nignt standi rosewood armor a glace, ude table, marble top slmving stand, three oil paintings, in rich gilt frame*; Brussels tapestry carpets, lsee window curtains, toilet sets, rosewood sofa in broca tel, six chairs to match, mattresses, palliaatoa, Ac. To Kther with a large assortment of basement and kltoien rnitnre, with which the sale will eommenee. The whole of the above furniture was made to order by Roux, Boudln and Hutching*. JOHN W. SOM ERIN DYKE, AUCTIONEER ? QROCE riee, Ac.? This day,! April 24, at the corner of Twen ty ninth street aud Ninth avenue, at lOltf o'clock, the stock of groceries in said store, consisting ot Stuart's crushed and refined brown sugars, green and black teas, an assortment of ?pice*, sperm and tailow candles, soaps, pickles, small wares, oils, flour, bottled liquors, sweetmeat*, comprising a complete assortment; also the fixture*, nearly aew, oil and tea cans, sugar and tea tealea, eonnters, awning, shelving, Ac. JOHN W. SOMERINDYKE, AUCTIONEER.? MORT gage sale of household iurnlture, alao the (tick of a carpenter abop, horses, Ac. ? On Wednesday, April ?5, at 10){ o'clock, in houae No. 92 East Thirteenth street, th* house hold iurnlture, eonsiating of mahogany parlor furniture, tete-a-tete, arm ehairs, parlor do., centre table, recoption chairs chandeliers, piano, reading room sjfa and ehairs to match, oilcloth; in dining room, earpet and drugget, loun<e, chairs, crockery, bookeaie, writing table, hat rack, pier table, mirror*; in sleeping room*, bedstead*, beds aud bed ding, and carpet*, washstands, table*; an assortment of kitchen furniture, refrigerator, A?.; in rear building, on same lot. (interesting to chrpantera,) 174 floor plank, 70 worked plank, 1 pile boarda, 1 tenoning machine, 1 saw table, aaw* ana belts, 1 platform scale, 1 hone pipe, jig saw. work ed plank, 7 work benohes, 87 new doors, lot moulding and abutter*; also 1 horse, 2 pleasure wagon*, 1 lumber w*gon, 1 cart, and a let of tool*. JOHN W. SOMERINDYKE, Att'y for Mortgagee. JOHN FISHBLATT, AUCTIONEER? SALES ROOM 71 Barclay street. ? J. Kishblatt will sail at auo'ion on lliursday, 16th iust., at ll}? o'olock, at 217 Dnane atreet, corner ot West, the ecntenta of a large boarding house, con taining a lot of household furniture, consisting of a lot of iron and wooden bedstead*, itraw, feather and hair mat tresses, bed covers, cane and wood bottom ofiatrs, looking glasses, table*, waahstand*, glass ware, steam table, with pipes complete, tin and copper boilers, sign*, tea and cofTeo urn*, wash tub*, kitchen and pastry tables, large furnace*, stoves, knives and fork*, cup* and laucer*, tea and ooQ'ee boilers, lot of led pipe, pumpa, oooking article*, Ac. JOHN FISllBLATT, Auctionear, 71 Barclay street. JOHN REDDING, AUCTIONEER. WILL SELL ON Wednesday, 26th instant, at 12 o'clock M., at 527 Eighth avenue, tbe oontent* ot a furniture store, oonsiating of ?tove*, tinware, nail*, butt*, and all kind* of hardware, and the furniture, beds aud bedding. The ateok i* lar^e and well worthy the attention of dealers. The aale it peremoto ry. J. R gives his personal attention to the sale of goods in all part* of the city. Large sale of well assorted stock of rtady made clothing.? A. M. CRldTALAR, Aio lioncer, will sell on Wednesday, 25th inst.. at 10J? o'clock, at ISO Nassau street, oorneriof Beeckman, all the goods oon tained in aaid atort; comprising in part or frook, sack, dreaa and over eoats, Marseilles, silk, satin velvet and Valencia vest*; caiaimere, cloth and satinet pant*; and various other articles in tbe line. The above good* are made up express ly for tbe city trade, for the present and following season. Tho trade are moat respectfully aolicltcd to attend this sale; th* rood* will be *old without reserve a* the owner is leav ing the buiines*. Mahogany, rosewood, maple, black wal ?ut and holly, in boards, plank aud veneering, at auo at the yard SZK'WasAin^iotf s f i*o e t o'hn ' pn ? i a hgeiilfiWMi!l" sortment of seasoned mahojauy; rosewood, holly, black walnut, marie and mahogany venders; five tons of rosewood log ends; newels, balusters, and a quantity of bel poata, table legs, Ac.. Ao., with nx iron safe*, by Herring anil other*, whloh will be (old without reserve, tho proprietor having to ramnvo by the first of May. JOI1N H. BATE. Mahogany, rosewood, maple, black wal . i. ut and holly, in board*, plank and veneering, at auc tion, on Thursday, April 26, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, at the yard 3 ii Washington street, comprising a general as icrtment of reasoned mahogany, rosnwond, holly, black walnut, maple and mahogany veneers; five ton* of rosawood og ends; newel*, baluster*, and a quantity of bed posts, able legf, Ac , Ac .. with six iron safe*, by Herring and ethers, whloh will be told without reserve, the proprietor having to remove by tba first of May. JOHN H. BATE. M'CAFFFAY A WALTER'S, AUCTIONEERS-WILL Five particular attention to out door ?le<), at residence of pnrtie*. or advance liberally on furniture, piano*, iilver plate, jewelry. watch as, nautieal instrument*, dry goods, hardware mechanics' tola, Ac , left to be lold at aootioa. Store, % Catharine itreet. PICARES, BERN8TEIN A PHILLIPS, JT REAL ESTATE AND GENERAL AUCTIONEERS, No. 61 Liberty itreet, on* door irom Naaean, will give their personal attention to (alee of real eitate, etoeka, vee ?ei?, and mortgage*, at pnblie and private sale, and to the sale m auction of cargoes, household furniture, paintin.-*, ?tatnarv, wtrk* et art, jewelry, Ac., and to ant door aal'e* generally. Money liberally advanced on real estate, itoeki, veafel*, furniture, Ac., left on sale with u*. Loans negotiated. Philip r. wilkins, auctioneer.? philip r. Wilkina will eall at auetiou, on Tuesday, April 24, 1856, at 10 o'clock, at No. S3 Croaby street, an assortmont of hontebold furniture, consisting In part of mahogany ohairs, sofa*, div ins, etageres, bureaus, bedsteads, washstands, ear pets, oil clotns, Ac.; also, a six octave rosewood pianoforte, m good order. PLANTS AT AUCTION? IT. S. MelLLVAIN WILL X sell this day at 10K o'olock, at the seed store, 7 John Greet, a spleadld aaaortment of perpetual, monthly, climb g and moss rosea, (In and out of pots) honey suokles, jesia miaes. grape vines, carnations, pinks, verbenaa, aaiilla*, gladiolus, tuberoses, Ac., Ac., direct from the garden on morning ef sale, Crem Peter Henderson, Jersey City. Cat alegnee, PETER PARKS, AUCTIONEER.? DESIRABLE HOUSE beld furniture.? On Thurcday, 30th inst.,at 10){ o'clook, at Mo. 193 Mercer street, the entire contents of a boarding house, the proprietor giving up housekeeping, comprising carpets, crockery, dinner and tea sets, a large assortment of bedtfiuK. Ao. Tbis sale is well worthy the attention of deal ers and housekeepers. Terms cash; a deposit required. Ca talogues at sal*. PI AWN BROKER'S SALE? THIS DAY, TUESDAY, April 24, at 11 o'elook, at Lewis A Uortimore's store, corner of Oliver and Chatham street, a large risertment cf ladies' wearing apparel, via. : ? Silk and other frocks, crape and silk shawls, mantilla visettea, dry goods, Ac., with a large assortment of gold and silver watches, plate and jewelry/ with other goods too numerous to mention. N. D. ?Watches, plate ana Jewelry will be sold at 1 o'clock. LOUIS LEVY, 433 Grant street. RW. LATHAM, AUCTIONEER.? J. THOMPSON'S ? auction sales. On Wednesday, Arril 25th, at the Mar chant*' Eiehauge, at 12){ o'clock, by order oi R. If. Snith, Treasurer of the State ot New Jereey, ior account of I j Merchants' Bank of Bridgeton: ? 3,1*10 Virginia State 8 per cent coupon bondf. 2, COO Kentucky State t> per cent do. (.?? Olio State 6 per oent stock, due I860. 1,950 Ohio State 6 per cent do. ISM. For account ef the Wheat Growers' Qfknk. 1.1,000 Virginia State 6 per cent coupon bonds. Per Individual Order*. 5,000 Indiana State 5 per cent stock. 4, ?00 Louisiana State 6 percent coupon bonds, interest teai annually in New Orleans. 5,000 Missouri State 6 per cent coupon bonds. 3,000 Ohio State ti per eent stock, eu< 1M60. 10,000 Virginia State 6 per eent eonfon bonds. 4.UU0 Great Western (Illinois; 10 per cent mortgage bonds, interett in April and October in M. Y. 71 shaves of the stock of the Bank of the United States. All purchases must be paid for on or before 1 o'clock of the day_ after the sale. When purchases are made for account of Sartlea out of the city, 10 per cent will be required on the ay ot sals, and ail day* grace given (adding interest) on the talaace. The accrued interest will go to the purchaser (the tame as at the Board of Brokers,) except when other rise stated. Office No. 2 Wall street. J. THOMPSON. Russell w. westcott, auction err. -mao.n iri cent household furniture at the reeldenee No. 188 West Thirtieth street, on to-morrow. Anril 29. at 10>f o'eloek, embracing the entile elegaat and costly fnrnitnre ol the above haute, made by Mr. 0. Baudonlae, and to be peremp tory sold, catalogues of which can be obtained at the house, and the fnrnitnre examined This day. Parlors Elegant rosewood pianoforte, stool and cover; solid rosewood parlor suit covered in maroon v<lvet, with slip covers, two sofks, two arm chair* and six parlor ohatrs; one do. covered in crimson and naroon brocade, sofa, two arm chairs and four medallion back parlor chairs; velvet and wilton oar pete, magnlAoent pier and mantel mirrors, coat S300 *a*h' moeaie and atatnary, marble top centre and pier tablee, re oeption chairs in tapestry and velvet, rosewood salt In hair cloth, nine piece*; rich chandelier*, brocade and lace curtain*, gold bordered abade*, elegant aval mirror, rloh imported mantel vase*. roxwood secretary bookcase. valuable marble atatnary, with an elegant collection of eil paintings, riahly framed. Dining room? Cerved If teen foot extension table, mirror, back side board, arm chairs, magnificent china dla ner eet, 175 pieces; two rich tea eets, crystal cut glassware to match throughout, rich eilverware, ivory entlery, French china, Ae. Chamber f urnitnre? Rosewood amour de glace wardrebea mirror froats; marbls top commodes, superb resevood aad mahogany marble top boreaae, washstands. commodes and bedsteads, all made by Baudoaiae, ana matched throughout; gold decorated ttilet sets, eheval and oTal mirrcrs, sofas, rrcash imported shalrs, pare hair mat treccee, spring aad others; mahogaay wardrobe*, feather beds, English oilcloth, velvet aad tapestry stair carpets, rosewood bat stand, portable fnraace, Ac., with a fine as sertment of basement and kitchen furniture. No postpone ment. p C. KEMP, AUCTI ON 1ER.? HOUSEHOLD FUBNI II ? ture, pianoforte at the house 103 Franklin street.? K. C. KEM1' will nail at auction this day. (Tueeday,) at 10 o'clock, at the bouse 103 Franklin street, all the furniture contained in the honse, cor silting of one supsrior rosewood pianoforte, rosewood parlor fnrnitnre, covered in brooatelle; damask and lace window enrtaina, mirror*, rich tapestry, lirtissels and three M* carpets; mahogany sofM and ehairs. centre tables, manKT ornaments: with a fall assortment of chamber fnrnitnre, which is well worthy of the notice of housekeepers Catalogue* on the morning of gala. cTkEMP, AUCTION EER.-HOU9EUOLD FURNI ? tare Tomorrow (Wedneeday), at 10 o'eloek, at the hoa*e 4fi Franklin street ? R. C. KEMP will cell at auction, at the honae 46 Franklin street, all the furniture contained in the honee, consisting of the usual assortment ef parlor, chamber and kitchen furniture, oarrat*, mirror*, A?. Cat* logue* o? tba morni*g of *ale. ' I1LM AT AUCTION. STANDARD ROfeKS ? J,L. VAN DEW \TKR 4 ILL SILL on luesday, April 24, at 10J-J e'eloek, it the sales room, No. 12 Ma den Lane standard roses, A?., fr?n the nursery of "? Boll, fl>riat, oormer of Broadway and fif tieth itrwt. High itandara perpetual bloomers, hilt man dard* do.. Moses' perpetual blooming roi?ioa their un a ro it, climbing and running ro?es. qacea or praie, Chineae, westsria, vlrgiliu roars; *ith a variety of other kind*, all warranted true to name, selected with great eare, without regard to cost, by D. Ilol), personally. SHERIFF'S SALE OF HURflKS, OMNIBUSES. CARTS, harness, hay cutU-r, Ae., at auotioa. on Tuesday. April 24, 1855. at 12 o'oloek M., in front of City Hall, Brooklyn, con tilting of At* horses, eigtt omnibuses, sets of harness, two cart*, lot of timber, A). The above will be sold tj the highest bidder. Term* eaih. bankable money. And poii tively no postponement of sale. ___ X.N ULE BERT LOTT, Sheriff. STOCK OF GROCERIES, LIQUORS, WAGON AND harness.? On Wednesday, April V>, at 10), o'clock, at Ml Uoniton street and 109 t irst street? Teal, sugars, ooffoa, soap, candles, pork, hams, hatter, lard, eptces, crockery, counters, casks, beer pumps, Croton and gas fixtures, six seta of tea scales, tea cans, Ao. Deposits require J. W. A. CAHTIK. Auctioneer, 57 D?y street. VALUABLE PROPERTY AT TON HERS. ?A TWO story house and two lots, will ha sold at auction on Thursday, April 26th, at 10 A M., en the premises, Factory street. Lots eaeh 25 by 160 feet, and a grapery sixty feet long. These premises are eomplata. aand great bargain may be anticipated, as they are to be sold. Tcrmi one third cash, balanoe in one or t vo years. JOHN tlAMPSON. VALUABLE SIXTH AVENUE, FIFTV SEVENTH AND Thirty fifth street property at auction. PHILIP R. WILKIN 8 will sell at anetion, on Wednesday, April 25, 1895, at 12 o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange, N. V., the follow ing desirable property, via: Sixth avenue? 4 lots situated on the southeast oarner of Sixth avenue and Fifth seventh street. Fifty -seventh street? One lot sltua'.ed os the south side of Fifty seventh street, 100 feet wmt of Sixth avenue. Thirty-fifth street ? The two four story brick houses aad lots, situated on tbe north side ot Thirty filth street, be tween First and Second avenues, and known as Nos. 189 and 203: the houses are each 18 feet 9 inches in width, by 45 feet is depth; lots 18 fee t 9 inches by 91 feet 9 inches. Maps ean be bad at tbe office of the auotloneer, No. 2 Broad street. WILLIAM IRVING, AUCTION RE R.? E X ECU TORS' sale of superb household furniture, carriages, plant*, Ae. ? E. H. LU DLOW, will sell at auction, on Tuesday, April 24, at 10X o'clock, at 40 Bond street, by order of the executors of the estate of the late James Foster, Jr., the most oostly household turniture. works of art and articles of vertu that has ever been offered at auotion, imported and made to order by Messrs. Riuquet, Liprinoe, Marcotte A Co. and G?o. Ponsot.iold bv order of the exe cutors' of the estate ot the late James roster. Jr. Front drawing room, en suite, Louis XVI.? Superb Aubis son cur pet; elegant carved rosewood suite, ormolu moantod, covered with beauvais of the finest description, consisting of two sofas, two arm chairs aud six parlor ebairs; elegant, carved rosewood ormi-lu mounted reception chairs, eovered in rich embroidered satin; superb masquete cabinet, inlaid with Sevres porcelain, with rich paintings; two superb eor ntr cabinets, to match; two magniUoent Sevres porcelain vases, with ormolu bouquets aud branches, wit) most ex quisite paintings; superb ormolu and Sevres uhlua vases and clock, combined, with revolving dials and most exquisite paintings; set of three maguiflcent Sevres porcelain vases, with ormolu bouquets aad branohes, with most olaborate paintings; elegant Sevres and ormolu carael lamps, with beautiful paintings; magnificent ormolu 31 light chandelier, with 7-light ormolu aide brackets, to Aiatoh; Sevres porce lain ana ormolu jardinieres, with ormolu and tulip wood stands; superb marquitier tulip wood oentre tables, with ormolu miuntings; magnificent Beauvois tapestry bonie graces curtains, richly trimmed with the most oostly fabrics; superb rich embroidered satin curtains; Raauvols tapestry portieres curtains, of tbe most oostly description; heavy embroidered laoe curtains, to mateh. Back Drawing Room, en suite? Magnificent Aubissou oar pet, suite superb oarved ebony furniture, riohly mounted in ormolu and covered in blue embroidered satin, consisting of sofa, two tetc a-tetes, four arm chairs, four parlor and two re ception ritiairs, superb carved ebony centre table to matoh, splendid Beauvois tapestry table oover, worked In gold and silver: Buhl marble top eabinets, bronse aad ormolu oande labras, elegant ormolu 30 light chandelier*, with side brack ets to match; superb bronie and ormolu mantel olook, supported by birds and cupids; very rioh and beautiful em broidered satin curtains, with teavv fringe and lined with white satia to matoh the furniture; rioh laoe under ourtains. Boudoir, Renlssance ? Very ileh Frenoh moquet carpet, su perb writing table, heavy ormolu mounted and inlaid; roso wood centre table and pedestals to mateh, rosewood ohairs, inlaid and eovered in rich three colored satin; two sets su perb three colored satin ourtains, with heavy trimmings; ormolu richly ohased gothio 12 light ohandelier, ormolu figured candelabra* of tbe most exquisite workmanship. Dining Room? Gothio carved oak, en suite. Library Carved rosewood, en suite, Musio room? Carved rosewood, to match. Bedroom Furniture ? Carved rosewood en suite. Coach House? Carriages phasto*. rookaways, harness, Ae. Hull particulars in Courier and Enquirer. WILLIAM IRVING, AUCTIONEER.? RECEIVERS' tale ol elegant cabinet furniture.? William Irving A Co. will sell at auotion, on Wednesday and Thursday, April 26 and *6, at 10>? o'clock, at the warerooms of Joseph Dixon, ?08 Broadway? Receivers' sale of elexant cabinet furniture, consisting of elegant oarved rosewood, blaek wal nut, oak and mahogany parlor furniture, rosewood, black walnut, oak and mahogany dining room furniture; rosewood and bl*ek walnut library turniture; rosewood, black walnut and mahogany bedroom furniture. Sold by order of C. J. Schmidt and Lorin lngoldson, reeelvers. l'arlor furniture ? Most elaborate oarved centre and pier tables, of rosewood, oak, blaek walnut, Ac.; with statuary marble, Egyptian and yellow of Sienna tops; card, sore, and tete-a tete tables, of tbe most beautiful designs; ladies' escretoires and secreta ries, lined with satin wood; encolgneures of rosewood and blaek walnut, richly carved musie chairs and Jardeniere", papier macho tab es and chairs, of the best English make; etegeres of every description, with heavy plato glass doors ana backs, with marble and rosewood tops; superb suites of rosewood parlor turniture en suite, of exquisite carving of every style; antique EHxabethan, Louis IV., and the latost A ?? A?S?ai -?? ? ? A Us v wsl*?? vwlwavi Kit ill brocatelle. mosquette, satlo brocade, velvet and other beau tiful oovers. Also, a large number of suites in muslin, fbnoy tables and eabinets. Dining room furniture? En suite, ele gant carved oak extension dining tal-les, with every variety of ejquiaite carving; buffet sideboards, antique EUiabethan and modern carving side tables.i etegeres, lounges, arm chairs, and chairs to match; complete suit carved rosewood, blaek walnut and mahogany dining room furniture, compris ing extension dining tables, side tables, lounges, arm chairs, ebairs, buffets and sideboards. Library furniture-Oak bookcases, of every liie, style and pattern, beautifully carved in antique, Elitur ethan and modern earring; beauti ful oak library and writing tables, arm ebairs in morocoo, libxary steps In oak, Ac.; rosewood bookcases and writing tables, librsry ehairs in rosewood, black walnut hookoaaos, library tables and redlining chairs, mahogany bookcases, tables, ehairs and lounges Bedroom furniture? Beautifully earved rosewood bedroom furniture en suite, oarvod bed steads, dressing bureaus, waahstand eabinets, vsrv elegant wardrobes, armor a glace. Psyche glasses, Ae., in blaok wal nut. Also, complete suits mahogany bedroom furniture; also, suits of carved and blaek walnut, comprising lounges, solas, lounging cbairi, and ohairs in nivalin. Elegant rose wood, black walnut and mahogany bookcases, secretaries, Italian boudoir and bedroom chairs, oak, rosewood, black walnut and mahogany hat stands, ball tables and ohairs, suits of enamelled cottage furniture. Parties wishing to pur obase really good furniture at a low price, will do well to attend the sale, aa every article will positively be sold. By order of C J. Schmidt and Lorin lngoldson, receivers. *TX7 ILLIAM IRVING, AUCTIONEER.? ADMINISTRA TT tor'* *ale of handiome household furniture, fine an cient and modern oil painting*, cboioe old wio?a, Ao.? Win. Irving k Co will **11 at auction, on Wednesday and Thuri day, April 29 and 28, at 10 W o'clock, at 794 Broadway, oor ner of Clinton place, by order of the administrator* oi the eitats of the late Robert MnoUir ? Parlor*? Snperb royal Wilton carpet*, EnglUh tipeatry, Bmasela carpet*. superb unit* carved rosewood parlor fur niture, eovercd in onmson and colored satin damask, con lifting of aofas, tete-a-tete*, armchairi, Voltaire ohaira and parlor chair*; elegant concha* and lounge*, in green velvet; elegant carved rosewood statu nrv, marble top oentre, sola ana side tables; rosewood sofa tables, elecant roswood marble top mirror-back mnsie etegere; snperb crimson and white sa tin damask window curtains, with lace nnder curtains; lar^e Frenob gilt frime pier and mantel mirrors, with slabs and braekets; superb earvsd Ootbie rosewood Voliaire and arm chairs, in morocco and plash; bronie and ormoln clocks and candelabra*; ebina vases, bronies, etogere and mantel or nament*. A snperb collection of ehoiee inolent and modern oil paintings, in rieh gilt frames ? heads, landscapes, inte rior*, manor*, hiitorioal and eeriptnral inbjecti; fine old line engravings; elegant 6V octave pianoforte, made by Nunn A Clark. Dining Room*? Suits mahogany furniture, in balr cloth; sofaa, armchairs, parlor chairs, divans, lounges. Ao.; blaok walnut msrble top tables, mahogany extension dining tables, mahogany rending tables, elt pant orange eolored brocatel window curtains, gilt frame mirrors, ohlna dinner.Jtea and breakfast sets, silver plated and silver tea sets, de?s*rt sots, goblets, cake basket*, urn*, pitchura, meat dishes and severs, cut glassware; a large assortment of decanters, gob lets, champagne*, wine hocks, Ac.; also, a fine aasor.msnt of eutlery. Bedrooms? Mahogany and blaok walnut sofaa, ohair* and lounges >n hair eloth, mirrors, reading aud centre tables, rosewood card and centre tables, brocatel window our talns, Brusssl* carpet*, oilcletba, mahoganv and black wal nnt trench bedstetd*, marble top dressing bureau* and waahitand*, commode* and cabinet*, wardrobe*, mantel or naments, oil paintings and engravings, mahogany bookcases aid secretaries, hair mattresac*, feather beds, boltter* and pillow*, palliasses, bedstead*, Ae. Wines, Ae.? -.erdeanx? St. Julien, Chateau Margaox 1841, Leoville, I-afitte, La Rose, Ilaut Brien, Mouton ISM, Peobe de Lengueville 174?, St. Estephe, Ao. White wines? Haat Sautems, Xau de Chateau de Sauternes 1841, St. l*ery Leo, Ae. Btrgur.dy ? Chamber tin, Volnay, Hermitage, Cote, Re tee, 8t. George, As., Portuguese Hermitage, Collarre. Champagnes ? Mninm'i Cabinet, Bennlnger A Co., Mumm's Versenay, I.anscm rere A till, Max Sutaine, Ueidsiok, Long worth's Catawba, Mumm's Imperial. Rhenish? Marcobrun nrr. ?>onesleler and Dubois and Marny Rudeshcmer 1842 Stelaberger, from hie Highness the Dnke ot Nassau'* Cabi net. Madeira*? Victoria, Phelps' three voyagee to India, Symington 1890 and 1820, Ja*. A. Gordon 1798, Ac. Sherrie* ? DeasA Co., Eekecopar A Co., Romans Cabinet Agredia 1826, (iuarte 1836, Don Pedes Domocque Imperial, De Sa?i, Ac. Fcrti? Particular Port 1890, White Port, Bog* A Son*. Cordials? Curaeoa, Abiynthe, Cherry, Blackberry, and Raaperberry Brandies. Braadie* ? otard, Uupuy A Co., Maret A Co., 1806, Vlsne Cognac, Imperial Brandy, Pinet. Caitillon, 183). Alsojps tact India Tonic Ale, Gulnr.ii* Stout, Reader A Howard1* Ale. Alio, bar counters and fixtures, mirrors, tefa* In mos quette, reading and card ttble, silver plated salver* and urns, elsgant English plated beer pump, cut gla*<ware, oyster counter* and fixture*; also, Herring's iron safe*; alio, a fine assortment of copper kitchen furniture; also, a fine as sortment Havana legars. WM WITTERS, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL THIS day, at 2 o'clock, at 194 Canal itreet, all the genteel parlor, chamber and kitchen furniture of the above honie, including one elegant rosewood piano, sofa*, rooking and other chair*. dama*k and 'ace curtain*, (bade*, pier glasses, carpet*, oilcloth*, bedstead* and bedding, bureau* ana with stands, toilet let*, dining room and kitchen furniture. TtJM. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL THIS 1 1 day, at 10 o'clock. In Greenwich street, neir Canal, all the genteel p*rlor and kitchen furniture in the above house, inclosing one superior roeewood pianoforte, together with all the chamber, dining room and kit eben furniture. Wl. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER. WILL SELL ON Wednesday, at 10 o'eloek. at 1G0 Duane itreet, all the household furniture in the above hen**, together with the barroom fixture* and dining room, ohamber and kitchen fur uitare; they will be *old for oash and removed same day. WH. WITTERS. AUCTIONEER WILL 8ELL ON Wednesday, at 2 o'oloek, at 187 Canal street, a large and desirable assortment of genteel household furniture and elegant tapestry and other oarpet*, oilcloth*, pier aid oval mirror*, paintings, bookcases, mantel clock, ohina, glass and plated ware, dressing bureaus and wa*h*t*nds, toilet sets, mahogany and other bedstead*, auperior hair mattreaaea. bedding, cooking atove; a'so the wearing ap parel, jewelry, gold watch aad chain, Ac., of a gentleman lately deceaaed, by order of the exeonior*. WC. ALBURTU8. AUCTIONEER, WILL 8ELL ON . Tuceday, April 24, at 10 o'clock, at the corner ofDe grawand Columbia street*. South Brooklyn, the content* of ? grocery (tore, counters, fixture*, Ao. ; alio the household furniture. 1 HI TF? dat.-tunis HORRELL, auctioneerT 1V2 Assignee'* *alc of tplendid rosewood pianoforte* will take place at lie'oloek this say, at 81 Nassau street At 10W a large atock of rosewood parlor and other furniture, all from weil known city custom manufacturers' also 400 lota of gold and plated jewelry. For description we would asanreyon that jon would not be disappointed unfavorably To give lull particulars would be impossible. In addition to the utnal variety we would mention a church hell aad clock, two (uperior counting houae decks, velvet tapestry carpeting, second hand piaaoforte, ?*coad band carpeting, and other furniture. Invoice reoeived previon* to safes this day. Particular attention* at dwel ling*. 'On Thnrs day and Saturday, we have bcose sale*. Due notice will t>e gives. AT AfJC MOW. W S.. ,Y HOUGHTON Ar VY . MELLOR-Thi. day, April U, at 2 o'clock, at life" 1 hompson street? li:?odsome hodsehold furniture. superior toso 7 octave rosewood pianoforte. cost SSAa? The furni ture was all made to order by Mr. Millar, formerly of Broadway, and is ia excellent order- oouaisting 0f fine three ply carpets, mahogany sofa bedcatead. mahogany spring (eat chairs, ceatro tables, Frenoh bel stesds.balr mattressos, |alliu?acs, choice ell ptintmrs, gilt frame French plate oval mirrors, corner stands, mantel or naments, vuu, elook, cur.ains, window shades, tabU cov en, *c , together wlrti a l?r*e lot of kitehen furniture, with which the sale will commence Catalogues on morning of tale. A cai.h depoiitwill be required from all purehaaere, and removal Immediately after the eale. WS. MELLOR, AUCTIONEER.? BY UOUUItrON A ? Mellor? This day, Aprils, elegant household furni ture ? At lu^i o'elook, at He. H West Washington plaoe, on* door from Washington iquare, all the furaiture eoatalned ia the above Drat elate house. The furniture il in excellent eondltioB, all having been made to order expreaaly toe the owner, by one of our first data Broadway makers, and been in nse abont one year Front aad Laok parlors? Rosewood' parlor furniture cb euite. covered in broeade aatin aad silk lirooatelle, nobly carved losewood marble top etegores, carved rotewood marble top centre, pier and side table, rick velvet oarpeta, velvet hearthrugs thick French plate plec mirrors, aeveial chnioe oil paintings, corner eltgerea, su perior toned 7 f otavo pianoforte, by Van YViakle, of New York, pearl inlaid plate, finished all round, etel $428. Chamber furniture ? Rosewood and mahogany furniture, rich bureaus and washstauda, carted bedsteads, gilt French plate mirrors, tapestry carpets, best South Auaeiioan horse hair mattresses, palliasses, Ac , Ac. Diilng and library furniture? Extension dining table*, 14 feet long, with po lished leaves, chairs to match, sideboard, Ac., library and secretary bookoascs, library ohairs, tables, Ac. , side ete geres, together with rich mantel vases, French clooks, ean dclabras, gas fixtures, Ao. Also a large assortment of kitchen and basement fnruiturs. the usual variety, with which the sale will commence. Catalogues ready oa morn ing of bale A o ah deposit will be required (rem all pur chasers, and removed on day of sale. WS. MELLOR, AUCTIONEER.? BY UoUUlITON Ac . MELLOR ? Thursday, at 10 o'olock ? Peremptory rale of ma^nifloeat haaschold furniture, at the large double house VIS Jind 9ZA Broadway, between Twenty-fifth and Twenty eixtn sta?Ae, opposite Madisonjsquare, consisting o( the furniture <? K parlors, ohamker niraiture of 90 rooms, furnished wibk ro-ewood and brooatel; 2,000 yards royal Wilton and topes try carpets. 20 solid rosewood parlor tuits of furniture, covered in costly brooade, broeatell and satins; three 7 octave rosewood pianorortes, magnificent French p'ate mantel and pier mirrors in the riches: frames, some or which oost $?Oi> each; 100 pure South American borae hair mattresses, beds, pillowt, Ac.; fifty choice oil paintings, superb etegeres. carved rotewood armours, thlok French plate plats doors, oscrutolrea, beaufaits, solid rose wood library and dining room furniture, oak ana mahogany extension dining tables, 18 feet long; socrotary, bookcases, musio caldnets, thirty carved Yoltaire and easy chairs, rockers, parlor chairs, divans, ottomans, corner etegeres, pier, card and aide tables, desks, Ac.; all the costly gae chan deliers and re? fixtures throughout the house; rich and costly brocatell and real luce window curtains, and rioh paixted shades inps rooms; candelabras, side ornaments, ricU vases, statuary, Ac , together with an eadlesa variety of copper cooking uten>ils, basement and kitchen turaiture. knives, heavy silver plated ware in good order. We invite the trade, hotel proprietors, and those about refurnishing, to this elegant sa e, the largest of the season; the furniture has been in use on y six months, aad eost over $28,000. Fur niture and mirror* were furnished ay our first olass Broad way makers, and is such as can be relied npon. Theaale Will be absolute. | Terms cash, eity funds. Catalogues oa morning of sale. A cash deposit required from all purobat crs In order to insure a prompt delivery. WM. WITTERS. AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL, OM Tuesday, at 10 o'olock, in Greenwich street, near Canal, the furniture of a family breaking up housekeeping, including a rosewood piano, three ply and other carpets, sofas, cLairs, tables, curtains, chamber and kitcbea furni ture, Ao. Same day, at 2 o'elook, at 194 Canal street, all the genteel household furniture In the above house? one superior wardrobe, bedstead, together with parlor, cbembec and kitchen furniture, Ao. THE TRADFS, AC. AS LADIES' HAIR DREStER? FOR ONE DOLLAR ?nd twelve ehillinsa a week. M. MILES, 404 Broad way, between Twentieth and Twenty first streets. Gardener.? situation wanted, by a singlb man; nnderstands the care of greeahonte, lruit*, flower* and vegetables, and bat a praotloal knowledge of farming and breeding of oattle; baa lived for nearly five vein in hta latt place; hag no objection to any part of the Union. Tea timonitls and references will be found satisfactory for capa bility, honesty and sobriety. For particulars, address Gardener and Farmer, for two days, Herald office, or Ameri can Institute, 3M Broadway, care of Mr. J. Chamber*. PAINTERS WANTED-FOUR OOOD HOUSE PAINT er* can find emplojment at 68 Vesey St., the wage* given to none but good workmen |also. a boy te attend shop, ono bom 15 to 17 years of age and living with his paren s, and having some knowledge of the business; a good chanoa to learn the sign painting. Reference required particularly. REUBEN B. HANFORD* TO WATCHMAKERS.? WANTED, BY A MAN WHO is an excellent watchmaker, a situation; is a good sales man and repair* jewelry. Good city referenoos. Address I'ivot, HeisJd ufflce, till the 1st of May. TO CARPENTERS.? WANTED, THREE OR FOUR carpenters, Americans, to go a short distance in the country. Apply to E. O. Brown. Mechanics' and Traders' Dank, 398 Grand St., this day. TO GARDEKERS.-W ANTED. A VEGETABLE GAR dener, one who thoroughly understands his business and is a siagleiman. Apply to E. I). Brown, 398 Grand ntreet.| mo COACH PAINTERS.? WANTED, A FIRST RATE A paiutci, muiti i>? ? guild striper. Apply at 294 Eighth, avenue, from 9 to 12 o'clock in the morning. WANTED? PRACTICAL CARPET UPHOLSTERERS. Apply to A. T. STEWART A CO., Broadway, Cham ber* and Reade at*. WHOLESALE CLOTHING.? FOREMAN WANTED, IN the manufacturing department. To a No. 1 man la this profession, good encouragement will be given. No other need apply. Address, with particulars, for one week, box 1,618 Post uSc>. WANTED? A GARDENER'S SITUATION, BY A COM pctent married man, with font teen year^' experience in this country; is well acquainted with ornamental and gensral gardening; would prefer laying ont a new plaoe. Ap ply or address Gardener, 170 Chatham St., room No. 2. WOOD TURNERS. ? WANTED, TEN GOOD ME ehanics wl.o understand turning mahogany ; German* preferred. Inquire at Tammany Hall, between 3 and G o'clock P. M. JOHN PLATT. THE TURK. RED HOUSE, HARLEM.? THIS FASHIONABLE RE eort 1* now complete In all its appointment*, and the sale* (table* attached are eonstantly filled with the finest and fastest horse* to be found. Persons in want of horsea can always be supplied at the Red House. The trotting track Is in splendid order, and trotting matobes oeenr every fine aiternoon. The Seoond Avenue car* pa** the door every ive minute*. FDTK ART*. in C BROADWAY.? THE GREAT PRIVATE SALE OP UiU French, English and German engravings, at red need prices, will positively close on Monday, April SO. Exhibi tion free. This collection of prints includes the most popu lar pictures of the day.? 316 Broadway. _ _ VHB military. ?fETORTH LEGION.? FIRST REGIMENT NEW YORK TT Volunteers ? A meeting of the oOoeri of this regi ment will be held at the Mercer House this (Tuesda- ) even ing, April 24, at 8 o'clock. Punctual attendnnoe is expect ed. By order of Col. J. C. BURNHAM. J. Egbert Faiiwvm, Adjutant. shed shipping business; one of the undersigned i leave thc'oiiy. Any one wishing te engage in a i business will find thin a chance seldom offered. COPARTNERSHIP SOTICKS dM nnn - A GENTLEMAN OF BUSINESS HABITS, having this amount, is desirou* of forming a eonneotiop in New York by which he eonld dispose of merchandise (other than dry goods) in one ef the principal cities of Canada; he would cither sell on joint aoeount or commission. Address Box 102, Hsrald office. WANTED, A PARTNER IN AN BSTAB <|)ZUU. lished r being at out to 1 profitable cash I the fixtures bsing worth m i re than the above amour t Ap ply immediately, to G- T. A G. W B. LE FORT, shipping agents, lb2 Soutu street. COPARTNERSHIP.? *2,800 TO INVEST IN SOME Es tablished business, to Increase the oapital or to take tha pines of a witnarawmx partner; manufacturing basinesa piefcrred: would like paper mill business, Ac.; reference* given and required. Address N. B., box 188 Herald office. Dissolution of copartnership.-the co partnership heretofore existing between the under signed under the name of Varian A Daly, wa* this day dia solved bv mutual conxnt. David Daly aloae will sign tha nam* of the firm in liquidation. ANDREW J. VARIAN, DAVID DALY. Dated Brooklyn, April 19, 1888. The underaigned will continue the manufactory of light wagoni), carriages, Ac. at No. 14 High street, near Fnlton. Brooklyn, April lit, 1888. DAVID DALY. Notice is hereby oiven that the partner ship heretofore sab listing between Charles Rieken and Lambert A Melchers, and oarried on by them under the firm name of Rieken A Melchers, at No. 98 Front street, is the elly of New York, Is dlsrolved The partnership affairs will bo wound up at that plaoo, by tb* undersigned. All persona are cautioned against paying any money* da* to the part nership to any other person, or b*lng parties to any disposi tion of the partnership funds, without hi* concurrence. New York, April 23, 1888. L. T. MELCHERS. "PARTNER WANTED.? ONE OF OUR BEST CAR X penters is desirous of joining a carpenter or build*t who is in the above business: or, a* he i* a draughtsman, would aasoclat* with an architect of equal mean* and capa paclty. Address Builder, box 1M Herald offioe. PARTNER WANTED-A YOUNG MAN WITH A small amount of capital, by a daguerrotypc artist, ta travel witb and assist him. A knowledge of the art is not necessary ?* it will be speedily acquired. $lOteS30pcc week guaranteed. Also, two show oases for sale, suitable fee any business. Apply at 233 flreeawicb street. PARTNER WANTED. -THE ADVERTISER, NOT having sufficient cap! al to supply the demaad fer na. estatlisl.ed article, which be has the exclusive .right t* manufacture and paving 300 per cent profit on sale*, wishea a partner with $I,0H0 to $2 00(1, which amount will be ee enred. Address H H. Moore, Herald officc. __ PARTNER WANTED. SILENT OR ACTIVE, WITH A cash capital of 98,1106 te 128,000, to engage in the foreign and domestlo commission business, in a well established home in Baltimore, and now acting as maaufacturers' agenU for the sale of British staple goods ia the above market. For turther particulars apply Immediately to T. H, 8., bo* SOS Baltimore Poet Offioe, Baltimore. PARTNER WANTED-TO TAKE AN EQUAL 1NTE resi in two hotels? on> loeated in thl* city, long estab lish' d; the other a short distance In the eountry, to be opened the first of May. For particulars inquire ef A. C AMI'BELL, 123 Chambers street. PARTNERS WANTED -GENTLEMEN WITH A CAPI tal ef from $*? to ?8P0 tc invest, can hear of somsthinc to their ad vaatsgc by calling at A. CAMPBELL S real estate office, 123 CasmW- street, for three days. PARTNERSHIP.? THE ADVERTISER WISHES TO eniace his servioes as salesman in some established auc tion houee. with a future view to partnership. Address W. T., Herald office. Rare chance for capitalists-wanted, a partner with from $8,000 to $lo/KX) In a steam planing and fleering board saill, situate in the town <t Willi ameport, Lycoming eeunty.l'ena. The parties at present engage* are praetiew aieohantes|wlll give good seourity. For particu lars apply to Rebt. Thompson, Jr., Irving Bank Building^ Warren and Gresswieh streets, or fa. A. MsCaaa, Wil liam a port.

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