Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 24, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 24, 1855 Page 5
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perter of fa sey articles. lh? fir* m found to kiT* oc oar>%4 in a box conta'ting paper, to. It sprsad from *io bos to a partition, at J around the l.ift where i: ori ginated. Tbe low will probably anount t> an ward* of lifO, supposed to b? cover* 1 by insurance. Tbo tM will be instigated by tbekFiro Marshal. Pie building is owned by Dsn el Rolle, Ths damage to the building will anount to about >100. INJIKIKS GOING TO TBI FIUMe A young man, named Uart'n Uurall, 22 years of ago, we* rnn over by engine 21, on h$r way to the fir* laet evening, in Toarl street. Be resoivel a frasture in both basts. A no ID# r young man. lumed I* Boyle, was alts inn over, but eacapetjl with slight injury. Barn and Hoiujes Dkjtuok kd hv LjunTinjiG. ? During tbo severe thunder storm last Friday, the barn of Wro. H. Allen, I*q., locat d on Great Neck, L. I., was set on lire by lightning and entiiely consumed. In addition to n large quantity of grain and hay, the building contain ed three boraes, two of which were burnt to death, and tbe third, a very valuable animal, was so bally injured before he could be extricated that bo will be oomimra tively valueless even should he re:evsr. Toe property was only insured for 1750. Loss probably about $3,000. PeiWiial Intelligence. George V. Brown, Esq., who has for the last Ave yetrs Hied the office of I'mted States Consul at Tangier, Mo rocco, has just returned to this country. Be nor Manuel Escando, the eminent Mexisin banker, bas boon in this city for several days past, with tho in tention, we understand, of seeking to recover the ba lance of three miMons of collars due by the United States government to that of Mexico, on the running of the boundary line. It is said that Senor Esc&ndo has already Mvaaoeo the above turn to Santa Anna. Names of Americans registered at the banking office of Livingston, Wills & Co., No. 8 PLice de la Bour*?, Paris, April 6, 186ft: ? G. Von Haur, New York; J. Vogl do.; W. B. Welles, do. ; B F. Marsh and lady, do. ; L B. Bnddoek, do.; N. 1>. Sampson, do ; W. A. Badd, do.: J. 8. Kendall, do.; D. A. Booth, do.; W. H. Steven*. do.; Mrs. C. E. Wjman, do.; J. W. Perkins, do , 8. Smith, Ala. ; C. K Cobb, Ma?s ; B. E. Jack Hon, do. ; H. fjresham, Vir.. I'r. Dougherty, N. J.; D. Oake, do. ; Com to de Moatsnay, 8. C. ARRIVALS. At tbe St. Nicholas Hotel? Li-ut bankhoad; Mri Curbing, Boston; E U Uvtu aud lady, Hartford; Koht B Clark, Vir ginia; Thomas Euxlisb, U 8 Army; Levis Webb, Richmond; Bjencer II Uaxard. Philadelphia. At tbe Metropolitan Iloiel ? 1 r Uralnard, Chicago; Mrs B Hitting and Join Sherry, Su,- Harbor; Ilou Thaddens Movers, Pa; i'rof Mci.esn l a; Col W B lia^kalow, Pa; Capt J W Fullerton, Texas; II Cbrisalo, T.ondon. At the A?tor Houae ? E li Webster, Ct; C K. Williams, Michigan; J Kinir, New Ilavec; C Manirault Munis, U S Navy; Dr M'Cormickand lady, U S Army; J B Mor?an, N J; Wm A Hall, N Y. From Liverpool, in ship Emerald Isle? Mr M Ryan, I.imo rick; Mrs and Mies 1'iQckney, Nottingham, En.;; Mr M Kyao, Llmeriok. Tbe Cue of Jolm M. Downing. TO TBE EDITOR OF THE HBK4LD. hi tbe report oi the case of Downing in Saturday's Hkhald, it is stated that I wan applied to as counsel, and aOvis'd John M. Downing to draw the money from the Bank of the State of New York, upon a draft in favor ?f John W 1 owning This is incorrect I did not know all the clrcums'an .es oonneced wit} tue receipt of the draft until after 1 had identified htm at the bank. Besides. during tbe three month* that I had known tbe New York Downing, I always supposed n!s nam* to be John W.,and so did every one connected with my office nor were any of us aware that M. was tbe middle latter till after bis arret)'.. Yours, k e. Monday, April 2a, 1365. L. E. BULKKLtff. A. Hat among Hata. ? Tlie Materials which constitute a hat are within tbe r<ach of every hattor, uot so the taste which moulds them into sbapo, and oonvcrti tue ?rude elem guts iuto an oxouisite specimen of a hat; for it mav rest eu-y upon tbe head and still tbo featuros will not be agreeably ana properly displayed. The true artist un derstands this, and henoe tho secret in ESHENCHEID'3 great success. Go aud judge for yourselves at 118 Nassau street. The Cuirass of Pompey was said to be so brilliant as to dazxle the eyes. nNOX'8 hata ar-i not pain fuU; brilliant; lut wear tbe rich glossy hue that st?mps tbem as 'he neplns nl^aofan article of ares*. This spring and summer stylo is really superb. Call and ace tUam at lid Palton street, and 533 Broadway. Ctenln's Spring Hat in Just now hawing " a rnn" unparalleled in tbe hiatorj of the New Vork hit trade. As fast as the cases and shelves are filled, tbey are srept off by fashionable crowds. Look in at tbe store, and seo tue ?rowds with which it is ooustantly thronged ; such a scene was never before witnessed ia any placo or business in this eity. GEN1N, No. 214 Broadway, opposite 3t. Paul's Chureb. Albert Hi Nicolay, Auctioneer ?Household furniture sales.? The underpinned begs leave to inform bis nu merous friends and tbe puhlie, that be is fully prepared as usu al, to giro bis attention to sales of household furniture at auo tion, at the residences of lamilies th at intend breaking up housekeeping this spring. Account sales rendered invariably on tbe inllov ing day after the sale, and advauces made when required. ALBERT U. NICuLaY, Auotioueer, Mo 4 liroad atreet. The Photographic Portraits now Exhibit ing at 2?9 Br<>adwa> , cod. pare tatorafaly with those of higher pretention. Ihev are offer 'd on the cheap system. Daguer reotypes 26 aaC SO cents; taken by the double camera. Brady's Galleries, Nos. 350 and SOS Broad" way, are daily thronged with sitters for his splendid new photographs. Plain and colored, lrom $5 to 8J0. Daguerre otypes in every style Brady's Life and Calmet Size Photographs upon canvas, colored equal to the finest portraits in oil, taken daily inolotd or sunshine, 3.Wiiroadway, over Thomp son's. Anson's Daguerreotypes, L> arge Size, lor 50 cents, eolored aud in a nice case, twise the site ever taken tor 60 cuntu, and equal in quality and site to any that is made elsewhere fort.'. ANSoN'S, 589 Broadway, opposite tbe Metropolitan Hotel. Pianos.? Orcat Bargains.- rue Largest An* sertment of seleorated pinos in the Un|tsd States. T. Gil bert and Co 's premium aoleaa?pianoa; Horace Waters' mo 4ern improveu piauos, and those of a large number of othei makerr, comprising the largest and mast desirable yssort ment ia tbe Onion; will be sold at a price whioh defy oompe tttien, for cash or satisfactory paper. Persons in the city having orders fdr pianos wUl find it to their advantage to sail on HORACE WATE RS, 833 Broadway. Melon eons. ?8. U. dt H. W. Smith's Mekv deons, tuned the equal temperament, to whioh was reeontly awarded the first premium at the National Fair, Washing ton, D. C-, can be tound only at 333 Broadway. A liberal dlaeount mads for eash. Tne trade supplied on the most liberal terms. HORACE WATERS. Yankee Notions for May? This popular pe riodicsl, the most successful oomic and satirioal paper ever published in the United States, fairly " looms'' with fun this month. Us illustrations, eighty In number, are a credit Is taeeonntry, while its reading matter challenges compari son with l*nnch, Diogenes or any of the Transatlantic Satir ists. Pries 12}{ cents. For sale by all the sews and periodical dealers, and by T. W. Strong, publisher, 98 Nassau street. 1,000 Pine, Fashionable Cloth Frock Coats, bought no matter how or where, for sale at EVANS' cloth iag_ warehouse, Mi and be Fulton street, at $8. A large lot ofTreaeh shirts at less thaa half price. Citizen* from all becttons of the Union father in Mew York. They pure hue most of the arti cle! they need here and there, and everywhere. Bat upon eno point they seein agreed, vii.: that the only place where ?hirts made to meaaure always fit, and are alwayi delivered punctually, la UKEEN'b, No. 1 Aitor Home. Thite things are l cruin? Death, Rent Day and perfect fit* at UREEN'S ihirt making e?tabli?n a.*nt, .No. 1 Amor Home. Lieath and the landlord aoror toil to uall lor their due*, and GREEN'S ihirts never fail to fet, because hi* system ot measurement it baled on mathe maticai eertaintie*. Kind WJTti who Make their Hoibanit'i ahirti aro olten doomed to unmerited disappointment. Not being guided ty a mathematical system in outting, their fits are leu,aa<l only acoidental. On ihe contrary, a nimtu, even by accident, ia imposiible at GREEN'S. No. 1 Astor llouae, hil ay item ( f mcaiureinent being founded on inlet lible mathematical principle!. Mayor Woo<l la celebrated ror hla prompt' seas in buiiDeis;se are MUuDV A W 1U0 ASS, 364 Broadway, ?or the tit and beauty ui their sblrti, made to order, at eoo - aumicai j rice#. (lite them a call. Ut thla be your Guide for Carpet* t? Eagliah velvet carpets, 10s.t Ui. per yard. " tape Ary " 7l., 8l., ?s. " " " three ply " 7s., as. " " " IngralJ " i?i , !?., 4s. Cd., 6s. ?' oilelctfci fli., 7a. American " -I. lid., Si., 4r " " Held window ihadei, $3 (4. Vi. Table covers, lis. to iii. At UIRaM ANIjJJKSOM'S, So W llowery. C/ui pe tinge.? ?P*tcr*?>n <V Uniuplirey, No. J7H Biuaaway , cvrner ?t hue ttieet, have ju.i reeived from the hi' large atietiun sales a lar?e a-iortmi-ul ot oarpetiurf, .to., which tuey will ?ll it the lolluwiug low prices; ? rich vetvet eai|>?t, lis. to 14* per yard, rich tupesiry. Of. to IDs. pur yard; rleli BtMisela, e*. p*r yard; lurej-pl/, (I*. t > Ji per ^ai4; ingrain (Lou ell inaaej, oas and alt other gooili equally Fancy tutleiy.-'lhe tiulMcrlber'i Aeaoft n e. t embraces every sly la of pen. pooket and iporiin; kaite. Alio, a variety ot choice ruori, wurranled. rtAUN ijaRti, No. 7 Aiior llouto, and 337 liroadwuy. Poi table J>reaaliig ? as* a? In all thnt tile nam. eonipaet and e. tuple'*, eaoli article t2i?roin being of the very bout quality. saUNuEHS, No. 7 Astir House, and 8(7 Itroadv ay. (jiant Aaparagna Root*.? .V), (MM) two Year old ot Bui tri. r quality, put ap in bundles ol ttfiy eaca. 1 rice 76 cents per 1U0; iKi per l.UM J. m. TlloliUi. R.N A CO., No. 15 John itreet. affiance daiamandsr Ma*' a. ? aobert Bft. a AVkl.K ilttt role manufacturer la the United States ot ika ???>?? eclearaied safes, and t 0. UotUn's Impenetrable on lieks and eroas l>i>xs. i>< pot >'o. 193 i'oarl street, an* 4eor i?*j'o? Maiden lane. Gaylei'a Doable Klange Salamander Saffea, with powder proot locks, imall key*. Fifteen IhousanJ said- hundreds tested? not one baa ever failed. All ilaei on hand. Only depot, 2US Pearl s'reet, opposite Fletehcr. To Dry Gooda Hert hanU and Carpet Deal er*.? A new salamander safe, medium die, with powder proof lock, Ac., is offered in exchange for dry foods or earpctlng. Address Safe, 8,908 Post office. Uonlda St Elliott, Importera and Jobbcra of eblr a , >lai i and earthenware, lUfl 1'earl itreet, one door be ?w Maiden lane. The tiado, hatell and reitanranti tap pUed at the loweit rate*. Crockery, CWM^;74f C^lVs?~ J oat Opened? Whit* French articles at half the mil price* : cup* and mttn 10s. tad 12 a. dasea (for 24 piece*) : plates 8*. , 6* , 10* and 14a 4?l? ; French family dining leta for only %3b ; alao English (ton* ware, milk r?a?, disbca, Mane nup moalda Sa. each (Im port* tica f o?t Re ,) fire proof pis plate* <*. do*. Econouitoal iamlllt* mnv aavr at <ea*t IS per cant In purchaaing akina and glas at 813 Broad* ay, above Eleventh atrrat. J. K. UU Singer's Sewing Naeblnca ? rb?M arc tbe only *e*irg machine* bafora tba publie aapabla of doing ?very variety of wnrk In perfest atyla. Thf fact oaa k* olau ly demonstrated that all otb-r Sewing maohlaes are, fot reeeral a- win*, whe* eoni pared with Siner's. not* worth taking M a rift For family aaa, manofaoturar'a oae, plan tation nee, ?r any uje whatever, hiiger'a tewing <naohinee ere proved to be enperinr, and the great Improvement* Ju*t added, place them far ahead oi all eomp-'tition Singer'* N*li( maehinea only are free from all claim for infringe ment af patenta. I. tt SINGER A CO., 323 Broadway. Inhalation for cut of dtthma and Conaump ticn ? Dr. Curt la- Dear Sit; I bare bad the aethraafor more tlan twenty year*? no man on earth hae euffcred more with it than 1 Lave. I am now happy to lay that your Hygeana bae entirely relieved, and 1 believe eared we of this dread ful malady. Reaptcttully youra, Jimj l.ucm. Sing Sing, New Y< rk April IV, DOS. The Uyueana i* for tale by Stephen Paul A Co., No. 149 Cbambera street; 0. II. Ring, No. 192 Broadway; alio by drufgiaU throughout the city; and by If r*. Hayes, No. 179 Fulton a'reet and 144 Atlantic etreet, Brooklyn, Pnoe 93 a "s'r The inhaler ia worn on the breaat, under the linea, without the least inconvenience to tbe patient, or hindrance to the daily vocation. Tbe heat ot the body evaporate* the Hold ? no tuba or bcated air touted Caution? Dr. Curt la' a Ilygeana it the original and only gemlne article. Tbe New Inhaling Remedy,? J. R. Staf ford'* olin tar. Price, 50 centi * bottle. Sold at No. 4 New street, and by J. M1LHAU, 183 Broadway. Hanlaon*! Columbian Perfumery, by tbe great A nerican perfumer, of Philadelphia, contain* over 160 diflerent varieties, and ia classed under article* for the toilet, for the ikin. for tbe hair, fir the hand*, for the hand kerchief for flavoring food, tor the beard, for the teeth, and nui-ollaueou*. Tb?y are purely American, inetyle, oharao ttr, and quality, aud so far aurpa** in intrlneio excellence every foreign artiele, that tbe refined of American eocicty are adopting them ae tbe standard of excellence. UKIFFIN ?t ACKEN. 61 Maiden lan), ba'e them at wholesale, and D, R1TTSR, 318 Bowery, at reUll. Hair Cutting, iurllng, Dressing and Sham ootuig inimitably by HILL, 45 Nassau-atroet. Shaving ill soat*. Infallible onguent to promote tbe growth of the nair ?'ec, instantaneous u r dye for a beautiful biaek or brown tils, *oap*, Ae. Hair Dye? Wigs and roupeea. ? Batchelor's aelebrated establishment for these article*, ia 233 Broadway. Nine private room* exs>re**l?tor the application of hi* fa aiou* bair, dye. Sold, wtoleaale and retail, the largeat a* soranent of wigs, toupee* and ornamental hair in the United State*. Ten Dollar Wigs and Toupee*.? The cele brated manufactory for wU*. toupee*, braid* of longhair, back and frost braid*, curl* Ae., i* (ituated at 27 Maiden lane, corner of Nassau itreet. Beware of Broadway price*. MEDliURST A ULARD. Then '? a beauty forever unfailingly bright, Eyes sparkling like atari, and balr dusky a* night; Bnt there '* alao a beauty that aeeai* half deatroyed lly lock* flaming red. If by these you 're annoyed, call at CRISTA DoRG'8, No ti Aetor House, and hia rxoel'ior dye will convert the defect into anew oftarin in tea minute*. Yes, Sir, a Beard for a Dollar? My Onguent will force tbe whisker*, moustache or hair to ^row in six wetks. and will uot rtiiin or Injure the akin. $1 a bottle. Sent to any part of the country. R. U GRAIIaM. No. MS Broadway; Zciber, 44 South Third street, Philadelphia. Sunburn, Tan, Freckles, Pimples, Flesh wornii, Ac., ?re, it ia well known, positively oured by OOU 11 A CD'S Italian soap. Poudr> *u tile uproot* hair from any part otthe hoi*. Rouge, lily white, hair dye and reato ratlve, at the old depot, t7 Walker itreet. first store fron Broadway; Cillender, 88 South Third ?trcot, I'hlla lulphia; Bate* 1.9 Washington itreet, Boitoa; Carlton A llorey, Lowell; Bliss, Springfield. Balm oi Thousand Klovrers? For beautify* 'eg the complexion and eradicating all tan, pimple* and Meklei from the faoe. FETRIDGE A CO., Beaton: C. H. UNO, 19S Broadway, agenta Important Notice to the Ladles.? Or. On FONvO'b Golden Pill* never fail to alleviate, prevent and remove all those complaint* peculiar to your sex. Try them. You will sav tbey are all tbev are represented. Price SI. So.dby all druggists at wholesale, by A. B. A D. Sand*, cor ner William and Fulton street*; Cllekncr A Co., 81 Barclay; King, corner of Broadway and John; Hall, Ruokel A Co., 220 Greenwich itreet. No. 10 Astor House, corner of Barclay street, and 417 Broa iw ay, corner of Canal strqpt, are the only itore* under tbe namo of RUSHTuN, whore may be obtained a ge neral assortment of pure drug*, meoioines, Ao. Holloway 's Ointment.? Astonishing Cure I? l'roieaior liolloway, when at a vlait to Prince 1) orff, in four weeks, oured hia aonhort of an ulcerated bH?i. tor thie extraordinary cure the Prince preiented him with a gold ineff box let In diamond*. This celebrated ointment will enre any tore or uleer. Sold at the minut'ac tcrie*, 80 Maiden laue. Now York, aad 244 Strand, Loadon, and by all druggiiti, at 20 cent*, 62X oents, and SI per pot. Birth. On Saturday morning, April 21, at Jersey City, Mrg. John Palmar, of a ton. Harried, On Thursday morningr, April 10, by the Rer. James Millett, ol 111 Kast Seventeenth utreet, between First and second avenues, Mr. John F. Taylob, of Charleston, 8. 0., to Miss Mary Catto, of this city. On Wednesday evening, April 18, by Rev L. D. Mans flell, J. *la\I08 Adams, U. O., to Miss anna P. Blake, daughter of Thos. Blakeney, all of this city. On Sunday evening, April 22, by the Rev. 1?. L. Ma goon, Mr. tiiORGK Ci-RTid, of Stirling, Mass., to MUh Anna Eliza Turkish, daughter of John J. Tornier, of this city. Boston papers please copy. On Tuesday, April 17, by the Rev. Asher Moore, Mr. Thomas E. Broadway, Jr., to Miss Martha J?. Ccrrr, daughter of late Lr. Cuff, all of this city. On batnrdaj, April 21, at the residence of Charles C. Waken, Eiq , 414 Pacific street, Brooklyn, by the Rev. Mr. Paddock, Philip E. Waldrn, of that city, to Slum, daughter of the late Daniel T. Walden, Esq., of New Or leans New Orleans papers please copy. On Friday evening, April 20, by the Rev. David Back, r. J. WtsTRHFiKLD to Miss Mary a. Hardmax, all or this eUy. On Saturday, April 2], by the Rev. Mr. Walmsly, Jons Taylor, of Brookljn, toAoNEs McCottrr, of Albany. At New Roobelie, on Monday April 23, by the Rov. W ni. Lawence, Edward Lamdsn, Junr., to Magdalene. eldeit daughter of Nathan Se&cord, Esq., of the former place. Died, On Sunday morning, April 22, at Hudson, N. J., for mer y Aorth Bergen, Pridenc* Carry, wife of Abel J. Smith. tbe friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from her late residence, in Hud son, N. J., at eleven o'clock thlti morning, or at the Grove Chnrch, Weebawken, at one o'clock in the after ?ood. Carriages will be in attendance at the ferry, Jer sey City, at ten o'clock A. M. On Sunday evening, Apiil 22, Ann MoG inlet, aged 08 years Her friends and acquaintances, and those of her ion, Michael, are invited to attend thy funeral, at two o'clock this afternoon, from the residence of her to a- in- taw, lui ward Carney, No 78 Washington ntr<et, Brooklyn. On Sunday evening, April 22, Edward Rorke, son of Patrick Rone, ag?*i 10 years and tt months. The friends of hit fattier are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this afternoon, at two o'clock, from No. 50 First street. On Monday, April 23, of consumption, Mrs. A o aline Voi no, a?e<J 41 yean, 4 month* and 6 days. Ihe relatives and friends of the family are respect fully requested to attend her funeral, from her late resi dence, No. 71 Weet S eventh street, at four o'closk tn e afternoon. Her rt mains will be interred at Kooklaad Cemetery to-morrow. Philadelphia papers plea he copy. On, April 22, Euzabvth Dot-ff, relict of Id* ward Doult, formerly of Y outers, aged 90 yean. 'ihe lelativee and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, at two o'clock this after noon, from the residence of her son, James Dutf, No. 34 Wett Twenty -second street. On Bunas y, April 22, John Wallace, aged 86 years and (i m"nthn. The tiiendt of bis wife, and those of his brother in law, Hubert Nugent, and hit cousin John Mjrton, are respectfully Invited to attend his funetal, from his late resilience, iits2 Washington street, this afternoon, at three o'clock. On Sunday night, April 22, Mrs Esther Wurni, relljt of the late Samael White, in the 79th >ear of her age The telattves and friinde of the family are tespect fully invited to attend the funeral, from her late resi dence, No. 106 Heater street, "his afternoon, at three 0 clocn. On t,unday, April 22, of a short but severe illnen, Hannah liiPtu, daughter of William and dauoah Fiek, ageo 2 year* and a months. Ihe tritnds of tne family are respectfully invited to attend her fuueral, this morning at 7 o'clock, from the reside Lee of her parents, rbira avenue and Histy first street. Her remain n will be taken to Hillsdale for inter ment. Oi> Mon.ay, April 23, of inflamition of tbe lungs, 4Ir. Noah B Pohikk, son of the late Charles Porter The IriendH of his father and of in* ilater, Mrs. Qeorge W. buuinrr. aie rt-qoes ed to attend bis fn??ral, at Cal vary church, at kmn? o'clock to-morrow mornloi?, with out luither notice. Connecticut papers pl?a?e c->py. On Moccny, April 23, Kklix Walter, son of John Nico las scd Catherine Waller, aged 6 jeara The friends of the tunily are respectfully invite I to attend the funertl, thU a ternoon, at two o'olock, at lolotribusvllie. .Queens eoumy. Stages leave l'eck,ilip{and Grand *tieetf lerrle- every half bour. Suddenly, on Monday morning, April 23, Edward Cole, aged 46 years. liis friends and acquaintances, and those of his bro thers, samuel and Jamet Cole, and the memoers of the N?w York Typographical Socle .y, are respectfully invited to attend hit funeral, lbi? afternoon, at four o'clock, 1 torn the residence of Die brother Samuel, No. 13 Hicks street, ntar t niton Ferry, Brookljn. On Monday, April 29, iohn Wilmarth, only child of Ceorge B, and Julia A. Hatkell. The itinera* will tat* place from tbe Barter House, Broikljn, this afternoon, at three o'clock. The mem bers of Enterprise L*ige, No. 2*8, F. A. M. are respect fully invltea to attend. Boston paper- pi* ate copy. At Hong Kong, China, on the 30th January, Mr. Cbarlm A. Thkriat, of New York, aged 21 year*. IJVMUIkNTH HKNBWlSDjmif UAJ. dabcisg academies. Dancing. ? l. i>b o. brooks*. mi broom k ?treat. All the lathionable daaeet taught la on? eoane oi leetoBS Private lv?eua> at variou* bourn Th? jlinin ? riLV..for tb,# ,""0B wil1 Uke April 20, ANTONIO-YOCR LETTER is RECEIVED VI AP prove your course, u4 will follow it; we will >N yea moi after Bin* thia morning, it your house, u we ue soon leaving tb? country. BLIZA N.-YOUR MOTHER 18 AT TOUR SISTIR'S, IN Brooklyn, and wishes to too you aa toon as possible, m ?he has rot to return homo Tory toon. ANTOINETTE C. fi EOBGE W. CLAYTON WILL REMAIN IN TOWN until Wednesday. Address Aator LI mum INFORMATION WANTED? IF TIMOTHY CICELY, who left Ireland, from ooanty of Galway, on or about the l?t of March laat, will oall at No 5 Ann atreet, he will meet with hi* cousin, Patrick Uoresey, who haa a returned draft payable to him for ?6 aterling. INFORMATION WANTED OF JOHN FITZMORRIS, lilaekamitb, trom the pariah of Doaugh, County Kerry, Ireland, by bia aiater, Mary White, Ute of Savanaah. Call at John MeUahon'a, 25 Thamea alreet, New York. IF THE PERSON WHO TOOK FROM THE JEWELRY ? tore, S3I>? Broadway, a galvanized or plated hnutiuu detached lever watch, and paid SI 50 for repairt, wiU call to-day at 331 X Broadway, ho will receive $0. IF DR. DEBRRAN DT. PASSENGER Br THE BEL gian bark STADT a.NTw Lk i'K.n. Captain Uytten hoven, who arrived here in July, 1864, will forward aia ad dress tout, bo will tear of something to hla advsntage. W. F. SCHMIDT A CO.. 105 and 107 Wall atreet. Left his home, white plains, april sth, laaso Buckhout, 17 years old. abont five feet eight inchea high, had on a black cap, mixed homespun coat, black pant*, per ahoea, blue mixed hose, haa scars of burna upon right leg and ia subject to tits. Any ene sending in formation ot nim to T. Howitt No. 9ft Lauren* atreet, New York, will oblige hla dlatrecaed parent*. TO EMIGRANT ROARDINO HOUSE KEEPERS AND pat sender a by the iblp Owego. ? Charles Catherwood, who arrive.l here on Friday evening last, by tbe a bo re ship, will pteaae call at 39 Troy atreet, up atalra, where he will propably hear of lometb<UE to hia advantage. Any person (ringing him to the above ad dreaa, or givin* information which will lead to him, Patrick M'Alcar or Elixa Holland, also paaaenpera by the above ahip, to Robert Clark, hat pieaaer, S7 broaJway, will be rewarded. WANTED TO FIND? PETER FARLEV, FROM IRS land in 1KS7. He ia requested to writ j to hit sister in law. Mary Conleu, at Mrs. Earl'a, Fourth at., LouisviUg, Ky KPKt'lAL SOTICMB. A FAIR FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE COLORED tnpban Asylum will bo opened this day, at 12 o'clock, iu the room under the Aryan Oallery, teoently occupied by Sattler'a, liroadway, corner of Ttiirtoentn atreet, and will continue three days and evenin. a vi?.: Tueaday, Wednesday, and Thnraday. A large .lumber of children from the Asylum will be nrescnt on Weduesday evening. Admission 12,^ tents. Children half price. CHRISTIAN BROTHERS' SCHOOLS.? EXAMINATION and exhibition of the pupila of St. Vuicent's Aoado my, to take plaoe on tho 26th and 24th of April, 1865. Toe examination will tako place on the 26th lnat, at tbe Apollo Rooms 410 Broadway, at 7 o'oloek P. M.; the ezuibitiou on the 2Stb inat., at Perham'* Opera tlonae, Ota Broadway. Tbe entertainment will be of patriotic speeches and dia loguea. also comprising the dramatic scene of "Joaeph and lis Brethren." Examinations and exhibitiona of the varloua actools to tako place at their reapective school rooms on the following daya, at 7 o'ol<ick I* M.? April 19, St. Patrick'*; April 23, St. Yineent'a school, second clasa? 2tth, first elaaa; May 31, St. Mary'a. Adiniaaion to all 26 cents. Mercantile lodge (no. 47) i. o of o. f.-tiie men, bora of ibis l>dge are hereby notified that after the l?t of May next the lodge will meet at 5U8 Broadway Eb WIN E. BOOTH, Reo. Seo. MEfcSRS. HAYES, IIINCKS, CAREY A CO., LEGAL and general reporters aud short hand writers, are pre Jiartd io cxecutu all trdera with whioh they may be Favored u th* most correct and expeditious manner Notes of evi dence supplied the morning after >eing reported. OQioe IS and 17 Franklin building, 195 Broadway. Maine law coj?gratulatory meeting? all whorejoloo in the passage of the Prohibitory Liquor law are invited to atmombio at the Metropolitan Theatre, on Thursday evening tho 26th inft., lor mutual congratulation and thanksgiving. Dodworth'a band and ar>le spankers are engaged for the occasion. To defray expenses, 12 oeuta will be taken at the door. NOTICB.-THE UNDERSIGNED STATIONERS AND blank book manufaoturera agree to eloae their atorea on Saturdays! at three o'clock, P.M., from April 28th to 9ep tember2Vtb, 1866, inclusive: ? Wm. E. A J. Slbell, 20 Wall atreet; Wm. II. Rose, 17 do.; John C. Beale, 78 do.: Hostord A Co., 36 do.; J. H. Bornet, 61 do.; Van No.-den A King. 43 do.; Henry Anatiee A Co , No. 5 Naaaau atreet; J. J. En nia A Bro., 24 do.; Doubieday A Lattimers, 15 do.; Wm. 11. Arthur A Co., 31* do.; Wlllmcr A Rogers, 42 do.; Thomas Wood, 158 do.; Collins, Bowne A Co., 174 I'earl atreet; B. B. Clayton's Sons, 101 do.; Bowne A Co., 190 do.; Baker A Dnyckinck, 188 do.; Morgan A Co , 221 do.; Maun, Spear A Co., 133 Pearl, and W, lieaver street; Ger Scott Roe, 19 Mer chants' Exchange; Samuel A. Campbell, 28 Maidon >ano; Warner A Poor, corner of William and Beaver stoeeta; M o Sp< don A Baker, 26 Pine atreet. EW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD COMPANY. ?The annual meeting ot the atooltholdera of thia com for the election of thirteen diieotora. wlil be neld at N pauy. ft the office of tbe company, No. 1 t'owtre atreet on Tueaday. May 15, 1866. Poll will oommence at 12 o'clock noon ana cloie at 2 o'clock P M The transfer books will bu olosed on Tuesday, May 10. 1885, at 3 o'clock P. M , and open Wednes day, May 16, 1853, at 10 o'clock A. M. W. H. EMERSON, Seoretary. NEW YORK FIRE DEPARTMENT!? THE UNDER signed take thin method or again cautioUug the public in gerert), and tha uxrc&ntile community iu p&rticuiaf, against firing or pubscribim any turns of money in aid ol' fin- companies tor the purpose of furnishing their homes, or oroamentii.g apparatus, for r?lief ofjsiok or disabled firomen, or fur nny other oV\j*ct where the name of the Fire Depart ment, or any company belonging ther> to, may bo uaed, an lees 'he partiei making such application should be personal ly known, or produce a certificate signed by ail the o? -era of the Department, (as below,) endorsing the same as worthy of a favorable consideration. All appeals made in bebal' of the Charitable fund, or other matters connected w th tin Depar .ment, will be propuriy authenticated, and hare due publicity given thereto; and it is therefore hoped that the public will strictly regard this caution, and thu.i rid theni telvcs of ? clats of unprincipled characters who have uied the name ot the Department to accomplish their own per tonal and diihcneit ends. JO UN J. TINDAI.E, Pretldont, WM. D. WADE. Vice t'roaident, BO IIN 9. BELCHER, Secretary, JOHN S. GILES, Treasurer, New York Fire Department. NF.W YORK SOCIETY LIBRARY!? -TIIE ANNUAL election c-f trustee! of thit corporation will be held nt trie 111 rarj this day, Tnetd?y> April 24, from 1 to 4 P. M. It it understood tbut n ticket composed ofLentirely new names i? in private circulation. Tbe folio wing tioket is submitted to the shareholders, beiog, with only tw i exceptions, com pored o> the names of the {.resent trnetoos: ? Gulisn C. Verplanck, Chariot M. Leupp, William lnglis. John II. Goarlio, Alexander R. Rodgcrf, Ilonry J. Anderson, Dayton liobart, Stephen (7. Williams, Frederick Dei oyster, James P Cronkbite, Jas. DePeyster Ogden, John Biielow, Joshua Colt, J, p. Giraud Foster. Joseph Dilsfield, Tickets will be found at the Library at the time of the election. OFFICE Or THE ACCESSARY TRANSIT COM psny, New York, April 20, 1860 ? Notice is hereby gi ven to the stockholders iu this company, that an eloctioa fcr a President and six directors will be held at the oiHes of the Company, No. S Bowling Green, from 12 o'oluok n >on, until 2 o'clock P. M., on Monday, the 7th day of May uext Tbe transfer books or the company will be closed on Una day, tho 30th inst., and remain closed until Monday, tks 7th of May, both days inclusive. By srder, ISAAC C. LEA, Secretary. FF1CE OF THE NEW YoRKGAS LIGHT COMPANY, April y, 18SS. ? Tbe President and Directors have this day declared a dividend of live per cent oa the capital stock of this oompany for the six months ending 1st February last, payable te (he ttoekoldert on and after Tuesday, 1st May ?ext. Tbe transfer book will be closed from the 2&th iwt. to that date. By order. C. L. EVER1TT, Secretary. SPECIAL NOTICE.? THE MEMBERS OF HARMONY Lcdsefto. 17 American Protestunt Ass-ciation era re quested to be punctual in attundance at t.>eir lod^o mom, on Wednesday evening next, at 8 o'clock, on sp*eial bust nest of importance, and also to elect oAonr* for the ensuing term. By order of TUOS. BLACKSTOCK, W. Master. Wm. M HkLLtx, Recording Sec y THE AMERICAN BREACH LOADING CANNON, invented aid patented by John i* Scbenkle. Esq., will be exhibited in front of the Exchange, Wall street, thi? day, from 12 to 3 o'clock This great invention it well worthy the attention of the curious and scientific. TO TH ?f ED itorIT? the herald -will you be so kind as to publish in yonr paper tbe following good example:- We, the finishers of Meatrs. Byrd A Hall uml brella ar.d parasol warehoose, 12 Warren street, having stated to them the advanced prices of provisions, they, without In r ther remark, ad vano> d us one dollar per week on onr wa;e?. We return them tt anke for their liberal offdr. II I R aM SPANGENBEKQ, and othert. sprihg vaihhmi. inn ^EW AND ELEGANT SPRING BONNETS JUS1 AvUreceived by the Ana, from oor branch honte in Paris,?] Hue Richelieu, caretully selected by onr representative, whs hah ciiected our hove for tbe lait fifteen jtart Thit small invcice comprises tbe latest styles of eiuenidered straws sc much admired in Paris, and whleb we confidently flatlet ourselves that every ore wto inspects onr stock be convinced . that wo have rivalt bnt no competition; o>ti prices at ibe tame time are limited. An early oall will be found advantageous at MADAME B. HARRIS A SON'S, 571 Broadway BC L PIN 8 SIXDoLLAR MANTILLAS? MOST OH A It* inj novelties? manufactured of the very riohoat taffeta ??Ik, snd universally pr>>nonnced alike superior in richness ?ownessntid m< deration in price to anything ever offered l.adie? call and too. SCI Broadway UJ.P1N'.* HI KING MANTILLAS AKE NOW READ) f'l city retail trado, and comprito a matohleti o .lleo tlonof Parisian noveHks, from a beau ifui hlack silk man tilla, at nx dollar*, to the moit costly ?arro?nts m?ou inrcd Ml Broadway \|Ri>. E. M. HUBBARD A CO, 6ti WHI'F. S'REET. Ivl Cur recond opening of spring milltnory will take place on Thunday, April 26. SPRING MANTILLAS" MOLYNEUX BELL, 58 Canal ttreot. Hit just lectlvtd per tt earner America, a ca.e jf now ttyltt of (mantles, which he will exhit it day, previous to tbei being copied for tbe coming month's |tra.le Ladies wishing the i-xelut.i?e purchase of a partioular style, can mske * *e lection, aod tone prevent the possibility ni having a dnp'.i eate of their mantle in the city. Hit styles b< log fabricated e?ptclally lor him by hit Pant ascnts, are not to be found elsewhere. DHY GOODH, AC, PantalconTtcff^ TV THE ALL WOOL CA8SI MERES FOR ti-MM m ?ut, Artie, pen yahi>, Will be added on Monday, April X), 2,500 yards l-laok French doe skin ditto, At $1 .Vi per >*rd. A. T. STEWART A CO., Broadway, Chambers and Reade strette. QTRaW GOODS, FRENCH FLOWERS Ao., FOR CASH Just received, an immense stoek. whloh is offered at reduced prices, tm< ng which may be found? Super English dunstable bonnets, ?' split straw " " Florence Rich lace " l.i ?bi rn flats, Straw rnchet, Blondo laces, snd MO brxct of Fnneh flowers, of the very lateit in. pi rtttlon, at Not. 64 and Mi John street, ooruer of William, ?. Y. HOMER A EE. CHUM. The great sale Of ladies' regular made white cotton hose, at It. M and 2e. per pair; snd men's nnMeach* J cotton tacks, at Is, rer pair ? lot. per doten; will bo ???tinned this ^?sh. Rl HARD 0* EBP , 190 Cteal s'reet, between TUompton and ij*<nons N. B.? Ladies *111 ft id at this establishment tbe largest, ? tit varied and carefully selected stock of children's hotie ry in tke eity. A SITUATION AS WIT HUBS! WANTED-BY A healthy jroui woman, with ? freah bnui of Bilk. C?> k? n*?aandil Ar i*o4 Mapir ud oImiIIimi. Is a coot HtBitrau, and will prove aa hamble doaaeatis. Ms obiee tlon to go a abort dlatance tato the country. Apply at No. 8 Degraw it., between Smith and Court at*., Brouklja. WELL EDUCATED YOUNG GERMAN LADY A A %? wirbea to get a situation aa;go?erneas to small shiUren; la also a first claaa dreaatnaker. CM furnish the boat testi monials. Address 138K Forsyth St. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION IN A RE J\ spectable private family, aa chambermaid sad waiter, or to assiat in the washing and ironing. Cm h? seen at hsr employer's, IS Elm place, Brooklyn. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION. AS aeasiatrets, can eat and fit ladies' and children's dreaasa; is a good plain sewer; pefectly undertands hair drcaaing. Beat of city reference. Can be seen (or address M D ,) at 84 West 33rd st Af RESECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A situation aa chambermaid and waiter. Caa be eees at hir prevent employers, to whom reference is given. Apply at m West 21th it. _ A YOUNG LADY WANTS A SITUATION TO ATTEND a bakery or fancy (tore; hat been accustomed to both; Sood rsterence Apply for two days at 300 7th avenue, third oor, fro> t room HE' pectable girl wants a situation to do waiting and chamherwork in a small private fami Beat city refertnee from her last place. Call at 159 est 32d it., between 7th and 8th ava., in the atore. A RESPECTABLE YOUNQ GIRL WISHES A SITU ation in a private amily as chamber raai J and to mind children; la a ?.oo?l plain aewer. lias good eity reference. Apply at 81 West 23th at , between 6th and 7th ava. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES TO TAKE IN washing at her own house; would al?o go out ?y the day; is a gwd wiuher and ironer. The beat oity reference if reqnird. Call at 120 Amity st? in the rear, back base ment, lor Mrs. O'CerigM A PROTESTANT GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS chambermaid or to take care of children in a private family. Can give city reference, if required, from her laat place. Call for two days at 299 West 18th at., botween 9th and 16th avs. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITU ation aa chambermaid or aeamatreaa; can aew em broidery and is a first rate ahirt maker; oan be well reoom mended. Call at 12 Main street, near the ferry, Brooklyn. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS chambermaid, and to assist in washing au<i ironing, or to take care ot children. Best of oity reference given. Can be seen at or adiress u note to E.C.,128 E. 3tith at., two days. A FIRST CLASS COOK WANTS A SITUATION, AND considers her reference will suffice tor her character; willing to go a short distance in the country, Staten Island. Please call at .170) 26th it., corner of 8th avenue. Can be seen for two days. * A MIDDLE AGED WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO do general housework; no objection to go a short dis tance in the c> untry. Can be seen at her employer's house, 427 lludaon St. A YOUNG AMERICAN LADY DESIRES A SlTUA tion as companion to an invalid, where she will act as aroanuentls and reader, or as governesa to amall children; having bad oxpenenoe in the atove capacities, she hopes to ph ase; no ?> jeotion t" go a ahort distance in the country. Undoubted reference given and required. Address M. A. K., Herald office. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE WO man, as drat rate cook and baker; understands jellies of all kinds. Has no objeotion to city or ee untry. Call at 27'J tith avenue, between 17th and 18 h sts., up stuirs, front room, for two dajs. AREStECTAP.LE PROTESTANT YOUNG WOM*N wishes a situation aa chambermaid and waiter, and to ascift in washing and ironing. Can be seen for two days, at SO Greenwich St., third floor, Iront room. A WIDOW LADY OF EDUCATION AND RE FIN E ment. and aceustomed to good society, would like a sitoation aa housekeeper, tu superintend the domestio affairs of a tan lly . or to sot as governess, being font ot children, and having had considerable experience as teaoher; a pleasant home more an object than a salary. The mott un exceptionable reference given aad required. Please address Ida, Berald oflice. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A Si tuation an cook, and to assist in washing and ironing, in a respectable family. Beat of oity reference. Can be seen two days, at 188 Eaat 17th St., first floor, front room. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WANTS A PLACE TO DO plain >e*ing and ohamber?ork. Has goud city refer ence. Call at 13 Clinton at., Brooklyn. A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE-AGED WELCH WOMAN want- a aitnation as o- ok, and has no objection to as sist in walking; la a good oook, tnd oan do paatry and bak ing; a small private family In the oity prelerroil. Has good eitj references. Can be seen for three days, il not engaged, at 24ti 2d St.. aeeond floor, is the rear A YOUNG PLRSON, WHO HAS ALREADY A GOOD J\. knowlodgo ot millinery. wishes employment in a (Ka rate sti ro where she Mould give her services for the fir t month tor the sake of jerfectinr herself. Caa giveercel'.eat reference. Addresa M. 1'., 987 Broadway. AUEU'ECTAHl.E PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN wmts a situation to do general hnuse?ork in a smill private fam lv; no objection* to go a short in the o< untry. Can be teen at !>l West 10th St., second lloor, rear, for two days. A competent woman wishes a situation as cook; thoroughly understand* her business in a I its various t ranches; has lived in England a> oook for many years She also wishes a situation tor her daughter 18 yenriofage aa waiter or nurse; oan do ladbs' tlnory In ttio nesteai style; best city reference Call or address 121 Eaat 2Uth it., near 3d av?., for two days. A RESPECTABLE WC MAN WANTS A SITUATION, as cook; understands all klnda of cooking and baking Good city references from her laat placo. Call at No. 8 Ganaevoort at., front baaement. At SITUATION WANTED, BY A RESPECTABLE young womw, as go> d w?iber and iruuer, aud good cook. Good oity reference. Can >?? Men two day* at tho second door from llairison it., in Tif aey place, Brooklyn. No objection to the country. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES TO OB tain a situationin a private family aa (rood cook, flai no ohjtctlon to assist in washint ard ironing. Citv re ference. Can be seen for two day* at 32 Downing it., front lasement, Irom 10 to 4. ARESl'ECTABI E YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A situation at first olas* waiter or chambermaid, and to do fine washing and troniug; no objection to tho conntry; coed reftrtnee. Call t*o dayi at 158 West loth it., between 7th asd 8th avenues. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL WANTS a hi nation ai chambermaid and plain newer, < T is w.iter and to assist with children; beat city reference. Coll for two day* at the ootnor of Smytli and President streets, South Brooklyn. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUA tion an chambermaid and waiter, or to take care of children: in willing to make bersoll useful. Call tor two days at 40 Elitabath street, in the store. A RESPECTABLE PERSON. WHO PERFECTLY CM dertUbds her business, wishes a situation as ohambor maid and laundress; ii an excellent doer up of fine linen and lacrs. Ila* most respectable referenoe No objection to go to the coot try. Call at No 201 West 24th at., for two lay*. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A Si tuation as plain rook; i? a rood waiher and irjner Host of reference*. Can be teen lor two days at 75 West 17th tt Arespectabi e woman wants a situation in a private family; la a good plain eook and an ex cellent w arher and iruner; no objection to go a abort distauc* ih the country, the wry test city and country reference. < an be seen two day* if net engaged, at 87 Mulberry at., be tween Walker and Bayaid, second floor, back room. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL WANTS A situation as chambermaid und to attend to children, in a rrivate family; would prefer the country. CJood refor ence. tall ?t274 West 26th st., between 9th and 10th avs. ARESPE' TABLE YoUNG WOMAN WtSilES A SITUA tion a* chambermaid and waiter No o >jecti to go a short distance in tbr country. Good city reference. Call at H'A Cm r' iL Frooklyn, for two daj s. A YOUNG C'lMi WISHES A SITUATION AS SEAM strets; It ea k0e of cutting and fitting dresses. Coll at IX1 Hei ry rt , sce?M floor, front, room 7. ARE-PECTABI.E WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION a* CO' k: i.o ?l JejUon to asaiat -In washing and ironing, or to go ii. tlie c< untry if required. Best of oity refrreace. Call at 10b 13ib it , bttweeu 3d and 4th avi., leoond floor, front roow. A RESPKCTARI.E GIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO do cbaniherw. rk and waiting, or c'.ambarwork and to wind children; willing to to a short distance in the oountry. (i'od ?>!? rettrence. Can be seen at 222 7th av., between 24th and 2Stb its. A LADY, WUHSE AGE IS BETWEEN 20 AND 40 y an, is required as companion to a lady and eldarty g. nil mi at', who is an i> valid, she must h? able to slug, play upon the piano, astd road and write well; be healthy, of a cnetrtul and pit seam disposition, sometbiag oi a nurse, one who would nut >>a afraid to make herself go ie. ally rni-ful I he location is in a i leisont country town four hours' ride fr?n. the ci'y. Address B. Y U . bo* 2,3C6 Post Office, stat ing where an intervmw can be had. ' ' A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SIT nation as waiter, and w< n'd do the chamber "irk of a snail family. CM be seen at her present plioe, No. .<2 East Pi i h st. AUOl SEKEEi ER'S SITUATION WANTED, 0? A ret pec t. Me American woman, or would have no objec lion to a small fami'y to do general housework. Apply at Vandam (t, AREM'ECl ABLE GERMAN. W HO SPEAKS F*EN< II irg a little English, desires a situation a. Cham cr msid snd to do tiiie washing, or at oook No <> jeotiou to go into ti e c >unir Inquire to A l^nge gilder and frame maker, 2ct? William, corner of Frankfort st, Ayoi'nb woman, who haj had kxperiexce at oret maker a good many yetrs, wishes to obtain a situation in a private iamil> as dressmulmr and seainstrun; ha* ioo?l city nUrence. Call at 440 Washington st , floor. i"r two dtys. ARI8PECTAIII E PROTESTANT KlRL, WITH CITY refer- nee, wants a lituition as C40> . washer and iromef, in a laiall family. appl> at No. lid Wost 27th *t, Irttsreeu 7th and 8th avii.aos, rtK m No. 9 AKEM F-CTaRi E Yv>UNO WOMAN WANTS A 8ITU ation to do general housework ii a unal private family; In st of elty r* ( given. I'l?a>e call at 144 Madison st., third 11 "w fiont room, for two days. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG CIRL, OF AGREEABLE maiuer*, agood sawer, wants a situation to t ike ears of i Lildren in a respectable rurally, where sho would mike hir i If generally uselul. Can be seen for two days at Nj. S I'tb *C , Irunt lia-emant. AYoLNG UIRL WANTS A SITUATION, AS SKA tf stress, and to take rale ? ehlldrar ; woulu ksve no >h j< e'fO" vo so to the euantry. Call, for two days, at 4ti U.nn st., Brooklyn. An experienced seamstress wants a SIT?* ation. In a private fa. .ily ; she nnderstaias shir m^k iu, . and line st-wlng in general; has a good kno wledge of drestmskinj. and would asstr. in the care of ahild-*a an I II ske their <*res fs. Clt> lefsrunen Call or address on ? ntsday and Wvdne da> at 229 7th avenne, one door from corner of 28th st. Are*pectari.f, Y'iUng w-imav wi<wei a stru atinn ?s cook 'r l*?'.dr-s?; no objection to so % sh >rt oittance in the eonn'ry t'aa prod if- the best of rofereooo. Pleas* tppl) at St.l 2d svenne. tMrd floor, haeg rooms Can te seen for two days, il aot engaged A respectable young woman wants a SITU fttio?; u a food plain eook, ui ? Srtt rtU wftsberftnd Ironer Bent of city reference Apply at 979 bd 12th iL, #r?t Boor, front room. A RESPECTABLE TOUNQ WOMAN DESIRES A Si tuation fti oLaniberniaid; hi Ukl chunof a couplo of ehiloreBihftt bo objectioa ta to to th? country. Cm (Itb pood city referencee Apply at 110 lift at. , between l*t Mid ftvenues. Caa oe seea for two days. A LADY, OF RESPECTABILITY. DESIRRS TO AC eumpaBT ? family to Europe. bar aasntance to b? re niui.eranon l< r bar ]?u&|f. or would make aa engagement at companion to a lad j. Address F. M., Companion, bos 1,013 Post Office. A S1TCATIO N WANTED BY A YOUNG WOMAN. J\. Bi chambermaid and waiter or to assist in wathini aua ironing, or at o?rs?. the is willing to make bertelf gen erally useful. Cao ba teen for two dayi at 252 sib aveuue, corner oi 234 ?t. Best city reference. A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN?ONE WHO baa lout ber own Jjfty. |?i?hes to take a baby at ber own place, 38 ElitabellpL. 4th floor, front room. No. 16. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG OIRL, A3 leamttreti and to take care of oblldrcn; can oat aud tit children's ; would go in tbe country tor the sum m< r, or travel with ft lady. 11a* the best oliy relcrence. 1'ltftse call at 19 11th it., between 3d aud 4tb av?. A RESPECTABLE SCOTCH PROTESTANT OIRL wints a sitnatiin ft* chambermaid, or to do general bcusework; is a good plain cook, washer and ironer, ant lifts no objection :o go ft abort distance in the co JBtry. Can be seen for t*o days, ftt 11 Dtsbrosses it., seoont floor. APPRENTICE WANTED- TO LEARN THE MILLI nery. Apply lmmcdifttely ftt 224 Spring it. A SITUATION WANTED AS CHAMBERMAID AND laundress, or ohambermaid aid waiter. She ha* tho l? >t oi city reference from ber laat pluoe, where alio hfti lived tor tnreo yeart. Cftn be ieen for two dftyi by calling ftt 52 Spring tt. ? LITTLE OIRL, WITHOUT PARENTS, WISHES A A bome in ? private tnmily. Cftll ftt No. 30 Lewis it , lor one week. A LADY WHO HAS ALREADY BEEN TO SEA. IS desirous of obtaining ft situation ai stewardess oil ? oard ft atcftin' r or Sue sailing Tesiel. The beat of recora meudutions can be furnished if required. Address Steward est, h6 Cliff it. American giri^? dressmaker and se.vm ttress -? antra situation a here the cftn work at her trade, with thnte enuaged in tbe business, or private family, at wages tbftt will afford her ft home, la an orphan, an i can furnish tbe most undoubted referenaet from the farailv in wbioh the it noar engaged. Address a note to M . box 2,073 f ost Office. A YOCNO FRENCH CIRL. OF GOOD EDUCATION* wishes a situation In an American family, at chamber maid, or for taking care of ohildren; the umleritandt tow ing well. I'leat* oa II or nddrest 33 Rooievelt it. A MAN AND WIFE, OF RESPECTABLE APPEAR anco, want tiiuationi in somo rcspectablo family; the rran as assistant nardeucr, or to take care of horses; lilt wife as sermstrets, and to attond to one or two children; no ob jection to go a short distance in the country. Can be seen nutlt t be first ot May, at 67 King it. None but rupoctuble per sips need apply. AS COACHMAN.? A YOUNG MAN WANTS A SITU ation as cachtnan, who thoroughly understands hit busings; best city retereucos given; has no objection to go a almrt disttnee in tbe oountry. Inquire for J. It., at Lo* den't sa idle and harness manufactory, 79 Blacker it., near Broad* ay, for two da; t. A S COACHMAN.? WANTED, BY A RESPECTABLE XI mirrled man ? ill, out incii-nliranee, a aitnstion at coach man , is a stylish and careful driver and understands the care oi fast horses, and bar lived five tear# in hit last situation; belt city reference can be ?lven *<, to honesty, sobriety aud capacity. Call or acdreri J W. C., 124 E. 211th it. A REST El 1AHLE YOUNG MAN, nAVIN'G A PRETTY good knou led,o of dry g >odt, wlabet a situation either m second or third clast bund iu a ttoro, or as light porUr. fiicd retirenoi- givon. AitdroM J. 15 , box 240 Chatham squire Put office, for three days. A YOUNG MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS COACH mftn. Cftn le seen at 252 Broadway, second lloor, for two dayi. Good reference produced. A GOOD SITUATION, SALARY $700 -THE SCB30RI ber beii g about to resign an easy and desirable clerk ?hip to go to Chicago, will seoure to ft young m?n of good tntineit bfttiitn and satisfactory recommendations, the situ - ation, enclosing il to pay for adveriitit g. Any i>?r>oa will be noticed and Lonorftsly dealt with, tbe money returned it tbe partict do not suit. Address Ileary J., Broadway Pott Office. A YOUNG MAN, WELL CONVERSANT WITH TnE English. French ai d German language!, witbes a stlu atii n at talesman. Beit city reierence given. I'lcase al drtsi P. I*., Herald ofrco. A YOUNG MAN, AS WAITER, WISHES TO OBTAIN a situation tn a private family; the highoit recommen dations can be bad from where he hat livedtwo yearn, at to cspabillty. Car l esei n at Morrieon A Fowlor's, corner of University place and 12tb st? Inquire for J. A. W. AYf-CNG MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS WAITER in a private family in the city or country. Good refe rence riven Call at K(j Clinton place, Ant floor, up itairi, froi.t room, for three dayn. A GENTLEMAN WISHES TO FIND A WELL EDU catcd pTaon who ?i!l devote two bonri in t!ie eve nmr. three or lour times a weeo, in Eugliah convertfttion with liim ti c objict of the applieant beinr to pertect him self iu the English langu?<e A liberal compensation will be given. Addro>? I'. V , liroadway Post office. A^m YOUNG MAN. EIGHTEEN YEARS OF AGC, wants a situation in a dry goodt, hardware, crockcry, or whol> sale grocery itore; wri'et a lair band, and ?s not airiid to work; or would accept ft plftee in ft broker't or Iftayer't office; can give g >od recommendatiO'ia; salary not so much of an ol ject tbe first year. Call at 331% Broadway A^m KoY It ANTED? H OR 10 YEARS OF AGE, OF g< ntei'l address, to do errtndi in Auson'i dagnetrea t\ t e gallery, ne must eouie welt recommended for ho:ie ity a nil ? ehtncri Apply at Anson's. Mt Broadway, trim 8 to 10 A.M , ftnJfl to7 P.ll. A'l MtlhHIS & O 'UN E KT'S, 289 BROADWAY, COR ner <tMI, run always be found tho greatest, oi-oice of'ah -cutch Irieh nnd German aervantq, for bote!* boarding h'.uaea. and private lamilica; alao. porterg, wai'?r?, c., garJer.cra, "armera, mcohauio* an 1 la borera, In thia ur our ranoh office, iU2 Greenwich BODKK KEIfcR. ? A SITUATION WANTED, iY A young mau. who underatanda bookkeeping thoroughly; writca a prod band, and ia aoiiuainted with custom houae I utii.c-aa; la nil'iig to make himieU uteltil. Addreas E. Francia, Hrouklin Foit Offlce. Boy w anted in a drug store-one about IB ytaia of ???. wim ;can com'' well recommended tor hone*!) and inddatry, ?iu) haa rrood Fnglinh education. * I'Pit on tbe corner of Columbia and Union atrtcta, South brook lye. C'ALIFORMA.? A YOUNG WOMAN. WHOSE HUS I baud in to California. wlahoa to obtaiu a situation in rome rftfptctal le latnily who ia going that route. Sho ia willi** to pay part her own paaaago. Inquire at U Oak at COOK ?A SITUATION WANTED, BV A RESPECTA blu woman ?a a profeaaed eook; would a'aiit in washing and ir- ? i.' . haa go-.d reference from her last emp'oyer. < an l e f o-ii tw< daya, at Luurcn* atreet, (baioment,) 1*0 doori Irom Spring a. reel. ^ COOK WANTED- ONE WHO THOROUGHLY CNUER Manila h?r buaiue?a. and can bring the heat of oity refe rences. Apply at ao 2 Nellaon place, bet neon 9 and 11 '?'clock A. M. ? CO A in MAN WANTS A 8ITUATION; IS A OOOD >.nv. r. unden.ti.nda bit bualnesa perfectly anil tbo care and inaiikz-nicnt of liaraca: al.-o frnit, flower (od kitchen caroet taf ; )<aa a ?ood knowledge of grean houie planta; ia lemperato; ? i ? a -t< ad> aitnation m the emplov of a gon il< man; Ita. aatitlac'Qry leitrence. Andreai John M. B., Inrold cfF.ce. two uaya. ClOAtilV AN.? WANTED, A SITUATION, BY A I ) >intio man aa coachman In a private family; or porter; uaexreptionaole ref?reneo given Apply to John Hrannan, HO H averi-y plaoc. where he can be aeon. COACHMAN. -WANTED, A SITUATION AS COACH man, bv a respectable tonng man who thoroughly un d( ratai.d- th- innna, emtnt of horaea, and ia a c ireful driver; ro object the country. Can iiroduce the beat of city at d country refcrenrea from hla ? a ? t employer. Pleaic call or addrcaa t'harlea W atara, *4'? Broadway, earner of Idtb at., tor two oaya. f 'LFRKS WANTFD? J R. JAFFRAY fc SON3 HAVE V rootiif'rtw or thro y< an* men in their embroidery a i d l?ce rocir.o. to tu.-Ot in keeping atock and talllnr. None nt<d appl} bat tboie w ho ar? well acqnalnted with the good*. Draughtsman wanted? in an architect's office. Apply at W1 Naanau at , room No. 3D. Drug i i.erk wamed.- a y??uno man.usdes ?tandlna i be bu?iiu'??, uod prodaoing aatinfaotory ti'? .mooiaia, u.aa I cat of a uluatiou by addreaaing Chemiet, I t x IN. Utrala ? iBoe. DRLO Ci-I.Rk M ANTED? USE Tlil'ROUOTILY A0 r)tiainted with lb': retailor praacription bnaiueK*, und j can bri"g goud city r> fereuco from laa la*t cinployor. Apply 1 at. t' rntr of lat aveinie -sud l.'iiU at. IftRtO E-A AMEKIt'AN I. AIM DEilRBS A StTU ?j atioa to t -ire I u. Europe; i- fully oompeteut to taHo ruin g? of a. liivali'l lady, or would go an o uipanion with a j lamitt; la arci 'or 1 to travel, will he found of aitrtj-a1)!* ai d pUa>iii? nmu.ier* and can (iro tho beat of reieron e. Aunreaa A. W., or upiil} at 1'j6 7th avenue, near 23d at., for ( go week. Employers in city and country in want of I e?cell' n? I eip Proliant or Catholic, mala or female, in tvi ry dooicnii t tpacity, aio reapectfu'ly iuaiteJ to call i at tLe Ur'.i'kiy i Eiupl")in''n< olliee, AS Atlantic at., j wl ere tliey will Had tlie lar^eat and oeat (election is t ecity. L'OR CA11FOKMA OR AUSTKAI.l A.-A MARRIED | r eonpie. tbo lady -out:, edueated. apeaking En^ln'i, , I rerx h and (?i rn>M , and bnn> an exporienoe'1 bonao and hotel keepor: the bin-band healthy, atroni<, aroaking Kn.-li?h ; and German aou i emg ail int to do any work, would ic cept an i n.siitn?nt lei I alitorn a or Auatralta. A'ldruas (i. G , U' raid < B,e' . lor an itterritw. ^ i u ARM I Ali'il.KK- MC< HAMcS AND FEMALE DO I P meatica, mai bo ?. n?a??d at tlio oflloo ot the American lad Fr-reigli kliii rm ' I r '' anrt Eioploymaot H'JOlet/, i No. 27 Gre???.i'h treat, rro.pectuaea ?ent on application C10VERNEAS-A CKNMAN I AI'Y. WHo SPEAKS T Irnirbaou > ngli*b, would like to (Mat with a altna ti n aa goveri.'fa t?, or aotnpa'<ion t a lady. The <e>t ol reterei c? can be given. Addreaa E. 8., L'nlon a<|uare Poa? t*fllcc. ______________________ | HoliSKKEEI'fcH ?A VERY RESPECTABLE GERMAN, ?h<. ap??ika ^reocb and E .?li?h, an i part'Ctly amlcr etanii' hoti'tket pin / dreaamaking and l.air dreaaiag, bating bad .i v rat ) 'art ext.. riekcu in Eugland Ad iraaa B. U., L'mon njOire Poat t>Ac^. HGISF.KF.EI F.R S SITUATION WANTED? BY A RE ?f e< table voaog woman M ? can pr.'d'iee the beat of ci y rcrteneea. Andiraa a note to E O. B , llvoadway )' t fllce, tor two daya Housekeeper and companion wanted, to go to Hpiiti,fielu Maaa ? An American nr French eo muii, fren twenty to thirty yeaia of a. a. well omca ed, of genteel appearance a. d agreeable irannera, * ho wonld he willing t<v make heraolf u.i tul in taking cliargo of a family, cot *lattnr of a gentle man, hi* wlfo, ronr aln?ln ren'lamon and two iervant.1, all .tonng peraona To a aati^faetorr per ?"f. a permanent and go. id aitnation la offered, with a aglare of ?MKt jar annntn I lauae a>*dr?*i> imnodiately, In tbehaud *nting of the applicant, ttatiag lull partioalara and where an tut. rvlew nay be had. to Eaton, Herald ofllce Mantilla makkks wan rco? at ra bowery. N?n?> but good t aada need apply. VflLLIN'ERS? WANTED, A KW GOOD MILLINERS; Ivl^als* a few young ladies te leara. Apply ?l 0 Bl**ekes P ROT EST ANT BBRVANT8 WANTBD-A COOK AND X chambermaid and waiter. The bast of n(?nt?M re quired. Plaaiant and pvrmanent situations may be had M Carroll st., three doora tul of C?ut, Brooklyn. Saleswoman wanted ? wanted, a touno lady, at taleswomau, to go toCbi0MO.ll>-. >* ? **?">? dry goods store Uaexeeptinnable refereno* aa to ikUHM and oapaoity will b< required. Call at ?) Chambers ??., up stairs, on l^saday, from t to ti P. II., wOi-re aa interview mo bs bad with the proprietor Situation wanted - by a young mam as traveller for a trimming and fans? warehouse. Hal travelled the last jear to the satisfaction of bis employers. Cood and many enstumsrs sast, west aad south >a* be secured. City reference for capability. Please ad a re IS A. K., llerald efflve for three days. SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG ENGLISH O lady, to take the care and management of growing obil dren; can teacb them Frei.ob; tan do all kinds of sewing; ot as companion to a lady and assistant housekeeper. Aa ia< terview may be had at 121 Clinton place, 8th St., lor thrse days. MissM. _ SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE ) oauir Kir), as chambermaid and waiter, and plain h?<v; uo objection to ao a few miles in the eonntry. uoxt* city reference, Call at 87 ?''th St.. between tith aad 7th ave nue*, second 11' or, fiont room, for tie days. SI 1 CATION WANTED ? BY A VERY RESPECTABLE joung woman, as chambermaid; is a superior washer, andan excellent waiter; la honest, induatrioof, aad will make herself generally useful llest of reference given, call for this week, at 137 East liftb it., tetaeea 2d aad 3d Situations wanted? ny two respectable ?lf>?. "nl '* l>t ??testtni) to do cl.amberaork or taks ear* ot children, the c ti. r <a I'atholie) to do plain cooking, wishing, ironiu* or liou "work. Call at the intolligeneo oT llco, 3U2 Hh avenue, w I. en- a select Lumber of aervaata ut ways on hand. The oflico is tree to emjiloyeis. SITUATION WANTED-BY A MOST RESPECTABLE ai d cxpariencod womsn, as nurse ana leuuutreee ot companion to an elderly lady; Is a Protestant, and ran giv* the very best of city reference* Cm be seea until ea*eir?d st 34 W. 13th it., oi address, by not* II W. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE ?0UN(1 won an, as good plaia cook, washer and ironci; ti not afraid of work. Any lady wlslnug asmart girl, well rocom mcuded, pleaae call at luti Clinton St., Brooklyn. SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, st chambermaid snd laundress She understand! bee btis'ners well. City refcretioe. Can be seen at 21W Elizabeth St., first floor. SITUATION WANTED-BY AGOODCOOE, WASHER and irouer; no objections t > *o in the country. Good city ref'-rence Can be letn tor two days st 281 Oth avenue, between 17th and lfcth iti., front basement. Q1TUATION WANTED. - BY A RESBECTABLE O \ uun,' woman as ohami ermaid and waitress, orchaiuber iii. id and plain newer. Bent uf city referoncc from her last place. Call at 41 BMMMI d st. iu the rear, two days. SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, as waiter, chau. berinaid, or nursu iu a bote! or board ing bouse. Good city and country referonce given. Call two days at XfiOMott it., third floor, front room SITUATION WANTED.? BY A RESPECT ABLB younc woman, a< waitress, or waitress anJ chamber maid No objection to the country. Apply two days at Ler i rt tent employer's, 8ti Eatt 21st st. SITUATIONS WANTED? BY TWO RESPECTABLE girl*, as chambermaid and waiter and chambermaid and reauistreis. Can be sc?n, with the best of reference, at No. 11 University place, for two days. SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST CLASS ALTO tinier, in some church in Brooklyn or New York. Brook lyn preferred. Por particulars inquire at the music store of Horace M aters, 333 Broadway. SITUATION WANTED AS GOOD PLAIN COOE, BY a middle aged Protestant Welsh woman. No objeotion to assist in tbc washing il required. Apply at HI Chryi ,io it., rear of the Welsh cburoh SITUATION WANTED? BY AN AMERICAN WOMAN, to take charge of an infant and do plain lowing. City reference. Appl nation personally or by not*, wttlbe at tended to immediately. No. 83 Court it., Brooklyn. SITUATION WANTED? AS GOOD COOE, AND Ex cellent baker of briad and pies; good waiberand ironer. Good reference. Can be seen for two daya, at 160 Wait J7tb at., be' ween lit snd 2U avenues. 1TUAT10N WANTED? BY A PROTESTANT GIRL, at chamb. rinmd and waiter Can be icen for two dajl ut 1U city liall plaoe, second floor, front room. ITPATION WANTED-AS CHAMBERMAID AND TO assist in washing snd i renin*, or as laundress. G>od city reference Can be ?eon fur two days at 3D East 19tU St., between Broadway aud 4th avenue. ? SITUATION WANTKD? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG woman, as good plain cook, washer and ltoner, and good baker of bread. Good city reference. Can he se?n for two days at 30 la t lllth St., between Btoadway and 4th avenue. a s SITUATION WANTED-BY AN ENGLISH GIRL, to cook, wash and iron, or genoral hjusiwurk in a small family; good city ref-irence. 1 an b* seen for two days st .4ti Mulberry it., near Prince. No objection to go aahurt distance in the country. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN. AS *aitrcaa and ctamb.rmaid. Good reference liven. Can be *?tn at the hu?e oilier proient employer, 59 We*% Baltic ?t. South Brooklyn. SITUATIONS WANTED? FOR THE rol.LOWIVJ EX I?ri>uoed oervanu: one reapectable woman aa wet none, her uaty . nly t? o mon'lia old; ?li?o. one Engliah cook, ona fci tcn Eeamatrea*. aix t'roleatant Iri-h oooka. chamber* n.aid, i>iir*es, gncral hi unuwurkera, at Ueuderaon'e UteUl gtr.ce office, No fi Court tt , Brooklyn, eitabliahed over mx > ear#. SAl.kSMEN.- WANTED, THIRTY MEN TO CANVASS n Ltw article, cau make M to lli per day; alao threo yountr n en on aalary; a email capital required. Call at 115 Chambera at , third floor OI'INMNG GIUI.S ? WANTEii, TWO STEADY QIRL3 O to attend ? ene on a troiaell liver Irame, and one to a eoecdtr; they murt understand t ? ir hueiotea; aioadr em ployment klvcu to good l.auda Appij at the CltUen Cotton Steam Mill, 21U fcaat lith atreet, near avenue It SHIKT MAKERS WANTED ? To WORK ATBE3P CUS tom work. They are wanted to work in th? Imildin ?. l?o work given oat. J. M. DA VIES, J jNES Jk CO., 106 Wiiliatn at., corner John. SERVANTS.? WANTED, AT WAM.ACB'S OFFICE, I Sand? atreet near Fulton atreet, Brooklyn aitnationa tor 1 roteitant and lathollo girl* as oooka, enmnbormaida, bou>eworkrrii, waiter*, nnraea Ae. the moat of whom have relirencea from aome of the beat familiea in Brooklyn aa to honi'My and (ffiaiency. TWO RESPEClAliLK OIRL.S WANT SITUATIONS IV itamall private lamily; one aa good plain oook, waahur andiroinr; the otl,er aa chambermaid or waiter, or to take tl.ecbaigo of children Both nave lirat rate city reterenae. Can be ?. en lor two day*, at 08 Warren at , betwoon Smith and Bigb, Brooklyn. TWO PROTESTANT OIRI.S WANT SITUATIONS IV private lamilita; one aa flr.t rate cook, understand a a'l kitoa of oooklng, aud ta a lirat rate waaher and ironai; the other a* eaamitre-a, by the uay, the weak or uontb; nnder > tandh all kind of neodlework. Can He ae?n for two day* at K48 14th at., fourth floor < ack room, between ava A. and B. TO THE Sit K ? AN EFFICIENT AND COMPETENT montLly anrre wlthea a ailoation aa nurae to aa invalid lady or gentleman. lla? t eon in the habit ol taking ea*a of loth for many year*, and oan be well recommended by pby alcian* and employer*. i'lraie apply at 187 3d avenue. Can bo auen all the weak TWO RESrECTARIE YOUNG MEN (BROTHERS) are dealrona ol o tail. lug board in a private tamtly, where there are ao otlur boardera; locatkn tw.Wien Ei?kth and Twei'tb altecta, aide. Good refcrouce, ll taqnlrej. Addroaa S. G. ?., Herald otiice T? M 0081 OW.\ E|i? a v , ? t&brSFSS rpo wuox 1TmaV(.( v T'O W UOl fc- A 1 K UK CUSTOM CLOIUiNG STORES owntra ?A German, who ia perfect ia a cutter, waata ft rituatien in a wbole?al< r cu.t >m clothii; atore Be un deratnac* the taiKrtag -uelarat in every d?p<rtment. Good tel'iouc a can le >.tveu Addreaa A. Herald otflca TO TAILOR?) AMI C'l nTU'EKS ? THE A l> V r.RTI *E R wania a ? it nation ii. a-ioihtn* atore; he haa boon in the ba?in?*a twel )? ;iaia; a ? i??d>', indu-tri. ui nil, ti.d not afraid tl hard wirk; ia lamiliar with netting u ^ ready niade wevk, alao bvya' ou-toiu work. W..niu ho found ? lirat rate general baud, aaleauan, Ac. Addreaa Sam, He rald ofliee. TO MASONS A- D O >D FEM.IUV8.? WANTRD. ageata toaoll Ma>..nio and I. O. ol o I. re. alia, Jewela. Mc. N one m?d apply t>ca?t of goeu addruaa aadiacod ttai.ding In the irettriiiMe* Apply to E. COMBS, M Uraud atreet. TO BOSS ENGINEERS AND CARPB.NTKKS.? WAKT ed, ly a yonni; biun H y< ?r- of age. who haa had autno enperim e in lh? ?b v? tra<lei>, ? ri .iation to loarn either; I aa uo oi jeciion ti> arti< I hlint If lor n terra, call, or ad ur?at C. ft. at at J. -attlc'a, floriat, 4hth al. , boueen Mth avenue and Br ad* ay TO DAGIEKKEIAA ARTISTS.? IT ANTED, BY A RES | C' able touiig iuai , of uuei eptioaablo habiU, a llmatlor, eltbtria >ew YorkCut Urookij n, a< an opor^tor; woald be *illtn? to tueK Unfair a.ueially I Wunld preli r a altuatlop te trajel. I'ddreaa M. C., Uerald olB-e' ITNF. JEUNE F1L1.S IkANCAI. R, DLSIHE SE PLA ) te? co?a? boom d'i r fant. ; elie pout (aire la eontnN vcifl ( t d' nner d- bonne recommandationa. S'adre.etr No. S ime avenue, dana le store, ponr denx Jour*. r^E JEL-NE FIX SONNE FRA.N^AISE, DfcMRE SE pbe?r dana une r??p-otabie lauiiilo po>ir fomme da rl ambre oti poor avoir (o'n d'un enfant do oert aiime Ago- lof ?neiDnrea recotrmaiidatlona ae. ont dounio. S'adreaeer 131 ( llntoa at. , Brooklyn. TT > * FFANVAISE Dj'.SII!E SE PLACER POUR BON d en'an't ou eoadro. S' 104 Weat Wth at., pr. ? la -th avenne. rrw cocHiR i ran^ais. ay%nt servi commb C coeber r' ?'l?nt pl.-ele ir. aon??a 4 New korh, d*eir? 10 placer dana une bona? fann.l . s'adreMer 131 Cllnto* e*., Pr?okly?. ? U'IM*D-BY A KE-PECTABI.B, TRUSTWORTIIY v v yourg woman, a attnation aa wait? r ?nd cl.aoi barmaid, baa been npwarde of a yojr in ner preaent plaox, where ao tliratien may be made, 6A7 llouiton ?t. No liowdlag honeo eepcra seed apply. TL'ANTED-A aiTVdTIOJI, BY A RESPECTABLE vt yoaigwoman aa rb.atniiertnaid or to do wa<hla? .Dl| Ironing ami vaMh|, A ddreei Mary, 138 4th at. WAN1RD? A HT0ATION, AS COOE BY A OOl.OR. ed weman; fke uaderat nda her tnainoea and ean da any kln.t of co. kti.g; can l ive <ood city rofereaaa. Call at 120 Ciiaton ???rt, hth at , r< <m Na. % eaeond floor, t dayi WANTED-A .MTlAriOM BY A YOUNQ W.IMAN, a* e?ok in a genteel family; lean eioellent waaher and iroaert leave* her preaoat situation merel ? be?ai*e her e a |'i"Ter* ^o ont M ( ?t. Can bo keen two day* at 284 Living*. For BaUnM of Wanti too Sixth Pact.

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