Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 24, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 24, 1855 Page 7
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1 lomTmiKiTs mown itui in. ' FOR IAIiB. ?1Q 000 - 1,0,1 SALS AT GREAT BARGAIN, BlOiUUU . ud bit I1U1) moitr rtqiiM. th?t fear itery brown (tome btDMUd 1st No. 2ll Vul Thirty focrth atreet, near Eighth ithmb; tbe lot Is SO by 98. boat* 90 by Mall tbe way up, and contain* every improvement. 98,000 e> mortgage. Apply to 8. 8. BROAD, 13 Wall itroe t. (in nnn -roR SAL* CHEAP, THAT FOUR 8TO wiUiUUU > ry marbla front bouee and lot No. 31 fftil Thirty fourth atreet, near Fifth avenue; 96,000 can remain mortgage. a Uo, for 98,000. that throe story brick hou?? and lot No CO Woat Twenty icveBth itreet; 96.000 OB mort gage. Apply to 8. 9. BROAD, 13 Wall itreet. ?7 AHA ?FOR SALE, IN BROOKLYN, THAT SO <P I .UUv ? parlor three itory brown (toae liouae and lot No. 403 Faeiio atreet; 96,000 on mortgage. Alio, for 96, UM, B *01 y neat three *tory brick houae and lot on Dean atieet , naar h e rial ; 94 000 on mortgage. Apply to 8.8. BROAD, 13 WAU street. An nnn ?FOB SALE OR TO LE r-ONE OF THOSE XDaUUUi three itory bandiome brown (tone front Engliih basement honaea on the noith aide of Fifty aeoond ?treet, between Eighth avenue and Broadway. It ii fitted an ia the beat manner, with Crotoa water, gaa, marble man tell, ornamented cornice*, dninb waiter, waah baalna, waab taba, range, Ac., complete. Terms .aw. Inqaire on the premlioi, er ffllr. OX DERDONK.. IAT 1 fC onn -FOR SALE, A NEAT THREE STORT ?U,OUU, brown atone front houae, on the north aide ef Twenty -leventh street, between Eighth and Ninth btc nuel, Na. 191. It ia fitted up with all the modern improve ment!. Inqaire on the premtaea. J. V. ONDERDUNK. (R OCA -FOR SALE, THAT HOUSE AND LOT ?U .AUU . 44 Orchard atreet, and 92,600 on mortgage Alia, bouse and lot 107 Grand atreet, oorner af Mercer. Alee. for 912 000, bouac and lot 142 Raada atreet; 99.000 on mortgage. Apply to 8. 8. BROAD, 13 Wall itreet. AAA ?FOR SALE, A NEAT TWO STORY COT ^It.UvU. tage houae and lot, No. 02 Woat Twenty - eighth atreet, eonaiiting ot eleven roami with eliding Bad folding doora on the first and aeoond atoriea, with marble mantel and gratei, with baok pinna, grape vine and arbour. Inqaire at tbe Land Office, 362 Sixth avenue. <J>0 Ann -STORE AND DWELLING, 48x40 FEET, fu.uuu. large barn and carriage hoaie, with one acre af rich land, adjoining a brook; a well established store stand in the heart of Babylon, L. I., near the great South Bay, Half caih. E. A. BUNCE, 212 Broadway, room 3. q>o nnn ?leather finbings and shoe itore for iale? tbe itook, flxturea, good-will and leaae of an old eetabUabed finding Bad shoe itore. Ap jly at 192 Grand street. d>1 nnn ?FOR SAI.E, ONE-HALF INTEREST IN A ?Pl?vvu. respectable eaah payinp and well established business, paying Irom $3, UK) to $5,01)0 a year and no risk. Apply to C.B. HOWES A CO., 84 Nassau itreet. AiCn ?DRUG STORE FOR SALE. WITH LEASE, ifTuU, stock and fixture;, low rent, with many valuable anstomera, doing an excellent business. The store ii situ ated in a good thoroughfare. Termi of payment will bo made eaiy to a good purchaser. B. W. RICHARDS, 807 Broadway. (ORA -A BUTCHERING BUSINESS FOR SALE IN ?OOv. tbe oountry. Inquire of DAVID JOHNSON A CO., 10 and 11 Washington Market, West street side. tQCn ?TO PRINTERS- A SMALL PRINTING OF COuU. fice, very desirably located, worth 9700, ii of fered for 936" ca*h, as the advertiser hai other builneii. A young man who la a good printer will do well to avail him ?elf er this opportunity. Addreis Printer, Herald office. A RARE CHANCE.? FOR SALE, BUT NOT IN CON A sequence of the liquor law, a publio house with an elegant bar, taking 9^6 to 930 daily. The house la well known, and hai billiard tables, a restaurant, club and pri vate looms for auoeiationi and partiei. Apply to C. B HOWES A CO., 84 Nasiau street. A RARE CHANCE.? FOR SALE OR TO LET? AN ?A- old established feed itore, now doing a good business, with itablei attached, twenty five feet front by sixty-four feet deep. For particulars, inquire of R. 3. Ii., No. 140 1 C., corner of Ninth itreet. Bear for salk-eighteen months old -very decile. Sold as the owner intend! moving first of May. Apply at JOHN HARDY, A CO.'S batter itand, 47 Fulton market, or at 336 Washington itreet. COTTAGE FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR-GOOD city property ? A handcome cottage house, nearly new, with a beautiful garden and walki. ornamented with ever greens, fruit treei and fioweri. It ia enclosed in front with sen lenoe, and hedged within with arborvltse. Tbe grounds contains about two acres, with neat barn, carriage house, hennery, Ac., aU in fine order. It U within 18 milei of thla city, and two minutei' walk to railroad depot, irom Which traini go almoit hourly to and from New York. A large proportion of tbe purchase money oan remain on mort gage, and peueiiion given immediately If required. Apply wJOSEFH W. ALLEN, No. 2 Naisau itreet. New York. Alio, for sale, by J. Allen, five small farms, good Und aad Improvement!. Om cf 41 seres tor 92,600; one of 26, for 99,000; one of 60, 92,800; one of 30, 94,000; and one of about 70 acres, 94,600. COAL YARD FOR SALE? LEASE, HORSE, CART3. and all fixture! complete of a well established coal ya>d in one of the best locations la this city for deing a large business, for iale; a rare ebanoe for any person wishing to go in tbe business. Apply to WITHERELL A RUU&3EL, 343g Pine itreet. _ COAL YARD, NINE YEARS LEA8E AND FIXTURES, two horiei, twe carts, barneai, Ac., for sale cheap: a good location; three lots: rent $300. Apply to LEWIS AUDERR1ED A CO., 110 Broadway, or to the aubaoriker, oorner of Hudson avenue and Front street, Brooklyn, be tween 10 and 2 o'clock. . COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALE-AT FORDHAM, Weatchester county, N. Y., about one hour by rail road Irom the City Hail, an elegant villa built in pure Ital'an style, containing 14 rooms, marble mantels, dumb waiter, bath rcom with hot and cold water, and all othur modern improvements, finished in tbe very beat manner The static and other outhouses arc convenient and finished in tkc molt lubitantial manner. Tbe ground oonilsts of about one acre, filled with the oholeeat fruit trees and shrubbery. Mote ground can be had if required. For further partloalars address Box 868. Polt Office. F F? DAGUERFEANS? FOR SALE, CAMERAS, FIXTURES, and specimens of good quality . The price will be made a decided object. Any one wishing to open room! here or elMwhere, -will do well by answering this for this wsek. D. T. E., Herald office. DACUERREAN GALLERY FOR SALE.-ONE OF THE oldest and best established places la the eity, with a genteel dwelling attached. Only reason. .for disposing of ike game ii the owner has another plaee, and ea&not attend to both. Apply Immediately to C. 6. THOMPSON, 81 Naasan street, room No. 7. Drug store for sale in Brooklyn ? a very deairable opportunity to any one wiahing to commenoe business. Price, $800. Address Druggist, box 218 Poet Of E?, Brooklyn. Drug store for sale, at half its value. $iOO will purchase a well atooked and neatly fitted ?tore, beautifully situated in Brooklyn. MOO cash; #200 ?ay remain. Rent (tee until May. Inquire of S. BUtt ROW 8, 191 Fulton itreet, Brooklyn, or E. BEDELL, 481 Atlantic strecl. Drug store for sale.? will be sold cnsAP, for eaab, aa the proprietor ia about to relinquish the business. Apply at 315 N inth avenue. ARM FOR SALE, RENT, OR CAN BE WORKED ON _ equable terms. It contains 150 aorea, 80 now in crass, ihe balance susceptible of growing anything. Located ono third way between New York and Philadelphia, on the Cam den and Amboy Railroad; communication to either city four time a a day. All things essential to l'arming on the premises. See the proprietor at 37 Chambers street, Wednesday. April 25, between 11 and 12 A. M., at the office ef B. G. Wells. FOR BALE? AT CHATHAM FOUR CORNERS, Co lombia eounty, a good farm of forty-four and a h- T ?area; variety of cheiee trait and good house with twelve rooms. Also, a farm and carriage house, two barns Ac. ; all taa good erder; near the depot of the Harlem railroad, and oorvenient to aehool* and ehurohea. Inquire of J. SUTH ERLAND, M Wall atreet, or N. W. Stevens on the premises. |R SALE? THE CENTRE BOARD SLOOP VELO eity, ef twenty four tots burthen, and drawing four teat water when haded. Apply to E. BUCKMAN, oyster boat, foot jjpringjstreet, North river. FOR SALE-LEASE FOR A TERM OF 1 EARS OF A teed store, together with 27 stalli, looated in the nppor part of the city; is now doing a good ousiuess: will be sold reasonable to a eaah cuatomer. Apply at No. 21 Jackson st. For sale-at east Brooklyn, no. 137 sooth Fifth street, a house and lot; said house stands in a desirable location, and will be sold very low, if applied for ?eon; one half the purchase money oan remain. Inquire on the premiaes. For sale? four four light chandeliers, with globes, and also other gas fixtures, tipssand burn ers. Inquire at WHITE'S, 212 Broadway, earner ot Fulton atreet. FOR SALE ?THE PROPRIETOR OF AN CLD AND ioii g established eating and lodging house, wishing to leltie from business, will dispose of the establishment, to gether with good will and fixtures on reasonable terms. For pMrtioolars call at &4U hpring street. ll'<OR SALE? A THREE STORY MARBLE FRONT JP house on the southerly aide of Thirty fifth etr<>ot, be tween Fifth and Sixth avenues; also a four story brick hoese In Thirty ninth street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues; alao two four atory English basement house? Thirty- seventh itreet, near Eighth avenue. Apply n> UWAKU D. JAMES, 3S Nassau atreet. "COR SALE? THf.EE OF THOSE SIX NEW JT story, high basement and oellar brown stone ho wee on the leuth side ef Twenty -ninth street, commencing W) foot east of Lexington avenue, with all the modern improve meats; will be finished by the 1st of May; house 30 by 54, lot 20k)H8.9. laqaire at 115 East Twenty -ninth street, or at HO East Twenty-iith street. FOR SALE.? TUB t TOCK, FIXTURES AND GOOD will of a well eetahllshed boot and shoo store, doing a gaad business, in one of the leading avenues of the eity. Apply to ALEXANDER BLAIR, lit) West Twentieth atreet. Oft BALE? ONE OF HERRING'S SALAMANDER j.. safes, suitable for a Jeweller, having doable doors, Jones's bank lock, and oompletely fitted up with aixty-sev><n drawers of various sixes, original cost 9700; will be sold cheap ? applied for immediately, to THOMAS MORTON, 312 Pearl street. FOR BALE ? AN ELEGANT COUNTRY R1SIDENCE. situated at Rye, Westchester oounty.enthe Boston post road, a quarter of a mile from New York aad New Ha ven railroad aepot, the grounds ranning back to the harbor wttb six and a half feet water. The hoaie is newly bail! In the best manner, eontaiaiag elevea roms with oelfar. Thera is a good barn and other outbuildings; also wi>h the hoaso F ? acre of land, flae garden aad plenty ofj fruit of ail kiads. The scenery around is truly beabtifnl, commanding a fine view of the Sound. Terms fur commutlag, $43 per year. Soven trsins daily each way. For further partion Tari apply to M. LYON, la2 First aveane, or to 8. LYON, 190 Fulton itreet. For sale? the old established bakery, i? Priaoe street, now doing a good cash business over the coanter, and baking sixteea barrels per week. The bake house Is situated ia a rear building, with two ovens, and al the eonveaiences for doiag a large business. To be sold oheap For sale? a neat and vegetable market, situated on a cornor in the best location la New York; the neighborhood unsurpasasd fur a market, and would alao be a good stead for a grocery. Apply to C. B. HOWES A Co., 14 Nassau street. IrOR SALE ? 3 200 LBS. SMOKED BEEV; 26 BOXES sealed herring; 75 doien empty bottles; 1 bbl. Florida arrow root; 1 bbl. glaaber ealti. T. JOYCE, 138 Maiden iane. "CIO* SALE-MY INTEKEST IN A HOUSE AND LOT, ft *#rlh W.OPO. bought oet of a bnildiag associativa this ^5'1 f"nr months; occupied at preeeat by twenty cheap en acoount of a death. t'?U tt 175 Sixteenth street, is He Ittrt. tOB 8ALK. FOB BALI ? 70 NEW IRON PANS, MADE OF BOILBR Iron, aud strongly riveted, with strong handles, else, 30 inohet long, 18 inoh** wide, sad 17 inchet deep; suitable for turpentiae, oU, ??lphur, to lor, or soap manufacturer!. Will be told for Imi than out half their cost, to ?1om a ooucern. T. JOYCE, 138 Maiden lu?. I;?OR SALE-THE STOCK, FIXTURES. AND GOOD will of an old oatablitfced paint stor?, diiac a cood bu?i* ?Ml I i? one of the leading avenues of the city. Apply It 104 Ninth avenue. Fob sale-a small house in eighty third tooth fide, first house weit of Third avenue, Yorkvlllo, on leaied ground, only S30 rent to pay for the next three yean. Price of the home (300. Inquire on the premitet. For sale-six lots on bergen heights, in the city of Hndion, ten minutes' walk from the Hoboken ferry, commanding a tplendid view of the bay, down to the Narrow*. It combmei the beautiei of the country with the oomfeite ef the city. Apply to PHILIP LAUER, 36 Maid en lane, New York. FOP SALE-THE LEASE AND FIXTURES OF ROUSE Zll Wilt itreet. A good itand for any kind of buai neet. Inquire on the premiiei, of JAMES SPELMAN. FOR SALE-THE OLD ESTABLISHED OYSTER SA loon, 373 Sixth avenue, corner of Twenty-third itreet, to be told cleap for caih. Inquire on the premiiei. For sale-a country residence and store with all necewarv ont buildings. nearly new; on railroad 13 traim daily, eligibly situated; his a very commanding appearance, very healthy loeation. good water and locioty. Within one houri' ride from the eity. Terms eaiy. lAddreu Home, box 130 Herald office. For sai.e? two very handsome houses iv Yonkers. near the depot; alto, a very pretty honae to let, with bath, hot and cold water, ground! nieely laid ont rent moderate. Inquire of E. W. CAN DEE, No. 8 Wall at; l.iOR SALE-A LARGE SAILBOAT, 23 FEET LONG BY J.' 6}^ feet wide, and 3% feet deep; ii almoat new. She w ill be sold ckeap. Can be teen by applying to HOWARD & BROTHER. Newtown, Long Island. I/?OR SALE-A PAIR OF CHANDELIERS, NEARLY 1; lew, coat |83; will be aold, if applied for thii day, at M0, aa the party ia moving in the country. Call at 119 beroy SjlOR SALE-A FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY BROWN ?tone front houie, with all the modern improvement*, ouse 20 by 60, lot 98 feet 9 inohea deep, situated at 68 East Thirtieth street, between Fourth and Lexington avenuee. Inquire of JOHN W. FIELDER, 99 Bait Thirty-first itreet, near Third avenue. FOR SALE? A BLACKSMITH'S SHOP AND TWO SETS of toola, at Forty-seventh street, on Eleventh avenue. The reaaon for telling it the owner It going to tht country. FOB SALE-THE PROPERTY OF AN INVALID, who it unable to uae them, the following stook:? One cheitnnt mare, lflji handt high, Bound and kind in all bar - nett. can trot in 3:43 to a wagon; one blood bay mare, 15V* handt high, tound and kind in every reipect, can trot in 2:40; one gray mare, haa been uaed exclusively as a family hone, very gentle, lOJi handt htjh, can be drivon with eate in 3:30. Tho present owner being very desiroui to tell, will ditpote of the above cheap. For l ull particulari inquire of REED A TBUESDELL, 172 Meroer street. For sale? at less than cost, ox would ex change fcr furniture and carpets, five full lots in Cvpreia nill Ccmet'ry, to be lituatcd at the parchaaer cbootet. Apply at 129 Dnane itreet. For sale? the new eurham hotel, situated on Haokentaek plank road, 3>j miles from Hoboxon ferry, consisting of four acres of land, the oldeit stand on the road. Apply on the premiiet . For sale? a bargain? hotel and dining sa< loon; the lette and fnrnltnre of the Bay State flo'el. iv oi. 143 and 147 Fulton itreet. Enquire of W. W. BREW STER, 79 Front itreet. "I710R SALE? AN OYSTER AND DINING SALOON.? IT X1 it fitted up in ft very neat ityle, with every thing com plete. The present owner ii tick, and will tell cheap. Ap ply at 283 Water street, from 6 to 10 P. M. FOR SALE IN BROOKLYN.? A NEAT TWO STORY frame houie, with five leti of ground and eftrrtage honae, lituatcd oorner ot Oulneey itreet and Noitrand avenue, will be told cheap. Inquire on the premltet. Alto two lott on Gatei avenue, reftror the above. For sale in the city of hoboken-."baumbr>s Hotel, " oorner of Hudion and Third itreeti. The hotel eontaini 24 roomt; ballroom, bar-loom, billiard-room. 3 batementi. kitchen; garden, and ten pin alley ftttaehed, be ing ene of the belt locations in the city, embracing a magnifi cent view of the North river and cloy of New York. Alio 8 loti of ground for tale. Inquire at Baumer'i Hotel. For sale at yon kers.-a pleasantly located Italian villa, within thrte minutei walk of the railroad and ateamboat landing!. The house contain* ten roomi, and is wel) furnished. The croundt are laid out with ohoioe young fruit trees, ihrubbery, Ac. There is a good stable, Ac , on the premlsei. For termi apply to Dr. JAMES R CHILTON, 93 Prince itreet, or to tHOS. CAH1LL, oorner ef l'roipfct and Grlnnell street!, Yonkers. For sale cheap, or to let, at new durham, N. J., 3k miles from Hoboken, oa the Haokeniack plank road, a new neuie, containing twelve rooma, built in the beat ityle and splendid looation. Inquire of DEMARIST A JORALEMON, 100 Barclay itreet, N. Y., or of EGBERT P08T, on the premiiei. For sale cheap? a full blojded Vermont Morgan hone. 17 hanm high, eight yeart old, with coupa and barneaa complete. The horte hat had lmt two nman. bat alwaya been uaed a* ? family horse; it perfectly tound and gentle in every respect, and very itylitL and gay. Any one deiirout of purchating a good animal at a low figure, will do well to call at 72 Reade it., a few doort from Broad way, where he may be teen at any time. For sale at a bargain? in henry street, Brooklyn, a few do>rt from Atlantic, a three itory brick bouse, sixe :5xS0, lot 100. Poneiiion 1st of May. Termi fa vorable. Apply immediately to ROSWELL G. PIERCE, Pine atreet, corner of Broftdwfty. FOR SALE OR TO LET? THI THREE-STORY BRICK house in Jay itreet, between Fulton avenue and Wil leughby itreeti, Brooklyn, hftving all the modern improve meiiti. Apply at 82.Wftt<r itreet. N. Y. CTOR SALE OS TO LET? FOUR BEAUTIFUL MODERN J? three itorr houses, with foar fall lot* to each, em bracing a greenhouse and fruit, beautifully situated, near the Eait river, at Bell Gate, on Eighty ninth (treet? fare six cents bv Second avenue railroad. A pleasant house oan be eecured at a bargain, it application be made toon to 3. RICHARDSON, 212 Firth avenuo. Alto, to let. situate op posite the above houses the elegant mansion (formerly the reeldaioe of Mr. Prime ). with twenty eight loti of ground, handsomely shaded with old forest tree*. Rent moderate. Apply as above. fOR SALE, OR TO LET? A FURN ISHED COTTAGE, containing 12 rooms, with stable, garden, lawn, Ao., at Long Branch. New Jersey, immediately on the ocean. Ap< ply to WM. DUMONT, 11 Wall street. For sale or to let-chesnct okove cot. tage, dittos. Stat en Island, containing eleven rooms, i very way finished for a gentleman'* residence, with good coachhouse and one and a fonrth acres of land, well laid out. Apply to C. BARTLETT, Stapleton, S. 1. For sale or to let-the house no. 2? tenth street; three stories and attio, with all the modern im provements. Also tie house No. 2H6 Ninth street; two stories and attic. Apply to A. W1NHAM, Jr., No. 101 Third avenue. For sale or to let-a fine two story house, hating six rooms, with kitchen and garret, situated on liergen Heights, fifteen minutes walk from Hoboken ferry, with three Jots of ground well fenced, having a splendid view of New York lfay down to the Narrows, oombining the beauties of the country with the convenience of the oity. Kent $14 per month. Apply at the grooery store, next dooi to corner of Ycrk and 1'earl streets, Brooklyn. For sale or to let-the three stort brick front house 105 Tenth street, between Third and Fourth avenues; the bouse contalis all the modern <m; rovements. For terms, apply at lbO Tenth street, one door east of Third avenut. For sale or to let-the house 239 west Twenty-first street, pleasantly situated, and has every convenience. Apply to A. VAIL, 13 Bond street. inquire on the premises. window shutters, For sale or exchange-those four net first class tenement bouses 119, 121, 173 and i25 Bail Twenty-ninth street: honse 28 by 80 teet, lot 28-by iW 9 ? the best built tenement houses in this city; water for each tene ment st-parn'e, and all neoessary conveniences; now tentsd at about $900 each. Apply at 115and 117 adjoining, or at 110 East Twenty-ninth street. r>OR SALE OR EXCHANGE? 20 LOTS ON 9IVF.XTY 1 filth street, near Broadway, will be sold low for cash, or exchanged for productive city property. CHASE A FULLER, Real Estate Brokers, No. 7 New it. Good chance to make a fortune.-for sale, one of the oldest and best undertaker's establishment in this city. Ap(ly at >o. 564 J'earl street. House and lot, with store, for sale cheap for cash ? No incumbrance; four story tire proof house (t roton water all through the house), situated In Seventh avenue, near Twenty-fourth street. Apply at 664 Peart street, in the (tor*. To let? Several houses, r->oms, bed rooms, Ac. Houses for sale.-at the union square rial Estate Office, No. 3 Everett HouM( corner of Four 'i avenue and Seventeenth street, a fine four story brawn s house, in Thirty-second street, near Fifth avenn*, $17,' d*., >16,000; do., 919,000; do., three houses, $18,000, all tween Madison avenue and Broadway. A neat English base ment bouse in Thirty-first street, near Lexington aver** $6,800. Two fine bouse* in Cllnten place, $16,000 and $*) S? venal elegant houses in Steyvesant square, unrarpat in excellence of finish and beaaty oi location by anythtn. .a the market, from $18,000 to $24,00U. Two fine four story brown stone houses on Lexington avenue, $14,000 and $13 00a Also, upwards ot one hundred other honse* in various parts of the city, at rom $3,000 to $40 000. Call and examine our list. KETES A bo AG LAND. Lower morrisani a.- will be sold this week, at any sacrifloe, to the highest bidder, that new two story and attic house, with one quarter acre of land, situat ed in a first clat* neighborhood on Washington avenn*, ?*ar the depot; upon the premises a good weliof water, and a great variety rf truit trees. Ac , title perfect: terms easy. Apply to DE MOTT, No. 167 Broadway, second floor. Land-two parcels, of 63,ooo and 27,001 acres of coal, valuable timber and good farming land, in the northweste- n part of Pennsylvania, for *ale. It is well located, most of It rich table land and abounding in vast bodies of bitnoiinons and cannel ooal. Iron ore and limestone. Part of it is within 26 miles of the New York ?nd Erie railroad, and the Philadelphia, Snnbury and Erie railroad is laid out through it, aad about 66 miles from Dan kirk, on the lake. It is well watered anl some of the streams navigable for ra'ting. Country quite healthy. Near the smaller parrel i* a larg* flourishing Herman Catholic -eitle ment and two ehurebes. This land has never been in the market, and Is now well worthy the notice of capitalists. Terms accommodating. Apply, lor a few days, to M. F. BOONE, at the Metropolitan Hotel, aad after in Philadel phia PEW IN ORACR CHURCE TOR SALE OR TO RENT. ?Pew No 38, eligibly situated la the loath transept; owner leaving town. Appply to THEODORE DEIION, 10 Wall at, near Broadway. ONLY $600 DOWN. -FOR SALE CHEAP, A THREE story, basement and *?b-cellar brick bonne, situated in Hoy t street, Brooklyn, twelve iniuutee' walk from thro* fer ries; las high stone stoop, iron railiag, Philadelphia front, and contains twelve rooms and ll pantries, 7 marble man tels, gas <n every floor, Ac.; I* a very convenient house. Terms $4<00, and $3,0 on mortgage. For farther particu lars, address Ellis, box 1 023 Post OAoe. T)1W IN ST. BARTHOLOMEW'S CHURCH FOR SALR X or to rent. Nr. 47, eligibly situated. Apply at 82 East I 8utee?tb street. fOKIUJL Ram chance fob mechanics and carmen At out fifty desirable lota to be sold il p iblio auction on Wtdssaday, April 25, at 2 o'clock P. M , on the premises, situated in tne town of Flat bosh, near the city lino, on the C'otey Ialans plank road, twomilea from City Hall. Stages leave Fulton rcrry every half hoar, fare 0M cents. Also, Toltea's Hotel for sale, at sane time and place. Trams of ?ale, 10 per cent down, 44) per cent at the delivery ot deed, and (0 per cent o.. mortgage for three years. SAIL BOAT TOR SALE ? 23 VIST LOVQ. A FAST ?titer; prioe |U0. Inquire of SAMUEL LONGMAN, at Robert Longman' a geld refinery, Marshal street, Brooklyn. The lease and fixtures of asm lors' board ing houee for sale, at 107 Cherry atrev,*. TO MACHINISTS OR OTHERS REQUIRING HORSE power.? For sale, to let, or eiehaege for city property, a large sabstaitial briek and atone build, as, five stories high, with 25 horse sngine boiler, abaftin,-, k o, complete, located en Tentk arcane. Apply to J F WILLIAMS A WV, 988 Eighth arcane, and dally from 2 to 3 P. M., at 114 Chambers atreet. TO ENGINEERS AND SURVEYORS.- FOR SALE, TO close a concern, theodolite transits, tranaits, levels aud compasses, made-la a superior manner; two new English transits. HITCHCOCK A CO.. 116 Broadway. TO GROCERS.? TnE LEASE OF HOUSE AND STORE 346 West Twenty-ninth atreet, near Ninth avenue, with the good will, fiituies, Ac., for sale? a first rate cbanoe. Ap ply early, on the premises; or at VOGS A EARVING'S, 48 Eighth arcane. TO BAKERS.? FOR SALS. THE OLDEdT ESTA bliahcd bakery in Brooklyn, it being over twenty years established, and now doing a rood buiiness, with fate, horse, cart, stock and fixtures, all complete. Inquire at the people's bakery, No. 16 Htcks street, Brooklyn. TO BUSINESS MEN.? AN OLD ESTABLISHED RE tsil stand for sale, with a well arretted stock, fixtures, lease of boilding, and in an excellent iDoation, yearly im proving, at prsssnt doing a good butines*. Aay one desirous of starting butluess, will Bud this a rare chanoe. Address Trade, Herald ofllee, for particulars. THK STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A FANCY STORE for sale. Inqnire at 67 King atreet. UNDERTAKER'S STORE TO SELL OUT-STOCK AND fixtures with gas and rood will, 289 avsnne A, between Nineteenth and Twentieth streets. Price $350. Inquire on the premises. ORLANDO WOOD. VALUABLE FARM FOR SALE-CONTAINING 270 acres, 240 fenced, situate one mile north of the nourish ing town of Wllllamsport, Lycoming county, Penn., improve provementa ? large new brick house, 3 barns and a young or chard of 000 trees comprising every variety of fruit; alao 5 fine springe: prioe StiO per acre; terme ea<y. Apply t; ROBERT THOMPSON, jr., Irving Bank Building, Warren street, Greenwich. WHITEHALL BOAT FOR SALE.? A NEW NINETEEN feet Whitehall row boat tor sale for less than the regu lar price. May be seen at the shop of Mr. Wilktas, MS South street, near Gonverneur slip. Inquire in the ship smith's shop in the same bnilding. STEPHEN ROBERT?. MlgCELLANEOt 8. IfiK CANAL STREET, NEAR TAEICK.-W. A * iOO VAN NOTE'S grati and fender, kltohen rang* summer ranee and stove warerooms. We have a large as ?ortment of the latest patterns of mantel grates, ranges aas stoves, for sale on reasonable terns. Grates and ranges Ml and repaired ranges lined, brass teanders' and jewellem furnaces built, stovss lined, bakers' ovens built and n Anew invention- the patentisleeve axle for wheels of every description, is now on exhibition at Lovrioy's Hotel, and the right is ensred tor sale. The ruhi for the whole Union, State, district or county, will be Ap posed of as may be agreed upon between the parties. E. H. GREEN Patentee. Architectural ornaments, in plaster, for the interior finish of bnildings. ANDREW J. GARVEV, 62 'l bird avenue, three doors above Tenth street. Centre pieces in great variety; eornioc and panel enrichments; trusses, bracksts, pendants, bosses, eapitals of oolumns. Country orders carefully paoked and forwarded. SHARTER OAK GRAFE ROOTS FOR SALE-AT NO. 7 John street, where samples of the grapes ean be seen. cm grapes grew to the site of one aad a half inohee in dla Beter. They are as sweet as the Isabella, and three weeks earllsr; perfectly hardy, and will produce more pounds et grapes than aay other ever cultivated. Orders promptly atteaded to by JonN B. JAMES. No. 7 John street. CORNS AND BUNIONS REMOVED FROM THE FEET without pain, blood or dangir, by Dr. J. CLUTE. The doctor his recently returned from tne South and will be happy to see his friends and all who may favor him with their confidence, at his office, 386 Broadway. Each oorn extracted. SO cents. DEHEURE a CO., MANUFACTURERS OF PATRCT spring bed bottoms, French iron bedeteads, and mat tresses of every description, will remove on the first ot May from 63 and 66 Centre street to 382 Broadway, where they hope to see their patrons. Elegant silver ware and number plates for churches, ateamahips, hotels and privato dwell ings, furnished and engraved in the best style; also, silver plated spoons, forks, knives, Ac., every variety of pattern, at EVERDELL'S, 302 Broadway, corner Duane street. Ea tablishtd 1840. Gold leaf and dentists' gold foil? first quality, lowest cash prices. Warranted gold leaf, 96 per package; gold foil, $25 per ounce. (K?t?Mi?W in:v> ) * _ J. L. WAUQH, in Franklin street. C10LD AND SILVER LEAF, GOLD FOIL, ETC.-THE r subscriber will, on Monday, April 23d, sell extra deep for edge aad sign giloing, at to 75; usual, $6; pale, $5; war ranted a superior article. Gold foil at *28 per ounce, for cash only. DAVID WALKER, 37 Thomas street. Gas fitting and fixtures.? stores, dwel lings. factories and publio buildings promptly fitted up with gas pipes and fixtures, cheaper than aay other house. A splendid assortment of chandeliers, pendants, braekets, Ac., of the latest defians, at the wholesale and retail gas fixture maun raotory of JAMES G. MOFFET, 118 aad 121 P.lnoe street. 3d block west of Brydway. EN ESI SJ INFORMS US, MARK:? U That " creeping things" went in the ark. Srn since have ?' creeping things" Plagued mankind with bites and stings. But, at lajt a bane ii found I Go where bed- bugs molt abound, Go wbert roaches large and blaek, All thingi edible attack; Sprinkle LYON'S powder there And the effect will make you itars? By the leore they drop and die. If yon denbt, the powder try. Nothing tare ?n?h peat a it kills? Rate and mice die by the pills. Depet for Lyon's magnetie powder and pills for the de struction of insects and vermin, 424 Broadway, and Mo. 6 South Eighth street. Philadelphia. IMPROVE TOUR ETE8, BT M. WISE, OPTICIAN, 437 A Broadway, up stairs.] Mr. Wise irspeetfully informs the public that he stiU eon times his business in tie same building oeeapied by hia for the last twelve years. bat has remove d up stairs, to reduee bis expenses, and will be enabled thereby to sell his articles 20 per oent cheaper than any in this line of bntlness. Persons with weak eyes can be suppned with glasees which will greatly benefit and not strain tfee sight. Partioular attention is paid to a new style of Perspective Ground Glass, of the fineet Bint, which, through their nigh polish and trne ground, produce the purest vision, and have beea highly re commended as the best, in their Meet upon the eye, for pre serviag and improving the sight in continued writing and reading. Short sighted persons, and those operated upon for eata rsct, can also be suited. Be inserts new glasses, of superior quality, in eld frames, and solicits the {intronage of all In want of his articles. He warrants all (pectaoles purchased of hia to suit the sight for five years, or change the glassee without extra oharge. Lawn gras* seed and guano.? lawn grass seed, comprising a mixture of reliable English and Ame rican seeds for la* Ds or glass plots, also guano, in small packages, with direction t for use, for sale at the Union Agri cultural Warehouse and Seed Store, 23 Fnltoa atreet, near Pulton Market. [EXICAN GUANO.? THE UNDERSIGNED OFFER L this superior fertiliier at $24 for 47J< per eent, 822 for 42 per cent, bone phosphate of lime, as per ccrtiilea<e of the Maryland State Inspeotor, delivered in Baltimore. The (uaao is seeurely packed la tight barrels, marked by the Inspeotor A and B, according to the phos phates, and is sold by the ton of 2,240 lbs. The Maryland State Chemist reoommends 300 lbs., or equal-to 125 lbs. phos phate of lime p' r aero mixed with 100 lbs. Peruvian ruaao, or it can be t?ed alone, as there is no danger of burning the crop- Tt?i? pi.ano Is Imported and for sale by THOMPSON A OPDESLC vB, >7 South Gay street, Baltimore. PAINT ONE AND A HALF CENTS A POUND: Preble' a boiled oil aeventy cents a gallon; white lead seven cent ii n pound: white sine eight cents a pound; ma chinery oil neventy five cents a gallon; tanners' oil twonty eigbt cents a gallon. 113 Maiden lane * JOHN H. 8MITH, Agent. SODA WATER? TWENTT CENTS A DOZEN.? DRl vers, comn lesion men, confectioners, and the trad" generally, can be supplied with a very superior artiole of leu on tnda, and saraaparilla, at 20 cents a doien, by calling at the factory, 136 llereer street, rear building. M1 of stationery, account books, ceaying presses, Ao. Order* solioited by RICH A LOUTKEL, stationsrs, SI William St. TURNBULL'S PACKET OF LADIES' FINE STATION cry, containing letter and note paper, wax, pencil, pent, and penholder. Price &0 cents. Sold only at A. TCKN BULL'S book, stationery and variety atore, No. 273 Hudson it rev t, where may also he had Turnbull's bank Ink. TO WOOD DEAI.ER8.? HICKORY WOOD, TWENTY flvo cords, afloat, for sale low. T. JOYCE, 138 Maidea lane. LOST AND POPUP. ~~ LOST? ON SUNDAY MORNING, APRIL 22. A SCOTCH terrier dog and alut. slut bad on a bras* collar and loek, and name of owner on collar. Any one returning the tame to 72 Eighth atreet, will reocive >3 reward. IOST? YESTEROAY MORNING, IN ROOSEVELT J atreet or vicinity, a diamond scarf pin. The Undo ? ill receive a suitable reeard by leaving it at 129 Roosevelt street. LOST-ON THURSDAY EVEN IN 0, COMING FROM the corasr of Broadway and Ninth street, up Sixth avenue toThlrte nth street, a blaek thread laee veil. The flader will be amply rewarded by leaving it at 64 Fifth aveaae. LOST? YESTERDAY AFTKRNOON, ABOUT #>$ P. M., hy a poor w man, la coming up town as fsras the cor ai r of Twentieth street and Sixth avenue, in a stage, or tn Btting is, the sum of 89 and small change, 85 in gold, two bills, and the rest change. Whoever will return the lime to No. 74 West Twentieth street, will receive a suita ble reward. P"lCKED CP ADRIFT, ON THE 18TII INST. -ONE ship's topmast and thr< e spars. The owner can have thtn ijr psvmg charge*. Inquire of WILLIAM HAMIL TON Hay lildfe, near foot of Hamilton STRAYED? FROM 31? HICKS STREET, BROOKLYN, a large black ??tt<r dog, with whlt? breast an I a chain collar oa with the owner's name Whoever will return him, or give any information leading to his recovery, will be suit ably rewarded. . TH A YKIiLKIU' CCTPMU NEW JERSEY EAILROAD.-FOR PHILADELPHIA and the South and Weet, via Jersey Citv mail and express lines.? Leave New York at 8 and 10 A. M., and 4 and 6 P. M. Fare *2 7# la 4, aad ?3 la 8 aad 10 A. M. and ? P. M.; second class >2 25 In 10. aad 12 M. at 12. stopping at all way stations. Through tieliete sold for Cinelnaati aa<l the West, aad for Baltimore, Washington, Norfolk, Ac., and through baggage cheeked to Waahingiea ia 8 aad 10 A. M. aad CP. M trains. SHIPPING. FOR L1VBBPOOL.? UNITBD 8TAT19 MAIL STEAM ?hip PACIFIC, E. Nye, ioob inder ? This steamship will depart with U< United 8MM mail* tor Burcpe, p ..1 tively on Wednesday, May 3, at 13 e'elook. M. from her berth. It the fo#i of Canal ilmi. Tot freight er paeeage, having unequalled nwm?jt!l?i for tlwtiM and com fort apply to EDWlHD K. COLLINS, M Wall itfHt. PuNiiniM'MiMttil to be on board at lOjlf o'elook, AM. The iteaBtbip ATLANTIC will succeed the Pacific aad sail Maj 16. Shpippcrs pleaae take rotiae that the ships ef this line oanoot carry any goods ooatraband of war. mBB NEW TOBB AND LITBBPOOL UNITBD BTAW 1 Mail Btoaaieri.? The *kip* mb|nU| (Hi Mm am tfcf IclUwiag: ? ATLANTIC, Oapl Wert. BALTIC. Oapt. CmiiImL PACIFIC. C?p*. Nye. ADBIATIC, Capt. Tbeee *fcips hare bee* built by contract, ci peso sly tor gew era Beat service. Every care has beea takes tm their ee? rtruetioa, ai alto la their to uaue streagtk aad ?peed, aad their aoeoBiaodaMoa* fa* ?**fcagsr*ari eaeeeal led far elegance aad eemfetA Meeef jeiBH OtaNn York to Liverpool. la Am* elaat eaMa, CsO, |a aeeead ?e. HI; exclusive nee ef extra *e aSaterooBS, SMA: fkem Ur erpeel to New York SO aad 20 guineas. Aa eiperieaeed raw joon attached te eaeh ?hip. le berth eeeied aatti paW raorosro datb* er iaium. noa waw tors. raoa umiooA Wednesday, March SI... .UBS Saturday, March S. 1SSI Wadneeday, April 4... ltf| Satarday, March 17 MB Wedaeeday, April 1B....18B Satarday, March SI ISM Wedaeeday, My 2. .. 1886 Satarday, April U .1M Wedaeeday, May K. . . jfi Satarday, a|*1 SB. .. SSS WadaeeAar, May SO. . . .36 Satarday, May S MM For fNiut 01 MIMlt BDttf to BDWD B. <x/lu3b. tCo.H WaU etrcet, New Te*. BIOWK SHIPLBT Jl CO-. Liverpool. STBPBBM KBJfNABl) A CO ,0 Aastdi Fralr*, Loaie* B. O. WAlN WBJOHT A CO., Pari*. QBOHOB H. DBAPBB, Havre. The owner# ef theee ehipe will aot be aeeeanbahls fat roU aflvtr, bullion. specie, Jewelry, prceioaa eteaee er aaetalA unless bill* of ladtag are aod therefor, aad the tbIm Shipper* pleaee take aotiee that the fhipe ef thif line eaa aot earry aay good* ooatraband of war. TUB VAN I ERBILT BCROPBAN LINE OF STEAM ships.? The first olaea new steamship ARIEL, 4#H) ton*, Lofevre. Matter, will leave New York, from pier SO, North river, foot of Cham bora itreet, at noon preoiaely, on Satarday, May 19, for Havre direot. Firit elaat passage $110 8aoond " " 60 The Ariel will be followed by the North Star, Jane 9. The owner ot theee veoielo will not be aooons table for {old, eilvor, bullion, specie, jewelry, precious itonei or me alt, anleie btlla of lading are algaed therefor, and the value thereof therein expreasea. Specie and good* taken at uaual rates. No freight reeeived after noon of the day before railing. No berth aecured until paid for. Letters prepai i, l2Ko. per X ox. , will be reeeived at the office up to 11 A. M. of the day of ealllag, and will be eairied in strong India rubber bags under look, aad, on arrival at Havre, will be immediately deposited in the Post OAoe there. Panel* taken, eaoh prepaid, oae dollar aad up wards. fixed dates or tAiLiiva. from naw voax rxoa havbb. Ariel May IP. North Star May IS. North Star.. June 9. Ariel Juno 9. Ariel June SO. North Star Jane 30 North Star July 21. Ariel July 21. Ariel August 11. North Star August 11, North Star,.... Sept ember 1. Ariel September 1. Ariel September 22. North Star September 2A N orth Star October 13. Ariel Uetober 13. Ariel November 3. North star November 3. Ariel November 24. These steamships arc elaaaed A 1 at the insuranoe o floes, and speoie and roods will be insured in thea at as low rates of premium as in any other steamship* that orosa the ocean For freight or passage, apply to D. TOKRANCK, No. 5 Howling Green, New Tork. SUMNER, MONTANT A DRAPER, 26 Rue N. D. de* Tie toires, Pari*. ALBERT N. CHRYSTIE, 27 Qual Casimir Delavigae, Havre. N. B.? On and after May 1, D Torrance's efiee wiU be Ne 6 Bowling Green. THE LIVERPOOL AND PHILADELPHIA STEAMSHIP Company intend sailing their favorite steamship*? CITY Of MANCHESTER 2,128 tons, Cap t. Wylle. CITY OF BALTIMORE, (new.) 2,638 tons, Capt. , CITY OF WASHINGTON, do. 3,700 tons, Capt. R. Leiteh. Saloon $90, $66, and $86, according to state room. A limited number of third ela** passengers will be tWkea from Philadelphia and Liverpool, and tound la provialoae. From Philadelphia $3u| From Liverpool $4J Parties wishing to bring out their friends oaa obtain eerti flcaten of passage and draft* on Livarpool. la sum* of ?1 sterling and upwards. Apply to SAMUEL SMITH, Agent, 17 Walnut street, Philadelphia, and Ne. 7 Broadway" New York. First ship for liverpool., the packbtship PRINCETON, Capt. Russell, wiU positively sail on Tnesday, the 24th inst. For eabin, seeond cabin or steerage passage, apply on board, pier 27, E. R., or to 3ABBL A COR TIS, 53 l'uiton street. tiOR LITBBPOOL ? BLACK STAR LINE? THE PACKET ship LUCY THOMPSON, Capt. Peadleton, will sail on Saturday, April 28, her regular day. She has very superior accommodation* for a few more oabin pa* tenders; also, for a limited number of second oabin aad * tec rage pauengers, who will be fninithed with provision* by the ship. Price of pas sags in the seoond oabin, $18: steerage, $18. Apply on board, Pier 44, E. R., or to SAML. THOMPSON'S NEPHEW, 278 Pearl sireet. FOR SOUTHAMPTON AND HAYBE.? THB U. & mail steamship ST. LOUIS, J. A. Wottaa, commander will leave for Havre, touching at Southampton to land th? nails and passengers, on Saturday, May Ath, at 13 o'elook. from pier no. 37 North river, foot of Beaoh street. Price oi FOR SAN JUAN DE NICARAGUA ?THE FAVORITE first elass steamship UNITED STATES will sail for the above port at 12 o'clock en Monday, 7th day ef May nest. lor freight or paasage apply to W A LIE A R JONES, 90 Wall street; ot PEDRAJAS A CO., No. 3 William street, where plans of the accommodation* may bo seen. Reduction or tares to suit the timb3.-nb? York and California steamaliip lin?, via Nicaragua Aoeeasory Transit Company, ot Nlearagna, Proprietor*? Tbroagh in advance oi tha mill? 7UQ mil op (barter than may other root*, avoiding the deadly Pan&nm fever and two milet ?f luuiou boating in Panama Bay. The anlendld doable engine iteamihlp NORTHERN LIUHT, 2.U0J ton* burden, Captain Tinklepaugh, will leave from Pier No. 3 North river, at three o'clock P. M., preetcely, for Panta Arena* en Friday. April 27, 1886, connecting with the eteamahif SIBBBA NEVADA, 2.000 ton* harden, ever the Nloarag:aa Traniit rente, having but twelve mile* of land trauaorta tion by flrkt elaea carriage*. Several new and *wifi iroa (team boat* kave lately been pat on the river and lake which shorten the time on the traniit from oeean to ocean Thee* (teamen are unenrpaaeod in their ventilation and ae eommodation*. Tor information or paseage, at the redneed rates, apply only to CHARLES MuBOAN, Agent, No. 1 Bowling Green. Letter ban made ap at the oflkoe No an ?tamped letter! received. Commencing on the 30th of May, the dave of leaving N ew York will be (hanged to tha Sth ant 30th or eaeh month. Dispatch link for ban fbancisco? ouaban teed to sail on or before the day advertised. ?The meg aiflcent A 1 flrtt elaee clipper ?hip BOBIft IIOOD Hears*, muter, ii now receiving cargo at pier No. 7, Baet river, an4 will positively iail for San FrancLtoe on or before Tueeda*. 24th intt. Shioper* will pleaae (end their frelrht promptli en board, and oomplete their engagement* by Tuesday next. 17th in*t., at which time the (hip it expected to Snijn load ing; SUTTON A CO.. 84 Wall street. Australia-pioneer line? carrying the United State* mail.? The celebrated A 1 clipper ibip OCEAN STEED, lying at pier No. 8 Ea*t river, for Mcf bourne, will be aeapathed on the 28th iaat., on her second voyage, having mad* her la*t in eghty-nia* day*. Intending ibipper* and paaiengtri will apply at once, a* the ba* now three-fourth* ?f her cargo on board and only a few aeeond cabin berth* nnaold. The mag oiSoent clipper abip Nightingale will anceeed the Ocean Steed, and cell about June 1 en her aeeond vo/age, having made her laat In the unprecedented time of 76 days. For ireigbt or paaaage apply on board, or to B. W. CAMERON, No. ti Bowling Oreen and 110 Wal\ atreet. * Australia independent line.-the beauti ful A 1 dipper ship Crystal Palace, 1,(W0 toaa, will haive immediate despatch on nor aeeond voyage to Melbourne, having accomplished ber last voyage in 84 days. Ha* supe rior aecommodationi tor flrst and second cabin passenger*, freight or paeiage. at the lowest rates, apply to 1 1 AKK ELL A ELLIOT, IV) Pearl itreet, MAILLEB A LORD, 100 WaU *treet. TOR CHARLESTON, 8. C.? THE SIDE WHEEL STEAM SOB SAVANNAH AND FLORIDA.? UNITED STATEfl Mail Line.? The new and elegant ateamabip Ah A II A Ma, pt. Sefcenck.wiU leave Aew York for Savannah. W od nee da v, April 2ft, from pier No 4, North river, at 4 o'alock P.M. Bill* of lading signed on board. For freight apply on board, or for pasaage to SAMUEL L. M1TC11ILL, IS Broadway. For Florida, through tick eta from New York to Jackson vtfc Ml: to Pilatka, $33. The Knovillo. Capt. C- D. Lud Uw, will suceead, and leave on Saturday, April 38th. FOR CHARLESTON AND FLORIDA? SEMI WEEKLY United State* mall line.? The new and faat going ?teanier, JAMES ADOER, 8. C. Turner, ooamander, will leave pier No. 4, North river, on Saturday. 28th April, at 4 o'clock, P.M., precisely. For froight apply on board, where all bills ot lading wul be sigi ed, aad for passage, at the office of SPOFNtRD; TILEsTON A CO., SOilroadwav. Ihrouf h ticket to Florida ae/ol Iowa:? To Jacksonville, 931; to I'llatka, 938. Ihe MARION will ineceed andleaveon Wednesday, May 2. f"OR NORFOLK, PETEBSBURO AND RICHMOND. - Tfce United State* mail ateamabip ROAN OCR, Thomai Skinner, command**, will leave pier No. IS North river, oa Wrdneaday. April 28. a* 4 o'cioek P. M .. will arrive at Nor folk the next afternoon, and at Petersburg and Btenmen4 the following morning. From JVorfolk paaeengera for tki Sooth proceed by railroad direct, with throng tieketa from W'eldon to Wilmington, Charleeton, Ae. Paaaace and fan to Norfolk, 98; to Petersburg and Richmond, fl'>, (teeaagi half prioe. Through ticket* to Lynchburg, >14. Apply t? a Pleasants, no. m Broadway. N. b.-n? freight taken to Biehmond. F lh'p^f^oKK0cA,j Dskt'>RFl!ljH ? TlIK STEAM Broadway, corner Spring (t "it. KIJ?R8f*D A 80N, a* P LAYING CABDS.-FABO PLAYINO CARDS, VERT old and well ?ea*oa*d, with all the varien* other qual ilie* of linen and cotton carda. made by SAM HART A CO. For rale to tbe trade aud club housen at their (tore, No. 1 Barclay (treet, eppxite the Alter House. WINES, BRANDIES. OIVS, A<\, IN BO!fD, FOB (ale for home coneumgtlon, or export in bond. Bran PUY1M CARD*. UdTORI, *C. "DROADWaY THEATRE.? & A. MARSHALL, SOLI JL> Limu. ? Door* open kt 7; monnat U 7W o'aleok. lussday evening, April 24, will be performed _ . w _ COKlOLANUtf Cain* Marfua Coriolaaae Mr Forree* Kim Citlwn Mr. D&vidge Aufldiui Mr. Hanchett Voluriu* Mr. Sanforl Vol minia Mm*. l'gnisi Virgllln Mr*. Abbott Valerie.. Mle* A. Gongeeheim Servilia Miss Bernard C minins Mr. Lanergan Mtnetnu Mr. Whiting Fulvlos. Mr. Cotter Aipius Mr MiDoual *"?? Mr Allon S'cIbIu* Mr. Walton Bruta* Mr. LefllBgwtll Notioe.? The performance of thte magmfieent lnjwl/ will occupy the whole evening. WALLACE'S THEATRE, BROADWAY, NEAR Broom* etreet.? Tuesday eiiami. April 24. THE STAT* rRISONEll? and the eomedy of hUB STOOPS TO CONQUER. Mr. Blake, Mr. Le*ter, Mr. Brougham, Mr. Droit. Mr. Vinc*at, Mr. Stewart. Mr. Phillip*, Mia* Boaa Bennett, Mr* Hoev, Mre. Cramer, Mr*. Stewart, kt Ac Wednesday? THE TEACil EK TAUGH1 and WILD OATS. Thursday? Ad entirely new comedy, entitled ELOPEMENTS IN HIUU LIKE. with appropriate scenery and co*tume?, and a splendid ea*t Geo. christy a woods minstrels, no. 47a Broadway, (Meehaaio*' Hall.) Proprietor* Henry Wood and Geo. Chriity Tbi* week, a varied aad plaaria* ETHIOPIAN PERFORMANCE, oemmaneing every evening. at e'olaok. To *oaelnt* wltl THE WANDERING MINSTREL. Ticket*, 26 cent*. All bnrine** tranaacted by Heary Wood. NIBLO'S SALOON. -CRAND CONCERT. ON TUB) day evening, April 34?SIONORA CATTERINAD4 1 ERhARl. from the Conservatory of Milan. Prima Donn. ef bt. Cherle* Felioe'*, in Genera, aad her ftr*t appearana* in New York, vlll be a**i*t?d on thi* occasion by tae follow lag distinguished artiste: ? MISS BELEN DEMING, a natlr* American lady, her tr?t app<* ranee in any concert room. SIGN OR FELiERICO BEN EVENTANO, tha eminent Baritone who ha* Tolnnteered hi* valuable assistance la re gard to Six nor* Ferrari, and positively bi* laat appearance In tUl* couutrj, a* he 1* compelled to fulfil hi* eafagement* In London and Pari*. MR. OSCAR COMETTANT, eclebrated and wall known Pianist, MR. THOMAS BAKER, great American Pianlat; aad M. DE J ANON, distinguished Guitarist. Ticket* 91 each, to be had at tha principal mnila *tor?a, also at 412 Broadway, at Nlblo'a Garden offioe, aud at tha door on the evening of the Concert. Further particular* will be given In the programmes. Doors open at 7 </clook; Concert to eemmenoe at 8 o'clock La. benjamin'B new oratorio, entitled ? " Tka Private**," portraying the beauties of parity, will be given, iour night* in succession, at the Broadway Tabernacle, on Tuesdav, Wedaeaday. Tbnrday and Friday evenings, April 24th. 2ftth. 26tb, aud 27th, by two classes, af ternately, each consisting of twelve bnndred yonng linger*, atd one hundred young musloians, on variou* inatrumeate. Thl* oratorio I* entirely new, word* and mnaio written ex rressly for the concert* ot the sea# on, and I* the moat bril liant of any previously offered to I he young singer, or to a fublic audience. Also, the *ama evening*, the new and bean Itul oantata, " Alio* Dale, the Village Queen," portraying the beauties of benevoleace and virtue, two distinct queen parties? nineteen fer '? Prieste**" and thirty one for ''Alioe Dale. (Tbil will be the most brilliaat series ot Juvenile Concerts tver given.) Saturday, fifth night, April 2S, will be given a most brilliant Ballad Entertainment, inter ? perted with instrumental Sole*, Dnets and Quartette*, The programme embrace* many of the most pletteing Solo*, of almost every variety of aublects calculated to please the most lively part of the mudeal community and cannot tail to meet the approbation ol all that may make it possible to attend. Tickets 25 cents, to all parts of the bouse. JOHN a SMITH'S GRAND TOUR OF EUROPE, AND SIEGE OF SEBASTOPOL, At Eur ??? Hill, 906 Broadway, showing own hvwdbed views, forty leet wide, of the principal C111E8 AND OBJECTS OF 1NTEEEST IN EUROPE Every eveninr ktJX o'clook, and ever/ Saturday after boob, at S. The music by Mr. Alwyn Field, of Lendon. Admittance tSeenM SU AKSPERE'S C0MED7 OF ERROR8, TRIUM phantly *ucooi*ful at Burton'*, will be played Wed ue*day, Thursday and Saturday next. Seat* may be se cured In advance. OULD NOT MR. EDWIN FORREST BE SO KIND a* to tavor us with Shakspere'e JULIUS CASSARr w Theatrical. ? ladies and gentlemen de sirous of engagements dnring the season, commencing Mav 14, will fli-aie address BROWN A COMMONS, Managers and Lessees Yankee Robinson'* New Athenseum, Indianapo lis, Indiana, itatlug term*, Ao. OT ANTED, TO ENGAGE -ONE OR TWO YOUNG TV ladies, lo travel with a company; mn*t be good slug er* and danoer*. Alio, a man to ling comic longs. Address Jasper, Broadway Post Office, for two days. BHUAUM. A NN STREET, NO. 8-AN ENTRANCE 113 FULTON. J\. ? BASSFORD'S old rooms? 10 table* for playing, of metal and alate; a large itoek with bi* only patent cushions, and other late improvements; elotha, balls, eues, oue point*, Ao., at reduced prices. Factory 63 and 66 Centre itreet. Billiard tables for sale cheap? EiniER maible, slate orwood bed*, with patent cushion*. *u perier to all others in use. Also secondhand table*, by W. J SHARP, 141 Fulton itreet. B1LL1ARU TABLES FOR SALE, Ar REDUCED pric??-? A anperiir artiole of roeewood and mahogany, or varioua ?lre?. wl?n marb'e or Mate and wood bed*, wi^h our patent el?. wiv. cusuixui.; ^rimming* of evoiy desoiiption. N. B.-T\vo t,cuu^u Lui tables, cheap tor easb. GRIFFITH A DKJKER, 90 Ann street. SILVER MEDAL AWARDED TO LEONARD A BEN J am In at the World'* Fair, 1864, for the beet MUiard table, with *p?elal apprebatian for workmanship. The jure tonsidered aur eashicn* alone eatltlad to tba above award We have a splendid stock ef billiard tables, eloths, balls, euee. leathers, Ao., Ac., eheap, for sale. LEONARD A BKN JAMIN, highest premium makers, 982 Broadway. N. B.~ Tws second hand tables, eheap, for sal*. INSTRUCTION, (tin -BOOKKEEPING, writino, arithmetic? <PJL\s? Mr. UOl.BEAR, 009 Broadway, oorner of Houston eircct, will receive a few more pupils thU day and evonin? at only $10 for an unlimited coarse in double entry, ai. i Crantees to make food practical book keeper! ia a thort e. Wri'.in;$8. _ _ A YOU SO GERMAN LADY, TEACH KR OF THE piano, wishes to meet with a reipeo table private fami ly where tuition of one or two pnpili wonld be an equivalent for her board. Rtfareneos exchanged. Please addreaa A. E. 8., 1U Woet Twenty-fourth itreet DELL POET CLASSICAL INSTITUTE.? THE NEXT I) torn of this Imtitute will eommenee the first of May. for circulars apply to W. Koran. Esq., 114 If ate* sires* X. T., and for particular* addreaa JAMES CRUIK8HAKK, Principal. Eollport, U I.. April 2, 1806. Mr l. de grand val's classical, English. French and Spanish boarding school, Hudion and W nshington tcrracei, Hoboken N. J , a ftr?t class institu tion with every requisite for health and oomfort, and a fall board of instructor! of established professional reputa tion. Catalogues, Ac., Ac., at the initiation. SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES, CEDAR GLEN, SING Sing, N. Y.? MISS FOSTER. Principal. The summer aesalon will eommenee Tuesday, May 1. Terras $180 a year. References:? D. F. Bacon, Esq , 238 Fonrth street, N. Y.; Thomas Small, Esq., ho. 6 Ferry street, N. Y. THOROUGH INSTRUCTION IN THk FrA<CII (spoken Parisian pronuntlon), in the German: bookkeep ing and all commercial tranche!, by Prof. Y. LEU W ESS, 170 Ninth itieet. US. SCHOOL AGENCY AND TEACHERS' UNION, . (lft* ) by E. H. WILCOX k SONS, 283 Bread way. ? A perpetual Introducer. Ailing all orders, vacancies and changes for check holders, suiting nearly every school and family. Terms, one per oent in advance, $6, $10, $15, Ac. Evsry dol lar procures $100. II o oharge to pupila, ASTROLOGY ? A BOUT TO LEAYE THE CITY? MADAME MORROW. A This highly gifted lady will positively leave for Europe in a few days; so all that wish to consult her must eall aoon, or they will not get the ekance. Bke will tell all the events of life, and even the eery thoughts, to the great astonishment of all her visiters. 79 Broome street, near Cannon. Gentle men net admitted. N. B.?rfo sbarge if not satisfied. CLAIRVOYANT EXAMINATIONS BY MRS. HAYES, tin Lest medical and business clairvoyant we have in America Every person troubled with dineaae or weakness about the heart, throat, chest or lungs, should eonsnlt Mrs. Hayes at once. Office 10 Spring street, neer the Bowery. DR. HAYES, Electrician and Psychologist. ? moi^ : <CO nnn CHALLENGE -THE NEW YORK INDIAN Medical Institute, No. 220 Grand street, chal lenses the wirld In the sum or $2,C09 against $1,000, in the treatment of rheumatism, consumption, disease of the Lourt, sore eyes, cancen, tamers, sores, kc. DR. CORBETT. 19 DUANM SI REST, MAY B1 consulted with confidence on certain disease a. Twen ty fonr years' in this speciality enables him te guarantee permanent enree. Hie treatment is tbo same asthat prae Used by Kieord, of Parte. N. B.? Dr. C.'s diploma as member oi the Now York University, may be seea ia bis .iffice. DR. JOHNSON, 18 DUANE STREET. HAS PERFORM ed more cures than any other medical man in Nee fork. Dr. J.'s treatment Is safe and expeditious; his me 11 eines oan be taken without fear or deteetlon. Charges mo ?rate, and the money refunded if satisfaction Is not givea R. COOPER, 14 DUANE STRERT, 10 LON0 KNOW? to the eltiiens ef New York as the meet D practitioner intbls country cm be net of, continues to be consulted at his old cilice, relieving the unfortunate, and giving consolation te many an aching heart, N. B.-Dt I C guarantees a oure in all eaeeeendertake^^^^^^^^d I\R HUNTER, NO. $ DIVISION STRRRT, NEW YORR / se long and favorably known to the pabUe, saay W Cn suited at his old established office, where be has prae ted In one braneh of medicine for the last u years, ami made mora cures Mian any ether maa la the city, fa many ia stances ef persons considered laourable, seaae ef which hi has ncrmisooa to rotor to aa heretofore. Charges mederata nad In all eases a euro guaranteed. Caution.? My great remedy, Banter'* red drop, that cares eertaia diseases with Out drr lag its poison la Us blood, eaa oalr bo had M above Pries $1. Call aad get the Moaltor of Health. Dr. warren, member of the college of sue geons ef London and Edinburg. attends to private prac tice at bis old established office. 71 Madison street, near Ca therine, where be Is performing the most astonishing cures oa record, without restraint in diet or business pursuits. MLAEMONT, PAIIS AND LONDON PHYSICIAN e aad surgeon, anther ef the Medio al Adrioer and Mar riage Guide, (mailed by him, sealed closely, to any addresa for El.) Is consnlted at No. 43 Reade street, comer ol Broad way, irm 11 A. M., till 3, aad 6 to 9 P. M., Suadayi except ed Those at a distance treated by mall aad eipreoa. We conenr with ether papers la recommending Dr. it. aad bl? treatise.? Dispatch, Courier dee State Unis, Btaats Zeituac, Day Book, Ac. N. B. ? Not the drug store. rr 0 NERVOUS pcifirirs.-a retired clergy X man, restored to health la a few days, after many year* of great nsrv ens sufferings, is anxious to make known the means of sura. Will send (free) the preeerirtlon used. Dt re-tto the Rev. JOHN M. DAG N ALL, W fultoa street, Brooklyn. The marriage guide, or family medical and Phvsiologleal Instructor, specially (or the married or thoie tatendingto marry. By Dr. F. Helllok, the author and lecturer. Hundredth edition, five hundred ptros; eol ored plates. Price one dollar. Published by T. w. Strong, ? Nassau street. New York, who will fnrsrard by mall. free, en reeclTing one dollar and address. From the Medical and Sorcical Review ?The most extrao'41*1*" book w* rr*T read. ? ? One feature which raJtiouiarly distinguishes this bosk frtm all others of tbs kind, is the peonliar tone of debleaey and morel'ty wl.toh pervades It all through. AjBi/samjurrs. Bcrton-r thratke chambers STREET.? TV* i - day ?Mr. nd Mrs folmau,? anuual benefit. THE Mr lots > AMILV. THE WAM>?Rmo * ! N 3TI1L. 7 . * lUktm AND Mia UlttAH. And the lang) ?| 1<- tared ? I u 1*1 fc 1KISH TUTOR. Mr. BIRTON in bit own inimitable part of Amllka4ib Sleek. 2r 2Y5ItiN.,M.JlD1 Ba"- Mr BURTON m VlHk M. Mr. HAKKY 11AII. u Dr. u'Ioole;Jlr. 0. Jordan, Mr. Fisber, Ac. THE COMEDY OP EKKOKSrn Wtdnetdayaad Am *,W"* TUt IAMJLY aad TBI lOODLZS. ? BOWEET THEATEE.-PEOPKIETQI kin M* wa ger. I. P. Waldrun, Stage Manager, Robert Jeas*. Price* of admi**ion ? Iluxee. 2ft eenU; Pit u? (Uim Hit ?elite; Private Box** S6? Tuesday .mum, A fell iL Benefit of Mr K.JohnstoaT LA TtlU K i>K NESLE EAFFAtl.i E THE KKI'KOBATE. COMEDY OP ERRORS. The Two Dromlu* Messrs. Eddy end Jobartoa BCC1 LEY'S SERE.N ADERS, 539 BROADWAT.? roi M niCHTi mis vrtu: MuNDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY And THURSBAY. Tbe grand burlesque on LUCREZIA BOROIA. Preceding the opera, N EGKO MINSTRELSY, Concert at 7J* o'clock. 1 icketa Hi cents. . N. B.? There wi.l be no performance on Friday aad Satar 4ay, April T, and J8, during whion time the hail wiH under*? a refitting tor tbf improvement of sound. ACADEMY OF MUSIC -ITALIAN OPRRA? LAST night but one of Kussini's chef d'teurre of ... .... WILLIAM TELL. which Will be rereated for th> KigUUi time, B I G N 0 R A 8 " TE F F ulV,. V """ A'""-JS 8IGNOB3 B01.CI0N1, V Ollti'""' in . ... . , , . ?OCC0 and COLRTTI, will appear in tli? principal r >les. The Pa* da Deux in tbo third act danced by Mademoiiell* La Vigne and Mons Carreee. Moaical Director and Conductor Una Maretaek Seat) nar be cecnred at Hall A Son'*, Broad wav; Vaa Not den A King'*. and at tbe box office of tbe Aoademy el Mnaic. Prior* of Admis*ion:? Parquet, Parquet Circle and Dree* Circle, fl; Secured, SI 30; aeooud Ctrole, SO eeuti; Amphi theatre, Xi centi. Door* open at6)?iperroimanoea to oenmenee at 73* o'clock BARNUM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM.? TUESDAY. APRIL St.? Evfhing, at 7K o'c.ock, the gorgeous drama ot THE unro? I'D E LAKE, and farce of YUB PHENO MENON ^Afternoon, at 3, TWO PRETTY PIECES. Bammotl MM, over six hundred pound*; Maine (Manteir, nearly sii ^Lee: bigl ; Dwari i ady. only St inohe*; the te ?owned FtJB Mermaid Ac Admittance, 3A cent*: eUldri . ander tea, 11 X oeats. ORaND NATIONAL BABY SHOW ,., 7 and 8. Pr^mloms tl.UM, for the tnMl latent, including very large prixoa for twin*, triplet* and q Baton Circulars to be had at the Hiimhb Amateur concert? tor the benefit of ti Nursery f?r tbe Children ot Poor Women, at thaChnr v of the Puritan*, Union aquare, corner of Fifteenth ftreet ? > ? Wednesday evening, April ift at 8 o'olock. Mr*. Antor, Mr* Htokecher, Mr*. Nlcholooa, Mra. J. Delafitld, Mra li il >a. Mre. Ray, Mra. Duboia, Mra. O, King. Mra. W. H. RuMCll, Mra. Dntilh. lira. 8 < Jonea, Mra. G. Stnyroaanl. Mr. Jaa I Jorpa, M r*. M II Crlnnell, Mr. C. A. DATia, Mr. D. I) Fn Id llr. J w. Ucrard, Mr. J Pbalaa, Mr. U. A Co.t, Mr*. It S. Cutting, Mr. R. da TroUana, Mr.K.H. Meaiii Ker, Mr?. E U Scher Mr. G. T. Strong, tnerhorn. Tickets SI? To ba had at II all A Son>, 239 Broadway; Scharfanberg A Lnia, 760 Bread way, or at Crowona' book atore, corner of Fourth atieet. A GRAND GYMNASTIC FESTIVAL WILL TAEE A place in Wnahingtoa Hall, Noi. 103 and 107 Eliaabeth street, near Grand, on Wodneaday, iOtb init , at P o'clock P. M., iy H. Grbbard A I*. Grau'a Gyinnaainm and Fencing Aciidemy. Eatertainmenta a< followa: ? lat, eaeroiaoo oa the iirlnoipal inatrnmenti; 2d, vaulting; 3d, lancing with all tbe aifluront arma; 4tb. a ball. Ticket* 60 eonto. F KAN KLIN MUSEUM, Nti. &3 BOWERT, NEAfRLT oppoaMe the Bowery Theatre 1'erformaaooo every af teraoon, at 3, and ovety evening, at 8. N. B. ? BOntagon will obaorve that the Franklin Muaetnn la the eih plaoo il the United Statva wbern the Model Artiata are uMMtiL with other original entertainment*, Kouoaabor, Ho. N Bowery. PiXRHAM'S BURLESQUE uPERA HOUSE, MS BROAD way.? S. A. W*LLS, (late ol Wood A Christy'*,) added to PERIIAM'S MAM MOTU ETHIOPIAN OPERA TROUPE Performance* every evening, (oxoept Thursday,) at 7M o'clock, and Wednecaay and Saturday afternoon*, at 3. EXTRAORDINARY AND LAUGHABLE NOVELTIES. Admiaiirn 29 cents. Poihani'* Gift Ticket* admit (oar ponon* each. Tb* troupe perform* at Newark oa Thuraday evening. BTUSICAXm J COMPETENT LADY, TEACHER OF PIANOFORTB and Binding, will take a number of pupil*, a* $0 par quarter, il application ia made immediately. B?*t of refe rence given. Addreaa Mujic, lirotdway l'ost OAoo. EXTRAORDINARY OPPORTUNITY.? A FAMILY removing ia obliged to diipoee of a moat exooUeat rcsewocd pianoforte and atool, almost new and fally war ranted, at an immense sacrifice. Would take ????"* planororte In exchange. Applv at ins ?w>- *? ""Mway. MUSIC.? A YOUNO LADY EXPERIENCED IN GIY ing instruction on piano and in alnging, will rooaiv* a tew more pupil* at ber resilience, at two dollar* par month, with privilege of practice. Pupils attended at their resi dence, ten dollars per quarter Apply at 238 Eighth ateaue, between Twenty aeooud and Twenty th.rd street*. EW MUSIC.-" LIGHT AND SUADB " FANTASIE, am Oscar Comettant. Onaof this popular oomaoaar't very beat production*, and well worthy the attention af *v*ry lover of choice music? SO oents "When the willow* In the vale" trio, by John Fletcher, ono of the favorite metropoli tan vocalist*, by whom it ia auag with great - - ... . . . . . . . .. cent*. One of the largest and be*t **leetloi* of ebaiee I in tbe United State*, at tbe reduced pricei. Hokace WATERS, 333 Broadway. s Piano for sale.-a ssno rosewood piano, in use but a few week*, with guarantee of maker*, aaa be bought at 196 Bleeoker atr et for S2U0. The owner, a reeeat widow, ia about to go to her friead* la England, aad needs the money. BCOND HAND jEOLEAN PIANOS.? ONE T. GIL _ 1 bert A Co.'* eoleonpiano, all rouau corner* with moald itig*. fret desk and fancy lega, prioe SfiOO, been a*ed about eisrhieen montha, will bo *old for t37fi; one seolean piaao, price S32S, will be *old for S3W; one six octave Chteheriag piano, prioe S900, for S22S; one Barmere, prioe S23S, lor S179; one for S100, 986 and S75 To anlt aone purcba**** moatbly pay moat* will b* taken. QORACE WATERS, 333 Broadway. INGING -SCHOOL FOR SINGING. 997 BROADWAY. -Mr. CEOKUE I E JEUNE, A. R. A , (Profeeaor of the Rojal Academy of London.) begs to inform the pabllf that he has opened a uatioaal aohool for singing, on a moi% extensive acale than lias ever beea attempted. Mr. La Jeane'l object i* to deveiope that mualcal talent for whiek American* stow tucli aptitude, in ord*r to prodaee per formances equal to and *urpa?*ing an; in the masieal world. For the preient tbe achool will be held at Mr. Le Jeuae'* residence, 9H7 Broadway. Particular* to be had at S. C. Jollie'*, !>1{>, and Novello'a, S88 Broadway, mutic store*. s MEDICAL. DR. WARD'S UN TORI U NATES' FRIEND ?ORB* certain diaeaia* la twelve heart, If recent, ud utu reqairee mora than a fa w day* to terminate and tnUlMtt thoroughly the moat ebitlnate and protracted taaaa. Thia amaaiag medicine ha* been hail d by thonaand* aa tba put ait boom to I amenity. All aaxloua for a tore, an, by thU incomparable remedy, aartaia of obtaining the aama witbent any delay. A aara guaranteed. Sold a* 00 Canal a treat, oaa dear oaat of Broadway >R. WARD HARES THE ONLY SURE CUBE? BIS _ ' anfo rtua ate'i friead c;rea when aothl?| olaa will ? oar 00 whea all othar thlngi fall. Thuaa who have auffered fr?a pretender* warranted A eare Ottoa No. SO Caaal i * D1 one door from Broadway. latabliihad manr year*. Cuw warranted. Ladiea Gulden Pariedlo Pille, for tba imntu of lrregularitie*. Ac. Nervou* antidote for debility. DR. EM. L. 8HUBERGER, Of LINN if. AN LA BORA* tory, 430 Lroadway.? liia new inedi< al diaooeery la a mild but thorough and never failing tearaher, diaoelrar ail expeller ot all alow operating poiioat, freah. long aa tiled, or inherited, be they regit able, atimal or mineral. Hta teal to aboliiti meroury entirely from the medioal praotiot brought forth thia diacorery, wbioh, nnlveraally kaownlaad rightly anderatood, will probably do an immanaa deal of good. He adrertiaa* beoaoae be think a the aubjeet worth rontideratien. See opinion* of the preii. 8ae eirclnri. Boa 490 Broad any. DR. NAPOl.EON PRKTBRRE'SNEW sets op teeth are inaerted without patu. and anfflcient for every pur {iom of raaatlcation, readers the articulation aaay and dii inot, beatowa that prace and regularity of featnrea whieh are the brilliant aupeadaae* of beauty. Tema moderate. NAPOLEON PRETiftbE, 4.(5 Broadway. SUFFERING FEMALES WILL WD TlHlEfVLlEF by uainr Dr. Cbaeaeman'a I ilia for irregaUanea, eb (truetlon*, Ao. They are far aaperlor to other aula. Pall directiona with arery aoa; one dollar per bo*. For ante at 193 Broadway. Seat by mail. Addroaa Dr. CHBB8HHAN, 192 Broadway, New York. rrHB a RE A TB ST MBDICAL DI8COTBBT OP TUB 1 age? MR. KENNEDY, of Boxbary, haa dioearered la one of omr aommon feature wood# a remedy that luuwy bind of humor, from tile went earof nla down to a aBBaea pimple. Be haa Mod It In OTar 1,100 oaaoa and never fWUeA, aseeyt in two eaaoa? both thunder humor. He haa now iaUaaae ?eaaioa over two hundred o*rtdfi*atee ot ita virtae, aU vtmtrn twenty mile* of Boxtea. Two bottlea are warranted to euro a earning WlBeatk, Oae to three botUea will euro tba wont kind of |te|laa aa Itot f|M. Twp to three bottlea will tin the ayatem efMfc Two be'tlea are warraated to eare the worat eaakef In tb? mouth or atomaeh. Three to dee beulaa are warranted to ear* tbe wen t<-. re of eryalrelaj. One to two bottlea are warranted ta aara all baser ia ? i a 7Two bottlea are warraated to eare rannlng of the ?j?> o4 bletehea ?T*t>| the hall, Foar to aix bottlea are warranted to eare aorrayt ana ma. nlng ulcere. One bottle ?111 eare aoaly oraptioa of tbe ith. Two to three battle* ara warraated ta eare tbe warn aait ef ringworm. Two to three bottlea are warranted ta ansa tba meet d*a parate eaae ot rhaamatima. Three to four bottle* ara warraaded ta aara tba rolt rbcul Five to eight bottlea will eare tba want aaaa of oerofala A benefit U alway* axpeneaaod front tba Brat battle, and a perfect euro la warranted whea tba aboTa ?aaa.ity b iin. Reader, I p*<ldled or at a tboaaand batjlaa a> thia ta tbtil eiaitr of Beaton. I kaow tbe effeote of It ta rrery eare. do aure a* water will esUaaalab ire, ao an re will thb ear* ba rn or I narar *old a bottle of it hat that cold another, after a trial it alway* apeak* far Itaalf. There ara twe thing* about thi* barb that appear ta me aarprldag? Aret. that H grow* in onr naiture*, ta tome plaeee quite plentiful, end yet ita ralae baa nerer been known nntft I dUeoverad It b IW, aoeond, taat It ahould eare all kind* of bwmor. Ia a* drr ia aire aoma idea ef tbe redden rtae and groat pepalarite of tbe diaeorery I will *tau, that la A aril. IMS, I paMbd it, and aold(abontdUlhottlee per day. In April, MM,I ialdl?n a theaaaad bottloe nor day of It. He ehaage of diet tear aa of nrvfai * *" M oct XZZrp' by" Daaal d Em\a dy Warren *treet, Re*b*rr^ Maa*. Prtee 81 Wbelaaale Moat* for New Tork-Chn*. H Wag Ha lW Braadhwai fc T. Cliakeaar, No. MBtplwitn* ; A. I I D. Saade, Ha ldl Palton itreet; Haaah A *or?hrep, IN OraaawWb atro< <j Shofflia A Bra*. A Co , 17? William atraot; Cayd A Pa-.l j

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