Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 26, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 26, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6817. MORNWG EDITION? THURSD A Y, APRIL 26, 1855. PRICE 1,^0 CENTS. unuwmm jusms?n> buski bk\. IPMUI NOT ICE*. A FAIR FOR TBI BENEFIT OF THE COLORED Orphan Asylum will be opened this day, at 12 o'clock, in the room unaer the Bryan Gallery, iccently occupied by Battler's Coimoraaa, Broadway, corner of Thirteenth street, and will continue three day a and evenln?s, vis.: Tuesday, Wednesday, aud Thuriday. A lar/e n ember ol children from the Asylum will be ere tent on Wednesday evening. Admission 12>i seuts. Children half price. A N APJOl'RNED MEETING OF TI1E FRIENDS OF JA- the late James McGra'h. Police Justice, will beheld this (Thursday) evening, the iiih instant, to make a final re turn of tho moneys OOlTeced for the benefit of hU widow, ?t ti e Ivy Crccn, in Elm street, betwoeu Franklin and Leon ard street;. IMPORTANT MEETING? THE SOCIETY OP LIQUOR dealer* call a public meeting at Tammauv llall, en Fri -day evening, April 27, a it o'clock, to etpresn iheir senti ments, ai.d adept a syitum of aotton in relation to the ty rannical law reoently enacted by hypocrites, fanatics and traitors, to take eflVot on the Foutth ot July, and thou in solently proclaim the iron rnlc of fana'ioal despotism on the anniversary of American liberty. Hally for your rights and the honor of your country . By order of JOH.N N. HAYWARD, PreMdont. N. R BUNCE, Yioe President. O. S. Vac.v. Secretary. Messrs. hates, iiincks, carey a co., legal and general reporters and short hand writers, are pre pared to eieeute all crderi with which they may he favored in the most correct and expedition* manner. Notes of evi dence supplied the morning after ? eing reported. Office 16 ?nd 17 Franklin building, 193 Broadway. "VTOTICE.? '1HERE WILL BE A MEETING OF THE -Ll Liquor Dealers' Association of the Twelfth ward, on Thursday evening, at the house of Mr Edmhnd J-ones, Clare soat, which you are respectfully invited to attend. By or der of THOMAS T. JACKSON, Chairman. NEW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD COMPANY. ?The annual meeting ot the stockholders of this com pany. for the election of thirteen direotors. will be neld at the office of the company, No. 1 Centre street, on Tuesday. May 15, 1885 Poll will onmin-.'nce at 12 o'clook noon, ana olose at 2 o'clock P M. The transfer books will be olosed on Tuesday, May It), 1855, at 3 o'clock P. M , and open Wednes day, May 10, 1SS5, at lOo'oloek A. M. W. U. EMERSON, Secretary. OFFICE OF THE ACCESSARY TRANSIT COM pany, Now York, April -I), 1856 ? Notioe is hereby gi ven to the stookholders in this company, that an election ft r a President and six directors will be held at the olllee of the Company, No. 5 Bowling Green, from 12 o'clook n>on, ?nCil 2 o'clook P. M. . on Monday, the 7th day of May next The transfer books of the company will be closed on Mon day, the 90th Inst., and remain closed until Monday, th? 7th of May, both days Inclusive. By srder, ISAAC C. LEA, Secretary, OFFICE OF THE NEW YORK GAS LIGHT COMPANY, April !>, Ititt. ? The President and Diruciors have this day declared a dividend of flvo per oent on the oapital stock ot this company for ths six months ending 1st February last, payable to the stockolders on and after Tuesday, 1st May next. The transfer book will be closed from the 25th taut, to that date. By order. C. L. EVER1TT, Secretary. OFFICE OF THE ATLANTIC TRUST INSURANCE Company, New York, April 25, 1855. ? At a meeting of the Board of Trustees of this Com pany, held this day, John D. Jones, Isq , was unanimously elected president, in place of the late Walter K. Jonei, Esq, deceased W. TOVVNSEND JONES, Secretary. SPECIAL NOTICE.? DIAMOND LODGE, NO. 140 I. 0. of O. F. ? There will be a public leoture delivered before Diamond Lodge No. 140 I. O. of O. F., at their rooms ("An tique'') Od<l Fellows Hall, corner of Grand aid Centre sta., on Friday evening, April 27, at 8 o'clock. Members of the order and the public in general are respeotfully invited to attend. Bj order of the Lodge. STEPHEN H. VANDERHOEF, Sosretarjr. SPECIAL NOTICE.? 0. U. A.-THE MEMBERS OF Beury Clay Chapter, Nj. QL O. U. A., are heroby no led that very important business will come before the Chapter at their meeting this evening. A full aUendaacc is requested. L. II BUELL, C. C. THE REPUBLICAN FRIENDS OF IRELAND COM mlttee, who made arrangements for the dinner which took place on the 17tb March, in'>3, are requestod to meet at Tammany notel. on Thursday, 20th, at half past 7 1*. M., for the transaction of pressiug and important business THE MEMBERS OF PALESTINE ENCAMPMENT NO' 18 of Knight Templars are requested to attend a meet" ing on Friday, at 7}f o'olock P.M., at the MaBonto Temple, on liueineM of Importance, E. R. JACKSON, Recorder. HEW ARPI. a>RA REWARD.? LOST. ON MONDAY. APRIL 23. fvU between Eliiabothtown and Jersey City, a roll of bills containing $170. Whcevor will return tho money will T*oeive the above reward, an I the thanks of the own?r. Ap ply at IBS Prince stieet, or at 103 Gresnwlch avtntie. JOHN B. BENNETT. RE WARD.? LOST, ON MONDAY, APRIL 34, IN coming from Philadelphia, by the Camden and Am bcy 2 o'clock line, a buckskin purse, with tteel olasps, eon taming a diamond ring (the stone loose) and $180 in gold. The finder will reooive tbe above reward by retnrniug the puree and content* to A. Bininger, 1)2 Liberty street. d>Oe REWARD? L08T, FROM A COACH, A RUSSET V&O valise, marked L C., in going from pier No. 4, through West street to the Battery, Broadway to Washing ton place. To be left at 10 Battery place, for Mr. Brown. (ton REWARD. -\.OST, AT THE FURNITURE SALE at 25 Wooiter street, on Tuesday, April 24, a steel bound pottmonnaie, containing five $20 bill*, and $20 in mall note:-, together with paper*. Ac , ot no use to any one but the owner. The above reward will be paid to finder, at 187 Wert Twenty-sixth street. tifclfl REWARD? SiOLEN, FROM THE OFFICE OF ?PJ.Vr C. J. Coutan, No. 1 Nassau str?et, room No. 1, sundry paper*, (1b two pecketbooks and coat pockets,) of no value to any one but the owner. Whoever will cause the same to be returned to said office, will receive the above re ward, and no quccUonc asked. REWARD? LOST, SUPPOSED IN BROADWAY, Tl" yeeterdsy morning, a portemonnaie, containing a ?mall sum of money in gold, and a miniature. The finder will be rewarded as ??hove en leaving them at 116 William stieet, with E. D. Iwe-n. <1>C REWARD WILL BE PAID FOR THE RETURN ?tPtJ of a Trench poo He do* to the Dey Street House. He Ik perfectly blaca, wears a bra -s collar, and has been t) cently shorn from bis shoulders hack. Apply at tho office of Dcy Street House, 54, 06 and 58 Dey street. RE WARD.? LOST, IN FRONT OF 27 BEEKMAN street, on Wednesday, 25th Inst., a silver hunting watch, near y new, having an eagle on the ease. Anv per son finding said watch and returning it t > Martin A Johnson, 7 Bookman, will rooeive tbe above reward $5 LOST AND FOUND. FOt'KD-A POCEETBOOE, WITH A SUM OF MONEY. The nwt?r o*n have the same at the tea warehouse of JoLb Watson. 377 Bowery, by proving the contents and paying for this advertisement. XpOUND? A LADY'S PORTE MONNAIE. THE OWNER X1 cm have it by applying to omnibus 342, Fifth avenue and Fulton street line, and proving properly. Please oall at ?8 Broadway, up stair*. and pay lor this advertisement. Found? in jersey city, on the isth of this month, a large black Newfoundland dog, with white feat aad breast. The owner may bay* bim by piying a suit ontii a large black Newfoundland dog, with white d braaet. The owaer may have bim by psying a suit abls reward, and sailing in the > rooery (tore eoraer of W aahlngton aad Eimi streets, Jersey City. Duffues. L08T-0N THE ?D INST., A SET OF FOINT LACE, t? o collan aad two sleove ot three quarter* of a vsrd each A iui table reward will be paid on iti delivery at No. 3 Waeblagtoa ?|tiar?. Lost ? on Sunday evening last, 22D instant, between 6 aad 7 o'clock, on the Fifth avenue, between Forty second and Fifty second street. a double eaeed gold ratent lever watch, No. 4.44J, makers name Luke Pealing- I on, Liverpool, The watch was attached to a piece of blaok watered silk ribben, with a ?old key aad dog s head at ono end. Any party ?ho may have found the aMie, and will retnrn it to the ottce of Wolff, Selsae A Co., 48 Sooth street, or to 30] Eaet Twelfth (tract, shall receive a suitable re ward. Jewellers and pawnbroker* are relocated to take notlee of the foregoing advertisement, and retain the watch if offered them for sale, Ae. Lost - a small roll of bank bills or the new burg, Pouahteet lie, aad other banks i|2 and *3.) Jon the 34th day of April instant, in passiag from John street, through Dutch street, Fnlton to Broadway. Park row and Chatham street to I>aaae. A liberal rawarii will ba paid to the Under ly returning th? earn- to WM. I 8EWALL, K John street, Lost, or taken in mistake-from new ha ven railroad depot, on Monday, April 16, a maroon colored trank, ordinary else, marked en a card; "Biaigna <'a?a Blanca " A liberal reward will ba given by returning the came to TH08 JOHNSON, bagxage master, Naw lU ven depat. Lost-tester dat morn i no. either in an or aihuaor near the eoraer of Falton street and Broad way, a Ia4y's gold wateb; maker's aama iaside, Blakely A Good, Glasgow The fiader will ba liberally rewarded by ?13 terming It to ? Maiden lane. W H. CODDAKD. LOST-BETWEEN BPRJNG AND BROOME STREETS, a white Italian grayhoand, tanned on the left ear and tip of the nasa. The ewaer's aano ie on the eollar; he an ?w ere t* the name af Hooey. Apply at the llerald office, or at Cowan's etaMee, Mercer street. A suitable reward will be given. LOST-ON THURSDAY EVENINO. COMING FROM the corner af Broadway aad Niath street <s the Fifth avenae to Hiirte-nth street, a hlaeh thread laea veil. The Hndec will ba amply rewarded hy leaving it at 64 Fifth aveaae. LOST-ON THE EVENINO OF I9TH INST., A BLACK lace veil, on Brosdwa*, near Aator place A lit oral re wait wUl be paid to th? finder by leaviag It at 732 Broadway. T OST? ON THE NIGHT Or JtTII INST., IN GRAND I i street stage No. 131, a tunsical Instrument, (hautboy.) The Under vrlll receive a reward of M by returning tt t? No. 108 Norfolk street. ___ T OST- A SMALL ROUGH TERRIER SLUT FROM 118 J j Seventh street. Tbe Under will be liberally rewarded by returning her to the above plaoe. KOTICE TO PAWNBROKERS, AC.? STOP A GOLD lepine watch, with gold dial and gold cap. No 4, with lady's sold chain attached, stolen from premise* ot Win Hart, W avenue A, 21th April. IMS, together with a lady 'a black silk dress and capo " FINK ART*. ^LD^NORAvTnOS OR BOOKS BOUOHT.-M it.L V givs for them juit whatever they are worth. En gravings, geod and bad, flno and coarse, liae and lithegrai a landscapes, and figures, small scre.pi and old bocks aad novele always on Band and for sale cnoap, tt S8f- Broadway, above Prince street. OLD BOOKS AND ENGRAVINGS BOUGHT-Is ANY quantity, at tha old ourosity shop, 107 Nassau ?tr?et, where the highest cash prloe will be given for thun I Ls*e always on hand a tars? neecrtmmt of hooks and ?rlnt* for ?tile cheap. ,iOH> ffXI, M7 N tufta itr>-t. J ARRIVAL OF THE AFRICA. ONE WEEK LATER FROBf EUROPE. AFFAIRS IN THE CRIMEA WITHOUT CHANGE The Vrobable Failure of the Vienna Conference. Most Extraordinary Manifesto from Louis Napoleon. Answer to the Famous Pamphlet on the Crimean Expedition. ANOTHER IXOLXSB KOAN. Fall of One per Cent in Consols. Steamer North Carolina Foundered off Holyhead CO I TIM ED ACTIVITY Ht COTTOW, &c., Ac., Ac. [BY THE HOC8B l'RINTXJfO TELEGRAPH UVB, 21 WALL STRUT. ] Halifax, April 25, 1855. Tbe Cunard mail steamship Africa, Capt. Harrison, ar rived at this port last night, en route for Boston, where hbe will bqdue about noon on Thursday. Tbe Africa left Liverpool on the 14th instant, ani brings the news of her own arrival out there on Satur day evening, the 7th instant. The Africa passed, April 14, American ships Middlesex and Ariel; 17th, pa?sed a brig with Bremen colors, lat, 0049. Ion. 10 39, bound Kant; 18th, passed R. M. steamer Asia, lat. 50, Ion. 27 40, from Boston; also, ship Can queior, bound Eatt. The St Louis sailed from Southampton for New York early on tbe morning of the 12th, having been detained some hours at Havre, on account of the 13th being a holiday. The news is of considerable importance. Tbe latest dates from Sebastopol are to the 6th of Aptil, and although skirmishes were still constantly tailing place, the condition of affairs had undergone no change of moment. there is no confirmation of the reported great battle at Kupatoria and the death of Omer Pacha. The Vienna Conference reassembled on the 8th, but without any result. No instructions had arrived from 6t. Petersburg. It was not known when another meet ing would take place. Further complications in regard to tbe attitude of Prussia are reported. The most extraordinary p ecs of Intelligence by the Africa, is the manifesto of the Emperor Louis Napoleon, relative to the Crimean expedition, which is evidently a reply to the famous pamphlet which was attributed ti the pen of Prince Napoleon, the Emperor's cousin. Oar despatch rays:? The Paris Afoniteur ccntiins a remarkable document, in which the military conduct of the allied governments since the opening ol the war is explained. It also pro mises that the various, motives and objects of tbe negotiations shall be mvle known. The document occupies five columns. It states that the plan of the campaign was ? Fik&t ? To march and meet the Russians on the Balkans. StcoNS? To seize the Crimea. Tiiikd? To land at Odusaa, or some other point on the Rutsiaa coast of the Blaek Sea, but not to proceed fur ther on the Danube, unless Austria joinod the alliance. tiallipo'i was first oeeupted with an Intention to check the Advance of the Russians to Constantinople, but the retreat of the Russiuns from Silistria rendered the fur ther occupation of Oallipoli and Varna unnecessary. The allies could not have operated in Bessarabia without tbe aid of Austria, and not to remain inactive theexpe dit'on against Sebastopol was undertaken . The remainder of the document is o scupled with point ing out the immense difficulties ot the biege and exho norating Napoleon, who planned the campaign. It also contains a copy of Marshal St. Aroaud's private In structions. The document has excited much interest at home and abroad, and is regarded as an apology for ra!sicg tie siege. The American steamer North Carolina came in collision with arother versel off Holyhead, and sunk. Fortunately no lives were lost. In the liverpool cotton market tbe activity which has prevailed of late stUl continued, although at the close the maiket had as.umed a rather duller tone, without, however, reducing the quotations. The week's business amounted to 73,000 bales. In breadstuff* the demand had been quite limited, ex cepting for Indian corn, which continued In good request for Ireland. Prices of all descriptions were somewhat eaaier, though not quotably lower. In provisions generally a fair business had been done at previous quotations. The I ondon money market was rather easier, and con sols had declined to 91){. Tbe packet ship Nonpareil arrived at Liverpool on the 11th, in fourteen days from Philadelphia. The Russian prize ship 8itka arrived in the Downs on the. 8th Inst. The ship Robert, bound to New Orleans, had put baek to Liverpool In a damaged condition, having come in collision off Holyhead with the steamer North Carolina, from Philadelphia for Liverpool. The steamer sunk in about ten minutes, but no lives were lost. The Afrioa sailed for Boston at 1 o'clock this morning. Wind 8. E., with very heavy rain. THE EUROPEAN WAR. THE VIENNA CONFERENCE. The ninth conference wan held at Vienna on the after coon of the 8th, and hinted bat one hour. The Rqmumi plenipotentiaries had tot received their instructions, rroujrn de L'Buys and Ali Pacha were present. Nothing whatever I* known aa to the chance* of agreement, nor la it known when the next meeting will be held. It I* rumored that the Western plenipotentiaries are about to qnit Vienna. This, however, is considered doubtful. Everything at present seems at a stand atlll. New complications are spoken of with Prussia, bat of what nature ia not stated. It is said that Ali Pacha'* instructions are to assent to the joint protectorate or the Great Powers, bat nevertheless to express the regret that the Sultan's sovereignty waa not re established. Ihe question relative to Indemnity of the war la deferred' THE CAMPAIGN IN THE CRIMEA. Nothing important had been received from Scbastopol up to April Rth. The position of both armiea was un changed. Night akirmiihts on a email scale continued Tbe weather waa flne and dry. An armistice of three bonis had been allowed to bury the dead. The allle< report themselves ready to open a general bombardment of the eity. The Russians have constructed two new batterlee and have converted the ambuscade* into an advanced paral lei. Tbe French are advancing towards the Malakoff work* by a serpentine sap. Omar Pasha had not march ed on the Alma aa represented, bnt had ocoupied two village*. half a league from Eupatoria, and had enlarged bin circle of fortifications to shelter ft, 000 men. The al liea were aending him that number as rapidly aa possi ble. Ten thousand Egyptians had sailed for Eupatoria, and tbe Freceh relnforoementa, and those from dardlnia, would also land there ehortly. An Impirtact statement la made, that tbe allies are changing their tactics In the Crimea; that they are about to fortify and hold aa a material guarantee the already xtreng positicn of Kamiesch, with 20,000 men, supported by tbe fleets. The embarkation of the Sar dinian 1 1 oops would eommenee from Genoa en the 15th In the Engliah steamers, for Oon*t*atlr.ople, and would he re shipped from thenoe for Eapatoria, to co-operate with Omar. The Kaeslane have maintained their position on the Tchernaya, and are eonc?ntrat!^g towards Balder General fanrobert's despa'.ch estimates the loss on the night of tbe 22d-Ru*>lar.f, 700 killed l,f00 wounded; French loss, COO V U'd. *00 wounded. Th") R-i?*>n W?*n at V son* few* a lanjoHary en* gagement on the 26th of March; but advices from the Crimea do not mention such aa affair. The Rnwiu Mgiu say that ike women, children and sick are being sent out of Bebaa.^F*' into the interior of the Crimea. Disturbances bad occurred at Krv>ra, from persons illuminating their honaea on receiving fhe news of the death of the Gear. The French hired ateamer Edinburg and two ships to tow, all loaded with French horse*, were J?e t off Bait chick. The Tunisian brigade has been sent to Batovta. Tbe Rust ians lie ny Venschikofr* death, but eihnit that he is wounded. Two hundred vessels are at Oalats, for corn. Tbe Greek Ambassador arrived at Constantinoffe on the 4th. THE BA.LT1C. The advanced squadron of the Baltic fleet reached H siroieon the 1st of April, and it was supposed it wouH anchor in Iansdona harbor until the Baltic becaa ' navigable. Advices from Roetoek to the 8th, say that the naviga t'on of the Baltic would be dangerous for a week or a fortnight to eome, in consequence of there being so muoh heavy floating ice. A Russian despatch from Warsaw Says an army of TO>,000 men la concentrating In the Baltic provinces, and that three hundred guns are afloat. Two divisions of the Russian fleet are at Cronstadt, and one between Sweaborg and Rev*l. Great Britain. Parliament Is no', sittiag. It wax announced on Fri day afternoon that tbe government had brought out a loan The amount and terms are unknown, but the sum ia supposed to be fifteen millions sterling, Almost immediately after the announcement, the funds fell to 01 >f. The Timet' Paris correspondent writes ?It Is rumored tbat we are to bave another levy of 100,000 men in Franoe, and tbat from 60,000 1o 80,000 troops will be placed at the disposal of Austria, should war be the issue of the Conference at Vienna Napoleon and the I mpress Eugenie would reach Lon don on Monday tbe 16th, and stay one week with the Queen. The tone of the British public is that of extra vagant adulation Id regard to the evtnt, and it is very different to that with which Napoleon was treated dome years since. The official programme Is as follows:? Monday, Prince Albert goex to Dover to meet the au gust party. Lunches witn them at the Warden Hotel. Arrives home with them at Windsor in the afternoon. Tuesdsy morning tbe Emperor receives the Corp i Di plomatique. In the evening he attends a grand enter t aliment. Wednesday, the Emperor will be Invested with the Order of the Garter. In the evening he will attend a giand dinner and ball. Thursday, the Emperor will vialt the Crystal Palace, and in the evening attend the opera. Friday, Napoleou will visit London to receive the city address, and afterwards dine at the Buckingham Pa lace. Saturday, the Emperor returns home. the Koebuck Committee adjourned with Parliament till the lbth lost lbe last accounts from the Northern ports of Europe show that navigation would probably be quite opened by the 20th inat. Tbe propriety of raising the siege of Sebastopol is free ly and favorably talked of. The court martial for the trial of the officers of the lost steam fifgate T*ger was sitting. Eari Carlisle has entered on the Vice Royalty in Ire land, and waB well received in Dublin. The movement retpectlng tbe newspaper itamps is taking a direction in lavor of a half-penny postage stamp. The Brazil mail steamer Solmt, at Southampton, re port* the United States frigate Constitution at Cape de Verde, to leave Apiil 1, all well, for home. France* The Fxposition I'niversellc will open Irrevocably on the let of Uay, at Paris. Portugal. Tbe arrivals of Indian coin at Lisbon had dispelled the feard of Jt>? ? ?u rir.ti. The provinces were quiet. Spain. The Siatihb govt itment has remitted to i/ondon the documents on which was demanded the recall of Lord Ilo ween, the British Sinister, for hi* interference in re ligious matters, la the t'ortez, the vote of confidence in the National Guard was carried, and the excitement had ccascd. and Madrid nse tratquil. The Government has borrowed ilea capitalists 40,000.000 real, at 10 per cent. Ci ?i ninny. Pitcontent exists in HaDover against the K'ng's at tempt to restore the privilege of the nobles. Nothing fiom the other States. AnitiUu The Emperor of Austria 'a coronation will take place on the 18th of August. Sickness in reported in the Austrian army as a reason why it is not ready to take the field. Italy. Russian Count I'otochi is visiting all the Italian States, except Sardinia, securing them of the friendship of Russia. He ii said to have obtained assurances of neutrality from Tuscuny and Naples. It is reported that the Duke li'Grammcnt, French Minister at Turin, will proceed to Rome to mediate la the difficulty between the Pope and Sardinia. Napolton had purchased estates in the Roman Terri tory of Clvita Nora. Tee Pope has had a narrow escape with his life from the accidental falling of a beam. Two cardinals were injured. Particulars not te haod. Denmark. The trial of the ex-Minister before the Supreme Coort is postponed till June 4. Russia. St. Petersburg advice* are altogether indefinite ai regsrds politics. They, however, reiterate that Russia will not make concessions. The cholera continues its ravages ia St. Petersburg? on the 20th there were 200 deaths. India. The overland mail has been telegraphed. Calcutta daft* to the 10th March, and Bombay to the 18th. 1 rado in India was dull. News unimportant. No intel ligence from China. The Latest News. Paris, April 13? Evening. There is no news of importance. The funds closed to day as follows : ? Foar and-a-half per cents, 94 a 85; three, 69f. 35c ; bank shares, 29 91f. Commercial Affair*. LONDON MONBT MARKET. Money continued easy; prime short pap?r could be discounted per cent. Consols had been depressed all the week in expectation of the Government loan now aanounced, and closed at 91>?. Exchanges are low, and check the export of gold. The bullion in the Bank of England had decreased ?12G,0#0. Bar silver, 5s O^d. ; doubloons, 74s. a 74s. 6d. ; eagles, 70s. 2d. Sf. The value of silver dollars not fixed. amfrigan prcmrrnta. American securities are very firm. The demand for State stocks and established railways is good. Messrs. Bell & Cos. eiroular reports the market active, and furnishes the following quotations: ? United States tonds. '68 107 a ICS United States Inscribed stock 100 a 107 New Ycrk Fives 90 Pennsylvania Fives 82 Pennsylvania Bond* 84 a 86 Maryland fives Bonds 92 a 93 Alabama 83 a 84 Virginia Five Bonds 87 a 88 Virginia Six Bonds H7X a 88] Canada 108 a 1011 Pei nsylvania Central 1st Mortgage 88)$ a 89 > Illinois Central 68 a 70 Miehigan Central Ex. Dividend 90 Panama 04 a 95 Erie 1st Mortgage 101 Erie 3d Mortgage 83 a 86 Erie Convertible ? 79 a 81 Erie Sinking 78 a 80 LIVERPOOL COTTON MARIJCT* fllhe business In cotton had again been large, but with ont animation or improvement in prices, tne market closing tamely. Th? ratm wis ettilouted to spioQer having laid In a suB ? h to enable them to reals snadvsnce. At t>.? .;* of the week the deman I was active, but tow.iron the close the demand full off, the market becoming quieter. The better qnalitle* of An.tricsn Middling Uplands were in rather short sapply. The week's sales amounted to 73,000 bales, including 1 5, fiOO for speculation, and 7,800 for export. The sales on Friday were 10.000 bales, lnoludiag 4,000 for export aid speculation. All the circulars repent the quotations a* follows:? Fair Orleans, 6Jfd.; middl ng. 6*id.; fair Mobiles, 5^d.; middling, 6*fd. a 0 3 10d ; fair uplands, I Wd . middling, 5 1 lfld. a 5,',d. ; ordinary, S^d. a 5*d. ; inferior, 2d. a 4d. The stock on hand is M8.000 bales, including 449,000 American. LIVERPOOL BREAI>!?TrFP8 MARKKT. The market it generally quiet Price* are unchanged The brokers' circular says ? Wheat has been extrem'^j inactive throughout the week, prices turning chear ^ In flour a iroderate retail business has been dor j, crev'ous rates. Indian corn is in fair request for I y?Und, tut last week's priccs are barely maintained. Messrs. Brc wn. Shipley k Cs.'s olrcu'ar reports brea^tnUs T*rT <ju>t. the market favoring buyers. West*'.* Canal Hour 4??. for eld, and 37s. a 39?. for new: Bsl.tnnre and Pui ls'elpMa47s 6d. a <:s for ol?V end 4fl? * t|?, for new, Ohio 4F?. 64. a 44s,; Qir>>da40s. 9,41s ; *rjr 18 a 41s. White wheat Us lOd. * ?<>?; I0?. M, ? 11" 3d. Yellow corn 4Vs 6d. ? 4ia. Ud.; nuiltin.; whit. Hi. 6d. a 42a. The wc?tL,*r continued ba:kward. LIVERPOOL PKa^WCE MAKXfcT. Ite brokers' circular re port. "< ashes in fair demaud, at *?. for p?t?, 31s. a 30s for pi-.vl*. link in molertle ftquMt at 9d for I'hiudalpliia, ??? ?d. lor Ra.timore. Jl?thitig doing in tujpettine. Stle**?' tar at 13j CImiiU ?l*i spirit# turpentine realised 33s, Liaaeed oil ingond demand at 34a 6d. a 35b; notbiug in jrape, fair dem?ni far olive; small sale* of sperm at X12A ? Xl'itt. Koaia in ?xteasive t'emand, and urn advanced fr."W 4?. fld. to 4a. T4. a 4a. 8d. for common and 8a. for flue Clover seed is continued demand, and dearer. Beeswax ib lower. There have been large arrival* ?f dye*rood?, with aa ex tnuiive buslDens at a flight contention. Rice m good demand, and Hales confined to Kaat Indian, dugar ac trveat lull pricea. Cofl-e quiet. Tea? Congo v rather lowr. LIVERPOOL TBOTIBION MaRKKT. R Spenre it Co report? Beefta fair retail demand, with Sees rather favoring purchasers. Pork quiet. Hnrou steady consumptive demand: holders firm. Lard in moderate ieque?t, holders not prejaiog. Tailo.f a shil ling higher, stock low Bigland. Athya A: Co. report ? Bee' and pork are in ra tiier tetter demaid, but prices favor buyers. Bacon quiet? holders firm. Tallow in be'ter demand ? 49s 6d. ? Km. lard ? Prime in roquest, at 46a. a 47s.; inferior, Ms. a 45a. Speculation ceased. LIVERPOOL FREIGHT MA MET. Freights are unchanged acd generally dull. LONDON MARKKTB. Mem ra Baclnga Bros. to Co.'s circular reports sugar an<" e?fl>e in good demand. Breadstuff's dull. Iron rails in fair demand, at fM 7h Od a ?6 12s. 6 J ; bars. JW 15a.; Sootcli pig, 49s 6d. Rice, quiet. l<ard, tirm, Western kegs, 48s. a 50s. STATE OP TRADE IN MAHCHEHTHH. The markets have been dull dur'ng the ireek. with Its* demand for yarns and goocg, but prices are steady. GLASGOW MARKETS. Messrs. John Athy a k C'o. '? circular reports do busi sees of any moment doing. PiMcngrrs by the Africa. Rev Mr Hoffman and lady, Rutherford aud lidy, Miss Fawce?, Mrs ltabes, MrsGrund, Mr Herdmau and Udy, Mr Livingaten and lauy, Mr Fawcett and lady, Mr Robinson aud lady, Mr Gilmour and friend, (.'apt Sims, Capt Hamil ton, Major IlendsrrOD, Richard Bell, boarer ut despatches; Cant l'ennell, Dr Raskins tnd iady, Mrs 1 urner, Mr Dallas and lady, Miss Cunninpham, Mr Burns anil lady. Miss Dins dale, Miss Williams, Mr Parkinson, Capt Black, Capt Sparks. Mestrs Tudir, Moir, Goywans, Kestel, Under, Glo ter. Maetear, McDonald, Carvie, Hamilton, Aroher, Heron, Mct'all, Sbarplea, Cunningham, Armstrong, Blonkcnsaa, Krasoehervill, Gaioveau, 'l'ingle, Stauton, Salmon Lardour, Holeiiswnad, Herron, lgate, llalland. I'assavant, Mckean, Clark, Dempster, Baird, Brierson, Stevens, Prauohell, Ar nold, Howe, Keenun, Friendmau, Coggrsn, Gilbert, Ward, Stetson, Rail, Fuller, Barnes, Reed, Howe, Grand, Emery, MoBoufral, Gellaty, Black Irvine, MoKeniie, Nnrris, Cun ningham, Grovea, Southed. Neil, Anderson, Oordnn, Hotch kisr, Camplioll and aon, Davidson, Dougl as, Barrow, Millan, Burke, Stewart. ShlpplnR Intelligence. Arr from NVcrk April 11 llenrj Reed, at Antworp; Juna ? !..*< . and Ocean Qiieea, at Gravcsond: 12th, Kairlio, at uo: Vorktown, and llncle Toby, at Deal; Beujania Adams, at Liverpool. Arr from Charleston April 9 Jiune, and Loui*e at Ronon; ItHh, Aicsto, at Antwerp; Cornelius, and Victor, at Tcaal; lltb, llymei' at livorpool; 12tb, Constaotia, at Ueal. Arr from Savannah 12th Irene, at Liverpool. Arr Irom Norfolk lltb Jamea Hay, at Cork; 12th, George Rayreh, at Crtvctond. Air Irom Mobile 9th Sam'l Lawrence, at Uavro; 12th, Gol den female, and Chariot of fane, at Livorpool. Arr Irom Now Orleans April 10 Evangelise, James Wake Held, at Liverpool; St John, at Bordeavx; 11th, J T Seatie, at Gruveaeni:; 12 th, Cambria, Way month, Bosphorus, at l.iverpool. Md for New York 13th from Liverpool, Cultivator, Pro gress, and James Bopart. Sid for Caatine 13th, Sampler, from Liverpool. Sid for Philadelphia 13tb Parthenia, and Surocoo, from Liverpool. The Riot In Parkvllle, Missouri. TUB LUMINARY PRESS THROWN INTO THE ttlVER ? Till EDITORS DHIVEN FROM TH* TOWN? MOBO CRA1IC MEETING? TAR AND FEATHERS THREATENED ?VIOLENT RESOLUTIONS. [From the Platte Argus, Extra, 16th.] Parkyillk, Mo., April 14, 1855. The spontaneous upheaving* of an indignant and out raged communiiy wt re mantlested here to-day, In a de cided manner. To tell yon that the " Industrial Lu minary," a newspsper owned by George Park ana W. J. Patter hod, in thi? town, is a free soil 4heet, and hat been aiding and abetting the Eastern abolition societies in their abortive attempt to abolition! z? Kansas, for the past tear, is to tell you what you already know. You art also aware that Park has a large hotel in this place, kept by a Irte roller, imported fr?m Illinois, and devoted to the same foul purpose. It seems that certain men in the neighborhood determined to ?' abate the nuisance." Bow tbey mannged to no'iTy so many, and to keep it quiet. I don't understand; but about 10 o'clock this SLvriiing we were surprised to see about ten or fifteen of our nsont resectable country acquaintances ride into town, and go to the print ng office, and put Patterson under guard. Park, it appears, hvl either heard of it, or his good luck bad prompted him to go to the mouth of the Blue, in Kansa.i Territory. At 12 o'clock, about two hundred men had arrived. The press was very quietly taken down and paraded into the street. 1 he crowd was called to order, sod Patter son was brought forth to receive his sentence. One tpeaVer stated that tbey ail were aware that they came there with the Arm determination to black, tar and feather, and ride cn a rail, 0. 8. Park and W. J. Patter son, but that as Park had escaped, and left his scape goat to suffer lor both, he wished the meeting to de cide wbat should now be done with the prisoner. Ano ther speaker Sectored lie voice was for mercy; not that te haa any excuse to offer tor Patterson, for he despised biro an strongly as any man could; but that Patterson's wife throughout the morning bad hung to him like a leech; that she now held on to him, and that we could not intlict the punishment without gross violence to her leelirgs, and peibaps rudeness tohei person. He there fore, lor the sake of the wife, moved a vote be taken to r?mitthetar, feathers, tie., and set Mr. 1'atterson at 'large lor the present. Tne vote was accordingly taken, and a i?mall majoiity went in favor of the prisoner; he was, therefore, set at large. Tbe fallowing resolution* were then offered, and voted on singly, and not one dis sentirg voice was heaid on the ground. Almost every cne voted in the affirmative; and they voted with a ?'vim," too, that showed tbey were in earnest Resolved, I. That tbe Parkville Luminary if a nuitsnce which has been endured too long, and should now be ? l,?ted. 2. lbat the editors, to wit: O 8. Park and W. J. Patter ton, are traitors ti> the State and county in which they live, and abonld be dealt with at tuoh. 3. That we meet here acain, on thia day throe weeks, and if we find 0. 8. Park or W . J. Pattorton in thia town then, or at any eul>eeq>ient time, we will throw them into the Mis souri river, tnu it tbey no to Kansas to reside, we pledge our honor at men to fellow and has* them wherever we can take them. 4. That at tbe inpgeition of our Pnrkvllle friendt, we will attend to some other fTcecoilers not far off. 5. Tbnt we will suffer no person belonging to the North ern Metbodiat ehnrch to preach in Platte county, after this date, nnder penalty of tar and feathers for the first offence, and a hemp rope tor the second. fi. That we earnestly call on onr sister onunties throiu-h ont the State to riae in their might and clean themselves of lreesoiliam. 7. That our peace, our property and our safety requires us at tt is time to do onr duty. 8. That we request every pro -slavery paper in Missouri arvl Kanias to pubtfoh the above resolutions. The Press was then shouldered, with a white cap drawn over its head, and labelled ''Boston Aid," the crowd following in regular order; it was marched up through town nearly to the npper landing, and there, with tnree hearty cheers, it was deposited in the temt) of "all tbe Capulttf," to wit: the Missouri river. A speech waa then made to the crowd, and they dia pered peaceably, each taking the road to his own home. The Llqnor Law. TO TUB EDITOR OF THE NEW YORK HERALD. In the Hkkald of this morning, I notice under the head of "Police Intelligence," that Tslman & Mapes, amongst others, have been arrested for violating the city ordnance, by Helling liqaor on Hunday. Pleaae correct the statement, as there is no trnth in the charge. No arrests have been made. By giving the above an in sertion, yon will oblige TALMAN & MAFK3, proprietors Collins' Hotel. Theatres tuid Kxhlbttions. Academy ok Mr tic.? Friday evening, "William Tell' will be preaented for the last time, when, no doubt, the at tendance will be large and fashionable. Verdi's celebrated opera, entitled "U Travatore," is in rehenal, and will shortly be produced in great splendor. Broadway Theatre.? "Coriolanes," Shakspere's his torical Roman tragedy, will be played. to night, for the fourth time. Metars. Forrest, Lanergan, Uannhett, Whiting, lime. Poniti and Mrs. Abbott in tho leading characters. Tbe scenery is new aad beautiful. Bowiar Thutri: ?The benoflt of Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Conner comes off to night Professor Risley, Mr. T. D. Rioe and other artists of celebrity wilj appear Tbe pieces are the "Six Degrees of Crime," "Jn?bo Jum' and the "Irish Know Nothing." Mr. Conner will recite "Collin's Ode on tbe Passions.'' Br rtow'a Th r ats e.? Shakspere's "Comedy of Brrors," with Messrs Jordan, Flshua, Burton. Ualland Mrs Buck land in the leading parti. Tbe come4y of "l.egordemain, with a fine east, will conclade tbe entertainment*. To mot row evening the "Serious Family" aui the "Toodles." Wali.ack's Thkatsi ?A new oemedy, in three acta, is snn<>ui.i'il for this evsaing; it I* called " Elopements In III:'. I. tie." The cast will embraee the naroet of nearly all ot Walltck's star company. TVs ' Bold Dragooua ' eon eludes tbe entertainments. Amisicaw Mrsvuw ? Th* amnfing eomedy of " My Wife's Diary." sad tbe " l.e*tery Tlohet," lor the after noon; and lu the, evening, the romantic drama of tbe"I.edy of the l ake,'' Vlarke and Hits Meatsysr in the leadian characters. Wood's ?Vks*Tn?xs ?The " Rochester Knockings,'' the , AMeanhx Wandering Minstrel," with aegro minstrelsy, for this etfttiag. Bres*??va smiaaDKita.? Negro mlastvelsy, and the miH'h-radmiredbarlesqut of " Lacresla Borgia," is announc ed lbr%. this evening. P i sham's Ethiopian Compasy appear this evening ia Wfcthington Hall, Newark. The programme is very at '.t active. hitnos Bin* audi and Ckasi,h Wtf.t.t will give a grand concert on the evening of the Mb of May. Coatrt CaleiulsuwTnu Day. VffiTr.s 3i atbs District Covnr.?Nos. 52, 68, 7t, 76 to 81. Hvraiar Covnr ? Circuit ? Nes. 1.192, istit, 1K74, *M, liwtl, 1501, m>, 1S>22, I '.'23, I!**, 1957. IW?, 1974, 10M2 19*7, 1M8H, 1846. 1K71, AM. I <65, 1?37, l?>2, WW. 1500, 16W, 2012 to 2016. Si ritas (Jot *T- Special Term.? Not 92, 57. StPaniOR Coi sr.? Sns. UK 593, Wt 343, ,W MS, 10, f 14. 507, 677. 7.t2. 7?, 7W 7M, 756. 44.1 588. r.17, ?67. 424, 021 749, 7'?, 7? to rCT, 770, ,71 .71 77* to 790, 73t. W, 781. 107, Interesting from Ventiatlt. OUK MAKACA1H0 corkrxpo n d ?nc k. Makacaiho, March 33, 1855. I Threaten rd War betwe-n Veneiw/a and \ew nrcM&la? . Curious Know Noihing Party in Aew Granada? I rfr. , tfr. | 7 | Whilst jou who live in the busy world are all engaged , with wan and rumors of wars, great political question*, ; Ac., we in thus retired nooks aiealso engaged wit a oar little ware, Ac. Fiistlj, tfci* republic ii quite dlspl uwi with ler neighbor, New Granada, and a plenipotentiary, a la MenscbikofT, has been sent to Bogota to make -eve ral demands on the Granadiaus; and it is rumored that if bis demands are not acceded to, war will be the re mit. The effectual putting dews of the Me lo party in New Granada has been very distasteful to the Cu tacts dictators; and as " 'tin conscience that maker* eow:ird8 of us nil," they are afraid that with the Nuccessfai ex ample of the Granadians before tliiin, their own sub* jects may pluck up spirit and tumble them down t?o. Itdted, bod it not bera for the contina&lty expected tnt never arriving aid from the famous General Paez, th? Monsgas would have botn upset ?ong ago. Poor l'aezt he has lost Ms prestige entirely in thin country; but oil it was always a false on* ever since 18*20, it cannot be considered any great lois. _ Fioni genera) politic* let us go 1o particular*. In the United (States tauch has beea written about t'le case of 'Satire vcraiu Foreigner, " bat the subject has been diaeuaaed with certain calmness. Here, howover, up to these nays, the question ban not been much mooted, though a most ''loving batted'' of the estrangtro was well known to exist. In the United States the question has beea an abMiact one, without pertonalities, and 1 1 believe the great object there if to protect the institu tions of the oountry from being governed, through the ballot box, by unauthorized foreign voters or influences. Here they bring up sa a complaint that the foreigners will not medcle in their politics. In the United Stales they welcome foreigners with capital; here they com plain of the foreigners bringing capital (and this from a bankrupt nation.) In the United State* they recoia mend a prolongation of the probationary term of resi dence in the country previous to admitting foreigners to the rights of citizenship; here they openly advocate a general massacre of the foreigner? I presume, to pre vent their having tune sufficient to learn the wonderful system of government adopted by Venezuela in the nineteenth century. You will suppose that I am joking in this matter, but it is a hid fact. So extraordinary are the Ideas of Vene zuelans of the present day, that last month, in the city of Coro, all the foregners were driven out, and several stores sacked ? the foreigner* escaping with their lives, on board vessels, which took them to Curacoa. I en close you a public p*p*r, issued in this city on the lbth instant, approving highly of these doings, and recom nw Dd;v< the same steps to be taken with the Germans settled bere? gentlemen who have fcstrsdnced large capital into this country, and whose sumTerclal trans actions art* daily and hourly benefitting the country. After receminendiug Cougiest- to pass prohibitory laws regarding allowing loreigners to truffle la the otuntry, tins preuiouB paper says: ? " There is no other alterna tive, er the (ierroans remain masters of our country; and we emigrate, or we stay, and they will all disappear In a St. Bartholomew's nirflit." I do not afllirt you with a translation of the whola paper, as it is too'solemnly stupid, but still it has had its effect among the lower classes. The Tu?f. RED HOUSE, II AKLEM. On Tuesday afternoon, a trotting match came off be tween black mare Red House Belle, driven by George Cooper, and brown gelding Capt. Miller, driven by Dunn Walton. The race was mile heits, the mare to go to sukey, and the gelding to skeleton wagon. The trotting was exciting? the horses being to nicely matched that it was Impossible to say which was the fastest, notwith standing that the mare won tha money. There was quite a large attendance, altheugh there had been no notice given; but the fact that a trot can be seen every afternoon at the Bed House, gratis, calls out great num bera. The Belle of the Bed House was a little the favo rite. although all the betting was even. Pint Heat ?The black mare won the pole, went olf with the lead, was never headed in the heat, with the brown lapped on her all the way, and won in 2.05. Second that. ? The black mare again went ofT with the lead, Capt. Miller close to her. On the back stretch, the black mare's sulkey broke down, the axle having snapped ort close to the wheel. Mr. Copper stopped the mare immediately, and fortunately escaped injury. The heat war given to Capt Miller, lime, 2:52. iXtnl Ileat. ? This htat was finely contested with the exception of the .'as: hundred yards. Capt. Miller being laken up, and made no ell'oit to win. Walton made romechtirgea of foul driving against Cooper, but they were not noticed by the judges. Time of last heat, three minute*. The following is a summary :? Bfd IIoi'se, Haklkm ? TtraiuY, April 24. ? Trotting match, mile boats. Air. Ccjoper named black mare Bed House Belle. to snlkey 1 2 1 Mr. Walton naintd br. g. Capt Miller to wage n 2 12 Time, 2: 58? 2:52? 3. A trotting match for 91.000, two mile beats, to wa gons, to come off on the 15th of June ensuing, ha* been made between bay marelola, and brown gelding Win. A. Browne. Kewi by the Mails* A bill has been introduced in the Massachusetts House of Representatives declaring all bu'ldings occupied for houses of ill fame, gaming, and for the illegal saie of in toxicating liquors, common nuisancer, and to be re garded aod treated as such: and making the owners as well as occuptnts of such buildings liable in certain cares. The manufacturing establishments of Manchester, N. H., have commenced working under The eleven hour sys tem. By It the cumber of hours, of labor is diminished wittout any diminution of pay. The Buffalo Courier says that arrangements are mak ing for a prise fight, to come off near that city, on the Canada side, some time in May next, between two noted pugilists of New York? Johnny Mickee and Bill Black wood. The tii< nt is for 93(j0 a side, and both men are sow in trainiog for the brutal affair. A steam fire engine is likely to be soon introduced into Pittsburg. The fire insurance companies have sub scribed $2,0(0 towards its purchase. Three men, named Catkins, Kelly and Melson, were accidentally drowned in the Nansemond river, Va., a few days ago. On the evening of the 11th Inst., the train on the ?outh<rn Ilailtoad consisted of 2u cars, 21 of which con tained 954 paying passengers, and 25 babies to each cir, or, in the aggregate, 525 babies? ail Westward bound. Political Intelligence. The democracy of Delaware held a meeting at Wilming ton a short time sin je, at which Hon. George B. Kiddie introduced resolutions denouncing the American organi zation, and recommending all political associations to unite in putting down the Know Nothings. Tbe American party of Louisiana have nominated C. Derbigency for Governor, Mark Boather for I.ieut. Gover nor. and N. J. Heard, of the second, and G. B. N. Wailes, of the third district , for Congress. The Rlchmrnd Pmny Peat says It has been officially Informed that there are at this time seventy-two thou sand members of the Know Nothing order in Virginia. Coroner's Inquest. Abraham Miller, one of the oldest citizens of the Ninth ward, diea on Tuesday night, at his resldenoe, No. 669 Hudson street, from injuries received on the 23d instant, by falling down stairs. Coroner Wilhalm held an inquest upon the body the deceased, who was attack ed with a fit of apoplexy on the day in question, while going up stairs, at bis residence. The jury rendered a vercict of "Death by compression of the brain from Internal hemorrhage, produced by injuries received by falling down stair*, at 560 Hudson street, on the 23d day of April, 1H&G." The deceased waa sixty-three years and ten months old, and ws* a native of Sag Harbor, Leng Island. His death will b* Keenly regretted by a large circle of relatives and acquaintance*. United State* District Attorney's OrfTKe. CHABOI or Mt'TINY. Arm. 25.? William Damary and nine other* wc rs ar retted for a revolt on board the ship Ontario, 01 the high *ean, April 12, oil her last voyage from I.ivc >jl to tbtfl port. Held to *nnwer. Who ia Mrs. Patt*mon ?? The Boston 7Y wu cript ?a?s that the Urn Patterson, wbo ha* recently been Hissed Into notoriety, is the wife of a man named ? ?in gulsrly enough? William Patterson, bow in California. The Trantrript add*:? Mrs. Putterson I* well known In Roe too. and this fact ha- added not a little te the ex citement about the uuunery committee. The niTy agent at tbi* poit rectived a Utter by U,e last CallJarnia mail from ber baebaad. *ho ia a mueiclan in the naval service of the l aited .?tate?, and la now attached to the United State* chip Susquehanna. We hare aeen tlil* Utter. Mr. Pat 'er^aa statfi tbt rein tbst be made an allotment of fire dollar* a morth to bi* wife, but ax *he h*? not written to him for the past ten month*, be supposes she ha- not drawn the money, and requetta thatltbe re mitted. But the money hut been drawn. Naval Intelligence. Dircimn vs. Rc?.? The crew of the United Statea ?lor) hip Supply, under Lieut. D. D.Porter, axe to be thlpped with the distinct agreement that no grog la to be at] red during tbe crulae. They will commute their li quid >nto metal at tbe rate of *ix pence a day. U?ut. pojt*r feels confident, from long experience, that the abstnee of rum i* promotive oi dUetplaeon board. The rsrofla will <"<iubt)eea have a quiet passage arroea the 01 <an In tbla temperance ktip. ? WntiAngUm Uwinn. Out sun Ptoam Si<uuu>.? The American Code of Fijrale, by Henry J. Rogers, has been adapted for the u<e<fthe navy. t'opie- of Rogers' book an i the fla?s are to be H?t rented xnreg vensel* ot the navy; and c< n maiding officers of the nary are instructed to em brate svm opportuD'tjr to familiarise the service with (be n* of tb*ae alga*)*. Tbe Navy Department's oSeiai e -.ev ar en tbi* ?uhjeet is dated 14th April, 1* ? ftgfiinjtm EVon Commlsslane. a o>" . MAT OK WOOD AMI) TDK COMMI3*. "0!,IH8 -"AlTD* OW ? MIOBA?T8 BY A SO-CALLED RK. 8HIP PINO FIRM. The Board met jesteiSejr. Pre?ent- "Mre"*' V*r" f lanck (in the ohair), Carnoraa Kellejr, K#"* nedy, Purdy and Schwab. A report ?u received from the Committee on .>tar "* Hospital. ocmplaining that much of the coal at. in that irit.tution ma* atoien by outsiders, an! the?* ask for a new building to be ? reeled to prevent such an oceurrecce In future. A resolution to advertise for eat. mates was pasted. ?r ul1TAT 'rom the committee of confereac with the Major, in relation to certain suggestions laiJ re ort Bo*r(1 Honor, presented the following that they hare bad several ??, J n 1 "J?*, at which hi. Honor sntoaittei ?1 L ?JL ' proposition, to the t oinmitee ? i . # i 4ar# the liw with regard to tb t l*n4 - ii?> of emigrants and the boarding of vciMla to bo delivered to all oapiaiua of smlgrantves.aU before entering eert. throw nb the pilots sad by penaission 0r the Health OfBo.r; the time al*o to be distributed tu slilpowmra and ? rW't* of venel*, as well as to American Con.ula in foreign purta. Sicca d. A detailed peiioe force tu be stationed at Uaarau Une. This force to be maintained at thu expense of the Commission. Orv policeman to be placed on board of every vessel, t? protect the eui^vabta until their landing, *nd report to The Mayor any vialation of the law. Third. Aay party violating the law to be promptly ptose rutid by th? Commissioners. Your com lmittee devm it inexpedient tn adopt aay of thee-* ntssnres not now in forcu, although they fully appreoiate tk? excellent motives ol the Meyer iu making these propo ti tl'.as. Ihey dj not belJeve tbat those meaaures would gtv* an/ result dlffejlna materially frem that which tha preview act ? ot the Hoard ha* r* >duced First. Tbo baadtUls which thu Commissioners have bere tofor? placed, an I are now piaciag, in ths hands of every captain at Quarantine, omsht t,o be a sufficient warning t? them against any violation of the law. Tour committee has no authority to ark the grataitous service of the pilot s. and the lawi, jour conraittee ore sure, are by this time well known to shipow Ars and oonifgnees, and they need uot be remindci thereof by special oiroulars. Second. The stationing of a police foroe at Quarantine would inyolvo a heavy expenditure to the Commissioner*, which your committee, under present circumstances, woald not le< l juititled in resommonding, as they oonsider this a measure of doubtful sncoees Ah to the third point of the propositions, yonr committee doem it unnecessary to udopt any further-resolution. The Commissioner have heretofore prosecuted aad exacted tinea from parties violating the laws, and will continue to de ee whenever they can tind sufficient proof to warrant such pro secution. Your committee deem it their duty to say that in retard to the charge of dereliction of duty on the part of the Com mission made before thia Board by his Honor the Mayor, he app ais to have been unaware of Clio acUvu which the Board has taken ever since the abuses in unustiou hare been prev alent. Ilad the laws remained as they stoed until lately, yoor committee do not think any further measures on the part ot this Commission conld have secured the emigrants against the depredations of the runners, as they were en tirely beyond their control; and your committee must dis tinctly declare that the inefficiency of the laws was princi pally owing to the fact that the oompiaints of this Commis sion against runners were so little noticed by the former heads of the oity government. It appears, however, tbat the whole matter has been placed under a different footing. The Commissioners are bound to designate a dock for tha landing of emigrants, and the law makes it ooligatory lor them to do so. This measure has already received tha at tention tf the Boar 1, end they are sanguine that it will re lieve them of the neoessity of taking any more measures for the protection of emigrants before landing. What poliee force may hereafter be rt quired to proteot trtie emigrant on said dock, will in due time be considered by the Board, and the Commissioners will uo doubt he happy to co-operate with his Honor the Mayor in the establishment of better order, and in the maintenance of the law. OUSTAV SCHWAB, ANDREW CARRIO AM. Commissioner Pi kdy moved to lay the report oa the table until next week, se that his Honor could be noM fled to be present. Carried. The Yick Pbkm?knt made a statement with ref erewoe to. certain frauds practiced on emigrant* by respectable shipowners ? so-called. It appears that a Mrs. tiibboa* was defrauded out of her money, and had given to her brars American coin in lieti of gold. The whole aTalr ifl most disgraceful to the parties implicated, and the Gmb miahionern are determined to publish tbe whole matter, and sbow these people up. The Hoard soon alter ad journed. Tbe following is the Bt MNAKT rOR THK WK?K. Alien emigrant-i arrived te April 18 16, ? ? ? 25 4,179 Decrease this year 25.M2 1854. 18fc?. Number In Refuge Hospital, Witrd'slsland. 2, 5C3 2,81)4 " Marine Hospital, Sta ten Island. 430 554* Total 2,933 .?,1S4 Italance In bank, Jauuary 1 *41,192 IS Receipts to April 18 $81,573 49 Since, to April 25 9,225 00 $90,708 56 Total $161,991 0$ Disbursements to April 18 $199,650 24 Sundry expenses paid 14,344 88 $213,995 12 Overdrafts on Mechanics' Hank 62,004 11 Due counties to March 1 38,502 96 Total debt of the Commissioners $100. 56T 0$ Court ot Oyer and Terminer. Before Hon. JadgeE. P. Cowlee. POSTPONEMENT OF TBI A LB? SENTENCES . April 25. ? At the sitting of the Court thi* morning, :ounsel submitted affidavits of mitigation of punishment jn Teter U Law son, indicted for the murder of Johai 5'Nei)l, but found guilty of manslaughter in the ieooa<l ,'egree. The Court took tlie paper*. Edward Allen, a lad 16 jesrs of age, who pleaded guilty >f manslaughter in the fourth degree, wait ihen address) td by the Judge in some feeling and admonitory remark* is to bis future deportment. Under the circumstances it the case, (which had been submitted by Gen. Wright, >f New Jersey, the prisoner's counsel,) the Judge per mitted Allen to be discharged on his own recognlsanoe to some up when called on, if the Court deemed it necessary bo inflict any punishment oa him. The trial of William Scharffenberg. charged with the murder of Helena Meyer, by a dirk knife, was postponed, in consequence of the absence of the priaooer's wit ue-ses, and, by consent, the ease waa remitted to Sessions, aa there will be no other Court of Oyer ant Terminer until October next. The tiial of William Kberie, charged with the murder of John Gil'oy by shooting him, was disposed of in like njsnner. The defence la this esse ts insanity. This concluded the business of the Court ef Oyer is4 Terminer. The Judge then thanked the jurora for the rery great attention tbey had paid during the present term and discharged them from further attendance. SENTENCE ON LAWSON. The Judge tb en looked over the affidavits la the case of Iawson, sad addressed the prsioaer, saying that ho wan indicted for the crime of murder and found guilty of manslaughter in the fourth degree, wHh a recom mendation to meicy. Several of the jury had sinne called on the Court and ex pressed a doubt with regard to the correctness of the verdict, and they have asked the Court to Impose as light a punishment as la consiat ent with the case. There are rtasons to believe thai the circumstances were not fairly represented befom the jury by the witnesses. The Court, however, should mark its condemnation of the are of dangerous weapons, and, after some few admonitory remarks, sentenced hi at to imprisonment ia the penitentiary for three months. THE KIT STREET MU&DHB ? TH8 CASE OF HEMKT CARNKI.L AT LAST DISPOSED OF. 7 k' Ptuplr vi Henry Carnei I ? It will be recollected that the prisoner in thia ease was convicted ia Maroh, 1861, of tne murder of Charles M. Rousseau, and sen tenced to be executed oa the 'M of May, 1K52. Before that time the Governor respited the execut on to enable the prisoner to avail himself of a bill of exoeptiona, and the Supreme Court ultimately granted a new trial on the ground that uhile the jury were consulting, one of them called the officer having them in charge, ana said to him, "Ask the Court to seed the jury the statute, or seme book containing the law of manslaughter,1' and that the officer returned with answer, "That the Court said they had nothing to do with manslaughter." The new trial was thus granted on a legal technicality, and without any reference to the merits of the case, which were of n most unmitigated degree of oold blooded and deliberated murder. The prisoner had been admitted to the hou?e of Roae seau, a particular friend of his, partly through charity, and in the middU of the night, without any proves* tlon, aad Induced by mercenary motives alone, he mur dtred his confiding host while sleeping, and attempted to stab Rousseau's two sons, who lay ia another bed. One ef the boys, however, on being wounded aroee aad gave the alarm. Carnell fled and was found In the rear premises of an adjoining building. The Itfstrict Attorney having stated briefly the parti eulaia of the caae, said that the two principal witaae*** (the sons of the deceased) left thia city for South America immediately after the first trial, and oa a new trial being granted, endeavors had been made to secure their return: between three and four hundred dollar* had been expended, and ?>y the last, account* it had beem ascertained that one of the witness was ilead. Under these circumstances, the District Attorney did no* think that by the aid of the remaining witnesses, wbo are in thio city, the prosecution would be able to establish sgaiast the prisoner a case of more than manslaughter in uss-tntf* degree, anil as the prisoser's counsel wa* wUh?g to withdraw the plea of not guilty and put in a IN* 1 ? i guilty of niiilAUgbtir ia tV tiird ("? DU trict Attorney) consents to that < . Mr. Cliiten male some remtrks oa behalf ot thn prt-. soner, stating thst he bad aires ty Nsuspiliusia four "Si SfiSTSttW '-M *? ??! granted "n the merits of the esse, for Judge Mitchell re marked tbst though the c.urt were constrained tei grant a new trial, tEe case was one of a most Marty -XTo-ft, on >'r the etreutnsteaees, accepted tt.o olra ef guilty of manslaughter in the third degrie. a. d then proceeded to sentence the prisoner. He sat' tb* ponisbmsnt ranges in the discretion of the oewt. from two to four years, and he hnew no ciroumateane in tee ra.'? which would induce htm to remit asy pertiou -f <he penalty, aad therefore sentenced the pr waer It feur yean impi isoument with bar i laSor uu Vj? t>r-* % Mount Pl*a>ant. Tbe leurt th?u adjou-ned (mm ii

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