Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 26, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 26, 1855 Page 7
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* UffftTBUBim OTKiril KYflY P1I. fMAJIW RHUI8TCB. A VONTn? TO LIT, SECOND FLOOR OF 4>^vS bouse 234 Third avenue, t<> root to * good tenant lor tli* above rent, eou?iattnf? of four large rooma; wall* ?aiated, marble mabtlea, ioldi' r- d ors, Ac Possession ta med lately. Can be s-en at <ny time. Also the basement. A?;ly to JOHN FULLY, 167 Broadway. A LOFT TO LIT? THE SECOND STORY OF THE A. building No. 8 North William atreet. extending through to Willi a in atreet. Haa been oeeupled for several year* past ae a clothing ware room, and ie well adapted to aay light ?aau factoring business. Apply at No. 3 Ferry atreet. A GENTLEMAN, OWNING A HOUSE UP TOWN, DE. tfrea to let it to a gentlemen baring a email family, with whom himself and wlfo coold board in payment Of reat. Addreaa A. B. C.. Herald offioc. A~~ WIDOW LADY, RESIDING ALONE IN A PLEA Mat location, aear Broadway, dealrei to let to a lady ud gentleman, or to a Party redding oat of the city, ? ?leoly furnished p>rler, without board. Address Security, Union aqaare Poet Office. A CHEAP PLACE TO LET TO A PERSON OF SMALL meana, a email, plain two a lory honae, with four noma, well, garden, Ac., one mile from a ferry, on Staten lei and. Rent, if made certain, $75 per annum. Apply in tbe office 107 Broadway, No. 3, leoona floor. A COUNTRY SEAT TO LET-AT KINGS BRIDGE, Westchcster eounty, one of tbe moat beautiful and da eirable oonntry seats to be found within tbe Immadlate viciaity of the Hndion River Railroad. It eonaiata of a cottage dwelling, carriage home, ice honae, Ao., and about one a ere of gronad, abounding with fruit of the ehoiooet kiadi; and for health, proipeet, oonveneienee, Ae , ia an ?nrpaiied, being only one hour's ride from the City llall. For fell particular* inquire of NICHOLAS C. WINSHIP, I3S East Thirty sixth atreet. A STRICTLY PRIYATE FAMILY WILL LET TO TWO or three single aeatlemen. oae large and two imall well fferciebed rooms; also a very fine office to let to a physio inn, earner of Weat Washington place and Sixth avenue, No. M oae bloek from Washington eqnaro. Rofereneea exohaaged. A FURNISHED SLEEPING ROOM TO LET, IN .A Brooklyn, to one or two gentlemen; a leoond itory front room, without board, in a private family, within three mtantae walk from Fulton ferry. Reierencei exchanged. Apply at 111 Pearl atreet, Brooklyn. BMOADWAY-TO LET.? THE NEAT LITTLE STORE, with baok room, and two rooma abive, 616% Broadway. Store it handaomely fitted op with thriving, oounter, gae, aad water. Pmhmoi immediately Rent moderate. Ap ?ly to JAMES PRICE, 200 Hndion atreet. Broadway stores and lofts at moderate renta ?To let er leaie, aeveral atorei and apper parti on Broadway, we'l loeatod and suitable for any respectable M>t business Pcascaslon of tome o! them can bo had at oaoa-rent to eeounonce 1st Mar- Apply to JAMES PRICE, WO Hndaon street. BOAKDING HOUSE TO LET, IN THE COUMTRY A vory large houre, with suitable outbuildings, In the centre of a pleasant and healthy village, four honra front tbe city by Harlem Railroad. Rent SIM): tarnished, $'AW. Apply to D. R. GOULD, 36 John atreet, up itairi. ^AKKRV TO tKT-Wnn^STOR^ANO^1^ ba?o6? CHEAP RENT.? A LARGE HOUSE ON TROY STREET, with the modern improvementa, $600 per year. Also oae elegant brown atone house on Twenty second atreet, $800 ?r year. Apply to LIMDSLEY A HADSELL, 78 Biahth avenue, corner Fourteenth atreet. flOTTAGES, AC.- TO LET, TWO OF THE THREE pretty oottagea on Forty -ninth atreet, near Third avenue; contain nine rooma, Croton water, Ao.: neat garden in front and largo yard in rear, now being pat in complete order, and will be ready before the 1st ot May. Alao, the neat three ?toy home, No. 77 Yariok. near Canal afreet. Apply to JAMES PRICE, 200 Hndaon atreet. COTTAGES TO LET-IN THE TWELFTH WARD IN thic city, convenient to railroad* and etages, pleasantly located, on different atreet* and avenue*, graded, lighted, Ac., with from one lot to aorea attached; Croton water, tatk. range, Ae. Rent* $175, $20? $260, $300, $400, $700 aad $1,000 each. Apply to E. H. BROWN, 71 Wall atreet, from 1 to 8 P. M. flOVNTRY HOUSE TO LET AT GLEN OOVE, L. I.? A V aew honae, two atory aad attio, with ever* neoeiaary arrangement for comfort, with fourteen roome, barn, pamp and trait trees, en a lot 150 foot square. aitnatcd on the Glen Cove road, couth of the Tillage. Apply to J. A. KISS AM, 93 Fulton street. COUNTRY HOUSE.? TO LET, ON BERGEN POINT, one hoar1* eail from the city, a roomy and convenient howee, pleasantly aitnated near the water, having a fine view of New Brighton, New York Bay, Ae., Ave (5) minntee' walk from the landing. Very deairable for a autnmer real donee. Apply to Mr. WILLIAM REED, near the premlce*. COUNTRY RESIDENCE TO LET-AT YONKERS, Weat cheater county, bsautlfully laid out, within Al teon minutee' walk of the Hudson River Railroad depot, consisting of a handsome dwelling, two story and attia, with a splendid cellar under the whole houae, carriage bouse, ice housei all new, and two acrea of ground, in a high ?tate of cultivation, bountifully aupplied with fruit* of the ohoieoct aeleolion*. On the premiaee are two splendid well* of water. For fnrther particular* Inquire of WM. H. VA LENTIN E, 30 Second street. Delightful country residence to let witbln five minutes walk of Bull's Ferry, commanding a beautiful view of the Hiulaonj nine rooma, marble man to)*. range, Ac., and fruit of different kind*. Yearly rent $160. Apply to John Garrabrantc, adjoining the premise a, or to B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. Furnished house to let? in twentieth ?tieet, aear Fourth aveaue? a (mail three atory houae, elegantly tnrniiied, and has all the oonvenienoe* suitable for a small genteel family. To a eaMeteeto* j tenant will be loated for $100 per month. Apply, at 12 o'rioek, to R. 0. BEAD, 62 South atreet. RNISHED BEDROOM TO LET? TO A SINGLE gentleman, without board ? A back parlor on the Srst atory, well turnlahed, family genteel and quiet; no children; ao moving in May. Any gentleman wanting comfort and evict wifl be anited. Apply at 230 W ooitor atreet, nda Amity street. Furnished rooms to let-? a suit of genteel ly furnished room*, ia a pleasant houae, located in Bleeeker ctreet, one door from Broadway, Will be let on rea sonable terms. Apply at 71 Bleeoker atreet. flBNTlEL APARTMENTS TO LET-WATER, WATER OT oleaeta and gaa, marble mantel*. Ao , northeast corner of Sixth avenue and Twenty ninth streets, from $150 to $225. Inquire on premisca. YYOUSEB TO LET IN HOBO REN? WITHIN THREE JT1 miantea' walk of the ferry; ajiew new Ant ciae* houae* hltver terrace, with court yard*, commanding a beautiful ?ls? of the river and city of New York; gatfani hot and oold water, Ae., Ao.; and will bo let to private famlHes of the highest respectability only. Inquire at the office oo met efHudaoa aad Second atreota. Hobokea. of B. MARTIN. TTOU8TON AND CROSBY STREETS, CLOSE TO AjL Broadway.? To let or leaae, tbe twe four atory aad kaaaaent houae* No*. 556 and 65T Houiton itreet, are eoa aoetod, eontain together ever 30 room*, and havo the mo te* improvementa; wotrld be let aenarate if daaired. Apply to JAMBS PRICJ, 200 Hndaon atreet. HOBOREN? TO LET, PART OF A PRIYATE HOUSE, at 17 Third ctreet, to oae imall family, without ohil drea. 1 he houae ia beautifully Aniahtd, with grate*, mar Me mantel* and gaa, abtut Ave minute*' walk from the ferry. Bant very moderate. For partlonlar* apply to J. P. JACK, at the Engraving office, eerner oi Barclay atreet and Broad way, basement. House and furniture to let-to a private family, fcr6or 12 month*. No. 92 We*t Twenty-third atreet. couth aide, between Sixth aad Seventh avenuee, haadaemely fnraiabed, contain* all the modern improve meat*, and rent reaaonable. Can be ceen after 10 A. M. Apply to N o. 2/ 9 St. Nioholaa Hotel, or to HOMER MOR GAN , Pine *troet, No. 3 Metropolitan Bank Building. House to let -the first class brown stone front houae, 40 Weat Nineteenth atreet, betweaa the FHth and Sixth avennea, eontain* *event?en roima, mi dawn improvement*, and ia being put la good order; poacea *ien immediately. Apply at 71t) Broadway. T CTS TO LET-TWO LOTS ON HOBOREN STREET, JLi directly eppoalte the Hudaoa River Railroad paaaeascr ?iation. and cloac to Collin*' ateamahlp doeh and Hobokon fbnjr- have a front cf 60 feet. Apply to JAMES PRICE, 200 la?Mi itreet. AWICI TO I.ET-A FRONT BASEMENT KOOV, U very pleasantly arranged, and newl y fitted, situated No. it I .night atrect, opposite St. John'* park, suitable for a doet< r or othtt purpoeoa; fitted with gas, Ao. Apply on the premiies. OFFICE TO LET.? ALL OK PART OF A FINE LARGE office, on second floor of building 1<>7 Broad <r ay, to lat. Apply to JOHN 1 OLEY, gold manufacturer. OFFICES IN CHAMBERS STREET TO RENT.? AP ply at the Box Dfllcc of Bnrton'i theatre. SkSV*? 'URNI jHD *?? 8 A.' HC"to2 *" fconM' Broad w%thApp,ay OCT OF TOWN.? TO LET, PARTLY FURNISHED, A ?plcndld mansion home and grounds, on tka iludaoa river, at Eighty-sixth street, Commanding a magnificent view; the looation i? healthy and tha building 11 itmaelc for a large private eatabliahment, boarding honM er hoial. * ?? ply on tha premises, or of W. F. LEE, dtf Exohanga place. PAVILION nOTEL TO LET OR FOR SALE, OR E <? ahaaga for aity property. Tha Pavilion Hotal at i'urt Washington, N. J. l'ha henae partly furnished, a beautiful garden, horac atabloa, oarriage home, aitnated immediately apposite the landing doek. Alao a eottage with nineteen lata attached to it. Apply t? N. BUN EL, 630 Houaton atraet, New Yark. "UrStZSt SS'Zt. PART Of A HOUSE TO LET-CONMTINO Of A noat room and front bedroom on the second atory, front basement with two pantries, part of tb? oellnr, and ?no or two iaiiat rooma Wili not be tot to a family with ohlidren. Inquire at an Entger erect. PART OF A DESIRABLE HOU> E FOR RENT? WITH all the modern Improvements. Rant moderate to a good tenant. Apply at 81 Watt Twenty aUth street. Refet oaeo required and gt Ten. F Ely ate STABLE TO LET.? A SI ABLE, TERY CO* plate In all ita arrangements, to let. Apply on tha ore anlacs h a. 188 Waat Fifteenth street, VV J ** P EART OF A HOUSE TO LET? NICELT FURNISHED for a amall family for housekeeping; terma moderate; It ion pUatant. east of the Bowery, below Seventh atreot. Conveniant'to tha Second and Third avenue ears; tha par tor*, barement and two bedroom*. Apply to B. W. RICH ARDS, 307 Braadway. QTBAM POWER.? ROOMS, WELL LIGHTED WITH O ateady steam. to let Appto at JOHN KENNEDY'S ?beam marble works, earner or Thirty-fifth atraet and Broad way STATEN ISLAND PROl'ERTY.-T0 LET, A NEAT getliic built cottaxe, with a garden, Ao., delightfully situated, with a good view of the bay. Narrowa, Ao., at Tompkina avenue, between Tompkinsville and New Brigh ton. The above named cottige will be rented low, for rea ?one which will bo explained to the peraon wishing to hire it. Apply to P. WOI.FE. Tompklasville, 8.1. . who liaa a number of kouaea to lot, furaiahed or nnfnrniahad, at vary reasonable roots. S*able to in rear ofIs eighth street, Clinton place. Apply at 82 Water street. fO LET-THE NEAT TWO AND A nALF STORY AND A laaomemt dwelling, No. S Hnbert street, finely looatod, ?"'J *ao door westof St. John'a Park; contains ten rooma, naa Croton water, nnd waste pipes in bsek basement: vault *??**?> Apply to JAMES J'RIVE. STORB TO IBT? m THIRD AVENUE, THUD DOOR above Twentieth street, as tbe weat side, now Mtu pied u * boot ??d shoe it-re; a good loasUoa for any kind ?r bntlness. Inquire at 37 last Twenty second s'.reet, be fore 10 A. M., or aftor 3 1*. M. STORE TO LET? IN THIRTEENTH STRUT, TWO doori we?t of Broadway; the itore ii about 40 foot deep; reatonly?200a year. Apply at 813 Broadway. STORE TO LET? NO. 100 FULTON STREET, OPPOSITE Washington market. Good location. Rent low. Apply u above. H. V. 8CHENCK. SECOND FLOOR AND FRONT BASEMENT TO LBT, la Carroll street. South Brooklyn, in a genteel three story house, or the first floor, basement, and bedrooms in the third: gas in the house, and within three minutes' walk of Hamilton feiry or tbo oars. Apply toCLlRBHUGH, Fulton street, N. Y., or 18 Carroll street, S. B. SUoE STOBB TO LBT? STOCK AND FIXTURES FOR sale.? A neat and oonTenient shoe store, well establish ed and now doing a good business. Tbe stock is small and well selected, and will ho sold moderately. The furniture is almost new, and will bo sold far below eost. Apply at lis Rose street, near Pearl, or No. 4 Warren TO LB r? THE UPPER FLOOR OF A NBAT THREE story briok house, consisting of two rooms and two bed rooms, to a small American family. The balanoe s ?>>? pled by a family of three persons. Boat moderate. Apply at No. 0 Monroe plaoe, South Fifth street, Williamsburg. TO LBT? A HOUSB, 30 ANN STREET, DPPRR PART Med at prosoal as a dwelling for ? small family; the first story as a tailor's store, and tbe basement as a bottling cellar. For particulars, apply at No. 117 Fulton street, third story. _ B. OALBRAITH. TO LBT? RBNT $280? PRETTY COTTAGE HOUSB, bow In aioe order, 11 rooms, stable in re&r, shade trees, Creton water, bath room, space for garden, Ao. Second and Third avenue ears pass night and day. Apply on Um pre mises, corner of 10m street and Third avenue. TO LBT- A FUBNISHBD PARLOR, TO ONB OB TWO sintle gentlemen, at modorate rent; breakfaet given if required. Apply at No. 164 Mulberry street, ooal ofico. TO LBT? THB THREB STORY HOUSB, 215 WEST Twenty-seventh street, with modern improvemente, gas hot aid cold water bath connected with street sower, an is in complete order. Also, the store and cellar of premise 370 Washington street, eorner of Beach. Inquire at 97 Broa street. J. O. ANQARICA. TO LET? THB NEW FOUR STORY AND DWBI.L1NG, No. 315 Atiaatio street, Brooklyn. Apply at 223 State street, Brooklyn. Tolbt-thbuppib part of the modern four story bouse, 102 Ssst Sixteenth street; containing baths, gas, gas fixtures, water-closets. Ac., throughout; remainder occupied by owner. Rout to a small family, $400. Apply as above or address box 3,635 Post OAoe TO LET-APARTMENTS, HEALTHY AND SPACIOUS, in 10 State street, fronting the Battery; 85 Warren street, in view of the i'ark; Croton water in the roome; 170 ('berry street, near Market. Heeu only by applying to the landlord, at 132 Liberty street, shoe store, from 10 to 12. TO LET? A THREE-STORY MASTIC FRONT BRICK house. 26 Pavonia plaoe, Jersey City, delightfully sit uated, within five minutes' walk or tbe ferry; supplied with Pasiaio water and gas fixtures. Rent low. Apply to A. A BBOT, 280 South Sixth street, betweon Jersey avenue and Coles street. mo LBT? ON BBOADWAY. 0PP08ITB MBTROPOLI J. tan Hotel, two handsomely furnished and well venti lated rooms, suitable for two single gentlemen, or man ant wife, from middle of May till 1st October. Inquire at 575 Broadway, third floor. TO LBT? A SPLENDID BRICK HOUSB, SITUATED on the bank of the Hudson river, Eighty -sixth street and Twelfth avenue, a beautiful retired spot. Inquire at P. BRENNAN'S Coal Yard, oorner of Eighty -fourth street and Broadway. TO LET? IN BROOKLYN, A SECOND FLOOR, 8UIT able for a gentleman and his wife. Rent $140. Or will be rented furnished to gentlemen, without board. Apply at 302 Pacific street, between Smith and Hoyt streets. TO LET? AT FOBDHAM, WESTCHESTER CO., ONE OF tbe most beautiful and deeirable country seats to bo fonnd on the line of the Harlem Railroad. It consists of a dwsllint, carriage house, and about two acres of ground; and for health, prospect, convenience of access, Ac., is unsurpassed, being only one hour's ride from the City Hall. For full par Meniere, apply to JAS. M. BATES, 63 Wall street, (base ment). TO LET? THE UPPER PART OF A FIRST CLASS bouse consisting of six rooms, in 100th street, near Broadway. Rent $150. For particulars, inquire of J. BEOHM, on the premises. TO LET-AT 156 ATLANTIC STREET, BROOKLYN two floora, five roome and oloeets, with water oa each floor; also the front basement. Inquire in the store. A straw bat trimmer and two apprentices wanted to the milli nery Immediately. TO LET-THE SBCON D FLOOR OF TUB BBICK HOUSE 21 Jonee street, a few doors from Bleeeker. The rooms eonsist of front and back parlors, three bedrooms and kitchen, wi'b water ana waste pipe. Rent moderate. Apply to HEN BY nYM AN. 7fi Canal street. O LET-THE HOU8E AND STORE NO. A2 FOURTH avenue, next door to the eorner of Ninth street. Pos session given en the 1st of May next. Apply to JAME3 FUREY. Street Commissioner's offloe, No. 4 Hall of Records. TO LET-THE NEW BROWN STONE FRONT ENG lifh basement houee No. 118. East Thirteenth street, near Third avenno, with all modern improvements. Rent low to a good tenant. Ftr particulars apply to TRUJILLO, FRAN CHI A CO., geasralagcnts, 1U6 Wall street. TO LET? SUITABLE FOR A TAILORING ESTAB lishment or tanoy importing business, the front room on second Boor af 1107 Broadway, easy of aooess, neatly fitted up with glass cases, oouaters, Ac., the fixtures or whieh will bo sold lor $60; yearly rent $300. B. W. RICHARDS. 307 Booadwar. rLBT-A NEAT COTTAGE HOUSE, CONTAINING five rooms, sn 121st troet, Harlem, betweon Third and Fourth avenues, will be 1st to a small lamilv. House newly painted and in complete order. Croton water In the house. Rent to a good tenant $130. Inquire of J. D. YANDEN BERG, 57 East Fourteenth street. TO LET? THE STORE 89 BEEEMAN STREET, NOW oeeuplsd by Messrs. Harper Brothers, suitable tor any mercantile or mechanical business. Each floor will bo rented srparately, If desired. Possession immediately. Bent mo derate. Also the dwelling part of houso 369 Broome street, corner of Mott, containing eleven rooms. Rent $000. Ap ply to VAN ZANDT A LIVINGSTON, 14 Wall street. TO LET-CORNER STORE, FllCST FLOOR AND basement, 94 John street, corner of Gold. Apply up stairs, as above. TO LET-THE DWELLING PART OF HOUSE 129 Spring street, with gas and Croton water. Rent low. Inqnire on tbe premises. TO LET? THE THIRD FLOOR OF A NEW THREE story brfek house, 148 East 36th street, contixting of six rooms, with Croton water, the owner liviag in the lower part. Rent low to a small family. T TO LIT? THE REMAINING STORE. 17# GREENWICH itreet, adjoining the PmIIc Hotel, rent SSOO, base ment (200; alio the itore and back room, M Greenwioh avenue, rent $180: *1 io a number of well looated oficei In building! 208 end 904 Broadway. Apply to E. BLOOMER, 308 Broadway. TO LIT-THE FIVE NEW FOUR STORY BRICK honiei and itoree on Eighth avenue, between Fiftieth and Fifty #nt i treet a; alto a oottage on Fiftieth itreet; the rent low to good tenant*. Apply to P. A. HEGEMAN, 38 Wsihington iqnare, or to J. H. Howland, 731 Eighth avenue TO LET-TO ONE FAMILY ON A FLOOR, THE FIRST and leeond itoriei ef toaee 270 Wait Forty-ievsnth ?treet, between Ninth and Tenth avenues. Rent moderate. Apply to D. WAN MAKER, >74 Forty seventh itreet, or te A. QUACK EN Bt'8U, 34 Charles, or No. 3 Broad itroeU. TO LET? A STORE AND TWO BACK ROOMS, AT 73 Geerok itreet, baa been a led for a botcheri ehop. and it a flrst rate itand for ani business. Alio, itore N o. 71 Ooerok ?treet, for gTOoery, will be pat In good repair. Alio, (tore aid two baok room* and cellar, No. 0 East Talriyftret ?treet. Ii|iir? if M. McCORMICK, 73 Goerok itreet. TO LET? 3? EAST TWENTIETH STREET, BETWEEN Broadway and Fourth avenue, the eatlre leoond floor, consisting or Ave room a, bandiomely furnished. Alio, a luit on the third floor. To let together or leparately, with er without board. TO 1 KT? THE PRINCIPAL PART OR THE WHOLE at the fear itory English biiement home. 102 Mfest Twrnty flttb itreet Containing all the modern improvement!. Apply on the premUei, or at 667 Greenwich itreet. TO I.ET-A THREE 8TORT BRICK HOUSE NO. 21 Hudion itreet. iltuated at the terminal ef the fludton HIver Railroad, between Reade and Duane streets. Rent WtO. A inferior situation for any hied of buslneis? a re? ranrant, auctioneer, ?r tailoring. Inquire of U. MARTIN, corner of Chambers and Hndiea itreeti. TO BE LET ORSOLD-ON REASONABLE AND EASY terns, three three itory briek houses, situated on i ourtk avenue, between Fifteenth and Sixteenth streets, Brooklyn, oonveslrnt to ferries. Sixe 20x38 feet. Twelve good rooms, marble mentels, sliding door, pantries, good cistern, Ao. Inquire on the pre mi tec, or of B. BANKS, corner of Twelfth itreet and Fifth avenue. TO LET OR FOR 8ALE-A GOOD BRICK BUILT JL boose, in Sixth street, Morrisanla? three storv; thirteen rooms. Rent $180. Has a garden and a good well of water. About Ave minutes' walk to the depot. Iaqaire of W. FER K1ER, FUth itreet, Morrisente. TO LET-A MODERN TWO STORY ATTIC, NO. <W7 Greenwich street. Has seven bedrooms, yard. fc?. Omsikusei pan. Heat $600. Alee, No. GM Ueuetea street Also, No. #4 Priaee street, near Broadway; rent S7nn. Ne. 99 Broome and Sheriff stroeti; rent fcfflu. Foar l?te on Thirty ninth strict, and one en Thirteenth s'teeA, ' ? tween avenue A and avenue B. Inquire ef A. 8. LEFT, lit Wall itreet. TO LET-THE STORE ON CORNER OF TWENTIETH itreet and Seeoad avenne, together with the dwelling part on flrst floor, two rooms, and rear basement; alio, the second floor tbree roomi and two bcdroomi If desired. In quire on the premliei. . TO LET? TDE SECOND FLOOR OF THE HOUSE NO. 29 Bubert street, near St. John's park, to a gentleman and his wife without children. For particulars oall at No. 11 Vaadam street, between 4 and U P. M. TO LET-BY THE FIRST OF MAY, THE UPPER PART ef the hoaie 10 Spring itreet, live doors from the Bowery, ler a small genteil family, consisting of three er five plea ?ant rooms. Apply In the basemcat. Rent $2iA er S27n. TO LET-A 8TORF, SUITABLE FOR A FANCY BUSI ness. 'being occupied as sunh), tailor, hatter, Ac , to g ether with the back room aad rear kitchen, en the same floer; also, ulth the seeond floor and a room In attlo. In ??ire on the premises, 284 Bleeoker street, etc door frjm Barrow. Rent $C00. TO 1L&T-THE THREE STORY DWELLING HOUSE, *o. |200 Hudson street, (?xcept ofBoe, first floor,) eight reomi In good order. Pessesiion immediately. Rent $|flO. Also, the two and a half story dwelling, (except basement fleer,) No S3 Watts afreet, eigh?. rooms; aow repairing. Will be resdy before May. Rent IMO. Also, tipper part, 197 Canal, live rooms; now repairing. Kent W/lH. Together with other small placet. Apply to JAMES PRICE, 900 find roe ntreet. TO LET? HOUS1 AND STORE, NO. 220 HUDSON ? . ,a2Z*f hornngbly repairer, to he ready in a fev ??/?/? Rent WCO. Also, store and dvslllnr, No. 491 Wa?h lagtt astroot, opgesWe Clinton market. Rent MOO A'rfO. Sidsol et?et *' ' Apr'y ?*R?CE, To let?a first class two .srotfy and att.c l rick dwelling hoaee. In Union str^t, n" ooklvu S*t??n Clinton aad Conn streets the hnu.e U well bnilt with Isruo rooms and hiab eeiUngs; kitoh-u rni.*e and gas thr'o?h "it, ?i>< l? row brtn# repainted and p it in thorough renair The Mtnatien and nei/ht-erliood are ?mea? the tlet In Brooklyn. Apply to SjTlIAN STEPHEtPs, first hot, m M?< of C??ft ?!???, ?R Ik* lontft tide 9f VbIvm Itm*. Tbird FLOOR or NO. 4 MONRuE place, wil liawsbuig, to let, to a tuixll American tamily ooumliaj of two room* aad two badrooina. The hoot* la desirably lo eated, being within five or lix mianies' walk ot I'eck (lip Division avenue Mil Grand atraat ferriea. Rant moderate to ? suitable tout. For particulars, addrea* R. 11. W., Harold cBoa. fO LET-A TWO STORY COTTAGE IN EIGIITY-8IXTU (tract, south (id*, near Fourth avenue. Iuquire on the preaaUe*. TO LET? THE PROMINENT SOUTHEAST CORNER of Cuil (ad Ilad(OD atroatit baa a front of fiOfaot on each (treat; upper part contain* 10 r>om*, Cioton watar and M, with a (eparate and genteel antranoe oa Canal atraat. Ihe (tore would make a aapltal ataad (or tba elo thing or hardware buaia**(, at*. Apply to JAMES PRICE, MX) Hud(on ?tmt. TO LET? APARTMENTS IN HOUSES NOS. 84 AND 89 W eat Fortieth (tr**t, from flrit of May next, between Broadway and Sixth a**nae, eoniiiting of a parlor, two bod rooma and kitehan, all oommonloatmg; tbey are Bulahed in a an parlor manor, witk marble mantel*, gaa. Croton water, and all modem improvements. Beat moderate. Inquire oa the pre mica. TO LET? FOR THREE OB VlVE YEARS, THE LARUE five story building Mot. 17 and 19 Bowery, 37 f**t front, 90 fe*t deep, forwerly the St. Chariot theatre. Ha( been altered to a (tore, and a good etand for furniture or carpet businaa*. Inquire of BUKMAN, 87 Bowery. TO LET-AT FORT WASHINGTON, THREE DWEL lio|( and (tor*, and threo fourth* of an aura ot land, t*a minute*' walk from the Hudson River Railroad depot, near tbe High Bridge. Inquire of BUKMAN, 87 Bowery, or Bower*, noar tbe premises. TO LEI? A HOUSE AND GROCERY STORE, SA looo, garden, and (table in the rear, eorner of Ewen and Scbol (treat*. WUUlamebmrg. Inquire at 59 Stanton (tract, corner of lldlidge, New York. Rent, $2W) a year AM KIPP. TO LET-IN CUMMING'S STUDIOS. 88 EAST THIS teenth itreet, one door weet of Broadway, a large do dio, tollable for an architect or engraver; may be oonve niently divided Into two. Apply at room* N*. 1 and 3 on tbe premi(*(. TO LET? A SMALL BROWN STONE HOUSE, IN A first elate neighborhood, near Eighth avenue and Thirtw *econd street, with all the modern improvement*, and In complete repair. Tbe furniture, which la nearly new and of the lest quality, will be (old lor >860 Rait ot honeo $380 per year for tbree yeara For full pattioulara apply I* SMITH AWODELL. 444 Eighth av?nu*. TO LET? TWO FOUB STORY MODERN BUILT baeement hou*e*. iltuated on eoutheaat oorner of So cond av*nn* and Twelfth itreet. The owner may be (ten on tbe premiee*, Monday*, Thnraday* and Saturday*, be tween 12 and 1 o'elook, or at hia offle*, 674 Sixth avenue, on the above dayi, from 10 to 13 o'olook. TO LET? THE THREE STORY HOUSE 174 EAST Taentieth i-reat, tbree room* deep, with all the modern improvement!, inquire oo th* premise!. Poiieiiien immo dlatcly. _ TO LET-PART OF A VERY GENTEEL THREE STO ry bonte, in a very nioe neighborhood, up town, ooniiit, ing of iiont basement, saloon, parlor, five room* above |M fix turei.bath.Ao.: rent $410. Apply to I. B. KIN8H1MER, 319 Fourth avenue. 3 to 7 P. M. TO LET-THE ENGLISH BASEMENT HOUSE 377 Fourth avenue, east tide, teiond door above Calvary Church. Will be rsnted for on* or two year* to a good te nant. at a moderate rent. Apply to C. F. SOUTHMAYD, No. 3 Hanover (treat. TO LET-A PART OF A HOUSE, TO A SMALL, GEN teal family. Apply at ill Madison street. TO LET-THE FIRST AND SECOND FLOORS OVER (tore 98 Canal (treat, suitable for a flrat class millenery or dentist eitahllihmint. Apply in the (hoe (tore next door, or of 0. FELTHAM, 204 and 306 81?th avenue. TO LET? IN A GOOD NEIGHBORHOOD, AN EXCEL lent boarding bouao, with range, .water and gac. con taining 15 room; ba* Jutt undergone thorough repair, and an exteniion added of thirty fe*t to the fir it floor. Apply to 0 FELTHAM, 204 aad 206 Sixth avenue. TO LEI-ASM ALL GENTEEL THREE STORY BRICR houieon Fifty-eighth itreet, noar Third avenne. The home ii new and in fin* order: rent $280. Alio, two frarna cottage* on Forty-third itreet, near Broadway; rent *ii5 E B. E1N8HIMEB, 319 Fourth avenue. 3 to 7. TO LET ? 368 SIXTH AVENUE, NEAR TWENTY third itreet. tha entire third floor, with the Croton up, inafonr itory brick home. Inquire of N. F. RING, 334 Wait FifteeL th itreet, until 10>4 A. M., and from 2% to 4 >i, and 7 to > P. M. TO LET? THE BILLIARD SALOON, CORNER BOWERY aril Broom* itreet, including bar and lix tables. For 8 articular*, enquire of J. & k W. R. Cort, 30 Bowery. Alio lie itore 60 Bowery. TO LET? THE DWEI LINO PART OF HOUSE 73) Greenwich eorner of Charlei itreet, pat and Croton wa ter in the home; itagei pan tbe door every few mtnutei, and i* within one block of Hndion itreet railroad. For particnlara Inquire of B. HARRIOTT, on oppoiite corner. TO LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY, PART OF HOUSE 21 Hammond itreet, comprising front baaement, in leoond ?tory, parlor, bedroom, ana eloieti, and baek room in third itory. Rant 3275 per annum, and half expenio of gas, bath, Ao. Poneiiion Immediately, apply ai above. TO LET? THE FIRST CLASS THREE STORY AND high basement houie 19 We(t Forty-first street, between Sixth avenue and Broadway, with the gai fixture! and all the modern improvement*. Rent $700. ApplytoTAJ. E HEATH, No. 30 chamber* itreet, basement, from 13 to 3 o'elook. TO LET? A GENTEEL, NEW HOUSE, WITH ALL THE modern improvement!, in Twenty fourth (troet, conve nient to tbe earc. Will be rented to a rood tenant for $6)0. Apply at 3*3 Math ifuis, la (ton. 1\0 LET? THE THIRD AND FOURTH FLOORS I , through, In tbe new briok houie 477 Ninth avenue, one door above Tbirty-nlnth street, and one blook from Eiihth avonue railroad, coniiiting of tlx roomi, four fireplace*. Crottn water. Rent $110 aad >100 per annum. Inquire of P- NEILL, in th* marble ihop oppoiite. TO LET-A PLEASANTLY SITUATED THREE STORY home in Twenty sixth itreit, with modern improve ment!, for one or more years, at $660 a year, the lessee taking* parlor, carpet and hall oilcloth at a low valuation, or for aU months, fnrnlah*d, for $460. E. B. EIN8HIMER, 31$ Fourth avenue, 3 to 7 P. M. rpo LET? THE UPPER PART OF A HOUSE IN SIXTH J. *(re*t, naar Firit av*nne; three rsomi on Moond floor, *nd two on th* third, with Croton water, bath, aad ga*. Apply to CHARLES COULTER, 31 Spring itreet. TO LET-A FRONT PARLOR, BASEMENT AND THREE btdr'iomi, to a small family loeatio $280. Apply at 228 Weat Fifteenth itreet. bedrooms, to a small family; location desirable; rent I. Apply At 228 Weit Fifteenth - TO LET-TO A SMALL RESPECTABLE FAMILY, PART of a home in 31 Moaro* street. It can be Men from 10 o'elook A. M to 2 P. M. Application to be mad* to JOSEPH PRICE, t8 Chatham itreet, or ('?<) Market i reet. TO LET-AT SOUTH BERGEN, A THREE 8 TORY bout* and lar*e garden ipot, pleasantly located one aad a quarter mil** from Jeriey city ferry. Inquire of W. CHAMPION, Gardener avenue, on th* premi?es, or of LAR COMBE A CO., 30 Maiden lan*. New York. Rent $300. TO LET? TO A GENTEEL AMERICAN FAMILY.WITH out children, lix roomi, in the new hom* No. 286 Madi ton itreet. Ga* and Croton. Apply on th* premi**(. TO LET-ONE OR TWO FURNISHED ROOMS, DOWN town, for gantlemen, without board; alto a front parlor ?n firtt floor, furnished or unfurniehed. Apply at 85 Mar ray itreet. ' TO LKT? PARLOR, BASEMENT AND SECOND FLOO^ tight roomi, in the upper part of Broadway; home nearly new; C'roton water, Ac; rent $500. Apply at 218 Slath avenue, in the itora. TO LET-THE DWELLING HOUSE NO. 108 LEON ARD ?trtet, a few door* ?a>t ot Broadway; la admirably adapted, on aceonnt of It* very central position, for a clan boarding home, for whice purpose ft, ban been occupied for many yean. Apply to STEl'HEN CONOYEK, 29M Broadway. TO LET-THE SMALL COTTAGE HOUSE, NO. 3 GAR den row, Eleventh street, near Sixth avenue. This af fordi a rare opportunity to obtain a houae at email rent, l'oiiciii-n given lit May. Inquire of D. W. FENT US, 107 Broadway, up atairi. TO LET? TI1E MAGNIFICENT BROWN STONE HOUSE 139 Eait Eighteenth street, in elegant an ! complete or der and repair, eii>en?i?ely frescoed and painted, and in a desirable neighborhood, having all the modern convenienciei and Improvemenii.iueh aa water. ga?, bath*, oalla, heater*, dnn miee, tnrnaee, bell*, Ae.. ia threo room* deep. Apply to T. B. VOORHEES, Counsellor at Law, Appleloa'* Bond ing, 346 Broadway. TO LET-THE WHOLE OR PART OF A FOUR 8TORV and laaament houee, <fnn>iihed) by the month or year. It ii located near Union and Stuy veaaat parka, and ia easy of aeeci by stage or car*. A Jdre?? box 3,630 Poet Ofllee TO LET-A VERY PLEASANT COUNTR1 RESIDENCE in a beantitul and healthy situation, witii a gardeo, Ao , in Weat Morrliania, a few roda from Meiroae depot, 9 miles from the City Hall; ear* ran most every hour; 10 room*. Rent low. Inquire for Haleey'i boute, at Melroie depot; o* of 8 H. DARhlNCTQN, 96 Canal itreet. r LET? AN OFFICE FOR MANY YEARS OCCUPIED by a pbyaieian. A^ply at 7 Bleeeker itreet. mo LET-SECOND FLOOR OF HOUSE 147 WEST 1 Twenty (rat (treat, eenaiating of parlor, kitchen and bedroom, with privilege in basement and bath room. Yard la front of the tone*. Rest moderate to a good ten int. Apply en the premiaee. TO LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY, -PART OF THE honae Na. 11*9 Broome itreet, eomiating of parlor, baas meat, aad tedroem, with gaa. Inquire for three daya at No. 16 Columbia itreet TO LET-TO A QUIET FAMILY OF TWO OR THREK perioai, the third flo?r of heuie 153 Grand itreet. oorner of Dm, eonaiiting of Iront and back room, and email room between aid eaa attlo bedroom if required; only one imall family in the heme be aide*; refereneea required. Inquire in the drug itore. TO LET-A HOUSE HANDSOMELY DECORATED, with gaa, bath and all the modera improvement!, iHu ated at 830 W. Twenty fourth itreet. Term* moderate. Poi session can be had oa the l*t of May. Apply ia the jewelry atere 481 Broadway. TO LET-A NUMBER OF FIRST CLASS ROUSES, lome browa itone, EnglUb ftaaement, huh (toop, with ail the modera improvements, iltuated oa the weet tide of Broadway, uptown at price* varying from 92V) to Sl.ftX); also a country boarding houee at New Roehella. Apply to SMITH A IFUDELL. 444 Eighth avenue. TO LET-AT HARLEM, YIRf LOW Rf NTS, SOME beantilnl eottage homes: with marbl* maniela, Croton water, Ae., at *12.1, SIM. SlfllO. SUB to KM, with 'arge gar deni. Apply at WARD'S Real Estate office, adjoining the railroad depot, Barlem. Several cottages for aale cheap. TO LET? ENGLISH BASEMENT STONE HOUSE, NO. 142 Weit Thirty aecond street. Rant $300. Stable and ooaehhouie, No. 21 Welt Twenty leeuad itreet. R?nt $4u0. I trie rflioe. No. 76 Water itreat, gronnd floor oorner of old allp. Rent 1400. JOHN B. MURRAY, 44 WaU itreet, over Bank of North America. TO I.ET-MlAND 65 CENTRE STREET, EXCELLENT location for a dining saloon. Alio, upper floors for c'her businesi. Alio. rtar building for fonndry or mma factoring Alto, third ind fourth floor* 149 ralton (troet, for offices or ll*bt businci*. Apply on the premise*, or of W. COl E, 8 Ann street. TO LET-A DESIRABLE PLACE. CONTAINING thirty aorea, and within three-quarter* af a mile of Tnekaho depot, Barlem Railroad, on which them iia two I'ory fonie, barn and carriag* home. There are tea acea of apple orchard, and alio peaches, pearl, plnmi, cherries, currants, raepberriei. The plaoe ia well watered, and vey produce ive. Possession riven immediately Inquire of E. b IT SEN BERltY, 16 Naunu atreet, c* cl CUAe. DU5J5N ^SRRY, ?t legate. TEKAJITA* KBGIffraS. __ rLKT? TUB I.OWIIl PART OF A TUKEb STORY boute, ?iih all i he modern improvcmoat*. laiuire at 44 'larrtw tlmt, near Bleockor. TO UtT-AT ? BOWERY, TWO SPLENDID FRONT and bK'k parlor*, tuittble for a d?nti?t, doctor, or 4 a guorrootypitt. Alto the roar part of tlie bo a to. TO LET-THE UPPBR PART OF HOUtI 260 GRAND ?treat, between Chryttie and Forty th, well adapted for buiiaeu parpottt. Weald be let in offices, or together to a Rood tonabt. Apply in tb* itore. TO LIT? 157 WOOBTBR 8TRBET, BEAR HOUSTON, two parlor* oa tb* flrtt floor, two attlo roost, and froat bat* meet Reat moderate to a reliable family. In quire oa the premlte*. TO LIT- ON B OF TBB BEST COBNBR STORES IN the Eighth ward, wall adapted for a flrtt elatt tempc rane* grocery , oe raer of Prince and Thompion *tr**t*. Ap ply to J. IREV1EB, 126 Thompioa ttrtet. fiBSSMns TO LET-PART OF A VERY OBNTEEL THREE STORY hoot*, in a very alee neighborhood, up town, eoniiiting of front batemenl, taloon. parlor, five roomt abore, gat flx turet, bath, Ao. Beat MM. Apply to B. B. KIN9UIMER, 819 Fonrth aveaoe, 3 to 7 P. M. TO LBT? TUB LOWBB PABT OY A NEW HOUSE, with all the noderu improvement*, m a desirable neigh borhood, oa the watt fide of th* town a*J convenient to both ear aad itaci rontee; reat moderate. Reference! re qnlr*d. Addre** C., Union iquare Pott Office T^twf h77?5)>IJ.,r,LI',NO PART ?' the thkeb will b* Ut low *a^%"^rt,iSVm^dV. L? Bro?d"T. .a^ppucation, tbh day, ? WBIcKrdI, ^Troadl TO LET -TH K SECOND FLOOR NO. 46 THI RD AVENUE, eoniiiting of a large froat and baok parlor, and one ur two bedroomt with ut* of A* front batement. Apply in the ttor*. TO LET IN GBAND STREET, WILLIAMSBURG? AN elegant brick ttor*, 86 feet deep; at dry goodt or tea ttor* wonld do a large built***. laquire 462 Grand it., W illlamtburg. TO LBT IN WILLI AMSBUBG TO SHALL GENTEEL familitt.? Th* laat of a row of new aletant brlok oot taget. Bant *176 per an nam. Alto boantifol laitt of roomt with water, gat, kitchen and all tb* modarn improvement!. Rent U0O per an mm. Alto the tame, $160 par annam, 10 mlnatet walk from th* ferry, ttag*t pa it tha door. A* th*te hontet at* new aad aottly bob* hat person! highly reipoot ahl* need apply. laqair* 403 Grand it.. Wllhamibnrg. TO LET, AT WILL1AMSBUBG-THE TWO DBSIRA II* eolonado boutet No*. 467 and 46V Grand itreet No. 467 ba* eleven fnrnltiol roomt and twolv* fall l*tt of ground, witb (lent'y of fruit; will be rented with furniture, if detirod. No. 4C9 bat eitiit furniihed roomt and two full lot! of ground. Alio a three itorr briok bonte In South Fifth itroet; rrnt low. Apply at City Firo loiurance Com pany'* offlof, 67 Wall itreet. TO LET IN WILLIAMSBURG.? FOUR HOUSES AND t*o itoi**, on Sooth Sixth itreet. Alto two flrtt clatn hornet, oa South Ninth itreet; rent very low. Apply at US Front itr**t. New York. TO LET. ON STATBN ISLAND? A LARGE DOUBLE houie, furalihad, at Clifton, fronting on tho outer bay, will ba l*t for th* tnmmer. Thii i* on* of th* mott detirable location* on the iilaikd Apply to JOUN J. BTEl'lIENS 38 Wall Itreot. TO LET AT YORKV1LLB? ON THIRD AVBNUf, BE tween Kith aid 87th itreet*, a houte with ttor* and baok room, dry baaement, garden, and Ore ton water, at a reduood rent- >276. Inquire oa the premiioi, or of GEO. B. OVEB. fo LET IN HOBOKEM? ONE NEW THREE STORY and bMtnnt brick house. In Washington street, fl?o minutes' walk from tho ferry ; roar year* lease. Rent WW per year. Inquire at 247 Breadway, room Mo. 7, np stairs. TO LET AT BLOOM I NOD ALE? A NEAT COTTAGE, containing eight rooma and basement, with (table, garden, orchard, and about two acre* of around; rent (SOU; Hleomirgdale stages pais near every half bonr; possession first of Nay. Apply between 10 and 12 o'olock, to 8. B. I1IJ1CH1SC3, John stmt. TO LET AT PORT RICHMOND. STATE N ISLAND-A new modern built bouse, containing nine rooms, Ac., Md four loti of t round, eaeh 26x100 foe*, with good well of water, Ao.; about five minute#' walk from tho ferry, on the Blank road. Apply to FREDERIC GROSHON. The boats leave Whitehall, Port Richmond, near the terry, at 10, 12 K. 3 Ai, 4, and o'olook. TO LET OR FOR BALE ? WILLIAM STREET.? THE five story store BO William atreet; alto, the first floor and baiement 67 William street, noar Pine. Apply to 3. B SCH1IFFIL1N, 170 William street. _ TO LET, OR FOR SALC-AT FORDHAM, A COTTAGE and garden, with all kinds of fruit. Alto, a largo stone house. The whole or part will bo let to a small genteel family. Inquire on the premises, at the depot, or at 70 Frannklin street. TO LET OR FOR SALE-SEVERAL LARGE STORES and ofllees in the now Conoert Hall building, in Stain ford, Conn., well finished, and calculated for a milliner, harness maker, tailor, or any ether basinets. Also a eot tai?, near the same. Apply to Sands Soely. Stamford Conn., or Iheodora Moult on. 852 Cherry street, New York. fO LET OR FOR SALE? A SMALL HOOSE IN WIL liamsburg, near the ferries; has gas, marble mantels and range. To let, in New York, hrase 34 V aade water s reet; a small house aad store 3V Rose street; a hairdressing sa loon in Dunne street, near Chatham; the first floor and basement, for business purposes, of house 60 Bookman street. Apply to 8. C. SMITH, 16 Mott qjjr?t. TO I.ET Ol LUASB-A MORI CORNKR OF HtNU street aad Broadway, admirably situated for any busi ness that requires publicity. Inquire at 418 Broadway. TO LET OE LEASE? THE FIRST LOFT OF NO. 2fl Bsekman street, extending through 186 foot to Spruoo street, to as fins entraneo and hoistway on both streets, and if. fitted ap with gas, water, Ao.. complete. Possession 1st it May. Apply to JAME8 PRICE, 200 Hudson street. TO LET OR LEASE*-THB THREE STOEY AND ATTIC bouse So. 9 Albion plaeo, (Foarth street, ) with modern improvements; let 180 feet deep; r?nt loir to a good tenant. Apply between 10 and 12 o'olook, to S. L. HUTCHING*, 38 John street. TO LET OR LEASE? STUEE NO. 100 TENTH AVE one, suitable for a grooer* or any ether business. Fix tures in the store. Apply to D. FORBES, 141 Ninth are. TO LET OR LEASE TO RESPONSIBLE TENANTS two of the cheap >st houses in the city, situated on Ihirty niatb street, between Lexington and Third avenues ? array hill, a good pleaatnt street, lit with gas; they bare all tb? modern iassrovemet ts' foar stories English bascweit. liqnirecfR G1BBEN3, 116 East Thirty aiulh street. Pos session immediately. TO LEASE-THB DBS IB ABU STORK 28 BISK MAN ?treet, with h**ement, anboellar ud fireproof v.mlta, very rai table far wholesale hardware, paper, or other bod ?m? fNHMiti lit of May. Alto, tbo inm wwr lofti, light and oommodmui? poaaeaaioa laatdliU, Alio, at a matl; reduced rant, the taa atora 18 Spruce atreet, with baaemeat, vaulta, Ac.? pcaaeaaion immediate. Beth theae atorea are ia Mod buaineaa leeationa, not far from the City Ball aad Port Offloe. Apply to JAMES PRICE, 200 Hud aoa atreet. or E. W. CAW DAE. No. 8 Wall atreet. TO LEASE? POR A TERM OF YEARS, SEVENTEEN lota ol ground fronting on 119th aad 130th atreete, Har lem. Inquire of John tl Loiter, or Wm. Wangle, ooruer of Hudson and Troy atreeta. TO I.EASE? A COUNTRY SEAT. AT l'EMIAM, WEJT eheater county, containing M acres ot land, beautirally located, on the Sound. Rent low. Apply to ADAMS A LBCKEY, 76 Nacsau atreet. TO LEASE-THE BRICK BUILDING ON THE NORTH wrateoTner of Eleventh avenue and Thirty-third atreet, formerly occupied by H R. Duuham A Co. The building ia 8(1 by 7? feet, three stories high, very aubatantlallj built. Any desirable quantity of ground may be had with it. For pettlculara inquire oi WM. BROWNING, 341 Weat Thirty fearth atreet. TO LEASE? EITHER WITn OR WITHOUT THE FUR niture low to a reipansible tenant, witli Immediate |>o? aeaaion, a four atory hoaao, three roome deop, in ail 21 rooma, with ia*, ehandaliera. hatha, Ae. ; situation delightful, near Waahtngtoa aqnare aad eoivuatest to Broadway. B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. TO LEASE? POR ONE OR MORE YEARS, A VERY oonvtaient bouse, looeted weat of Broadway, below Broome aireet, containing (ram 10 to 12 roetna, hot aad eold water bath*, r?n,o, A u ; everything in niee order. 1'oe aeaaiea on the lat of May. B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway, rLEA8B? A POUR STORY AND BASEMENT hoaae, in tb> ocntral part of tbo city, one door from Broadway, with part or whole of the farniture for aale on eaay torma; location anaorpaaaed for a boarding or lodging bonae, having from eighteen to twentv rooma. B. W. RICHARDd, 30? Broadway TO LEASE? A LARGE BROWN RTONE HOUSE, 29 by t3, lot 24 by 100 feet, with two batba, ga* and oban detim, eighteen reoma, aewly painted tbrouiboat; Ideation very desirable, bat a abart d' a from Broadway aad Union square, near Fifth avenue, below Twentieth atreet. B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. RENT-TWO FIBSTCLAS8 WINTER OR SUMMER _ irlek and atone homes, on tbo heighte at New Brighton, Statca laiaad, delightfully aitnatod. oommaadlag aa ex teaaive view of tbo bay and aarroonding country. The bouata are repleta with every convaiiaace of water worke above and below. Damb waiter, speaaiag tramoetv, liable* aad coach bona**, xardea ground, private walks and ave noee; within five a ion tea' walk of Now Brighton ferry, aad of eaay aeceaa to quarantine. Rent $7w and SHOO. For farther partiealan apply on the premiaoe, or to R. K. HAMILTON, 74 Beaver atrtet, or E. O. H a mil taa, 90 Pearl * tract. TO R1NT, POSSESSION IMMEDIATELY? PART OP A fonteel home, eix roetna, la Willonghby avenue, fearth hoaao, aentii cfRyereon atreet, Brooklyn. WiU bo ront'd low to a rmall genteel family. Apply en the pre mi eon, or to r?> DRELL A SIMONSON, 10 Froat atreet, Brooklyn. TO RENT CHEAP IN HOBOEBN? A FIRST CLASS three rtory and baaemeat brick dwelling hoaao, aewly and conveniently bailt, with all tbo modern improvement*, eight miaatca' walk ftom the ferry, ia aa excellent neigh bor! ood. will ba lot cheap to a genteel family. Inqairo at 190 Washington atreet, Hobokea. mo PHYSICIANS? A FINB IIASEMENT ROOM TO X let, for aa oflee, daairebly located. Alio, a eait of looma, with board. Apply at No. A Ualveralty place. TO JEWELERS. DIESINRERS AND OTHERS ?WORE abopa to let, at 12 Dnteh atraet. Alee, for aale, a lot of Jewelara tooli. Alio, to let, at Eaet New York, L. I , a two atory laatory, with horae power. Inquire at No. 12 Duteb atieet. I<0 CLOTBINO MANUFACTURERS.- TO LET, TnE second floor of No 106 Fulton itre*t, aad flxtarei for late; the room bai boen ooenpied itvaral yearn aa acaetotn t>o? and clothing manufactory ia fitted in a st-p-rW wareer, with all tnc neces-ary rutting countcr*. alielvin^, dcaka, lucking alai>n?s, Ac. Will be aold lit. Apoly t? STILLwELL a MONTROSS. 112 Fulton stroet. fl O HOOT MAKERS, DEALERS IN WOO DIN WARB, 1 Ac ? Baxment to let, 460 Sixth avnnue; it Is a flrat ri'n location for baalncra Apply at 81 Fnltnn atreet; alio to lot fruit part ot aeeoad door 87 Faltoa aireet. O TAILOR'. UPHOLSTERERS, P E AlFrs~T N DRY goods, Imnitare, A? ? Larre atore to let, 4AS Sljth ave one: one of the boat plaeoa in the city for retail train, tlortilng and fnrnishing greda can be aold from D A. M , to lit T. M. Air'y ** H1 r ultoa aireet. TV THE HIUTAAT, ETRRAN CORPS OF 1812? A SPECIAL MKKTING V of the eorpa will be held oa Friday erening, 27th inat , at 7K o'clock, at the Fonrtaoath Ward lintel, <-irner of Grand and Elisabeth a raota. in refer* no* to their Vonnty lav d and ether Important luiinese. By nrd :r W? Tat ton, Adj?t??V JL RAYMOND, Col9Afl| I1?RSK?, CAUUieU, M. AIM 8RA- JtOOKAWAY, IN GOOD ORDER, If Oil ?ale . iplv ?' tb. IwU ry, ocrner ol Watur' ury aud Ramar #?t?, Brooklyn. E. D., lato liuehwick. fnco$luo. A11ANDS0*E TROTTI SIO WAGON FOR S ALB, n.arly sew, weight 123 poinds; prlee, $110. Also.* U* lit spring cut, suitable rora bnt.her or grocer; price $80. Ian be tMn at tbe lard oil faetory, 7 < Sul.'ivan street. J?AST HORSES TOR SALS? A PAIR OF MARES, MM i . , b1*0- ""MW *? trol ta 2 40 and 2 M. Hparal* ly, and less than .1 minutes to tha pol?; warranted ?.rfeotly ?onnd, and of great uadurance; will be sold separately if da withili|l> w double harness. Also, oae aal two ?aat wagons. Address boa l.Ml. "VLISU BLACK VKR moat borne, about IS htuds high, o years old and war 'Vi? ???"A kind; ha la an exeol\eut saddle horse, and taldfor want of naa. Apply to W. E. A S. BSIUo?, 463 Sixth avenue, oornar of Twenty eighth street For salr-four pair very fine matched horses; on. pair loaf tailed graye, oa. palr Blathhawk., iwo pair v.ry Ana bays; alio a v.ry fine cow, on. .xtenaioa top rockaway, nearly u.w; alao ona stationary top rook away. O.atlem.n wishiug to purchase would do well ta oaU at 402 Atlantic atraat, Brooklyn. *u OR SALE? A GRAY HARE, OVEK KITTEtN HANDS high, bU yaaia old tbla spring; can trot a mil. in three minutes; a shirting top wagoa; on. set of single harness, blaak.ta, buffalo rob.*, sleigh aad ball.. Sold in coase In.nca ot tb. owner leaving the ai y Inquire at TUCKER MoTT'S atabl.a, aora.r of Princ. and Crosby .tract a. For sale? a beautiful road mare, six years old, l&X hauda high, warranted .ound aad kind in har MM. and can trot a lulle In three minute.. Sold ohoap for want ol use. Can ba ?een at 183 Monroe, oornar of Mont gom.ry street, at tha lumbar yard. For sale? forty fine northern horses, match and single; several pair of vary tine horaa*. In quire at H. B. Beaty's or H. Ncwkirk'a Uotela, Bergen Fir. Corners, Hndion county, N. J. FOR SALE? A sorrel horse, eight years old, ?Ut..n handa High, sound and kind in all harness, very Sentle, and a good traveller. Will be sold low. Apply at Io. 232 South itreet. For sale? a pair of very HANDSOME BROWN, sixteen hand, high, lix and .even year, old, gentle and kind In every way, and warranted .ound; proper ty of a desirous of reducing hi. stock. Apply at ?table 72 Leonard itreet, befor? half past tan o'clock A.M. For sale-a nice steel gray horse, war ranied .ound and kind in single or donble harness, and would luit a doctor or expren wagon. Pleaae call at M) Grand atreet. FOR SALE-TWO HORSFS, VERY FAST, ONE SOR rel Alidalla, fifteen and a half hand, high, haa trotted in 2:4 1, very stylish driver, very fine under tbe aaddla. A long tail beautital gray, fifteen and a half baadi high, will trot in abont?:S0; very gentle in double or aingle barnesa; would b. a fine borte for any gentleman who baa a family, as any one can drive him. Tliey will be sold very low as the owu?r ban not time to drive them. To be seen at JOHN J. AR THUR'S livery stable, ia Joralemon itreet, corner ot Ful ton. Both sound. FOR SALE TWO FINE AND STYLISH HORSES, one gray and one bay, have been driven together about two years, and will ba aoid together or singly. They are 8 years old, 16 bands high, perfectly sound, gentle and free from vico, smart travellers, very enduring. Excellent family horses, and aarranted iu evry respect. Sold only tor want of nie. Frice moderate. The own?r reside, a few mile, out of the city, but will call on any person addressing L<ox l,'J2'j New York Poit Office. For sale? a new, elegant seoond hand rockaway carriage, of the best make, large and light, aad warranted in every particular. Apply to BRADLEY A CO., ooruer of Fourth avenue and Eighteenth atreet. For sale-a pair of ponies, sound, kind and gsntle, and tree travellers; alio, a roekawav aad harnen. Can be seen at the (table, corner of Lafayette place and Fourth itreet. For sale-a three beat rockaway, a two seat standing top wagon, a top bnggy, and two bug gies without tops; also a second hand eoach rockaway, but little used. All will be sold obeaper than can be bought at any other place, at the livery stable SB Woet Twenty-third ?treet. For sale-a very handsome pair of bay mares; stand fi!teen hands, very fast, and only sold in ennseqnenoe of the owner going abroad. Apply at 47 Exchange place. For sale? a horse, rockaway wagon and harness, price $250 The horse Is a good family horse, gentle can be driven with safety, by a boy or lady, and will stand withont hltehiag. Inquire of JOHN FAG AN, corner of Hicks and Harrison streets, Brooklya. For sale-a strong built grocer s wagon'; has been in use about eight months; when new it cost $110, and will be sold tor $7-1, if applied for immediately, at 395 Hnssou avenue, first honse northeast of De Kalb avenue, Brooklyn. IjttiRSALE? A BAKER'S HORSE, CART AND HAR JU ness, in hr.t rate condition; will be sold together cr se parately. Inquire at 4"9 Sixth avenue, corner or 2uth aireet. MR. SIMPSON. F For sale? a i-air of long tail bat horsf.s; havo been uieit aa carriage liorana I nquiM *t JamiH horn's ptaMo, coiner or Washington and Morris strv. i, Jtliijr City. OR SAM-A FtrrFTTIOTI MT?Pl.E HORSE FOR A lady or gentleman; warr*m ?d so .nd and kind. Sold for wait of o?e Prioe ?luO. Apply ai lb* cornerof fcighty third street, and Tenth avenue. Also two rnumn to lei over the store. J. J, ADDS. For sale? a bay horse, is yt hand3 high, kind in single or double harness, good saddle horse for w?jrr?Bt?<l sound and kiud. Can be seen from 10 to 4 o'clock, tor three days, at Jlr. i'yko's, West Seventeenth street. FOR BALE? IN PER1ECT ORDER, A ROCK AW AT carriage; will be (old cheap, as the owner has ao further nee for the same, leaving the eity. To be seen at Mr. L'n dtrhiU's, IK Mercei street. For sale-a tery superior bat horse, op fine style and an excellent traveller; has alway* bean nsed on the owner'a farm; ean be highly recommend" I. Horse and owner can be seen for two d ays only at (mill ?table ob Forty- tetond it., between Fifth ana Sixth avenue*. Fob sale cheap-a poll blooded Vermont Morgan hone. 17 hanai high, eight years old, with eon pa and Lames* complete. The horse has bad but two owners, baa always been used as a family horse; is perfeotly sound and gentle in every respeet, and very stylish and cay. Any one desirous of purchasing a good animal at a low figure, will do well to eall at 72 Reade St., a few doori from Broad way, where he may be seen at any time. Horses.? new tore tattersalls, sixth avenue, corner of Thirty ninth street.? this day, at 13 o'clock, positive sale, at anetion, of horse*, carriages, wa gons, hnrnsu, Ao.? 11 good work horses, 9 fine stylish road horses, 1 pair carriage horses, 2 do. work horse*. To close mortgage two line hack aoaohee. By Tirtue of attachment one hack carrisge. To nay storage, one C. spring oarriage, two top wagoai, one with pole and shaft*, one open two seat car riage. The sale will commence with new and *?oond hand harness and wagon* of all descriptions and In great varie ty. GEORGE CLEMONS. Auotioueer. HENRY PALMER, Salesman. Horses and wagons por sale, and litert stable to lea*e. for *lx year*, oontaining forty stalls, all above ground, which inauret good health to hone*; ono of the oldest and beat location tin the city; one aix seat rook away, suitable for the country, and six second hand light wagons, cheap. Apply on the premise!, 130 and 138 A mo* *tr**t. near Hud*on street. Horse for sai.e-a bright bat, isv hands high, tlx years old, well broke to harness and saddle; a beautiful and symmetrical animal. May be *een at D1S BROW'S Riding Aeadtmy, Fifth avenue, corner sf Thlrty alntb street. Price $360. Morgan horses.? a paib op matched bats, young, kind, sound and stylish, with several very *u perior young single horses, two of them fast, warranted pur* Morgans; also a Tight w anon and harness. Gentlemen wish ing superior horse*, at low price*, will pleaae apply at 21 and 23 Boerum itreet, Brooklyn. OMNIBUS FOR SALE.? A V.IGHT FAMILY OMNI. bus, luilt to order, for private use, well calculated for a set ool or a hstel, also, one hearse, together with an aasort ment of new carriages, oity made, and one *econd hand open quarter coach. Ac.. Ao. M. THOMPSON A CO., 38 aad V Wooster street. MUSICAL. Fi FOR BALE? A SPLENDID SIX AND A HALF OCTAVE piano, very nearly new, made by nne of the best makers, bold in consequence of the death of the owner. Inquire at A2 Hudson avenue, Brooklyn. Great bargain.? splendid 7 octave piano lorte, finished all round, mctallie frame, beet maker, warranted, colt $860; been mod a few months; will be sold lcr$236. Can be leen at No. 8 College place, from 10 to 3 o'clock. MUSIC POR ME MILLION.? THE BANJO and violin taught at fifty eenti a lessoa, also the Eivlleh and German concertina, by J. W. BURNS, 78 Henry street, between Market and i'ike. Instrument* for sal*. EW MUSIC? "LIGHT AND SnADB" FASTASIE, by Oscar Comettaat. One of this popular composer's r every very best production*, and well worthy the attention of every lover of choice music ? Mlcenta. "tinea tha willewe in the vale" trio, by John Fletcher, on* of tbefaviHte aatropill . tan vocalists, by whom It Is sung with great iteees* ? 2ft cent*, line of the largest and best selection of ehoieeaiuii* in the United State*, at the reduced prices. HORACE WATERS. Ail Broadway. PIANO FOR SALE.? A W? ROSKWOOD PIANO, IN use but a few weeks, with guarantee of maker*, ean be bought at 105 Bleecker street for $2U0. The owner, a reeent widow, is about to go to her friends in Eaglaad, and need* the money. SECONDHAND jBOLEAN PIANOS.-ONE T. OIL bert A Co.'* Eoleuopiane, all rouBu coram with mould Inge. fret disk and fancy legs, nrice $300. been need about eighteen months, will be did for $373; one rolean piano, price $338, will be *old for $010; one six octave Chiekerlng plane, price $800, for $273; one Barmnre, price $228, (or $175; ene for f 100. J8ft and $75. To suit some purchasers monthly payments will be taken. HORACE WATERS, 3.13 Broadway. LEGAL KOTICES. An ACCOMPLISHED TENOR SINGER REQUIRED for a quartette choir, in one of the largest Kpisoopal churches In the eity. Apply at 31 Liberty street, fourth itory. First premium pianofortes, manufactured bv SI El > WAY SONS, 88 Walker itreet, Bear Broad way, N. Y.? These piano* received the first premiums, In competition with llanos made by the most oelebrated roanu ? oturers of Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Balti ?ere. Every piano warraated. Price* moderate. >OR SALE-A PIANOFORTE. IN GOOD ORDER. AP _ ply in furniture store, 224) aveaue B, between Thirteenth and Fourteenth etreet*. IEUAL NOTICE TO SAFE MANUFACTURERS -THE J undtrsigiitd gives notkee that a patent was ieeued March 27. It?, for the alum filling for safes, used by Mesir*. Holmes A Butler, No*. 90 aad 92 Maiden lane, aad M at all future infringement! thereof will be rigidly prose cuted. This notice becomes necessary, as soa* of the prin cipal eafe maker* in New Totlt (and ene In partiealar) are vnri'rttond to bave nsed It, or an imitation ot it, lineethe ( rystal Palaee test In IMS. O. W. HAMMOND, Jr., A? tomev for Helaia* A Butler, Na. 18 Wall etreeV DANCING ACAIMBMHSS. Dancing academies. -mlle Caroline vb slen's daneiag eratemy. Q Howard etreet. I* aow open for the inatruetioa of ladies and gentlemen in tu moat faih ienabl* daaeee of the day. Sehool for practice every evea *??- Grand danclnj leim* everjr Satuidsy atght, fro* t te H f tfflil VDIABOUU ^ (U\ A fUlfk Bt'N Ua <jf 1MB VIRGINIA ANP Vl'VUVtUUU Tmui>m( lUlliotd I'oafUf. ? Pro posal* ? ill b? reolved '*?- the ? hole or any pari of tha above ia*ae of bond.-< Th ? art dated lit Jul*, l**H, ill payable to b.amr, in (I <? aitv at * Vork, on the ,10th J ana. lt-M, ?Uh in t? real eoui 'ua ti'aobed, at the rata erf fntail Br annum. pe> able. -ml ananally at the Maak af Ameriea, ? lit of Jan.i.ry u4 July oi ?aah year, ai d oae half their amonat convertible into the ?t*ek of the eompaay at ahe ea Uoa af the bolder. Th??o bonda are iaaoed ander fall aatbortr of the ?tuokbuidca, .at the purpoae af haiahiaa and equippux tha road, and ?liae ere eeotuad by a mail mortgage OB tbe mad. witti all the real eatat*. Iiferee ui equipment*. trauehiaae, appMrvauanoe* and priTUageo laming thereto. The hrit mid prior oirVNt* l< (kfflJ of which ?1,U0U,(UI wae taken *?y tbe Stale of Yla^m the following rare advaniaaeaaa term a ? Six pat at? tat eat, and the principal to b? liquidated by paj bmW aai ally of oaa per cent for thirty tour y eara, tin mm analog ea I let of J el j, 1863. The ruuiaiuin* ?^ ?>(?*) were (old at ( The capital of tha oompaay ia M.U00 two. throe ortlui af ?? la held iy tha Stale ol Virginia, and the whole amoaMp? ia i( SS, >73,100. Tha length af tin road, from th* *My ( Lynchburg to tha Taaneaaee llae. ia 304 mile*, ?f whioh 11 are eDtirel; laiahad aad ia operation. The lamatalac Ml nine in ilea require only K06.MJt to complete thaw, aad tea month* labor 1* only aeceeearr to pat the eaMra road lata fall operation. There ha* haaa axpeudad oa the road ikat $6.000, OU) ia eoc*truotK>a. rolliag atock aad expaaae*, a na doable the amount of bota mortgagee. whioh together da not exceed $13,000 per mil* of road Tie road form* a link la tta ehaln of road* wtich are to beooni* probai) y the moel iaoaor tant route ia the tinion, glvl if an almoit elraight iSM front the Northern and haatern ci'ie* to thooo oa Uo Ollftf Mexico and the Miaaieaippi, ahortruing th* 4J than twe hundred mtlaa; aad there ia but oae be flniebad toalfurd e coutiououa railroad ti_ trom tbe city at Washington to Montgomery, Ala Independent of the trevel ti at will eomo toil Ma part of the neat Sooth and N? rtb line the Virginia and Teuaeaaoo Railroad ha* a certain loal buaineaa of lla own, which i* ?bltlriitirlM by the earning* of la*t year, with onlp eighty five mUe* open, <$lo3,0? 7?,) a* being anfhelaut of It aolf to anprort the road It paaaee alinoatlta whole laaatk through a rtgtou ibauidlni; with * variety of mtivtTftll ifQit moat valuable nature aueh ?* lead, coal, iron, ooppor, Mlk andgvpinm. all of whicl, .,|,i a great ?bnn.Hn**~wbleh have boon hitherto neglected, hut wbleh are that being ~ loped now tbatthey can be conveyed to market. In i better character. The Company have agreed to act apart one per cout. annually on tbe amount of their boada from the earning* of th* r ad a* a Inking fond to moot th* pay. mant of them at maturity, aad tha atookholdor* have adept <d a* a line of policy, t<> declare no dividend oxoopting from t caan (urpltt*, alter the iataroet and ?lnhf?j fond have been provl&ed tor. The term* on whioh th* *al* will be made mo X par cent, down, and the balance in payment* of 10 par *o*t. rrery thirtv dxya till all |>aid. If th* whole amount ia oaid at once, tntoraat to lat J uly to a allnwed. Tha right of rejeed log all or any part or tbe bid* ia reaerred. If doomed fer IN intcreat* or tbe Compaot to do ao. The boada will bo lodged in bank, to b? d<-ll?ered when the whole anoint la paid. Tnll Information will be given on nil aatyoot* con nected with the financial all ? Ira of the Company, whioh oouid bo d*riv*d by partiee wiehiag t) offar for HO bondo, and doenment* and referenoe* obtained by applying bo Adrian II. Mul'er. K>q , No. sS Vail ?treat, Now fork, to w horn offera mnat be aent, aeeled, and marlM Tender for Railroad Bouda," on or before 'he 24 1 1 day o f May Mat. Jt?ii> KDMIV HoUANIML. Pr**i>ieat Virginia and TenbaooM Railroad Co. The Board of Director* are .* HKNRT DAVIS 1UOMAS L. PRR8T0N, oeorcic ,s if art, itr. t. andrhSo.v. WILLIAM A. HKAD, And C. F. M. UAKNBTT ia CWof Rngtaoe*. I will receive eealed pmpoanl* for the above loan, whioh will remain with me uunpenel Ull throe o'oUok P. M. of Tburrday t ho Sltli day ot May naxt, to be Ihoo opened in the prcoenoH of the I realdeut, or tone other anthortaed ?igent of the oompany. ADRIAN n. MULLER, 38 Wall atroat. Naw Tork. (th April, IMS. d>7^nnnn hKw vou and haruh rail q) I UU.UUU . road aeoond mortgage 7 per oant bonda, part of an laaaa of one million. Thia mortgage aovoro a large amount of real eetato la thi* city, a* ooll a* naay par**l* oa th* Un* of the road, not inalndod ia tho trot mortgage; tha branoh road to Port Morria, on tho Baat River, with wharf and gmead nelonging thereto, aad all tlM rolling atoak and furniture ot tbe road. Th* bond* are i?*ned with intereat eonpona attaabod, fay able on the ftr?t day* of February aad Augnat la aaoh year, and the principal reimbursable on the flrat day of Anmot. 18M. Tha mortgage 1* made to the Farmer*' Loan and Trnao Company, of thia city, aa truatee for the bondholder*, aad recorded In all the oountien through which tho road paaaea. Thia laaue, added to the flret will make the muotgage la enmbrance upon Ue road tour mll.ion dollara ? loaa than lAf {er cant upon Ita coat up to thia time. Tho proooeda of tho onda aow offered, will be uaod? Arat to oxtlngalah tho footing debt of the Cctnpany; and, aecond, to complete tho donble track to White Plain*, and eroot *omo fbw natton bouae* required on the line of tho road, all of whioh, it ia oa pected may '.be doue lao a* to cloaa " eouatraotaoa ao aoant " at the end of the year. The aocurlty upan which tbeao bond* are baaed ia believed to be in all reipect* anpl*. quite aa reliable a* that of tha flrat mortgage. The earuin; a of the road are eonetaatly Iv ercaaing, aad it* bualnaaa, preeent and preapMtlvo, a ever m aatiafaotory a* new. Propoial* for all or any of thooo bond* may ha addroaaod to William B. Draper Treaaurer, Harlem RaDroad Com pany, New Tork, endorsed ' I'ropoaalo for 3d Mortgaao Bonda," until the fifteenth day of May naxt, whoa they wUl be opened, and abould ntate whether tha odor bo made at eaeh on receiving the bond*, or in in ataltnontr.of twenty ivo per eent, payable respectively on the lftth of May, loth of Jane, ISth of July, and lath af Augaat. Tha light of ia jeeting all or any part of th* bid* i* reserved, if deemed for the iutcmt or the Company ao to do. By order of tha Board of Director*. NICHOLAS DKAN, Pnaidoat. W?. B. Daaricn, Treaaurer No-rr ? Thi* road terminate* la the centre of the elty of New York, la one hundred and thirty milee long, con necting the city with Albany, and all tbe trade of the gnat Weat, together with a portion of that of the North. The icnual grot* earnings or the road bow exceed cm ml'hea af NewYork. April Sd. lfM. nnn -money loaned on diamonds, tJUUU^UU, vttthei. Jtvilrr, segar*, pUMtntM, merchandise, ami personal pr perty generally, or bougkt far eauh. Bubtness confldeu Ul, and executed promptly, >1 78 Nasiau street, first flout, back c ffloe. FLORENCE A CO. (tKKn nnn -money TO loan on diamonds, ipOuU.UUU . watohea, Jewelry, dry geoda, HMn, A*., or bought lor ouh; city stoose, eoMi, <u?rtaM?i ui kills ?f exchange negotiated. Business confidential ud ?>??>, bv THOMPSON A CO., brekereand commission mertkMU 102 Nassau street, corner of Asa. room No. 2. Boooud Ami BOND AN* protnltN real ea> Nt, a iui t? mI* applicant! and 'or ? term of roar* at 7 DM out irtMWi Apjly to 8. 8. BROAD. 13 Wall street. TO I.OAN. IN 8 CMS TO SUIT APPM T. Mlltkf IlLM, Boat estate broken, 7 Now street. nnn ?MONEY ADVANCED ON ALL KINDS iPOu.Uuu, of aoourities diamonds, watebes, Jewelry, sogers. stocks, real estate. and all sorts of merekaadiee, ?y JOSEPH LYON A CO., IS William street, room 10. J*. ?. ?All transactions itriotly oonfldsntial. 830.000. sage on real oitato, In thio ci y Als > 82.000, $1,N0 a 91,000 to loan on Improrod Brooklyn property. Apply to ?? A. BERGEAh T, it Wall street nnn -money to lev* on b< <T I d.UUU . mortgage, la first class pro dec tate In tbia eity, below Thirty tooth street, la applicant! and for s term of year* at 7 pore* Apt ly to 8. 8. BROA D, 13 Wall street. ?en nnn TO ''OAN. IN SUMS TO SUIT qpefU.UUU canti, on improved city property, first class loans intvery_reepeot. CUAaE k FyLl LOAN? ON REAL BSTATS, IN _ tjr, la one or seraral vane. Apply to W. B. WOOD, to Wall stmt. $9^ nnn ? T0 ,OAN O* bond AND MORTOAOB tP^U.V/UU. in tbis o'.ty, la eums of $2,00(1, 96,000, $10^0, Ac. Nose but first mortgages taken. Apply to YANDU l'OEL A ROBIN SON, Brokers, 203 Broadway, room lie. ? ?i?dKA,: to W. B. WOOD, 6ft Wall at 0?C enn WANTED-ON BOND AND MORTGAGE, "PtJ.uUU at ihon per cent for Ore or ill ye ass, on a first olase honae op town, on a corner; onsper eent. broker age will bo paid. Address M. O., Herald offloe. for two days. (J, I nnn WANTED-FOR THKBE OB FIVE TSARS. <Pt.UUU on first class property, la a moot desirable and valuable part ol Brooklyn; and, as first mortgage, a I six per eent semi annually on condition that the interest be paid on the dav it is due; otherwise seven per eeat. Tltla rtrfcet; security ample. No broker need apply. Address . O. N., Herald office C'iASH ADYANCliD IN ANT AMOUNT, OS PUB J chased at sight; Diamonds, Watobes, Rleb Jewelry, aaS valuable personal property morally. R. w i iOD, W Paltoa street. Second Seer, front room ; 9 A. M. to A P. M. TRYING SAYINGS INSTITUTION, NO. 9S WARRHN 1 street, one door from Green wiob? Upon daily Dram 10 A.M. to 1 P.M., and 4 to 7 P.M. Intereet at tbe rate ef six pec cent allowed on all sums from Si to IfiUO. Tbe faade of Mia institution are ocourely Investsd in bonds aad mortgagee to the city of New York, worth donhle the amoua* loaned, MM in bonis ia this city. CALEB S WOODUULL, Pnslleei M.' D." TuFiuJ Tio* V annas mt/r L. Bviioi, Secretary. Monet libebally advanced? By PECAftES, BEfcNSTEIN A PHILLIPS, aae tloneers, M Liberty street, oae door from Naseaa, on stoeks, veosels. real estate, furniture, pleteies, merebaadise, Ae? le*t with us fcr sale Money to loan.? persons requiring sbmpo tary advances oa real estate, d<amo?ds, plate, watches, ievslry, pianofortes, dry goods, oarriageo, aad every description of persoial pr -perty. promptly imosb ed aSed as the Empire l.oan and Agenor oflae, 333 Broadway, eppastto tbe Broadway Theatre. Semersd from (XI. TO CAPITALISTS.? THE POX AND WISCONSIN Improvement Company offer to capitalists for Invest ment the remaining hair ot their 8 per eent bends, (S9M,000J payable February 1, 1873, iatereet semleaaaauy, at Its Bank of North America, eity ef New York. These beads are secured by a first mortgage a|ea lands worth, at a tow valuation, more thaa doume the amount, also apaa tbe im provement Itself, together with its proooods, iratos power. Ac. Inquire at the ogoeof the oompaay, It Wall Street. WANTED- $4 800 ON BOND AND MOSfQAflB, ON Brooklyn Improved property, wortk fear Maeas toe smouat. Address box 1,931 Peot Uibee. Brokerage will k? P?U WANTED? JW*) FOR TWBLYE MONTHS. AT SBTSN per een'; the best of seoartty gtvea. Address P. T. Miller, Herald office. WANTED? TO BORROW $76, BY A LADY, WITH a mall family, from a lady oriontlemaa whs weald re celve paymi nt In board at a reriund price, or ens dollar \ week lower than elaewhere Every pain* takea to A written agreement, with I. terset, If desired. A f rnny person wis) iar a a rmaneat homo la aa At. family. Plrese address Emma, bog 1X2 Herald sAee THB TORT. SBD HOUSE, HARLEM.? THIS FASHIOHASLS RB sort is now completo ia all its appolatmaato, aad the ss stables attaobod are eeaetantly filled with the fiaest and fasteei horses to be fonad. PgMons ia waat of horses ean always bo supplied at tbe Sit House. The tootttag track 1* in splendid order, aad trettlag mate hoe eeeer every fine afternoon. The See end A wane ears pass the deer stm| Svemirutea. TTKIOH COURSE. L. L-TSOTTINO, ON THURSDAY. U April 26. at S V M. A puree of Srty dollars; mlla hrati; best 3 in 3, ia harness. H. Woodruff eater a w. g. Union; Ins. W. ..draff enters r. g. Mav Ply; J oka (tout eaters b. m. Anrellae. SHAW A WHITS, Proprietors. REMOTAL. JOSEPH LEE, MERCHANT TAILOH-SAS SSMOYSS from 313 Hroadwav to Qilsey's Butldtaeg* MS Bread way REMOYAL?0. A ROBINSON HAS RSMOYSP HIS r?al < it ate asd general (Mister offioe from Ne. M Nas sau strset to the Lafarga bnOAag, Noe. 980 and 993 Broad way, rooms Noe. 4 and 5, np stairs, where applieaats wiM find a large amenat o? real e tate re,iettr*d for sale, also hotele and houses to rent. Leasee aad basins** hots*** of svery description bought aad sold. THE FRANK I IN FIRS INSURANCE COMPANY OP Philadelphia ha* removod to 97 Wall street, aearly e^. M r. NOTiaf ( ?*v

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