Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 27, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 27, 1855 Page 3
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I mm? iKilKW X ttttY til!. TKWAJPfH* RKClvrva. <tlft BROADWAY TO LEASE-SUITABLE FOR A t/lU boarding bouse or youn< ladies' achool; aoutaias thirty -five large and sinal room?, alterations wade. if rs riuired, on lower floor and in trout. Apply to G. W. TELL, W Will Eighteenth it. Q7fl BROADWAY? A HANDSOME SUITE OF ROOMS, OlU 01 seoond floor, either to a family or emgle gfule m?a. These rooms are worth the atteati'in of persons desir ing oomfort and attention. To a family, -*0010 give the uii of kitehan, or hoard, on the European plan. Single room* from $2 to to per weak. 1QO GREENWICH STREET.? TO l.ET, NEXT DEY 1 OO street first ami third lofts, and one with ? good sky light, in brown atone building. Apply on the premises, or ti.lO Greenwiqfe itrwl Ann a MONTH ? TO LET, St USD FLOOR OF house 'J34 Third avenue to r nt to a good tenant lor the above rent, consisting of four l?r<e rooms; walls minted, MM mantle*, folding dior-, Ac Poeeeaaion im mediately. Can be (tea at anv time Aleo the basement. Apfly to JOHN FOLhiY, 167 Broadway. AL01T TO LET? THE SECOND STORY OF THE building No. 8 North ?Villi>m street, extending througli to William street. Has been occnpit-d fur fverul rears past as a clothing ware room, and is well adapted to an* U^ht manufacturing bniineai. Apply at No 3 Kerry street. Apartments to basement, with through privileges, of bonse 81 East Eleventh street, between Firrt and Second avenues; also hack parlor on fir't floor. Inqnire 011 the premises. Also a dining room and two bedrooms in the tame building. A HOUSE TO LET-RENT FOR BOAM'.? A GEHTLK man and wife, with servant, oocunving an elegant brown stone house in Twenty third street, with to lc it ?with the furniture, and take no-tof the r?nt in board. With an agreeable family liberal <er ? ' will be made. Ad< dresa Charlton, Union Square Po t office. AT HARLF.M.? TO LET OR FOR SALE, ON 133d street, botween Fifth and Sixth avenuos, a neat two and a half story frame house, filled in -with brick; nine Toomi, cellar, Ac., and six lots of ground Covored with fruit trees. Terma easy. Applylto II II R HE, Superior Court, coruer of Chambers and Centre stieeLs. Kent $W0. Pes tesalon now. Anew cottage to let? two story and ba^k meat, with Croton water and good y rd, near the t'r juinus of Elg f th avenue railroad ; r?nt $ 'M Also a p.irt of a house, with all improvement!; rent S5300. Apply to HENRY FU AN KLIN, 71 West Thirty fifth street, neir Broadway. BROADWAY-TO LET. -THE NEAf LITTLE STORE, with baok room, and two rooms a.-Mve, 'ilfl'-i Broadway. Ptore is handsomely fltted up with shelving, oountor, ga?, and water. Possession immediately Kent moderate. Ap Jily to JAMES I'KH I, 9U0 Hudson street Broadway stores and lofts at moderate rents ?To let or lease, severil stores and uppv-r parti on Broadway, well located and suliaMe for any respeotabls light business Possession of some ol thorn ouu Is had at once- lent to ccuimenoe 1st Mav. A0|>1? to JAMES PR I. STZOU Hudson strsol. BROADWAY LOFTS.? THE FIRST AND FIFTH LOFTS of the bta'uing 151 Broadway west side, between Cort land, and Liberty itrceti. an 'xcellcnt location for any lar.-o 1 ueinese requiring first, class lofts. Kent modorate to'a good tenant. Apply to WM. WARD, 15 J Bioadw&y. Broadway offices to let, at low rites ? Alio two elegant parlors, furni hed with velvet carptt*, splendid mirrors, obandeliers Ac. S-erxral studioi for anists snd rooms for engravers, with northern 1 ? h t i>uo lar<o room fur a lodge or club. Apply to KORTttIGH T CKUGKIt. 331 Broadway, (late Cooper llouso,; corner of Anthony street. Broadway.? to, the store 737, situated oa the west aide, under the A tor Place Hotel, near Waverley plate; at excellent position for any business. Rent moderate, anl fixtures for sale cheap. Apply on the pre mises. ? 10UNTRY HOUSE TO LET at GI.EN '30YE, L. I.? A J new house, two story and attie, with every oeoeisary arrangement for oomfort, with fonrteen rooms, barn, pump and lruit trees, on a lot ISO feet square, situated on the Glea Cove road, south of the Tiling*. Apply to J. A. KISaAM, 93 pulton street. C10UNTRY HOUSE.? TO LET, ON BERGEN POINT, J on* hour's sail from the oit y, a roomy and oonvemont bouse, pleaaantlv situated near tbe water, having a tino view or New Brighton, New York Bay, Ao , fire (5) minutes' walk from the landin/ Very desirable for a summer resi dence. Apply to Mr. WILLIAM REED, near the premise*. C COUNTRY RESIDENCE TO LET-AT YOAiKERS, ) Westchester oounty, beautifully laid ont, within fit teen minutes' walk of the Hudson River Railroad depot, constating of a handsome dwelling, two itory and attic, with a splendid cellar uader the whole house, carriage house, ic* bouse, all new, and two acres of mound, in a high ?tat* of cultivation, bountifully supplied with fruits of tue choicest (elections. On the premises uretwo rplendid wells Of water. For further particulars inqnire of WM. H. VA J.ENTINE, 30 Sccond street. CLIFTON, (STATEN ISLAND-LOTS FOR SALE. ON high grorud, with pure watrr and purfect sewerage, the Inost desiraVu on the islaud. Apply to W. W. VAV WAG FNEN, t-lirton; M. O'Ccmnoi, lti Read* street, or J. U t eigert, Yaaderbllt. House, Vanderbilt landing. C10TTAGES, Ac., TO LET.? TWO OF THE THREE ) ptettj cottages on Forty-ninth street, just west of third avtnue. containing nine rtoms, Croton water, <ic.; neat ;ar den in iront and yard in rear, just put in cimplotc order and raady lor occupation; rent *300 Also, the neat three story house 77 Vanck street; rent $450. Apply to JAMES PRICE, 200 Hudson street. CANAL AND HUDSON STREETS -TO LET OR lease, th* promlntnt *outhea*t corner hai a front of So feot oa each stieet: upper part o?staini ten rooms, Cro ton water and gas, with a separate and genteel entranco on Canal street. Tbe storei will mak* capital stan Is for the clothing, hardware or furniture business, Ac.; would be let separate, if desired. Apply to JAMES PRICE, 2>10 Hud ?on *tr*et. DESIRABLE TP REE-STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK house to rent, with cub-cellar, bath rooms, kitchen raa'e, Ac., la Ve*try street, one door tron Hudson to wards Caaal. Rent, $700. Apply round the corner, 174 Hud ?oa street. First class house to let-west of and con veaicat to Broadway, halow >it tb street, containing betwien twentv and thirty roomi, with all the coavemeacoi ? gai. chandeUera, hath* and Crotna water throughout Rent low to a responsible party, with immediate poiioiiion Apply to B. W. RICHARDS 807 Broadway. Furnished rooms to l*t~a suit of givteel ly furnished rooms, ia a pleaaant house, located in Hleecker street, one door from Broadway, wJI be let on rea ?onabl* terms. Apply at 71 Bleccktr street. FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET- WITHOUT BOARD, to *inglt gentlemen, in a (mail private family in Variek itreet, near Ifrauklio. Iuijuitu at 14U Sim street, tecond story. Furnished rooks to let? on modekafe terma, with every convenience fur housekeeping lor a fciuall family. Alto, ume room* and bed room* nn furnithed. Apply at I2S Wett Twenty fourth ttroet, near Seventh avenne, N.B.? One or two tingle gentlemen might be accommodated Pleace call and aee. Furnished rooms.-two suites op rooms, handsomely furnished, with every convenience, plea .autly lootted, being near the new Union Clubhouse and Union iqnire, luitnble for gentlemen of reipec lability. Apply at 2.M Fourth avenue, one door above Twentieth atreet. Furnished house on easy terms ? a widow er, without ohildren, owning a large furnished bouse, near Union aquare, wcnld let it to a family, and ifagroable board with them thereby reducing the rent to about $1,000. Apply to Jsmci Such, SO Ea*t Fifteenth *treet. FHurnished rooms-a suite of neatly fur nilhed room*, with u*e of kitchen, to let, to a email fa mily, or would let the lame to gentlemen, with or without partial board. House oontains bath and gM. Apply at 2ii Greene I'reet, near Fourth. I ?BURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, at lftFnlton itreet, near St. Psul'i church; a g >od ?p ?ortunity for tho** who with a genteel and convenient roil Cence dmn town. Apply on the premise*. Houses to iet in hoboeen-withln thre& minute*' walk of the ferry; a-f*w new frit elan bonne* U River ttrrate, with court ya*d*. commanding a beautiful Tiaw of the river and eity of N*w York; casjanil hot and eoll * ?ter, Ae , Ao ; and will be let to private famllle* of th? ?>l*u?*t rcipeetaelUty only. Inquire at the office Hvd'On and 3 joond rtreeti, Hobokea. of B. MARTIN. Hhoboken-to let, part of a priyate house. at 17 Third itreet, to one (mall family, without chil dren. The bouse it beautifully finish' d, with grate*, m'r lie mauteUand pa*, about Ave minute*' walk from the ferry. Rent very moderate. For particular* apply >o J. P. JACK, at the Engraving office, corner ot Barclay street and Broai way, basement. HMOUSF. TO LET? TnE FIRST CLASS BROWN STONE front hou?e, -10 We*t Nineteenth etreet. be', ween the fifth and Sixth avenne*, contains seveatren room*, ma de? irarrovement*, and i* being put in good order; pone* aion immediately. Apply at 710 Broadway. HMHOUSE. DRUG STORE, AND GROCERY STORE TO let ?A tmall genteel houie, with all the modern Im ifrovoment*, corner of Broadwsy anl Thirty-sixth itreet, I *nd corner of Sixth *vc?u* and Thirty tixth itreet Apply toWM.A BltADSH A W, M John *treet. HOUSE TO I.ET? IN JERSEY CITY; A GOnD THREE ?tory brick home, in good order and pleasant location, v ithm five minntee' walk of the ferry. Iminire of J. A. KYEfcSON, IS Montgomery itreot, Daily Telegraph office, JericyCity. House to let-the lower part, or one half of Ih* room* in a plaitsant house and uniet neigh borhood or the parlon alone, to a good responsible tesant. Apply at 10 White itrett. writ tide of Broadway. House and store to house no. 23 Wontter ?tre?t , westerly ilde, iu the block adjoining ?*nal itreet. The lowerpart wi'l be flniahed Into * store ii rennlied. Apply to J. CRAM ftO Union tqnare. Loft to half of the second loft. M'i Yoov iteeet, 40x24, well adapted for n show room, t here li*bt it needed, a* It hat eeven window*. Rent lew to ? responsible tenant. Inquire of T STANVNOUGHT, IIS I niton f-trnt. IOTS TO LET-TWO LOTS ON HOBOKEN STREET, J dlreetly oppoeite the Hudion River Railroid paetenier ?latioa ana olote to Collin*' steamship doek and llobokea ftrrj ? hue a frout of d0 feet. Appli to JAME3 PRICE, IUU Bnlioa itrsit AVStON HOUSE-TO LET, ON THE HUDSON rivtr at highty-iixth atioet, oontalnini forty room*; well adapt d lor a leminary or exW-naive hotel. Apply <>u the*!. JOHNSON P.I EE Alio, glt.i Louse and fourteen lot#, netr Broadway, on lUl.h itreet. Office to iet ?all or part of a fine large otflee, on tceond floor of building lrt7 Broadway, to let. Arply to JOHN I Ol.EY, gold mi nnfactwrer. Offices in chambers street to rent.? ap ply at the Box Ofllot of Burton ! theatre OrriCEB TO LIT? IN WALL S1RFET. IV THE NEW Natioi al Hank building. mita'.le for lawyer* or Irokert U ALMoN W (.BtriWU H>, M Wall itreet PART OF A HOUSE TO I ET.? THE LOWER PART OF house Np. 11 Third itreet; two large parlow, on* bed rT">?, II I kltoben; rent $4<*' (ienteel neigh oothood. Ap I ly ?t 1.1.' ( anal itreet for lnrtb*r psrtknUrt. PART OF A HOUSE TO LET? NICELY Fl'RNIsnF.O I f?ra tmall family for housekeeping; termi mrderite; U-oation plra*?nt, rait of the Bo?*ry below Seventh l?rae?. 4'onveni?ntito the SeoMid and Third ivenne c?r?; the p?r ? ^???"""?nt and two bedrocm*. Aprly to B. W. RICH ARDRJWT Btradway. f 'PRIVATE STABLE TO LF.T.? A Si ABI E YF RY COM I r'ltf in bll its arrangement*, to let. Apply on pf-* Ptiiea N" 1"!n Wcit I ifltf ilb itirlt. nUSAWTfP UMHVMli PAST or A HOUSE TO LET-TO A SMALL, RE tpec*able family, without children, coasiatiai 01 two roomt on MO?nd floor, one attio room, ant back basement with tango, and ate of bath. Appiy to J. A. DIXON, No. 7 Amit> atre?t. S'PLENDID SUITES OF A P ARTME s' I.S TO LET? IN * those houtot No. 1W5 and 108 Wett Thirty te?eath itreot. near Eighth avenue; the halle, stairs Ac , are furnished, and llg hied with gss; Crot.m water, water clo?ew, Ac, on eaoh fleer, and the gas In each suite; oc upanti hate only to at tend to their own apartments, as a hovifkeeper ia employed to clean and keep in order the balance of the houses; these apartments need only to be seen te ba appreciated; they will lie let to small respectable families. Apply as above, or to WALLER A SEEl.Y.440 Eighth avenne. CJTORE TO LET? IN THIRTEENTH STREET, TWO O doors west of Broadway; the store is about 40 feat deep; rent only $200 a year. Apply at IM3 Broadway. SHt.E STORE TO LET? STOCK AND FIXTURES FOR sals.? A neat and oonvanient shoe store, well establish ed anil now doing a good business. The atook is small and well selected, and will be sold moderately. The furniture is almost new, uud will ba sold far below ooat. Apply at S3 Rose street, near Tear!, or No. 4 Warren. TO LET-THE NEAT TWO AND A II ALT' STORY AND basement dwelling, No. 3 Hubert street, finely loea'ed, only one door west of St. John's Park; ooutalns ten rooms, has Croton water. end waste pipes in back basement; vault under sidewalk. Rent 9600. Apply to JAMES I'RI JE, 200 Hudson TO LET? A HOUSE, 90 ANN STKtfET, UPPMR PART used at present ss a dwelling for a small family; the fir<<t story as a tailor's store, and the baiement as a bottliug eeilar. For partioulara, apply at Me. 137 Fulton street, third story. B. GALBRAIIH. TO LET? RENT fSSO-PRETTV COTTAGE HOUSE, now in nice order, 11 rooms, stable in rear, shade trees! Croton water, bath mom. spaoe for gardon. Ac. Second Wm ThirJ avenne cars past night and day. Apply on the pre mises, corner of 103a street aid Third aveuue. TO LET- A FURNISHED PARLOR, TO ONE OR TWO alngle gentlemen, at modnra'.e r >nt; breakfast t I required. Apply at No. 1C4 Mulberry street, coal omoo. TO LET-THE THREE STORY HOUSE, 216 WEST Twcnty-tevcnth street, with modern Improvements, g&] I tot and oeld water bath connected wi .h street sewer, a-4 ! la iu complete order. Also, the store and oollar of premise 1 Srt? Washington street, corner of Beaoh. Inquire at 57 Rroa I street. J. O. ANQARICA. fpO LET? A THREE-STORY MASTIC FRONT BR10K I houso, 20 Pavoni* place, Jersey City, dellzhtfully sit uated, within five minutes' walk of the f?rry; supplied with r:.i>Faic water and rat fixtures. Rent low. Apply to A. A I1BOT, 289 South Sixth street, between Jersey avenue and C' lea street. 10 LET-ON BROADWAY, OPPOSITE METROPOLI _ tan Hotel, two hemisomely furnished and well vonti lated rooms, suitable for two single gentlemen, or man aut wife, from middle of May till 1st Ootober. Inquire at 5/5 Broadway, third floor. TO LET? A SPLENDID BRICK HOUSE, SITUATED on the bank of the Hudson river, Eirfhty-ilrtU street and Twelfth aveoue, a beautiful retired spit, Inquire ?t I'. BKENNAN'S Coal Yard, oorner of Eighty fourth street and Bioadway. TO LET? IN BROOKLYN, A SECONO FLOOR, SUIT able for a fentloman and his wife. Rent $140 Or will be rented furni<-l;ed to gentleman, ?? itbont hoard. Apply at 302 l'aciflc street, between Smith and Iloyt streets. TO LET-THE UPPER PART OF A FIRST CLASS house consisting of six rooms, in 100th street, njar lir<>adway. Kent $150. Fur particular, inquire of J, liEOUll, on the premises. fO LET? TnE NEW BROWN STONE FRONT ENG lish basement house No. 119 En it Thirteenth street, near Third avonue, with all modern improvements. Kent low to a rood tenant. For partioulara apply to TRUJILLO, FRAN* HI A CO., general agents, 1U0 Wall street fO LET-A NEAT COTTAGE HOUSE, CONTAINING five rooms, on lilst trect, Harlem, between Third and F'ourth avenues, will be 1st to a small ismily. Home newly 8 ninted and in complete order. Croton water in the house. :<nt to a good tenant $130. Inquire of J. D. V ANDES' BERG, 57 East Fourteenth street. q^o LET? CORNER STORE, FlRST FLOUR AND J. basement, 90 John street, corner of Gold. Apply up stairs, as above. * TO LET? TI1E THIRD FLOOR OF A NEW THREE storv bnek house, 148 East 3Cth street, consisting of six rooms, with Croton water, the owner living in the lower part. Kent low to a small family. TO LET? THE REMAINING STORE, 17C GREENWICH street, adjoining the 1'ncitic Hotel, rent ?500, ba?e B'fnt il.00; also the store and bank mom, 55 Greenwich avenue, rent $150; also a number of well looated oflloet in buildings 208 r.nd 304 Broadway. Apply to ? BLOOMER, 20* Broadway. TO LET? TO ONE FAMILY ON A FLOOR, THE FIRST and second storiot of louse 270 West Forty-seventh street, between Ninth and Tenth avenues. Rent moderate. Apply to D. WANMAKER, J74 Forty-soventh street, or to A. Ql'ACKEN Bl'SII, 34 Chariot, or No. 3 Broad streets. rro LET? THE PRINCIPAL PART OR THE WHOLE J of the four story English basement houso. 102 West Tw:nty fifth street,1 (containing all the modem improvements. Apply on the premises, or at 657 Greenwich street. TO LET? TnE SECOND FLOOR OF THE nOUSE NO. 29 Hubert street, near St. John's park, to a gentloman ard hit wife withont ohildren. For particular* call at No. II Vandam street, between 4 and ti P. M. T TO LET-A STORE, SUITABLE FOR A FANCY Busi ness, fbelng occupied as auib), tailor, hatter, Ao., to gether with tho back room and rear kitchen, on tha same floor; also, with the second floor and a room ia attio. In quire on the premises, a> 4 Bleeoker street, ono door frim Barrow. Rent $100. TO LIT? THE THREE STORY DWELLING HOUSE, No. 200 Hudson street, (exoept office, first floor,) eight rooms in good order Possession immediately. Kent $450. Also, the twn and a half story dwelling, (exoept basemont flotr,)No 03 Watts street, eigh'. rooms; now repairing. Will be ready before May. Rent $350. Alto, upper part, 197 Canal, five rooms; now repairing. Ron*. S-75. Together with other small placet. Apply to JAME3 PRICK, 200 Hndson street. TO LET- TWO FOUR STORY HOUSES, WITH STORES on flret floor, on Thirty fourth street, between First and Second avennes; water on eaoh floor. Rent $550. Also, storca and apartments for families on the corner of Walker and Elm. Apply to JOHN BRKY, 433 Broadway, from 1U *o 12 o'clock. TO I.ET? THE FOUR STORY BROWN STONE BASE ment houre No. 86 East Thirty-second atreot. The hou >e ia finished in the best manner, with all the modern eonre tiiences. Apply on the premises Rent $700. TO LET-IN JERSEY CITY, TEN MINUTES' WALK from the ferry, a eottage house in elegant order, hand somely papered and pnintea. Gas and water, fine conrt yard in front, Ac. Kent only $300. As the prcaent occupant is al out leaving the city, will sell hit fnrniture. which is new, or snch portion as may be agreed upon. Apply to E. B. KINSUIMER. 319 Fourth avenue, from 8 to 10, or 3 to 7 TO LET? A FIRST CLASS TWO STORY AND ATTIC brick dwelling house, in Union street, Brooklyn, between Clinton and Court streets. The house U well built, with large roomt and high oeilinga; kitchen rauge and gas through out, and it cow being re-painted and pit in thorough repair. The situatien and neighborhood are smeag the beat ia Brooklyn. Apply to NATHAN STEPHENS, first houie veet of Court street, on the south side of Union ttreet. TO I.ET? A HOUSE AND GROCERY STORE, SA loon, garden, nuditaMe in the rear, oorner of Ewen and Sohol streets, WillliaraiOmrf;. Inquire at 59 Stanton ttreet, corner of fcldrid&o, New York. Rent, $21.0 a year WILLIAM KIPP. TOIET-IN CUMMINGS STUDIOS, 53 EAST TIIIK tcenih street, one door west 01 Broadway, a large ?ta d'o, suitable for an architect or eng'aver; may bo eonve r'ently divided Into two. Apply at room* No. 1 and 2 on the premises. rpo I.ET? A 8MAI.Ii BROWN STONE IIOUSE.IN A 1 flnt class neighborhood, near Eighth avsntto and Thirtv sccond street, with all the modern improvements, and in complete repair. The furniture, which if nearly new and of the beet quality, will be lold for J: 'Ml Ko it ot house I&50 Per yesr for three year* For fnll particular* apply to SMITH A WODELL, 44i Eighth avenue. TO I.ET-TWO FOUR STORY MODERN BUILT basement horses. eitnatcd on southeast corner of Se cond arcane and Twelfth street. The owner may be *eea on the premise*, Mondays, Thursday* aed Saturdays, be tween 12 end 1 o'clock, or at his offloe, #7 J Sixth avenue, oa the sbcTe days, from lu to 12 o'clock. TO I.ET? Til E THREE STORY ITOUSE 174 EAST Taentieths'reet, three rooms deep, with all the modern improTuraeuts. Imir.ire on the premises. Fojje.sion mat' Uiately. mo I.F.T? THE ENGLISH BASEMENT DOUSE 277 A Fourth avenue, ea?t side, eeiosd door above Calvary Church. Will be rented for one or two years to a gool te i'?ot, at a moderate rent. Apply to CT f. SOVTHMAYD, No. 2 llanover ttreet. TO I.ET? TnE FIRST AND SECOND FLOORS OYER store fti Canal street, suttablo for a first class millenary or dentist establishment. Apply in the shoe store next d?or, or of U. I ELI HAM, 204 aad 2U0 Sixth avonne. TO I.ET? THE BILLIARD SALOON, CORNER BOWERY ard Broome street. Including bsrsnd six tables. For pirticulars, enquire of J. II A W. K. Cort, SO Uowaiy. Also U.e ?toro 00 Bowiry. rPO I.ET? THE DWEI LINO FART OF DOUSE 720 JL Crtcnwich corner of Charles street, gas and Crotun wa ter in the house; stages pass tbe door every few minutes, ard Is within one Mock of Hudson street railroad. For particulars inquire of II. HARRIOTT, en opposite corner. TO LET? TDE FIRST CLASS THREE STORY AND high basement house 19 West Forty first street, hatween Sixth avenue and Broed way, with tbe gas fixtures and all the modern improvement*. Rent $7'W. Apply to T A J. E. I1EATH, No. SO chambers strset, jjasemsut, from 12 to 3 ?'eloclc. T O LET? A PLEASANTLY SITUATED THREE STORY house in Twenty sixth street, with modern improve ments, for one or more veer*. at fflflO a year, tie lessee taking psrlor, caipet and hall oilcloth at a low valuation, or for six mouths, furnished, for 1^160. E B. KINSHIMKR, 319 Fourth avenue, 3 to 7 P. M. T~ O LET-AT SOUTH BERGEN, A THREE STORY housa and larse garden spot, pleasantly lac* ted on-< and a quarter miles from Jertey City ferry. Inquire of W. . CHAMPION, Gardener avenue, oa the prrmi?as, or of LAR COMBEA CO , 40 Maldtn Isae, New Yetk. RonttJiW. TO LET-TO AG1NTEEL AMERICAN FAMILT.WITH out children, six rooms, In the tew honse No 2*3 Madi son street. Caa and Croton. Apply on the premi?os. TO I.ET? TOE DWELLING HOUSE NO. 1<W LEONARD street, a few door* oait ol Broadway; is sdmiraMy adapted, on seconnt of Its verv central position, for a fir.-t class boarding honse, for which pn'pnse it has boon necujrtod for many years. Apply to rrEl'HEN CONOYKR, 2iH BroxJwsy. TO I.ET? TnE MAGNIFICENT BROWN STONE HOUSE IS# East Eighteenth street, la elegant and complete of der ai d repair, expensively frescoed and painted, and In a drelraMe neighborhood, having all th< modern convealancies and Improvement s, snoh as water, gas, baths, calls, heators, dntuniifs, furnace. bells, Ac., Is three rooms deep. Apply to T. B VCORHEEK Counsellor at Law, Appleton's Bnlld lnr, '16 Broadway. TO I.ET-A NUMBER OF FIRST CLASS HOUSES, some brown stone; Fn?lish tasement, high stuop. with ail the modern Improvements, situated on the west silo of Broadway, np to J n at prices varying frpm fttO to also, a country bosriliag bense at New Rocheile. Annlr to ? : I tl - * i 'I'M. I. i i f.i. !.tli k ? TO I.ET-368 SIX! H AVENUE, NEAR TWENTY?THIRD ttr<et, the entire third floor, with Crotoe in He Mine in a f >nr story trietihonse: wontl aeeotrmodat ,. tw, sms'l fs-iiiies II desired. Tent moderate. Iiqulre ot N. F. KINO, i't W i ft Fifteenth wnlU II A U,. atvd from I to I, ?uiMHlir. M.., mmjnv RBtturriitb TO l.E I ? Tilt LOWER PART OP A TIIRIE STORT bouae, with *11 the modern improvements. Inquire at 44 Barrow street , iiu Bleoeker. TO LIT? AT 2S BOWERY. TWO SPLINDID PROMT and back parlors, xuitshle for a dentiit, doctor, ?r da guerreotyput. A ito the rear part of tke house TO I.ET-TBE UPPER PART OP HOU*S 3W GRAND rtr*et brtvmi Chrystie and Forty th, veil aJipttd for buninem pnrposes. Would be lot ia offices, or toother to a good tenant. Apply ia U e store. TO LET- A VERY SUPERIOR BROWN 9TOH1 HOUSE, in Twent. fifth street, near Medisn square. Bent SI, 'MO. Furniture containtd in house for sale, ai a barta a, and a email figure. E. B klNSHIURS. 319 Fonrth avenue, from 3 to 7 P. If. TO LET? A O ENTER h HOUSE, 3 2 EIGHTH AYiCNUK, near Abingdon square, tbreo stories, thirteen rooini; gas and Croton throughout; no rinn or bath-, roul low. W a good tenant. Apply to klANSON, Dentiit, SS5 Broadira/. PriieieioB immediately. TO LET? ATCARMANSYILLB, ON 1531 STRERT.NEAR Tenth tteaue, a seat frame home, with six lot! oi' grennd, ooaoh house and (table; alio, on Tenth avenge, n?ar l."Jd ttreat, two three story brick houses; alio, un Urovl way, the store end dwelling l.UHC and atore 1.084; alto, the coal yard and fixture! 1,016 Broadway. Inquire of R. I' CARMAN, 1084 Broadway. TO LIT? AT 27 SUMMIT STREET, WITHIN FIVE niinutee walk of the Hamilton aveaue ferry, a ba?e ment house; pith bot and ootd water bath, dumb waiter and gas throughout, chandelier, Ac., all in perfeot orlcr, rent low and possession immediate. M AR9H A CO; No. 2% Maiden lane. mo LET? TnE HANDSOME DWELLINCJOVER STtiRE, ! X corner of Third avenue and Eighth street; private en I trance on St. Mark's place Alao the superior brown at >ne " dwelling over atore 301 Fourth avenue, separately or w it h I store; possession Inime (lately. Inquiro of C. PITT A SON 17 Third avouue. oorncr of Eighth street. TO LET? A Tff ti STORY (AND BASEMENT BRICK cottage, in first class condition and good neighborhood having all the modern improvement ?;"V*rden in front and yard in rear Applj to JOHN J. MUXIjv, 498 'third ave nue. 2 to 4 P. M. TO LET-HOUSE, STORES AND APARTMENTS.? A four atury brick house with atom ami basement, i.'iiU ltror.dway. rout t IflO, together or in floors, to small, guuteul families; alto the store aid basement adjoining, corner Broadway and Forty-tirst strett, being a good stunJ for a bakery or other business. Inquire at 127 Riviugton street, from 4 to 8 o'clock, fO LET? A THREE STORY MODERN STYLE HOUSE, at a decided bargain, a few doora from Broadway on Forty-fifth street; high basement, high stoop, piatza, and oiurt yard, and in aiiood neighborhood. Croton water, bath, range, Ac. Aj.flv to WM. E. BRINCKKKHOFF, No. 112 avenue C, before A. M. and after 6 P. M. TO LET? TIIKEE HANDSOME TWO STORY BASE , ment ai d attio houses, in exoolleat order, with Croton i vftter, Ac., situated atNos. Hi3, ll>6 and 107 Mercer street, he- i tween Spring and Prince streets Will be let to good ten ants, at moderate rents. Apply at lt'tt Mercer street, nr at i 2r9 Broad* ay, room 10. GEO RUE W. SI HERS. T' O LET? APARTMENTS DOWN TOWN, IN SUPERIOR home/; in ivi Warren (treet, 10 State street, from ting tho I liatter.v, and in 171'Cberry street, near Market; a handsome parlor and tas< meet floor In this Louse. Apply at 83 War | rcn street, in the babement TO LET? A NEW FIRST CLASS HOUSE, FIVE STO ri?s high, aisty Icet deop, brown stone front, with all the modern improvements, situated four deors frotn Ninth sveiue, in Twenty third atroet; usual rent, #1.200; will rant it now fur $1,000, or any fair rent which a good tenant may deem it reasonably worth. The owner will put in any iiu Bivemebts tenant may want. Apply to JOHN H. McCOXN, Weat Twenty-first street, near Seventh avenue. TO LET? A TnREE STORY BRICK HOUSE NO. 21 : Htid?on ftroet aituated at the terminus of the Hudson Kiver Railroad, between Roude and Uuane streets. Kent ' Ji W). A superior situation for any kind of bnaine-is? a roa- I saurant, anetioneer, er tailoring. Inquire of 11. MARTIN, 1 corner of Chambers and llndson streets. TO LET? TO A SMALL GENTEEI. FAMILY, THE UP- | p?r part and front bascnioet of the house 75 DiUnnoey I atroet. Apply on tho promises from 8 to 10 A. M., ail trow . 8 to 6 P. M | mo ILT? TO A bMALL FAMILY. PART Or A FIR'iT I I A. claaa bouse in Weat Twenty fifth street, consisting of ! front and lack parlors, on the second floor, marble mantel*, ! pantries and two bedruoms, together with front basemjnt; rentSSSO. Apply at 282 Ureenwioh street. rpo J.ET? TWO ELEGANT FOUR STORY BROWN 1 stone front English basement bonnes, 20 feet front and ! IS feet deep, are in perfect orifer, have all the modern im- ! | provementa, and are most desirtblo residonces for genteol ! families. Apply on the proipltes, at 227 auil 229 West Thirty- ! fourth street. TO LET? AT LOW BENTS, THE THREE STORY BRICK ! dwelling boure, 15*> Waverley place, uear Sixth avenue. ' Also, tho largo ani deiirable store, 93 Sixth aveune. near I Jefferaon market, a firat rate buaineaa location. Apply to 1 I L. SL'YDAM, 158 Waverky p:ace, near Sixth avenue. rpo LET? ONE PARLOR, AND ROOMS WITHOUT j X board, in a private family, in a central part ol the city, I and within two blocki of Broadway. For particilars, ad dress l ox CIO Post Office. TO LET? THE SECOND FLOOR 0* A GENTEEL three story dwelling bonis with all the modern im provements, in a respectable neighborhood in Seventh ave nue, near Twenty -tlilr J street Rent roasorable to a fa iiiily without children. For particulars inquire at 183 West Seventeenth ttree', between Seventh and Eighth aveauos. TO LET? THE FECIND STORY, WITH FRONT RASE ment and half of e?llar, of u genteel hou-o in Union, r ext door to Smith street, Brooklyn, (.rent $212 ) Hie Fr.l ton and Hamilton ferry carl pa s within a block. The i.fighberhooil is verv dcs-rablo. Possession imuie Jutsly. Inquire on the prcmisos. TO LET? THE FOUR STORY AND BASEMENT HOUSE 655 Houston street, on the nottbwest corner of Ciwshy strect; contsin; about sevontcen rooms, has all modern im irovements, and is in good order. Apply to JAMES PRICE, SCO Hudson street. TU O LET? ONE HALF OF A SMALL. NEAT STORE, FOR fancy trimming or millinery. This is a rare chance for a lady or gentleman of a small capital; partnership if do kind; location unsurpassed; rent moderate. Address for three days, Madame MarehsH, Broadway 1'ost Office. fO LET? THE ELEGANT BROWN STONE FRONT store, with or without th? Lasemeat, 85 Nassau street, I near the corner of Fulton. I M. S. SHELDON, 85 Nassau street. TO LET? ROOMS NO. 5.75 PEARL STREET, NEAR Drcndway, tor manufacturing purpoies, with or without steam power; cheap. Also, a part' of the trace on tlrst floor, same building. Inquire as ab?ve. TO LET? THE NEW HOUSE NO. II POPLAR STREET, Brooklyn heights, noar Fulton ferry, finished with tbe modern improvements. Apply to J. BISCO, No. 151 East Twenty third street, Now York, before !> o'clock A. M., and frrm ? to 8 1*. M., or to Thomas Morton. No. 212 Paarl street, I corner of Fletcher, New York. TO LJT-A FIRST CI.A3S DWELLING HOUSE. 32 j Bond street, with all the modern improvements. Gai, < bath, aid hot and sold wa er throughout thehnise. Part | of the rent may be paid by boarding the landlord. No one need apply except thev can give the best of references. j TO LET? THE NEW THREE STORY AND BASEMENT brick house, 90 West Twenty seventh streit. Has all ! tie modern Improvements, gan and hot and cold water all tbronsb. W ill he pu? in perfect order. Rent $790. Apply | to SaML. EDDY, 03 Wall street, basement. TO LET-T1IE LOWER PART OF A GENTEEL TUREE story hiick house, three doors west jf Seventh avouu*. I in Twenty -seventh street, comprising nin? rooms, with pan | tries, together or separate. Kent $210 Also, third story, i tour rooms; $10H per annum. Apply at 152 West I'wsu'.y- 1 seventh street. No bill on tho house. TO LET-IN WILLIAMSRURG, T1IE THREE 9 TORY basement brick bouse. 11 Sou'h Third street, with ?as. rnnge. bath and water oloset, not more tban two minutes' i walk from Grand and 1'eck slip ferries. Apply at No. !l 1 South Third street, Williamsburg; or 11 Wail atreet, room 1(1, New York. rpo LET-UPPER PART OF HOUSE NO. 220 HUDSON X street, now thoroughly repairi'.ir, to lie r-adv li> a few ! days. Rent tm, Also, store and dr elling. No." 491 Wash- i iugtcn street, opposite Clinton msrket. hunt $500. Also, I several small stores, Ao., Ao. Apply to JAMES PRICE, a? ! Hudson street. fO LET? TO A SMALL FAMILY, PART OF HOtfSE 21 I Hsmmond street, comprising front basement, in second ' atnry, parlor, bedroom, and closet <, and back room in third 1 story. Kent $273 per annum, and half expooso of .(As, bath, 1 4c. Possession immediately, apply as above. TO LET-PART OF HOUSE Ni L'.IOHT STREET. ; To be itsn from 11 till 12, and 3 till 4. luqulre ou tbe premises TO LET.? A SMALL RESPECTABLE FAM1LT HAY Ing mors raom than required, would rent the upn?i pit cf their horse, fnrnished or nnfurnlshed, to a small faml.'y, or to two or three young gentleman. Apply at 84 V. ose si*- j tecnth str'Ct, two doori Irom Sixth avenue. TO I.ET? THE LOWER PART OP HOUSE PS T0'Rf> avenue, sonsisting ot two parlors on first fli.or, tr nt ' and back basements, large hack room, and small room In j tbe third star', two bedrooms io the attie. garret .to R- it low to a ("eriisble tenait. Can ba sean any timo. Inquiie tn the premises. TO LET-ON MYRTI.E AVENUE, CORKER OF YATES ; avenue, twenty mtnutes tide frjtn Fulton ferry, twelve ?? w bonses, just finished, with faldinr doors, tea room, and , plana, commanding one of the finest vie ? U Brooklyn To | a good teim.t will r e let or leased for 1150 each Apply ?o A. C. VRANSIOLI, at tho offlee of Theranon A 3ayan. No I 8 Wall street, New Ytrk. I TO LET? LOWER PART OF THREE STOF.Y HOUSE. ' Hwiwhtlll street, Wil'laasburg, between Sixth | ard Seventh streets. A desirable neighborhood nod lo. atlon. I Rent very reasonable. Also, a pretty oottaga lu Saadford s? , near Graham avenue, 24 minutes' walk from Williamsburg ferrv; rent $100. Also, the upper part of a convenient new brick house In Dlvl-ion avenue, between Fourth and Fifth streets. Apply soon ta G W. KEI.SEV, 12* Grand strict. W illiamsborg, or to C. Z POND, Esq., 15 Spruoo street, Ni*r ?York. Alio, a store to let in tha Seventh avema, occupied far thres years as a shoe store. Also, a first olaas blaoksmith sl.op end dwelling, in Seventh avenue, between Forty ttrft 1 atrdforty second streets. Apply to J. Ml'fStiN. eor,ij*of | Forty second streak aad Seventh avenue, or to C. 1. POWD, | 15 Spruce streat. | TO LET? BROWN STONE FRONT HOUSE 77 tfEST Twenty sixth street; brick house, W? West Twenty seventh street; \t0 West Tbirtv ninth street: two heatns fn Ibirty eighth st. Apply to S W. C'BONK, 9U Sevca'h av. TO LIT- A MODERN BUILT FOUR STORY HOUSE. 2f> feet froi.t, three rooms deep, with ran, bath. ran??, wat'r closet. Ac., in one of the beet location* in Eait Tenth street. Apply to JOHN LLOYD. IS Nassau, coi wr ol I'iue street, &ver Bank oi Commonwealth, TOIET-TOASMALL GENTE1L FAMILE, THE SE o?rd floor of the modern built house 60>> Eighth avc nna. sonneting of threa rooms and two bedrovms ft floor, I with Croton water and ga*. For further particulars apply on the premtses. Rent moderate, TOLFT? A LARGE AND COM MODI 0US THREE STORf brick honre, with basement, No. 4 Sute street, fr^ntiag i on ihe Rattery. will be let ti one tenant ?r by floor: also the house No. 57 Greerwieh street, comprising store and tiree j floors alova. Inquire nt 13 State street. j TO LET- A DESIRABLE PLACE, rON'TAIWIVO I tblrtr aeres, and within three quarter* of a ntils | i <>rTucV*R" d<pot. Harlem Railroad, on which them is tw ? 1 itory I ou'e. bsrn and eatriage home. Iher" tte ton act.s I , < f apple otohard, na l also peacl -s, pours plums rhnrriee | currants, rasrl crries The plsra I* well watered, aui i? .? {irodtirtive. P<sspssi..n eiveu imtMediateiy Inquire o! E ?i^ENnmnv, f. . ..... .t .? iJLAfc ui |1ERI>\, ?ta\icVj!|0, TKNAlfT*' RCSOISTPR. TO LET? A FIB9T CLASS THKElC STORY l|i>U3E pit esantly ?!< sated ir South Muth (treat, Williams t urr. Kii<] but four blo.k? from Peek slip ferry Tbe loea tir.n is ? desiral le one, and tlx rent inodentn. For parllcn lars apply at :'9 South Ninth ilrft, WillltnitUii, or >t Cliffs-reel, New Y?rk. TO LET-THE WHOLE OF SECOND FLOOR, AND put of the third, if required, together or ?ep?r?*?ly, to a genteel family. Rout low to a good tenant t.'r >t n water, and largo j ard. Apply at SS3 Hear street, near Broadway. TO LET? THE DM' K LI. I NO IIOUSE 116 WEST BROAD way. containing ten rooms. at a low rent. Apply to T. J. SK1XAS, iff Petry etreet. TO LET? THE TWO DWELLING HOUSES V? BROAD way; oue large room, tor piano or tailoring bM.iueas, one dagui rrran and shew room. l.ateu.ou'. and single ri>ows. I i ulro on the premisea. TO I.ET- THE FOUR STORT P.RICK FRONT EVO link buaeinent houio ea the snntheait corner of Second avenue und Thirteenth streets. The houi" cn.ittias all the modern ini| rovemeata For terms apply at 180 Tenth etreot, one door eai* of Third avenue. TO LET? TU E NEW FOUR STORY IIRJWV STONE front h'ure, in Liviugiten place fr -ntint on Stiiy vesaut square, between Sixteenth and Seventeenth -ir n The tiouec contains all tho modern iinprjvetuonte far tcrmi apply at 1H0 Toath street ene door eaat of Third avenue TOI.ET-THF. NEAT TOTTAOE 27 WEST TiVENTY first street, between 1 ifth and Sixth avonues J \ n He ft en from 11 to 1 o'clock, daily; rm* (tM. For further par titulars address mi.i.I., Herald offioe. TO LEI? THE SECOND, THIRD AND FOURTH STO ries or bouse No. 39 Greenwich av-nne corner of Charles street. Thirteen rooms, including kitchen, bath room, wato closet; alio gas aiid Croton water and use ot under cellar TO 1 ET? THE UPPE* PART OF HOUSE NO. 47 Fourth street, near First avenue. consisting of front ro >m, bask room, with mar le mantels, and tlircu bedrooms on each floor. Apply on tue premises. TO I.ET? TO A SMALL GENTEEL FAMILY, PART OF the houxe No. (i Allen street, consi?ting of front room, bedroom on the second lloor. two rooms in atti<v back base ment, with privilege iu counter cellar. Kent&lt'i. Inquire en the premises, or 4(i Catherine street. Third floor of no. 4 monrok place, wil liamabuip, to let, to a small American family, consisting of two rooms and two bedrooms. Tho lioose Is desirably lo cated, being wi:bin live or six mimtOh' walk ot Peek slip. Division avenue and Urand street ferries. Kent mod ir.ito to a editable tunaut. For particulars, address R. II. W., Herald t llice. Tiie second and third floors of a new three storj houtc, with all the mo lorn improvements, will be rented low to a ? mall fanulv. Can be seen at any time No. 17 Forty first street, Between Broadway and Sixth avenue. TO LET- A PART OF A HOUSE, TO A SMALL, GEN teel family. Apply at 91 Madison. TO LET-A LARGE FRONT ROOM, ON TIIF, GRQUfr D floor, suitable for busiuoss, such at ta'lorin^ or any I light busiress. More room Gun be had if required. Apply at i fti White street four, doors west of Broad wny. TO BE LET OR SOLD? ON REASONABLE AND EASY terns, three thtee story brick houses, situated on Fourth avenue, between Fifteenth and sixteenth streetj, Brooklyn, convenient to ferries. Site 20xJK feet. Twolve good rooms, marble Buntela, sliding door, pantries, good cistern, &o. Inouire on the preuiiiea, or of H BANii.3, corner of Taelltn stiect and Fifth avenue. TO LET OR FOIl SALE-A GOOD BRICK BUILT house, in Sixth street, MorrUanin? threo storv; thirteen rooms. Rent ? IN). I la ? a gtrden and a good well of water. About five minutes' walk to the depot, lu'iuiro pi W. FER KIEL', Fifth itnet, MorrUania. fO LET, FURNISHED ? TWO HANDSOME PARLORS, with atiic room and I aek baaeaient, in Carmluo street, No. 41, occupied by n small family, without ohildreu, suit a> 1c for professional men; board c.iu be hud it dosired. Ap ply or tho premises. TO LET IN BROOKLYN? THE TWO STORY AND AT tie brick li< u?e,. with basement and under cellar, 131 Hudson avenue, nesr Sands street, and only ton minutes distant fiom the Fultou ferry. Inquire of FRANCIS BLAN CH ET, 290 Sixth avenue, before 1U A. II , or after 3 P. M. TO LET IN GRAND STREET, WILLI AM3 BURG? AN elegant briok store, 86 feet deep; ti dry goods or tea store would do a large business, luquiro 15.' Grand at., Williamsburg. TO LET IN WILLIAMSBURG TO SMALL GENTEEL families.? TLe last of a row of new elecant brick oot tagei. Ront $176 per annum. Also beautiful auita of room* w'.th water, gas, kite! en and all the modern improvements. RcnttStOper anium. Alio tho tatne, *130 per annum, 10 iDii.ntou walk from tho ferry, starts pais the d> or. As these li'.uaes Ave new and oostly none bit p -r ons highly respeet able need apply. Inquiro 462 Grand at., Williamsburg. TO I.ET IN HOBOKEN? ONE NEW THREE STORY and basement trick house, in Washington street, five minutes' walk from tho ferry; tour years lease. Rent jv'i'H) per year. Inquire at >47 Biuadway, roum No 7, up stairs. TO I.ET AT BLOOM I NOD ALE? A NEAT COTTAGE, containing eight rooms and baieiuont, with lUblt, tardtn, (Tcbarii. ami a'lOut two acres ot irround; rent $^)0; Blocmircdale stagta pass near every half hour; possossion first of May. Ap|lv between 10 and U o'cloek, to S. B. HUICHINGS, 3'iJohu atreet. TO I.ET, ON STA1EN ISLAND.? AT NEW BRIGHTON and Clifton, teveral cxcollout houaes, with gardens, heme ot them aro furnished at.d have itablea at'.achel, within five and ten nannies' ?alk of steamboat laudinpa. For cards of admu.>ien and full partlculara apply to AL BERT H. NICOI.AY, No. 4 Broad street. 1 lO LET OR FOR SALE? WILLIAM STREET.? TUE . fivo atorv atoie f>9 M illiatn atroet; also, the tlrst floor and baieincnt C7 William street, near Pine. Apply to S. B SCBIXFYKLIN, 170 William atreet. TO LET OR FOR SALE-SEVERAL LARGE STORES and offices in the new Conoert Hall building. In Stam ford, Cor.n., woll flnUht d, and caleula-ted for a milliner, harneaa maker, tailor, or any other business. Alio n oot taue, near the same Apply to Sands Secly, Stamford Conn., or lheodor* Jioulton, 1U2 Clierry itreet. New York. TO LET OR FOR SALE? A SMALL HOUSE IN WIL liamsburf , near the Terriea: ha* gaa, marble mantoli aad runge. To let, in New Yoik, hmae 31 Yaudovator s'reet; a small houae and atore X> Roao atreet; a hairdreaain^ aa Iron in Duane street, near Chatham; the first floor and basement, for business parposes, of bouse 56 Bookman street. Apply to 3, C. SMITH, 13 Mott street. rLET OR LEASE-A STORE CORNER OF CANAL itreet and Broadway, admliably situated for any holi ness that requirta publicity. Inquire at 113 Broadway. TO LET OR LEASE-THE THREE STORY AVD ATTIC bouae No. 9 Albion plaoe, (Fourth atreet,) with l oderu improvements; lot ] B0 foet deep; rant lo ? tolagood tenant. Ai>ply between 10 and 12 o'cloek, to S. L. IIUTCHING3, 3-) John street. TO LET OR LEASE? STORK NO. KM TEVTn AVE nue, suit-hie for a grocery or any other busioeis. Fix tures in tbe store. Apply to D. FORBKS, Ml Ninth ave. T? w"blng" "tween^frer^d* Chamber. I ttrect. Inquire at 177 Franllinstre jA5i FORSYTn. | TO I.ST OR MASK TO RESPONSIBLE TENAVTS two of tho cheapest house* In the city, aituttid on Thirty ninth meet, between l.sxlngton and Third avennoa Murray bill, a , ? I pleas int street, lit with gas; they have all th? modern i-nprovemet tajlcur Storlea English liaaomont. Ii <jii ire of K OIOBINS, 115 Ea?t Thirty niuii utrajt. Pos aesalou immediately TO I ET, LEAST) OR FOR SALE? A COTTAGE ON* south side of E'.Thty-am th atrect, YorVvilie. ZVJ feet rait of Third avenue, ten rooms and two oclltra; to a good tenant rent moderatt. Apply to Col. IIAltT, YorkvlUc. TO LET OR LB AGE? THE FIR3T LOFT OF NO. 26 Beekman strict, extending through lift feet to Spruce ?treet. bat line enttance and hoistway on hotii atreeta, and ia fitted op with i;u, water. Ac., cuinle'e. Po*s 'Won lat of May. Apply to JAMES PRICE, JIM Hudson street. rLFASE-THE DESIRABLE STORE 36 BEEKMAW atrcet, with bason-ant, sub oellar and fireproof raulta, very suitable for wholseals hardware, paper, or othor basi licas? possesion lat of May. Also, tho three upper lafts, llrht and oommodi"us? possossiun Immediate. Alio, at a greatly reduced rent, tt? flae stor^ IS Spruoe street, with Wemetit, vaults, Ac. ? possession immediate. B >tli thiae stores are in good liuainona locations, not fir from th* ( it, Mali and Post Office. Amily to JAMES PRICK, J'uif sun street, or E. W. CANl/tR. No. 8 Wall streot. TO LEASE? FOR A TERM OF YEARS SEVENTEEN lota ot ground fronting on 119th and 1 Jlth street*, liar lem. Inquire of Johu 12 l.oxisr, or Win. Nauglo, corner of liudrun Snd Troy streets. TO LEASE? A COUNTRY SEAT. AT PBLHAM, fftJf eheater county, containing 54 sores ot land. haaiitiiiillv located, on the Sound. Kent low. Apply to ADAMS \ LLC KEY, 75 Nassau straet. To'lease? the brick building on the north wisteorncr of Eleventh avenue and Thirty third street, formerly occupied by U R. Dnnham A Co. Ths building i? f" by 75 feet, three stories blub. very substantially built, Ai y detlraMe qntntity of ground may be hid ? IMi it. For particulars inquire ot WM. KKOVfNINU, 241 Wvt Thirty fvurtli .-treet. TO LEASE? A LARGE BROWN STONE BOUSE. JO by (3, lot 25 by 1UU feet, with two baths, ran and chaa deli<rs, eighteen rooms, newly painted throughout; location very desirable, but a short d*staurc from Broadway and I'uiod square, near Fifth avonne, below Twentieth atroet. B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. TO LEASE? FOR A TERM OF THREE OR FIVE YEARS, the extensive preiniseii 4~> and 47 Lowcry, opposite the treatre, contlsting of two twenty feet lota, wdh nouses, on the Bower? . and a piece of ground, nearly on-, hundred te-it equaie in the raar a carriage entsanoa from Chrytie sorest, with a ataMe, nay be had If desi"-d. Apply to N. C. fcVK kF.1T, 117 Whits street, from tlati o'clock P. M. TO RENT-TWO FIRST CLASS WINTB* OR SUMMER brick and stone bovaos. oa the heights at New Brighton, h'.aten I si an i, delightfully aitaated. cvamaniling aa ex titei'o view of the bay aad surrounding country. The l ouses are rsplete with every convenient ? of watir works shove snd bstow. Dumb waiter, fpeaalng trumpets, a'.akles sed eoach houses, garden ground, p; Ivate walks and ave ni ?s; with. a lire it mutes' walk of Ne? Bri/bton f-rry, and ff easy access to unaraatine. Rent *7W an'! $**). For fnrtber particulars apply en the r?*tni*ss. or to C. K liAHIITON, 71 E> a> er (trret, cr E. S Hamilton, 99 Pearl ?treet. rro RBNT, POSSESSION IMMEDIATELY ? I'A RT OF A J ge-.tecl house, six rooms, la W.Uonghby svenne, fourth bmse icutb cf Rycreoo street, Itr?eklyn. A III be rented low to a ftnall genteal family. At aly on the premiss*, ot to 1 F.M>RELL ? si MON son, 10 Froal street, Brooklyn. TO RENT CBBAP IN HOBOKEN-^A FIRST CLASS thiee ri?ry ar.d basement brick dw?H1nt hou?, newly snd eonvericntly bailt. wltb aU the moi?rn Improvement*, el ,ii < minutes' walk from ths ferry, la an excellent neigh b .rl ood, will be let ehean to a geateol fatnUy. lets ire at liw Wa<hlngton itreat, HobolMa. TO JEWEI ERF DIP, SINKERS AN 1)07 UK IS -WORK sin pa to let, at 12 Dat ?h street. Als?, for sale, a lot of jewelers tool*. Alio, to l?t, at Em! New York, I*. 1 . a two atory factory, witb bor a powor. laqalre at No. 12 Dutch ttiset. rro IAWFEFS.-TO LET FROM T1IE FIRST OF MAY. .1 r.eit, one of a tn'.te of nt-atly fnrni h? I offt^es >n th* st coad flef-r of a building ea W*ll street with tho privileie ef a tood Hbr: ry. Addie^a Box .1.K1A 1'oat OIB'ie. rr WO TABT.OaPfiN TOE FIRST FI.OOR OF 0RRA1 1 .Tone* etrset to 1ft, riraiabo'l, wltlmnt basrl, to one , r tw.. eotleaner; Vraa^fAit if required. Ths hollas bai a t the KOdero laipr, \etnerti. , xjr nranofs and or*icK3 to iet-in th? I ?? m-<at eonvanler.t and pablio thc.r??glifa-? la ths ? ity , I #e- J tenants will be 1st re?s<>tial>.?. A* ljr to ?. ' PReNTTCK. No 1 HOIUEI, O.lBHltOU, ?U /lARIt'ACE POR PA I 15 -A SUPERIOR CITT CAR rlage, made b? T. K. I nr'n^t .t Co , a?d ?? good or der, i? ?l!i red for sale. A pply at 111 'WA II) 4 KYKRSON'S ? table i ri <-r of L'ui > tr?ii j plari an 1 Thi/tufciith atroet, at 21 >tioet / 'akkia(;ks -hecosd hand carriages vor V ??It-, oi e Ink' top bulgy, t.%ii premium, oi John C. Ham'* u.aLe, ?j?t fIJ/i, hac been una ) but a abort time; also, one ai< arnt brat Mil una four brot. one ooipo, bug gies, pbaelon., Ac will ba aold low Applj to JOHN C. II AM, 5W ). roadway. C1A RRIAGFS FORSALE -SIX SECOND II AND LIGlfr J wagoua various styles and prieei; a jotd coaoh L>r 1 lacking, three rock away., a low prioad gii fce. New light carriages on hand, and mad > to ortlur. at Mil E.'.dr.d<? atreat, between Brooma and ('.nod Fo* sale? four pair turt pise matched noraee; ooa pair long tailed grays. one pair Hlackhawka. two pair very iue bays; alto a very lln; cow, ouo ettonoion top rocl a* ay, nearly now; alao oue atatiiaary top r.iek away. Gentlemen wishing to purahase would do well to call at 402 Atlantic llllll. Brooklyn. For sale? a gray mark, ovir fifteen hands high six y-.a-a old tbia aprin.; eau trot a mile in throe niinutna; a shifting top wa/ou; ona aot of single harieas, blanked, buffalo robe*. aleUh and brtla. ftoli in nucuco ni the owner leaving the ei jr Inquire at TUCKt.R A MUTT'S stables, oornor of Pnuco and Crosby streets. POR SAM-FORTY FINK NORTHERN HORSES, match find single; several pair of vary fine horses. In quire at II. B. Deaty's or II. Newkirk'a Uotala, Bergen Five Corners, Hudson county, N. J. FOR SALK-A VERY HANDSOME PAIR OF BiY mtrea, stand fiiteeu bauds, vary faat, and onlv aold KxchiS^npUe'a0f th# 0WUer g<,ing lbrolJ' APP'/ ?' <7 For sale? a strong built grocer's wacon; baa been in use about eight months; wheu new it osi $110, and will bo (old lor if applied for Immediately, at SUA Hudson avenue, brat bourn, northeast of Da Kalb avonue, Brooklyn. FOR SAI.F/? a pair of long TAIL BAY HORSE*; bavo b. on uaed aa carriage boraea Inquire at Jv.nei Burn's Hable, coiner of Waahiugtou and Morris street, Jeraty t'tty. fr*OR SAI.E-A BAY UoRSE, 16),' HANDS HIGH, F ki;d In aiuglu or doublt harness, goo.l .-addle hnr<o for lady or gentleman, warrnutod sound and kind. Can bo a<>m from 10 to 4 o'clock, for tbreo days, at Mr. l'jrke's, W West Seventeenth atreet. BK'R SALE-A VERY SUPERIOR DAY HORSE, OF line style and at' excellent traveller; baa alwaya boon usod on the ownrr'i farm; oan bo highly rocomraoiidod. Horse and owimr can be a. < n for two day* onl? at amill ?table on Fcrty-?e*ond at., between Fifth and Sixth avauuos. I ion SALE-A BEAUTir'JT. SHETLAND) PONY, kind and gentle, thoroughly trained to travel wilder *al die ar.d in all harni'is, and porfectly i-a.e with chil.lrsn; alao a ill lie aold with him, two carriage*, aini;1e and dnubloacat ed nud two aota of liarnnaa to match, aaildle, blnnkef a, Ac., all made expre?*ly for his uao. ill o(' which will h? d'upaaed oi together, nt a bantam, the owner having no further mo fcrhim. To a fnmily wiahing to puroha-o a reliable pony, for the nae of tbeir children, tbia ..flora a rarn opportunity. For price and further particu aru apply iinmodintoly tj J. O. Nay, 20.1 Chamber* atreet. rr?OR SAI.E-A SPLENDID PAIR OF CARRIAGE I hortea, juat from the country, aiKlecn hand^ hi* li, dark brown, long tail', ait \c:tr? old; cannot ba cx*elled in N'ew 1 ork fi r i tylo, and wHl be warranto i per'ectly aouu l and kind in all hariicsi. Price $t>50. M. C. WILBUR. M Sixth atroet. 8HIR SALE -A PAIR OF HANDSOME CREAM COLOR horaea will bo aold. ain;;lo or togetbar; one six, the other soven yeara old. ' an be aoeu at A Ml 1'CliELti'S, cjrner of Montague and Ilitka atreeta, Brooklyn. For sai e? mare, wagon, harness, roue?, blanket*, whip. A', the o? uer naving no Inrther uao for them; the mart- ia black, U handa high, 7 yeara oil, ia a full blooded Morgan, ahe ia aonnd and kind: can trot a mile inaide o' 2 mimttea W aeconda; the wa^on, narnena. Ac , arc city made and in pcrfoct order; can be a en at the It very nial'le, No. 2 L'niveraity plare, Wooator atreet, N. Y. ? N. 11. Price for the whole lot $350 FOR SALE-A HORSE, ROCKAWAY ^YAGON AND harnesa (.rice 926<> The liorso ia a good family hone, B6ntle can be drlvi<n with aafety, by a boy or ladv, and will etaiul without hltehin,-. Inquire of JOHN VAGAN. ooruor o I HicLs (ind llarriion atreet*, Brooklyn, morning and eron ing. B^OR SAI.E-A TWO HORSE ROCK AWAY CARRIAGE nnd liarrea", nearly new. I'rico S.'KJO. Apply to WM. J. PEASE, CO South Third atioot, H'illiauiahurg, or 1'JO C'herrj atreet New York. IfOR SALE-A HANDSOME SORREL HORSE, SIX vi are old, fifteen nnd a half b.inda hi, h. bred from the eclelratrd 'liuatoe, ia an excellent aaddle horae, kind in ainzle nnd donhlo Inrne.a, and warranted aouud. Alao, a thotongb bred Mexican pnni , five veara old, thirteen *nd a l.alf ha- da high, with aaddl'e, bridle, liarneaa. and carriage D<*de to order; i( kind and gentle in every reaped will go up and dowL tny ordinary ataira. and ia a perloot ltdy'a riding horso. All tbo property of a private gentleman hay ing no further use for them, ('an be ?een for throe dnya, at the St. Nicholas atallea, OS Mcrcur atrcct. For sale? a pay horse, of the m..rgan breed, fifteen and a half handa high, warranted aound, and kind in all hurneaa, a good and afylinb traveller. Tho rnperty of a genllcrran bating no further uae for him. ? an bo acen at the atable), 471 Broome atreet. JjlOK SALE? AN ELEGANT ROCKAWAY CARRIAGE, I* with pole and ahnfta, auitable for city or country. Can be pceu at BRADLEY A C'O.'S liyery atable, corner of Eighteenth ttroct and Fonrtb avenue. I^OH SAI E CHEAP? A FULL BLOODED VKRMONT I Morgan hor.^o, 17 handa high, ei<ht yeara old. with conp1) and barutsa complete. Tho liorae baa had but. two ownora, ia perfectly aound ?nd gentle in overy reapect, very atyllah and saj . Any one deeirouaof pnrchaaiug a good animal at a low rate, will do veil to call at 72 Reade atroet, a few dooro lrom Broadway, where he mty he acen at an; time. Horses amd wagons for sale, and livery atalle to lease, for six yean, containing forty atalls, all above ground, which inauios good health to horaos; one of the ..I left and boat location* in tbe ci y; one aix sea', rock away, saitable for the country, aud tix seoond hand light ? agona, cheap. Apply on tho promises, 13d aud 13a Amos street star Hndaor. street. Horse for sale? a brigut bay, hands high, tlx yeara old, well broke to harness saddle; a beautiful ail symmetrical animal. May be seen at D19 BRoW S Riding Aeaduny, Fifth avenue, corner it rhirty ainth street, FricoS390. IADY S SADDIE IIORSF. FOR SALE- A THoROUGH J mare, from Gibbon's stuhlo, New Jeraoy; gentle and perfectly *?' ?, stylish and kvunil; sold only for want of use. Price $1M>. Apply at 247 West Twenty fourth street. Morgan horse3.-a pair of matched bats, ' >ounpr, kind, *ound and stjli-h, with several very so 8?rior ycnn? single bones, two ol them fact, warranted fro (organs: al?o a light waa;on and harnesa. Gentlemen wish- ; n>g superior horse*, allow price*, will plea*? apply at 21 and : ?JS boerum atreet, Brooklyn. /^MNIBUS FOR SALE.? A L'GUT FAMILY OMNI* V/ bus, built to order, for privuto uae, woll calonlated for a scl to! or a hote l, also, one hear**, together with an assort ment of new carrlagea, oity made, and one aecoud band cnen quarter coach, Ac., Ac. j M. THOMPSON A CO., 31 and 27 Wooater atroet. f ROTTING HORSE FOR SAI.E-A VERT STILISH 1 trown borae, 1 hand." high. ?men years old, trot ft mile in leas tiian three minute* warranted nonnd and kind in nil han.caa. Sold tor want of uae. Can Le seen at llXi Foartb, corner of Cbarlea street. MUSICAL. An accomplish ii> tenor singer required for a cjrartettc choir, in one of thu largest hpUoopul churches In tte city. Apply at Jl Liberty atrejt, fourth story. AIADY TF.ACHEK OF TUT PIANOFORTE AND tinging will take several pupil 3- nt S6 per <|mrter, if application is m.ti* by Brat of Mav Undonoted icferom a pivcn. AdJrcre" Mnsto, Broadway Pcjt Office. 1/IR9T PREMIUM PIANOFORTES, MANUFACTURED " by STEIN WAY SONS, KH Walker street, near Broad way, N. Y.? ' These pianoa received the first premiums, in competition with Manos made by tho meat celebrated manu f ctnrers of Bolton, New York, J'hilrtdelpblt, anJ Balti more. Every piano warranted. Prices moderate. / "< H F A T BARGAIN -SPLENDID 7 OCTAVE PIANO- ? VT lor'e. fltsinbad a'l roun.i. metallic fmm?, best maker, vaira-itcd colt $&f?l t.een used a few tueatha: will be 'old for $-85. Can be aeoa at No. 8 Colleie place, from 10 to i 3 o'clock. /""?BEAT BARGAIN ?SPLENDID 7 OCTAYE PIANO IT forte, firl-hed ail round, metallic frame, brat mater, ? nrsntcd; cost f.' iW: hnen nsed a f*w months; will be ?old for$25A. Can bo sera at No. 8 Collie place, from 10 to 3 1 O'clock. , MUSIC TOR TH3 MILLION.? THE BANJO AND violin taught at fltcy cants a l*??or rilao the Itirlhh end German concertina, by J. \Y . Bl?R\?, 76 floury strict, between Market and l ike Inatrumonta frrssle. MU8ICAL.-MR. EDWARD BARTON, PRoFRSSOR of the eoncer'inn gurtar and pianoforte. continues to I alve itiitrne'iona at h.a reaidonce, til .Hivth sv.mue. He Impiirta a sufficient knowledge of the goiter in six lo-sons. so as to eiaUe any iady or gentleman to .ocompauy thnn , aclves in vocal mut o. Mew music. ? " light and sriADE" fa*<tasie. by Oscar Constant. One of this popular cwmj>o*ar'? ?ery beat prodnctlons, and well fh j attention or eve*r lover cf choice mil SO oent*. "When tha willow* In tk* v?l* ' trio, by John Flettl tr. on* of the favorite metropoli tan vocalists, by whom it is sung w'tb great sui-oess? 21 ?< nt? ? no of the lirgcat and best selectis** of choice music In the United State* at the reduced rri :e?. HOlt AC E WATERS, W3 Broadly. "PIANO rf R SALE? A NEW AND EI.EGANT ??>? ? X wood piano *111 be .<old very cheap fir ca^h. It is di tt 't from the laaau'sctr.rer. and wuranto-4 a very 3ie | instrument. Zi 6 Brn*dw?y, ..fllro No. V PIANO FOR SAI E -A VERT FINE ROSEW..OD i A pluno will ie sold low lor cash, t y * tstnil/ hiring ?" | n-e for it. Iii.(aiio at M W'-'lt Taentyaisth street, mar Sixth avenn*. I SECONDHAND -YXHuEAN PI AN OS. -ONE T. OIL* tort A Co.'a wolf ?>>iano. all roua.. comer* with mould irga, fret de?k snd t?ney le,rs, prkt IMIO, beon nasd abon* aivbte^n months, will >e told for f.V.v, one aolaaa plauo, irioe $Slh, will b? ao! J for *3*); c?* ?ia nctavo (Jb'.ckarinj planr, irlrc J."**', for %i2fi Bsr nor* prtaa ?l>11 f.,r H7-V I one t r iiOO, MB and *'?"> T* *?*' * '?*e puroftasMs ta athl? ' t'tjn eti'a ? ill bo tak?a 1 HORACE^ WATERS, ?3 Broadway ? IXTANTlfi TO hTIe? A GOOD PUW>mfl fOR i TV 'hectalog jear. any pany bavins on*, who a* a'lJtik { to tiavel or giva nti hon**k M-pinj, wil. jilanstt riMr'.i. ' AMi gdon. ' atstia# terms, at Milt o?n ?, th*y may And % i-ostt .met ? ho wili keep toe yiapn ieiired s,t the full >a Inc tr.d retrrn it in bmer cu-nlitiou tlian it would b> 'n 1 store, sa us. 1 | CliCTl'imiQ, AC. A LARGE QUANTITY OF CAST OFF CLOTHING wanted.? Oentlom*n having left off woarint kprafi to fdtkfoM of, In large or aanall lot*, shall rueive tho v.rv biihrst rri''* to r them, by nt.plyfng to or addreitsint TIKv/ j I . CCiNROYlifll I'*ar\avr?ei, betwaan City Hail p.u ? >.nl 1 t tntre atreat. /1AST OFF CLOTHING ? A LARGE QUANTITY WANT \J ed? Tb* highest pric* liberally given, ard 'ash paid In entreat money; go*tl??*a having good *tip*rflu .u( olotkun to disjcs* of e\n oVttfn the fnll vain* t-T ?alHn? m 'jr n l dtessinc; JAMES MORONEF.ll Baiter street, flat' Oran;o) eft Ctatharo ?*r?it j VmTHS' ANn CHILDREN'S CIOTHING? JoSBv'n 1 B. CLOSE, BAILET A CO., Mo. 8 Park pl.oa, or>|K.ito the City Hall, bav* n?w on hand th* l?*s?. as? rked ?pnor an 1 auromtr *1oek and (kyla* to be found n tn* United | Ftatta, an I (n.tabla for ages, from throe "> twenty f eve | M ?, at wholaaalt, aei f?t ?r?atly pricw. iiuppim L'OR I IVtR' OOt -UNITED STATIC M a Hi STEAB JT ?l.ip I" A < trie 1 Njr* eomni ?ndsr? Thia il >nnkA? will depart witb the Halted State* uiu!( lar Europe. ??? tively oo YFe<lB?*day, May 2, at 12 o'clock. M . from bar berth, at the loot of Canal ilrMt Far freight Of having unequalled aocinmoda'lon tor elegaoee Bad om? fort apply to EDWARD K. COLLINS. M IfaH itmk l'aeaencer* are rejBeetsd to ho ob board tl lU?j o'clock. LL The atcamahip ATLANTIC will (m <-?ed tbe Paciflo and m M May I#. SLpi|.per? plea*e tr*?e rotie* .hat tko It up* of IMfc lino cannot carry any good* ooatrab&ad o' ?ir THE BRITISH AND NORTH AMCKICAV SOTIft MAIL STEAMSHIPS. VBUM Hi* TOII TO LltBHIOOi. CbtBf 041.10 p4a?4ge Jtttt Second aabin ft viob Hiiroa to Li'karooL. Chief cabin fMu|t MS Reoufid fllbif PkalACA . fl| Tbo *bip* fi t Hi HohtoB 04 LI ?t HklifBi Alt At; I A. Capt Jndklaa AMERICA. Cap? Uh. PEKSIA, Capt. Kvrlo, EUROPA. Capt. DIlmmb, AMA, Capt f, U. Lot*, CANADA. Capt. Stoa*. AFRICA, Capt. Harriett. NIAGARA, "apt. I^.UA. Thvaa ve**<,!? carry 4 clear white U?ht at utaat bead. aBMfi ob ?ta hoard bow. rod on port bow. A. I A, I .oil, Uavo Do.too. tTo4aaa4af, AMI U AMt.klCA. Lbor. " ftonUL WadBaaday, April ? AFRICA, Uarrtaoa, " Boaaoa, HTolmiiaf, Hif ? AMA., Boatoa Wednaaday, May ? lltrthf cot aocorod oattl paid for. An experienced ?ur*eoi. on board. I'll* owner. . f tin ,e aliipa wili ?<>? bo aae?untafrl? far ftUL ?.Ivir, bullion moc.o, jc?. In ureeioii* atone* ar boUIa unlet- t'lla < I lading are kignuj Jtu ro'je. ul tbo ml* thereof therein Btpreaaal. for fioicbt or p.a?a"e ai ply to J, V. '.'UN ARD, 4 Bowlir* C.r??a There all. oo no atea-uahlp* of *tu? lin? t'roia N?r TMI nntu further notice 11HE VAMI ERKILT EUROPEAN LINE or STEAM ?hip..? The tir?t data new itfaui.hip ARIEL, XM ten*, Lefevre, Mueter. will leave f. ew York, from pior 3R Noilli mar. loot ol Chamber* atreet, at ai<on prociaol/, aft Saturday. May l'J. for llavro direct. F'rat clan parage flit Secoad " " ft The Ariel will bo foil wod by th-j North Star, Joan V. Hie ( *n< r ol Ihore veael. will not bo acuountahlt fa* g '.Id, ailver. l-u I li aiteoie. jewolry, prooioua itoBoi nr ma tail, unlvaa bills ol Udiua are ?iftUv J thiTifor, aui ilia yalaa thereof thorein o* pressed. .specie and pooda < .ki n at uinal rates No fici/ht reotirod alter uoou of the day botaro taU'BC. No horth *eiured until paid for. Lett^ra pieykl l, I'-Xc. per oi., will bo received at aha olhco up to 11 A. il. ol tha day of aaillQ^, and will he -Birtat in el ron g India rubber '?ana under l"Ck. and oo arnral ?A 11 afro, will ho immediately rie!-p?il?d ia the l'o?t OflkM 'hero i'atceli taken, each prepaid, one dollar Bad wj war da. rix>:D ciTii or baili^o. rROM >i? ron nu? Htrii, Ariel May 1?. North Star May E. North Star Iun? 'J. Ariel Juao t. Anoi Jiin?30. North Star June JO. North Star JuIt1!1. Aiiol July O Ariel Vno*t II. North Star AaguaiM, North Star Se|' eiiib-r i. Ariel Septeaaiiar L Ariel Septembers. North Star September ML North Star October 13. Ariel OatobarUL Ariel Noreiubar 3 North star Vovembar A Ariel Norembat M. Thnte atcaoikhips are elaaaed A I at the luatwfttion olllaa^ and a|>ecie and aooda * ill be iunured in them at a* low raMB of premium a* in any other ateiimihipa that oroia the ae?Mu tor Irei/ht or panna^o, apply to T?. TOK MAM L. No. 5 Uo? line Graon, Now Tark P I'M. Mill, HONTaNT A DKAI'Elt i> Hue N I) d?? Via toiree, 1'aria ALUEUT N. CHRYSTli. V Quui Casluilt OsU?i*?a. Havre. niHE LI V EKi fill and 1'Hl 1. A DELl'HI A I h S MiHBT J Compaua intend xaninif their favorite ate^msaipa ? CITY Ol MANCHESTER 2,126 tom, C?pt. Wylla. C11Y OF HALIlv.iRf, (new,) 2 <Wrt tou?, Capt. , CITY OK WAS11INUT0N. do. S.700 tone, Capt. R. I.etiah. Saloon 9UU, $t5 and J AS, litcordiun to stateroom. A llm'ted number ol third clkha p4Miou^eri> will he takta from Philadelphia and Livi ? pool, and found in proviaioua, Froui I'lii'adelpbia Rjii | From Liverpool 9M l'artica wlahin* to brio { out their frien it oaa obtais aertt fli'Bteabf paraaiie and draft* on 1/T.irpool, iu suniaofEl atcrl en and upward" A;.|oy to SAUL'CL SRIVH, Acaai, 1J \^alnut street, Philadelphia, and No. 7 Uroadway, New lj OR LIVERPOOL? BI ACKSTAU LINE? THE PACKET P alnp LUCY THOMPSON, Capt. Pendleton, y ill aall ? Saturday, April W her ropnlar She )ia> very aunfrloi accommodation* for r fej, more ca"hi? panengar*; aUo, for a nomlior t>r,?soni ??Un and ate-raco paa'anger^ wba I 'will be fumlalied with proviaioor by the ?hip. 1'rlaa of *ai> , *u|{t in the second eahin SIS; fteera;o, iltt. Apply onboard. | Pier 14, E R., cr to SAML. THOMPSON'S NErHEtV, JTJ i'Varl ?trc9t. THIRST PHI? FOR tl ?'FJ?P?^OL.-PA!l_S P0S1TIVELT F to morrow eveuine, the faWn?*l,'1'P ' riuc?t'Jj Captala tiutHell. Has room for a few more fiflcn-vJ"'1 ln I catiu and steerage. Apply on hoard H?r J7 hv1' *! ,r! " to SAHEL A CORTrs, ? Fnltoa FOR SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE. -THE O lU. mail itcamatiip ST. LOUIS, J A. Wottoa, coutmaade^ Will laave for llavro, toucbitix at Southampton to land lb* mailt! and ^aaieu^er*, on Satmday, May 5th, at U! o'oloafe. from pier f o 37 North river, foot of lteach atreet. Prioa e* paarage, flrxt cabin, 113U; necond cabin, S7S. Ln^age aot vtinitd ilnriog tlie voyage, abotild be tent on borrd the before auilu.*, marked "belov." No freight will be i*k?a aftar Thtirwlav. ila? od For freirht or parsaae applr t? MORTIMER l.l VINOS TON, Agent, Bro?dwajr. EfUt SAN' JUAN DK NICARAGUA ?THE FAVORITE flrtt cUsiiiiii>iim?biii UNI rED ;-TA t'ES will rail far tin abate port at 1. o'clock on Mt>a day, 7tb Jay *1 May Bllt i or frai&ht or pas'axe apply to WALTER K. JONES, 90 ?all street; ac PiiHRAJAS A CO., No. ft William street, where plans ot the accommodations may be seen. REDUCTION OF I ARES TO SUIT THE TIMES. ? NOV York and California steamship line, via Nicaragua. Accessory Tiansil t . num., ol Nloira^na, l*roprleteca , Through io advauca ol tliu mal? 7?*> milet -tiert -r than any e! her route, a.oillu; the deadly Panama fjvur end two taUaa of dangerous loaiinit in Paulina Hay. Tbe splendid deahto enpine tteamship NORTHERN LlOilT, 2.0U.I tone burdok : Captain Tinklepaufh, will leave fr"in I'ler No. 3 Norti 1 rirer, at three o cl.>ck 1*. M . pieeitoly, tax Funta Aran, on Friday, April 27, 18M, connecting with tbe tteamatty SI F. BRA NEVADA. 2.1W0 tona burilen oyer the Nioaragma Transit route, having but twelve miles of l ind transport* tion by first class ca?rlagcs. Several new and swift inn steamboats have lately been put on the ri'er and lake, whloh shorten tbe time on the transit from ocean te onm, There at! amort are unsurpassed In their ventilation and aa , eawniodations. For information or patsage, at the reinead I nttdf. apply only to CHARLES MORGAN, A;env, No. > Bowling Green, l etter bags made up at the offtee. Ma ?? 1 stemped letters received. Commenc ng on the 20th of May, the disss of leaving Maw Tork will be ohanged to the Mk and l"Kh of each month. 1TM1 LD STATES HAIL LIME FOR CALIFORNIA, ; via A'ptnwall and Panama.? L'alifornians are informed ti e Panama railioad la oimpleted and tbe transit ?T tl,e Utbmus will be made by railroad, from ocean to ooean. No more mala travel? ao river boating On Saturday, Hay 5. at Iwo o'clock. P. U , from pl?r at feot of Wairen street North river, will be despatched tbe flee: steamship (; RORQK I AW, Captain G V. Fox, U. S. N.. to conneet at Tanas* aith the new and ruperior steamship Golden Ace, Captain J. T. Watkins. A spare boat always kept at Panama to ircvent detention, in case ct accident. No freight leceivad after 1 o'clock on the sailing day For passage anply at tha C'omjat j a otbee, 177 West street, to J. W . RAYMOND. CM.irrER SHIP GOLDEN EASLE FABENS, MAS > ter, is now loading at pier No 1'* East river, and will P?aitively sail for San Fra?cl<ej on or bei'ore Tuesday dth May. All freight sliould bo uh board before Tuenday, May 1. Sl'TTOX k CO., St Wall street. AUSTRALIA? PIONEER LINE.? CARRY' IN Q TM u\m United States mail. ? The celebrated A 1 olipper shin OCEAN SI ?El?, lying at pier No. N ?iit r?ver, for Mel bourne, will be desrathed on the 2Sth lust , on h? second voyage, having made her laat in ? ghtynioa daya. Inla-ding shipper* and passengers will apply at once, aa ?he ba? now three fourths rt her cargo on beard and only a few second oabie beilba unsold. The aig niflcenl elipper skip Nlclitlngale will succeed the Ocewa Steed, and tail about Jnne 1 oa her second voyage, havtM made h* last in the unprecedented tun : of 7 J days. Far t reiglit or passage apply on board, or to K. W. CAMERON. No. 0 Bowling Green and llti vl'all street. TT til TSO STATES MAIL" STtAMslllP COMPANY? t' For Manna and New l/rlcans ? On Wednesday, May 2. at 2 0 clock, P. M , from pier fo"t of Warren street, North river, by '.I e well known and lavir'te stcanuhip F.MPIRC t. ITY, Captntn H. Windle. Pas age ran be secured at th* Company ? offiie. Freight to New Orleans, SO cents per c 11 lie foot Shipper* will be supplied with blank bills ef lading of the !urmi runed by tte Company, on applicati** ui their odoe No other forms tinned, and no bills of lading will be signed aftsr the hour < f sailing. For freight or pas sage apply at tbe office of tbe Company, 177 Wait street, corner ol Warren. M. O. ROBERTS. VJIW YORK AND NEW OR] BANS STEAMSHIP 1\ Com piny. ? For N>-w Orleans, stopping at Uavan*. earrjiag the United States mail ? The ititmship BLACK WAKKiOR, J. D. Bullock, commander, will oomiuenoe re ceiving freight on Saturday, Mat and sail for the above ports on Wednesday, May 9, at 12 o'clock, Irom pier 27. foot ef Robins .n street North river, treixlit for the interior and Itr MoMle eontigiied to our sgenta in New Orleana, Jatnei Contoly A Co., will be forwarded free ol eommi'isioas. Passenger? for Havana mnat peuciiiM pasap->rts bef.rn leavirg port Bills nf lading mutt be seot In for ti^niag the (veiling previous 'o tbe ship sailing F\t treight or aas rage apply C? LI VINO?' TON, CRoCHJC RON' A CO.. Ageata. 31 Broadwav. N. U ? The Cabawba, R. W. 3hufaldt. eem v nndor, will succeed the Blaok tfarrior, and sml on Fri lay. May 20. For savannau-fauf. reduolij-the united StntM mail steamship. KF.YsTONE STATE, ('apt. R. Iiaroin, .rill leavo Phi!ad?l|>hia for Savannah, on Wednea day II 2, at 10 o'clock A U Fare, $20; steerage, $ii. Tbe F'-v-ti'iis State will leave as above, Wednesday. May I'i. Agent' .a New York, St'RANTov A i'ALLMAN, 19 014 slip, where staterooms may be ?ect.r?d JM)R SAVANNAH AND H.OP.Il.A -UNITED STATIa M%i'. liua.-Tha new and elegant stennsbip K N O X V 1 L LK, Cept. C. D. Loiilow. will leave Mew York for Savannah. Sat urday Apnl 1H from pier No 4 North rirar, at 4 o'clock F.M. Fills t! lading signed on br.arl. For freight apply on board, or Itr parage to SAMUEL I.. M1TCHILL, IS Broadway. For flotida thrrngh tiokots from New York to JaeksM vilie 981 . to P.latka, ?R Tbo Florida, Capt M. S Wood hnll, will sncoead, and leave on Wednesday, May 2. For cnATtllrsTON and florida-semi wee k lt United States mail line. -The new and fast going stersaer, JAEKS AUGER, S C Turner, commander, will lesve pier No. I, North river, on Saturday. 28th Apsil, ?t 4 ocloek, P M. .wisely. For fieight apply on board, wbere all t.lls ol lading will be sigt ?d. and for passare. at Iba office of SPOFFOBD; Til KSTON A CO., SO Broadway. 1 ..rnnth ticke* te Flork a at follows:? To Jacksonville, til. ti l'llatka, *33. 1h? MARION will snecaod and laavea* ^ednesiisy, May ?. B>oi T n77r f oi X." p f. te r s b u ro anF rTch mon d! X T be United States mail steamship JAMESTOWN, I. fomnander. will laar* pier 13 North river, osi SeUrday, Ap-H ZH It 4 o'clock P. will arr're at Norfo Jk tbe naat afteraooD, aid r?teri>irg and Riahmoad the fal lowing iaomi?* FromNorf'tk paswngert fir the Sooth proeied bv rai'road dlreet; wltu tbreusb tloksts from Wal oot to Wiimingtoa. Charlestow, Ao. rasaage and fare ta t- .'rtalk, to Pettrabnrgaad Klebmord. S10: steerage half l/ite. Tbrtiuzh Makets to Lvnohber*. ?i 1 Applr to LUllLAM A PLEASANTS, M Breadwsy. N 3 fre^bt What lor Petertbnrg. _ _ J^OR UICUMOND AND NORFOLK. -Tf?* ship JAM F.STOWN, Cspt Parrlsk. Is aow loadiagaj p>.r No. If., North Rlrer, for Riehm?ad and Nerulk, and vtll leav* ca Satordar afternoon, at I o'e|o?* w.?.j?.. IXPLAM k PLiASANTS, .tf Bread way. RXVHEMil AOlMCT? ' / .1 j \ t I {PRESS FOR CALIFORNIA WILL flK ( ) dl,patcLeJ per st.a??r Nerth^al^ht.Tta Nieat^es^ rr 1J.J. Apitl 27. .? barg.ifa s^ci.T I ...Ma|?ta)M. tinatian. K s sandford. S. W. SHOEMAKER, Prf, . r;< . ef A J j tit a A fo. Callfjitia Freight aad Paokagn I E*rr??s. tTaCIFIC FX PRESS COMPANY. FOR CALIFORNIA J CM Ureal war ? onr next regular expea's leaves an Frf. 'lev r7ti> 'ait , Mt Nifiaregne steamer Northam Light, Cap . ? . n 'Viel.uravr.n Freight , packages. Ac , rrrelfad till tw? jvioekon <!ay ofiai'in.-. WM. n. HALL, Agent. Si>*r.iai, NnriO* .? The TeeWr F^ress Cotnpcr.v have n* cntiecli'w In ar.r way with \dami A Co. of Callfnraia, oc AiaatT kCo. fotk., Aft^

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