Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 28, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 28, 1855 Page 2
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attajmb XW htoofb. Omi C orre-P?-*^?*5' Paris, Apr 11 11, 1M5 -a. Pn.rkW of "A General Qfi*r" be Pro?. **"?* o/ ^ Cri"tan, e^ed-aW^ V m_War CUudt Abro*l-A ^Uk?? at Home ? Political Arrrsts-PU,, Z^uLinW tke ttnperor o? Good Frvlay-P^, r?lurmm in Lcncion^ Two Imperial Uturi ami a tn.iff Bo a for Nathan lhompton, w*o it to save thar ?* rZnajeUies fro, a i*i?? Drou^i ,? Crou^ Uu Ck'mnil- .. u-Miirur announc#d ?om* tim* T*a re?*tnh*r that the hld depowd a ago the ?>T#nch Minister ? ^ 4tlft city of a *r?al complaint agatn.t the P" ^1UoB# fh. B.1 p?phtet repS on the 7th of ltal of th,t according to the opl April, to the French Mini* , of A^U ??Z 5T5? T? ?<???? -rr^utio. that would answer the *to end avowed !?. ,_,Mri?l uovernment of France, that is to "J, *bat would lecure the .oppression of the title of the pamphlet, " a title," .ay. the Jfo??*ur, ''which, under TT'i, Of wo^8 aoroitly enough devised for esc^pi.* judicial oen.nre, conceal, a brazen faced It offered food for scandal, and a chanoof ^"^g pub<>c opinion by Laving ? to b. supposed that a Fieach gwral officer, or, a. .on. foreign jour..aU ha n.innated, hi. Hlghne.s Prince Napoleon had ;? the publication of the pamphlet. " If Dune dot. not lie, hie Highnet. ha. not .hown a* much re to father thi. pamphlet, a* the f. baa .how. ingenuity this in corenng the aef (actual attempt of the French government to M"*"* with the ?' exitting law. " which, happily, .till protw the liberty of the pte.s in Belgium. lhls niorniog'. Monitor contained also a first tartft meat of the report of Baron Paul de Ricbinont. in i the same of the Committee appointed to ejamino the mil tor the gr.nd budget of 18o6. Important a. the 2. at thi. than the phrase, of a long artU* ? ???. ^jrc'jsx'jrss-X SSSS'.W'ilV .. biltory ot the Eistern expediti ->a in t ?o soc SETSdta**1 to the militurj event., tha neooad 52 *her Pari, journal-, of thU morning, have reproduced ^SSSSaRsSs - wr ? t jresa "'"T0 v.K' ?f? of thia The Moiiileur, with it* new/ui( n. Ebmiox'i laat ''leader" is interpreted at the nj,UTtc paiis where it caused a serious fall y*stsrday , ^rwiU be abwad in a warlike .e.w. Not a word n?. SSSSSM ?T* of the denial by the Journal Jss Deb its tbat JT nS efatlwab le t ravevler , De Wedeil, had M vel ? eonntermand to hi. la?t projected viMt to ParU, L . a ^l^'-^h'ut^ hTSr^foat oohU ?o7'ali toS!T;nd '?W."iBblTdg ?QiaC"Kuf D^nvndei'Huy'. 1. expec ed to ".tarn on thi lftth iM.tant' to Pari., but " Geu Expectation" does nil an Srlnate hi. return-Dg w th olive branches in his hand. Hew. trom the Russian frontier up to the 1st of Apr , ah own no dincon.igement on the part of ?ha tci/ ard the long and vigorous win er wh c.i Hi ?lanse-' a* a 4gn of Divine veoge?nce ag*inst th^lr one 22Ta^ Mvlne favor for themtelves Ihe, -winced that S^bastopol fill bold out as long as the ciii ital wf provd.icnH anl miinit on is not cut off fiom it In ? JJltfof the date of th.H news, it m i> not tara out an ' trnhMB' oSiuntlBople, up to the 29tli o' March, new "tail" of the affair of the iWd, ani msnt^ns Skat there is talk of the i.^uiog of a (irmtn by the Sul ... whieh wilt place on completely equal term, the Chrstim and the Turkish Mbj?cta of the e?# pire. This advanuge, at least, msy aoirue troin the W*f itltte vu iuu\e at Paris on Tuwday, byJW OOO men most of tbem carriage innVers, uader tlie pre i^^to \e^b?^?^H^>rare ^2ot a UU^ dtv S OTOvindal town^ within the pa.t three weeMatU.t JL1 vkaraonH amste'l are mostly charged with b?MDg af ?iut2? to the Mcrst no -iety, called the Marianne, wnici vwnld teem to have extended its ramifications throujh ' *fctJ wm??s, it i. Mid, were arretted UitFridsy, in th* Betide Boulogne, accuwd of being engaged in a plo 2i^d (oTfXicated) by the poll*, ting the Empercr, dur<n? the promensde of ? r ^!,0Cakfeh?.^ Mrted to Cayenne, according to the special dtcree whijh "A numhr? ?Pm?p5 ^men'iave bo,n ?nt to lx>ndon, ^MsKHSsr: ^ J '^Zil Hat 1 have just b? en a. tared by a fiverse the^xa^'mim^r of* new* Trees' that'the^ai0 hTthJ r^?t Indignation of F-n^.h Provettants againnt . ^^iitlon to open the mtisoumt on flunlay, of whV^ther had learted by personal ob,er?ut.on T?tl"dSit 1 (i?iA^u,s nd A^^Tbrkfb S ^^i.d"r?flt0he irownpatnioage o^the pari- on ?fctur iar, to to ahurch at Boulogne on Sonday, and quit France for England only on Uon.Uy ""^nftbey wUl, according to th. t^^ria??. Iut. isss need than thej otherwise might of w ? adTo.tinc life preserving seat, which the inge i&t and P^ever ng Nath?n Tbomp.on, of Saw York, has presented to their grateful Mnjs ties, a wall as to their gracious ally and host, th* Queen of Bng ?^ her h' .band,"* Albert. Mr Thompson Ui received from the Imperial co#uPI**1coa|iK0/??,v,(n rt, grst letter i. daUd the 7th of April, and thank, him lor his gift to them snd to .MpwreckaM^hum*nUy. T ???ind i. ths letter N, composed o. thirty lour aia B*nos and lncrnsted with the Imoerlal artaji, upon a spleniid goh^snnff box ? an agreeable post-or'ptte Ant tetter. "UA The Plrgt of Srbmtopol. BURIAL Or TBB DBAD AT THE TRKNCHK8? THE AX LIES SEND IN A FT, AO OK TRUCB - ITS 40JBPT ANC1 AMD WONDBBPUL EPPBC l"$ ? SINOL'C *? AP PMABANCB OP THK BAPTBRIB8 AND TRIV0BS9 ? DBCENT APPIABANCB OP THE BCTS3IAN I'M IB - MINGLING OP THE COMBATANTS - BADINSOBOF THE BtrmiAN OPPICERfl? END OP THE TBI 'C8 AND RK ?CMPTION OP THB CANNONADE. [Correspondence of th? London Tim??.' Camp rkfork rt*jufm>poi,, March 26. fcrlj en Saturday morning a flag of trine wts s>nt in by tin allies with a proposition to tn? Russians for an arwiisties to bury tnn dead, which werw lying in nam kw fly or six Russians to every l'rench man and Koj Rahman ? in front of the Ronnd Tower and Mamalon, ?nf after some delay, an answer In the affirmative was ssturned, and it was arranged that two hour' should be granted (or collecting and. carry iog away the dead on beih aide*. The new? spread through the cam p 4, and the races which the Chasseurs d'Afrique had git up in aeellent style were much shorn of their attractions hy Ite opportunity afforded to ns of meeting our ensmies *a neutral ground. All the ravines leading to the front trenahes were crowded with officers, hastening on horse and foot down to the scene of so much bard ftghiag. The crests of the bills and the slopes in front ol the batteries were cover ed with sees, and they dotted the deadly interval between the batteries, which bad been before occupied alone by thousands of teas of shotand fragment* of shell, dis charged by French, and Eoglsh and Rnssiaus during thle prntrsctod siege. The daV waa beautifully bright and warm White (lags waved gently in th<* faint sating bswees after* the smnrasuree of our batteries, and frosn the Monad Tower and Mameloo. Not a soul had been visible ia fieat of the lines an instant before the etn Mease of pence were run up to the flagstaff*, and a sul lea gnn ft em the Mam* Ion and a gu<t of smoke trom Cordon's batteries, had but a sh>rt Une ptevioasly keraMed the armistice. The instant the flags were hoisted friend aed foe ?wanned oat of the embrasures. Ths rifleman of the allies aad of the enemy rose from their lair* in the r<fle pits, aad sauntered towards each other to b-hold tbolr frlm handiwork. Ths whole of the space between the ussiaa lines aad onr own was fllled with groups or un armed soldiery. Passing down by the Middle Picket Hi vine, which Is now occupied bv the French, and which rnna down ia front of the Light Division c?m^, I cane oat upon the advanced French trench, with.n a few hnndred yards of the Matnelon. The sight was strange hsyend description. French, English, and Russian offi cers were walling about saluting each other courte<uily ns they passed, and occasionally entering lato conversa tion, and n constant int?rohnags of little civilities, such as offering aad receiving cigar lights, wai going on in each Mttle group. Some of the Russian officers were evidsnt tv men ef high rank and breeding. Their polished man ners contrasted remarkably with thefr plain, and rather oenrse clothing. They wore, with few exceptions, the in variable long gray eoat over their uniforms. The French offleera were all cn gramlt tmu?, and offered a rising I ^?ntrsst to many of onr own cUeerf, who were dressed ] a 2a Balaclava, aad wore uacoatk headdresses e?Ukl? cmu m noederer pt paletots. Mur of he Russians Woktd raaaartably lw? i.nglwh getil-iuee is style of faee and bearing. On tall, Sue looking ?U an, wuh a long gray beard.iud strangely ahapsd cap, wm po nt-d out to us u R 'nun a' the Cossacks in the Crimea, but it did Lot app<\tr us if there wera many m-n of very high military rank piesent. ihe Huaclann werernher grave and reserved, but tbey teemed to irataralae with the French better than with our* el res, and the man oerta'n ly gut on better with onr allien than with tbe few p'i mieH of our oan regiment* who war* down toward* the fion*. But while all thia civility was going on wo ware walk ing among the dead, over blood -stained ground, cover ed with evidences oM^cent fight Broken muskets, bayonet*, cartouch boxes, cap*, fragment* of clothing, ?trap* and telta, pie sea ol abeil, little poola of clotted blood, shot ? round and grape ? shattered gabions and Handbags, ware risible around a* on every *id?, eni through the midat of the crowd stalked % solemn proces sion of aoldiera bearing their departed comrades r.o their long borne. I counted seventy seven litter* borne p??t d? in fifteen miantee? each filiad with a dead eoemy. Ibe oontortiona of the ?lain were horrible, an 1 recalled the memoriee of the fit Id* of Alma and Inkermaon dome few Punch were lying far Inaivance towards the Mt melon and Bouad Tower among tba gabions be" aging to the French advanced trenches, which the Kussuins had broken down. They had evidently been si tin in purau t of the em my. The Buss iana appeared to treat their dead with great respect. Tee soldier* I *aw w?re white faced ?nd ssemed ill 'ed, though many of then had pow erful frame*, squat* shoulders, and broad oliests. All their dead who ftll within and near our line* were * tripped of boot* and stockings. Tue c'eanliaees of their feet and. in most cases, of tbelr ooarse linen shirts was remarkaMe. teveral aailors of the ? aqulpagea" of the fleet of Sebastopol were killsd in the attack. Thay were generally muscular, fine, atout fellow*, with rough, soldierly faces. The Russians carried oif all the deal which lay outside our lines to the town, passing down between tte Hanelon and <he Bound rower. In the iul<) st of all thia stera evidence of war a cer tain amount of lively conversation began to spring up, in which the Bu&a an officers indulged in a little badi nage Seme of them as?ed our officers " whan we were coming in to take the place," others "when wethonghtof going awuy t" 80 ire oongratulated us on ths exclleat opportunity we had of getting a good look at Sebastopil, as the chance of a nearer view, ex sept on similar occa sions, was not in their opinion very probable. One offi cer ailed a private confidentially in English how miny men we seut Into the trenches? " Begorra, only 7,000 a night, and a wake covering party of 10,i'8C," wa* th? ready reply. Tbe offlcr laughed and turned away. At one time aPus'len with a Mter stopped by a deaa body, aud put it into the litter He looaed around for a oo.n rade to help bim. A Zouave at one* advanced with much grace and lilted it, to tte infinite amusement of tbe by standers; but the joke was not Icng lived, as a Russian brusquely c<ime uy and helped to carry of h'sdead com rade In the toen we could see large bodies of soldiery in Ibe streets, ar^em ded at the corners and in the puoUi places Probably they wer? orr ereti out to make a sbow of their strength. The Rustiai* denied that l'riace Usns cbikofT wai dead, but they admitted that Admiral Istur ndn wa? killed. Be whs one of the principal officer* en gaped in the destruction of the Turkisu fleet at Htnipe, sndihe Ctiir had lewirded him by giving lrm an or.ier of St. Ueorge of higher distinction than thtt worn by Prince Meosehikon, and of a class ah.cU la gon'rally ac corded only to lucceaaful generals who have condu.-.-.e I an army aid closed a triumphant campaign. A dlstin mulshed looting man, who complained thic he was likely to be repiived of bis ';ru se in hi* yacht this year by tin war. was pointed out to us as l'r.nce Barlatinski. O.V ing to some misunderstanding or other, a little fusillade began an.nnr tbe riflemen en the l?f t during the arm' s tii e, snd disturbed our attention for a moment, but it was soon tersnlnuted. General Boequet ani several offi cers of rank of the allied army visited the trenches dar ing the armistice, and stall' ofli :ers wera present on b ?th sides to see that tie mou dit not go out of bounds. Tte armistice was over about 3 o'clock. Scarcely had tbe wcite flsg disappeared behind the panpet o' the Memelon before a xound shot from the sallor*' battery went slip tbruunb one of the emira sures of the Russian work an1 dashed u? a graat pillar of earth .aside. Ilie Russians at once replied and th<* no se of cannon soon re ecliced through the ravtn's. It was onrious to observe the marses of shot and shoU In the ravines which hid been fired by the enemy at our men on their way 'o and from tbe trenches, it was im possible for them to uee us. b it they poured their shot and thell rigbt into the path from the Ko and To ver, the Mamelon and the ?h!ps. Five dead R'iss<ana and two dead Zouaves were lying far :n rear of our lines, In the mioo'e picket ravine. Kvery look at the rifle pits satis fies me that tbe Ru??i*B* mean them a* rudiments of advinced works against as, ana that tbe? are likely to prove very troublesome, l'be Mamelon is a most ssrioas ingredient in calculating the chances of an assault. Ibe work on tfie east of it is alto very dangerous. Tbe Russians h?ve already hegun to arm them with heavy guns, and their flre will trove, I tear, extremely harass ing. If these points couf-1 have been occupied, our en gineers, n* doubt, would have teen tae importance of their possession to us: but the fact Is, 1 believe, fiat the env ineere complain tbey cannot get enough of hanJs for the essential work of tbe attacks we actually pooass. | In addition te tbe trench irhi -h the Uass ins have inide to connect their 1 ifle pits with each other, they have thrown up throe trenches at rigbt Bugles, which woull enable tkem to enfllac'e any pxrty attacking the Jla no loo, but these trenches aro of course enflltded by the French nprrosch at rl,fbt angles to it. They will v*ry speedily be able to disturb ozr works from the reloubt over ijaretning Bay. It is thought that tbe sdence of the r guns nay be accounted for wit*i great probabil ty, without supposing ihey are sh'^rt of ammanltton. It U very likely they are engaged in making a line of defences 'n rear of tlieir present works. Our new battaries aro crmpl'ted. l'be armament will be in tbeos in a snort time from tbe date of this letter. The High Price of Provisions [From tbe Quebec Mercury, Apr>l 10.] Ihe high price of tirovis:oos in Canada and tbe (7oit*d States, it is new well understood, arises entirely fro 11 the operations of a neglvted emigration, which crowds the cities and towns of Canada and tbe a ljacent republic, while agriculture sppeurs to advance only in the same ratio as the increase of the native popultion There can fcT no feu >t that sufficient exertion'! have not been mile, particularly in Eastem Canada, to induce tlio emigrant population to disperse upon new lands, and give their a tenlion to the cultivation of the soil. It l-t true that a large portion of them have not the means of this; but there are many, especially from the continent of kurope, who ad< to the rofulace of tbe cities, when they would have been thriving and industrious farmers, it properly encouraged to nnd-rtake the laborsof husbanlry. We are likely before long to receive a large derm an emigra tion, a most valuable addition to onr present com inanity . would it not be poliMc to ashiprn tlicm locations of wld lands on condition of actual settlement, guaranteeing them a good title on fulfilment of the requirem?nts of the alien act as amended Would it not be well, indeed, to use every endeavor to attract hitber the stream of colonization which tbe Union dr'ves from its shores? POTATOES FOB THI NEW YORK MARK ST. rFr Jm tne Alainy Allan, April 25.] Ihe uHutl rush of potatoes, lor the Ne v York market, by the steamboats leaving our wharves, Is going on with much vigor. Farmers residing in this county and tliosj of adjoinlsg counties flock t) tin city with wa^on loa 1*. and dispose of them realilyat $3 02)$ per birrel, snd $4 per oar. el for Hereon, to 'lie dealers, who out thim up in sacks, and forthwith ship them for J?*v York. These are good prices, when it is taxen into considera tion that potatoes have not been, by any means, eco nomical foid for m?ny years past. Indeed, ever *ln>se tbey reached 50 cents p*r bushel, th?>y have been dear. So far as nntritlon is concerned, it ha* been demon strate 1 that the present price of flour is more reasons >le than that of potatoes, and it would be cheaper fir the ptople to invest tbelr money in flour than potatoes. As to gt-U't g tbe present prioe* for potatoes, we have n 1 objection; but we fear that, extravagant as the New York market is, and as confident!? as people may rely on high prices tbeie, some oie will m-et with heavy losses if tbey venture too lar. We see it statel tha1 fifty tboosand bushels of potatoes are on their way to New York market fromNova Hc.ot n, under the KeVpro elty law. The crop of potxt^es In Nova Scotia last year was very larrce. Fre's trale has. within a few week*, oner el tbis market to con^um^n, and the chances are that a liberal supply will come forward, under the pre sent high prices. Another Cuban Outrage, TO THK EDITORS OK THE BOSTON POST. I bare just arr.vodirom Hto Juan il* lo* Kemidio*, Cuba, in the bark Jane l'oten, of Bath, lie , of wilsh vessel I am maitir, and write yoi in hope* yoa will pub lish an account of the treatment 1 received at the port named. Vessels are obliged to take in th?ir cargoes at Cabarien, about seven mile* from San Juan, irben mis ter* are obliged to go to din Juan de Ion Reme.Ho* to clear their ve*sel*. After getting my vessel loading. I went there for that purpose, and aa I wm on my way to my consignee! I waa (topped and questioned by a p? lieeman. I informed him I wan an Ameriotn ihlpv** ter, and waa there to clear my vseel Bat that wonl.l not do, and I waa m trched through the streets, like a criminal, to the police office, about half a mile. When I got there tlie captain waa not there, and I waa que* tinned and insulted by all the policemen In the room, and after a while waa marched by the name polieemaa and two eoldiera, armed with gun*, aworda, &a , through the etrecta, winch were fnll of soidlm, it being a holi day, and waa insulted all the way by the eoldiera and people in tbe street; waa taken before the Governor, de tained a long time, and questioned like a criminal He acnt for an interpreter, who afler a while made h m un dtratand who I waa and what 1 wanted, when h? told me to go. The Ameriran Con mil took no interest to get as rebased, ami had it not bien for my oonatgneM, so doubt 1 should have Men imprisoned That nigh I Oapt Lutlier, of the bark Mary R. Barney, and myself, were at the hotel, and were obliged to aufTer laaulta of the soldier* there, and I don't know but wbst we aboild have been arrested again, had not the landlord told the people we were English captains, not American*. W ben we sailed from there we were chaied by a man ofwar. but our vessels being good sailors, she conld not Overhaul us Tbi* la ooly one of the many caeea of the sent* kind that heppea* in Cuba to Americana. I .write this to let my couo jymen know that tlie American flag Is no pro tection to them ia Cuba. (ihOROR R. HBksky, Master bark Jane Dot ?n. Boston, April 25, 1806. Tu Fihi at Easton, I'A?Wo have afoir tl ditional particulars of the are of the 21st imt., ai Easton,}**. lbe Methodist chureh destroyed wa* built in 1636, when the congregation waa un lor the pa*tor*l charge of the Rev. Mr. Higtny, of this oity. It ws* soon to have been enlarged. Its value wa* esti mated at about ttt 000, ou wh ch tiere wa* an Insurance of $.'1,700 Ihe par*on*ge, recently flnisbed, was *?vel from the flimei by great exertion*. Aboal ten build ing* were destroyed, and the entire lo?a I* p it down at t20 0C0. the dwellings de?troye<l were ownjd by Or. F. I- Crane, Mrs Titu*, and Samuel Stem, aad occupied by 0 W. Speer, J. R>chard, Mr*. Titus, C. Meyer* aed Jacob Mn tb. A bakery, owned by 8 Stem, and occupied by tiideon Allen, wa* also destroy* 1. A bill if before the M**sa;ha*tta l.egi?Ufnre annul ing tbe law of libel, w a* to make the evidence of the truth of the matter cottaiaed in taj j ublicat on, of *uf Bcient Jnftifiratiin Th? Chicago EUoU. FURTHER FARTICCLAM AM? CTCID*H*B OF THB CHICAGO LIQUOi wors. [From the Chicago 1'ribnns. April 24.] VOLUNTBK* GUARDS. Ob SnndAj afteruoo.., A eomp MJ of bmbb ,lxtJ; m~ was formed of citltens, atped with earblnee the I'nited St a tea. tod tilea from the Armory. The oat bines were loaded with ball cartridge. the mm were well X'^wKimunittou, ad* ?ruUd by CoL Graham, Lieut. Gamble, And Surgeon H. M Davie? aU of the United Htaui army. The latter gentleman? a reddest of Phlladelobla waa on hie way home from Conocil B!u flu having arr'ved in thla city on Friday. Be will re main beie at long aa the dlrturbanoee continue, rhe volunteers remained on guard during the whole of Sun day night. rel.eving the artillerymen, And taking chArge of thair guna. tbb mohtoomiry guard. The Montgomery Giuud, Cant. Gleeeon, CAme on duty under charge of Aide, man Church, At half past ,4, on Sunday Afternoon. They were preceded byasmaUbady of police under officer l'mserton, And were fallowed orer Claik street bridge by an immenae crowd of Germaes, who Insulted tfcem by the moat opprobrloua epithets. On reaobmg South Water etreet, the polloe opened ranks, end the mil.tary passed through And proceeded to the Court Hoose. The crowd endeavored to foUow, and lr thev bad sucoeeded the moat aerioua coneequeooes mUht hate em ued, and another scene of bloodshed hare taken pLce on the acene ol tue foimer battle. (U By the admirable courage and presence of mind of Mr. p-naertcn, however, this wan prevented. He directed ? he police to form acrots Clark street, which waa in i tantly done Mr. Finkerton then ad. ire tied the crowd, Hi-d informed them that they must atop-that they could not be allowed to pr:>eeed, and exhorted them a* good citirens. to dispose and go home, rhe firm and unflncbing attitude of the police, the knowledge that ihey were well armed ani r.eolute men, and the sight of the cannon and the military force at the co-ner of Randolph street, deterred the crowd from ooming far her. Tlley halted grumbled, watered to finally ttoae in the rear and eu the bridge began to tllni off. They wire followed by their comrade*, and In a lew minutes the crowd had entirely dispersed, and the briOt and ?1 reet were perfectly clear. The Montgomery Guard, on arr vtng on tie groan 1, relieved the Light Guard, who had been on duly all dtt The Montgomery Guard remained on duty all uiebt, aid were relieved in their turn, on Monday morn ing, by the National and Light Guard. C> L. SWIFT 9 ABTILLHBT? The duty r.ertoimed by the artillery waa particularly cevere and aiduous. Tbey were on the ground wi.h the.r gun* and horses during the wl)ole twenty-?lx lo-irs, from fix o'clo-.k on Saturday evening to eigh: o'clo k on t-cm'ay eveuir.i?, wl.en tbry were lel.eved by the volun teer tusrd. >.ven then a portion of the man reaiA'ned with their gum, while the rest sought the repoae whft'i they io much needeo. Un Monday morning at sunrise, tit inn on duty were relieved by their rsfreshed com rades, and the iu?n who litd b^en cn duty tue night retired to rent All day yesteriay the p.uua were kept in constant rtadinePB lor actioD and iu live minutes tune tbe whole c rnuatiy cculd be aseeanled and reidy for initint ser vice Ibe greatest pral .e ia aue to Col. Swltt. and tlie c Ulcers aid men under Me command, for their excellent discipline, and patient and firm discharge of d-i'y. COSK'CT OF TI1B IBlBH AND CATHOLICS. We ought not to emit to mention ths &dm<ruoU con duct of tbe 1> ish cutis* the whole of the trouble. On Sunday the Catholc churcaes were oiled aa usual, anl be'f.Te tbe eoD^regnt.ons were dismissed the priests ex bored tb.m to go quietly aud Immediately home, and the exhottAtiun waa universally obeyed. The .rish formea no part of any crowds, and whenever they did appear in tue btieets, conducted themselves In a psace a.le and orderly manner. MONDAY MORNING. The tun rote bright and clear on Monday morning, a id saw the citv ol Chisago siill under martial lew, And her streets ard public squares guarded by A military lorce. Eocn after sunr^te a detacbm nt of the Chicago Light Guard sirived in front of the Court House and re lieved tie Mon'gcmery Guard, who hail been on duty all piaht. Tboktrtets were guarded with the tame vigl lance as on the pr?ce?ding day, the avenue* leading to the Court Houso being tbe special object! of attention. Ibe trials before Judge Kuo* er proceeded, as An nounced in the inorniDg And Afternoon lhe nnmfter of pert one in attendance was very small, And the ut most order and decorum was nreierved. Th?d*cnlon of the Judge war delivered At 8>4 o'clock, and will b? found in another plice. It fully eustalos tke city. No d?m* natration whAtever was o.a<ie when tbe decl Flon became known. The rio'.ous epirits, deprive 1 Of their lead and cbief rirgleaders, and awed by the pre sence of tbe sfrooj military and police forje, remained at Iheir in quiet .. . The Light Uu*rd remained on duty during ths day, p?rt of tie corps telng on duty wbile the remainder, at a ccnvfD f nt disisoce, heW tbeinf6lv?s In rea Uqms f ir an emergency Too much prai-e cannot be awarded to tbls flie company, Dot only f?r their promp'ness and couisge, hut a(so for tbe firm and courteom m inner in which they discharged tha r duties When stationed as petrols, with str ct orders to allow nons to p**e with out the password or the written order of tfte Mayor, they pirlormtd tbat duty ImpartUUy and faithfully, corteously mfciming all who endeavor*! to pis i wW. I tteir oiders were, and in case of resistance, promptly uaiLg their bay oseta to enfaroe them. A like meed of praiae la due to the .Vat oaal Guards, under Lieuts. B^ktr and Wright, At il to the Mont acniery Ouard, Capt. Gleetoa; aLo > to Col. 8 -rift s Aitillery. Indeed, All the troops bebalved with th?t fcllant and g?x>d conduct which AlwAys dlstlnguUl.ea American eo'oiers. ... .... .. . . tiverjtblrg lemaloed perfectly qu-et during the whole day. At half past ove in tue afternoDn, the Light Guwd were relieved by tie National Ciu?rd, (wao had bivouck ed in the Court Boufe all day,) and the latter company will probably remain an guard all nigbt, unless rei.eved by the Montgomery Guard, who have been off d-ity eince eight o'clock in the mornlr g The National Uuiro have be. n on duty for three nights in succeasion, but ihey are in fine spirits, sail don't complain. tbb matok's PBCOND PMOCLAMATI0M. The Mayor and Sb*rifl Isaued on 8unday night the follow ng prot^laroat'on, printed both in fcng'iah And Uerman:? NOTICE. All irood citltrnt are requested to keep ou* of the itreets as much at po??iMe. and it U partioiilarlv desired and ex pected that all perioni trieadly to law and order will retire io their homes aa early ia the evening at practioahlo-wf po? tible l>y H o'clock, l'arette are detired to keep their cbl dren out of tbe Kttoi ts ei tlrely during tbe present disturbances. 1 bit notice It given for tne safety ol the cltliont and the city. All trmtd personi or assemblages found In th? streets vltbeut tlie order of the Mayor or Sberiff, will be held as rlolert. In eare the lerge bell on the City tlall should be tolled, all oitlicns will regsrd it at a signal to leave the itrcets Immediately, to avoid Injury from the dltabar^o of cntcn BOON*. Mayor. e*nl' ^ J. AN DRKW3. Sheriff. Tkn o'ci.ock P. M.? Thevoluotjer fores which we men tioueil jes'trday, hss been in tee Ooirt Uo<>se eince sundoen, and fast receive*! large rein'orc-men'.s They have done good service during the day and pre vious sigh*, and will rem via on duty all to night. They will piobatly relisve tbe National Guard Everything is in readiness for anight attack, of wbioh Here it soite anticipation. A German has jusl been anetted, heavily armed with a new pair of leaded pistols. SfaTB OF THB WODNDBD. We called to see l'olicemtn Weston just before going to press. He bad passed a very bad day, and was suf fering great agooy. Hit wonnds aredreaoful, an?l pa n I' iul even to becold. His recovery l? as yet problemati cal, bnt if careful nursing, the best medical attendance, and the active sympathy of All good citizens, can pro mote bis recavery, be will jet live to do good servljs. Officer Hunt Is, we ere happy to say, doing very we.l His arm Is htalivg slowly, but his physician has no fear I of bis ult mate recovery. The other policemen who were wounded are on du*y Tbe G?rm?n who was shot so badly still lives. H? apl ears to be a hardened wietch, whose mind is as s?l i lout as his bidy. A sense o' his crime has no more I reached his heart than the bullet his vitals. Fires In Sew York. Firk i* Inn Btiimct. ? A fire broke oat Tharidsy mtrniug, about four o'clock, in the c*b nitm lUer n fhop, Id the third story ot the building No. 131 b>sex street; but, by the jiromtit arrival of ttie flrsmen, it wag soon extinguished. Mr. H Poiye, cabinet maker, est mates bit Ions at about (100? insured for $>50 in the I'uitel State* Insurance Cumpany The building Is owne 1 by Charles Kv< r-l?y. on which he ha* an insurant* of 94,000; $'2,000 ot whlon Is in tho Rutgers Insurance Campany, and the baUuc* tn the St. Murks Insurance Company ; loss on the building will probably amount to about $f>0. Firk ii? Maimer Lank ?Shortly after 3 o'clock Thursday a fire was dissovered in the garret of the five atory build ing No. 83 Maiden lane, oieupiel by M. Ward, Close ft Co., wholesale druggists. The firemen, as usual, were prcmptly at work, and in abaut an hoar sneceeled in inboungthe Itsmes, notwithstanding at one time the fiie threatened destruction to the wnole building. It ap pears the gtrret was uted for the storage or gtaasware, old boxes, Ac , but bow or In what manner the fire ori ginated is at pr*?ent~nnkniwn. The etcck has sustained heavy damage by water. The firm have an insurance of $00,010 In the following In (uranoe Companies: ? l.irer ptol and London, $6 0O0; Kquitmle, $6,0*0; Knleksr boeker, $6,<M>0; ix>rillard,$VOOO; Colombia, $6,000; New Amsterdam, $6,000; Republic. $3,000; Astir, $2,600, Mechanic* and Traders, $'2 0(0; Fulton, of Williamsburg, $6,0(0; Contlnsotal, $6 000; Booklvn, $6,000; Hinovcr, $2,600, Commonwealth, $6,000. Th? loss cannot at preeent he estimated, but It la suppostd will reach a large amount. Fnuix (tRKKVi 9trect.? Thursiay night, at 0 o'clock, a fire brrksout in a shed in the rear of No. 48 Oreene street, on the promises of Ruat & Homer, brass founders and gas fitters The ahed was used for casting, and It i? sup posed tbs hot metal set fire to the woolwork. The fire men in the vie nity very soon satlngaishad It. Da nags about $'20. Street Biitnubrancfs Again. KIHHT DISTRICT COURT. Before Judge Green. Amu. '26. ? There were 7V caste in this court this morning, br night to recover penalties for violating c ?r C ration ordinances In encumbering the etroeta. Ac. In n of tbem the aummonses were serve I by copies an I alias aummonsea ordered to he issuel; 10 of them were settled. 6 discontinued, 16 dismissed for want of proof, la consequence of the non attendance of wi-nessee, In 6 judgments were rendered for the defendant*, and in tbs bilance of tbem judgments were render*d against tke defendants In varions sums, from $5 to $20. Nnprrior Court. Before Hon. Judge Oner. Aran. 26 ? yirholi w. GtosieoM.? -This was a suit for damsira for the alleged illegal sale of the ship Virginia, ra' ling between th i a port and San Franc'.sio. Tlie case waa tried one* before, when the plaintiff1* wsre non suit ed It waa now withdrawn, ths par.le* haviog ??ttlel the matter out of eourt. A mnnnment la to be erected to Barnabus Ba'es In ths cemetery of Mount Auborn, Boston, becauae of his wr ?1 ce? tbs postal re for ma of tbs coont rj. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. ? OUT liKIBf Fan> at, April 27?9 P. M Th*i? wu not much ohange In quotations for stocks to-day, neither wu thsre much activity In the market. At the Brit board, Rending Railroad advanoed \ per cent; Erie Railroad, Cleveland and Toledo Railroad, >?. Cumberland Coal declined Xi P*1 cent. Railroad boada haT* been doll far tome d*yi, bat prioee bare been pretty well sustained. State itoeka have not been operated In much within the pait few days. Only aSout three or four stocks of thie kind are offered to any ex tent, principally of Wee tern and Southern States. Read ing and Erie are the moet prominent among the railroad stooks, and they appear to be managed by strong partiea. The former haa merit and worth enough to sustain it celf without the aid of ? pec a la tori, while the Utter de penda sore upon street operator*. The former hai in the perspective an unprecedented dividend, out of the earning! of the fleet six months of the present fiscal year, while the latter hae nothing better than a small scrip dividend under the most favorable circumetances, and monthly reoeipta t) ehow considerably under the official estimate. The Reading Railroad Company returns for the month of March, this year, compared wi'h last, exceeded anything within our reoollictioa in the way of rtilroad earnings. The net earnings in that montb, this year, amounted to $165,123 78, against S92,Md 13 for the same month In 1864, on the same length of road. This ia a state of prosperity and productiveness unpre cedented In the history of tbeae works in this country. Such an exhibit never was made before by any com pany, but the Reading will make many such during the preient year, and oonfound those who have no faith in the progreta of such an important work aa that upon which cansumers of coal on the seaboard dep?nd for that necessary article of fuel. The iteading Company savts to consumers more than the entire coit of the road every jear, In the market price of coiL ? new stock? that of the Hampshire Co*l and lro a Com any ? wi> tbia morning introduced It ths board. This ia the first stosk that has ?u:crnafuUj passed the severe and aearching ordeal a ad scrutiny of a committee of the board, and afterwards the board itself, s:ace the l-cliuyler frauda. The orenssues of the Hirieat, Now Havtn, l'arker Vain, Pbo-nix, &o., 4o., hiving enta'lsd heavy loaves on lbs broker j . jusily rendered ihem very cautioua on to the ?to-:Na tuey deal in herea'tsr. Many api lvatKm ; from newly To: ?xf d OAfin'ta for admiss'.ou to Ue board bare proved uni?a l.o;. and been rejected. The rigid examination to which the allairsof all ompa nies are subjected that no* apply for adm'seloo, ia a moat important con.n rvati /e element, as i; alTords a guarantee to cupita iata that there ia bmis, bottom anl value to the stocks now almitttd, and that th<jf do not lely upon fancy speculations for their sale*. Toe Hampshire Coal Company ia a legitimate en'.er^rlee, ia which men of oha acter, enterprise, experience and capital are engaged. It acts undir a joint charter granted by the States of Virginia and Mary'.and, an 1 owna vain able coal and iron lands in both State* . The heat evldet ce of the quality of ita coa' ia famished by the facts that the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Com pany buy from it, under contract, 40,000 torn per annum for locomotive and ahop use, being more than one-half oi the wants oi that company at the eaaternjend of the road, and that the Northern Central, f >rraerly the Baltimore aid Susquehanna, and the Baltimore and Philadelphia Railroads take their entire auppliea from thia company. The landa of the Hampshire Coal Comptny, (11,000 acres in extent ) it Is believed, contain more coal that ia accessible by existing avenues to market than tbo.e oi any other company in the Cumberland region, and yet its entire capital is but $2,(00,000. It is out of debt, and whatever it makes will, therefore, be dlvidel among its stockholders. At $25 p?r share, it will have but 1(00,000 capital to pay dividends on, being lea* than the bond and mortgage debt of a coal company of the sanae region. At the seoond board prices current in them train? ruled. We notice that most of the transactions wero far cash or aeller's option. There wis a movement In Panama Railroad stock, but it was downward. About six hand ed ? hares were aold. The assignee of Messrs. Page, Bacon ft Co., of San Francisco, gives notice that he U prepared to pay thirty per cent on the amount ot drafts of that firm on their agenda in this city, Boston, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Cin cinnati, Louisville, Baltimore and Pittsburg, which bear date from the 9th to the 16th March last, both daya in clusive, and requests holders of scch drafts to present thtm to him in crlglnal and dupU:*te, at the Bank o' Ameiica, on and after Friday, 27th inst. The tran (actions at the Assistant Treasurer's oflice to-day weie as follows: ? Paid on treasury account <38,304 84 Received do. 14'., 277 27 Balance do. 2,401,200 09 Paid lor Assay office 130,571 09 Paid cn o is burning checks 37,108 87 Ibe wairants entered at the Treasury Department, Wssbicgton, on the 26tb Inst., were ? For the redemption of stock $3,537 68 Far paying Treasury debts 52,012 3) Firtke customs 26,i?4< 0C For covering into the Treasury from customs 3,868 68 For the War Department 201,307 20 Fur repaying in the War Department 103,124 71 For the Interior Department 3,951 fi; The gross receipts of the United Sates Treasury for the quarter ending on the 31st ult., reached $14,700,0)0 while the expenditures of the tame period amounted to $15,572,(00. Twenty dollar notes, altered from genuine one dollar notes, of the Chatham Bank, have just been put in cir culation. Vignette a firemen holding a trumpet; en gine, and houses. Dated April 27, 1855. The vignette of the genuine twenty dolt&r notes Is a male anl fojnule seated; female holding a sickle and aheaf of grain, kc. The returns of the Bank of England for the week end is g the 7th Inat , compared with the previous week,' ahows an Increase of ?624,001 in the public deposits; of ?1,445,682 in the government securities, and of ?24,040 in the note* of circulation. In the private deposits there is a decrease of ?5*4,754; in the rest of ?507,857 ; in the private securities of ?435,946; in the Botes unem ployed of ?441,780, and in tbe specie, in both depart meats, ef ?120,700. Sattertit wai .?'? London circular of tbe 13th init., soys:? Since ?nr 'ast the market for American securlVes has been very firm, and tbe demand continues good for Stato ?tosks and bonds; also fcr the bonis of established rail ways. We no^e transaction* in Vlrjrtni* 5 per cent at 87 >i, snd 0 per >'ent at H8Ji; Pennsylvania at 81. Tasre is a dtmand for Massachusetts ft per cent and O^io 6 percent, but no supply . Considerable transa-.vons hive taken place in Erie, 1883, aad Pennsylvania Central? ? e cei.t at the accompanying quotation* . Ill nois 7 per cents are firm, and could not be boight except in small amounts without giving an advan:e of 1 to 2 p ?r cent The Free Land bonis carrying stock privilege are last done at 60. For Great Western Canad* bonds there Is an improved demand; tbe abates art atealy at 17){. Baring's circular of the same date gives the folio wlag quotations :? United States 6's bends of 1868, 107 a 108; Inor'p tions, 100 a 107; Pennsylvania 5's bonis, 8H a 84? >. certificates, 81 ; Massachusetts sterling h's, 100 a ltii; Maryland sterling 5's, 92 a 93- Virginia sterling 6's, H7 >, a 88: dollar 6's, 87 a 88; New Orleans city 6's, 80 a 82; do. of 1874. 78, and 1884, 72 a 74: Pennsylvania Rail road 0's, 8H<{ a 89X; Panama 7's bonds, 93 a 94; Illinois Central 7'a. h8 a 70. The buainess haa not been exten sive, but holders generally are firm. Caaada 0's, 118 a 109. The officers of the Philadelphia, Niagara Falls aad Great Western line have completed tbe time table for this new route to tbe West, by which passengers wid bs carried to Niagara Falls ia 14% hours, Detroit in 24 hours, aad Chicago in 84 hoars. The mm arrangemeat goes into effect on the first Monday m May. Passengers win leave tbe Readlag Railroad depot in Philadelphia at 0 o'clock, A. M., in the "Niagara Express Train," and arrive the same evening at Buffalo, Dunkirk, Erie, Bing hamp'on, Owego, Venn Yann, Caaaadaigua, Genera, Rochester and Niagara. By the same liae, passengers can go directly West as far as St. Louis. Thia route through Pennsylvania aad New Tork, abounds in some of the moat ssagniScent scenery in the Union, aad por tions of the richest and most productive lands in the world. This travel will be an addltioaal sourcs of reve nue to (be Readlag Railroad Oompaay, aad it is likely to be of coasiderable importance. It will undoubtedly be come popular for travel during the summer, and for all business purposes in the West, it is rendered eertaia that it is the shortest, most expeditions and convenient between Philadelphia and tbe great lakes. Ibe annexed statemeat exhibits the condition of the banks of New Orleans for tbe week ending April 16, com pared witb that for the preceding week IUmks or Vrw ormunh Cash LiabUlUa. , Dtpntitt. i , ? Circulation. ? ~r~ April 16. April ft. April Id. AprU 9. Iouislana $2,970.64.', 2,968,140 t?7,048 1,016,884 Lou state 8,281,093 3 153,761 1,221,745 1,219,80ft CHI/ens' 2,83"', 110 2, 9*", 215 2,162,990 2,142 244 Canal 948 162 1,^41,002 1,042,025 1,002. SO.) M'ch's'&Tlds'. 1,021, 640 922,793 347.1110 344,125 Union 747 057 049,429 637 355 C2$,446 N e w Orleans ..? ? 765,618 888,461 520 820 l ift Eouttern 2*3,296 281,647 243,110 n:, 1 ? ts U ..... 1?, 866, 521 13. 058,328 7,i53J8v3 7^; V Cath Amtlt. , Loan*. , / Sftti*. April 16. April 9. April 10. April 9. Louisiana $t, 54 1,604 a,488,l?? 2.345, 466 2,360, W6 Lou State. 8, 698, 1S6 8,612,136 2,055,382 2,034,438 Chiwns' ?, 410,880 3,854,442 1,867,730 2,222,674 Canal 2,216,126 2,364,8.-4 1,130.146 1,163,409 Vectuni:*' .... 1,143 078 1,186,616 668,426 630,007 Union 879.928 914,271 696,487 318,776 UewOrl*ans.... 924,263 886,661 349.990 634,940 Soatbern 356,403 293,361 189,072 244,628 Total* 16,328 85715,098,206 9,C8l,?81 9,203,346 Le** local note* oounted a* *pecie.. 1,616,241 1,675,684 Total specie 7,666,440 7,627,711 Exchange held by the reipective ban* a aa follows:? . April 16. April 9. Bank of Louisiana... 9879,310 9927,896 Louisiana State Bank 237,689 2*6,679 Citizen*' 726 619 663,994 Canal Bank 967,166 998,696 Mechanic*' 46,011 50,894 I'nton Hank 265,863 316,989 Bank ef New Or lean* 219, ^34 309,247 Southern Bank 670,816 648,209 Total* 94,067,596 94,190,304 Due to distant bant a 1,477,144 1,261,226 Balance due New Orleana Binks . . 12,500,462 92,930,078 Ibeiaat return* ahow an Increase In short loana of 9230/61; in circulation, 930,404; in specie, 961,271; and a decrease in oeposit* of 9201,807; in exchange, 9329,629. Ouncet. f he amount of geld shipped from Melbourne to January let, 1866, per Custom House reiurne, ea* 6,241,362 lat to 15th January 102, 103 Total 6,343,465 Shipped from Geelong to January lat 166,656 Making a total ef ouaoea 6,610,011 ?which, at the value ot 76 shillings per ounce, give* a total of ?24,788,040, equal to ab >ut 1125,000,000. This amount being only from Caetom House return*, a Urge addition ahould be made for that taken by priv*1* hand*. Die annexed statement exhibit* the value of certain art idea exported from thi* port duriag the week ending and Including Friday, April 20, 1866, distinguishing the det filiation and extent of shipments to each place:? COMUKRCK OF TUB POKT OF N*W YORK ? WKKKLT EXPORTS. Kkcapitclatio!*. Liverpool 9316,964 Br. N. Am. Colonies. 978,819 ?Aiit?eip 74,386 Br. W. indie* 8,988 Malta 13,489 Cuba 62,888 Pork 17, (*00 Hajti 33,861 CxiKtantlnojile.. ., 12,0.', 6 Arica 18,319 < a^iz ? 936 Porto R co 21.131 Toulon 100 SOS Australia 76,157 Nspie 14,674 Brazil 6,161 >ew Granada,,.. 34,161 Total value of merchandise exported duriag tie week 9884,936 To. specie do. do. 1,667,960 Total ! 92,542,896 But for tbe large amount of specie shipped, the aggre gate wonld be quite limited. The importations laat week were larger than usual, but not equal to the exportation. The principal items of import were as follow*: ? Segar*, 9116,124; coffee, 9180,276; unlrewed skins, 9120,347; molasie*, 926.492; augar, 9378,049; tea, 973 676; watch es, $34,286. The total value, including dry gcods was at fellows ? Value of merchandise put on the market durirg the week .. 91,292,800 Do. dry goods " " 608,161 Tolsl value of importations 91,900,961 Total value of exportation* 2,542.896 Excess of exports over import* 9641,935 This looks very well, but it was tbe large shipment of specie that brought up the aggregate in exports to an amount sufficient to exceed tbe imports. So far as the movement* of merchandise are concerned, the exports make a torry comparison. At this season of the jear there should not be such a wide difference In the two branches ef our foreign trade. Tbe following is a comparative statement of the value of exports from the commen:em?nt of the year to April 19:? 1864. 1856. Jin rente. Decreaue. Totton 94.947 3*4 2,955.456 ? 1.991,899 Flour 8.671,464 l,o89,021 ? 2,182,443 Com meal... 112.172 105,625 ? 6,647 Wheat 2,042.467 CC7.938 ? 1,974,529 Corn 1,659 4e8 1,271,617 ? 287,861 Beef 428,430 684 P00 266.170 ? Fork 300,103 1.270,627 970,424 ? Total 912,961.458 7.744,783 1,226,504 6,443,269 Net decrease to April 19, 1866 96,216,676 Tbe shipment* of provisions continue large, particu larly to continental port*. In breadstuff* the out ward movement cannot be otherwise than United, in the absence ef supplies to send forward. Ihe annexe! statement exhibits the quantity and value tf fore-gn dry goods entered at this part for con sumption, for warehouse, and sleo the withdrawals from warehouse, duriag the week ending and incladiag Thursday, Aprii 26, 1856: ? Movebkkts in For no n Drt Goods. Entered for With- Ware Conrumptum. drautalt kouxe-t. Manufacture-* of wsol.. .9231,467 1 34,139 917,357 Do. eottoc . . 173,816 24,247 26 i)74 Do. silk 178,162 22,110 11,214 Do. flax 168,828 29,810 32,391 Micellaneous 34,}89 11,674 3,261 Totals $788,482 $121,986 $90,597 Value pot ?n th? market doling the week $908,468 The business in dry golds man fests considerable activ ity and steadiness, though, as compared with other spring Masons, the enrrent movements are light and not very lucrative. There is, however, a freedom from bar tbensome supplies, and this, with the promptness of most debtors ia meeting their ob?igat'on?, gives a heal thy and steady tone to the traffic. We hear many mur murs about the dulcess of this season, but no notiseable complaiits have reached as thus far, regarding unex pected embarrassments or serious losses. An exemption la this reiipect is qaite encouraging, aid we are inclined to think that, on the whole, operators will have ao great reaion to be dissatisfied whoa the results of the current quarter's bualnees come to be asaertalned. In this be lief, we ate sustained by the opinions of some of our oldtet and most experlensed merchants, oho think that we have seea the worst, and any change tbatroiy oasur Is almost sore to be for the better. In brown and bleached nheetings and Fhirting* there ia a fair business being transacted, and rates are pretty well sustained. Cotton flannels, denimr and drills are in moderate request, at uniform prices. Duck, ging hams and lawns are attracting more attent'on, but are without essential ehange in valae. Oeeaburgs are io reduced supply and limited demand at old figures, feotbing new can be noticed in printing cloths or print". Stripes and licks are sparingly dealt in at former languid rates. Woollen productions continue rather quiet and depressed. Blankets are selling slowly at irregular prices. Fancy casaimeres are ia fair request, aad rule firm. Cloths 8 till appear rather inactive, without change in value, as do likewise doeskins, flannels, jeans, and lfndaeys. There is less Inquiry for muslin delaines but these are in the main stiflly held. Satinets and tweeds rule about the same. Foreign fabric* are seemingly in moderate demand, and with a supply adequate enough for all purposes, prices are karely supported. The latest adviees from the old world are not essentially different from those re ceived a week sinoe. Trade in the manufacturing dis tricts of England possessed but little vigor, and no very extensive preparations were being made for the future. So it was also on the contiaent, and some aaxiety was being manifested to learn bow much America wouM be bkely to need, as en this mainly depends tbe imme diate prosperity of the business. We fear very muck that foreign moaufasturers place too high ao eetimate ou our wants, and fer this reason we deem it right to assure them that we shall aeed comparatively very light supplies from abroad until we nearer our strength aad ease. Ihls had better be borne ia mind, for if it be dis regarded, such wilful heedleesaess will ocoaa'on many bitter regrets. Mack Exchange. Faioaf .April 27, 1864. $2000 Missouri 6's.. 93 100 shi N Trsit Co b60 lft^ 1(K 0 Louisiana A's, . !*>* 20 N T Oen It It.... 93\ 2000 Virginia ?'s .. 97 100 do c 93* 3000 Ind. State ? ?.. 84)< 1 00 Reading RR..... 85* 16000 E. bds. of 'S3 s8 03 * 200 do b3 8i* 1C00 do . . . . s3 93* 100 do .. . b45 86 1000 B R3dMtge bde 77 600 do c 1000 Mlcb Ho RBbds 102 200 do *30 85 '< IM 00 111 C. RRbds s80 7$X 60 do blO 86 160<0 do.... *8 75 * 300 do slO 85K 6000 do 76* 60 Ens R R s3 60V 1000 lUsC RPFbdsbl 77 274 do s3 50W ?00 N Y CRH bds b3 92* 60 do b3 50 V ?iOO NKork Cea 7's 101 100 do blO 5<j'S 2000 do 102 100 do b?0 60* 1000 Terre H A A 2d 7<i* 260 do s60 50 10(C0 Hist m bds sl2m 90 338 do sS 50'<r 20C0 Indiana bk bd? 84 60 do slO 50'!' " 220 sbs Oceaa Oank 76 50 do iio 60 ' S00 Cumber Id CI Co 29 10 New Jersey RR. 123 100 do...,(i80 29 k Had River R R.. 40 100 do....s6 # 29 6 Ner Indiana R R 97 100 do . . blO 29)? 30 Clev C ACtn RR. 104T{ oO do.... b3 29,4, 160 Ills Central RR-3 06 100 do..., >30 20 80 Cler A I'ltts'g RR 35 100 do ... b?0 29* 6 Galena A Chi R R 90 100 do... b30 60 Clev A Tol R S s3 76 Canto? Co.. h?0 27 ,V 160 do c 76 X t. Nk. a T ( wo it H 60 do p20 76* llo to .... 16* BBCOJH9 BOAHD. , 92C00 lnd SUW *'?. . ?4% t)0 ClSTfidfcTolRR T?)? / 1000 N York On 7' ? 10? loo do...b60 77 3?0 do 1(1% 10 do 7# ICOOO 111 Cen R R bds 75 X loo NYortCKR s30 06 % 2000 do 75% 50 do... <10 93% 3000 do 76% 60 do... alO 93% 2000 Erie Ik)* if '76 ?7% 300 Rrading Rail .. 80 3100 do 87% 100 do... ?10 86 100 Nlcarag T C 'j60 1?% 160 da... ,io 86% 200 do lo% 200 do. . .. s3 85% 1C0 Erie Railroad. . t0>4 6j Hudson R? 1 R 40'^ 60 do. . . alO (0 26 Panama HER 95 HO do... fc60 50 2'ft do 04% 100 do... bGO 60% 10 do 94% 160 do 60 110 do 94% 60 do... ??0 49% 100 do.. M0 91* CINCINNATI STOCK 8ALKS. By Hewion 4 IMme*,for week ending April 26, 1866. $1000 Hills & Ctn KR. 7rs lit Mort Bds (k int) 02%. 2500 Cot & Uxlng RR. IO'i Income Bonds 74 1600 Cot k Uiln| RR, 6's income Bonds 60 10C0 Cot k Lei log RR. 7's 2d Mort Bonds 67 %. 2000 Col, Piqua & lnd RR, 7'a 2d Mort Bonds 66 2000 On, Ne? Castle k Mich RR, IO'i R Mat* Bds.27 1000 Cln k Chicago RK. 10's R Batata Bonds 36 6000 Ohio k Mist RR, 7's 2d Mort Bonds 56 191 Indianapolis 6 On RR DiTidend Bonds 6a 60 sbs Eaton fc Hamil RR btooa 26 1 CO Cln k Chicago do 10 86 do do 10 CO F Wayne k South do 10 V 20 do do 11%. 26 Indianapolis k Cln do 66 20 do do 67%. 43 Little Miami do ....100 24 Un. Wil 4c Zanes do ( k int) 36 60 fo do ..37% 20 On, H?m k Day do 76 26 do do 76% 60 lnd k Btltefon do 48 78 Ohio k Miss do (k int) 26 98 do do 26 to 28% 27 Columbus k Xenia do 96 13^tional Ins Co >.75 cifY tradk Rttpoar. Friday, April 2T ? 6 P. M. Amies. ? Market quiet and prices unchanged. BEuunro)ni.-(Ioui ? l'he market wae Prices of common to good State brand* optud at the mtIoiU day's prices, but closed at a decline of 12to25oenta per bbl. About 4,000 a 4 600 bbla. were Mid, including State common to good, at $0 76 a #10; Wester* do., at $10 12X a 010 60; Canadian (1,200 bbla), at 110 26 a $11, winch was lower, ?tye flour quiet. Meal? 250 bbla New Jersey and Baltimore were aold at $6 12><. Wheat? 2,900 bushels, part inferior %h?'.e Southern, w?re told at 02 09; aod the rem-ainOer, 1,0?M) good, at $2 70. Kye, unchanged. Corn dull, with lees doing. Sales about 10, Oil) a 12,(00 butbela, white and yeliov, at $1 12 a $1 16, c'o?ing heavy ?! H {or 7?"?* Southern. Oats quiet. Corncit ? Sa'es ll#nt. 100 bag* Ro seld at $10*e- a lis ; 600 do fct. Domiugo at 9>4C. ; 100 mate Java at lu^aC., and 60 Lsguajra atll.^c. COITOH.? Market active, with sales ?f about 4,090 kales? the market having recovered a portion of the de cline noticed the day prev oue Freights. ? To Liverpool, from 1,000 to 1,200 balsa o cotton were ecusgtd at 8 led , and 2,000 bbls. resin a'. Is. 3d. To London, l,00u bt>is. rosin were Uken at la. 9d., and &00 bo?ea teat at 16a To Havre, eo'.ton and bone were at >4?., and 200 packages r.isine were en gaged at about *6. There was no change to notice in rates Icr California ? raits continuing to range 'rem 80e a o6c. To Glasgow, 100 tierces lard were taken at 20?. Provimohp. ? I'ork ? Market less doing, though at the clote the market was Brmer for old and eas?r for new ; ?alee o' 600 barrels at $16 37 ; for old uesa, $17 37 a $17 60, anl $14 26 a $14 bC for new prune. Beef was firm, for country mess and prime were at unchanged ratee; sales of atO barrels were made. Beef hams were sale able In small lots at $20 a $21 for Chljaco; 60 barrels Cb'f agomcss, repacsed, told at $15. Shoulders ana liume steady. 300 hhes. fold at 7Jtfc. for the former, and Otfo. for the latter. Baron firm, with tales at 8tfc a 8Xo. 360 barrels. Lard firm ; sales of about 360 barrels, at &i?gar8 ? Ibe market continued active, with sale* of about 8,000 a S.tOO barrels, chiefly Mussoradjs, at 8 rices ranging from t%G. a b-'ic., with Porte R co, (200 hds.) at t>V a 6%c. Whibket,? Sales of 160 a 210 barrels State, at 37c. Wool. ? The market continues as per laal week's state ment; but little inquiry, and that for domeitte wrote chiefly. Tie tales bave been 7f ,000 lbs. pulled No. 1. Super and extra, at 26c to 26c for No. 1; 30#. to jIc. for super, and Sic. to 34c for extra. 60,00" Ibi. fleece, middling to fair quality, at 36a. a S8c. Foreign is quiet and we near of nothing doing of important. No change in priees. Retail Prices of Farm Produce at Washing ton Market. With the exception of tne reduced price of butter there is wry little to notice this week. There is very little change in the price of meat. The opening ?f navi gation, and the consequent increase. of cattle ia the cltyi has as yet no material effect on the market. Butter has experienced a great decline. Orange couaty ia six cents cheaper thsa it was last week, with every prospect of a still greater decline. Ejgs sre unaccountably dear for this time of the year. Already spring vegetables ara coming in in great profusion. Carrots, and water cresses, torn ? toes, ^ salad, spinlih, radishes and leeks are to be seen on' every side, though the prioe? are such as to forbid any. except those who have ple ? boric purses, from looking at tnem. Gool North r.ver , had are now becoming quite plentiful and oaay be eaten with Impunity We notice no difference ia poultry aad game. Ihe following list has been corrected carefully:? ? HUH. Beef? Sirloin, roast, i?rlb 14 a I# Rib, roust, prime a IB Rib, chuck ? * 12 Sir lota steaks M a 1? Porterhouse steaks 10 ? J? Rump stsaks 1? 4 '* Plates and navels, corned 10 a ? Matton per lb 0 0? a 0 1# per carcase " ? 08 ? ? Lamb.." " - ? ?? Veal " ? ? # 19 Veal, fore quarters... " ? ?? ? ? Hind quarters. . . " 0? I 0M Veal cutlets " ? 18 ? ? ^? Pork? Fresh, per lb J ~ 1 J}J Hams, smoked, per lb ? 12 a 0 18 Shoulders " " ? ?? ? ? }?,_ SWes, " " ? - ? ? Sides, pickled, " ? ? ? 1? Jowl./ '? - ? 0 0? Smoked beef, " ? ? ? ?? Pan 'ages, " - ? ? ?? Bologna do. ? ........... - ?? - a ?u rOULTKT AMD SAMS. Tnrkeys, per lb - ? 0 18 v 19 % """" Ducks', tame, per pair 1 10 a J 0? Ducks, black, " ? ? 1 12>? Ducks, redhead. ?? ] JJ ? ? Ducks, eaavassbach, per pair 1 60 a 1 75 Chickens, per pair 1 00 a 110 Fowls, ? ? 1 ?* ? J _ Guinea do. M - ? ? MX Partridges, per pair ? a 1 26 Qaail, per doaen ? a 2 00 Robins. per doa 1 00 a ? Rabbits, per pair ? 6? a 0 0 Wild docks, per pair ? ?2 a #76 Grouse, per pair 10? a 120 English Snipe, per pair ? a 0i)? FISH. Shad, each ? 25 * J? Basa. per lb ? a 12 Balibut " ? 1? ? ? ? Smelts, ? IS ? , ? Codflsh. ?? 0 ? ? ? 0? Pickarel. ?? ? 12 ? ? Sunflsh, " ? ?8 ? ~ Eels, " 1? ? *13 Peich ?? - ? ? ?8' Fk?uDder?4< 0 Of ? ? Palt mackerel, per lb ? 1* ? "~ Salt shad, " ? J'H 1 "~ Smoked hslibut ?? 0 1? a ? %nk'd mackerel " ? ? ? Sounds and tonfaes, j-er lb ? 00 a ? Smoked shad, " ? " ? Souwd Mlmon, per ft ? ftnok'd mIbcii, jH?rlb... J JJ 1 " Dry eodfiah, " ? ? - SHELLFISH. Oysters? Maees' hay, peT 100 ? 0 2)< a 0 70 Virginia " ........ ? a 100 Clams, Shrewsbury, per 100 0 60 a 100' little Week, " 10O a 800 Lobsters, per lb ? a ? 08 Crabs, per doa ? a 0 26 TMMTABLBS. Potatoes, per half-peek ? a ? 29 Mercer do. per bbl 4 Of a 4 60 June do. " ? a 4 40 Taraipa? white, per half-peek 026 a ? Russia, ? ? a 20 Do. per bbl 8 (0 a ? Onions, red, per bnlf-peck $ 37 % a ? white " $60 a ? Cabbages ? new, each 0 16 a 0 26 red, '? 0 1$ a $ 2* Savoy cabbage $ 00 a ? Beets, perbunck $ 04 a ? Carrota, " ? a 12%. Celery, '? 0 80 a ? 37* Salad, each 0 08 a 10 Oyster plant, per bunch 0 IS a ? Parsnips, per bbl 1 76 a ? " tea for 0 11 a $ 1$ Green peas, half peck 0 76 a ? Lima beans ?' 0 18 X a ? Water cresses, basket 0 18 a ? 20 Spinech. half peck. ? a ? 1JJK Squash, each ? a 0 02% Gailick, per bunch ? ? ? J8\; Swret potatoes, half peek ? 9?!^ Radisheii, per bunch ? ?? ? ? J? j Art'rbokes, half peck. ? ? 9^1^ lomatoes, Bermula, hafe peck ? ? J ?0 Bhubarb rcota, each ? ? ? 0 60 Lceks^'u* :::::::: k nurtr. Apples? fpttseahergea, per bbl 4 00 a 0 CO PP Do. per hair-peck 0 30 a 0 37* J Greenings, per bbl 0 ro a ? Do. per half-peck 0 37>i a ? Box russets, ner bbl... 4 60 a ? Do. per half-peck 0 30 a _ Cranberries, per bbl 1? ?? a ? ittth, chhbi, rrc. Butter? Mate, per lb 0 26 a 0 26 Orange, " 0 ? a o 31 Cheesa-per lb.... 0 10 t 0 12>^ English, per lb 0 16 a IS Pineapple, each 0 15 a ? Sapaaeo. " 021 a ? tgf?, fifteen for 0 26 * r

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