Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 30, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 30, 1855 Page 2
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MILITARY PROSECUTIONS IN HAVANA. t*.,t on ?atra?a|K?, HenwwUm, Uu.,^ A-rr.c.nClt..tM-E^ T* ^fKaroifcto Mar^Li containa-publlshed by tho fcX. fi.-. rml'. order ? the various document. .TLeUd with th. total, *???* ?ni -^eqwat ?? of poor Bs tramped th. ateet victim to tho s.ntl , 0j iut>?n independence. It ia interesting to taow bo? ti? do tiling, in Havana, and ?o we tfive a faithful limitation of th. * dommentr Omci OF THK llltltABY SSCRCTAnT, I Havana, March iM, lbia. J ?*nteace pronounced by the Council ot War '?'.gj ????? and P..manes{ Mditary ^ U Mand. in the matter of tbe con,Plr*^ ? holiui been ?Tam, Htait Don FmncUoo UtMP". ?( ??? My, atoeafy EJ^&a. Hernandes far tbe U?e crime in 18o3. Don i Jo Don Juan Einque Felix, and oth?r?. ???"! ? Toth De*? ber taat , >/ In fWw ?' the decree of the ppeeident ol the Ex whith Bngad?er Jion I edroJ1*^)inl^JM(i0n ?f this Hand, ?native Permanent Mil' l* A , ^ atj ( Fiscal) e ; tbe s%m?, authorised th* rroM?"ti?tf ^bloCrujes, to ooatlnue L??V^> in the city of iUrasoa, th. legal, against J*>n ?o th. ?6th flfOsWHiP c^in and Don Jo?e ttlias ??toa*pw, D<w Juan# ?1 inlutt9eUonlilnj thU Inland, ltarna?de^r A. |^^mtnciDgrttbmt ^ ?her, *?? departed with that object from the tfc* t"?J'" vnrM !? tbe United State., nnnglnf arm. eity ef New Vor i, which h4T# been seised, and sgainst aao aaatu<>a. ol ' r|a 0f th. North Aas'ricsn *? captam.pdo" V. Smith, ??* : vasee's .luj^ulljch Mr. George Hankins, Mr. Jaw*. J?r Ki^rind Hr James Woo^hoa.e, for having brought ,* ; M.o ta tramps, and Ftlxand the arma m ti leir ???e bi h proceeding were also lapl catedDjn CeruUe, the latter of whoa, Vablo fiTai * . , lg0 of tbe proc.i, by infor ^U^on Jd ' oofronting in tbe Council of ?attan, rwoiwc pra.ideney of Brigadier beld ^.UH jUmeru, temporary chlaf of sui tri P?* iUt!here Felix alune appeared, itomi of trie others innf ' rtIfu,ed to be present while tho rest were ta be JSI J i. wrtumacy ; bating heard tho Attorney General s ^luMen and dtmand, the defence* of counsel and of accused, and tbe Ternai illustration of Don ? a, ocbu asfesscr of the tribunal, th. Council, EL.We rnj ift nature of the chu^e. and the quaUty of Which result from the process in respect to w nertons charged, ha? uoamniously con ti? ?cd does condemn to the p?n:iltj of death, by the 4eawed and does conur &na Don Fransiioo ?fc L^ill^rSnent for ten years be !2ldUw2e? wi'b perpetual restriction and projiibitioa j?nd the Ma, w Juaa Enrique frelix, ani S/eWchard M CuUocS: Mr. George H.^lns and Mr. j^Jw^honae are .ledan-d abaovei from the charge matur, bat subject to the civil responsibility Tnieh th.y have incurred by thelnfriniementof th? ge^ u?? and Vir J&rnes C^tnpb?ll * , wita C3Bt? and ?everally to the convicti Heroaadez. En S&SRlSS" ?rst n?med be-ng entiu,d_to a ba^nBE if tbould pre?sut bimnelf or Imj atreHtea an that t?r hie repetition ot the sitae eriin* his propertT be iabieet ta the respen.iWlty which i. imposed upon him n the fonneT c?ntence approving tne ?uspension l'El>KO AGCll.AB. JOSE 1NSA. AGUSTIN G. BLENO. Jl'AN BAl'THTA DF LA HI fcBri. tRANCISW MABTHEZ DELL YAB. ANACLE10 PARDO. urriiM or tub writ? from pack 629. A. a continuous art, and after the Council had cloied, tbe Atterney General (Fiscal) presented him.ett in my awi.tce at tbe palacc of his excellency, the ?lPt^'n ?eral to piaoe this process in the b?n<ls of hi. ExceUensy^ HldiaT^g done so he vended that act by appending fcU Bf nature to tbe writ w?b roe. MANUEL MABIA MABTEL. BSrHM-FROM THK 8AMS PAOIt. Havaka, March 24, 18j5. for the opinion of the Magistrate Auditor of W.r ot this Cap-aincy Oeneral. COSLUA. | OHMOS OFTHKAUUIWR OK WAR-FKOM TllK SAMS PAOE Yooa lbe sentence passed by tie Mill tary Cemm.HMon on ihe Wth of tlita moath. in canje anence of tbe prorecution aga n.t Lon Francisco E. ? teiniD^B Don Juan Enrique Fel.x, Don Jo?o, Js<Ua5 Her aantM and others, is in accor lance the menti of tUe ?n?e ?nd vour excellency m*y give your approval to it. There was 'discovered in Bara:oa tUeconijir^ywUich had be?n projKtsd and ptepared m the UnlUd State#, ami there ??re seiied in c<.nsequeuae tho arm. andthe banner with wmch the cry of rebellion ?? to be raised Don Ftaneisoo E-trampe. turning out to ht the principal chief, according to hu own ^nf...eT) and the proofs with Ah he .ought to jn.tify 'himself. Don Juan Enrique Felix U aleo ??c af the conspirator, accompanying tie ?id E?trini ne. and althon^h the eam? proof, do nit exUt aga n. t Cat, .till th* re are enough to justify tte penalty im M4d en him. Don Jose Eii.s Hernandez, one cf tho.e 7h. compose the Cubau junta, e.tabli.hed in New \ork appear, to be the author ot tbe instruction, borne by SHaid Eatrampe. and Felix, and he being in con^ma i> -,a dMerving of the penalty to which he ta condemn ? J.' Arain.t Mr. Richatd M. CuTloch, Mr. George Han 1L ud Mr. George Woodhouse, there appears to be at WeMnt no faeU which .how that they participated in ? treason and to day the ouly responsibility a'.tajhing to them is the civil it?pon.-ioility to which they ara sub Set? The suspension granted in favor of D'nrtbJo Giral against whom thtre doe. not appaar to be any ptoof', is also just, and way be approved by your Excel tuuv at the sams time as you ext.nd your superior res ? over the before mentionelwntenoe, Pf?nouuoed ke this csnse. MlflOtLO Havana, 28th Msrch 1865. DKCRKK OF APPROVAL? FROM FOUO 630. Havana, March iflth, 18??. In eenfcrmity wi?h the precedlnp opinion of ttai Audi tor of War ot this Captain Geoeraley, I approve of too sentence pronounced <>y tbe Hilltary Comoaisslon on the a4th l?.t , which imporc. th? penalty o. death b . garret e on Den Francisco, a*d on the Mi Joe. tlia. H.marder; and the P<-a*H/ of ten t.ais' impnsoiment (pmiiiio) b*yonl the set with ?e.trietion, aid perpetual p^hibltlon^nitre .orol^ to the i.'and, on I<on Jaan Enrique telix l declare ab ?alvtd from prcsecution? althaugh subject to t'le civil responsibility th-y have ^;urraJ Mr. R'charl M. Cullrch, Mr. G?or?e HanUlos, and Mr Jsmes AATooihouse and Mr. Jim?n Csmpiell, en ? v. ?o and I approve of the suspension decreed In fa Gtral, with Impos.tionof the course, vor .f Don r??."? > three first condeuined? >4aUy ?d severally, on .Be lie(kr<v lf he pr??enti ? ????? ?< w the morning of the aift mst.-le . < jrderi 'through ths teecrttryshij far the fulMujeat ?r The sentence and let th. proceeuingi 01 ine triu o? ^hvereTtom Notary of War, so fur as they concern that ofhctal. REIT R.N FROM TI(i PAMK FOLIO. lath* Plat* (public *>|aare) of Ilavaua, on the 30ih af March, 1855, I, the undtr# itftied, Notary of War, (Etciibano) for the purjoje of executing the order of Hla IxetUency the Captain 'ieneral of this army, pro ceeded to the public loyal prison, waer e Doa Francisco Katrompee, culprit in thin case, had been conJustal, and hia person having b-? n inrientiAed by the lieutou-an. af infantry. Don Manuel Maria Martel. at'aehed to the Secretaryship, I notified Mm of thu sentence pronoun ced by the Council of War of the Perman'n*. Executive Military Commiaaion on the '24th inat., and of the decree ?f approval by Ilia Excellency the Captain- General, dattd yraterday, which imposes upon hira tie p-'nal y af death by the parrite, ot all which tae culprit w n fully ml erni*d. Her Majest?'e notaries, Don Qulolen 4*1 Kio and Ton Manuel Alvarez, and the Alc*de of the aitabJiekment, Don Joae de Castro, Ucin< witnessed. Declared by me, AN TOM A MARIA Ml'tfOZ. CTHTinCATB OV HEIRO Pt.ACK) KN CAPILLA ? FROM FOUO 531. I certify in due foTm. and 1 solemnly declare, that 0:1 this day, at 7 o'clock in the oorn'ni, the deputy of Hla KaceOincy, the Chief of Police., p'arei m CapiUa (con rinatad into the chapel of the condemned) Don Kransisio Katramp-e the culprP. in the cam e, who lial been just ??tiflfd of hia leutenca to be executed to morrow, a', the fame hour. ANTONIO M tUIA ML'NOZ. Plaxa of Havana, March 30, 1816. ntinnciTi or xxirrnow? from pac,? 531 . I eertify in due form, and I solemnly declare, that this ?*y. at 7 o'clock in the morning, Don Fraacisco E< ?tampea, the eulprit in thia cause, h&viog been brought from the chape:, and eacortad by tli? proper guard? ?a eletad by Tarloua prieata and asewpamed by tin bro ther* ?( charity? to the plain of lal'unln, (the point,) where were stationed aevwral pivjuata of armed troop*, mfaatry and cavalry, under ccmmand of the Major of the Plata and the culprit having been pla<*l in tie luaihtae af the garrota, was executed in accordance with hii aantanea, until apparently dead ANIONIO MARIA Ml'NOZ. Signed by me in the Plaza of Harana, March 31, 1865. ANOTHCR Cinnni ATB? FROM TH? RANK PAGt. . ~ Havaha, March 31, 1856. I certify that at 9 o'clock on the morning of tlra day, the dead body of Ikm Irancieco Eetrampei, eulprit In tbie raa*a, waa lowered from the scaffoll and deli vere 1 ta the brother* of the arch brotherhood of charity and ?I merey . that thay might give him eh-jrch burial. ? ? ANTOnIO MARIA ML'NOZ. PUA/Jk ov Havana, March 31, 1855. ? mORAKUl M? FROM TKX SAMR PAOi. The preceding docimenta of the execution of Doa Fraaciaco Ketrampea eulprit in tiiia cau?e, being per fcctad, 1 have returned tlie writ to the Military Seer* tary, aaviag discharged the duty devolving upon rae Declared, ANIONIO MARIA MINOZ r.r.cRK*? from pa (ik 6a2. Havana, March 31, 1855. Return thia cause to the Fiscal for the further action jp roper toit. OONCHA. wnoaurDCM or .vonnoATiox? fro* tit* samk rAOt. On the 31?t of March of the present year, the lienor Fiscal had again returned to him thia c.?m? from the military office, with the auperior approval of Hia Excal lsaay the Captain General, to the sentence proao ince<l therein hy the Council of War ef the Tribunal, already exetated in so far aa it related to Don Fran -lac i Ee trampea, and he having informed tha Brigadier Praatdant thereof, proceeded with ma, the Searatary. to the Ci?tle ?f la Poata. where Don Juan Rnrlij'ie Felix ia oon1n?d, ?hem ha notified of aaid aentanea and dacree of ap proval. Informing him fully Of the penally which haa ?eaa Impoatd upon him. I* praaf whereof I make this memorandum, which ha ?<gaad with i*w Fieaal. CRtCK-l. ? _ , . Jc AN KVRIQUa WKLtX. Before aae Masvki. Maria Martkl. a*othk?? prow pao? 832 . the Fiscal prooeadod with tha nn ^ewgaed secretary to th? Ro?al Pr'aoa, wh-re waa eon n 'Jkl. 'l M. Calloch, captain or the ?choao?r WMU? 10 *>?<?>. through tha me llum of the i .1./1 iTthl . UrPr't*F . Doa Krneato Saportaa. who aa ; th!* p>y>,.ha aotiBad u the a. ma manner ? '? **** MbUbc*, of which ha fully i?f?rai?d Thia ?i to* done with tho pilot of the Mid reaesl, Up. j Jaatea UwiIm-D, bo bavi?g been airt-auy diaeharfod firm nnatedy. 1b proof ?Lcr<'< f ibi- docuroeat i* ?t(fno l hr tho partj latereatfd. sod the iuterpieter. with tho Kisjal in l the preaent Secretary. I'RI'CES. K. CHARD M. CULLOCH. Fh.>*hto f apoiitas, Gowrnment Interpreter. Be fere tat, 11am el Hauia Maktkl. And for publication tben'of io tho Qacrta of thi? en eupHal. 1 litre extracted tho prenent cop j, true and le fall/, from tbe original# referred to, oy or>ler of the fecal, who ban aigntd thia, with me, in Havana, rhe J lit of March, IWb Fei)Ro P. CrtU'.TM. Ma.m ki. Makia Kartkl, Secretary. Hav*3u, April 1, 1885 Let it be j ubluhcd in the government gazotu True copy. Joachim Moralm di Cblefof the SUIT. ' Bng*4'jr, The Iwnc ot P??c? or War Is with Spain. I Kioto tb? Waahington C'nian (officii), April 28.] Tbe dlspoeit on manifested by ?ome of our ootompora riea to eon plain ot the reoent wmum of the admin istration, acopted la consequence of the Ute aggreMions upon inniciii tl|bt> in the high >9xb ntu Cub?, as not being sufficiently etringwnt ?n<l compreuendve, icclinea us to think that the powers of the Executive in the pre mi>es hare not been as well consi.-erel as t ley ought to be before inlulglng in censorious comments. With our conviction as to the enormi y ?>! the se.erai outrages perpetrated, our ftebngs would have Been jri?tifie<S if a naval force could have been ordered to Havana wit?- peremptory Instructions to demand prompt aud ample reptration there an. I, upon it* refusal, to inflict summary and exemplary puuiahment ctlesdinir parties. We have no doubt tli if President Pttrce had feit authorized to follow his unpulwH, he would not have hesitated to adopt aud enforce su^h a policy for redress; and we have ai little doubt I tbat the inputs *b et the American people would hare warmly appiored sue* a means of redreisiag flagrant insult* and injmies. But it must be rennmbdrad mat the [ resident is not authorized to iollow b s impulses unices they dictate measures olearly within hie consti tutional powers 'lb?re la no man in the whole I ni on who is more sensitive in regard to our national honor, and none who lelt more keenly or mc*o InJigoantly the wanton intuits offered to our Hag by the tipnnish offi cials; and yet, in the dissliarge of his high duties, he was bound by the most solemn obligations to keep within the pa'e of the constitution in the measures adopted either for redre'S or for future security ajainst similar outrages. It wore better to ?ndure teaip irarily the vkilatioaa oi onr rights than to M?k their re lrean at tlie expetae of tbo*e fundamental prinoiple* which de tine and limit the powers of th? executive department of the government. Believing that the " aober second thought" of all true men will sanetfoa th?ae sentl ments, we shall proceed to nctiae the limitations upon the executive power in adopting measures to meet ths pressn^ exigeccy, i'id to sbo?v that those adopted mini jut the determination of the admniatratlou to go to the verge of his conet tutional autboiity in providing a re medy for the late aggressions. We assume without hesitation, and with entire confl deuce teat there never was ttie leist doubt on the mln<l of the' Executive as to the aggressive cnara -ter of ttie late conduct ol Spanish officers m stopping and board ing and exiimining our merchant vessels. To douit on this point would be to impute to him btn'imen'R in re gard to the inviolability o' our fl?? wnich w.uld be as iirtconcilabl<- with well eaUbliehed international lav as with patriotism. We do not use the terms ?' fir ing into" or " brnging 1o," becuutte we snouid feel hu nSiated if we suppled tbe President capable of disre garding the aubstanoe of the late aggression* for the par pofe of cavilng aad sticking upon the deinitloui of ch< terms used to d sciiba the details of transactions whose illegal character depends upon no such investigations. It was just as illegal for the Spanish officers to Are "over," or "aTOund," or " befcro" our vessels as " at" or " into" tbem in the particular instances which have called for the interposition of our government. Whatever the acts were, they were Intended to stop, and subject to visitation and examination vessels ovei which the Spanish officers had no jurisdiction. It was the ex ersise of the right of the search, or visitation, or exam inat onontbe high seas; and whether this assumed right was exercited by Bring cannon balla "over," or ?'before, " or "into" onr vessels, only indicates a great er or lies degree of aggravation In the aggression, bit it doe* nor affect the legality of the act. The fact was cleaily established that onr vessels were stopped (whether by force or menace is immaterial) and sub jected to visitation and examination. In thU consisted the viol at on of international law? in this was the sur greation upon American rights? in this was the in su't to the American flag? in this was the outrage which calle 1 for the interposition of all the pi wer po'sessed by the Executive both for redress lor wrongs already in dieted and for the prevention of their repetition in future. What power, then, could the President legitimately exercise by way ct redref sY If he bad ordered the !inlf squadron to proceed to Havana an<l demaud immediate reparation of ttie t'aptatn General of Cuba, and, upon his refusal, to blockade the poits of tbe island or to bombard its towns, theke would have been unequivocal acta ot war. But the President Ins do power to make war. When an injury calU for redress be is bound to demand reparation, and if it is refused, and re dress is only Attainable by a r?sort to force, he must havd the autboiity of Congress to proceed, unless the ollerding party ia of that lawless or piraticsl character irrespon. iUe to any government ca pable of makmg reparation, w bi ,:h make1 his punish ment an exception to civilized rules of proceeding. If, upon tbe refusal of the Captain General to make immediate reparation, the President had ordered the com mander of the squadron to loos up ti e offending Spanilh Innate, and 10 capture or t int her, this would have b, en to make a reprisal. Rut ttie constitution has not coc'eried up<n tbe President the authoiity either to declare war or to make jeprisal*. If the nectary power had eaitted, th?, outrages would wall havs justi fied a report to one or th?i other moJe of redress, and we nave gcorf reason to believe that the President was only rentruiced from adapting the oue or tae otjer m:>ae , from the comlction ibst be could only do eo c.t tbe ex pense of tbe constitution. It is apparent, then, that under his constitutional powers, it was not competent for the Executive to adopt those summary and effec tive measures for repress which the outraged sense of the American people seemed so clearly to dem and. If ba had been actuuttd tn his policy by those ambitijus or selfish cor ideratuns which some of his e it nied have so urscrupulously attribuied to him, h-5 saw such manifestat ons of popular iodignatiou aga'ast tne ag giesrors that might weil liave uinpted a Isjb discreet aid conscientious Trealcient to overstep the baunds fix ed by the cmstltution to hi^ powers. Without pretend ing to Udicate. or sven to kuow, what poti :y the Presi dent has adopted to obtain ample reparsti -n 'or these outrages, vr* venture couGdently to affirm tb it taa ao quel will prove that he has discharged his whole dutr, anc that if lull recress is not spesiily oota'nei tbe country will attach to him no res pons! oiiity for want of promptness or energy In the exercise of all the pow ers belonging to him Wben Con^reas a<{*iu ia=?nblo', - :? ,v?n ;ir>u?ar that the Presilent has exhausted all ? -r - ?. '-"'tleps effnris t > oitui sa bi? Jegltimut- i(gj~re?a in ? -- tve u y,n | tisfactory reparation from Spiin, it wtu t hatbody to rtecide whether otLer anl norb measures , si. J! be proetcuteu. Whilst the will continue wduloufl; to eschew ra-hnen? or pr?>v.ipi tancy in bis count, el?, Lc wiU show ueithw la:k ol j?* leusy a? to our national honor nor want of promptness nor of fiiiintsaia dennan-Hng and io isl.n^ on ?P'? redress for violations cf right" aud inanlts *0 our llag. If it wa' not competect lor tbe 1'reaiJect to adopt ivar measures tor the punishment and redrea? o. tin lata aj gieSKions and insults ot Spanish offices, an! rf. M f hav# assumed, the irtusures lor reliesf alopted h^ve gone the tu'l length of executive authority, it inttreat ng to know whether our commsrc^ md oa-ioaal r gbts and benor are to continue to bt outraged by ob ?truc'iona and aggiree on. Ilk? these which h?? i re cently excited so much popular in', igntaon or wbetier tbe l-residir.t lias adopted a policy wbicu wiU eulief s* cnie to u?exe4nption from simiUr outrage) in fu ure, or r*fult lu tboir prompt and exen plary piu abment. It is the duty o' tbe txecu'ilve to pr ite'.t cur oommsres anc our national rights ou the lii^l mm, tni to theae enda tot I re.i lent is furnished with a navy aud army, *nd in made their commander. Although he may not constitutionally make war to relresa p?st, hs nav us? the nnvy or army, or b;>th, to prevant and. i< n??d be, he w\y re,. el and prevent forcille s^ riessioDs by foraible re-istmce, even thiagh a sU'e cf hostilities should be the un*v.??iail? conse nuence. Tbe riilit of self defense belongs as wall to nations as to Individuals; and when a nec??sary resort to tt biings with it the consoquence of war. it ia war oy the act of the off nling party, aod involvjs no violation of executive powers If a foreign army invades oar ter ritrrv the Pre.i 'ent, as commander of the in.ll arr forces is bound to repel It, aitnoujh war tnereby fol lows In like manner, if tbe exclusive jariid.ction on the high teas which our flag guarantees to the dec* of every American vesset is invaded by an attempt to exer else ttfe right of search cr vtfita'.ion or examination, the Preiident is as much bound to resist and repel the inva sion of one of our ship's decks as to resist and repel the Invasion of our territory. He would tie as derelict of dnty in one ca?? as In the other if be failed to exert the means placed at his disposal upon toe apprehens on that war might ensue; it ia enough for him to kn .w that if war cemes in such way. it comes by the act of the ln vadsr The only question of embarraas sent In snch easels as to tbe tune when the aggreasion may here aiated or resented by the^executive ItUcl-ar, however that, so long as tbe aggression continues the retort to forclb.e means of resistance or punishment ia lawful. If our naval or military force be present or within striking distance when an aggression tskea place, wtiether upon our teiTltory or one of oUr m.rehant vessels the right anl the duty to Interpose for protection, resistance, and punishment. t? too clear to need argument for its illua tration. It It equally cle-r that if the naval and military not wtua'lv present, but reacU ths scene o aggression before the aggressor baa consummated his ?Strage snd retired from the place the right to in^er Dose exists. We shoull maintain that, pewullar clrcumskanoea of aggravation and atrocity, a naval or military commander would be justified in look ng up and pumab ng the offender even though the aggression had Len eonsummated. and the olfender withdl-awn lrom tbe place of torn mitt ing the ofTsnce. It is only in ax trerne cases of thia kind that any real d-ffiaulty ia pre sented aa to the extent cf executive piwei 'in rep? redreeslng irjury and ioault. Ilscaute of such d'ffl inlty tbe resjonMbillty Is devolved upon the Presiient ef ex ercisinn special wifdom and precaution in tbe aele: ion of ihe officers to whom sucb delicate trusts are comtn t ted. That considerations like these have operats.1 upon the executive in p'aclng Commodore McCauley in command of the gulf squadron we have no doabt; anl that' his prudence, circumspection and viti.aace wil illustrate the propriety of the selection we have as little doubt. It ia scarcely neceesary to remark, that as th? late occurrence n tbe i.e>g hlorhr.'xl of Cuba have caufnl tbe President to ?end a raval force t'lere, the inference la conclusive, that the objest Is to (trerent a repetition of such occurrences and to p\ini?h tb?m I' their repo'ition ia attempted. lho?e mts ere regarded by tbe nt? >u' ve ae violations of international law and indignities to our flag and aggressions upon our r*ghts and ob tr'ist ons to our commerce, wbteh cannot, an<l will not be tolerate 1 Cor<modore Mnranley will raise no questions of naval etlonetle In connexion with the exercise of the ritht of TlaiUtio* or fiauiBation of oui vesgela by Spanish war ihiM HU bnaiiMai is to know that oargoTanuMat lepudiatee all controversy u to the exerclao of ??? right, whether it bo aiugbt ?? coror It i?u* J" Vrmn of ?' bringing to " or " firing oto-," o- ? ?? of tbo nar?l pbraaoa which aro 'wJLu. inTcsttgi'ed in aomo of tbo now.- - ^^58 1h?r it '.a a?a?rted openly and Pp?o'?h right ii? do4M. th,M wUh K Ul{. eograpber in his band to ente ^ lntt) pMlol(ui,,4i dilq,(. iiilona.wUh Sjan<ah office batto H%, to them, " Vou can claim oo right V> '^^h. ri'ltatioa, or examination of any T?:iel r'gnu ^fly bearing our flag upon the high a?*a, undtr any {?<pe or any pretext, in my presence or within ""..y re??k; If you attempt It, the ast will bo dona at y.ur ptril " If tho hi telligincer cliooaea to regard In t'Vuciioi " of tbia character aa " bloody," it ia welcome to make tbe moat of tbom; other eltixnua, of bettor p% ir'otldm, will judge differently. Wa do not protenl to conjecture wbetlier a bottiVe colliaion will or will not ro rult from tbe execution of tbo order* of Ooman dora Wi Cauley. That safer ia with the Spanish official* and their government. They now know tbo position of our government on tbe <{u*ntion, and they hare tha issue of peace or war in their handa. If they peraut la their career of agirrosaioca, war ia inevitable, and war by their own act and upon their own responsibility. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. MONEY MAKKBr. Sunday, April 23 ? S P. M. We btTt nothing new to report In the way of money matter*. Tke supp'y of capital U far In advance of the demand, and the surplus cannot finJ employment eren in fancy stoeka. Tlie bank* find It difficult to keep up their line of discounts, and will, without doabt, show in their next weekly etatoment a further contraction in loan*. In the mldnt of this plethora in the money mar ket, we find no speculation of consequence going on in lancy stock i. That class of securities ia well heH, and no amount is pressing for aale; hut there is an abaenje of buyers that tend* materially to keep down prices. The fancy stock list ia, as a general thing, neglected. One or two prominent railroad stocks hire strong friends, and are pretty well sustained, while the rest have not moved upward but moderately during the p*at three or four months. Fortunately for the stock market and for the bankers, some securities have improved so much in actual value that prices could not have been kep*. down, even under a more reduced supply of money. There are very few stocks operated ia daily at the board, which are, in reali'y, fancier A few years since the street was full of them hew, not above half a dozen can be scraped together. Ibis givea a better baais to specu. latlon. It Is true lome of the mo it substantial securi ties on the market have, within the past year, run down almost as far and as last as the most worthless fancy In years previous, but there was a recuperative power which prevented confidence from disappearing altogether, and induced many to bold, even In the most gloomy pe riods, for a return of better times. A good portion of the depreciation has been removed, and the public m'.nd is filled with confidence in future values. It la some what strange that with this extending cheapness aud abundance of money, there is not more activity aud a greater Inflation In stocks. Present prices cannot be suhtained in the absence of buyers. The market must be kept moving to keep it healthy, and holders must do something to attract new operators. The amount of specie exported from this port from January 1 to Apni 28, 1865, both inclusive, was $7,892, 682, against $7,366,068, for the same period the previous year, showing an increase this year of $526,624. Albert H Nicolay's regular semi- weekly auction silo of stock and bonds will take placc on Monday next, .he 30th Inst., at 12 )i o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange. The cash bah nee in the hands of the United States Assistant Treasurer of Boston, on the 28th inst., was as follows:? Treasury account, $4,141,988 47; Post Of fice account, $131,696 87;! on deposit, $233,247 53? to tal, $4,611,932 87. Sometime since the stockholders of the Harlem Rail road Compary appointed a committee to nominate suit able persons for directors to be voted for at the next annual election. Tba*. committee have not reported yet and tnere is no guaranty that it will. The stockholders will, therefore, be left to provide a ticket for them wives; and it is full time that tbey looked to it. The first step ftr them to take is to withdraw all old proxies. Any and every stockholder who ha* ever given a proxy should hunt it up and see that it is annulled or destroy ed. If tbey cannot find the individuals to whom they were given, send a revocation to the presidtnt of the company, which will be effective enough to block any irside g?me. Tt ? election takes place on the 15th of May. It is an important one, and every atockhold:? should attend personally if possible. Wall street bro kers are hard at work drumming up proxies, and they will get eontrol of the road again if possible. The antbraciie coal tonnage from the Schuylkill re gion was enonrous last week ? larger than ever before reported in any one week. The Reading Railroad brought down, for the week erdinj on Thursday, the extraordi nary amount of 50 095 tons, making, with that previous ly brought down thla year, 661,489 tons, against 556,705 tons to tbe swne time last year, the shipments on the Schuylkill Navigation for the week were also very large, reaching 31,258 tons? making for the season 165,478 tons, against 142,593 tons to the same time last year. The La high Navigation Company is just getting fairly at work The shipments for the week ending on Saturday list, were 23.196 tons, ?n<5 for the season to that t me, 41,689 tens. This Is rather less than to corresponding time list j ear, but the difference will probably soon be overcome, as It is understood that the company has made arrange ments for an increased shipment cn the last year'* busi ness. The annexed statement exhibits the comparative posi tion of the three leading railroad companies, the stocks of which are operated in extensively in this market, ac cording to official returns of 1854, and estimated receipt* for 18S5, upon th? baiis of income already re&l'ied:? Comparative Poeinox of Lsathsq Railroad Coxfaxiki. 1854 Grout Net Cut ptr earning* Exp>tws rtrninjt mite, vrr mile per mile ptr mile N. Y. Central BR... $?5,570 $10, tl7 $5,487 $V030 X Y k <'rie 76.7G6 1C>'93 6.617 6,176 PhJadtl'a it Reaiimj 210,700 41,115 19,252 21,863 1865. K Y. CentMl RR... 570 $12,615 $0,559 $6,056 ?' y k Frip 75,766 12,837 6,676 6,162 Philadel'afc Reading 2(0,700 50,115 23,554 26,561 Total -Yet lot" I Net E\rningt 1855. Earning!. Cotj <m Co.'t. NY Oen.R R. .$8.23:*,M4 $35,014,536 9'," p?r ct *N Y.&KrieR R. 2,M5,248 35,150,629 8 per ?t. Phil & Read. BR 2,443,612 18,464,115 13 per ct. Left of ml, Net earn- , , Int. on infi for Cipi DJt). JlS'k -it/a Dibt. Diridenrlt. Sto.k. onStk.o/Sk lyrer HP $840,000 #;',3y3,90t $2S,iVi7, 115 10 p.ct. MK NYAErieRR 1 1 080.54* 10 112!*, 980 1" P-<=t. 4?? rMl ARc.d 575.-92 1,8^8,320 8,500,000 22 p.ct. 85jJ In making up the returns for the present year? 185.'? we have taken the per cert increase In groes income thus !?r, and estimated the receipts for the year at the fame rate, and in arriving at the ex ptnses per mile we have taken the per cent re ported laet year, viz. ?For tbe New York Centri , 52 per cent; for the New York and Erie 52>* per cent, and for the Beading 47 per cent. We h*ve put down the cost per mile of each road In 1855 the sime as In 1?54. A careful examination of these tahlea will dis close some astounding reunite. It will be seen that the Reading Railroad Company *tand* far in ad vance of either the Central or Erie In productiveness in cost ami capital. Tbe return* of net earniogs thus far received on tbe Reading railroad make the increase in net re ce'pts equal to sixty- *even per cent, while the gross re ceipt* *bow only an ln:?ase of thirty five per cent. Tke other roads may show a reduction In their oper ating expense*, but we have no returns yet showing sucli a re* nit. There la very little doubt but that the net Income of the Reading Railroad Company for the year* ending November 30, 1855, will exceed $3,000,000. last year the aggregate net Income wai $2,010 418 Thla year the flret four month* *how an Insreaae In net earning* of $193,849 54. 8uch a result In the dulleit four montba of the year, la aufficient to justify the esti mate given above. In making up the returns for the Krle railroad for 1855, we have made no aUowance for the slaking fund, which amounta to about four per cent on the capital, whieh would leave alx per eent for the stockholders. It la our lmprestion, however, that the operating expenses of hob the Erie and Centra* roads will lamely exceed the rate put down in our oa! culatlons. So long as the construction account of the Erie waa open, it was an easy mat'er to keep down the current tunning expenditure*, lhe returns for this j ear will, we fear, ebow a leas favorable result. We have not the all* blei t doubt but that the net income of the Reading Railroad Company during the present yoar, 1(155, will exceed in dolHrs and cents that of either the Central or Erie. Tbe only way to tost the correctness of this estimate, at the close of the year, will be to deduct nom the net receipte of each company tie Increass or construction account in the sam? time. We to put thla prediction upon record or future reference. Toe cost per mile of each of the three above nam-d roads do.s not piesent exactly a fair compiriaon. For the purpose of placing the three co?penies upon the same platform we have put down the cost .f the Me and Central per mile at flgurf* ccrreaponllng with the receipt* of the Reading:? New Yon CnfflUL, N*w Yo?k^d Emk, awd Rjudwo ear 1M e*r Cmt per ni*g* per Exptnsts ***0* P*r mih> iflilf, ptr Mt'6* Mtlt u -v rantTftl $"62 280 $!> 0,4*0 $M,23? Wji*J 2* J 61,^8 2V00 24?48 PhiU fc Beading . 200,700 50,116 23,654 24,681 Tb. gw-.~r.ta* of th. Erl. and Oentral per mU., imonntto .bout ?? fourth of thoM of tb. Reading. We hav., tb.refow, multiplied tb. eo.t p.r mil. of tb. Erie ?d Cntral by four, to .bow th. comparative ooit per mil. of Mcb according to groM receipt.. Tw, trd6 tiT. p..ltion of web U thu. .hown, and th. fUadln?,a. in all oth.r mod., of comparison, stand. immMsnrably tandvanM.f .lth.rth.Eri. or Cntral. If take tb. returns of n.t inoom. of tb. R^dmg road for th. pnst four months of the pre-ot fl-o-J year ompared with that fo. th. Mm. tim. last year, ..d mak. an estimate of th. aggregate for th. yur at th. ?me rat. of increase, w. .houid arriv. at a re.ult v.ry different from th. very favorable on. given abov.. Th. Increase tbu. far In net earning, hai bien sixty -wven p?r cent, a rat. beyond that of any otb.r finished railroad in the country. At thi. rat. th. increaw in dollar. aftd cent, will b. Tor tb., $1 340 000, which added to the aggregat. of 18S4? $2,010, 0< 0? make, a total Of $3,350,000, exeMding our highe.t eitlmate $350,000. We bare arrired at the re.ult, a. regard, th. Readmgi exhibited In th. abor. tabid by an ..timaU of only thirty fir. per cent In the gro.. earning., and an expen diture of 47 per e.nt for operating expense.. The actual pro? uctivenes. of thi. company thU year, has been to far beyond every precedent that tu mo.t sanguln. Menu, aw a.tonlsMd, and almost refuse to official re tUTh. Delaware and Hud?on Canal Company have i.?u.d th.lru.nal circular, fixing for th. ..awn th. prlo*. of their coal, b?ird v.smI. at Rondout, a. f?.low., per ton of 2,240 lb.. To July 1. To Sept. 1. A/Ur ?pt. 1. Fornace lump U 80 $4 M ?5 00 fteamer lump 4 90 6 00 ^ Gr.U, or broken. . 5 00 . 5 10 5 30 j a? \ * 54$ Che.nut and pea.. . 4 20 * 8? Ilfty cent, added to tb. abov. giv.s th. prieM at Ne. York. Th. priM. V* ? cent, bigb.r than th. .p.ning rate, of la.t year. Th. Pennsylvania Coal Company ha*. aU. iwied tuelr ' circular, fixing prijes f.r th. season for coal itlivered .n beard rensel. at P.rt Ew.n, per ton of 2,240 lb.., a. M 1#Wi 2b July 1. 3b Sept. 1.' AfUr Sept- 1. Lump ccal M CO U 70 MM Steamboat coal 4 80 4 W Grat. ?oal * ?? ? *JJ ? m Hang. .oal 6 00 6 10 5 ? Ant coil & ?? a in 4 20 Chesnvt coal 400 #1? Small pea 3 60 3 ?0 3 70 Th. production of coal during th. present season U likely to be to an unprecedented extent, and th. pro bability i. that price, will rul. comparatively low. L?*t year wa. a w; extraordinary on. for thi. trad.. There en be no doubt that ?ome considerable riM in the price of ecal was Inevitable from it. commencement. Many kinds ?f manufacture in which It i. u?ed wei. Mtreneiy proaperou., the mark.t. w.r. bar. of the articl. at the of the .hipping Ma son, accident, to th. Delaware division of 1h. P.nn.yl yania and to the Delaware and Hnd?>n out of the market the early supply by thow, and the cost of jrodustlon was materiaUy increased by the .carctty of labor and the high price of .rery n.c..?a>y of life, lhii ?1 '.hough aU the.e c^usm combing ar. .uEB clent to account for ?om., and perhap. a consider able ri.e in price, J.t .very on. who ha. watch?d carefully and int.llig.ntly tb. cours. of thU trad, during the past year, moat admit that a great part of the advance in pric. wa. du. to no natural and inevi table cause, but to a regularly organized system of ex citement and humbng, originating with the operataraof tb. Schuylkill region, fallen in with by the dealer, and .bipper. in Philadelphia, and carried to a height that ba. raiely been known in the bi?tory of any kind of business in this country. Now, a. in all operation, of this na ture there require, a .law to b. gulled, ?o we mu.t do the dealer, in, and consumer, of coal in New York and New England the justice to 'ay, that rarely, if ev?r, ha. there been wen a clas. of men more open to imposition, or who hav. been led more blindly and meekly by thoj. wbos. interest it wa. to hu nbug and deeelve them. The increawd cost of mining last season was giv.n a. a reawn why th. prise .hould advance, and thi. wa. greatly Insisted upon. Now, what ar* the fact. ? Th. incTcaaed coet of labor, with the aldltional of keeping up and feeding th. rtoek .f ?ul.s and horM. employed in .11 eollieri.a, wa. th. .ol. additional co.t of producing co.1; and it i. our opinion that, with the low tst wage, and cost of feed during March ?f last year, the expen.e of mining, breaking and screening coal, wa. tot increased during that year, even under the moit unfavorable elrcanutanee., more than thirty eenU net ton. The advance wa. far beyond that figure. Red Mb wa. freely sold in March, 1854, at $4 25 for ahlpment to New Englan J. and In October of th. aame year it reached $6 per ttn, an advance of $1 75; from thla muet be deducted the advance of railroad tolla, 55 cents, and . the actual advance in prlci to the producer will stand at $1 30, and deducting further the estimated increase in co.t, there will remain $1 per ton, not profit, but ineware of profit, in October, over that r.alited In the month of March. Now, a. the mining .f coal undoubt edly pale a profit at M?rch prices, it will ?ot be a large estimate to say that the average profit or mining io Schuylkill county the pa.t year w.s over $1 per ton, an enormous profit, when it Is considered that twenty thousand tons is a small production, and that soaie operators produce 80,000 to 100,000 tons. There are, of ocurse, contingencies in mining, such as faults in th. vein., which in individual case, may j-duce the profits ; but no candid man acquainted with this bu(iws* will say that the alove ., timat. i. too Urge for an average. It muat also be borne In mind t^at to. monthly advances in price, added by the producer, not only stimulated th., (lor the trade was in such an excited .tate that the dealer and con.urner ru.htd in to buy, to avoid paying a .till higher price,; but that it reacted npon the laboring miner, produced combination, to advance wages, strikes and turnouts, an4 actually reduced to a very considerable exwnt tlie amount of coal which, under a more h?althy stat. of things, might have Men produced and sent to mark.t. Every advance in wages was magnified far beyond the reality ; and it would not be go ng too far to say that, during a part of the year, % lea.t, .very ten cents ad T.nce in Ubor wa. mad. an argumeat for rnoie than double that ndvnD :e in price. In f?:t, for a great ^art of the year, the operator was, to Mm. ?xt?n?, at the merer ot tb. lib. ring miner; the dealer and large consume, of coil wit* ent'rely at the mercy of the ope rator ; and, harOent of all, th. poor con.umer wai at the meray of the deal.r-and all this because the opexator was grasping, and tb. purehaMr wai .asuy gulled. Now, it ia very ev.dent that a business of euch m?an'luil? m the raining of coal, ao much concentrate! in M? Held of operation, and comp?r?tively in ao few band*, can b# govern* ! and regulated to nult tbe pi* poses of those engaged ia it is a manner utterly out , tbe qnett on in regard to any of the great agricultural or manufacturing Interests of the country; and the ope rat on of Schuylkill county espeeUtly discovered this fact last year, and began to act upon it. Any other data of men, undei .similar circumstance*, wouP pro bably have panned tbe same eourae; bnt th? queition now la, whether oar whole eauety shall be forced to pay tribute to awell proflta already enormoua, or whether dealeis In eoal, manufacturers and eomument, will apply tba remedy in tbeir power? put thia trade upon tbe Mine footing aa other branchea of business, and re duee the profits of the producer of coal to something ltle tbe per centage earned by ether occupations. And tbia iesirable result ia altogether in the power of the purchaser* of eoal. Tbe receipts and expenditure* of the govern meat, exclusive of truit fund* and Treasury notes funded, fer tbe q carter ending March 31, 1856, were as annexed.? Fuakcxi or nu Uk men Status? Rhchpts a.vd Expkx niTTRRB. RmxipU. Fr?m customs $12,648, Cfi8 04 Do. aai?s of public landa 1,76:1,044 4.'. Do. miaeelianeoua and incidental aoureee 367,210 19 Total $14,709,022 68 Expcnditum. Civil, mlfcellaneoni and foreign intercourse $6,227,342 86 Interior, Ac. Pensions $622,430 13 Ind an 1 epar tment 439,550 38 081,089 51 War, Ac. Army proper, hi $3,131,618 60 Fartiticatuns. armories. Ac. 577/231 97 3,708 850 67 Navy 3,635,354 64 Interest en public JeM 27,821 07 Premium ?tork redeemed 117,071 00 Redemption loan 1842 (>9 500 00 Do. 1 843 1,600 00 Do. 1*46 118, H00 00 Do. 1847 466,250 00 Do. 1848 169,850 00 Co. Texas ind?n>. .. 38,000 00 _____ 1,038,792 07 Tot*! $15,672,319 66 Holders of the following New Orleans eoupons payable in New York, will preaent them at tbo Btnk of Amsriea for payment on and after the 1st of May:? Coopen? duo 16th January, 1866, loiter D, iaeuo^ to the 1'ontchartrain RR, Co. Coupons due 1st Not., 1 854, totter B, issued to the Niw Orlftns, JmIhh ud Owtt Nor them HR. oo ( oapooi da* lit Mil, 1866. letter B, issued to the New Orients, Jsckaon end Greet Northern RR Oo. Coupon* due let Not., 1861, latter C, leaued to the New Orleans, Opalooaua eni Gr*ftt Western RJ. Co. Coapciw due let Key, 1865, totter C, leaned to the S Tee Or'eau*. Opeiouaea etid Greet Vetera RR. Co. The coupon ? dne lat M*y oo the lie nphta end Charles ton Railroad 7 per cent bond') will be paid on presentation at the Bank of Amerba. The annexed table exhibits the quantity and value of c?rtain article ? exported from this port during the week ending and1 including Friday, the 27th of April, 186), diatinguiahing the destination and extent of shipments to rich place ? COMMEHCK OF THX PORT OF NkW YORK? WlEKLY ExrOBTS. uvrbtool. Quant. Value. Quant. Value. Cotton, bft. .6,294 9212,785 Fustic, tons. 100 91,759 Corn, bu.... 1,679 1,519 Ess'l oil, c*.. 10 B?tf, toi 346 9.989 Sperm .3,151 Fork, bbls... ICO l,6i>0 Tobacco, lbs 13,750 Bacon, lbs 620,426 48,046 Dry goods, ca 10 Lard 36,428 3,460 Steel, ca 6 Cheeae 20,137 2 114 Raga, bales.. 6 Rosin, bbl. . .4,376 7,030 Clocks, bxa.. 337 Yellow mtl, cs 10 2,125 Oora 496 Bops, La...., 10 336 * IJTotal 9311,464 LOUDON. 9316 Bnoks, c*..., 6 0,280 Linseed cake 2,664 480 Charts, c*.. .. 1 2,800 Hop*, in S Drugs, cs. ... 8 Tobacco, cs., 60 l ea cloth .... 5 Pork, tea.... 100 Bacon, lbs. 36, 818 Ipee ac, of ... . 20 Herbs, bx.... 5 Brain, bbls.. 1,680 Furs, cks.... 43 Tn rpen tine, bl , 263 Tea, ch 669 Rice, tes 64 Tobacco, lb 41, C60 Woodware^bx 100 Cotton, bis.. 2, 199 983,610 Bacon, lbs.. 47, 368 3,807 Lard 2,690 Tobacco, bis.. 38 Q bsrk, pkgs. 60 W'bone,lns 64,161 Renin, bbls.. 976 Diy foods, es. Hardware. . . . Leather goods Mns. instrn. . ProTiaions . . . Spirits, bbls.. Hair, bales... 100 Sponge 162 Carriages .... 2 Engravings, es 1 3.318 Oileloth, es.. 10 4,630 Oil pntgs, ca. 2 127 Lea cloth, cs. 4 3,334 Moulds 1 7,261 Glass 5 4,108 Hides, bft ... 98 7,386 Oers 2,030 1,950 Handspikes.. 705 5,305 100 Total 978,967 HAVRE. Oil, ea 2 Potashes, bbls 152 Copper, lbs 240,177 Molauo*,bbls 146 Bones 70 9350 10,711 6,050 460 1,200 930 439 3?>6 100 10,24? 1,000 213 266 448 1,720 22,998 Clocks, cftsos. 7 13 2 3 1 26 5 1.860 8,600 638 494 0?0 1,623 260 12,600 9156 5,035 67,824 4,2*3 2,100 141 600 260 643 201 370 626 2,610 780 1,026 97,093 Pistols 3 Kxl? 1 Silverware. . . 1 Stands 1 Peariaab, bbla 16 Oftrs 250 Plan* ? Masts 5 11,260 Slaves 16,0(0 160 2,000 Total 9224,621 COR*. Corn, bushels 17,003 917,800 CADIZ. Staves 104,300 ITAMBCRO. Cotton, bales. 78 91,898 Kaisins, bxa.. 100 Agr. Implem. 19 1,061 Honey, tcs... 161 I.egwood.tons 47 698 Shoe pegs, bbls 322 W tone, lbs 32,664 13,647 Drugs, casos. 142 Bosin. bbls.. 1,662 3,810 Porcelain, es. 4 I.R goods, cs.l, 410 37,998 Lea cloth.... 62 Hup gin 2 380 Oil 3 Sp turpentine 240 4,142 Tobaeco 20 Hop*, bales. 66 2,679 Machinery ... 4 I x.logw., bxs 360 1,962 Oilcloth 18 Ex. iustle... 366 2,141 Clocks 46 Ashes, bbls.. 26 765 Total 934,429 BHKMB.V. 93.041 Lea cloth, os. . 22 92,426 Tea, chests . . 263 Skins, bales., 21 I. R. goods, os 13 Ex. logwood.. 40 Drugs.. ..... 6 Engravings . . 9,866 6C8 220 677 500 Hops, bales.. 25 India robber. 2 Hemp 0 993 100 300 Total 919,189 ARGRNTINS RKTt'BLIC. 9400 Wh. lead, kg*. 97 Rope, pkgs... 65 H'dwarobxa.. 48 Tea, 200 F crackers.. 1,879 260 Matting, rolls. 342 380 Pepper, bgs... 50 6,019 CloTea, ba.... 26 4,217 Oakum 200 330 Tnr 60 1,932 Other ftrtletos . 188 556 f 86 906 Woodwftre, doz 200 Matches, cs.. . 12 Starch, bbls. . . 50 Varnisn, cs. .. 10 Sp Turpen. bis 60 Pitch 10# lotacco. lbs. 2, 760 Sugar, bbli.. . 600 Rice 300 Cement 3(0 Shoes, cs 61 Total 926,128 Floor, bis ... . 10 Tobaeco, bhds 48 Segara, ee.... 1 Rum, bbls.... 129 Tot*l 9121 737 371 1,277 2,730 2,562 472 368 700 130 97 AFRICA. 966 Bread bbls... 20 Domestics, ba 31 Lumber, ft. . 32,000 8,731 226 2,041 9256 1,932 822 Logwood, tons 21 Sp. turp., bbls 29 Tar 50 Pitch 60 Total LISBON. 9331 Quote, bark. 12 406 Stftvcs 40,000 131 Span 40 126 914,003 9270 4,000 120 TR1I8TS. Cotton, ball. 1,091 936,648 Dye stuffs, ca 40 Coffee, bgs.. . 700 8,734 Total COWKS. logwood, tins 686 913,014 Ex fustic... 60 Fustic 14 250 Ex. Iog'd,bx.l000 6,670 Total OPORTO Corn, bus.. 10, 916 911,986 Tar, bbla 35 Logwood. tons 66 1,157 Lead, pigs... 18 Pitch, bbls... 60 150 Staves 2,000 1,612 Spirs 20 103 *'bone, lbs. 3, 406 Rtein, bbls.. 100 Total ??m?H WORTH .AMERICAN COLONIC. Floor, bbls.. 3, 948 936,5*3 *tesrine, bbls 10 Rye do 550 3,400 Tea, chests.. 50 1,794 Tobacco, lbs47, 781 176 lUce, tierces.. 6 4,942 Candles, boxs 34 340 Compasses... 2 1,290 Bread, bags.. 9f4 376 Pictures, pks 10 2,200 Segars, cases. 30 52 Rom, pun. ... 60 92 Sogar, boxes. 49 Corn meal.,.. 356 B??f 10 Pork 330 Lard, lbs... 3,092 Tallow 11,174 Spongee, cs.. 16 Leather, tides 404 Paleratus, pgs 20 Fish, bbls.... 21 .95,383 9600 $46,982 9331 919,166 9106 78 160 110 915,440 9234 1,033 4,808 189 172 141 4.899 650 472 4,725 300 Total BRjnsn Floor, bbls.. 610 $6,386 Meal 64 Corn, boib.. 660 Beef, bbls.... 61 Port 190 Butter, lbs..l (41 Lard 1,777 Try goods, en. 3 Rope, colls.. . Sboe*. cases . Haj, bales. .. Fails Blockc, box . . 61 2 56 6 1 272 768 730 3,432 364 179 216 r.97 92 162 282 60 BHT INPIEH. Bread, bbls.. 151 Candle*, big.. 395 Sugtr 9 8ku?s, case... 1 Ale, bbls 10 Champagne. . 20 Oil. bbla H'dware, cs.. Potatoes, bbla Rum Sheep Shoots, bbds. 100 Other articles ? .158,872 Total $18,497 Beef, bbls. . . . J15 Perk 10 Hams, lb*. . 3,924 Baeon 1,263 laid 8, Of 6 n>*es? 1,013 Tallew 40,000 Paper, cs... 1,2(0 Il'dwaie,kgs. 85 Glai l, c? 80 Frvg*, bxs .. Eiead, bbls... Docks, cs.... Rice, tieices. Fosp, boxes . Pctaues, bbls Onions 29 Total 109 78 1 50 114 60 CCBA. $994 Pell 1 1E5 Copper, sb... 100 461 Ccltisl), lbs. .6,144 179 Salt, Packs... 100 828 Furniture, es. 9 122 Ale, bl>l< 60 8,000 Stationery, cs 2 3f.& Wb. oil, gal.. 750 80S C indies, bxs. 200 224 Pry goods, cs. 1 3,121 Clothing, pkgs 2 684 Shoes. 5 61 Hcops ? 1,973 Hhds.,ftc.... 550 147 SbooVs&hds 7,664 188 Lumber, ft. 15,000 146 Floor, bbls.. 190 CoinBetl, cs. 473 Pork, bbls... 160 Hams, lbs. .10,382 lard 31,580 ButUr 4,467 Cbeete 4,710 Fepp?r, baga. 10 Cassia 6 Crackers, cs.. 30 Rice, trcs... . 135 Codflih lbs. 64,672 Fi>b, bbls. . .. 187 Vegetables... 15 Candles, bxs. 1,04 2 Tobacco, lbs 18,662 *1 PORTO $2,1(9 6 386 2,585 1,208 3, *16 876 684 138 96 55 6.05rt 2,084 419 67 3,7?5 2,299 321 woo. Br?ndy, cs... 6 Fornkure.ns. 20 T metal, bxs. 27 Bread, bbls.. 422 Potatoes 100 Onions, cs... 6 H'dware, bxa. 104 Boat 1 Oil, gallons.. 401 Paper, reams 419 Deans, buib. 24 Sew'g mach'e 1 Hoop* ? Sh'ks it lids 2,038 I.iiD'xr, f?>?t. ? Other ar1ick>? ? $123 186 197 250 71 450 208 550 1.509 106 55 248 2,371 1,100 6,093 262 .$26,992 $646 1,186 4,036 895 374 232 1,030 176 305 472 63 103 1,371 4,471 1,02! 112 otal $47,108 Flour, bbkl... 548 Beef, bbls.... 60 Pork, bbls.... 416 Butter, lbs.. 1,831 Laid, lb 6,522 Cbeeie, lbe.. 1,226 Rice, bbls .... 83 Candles, cases 94 BAYT1. $6,361 Codflsb.lbs.43, 058 492 Sugar, bxa... 30 6,667 Fiab, bbls.,.. 180 439 Soap, bxs. ...2, 200 628 Hdware, caak. 1 121 Safe 1 1,126 Tobacco, bale 65 676 Wk. oil, gals. 409 Total $22,704 Pamt, cs 20 Trunk*, pks. 13 Cosoa, bags.. 270 Tea, bxs Pepper, bags, Wbhone, bdls Jewelry, pks. I R goods, pks Drugs, cs 69 60 7 4 38 169 Bops, ba 11 Pap?r, es 2 Vsrnisb, cs.. 3 H'dware, cs. 1,619 Tetal MEXICO. $216 Perf;?mery,e*. 26 171 Tel. mats, bx. 23 250 Stoarine, cs.. 14 1,136 Candles, bx.. 216 138 Machinery, ;s. 307 208 Coach mats, pk 14 910 Dry goods, cs. 30 3,862 Te?tn, cs 1 3,3S3 Combs. bxs... 4 416 C?p 12 ?1 Stationery, es. 4 132 lamp" bx... 1 6,304 D g. mat, bx. 1 $53,765 Flour, bbli... 900 Hasns, lbs. .. . 808 Ratter....... *76 Lard Csndles, bxs. 66 F crackers... 160 Papar' cs.... 230 Covestlcs, ba 76 Sugars, es.. .. 15 W. ware, dot. 60 $9,760 Rice, bbls.. 45 93 Bat.', bxs.... 2 76 Pepper, bgs., 32 190 Cassia, rats.. 150 216 Pimento, bgs. 13 268 1 el. raetal, cs 2 320 Hardware.... 2 3,344 Oil cloth, bx. 1 1,225 Wine, cs 2 106 Roar is 477 $17,790 rnrwni wkht ramta. Hams. lbs... 874 $120 8?, c 1 1,100 Fish, bbls... 75 2,800 Peas. bags... 30 6,C0<) Oar* 100 fork, bbls.. . 74 Tob co, lbs .29,889 Do. bis... 41 gegars, es. . . . 1 303 I.nmbar, ft.lO OCG $75 240 80 75 180 Total..,., $0,973 BRAWL Flour, bbl*.. 2,101 $22,160 Tea, eh* 113 $2^ Total $14.68* JUcjpnrujiTioa. Liverpool $311,444 Hamburg $94,42Gr 1 onion 78.967 Bremen 19,289 Havre 224.521 Liabon 5,383 CmIi 17.800 Trleate 45,98! Cadiz '. 7,093 Co we* 19,165 Onorto" 18,440 Br. W. indie* 18,497 Br. N. A. Coloniee. 68,872 Cuba Porto Rico ... 47,108 Uayti 23,701 Meiko 58 706 Argentine Republic. *,128 14,003 b2.u.... Ventzueia 17,790 French W. ladles. 8,073 Value of export* during the week *1,1|o'oao Do. ?pecie exported do. do Totnl exportation *2 640 919 Total importation i.04Q,9i? Excea* of import* over exporta $1,468,312 The shipments of breadntuff* hare become very limit ed, and mu it continue io for the remainder of the ion. Cotton U not going forward with much aetlvlty. The bulk of the total exportation i* made up ef about h e usual variety, and it will be aeen that the aggregate ii pretty weU diatributed. The foUowing it a compara 1 iv* statement of the value of exporta from the com mcncement of the year to April 26:? 1854 1856. IncrcU' DtcreOf. Cotton $6,lb8,424 $3,288 696 - Flour 3 644,542 1,471,369 - Corn veal. . 118,436 113,077 . - J. Wheat 2,042,467 67,938 - M74.6W Coin 1,618,539 1,1(0 269 - 313,280 Beef 444,117 696,880 >262,763 ? Perk 340,869 1,293,848 962,979 ? Total.. .$13,862,894 $8,281,967 $1,205,742 $6,336,169 Net decreaee to April 26, 1866 $6,130,421 Stock Exchange. . Saturday. April 28, 1866. $1,000 Xi-Rouri 6'? P3 60 aha N Y On RR. #8* 1,000 Hud R 3d Mt B. 77 30 do e8 93* 6,000 111 Cen RR ? alO 7f* 60 do bS 93't 3, tOO do s3 75* 60 do e8 93* 2.000 do ?3 76* 50 Reading RR. . *30 85* 10,000 do e 75 200 do.... at 90 86 X 10,000 do b?0 75* 300 do 85* 2,000 NY Cen RR Bda 92* 350 do b30 85* 800 NY Cen 7'*.. 101 * 60 Harlem RR 30 >4 19 she Bank St N Y 106 76 Hudaon RR 40 40 Bank ol Republic 120 60 do *30 39* 7 Hanover Bank. . . 96 360 do i!0 39*4 15 Continental Bank 106* 100 do *3 40 100 Penniylvania C C 106 100 do b3 40 30 do 106 150 do b60 40* 40 do 1053* 60 do a3 40* lONorw&WorRR 88* 200 Erie RR *60 49 200 Nt Iran Co b46 16)4 100 do *60 49* 100 do b30 16 * 100 do b30 49* 10? do e 16* 60 do *30 49* 700 do *3 10 750 do ?3 49* 200 do ?60 1 6 60 do b30 49* 200 do b3C 16* 600 do *30 49* 200 do o 16* 150 do 49* 250 Cumb CoalCe blO 28* 50 do 49* 360 do o 28* 100 do b3 49* 50 do b6 23* 326 do 49* 4C0 do .it 3 28* 20 Panama RR 94 90 do *3 58* 56 Clev & Tol RR. . . 76* 490 do *60 28* 100 do 76 ?00 do *30 28* 160 do *30 76* BBOOND BOARD. $6,000 Ind. State 6'a 83* 60 ah* Erie Railroad 49* 100 aha Harlem RR.. 30* 60 do blO 49* 5C 111 Cen Railroad 96 200 do *3 49* 100 Erie Railroad *10 49* CITY TRADE REPORT. Satcrday, April 28? C P. M. Abbss ?Small tales, prices unchanged. BRXADeTUFFs.? Floor ? There was activity in the mar ket, without change of moment; the aalea footed up about 8.000 a 9, OLO bbls., Including common to good straight State brands at $9 75 a $10; common to good Ohio, Mieh<gan, Ohio and Indiana, at $10 25 a $10 50; Canadian (Vi'O bble.) at $10 37 a $11, which was slightly h'ghtr; and Southern (about 1.200 bbli.) at $10 75 a $12 50, which was better. Rye floor and oorn meal were onehangei. Wheat quiet. Bye waa held at $1 50. Oorn waa a trifle lower; about 0,0(0 a 10,000 baahela were aold at $1 12 a $1 14 for white and jailor, South ern. Oata quiet. Coffer. ? Market waa active; 1,000 bags Rio ware aold at lCtfc. a 11c. ; GOO do. Msracaibo at 10c. a llXe ; 550 do Laguyaia at 11c., and about 4,000 bags cis. Domingo, including 1,200 ataintd at p. t., leaving the market bar* of this description. The chief portion of the sound was taken foreiport. Cotton. ? About 5,000 bales were sold, the market having recovered the previous decline caused by the Africa's news. We quote middling uplands at 9}fc., Florida do at 6^, Mobile at 9^, hew Orleans and Texas at 9%c. Freights.? Rates were inactive. To Liverpool cotton was 3-16d. for compressed; 180 tona fuatie were eagsged at 10s , and 100 do. logwood, at 18s. To Lonlon, 1,000 bbls. erode turpentine, were engaged at la. 9d. To Havre, cotton was engaged at J<d. as ties at $7 a $8; and rke at $8; bone at %c. Bates to California ranged from SOe a 85c. per foot meat nrement. Frvit ? Raisins were some firmer, for MVaga raisins, 300 boxes sold at $2 45, and 500 do. at lie. a 11.^0., and 500 do la j era at $2 70 a*$2 75. Hav? 600 a 000 hales aold at $1 12. Bides.?' The market has ruled firm during the week. The sales have included Orinocos, 21 lbs., at20\c., 8 months, usual selections 4,000 ; 20 lbs. do, at 16^0. eaah, aa tbry run; '<(0 a 800 Southern, 10 a 17 lbs. do, at 14c. a 15c , and a lot of Eaat Coast African, at p. t. Iron? Scutch p g steady at $28 per ton. Lead firm; 175 tons soft English sold at p. t.: 200 a 8C0 do. Spanish were sole, to arrive at 8 15-100. Galena was at at) 18- 100, ca?h. Leather,? The sales of hemlock, for the weak, have reached about 40,000 sides, and of oak 7,500. The market closed firm. Mola8Mh? 100 nbds. clayed Cuba, were sold at 23e. Naval Stores quite at 4tc cash, and common ros'n at $1 70 per 310 lbs. Oil ? Linseed waa more active. Sales of 20,0C0 a 30,000 gallons were marie at S6o. Whale and sperm were in fair requ?i>t, without change in prices. Provisions.? P?*k? Market firmer. About 000 to 700 bbls. were sold at $16 (0 a $10 62, for old and at $17 26 a $17 60, for new mr?n; prime, new, was at $14 2"> a $14 50 Beef? About 300 bbls were soil, at $9 50 a $12, and $13 for good ceuotry mess and prime unchanged. Sales 100 bbls. b#ef hams were mftde at $20 a $20 60. Cut meats, unobsnged. Small rales shoulders at*7.'?c * 7'ic., and bams, at 9Uc. a"9'^c. Bacons, ? Lard ? About 300 bbls were sold at 10^e. a 10>?c. Bick.? Salcn ot 2( 0 cssks were made at 5^c. a 6>?c., and 60 de. ordinary to fair, at 6){c. Sticks ? 350 bsgs pepper were sold at 10Xe., and 50 bales cloves at 12c. ; short price in bond at 12c SrOAR? Market firm Sales aboutl,000at 1,200 hhds.. Including Cuba muscovado, at f ,!4'c a6?iJ.; AO a 100 New Orl( an*, at 5 X ? ; 100 boxes y eltow Havana do. , at f Ji'c,, and 40 hhds Cuba cladflei or refined, at7X<3 Tobacco? 20 hhds. Kentucky leaf sold at 103. a 12c. per i election* Tallow ?Sales of 10,000 lbs , at lltfc. Whhskfy. ? About 860 n 300 bbls. prison were sold at 37c., with a small lot, at b 7Jio. Forrtgn Markets. OCR rORT OP SPAIN CORRESPONDENCE. Port of Spain, April 12, 1856. J write this via "St. Thomas. Our market continues m uch ( epressed for American goods as well as for our o ?rn products. Ihe stock ef flour, meal, be , bvi been some what increased since my hut, by cosatirise aa wall as direct arrivals frim the States The brig Laurel, from Ba tlmore, is no* discharging 1,000 bbls. of floar;the price of 11ns article $10; corn meal $5; euro, two bushel Dsga, $2 25; butter, *4 60 per keg; lard, 14c. per lb , re fined; lisine, 13c. ; mesn pork, $16, henvy stock: black eyed peas, $2; oil meal, $18 per pun. staves, R v., not aanted. ll.e bng Anawoe, from Norfolk, arrived 28th March, wiih 70, 000; W. u. with headings, would bring $76 to $80. Sugar Is in better demand ; the weather is drier and ihipp'og is brisk. Vessel* are wanted at three shillings per cwt. No loesi news of sny Interest to yen to eemmunl cate. LATIMKR AND CO '? POBTO RIOO CIRCPLA* St. Johns, Porto Rico, April 1 J, 1865. The dtmand for sugars, mentioned in our report of 14th Mai ib, fell off a little for a few days, and wa wera in hopes with the accumulating stock a deelite in prices would result, but upon receipt of the news of the oeath of the Enp?: or of Russia, a speculative demand sprung up in several ot the out ports and large purchases were mace at 2e. to BJ^e , and even a 15 16o., which encour aged our planters^ ere to hold out; and, ultimately, con siderable transactions bare been made at nearly former prices, say 3c. to a Ho . acaording to quality? these prices rule now here ? and on the ooast, 3c to 3^e., and we fear there will be no decline from them, as a number of ordtrsare not now Mint executed, only for want of auitable veaaels, and it is beyond doubt that the crop in Gnayams, Pence and May agues, will be exceedingly rmaii, fal'ing far short of last year's, and finish very oon, ihoulo this iry weather oonttnue. This fact may alto have some effect in maintaining prices. On this sice there ate general ecmpiaints that, from some un accountable cause, the canes do not yield as in previous years, although in many p'aces they have good growth, snd our crop will also >e unsllsr than anticipated, bat it will not be over so soon as m other parts of the island. Molasses continues in demand and the pri.e has fur ther scvsnceil; we quote here 15c. to 10c and on the const $16 to $10. Coffee, has continued to come in freely. Fer a while It was dull at 8&c , but the demand increased and the price advsnosd to 10 a 10 >*c. Provisions of all kinds, except codfish, are very scarce snd much wanted, fiist arrivals wiO obtain high prloes. Of codfl-li^there is yet on liand a good deal of old, which will affect the oflerin* price ot any freeh cooing in. Corn meal and rice are lis ely to be much wanted through the reason, as the dry weather has destroyed^ ground provisions, snd preveet* any plsnting being dene. Lumber, further arrival* of white pin* have increased the slresoy large atock. Tnere have also b?en lsr<e airi rsls of rhooks, (both for sugar an<i molasses hhds ) and hoops, and no ssles can he effected, th?y all have to be stored for next year Exchanges have ra'lier imprcved. There being few diawsra, reti er ra'e* have been obtained oo St. Tbomn* asdiVew York, but sterliog is without a'teration ; we quote iterling I486 to $ 4 J6 and per oent ; on Wew York, 1(6 a 10hX; on St. Thorns*. 1(8>*; g >1 1 continue* sesree, Ctln. doubs., $15,'. a $17^, "'paoish, $lft){; American gold. none. Silver of 1863, H per cent premium. Freights conVnue brim, snd handy vessels sosroe 3s. <5d wss paid here a few days a^o tj loal sugars in an outport to (Jne?n4tn?n, for orders to a ntrt in United Kingdom, and aeverai more moderate sir^l vessels could be placed about same rate* for United statee. 40c ha* b?ea paid (or S'ighr* and $) per ca-s for partial leek load of molester.

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