Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 30, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 30, 1855 Page 3
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ummaiMTg &im on. WSAIITS' RMaSTHH. *J?1 BRAODWAY? TO LET SE'MVD FLOOR NEXT door above Thompson's Saloon; ft room 26 r??t l?y 70. Apply en th* (remises, to BENNETT A CO. *>/! 7 BROADWAY. CORNER OF LEONARD STREET ? Oi I To dagaerreotypists anil ariiit*. ? t'o let ipltidli rooms having two very tini limits, oao north the other welt, everything perfect for the daguerreoty pe bu ?inem. Alio ar room* for painting. h*?io< ?erv snperl r north light*. Apply to ALEXANDER C. LitVUMCE, on the promises, after 10 A. X. f BROAT WA Y, COBVBR i>r LEON ARD STREET? Or | c.(3cu to let of nil sites, very light and airy, a id very oheap rente; also one large and ?i>1 judid roam, suitable for ft merchant tailor, 24 h? t'H), fro > Mar Dnadway and Leonard etreet. Apply t* ALEXANDER 0. LA WHENCE, on the premie**, niter 111 A. 11. A SECOND FLOOR T3 LET? WITH HOARD, TOOE ther or separate, ?j a small family. Rooms furnished or mot. Unexceptionable reference required. Apply at 122 West Twenty second ktr -' t. A COO TRY SEAT TO LET-AT KINGS BRIDGE, We*;chetter oount > . one*wi the most bciatltul and do ?irable oountry seats to o found within the imrasdlate Tieinity of t he Hudson I'iver Railroad. It consists of a ?ottape dwelling, carria e house ice house, 4a. , Wad about one acre of pronnd, abooi ding with fruit of the ohoicest kinds; and for health, pro-peot, oonveseienoe, Ae , i* un surpassed, being only oi.e Hour's ride from th; City Hall. For fall particulars inquire of NICHOLAS C. WINSHIP, 183 Ea*t Thirty sixth street. II HARLEM? TO LET OR FOB SALE. ON I3SD jl street, 'between Fifth and sisth avenue*, a neat two and a half atory frame home, tilled in with briok: nine room*, cellar, aud six lots ol ground. with fruit troe*. Terms t'?*y. Apply to H. H. RICE, Superior Court Clerk'* offloe, 18 City Hail. Rent $200. Possonioa now. Car* atop at I32d etreet hourly. AnODSE TO LET? 128 WEST TWEVTY-TniRD street, an elegant brown atone home, noarly furnished, to let; the rent moitly taken in board for a sentieman wife and servant. With an agreeable family, liberal arrange ment* >\iil be made. Application must bo mad* immedi ately^ Apartments to let.? the srco* d floor, coy aistirg of front and back room, and entry bedroom, (to a ??all family only) of bouse 79 Wobt Eleventh strset. K-.nt ?1M. Broadway lofts.? the fibst and fifth lofts of the bnildiug 151 Broadway, west side, between Cort land, and Liberty streets an >xcellent looation f<?r aay lar^e bnsinesa requiring first clan iolts. Rent moderate to a good tenant. Apply to WM. WARD, 159 Broadway. Broadway offices to let, at low rates.? Alio two elegant parlors, furnished with velvet carpet.', ?plendid mirror*, chandelier*. Ac. Several studio* for artiits and rooms for engravers, with northern light. One Urge room for a lodge or elnb. Apply to KORTRIGHT CttUUSR, 331 Broadway, (late Cooper Home,} corner of Anthony itreet. Broadway.? to let, at reduced revts, the flue building No. 618 Broadway; would be let in floors separate; i* strongly built, and in every way suitable W bu sine** lurposes Also, the small store No. 616, nowbling put in good order. Bent $000. Apply to JAMES PRICE, 200 Hudson street. Bath hotel to let.? the large and commo dious hotel, known a* the llath Home, at New Utrecht, King* county, litnate six miles from the city of New York, oa the sea shore, and the lurniture for aale; the home is re plete with every convenience for a first claia hotel, and will acoommodate two h 'ndrsd persons comfortably. Posses lion given immediately. Inqnire of .IAS. L. PHELPS, Jr.. 62 John street, between the houra of 12 and 2 P. M., or of WM. T. BROWN, 222 Henry street, Brooklyn. Beautiful new fbench cottage to let-at Bfe. within two minntoi' walk of the depot, and one mile only from the celebrated Kye B ach; grounds well shaded; fruit in abundance; ?ta' le room, Ae. ; rent low to a good tenant. Apply to B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. CORNER STOBE TO LIT? SITUATED AT 202 WIL liam itreet, corner |of Frankfort. Poisexion immedi ately. Apply in the offloe ot the hotel, over th* *tor*. CHEAP RENT.? TO LET, I*T BROOKLYN, TEN MIN nte*' walk from the aouth ferry, the aecond floor of a three itory briok house comisting or throe room* with other neeesiary privilege*, to a ama'l genteel family, not over three persons. Tne looation is handsome, well shaded with tree*, grip* vines, Ao., Ae. Inquire at the book store, 124 Atlaatio itreet, Brooklyn. Bent <130. ,ESK BOOM TO LET-IN OFFICE NO. 25 NASSAU ?treet, second story. Apply to W.H. SEELY. FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET? A SUIT OF GENTEEL ly furnished rooms, in a pleasant house, looated in Bleeoker itreet, one door from Broadway, w.ll be let on rea sonable terms. Apply at 71 Bleuckor itreet. Furnished booms to let, at m Broadway. - One floor, censiiting of Ave handsome apartment! will be let, together or separately; suitable for a family or a party of gentlemen who wish to enjoy the comfort* of a FUBM*HED ROOMS? SUITABLE FOR FAMILIES OR single gentlemen, can be had (if applied tor soou) at 10 Henry street. House new, room* light and airy. Captain* ot vesieli, and thoie having business d 'Wn town, will flntl ?bis a quiet and comfortable home for the lummer. ifURMSHED HOUSE TO LET. -THE WHOLE OR A 1 part of a three story home; the house is in complete or der, with modem improvement*, furniture new last May, in a desirable location, west of Uroadwav, below Iiroomo street. Apply te Messrs. HAMPTOitf A I?<1 I'M MO N 1), gro ?ers, No. ASCaflal street. JTIUBMSIIED BOOMS ? A SUIT Of ELEGANTLY FUR i1 niched rooms, suitable for a club of gontl men in an entire ne? bouse, in Ninth street, containing all the modern improvements; also several small one*. Apply at 31 (new number) Ninth s.rcet. XjMJRMSHED HOUSE O < E \SY TEHUS * ?rrnr>ur ??sr^nionSYi.Ml't^Jd'J^u'oVfamll^nd1^ rift?.nth"it J"oohck'to JAMBS SUCH, W Ea*t HOUS* TO LET? A VERY NEAT SMALT, TnREE ><or? and basement mastic fr^n'- t rielc house. 48 Forty louitfc street, between Fifth and Sixth avenue*, with aU the modern iwf loTcment*. Inquire on the premise*. House to let-possession immediately, in Franklin itreet, near Br?*dway : ao excellent two itory, cement and attic houie, in all t?eive roomi, good range in Vitchec, ard in every respect well ndap'ed to a respeetabl* family. Rent very moderate, and about $800 worth of far uiture, nearly new, to he mid cheap a* th* family U uuax Sctealy leaving for Europe. Addrais M. J., box 3,8M Post floe House 10 let? rent low.-a beautiful s story tad high basement house; all the mod'-rn im provements; km fixtures, and chandeliers: in Forty Unit street, between Broadway and Sixth avenue couvemcct to the Wall street and South ferry stares and tilth aveaue cars. Apply to F. A J. E. HEALTH, 20 Chamber* stres', be tween 12 and 3 o'elook; or at fitf West Twenty -sixth stroul, in tbo evening. House and lot, with store, for sale cheap ' for caab ? No inoumbrance; four story fire proof home I (Croton water all through the hou-e), titnattd in Seventh I avenue. near Twenty-fourth street. Apply at 954 Pearl ' street, in the store. To let ? Several houses, rjoni, ted roomi, 4c. Houses to lei in hoboken-within three minutes' walk of the ferry; a few new first clan housos in River terraoe, with oonrt yards, commanding a beautiful view of tho river and city of New York; gas and hot and cold water, Ao , Ac ; and will be let to private familial of the highest respectability only. Inquire at the offlt.o corner of Hudson and Seoond streets, Hoboken, of E. MARTIN. Lofts to let? at nos. 20 and 22 pell street, suitable for beastead, chair or oabinot makers. They are large and commodious and wonld answer for almost any branch of the manufacturing business. Inquire of W. W. WINANS. 161 East Fifteenth street, between First and Second avenues. OFFICE TO LET? FRONT BASEMENT OF HOUSE 19 Jay street, near Greenwich street suitable f >r a phy sician, (having been ocoapied by one,) or for other business. Apply on the premises. . OFFICES TO LET? THE SECONu STORY OF THE building No. 8 North William street, extending through M Willian street; has been occupied for several years past as clothing warerooms, and is well adapted to any light ma nufacturing business. Inquire at No. 3 Ferry street. PAVILION HOTEL TO LET OR FOR SALE, OR EX change for city prope*ty. The Pavilion Hotel at l'ort Washington. N. J. The hcxise partly furnished, a beautiful garden, horse stables, carriage house, situated Immediately opposite the larding dock. Also a cottage with nineteen lots attached to it. Apply to N. BUN EL, 3SU Houston street, &ew York. PART OF A n0USET0 LET. FURNISHED OR UN furnished, in Twenty-third street, near Second avenue with all tbe modern improvements; possession immediately. Inquire at 77b Broadway till 1st of Hay. PART OF A HOUSE TO LET-NICELY FURNISHED foraamall family for housekeeping; torms moderate; location pleasant, east of tho Bowery, below Seventh street. Conveniratfto the Second and Third n. venue cars: the par tors, basement and two bedrooms. Apply to B. \V. RICH ARDS, 307 Broadway. PART OF A HOUSE TO LET? THE ENTIRE SECOND floor, three rooms, use of bath, servant's room, back basement, four pantries and largo cellar, near Abingdon square. Rent very reasonable Address N. B . Htr iid of lee. References eiohaof ed. PART OF A VERY DESIRABLE HOUSE TO LET with all tbe mcdern improvements, within ono minute's walk of tbe Mxtb avenue cars, and five minutes' walk of Vlith aveaue and Madison square. References exchanged. Apply at 91 West Twenty sixth street Rent moderate. ROOMB TO LET.? FOUR ROOMS OS SECOND FLOOR of house No. 151 Fnlton street, Brooklyn, to a gentle man and bis wile, without ehildren; none others needapply. In the mlllnery store, 151 Fulton street, Brooklyn. R. T. I. USE. Rooms to let-furnished or unfurnished, consisting of front and kaek purlers; also, bedrooms, li, unite on the premise* 327 Broome street, between Bowery and Chiistie street. STORE TO LET? I2rt THIRD AVENUR, THIRD DOOR above Twentieth street, oa the west tide, bow oeeu pted as a boot sad shoo store; a good location for any kind of business. Iaqnire at 37 East Twenty second street, be fere 10 A. M., or after 3 P. M. STORE TO LET-IN BLERCERR STRRF.T, No. *4, oae door from Barrow s'roet; is now occupied for tho fancy business and suitable for any business; together or se Sarate with the sectad floor. Iaqnire on the premises, or of I. UBMIR, No.ZiO. a f.w doors above. STORE TO LET? SUITABLE fOR ANY BUSINESS, with backroom and basement if required, at No. 84 Elite both street. Will to let very low; possession immediately. Also, 1*4(0 and nr. feting rooms to let. In Natloaal Hall. Not. 29 and 31 Canal street. Arply lo E. YANRaKST, No. 34 Caaal street. SIX ROOMS TO LET-IN THE THREE STORY BRICK house, 91 noratio street; rent }? The* embrace tho whole of tho secomd floor aed part of tbo third. A small family will he woll aooemmodated at a low reat. No chlldraa ia tbe family occupying tho lower part. Croton aster sad siak ia seoond story. OTATEN ISLAND.? TO LET OR FOR SALE. A COT 'Me, with three and a halt aores of gronnd and oat ;onH?s, on Baft I e avenue, fifteen minutis' walk from Sailors* Harbor lauding. Rent, MSO. Apply to Dr. ALEX, "OTT, 209 Tenth street, or corner Bleecker and Thomp sea streets. SECOND ri.OOR TO LET? OF HOUSE 234 THIRD consisting of four Urge pleasant rooms, walls m?'b's mantels folding doors, Ac. Rent low to a ti.'aant; possessloa immediito; also tho b&ssineat. Can .*i. ,nv ,!,n? FOLEY, gold pet* ?a?aftl? 'G< Jfjyg It ay. jr?UtAA1?r AihblBTliM SECOND STORY OF A COTTAOl HOUSE TO LET Ui a ?mall American family, the iowor part will be oc cupied by a family ot two pe'tonn. ICcut low. Inquire on tie preuites, 211 Twenty third street. npO LEI ? KI.n'T IMO-ihtTlf UOTTAOE UO'l^R, 1 new in nice order, 11 rootna stable la rewr, ahade 1ml Croton water, bath room, space for garden. Ac. Sweoad and Third avenne oars pass night aid day. Apply oa tha pre misee, corner ol 1034 atreet aa d Third avenue. TO LET? A SPLENDID BRICK HoUSE. SITUATED on tha baak of th? Hudaon river, hi;lityauth street and TwelitL aveuue. a beautiful retired epot. Inquire at i*. BKENNA.VS C?al Yard, corner of Eighty fourth atreet and Broadway, TO LKT-A STOKE, SUITABLE FOR A FANCY BUSI neaa, fbcing occupied aa eu?h), tailor, hatter, Aa , to nether with the back room and rear kitchen, on tha ansae flocr; alao, with the reeoad floor and a room in attlo. In qclie oa the prrmiMi, XM Blesoker street, one door from Barrow. Kent $tlW. TO I.ET? A FIRST CLASS TWO STORY AND ATTIC brick dwelliug houae, in Union atraat, Krooklyn, between Clinton aad Court a'.reeta. The bonne it well built, with large room# and high ceiUngs; kitchen range and gaa through out, and ia now be:n> re-painted and put in thorough r-jpalr. The eituatlau and neighborhood are among the beat ia Brooklyn. Apply to NATHaN STEI'UE.YS, flrat houae weat of Court street, on the aonth aide of Union (treat. TO LET? THREE HANDSOME TWO STORY BASE mi nt and attic bouaea, in excellent order, with Croton water, Ac., situated at Noa. 108, 105 and 107 Meroer street, be tween S[risg and Prince street*. Will be let to good ten ant*, at moderate rente. Apply at 1<'3 Mcrcer atreet, or at g-9 Broadway, room 10. CBoRCE W. 31MER3. TO LET? TWO ELEGANT FOUR STORY BROWN atone front English baaement houses, X) feet front and f6 feet deep, are in perfect or<1er, hare all the modern im provements, and are most desirable residenoea for genteel ramihee Apply on the premUes, at 127 and 229 Wait Thirty fourth atreet. TO LET-ROOMS NO. 556 PEARL STREET, NEAR Broadway, tor manufacturing purpo tea, with or without ?team power; cheap Aleo, a part t,f the effloe on firit floor, tame building. Inquire aa above. TO LET- A DESIRABLE PLACE. CONTAINING thirtr acre*, and within three-quarters of a mile of Tuckano depot, Ilarlem Railroad, on whioh there iaa two atorj bouse. barn and carriage houae. There are tea aorea of apple otchard, and alto pcaohea, pear*, pluma, cherriei, curranta, raspberries. The place ia well watered, and very productive, l'oaeeaeioa given immediately. Inquire of K. but- EN BKRltY, 15 Naataa atreet, er of CHAS. DU3RN BERRY, at Tnekaho. Tolrt-ontbeeastrivir AT RAYENSWOOD Long Island, two modorn built cottagea, eleven room* eaob. Inquiro of GILBERT HO I' KINS, at Ravenswood, or at hia office, 40 Peck Blip, up stall*, from 11 to 1 o'clock. TO LET? TO SMALL, AMERICAN GENTEEL FAMI lies, tuitB of apartment* n three very handaome honaea, on lliirty -tilth atreet, between the Eighth and Ninth ave nuoa. No* 216, 1*18 and KO. Inquire at 216. Alao, flrat floor in 400 Sixth avenue, and 196 Seventh avenue, near Twenty-third atreet. TO LET.? FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH ALL THE MO dern improvementa, with or without partial board; aleo, a light airy baaement with a door communicating with the atore. Apply at 768 Broadway. TO LET ? THE LARGE COTTAGE HOUSE ON THE north eaat corner Lexington avenue and Thirty third atreet; will be put in good order. Rent $660. Inquire at the Manhattan l.and Gffloe434 Fourth avenne. TO LKT-A FINE HOUSE, CONTAINING ALL THE modern improvements. and ft! teen room*; has a rear building suitable for a a table, and an alley ?ay eight feet wide. No. 11S Hammond street. Inquire at 9 Perry atreet TO LET-FOR ONE OR FOUR YEARS, A HOUSE AND ?tore f.l Walker atreet. four doora from Broadway In quire at Thayer's aaloon, No. 381 Broadway, corner of White atreet. TO LET? TI1C THREE STORY AND ATTIC BRICK dwelling houie 172 Eaat Fourteenth atreet, with all the -modern improvementa. Alto the aecond story of atore 163 William street. Inquire of J AS. L. PHELPS, Jr., 62 John street. TO LET? TO SMALL GENTEEL FAMILIES. THE flttt floor aad basemont, consisting of three bedrooms, parlor, kitcbcn, and aittlng room. Rent $15 per month. Alao the aecond floor, four rooms; rent $12. Alio third floor; rent $10. Fourth floor; rent $8 per month. Apply on the preniiiea, 88 Weat Fortieth street, near Sixth avenue. Third floor of no. 4 monroe place, wil liamtburg, to let, to a snail American family, consisting of two rooms and two bedrooms. The house is desirably lo cated, being within Ave or six minutes' walk of Peck elip, Division avenne and Grand street forries. Rent moderate to a suitable tenant. For particulars, address R. H. W., Herald cffice. TO LET- A FURNISHED PARLOR, TO ONE OR TWO single gentlemen, at moderate rent; breakfast given, if required. Apply at No. 164 Mulberry street, coal omco. TO LET-THREE STORY HOUSE CONTAINING TEV rooms, suitable for a boarding house, Ac., 664 Pearl street, near Broadway. Immediate possession given. Also, two small stores, Ac., sow vacant. TO LET? BRICK HOUSE NO. 23 WEST THIRTEENTH street; warm and oold water hatha, Ao. Rent $500. Also, the large store aad dwelling No. 480 Eighth avenue would be let for $000, fit for almoat any kind of business. Alto, the itore on corner ot Horatio and linden streets, rent f? 5. J. DENHAM, Eighth avenne, corner of Sixteenth street. TO LET-A HOUSE, 30 ANN STREET, UPPIR PART used at preaent a* a d ?veiling for a sir all family; the flrat story as a tailor's store, and the berement aa a bottling cellar. For particulars, apply at No. 137 Fulton street, third Story. B. GALBRAI1H. TO LET-A THREE STORY MODERN STYLE HOUSE at a decided bargain, a few door* from Broadway on Forty-fifth street; high bitemcot, hirh stoop, plana, w l courtyard, and in a good neighborhood. Croton water, bath, range, Ac. Apply to tv M. K. MllNCKEKHOFF, No. Hi avenue C, before 9 A. M. end aft jr 6 P. M. TO LET? TI1E STORE </N CORNER OF TWENTIETH street and Second avenue, together with the dwelling ' part oi> first floor, two looms, aad rear basement; al'o, the second floor throe rooms and two bedrooms if desired. In qoiro on the premises. TO LET? A TWO STORY COTTAGE BUILT HOUSE, yard in front, on two lots of ground. 60x100 feet, in iigbty third street, one hundred feet eaat of Tenth nveuue; place for horie and carriage in the rear; plenty of reotn to rahc ve^elaMei. Po#*o*Mon immediately. Rent $200. In qni^e-ef B. f ARKHUR8T, 23 Market street. TO I-ET-TO A SMALL GENTEEL FAMILY, SECOND It'ry of house No. 42 First avenue, consisting of two rooms, two bedrooms, pantries, and back basement; railroad and stages pais the door Inquire on the premises. Rent TO LET-ONE OF THE BEST STORES IN THE FOURTH ward, suitable for any kind of business. Alia, the front and back basement and first rate place tor a bottling esta blishnent. Inquire at No. 90 Cherry street. TO LET? HOUSE AND STORE NO. 692 BROADWAY Rent, f?r your. Ueie and dwelling will be let sepa rate. Inquire of CHARLES WATERS, 84d Broadway, cor ner Thirteenth street, or en the premises. TO I.ET-THE DWELLING HOUSE NO. 103 LEONARD atfff-t, a few doors oast of Broadway; is admirably I adapWfl. on account of Hi varv oentral position, for a ttr?t i elan boarding house, for which pnrpoie ft baa boen cocupled : for map 7 year*. Apply to STEPHEN CONOVER, 29S ! Broadway. TO LET? A THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE IV SKIL I nan street, near Park avenue, Ea>t Brooklyn; the I Myrtle avenue railroad run* within one block of tbt prom ises, rendering the locality convenient to those doing busi- I ness in tbe city. Apply to C KNOX. 128 Fulton street, I New York. I TO I.ET-A THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE NO. 21 ! Hudson elroet, tituated at the termimi* of the Sud-ion \ River Kailroad, between Reade and Dnane atroetn. Ront , tcW). A ?u per lor situation for any kind of builneu ? a re< raurant, auctioneer, ?r tailoring. Inquire of H. MARTIN, | corner of Chamber* and Hudson street*. TO I.ET-A nOUSK AND STORE, IN ONE OF TnE be?t situation* in Seventh avenue; rent $3& For ]*rticnlars inquire at ).*4 Seventh avonne. TO LET? A GENTT EMAN OWNING A NEW THREE ttory house up town, desire* to let it to a gentleman . with a small genteel family, with whom h* would board in j payment of rent. Address O. R. L , Herald office. | TO LET? TO A SHALL GENTEEL FAMILY, THE UP per part and basement of houie No. 73 Dolauey street. I I Inquire from 8 to 10 A.M., aad from 3 to C P.M. I T' 0 LET? A THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE WITH ALL ? the modern improvements in Green av*nu>, near Cum I lierland itroet. Brooklyn. Inquire of MICHAEL TAG' GERT, 12f. Water street. ! TO LET-IN JERSEY CITY, TEN MINUTES' WALK ) from tho ferry, a oottage houso in elegant order, hand somely papered and paintod. Gas and water, tine ooart yard 1 io front, Ac. Rent only $900. A* the pre*ent occupant is about leaving tne city, will sell hi* furniture, which is new, or such portion a' may be agreed upon. Apply to E. B. K1KS1IIMER, 319 Fourth avenue, from 8 to 10, or 3 to 7. rro LET? THE SECOND 8TORY OF HOUSE NO. <7(5 A Fourth street, consisting oi (ront room and baek room, . ?ith marble mantels, and three bedrooms; near i'irst are- ' one. Apply on the premiso*. I TO LET-TO A SMALL. RESPECTABLE FAMILY, | part of he use No. 1ft White street. Mom but a imali ! ftmily need apply. Apply on the premises. TO LET-TO A RESPECTABLE FAMILY, THE LOWER part of a four ?tory house, 2Sxfi0, furnished or untar nished, with pa*, lathi, Ao , in the vicinity of Waihingtoa rqtiire. 1o parties tired of boaiding, who are willing to pay a fair price for good accommodations, a rare opportnnity 1* i lUred. The advertiser, whose familv consists of three p. r tors, will oocupy the rest of the nous* occasionally. Apply to B. W. RICHARDS, 'Ml Broadway, up stain I F.T-TO A FAMILY WITHOUT SMALL CHILD ren, apart of the seoond floor, with front baiemoBt, of tbe house No. 34 Greene street. TO LET? THE TWO STCRY BASEMENT AND ATTIC horse, 141 Mercer street; will be let separately or to^eth et; tbe home I* In good order, . as and water, containing nia# rromr. Apply at !i7 Cedar strtet, second floor, from 8 to 9 A. M. or trom 1 to 3 P. M. _______ rflO LET? TWO HANDSOME PARLORS, TWO BED A room* and kitcben of house No. 11 Third street. Rant ?MO. Apply on the prernuM from 10 to 4 a'oloak. rro LET-THS NEW POUR STOBY ENGLISH BASE X ment house No 1M West Thirty eUhth street, between seventh and Eighth avenue*. Bent MOO. Also, No 27 West Twenty-flrst etreet, between FiUth and Sixth avonuea. Rent f4S0, or ?A00 with ga*. AARIAN GRAFF, Real E*tat? Agent, Eighth avenue, near Forty-eighth st. rpo LET? FURNISHED, FOB SIX MONTHS, THE MO A deru three ?tory house No. 83 St. Clement'* place, Mo Oougal street.noar Bleecker, containing all the modern Im provement*. To a re* ponaible portion with small lamily. will be rro ted at a low price; possession immediately. Apply on the pre mi see. TO LET-STORE AND HOUSE 10ft MOTT STREET, between Spring and Broome, an old grocery and ajtood stand. Ret, t >3*0. Apply on the preml*es from a till 6 P. M. TO LET-A FRONT PARLOR, TWO BEDROOMS AND basement. Apply at Bowery. TO LET-AT 36 EAST TWENTIETH STREET, BE twain Broad f a v and Fourth avenue, the entire acoond mor, connoting of flve rooms, handsomely furnished; also, room* on the third story. rro I.ET? TO A SMALL FAMILY, PART OF HOUtE J No. 21 Hainmtnd atrret, oom;>riatag front basement and two rccais and one bedroom on the aeoond fleer. Bent tz:< ar d halt endues ol if*s. l.atb, Ac. A small family oc toptf* r- ?C tb* prtniifi, Apply a? ?b?r?, ?*W BMMWMH. TO LIT? WELL FUR.MSHSD, Al CLIFTON, STATE* Inland adv.iratle ortt?<e, with l?o >ofu of Kroaal, ?tabic coaob lionae. to., *nj campleW. Tbe garden la wall ?teiked with fruit tree* and planted with all tna vegetable* of the nee Ma. Apply at HI I'aarl street. TO LET? THE NEW BUILDING, CORN EK OF FRANK litt ud Cwtrt ttrMti, fitted op id tbe b? t manoerf>' a boaiaiug liouee aao dim e aalow, rouuinia* 19 bedrooms, ora large room on second *tory. 29x70 feet puittbl* for i uv lie meetings, haviag two got a entrances, on franklin aod lettre atreet a; tha dining saloon contain* ateam cookiug apparatus. gaa iixtnroa, 4o Bert $1,300. Inquire of J. MARSHALL, 46 RoMitKit, baaonunt TO I, IT? TO A RESPONSIBLE TENANT, APART mei ta auitable lor alarse family In the private bouae No. IS* Eett Twrn<y b!tb atiaoi. n?a* Second avenue. Iu quire on tbe premise*. TO IET? IN TI1E I.ARCE NEWT DUIMflNG 100 AVD lots Centre atreet, the third loft, well li?li>ed and veiti lated, with boiatway. Rent $100. Siro 31*>S fo-t. Also the fittb loft, rente eiie, well lighted. Runt $J?. Inquire of J. S1AHMIA1.I , 40 Ui*e ?<reet, besearnt TO LET-THE THREE STORY ENGLISH BASEMENT houae, brown *t< no f' out. in l.exiogtou avenue, one -l-ior south of Fortieth etret, fluulicd with the wolern improve mel ts; reet (4fl0. Apply to J BIS" O, 154 K?at Ts*?n*y third atreet, before 9 o'clock A M , <r fmm C to 8 P. H , or in the store next door. PossoMioa immediately. TO I.I.T? THE BACK ROOM A> O BEDKOoM AT taohed, with a large pantrr adjoining, ..n aeoond floor Iff Hammond atreet, to a family of not more than t n o psr atna, or two aingle gentlomea; the above wonld be let at a very modeiute rent. * TO I RT? HANDSOMELY FURBISHED APARTMENTS, at the firat ciaa* houae T7rt Broadway, containing all the modern improvement*. TO LET-110 GRAND STREET, THRtE DOORS WKST X of Broadway, two larre, front furnished rooms, auitable lor a gentleman and lady ; al?o email rtami, auitable fur sin. le gtntlemen, with or without board. Rooms lighted with frae. Anv one wishing a permanent plaoe for the tun mer will do well to call. TO LET? THE ELEGANT FIRST FLOOR OF H0US8 778 Broadway, with private entrance, luitable tor a dentiat or pbyiician. mO I XT? THR STORE NO. 778 BROADWAY. r LET-HOUSE 218 WEST TH1 RTY FItTH STREET, English basement, four atory 00 feet deep, with all tha modern improvement*. Rent fOUti Inquire ot J. 0. DU BOIS A CO.. 30ti H eat Thirtieth atreet TO LIT? THE LOWER PART OF HOUSE 129 CROSllY atreet, Bear Niblo's, consisting of iroat and baok room', back latoment, and one room in the attic. Inquire on tha premiiea. TO I.ET-HODSES AT HOBOKKN, FROM $350 TO $5*); alao, parta of house*; al?o, desirable property for aale. Apply to J U. BOARD, 27 Barclay atreet, from 1 X to 2^ P M. ; crat tho office, corner Washington aad Second atreeta, Hoboken, from 4^ to 7 P. M. TO LET? A SftAl L RESPECTALK FAMILY, HAYING more room than required, wouM rent tbe upper part, conaiating of four roomi and back basement, to a amall gen teel family. Rent moderate. Apply on tna promisee, 028 Greenwich atreet, or at 03S. TO LET? IN BROOKLYN, A STORE, NO. M MAIN atreet, near Fulton, with oounter and fixture* com plete; auitable for a dry good, or any light fancy business To a good tenant, rent moderate Apply to WINANT J. BENNET, 90 Fulton atreet, Brooklyn. TO LET? TO A SMALL FAMILY, BASEMENT, BACK room, on eenond floor, and bedroom in attic. Rent m? detate. Inqnire at 16 Bedford atreet. TO LRT? TO A SMALL FAMILY, AT 29 HUBERT street, two parlor* and a bedroom on the aeoend floor ; or tbe front baaement and tha front parlor and bedroom Rent email to a auitable tenant. For panioulari Inquire at No. 11 Vaidam street, er at 29 Hubert atreet. TO LET? IN A FIRST CLASS NEIGHBORHOOD, THE second or third atory of a hou e, with all the modern improvement!. Apply on the premises, 321 Weit Twenty tlird street. TO LET? THE SECOND FLOOR AND PART OF THIRD or the whole of tbe upper part, together or separate, of house S53 Pearl street, near Broadway, to let: suitable lor a genteel boarding bonse; fine yard, Croton. Rent low to a good tenant. 90S Pearl street. TO LET? THREE ROOMS ON THE THIRD FLOOR OF a genteel bouae, 36 Perry street, to a small, quiet fa mily. Sewer and Croton water in the yard. Apply at 40 Carmine atreet. TO LET-STORE IN HOCSE NO. 40 READE STREET, only fifty feet from Broadway, opposite eta warts; rent $000 per year. Alao, a room in the third atory ol tbe same house, well lighted, and very snltablo for any light manufacturing business ; rest $220 per year. Apply to GEMMEL, No. 302 Broadway. TO LET? WITH FURNITURE, STOCK, WAGONS, Ac., Willow bank, nt tbe Narrows, L. I. House brick, ionrteen room > warmed by furnace. Abundance of One flow er* and fruitr, kitchen gaiden planted, Ice bouae filled, coach, gardener's, and boat house; two cows, fort anraj land in crass; tmnibut-cs pass tbe dnor. Possession immediately. Apply to CIIAPDLER WRITE, on the premises, or at 45 South street, third ttory, New York. TO LET? MOST OF A HOUSE, PLEASANTLY SITU at?d, C3 Nineteenth street, corner of Sixth avenue; two Jar?e parlora, good basement .and cellar, throe good sleeping rooms, gas, bath, and all modern improvements; bouse mostly new; ao taxes; rent $370; possession lit May. 1 is a rood cbnnce for a small, genteel tainily. Forfar tlir particulars call on J. M. Cult WIN, 307 Sixth avuuut, in tLo store. TO 1 ET.-BAStMENT. FOR SALOON OR SHOE ktove on tho corner of Tenth street uud first avenuo; ?Im> a ro' m and three bed rooms in the eiinu house. Inquire lii tbe drug store on t*e promises. rrO LET, YK&Y CHEAP, TO A RESPECTABLE AND J. oarctnl tenant, in one of the pleasantest location* on tbe ieland, in 110th street, between First avenue and areuu i A, the ntarly new, two story and basement hou?e, and 1 ' lots; ha* marble mantel* end folding doors, eight raoms the Second avenue cars pass tha street every ttn minutes Rc nt $12S. Apply te J. N. WATSON, House Agent, corue li'jth street and Fourth avanne. TO LET? THE SECOND FLOOR, CONSISTING OF two rooma, one bedroom and two large pantries; a base ment, if required, at bouso 139 West seventeenth street. Rent modirate. Inquire on the premises. TO LET? ON THE 1ST OF MAY, A BROWN STONE frcnt house on tbe north side of Twelfth stroct, between Fifth and Sixth avenue*, second housu from Fifth avenue, in a block ot five of similar construction. House in tbe best order. Can be seen at all hoar*. Rent $1,200 Apply ta F. P. JAMES A CO., 30 Wall atreet. TO LET? A FURNISHED COTTAGE, CONTAIN ING twelve room*, with ice houae, carriage houie, bathing liouie, stables, Ac., situated on the sea shore, hiving a corn manding view of the ocean, and within a minute'* walk of the beach. Apply to G. B. OWEN, No. 3 John stroet, office No. 2. TOLET.-THE FINE LARGE STORE, NO. 33-1 THIRD avenue, near Twenty- eighth street, in tine oritur, will make two store*, and will pivo tine apartments bick, for living; one of tbe beat itand* for buainei* on the avenue ; rent f.'XO. E. B. XINSIIINER, 319 Fourth avenue. TO l*T? THE MAGNIFICENT BROWN STONE bouse, 138 Knt Eightoenth street, in elegant , corap uto order and repair, expensively freacoed, painted end in a do tirable neighborhood, is 3 rooms deep, and has all modern improvements and conveniences, such at ?a?, batlu, hea" eri, dummies, call bolls, furnaces, Ac. Apply to T. R. VOORBF.ES, Counsellor at Law, Appleton's buildings, H6 Broadway. TO LET-IN HOBOKEN, 127 HUDSON STREET, THREE minatcb' walk from tbe ferry, the lirat or the second part ol a fine house. Apply ou the premises, or at 177 William a treat, New York. W. FUIEDI.ANDER. TO LET? WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, YEARLY rent $423, the dwelling part of tbe three story hon;e Sl>2 bioomu atreet, ruitaMe for a amall family, and convenient i' Broadway; alio, near St John'* park; a large house With ti. tceu rooms. Yearly rmt $860. B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. f| O LET? THF DWELLING PART OF A FOUR STORY X bcure, from ti n to twelve rooms, with all toe conve nience*. baths, hot and cold water, range, Ac. Good nakh lu rnood, ? est o' Broadway, in the viciaity of St. John's park. Rent moderate. B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. TO LET? FOR THREE MONTHS, FROM FIRST OF the dwelling part of a house, consisting of five room aed basement, pleasantly located. Rent moderate. Addreaa F. S. P.. Broadway Pott Office. TO LET-IN JERSEY CITY, 61 BRIGHT STREET, 200 feet from Van Vorst square, a brick honae, two itory and basement, two vonis built, well finished, marble man tle* aid grates, and a nice yard and grape arbor, and Passaic water in tho houae. Inquire of CHARLES M. HOLMES, next corner. mn PiRT OF BOUSE 49 PRE T0 I.ET-THE STlRK , AND J A RT ^ fw,y. iW ?j| 1 aident street, , Brooklyn, m TWIU, A, well adipUd for a?nice famllj Y,Mg?<;oN0R,PWrSr,? avanW. TO LET-TO A SMALL GENTEEL FAMILY, PART OF the honae No 6 Allen atreet. Inquire on the promiaea, or at 46 Catherine street. TO I.ET-A HANDSOME COTTAGE IN YORKVILLE, containing ton rooma and under cellar, with Croton wa ttr and range. Alio, a house on Roilyn terrace. Rent $174 ? finished In the belt manner. Apply toQEO. S. DOUGH 'lY, 231 Broadway. rpo LET VERY LOW-A NEW FIRST CLASS FIVE i. story dwelling hotue, with all the modern improve ments, corner of Madison avenue and Twenty-seventh street, near the park. Rent $700. Inqulie ot L. WOLFE, on the premises. fTO LET, AT LOW RENTS? TnE THREE STORY DWEL J. ling honae, No. 1AI Waverley place, having gas. Croton water, bathe, Ae. Also, the large and deairaEle store, N*. (?3 Sixth avenue, near Jeflerion market. Alio, cottage and cardan, North east comer of Eighty-sixth street and Third avenue. Apply to L. SUYDAM, 1M Waverley placo. TO LET IN BROOKLYN? THE COMMORIOUS THREE atorv and basement briek house 204 Court strut, bo tween Harrison and Degraw streets; haa large yard at tached; la wall situated, being only a few minutee* walk from the South and Hamilton teniae; tha oars also pase the door to Falton ferry. Will bo rented low to a good tenant. Apply to EUGENE O'SULLIVAN, 9(5 Wall atraat. TO LET, IN BROOKLYN? THE SRCOND FLOOR OF house 13 Dagraw stroet with one room in attle; rent $144. Apply on the premises. mo LRTOR rOR SALE-SEVERAL LARGE STORES _ 1 and offiees in the new Concert Hall building. In 9 tarn-* lord. Conn., well tabbed, and calculated for a milliner, harness maker, taUor, or any other baainasa. Also a eot> tags, near tba same. Apply to Sands Seely. Stamford Conn., or Iheodera Monlten. 263 Cherry street, New York. TO LET OR FOR SALE IN BROOKLYN? THE FIRST elass three story briek house, high baaemeit, 240 Dean strert, with furnace, gas throughout tho honeo, bath, hot and cold wattr, will be let or sold a* a low price. Apply to JAS. H. SCRIBNER, 260 Dean street, Brooklyn. rLET OR FOR SALE AT FORDHAM? A COTTAGE ard garden, with all kinds ol fruits; atao, a large atone house; the whole or part tnlet to a small gonteert family. Fait of tbe rent wi'l ba taken ?ut in board. If agreeable. Inquire on the premises, at tha depot, or at 70 franklin at . TO LET OR LEASE-COUNTRY RESIDENCE AT PORT Washington, on tbe Hudson river ten mllei from Wall atreet, coaviaicnt te lepot, commanding a taa vlaw ef the river to Staten Island Honte ?)x? feet, new, first class, with all m<w em improvements, tiiili sup >1 led with water in Unndry, litohen. butler'i pantry, bath room and bedrooms. The place c nteins abont Iwj acroi, bas batb house, tine sfaads trees, Ac, Rent $1,(00. Alerts b?g I, ISO Oftc* ? TERABITS* REQISTRR. fTO I.EA*K? A COU?TKY SEAT AT flLBAil, ffltT I (hwttr mill, toDtdiliK St Mmi ol lial. b -tali .il ? located od i he Sound. Kent low. Apply to ADAMS A LUCKJtY, 75 Naaaan nrwt TO LEA8E-THK BRICK BUILDING ON THE NORTH vt-M corner of Eleventh avanue and Ihirtr third atreet, fortutrly occupied by II R. Dunham A Co The b ii' tin,; u ?? by 74 f< et. tl r?e atories high ?<n' substantially built. Aiy deairable quantity of ground m?y ^ h id with it. Tor particular* inquire ol WX BRtirfNlNO, 211 We?t 'rliirt y ? fourth atreet. mO RENT? IN THE VILI.AGK OF MOKRI.HANIA BR A twtcn rirnt uiil Second atreet*. nod betwe- n too Mor luan'a nit ilelroae stations, II trivia railroad. a la-Re ?ud rt arl) nm defiling h?u?e. nntaiuinz smteen rooms, atabia, btn In ore, 4c., and 19 rliy l-ta of land all ordor. Rent $3fl<i Ai*i%r lo A FIVU^.AY, 11 Serinefre't. rro LENT? IN (IROOKLYN. SEVERAL VERY FINE 1 thrie *to>y I rlek frout and blown etoue houses with e>ti> convenience, add in dci.-htiul neighborhoods; will b? rented low to good tenants Apply to 9. S. BROAD, 13 Wall street. TO RK.NT? A BAN DSOME AN D COMMODIOUS U'?T tage, in the moat pleatant (.art of Aatoria. It is new, baa four rooms on tbe principal floor, a d eight bedroona, ?i li ditur.g rooms anil im dern cou veoionee<. Rent low, A|>ply at KDW'lN II 1 LI. '8 atore, atuamboat landing, Asto ria ; or Kbentter Steven' Soua 196 Water at root. TO KENT CHEAP. IN 1IOBOKEN? THE LOWER lartofhouas No. 190 iVaahingUu atroet. ooaaiating ol kitobcn, dining room, two i arii ra and sleeping apartmeu's, with all the uioiiern improvt men ta. The hi use ii in a ttno neighborhood, cigtt minut ' walx from the ferry, Inquire on. the premise... TWO I'ARLORSON THE FIRST FLOOR OF 43 GREAT Jones atreet to let, furniahe.l, without tiaarJ, to one ?r i wo aertleuii n; 1 reek fat- 1 if requirod. Tho houso had all the modern improvement*. TWO FURNISHED ROOMS ON THE SECOND A and third floor a to lot, with large p.uitricj attached, without board; pas, Crotou vmer. Ac. Terms moderate. Btfcrenoe* exchanged. Apply at 79 fourth areuuo, near Tenth atreet. TO PHYSICIANS? A FINK BASEMENT ROOK TO let, tor an office, deairably looated Alao. a auit ol rooma, with board. Apply at No. 6 Univeralty place. TO MA> UFACTURERS. ? TO I.ET, T 11 U K E STORY brick building corner of Third avenue and Fiftieth atreet, 40 by 141 feet; alao, two throe ator> dwelling* on the north ride of Thirty-ninth atroi-t, weat of Third avonue. (3'/> o. oh. Inquire ol J L. 1'INCK.N E V , ftti Welt Thirty-third atreet, before 8, or at Thirty -niuth atroet at 9 o'clook A. M. The second and third floors of a new throe story bouee, with all the modern improvement*, will be retted low te a small family Can be aeon at any time. No 17 Fortj tlrat atreet, between Broadway and Sixth avenue For mrther particular* inquire of W. U. RAYNOR, corner Broadway aud Thirty fifth atreet. WORKSHOPS TO LET? AT A LOW RENT, IN THE Lew five atory roar building t'-2 White atreet, only throe doora weat of Broad >ajr. Beat ot light front an 4 rear Uood location for manufacturing jeweler*, silver*mithi, carveri, Eild*ra, printer*, piano maker*, or any light inanutaoturlug usiness, Apply to J. L. PLI UPTON, in front atore. iBOUMK^BOOM^r^^rVVAniTWr*. Broadway propkrty.-wanted to purchase or lease, a aite or accommodation* for the National Acadamy ol Iieaign, in Broadway, heritor en entrance there from, or in its immediate vicinity, between Fourth and Four trenta atreet*. Applv to T. S. '? U MM IN OS, Vice Preaident, at bia reaidence, 12o Fifth avenue. C11TY PROPERTY WASTED? IN EPCUANUE F?R J gold jewelry. Addreaa 3, 160 Poat Office. Hotel wantkd-the advertiser wishes to loaae a hotel already furniahed in thia oity or elne wtere; or would take a prominent po-it on in a first elaaa hotel la po*ari;ed of a very eiteuaive first claia hotel ao Suainiance, ai d eonld influence heavy raoeipta. Address . S. S., Post offiee. TO LAWYERS ?WANTED? A DKSK ROOK, WITn dm of l-brary, in an ofUoe in Wall street, or in Broad way near Wall. Xddreas for throe days, with loaation and terms, Attorney, Uerald office. WANTED TO PURCHASE ? A STOR1 AND VILLAGE l>rope> ty or a good farm of 40 t? 00 acre i, at some healthy location within one or two horra' ride of this oity, on the UudM?, Harlem, N#w Haven or New York and Erie Rail road*. Addicit Manville, oaro of H. J. Bo wen, Poat Offioe, New York. WANTEL-APARTMENTS, CONSISTING OF SECOND floor in a house with modern improvements, on the weat side of the city, with only one family in the houae, by a Kentlcmtn and wife, without children. Rent not to exeeed ?200. Addrets W. H. C., Herald offloe. BROOKLYN.-WANTKD TO RENT, BY A GENTLE man, wile and servant a a>-cond floor and front baae men', in a bouse with modern improvements, within fifteen minutes' walk of Wall street ferry; or a small, convenitnt Louie, at a moderate rent. A_pplp, atating lull particular*, rent, Ac., to bti 3,0o9 Post Olnoe, New York. COPAKTOHR8HIP SOTICICS nnn -PARTNER wanted? in a whoi.e JIZU.UUU< sale buaiaesf, in I h;ladel|*hia. to take the place cf olc about to retire, *lth to f26,00 0. Thi* is an opportunity far it pur .on to mak? a profitable investment, as the bnsiueaa will net large pro&ta. Address box 1,738 Philadelphia Poat tlffloe. d|Q nnn ? PATNER WANTED, WITH a CAPITAL ?r*w.v" of $2,UUU to $6,U0U to engage in book pub U-muj- Tmriy aeven sets of plates are already made, and the Looka are in demand. For further information addreaa lox 2, MS, Post tiffico. N. B.? Or the whole of tho above plataa will be sold. CI fUHl ? 1 partne* wanted, in a hanu tjrl in ????. ii. business in this eity; done for cu?b; ?il. i.ay tii.WK) per annam. Only an encr^etio inan, who wi I devote hia wbolo time, will be negotiated wit's, ob ject bving to diviac the lab r* ot the lusineaa. C. B. UjWtJA CO., tn Nassau street. <2-1 (inn ?PARTNER, wanted, in an ESTAB ifl ,vUU, lii-hod cacroantile business, to take the j-lkcc of one retiring. M to capital can be u9od to ndvau ia;:e il deaired. C. B. HUwA A CO., Nassau street. q?l To ?!.??.? A PARTNER WANTED, IV ifl.l'UU the fancy dry goods business, already oatab liai cd Add'csa L. t>. B., Ilerald office, with real name, atating wLtre au intevicw can be had. <&1 nnn ? RARE t hanck ? an EQUAt, INTEREST <TJiUUl/a <n a well established and highly respectable bnsincas which pays S-1,000 per year, net income, without ri^k. for an em-rgctie buaineas man thU is an opportunity hut aeldom mot, with Apply immediately to C. S. BRvN Bt'N, , V.'3 Broadway. ?OA A ? 1'ARrNKR WANTED, IN AN OLD BiTAB l)vU< liahod, genteel, cash business; will pay (2*1 a m< nth; R^uiren two to oouduct it. One accustomed to busi i.e<r, and will attend to it, may apply to C. B. HOWES A t.O., M > afsau street. &OAA TO f300.-A GENTLEMAN WITH TniS f-UU amount can purchase au interest in a first class exhibition Just complete, and now ready to be brought l.elore the public. 1 hero is no doubt but a fortnne oan be realized, lherc is no risk. For particular* apply to K. CLAliGETT, Id Wall atreet, thirl floor. A LADY HAVING FURNITURE SWISHES TO JOIN roir.e person in keeping a genteel boardin* honsa, or would make an arrangement to receive board for the use of tl e furniture. Address Vedorn, Broadway Poat Office. VJ OTll'E? COPARTNERSHIP.? THE UNDERSIGNED Lv have entered Into partnership, to commence on the lit cl May next, at Broadway, to oarcy on the lace and em Iroidcrr to be known as the firm of Mft.ldoL.fc Stewart. JAMES MADDKN, ALEXANDER STEWART. PARTNER WAITED? I!? THE HOTEL BUSINESS; X one of the bent chances that can occur for years. Any one tl ?? cm command seven or ei^ht thousand dollarj ea?U i ill he taken a* partner In two hotel*, one of long standing, the other new and about opeuing. For full particulars, ap ply at Harris' hotel, Grcenwloh street, oorner Real1!. ERSONS WITH vMALl, CAPITA!., DESIROUS OF establishing themselves In a safo and profitable buiiaoss, I. any city in tbo Union, or Canada, may beur of ? good chance, by applying at our office. A goad opening to tnu?e intendim to go to California. Oregon, or Australia. M&N l'KLl., SPRING & Co., 316 Broadway, Gothia Hall, second fleer. TO~ I1UI LDEKS.- AN A RCHITECT~~OF GOOD STAND ing, in an adjaceDt city,wijhc* to remove to tbisoity|aud form a partncr??lp wl'.li a skilful practical man, wlio oomd l/f.uence new business. Address Brooklyn fost Office. - THE COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EXISTING under the name and firm of Wilson A Cohen, 3I5>? Bowery, is this day dissolved. JOSEPH WILSON, ISAAC COHEN. The business will hereafter be conducted by Isaao Cohen. New V oik, April 27, 1*66. family uboceries. pOOD ARTICLES FOR FAMILY USE.? EXCELSIOR UT rslaratnn; tlio double refined pearlasb, extra refined and pulverised soda (alaratu*. Sup. earb. eoila ? 4 800 keg* Lee's, Burnett's, Jarrow, Friar's Goose and Hutchinson I Carle's brands, ss imported. Cream tartar? 2?, 000 lbs., guaranteed strietlv pure, pulverised from best crystals, war raited reliable. Family yeast powder? The beet in a*e, rapidly superseding all common preparation* Soap pow der, Tot washing? economical and mdi! reusable in houM cleaning, a gr at labor saving to every family. Sal soda. 10U tons Newcastle; soda ash, 75 tons; car b. ammonia, 50 easts. These good* are packed in the noatust manner for the trade, and for sale to wholesale dealers only, at the lowest eash price* in New York fur genuine articles, en tirely free ftom adulteration. THOMAS ANDREWS A CO., manufacturers and importer*, 130 and 138 Cedar st. GROCERIES.? GROCERIES, TEAS AND PROVIMONS ?wholesale and retail. The subscriber respootfally in forms hi* old customer* and the public that be has opened, at hit new stand, 7? Baxter street, date Orange, opposite White) with anew stock of An* tea*, sugar*, coffee, spioos, *o?p, itarch, hams, shoulder*, *moked beef, flour, oil, molassoe, sj run. candles, butter, cheeec, Ac, Ac. Growers, baker*, hotel keeper* and families who purchase geod* f . r cash, and wish te nse economy in *o Join.-, the suhecriber respectiully solicit* them to call and examine for themselves belor* pur chasing elsewhere, and be convinced that they ean buy a* cheap a* at any other establishment is the city for cash N B ? Goods delivered to all part* of the city free of carta**. THOMAS MARTIN. HOTEMb nXA BROADWAY, CORNER OF EIGnm STREET I U I So loagand favorably known a* Sinclair'* Hotel, will be open early in May ae ? first class boarding hou?o. A few *uit* ef rooms for famllie* amd gentlemen te rent with full board. Dinner at six. A front room, first floor, fo rent, suitable for a physician. , * '<?, > .1 ) H1 UD80N HOTEK OS HUDSON STREET.? THE 1 proprietor, WASHINGTON LO/.IEH, hts the honor to annennoe that he will open, on Monday. SOth Inst., a first c>a*s hotel, billiard saloon, and restaurant, where every seasonable luxury can be procured. A ladle*' refectory will be added, aad conducted under the supervision of Mr*. Foole and Mr*. Lotler. The pub lie are invited to oalL H" OWL BRIGHTON , BOULOGNE (SUR MR II). FRANCE ?To famllie* going to Euiop*. A gentleman, lately fi oa Europe, ean safety reeomm.nd the Hotel tirightoe as not oalx the beet In the place hat a* oa* ot the b?rt ia Europe. Situated at a convenient dlstanee from the rail road aad being in tbo middle of a largo gacden, this hotel poisoMOi all the eomforts desirable for wealthy tamitle*. New to re b a T n ote lTYh miles FRoi JERSEY City ferry, on the Bergen Point plank road, wiE he ?peaed for the summer oa the let of May. It ataad* oath* boaeh, wish a fine view of the Narrow*; excellent bathtag boating and ftahing. The sta*e* leave every hoir from thf fern at Joroy City. For aarMoalar* apply, by port, t? CAPT I YER, rroprietor, Jersey City, or at the bouse. The great republic dining saloons, 113 > ulton street, snd 4H Ann street, N. V., are now con ducted by C. Swift, whose management of thl? admirably ayrtematlird f (tablisbnent affcrds the Mehest ea'tefaotto* to his fr.erdi aid t he numefon patron* of the house. VOR IIl4\ nOfl ?COTTAGE aT STA Vluh .*1?* &ll/ UUU. sale. Aa elegant lar-k t 'on K "?rn?a tie ?.t ??) '? ?'? ty ?. with ? V.A i .w AU^ I hou -e, lit", shrubbery. Ao., will be seld . y*'J lw' AU,? * F.?LU'tl ln?s at Sti'ra lalaad to lot . lt?., il sllCLDuN, 8ft N?k - Sn ciin ? <i>b.vtry residence ?).OUU. 1*1 a d, containing ae:?s bi^V ,fi- , T1> d land, i.uincWo-u Irult tree*, I art* modern a ' Jj story honso, marble mantles, basement cellar, .lj.;b |ji . r?i riage lioutut. -41 in, 15 tore* choice land, a j bok I ' $2, ISA; term* easy I. A. bUNt'E. 212 Broadway, roa ft i (WWk -fOR SALt-A MAT COTTAGE H?? ** qp t ?v/U" "? and lot, to Vlt^i Tirmity rlgatb ?Mv>? ; c< ni-ioiD)! ul ?Uvuu io*na. Inquire at the laud jOm, *V BIX b at tune. ail'-l ?fin-*~TATKOrSS? ACRES ON L I. V> MILES, ' i j in j uaai railroad 12ft cultivated, bal.iaee wood- , land MJOeoidsM for iu!?r'ttt; Kouao, "ira, carrier* boose, I Ao. ; term* etas* ; 2i ki rea loam .toil ; bonoe, bam Ac near a tillage; prist <l.flUi. a A BU N ?E, 21 1 lirokd fky , room 3. $Q nnfl y" L "JJT ?)* of THOSE MARBLE f jJ.UUV tluoe clones mi l hvement homes on L-x 1 gton avenue, bttween Thirty fifth ?n l Thirty sixth Miens, ready for , ocuoa'ion; the balance oa bond ana njort^ane. Our blook ironi thu Third avenue ckr?. Apply oil the premise*. ?nfin - A FARM ON LONG ISLAND, NF.W ,^UU I house aud ham, eleven aero a of land, to be (Old at tin* sacrifice, oa aoonunt ot the immediate wait ..r money. For particular* apply at 1 .'1>* Grand street, New York (I1 inn ?FOE SALE? SEED STORE, LOCATED ON j!Jp*iUU. one of tho best avenues, well established, and , C.iur a line huafoetn. Connected with the atore ar > 31 stall*, wl ioh more than pav* the rant. A p r 1 * immediately, at JS) Broadway, room No 10. (iCuRGE Vf. 6IMaill | SOnn 10 $250-0000 CHANCE? A MECHANIC, PZUU or other p?r*y, can ha* out a ga>od manufaelur- ? Iuk business, with to, l?. stock auif fixture* in working or dtr;orcan take a portion o' nnr, i? may *mt an appli | emit inquire in tbe baaement ot 422 Ninth aveuua, for three day* A RARE CIIANTK-A DRUG STORK, SIX YEARS 1 A eatahliahed, ana in a good location, doing a good bu?i seu, for aale. Addreaa box 2ft, Herald ot&oa. | A FAINT SHOP FOR SALE. ?FOR SALE, TUB STOCK, I Nature*, and ^ood wiH of an atd a*tkhli?bed paint *b <p, j downtown. It will he aold cheap, aa the prueit proprie tor is learing tbe elty. Inqnira at IS Frankfort (treat. BOOK, STATIONERY ANDNEVSPAPER STORE, FOR *ale in Brooklyn, in one of the bot looatioa* in the I city, cntaMiahed in 1 Tba utoro front* on the two prin cipal *troeta leading to the fame*. Daelling orer tba (tore. For particular* inquire at No. 103 Fulton timet. Junction of Main. COAL YARD FOR SALB-WITH OOOO WILL AND leane of the pr'mito*, oxten lively Ittod up with abvd*, fences, cait*, arale*, tcreoi*, and all nsoii.i4*ry appnrtn nancca for conducting the husiuoaa. 1'artiea daalrona to pnrrhni-e may addren with real namo, "Coil Yitrd," He rald office, atating when and where an interview may ba had. (lOl'NTRY SEAT AT THROOG'S NECE FOR SALE.? J The bonne is in the Ootbic sty,o, 22 roamj, mtrblo man tela, furnace, hot aud cold water throughout, water cloaetn, tmtha, conaervatorr attach" t; is a<tua'.ed lin>nodiatoly on the water; fine Bailing, hathin).- and U*biag; an extanded and beautiful view ea the found. The new ?te*mer Glen Cove landa within 1,000 feet of tie property twice daily. Lodge, gardener'* bouse, ice house filled, fine garden; ia fact ?T?ry convenience to mako a residence in tbe oountry agreeable. Apply to JuliM WENDEl.I, (S3 South atrcet. C10UNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALE OR TO LET? / within flvt minute*' walk uf the oar*, eon>iatln{ of a I o?d house, barn and carriage h >u?e, with from three to fcur *cr?* of raatute laud, together with a variety of frnit trees ami garden ahrnhbery, on Lcng Island, it miles from the ( ity. Appiy at IS Rcokman itreet. CU)UN7F.RS, SASITES AND SHELYINO FOR SALE? i ) Now in a first class Broadway store; also iron stair i w?ys and rkilisg Apply to A H. TOVVN81ND, depot j building oorno> of Elm and Franklin streets, before 10 A.M Farms.? for sale, or exchange for city property, about 200 acres, having a (tood railway trort, hkndfomely locatod for bulldint or dividing into small farms to suit purchasers; about one hour from tha city; two good two *tor.> housoa and huilding*, abundaneo of Iruit; good water and wood; cars to and from city six or eipht linns dal'.v, nod housfs within two minutes' walk of depot. For further particular* apply on the premise*, to M'M. R. BARNES, Uninntown, N?w Jersey, betweon New Brunswick and Railway. No fever aad ague, or taasquitocs fARM FOR SALE? AT A GREAT SACRIFICE. NEAR Motristnwn. N. J.; oentains 104 acres: 4ft aoret heavy wood, and will cut 1,200 cords; good soil, large crchard ot grafted fruit, hnildiugs good. Worth tft,AOO; witl be sold this veek for $4 COO. Apply to THOMAS A STREET, Pine stieet. FOR 8A1E? a good milk round-inquire, after 4 I' M., of S. B. BINGHAM, Fifty sceond street, lttwt?n Second and Third avenues. ?OR SAM-TWO ACRES OF LAND. WITH A GOOD frame bona* situated in the town ol' Green .urg, county of Westohe*tor about two miles from tlio Hudson Kiv?r Railroad depot at i'obb'a ferry, and nu tho Saw Mill river road; a variety of different fruit tr<e*. Tho house i* in good order, a smalt barn, and an excellent well of water with'n a few t?ct ol th? house The premise* can l>i bought oheap if applied for son. For further particulars inquire of tha sab scrieer on tbe premise*. DANIEL ODELL. fOR SA1.E? THREE OF THE FOUR STORY AND basement hun stoop houses, brown stone fronts, 60 feet deep, lot [- ldO *ect, built iu the most elOAant and ..ubstantial manner, and in one of tlie most beautiful looation* in this city ? louthiiiie of Fifteenth street, fronting on Stuyveiant square. Inquire on the premises, or 180 East Tweaty-flrst st. fOR SALE? TWO I.OTS OF GROUND. 24 BY 95 FEEJF ctch, situated on the easterly side of Lvxlnxttn avona*, between Thlr'y-seoond and Thirty third streets; alio, a Slece on the rear of the a^ove lots, S'l by 73 feet 9 iaebes top. For terms apply at lbO Tenth stroat, one door east of Third avenue. FOR SALE? a saw MILL, for BOX MANUFATUR ing, with innchinery of 12 horae power, building, fix tures, nor?cs, wagons, ,1c. This lar/e business is ono of the most respectable in the city. Clear proSt, J^ O'JO to $9,030 every ye?r. Price, S27,ixs?; $lft,000 cash, remainder in in stalments. Apply to A. W. STEINliAlIS, printer, 267 Se cond street; or at 212 Broadway, room 13. For sale- the stock and fixtures, avd bn expired lease of the grooery store, oorner of Grand and Clinton streets. This is a first rate stand, the store it lar<e and cotnmodinns, and is located in tho midat ?f a piyiiti; population, and is in successful operation. Apply on tbe premises. Ror sale.? a new avd well finished house, in the village of Janfira. Qe'eua oouuty, opiioalu the residenae ot tie anS*ori)>?r. i na beua* is 3S feet front and SO fw t deep, and contains aina room* and a baiement kitch en; the lot 1* SO l'eet by 112)6, wltt moro laud if required. For tcrmt apply to JOHN A. KING. For salf-bv elias combs, auctioneer, 244 Grand rtroot ? The fcllowlng property, via.:? The new six story brick uouso and lot 2'jl East fourteenth street: the honseandlot 143 Last Eleventh street; the house and lot 817 Grcenwicli street; the hon?e and lot 32ft Ninth street; four lots at I'trt Hi hmond. Staten Island; a story frame bousv and lot at ll.mut Yernon, Westchester oonnty, N. Y.? the lot is lou bv 105 feet; one four story liriok dwell ing. one tbrcn atory Lriuk factory and Irama buildings at tached, with the lots, on Luxington avenue, between Fifty sixth and Fifty .sveuth streets, N. Y. BtOK SALE- EsTARI.ISnED GENTkEL CASH BUSI nc?s for tSOW, cleuring net yearly $3,000. Such a sura chanco for a swart enturpri'ingman has not offered in six iu .utl.s. A'S*', croeery store, Ninth avenua, for sale, $175; *lso. box msriufactory, Norfolk street, $17,000. Apply at the United ttatcn Agenoy, 212 Broadway, room No. 13. Ir>OR SALE. OR TO LET? TWO STORY AND BASK imut cottage, huncl of, and fronting on, Grand street, V illtaLJelur ; lot twenty five front, 180 feet deep; stable i<i rear. I'riio 43,400; rent $250. Throe atory brick dwelling, No. 0 South Fourth stieet, Williamsburg; price $4,2<J0; rent Two atory cotta<e, No. ft South Second street, William-bur-; prioe (5.000; rent t-'lil. Possession liaoi dlate. Apply to WILLIAM L. 1IASKINS, No. US Pearl street. For sale or to let, in Brooklyn? six three story and besemtnt atone front houses, with nib-cel lars and all modern improvements, with two lots to eaoh Irnre, situate in Oxford ftreot, hotvreen Fulton and A 1 1 a a tic avenuee. Also, for sale or to let, a number of irnrae renta from 8226 to W>0 eaoh. Apply to Jo5?i'H T. iilllDOKS, on the promisee, Oxford ftrcot. F~" OR SALE OR EXCHANGE? TWO FOUR STORY brick tenement hooaot*. Not. 131 anl 13'i Elf* Flflcentii street; alio, two genteel throe atory brick house-, with brown itri.c basements; Fill exotian.'e for a good farm within W miles of New York, or will ??II cheap tor cash. E McMAIION, lTOCha ham itrett._ G~oob chanc?"to make a fortune"? fob sale ?One of the oldest and belt undertaker*' establish . meats in thla city. Apply at M Pearl itrc.t. This is a am* I investment. IN ITHACA? FOR 8AIJI AT A riA1lGAIV^l)V SOUTH llUi Railroad track, 4 4 \i acres, with two hon>?aand bsrn,. ground excellent I or raieing fruit, fine building altea, well supplied with soft rprui; water on various part* of the ground. location not to be surpassed; with adrantago It mar be divided into village lata. Prion S5GU down, and tha rest with lutereat in two years. Poaaeiaion at once. Apply to W. lUOMPKON, Clinton House, or the owner, 96 Fourth avenue, opposite Eleventh street, ILLINOIS AND MICHIGAN CANAL ? GREAT ."ALE Or canal lands and town tots in llllnoii.? Under authority f ranted by the State of Illinois, M set forth in tl.e r.ct:i it 'elruary 21, 18-iS, and March 1, 184%, and in the deed of trust executed by the Governor of the State, June iti, 1843, duly recorded in the oonntias of Cook and Will, the Board or Trnatee? of the Mlinoia and Michigan Canal will offer, at Snblic salt-, in the city of Chicago, commencing on Thnra ay, the 10th day of May next, ail tbe unsold canal lands and town lota belonging to said canal? that ia t-> say, OI.7V3 aerea of land, lying on both sides of said oaaal and within Ave miles of the fame, between Chicago >ind tlio town of l4k Salle. Alao, all the unsold town lota in Clilea go , I.ockport, Jollot, I?n Page, Xnnk?kee, Morris, Ottawa i and l.a ;:al!e, 1,23V lota in nil. l\ it h the exception of town lots in Ln Belle, to b? offered for sale in tha' plaee on tha , 14th, all the property will be offered in the city of Chioago, commencing on the 10th <f May. Many of those lands, and some of tha town lota, are traversed by railroads, either oom- i plated Cf nnder construction. The terms of sale are one fourth oash the residue af the purchase money in three an rnul instalments, nlth interest at six per cent per annum, t?yablc annually in advaaoa WILIIAM If. SWIFT, / TrmMi'of tU lllinaia ?0#UH iTcKOMllTS, { <*??!. I Office of the Hoard of Trnatees of the Illinois and Michi gan Canal, March 17, 1W'. | River building site for sale.? a oentlb- > main in search of n beautiful and plcturceqv? building ! aite, can find ten acres of land. perfectly level, and fronting immediately upon the bank! of ft river leading into Long , Iiland Sound, two mile* distant. Tba property la one hour ? ride from the city by New Haven Railrond, nad about one mile from the depot. Tba premise* extend for a quarter of ' a mile upon tbe banks of the river, boaides fronting upon . tba turnpike road* Oysters and flah are abundant, as ?ke ti.le ebbs en. I flow* upon the banka of the property. For a country seat, few if any iltas in tha St?te will oompare wKh It II built open, will be sold low. Two third* of the par elaac can remain on mrrtgnge, if dsairad, or will be ?*? cbangrd for eity property, if unincumbered Tor further particular*, aaad addraas to box 706 Poet Office, New York TA ILOYlT-^rOR 8 AM, A LARGE MAHOGANY cutting board, with four large drawers; will be sold 1 cLeap. Aprly toR. J. BRADFORD, 84 Naaaau street. rVVRNITVBB DEALkRA AND CABINET HA kern.? For aale, an old established wholesale furniture buaineas, " ~ ^ - - - business, thousand m perion in tie baflness or wit king ta comm-nce. It will b? , old on very 'resaonabl# terms. Address H U?y, hoi Hi Chatbsm square Post Office. r*.? lor aaie, a* oia established wholesale rami tare it, with a long laasa of atore, built eipreasly far t.h? a. with fixtures, Ac., a small stlatbla atock.and fifty Bd doll- re first class custom? a firat rate chance fjr * TO DENTISTS.? THE FTRNITURK AND IVSlUf ?ni nts of a dental office will be mid at a low ra'e, wi'h tb? privilege of continuing in the same location, h i tbe pro prlotor I* nhont to leave New Yor%. Apply at <8 llarrNy H'reet, imriediat-ly, as tba office will be rented for ether purposes, ar d the turni'uf remr ved, if not sold unickly. ratfoiAu <tl (UWl IMWI BONOS O/ lUc VlBOIHI* Alfa UUU.UVU Ihihih rtaiiroad lumpaav ? Pr? p?- l? will be rectived far llie whole ur uj part a4 above moi of togii. The; in dated lat Jnlr, K>1, aa4 p*>ab.e *<> bearer. la ttia eity o> na? IT ark, oa the SUth Jaaa, lv<4, ?llh Interest coupons attached, at the rata aft par Mat per > nil u m, payable nmi annual If at tka ttaak ?f America, ea ?L? 1st vl January and July ol eaoh year, ai d oae half km amount coavertnle iuto the atook of the oompaay at the*? Hoa af tba holder Tint* bund* ara issued andar fall authority of < ho stockholders, it the purpose of taistdjM aad equipping the road, and they are scoured bf a ssssai mortgage on the r<.ad ? Ith all the real aetata. titUNaad equipments franchises, appurtenances and pri vllsges appee taming thtteta. Tka br.t aad prior mortgage I* ferSI Sod.MI 01 which JM.UM.USt was taken by toe Stale of Virginia, at tho folio win/ urv i4vinUir(ou< twrmi ?? S?E p*r*o#iii4s tweet and tha principal to hi liquidated by paymeaT* ?aa? ally of one per cent for thirty lour year., co-nmeaeiag Ik let of July lr%f<3. T no remaining tMU,iniO were told at pas ? "ha capital of thecompi.n> is *.1 tax) uui. three fi'ths at ??? i. bald -by the Stale ot Virginia, and tha wlinle aseualaafl |a ia t* 97'1 , 1 1 . Tl>a length .of t h i roe^L from the oily Of j , k ehburg to fba Tennessee liau, ia VH miles, af vhleh IS iff A ntirvly fli.isbed and la operation. The remaining aiity jine k 'le? require only IZSS.IM) to ecmplete them, and tea u vntlu lul?..r Is only neoesaary to put tha entlra read la*? fn *4 epa "?tlou Then baa l ean expend* 1 oa tba road abo^ W* Ulk ia ootelri.otion. rollinr stock and ex pen aa, a ?? djnl'V tka amouut of both mortgage*, winch together do aa% execes? jit 4*? P?r tvlla of road. T(je road forma a liak la tka chain i* r.*ads *l u b aro to become probab y tha most in per taut rm#? >?' tb# L'nJon, givi > an almoat straight line fraaa tha Nortfaa*" a11' tastern edties to tboaa oa tha Gulf at Mexico a a* tl.a Mississippi, ahtrtrrloc tba diatanaa mora (ban tut lyr.drcd mile*; and tbara i< but oaa mora link It be finished *' ft! id a continuous railroad tranaaortatlM in m tha cit>'?r Washington to Montgomery, Alabama. 9mt Independent e4 rtt* travel trat will en me to 1'. aa a part af tha treat Houti>>?*d Nttlh iiaa the Virginia WMMW Railr ad haa a oartaan local business af ita own, whiak Id eL arly ascertained ?*? the earninaa of Hat yaer. Hth oaly eighty five aiilee .>???, ifloS, (IN 70,1 aa bein? aincisat afw aalf to aupport tba nad Itpa-an almas* ita wbsia taa^k tbruiwli a rairion with a variety of taineraU a<<M Dioat valuable nature. ?wt aa lead, eo%l, iria, eopper, hM and gvpaam, all "f wbtaboiut i a rreat abirndaaoa. vliM have been hi* tier* ? ne^leated, but which are flwt beian dera Inped now tbat they can be couveyed to market, la akaeto the proapccte of the road aae moat llattering; aad foateew# aa It baa been ly the Made, aad aupp-.rted generally by people of VirpiBia. with *o lar<e a cash capital aoiuUr paM I in, it !? loliovrO no aocarity b?? been recently offered at a better character. The Company have agreed to eet apart tne per cent annually on the aaaeunt of their bowda from the earning* ot the r *d. as ? * inking fund to meet the paw D<-nt of tbom at maturity' and the atoekholdera have adept ? d av a line of policy, to declare n? dividend exoepUag freea a catb aurplua, alter the intereet aad Making faad bar* bee a provided tor. the term* on which the aala will be made are ?5 per eead. doan, and the halauoo la payment* of 10 per coat, eraqr thin* day* till all paid. If the whole am mat u paid at once, intetent to lit July to be allowed. The right ef re) eat Ing all or any part of the bids 1* referred, if deemed for tha iotereaU o> the Company to do ao. The bond* lodged in bank, ta he delivered whoa the whole aiaeaat m paid Full information will be given on all aabjeota eew nee'ed with the Hnanoial ad aire ot the Cempaat, oould be derivaJ b> partie* wiehlng t > offer for tht and docamenla and refereacoa obtained by appljlax ddrian II. lluller, fcnq , No. .SM Wall atreet, Naw rorE. whotn offer a mnet be rent, aealed, and marked " Tender fea Railroad bonda," on or before tba 2tth day of Hay aagk JOHN KOI! IV NoDANIKL, Preddeut Virgiuia aad Tenr.eaaee Kailroad Cat The Board of Directors are : HBNRT DAVIS. THOMAS b. PRK?T?M, GEOKCK S I L A RT, VM. T. ANDBRSOX, WILLI A V A. KF.AD, And C. t . M. OARNETT U Chief Rag I will recclve sealed propoeala for the above loan, wUak will remain with me unopened till thiea o'elaak r M. at Thuraday tha 24th day ot May next, to be then opened ta tl.e tirerenco of the Preiideot, or aome other anthoria*# af,eui of the company. A ItKI AN n. UULI.ER S3 Wall (treat. New York. 8th April. 186(1. 4i7^nnOf} NEW Turn AND HAHLIM RAM. ?P I l/U.UUU . ruad, aecond mortgage 7 par eeM% bonda, part of an i??ue ef one million. TUia mortgage covaca a larue amount of real eatate ia thlx city, aa well aa maaw parccla oa the liue of the road, aot included ia tha M nortgage; the branch road to Port Morrit, ea tha Beak River, with wharf and ground baloagiag thereto, and aM tfea rolling etcck and lnrnUure ot the road. The bonds are laaaed with latereat coupona attaohed, paff able on the brat days of t'obrnary and Angnat la each year, and the principal roimburaaole on the tlrlt day of Aoxaat^ lKt 4. The mortgage Is made to the Parmera' Loan aad Tran Company, of thin city, aa trustee for the bondheldera, aaR recrrded in all the counties through whloh the road pasaee* Thia issue, added to tho flrat. will make the mortgage la ccmbrance upon ti c road lonr million dollars ? leaf thaa fifty percent upon ilscott op to this time. Tha proceeds af tM bunds tow offered, will be used? first te extinguish tba floating J ebt of the Ccmpany; and, iccond, to oomplete tka double track to White Plaina, and erect lomt few ataMo* houses required on the line of the road, all of whioh, it ia ea peoted may 'he done (so as to close " oonstraotioa aa cuunt " at the end of the yuitr. Tho aocurity npau whioh the** bonds are based is bellejaR to be in all roapccts ample, quite as reliable as that o< tha first mortgage. The earninxe of the road are censtaatlp <a crtaung, and Its business, present and prospective, never at satisfactory as new. Proposals for all or any of these bonds may be addreeesd to William B. Draper. Treasurer, Uarlem Kailroad Oem racy, New Ycrk, endorsed ?' Proposals for 2d Mortgage Bonds," until the fifteenth day of Mar next, whaa they ?fe bo opened, and should statu whether the offer be made kt cash on rcceiviag Ibe bonds, or In instalments of tweatjr-daa Ser oent, imyable rospcotively on the 1.1th of May, loth at one, lflth of July, and lnth of Angust. The right ef i% jeoting all or any part ef th? bids is roterred, if deemed fas the Interest of tha Company so to do. By order af lb Board ef Directors. NICHOLAS DRAW, PresidtaA. Wm. B. D ii a r k n , Treasurur. NoTr ? This ruad terminatos ia tha eeatreof thi city at New York, Is one hundred and thirty Miles long, eea arcting the rity with Albany, and all the trade of tha great West, together with a portion of that of the North. Tka annual gross earnings ot tli read now exceed eaa ctiUiaa at dollars. Naw York. April SJ. 18S6. Ann ? RONRYTO LOAN ON DIAMOND^ if tWu.vUU ? vratohos, jewelry, dry good-, >.et*r<, or bought tor cash; city stocr.s, not"*, lourt^Kges and <U of exchange negotiated liuaineaa coatideiitlal ard primp*, by THOMPSON A CO., brokers an>l c inernhaata 102 Naraau street, corner of Ana room No. 2, aeooad de<c en ni^n_ T? Lr,^^ w diamonds, atcjes. ?IplUU.vUU jewelry, ?ogars. An., or bou*ht for o?ah; r< al estate, bond* aad uiort.-agei, notes atuoks aegotlatei. Buriness ttrirtlj oouHdeatinl. ' CllUfcsk VAX, BRAISTRA A CO., 3A Juhn itre t. ?')r. nnn ? ROXRY advam Ell HV ai.l kmm ?]pO?/.Ul/U. of nocuritiee. diamonds, watolies, Jewetrv, ?agar* stocaa, real estate, amf all sor.s of rnerahandiae, by Jo." KPil ? YON It Ci).. 15 William street, room 10. N. R. ?All tian*actions strictly confidential. <tl ^ n/)n WANTED -FOR Tl! REE OR FITS iplo.uwU jrifrf, at 7 per cei on huhly improved proper:* in t ? . ie.ift t> o.OflO? first rstu Polioy ofitsuraace at 7 per cent, on bond and mortgage. erth at n huhly improved property ia tha iifth wjrd worth o.ift $> <1,0110? first rate Polioy of iisar be assigned. Apply to A. BEEBK, 195 Broadway. or nnn WANTED" ON BOND AND MORTGAOt ?U.uUU at 7 per eent, for three or four years, oa a fire* clssa house in Brooklyn, worth double the amouat. Addreaa bax 8,002 Pott ofiioe. nnn 70 '>??,UOO CAN BE OBTAINED FOK iPl.wUU a small investment. I'or further mformaUta address A. M. URLUO'.tR A CO., Baakera, No. 23a North Uay st . Post Offioe. t>ox No. 21t, Baltimore. Md. C1ASH ADVANCED IN ANY AMOUNT, OR PURCHAS ) ed at ficht, di mi nds, watches, rich jewelry, merchan dise, and valuable personal property generally. R. W >OD. M? I ulton street, second floor, front room, from 8 A. M. ta 6 P. M. CASH ADNANCED Q|l THE MOST LIBERAL TERMS, oa watchee, jewelry, diamonds, dry goods, pianoforte^ furniture, or any other property, at the old established aa? confidential offico, 3P4 Broadway, corner of Duane street, ? coord floor, room No 9. The s'rlotest hoaor may be ra iled upon. JpXCHANGR FOR DRY GOODS -PROPERTY IN U Brooklyn, bringing a good incomo, will be oxohaagadl tor a stock of dry gotds. Address box 3.HD3, New York Fost OflSce. MONEY LI BEKALLV ADVaNCKD By PECAHES, UKa.NSTEI.S A PHILLIPS, Ml tioceers, 61 Liberty street, one door from Nassau, oa steeka, veesels. real estate, furnit tie, plotuies, merchandise, Aom le t vtithr.s 'i r sale. Railway acceptances and business paps* dircounted, by JOHN B. Ml'KKAV, 44 Wall street, over Bank of North America, CaEbJloaus uponjbaak aad Sra insurance stocks, bonds and Botes. Advauo ej upon flenr, ir' in, iron, provisions, and other merchandise, andoa vesivta at sea and in port. f|'0 CAPITALISTS.? THE FOX AND WISCONSIN A Iir proreuient Company of er In capitalists for Invest ment the remaining half ot their 8 per cent bonds, itiSM.UM,) payable Fettuary 1, 1S7S, interest semi annually, at tka baak of North America, city oi New York. These bead* art secured by a first mortgage upon lands worth, at a law valuation, n>^r: thaa donble the amount, also upon tho ia Provemer t itcelf, together with it* proceeds, wator power, Ac. Inquire at 'he offloe of the company, 14 Wall street, A LARGE QUANTITY 01' CAST OFT CLOTHING! watt ad.? Ontlemea hating left off wearing app >ref to dispoM of, in large or (mall lot*, will reoeire IM r erv hiuhot i>rtoa for th?m, by apply lag to or addraaa Ing THOS. D. COX ROT, 401 Pearl itraot, between City Halt pln< c and Centre itrcc t. / ^A9T OFF CLOTHING AND FURNITURE WANTED.? V. Ladiee or gentlemen tavlng any of tb? tame to dlapoM of, can obtiin a fair and cash price by lending for the i?b tcribar at bii retidrne?, or tUrongh the poet. M. S COD EN. M Ua rrett. N. B.? Ladiee attended by Mri. Cohen. C<A9T OFF CLOTHING AND FIRXITURE WANTED. I ? l.adira or fcntlenien having aay at the lame tadie pbM of, eai> obtein ? fair aid caih price by bending for Ike ?ntif criber at Mi r?i?idsoc?, or through the poet, L. M. DC/3 MLLUK1', No. 13 ?ln Hfeet. N. li. ? Ladiee atttondod by Hie. D. /lASr OFF CLOTHING? A I.AHGE QUANTITY WA.VT \J ed? Tbe bigheit priea liberally given, and oaah paid ia current money, gentlemen baring giod inprrfluoai clathiac t< diipoM of. ran obtein tbe fall rune by calliac oa, or a4 Urtaaing JAKES NORUMY, U Baiter (treat, (late Orikgat off Chatham etreit. /"* LOTH I NO AND FURNITURE ? LADIES OR OE.V \ lira, en baring any to dtipoae of ean recoire a fair euk prioe by ?eadieg to the etoree IS l.aoiene etreet, near Canal, ?r AC V> ?et Broadway, o* b> lvWer through the poet Ladle* attended by Mrr. Cehea- S. COHEN. TOOTHS" AND CHILDHBN'S CLOTHING.? JOtEPB B. CLOSE, BAILEY A CO., Ho. 8 Park piaoe, oppieioe tbe City Hall, hare now oa hand tbe boat aeaortod fpria* ?ad rammat eV.*k and etylaa to ba foond In the DarfteJ Mitajk aad reliable far all agaa. from thraa ta twaaty ya ar* ?1 A wbolaaala. aad for rraaklr radaoad prioe* , UUPOiU. *c. A de,i^C.?.??L^rri0N or 8HERET. POET, HA ^ .lis and other wfaee, braadiaa I Jlil rtirtejl/iwlei ram, eehaappa, HalUad Soetoi^r gia, Se*t?h ate*, London aad Dtklla Irlt i *'? ^ Porter. fWr family aee, Car aala, a* WM. a PNDERHILL'gr*9Q Braeme itreat ' ? pLABBT WINES-MUST BE ALL SOLD BBTOHK J- ,<I<?ly 4. Ooed claret 93 pe-doaen, bottlaa r*taraa4 Tnmily ale aad porur 0*. r*r dot?a: old braadiaa. km proportionate price*, at riERSON'B, 18 Ulaaekar ? eaa black from Bowery. ? pi-wr:!!- s&rMsfes Enaaaaa gia, St. Craii ram, Jamaica ram ai_Z. v Monongabela wldikey, peaob braady oil* aw!tk clarea, pimento, janlpar. earraway'aad aretfe aad mtraaa atbar, clarit ?d ??i Ju ??*m4?, rat ftaror; ayaafde pataieenm. plaruka?o^Ti.T^i S" iodide, aimuoalnm, ealpbata iron baryta, Vknaa lima, aa^eio/' Croatia, rlatina, cadmium tnangane.. fOT .STV**? WANDER, Ml Hkident^r ky Dt.Ur*UTCa

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