Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 1, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 1, 1855 Page 2
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INTERESTING FROM CUBA* Arrival or U< Steamship PbU*d?lpliU_Tke Reception of Commodore HcCaulcy? Naval Salutes-. Military Review. The Unit ed 8UU< mail steamship Philadelphia, Capt. Robe nek, arrived yecterday morning from New Orleanst via Harana, with date* from the latter to the 23d last., not m late, however, by two days, aa brought by the Isabel at Charleston. The Philadelphia left Havana in company with the ?eamtr ?1 Dorado, for Aipinwall. The United States steamships Princeton and San Jacin to remained at Havana. Officer* and crews all well, rhe tatter arrived on the 20th from Philadelphia. Mr. R. R. Carrington, purser of the l'hiladslphia, will accept our acknowledgments for flies of Havana papers, and other favors. _ . ? Cur Havana Correspondence. Havana, April 23, 1865. Arriml of tie United State* Ship Jamtttown ? Delay in Saluting Com mmlort Crabbe't Fluff ? Rrplanati>m and Jti un of Qtncral Concha ? Commodore McCauley ? flu Hrteu and the Grani Reritiv- ? Appearand of the Troop* , Black and White ? Fo reign Officer* PremU ? Departure* from the Island ? Trade and Health Report. The past has been exciting weak, oar minds being tiled with what we are going to do, having almost fcr getten what has been done. The arrival of the United States sloop-of-war Jaoaes tew?. Ellison, commander, with the broad pennant or Commodore Or abbe, on the 15th in at., set the specula ties of indoles oe to labor ia assignment of a reason for H, behind which mass of conjecture the cloud of war, of wurse, was looming in the distance. Salutes were ex changed on the 16th, and as the national salute was not rcc ponded to on the part of the Spaniards for two or three hourt, busy tongues through the city ascribed the nsnai cause for such casualties, " intentional delay in dissespect." The salute made to the Admiral of the Port after the return of the first was promptly noticed, and a suitable return made. Tue 11 tg lieutenant ani the Drat lieutenant of the Jamestown, calleJ upon the Captain General on the evening of the 16th, to return the call made by the aid-de camps of the Captain Geoe sal ?n toard when General Oouuha voluntserel the in formation that he bad ordered tbe arrest of the officer wbo bad been ch\r<od to aoisrer tbe salute of the Janes'cwn, for the ,:elay he had permitted in execati?n ?f his instrnctioriH Whoever has been arreste I, it m'Mt le some party without xtaoding or responsibility, a< we eannot fled any cemmin.'.er >n durance. The comm md lag officer, Arcos, to wtaom the order vr as sint ia not ia oentineitient, and many presume to say that the excuse ef Concha is evasive oi the fact, and ther<> are those who declare it was a purposed indignity, with the tacit au thority of oar upper dignitary. We cannot well go be. bin 1 the CcBia), especially if an arrest has been raally ?ade. The Jamestown tailed for Key West on the 17th, te wait orders. Commnlor* McOauli'y, on hoar! of the Sau Jac'nto, Commander Stribling, arrived the "JOth. He ca'led on tha Capta n General ou thi 20th ? a visit of eernmony and rctpeei. It Is said that ibis week vill be devotel to business or explanation, if any ars to bo found or fa^ci cated; net tbe matters to be sealed up by reference to the ministry at Madrid ? which will be just as far ahead as Mr. Ifarcy wns before. Yesterday we had a sham representation of all the pride, pomp ^.nJ circumstance of glorious war, without the olfeuMve odor of villanous ?aitpetie; a grand paraOe and review, embracing every thing effective we could muster of black, wiiite and mixed? all told, near seven tbou->and Ave hundred men. Tbe w lilts volunteers. 1 thought, looked re nnrkably well, an** they have certainly improved in their drill very much, while they are as lite to one of better material than can be found in the regular ranks. Aboil', their dispotition for ha'.tle 1 feel doubtful; but better material, with taith and heart in tbe right place, I hive never -een ii any country. The negroes were hid a tay on tbe left, the blackest at the extremity. The line of parage was abent two miles, reaching from the Punta up tHe Paseo Isabel tc thu centre of the Campo de Marte, across it to Qneen ntieet, and the whole length of that street to ?be opening of th? Pa?eo Taeoa. Tie Ciptala General with Irs brilliant stair (in plain clothei), apptar^.i to great advantage As the volunteers of the c.ty of Ha vana passed tho reviewiDB dignitary, they gave a volley ?f viva i for tbe Queen, the throne, and for Concha Ttie crowd of spectatjrs, for tbe whole Ucu of the parage, was to tho lull extent of all space not o 'jupiel by thi treops. We have not had such a multitude in the streets ainee tbe second landing of Concha at Havana. Con modore McCanley was on the Paseo near the Stud of the ? Osp'.aia General, in front of the Tacon Theatre, in the carriage of the Captain General, accompanied by Count Vilianueva, aid-de camp of tbe Captain General, and Chptain Btribling, of the San J:cin'.o. I saw on the greead, also, officers of the British vessels of war Buz zard and Vista, and of tbe Princeton? the gallant liigle ia the lead ? all enjoying the disp'ay which was diUMng the nostrils of tbe war horse and the ohief that sat on him as if bis hrme was in tbe saddle. Charles CostiMo, Esq., loft for Cadiz last Monday, Eekevaria for Paris, by last Brit-'sh stea-ner for South ampton. Messrs. Givol and Trujlllo, with many others, ate yet in the fortune or fate-mill or tlii Ro;al Military tfcem. Health good? business the same? fall files Uorewlth. D. Havana, April 23, 185"). ? i /, t> ' t t t> i ' u ? T>"blio ? A Priest li 'bbed Hud viwciii? PifUo** BttraijtY fn a .. ^ ?Military linns ? Appcarance and D'rtu.. ' ' * r, iS, S /k'/? Jamestown ? Commo ture J/' CauJey rn>* Central Concha ? British ittul Fren h Saint- t to Our Flag ? Spanish Bluster ? A Creole Fiyht with Spanish Officers ? A Brother of Estrampes Sails f,,r Xcu> l'ork? T/m Unitetl Stairs Consul at Matamas ? n route for Horn?, <ft., <fr Do you pUc? any faith io omens? I am a *are it is ?ODHidered superstitious to do no. jet 1 cannot avoW. pleading guilty even to that charge. Recently, then, a bald-pated eag'e &U;hte I upon the staff at the office of the Captain of the Port. Fron this etaff there floated the Spanish (lug Th<? glorious ??bird ef liberty-' ha Ting looked dowu upon it for game ?Mtitt attentively, gave a ecrcam of deduice, and wafted away towards his tome, the Vnltei Statsa. On thi sight of the same day, prerisely at 12 o'clock, tho ham Is of the public clock at the paUce fell off; ual aa if t? give a full and fuither significance to these oirciro jrtaacet<. next morning the cp-inish ttandard holateJ at the engineer barracks was ooterv?sd to hi reversed, sj U>at the cro /? n appeared upside down O." course. ia thi* enlightened age 1 shall be toll that these eve at* casaot have an y meanng; ' ut I do snow chat were I ? 8pani*a official I tbouid be apt Co cou'ider ttosia in a verj a.rioua light On lnesdsy last Rotlrijuez, who botrarc 1 Ramon Pinto and hi* felio w-compati iota, waa noticed waMng osaeuh tfce piazza in front of the palace. No soocer *a i be ob served than the cry wan raised, "There's Ro lrig iez!" and the crowd Lastened towards h'mj he be^am1) so frightened that he fairly ran away. Xo on? know* wlmh<r he went, but he ha-i not been teen in public since that period. A prieat called Pa Ire R'vea, who resides In the cilia de la Zasja, was waitol upon a low days sin:? by some vil la It) h, who tied and gigged the old msn, an ' t!r?u robbad h'm of, as I am told, nearly two hundred ouocos. KrsccMeo Vildes He'rara has been dis;h irg id froa othod, b^t he is not perxi'.tej to return to his resiieuoe at Guanaja. A fo!di*r. named Merino, lost Vis huniby th9 bursting of hi* musket, a few day - since A sub crlptioa w is forthwith entered into for him, and ho will ret irn t] S-paic a comparatively wealthy man. Tbe viluuteerf In this city are ntderstool to hav. agreed to pay each a dollar per month for the payment of Minn e rifles, which certain 'atalau me: hin's ate to ixpert for tbem upon those terms. If the Minnie rldsa are more d fllcuU to load than tbe ordinary mu.keti, th<n they will be moreth'D usel-gsin the ban la of t'leis brave volunteers, a company ot whom 1 saw under .1r.II one evening latt week, and who were eight m'nitoi, by aay watch, in going through t';e motions of prim nj, leading and firing. Don Jose Birbin, who has for some time past been con fined in the ponton, was discharged thence on Saturd ly last, and as a special favor, five days were allawed h \ to remain with his family to this city, at tho expiration of wbi 'h period he ia to proceed to b ranne. Tbe I'nlted States stoip of- war Jamestown, Com natder IC sen. bearing the broa.l pennant of Commodore Crabbe, pleased us much by ber splendid appearand, as she eailed into this harbor on the 15th iastant. Oa the 16th, tbe EaglWfa vessel of war then in th e p?it hntste<l tho American flag at the fura and aal'ited it with the customary compl'meot of g'i<*i which was ancceeded by a similar ailuts from the french brig of- war Meligte, then In this p >rt. 3otU these salutes gave great annoyance to the Catalans, who eid not like *3 much respect being paid to the stars and *%*pea. the Jimeatown, having duly returned tbese complimentary *?lutes, in her tnrn saluted th s city. Ibis was at 10 o'clork A. M. In conrequence, as I u'l ^?Tstan.1, of the artillerymen having to be brought fro i 'i? ^oro ('?stle, a delay of tbreo hours took place b?for? ?njs salnte was returned from the Punta Fort _ '?J United States war steamer -tan Jacinto, faptain CvibltBg, bearing the broa 1 pennant of Canmodoro ?m ? e&K1? 'nto 1^'s port on the '20th inat Oa the 21st, tie gallant C'ommoJore, accompanied by Captiio c. .his flag lieutenant, and the actiog United States <M sb 1, Colonel Robertson, paid a formal brief visit to General Concha II I am correctly informed, only the enstemary romrlim^nts wer? exchanged when the Cam ?MMtoie and suite retired. We are all anticipating some laspe i-tant event to ari?e from thia visit of C iramodore llcC'anley. Pray ll?aveo that our ant cip?tlon* be real ized. The Jamestown left us on the 17th Inst . for Key Weft, whore, report has it, a Urge fleet of tnited States rear els of war are speedily ti be aasetn'ded A jourg "iniddy' of tbe British frigate Vestal, whbh again cacao into tliia port on the> 20th inst . enjoyed a hearty laugh a day or two afterwards, as be told of the Jsraei-town having ml<ta>en the Vestal for a -)pinta'a fr gate, at a ifort dUfance off this isltnd, and of tbe to m?r having to draw the chanea from her double ahotte<l guna Io cider to return the Vestal's saluts. At a i arty given at tbe palace recently, the MarouU de Ispsta ia reported to have said "be wjnld under take, with fifty thousand men, to march from New Orleana to Maine. ' Asother Spanish bragger re joined, "And 1 would undertake, with toa thousand at en to march Into Vew York." "Yon might do so," v u '*phed an American gentleman, nnmeil Day, I believe, "ao^org ae j?u didn't er?ate any diaturbaace, bnt if the ?liglitest noiae was oceaj-lonol, every soul of thousand would epee<Uly find th tnaseilves con 1 ne.d in tbe Tembe, and brought early n?*t murniag before ID* ju- tke and made to pay the penalty of y?<or offence. " affeet. * ' ? A faw miiin tin oe three you** Creole centleinen coming out of fh. Tacon theatre, amy officers, who nfto omoking. One of the vounj Creoles soJleited the oourtesy of being permuted to licht *J tU? Of on. of th. offloer* Ihe offl^r haad ?d hi* Mtu to the Creole with u air of m irked eon tempt; the Creole, in returning the segar to the officer ec against ihe young creole, who forthwith, without anv ceremony, knocked the officer down; whe a. he 'F'Vi ?'' 7 * P'*tol from Ida breast, whloh wai in ataatly knocked ont of hia hand. The other three officer* coming to the aaalatanee of their fallen fiiend each ro *? 'I''"111"* ?' the hands or the three ore w"j *?"*? Uwe?er, at length overpowered by num wSLSt^SV^ ,0. wher* they now are. mJSi? tion. have Indeed an effort to have the settWmen? ' believe it Is now in the course of &nor Eohevaria left thin Uland in the last English ?\1T?LU1?r' *?i Ji,*Dor C*st,Uo in tl,# TMsel w i the 16th inat., for Call*. I ,i,?u aacer tain before I conclude this letter whether Peaora Pinelo and CadaUo have alsoleit the Uland, aa, they informed doE? tssuir "enlD<s l,;nc,,, thejr wore t,h4ve By the present itetmer F rancts Katrampes, a yosnjjer brother of tbe murdered Francisco E?tr*mpes, procoeJg to New York, where he deigns hereafter residing; and of becoming a citiaen of the Unite J Stater He Is much ^ike hie lamented deceased brother in all those feelings that ennoble the man. May I not earnestly hope that he will be so rec-ived In hospitable New Yora that his sor rows may be soothed and be id ado to forget, if it be pos sible, the cruel maasacre tf hia noble brother, who was muted a man after Gu<3'h o image. One n'ght in the Utter part of last week whilst the steamer W Dorado was coalJa*, a lunp o: coal either fell upon or waa thrown at the Spanish sentinel, wha was marching up and down at her eide. Severe lojury was inflicted upon the solJIer's head. The Hpaniardu ' ?t'P'?t, but there Is not any evidence of the accusation, that the lump of coal was thrown at the soldier fro a the steamer. It was dark bd<1 no one aiw the direction wbmce the coal came. I presume the matter will undergo investigation, to which, if conducted fairly, no objection can he made. tenors l'inelo and Cad -too took leave of their families Uat event g Tr:ey are fo embark for Spiin this duy. I oor relix Is in good health and spirits. Doctor Worrell, the In ted '-Uteri Consul at Vatinzas, Is in ih u citv. He proceeds to tbe North, via Charles ton, l am told on the 2f th iust I was not aware at the >ime F wrot? you a'>out h'm that he waa requested by the ara captains to solicit permission from tue lieute nant Governor of Matanza; for them to dine together I ashore i n Washington's birthday, or I certainly would I not have onutted mentioning thit circumstance. A I friend from Hattncas tella ms the Doctor is in a great rag* i with rre; bnt fortunately for one, perhaps bo?h of r,*' . "IT. *ict kno*B to him, aid we have not met. fleeter H ., I am si o informed, writes you a very flowery frtter, inclosing copies or all tbe correspondence in the matter, which 1 trust for the sake of justice to him you will publish. BiMJTlJa. Know Notiilngiam tn a Spanish Point of View. The Dii'iHoiie hi Marina, of Havana, of the 19th April in this wise the interna ing question of Know holliiDgiim in ihe United titutes: ? Our Mew York correspondents, wln?e opinions, as we bave of i en said, we neither ac:ept nor refuee iu all par | iicoUrs. ge-erally breathe thro ugh the'r wrlVngs a sen timent ot contempt toward the new party of ttie Kuow | Nothings, therein following tli? common impulse of I .U, ,r'lU,f citizens and of the press which represent. !L ?l>l??cuUing an' excusing the Impression mace under auci elrounwtanoes, wo canno. wltosl agree with them absolutely in iseutimeut. The tendency of t ie party to which we are referring comprises no ll l'tT . substantially offends our rational Instincts or Utarea's Ihe Spanish lace differing in that le fPejt Uermau and French, and the nons of lre Und, reckons only a very ,mall emigration In the nei/h loring couutry , participating or asp- ring tj participate in poltlica) rights in the new country which they have ihosen for tbe.r permanent residence. A few iaolafed caaea in and about New Orleans, .prlngfng more frcS compulsory cir. umtUnoea than from real aUe.-.tioa or del'berate purpoies, do not succeed in mo lifyln^ in tbe ?Ugbtest degree our usaert ou The SpinUh' ra x in ull its branches, and more especially in tne old trunk, ?g. wves too lively the sent m-nt of national ptide to covet foiefgn titles C\ n?eqnently If Wt? neith-r d-sire nor ^ ,.t\aK 7B sPTer*ieD,y' wl,ich 18 now being dis frnm .n o J' V * C*? '00k 0n t11"* K'ri'? ,r?? from all p.ejudice, and judge of It dispassionately uu ie P (/w v rt'l dilTtr''nt from that from which it i? eurveyed by ^he other European peop'ea ' in?e<SSJt-J??1tt**tio,,0.,,ith? <ronn<1 ,re have a'roady in icated tnat the general doctrine of the KnoT NothioJ !'?'/ ZW(* .f UH? c"ncepti?n much more t'avora'jle than a ur.-e ihe dreams of an absolute cosm> ptditanlfm only exi-t in eocentrio mmds, for whom the Kstona of exoerifnue are of no value. '/ m 'oriBB "i'11 unity in m-nd are th? base of evtry rational harmouy, and the pretjn Mon oi supplanting it by an abs.lute iient ty conduces only to engender confua on, hy the bonia of an impo'Sible ttulon. it la good that every nationalitr and every raco^ lean to Its own trt'l tions, and preserve Its ancient conditions of fxist 'U'-e getting r.d of whitever of hostility ttey contun and cultiva'ing with aU their kind, frunjly reUtiim', "? "JUtr* nonTtn'ence. Such U the true centre tonarda whi.-h rnojfrn civil zat-on sraviU^es. andwhl h Wfl?. ,or oa? of it( mo',t ""ti *rk able bcneHti. If, theieforo, our neighbors believe it csnve n ent, hbd even necessary, to miko an effort to conserve owi?'io-ftt,?ean^inlc)LiTKatJ fund*.me"<a.| typo nt tK.u ?.i.h . h 4 of tReir ?"n inftitations, we who *ii i r^ct Y n'*r 'ndlrejtly pretend to chance theui Thiv .n)i i?? JC? mo,ive for "lUapproval or complaint' They, and they alone, ere the competent judges of the I en'orcSnB^t aTZ the ^pXnity of exiaOiciDg it. Auil, tu Bp^ak uDvlitjgu;?etily it aDOdarq to ua. we Will confess, that occasion? are n>t waging " 1h??? "r de wh!ch emigration has ta',en in latter rears no.. greater force to the pol.t cal elemiat of adepltJ bu- oontrihn'.ee to tfe deterioration or tbeir quality Th* Ji^wo of Germaat infected b/ the most disorganizing iiVa's, Atla ?i?; accelerated pro ceedings, are convtrtcd into live i>1 aQ unbar rlered democracy, ia a tb^ wbich baa rxerct^ri, tbreatera to exerci'.e for the Jut are a very delrterioas influence on the inailtutlona and tranquillity or the country. W ithout waking reftreoce to the recent dis oners whi :h ocjuirel In Cincinnati, inasmuch as we cat rot, and uetiro not to, decide who ners in fault there are other and more numerous raa'ter.< which evidence* the existence of the evil. The tumult, the icaodal, and the rlc icule which aoormpanied Ki:.<bii h'a visit hi 1 no ?r'?n than that of captivating the gou l will of tbore legions of demagogue votera p -rtectly or^an'.zed. . " "'.. f, p,r?onB ( P*rtly annoy-jJ by thi haughty and humiliating iniults cf the much courted guest) now repent and are ashamed of tho;e a;?asj there it nothmg strtnpe in the fa:* of their takinr m-a ?ures to guard agalnxt the ev. r existing motive of theie cemon^ He^irded in this light the mjvem-nt of tbe Know Nothings presents a coasTvative instinct. whlchoUilns our avmpathi^a, the more sons we cm si.ier it inadequate t.i the exigencxa of the a e rh> same idea couc-ived, aupporled and realize 1, tirenty I years ago, woali have prevented t'.iedewlupe mcnt ot' j evJs lor which the remedy is sought toj !at<? by.t,',c '"nllmate contact in which we find I onrit'lves, 1o study all the phases covtrio< the political I uu jecta nml r tnfes of our neighbors, it is cUar that we are not aniuut a by tbe avers on whl-hruiny o'her-^ leel towards the ntw !)arty. It still renains forua <o expose with equally cool impartial ty, t!ie remons whl ;h induce us not to pla-,1 e\crs?ive coafl.Hn'e either in the oi.ioct propostu to be attained, or in the final result of theef loits made for the purpose. Theatre* aim! Kvlilliltlonw. Acankmv of ih'hio ?In consequence ot the su'den ill nt'SH of .Mail Steflenone, the grand cow opyra, " 11 Trova mi not produced last ertDtng; b it on Wednesday evening it ?ill positively be preeeotel, whoo, no doubt, the hnif* will he crow led by the almirora of Verdi's splendid music. being the ??/(<?/ Wanton of ail h's cvm'iositions, an 1 being new. will bkely have i Ion- and success' ul r:a SteflVoo le, Vestvili, Bngno'i uu 1 4ni> dfo a |M>'ar in tlm l?adiug charactcrs. Nmi.o's (i *HT>ni? (tKRMAN Opkh a ?The beo ^ fit of Julius Uafertakee nlaee to night, fh?ii Milt. <1 LebsML Mml. Piei:?nbtr*. Me sere. Ver Ike, Schraubs tasdter Add fteh rin/er will appear. The G ee Club, uud?r tho direction of i!r Pclitdler, hive kindly volunteered their s -rrlcas. The 0[.ern tele: ted 1* ' Romoo and Julia," and tUe first and lecond a,.ts of " xJer Pre schuiz." Broadway Tiikatri ? Ibis evening Mr. Forraat fill nfiptai in hia iuinfUble character of Spir'acus, in the historical tragedy of ?' The <iladiatoi?' ? Cou v.iy as Paa arfua, Hanchrtt as Lucinus Craasus. Mid. Poais: as fvtcorn, and *"?s A. (leugenheiiu as Julia. The farce of " lbo Mind will" ? with Davidge, Wliltlog an 1 Mm* J. (iougheiibclm la the leadiug p irts ? concludes all BoWXBT Thkatm. ? The second representation of tbe n w moial drama of eni'har.tment, called " Tae Sevea Temptation*, or Virtue and Vice Contrast*!," will bs given to night Mr. Wa'dron ba< spared no ci pen *e to produce thin piece in great splendor, and his active Mag* msnager nan everything behind the cirtvn ? uugi eal iUtiaiops, g< rgenns acen?ry, &5. ? moving in flae order. There will be two more piejes? that '-Goad for Nothing," an 1 " The Dice of Death" besides. Bt'RioN'8 Thfatrr ? >hakspere's ' -Comedy of Krrora," with a fine cast, w.ll be placed to uighl? Burtm ax Promio of Syracuse. Hall aa lromio of Kphesus. Jordm as Antlpbolus of Pyracuie, and Fisher as Atitipholus of Epht sue. The next feature will be the "Wandering Mia atrel," Borton as Jim Begs. All will termtaate with tie piece called the "8pectre Bridegroom. " Wau-aci'b Tbratr*. ? The selections m *de for tli*i ? veniig by the active ?*?,.* maiagnr of tills favori>e ra sort rue the dramatis sketch of the "State Prlaaner," ncd Vonr^icault's OOmtdy cf 'London Acsuraoee," Mes-ra Blake, L^ater, Brougbsm, \ ineent. Miss K>sa Bennett, Mrs. Hoey and Mia S:evens in the principal p irts. I be b>U ought to draw a full ho.ise. A mjuucan MrsBUM.? The pi ?ce selected for this ufter noon Utbertramaol ''Aaibiosefiwynitt;" Mr Willi i will fin? a favorite bnll?d. In tin evening t&? romantia drtita of the "i-ady of tb? Lake'' will be pltyeil, as a'so the musical farce o.' ' Tne Mild of the Moun*. iia,'' C'lsrVean) Miss Mestayer as principals BrcKtrr'f SKRRXaDKM. ? The grand opera of I>onizet?,l, culled tbe "Miilr of love," wlfl be given to night, the cnipsny apt>esring in white faces, There will also be negio in ni trelsey. Wood's Mixptrki s continue to draw large hou?es. The pmgramire 'or to nigbt ccn^st* of a rising, <'an :ing, in niusic, snd ti;e "Wan.ierinir Minstrel. Pitrbam's Minstrfi.o. ? Great noveltlM are o!Terel at hell; a viriely of vo"?l au<l tn-itr imestnl in isle, "The A'l e.n' R<tucu front the Crimoa," negro dalincation and dsnr ng. Mr. J W, Banks, the a* age manager at Perham's, tikes Me beD?St on IburaOay evi-aing n?*t. The 'Tie#t.Dut Btieet Thestre, riilKdelphia. Is to b? de molished. and a block of (tores will b< erected upon its aite All the *eea>ry, machinery at d b tildlig materlalw will be soil at au' ticn to morrow mirn>ng. Tbe Chestndt ^tieet wss for many years the Oil Drury ofPhili lei pbia, bnt like the or ginal did Drury it has lately fallen into oisreput*. 7 hea rea do not improve by age. Cren i Weather? TU Bin InvttiigeMm-A Ubel Suit?Kew Lnw of Libel? m graph to iVakanl? 7he Loring Cate m {Ac Semite ? Stule thnprrance Con vention? Munlcr Trial*? Th' Law on Shaving? Bailrocui ? Loans, <tc. We bad a magnificent Are here yesterday, which vu worthy of the conflagrations of old timae, and ? ho wing that ' high art" ii not altogether ezUnct with ua, in spite of the inventions of science and the exertions of men. It was bean tifol to look at, but one's enjojment wan marred by the .reflection that immense misery Bast follow from the display. II our weather do not change soon, we shall have green peas about the middle of September. The grass ia getting to be tolerably green; but the trees on the Com mon give about as much shade as would be afforded by an equal number of vsnerable lamp-posts of the old school. The Bins investigation* are getting to be a trifle saut. y, and the testimony ef some of the witnesses is very like ?ome of that given in the greatest Stute trial of this age, that of Queen Caroline. The spectators are mach amuse 1 by tbe details, particularly the old gentlemen present. Among the patsengera by the America, which sailed hence for Liverpool on Wednesday, was Mr. Trowbridge, who is perhaps better known by hfs pen name, "Paul Creyton," who proposes to make an extensive Euro pean tour, and to correspond with several papers. lie is a clear writer, and, though yet young, has an estab lithed reputat-cn. 7he "Christ Church difficulties" are in a fair way to make fun for the million and money for lawyers. It seems that the Dmly Bee newspaper? 'he leading or; in of the Know Nothings? has said something about the Rev. Mr. Smithett. rector of that church, so offensive to members of his congregation, that tbey have brought an action for libel against the'proprietors of that journal, laying thtir damages at ten thousand dollars. Last year a Catholic clergyman sued the Bo, chimlftg that he had teen harmed by one of its articles to the amount of five thousand dollars, but the action never came up for trial; aid now it has to contend with a Protestant clergyman.' Il.eee libel suits, especially when clergymen figure in them, are very po:r things, unless it can be cleariy es tablished that the defendants acted from bad motirss. lbe B<< ? is a very respectable journal, and is, I think, quite incapable of wantonly assailing any man. A new law in relation to libels las been reported in our lieose of Representatives. It provides that in every prosecution, ami tn eveiy dvil action for writing or pub lishing a libel, tbe dtfendact may give in evidence in hi* defer ce upvn the trial, the truth of the mat'.er contain ed in the publication charged as libe.l ms, and such evi dence i ebail be deeaeo a sufficient justification. Mebant Hotel .? to be connected wi-.h iioston by tele graph next somm-r, so that tlis vfsi.ers there wi.l be able to have the news as soon as il reachei her*. It is coubted if the seaudo hotels will be so crowded this year as they were.ast, t.ue times bj'Dg hard, and econjm be no motey* ?' dUy' ?"l>eoililv witb "ao have K?v?rf"-"?nt of ltoxbury has approbated * oh6 ,or municipal expenses. Of tun sum, *31 200 wne ap;,ronia,ttd ier schools. Mr. (ii'iflic; who has inar'e h'mielf si ctn'picu ius in the war against Mr. His.., is said oy leiding Know No things, to be a disappointed office seeker. Wh?n the tew government c-ime in be expjcteJ? ,oine tav he asfceo If. r? Its -office of State Attorney for the Middlesex ?.? Jir' aP t*d,nK tv> K*1 Mr' Triin removed, and binieelt sppo nred, he turned " patriot." ?.s disappointed office aeei. era i uteu to te callei in England an hundred ye at a ago. I know not lijw mi:h truth the/e miy be in tii ft Btory. J The i Eenate concut red with the House ye iterday. re questing the bovernor to ltmive Mr. Lorin/ from <he office ot Jud|te of Pnbite lorSulfok county. Tne vote stood 21 yeas to 11 nays. Oce mem v r was absent, aid the l-rendent (Mr. Btncnley) did not vote, but will have his nsrne recorded with the mijoritv, which wiii then be twenty e.ght or rrore than two thiroi of th<> Senate. It was not expected tint more than tventy five vo'es would te obtained for the removal, and in* ay believed that not above twenty-two wjuii be got; but several Fenatois who care very little for the oour-e Mr. Lorirnt pursued in the Burns aliUr, were (?Tad to luva his office jlaced attbei'ispjsaiof th? governcieut. It is an ex cellent berth, sod some worthy brother will now be provided for 'or life, usl-ss he should contrive to run sgainht public op tion So doubt is entertained of the Governor and Council doing what is expected of them v . ,5 k?" m,'es *?>e votes 111 the Soi^ti and the House have been so very decisive, that it would be imprudent in them to neglect dcing whit is asked of tlnm: and I do tot think they wiU make rowy m iuths over their Z?l : , W1'?^var nwy '-e the state of opinion ahrotd on tbe subject, here the Judge's removal will be one of the most popular things ever done by a State admiwatra The proposition to make a new court in Boston en counteis cou?idvrab e oppotition. To have a ' Snoerior touii tere naa long been a lavor te ioea with a^a of onr people, but 1, as always be^n s.iccei7fully 00Do,ed atu.e-ffi,t^he tnul,n R,it ,hrou^th? preeent ?>egis , _ , at }bv P,au now propose L fho uew rum law promise' s to increase greatly the Ubors of our Boj. ton couits. The chance of havio? a i*-x now * i oflices ,o ,lv. away may helptbe Uw'ciurt OoveiLor Osrdner has consented to preside at the greet Mate lemperaujo CoaventioD, which is to be held here one w.ek from Tuesday next,' Hay 8th. Rev. to the pin, of jour eity, is to be present, and also the im ?ow* Thi ?' ,V^1' u1.1 ,'ortlaDn laurels upon his biow. rhe grc?t object is to do sotnethinr to mate the enforcement of tic new law easy. Tne wlieeTs o? th! aw are to be greased They do ly that Mayor 8mUb fating lessons of Mayor Wood as to tbe best way of enfercrng .'a"g that are not exactly self-entorcina in their ratur#. 8 The trial o' Pamuel Hllllard, charged with the murder of James Warren, at >atlck, is assigned for klenday, May i'l, at Kast Cambrlcge Chapman's trial lortte nrurccr of Keuben Cozzens, is a?,igncd for the rame time and plane. Our anti shaviug or-Sucday law has already b-en violates, and the courts arc to (~ide whethsr it is en r?tcable or not. Mr Poming, a birber of Brattle street, wsi bioogbt Vef. re ths Poii:o court on Wednesday charged with bavirg shaved several persons last Sunday in the fi.renoon. The de endant admitted the truth of Ue charge, but p e id that be was eegaged in "* work of necessity aid mercy," as the men be shived had ar rived in to* n latc on Saturday night, or early 03 Sunlay morD-ng Tb-y he >a'd, felt 't to b9 a work of peces iitj to get bbaVto, ar.'i he felt 5t to ba a work of charity to Ebave tbem Justice Kogers reserved his derision until tc rhotild tave consulted xhs other justices as to t ;e Kiunc ne?s of the defendant's p'?a? sh'vin^ a ni?n tn Suncsy, wbo lias just cotno to town ,:by the rat!,- is a work of mercy ;,ud charity. Mr. D'm'ng re c?)gn zed 10 .ipp/'gr on tbe leth ot May to learn his fate. Whatever may be the decifion, the Uw must soon be ccms a d*ad leiter. It will be iound impossible to en force it, or &D>tbing like it. It is not true that tbe Attorney <J?ncral h<w a foxiu^l opiovon that the n*w hquor la?r Ib conn' Ut oaal. ^ 1 h' in dia at? about it, accoruirg to respejtjibi# au Uiorltjr, \*as, that iberc in soihinf in the uw thU on Ilctfl with any past otcUioos of tue Suprenaa Oourt What the futute decisions of that Illustrious tribunal will be, m net be le t to itself and tins to Jeter wine. 1 stou d no'. In surprised, however, i', ho far** Boston is cctueiteU, tin- law wns found to be uttorly worthies*, quite as much ? <? an tbilt will rh was pmi?l )iy jolt I^(iin''?ture ii s tul to be There is one provision iu tl,e luw wiiiih, roarv think, will allow our ajttoriMss completely to nfglect" its en'orcement. We sh.ll see wfcetber this view of tie measure Is the coricet on? h<, me time in course cf the summer. ileAth ni?i.'m <>allery ot paintings an 1 g'.ulptnrehu been op"n lor some da?s Trier* e.-e> Hoe p ctures in the col'ection sime o' t lem retained from Ijityear, and others r?ceutiy added. A urge njmbe; o:' pi:tures by American artints are lo be aided to the Ual ery in ?luce, mid .-\ltn#?ther iheexM'ytlon prom >es to maintain the high character it ha*? had for nnny years. 'Tho K'.,ow N?>tb cks ?? tlie Senate were gu l*y litely of a very great t>! inritr in refusing to t>?ton tlie " secret billitlaw." Die JIojsc passed the bill reviving it, but it *a? loft iu the Senate by a vote ol 17 nays to Id yen As the wtigs aie tliow ng symptom* ot revival, the new party may feel the want of toe l?v at the verj next clectiou. Its rass?go would h?ve helped them with the deir oriels, who wo Id be gl?.d to see tbe law in for le with c view to the future. The I.egUtottre will prjbably rise in about six weeks, though it talkr of >? muib t-ooner As the piy of members is hfly per cert greater than 1' icas two years ago, a iorg seskion is now n > Jake. Es'.laat'ng tbe eo<t of eucli week at ten thousand dollars, tbe present ses sion' ? Ml will " toot it p* ' to the aim of about $290,0(0. The report m.ide by the investigating committee is thought to hive cleatly exonerated the nunnery com mutee from the chtTge of having ac'cd ia an improper manerut Roibury, beyond tlie fact tbat they "being Ma ne law men, and resolute toforhi.l the use of rum to th? "common people," ci>i nevertheless drink 1 a small quantity of r.t&mpagna" at tbe expense of tbe State. H'ie the who.e matter would b? at an end wore?it not for the Patterson episode, which ia likely to prove miro at tractive than the original alhir. I mua'. siy that papers out of tbe State have made quite ai. much of thetra^so tion as it would bear. Here it is well uaderstwd to be a mer'p*' litifal dodge, got up bf tie fig end of a broken flown factior, wbijh wotfld have allowed tbe Know No things to grill anti cat a'l the nuns in Christendom with Impunity, if tliey ha J in the first place consents to do the dirty jobs of wbiegery. ? lhe boston and >ew York Central R.vilrovl Cimpauy have applied to the Legislature for tbe loan of tbe lute's credit to 'be amount ol one mlMoo of dollars. The a .p porters of tbe measure make out a very pVinible story in support of the loan being granted. Tbe Western IUil road Company wish for the ?arr>e sort ot aid, 4o tbe amount of a million and a h ilf, to assist, in laying a seconl track. Shonld these petition* be complied with, and that of the Vermont and Massachusetts Ci> npanv. tie air. onnt loaned would he three mill, ins and a lialf at one stsMon of tbe legislature. Rather a ti^at stra a evm for the credit of Massachusetts; but we ooull sts&d it. Pome peffons who weot hence to Kansis, mon<hs sgo, ha*e retnrned. and tell d<deful stories a'>out the rollers Me character of that country, wberj, they siy, there ir neither wood nor water, where the soil is 1 a regular hrick" in the way of hardues?, wuere th-? "tin burr s 'up < VerjtUlB* that Is burnab'e, where v?ge:a'ion Is nckn< wn, ar.J where even the cattle have to depend uiion importitl?o for the meaus of keeping them alive If tb?ee etories be true, it would seem that t"?S Territory Is rot worth the fuss people ate making about it. .Still, lo* s of men are so'.ng there A deta:hme r. left here this week for the 'omioion of Governor R-ed'r. v>JL4i Divobom ? "ViEMOKf.- The i Mon^ftBar [flDMO vjf UW huptful Court tf that pll"<e, B o4lSm. ?ton ? JMMitli AlVn V?. Euaiee Alton, Klias 8. Plum vs. Mary 8. Plata, 11 try E. Chamber! vs. Oalvin Chambers. l*mael B. Carr vs Lacy Carr, Rosalie Pro ?oa vs. Paul Provoa, Irene A. Jack cod vs. A rail Jackson, Mary H Ward vs. Albert H. Ward. Hiram Cartetan vs. Melissa D. Car'.s t<>n, Jonathan Powers vs. Catherine JJ. Powera, Eliia Ann Chu'iblll Tl. A*aph Ch ure hi 11 Electa Coleman VS. Iraa tu? Coleman. Jane M. Clark vs. Wsa. B. Clark. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL* MO If BY lilKI I. Moxdiy. April 3D? 6 P.M. There was more activity in the itosk market at the first board to day. Reading Railroad wat In demand at an advance. Nearly six thousand shares were sold. Tae weekly report* of business on this road are wholly un precedented, and give great encouragement to stock holder!. The amount of coal transported is largely la advance of all estissaVes, and when it is considered that freights are about twenty per cent in advance of tho*e of last year, the comparative productiveness of the road can bo easily imagined. The coal tonnage for April this year will not vary much from 215,000 tone against 170,000 tons frr the same month last year. The local and oth?r huiiness of the company this year has largely increased. Erie Railroad advanced one-half per cent on the opening price and closed Arm at 50 per cent. It is reported that the gross earnings of this road for April will be Urge, but wo have no data for an estimate. Tae receipts of the Central will, we understand, also figure up large. The bulk o' transactions in itooks to-day was in Reading and Erie. Railroad bonds and State stocks were quiet, and the entire list of fancies were much neglects'). At tho first board New York Central bonds declined ,'4' par oent; Cumberland coal, % ; Harlem, % ; Norwich 'and Worces ter, 1*4 ; Cleveland and Toledo Railroad, ; Erie Rail road advano?d y% per cent. ; Reading Railroad, Tae tendency of all others was dowmward. After the adjournment of the board the following sales of bonds and stocks were made at auction by A. H. Ni colay :? $9,000 New Orleans City 6's, 1874 Flat 83 1,000 N. Y. and Krie KR. Convertibles, 1871.. " 83Jf 6,000 N.y. Central RR fl's (subscription) 1883. " 87;'^ 7,000 L. Erie, Wabasli and St. fxjuis RR 1st m. " 76 '? 6,000 Clve'd, Pn'sville A Ashtabula R-R. do. int ad. b5 2,000 lji Cross and Milwaukee RR. f s. farm m..Flat 80V ?4,000 Chicago and Mississippi RR. 2d mort.... " 65 y. 50 t bares Third Avenue RR 28'i 40 " Pacific Bank 107'^ 10 " Shoe and Leather Bank 08 25 " Peter Cooper Fire Ins. Co 80 'a 30 " I.orilltt rd Fire Ins. Co Iu5 '4 Sicneon Draper's regular semi-weekly sale of bonds and stocks will-take place to morrow, Tuesday, at half past 12 o'clock. Ihe transactions at the Assistant Treasurer's office to day, were as follows: ? Paid on Treasury account 935,339 06 Received do. 101,493 43 Balance do. 2,252,228 34 Paid for Assay Oilice 61,832 52 Paid on disbursing checks 170,172 89 The following is the statement of business at the United States Away Office, at New York, for ths month eliding April 39, 1855: ? Deposits of Gold:? Foreign coins $7,000 06 Foreign bull on 28,000 00 lluited StaUs bullion, including $32,000 of California Br. mint bars 1,030.000 00 $1,071,000 00 Deposits oi Siluer: Foreign coins $3,200 00 Foreign bnliion 3,350 00 Tailed States bullion, (contain ed in gold) 7,820 00- 14,370 00 ? ? 1,085,370 00 Total $1,087,370 00 Total deposits payable in bars. .$997,0 K) 04 " " '? in coins.. 88,370 00 $1,086,37# 00 Cold bars stamped 846,393 79 Transmitted to the United States Mint, 1'lii laddpli a, for coinage.., 5,450 69 The annexed statement exhibits the transactions of the Assistant Treasurer's office during the month of April, 1855 : ? Assistant's Trarsuhirs' Okfick? Rxchits and Disbi rsb MENTS?. Apiil 1, 1815? balance $3,707,803 41 Jiectipit. Or account of customs,... $2,023,131 03 " patent fees. 6,039 07 " Pest Office.. 497,143 83 ?' transfer 380,000 00 " m.scellan s.. 0,170 07? -2,912,484 00 Total $6,020,287 41 Pnynunti. Treasury dra'te $4,005,641 74 Post Office do 362,422 33?4,368,004 07 Jpril 30, 1855? balance $2,202,223 31 By balance credit interet-l accounts 41,133 93 To payments.... 4,815 50 Balance $36,368 43 Bybal tr. disbursing asc'ts $1,166 593 58 Receipts. 1,713,492 95?2 870, ?S'* 53 To paj meats $1,530,100 68 Balance $1,339,685 85 By receipts tor customs in April, 1855..., $2,023,131 03 Do. do., 1854.... 3,180,629 cl Excess, 1854 $1,167,498 48 By balance credit bullion and expense ac count for ai say < flit e $1,1 74, 7S0 68 By coin received during the month $1,047 26 By fine bars received during the month 846,303 79? 847,441 05 Trial $5,022,171 73 To payments in coin $87,028 33 To payments in fine bars.. 848,083 39? 935,111 72 Balance $4,087,00) 01 By coin in hand in Assis'nt Treasurer's office $3,636,070 30 By coin in,hand in Away Office 3,302,922 44-8,933,992 76 By fire bars in a?ray office. $784,137 55 By uk parted bullion 665,232 67?1,449,370 22 Total - $8,388,362 93 The redemption of the public debt at the Treasury Do. pnrtment, Washington, for _the week eadinj on Satur day, was as follows :? I/tan of 1847, $29,450; Ijan of 1848, $63,000? total, $82,450. The warrants entered at the Treasury Department, Washington, on the 27th inst., were:? For the redemption of stock $'>,897 79 Fer paying Treasury debts .*...71,351 29 For tie Customs 12,795 20 Covering into Treasury from misc. sources 4,097 27 Fir covering into the Treaiury from Customs.. 382 13 For the Wa r Department 29,278 47 For the Navy i'npartment 59,071 32 For repaying in ti?e Navy Department 3,620 28 Itrtbo Interior Department 62,032 07 * jr repaying for the Interior Department 7,939 29 The Droadway pays five per cent dividend. The Chemical six per cen% ami (lie Arnsr can Exchange Q per cent. ? The receiver of the Empire City Bjink, Mr. J?s. Law rence, president o' the United States Trust Company, his given the following statement of the assets of the Empire City Bank which came into his possession, an.l alpo the indebtedness. Tbe men are equal to atant forty ctnt? on the dollar. F.mpirk Cmr Bask ? Asskth and Luthuttkh Proeteds of a k?g of copper* $?-l 55 Fi.rptue 'und Irom bank department 4,275 00 Billc re:ei-able put due $322, 7-1 54 kstimatrd to be worth 39,627 00 Ttocd and mortgage 40,000 00 I<o. i? $25,000 00 To pay 115 000 snrp'us, v*)u?d 5,000 00 Furniture. be , aold Tor 7S>'< 14 Ovtrdralts (part of them disputed). $12,457 15 Ealimated to be worth 50 00 Total $S8,793 09 /n<ltbtdi>'it Due <!epositor? 9124, 8S0 41 Unpaid dividends 2,074 9 J Uxt* 8,595 7tl Other cla m 80,722 09 Total $211, S 15 18 Amount of caah colleoted 913,920 61 Co. do. paid for expense* 406 84 Do. do. on bam* 913,4 0 77 In addition to the above, there are note* and other ae tata ?n.oontkg to 9108, 3?0 50, (part of which not owrtd by tbe btnk,) deposited with individuals ax se f.oiity for $60,000 borrowed by the bank The*e p&rties have not yet eollecled rufliclent from the collateral to repny their advance*, and It I* believed only a small nam will be realized by the receiver from either. The bond ? nd mortgage for $10, ('00 waa placed in tbe hand* of a trustee prior to the appointment of receiver, to secure tbe psjn.ent of two deposits of tuoat the name anonn'. included in tbe presiding statement. It it h >p?d that the greater part of the mortgage will be realised by the trustee, ana applied to the payment of aa(d deposits. In tevtral instances money has been borrowed by the bank from individuals, on the hypothecation of sto-.k and previously pledged by dealer* aa eellateral se curity 'or discounted paper, sometimes by direction of the bank officers and sometimes without auch authority, so far ?? ran b<< ascertained by examination of the books M>ncy has alio been raised by the bank on notes bor rowed from individuals for that purpose. The amo int of Ntich collaterals so disposed of, and now claimed by deal ers, together with borrowed notes, exceeds 920,000: and it is supposed a much iafger amount will appear, ft is nteedlrgiy d flenh to estimate how much may eventu al y be co ieeted from tbe a?aeta ef tbe bank, but thsrs la great reason to suppose it will only pay a small per rentage rn tbe Indebtedness. 1 h- annexed statement exhibits the average dally eoa 9( tylfl city, during the WMk preceding Saturday morning, April 88, 1866:? _ Nkw You Cm Baku, -t . _ Lnmi. Specif. Oitr'n. DrpMitt. New \orlr Wi?Jm etin,?>2 ?263,137$2,799,814 Manhattan Co.. 4, 413, 148 886,003 a00.363 3 088.240 Merchant*' 3,674,000 1,363,363 212,884 4,386,46# Mechanic*' 3,f65,9t?) 70K 178 347 035 8,171,883 Union 2,776,784 481, 739 182,113 2,860,173 inenu 4,678,687 1,634,113 127,817 4,953,487 Phenix 2,343,008 337, 8S2 104,984 2,087,187 City 1,751,360 208,141 71,680 1,315,431 North River... l,0tl,061 71,198 179,531 817,719 Tradesmen's.... 1,360, 647 141,868 226.311 769,229 Fulton 1, 682,096 282,145 124,616 1,301,807 ("hemic*! 1,439,874 300,947 268,398 1,887,278 Merchant*' Ex. .2,666.032 253.528 161,955 1,987,(04 National 1,522,438 123,874 176,664 837,469 Butcher'n&Dr's. 1,. '102,164 243,382 58,468 958 908 Mechanics' It Tr. 717,034 66,062 118,773 631,291 Greenwich 642,896 32 217 187,684 372,094 Leather 1,764,035 179,743 220,808 1,291,994 Seventh Ward.. 1,154, 286 185,412 178,250 715,157 State 3,556,608 687,336 611,708 2,607,912 American Ex... 6,231, 528 630,984 279,351 6,230,275 Mech. B'kg Ana. 1,086, 735 123,589 183,578 817,722 Commerce 7,808,935 916,900 2,165 4,894,969 Bowery 9S4,27? 76,843 175,431 741,716 Broadway 1,378 260 199,459 213 932 1,247,883 Ocean 1,250,687 120,037 89,863 862,115 Mercantile 2,292 844 290,349 87,938 1,707,199 Paciflo 838,431 71,392 118,078 549,203 Republic 2 932,315 870,781 88,473 3,302,851 Chatham 579,108 76 824 100,874 334,162 Peoples' 809,856 67,357* 118,426 614,301 North America. 1.578, 376 161,912 79,311 1,350,830 lilt d over 1,271,614 110,654 91,927 710,888 Irving 519,808 52 491 101.718 422,218 Metropolitan.... 4, J61 627 704,643 100,984 4,993,740 Citizens' 678,047 93,294 149,323 527,876 Grocers' 614,389 80,292 89,274 512 643 Nsfsau 966,698 137.370 121,235 883,215 East River 522,605 60;786 93.340 255,444 Market 1,174,2*8 130,666 113,123 1,007,373 St. Niehela*.... 696,782 67,735 83,801 400,962 Shoe & Leather. 804,748 6", 807 92,250 493,708 Corn Exchange. 1,638, 713 131.871 101,708 1,389,991 Coztintnt&l 2,666,143 339,339 80,237 1,848,687 Comn on wealth. 1,147,245 84,987 89,678 928,244 Oriental 412,160 38,368 94,286 318.364 Marine 710.182 70,664 98.798 523,203 Atlantic 400jllO 64,477 96,658 263,212 Island City 34s 37iJ 31.919 94,481 150,094 N. y Dry Pock. 404 881 24,072 80,324 142,494 N. Y. Exchange 221 804 10,261 102,080 167,850 Bull's Head U6,3t8 19,684 89,842 120,406 Totuls $92,606,961 14,282,424 7,810,985 76,219,951 Clbaring Ilor sb Transactions. Exchanges for week ending April 23 $106,315,840 07 Do. do. do. do. 30 101,246,431 21 Balances do. de. do. 23 5,808,818 84 Do. do. do. do. 30. ... 6,413,781 79 The above aggregates, compared with those for previ ous weeks, present the annexed statement:? Hakes or Nkw Yoks. I*an?. Specie. OireuVn. Deposits. Dee. 30. '64 .881,663,637 12,076,147 7,075,830 62,828,028 Jan. 6, '55.. 82,244,706 13,596,983 7,049,982 64,982,163 Jan 13, '65.. 83,976,081 15,488,626 6,686,461 67.303,398 Jan. 20, '55.. 86,447.998 16,372,127 6,681,355 69,647,618 Jan. 27, '55.. 86,654,657 16,697,260 0,639,823 70,130,618 Feb. 3, '65.. 88,146,697 17,439,196 7,(00,768 72 923,317 Feb. 10, '65.. 89,862,177 17,124,394 6,969,111 73,794,342 Feb. 17. '66.. 9C,85C,031 17,339,086 6 941,000 76,193,630 Feb. 24. '55.. 91/90, r>04 10 370,875 6,903,602 74,644,721 Mar. 3, '65.. 92 386.126 16,;>;U,271 7,106,710 75,968,344 Mar. 10, '55.. 92,331,789 16,870.669 7,131.998 76,259,489 Mar. 17, '65.. 92,447,346 16.933,932 7,061,018 76,624,227 Mar. 24, '5*.. 93.050,773 16.002,729 7,452,231 7d, 289, 923 War ?1.'65.. 93.('kl4.0ll 16.018.105 7,337.633 76,600,188 April 7, '65.. 04,499,394 14,9>.8,004 7,771,534 77,313,908 A\>\ 14 '55. . 94,140,399 14,890,079 7,623,628 77,282,242 Apl. 21, '56.. 93, f 32, 803 14,366,041 7,510,124 70.744,921 Apl 28, '65.. 92,506,961 14,282,424 7,610,985 75,219,961 The last returns compared with those for the pre via as week show a Decrease in discounts of $1,126,942 Decrease in specie of 72,617 Decrease in deposits of 1,521,970 Increase in c:rculation of 100,861 The aggregate movement has been considerably re duced, and the contraction comes at a very opportune moment. Compared with the corresponding period last year, there is still a wide margin for furthar reduction la the line of discounts. The banks will be compelled to con tract if they do not wish their specie department farther depleted. They have commenced in time, au<1 we trait it will gradually bat steadily continue. The eari ings of the Oalena and Chicago Union Rail road Company for the month of March were as Follows:? 1854. 1855. Freight $39,218 94 $68,338 31 Passengers 34,7'<3 22 55,815 74 Mails, &c 1,083 33 1,681 70 $76,065 49 $125,735 83 Increase in 1865 $50,670 34 The annexed statement exhibits the quantify of co*l transported over the Cumberland and Psnusylvatia Bailioad during the week ending on Saturday, April 21 also the amount aent by each company for the year te ginning January 1, 1856: ? To Raitrmd. Frostburg Cj 611 Borden M. Co 1,127 Allegany M Co.... 573 Carbon H. C. Co... 232 Total ....2,543 2,292 4,835 30,290 Statement of coal transported over Cumberland Coal and lion Company's Railroad during the week end.n; on Saturday, the 21st of April; also the amount sent by each company for the year beginning the 1st of January, 1865:? To Railrocul. ?Cnmil Week. Year. Cumberland Co.. 1,124. 12 3,074 18 4,799 10 27,599.12 Percy k Co 60.17 ? 50.17 1,875 07 Everett & Co.... 26.13 ? 25 13 420.06 Total 1,201.02 3,674.18 4,876.00 29,895.05 Statement of coal t rani ported orar tha BaUicnor* and Oblo Railroad from the Western port region daring the week ending on Saturday, the 21st of April ; also the amount tent by each company for the year beginuing the 1st of January, 1855:? From Georpe't Crrtk. Wfk. Tear. George's Creek Uo 607 09 9,100 03 Swan ton Co 1.6M.18 21,01.3 01 Ameiican Coal Co 1,458.12 15,78111 Total 8,729.15 47,945.15 By the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad from Piedinont. Hampshire C. and I. Co.... 1 275 00 11,248 07 By the Baltimore and Ohio Ruilroad from Blwiinnglon. New Creek Co 132 01 132.01 Bloomington Uo ? 171.10 Total 303.17 Total from the Westernport region, 5,136.16 tons for the week. lotal tons for the year. 59,307.19. It will be seen by these statements that the Fro?tburg region, np to the 21st of April, was only 877 tons ahead of the Westernport region. The Westernport section of the Cumberland coal region, will not be far behind the Frost burg section in the production ef coal, at the close of the season, th's year. List year its pcoluct wa? only about one third as much as the other. The ascend table exhibiting the shipments of coil from Richmond, the depot of the Reading Rai rovl Com (aoy, from the 1st of December last, will be interea'.iog to those engaged in the coal trade and to consumer* ge tie? ally EHiPMiorrs ok Anthracite Coat. from Ripiimojid I' From Dtcnnbrr lut, 18S4, to "ilk April , inclutiw. New York, Broekijn, andVius^uig. 102,663 Stamford, Coon. Marcus Hook. Pa Bo- ton, M?t.s 36,848 Sag Han'or, L. I.- .. 181 Mo bile, Ala 615 New tfeoford, Mans. 3, 204 Chester, Pa 1,120 FraaKford, 1'* 2,034 Bail n.ore. Md 8,289 Boyirly. N. J 382 Savannah, Ga 1 , ">96 Camfien. N J.. ....3,004 Hainspoit N J..,, 112 Nenaik, N J 5*7 Newiort, H. 1 1,889 I.j on. Mass 1 292 Miiton, Mass 431 Port lard, Me 1 636 Petersburg. Va 1,076 CsnoansTilie, N . Y. 1 H;t ( harieston, 8. C..., 7,320 Hrkgepirt, Conn... 1,230 Statin Island, N. Y. 5o8 Soutbport, Coon ... 3Afl aV xsndria, Va t<21 Flufbier, L. 1 637 Tort Chef ter, N Y.. 290 X gtooj Point. N. J.. 742 8tenTrgton,'Conn. .. 150 Hariloid, Conn 1.806 Cambrldgeport, Mass. 561 Cuba.... 178 CifdcnaH, Cuba 431 Flsmouth, Mais... . 198 flubotfn.N.J 1,094 Itto Janeiro, Brazil .. 200 Mott Havtn. Conn ... 1 98 >l?g fclng, N. Y 608 Haveistraw, N. J... . 34f> Tarry lown, N. Y... 703 Pmb Anit oy, N. J.. 272 Norfolk. Ve 1,811 WtlUamsbing, Va... 100 New Londop, Conn. 718 Montevideo, 8. A... 77 Warren. R 1 206 rteterly, N J 40 New l'onset, Mass.. 370 Kondout,N.J 874 Hudson, N. T 192)4 Newbein 175 Borren'own, N. J... 352 Wood's landing, N.J. 280 t bessptske City, Md 76'^ Mop's Bridge 110 Fall Hner, Mnss.,,.3,967 Tottenwlle, H. J.... 85 West Farms, L. L.. 615 Port Richmond, 8. 1. 482 Bevsrly, lies 200 vtaspuh. N. Y....\ 151 Marble Head, Mass . 210 Cooper's Oeek, N J. 4 Pb i iaJt lphiaCi 'y , Pa 9,8 431 222 484 801 Jersey Civy, N "J . . . 2,401 ProTidence, R I....6.8">3 Troy, N. Y 357 Dela vare f'ity , Del.. 180 Jacksonville, rla.. . 421 Fdenlon, N. C .'.0',' Wilmington, Del. ..3,567 Rockland, Me 2S2 Briigeton, N. J.... 630 Wil niegton, N. C.. 356 Richmond, Va 3,624 New Haven, Conn.. 3,305 Moorstown. N. J.... 100 Rincoca*. N. J Hl f Albany, N. Y 303 VoolBury, N. J.... 80 Palem, Mans .'3,998 Hol-nesburg, Pa ... 321 BridtsHirg, I'a 1,39J Norwich, Cunn 2, lid Pougbketp-de. N. Y. 728 Salem, N. J 684 l?mb?rton, N. J.... 95 'NVashiogtoo, D. C..3,108 Princeton, N. J.... 112 Yonkere, N. Y 1,223 Dig li ton, R. 1 270 Roxtrary, Mass 210 Coelsea, Mass 181 Bristol, R 1 213 Warebam, Mass.... 151 Cohsssat, Mass 115 Fair Haven, Conn. . . 188 Nyack, N Y 107 Nantucket, Mass... 325 Green Po nt, N. Y.. 160 Newburyport, Mass. 150 StapMon, 3 1 823 College Point, 8. I.. 124 West Point, N. Y. . . 160 Weymouth, Mais. . . 198 San Francisco. Cal.. 985 PeekskiU. N. Y 168 Key West, Fla 717 San Juan 2>">0 Havana 2,973 Portsmouth, Me.... 337 New Brunswick, N J. 1,301 Danvers, Mass 607 Newport, Del 215 8mj rna, Del 117 New Orleans 903 Milton. Mane 201 Mlddletewn. Conn.. 209 Deroheater P't, Mass. 2M Newbnrg 229 Bath, Me 196 College Point, L. I.. 124 It'll {Willi iisi'ii'suiMi 5=5W-": Redout, n.j..:;; jtrMjctt, ;;;?,; W ilmiogton Dai ill 8*apUiton 8 I <*-?' p?. . ???? J2J w*?tch?.u; m"v v Pbilade/phia city ; ; 584 f1"" Birtm. Conn '"' Roiburjr, Ma*s..... *r?kr?rt, Pa^/*' N*w?rk, N. j " i?; ?w 8 P'wioont, n. y.::; 17| 5?ut*^d... Stamford, Cona ins ?*n?ton, lUw *Utbn"'. N. Y...W 22^ a^S"buy> . 8to?r Point, N. Y. . 212 <W Pwk.kiu v!y... w???"h' *2^;;;; St. Island N. T. . . . 22# * i?, "* ***??. N. T Franctaco, fti 215 ?Z?"* PorUmonth, V. H 40I ??.*"*' " N?w Brun?wick,N. J 4?a j?fymonth, N.J,. Saco, M.|n. ' ? J ?f 8*lr?a?, Maas Htrau,, ???????? 166 HuajCrMi N*j"" Mai's'.' *?????, J*? ?Urlr#*to"> i c. . II ' ' Ssfc.w;J- - ?1 Wwhlagton V.'o". ' 337* N. J. " " !&?!&, ?."??? ??? K'^STi Hartford, Conn " " t?',! J"?* Brighton v'j'" ' *****?"? 75 Total tAn? N*W *nk?%ZkuJt?lin'fifpril 21? 1866. ?nd WUiiamabnrg'r Ne^Port H. I S&svj? -jS pssrsti!-"" ? teterv^'-' Chester, p* ' " *2? Norfolk, Va.. juwjp?u jjj ftSfSsa. Millford, Del. New Cutlt, Del. Boxbury, Mass 182 Newark 495 Stony Point 92 Fact 5ry villi, N. Y,... States Island 296 New Bedford, Mass... Portsmouth, N. H... .1,218 Florida Bellrilte, N. J Bordentown, N. J New Brunswick, N j. 631 Saco, Maine 162 _ _ Salem, Mas* 1,046 West Point. N. Y~. . . . . Newburg, NY 161 Salem, N. J Albany. N. Y 105 Port Cheater, N Y... Nantucket, Mass 171 New Roehelle, N. Y.. Hartford, Conn ?88 Caldwell's landing... Middletown, Conn.... lto South Port, Conn Baltimore, Mi 244 >ew Bedford, Mass... Camden, M.J 644 Norwalk. Cona Jersey lity 147 Warren, R. I Stapietoo, 8. 1 lis Sing Sing, N. Y New Haven Conn.... 995 Cheliei, Ma<a Franiford, Pa 438 iAosiogburg, N. Y.t . Fail River, B 1 165 MUlford, Del Paw tucket, R. I 391 C*rdena* Bridvsburg, Pa 226 Gloucester, Mass Bridgeport, Conn "98 Ipiirich, Mass PortLind, Maine *62 Charleston 8. 0 210 34J New London, Conn . . . 240 Total to April 21 . , 319] The act paused by the late legislature ?f Illinois, : tive to insurance agencies in that State, and which 1 into operation on the 17th iuat., provides that it a] not be lawful for any Insurance company net inc rated by the State ot Illinois, directly er indirectly take risks of insurant* in that State without flrat curing a certificate of authority from the Andito| State, which certificate cannot be granted until a 1 ment under oath shall have been given to the Andtl setting forth that the capital stock of the company il least one hundred thousand dollars, invested in stock! at par va'ue, or in bonds or mortgages en real j tate, worth double the amount for which the mortgaged, accompanied by a written instrument 1 the seal of the company, signed by the president secretary, authorising their agent in that State to knowledge service of procets for and in behilf of sJ company, consenting that service of proce <s upon s^ agent shall be taken and held to bo as valid aa if ler npon the company, according to the la ws of the Stat any other Stato, and waiving all claims of error by ton of such rervlae. ' The operation of the law will i of course, have any ex post facto effect, and will vitiate any insurances taken out before either the cage of the la* or the time or its going into operation bb 108( 0 Ind St 6 1000 Oo b'd 8?>< KOOOVaO's VOX 10CC0 MiJBourl 6's.. ltO 1000 NYCnR bs.o 0 'li 100 5000 Erie bds '7ft b3 8T^ 6000 N la 1st m <9 L 20000 111 Cen RR bds. 10000 do bfto 6C00 Iil Cn R Fr b^s 71? 20( 0 Ch h R I R bds Uti 10(0 Cle fi i'ol In bs .2 SOO Cle Hi To' Cv bs 74Jf ?0 sbs Bk or Am.. . 1 < 5 >.j 10 Bk of Com mere*. 107 S' 300. 10 US Trust Co.... 1C4# 100 300 Canton Co..,.?3 1100 ro do seo 2? 100 100 do slO 26 ft H 0 Nic Tran Co. .sfiO 16 100 to slO 18 25 do 16 400 Cum Cral C?. .*> 28 200 00 s30 28 60 N Y Cerv BR..,, b; ? 206 Erie RR 49>J Stock Exchange. Monday, Ajril 30, 1865 s3 83^ 100 shs Erie RR...s30 4| 100 do s3 210 do s3 do hlO do bOO 700 do s3 2(0 Harlem RR ? 76 100 do b30 If * 26 Nor k Wer RR.. 31 1200 Reading HR..s3 811 1400 do b30 8fl 600 do s3 84 1.00 do 100 do s30 do s30 100 100 200 100 do s30 4C)i do si 5 49 do blO 49*i do. si 49^ do slO 49^ do.... bnw do s3 do b3 ?io....bnw do b70 do 600 87| do b90 'J 5 Hudson R RR. s3 100 do a00 10 Mich Cen RR.... 6 Mi ;h South RR.. 223 do 60 Panama RR. . bOO 5 Ciev C & Cin RR. 10 10 Clev & Tel RR .c 7 B H Chic & Roe kIRR 87 BMONl) BOARD. $40* 0 Ch & R I R bds 06 100 shsHudRR..b60 2000 Hd R 3<1 rog bds 77 2( 0 sbs Ne Tn Co s^O 16 100 Cum Coal Co . a60 2S do blO 28 }i 100 1C0 Reading BR 86 2f0 do 86W 2(0 do s30 86 60 Hudson RR. ., *3 40 (0 do 60 40)i 60 do b3 40 fi 10 Mich CenRR.... 26 N Y Cen RR.bOO 100 Erie RR blO 60 do 100 do slO 100 do *60 50 d? 100 do bOO 60l 60 Harlem RR e 30 1 CITY TRVDE REPORT. Monday, April 30?6 P. M. Brka dmxfkj. ? Fiour ? The market for comason ai good brands of State was about 12 ){e. per bbl. lowe The sates embraced 0,000 a 7,000 bMs., included in whli were comr.on to good and choice State, at $9 62>tf a J 87 )i\ and alio 500 bbln., deliverable in June, at $8 7 Western <'o. common to good, at $10 12 a $10 50; Can dian (2,000 bMi? ), at $10 25 a $11; Soutbern (800 a ft bbl#.) at $10 37 a $11 for common to good, md $11 : a $12 76 for fancy and extra. Kye fliur unchange Yc&l? Fmall ttltn Ke? Juiey were made at $3 12. Sto< light. Wheat ? I ,'iCO buaheU Southern white a eld at I t)\ which waa >ower. Corn ? Sale* about 28, COO a 30, 0i both* Is, at $1 11 a (1 12 lor white, and $1 13 a $1 14 f bouthern j eliow 'Re latt?r clotei at $1 13>i, whi< wai lower; i. ml 10,0(0 bu?helt Wesieru mixed weresol to arrive in June si d July, at Woe. Rye was held at I tO. Oata were dull, and is lined to droap. Conns ? galea v#0 bags St Domingo were ?old at 9>^ a f,3,;c ; 2G(J <Io Rio, at 10)?e a 11c ; 200 do. Maracalb at 1 1 ,'4e. a ll^e ; aid 100 do. Laguayra, at lie. T1 stcck amounted to about 10,000 bags Rio, 4,000 ma Java 2,600 M?rac*ibo av. b.iOO Laguayra Cotton ? He esies readied a^ont 5,000 biles, inslu iig feme pared* io transitu at about S,c. advance. Krkkiut ? To l.iv( rpriol .-ib.iut 3,000 barrels rosin wei engaged at 1?. Ed. : feOO a 10< balen cotton at 3-lOfor con piesRed. anl 7-32 for uncompressed. 500 boxes chee h.t 1* a , and 250 t"t>s ! a*..r,a logwood at 12a Od. ' Hienan, i4 tierces hi r.ev wera taken at 2>a'o., and ' ton* fustic at 2 s. To Hamburg, 150 boxes te* at 20? and <0 bales cotton a I },e a ffa. There waa no chanj to notice in ra'e* for Hav-e or California. Fri it, ? yto boxes wet dried rattins were sold i $2 25. Hay ? ."-in nil sales, at 112>ie per 100 lbs. Hope ? Vfere dull, at 16e. a itc. Naval Stohkk ?tOO barrel* common roiin were to at$17'per 310 lbs., ^el^ered, and 1,000 barrel* W : mtngtcn rrpiD were sold at tS 25. I.imk ? 1 . 500 rairels *nf told at $1 for common, I cliulina 100 lump, at $1 *20e. rRovu-ioxH.? I'orli ? Ibe nurket waa firm, bat Irregi Jar Ihe sab- a embrace. 7!.0 a 800 barrels, at $14 50 I old m>is, and at $11 ?(> a $17 50 for tew do., and $14 J a >)4 5o for new prim- : and 500 bar/eia old mesa sol deliverable in Mat at $10 25. Beef, ateady; the aal embraced about 800 barrel*, at old pricea. Beef hail ranged irom $1$ a til 50 barrela State prime sold i tlS 10. Ebouldera an.) iaas w t re scarce; sales of II beds were nude, at 7 J(e. for the former, and 0^o. 9,'jC. for the latter I Jtrd was t ome lea* active; 850 a 3< nuels w?re told, at 10,'^e. a 10;,c. Hmi i state ? Houst a ?nd iota 107, 100. Ill Lnnrei street, eaeb 21 x 05, $13, f>00; houses and lots 100, 10 104 Tlompson street, each 25 x 05, $12,000; house ai lot 1(5 Sullivan street, 25 x 109, $6,300; house and 1 t2 Piinc* atieet, 93 x 100. $4,500; ho ate and lot li rinoe st re* t, 'it x '01, $1,300 ; house and lot II Prince arnet, 23 x 101, $4,100; house anl lot 163 m 85 street, each 24x 99, $12,150. house ai lot 47 West Twenty-fourth street, 24 x B8, $13,50 lours anl lot 63 tanren* street, 20 x 87, $5,050. Kirv ? Inactive; 100 a 150 casks sold, at 0)fo. a for good to pr'me. Si cabs - The market was tome less active; 000 a ? bdds weie scld, chiefly Cuba muscovado, and mostly i '4c. a 5Vc. Skkp.? Clover waa (full, at 9J?e. a 10),'e. Whiskky.? Market ratber dull; 210 barrels State sol at 37c. Foreign Markets. GEOR<im>w*, licit araiu, April 9, 1865. In flour and bread we have 'o notice a de- ine. in co sequence of considerable supplies having arrived. Po continues unalteted in value on account of the sto< b?iog h?avy. The arrivals of fish from NovaSootla ha been large, sav 600 quintals for last week, at $8 75 f casks, aid $4 50 for boxes. Newfoundland I* wltho alteration. Tie consumption Vas declined owing to t low price of penk. Mackerel from the United States, medium qualify, sell at $4 50. Bioe is 'n demsnd tn co sequence, notwithstanding the irrival of 7.600 bagsfN Calcutta, jer ship As**)*, which also brought 330eoolM wbo cause a great demiautlon In slave specula tio Lumber is much wanted Tonnage continues abundai The weather for the last fortnight hu been very w< wblcb bat retarded manu actnre of sugar. The colol te in a floerislng eondit on, owing to the largo iyrsi mental cf British sanltal both In manufactured anAta caHnral en'laya. Tbe health of the colony waa nef HUH* I

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