Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 4, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 4, 1855 Page 6
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IDY1RTISEIENTS RENEWED EYKRY DAY. SOMTurm rmoii nm pas*. W/inrs. ?WANTED? BT A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GERMAN " woman, a situation ai n* num. Good relemnee ?"? tor farther information apply to 11. Hartmann, lti% ulton at corner of A imu. TITANTED? APPRENTICE* TO LEARN DRESSMAl "" ing Apply at No. 144 East Broadway. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A fOUNG WOMAN, to do general homework in a private family; *ood city reference Apply at 1&3 Elisabeth ?t. Can do chamborwork, mnd a? Ait in tne washing and ironing. WANTED? A SITUATIOV, BY A MIDDLE AGED Anericau woman, as child'* nitre? and soamstrose, and la very capable of a housekeeper's lit nation ; bo objection to tbe counter; good city reftroaoe. A} ply at Ma. 3 Clinton ?t , Brooklyn. WANTED? 11 Y A YOUnG WOMAN, A SITUATION a* nurse and to do plain sewing or charaberwork; best of relerence trom her last pUce. Call at 143 Waverley place, corner llammoni at., np stairs front room. WAHE3-A SITUATION, BY A GERMAN GIB!.' a* B**ni?"re?i Can be well recommended by her present ample) er. Can be seen at 330 4th avenue. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE yonng woman a* nnrre and seamstress. No objeotion to New York or Bruoklyi. lle-t city reference from her laat place. Car be &een for t*j day*, at 28 Weit Warren St., between Hicks and Columbia, South Brooklyn, second floor, back room, WANTED-BY A RES 1' EC TABLE PROTISTA NT girl. a situation as co 'k, and to assist in the waih lug and Ironing of a private family. Can give the beat of e\ y rcfcru-jce. Can bo Men fortwo dayi, at lti 3 Mulberry St., ?p staira. - WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, ai ?nk at.d to assist in washing and Ironing best ot city refeienoe given. Call at 2rt3 7th ave nue, flre^ floor, two days. , ANTED? A GOOD DRKSSMAEER, TO WORK. BY tho week. Apply at 2d West 37th it. w WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT girl, a situation as % good plain cook, wasbsr and lronsr; will do got oral housework in & small tamily. Good city retoreucos Please call at 200 1st avenue, between 1Mb sand ltitli eta, back baaemmt, for twe days. w WANTED-A COLORED WOMAN. TO DO THE WASH ing and cooking for a tamily of three peraona |ono who la a perfect washer nod ironer and can give satisfactory re Jerenco. oiay i-p ply at 116 Hamertley it. WANTED-SEVERAL YOUNG LADIES FIRST RATE plsin Hewers ami embroiderers at 1(9 Grand st. The highest prtcos paid to capable persons. Call immediately. WANTED-A SITUATION AS CHILDREN'S MAID and seamstress. by a joung woman, who has lived in Uiat earacity, and can produce *ood reference from her for jner employer Address 168 Elizabeth at. , rear. TXTANTED-A FAMILY OF RESPECTABILITY. TO TT adO|>t a little girl two years old, healthv and interest lag. of respectable American parents. Particulars stated on application. Address E. B., broad way Post Offioe. TI7 ANT ED? BY AN EXPERIENCED DRESSMAKER, 11 a situation in a drctsm mni; establishment, a< cutter &ad fitter; or in a private family of the highest respectabiti ty. Inquire at 222 Vartok at. ANTED-BY A LADY, OF CONSIDERABDE EX pertence, a situation aa stewardess; along voyage pre ferred. Unquestionable relerenoes Call at 119 Hudson ?tr?ot, coiner of North Moore, lortwo days. TITAN TED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT Protea' ant young won an, aa good oook and to assist im washing and ironing; no objeution to the country. Good dty reference Call for two days it 7'J Fulton av , Brooklyn. "TIT ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE II y oulr woman, as nurse and seamstress; good reference; lias livi d 3V? years in her last place. Can be seen for two days at IU3 Went 2sth st. WANTED? BY A RBSPEOTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, actuation as nurse, and to to plain sewing; the best of city reference. Can be seen for two day s at 191 4th st. , near the 9th av. ~\\r ANTED? BY A KESPE .TABLE YOUNG GIRL, A Tr situation in a small private family, to do general lionaowork. No objection to go to the oountry. Satisfae tory reference. Call at 167 East 21s; it., first floor, back m?. TITANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT~ giri as i ook, washer and ironer; is a first rate bailor, ?r would do the general housework oi a small private family; lias three years roterenoe from her last, place. Call at mi dtb st TITAN TED-A COOK, TO GO TO THE COUNTRY FOR TT tho summer. .Must be a Prot-ntant aid understand her batmen* thoroughly, and conn well recommended. Ap ply at 107 li'thst. WAN". ID-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE ycunix woman; is agood cook a'ui bread baker, aud an cacsil iUt wisher and ironer; i* willing to do general house Work in a nice family. No objection to go a short distance in the c uotry Best ot reference. Call at 9< West l(itb St., in the roar, tor two days. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A MIDDLE AGED woman as housekeeper in a gentleman's familv: no objection to children. Can take tne management of the liouse. is a Protectant, and can be depended upon. Inquire at 12ti itoniril a' .opposite the Tombs, in the shirt store, tct two r. tram lu to 5 o'clock. TITAN I'D? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN. T I * situation as waiter; tne who can take charge ot the dining room. Kespeotaule city references given and re qeirod. Address for two days *31 Brcadway. TITAN TED? BY A YOUNG GIRL, A SITUATION TO Tl do eh imb< rwork and mind a aaby, or do general house irt rk for a uinall tamily. Cau come well recommended from jber laat place f lease call at 383 East 12th St.. between ?venua A ?ud 1st avenue, second floor, front room. Wages 46 per m >uih WAMED- A SITUATION. BY TWO TOUNG WOMEN, sisters, one as urst rate oook, washer una ironer; the other aa < haiibermald anl to do the line washiag and iron iag, h?s nj objections to the coantrr. Good city reference given Api ly at 404 Atlantic St., Erooklyn, near Powers. TITAN! ED-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG WOMAN. Yl ih chimbermaid and to do washing, or as waiter; would liko to trai el with a lady and do h> r tewing. Tne best of cuty rst'irence given. Call at 9*J W'. at llkh st., front base ment, ur tvo da) s. TIT ANTED ? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE vl aiil 'is first rate eoak, washer and ironer. Has tbe best ?f city rs fart noes. Call at No. 9 Henry st., Iront room. TENANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT ya-iug woman, to do the genera! housework of a small private; fhe is a good piain cook, good washer and ironer ai.d cau nivt good city reference irom her laat place, fan b?> nrr. at 53 Willett St., for two days. WAN" ED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE woman as chambermaid, cook or waiter; beitofeitv reference given. Can be seen for two days at 172 West 33d st , betweon 7th and Nth avennes. second floor, front room. TITAN TED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE 11 youog laly. to travel with a family to Europe; the bes? of city reference given. Can be i-een at 01 Grand at.. near W ^co'cr, until cngj.^ed. TI7"AJiIEL? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE Tl yonnii woman, to do general boaseirnrk in a email t>rivs 'c lftmil; ; is a good plain cook and an excellent wasber sol ir?uor. uood city releren.e. Can be seen at 242 Mnlber ty St., i | etiirs. WA^ TED-BY A RESI'ECTABLE GIRL, A SITUA tien to cook wash and iron, or to do the general hoti?? Work ot ii srunll family. Can be seen or two days, at her present eciplojers, Hoyt st., Brooklyn. TirANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE vl ye' ns woman, as cook: is an excellent washer and ironer, and first rate baker. Best of city reforence. Call at Ml Smith at , Brooklyn. ANTED? A GOOD COOK. AT p ; A MONTH. MUST havo hoet references. la'iuire at 91>^ East 29th st. w WANTED? A GERMAN GIRL, TO DO GENERAL bonaowork One that can come well recommended may ?ppl> t i J B Ward, l'JO Columbia at., Brooklyn. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT F.ngl sh ? oman. a situation us seamstress; bas no ob Jectien to do cbamberwork. Good reforeuoe given. Can be ?wc in the fourth cottage from Smith St., in Warren, oppo site the public school, Brooklyn. ti;antec-by A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, WHO Tl can gire tbe best eity references, washing trom a few SautlcTccu, or a family's washinr altogether. Apply at No. t Weet 13' h at. WA TED? IN A SMALL FAMILY, A YOUN1 GIRL to do general honsework and take oare of children. Lnexcptionable references re uired. Apply at 22 Butler Bt , booth Brooklyn. WAMEI)-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE yenng pirl, as chambermaid ai.d waiter, or to do lieox-work iu a private umlly ; is a good washer and ironer. Good city ret^ronoe. Can be sen for two days, at 139 East ilH'b st. , botw^n Cd and :'.d avenues. rANILD? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRT., A situation as nurse, to miu>l one small ohild; is a r,.?od fklaia >ewor Can be aeen at 131 3d avenue. TITANTKD? BY A YOUNG GIRL, A SITUATION TO Tl take car* of children, or s. chambermaid; is a good )lain s?? ot ; no obJe< tion to tho oonntrv. Beat of{city refer ?see. Apply at, or address l.">7 Wert 37th St. WANTED-BY A YOUNG OIRL, A SITUATION, TO do chamborwork and tine washing; or to mind children Bad sow Gcod reference gtven. Call at 92 W. 24th St. TITANVED-A SITUATION, BY A MOST HIOHLV TT reeouimaudsii |NI| wuaai, as cbambsrmtld and unrse . u a aoat p'.aia sewer, and is willing to assist in the vasbui ' and ir< nirg. WiUgoa few miles in tbe country or iritb a Uiy vbo boards. Call at 219 East Zld at , in the ptors. PHKMOSJUU CATHERINE ELLIS WILL 1'I.EASF, IM'ORM 11 KR ?tatrr Ellen whrro ifac rnoy b?; 1MB, tier (inter hat jurt Mtartu'il from * long Journey. Addren her fall unu (rianply, Now York, through tho foit otb.-e. '"INFORMATION WANTED ? OF CEORUE l,UDI Ml .1 farmer , oMUJctrter, En,Uad, briokl.yj, ?f k,n. ?' 'J0"1". 8te?d?, d*f'?Mo.lj or ir Hind. n| tho ?nc j'likfe of hit borUI. A<l<tr??s if. NICOI.I., 24 H'iW f ?" otreot, Now lork, or John Lo?eby, l>oic?iitor, Kunl*iid, INFORMATION WANfED-OF MRS MARY SI Ll,l J I ?r. *.b? f?ft P*ter?0D, New Jrfvy, in March ls?t, for f?rr?n? id, >>ncsy Iranla. Any mtirmatioo mil br thank Jnllj r ootvod at "2 Urand ittaet, Patoroon. JAMI.S M< r.LONK WlSh KS TO HEAR FROM II IS utile, Aiiftm Maxwell, or hie brtxli'r. William MrGlrn<>; ?t?n hoard from tbey w< re In lltidtoa An> rcinmn >ir? iiou irft fur Mm at the Herald office, will be ?tt?adcd t? XMfeeftiltely. TL/TR. EOI.0N BORN-If VOU ARK IN THIS CITY, AN JU- M<> tread Mid a< 'in?int?oc?. wot Id liketu eee yon. JM? wlil La thn <?j and to Mem* at the ? Jrertinia* hoint ?f Mae?r ?? Crau* A Mivtr-, at UM N?s^*o atfeal. Pleato Mil ob hiiu. rrilE GENTLEMEN WHO MOVED FROM M? WAFKR J. lay p?aoe, wii I |i1*wm mi,. I thf lr ?ddr?M t<i tie wa?W atomM, Nftrgarot Baotkt 11 euu* nptunro v tsmona. 7 r BEAUTIFUL M'Rl >G UoN VETS ? OF EM . | ? ) krvidt-rud Mr*v and orape, just r:ou?cil ?v lait rteanur; aud tb? novelty of tbestvlsa which we pn-itiv.-ly mono) olite in New York. as no other houar can exhibit t ha like krticin. v i t attract, wo have no doubt, our o mnr.u* and strancc.k, who will never be disappaluted tu vistt the metropi.ll'ati store of MMt. HARRIS A SON, 571 Brokdwky. BULPIV* SIX DOLLAR MANTILLAS-MOST CHARM lag novelties? mknufactured of the \ ory richest taffeta ?ilk. knd oniv <r*ally prnnounoed alike *up?rior in riohaoM, newness knd moderation ia prioe to anything (Tor offered Ladies ckll and se? 3lil Broadway BULPIN'3 spring are now ready for eity retail trade, knd comprise a roatoMess oolleo tiooef Pariiika, from a beautiful black Milk man' t. 11a, at ail dollar*, to the moitoostly garment* manutao tared. S6I Broadway Mrs. dell has the pleasure or informing the ladle* that the has now remly lor aale a select choice of lawn bonnet*, at IS and U shillings; ?'?? *ilk, crepe knd straw bonnet*, all in the latest styles, at ptiees to suit the time*. Ckll and tee, at the millinery and pattern ?tore, No. 3 Ceth rine street. Notice. ? all persons ark cautioned against negotiating ? promissory note drawn by P. A. Uerdy. dat-d March I, l<\v>, st six mooths, for $587 50 to the order of J Lorillrux A Co., skid note haviUg been (tola* aad pay meat stopped. _ WAWIIBS", JEWELRY, AC. Fine and extra fine English watch mote ments, jr- i-ccent arrivals, tor sale, at a deoided reduc tion from import coat, l.y OAVIU CA VAri, 3t> Burling slip. JOS ? ISAAC INFORMS HIS FRIENDS AND THE pubic that bo baa taken the basement office No. 11 t hambers street, where he buys and sells diamonds, watch os, jewelry, and every description of valuable property. The highest prico pu id for old gold, silver and California gold. TO JEWELLERS. WATCHMAKERS AND ENGRA V era ?A. W. KHANt'lS, stone seal and cameo engraver, respectfully inforn s them that he has removed his engraving office from 315 to !Hl Broadway, where ho will be happy to receive and exec nto their future orders for stone soal and cameo engraving _ INSURANCE. VfECHAMCS' FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY.? CAP! lvl tal. $150 UUU ?Office. Shoe and Leather Bank building, 17 1 Broadway .coin prof Chambers street. ? This company (the capital having nil been paid in,) is prepared to insure build ioga. merchandise, *>"ip* in port, and their cargoes, hoaie hold furniture and personal property generally, against lot* or ?.'ainage by tire, on fav; table term*. Loues equita by adjust ?)<! and promptly pain. WILLIAM H. DE GROOT. Preildcat. Btnkv B. DAwaon, Secretary. DIRfcC'OKS, Wn II De Oriot, James Tie'-out, Freeman Hunt, Dkniel V. Smith. Alexander l'hillp, Alex. MoCotter, t ha* W t'opeland, Nathan A. Rogers, Edward De Groot, John K Hnra, John Jay, Bartlett Smith. Daniel S Darling. Prrica E Cook, Surveyor. PL4TWGCAKDS. " PLATING CARDS.? FARO PLAYING CARDS, YERT u'd and well seasoned with all the various other qual tucs oi linen acd ootton card*, mad* by SAM HART A CO. For sale to tbs trade and club house* at their (lore, Mo. 1 Barclay (treat. op???itethe A* tor House. PROPOSALS. POLICE CAPS. ? SEALED PROPOSALS WILL BE received at tbe office of the Mayor, City Hall, until the 7tb day of May. 1855, at 12 o'clock noon of that day, tor 11 ve hundred bine cloth caps, for the use ot tbe Polioe Depart ment. Tbe eap to be made in all particulars like the sample to he seen at the office of the Chitf of Police, bet ween the hours of 10 and 2 o'clock snob day, until the 7th day of Mar, and the caps to be furnished in such quantities and at suoh time* a* 'he Chief of Police ahall direct. All cap* furnished not strictly in aocordance with the sample, will be peremptorily roiooted. FERNANDO WOOD. Mayor LlftPORB, jSOe A CHOICE SELECTION OF SHERRY, PORT, MA delra, claret, champagne and other wines, brandio*. Sootch and Irish whiskey, Jamaica rum, schnapps, Holland and London oordlal gin, Sootch ales, London and DubMa porter, domestic ale and porter, for family use, for sale, at WM H UNDERBILL'S, 430 Broome street. (' JolyT4 "cood8^??^ ?f.dAr'1, SOLD BEFORE BQSCELL ANUOU 8. CANAL STREET, NEAR VARICK. ? W. 4 H. YAN i')f/ NOTE'S grate and fender, kitchen range, summer range ana stove warerooma We have a large assortment ol the latest patterns of mantel grates, ranges and stoves, for sale ou reasonable terms. Grates anl ranges set and repair ed, rabies lined, brass founders' and jewellers' furnaces built, stoves lined, bakers' oveus butlt and repaired. Brushes of every description at thr brusm factory, .'*37 Pearl street. Franklin square. All articles ?old kt the loweot factory prices. Paint brushes of superior quality constantly on hand. Machine brushes madn to order. JOHN K. H'JI'PEL. C1IIARTER OAK GRAPE ROOTS FOR SALU-AT NO. I 7 John street, where aa.nplei of the grape* can be Men. 1 hefo grapes grow to tbe size of ono and a half inches in dia Eetcr They ar - at sweet as the Isabella, and throe weeks earlier, perfectly liardy, and will rrodute more pounds ol grapes than any other ever cultivated. Orders promptly' attended to Vy JOIIN B. JAMES, No. 7 John street. CORNS AND BUNIONS REMOVED FROM THE FEE? witbovi pain, blood or danger, by Dr. J. CLUTE. Tbi Ooctorhis recently returned from the South and will hi happy to see his friends and all who may favor him with their confidence, kv hi* office, 3H6 Broadway. Eaoh cora ? itraoted. 60 cents. C10MSTOCE.S IRON STOVE AND CRATE VARNISH. / for g<v n< all tinds oi iron, particularly stoves and grates, a splendid jet polish equal to the finest, ooarh body, and preventing rust, is now for sale at COM3TOCK A BKO'IIIERS, No. 2 St, I'etet's place, rear of Astor House, one door from Barclay street. -0 sprin^bsd botw'n,?^v?l',r!?l'"I'lrRERS OF PaTRIO from***1 *vlri de,"I|>tion vnnn rem0f,nv l8d,tB,ld?. and mat IfNAMTLLED SUITS. AT REDUCED PRICES? A1 J MATHEVt'S A STACY'S, old established warroems, ill lirokdwk;'. opposite tbe St. Nicholas Hotel. Suites of furni ture with hair mattra**, straw do, and pillows and bolsters from Ml per suit. (lOLD LEAF MANUFACTORY.? J. SIIAW A SON, J successors to Thomiis Thomas, ileoeased. Gold lesi constantly on band at the lowest market price. Country customers punctually attended to. GAS FITTING AND FIXTURES.? STORES, DWEL lings, factories and public buildiugi promptly fitted u| with ga* pipe* and fixture*, cheaper than any other home. A splendid assortment ot chandeliers, pendants, hrkoket*. Ac , ot the latest deigns, at tbe wholesale and retail gas fixture manuTkctory of JAMES G. MOFFET, 119 and 121 Pi tnoe (treet, 3d block wnt of Broadway. CI I. ASS SIGN S IN BURNISHED GOLD. ? DRUG J stores hnmlxomoly labelled, and all kinds of druggists glassware ?Persons requiring nandsome nigns for their stores wou'd do well to call anl see HALE'S show room*, all Nassan street, upstairs. HARRISON'S I1AIK RESTORER ISA NEW ARTICI.E. ?It will, if used accoroing tu directions, restore a luxuriant growth ol' hair to the bald head, vitality anil heal Hi to tlie diseased skin, and vigor ot* , growth to remain ing Lair. It giveste th? roots of the hair ucw energy, and effectually prevent* 'he hair from falling. It ciaaafes of dandrvfl and prevent* excessive accumulation. It gives a natural youthful lnstnto tho hair of the adult, and secure* a healthiul mtu to the hair of yonth. Mnrsh A Northrop, l.N) Greenwich street, am the u holesalc dealer* in it. Every retailer should keep it. F. O'ICellly, 109 avenue D, has it at retail. That shrub of rural growth, which emblems the exchange nf xneet afTcetiom and their harmonies, is express etl moat purely in the perfumo of Harrison'* extract ol aweet brier. IMPORTANT TO LIQUOR MANUFACTURERS? Dis tillers. dag'.errcoti pists, photographers, tlectroplaters, pyrotechnists, steel polishers, Ac. The subscriber warrants all his preparations as superior to any other importer or man olactorer. and on more moderate form*. The best oil coniac, both green and yellow, will produce 100 gallons brandy from one ounce; best oil apple for cider braadv; oil Jargonelle ptar, Essence* gin, Monongahela whisky, Jamaica and St, Crcix rum, cherry, peach, annesette and absynth, bromine, iodine, cyanide, potassium, nitrate silver, Vienna line, as Kstos, cadmium bismuth, nickel, platiaa, nitrate atroa tia, baryta, chloratc potaeh blue vitrol. For sale by D. L. FECCHTWANGER, HI Maiden lano. INDIAN PINE COUGH SYRUP. -THIS MEDICINE IS I the moat valuable remedy kuown for coitgha or disease! of the lunge, as a large number of persons in this city can testify from ita recent use. Sold wholesale and retai! I>y C. n. RING, 192 Broadway , in % pint, pint and qaart bottles, at ??. SI and per doxen, or 2i? Is. and Sa. single bottle. Also at wholesale by C. V. Cl.ICKENEK A CO., bl Barclay street. JACOB A. VAN HORN'S COMPOUND VEGETABLE Syrup ? Having btcn thoroughly tested, it has now be come a general standard family medicine throughout the , country for the complete care of coughs, asthma, dyapepaia, salt rheum coitivenear, dysentery, rheumatism, buloua i complaints, and all diseases arising from an impure state of I the blood lor particulars aee small bills. To be had at | Uie principal office, 100 Barclay street, New York, and of the druggists and storekeepers generally. * nil descriptions ! accompanying each bottle. Price (1 per bottle. C. II. I KING. 1W Broadway, corner of John street. New York; ' John Wortbiagton, corner of Fnlton and Pineapple streets, i Brooklyn; R. J. I>avia. corner of Fulton and Clinton streets, Brooklyn; Thomas J. Hayes, 1M Atlantlu street; and Hra. | Hiya, 17-1 Fulton street, Brooklyn. P' ERfORATION.? PERFORATED ZINC FOR SArES, lardars, ventilation, amsqultoes and blinds. Novel, i useful. and very cheap. Also, perforat ed tin and copper ? A small -ample order requested, with which a great variety i of patterns, particulars, Ac., would be seat. Terms. Bank j er a dralt at four month*. FRED. BRAKY, New road, London, England. I>AINT, PAINT. PAINT? 317 BARRELS AT 12)? X cents a pound; 3,09 gallons boiled oil at 70 rents a gal , ion, H.Ott) do. tann<r's nil at 2ti ccata a galloa; 3,4011 do. ma I chicory oil at 75 cents a gallon; white lead at 7 rents s pound, tine at 8 cents do , at the rr< at paint .md oil depot, 113 Maiden Isne. JOHN H. SMITH, Agent. REPI ATING -HOTF.L8, SHIPS, STEAMBOATS AND private famines can have every description of old wars replated aid warranted Stair rods, plumbers ftxtnre*, tea I arts, spoon* and forks, and every Kind of metal plated with gold or silver, at short notice, by the Manhattan Plate Com | ?ny, No. 247 Uowery. QUO* CASES? HOFFMAN A FERISH. SHOW CASE O wan-rooms, .'>7 Bowery, between Walker and Bayard i s'reets Cases made in ever)- style, silver plated, bras*, rose l and satio Wood, mahogany, Ac N.ti. ? Old case* taken < I exchange Orders promptly executed. 1W1 ARCHITECTS, Bl'ILDKRS AND IMPROVERS OF . ita eslale.? Having invented and completed an ini I ptoveinent in Ftciicli sashts, I am prepared to rective or diTS. Thete windows I will guarantee tlrht, and wlttiaut ' rattle. They can e opened into the room or slide np in the tr.?ni? I dispense witu istnoall, espagnolctt# fastenings, snd weather *tri|?; furnish them cheaper than French case ms r.ta, and le-* complicated, t>. ttcr faitened, and more < on veaient In av.<r) respect Pirtis* about to build are Invited to call and t*,p for themselves. M M S. I'ORD, IMH it TwentyAfth street East ol Ktfhth avenue. TETAMIINfiTON CEMETERY NEAR OREllfMTOOD.? T? Single grave? for Infai.ts under ft years, $4; between ,". 1 and 12 years, *1, for all abeve 12 years, ib. Lets ot 100 square feat, til'; of 2PU do., $.0, ?,f .?? da. $'M; of 400 do., *10: Greekwood charge# tor 31 n eqMre fee', SlYl Tb? M'asbitvton is the rbe?p*?t remeterv in the Stat ?. and tha b<?l land. Trosteej Ofli ?, MS C hatha* strait. Sew York. Cut tfai* oat. I&LKI AT AUOTIOW. Albert u nicoi.av, auctioneer -POSITIVE tile ot lroufouudry nature* ?t auction ? Al.BfcltT H NUCLAY will Sill OQ Saturday, May 3, at lPo'clook. at Twenty sixth Knot, between Tenth and Eleventh avenues, known as tliu Minnesota Foundry. oonsistiug in part of steam engine and boiler, in ooaplttt ordor Un hors# powtr; hoisting cranes. punching machine. blacksmith's form. 1 Allows, Ac.; core ovens, truesels, lathes, scales, * urkb< ncb*?, iron geared lathe ton feet shear*, circular saw an d table, copying presses, iron aafe, drilling inrehinea, Ac. Ao For lull particulars see catalogues, which can be obtained of the auctioneer, No. 4 Broad street Terrni cash. Auction notice byedw scuesck.on friday. Ma; I at 10, S o'cl ck at It W all tt , gr eat pa!' of fine old wimi. brandios, Ac . belonging to one ot our oldest import ing I outea now cltsiug tte'r business. vix : 119 aottlei pale Otard Li. lJ brand; l?37; private stoc k do., l(O0, pale and oark Of sr<!, liennessy, Mar ell A Piuet brand), in oases aad t i.niijol im, Cogt ac i lmiu rn;i>o do , 1841; South tide and E\st Indis Bladeiia-t, Aroci till a>lo Vitor a Harmony and Huff Gordon pale sherries; l'emartiu anil Ynarte brow a do i II mt A Co. and ofily port. , tokay, 1S42 Unseat A Vine de Hal vssia wines, all oi wbicb can te relied upon ai pure and of tloBrft quality Also a large invoice of supeiiur sugars. AUCTION NOTICE -J 9. H BARTI.ETT. AUG J\. tioneer, ?ill sell on Friday, May 4. at li> o'clock, at it's I. col era street, a general assortment of household furni ture, suitable forprivate families or boardint huu-ea, also, pianoforte, rica ohir.a Ua sets, vases, glass and plated ware, Ac. Auction notice -wm b junks, auctioneer - Bv virtue ol' an execution, I w ill ??>!, this tlay, at 10, ^ A M , at store MS Canal street, in the city of New York, a lot of ot era glasses, spectaclcs. optician's instruments, Ac., At W Q HUrtJ:?, Constaile. AUCTION NOTICE ? WM. B. JONES, AUCTIONEER, will sell, this day, at 11 A. M, at store Mb Canal street, tw o handsome show oases and a lot ot household for n.tuie. AUCTION NOTICE- THOMAS BEI.L, AUCTIONEKR 11) t>EI.L A ttOll ?This day, at 10>? o'clock, will be continued ant! closed < n Saturday, the batauce ot a superior stick of station' ry. books, blank books, paper, Ac. B/ or der of assigueej, in the ware rooms 177 i'earl street. AUCTION NOTICE J BOO ART, AUCTIONEER-BIT S Bogart, this day at 10)4 o' the auotion rooms, corner of Frankfort and William streets, large ssle of ex cellent household furniture, consisting in part ot mahogauv and black walnut aoias, lounges, bandsoino walnut ward robe, marble top dressing bureaus, marble top and plain mahogay wash stands, cain seat chairs, bedsteads, hair mattrasxes, 20 feather beds and bedding, mahogany dining tables, cottage suits, H marble top tables, Bruieels three ply and ingrain carpets, ? il cloth, 2 large mirrors, 7 superior eight day clocks, cmdles, office desks, orockery and glass ware, dainasa window curtains, kitchei furniture, refrijre rators ? N. B. Goods v ill be received on the morning of sale. Prompt returns made. AUCTION NO-ICE -JOSEPH L. SMITH WILL SELL, this day (Friday.) at 10>4 o'clock, at No. 7t> Fraukiin street, s splendid assortment of furniture, consisting of rose wood parlor and be-: room suit n, two uagnifioent suites in satin brocade, two splendid rosewood bedroom suites, three painted cottagc suite*, mahogany and blaok walnut bed stcails, sofas bureaus. rooking chairs, Ac., some richly csrved reception and parkr chairs, about fivo hundred yaris of Brussels and ingrain carpets in excellent order, oilcioths, oil paintings, some excellent scene* by somo of the fiist art ist>, brooateile and lace curtains, rich pr.rlor shades, excel lent clocks, china vanei tea, dining aud extension tablta; rosewood, ccntro, side, and oaro tahies; crookciy, glassware, costly china toa and dinuer sets, silver plated castors, cake baskets, spoons, forks, toa xorvice, satvei* all heavy plated, ivory cutleVy, Ac ; best hair mattresses, pillows, blankets, stair carpets, hat stands, large oval and pier glasies, with heavy Irenoh plat's; an excellent assortment of kitohen furniture, one cocking stove, in g^od order. Also, at 1W o'clock, a superior rosewocd pianoforte, city made, aad fully warranted. ASSIGNEES' SALE OF FURNITUHE.-JOHN L. VAN DEW ATER will sell, this day, May 4, it 10)4 o'clock, at tbo salts room, 12 Maldfa lane, furniture, removed for couvennnce of sale? Ros? w ood parlor luits, covered in pluah and brocatel; otegere, Btussels . tapestry, Wt ton aud in grain carpets; g'H frame ml-rors, blackwalnut bookcases, marble top rosewood and mahogany centre and tufa tables, gas chandelisrs, bronze and gilt; extension table*, dinner an4 tea sets, hatstanda, bodroem furniture; mahogany and rolowood French bedsteads, blaokwalnut cottage do., iron ilo., bair anil itraw mattresses feather leas, beading, mar ble top mahogany and rosewood dressing bnreaui, do. washstanfs, toilet sets, cottage chalks, solas, loumea, spring Lair scat chairs, carpets: with a lar^e assortment oi base ment and .kitcher furnitnre, with which the late will commence. Also, by order of assignee, two pianofortes, two stools, ten piano covers, (tore fixtures glats show cases, clatform scales, copying press countors. Ao., the whole forming an assortment well worthy of the dealer* and others in want, a* every lot will be aold peremptorily. Adjourned sheriff's sale.? the sale oftbe stock of Jas. It. Briggar, consisting of handsome fancy articles, stationery, engravings, lace paper, tissue and gilt paper, awnlnit, sign, glass caaes, counter, Ac., with lease of premises fcr four years, will be continued, at 6M Iiroadway, u nr doors above Amity street, Friday morning, at half past 10 o'clock. ' BY RUSSELL W. WE5TCOTT, AUCTIONEER? GOOD Hotitu-hol.i Furniture at auction. ? R. W. M'JSiTCoTl' will sell, this day (Friday ), at 10,*? o'clock, a large and elegant variety ot roaewood and malio^eny lurmture, at No. 72 Eighth avenue, inviting tte special attention ot bouse kccrcie. A deposit* will bj required of every purchaser, and the noogs mutt be removed immediately from the house. Rich Wiitnn Brusaels and ingrain carpets; tnporb rosewood parkr suit, covered in tapestry ; rosewood secretary book case, lined with satin wood; statuary and white marble top tables; library book case; rosewood marble topetegeres, mirror front; costly mantel vases; two large Fr-nch pior (lasses; ormolu clocks; oil paintings Ac. Rosewood and m.ibntony 5 1'dsteads ; tine hair mattresies : feather beds; marble Up bureaus and washttands; chinatoilet sets; o?al and square mirror*; sofaa, arm chaira; rockors; roaewood hat stand. Ac , with a large assortment of chamber and la?emeot furuiviro of avery description dinner and break I'aat tables; rich chira and glass ware; Ivory cutlery; oook ing stove, Ac Catalogue at houee. { 1ONTTN0ATION OF ASSIGNEE'S SALE. ? E. E. V' AAHON will sell a' auction this day, at 10)4 o'clock, at the saler rooms, 67 Naniau ttreet, the balance ot fine g >ld wntcbce andjewelr), beloncingto % first class jewelry store in Btoadwsy. Sale without reserve, tor cash. Daniel t. macfarlax, auctioneer.? wal. DRON A CO., auction sales ana commission rooms at S411 Bowery, between Third and Fourth streats. will hold re gular sales at their roon.s every week, and special salos when required. Goods sold on commission. Also will give thfir personal attention to auction sale* at the re?idenoea of families breaking up houiokeeping Also real estateand stocks eold at the Merchants' Exchange. DS. IIOUGI1. AUCTIONEER.? IMPORTANT AND ? extenaive sal->, to morrow (Saturday) morning, at 70 Warren atreet, ot splendid ro*ewood furniture, rose wood pianoforte, valuable oil paintings, costly chiua and silver war*, heavy velvet and Brussels oarpetibg, Ac., at lb't^ o'clcck precisely, the entire splendid content*, consisting of royal Engliah velvet floor anil stair oarpeting, ingrain do., English oilcloths, (ilver plated stair rods, Ao.; rosewood parlor suits, elegantly upholstered and covered in maroon, crimson and green Preach satin damask; also, one antique medallion set. heavily ctrvad, in gold and crim sen; Italian statuary, nmrtile top tables of all the usual descriptions found in well ftirniihcd rooms; heavily oarved 7-octave double action pianofor'.o, made by Barmore. of this city, warranted; this instrument, for fineness of exterior aud quality of tone, is unsurpassed. Alao, a very fine rosewood etegere, finished throughout in plate glats aad Italian mar ble; French work tables, luncy roception chairs escritoires, large and splendid French plate p!or glasses, in costly frames; rich heavy lace and brooateile enrtains, original oil paintings by eminent modern artists; Gothic Inlaid and solid statuary marble clocks: costly Dro'den chinaware; fine vase* of Sevre* porcelain; Parian marble atatuei anu clasaic representations; oak extension table, with antique carving; table linen. French chii.a, silver tea services, cace baskets, forks, spoons, ivory cutlery, heavy cut glassware, wines, champagnes, Madeira, liquor cases, decanters, Ao.; rosewood ahd mahorany bedsteads of the antique and mo dern styles: rosewood marble top dresaing bureaus, wash atancs, oornar and towel stands, palliasaea, fine curled hair mattresses, oounterpanei, bolster* and pillows, china toilet sets, oval and square silt frame mirrors, Ac. Sale positive IilUGBNI B FRANKUN. AUCTIONEER.? BY FRANK <J UN A NICHOLS ?Will Mil thii (Friday) morning, I ?< 10^ o'clock. at 7W Naesau street, between Fulton anil Join streets, a) barrels of prime russet apples. To be sold without reserve. to pay charges. El (JINK B. FRANKLIN, AUCTIONEER. ? BY i KA N KLIN A NICHOLS. ? Household furniture piano fortes. carpeti. mirror*, Ac.? To morrow (Saturday) a; 1 o'clock, at ?!' Nassau street, between Fulton and John.? E B. Franklin will rail at auction as above, a large assortment ot cabinet furniture, in rosewood, mahogany, onk and wal nut, conaiating of elegant suitsof roaewood parlor furniture, sofas, tote a-tetes. lounges, easy, rocking and narlor chalra, bookcases, wardrobes, bureaua, washUands, hAateads, liair mattresses. palliaaaea. carpet?, Ac.; alao, a lot of atnre stools, covered in hair c.lotb. purchasers will And thi? sale worthy of attention Alio, a lot of sec.ind hano furniture, deserving the stt'-ntion of the trade and housekeeper!1. At II! o'clock will be eoM two superior i ianoforte*. Oooda carefully picked fi>r shipping, or atored on moderate terma El COI.TON, AUCTIONEER ?LARGE AND IMPORT ? ant rale cf rich rosewood and inahopany household fur niture? French plate mirrors, damaak ana lace curtains, feint Btuiacla, tapeatry ?, three ply and inirain carpeti, roaewood pianoforte, Ac., Ac., in Urooklvn. F. Colton will sell this day, Friday, May i. at 10, o'clock, ia Firat place, one door (rum the corner of Coart street, eaat side, the en tire rich lurniture of the house. It will comprise in part one or two full unit! of rich roaewood parlor furniture in hair cloth, tete a tetea parlor chair*, Voltaire and easy chairs, beautiful bookcase*, and secretariea, sofaa, divan*, Frenoh plate and oral miners, very rich damaik and lace ourtaina, window curtain* and coralcca, velvet tapestry and other car pets, oilcloths, oil paintings, extension dining and tea tables, marble top waihalnnds. chandeliers, feather beds, hair mat tresses, bedding, blanket i, quilts, counterpanes, sheets and pillows, china and glassware, table cutlery, bedroom, tea room, baserui at and kitchen furniture, Ao. Alao a very su perior roaewood pianoforte, 7 octave, and made liy one of tho neat makera in the city, anil folly warranted. N". B.? All the aim- e named furl it ure baa been made to . rder within the last year, and is in good condition. Catalv^nes giving a full description may be had early on the morning of sale. Alao the house to let at a nimli rate rent. F COI.TON AUCTION ERR. ?ORE AT SALE OF FUR ? nit ore pianos, carvels. mirrors, Ac. ? F. COI.TON will ?ell, to morrow (Saturday), May 8, at lol , o'clock, at A9 Heel. man street, second atorv. .1 very large aasortsaent of rosewood and -nahogany cabinet furniture, from abont a do >en dliTerent families. It will comprise, in part, several suit* of rosewood parlor fnrnitnre in krocat'lle, full French bedsteads Vul'aire and easy chairs, dining and extension tablea, secretaries snd bookcases marble top centre, sido, sola at d card tables sofas and sola bedsteads, parlor chairs of all kinds, tete a tete, carted rockers, tapeatry, Brussels, three ply and ingrain * ? t- .tu full piccea of oilcloth, cot t:tge f urniture, 1 renrh pints and oval mirrors, oil paintings, f. ath'rb?a? anil hair mattresses, bedroom, basement and kitchen furnitiin , Ac. Also two piabofortes. one a rose wood. alrrost entirely new. and one mahogany, second hand, together with rosnr tfieds of various descriptions not eon In I. Sale w 11 be peremptory, EORCiE COOK. AUCTIONEER? BV STOVER A COOK. I ? Futensive sal? et furniture, French plate mirrors, oil palatines, ru h china and silver plated ware, Ac., this day and to moiTovt. at lu1.. o'clock at their sale* rooms, 3M Iir<ja4wey. oorncr ol Luane street, consisting of Freai h plate, pier and mantle glasses Irautitul oil painting). ele gant pilt and decorated <hir.a wire, rosewood seoretary bookcase. superMy carved, ros?w>od excretoire, splendid ptrl >r furniture in French satin piu?n ami hair oloth; marble top centra, side ari l so'a tables; oak. walnut and mi hoeaav dinin'j r< em furniture, in every variety; mahogany sofas, tete a tetes. arm cbaits sprina soal [.arlor chairs, library bookcase.', *'.4? boards, wardeobts; rosewood, walnut ?nd mar&gvny 1 - Isteaua, t nreana, withstand*, commodes; a beautiful i<u!t? of solid ?)*. chamber lnrciture, enamelled cottv.r farnitnre. with vd without marble t ips; hair inat tri seei paliiasa ?*, br is and bedding, china and glasawere, and tiotisekeepinit article* of otety d?*i ription. Catalogues on the "icrnin.; of sail-. / " t; UOKION. A'< TICNFEK Wlf.f SI I.L ON SA I 'l, trrda^ , at II)' . o lien r>; tin- S|H> -'com .No. 13 fixth i avetine, a 'arco and gene's I ? - >r,rttni lit of household furm t u r?v ten Uo?.en 'ha'rs. t^a rfiiee tables, wanlrotev si< dc/ n we-h tan i*. fi.i'i ??') l i r?aus an I I '.ids- |iii- oil r amlinn- >i. r. h ,ii ira i. s, mirrors, i,?4* and l.edd'.ng Loakcaaee. Ao. /fROiEniES, FUKMTLRF.. CL..TIIM;, I'.AKIRx vtetsila ? This d-vy, at Il'tg c'Hoek, st ,r>7 Deyitreet Greenwich, heitmgs, snoulders, ii>h, liqaors teaa, I'.ff e, s-igars, naccer' i tMN, Chaealata, prunes, nut< Mmcadsflobacco. se:ars. win** >? glass, soai , randies hard were, uaita, crnnti r balat.oea. dominoes, h^rao collars, w,.i|n, At-slf *u8j pi"CM| Ac. W A. AacH^ftvtCi UUM AT AVCT1OT. HENRY H. LEEDS. AUCTIONEER? BY n tf. LEEDS A Co.? trida). May 4, a* 10% o'clock, at ths salesroom IV Naoitti >''Hort?Me?'i Ski*. ? I arge tale or hon?> holii furniture, by order of t be raortgige-i, removed for on vvnlence ol uir, consisting ?f niHi if rich ri-sswood sad msLogany furniture, covered in broeatalle and htir oloth, Isrcy chairs, bedsteads. mantreates. feather bed*, irm chairs, minors, curtains, deski, pictures, iron bedstead', crockery, pier and centre tallies, office desks, carpets of all kind*, oilcloth*, csrved oak bookoates aofas and otber good*: alau, d in t ?r aud tea sett, Brussels and roj al Axmiu Mcr carpet*, pianoforte*, Ac. HENKVU LBN, AUCTIONEER? BY H. II. LEEDS A CO. ? On Friday, May 4'h, at It o'clock, in atlas room* 19Nassau strict, two very fine Italian scalnturod mantels ot ttatuary marble, to be sold without reserve. HENBY II. LEEDS. AUCT10NF.E8-BV H. H. LEEDS A CO.? Friday, May 4th, at l.'o clock, in front of the salesroom, ID Nathan t.reet, a splendid pair of dark bay hordes, 15% band* high seven and ei,jht ysara old warritnted kind ana mentis, ane tree from tricks and vioe, very last travellers, and good in either aoubieor single ha ne?a, or uider the saddle Also, a handsome light wa<?n and sol of d.utle harness, both nearly new, tbo whole being the esta blishment of a gentleman going to f.nropu. The attention ot young gentlemen is particularly invited to the above, as tbo tale is without reserve. BENRYH. LEEDS, AUCTIONEER -BY U H LEEDS A CO.. Saturday, May nth, at 10% o'clock, in front of atirel9 Nassau street.? Fine horses, mild by ordar of True teoa: a splendid bay Morgan horse, 15% hands high, eeven vear* old, perfectly geutle, warranted sound and kind in all harness, is a very fast traveller and superior saddle horse, will stand in the street without tying; a fine sorrel horse, nine j ears old, a very stylish driver, warranted am ad and kind in til harness, is a tine saddle horse for a lady. The horses art the property of a private gentleman reaidiug in Westcheiter, who is desirous ot breaking up his establish ment. An exteusion top barouche, cost $250. Also, one Prince Albert top buggy, by one of the most noted oity makers, anil two sets single harness. Saddle horse, a li ;ht bay liorn , 16 bands high, seven years old. perfectly kind in tingle and double hart ess, warranted sound and without blemish, is a sty lit li drlvtr, fast traveller and of great en durance. Sold at the owner has no further use for him. Henry b. herts, jr., auctioneer-on fri day. May 4. at 10% o'clook. at the store No. .r>% I'iue street. Aisignee'i sain of tba stock of a merchant tailor, cocsiiting of French casfiiurres, black broadoloth. doeskin, French Berlin oloth, Mack cloth, brown beaver. linoii pad dins, csnvaj, Marseilles vast pattorns, drilling pitk and Iellow aieevt lining, linen coats, silk and satin vest pat ems, ready made clothing, counter*, gas fixtures. Ac. Sale positive. Terms cash. Horses, carriage, harness, grocers wag ons ?Saturday 5th May, at 12 o'clock, at 67 I'ey street, corner Greenwich, one pair bay mares, seven and eight j>ears old, souad and kind in harness and tad'lle; silver mounted htrneti and riding saddles. W. A. CARTER, auc tioneer, 57 l>oy street, eorner Greenwioh. JOHN W. SOM ERIN DYKE, AUCTIONEER ?MO RT gage tale of household furniture, this day. May 4. nt the auction room, 110 Centre street, corner of Franklin, at 10 o'clock, a l&rfie quantity of household furniture or all desoriptiora, for parlors, diiing rooms, bedrooms, kitoben, Ac ?mantel and pier mirrort, sofas, chairs, centru tables, velvet and Brunei! oarpeti, rosewood scuretary ?n,l book ease combined, wardrobes, tide tables, extension mahogany and black walnut dining tables, toilet and work tables, bu reaus. dressing do., mnhogani bee steads. washttands, orock ery, feather beds, mattresses, bedding, Ac. CHAS. F. WATTS, Attorney for mortgagee. JOnN W. SOM ERIN DYKE, AUCTIONEER.? ADMIN istratrix'i tale of a stock of furniture, Ac., on Monday, May 7, at Jiot. 106 and 108 Centre street, near Franklin, the stuck in trade of the late John Wallace being a large va riety of useful and ornamental household furniture, secre taries, bookcases, suite of rosewood parlor furniture, arm chairs, lar?e mirrors, carpets, Ao., comprising a large stock, which can be examined until time of tale. Catalogue* will be ready two dayt previous. LEX1TIA WALLACE. Administratrix. JE VAN ANTWERP, AUCTIONEER-HARDWARE ? auction notice? J. E. Van Antwerp, will sell this dty, May 4, at 10 o'clock, at 21H Pearl street, 2M packages and lots well assorted Birmingham, Sheffield, American and Ger man hardware, cutlery, heavy goo Is. Ao. Also 3 large oasot tin bousckeepirg articles by the case, 6 cases axe handles, Sotsks flies. And witn which tbe sale will commence, a Urge lot shelf hardware Ac., old goods; 16 casks horte nailt Ao. Cataloguei now ready. JOHN L VANDEWATER. AUCTIONEER-WILt SELL on Saturday, May fth, at 12 o'clock, in front of sales room 12 Maiden lane, a fine tix year old herse, teoond bro ther to the celebrated Mac, a good traveller, kind in single or double harnest, good saddle horse, fitteou bands high, dark warranted tound and kind, cost $900; alto a buggy ma'leii good style and in good order, one teat, with top; alto a let of (ingle harness, silver plated mountings. Can be aeen in front of the store one hour previous to salt, The whole to be sold for want of ute. M DOUGHTY, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL. THIS . day, at 10% o'clock, at the sales room 27 Centre street, new and second hand furniture, consisting of sofas, sofa bedsteads, tele a-totea, sideboards, mahogany chair?, rockers, Voltaire chairs, French bedsteads, hair mafretsos, feather beds, carpets, drersiag and plain bureaus, mirrors, paintings, Ac., worthy a tention. VTOTICE,? LARGE SALE OF PAINTINGS.? WE RES _L\ pecttully Inform tbo pnblic the s?Ie of Mr. Granville hharp oldfield's collection of paintligs will tako plaoe at Carroll Ilall, on Tuesday, May 15, at 10 o'clock, in the large Concert room, aud will prove to be well deserving the notioe of persons desirous of obtaining genuine works of art, as the sale will be made without any reservation. The collection will be on view at his late reaiaenoe, Mount Vernon Place, Baltimore, from 10 to 2 o'olock each day, (Sunday escort ed.) from the 1st to the 12th of May, after which time they will be removed to Carroll Hall for convenience of sale. F. W. BENNETT A CO.. Auotioneert. OAKLEY A WRIGHT. AUCTIONEERS, WILL SELL on Iriday, May 4, at 7% o'clock in the evening, at the tales room, 3tri fultou street, Brooklyn, a large asiortment of standard and miscellaneous booka, itatiouery, gold pent ana ptnoilr, Ac. P SCARES, BERNSTEIN A PHILLIPS, REAL ESTATE AND OENERAL AUCTIONEERS, No. 51 Liberty itreet, one door trom Nassau, will give their personal attention to sales of real ettate, ttockt, ves sels, and mortgages, at pnblic and private sale, and to the tale M auction of cargoet, household farnitnre, paintings, statuary, works ot art, jewelry, Ao., and to out door itlst generally. Money liberally advanced on real eetate, (took*, vettelt, furniture, Ao . left on tale with nt. Loans negotiated. PLANTS AT AUCTION ? W. S. MelLLVAIN WILL tell this day at 10% o'olock, at the teed ttore, 7 John ttreet, a tplendid aisortmont of perpetual, monthly, climb ing and moss rotes, (in and out of pott) houev suckles, jesea minet. grape vines, carnation!, pinkt, verbenat, aaallaa, gladiolus, tuberoses, Ac., Ae., direct trom the garden on morning of tale, from Peter Hendenon, Jersey City. Cat alogue!, RC. KEMP, AUCTIONEER, WOULD INVITE THE l'AR * ticular attention of the trade and housekeepers to the large sale of tnrniture, pianofortes, carpets, oil paintings, Ac. to be sold this day, at H5 Nassau street. The ssle con sists of a very large assortment of funiituie of all descrip tioos, which is well worthy of noticc, and the wholo of which will be told withont any reserve, to close the bnei nest, ts ti e undersigned is leaving the auction business and wilt close bis business without delay, ''ash depositi re quired from all purchaters. Cataloguei are ready. RC. KEMP. AUCTIONEER.? LARGE AND POSI ? tive tale of furniture, pianofortes, carpets, As.? 'Ihis day (Friday), at 10 o'c'ock. at 85 Nassau stieet, uear Fulton, cloiing sale on aocount of leaving the bnxines*.? R C. KEMP wi'l sell at auction, as above, withont any re serve whatever, a very large assortment of household furni ture, of every description, which is well worthy of the no tice of dcalere aud housekeepers; also oil paintings, mir rors, carpets, pianofortes, office furniture, and one iron safe made by Gayler. and cost $110. This salo comprises a very large assortment of desirable goods, all of which must be sold without any reserve, to elose accounts and elose up the bnainess. A cash deposit will be required of every pur chater. Catalogues on the merting of tale. "DECEIVER'S SALE OF THE BLOOMINODALE AND XV ManliattanvUle line of stages.? By order ot' the Su preme Court, all of the horset, sta;e? and harness, and also tbo personal property belonging thereto, will be sold at ?mblic auction at Maniiattanvflle, on the 5th day of May, 1*15. The property conilsts of six lots of ground, with brick ?tables, carnage house, blacksmith shop, Ao., situated on the corner ot 129th street and ttlooniin/dale road, in the village of Mauhattanville. subject to a mortgage of six thousand dollan. Also a lease of two lots of ground oorner of Sixty nintn street and Bloomingdale road, with frame ?tables and a dwelling house, which rent for $400 per an num, thereon. Lease runs thirteen years from the 1st of May, 1S56, at a ground rent ol $30 per anuum. Also one hundred and ten horsoe, twenty six ttagei, and a number of carriage!, sleighland harness, and o. her article* too nume rous to mention. If sold together, the present property will be subject to two chattel mortgage!, but if lold in par cell, it will be free from incumbrances. Also all the li censes and good will of said Bloemlngdale and Manhattan villr line ot stagey. Terms of sale for real estate? Ten per cent on day of sale, and auctioneer's fees; the balance when deeds delivered, whioh will be in fifteen days Yfter sale. Terms of sale for personal property ? Cash on de livery. Rale to commence nt 12 o'clgekM.. in the 5th dav of May, 1855. BENJAMIN MOORE. Roceiver, Ac. ALLEN HULL A STOCKER, Attorneys for Complainant!. Tunis morrell. auctioneer.? rich velvet ?ind Bth ssel* carpeting, rosewood pianofortes, roso wocd and other furniture, in largo variety; oil painting, oval mirror.*, engraving*. mattresses, bronie soods, Ac.1 this JPriday morning, at lOJi o'clock. At 81 Nassau itreet. Citiien* and strangers in want of the above will do well to attend this morning. Every attention will be given to box ing matting and cartage. For full particular* call and sea, as many large invoicea will ho in time trom importers and manufacturers, we guarantee that no faulty article la of fered. and ot a full description, and sold as *uoh la addi tioi to now, the furniture of a family, con listing of roao wood parlor suite, rosewood etegere, ornaments, carpets, Ac. WILLIAM WITTERS, AUCTIONEER-WILL SELL on Tuesday, May 8th. at 11 o'clock, at 1H7 Canal atroot, alliance s aalc of aoven splendid rosewood pianoforte*, of aupcrior tone and finish; alto two melodeons and two violin and cases, together with a quantity ot mniir and other ar tiolaa,|deaka, carptta, shadaa, atovo, chairs By order oi the aaaigneoi. WILLIAM IRVING, AUCTIONEER.? HILI.IAM IR VINU A CO. will sell at auctiou. Saturday, May ft, at llt>4 o'clock, at the aalesrooma No. 8 1'ine street, household furniture? A large and mineral assortment, removed for con venience of sale, consisting of Wilton. Urnaiels, three ply ana ingrain carpeta; suits of carved rosewood and mahogany parlor furniture, covered in brocatel and haircloth: elegant carved roiewood ccntra tables, with statuary marblo tops; mahogany centre and pier tablea, carved oatf eatension din ing table, black walnot extension dining table, uialiogauv tea table, mahogany wardrobe and amour a glace; mahogany, roaowond and Mark walunt *evon inch hedstaadt maple hod steads, mahogany wailistanda, roaewood washetmida. pier and ludreom mirrors, hair mattresses, teat tier beds, bolster* ana pillows, husk mattresaea, straw pallianes, mahogany criba, mahogany rockers in haircloth, maple cane mat > hairs, hronxe and marble deck*. china. . rockery and g assware. kitihen furniture, Ac. Tk'M. WITTERS, AUCTIONKER-WM.L Tri.l, ON v ? Tueaday, Ma> 8, at 11 i. olock. at 187 Claal stroet ^y order of assignee, eight superior rosewood pianoforte s, on* organ, two melodeons, two violins. An., tope her ?ith music; alio two second-hand piaaot ; office desk, cnatra, clcck*, w i >? dow shade*. twe enrptts, stove. And tl>? above piano ars of topciirr tone aud finish. Sale positive without nay r> t?rv? whatever. TITM. WITTERS. A 0 CTtON EER? WILL* SELL* THIS v? da> , at 2 o'clock I' M., at 1ST t anal street, i. largo quaatity of household furr.itnre. from lamilie* breaking up h< uel eepit g, constating of sofas, chairs, rosewood and ma hoaan} centre and dining tables, gilt frame mirror*, oli tainting*, ho'gcases, window curtains, mantel clocks. VMM. tapesttv, thn e ptv and other carf eta. oilcloth*, stair reds mahogany and otlir Vedsteada. he?t quality of hair mat ttciscs, bedding, inarhle top drtaaine bureau* and wa*li stands, toilet seta, wardrobes; dining room and kltrhi n lur nitun ; nlso china, glaa* and rlated ware, ciocker/, fork*, spaOMi Ac., *""* POLITICAL. / 1ENTRAL PEMOCRATIC UNION -THE REGULAR \ < monthly meeting will b? hold on Friday oven ing, Va> 4, at 7'^ o'clocV, at Tammany Hall. Monitors ar t earnestly rciiueited to attend for the tr*n*%ctlo?i of Important twisr ne*?. JOHN fO< QRANE, PraaUqut. lb. T. OABlMron, Secretary. BOM1I, OAKHUmH, M. ?r"*t abov, Fourth BEAUTltl L HAY HORSE AND COUPE AND CA lest e for *a.c.? A dark bay herae, of splendid stjla ui action. 15 3 ia btight. blaok leg*; warranted perfectly kind, sound and gentle; can trot close la lee* than 3k, good in single barnea* ana double, a Ik ui tlx years old, and can bo bough for 1 830, and no lea*. Sold fcoiely for want of un Al?o, a oou|<? rockaway and caloobe. both nearly now. Ap pi j to I. K it 2114 Fourth ?t root , Washington square. CARRIAGES.? ON E TAH1LT ROCKAWAY CAR riag? in good order; om li*ht buggy vasoi, with top quite ne?; alao. one act *ingl? harne?a net, tor aale at wo ariate pHce*. Mi appliofttion at Mo. 17 Weat Thirtieth atruet after trrie o' lock, P. U. t CARRIAGE FOR SA1 K? A VERY FINE ROCKAWaY, J not inuoh naeii, suitable for one or two hornet ; tit for 0>ty or count rj . hold became tbe cwner haa no turthar um for it. To be aeen at tbe Empire stable*, <37 Fourth street, near Secnd avenue. ft Alt CUE CARRIAGE FOR 8AI.E? IN PERFECT v > ' r< er; has Lou run but six moat os, and ha' just beoa ovrtbi uled. painted and yarniahed, new slip linings, Ac., Ac Would be a..|il cheap, cr wouM exohanse for one or two t-'ord horse*. Apply at No. 2 Un?v*rsity place. ^ k.,OR oAl.E ? . WO PAIR VERY TINE BAY UOIUEt. A one pair grays, and one aorrel mare; aleo, a splendid rockaway csrrUge. two aeta light double harness, and oat ?ingle aet. Call at 102 Atlantic itrcot, Brooklyn. For sale-a one horse rockaway carriage city made but little naed. Alao, a light top wagoa entirely new, never taed, city made.M ill be aold low, a* tlx owner haa no uae for them. Can be aeen at g) Sixth atrtel Ivor sai.e? a beautiful saddle pony eighi r yearx old, dark bay, perfectly aeund and kind, gallope in fine style. and la a splendid animal for ladies tiae. Alao, a lip lit wagon with top. together wltb a light harness. In quire of Mr. Woloott, at tbe stabl* in Liberty atreet, uoai Concord, Brooklyn. " FOR SALE-A BAY HORSE. 13? HANDS HIGH at yen year* old, atyliah traveller, aud warranted Bound and kint* in double ftad cingle harness; alao, a light tot wagon, and silver mounted harneaa, nearly new. prioe S3M. Inuuire at 169 Cherry atreet. corner of Market alio C. OA&DNEft. liiOR SALE- AT URBAN A HOWARD'S MW LIVERY J? and aalo atablea. coruer of Clason and Putnam avenues, one block from Fulton avenue, Eaitt Brooklyn, several borees, young and sound, and carriage*., constantly on hire and for aale a ohoice A 1 assortment of horiei, oar risgea. sulkies. Ac. Horse* taken ou livery by the d?y oi month, on reasonable term*. For salf? a bie blooded horse, six years oid this apriog, fifteen handa three iaohe* high, well broken to single or double narness; tor style and actloa is unsurpassed by any in the oity. Haa been in torn but a lew days, and ia to be cold for want 'oi uae. Hla air* was Mesaenger Bcllpse, hla dam by the Orphan Boy. II* may be cetn, and any futther information obtained, at the pn vate stable No. 06 Joralemon atreet, Brooklyn. B10R SALE? A FINE ROAD MARE. 11% HANDS HIGH, Fix years old, warranted sound and kind in harness; o?n trot a mile in three minutes. Will be aold cheap, a* tbe owner has no nee for him. Apply at the lumber yard 183 Monroe street, corner of Montgomery. L-<OR SALE.? A VERY FINE BROWN HORSE. ABOOT JP li>i band* high, eound and kind in all harness is very stj'lieh, apeeil about four mlnntoe. Also, three top wagon*, two of them suitable for business or doctor's work, in good condition, and are mitable for lighter work. All will be aold low and separate. For terms, apply at CONE LiN'S Fourth avenne Livery (table, ocrner or Fourth ave nue and Twenty filth street, where they may be seen. For sale-a very handsome black mare, eight year* old, lti hands high, fast and stylish driver, perfectly kind in single or double harness, a first rat* fami ly horse or would suit a doctor; also, a family oarriage with pole and shafts complete, but little used, and one **t of double and single harnes*. The property of a gentleman who hti? no further use for them and will be sold low. To be seen at S. McLaughlin's stable, Jersey City, near the ferry _ For sale-a beautiful, sorril horse, i&x hands hi*h, kind in harness, a beautiful saddlo na ? for a lady or gentleman. wlU trot or cantor, and warranted pound. Apply at 127 Grand *tr*et. For sale-a HANDSOME GRAY MARE: is FAST: hat been owned by a gentleman gone to Europe; will be sold cheap. Can b* seen at 39 Great lone* street. For sale? a fine pair of young matched gray horses, Just from Canada, 15){ hand* high, very stylish and good travellers. Also, a very stylish gray mare, 14 hands high, four years old; can trot very fast; will be sold very low. Inquire of W. H. SACKETT, corner of Twelfth ?treet and Greenwich avenue. For sale-a gig, with top, as good as the day it was turned uut. made to order, and with a view of ease to the horse, and for city use. Would have no objec tion to exchange it for a good *trong buggy wagod. with pola and shafts. Apply to R. S. RuBEkTS, 251 South street. For sale.? a bay mare, iik hands man s years old, an excellent saddle horse, sound aud kin<>, is a handsome driver ; will he sold cheap, inquire at M. Campbell's stable, corntr of Clark aid Columbia streets, Brooklyn. FOR SALE-A beautiful shifting enameled leather top wagon, nearly new, and in perfect order. Inquire of A. S. CHAMBERLIN, Hull's Head stable, Twenty fourth street, between Third aud Lexington avenues. For sale-a pair of bay carriage horses, five years old. atan d sixteen hands high, ean go in four minutes to the pole, and warranted sound und kind. Caa be aeeu till disposed ot at 19 Great Jonea street. BlOR SALE, CHEAP-A FULL BLOODED VERMONT Morgan borne, (eventoen hand* hizh, eight year* old, with coupe and harneit complete. The horse hat had but two owner*, ia perfectly sound and gentle in every respect, very aty liali and gay. Any one deairoua of purchasing a good animal at a low rate, will do well to call at 72 Reads ?treet. a few doors from Broadway, where ho may be *?en at any time. TTICtR SALE CHEAP? A PAIR OF GOOD, SERVICE _T able hcue*. 'lo be aeen at Eldred * livery stable, No*. 4 and (i East Twenty-eighth street. Bear Fifth avenue. For sale cheap, ior the want of use-a handsome iron gray horse, about 10 hand* high, en years old, snitnble for any gentleman, gentle and kind cither in single or double harness, and a good traveller. Can be seen at So. 'MO Sixth avei.ue, corner ot Twenty firit stroct. For sale, or would exchange for onc hone, a pair of beautifully matched bay Morgan mare*, five and fix years old, well adapted for family na*, perfectly kind and fentle in double or single harneu, or paddle May be aeen at the Red Houae, of W. VAN COTT. Good pasture for only $2 per month, for oiaaMed or idle horaea and cattle. Apply to, or ad dress, JOHN CAKHART. .No. S South Second street, Brook lyn, Eastern district. Harness and sulky for sale -one set light double harness, cost $80; one set of lisht single harness oost $5<, and on* road aulky, coat |70, all in good order, and will be sold at oic half their coat. Apply at tIN DERHILL A FLEET'S atable, No. 10 Fourth avenue. Horse for sale-a handsome black horse, lfiJa bands high, eight years old, sound and kind in every respect; long tall. Inquire at 132 l.auren* atreet, Also, a two seat rookaw*y, in good condition. Horse for sale? a gray mambrino mare about IS hands high, an excelltnt saddle hone, and well suited for a lady. Can be e-en at McAleer's stables, Thtr tleth street, between Madison and Fifth avenues. Horses for sale? a pair of blood bay' car riage horses, *lx years old, sixteen and a half hands high, wen mutcbed. warranted sound and kind? last travel lers?the be-t matched horses in the State. Can be aeen at the atable* of the City Hotel, Hartford, Conn. A. E. A C. CLAPP, Hartford, Conn. Morgan horses.? tithe e fair? or matched bayi, young, kind arnd Bound ; alto a bay colt Syeart old, can trut a mile inaide of Sminutea; alio ie vera! very ?uperior single road and family hones, all of them latel* from Vermont, will be acid very low. Apply at 21 and 23 Boeruui at.. Brookl>n. OADDLE HORSE WANTED? S 1*1 RI TED, HUT KIND; O trained to leap, and perfectly broken to carry a man nnder the caddie. Addreea Baxarcl, Herald oilice." TWO HORSES FOR SALE -ONE OF WHICH 18 A trott?r, and the otber a great roaditer. The trotter caa at any time turn the track in U.30 in harneia or wagon, and in 2.4A at any time to road wagoa. He oan at any time trot bia quarter at the rate of 2.24, or no sal*. He can alio beat any road horao in the eity of New Tork that the buyer may ?hooat to bring to drive againat him ; all thia or no sate. Tbe road horae can go hia 40 milei in 4 home on the road. Alao, one light ihifcing top baggy, and aingle harneaa ; all of whieh mnit be aold thia week. To bo aeen at 17 Voatry at., near Hudaon and Canal ati. The above named trotting horae trota thia day. May 3. for a pnrae on the Unioa Courae, alter which he will beaold at auotion to the high' eat bidder. TWO CARRIAGES FOR SALE? ONE PERFECTLY now aix aeat aummcr carriage, the other a tlx leat bret, in good order, for aale cheap. Apply at Flynni ? a tab lea, 18 Weit 1 hirteenth street. Three wagons for sale.-one vert hand ?one liu*lit vntniahed trotting wagon, very littlo need, price $130; one aix neat rockway, with abiding top, nearly new, price 9229; one tccond hand fonrieat rnckaway, with docn, lor one horae, price W. To be Men at Vt* Madiaon at, OMNIBUS FOR SALE.? A LIGHT FAMILY OR CHURCH omnibus, built to order for a private gentleman; well a ulted for a boarding ichool or private hotel. Alio an ai aortmnut cf coaehea, rockawayi. baroochea, wagona, Ae. For aale v?ry low for caah. MAJOR THOMPSON A CO., Z7 Wooater itreet. FINE ARTS. Fins arts.? mineralogy.? tor sale, a large collection of mineral!, arranged for the study of tnirtralOA) . For further informatiou ipply te VICTOR BISHOP, Importers of preclou* itonee, it Maiden lane. Ma. dohertv. importer and manufac ? turer of artificial flovera and feat hern, haa reinived rem 169 W illiam atreet to 31 and John itreet, corner of Naiaan. M1LUIBRV, AC. PATENT BONNET FRAMES AND SEAMLESS I'rowaa. The New Fork Boaaet Frame Manufacturing Company have the only patent for making wire trameo; alao .team leu ctowiii made entire, without (.reate. ?ean or wrinkle, ?n article long rteaired b) ml'llneri. Conatantly on hand, a large ttock ot tbe lat'at no I beat I "A If 1 S SHAPES, In wire, buckram, and Frrnth l*c?, all eolort, ?n which they imitc tic attention of bniera ri.VMtillll JitlN.NET WIltE WORKS manufacture shirring silk, paper notion, I. annn- an l bra< in* wire ?t ever} description and color, which they ait nflcrm ? at rcd?r?d prices. I'articular attention lo pa-Unjr and shipping. Order! fromlbeti untry promptly flleo, a: .>?ren? prices. i,epot No. a) t rllai.iU "i reel THEODOBt: IF. HUR AY, Sole Agent. BPTRTTV A MAM. CPIRITVALISM.-MRS DOCT TRAI'HAGKN, SPIRIt k) medinm, will recaive visiters every day at tier ronnu.JMl Broadway. Honra trom 11 to 1 A M., and 'J tu 4 P. M. evenlncs from 7 to 9 o'olook. Disbelievers are re* poet fa Li) Invitad to attend. Admission oalr "lb oaaaa Or/BlTI Al.' MANIFESTATIONS. ? MIS SEA B RIVO k? the writ known teat, wtltlr.n ap?akl?g, tlppln* and aeo irg sr?di u ui. aasii-Ud Ir one of tro boat eeolon mediuma in the eitr, will holl fitting* nerv d?y. Hour* from 10 to '3 A M.. 2 to 5 and T te? IV M.. at r,;l Br.adway. fpposito Mo tropolitin Hotel. SiPftlo admww .'?, So e^atf ; prlrato slfq.M, ?1 t?ch, ??? POBLlOATlOia. Attractive and TiiSAiii H'.it rn* marines, BV " MARRY I. HI!, CO " UNMMli Wise, C S V. aothr.rul "Lee Griagoi." AeJ A book ot nauttoal adt entire I'uli st spirit tod buin?rJ which cunnot fail ti fascinate kll who rani toheauiussd on* volum> , I2tn? , r?ted Prioe tl 25. HILL US PUBLISHED MAY lOril. JAPAN AS IT M AD AND IN. BY UIOHAHU IIILURKTK, Author of "History of the United Statci," to. Tlie rwtDl < xpeJitiou 10 Japan hA* created a great dot for intormAtion concerning I be histor; And pres?< t state oil these secluded 'stands In this book all "bat hua oomi te t" knowledge of tbe ' t?u side liar' ariaus, " n presented in i a'irActive and reliable !<jrm In one large volume, Uaao Price SI 26. WILL HK nmUSHID IN WAV, IRONTtfORPE. TMt PIUNKItR PiEACHCI, ar PAUL CBfcVTHS, Author of ' Martiu Merry vale." "Ifather Bngntbcfee," Ao , Ac. VBIKORM WITH THE SI'.N .N VSI Dt MfcRtES Whioh embraces "Peep a? Xunhar Pive." 'Tell Tale," "1-At.t Leaf iron Sunnj ?ide," Ac i*rice M cents eaoh .* volume sola separately. JUST T> RLIKHED. ? . RECENT PUBLICATIONS. The Mayflower. By llri. 11. 8 Stowe, la oaa v*L| with a line portrait. Price 21 23. P Ida May. 45th thousand. A uovel of great and i aeraaa i ,nf, raMIl Mm SI 25 1 ?? . land's I'llCOU RSI AT ITnIOM CuLL.t.R, the fiftieth miKfir, of the Presidency of Dr. NottJ Pamphlet. 31 p. I riee 12>? oents. l UlLLlPS. SAMPSON A CO-, Publisher*. 13 Wist* street, Boston. 1 J. C. DERBY. New Yo?k. PJ CO/ AN 8, 1'UBLIHIIBK, BOOKSELLER ? stationer, ban removed from No. 1 1 (J to No. 1U7 Nauaal street. corner ol Ann. Uii Siock comprises an e<taaa?<| assortment ol Doors, Stationery, Blank Books, Writing and Wrapping I'ad r, Twin*, porte m. iiuaioa, pocket books, fancy goods, playing oar>U,H Ac,, whioh are offered at greatly recuoed price*, at ?ImnV (ale and retail. MUNICAU C-%' OCTAVE R08EW00D PIANO. -WILL~ BR SOLI, ) for $??0, an elegant rosewood piano, round corners, I made b> one ?f the most celobrated manufacturers; oalffl 1 ecu in use for three months. Cm Lo seen at 71 Crosby el. A LADY, TEACHER Or THE PIANO FORTE ANI tinging, will nive lesson* at $2 per quarter, it' applioaL t ion is made immediately, Undouoted references given. I Address Muiie, Broadway Post Offloe. A RARE CHANCE.? TO BE DISPOSED OP, _ splrncid pianoforte, one of Chickering's best metalio plato and rosewood case, all ronnd; will be lold (it Apply at 7b Myrtie avenue, Brooklyn. D SMITH, PIANOFORTE MANUFACTURER? WARM . room 10 Sixth avenue, where au assortment of tire! class 7 octave piano? may bo found, made of the best mate rial, and in the moat substantial manner; will be sold low, and warranted. tflRST PREMIUM PIaNOFORTRS, MANUFAOTURRI , JP by STEIf. WAY SONS, 88 Walker street, near Broads way, N. Y. ? Tbete pianos received the first premiums, (? competition with pianos made by tho most celebrated mana-l f. oturers of Boston, New Y<rk, Philadelphia, and Ba&tt-H mere. Every piano warranted. Prioes moderate. MUSIC.-A YOUNG LADY, PUPIL OF THE HOSVB celebrated vocaI and instrumenial periormers that hav? ?iiited the Unitod States, and possessing gi eat oatural abili ties for instructing other*, will give lossons to ladies at I residenoo, 292 West Twentieth street, between Nia'h s Tenth avenues, (late of lati West Thirty fourth street,) i will attend at resieence. 'i hree months will prove iuffioieat.| Terms according to tbo times. NEW PIANOS TO RENT.? A FINE ASSORTMENT new pianos to rent, or for sale on monthly pay raeati at tho great, piano and rnutio establishment of lil>RAC WA1ERS, 333 Broadway. PIANOS. PIANOS? GREAT BARGAINS MAY BL bad at the sp'endid warehoure of N. P. B. CCKTISS, at bis o!il stand, 447 Broadway, where he hat reopened with^ a rich and varied assortment of pianos fiom the ouiebrateAH manulactury of George llews, Bostoa, and also a lar*e a? r snrtment of New York mannfacture Persons will bad it tel tbeir advantage to oall bcl'ure purchasing elsewhere. Ne.l 447 Broadway. FIANOFORTES.? JOHN P. WAKE A CO., MANUFAC-I turcrs, have removed their pianoforte warehouae from f>8 Barolay street, to the new and spacious building. It* Caral street, between I$idson and Varlok streets. Pianofortes at wholesale prices, for eash, or satlstaot?nr| paper. A great inducement to purchaser! uow offered. SECONDHAND PIANOS AT GREAT BARGAINS. ? One at S7U, one at $76, one at $81), $83, $90, $100, $(10 ai^ $126, at tt-c piano and music store of BUR^CI* WATERS, 333 Broadway. Tbree 7 octave Gilbert boudoir pianos, piioe $31X>, keen used about one year, for sale at $190 each. iroRTiNG, dec. CHALLENGE -WE. THE UNDERSIGNED WILE, row Thnnias llayes aud kobert Tllford, of Fultoa sltp.l in any twoeiiual brats, one or two pair ot sculls, a distanoa] of from two to five miles, lor from $f>0 to $2U0 aside. MICll&El, QUIGLRY, ) oi th(( n,tta_ THOMAS Kt AN, J ?' Battear. REWARDS. a >i)FL REWARD ? LOST, ON WIDN1 SDAY EVENING. in ona of the Amity street stages, or Thursday morning, in the Washington Market u porimounaic. contain ing over SVOti in bills of the Ocean and Irving Banks, three &.V bills on the Ocean Bank, a >10 bill on the Bauk of Con ' uersville, Inoinna, broken. The above reward will bo paid to whoever will return the same to 12i \\ arren street. e')A Rewakd.-stolen on the morning op May 1, from Jesree E. Brown, R.ihwa;-, N. J., ? very oark brown bay mare, appears blark. eight years old, about aix'ieen hands high, two small wnite spota in her terehead. snaps at strangers, and has a switch tall. Can return her to Rahway, or to \) m. U. Brown. 313 llenry street, New York. (Jfl i\ RLWARD.? LOST, ON WEDNESDAY, ON THE V 1" T. S.V from Iian'son through Hicks street, to South lerry, Brooklyn, and by oinnikiis up to Fourteenth street, a heavy gold lorgnon, chaseil on both sidei, with two glasses. The above reward will be paid on delivery at 99 Harrison street, Brooklyn. (Jjff REWARD-LOST ON TUESDAY EVENING. IN going from CeJnr street to BucAley'a. iu a llroadway and Forty ninth street stage, or at Bucaley's, or in goiag from thtre to West Nineteenth street in a Broadway, Fout teenth street and Ninth avenue ttage, a lady's plain gold bracelet. The finder will receive the stove re ?arJ on leav ing it at*7 Cedar street, or 740 Wen Nineteenth street. $ C II F.WARD. ? LOST, IN GOING FROM l'IKE STREET i]p?J throvgh Allan, to Grand, Bowory, Prince, Wooster, Sprirg, and by stage to Catherine, through Madison to 1'ike street, a circular gold breastpin, studded with rnbiae. The finder will receive the above reward, and the thanks of the owner, by returning the isms to CHARLES ALTHOP, No. t-1 Maiden lane, up stairs. <J> -4 BEWAkD? LOST, ON WEDNESDAY AFTER fT noon. May 2, In Vestry street, between Hudson and Greenwich streets, a Mack lace veil. The finder shall re ceive the above rev aid by leaving it at 39 Veatry street. (J>Q REWARD.? LOST, A NEWFOUNDLAND DOG t]pO v Lite on breaat, and fore feet tipped with white, end of nose white, and answers to the namo of Carlo. Whsever will return the tame to No. 35 Dey street, will receive the above reward. tHos. MaCDONALD. $Q REWARD. -LOST, ON THE 2D INST . A SMALL O black and liplit fan colored and white terrier slut, liad on a collar marked 32 West Thirty.third street. Who ever will return her to that address shall receive the above reward. THE SUBSCRIBER'S HOUSE WAS BURGLA.UOUSLY entered on Tuesday, the 1st intt., between 12 and C A. M.. and the following urtioles stolen:? Six silvor table spoons, six do. forks, eleven do. teaspoons, three ealts, all marked S. E. J.; one silver soup ladle, ona silver cup, chased, ship on one side, shield on tbe reverse' one small spice box, no marks; one doien plated table forks, one de. dessert forks, half doren teas, all made by Hall. Eltoa A Co.: one misses mink tur victorine and ouffi, fourteen yards silk, portly made into skirt, lined with yellow paper muslin, white and blue striped pattern; one pilot monkey coat, blark watered silk lappels, and one blaok frock coa*. reward will )>e paid for tho recovery of tbe above. Pawn brokers and others will please stop tbe same if offered for sale. E. JOSEl'HI, 125 East Thirteenth street. LOST AMD VOIINO. Found? on broadway, a pair ok gold spic tahles. Inquire at 310 Broadway. up stiurs. LOST-FIVE DOLLARS REWARD. LOST. ON Wednesday, in the lower part of the oity. ft pieoe of gold chftit, with snakes bend, ruby eyes; ft gold watch key, somewhat won, still retaining portions oi black enamel: and n gold pencil and pan. Baglef's makn. Whoeror will return the above articles to Mrs. N. J. 1 urlong, 4S3 Broad way. shall receive five dollars reward. Lost-while passing from wall st., through Wllliftm street, to corner of Maiden lane, as abstract of tltle|of property belon&ing to Denrts Harris, of K> a eras at Carmansvllle. The finder will bo suitably rewarded by leaving the same at W. H. Brower'a, No. i Jannocv court, 41 R all street. ]? OST-ON FRIDAY EVENING LAST, AT SMITH'S a Pftnorau a. (Empire Hall,) ft gold watch-key, in tbe form ol a lyre with a serpent twined around it The' finder will be snitfttily rewarded b\ leaving it at 1!>4 Front street. Lost-near the herald office, on wednis day afternoon. May 2, between 4 asd ft o'elook, a purs*, containing H.'? in gold and S3 in bank notes, with some change. The tinder in ill be suitably rewarded, and raoaiT* the thanka of tie owner, wbois m inueh want of it, by left* irr it at Mrs. Callahan'*. SS9< Seventeenth street. ' New tork. mav 3. pw? lost or mislaid, this forenoon, two notes psyablo in New York to the 'rder i f Ole Birkrim, drawn by Franklin Steele, iort Saelliag. Mina Ten dollars reward will ho paid and noiqneatioas 1 sked by leaving the same, before four o'clock to morrow afternoon, at the lionse of John E. Etright, Keutaeky Hons*, No. t Carlisle street, New York. SCOTCH T E RR I F R LOST? FIVE DOLLARS RKWARD ? A white and brown dog warned "Scott," lost two weeks ?go in >inth avenue, near Blind Asylum. Apply at I3M l ?sri street, iu t be store. KVTRA PAT. BOO STE LAN OS? ALL PERSON* JWTiTLRO *0 land warranta nud~r the late aet of Uaagmaa, MB har? the aame property ovllioted, on ftpnlioation to WM R. XJAWS 173 Canal streak Utters from tbe aowatqr vrovyA. ly answervvL Bounty land office, k wall STKKEr? all solditrs, sailors, wagsnmasters ao>l or it* widows of those who served fourteen cays on sea or shore in any v ar sinee 1773, are entitled to ltsl acres of bounty Innd Those who received 10 or HO n-ros ran obtain the lalarce. !> o char'* nntil |tho warrant is collected. Apaiy to ?h? agent, P T. BETTh, It* Wall ctr.-at, hftscmeat. Bounty land warrants obtained, rougrt and located- real e>tat- butuht, unight, leased and oi i han;-??l; mjney lo*n?d i n rea' estate, aiiac<imh<-rwd an l improved, and oa unpenned | tr?onal rfectiritie*. nnd coal miMioRH promptly eneMitcd, bf M' A I. KICK A CO, N#. 'iQ Froidfft/, ocrnar Of Muira> street. XTAVY BOUNTY LAND AN? "EX IRA PAY" OFFICE. J> - Bounty lands and "e*tru pay" for II. St. Navy saiion. Ac , In ftll oars .iocs ?7l<0 ? t-b. It widows an J >*?* -unwsUs obtained and paid. ? Iialaares ?tu- widows an I hairi of d. coaiod U. 8 sailor* ar.diKwrs. collected-, and all I inds of claiina agaiaat tha UntfJ States r; oo fire J by . EDWARD BIMRLL, #? -#t ard ???*) P?r*-rQ.H Vftfy, ItJ W?ll|tmA,

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