Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 4, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 4, 1855 Page 7
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f WTOTBBlfElfTS RElfEWEP ETERY BAT. ?OARIMKI HP MWWiro. G7ft BROADWAY.-TO FAMILIES OK SINULE GEN 0 I V tleman, a handsome suit of rooma, oonsisting of fo?r, en the fcuropeau plan, or. private table. These rooms should be teen to be appreciated. Terms moderats. 7CO BROADWAY.-TO LIT, A HANDSOMELY 1 Ujj furnished parlor and bedroon 0* third floor, with breakfast served in roomi. HOUSTON STREET? A TEW SINGLE GEM U jtO tlemea, and a gentleman and lady, oan be accom modated with eomiortable rooma and tall or partial board, by applying at above. Terma $4 to $10 per week. Reference reqnlred. *17(1 FOURTH STREET? ELEGANTLY FURNISHED OJU acartmenti to let, with or without board, for gen tlemen and their wire*, or party of tingle gentlemen; alao ?ingle rooma; modern improvements; dinner at 6 o'clock; Trench and Spanish apoken. OAQ TWELFTH STREET, SECOND DOOR FROM OUv Second avenue? Rooma on the aecond and third floors, furnished or unfurnished, in a private family. Modern improvements. A ainple gentleman and gentleman and his wile, with partial 1. aid for gentlamen. Location pleasant, hnnae well furnished, near cars and and atages. References a?hanged. ni Q WEST TWENTY SEVENTH STREET.? A l'LEA. *ant furnished room to let to a single gentleman, with or without partial bo ltd. The house oontains bath, K??. *<=?__ r RAN KLIN STREET. TUKEE MINUTES' WALK rom the City U all, _ pleasant rooms with board. 170 Rooms for aingie gentlemen $4 and $5; tor gentlemen and their wives $0 to $10. Apply immediately for a choice of rooms. lvll NINTH STREET, THIRD DOOR EAST OF BROAD iTl war, furaishod rooms, iu anits or separately. Alao, Wl parlor and extension room on the brst floor, to let to gentlemen, with broakfaat. if required. Also, famished is nt * 0; 8 College plaee. "1 OO WEST TWENTY THIRD STREET. -GENTLE lO^ men and their wives, or single gentlemen, wishing a quiet home, can obtsin pleasant rooms and board, ia a near house, delightfully situated, and ea*y of access trum the buoiness parts of thu city. References exchanged. |19Q FRANKLIN STREET? FURNISn ED OR UN furnished rooms to let to single gentlemen or gen tlenen ond their wives, with foil or partial board, onrea ?onable terms. m PRINCE, CORNER GREEN STREET.? HAND ;omely furnished rooms to lot, with lull or partial kMrt, to single gentlemen. Nona bnt first class need apply. ilHA LEONARD STREET, FIVE DOORS FROM l-IUU Bret d-vay? handsome, newly furnished rooms, with board. .Reicrenoes exchanged. nniPR^' E STREET.? SING ?.E ROOMS TO LET Ll'J'x Furnisuoci or unfurnished, with or without partial boart. Inquire as above. PRINCE HTKEET.? ELEGANT ROOMS, WITH or without hoard. 90 Q-| EAST TWENTY-THIRD STREET-A PARLOR AND Ol laige bedroom, handsomely furnished, on the first flour, nsn be obtained with board, (private table, if desired) In a first class bouse; the loca don is very fine; there is a lares irujt garden belonging to the hoase. Apply as above fiQ COURT STREET, CORNER OF SCHERMERHORN, iJrodklyn. ? A front parlor, with bedroom and pantry attached; alao single room < tolat, with lull or partial >ioard. The locality is central, between Fulton and South ferries. References exchanged. CO GREENWICH AVENUE-RUSSELL PLACE.? Furnisbel rooms to let to gentlemen, without boari, ?r with partial board. The house has the modern improve ments; stages pass the door every few minutes; and is also within three blocks of the Sixth avenue cars. Also, a front basement, suitable for a Doctor's office. 14 WEST WASHINGTON PLACE.? A FINE FRONT ntU room on second story; also, other pleasant rooms, all lewly and handtonuly furnishod, to le:, with or without (partial board; bouse contains tho modern improvemunts; re Ptrences exchanged; also, furnished rooms in second story of |house78 Murray street, without board. NC GROVE STREET, NEAR BLEECKER? DELIGHT |T'J ful suits of roams on first and aeoond floor, to lot to other or separately, furnished or unfurnWbed, with board; louse first class, eo'itaiuiog improvements; location moat |desirable, and accessible to cars and stagi lines. Idl EAST FIFTEENTH STREET, NEAR UNION |T I square.? A very plesant "front room on second floor, |with beerouin attached if required. Terms moierate. I A SMALL FAMILY LIVING IN GOOD STYLE IN |JO. Brooklyn, between Wall street and South femes, have > lar.-e neatly furnished room, also a hall room, goad sixe. o let, with partial nosrd, to two or three gentlemen of good aeral ebarae'e-. As the family do not iceep a boarding lou enoric r ut t *iose wishing to become permanent residents |aeed apply. Address for two days E. w O., Herald office. U FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED BOOM AND ledroom wanted, for a gen'leman and wife, where here are positively no other boarders, and where they oan njoy a comfortable home. Terms must bo stated in roply, ,ad must be moderate. Address H. G. Lewis, Broadway 'oat office. U LARGE AND HANDSOME BACK PARLOR ON THE first floor, furnished, and an elegant front room in tho Mi to let to a gentleman and his wife; also, pleasant booms for single gentlemen with or without partial oard; bath, gas. A?. References exchanged. Apply at 90 Flute street, sear Broadway. I A PRIVATE FAMILY, LIVING IN A HIGHLY RE la. spectacle neighborhood, having more riom than they Eaqnire, will let a furnished apartment to a single gentle ?an. Breakfast and tea if retired. Apply at IS East hirtyflrat street near Fifth avenue. A PARTMENTS AT 25 WASHINGTON PLACE.-PRI> rL vate ta>l? if desired. ? AN UNFURNISHED ROOM TO LET. WITH BOARD. K?\. to a gentleman and lady, also * wj or throe young gea |lsneo can be accommodated with board, at 132 Lexington .venue. itefrreDcea exchanged. I A Win u LADY, HAVING A FINE MODERN |A bui't bouse, containing ivory accommodation, would like to take two <.r three single gentlemen to partial board, "'be house is beautifully located; room* large and pleasant, iddress I. F. A., Herald office. ? A FEW SELECT BOARDERS MAY OBTAIN ROOMS, |A. furnished or unfurnished, with or without board, with private family, in a new brown atone bonae, with all the odarn improvements. References exchanged. Apply at >44 East 'thirteenth street, between Second and Third avs. ? A WIDOW LADY HAVING NO SMALL CHILDREN, ?fl. wishes a child to boar.l. It will have the beat of caro. KJall at 21 Amos street, in the store. |A BACK PARLOR, NEATLY FURNISHED. SUIT LfV able lor two gentlemen, to let. in ft private family, pith or without partial board. Apply at 1H White street, door from Elm. I A PRIVATE FAMILY, IIAVINQ MORE ROOMfLjJHAN l/l thi y rcantre, would wish to let a parlor and bedrWtn at tached, to one or two gentlemen, at St 80 per week. Alao. k ball bedroom, at (1 73. If required, an elegant front or ' room pailor on theflrit floor. Apply at71CroBby it. I AT NO. 91 PRINCE STREET, ON FIRST BLOCK l/V went of Broadway, gentlemen k? 1 their wives, or sing'e Erntlemen, can obtain lull or partial board, with woll fur lushed rooms; location very desirable; home first class; }atha and itti. SMALL 4M&RJCAN FAMILY WILL LET A TEW pleasant rooms, fnrniihed or nnturnifhrd, in suites 'parately, with or without partial board, where the fcrtaot a home can be enjoyed, on very reasonable is. Bath in the house. Apply at ti5 Mftcdeugftl street, |hreu doora abovo Houston street. I A LADY LIVING RETIRED, IN A QUIET NEIGH |rL boroood in the npper part ot the city, would let a fur ished parlor M a gentleman and Ir. I v. witn hoard tor 'ady r required. AdJrma Quiet, Uniou square Post Office. I A LADY OOCUPYINO A THREE STORT HOUiE B/V. w! h all tho modern improvements, in the vicinity o fhe Met'opolitan Hotel, wcat side, e?n acoommoda'o a ltdy ind gentltman with a neatly furniahed room and full board or lady, partial tor irentloman if reqnieed, at inoterata .arms. Address Norma, Broadway Post Office, for two fcr I A LL PERSONS WISHING BOARD OR BOARDERS, | A will find my office the sorest, moat respectable and sat ?taotory method of finding cither. Boarders politely diract 1 free -f ohftrge, :o all parts of tno city or country. Vou ay think etrtn^e. vet it is true, it atands without a rival 1 the world. Mine the only protection and true refereioo ^f both f>artie?, in this city. Don't remain ignorant through rejadiee; call and jud^e for yourae'.vea. Ullice Clinton all. Eighth ?t , near Broadway; open I'riini S A. M. to V p. R. D. GOODWIN. ULADY, WHO HAS JUST niKED A CONVENIENT bonne, in the lower part of tbe city, wiahea to meot ith a lady or goir Ionian having some parlor iurni'uro. and ho wonlf be willing to join the mlvortiser in keeping a low select boarder*, or receive board, Ao., in .payment of far litnro. Address Mrs M. VI . Hroadway I'oat Offlse. M'lRn : ,v | ,,, BOOM*, HA?l>SOMBLlT VUR * mated, sui'.aWe for (ingle gentlemen or gentlemen and >ir wives, will r.? let, tilth rood b ard, in a ttrst class mm. 37 Ninth etreet, near Firth avenue. OAK L>. ? A GENTLEMAN AND IIIS WIFE, OR TWO > single gentlemen, oan obtain board in a small private nily, where tbe comforts of a houi? may no realised, on. containing pantries, gat, and adjoining bath; h?use boavemrnt to cum and stages. Apply at No. H Warren Charles streit, references exchanged. OABl) ? SUITS OF FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH EX 1 tension furniture and all the modern improvements Bither fir single persona, or gentlemen and their wive*, with without board, in ? c-alraMo and beautiiol location, be een beccnd aud Third ftvemiM. Apply at 19 Stuyvasunt EwOARD,-A GKNTLEMAN AND WIFE CAN nAVE A > pleaaant reom at 3U (ireene street, near Fourth street; >e, two or three gentlemen ean have single rooms, with or Ithoet I srtittl board, on reasonable terms. No moving in If. Kelereuccs required. IOARD?A FEW SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAN BE > aciitnaui ated with haodaomn apartment*. and break stand '?a, in a pri?a'e family, redding in West Twenty ootid street, near Fifth avenue. Address Private, iisrald Ice. (OARD- FULL OR PARTIAL, CAN BE OBTAINED, Lj at ti e ?0iithw'"t ?? rnsr of Tweety lifth street ai^ ontth avenue. rln,"I? rooms or luits, fnrmshed or tiafnr Ulied; situation delightful being adjacent to lladla in nniti mith >11 in* modern imtirovemen' a. Jinarr'. mith all tne modern improvements. ?OARD? TO LET. TO GENTLEMEN ONLY, A SUITE * of rooms, ia ? first class house, all the modern nprovemcnts, pantries, gas, not and cold water, in a ivnte family, withon* boar.l. Apply at 37 ftlorckcr street. IOARD,? A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY OCCUPYING J a new modern built house In ftfinn location, woul l let tlth board, an eleirant parlor and bedroom tinrnral*h' I, to n gentleman and wife The bouse *a? evorv m idem snveitenoe, sss, Iiatb. Ac. Location Weat "Jllth st ; no sardrrs or ehildren in the bonse. Pleace address W. H. A., lerald office. IOARD. -a VERY LARGE HANDSOME FURNISHED 9 or unfurnished room to Ut. with board, to a gentle* a? and his wife, cr two gentlemen, in n private honee. ae and bath in the house A?ply at No. H Beaoh street, tlthin two doors of St. John's i'ark. JOARD D<iWN TOWN. AT S3 PER WEBK.-PER* A aeot botir'tera, withont lodging, oan he acomm 'dated I the above price, also a few boarders, with lodging, oan I teeeaiaioda'ad ftt ?3 SO to t4 per week, ftt the Hotel, 247 rftahiagtea street. 'ARD IN WEST ELEVENTH STRSFT? FRONT "??, fft ?ecoi?d floor, to let with totrd- ?iona? ha< all r*ern imptovements. Apply at IS ffctt llmill ft n w doers from Broftd *ay. warodni ura u)Duua Board in west lumim strut, xuk Broad ??j ?Front room on second floor to lot, with toetd; house Las all the modern improvement*. Inquire at 18 Welt IbTutb street, between Broadway And UiiTuriitr place. Board at 192 bleeckib stbeet.-a i 1 w single gentleman can be accommodated at tho above flrat elm b<; alio, a l*rre room, suitable for a gentleman and wife, or ?<ro ainf le gentUmen. Dinner at tf o'clock. BOARD IN CLINTON PLACB.-A VERY PLEASANT suite of furnished rooms, on the seooud floor, tor a gen tli man and his wife, or for tingle gentlemen; alio, a tingle roon^for a single gentlemen, at 97 Clinton place. BOARD IN A PRIVATE ENGLISH 7AM I LT ? A large room on the second story, with small room at taobed if deairad, for a lady and geotleman, or a single can tlaman. Alao, a tingle room on third story; the bast of accommodatlona on moderate terms. References ixohauged. Apply at 50? Broome street, or at the store 213 Greenwich street. ft o.*t ^$2$ tiiziv*1* Board in Brooklyn? gentlemen who wisn pleasant airy rooms, in a delightful location, within live minutea' walk of the South and Wall t trout, ferrios, with partial board, in a private family, are requested to coil at 1(H) Clinton street. Refereocea exchanged. Board in Brooklyn -a vacancy for a gen tleman and lady, or two gentlemen, at 43 Congrosa street, three doors below lienry. A respectable party will find handsome apartments, and a well kept Uouae. Tarma moderate. Reference required. Board in Brooklyn, near fulton ferry.? A gentleman and hia wire, or two single gentlemen, ean be accommodated with a spacious front room on the accond floor, furnished and lighted wit>- "?s, with board, In a genteel family. Vary pleasantly looated. Apply at 50 Sands street. Board in Brooklyn.? one or two gentle men or a gentleman and hia wife can be aooommodated with a large airy bedroom and board in a private houso plea santly located, and convenient to the femes, and where, if so dlaposed, they may bo thoroughly at home. Address N. T., box 2126 Post Office. Board in broorlyn.-a lady having a house pleasantly looated, with all the modern improve ments, wonld let a suit of rooms, furnished or unfurnished, to a gentleman and his wife, or two single gentlemen, with board References exchanged. Dinner at 0 o'clock. Apply at (12 Willoughby atreot. Board in Brooklyn? rooms with board, suitable for lamiliea and single gentlemen, furnished or unfurnished, may be had in a tiru class house convenient to South terry. Apply at the house corner ot Hicks and Amity stree .s. Terms reasonable. Board in Brooklyn.? a few gentlemen and tbeir wives, or singlo gentlemen, can obtain full or par tial board, in a desirable location near Fulton ferry. Ap ply at 4<> Front street, Brooklyn. Board in brook lyn-a famil* residing at >o. 219 Adams street, near Joiinsou, have a room on stcond floor, also room on third floor, to let, with partial borad; gentlemen can obtain a pleasant and ooinl'orta'ile In me on moderate terms; location it) conveuient tor either Wall or l'ulton ferries. Board in Brooklyn. -a handsome front rcom, for a gentleman and wife, or two single gentlcneu. 1 arge pantries, Ac. House within a few minutes' walk of South and Wall street ferrits. Inquire at 41 Congress atrtct, between Hicks and lienry. Board in brooklyn.-a gentleman and wife can obtain board in a private family with a large room, between Si nth and Wall atroet ferries. Apply at 92 Clinton at. References required , Board in south Brooklyn? a handsome front room and bedroom, on second floor, furelshed or unfurnishod, with board, for a gentleman and wife, or two or three single uentlomen, at 43 Cheeaer place. Bath, gas, Ac. Near Hamilton and South ferries Board in souTn brooklyn-one or two boarders can be aooommodateil with a lar^e pleasant second story room, having gas; also, a small room, closets, Ac., in an agreeably located house, tbreotniuntes' walk from Hamilton erry, and ten from South ferry; every attention paid by the family to the comfor'a of those residing with tbem. Apply at 90 President street. Board in south Brooklyn.? two or three ?ingle gentlemen can be accommodated with Urge airy rooms, fursiabed and obtaining eas, with partial board, in a small privato family, where the coiiforts of a hiine iu%y be had. Terms miderate. Apply at No. 15 Douglass street sear Court. Board on Brooklyn heip.hts.? two oi three gentlemoi can be accommodated with full or partial board in one of 'lie most healthy and desirable locations in the city, witbin three minutes' walk of the Wall street and Fulton terries, Apply at 129 Columbia street, between Picrrepont and Clark streets. References exchanged. Board in williamsburg.? one of the best houses and beat locations iu the city, only two minutes' walk from two ferries. A gentleman and laiy, as a * few | single gem lemon can obtain good rooms on the second aid tbird floors, by applying at 19 South Ninth street, corner Second. Board in wilhamsbukg.? a gentleman and hia wife and two or three* single gentleman can be ac commodate Awitb board, in a respectable private lamily, at SO South Fittn street, throe minntea' walk from Peck clip terry- References exchanged. Board in williamsburg -a gentleman and lady, and a few single gontlumeo, will flndgood accom modationa at 89 Second street, within a few minutes wai* of three ferries. The bouSe is in tine order, and will be open tor (ho recoptionof boarders on the 10th of May. Apply until the 8th, at 170 Bast Broadway, after that ou tho premises. Board in thb country? can be had, within anbour'arlde from the city by railroad or stetmboat, the situation iu healthy, and near the water; the home is large, and surrounded oy an extensive lawn, tilled with trees. Apply to Mrs. Hodden, New Rochelle, or to James Gray, 17 Wall street. Board wanted-by a gentleman and his wite, in a private family, or wb?re there are very tew boarders, between 2d avenue and Broadway and above 14th St.; expact to pay SI2 to $15 a-week, and o*n furnish their apartments. Address A. B. E.. Herald office. Board wanted? in Brooklyn, between mon tague and Bridge streets, and not higher up than City Hall, for a man and his wife, in a unall private tamily; will furnish their own rooms ii an object. No one need apply without stating terms. Referenc e will be given and re quired. Address A. B., Post office. New York. Board wanted.? a gentleman, wife and eluld (ten yeara old) wilh two large untarnished rooms, ? ith ?U the modern improvements, in ft email private fa mily, or whore there are but few boarders. location ia the Fifteenth ??rd preferred. A permanent ftrrangement de sirable. Address, stating terms and locfttion, box 1,590, Poit Office. Board w ante?? by a gentleman and wipe, in an Amerioar. family, where there are no othsr board era; fall board tor lady only. Term* moderate. References exchaapcd. Please address Boarder, box 3.8IM, Post Office, stating term), looation, Ac. T>OaKD WANTED? FOR A GENTLEMAN AND TWO AUdauihters (lti and 1M Tears ot a;e) in ft private family Hire there are no other boarder*, eittier in this oitr, Brook lyn, Williamsburg or Jeriey City; foil board for the ladies only. Address Parent, Broadway Poet Office Board wanted? in Brooklyn, for two gen tlemea, in a private French or Amerioan family, in a pleaaant, healthy looation, an far out aa Clinton arenue. and accessible by ft line of uftra or stages. l'lease state term* and address S;., box 489 Post. Oflioe. Board wanted? by a respectable young lady. in ? private family. She will be an agreeable oom Btnion for any reaped table lady. She will be engaged in (ht sewing. City reference given. Addresa C. K., Herald office, atating particulars. Board wanted-for a lady and gentleman. fnll board for the lady, with ft wiJow lady preferred. Address S. 11., Union square pint Office. Board wanted by a gentleman, in brook lyn. between Fnlton and Atlantic aireeta. Refer- nee given and required. Addresa, with foil particulars, W. W. It., box 105 herald office. Board wanted and mouse to let.? house no. V Bond street will be let to a responsible, genteel te nant, and part of toe rent taken in the board of a small fa mily. The bono is in a very desirablo locality, in excellent order, aid has all the modern improvements. The best re ferences required. Apply on the {remises at any hour. Boakding.-a private family, residing in one of the most convenient as well ft* pleasant nei^l. borhoods in the city, would let, furnished or unfurnished, with board, to two eentlemen and their wives, the backroom in second story? sedroom attaebed, and fr nt room ana bedroom on third utory. Referenoes must be unexceptiona ble. inquire at 101 Second avenue. Boardinu-a front suit or rooms, with large pantries; alie, rooms for sinrle gentlemen in a first elass private boarding bouse; location pleasant, eool an J airy; convenient te ears and stagos going to all pans of the eity. Apply ftt No. 4 Abingdon square west side, seooad doer from Bank street. Boarding? a gentleman and his wipe, or a tew single gentlemen cau be accommodated wilh par Hal board by applying at 196 Atlantic street, Sou'.h Brooa h? BOAKDI.NO ?TWO GENTLEMEN AND TUF.IK LA diesein be acnoumodated witb verv Ane rsorns, a ija eent to buaiieas, wltn lull or partial board. Apply at 1U) Franklin street. Boarding.? a gentleman and iiis h u e, or two untile gentlemen, can be accoinmo Jated with good board and neatly fr.rai*hed apartments, with us? o> ha'h rorm and caa, at &2 Hqpry atreet. None tiut onteel p-opl? need apply. BOARDING .-families AND SINGLE GENTLEMEN will find handsomely furnished rooms, with modern im provements, at t>8 West Fourteenth street, between Filth ftnd Sixth ftvenue*. Dinner at ?i. References exctanccd. BOARDING-A PRIVATE FAMILY, OCCI PNINO A flrst class house, containing all the modern irai-rove luente. and orautifully located in West Eighteenth s'reet. w.ll Jat unfurnished, the two front room* ti ihesoemd floor Dinner at t! o'clock. Addrs?s J. B W . Herald othee Boarding? a private family would let. with beard a suit of rooms on second fl<>or, nnfttrnl'Bcd or room and bedroom- The house has all the improvements, and location cood. Reference* p iven and required. Apply at 71 llacdousal street, kttweea Bleeeker and Uoustou. Boarding.? rooms with modern improve inert* can be hal, with hoard, at l(?!i vt est Thirty sixt !i I |! street, hal a block from Broadway, fnrnlaheil or tinfurnish , ed. Aho a very beautiful suit of rooms for a family. CflOIJNTRV BOARD.? TWO FAMILIES CAN OBTAIN J board, icood stable for heraea if required), within ?ix or seven miles fr?m th? city, on tne Hudson river. Addreas 1)., hox 1,17* Post OSoe. CIHOUNTRV BOARD WANTED-BY A LADV, K'lR hie isnner. in a respectable fairlly, at the ?ea side. I'.rms no) te exceed tbreedollars per week. Address, stating Iocs lion, Miss M. G., Herald offioe, tor one week. (?^ounTRT- boariTfoiTc hi iTdren -A~LADT rp. ? j siding in ft heftltby town ia Berkshire oonntry. would Iftke undrr ber especial oare a limited number of children < nring the summer. Any person wishing to plane their children where they will reoeive all the advantages of a 1 1 nntry heme, e* ? make arrangements frr doing so. by in it?irii e for Abby, at M WaverJey place, for one weak. ?OIlAOBM AMD UOttlM. COUNTRY BOARD.? ONE OR TWO SMALL FAMI li?a can be accommodated ir a oouutry hou?e, a Tow miles train Brooklyn; access euy by cart or stages; fine to m>, plmty of trait, vegetable* and milk. For fur hoc particulars, apply at 74 East Twenty -third street. Elegantly fuurnished rooms-a beautiful front parlor ia the iw?d story, with too adjoining bedroooms, will be lot to two single gentlemen. m a new boose occupied by a small prira'e family. The house ooa tains all the modern improvements, is within one minute's walk of both oars and omnibuses, and near Broadway. In quire at 237 Twelfth street. Furnished apartments to let-to single gentlemen, without board, consisting of a parlor and bed room, wtth closets, g as, bath, Ao., in the first class house Mo. 5 Great Jones street, third door from Broadway. Furnished rooms to let, without board.? Two pleasant rooms to let to single gentlemen. The location is uniurpaised. being in the immediate vicinity of Madison, G rameroy and Union parks, and is convenient of acoi ss, by stages and tar.s to all parts of the city. Any per w i bing toinda borne where they oonld be quiet and retired, will find this a most de>irable situation. References exchanged Apply at 3h4 Fourth avenue, iu tits store, cor ner of Twenty eecond street. Furnished room to let-in a private family, to a single gentleman. Call at No. 7 Alien st. Furnished rooms, pleasantly situated, for gentlemen, without board, ca%be had at:2S 1 rout street, Urooklvn, two blocks from Fu.tou or Catherine ferries; terms reasonable. Furnished lodging room3.-a few single gentlemen can be accommodated with lodgin-*, with or without board, at 37 City Hall place, one door frim corner of Pearl street. Gentlemen can obtain pleasantfurnhhid rooms, on second floor, at 99 Spring struct, without board, opposite the.St. Nicholas, aud adjoining the Prooott Douse. Handsomely furnished rooms to lf.t-with or without board, suitable for single Kuntlemcn, or gentlemen and their vivos, in a bouso wi'h all the inodorn improvements. Apply at 63 West Tweuty-tirst street, oor ner ol Sixth avenue. HOBOKEN? A PRIVATE ENGLISH FAMILY CAN accommodate a few gentlemen with most comfortably furnished rooms and partial board, at No. 21 Irving plaoo, on moderate terms, a tew minute*' walk from the ferries. Reference required. NO. 01 FOURTH STREET. BETWEEN HAMMOND and Bank, in a private family, where there are uo other bcarders, a from ana back room, on second floor, well fur nishud, to let, with or witho.ut hoard, to gentle mnu and thoir ? ives, or single gentleman, whore every attention shall be rendered that can be desired. Status pass the door; Eighth avenue cars within two blooks. NEW CLUB HOUSE, FIFTH AVENUE.?AN ENGLISH lady is prepared to let handsomely furnished rooms, witk partial board if required, in a first class houso, fitted up with every convenience*, within three ininuttV walk or the new club house, and olose to Fifth avonuo and Madi son square. Apply at 33 West Twenty fourth street. ONE OR TWO VERY HANDSOME PARLORS, OV second or third floors, with bodrooms attached, suita ble tor a gentleman and wile; also, one or two single ro mix for g? ntlcmen, oan be had by applying immediately at the house No. 10 Waverley place. Dinner at 6 o'oloek. ONE OR MORE ROOMS, FURNISHED OR UNFUR nfshed, with or without board, all the improvements, with a private family, near Second avenu* and St Mark's place. Call at GOOD WIN'S, Clinton Hall, Astor place. PLEASANT ROOMS MAY RE OBTAINED, WITH board, by applying at 174 West Twenty socond street. Also, persons desirous of obtaining good accommodations for country board, ia a desirable and healthy looation, one hours' ride from the olty, may make favorable arrange ments by application as above. PERMANENT BOARD WANTED? WITH A FRONT and back room on the seoond floor, either furnished or unfurnished, by a gentleman and hi* wile without ohildrcu. A private family, or one taking but few hoarders, having such apartments, will find a detirable party by addressing A. B., box 1,:$3'J, Post office, stating looation and price. Sat isfactory reference will be given. PRIVATE BOARDING? A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, or two einilo gentlemen, oan be ao lomvodated with u Iron"- room and bedroom, with bath and gas. at 102 West Six teenth street. Rooms, with board, for gentlemen and their wives or single gentlemen.? House pleasantly situ ated. facing Hob'iken ferry, and in the vicinity of St. Luke's ohnrch. Those desiring a comfortable home will do well to call at t>70 Greenwich street. Terms reasonable. Rooms to let, with board, in second story of No 68 Troy strret, to gentlemen and their wives, or single gentlemen. Reierenuea exchanged. Rooms to let? handsomely furnished, to gentlemen null, without board in a private family. Keferetaces required. Inquire at 302 Fourth street. Rooms ? well furnished, with partial board; also, a basement suitable for a physician's office, at 4H7 Broome street, eorner of Greene street. RcOMS AND APARTMENTS- FURNISHED AND UN furnished, if desired, with board, for singte gontlemen or small families, in a first kclas* house, with all toe modern improvements. No. 171 Nineteenth street, between Firat and Sccond avenue*. SINGLE GENTLEMEN, OR GENTLEMEN AND THEIR wives, oan bo accommodated with board and pleasant room* in a very desirable location, at 230 Tenth street, near Second avenue. Terms reasonable. Three gIntlemen can be accommodated with very handsome roou.* in a strictly private family, where t h? comforts of a home ? ill b? found, near Fifth ave nue and Washington square, Addre**, with real name, F. M. S., box 148 Post Office. Three rooms to let? furnishkd or unfur nished, singly or together, at 135 Varick street, corner of Spring, confuting of iron* room, baok room and bedroom. TO SINGLE GENTLEMEN.? A PRIVATE FAMILY occupying a ne? bouse, elegantly furnished, will let a beautiful *uit of rooms in rosewood; also, one large room to gentlemen of hirh respectability, with or without hoard. Apply at 1193a Ninth street, five door* weit of Broadway. WANTED? IN BROOKLYN, WITH AN AMERICAN family, a room, by a single gentleman, with partial board and use of piano. Reterenees exchanged. Address C. R , box 1,547 Post Offioe. HOl'SKS, ROOMS, AC., WAITED. Apart* ents wanted-for a gentleman and wife, in a respectable neighborhood; the second floor, confuting of two room* ant oie or two gooi sized bedrooms, tvitti t.'roton water, in a house with on* tamily, between Fif teenth and Tweiity- eighth streets, and Seooid andSiith avenues. Good reltronce given. Address A. S , 20 Sixth st. COTTAGE ON STATEN ISLAND ? WANTED, FOR four months, a commodious cottage, with fnrniture. Not to exceed two mile* irom a landing plaoo. Address box 7,773 New Turk Post Office, stating terms, location, Ao. COUNTERS WANTED? TWO COUNTERS, OR TVBt.ES ? 1th drawers, wanted for a clothing store, suitable for a cutter. Applj at 117 South street, between 12 and 2o'clook. W. A. TOO A BR. fCKMSHED ROOM WANTED, WITHOUT BOARD, inn good neighborhood. by a single gentleman ; down ? own preierrcd. Terms, not to exoeed $6 per month. Ad dreas L. L., Herald office. House wanted? in a genteel neighbor hood, containing all the modern improvements, by ? most detiruble tenant. Addroa* M. B , Herald office, stating location, description of honsc and the loweat rent. WANTED -A GENTLEMAN AND LADY WISH TO bite part of a home, in a good loe.itiou, near Bleeoker ttrpft ; bath and gaa; rent paid monthly in advanoe. A de tdrable tenant may be obtained by addressing N. A , Herald office, elating fall partienlari. location, rent, Ac. None otbtn wiU be attended to. WANTKD-A FURNISHED BEDROOM IN SOUTH Brooklyn, not tar from the ferrv. Rent not to exceed tti rr $7 a month. Addreae T. A. F., Herald office. WANTED 1 M MEDIATELY ? A GOOD SECONDHAND boiler, initahle for a ten or twelve horie engine. Ad dress W. A. LLOY D, box 116 Herald office. DANCING ACADEMIES. Dancing acadei<ies.-m'li.k ca&omni vk lien'a dancing acaiemy, 2) Howard e'reet, 11 now open for the inatrnotion of ladiee and gentlemen in the most fash ionable danc* ol the day. Sebeol for practice overy even ing. Grand dancing eciree* svery Saturday night, (rua 8te U o'clock. HOTKLB. Berkshire soda string hotel.-the pro pr it-tor of thia catabliehment reapectfuily announces to tl.e pt.l lie tLat he intends opening hie house for the recep tion of Dimmer boarders by the J.'th of thia month, and that in order to make it an inducement for families to come to the conntry early in the aeaaori, te has retolved to reduce hia price to auch to the loweat poaiible ratea -aay from $9 to per week, or an average of about 17, aocrding to rooms. The house haa juat been completed and newly for matted, and will accommodate about aeventy-five poraone. The ait uation of the hotel ia one of the moat desirable on the American Continent, being among tho mountains of Berk shire, within three milea of the beautiful village of Great Harrington, where pure air and pictnresqnn scenery con line to at.raot tbelovers of nature, and contribute ao mash to aood health. The propertiea of the water ot thia unique spring bave long been known to a few icientifto meu, out have not been made available to the maaa of the hotter clase of M Ciel v nntll unite recently? merely for the want of p.-o per hotel aeeommodationa. Carriages will run daily from the depot in Great Harrington to the Spring. Letter* ad dressed to ANDREW J. BALDWIN, Proprietor of the Berkshire Soda Spring. Great Barrington, Maaa. COLLINS' HOTEL. FOOT OF CANAL STREET, FRONT ing tbe North river, will let a few parlor* and single rut ma on reaeonanle tenna; the location i* a desirable one tor rummer, having a sea breeze from the hay and harbor, ai d a foil view TALI.M aN A M Al'BS, Proprietor*. Hotel briuhton boui.o<;nb(sdr. meid, ? 1? families go'ng to lutoi*. a ironi!?aian, lanly tiom Europe, car salsiy reoumn. *6 rbi J?itoi lir'ghtn* ae n<>t only the bos- ia (he place b'i: J* o. o ?t the Mvt \n Europe. Situated at ?? e n*enttit s> a'.atjeo from the rail and >>etag in the middle ol a .srgi ??ideo tin* hotel possesses all tbe comfort* desirable fir wjM'hr tam lies. Hf,TII -I't INT BRF.tZE HOTEL. FOfJH Mil ES from J?r?ejr i.lty ferr>. on tiie l.erten t'omt plank road, will he-upened on tbe Ath ef May. Good bathing and tiebiaj . l/uata, i ait sud tackle furnished. JuHN H. MIDMER, Proprietor. eOl.PE?DGE 3 HOTEL, 757 AND VO BROADWAY, corner Clinton liace? Two family elite and several ? inrl? apartments handsomely tnrnia bed and neatly kept, < an n?w he obtained with or without boarding, at t{<? re duced rent of from (2 to $1A per week. HOW aKD HOTEL, BROADWAY, NEW YORK.? THE public are hirsby Informed that the aoove house, ao lung at d favorably known aa one ef the first elaaa hi. tela in the city, i? a till npen for the reception of the travelling com munity .'?i viral important and desirable changee have hwen made ? bich cannot fail to augment the contort aid conve nience ?f it a guests. aid all ita old rrienda and patrona may he assured of reeelvinx that attention and kindness which ha* ever been one ol the leading feature* of this house. The r? psrtperstip of ?'laik A Bail'-y having been dissolved, Mr. J. F. hin^a-ey. lately connected with the New Orleans and Mobile mall line of steamer*, ia now associated with the a I ove house, and hereafter the buaineas will be conducted nrder name and Arm of BAILB1 A KINGSLEY. New iork bay private family hotel two anil a balf mile* from Jersey City ferrv. is n-'? <?p?a tor roan an rr. en Bergen I'otnt plank road. Bathing, boat ing and flsbiac. Stage* leave the ferry every hoar. Apply te ("apt. I. EES. pr^rnetor, Poet Office. Jersey City, or at the borne. N . B.? J here It no bar attached te thia bouse. TDJ. raimia For LiviRrooi?? united states mail steam ship ATLANTIC, Captain James West.? This s'-eamtbip will depart with the Utnt<>d S'ates mails for Europe, posi lively oa ftediesday, May id, at 12 o'clock M , from her berth, at the loot of Canal street For freight ct passage, having unequalled accommodation for elegance and com fort, apply to Edward K. Collins, No. 40 Wall street. Paseengt rs are requested to bo on hoard at 10^ o'clock A.M. Tbo steamship Baltic will succecd the Atlantic, and fail May 30. Shippers please take notiee tint the ships of this line cannot aarry any roods contraband of war. All lettera muat pas* Uiruugh the Poet Ottoc; any others will he re turned. NEW TORE. AND LIVERPOOL UNITED STATU Mail Steamer*. ?The ihipi composing tliii line are tfct following:? ATLANTIC^ Capt. Wesi. BALTIC, Capt. Comstoek. PACIFIC. Cart. Nye. ADRIATIC, Capt. . Tbeae ships have beea built by oontraet, expressly forger era man t aervlce. Ever; earo baa been taken in their ooa atruction, aa alao in their engines, to ensure strength and apeed, and their accommodations for paslengers are uueaual led for elegance and comfort. Prioe of passage from Nee Tork to Liverpool, ia first elaaa eabia, $130; in second de? 176; exoluaive use of extra aiae ataterooma, $326: from LdF erpool to New York 80 and 30 guineas. An expenenoed ear roon attached to each (hip. Me berth secured until pai4 ret. rh or o.i ID date* oraarLiive. noi saw vouk. moa uvuieoa, Wednesday, March 21... .ISM Saturday, March 3 lflK Wednesday, April 4....1?5tt Saturday, March 17 1(W Wednesday, April 18....1h55 Saturday, Mar<A 31 1SBI Wednesday, May I....1M4 Saturday, April If lf? Wednesday, May 16. .. 1*56 Saturday, April 28 It) Of Wednesday, May 30 1856 Saturday, May ? UG For freiuht or passage apply to KD W'D K. COLLINS. No. 66 WaU atreot, New Tork. BROWN, 811 1 1'LKY A CO , Liverpool. STK I'll L.N k EN N A III) A CO., 27 Austin Trnirs, London B. 0. WAINWRIGllT A CO., Pans. GEORGE U DRAPER, Havre. The ownera of thoae ahipi will not be accountable for Roll silver, bnllion, specie, Jewelry , precious h'ouos or inetals unless lulls of lading are aigned therefor, and the va io< thereof therein expressed. Shippers please take notiee that the a hi pa of this line oan mot oa.rry any goodi contraband of war. The vaneerbilt europkan line op stea* abipa. ? rho tirat class new steamship ARIEL, 2,,'?* tona, Lefevre, Master, will leave New York, from pior 3U, North river, root of Chambers street, at noon preoisely, oi Saturday, Me? 19, for Havre direct. First olass passage Silt Second " *' >A The Ariel will be lullowed by the North Star, Jane 9. The owner ot-thece vessels will not be accountable for gold, silver, bnllion, snecle, Jewelry, precious stones or me tals, unless billa oi lading ore signed therefor, and the value thereof therein expressed. Specie and goods taken at nasal ratee. No freiaht received aite- noon of the day batore tailing. No berth aecured until paid for. Letters piepail, l'^c. per ci. . will be reoeived at th? office up to II A. M. of the day of sailing, and will be eaJrietf in strong India rubber ?>ags under lock, and on arrival at Havro, will be immediately deposited ia the Post Offlo* there. Parcel* taken, each prepaid, one dollar and ap wards. FIXED DATES OF eAILlie. FROM NEW YUHK. FROM HtTM. Ariel May 19. Worth Star May It North Star June 9. Ariel..... June 9. Ariei June 30. North Star Jane 30 North Star. Julv-l. Ariel July 21. Ariel August 11. NorthStor August 11 North Star September 1. Ariel September L Ariel September 2"J. North Star September 21 North Star October 13. Ariel October 13. Ariel November 3. North star November 3. Ariel Novemnor 24. Those steamships are classed A 1 as the insuranoe otftoea, and specie and goods a ill be iuatirod in them at as low ratei of premium as in any other steamships that cross the ocean For treight or passage, apply *.o D. TOn.HA.NCK, No. 5 Bowling Green, New York. SUMNER, MONTANT A DRAPER. M Rue N. D. dee Vie toiroa Paris. CHKYSTIE, SCHLOESSMANN A 00., 27 Quai Casimir Deiavigne, llavre. 11HE LIVERPOOL AND PHILADELPHIA STEAMSHIP Company intend sailing their favorite steamships ? CITY or MANCHESTER 2,123 tons, Capt. Wylie. CITY OF DAI/TIMOR*;, (new,) 2 538 tone, Capt. , CITY OF WASHINGTON, do. 2,700 tons, Capt. R. Loitck Saloon t!X), HA, and $55, according to state room. A limited nr.mbnr of third olass passengers will be taken from Philadelphia and Liverpool, aad iound in provisions. From Philadelphia $3U ) From Liverpool W Parties wishing f.o brina out their friends can obtain oertt tlcatesof passage and drafts on Liverpool, in sumsol Ai sterl ng and upward*. Apply to SAM UEL SMITH, Agent 17 Walnut street, Philadelphia, and No. 7 Broadway, Nov York. NOTICE-TAPSCOITS LINE Of LIVERPOOL PACK ets? Packet 4th May? The ?plendld(clipper ship AhBI oN, Capt. Williams, will positively sail as above. The ao commodations for cabin, scotbd cabin and stoerAge Dassen g?r> are uusurpaaied (2nd cabin splendidly fitted up with private rooms to aoedmmodate private families ) Eailv ap plication should bo mado to secure lerths, on board, pier 37 E..R., or to TAl'SCOTT & CO , si, gonth street f'OR LIVERPOOL (SAILS MONDAY, MAY 7)-TiIE packet ship NEW I'or second cabin or steer age passage apply on board, pior 111 East nv?r; or to IH..S. C. RoclIE, K3 South street. I EMPIRE LINE FOR LIVERPOOL.? 1 HE FAVORITE li psrkct shiD AMEKICA. Capt. Uarstow, w'll positively >ail on Thiusday, 10th May. For pnssago in cabin, seiond ca bin or sttrrage, having splendid accommodation", applv oi board, |iert> North river, or to DEMAREST A JO.nES, 40 South street, corner Old slip. IjlOR SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE.? TUG U. S ' mail steamship ST. LOUIS, J. A. Wot'on, commander, will leave for Havre, touching at Southampton to land th? mails and pasaengeis, on Satuiday, May 6th, at 12 o'oloek. iTom paer No. 37 North river, foot of Beaoh street. Prioe o> passage, tirst cabin, (130; second cabiu, $75. Luggage ao? wanted during the voyage, should be sent on board the daj before sailitf, marked Mlow." No freight will be takei after Thursday, May 3d. For freight or passage apply to The new steamship ARAGO, Capt. D. Liner, will sucoeed the St. Louis, and sail Jnne 2d. MORTIMER LIVINGSTON. A*ent, 63 Broadway. FOR SAN JUAN DE NICARAGUA ?THE FaVORITI first class steamship GMTED STATES will sail foi the above port at 12 o'clock on Monday, 7th day of Maj next. For freight or passage apply to WALT Jt* R. JONES, 90 Wall street; tt PbDKAJAS A CO., No. & William street, where plans of the accommodations may be seen. UNITED 3TATES HAIL LINE Fi)R CALIFORNIA, via Arpiuwall and rnrniui ? i alitoruians are informed that tt o 1'anauia railioad Is completed aud the transit of the Intimitis will be made by railroad, from ocean to ooean No more mule tiavel? do river hosting. On Saturdty, May S, at two o'clock, P. M , from pi*r at foot of Warren street. North titer, will be despatched the Beet steamship GEOKU & LAW, Captain O. V. Fox, U. S N., to couuoot at Panama with the new and superior steamship Golden Age, Captaia J. T. Wntkiup. A spare boat always kept at Panama te irevent detention, in cat* of accident. No freight reocived after 1 o'clock on ?he tailing day. For passage apply at the Company's eflice, 177 Woat street, to J. W. RAYMOND. Reduction of fares to suit tub times.? nrw York and California steamship liuo, via Nicaragua. Accessor* Transit Company, of .Nicaragua, Proprietors? Tl.ioupb In advance of tbe mail? 700 silos shorter than any othtr route, avoiding tbe deadly Panama fever and two milei ot dangerous boating in Panama Bay. The splendid double engine ? Ummbip si AK OF THE WEST, 2.U00 tone burden, Captain Turner, will leave from Pier No. A North river, at tbree o'clock P. M., precisely, for Punt* Arenas, on Satur day, May 12, 1846, connecting with the stoauenip Cortes, *,00tl tons bnrden, over tbe Nicaragua Transit route, having but twelve miles ot land transportation by tlr?t class car riages. For information or passage, at the rcluoed rates, apply only to I UARi.ES MORUAn, Agent No. 2 Bowling Green. Letter bags made op at tbe oOioe. No unstamped letters received. Commencing on tbe 2Uth of May, the days of leaving New York will be changed to the 6th and 20th of each month. Australia? independent link? tub splen. did A. clipper ship Crystal Palace, will have im mediate dispatch lor Melbourne on her socond voya^o, hav iL'i made her first in M days. Iler accommodations tor pas leBgers are superior to any ship now un. Parties dusiroui of going out In tbis favorite ship, will do well to make applications at once, as only a limited number will be taken. For freight or passage in first ti d cabins, a j ply to ARK&1.L A Jfc.Li.IOT, 146 Pearl itieet, orMAlLLKR A LORD, 108 Wall street. Australia.-pionber line, the United Mates mail, tbe oslehratelA, 1. clipper snip OlEAN S'lEElf, fur Melbourne, a', pier H East Kiver, mw nearly loaded, ana will be posi.ively despatched is a few da> ?, on ber second voyage Shippers will ploa<e clear their goods at tustom house; room tor a email qnaoiity of freight and a few icootid cabin berths unsold. The .>cean steed willtw succeeded ly tbeuiagn ficent clipper ship NIGH riNtJAl.E to Fail shout 1st June, on bet second vojage, having mudo her first in 70 days, tbo best on record. I'or freight er pastiai-o apply on Board, or to K. W. CAMERON, No. li bowling green, and 116 Wall street (CLIPPER SHIP GOLDEN EAGLE, FABENS, MAS J ter, is now loading at pier No. 10 East nver, and anlj H'Htltely sail tor San tranclsco on er ba'orc Tuesday Hth nf May. All freight should he ou hoard before ruenday, Msy 1. SUTl'oN A CO., 84 Wall street. NIW YORK AND NSW ORLEANS STEAMSHIP Company.? tor few Orleans, stopping at Havana, currying the Uniicd States mail.? The steamship lil.ACK WAX Hi OR, J. D. Bullock, oommauder, will commence re celling freight on Saturday, Maj A, and sat) for the above ports on Weotiesday, May U, at U o'clock, from pier^T. foot ef hobinkon street, Noith titer. freight for ihe intcaor and lor Mobile, consigned to our tgents in Jew Orleans. James Connoly A Co will be 'orwarded free of commissions Passengers for Havana mua*. p?ocure [.asspir's Wit leaving port Hill* of lading must be sent in for i-iguing tbe evening preTlou? to the ship sailing. For freight or pas sage ?) pl> to LIVINGSTON, ?IRoCUERON & Co., A .touts 81 llroadwsy. N. b ? Tbe Cahawba, R. W. thufeldv oom mender, will suoceed tbe Bliek Warrior, and sail on Friday, May 26. F~ OR SAVANNAH AND FLORIDA. -UN ITED STATES mail line ?The new and elcgaut steamship AUQUSTa, ( aptain 'I bos. Lyon, will leave. Now York tor Savannah, Satrrdsv, May 6, trotn tier No 4 North river, at 4 o'elocY P.M. Mllle of lading signed on board. For freight apply on lioerd. or lor pauage to SAMUEL L. MITCIIII.l>, IS Hroad ? ay. I or Florida, through tioketa trim New York ro Jacic s.inl'le, $.11. to l uatka *3*. The Alabama, Captaia Geo. R. fi Lenck, will succeed, and leave on Wedneaday, May 9. ISOR t II ARI E8TON, S. C? TnE SIDE WHEEL liilliil t|> Vt'AKkR CITY, J. H. Hog don, Commander, till Have i hiladelplila for Charleston, on Saturday, May at 10 A. k. < ardii passage, %W. steerage do,. Jfl F'?r t?ti<bt or j>ss'?,-e, apply to UBRuN A MARTIN, 37^ , *'Ottb wJiarves, rhiladelphia. F_0b"cHARaE.s1oN_ AND FLORIDA, SEMI-WEEKLY ? I'nittd Main tr ail line.? Tbe new, srlendld, and fait going steamer N AMI VI 1.1. E, M. Berry, commander, will leave pier No. 4, Nerth river, on Saturday, May 6th, at t o dock P. M precisely. For freight, apply en hoard, where ell Mile of lading will be sUaed, aad tor passage, at the ? fflce of PPC>*ft)RD. TIl.KSTtlN A CO, 31 lireadway. 'tbroogb *ict<its to Floridfc as follows:? To Jacksonville, sal; to Pilstka, W-'i. The Soatherner wUl succeed, and leave on Wednesday, May 9th. Yi'uR MlRFORB, PKTERSHURO AND RICHMOND ? r The United States mall steamship JAMESTOWN. L. Psrritb, C' mmender, will leave pier No. IS North river, on Saturday. May 5, at 4 o'clock P. M., will arrive at Nor folk the nrat a ternoon, and at Petersburg and Richmond tbe ?allowing morning From Norfolk paeiengers for the P< ntb proceed by railroad direct, with through tickets from Weldsn to Wilmington, Charleston, A o. Passage and fare to Norfolk. <*; to Petersburg and Richmond, tlO; eteeraee ha f price. 1 lirengh tickets to Lynohbnrc, $14. Apply tn 1! DLUM A TLBASANTS, No. 91 Broadway. N. B.-No freight taken for Petersburg^ FOR RICHMOND AND NORFOLK.? TIIB STEAMSHIP JAMEi-ToWN, < apt. Parrish. ie now loading at Pier rr, 13, North river, for Richmond and Norfolk, aad will Itave on Saturday, at foor o'clock. 0 I.bDLAM A PLEASANTS. U Broadway. U t R ?A!.? CDEaP FOR CASH? SCHOONBB AMITV, f ai'oat M) tone: also, sloop SUPERIOR. 80 tons, and a slot p of .15 tons. All are eeatre board aad light draft. To be iien at the toot ot Si s treat h street. East river, la per | feet erder and ready for nee. Inuaire at ROSTBB'S store, n rthwest eoraer of aveaue B aad Skateeath street. N. B. - F* r sslo. a fall se? of w rocket's tool*, with oantracts on < | which can be cleared several thousand dolUr', M will be ' tVowr. Pt Ice of latter $W0. AHCIBMEiri. Niblos garden. ITALIAN 0PFRA. MONDAY EVENING, MAT 7, Ant night Id America of MaDaME anna DE LAGRANGE and SIG. FELU'Po MORELLI, first Baritone of tho Urud Opera, in Fuii. Also, first appearance, line* their return from Mexioo, of SIGNOHI MARIN I *o.l RoVERK. SIGNOR LnRlNl will ?Ui appear. Ftret night Cud J only performance bat one) of Rossini 'f celebrated Opera. in '.ma aeM, ?f THE BARKER OF 8EVILLE. Musical Director and Conductor SIGNOR ARDIlf 1 Doom open at 7; to commence at K preoitely. Price" of admission:? Admission to all parts of the house 91: choice reserved teat*, SI extra. The Sal* of Tioket* ? ' Tbe of reserved seats will eom mecce on Saturday, May S, at 'J A.M., and coutinne daili until 6 P. M.; and on Monday will he sold the dollar tiofcet and the remaining reserved sea's. There will be t?o 0H01 for the aale of ticket*? one at Niblo's Gsrdeu, tbe otberat Win Hall A Son's, No Broadway Tiekets and *e*h may likewise bo obtained at the doors ou the evening of tbv performance*. Regulation for tbe Accommodation of tbe Audience.? Pur chasers of the >l admission tickoti are entitled only to such seat* a* hare not been secured during the day. Each person will receive a obeck, (a* long as uuy remain.) at tbo entrance, aud every seat in the house being numbered, eaeti person can occupy only the particular i?at designated on the ibeck given . ... Notice? (In Wednesday. May 9, second and positively the lait night of THE- HAKbER OP SEVILLE. On Thursday first ai pearuni'v in America of the renowned Tenor, SIGNOR KAFFaELK MIKATK. Broadway theatre? e. a. Marshall, bole Lessee. ? Doors open at 7; oomioe i?e at 7%, o'oleek. Friday evening, May 4, will be performed RICHARD HI. Richard tat Mr. '?nf?st Henry Mr. t'onway Tressel Mr. Lanergan Mayor Mr. Wniting Norfolk Mr. Grosveuor I ady Aune Mrs. Abbott Duchess Mrs. Ilonry Henry VI.. ..Mr. LeflMnirwell Prince of Wales. Mu<h Willie Duke of York . . . . Mi?* Willis liuckineham. ...Mr. lUu|S Quccu Elizabeth Mine. Ponisi GOOD FOR NOTHING. Tom Dibbles Mr. Davidge Nun Mies J. Gougenheim WALLACE'S THEATRE. BROADWAY, NEAR broome street.? Friday, May 4. Second Light ol khe new and highly savocssi'ul comedy of I IT FOR TAT. First night of FAINT HEART NEVER WON FAIR LADY, and OUT ON TUB LOOSE. Saturday? Third night of TIT FOR TAT. and A KISS IN THE DARK. The flno comedy of LuOK BEFORE YOU LEAP will be produced on Monday. Mr. Blake, Mr. Lester, Mr. Brougham. Mr. Vincent, Miss Bennett, Mrs Blake, Mrs. Hoey, Mrs. Stephens, Ao., Aj. (1 EO. CHRISTY A WOOD'S MINSTRELS, NO. 173 T Broadway, (Mechanics' llall.) Proprietors Henry Wood and Geo. Cltifty This week, a varied and pleasing ETHIOPIAN PERFORMANCE, jommenoing evorv evening, at7>? o'clcok. To conduce wilt THE WANDERING aIMSTREL Tiokets, 25 cents. AH business transacted by Uenry Wood. WALLACE'S THEATRE.- MISS ROSA BENNETT has tho lionor to announce that her first bonellt iu the United States U fixed for TUESDAY NEXT, MAYS. A comedy and ?n excellent farce, eu.boUying the whole talent ot the company, will be presented. 1'irticnlars in future bii's and advertisements. C'lRANGERS AND OTHERS NOW IN THE CITY O will bear in uiiod that this, FRIDAY AFTERNOON AND EVENING, MAY 4, is VOR tii r. BENEFIT OF MISS JULIA LESLIE, at Titt FRANKLIN MUSEUM, NO. .13 BOWERY, on wbich occasion over EIGHTY YOUNG LADIES will appear if 'ho Model Arilste* und perfoliate twenty-lour leautilnl representations of liviutt statuary. Hetnembur this afternoon, at 3, and c\enisg, at SIGNOR BERNAKDI AND Mil. CHARLES WELS beg leave to announce that they w 11 live n grind Vocal and Instrumental Concert, on Tuns Jay evening, May 8, at DodwMth's Acad-my, 80t! Broadway, assisted by tho following celebrated artl?ts:? Mino. Oscar Comet'ant, Mis. G. B. Stuart, bi^nor Gasparoni, Messrs., Bahn and '11mm. Tickets on* dollar eaon. to ho ha. I at t ie principal music stores, and on tbe cvenng of tbe Concert at the dour. To commence at 8 o'clock. JUocrs open at 7>?. JOHN R. SMITH'S GRAND TOUR OF EUROPE AND SIEC.E OF SEUASTol'OL, At Chinese Assembly Rooms, Xti) Broadway, showing 0> E HtNIlR KO V1K? 9, forty feet wide, ot the principal CITIES AND OliJF.CTS OF INTEREST IN EUROPE. Every eveniB' tlfi o'clock, and every Satoroay after noon. at i. The music by Mr. Altvyn K'eld. of London. Admittance 26 cents Franklin museum, no. m bowery, nea*rli opposite the Bowery Theatre. Performances every at ternoon, at 3, and eveiy evening, atH. N. B. Strangeri will observo that the Franklin Museum Is the only place ii the United States where the Model Artists ut. exhibited with other original entertainments. Remember, No. Si Bowery. MAD. AUGUSTA.? THE BOX HOOK, AT THE ME tropi litun Theatre, will be open, fioin 10 A. M. to 2 1' M , every day, up to Thursday, May 10, wbero tickets, reserved scats, Ac., can be had for Mad. Augusta'* oomph mentary bcnciU. Niblos garden.? first appearance of MADAME ANNA DE I, A GRANGE IN AMERICA. The membtrs ol the musical profession who have not re ceived rsrds of invitation to the Grand Rehearsal ol faE BARBER OF SE VI 1.IE, on Friday evening, at Mblo's Garden, can obtain them, on application, at Hall A Son's, SOD Broedway. Niblos garden.? first appearance of Mad?me Aut.a de la Grange in America. ? i be manage ment beg leave to i>ive notice that no persons can possibly be admitted to tbe Grand Rehearsal of TllE HAitltlSK OF SEVILLE, on Fri.lay evening next, at Niblo'a Garden, ex cept on picsentation ot caidi of invitation. NIBLO S GARDEN'.? ITALIAN 01'ERA.? FIRST AP poarance ot Madame Anna Lagrange. The salo of re served seats will comtni nee at llall & Son'ii, No. 230 Broad wsy, on Saturday morula < , M?y A, at 0 o'clock. Niblo s garden.? Italian opaka -first ap pesranco of Maaamo Anna i.a^range ? The sale of re served seats will commence in the hox ottme at Niblo'a Gar den, on Saturony morning, May 6, a: 11 o'clock. d^trvctow! Bellport classical institute. -the nek term of thia Inatitnte will commence tbe llrs? of May For circulars apply to W. Ktvan, Esq., 1M Water >? rest N. T., and for particulars address JAMES CRUIESHANE, PnntivaL Bellport, U I., AprU 2. 1868. Boarding school for young ladies, cedar Glen, Siug >iii.*. N. Y.? Miss Foster principal. Tbe si mmer scssiou will comuien.-e ou Tuesday, 1. Terms tlIAi)>ar. Refereace in New York.? Mr. D. P. Iltcoo, i-'- Fonrth; Ihoa. Smull, Es i., No. 5 Ferry street. Spanish. -a rare chance to acquire a knowledge ol Spanish, for business or 1 terary purpoaes, im offered by a gentleman cl liberal education. Address Me lendes, Post Office. TO YOUNG MEN.-EVENING AN D DAY CLASSES IN tbo French language, by an experienced Fren :h teacher. No objection to go to Williamsburi.', Br>okl>n, Hoboksn or to any psrtof the city. Terms moderate. Address B. A. C. , Herald tffice. THE THADK8, AC. A GERMAN Bl TCHER, WELL ACQUAINTED W1 III J V the bnsinett, wants a* Ion. Please call at Lunne St. C^OACII PAINTERS WANTED. APPLY TO M. TIIOMP J con A Co., 27 Wooster st. PATTERN MAKER WANTED-AT THE MALLEABLE Iron Fsotory oi K. HARRISSON t CO., at Kliiaheth jx rt, N. J. None but ooa potent persons need apply. P1CKIER WANTED.? A MAN WHO THOROUGHLY undcr'tards pickling vegetables, Ac., ok a large scale. Mate parliculnrs as to <iualiflcatlon<, wwes expeutod, Jfec Alto, tetnale hands, who understand packing pickle* into buttle*, to reside in PI iladelphia. Address Mr. I'ickle, box 2.072 l'hiladelptia Post ofAee. rilRUNK MAKERS.-WASTED, SEVERAL TRUNK J. Lands, ..n common trunks and wood tolios. None %nt ?oler and steady men need apply. Also, two boy<. who have worked at. tbe business before. Inquire, between 8 and !) A. M., at 71 lit avenue, 21 Do r. TO TIN SMITnS? A ooon ( AN MAKER, WANTS A job; can do geoeral assortment work, and rooting; has no objections to the country; tbe beat of reference given. Address T.. box llM Herald office. TO SPICE AND DRUG MILLS? A I II IKOUUHLY experienced mnn wUhi'i a Mtualwn a* miller, undsr. ? 1 a.11 d 1 1. r the management in either or ton *>> ive *r*loi. H? -t of relcrence cmi .bo furnWhed for ability. Addrc?? Clove*, lltrald tfllce. WANTED-BY THE LONG ISLAND RAILROAD Company. a carpenter acouiitomed to building una re pairing turntable*, bridfte*, curt, .kc., end ctpabl* of Ujiqk < ut the work. A i ply at the depot. South ferry. ?ttrAT< HMAKERS WANTED? GOOD W.IRKVEV. Al' TT ply to FEuLuWS A CO., 17 Jtnidun lane. WANTED-A JAP ANN EH, TO CO TO C.ALT. CAN A" da We*t. A tirxt rate woikman will bt paid lil.?rallv Call on A. J. Pratt, 16 Maiden lane, np *t*lr?, between and 0 o'clock, P. M. WANTED? AN EXPERIENCED AND CAPABLE fancy ?oap maker and perfnraer: mu?t bo Enrfifth or American, and come wall rrooinmciided.aiA pply to D. S. Barne*. t?.'i Liberty atreat. BXPREM ADAM'S A CO., CALIFORNIA EXPRESS-? OCR next aiprea* for California, Oregon, Sandwich l? >ar>da and Soath America, will leare per *tcam*hip Oeorge Law, on Saturday, Mat 5. at 2 o'clock P. M., io charge of ? per'al mcMencer, to dotin.itl'in. freight and email par cel? received at our t fflce, #9 Broadway, until 1 o'clock P. II , ?a lay Nllii(. *? B DINSMOKE, 7 E. S. SA.NDrORD. S. II fUOEMA&ER. | Proprietors of Adam* A Co.'? California Pa aa-e Expreaa. j European expres-s ani> ocean parcel deli very.? rackati* rnd parcela ot every description lor warded to all parte of Europe with de.fatch, and at greatly reduced rate*. Prepayment not repaired from reaponaible pertonr. Mr Jame? Morgan I ? our ipectel me?eenger| by 1 ?teamrr St. Loni* Paro le for Greet Kritaia, France and all Earope, leoeired till 10 o'clock on Saturday morning. W. C. BARN EY, Jt Beaver ilnrl. ACIFIC EM'RE.** COMPANY. 12l_ BROADWAyT^ For California.? Our next regular ex pre** leave* p*t ?teamer George U* oa Satur iay . May 6, at 2 o'clock P. M , In charge of a *p?elal me**en?er. I relght and package* ?hipped at lowert *xpre?* rata*. Small packet- s received until 1 o'clock day or tailing. WM. H. HALL, Agent. Jpeelal Notice.? The Pacific Expreu Company hare no connection with Adam* A Co., of San f ranciaco; or of Adam* k Co,, of N. Y. WM. II. HALL A/ent. TiFkI.L?, KAROO A CO. '8 EXPRESS TO CALIFOR TT aia Oregon, Sandwich Itland*, and Pacific coa*t of South Anerlca. ( fflce No. 82 Broadway. ? Our next ex tr*a* trr California. Ac. will go forward on Saturday next, 1 ley 6?h, at 2 o'clock, P. M.. by akiamer OEOROK LAW, via Panama. Freight goea by our axpreaa at the rate of thirty Ave cent* per pound whea It weigh) at leaat eoven ton pound* to the cubic foot. Freight which the ?' np.-r wl>l permit to 11* over on tha lathmua until the aext *ae ceedmg ateamer from Panama, goea at thirty canta per r aid aa each eubla foot af aeveateea pound* or mora, eaitlvely ao freight raealead after 12 M. Small parcel* re o?lved until 1 P. M All Mat la charge of our (pedal me? Mfcgcr. Freight matt be peeked water pro'tf. Good* rklp pea IB head 0. 21. BARNEY, Pr?id?at. 1 ASItTSlCKBim. Acadkuy or MUsir. 11AI.IA* OPERA. Verd * greatest Opel., ? liieL ha* UmI/ UMM H |N found * sensation throughout turope, 1L TKOVATOKI, ITHI TltOlkAltOl'Xj wfll be produced, for the Sicond Timb in America. ON t R1DAV, MAT 4 , The second appearat <* ot SslGM/it AMOI'lO, (From the Ho; hi Theatre* of Milan tad Naples. J aadsted by S1UNORA STEFFANONK, HIGNOR1NA VESTVALI, SI<f NURI BKIGNULI AN U RUCCU. Huiictl Director and Conductor Haa Wareiee* Seats may bo secured at llall A Sun's, Broadway; 7ef Nor den A King'*, and at the box offioe of the Aoadeay w Muie. Price! of Admlssi"n:? Parquet Parquet Oireie at J Drerf Circle, $1; Scoured, H 00; second Circle, Ml eente; AbM theatre, 26 cent*. . boors open at IS)*; performances oommence at 7^ o'eloek. BURTON'S THEaTRE, CHAMBERS STIEST.-FU* day. ? The usual weekly comic treat, THE M.K1HIS IaMILY and TBL 1MMOK1AL TUUDLES. Am nadab Meek auo Mr loodle, Mr. Burton; Mr. J# f ? ?Ian. Mr. Fi?htr, Mini Raymond, Mra. Hughe*, Ac., in thetC popular characters To morrow? H" rf Mr Hurry Kail? the p pular (UM oi THE SIAMESE TWINS? With M. ??rj. Burton And llall as The Twine; and other cnti italument*. Bower* theatre-l p. w aluron, proprietor a..d Manager; Koterl Jom? State Manager. flieW ol admission:? limn, 2ft cent*; Pit 12}., ci>ute; Gallery, UX cents; Private Boxes . tt> ? Fridey evcm ug, Vuv I. A KISS IN 'UIK liAHK. SEVEN ItMfTATIUNt, The EtU One Mr. ? ebb | Hie Rao Ml. (Ill ( OLCMblA S BON. Buckleys seren aulrs. f.:u uroadw** ? MONDAY EVENING, APRIL *1, and every evening during the week, BY (FACIAL BSqUXST, the beautiful opera ?1111 K or LOVE, IN WUITE FACES. Preceding the opei a. NEGRO MINSTRELSY. Time Altered. ? Concert commence* at 8 o'eU < k. Tickets 15 eenta Academy of music. day performance. In eonsequencc ot the numerous requests which havebesM addressed to the manasciueu', t> persons anil famUiea re siding in the neighborhood, ?t. has been (Jeterm. neU to gift % performance of Rossiui'e greatest opera, WILLIAM TELL. ON 8ATURDA t Mi.RNINO, MAYS. T)io principal roles * ill lie supported b? SIGNURAS SIEU AMiM mid HKKfLCCA M ARETZEE. S1GNORI BOLCIONI, BAI IAI I. ROCCO tnd CCLETTI. A GRAM) PAS MII.iTAIRE will be danced, in the third aot by Uie ENHKK t tiR-'S DE BALLET. Mtuiral Director and conductor Mai Maretsek ? rices 01 admission.? Pa quet, Parquet Circle and Dross Circle, $1; Seooud Circle, Ol cent*; Anipbitb"-\tre, ?1 C"nt*. Seats may be secured at llall k Sou'*, Van Ncrdttt A> King's, aad at the I ox offlse < I the Academy. Doors open at 11 o'clock. Opera commences at 13 o'eloek. BARNUM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM. - IRIDAY.. Msy 4.? Evening, at 7>? o'oiock, TUB "UA?Y OF THE LAKE and a I'xrce Afternoon, at 3, HOT CORN and a fatoo Mammotb Girl, net six hundred pounds; Main* Giantess, neaii; ? ,bt ieet bigt; Dwaif Lady, only twenty sevon inches; the Mermaid, living Ostnobee, Ac Admittance, Jft otnts; cMlere under ien, ?? ts, GRAND NATIONAl HHb\ MJOW, June 5, Tea* 8. Premie it 1 $1,000, for the li>Ml i- *ants, inelndlnr very larga 1. rue* for twin*, triplet* antf qaaterna. Circnlar* to be hM at> tho Museum. METROPOLITAN TH EAT RE -WANTED. HOME LA dics lor tbe Ballet Apply nt 11 o'clock A. M , to day, (i riday,) .May 4, to Mr W II f>tiKTON, on h? ttatie of th? above Theatre. Kchcarsui of the dance* in the ' Uavadero" at 12 o'eloek. DUSSELDORF OAI.I.F.KY, No. 411? BROADWAT.? This xalli ry of laintiuss is open daily, from 9 o'eloek A. M. till 10 o'clock P. M It comprises the finest ceUeqMoa of piuntlng* now on exhibition on this continent- Admit tun re 2A cents. PEllll AM S ETHIOPIAN OPERA, MS BHOADWAT. HAM tv KLl.S, I.a.nMS J .nES, MISS OOURLMT, and the whole trotipo appear every evening, at7?i o'eloek, and W cdntitiny and >aturday atturnoonr, at 3. Ticket* 26 out*. tour fersena caoh. TRUSTEE'S SALE OP RICHMOND THSATRE, AT aaeticn ?As trustee in a certain deed of trust made Samuel h. Myers, Esq , to tlis subscriber, as trustee, for tb? purpose of securinit O. A. M;er?. Eiq., an endorser, dated 1.1th November, 1SU duly recorded iu Richmond Unstingn ? ourt. on tie 14th feiruurt. SA4, 1 shall, in execation ot the said trust, (and at the request of tho said Q. A. Myer?,J proceed to sell, at public motion ou tho premi***, on Mok day. tho 7tb day of May, LSVi, at t*>e hour of 5 o'vlook P. M.. if fair, if not, tfinnixr tairdny, 1 part of the real estato eon veved tlierel y, (lieinu the residua thereof,) consisting of tha Richmvnd Theatre, situated In tlie cl'.y ol Kiohmonj, at tho ccrntr ol Broad and Seventh streets. This property ii *0 well known to the citizens that a furtber description ia dueu ed unnecessary; hut fnr t< e information cf th< so abroad I would state, that the building fronts on t) road streot. about 64 Icet, extends fsuk on (seventh street 140 fott to an alley. Tbe front is huilt of pr?nitt>, and the whoie building, within the last few >ears has toon ompietely remodelled antf repaired, and is now in most perfect order." fh? tisnul rent re aeivca Irom it is about f.'t t U.i per annum. T?rni* ? One sixtli cssli; Lularee at 0, 12, 1(S, 24 and 30 months, for nogotiabla notes, interett aaded, secured by & tru*t l. ? Tho tasea and iniurance for the present year to be paid by tho par chaser. W. GODDIN. Trustee. Richmond, 13th April. 18BB. 1?. 8. ? The trustee has boon requested to add tbe follow ing note: ? ? As a theatre, it is understood that tho property hero of fered has, for several years put>t, proved itself the '-est pa tronited establishment ot the kind 111 the South, and tbeln orcaring popu'ation of the city affords every rot. ( n to be lieve that it will continue to be as woll, and evon better, rap ported than heretofore. It, therefore, offers great induce ments for an lnve.-imsnt, either for dreru&iic purpciet or M a placo tor any other public exhibition, of which tba city stands greatly in need. Asa s>te for a hotel, or for businosa houses, Its position, at the corner of Seventh and Broad! streets, and nearly immediately opposite tho depot of th? Riobmond, Fredericksburg and Potomau Ra lroad Company, recommends the property now offered for salo u tho highaab msnner to persms desiring to make a safe and advantageous investment. CLOTHXatO, ate. A LARGE QUANTITY OF CAST OTP CLOTHING wanted.? Gentlemen having left off weiring apparel to dispose of, in largo or small lots will receive the very highest prico for tbcis, by applying 10. or addressinr 7HUS. D. CON ROY, 491 Pearl street, between City Hail place aad Centre street. AST OFF CLOTHING? A LARGE QUANTITY WAHT ed? Tbe highest price lit erv.Iy given, and eash paid ia current money; gentlomrti baviug giod su( srfluou* clothin* to dispose of, can obttiu the full value by callinr ca, or ad dressing JAMES MORUNEY", 11 Baxter street, (late Orange) off Chatham streit. c T7INULI8H WATER PROOF Ai.l'ACCA COATSi-JUST -Vj rtceived from Louoon. a lar/co assortment of superior Macintosh coats, which will be sold at rotaii, at one-half the usual price. S. C. BlsilOP, India rubber and gutt* percha goods, 181 Broadwsy. SEVENTH REGIMENT, NATIONAL GUARD -PART of a uniform of tlis consisting of coat, pant*, hrlts and plates, Ac., for sale. Neatly new. Price ?*). Address N. G., Hi raid il&ce YOUTHS' AND CHILDREN 3 CLOTHIK'G ?JOSEPH B. CLOSE, BAILEY A CO.. No. 8 Park |>laee, opposite the City Hall, have now on hsnd tbe beat %?*<r>?d spring nod summer atnek and style* to be found in tbe Cat tea ??ates. and suitable fnr all ages, from three to twenty yearn ol at whole**!*, aad fnr vreatl* rednoed nrieoa FtturrtRK. For sale? one rope wood parlor s.ifa and four chairs, ooyered with rianun. near'v new; two larse pnrlor looking jiaa-e?, with richly fillt ornamented fiamet; seventeen yard* tine 1*4 druptet, thirty two yarda te?t quality oilcloth, jarl<r lace ciirttia?, 11 1 tares, he., will be sold eheap tor caah, by 1 . uOt'l'E, ?dl Broadway. ROJAS a CO., MANUFACTURERS OF FAS3K' MABIdi and every kiad of furnitua, having ealaiaod tMc premises, are now prepared to oSer a large and < itcaove aa wirtirent at moderate prloea, *hol?alt and rt;aiL Vin eooma iW Broad war. ootser o I Broome strtek. ASTROLrOOY. (CLAIRVOYANT EXAMINATIONS, BY MR?. HAYES, J one of the beat seeio,t and steaking ol*'rveyant b? I t irnia we have in thla oouutr ? . Urn. litres ."0*hcbb?b cleat I i"-e'nK power lior^toion- uue'ia%11od. Otto* 17(1 Grand etre"t, two doors evit ol Centre m-rkot. Doctor Ilayn, tleotriciau ' and psychologist. M\l AVE ALWIN, FROM PARIS, TENDERS HER services tu the ladi< and gentlimcn in phrenology- Kho j can ft consulted about l?ve, marrhgo, business. 4c., and will tall the numo of the lady c.r (.'entieuiau tbey will marry, | alto tne name of her ?l?lter A a iatne Alwin converses an the E ??!??! Froarh aa?l German languages. R?>i<J?dm 3IN Bowery, between Firit and Second streets. MKDICAL. Dr. hunter, no. * i>i vision street, nbw tokbj an long and favorably known to tLe pnklia, Mf M consulted at hia old ottaollsbed effiee. where sa las yoaa t?s*d in one branch of mediCut for the last 34 y earn, nl msde more earea than any other lean In the city, in aut i?> stances ol persons eonsfderod it.curable, some ef whtea fcf has permission to refer to aa f.eretofore. Charsoe ?witea>a and in all eases a cure snarar'eed. Caatioa.? My gMM remedy, Hunters red drop, that cures certain disaas** wttk out drying ita poison in the Mood ean only bafcal a? atwfc Fries f L < :all aad gst tbe Monitor of Health T\R. WARD'S UNFORTUN ATE'S FRIEND, *1, WITH J / a bo.ik. -Jusi what th- re wunt who havo oontra*to< certain diseases, naicely. a <ure at oace, and no delay wd ini're expense. Greateat cure in the world by Dr. Vrari'a Unfortunate's Friend." Afflicted, take aotfae ? aa ethos n toadies can cure yon radically. Slight caee* cured la % few fours, aothias elae rtooe it No. 6j Canal stroot. on do'reastof Rrosdway. Is the ptaae to net this rapid aa4 ?burongb remaey? ?o where else u> New York. A enrsww rsM'd by I'r. Maid. I'atieata anxious for raUaf map rely on a rapid curs I * hia treatment, without taxiag Ik* ij'i'B Alteration of diet oi cessatioa from baaiaaaa aot (paired 1 \R. J. JARVIS, DENTIST, MOVED TO C8ST. MARK'S .1 f place, (,'ghtb street, near Seciad avenue, iwa and a half bliola from Broadway. will be at 4(3 Urand atroob dally from 7 to f A. M. and 0 to 7 P. M., far eitraeliax only. 111. FERRY, f 7 FRANKLIN STREET, FEW DOORS J t weat ot Taylci a >aloun formerly 110 West ttroadway. ci.roe certain diseases in a few days, wl.bovt mercurial*, discovery or restraiat ftotn business pursu-.ts. Privati ream IMPORTANT TO FEMALES. ? DR. DUBOIS' OFFICM 1 ? Agei.ey for the exclusiv* treatment af all dlsiaiw incident to fomalas, Na. *?l 1 e?i?*ton aresnr. IU medio* lor lemale deraa?ements from $1 to SA. Adrleo gratia. Consultations and lettara confidential, Mall Mttarfl coatainiBK U served with adviea and m*4letaa by re turn post. Relief Kuaranteea in all easaa. Patioata frvm ? diataaoe provided with eltfiU* beard. >a raise aad ak teadaac*. VI LARMUNT, PAIIK AND LONDON FMYBlCliUI iTl . aad snrtaoa, author af tbe Medieal Adviser aallm ns?e Guide, S4A paie?. 75 an?ravin?e. (mailed by him, Haiti dotal;, to aay addreee for 11,) la eonsultad at Na. dlaall street, corner at Broadway, tr"m N A. M., til) ? aaliisi I', M., Sundays aiear'ad. Those at a distaaaa Maatat ba mail and expreaa. M'? concur with other papara ba faaam meadlna Dr I and bis treatisa.? Disaatoh, Coukt lm Etata I'nls, Staats Eaitua*. Day Book, A*. 9. 1.-4M kba diut ttora. TO NERVOUS SUFFERER} -A~ RETIRED FHTSI .?iaa, who posaaessas a prescription that proTedl afla*?Aa ' tu reatoriOK him to health in a few daye, affaT nan af mf | enn# irrrn rsncral arrroos debility, isl aaxloas to Mko Ik ktrnvn. Will s?. d froa, the ir"?criptioa uaed ITU nl te 1 Dr. EU. I LLI AMI, 69 Faltoa atmt;SmlHr?! TP 2

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