Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 8, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 8, 1855 Page 5
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trtehuct feting tt? ,eek, nnlat the cloec ?f -.he r term every nigat. Tb.y also mention that Ue* MiMnc# their operatic n iB th, FiltMntb ward to-day, 'fetch tLey bore Wl?^ from tue preien. eo atra^tir. I V.7** A) 5 th?y removed nrom the First Z. ? UIM ; from the 8e*on<l, 68H; f i ffom *fc? Fourth, 554 - mafctDg u Krfnj ?.. 2 -94 k jfta the whole foar wards. CAr*1* r JtlT^G THROUGH THE 8TKEBT3. Comp.ain:# APCilt OS to tie re;kless and dangerous IUI" >E *' sfch it ii the custom to drive cat'Je through the- streets ?[ city, thus placing In jeopardy the el :*?, ^habitants, were quite numerous ycaterday seeming. it is a matter much t? be regretted that there i* no oi finance respecting thi* nuiaance, *? the Mayor i?, | ** *b At account, rendered powerless in acting with hia J energy in p uttieg a itop to one of the greatest I ?*' m with wh-ch thin metropolis in afflicted. It iue not, B* *revwr, escaped tfce attent on or the Mayor, who is ex ' ?ni*!j toiioni that proper legislation should be had, tm order that he may be enabled to put an end effectnal .Hp to this nuisance. It will be renumbered that in one ?I hi* Bcnor'a communications to the Common Council, he called tbeir attention in a particular manner to this ?wtjfct, explaieiog the secei-aity far prompt action in regard to it. The fallowing clause alludes to it:? The practice of driving oattie through the eity is another ?evil calling for prompt action. It is an abuse which our ?oitizeim have nubmitU'd to Uo long, la iny opinion thle Common Council will deserve the severest oensure if, likoite predccosscrs, it timidly skulks Irjm Us duty in ridding ui ut thii dangerous nuiran e. Not only is the health of the whole population jeoparded by the unwholeaotae odors aris ing from the collection of these animals, but it not unfre quently occurs tba; life, limb and property are destroyed 'The matter is now before the Board of Councilman, it having pasted the other branch oi the Common, and it la sincerely to be hoped that it will not meet with epfoe.tion, ae ite paaaage would prove highly beneficial to the community. The Prohibitory Llqniir Law* The Mayor of Albany haa sent a eommunisat oa to th* Common Council in regard to the Liquor law, in which he arrivaa at the contusion that there ia now no law a grata rt selling liquor, bnt that the Council have the power to regulate the sale. Ibe Mayor stye the new law has broken np the compact between the city and the police, in regard to the duties of the latter, anl has ieft ?pen the city the burden of paying police men, while it hoe transferred thoee officers to its own service, sending them to hunt up rum casks anl bottles, instead of look lag for burglars and thieve*. The C.ty Attorney of Utica haa given hia opinion that liquor cannot te sold in lose quantity than Ave gallons, between the 1st of May and 4th of July, without a vio lotion of the old law. Court Calsndaiwlhls Day. Umtxd Siatm DI8TBICT Cocrt. ? Nos. 34, 36, 30, 39, 89, 40 to 44. Stfbkmi Cotntr? Circuit.? Adjourned to 14th instant. Sufkbkb Cor XT- General Term.? Noe. 10, 14, 22, 23, 26, 28, 32, 46, 40, 60 to 64, 67. Common Pijus? Part 1.? Nos. 140, 170, 210, 416, 488, 203, 226, '242, 304, 460, 457, 471, 600, 601, 602. Part 2.? Mm. 343, 366, 367, 376, 401, 439, 445, 467, 468, 482, 483, 4*7, 492, 496, 499. 8o??io* Cocht.? Nos 346,206, 607, 739, 443, 794,810. 882, 833, 286)*, 54 %, 292, 621, 10, 581, 843, 846, 846, 848 to 866, 860, 841, 863, 864, 866, 867 to 870. The Eapcuachdd Hot la distinguished os the most celebrated in the city. It bears the impress of t&ite ia design and skill la manufaoture. The taste ot the pro prietor suggests novel and handsome variations of style, and bis skill and experieuoe immediately give shape to those laaetee, and enable htm to surprise the public by the ele. ganee of bis stock and the economy of his price i, at 118 Nis san street. Whet is lighter then o feather f Bust, my friend, in windy weather; . What i? lighter than thadnet, I pray? Ibe wind that blows the dust away; And what is lighter than the last? Why one of Wnite's most splendid hats. WHITE'S hats are to be had at 321 Broadway, opposite the Broadway theatre. Charles Dickens end Knox*? The one Is at the bead ef descriptive literature, the other at the head of tae people. By tbfg we mean that KNOX furnishes hats to nil the modern bon ton of this eity. If you are so muoh be hind the times as not to wear a Knox bat, just throw away the one you have and hasten to 1 28 Fulton ttreet, or 533 Broadway. Tbe manner in which Mr, Knox's hats will im prove your sppcarance is wonderful. Beebe ft Co., 150 Broadway, have Just re ceived a large assortment of Paris made beaver, telt, soft hate, extra fine and light. Their assortmeat of fasbionabla feats and saps for gentlemens' spring and summer wear ia complete, and comprises every variety. Inpeilor Large sized Daguerreotypes, In ?elers, fcr only fifty cents, Ineluding a beautifnl oase, with fteeerver, at WKLLINO'S Daguerrean Rooms, corner of Itleceker and Carmine streets. ?cade Brothers' Free Galleries of Art.? I'ieturea in every style known in the art of daguerreotype taken daily. Galleries free to the public All the oelebri tiee In the anown world msy be seen. Artists and import ers. 235 Broadway; l'atis, boulevards des 1 '.aliens. The Great Show of Photographic Portraits, i ? first edition excitement at cn the twenty -live cent daguerreotype system ? first edition exhibited yesterday? raised up an interesting excitei the eld picture factory, 289 Broadway. ?fee Great Msuao sum! Husle Establishment at BOBACK WATERS, No. 333 Broadway.-The largest as cettsaej.t of piaaos. melodooas and music merchandise of all hinds in tna united States; over one hundred plauoc and mcledeons ef every variety of style from the plainest finish for school or club rooms to those of the moot elegant and chaste workmanship, from the different manufactories, are ocnctantly en exhibition in the extensive warerooms or this hewse. Among them are T. Gilbert A Co. 's celebrated pre mium pianos with iron flramea and circular scales, with or without the adian. Horace Watres' modera improved pi noes, having la the improvement of over strings, aud In im proved action a length ot scale and cower of tone equal to the grand planes, with the sweetness of the famed ssoliau waited to tie beauty and durability of the square pianos. S.D. k H.W. Smith's melodoons tuned, the equal temper aaent to which was recently awarded tbe flrst premie m at the National fair, held at Washington, D. C. Bach instru ment guaranteed and acid at prices which defy oon petition. Mew plane* to rsnt. threat Unite and Planoiorte Warehouse.? Mly k Monger having taken possession of their spacious ware re om?, 519 Broadway (St >lohola? Hotel), are now offering tbe meet extensive end desirable assortment of piano* and mslnlnnm to b? fonnd in the city, including the oelebrated teiple it ringed doable octave piano, madb by ourtelvee; Imri. A. W. Ladd A Co.'e superior diagonal premium pfenos.and Meun. Car hart and Needham'* melodeons.all o wkieh we will eell at prieei that defy competition. ELY A KOSOIY, 619 Broadway. N. B.? Piano to let. The Miulral Public are Invited to call and examine pit noior tee of HO RACK WATBRS' manufacture, at 338 Broadway, whioh are equal to. if not better, than thoM of any other maker ia the United States. Great Piano and Mualc Ho one off Horace WA11BS, 333 Broadway. The largest assortment of cele brated pianos at d all kind of mualc merchandise in the Uni ted State*. The public i* aware that this home has, in op petition to the combination, adopted the reduced price*, and that piano*, melodeons, and muaic can be had or Mr. Wa ter* at le** prieei than they can be found elsewhere. New plane* te rent. At 306 Broadway, Jnit above the Park, Mr . FOWLS* will give the first lectnre to hi* private olaee in practical phrenology this evening. Gentlemen and ladiee new have an opportunity of acquiring a knowledge of this iatereeting and ntefnl science. Fashionable Well Made Clothing? One Sice tor good*: no deviation.? ALFRED M UN ROE k CO., 1 Broadway, invite attention to their oholee assortment of fashionable elotbing for gentlemen; alio, boys' clothing in great variety. "Economy la Wealth."? Fine Frock Coats at 98; fancy cassimere pant*, (3 and $2 SO; splendid bnsiness coats, 16; complete sepbyr catsimere soils, 910, at EVANS' clothing warehouse, Oto and GB Fulton street. Ml Stop! Read I? At Oak Hall they are ?all lag their elegant stock of new spring and summer cloth ing ot every kind, lor men and boy*, nt full 28 per cent be low marke'< price*. DEUROOT k SON, 84 and 86 Fulton (tree*. Halff a Dozen Fine Shirts Blade to Order ferfll? Shirt* of the tnest quality ready made, all eiie*. Silk, merino and cotten undershirt* and drawer*, and every article in men's furnishing goods. 1HOS. McLAUUHLIN, 3(92 Greenwich street. Oarpetlags.? Peterson dt Humphrey, 373 Broad* ay. corner ef White street, have Ju*t received from the late large auction eale* a large assortment of oar feting, Ac., which they will **H at the following low price*:? Mich velvet carpet 11a to 1?*. per yard; rioh tapexiy 8*. to 10*. per yard; rich Brunei* 8s. per yard; three ply 8*. to 9*. per yard ; ingrain (Lowell make) 0*. per yard. And all other good* equally lew. Let this he you Guide? Baalish velvet carpet*, 10*., 11*., 12*. per yard. tapestry '? 7*., 8*.. 9*. three- ply " 7s., 8*. " ingrain " 3*., 4s., 1*. 6d., 6*. " . " eaelotk*, 6a., 7s. 0?ld wUdow shades,' ?d it Vnu ? per pair. Table cover*, la*, to 24*., at HIRAM ANDERSON'S, 90 Bowery. 310 Bowery? Great Huh tor Carpets, at the new carpet emporium, 110 Bowery. J. HYATT 1* offeriag cone rare bargain* in carpeting*, Ml elotfcn, royal velvet ta jpeetry and three ply carpeting. Power loom ingrain carpet MM, J , 2?. M., S*., da, 6s. and 0*. \ oU cloths, 2*. Sd.. 3*.,V*., '.fL5 kUo.' bekrl'j rags, dee* mat*, table and plane covers, mattings, window shade*, Ac., Ac. lOoff lanes Salamander fTnfs Whul M. rss'ff.vit.sruir ???"??? Kdehun'i Mowing Haehlaea, Hay rrnssis. Bene been, enltlvatcrn, plough*, reapers, hone powere and thresher*, combined tkreikere and winnower*, and ether esrlesltaial machine*, fer ml* bv V D. Gates. U Brendwny. Bab Dye, Wigs and Tompees.? Hatcheior's celebrated factory for these article* I* 233 Broadway. Mine teems for the application of hi* famon* hair dye. Sold ?BelCMle and retail. The largeit assortment of wig* and Sen>??* in the United State*. H. T. Loretfs Wabpeae Will Restore ?ray hair te it* jonthfnl nppenmnee, and core ba dness. Iheae wbe donbt, nail at 762 Broadway, and *ee those wao Bare bun gray and bald, aow have icriect head* or hair a* when yeeng. Ml. Inimitable Cutter off Hair and Whlo> kern, nt We. Na**an *treet. Fartienlar atteatiea Mid te _ cntiiM and itanidai the hair. Infallible MU.i.ajTra..." Msh? of ThewMd Flow era? For beaaUfy Jf MaplnaWn nnd sD^eaMa all Mb. pimplcn aad tV f- mi rffvj'T T U 4? W X CiMMlorrt BltiKwr By? Why l? H In it. ?aad? liiipl) teeasse it bu t??D Nmptnil by aa iDtolli !*?% eommuaity with other dree, and foond superior. H hu bo lesger B rival. R?t?i< dealers admit that it ?t*o4j alone. Etwj month it la In rtiinnt. M ?n of act?red , Mid BBd applied by CRISTADORO, No. 6 Astor IIoum. A Bale let. ?One of the Hm( SitiMidlnwrf results of acieniifle discovery for restoring the nair, has juat bfcn uapltttd ty B veil known Now York pluraiman. Sold by H. ? IL.K1N, 1 Clinton Plica, ?nd 09 WiJl itntk Wlgitad Tonptci?BttdThU ?An Old Van msde young for $10, by getting obo of tho bes* fittlsu wUs or U upees from the celesrated maaufaotory of KtOUCRjr A HEARD, 27 Maiden lane. Back and front kraida, baada, enria, Ac. And ap be Shaved Mini, but be knew that ay onguent wonld " fore*" the whiakera and moustaches to Sow luxuriantly in iU weeks, and will not atain or injure a ikiB. $1 b bottle, aont to any pert of tho cuntry. K. O. ORAHAM, 586 Broadway; Zcfber, 44 South Third street, Philadelphia. RhtunutUm.-' aptaln Comatock, of tbe (teaser Baltic, (Colliae' liae,) waa oured of a aevere attack of rheumatism by Dr. Tsbiss' Venetian Liniment. Sold by all tho druggists. Depot 60 Cor'.lasdt St. Prio< JQ oents. Four medals on tho wrapper, Of Lyon's flask you aoo; His aianaturo too. mark yun, A fair "Ike simile." Beware ofohsatsanil peddlers, Whcae traah no inaect lUUa; Get Lyun'a genuine puwder, And true Magnetic Pilla. Depot for Lyon's Magnetic Powder and Pills, for destroying inaecta and vermin, 424 Broadway. To Rermi Sufferers.? A retired Physician, Oho poaaeaaea a prescription that proved effectual in restor ing him to health In a few day*, alter yeara of suffering irom general nervous debility, anxious to make U known, will aend free the prescription used Dir ot t> Dr. ED. WIL LIAMS, 206 Washington street, Brooklyn. Hernia.? Only Prise Medal ?Awarded t ? MARSH A CO , by the Induatrial Exhibition of All Nations, tor their new patent radical cure truss. Referenoe as to its superiority, Profs. Valentine Molt. Willard Parker, and Jonn M. tarnochan. An extensive lut of names ot mercan tile an d other gentlemen cured by this truss may be seen at MARfrH k CO.'S, No. 2>i Maiden lane, Mew York; and MARSH, CORLISS A CO., No. 5 West fourth street. Cin einnnti, obio. R nali ton's Dtug Stores are now only at Ho> 10 Astor House, corner of Barclay street, and No. 117 Broad way, corner oi t'BLal street, where all medioioea are pre pared with the same care as during tbe life of the late WM. L. RUBHTON, lather of the present proprietor. Hollow ay's Pills.? Here Is Health for All. Ves, for a)L This noble remedy, actinK as it does immedi ately ou the malnrprings cf life, ruatoros health, energy and vigor to tbe sy stem when flagging, in a manner superior to any medicine ever made known to tbe world. Sold at the manufactories, 80 Maiden lane, New York, and 244 Strand, London, and by all druggitta, at 26 cents and SI p>r box. Patent Kedlclne for Sale, having the most general use and extensive sale of any article in tbe United Stater. The health of the proprietor makes this sacriSce necessary. Terms favotabla, but will require means. Ad dress box 1,766 Post Office. Harried, On Monday evening, May 7, by the Rev. James Preatly, John H. Walsh to Miss Jknnmt, daughter ot Peter Yale, Esq., all of this city. On Wednesday evening, May 2, by the Rev. Mr. Mans field, Alixandkr a. Coulter to Mix* Lydia A., daughter of Thomas Blakenry, Esq., both of this city. On Sunday evening, May 0, by Ker. David Buck, of Thirtieth street M. K. Church, Mr. Cornelius Morrow to Miss Mart N. Dkwsnap, both of this city. Charleston, S. C , papers please cony. On Monday, April 23, by the Rev. E S. Yocom, pastor of Attorney street M. K. Church, Grottos Dctton, Esq., to Miss Buev Ann Pratt, all of Schoharie county, N. f. On Tuesday, May 1, by the Rev. D. D. Williams, Mr. F. M. Kobinbon, of tfonticdlo, Sullivan county, N. Y., to Miss Ann BuRN'xa, of this citj. Sullivan county papers please copy. In Brooklyn, on Monday, May 7, by Rev. Dr. Schroe der, ACGUbTis Snow, Esq., of this ci;y, to Locisa, daugh ter of John M. Butler, fcftq , of Broouyn. In Brooklyn, on Wednesday, May 2, by Rev. E. S. Por ter, Mr. David Provost to Miss Harriet & Dams. At New Rochelle, on Sunday, May 0, by the Kev. Wil liam Lawrence, Mr. John G. Lanu to Miss Henrietta Boluy. In Boboken, N. J., on Monday morning, May 7, by the Rev. Alfied ts. Patten, Mr. David a. Bowman to Miss Mart Jans Stoct, all of Hoboken. Died, On Sunday morning, May 6, Mary C., wife of Addison Bill, in the 39th year of her age, daughter of the late William Savin, Esq., of Cecil county, Eastern Shore, Md The relatives and friends of the family, and thoin. of her aunt, Mrs. Peter R. Post, are invited to attend the funeral, this afternoon, at hair past two o'clock, from No. 136 T7est Thirty sixth street. The remains will be taken to Greenwood Cemetery. Papers in Cecil county, Cincinnati. Bridgeport, Albaoy. St. Louis, Philadelphia, Mississippi, New Orleans, and Calif or nia, will please copy. On Monday, May 7, Margaret, wife of John Liadsey, aged 53 years, a native ot I'athhead, Kircaldy, Scotland. 'lhe friends and acquaintances, and thoae of her sons, John and Robert, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, to morrow afternoon, at two o'clock, from her late residence, No, 41 Hammond street. On Sunday, May 6, Mrs. Johanna M. C. , wife of John H. Rapp. aged 34 years, 11 months and 14 dars. The relatives and friends of tbe family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from her latt residence, No. 807 Bivington street, this a' tern oou, at half past two o'clock, without fuither invitation. On Monday, Msy 7, Mary, ch.ld of John sod Bridget White, of JKo. 280 avenue B, corner of Seventeenth street. The funeral wil' take place this afternoon, at three o'clock, from the above place. All friends and acquaint ances are invited to attend. On Monday morning, May 7, Sarah Elba, only daugh ter cf Robert and Ra:hel Adams. lhe funeral will take place from the residence sf her grandparents, No. 10 Perry street. The friends and ac quaintances are respectfully Invited to attend, this after noon. at one o'clock. Her temains will be taken to Trinity Cemetery for interment, On Monday morning, May 7, about one o'clock, Datid Skirt, eldest son of David and Emeline Pearsal), aged 10 rears and 11 months. lhe relatives and friends of the family are invited to attend the funeral, without further invitation, trom his lather's residence, No. S89 Budson avenue, this after noon, at four o'clock. On 8unday, May 6, Sarah Jans Claoia, aged 4 yeara. The remains will be taken to the Cemetery o( the Ever greens, from No. 13 Lewis street, thli morning. On Monday morning. May 7, Wilder Fmk, youngest son of John G. and Catharine A. Bolen, aged 2 years and 4 months. The relatives and ft lends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of h a parents, No. 21 9 State street., Brooklyn, to-morrow after noon, at four o'clock, without further invitation. In Hoboken, N. J , tn Monday, May 7, Abraham L. Van Boskirck, aged 60 years. The relatives and friends of tbe family are invited to attend the funeral, from his late residence, to-morrow afternoon, at two o'clock, without further notice. At Magnolia, Florida, on Sunday, April 29, Frcd.'k 0. Loomls, of Williamsburg, L. I., aged 44 years. Bis friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this morning, at ten o'clock, from his late residence, No. 87 South Fourth street, Williams burg. At St. Charles Hotel, Mew Orisons, on Sunday, April 23, of typhoid fever, J. B. Kilt all, of this city. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY* FKR80HAL. ANSWER TO CATHERINE MAHON, WOBURN CEN Ire, Mm.- Daniel and Mary Ann M*hu, residence 434 Flrtt avenne, New York. Boston Pilot pleaae copy. DN. LUIS ADOLFO ESTRAMPES, DESEA SABER LA mortda del Senor Da. Francisco Friaa, Duffield street, 143, Brooklyn. INFORMATION WANTED? OF MARGARET EOORT, native of Dublin; when lagt heard from wu in Montreal; My Information respecting her will be thankfuilv received by her brother. Thorn at Roork, 40 Jamei street, N. Y. Mon ti eal paper* pleaie copy. INFORMATION WANTED-OF MART AMD CATHE line Conoly, by their sitter, Anne Conoly. Any iofur nation of them will be thankfully reeeived at 130 Elistbcth street, in the rear, laiemeat. ? The vouno lady who left orange, new Jereey, on the Uth April lait, and parted with her father at the Market strcst depot, Newark, the name day, is earnestly entreated to return to her home, where (he will meet a kind reception, and relieve the deep distress of her afflicted father and family. The young man from hatana, who desired to b? received ae a dental student, by Dr O'Brien, il informed that ha oan now make airangements upon more advantageous terms, by calling upon the doctor at bit reel denee, SO Bond street. THE TURK. Red house, harlem.? this fashionable ii ?on la BOW complete in all Its appointment^ and ?bf Mica stable* attached are constantly filled with tbe finest and fastest horses to be found. Persons ia want of korecg oan always be supplied at the Red Hone*. Tbe trotting track is in splendia order, and trotting matches ooeur e>eij Sac afternoon. The Beoond Avenue oar* pa ** the door evecf ?ve minute*. CRNTEEVILLE COURSE, L. I. ? TROTTING -THURS day, May 10, at 3 o'clock P. M ? Match $2,um. mile heat*, Mtt 3 in ft in ham***. Col. Joiteh Hall names eh. g. Whalebone; H'ram Woodruff names bl. m. Stella. Omnt bnsset leave Peck slip and Grand street ferriee hourly for the court*. JOEL CON KLIN, Proprietor. THE AMfrVARSAOlH*. milE ANNIVERSARY OF THE FIVE POINTS HOUSE X of Industry.? Rev. L. M. Pease, Superintendent, will bfl held on Wednesday, the tfth Inst., in the Tnbcrnaeio, at 3)< o'clock, P. M. Addresses by tbe Rev. Dr. Tyng, Kev. T. L. Cuyler, R*v. Dr. Oigood, and Iter. Dr. Cleveland, of North ampton, Mais. LECTUHKS. BO. HOLLAND, ESQ , OF BOSTON, MAJS., WILL ? lecture on Jama* I ennimore Cooper, in Hope Chanel, ?. ?* o'clock. Tickets 2ft ceets; (old at trowen s, corner Fourth street and Broadway; Lick wood'*, 411 Broadway. ' UEWAHDt. (QH REWARD.? NOTICE TO PASSINGERS PER ?PoU steamship AtUotic._i.oet, a brew **r vallie marked "C. Oeorga Carrie, Tom*. Cw" ' eoouu i. ? ? dretrir* eaeeaad other a r?lol<*,.t opposed tehees b?*n t?J,-n "J /SA^brig $i o vw-if ussrs* i<.u? I, *4i,.ik,;, . r - i> . -? a be pt U en dcliverj ef lie amvsnt at Ut He raid eflea. I A A A TIDY YOtINQ GIRL WISHES A SITUATION IN "iS'Lu! fih&inbermMd and w liter or would do gene fiSk tea tAutt, where the llf d t-o ycftrt. /of two daye. . At a nv nr KlTPfRlOR EDUCATION AND RAH? V&eal Jitffi?. **55: 10 take charge Of tho education of * f?V#1ln,? * V? L?4*! andwfU 'wound her Mrs. B , c?rt of Mre. Read, 71 Franklin at reel A RESPECTABLE Q1RL*WI3(E3 A SITUATION AS A cluuntermtil and waiter, or to iO WMhi?**nd house work in a small family; uo objeotion to live In New Brigh ton. Stat.n Island; te/ereaoe given if rewired. Coll at 47 University plaeo, ior two da?*. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A MIDDLE-AGED tMuh *?MI. as children's nurte ond seamstress, 1W.UV understands euttins and flttini children ? clothes ? boys and gi?ls; tho cjuntry preferred; good reterence*. A ppfy it 18 Weft 13th ot. , in tho condy ?toro. k OEKMAl> COOK WANTS A SITUATION A? COOK, A washer and ironer Can gi?o tho oest o! r.-erencee. a pnW at 24 Rivington it , in the roor. YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION IN TOE country u chambermaid or to do plain sewing, or'J? general housework ol a mall family: good reference Con be seen fur two doyi at 1M 8th avenue. SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE young giri, o? chambermaid ond waiter la a family; i? ? g' od plain lower. ton be teen tor two iay/ at 110 lOthavenne. A u? ; "S. ~j? ^drcn. Can be (ten at her prooent employer *, & Strong place, Brooklyn. a YOUNG WIDOW WISHES A SITUATION, AS WET A nwoo; good wferenees. Cob be *oo? ttU '****' * 224 William at. ; call from 3 till 6 o c oefc. _ Avbsv rf^I'BCTABLB GIRL WISHBS A S1TCA tifnls ^*^streas? chambermaid or waiter: i. a very neat .ewer an, 1 . od wash .r an, d t?Mr ft? ,j>* ==SiEiife''=sr: week. if not eagaged. _ A SITUATION WANTED, BY A RESPECTABLE ?Ii?aiiiai to d* chamber work and ft no washing ?to., first floor. Can i? inn for two dayi. A *aUon a* duiJ and* plain tf SI? ? avenue#, ia the buement. for two day*. ~~k YOUNG HEALTHY WOMAN, WITH A FRESH ttfJKW ,SSR.W*%? ?? ? at , op *tairs, *?cond floor, front room. a Kf sl'ECTABLE MIDDLE AGED PROTESTANT A woman want! a aitnation to do general ft small privato lamily; that or ohlld'a nurse, from it* birth if required; i* a good waaher and Ironer and Ploln oook, haa no objeotion to tte country. The be?t of city reterenees. Can be aeeu fir two day*, at 109 Mulberry St., in the ban men*. A YOUNG LADY WISHES TO TRAVEL WITH A family to Europe; haa travelled all pari* of it, no wa?o* warred. None bu'. the most re*p<otabU family need apply, at 44 Charlton at., room No. 8. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE voung man, a Proteatant. aa waiter in a pn?atef?, nily, investigation a* to sobriety and capability. 8. Britons, -ootner of Greene and Amity *t*., or C. i. ??, Uiiion Square Poat Office, for one week. A SITUATION WANTED? 'BY AYOUNG LADY WhO bas attended in tint olaaa store*; understand* tue bakery and faney *tore buiiness; ha* good leorning mJ can live unquestionable reference. Call at, or addres*, 3W> 7th av enne, second floor, front room. Becoid floor. A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN WANTa A SIT* iiation as seams troM; ii capable to do chamberwork xf two days, foarth floor,, lront room. a RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS A ?Uin eook, waaher, and ironer; can *We the best of city reiermce*. Apply two day* at 4i) D*ao ilt Brooklyn. k K FXCELL1NT GIRIi DESIRES A SITUATION TO A do chamber work and fine washing, ?.r l' i "hU^rcs en t ?|Tin flookiuk- washing, and iroaing. Apply at nor prd*eni ,Pmi?o,.r"! fe?4th a Venus, between 21*t and 22d at*. a H EXPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITCA A t?o\ ' Ad Plain eoo., washer and iro?r or a. ^mbermaid and nur*e. Uoo<l ?Uty reference given. Please call at 20 Ridge *t., for two day*. An COOK-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN; ?h? nerfectl* understand* her bn?ins?? in all it* ntar 4tb *t. - ? AvoiING LADY OF THE HIGHEST RESPECTA bility w iahea a situation to attend in a laney store; best eity Mforenoe from htr la*t place, or otherwiae. Ad dreta J. O. B., boa 1!U Herald ofllco. a RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT WOMAN WANTS A iSSMrwi'' the conntry. Can ho *oon tor two da) * at M Thompson ?t. a RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A 8'*PATJ5PN?^2 For tw'o Ja^i inhC?urt^twt!Tthird*doo^from^Lequadc stwK^ Brcoklyn. ? city recommendation*. Apply por*onally or y 1K0 Broadw*y. - ? ^ta^na^Utu^^n'o t'A??l^l^?tAn^ly^ E^ro^. ^2 ;?l at 31 lbih St., between 5th and 0th av*. AYOUNG WOMAN WIsHES A SITUATION AS CHAM bermald and seamstress; understand* cutting and flt ^ lakes' and children'* elothes, and al?o gentlenoa* sMrts,in good style. Good reference, IfMqnlwS Coll for two days at 14ft bth avenue, between 10th and 11th *t*., in the faney store. ~a SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG GIRL, AS 6th avenue*. i ? a YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS IS^5?>SC?l5 Brooklyn. A Sfi?s JXf i Sir??WiA3SS."K.!!W?: rol it , m the baiement, for two daji. A young girl is desirous of a. situation to take ore ot children or do chambcrwork; has no ob jection to go a abort distance in the country. Apply at J9I 12th it. A RESECTABLE PROTESTANT WOMAN WISHES a situation, one who understands cooking, l.aklng, and in a good washer and ironer; has good testimonials ai to ca pability and character. Call at 244 ?to it , between 1st and 2d avenues. A SITUATION WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE girl abont fourteen years of age, to take raie ot children, oras.Ut in any light work; good city references. Pleaae call at 251 Spring st., in the rear. Can be seen for two days. Asiiuation wan ted-by a respectable Protestant yonng woman, ai gord cook and laundress, in a private family ; good city reference. Pirate call at 47U 4th St., near ?d avenue, scoond floor, front room. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SIT nation at child's nurse and ladle*' maid, or as cham bermaid and waiter. She ran be soon, for two days, a', the residence ef her present employer, iienry St., corner of Bal tic, South Brooklyn, whom sbo has served faithfully two years, and who will take pleasure in recommending her. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A FEW RE ?pectable families' washitg, at her own house, axi 21st st., between lit and 2d avenues; or would go out to work by the day. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS waiter in a first olass family. Unexceptionable refer moo ean be given. Can be seen for two days ?t JJU 21st it., between 1st and 2d avenues, fourth floor, front room. A PLACE WANTED, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS chambermaid or waittess; is a eood plsia ook ami first rato washer aad ironer. Can be well recommended from her last plaee. Can bo Men two days at the baker.* . IKi let ??., corner of 12th It. Avery respectable middle aged welsh vtman waats a situation a< oo-.k, sbe baa no objection to assist in waahiag in a small private family, in the city grefotred. She is a very good cook, both meat and paj -.ry. Good references given. To bo seen for three days at Mri Williams', 248 2d st , In the rear, secoid floor. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS ? SITUATION AS chambormald.fine washer and ironer, scamttrois, or gen ml hourewtrk in a small prlvae family; is oapable of tak ing any situation; she has been two year? In her last place. Can be seen ;or two days at 129 26th St., betweea 2d and 3d ?vents. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SI TUA tlon as childreus' nurse and seamstress, or as onamber maid Has twe years city reference from ber last plaoo. Call at 1,166 Broadway, corner of 37th et., tor two days. AGOOIIDRE8SMAKER who UNDERSTANDS I1KR business well, and is a g.od plain se ver, la desirous of getting a Mtoation in a respectable family. She cmeomi well reeotamended. Please address A. M , Herald oil) A REf PECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHED A situation as cook In a private ramlly; she is a rood ccok and nnileretands pastry, bas no objeetion to asaist in washing and ironing. Best ouy reference. Apply to A. J. J. Morris, ooraer of University niece and l-'th st. AS CHAMBERMAID AND TO DO FINE WASHING and ironing by a young woman who oan prodnao tbe best of city references. Please arplr at her pre ten t em plojer's, No 36 Union place, for two days. A RESPECTABLE FROTESTA*1 TV0VMA.S WANT* A nl nation as occk, WMbtr and ironer. Hts rood el'y I rrfrr ?re? er F1<?a*?*h, V* 1? sven i * | ea?ag(i. ' * ' * ' I WAITS. A RESPECTABLE harried WOMAN WISHES 4 aituatioa, id a resectable lam.lj, aa wot oune. Cm, t? seen at 918 Pearl it. , in the ba? ? ent, for two daya. A SITUATION IS WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE youDf girl, to do geseral housework or to take on of etildre*; mo objection to go a thori dlitance in the eouutr/. Good referenoe. Call at 286 Hott rt., mm Houitcn. ARESPECTABI E YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU A tion to care or ehildren, or to do tewing; ?? objection to travel In the country Good reference from her laet em ployer. Apply at 13234th rt., corner of7th ??. Akispectable evci.ish girl wants a situa tion a? cook in a private family; a flrit rate waeher and iroaer... Oood reference. Apply at CO Sullivan it., between gyring and Broome, front baaement, lor two dayi. A RESPECTABLE AMERICAN YOUNG WOMAN A. wishei to engage with an American family, to take care ?if KTbwn children, tee to the ladiei' apartmeute and do plain tew ice if required. Beit of city reference it required. Ad drew A. H. A., Broadway Poit Office, for two dayi. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS waiter, or an chain bermaid and to astist in waihing and ironing Good oity reference given Apply for two dayi at IS Irving place, her preieiit situation. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS NURSE :.nd seamatress, or U seamstress and waiter. Ha* good city reference. Please call at 44 3d avenue. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO DO chamber** rk and fine washing and ironing, or to taiie care of children, or do plain lewiog. Good city reference Fives, if required. Call at the corner of State aad Smith it*., Brooklyn. A RESPECTABLE SCOTCH GIRL WANTS A S1TUA tiot aa seam e tiers and nurae, or aa ohambermaid. Bout ct refeiccce given. Apply at 117 Cedar it. A FRENCH GIRL IS DESIROUS OP GOING TO Europo ? ith a tamily a* lady's maid; ibe underatan la dressmaking and bair dressing, and ipeaki Engliah. Beet o refereice given. Can be aeea lor two daya ai 144 Went 19th it A NEAT GIU. A BoUT SIXTEEN, WANTED TO DO the bvutework lor a gentleman and wife. None need apply without the belt reference!. Call at 389 4th avenue, corner of 28th at. A YOUNG AMERICAN GIRL WISHES A SITUATION to do light houaework in a email family, or to do plain sewing. Good recommendation* given. Calf thil day at No. 10 Hammtnd at., between 1 and 6 1*. M. A PROTESTANT SEAMSTRESS WANTED-WHO UN derstaide all klndi of family sewing, to assist with tearly grown children, and make herieli usclul. Apply, with city references, at 179 Eait 14th it., near 2d avenue, for two dayi. A RESPECTABLE YOU?G 01 RL WISHES A SITUA tion ai cnambtrmaid, and to take ear* or children and do housework if required; beat eity referenoe. Call lor one day at 214 43d it., between 8th and 9th avenuei. AN AMERICAN YOUNG LADY WISHES TO OBTAIN a lituation to attend in a atore, or to work on vest! ? 11 not partiou'ar; ihe la very active, and deairea a comfort able home in Brooklyn or New York. Address S. B., box 188 Herald offloe. Refercncci exchanged. A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH PROTESTANT WO man wanti a situation aa cook) no objeution to do general houiework in a small family; no objection to the country. And a young friend a i>tuatl>n in the name tamily, ai chambermaid or to take care of children. Call for two dayi at 302 Mott it., Drat floor, in the rear, A SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS cook; ihe undcrstardi cooking in all itihranchei; has no objection to aisist with waihing and ironing. Beat of city reterenoea. Pleaae call at 162 Last 2ftth it., between lit and 2d avenuei. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS J\. laundresi, or chambermaid and laundreie; aho ia capa ble of being either; can do Fronoh Anting, and do up flue mu<lini In the neateit ityle. Haa the belt of city refer ence!. Can be teen at her present employer'! 29 Waahing ton place. A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUA tion us children!' none, or to do ohamberwork and as Met in the fine waihing and ironing, in a respectable family. Beit of city reference. Can be teen at 163 East 21th it., 3d floor, front, for tbiee dayi. APKOTKSTANT GIRL WANTS a SITUATION AS ?eamstreei; ran out and tit childreni' dresiea and do all kind t f fine lowing. Can bo aeen at 118 Weat 27th ft. A RESPECTABLE 10UNG WOMAN WISHES TO OB tain a situation, in a private family, aa seamstress. or to aiilat in waiting, cr aa chambermaid, or to do plain see ing. Beat of city reference. Call at 42 Henry it., first floor, front room, for two dayi. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS chambermaid and waiter, or ai chambermaid and plain fewer; the beat ot eity rolerence given; no objection to go in tbeeenntry. Call lor two dayi at her proaent employ . er'f, 238 Rivirgiton it. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE Protestant young woman, aa aeamitreai and to take care or growing children, or ai companion to an old lady; can turnifh the best ot reference!. Can be seen tor two dayi at 133 Amity it. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, WITH GOOD ti references, wishes a lituation aa ohambermaid and to assist in waihing and ironing, or sewing, or to do general houtework, for a small family; good oity reference; would not object to the country. Apply at 30 East 15th at., for two daj i. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUA tiou to di houiework; le a good cook and flrit rate wailier and irOLcr; beet of city relereuoo. Call at 90 Leiglit it , third flotr, back room. A YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO TRAVEL; has no objection to children, or to do plain aewing. Good reference given. Call at 22 Jane it. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU XX. ation ai cook, waiber and ironer, and underitaadi baking. Hai the best of city reference. Can be aeen for two daya, at No. 8 fith it., in the rear, near tho Bowery ARESriCTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU ation ai chambermaid. Willing to aiaiitin the waihing and ironing. Haa the beat or oity roference, and has no ob Jectlor to go a ihort dlitaaoe in the oonntry. Can be leen for two daje, by applying at No. 8 5th it., near the Bowery in Ihe rear. A MOST RESPMCTABLE, WELL RECOMMENDED young woman wants a situational chambermaid and waiter, or would aaaiat with the waihing and ironing. In quire at Mr. Reed'i grocery itore, corner of 27th it. and Broadway, for two dayi. A DEM R ABLE PERMANENT AND PUBLIC SITUA A Hon, at a moderate lalatv, may be obtained by a re liable ycuig man, writing a fair hand, quick at ttguiei, and not under 10 yeari of age, who can deposit $100 on lecurity for a ihort time. Opportunities for advancement. Address, post pai.l. Railway, Chatham square Poat Office. AI.AbY DECLINING HOUSEKEEPING, WISHES a tituation for two good girla; one as cook anil ai?i?', in the washing, the other as chambermaid and tine washer, or ohambormaid and waiter; the lieu of city reference can be given for Loth their capability an i good conduct. Call or address at 107 Oth it., between 2d and 3d aveaues, far two day*. ARESl'ECTAULE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A situation a? seamstress or nurse, or to do li{ht eb%tn berwork; can make children's clothing and embriider their ckthing, and make ladies' plain dreeaei; can a o all kind* of sewlug. Can come * ell recommended for honesty and ca^a bility. Call at 238 9tli avenue, between 26th and litith sts. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES TO obtain a H'uatiou at cbamlermaid tnd waitress or clamlei wirl. and plain xcving. or would <ake oare ot chil dren; bas to objection ti go in the c<untry ; the best of oitv leftrence. Call lor two dsors at 13 Rase it., neir Pearl A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN, WHO LIVED TWO and a halt years in her last place, wants a situation ai cnsmbermaid si.d to assist in washing, or to tike care of children, or to 10 the general housowoik of a sma'l family, aay of which duties she Is lully capable of. Address A H., Ml Great Jones st. ???? ??h. mrJlsSg&xx: ^ A YOUNG SCOTCHMAN WANTS A SITUATION IN A wholesale or rotail grocery or liqnor store; bad several years experience in the buuineis in the old country. The best of city reietence given, if required. Apply from 10 tu 4 o'clock at 169 3d avenue. A PERSON OF COMMERCIAL BUSINESS EXi'ERl ence, and who con ;ive the very best of city re'erence, wruld likt to become intero'ted in some respectable business in this city; csn commanl 990,000 in cash; credit unimpair ed, ai d capital increased if wanted. Persons willing to nave an interview, pli ase address M. D. M., Herald otlloe, stating i alure et business and where to be seen, or a note left nt ItM Irint street, for J E. Davis, care or James R. Keeler, will meet attention. Most reliable reference given and required. Communications considered entirely eontldential. A MEDICAL STUDENT, WHO HAS NOT THE MEAN'S to complete his studies, and who has had exporimcc at book keeping, wuhea employment for a few hours during the day, at keeping a set ol b<. k?. colleoting bills tor a phy sician, ur at any business which will help hm to defray lis expenses Please address Medicos, Post Oflioe. A YOUNG MAN, WHOSE EVENINGS ARE ONHll. ployed, is noxious to detotc them to the writing up ot books, making out accounts or otherwise, tfatistaotory testim onials can be furulsaed. Address R. Baker, Herald office. ADVERTISING AGENT WANTED. ? GENTLEMEti, having done already business in the above line, plea>e address, with reference, box 4 001 Post Ottioe. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MAN WISHES A S1TUA tlon as assistant book -keeper or writing olerk, or wonld lie willing to attend in a wholesale aid retail grocery stors. Hm no objection to tboeountry. Can produce most tespeot ablo city reference. A tote aldrossed to J. B., 71 Mulberry itreot, will be attended to for two days. AYirUSG GERMAN, ACQUAINTED WITH THE hardware, toy, and fancy business, wants a situation; can give good references. Address Hardware, Herald oiiico. AN EXPERIENCED MAN WAITER WANTS A StTUA tion in a private family. Can prodnoc long and mist satisfactory reference from snme of the moat re*peut*i>le families in the city. Hss no objection to the eouutry. Ad drtaj M. C., &*2 Broadway, corner ol 18th st. AS COACHMAN -A MIDDLE AGED, MARRIED ENtJ liftman, who perfectly understand hm business, hav ing lii ed for icveral yiara with some of tho best families in London; he bas good relereneit in this city, to a rontUmin he Las lived wltr, andiothern; has no objection to the conn fry. Addreaa X. V. caro of James J. Aahby, ."Width st. n< ar Lewis. AN ORPHAN LAD. SIXTEEN VKaHS OLD, WISHES a sitnstlon in n store, or would go to a trade; hts no objection to go to the country ; he is n etnnt boy ned wllliag to work; beat of city reference given. Address J. B., corner of Ruptlyeand Hicks ata., f outh Brooklyn. A BOY, 17 YEARS OF AOE, WANTS TO LEARN THE honseearpenter or aome other respectable trade. I n quire at bis present employer's, !*) Fulton st , in the atom. AN AMERICAN BOY, lb YEARS OF AGE, WISHM to apprentico l.lmsiif to learn the house and slip Jolting traao. Apply a; 1H0 Orchard st. A CHANCE SELDOM MET WITH -TIIE SUBSCRIBER having a all nation ot a salary of tout) per year, and as he la about leaving for the west, will give It to a oipible young man, one that Is a good peumaa and quick at tgnreo Address H. K Williams, Broadway Poet Office, enclosing $1 for the payment oi *hn sdvrrtiacmMt. jft. tiring into an eniMemeti htta aeotiofe or scbsol, to | ferferw ??" d-tl" 'f * r>e- '' . *?? v , I toCWliiiii) |it-0. ? *? | WA?i* Tt wis^rVrcr TowN SILECT FE^I^y^ A. l'j? 7tb avenoa, between Ml fb ?vrt?t?? W ?? ? _ imimdiit*'.}-, three iret ?'?" ttrs^JsasafiSfe ??e ae thow ittuattone are ready. A la<y in rtw??". AT MORRIS A CO II VERT'S, NO. 387 ecru.r of K.ade canalwaye lj? found th >grea< ?it choice of kneliih. Scotch, lrieb and Otjmta ?ervantj, lit hotel., hoarding hou?e? and private tere. waiter., oachmen, gardenere, famere. aaahMtlojbn laborer. in thlaoi our branch ofice 102 Groemwlch wr? v. Bread.? wanted, a man to drite a b ??ad wagon, in Urookly . and in Now York. AddreM M , bo? I ,iM l'o?t Ottce, Y. /CALIFORNIA? A FRENCH WOMAN WHO SPEAKS I ; Eaflitb well, ?od i. an excellent dret.maker. want* a titu.tion to 10 to California, or would travel in Europe, or ? nvwkere with a lady or family. I. no'. ?e% tick. 8iei eitjr "IwcZZ"? Apply at 6MH Bart HKh .tract. /I II AM BE RM AID ? WANTED, A SITUATION, BY A C young girl, ae ?rtt rate chambermaid, and to t.ulit I* thawMbiU and ironing, c rcbamberwork and pltln "W.uj; *oo * refer* nee. ti?.? Cw bo .ten for three day. at ? flami ton ?t., teeontl #oor, front toom C-_? waKTED A FIRST RATE COOK..-NONF. ?!f?5^kDri? exoept tbo.e who thoroughly underrtand . _ jir bnrineM , at S. lf. Crook * hotel, 80 Chatham .t. wants aTitdation IN A HOTEL, WHO UN isawssi, Tfr * c ? office. pOOK'S SITUATION WANTED-BY AJTOUNO WO I lOACBMlN, U" ???'? "SLj1 *if * tessibf. 2a%-!S5<" ?- " kc" from 5 till 5 o'clock,) H. W., Herald ottce. in the livery itable. . nnicRllAV ?WANTED, A SITUATION, BY ONE itfice. ? ? niiAcnMAl' WANTED, A SITUATION A?_?0ACH: MSSBBMi tor one weak. : -- Ci IRK WANTED? A YOUNG MAN FROM 18 TO J> 1K . ... M olerk in a ten ?tore. One well acinaint w.Vh th2 e'5' trade may apply at John Wat.on'. t. wirthonte, 377 Bowtry. TiVfRV CLERK. WANTED ? ONE TUit WRITES A E pood hand and ia well reoommended. Addre??, with rtfcrttce., X. Y. Z.. Hernia office. Eu pi OVERS IN CITY AND COUNTRY WILL PLB4.sE that the liKtit nnmber of servintf, in ?jwy BSSSfflffiESffiS character will be given. . ? v ISU I ADORERS MICHANICS and FEMALE DO Greenwich atreet^ Pro.pectmee ?ent on application TTiMiQPKEVPflL'jS SITUATION WANTED, BY AN H Ann r.cau lady. In the oountry praterred. Addteae a. L , bo* ISO Herald offlce. _ TVARnU AKK -WANTED, A SMART ACTIVE YOUNG H? ?. ? knowled^eof .uohbuelne;., to a.tend iu% hardw are store. Apply daily at 174 H ctt ij Yfia-n TilSFNGAGED? AND WISHES A SITUATION V I'dSiS rocommended'' l5om ?bort diki i\nce in the connvry ]aat thros years. her l??t ^h? re the ha. l ^ d ?d to if left at 4?titb ZT??ti\nbiV.tV. , tbird floor, h>ck ro,?. niny ?WANTED, BY A YOUNG AND PER 1U to 4 P. M. rir 4UUTRFAS ? A SITUATION WANTED, BY A PER MpK otd floor. iront room, for two day?. r^iiTiT atkins WANTED ? IN CITY AND COUNTRY, over o'ne hnnSred 0'near"Sl*on"0Brooklyn* ettab" ^5!En^S^.^^^i.hed paTonaje. r-iTTTTAt ION WANTED? BY A YOUNU GIRL, AS S ebfmLermaid. or to do gen.ral boutew "k. Inqoire M 1S4 Atlantic it., Brooklyn, for two daya. Relerence given at that place. ? cTlTIl aTIOIs WANTED? BY A PROTESTANT GIRL AS S ?amV.r... anYto du ^gbt .ha?U,w?k; undcraUnd, Varlcut i in da of embroidery. Apply at 81 Went lain ?t. r^itlTATION WAN I'ED- BY A RESPECTABLE avenuei. rrr fTiTTTATlON WANTED-BY AN ACTIVE, TID\ GIRL. S toWouMwork fer a .mall family, "f^^vT^aU SlTfATION WANTID? BT A PERSON, AS SEAM ?treti and chambermaid, who can do up fine "J111*1'?"' and urdei.tand. Fre.ob Bating- Can be aaen, for two day., ?t 06 W. 11th ?t. SITUATION WANTED, BY A STEADY WOMAN, AS lfctu fcti., for two day Be in the book ?tore. buck room, between I>t and 2d atennet. Situations ?? anjed-by two |?^?^able O >onn, women, one a. Wok, wMb.r ????? ^ th, ?n, ai chambcrmeid and wT^t,0rJjectionl t0 go a ibort distance waaUng mnAjl 2f;t citv refer* nee from their laet place. ;?bethee tb?yhav. uVu to'rYv^ear,. Can be ...? for two da^ ?. at 36 F aiex it. ? ? ? i-^iriT aTIi.N WAN'lED ? BY A HEiPiCTABLE, HELL ^"cookT.Jh'r and' Ironer.'and'iin b.%. &? I for two d?y b at 10 Myrtle artnue. Brooklyn. SITUATION WANTED ? BY A RESPECTABLE CIRC, at nurse and teamatreit; would bare no objeotioa t > no in the country; good city reference given. Call at MM ?>it 17tn at., for two days. SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE AC.El> ? odib, at Plain cook, waiher and ironer. intuitu at M> Vasdam St., tor two day*. Situations wanted? by two capable you g women; one withes to do chambcrwork and wait ing, the other chtmberwork and tewing, or to take oara ol tblldroa; can ba well recommended from their laat place; country preferred. Call at M Barrow it. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG O women; in a good cook, waiher and ironer: can bring the beat of city reference from bar last plaoe. C?fl be eeen for two daya, if sot engaged, at 18 Prison at. SITUATIONS WANTED? BY TWO RESPECf ABLE girlt; one a* cook and to ataUt In the washing and iron ??g ;Ta an experienced cook; the other ai chambermaid and wai er, <r at chambermaid and lannd rati, and would wish l o liTe in one family ; hat the bet i of city reference. Cdl 1 at 312 7c avenue, tblrd floor, fr>at room. SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG O ?cman,*s chambermaid and waiter; undentanda wash ing and ironing Can come well recommended. Apply for two dajt at 123 Boerum it., Brooklyn. Situations wanted? by two young women, one at excellent oook and baker; bai no'objectfon to ai Mit in the washing and ironing; the other a* first rate waiter, chambermaid, or lanodrest; baa no objection to the coun'ry for tbe tummer with a private family. Best ?;ty reference. Call at No. 90 29th tt , between Oth and 7tb ave nuat, ftr two dayt. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG O girl to do general homework, or at chambermti 1 or nine City reference can be giten if required. Can be teen 'or two day ? at 183 Ludlow tt. No objection to %> a short dutascc in tbe country. SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PRO taitact girl, to do homework; the ii a giod washer and ironer; underitands baking and pl*in icwiag. Can be tees for two dayt, at 215 liHb it., near lit aveaue, fourth floor, back raom. Beit city reference from he: laat place. SJ ITU AT I ON WANTED? BY ~A EMPICTABUI UER 5 man, nt ptrdener; understands hia business in all ita branehai. II a a the bait of r-lerino*. Me baa been five years in thit country, and t peaks the Englitb language vary well. Addren E. f ., llerald ittice fortwo dayt. SITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO RESPECTABLE young m-n, to go a short distanea ia tha country: cue at coachman and gardener; the other aa waiter. Uood re commendations from tbelr laat employer. Nana aaed ap ily but a reipectabla family Can ba teen ftr two days. I'leaie call or addraat box Itli Herald oSee. Servants ?wanted, at Wallace's okiice, no. 4 J-tnds street Brook'; n Protestant and Catholic girla, ateoaks, thamt-ermalds, general honaewerk era, wiitert, Ae. Wanted, also, .laboring men. N. B.? Employers supplied v itb efficient and well recommenced aervaata, at thia oBce. Note are admitted unleat wall recommeaoed. SITUATIONS ARE PROCURED FOR CLERKS, BAR 0 ke?|ei t, porters, waiters, coaebmes. groom*, gardener*, itrnem, bojt for ttorei aad trades, chambermaids, cook*, seamstresses. hovsewok girls, Ac. Emplorara caa alto ba snltel w th asv of the above help at No. 4 Rait Broadway, corner of Chatham square. JaMES Mcl.ERL'ON, Ageat. TWO RK8PECTABLE PiOTkSTANT YOUNG WOMEN ?Utcia, with to engage in a private family; one a* nuraa aiidlrramiitrets, the other as chambermaid; hate no objeetloa to the < oustry. Caa la tees fortwo days at <3 Sheriff st TO TEACIIERd. ? WANTED, IN A B0AR7IVG school, a plseu for a yiang lady, wheir naffaervieet as aa a?ii?t?pt will be taken in retuuat ration for bar edoia'.iia; wenld notobjaet t? go out of sheeny If required. idoreaaU J. M , llerald vffirl, torttrae dayt 1 O OWN Elisor INFLUENCE- A GtNTl.EMAN AC ED 1 iJ, t( ptd addieee aad well idaeat d. herefj rf'ria ?oae?ar of tfty doliaft.ta any geallemaa wae will praeare BeraU iff a. Wast*. P> OWN IKS or TACHTS OR PLEASURE COATS.? A young man, aged lircotT six. of good e*r?ri*acr, wi?b?s (o take charge of I itufimti'l yacht thie miei. ? 'an give th? higbeti rccomo tnda'inas m to capability from severil sbipowaars la the dir. 11m been aa offit er ia all ?fit" oi vesaela for tb* lut aevea year*. Addre-s HT. W'AHDE, 1K7 I raaklia itr*?t . TO DRUGGISTS -WANTED, BY A YOVSQ HAN, who thoroughly underataedi the btsineM, a situatisa aa ?hipping clerk or esslatant ttltiau, ia a wboleeale boose, (an give the bed of eity rrfrrenoes aa to character an* capability. Addreas C Y. I react a, Herald ollloo. TO TAll.ORS.-A vol' NO MAN WHO HAS BEEN foor yesra at tba trade, desires employment. Has no objection to go iato the country Nona but Americans iced apply. Address J. l'? 4('8 Math avenve. rBDTCUIS- WANT1D, A STOUT SOT AM yonng man, that know* boa t? attend shop and leu nock; one that can come well ri commended for honet'y and good h< b&vior may apply at 3(4 Mb avenue, before It o'clock. UNI JF.UNE FILI.E KKANCAISI. DKMKE SE Pl.t ccr <lana una iaiailla Americaine. oomn brune d'en fant cu t lie 1e ohambra. S'addresaer it 216 lie ru?, ir.tre la ?? et ft aves, pour deux Jcaia. UNE DEMOISELLE FRAN^AISE, B1LV Bh'COM nikiidfe, d??ire utio situation comma oocitnr.' re, on > cane d'vnfanta; >lle <i<?irerait vcjapd S'addrtsser 1*11 r?i Grind, port prlvfc TT NE I'RAK^AISE PROTEST A r?TC, DfiSIKESK PLA V err asns une bonne famille c< mire bonne d'eatsuts, on r nr vcyagtr, ou ccuturi- re. kite pent fournir de one c -r - titicites. S addreirer a 14 IS- rue ?.'u jat. entn la tt <* aiea. ? UNE JEIIM rRAN(,"A!?E LF MOYEN AGE, l?i>'HB nne place, pour aller en t rauce c ornate boaae d ea taats, elle sait parfaitcment fair* tvus les habillemea'.e da petite nl a et garcon ou povr nmeaur one dame malade R'la a dip bonnea rfcomma'-Uati. nn addresser a 15 i3e rua Ouest, dan* la bouti'tue de eaniiy , o?ss de la do avc. UN JEUNE HOMME, PROTEST ANT, DE LA BU1S? Franchise, desire trnnM-r un emploi nueleooiinn, U pr* fereraft une place de coober poor la ville ou pour 1% eom pagne, il pent foorair debonnea rf<oommaadations. 8'addrea tar cbez M. Eug?ne Dupuy, CD Uroadway. VISITING OR RESIDENT GOVERK ESS? AS ENC liih young lady, expert' need in tuition, ia dee rons ot forming aa enpagement a* above. Her courae of instruction comprises English ia it* various branches, French, m.ino and the ludimenta of ltaliau Advertiser can give the highest aad mort aatlalaetory references as to capability and re ipcctability. Please address Mies Elton, Un od square Poeb Ofllce. WANTKD-BV A RESPECTABLE YOUNG Wi-UAN, a situation as chambermaid and to assist with the tare of children, or ai chambermaid and to assist ?it:? tba walking; no objsction to the country;goo4 city reference. if required. Call at M9 Hudson St.. entrance ia Caaicrocrt, for two days. WANTED? BY A OOOD I.Al'N DRESS, A SITUATION ia a private family ; one tvho understands her buataoM and can do French flutiuu, can give the best ot city rcferearo, anil has lived with one of tbe best private families ia thia city for the last four rears. None but respectable fsMIIiM who will give good waf es neod apply. Can be seen for two days at 14 E llth st , basement. WANTED-TWO RESPECTABLE YOUNG LAC IBS TO attend an ice cream saloon; ample remuneration will be given; none need apply but those who oan give tbe been city reference. Apply at 625 Broad way, between 9 and 12 WANTED.? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Protestant yonag girl, to do general housework ia a refpcctah<e private faoulv, or as obambermaid md assist in warbiag ana ironing. Good ci'y references. Call at 2SH 1st avenue, between 17th ard 18th sts. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECT ABLB jtnng girl, aa chambermaid aad to take caraofcklld* ren, or to do up stairs work, oi as waiter; good city refer ence given. Can be seen ltr two days at49 Christopher St., in tho rear. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE If girl ia a private famil*. as first rate cook, washer and ironer. The best of eitj retoience. Please oall at 73 Divi sion St., room Ko. 9. WAN 1 ED? A SITUATION. BY TWO RESPECTABLE women, one to do the oocklng and to assist w:th tba v ashing and ironing; the other to do chamberwork aad wait ing. both of them have iood refnrenoes from their last places. Aptly at 221 East lflth st , bttween 1st a>enue aad avenue A. WANTED? A SITUATION, IIT A RESPECTABLE yonag woman, as laundress. Good refercnov Caaba seen for two daj s at 74 Jay st , Brookly a. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT girl, a situation as chambermaid; ia willing to aasieb ia the waabiag. Highly rccusiuended from her laat em ployer. Call at 123 12th st., betweea 5th and tith avenaes, lor two days WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A PRO teatant, a situation as cook in a private family; ia willing <o aeaist la washing Ap,ily at 137 Weet ^3d wbere abe can be taeommended. WANT1D? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE woman, as chambermaid und waller, or as icvmetrose or dressmaker; gooi city relVreuco. Can be satL for two dsys at tlx Rutgers st , room iS. WANTED? BY AN ESGI ISH YOUNG WOMAN, A situation a* housemaid or waiter. Apply at M Rtn wiek ?t., out of8pri?n;eau be ?o<-n mi eagag*d. W AMID- A SITUATION, BV A YOUNG GIRL, AS ohambormtid or waiter; wonld hare no objection to travel with ? lady to Europe. Please oall at lit Greene ?t. Can be aeen till (tilted. TITAN TED- A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN VY a* chamhormaid and to take cars ot children Good reference. Aprly at l<i7 avenue A. between 1Kb and > Jtb st*., Hint floer, room No. 0. W AN1I.D? BY A RES I'ECT ABLE YOUNG WOMAN a situation in a respectaMe faintly, ae ebamborma.d and fine waiber. Can be highly recommended i r in her lee place. Can be *oea for two a*j* at W 2d aveaoo, in rear. ANTED-TWO GIKI.S. TO WORK ON Cl'STOK *birt*. Call at 687 Hudson *t. lanndreie' place; U capable nt doing her \>a*ia*of ; good re lereaeei. Apply at No. 1S7 Elisabeth st., sear Brooae. in the rear huildiai. WANTED? A SITUATION AS COOE; 18 AN EXCEL lent washer and lroner. and anderetandt good plain cooking sad baking. Best of reference. Oall a; +1 I'erry st , in the rear. "OTTiNTED? AT 938 TWELFTH STREET, A WOMAN m who understands straw hat cleaning and pre**>ag WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG GIRL, AS chambermaid and wait-r. or as nurse. Call at 14 We. t 20th it. WANTED-A SITUATION AS COOK, WASHER AND itoacr, by a respectable girl, who uadorstando her Lntiaess well; the best city reference. Applr at HJ7 I3tli at., between 3d aad 1th avenues, la the rear. Can be seta for two day*. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A QUOD COOK; UN derstands all kinds ol baking; can do up geallemee'e linens we'l; Rood reference from her last place. i;aa oo soea for two day a at 1W2 7th st., between avs. B and C. WANTED? A SITUATION. BV A RESPECTABLE yonng woman, as pood piaia cook; is aa escolleat washer and iroaer; or would do the general housework ol a small private family; best of city reteroace. Can bo sooa at 112 Clinton place. Eighth st. rear, for two days. WANTED-A SITUATION. BI A PROTESTANT young woman, as chambertasid; no oMectiot to assist in the washing and ironing; good city reference, can be seen at 210 Snllivaa st., rear, room No. 1, for throe days. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A COMPETENT SEAM s'.rrss; understands all kii^ls of sewing and droeo making, and can wait on a lady; would do a little ob amber - work; best of city reference. C'aa bo <oen at 1M let avenue WANTF.D? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN', a situation as I'law'-rma t sad waiter, in private fs. mily, oraa nurse and plain tea er; best of city reference. Can bo seen at 112 Clinton (lace, Ughth st., for two days. fl/ ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT TT girl, from the country, a situation to do tho general housework of a small private family. Inquire at No. I Pre sident st., (bar room) east side ot Hamilton avenao, Bro>.g ljn, for three day a. WAN TED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation aa good p'ala cook, waaber aad Iroaer; too belt ol oity reference can he ^ivon. Apply for two day* at USCliatoa plaoe, Eighth St.. ia the roar. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPt JTAB'.E woman, as cook; ia a g:od baker, or would take a 1 ? ? B?; f -B ? ? ? 1 ? ?ly ??? WANTED-A SITUATION, BY AN AMERICAN PRO tootant widow woman, to oook, wash aad iroo, or to do Seneral housework ia a small family Caa bo sooa far two ays at C8 Lewie at., frost basemeat. WANTED? BY A PROTESTANT WOMAN. A SITCA* tion aa eook, washer and lroner in a small pil fate fa mily ; good eity rererenre given from her last place. PlcaM call at 22 Sixth avenue, in the rrar. WANTED- BY A RESPECTABLE SCOTCH GIBL, A situation as chambermaid, and to aisist with walking: and ironiag, aad will make herself generally utefal; sai two year* ia her last p'aco. Apply at t*i Division st., ball door. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE married woman, aa wi t nurse; ia a eoaipeteat dress maker. Call at 4C! 4th at., tor two lay*. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE TOUNG WOMAN, a situation as; caa eat aod St *biUrea'? Ore) see aad do family sowlag. baa ao objection to aMist ia chamberwcrk or wa.tlag. Caa bo sooa at 70 corner of Pike and Monroe eta , frratroom, first floor, lor two day* WANTED? SITUATIONS. BY TWO RESPECTABLE Protectant yoaag wostea. one as eook. washer aid irtaer; the other a* obambormaid and waiter or olaia rawer aad to take ear* of children. City refor*uoe. Caa I* se w lor two day* at 116 York st . Bnokljn No 0^)001101110 the coua'ry. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTA C E yonnr woman, a* *ook, good washer aad iroaer. ?n dentand* bar bnsiu**s perfectly. Bra; of oity renr.n.e. Call at 1W Wost 27th St., front, botweeo rtt'i 9th aveooea. Caa be saon for two da> s. H/ ANTED? FIVE OR SIX YOUNG GIRI.S. VT prentices, to ieara dre**aaktoc- Apply thia d?y cu!j at 103 Greene at. WANTED-I OR AN ENGLISH LADT, AN IK Me diate engagement a* companion aad govorooos hero, or with a family going to Europe: *h* i* food of ehildrea, and her lottora, experience, Ac , with referenee*, will bo found latialact >ry. Address Eldea. No. 3W drag sure, corner af Walker *t. and Broad e ay. or the lame adilrero Herald office. ? WANTED-A SITUATION. Bl" A RESPECTABLE yonag woman as laundress or cbaas jormaie, tr ?? nortesad to take ehsr,e of ebildreastd do ?lnii Gtod city rtfrreaco. Can be ?>?* for t*o ds)* at E <.? IKth st., brtt Doer, froat WANTED-A SITUATION, Bl' A RESPECTA Bl U W yeniw woman, a. seamstress; c?? Cut aad St ln>-?* sad sii buds of boys' elothiog. Goo* ra'or aoe. Caa Nt 1 etc fo' twe days at -'?! Suffolk st ^ A\TII>-A SITUATION, BIT A YxL.NO HOW IN. as wet aarse; ao ?bj. cttoa to the ooaatry. ijws r. isrenee. * Cfly *t '0 Owoae st. . for two days. HTAMEP? BY A KEM'(.t TABLE P^TE^TAN P TT girl, a situation as O'.aatbermaid, er to de t a ? ea ?< a imatl private family: iaagood cook, wash'r aa* r wr. rev Ss'snee af Wscts .se P.?a.

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