Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 9, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 9, 1855 Page 6
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iMmmmm mmiwm mum. uluu at Aounon. bctiok" noticr-great bale or jrwclrt. witeht-i u4 J ira- uds ? EDWaKD SCHENCK. will nil tltaotioa, n ?'?< uesday 9th lnittut it 10>4 o'clock, at the salesroom lti Wall street, a large assortment of dia mond JeweJrv. watches. J-., ^insisting of eligant diamond pins, asS earrings. breastpins, tliiui cluster and siagis stun* run aad pins, earrings, 4c ; ladies' watches. enamel led aad tat tin both iid?> with diamonds; al?o, others, tIi.: independent seconds. doubled time keepers, fifteen day, English patent and detached liter, Ac , ay Cooper. Johnson, Roekell. ToHas and others; all in >eavy eighteen earat geld eaaae; gold jewelry, consisting of eulta of bracelet*, pin aad earring*, brooches, breastpins seal rings, gold Btone sleeve Mtton*. de. ituo*, gold pencil ca?**, lockets, Ac., Ao. Sale p? ihivo. J UCTION NOTICR ? BY EDWARD SCHENCK. ? ON Thursday, Bay 10, at 10?a o'clock, at 16 Wall street? fine old * iaee, bran die*, sesars, Ao.? The balance of thoie fine eld wtaae remaining unsold from Friday lait, together with a email reserved a>ock, including tome cboice brand* never before offered, via.: Pi ter Dancoqr pale aad golden ?herriee, 1839; Uonxales A Daboxc do., ImO; J. W. Barden'e Mot, lt?6; ola Black Warrior Madeira, Landeman't Graham do. Alio, Otard and other L. 1) brandies, ohampagnu, Cognac do., Tokay, Ausbrack and wedding win**, old Jamaica mm, Ao. Auction notice.-gkeat sals or magnifi cent oil painting*.? L1>WaKD SCIIKNCK will eell at suction. on Friday, May 11, at hie ?aloiroomi, 16 Wall treet, a pnrate ga lery or modern oil painting*, ix oladlng ome very beautiful specimen* of the Belgian. English. French aad American schools, well worthy the attention of coanoisteurs This *ollcotioii waa made with great care, and nt a great expense include* many pleasing landaoapea, into riort, fra piece*, (lower piece*, pa*torala, and other snh)*ot* ol general intenst. The whole of the paiuttnge are olagnnt ly framed Amongthe collection are *ome beautiful speoi mena by Seharffel, Bobbe of Brussels, I'mmlr, V ?r net. iaa ere, Sohillieg of Munich. Pilliet, Unfenbaoh, Brandenberg, Koelees, Berger, Seidel, vv abater, Carter. Leslie, Shayer, Wilson. Darby, and other oeWbrated artist*. Al*o, several clagaatly framed painting*, belonging to an eiiate. via.:? One large winter icene, by Van Duitt, one email do ; moon light tea view, by Pleliler; Urg* sea pleoe, do.; land*oap?i, ?mall marines, Ac., Ac, Sale positive. i UCTION NOTICE. ? CROOKERY, GLASS AND _n_ china.? 3. 8. H. BARTLEYT, auctioneer, will *ell on Wedneeda) , May a, at 10 o'cloos. at 281 l'earl atreet.W. gra nite, blue printed, French porcelain and Rockingham war*, aleo n large assortment of cat and presied glaiiware. Cata logue* en Tuesday. Retailers ana ooantry merohant* are directed to the above. k UCTION NOTICE.? THOS. BELL, AUCTIONEER.? A Br BELL A BUSH, oe Thursday, at 10)? o'olook, at No. 12 North William street, aale of furniture, carpet*, oil eloths, ihowcases watches jewelry, Ac.. Ao. J UCTION NOTICE.- J BOGART AUCTIONEER.? BT 8. BOGART. this day, at 1UK o'olook, at the auction room, corner of Frankfort sud William street*, mortgage aale of genteel household furniture, consisting in part or ma hogaay tete a tcto sofa, sofa bedstead, divans, mahogany French spring scat chairs, dressing and plain bureaus, wardrobes, lounges, dining tables, looking glaase*, arm and dining room chairs, mahogany wnsbs'.ands, bedstonds, hair matrre*i>ee, feather beds.tnpestry, Brussels, three-ply and ingrain earpet*, kitchen furniture, and also n larce lot of new jspan tea and ooffee canisters, pounds and half pounds. WILLIAM 'iHt'MPSON. Att'y for Mortgage*. Tomorrow, a large assortment of dry .goods and tanoy goad*. i UCTION NOTICE? J. BOOART, AUCTIONEER? BY A S. BOGART, store corner Frmitfort and William it*., tbi* da* , Wednesday, 9th inst , at 1 o'cl t ok, at 197 William it., between Spruee and Frankfort, the entire stock of Canary birds, English starling*, thraahei, Ao., comprising about 2IJU malt German imported canaries, all in beautiful song, belnj tbe finest collection now in the city, having been selected by eneof the beat Indies tat Europe. The whole to bo sold with owt reierv* to Ae kuheat bidder, aad are wall worthy the attention ot those wishing superior bird*. A UCTION SALE OF DIAMOND .TE WELRY? JOHN A L. TAN PB WATER will *eU this day, May 9. at 1UU o'clock, ht Use salesroom, 12 Maiden lane, a large and rich assortment of diamond auitea, oomiiting of brooch and ear ring* in oases, a Urge variety oi single stone and olus ter diamond finger rings and breaat pins, stud*, earring*, Ac ; a tae assortment of 18 carat gold oaied watehef, la dto*' enamelled independent seconds, chronometers, patent levers, alt mads by the most celebrated makers, and affords a fine opportunity to those in want of a good watoh, im ported; 18 carat tine gold suites in cases set with mosaio, cameo, opal, coral, Ac.; flue gold fob, guard aud vest cqaiaa, *oal aad finger rings, of every variet/; gold pen* aad poncil o?tes, bracelets, brooobes. crosses, aleeve but ton#, studs, locket*, aeale, keys, Ao. Every lot to he *old peremptorily to close the stock. TkAMIEL S. MACFARLEN AUCTIONEER.? IN CON 1J sequence of the unfavoiableness of the weather yeiter say, the third great sale of household furniture ? both now and second band? by Waldrou A Co., will take place this day, without fail, rain or shine, at 10>.^ o'clook A. M., at their auction sales' room No. 349 Bowery, consisting ot three BY, ingrain aad Brussels oarpets, hair mattresses, palliaase*, d*tead*. cane bottom and hair seat chair*, spring bottom sofa. Iookinggla*ses, bureaus, Ac.; together with 3,W0 print* *cgai*. DS. HOUCH, AUCTIONEER.? IMPORTANT AND ? extensive sa'.e, to morrow (Thursday) merning, at No. 79 Wartenatreet, of splendid rosewood furniture, rosewood pianoforte, valuable ill paintings, costly china and silver ware, heavy velvet and Brussels carpeting, Ac., at 10){ o'clock precisely, the entire splendid contents, consisting of royal Knglish velvet floor and stair carpeting, ingrain do.. English oilcloth*, silver plated stair rods, Ao. , rosewood parlor suit, elegantly upholstered and oovered in moroon, cruaeon and gran French satin damask; also, one antique mednllion set, heavily carved, in gold and, crimson. Italian statuary, marble top tables of the usual descriptions found ia well furnished roi ma. heavily carved 7 octave doubl* action pianoforte, made by Barmore, of thi* city, warranted, thi* in*t> ument, for.flnenest nf extrriur and quality of ton*, is unsurpassed Alto, a very line rosewood etegure, finished throughout in plate glass and Italian marble; Freneli work table*, fancy reception chairs escritoires, lar^e a*d splendid French plate pier glasses, in costly frames, rich heavy lao* and broeatol curtains, "riilral oil paintings by eminent modern artists, gothic inlaid and salid statuary, marble clocks, costly Dre?o*n chinaware. fine vases of Sevrea por celain. Parian marble statue* and claisic representati ins, oak exUntian table, with antique aarving; table linen, Irenoh china, wlver tea services, cake basket*, forks, spoons, ivory cutlery, heavy cut g'assware, wines, cnamtagnos, madeira, liquor cases, dicauters, Ac. ; rosewood and maho gau< bedsteads, of tbe antique and modern styles, rosewiod marble top dreasing bureaus, washstands, oorner and towel stands, palliasse*, tine curled hair mattresses, counterpane*, bolsters and pillows, china toilet sets, oval and square gilt traaie mirrors, Ac. Sale positive. 17UGEME B. FRANKLIN. AUCTIONEER.? BY FRANK JL LIN k NICHOLS ?This day, Hednosday, at 10M o'clock, at house 138 Chamber* street, between Hudson and Greenwich atreet*, all the furniture of a first class boarding house, consisting of elegant snite* ot ro**wood parlor furni ture, sofa*, chairs, bookcase, rardrobes, ategeres, extension, centre, pier, fancy and side tables, bedsteads, bureaus, wash stands. Lair mattress**, paliasses, rich gilt fram* mirror*, oil painting*, lac* curtain*, cornices, carpet*, oil cloths, china, gi**s and crockery ware, silver plated ware, Ao. This furni'ure is of superior manufacture, and in excellent pre ?er ratio*, having been but a very short time in u*e, and ic well worthy the attention of purchaser*. Sale positivo and without reserve A cash d*po?Ite required from all pur chasers. Catalogue* en morning oi talis Eugene b franklin, auction eer.-by frank lla A Nichols ? Household furniture; pianoforte!, car rota, mirror*, oil palntinga English silver plated wars, Ao. ; o morrow (Thursday) at MM o'clock, at 7v Mm?h atreet, between Fulton and John streets, eoaaisting of e number of styles of elegantly covered roiewcoJ parlor furalture, in TarUu* colored French latin brocatella, plnah, Ac.; a largo assortment in rosewood, mahogany, oak and walnu; of aofas, ebUrs, extension. dininc, centre, pier and fancy ta Wee, bookcases, wardrobe*, bedateada. bureana, waahstands, ?hair mattresses, palliasses, carpet*, Ao. Alao, an invoice of ?>>glish silver plstei ware, con dating of beautifnl out bot tle*, caster*, spoons, car*, ladlea, Ac., to be (old without r#?m. Purchasers will And it to their advantage to at tend tin* *ale, a* we shall ufler some very auperior furni ture, which mnat be aold to par advances. Also, the mi^ mficent stock of chamber furniture which was ao greatly admired when on exhibition at the Cryatal Palace? coat $n<)0. To be put up at 12 o'clock. Every facility for pack ing. Catalogues on the morning of sale. EH. LUDLOW, AUCTIONEER.? PEREMPTORY SALE ? t* close an eatsfe. of abont 100 desirable lota, gorea and Tn In able water right at llarlem.? K. H. Ludlow will aell at auction on Wednesday, May 9, lWift, at 12 o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange about Jt'O desirable lot* and gores on 115th, llfitli, 117th, llSth, lliltb, Mist and 122d atreota, and a valuable water right on the llarlem river. Seventy per cent of the purchase money can remain on bond and inort <ra ce. Full particular* and ma pa of the property oatyho had at the office of the auctioneer, 11 Wall street, or of Cn&SON A ENGLISH, Counaell-re at Law, 38 Wall street. ?LIAS It. IIENRV, AUCTIONEER, Wll.L SELL, THIS dar, at 10H o'clock, at tt! Nassau street, a large variety or standard and dwarl roses, perpetual and running riee*. peonies, grape vines, Ac. Alao, a large <iuantity ot fruit irecs, consisting of apples, pears, plums, peaches, aprioot. quiece*, everareene, box t< r edging. Alao, a quantity of t roeulioaic plants, in bloom, from the nursery of W. G. Ware, Astoria, L. I. Ijl COLTON. AUCTION EER.-FCRNITURE, PIANOS. 1 .mirrors, carpets, oil cloth*. Ao. , Ac.? F. Colton will sell Thursday. May 10, at 10* o'clock, at the auction rooms. Ml Beekman atreet, secona story, a very large aosort meot af tew and aecond band furniture, being the goods of a family, some st which are but little used, comprisingjin part, ?everai tete-a-tete* in hair cloth, one *uit of parlor iurni'ure in brocatel, sofas and sola bedsteats, mahogany chairs. Vol tair do . carved meters. dining and extension tables, French plate and aval mirrors, oil paintings; tapestry, three-ply and fngrela carpet*; oil cloths, secretary oookesses, marble top ooatra Bad card tables, marble top dressing bureaus, wash ?tends, marble top cottage furniture, in suits; ourtalns and cornices, twenty full pieces of oil cloths, French bedsteads, ?ix drxen oak aud curl mapl ? chairs, baiemoat and kitchen ti/mkure, Ac., Ac. Also the baianceof goods, for account of whom M may concern, that bave been on storage upward* of on* year; also a lot of refectory goods, such as tables, chairs, stools, oyster stands, cutlery, crookery, eaitert, Ac., Ac. Sale will be peremptory. Furniture sai.e? a. m. cristalar, AUC Uoaeer, will sell on Thursday, 10th last., at 10*?'olook, all the furaiture contained in upper part of house 15 Bowery, consisting in part of a Gilbert piano, seoliaa attachment; seraphine in roeewood case; two gilt frame oral mirrors; pier and mantel glasses; rosewood otegere, sofas, chairs, centre, pier and card tables, tete a tetes, oil paintings, damask and lace curtains, Brussels and ingrain carpeting, French bed steads, wardrobe, bureaus bed* and bedding; alao, a set of silver plated wate, together with china and glass ware, Ae. GC HORTON, AUCTIONEER, WILL SEl.L, ON ? Thursday, at 10H o'clock, the fnrnitnre of two par lsrs in faunae No. 13 Sixth avenue, consisting of handsome mahogany bureaus, chairs, tables, bedding, bedsteads, fine Pit pairtlaga. haadsome oarpeae, mirrors, Ac. TTENRF H. LEE DA, AUCTIONEER.? EXECUTORS' n sale of elegant household fnrnitnre, statuary, pictures M?Mes of vartu. Ac.. Ao ? HENKV H. LEEDS A CO. will ?eU Motion, oa Thursday, May 10, at 10* o'clock, at No. 2 Dlpsan row, Bleeoker street, by rder of exec a tor a of the lato Madame Depeau, all the fnrnitnre. Ac., in said hoase, oonaisfiaf of royal wtltom, Brussels and other ear pete, large pier and asaatal mirrors, grow and other silk curtains, ae pert> carred ?ak eatre-deaa, cabinets, centre table, slds ta lie, oarved figure* sofa*, loonm, chairs, fauteull", Ac., oov *red in green and white medal Ion silk; arm ehatrs and fa? tsuUs, flavored in Frenoh de lalaes; auperb real ormolu and sevrN clock, Ia?U aad Japanese vaaos, marble atatnary, valuable palatiags. aeoetly paiatlaij preaeated by the Ace demy of Arts, atParie, to the late Dr Hesak; also, two valuable picture*. painted to order by BtaJ West; beantirul colored engravings. Ao. Also, life aria* figures la composi tion; black walast carved centre jardiniere. etegsrea, carved bracket*, man* IrtLcles of verto, broase figures, ormolu or naMiatfi, aatiques, Ac., ormolu candelahraa ire screen. ** wnett lsrte bronie figures for niche or entry. 'earved oak * t-ands, dressing bureaus oi rosewood, bedsteads, mattrea ??*. Aau; reaeweod alaaofort*, flno tor a, real sa? figures. Ao ; heaWUui Indi* seemaries, India oaneetegere. Ae , A* ; bed rooja ta mabegaai/, roaewoos and black walaat cenchoe, ?"halts , oebteet*. wardrnb?a. bookcase*, furniture, covered ia worsted de l*i*es. carved walnut ooraleos, onrtalae, Ao. Dialag r*e?? Wlltoararpets an ah ?>* any marble top buffet, aide tawee, exteMtpa dining room table*, dinner sets, saxs 'hifiti tta seta, platel ware, and other vain able artlelee. 5 \ll ratatr? T iitohen furaiture Can be set: a one day prcrlenr te theaale alNlTB, HERTS. JR . AUt TIDNRER WILL SELL ?! f?jw< "? Thyed.y. loth m 10* o'clock at the ar r^,Ke m rin# street, bauseholo furniture. eoa?irtiag of the ns iai variety, r.aeved 'ot fonveaieaoe of sat*. I'ar |i v.?f? kKHMC. ?if ? mx jLUonoi. H HENRY H. LEEDS, AUCTIOMKR? 11 Y H. H A t o ? Wednesday ud Thursday, Ma; 9 ui 1 o'clock MMk day, at Hlamw, 10 Nmh atras t, | H. LBIDI B. Pandolflai'a mmiI ?( ntl Btrbli itttuxr, tuh, Ac ? Superb (toluni, ?f Carrara nubli, being eopisa from the M*t wl>te?lt< flmitbi auttn, consisting of the Madaaaa of TeMrtaii MuMia of Csmti Vmu of do . David at Greciaa school, Flower Girl, origiaal +t Franohi; tbs row Seasons. ui one tiptrk mantel of atataa(7 marble ? I no baefcol Zeno, exeontad by ana of the moat eelebrated Italiaa sculptors of tko proocat an. A loo, an luntaoit of Verde antique marble and alabaster groups aad rtttgitii; among thorn will ho found tho Rape of Proserpina, Rape of the Sabines tho Farnesa Harenlee, Heranlaa Reaeaing. the Dyiag Gladiator, Hercules Returning trom the Chase, Group of Centaur. Hero ales and the Lion, Venue et Canova, Danoing Girlt of do., Cleopatra, Pleasure aad Pala, or ftao polished statuary marble; Hebe of Canova, and other beautifully exe cuted antique and olassio subjects. Superb mosaio inlaid tablet aad brooches? five inagnifioent ialaid with ma loohita, pietra dura, and various other fine ipe oimeae in landscapes and flowers? all from the menu factory ot the Grand Unite of Tuecany, lately on exhibition at the Crystal Palace. Also, riohly carved wood frainas, various sisea, suitable for paintings. Also, eight riohly carved aad Anted marble pedestal*: a large variety of Bar diglio, acate. and Yellow of Sienna vase*, of various styles aad si&es. Cothio. Etruscan, Grecian Roman, Me dioiano. Hebe, Florentine, Ao., tastefnlly and elegantly carved la alto aad ba>so relievo; llercuUatcam aad Pompeii urns; rich and elegant tanas and card reoel'ers. Uelglaa iions on pedestals, corner pieces, fruit bowls, flowsr vases, b<autiful Florentine and opeu work haskets, agttc candle sticks. watch cased, fountain with birds, and a variety of marble aad alabaster artiolee, useful and ornamental. Tho above good a have been selected from tho moat oelobtatod atndlos ot Italy, by Signoi I'andoltiui bimsolf, expressly for this market, end must bo closed porumpiotilj, as ho is ob liged to return to Europe curly in the ensuing summer. Tho sale therefore presents an excellent opportunity to persons deeirous of docoratiog their residence ? with artiolee of real taste aad ornament. Plated ware? A large assort meat of Elated ware, consisting or casters, liquor staads, oake baa ota, card receiver*, spoons. Bronses, olooks, Ao.? A superb collection or brontea of various subjsots; among thorn will bo round ths following ehoiee productions:? Phidias aad Peri olos, War and Peace, Tragodie and Comedie, Intant Bee ebos, Francois do Philebcrt. Cbevau do Marly, Commerce and Agriculture, History, Meditation, Maiidora, Ariadne, and other* of equal merit. Also, bronso and ormolu clooka, of tho best workmanship, by the most celebrated Paris makers, of tho nowost and most expensive devices, forming in the whole the most reoherche and unique oolleotioa offer ed this year. Also, several superb French ohlna dinner sets. Sale without reserve. Henry b. hebts, jr., auctioneer? will sell at anotioa. on Friday, May 1 1th, at 10K o'oloek, at the store No. Pine street, assignees' sale of tiae watches, iawalry, diamoads, precious stones, fanoy goods, oil palnt Ings, glasa oaaes, Ao. JOHN W. SOMEBINDYKB, AUCTIONEER ? ADMINIS tratrix's continuation sale of a stook of furaiture, Ao., on Thursday, May 10th, at Nos. 106 aad 108 Centre street, ?ear Franklin, at 10 o'eleok, the stook in trade or tdo late John Wallace, consisting of blaek walaut exteasion tables, black walnut bedsteads, feather beds, hair mattresses, ma hogany bureaus, oilier tables, sofas, easy ohairs, mahogany dining and breakfast tablet, horse, oart. and harness. Ca talogues on day of sale. LETITIA WALLACE. Admlnlstrix. T I. VAN DE WATER, AUCTIONEER. WILL SBLL el ? at 12 o'clock, in front of salssroom, 12 Maiden lane, a six year old horre, second brother to the celebrated "Mao," good traveller, kind in single or double harness, good saddle Horse, fifteen hands high, dark bay, is warranted sound and kind; cost 1600 Also, a buggy made in good style and in good order, one seat with top. Also, a set of single harneis, silver pitted mountings. Can be teen in front of the store or e hour previous to the tale. The whole to be sold tor want or use. J NO. LEVISON, AUCTIONEER? ART ONION PAINT lags, at auotion.? This morning, Wednesday at I10>? o'oloek, at the salesroom, 341 Broadway, opposite the Taber nacle, a fine collection of oil paintings by Amerioan artists; comprising superb lamlsoapos. lake, river and mountain scenery, and winter pieces, by Villent; rural sketohes, sum mer at d winter piecos, and farm scenes, by Hardwicke; a splendid sporting piece "On the Wing," after Bennle; a mag nificent copy of Cola's "Voyage of Life;" in a series of four large parlor pictures, by Mooro; the choioest fruit piece in this| country, by Rolsen; an exquisite Madonna after Ra phael; dog and horse pieoes, cattle pieces, after Paul Potter, historical and mythological subjects; Indian and prairie life in spirited sketohes, Ao. Tbase paintings are all taitlr and elegantly framed in line gold gilt frames manufactured by the first artisans in New York, and ready for hanging. Consignmens of works of art from amerioan artists are receiv ed on the most li beral terms. Their pictures may remain in the gallery on exhibition for ton days previous to hsiag dis posed of at publio auction A price can be afllxed ti each pioture for private sale, and it not taken at those marked prices during the ten days, at the end of that time they will be offered at the regular public tale as above. N. B.? Cash advances made if required. lhis Evening at 7J? o'clock, a large collection of valuable boots, utthe various departments of literature; many of them ehoiee English editions. Also an assortment of sta tionery, fanoy goods, engravings, Ao. J AMIS GOI'SILL, AUCTIONEER. -FLOATING DRV dock, steam engine, boiler, shop, and top superstructure of piers, at public auction, on Wednesday, May 0, at 2 o'clock P. M., on the premises, at tho foot of Morgan street, (North Point,) Jersey City. The floating part of the dry dock is 28x70 feat, 4>? fett in depth, sides and ends Georgia pice, 6 inches thick, bottom and dcok 3 inehos thick, white Eina, frame all of Georgia pine and very substantially built; urtbea about 200 tons. Tli-) floating part of tha dook will bo nserul for market boat, coaling barge, removing earth or other materials f*om docks, slips, Ao. The purchaser will bo required to remove the property on or before the ISth day of June next. Terms made known on the day of sale. For partioalare inquire of James Gopiill, 97 Montgomery street, or Selab Hill, 197 Grove street, Jersey City. JMORIARTY, AUCTIONEER? WILL SELL TniS . day, at 10 o'clock, at 173 Chatham street, a large and general assortment of furniture and other goods, from fami lies removed, being an over stook, among which are some good carpets, Ac., Ao. JMORIARTY, AUCTIONEER. WILL SELL, THIS . day, at 10 o'clock, at 173 Chatham square, a large as sortment of furniture, received for sale? bureaus, carpets, Rruttelsand ingrain; feat bar beds, table, bookcases, mirrors, Ac. ; also, the balance of goods from Tuesday's sale, in consequence ot the weather. Also, Thursday, 10th Inst., a large assoitment of furniture and other goods. Tha tale on that day will commence in the street. Large sale of household furniture, ac. M. DOUFHTY, auctioneer will sell this day, at 10>? O'clock, at the sales room, 27 Centre street, (postponed on accouit of the storm jesterday.) comi rising sofas, lounges, tctc a- teles, mirrors, carpets, French and oottage bedsteads, dressing and plain bureaus, marble top wash'tands, bair mattress ee, feather beds, hat stands, ^clocks, with a large assortment ot second hand furniture; also, one barbsrohair and stool, in plush. IARGE SALE OF READY MADE CLOTUING AND J piece goods.? A. M. Cristalar, auctioneer, 23 Bowery, will sell this day, 9th instant, at 10}? o'clock, fine cloth frock, sack and business coats; cassimere, sttinatt aad doe skin pants; Valencia, silk, satin, linen and Marseilles vests; together with French and English broad cloths; oassimeres, cash mere ts.katinet* , linings, linen, ?arsellles silks aad vest ings, Ao. Also an invoice of some 34 or 40 doien caps and bats and oilcloth overcoats. Notice, -large sals or paintinos.-we res peotfully inform ?b? public the sale of Mr. Granville Sharp Oldfield's collection of paintlap will take place at Carroll Hall, oa Tuesday, May 13, at 10 o'clock, la tag large Concert room, and will prove to be wall deserving the notiee of person* desirous of obtalxing genuine work* or art, at the aale will be made without any reservation. The collection will be on view at hie lata resiaenoe, Mount Vernon Plaoe, Baltimore, from 10 to 2 o'clock each day, (Sunday except ed.) from the let to tbe 12th of May, after which time they will be removed t? Carroll [Jail for convenience of sale, T. W. BENNETT A CO.. Auctioneers. T)ICABES, BERNSTEIN A PHILLIPS, JL real estate and general auctionierm, . No. 61 Liberty itreet, on* deor from Nassau, will give their personal~attention to Dales of real estate, stocks, ves sels, and mortgagee, at public and ptivate sale, and to the ?ale at anotioa of cargoes, household furniture, paintings, statuary, werka ai art, jewelry, Ac., aad to out door sale* generally. Money liberally advanced on real aetata, stocks, vessels, farnitnre, As., left on sale with na. Loans negotiated. PLANTS AT AUCTION-W. 8. MoILLYAIN WILL eeR this da/ a* 10* e'ol<mk, at tbe aead store, 7 Jeha street, a splendid aaaortment ofpcrpetnaL, monthly, climb in* and moss roeea, (In and ant af pote) honey tuokles, jeesa mines, grape vines, carnations, pinks, verbenas, aahlias, gladiolns, tuberoses, Ac., Ae., direct from the cardan oa morning of aale, frem Peter Henderson, Jersey City. Cat alogues, PAWNBROKER'S SALE? THIS DAY,. WEDNESDAY. Mar 9, at 11 o'clock, at John Mortimor's stare, corner of Oliver and Chatham streets, a large assortment ot ladies' and gentlemen's clothing, vis.:- Silk and other frock*, crape and ailk shawls, mantillas, vizettos, dry goods and jewelry, with other goods too numerous to mention. LOUIS LEVY, t33 Grand street. RUSSELL W. WESTCOTT, AUCTIONEER.- ACCTION sale of superb household furniture, this day, Wednes day, May SUb, at 10Jj o'olock, at Mo. 72 Eighth avenue, embracing the entire genteel furniture of the above houce, which will be peremptorily soid, and must be removed tm mediatelv. Those ia want of furn ture will And this eale worthy of spccial attention. Elegant carved rosewood pia noforte, 7 octave, a splendid instrumet, 20 good velvet. Wil ton and ingrain room and stair carpets, costlv rosewood par lor suit in satin brocade, rosewood marbl>' top ctegere. mir ror front, rosewood centre and pier tables, secretary book ease, library do., lace fhrtain*. shades and cornices, lar^e French pier glasses, slabs and brackets, splendid mantel vases and ornaments, thirty day elock, French sofas, tete-a tetes, rosewood carved stands, Ae., with a number of oil paintings >iobly framed, rosewood and mahogany bedsteads, superb hair mattrasses, palliasses, marble top rosewood and mahogany buresus, marble top washstaads to matob, china toilet sets, oval mirrors, rockers, arm ahaira, mahogany lyre and plain bureaus, spring seat and cottage cha'rs, lounces, with ten walnnt cottage bedsteads, mattresses. Ae., wltn a large quan'itj of chamber and basement fnrnituro. dining and treakfkn table*, neh china, silver ware, orookery, out glees ware. Ac. Cttalorus* at hone*. No postponement. RKCElVAR'b SA Lit ADJOURNED TO THURSDAY, loth inst., at 1U o'clock, or the Bloomingdale and Man' hattanvllla line of stages.? By order of the Supreme Court all the horses, atagac and harnecs, and also the personal property belonging thereto, will be sold at public auotion, at ManhattanvlUe. The property consists of six lots of ground with brick stables, carriage house, blacksmith shop, Ac., situated on the corner of 129th street, and Bloomlagdale road, In the village of ManhattanvlUe, subject to a mort gage of 96,000. Also, a lsase of two lots of ground, corner or Sixty ninth street and Bloomingdale road, with frame stables and a dwelling bouse which rents for 9400 per annum, thereon; lease runs thirtten yews from tbe 1st of R*y, 18CA, at ground rent of f90 per annum. Also, eighty horses, twenty six stages and a number of oarriages, sleighs and harness, and other articles too numerous to mention. II sold together the present property will be subject to two chattel mortgage*, bnt H sold in parosls will be fires of in cumbrances; also.all the licences aad good will of said Bloom ingdale and Mnahattanville Hue of stages. Terms ot sals for real estate? Tea per cent on day of sale and auctioneer's fees; the balance whoa deeds are delivered, which will be In ?fteen davs after sale. Terms of sale ol personal propertv? Ca*h en delivery. Sale to commence st 10 o'olock M, on the loth day of May, IMA. BENJAMIN MOORE, Rseelver. Ao. Aii.t if, Hi it A Stockkr , Attorney* for Complainants. RW. LATHAM, AUCTIONEER.? J. THOMPSON'S .. auction sales.? on Wednesday, May 9, at the Merchants' Exchange, at 12)? o'clock, W.OOO Georgia State 7 per oent bonds. Interest annually on the 1st February, at Augusta, dated 1st February, UHll, due in 19 years; 19, MM Indiana State B per cent stock, interest payable in New York; I8.XXM North Carolina Stats 6 percent bonds, interest semi-annual ly, in New York; 10, 000 Virginia State 6 per cent coupon bonds, Interest ia this city; 25, (NO Covington and Lsxiagtan R. R. Co. 7 par rent 2d mortgage convertible bonds, due la IMS. interest In New York; ft.ODO Lake Erie, Wabash, and St. Louis R R. Co. 7 P?r oent 1st mortgage convertible bonds, intsrest tbe 1st February and 1st August, In New York, doe IMA; 12 shares New Amststdsm Fire Insuranoe Ce. of New York. KBteacb; 10 shares Irving Bank stock, WO each. All Jnrchascs must be Mid lor en or befom one o'clock of the ay after tbe sale When purchases are made for account of parties ont ot the city, 10 rer oent will be required en the dar ef sale, and six days' grace given (adding Interest) en he balance. Tie accrued iatereet will *o to the porobaser (the tune as a ( the Board of Brokers) exoept when otherwise stated, pace No. a Wall street J. 1 HOM I'JON^ SHERIFF'S SALE.? W. C. AT.BURIX'?, AUCTIONEER, will cell, on tfeinesdsy, M?y at 10 o'olock. at IW Pearl street, Brooklyn a two story frame bulldinr. te be removed before the 1st of J use E. LOTT, Sheriff. I. Pis.*cl, Deputy. p C. It KM P. A UCTIOVEBR.? ASdIG NEE' 3 BALI Of IV. MUMt f?raitai*, a* the wirtfMm of Va. Osullifer, fto. ? Bedford street, mii Houston ? B C. Uaf will Mil at igctioi to morrow, Thursday, M 10 o'clock. ?j >Wti, the entire stock of (onHin, sa*4e by Wm. OsnUifor, U bo sold without leeerve. by or dor of tbo wd^M, Hd Miditi of a large and Una eeaortment of roeewoed. oak ?aA mahogany parlor and chambor furniture, of good quality, which ia wail worthy of tha notice of honeekeepers and tha trad* Oata loiuea are ready, and tbo roods may h? examined this day, at tha manufactory, No. ? Bedford street, near Hoastoa. STANDARD HOSES ? LAST SALE OF THE SEASON.? J. L VAND* WATER will sell, this day, a? 11 e'cleek, at tbo salesroom, U Maiden lane, a large variety of standard roses, troa tha nursery of D. Boll, florist, oorner of Broad way and Fiftietu street- High standard, aerynt aal bloom er's: half standard ds. ; moss roses climbing and running roses. Chinese, Wisteria, with a rariety of other kinds, all warranted tme to name, and selected with grea< care, by D. Boll, personally. Terence boyle, auctioneer, salesroom no. 46 Centre street.? Blegaat household furniture, on Thursday, at I0)f o'clock, at the salssr >om, by order or the executors of the esute of the late John MoNames. com prising sofas 1a hair cloth and ninth, tables, rosewood and mahogany, with marble tops, dressing bureaus, washstaads, card tables, spring seat chairs, carpets, oilcloth*, pier flarses, hair mattresses, bedsteads, slagle and Jon bio, bo ides tic kitchen turn! tare. Tunis morrf.ll, auctioneer.? furniture, Ac. ?This morning, at 10)f o'clock at 81 Nassan street, new Mock ol rosewood, Ao., turnlture, from city customer ware rooms, consisting, of parlor Hilts, covered satia brjoatel and hair cloth; oak, black walnnt and mahogany exteastoa dining tables; dress bureaus and washstands; Urcoian bed steads, centre, card and aofa tables; oU paintings of extra quality, gold leaf frames; mirrors with geld leaf frame ; vol vet, ingrain and Brussels carpeting; oottMe bedsteads, South American curled hair mattresses, with 190 other articles not enuBerated, all to be sold at anctien this morning. Every facility to purchasers from abroad, In paokiag and cartage, at a moderate charge. WS. MELLOR, AUCTIONEER.? BY HOUGHTON A ? Mellor ? To morrow, Thursday, at 1(>X e'eioek, in the two salesrooms No. 113 Nassau street, elegant honsehold furniture, superior toned rosewood pianoforte, rioh ohina ware, choice oil painting#, JTrenoh plate pier and oval mirrors, Ao , together with raa^nifioontly carvd rosewood Iiarlor, obamber. dining room and library furniture, of the atest designs. We recommend this really good assortment to our friends, country merchants and hotel proprietors, aad warranted as represented, all of which has been removed from one of oar best city manufacturer!, and presents a favorable opportunity for buyers, consisting in part of one elegantly carved rosewood parlor anlt, covered in rich French crimson and maroon broeatel, mods lien hacks; several suits in fancy oovertng, hair cloth, Ac ; rich chamber furniture, rosewood bedsteads, bureaus and washstands to match, mahogany an i walnnt do., library bookoasee ia oak, roeewoed. mahogany aad walnnt; elegant etegeres, side boards. hall furniture, Ao. Also, a large lot cf mahogany softs, chaire, bureaus, washstands, rockers, lounges, lounge beds, Ao , together with a lot of secondhand furniture. Catalogues en miming of sale. Ooeds can kc packed for shipping on the premises, at a reasonable charge. WILLIAM IRVING, AUCTIONEER? RDSES, SEEDS, Ao ?William Irving A Co., will sell at auotion, on Wednesday, May 0, at luK o'clock, at the sales rooms Nc. 8 Pine street, roses, Ao.. from the narsery of J. B. Mantel, Astoria consisting of standard, half standard, dwarf, per petual on their own roots, perpotnal bloomers, moss, Bour bon, noisette, hyb'id, Baltimore belle, oloth of gold, Prairie Queen, Russel cottage, and other fine varieties of roses, im ported two years age, aud have sinee been growing in the nursery of Mr. Mantel. Also, a large assortment cf fruit trees, comprising pear trees, in great varle* tee, apricot trees, quince trees, Ao. t also, a fine oolloction of tree peonies, Ao.. all from the nursery of J. B. Muntol, taken out of the ground on the morning af the sale. Also, 10,000 packages asserted flower seeds, or all varieties. Also, one oask bulbs, from the nursery of I. M. Blssel, Oxford, ?. B. WM. B. JONES, AUCTIONEER ?BY VIRTUE OF A mortgage. 1 will expose for sale at public vendue, en Saturday, the 12th day of May, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, at 308 Fourth avenue, tour horses, two truoks, three express wagons, four carts, lot of harness, Ae. V. S. MILLS, Attorney for Mortgagee. WILLIAM T. BOYD, AUCTIONEER, (LATE SALES man with John W, Semerindyke. at 1\ dpruou. and 110 Centre streets, corner of Franklin > ? Having undertaken the auction bnsineas cn his own account, would respectfully solicit oiders in his linn. w. V. BOYD, late salesman, Ao Address, lor the present, 128 Hamersley street. WM. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL ON Thursday afternoon, at two o'clock, at 187 Canal street, a large quantity of genteel household furniture, of every description? sofua, rocking, easy and parlor chairs, pier and oval mirror*, oil paintings, one elegant rosewood piano, nearly new; marble top centre and side tables, mano gany bookcase, china, glass and plated ware; elegant tapes try and other carpets, 300 yards oilcloths, stair rods, maho gany and cottage bedsteads, hair and other mattresses, bed ding, marble top dressing buroaui and washstands, toilot sets, two mahogany wardrobes, dining and kitchen furai ture; also, a horse and grocer's wagon. Sale positive, with out regard to weather. rrr c. alburtus. auctionier.-mortgage sale TT ? of household furniture, on Thursday, May 10, at 10>? o'clock, at 2?6 Atlantic street, Brooklyn, consisting of rose wood and mahogany tete a-tece, sofas, pier tables, marble top centre and side tables, bureaus, bedsteads, beds aad bed ding: also, Brussels, three ply and ingrain carpets; dining and tea tables, dinner and tea sets, ana household goods of every description. Catalogues may be had tic day before the sale, by applying at the store of the auctioneer, 19 Court street, Brooklyn. TUB FIREMEN. AT a MEETING OF GOTHAM engine company No. 1(1, held at the engine house, on Tuesday evening. May 8, 1850, the following preamlbe and resolutions were adopted:? Whereas, our esteemed associate, ANTONIO CARACCIO LA, lest bis li'e while in the discharge of hU duty as a fireman, May 8, 18S6, whioh event is mournful and unexpeot d, stronds ns with gloom, therefore, Kesolved, That in the death ot enr brother fireman so sud denly deprived of life, while In the performance of those high and important duties whioh he had voluntarily assnm ed, we realise the truth of that passage in Holy Writ, that 'In the midst of life we are in death.''? A? a fireman he was ever prompt and active, aud was beloved as a faithful tiend and onropanion. Resolved, That we sympathise with his sorrowinr wire and orphan children in their bereavement, that we will at end his tuneral In a body, and that a oopy of these resolu ions be sent to his family. THOMAS FLENDEN, ) JOIIN BUKKELL. J Committee. CnAS. A. BOOTH, ) At a meeting of thi seventeenth ward Democratic Republican: Committee, held on Tuesday evening at Hermitage Hall, corner of Allen aad Houston streets, the following preamble and resolutions were offered by John Vandenwart, Esq., and seconded by George Schure man Esq., and adopted unanimously:? Wbe^as, at the last general eleotion, we. the*membcrs of the democratic party, which knows no difference between native and adopted eitiiens, met with a partial defeat, brought about by the combined efforts of fanatics, bigots, and traitor politicians; therefore ? Resolved, It is with extreme pride we, as the Democratic Committee of the Seventeenth Ward view the position, and also the acts, of the Hon. Fernando Wool, aud wa oenzra late the democracy of the city in having elected a chief magistrate inwhoso administration the democratic party wUl hereafter refer to with pride and pleasure. Resolved That we, as good oittaens. admire tke oonrse his honor the Mayor has pursued since his inangnratlon, better isg it to be beneficial to our party, and oreditable to this great and growing city. Resolved, That we, as the representatives of the voters of this ward, will sustain his honor the Mayor in all necessary reforms he may make, knowing of hia honesty of purpose and pure disinterestedness, his mornl oourage, ana solici tude tor the welfare of this community. Signed. WILLIAM COULTER, Chairman. ThA'a" llilinY, 1 g?"eUriM' Fire department.? the engineers and fore men of the New York Fire Department are requested to meet this (Widnesday) evening, at Stnyvesant Institute, I. Mi Broadway, at 7 o'clock. to mak? arrangement* for paying a pioper tribute of respect to Antonio CaraeeioH, a member ot Engine Company No. Its who lost hia lift while ia the dls chaige of his duty as a fireman, on the 7th instant. The Board of Engineers will meet at Mo. 21 Elisabeth street, the same evening, at 8.o'clock. ALFRED CARSON, Chief Engineer. NOTICE.-THE MEMBERS AN? FRIENDS OF Gotham Engine Company No. 10, are hereby notified to meet at the engine house on Thnrsday, May 10. at 12K o clock. I'. V., for the purpose of attending the funeral of Antonio Carraciola, deceased. By order. B. BEADLE, Foreman. Thomas M. Tai.maw, Secretary. THE MEMBERS AND HONORARY MMMBERS OF Co lumbian Enzine Company No. 14 are hereby notified to attend a special meeting or the company, at the engine htnse, on this, Wednesday evening, at 8 o'clock, to make arrangements to attend the funeral of our late brother fire man, Antonio Carraciola. CHAS. A. GRAY, Secietary. INSURANCE. MECHANICS' FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY. -CAM tal. SIM), 000. -office. Shoe and Leather Bank building 271 Broadway .corner of Chambers street.? This company (the capital bating all been paid in,) is prepared to insure bnUd logs, merchandise, ships In port, and their oatvoee, house hold furniture, and pereonal property generally, against losa er damage by fire, on favorable terms. Losses equlta by adjusted and promptly paid. WILLIAM H. BR QROOT, President Henry B. Dawson, Seoretary. DiRKCToaa. Wm. H. De Groot, James Tiebout, Freeman Hunk, Daniel P. Smith, Alexander Philip, Alex. MoCottct, Chae.W. Copeland, Nathan A. Rogers, E Award De Groot, John E. Horn, John Jay, Bartlett Smith. Daniel S. Darling, Pwrnn R. Coow Surveyor. OcVLIaTS AND AVIUM'S. CARD? DR. WHEELER, OCUI.IST,\WC BROADWAY, dtvotcahl* attention to diieaiet of the eye; and by hi? mild treatment, chronic inflammation of the eyellda or tor* ?>??. however long Handing, can ba effectually cored; fllmt, tpecka. Ac., removed without aargical operation. Office bnun, 9 to 4 H. M. Artificial eyee intei tad. HEARING FOR TBI DEAF.? PERSONS AFFLICTED With deafne** hare now the opportunity of being oon ?meed that the aeooitic aurtole will loraith them with the relief at much needed, and at prieee raited to the maaaa oi all. The Inatrumeata are made of prepared metal platen, eo ?djuited a* to oommnnicate a high degree of vibration, which patting through a graduated tube, enter* the ear. aad are I wcra eo aiaot to cnoumber the head. They ean be worn iy ladiee without e'traetlng ohm rvatloa. For (ale by druggtit* generally. EDWARD 0. HYDE, IS Maiden lane, op italr* EXTRA PAT. Bounty land office, m wall street-all aelditra, aallori, w agents after* and teamatera, ar the widowa of thee* wb* nerved fourteen day* on *?a or ak*r* In aay war alnee 1775, are entitled to lOO aorea of boaaty land. Tho** who reoelved 40 or 80 a*rea eaa obtain the balaaee. No charge until (the warrant ia oolleeted. Aiito to tb* agent. 1' T. BETTS, Sri Wall *tre?t, ba*em*at. Bounty land obtained for soldiers, (reov lar* aad volunteer*), ***m?a, marine*, flotilla men, teamttera. wagoner*, mnaieiana and other* (or their ?arriv ing widow* or miner children) who *erv*d in any war naoe 17(H?, oan obtain their warrant* by applying t* A. J. HER R1AN A CO.. 37 Chamber* *treet. \TAYY BOUNTY LAND AND "EXTRA PAY" OP7ICR X* ? Bonnty land* aad "extra pay" for (J. S. Navy eailori, Ac , in all war* tiaee 1790? their widow* and heir*? premptv obtained and paid. Ralaaee* due widow* aad hetra of deceaeed 0. 8. ? ailori and other*, collected, and all kind* of elaim* agaiatt Mm llnitkd State* reeovired by ?DWARD KISSIM. Agent aad lata) Pnr*crll/. 8. Navy. 67 Wall (iraa*. ?narrcALinL " C CLAIRVOYANT EXAMINATIONS RY MRS. HATKf. ) the beat ceing and ?peaking medical clairvoyant we have ia thit roontrv. All Ai?ea?*? discovered aa? tpeedlly *nd tafely r? move-f, If curable, njwoi*lly female ditetee*, a tiring Item inward weakne**. Ac. Offlca 170 Qraad (treat, d?(ri cut ?f Ctatrt Mar kit. A A Q BROADWAY.? TO LBT CHEAP, rot BOBI TTTU new wmw only, lull frost room, second itory, 98 by 16; Nat. MOO; a mail front row, $100; throe n??i A 1 et<,rth1pn*3r ?<B " lomrU> <MV' * * 601 *** X\ 4 MONRO* PLACE, WILLIAMSBURG? TO LIT, TBI upper part of tbe builumi throe itorj buck home No. loaroeplnee, Sooth Fttth street, seooad door from the oenuw of Sixth itroet. to a ntll respectable family, cuosist iag of two room i wd two bedrooms; rest moderate to a good tenant. Inquire on the pnmliil between 8 A. tf, and 6 P. M. _ AT HABLBM.? TO LBT OB FOR HALE, ON 1SSD itro?t, between Filth ud Sixth avenues, a ueat two and khilf itory frame hoaie, filled in with briek, nine raomi, cellar, and nix lota of groans, with fruit trees. Terma eaay. Apply to H. U. RICE, Superior Court room, oornsr of Cb*os bera and Centre streets. Bent $2U0. Cart (top at 13Jd at root and Fourth avenue hourly. A PHI VATB FAMILY WOULD LBT TBBIB OB FOUR rooms, in n good lour story houae in Second avanue. below Twelfth itroet, near St. Marfc'i Church; modern Im provement!. Referenoei exchanged. Addreaa A. 11., box XliSl Poet Offloe. ABRAUTIFUL COUNTRY RESIDENCE TO LBT ? ON Stateo laland, eontainiag ionrtoen rooms. elegantly furniehed. The lawn, of eerea aerea, li wall shaded wita evergreen and foreet trees; rood atablo, water. A?. Situa ted on high ground, about ten minute ?* from Sailor*' Pnuc Harbor. Boat MOO. Inquire of J. W. BABBITT, 10 wall street. AT LONO BRANCH.? 1HB SUBSCRIBER, HAVINO tree ted a commodious houae on hie farm, beautifully aitoated near the aea ahore, will rent it for a boarding houae or rammer reeidence. It will acoommodate from aovunty five to eighty persons. and ia finished in modern atyle, with D'abogany doora, marble mantels. Ae. Boat very moderate. Apply to R. W. BUWYER 119 white atreet. Now York. A N OFFICE? NOW OCCUPIED BY A PHYSICIAN; Jt i. also, apartment! with gaa and Croton water, for sin ale gentlemen, at 1 19 Tenth itroet, Brevoort plaoe, between Broadway and Unlveriity plaoe. AN OLD CARPET STAND FOB BINT IN PHILA dslphia.? ' The subscriber, about relinquishing the ear Kt bnnineaa, olferi the store 190 Choanut atreet, between venth and E?hth, eouth lido, now occupied by him, for rent, and fixture! for lale. Apply on the premise!, to ROBERT B. WALKER, 190 Cbesnnt itreet, Philadelphia. ALOUBR-CHAMBRES OABNIBS POUR MESSIEURS, dam nne famille franc aise. S'adreiser an No. 14 Laight itroet. _ CHEAP BINT.? THE LOWER PART OF A NEATLY finished briek dwelling, ia a genteel neighborhood, oompriiing lix room, will bo rented on vary reasonable terma to a good tenant. Inquiro at the offloe, corner Welt aad Bothuae streets. COTTAGE ON THI HUDSON RIYBR TO LET ?A neat cottage, containing nine rooms, ? 1th about on? and a half acre i or land, aitua ted near the Kiagsbridgs road, near Tubby Hook Depot, Twelfth ward. A desirable loca tion for a private achool, which ii muck wanted in that viei nity. Apply at 93 Went itroet. (1LIFTON. STATEN ISLAND.? TO BE LBT, OR EX J ohanged for city property, a oottago, initable ter a pri vate family or lieardinir, with liable, garden, Ao. 10 min ute'! walk from Yandoibullt'i landing, Stages paai the door to and fr?m the ferry. Apply to OEO. L. QUIRK, Carpenter, Clifton, State n. Island, or 174 Water itroet, New York. Furnished or unfurnished booms to let, in the first clau houae No. 772 Broadway, oorner of Ninth atreet. Alio, an office, with bedroom attaohed, initable for a physician. Apply from 8 A. M. to 7 P. M. fj<URNISHID ROOMS TO LET, SINGLE OB IN SUITS, J; with gaa, hot and cold water, ia a private family. In quire of P. COLB, 866 Broadway. FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET? WITHOUT BOARD, AT 42 Great Jones itreet; breakfast if required. The houie hai all the modern improvement!. HOBOKEN.-FUBNISHED HOUSE TO LET.? A FINE house in Hndion itrcot, Hoboken. with all the modern improvement!, gai, bath, Ac., and completely iurniihed, will be let to a genteel lamily, that keeps no boarders, for the season, up to October lit. Priee SS0U. Security re quired. Inquire at 21 Vciey itroet, lecond loft, N. Y. House to let-ks forsyth street-has all the modern improvementi; gai, baths, water closets, houie connected with sewer, and large yard. Will be let to a uood tenant at a reasonable rent. Apply at 106 Bedford itreet, or 123 Troy itreet. Poiienion given immediately. Hotel to let-for one year or a term of yeari. A large, new and elegant rammer hotel, de lightfully rituated on the sea ilde, New Jersey, For a to. uant of experience and establiihed reputation in the buii neia, the owneri would be willing to farniib the hnnie. Ap ply to HOMEK MORGAN, No. I Pine itreet, N. Y. /OFFICE, AND SEVERAL HANDSOME BOOMS, TO V let, to lingle gentlemen, furnished or nn'urnlshed, with breakfast aad tea, if required, in a private Frefldb family, where the language li ipoken. Inquire at 602 Houston itreet, near Broadway. PART OF A HOUSE TO RENT? IN A RESPECTABLE and pleaiant location up-town, weit tide; two or threo roomi on lecond floor, with bathi, pantriei, and urvant'i room, kitchsn with range, and cellar, to a small family; or a back parlor on lame floor. Rent $200. Addreis T. R., Herald office. PABT OF A HOUSE TO LET.? A SMALL PRIYATE family will let part of their houie; location very pleasant; gaa, bath, Ac. 'lermi moderate. Referenoei ex changed. Alio a plane for sale. Inquire at 88 Weil Twee ty-iixth itreet, near Sixth avenue, or at 3*6 Broadway, offloe No. 9. PABT OF A HOUSE TO BE LET, IN TWENTY-THIRD street? The neond floor, with gai and nie of bath room, of a large three itory and baiemeut brick home. Refer ence! and leourity required. Apply at 6S Weit Twenty - third itroet, near Sixth avenue. Rooms to let ?a suite of rooms, on second floor of hou?e 187 Bleecker itreet, eoruer of Macdougal; the house has all the modern improvement!, cloaeti and bath rooms on tame floor. The rooms, luitable for two or three gentlemen, would be let furniihed or unflrnlihed. at a reasonable price. The Bleecker itreet line of omnlbniea psss the door every throe minutes, and Sixth avenue can pail one block from the houie, day and* nirht. Apply to J31NJAMAN L. MALLBTT, Offloe Aitor Houie STORE TO LET? ON THE CORNER OF FIFTY-THIRD aad Lexington avenue, in a fast improving neighborhood, a first rate place tor business and where a store ii very muoh wanted. Apply on the premiiei, front room, over the itore. STORE TO LET.-THB NBW STOBB, SITUATED AT the junction of Bayard and Division streets, (M Uiviiion itreet,) to let; a very deiirable itore for groceries, or any kind of busiaeii; also.a splendid basement and vault, in quire of C. E. MILLER, on the premise!. STEAM POWER, WITH GOOD AIRY ROOMS, TO LET on reasonable terma, in the North American Steam Works, Forsyth itreet. Apply at the offlee. 64 Forsyth it, mo LET, FURNISHED? THE HOUSB NO. 45 MERCBB X itreet. The home has lately had gai put in, and the lnrniture ii nearly new. Or would be told, together with the lease of the home. Inquire at 260 Hudion itroet. mo let-for one or more tears, a beautiful X iten in a blown (tone building on Ninth arenas, near Twenty -first street, now handsomely fitted np for a country vegetable and meat market; alt new. Apply to SMITH A WODELL, Ui Eighth avsnaa. rfO LET ? A RACK l'ARLOR, BASEMENT WITH PAN J. try, and two bedrooms, with pantry, on third floor; also, second floor, oonsinting of four rooms and three pantries, to gentlemen or email respootable families, at No. 38 Saekett street, three minntes' walk from Hamilton ferry, South Brooklyn. Reference required. mO LET? THE SECOND STORT OF HOU8E 101 KINO 1 street, near Hndson; fonr roams on the floor, with front basement if desired. TO LET? THE SECOND FLOOR OF TH0 HOUSE 29 Hubert street, to a small family, at ?Tew rout; the front basement may be had for one of the rooms oi tbe so coid floor. Can be seen at any time, near St John's park. TO LET-THREE BROWN STONE TRONT ENGLISH basement houses, with all the modern improvements, in Twenty first street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. Ap ply to ALEXANDER WECKBECKkR 31 Liberty it. TO LET-THREE STORY BRICK DWELLINGS. AT Hobeken. within five minntes' walk of the ferry, at low rents, to small respectable families. Apply xt 27 Barclay street, from 1 to !!>? 1*. M., or oorner of beoond and Washing ton streets, Hoboken. from 8 to 10 A. M. or 6 to 7 f. M. JCHN Mi BOARD. mO LET-THE LOWER OR UPPER PART OF A HOUSE A in a respectable neighborhood in Sixth street, near First avenue; gas, Croton water, bath, Ae., in the honse. Apply to GEOROE BROWN, honse agent. 100 First avenue. fpo LET? THE STORE NO. 778 BROADWAT. ipo LET- STORE NO. 30 ANN STREET.? RENT M00. B. GAJLBRAITH, m Fulton street. TO LET-ON MYRTLE AVENUE, CORNER OF YATES avenue, twelve new houses, Just finished, with folding doors, tea room, asi piaiia commanding one el the finest doors, tea room, a=a Maisa commanding one ot the finest viewein Brooklyn. Rent only $190 a piece, for one year. Apply to AC. FRANSIOLB, at tbe offloe of Th eras son A Bryan, No. 8 WaM street, New York. rro LET-THE FOUR STORY BRICK FRONT ENG 1 lieh basement house, on the southeast eorn?r ofSeoond avenue and Thirteenth street. The bease oonftahu all the modern improvements. For terms, apply at No. ISO Tenth streert, ene door east of Third avenue. rLET-A NEAT THREE STORY ENGLISH BASK roent brown atone front honse, on the north tide of Flfty-aeoond street, between Eighth avenue and Broadway; all the modern improvements. Inquire on the promisee. J. C. ONDERDONH. mo LET-PART OF A VERY G ENTER!,, MODERN A built house, in the upper part of the eity, conatsiinc of ??? or six rooms, kitchen, Ae., and with a small family. Will be let furnished or not. B. B. KINSH1MBR, 319 Fourth avenue. mO LET.? A SUPERIOR FOUR STORY BROWN STONE X basement house, twenty-five feet front, and having all modern Improvements, oil cloths and gas tixtnrei, located on Twenty-eighth street, inn very fine neighborhood, will be lee sed at n moderate rent. Apply to E. B. KINSIIIMER, 319 Fourth avenue. mo LET? PRINCIPAL PART OF MODBRN HOHSF, A 208 West Thirty-second street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues; beautiful loo ttion ; both parlors if desired, kiteiien, with range, third floor, ie.; owner's family occupying tha balance, rent about 8400,|aoeordlng to room required; posses sion immediately. mo LET? AT 361 FULTON STREET. BROOKLYN, AV A unfurnished room in the first story, suitable for a dentist or datuetrean. Inquire nt the store. TO LET -PART OF HOUSE 38 STATE STREET, Brooklyn, consisting of tour rooms, on the second floor, room ard bedroom on the third floor, and front base ment, will bo let together or separate; possession immedi ately. Inqnire on the premises, two minutes from tbe Sooth feny. TO LET-TWO LARGE FURNI8I1ED BOOMS ON THE first story, suitable for club room or soclsty meetings. Inquire at 3fl Church street, near Bagelay. TO LET-A HOUSE IN BBCOKD STREET, NEAR South Heron*, Williamsburg, pleasantly situated. in a good and respectable neighborhood, ?t present undergoing a thorough repair, to >>e painted and pnpered, nnd ready t.> be occupied oa the 1Mb Inst , at a moderate rent. Apply to AARtlN SW ART ?, hat ham squsr* Post OBee LBT? AT 79 CAN AL STREET, TIIRKB ROOMS, TO two gentlemen or a gentleman and ? lit, Apply from 8 A M. to 1 r. M. T?? LET-THE WHOLI FIB8T FLOOR, FOR ONE OR _ two families; ul, (wt bar. Mm* eleeiy furnished null rooms for stable Mntlemen, with or without beard. Inquire at W rranklff street. aw Broadway. ] rUT ? POSSESSION OIVBN IMMEDIATELY-THE roar part of tbe second etory , tho front part of the third HWJ, and ?U of tbo fourth liery at ? Beekmaa street. Also. tho front room ol the ftfth otonr of SI and 33 Ueekaiaa street. Each apartment U suitable for My hind of mocha nital business. Aloo basement of 34 Beekman street. la q?lreot JAMES CONNER A SONS. 29 Bookman ? troot. TO LIT? A PLEASANT RESIDENCE, CONSISTING ?f tho second story. two bodrooma in tho attie, with a oetlar and good kitchen, at 9ti8 Hudson street. Inquire of DANIEL FRENCH, at bis coal office, 33 Fourth street, or at his residence, No. I Wan en piaoc. TO LET? FIRST FLOOR AMD BACK BASEMENT, with cue room ap stair*, in house 24 Hamersley street; also, bouse 32 Hamersley street. Inquire of WILLIAM CLEARY. 34 Has?*r*ley street, tor on* w**k. mo LET? A HANDSOME DOUBLS GOTHIC COTTAGE, J. at Cnrmaanvllle, near the iiudion Hirer Railroad depot, 166th strt et, with a flower and kitchen garden attaohed. and a choice lot of frnit trees. Bant l(S) per annum. In quire on the premises, or to JOHN C. ERN EN PUTSCH, 70 William street. rro LET-TWO DESIRABLE FRONT OFFICES. AT S3 1 Broadway. Apply on the premises, or of SPOFFORD, Tll.ESTON A CO. TO LET? IN THE MOST DESIRABLE PART OF Brooklyn, a modern three story briok home; mirole mantels throughout, enclosed piaiias, and lost beea tho roughly painteo. A first rate opp oupant b D., box! P LET? AT PATERSON. N. J., THE WELL KNOWN West Ward liotel, situate on the corner of Elieson ?nd P/'Spect streets, in th* Wesc Ward of the oity,with stable and wasoabouse attached. Inquire of Mr. J AS. WALLACE, 300 Eighth avenue, corner of Thirty first streot, New York. rLET? A THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE? 35 feet frost, pas throughout, Croton la kitohen aad oa first floor. Rent, 8560 a year. Apply oa the premises be tween 13 and 3 o'clook daily, 304 West Fourteenth street, near T*atb avenue. Immediate possession given. rro LET? TWO FRONT OFFICES. S13 BROAD X way, with lam room 26*75, suitable for any Kind of Bu siness Rent for the who!* $450. For particulars inquire ot B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway, opposite. mo LET-THE GENTEEL THREE 8 TORY ItRICK X house No. 798aokett street, near Hamilton avenue fer ry, Brooklyn, next at a li 26 Nassau is icroognoui, encloses piaiias, ana jusfc noea tax y painted. A first rat* opportunity, the present oo ? being obliged to leave town. Rent ?125. Address J. * 2,024 N. Y. Pest Office. lyn. Will be let to a good tenaat till 1st of May low r*nt. Apply to EDWARD D. JAMES, No. u street, N. Y. mo LET- AN UNFURNI8HED SITTING ROOM AND X bedroom, with or without two attic room*, at 823 Broad* way, with water aad gas fixture*. Th* whol* would be ren ted to a desirable applicant tor $180 per annum. Apply oa the premise*. TO LET? I ARGE AND HANDSOME APARTMENTS at 53 Croeby itroet. Rents Irom $180 to $390. Inquire of JOHN? FEN N ,46 Ann street. N. B. ? Croton water on every floor and a largo yard. TO LBT? THE LARGE MANSION HOUSE, FOR AN asylum or boarding house, containing forty rooms, situated at Eighty-sixth street, on the Hudson river. Also the oottage (lvrnisbed) adjoining on Eighty fifth street. Tbe glass maautaotory on 104th street, opposite the Wood lawn, Broadway. J. P. LEE, Eighty-sixth street, or 83 Broadway. mo LET-IN THIS CITY AND VICINITY, SIXTY J. houres rents from $480 to $4,000 ; twenty parts of houses, rents trom $150 to $1,300. Also, offloee and store*. Apply to R. 1>. GOODWIN, real estate agent and general auctioneer, Clinton Hall, corner of Eighth street, near Broadway. TO LET? THE HOUSE NO 44 HORATIO STREET, near Eighth avenue. Rent $32S. Inquire on the premise*. TO LET-THE WHOLE OR PART OF DWELLING house No. 141 Bowery, a most desirable looatkn, near t.rnnd street, consisting ot five rooms, with a briok exten sion dining room on first floor, rooms In attio. F< r further particulars inquire in the furniture wareroons as above. TO LET? AT YONKERS, RENT $350, A TWO STORY attic aad basement frame house; sise, 34x33. Contains eleven room*, together with tbree lots of pound. Hat a fin* view of the rlv*r, and is near the ra<lroaa depot. Inquire of ROBWELL O. PIERCE. Pine street, corner of Broadway. rro LET-TO A SMALL QUIET FAMILY, THREE X comfortable rooms on second floor, with privilege in eellar. Good yard, Croton water, Ac. Rent moderate. Ap ply at 433 Pearl street. TO LET-THE SECOND AND PART DF THE THIRD floor, together or separate, to resectable families, or the whole upper part can be had for a genteel boarding hou*e. Bent low to a good tenant, large yard, Croton, Ao. Call at the premise*, 653 Pearl street, near Broadway. TO RENT-AT HALF PRICE, TBREE THREE STORY and basement briok honses, 108, 110 and 113 West Forty filth stre<t, between Sixth and Seventh avenues; to good tenants will be rented at a mere nominal sum; have the modern Improvements. Inquire of C1IAS. E. WILGUS, at tb* bar, basement of Clifford House, Park place TO RENT-A SNUG COUNTRY SEAT, AT TUBBY Hook, 206th *tr*et, consisting of a two story frame house, with twelve rooms, and tenor twelve lots. Rent, $300. Apply to ROSWELL G. PIERCE, Pine street, corner of Broadway. r RENT-IN BROOKLYN, ABOUT THREE QUAR ters of a mile from the City Ball, and naar the Fulton Avenue Railroad, a three story briok house, in good repair. Rent, $400. Inquire of ROSWELL G. PIERCE, Pima street, corner of Broad wuy. TO LET AT FORDHAM, ON THE HARLEM RAIL read, a neat, desirable dwelling house, with one-third of an acre of ground attached. It is one hour's ride trom the City Hall, and for health prospect, eonvenlenoe, Ae., is un eurpassed. Apply to JAS. M. BATES, 63 Wall str*et, base ment. mo LET, OR POR SALE ? A TWO STORY COTTAGE, X with basement, and finished attio, and piaxia on three sides; containing 8 to 10 rooms, with ten full lots ot ground, on New York Bay. at Claremost, corner of Claremont and Berkely avenues, IX mile below Jersey City, on the plank road to New York uav Cemetery; on high ground, overlook ing New York. Brooklyn, the bay, tbe narrows, and Staten Island Unsurpasied for its extensive and dsIUhtfnl view and healthy situation: directly opposite the splendid resi dence aad grounds or E. C. Bramhaw, Esq . aad a rod or two from that of C. P. Brokaw, Esq. Rent $390. Omni buses every hour. Brooklyn improved property will be taken in exebanse. Also, a firit class brown stone hoase, 25x67. lot 25x133}*, ia second plaoe, Brooklyn. Apply to S. M. PARSONS, or to A. M. DAN' A, t,7 Wall street. TO LEASE-A STORE IN BROADWAY. SITUATED below Canal street, for three years from let May, con sisting ol one room on the first floor, about 70 by 14 feet, oa* on the second floor, 50 by 14 feet, and an L adjoining, 24 by 14 feet, of three stories. Inquire of GEO RE G. HALLOCK. 31 Suffolk street, betore 9 o'clock, A.M., at 1 o'clock, and after 0 P.P. TO LEASE-sTORE NO 89 WEST TWENTY-NINTH street, a good stand for a grocer, and will be lot low to a good tenant. Apply at the store, troca 7 to 9 A. M. and 4 teOP.M. O LEASE, FOR BALE, OR EXCHANGE-IN HUD ion City, N. J , within five minutes' ride of Hobokea terries, junction ef Hobokon road and Ptlisade avenue, com manding a fine view of tbe eity and harbor of New York, the new three story and bMement briok house, 34 rooms, marble mantels, Ac., on eight city lot*. Also, on ten city lots, adjoining the abovo, the new Swiss cottage, containing 14 rooms, built for the residenoe of Lewis Ginoaehio. Also, in this city, the three story store, northeast corner Washing ton aad Reade streeti. Terms easy Apply to B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. mO LET OR LEASE? THE NEW THREE STORY X buildings 12 end 14 Pitt street, well adapted for manu facturing purposes. The steam engine, Ac., used In the In tiding, and almost new, is for sale. For partienlars ap ply on the premise* q o LET OR LEA^S? A FARM, WITHIN SIX MILES 1 ot (he citj , pond house and outbuilding;*, with such ouantity of land as may be dasired, not exoeedlng eight hun drud ai res. The land is the very best in the vicinity of the c .tv, for farming, or for vegetables and grass. To a good tmsnt. who will take cart, of tbe plaoe, a most desirable op portunity offers Apply to JAMBS S. L. CUMMINS, 19 Wall strct. NenJFcrk. T MITCHELL, corner of Montague place aad Hicks street, Brooklyn. r BAKERS.? TO LET, A VERY DESIRABLE STORE in the Seventh avenue, with twi story bakehsuae ia the 'ear, also stabling; rent $250 HENRY FRANKLYN, 71 West Thirty-fifth street, near Broadway. WORKSHOPS TO LET-IN THE NEW FIVE STORY rear building No. 63 White street, only three doors west et Broadway. Lisht good; rent low. Excellent loca tion for mauu lecturing jewellers, illversmiths, carvers, gild er*. printers, or any other business requiring neutral location and airy rooms. Apply to *J- L. PLIMPTON, la the front store. BUTRUCTIOIT. ' ACARD.-THE SUBSCRIBER WILL RECEIVE NE W puplla daily, for clnsn or private ins trust ion la pannto ?hip and bookkeeping. Carda and circulars ntr bs bad at tha rooms, 362 Broadway. OL1VIK B. UOLDSMITH Ah. wheeler, teacher or PENMANSHIP ? and bookkeeping, baa removed to now and eligible rooma, K38 Broadway, corner of Thirteenth street. Orna mental writing eaoouted to order. Useful and higher branches of mathematics by an abla teacher. A LADY OF SUPERIOR FJMTCATION AND BARE musical attainment!, desires to tako ohargo of the education ot a few young ladies nnder twelve years of age. She pnrpoaea residing ont or town, and will enrronnd her Snur.K pupils with homo comforts and lnflnenoea. Address Ira. B., care of Mrs. Read, 71 Franklin street. Elocution. -ladies and oentlxmin kat have aa opportunity ot joining a select olass, or rooeiva Eivato instruction in elocution, from an accomplished acker. Aptly at OLIVER B. GOLDSMITH'S Academy, 361 Broadway. INSTRUCTION.? A T1ACHBR OF ELEV1N TEARS eiperience. North Hd Semth, a graduate of Harvard Col lege, desiret employment aa assistant la a school or aeado my, or in a private family In the country or at the So nth. Tao Preach language taught. Address X. Y., eare of C. B. Howes A Co , MNaeian street. Urc.dway, tntkortofrf.'' ^ * Metf^ rpiIE FRENCH AND OERMAN LANGUAGES, AS RE X quired for bnsineas and eenvereaH in. can be thorough ly learned, by applying at 4HS Llroarlw v, near Broome street, to the undersigned, favorably known t> v his competency and ?xcellent method of teaching E. TELLER! NO. WANTED? A FRENCH MASTER, ACCUSTOMED TO Wrt in American schools Apply to th? Rev. Dr. Rapballf. M Macdougal street. WATCHES, JEIVELHIT, ?C. m? ROGERS? 131.? ?!" FRIENDS AND TUE PUB . lie ate invited to eall at No. Ml. and examine my assortment of docks, watches, Jewelry, silver ?vnd platid ware, which I will sell at low prices. W. H R ?(?IRS l.fl Mvrtle avenue, betweea Geld and Prince streets, Brooklyn. Clocks, watches and tewelry repaired. TlTATCn AND CHAIN FOR SALE-AN ENGLISH patent deta*ched If. cr, with ocetre seconds, and bean titnlly chased, the property nf a gentleman, vheee cirroia ttamc ? alone oblige Um to part with it It ij by one of the i's* Liverpool Bi*BU??c*orv{?, Cm ha aeon at J78 Paarl SPIRITUAL PUBLISHING HOUiE, Jtt BEOADWAT* front of ihl Tab?r**cle. Poetafe bpiritualien, by Ju<t?e Esmonds an-< Dr. Dei tor. ete Yi*dSvols .T-. tltS JS Bullae of the Nations, by Q?r. Tillnnlgt, C. Mb too, medium 1 30 Si Nature's Divine Revelations, by A. J. D*vis 2 (J# 41 Groat Hsrmonla, S Tola., by A. J. Di?iJ, the Soer 3 25 67 Compendium of ttwedontorc's I.if< and Wrltinxs.. 2 00 tt Pilgrimage of Thomas Paine In the Spirit World.. 7ft IS Stephen Olln's Discourses from the 8pirlt World., Q if Brittra A Richmond's Discussion of Spiritualism. I ft) 2> Celeetial Teles raph ; Store t? of the Life to Come . . 1 04 IV Epic of the Starry Heavens, a poem; f. L Harris. 75 IS Clairvoyant Family Physician; Tuttlo, medium.. I 00 1* Present A ze and Inner Life, by A. J. I)avi 1 00 S3 Lytic of the Morning Land; a poem; T. L. Harris. 75 IS Modern Spiritualism. it* Facta and FaaatieUma, by 1 W. Capron 1 09 SO Sacred Circle, by Judge Edmonds, Dexter, and Warren, monthly, Sit per annum Spiritual Telegraph, weekly S2 per annum. _ PARTRIDGE A BRITTAN. The tan kee song, entitled "bobbin aroum?" ? worda and muaic by W. J. Ploremo, will be puWilihed in a few days. Thu song was written by tbe undersigned ex pressly tor his wile, end hae been mm ^ by her with great eel at in tbe principal citiee of the United States; and the subscri bet dooms himself ceiled upon by the recent whelesalo pira cy of hia private manuscripts, to (ire publicity to tbe above, n the Tain hope that hereafter he may be able to rretoot authors and artiats in aome measure from the unprincipled nee of individual property. W ? J. FLORENCE, oo-nsdian. fl/ HAT IS HOME WITHOUT A MOTHER? BT V* Alice Bawthorno.- 6, U)0 copies or this beautiful and touching ballad have been sold within the past six weeks. Published by Winner A Shuster, Philadelphia, and fee aalo at all maaio stores. Price 25 oeata. A copy will be sent to any address, post paid, upon the receipt of the prioe in peat age stamp*. HOP8BI, BOOMS, dBC., WAMTBIB. ~ Bell wanted-one bitheb new ok second band, from 500 to 1,000 pounds. Address, with partioa lars, Heary , box 3,360 Post Offlcs. Drug pixtubbs wanted.? ant person hav tng a lot tor sale, cheap for cash, may Sad a outoav by applying to MARSH 4 cMIS, 150 Greeawioh street. Hotel wanted? the advertiser wishes to lease a hotel already furnished, in this city or etsa wbee, or would take a prominent poeition in a firet olMB hotel. Is possessed of a vary extensive first class hotal ac quaintance, and could influence heavy receipts. Addceaa 8. S. S , Post Offloe. UNFURNISHED ROOM WANTED?A GENTLEMAN and his wife wUfc to obtain an unfurnished room, with board, in a strictly priTate family. Terms must be moderate. Address, stating full particulars, Horaoe Francis, Herald offloe. WANTED? A SMALL HOUSE, IN A OENTBBC neighborhood, either in the city or oountry. Addreaa postpaid box 2,868, Post Ofioe, stating terms, leoation, Ao. WANTED? BT A TOUNG GENTLEMAN, A PUR nished front room, without board; location oa or near Broadway, not aboTe Eighth street. References exchanged. Address, stating terms and particulars, box 141 Post Offloe, fir ANTED TO BENT? TBE UPPER OR LOWER PART TT or a house, on tbe west sido of the city, not below Canal streSt nor aboTe Twentieth. The family oousists of four grown persons. Rent moderate. Address S. P. T* Herald offloe, stating location, Ao. MURMW, OAIUUAUUI, ?fU AT BAZAAR, 31 CROSBY STREET-WILL BE SOLD on Wednesday, twenty horses, suitable for all pur** see; alee, new and seoend hand wagons, harness, saddles, Ae. JOHN H. OATI'lELD, Proprietor Avert valuable and fasf pair op horse* fcr sale or exohange,in real estate, stooks. Ac.? Bark bays, 16 hands high, 6 and 7 years old, kind and trae in all respects, suitable for a get tleman's use, and rarely met with. Apply to BEATTIE, 76 Nassau street. CARRIAGES FOR SALE.? A SECOND HAND R9CKA way, with panels, back and partition lront, in perfect order: will be sold tow. Also, new carriages of every do aoriptioa, eonsisting of rockaways, barouches, burgles with and without tope, square box business wazons, with 2, 4 ant 0 scats, at 614 Broasway, opposite St, Nioholas hotel. AST MARE FOR SALE-AT 121 TWELFTH STREET. ? between Filth and Sixth avenues; a bay mare, with blsok lege, fifteen bauds high, rising seven years old, sound and kiad in harness, and a stylish driTer. To be sold for the want of use. To be saen from 8 A. M. to 6 P. M. 171 OR SALE? A PAIR OP HANDSOME BAT MARRS, J} Tery last, stand fifteen hands Also^a stylish box wag on with single and double harness ooinpKte. Sold in eonso quenoe of the owner going abroad. Apply at 47 Rxthange place. FOR SALE? a HORSE, ROCKAWAT WAGON AND harness; price 5250; the horse is perfectly gentle and desirable to any person wanting a safe family horss, as ho o&n be driTen without danger by a lady, or a boy tea years' old. Inquire of IJOHN FAGAN, corner of Harrison and Hicks streets, Brooklyn. ? FOR SAI.E? A SPLENDID DARK BAY PONT, SUIT able for a young lady or gentleman; trots oc canter* very stylish; kind ana warraated sound and without ble mish. To be seen for three days, at Mr. BURBANK'S ? ta blet, Uaion square. For sale-a handsome pair of iron grat horses six years' old, very stylish and warranted sound: also one phaeton and harness, nearly new. Inquire at JOHN FAGAN '8, corner of Hicks and Harrison streets, Brooklyn - For sale.? a bat marb, mk hands high ? years old, an excellent saddle horse, sound and kind, ia a handsome driver ; will ha eold cheap. 1 nature at M. Campbell's stable, corner of Clark and Columbia streets, Brooklyn. For sale? a new light top single bcgqt wagon, Utioa made; also a light grooery wagon, built to order, and hae been run for a few months. Can be seen at Hi West street, and will be sold cheap. For sale-one six seat brougham, and onb six ccat rockawav, hung on four springs; one four seat brougham, rockaway, Ac.; ono doctor's gig, pliseton, seoond hand, in good order. Also, one Boston chaise, a* good as new; shirting, eloee and no top bu? gie?, new and oitT made. Tbe above will be fold very cheap for eath. Applv at 79 Twenty -third street, a tew doors west ot Sixth avenue. For sale-horse, cart, work ani< fixtures of a party who is r?in* Senth Amount ot -uric, fifteen hundred dollars pec yea r. Addrsi>, post paid, box 3,496 Post Offloe. FOR SALK-ONR ROCKAWAY, SIX SEATS; one light coach; one light carriage, with top, two or four seats, for one or two horses; would be sold low. Also, a superior pair of coaoh horses, bay, six years old, without blemish. Apply at the private stable 1'2 Eait Tweaty eighth street, between Fifth and Madison avenues. F Fo* SALE? a VERY HNE BAT HORSE, IB* HANDS high, eight year* old; o?n trot a mils in three minutM ?nd tin bocondi: warranted perfeotly sound and kind la ainglo er double harness, end if an excellent riddle bore*. Alio, a very handsome paoinc horee, l&H bands high; oan peer a mile in two minutes thirty ?econds, la harneti, aid * arrxnted porfeotly aiund and {kind. Addreea boa 2,8117 Post Office. For sale-fifteen extra quality milch cows. Apply to JOHN It. HAKPEK. Attorney at law, 11*2 Broadwaj. For salr-a six seat bockaway. in good or der. Can be seen at Ilalligan't atablea, 12* Clinton place. E^or sale. -a first rate horse, chaise, and harness, the boree 1M handa high, seven yean old, warranted aound and klaa; tha ebniss in perfect run ning order and the barneaa entirely new and made to or der. Sold because the owner la eolng to Europe, Can bo recn at Fsgan's atablea, torner of Uioka and Harrison atreete. South Brooklyn. For salr-a splendid net wagon, with top, auitable for a milkman, grocer, or expreae man. Apply on the corner of Jaokeon and Water etreeta, in the milk de pot; price 975. FOR SALE? a black mare, eight years old, about 16 handa high, good in barneaa and under saddle, and very kind. If aoliaa the owner haano n no for ker. Can be eeen at SMITH'S atable, 36 .North Moore etreet. For sale? an excellent gray horsr, i$a handa high, main and tail white, and auitable for any business; would make a apleadid family or doctor'* horse. Any person having a hnrae of the above doecriptlon wilt do well by calling, aa to auoh a person the owner will buy or tell. Cm be aeen at SB8 Eaet Tenth atreet. F'OR SALR CHEAP-12 RAILROAD, FARM AND PLAN tatlon carta, # farm wagona, iron axletree, 10 two or frurhorae farm wagon*, 12 Now York made carta, and all kind* of harneea made at th* large manufactory of Mi ll! AIL MULLONE, Warren atreet, Jeraey City. I1OR SALR CHRAP, FOR WANT OP USE-A HAND ?ome iron gray horee, long tail, six yetra old, and about lb handa hi?h. warranted aound and kind In every respect, suitable for any gentleman, either la aingle or double har n.?se. Can be aeen at SdO sixth avenue, oorner Twenty-first etreet. FOR SALR CHBAP-ONR PAIR OF WELL MATCHED dark bay horaea; one a beautiful saddle Dorse for either lady or gentleman; perfectly aouad and kiad, aSout lftt^ handa bi,-b. well broke, and can travel fast together. Pria* ffiOO. if applied fer immediately. Apply at KELLY A WIL LIAMS' feed store, Sf? Weet Eighteenth street. For bale low, for want or usr-a span or gray hone*, seven year* old, aixteen hands, gentle in single or doable hern us. Apply at 57 Stone street, upstair*. Great raroaiks.-for sale, so horses, just from Yermont, and SO Canada; also, some very fast good oart boreee, and on* carriage To be seen in Baltlo street, between Smith and Hoyt streets. Sooth Brooklyn. W. DAVI.S. Horsr -for sale, a splendid gray horsr, 16H hands higb, eight years old; will staad without tyiac; would suit aay pereon wanting a first rata family horse. Be will bo eold low, aethe owner has no fnrthor ?** I lor lift. Apply at CO Fifth street. Horses, rdckaway, a? -a pair or pinh bat horse*, young, eeund and kind, with ft city male roek away and harness, in Dae order; also, a gig, suitable for ft doctor, with a good horse and harneea. will be sold below their vaiae. Apply at 21 *nd 23 Boernm street, Brooklyn. 0" MM BUS FOR SALE? A MGUT rAMILY"0MNl508. built for private use mailable tor a Hotel or boarding school, together with a great variety of coaobee. calechee and roekaway wagoas, Ac. Alao a second hand doctor a gig for *al*, ?*ry low. M. THOMPSON A CO., ?Wo**t*r street. PACING HORSE FOR SALE.? THE HORSE IS ROUND in every particular, and *o kind aad gentle thai a child may drive him with perfect aafety. Hi* spoed 1* under three minutes, and for beauty style and enduranoo, is hardly sur paeeed He is offered tor aale "aly becaase the owner has no use for him. Apply at M Broadway, New fork, or at to Rems<n. eoraer of Hicks street, Brooklyn. WANTED TO PURCHASE? A SECOND HAND ROCK vf away, or two seated top osrriase, la good order. Also ? good eet of harneea Any one baring a good vehiele fit fe* Ihe country for sale cheap, oaa address Wisconsin, Herald office. RIPBIiim AGEBCnW. Adams a co ?? California package express. ? ??r next expreee for California, ttreeoft. and Sand wich lalands will l. ave p?r steamer Star of the Woo*, en Sa turday rout, Kay IvL at A o'clock P.M., in charsoof speetal ni'weaifer to iles'inatlon. Paekaate* end email pan ela re ceived at the offiov, W Broadwa?, ?in?il two o'clock P. M. oft day of sal'iftg. W. B. DINSRORR, J R .8 bANDFoRl>. S Pr*f?lrt?rt. ?. V. StfORMAKiR >

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