Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 10, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 10, 1855 Page 7
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AmftfHKJtEKTS 1IUEWED 8TMI BIT. 870 868 52 BOARDING AND LODGING. BROADWAY? FURNISHED ROOMS IN 9CITBS - - - or?fag>e, with or without boar*. Private table ? or BseaJw'y ** *' "? 01 00 Rvopeaa plan. B70 BROADWAY ? UNION SQUARR? A PARLOR and three good bedrooms to lot; linen and attend ance on the European plan, for 112 a week, or separate. Breakfast if required. ?J97 BROADWAY? FURNISHRD ROOMS TO LET. *t?i I Gentlemen re^nlrinn lolglngs down town, ean be accommodated with single room* at from <2 to S3 and par lore from 94 to $6per week. Apply at above, eeeond block alert the Irving Home. OQO SPRING STREET, NEAR HUDSON? PLEASANT 4jCj? furnished rooms to let. to (ingle gentlemen; alao an Miwrnlshed room to a gentleman and hit wife. QOQ BOWERY.? MRS. B. MERR1TT WOULD RE j?iOU ttieofully inform her friondt and the boarding pnblio that the baa removed her plaoe of bnainete to No. 239 Bowery, oppoelte Prinoe ttreet, where the will be happy to accommodate a few gentlemen with full or partial board, on termi to pleaie any who may favor hsr with a call. Alto rooms furnished, suitable for gentlemen and wives. Beit reference given and req aired. "IAE\ NINTH STREET ? A SUIT OF HANDSOMELY JTU furnithed roomt to let, on eeeond floor, with private table, if detired. Alto u tingle room on third floor to let, with full cr partial board. House first elate, and conveni ently leeated tetween Broadway and Poarth avenue. 1AO LEONARD STRRET, F1YR DOORS FROM lUU Broadway; lew and haadtomely furnithed roomt, with board. Gat in the house. HA FRANKLIN STREET-FURNISHED ROOMS, I Tt without board, elegant mite for families or single per tone. Gat, Croton water, eold and hot batht, all in good style, only two doore from Taylor' s saloon. Meals sent to room* without extra charge. Terms moderate. RO LISPENARD STREET, NEAR BROADWAY? A UU large back parlor, on the first floor, handsomoly fur nithed, also an attio room, to let to gentlemen, without board. CA WALKER STREET-FIVE DOORS WEST OF Broadway ? a quiet and respectable private boarding beuse, suitable for tingle gentlemen and gentlemen and their wives, recently fitted up with new furniture. Hot, eold and ?hewer baths in[the house. References exchanged. EAST S1XEENTH ^STREET.? SOME YERY DE31 ratle rooms in this excellent looation, (near Union square,; may be obtained by a genteel family, either tran aiently or oermanently. House contains all the modern im provements, and rooma airy and well furnished. References exchanged. GO BOWERY?THE NEW BROWN STONR FRONT wO house, one door from the eorner of Bayard street; luvnithed and nnrumlshed rooms to let, suitable for gentle men and their wives, and single gentlemen, with fall or par tial board. Gas and bath in the house. _ A FAMILY REQUIRING BOARD FOR THE SUMMER in a private house, having every aeeommodation for a respectable family sf eight or more persons, will And the nine on application at the office of the Daily News, Thames ?treet, Newport, R. I. Tke board will be of the belt, as ean be ascertained if accessary, and a good prioe is expeoted. AS1RICTLY priyate family of three per ? ens, having more room than is required, will lot a ?nit of furnished or unlurnished rooms to a gentleman and wile er single gentlemen, with or withont board. References exchanged. Apply at 289 West Twenty-second street. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED PARLOR AND BED A room to let? To a single gentleman, at 38 Clinton place, Eighth stieet. House has all the modern im provements. A FEW SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOM MO A dated with beautiful rooms with an azreeable [private family, having a first class house with the modern improve Bente, in the meet delightful airy looation for summer up tewn, very accutuble by stages and cars, in the vioinity of Twenty third street and Ninth avenue. Terms moderate. Address 8. 8., Herald office. A FURNISHED BEDROOM TO LET, TO ONE OR two tingle gentlemen. Apply at 21 Rivlngton street. A PARTMENTS AT 25 WASHINGTON PLACE.? PRI? A vate table if desired. Apartment to let-at 2s lispenard street, furnished or unfurnished, with or withont board. A LADY WITH HER 1 AUGHTBRS, OCCUPYING a first olass four story brown stone house, would wish to have the society of a fe * young gentlemen, for breakfast and tea aad dinner on Sunday. Apartments either furnished or unfurnithed. Location East Thirty eighth street, Mur ray Hill. Address Murray Hill, Union square Post Office. A FEW SELECT BOARDERS? MAY OBTAIN ROOMS J\. furnished or unfurnished, with or without board, in a private family, in a new brown stone house, containing all the modern Improvements. Also a splendid office for a phy Moian or surveyor. Apply at 141 East Thirteenth street. Re fer ences exchanged. A LADY nAVING TAKEN A NEW AND PLEASANT house in Brooklyn, having three well furnished rooms to dispoie of, would like to make an arrangement with par ties wanting board, where they could have the privileges aad all [the social enjoyments ot a home., Herald office. Agentleran and his wife, without chil drea, residing In t pleasant looation in the upper part of the city, wonld for a reasonable compensation receive as members of their family one or two chilJrtn, between the ages of four and eight, where they would receive the com forts of a quiet home, under mild and Judicious discipline. A line addrossed to H. W., box C,089 Pott Office, will reoeive attention. A SMALL PRIYATE FAMILY, RESIDING IN HINE teenth street, near Ei*hth avenue, will let one or two rooms, with or without board, to a gentleman, or a gentle man and his wlie. The house, pleasantly located, has gas, baths, Ac References exchanged. Address for two days J. A. Y., Union square l'ost office. FURNISHED ROOM TO LET? WITH BOARD, TO . one or two gentlemen, in a genteel private family, in a modern built houte, containing latest improvements: looa tion West Sixteenth ttreet between Sixth and Seventh ave mues. Terms moderate. Address A. A., box 4,503 Post office. Referenoe t exchanged. PRIYATE FAMILY IN NINTH STREET, BETWEEN Fifth and Sixth avenues, will let, with board, one or two suits of rooms, separately or together. Private table cr not. The terms will not be the first consideration. Refe lenett exchanged. Address, with name and number, M. S., Union iqusre l'ost Office. A PRIVATE FAMILY CAN ACCOMMODATE A GEN tleman and wile and two or three tingle gentlemen, with very desirable rooms and board, on most reasonable terms. Houte has baths, gas, Ac., at 101 We?t Sixteenth street. Apartments for families, and single rooms tcr geutlemen, with good board, In a first olass houte, No. 5 Leroy place, Bleecker street. Dinner at six o'clook. French and English spoken. Also, an office convenient for a dtctor. Board? between broadway and fifth ave aue, a few doors from Union square, convenient to cars and stager, the seiond and third floor rooms in a genteel bouse, with partial board, to gentlemen or gentlemen and their wives. Apply at 18 Eighteenth street. Board-several rooms, handbomely fur aithed, suitable for single gentlemen, or gentlemen and ?heir wivet, will be let, with good board, in a first elase house, No. 37 Ninth street, near Filth avenue. Board.? a lady having morrroom than she wants, would let some handsomely furnished rooms to gentlemen only. Cleanlinets and comfort sttlotly attended io. Apply to Mrs. J. E. BUWDEN, 20 Stanton street. Board -gentleman and wife and two sin gle gentlemen can be aeeommodated with board, in a small family, at 191 East Broadway; none but quiet ?expectable perse ns will be taken, and those will reoeive all the oomforts of a home, as they will be merely taken to make up a family; house newly furnished, Ao. Board.? pleasant location and reasona ble price. Gentlemen, or gentlemon and their.wives ean be accommodated with board, permanent or transient at the Darcy Houte, first house from the ferry, Jersey City Board.? suits of furnishrd rooms, with ex tension bookcases and sideboard, bedsteads, and all the modern improvements, either for single persons, or a gentle man and bis wife, with or without board, in a desirable and beautiful location, between Second and Third avenues; price low. Apply at 19 Stuyvesaat street. BOARD.-TWO SINGLE QENTLEMEN WILLING TO room together, can obtain partial board and a neatly furnished room in a house with modern improvements, at 14 per week, in a small private family; location pleasant and convenient to ears and stages. Call at No. 100 West Tweaty-ieventh street, near Sixth avenue. A A Board.? suits of rooms on second floor, with Tall or partial beard, for gentlemen. or a gentle man and bii wife. Alio, otber room* for gentlemtn, in tho ?rat cImi houie 22 I'mon place. Tew boardera taken. Re ferencee exchanged. BOARD. -HANDSOMELY FURNISHED suit of rooma, with pantries, also single rooma, to let, with fall or partial board, in a firat elaaa house, with all the modern improvements; also, a larg" and ple*aant baaemeit, anltable fcr a physician's office. Apply at 7<S West Twenty-third street. Keftrencea oiehanged. BOARD.-A LARGE FRONT PARLOR, FURNISHED or nnfornithsd, to let, In a private hou?e, with board, to a gentleman and wife or aingle gentlemen; gaa and bath in the honae. Apply at No. tt beach atreet, two doora from St. John'a park. "w of ^PfoT.menta0' But Board for a young ladt- in a small, plain. qniet family, where there are no boardera, Tarme mmt be moderate. Addreaa, atating terma. location, and nature ?f accommodation, Carlyla Benson. Herald office. No ap plications will receive attention unless these particular! in ?peel fled. Refcronoea exohanged. Boabd down town.? gentlemen and their wives, alio aingle gentlemen, desirous of obtaining very comfortable apartments, with rood board, In a deeirable ??cation, can bare tho name by applying at No. 8 Broad aray, the large white home opposite the Bowling Green. Tran sient hoarders taken. Board up town, until fourth of jult or or longer.? Two front rooms, adjoining, on the second story, for a lady and gentleman, with fall or partial board; alao one on the third atorv, for two young ltdiea or gentle men. House new. with all tho modern Improvements. Oar* oonvetient. Apply at 210 W eat Thirty tret atreet. Board in a priyate family-with fine par lor and tedroom, may be obtained by a gentleman and wife; good location; houaa first olass; all modorn improve ments and newly furnished throughout. No other boardera will be taken. Addreaa B. R. D., Iierald office. Board, in a priyate family.? apartments, conaiiting of a large front room and two bedroom* ad joining , will be let together or ecparately, on very reasona ble terms; tho houte has all the modern improvements; io oation desirable, Apply at No. 102 West Sliteenth street. Board in a French family wanted-by a gentleman, deeiroua of learning the French language. Must be between Twentieth and Thirty fourth streets, and Toarth and Eighth avenuea, Addreaa Payson, Herald office. T30ARD IN HOBOE EN.? 8EYERAL ROOMS TO LET -L> to gentleman and their wivoi, or aingle gentlemen, with partial hoard, at No. i Hudaon place. Boforoaaoii required. "DOARD IN BROOELYN-TWO OR THREE BIN0LE gentlemen, or a gentleman and Ma wife, can bo accom modated with forniahed room*, with or without partial ?J4"*. k7 applyla* at 100 Boerum street, within eeven min ***? *?? of Booth forry. 8b*11 family. Terms derate ?OUUMNO AROLOD6MG. ?>OARD IN BROOKLYN. ? SI VIRAL SINGLE UEN ? tlemen eu be accommodated with Dae air; rooma, bolh able and vlU> partial board, la a flue bout* a tew ?dm**?' walk worn Bomb ferry. Apply a* XD H?nry ?treet. Board in Brooklyn. -a gentleman and his wife aan obtain board io a private family, with a large room, between South and Wall itreet ferries. Apply M 92 Clinton itreet. Reltrcacea required . _ Board a* btapelton, statin island-two or three gentlemen can be accommodated with pleasant room*, in a private fhmlly, lour miantea' walk trom the laading, where they can enjoy the oomfoits of a home. Ad dreaa Cylph, Herald office. Board in thr country? can bb had, within aa hour'* ride from the aity by railroad or steamboat; the iltnatioa la healthy, and aear the water; the home ia large, and surrounded by an extensive lawn, filled with tree*. Apply to Mr*. Hadden, New ReoheUe, or to Jamea Gray, 17 Wall atreet. Board WANTBr ? in jersey, by a single man, who hae hit own conveyance; partial board, either in a village or In the country ; a trfvate family, where there ia aome aociety, preferred; would prefer being on or near the plank road leadlagfrom Hoboken to Hackenaaok; not to ex ceed 8 nulea from Hoboken ferry. Reference given and re quired. Please addreaa Jolinaon, Herald offioe. Board wantid-by a young man, in hobo. ken, In a reapeotable private lamily; for partial board; terma not to exceed $S #0 fer week. Addreaa A. P., Herald oBm. Board wanted? Brooklyn preferred, with in ten minutes' walk of Fulton terry, in a email lami ly, for a married couple, (partial board for gentlemau), where they can have a plain comfortable home, en moderate terma Any one replying to thla will be particular to atate terma and location, Addreaa Riobardaon, lleruld oUK-o. Heferencea given ana required. Boarding. -to let, a large room, witcu^n try, on eecond floor, suitable for a gentleman anWrite, or two gentlemen; alao, an upper room, which will aocom moi&te two gentlemen, at the pleaaantly ait ua ted bonne, 27 North Moore atreet. Boarding? a suite of rooms on the second floor, to let, with board. Alao, rooma for aiagle gentle men. Apply at 122 W. Twenty second atreet. between Sixth and Seventh avenuea. Unexceptionable references required. Boarding,? to let, a parlor and bedroom adjolaing. (n aeoond floor, to a gentleman, in a Drat claaa houae, with all the modtrn improvement!, furniahed oe not, and gaa and L'roton water on aame floor. A two mat Rockaway lor aale. Apply at 37 Bleeeker atreet. Boarding at 120 and 122 chambers street.? Pleasant, newly furnished rooma, for familiea, with every convenience attached; ali o, pleasant rooma for single gentlemen, and laree roms that will accommodate a party of four; also, day boarders accommodated. Reference re quired. Brooklyn heights.? pleasant rooms, with board, can be obtained by applying at 120 Columbia atreet, three minutea' walk from Fulton or Wall atreet fbr riei. The rooma oomniand a fine view of the bay. Refer encea exchanged. COUNTRY BOARD.? TWO GENTLIMBN AND THBIR wives. era family of four grown persona, can obtain board for the summer, from June 1st, in a private family re siding ?n a farm in a very healthy location, distant IX hours from the city by railroad. Also, amnio stable aecommoda tiona. Teatimonlala of the highest re ipeotability given aid required. Addreaa box 3,907 Post Offioe. COUNTRY BOARD.? A PRIVATE FAMILY, RESID ing about thirty nulea from the city, on the New Haven railroad, are now ready to roceive a few adulta who are will ing to pay a liberal prieo for good aeeommodatlona; grounds covered with fruit and ahade trees, and bordering on tho saltwater; bathing room, with hot and oold water, in the house. Apply for oards of address at the offioe of the Bre voort Houae. Furnished rooms to let? to single gentle men, at4ti Franklin atreet, near Broadway. Furnished rooms and board wanted.? a married lady, in delicate health, desires a furnished chamber and parler. with board tor herself and maid, in the upper part of the city, in a family where there are no oth?r hoarders: widow lady preferred, who will give care and at tention; liberal price will be paid. Address box 154 Herald offioe. . Furnished rooms? to let, onb or two rooms neatly furnished, in a small family, suitable for singlo gentlemen. The house contains all tne modern improve ments. Breakfast if required. Apply at 91 West Eleventh street, between Fifth and Sixth avenue. PARTIAL BOARD WANTED? FOR A GENTLEMAN, with single room, In a family where there are but few or no bosrders, ia the Seventh, Tenth or Thirteenth wards. Address M. D , Herald office, stating location and terms, which must be moderate, as no others will be noticed. PRIVATE BOARDING-TWO SINGLB GENTLEMEN of respectability oan have permanent board, fall or par tial, in a private family, where they may enjoy home com forts and good society, or rooms without board. Call at 3S4 Broome street. Rooms, with board, for gentlemen and their wivea or single gentlemen.? Hens* p'easantlv situ ated, faolng Hoboken ferry, and In the vicinity of St. Luke'a eburch. Those desiring a comfortable home wUl do wall to call at ?75 Greenwich street. Terms reasonable. Rooms to let-singly or in suits, with full or partial board, also a fine room oa drat floor, suitable far a physician's office, having bean used for that purpose during the past year. Apply at 24 last Twenty -fifth street SINGLE GENTLEMEN. OR A GENTLEMAN AND lady, can meet with pleasant square rooms, good board, and a eomfertable home, by applying at AS Henry atreet, Brooklyn. Tfee location ia dlairable, and midway between Fulton and Wall atreet ferries. Terme? Gentleman and lady, $7 SO; aingle gentlemen, f 3 fit) or 93 each. INGLE GBNTLEMEN CAN FIND UNFURNISHED rooma, with or without board, at No. 193 Prince atreet, a quiet, pleasant location House first class. Family small, and terms moderate. Rooms can be seen from 9 to 8 o'clock. TWO PLEASANT ROOMS, FURBISHED, TO LET, AT 22 Waverley place. Three or four respectable young men can be accommodated with board and a comfortable home in a small private family, for $2 00 per week, by applying at 164 Water street, between Bridge and Gold, Brooklyn. nTANTED? BOARD IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD OF rv Orange, N. J., for a small family, where no other boarders are taken. Apply to J. A. Roosevelt, 94 Maiden lane. FOR SALE. <? d nnn -for SALE, one of the tweltb tjpU.UUls* three story brown atone^ouaea on the north side of Filty-seoond street, between Eighth avenue and Broadway. Thsy are fitted up with marble mantels, orna mented cornlees, wash basins, baths, water oloaets, dumb waiter, range, Ac. , complete. Inquire oa tho premises, of J. V. ONDERDONK. nnn -FARM ON NORTH SIDE OF LONG JjPU.UUl/. Inland 24 mllea from New York, near Hunt ingtoa; 140 acres, SO woodland, 2 looust nuiseries, fruit, water, Ac., comfortable house, new barn and eew house, fine view of Long Island sound and surrounding eountry. Title perfect and terms accommodating. E, A. BUNCE, 211 Broadway, room 3. &? nnn -FOR sale cheap, and on FAYORA ijru.UUU. ble terms, ten acres of land, for a country seat adjoining Upper Morrisanla village, and three minutes' wain from the railroad station. Apply to HOMER MOR GAN, No. 3 Mstropolitan Bank, corner Pine street and Broadway. annnONLV F0R A SEGAR STORE, INCLUDING ?IUv lease, stock and fixtures; a very desirable loca tion and now doing a good business, whioh can be largely in creased. Apply lmmsdiately at 2*9 Bryadwav. room 10. GEOBGB W. SIMBRS. A RARE CHANCE.? A VALUABLE FARM, PAPRR mill and water power for sale or exobaage at a bargain. There are twe dwellings, barn and othsr outhouse* en the tarm, wbleh constate of aeventy-five acres of land, of which twenty five aores are meadow and flfty acres good tillable land. Terms accommodating. Address S. M. J., Herald offioe, er apply to C. O. LINCOLN, corner of Court and Saokett streets, South Brooklyn. A RARE CHANCE.? TWO HOUSES AND LOTS FOR J\. sale? 20 by 100 fret deep, three story, brick, an! base ment, knewn as 264 and 266 West Twenty eighth street. (2,000 can remain oa each on bond aad mortgage. Apply at the store, 366. A BEACTIFl'L COUNTRY SEAT rOR SALE, EE A. lightfully situated, in the town of Rye, Westchester count} N. on the shoro of Long Island Sonnd, om quarter of a mile from Now Haven Railroad station. Ttrmt easy. Prloe f ft WO. Apply to JO UN LOYD. corner Nastau ana Pine streets, or S. 1.YON, ISO Fnlton strest. A FANCY STORK, WELL LOCATED, WITH STOCK fixtures, Ac. tut up since lit of May, will b? noli at a bar, &in. Price about S'AIO. One half can remain for a few months, If teemed. It ii an excellent location far drees making. Rant low. The propiistor having received a letter per last steamer. requiring her to go to London ?? loon a* [ oieible, It the raute of selling out. Apply corner Nineteenth street and Ninth avenno. aarrs CHARLES A. ABEL, WISHING TO RETIRR FROM hia present tuiinesa, is detirout of finding a purchaser for hit lease, stock and fixtures. To any perton wishing to ro into the business could net find a hotter opportunity thk.t tj>e ^present. Apply on the premises. 496 Bro^adway^fW ?ar CITY PROPERTY, SITUATED IN ILLINOIS, TO Ex change for property in or near New York, or a good farm; will go to New Jersey or Coaneeticut, or lands near this city. Please address Oe Witt. Herald office, for ton day*, stating particulars a* to property offered, Ac., which Will bo promptly attended to. COUNTRY HOUSE AND GARDEN FOR SALE? IN Eastebefter, Westchester county, seventeen miles from i city, and one inile from the New Haven Rail so ad depot. The house is 2."> I y :<U feet, with painted walls, double parlor, sliding doors, reyi'tcrs nn4 heater; also, carriige house and (table; all in good repair. The garden is *w by 400 feet, neatly laid out, and ttockcd with a great variety of ohoioe fruits and flower*, atparagus in abundance, Ao , and well (haded. Price ffi.lUO. Ttrmt es tr. More land can bo had if wanted, lnqnirt of R. CRAIGHEAD, No. M Yoaoy street, or of A. H. DIJNCOMB1, oh the premises. COUNTRY HOUSE TO LRT ? FURNISHED, UNTIL firet of November. A rent house, at Fort Washington, en the Hudson Railroad, !>'i milts from the City Hail, with in throe miautcs' walk of the station. The house contains fourteen rooms ; bus water throughont. A stable it an the promises. Also tor sale, a neat oottage, unfurnished, con lairing twelve rooms, with about three quarters of an aore ot land near the above. Inquire of RICHARD O GORMAN, 34 William (troet. Desirable residence and property in Brooklyn. ? For (ale, on the weet aide of Washington avenue, between Fulton and Gates avenues. The bouse la square, double, built la the Italian stylo, two stories and attic, in the best and most convenient manner, with Key. (Ot's tnrnaee, range, bath room, Ac., with between eight and nine lots ef ground, foUy stocked with ohoieest grafted fruits, grapes, Ao. Static and bon houses on rsar street. Orthohonso, (table, Ao., with four or five lots. For term*, Ac., apply to JOHN V. COLE, HO South street. Drug storr for salA? a good ghance for a pbyei clan ? The (tore 1( neatly fitted ap, in a good neighborhood, and doing a eaah buslneaa of from >10 to 112 a day; the rent very low, and a lease of ail years from the 1st last. AddrCM Business, Herald eftae. No agents need apply. FOR BALK. DRUG STORE FOR SALE-NEATLY FITTED. WILL stocked, and doing a good prescription and retail busi ness, with Irtt clili customers. Location ia a fashionable neighborhood, la the upper and went tide o* tbe city , Will be told law far eash. Address Weil tide, office of Bofd'S Express, 45 William itraat. Elegant country residence for sale-with the furniture, carriage, Ac , aad twenty acre* of Uad, ana and a half mile from the Mew Brunawiok Depot, Mew Jersey, on tba bank* of the Raritan, and commanding a magnificent view. The house ia in the gotbio style, lately built with the beat materialstand filled in with br'.ck. Apho tocrapb of tba plaee can be teen at the office of t. D'HER V ILL Y, IB Exchange place. I1FTH AVENUE PROPERTY FOR SALE ? FOUR first class brown atone froat house*, situated between Thirty filth and Thirty-sixth streets, four ttoriea high, with all tbe modern improvementa. A large portion of the pur chase money may remain on murWage. Apply to NICHOLAS GOODWIN A CO.. a5 Maiden lame. Fine grocery for sale.-has been esta blisbed for the last ten yeara, with a good ma of first olass auatvm. Will be diapoaed of with the bouse and lease af the lot, if required. For further particulars, inquire oa tbe premises, 174 Third avenue, corner of Seventeenth st. For sale? a country residence, contain ing one hundred acres, is in tbe best order, well watered, plenty of fruit, and sufficient bulldiuga; high elevation, and 12 miles from New York, and cne mile fr^m Williams bridge, on the New York and Harlem Railroad. Inquire on the premises, ol JEREMIAH TIES. FOR SALE? THE YORKVILLE LIVERY STABLE. consisting of horses, carriages and light wagons: it ia wall established and now doing a good business. It will be sold on rea.'onab e terms, as tbe owner has otter business to at tend to. Apply to T. Ml Kl'ilY, Eighty-sixth street, be twten Third and Fourth avanuea. FOR SALE-THE BVSINESS AND STOCK OF A SODA water, porter, ale and cider bottling manufactory eon aisting of all the neceatary apparatus, horses, wagons, har ness, Ac., for oarrying on the busineas, which hu been ea tabliahed for fonr years, and ia now doing a good bminess. Apply to MAYHKR A CO., 197 Water street. For saie-front and rear houses and lot No. 92 Forsyth street. Apply at IS* Eldridge street. POR SALE? TBE STOCK, LEASE AND FIXTURES OF a paint shop, with a good established trade. Satisfac tory reason* given for aellCigout. None but caab ouatomera need apply. Addreaa box 140, Herald offioe. For sale? the well known grocery store, S77 East Twelfth atreet, together with atook and fix turea; and also four years lease, The cause for selling is, that tbe present proprietor has bad health, and wishes to go to Europe. For further particulars apply on the premise*. FOR SALE.? THE LEASE, stock and fixtures of the well known drinking saloon called the Belle Union, SB Leonard street. The lease has nine year* to run. Any one wishing to purchase will find this a rare ebanue, as the house ia doinc a good bnainar*. Satisfactory reason a given for selling. Inquire on the premises, of R. DONALD, 58 Leonard street. FOR SALE-THAT VERY DESIRABLE PROPERV ON the southwest corner of Eighth avenue and Fcrtv-soeond street, 26x100, with an L lot on Forty seoond atreet; a four atory brick building in Eighth avenue, and a two and three story frame building on Forty-second street. Aoply to PECARE. BERNSTEIN A PHILU PS, 51 Liberty it. For sale-a new safe and show cases for the wibdowa, very cheap, at 91% Canal street. In qn're between 4 and 5 o'olock, P.M. For sale-a doctor's establishment, com plete, consisting of horse, harness and gig, and will be told sfpaiately or together; the gig has been used but little, and bas just been put In pertect repair; tbe horse is young, perteetly gentle, and valuable either for the road or city u??. They can be teen at the (table of HARRISON A FLEET, ia Hamilton street, just below Markot, and will he sold oheap for cash. For sale-a gentleman's country residence. containing about 20 acre* of fine land, in a high atate or cultivation, twelve miles from the City Ilall: ia one of the most beautiful and picturesque altuationa in Weateheater county; overlooks the Harlem, with a email view of the Hud ion river. The improvement* conaiat of an exoellent dwel ling house, thirteen room*, with basement and attio, replete with all the modern oonvenienoes except gas, superitr brlok stable and model cow stable, ice bouse, fish pond, farm house, Ae., fine garden, extensive grapery, and abundanee of fruit. Harlem and Hudson railroad car* paaa within a mil* ot the place almost hourly during tne day till 11 o'clock at night. Inquire at 57 Walker street. fOR SALE-OR EXCHANGE FOR IMPROVED CITY property, eleven lots: eight on Sixteenth street and three on Seventeenth sereet, near avenue B; an advance In cash of $3,000 or $5,(100 will be made in an exchange if do sired. Apply to STERLING A THAYER, No. 7 Nassau street. FOR SALE-THE FIVE YEARS' LEASE, FROM 1ST May last, of tbe Brooklyn baiaar, livery, back and aale ?tables, 31, 33, 85 and 37 Liberty street, by private sale; alao, two coaches, two rookawa;*, light wagona, aleigha, sulkey, sets of double and single harness saddles, bridles, bells, robes, whip*, Ac.; water cart, stable and office fixtures; also, eight horses, two are match teams. If the above are not sold privately before 12 o'olock, M., on Tuesday, 15th Mar, they will be put up at anetion, in lots. Tbo leaae can be bought separate, or at auction, from tbe atook. Apply to C'ARLL A EDWARDS, Liberty street. For sale on easy terms? those four desira ble three itory and basement brick bonces, having all the modern Improvements, and finished in a superior style, on the aouth side of Fifteenth street, between Sixth and Seventh avanne*. Apply to PECARE, BERNSTEIN A PHILLIPS, 51 Liberty st. For sale, at a bargain-two of those con venient two story and basement brick houses, with all the modem improvements, on the north side of Fifty-third ?treet, near Second avenue; price only $2,800; ten a eaay. Apply to PECARES, BERNOTEIN A PHILLIPS, 51 Liber ty street. For bale or exchange-a house in brook lyn: alao, would purohasaa good conditioned and well improved farm, in *ome healthy location, We*t, not far from a railread depot: will pay for *ame la cash, railroad bond* and atook*. Address, with full particulars, location, price, Ae., Henkin, oare of Bowtn, l'ost Office, New Yorlfc For sale, or exchange? a country seat at Throgsneck, lor an eligible dwelling tn New York. Ap ply to JOHN WENDELL, 83 South street. For sale or to let-a brick shop, well lighted, with steam engine boilers, pulliea, belting, shaft ing; a good supply of water from a well in tbe oellar. Also two lot* of ground. For particular* apply oa the presaiiei, between Fluihing and Park avenuea, Brooklyn. For bale or to let-four beautiful modern three atonr houaee, with four full lots to each, em bracing a greenhouse and fruit, beautifully aituated, near the Eaat rrver, at Hell Gate, on Eighty ninth street? fare lix cent* by Seoond aarenue railroad. A pleaiant home can be secured at a bargain, it application be made toon to 8. RICHARDSON, 212 Fifth avenue. Also, to let, situate op posite the above house*, the elegant mansion (formerly the residenee of Mr. Prime;, with twenty eight loi* of ground, handsomely shaded with old forest tree*. Rent moderate. Apply a* above. I70R SALE OR TO LET? THE FIRST CLASS BROWN 1? stone dwelling house, 213 West Tbirty-fourth street also first clais brown stone dwelling house, 220 West Thirty second street. Both these houses are new, built in elegant style, and with all the modern improvements. Terms of payment will be made very easy to pnrefcaaers. Inquire of W. R. TRAVERS, at Edward B. Miller A Co.'*, 63 WaU street. For sale cheap for cash? a four story fire proof houae and let, situated in Seventh avenue, 218, CToton water all through the house, A good chano* :or investment; no ineumbranoe. Good chance to make a fortune.-for sale ?One of tbe oldest and best nndertakers' establish ment! in thl* city. Apply at 554 F tail street. This 1* aiur* nv**tmeat. STEAM BOILER FOR SALE? UPRIGHT. WITH ALL the fixtures; ninety-eight two inch flue*. Call at BURK BECK'S foundry, oorner ot North Moore aud Weat (treet. SAFE FOR SALE? SMALL SIZE. BEST MANUFAC' ture, every w*y perfect, and will be *old cheap. Apply at 35 Trinity Bail dug. TO DRV GOODS KIRCH ANTS. ? f OR SAM, ABOUT Jlh.uou worth ot saleable dry goods, with now and com plete fixtures and counters. Alto, lease of (tore and house, two years to run this Mat; (tore 80 by 20 feet. Location u good ai any in the oity or New York. This is an exoellent opportunity for an energetic business Arm to make raon?y. Buiineei established seven yearn. Offer* received for tea day i, if not disposed of. Tba stock new aaaorted will ka re tailed off, and the premises lot or leased to a good dry good* Arm. Apply to S. B. MORRIS, 102 Sixth ???sue. TO IMPORTERS AND DEALERS IN THE LIQUOR trade. Tbe proprietors of an old established and u tensive business in spirits and wine, looated in Baltimore are deiirons of retiring. The oonnection is largo, loth lood and ontiide the Statff The bnslness has boon carried aa nearly twenty years, and been confined to liquors, and for many years past bas afforded aa income of not less than fifteen thousand dollars per annnm. The tobaceo and tone trade might and oatht to be added, which wonld doubtless almost dnplisate the profits. Address, with real name, re ference preferred, Y. B.. Post Offlce, Baltimore. HOUSES, ROOMS, diC., WANTED. A GOOD HOUSE WANTED? IN NEW YORK OR vicinity, in a good neighborhood, in exohange for mer chandise, and, if sot much encumbered, will pay some cash. Address Merwin, Htrald office, stating location and where an interview can be had. Bell w~anted? one either neworTecond bind, from 0#0 to 1,0(10 pounds. Address, with particu lars, Henry, box 3,360 Post Offlce. f>ART OF A GENTEEL HOUSE, SITUATED IN A pleasant location, between Seoond and Twentieth streets and first and Sixth avenues, by a small American family. Address, stating location and rent, till 8 o'clock this (Thurs day) evening, Horace, Union square Post Offlce. STEAM ENGINE? WANTED, A STEAM ENGINE, from 10 to 18 horse power, with or without boiler. Ad drcss Michael Doyle, box 188Hetald office. WANTED? A SMALL HOUSE. IN A GEXTRBL -.neighborhood, either in the city or eonntry. Ai drees postpaid bex 2,868, Post Offlce, stating terras, location, 4o. [TED? A SMALL HOUSE IN A GENTEEL IT neighborhood, either in the city or oountry. Address Richard, Herald offlce, stating location, terms and full par tie *1 an. ISlii $assg fl/AKlID TO HIRE? A SMALL. NEAT fURNISHCD Tv houso, by a respeetable family, i? tbe upper part of tbe eitv, between Eighth and Thirtieth streets, in a detirv Ve neighborhood Address, stating terms, *e., M. C. H., EXTRA PAY. BOUN1Y LAND OFFICE, Mi WALL STREET ? ALL solditrs, sailors, wagonmasters and teamsters, or tbe widows of those who served fourteen days on see or shore in any war since 1775, are entitled to 160 aeree of bounty land. Ihose who reoeived 40 or 80 acres oan obtain the balance. No charge until |the warrant is oolleoted. Apply to tbe agent, P. T. BETTS, S6 Wall street, basement. Bounty land obtained for soldiers, <reou lars and volunteer'), seamen, murines, flotilla men. teamsters, wagoners, mnsieians and others (or their surviv ing widows or minor children) who served in any war since 17W), can obtain their warrants by applying to A. J, JsER RIAN A CO., 37 Chambers street. XTAYY BOUNTY LAND AND "EXTRA PAY" OHIOt IN ?Bounty Wnds and "extra ni" for U. S. Navy sailers, To , in all wars sinee 17#0? their widows and kolre? prompMf ?1Balaneeend?^iwidow? and heirs ef deceased W. I. sailor* and others, eolleeted, nad all kinds of elaime against Um United States reeori..* by idward Agent and late) PnrserfU. I Navy, 9/ Wall itself F SHIPPING. OB LlYBBTOOIw-UNITBD STATES MAIL STEAM ?klp AiliAlTIOi.fl?|W|Jwil TjiV-TMi itnamihip ^*'m hir A mp a ivtvpw ? n m?.?i uu iwm will depart with the United States malls fur Europe, lively ?? H'l4iudi}, May 16, at 2 o click 1'. M., m berth, at the toot of Canal itreet. Fer freight ot pai having uneqcallcd accommodation for eletanee and com fort, apply to EDWABD E. COLLINS, No. 6t> Wall itmt. Passengers are requested to b? on board at WSJ o'oleek A.M. The steamship Baltic will nMM< the Atlantic, and sail May 3D. Shippers please tike notioe that the ships of tble line cannot curry any goods contraband of war. All letUrs in tut pass through the Post 0? ee; any othats wUl be re turued. ?IBB NEW TOBK AND LITER POOL UNITED STAW jlMaJl Steamer*.? Yfca (hips eompodag Ota Mae aae the ATLANTIC. Cap*. Wett. BALTIC. Capt. Coastoek. PACIFIC. Capt. Nye. ADRIATIC, Capt. . Tbeee ships have bees ball* by eeatrao t, expressly for ?sw enment eerriee. Mrery earl baa beea taken la their eoa struotion. aa also la their engines, to turn streagth and ?peed, ana their speommodations for paJhgw are miell led for elegance and comfort. Prioe of passage from Net York to Liverpool, in tret class eabia, 9130; In seaoad de. 978; exclusive use of extra Mae staterooms, 9926; from Ut erpoelto New York 39 and 20 guineas. An experienced sur jeon attached to each ship. No berth scoured aaUl paid rmoroecD ntm or uane. f*o? ibw Tonic. raoit uitkavooa. Wednesday, March 21.... 1866 Saturday, March ?77.. MB Wednesday, April l....lhM Saturday, Maroh 17 1W Wadaesday, April 18... lW Saturday, Mar* 31 18M WMaesday, May 2....1M8 Saturday, April M !? Wednesday, May IB...1W6 Saturday, April Mi 18* Wednesday, May 30....1N56 Saturday, May ? MB For freight or passage apply to ED W'D K. COLLINS, No . 88 WaU street, New York. BROWN. SHIPLEY i CO , Liverpool. STEPHEN EENNARD A CO., 27 Austin Train, Loadrn B. Q. WAIN WRIG11T A CO., Pari*. GEORGE U. DUAPER, Uavre. The ownere of these ships wUl not be accountable lot golt, silver, bullion, specie. Jewelry, precious stones or n.c tall, nulets bills of lading are signed therefor, and the valat thereof therein expressed. Shippers please take notioe that the ships of this Use m ?ot cany any goods contraband of war. THE VANEERBILT EUROPEAN LINB OT STEAM ship*.? The first olaee aew steamship ARIEL, 2,30* tone, Lofevre. Master, will leave New York, from pier 39, North river, root ot Chambers street, at soon precisely, oa Saturday, May IV, for Havre direct. First class passage till Second " M Tiie Ariel will be followed by the North Star, June 9. the owner ol these vessels will not be aooountabl* lot geld, silver, bullion, specie, Jewelry, precious stones or me tals, unless bills of lading are signod therefor, and the raise thereof therein expressed. Bpccle and goods taken at usual rater. N o freight received alter noon of the day btlore sailing. No berth scoured until paid for. Letters prepaid, 12kjo. per ee., will bo reoeived at the office up to 11 A. M. of the day of sailing, and will be eaJrioc in strong India rubber bags under lock, and, on arrival a1 Havre, will bo immediately deposited la the Post Wtfioe there. Parcels taken, each prepaid, one dollar aad up WSidls riXBD Dim 9W 8A1LIR*. VBOM IVBW VOMIT r&OM HATBIe Ariel May 19. North Star Bay B. North Star...,. ....June 9. Ariel...... Jane 9. Ariel June 30. North Star June 38. North Star. T July 21. Ariel July 21. Ariel August 11. North Star August 1L North Star..... September 1. Ariel September L Ariel September 22. North Star. ... September 21 North Star. October 13. Ariel October 13. Arisl November 3. North Star November 1 Ariel November 2A These steamships are classed A 1 at the insnrance otBoes. and specie and goods will bs insured In them at as lew ratal ol premium as in any other steamships that cross the oceaa. For freight or sausage, apply to D. TORRANCE, No. S Bowling Qreen, New York. SUMNER MONTANT k DRAPER, & Rno N. D. des Via toircs, Paris. CHRYST1E, SCHLOESSMANN A CO., 27 Qui CaMasir Pelavigne, Havre. fHE LIVERPOOL AND PHILADELPHIA STEAMSHUT Company Intend sailing their favorite steamships? CITY Or MANCHESTER 2,126 tons, Capt. WyUs. CITY OF BALTIMORE, (new,) 2,638 tons, Capt. , CITY OF WASHINGTON, do. 2,700 tons, Capt. R. LeiteL Saloon (90, 166, and 965, according to state room. A limited number of third class passengers will bo takes from Philadelphia aad Liverpool, and lound la provisions. From Philadelphia >30 | From Liverpool 94 1 Parties wishing to bring out their Mends saa obtain oerti in aumsofEX J z York. Empire line for livrrpool.-the favorite packet ship AMERICA, Capt. Barstow, will positlvoly sail on Thursday, 10th May. For passage in cabin, seoond oa bin or steerage, having splendid aooommodatione, apply on board, pier t< North river, cr to DEMAREST A JONES, 10 South street, oorner Old sUp. FOR LIVERPOOL-SAILS TO DAY-PACKET SHIP NEW WORLD. Roam for afew more passsnrers. Ap ply to 1HOS. C. ROCHE. 83 South street. PASSENGERS PER SHIP ALBION, FOR LIVER pool, will please be on board steamboat Achilles, at 8 o'clock, to morrow (Wednesday) morning, at foot of Peck slip. TAl'SCOTT A CO. FOR BREMEN, VIA SOU TH AM PTON,? TH E UNITED States MaU steamship HERMANN, E. Higplns, com mander, will sail for Bremen, touching at Southampton to land the mails and passengeri for England and France, on Saturday, May 19, at 12 o'clock, M., from pier 37, North river. Price of passage Irom Now York to Southampton or Bremen: in fi-st cabin, main saloon. 9130; ffrst cabin lower taleon, 9110; in second oabin, 960. An experienced surgeon is attached to each steamer. Specie delivered in Havre or London. AH letters must pan through tho Post offioe. For passage or fre ight, apply to C. H. SaND, Agent, 11 South W illiam street. The steamer WASHINGTON will inecced the HERMANN, and sail June 16. FOR SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE.? THE NEW UNI tod States mail steamer ARAGO, D. Lines, coinmaud er, will leave for Havre, touching at Southampton to linl the mails and passengeri, on Saturday, June 2d, at 12 o'clock, trem pier No. 37 North river, foot ot Beaoh itreet. Prioc of first oabin, 9130: priee of seoond cabin, 9" 6. Luggage not wanted during the vojage should be lent on board the day before tailing, marked ' below." No freight tiken after Thursday, May 31. For freight or pas>age apply to M. LIV INGSToN, agent, 63 Broadway. N. B. ? All letters muit pass through tho Post Office. L? NEW Nicaragua. Accessory Transit Company, of Nicaragua, Proprietors? Threugh In advanoe of the mall? 700 miles shorter than any ether route, avoiding the deadly Panama fever and two milei of daugerous boating in Panama Bay. The splendid double engine steamship STAR OF THE WEST, 2.UJ0 toas harden. Captain Turner, will leave from Pisr No. 3 North river, at throe o'clock P. B., precisely, for Punta Arenas, on Satur day, M*y 12, 1866, connecting with the steamship Cortes, 2,000 torn burden, over the Nicaragua Tramit route, having but twelve milei of land transportation by first class car riages, For information or passage, at the reduoed rates, apply only to CHARLES MORGAN, Agent No. 2 Bowling Green. Letter bags made np at the olfioe. No unstamped letters received. Commencing on tho 20th of Miy, the days of leaving New York wUl be oaangod to the 8th aad 20th of each month. Dispatch line for san francisco-guaran teed to sail on or before the 29th inst. The splendid A 1 clipper ship Radiant, Bearse, master, is now rapidly loading at pier No. 8, East river, and will positively sail for San FrancUeo, on or before Tuesday, 29th init. Shipper! arc particularly requested to send their freight immediately on boird and complete their engagements before Tuesday, 22d init., thereby avoiding the dli appointments ooourring on tho last diyi of (loading. Special notice.? Full or not full, the Radiant will nil on cr before the dav advertised, and no freight taken after tbe day preceediag the nailing day under any clrcumitances or at aay price. SUTTON A CO., 58 South itreet, ooraer of Wall, formerly of 81 WaU strsot. UNITED STATES MAIL LINE FOR CALIFORNIA, via Atpinwall sad Panama. ? Califoruism are informed that the Panama railroad is oomplcted and the transit of the iitbmus will bo made by railroad, from ooean to ooean. No more mule travel? no river boating. On Monday, May 21, at 2 o'clock, P. M., from pier at foot or Warren itreet, North river, will be diiMtcned the fleet iteamship ILLI NOIS, to connect at Panama with the new and luperior steamship Golden Gate. A spare boat always kept at Pana ma, to prevent detention la case of accident. No freight re ceived after 1 o'clock on the sailing day. For passage apply at the company's office, 177 West street, to J. W. RAYMOND. ficatei of passage and draft! oa Liverpool, in luuui iterling and upwards. Apply to SAMUEL SMITH, A| 17 Walaat street, Philadelphia, aad No. 7 Broadway, -DEDUCTION OF FARES TO SUIT THE TIMES. - IV York and California iteamibip lias, via Niei TTN1TED STATES MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANT-FOR U Havana and New Orleans? On Thursday, Mny 17, at 2 P. M., from pier foot of Warren atreet. North river, by the new aad elegant ateamablp GRANADA, Capt. 3. P. Uriflln. Patiage can be secured at the company '? omce. Freight to New Orlear.*, thirty cent* per cubio foot. Shippers will be ?applied with blank bill* ot lading of the form signed by the company, on application at their office. No other form* Mined, and so bill* of lading will be ilgned after the hanr of lallirg. For freight or passage, apply at the office of the compaay, 177 Weit itreet, corner of warren. M. 0. ROBERTS. Australia? independent line? the splen dld A. I. clipper ship Crystal 1'alaoo. will have im mediate diipatoh for Melboorne. on her second voyage, hav ing made her flret in 84 dayi. Her accommodation* for pas ?eager* are superior to any *hip now up Parties dvsirou* of going out in tbi* favorite ?bip, will do well to make application* at onee, a* only a limited nnmber will be taken. For freight or passage in fir*t aid second cabin*, an ply to AREEI.L A ELLIOT, 140 Pearl Itieet, or MAILLER A LORD, 108 Wall itreet. ST. THOMAS, W. I.? THE ROTAL MAIL STEAM Packet Company'* iteatuer TEVIOf, S. W. Sawyr, Con maider, will *aif for the above pott on or about the 19th intt. lor passage apply to MA1TLAND, PHELPS A CO., 14 Stone street. I>OR SAVANNAH? FARE REDUCED.? THE UNITED Statea mail iteamtbip KEYSTON E STATE, Capt. R. Htrdle. will leave Philadelphia for Savannah on Wednesday, May 16, at 10 o'clock A. M. Fare, *20; steerage, S3. The Ktyitoae Stat* will leave a* above, Wednesday, May 90. Agent* in New York, SCRANTON A TALLMAN, 19 Old ?bp, where itate rooms may be *ecnred. fOR SAVANNAH AND FLORIDA? UNITED STATES mail line.? The new and elesant atcamihip KNOX YIL1.E, Captain C. D. Ludlow, will leave New York for Savannah on Saturday, May 12. from pier No. 4 North river, at 4 o'clock P. M. bill* of lading tinned on board. For freight apply oa board, or for pauage to SAMUEL. L. MIT ( HILL, IS Broadway. For Florida, through tloket* from New York to Jaoktonville. Ril; to Pilatka. $S3. The Florida, Captain M 8. Woodhull, will aucceeJ, and leave on Wedneaday, May 16. FOR CHARLESTON, S. C. - TuE SIDE WHEEL steamship OUAEEK CITY, J. H. Hogdon, commander, will leave Philadelphia for Charleston on Tuesday, May 15, at 10 o'clock A. M. Cabin pauage, $20: steerage pftsa?, |8. For freight or passage, api ly to HERON i MARTIN, 37 y, North Wharr**, Philadelphia. PCS CHARLESTON AND FLORIDA.? SEMI WEEKLY United Mate* mail l!ne -1he new and splendid steam ahip JAMES ADQER, S. Turner, commander, will leave tier f o. 4 North river on Saturday, May 12, at 4 o'clock P. I. precisely. Fcr freight apply on board, where all bill* of lading Kill be aUned, and for paaaage at tfct otlice of SI'OF I OKll, TlI.ESToN A CO , 29 Broadway. Throngh ticket* to Ilotida as lollowc? To Jacksonville >31; to Pilatka, El'I. The Marion will inceeed, and leave pier om W ednsj la, , May 10. For nOrfore, Petersburg and Richmond - Hie United States mall ateataship JAMESTOWN, L. Parrish, enmnr ander, will leave pier No. 13 North river, oa Saturday, May 12, at 4 o'clock P. M., will arrive at Nor folk the next afternoon, and at Petersburg and Richmond the following morning. From Norfolk passengers for the South proceed by railroad direct, with thrnurh tickets from Welden to Wilmintton, Charleeton, Ac. Pasaage and fare to Norfolk, $8; to Peteiaburg and Richmond, >10; ateerage half price. Through tieketa to Lynchburg, >14. Apply to LUDlUM A PLEAVANTS, Ne. S2 Broadway. N. B -No freight taken for Richmond. DAJfCIMQ ACADKfflES. eAMCINO ACADEMIIS.? M'LLE CAROLINE ?? lie*'* dancing academy, 9 Howard (treat. i* now opaa the tartrnetinn ef ladiee aad geatlemea la the moat fa*h ionable daaeee of the day . School far practice every even ing. Sraeid dan eiag aeiree* ? very Saturday algh*. from tie i II e'eloek. [J Lum.-Doon open it 7\; Mwaeaee U 7)? e'aieak. TL.?U, Capt. Algernon. Mr. t'onwav I ASmarto Mr. Ltitrnn Taironic Mr OwrrfBftr | Advocate Mr. Bradly CM. Almario. Mr. Hanehett [ Carlo* Mr. Vincent Job Festian ? Mr. W biting I Floribel Mr*. Abbetk Charity Mil* Fanny Vluing 1 as Seul Ml** Ad* Price To lOMlsd* with tie faree of THE TWO BONNYCASTLIS. Mr. Bonnycasti* Mr. Davidge MraBcunjcaatl* Mr?. Franco WALLACES THEATRE, BROADWAY, NEAR TT Broom* street.? Thursday, May 10. Thursday? Tke new and highly successful comedy, El.OI'EMENTS IN HIGH LIFE, POPPING THE Ql ESTION, and A KISS IN THE DARK. Friday? The new anj^moit laughable comedy, T HE STATE l'KliUNER, Md ? MR- AND MRS. P. WHITE. Mr. Blue, Mr. Letter, Mr. Brougham, Mr. Dyott, Mr. Vincent. Mr. Stewart. Mr. Blaad. Mrs Blake, Mia* Keu Bennett, Mr*. Hoev, Mr*. Brougbam, Mr*. Stephen*, Mr*. Cramer, and Mr*. loaevar will a?pportthe.? entertainment* KTBOPOLITAN TnEATRE. COMPLIMENTARY BENEFIT M TO MADAMB Al'd'STA, Thi'Kruav, May 10, Tinder tk? auMlce* of a lar/e COMMITTEE OF GENTLEMEN. The entcrtaiementrVill commence with the greatly popu lar operatic ballet of^ jjAYADIRE. Director of the Music Mr. Fenelon Tbo Unknown, (Braliam in dilgniio,) Mr. Fraier Olifour, Grand Juilge Mr. A. Andrew* (By the kind permission of W. E. Barton, Esq.) Cbopdoor Mr. H. Ra**oll (Hy the kind permission of W. E. Burton, E?q.) Zo!oe"(her original character) Madam* An^uata Nmka (.tlrsttime) Madame Lovarney (Who baa moat kindly volunteered.) Fatiroa . Mile. Henri DaneingBayadure* Mstdames Zulela and Arimi* Baya# crct? Meadamea Glmbtr, Calla. Walby, Fielding, Duckwcrth, Jumea, Malebcr, Williams, Barclay, Ao., Ao. Comic t, U><. Medley Dance, ky... Mr. B. Yate* To conclude with tho favorite comedy of NAYAL ENGAGEMENTS. Admiral Kingston Mr. Brougham lieuWnant Kingston Mr. Inciter Short Mr. Poter* (By the kind limitation of J. W Wallack, E*q > Denni- Mr. W. H. Norton (Iiy the kind permiiiion of J. H. Hackett, Esq.) Mrr. l'i utile* Mr*. Brougham Mi*a Mortimer Misa Rosa Bennett (By the kind permixion of J. W. Wallaek, Esq.) Tieketr Fifty cent* each Parquet and Balcoty One Dollar May be procured of any of the committee; alio at the Sriroipal hotel* and mualc itorea, and at tho office of the [one Journal, 107 Fulton street GEO. P. MORRIS, Tretaurer. D. or- open at 7>?': commence at 8 o'olook precisely. GBO. cnRISTY A WOOD'S MINSTRELS, NO. <72 Broadway, (Mechtyuo*' Hall.) Proprietor* Henry Wood and Geo. Christy Tb ? week, a varied ar-i pleasing ETHIOPIAN PERFORMANCE, eommendn* every evening, at ^o'clock. To oonclu4? with THE WAN DERING MINSTREL. Ticket*, 26 cent*. All builnea* trantacted by Henry W?od. WALLACK S THEATRE -EXTRA CARD. BENEFIT OF MRS. BROUGHAM. f ATll ltDAT Evfc.NIXU, MAV Li. Tbe oomedy of MONEY, with, first tine here, the IRISH DRAGOON. Bo* book now open, ? Theatre metropolitan, broadway, oppo eite Bond street. IhENClI COMEDY AND VAUDEVILLE NIGHT, Sati'Bhay, May 12. Premiere representation do laCompagnie Franffliie donnfie le Samedi, 12 Mai, lbW. Sou* la aircction, do M. Anthony. L'Orchcstre sera dirigf par M. Gaflri EDGARD AND SA BOUNE, Comedle Vaudeville on un aote par M. M. Marc-Miohel and labiche. LOUISETTE, LA CnAUTECsfe DES RUES. Con.cilie Yaudevilie en deux actoa par M. Maro Michel. UN BAL A EM ATI ORES, Vaudeville en un acte par M. Paul Boisselot. Lea Bureau de location serout ouvert* Vendredl and Sa medi, depula 10 beures du matin juaqua 5 beures du soir. Litmcke dn jour donnera Us detail* de la representation. METROPOLITAN THEATRE, (OPPOSITE BOND itreet,) Broadway. Leasee Mr. Hackett Tbia establishment will be opened fer a limited season, on Monday next, May 14. 1M, with a comedy, in whioh MR. HACKETT will make his first appearance in New York theae five year*. Farther particulars in future announcement*. N. B.? The company engaged are tequoated to me*t on tbe itage, at 11 o'elook on Friday noxt, May 11. JOHN SLOAN, Manager. METROPOLITAN THEATRE.? MADAME AUGUSTA'S COMPLIMENTARY BENEFIT THIS EVENING, MAY IV. SPECIAI. NOTICE. A full rehcaraal of LA BAYADERE will take plaoe at tho Metropolitan Theatre te day, at II o'clock A. M preci?oly. 1 he punctuality la particularly requested of all parties oon cerred in tbe *ame. PERHAM'S ETHIOPIAN TROUPE, 6fi3 BROADWAY New burleaque of ROBBER'S TAKE CARE. On Monday, and every evening this week, at 8 o'elook, and en Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, at 3. Previous to tbe farce, a GRAND ETHIOPIAN CONCERT AND OLIO. Friday? Benefit of L. W. M ALLORY, Artist, on which oo caalon bandeomo prizes will bo awarded tor the TWO BLST ORIGINAL CONUNDRUMS. Ticket* 26 cent*. Gift ticket* admit four periona eaeh. rPHEATRlCAL.? MR. AND MRS. W. J. FLORENCE, J. tbe Irish and Yankeo delineators, will arrive In New York in a few day*. Lotter* and communications should be addressed to W. J. FLORENCE, 31b Greenwich street, New York. TO DRAMATIC AUTHORS.? THE UNDERSIGNED proposes to the dramatlo author* in tbe Unitod State*, to invite their exertions in behalf of tie drama, to a compe tition for the following:- For tbe best farce, la which aa Irish male and Yankee female character aiiall be tho leading feature* ? One hundred aad fifty dollar*. For tbo best drama, in three aot*, with an Irith male and Yankee female obarao ter ? Three hundred dollar*. For the be*t comedy, la three or Ave aot*, in which an lri*h male and Yankee female oha raeter shall be tbe meat prominent ? Five hundred dollar*. These sum* will be paid to tbe suooeaiful authora respective ly. The decisiona will be made by a competent, disinterest ed committee of five gentlemen. The lateat term for the re ception of the playa, which are to be aent to tbe aubaeribor, 102 East Nineteenth street, or tbe Broadway Theatre, I* the first day of August next. .The subscriber deem* nimself called upon by the reoent wholesale piracy of bis pri vate manuscript*, to make the above proposal*, in the hope that hereafter ne may be able to protect author* and artist*, in *ome measure, from the unprincipled uso of individual property. BARNEY WILLIAMS, Comedian. BIlLIARDI. Billiard call the attbntion of the public in general, and those who wilh to par cbaie for private or public use, to eall at our factory, 90 Ann street, and examine our newly invented cushions, of auperior elaatlcity, combined with neatneaa. Thtee cushions being our own invention, we have spared no time or expense to bring them to a certain degree ot perfection attained by no others. In the first plaoe, theae cuablona arc made of three compoaition* whioh do not change with tho ollmate. Having given our personal attention for a number ef yeara to thia particular part ot the table, we are oonfldevt that there are not any other cutbion* equal to them in the United States or Europe. Having one *et up in our ware room, we invite the publio in general to ealland examine for themselves. GRIFF1FTIT A DECKER, 1*0 Ann itreet. Il.LIARD TABLES FOR SALE.? A "GENTLEMAN giving up butlnes*, ha* two good (econd band tables, all complete and in good order, which will be aold cheap. To be reen at the factory of T. O'CONNOR, 4l Ann atreet, for a tew dayi; alao, a lady 'a billiard table for a private bonte. SILVER MEDAL AWARDED TO LEONARD A BEN Jamia at the Werld'a Fair, 18M, for the beet bllliaM table, with ipeelal approbation for workmanikla. The j an soniidered oar eiahien* aloa* entitled to the above award. We have a aplendld (took ef billiard table*, cloth*, balla en**, leather*, Ae., Ac., ekeap, for aale. LEONARD k B 1ST JAMIN, bigheat premium makera, 3S2 Broadway. W. B. Twe *e?ead kaad table*. ekea>. for sal*. SPORTING. fOR 8ALE-A HANDSOME IMPORTED SRTTER lint, well broke; alio a pointer dog. Can be *een at t>3 Weat Twenty-fourth street. Fl RMTI ItK. | vi.VF.lRK A CO., MANDfACTURBRS OF PATKN1 J J tpriBg bod bottoiai, Freneh iron boditoadt, and mat trauet of ?Ttrr deaoription, hare remortd from M aad ? Cant re atroot to 383 Broadway, WW* Ihey hop* to m link patrona. Disks, desks, desks.-doublb and siwoi.e. atandinr and fitting deikt, of erary deaoription, from 3 to 8 feat: office tablet of every elze, office chairt.detk, etoolt, Ac. : the largett itock In the alty, at KNOX'S desk (tore, !,9 Bet t man street. Enamelled suits at reduced prices? at ma THEWS A STACY'S old ettabllihed wararoomt, 614 Broadway, opp (It'tbeSt. Niaholat Hotal. Snita of fnrni tore with hair tt raw do., aad piUowa and bol ?teri, from S4U u?ult. TO BOARDING HOUSE KEEPERS.? THE SUBSCRI bar baa for "ale a lot ol leoond hand tnralturo and housekeeping article!, comltting of about forty tingle mat tretiet, bedtteadt, bad olothlng, common cnalra, tablet, Ac.; alio, eooking itore and plpa, ranee, tteam boiler, table, Ac. Will be told eheap. Apply to U. B. F ANTON, 309 Ptarl ttreat, at 8 A. M. and 1 P. M. OCVU3T8 AMD AVRUT0. IMPROVE TOUR EYES BT M. WISE. OPTIQI A*. NO. 497 Bread war, ap tUirt.? M. Wiae reipoeifuUy Informa the pi bile that be MU1 eon tlaaea hit batUaae la the aaraa buildiqg, oeonpled by him for tba latt twelve yeara, tat hat roaored ap itairt to rednee hit eipcaaee, and will bo enabled tharalT to aall hit artlelaa twenty par teat eheapar than any la t hit line cf butiaatt. Pertoat witk weak eye* ean be mnttad with glutei which Will groatly banal t aad not (train the tight. Patticalar at tantidn It paid to a new at* la of perapacilrt groaad giatt, ot the Inatt flint, whlth, thtowch Itt high noliak aad iru tfbvhi, prtdneet the purett riilon, aad baa been highly re commeaded at the boat, in iU elfaat npoa tha aye. Tar pro aerting aad improtiai tba tight la oontiaaed writing and "siloff'elgbted partem and tboM operated upon far cata ract. caa alto be taited. He ln??rtt new glatee* af rapaaior quality, to old framaa, aad tolieitln* the patronage ol all In want of hit artitlaa. He warrant! all apaetaeloa pnrahaaad of him to a?lt tha eight Ire year*, or ckaage tba glataoa without extra eharro. MKDICAL. DR. COBBETT, 19 DUANB STREET, MAT BB OOH tutted with conf denee oa oortailn dlaeatat , St y*art la etc speciality of the profettion, onablae him to gwaraataa permanent aaraa. Hit troatmeat ta the aame aa that ptao llted by the great Ricord of Paria. 1*. B ? Dr. C.'a diploma at tnfmbir of the N. Y. UalToralty, may bo teen at hit office DR. COOrER. 14 DUANR STREET, SO LOWG KNOWN to tbe eltirenta of N?w Tork ae tba mott aueoxiatu! practitioner thlt courtry eaa bo eat af, eonttanae t? ka eortaltedat bit old offio*, raU?Tin? tha nnfortiiDtte, and tiving ooniolation to many aa aching heart. N. B.? Da, C- guaraaieee a cure in all aaaea undertaken. DR. JOHNSON, 18 DUANE STRRET, HAS PERFORM ad mcra eurae than aay etber medleal ataa in Now York. Dr J. 'a treatment It eafe aad eip?dilioae: kit modi I ciaee can be taken without faar of detection. Cttny ?ao I derate, and tba money refunded It tatltfeatloa It net ?+?ea. M A CABMT OF *?CUkM OPKKA. , ^ - di'.opwa*, Jt T tOTiTOlli (TMM IHVlAUOOlJ iimi, "?? 11. NOKI BR1GNOLI, AMOBlO IBB *lj Director aad V?,"?CJ.?'I1 i' ill'/,'.' Jglli.'*, N*. ?W? Imu mi V? Matured it Mall * W " ,altl| Broadway; Van Nordaa * King'*, ?"* M *?* tlMieftdwy of Voiio. M mmATiti'' PrieM ot Admieemti ? Parquet, PinwI CWl, ^ Circle, SI; Secured, ?1 60, Family Clrcie, SO cento, AJ*fH perfomanoee ? a>??? >? 8 o'olM* i ^ DrtON S THEATRE, CH AMBERS STREET.-THURf day tbe eomisplay, in tive loU, e v r?. 1HE YGl'lUlUL PAYS OF LOUIS XIT, O*, THr Sicntr Ao**t, wra w sas?Vb*^fetMIN?r? ?rsrs,"t/ ?i?!.wuaa. ?? ? - Ti^rA'^ifw'a'ii'LWJai <?>? Dthe Mrr"j"^_n.f windbor u u wt-mi. tToWERV THEATRE-!. P. WALg?"J,'1| f L V E N TKMPTATIOMS. Tic E> il Ob* Rr Webb I Rio T PAVJL, Tilt 1'OACHRR. LCRLK'S'S RERtNADERfl, M# BROARWAl." MONDAY IVIMNO, MAT 7, and all tlii* we?.k, the fraud bnrleiiqu* *n the fairy opem, I I M'fctt k 1.1. A , in four act*. With the soil fc-uery. dntnj *?? C Swai.e Buckley in hi* iireat oi.araoter, DautQai. B- Blehop Bucklej ae the funny l'edro. Pieeedlng the "j^Ko hinSTKEI BT. ^""r'VrtdaY ?V?ni'n(tTili'?y*ll ^be^TTtt "'?>?' R Bishep Back U^h^K^'i?VH SjlWO P0MPEV8. B&ftNCH'B AMERICAN MUSEUM. -THURSEA1, ??., 10 - ETenint. at 7* o'clock, RC3TACI1B. After J at 8 TUnmNU Di rtUMAN. Mammoth flixl. ""*? V boLUred poiuidi; M>m<. UlantcaeniW <feh? tM? hi?i* Dwarf Lady. only twenty ?? v e n t nebM ; tke Mer maid lie'ing Ontriche*. Ac. Admittance, 3ft e*nt*; ofeUd lii aider tea. 1 2h ? ?*' a CAEEMY OF MUSIC ? TIIE PUBLIC IS HESP1CT A fully infcrmtd that lii con?oqueuo* ot the &. e'^Jed attb.pric.iof the family CircU andAm ckithcatre having been rai0ed, which wm deemed fn coniequence ot the beaey expexiio* entailed an the il?W" Uebment by tbe addition oi a new opera company ^he^aom^ niittce, in ecmpliance with tbe popular wieh.tave deejde* retain to tbe lormer icale of adauiionii, ' *i?. '. to the Fa* 9 Circle, 60 cent*; to the Amphitheatre, tfeent*. AD. AUGUSTA.? Til E BOX BOOK. AT TH1 tiapi litan Theatre, will be open, from 10 A- *? ' P M every day. up to Thuriday, May 10, whew r*i*rV*d *eat*, li, can be bad for Mai. Au?n.U>. *e??R lentary beacbt. ? rrBE ORAND VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL ?ON 1 sVgnor bernardi and MR CHARLES WEL9. will tak* place oa Fridiy eye?ln?. May 1 , at Dedworth ? Academy, HiO Broadway, Mii*ted by Mine. Q?car CoalMyt, url (Saoriiick Stuart, Sunor Gwpwoni, Mesirs* FTMer, hah. and * i"m. I.oke't., fl each; to be had at thcpriaoi "al mniio itorti and at tbe door. To commence at8of?l*ck. SrrrSsS ^Xi^b:?4th:7rlnkliSy^.-U.^ ?asLs'sJSiissa^ sumSt & Bowery. g*and ^rT^' l _ viAV York Juno 5 0, 7 &nd 8, lo50. Twenty- ome Fremiumf, amounting, in nil, to calh I A portion of th. premiu.n.\o be giyen, if pre/jr?d. in rold .r .ilver plate, at it. .xact oo.t Thu Baby Show, the ant exhibition of the kind *vei held 1 ? .N,8*? bi open to ohildrea (under Bro yaw* of *??) *'"? nroT?il*d nf th? world RetiAngroomi, credle?, Ac., will be proyoea for one hnndred babiei and their att.adant. Ladia. of th. flni r<>HiiQ(]tnbiiity bnTe oonieated te berte ai i Jndgea o* tnn All OWIO.I ?oi?P?l 1?? <o?. *?.?*>??, JjHW muit obtain, at th* Mo?eum, a Nnmberei CorWwtQi gjyen for publication, at the option of the pwnta. I) K^lery^ontaln^tpwMdB^f WW o|Bth?*boiM?t^UUn?o ^/put Jpon .xbibitron. It U by f.r the^ b..* ghfi. wrm?W on thii oontiuent Open dally from 9 o'ol*ek A. *. till 11 o'clock F. M. Adininlon 25 oentt. Seaion ticket! OB ? ntn. ?nXTRA ATTRACTIONS ARE GIVEN DURING TH? E Rie.t inilux of etrangir* celebratiag annivereary w**k, FRANKLIN MUSEUM, NO. 63 BOWERY, _ the only place where the Model Artiit* art '? -hi ir.Ticir ettrv afternoon at 3 and cyenin; ?t 8, i? a oBoioo *"1 *rPTELiST10N OF LIVING STAT^ARV arranged expr*?*ly for yiiiter*. Remember?3 Bowery. S,Vb"SS2.AS.5Sra r.yiSS.SK the only place of ??^?{i?tRhTe,^ts14 wh#n) are exhiiited, with other orinina] anc <? t*ice etery day, at S in afternooon nnd evening at < rroT?RAMATIC AUTHORS.? THE YANKEE SOMO.RN; 1 titled "Robin Aronnd"? word* and mnjie by W. J Florense, will be publi?hed in a few dAT'- ??IH ?*? written by tb* und<riign*4 exprenly tor ^ hi* been *nng by hir with great eclat In United Statci; and the tobicribet deems kimeelf ?niieci upen by th* leceat wh?l*ial* piracy of hia P^TaA* htM^Vt'er "h^may ''be'Vble to jr^c' auth r* a^dlartUt* IB ^-...ure from the un^lucipl.^^cindiyidual^ro - GOTUIC MUSEUM, 316 BROADWAY, WILL OPRN this *y*ning. under th. direction of Prof**oor Flow and Senor Thomato iona, wbo, with tholr entire Fronoh aad Italian artist*, will exhibit thoie popular troupe* of *JT'>K living picture*, with longi, dance*, *e. Open erory Bilbt. Ticket*, 86 and 50 cent*. TO AMATEUR VOCALISTS.? WANTED, TWOTOCIia men with tenor roicen, ard one barltono.** ijjhw *ub*cribcr in fonnlpg a quartette *l?e club joyment and mu*ical lmproyemeat None but tbo*o or American birth and liberal education need addrooi Kaieker boeker, Ilerald offic*. MBDICAIm A Nf.?' AND CERTAIN REMEDY FOR 1NKLAMMA J\. Hon of the womb, do., effecting a radical euro without an instrument, diicovercd by a phj siciaa ef Urge practioe, ii new for tale by the west, at 75 Naeiaa street, llrtt floor, tear building, room No. 2. Dr. warren, member op the college or Burgeon* of London and Edinbarg, attend! to private practice at fail old e*tahil*h*d office, 71 Madison atreot, soar Catherine, where he li performing the moit a* ton taking cure* on record, without restraint in diet or buaineae pni ?uits. * DR. WARD'S UNFORTUNATE'S FRIEND, $1, WITH a book. -Just what those want who have eentraettA eertain disease*, namely, a core at once, and no delay aai more expense. Greatest cure ia the world by Dr. Ward'! " I'nfortuMtc't Friend." Afflicted take notiee? a* etkef rtmedie* can cvre yon radically. Slight eaeea eared n few hour*; nctbio* else doe* It. No. ij Canal street, one door ea*t of Rroedway.le the plaee to gat tbia rapid and thorough reniedy? no where eUa m New York. A ear e war rant' d by Pr. Watd. Patienti anxious for raliaf may rely on a rapid enre br hii treatment, without taikag tka i) item. Alteration of diet ox eeaiatien trea bnaineaa net required. Fiver and ague -Panama, remittbnt, in ? Wrmittent, immediately and permanently oured by Dr. Ratherford e antidote, witbont quinine or peiiouon* drngi. For ?ale b? C. H. RING, 193 Broadway, N. V., where proofa of wonderful cures and a treaties can be obtained. Reapect aklo druggiit* apply to Dr. Rotherlord, Blaokitone. Mm*. MLARMGNT. PARTS AND LONDON PHYSICIAN. . and surgeon, anthor of the Medical Ad riter and Mar riage Gnlde, Sil page*, 73 engraving*. (mailed by hia*. sealed eloiely, to any addreii. for )1J la ooninlied at 43 Raade itreet, corner of llroadway. from 11 A. M. till I , and fi to V P. M., Sandayi excepted. Thote at a distance treated by mail and expre** We ronour with other paper* la iwt? mending Dr. L. and hia treatise.? DUpaton, Cowrie* dea Etati Unit. Steal* Zeitung, Day Book, Ao. *. B.? Mot Ml* drag !tore. TBE GREAYVT MEDICAL DISCOTBKT OW TO ace.? MR. KENNEDY, of Roxbnry, baa dlaeowmd ta one of enr eomman paitnre wood* a remedy tkat iqAm kind of burner, from Uie want torofula dawn to iHan I pjjnplt. I He ba* tried It In ere? 1,100 eataa, and never MUd, aaMg In two eaiee-both thunder humor. He baa now lahU>9 aauiea over two hundred eertlflsataa at Ha virtue, aB VMk twenty mUe* of Beaton. Two aottlea are warranted to ?nr* a nuntef ienneek. One to three bottle* wUl enre the worat kind *f ptaaflM ? i ibc fm. Two ta three tattles will euro tha system ef Vet*. Two bottle* are warranted to auru (he want eaaAec titfed mouth ?r etomaeh. Three to Hit beule* are warranted ta am* the waiat mm of eryaipela*. One ta two bottle* ate warranted to euro nil bom It (fed f|tt, | Two bottle* are warrunted ta cure running of tka *y*i mM blotch** among the balr. Four to ate bottle* are warranted to euro *egrn#t Md m, C&e'bottie *01 h/i tenly eruption of the alh. Two to three battle* ar* warranted to ewe the wohI oMd ''TwoTTtTre* bottle* are warranted to ewe the moot des perate ea*e ot rbeumatletn. Three to fcu kotttee are fkitultl to mm the Hit rtF?T* to *ifMt kotjlee wtB euro the waret mm ofiwjfcdE . A benefit taal way* experienced from the diet beOtUjUM a Vrfect enre i* warranted when the a bete tinii to Rttder, 1 reddled tret athaaaamd boi^eeaftM* in the l?jSsaz ii Jit IM ^'.'.^.'ir.t'.lT- Jtollifb I blags Cr ia^JTOrwp, - Ctaaim nrwv r. v. w? a ?on. RobMn* * Oe Maiden lane; Anrt ay. Wmm *trt*ti wwd, OUm* Co.

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