Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 11, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 11, 1855 Page 2
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' THE KANSAS EXCITEMENT* MlnaUoi Meeting la Werton, Ho^Wtr aical list flic A bolltionlslf* We learn from the Platte Argus ?itr? of May 1, that uriBUi to previous notice, 4 meeting of the citizen* of ImMo ud vicinity ?u held in the Court House, ia the eity of Weston, on the 28th of April. Gecrge Galloway waa calJee to preaide, end 0. P. WalHngfoid ?pyo.ntcJ Secretary After ?n explanation of the objecta of the meeting by several speaker*, a committee wa? appointed to dralt resolutions, who reported the following, headed by * lengthy preamble, which, by it* sentiments ar* ??bodied in the resolution*, we omit:? 1. That at tbU time self defence require* at the handi ef the people of flatte county, and every other oounty ia the State of Missouri, as well a* the counties of any slavehold iag Stat* in the Union, the immediate expulsion from their Larder* of tvery person who may, in any manner speak or publish doctrines or sentiments calculated to bring reproach upon the institution of negro slavery as it exists among us, or to corrupt or dlsaffect our slaves, and render our property m them insecure, nnd we pledge ourselves to use every effort ?a our power to ferret out all sneh oerxous or use the neces eary means to expel them ? pvaocaely il we can? forcibly if necessary. 2. That the highway robber, the midnight assassin, trai tor* to their country, and all others, who, by their action*, make themselves outlaw*, have no right to protection of aw. i That a portion of our fellow citizen* having put the self defensite bail in motion at t'arkville, a short time since, by potting a stop to the publication of that abolition and tree roil sheet, railed tbe t'arkville Lumiwirq , we do hereby ra tify and coutirm the action of our friends at PurkvlUe, and hereby approve tbe resolutions adopted by them, and pledge ?arielve* ?? join them in carrying thein into execution. d. That while we approve of the resolution ot our Park ville lriends in relation to the Northern Methodists, we offer as an amendment thereto that the principles thereof be ex tended to the ministers ot all denominations who teach or preach doctrines and sentiments at war with the institution ?t slavery , and prejudicial to our rights as slave owners, and believe tneir are others among us equally guilty with the Northern Methodist*, and we pledge our*elve* to make no distinction in this matter. 5 That we look with um&zement upcu the forbearance of our friends in Jackson, Uole, St. Louis, aud o;her ooan tie* in Missouri, in so long tolerating the publishing in tbeir borders abolition snevts, and recommend to thetn the exam pie set be our Parkville friends. There i-i no remedy against she abolttian papers published in our State, but the Missouri, or a bonfire for the presses, and a bctnp rope for the editor*; and the idea ef starving them out by withdrawing pro sla very patronare from tliem, is nothing morn thau cnu argu ments of abolitionists, who pay them to remain anongus, SO corrupt our slaves. 8. That the people in Kamas Territory having twioe de clared at the polls in favor ef the institution oi slavery, aud a so doing have invited and enconragcd the citizen. of ?seuri, and ot tbe slaveholding states, to take with ibem their slaves, to settle and make their permanent homes in ?ansae, we hereby again publicly p.eaee ourselves, wh?n called on by oir brethren in Kansas, to go over and aid them to expelling from their borders those who may undertake to corrupt tbc-ir slaves, and deprive thorn of tlieir property in tfaeni. 7. That those who believe our institutions morally and politically wrong, should settle iu those States and coun tries where -.he institutions are right, and where they can apeak and publish their sentiments without injury to their ?eight or i property. K That ween this meeting adjourns, it adjourn to meet at Parkville on next Saturday 5th of May, aud earnestly re commend and invite all citizens who desire the peace ami prosperity of onr country, snd the safety of our lives and property, to attenl said meeting. In ccmirentiDg upon the above proceedings, the Argus remarks ? We are satisfied that in ParkviUe alone, other aboli tionist* can be found, wbo ought to be deilt with? men aa destitute of moral principle as Park or Patterson Pseacbers of the Cospel, who, instead of teaching tbe merits of our Saviour, inculcate tbe lessons of abolition lam Thiy must be looked to. It !g not alone among Northern 'Methodists that an abolition preacher can be found ? and herein we admire the spirit of our reiolu tlons to investigate the conduct ami teachings oi all, whether Methodist, Presbyterian or any other religious denomination. We shall have occasion hereafter to point out other traitor* in ParkTille, as well as some nearer home. We shall keep up the bal1. until it rolls to Jacks an and Cole, and even to 8t. Louts county, sweeping into rivei-s and blazin? bonfires the abolitionism of the Jrupiirer, Memen ? ger. Utnwarat, hUtlligmar, aud others ot tae came ?tripe. For this consummation we dovoutly pray? for ii we ate determined to fight until the color* (hall strike, or their presses ate annihilated. We urge all to go to Parkville on Saturday next. It will be an eventful day, and we hope all will tarn out. We want it done calmly and deliberately. If Park de Band a trial give it to him. but let it be summary. Lei it be just and impartial, and let the verdict be upheld. TEE DEATH OF MALCOLM CLARK. The murcer of Malcolm Clark, by a mto namsd McCre*. at Leavenworth, seems to have created a profound sen sation in that section of the country. From the Wettm JitjH T'.er, of tha 3d lost. , received c>y stenmer yesterday, we derive what seems to be an authentic account of the allau. That paper says: ? We learn the following facts from a vary responsible gentleman, formerly a citizen of this oounty, who vrw an eye-witness of the whol* transaction, and one of the eoroner'H jury when the inquest" was h?ld. It appears taat a meeting of squatters on Delaware lands was held at JLeavenworth on last Monday. 30th nit : a larje number ?ware present. A series of resolut'ous werepa?se<i, extend ing the time fors ertaln improvement* to t>e mide by the ?quatteTs. This man MeCrea opposed tbe resolutions, and, after they were passed, said some very harsh things. Clark oak issue with h'.m, and from words they came to felowB. (>ne witless ftated that CI irk struck McJrea, ? itber with his fist or a club, and that iu rettirn McCrea sirew a revolver and shot him tnrough ths lung*. Ano her witaess stated that Clark started "otvards Mc3r?? a strike him. and th?n the shot was fired. Clara lived but & tew m nutes. MeCrea, as soon as the de.e i was aane. fcroke for the Missouri river, and jouiped into it about waist deep, but was taken out by tne oro ?<!. Great excitement prevailed? p. rope procured, an! ke infuriated and exasperated crowd were about to hang him in a summary manner. He was, however, - aken to Fort I>eaven worth, and lodge! in tbe gutra bouse there, we suppose, to await lii* trial oefore the ?est term of tbe court in the Ijeavenwortb district. We are only furprised that tbe fury of tt<? crowd did not hang htm at once. It is no douot for the best that the majesty of tbe law should be saiti.ced, aitaougb at times we ar* in lined to the opinion tha? the coarse of legal justice is slow, and winds through rc tny intricate mazes. A deputation of the cituees ?r.?in Leaven worth brought over tbe corpse on Tuesday afternoon to our city, where they were joined by a number of cur citi zens, and tbe l>ody was borne to it* last rtsting j .ace. ;n cwt city cemetery. Ia the evening, after tbe burial of Mr. Clark, a mast ing of the citizens of Weston took place at the Court He use over which P. T Aboil preside!, and Jehu Dsn - pban acte<: as secretary. Messrs. Jonoson, Lyle und others detailed the circumstances attend: ng tbe death of Mi Clark (>n mat on of J. N. Bt rms, the chair appointed a com mittee. of Mr. Buraes. J B. Wells. G. W. Bet% P*. Ikmiant and D. P. Walltngfcrd, to repoit resolu tiros .'or tha consideration of tbe meeting. This com mittee reported a preamble setting forth, to htrong lan guage, tbe manner of the death cf Mr. Clark, and con ciucing with a of resolutions expressing sym pathy with tbe family of the deceased ; <iedaring t oat "the blackners of tha heart'' ef Mc1 Ysa is mifle more glaring by tbe fact, that whan he, witn others, wn? s is pacten of attempting to corrupt and run otf slaves, he!m paetd tipon tbe gtnerous feelutgs of Clark, and tarougU hi* influence was permitted to asctpa, ,;was shelter ed by bis roof and fed from his table calling npon the people of I.eavenwortb City aad vicinity for toe immediate trial and punishment of the offender; rsc;ting that there is no priton >n Kansas in wh.cb crim uals can aa legally kept, and that there is great doa^t whether Met* is any law in force tbere for tbeir trUl and punish ?tent ; and advising that "the pecple m?*et together ia tbeir sovereign capacity, as all men have a right to do wbo are left without !aw, and lmin-diately preterite rale* for tbe trial and punishment of k!:Crea." Mr. akeil advocated the paisage of the resolutions. Major Egy, of Maryland, then came forward an<. ad iresied the meeting n opposition to the resolutioas. ant eloquently and foroibly portrayed tbe ?vils that might reeult from tbem, m tending to dissolve the I'n'on, Ha , and was frequeatly and loudly applauded. Mr. Arkli. again addressed the meeting in defence of tbe> resolutions of the committee, aad ts opposition to the positHn taken by Major Egy. Major Eov again took tne floor in defence of hi* pisi tton. and in opposition to the resolution- . and cft'tred tome counter resolutions. Mr. Johnson then took the floor, and ir.stainel the *?schitions offered ry the ?ommi'.ue , and .n oppositija to the positions of Major Egy. Mr BrnMH followed Mr. Johnson, and in an able sun Mr advocated tbe resolnt onsof the comm'ttee. ant the aaewssity of their a<lopuon. and toos strov e ground in i made foreibte arguments against the positions cf Major *Af ter Mr. Buinss took bis ssat, M . or miv "g? o as***, and after a few words of explanation, witudrew h-s feeoiut.ons. whereupon the preamble and resolutoos seported by the ccrr. mittee were unanimously adopt- d. The meeiiag then adjourned to meet at L^tven worth CHy, in Kansas Territory, on tbe 3a Inst , with tae re quest aad invitation to all Platte cc in'y to artend. This comprises the sum cf onr latest :n'*)t'i;snre from that quarter. What took place on tbe 3d is oot known, bm we hope that no farther violence was comuittes, and we are inclined to think tha! was done, or we should ha*e neard of it by telegraph. a warkjno to tnv ovr. The Kan??f Htrald <f fYe dom pitta forth the follow er waning :? *11 pereona who may be >ti?po?ed .? re enaet lb# k?m ?t '"arkTille, which resulted in the <le etraclion rf the /.ueriinary pree* ? It wa? eaid by the riot ere in rarkellle lot Satnr '? r, tb r.t, ?be daitructioa of the Li/mlmtry office vra* i'.e?unoe ti ittt exan.ple to other*, and i* i? ?ery kn?* a^ly Y.n" t 'liat ?nrp will a>< et with a similar fate. Very *?'! wc bare conolndKi to f\it any anabar of perioix who wi?h to pec 3 irate tneb an aet or tolly, a tree put to ' k n?d*m cove " ? d we pledfle them every e'tntence not" i???r. Prnbt bly many of tb?m aeetr teoa an unward jo.irmy. an I *oo!d like t" try tho ? iicr.icint of eai'ln? on a Mnve ? f ?\ -ry, ?aeh at n eonple or keire ?f Kanpow itr, > x[!oded atancp. portune ocean:, b, would frrniah WehaeeBota member ia oar fam-l-r, out'*!' 'n*lt?d"l who would not deem a transit into the 'otaf l>'e w tii tompagnnnt tit noyrrpe of a goodly namhc? of tr!?t!ni vm> destroy er*. a? ? faeor rarely to be me* w ?h Should ?'?? Hrrttla cf Fr+trlom office at any time he iryadod f.r thi rnf po*s of deitraetioa, we <rivs tb'itimelT rtnlnr to all, roth friend and foe. that unlet* they airti tn "to op" they h% 1 better keep aloof from it? immediate v'einltr. fsr irenr pete is fixed, and tbe eonie^ueieei an not he p<-ev#rted. W? have prepared a duplicate copy ef our enbterlrtioti hooks, and thai subscribers may not he l<i?ers ?-y an/ ??ob tiaseney which may ?ri?e, we hereby a-ithoriie and depn* <? ear adeemed friend and general ayetit. H. A. Rilling* Be.)., to reeume the puhl|i*etitn ot the Hm lit* oj Frrr Inm *hon'i t? he roapeaded by Ttolenee. at sach petat a* h? mt y desi* ? at#, and we farther donate to blm our ent re ofle?t| inKat eae, Pennsyl*aala, or o|?ewhere to proeeette tn# pnhlioa Man of p-nea pap< r, with th(* oao '?ondltion tliat Be ebail ijiee the adv >cate? of slavery particular "Jeeft" dnricc; tba i a laneaef kit lift. mtOniAL tF TII* P*OPtB OF tAVA* Tit COVOKV'. '?I*?1 I*wr?nce City (K. T.) Free HU'e, April 30. J The fellow ',*? di" mortal beiaf! prtparad for cirenlat.oa *"***< the Uiteng of Kaaaai if a faithful and oorrert J**??* ?? the recent o dragee %t tha late election. T?a*fh we da act endorce it ia the whole, .we rests aaea<l it to all _ ' To tw? y*?<r? ASK Horaa o? RiPitwtrurr. ?< >i* Cc.t AK?M AaratMlllJED _ ? ?' the eDbe'riberti, e ' >?oe ai 1 re?i 4?ate it the .emery a? Kateae. reejtsVc 1 y njra tnta That ? state of thinga exiata ia said Itoritory, aa* paralleled, u we believe, in the hiatory of oar ooutry, ?ad which it becomes our solemn duty to lay before ?ou, ajd'1 through job, before omr fellow- eltiaana of the sited State*. I'ader the guarantees of jeer law for the orgnnlxatic"* of this Territory, aad la considers tion of the privileges which that law held oat to u?, we left our former hontet, met the privations of aa uninhabited country, and prepared for add ing another republic to our Union. The right of olvil and religioua liberty, the right of suffrage and aelf governmeut, were set up aa the beaooa light* which beckoned ua ob. Aa freemen we were invited, aa free men we came, and u freemen we expected to lire. But we aiidrvaa you dow aj an outraged aad subjugated pee* pie. disfranchised and enalaved, stripped of oar deareat lighta, and governed by a net of masters, foreign to oar hoil, and retponaible only to their own lawleaa will. One of the8tatea of oar Uaion, strong in wealta, population and resources, relying upon her accumulated strength of almoat half a century, and taking advantage of our feeble infancy aa a people, has Invaded our aoil, seized upon oar righta, subjugated eur territory, and (elected for an our ruler*? intending, alao, to dictate oar lawa, and make ua the alavea of their will. This may well seem an almoat incredible thing in tbe nineteenth century, and in this republican Union? the , peculiar and boasted land of liberty and eelf-goaernment ?but the evidence of it ia aa palpable aad undeniable aa tie (act ia bitter and mortiftiaff to us. and disgraceful to the public. Ibia invasion of our foil and uaurpatfon of our right* commenced at the first moment of calling those right! into action. The first ballot box that waa opened upon f? vlrK'n noil tu closed to ui bjr overpowering nutn ?r' *Bd impending force. It beoaine, not what Ameri ians have been proud todeaignate it, tbe exponent ot the people * will, but wae converted into the aword of i be I pprcMHor to itrike at civil liberty. So bold and leckleaa were cur invader* that they eared not to con < eel their attack. They came upon ua, not in the guiee of voter*, to ateal away our francbiae, but boldly and "i*.1? /. a the strong hand. They came di ! ?c . ,hf'r own home*, and in compact and organ ized bands, with arm* in hand and proviaiona for the wa^doJ2"i t<?,0ur P?118. *nd w^a their work waa done, returned whence they came. It ia unneces I '".t0 *h? dftaUi; it ia enough tosaj that in three district*, in whieh, by the mo?t irrefragable evi dence there were not 160 voters, most of wboKuVad ?2JE?? 1? mock?',y of the elective franchtae, theae invader* polled over a thouaand votea. Loving our i its inetitutiona, we were willing, if ttiia waa than * ?olitary instance, to Buffer it in ailense, [rather pr?cUim to the world that even in this remote spot of our great country civil liberty waa but a name. Bitter and mournful expo rienoe hah taught u* however, that thia waa no isolated act-no UmiWv MtUii?Bl?ii s? i commencement of a well matured and V f Potion of the people of one of mm "? "d tn*?E n0t?bi!'*^ l*?t we were again invited wVh f?1i ' ?fd" 14,6 ta,r wh,oL we> in common your hUL ^?W of the dtatea, had, through^T'w j"! J'B'^t ana faithful Ch*f Magi trate had surrounded it with all the cuarda and weeCwere?Sr?WlthJ'tVCh h" *uthority '"vested him, and cherished P?T^ to exercise the deare?t and most senk? ?r thl I ? j American citizene, with a fuU sen?e of the vital and intereating importance of thia peculiar occasion. The oceaiion cams, and with it came and witwn'A, ,el' c?n?tituted masters in thousands, acd with all the paraphernalia of war The* otm# gaclzed in banda, with oflicera, and arms, ami te'nta " Inu?lb<""' ot war, aa tko. gh they SyW-H sr 'art fed ***??% "* crss? hundred men. and one camp alone contained not le? than six hundred. They arrived at their wveral deTtl nations th? night before the election, and having pitched Jnm* " jP" ,CD P^ced their tentinela, waited for the an?' 88"K* r*8009 were tliere- w,th arms anu amnunition enough lor a protracted fi<rht ??,< among them two brase Deld piecw, hJfd 'iw came wits drum, beating Pa.d ilagffl/in^od man Tf Sy the moat prominent and conapicuons n of their respective State*. In the momin* thev aurroueaed the polls, armed witli guns. bowie-fnive/ SlfiESS'Z} d*ckredfth,ir determination to vote ^ i i ln 8i"te of all consequences. If the .tnrige* could b? made to subserve their purposes ami receive Ueir votes, and if no obatacleVa.Pc2? in their way, the Ieadera exerted themselves to pre e?eckonPe*hnt "J *trd<r iD conduit of 'the tlti ?!?' j , ?*. th?. s??ne lime, did not hesi tate to declare that if not aUowel to vote 'hev would proceod to any extremity in the destruction ta?p?t'hir"d 11 C0B,r01 of tbe poll* could not be lad otherwiae, the judges were by intimidation an Jir necefcsary, by vio)ence, prevented from performing their duty ; or if unyielding in this i-apeot, were driven from tlieir post, and tbe vacancy fiilad, ia form by the per aons on the ground an J whenever by iij mean, they e en th? contro1 of the Board, ttoa for^ vote waa pxom.scuoualy poure?l in withort discrimination or reserve, or the slightest care to conceal its nefarious illegality. At of up"n the ucl'of0 th h? judl?? bavin* stood wonM ^ /hfr^ . armed mob and declared they wou'd do duty one i portion of the mob commenced mi tear aowa the bouse, another nro-ecded ?>> '"with* 1??r 0f, ,be the window with fiWD I??'' po,l!ecl at *b?W Ihtfr^1 k tb?7WOullDOt and^he inv^?V; ^ T?? at the di^*tion of the mob, ana t tie .nvadeis declared open'y at th? polls that tt?? would cut the throats or the judges if tW did iot re T^i*B witll0ut requirlog anoxth aa to their the grounO, together with all the rea ieAt cU .eus ei cep; a few who acted in the outrage becauae thi re' fcecluMpeit,*enabied il<.00fD'Jrasea t0 their ^ews, ,md ?cajse it enabled the few to rule the minv a* m? iS8!?! ? i! for"in {oTC* w*? found to be had a. one pell, detachmects were sent to others wh?-* i iVniBffPtKf,d b? BM,)ed. At the poU* ad jo.nmg tbe oie above alludci one of the iudie* ami DUUS ?! I01**'- wh0 "fu"d to aiced. 5, tto?e' ' B10Jb ot eo?? hundred arm?d an-] "I''*"* lneBi *? driven by violence from hi* post i and tie vacancy filled by themae've?. Threats and vio ent .Umonatration, were rife: and another^ ^clergyman beaten*" .hu 0Pini?n- was a*aaulted and Maten. The inhabitanta of the oiatrict, powerles* to re. nrV.n^.*! anVuPPly of ?rms *nd ammunitloQ the organized prepara.iop and the overwhelming numbers o' th,T,J0rVgnm' thf P3"" without voting. to the Lawrence diatrict, where waa the !?r?e*t camp )ri ."b'?l?,II11'?,<','r?).'P??clies were mide to them by 1-id mn n of Mi**ouri, ia which it wa* aaid that thev bav^e?Tny/,Mlr Parfre i!' need ^ " the po n*of the be w?!l^l f"" "Slfe', and 0De Toter na. fired at aa bld a . eaLr ^0? el#c:,0D Kround. Finding they , iorc? thin w"? nejsasarr for that poU. and ae? w,r* drkf:#d from the number oB **?**, iheir proper offi lers to another di* sewm^^rJi1 ? r ?tai.P?11*4 fioaa this .-.amp over tricu InJh* f0UJ,th ?nd Seventh d.a tricta along the ^f>anU i-e road, similar scenss wera I o-?n!zid wl -Vk CAme lo??'ber -n ?a? >rmed and o.ganized body, with traina of fifty wagons, besides J. "'?' ?J aDd \b* nfgbt before election, pitched the r tho vicln.tyot the poll*, and having appointed c' oth?TwiJU gf*.inp ? "0,*who- from intimidation or otherwise, (a'led t0 nxtend ; they voted without anv p.oof of residence In ?he*e two ele> tlon di*:ri:t*, where the eensn* fbow ens hundred votera, there were polled tbr?e hundred and fourteen votes, and Iiat (all seveu hundred and suty-five vote., a Urg.^ theaatml residenta did not vove upon either occas'on toBiS h?*,?**thtJ'1*Cti0B"d,,,rtcti hundred* of men ama th.? tb"-oth'r ????. crossing the river from Miaeour. the cay lefore election and entamning ? iee*her armed and provisioned, made tht Qer:eat threfts Laiuir raTwmea a'^ K^gW' ^ Aat}Dg tha ^ of on* ot fjr t?>e purpose ot ' bat . rV^'h ^L' d,c"lnB*ln the pieaence of hi* wife that a rope h ad beec prepa red to hang nl m, and althou t h fcavV'wr prep*r! to ?t,a* threat* would cave been carried oui, jet taey aerred to proluce v. gn4t jn> and g:ve these invaders in the aubstl.ut'CB, control of the poll*: and on the morning a' ten tri ?Vt*nm1bo?t brought from tbe town of We* Luinber? r'Uril W 1Lf4Ten*0-tfc, *p. accession to ths.r nuintier* e? aeveral hundred nitre who returned in th? >po*t!iug tnetr vote* Ther. we4 v j hundred and fifty votes po le4, bolide* frctn one hundred to one hundred and fi/tv actual who were deterrer. or d.acocraged from voting, while tbe cesaa* raturna show but throe nuudred an 1 eigh'v Pve vote. ,n the district a month before, rfot lei tbin .ix the' *t?EV h#r" ?' V,B ^ theae noo midati gf toe Territory, wbo voted without being sweo e* ti their .lu^itieatioB*, and in-.aeJiately after the e!e"':oa le-.urned task to Miaaourt-eoa# of th?m b^r th? ? eumbents of impirtant public cfii-ea rere r? il^ of data Ha "^ClutTtlau^Sl indig w iifiL tL erTVa ^* more a one. we w.ll rarer to. In .he Eighteenth election d atri't waere eign v.itM waa"needed'ff' .VerpolK f?" from sixty t [ teg their thTSJ^t'bSfiS4 tbe"^^ "^Vr Moores'own. tbe place of the noil. _ .V1.? B**r RSS and who had *iowie ?inife A^dw^olw bel^ ^^ htm, apparsr ly readv to sh#d the blood of \n, who rtNitd to h? errarM. All th* ?# Lj ^ pared toestaofi.h, If nece?.ary, bj vroo?tZJw?Fl* competent in a court ofjunTc?1 W3uJd <1 2*r*raI of the returns we are .. L' Uh" ?T,I ,,J? thousan.1 vote, were th 'a c^t bv' 'he "Itlzens and rea'.deats of the ^tate* ami ? large portion of the reeident* were cetemd oT.ltoeau? ia*a *owed V" PC,U*- !t ,J5i" C9nd-t'<t? of th'nei ia laJowed to prevail, we are redn ed to the s'at. ?- . vaaaal province, and are fovernei by the Stale of M;?. It wouH be mere ?ffect?ti-<B in ns to attsmnt t? 5?s;i;,r:2 ii:i 2 "v.. ,! is at tee bottem of this movement aud Kbertfea "are ?ur *oii 1U,(1 rob "" of o ir are ? f Pr0 *>*r?ry men of Mls.ourl, who *he Sot fl Je'tion ^ the people if an' ???Pet between Narth ThAt be K,n"*' Nebraska bill con'aina. vT-i- w?w lit \Ze W*nl e*rT,H out ?Bd b7 that .!? <jue-tion aettled if It c\0 be bat do?^DiwJ Toul,; tot pr'f,r t3 the Thit a?i >fMa?i ? invader* from Mineouii th' North an 1 tbe i Co "B pact between ae btXw'9a Jeto without beaotnm ree^Tt '?? T"> honor and iMtieo-w!tloet the >*tra,al of'wSdHLZl Jtpoeed? w'*tf>nt sueh b-etk.og of Liigbte.1 f^-th .. him to SRShSS^S u4 o? tmpt, ud drive Ma ban the seeiety of honest DM. That Ml which Northern lUttamn, backed with Northern votes, had obtained for Southern rights, is m m? by 1MB who invMa our aoil, the very instrument for depriving oi of our dearest privileges, and stabbinf to the heaxt tho*? who magnanimously gave it into their bands for other endf , That hill la made to mean popular sovereignty for thrafr? serfdom for a>. 1'he doctrine of aalf govern ment ia to be trampled under foot here, of all other place* in the world, on the very spot which had been hallowed and conaeerated to its most signal vindication. The altara which had been reared to it on this ehoeen ground, and around whlca at leaat the democracy of the whole Union had sworn allegiance, and to which we had come aa pilgrim worshipers la the wilderness, are to be ruthleaely demolhhed, The oompact is to be basely broken and the ballot of the freeman (in effect) torn from our hands almost before the ink of the covenant is dry. Not only, too, is the principle of popular sove reignty to be blotted out, bat more than this, even the object of the contest is to disappear, Che question of negro slavery is to sink inte insignificance, and the great pcrtentona issue is to loom up in its stead, whether or not we shall be the ? lave 4 and fanatics who disgrace the honorable and chivalrie men ef the South, shall be our masters to rule us at their pleasure. With a feeble ana scattered community, jnat strag gling into existence, without organization ana almost without shelter, we are powerless to resist an old, strong and populous atate, full of men, and arms, and resources, and we therefore appeal to you, and through you to the people of the States. Remedy here we have none. Our Executive has, with manly determination and per sistent fidelity, stood by his people, and tndeavorsd to oanyoutthe principles of popular sovereignty, and secure us the privilege oi managing our own affaire and govern ing onrtelves, until his reputation baa been assailed and his life openly threatened with a bitterness almost un paralleled: and, although aa chief magiatrate he is all we could desire, and has fearlessly pursued the path of duty as id a storm of menace and detraction under which many men would have <1 nailed, yet he is power less like ourselves. V e make, now, this last appeal, not to the North, not to the South, not to any political party? but to the re presentatives of the whole Union. We beg that no m<*n will sport with our fearful condition, by endeavoring to make political capital, or build np party, at the expense of our civil and physical existence. We want the men of the North and the men of the South to protect us. Through yourselves, their repre sentatives, we appeal to their honor, to tfaeir justice, to Iheir patriotism, to slieir sympathies, not for favors, but tor rigbt*? not Tor trivial rights, but for the dearest right* guaranteed to u? by the Declaration of Indepen dence, by the constitution of the Union, by the law of our organization, by the solemn compact, of the States, and which you pledged to us as the condition of our com ing here. Communities are not to blame for the csnduct of their fanatics unless they sanction them We cannot believe that tbe States of the South will saastion the outrages that have been perpetrated upjn us, or will allow them to be continued. And although we mijht re id on the natter as a question of policy, and show that it is con trary to tbe laws of nature and society, and opposed to all human experience, that good cao come from such an evil? although we might prove that it is "towing the wind to reap the whirlwind," aud that the reaction will be fearful, jet we feel that this is unnecessary? that it is enough to appeal to their honor and their sense of justice, and to rely upon their plighted faith. Inside our hounds we aholl have no serious troubles. Northern and Southern men mingle together in harmony and good feeling, and in mutual dependance and assist ance in the hardships and privations of a pioneer life. As we learn to understand each other, friendships are engendered snd prejudices melt away, so that we shall he able to meet oil <joestiona that may arire in a spirit of justice and kindly feeling, which will secure the rights of all, and acquiescence in the decision of the ma jority. From foreign oppression, however, we may ask lor relief of that power which p&ised the Kansas bill and pledged to us its benefits if we could come here. We haTe a right to ask and do ask its enforcement. It remains for your honorable bodies to decide whether you will keep the comptct between you and us which exists by that bill, ana on emigration ? whether you will vindicate the sacred doctrines of the government, or whether you will leave us in a ttate of vassalage and oppression. We cannot and do not doubt that you will in tome way give us justice and protection. TBE STORT ABOUT THE DFCKING OF A KANSAS EDITOR DENIED. Among other things telegraphed from Indepen dence, Mo, in regard to the election, we find tbe following in many of our exchanges; ? '-The editor of the Kama* Frt e State, in sonsequence of a >peeeh, was taken by the Missouri mob, at?d ducked in the Kansas river " Whether this was contemplated by some of tbe Mtesourians before they left Independence for the elec tion, and some one telegraphed accordingly, we shall not at present say. But if it was the intention, it was not carried into execution. We were not disturbed on the day of election. But on the night previous, between 1<> and 11 o'clock, as we were parsing alone, near the Missouri csmp, on the way to our boarding house, near amiieont of town, we were taken charge of by some bull dozen men, with double-barrelled guns and revolv ers. Not having any weapon of defence with us, we de manded by what authority they apprehended us while on the road9 1 hey replied, by the authority of their captain, and that we would have to tee liim before they would proceed further. After accompanying this armei nob to their fire, the captain was called out, and the prisoner delivered over. The captain seemed to be a kind of social, jovial fellow, at that honr more inclined 1o sltep tbsn' to go into a hearing of the case, or even proceed rummar-'y without a hearing. After talking and laughing a while with the captain abont tbe absurd ity of Southern chivalry, in a band of armed men to at tack and bully a tingle person unarmed, while parsing quietly to his lodgings, he and the majority decided that we sbnuld pro:eed on our way jrithout interruption. We were in Missouri shortly after th* election, ana oonversed with some of tbe gray heads, who thought the " boys had done tolerably well at Lawrence, bat tney had misse l it in one thing? uat tbey did not destroy tne presses. " Iiut tbe lesde;* and better class of those who ctme here to vote were too ennniag, and knew what their causa demands too well, for a mrment to entertain the idea of injuring anyone's person or property.? Lawr'na City Kama* Frn. Stab ! FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. IOKET HAftKE>, Thursday, May 10? 6 P. U. The tendency of the market is dn.ll aod downward Though money is very plentiful and no untovard events occnr, prices gradually reecle; any sudden disaster, stringency, or unfavorable nswx from Europe, woal 1 lead to a sudden and extensive fall. As compared with yesterday's prices, stocks moved to day as follows;? Er.e declined \ per cent; Reading, Earlem, >? ; Hud son river, }*\ New York Central, )a; Canton, Pana ma Railroad improved 1 to 1 per cent. In bonds there was little done to-day, and prices show but little change, thojgh the market, on the whole, was weak. After the adjournment of the board, the following sales of bonds and stocks were made at auction by ? H. HaVer:? 300 shares l'nion Rank 120 275 do. Bank of Kentucky 10d>i a 109 25 do. <?mm'l R.R. B'k iconsol'd ttk) Vicss'g 76J-i 20 do. Farmers' Loin ?nu Trust Co 72 20 do. New York and Erie Railroad Co 48 ?? 34 do. Hudson ltiver Railroad Co 40 900 do. Naugatuck Railroad Co 45 64 do. Wm'BDg r'npiae b Bridge Co (for claim)$180 The following sales of bonds and sto:ks were made at auction by A. H. Nicolay $6,000 Ohio sixes, 1860 104 2.000 California sevens. 1870 87 1 610 Caciinda'gui. and Corning RFv. 2d mcrt 60 t.OCO Northern Ind. RR, Gosben line, 1st m>r;. .. 87 6,010 Cieve . I'aiEesvill* and Ashtaoula RR 7's.. . 84 % 3, tOO Lake trie, Wabash and St. Lou's R. lstmort 72 ?6.C00 Flushing RR, 1st mort. In*., adied CO a 66 10,0( 0 Hudson Kiver RR 3d mort do 7i)i 150 fh?r*i Wlliiamsport tni Elmira RR 17 200 Erie RR *8 % 50 Cleveland and Tolelo RR 78 200 Cumberland Coal Co 28 50 liong Uland lutarance Co 140 40 Beekmsn F're Inscrame C? 8o>^ fO Williamsburg Was Light Co 57>? 60 Atlantic Peek Co M> .'i00 N< rth Carolina Coj.per Co w 100 Alleghany Mmiag Co 8 6 North Eastern Co " The news from Europe Is, on the wdol*, ccnsiOered in favorable. Satterth watte says . ? BusinesB in Amsi.can stocks and bonds has received a check from the loan joe', issued by cur own government, and which at present appears to absorb the attention of capitalist*, to the exclusion of most other securities, rhere is, however, a good demand for hne 1883'* and 18<2's. Of Sinking Fund 1876. there is a fair supply at 80. There is. also, a demand for New York Central 7 per csn?; and l'enncy lvtni* Central. 6 per cent Illinois Central Bonds are steady at oar quotations, with a fair business doing. The large traffic return of the Great Western of Canals for woek ending 6th April, has im parted increased confidence in the suc:ess or this impor tant railway. The shares are firm at 18, buyers. The return from the Bank of England for the week ending the 21st of April, give* the following results, when compared with the previous week :? Public deposit*.. ?4, 460. 664.. ..Increase ?1.710,014 Other depesits.. 13,610.667.. . .Decrease 1,214,223 Rest 3,127,862.. ..Increase 4,416 On the other side of the account ? Gov. securities. ?14,274, 373.. ..Increase ?600,660 Other securities 13,032,442. . . . Decrease 2i4,092 Notes unempl'd 8,080,426.. .. Increase 121,890 Ihe amount of notes in circulation is ?20,262,866, be ing a decrease of ?126,066; and tie stock of bullion in both department* is ?16,022,662, showing an increase of ?32,848, when compared with tbe preceding return. The movement at the Sub Treasury during the day was as follows ? Paid on Treeeury account 196,138 63 R?ceiv*d do. do 268.318 07 Balance do. do 2,292,347 10 Paid for Assay office 2,909 61 Paid on disbursing shs ks 79,726 16 The annual election of the directors of the Manhattan Life Insuraate Company was held yesterday, when the following named gentlemen were elected ?Enoch Dean, Bsnry Erben, Job* ft Williams, Nathaniel 0. Bradford, John 8. Harris, Daniel Burnett, Denton Pear* all, Henry A. Kerr, Henry Stokee, Ja-tes H. Henry, JermanS. John sen, and Edmund Coffin. Mr. N, D. Morgan has been elected President, and C T. Weaple, Secretary. Mr. Nicholas Pean, Preeident of tbe Harlem Railroad CMDjtsny, ta? pel ifked a card, is which be announces bis McmiutMB Mi to eontinae la that o?ce oaten Mr. H. a Blatchford shall be placed la the direction. Mmith. Duncan, Sherman k Oe., ef thl? eity, bar*, in eoajuaetioa with Mtnn. Schu chard ft Gebhardt, taken the new bonds of the city of Cincinnati, issued to the Ohio and Mississippi Railroad Company for the pur chase of their wharf property, to the extent of $600, 000. The following i? an official summany of the new Eng lihh budget ? Income of 1854-5 (abort At* days).... .... ?59,498,154 Exchequer bilk and bonds ia anticipation of new taxes , Totkl 66,621,667 Expencituriwae....... 6W>62 Increase of cash balanee JS'iS Income as N ew taxes outstanding 5,0*20,000 Tot*l 64,616,154 Expenditure ae above ^'itb'sqh Excess of expenditure over taxation 1,178,808 Expenditure in 692, 062 Income actually rtceifcd 69,490,154 Deficiency ? ???? 6,198,808 The actual income in l#54-5 was as follows t? CnhtomH ?20,490,659 FxcilT 18,179,170 Bums' .7.7.7. . 6,905,513 Laud and asseswd taxes 3^6'"S Property and income tax 10,515.373 Po*t Office Crown lands 73l'&78 Miscellaneous 731,678 ?59,496,154 The estimated detail of expenditure tn 1R55-6 was ?80, 899.561; Ways and Means bills, due for the past ?"r> ?1,000,100; margin, ?4,440,000-making a total of ?86, 339,661. The following wae the estimated income for the'jear 1866-6 ? f.. .^'?20,500,000 Exff/.^.V.V.V.V.V.V.V.V.V..... "',071,000 ?f D#WaPaP*r...8UmP"' 6,815,000 and assessed taxes. . . . .'I WOO Properly anc mcome ",536,000 PoetOffice ? M&O.OOO Postage on newspapers and increased duty on paper 288'^ Croon land* 260' 000 Miscellaneous aou.uoo ?63,339,000 The estimated expenditure in 1865-66 would be as fol Funded and Unfunded Debt ^J'SIn'JvS Other charges on Consolidated Fund 1,760,000 ?18,214,477 18, 653.042 Ordnance ? ? ? 7,808,042 Vote of credit for expenses an. ing trcm the war with Rossi* 3,000,000 Civil serv ices . 6,500,000 Total I or supply services ->0,17o,0fil Pari inian 1,000.000 ToUJ ?80,899,561 Lmb ?16,000,000 Ex";;in?r bulih'. : : : ::::.7. . . . . .. . . . ... ? ^,000,000 Income-tax, a farther per cent added to the present C per eent. This is to produce ab't 2,000,000 On coffee, la. per lb "?000 Ob Tea. 3d. per lb ?9,000 On Scotch and lrisb spirit* Un Banker.' Checks 200, OuO Total ?24,300,000 The sales of land by the Illinois Central RaOroad for the month ending May 1, ar?*aidto have been 18,660 acres, amounting to $25t, 847 96. Of these there were sold of CcDitructioa bend lands, 15,517.35 acres, averag ing ptracre J? Interest fund, 40 acres, averaging per acre 20 00 Free lands, 3,102.76 asree, averaging per acre. .. 14 03 The whole amount of land sales to May 1, apart fr?m jre-emptioa lands, ha? been 92.280 acres, for $1,014,517 23, averaging $11 per acre. The Wabash Valley road are understood to have ob tained 8200,000 on 1st mortgage boads, from capitalist) in Europe; they want a further sum of like amount. The Chicago asd Galena road are ia market for a loan of a million of dollars, 2d mortgage, for the purpos* of completing thair road. These bonds are to have a sink ing tund sufficient to pay theai off ia tweaty years, which would require about $50,000 per annum. The compvay is asking 85 for these bonds, and the offer* are said to be about 80 and upward. The followlag arethe dlvid?nds of the Philadelphia for banks 1864 and 185 5, and capital:- ^ ig55 jVatnt. Capita*. May ? Nov. May. Philadelphia Bank ,,..$l,15t,C00 7 5 V Nc:thern IJbertie 45i'?S95 5 5 S Mechanic*' 800,000 6 6 6 Western? .7. 500,000 6 10 0 Kensington 250,000 9 6 6 Farmers' ana Mechanics'.... 1,250,000 7 5 5 Commercial .... 1,000 0C0 5 5 ? Manufacturer's ^Mechanics' 300 000 4 4 6 Southwark ? a * Bank of Commerce 250,000 6 ft ?? Penn Township 2-5,000 6 5 5 Girard.. 1,250,000 3 3 3 Tradecmen's 160,000 6 5 5 . $7,825,000 Jan. July Jan. Fank North America $1,000,000 10 8 " Bank of Penasjlvania 1,875,000 6 5 o Total capital $10,700,000 The average oltidends for May, 1855, on a capital of 17,^26,000, is about 5 20 per ceat, much larger than the average divideade at New York aad Bertcn. The Metropolitan insurance Company hae declared a dividend of 4 per ceat, payable 14tb inst. Stock Exchange. .IM* . ,o Thumdat, May 10, 1846. ,,i^in(5 8Ut* *"? t3h 200 *ba GumClC.bOO 28 2?JX J"n )* 100 N Yort Cen RR. 92* 3COO Virginia e'*.s3 97 74 do 92'w 1(00 Ncr C?ro 0'*. . 9 \syt 10 do 92 .2^? ?*r IT! M B -c 88 H 16 M So & N lad C<in 96* 5dl ?f ,'J5 300 Erie RK *>0 48 V 10C0 Erie Cr Bd '71 81 * 60 Co.... c 49 ICC 0 Eii* Bdf of '83 92$ 60 do W 49 10(0 HdRv2dMBd 96 460 do.... ' , e 48* 3000 Hd Rv 3d M Bd 72?4' 500 do *3 48fc ^ Ao- U0 72*? 400 i0 M -??W <0(0 do....b3 723i 2C0 do 4?v SOC'ONI?l?QlblO 88 X 100 do iio 4 ?V JSSS J}} ?*.? RR B,!* 14'? *>? Harlem RR... *3 29 1000)11 CRFBdwp 70 100 do b60 29!i 88 * 200 do..... M 29 2K ? I 7v5 M!2* 80 Nor & Wor RR. . 37 400 Civ & n dv bd 74\ 13 do 36X 50*li*M?han Bk . 118 200 Reading RB....C 86^ 11 Metropolitan Bk. 109 100 do b30 86'i 26 Continental Bit,. 107 160 do.... s3 80W ,2 ??Elch?aDk - 109 2C0 Hod Rir RR. . b3 40 10 Bk fetate N York 103 10 do 39^ 100 Canton Co... *30 2ft* 100 Panama RR. . . *3 96 *<> WO 20 SJ 60 do a30 96 "J c 26* 17 Ilia Central RR. 96 w. r vdS; V,- ? 28 300 Qt Mo) RR. bOO 7t>? 160 Cumb Ci Co.b30 27Jf 1?0 do 78V 2C0 do b3 2ZJ? * BCOWS BOaRD. * 2? mWTi 92 JOsng Erie RR..,2d 49 3C0 5 Y C?n 7 ?. . . 102.K 126 do.. 49 ?* >83 02 X 30Ga)A - h.aRR.:; 91 U MOO H 1* lat ?OL 90 26 Id .eh Cen RR , . . . 87* ...... MX lio Reading RR $$? if a ' if 16,? 100 d? b&0 80?i ? . *? M0 1B^ 27 Hie 9 ft K la RR. 102'!' 260 *S ba 4# 440 RR. .b<MI 29 cir* rnAOE report. Tduiwdat, May 10?6*. U Anne ? Abont 60 bbl*. were *old, at 9b 81 a $ b 87 for pot*. and ?6 12 a $6 26 for pearl*. f ' ButiMTi'ns,? Floof ? Common brand* wim nearlv oat ct market. AU grade, be*, tansy aidntn bS n? !2l*??L?0" I2*? * S5c" ?" bbl" m3*? ??braced about 1,000 a 9,000 bbl*., including common to rood choice Mate, at $10 60 a (10 02, Weatern, Ohio, Michi* gan, Indiana, tic., at $10 60 a $10 76; do. extra do., at $11 a $12; Canadian, (J, 200 bbla..) at $10 76 a $11 26; Southern, (1,6(0 bole. ,) at 111 a $12 $0. Meal waaheld at $6 26. Rye flour? 300 bbla. sold, at $7 26 a $8 60? tte latter for auperfine. Wheat ? About 000 bo?hela white Michigan were *old at $2 66. Com wa a aga.n firmer; ?al?a about 25,000 buahel*. including mixed, afloat and in atore, with Southern white, at $1 16, and Southern jellow at $1 18 and 30.000 bashela mixed told, deliverable in July, at $1 - and 12 000 do., in May. at $1 12. Rye waa held at $1 86, and wae Tery sear:e. Oatr unchanged. Ccrra ? Sale* of 300 bag* of Rio. at 10c. a 10\c. ; 76 do , at 9>ic ; 300 mat* Java, at 14?. ; 100 do., at I3>ic ; and 2 CO bap a Lagnayra, at lOJic. Corros.? Tbe market waa active, aa<! the caJef reached 6,0C0 a 0,000 balea, part in transitu, at >?c. advance on gradea above good middling. FhtxaiTB ? Ratea were dul) and engagement* light. To Liverpool 2(0 a 300 balea of cotton were reported at 6-32<J. a S-lOd. for compreaaed and uacompreaaed. To I endon 60 tiercen rise were taken at 16r. To Haaburg 2C0 balea of cottca were taken at p. t. , and 300 bbla. at Sa. To Breacen r>00 bagi of coffee were engaged at p. t To Harre aome cottcn wae engaged at %c. To California ralta ranged fro m 30c. a flit, per foot measurement. Pat.? 1,000 balea were rold at $1 12. How ? 1(0 balea were fold at 17c. I ft on.? About 100 tona Scotch pig told at $28, usual ti?*. Ltao ? Abont 20 0 tone Spaniah were sold at $6 18 eaah and tine, adding interest, part to arrive. Mrijwis.? Market Arm. 260 bbl*. New Orlean* sold at Me. a 31c. ; 20 hbda. Cuba rouecovado, at 28c. ; 100 do., at 3( c , and amall lota Torto Rico, at 2He. Naval Storks ? 600 bbla. spirit* turpentine were sold, in ?binp<ng order, at 46e. l aovjsiOKH.? Pork? The market wa* firm and active; salea footed up abont 2,600 bbla., oclueiug old mea* at $1 6 62, and new do. at $17 02. and $14 60 for new pnice, and 600 bbla. old aold, deliverable in June, at ?lft 76. Beef in fair demand at steady prieea; aalea 300 bbl*. at eld rate*. Shouldera and hanoa were in good demand; aalaa ef abont 200 hhd*. were made at 7^c. a 7XC. for the former, and O'^e. a 9\e. for hama. Ha 'fir waa aceree and very Arm, being held at 0c. for abort ?iddlee, rib in Uard. firm; ante* of 100 bbl* , at Ift'.e. a 10, He. R;c?.? About 200 tatkg wen eold, at $c. a C;,c. unttTBnmrn mxm ithi bit. Z ?AUM AT APCTIOB. Auction notic?.-gk*atsale or magnifi ?est oil paintiaga.? LUWa?D SCHKNCK will sell at auction, on friday, M?j 11, at hia salesrooms, IS Wail ? neat, a private ta Urj or modara oil painting*, ii eluding torn* very beautiful specimens af tbe BoU'.an. English, French and American schools, well worthy the attention of col noiu curs. Tbt? eolleotion wan mado with gr?at ova, lad at a great expanse; includes many pleasinc landscapes, inte riort, lea pieces, flower pieoes, pastorals, and other subjects of general interfit. Tbe whole of the paiatiuge are elegant ly framed. Amonctbe collection art tome beautiful speci mens hy Sshaeffel, Rcbbe of Brussels, Pessair, Vtrnet, Jan ere, Bebillisg of Munich. Pilllet, Unfenbaek, Brandenberg, Roeleaa, Berber, 8eidel, Webster, Carter. Le*liu, jhayer, Wilson, Darby, and other celebrated ariiiti. Also, several elegantly framed paintingt, belonging to an estate, vis.:? One large winter scene, by Van Duift; one small do ; moon light *ea view, b/ Plainer; large sea pieoe. do.; landscapes, email marinas, me., Ac., and coat from $1S0 to WOO. Sale positive. Auction notice.-j. bogart, auctioneer. - By S. Bogart, tbia day at 10 o'elook, at 109 Division street, mortgage sale of tbe effect* of a porter bouae, bar and fi xture*, ga* fixtures feather beds, bedsteads, beds and beddlna, Ac. MaTHEW MARX, Att'y for Mortgagee. Auction notice.? j. booart, auctioneer - By 8. BOGART, Saturday, May 11. at 10% o'oioek, at tbe auction reoms, corner Frankfort and William atreets, larie sale of genteel household fnrnitnre, oarpet*, sofas, mahogany spring arat chairs, mahogany and biaok walnut rockera, looking glaaaea, bureaus, table*. wa*hstand?, bed ttcad*, feather bed*, hair mattresses, kitchen furniture, large assortment of crockery and glassware. cutlery, Ac, >. B.? Goods will be received this day and the morning of sale. Prompt return* of *ale* made; advance* made; good* stored and insured. Auction notice.?*, hough, auctioneer.? Large sal? of splendid rosewood furniture, rosewood pianoforte, valuablo oil palming*, costly ohina and (ilver w are heavy velvet and Brussels carpeting, Ac., this day, (Friday,) at 10j? o'clock precisely, at 70 Murray street, tbe entire splendid contents, consisting of royal English velvet floor and stair carpeting, ingrain <lo., Knsliib oilcloth*, Ac., resowood parlor *uit* elegantly upholstered and covered in maroon, crimson and green French satin damask; Italian atatuary, marble top tables of all the usual descriptions found in well furnished rooms, heavily carved seven octave double action piano forte, made by baruoie of this city, warranted; this Instru ment, for fineness of exterior and quality of tone, la unsur passed: alio, a tine rosewood etegere, finished throughout in plate glass and Italian marble; French work tables, fancy reception ohair*, escritoires, large and splendid French p ate pier glaaiei, in costly frames; rich heavy laoe and brooatelle curtains, original oil paintings by eminent modern artista; Gothic iulaid and solid statuary marble clocks; ooatly Dres den chii>aware, fine vatea of Sevres porcelain: Parian mar ble statues and olassio representations; mahogany exten sion table with antique carving; table linen, ivory cutlery, French china, silver tea services, cake baskets, fucks. spoon*, heavy cut gl a* aware,, wine*, champagnes, liqqer oases, de canters, Ac , rosewood and mahogany bedstead*, ot the an tique and modern styles; rosewood marble top dressing bu reaus. washitands, corner and towel stands, palliasses, fine curled hair mattresses, counterpanes, bolsters, and pillows, china toilet seta, oval and equare frame gilt mirror*, Ac. Bale positive. Auction notick ? thus, bell, acctionker.? By BELL A BL'SH.? Extensive dale.? On Saturday, at 10>$ o'clock, at 12 North U illUm and 215 William stroet, we will sell, first, a private gentleman's stock ot the ohoicest and purest imported Mines and liquor*', comprising line old London Dock trand<es, best brands; fine Madeira, sherry and port wines; old Jamaica rum, Scotch and Irith wbiakey, in casea and demijohn*; real pure Holland gin, in jugs, as imported; thirty-seven box?s Havana *ecar*. Will be all sold in lot* to anit. Alio, a quantity or tine eatlery and plated ware, an entire invoice; aplcndid watohea, jewelry and lancy gooda. Also, twenty roperior Canary birds. Also, a furniture cart. Monday, large sale ot household fur niture, Ac. Auction notice ? h. wilson. auctioneer, will sell, this day, (Friday,) at 10ji o'oioek, at 7t> Frank lin street, a splendid assortment of furniture, conmtiug of rostwocd parlor and bedroom suite*, two magnificent mites in satin brocade, two splendid rosewood bedroom suites, tbreo painted cottage suites, mahogany ami black walnut bedsteads, sofas, bureaus, roeking chairs, Ao., some richly carved reception and parlor ohairs; about five hundred yard* ol Brussels and inpraiu carpets, in excellent order; oilcloths, oil painting*, some excellent iceues by some of the first artists, brocatello and lace curtains, ricn parlor.shades. ex cdlcnt clocks, china vases; tea, dining and extension tables; rosewood centre, side and card tables; crockery, glassware, costly china tea and dinner sets, ailver plated casters, cake baskets spoons, forks, tea service; salvers, all heavy plated; ivoty cut Wry, Ao ; best hair mattresses . pillows, blankets, stair carpets, bat standi, large oval and pier glasses, with h?avy French plate;; an excellent assortment of ki token furniture; one cooking stove, in good order. Also, a superior rosewood pianoforte, city made, and fully warranted. Auction sale of plants? the last sale of the season? J. L. VANDJSWATEK will sell, on Friday, May 11, at ld>? o'clock, at the sales room, 12 Maiden iane: standard roses ot the fine t and newest varieties, adapted to onr climate, and all warranted true to name, selected from the best nursery in Europe, by D. Boll, florist, corner Broad wsy and Fiftieth itrett. Also, a variety at other kind* of plants. AM. CRISTALAR, AUCTIONEER, 23 BOWERy, ? will sell, this day, at 10k o'clock, an invoice of ISO doz. compasses. 219 packages lead pencils, i) dozen lilvtr plated spectacles, Ac.. Ae., to be told without reserve. BV JOSEPH HEGEMAN, AUCTIONEER? NOTICE.? Tlf purchaser* at the sale on Tuesday la*t, having been unable on account of the storm to take their goods away in reason Jp five u* room to arrange properly the furniture intended to be sold on Friday, the lltli, we are auavoidably ccmpelled to postpone nutil Tuesday, May IS at OA. M., precisely, at the central salesroom, corner of Willoughbv and 1'earl streets, Brooklyn, the third large sale ol household turniturc, carpets, ga* fixture*, large iron sale. Ac., comprising an excellent assortment, woieh will be arrange* and ready fer examination with catalogue* en Monday afternoon All aooda uncaUed tor will be re sold on account of former purchasers, and tbe lo**, if any, deducted out of tde amount deposited, a* we have pasltivcfy no rcorn to hold them 011 storage. Saturday, May 12, at 2 o'clock P. M , preciicly, at No. 231 Dean street, near Nevin*, a small quantity o! handsome parlor and chamber furniture of tbe b? it manufacture, as good a* new, mahogany t ed it) ads. marble top dreaung bureaus, waahitands. commode, tete a-tetes. coucb. rosewood chairs in crimson, ItaUan cot tage do., velvet and Brussels, tapestry and l&jiraln carpet*, oilcloths, oair niatlrensts, large agate tazza, richly carved, supported by swan*, Ac. To prevent annoyance to the fami ly just movine in, pnrcbascrs are respectfully re<iue*ted not o call at the house before one o'clock on the day of *aie. By AUCTION. THIS DAT, AT 11 O'CLOCK-ENGLISH silver plated waree? We bee to state that we have trans'eired to Franklin ? Niool, 79 Nassau itreet the re maining part of our stock of silver plated and gilt ware. For sa'e as above, comprising a most extensive assortment of good*. _ HENRY YOUNG A CO. DS. HOUGH. AUCTIONEER.? IMPORTANT AND ? extensive sale, to-morrow morning, at 10>*. at No. 70 Wanen street, of sp.endid rosewood furniture, rosewood pianoforte, valuable til painting*, coatly china and silver ware, heavy velvet and Brussels carpeting, Ac,, at 10>? o'clock precisely, the entire splendid content*, consisting of royal English velvet floor and stair carpeting, ingrain do., English oilcloth*, silver plated stair rods, Ac., rosewood parlor suit, elegantly upholstered and covcred in moroon, crimson and gretn French satin damask; also, one antique medallion set, heavily carved, in gold and, crimson. Italian t^atuary, marble top tables of the nsual description* found in well furnished rooms, heavily carved 7 octave double action pianoforte, made by Barmore, of this city, warranted, this incti ument, for finene** of exterior and quality of tone, is uniurpossed. Also, a very fine rosewood etegere, finished tbri upheut is plato glass and Italian marble; French work tables, fancy reception chair*, escritoires, large and splend d French plate pier glasses, In costly frames, rich heavy laoe and i brocatel curtains, original oil painting* by eminent modern artists, go'hio inlaid and solid statuary, marble clock*, costly Dresden chinaware. One vase* of Sevres por celain, Parian marble statues and claasic rcpretentatl in, oak extension table, with antique carving; table linen, French china, silver tea services, cake baskets, fork*, apoons, ivory cutlery, beavy cut glassware, wines, ohamsagues, madeira, liqaor case*, decanter*, Ac.; rosewood andmabo fan* bedsteads, of the antique and modern styles, rosewjod marble top dressing bureaus, waabatands, corner and towel stands, palliasses, fine curled h>lr mattresses, oounterpanes, bolsters and pillow*, obina toilet lets, oval and square gilt frame mirrors, Ac. ?ale positive. Eugene b franklin, auction eer.-by frank lln A Nichols ? Uomebold furniture; pianofortes, car pets, mirrors. oi' paintings Engltsh silver flated ware, Ae.; thi* day, (Friday) at 10)? o'clock, at 7ft Nastan street, between Fulton nnd John streets, consisting of a nnmberof stiles of elegantly covered rcseweod parlor furniture, in varitn* colored French latin broeatells, plush, Ac.; a large assortment in rosewood, mahogany, oak and walnut ot sofas, eh t irs, extension, dining, centre, pier aad fancy ta 1 let, bookcases, wardrobes, bedsteads, bureaus, woshstands, hair mattreoies. palliasses, carpets. Ac. Also, an invoice of English silver plated ware, consisting of beautiful cat bot tles, casters, spoon*, cups, ladle*, Ac., to be *oid without reserve. Purchasers will find it to their advantage to at tend this sale, as we ihall offer some very snper.or turni I tnre, which mjst be sold to pay advances. Also, the mu nificent stock of chamber forni'ure which was so greatly sd mired when on exhibition at the Crystal Palace? cost i IWIO To be put up at 12 o'clock. Every facility for pack ing. Catalogues on ths morning of sale^ ELJA8 B. HENRY AUCTION EE ft? WILL SELL, on Saturday, May 12 at 10 o'clock, at tbe taleiroom. 76 Naarau itreet, a larte variety of atandard and dwarf atand ard ro<ei, most, perpetual and running roae*, p tnl?a zrap< - vine*. Ac. ; alio, a large quantity ot fruit treea, Ci>naiatin{ of dwarf pear*, acilea, cherries, plum*, apricot*, |iiince#, ? virgreen*, l.o* for edffiog; alfo a large lot ot ro*e* In full bo d, all ,D fine order, from the nuracry of Mr G. Marx, A? toria, L. I. All plant* wangated true to aame. ELIAS B. MENRY, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL, THIS day, at lti)? o'clock, at 70 Neman atreet, u Urge aauurt meot of fruit treea, apilaa, pear*, peacbea. quir.0"*, Ac.; alao, a choice collection of evergreen*, arbor vUa>, box for edging, Ac., frcm a celebrated auraery in Fluahmg, L. I. Bine horse ai auciion.-o* Saturday, 12m inatant. at 12 o cloek, by itftaRY H. LEEDS A CO., in , front oi tbe atcre 1? Naaaau etreet, bright kay, 1 lack le/a, I.Vj banda high; n perfectly round, and kind In all harne**, can be driven by a hoy twelve year* old, or by a lady; fca* been uaed for a lady'* **<idle horae tor tbe pa?t an moath?, andia a very etyliih driver, and can trot cloee in mi nntea. A aatialao.ory warranty wiil be given that he ie perfectly aound and kind >n every reepect. Georc e cook, auctioneer? by stover a cook ? Elegant new and aeoosd hand houaoh'jld furniture, Ac., on Friday (thii day.) at 10)f o'clock, at *ale* room a JtM Broad war corner ot uaane atreet, a large and epicadid col lection of furniture and housekeeping article* ef every do acrfptinn. eoarletlnr, in part, ef inpenor tareatry carpet*, lace enrtaini, window ahadea, rich decorated china and ail vet plated ware, whito china dining ao', rich French plate mirror*, oil paintinga. mahogany and rnaewood parlor fnrni tire en aaite, in French brocatel and plum, marble tap, cen tre, aide, and aofa tablet, carved reaewood ?tWg*rei, French aecretariea. hookcaaea, cnatom made extenaien dining table*, oak and maborany eideboardf, dining room ohalra of a auee lior'ijnaliiy, mabepary aofaa tete a tete* arm "hair?. parlor do. , lounget. roaewood, rorhogany, and walnut hedatetdt. ot ' very variety of atyle and finish, marble-top bnraana and ant) waebatanda. hair v>at treaiea, palllaatM, bed*, bcldlag, cane aeat ebaira, clocka. china, glat* and crockery ware, table cot lery, Ao. Alao enamelled cottage ault*, one hi^h poat bedatead, coat Cataloguee on the moraine of aale. At 1 t'cloek a complete act of watchmaker'* tool*. Ci BEAT AUCTION SAIE-WOODHAYEN DWEL r ling bowae*. bnllding let*, building te-tlona, Ac.? To commence Bay 14, IfM, at 12 o'clock, at 16 fnlton atreet, Brooklyn, ????? map* and handMll*, to be had at M Day atreet, "N?w York, third floor. J. R. PITKKN, Auctioneer ami General A<i nt, Groceries, cheese, shoulders, prunes, fisii - Thi* day, lP>fc o'clock, 67 l?*y atreet, corncr Urecnwich. waleuta, pickle*, olive oil, ohoolate, cocoa, vermioelli. cur, ranta, raiain*, tcaa, coffee*, augur*, aoap?, oerdlea. brandy rum, gia.wiaea. *<rar?, tobacco, counter balance*, hard, ware, hone collar*, whip*, Ac. W. A. CARTER, Auction eer, S7 Dey atreet. Hardware auction notice.-jno. e. yam ANTWEkP will aell, thi* day. May 11, at 10 o'clock, at 216 Pearl atreet, 260 f achate* ana lot aaaorted Birn'.ng bam. Sheffield and Ctiaan hardware; alao. J I naee* oat Ucka, 4 to 12 ot,, 4 caaca French and German tin'd ware, A caaca aie and pick handlea, 2 naak t aaacrted file*, 1 oaak table and imall cutlery, 4 ranta Cerman har Iware, Ane rl'an BrKaenla ware, tronte ink itand*. nai< hamaera. b ateheti, Ac ; 3 be** horn nail*, damaged; to dea round ft e fork*, lea tray* anil ?a ter*. Ao. ; alao. 3 caae* a**orted aeddlery hardware A large . nvtic* ol faary *l< the. CalaJognte low ready. H ? AtJE I AT AUCT1QH . HENRY H. u? D8 A U CT I (IN I E r" ?B r d. H. LEEDSl * Co.-Baturday, May 1* Mortga*. sale-At 11 o'elock.l at the kureka saloon, coraar of Grand and streets.! MTU valuable billiard table*, nearly nsw, luf, to ordetf b* D. D. Wwai.t, one of tbe bait maker* in thecitv.tOfetheD ? itb all tb? appurtanai e*, cats, rnaoes, Ac ; *1*0 thirty-' six chairs, chandaliers, ?a?hstands, in panda nta 'biUi?ri table, p>ius vraro, Urge mirror*, bar closets, window sbadet, ENRY H. LEEDS, AUCT10NEER.-BY U. II. u v&DSH ?Saturday, May 12, at 10K o'clock, at tbe salee rJUtn^^B 1!/ Huiiu atreet.? Sale uf hoasenold lurniturw? t'cnaiskj0)l^B of tail* in variegated brocatel and ha.r cloth; royal rf MjgM iter and Brussels carpeU; ingrain and 4 r>ly <Mf> ta; MkiH ob?ir?, tete a tete#, Ac . In hsir cloth; mahogany wardroMT, ? bureaus, superb Mackwalnut bookcase, imported from Pari*; a fine blsckwalnut meludeon, whioh received tte prise medal at the Crystal Palace; rosewood^ extension table*, maaogany marbletop washstands, commode*, dress ing bureau*, Ao.; cotta.e s?it?, mattresses, bronss ana gilt ga* brackets; household and office furniture; gai ouandeliers, ?f rioh bronte and ormolu, vis.: six light. tour light, four branch ao ; one branch, half pattern elbow*; drop light. Alio, rosewood mahogai.] top table; bromt hat riMdi, man tel cloak*, Ac. HENRY B. HERTS, JR.. AUCTIONEER^ ASSIGNEE'S, ealc of diamond and other jewelry, watches, French and German|tauoy gi od>, Ac., to be sold at auction, oa Fri day and Saturday, May 11 and 12, at lu*^ o'clook, at Mora. fl>, Pine) atreet, coiaiatiug la part ot laaseivo cluster and an gle atone rla*?, brooche*, pin*, earring*, Ac , ia brilliant*, pearls, onyx, emerald, ruby and other prcoloa* atones; aplendld gold watohes in 18 carat oaaes, in every variety, by Roakell, J urgent en, Bretlng, Frere*. Cooper, Tobiaa, Dent, French, Sewell and other celebrated makers; golA vest and fob chains, rings, breastpins, earrings, itnd*,*leeve buttons, seal*, keys, laalet' set*, Ao.; lolid silver and lilrer plated wares, Beiliu lion brooshet, chatelains pins, ear rings, portmonaies, cl|ar catea, French plated chains, bracelet*, studs, sleeve buttons, Ac. Also, a large lot or line French hair brush**, ia great variety; the whole being tbe entire atook of a larne Broadway (tore, and valued at over *00, W)0; to be *old without reaerve.and well worthy the attention of the trad* and private purchaser). Household furn iture, housekeeping goods and silver plated ware at auction.? JUHN L. VAN DE Wa'IEII will avll. on Saturday, May 12, at ll>)? o'clock, at the (aleiroom 12 Maiden lane? Household furniture, re moved for convenience of sale, oonaiating iu part of Brna ?elB, Wilton and lntr-in carpets, oilcloth*, rosewood *uit? covered in pluah and brocatel, rosewood and mabogaay mar ble top centre table*, ladie*' black walnat secretary with, plate glaa* dcora, mahogany and roaewood work table*, mahogany secretary bookcase, damask wiadew cartain*, Ac. Bedroom furniture? Mahogany and roaewood French bedstead*, marble top dressln* bureaua, waahatands, table*, mattre****. toilet sole, Ac.; silver plated ware, hoasekeep ing goods, Ao. Alio, an invoice of Canton matting. TTOR8E, GROCER'S WAGON AND BUTCHER'8CART. rl ?This day, 12 o'clock, 87 Dey atreet, oorner Greenwich, a i-errel mare, aevea years old, kind ia all harnee*, and aJ beauti ul aaddle bor*e; also a few acts harneaa, horse eoilaral and whip*. W. A. CARTER, Auctioneer, tfl Dey atreet. JOI1N W. SOMERINDYKE, AUCTIONEER. -ADMIN istratrix'S *ale of furniture, Ao., on Saturday, May 12, 1 at 10 o'cloek, at No 100 and 10s Centre street, near Frank -I lln, tbe atook In trade of tbe late John Wallaoe, consist ing ol black walnat extension table* and bedateada, feather bed*, hair mattresses, mahogany bureau*, office table*, eo faa, eaav chair*, mahftiiany dining and breakfast table*, Ac., I Ac.; alao, borte, cart and harnes*. LETIflA WALLACE, Administratrix. JOHN W. SOMERINDYKE, AUCTIONEER? STORE 110 Centre (treat, corner of 1 ranklln.? Sale of borie*, car riages, Ac.; on Monday, May 14. at lli){ o'clook, at 132 Duaae atreet, near Church, four horses, two carriage*, two sets double harness. Alto, a lot ot buffalo robe* and borne blanket*. JL. VAN DEWATKR, ACCTIONEER-WILL SELL ON ? Friday, at 12 o'olock, in front of sale* room, 12 Maiden lane, a sorrel horse, U% r ands high, eight years old, kind and gentle; ha* beeu u*ed to saddle; ia perfectly teund, and tree traveller. JOHN W. SOM ERIN DYKE, AUCTIONEER? STORE liol Centre atreet, corner of Franklin. Salo of saloon furni I ture, on Saturday, May 12, at 2 o'clock, at tbo American! Star oyster saleon, ?7 bixth avenue, consisting of one black walnut otunter, oyster stand, large and small table*, paint ing*, crookery, knives and forks, large stove fun ace, withl griddle, made expresily for the coffee and cake buain***; al-l *o, tbe ga* fixtures, a large lot of ga* pipe, sbelviag, par titions, Ac., Ac., will be aold without reserve. Largs stunx house at pelhamville. at auction? On Tuesday, the 15th, by Mr. ANfHuNY J. 14LEECKER? diatanoc 17 milca by New Haven railroad, tight mlnutea' walk lrom depot; half an acre garden, and more ground can be b?d if desired; 12 apartment* ; large fa mily mansion. A*k for M*. Patterson, Pelhamville, near Eastchciter, or by private sale for *1,C00? >2,010 {ba* been extended on it. M DOUGHTY, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL, THIS ? day, at 10 o'clock, at the ?aleiroom, 27 Centre street, a large and extensive assortment of househo d iurniture, sofas, tete-a tetes, rocking, easy and parlor chairs, bookcase bureaus, French and cottage bedsteads, hair mattresae*. bedding, carpet*, oval mirrors, centre tables, sideboards, barber's chair, mahogany hat stand, solar and hall lamp*, casttn, Ac, MORTGAGE SALE-JOHN W. SOMERINDYKE Auc tioneer? By virtue ot obattel mortgare, I will expotol (or sale at public vendue, on Monday, May 14, 1866, at 111 o'clock, on the premiaes. 211 Centre street, aecono floor, the following property, belonging to Robert L. Dickson: ? Three lathes, pulhe* and belting; three vices, one portable forge; one lathe bench: one vice bench, one grinditoiie; main ibattl belting and pulliea, Ao., Ac. JOHN A. VAN B'jKKELEN, Attorney fcr Mortagee. Notice, -large sale of paintings ? we res pectlully Inform the public toe tale of Mr. Granville fcbarj uldlield'* collection of pain tit ? will take place ab Carroll llall, oa Tuesday, May 19, at 10 o'clock, ia the large Concert room, and will prove to be well deicrving tbe notioe ?f person* deiirou* of obtaining genuine work* of art, a* the sale will be made without any reeervaticn. Tbe collection will be en view at bii late residence, Mount Vernon Place, Baltimore, from 10 to 2 o'clock each day, (Sunday except ed.) from the lat to the 12th of May, alter which time they will be removed to Carroll Hall for convenience of aala, F. W. BENNETT A CO.. Auctioneer*. Postponed sale.-john levison, auctioneer! ? Arte nion paiotinis at auction.? This iteming, Fri day, at lOii o'clook, at the salesroom 811 Broadway, oppo Mte tr.c Tabernacle, a fine collection of cil paintings by I American artiati, comprising superb landscapes, lake* n-| ver and mountain sccuery. and winter pieces, by Villar* ; rural sketches, summer and winter piece*, and farm scenes J by Hardwlcke ; a splendid (porting piece " On tne Wing."] after Reinie ; a megnitlccnt copy of Cole's " Voyage of l.lle," in a seriee ol lour large parlor pictures, by Moure ; tbe choic*(t fruit piece in this country, by Roicen ; an ex qtmite Madona, after Raphael ; dog and horie piece*, cat tle picces, after 1'anl Potur; historical and mythological! subjects, Indian and prairie life in sfirKta sketches. Ac. Sbese painting* aie all taaiily and eleiantly trained In tine gold gilt frame*, manufac'ured by the first ariisan* in New York, and ready for hanging. Consignments of works of art lrom American artists are received on the most liberal B term*. 'I'telr pictures may remain in the gallery on exhibi tion for ten day* previous to being disposed ol' at pnblia auotion A price oan be affixed to each picture for private s(le. and if not taken at these marked prices daring the tea days at the end c tl:a> time they will bo offered at the re gular public sale as above N B.? Cash advances made if required. This evening, at 7)? o'clock, a large collection of valuable books, in the various departments of literature ^ many of them choice English edition*. Alio, an assort-] ment of stationery, fancy good*, engravings, Ac. PICARKS. BERNSTEIN * PHILLIPS, i BEaL ESTATE AND GENERAL AUCTIONEERS, No. 61 Libert; *treet, til door trom Nhim, will |lft| their personal Attention to *ale* of real e *t*?-e. rtoeki. ve*-l (?!?, and mortgage*, at public aad ninte tale, and to thai ?ale at auetioa of cargoe*, houaehold farcitore, Mintue*, I ?tatuary, vtrki et art. Jewelry, Ac., tad te nt deer m generally. Money liberally advanced on real Mtate, itcek*, furniture, Ao., left oa nale with u. Loan* negotiated. PLANTS AT AUCTION-W. 8. McILLVaIN W1L1 ?el tbii day at 1(>X o'clock, at the *ted store, 7 Johi ?treat, a aplendld aaaortment or perpetual, monthly, climb ing aad mora roiea, (in and out of pot*) boner tackle*, je?*?-| mine*, grape Tinea, earaationa, fink*, verbena*, eahliai.l glr.dioln?, tuberoio*, Ao., Ae., direct from the pardon or morning of tale, (ran Peter Headrrtea, Jereey City. Cat alogtioa, PLANTS AND FLOWERS AT AUCTION.-WM. S. MC-I ILVAlN will tell tbi< day a iplondid aavortment off Dowering plant*, ot every description, at the well known eatabliibmcnt of A. Held, corner of Eleventh etreet and Btotdway, at H o'clock P. M. PAWNBROKER'S SALE OF FINE WATCHES AND Jewelry ? A. M. CR1STALAR, auctioneer, ?I3 CoweavJ will tell, tni* day. at )li>^ o'clock, watcbea and JewalryJ consisting of fine gold pina, tarring*, ring*. necklace*, guard] ?nd fol chain*, a I*r*e aaso tment of gold and nlver anchor, lever, lepina, quartiere and Engliah watebea, ailver anil platod ware, and varioua ether f?ncy articlo*. By order of _ J. J. LEVY, 4i 8ii'.b avenue. SHERIFF S SALE ?BY VIRTUE OF AN EXECUTION,! tbta day. May II. at 10 A. M., the content* of a (iructr? itoru, corner cf Ninth aveaueand Thirty- flrat atreet, coatittlag of groceriea, liqnora, Ac.; alao the fixtures of the ator*. J01IN ORSER. Sheriff. N. 8. Sh.ah. Deputy Sheriff. Tunis morhell, auctioneer.? sale Tnis morning at ll'>i o'clock, at hi Naacan *trett, of good anc taahionable furniture, piano forte*, oil painting*. mirror*, matireaaea, jjwalry, 4e.. aold to pay adraneea, and without any rcierve whatever, af .tr the flrat bid; con?l?ting of amta oi roaewood parlor furtiture, covered in satin hro&atel; alao mahogany parlor covered in bair cloth, extcution dining tad**, with pillar* and clawa, velvet earaotlng, crib?, bed ateadf, black warant *ecre?*ne*, rotewood etepere*, ro. ho c any do , 2d baned pianoforte, ormoln clock and candle* bran, cottage bedateads, rich oil painting*, oval mirror* m rich gilt frame*. Alio, icale*, *ix (ingle and one doutle cotr with ?attra**e?. mahogany chair*, aolaa, rocker* and eaay cbaira ialarfa variety. The average price* are rae-third leal that, at manufacturer*. THOS. BELL, AUCTIONEER.-AUCTION NOTICE. Webave removed from 27 Centre (treat to enrnvw tale* rtome, 12 North William and 215 William ?treet, where we will be bappy te meet oar friend* and the public. '1'IJOS. BELL A U. N. RUSH, Auctioneer*. TO BE SOLD BY PUBLIC AUCTION-ON MONDAY, tl.e 14th Int., at 120 cedar etreet, at 10 o cloek, a lar,o quantity of bed* and bedding belonging to Mid home; al*o, annmerou* lot of lagaata, belonging to em<*rant*, to bs ?eld witbeat re*erve. If not redeemed before tba day of *alr. "WJ ILLIAM IRVING, AUCTIONEER. ? ASSIGNEE'S TT tale of diamcad Jewelry, gold watche* Ac WILLIAM IRVING A CO. will *ell at anotion, on Friday, May 11, at 10, ^ o'olock. at the ?aU-?r?em* No, 8 fine ?ir?et? Receiv er* aale of diamond*, lewelry, gold watehe*. Ao Superbl cluater diamond rin<*, diamond earring* wita pendent*, dia mond cluster breastpin*. diamond aoarf pin* weighing Iretn. S tc 3>? carat* each, II atone diamond Mal*e?e cro**e?, dia mond bracelet*, three itrma diamond ring*, Ae . together with an aatorimcnn of optl, garnet, pearl. A:., J?w?lry in aeti or tingle. Gold watche*? Kino gold hunting levers; le-L pine and anplax watche*. chronometer watche* t>y the b?*tl Evglith, Frenob, and 8wl?* maker*: lad;e?' (.-old esauclleil watche* *et with diamond*, car'ionc'e and (O.d leant ' x ? . I fob. ve?t, and gnard chain*. guld tbimbU*, tpoctaole*, p?a-^ ? i>*. Ao. Evtrv article warranted a* represented in cata? ogue. Sold by order of Henry W. Seberl, Re?ei*rar. TITM. 9. JONES, AUCTIONEER -BY VIRTUE OF K\ f * mortiii**, 1 will eipo** for *ale at anilic vaadnt, ml Satrrday, the 12th day of May, at 11 o'olock ia tha forenoon, at 368 Forrth avenna, tour hor*a*. twa trnok*. throe aipra**^H wagont, four cart*, lot of barnen, Ao. ' V. 8. MILLB. Attoraey for Mortgagee. WC. ALBURTUS, AUCTIONEER ?SHERIFF'S SALI . on Saturday, at 10 o'clock, of a two ?torv fraaMl bon,;. ,"tn?ed on'tbe rear .f lo. No. 1W Pearf.trwsf Brooklyn, to b* removed b*fore JOHN PIERCE, Oapnty. ~ I J.LI AM8BURO.? AUCTION NOTICE ? SATURDAY,! May It, at bait paet 10 o'elock. at 17A South 1'onrthl ?tract mahogany table*, aprin< *e*t chu ra, cottage bed-1 ateade. three ply ?"<? ",lf earp<t*, m*ttre??a?, g' thij clock and otVergood*. JOHN CaMPbEI.L, anctioneor, 113 an. i 11A Grand ?treet. r~iu?THIJ?a AND FURNITURE BOUGHT FOR CAS 8-7. I il>" *??ck and fancy *eod? of *11 deaeriptinnn. oil palaf tmft Jewelry and rram>n Mon*? I'leata addreae L It I rrSPBLDOMP, 13 tlm rtreet. Udie* attended by Mra. B |

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