Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 14, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 14, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. - - ? 1 ' " ? ' ? ? ? ? . ? WHOLE NO. 6835. MORNING EDITION-MONDAY, MAY 14, 1855. PRJCE TWO CENTS. OVERTIME 1L NTS RKIEWKD ETLRY DAT. PERSON* A1m I j i rut freson who pu i<in ur as e*yemi?'k I J OA Satnrd?y HVinim, >a front of the St Mrkllu II III, ' w:(At a ol bismj ' -? ' a ?? ????i to (mi ?< t r 'niLtbeiuM i" i. I..' ? be lil) be arreeted. Mkiiu [ neenlir several Hnou t? open the letter u4 *Mtn ? the ' SAMUEL C Jul I.IK, 5IJ linilfx I *Mr, will all st l?U Atlantic .treet, Itro- t lyn, ??? " " "? * Br ft, m. *. or his h?irs, formeri v r 111! Ifainf to their ti<ilti|i. IN*ORMAlI?V WANTED? Ml' JOIIN tA?TW< on Ol Newton Moor Ctamlr ?>, Eun.ami, who arrived to Sow York in itki Jttai A U o< . , n ti e 10t Iti f I" lfitl. Vhu Uit beard Af. w-s in th. B> ubbvrhoxi of At to?y. Ho will hwar sofe<HblegU la- ad rant.** bt ? <r? IngWM HARl'KK, Bin*'* oiJK'hin hop, I.?! lii .. i, L. 1. AHmj pafra ji!.<a?p copy. rrHi tobiii ubv who left orange, n *w X Jimr, om Um II th Aprtt 1*.% ml parted ?ith ? father at tbe lUri/t stre*t di eat, Newark, thf itai d*? ? arnaatly nlrufa^ to return ?e Ww hose, whore >t< wrtl oeet A kiaAnsepUoa, aad relieve the deep dietru* ?< aer afflicted tether aa4 family. LRCTl'RKH. HOW. CHAS. KCMNER IN BROOKLYN -THE HC?V Chaa. Somwr, United Statei Penetor from Maoteba setta, wUl, by a|f . .al reque-t Jumt a leelmre a ' Tke neoe**itv, praef t nubility, -.ud digr.ny of too aati flawy enterprise, with gl.mi ?- fit,* duty .,l the tree Stat . ., n tbe Plymouth eluirca. 'jrooklvn. lie*. I! W Seooh.-r ? this (Moaday) ev?mng. *a* It at x o'clock The Hoi. tip Ball, nayer of the oity will preside oa the Occasion fi exeroisea will ewmxi wi-b prsyor by the K?< M s Storr*. Jr.. D. D . And an addr-ss by tie Rot. II. .it* Vt.< Beecher, who will iAtroduce th? s,eakor to the audi< .ieo The be ore will bewpeped at seven o'eoek. Tickete SSccaU to bo had at the Aawr REWARDS. ?cn rfwakd.-lo-t. on Saturday evening, v? Mat U,#foiag through Thirteenth s'reet, betwwa I Fifth ABd Sixth s.*? nuei op Sixth avenue to Tweu'y e;gtn i <treet, down Twenty eighth itivet to Tenth and Elevaatb ivenue*, aiomelanev. between ?l7j aud *4S0, beloatinr .oapoorman. The finder (tall revive the above rowird ind the thank* mt the owner by applying at Mrs. Camp jell'g, 3U6 Twenty eighth street. IjCA ERWARD. ? LOST. ON SATURDAY, R El WREN' ~t)U Ilou.- 1- i. a tree t. atd Pier I, North river, a p -ekot I t)ook, with a roll rf billl And noire parort If roturved to I ho iBhecriner, U# above reward will he paid. J BAMU, W jtUMjg, Mi Hi-Bftoa rtreet IjOt mWAk.'l ? LOST. ON SATUKDAV MO III, IN 'PZi U the atooa, <?r> jr of Johneon and Fnlton ttrreli, >r going from thcrw to Myrtle avunne, down to Jay etreet, t lAdy'a oorte-m?caaie, conta<uiu? ab<iut SltKI, la three or I lour bills. Ihe fMi.i-or will reoeive 'he above reward end thu hAAkAof thooeraer on letamiugit to A. Oortoa, VJ Ur enet etreet, Bnoklyn. IJJOA REWARD. -LOST ON FRIDAY, MAY 11, IH Faitoei atroet, between Broadway end Naeiau ? tieet, a double tack |-old levi r wttcb, Win. Rohtneon, m<? ter, Liverpool, Km, &2l.r>. The o?n?r i name Is ea,iraved on be iaiide?f eaee The finder will receive the aNove re *ATi hj loavlav it at No. 163 and 163 E??t Twenty third it root, by aahing Aar V. T. MEEKER. MA REWARD.? LOST, FROM 8TATEN ISLAND, flU two mowOui ago, a ?mall old white poodle; he rite )B hint lege at 'Jm word "ben;" name. Carlo 910 paid, and ao epMAiioBl aih?d, at t "toryrille foit Office. 3. I., nurtb thoiw. RRWAKD? DOG LOST.? ON THURSDAY LAST. A wWte and frown bnll terrier 'i'hc above reward will paid om hit rxfucji to 77 E*?t Broadway. 15 REWARD. -LOOT ON THE AKTERNOOM OY Tar. 9thin<tau\, n lar^-e Novrf' undland dog, blaok and *bito, answer* to tAename of Hairy. Whosoever (hall re turn the said 4ne to &>4 Fourth avenue, shall receivo tbo above toward ana the tbankn of the owner. REWARD. ? TOE TERSON Wno PICKED UP A ? PZl pair of goUi framed ap> etacle<, euolosod in a Maek leather oaae, ttat was dropped on Friday last, 11th inst , amoag the loonet thnber on Seventh street dook, will re oeive tbo Aboro reward and tbe thanks of the*own<-r hv leaving them at WM. H. WEBB'S office, corner ol' sixth and Lewis etreet*. UMT AND FOUND. VOO LOST? A . V ITALIAN GKEV HOUND PUP, YAWN ' color, with wUtu around tbe ncok. Lost in Ilroad ( way, Trtm the steps of the Chinese Asiiembly Rooms, on -SatnNay morning about II oVlock; bad a piece of red hrtld tied around bia ncok. The Dader will be suitably rewarded on leaving him at 3K1 Broome it. THOS. WADELTO.N. T OST? ON TUrRSDAY, A LITTLE WHITS POODLE Jj dog, with a*l< oolorcd bputs, from house 31U East Tenth street; aniwert ta the name of Jack, flis hair hai he*n " r cat All aver Us body. A reward of five dollars will Lost- o> frjoay evening, hay 11, in broad WAjF, A bla?b atlk mantilla. The under will be suitably rewarded by leavjqglt with Thos. U. Shankland, Metrjpo lltan Raak. T OST? A BI.A.CK AND TAN TERRIER SLUT; AN JLi rwer* to iite dak e of Flounce; hair ?u the tail >ong; ears cat square^ <lote to the bead, "he is nursing. Three dollar* reward *>kU be given on her rttarn to ll>7 Piiaco si. |'T OST- ON THURSDAY EVEMNQ, THE 10TH INST., JLi a pair of ga(4[ spectae|?i< wi?h the owner's nanio en grAVed. The fttikr will he li->rally rewarded, by leaving them at tbe storo-of tlr. Rait, jewoller, 261 Broadway. T OST? ON SATURDAY AFTERNOON. A BLACK AND I A tan terriar juiswer- to the name of Fritie; ears cropped. Any person returning tae same to 28 Jones street will be liberallr rewarded, aud receive the thanks of the 1 ownnr. T OST-ON THURSDAY EVEMNQ, 10TH INSTANT, A I IJ call' akin walbt with six diviaions, containing one note ot hand fortd^i, dnVeJ New Yort, f?b. 2, 1S52, and sundry other note* and drift* netaccorted. und of no value to any one I >bnt the owner: silno, tl ree $6 hills. The finder wi'l be liber ally rewardet by returning the tame, er the papers, to the <>ffloe of Loveto 'a Hotel, TUB TURF. Red houbk, harlev.-thi* fashion aTJY.jc rs sort if aev eemplete ill *11 It* appointments, and the ?ale* stablsa a* tmuWci are constantly tilled with the tluuni and fastest knm to ?>? 'ound Person* Id want of horses ?an always he cappl'ed a* (be Red Hons*. The trotting track U la iflwJU order, and troUint, mivtchcs ooonr entj fine afternoon.. The Seeood Avenue oar* ?ass tb.e door every Its minutes. I ClENTBEVILLE COLRSE, L. I.? PACING ? MONDAY, J May 14, at 3 o'clock I*. M. ? Match $2,000, mile beat*, bent '(in 6. Mr. J anae* D. McMana names eb. ra. Pocahontas, < pacer.) to wa*?a. wa*on and driver to weigh 3011 lbs. ; Col. Joseph Ball nam <-*?. ?. Hero, (pacer,) to sulky. Omnibassus leave Peek slip mid Grand street ferric*, Williamsburg, hourly, far the course. JOEL CON KLIN. Proprietor. TUPITEB? CHANGE OF LOCATION. -THE TROTTING <1 etallion Jnpi&T, by Long Inland black Hawk, nut ut tbe trotting au* Gipsy. Thi* .plendid horte, the flneet and fa*t?st ot Black U**k't sol*, will ?tand the present *ea*ou I <18fi6) at the staAie of Joseph 8 Van Nort, in Gothen, Orange couaty, at thirty dollars the neato^, payable in ad | Tanca. NION COURSE ? TROTTING ? ON TUESDAY, MAY IS, at 3 P M. A match for S.i4?? mile hesti? beit -three iaive. I? Phiter names bl. g. Indigo to a two hnn died pound wag?c; W. G. Peahov names b?. g. Buckskin to fcaraeM. SHAW A WHITE, Proprietor*. D&ffCING ACADEMIES. G. Dancing academy.? granb ball? mlle. ca roline Imwih' benefit ball ?Mile ('aroliae rtoiiens rerpectfslly intiuw* her friend* and the public that her be X?lt ball will lekt place on Friday eveninz, May 18, at her 4aneiag academy, 2l Howard street Tickets, $1. MIRALSOLE BEGS TO INFORM HIS FRU.NDB ul patroa.- tha? his school will remain open all inm ?tner, at 438 Rronn? street. Boursloi practioe, after awn*, 3 to 6, evenings, ? to 10. TBI ELEGANT ABT OF DANCING TAUGHT IN ON* coarse of tasMa*. at i rnfe^sor BOND'S aeadomies, OOu .Broadway. en Taoeday* and Fridays; Columbian Hall, 281 <irand (tract, M ??**> ? and Thur?drye, ol'uacii week inclnd inn the snamcr ass nth*. Any one waits taught perfect is two lesson*. EXPRESS AUEKIIES. BURUPEAN EYl'RF.SS AND OCEAN PARCEL Un livery Comp+af .? ' The understand has withdrawn fr. m tbe nusraifal, and Mr. Charier uolt ha* been appointed M'nt ia New Fort WILLIAM C. BAl'REY. May IS, 186ft European lifms, connection with G W Wheadley A Co s Continental Express, IM I eadenhall st , London. ? l'irc?l?, l<acka*e*. aMmerefcandi.e lorwaried with the greatest dt> patch and at irdsoeJ rate*, to all part* of Europe. TLU I* ihe only expre*?ia the L'nitnd 6ta>e< that has connection* throughout Barap?, ttia' will ensure prompt delivery of all jiarcelo en'rn<u 4 to them. Measr* W head ey A Co. snc. x'teded to I. lent, Wartorn, K N , who for year* was so fa vorably known MBuropeaa Ife'ohaitaas a prompt, forward ing agent. Tbeandenlanud, belore ht aocip'e t th.s \zmcy, gtssnred himself of the responsibility and eMctency of >he >.urope?n boas*, and confidently solicits tbe patronage of Ike business coieomnity CHARLES Hl>LT, 19 Wall street Custom Beaea Wsiwss promptly attendeu to. li.S pa?s jiorts procured EXTRA PAY. BODRTY LAND. AC -SOLDIERS, SAILORS, AND all ether* wh? i served in any of the war* (sad their w| slows er ati?er efc J/iren.) oan vl>t*tn their warraits I / ap Tilyims at tbe old ?stah|i<iied office, No. Chamb-ri rtr?*t, incitw Burma * D. 8. BBuWNE, Attorney fir Halted !? tates Claims. _ ?XT AFT BOOTTF LAND AND "EXTRA PAY" OFF"'* ? Bosntr laads and "estra pay ' for U. S. Navy s^'"ri, Jke la all whs macs (79**? their wide** and heir* ? prrmpHy obtained aad nil. Balaaeee Aaa widow* sad hetr- of dnf*iei? O. B. sanert ?nd others, eella^W, and all kind* of elaim* asaian. ths A'nlted Stataav*e*T< red bv EDWARD I1S8ELL. Awstasd (ale) Parser V. I. Navy. (.7 Wall .tree* A8TROI.OGY. ~ ~Vf ADAME MORkOW -THIS 1I1< HLY GIFTED I.ADF Jrl is a wneth 6an*ht< r. snii ha- a aa'nral gift to tell all Ahsersnts of U^eron the very f.eushts. She i? the most ^oaderfol Astra<?,r?st in the w rlt1 No charge If aot satis fled. 7# Bretrsa -dtieet. near I'unm.u. Gentlemen hoi ad anitted. "Ad AlrAMR Ai.WIN. FRuV I'A'tlS, TE> U(K? tlER ?Wl^servlce to <4te ladiet and k'"' t?mea ?f this ei y la |a Mreaoiosy Mke ess be eon?nl?ed sheet loss, ei?rrl v? ?astaess. Ar ,asd will ts 1 the name of tbe lady or gentleman ..*y. "" a?arry . also tie name ' f her vlxlter* Ma lame -n'wta ?oB*er>?s <o 'he K e't?h, 1 reach and Gertaan Ian leiUMst 3ut Rowery, b, *ee'* First and Sec .ad P?Will? DEN VI SITU Y. TkBBTIfiT HEHiiV'si W. /HD'OV, DrSTHT. r* ' ka* rtiewal h>< eft * from IW Ra^t Rr.ala?r V? 4U. W kku ib.u'? 11 ?sk ?( *<4*ad?af . Muhtl and n ??tUn. TW ptit tcM kw Ml k*aa a tary litmUi ow f*r tteMrtetlt i?wnk; lit a*a**r**ry ?<????? a?I tb* IM twter nr* Ik* -W*< if w tf tit ?* TW yrnf?H tor IW rmn mm* in vary |*oi Hr iMkfttffW Ik* UrtwulHw Hm?i* tM? *?*? far iM MM TW Pya* ud Rarriaaa lagliek ayw? ; rn.ipe will t? lana.a >? earfafaaaeat at Sibto't a* tw Ml IH>?< to Aakar a tyre Ik* DaafWaaaT tW R?g?**eat <to * thai Mr. Hurt* ? ill >|f?w a ilk a pur'<aa of k*? *. aapeay. at tha ana Inh, ?(m tka atoaa af tk? nai ia at CkuaWn <tn*t, a*4 that Mr ?a4 Mr? Kara** ?..! aa> play a at* mrt Mp<wai at to* Br-?6?ay Ikaatr* Mr W R RaVi kw k<* MtaH *-*?<#? ?? Ma ikaatr* Mil mm wk?a. M 'a *a>4, Ik-r* a 0 W t?mm imp** ?at tlufO to '.ha toaik at*H*r- I* k >? ?i?t 4 tkat tka Mleta* <aa?**k*f. ato ton kaa* ? *tk*?? af tka toa*4wey ifpaay tok| *??**al wMI ebortiy *afl N? mm PkMatoaa, a* a |* IktiMi . Inr Mtaa J. <toe*?ekft* w a* a? tka kaat uvU.tUt mm Mm toiitoi *<*?? Tkat* ara ? great a*i; |iw> ma ??? M ? ?*f ??? nr.ta to* aait mmamm toil IWy ara a* wwrtk fp*aliaf la MtklH ??* ntarwto *? ?????*" ?? druklrdly itwakar tkat tkata la a fr*a? Mrf <tra roatk Ulaat to Ik* " ptavtof* " aad tkat nHiti ? fro* It will ka fcmm4 *? feat aa4 a r??at 4*al rkaapar tkaa tofMUtlm from ? aaraat tka nM M At tka A< aua??> of Miratr, Vtto't t^tra. ' Tka Ita vatoca " a a* >>ikwa< a* to?ltj W?W*J aad Wt I Cay ev*a<aft ml la*t to tal Wata* <to nrtoay tW ?' eeaeue ' ml tW g?*a* aa -ka totft bm bar af fa* tW?wad three k?a<r*4 ptnaat. i*4 many mora vara okhged to g* away wtikwal ?toeaa. TW Ia tiraage tro? p* cava ? TW Markar af tar II* *? Ta** (toy. Tk*a eveaiaf ? WU uw TaM wflt k* r*ea, ?kaa tW i?tk?7 rid W rliiM, vary *atk v* tW lag rat af all true tover* af tka lyrtt art TW *.?apeay g"*? brace to Roav n TW TV? ? fif* a* tkat iky ??" *W? tW " artiata weald ae*t wttk a wane laitftiaa kt tk* lk>- to* Theatre " At IW Ba?A?w*v Twuraa, Mtaa Faaty Vtotog **? nwDred a* rafaf rawat ea t?n**ay la<t a> Jala', aa4 played throughout tW weak to Itor Waae*. Wiee t to af it a cap to) active* aad aW kaa already we* a hi#* | place to tW op nu^ of IW feeetway aadtoaei ??Charity'a Lave." a ratWr weak flay witk aiw* gaoi aliuatioaa, aa.l a ifal rate part far M>aa Vtatog, kaa beea produced here It ia kardiy aerlk r?K*rt, kat there should he aorae ueeom'y of opiatoa aaang tW act ore at reg?rdi anata**. Ii tM xetaif '?Charily a Lort" we aotieed dr**a#a af foar 4iAereat pari *4*. aa4 almo?t at auy caualrtoa. Mr. t. U Da??aprtrt r.?m mencrtnn evKagament thia eraalac whaa a aaa L?a doa piece, writlea by Mr. Rokeea, viU W pra4aaa4, attk Mr. Hareuport and Mlaa Vtotag ta tka priaeipal parU. Hokfr'a " Fraaoraca dt tUmiai" to aacerhae*. The MKTKorotiTAN TMlaraa will W op tat 1 tktaevea ng under tie macacmrnt of Mr. Harlelt. ^e ttaek eoa pany lacln(f*? Mr Harkett, Mr M^rrlt Ba-nett, ('* for a few ntglita only,") Mr. Ckarlea Wales*, ^tota af Wal lack'*,) Mr Sloaa, (lo? comedtaa aad ttag* ? tat far , late cf the Oiarlt hton. 8 C , Theatre,) Mr. HtoU, (for * merly of the Park.) Mr. Nortoa. (loiiaerly of Bartoa'a, I Mr. Iarare, Mr. Aadaraoa. Mr. MaakaU, Mra. \*ra^ Mift Mary Ann Gaanoa, (formerly o* Milektol t O^mplc,) Mrt. Sloaa, Mi*? UWa Moraat, (froai tk* Baltimore thtatree,) Mrt. Watoat, aad other-. The nrpt de ballet will be lad by f"enorlU I'eptta HoU aad MIU I), icy Barre. The play to night ta Bhaktptre't comply, "The Merry Wirea of Wladaor, * with Mr. Ilackett aa s;r John Falttaff. The tftarpleoe it Buckttona't farce " TW Hough Diamond. " At Birtos'8 Tiikatrr, thla erantng, ?' Tha V?.uthful liayt of Loult XIV " nnd '? lb* Waadenag Miaateai. ' Tfca firtt named piese hat been ?<>m?what cut eiaca ita first representation, and it ia improved thereby. Oa Tuerday a new comedy in two acta, called ."Take that Girl Away," Is announce.'. It waa totoly produr?4 at the Lyceum, Loadon, with coaaiderabla *ueo*e>. Mr. liurton it indefatigable in the production af ao?*ltl*a. At Wai.uick'8 Tiikatk*, the revival of ?' Utp a Brtoaa I You Leap" which was vary well ?kae, aad Miaa R. B*a I nett'a ?' firtt benefit" have been the chief aveatt of the week. Visa Lennfctt waa honored wlik a full bout*, aad gave a fair performance ot " Iatitia Hardy' in tW I ?' Belle'# Stratagem." It la to be regretted tWt a I portion of the* ahould forgot f?cd breed I ing to far aa to annoj anotner portioa af ?t I who take no interest in quarrela between ma- I atgtrs ana actors by nolty and ill ^ placed plan- I dita commenced on each appearance during th? I evening of the objact of their admiration, aad autta nad so long an to aerloualy interfere with the bualaett of the I scene and the enjoyment of lh* play. Such datura (trationa only injure th* per> on that they ara iateai'd 1 to benefit TUe biU for to night at Wallack't iacl.idaa ?'Look Before You I^ap," and ?' Faint Haart Never I Won Fair lady." I At th* Bowkrt Thratrk the " Sevea Temptatioua'' I commences its third week thi* avening. It haa been I the tuccett of the aeaton, and deacrvedly as. Kvrry I cne should see it. The afterpiece ta a 4raa:a eal>d I "American Enterprne," In which Mr. R. Johntton will I appear. At the Ahkmcan Mchwm very good arleoliona af aa I tertatomenta are offered for thi* afternoon aad evening I At Wood's Misstrklb. 472 Broadway, a good concert I programme, with the burleaqua on " MacWth, ' aie I announced for this evening. The BrcKLSY's, at 5b9 Broadway, advertise "A Matri- 1 monlal 8;-eculation" for to night. All th* ladiaa wil I desire to take thatei. I At Pkrham's, ?6 y Broadway, a very takiag bill it an I nounced for this evening. Itincludea two burleaqoe*. | PHit.aPMPinA.-M' lit Nau. Mr. 8t. Albya. and Miaa Albj n St*wart, sang at th* Philharmonic concert oa I Wednesday, to an audience of nearly 3,000 p*r?oat. I Th* conceit waa to hav* been repeated oa Saturday laat I The trovps seems to have mae'e quit* a furor* Mil*. I Nau and party, with Mr. F. E. Bursas, butineta ageat. tall from Boston in th* "Asia," oa th* 23d Instant. I and open in London on the ltth Jun*. Mita K. Ixigaa I has been plajing at th* Walnut. Nothing n*w at tW I other tbfatret. On dit that tb*re it to b* a change ia I the management of the Arch, Mr. John Drew retire* I and with Mr and Mrt. Brewer* and Mr Frederick!, take* I the City Museum. Mr. Wbeatly remains at th* Arch( I which has lately been n very profitable concern. ' Balttmcrk -The Holliday atreet theatn* hat elot*d litis Rotalie Durand Utely (lnithed quit* a sue I cestful operatic engagement here, aad it aow in New 1 York. At th* Charlea atreet theatre Mr. Jcbn Ctoia*, I Ja playing I ncle Tom. in "The Cabin," to good boat**. Bohtok ? Miss Charlotte Crampton ta playing a tt?? I engagement at the National. She doe* Hamlet. (.? latter I in ' Kiobaid III." kc. Mr. and Mra. Barney WUliamt I tcf s?e?ent nt the Botton theatre bat b^n poatpaaed la I con e juence of th# illnest of Mrs. W. Th* Itallaa opera I bv th* Academy company will piobably commenc* b*r* I next week. Miss Anna Crn'te, the very popular l*aiing I acireta of the Museum, bad a benefit on Friday laat I Mr. G. R. 1 ocke ia at tne Howard Athona-ua. Newark, N. J.? rh*atr?oala ar* flourlthlng at Newark I undtr th?* management of Wra M.Fotter. Mit. Farrtn, I Mis. Dure*, and other well known star* hav* app ar?d I dniing the seaton Is good houte*. Mr. Alto* will aa | pear there next wi-ek io a new five act play, antitltd I "Ihe Fflltbustea," wtitua by a well known drametw I author I Harttord, Or ? Th* theatre her* nnder th* manag* I ment of Mr. Wyatt, Is open. Mr. J. J. Ft <>r and i. Lia I giro a;? playing here. I Lahcakthk, Pa?Mr. E. W. Edward- haa *p*n*l the 1 theatre here with a portion of the Ch**taut atmt com I pany. I bAiM Lorif ? Tb* Bateaaan Children ara playing 1 ere I at the People's theatie Mr. J. B Roberta i* at th* I Vaihties, aad Mr Coilfna ia playing at Batea'a tlieatr*. 1 now andar Mr. D* Bar'* managemeat, with Mr. Dufflell, 1 aa acting maaager. Bryant, Prendergra*t, aad N*w. I comb's Campbell Mmttral* ar* giving concert! here Ol* of th* St. louia papera aaya taat Mr. M Kean Buchanan la goiag to California. Bt FTAto.? Mi- ? E Kimberly, who has been a'ayiag a tnerettful *Bgag?n>*nt be>*, had a complimentary bene fit la?t week. After the perforaanoe, Mr. C. B U 11, aa ihe pari of a nunit>?r of citl*?aa, pratented her with a double ca?ed enaroel'ed diamond set watah and cnat* lama 1bir? we r* v*ry i.i<* eptich** mad* on both ?it** CmcAflo ?Mr .tame* Duatho too, formerly asaaagar of Domboito*-* Minetrtla, aad al ? maaagar af varlaot u*w Wra makk4i? Aft*, Ut. i bollofl ? ? ????? of Baltimore, and wae well and wide, ly known I* theatrical circles en both (Idea of the Atlan tis. He (i? a r"7 MtUnable gentleman, Me P'f" *?r? - Theatrical* extr<*V ?'' ^u"' ,n<* "*?n <',e mos* cstraor dinar; attraction faflk '<> bring* "p?,iQ< Uuuae." The Imih la, people hnre n*.*uo,'ey t0 iBT?t 'u rumeement*. Ju?h ft *b.a comm.'a.eo' ai ?nga?#m#nt at the Metropo litan U.t evenia g. MU* .Davenport is playing an engage ment at .-"ockton Mine JWalW I'otter id at tfeciamento. I .a arm Keeae i? at the Am ?liean, lu thin city. The Italian opera * ' ii. u j ner eollsj. vtd, and ditto the Butiop com* pan/ Her Anna Bialtop'e farnw *11 ba *?? announced at tbe Muaie Hall San Fraaeiac?>, oir the 13th April. Thy Ml iacluced tbe flr?t and teetud acta of "Norma," the eee n i act of "I o- rerta Hwrgta" .*nd "lA^'d'Amore"! Ik.te IS each. A French company npk,e?'?d for one ni^ht (-uaday. Uth.) at the llatro.wlitan. There wad a dra uati < p? rluimante, doting with a' ma*k ball.' A Uer ? ?aia feat i?ty are giving concert* stt the Tura Ver?in I! all ? ?Tbe e|M-ra at Coven) Gardec ha* not been w?;i at:e?de.l, ? xcept on the nght when .t wa* ri*it*d by 'be Kmptror <?( the FVench. when boiw were Bold at |M eaeh. Mr aa<: Mn Sim* Reeve*. Mr at>?> Mr*. W<rnff and an I ' i -?li Opera company, appeared at ibe Bayntarlast on lute ay nigbt. thaXtth April, In "Fra DlavoloyM ? hlch wa* oa the whole performed rerjr agreeably. V m C. t'wahman ia playing at tbe Haymarke*. three Nktaa week. M. I um%.jl . ha< proiuced Ma "Demi-Monde" at the ?>) eUM, wh?re it ha* bad a greet auceeait, botes being ukta two week* ah*ad. In the "Dame aus Catneliae'' II i'uinat i luatiated the life and death of a wooaan of th? teea? cthe "Demi Monde" hi* pilnoiptl character * a w?.*aan who ha * tra**Ur<l half way in the *ame road. M. Mi iftioii wa* engiged a* an intitu of the Orand Opera m Jaaaary. 1>5I, at a *alary of 10,200 franc* a year hat with a -*y. <>f two mouth*, during wbish he waa a. t <* he pan). la Uetober it waa aottQed to him, ?a the part ?f the Mia.'ter of State, that hi* engagement would ?aM oe the -l-t Dee., and that he wa? to consider the month* of Nc tt-mber an<i December a* tho*e of hi* '"?< ? He ob ? eteil to thin, on the ground that the #mge ?aa to be taken at a periad agreed on ? three month* in a*' tear* ? between big* and the admiuitlratioo, and that arraagaai<-at a the aabj*;t bad been entered into. H* at' or. itigij demanded payment for thoae month*, bat wa .alMed \ eaterday he brought an action before tb. Trbuaal ? Commerce agaiaat tbe admlaUtration of tbe a to recover S,*K) fraara, the amo'iat of the taoBNibi ?a ry The Opera refu*e.l the demand, but the Tr.toeai, alter h?nn< tiauine.l the con utiona <M tie m.4ag?nieat coademneJ It to pay tbe amount, aitfcecete. M Me, ?rl-er. ?be ba? he*a decorate! w:tli tbe etoaa of ec muaacer of toe erdar of Hase Ooburg Uetka It ?e known O ut I'oaltier. the aiager, waa at one time a ./? raet n>aa c ?|>er. some time ago a pieoe waa pro ,uc?'i?i K-fiea a a lie r tSe titie ?f the "l'aath<on Nur maait,' in wbirb he figured nomewbat grotaa^aely ae ibe ? K ng e( < oapbr* He baa reeeatly been per fotai eg at tbe Theatre dee Art* ia mat citr, with ?treat fiaaree* aad the n auager ??f the rival theatxo, tbe Ihea're haacau, thought taat hia preaeace in thaeity wou<d make tbe " l*aato< Iia" peeuliarty attract' re mi l he aaawuared toe pi?ee t??r wedaeaday laat. I'oalfer, aataraily ob ??ctiajr ta beirg ma<*eto tignre peraoQ?|ty a? oae of toe (haiacttr* af a play of u<> rreat Ut'rary neiD auu.monet. the mnnager i.ot to |>erfiiim 'he ' fan lb. ea, ' t.? that per*ial?d ia hi* determina tion. fo? Ifer then applied to the Pr?eident of the Civil Tr.i'iiaal lot aa order ta pieveut the oi.aoxioua piece from fceiec >epre*ea<e.t The Pnaideat. without beetta tba, graai'd the order aad. ia aaa?*naeace, t .e j>er for aaa? ui.<^- l at tbe 1 beatr* Oaunaia for Wedoee i* ay i id ai t take place, aad the theatre aaa cloaed oa that eveaiag Mr. C. Mathewa, *aya the IT-W-fy Ckroni-U, has ae oepted an ergatemrat a* aetor and atage maaager with Mr >aith. at tirarylAae Thither alaa, ga Mr Robert ha *bv ae artiag aiawnger , Mr. Rev- r'ey, a? ?c?u r arti-t. aa ' Mr? K'anh V?iti>r*? Miae ()"*?r. and Mi*a Martia ral* Mr Feaak Matt he wa I* engaged with Mr. Keaa. at tka lliaoe**'. Mr C Ma. hew. -alary ie a'.ated at ?110 p*r week, lie <>?.-? made oath that he eouki aat hve aa ie** tbaa ?10, k? 0 a ytat At '?be rilebratma af the f. m af the ' Inm* alata O-nrrptiaa, " Marca etito eeaapoaed a graad hymu, whieli waa aoHormed at Kapie* n tba tfa air. ta tbe takMI* a: the (tamp de Mara, hy hfteaa aad taeati three iaatruaaeatol perormera aad aia hnodrel i>ad eighty vrcal. Tbe Naapohtaa louriale adirm that ? ach a petiaimaaee waa never heart before M<>> llelea I'ai.'it ckaed a arnat auerea<fal engage merit at the Bubl n tlieatra, oa Rato'day aifbt, April ^i, with a houae oveitowtag to exceea. for her beoeht. The e* He* rf Ital.aa eperaa ia to i-omawot* oa the IMli ef May, ia Dublia when Mdtle Alboai aad H?rr Keicbart will n.ake their ap?ewr*aee, aa* be aapported by a aim bar of emiarnt artiatoe WonibweU'e famvua meaagerie wa* teooHy aold la LoaOoa far a mere af Bg The van*. Ave ia aumber. nearly new aad la good rrder. aad tbe atage vaa. fetched i row C'i to ?10 earn? aat the original eaat of the ?priag. Tbe haaato were? a agu .r, a teopani aad leopard- aa, a ?>lghau, a hytaa. a .lackall aix a><?ae^a, aa Alpiae wolf, a racoon, a baboon, civet aat. eoine bird*. Ka* i*n b*ar, two boatman doge, aad with the tilta, p* ui ti<?, haroeee anc paraphrri ?>ta did aot raaliee ?5J0>i The hraata. whxb were la fine coadltioa, acarrely found bit der* Bru'n fetched ?. Ike. Ibe moakaya. which war* rhoiea aorta from 6a. to 10a.; aad the two Eai(uimaai, dog a, 6a. and 4a. eaah CmII* Utnltn K?l|im?l UrpM . Th* fonasli-loaor* af ' .Migration ara basil/ employed cauaU? tl?* Caatto Ou^tl la be flttod up for th* iu4io| of ?mi|THU. All the prnl origiaaliy |tuM b? the city to Mr Coacblla to ktiai feaceii im with rough wood an ponta, h> ?? vo glee the C'omBliiwkrn all til* row they caa |rl tot (u trumlM of Utoir biaaiaoa?. and mi thl* will be taevtocleat aad wo aaderataad th* ConmUtioaera bat* it to eoutfBpUUo* to mtk? application to th? laud Olbe* la Albaar (ia c*-e tUo fiXf abould not groat It to theaa, ) for a l*a*e o( all tbr ftooad la ftoat of tho gardea a* far at tho old |tW?>; oa tba Battary. If thoy hai thu grauad, they aay. ttooy would bar* autbrleat rooo to acromaaotat* tbr if raet lniaiaf r? tad at tho aaaae tlaae aflor<! apace eavuirh to itltv the ?bi|ruU ??lk* vltb a tbo oa< <>>ur* aad *o priraa< tboin ir -? atra^iag aroaa . the Battery, a* thoy are Hbel* to do If ao ??cb >inaa>fatteM are afforded tba?. It iraaM bo wall far the Coaiataeiooen to bulk! a fm* wall arouad thoir oarlaea**, a* the pc<to thoy are at ptwrat ever tiag are aaytfciag bat OTniBeatal, awl rataot laet Inf. Miaaahib tho cppoattn* to the o*e of U>* < ?aril* a a a aa raifritl <t?n?t matrt to bo dyiaf out. Ta? fart 1% the Battery baa of tote jian l*e* a-ry ! ttto oaod by our ?Mlwai, aa~ bat ba<Wif tho fcwih roMirt of ka'fti aac oil bcaam. oa* awa iboolm tbere cai y , asc u a the bnrci that aro *0(104 ua (n o tea b?y to bV>w the a'eacb tf t'-b yrxae <?*.>* trailer I'm bar dar.iaad aaotat-ag la tao biaarrr of l.o toaao, but it baa l? . a iii-roterort thai he b?? aa paaar oaat e?r i t? oljNt, a* the tratWr le i*yoM ?la mm tr 1 Tto aoraaare- %?> be nerree by 'u^ix taa M^ut* at C'aatto fcaiceo art tb'.a krt,M| e*t 'i-rtb la ia* re tott of Cob ????**# r kaaaody aa tho wo/oci, ba tho ward at it* l?-t ae?ii ? I f nre*t??Mt?? de aet 4mm W aoiea -ory ?? ' II* all II.* a<l<ae'e.*e ir the r*t*aaet tie twa ??? ? ??? th* rtaamnaity a* aback ? i k* "eei?.* 'Mi '?? ' <?? en r* retro**1 iNl Ikti eiR ?rtei f e ale thai if tt ak? ral|iai'i wi4 W ff??< tea tr*m tt* *e?eMgH ] t itm whrw *ka?r baetaeee an*a*? '? I ?ke pear'le* ?? d< e*| ? tea aa 4 'ra? * aa tfcaot ?b?aa afc* ?!?*%*? a* *?d ?? H tKe ??l?ra?t will be ?*ahl*4 t* | *mw ha* .naraay ?Hii ail ?(tHii a *r aaa??.?*i> ??r?o?' I H faaaaraM ? ill b* r*'<a> id I* a laet* ??a<?? f?*o <ee*?>i?a ta' ??a 'lauf'k laMii'iit' ii'rtan al? it a ime if ua ! tatb* a?d hr?*?4*bir htoa ?' it* + *??? ? ? t ka oaald bar* reea ?aa? ?< t* rar-a? k?*>?ar?et a< ah* at' r't.r and | r> ? i*? ?*? ? r?-arf.4'? a M* a** baaw I) H ? b* faaeblaaeaa af larifit Ma ?'t ??????' lit, ? l>a a mtmt'f ?a> "?i '?a* ?>? ?< i-?.???a'*? i?at?i..??.,| a* I tt>rrrb? l? ' a< i ?* aM* I* 'ei.tff aa- fc aa ara aaaaio tobO *? #* aOj baad'd b? M ik* < aa>aa> ?? ??*? a>ay aaxrtoia. ? i>b ? a|tf*Mh t? ar< '*ar? 'be |?*>.r t aad ??*??< ra>itraa'? aad l? ?aakted '? a? y m> aartaaary r*ara?? ?a Irr a-'-MIe rtole'twa ?? ?, eaatfe??< fwtd wall ? i*tr? lv r* W*?d ?f.? rail* to? wd a?o ?? ?aa?ili *ar?*eta I n th* |.sra of ?t< i-ia* ? ? ayat**a<a* fbaa? *a4 !'<?' .a.-a II ll, iaMk??aaa-r > r >io <i'>aea?a>N ka r?l"?-l?' tb* raatlaal r?'l? ? t thalr *<aira'ky *ad ? a* ?fc ? ? ?i? ba*? ?oea derrl*?4 ?r 'kear mtam* k* Ibejaia* ?dflN ! tl r rnn.< ?? thr t bee.* k?,r"'? *??! the eeea keaer ?M* ^kKar at" <M?Hla aa lk*>atn* k4?kaaf Ihe Banor: ?a ary?e?l la pr*tr?aa?o? el a*y ft aaatataof the t ? at a fiart.a* .aa koaa kitod <a ta ta? exterior uae ?f Wat! atraot (???? a?t? rauaaai by tbooet'l ago* : ha ae* aaabofvorait t aa oa.i ?b ch acta aa a hraabvaier I* firaoa way aa* awWt iBpeoea tfce wort TV' walar a Ma pari af Iba mt ? ae Dearly Kty faot Ota p. The **ffe akaaaM bo Uf? ? eil ap. Williaaaabar| Oty Ha aro Fiaiai ? Between aao aad two or lock oa Batarday norelng twr amall fraw# toaeea la NoHb Pitat street o*'w?*D Trnib kkd fUe*eath ?t.-o*ta (kae'era ll*tr<H ) wet* dr?irrja<! by flro. Tboy were owaea by Hugh ?mitk ? ?e Mr IHtloa. faaa kboat II SM. No aaa rate*. On batorraj aigbt, aboat II a'atooh a dro bmke cut lo 'b* fkTp?tt'r,? ahofd 0 lb>rt T I'arber aa Na^ah eiiib ftraet tear >os;tb, ( kaa'era i nett.ct./ oateh. aa railar with it* roatait*. waa <.a*vr. yoil Loaa ahwat t(^f,o' wheli abou- $.^0 waa la ao->U aad atoca Ka re Brth #!*? ara ?arf?-*J 1? ba tao vorft of iHnniiy. A jtrlj of teo biikdr'd Mor?ta?, ?o*Uy Welah aal ' : ?? (it'oburv oa tba i--? laat , aa th*<f waa to t?e r ta of tho latter llay ba a.?, la taa tfe>y of tAbbrcoat bail of lh? (ftw Llqaor Law. SABBATH DAT IN 1'BS MET KOTO Lit". The grogshops through ut the city were most cf thera open yesterday. A few, however, were cloned, a'Jtwith standing the fall pewers to Hell granted by the Corpan tion Counsel and the District Attorney. Of the hotels along Broadway cot "a drop of tbe creethe- " was to te had; bat in one or two of them it waa " taken on the fly." The St. Nicholas was open an on a wees day, and 't? aaloon wan crowded all day long. In the Bowery nearly every place where strong drink U sold had thei doors optn >ejterday, and an the liigbfalutin tem peisrice orators ?ay. " rolled down the street* a stream of daroclog prison, all bubbling up with horrors " There wan lo ?tiempt to molest the dispenstrs of drink yesterday, inasmuch is it la generally concded that at the prssent time, ihanae ta tho new Maine law regency, everybody has a ri(ht to fell intoxicating dr'.nks and in whatever quantity and packages lie pleases. It la worthy of r tmtrk, tha* notwithstanding these free trade privi leges In reference to rum there was no a ipear mces of drunkcnnr.s in the cit.v yesterdav, no more breaches of the peace than when tie rum shopa were all closed on { Sunday. Tbu speaks in favor of moral suasion. TBI LA.OKB HIES OAKD&K8 OF WILLIAM8B17K0. Tir rte of tbe extensive l?*er bier gardens in the Hi* teerth ward were open jrsterday, and were visited by thousands of the German population? many of theaa from New York. Nearly all the popular barrooms were also (loiig business yesterday, in apite of the proclama tion of Major Hall. A 81TNDIT IN HOBOKEN. The ferry boata to H?b?ken were thronged y ester day with people going to and returning from the Ely lian FieWa, Fox's Ilill, Varuxhall Garden, and other places where amusement lovers do most congregate. Tbe great balk of tho<e who frequent Hoboken on the Sabbath are, of ccurse, the Gossans, whs, in company with their wives or sweethearts, friends and childrtn, fill the benches and crowd the gardens with beer drink ing and hilarious groups. Tbe number of these esta blishments has largely increased In Hoboken since the passage cf the prohibitory law in New York, and the value of Sbat kinJ of property nan been greatly en hanced thereby. There were more people to be seen tliere yesterday than at any time before this season, a fact due, no doubt, tartly to the beauty of tho d;iy, and to the superior accommodations now afforded to the imbi-beis of vinous and spirituous potations. It is to be remarked, however, that there is very little drunk tnntfs to be seen, nor do rowdier frequent this pUce as much as formerly, us that amiable c'ass of our in habitants now manifest a great lising tor Staten Island, ana cjowd tne villages tliere in gangs, to the infinite auno;nnr? <.f the residents. It is wHl worth a visit to Hoboken on Sand ay to see the manner in which our Werman population amuse themselves. They avoid as much as possible the crowd ed barrooms. and cluster It groups in trie open gardens, and there indulge In huge mugs of bt-er, or bottles of acur wine, to moisten their clay snd mellow down their Teutonic phlegm. There is no" riot ? no disorder ? all is quiet. The piesence of females, who enter with as much pu-to into tbe ?at:ng and drinking as the males, prevent* an) thing of that kind. Vauxhill Girden ap pears to be a favorite resort Here, under the budding tie-s, upon the grass, they will ait and eat and smoke, anr. imbibe increoible quantities of agerbkr and other notables. lniUed, the scene remin s one of what mty be wltueated by the banks of tue Ilhine, the Danube, or the Ur?, and lias very little in common with the strict American observance of tbe Kabbath. Tbe Americans who vint Hoboken generally make for the EUainn Fields, tticr.g the banks of the river, and there treat them reive 3 toh a eream cr soe'a water, liquor selling being inter flowed by Col Htevens lo bis leases to his tenants. W'Ui ibeexceptlon, however, of his grounds, the truffle U quite flourishing in Hoboken, nor is there any proba bility i hat the supply will be cut off, as at the late elec tion the liquor interest succeeded in electing those fa vorabk to their views. Central American UducMlun Society. Tke Thirty -seventh Anniversary of this Society was hf Id Isat evening, in the Church of the Puritans, Union square. Ibe attendance was numerous, and much in ?eteat waa manifested in th( proceedings. Bev. John L. 1 ??w, Corresponding Secretary, read the annual report, of which tbe following is an abitract: ? Tl r v Lola number of candidatns for tbc Christian minis try aided bribe society curing the year ending April 30th, itit. la l>2 This is aa advance of fifteen upon tho total re ported ?t the lett annual meeting. The Education Society mi W ??v ?? Mew Vo- V, whiuh Is tki?- only one of our auailia rt*a Iri ni which tbe annual returns have been received, re porta ei?: I\t*tn i mcfleiaiies aided during tlie year an increase M us Ibe aggregate number, therefore, ot our ben-itu-ia rieaiall" 21 d ?'te than were aided during the preceding yt .. r (ll these llO|yntiiig teen, 3 belong to the Congregational " buret. 6<l to the I'rtsbjteriaB, and others to the several ii(M>tt cemmunicas, while of some we do not know their en )*Mai'i*?! connections. The number of benehenries U| drr the patronagi Of the psront society at the beginning ut tL< ne? ytar. May 1. 188S, ia fia, and they are connected with fisbt different iuauiuliuLi of learning, as follows: ? With tbe New York Missionary Theological Seminary.. 13 U s r m i ? n ( allege ]6 I nivrnit ? ol tbe t ity of New 1 ork 2 l iPMu ( ?lle|t 1 Tbe I'tUfir of X(? Jersey, l'riaceton 1 >i?V' rk Central College 2 Mix n btld Institute, V J 3 K*v. Mi Osborne's School at New Milford, I'a 1 The Western i-oiUty re porte ita preeeat nnmher of oandi ?Iatea as twelve, all of whom are members of Hamilton Col' lege. Ibe total nan ber of yorag men upon onr rolls, tfc' r- for* is M more than were under patronage a year ago. l be Treasurer bee received euring the year trom col lections in churches end individaal donations 93/J2& 49 I.' aaa to ft roit heni-fii iarios returned 2<!.r> 7H Ltgaeiee 131 62 Total et receipts trom all aonrces f-M?0 ."9 ? aiaaoe ia tbe treasury at the ope nine of tbe year. 4,142 93 Mahitig the total amount in the treasury during Uie > ear eadias April 3, 1H8&. 8,465 82 Thr e? I" L<Jitiir' ? iliirin.- tte same period have been:? An i ent appropriated to beneficiaries 6,197 CO hslsry ot < ? rrespi n.linr S?cr%ury, incidental ex peae**, cMcs reut. prtating. Ac 1,369 69 Total disharavments $7,5?>? 69 l.'aviM a balance ol 8'Jf> 13 Tl ? W'ertfrn .'?ucictj' re| i rta amount received.... 1,196 36 Jui'ui.t e>| in led. cbitliy appropriations to be aet? l?n?. 1,093 86 I saving a balaacaef 14 UU ? ur a . rebate maaas tor tbe year 9 .'>72 18 dn 1 i.rai n.entt B.6S0 05 Ibe at- reget* balaaee $913 IS A'tsr the reading of the lorego ng report, Rev. Dr. Piujmsa, of the Mercer street church, delivered a rer atta, taking for hi* text. Romans x ? 14, 15. The dis er.ur* of the nr. g? title man waa devoted to an exposi tion of the duties of minister*, and the kind of man who ought to be eeWcted for tbe offtcr. 1 here were a large Shiubrr of yorng men who ardently desired to enter the ?Htpaf it* church. hut who*e poverty and waat of n ?at.e prevented then irotn doing so. Yet these were i ? n . ii whe were aCapteo to the atation? men wbo telt th. m-elvr? eallm to that mission Kvary as >i iaari atould be r??cere,l to these, so aatocnable tike* Id eawr upf n the i?rfcr?gnce ot then duties with a 'tail katw)*dfe of tb*u .mportaoc* and tbe responsi bly tbry tacurrea ia Uie cischarge of them. They show <t If th. roughly ei.ucstec. ao a? to be competent kr U*trsuit;t? it n<u>t not be auppoaed that Ood ?*?U. ?oik nitrsrlee in iht ir case, as be <lid with t'ie A|?-t)r* K at they at Mild be given tbe powar of speak ?ag ? atsay lot) aea. Hj n.< : . . and labor only oould th>? la ukhAi g at fttartt and the fotrner ihouid ke m at e4 abkbdsi tiy for the purpose. It waa wrong Mi s?|u>.e that <be nta.sU'ra were a listioctive class ?flp iait| ti at tbey -h? 1 i? coai < ered aa having Matt ij wita U?b> they were brought np mostly on '?'ita and although a portion of their iivea ? > e i*?t ia ia>tituticas ol learning, yet tbey aaa fieaa tits* to with ibe world, ST t> take tleir places among their fellow ?sr. 4N- ngb frrm t^em in some respects 5M tabatitf a ?a P wb rh waa oommoa to both, Rtl*4>l' wttu* sa tbey ae-e ol tha people, sharing tleif ?? .trs au lb-ir apatbies and anquaiatei witn to* tr pass. i?t? aad their Iwpulses It waa the dutv of ike ekarA. ak?a it laaad f?WI mm who aem wuiing ?? o? t?t? Men It's ta tbe ?ttrviea tf tbe >a>rad ministry, a ike ?e? t ** aao wi o esbilitad the reqaisite ??b r l ? 'aJsat wa> aee ?a< the iluty ot tha e i.- a tc- f?ia.-t tl? taenaa t? wards quakfyitig them tb? ? saisai" a It we* ae ssary, however t bat they ?k*t!n be trW4 tad fa?>M rapakla far tbe work, before b?y a tef*r*.ittto to ? nt? r t|oa it. This was the as ?t>e pa'su*j by tie Aa*rieea Muratlobal 8o;iety, aa i be t tew ttat tae yaung gaeti who w?i> eel vie 1 by ? a* ta*e4Mer??e aire ta*er<lat of aU tka Mata'aace tVa? f ?'1 feag.eea tbe* The rev. g. nth-man, in cor, ? lasiaa. ?t" a^ia ki* iea*er* tk* el* air of tka aosiety + -an. V*a ae* I the taetuhers <rt tka its tk Unsftwit the tjuott/ ? nasi ra* lagaiali. r>< re, ra Itawur ae A<t trarrsi. fwooTiBd ? Cnrr aer tr Uaaae l aaa eaUad a?u yesterday to bold aa M^aea I a pee the kady af fatrtak Paagaiiy, lately re esaiag ta a tea* keaae ?? tka aaigkbatkoad af Forty* e jktk strtet ?M kaetad avrat-a. wba ca?* to bta death Mttkaata . tet waiaai., aeat-iebtal ; .adicted on tbc ? tk ail k) e a*) tadaaO Jo*ia Biesasn trom tbe eet ret?a adm* Waa 'he Cvtutae it appe?r~ tt,.i 90 ?. a ra* >a qsi?tiaa tk* W > Ikeaeaa, at>o lira* ia the aett **>??* f-a de-sasan ? rm a Marad p#toi ta bis jaj<t, aa< tte hall aa ?r ag the trace pa-sea ttrough ?fa l^arija p'ea ?*a aatf air act tiaa ta ih- thmb as t? ssi aiwt ta tk* ba e? at aiadaw Ike wouat nitiaast ?r )te* am uatil y* Ilavilar, when <ieatb I ut an eae to fcia aaCartags (h* bay llr?aaee, it ap pvar.d aa# a.'t asare tf lb*ra keiag aa> kail in tk* a a, as a. , a A? tied k, bat aapfM??aa ? to be l^? led ?,U paaa*t aa j aa-* ??*1? Araf it apait tae fence TV* it* ? a tearit-g ta* ta*'-a>oaf el rtiaat iwadawad a aaMkrfar efi tin ?*' ? *ath ?aaiaia* waa a aatite ol I ew-rd. aid waa >kaM thirty vearaaf age fa ?? Daowssi ? I ae kady af aa eaaaawa an aba j t kit) ye are *f age, ? r?m in t** garb af a sailor, waaf'uae S- %? ng ia tae water a< tka -oat of Nartk Haate r'reel ye*?eeda; O inir Oam Ue keld an in ?,i-e*t a|*a lee 'at) ?f tke d?*e?.a<' wk*a a v?rttat a' evppaaiw rra?a>*g was r*a.?-?d l>ecea?*4 ha' eet reiti) be* a tm tae er? star bobIU*, ?? the kady waa .-.i. Klnam ial KuH. mm I *m Hit >nwi< M mr* j D!scot?t of a i.tut tanr vf ??r ?ri?n>f wtk u AM WL? I* MvtttH fTIKT. I Tl?e Pt Ml 1 ????! ? %? ttr*wi mM ? m waaaaai state af y?*t?Tday BMrro kf la a? ?????? ?f t'l* illaeevery of a targe aamfcer ? hI<m cut* auf p i?4 to I* NNbrltrt, h?ni?tS tk? f*<W Maw ?f IM bmi i ecrctr of Naaaaa a>4 !Mm itnr! at < <% M at prerrnt aadergomg the pi w?? ?f ina?)> ?i TV* facta, i u Marl; aa n couM ai'ertrta tW? fiwa Mm ?naik(Vif j aeoounts tooting abmt tbe c*y, ar? as ? Between tbe boar* of all aa.t urn o'oi nt fotfrti; morning, a pack of newsboys aad etfwv r ?**% "r Ww were, it mm, assembled oa tha prv.-waee, teb'ag Itr old money which might Save becw d rapped bet*w>a the i floors or loat about tha howao. whoa tbey ???? aero?a a | lot of coins, which the/ at Prat suiyased To bo twea'.y I five cent piecra. Tha boys auoa(?4 to M pply thaai selves pretty plentifully beftwe tbe matter eanae ;e the knowledge of the poS<*e, barirr. It U aai 1, a?ccee<Je4 la can; lag olTaa much aa would All a guod aiaed pall, crammed to the brim. Bat a? ?ch thiags arr a <i leag kept s es ret, the news of tbe discover) spread rspilly about the neighborhood, and finally reached thi aara of none of tha policemen stationed in thia ward, *-*o 1 ax mediately pTo:eeded to :he premises, ? hi t* they fnua4 a numerous eiowd of brw* and n.ea iaduat'iou.ily hrlp. ing themselves to the "chinok,'' aod hlluwt arm .wall able crevice about their clothes with the cola*. The officers i-oon scattered the crowd, anJ couipoUaJ most of those whom they found jnciintr Ui>li>gorge aad deliver tip all they had collosteu. which wax conveyed to tbe Second' ward atatl?n house. Tlie o Si aria then dug away beuea<h the Iloor, and, we ui? rierstand from Mr. I<eonaii), the gentlemanly an! obliging captain of the Second district p>>lioe, tbit aa much as a bushel banket full was thus collected aad stowed away at the station home. The colon were cohered with a preen coating atr-togly resembling verdi gris, and weie envei ?p?;d with lasge canvae* bag*, very luuoh decayed and worn awu/. 'they are the cotamoa Spanish piaiaieeio; aud, if genutae. are worth about fiitoen tenth of otrr asorey We visited tbe premises about 10 A M , ana clone ly inspected the ;\kee where tbe coins ere sad to hare tx-en foraad, which In directly l.eneath the tbraaho'ti of one ot too basement doora, and ailalcug under the hearth of tte tlrepiac*. .About flee or fix years ago, it roup be remembered by pome of' eur readers, some pernor.* war* arrested in concequvice of a quantity ol spurious coitM having bti n toe no in tb*tr possession, and were tried at the I mud t-tates courts and convicted It waa rumored about yesterday that this wits a portion ot the oaae metal then found, whioh might have b?sen thrown aside in this place by the counter leitvre, in orrer to avoid detection Though more improbable tbin^ . have turned out true, there is yet goal reason for being doubtful in this caae, aa ibe coina discovered at that lime were lies ?ian, whii?t the ones -circulated yesterday are Spanish. Meat of them, aleo, bear I'ates of a very distant period; but that rrray have been done intentionally, fir tbe pur poae ot throwing people oli' their guard. If they are, in tact, counterfeit pieces, it i? evident tbnt they were in tended tor circulation either in South America or old Spain. Large crowds were collected around the locality during the wtole day, and cor-sulerable fun ami merriment wus occasioned by the occurrence. The newsooy made quite a '? spec" out of it, bavinir sold them all over the city for three, six. and 12 cents each. The Jesrs located around Chatham street mustered in large number* aoout the bouse, and dealt lnrgfly in the noins, baring bought op all th>:y could poaeiily obtain, which lea many ts believe that the coius may after all be the rea 1 genuine article, as this class of people are remarkably " cut*'' about such matters. 8ome boya, it is said, sold as much as ten or twenty dollars worih. We observed particularly one mean, miserly looking J?w, absolutely weep like a cbild because he could not prevail upon a wicked youag scamp, who seemed to take especial plea auie in teaiingthe Israelite, to acli him a dozen coins for fllty cents A great deal of mystery hangs about tbe affair, which will probab:y be cleared up, in some mcasu.-e, to-day. Police Intelligence. AN OLD DODGE? CAtGllT IN THE ACT. Yesterday tin Italian, named Peter Antoaia. waa brought btiore Justice Pearcy, at the Second Distric Police Court, charged with stealing a coat, valued at 910 the property of Ttomas McDougal, of No. 4t>5 Broadway. Tlie complainant ullages that he ?** the accused coming down >-tairs from Lis ',<iemiiieH, and nuspeotf ag him to be a tbftf, aikeil Insa his business. The visiter said h* wai trying to see a doctor that Cad an ofUce in the building but had t.e*n told by some onu in hi* oilise that he w*s not at home. Mr McDou^ai knowing that there was no one up stairs tn give the stranger any information re spiting the whereabouts of the doctor, caught held of the fellow and pronounced him a thief. He then called to the domestic, and told her to go up stairs Into his room and bringdown his coat, (Mr. McDougal wit in hia sbirt sleeves at the time.) as be intended to bring the fellow to the station house The girl soon returned, say. irg ?h? could not find the article of wearing apparel, although she searched in every nook and corner for ii. Mr. Mcltougal's suspicions were now fully oonfirmed, and be proceeded to search the prisoner, when, lo and behold, the missing coat was found ooncealed on the per son of Antonia. He had slipped it on inside his own coat to avoid detection; but the trick did not succred, Mr. McDougal being too smart a customer for him. The magistrate committed AntcnLa to prison, in default of bail, to answer the charge of petit larocny. TDK MISERY OF HAVING A STEP FATHER. Fdward and Margaret Hagan, husband and wife, were brought before Justice Pearcy yesterday morning, charged with having jointly assaulted and beaten Csci lla Wtobers. a little girl about twelve years of age. rtaupMcT of tlie female prisoner by a former husband. The complainant. quite an interesting child, states that on the night of the 11th instant she was tied to a bed poitsnd beaten black and blue with a whip; that she was kicked by ber stop father, be having heavy boats on at tbe time; tbat on another occasion she was locked up in a room and nearly starved to death. She says that the ccnduct of the accused for some time past has been cruel in tbe extreme, The magistrate held the accused to bail in the sum of >300 to answer the clytrge. ALLEGED ROBBERY AT A WAKE. On Saturday night, while the friends and relations of Francis Curran, deceased, were gathered around his deathbed, at his late residence, So. 67 Oak street, some young pickpocket entered the room and succeeded in. stealing from Francis Curran, Jr., *?n of deceased, 950 in cash, a certificate of burial and a receipt for the grave tbat was about to receive the body of bis father, in Calvary Cemetery. Officer McManus, of the Sixth ward police, being informed of the circumstance, suc ceeded in arresting two young fellows, named James and Harney Coyle, who confessed having been the thieves, and informed the policeman where tbe property (which was subsequently recovered) could be found, namely, In an old bu i Icing near the Five Points. Justice Bogart committed the accused for examination CAPTURE OF ALLEGED RIVER THIEVES. At an early hour yesterday morning, Sergeant Osborn, and officer Thome, of the Thirteenth ward police, dis covered three men on board the sloop William Walker lj iLg at the foot of Broome ctreet, end supposing from their actions that they were river thieves, endeavored to get aboard and airtat them; but the fellows took the ?li.rm and started off. Hastily getting into a row boat tbat they had fastened alongside, tbe thieves shoved off, and with all their strength nullel for the Long Island ?bore. The officers, nit at a'l daunted by the start the laeenl* had obtained, quiokly got a boat, and pursued them, sod after an exciting chase of nearly baK an hour, ?occe> ded in coining up with the piratical craft, at a n. iking two prisoners, named Dennis Shine and John Ljich the other fellow having jumped overboard and eni aped The prisoners, on being taken before Justice W<i-b, at the Thiro District Police Court, were sent to BlackwtU's Island for sixty days each. A COUNTRYMAN ROBBED. A verdant, named William M. Danns, of 'Milan, Iiutcbesr county, in this State, was robbed of 9200, in a Douse of til fame, in Duane street. The victim went to toe fifth waid station house and male a complaint, ? hereupon two of the inmatee of the house were taken Into custody, on suspicion of being Implicated in the robbery. ? one of the stolen property was recovered. Ike complainant, however, has learned a lesson in the ? ays of tbe world which may be some compensation fci the be has been robbed of. ARBR8TED FOE PEDDLING ON STMDAY. Henry 1 -x oven thai, a German pedler, was arrested yesUidy by officer Tucker, of the Sixth war* police, charged with having, In violation ef a corporation or dinance, jiedcled bis ware* (Yankee notions) on tbe Sab 1.0th li e scented was taaen before Justice Bogart, at tbe J?*tr Police Court, wb' re he waa fined five dollar* for 'be oflence, and la default of payment committed to ihe Tombs. _ Court of Common Plena. Btfore Hon. Judge Ingraham. 11 m. Smollrt. Krtutut Wktattm ? The report of thia trial n yes'etday '? Hkram* was not strictly fair ti wards ti e de'epflatt. Tbe action wne upon a judgment re c* >emi m lt4... The defence was a din charge granted in IMS under tbe Insolvent law. While the plaintiff* Dirt witness was under examination, the Judge disco vend trstthe affidavit annexed to the Insolvent'* petition ens ve-'flec. txwnte- a 4 ommtsMooer, Instead o' a Judge. ,t fin fted by tbe Ha'ute. Thta be decked to be an er ror HU' to t> * oiacbatge, and without bearu g further tre< moi.v ?Tdew-o a verdict .or tbe plaint ff The do i.ean'. f ai no opportunity t? meet and disprove the rhst|f??t Ira iie, which be waa folly preprrert tido. I be cs?e ?111 be citritfl np on the print of law decided t>> UieJuogn 1 be fxteniive foundry of Aultman fc O* , In Can toe. Ohio, was ??etro>e4 by Are en the 6th iiut. l<oee, f ? , Jtum-:-, f7,0W. ARRIVAL OF THE ILLINOIS. ONE WEEK LATlR FROM CALIFORIA. Xm% froa Ortfoi, ?w Grandi, iUjnth P&eiite, Jindwirh Minds, and tbe West lndin. ? 1,115,384 in Oold 2>?st. THE GOLDEN AGE ASHORE. CALIFORNIA FDJAHCIAt AFFAIRS. roiznoAi inihu^xum; THE ANTI-(?\MBF4Ntr LAW. IatereKti :i? Items. MANAGES, BIRTHS, ANO DEATHS.. THE MARKETS, Ac., Ac., As. The .t*a??blp Uli.tsU, Capt. MKin.try, arrived y?* - tenia j m< rnmg fiom \*p?awall, Kingston, haviag left the port Mtj 3. The 1 1(1 nolo bring. i t*w? from "Ha Francisco to the 17th of April, aad bad oa board about sevea hundred pawangera, a?d tha to'Jowtng an: mint of sp*cie ** freight bo nier -h** iv ah. Daok of Aofrle* 950,000 Metropo:itan Raolc 9150,000 r* -- k <o H.'T Hi'iiicr t 600 W. T. Colnu.nfcCo 2,01). Mailer As Ka*ra.... 1,6** fhambrr. A llnur U ii.*' , >ter Na;4ur 10,(100 Cracker A; Man?a.. lW.Wo Order U7,000 I>t*x*1*Co 150,100 R. Patrick 5, .166 M Winlhrop Mray. 1,001 !*?ab?t At C? 7,078 1" IS. lialint 10,100 loan Chelan jr. . . 10,700 Ili*i li Co... '.?i "00 '<o?*, er At Co 23,006 ? HutJbin .V Bro 1J COO T W Hilar 16,686 Wr* 7,1H7 _V U. htern; 6,000 i t'u .... 3ti,o?t> Ttiaver. Kiccfc Co. 3.000 Ilawwl Hoad.Vy.... 140,000 /, ?. Wj man * Co. 2, 2H6 JiI.imh k I?wcen. 20,064 T. "'Vatnon \ So oh. 17,000 K Rally Ac Co 10.500 J. ha H Wil. ?ai?. . K,S3t Hmrj A Kelly... 4. (NO W aUa, Fargo AiCo. 205,071 Jobs K. Lodge,... 6,:i70 r*?a asp in mm. P. I". Gueringert . VO (HH) hn'ritt At Brow*.. 1,HOO Ifosqupra \ Co.... S.l'i) I'll ip Spejer At Co. 860 l.eayarait kCo.... i.vOO Williams A: I'otter. 1,'M4 From 3*n Juan 91,(04,030 Frcni A.piuwall 21,304 Totti. 91,115^384 " lb ct asequence ot m isolated cn.e of tbe Maallpox on boar., the Illinois blie aid not touch at King.toa oa bar outward trip. Tbla earned another day 'a detection, aa# int-rea.ed a delay already prolonged. Tbe stt*aw>hip KJ Dt-rado, with tha New Orleans mala acd pa-tengera, waa to !i*ve left Asptnwall for Havana on tlie -th inst. We are indebted to Me. Hull purwt of the Illinois, far vnluablo-intelligence, and to the ezpresssa of Walla, Fargo irCo , J. W. Sullivan, J. HawewAt Co., Pacific Bx pre.s CO., and AdamH A: Co. 'a California Package I' tpraaa Co., for -Sles of papers. The steamship Sierra Nevada arrived at San ^Yandaoo on the 9th April, with tha passenger* who left thia city on tbe 13th of March, aad tha Golden Age arrived April 12th with passengers from thia city of March 20th. The Trcaaurer of tbe State had redeemed $3,600 of th* State bond* wt par. The Treasurer had 950,000 t* b* applied ta tbe redemptlea of the seven per cent bond*; but aa ha could get no bond* in San, he woulA advertisa is tlie Kunt for bida. The briy Veata, with Col. Wn. Walker and about ona hundred and fifty of bia lollowera, waa to Uava tailed for Nicaragua. Col Waiker haa rej?i\ ed a grant of laad in that country, and goea to "colonist'' it. About two hunOred men wer? at work at tha nary yard, at Mare Ulancl. I*korera' wages, 9U per day; me chanica' 9b to 96 per cay. l'ha iteaner Surprise bid one of the boata of tha Cali fornia Steam Navigation Company were to have a raoa in May for 95,000. In the meantime the .Surprise had been hauled off from th* river trade. A Are in Jackaon on the 5th of April, destroyed pro perty valued at 9100,000. The mines ware yielding largely, and avary day brought report* of new dlaooverJea Mining la by far tha baat buaineaa in California. It ia tbe aaleat, and promtaaa th* surest return. Mechanic, and clorka, who in tiraea paat bave bfen intent on following their profeasiona i* Saa Franciaeo and other citiaa, were now flocking to th* mtnea to try their fortune, at gold digging When half a million active men are laborm* ta the miott, there wil tbtn be an approach to the dereiopeiuent of the riohaa of California. The United 8tat?a I an J Commission waa miking sura progress in tlie Mttlement of land titlae. Judge Felch hud been called to Va.hington, and the other Comaaia ?uouers, Meaar. Thompson und Farwoii, ware devoting their tnttie attention to ths businoaa of tha B*ar?. There can be no docbt that within the year evary titla ia the Stat* will D? adjudicated. Tbe Stockton Argur aay. that another desperado, as suming the name of Joaquin, at the head of an anaefl gang, la committlag depradatlona in Amador oounty. Tha Chinamen are the principal .offerers. The Steamship Wold en Ag* Aahore. HSR RUNNING AfiHOKB ON qCTCARA ISLAND ? l.fTTIB FROM MB. A SPIN WALL ? NO LITIS LOdT ? MAIU AND TREASURE SAVID. Annexed in a copy of a letter from Wm. H. AspinwaM, Erq., to one of the director* of the Pacific Bteamabip Company ? Island of Quicaka, May 1, 1856. Dkar I promised to send you a letter freaa Panama, instead of which I write from thia mnlnhaMted Inland, dome two hundred miles from our destinatloa. You will naturally aak, How came you there? The An swer la simply? We couldn't help it ? having rua oa a sunken rock aboot three miles from the cove we are aaw stranded in, about two o'clock Sunday morning, going at lull speed. I wan oa deck at the time, to tee the ialaad and enjoy the beauty of the night, and was talking with Captain Wa'klns when she struck. Tbe engine waa aa* liooked instantaneously; but after a frightfal surge, first to tbe starboard and then to the larboard, It waa evident that the ship waa ofT, and ia deep water; a po sition sufficiently alarming to all who knew what it waa. I have written to my brother all the details, aad I vfll only say to yon, that never did man-of-war's srew take their stations when "beat tj quarters" with moraatier and leaa noise than did tbe crew of this ship. I trav eled when the ruah of steam showed that the water ha4 reached tbe area, (earing confusion and disnrgaaiiettam; but such waa tbe effect of drin oa the part of the emw, and of confidence in Captain Watkins oo the part ef bin panftengera, that not tbe slightest outbreak appeared; and so again when she struck the eeooad real la maklag lor tbe ahore; acd agala ehen the weight of water la her gave each a " list " that It waa hard to keep foothold oa daek Yea might aee 600 to 604 men of the paaeeagen station ed oa the npper deck aa ballaat, whilst every boat waa UD<*er proper officer" and pioked men, ready to " let fall," aad to be takea care of at all hat arda whea ia the water. In fact, thia order and the aeruriag of the sp< ote in the pnraer'a atate room on the appst Aeek, tbe closing aad guarding of tbe wist a aad bqaore ware attended to immediately after the firat shock, an A aaa* dczaa reliable men among tne pea?eaget* seoa after re liered the eflcera at their atatioaa far tak ag arte from Capt. Watkiaa and la euparmtsadlng tbe elnrsge paaeeagen. Bo here we all are, oa a eand eetch. w.tb tbe tide ebbing and flowiag la the ahlp, without aa ae cident to Mfe or limb, aad with the John L F ej hens at anchor within balf a mile, taking off pet-seniors, apt lie st<d baggage, aac all, I hope, will he to aaerro* algbl sal? on board the Atlaatle steasaer. I cannot believe that sneh aa act < f Providence can pa?s witbou' its Mara aa many a ebaraetei ; aad I pray Ged that u> ?" baea shared thia mercful deliveranee, It way prove a hleee ing be j or d that of mere life. We shall ?Uy a couple af ds j a at Panama, then take the K> Ihrado to llaraaa, and so home, hoping to be with you all la New Yerb about the 16th of May- Very tru'y, yours. AM IL ASPINWM.L. We aia ladeMed to iheexpreseee af Messia. J Rawaa h ta , and Fsrgo ft Oo , ler tbe following attl t ionsl particulars of thia caUaaty Tbe Ooidte 'be crunk ate-mer of tbe Paella-, ?filed frcm Ran traaelreo on the l"th of April, witb littUunCiedl^rgensa ?BW

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