Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 14, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 14, 1855 Page 3
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?knrumd fuiili. This iadivfcml ha. not oolrsuo r*ay Ukcg onto himself tiro apiriiual elves " and >? a VTaMA nrrtnn It* ^ rrxpertabli! mittwri'try, ntt'i rkr f ut l" ,akr " " yntng unman nf tdura 'Ti,rd a in ,??? *. miatrew tnl>i. ?Ufi W *M * le,n*l,? *ho w*a sebool fwintK. .. . children, ??J who J, a I R0UJ? icon las ago, i .1 i?f P0"?n,?b"1 br her, *s a Corooer'a atancts^ r ver<iict> Ul"1*r y*TJ auspicious cireum ^ Soon after Mr. Hyde becsn.* * Lat'er Day Sa'nt, he ?put ?wi i tbe pert on to whoui he Unit beta m^rrimi ia America it being incons'sen with h s new religious doctrine* io Veep unto himseit hie 'temporal" wif? ativ longer. T,ii (tumid wa- therefo'e compared to return to tli? Mat es We think it right, allmuirh it way be pi n'ul to tbe family of the femaleu who have "ttken the new light " as tbey say, to bring ttvs ostler hc't.r- he public ?e'<j '?* tj?t 't ?? important tbat all fO,*t cm be'doa? to nd the ^louy of A!. Hyde, ai.d the doctrine he is preaching. should forthwith be d ne. ""'I rrIL( mW thu (jur Mormon Apostles visited this eiand ooiiim ivTj ?#ar? ai{o for this purpose of obuimrg convert, t. their re>u on. ' be Hon . Bmor Mitcliel, tbe then Mayor of this p tv |.?,itive>y refused tp their Urtnria, heri, e?d the inbabf I tarts of .>t>auMh lcirn cu up.-)le.i ?tjeuj to fly from that pl?ce,juet as they comuuned tbe tint or th?ir series in fact lefuiing to hear them at. *U 111 Interesting from Mulco. IMPORTANT lUVOLUTIONAH* NEWS KXTU 1CT8 OF! UKTTKJi J HOM UENKKAL ALVABRZ OOLU M'Naa ? PkACEB PKiUIM.'S 180 S-HOA ACAPtr^CO. I [Correspondence of the New Orleans I) It# ] ' in,?- .i ? , Acapcujo, April 5, 1855. . ?' tb? "i'y of Mexico th?t Gea ?ral Alrarez bad beseige^ Chi'panciDtfo, Santa Anna in person, at the head of two thousand troop ? , eft th.'cily for ^Ru?ln The day after hi* ?rrir%l, the 24 of March he suddenly commencel a reiro^raue wurch owin* to if fa reMrfwtH "quiring his immediate return. 60fi i.n !? ii!? Gen,<rf1 Villareal, at the he vl of at Moralia w ^ an engage men t rnanJ of s i? fOVBrnme"t under the com manJ of .Io*i- SanU Anna, son of his Serene Hiehne?s Put ,0 with the loss of loO horses aoo muskets, Rome munitions and moaoy, ' I)?C*1,?do, oommandcrof the Alvare* foci-oa ?n th. SUUs of Michoacan and Gua 1 J, jtrl h^n made an important alteration in the plan of Aruth whiel has fhl^h. aatiafaction to the conservative party adh?r^U ofrSa?gtaWAUh " ? maJ?r,tr of 'be p,rP"n.l mouifii a-lon ft ^! u Alyarez having aicaptcj the 18 anppos^d the revolatiou will make more rapia advancement U tter t^?v1ilD^V,Jr*n?U<ti0n 01 *om? extracts of a h^ kindU ntr^t ' ,rMI1 ,ieueral Alvarez, who &M kindly permltt? d me to mai.e them public, and from ;^e nrLb' rn,tbe ol<l ohie,t?ln a vary Koou reason for raising his siege on Chilpauc:ogo:? Mv F^L-rvr. o?, . Tl?-,CCA' Ml"-ch 28, 1855. MY tsTR. MKD Sir and Appbhciablk Friend ? loitnenie with wh^ch I have been surrounded, has prevent to ?? ?-? I am highly delighted to find that the cause of Iibertv W irtvn^tV.rflPSt?ple ?f th" tfoutb? >? so fearless ly advocated by the newspapers in ?lie Pnited Stataa? a country in which the freeaom of ths pr:as is not eolv tolerated hu^. appreciated; aud I am imih gratified with *n? ntion ot my uauie. riaouM iou meet k.W?? ~ ?*en' 1 prav ,on return iotatm my mw \ ?Press-on, wits an aMM.r*nce that my whole object ia ths frefdomol my country, without the aspiration to presidential or other honors nr^LV.Yx frienv ' th^ Ukin? of Cbilpaucingo would and could have been the coo?e<iu<-nt resuliof my hav ing capt urea the cities of Chilapa, Fiacotepec aud Tei<> loapao, were it not that I was adoressed fty the citizens to spare their livea and property; i therofore withdrew. h? iari*0|:iD,? a n.ew of operAtion, which will be deeiaive ia its results, and, ut the same time, be the IH'.K o. a grstat eifusion of bio id. This apparent retreat may be looted upon by mv ene mies in a c liferent light. They canoot. "however, aeav the advantage as gained by me m tSi .iapturiu< of the cities as named, and by winch have not oulv lay forces been augmented, but 1 have taken irorn the enemy eurht hundred muskets, six pieces of artillevy, munitions. &nd & large smoiuit ot money; thus atone hsve more tiutn realized the object of my exp?dition, the lest beiw left to the oevoiring of my pi in. in which I entsrUia' the idea of not losing a s ngle action or battle, after winch 1 will march into the city ot tee .Mootezuinas. not ai a Dictator, but as a soldier who has f?u?ht for his country s (roeoom. f ? * * * ? 1'ermit oie to subscribe myself your true friend und ?*rvaot> JOH.N ALVEKEZ. As General Alverez was leaving Buena Vista. February *2Qj a fore* of nix hundred io-orer* appearing ia fii/ht General? Thomas aiid Francisco Moreno, wUu w?re ri.linir aome two huodrec yards in advauce of their troop*, were ordered to charge them Francisco Moreno, suiiiosin? His battaunu was close enough to support him, charged, was wounded in the leg, and taseu prisoner before his troops succeeded in routing th? lancers. He wis car ried to Chilpaecingo, on wh-ch fien. 1'aUacios proposed to exchang. him tor Gen. Zualia^o imi a priest p ison ?rs in the hanos of Alvarez, fending: the rfe ri*r?nire ments, Gen. Moreno was. oa the morm'ug of UitohlOth, Without any prewous notice, Uken out to t!?e uisza and there inloruitd by Fallacios that he woi l have him shot. On his asking, permission wis granted him to address the troops, and baring his breast, displayed to them two wounc s received at Unurabusuo The govern or, nn.l'ng that if Gtxeral ?Voreno continued his ai dless his torammd would revolt, in the midflle of a s?n tence he was shot dead His de*tii ins b-en rumored for -ome days past, but the aniheatic inforaiition was only received on the 6th April. On The -!Mh Marcb, as Gen Tlios. 'Moreno was advancing in the tost a Chica road, with a command of 1,500 men he was attacked by a large government foroe who were in ambuscade. The slaughter, as it was iiand to band was very a rest on both sides Tao Santa mua troops' succeeded m cntting oil the whole baifgage train of mules, which were, on the same day, recaptured by "Old Alva rez," who at the head of 800 ot his Indians, had taken a mountain path to intercept their retreat, in which the government forces were entirely routed, leaving every thing :n the mountains. 1 I have seen ia the bands of Gen. Comonfort a small quantity of gold as received by bim from S. nor lion Julian \ salsa, the man who is tbe discoverer of the mine. As for my part, 1 do not doubt the existence of gold ia this State; however, a confidential man has rooe to examine the richness of thediggint? He is an Ame rican and an old California in ner. I will, therefore, by the next mall, be able to write with luorc confidence than at piesent, and content rayseir with placiog before you the affidavits of the patties, as also the conditions upon which Gen. Alvarez consents to their being worked by foreigners. One thing is quite certain? shout! tliey ' prove rich, and I think they will, a suiden change wdl ' come over the dormant alumbers of Arapulco. City ami Post of Acapclco.? fhi tins the 20 :h day of March, A. I>. 1855, aasemMed in the otfice of the Pre.e-t of the District of Acapulco, the following uimed gen tlemen Coionel JntouioGomez, Major Don JuIIhu Vstas and M*j<?r P. Fiores, who being duly sworn, the Prefect ?tated that he had been directed to obtain, with as much accuracy a* possible, from person! of character and knowledge, as much Information as could >>ede'ived concerning the discoveries or gold as recently made in the neighborhood of San Francisco, on the river Delaro in the Terra Calienta, (hot country.) between Ajun chit Ian and ( aynca. being in tbe ^tate of Guerrero. Don Antonio Gomez states ibat he has been in the mines, in company with Messrs. Yslas and Fiores, now present, an! he is of opinion they would agr-* with him the gold is found in abundance in :h? neighborhood of the town of 8a o Fran :iaco. Dsloro, on the banks of the Ora river; and tn s?'n? plar*s it yiel W about three ounces to tweutj-tive pounds of earth, at a depth of one foot The distance from Acapulco is about eight days" march. Ma jor Ys'as not only rmtiaes all Colonel Gome* has atatec, but adds that he ia the person who first disco vered the geld, and that it varisa from eighteen to twenty three carata fine. Major Fiores corroborates the "oregnlng statement* ANTONIO GOMEZ P. FLOitES J C 'LI AN Y-<IA3. Sworn be for* me. [Official Seal.] M MIRAXDU, l'refecto. If theee mitten, on examination, pr>ve to he even one sixth an rich a* sworn to, I think they will be very apt to call tbe attention ol a ft w American* to do that which Mexican* cannot or will not attempt? work them Tbe following translation )* a decree which lit* been Hufcmitted to General Alvarez, and will no doubt meet hit approval. It in already in force in the mine*, as I am In formed, an also that upwards of two hundred Mexican* are at work Art 1. All Mevican citizens an 1 forei<n?rs *rriving in the port of Asapulco, with thq intention of proceeding to the mine*, must report themselves to the prefecto, who will furnish them wtth the necessary p.i?uporiB. Art. 2. Mining implements of alt .'eacription*. a* al>io provifion*, will be permitted to be l.inr'ed free of all duty. Art. 3 AH Mexican citizen-" and foreigners in the mine* will be governed by a supernvenlent, -vho^e duty will be to ?ee that each man will be allowet a certain number of square yaida to woik, the rrg nation in thla jarticu si being an liberal as po-sible. Art.4 All person# working tbe mine nrin3t pay for taw privilege, the one sixteenth of all ifoll tbcv e\trac:, and a duty of one per cett on all gold exported. Art * Any person or pera^ns cauel't in toen'tomat to virlate article 4, shall lay their goid liable to a* izure and forfeiture. Ait 6. All difllcnltiee or -Msputes wnlch anr arise aatoclaisBs. will be amicably iettld<! by the superin tendent * The foregoing appear* to be all verj- reasonable, and, aa 1 have stated prevtoualy, 1 * ull watt til! I r ear s.irai thlnt more before a I vising parties to come to the placer dinging ?> of Gicenero. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. HONK V N ARK RTi SCXMAT, May 13?0 P M. The money market is becoming more and mors pletho ric. Every we*l> seems to add to the amount of cap tal seeking miplojmeii*.. Thedtmanl on the contrary, is gradually becoming l"*s. The banks manage to keep ap their lines of discount amidst the general stagnation, but it i.* only by being little I'.w particular In the class ?f buainee* paper. It I* the easiest tUng in the woTld to hypothecate fancy ?tock?. at limited margins; bu' a* epeouiatim in stack securities ;-t just tow pretty dull, there is not enough of that bu ii>?ss oif-ring to employ m'ich capital. An abundance ol noaey n th.? market, for any lergtb of time, uruaily l?vls t<i epe"ul?tirin, either 'n stocks or ?otne deseripti n if m*rchn3.'ne, bu? such is sot the caae at preaen t. There art.' n? :p.U ?atimu ? otJKMieat ?( that aa.nre in anytuios. There ii n-i disposition to buy or eell *toik?. Holders are lookiug for gooa la' dividend* and bigh price*, while buyers, believ itg that lover prices will eoon rale, hold back aid p'aoe their rnorey co deposit in bank. There is a general disposition to do nothing. Very iota *.ae hot weather will be oloug, when there will be a thin a'Dg out among business men. There will be a inou a universal s'sn.pede. Last year financier! anl ato.k jobters were compelled to r<*man at tbeir po*t* and look fharp after the a!nrgUy dollar. Between Scbuy leiism and other kijil? of fraud* and nasalities, ne one felt safe, and auch scene* ot anxiety, excitement aud den; air nave seldom been experienced by atiy comma nit;. Br-iaes* men p*s ?J through more aiutil nil' gui-b summer than liad before been teallzei tn yeara of active pursuit of fortUBce uncer all the rev ul sioni of our commercial history. All .hat Ut -> pa?H?d away, and the elTe-t nearly obliterated. Hundreds who have barne in on-nd the horrcra of t'lo^e day*, ha ?e ho maaaged their affair* an to cut themselves loo<? a* sotn aa the hot weather sets is, and give the city a wi le berth. This feeling bait hud its itfljenre up jn busi ness. We shall be able to nee, b lurn tbe fail bu>iu***b coKtmenct-a how the Kuronean war works, aud it? effect npoa firancal and commercial matters. It ia, tb?re foie, safer to pursue a masterly inactivity th an ti be come involved in mercantile transactions, the end of which c&nnot b? foreseen. In the meantime let us hops that the weather may continue favorable for our crop*, and tbat the harvests may piove all the huabtnltntn can deeire. We must look to our supply of brealstutf* ? s the means to extricate ouriielves from all present or pending difficulties. If our crops fail a second time we thall be worse oil than the allied before Sebaxtopoi. The election for directors of the Harlem Railroad Com pany comes off on TVemlay, the 16th inst , and every stockholder should see tbat bis interoet it pmpsrly pro tected. We have seen but one ticket, but take it for granted that there i* another in the flell. The present President has signified bis intention to retain tbat office only upon certain conditions. However sound his raa Hons may be, it must be admitted that the manner adopt ed for making them public was In very bad taste, to say the leaat. It must bave been done without Mr. Biatcb ford'a knowledge or consent. A. H. Mcolay's regular serai weekly auction Hale of ntocks and bonds will take pi ice on Monday next, l ith inst., at 12 o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange. The receipts of the New York Central Railroad Com pany, in the first four months of the past two year*, bave been aa follows: ? New York Ckntral Railroad. 1864. 1855. fncriasr. Jennarr $536,862 14 40*2,026 32 66.064 18 Februaty ?16,113 40 335 126 36 20,0114 9* March 429.277 77 5'20,f>71 "4 01,8?3 77 April 801,905 83 626,901 59 125,075 76 Totals *1,681,659 14 l,8n4,805 81 303,148 07 This nhows an increase of ahout twenty per cent. Of the receipt? in 1S54 , $763,095 Ua was from paitseoger.i, and $818 664 09 from freight; and in 1855, of the aggregate, $816,(161 72 was from passengers. noil $1 108,244 09 fr>rn freight. Thin explodes the idea that the Central does a larger passenger carrying bu iaess than a freighting business. The returns of the Central tliua far received tbis year, show that iti business is no mora profitable than that of the Erie, an 1 therefore that it* Mock is artifically inflated, and cannot long be sustained at its present level. Either the Central in too high or the Erie is too loir Nnw, we are mora Inclined to admit the first than the laat. The following statement wi!l show the receipts of the Pennsylvania Railroad for the month of April, compared with the correspond^ month last year:? For the month ending Apiil 30, 1855 $,".55, 1149 29 Same wo-tk la?.t year 821,166 17 Increase from passenger but iaean $'.'5,819 67 Do. fte'ght do 8 873 45 Total $34,193 12 I The receipts of the Heaver Meadow Hal road for the last week amounted to $8,6*1 60 Same week last year 4.248 08 Increase (100 per cent) $4,394 91 The coal toarage (or tbe past year was. tons. 14, 392 08 " " same week last year 8,413 <)0 Increase (125 per cent) 7,979 08 Since tbe optnio? ot navigation, (6 weeks,) the 'oona^f cf tins yearhas bet n 41,361 37 Same time lust year 22,659 30 Increase 18,707 07 Tbe buKisexfl of the company is tlius shown to be in tbe most prosperous condition. The cash dividend on the common stock laat year wt: 8 per cent. The earn ings this year, so far, render 10 per cent certain, and 12 per cent probable. The rales of lands by tbe lllinoia Central Railroad Com pany for the month ending May 1, were 18,b60 acre*, amounting to $260,847 90:? Construction Bond Ijinds, If-, 517 acres, average. $12 10 Interest Fund Lands, 40 acres, average 20 00 Free l^inds, 3,102 acres, average 14 03 ? Whole amount of land sale* to 1st of May, apart from pre emption lands, 92.280 acres. Amounting to $l.ul4, ?17 23; receipts of read April, 1655, $100,500. The lands have been sold mostly upon the Branch, and to purchasers from New England, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, Indiana, New York, Kentucky, and to some who have been to Kansas ani returned. At tbe unnnal meeting of the Cheshire Railroad Com pany, held at Ktene, N. H., cn Wednesday, the 9th inst., it was ? Voted, That the net earnings of the load be retained by tbe directors, to pay off the floating debt and bonds becoming due In I860. Voted, That dividend* in amount not exceeding the net earning* be made to stockholders in bo ads at par, 20 years to run from date of dividend, bearing 6 per cent interest, with coupons payable B?mi-ai<nually. From the annual report of the directors of this road it appears that the total receipts tor the year ending December 1, 18?4, were $372,892 73, against $315,299 05 in 18?3. Of tbis sraount, $139,186 12 ($01,250 local and | $77,936 through) was from passengers, and $220,482 06 ($74,688 local and $145,943 through) from freight. Tbe expenses for the year ending December, 1854, were $241, 876 97, against $185,690 f3 in 1853. Since 1849, a period of six years, the gross earnings of the road have been $1,1.91,1)88 25, and the expenses $891,911 86. The amount of $371,218 98 had b*en paid for interest on bonds and ott>er?Ue. making in all $137,369 54 more than tbe gross earnings. The total indebtedness of the company is $905,182 72, which is due as lollosrs ? Goad* due July 1, 1854 $S.000 00 " ?' January 1, 1866 16.000 00 " " July 1,1800 55H.OOO 00 " " July 1, 1863 169 200 ro Bills payable 173,982 72 The report aUo contains a table oi the earning* for the month of Desember, 1854, and January, February, snd March, 1855, ft total of $113,689 50. and an increase ot $16,920 56 ever the same months of the previous year. Within the year two large locomotives, 46 eight wheel house cars, and 45 eight- wheel platform cars, have been added to the road. The read has been pat into good order. Nearly one half of the whole iron of the road has been replaced and repaired. The directors complain of the heavy tax imposed upon them by tbe Stat* of New Hampshire, since tbe commencement ot tbe read, amounting to $48,687 70. The receipts of the Chicago, Alton ani St. Louie, for merly the Chicago and Mississippi Railroad Company, for tbe month of April, amounted to $87,700 14. Tbe Reading Ka:>road brought down last week 63,034 too* of coal, making for tbe season 7(18,393. To same time last teason, 642,252 ton*. The Schuylkill canal brought down laat week 27,095 tons? total this season 223,985 ton". Total ta same date lasi .eaaon, 188,371 ton''. Tbe Ltbigb canal brought down laat week 53,2(.fi tens ? total this season 120,175 tons. The sh'pmsntn of coal from Richmond, during the week end'ng May 6, 1856. weieas follows:? pBiPHWiTS of Anthracite Coal Albany, N. Y., tons.. 703 >tw Haven, Coon 757 AI?x?ndila,D C 183 Newport, K. 1 543 Amesbury. Mass 208 New York, N. Y 9,481 FV?t<'n. Mass 6,013 Norwich, Conn 478 Bridgeport, frmn 726 Pawtucket, R. I. 378 Bridesburg, Pa 115 Philadelphia, Pa 1.000 Camden, N. J 241 Port Chester, 1?. Y ,, , J43 Chester, P* 93 Portsmouth, N. H.... 748 Chelsea, Mass 260 Providence, R. I .....2,013 ('arpenier>L?nd'g,NJ. 82 Petty'i Island, N. J... 450 D'uhton Mass 125 Quiory, Mass 14" F. Greenwich, Mas*. . . 150 Richmond, Va 27. Fall River. R.I .1,712 Rtxbury, Mass 41S Flashing. L 1 101 Sslera, Mass.. 1,36) Georgetown, P. 0 182 Salem, X. J 59 Ola'teubury 190 Sftro. Me 759 Creenbusb, N Y 200 Sing Sing, N Y 4ot (?reenpo'nt, N Y 112 Southport, Court iSi 11. ogham, Mass 141 Staatord, Coon 147 H'.lmerbnrg. Pa 68 Stoo*y Point. N. V ? 320 Hudson, N. Y 226 St. John, N. !< 150 Ipswich, Vass 76 Trenton, N. J 192 i k?yport, N. J 106 Troy. N. Y 318 Knigbn's Point, N.J... 71 Washington, D C 131 Lynn, Mass 155 Westchester, N Y..,. 154 Medfoid, Msss 126 Wilmington, Dal 80 Milton, Msas 148 Yonkera, N. Y 145 Moorestown, N. J 50 ? i Newark, N. J 226 Total for week 36.662 i New Brunswick, N. J.. 818 " season.. . .396,166 New Eedtrrd, Ma*"... 125 l.ast yew 316,>>2<J Newburyport, Mm* .. "08 1h* (iovernor of Pennsylvania ba?, In obedience to the late act of Assembly, given notice that the mt line of the public works between fhiUadelfhla and Phm bur* will b? offertd for sale at the Merchants' Exchange in tb'g city < n the -4th of Jul/, at " % P. U. The earnings of the Pacific (Mo.; road, for tbe month of April, were *13,837 06, aga n*t *f',00j 87 Id the cor reepont iog month latt year Iccrea?e $7,827 18. i Tbe I*banun i Penn ) AJvrrtivr etures that the resi dent ? i^ireer of the company ban be?n instructed to put the Eattcm diriaion of the canal, from l.eb'.uon to Reac og. in order for the ukual navigation. by the 1st ; day of July n?xt - in order thua to form ones mure a con- 1 t'titioua li Of of navigation o-er lie whole can*' for Mine ! t uif | ruiocf' ta actual prosecution ot tmtern eultrge* n.<nt. About en miles of the canal next above Heading is to he oprsril forthwith, for the accommodation of the Iron aod o:ber In'erest* there, and if It he 'o ml an o'i ject to no no, an aooittobal portion of the Raatars navi yaiion he opened for trade ev-n Wore tue time above mentioned tired upoa for raauutio; continuous navigation. Tbe receipts of <he Galena and Chicago railroad for April were as follows ? Apt I 18f 5 $170,553 April 1854 75,738 Excete *91,817 Ite atocxcd statement exhibits tbe <| wtntit y an 1 va lue of certain article* exported from this pertdurng tbe weekending Fiiriay the llih M ay, dtstiagul.-ihiag the destiua'ion and extent of shipments to each place ? CoMNUtci or tiik Port j>r Nsw York -Weekly Rxrow, idxvox. Vvl. Quant. tfi,::4t> Show ease*.. 10 Quant. 1- urges 23 Skin* baa.... 183 Clock* c? 224 Tea <bs 2,724 Tar bbli 500 Hope baa.,., 71 Bladders pis. 5 I rgtivingN ca 1 dp glasses... 1 Hair baa 42 Tur'tine bis. 2 f 19 Oil rake.... 1,S8? Tobacco lbs. 7 8, 663 19,088 3,836 37,152 1,376 3.5t'0 236 300 1,14T 6, <05 8,614 5,349 12,841 Oil cloth rls. . S. turpentine 600 Wax in- . .li.ill Kosin bbls.,2,405 W'ware M. ,. 429 Wh'honelaa 5.110 lnmgo pks.. . 41 Drug* ci .... 8 I?a cloth.... 92 Hardware ... 26 0*rs 1,700 eJtave* 5,000 Total 9141,50? i.i sun poo l. Cotton ba.. .5,912 *242,124' Bacon, lbs. 100. 000 *10,00.) Hot- in bhla. .3,565 Chemicals ca. 42 S taipentme. <i00 Iron ore 260 Fustic tni. .. . 66 Horsehair, ha f 4 CLeeee lbs. .12,6f:4 Total *299,498 GRKKNOCK. Staves 4 500 *140 Tar 6,W64 13,449 6,175 Tobacco 9.4S8 309 Dry goods .... 11 5,101 Mahogany, lgs 123 750 Spoil gin.. .4,494 1,335 Shoe pegs, lbs 200 8,142 Ebb oils 4 8,879 Handspikes. .1,000 1,496 1,500 3,000 8,905 606 876 300 Total $13,838 HRBXEW. Cotton 945 $33, !'HS Bit walnut... 40 $751 Flour fl 72 Cocoa 43 417 Whal?bone. 12,186 4,741 Honey, too... 94 3,460 lit ok h 6 3,883 Sboe peg", bbi 100 300 Ce<'*rwood. . . 191 1.890 Sp turpentine 100 1,710 lo>?itcco, hrtH. 15 2,690 Furniture, cs. 6 750 I'o. Pis.26,788 2, COO Roots, ck 1 431 Musical in*t. . 1 130 nothing, b*.. 5 500 Frt? oils, c?.. 2 196 Fustic lot 235 1 art, lb*. ..17,976 1,862 Rosin, bbl.. .1,009 1,806 I. R good.', cs 6 635 MasU 2 225 Ex Ityw'd, bx 420 2,041 lotal $85,3?2 HAMBURG. Cotton 1,028 $842,818 Oilcloth 1 $100 Rosin 2,(72 4,380 Hops 125 5,139 3,896 Leather, cs... 2 180 861 Shoe pegs . . . . 625 1,658 4,123 Drugs, cs.... 21 2,223 1,760 I. R. good*... ?79 8,622 175 Honey, tcs... 83 3,140 1 ,?83 3,908 ToUl $84,086 1IAVRK. Cotton 2,132 $85,931 Hides 30 I. R, goods... 12 988 Alcohol, pkg. 2 475 S. turpentine. 59 6 425 Rosin 482 1,462 l'imento 1(0 3,1 S5 Rum 200 COD Liquors 20 225 W. bone.... 4, 476 683 Cop. ore, tons 420 5,460 Carpets, cs. , . 1 23,941 Locust logs... 725 100 250 Total $155,228 VK5ICK. $1,695 Rosin 495 $768 806 I-ogwood. tns 14 253 1,676 Rum, bbls.... 6 100 21,186 Tcs, cb 224 Tobacco, bx.. 05 Ext. logwood. TOO I'otarh 57 rooks, cit.... 1 Fustic, bx.. . 2-10 Wlialec'e, lb. 9,212 $2,722 274 889 1 24 i 1,083 2,769 800 2,107 8,452 M0 2,363 Try a ood* .... 4 Btwf 613 Pork, bblH... 100 Hitos, lbs. .21,526 Bacon... .6.226 ieetherbals. 9 Machinery... 8 Jewelry, hm. 3 Copper lbs 116,385 1 Pag'ieotypes 1 Cotton 45 I R good*... 17 Ber?wiT,llM.0,163 Coflee, bgs.. 1,685 Total .' ...$26,483 M M.AQA. Stares 43,000 $3,817 NAPI.KS. Cotton, bales 308 $14,659 BREST. Pork, bbls 2,450 $48,790 KRITIfrU N. A COLOMES. Flour 6.754 $67,554 Pickles, cs. .. 50 $200 0>n Meal... 1,900 10, "87 lar, bbl 150 4S2 Kje, huvheis. 415 1.984 Paper hang's. 4 300 Pnl, bbl.... 29 551 IR. goots.cs 0 484 lork Ps .1,078 15,587 Hardwr'e.bxs 3 98 Hams, bbls.. 1,009 100 Cordage, ba . 95 1,514 liuiter, lbs. 11, 834 2,624 Feathers, ba. 20 341 Pry gooes.... 19 1,265 Peas, bus,... 278 411 Coffee, baps. . 31 434 Bags 5(0 80 Tea, boxes. .. 493 11,4*0 I .umber, ft. . 8.000 80 Pugsr. bbl ... 23 364 Rum, bbl.... 200 8,194 Mola?ses, tr?. 78 1,845 Lead pipe,... 3 160 I'oliacco.lbs 24,858 4,753 Belting 2 75 Rice, tie 29 755 Tobacco 53 7,972 Bleed, bags.. 443 2,654 Oil, gal 40M 352 Poota, cs 9 353 Leather. en.. 1 239 24 133 Other articles ? 538 fciiuins, cs.'. . 9 44 ? ? Total $139,963 CUBA. $?33 Salt 1,000 Butter, lbs . 1,767 Kice.tch&bb'x 136 Hams, lbs. . .1,390 l.ard 16,840 Itacon 970 Pork, bbla... 35 Cheese, Ibn. .3,989 Bark, hhds.. 20 Harrware .. ..349 Prsncy, cases 30 So?p. boxes.. 100 Planter 4?K> Paper, rms..7,309 Slacking, bbls 3 OnioDs, casks 2 Candles 260 Finh. boxes.. 155 Cloth. ng, bla. 4 Hay. bale*... 24 Hides 5 BlooV * 44 $1,275 3,712 Daguer. gooda 2 228 163 Shcoks 3 270 7,765 1,863 I, umber.. .203 617 3,859 77 Hdds 903 1,560 9'i6 Fire crackers. 500 780 419 Wicking 227 839 243 Potatoes, bbl* 25 93 2,538 Bread 224 534 495 Cider, boxed.. 40 120 115 Ola, case. .. 1 121 781 Ale, bbls,... 47 397 2,887 Rope, coils .. . 16 397 70 Sweeps 48 202 113 Dry goods, cs. 26 9,500 2.299 Rum, bbls... 50 1,100 371 Sugar 50 914 51 Furniture, ci. 25 -'183 64 Domestics, bis 14 8 HO 475 Hoops 2,200 560 358 Total $49,886 BRITISH WKST INDIBH. Fkur, bbls... 262 $2,760 Brandy 10 .196 Hams, 1 'is.. 1,000 2.493 Oil meal, pa. 120 266 Beef. bbls.... 28 2,266 Blocks, bxs . . 2 1,555 H'dware, cs. . 131 78 Furn're. pkgs 3 240 Fluil, bbls. . . 3 4,600 Sugar 15 106 Domestics ... 110 3,232 Hoops 15 000 176 Paper, cs.... 30 1,085 Drugs 12 448 Syrup 4 'P20 Dry gaods.. .. 9 538 Leather, si . . . 40 423 Shooks 1,500 616 Ag. imps., c?. 10 2,460 Mill h 160 Mat '.bee, ba.. 50 Jl*e 65 Corn Toeal.. . 145 corn 270 ) < k 142 Lard, lbs... 13.(14 Butter 363 Cheese 1 849 Candles 1,358 .-oh p. bxe.... 90 Pread, bb!s.. 844 Hum ?? Tobacco 8.150 Oars 497 Poams, It.. .3,000 Kite, pkg*... 21 Otis, gs le 407 Peas, bn 600 Tol'?c., hhds. 14 Wine, cs 10 Oats, bu 180 Hay. ba 62 Hags, 2 2 Hope, coils... 88 Alcohol 5 Beef, bbls.... 55 It u<n ........ 150 Butter, lbs. . . 448 lard 1,780 Iirngs, box... 1 Preterves.... 8 D.goods, bales 228 Candles, bx* . 8 151 $257 110 1,812 441 185 327 269 52 210 4,104 438 107 311 249 020 100 1,500 4-i0 88 300 1,201 1.030 Horses 12 135 Otter art..,. ? 140 3,190 Total $41,815 168 AKKICA $1,146 Tobacco hhds 44 $7,416 4,400 Fish, bbls ... 40 124 112 Rope, coils.. . 40 519 126 Gig 1 185 71 0*rs fO 60 76 Clothing 7 2*'.' 7,627 fhook* and li. 303 869 64 Boat 1 83 Total $23,156 H. ware, cases 269 Drugs 131 l Tandy, bbls. 88 (looks. CAHeg. 11 Monuments.. 100 Lobhtxe.c.aM a 150 lobac lbs 116,327 I'o. hbds.. 170 Oysters, cases 48 Mtod wnre.. 341 sp. turp'otne 56 1 ra. belts, c*'a 2 Total ArHTRAI.IA. $8,268 Pried applet. 312 465 4,789 1,507 950 1.500 D. good a cases 3 Chairs 156 (irind'tones.. 156 Lamb' r, ft 363,000 Sail clotb . . . . 60 24,366 Hocks, cases. 12,081 662 1,009 623 C50 Wagons 6 Machinery. . . 1 Ihick Ho Boots & shoes 100 Lumber, ft. 70,000 Shook*. , ,,.,2,600 lkops 20,000 Cheese boxes 20 Cecl!e<<,boxee 60 Codfii-b, cwt. 6 Mackerel, r.wt 25 Sbot kegs... 2 Rread. bbls,. 10 Butter, tubs. 40 Total MKXICO. $13,24 Hay, tons ... 40 1,287 578 Total, port act pi.attk. $56 Lard. ito.... 929 232 Drags. c? ... 2 157 Powder, begs. 20 226 HhinglM, ..10,000 6.1 Lumber... 17,900 21 Shoe*, cs 9 240 $3,3 19 Honey. 106 Cocoa bgs... 121 l'otk,bb>?... liacon fustic tcs.. Turpentine, f.xt. hgwood 23 Total 4 990 25 200 IMSTKRnAM. $3,747 Drugs, case. . 1 1,339 Rosin 446 100 Coal, toua .... 20 6|T Sp turpentine 100 6C0 Tobacco, hds 50 684 fttaves 1,200 128 I on ltn Liverpool Greenock m*ir.en I* a pie* Mulwa Br W. Indies. A fries, .. Meaico RKC.*prrui.s'no>. .$141,502 Hamburg. . 299.498 ~ . 13,838 . 65 392 . 14,(59 . 3.617 . 41 HI i . 38,158 . 3,347 Havre. ^eaic? mserdawi Brest lir. N. A Colonie* Cuba Australia Port au P*?tte $2,283 $125 720 140 1,760 4,656 104 $14,058 .$81,066 . 155,228 . 2 i,48t . 14, 0?8 . 48,716 .13*. 9*) . 4t> 8?6 . 81.578 , 9,283 Value of oerch'ilise exported durlnr the week.$l, Value of un|<ort* do. do. 2,0K3,N{ Excen ot import* over export* $8:3 lino Whto we take into consideration tie I roited out rani movement of bread^tuffs, causui entirely by t le dettclea cj of our domestic supply, nod not by the absence of a dtmand on the other tide, it must be almiUnl that th* *pgr*gate of our weekly export table is quite a reaped able figure I'rovh juh do tot form sue* a strong fea ture in laxt week'* rtturns a* heretofore, ani cotton bit net teeu particularly active in it* outwtrd raov?>neat. Notwithstanding *li the?e thing*, the to'.ai i* above an averag* for the M>&scn, <in I we hare no cau*e tj c iu plaia. 'I he excea- o' imports ia the week it not e'l-ial to ao ordinary wi ekly shipment of spe;ie Th? folljwin,' is a comparative staUmeut of the vilu* of export* fr.i.u the commeuci meat of the year to May 10: ? 1854. 7 8A6. Inrrau D*cren sv. rotten $6 *>.'6,633 4 109,341 ? 1,603,2:12 Flour 3,8"6,46? 1,588,970 ? 2,317,499 Coratceal .. 127.M4 129,739 2,395 - Wheat 2,079,651 07,918 ? 2,011 T1S Corn 1,7*3,166 1,807 282 ? 426,873 Beet 608,417 739,661 2'<1,137 ? Pork 434,972 1,450,727 1,021,756 _ Total. ...$14 686,641 9,392,561 1,255,287 6,348,377 Net decrease to May 10, 1866 $5 093,090 Stock Exchange. tSATi'KiMV, May 12, 1805. tCCltt !U Int Stock.. 66 60 Kb* N i Ceo HU. 91 % 20000 Viririn<a h'n .. 97 60 <*? sf0 91% i'OOfl N Carolina 6'g. 98% 50 do 91 * 3CC0 Mineouri 6's. .. 92 200 do b30 02 10000 do...b60 92 400 Erie Railroad ... . 49^ 2(0(0 do.. ,b60 91 % 50 do blO 49* 10000 do 91 % 100 do blO 49% 1C00 Call 7 b, '70. b3 91 260 do o 49! \ 1000 Erit>2d Mgp t*dx 98 25 do 49 6<M)0 Erie Bde of '76 80% 600 do *3 49'{ 6000 do... .*00 86% 400 do *60 49' 6000 MCenUR B* *3 74% 50 do o 49 6(00 111 C BR KB* wp 70 10?> do b30 49V 6000 NY CenBRBdfi 88 150 do..,..bS 49', 10600 N V Cen7'*..o 102% 75 Ilarloiu P.K. . op* 2 i% 9(0 do 102% 10 NH & Hartforl H 118 210 C & Tot dir B*. 75 900 Reading RK....C. 8(1% 20(0 C ti Tol In Bds 8:'. 200 do t>10 83 V' 3000 do 82% 200 do 88% 6 sbs Bk State MY 103 100 do *30 8?% on Bk of Commerce 110 200 do *60 86% 29 Am Ex ch Ilk. ,b3 109 600 do 86% 38 Corn fcxcb lik..c 100 400 do *30 88% 800 Nic TransitCo >3 16% 400 Ilud. R BK. . .*3 39% 100 do M0 16% 20 Mich On Kit.. . 87% 100 do b30 16% 60 M. S. & N. I.C *3 90 100 Gold Bill Mine. 13 % 25 Panama Rk..s] 97 41 l'eiw Cnal 0?... . 106 '4 17 Ci. C. k CHn. KR. 104 800 Cumb Coal Co ?3 ?7% 25 Third Avenue XR 2d 200 do b?0 27% 5 Gal. & Cbic. RR 01% 10O do h90 21% 50 do b3 92 ICO do *30 27% 100 Clev. & Tol RR.s3 80 13 N. Y. C. BR.. .. 91 % 70 do 80% 50 do s60 91% 77 do 80% 60 do 1.00 91% 70 do *3 8'Ij; 60 do..*.. ..*30 91', 29Ch. &Kk I*. RR. 86 107 do b3 91% SECOND BOARD. $1000 Missouri G'*.. 91% 200 Htm Reading RR 86% 10(10 do 91', 20 l'anami RR. ,.h3 97 4(K0 louisiana <>'*.. 88% 8 M,So.fcNorI.iRRa3 102 2<ii0N Y (en 7's .. 103 150 Erie RR 49% 500 NYOsn KR Bda 88 '4' 19 do 49% 6000 111 C RR F Iida 09 % 50 do alO 49% 60 Kb* Gal & Chi KR 92% 100 do blO 49% POO N Y On RR.,h60 91% 350 do 49% ?0 do 92 100 do blO 49% 10(i Reading RR 86% 100 Ilarlem RR. .opg 28% 100 do blO 8?% 120 Ctev & Tol RR. . . 80% 1(K. do 86% 100 do b?0 81 50 do *30 86% 200 do b3l> 80% CirY TR*DK REPORT. Saturday, May 12?9 P. M. BRRAWrrrFra ? Flour? Tbe market was in a gwn-ral way unchanged. tha sales footed np about 6,0<Ki a 7,0t<0 bM? . including common to choicn State at <10 50 a $10 t!2; Ob'o, Michigan, Indiana and Wmcouuin. at $10 44 11 $10 75; 1,000 bble. common State, at 69 12%. for all June; 2, COO do. Canadian, at $10 50 a $11 25, which wa* about 12%c. |?*r bbl. lower; 1,400 Southern, S10 86 a $tl 31 for inferior to choice, and $11 37 a $12 for fancy and extra Meal ? About 200 bbis. New Jersey were sole at $5 25. Bye flour was tctrce anil firm. Wheat ? The market continued bare and price* nomina'. Core ? The market cont nued firm, with Halt)* of about 56, COO a 6H.0U0 buahria, including white, mixed and yel low, at 117c. a 118%'c , and 6,000 do Ku'itecn, for July, at 100c. State and Western oats were aelling at about 78c. a 84c. Chiton? The srles reached from 3 i>00 to 6,000 bales, atl('%c. for midcliDR upUude, 10%c. for Kloridas, 10*;c. lor Mob'les, and K'%c. I'or New Orleans and Texas FRiuonTH. ? To Liverpool about 13,000 bu^Uel-i of corn were eupaged at 3d. a 3%d.t iu bags and bulk. 1'e Lon don, 3,('?Kj bids, turpentine were engaged at 3s. pir 280 Iba , *nd 400 tiercet beef at 2*. 0(1. "o Havre, cotton wan at %c To Hamburg, 500 bales cotton wer? er.gaged at ; ftO bbls. spirits turpentine at 3%c. To Hremt o. 200 ba'eh cotton were takm at %c. ; 100 boxes drugs at 17s. 6d., and 250 bags coffee at %c. A vessel whs char tered to load at Antigua for I on'ion or Liverpool, at ?2 10* and 5 per cent primage and all port cbarges. Another ?a- lasen up to load at Jam<t'ca lor London, to load ?itli sugar, at 12 12* fld , or ?4 for spied*, and C i 10k. Jnr colTre. Another we* taken up to lotd in the West ln<J-0H at p. t ? the tbiee ve^Hels having been en gaged by Messrs. Ganger fi Co. for the West India export trade. Tin re was to cbange to no Jce in raUM to (Jail forma Provisions. ? Voik ?Tbe market was firmer. Rales about 2,0t'0 bbln. . including eld mes^, at ilti 62 a $16 75; new, do., at $17 76. and new prime at $14 60. Uld met* closed at $16 76, and new could not be had in large lots at $17 75 clear was at $18 76, aud Western prime mjss $1H. Beef was Ann and in good demand. Sales of 350 bbl*. country mesa and prime were mtd? at $10 n $12 50. Beef I'ams quiet and price* unchanged ? tales of 100 bbls. at $17 ?0 a $18 50. Lard steady. Sales of 6,000 a 6.000 bbl*., at 1( %c. a 10%c. Shoulder* and htm* were high er. Sales of 300 psckage* were made, including sl oukera, at 7%c., and 9%c. a 9%c. for bams. Bacon continued scarce and firm. Butter and oh<ese un changed. Weekly Report of Deaths In the oil* and county of New \ork, from tbe f>th day of Uty to the 12th day of May, 1856. Mm, *7: women, 78; boys, 148; girls, 128 ? Total. 441, Adults, 156; children, 276: males, 225; females, 208; co lored persons, 15. mum Abscess 3 Heart, dlsea-te of 7 Albuminuria, and Bright1 a Hooping cough 6 disease of kidneys 2 Apoplexy 5 Asphyxia 1 Attbma 2 Islcsding from bowels.... 1 Bleeding from lungs 1 Bronchitis 3 Burned or scalded 2 Cancer of liver 1 Casualties, by fall.1*, inju ries to the liead 2 Casualty, by railroad .... 1 Cboiera infantum 4 Cirrhosis of liver 1 omprestion of brain .... 1 f'oncuifcitn of brain 1 ingestion of bowels,... 1 Congestion of brain 5 Congestion of lungs 5 Consumption 50 Convulsions, adult 1 Convulsions, infantile . . . 34 Croup 11 Debili y, adult 3 Debility, infantile 5 Delirium tremens 2 Diarrhoea A Dropsy f> Inflammation of bowels. . 7 Inflammation of brain. .. K Inflammation of kidneys, 1 Inflammation of knee joint 1 Inflammation of liver. . . 1 Inflammation of lungs. . . 34 Inflammation of spine. .. 1 Inflammation of stomach 3 Inflammation of throat.. 1 Inflammation of tonsils. . 1 Intussusception of intes tines 1 Liver, disease of 1 Lockjaw 2 I.un^s, disease of 1 Malformation 1 Malformation o' anus... 1 Malformation of heart. . . 3 Marasmus, adult 4 Marasmus, infantile 24 Measles 11 Old age 4 Palsy 3 l'leurisy 3 l'oison 1 Premature birth 8 Rheumatism 1 lYopey in tbe chest 3 Rupture o' bladder 1 Drophy in the head 16 Ruptare of bowels 2 Iirowned 5 Dysentery 5 Enlargement of brain... 1 Enlargement of heart. ... 2 Scrofula 4 Scurry 1 Smallpox 4 Stillborn 22 Epilepsy B Teething 2 Eruption 1 Erysipelas 3 Erysipelas of the leg 1 Fomr, congestive 1 Fever, puerperal 6 F ever, scarlet 24 Fever, typboia 3 Fever, typbus 6 I' Iteration 1 Ulceration of bowels .... 2 Ulceration of stomash. . . 1 Ulceration of turoat I Unknown to the jury.... 1 Worms 1 Total .431 KicArrruLATioN? owmsh* CLASuwn. bones, joints, Ac 2 Br&in ami nerves 84 Qenerativi- organs K Heart and Hood vessels 12 lungs, throat, he 133 Olrt age 4 Skin. Ac., and eruptive fevers 44 Stillborn and premature birth 30 Stomach, bowels, and other digestive organs 80 Uncertain -eat and gen eral fevers 31 Unknown. 1 Urinary organs 4 431 Total (if whicb clsven were from violent causes. ?am. . rrter 1 year 133 <0 to 40 vears 60 : I to i: year* 42 40 to 60 years 21 ' 2 to 5 years 7 a 60 to 60 years 17 ' t to 10 years 21 #0 to 70 years 11 \ lOtolujears 4 70 to 80 years 10 i 1 6 to 2(? years 9 100 and upwards 1 [ 2.' to 25 years 21 Unknown 2 to 30 yearn 17 ? Tots! 4CI nmrmm Br't" b America 2 United States 308 England 9 Unknown 5 Wales 1 West Indies 1 Fr atice 2 ?>ermaay .18 Ireland 61 Scotland 4 Total PTBuci wwrrrt-vNiw" Aln.'-ionM. Blk'U's Isl... 1 Randl's I el Nurs. Ilosp'l 11 Beilrvue Hospital 6 St. Vincent's Hospital. .. 2 City Hospital 7 Ward's Isl'd Emi t Hosp.. IB Color* d Home Hospital. . 4 Workhouse. Blk'U's Isl . . 3 I.unat^c 4syl . BIk 'U's 1st. 6 ? N. Y. Juvenile Asylum. . 1 Total wawob. 18 IS .431 58 1 3 lo 21 24 28 21 27 9 :J0 Tnai 431 THiima- k. DOWNlXu. City las peatsr. Uty laspeeter'f OTee, v?*, May 1?, 1**1 ADVERTISEMENTS EEMlili F Y LEY DAY. fESANTS' KROISTKH. fiOCA ? I'aKT 01 a FIRST CLA%% 30 i, Thirty four*) ??rnt lo l?t.; alio, a 80ITU I\ bra' o'n ? iMt.l t Hviuue; rout j <?' Ain, tiiroi 'iroara rt??? I. <n*?? lu S at!i street W.ll'e nibnrg. DIIVS 'i.W.'l.v ,M. MILIt.N, Ill Ln.;.dwoy, ioou S?, tirst Baor, Trtu -j UnildUg A>v PERSON WISHING TO HIKE THE TdlRO .. Y tl .? r. i ii ..i?tin^ of two rooms 1 two bedrooms. Of ?!"? ha: ?? ii c I' rie lir.rk hou.e, >o 4 M inro.' plaoe, n illiMni1 ur , fne mlntittV i> Ik lr- ui I'rck slip terry, can 0" >o liv applyipcon th? premises, or ail.ire-.iu. W. 11. a , *" '?lu oline l.i ?t very in u Jurat to ? ,-ood teuO'.t. A BAKL CHANCE.? 10 LET AM) FURNITURE fos a: a . . ii i.i itaff attic rie bun*; rant very low, an- iurmtura for iile ex r<,m?.y chea; Any person jUhm. a . ar,?.n m ill d? well to oall Cor p.r (ouiars at '.j l^uDipt un tttvr? eu iiroome *n i Ell 1*1 HE HALL. MC QHOtDW \Y, TO I.ET I ? K I fASE ?It, is < ne of tin Lout exhibition rooms in the city -riURNlSBED BOOMS T'i LU? To GfcN TLBMKN I without board, at N1 Canal street, one blnek ir>ui Lroadway. F1L'ltfc ISUED HODS! TO LET? FOR SIX MONTHS or longer, a bMidsoiiiii brjwii atone trout four story In. u in 1 ?fiitt four h itreet near Ma llson square, ntted up wilb every eonvenienoe, and suitable for r. genteel nri latitsniily. * or carda te view, oMre?s, with real name It. V. box 3,AU1 Po.t office FU'liNIMlED HOUSE ON STATEN ISLAND TO RENT, near V andcrtilt 'a landing, C'lifim. with bal f an euro ni land tor particulars. apnly to ttuiiEitr SA ttGEA sl'f, No. 7Ji.ui.oty oourt, 4l Wall atreet, N. Y. Furnished country residence, on hudsom river, 'o rent f;r the icucn, orlonror period? 'In Fish k 1 1 1 Heiuhts, immediately opposite ' Wniluugtou'a Head quarters," New burg, a larire >ia.d-nmo mansion house, in perfeot order and i omnlfltcly furnished for immediate oeiiu pancy; ii> bi.autit'nll? looated, has an acre of ground. Will laid out with ornamental sMubbery fruit and shaie treat, Ac ; never tailing well of purest spring w?lor at the iloor; Ijltn the usual oil tbuildin n. 4ic ; t hf> preitieea am not over five tuin'itea fruju Jjj; JiTH- For mo?e full partieulard, termi, Ac , V hieli win Vo moderate, inquire at Ueisrtf. GE1B A JACKSON'S. 7K3 Broadway^ Houses to, renis uodeuate? the dwel llnrptrtof tbc tour atorv homeTi Veriek utreet eoraer of Clanal aud convenient to llroad?uy, with ran^o, hot aud eolil wato. bathe, Ae.; nltn a four story humus near St Jolia'a park. Apply to II. W. HICIIAHUS, i'J7 llroedway OFFICE TO liET.? AI.Ij Oil PART OF A I.ABfiB pb arant office to let, oa hocodU iloor of building Ii7 }<riik?!<>uy. li>quire of JOUN TOLEV, geii pen m&nulae turcr, lt'7 Hioadway. PART OF A HOUSE TO LET? ENTI RELF NE1F; 15 within one minute's walk of the Sixth avi iiuo mrc and hveof the Filth avenue and Maiiimin Hquaro To a -mail fMUiiIy v enld be rented very moderately, ortho Kuglmh beioment and adjoi' ini; room to a pbyairian. Apply at ill Weal Twenty aixtii atrcet. Kefcrcneea exchanged. FART OF A HOUSE TO I.ET-A PRIVATE KA.VILY will let part of their reaideuce to a auiall family on r><a aonable terms. Location pleasant, can, bath, Ac. Kefuren oca exoh.ingjd. Alio a piano lor aal?. Inquire at KN Wait j Twenty atxth street, near the sixth avonue. STRAW POWBB, WITH OOOO AIRY ItOOUS.TO LET? oil retconablo terma, in the North American Staau Work*, ft -ayth atreet. Apply at the office. t>4 I oreyth it. OECONO FLOOR OF HOUSE !?l THIRD AVENUE TO O lot? eoDti?ling of lour large ploanant rnoin.i; walls paint- j od, niarblo ii antela folding dooti, Ac, Ueut low to a mod tenant. Poteesaion linniodiate Inquire in tho grooery atiire next door, or of Juhu t oio/. gold pen wannfaoturer, 1<>7 Uroadway. j SEVERAL NfcW ItASEMENT AND TWO S Ti ? ? Y COT t&|.'e Iiouboh ol n row of tourteen on Twenty lirst street, lirookl.Mi are to let or for tale on aeoommodatini; lerrni. lot tu ibcr information, apply to the owuir, GEO. I). CAM'lNl, No. 2, Wniihii gton plaee. TO IJIT-TIIKEE BROWN STONE FRONT ENGLISH basement bomoa with all the modern improvement!, ia Tweaty lirnt street, bet ween Filth and sixth avenues. Ap ply to ALEXANDER WfeCKBECKfc K 31 Liberty at. Til LFT- STORE NO. 30 ANN STREEf.? REN X WOO. U. G A1.KKA1TU, 17 t ultou a:t iet. 1H) I.ET-ON MYRTLE AVENUE, CORNEU OF YATE3 avenue, twolvo ne<* honsee, just liiiiar.e.1, with folding donra, tea room, aud piar.ia cominandins one ol the ii oust viewain Kroo?l)n. Kent ouly $loO a pieo>- for one year Apply to A C. FRANSioLE, at the olfioe cf l'heraaaou A Bryan. No. U Wall street. New York. TO LET? THOSE TWO FOUR STOIlY AND llASfcUUNT brick bcniea, havimi a,l the modern improvements, in fclxty-tiret aireet, near Kirat avoTiue; full lots. Kent to good tenants very lr>w. Apply to PECAKE*. IiEHNSFEIN A PHILLIPS, fil Liberty atreet. TO LET? POSSESSION GIVEN IMMEDIATELY ? THE rear part of the second atory, the fr nt pari of the third ?tory, and all of the fourth at. ry of Jit U:vkraan atreet. Also, the front room oi the fifth atory of 31 and .U Heekinaa street. Each apartment ia luitablo for aiiykindof mecha niial bus. ii esi . AUe basement of 21 Btekiuun atreet. In quire o" JAMES CONNER A SONS, 29 liaekman street. TO 1ET? THE COUNTRY RE*I DE.N'CK Of TUB LATB I tiliver C lark, at llobbs' ferry. We tchester county | Iho at ove property ennsis's of a large house itud bnrn with 1 ul out two acres ot Uud, beautifully laid out; has a large I f rb pery ; with a variety of ol her ? ruit ta within onehuid' ! red jar' a ot the Hudson River Railroad depot, has a tine I view of the river, and is fine of tl.e m >st, desirable summer residences on tho Hudson kivur. If desired, the furniture Will lu ret tod with tl.e hoose. For further ptrtioalari in quire at Clark's Hotel, ccrnor of Jny and W%?hin*ton streets, New York, or cf 'dTEI'UEN AKOUEtl, Dobbi' terry. TO LET? A isM ALL IIOUsF., WITH GAS AND MAR. ble mantles: rent $225, in Vt'illiamshur^, nc tr the ferry to let in i^ew York, a small house down town; a tirst tioor .f6 Beekmaij|street; email stote, Doane atreet, near tihit liani street; apnrtmenta and basements. Rent low. S C. SMITH, IS Mctt atreet. TO LET? HOTEL AND FURNITURE KSI II ROAD W AY. Possesion immediately. Inquire at till East Taeaty dxth street, befote ' A. M. or atter 4 I', .-i . Also, three story dwelling house 30 Irviug place. Immediito posiesaiuu rpo LET. ? FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET, ON EAST X Sixteenth street, near Ir?ln< plaoe. Furniture elegant and complete, and the house has all tie modern convenien ces. Inquire of K. A. WATKI.nSON, N o. 7No?~aust. fo LET- GENTEEL APA RI M KNTS IN NEW HOUSE No SU2SeTenfh avenue. Appiy on tbe promise*, in t,bo tea an re, or of E. W IIARN A l!i\ 230 <oventn street, before 9 or from tj to 8 P. If. Alio, apartments iu home liil Lia rens street. TO LET? BASXilENT AND REAR BUILDING, BE longing to houae lift First avenue, suitable for ft *arsa I'ftrillH or coda water manufactory, or workshop of any do Semitic n. Inquire on the premises, next iloor to the corner of Tenth itreet. TO LET? A F 1 15 ST FLOOR AND BASEMENT, AM) other smaller apartments, to small American families. Inquire at 1(0 YVeet Twenty lonrth street. rro LET-FOR TIIE SUMMER SEASON, A FI.VE NEW JL houan, thirty feet aquare, situated on the shore of the Lower Bay, roar the "Bath House. " a fine plauo for ?<> bathing, t ie bouie beii.g within one hundrei leet of the shore. Tlio ah> ve ii a desirable location, commanding a fine view of Coney laland, the Highlands of asndy Hook, Staten island, Kurt 'Hamilton, .to , Ac. For further particular! inquire of JOHN H. TERRAIN, 109 Smith atreet. between Hereon and WyekofT, Brooklyn. TO LET? A NEAT COTTAGE, AT TUBBY IIOOK, ON the banka of the Hudson, containing l.'iroomr; a de lightful country reaidcnoo ior a gentleman d inu; btn,oes* in the city; forty four minntei' ride from tho city Apply at 92 Witt atreet, or of J. H. Wataon, ou tho premise*. TO LET-A BEAUTIFUL COTFAGE, NEARLY NEW, on tbr Fifth avsuue, oorner of 131st atr. ot, Harlem . Apply to Mr. James neat door; or to WM BLAKE, 119 Pearl atreet. TO LET-TO A GOOD TENANT, CHEAP.? A TWO Ftory and batuno m bouse, in MorrtsUna, with ait aire of around; stable on the premises. Apply ?o 11. K Bennet, Morriaiana, Franklin avenne, between Fifth and Sixth atresia, I or to J. E. Bennet, 125 Willinui street, ftew York. I lO LET- AT NO 0 BOND STREET.?' THE FRONT AND j . hack parlor*; will amwer a a lodgi bp rootni, or htitinesa | purports; a good looation for a fashionable milliner. Inquire | on tho jr"mi<ca, or at Gt9 Broadway, corner ol Fourth at. | TO LET-IN BROOKLYN, 91 JORALBMON STREET. ? A i tw? atr.rv. attic and basement home. Apply to Jamea McLean, 19 'Chambera itreet. New York TO LET? FART OF A FIRST CLASS HOUSE, ON j Carltt.u avenue, between Fulton au'l i.afajt tie av tiu?, with til tho modern improvements, pas, bath. Ac., consist inn ol handsome front parlor, frout baaemeut, an two or three hedrooma, two minntes' walk of the iars, or fifteen of j tho ferry. Apply at Davenport's Agency Offlge, cornur ol Fnlton avenue and oxford street, Brooklyn. fO LET.? APARTMENTS TO LET UNFURNISHED : consisting of four or fivo rooms, with gas and bath, all ' newly painted, to a sma'l respectable family, ?r gentlemen Fine location for a dentist. Call at 91) Amity atreet alter 10 o'clock A. M. | TO LET? TO A GENTLEMAN, A PLEASANT ROOM in a HeMrabJe neighborhood, (Irving plane,) situa ed in llobokcn, N J.; about ten minutes' walk frim the ferries, charge moderate. Address E. W., Herald afliee fO LET.? FURNISHED OB UNFURNISHED. A DF, > tached cottaire house, situated in th? beat part ot Hr< ok Ijn, between Wall street and South ferries. The home is well furnished. Kent moderate to a first rate tenaut. Ad dresa J. H box.'i (KVi New York Post office. TO LET-A BEAUTIFUL COI'NTRY RESIDENCE, ? itnatcdat Bath, Long Island, fronting tiravesend bay. The house la furnished and in oomplet* order for the reci-p t)on of a genteel family There is a stable, Ae , on the pre miser. The facilities for bathing. fishing Ac , cannot bo surpassed Apply at ftol.OMON A HART S, IMS ilroaiwar, between 10 and 13 A. M , or at INO. I. HAKT'd, 86 Mao dougal itreet, betweon 2 and 4 P. M. TO LET-RIKER'8 ISLAND.-THE ISLAND KNOWN aa Hiker's Island situated in the East river, ahogt one mile or *o above Harlem, containing about one hundrel arr- H of good land, beautifully wogdnd with grove* ml fruit tree*. There Is an old mansion house on th' island, also % Cne new dook to land at; and altogether it i< a desirable tlaeo for k hotel er summer res ?rt tor exeurslomat*. fishing, oating, Jtr, and to a good tenant, whieh is more d-atrable than * hlgn rent, it will tie let low. Apply at V> Broad st. TO LET? THE nALF COTTAGE KNOWN A3 NO. (i Weft Thirty eighth itreet, near Fittb avenne; a desir able situation lor a small 'amilv, the parlor and bedroom wlnlows looking into the beautiful garden of Mnrrsy Hill. Arply ?o EDWAhD CONWAY, Real listato Agent, N? 21 William atreet, or Ml Seventh avenue q>0 LT? THE DWELLING CORNER OF TWENTY 1 Hgh'h itreet and Fourth avenue, over the dru; store, in Ine Old' r?t??lve rooms, bath. *a? Ae Kent low to a good 'enant. Also, other cheap houses. _ B. ?? ElNStllMEK, 319 Fourth avenue. TO LET-A COMELETELY FURNISHED IIOUSK, IN Ithe nf per part of the aity, oontaininc all the modern im prov>ments. Apply at HI Front street, an stairs. TO 1ST? FRONT AND BACK PARLOR 382 UROAD. wsy, near White atreet. Inquire of Dr. IIEfiKY t! (?'CONNOR, on tbe premises. TO LEASE. FOR SAL1, OR EXCHANGE-IN HUD son City, N J, five minutes' ride of Itohoke.i terries, junction ef Hoboken ro.\d and Palisade avenno i . .n n anrimg a floe *i"w c.f tie city and harbor ot NewTork ?be new three Itory and Wement brick bouse "I ro uns' ? irMe mantels, Ac., on eight city lots. Also ?? tea Htr lots. adj< ining tbe ahote, the new Swias iV, eontalniog 14 rooms built for the residene* of Letti* Utaoeeh* 4'so in tl, s olty, '.he three sUn j store, aortheait rurnxr Watklag' Wv Bid ? r?Mf struetl Terras aasv Apply 'o B RICH AB1>8, S"7 TKS 4STS* HT0<;ISTER. rno UtT-TO A <IMAUa GfcVlEBL ^AMXur. TUB 1 oi l' r i art and fr <ut la?emout, v H.'i <itl tr nggimci iit tl-rm , uH '?> Delastey htratt. Apply on the pramiaaa Iron. * t I" A 11 anJCiloCl M. 11? LfT-H >?sf U I?II OR WITHOUT PUR VI Tlf RE, ii.vari u? location ? A!i"#, j arta ?; hc?ai?i, let*, iarnaa, lf'?'iw*nt to I r. Ii i, ? y or aell, aw>1y to It D GOODWIN, CliiitoB Hull, Ei - h aUcet unur Hriadaj. You ? ill 1. tltuctt ?ure ot nueoi ??. TUI.1T T!lt- F''UV|l H,Wi? AND C.EDltiJOM IM tbir.l ?t r? The room- have beta reontly painted. and are ill !>?<??<?? onifr lo % I' ut ?t tho rent will be rea fcornMe. rtpoU nit tin pfOtni?*a. C>4 I tivnuino itfMl, rTO I.ET Tu A "? V A LL 1 AMI, V tint I I'i'KK PA** J of tin: h u i' j," Vint y at met, lludaou. Inq urn on the iremiitu. r| O I ET? A COMPLETE KtTKN 1811 ED IMI'SK l!f A 1 itcU^'iilful |nc?tii,n L'-ur -at" mil 'imoibuea*: wetild ali*t fi-r hi* moutlia or oun /ear, with .*?, batUa, ohaudolier^ Vi/ror*. and new Tnraey cerpeta ilo uee ij p rf-ict ..riar Poeteea cn immediately. I quire iu II I tfuuru) i>iao? qi<> I.ET? TIIEUI l'FB I'AKT or A TWO SToRY AND X attic Imuae, conai.tiu* of five room i, together er aepa r.t.', I mjinrs un thi* pieiui-ea, 17 llft'rirou air et. rno I, El 1 BROOKLYN? WfTII THE fVK\ ITUKE. i ?'< a Mi,* II reapi ctable family, ami, If a tu tku I *ri ii a, the DVM^t lull family wi-uld b'?4 una ;.?? lb* <1 iIith 1 1 abiivo the rent The linma i< ai-uated in ? <lta ruble local ion a'mit fifteea minuter' walk from tho fernee. Ko* particular* inquire of a TomsaY, coi.1 ai?eot, career ot Fulton air -ot null Myrtle avenue. T?> in At I- OH Illl A M ? A COTTAGE AND G A tt D kit; with nil kind* of Inula, and at*bl >; lauil lor |ia?tura*a ot a co*. tl ?e quired. A m. a liir^c atono hmiai ? a part* the whole ?f (t with gar Inn Tho rent wiil he taken in li'iaird, if acTuoul le. Inquire at 7'J Frault'ln atroat, or *a tho |iivm :ea, at tbeiiaiot. TO LEI OR I EAHK-A 1A KM WITHIN SIX Mll.Bft of the eity, ?o..d buuao and oui building, auo* quautit; of land af may bo de? red, nut ex.' wiing el^lit hna ' dri d auroa. The land i? tho vitj l.eet in the vioiaii* of iha , city, lor larmiuK, or lor rem- ablra and urnai T> a kix>4 ' tfnant. who will lake care of thi- plac. a ruu>t doairabla *a , rortuuity offer* Apply to J * M h.'i 1,. t'UUMIN^ It ' V ail atrcat. Now York. TO I.ET OK LEASE? A SMALL STORE ON N>?RTH c?ft corner t ana: atreot and Uroadway, i admiraaAf i tiiuatod publicity, ana would mil any ouaaaaaa liot requiring a *ery larn? epaoe. Inquire at (Id Uraadaaf. i eruhaiiKO office TO LEASE-A COUNTRY BEAT AT PELBAM, WES* clioatrr oonuty , r..utauiio/ ahoi.t M ai r?a ot Ian I, bean ' tilully aitnatodnn tbe Sound. Apply to ADAMS k LUO&CIf 1 7'> N a.- -mi itreat. fO KEN T? IN TtlK VILLAGE Of MORS ISAN1A. BB twacn firs' auu .""ccond atrneta, and iMtvena too Mor j ricania and Mfltnae statjuna, llarl?n railroad, a iar<? aa4 , ccarlj new dwellinn huuto oentaininx nnteea rwoina, dtabia, ! ten heuno, Ac , and IW el>/ !? ta of land, all ia good order. Kent. S3fti. ApiHj to A. PINULAY, 11 Sprta/ atroii. TO RENT? I IVE MASTIC THREE hTORY DWELLING hunM'H, rilcaied in Keaa atreft, in the moat piaaaaat I part of the city ol Urookli n, and witliiu el/ht roiuutva' walk ot the 1'erk ulip ferry. The liou?oa have 13 rooma bnaide* tho oloreta, with iimler orllara and court yarda in tho tront of the dwcllinga; marble mantcin and Kratoa in tho parlnrt; | the yarda are HO feet in depth The rent of each houae ta ' d?i teel t ? ii ilm a will b? KT.'i per annum, pavaulo quarto*!* in aiivanoe. The party renliiu tb??o ilw.-:i n h.iuae. ahall hare a tree ferry lleket lor hiuiaelf an I wilo ler one y?ar. ^ ? | PORTER .V PKEDKlt KS, No II ( ity Uall plaoe, N. Y. J TWO OR TBBEB HANDSOMELY FllKMSIIED l*AA lora, with iH'drooina attached, are now vacant at tha honae IU WaTi rley place Alao one Of two very ploaaaat ain^lo rooni?. Un akfa?t at 7>a, dinner at(J o'oloik IIOOSKS, kooms, 4B0h Wlllll B' l' 1 1. DING, HI III STEAM POWER? ANY PERSON havinK a lari(0 lriildmn in tlni* city, to runt, wieb a MIW | In rac powrr an am en. ine in it, can find a tenant by ad j dteaeinic ho* 3, Oil roet tifllce. Sjtable wanted? from junk i to isr noykm j ber next, a private H'.alilu. Any one baring tho al>->TO lo Ut, not above twentieth atreet., ur below Uouaten, ui^ ! aiiarean P. L., Union iquure I'oat Otflce. WANTEE? A FURNISHED ROOM AND HOARD l''J* a liidf. ? l.ere there are i,a other boardert, with a ; widow lad\ pro fot red. Addroi-a. atatin ; location and tonne, i Hell, Ilerald ofllee 1M liSIC A i?. <?? FIaNOFORIKS ami 2 mklodkunsto ?*J fi, ?3, ft bud Sf > a mon h or lor -a I the rheaaost M the eity, prices troiu #.V> up to 8XHJ, and o extra oarved, {600. 1'lauoa tunod and music t In r 'Oghly taught. Prolvssor l?l .MSJ>Ay, 225 lirind street. f'X OCTAVE ELEGANT ROSEWOOD ROUND COR V.) ncrod piano, onl) be-n in 11*0 three months, will bosold at n groat eacrincc, n? th o?ii-t h ifiin to leave tor Call fori, i a. Appl) at 71 Crusby n'ri-ut. Ayonro last mil git* LESioNg on th* pianoforte at the residence of pupils. or at her awn row donee. 114 West Ibirt) sixth ?':oet, uuar Broadway. Teraua moderate. F ANAKG A I N.? A SPXNDID G% ROSEWOOD T1ANO itnproved diagonal scale, mnde by a manufacturer ot thirty years' m hi ieuce, bet it used veiy lntli Fill bo mil with written gnarrantee tor two years Price 3'JIU. Alan, a m.lodeu Hr Sfl.1. Apply at ?>2 howiry. McfmNAI.D A BRO. JIOR SALE ? A PIANOFORTE, 6}{ OCTAVE. AT 1M Second street. The proprietor want* to leave tbeoity. SMR SALE- A SPLENDID StVEN OCTAVE ROSE wood pianoforte ; cost $250; will bo soul for $14.'?, cash. AUt, ( no recoi d liu a mniMi/iny piano 1 r $35, at 4t>J Sixth avenue, near Twenty fourth street IjIIBBT PREMIUM MANOfoRiKS. M /iNUf AOtO H.DB JP bi SIFI^WaY SONS, 8H Walker a'reet, n*>ar itroaa wiaj. , V. V.? 1 T. e<? pianua received the nrat protamine, ta competition with I laun* made by toe moat celebrated t curerr of Bostou, Ne?r V rk, Philadelphia, an4 talM ctoro. Every piano warranted. I'r.oes modecate "VTEW MUSIC? "MA'OR WOOD" SONG, COMl'OSK* 1\ and dedicated to the Ma/or by the Uutchinsoe (aw ly, aud sung by them at their ootioerta with eathutiaane applause; S!i rente Alio, the must popular pioooa of tlie day at the reduced rate*. HORACE WATERS, Puoliahec. Km Broadway. J TEW MUSIC.? "3AM," A SONG; WORDS AND MUSIC I by J. ii. Bacon, title pa,?e embellished with a highly artistic ideal of "Uncle aam'a Youngost " Price 3S coot*. Alto, the most popular pieoce or the day at the ralueed rates. HORACE W A l EKS. Publisher, 333 Broadway PIANO CLASSES ? MR A 3F.DGWICK. PROFESSOR of piano and concertina, having returned fr>ia hie pro vinoial tour, has removed to Wti Broome at root., near Varick, and has established classes for piano instruction, ion a faci litating plan), on Tuea<Jayi> and Fridaya. Terms $10 pee quarter. For further particulars apply as above FIANOFORTES.-JOHN P. WAttK A CO.. MANUFAO turere, have removed their piaaotorte warehouse f| el Oh Barolay street. to the new and spacious ouildiaj. 1W Car al street, between Hudson and Variok stroeta. Pianotortei at wholesale prions, for eash, or tatiitutacy paper. A great iadncetnont to purnltai< r< now offered Fiano for sale - a new and elegant piano for sale very low, at 346 Broadway, otDoe No. 5. SINGING ?MR. GEO. LE JEIJ.NE. A. R A. MUSIC, bees to anrounce that he has removed his ichool for ainglng to 60S Houston atreet, corner oi Crosby, where h? fiven instruction in Classes and private losdons. ' This school affords every kind of tuition, and practise calculated to make a first rate singer, at the lowest termi. Prsapentaion to he had at S. C. Jollie'r, No. 619 Broadway, and at Mr. Lo Jeuno's, residence, as above. INSTRUCTION. (F>1 A ? BOOK KEEP'NG, W RITING, COMMERCIAL 1 W. arithmetic. Ao ? l'heie easantiai branches to averr Imainess are thoroughly taught, day itnd evening, at M a. I'A IN K'S accademii s, 233 Orm.d btroet, corner of Uow^ry, and lt.ti Fulton street, Brooklyn. Ladies writing clasma daily ; termx $2. ' As a rplenilid penman and skilful toaelier ?Jul. l'ainehas no superior. '?New York Daily News. ACARD-tHE SUBSCBIBER WILL RECEIVE NEW pupils daily tor class or private instruction ia the art of r>enmanrbip and bookkeeping OLIVER B. GOLDSMITH 3?!2 Broadway From tha Home Journal.? In every profusion there ia a recognised leading men? one whose pro-eminence is so da cideo, that rohooy calla it :b iinestina. Ainoug these irha teach the art of writini. Oliver B. Goldsmith is juet that ia dieputably pre eminent person and rece^nited head af tha profession. A TEACHER OK EIGHT YEARS' EX PERIKNCE, WH? is qnaiiBed tt. tench the higher branrbea of an Engiiak education, with the French laniuage, 1 a desirous ot obtain ing a geod situation for teaching. Satiyfactt ry ret'troneea given Addresa Emily, 152% West lOtli at. A GENTLEMAN OF EDUCATION, WISHES To rn ter an honorab e family, its prot' ssor of the French language and literature, (diploma exhibited >, in axclia.,^? tor a cntnfurtahle home; ti e host of reference given and re qnired; no objection to the country. Address A. C., Herald office. BOOKKKEI'INO, WRITING AND A RITII M ETtC.-M R. DOLBEAR. liroadway, oorner of Houston street, teaches double entry in <uch a practical btiflnetf like taaa ner that hisstndenta Wcome food hcokkaepers in a than time. Students iray enter du\ or evening thia week, at ealy ?6 tor writing lessons. I ELOCUTION. ?LADIES AND GENTLEMEN MAT <J have an oppoetuntty of j lining a select class, or re>eiva pilvate instructions in elocution trom an acoompliahcd teacher, lerais made known at tlm academv. olives B. GOLDSMITH, .'<t>2 Broadway SPANISH LANGUAGE TAUGHT TO ANY WEI.I. edneated perron willing in retnrn to itve les^'ini in ?ha English The nour* of loitniction from i? t# S I". M Appty t o the Spanish Agenov. 7 8 Murray sir'-et. SELECT SCHOOL, PORT RICHMOND. SfATKN Island.? The MISSF.S ANTEFKLL aa' e a small sel?c. school In the above locality. The rumlur of fieir board T is very limi'ad, and in theire?tahlishment the children sa>( all the comlorts of a Lome. Terinj, flA'i 'of IV) per ana ??m Young ladies* school.? miss m i?. laendrr respectmlly annonaces that si e will open her trnon!, a fTf M*th avenue, hetween Thirty uinth and Forti -th straots on Monday, May 14, 1S.'?6. B HIU.IAIIDS. II LIARD TABI.FS.-WE OFFER FOR SALE * stock of at rrdticed price* and on r?a-"askl? terms. Bnyers will do well to rail and eiamine, h?fur? par rhatiig. Two good second hand tables for *al.\ ia order. UKUFiril k DECK E It. W Aaa ft ft Billiard tablei1 for sale cheap-#*,* ' SHARP'S, 141 Fulton street. -Ta'Us ?/ ?? ?'* rosewood and tnahoiany, either of ma W?. ?'* ' ''' ? , h ds, with imrrovid e> s'lloa, warranted W liitite. OM mi.t If-tfrlfiT cu?hiorn il' ?t"' themaet approved | rincipl?r. I OAl> f hesa Lard time 7ioai t rom rirrr cents to a dollar chi* per I ? K " . , , ,ar ? ia thu city, and w^rraat ?d *o ba?llwa?v?0?il in r erv r?sp?ft Ooa't bali ev. the hinia * I ?a?i " ' i ?: " ai r- who charge eaanBae* . r?o? ?i rr s " * My f r .etitf-iea ia M IW for boat ??t I rice* JTJ ^ eeroene I '>nd dali' ralt<aa/?ar? ?? .he ?t . fre^ .Khar, e R?CRA?D CLIN IU.N, wf 4

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