Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 16, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 16, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6837. PSICE TWO CENTS. CAPTURE OF LOUIS BAKES. rrival of the Clipper Grapeshot, with the Fugitive on Board. tEMENDOjJS EXCITEMENT IN THE CITY. TBS STANWIX HILL TRAGEDY RETIRED, tei Ac., *? lit Metropolis wee thro mi Into a state of great excite at yesterday afternoon, by the annoueeemeot that Grapes hot was coming op the bay with t/rols Baker, alleged murderer of Bill Poole, on board. The re* t rapidly spread over the city, and scarcely half aa ir-elapsed before the new* ?ai in every nook smd cor ofthia vast town. Some regarded the report a? a x while others felt sanguine of its truth, and betook naelve. to the barge offioe, an4 there awaited the B -nation of the Intelligence boat six o'clock the question of the arriTal or acn ?al of the fugitive Ba^er w.m settled, for at that hoar ,w. boat, containing ?i*ht or n<ne persons, ell armed, lag in charge a prisoner, who was at onoe recoirnixed be loatc sought lor Louis Baker, approached tne Bat ?, aad landed its passengers in safety. to unexpected arrival of Baker, as may be well Imagin waa the general theme of conversation, aad anxious (tries were made to ascertain the particulars of his ;?re aB'l safe delivery at the port of New York. As he facte connected with the successful undertaking interesting, we give a det*il*d account ot the affair, slated to us by one of the officers who was commie ed to pursue Baker: ? thk captukk. a the 18th of March, the Grapes hot, Capt. Hepburn, tail fro* this port, having oo board e ght officers, ing all legal authority to arrest Baker, who, as was Itosed, had left New York in tb* brig Isabella Jewett, .he port of Palmos, Grand Canary Island. Nothing arkaMe happened during the voyage The vestel, i fair wind** and good weather, made the remarkable rt run of 20 days to Palmes, arriving at that port on 7th of April. avlng safely anchored in the roadstead, the officers ?eded ashore, where they learned that the Isabella stt had not yet arrived. Tbey then in'ornnd the horiUea Of the nature of their visit, and requested r aid, should thsy require it, In effecting the capture ;he fugitive. The auihorltiee at first sesned ,t timid about interfering one way or the other in matter, lest they should off-ud the home govern t at Madrid, but at last consented to render all the , Is their power towards delivering the fugitive up to offloere of justice. ;n days were anxiously spent In cruising about the id, to as to intercept the Isabella Jewett ere she lid arrive at her port of destination. On the raorn of the 11th a brig, standing in shore, was discovered a the masthead of the Grapeshot. All sail was at b crowded on, and the clipper stood for the *>rig. In it aa hour the vessels came within hailing distance, * the captain of the Gripe-hot requested the ter of the brig to back ber and re to, aa ho wantid to board her. The jest was without any delay complied with, in a few momenta the purmers and the pursued e within a few hundred yards or one another. The having dl?guised th?mnelves in sailor's garb, got , a boat and rowed to the brig. Gutting alongside, object of their search was discovered on board th? ett, apparently unconscious ot the nearnnes of tboss ,ursuit of him The officer* hastily gathering around er, he was Informed of the nature of their business, warned not to make any attempt at escape, ai f were fuUy prepared for anything of tha- sort ; at same time, each of them ^resented a loaded revolver lis breast. aker, finding that any attempt at res-stance wa leas, quietly submitted to be manacled, and wa ?Ely placed in the boat and rowed on hoard the peshot. The Captain of the Isabella Jewett expressed dissatisfaction at tfce conduct of the officers, think no doubt, that he had been relieved of rather a iblesome paasengsr. A stateroom was pra pared for prisoner, and being well guarded, the Grapeahot sail for New York with a favorable wind During passage home a constant watch was kept by the ?n upon the movement, of Baker, lest he shiuld !? an attempt at euiclde. The voyage to New York performed ia twenty-nlns day?, during which time ling worthy of| mention occurred, except, perhaps, t to any queetion asked Ba*er aa to the c.u?* aasiga ,y Viiai for having shot Poole, he would tell the of. r. that he committed the deed in self defence alone, t the deceased waa the, and that he acted efeace of bis own life when he discharged the pistol fter a prosperous voyage the Grapeahot sighted the hlaads on the morning of yesterday, and succeeded getting Into port about six o'clock last evening. ?hila coming up the bay, it waa determined by th Mrs to hlr? a steam tug and convey their prisoner in anoe of the Grape shot, so aa to avoid tae presence jrowda that would be anxiously waiting the arrival he Grii peshot. The plan succeeded admirably, for officer.' succeeded in landing their prisoner without trouble or Inconvenience that would otuerwise have mded their labors. TUB ABRIVAL AT THR TOMBS. andlng at the Battery, an omnibus was procured, 1 tho entire party quietly drove off to the Fifth ward Lion beuee, which waa soon reached; but ere the tele had reached Leonard street, wind of the affair I spread like wllddre among those in the neighbor A, and soon the entire neighborhood was crowded b a dense multitude. The excitement being intense, it. Carpenter, with a great deal of prudence, ordered the Mrs to take their prisoner to the Tombs, he being rful that aa attempt at rescue wou'd be mate. ;er after some delay, was put into a coach and rea o? to the city prieon, folio wsd by the concourse, a thronged the thoroughfares so closely that it was h great difficulty toe earriage could be driven to the [arftf safely lodged Baker ia the prison, officer Evans needed to Judge Stuart's reeidenoe, In Twenty aloth eot, to Inform htaa of the a rest of Baker, and to pre ? a comultm -nt for their prisoner. Judge Stuart Dg ooaflne^ to his ben with a severe attack of pleu r, oeuld not accompany the officer to the prison, but >te out a commitment and handed it to Justice tcj, who was present The latter then proceeded h the officer to the Tombf, and visited Laker in hie daleepadlr. A cell on the second corridor ?m al *d to Mar, where he now remains. On entering City Preon, Baker met Turner, with whom he shook ide warmly. Indeed, so glad waa Baker to see his opinion of that fearful night, that tews started from 'be^ificerlTengaged in accomplishing this important eat deeerve muoh credit far the successful menner ia ich they eflectad the capture ot toe fugitive. A ter is akeady uader indietmeut, there will be oo ex lnatleo at present He has entirely recovered from i wounds he receiveil during the aflray at Htanwix U aad looks much improved in health, eo m ich a i it aiaay of hia most intimate friends were much sur sod at tbe good effe-t tee voyage had apon him. TKflCIUmOH OF THK PRlfcOHkJi. laker U a large, hea-y man, abort tve feet nine hee In he ght, hroe'' chest, is *<>out thirty-five year< a?, Ld weighs about poends. He is a light .com xlonec man, with a '?rge head, aad brown hair in tod to curl. When our reporVr iaw him wore large heavy wbUk?.e. seemed much "^ornt, I altogethrr had the appew voce of a eaiWr ju ed from s long He ha. express* ao opinion, alive Vo he probable resolt of his tria ?' *" ' bough he declares that, hhcuW J??tice -e done, ha uM be acquitted oo the grouod of self defence. urorr or th* rouci ornovi*. Nrw Yoke, May 15, i8?-. >m? The clipper hark Grai*shot, Capt Rlchsrd Hep. m, arrived at the elty of Ps!m?e, Island of Gran* f a ry, om Saturday, April 'th, an I eaine to aoobor n the ber under the lee of the fo t. Tre lobelia Jewe?t Ifiot arrived. Our paaaage wa. oiaeteen days frc.m w York. The Jawott arrived on the 17th of April, the clipper ten diji before her. After t^nng it water and making all neoees* ry preparations to intercept the Jswitt, we weighed anchor, anl tor several daja ito id off and on the harbor. On Tuesday we eepied the Jewett nnder the land, ?tending towards the city of Palmoe ; we made all sail, and cn nearing her, requested her captain to back her foretopeail; he did so, and the deputation Manned one of out boats, rowed to the brig, and found Baker on board, whom we dlBoovered at the wheel. Previous to the arrival of the brig we had seen the local authorities, who stated tbenr willingness to aid as in securing Baker. They, however, had no chance o aiding us in his arrest, as it was made by the deputation of the police that sailed from Mew York in the Grape sbot. As we approached the vessel, Baker went forward and ftood looking at and wondering who we were, and what w? wanted, little thinking that we were in pursuit of him. We boarded the vessel, and as we jumped upon her deck, Baker started for the cabin, but *as intercepted by us He recognised several of us? calling us by name. We arretted him and took him. with his effects, on board the Grapeahot. We then made sail for New York. A stateroom was prepared for him, and he was made as comfortable as circumstances would permit. He is now enjoying excellent health. We left the island of Grand Canary on the 10th of April. JOSEPH LEE HANS, S. K. THORN K. LORENZO D. PLACE, 1HOMVH BARTON, HKN RY EVANS, GEOitGE GREENE, EDWARD K. BRUSH, MICHAEL HAL AN" V. To Sidkxy H. Stuart, City Jadge. ARK IV A I. Of THE OBAFSSSOT AT DBR DOCK. The news of the arrival of the Grapeahot spread like wild fire through the city, aud great anxiety was mani fested to ses the vessel, it being uuppoael Baker was on board. There were but very few, however, who knew where the dock was; but quite a erowd, nevertheless, assembled at the foot of Seventh street, East river, where the vessel came in, whioh was about 6)? o'clock. Tbone who cume to see Baker were disappointed, aa he had been taken from the vessel in a steam tug off tae Battery. After tb? vessel was secured, the officers and men immediately left the ship, and the crowd dispersed to learn more news elsewhere. The bark is about 500 toes, and carries thirteen guns. This adventure will add to her notoriety. The following is the LOO OF THB BARK ORAPB0HOT. Sunday, March 18? At 8 A. M., hauled the ship out of the slip to the end of the dock, at Seventh street, East river; at 7.40 P. M., the steamboat Mercury came along side and towed us to tho foot of Wall street; anchored, took the seamen on board, hovo up the anchor, and pro ceeded down the bay. Monday, March 19? At 1 25 P. M., the steamboat left us: we made all tail, the Highland light boating, by com pass, S W., distance six miles, from which I take my departure; middle part, light breetea from the wuetwiird, with all call ict that we could put on, and studding sails set on both sides; at 5 A. M., wind hanle<( round to the N. E. ; took the studding sails in, and braced the yards sharp up. This day ended with light breezes and plessant weather. Latitude, by observation, 89 05 N. ; longitude, by chronometer, 71 47 W. Tvxspat, March 20 ? Continues with light breetea from N. E.; at 9.50 P. M., in the Gulf, temperature of water 56 degs ; middle part calm and clear, with d. sea; at 4 A M. Hght from 9.8. W. ; at 7 A M. set all the studding sa ls; wind from W. ; at 9 A M. took in the topgallant studding sails ; this day ends with strong breeaea Lat. by observation, 38 03 N , ; long, by chronometer, 70 W. WkD.TisDAT, March 21 ? Continue* with strong breezes from the south, and clear; 'at 8 P. M., squally; took in fore and main royal; at 12 midnight cloudy; took in fore and main gallant ssils; at 1 A. M. wind shifted round to tbe north and west, accompanied with heavy rain squalls; this day ends with strong breete-< from the wtstwsrd. Lat. by D. R., 37 '20 N.; long, by D. R., 86 40 W. I Thursday, March 22. ? This day begins with strong bretzea from north; at 6 P. M. ti.ok in tbe m*in top gal lant studding sails; mldJle part light airs trom north. This day ends with light airs from the eastward, and cloudy weather; the sun obscured. Latitude by D. R., 87 11 N.; long tud? by D. R , 64 53 W. Friday, March 23.? Begins with strong breetes from east southeast, and squally, toik in fore main royal; at 4 P. M took in fore and main top gallant, anl put one reel in tbe maio tope ail, au?l two in fore tupsail; at 8 P. M. tbe thip under doie rem topsails, and main sails furled, and one reef in tbe foresail; middle part, strong gales from the west, accompanied with heavy sea. This day euda with a rong gale fniiu the weat northwest, ac companied with a heavy swell. Latitude by observa tion, 58 18 N. ; longitude by D. R., 62 23 W. Saturday, March 24 ? Continues with moderate gale from the westward; at 2 P. M., shook two reefs out of tbe top sails, and set the two gallant sails, set jib and miten studding sail; middle part calm; at 12 M., wind shitted round to the S.W , set all the xtuddlng sails; thia day enda with brisk breezes from the 8.W., and clear weather. Latitude by observation, 38 17 N.; longitude by chronometer, 55 36 W. ben day, March 25? Continues with s'rong breezes from tbe 8. W., and clear; middle part the same; this day ends the same. Latitude by observation, 38 28 N ; Ion gltude by chronometer, 50 30. Distance run these 24 hruta, 306 miles. Monday, March 26 ? This day b*fna with strong breezes from S. W., and smoky; at ti P M. took in the for* and main royal: middle part squall/ ; took in the top gallant sal's and single reefed the topsuil; at 5 A. M the ship was under close reefed fore and main topeail; at 7 A. M. the wind shifted to westward, maue all sail; this day ends with light breetes troso tbe W. N. W. Latitude by ebservation, 39 12 N.; longitude by dead rsokoning, 46 96 W. Tcnday, March 27.? This day begins with light breezes from the N. and E; at 4 P. M calm: at 6 PM. the wind shifted round to E.; at 10 P M. the wind shifted round to W. N. W., blowing very heavy; took In fore and main royals and top gallsnt sails; at 6 A. M. made all sail; this day ends with light breezes from N. W. and clear. Latitude by observation. 36 26 N. ; Ion. gltude by chronometer, 41 6t> W. Wkdrrday, March 26 ?Continues with light breetea from N. and W and clear weather ; middle part brisk Dreizes from the S. W. ; this day ends with sirong breetes from 8. 8. W. Latitude by observation, 38 63 N.; longitude by chronometer, 37 43 W. TnriwDAT, March 29. ? Thia day begins with atrong breetes from 8. W- and rmoky weather; at 2 P. H. took in the tore topmast atuddingsail and lore and main royal; at 10 P. M., single reefed topsails and set the maintop gallant sail; middle part the same; this day ends tbe same. Indifferent observation. Latitude 88 46 N.; longitude by obe ervation, 32 42 W. Friday, March 30.? Continues with atrong breetsa from ?W. and heavy weather; middle part light breeze* and clear: this enda the same Latitude by obserra tioe, 37 05 N. Longitude by chronometer, 28 31 W. IMstanee run theee 24 houra, ?18 miles. Saturday, March 81.? Oontinusa with light breetea from 3, and clear. At 1 P. M. sot studding anils; mid dle part the sanie; thia day enda the same. Latitude by observation, 35 .>8 N. Longitude by chronometer, 26 06 W. Elstanc* run in last 24 hours, 179 miles. We And by our obeervauona that there it a atrong current Bet ting to the east sard. grvDAY April 1.? Continues with light airs from 8 W. ; nt 1 40 1'. M., made a sail from the masthead, made oat to be an hermaphrodite brig; at 2 P. M. calm; middle part, sums . t.iis day ends sine. Latitude by observation, "6 t>l N. ; longitude by ehrroometer, 25 38 W. Monday, April 2-ttegin* with light breetea from N.W. and taetwatd, aud clear weatiier; mi idle part, brisk breetea (rem S ; tlila day enda the same Latitude by observation, 34.02 N.; longitnds by chronometer, 21.54 W. Tcauay, April 8.? Continues Ught breeaes from E. and cloudy weather; at 8 P. M. took in tore and main royals, bieeziog np and squally, accompanied with rain; middle part the ssme< <ay sods the same. Latitude by obser vat Ion, ..1 44 N. , longitude by uiironoaster, 20 32 W. Dietetic* run in '24 Honrs, 167 mil's. Wfci)ir>*0A\, April 4.? Thia day beg as wl'b string brutes ? rom E , and squally eeotner, we are now in the NX trade winds midole part the same, nt 12 H, single i?t?d " h? topa/dta *nd furled the topgallant sails; a-, i, A M., nvf* the ? s instil and took in j b; 'his day ends tie ear" Latitnce by observation, 3d 0J N ; loogftudi by chronometer, 18 48 W. 1 hum dat, Apil 6. ? joatiauei with ?tooog krMMi fromE.14.1 eadiquelly ; at 4 P. M, tacked ship and atood to tha * ; we ooukl net weather the Me of Palm** ; mi idle part the aeme; at 4 P. M., tack d .nip and stood to the 8. and C. ; a* ? A. If., mow mo<terate, eat the top gallant tallt; thia day end* the name. Latitude by observation, 3017 longitude by chronometer, 18 21 W . Fridat, April ' TW? day b^ n? with ?tr<rog biWMi from N. E, and oatoky weather-, mlddk. part the tame; at tea A. M. made the W. point of Teneriffe, bearing by eompeta 8. W. distant thirty rnilee; thm day end- witlx light breeze* from N . E. end smoky. Latitude byob serration, 28 60 N. ; lc?g tad* b7 chronometer, 15 47 W. fcATCRDAY, Apnl 7. ?Thi* day continue* with light breeze* from N. E., and oloody weatier, accompanied with ra n squslbi, at 4 P. M. nrnde the Orand Canary la lanJa; at 5 P M. the narth point of Tanenffe wa* bearing by compaa* N. W., dlstaat twhe miles, at 6.30 P. 16 tat in thiak , hauled the ahip off till mewing, took irv the light *aiU; at 4 A. M. made aail and shaped our court* for Palma?; at 10 A. It. lev go the aachor in 12 fathom* of water; pasted the fowt; wat bearing by compaa* N. N. W., ditUnoe one-half mile. This end* the sea day. go DAT, April 8.? ThU day begine with light breezes from the N. E. and clear weather; ail hand* employed in taking water on board ; this day ended the same Monday, April 0 ?Throughout these twenty four hours light breeze* from the north andeaat, and pleasant "tub-day, April 10 ?Throughout thaee twenty-four hour*, light breeiee from the N. E. audcleaa weather; at p p. n,, got nndsr way and stood to the southward and eastward; a* we were heaving up the anchor; Capt. Hep barn came forward and one of the seamen- took off Ms coat to ftght him, and ha ordered him put it* iron* and put in the cabin, at 8 P. M., *tooi in to our aachorege again; at8;60P. M., let go the anchor In tea fathom* water; tbi* day with light wind* from the N. E. W*dn?day, April 11.? Thzougbout these twenty four hour*, light air* fiom the N. E. aud clear weather; at 10 A. M. hove anchor and got under way, and stood to the northward aad eaatward; at 3 P. M. tacked ehip and stood in to oor anchoiage again; let go anchor in twelve ft thorns water; thi* day end* fine. Thursday, April IS? Throughout these twenty four hour* 1 ght breeze* from the N. and E. and plea^aat weather; at 2 P. M. got under way and stood t* the 8. and E ; at 8 P. M tacked thip and stood in; at 9:30 P- M. let go her auchor. Tbi* day end* pleasant. Friday, Apr 1 13 ?This day begin* with light breezee from the.N. andE and pleasant weather, at 9 A. M. got under way and etood out of tbe harbor to see if we could dircover the Isabella Jewett; at 2 P. M. tacked ship, and stood in to our anchorage; at 4 P. M l?t go anchor in nine fathoms water. This day end* with floe weather. . . , ... . gATt R?.AY, April 14.? This day beg ns with strong brtezes Irom E. N. F., and end* the *awe. Sunday. April 16? Ihia d?y begins with brisk breezos Irom the N. aad E. with pleasant weather, and ends the rame. Monday, April 16.? This day begin* with light breeze* fjom the N. and E. and pleasant weather, and ends the "tuobat, April 17.? This day begin* with a light breeze from the north. At I A. M., got aader way, and stood to tbe north; at f :V> A. M., *aw a brig close under the north poiat, ate (ring for Palm?*: tacked ship and *tood lor her, at 6 A. M., made her out to be the brig Isabella Jewett, at 7 A M., fired a gun for her to heave to; at 8 A. M- , hailed her to haul her fore*ail and back her fore topsail, which she did We *?nt tbe officers on board, and took Mr. Baker out of tbe brig, and transferred him to the Grapesbet, two mile* *outh of Palmo*, at 9 A. M.. made all tail and tbaped our course for New York. Courte along tbe land couth; wind light. Thi* day end* at 12 M. Whdnwday, April 18.? Thi* day begin* with light breezes irom N E. , and clear, mldcle part, light airt from the westward ; we find a ourrent setting to the eastward; at 12 M., Point Tooeer was bearing by compaa* N., dist. 18 miles. Let. by observations, 27.33 N.; long, by chronometer 15 45 W. Thursday, April 19.? This day hegia* with light breezes fiom the W. and clear weather; at 4 P. M. tacked ehip; wind shifted to the N ; at 6 P. M. est the studcingsails; at 9 P. M took in studdlngsaiis; middls pert, light breeze* from the N. ; thi* day end* the same. Latitude by observation, 26 37 N.; longitude by chro nometer, 17 45 W. Friday, April 20 ? Thia day continue* light breeze* from N. and W. and clear weather; middle part the same; thi* (fay end* the aame. Latitude by observa tion, 24 68 N.; longitude by chronometer, 20 40 W. Distance run 189 mile*. Saturday, April 21 ?Thi* day continue* with light brtezes from N , aad clear weather; at 7 P. M. the wind hauled more toward* theeait; set tne studding sail*; middle part the tame; this day endt with light breezes fiom the N. N E Latitude 34 2 N., longltue by chro nometer. 24 22 W. Distance run thtse 24 hours, 207 miles. fcrNDAY, April 22 -Thia day oontinuet with light breezet from tbe north and ea?t, and pleasant weather; middle part of the day the earn*. latitude by observation 24 16, longitude 28 01 W. DUtance run, 201 mile*. Monday, April 23.? Light breeze* from the N. E., and clear weather, which oontlaued through the day. Lati tude 24 24 longitude 3129 W DUtanse run, 191 mile* Ttwdat, April 24? Continue* with light breeze from the N. E., and char weather: middle part of the day the same; day enda the urns. Latitude by observation, 24 32 N., longitude 36 # W Distance run, 198 mile*. Wki?xbday, April 26 ?Throughout thi* day light brrez* t from E N. E.,.ana clear weather. Latitude 24 25, N, longitude 88 22 W. Thursday, April 26? Throughout tbete twenty- four hour* there were light breeze* from the E. N. E., and clear weather; the day terminated in rain squall*. Lat. 24 ?4, long. 41 3S. Friday, April 27 ?The squally and rainy weather continued throughout tbe day. Lat 24 84, long. 41 32. Thi* day begins with brisk breezes from the 8. 3. K., snd cloudy weather. Let. 25 19, leng. 46 09. Pittance 200 mile*. Saturday, April S8.? Tbi* day begin* with light bretzea from th* fouth, and cloudy weather; middle part fqnally weather accompanied with rain; tbi* lay end* with a l *ht breeze from the weat. I*t. 26 02 N., Ion. 48 08 W. day, April 29 ? Thi* day begins with light wind* from the west; at 6PM.; tacked ship and etood to the westward , middle of tbe day, bri*k bra* ze? from the north; the day endt a a it begaa. Lat. 25 31 N., long. 60 11 W. Morday, April 80 ? Britk breezes from the north aad east; weather peasant throughout the day, but freah enisg np at night, when It began to blow pretty atroag. Latitude 24 44; longitude 63 20. Diatance run 177 mile*. TrwDAY, May I.? Tbe day opened with etrong breeae* from the north and clear weather; at half part four ia tbe at te; noon passed a *uakea v*a*el with one mast standing eut of the water and trusael tree* ia right; the wind tell off about night and light breeaea from the North, latitude 24 44, loagitude U 0?. DisUnoe run, 216 mi lee. Whdrmdat, May 2.? Thia day begiaa with light brieaee from the north aad east, aad clear weather, middle part of the day calm, thia day ead* with calm weather. Latitude, 24 82 N. ; longitude, 68 27 W. Thursday, May 3.-lT?i* day begin* with calm weather; at 1 P. M. light breeze irom the weet, middle of the day Mroag breezes In-m W H. W; at 2 A. M. tooa ia the for. M><< mala roy ale; at i2 n.* z , vk>? a slagle reef ia he top alt. bo noser vat^u Lantude from dead r? coning, ?its k6 N ; longitude 59 27 W. P111 dat, May 4.? Calm and wsrm ?eatb? ia the morn ing, and at 4 P. M. tacked *blp and heeded to th wast; H e ratio continued duilng tbe remainder of theaay Ut tude 2# C6 N., loogitade Wi 88 W. st, hay 5 ?Tbe calm weather of tbe previous 0?, 18 P M., however, a ligt.t breeze ?an n* n y ?rcm the B B. *? , "hieb became pre Xj br ^ a* tbe evening olosed ia. Latitude 27 02 W ; longitude 6 /c>XiY May '.-Tl ese twenty four hour* begin wtth a^eraU gsl.* 'ron. *.e K W . acoompaa.ed with r.ic squs ls, m<' dh- oi U- c'ay. the weatner cont.a-ing th ^mss., t<x-h In the ttudd ipeails an ? tojal" aert t0p,al isnt r?ils k' tbesl.p op to W.N W end off to N N \\., at S A M talked eh'pani stood to tbe wnatward let's ^aj eaoe w<th erisk lr?ez?s fnm N. N. W. Lati tude 28 0'i M.- JongitataW 0a W. Monday, Ma? 7. ? This day begins With light breen* from the N ? W ;a IP M iackn.1 hip ?id stood to the north and aast; at 8 P. M. acked shO aad stjod to the northward and weal. Thii day ends with 0*1 ? weather. Tcksday Muy 3. ? TJgh* ki t frcm the north hi the | mcrniug, shifting r and to the -ou bcauH about a ex*, , and m a brisk breeze stared dwrin, tua day aU ?he | stnddlng eadf ee?e set. 1 he day cloied with pleomnt weather, and light breeiaa tbe *'.u*li. Lat. 2J 14 N. ; long 64.64 W. Wfi?nk??at, May 9 ? B'i'k br?e**? oontnaed through the day from >be esuthwe t, w.tb pleasant weatier. At half pe*t three, I'. M., *pnkt- the efrp George A. II?p H y, ftena Ca?diff, b ur.d to Chaileaton. At 5 P. U., ?w fort-topgallant t run el trw was carried away, and a)l bands ae t to work re jailing \t. bail ee' cgain at 11.40, P.M. Day closed w til strong bieezes fre? the fid W. Lnt. 82.13 S ; ku.g. 67 -8AT, ristaooe- ruj 226 miles. Tusbi-daT, May 10 ? This Jay with >risk bree* <? from ^the ktmt-ewi-?t and smoky. Ai 6 A. M. tail* J ship. Middle p?rt of day light breezes from the noriV west. Thi? daj end* tbe etao as ? commenced. Lai. &2 33N.r long. f.?S3W. F hid at, May ll.? This day begin* with strony breeze* 'row tbe nerthwat, accumpatled wi'a rain aqua*). At t>A. M. tacfcx) abVp. Middle part ofthe day equally At 8 P. M p?f ted a water cat^k painted green, hoops painted ied. Lat. 3* 13 M., long. 70 46 W. Satvkday, May ljt. ? ' Ihladay boglna with light brwies txoa he Dorth, ?ith fine weuther, aad closes with light brer it a ficm tbw notth and eat I. Lat. 3b 06, leng. 72 10. Sctdat, May 13.- ligbt breezes continued in tbe moiciag. About noon it became calm* Lat. 36 21p long. Tl 49. Monday, May 14 ? Thin day continue# with brisle breeze* from tbe sm>th and west. At 2 A. M. in tho Gulf, middle part, light breezes from the weat. At 1.30 P. M. out ot the Gutf. This day ends with brisk breezes from the aouth and weat and smoky. Latitude 58 11 K., longi'ude 73 12 W. Tiesdat, May 15 ?Continues the brisk troexes from tbe S. W., and hazy westbsr. At 10 A. M. toe wind di?d away. Middle part of the day calm and foggy, with ligbt aire from the south and east. Thie day ends the same aa it commenced. Latitude 40 12 N. Tuft uuurattv OF BILL POOLE. The ronrder of i*oole wuh eomuiitt" 1 at "-tanvix Hall, No. 679 Brottd*ay, on tbe 24th oi Ksbruary lwt, be tween tbe hours of 12 and 1 o'cloct at night. Poole, after receiving 'he fatal wound, lingered till the ith of March, wiieo death put ho ma to hi* sufferiugd. A* j soon aa it was known wbo we* the murderer o' Poole, search was commencxl tor l^wia B?ker. but iiuvi?oeas fully. He succeeded in eluding the TigUnae of the po lice.and taking pa**age on board the IsaUellii Jewett, lie sailed for tho Canary Inlands on the 10th day or March, fourUen davit having expired from the time of the murder to his departure. Aa soon aa it waa ascertained that Uak- r bad aailed in tbe IiabelU Jewett, preparations were made (or his pursuit, and George l<aw, to further tbe ends of juatice, generously tendered to his Honor the Mayor the well known faat saling clipper bark Grapeahot. Tbis resael waa plaeed under the direc1 on of Judge Stuart, and waa sent to sea for the Canary Inlands on the 18th of March. Before the Grapesbat railed, a government Teasel, at the lequeat of Mayor Wood, wai directed to asatat la the pursuit, and putting out from Norfolk for the Canary lalands, she waa com pelled by atresi of weither and leaky eonditicn to re turn to port. Ihe Grapesbot baa performed her Ttiyage> and has aucceeded in bringing the fugitive baok to the city. ObMury TBS LATS rCKMkR BAWYRK. The remains of tbe late Gaona* t. biwm, Purser of tbe I'mted States frigate Cumberland at tbe time <>t hia death, (wMcb occumd at Spetzlv la Sardinia, on the 24th cf June, 1862,) arrived at thla port a ahsrt time ainoe, on Board ihe I nitwl rtatea aloop of war Levant, and were ccnvejed l*?t week to tbe reaideaoe of bia wicow, att-t albana. Winimt. The fun-ral took place on the aiiernoon of Vriday, 'be lltb laatant, ?nd was rondurteo in accordance with the nteso' the Hrou-stant hpiacopal Cburrb, the R?v. Charles Fay offijlittinij. Ibe mi vices upfn the o-chsioo are represented aa having been unusually imprexs ve. CBBIBTOfHHR B. Mil LIB. K8Q. Died, on tbe lltb instant, at Woouburn, bi? country eeat on the Hu'aon, near Nawburg. CMRWroruKU B. Mil l-aq., in the forty-ninth vear or his a^e. In the deuth or tl is am'ahle and sind hearte<l gentleman, tbe poor have bet-n depri ved of a hen??artor, and the coin u, unity ef a liberal and publis spirited memb r. He w*a un.veisally beioved. ana his memory will be ehar'ebed by a Urge circle of friends who de?ply mourn his lass. The affet.tion%te regard entertained tor him waa attested bj the immense ecncourae who witnessed the do ing obsequies at New Wlndkor, on fun lay last, where hs lemains were consigned to their final resting place. The pallbearers were Captain Ro?>ihboo, J r Headley, l.eorge Tkompfon. Geo. P. Morris. N. P. Willis, J. Has fcituck, B. W. Bonne j , and H W. Sargent. Board of Ten Oovernora. Tbe Board met yesterday, at the Kotunda in the Park. Present Gcvei nors Townsend (In the chair), Tiemann, Taylor. Weat, Heirlck. Dnke, Dngro, llenry and Draper. The weekly statement ahowa a decrease oi 88 peraona in the Inatitntion. Ihere are now 6,736 persona on the islam s. ?PIDXMIC 0? RAHPALL'S IHJ.l.ND. Tie warden o. Kandall'a island reported that there baa been a great amount of scarlet fever and roeasle* in tbe nursery department, so aa to necessitate tbe appoint ment of additiiinal nuraea The whole number or paid wouen on th? ialani now la 90. There were under the old ajetem, 2(0. Tne system consists in paying compe tent persona to do thia arduoua duty, instead ot unpaid pauper help. A ROW IN B?UXVU> HOBriTAt The cleik of the hospital, named A. C. Pinckney, sent in a report con plaining that be suffered an a nan It ?t tbe hands of It. Kalpb M. Isham one el tbe house staff, who threatened to ? wuale" him, an l give him a "ham mering." wbich threat hs executed, and blooded the com plalnant'a noee and blackened h s eyes The complaint was referred to a for lnvesligation Mr. Jonn Klagner was appo nted clerk of the Penlten tiar? in place of b>s father, deceased. After disc useing a number of purely local matters, the Board adjourned. Coronet ?* Inquests. Thi Hudson Rivkb Railrosi> acciddtt ?Coroner O'lmnnel iheld an inquest yesterday at the Eighth ward station house npon the body ot an unknown German, about thirty six years of age, who came to his death by heicg rnn over by one of the Hudaon River railroad tra-na going north, at the corner of Canal and Hndaon etieeta Ibe e?idence going te ahow that all efforts in tbe power of the driver were m*de te aave tbe unfortu nate man, the jury rendered a verdict of accidental oeath and, in ooncluaion, suggested the propriety of ar. Halt (who has the con ract tor dnvleg tbe cars to and from Thirty third street) giving erOers to his drivers to slack tbetr sperd going arounn tbe corners The de feased was < tessed in a bUck alpaca oo?t. new black eet>n vest, black cloth pante, white ootton shirt, linen roaom. and canton flannel uoder?hirt. Deceased was about five feet seven inches In height, and had brown bair snd a goatee. A> Unknown Ma* Focud D bow mm -An unknown man, about forty Ove years ot age was found floating in the wat-r at the foot of 144th street, North river, on Monu a V last. Coroner O'Donneli proceeded to the spot and held an inqueet n pon the deeeaBed, w ben a of dnwnlng was rendered. It appeared that the de reaseo was about aix months In tbe water was five , feet nine and a half inches in height and had gray hair deceased was dressed in blue pilot olo'.h coat, double i, reaeted rest, old cloth pants, canton flannel drtweis, red flannel abut, and stitched ooota. In toe ve*t pock et of deceased was iound a penknife, and a few pnreu* s on cap* Accidental DnowNmo.- l*atrick Andrews, a band on basii tre aloop Jonaa. trading between Vonkers and this city accidental y tell over' oarJ whde in .he nelgh ?Kirlioc o< Strjker's bat, and was '.rowned before the neceeearv aesi-'anre caaki be ? btained. Verdict, acoi dental drowning. Heeeaaeii was a native of Ireland, .no i b< ut twenty two yea's of age. hi uii* ?t DaowaiNO ? O ron?r Gamble held an in ?4ue. I jeeterra,, at 'he lo?.? of Te nty tbird atreet, Kast /iter hi ( n tbe twdi of an unknown man. a??out fifty ? ears <t age *b> eome ttied sulci e the previous day by inn tif v tvrrOmH ?t flip lM A m?n. fitniog *t tti# ?ek recovoien "he bore c-f ? e deceased ia teo hours ,tter the rash act wai cemmliter IWc-aeed 'rora his Ciess ?n?i iieneral app?aranoe. is eui,poee.i to htte ibM ?i i 0t 'k** luaatic? from th? Atrium on Black Wfl)> IdM <5 ANitHJ* I *< wni*o Caen. Coroner O'Donneli bald aa irouest rpen tl.e b.dy of Harney K any a nat ve oi lis r 't twenty-two years of **e. who waa loue i. Cten at the fosit o Bar'ieon ?truee ,>e decree) ?ss s taker ty 'rsde and we* m s*. d from In* home ?"ont tbHN> w eka ago No m-rks of virlence he!o* fonid on the bo y tbe jury readered a verdict o< ?lea b by oiowe-ng " A < bill* ActlDaMAlAT liiUiTJ. - A little child, ^ain-d |.r-?e ?. Bii*(is, reMi.ins wiib bia t? h*r at No. 44 <1 vei s fe? t ?a- I u<?*ri m as an- tut o??r by a c?rt . , \*r Jtseph l? ft Tl.e itMe e?l'eee, lln^r^l , . t M <.r l I me a"e r-rei*i?(t tbe ojney H?rKr.. w... , feetes sor he' t-awa - ."ete,,it ..< 'W0w?j 'l? ,,,.,?1 ui.prna* i" 'kat...o s.t< ta f oeon^r Hit >? ilirli?t?e ?rc? enaton, there brtag no preot ef ?nt I ,.,?Uct?okl* paita owo on tl.e isqueat Inejao *??? I aca < enial ieath. IturJrm Ilalli nail. Tfc'B BLBOTIO* OF lilt lUTOlUt YBHTEK1IAY. lb' iim1?' eleeiou for iirectora of the HarU-ra Rul- 1 road Comi ttfT took place aeaterday. at the robins of | the -oropany, irf Try t o row. There wee cuntileraVe ia 1 teri-st mauiinted durio,' the polling ,f the voter, area'.<vl in pare 1/ th* reep^flti re fri-nds of Lancaster 'Juderhlll, of Tuekaboe, and T'enry 3. BUtchft !, of '.hla city. Ther? was BO opposite*! to any of the utuer OMdi late*, the cotrmittee on noniioiation* bet* g ued in their selection. Iteis. Studftod, Veint lye* and S.iuthuiayd officiate! a* ieapecton . Oa the opening of th* poll, at twelve o'clock, Mr \*a i Hi IB.*, hp, of Middle ten Conn . moved that a om tint tee he appointed t > Invest, -ate iljm legality of th* proxies alout to be h ,ed, as nx understood tbar prosit* were to be oflered that borf no ilate, and were manifestly literal This mot. on was fiecotxied by Hik >m Bihd?yk, alto of Middtotoe (jeaeral Sastikomi, on hehalf of the Inspncfo-e, de clined entertaining the m-ition, wberent tlr. liubtnrd insisted on its retisideramin. atui at t <v nam* time in tlmeted that tii* U'-Drial was the paid attorney o! the ok: roa.-d of direeton, under wu>?e i >ai.age>rent 'he company bad been lo-iug mcarr una the stock became seriously depreciated. Cteu. 8> ti'>oKi> denied thnt he had -?#n influence! by improper motives In hid published opUi'on-', and ? tilled that be was tho Attorney of the lloard, whoa* duty it was >o do <*i)uat jus 'ice t*> all internets iu tee company. It was t>. en announced that the poling would com mence, and when any .tnuMfu1 prosv was oUerot, oppor tunity would be atl' trt'.l to cballcns* it, should any ooe so desire. The balloting tb*n pix>e.<*ited and c- uttnu- \ hat thrwe hours. when In* renutl w*?i declared, a? 1 a lirwi : ? Whols aiimber of share." repr esented whs 74,441. The vote resuMed as follows. ? Ni.'hnkf l>?au 73,-IS6 A. J. Aftia.. . 74,401 John H. Inkers 7!f,T'> 6 Lan?*st'r t'nderliill, 61 04) Wm. C. tVsimoi*.. , 74,418 Albert Sisir-ii 74 441 Henry K. Duubaui. 73,661 Kdwiu Crosby 74,441 H? race Ilroofes 74 441 Hamul i , I. (Vx>r ... 74,441 Kra'c W. tdmonds.. 74,441 Nath'l 1*. Baiiey ... 74,441 Philip liafer 74 408 ii (J Biatcbford.... iiJ.191 Ail the ib?v* nam* d were declared elected. with thx excepton of the last nvred, the former \ lrv Pr sidenc of the Board The new board will meet today >o elect ?BVc?ra. Me of Kerry Uutt by tauten. The tale of the lea?en of tiie Stateu laland, Barclay street and* Hell Gat* ferries, toot place yeeterduy in the Chty Hall, according to previoui auaonncement. The attendance was very limited, not more tliaa twvnty per sons being present. The competition, however, on two of the leases was very spirited, ao*l they were diuposed ot at a great advance on 1 he former rents. The great disparity in the amount realised by the sale of the Bar* clay street ferry lease, is aocountt'd for by the fact that the Corporation do not own the pier, bulkhead, or any 01 the property, and have only toe dispuaal of the fran chise. The sale wan conducted by Mr. Miller, and the Comptroller ma^e-tbe following mat. ment. in regard loth* property and the terms on wuich it would be rented The pier, said be, b lit for the ferry to 3t*ten laland, and the slip between it and pier Nu I, noie In r.he poaieesion of the United govemni' iit. are by the terms of the lea?e to M auric &n.i Vuiiderbiit to be surrendered to-tb* city <>n the Drat of M?y, IHfj. Tbia piur and slip are not* to bt leased with the terry traeohbc to ^lateu laUnd. The t'ouimuiv.Ceui.cil, by the ililli section cf th? obartsr of 17.'*', cennDOi'ly oalled the Min?,| u.ori- itrant, hastheaule, full and whole power of ? ctal lishina; ferriie ' from the Uland Manhattans to anv ot ttie appo?itv nuores, all aruuud the same Island, in mob and ?o many plaot a as thi< aiud Com. mon Council sliail think St." tV llbi tlm power to navigate the watera troia Wl itoltaH alip to fUt- u L<l?n<i for t lie for riage of perbona aud property is ootiiplete, the corporation is net the owrer of the Quarantine d .;it or any other duck, alip or land, wnich it ean vrant as a lxndin< plape fur the terry boat* on listen lalaud The le- ee, tlierofore, innat make arranr'eia<'tita with the owners cf < he d- ? ks at his own eapeuae, < u Statin Iciiuid. Iu the Jcaae ?hi< !i exp red on ih-i firit of May, thnre in no eovoiiant on the part ct the city to take the boat a, ferry bouses, .to and vaj the l<>tave? ur ttiem llut tte7'.hsuo ti-iu i f the ami oded shorter of Is"' It provides that all peraons ao., viiM. ^ any lean# or tranclilse under the provisions ot this act, n) all be ruuiiirud to puri hace at a fair ippraimid valida tion, tht boutt, buildinfta. and uther property, of the former leasti'*, actually nt-ceraar; fur the purposes of ancli ferry. T> i> la an equitable and j at.*, pruviaion, and tho new leaaoes wilt le required to pay, or nivs ratlafactory arcuritv to the lormir ic. before the> oaa bo pat in posaes ion ot the ferry iriviloitet. in regard to eatlmatinn t! e value of the boats, as the miiOo is noi preaenbt-d by the ebartar, the fair appraiaed valuation n.a \ bo settled b) having one appralfcr selected by each ot tbe old an l new lc-ai-aa, and an umpire; if they do not a^ree, to be fleeted liy *. h* Mayor. In regard to the i-bar-ict. r of tho boats to be appraised, if a nutstn ii la raired as to the securiwy of paaaeugera, la re gard to tbe ui/iolnnery ot any question ocunect?d with ttia uf the Loat, the natter abonld be deetded by the United Utatca lury.cotori of iHeainbnata. It regard to tbe boats and other property "actually ne oeriary for the pnrposea ot the terry, thia uiuit depend on the judgment aud testimony of eompeteut persons familiar wit. i. the niantiemrnt of this a< d other terries; and if it be cornea ?etea*ary auoh examinations will be made by the I 'imptrolli r Ti e Ie>rees wilt be required to ?ivs ?ood security for main taining a fcrrj 'rem the slip at Whitehall straet to Staten laland. 'or the transportation of paaaenters aud property, with adequareaconnimodations. The auctioneer said that tbe sale would embrace only tbe ferry slip between pier N?. 1, East river, now oecit rleu by the I'nited states, and the west of pier No. , buiittortbe purpose of a ferry to Staten Island. It was, however, he added, to b?* understood tnat tbe ferry frant is not to interfere with i'ler No 1 by laoding snit; ut that the United states government la to have the ao)e us* of that pier, aeoorOng to the terms of their lea si* Tbe hare, be cot'iuued, will contain covenants for tbe utual terry franchise *rom tbe foot of Whitehall stntt to tbe Quarantine cock on Staten Island, or such other convenient place as mny be selected by the lessee, to b? approved by the Mayoi or Common Council. Th* lessee will sIko be requireii to provide sale and comfort able .".team ferry boat*, adapted to the navigation be tweet tbe oity an 1 inland, and te be approved by the CouinissiODsrhof therinaing Fund : suitable coaveni*nt, and comfortable ferry houses shall be erected and main tained, on ring the term of th* l*a*e, at tin. several ferry landings, (or tf o sht Iter and accommodation of passen ger*; the cocks and slips occupied by the le.tsee shall be kept in good repair and secure condition for tbe pro tection of pasiengets and property, with su?h other covenant* as may be required by any act of the Common Conncil, provided tbe same is passed in time to have no tice given at the auction sal*. Covenants will be re quired on the part of tb? leisee'that he will conduct and manage said ferry agreeable to such rulea, regula tions, ordinances, >n by laws, as now are or may here after, from time to time, be made or passed by the Com mon Council or the 8fat* l^eginiature Tbe grant of this letry la not to inter'ere with th* right of the Corpora tiod to grant other terries to sn 1 from Mateo Island, or to and from any other place. Security for the fal'h'ul performance of all the eovsuanta will be required, to bs approved by the Via) or and Comptrollsr. Ten per cent, of the annoal rent, and th* fees of th* auctioneer, to be paid on tbe lay ot tbe sale, and t^>e residue o rent in^oarter yearlt Datmente. Now, gentlemen, said the soaManeer, wbe'n be" ha', made Known the terms, how moeb will I have for the leas* of the Htateo Island fer ry? Go on. gentlemfti ? set it a going. Put It np at once? how much am 1 to start with/ ? the Staten Island ftrry ? baw much? A VoiCT? Kv* thousand dollars. Arcno.N Kkjt ? Five thousand is offered? fire thousand _flTe? five ? go en gentleman ?don't atop ? any morsT ? Ave ? Bve? five thousand ? maae up your minds, gen tlesien. Akothtr Voicg ? Five thonsaod one hundred. iii'cTniNFKR? F ve thousand one hundred ? once, twice: I'D sell it at once Now, for tbe last call; Ave thoue id one hundred ? going, gone. Namef Thk Voiot? Jacob L. bmith The ttn years' lease of tbe Barolay street ferry to Uo boken, which, as we have already said, is merely tbe franchise, was next put up It was disposed of to the present le-seea. John C , kdwara L> and Kdwin A. Ste arns, for |10(' pur annum. Ibe leas* of the Hell Gate ferry, for ten years, from tbe foot of F.'gbty nxtb street, fc. R , to Astoria, I I , was sold to ( apt. Alex. Hchultz for tl,lb0 per annum. The drat bid was *100 from wbitW it ran up rapidly to tbe amount for which it was finally leased. The last lease of the Staten Island ferry was sold for $1,000 a year, shoving an increa-e of (4,100 tn the present leas*: while the yearly rent of th* Hell Gate ferry was only tltrti All the ten tea are leased lor t*n years, according to th* terms of th* sal*. Urnnben Brawl In the Seventeenth WanL A POLIt'BMA* HTaBBKD IN THE DIfcCUABOl OF HI8 l?DTt. About a quarter te twelve, on Monday Light, ta* at* tevtion ot offlcsrs Ot.renius and Mcrtimer, of th* Seven teenth ward poloe, was railed to a drunken light that was going on hetwaes a party of Geitnaa* in the neigh borhood of 1 bird street and avenne A Hast*u ng to the scene of tb* disturbance th* officers endeavored to dis perse the rioters and restore peice but in this they laiied, as a stout rvs stanoe waa offered uo lb' wart of th* belligerent* offioer l*orem?*, in et?oe?viK ng to make wn* o* tbe pary pnaoner, wao aasaited by liee or tour oi tb - iiisoroarly cuaractemj but not at all aUrua*d by tbe threat* ol vtoleneo no grappled with tb* foremost oi htm, oamec Car' lien '.no <s, who offered a stc-ut resistance aa it appears, an 1 in order to eeespe from the hands of tbe oihL*r. drew a kn te at4 plauged tt*nU> tb* lett breast of the policeman, indicting <a very dang* oos, if not fatal wound OiBicr toaa a. tins ?) men' came np to tbe aseistaoee of [lofenai aud Horti aeo catgbt bir wounded con. pan on ia Lie a >ns, juat as be exclaimed. " I am atabbrd " H.njrioks tnen erd. avo-ed to nr.aae h s sacape. * but .tfr*r a long chaae anil hgbt, *?? secured by tt.e ofboera, taa*n to the station bon-a. On tbe perse a of t e prt irner was loued a anile revere with Mood, whieb, an < oi. hi was the weapon uee^ ia tie atteoa upon oActr bottWis As scs.n as practicabl* a doctor waa obtained, wb-j ore seen the Injoiea* man s ?cun.i- "?b-a it* wan <-oo vey?c to b h rest ? nee. No 4U ^tan'oo ?'r?ei. Here tb* oi. ton tin ate man n?w I es, in aatat* hnnv r sw in dnatit, te morrlisf* bav ng, I'd I onM, ia sm t .ia. A man nameo Jonn Ancetias was a so an?a'e: a?a elisvge ol iw ?ng at a cesso y <o tit attempt at mai?t<-r '? rs'.rduy Tjcrrtng tee piieotets eers brooght tst- ft .1 >cw A'oo.1 at the ts* * Martet pot. s? rcv.rt w* et* tb f *er> cam milted w, pi tot , to awsit oe re. nil ui tue wvaa.>J mSn'i rnjuriee. ??vtiariiu w Kill !???!? r Mid Other Blpdf ttwi. All sorts of rt 'jnnr* are Is circulation relative to ?gye dltioos fitting out h'rean-lat the South? oae to re rota oiutioniie Kcnadtf another to restore Oen. Kchine jie. another to lend at St Dom ego to operate again it President Baez, anoth.*r tocoloniie in Nicaragua, and an other organizing In Cab f<*n?e to sis Alvare* la Souther* Mexico. Man/ of thvse it-ports aie pot >n etr-.u etion by advtntuiers, frr the , ?"?poee tl obtootag m mey from the parties iDtexaetrd the suooees of the pro po?ed plana. We published ye **rd?y a statement wWch came from Wtihitigtea, tha- tba> friend* of Geo flbhfc nique were aaw engaged la Hatting Bp ?n expe dition tn this city In reply to ttr> we hwva been re quested to publish the fslli ?iojf wMt ? TO TBH till Ton OF TBK Nk'W" TOKK ilblll.1). Fit. ?I w by jour ??uii.a.irj o' ne-fit of this morning1, tbat ?r<r!i-r liibusttmg ?ip''itn u is on tie tepai, stating that "'the trund rf (it-Mrd are or gmDitiog an expedition to r-ttov>b m t ? the 'reivleury of l'eru." As T am one of the (en friend that (.enerat t ekinequs tone id tbie city ai<t V-iu< -n'irely i^nv.nt that any rnicb project i* on font, I noulit hue to b?ar, through your paper, where then* t r t-nJit ire t> iw foil -hi, In order to rome to an rw<lemtsodis,7-wUh then, uud, If possible to dxwnadr tbma Prom any tweh unUr tak.'ag. Your obedient ner vau* IREDM-STK LAtRA taGA, of 'Me '"eruviau tray. 120 West Twi'fth ?.trart, May IS, l?|ft 1 tie expedition of Col Kinney is annemuoeil W-sail on Satuiday, lte lfith last , In the Ux'te-f Htutes. Abo it five hundred men- will coixpoee this p*r*y of colfaiita. We understand that although tne ex}?dtt.vo i* taid Vo be one for peace and progress only, yet It is- organised ea a military basis, and that regc'ar sommissioas are issned to thoHO who take out a certain number of men. We suppose, however, tist the colonists wtli' b* peaceable enough, if a a one interfere* with them Agriculture* sheep railing, mining, improving a id extending the areA of freedom, Sx , Ac., aill form the occurs rvon of thsoo enterprising men; and the only obstacle in the way of thwr peaoefol- pursuits, will probably be-in obtaining th* quantity of land they may deein necessaty- i? carrying out their plan* in Nicaragua. Since writing the above, the folio wing report baa been received THK 31CABAQUA EXPIDJTtOK? A NKW IHt>*OTMBNT MJaINBT OOL E1NWWY. An Indictment Jmtidk b?-?*n tound ?g?instCoi. Kinney, by the branu Ji.ry ot PUiiaeeiphta. Mr Wyakoop. the tnited StateH Mnriihal of tbat jity, fjrrired in Now York for tbe purpoite ot Btrentiiig the gaiUnt Culotiel, who, hrtwerer, bad prev*ounly If It for fbttadelpbia, to in r render h<m*elf to the au'horttiea. We begin to think that Nicitrugua wfa yet lose the aer Tices of Col. Kinne-pand bi n adbereota: 80 many 5*0*0 cutiona may ultimutMy br*ak np tbe expedition. KB. FABRhB' KJUKMTA1> PBO? rill CONSULAIR' OP aiOABAOVA. Tbe following 1h axxtract from a- letter, addreeead by Mr. Becr?tary Maroy to Mr. ex Conaul Fabena, which ahowa tbat Mr. Fabene la no longer in tbe employment ef the United htatea: ? Dk.PARTTMKMT OK Hr^TlC, V AflHl KQTOff, May 9, 1855. Jamui W . Iahknh, Eeq., New York: MB ? I am mucb turprixeii to]>erc?ire by the published^ account* of the proceeuiagain the Dintrtnt Court of New York, that you werethon conni'ered at 11 United otawe o Hirer, and rtpie?ented ea now underonlera to repair- 1? jeur pout at >-an Juan dol None In a late irut?rnew I ba?i with yoa, ?!Ja?tly after m^ ? ote of the 2fth ult . in which you auiioeed y our o?u nection with Colonel Kinney'N enterpriae, I: ilittiat'-lr stated tbat you would not be permitted to bold the pool tic a of Commercial Agent at tint place, whatever might be the rtul object of that enterpriae. After what I then said to you-, aad what hiKl b?en- previously ex pressed in my letter referred to, I aid not euppoae it' was necessary to give you further written notice that' the government would not regard you any longer as aueh agent. As you are still presented to tbo public in that charac ter, tt e President airectx me to notily vou tbat yru h*vo e*n removed from the offlce of United Sta?ea Commer cial Agent at ijaa Juan del Norte. City li>telll^riiee. TBI OFFICE OF TBK.OHIKF OF FOLIC! ? NKW AB HiKOMUNn> We understand Mayor Wood it determined to make the efice of tbe Chief of Police, in tbe Park, what it sootiU have been year ago? the headquarter* of all the police and city inteUigei ft at every hour of the day and nig at Instruction* are to be no uxl to all the police captains to immediately make known at tbe Chief's office every event of inter?Ht, every tire alarm, acoidont or im pertant arrest that transpires in their reepective dif* tricti. lbese report* will ne duly noted in a book to b prepared for the purpose, and will be open to the proa ano tbe public Something o' this kind has long been need ed, as now event* of tbe utmost importance take piaee which are cot known even to the Chief for twenty hours after they occur. '1 here in now a tetarraph. con necting every station houae m the city with tue Chief's office, and tbe poiiae have orders to report every flrw nnd every particular oonnected with it, ao that the Q?ty HkII bell may be rucg and the firemen properly notified' of its whereabouts; but so remise or incompetent are many of tbe police captains and lieutenant* that they do not know how to successfully manach tie wires, and the telegraphic aoparatus attacbad to their station house* is more ornamental than u*efm. Tbe new arrangement, by keeping them constantly in. practice, will remedy all this. The accommodations the Lew system will afford toe puhl.e are very great Those who lose children, or have vaJuania prooerty stnl tn, cao now immediately repaie to tbe Chief's offloa, where the news will be forthcoming. Tbera is another matter tbat abould be attenne* to A number of what are tetmed silent firea take place, of which no account is sent to the Fire Marshal, whrse duty it ia to investi gate all of them, a* there is as much incemilartsm at work in 6r?s tbat do not aasonat to anything as ia those tbat <*o. The facilities it will afford the reparU-ra in the pur uit of their arduous duties are ton evident to be commented on bare. There oaght also to be a larger force emp oyed at the Chief'a office at night. There at* now only two officer#, whose duties are very exacting and laborious A m?n should be appointed, competent tn write an intelligible report of what is transmitted by the wires, it would co?t but little end afford con/ids rable accommodation The new arrangements redact great credit <>n Mayer Wood, and abow th\t be has n true understanding of the wants of the press and the public. Ceicixt? Niw York Club vs. Patxmok ?Tbo first match this season wHt be played between tbo abom clubs on Wednesday next, the 23d inat., on the ground of the former olub. at iloboken. Wickets will be pitohed at 10 o clock. Tbe names of the players oa the side ?# the New Yorkers, are Meters. Spirev. Maxwell, Higaaaa, bbonnard, Addy ?. Barclay, Davis, Wells, Calvetiey, l<a Gal, Richards, ear Harrison, we have not, as yet, as certained tbe name* of the Paterson players. No dount they will Iring a pretty strong " team " into tbe field. It will he remembered tbat last year only one maush waa contested between tbeee elube, (the lateness of tbe sea son preventing tbe return match,) which reeulted ha favor of tbe New York Club, by oaly three runs. We are bappy to see tbat tbia manly aad healthy gassn ta now becoming n favorite pnetime in this country, and tbe New York Club deserve much praise for tbe eagee ness and netivity they diaelay in making matches with almost every dob in tbeir vioiaity. Fatal Rnrtr or thi HvonoraoBiA Cask. ? The young man, named Edward Brunt Said, whvim we announced ia yesterday's paper as being conveyed to the Now Yerh Hospital, suBering severely frtm the bite of a rabid dog, diod during the afternoon at yesterday, in the greateet agony. This is the first case -if hydrophobia that ban. occurred tbia seascn Tbe Gtiroaer wiH bold an mqn et upon tbe body of tbe decaaee-i to- .lay. Hruasfleid ra sidtd st No. M Roosevelt street, where ha waa taken, sick a few days ago. and on being coaveyod to tbo hoe pi tal suftsred excruciating torture until death pot an end to bii safferingH Fix* w Elx Pr&irr ? A Bra broke oat hurt night, aba at balf-pnst 11 o'eloek, In tbe back room oa tbe sieind floor of tbe briek dwelling bouse No. 91 Elm street. Tha toom waa eeeupied by Mr. Raptish, foe the manu'actmra of billiard suts The Are originated (Vim tbe fioeptaoa, wLere Mr. Raptiah's wojkjnan was betting glue> tt oa Sut ot t with a few pails of water, without doing, nay smage. There tit nn insurance sither on Mr Bapttab' ' tools or the building. inuMATK Ft wd AMoct.tTMMi.--At the annual eieotAea. for oBeere ai the Amarlenn Dramat t Fund Assentation, held yesterday, at tho office of tbe ' siriteMns, tbo fot iowinc geatlemea were eleoted to serve fan one ta? - lTesifent: II. ?. Stebhine; Tmsteee:J f. Hail, U lis Keon. W. F. Chapmaa ,, brM>, and J. Reun^ham; for Hi reefers: l?e i aMsnna, J. 8a! w* K H C I arse, W. ravings, W. R Blake, C. W. Taylor G. ?ettter C. C Rernard, J Masra, F Cbippondnia, i. byrne. A U. *"? roe. S. Tlbihag, W. H. Beitamy, X Tboena; Breaaame: T. H. iladaway ; Secretary . F C. W?a*ae. Comt ? Gssarsi 'ftsm mfore Hoc. J.tdgee Mitchell, Morrie and Qieche. ? .. TH? FkTBHKI.LY OAM Mat H.? The I'tfp ie m. /'enmitf ? Ne^tr<n! granted. ttmiiEB OF A wirx. - esi< rt. Willi.itht New tri?l g-antei* rt, Gru0fl*m?n ? rbere chtaid be a new tota^T St thet.sneral -efciions; <>v the tea'asra ebouM *>a an tord ok to tbe Itital M-ce^t aecee- the eiWoes proved. M%Uar * Dtn, ? Jao??'8t a?rsMtd wna oeate. Pefort 1*on. Je<Ves tlitcheti ffamsevelt and OWbn. K<rtho% w. ^sifffxs.? I?as i?r nrerrulad, and ju'gmtnt st special Te?* leveraed with ooat>; a(k% lib' jrty U> the reftn^stt ?o answer ?iibin tweak) dayn s'.ter not; or of ihs order. Hefoie Hoe Jn 'gee Mitchell. Coulee avl Ctrke Holy rt In mitpt? 1% r* claim of the Bauk of Ltrer p. ol ? Mot'oa to siri'.e vbs caose from tee oaiindar aled.

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