Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 17, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 17, 1855 Page 2
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Hvprenie Court night as well <*? in K amchatb a. It wm I ? aatural itf tint wcersnnaT was 6x?4 ?ber???aM ^ * c sverfence ?.( wealth ftud 'ul??uc?. I'll ?ora , t|j?o 1,100 mien of *?? coast. ??<! bad Iflflty.'O iqure dii>?k of terri'ety. fo^itow f>ejr went ?a until they i popul?t on of 10,(0?',00i inhabitants h I V mtDv Senator* > him nl wo bav. in Con*. tea? W'jy, i?a only. Tbe gentleman 'row Nevada (Mr Pbelpe) ?rouM oe ae privet) of lo I1 'liti ??'. right nor W0?h* hit UiVtoa bt increased. Yba ?outU?ro counties of t&o S<a'e wore williBg <o take tli* ir tbare in tbe exsr?*tj?nt debt wb ch had bwu contracted, ano run too rUk of ti e measure j??i? ng through Congress. 1 these el a' nth were n-fu-eJ they would appeal to the poop's of Califoruia? to toe jeeple of ovtry crunty in tee Sta'e. Hr Hi nt conte i>d?d toat tUe (lo i of nature ned hu mm ty demanded tbe division ot t!M State <*oi, ua t ure and the consutnt on h?d 'ot hidden that tie Inha bitants ot tbe southern portion of the State iliould be tr*n>pl?-o under foot tliey were notgofig to do it much (??fer? did they undernta^d tli*'.v (Laughter ) You ?ball B*t tram pl? on us any longer. You eau t do it {Laughter. 1 I ask in tbr name of humanity, and of tied, and of nature, to ^Ive ui oar f glitw? *e will atioul. itr a proportion of tbe debt. I ask 'or tbe like of Mod, ?f tbe American people, not to keep m down I Lit? been btreei?bt lung ycarr, and I know tbeir wants; oar properly iv txhauetng day by dsy, and th6 people are groaning from llontarey to tbe southern ?xtramt'7 of "be t tate. I uo not want to toreaten yon, but toe Union <a?'t keep us down two jears longer? tn?y just could sot do it? und that's all! (Laughter.) We don't ask ft t ) ot u wealth or your niln-s? cut ua oCT ? let na go; we wlll"sk? 'iloer part of the debt; ?e claim to be biotberi am.' will help you lo do all .b" good me can. l'ersonally I don't car? twe cenfs whether you grant It or not but I ask id tbe name o( the people ? in tbe mme of lieaven! I Don't want anything from you; 1 don't come bere ?? a repreeen'ative liont the ^outh. 1 ask you in (iod'i name just to giant us our satnral righto, and let us ?opport jcut institutions. We w>)l bo brjtu?re with yen 1 don't care what becomes of me. Tbe present state ot tb.Bgs ia destroying our natural snbatance day by day We Have lo cell our rjittio to p?y our toxea mm a boonlleaa terr toiv. I appeal to tlie H ?ui?, in tlie mmmm of humanity, and in tbe tKine of tb-* Soutb. We ?re native born cit'cnn, tud wbite imn We all came Inn the aelf-Bame pl?c?? we ?ai> in to* aatce *h'j>, and ntr all borne in it 1st ua have a divwioa of the ^tuto. If nnt. we abait be bound down until tbe last of -what we bive ia goue Mr Rtla>i> did not Intend te diacuaa the expediency ?f the weastire. Ab lar aa the couKti'.ut'on waa coa eersed. tbey could n?t puis this law. if ibere wero Mthlcg in the etate connti tution they mijtht pass thin low. ??o let Cocfjressgive their coneent But tnere waa another cbsatitution above thii Legiela:uio. a/u.nnt whirb tbey could not a:t. Gentlemen might aay tbe flat* ?OBst tution waa a bumbug, but he felt bjuixl to obey that ccnaiitu'ion? as far as he knew it. (Hear, bear.) By the 1-tii article of the sonatit itioa tbe bouo-iariea of tbe btate were fixed, and they could not evade that section ot the constitution any more than they could any other iretion; and if tba'. were the ease, all would '-go by tl<e hoarc." Hut he did noth^iieve tin' L*gialature were prepared to do that. The const) tutieu tiled tbe bounoary liue. Could the Leginlatare, by a ?imp)n act, lay it ebould not he tbe boundary liner If ?o a hill might be introduced to abolish theexecu aad judiciary. Now, this could not be done with out a revolution l et tbe tnttVr go before the people, and if tbty euuM show tbe next Legislature that It was ewnptitutionai ana deniable, no douot they would di vide the State. 'ibehruKiin conceived that the des're to divide the State wa? ba?ed ujven ".be idoa of a proper rrpregentx Umm ef the 1'acifiu eoa&t We all recognized the coneti tntion of the I nitei States as the hi^heat Uw of (he Inad. Kvtry ofliier swore rtrat to aupport that constitu tion It provioed the manner of forming and admitting new Rtalea into tbe Colon. Tbat constitution waa above tbe ?tite conttitution, and when the latter conflicted -with it, either in spirit or in letter, the State constitu tion Knit bow to the general constitution Now, al though tbe State coottitutim net out the boundariea of the Flare, It was perfectly proper for the Legislature to take the initiative. If the const tution ot the United fctaten had made such a provision, any State constitu tion could net trammel those provisions. As to the pro pjiety of dividing the State, he believed that, it mutt be dnne ?cm- time or other. There is a sufficient amount ?f teiritory, and he believed a division into thiee States was insvit&hle. l.ct them have the agitatho upon toe -whole question, an<l not upou the question of two States Irst and ene State afterwards, but let the nubject oe wholly diicusted and finally settled. It was only a ques tion of t me, and lie t<)ld them that it was a "foregone ecBclurrn" that the great TacSc coast, wito its futuro miliioDa of yople, would demand a division of the Stare; and that the idea of one State would bertpuioant to toe view* and wishe* of tvery man who represented toe peo ple. Then what could be tbe objection to agitatisg tbe <|n?sticn tow? Bnliad ro idea that th* bill would p*ss the l?gli<latuie, hut he de>irel to sen the subject agitated and frcperly brought before the State He debired the facte la l . before the people of 1he State. Uentleuion who teprettnted southrrn portions of the State talkd l of tailing the Ktump and appoalin;; to tha lire-die: but he {the Speaker) was in favor of a wed drifte 1 address, e?liedying the views of th? dillereot soc'ions of the Ftate. I el the at'.rn'iou of all the people be calhvl to tbe r-ubject. and, when the bill wa: hrouglit from tlie committfe. lie would make a mot'oa that the whole sub ject be laid before the people. I-ct a'l tlie arguments be shaped in an aiilre.s, ;?nd circulated througbout thi State. b.?i said that at a proi)?- ti<ne lie would be in raver of a division ol the State; tilt'. lie had ihuugtii Uo as glit aupport this bi'l, but I ho tlire*U wUieli bad oeen altered hsr* of rcbcil on In the event of th-n bill not bc ?ob?i>2 a law, and toe * rangJ'ug , complaining spirit Kan JrxIcO beie by tbe ntlt in*n hom San IHego, nud th? genl'mm from Son Bernardino, * juIJ cmso iiim to hesitate before Tot njj for a b ll to separate the county be represented fiom the State of California, and atta?b it to a new rtate, of wbuh those two ou'.iide, discon tented counties weie to be the ruling powrr Tnu people o' M'.rip ?? county woull prefer 10 remain con nected with th: San Joaquin \ail-y and tae Kay of Ben 1'iancN'O. The gentleman from S^n 13'rnar <lino should out expect us, because he lhes s.> ro note from the capital, to be willing to be cu< off irem thin fithte, to form new politc.'il connections ;itb a people on the very coutiafs of civilization, airoplf tC accommodate liiiu. Beai'ea, w!i?n thia question wan lpt?t*d 'o Vlarip.' cft )n. wan the avowee" purpose then, of the friend* of a dirt' eici of 1 li*- Kite, anion? wbom wore a na.jority of the uo?t prominent nn.1 mtluential men of the country, t j facilitate the iatiocuvtioa of slavery in the southern 4iv<?i?u of the Hate; l.? bad taken a position a/ainst the measure, * hich tad brought down tho oppoti.tion of a laijie aisjority of tbe people against him, and hud cani'd tbe cry of ?' AboHtioniet" to be rased against him. tad bad overwhelmed bim with defeat at the g?n"v ral election of that year. He did not know how far gentlemen might lie influenced by tho wow coaalera lion* now, but for liis part be waa unwilling to risk ano btr agitation on tbe slavery question without hot ter teaaons for it than ex lit at present. The portion Sepoaed to be set off to cocetUuta Ihe Stite of Colori i, would net contain nuar the requisite number of inhabitants to be admitted at a Stat*, nor are they in a condition to meet tbe expemes of a new State govern ment. He would therefore vote agairat the bill, for th>) reai- on that tbe imasnre wa* premature. and fiaugbt wi'b danger to the quiet and p>ace of society . Mr. l>orc.ns aaiii he had introduced the bill in goo.l faith He believed that If a man took either side of the question, it would ruin him politically Tbey claimed to bel'seiHc iMnerlc?r.s. The State was too large, and both ends wcte coritrdbd by the centre poitton. Mr. Hrvr had perhaps been a little too fast in bis re ntatks. an<* bad incurred tbe dinpleaeuie of the gentle man frrm Msripopa. H? did not Intend to r^bel against tbe American p*op'e; be was but only baif in earnest wb?n he made use of bis strong expres-ions. 'l ie qucs tion rl niigt-r 'iu was not mooted in t'i? South for the part tlree y?ars, and two thirds of the peoplo were op voted to anything of the lind. slavery never entered bia thought*. H? declared bit indention, in reply to the imp'italK n? of Mr Harke, to fupport the constituti hi He liert been in sanations where that gentleman o>'uld not shine (laughter.) Mr Bcirrv ha ! come to California before the al!ar? ?oents o' gold bsd drawn people here. lie bad foil iired the American flag round CiDe Horn night years ago. lie wan almo t born in tlie Sum, and here ho iateudtd to die. It was or t singular that tbe people of the so'itli-rn portion of the Pt?t? should feel as tbey did. Tho eea'.kern portion o! tbe State sbould be separated from tlie northern porlion. Bills bad hten introduced into tbe Legislature which were inapplicable to both tho aortbtrn and southern potttou* o? tie State. The <;?d of Nature lia< made the aorth?rn and touiliera portien* cf the State various in tbelr physical and grogripbicel character. In the norta were tbe miuiBg r oueties, and in the south were the agri ealtural interval? interests utterly at variance. In ?em* portioni of the southern Mate, taxes eat people's ea lots nee up acre bv acre, and tbey demanded and bad a right to rediee* lie would oo operate to legally divide the rontbern fr^ra tbe northern portion of the ii'ate, bat leaking at the constitution, he founl a barrier be eeaM not leap over. ih? c nitltution had defined the boentlnie", which included those boun'> now set off, and if the representatives of a newly divided State knock ed at tb? door of Congrees, tbey would be told that what the? had dune tbey had done lliiegally. Mr. fntMiffio* bed an amendment which he wished to ?fier to the bill, which was to submit the whole muter to the peop'e. 11a was in favor of the people expreeelag their v<ewe en this subject, and he wixhed this Houee to understand tuat be was not like some others on this finer, lor be fully endorsed the prn'lples laid do-va >n the Nebraska bill. He nontended that each Htate had the j>o??r of sayiag whether they woull have alnvee or not; tbat be eonaldered to be republicanism, and tbe peHej that bad aver governed the democratic party; and althoagb be was a Northern man, he should ever b? laund standing with and endorsing thoee vital prioclp'e* ?f reoablcan liberty. He. therefore, hoped that the bill would not be indefln tely poetponed. Mr. FLOtRNOY remarked that at tvery election the pso ?le of Manpoaa ?m nty had oaat tt?e?r vote in favor of a division of tbe Htate. He never oace beard tbe worl ?' slavery" in the f.gbt. Us advocated the bill onUU wftba slavery question, nud be repudiatad toe charg' that tbe element of "sUvcry hid been tbrowa int. the sabjact, as unfair. He regarded the slavery qunstiou ?a settled. The Nebraska bill had settled th? question, that wben a State by its constitution excluded slavnry, that qaeation was settled forever. He cared net whether tbey clvided tbe BUte late two nr three PtaVs, but be prr wired to bare twoStaiae. We bad a voting popula tion of 8CU.OOO, and ought to have more tb?n two reprs ?es tat i res in Oonglfse. He was a strong Soother* man, aad would take a clause in tbe constitution for not In trodaciag slavery iato the Poa?hrrn State, lie hoped the House would not be influenced by the slavery ?ie aesnt. Mr. Fin hit. said tbe ene?ies of tbe bill had thrown the ?lavery element into the subject. If theftatee of Mas aachueetts and New York could raise sugar, cotton and rtee, they would be slave States, if they placed hi? in Texas he sbould want slavery, hut tbe eaae was different *a California. There was a provision la the coaptation of the United States for the division of a State if the ?H^fctarc gave its consent. Mr Rtuam) contended, in reply to Mr. FerralL that Ika oanstitu' loa did not ?sv how tnat eonsent wae to be j given, aad that the ebole ma'.'.er must reet with the I 9?aple, wha would have u> say bow that consent wonH j jf *" /'? 'J1^ D"t exprees any opiu'on npoa the ex- I nedieney of a division ef the State, although per baas Jm cb^li tv V* til (im v( a dirUiva. J Mr nir?erffa I he bill as perfectly ecnaVtutle**!. I)r nMltHcl Dwrati'i ?af a ?)-??? r To bo re U ted Iv lb* >*11: r ?y f mp*ct with tha rltte. C.uli ib< > term l*o Statu co x-Uiuuoeallv $y *<neod i? |> tie pirtibl < oe-inu'.t. .In the manter pr?scr.bei by tl? n? fru.'h a tlriw ??t Imposribte. There i w*t* numtrcti pnc??M" construtBf Mil# ron?1ruotip? ' i of 'be cvB'titolien especially ii cat* of the S'ate of ] Jilsrouri la tbe mexatton of the Matte lv,.-h c< l 'J in e btaie ?us typical aud repre-en- I tative of tb? vmiIcuh Atlaitic HtatM, Each county in tfce B'.ate ha'l 1 iff- tut 'nterest*. and tbe object was to legislate and 'oici a c< ost.tutlou and lava to nnt each Sta'e. His toiiflitutnjy ?as bat tl e r mutt be pmtected, and ha bad alwsys to be in bin ??at, ?s at a ? atchtowrr, to oppose tbe pas f.tci1 ft b il* Obtiiinti tai to their inteieeta. Upon the grin iple of political ccoruioy tbe division of the tatc wail denanded. lie *u not anxious that tbia bill f o"U! pa?s in its present term, but was wilting tiat it tight be mtm'rteJ to tbe people at tbe next eleet'on Mr. Fabixy did But believe that the protest wan the proper tut" to pa?s tt>? bill, and mo.-jover he de?ired tbe option of the people- to to taken upon it. Mr. Docolas moved the recommittal ol 'he bill to a select ronuultee of sloe members, with Snstrac'i u-> to report ?p atfretss to the p?-opli or Call Jorni 1 Tbo me tiou was ugr*eu 10. an<i M<s?re. Douglai, Aubl-y. Ry* lasd, tdwardp, Ferieil, Wells, Curtis, Hunt and Kowe, were appointed such ccwmlttef. V The San Fraud' co Alia California of ciia 1 21st April coeta ns the fo.low!njj a? tiffin in Nlitioa to divl ling the State : ? An iiit?r?>FtJngniid an'mnted dis.'iKiioB took p-100 ia tlie /nembly ou ru??dy, in relation to the dun oa of tli < State. Mr Touglas. of Ban Jo*?i'tin. hid intro duced & bi'l provtdirg lt>?t California should b? divided into throe State*, and on this 'he discussion aroh?. In f< ra er t'u ca when tbi* subject of aivuou ha? como tr.r ubent* ou, we liave invariably opposed it Wo sf 1 u)d 00 'be s??ce iiow. with all Our po?er, were tbe eMre or.jfctt aimed at hi have been in f <rmcr ye?rs. Put tbis B'ovtment 'or a clvi ion Is diveated o' tbe ?ec tiontl ekarscfr ol tln?e wb;ch nave been made uefore, aco we are incl<B?d to the opinion that no one of tbose ad \oca'mp It i? so innane ae to suppose it posiisibU that an Cer 1 ue lljibt now existing in tie dtote the dark lnntiti 1<on c?n ever be plamer. many part of Ualifornia. thengi tatoi> h?ve hitberU bun tilled in * very attempt thtjr bave made to tnaruft the obnoxious ioHtitutiou upon oii. Ibe yoptiler voice ie agains", it in every patt 01 tae bta'e, Vy t>o heavy a majority that wbetbir it remain ai it ia, or it div Gtd int? heveral rita+es, we con'eas to imtll lear of tl>ia 'Jangeious and sectional institution btirg Introdncfd. Id ie?rd to tbe r^ked <jnpstion of division, there la KB' h that may b? ?atd en troth sider. lb? State Is un quertiotabiy too laj.^e; tbeintereitn of dilTerent se tinos ?re loo coLflietiDg for tbattaimony of 'eeiini{ Decenary 1o correct le^'Maiion or *)<iual prosperity. The p?ople in tbe i?mot- f.urt<) of (he are eubj?cted to severe if not uujum expenfo in their attendance on t"e Supreme Court, sn<* they hexr to little, and know so little of thotr laws and the manner of makiog toem, tbat they on bave do very stri ng attachment of the State authority. Ob the otlitr ham, th> ex]iens*< ol thr<e State govern ments wnul't be much greaur than the expanse of on? Tltre would be more otlioers and more officials to be paid. This, however, disgnlse it as we may, will be a powerful motive lu bringing nboutthe division. Ibe moht m-ghty argument, however, in favor of dl vifot,)!} tbis: tbat our congressional reprusentatioa wt uld be iBcreased Itie imjortanse of th's can u?r lly be over-est'mated. and it w li be thu oocsideration that will make the divisirn popular Tilth the people. Ibtre is one objection, however, to a division of tbe Slate at thi* time. Tbe people have not been consulted iu tbe iraiter. No one supposed tbat this Legislature would take action on so important a matter, and there fore bo rnnnbir ana elected in reference to it. The peo ple ought firht tu be consulted Tbere should be no auch judgibtnt taken, but after the matter has been fairly oisciised and tne people understand it and have express ed themi?lves, then will be time enongh to act in the mattfT. l"here are coust.tuticnal object ons to Mr. Don plant*' bill, but thoi-e do not atVict the abstract qaeition of divihiou, and therefore wo let them paas lor the pro sent. A very proper course, as it seems to us, was tak en by the As.'cmbly 1b roterence to the ma :ter A com mittee was appointed to prepare an address to the peo ple of the State, sc ttiat at the next general election the tc sue of division or no division * ill bo f.ilrly presentad. I' the majority of the people bVj.11 be found to favor dl vieion, i . will bo tbo duty of all good patriots and good democrats to cbrcrfully assent to it, and if the major! ty decide oth?rwise tiioy will submit to their vcruict with equal gra:e. Important Fngitlve Slave Cue. We Cud in the San Jo 'e Iblegrapk the following report cf en attempt at win .1 ne to lorco back Into slavery, s, regro brouiiLt into California by bis master. Uunsido ruble inwortance is attachtd to the decision, because a large number of colored men vre.-e brought into the Mute nnder circumstances similar to thc-o of the de ltndant:? l'so weeks nao. we alluded to tlie cise of George Mitchell, n c< lured bey who was arrested and brought 1 1 (ore Juhtico Allen charged wuh owing service and labor to one Jeri-o Cooper of I'enne saee. Mitcbeil was brought into California in 1349, before tbe adeption of Hie State ocnsticutioi, by one Cooney, and las 7 en tired hero ever since Tho attempt to car ry li>m aw:iy wits made tender the unconstitutional acts of our L<g! i&turt, and the decisions of our Supreme Court B?fo-e JtibUco Allen, on the 17th A jril, the counsel fcrtb* n no made application for a coatinuanco for ten day, (OeEao>e incuts r ?%? l-fhTicg was accordingly pestponea until the 16th at which t ree the parties appeared, and a motion w:.s midc to diemi** this case. Pending the dtscac-.lon cf thi? mot on, tbe case waa moved from J us tics Al'ea by habeas corpus, and Mitchell was brought up before ton. C. P. Hester, Ju(*ge of ths District Court. In the argument btiore Jurtje Hooter, the Legro'a counsel mv3e theiol)ow<ng pouts: ? 1st. No But* had the ri^ht to legislate upon the sub ject ol ftigliive tlavf-s. an.1 cited the caw of 1'ennnylva n n apt. i'rigjf, 10 Peters, United Status Keports, 11 Illi nois Kepcrtf, Ibornton'a ease, 12 Wendell, Jack agt. Murtin. ail boiJing th:it Sttte legislation on the subject was void. 2d. Tliey insisted that tbe Fugitive Slave law of Cali fornia expired on tho lita of April; and that the in cbrn'o proeeecings commenced under it before that time could not be finished on tlie lttU April. That the pro wete coram nonjwHce, and the detention ille gal atll vo'.a ^nip<;r"u? authorities w^re $itod 90 till- point', one from rfiooii K?port?, and another (roa 8 Blackford' a Indntna Ileporis, were especially relied ujon. llie learned Judge coincided with this view of the eat*, and declared the ptocced'rgs subsequently to th* statute absolutely vo.d, and that com-equcatly Mitchell woo illegally detained. He was accordingly dUchtrgel. llew proceedings occuried on tbo 17th. Oa the 2Ut, another attempt was made to rcduca (ieorge to slavery in ^an Frascit co In the report of tbe proceedings oe fote the 1 "sited Plates Ihstrlct Court, Judge Hoffman presiding. w t And the lol owm?: ? An afliitavit wsa made in this court for the roclamv tion, um'er the act of Coogress, of an allegwl fugitive slave of the came of George, belonging to Jes e C. Ccoper, of Tennevtee. The fugitive is cla'med uadcr the I ritcd state* law. Judge Hester, of San Jose, having de ciced that the prosoedings to reclaim him under the Stato staiute, which had expired, were void. Tho fu gitive tus brought beto wht n California waa a Territo ry. and the fiuestion ot law apparently is. whether the act ?I Coi>gTe*s applies to surli rates. No process liu Ken ifsved at yet, but a warrant of anc*t will proba bly b? taken out to- day The Chinrtt, [From Ibe Sacramento I'mon, April 19.) Quite an int'restinp aiseusMon arose yesterday in the Assembly upon ;ho bill propo ing to exclude iho Chinese Irom tie mines. ToootMw suddenly, it waa concelcl wonld be productive ot more or less evil, and subject i he Chinese in their unprotected condition to great sacri fices nod probable snflN-nug. it would hive precipitated them by tbousaods into thn rlffe* aad agricultural coun ties ia the val'evs ant os the seab iard, waere numbers of th'm would be forced to ?ti*al or starve. Thjmands, we are assured, would leave tbe Ktnto cid they posnnee the means of so, and m&ny are hopefully looking to 1he mires for t c money to j>uy their pawoge back w tbeir native land. line should b-< given to enble this ftrango people, of a diflfr^nt tongoo and raco, to mal e preparation to leave a land ia which they are and must remain Gran gers Acting on this ides, the Assembly adopted a anbstltato /or the bili repiited by tlie committee, whic* propu?s to Lt< resse'profip?ctivfrly toe monthly t.ix for license irom f< ur to six aollnrs n m n'.h the iatr to tak? effect on toe first day erf crxt Octobcr? in twelve moa'hs time to be insreaved to ten dollar* a mouth. We are incline! to tbe opinion test the law should not have tiken efiect be'ore the first of Jarnary, so as to hive given plenty of time for th-m to pr?p*re for the change. A bill ie also telore the House to increase ths commuta tion tax upon all foreigners incapable of becoming ciU zers. ro much an to amount almost, if not quite, to a prohibition. Place.) upon tho grounds of a polls* men tion, which In truth it h, and the State unquesttonaiily forreiseg the right to lev; such a tax. This I hinen i]ue*tion is one of the moat embarrassing end comphcateo of alt t&o?e presented for the oonatdera tiou of Calitornia logisla'ois. They cannot be admitted as citizens; the law and the constitution place tlem in an ln'erior position: the 7 are not protected by the law sf a white man, aa they are not permitted to testi ly in rouit againKt him, occupying in this respect tho position of the Southern slave; they are trsaW as an inferior race, and must continue to be so treated frim trie force of circumstances, and no other legislative I n* of policy Is open to the just and liumaue legislator but that which, as its ultimate object, looki to a restriction uponfarth'r immigration, and to tho final exclusion 'rom the .^tnt* ot those already her*. E vary thing coasi dert< , probably tbe act passed in the Assembly is as well eloigned to me-ot the cs^s at conld now be adopted. Mlscrllaneon*. KlJdirr of f>ARI>iau< ? The San Frtnclsco Ht-ral-1 of tlie 10th April contains the following relative to til* fl'gbtof this notorious forger and Rivindier, which w 11 sinke som* of our readers wltn surpriee:? J. Hubert Saoders, of recent notoriety m thit cltv. ia a pansanger on bo^rdthe Klvira Ilarhe.'*, sailed for uhlna, via Honolulu, cn liinrsday last Until one wsek ftefor* leaving he wts not ataoy tim*thr?*mile* 'rom this city. His flr^t pi oo c4 concealment was a willow a vamp near 'he Mission, where sleeping and psssinf most of th? tine In a linmmnck. and livfpg ou coll hsm and bisenlt, he Kmaiael until tbe Ath Inst., when he pasted through ibis eity after Kidnigbt, anil got over in a boat to Maria caunty. Tlier* ps?sing part of th* time in th* wo?da. he contlnuwl unt<l Ibe ivth. when h * mad* bla final ' scape, as before stated, by th* Klvira Harb^ck, totn< cn be^erd tbe ship off the Heads, without anv bagir ' ?e ol any cesctiptiou, and witl out cat or cap It is but juat to say that ('apt. Mar ball, tbe oomman ler of th* Elvira !'arh?i<k, wns entirely ignorant of th* character of his pauenger. It ia said that .vanriera waa very jovial and in high spirits all th* tlm* of his eoso*alment. CoL-^ixra-s F.xmrrmfin ? Th* Nicaragua expedition of Col. Walker waa to have lofi ?an Francisco on the n'gbt of the ild of April. In th* brig Vesta. The Ban I ranciico 7-m'j saye ? Th* expedition eo?si?ta of from ?eventy.flv* to one honored men. The parties go down iron this State as emigrants, thongh in what manner they rosy chcoe* to employ th'mselvet after they arrlv* lL*ie will b? b*t(?r kitown after their arrival. It is pro bible that if tb?y conclu^s to mllct in military o|i*r? Ml, thsy ? til join with Gen. C.w>Ulon,tbe oonstixu'.ijn- ] ?1 ouMtrr of ill* 1 stwn. sa there are already a numasr j <>! t!i that ssi -"ice. nunUXN, Bulh! and Deaths, miBliSM At . pei ,r?. by tie Rev Mr WoodbrMge, Mr. Fraacis 1.. gtu.ii, cf M*i iilcz, to Mrs Rotios Sloan, of Saa Kraa ciaeo Id Ban Vi'itoUrc, Vy tb* R(t. Mr. Williamson, Samuel Soapier to IU>. fl?rr? Wr>gUt. In esc 1 tantmco, camuel C. B gelow and Adelaide W. Bowmen. lu i-anta Clara county, April Oth, Mr. Charles Monroe, fo; rueilj cf Dorchester, Mais , to Mies Elizabeth 6 liutrbinren, recen'ly of Cherrvfleld, Maine. 3 12 Merysriile, J. Hudson and Mas E. Water*, of that city. In MaryaviU*, by the Rsv. E. W. Hague, Jasper 8. Sp?ag>e to Mith Elizabeth Van<UU, both of Cblco. In ban Fmncaco, by Justice J. G. Pearson, Ban ton Contrtras and Francisca Ygcra, both of Han Rafael county. In 1 reka, A pill 2, Mr. John J. Killey sad Mies Amandi C. Shone. In harjsviile, April 9, Kobert Tilhmaa and Mini Ilen& rutta I?ay. V le Marykville, April 16, Mr. Ell S. Lester snd Miss Ellen Pet>rs in Marysville, Api il 15, Mr. James Moore and Miss Eli zabeth Whyler. In raLta Cror, April 13, by Rev. S. Turner, Bascom Caae to Miss Mary Bcunet. In Nevada, April 12, by Itev Mr. Tansey, J. V. Hatha nay to Miss Mary J?ne Fell, ail of Neva-la In Columbia. April 12, Mr. 0. P. Davis to Mrs. II. Bout*, of Sen Fr?n?s<o. In Seasta, Apr] 117, by Ju'lge j. C Hinckley, Mr. Lewel llo Williams, cf Wlusky Creek, to Miss Nan;y Caroline Romane, of tihas^a. B1BTB8. At Foxt Poict, Apiil lu, tb* wife of 8. J. Ashley, of a son. In Sacramento, April 18, the wife of B F. Johnson, of tbe Maynoila, ot a ton. In ban FrancUco, Apr.l 22, ths wife of Rassy Biren, F>q , ct a ton. lu bbusta county, on tbe 20th of April,' tbe wile of John S. P. Has*, of a daughter. In bl asta, on tbe 7th April, Mrs. Loulaa Schneider of a Canghter. DIED. In San Francireo, Mr. Rudolph SchondorfT, a native of ijermany, agtd 42 years. It tan Iranc ftoo, Mme. ITrsulufi Brunei, cf Montreal, Canada, sgeti 27 jearB In ban >r?n"tsco, Mis. Susan Peaking, of Norfolk, England, act* ti/> y?ars In bar Mfcarfrco, James, second son of Ann H and Capt Jimefl Luftlow, of Now York, agod 18 years and 6 month i. Jn ban Frarcitco, April 17, of asthma, Mr. Ieaae Lome, of Irtglanc, 45 years. A pul 16 Mrs. Mario Ix>u'se Emilia Pemberton, wife of Arn<aid Gujol, of I/iuuiana. tame < ate, Mr. J R fcejnolds, son of Stephen Rey nclds. t e<j , of Honolulu, 21 years In Yuba City, April 17, John G. Parks, formerly of Frtmont, Ohio," 22 y*ar?. In bin Francisco, or apoplexy, Captain John Ingram, a native of Portland, England, aged 51 je*rs. Capt In grain was tin old retidmt of ban Francisco, Slid oldest pilot on tbe Pacific craft. In san Franciaco, Mr Theo. Babn.-en, of tbe firm of Conea & Pabncen. aged 26 years. In San Iiunciaro, Cias. 0. Pinkham, infant son of J< bn F. snd Jane Pickfcam, aged 11 months anl 6 days. In ban Fisnciseo, *pnl 16, J R Reynolds, son of 8. Rey nolds, Esq., of Uosolalu, Sandwich Islands, aged 21 yearn. Jn Ssn Francifco, Apr'l 23, after n shr rt illnens, Mr. John 1 onergan, a native of Irsland, tgeu 46 ysars and 4 months At Benicis, April 23, Captain Alex. Riddell, formerly Mayer ol tfcat city, aged 52 years. In Jan Francisco, April 21, of congestion of the langs, George Elvin, infant son of Mr Alphons > Dam. In Sonera, April 10, Hecry Cohen, aged 06 years, for merly of Samot-cyn, Prussia Poland. ]tlai kttli Ban Francisco, April 23, 1825. Tbore baa been an extremely limited business, and price* have undergone little change ? and tbat little not at all for the better, there was a failure to- day of a cemmiBSTon bouse, for about $100,000 ? came alleged, Fj.ecuintive rjif ratlor a in articles teat have recent!/ niucb declined in pi ices. F i.oi ii ? J-ales of 100 qr. sacks Magnolia at $8 60; 10O do. do. domestic on private terms; 300 do. Ashley at $11 ?0 per 200 lbs. ; and tO bbls. Haxoll at $14 per bar rel. CofiNMT'/T.? Sales of 100 eighth sacks Magnolia at Be. per 11>.. and at auction, 531 naif barrels at $2 05 per half bill Win at? Sa'e* of 416 sacks fair milling at l '^c per lb Tka? Sales of 2A clients superior Oolong at 60c ; aad 50 co youojr by?on in 1 lb onnisteri, at 40c. per lb. grr.AR ? t-ales of 100 bbls New Orleans at C^. ; and 150 hnlf bbls do. sweated, at 8j?c. per lb. Com?.? sale of 800 sacks Kio at 12^0 per lb. Baimnb.? Auction sale of 600 boxes sweated, at %t ti l)-i prr box. l'OTATOlt. ? ?alen ef 500 sacks at 56c.; 100 do. at 60s ; a ii U 100 do. at 62)?e. per bag Mackuul. ? ^al? of 160 half bbls. on private terms. I . U-l? nl nr. 1,aUa n?i n ? * H- r" l& Sardines. ? Auction sale ol 200 cases, in quarter boxes, at $2 26 per iozen. Bacon.? Sale of 100,000 lbs. Billings', on private terms. Bios ? Sale of 50 tierces Carolina on private terms. Cokdage. ? Sale of 6.000 lbs. Manila, large sixes, at 16c. per lb. I.attr from Central and South America. COSTA B1CA. , Wo aie in receipt of flies of the Officio,} Bulletin of San Jo(t-, republic of Costa Rica, up to the 29th of April. The Governor of the province of Alaguela had reported to tbe administration tbat the plague ef the locusts continued to spread by different points, destroying vege tation, but that the j were themselves be in; preyed upon by large flocks of black sparrow-hawks. The govern ment had called upon tbe inhabitants of the devastated :-?i?E \9 t^eir Utmost exertions to annihilate the cevaeiatcrs In the province of Heredia the hawss had dcie the work effectually. Cracd funeral hooors were paid, on the 17th of April, to the lute Costa Rican Minister to this country? Don Fefipe Molina ? who, it will be remembered, died in Wash ington, on the l?t of February, in eons?quenoe of in jur es received by a fall from bis carriage. Tbe obse quies took piece in tbe catbedral church of San Jose, v,beie a funeral oration was pr- nounoed by Bon Fran cltco Cairo, Cbej lain of the naticual army. VENEZUELA. From Cjraocas, Venezuela, we have files of the Eixmo rniit to the 14th of April. Ftesidcnt Mrnagas had sent a message to the Vene rut lan Congress, on tbe 4th of April, recommending an act to admit f{ee of all duty of Importation, ordinary and extraordinary, corn and articles of the flrtt neces sity, lor sach a length of time as thit provialon mi. apjwar indip^erpable, in view of the scarcity of prorl sions now existing tn the country. The President aleo askrd authority to be empowered to appropriate a por tion of the fund ass'sned for the expenw* of government to the puichace of coin lor distribution to the poor. The necesMty for these measures ami tbe cause* of the crisis are thus summarized in the opening paragraph ot the Ilesidcnt's message: ? A nc? public falemity, >hioh is heeom'ng every day mire remarkable, and is alloctln^ very tcneihly ti.e commiuitv coujef me to solicit jour co epcration to gneril atain.-t it. hi tiise. 'ikv fc&rciiy or band?, their frequent district ion from productive ccrnpationa by tnea<is of ths continuous ai<l inccitsut revolutions whieh Lave ntlliotcd tbe country. It.di vidua) Intecnrity, tbo negtet' with which property hv? b?oi rci Aided. tLe nuuopoh of public credit, the private mono poliex derive J from it. tbe hiih national taxes, the munici pal ictreaeeiS taxes imputed upon r>bj?c:s of immediate and g'icrai consumption, tbo very feajou, which has not ieen a# favorable ai usual fur tie production of cerotls, and other causes, wMch have un'orturately ojneurrcd and which need ret bo f peclslly deMraated, bnt which have co-operated in a latent and efficient manner, have resulted la" a en ?ideral le tcaielty in articles of prune neeeeaity, and have r'rdirtd it difficult for the poorer clamos to procure syb rutence with thtir narrow resource*, in the present prices of the irarkot. Toe Ccngrrfs had not taken any definite action in the setter up to last advicc*. BRAZIL. By the arrival of the clipper ship Maria, Capt. Green, f. m Rio de Janeiro we have the Correi') ilercantil and tLe Cor t Ho do Mo of tbe 1st of April, but we cuno*. find anything in tbem which would be of the slighteat interest to our readers. Thealrts and Exhibition*. Acapiosy or Mcaic ^-Friday evening is the last night the Italian Opera company appears for tbe present, aa they leave afterward* for Boston. Verdi's grand op?r*. " 11 Trovatore," is the selection. No doabt the house will be crowdcd. Broadway Titcatrf. ? The new play of "Love and loy alty" having proved very successful, is announced again for this evening, Mr. F. L. lsavenpert and Mis* Fanny Viniog tn the leading characters. " The Good for No thing" eon<ftudea the amunements of the evening. Powtnti Thxatrx. ? The elections for this evening con sist of the " Midnight Watch," and tbe new piece nailed the "Seven Temptations," which has drawn good houses every n'ght it has been performed Tbe encrgetic exer tions of Mr. Waldron receive their reward. Bi ktun's Tits at*i. ? This house continues In a eareor o* prosperity. Tbe management of Burton seam* to please all patties. The pieces selected for to night are the " Blue Devils," "Trying It On," "John Jonas," and tbe Wandering Minstrel." The house no doubt will be crowded Wai.i.?ck> TrtKATsr. ? Tlwee dramai of Interesting feature* are announced for thia evening. The first i( " iit for Tat,?' the " Irish Bragoon," and a " Kis* in th* Bark " Blake, lister, Brougham, Byott, Mise Rosa Bennett, and ol^er artist* ef dramatic celebrity appear. MKTKOpr.uTAN Thratrb ?The petite comedy of ?? Used Cp," vsith Mr. Walcot as Sir Charle* Coldstream, i* the opeoieg feature. A divertisement follows ? S?norit? Soto, 11 Carresee, Mile. Bucy Barre. and Mr. Pmlth ap pear. "Mod*. Jsquee," with Morris Barnett in that character, follow*. The Spanish ballet, " I<a Maja de Seville," conclude* all. /MrmrAN Mrwr*.? The afternoon amu?emente eon si st of the intcreatlog drama of " Adele," and the farce of "Bachelor's Torments." and la the evening of the drama railed the "Golden Banner," and "How to Make Home Ilappy." Wood's Mivrrn* announce a fine programme for to night. Their negro delineation* seem to please their I atron*. Bi;r*iJfT'e S*mwAr>nu.--Where can an hour or two be n ore pleasantly employed than at those balls of sweet vociiJiratfen and instrumental mnsic v " Matrimonial Speculatiens" to-night. Pkiira?,s MnrmRm^ seem to divide popular favor in re gard to their negro melodies and lnatruaeutal pieces. A fine p.-egramiD* f<T t? night Financial and commercial. MO N B Y MARKET. Wkdkbbdat, If in? ? p. M. Tbe ftock market took a tarn downward this mortiing. The bu ojtmrj of yexterday bill entirely diMppeatoJ. Tbe cocraaouii shipment af spec e to day is the primlpal caute of the charge. At tbe flcrt board Virginia 6'a de clined per cent; Erie Bonds, 1876, Illinoia Central Bonds, >i ; New York Central Bonds, Cumberland Coa', X; New York Central Railroad, 1; Reading Kail road, >{; Erie Railroad, % ; Hudson River Bi?road, )i ; Pan ana Railroad, 2. Galena and Chicago Railroad advanced \ per oeot. A very large a mount of business wae tram acted in tbe leading ra'lroad stock*. Tbe sales of Reading lum up about four thousand shares, of Erie about thirty five hundred shares. New York Central was in better demand, and tbe nalcs were large at the decline. In other stocks there was no activity. A small lot of Stonington sold at 63. This t stabilities the market value since pay ing the dividend. The new board of direc tors in Hsrlem has not helped the stock much. It is very seldom tbat we have at this season so little specu lation in tbe stuck market. The brokers aro principally setters, but have no cash stock to put on the market. Their opesations are, therefore, entirely on ttma. After tbe adjournment of tbe board, the following sales of bonds and btoeks were ma !e by J. Thompson:? $39, ( 00 Virsitla 6 per cent bonds 96J? a 00% 10,000 Louisiana 0 percent bnnds 87J, 5,(fOLake Erie, Wabsnh and Bt.Louis K 7's 72 3,000 do do 76 8, COO Buffalo and N. Y. R.R. 7's tt) J, 10 tbsrts Irving B?nk 07 Tbe following sales of stocks were made at auotion by A. H. Muller 34 ft shares 8t. Nicholas Ins. Co 37',' a 41 J, 364 do Knickerbocker Life Ins. Co 35 a 40^ 200 do New Y-irk Consolidated Stage Co. . 10 7 co McrriB and Kitsex K.R 101 40 do Bank of New York. 120 200 do Cancel Coal G> of Coal River.. per sharo 37a 200 do New Creea Coal Co do $2J? 100 do Florence and Keyport Co do (00 co I'utomae Copper Co do 10c 3*6 do Isabella do do 31o S3 do Bank of the Commonwealth 97 16 do Kant River Ins. Co 75 40 do Irving Fire Ini. Co 95 a 96 . Albert H. Nicolay's regular semi- weekly sale of stocks and bonds will take place to-morrow, (Thursday,) at 12 >? o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange. At tbe second board the market Wis In some th!ng? a shade or two better. Reading Railroad improved % peret. ; Galena and Chicago Railroal, >4'; Michigan Central Rail road, }?. Cumberland declined >4 per cent; Illinois Cen tral bonds, >?; Indiana 6's, Reading closed flrn at our quotations. At a meeting of the newly elected directors of the Har lem Railroad Company, held this afternoon, Mr. W. C Wetmcre was elected President pro tern. No other busi ness was transacted. The transactions at the Assistant Treasurer's office to day, were as follows: ? Paid on Treasury account $12,004 62 Received do 141,297 85 Balance do 2,133,737 13 1-sid for Assay office 298,396 77 Paid on disbursing checks.... 63,bl9 20 Of tbe payments to-day, $10,000 was on acoaunt of California drafts. Tbe warrants entered at the Treasury Department, Washington, on the 12th and 11th Inst a., were as fol lows:? For the redemption of stock $16,312 29 For paying Treasury debts 14,923 48 For the Customs 23,119 56 For covering into the Treasury from customs 140,773 21 Catering into Treasury from misc. souroos.. 6.090 82 For the JVar Department 83,916 58 For repaying in the War Department 6,158 99 For the Navy Department 111,096 71 For the Interior Department 4,038 83 F01* repaying for the Interior Department . . . 2,157 27 The steamship Atlantic, from this port for Liverpool, to-day, can ied out $1,894,406 89 in specie. This is 000 siderably beyond the highest estimates, anl a larger sum than ever before shipped from this port in one vesbel. The steamship Northern Light, at this port from Nicaragua, brings $277,000 in gold on freight, a large amount in the hands of passengers, and drafts on the Assistant Treasurer of this port. It is estimated in Wall street that the steamship Illinoia brought alto gether nearly two millions of gold and drafti. The pas sengers bring large sums In their luggage, in conse i"?? nt th? want nf cnnflritnr.ft in th? diRV?r*nt. trans. p< rtatlon con panics. The Bowery Fue Insurance Company pi>y ton per cent Sf u.i-annuai dividend; the Pacl&o Bank, four per cent. The official statement of the thirty-seven banks in Boston, for the week ending May 14, exhibits the follow ing results, compared with the statement of the pre vious week: ? basks ok Boston. May 7. May 14. Capital itock ... .$32,710,000 $32,710,000 Unchanged. I.oknsaud dii.o'Ui 62, GUI ,068 62,423,551 Dec. .$267,507 Specie is bank.. 3,021,629 3,071,861 Inc... 49,087 l>ue from other banks 8.272,410 8,132 618 Dec.. 10,208 Due other banks. 6,006,863 6,964,767 Dec.. 62,090 I'epotits 15,141,186 14,917,190 Dec.. 223,995 Circulation 7,616,106 7,464,894 Dec.. 161,211 The Galena and Chicago Railroad Company earned $170,653 48 in April of thi? year, aga'nat $76,786 66 for the tame month last year, showing an increase of $94, 816 83 The following bill roused the Legislature of Pennsyl vania at it* recent session:? An Act Pkohibitino Exchange Buokkrs and Bakkkr-s FROM ALLOWING l.NTKRK-lT ON DEPOSITS. Sec. 1. 6* it enacted by the Senate and Hou.-to of Re preventatives of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, in General Assembly met, and it l? hereby enaoted by the authority of the aaroe, That from and after the passage of th's act, it shall not be lawful for aay individual or copartnership, license"! or exchange brokers, er engaged in the budneee of banking, to allow or pay lnt?reat ai any rate per centum on moneys deposited with thorn, under a penalty of five hundred dollars for each and every offence, to be recovered as debts are by law re coverable, one half for the use of the commonwealth, and the other half for the use of the guardians of the poor in the county wfcere such oflen;e shall have been committed : provided, that this act shall not extend to the city and county of l'hilafelphia. Ihe Philadelphia ledger, ot the 18th tost., says Gen James Hamilton has addrenied a circular to the people and creditors of Texas touching the adjustment of tbe Ttxas debt, la which, among other tbings. he avows his intention or asking the Legiihture of tbat fcute to accept, "without modification or amendment " tie law recently paeaed by Congress la relation tboreto. 1 he credi ors of Ttxas here will bo gratified to re id this aocouncoment over tbe General's own signature, as his at heron to the plan proposed by Congress omplotes the entire li*t of Texas creditors who really desire its accept ance by tho Slate. It may be sa'oly affirmed now that no era. itor will object, anl that all would unite in a pa tition to tbe I-eglalatiiro to accept this law at once, and thereby put to rest forever, this long, tedious and irrlt a ting controversy between the State and her creditor!. Tbe prompt acceptance of It by the I.?j|l*l?ture will do much to elevate the credit of the State, and remove from her earutchton the tarnish left upon It by the scaling law of 1862. Stock Buhaage. Wkpnbdat, May 16, 1855. $60f0 Virginia 6'?..o WJi 60 ahs Reauing.b30 87% 6000 Ind Mate Fives 83 * 260 do ?3 87* 600? Harls tMgB. b60 100 do alO 87* 1000 do 88* 800 do adO 87 * 2000ErleBaof '76.b8 87 30 da 8* 20(0 HucRlstMtgBs 1(3* 100 do a3 87* 1000 Hud R2d Mtgbi 96 800 do b80 88 2000 MlalatMgGhcL 89 ? 800 do blO 87* 2tC0 N JCe?Bs..b3 97 50 do bl5 87* 1000 111 CenRBB?.c 74 * 300 do 87 J* 6(00 do 74 200 do bflO 88* 1CC0 lllCn R Fr'ld B 69* 300 do ?30 87 * 1000 do 70 86 Galena t Chi BR 94* 2000 N Y Cen RK. Ba 88* 100 Erie RR o 48 * 1600 *Y Cen 7'?.s3 103* 60 do b3 48* 400 do 103 400 do 48* 15 ahs Am Kx Bank 110 260 do s3 48* 10 oo 109* 200 do b8 48* 29 Metrop tan Bank 110 300 do blO 48* 260 Cantca Co.. . .*3 25* 60 do *0 48* 100 do s80 15* 60 do SCO 48* 100 Cnmb Ceal. sfiO 26 60 do alO 48* 400 do be# 26* 100 do ... . b8da 48* 300 do *30 26 * 460 do b8 4"', ICO do *3 ? 2b* 6(0 do s3 48* 26 NY On KR. ..s3 91* 2(0 do b30 4' * 1(0 do b60 91* 100 do s30 48* 147 do 91 loO do *60 48* 60 do >>3 91 760 do... .blO 4S* 60 do .... b'O 91 1C0 do 48s 1C0 do a30 90* 200 Harlen RR. . b60 28* 60 do s60 00* 10 Stonington RR.. 1.1 HG0 do b?0 91 10 Hudson RR 38* 1(0 do 90* 1C0 do s3 88* 10 do b3 9f * 10 MlchCentl RR.. 87* 4(0 Reading *R .... 87* 46 Panama RR. . b3 97 100~ do .... blO 87* 200 Cleve&Tol RR.?3 81* 4(0 do h30 87* 100 do b30 81* BKCOND BOABT). $4000 1 0(1 State Fives 83 100 aba Erie RR. . .sS 48* 2C10 Missouri 6'f . . . 91* 100 do ilO 48* 4 (HO Virginian's. b2d 97 10 Mich Ccn RR.... 88 2f(0niC?BRRBdB. 78* 300 Reading RR..a30 87* 2 UNIali.tMg(;hnL 89* 100 do al 87* KCthaCumClCo. ... 20 600 do bJO 88)* 450 do b!) 26 1(0 do b6 8S 20 Oh'oLife fcTrtCo 84 100 do b3 88 26 Mir IwnaitCo. .. 16* 100 do 87* 100 Erie RR a3 48* ?C0 do.... .. . 8J IfO do b6m 49* 60 Hudaoa RRR.slO .?* 100 d-i atO 48* 7 Galena At Chi HR. 95 26 do *3 48X CITY TRADB REPORT. WtnjmjnAT, Mar 18?8 P. P. >i>T1FR_palea of 76 bbU at $6 81 a $6 87 for poU and 'V.rlnsTrrra'?AU comaaon and medium grade*, ex. i cefT hVthew, were doll, and from 134. to I'WfT. 'the fulfil embraced about 8, '00 a 10,000 bbl*., lpclod?d In which were common to ehjlse Ma'e at $10 12 a $10 31; Weatern *? do., at $10 a $10t7; Ca >*dl?n. (lHobblh.) at $'0 a $10 87 W. Fnu^ern w?h notice an.) Arm, with falea a*. 910 75 s $112'; 9,0(0 bbla common State Mid at $3 t>7 a $9. rfelivemble in June IUrley u.alt? 2.C00 busb. ?old at 140c. Wie?i ? "'ale* 400 bushels Southern red v>? i? rrn Je at %'l CO Corn wag dull. No sales an the ?pot were reported, but price* for ?hit? in 1 icllu * w?re at about 113o a 116c. 5,010 banbela Western mixed were told, to arrive m July, at 102c., ana 6,010 ^o in Aupust, at 106o Rye? 1 600 bushel* were sold atlCfc a 175c. and 178c. Oat* were dull, with tale* at two c?nta per bushel doline. Meal and rye Hour were quiet. Cotton. ? T*e market wa? rather quiet, a* dea'era were waiting new* by the Baltic. About 1,500 bales were aold at steady price*. Co>fik? 100 bag* Rio (old at 10>^o. at 10*?0. ; 200 Ispuyra at 10 ^'c ; 100 mat* Java at p t. FHiicarw.? Rate* were qn'te dull, as ibipper* wer? waiting for later lereign new* To L<rert>ool 300 biles of cotton, cots pre* *ed, were engaged at 6-32d. Tol/onlon ?nd Havre rate* were <iulet, and engagement* uhimpor tint. Hat. ? W0 bale* aold at 112c. HoskY.? 10 tierce* were *oM at 6fle. Iron.? Pwall sale* Scotch pig were made at $28 50. Molasses ?60 bbda. Cuba mnsoovado were *old at 28c. Naval Etores.? Roein waa hi* her, with sale* of 1 000 bbl*. Wilmington common at 62c. and 600 do at 85c. per 310 lb*, delivered. Spirits were at 46o., and raw cortinned firm TROvificss ?Pork? The market Arm. Sale* 700 a 800 bbla., including rid me**, at $16 75; new do., at $17 75 a $17 87, and new prime, at $14 60. Beef firm, with sales to a fair extent. About 400 bbl* were sold at $10 for Weatern prime, and 412 60 for meia do. Oat m<m< in gotd request, at full prices. sales of 360 pack ages. Including shoulders at 7)fc. a ~%c , and at 9% i a 10c. for bam* Bacon **? acarse and firm. I*rd steady. Palo* SfO bbl*., at 10, ';e. al0)?c. Batter and ohee^e were dull Rick ? Hales of 150 cnt-k* w?re made at 5*?e a 6){a. Tbe market clotted dull Bait? A cargo of 0,OCO busbcla Traponi waa sold at p t. Sr?n.? Clover was dull at 10c. a lOJtfe Prims.? 10 e?sea Penang nntmej * sold at 97^,'c. Si oak ?There waa a good business doing, an 1 the sales reached 1 200 hbds , chiefly Cuba, a* f i,c. a 5\c. ; 120 bbda. Porto Rico, at 6 We. a 6J4'c , and 1,000 box*s Havana, at 5%c. a 6}jc. The market closed tolerably firm. Tallow.? 8, COO lb*. Philadelphia rendered were sold at 12c Whiskkt dull. Su)?* of 100 bbla. were made at 38>?c, for State. Eomeatle Market. Vbw Bedford Oil Mabkit, May 14.? Sperm? Tbeie 1* a steady demand for sperm, and pr'oes have not varied since onr last Kales amount to 1848 bbls in let* for manufacturing at 180c.. at which priee the market clone* firmly. Whale continues in gold demand, and prices are fully sustained. We not* aales sine* oar last of 600 bbls. at 66c., 160 do at 67c., 500 do. at 67 >*c., and 2 816 do. at 68c. ; tbe latter may be eonaidercd as tbe market pr'ee for handaom* oil. In Fairbaven we learn of sales of 2,000 bMs at flSc. In Warren the an tire cargo of ship Pea, 4,600 bbl? , has been aold upon private terms, and 600 bbls. at 68c. Whalebone? The market for bone continue* brisk, with a further ad vance in price*. The transactions 'or tbe woek include sale* of 26,000 lb*. Arctic at 47a., 6,000 do at 50c., and 23,(K>0 do. at a price not transpired ; al?o 24,000 lbs. Oebot*k at 44c., 22,000 do. at 46e., and various lot* amount'ng to about 70,000 lb*, upon private terms. 60c. for Arctic and 4Ec for Ochotak of prime quality is now freely offered, bat a majority of holders refuse to operate at these price*. kmimmsm eenewbb mn hi. financial. ei nnn nnh bondVof "th* Virginia ami vlivUU.UUU Tmuun Railroad Company.? Pro posals will he received for the wholo or any fark of ?h? above lssus of bonds. They are dated 1st July, 1864, and payable to hearer, la the Mty ot Mew York, en fte 30th Jane, 1884, with Intereet coupons attached, attbi rate of 6 per com per annum, payable semi annually at the Bank of Amerie^ en the let of January and Jaly el eaeh year, ard one half then amount convertible into the stoek of the company at the of Uon of the holder. Theee bonds are issued nude- ful authority of the itoekholdere, loi the pnrpoee of finishing and equipping the road, and they are scouted by a ? econt morteacc en *he road, with all the real estat e fixtures anJ equipments, franchisee, apportenanecs ana privileges sbbw Isining thereto. The first and prior mortgage is for $1 /?< WWi cf which 91,000,000 was takon by the State of Virginia, ? the following vcrv advantaroons terms : ? Six per sent la tercet, and the principal to he liquidated by payments aan ally or one p?r cent for thirty -four years, commencing ou lb 1st of Jaly. 18M. The remaining *600.0(0 were sold at pe>i The capital of the company is >3,000.000, three -fifths ct wnig is held .bt the State of Virginia, and the whole amountpslf in is 1 2 875,100. Tbc length ,of the road, from the oily ot Lynohban to the Tennessee line, is 294 miles, of wbioh If are entirely finished and in operation. The renminbi' sisU nine milos require only ?35, 000 to complete them, and tee month* labor is only necessary to put the entire roid inu fall operation. There has been expended on the road about f 6.000,000 in eorstruWon. rolling stock and expenses, a iu double the amount of both mortgages, which together do ne', excced $ IS.OfiU per mile of road. The road forms a link in Mm chain of rosds wbioh are to become probab;/ the most impor lant ronte in the Union, giving an almost straight line fMq; tho Northern and Eastern cities to tboso on the Golf el Mozico rsiI the Mississippi, shortening the distance ns<m than twe hundred miles; and there is hat on* mere link tt be finished to afford a continuous railroad traneovrtatloi trom the city of Washington to Montgomery, Alabama. Bui Independent of the travel that will oome toltaia part el the grant South and Nirth line, the Virginia and Tennessee Rfcirroau lias a certain local business oi its own, which it elcarly asoortained by tbc earn in us of lsst yetr, with anl* eishty fiv? miles open, (9188,020 7?,) a? being snfflcl.inl of It to suppoit the road. It passos almost its whole loogti through a region abounding with a variety ot minerals at ? at ftr-st valuable nature, such as lead, eoai, iron, copper. at>ll and gypsum, all of which exist i a great a'uunJanoe, whioc havo boen hitherto neglected, but which are fast being deve lope a now that they can be conveyed to market. Ia short the prospeets of the road are most flattering; ana roster^ as it has been by the State, and supported generally by th< people of Virginia, with ee large a cash capital actually naH la. it is Relieved no security has been recently offered ot t better character. The Company havo agreed to set apar one per cent, annually on the amount or their bonds 'too the earnings of the road at a linking fund to meet the pay ment ef them at maturity; and the stockholders have adoot ed as a line of policy, to declare no dividend excepting froa a cash surplus, alter the interest and sinking fond hat-, been provided tor. Tho '.arms on which th? sale will be ruade are 26 per ecus, down, ?aa the balance in payments of 10 per sent. cver?' thirtv days till all paid. If the whole amount Is paid at once, interest to 1st July to be allowed. The rleht of rejees '?Si *11 er any part ?f i'nc bid* is reserved, if deemed for >,h? interests oi the Cotnoanv to do so. The bonds will b? lodged in back, to be delivered when the whole amount M paid. Fell information will be given on all subjeo'.s oca nected with the financial affairs of the Company, which could be derived by parties wishing to offer for the bonds, and documents and references obtained by applying t*. Adrian II. Muller. Esq , Ho. 86 Wall street, New Tors, V whom offers innstbe sent, sealed, and marked " Tender (m Railroad Bends," on or before tbc 24th day of May next. JOHN ROBIN MoDANIEL. President Virginia and Tennessee Railroad 8* Tho Board ef Directors are : HISRT DAVIS. THOMAS L. PRESTON. GEORGE STUART, WM. T ANDERSON, WILLIAM A. READ, And C. F. M. GARNETT is Chief Engine**. I will receive sealed proposals for the above loan, whi4," will remain with me unopened till three o'clock P. M. el Buy the 24th day ef May next, to be then opened resence of the President, or some other authorial of the company. ADRIAN H. MULLER, 38 Wall street Now Tork, 0th April, lhBS. ?7nn nnn ?monet to loan on diamonds ?lP I UU.UUU . watches, Jewelry, dry good*, scrcrs, Ac or ItHHibt lor oash; city stocks, noUis, mortgages and fcajl/ cf exchange negotiated. Business confidential aid pr^rajV by THOMPSON A CO., brokers and commission mere bun it 102 Nassau street, corner of Ann. room No. 2. second So-. ; nnn T0 ADVANCE ON DIAMONDS ?lPUUU?Ul/v/ watches, jewelry or invoices, or bought tor cash. Mortgages, notes and sieoks negotiated, lio-inty land pr-curod. Auctioneering and convtyanciur a'.tondel to, Business promptly and confidential. UlttDSAtL A C?>.. R'al Estate Brokers, 7>r*Nasssu street, roar huildinp, room No. 1, second floor. 7nn Kn-MO>EY TO LOAN ON DIA I UU UU monds, watches, jewelery, segars, piano fortes, merchandise and pcraoiaf pr >perty, generally, (or bongbt for cash): good city notes, stocks, bonds and mort gages. Ao , neotiatcd. liuainess eonttdsutiai and executed premptly at 78Nasseu street, first floor, back offioo. FLORENCE A CO , Brokers. &K?n nnn TO LOAN? OR BOUGHT FOR CASB $Ot)U.UUU diamonds watches. Jewelry, and every de scription of valuable property, by JOfl. E. ISAAC, basement etHee, 11 Chambers street. Transactions siriitly confidential Office hours flom 8 A. M. UU 8 P. M. N. B.? Highest price lor gold and silver. oonn nnn T0 LOAN-ON UNDOUBTED PERSON ?POUU.VV'U al securities, diamonds, Jewels, or other valuables, for short periods, in any rsquired sums; or the same br.ught at fair prices, at the loan office, No. 247 Broad way, (ut> stairs,) corner of Murray street, room No. 4. $1 CC nnn-PMBONS WISHING TO NEGOTIAT1 tPIUU.UUU. loans, or sell any valuable personal pro ptrty, consisting of diamonds watones, jewelry, sugars, Ac., can Vo aceommodatod en reasonable terms, by applying FORBliSH ft JOHNSON, No. 107 Nassau street, ratrancs No. 2V Ann ftr??t, rooms 4 and 6. N. B ?Real estate s?!e* loans and commissions generally attended to with prompt ness and dispatoh. All bnslness striotly confidential. nnn ?MONET TO LEND, ON DOND AND 4 t/.UUlf. mortgage, in sums to suit applicants, on hrst class productive real estate, in this city or Brooklyn. Apply to s. B. BROAD, IS Wall street, second story, front room. a?jn nnn-? BE advanced on diamonds, VTV.UUU natches, jenelry, and other merchandise, In small amounts or otherwise. Parties attended to at their own residences by appointment. All business striotly con fidential. Apply to J LYONS A CO., 598 Houston street, between Utrcer and Green. AM n nnn -MONET LIBERALLY advanced, on JVi U.UUU. diamonds, watches, Jewo rr, ??g?rs. stooks, and sll kinds of merchandise, by JOSEPH LYON A Co , No IS WDliam street, room No. 10. Parties waited on at their residences. N. B.? All transactions confidential. A-I r Ann WANTED? FOR A TERM OF THREE SrJLO.UU" years, at seven per cent, on first elais unim provod llrocklyn property, worth over double the amoubt Ac dress P. L., Hernia oflloo. (8 000. <6/^ nnA -WANTED, A RELIABLE MA* WITH means, to como forward and make cash ad ?ances on fuml rro and other goods consigned for publlo soles. Pcrfoet security given. For particulars address Con signment, Herald office. nnn ^AnTed-for FIVE YEARS, ON FIRST fTilluU olass city property; a desiraMe Investment a' te seenritv aad punctuality of Interest. No broicrago Address A. B , Herald office. nnn TO loan UPON IMPROVED CITY PRO MTej.yfvsv P*rty, for a term of years. Toe property be worth donslc thesnm losned. Apply to JAMES PRICE, 20O Hudson street. ALOA N -W ANTKu7 S2n,0r?X FOR TEN TEARS, ON Improved property in the city sf Cincinnati, the gronnd Veins worth *Z'.,0C*l without the improvements. Undoubted reference riven in regard tb the value of the propertv. fte. Refer to W II R. MORTON, 140 l'sarl itroet, at the oftoc ef Ftott ft f tmet. (^APB J *4 at nBAAviik AT>VANC?D IN *i?T am.UNTToB PORCHAS .it, dUm nd? watch**, rich Je?elry.s*r*han dt*?, ??J valuable perioral property generally. R. MOD. 'H Filtn itrwl, Mojid 4wi, front room, from 4 A. M.M ft P M. CUMBERLAND tt.AL AID IRON COMPANY.? I8MMM. Loaa.? First Coomb Bond* ?fir* huicred tbuutaud dollars Sr*t mortgage bond* of the Cam lerlaud Tin) and >r n Company. are now oOered for eale, in iiiiui ef odd hundred doll,r? each pat able on the firet day of January, lb06, with tuier-ai >1 the titt of ill purcent per an Bon, payable ?cmlannui.l'y U the cltr of New York. "1 bete bonds are >een<ed b? a flrit mortgage to William D. Thompson a?d Ed* ard W. Dunham, in trunl, on the land* of the row par y *ltuate in Alleghany count*, Marylaad, being st out 13,(00 aerea, aad embracing about 8,000 acre* of the grsat fourteen fee* rein oi ooal, sad oa the eoaapaay'a niilroad connecting mine* with the Baltimore sad Ohio Railroad with tbe C'heaa pasha and Ohio Canal, aad wl'h tba town of Cumberland. To provide for the payment ef th?se bond ? at sad before maturity, tbe o mpany bate sgrssd to appropriate and pay 1: to tbe bands ol truatee* flltv thonoand dollar* aaaaally. as a ?inUsg fond, in default of ths payment of whieh, sr M the sem< annual inter* t. for ?iatv day* after das, ths prla sipsl (hall become due snd the trustee* be authorised to enter upon and tell ths isid land* and road, aad pay the hoed*. Sealed proprtal*, addronied to the President of ths Com pany, will be recetvd at. the ottos of Dunham A Co., 18 H illisin tti'et, hew York, nntil Saturday, tss 19th day s I May next, at 3 o'clock P. M , when they will be opened and tbe awards made. 'Itn per cent will be required to he paid on notification to the parties of ths acceptance of tbeir bids, forty nor sent on the first dsy of J nne, and fifty per ount on the fifteenth day ol June, with liberty to pay It.e whole at aay earlier da?. 1 he company will rerrve the right to reieot the whole sr soy portion of ths bid* A MEHAvPEY. President, k or further particular* apply to Dl'NllAM * CO., IS W illiam street, Mew Vctk. MONEY LIBERALLY ADVANCED By I'ECAKES, BERNSTEIN A PHILLIPS, auc tioneer.. 51 liberty street, rns door irom Naiean, on stocks, venule real estate, furui.ure, plotutes, msrohandiie, As,', left with nsfor *als. N< P'OfO rOHTH CAROLINA SIX PER CENT Bf ATI STOCK* ? Treasury Department, N. C. , Aartl 18, ISM. Sealed totals will ?>e rec ited at tbit offloe nntil U e'elook A M., e' the 21 -t May neat, for the parebass ef the fisUow ing bonds, to be iatned bv tbe Stat* of North Carolina, fal turn* of fl OUT sach. to wit: SOu.OUO rnaaing thirty years, bearing interest and date irom tbe 1st January. IMS. Alto, $16 000 run* lug thirty yoare, bearing Interest and date from the tlrt>t April 18A6 Alto. WO.iiOO running ten year*, and bearing Interest and date from tbe firat January, 1 Kt All of tbam arc siosipi from taaatlsn by law. Thsy will all "S>e soupont attached tor the Intsveet, at sir per eent per annam, pat able seini-aanaally; aad both tbe principal aid interact will be payable at the Baak et the Republic, New York nnlees whsrs the purchaser prefer* to have tbem paid at ' be Treasury of tbe State. Putiei bidding, will pit ? to addreee their litters, endorsed " PiVponal* foy North Carolina Stocks," to the undersigned, at Raleigh, N. C. Tbe bids will be opened at 10 o'oleek, A.M., the 91st May asst. in ths ptetonce oi the Governor. Secretary, and Comp troller of State, and the I'reei4ent of the Baak of the State. The undertlsued re?crv<>? the right of a coasting rash bits. In whole or ia part, as he may deem most advantageeaa to to the State Bueceasiul bidder* will be required as toon as informed ol the aeetptaace of their bids, to depoiit ia baak the amoant, witt the accrued lutere't from the date ef tbe bond, to the er? d it ef tbe Treaturi r of the State. Thlt deposit may be made In tbe Bank of the Repablio, at New York; tbe Bank of the State oi North Carolina, or the Bank of Capo Pear, Raleigh, N. C. Documents (bowing tbe resources of the State and the amount ef It* ludebterfnete mat bs had at thii etUe, or on application to Messrs. Brown A Do Ronett, N. Y. D. W COURTS, Public Treasurer ef North Carolina. ; Railway acceptances and business paper fir tale, by JOllN B. MURRAY, 44 Wall street, over Eaak of North America. Cash loans a pen baak, rnil way, and Are aituraioe dtooks bond* endnotes. Advanneo vpen flonr, rrain, lion, provisions, and ether merchandise, and an veeselsat *ea aid in port. iOCKY BAR MINING COMPANY, NO. X MER b chants' Exchange, New York city, April 18, 1866 ? Puranant to a resolution ol the Hoard pr Director*, passed at a meeting held on tba 28r.h day of Mareh last, notice is hereby given that the following oortlfloates ef stock in this company, upon which any or all of the following aiseasments remain unpaid, vix. :? 4 per cent dne 15th Marsh, 1863; 8 per oeat due 21 bt February, lh64- 2 per cent due 17th Oetoher, 1864; aad 2 percent du? 15th March, 1850, will be sold at pnb llo auction, in the Merchant*' Exchange, in this city, at 12}^ oVlfck r. M., on Friday, the 18tb day of May neit, for non payment of any and all of each asudsments remaining nn raid thereon, namely Old ttock, ptr $l(nJ-No?, 6, 21 2rt, 32, Jl to 42, 80 to B2, M to 70, 72 to 70. 87, 8?, 92, 94 to w, 104 106. 10S. 110, 114, 126, 1S8, 124. 186, 144, 147, 1M, 176, 178, 181 to 186, 187. 1W. 1?0, 194, 200 to 9110, 313, 316 to 4i?), 403. 410. 4!7, 428, 430, 435, 439 to 444, 448, 449, 454. 466. 491. 4P5. 638, 548, 500 608, 690, 6 M to MO. 001, 604 ?o flt*7, b28, 047, C51, CM, t>C3, 6?7j ?I7S to 678. 681 to Rc J.w, J.twa, l.DU, 1,04.1. i,oui, 1,00/, l.tiiZ, 1 7''UtO 1,706, 1,711. 1,716, 1 717, 1,732 to 1.734, 1 74^ to 1,994. 80<M to 3,bl3 8 06? 3,(55. 3,074. 3.' 76, 3,079. 3.<>N)-in all 1.683 shares, for non pay ment of all the above named assessments, amounting to 12 per cent. t'ld ttock, p?r $10^? Not. 90, 878, 1,338, in *11 7 shares, for ron payment of the tecond, third and fourth named of tho above attessmccte. amontitin? to 7 per cent. Old stoek, par SH'O ? No. 1.248, 2 shires, for non payment of the third and fourth named of the above assessments, amounting to 1 por eent, Ain, AlO. 4?W? ?tO ???, ?? VU *UW, ?fV, wm, MO. WV to 33K 341, 351 to 356, 6M, 7M, 707, 7?8, 718, 749, 778 to 776, 778, l,nS0, 1,179, 1.185. 1,219 1 250, 1,257, (,'>3, 1,392, 1,294. 1,360, 1.36H, 1 414, 1,416, 1,455? in all, IS 530 sharee? for non payment ot the aeoond, third and fourth named of the above aiMFimentft. amounting to 7 per eont. New ttock, par t">-Not 1.63ti. 1,544, 1,581, 1,001, 1,603, 1,604, 1, WW, 1,010, 1.8P0, 1,688,1,694 l t:95, 1.721,1,722,1,744. 1,725, 1,731, 1,744. 1,748, 1,757, 1,768, 1.770. 1,773, 1,791, 1.797. 1.606, 1.817, 1,1:33, 1,862, 1,806, 1.870, l,87S-tn all, 10, 280 tnaret? for non-payment of the thlH aud fourth named oi th* abov* a^MstmeDtt, amouatln to 4 per cent. New iteek, par 15 -No*. 2,052,2.063, 2.072. 2,089,3,140. 2,162, 2,178, 2,162. 2.18' to 2,193, 2,1<J5, 2,196, 2.300, 1.IIM. 2,279. 2,232, 2, -J*, 2,2f4, 2,2h5, 2,268, 2,269, 2.274, 2,270, 2,281 n all. 10,101 shares ? for non-payment of th* last named of ha above atterrments, vix.: 2 per oent. By ordsr of the Board. M. BRENAN, Secretory. rro CAPITALISTS.? THK POX AND WISCONSIN IM Jl provement Company offer to eapitalisM for investment th* remaining half of thoir a per eent bonis, ($250,000,) pay able February 1, 18t>3, intoreat semi annually, at the Baak of North Ameriea, eity of New York Theeo bonds are as sured by a tlr*t mortgage upon lands worth, a* a low val na tion, more than double tbe amoant; also npon tho Improve ment Itself, together with its prooeede, water power, to. Inquire at the office of tbe company ,V4 Wall *ti**t. TGEOCKRS .-*500 TO $1 000 TO LEND, BY A YOUNG man who withei a situation as elerk in a cheap eash ste \ either in New Yoik. Brooklyn, or adlaooat cltlas Ha had experienoe in tbe butiness ter ten or fifteen years, an understand* all n*rtt, and is a hrst e>as* salesman. A diet! Tboma?, Ilcrald ofikoe. 8VMHBR RKl'tt.K.vrS HKATH HOUSE, SCBOOLEY'S MOUNTAIN MINERAL Springs, Kew Jersey.? FRANCIS RIDER, formerly of the W??t Point Hotel, Weet roint. N. Y , would inform hi* friends and the pnfcllc, that he lias taken the above delight ful nnner ratrea*, and that he will bo road; for the reoe ption of visiter* early in Jane. He begs moat respectfully to acknowledge put tavors, aad returns bin thanks to hit friends and the public, for the very liberal patronage be ha* hitherto reeelred, and af'urts that every exertion win be made to merit Its continuance, Those wishing to engage rooms, oaa address him Ifeatb House, or .New York Hotel, New York. N. B.? Yhe ears Ion re Jersey City, via Morris and tesex rail road. at 8 A. M., and 4 P. H dsily, for Haokettstown, whsre omnibuses are in waiting to oouvey passenger* to Heath House; distance S& miles. NSW YORK BAY PRIVATR FAMILY HOTEL Two and a half miles from Jersey City ferry, la aow.epem for rammer, oa Bergen Poiut plank road. Bathing, boat ing and flnhing. Stapes leave the terry every host. Apply to i.'apt. LEES, proprieior, Post Ot&ee, Jersey City, or M tie kt use N. B ? Thne is no bar attached to this house. OCEANIC noCSK, CONEY ISLAND, IS NOW OPEN ? Beard reduced. ? Tho advantages of soa bathing on ti e finest bench in the w -rid (it bein^ within eight mHea ot tbe Union, Centrcv:!<? ami National race conmoa); the de lightful drives In Its vltinitr are unsurpassed; Its easy aeeese to tie city of New York, stages leaving Fulton ferry, Brook ljn, hourly; the boautj of its location, commanding a fine vlow of Stnten Is'aad, tbe llay, the Hishlands ef Neveaink, and tbe surruundlnt country, renders it a healthy and de lightful retroat. Tie accommodations of the hotel are unj surpassed, and the tab'e furnished with the best the market adonis. ALBERT ROGERS, Ageat. S'TATEN ISLAND, NORTH SHORE.? BOARDING.? A * gebtleman and his wife, or two slnjU gentlomen. can rbtain board for the summer in a private family, when< Ihi re are no othtr boarder*. The house is sitnated near Port Richmond, and near to tbe Factory villo landing. For partienlars inquire of E. W. Whitmore, 177 William street. ntarBeekman, NY. SUMMER RETRFAT -REOPENING OP THE WADA wantok Uouae, Stonlngton, Ct. The old patrons of thle house, and tt>os? who rnav >o socking a sea-ido rtfiidenoe in a trst el ass hotel, are istormed that tbe hous* will again be oven for visiters on the 10th June. Every facility will ba an- rded for bathing, (Isbing, sailing, Ac. For particular* ad i re is at B'.oninuton. J. O. BR1UGS. STANLEY HOUfrF. BRIDGEPORT, CT.-THIS PLEA 0 ?ant summar retreat ha. juat undergone a thorough rcuovation, Is supplied with new furniture, aad is la com plete ordtr tor transient or rormanent boarders. This fla vi rite hotel, altnough within three minutes' walk ef the > ew York ard New Haven Railroad dopot and tbe Bridge yort post office. is dillghtftilly sitnated on the beaoh. and c. mmands a full view of Long Island ^euad lor the distance of twenty miles Attacl ed to tbe house are fine grounds, shsdu trees. Ac. The faciliUei fir sea bathing are first rate, as tho tide ebbs and flows within five rods of teahouse. Hot snd oi Id salt and fre/h water baths in the house. Termi moderate. 1 M1*D W. FAIRCHILV, ) GEORGE A. WELLS. 5 Pr?PI'?torl TBE TRITON BOUSE, AT GLEN COVE, HAS BEEN newly furnished throughout and will be opcacd the flrst 01 Jnne as a privet# boarding house. Persons wlshlngroomf lor tbe summer can addreee Mrs MoElwaln, 719 Broadway, csrs of llr. Gecry, or Glen Cove, Long Island. PROPONALH, TO BRIDGE BUILDERS. ? PROPOSALS WILL BE tacolvod at the ofBce of the subscribers, He. S Nee ma it.. N. York, uiitil He vrnh day of May inst., for the mate rials for, and the construction of a bridge of oae span 153 fset between abutments, 17 feet wide, and 15 feet ?i h la the clear, over the Passaic River, at Peterson, New Jersey, ts tear the test ef 10 to SO tons when finished, and to be eon pleted on or before the Btft day of Jely next. The proposals must be accompanied by Ihe plans, quantity of tlms&aad iron. BARKER A MOULTON. CLOTHING, d(C. 2 LARGE QUANTITY Of CAST OFF OtOTHTNG wanted.? Gentlemen having tho same to dispose of wilL receive the highest price tor tlicm by calling er addressing Join Murphy, 12t Nas?au St., lasemeat. IADIES AND GENTLEMEN, GIVE YOUR ATT4N J Hon.? Read this ?All ea?t iff slothing, secmd hani furniture, and all kinds ef houseware bought and hlshost ptios |i?en in cash. Csll or address by note. J. HARRIS* "12 Sveventh avenue, between Eighteenth and Nineteenth streets. C CLOTHING AND FURNITURE WANTfcD.? LADIES J er senileineo having aay to dispose or, can ohtaia a fair cash {rice (or tho same by Bonding for tho subscriber, throurh the Poet Office or otherwise, at his residence. N. n.~ Ladies attended to by Mrs. 0. M. S. COHEN, 00 El? street. flLOTHING AMD FURNITUEE BOUGU f FOMOASB l ) also stock and I fanny goods of alt deseriptioae, ail paint '?I* J*?*1" *?? If*"'*1 ?*onee. Please I>1 srELjH'Rl ? 13 Ela itratt- Ladies att?%ded by K|ii ?

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