Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 17, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 17, 1855 Page 3
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J br*}mUian WXMi 'dt am OAT. hduho AiVD Loooma J^T'?;;in"?4 V- ?Nlt W*'* B80..WT SIllHT it i r\ A _,_A V. *.- or*ru?lcni-> cm obtain doirftbla J yy. J4***4 ? F*n?il^ wltu or without boar* Private r^e in euitea or atpar at*. ,e of kitohoa. Ka'eranos ex taole. Or would let, *ivii v changed. IT CO BROADW AT?AN ELCG A?.N " or rfSJ?".?*.? I nut* of room*, to let, to ? f?iM?> ir i 1 .or Pri son; alao, a carlor and bedroom, oa the W. -heat board, vata table only, ir tbo rooms wonU se lot ?v tM henee eontaiaa Ml tli* mjdera liu prove meat* ? ^? ? ? -f)M OAQ TWELFTH STREET; SI'.OND DOOR fw. Vvi/ Second Mni?; beok riom ?? the hhm tof, I aralik*d or nn'uvni-hed, with fciard; family prirata; rta^fct gentleaen or gentleman end wire; aa?r ?ui an* staxes. SPRING STREET. ? FC'RNISHED OR UNFITR Dished r?on>* to let, t? single gentleman; alio, tiro perlui Good retereuoe required. Ap?i/ or ?1 above. 266 tfMeitai dreae aa QCQ GREENE STREET ? P \ Ri. OR AND BEDROOM aJ<7 ta let, with or without l> >aid wrb all tha iaad?r> improvements, three doora from Cliutou place. Referenaes eaabaaged. OOQ BOWERY, OPPOSITE PRINCE STREET.? MRS. .Lt t)U MERRITToaa acoomuiodnte a few geatleraea with full ar partial board. Alio a tour lad ae caa be eooeiaino dated. Terms moderate . Kuf.rouct. uxohao^ed. 1A7 HCDBON STREET ? OPPOSITE ST. /OBN'S lx I park: a back parlor, hand*' m-l > turrUhed, to lat. with board, to a gentleman and hi* with; aim. two aUie rooma to let to alugle t emon; bouse i.ewly faraiahed, with all tha modern improvements 14C NINTH STREET? A St' IT OP HANDSOMELY iTt) furniilnd r< oui.. to let to a 'amily oa the second floor, with private taila, if roq irod; huu a first ota>s ar.d pleaaantly located, between Broadway aad Fourth aveou*. M NINTH STREET, THIRD HOOB BAST OF Broad way? Furaiahed room, la suites or ?epara e Alae, back parlor aad extension r?om on the Scat flaar. ta lat to a gentleaan, with breakfast, if leqniraA. Also, in r niahad rooma at No. 6 Collage place. 1 OA MADISON* AVENPB? TWO DESIRABLE SUITS lOU cf rooma now vaeaut, f mis'ied or uni'uralslte'i, single rooma for gentlemen, In a 6r?t class Murdln < haute. Thaaa who wish to remain in the city Kill ilndit a delightful summer retidsnce. Wall atreot at'.ges pea* tbe door. 1 OA I OREENE STREET. CORN BR Or PRINCE. - ?^j\s I The front room and bedroom attaahad ia tbe ae oond story, neatly iurnlalied, gai and bath in tka house, will be lat to a single ?en .lomm ; alaa r.hraa rooma oa tha third Itery. AU will ha lat without board, and goad refer aace required. m TENTH STREET, BETWEEN Rrt??AI?*rAY AVI> University plaoo.? A suite of hau laoiael? furnished rooms, flrat (aor, front uarlor, and n*o lar^e bedrooms at tached. with private table, or till oa l?t to aiaglo goitle men, with or without ooard. Terms madarftte. lAfl LEONARD STREET, F1YE DOURi FROM J. I/O Breadway; new and haadiomeU furnished rooms, with hoard, tiaa in the house. Q1 BAST TWENTY THIRD B'f&EBT? A PARLOR OX and large bcdioom on tita' Hot and oua 1 ?r.-> room oa ?hird floor, ail handsomely furnWhod can be obtained, wihb board (private table If required), in a flrat elans hon?e, looatian vary flae. rbare la a large fruit gwden bolengiag to tha houao Apply aa abore. _________ f7f\ FRANKLIN STREET. FIRST HOUSE WIST OF I V/ Broadway, flrat floor, front parl >r, and two large bed rooma attaohrd, to let. separate or together. A gaod looa tion for a pbrnioisn. Froit pnrlor and b?droom on the an ?end floor; alto, two lar^e sing e rooms, all neatly furaiahel for gentlemen. CO BLEECKIR STREET? A FEW DOORS E VST OF fJO broadway. To let, three p uajaut furuuied room*, With or without board. Af\ MUHKAY STREET ? fU RN I3U C U ROOMS TO LET, 4t/ ?t from $2 to SI'.', to e-ntiomen and tbelr fivee, or t> ???4o gentlemen. with bmird if rsquir-d; alio, a pleasant basemeat, at 4J Murray atreet, for au offica. , A r I AST NINETEENTH STREET? SUITES Of 4;0 apartments, with boards lor f>*uiili?i md j?atUws? may be obtaiuad, on immodiate applioation. on NINTH STREET.? A StTIT OF HANDSOMELY 32 furnished rooms ooaaisting of threa ou the drawing room floor, will ba rented a.paratuly or together. with t)r*fckfftit if rcaii rod; ilio one ur two small roomi. Ap* ply aa above, in tho first now whito ffsoatoae tiouso. aboto tho Sixth avenue. ___ CtO AMITY PLACE ? ELEGANTLY FCRNISHEO PaR 2iO lora and separate bedroom* to let, to gentleman, with ? without partial board 1 he house baa erery eont.oWee, mad ia kept in the neateat manner, lhe family I* saa.L OC CREEN STREET? A OFPTLEMAN AND HIS 2o wit e cr two aiiulo gentlemen, can be aoc mandated with a handaomo furnUhed room, wit i full or Hot and eold batfca, Ao. Baat of refereooa given and re quired. irr GREAT JONES STREET? VERY RICHLY FtR 17 nlahod suit ol parlorg? Parlora with bedrooms, dresslag room a and cleaets attached; alio, basement h*ad.omely furnished to lot to ?intrlo geiitlfiuon with or without par tial boara. THt house ia m?dorn, fitted with gas, batha, do., and replete with every convenience. ?jn CARROJ.L PLACE, BLEKCKER STREET? GEN 10 tleaiet and their wivea, and emgle Kentlemen. oaa ba nnteellv aoooromodat-d with large ai'y aud handiomely Jurniahed roome, with full or partial board. Kareroaoea ot ohauged. . ... *J ASHLAM) PLACE, PERRY STREET.-HAJJDSOMB O furnished re-ms, au-.table for Keutumea ?n<l hei* wivea or tlople gentlemen, to let, with board Stagea IM carapaae eacry tew minutea. Houae haa all the provemeats, batha, gaa, Ac. Reterencea eaohaaged. Apply aa above. A- mm Mom^^i^n'ahed 'r'^oturnlahaid'f Ml at <? St. Markka plaoa. APARTMENTS AT 23 WASHINGTON PLACE.? PRI A. Tate tabic if dtilred. rltNTLFu AN AND LADY. OR TWO LADIBS, CAN HS?ccommodated with b.ard and pleaaaat r?>*s. Ia quire at 16 Renwick street. two djora from caaaL STRICTLY PRIV1TE FAMILY *^.fcB*OOKkYX, i1-?jn# a f?vr rooms to Bp?r?ijWould likt to lot then, hSTrtS? board, to a few Select goatlejaea. Apply at sVnmmmi at net, a few minutea' walk from Fultoa ferry. APRIYATE FAMILY, RESIDING AT NO. U BLOOM d elaee, Uoboken. wish to let two lurnUhed ro^mi, fall or partial btard if desired. AwTTvnnr T inT OF MIDDLE AGE, WISHES TO TJS?a bou< aui a home for her-elfln* private family few York, where there are ao other boardeia. Hefereaoea Addreaa box U>30, Poat uttc. tow? eft borne. Apply at 204 Columbia ?*eet, corner of Preaidaat. South Brooklyn. AriNU.rUAN A1>D HIS WIFE, OR TWO SINGLE gentlemen, oaa beacoommodated wit h a with or without aoard, at 1,110 Broadway, laoar 3?d atreet. CARD -MRS. HAYDOCK TAKES THIS METHOD of iaforoiBK her friaada, and thooe who wiah a eomtort ablo ??a??t l.ome, that ahe haa take, the ho u.e i No U ?T?twlM?4? t lace o jrner of lifthth ?tr*?ot, wnoro m%f oo o? Wnod r#on?? on iuito or ain^* Iwofor^noo# oaoUkn^e - APRIYATE FAMILY CAN ACCOMMODATE WITH deeirab e roemfl and board on the aeceud oi third floor, ? eaie table tmaa. a gentleman and lua wite or two aiagle gentlemen, at 101 ?Ve?t Sixteenth utTeet. Batha, ga?. *o. WIDOW LADY RESIDING IN BROOKLYN 'DE airea to reoeivo Into her faa ily two or three aingle gea with prompt attention. Av AUTflTPAN widow ladv, witfi a ver\ small lain ily, no young child row, hM taken a P^J* and t hell wi?ea or to aiagle Addreaa E. A, Ucrald ofhee. _____ Abu ? r T FAS1FRN FAMILY WILL LET A FEW f?rni.hld rooma v "ih or without partial board, re^ 'able t'rraa llTInd c "id -atba in tba Lo ^Kiftt^ Jj Maedougil atteot, three doora abevo llougtow. a afvnLF CENTLEMiK. OH 'i WO FHIEND9. CAS A ??t ? larRe aquar. tront r,om, niooly fur^.had. witho 't board, at. a moderate rent, by aprlylnn at 128 I or .vLj.? Tr. a nnrta ol tne riibt knd a good opportuni tj yijors, heut weekly fnadvance. N? bo ,rdera la the houae. ~k evil I, PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET TWO swsv?sffsw: ntar Fifth t . fnre. , A FURNISHED APARTMENT WANTED BY A LADY. A in a'<t<iu t and rettrtd place. T' *If moderate addreaa. stating terma, locality, Ao.. *tt. U.tA., Ltaion Squaro 1'obt i' Iflco. k muNcn gentleman wishes ^ A rLm^?d^o?rd in a private A?;rlc.n family, Si ring and t'hambera atreete; batha ia tho houae. P. M. T. Frenchman, 374 Broadway. N ENGLISH FAMILY, OCCCrYING A HOUSE "r,T^1 the mode'ii improvomenta, will font twoortlrr^e e ?? foitably furniahed reoma. on the Ktaropt*'1 gcatxmen will do well to app.jr. a. PSI ( M h . "? lo mako them Icol at nomo. Call at 1<0 WoatSotnav, .send honao < a*t of 8th atenno. OOARD? IN A PRIVATE FaMU.T. AT 17 CHARLTON XI atreot, noar Maedon^al; a aea'lv futaiahed room oa ?e enad iloer (or wiifnrnl?h?:d if teaired), to a gentleman aaa wif?, or two keetlemea. Loea'ion v?ry pleaaant aad geateei CARD. ? H AN OSOM ELY FCKNISOED SUIT f* rot.sie with pantrioa, aUo ?iu*le ro .ma. to let, with fuU or nariial bt trd, in a f.r?t ela?a bon^e, with all the modern Jmi*?T?ir.ct??; alpo a lane a id pt???,?t haaeme \t. for a p^yrieiaa'a office A- j?lf at 7,i VTest Tw.uty third itroet. Kelsreneea ej iUan??d. Board -Two sinolkuenti.imes canortaim a nioe fnrnlabeu room, with bnar-Un a private family, t, aou ? modere I <u'A '.oa?e < onv?aient to cara and ala?e., iV.Atr. ecTfort. ?f home-nar t. anjoyed. Apply at No. M* art i a p'.ace, rharlaa utrret BrtTnn SINGLE ?ILN WILL FIND GOOD ?. ^,.i.t> na at Fe-.t>h atreet l.aar Walker; aceoiunjid ? single rr double teda. with every *?!" ti i'?anli. ee? /(oi^o^bie meobanlca wlah -i* tieaal a* y rtema will do well to calL Torui. aioat roa loaabie. ? ? ? ? B. .... . nv TlT'VAN AVD HIS WIFE, OR A r ^t. ibr<i- iira-n* ran be accemmcdated wltft family ol three j w ? n a. i r. biard. In aumail ? i>*iai*I) OR V ? 1 URNISOED PAR OARD -Ft flK IS | ;n:i<Jllll tlli ,heir wi -. lora ami |? IM elaaa hoaaa 2'i ... ...i ...i ? eonmedatlona at tbe above plate _______ TlOARD -SEVERAL OENTI.EMEN MAT .nRDrLF.A, D aant r "in?, with board, ?' 113 LI' th a . , the Mereaatile Library. 1 h' howie haJ roeeo '' uto order a djaiige. ol ?r prletore. an<: ha^ bee a put la complete orjer Board a iakry ?ah*o ? ?, wqaiM, wo?ld di>po?o of a ir m??. ly. oraparlv ffg?atle?en Iloii?e b?a J10'*'?..' n* r? irevta; a bteutifwl loe?tlo-' for aum ner. *? **'... ' fc> I at*jr?. Apply at ITS t# oat Tw^tily flt't ?tr*?t. BOAADINQ AllUliODGffla. B~OABD ? A GBNTLEMA* AN D HIS *irE, OR TWO ?in*!* gestl-meti, can ehi?*e b?*rd ia a tuta'l private family, *t?n the t unf?r>i aj a nom* u<f bo rea'ued. boom o? uia'ntag p?i tri??, n??, end at'jotuing bath; aoasa convenient 'o ears and iUm Apg4k at Me. -'I *V cat Twenty itoiei street. Ke'eteooes exchanged. BOABD ? TWOnR TUREB HANDSOMELY FUASISHf t4 parlira, with badrunn- attsehed, VI at tLe houee 10 Windfj piss*. AU<?. oae or lf? very piearaut single reemi. breakfast it 7)?, sal diauor at 0 o'otooh. Board.? A pleasantly i.ocated boom will kith board, in s fatal clues house. Apply St SI fwnth atrect, utsr i iflh a?enue TJOAUD -A FRONT PaBIOB. OS SECOND FLOOR, ' ' with or without beard. to a geatleman si. J hi* vile, or fl. ?r throe single gentlemen, furaiihed or ttelor&uhed. |j "S UnDBCnd itntt, Board - * and wif* cam be ao rofonodstcd v ' " ? ,?????. 'i *r,*B seoond floor, and ? parlor aid bedrcon.' ?? mm floor, io s now boast- arith all Uts uijdTS lm{-ro?W.n*"''i >'?*?'? Apply at W I* olia street, between ?. ?*A Md Sixth avenuei. Refer ?t ces exchsrged. BOAP.D.-A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE CAN SECURE, ?its board, sa e-eunnt parlor sad bedroom^ onfurniibed, is a fiiet ols?' modern house, with ohaodeliure, Ac Alio, t flno room, furnlebed, f >r a single <eatlemsu. No boarders er obildri n in ths house. location up Iowa, w?st side. Ad Atess A H 8., Herald offlce. Board. -a lady, having a house with all the modern improvements, will let s teatlsman sad his wile, or two tioulo gentlemen, a parlor ob the flr?t floor, or room ob the thud, with orwltbout board. Partial bosrd for gentlemen, 94 per week. Ketareaoea exohangei. Mo. 3U7 Twelfth it met, near Second aveane Board atsi bond strekt-two suitj of rooms cb Brat and second floors, furniabed or unfurnished, for fintlemeci or gentlemen aad their wives; also, two roomi on tliird flooc ttirai'hed er unfnralehed. for slog!* r?ntlcm*n, with *11 the modern improvements. Private breaktaat uUh U desired. Rafeteoots wlli he repaired. Board down town? two ob three gbntle men ean be aocn'modated with furnished rjouis and bosrd. Apply at 172 Doane street, near Hudson, (opposite the Daatie street perk ) Board up iown, in a private family. -a lidy snd gentleman oaa be accommodated with a well furnUlud room oa refund floor, with full or partial board; Iioumj now vith modern improvements; osrs oonvsnieat. Apply at 210 West Thirty-first street. Board in Brooklyn.? a gentleman and his wife, or a few stalls gentlemen ean je aooommoda'.od with ple*eaat rooms at 94 Atlaetle ?tr??t, within tea minute*' walh ol Atlar-ie or Wall street ferries Boar !? in drooki yw.-a private family, bi eidtag within Ive mlaatss* walh of Citv Usll, eaa ac oou>modate tb*e? n*Btl?mea with most eomrortable rooms, and psrtial board, at S3 flu aad 94 per week. Apply to Lind ssj, by letter or perMaslty, at Mx. Heath's newspaper depot, ill Uyrtle avenue, Brooklyn. Board in Brooklyn.? a private family, re ti.iing withia Ave minutes' walk of Fuiton ferry, osn accot 'inoriste a gen'l' nan and wife, and one or two singls gentlemen, with pleasant roomi and board; the tooatina most doflrskle; terms moderate. References sxohanged. Ap ply at Hi tarda stroet. Board in brookiyn-a very pleasant sum mer reeidenoe ?7 Sand street; on* largo front room, and one nmall roim, with fnlt or partial board. Referonoci ex changed. Board in brooklyn-furnished rooms with psr'tal botM are offered for two or threo gentlemea, in * (mail private family in Sontb Brooklyn, very con venient to terry Locauen naanrpsxaed for ooolueda and beauty. Terms moderate. Apply at 403 llenry street, cor Etr ot CartoU. Itrooklyn. Board in Brooklyn.? two neatly furnishi e-J r</om< on second story, snitsb'e >or two or three uin Rio gentlemen or aad wife, with or without full or rarti&l boara, tn a small family at 100 B>orum street', tMtbin six or seven minutes' walk of South ferry. Terms moderate. BOACD. IN BROOKLYN? KOOM8 TO LET, FUR nlih'd or unfurnished, suitable for a gentleman and wife or single gentlemen. pleatantly situated between Wall sweet ana A'lentic ferries Apply at ZM U otg street. Board in brookyn? ios pineapple STREET TWO ve ry desirable front rooms, on soaoad utory, suit able for a gentleman and wife, or two or three tittle gentle m en, near Wall street aid CuiWa ferries. Rel'oreacei ex changed. BOARD IN BROOKLYN? A HANDSOME FRONT room for a gentleman and wife aim % room fur tiro einrle gentlemen Largo pastries, Ao nouoe wituin a fow mlnntOB' walk 01 Sooth and Wall st rea? ferric?. Inqutro at 41 Corgreas street, between Hioks atd tlenry. BOARD IN BROOKLYN.? FAMILIES, AND GENTLE men ami their wives, can be accemmodat d with tr?n neDt or permanent board, in a nleasan'l.v situated houss ia the beM r?rt of Brook I n, with all tlie modern improve ments, aad home comforts, and onljr a lew minutes' walk from the fnl'on ai>d Wail s'reet ferries. Alto, aooommoda f'-r a few single gentlemen. Terms modura .e. Apply at 206 Washington street, Brooklyn. Board in Brooklyn? two or three gentle men or one married couple may find Rood board and airy rooms in a most delightful situation, onlj five minutes' wau- from Fulton f< try, where there are but few hoarders takes. Apply st 15 High street, near Washington. Board in Brooklyn for the summer-two larp# sooms. turnishud, with board, fir eiagl" gentle men. in a first class house convenient to Wall street and 8< uth ferries. Apply at S40 Henry street, Brooklyn. Board in Brooklyn.? a front parlor (sr. cend st.^rv) aad bedroom, will bi let. to^ethur or sepa< rate, to a gentleman and wife, or two singlo g"ntlem<-n. Lo cation pleasant and healthy, and a short distonen from Pouih and Wall streot terries. References required. In quire a> 47 Congress street, first house west of Henry. Board in brooei.yn-a widow lady, keep ing a few hoarder*, at CI Nassau street, can aeo >mmo date a gentleman and wife or two or throe single gentlemen. House pleasantly located, fire minutes' walk from Ful'-on ferry. Go jd board will be given, with the comtoris of a heme. EIOARD IN BROOKLYN.? GENTLEMEN DESIRING ? pleasant rooms, ia a desirable location, with partial board, are requested to apply at 100 Clinton street, withia five minutes' waikofthe South and Wall street ferries; fasa tly private. References exchanged. Board on Brooklyn heights-two large r oms on the first floor commanding a splendid view of the bay of New York. Persons anxicus tor a delightful summer location should make early application at lie Co lumbia street, near Clark. Reference required. I30ARD ON BROOKLYN HEIGHTS.? A OENTTLEM AN D ran Bad a lar?e and handsomely famished room a'. 38 Willow street, three minutes walk from WaU street aad I ulton ferries; also, one side room. ?TJOARD IN HOBOKEN.? SEVERAL ROOMS TO LET D to gentlemen and their wives, or aiagle gentlemei, with partial bcatd, at No 4 Hudson place. Rafwoaseu required. Board in hoboeen.-two oentlrmen can be accommodated with pleasant rooms and nartial board, by applying at No .1 Franklin terrace, Hudson street, a *ew minutes' waik from the ferry. The house has gas, baths, Ac , Ac. Board in the country? can be had, wirniN an hour's ride from the eity by railroad or steamboat: tho situation is healthy, and near tho water; the home is larsre, and surrounded t>r an extensive lawn, filled with trees. Apply tc Mr*. Hadden, New lUoheUe, or tu James Gray, 17 Wall street. Board wantbd-i or a gentleman and wife, in a i-tric'lv private 'amily, English or American, where thrre are ao other boarders Address, stating terms aid location, D , box 8fl7 Pest Office. Board wanted? by a gentleman and his wife, a If rite bedroom, well furnished, or two small oaej, sitting and btdrtonijt adjuininr, with board, in a hou-o with fas and bath i.ccatinn between Wnstiingten square and rinee street, weci of Broadway. If suitable, it would be for a permanence. Terns must l>e moderate. Addrots, vtith full particulars, G. A. I , Herald office, for throe dats. Board wanted ? roR a lady, in a respecta lile iamily, r- siding in the lower park of tho oity or Brooklyn, ? here she oan enjoy thi comforts of a hone. Ad dress G. W C., Ilerald offioc, stating locality aud tcrmi, which bo moderate. Boarding, ? furnished or unfurnished rooms to let, with cr witbeut board, to a gentlomtu and his wife, and alsc a few young iusn can lie accommo dated with mod boaidand pleasant rcouis, ia a a pleasant leostion, 91 Greece .street. Boarding.-a private family wish to let to a gentlfman and wi e a hick parlor Bndbodr>oii, ?i?b full rr partial board, in a pleasaus hou-e containing every convenience. Apply at 176 East Tweuty tliird street. BOARDING -A PRIVATE FAMILY. OCCUPYING A fr?t das* house, containing all the Biodern imrro?e ments and beautifully loonUxt on West Ei^htnenth street, ntsr tifth avenue will let, uofurnlsbod, the two front rooms en the recond floor. Dinner at 6 o'olock. A .dress U. H. T. Herald nffioe. Boar li vo, at rs bi.eecker street.? a hand sou.e [arior and bedru'-tn to let, tu a gs&tlman aad his wife, rr 'o a party of gentlemen an lodging ro'>ms The roon-H ? ill be lot separato if desired. Alss, a small rum oa the third floor. Ihe hoate eontains tho modern improve ments. Boarding? scoo t<i rvto would be advancf.d by a tad) on gi od seonrity, to any person willing to (rive the advertiser board for tae aoouiiunodiUioa. Audrsss A /., Herald office. BOA 1.3 INC.? A PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD LET t j u large run nd door looms, singly or together, with tr(kkfa*t Mid t?. to ceatlemen or seutlemen and wires, at 18 East Eigbteen'n street, or.e bloek sbove Union square, between Broadway and Tifth avenue, conveniently looated f<-c ens or stages. B GARBING.? A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE CAN ercure, with heard, a handsomely form-hud parlor anl litrge bc'ioom, on the seo.iud floor a Snt cla-s bouse. Also, plrstsi.t rooms tor single geatlemen ia the third sti-ry. Afpt) at S.'l West TwsatJ acoond street. BOARI.ING.-TWO LARGE TURNIS1IED ROOMS with elos<ts. on the faccond floor. Alto, three tlnzU room? All tho iatut improvements intredneod. Ayply at ?1'i Wnlkcr street, a Cew liwri west ot Bread a ay. BOARDINO.-TWO FINK PARI ORS TO LET. FUR ii i hed or uinunilshed, at t-3 franklin street, three doers fit m Brca<.way. BOAHDINO-A LADY HAVING A HOUSE, WITn all th-3 modern ifn|>r?vements, is desirous of letting a isrlorsnd bo'rconi, on ictosi floor: also, third etory, room <*T.ltai;e for a grntlemaD ae 1 his wlla. A j-ariy of gentlemen can bo aco>-mtaodrved witli toeir.s, in t?i?. fitat el?M house, ft West Fourtec th s'reit, le'.weea Fifth . aad SixtO ?v? lines. Refetenots exehaoued. Boarding? a friyaie family, wii h<?ut chlidrm, ewnlng ahrown stone house in Eighteenth street, nenr 1 iftli avenue, havia^ all im dorti imprivcm'r.ts, and oi-wly fr.rn1 1 ac, would Ve pleased to aecemmodate a few ?(?(. I?- aeMliBKTi with ravttal board, and dianer on Snn f aye. A liVral trice expected for superkr aoeommnla tints. Adfrns It. O , Herald ofalce. ?nCARDING. AND FOfiMS TO I.KT.-A fURNHHEO J ? parlor at t bvdroo.ri in h-iusei No 15 State s'4nat, fro t ir~ nu the Batt'-j , also two eagle ro?m*, wtth beard; aUo uwfr.rbi'Ii'd ai ar'ruents ir boUMe > o. 4 street. Refer etco r^.iired. Ai rlj ?t No. I# Stato strest. B' OARDING IN BROOKLYN? BET W BE V FULTON axl Wall rlrc t ferries? 1 wo er three s?u?ln I n it can I - aci n u. or ated ? lib rtess- n' ?' t>m * and partial I heird. in a tespc<tai>le private f-m 'y. The h- jjs U si'.c ??. d Iisi a iiuiet an 1 d*sii-Me nel-l 1> rhoed. Re;'Meacs ar.?xcep (.iorslle. 1 1< *<e ?4 irtf > W. A. L , with te?l utete attaeiied. ROAKOIHU AJTO LODQIN Ck Boakmnu-a obhTliuam and wipe, ob two simile ireatiemen oaa aooewm-datod with a aarlor o* 'bo flu* H?or or *aooad Boor, with gta u< bath, by i|> pi) iif a* iS7 I'rinoe it. BOARDING IN HOBOKEN-A PARLOR AND BCD rooBi end tw ? room* haa*ena*lf tnrnieb*d with ?*r?ial bo* rd, fill be let bt * private family, at fl Mrrt atr-el, n**r tie fftij, Trrioi multrtit RtfarMeo tithn n< ibml particulars, inquire on the premie**, or of Chat, foiekert, W Jobs atr*?t, N*w York, up etaira. BOAftMSti IN BftOOKCTN.-A LADY. HAYINO a pleasantly at aated throe ?t*ry hriok boa-*, waold 1 <? a oior rant *r bank rata, with ol??*t? and b dr>* aa *1 Jiilricir or alagt* ro ?ma. Term a from B3 e?. ??aof4l?| t* thertKB; tour or five miaute*' walk (i*b t'altea ferry, J05 Pearl atr*et, betw**a Concord nad Tlllary. Boarders wanted in thb cohntby.-toub LerfcOaa ran lie aoco -mandated wth ntrl, at HUnvalt, Roek'aad, *n tb* Use oftb* Irle Rail read; tt>* l*sali*a ia drairabl*. AdUr??*Joha W. II*?, a* a&av*. Brooklyn -a large room, with adjoining ?mall room, if daairibl*. on **)nad flier U let t* a mirrfed couple, or on* or two gentle****, furai.hed or onturniehad, with tall or partial bond, at reaannaale torn*. Bout* new with b*' h. Ao ; ia a de'igbtfal aitaatloa. near South and Wall *treet ferries. Apply at 343 Henry *tr*et Brooklyn heioht3.-plka9ant boobs, cob mandirp a view ot the bay, with board, oaa be oa taiaed ty applying at 1*U Columbia rmi. thra* miaute*' wa k from iultot. or Wall street ferrle*. Kaf*r*a*ei ex *b*ag*4. Beautiful apartmbfti to lbt? furnisher or unfurauhod, in Sprint, stoeot, near Varl*k strout, to one or two g*ntlem*n, without board. Th* apartment i oon taingaa, bath, Ae. To thoee wiaMng a uloaaiat and Man meat legation it i* *ory dwrable, a* tb* bane h ocoipiod only bp a small pri rat* family, la^wir* at 37 Day atrael. COUNTRY BOARD? NEW ROCHBU.B-A SMALL P A n ily or single gentlemen oaa be well aoeemmodaaed in a moat oomfor*ahlo h*na*, new'y fitted ap. enrroaaded with a sarder, what* avory attention will be given t* oomfort About At* minute* walk from thabeaeh, a?d anont the same ftroni tbe denot. Addr*i* Mr*, franklin, few B.ou-ll* or fcr any partionUra. apply t* Br*. il*rtert. 33 Forsyth atreet, >*w York. pOUNlBY BOARD-AT THB RIVER HOUSE, tftlD " J street, Carmaaiville Famllie* and aina'e lentlemen can be aeoommodated with room a and board Good eathiag and stablta*. I'eraona wishing t? see theroome, oaa take the ear* at Cbambori *tr?at at 3 P. M., and return at 5 o'olook. C 'OUNTRY ROARD.-TWO OR THREE SINOLB URN ! tlemcn, or gentlemen aad toeir wivea, caa be aooem modated with beard ia a priva o fam*lf in a plea-eat ooun try vlaoe, oa th* lira of tho New Haven railroad, wi'hin hair an hour'* ride of the eity; looatlon healthy. For fur ther particulars, apply to lira. MARSH, J07 Uloockor street. Cm OUNTRY BOARD. -ALL PER10NS WAITING boardt rs in th* country are apprised ot th* advaatago ot r?fiattr<rg tb*4r houaa* with us, as people are now, from time to time, applying here f?re?uatr* board. Ter*?m*d? rato. No charge t* api-licant* for noard LIMAhEtT A BASSET. No. ? Aetor plao*. 0 OUNTRY BOARD.-TWO OKN'TLEMEN" OR QEV Demon and their wir**, oaa b* aocommadatod with biard. in a private family, where they oaa enjov the eum for s of a home; the hoaa* ii delinhiolly lituate'd ia Mount Vernon, and it ab*ut an hour'* rid* from tbtoity by the tbe New HaT?a Railroad Terms moder*t*. for further t articular* apply at ^07 Bleeoker street, oernor of Minotta, for two days., Commuaioation a 1th th* otty every hour MRS. MARSH. DXblRABLB ROOMS TO LET, WITH BOARD-IN A first clasa bouse down towu, for famliiea or ?ln<le gen tleman; tho bouse ha* batba, gas. newly ott*4 and furnlahel; torms moderate; boardora eeloot; re ''err nee jxobanged Ad drers for 3 days Sarah D., Herald offloe. ELE.OANTI.Y FURMSHSD R(M)U3 IN THB SECOND Storj.? lhiee room." wilt be let to two lingl* gantlemea, with or without breakfast. The family is small; th* tooa tii n ia neat Broadway, as d the terms fnrsuoh asartmont* are very reasonable. Refersnoee gi?*u aaa required. Apely at 287 Ka?t Twelfth street. fl' KM SUED ROOM* TO LET, WITIIOUT BOARD IK n private ht uso. Inquire at 28 Greenwich itreot, near the Battery. fjlURNISHED ROOMS TO LET. TO SINGLE GENTLE JD man, without boar! It quire at 81 Bleocker street. FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET IN A SMALL FAMII.T, iu rulta or tingle, with gad, bet aad celd water, la quire of P. CoLB, 8(jC Broad ?ay Furnished rooms-to single gentlkmev, with or without partial beard, in a ?mall and etriotfy private family, where the oomf< r's ef a home nan bi enjoyed. The best of reference flven aad required. Apply a. Hu it cond atnet, near first avenue. FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET? A FRONT SITTINO room, with a bedroom attached, with gar, Ac, will be let Tory reaaonatlo to (ingle gentlemen, withoat board. Apply at 158 B.wery in the drug it, re. HOBOKEN? A PRIVATE EVGLtSU FAMILY CnN accommodate a few gentlemen with most comfortably furnUhed room* and partial bonH, at No 21 Irving p'ao, on moderate terms, a tew minute*' walk from the ferries. Reference! required. VfO 6 ST. MARK'S PLACE.? A SUITE OF THftEC .Li fii e mora* to be let, with beard, in the Hut olats haute No. 6 St. Mar k's plaoe. ONE OR TWO SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAN BE Ac commodated with a pleasant room, with gat, at 91 Greene ftreet. Retereuoet exchanged. ONE OR TWO GENTLEMEN MAY 01 ACCOM V ) dated with boar J in a small prim's family, where nt c-tber boarderi are taken A r ply at 365 Ninth arcane, or adoresi Boazdlng, Herald office. PLEASANT RGOMS-WITH OR WITHOUT BKKlK fast and tea, and dinner on Sunday!, at r\e. t Fourth street, eoav silent to ears and stages PARTIAL BOARD IN BROOKLYN. -A FEW YOUNG gentlemen can be accommodated with famished room break .'act aid tea, aad dinners on Sundays, ia a private fa mily, ocoi.pving a first elass house, ia a very desirable L'ca tion, and within ? few minutes' waltaf Fnlten or Wall street ferries. References exchanged. Address Hemsr, Poet Office. PRIVATE BOARDING.? A GENTLEMAN AND |HI3 wife, or ? few eiagle gentlemen, oan be accommodated with board, Apply a-jlCG East Broadw^. FBIVATE BOARD.-TO LET, FURNISHED PARLOR, with bedrooms attached to a lady aad gentleman, or a party of (entlemin One or two ladies can also secure plea sant room i, n?od board, and the privileges of a hom?, at i-ifi Spring street, near Hud ton. ROOMS, W1TII BOARD? DELIGHTFULLY SITUATED, in Twenty-eighth street, furnished nr unfurnished in suites or (Ingle, containing all the modern improvements, gas, bath, to., Ac. Peraons wishing tha o nfcrts ef a home can And sueh by applying at 2U West Twenty eighth street, corner of Broadway. References exchanged. Booms, unfurnished for families, with board, or fnrniahed tor gentlemen, in a house with all the modern improvements. Inquire at G9 Second avenue. Rooms to let-to on* or two single gen. tlemea, an elegaat suit of rooms, nnuaually large end airy, in a first claes h luee, ocoupied excljiBlyely by a private family without children or boarders, being situated in the leas neighborhood down town. Tbe> are peoullarly smtaMe for merchants who board at the hotels, and to each it Is dn s'red to rent them. References exchanged. Apply at 51 ISarolay street, baloraS P. M. SUPERIOR BOARDING PLACES REGISTERED AT No. 4 Alitor place, wh?re \ ou m?y eajoy the oomiorts of a home, ai d to which you wi'l be directed without char e All who hnvo room* to let, w'tb or without board, furnished or unfurnished are Invited t? ci'l. PEHAREST k BASSET. TO LIT ? HANDSOMELY FVRN'ISnED ROOM OR rooms, in a laehier.ahle part of the city. Apply at C2 West Eighteenth street, corner of aixth avenue. TO I IT? WITH OR WITHOUT BOARD. A BACK PAR J?r to one or two tingle gentlemen; ga.i, bath, Ac Ap ply at 120 Green itreet., sooond door from Prtnoe. TO IF.T? TWO UNFURNISHED TARLORS, AT 20 Walker atie-at, mar Brondeay Would be rery sni'able lor twii g' Breakfast and tea given If convenient. Ktfercnces requlied. TWO GENTLEMEN AND TniM R WIVES: ALSO, FOUR ningle yentlemcn can cbtain pleasant noma wlta 'all or i>arti:l board in a p>;v*t? fam-ly 'fho house h?s fie modern improvements. St -*e.i oa?s the d or and the ears one block. Apply . i Hi Eighth street, St. Marks place fO FAMII.1ES.-Tr ."WISHED OR UNFURVtSnED rooms, at 870 Br? > .1 . ry; tour er si* oomi, with all 'he ace on. nidation a to k ??< use, ot pr'vute table; these rooms are worthy the attcft' if pentad *i.hln; comfort and oo no my. HE ENTIRE SECOND ->ToRY OF A VERT DE5IH atlr houfv to l>. l, el nr lnhe<i n- jnfornlahod. ?Hh lull or partial t uarii, to ? , vf) of ^cnti^men, or two gontle aul tfteir wnrea. A1 ingle rooms. Tb<; hi ise cintaius all tho modora -,><roremcnta. .tpanlah a id Ka glith spoken. Kef^renies required. Apply at No. 2 Alaion p:ace, f GbrUi street. n/ ANTED? A ROOM AND BEDROOM, ON SB'JOND TV iioir, with board, for an elderly lady and servant in ? quiet reep< ctable family, in the u -lg!it<orhi.u<l of Vast Broad wai anu oraud streut. Apply at 57 Cslnm .ia street. 1 WAKTED-BY A GENII. EV * V AND WIKB, AVUN fnrnisbed frcnt purlor and ' ? riom, with br. ?vrl, it a house ef the firat clans, with all th< improveirente L^ca tl?n below Fourth atreet. and i . ir Biovlway Prlva'* Irn.ily preferred. Addreac, ftr two days, lluue, Herald oflloe. \Vr ANTED BOARD FOR A GENTLEM \N AND Ti wife with a prlva-? family, ?ot boiow Amity nor above Fourt.' street. Adoreaj W. B. R , National U?t?l, Cortiandt street. OltUDTS A4U ll'RIS 1(4. DR. JAMES W. PtJWKLl, BEOS TO ANNOUNCE TO LU irieuds and patients his re 'urn from Banye, wh>re be has enjoyed unusual opportunities of ob*ervia/t the mi rirtn practice of the roost celebrated uculits and anrlsts ol the O'd World, especially ia i.oniiun, I'arii, Dublin aud Glaasow. Dr. Towell baa procured all the now iasurnmsnta, !'< iir.trifl's improved opihalu,a? ipe, wbioa enables tho t?c nhft to leek into tbe depths ct the eye, *nd asoortaiu the erect condition of tbe oplio nerve and retina In amaurotic. orithelenH In eat.iraet; aiao, Avery's aiieeulom, ?-|ually extraordinary for looking Into the drum of t< e ear ti.e tat laohLan tnbei in the tLront, stricture, Ac ; also. I.aslebert's tcsutl'ul syringe, Jseob's oataract needles, Vt'i.d'a rpecula, sin many other new InTinnonsnf great importance. Aeon rnte examinations made with the above iaFtrnueuta, aud a (keisive and prompt opinion pronoinced a> to th< euraMlity o'eaih partloular eaae. Con*ultfttion? as heretofore o* all < it' a*?s of the eye and ear, from fl to 4 Votock daily, at 5()J lir'-euway, oT>uoe;t? tbo St l*ichbt!w> H?tol. N. B ? Private iustructiens ylven to n.?liral praetiiionirs. IMTRbVE 1 OUR BVRs BT M WISE. OrVtQIAN N9. 437 K-i a>! -rar, op atftirs.? II. WU r^speotfully irMorvs tho |ullie tnat lie still eontinuea bis bnaiuej* la the sane h-,il?.ng oeo?med by him for the !a?t twelve yenrr, bnt Uaa re -..Mad "p taira t" redacohla ea|xases. and -ill beenahled tturo'y ?? el' Ma arilolos twenty per cent cbeHo^r than aey II th'a lise o' liu?ne?s i'crat t a atlli wuak ?' ea ean be a? jplled withg'asfe# jrhich * .11 rr> i' ly 1 e -til. and not atrait. the tight. I'aeMoalar at I Ur tt"r i- t>eld !??> a new style o' psrapeotive ground ?iai>, of 1 the hneet ?!ut which, thmwrh Its hb h r-oltsh nad .rno grouud, cr^dueea the purest Tialee, aart h.-ib?->> Uglily re eoiiiiifuned ai tne beet-, la ?t? cflee*. ip? tbe eye, f#r pre arrvlug au? improvii g ?b? alght la s-'.Usoed snting uud readlnr. . . , , hi ert-figbicd persina aud th^s* op raUd npoa for cnta tact, et: aUc bo euitfcd. , ... fie Us< rta new fia-tee of aurertor q?a'lti Irs ot.l raineg, ht>>' sollri'lug 'h' nntroaage ot all la want of he article*. Pe w**rn ta n't apeoiacle? pi-itlai'd #f him t? ?'ilt 'ha (Ifekt tie yeara, or ohaog-i U? l(l?M w".h ut ?xt- n b?rn The uritish and nokiN Amnicis kotai. Mail a??uj.hip? ? mum sew ton to u? ?'ool. Clur eaMn paaaa*e "IJ N*CUB*C*LlD p*c*%l* '* iiiwionoiTii uruNOb _ CUM Mtu puttie ? HJj Sevuua huh i?wt>i v ? St* thlt* treat KoMtt itll tt 11 *11 fa i. AolA. lapt. Judklae AVIUC1, Capt. LMg fCobla. C'o.t Kyrto I UIMI'a. Cap* dheaao*. ASIA, ctpi t 0 U>1? LA?Al>A. Capt dieae AHi'i'4, i ut llarritoa. N I AIMKA, t/ep? l.eitok 1ba?a ?e**U. iwi * c)*?r ?hit* tc4> at aulkul. ?ro*a ?a otarboa'd how; r*d e u port ba? 4Hb? Uariisoa, leare* i???cea tflamu;. 9th Ma p. I Ate,, ? IIimivb W#dne?J*r, 23< *?V. AO'Viea Leap, " UntMa ?><ie <)<;, t^b Juae Atriea, Harriton ?* lto.'oa Wed*e*Ua/, |M itM b<rih. bo* itteured until p?id f<,p. Aa axptrinared ?ur|[unu ?? n.?rd Tb* owaorn of three tbipj wiU not k* imogiMU* for raid, *tl?er Uullion, tptcli, Jewelry, ppot >n< rtunra. or ia?l?la, ?also* Wile of la<li>>< are aimed therefor aod the ralna ik?r? ?f t>iur in *i|>r*?K>d. far freight *r pautii apply ta B. (!un{.RD, No. I 3*v>1ig Oreea. Tb*ra will b* no rttataobip* of till* Lie* trow (torn fork ?atll turtbi-r uutloe. j'Ui HUH MUMM tuawruA t .in* Mia mM X thlpa.? fbe Ink *W>< Baa ?tiaiatbit 4I11IL tM toa?. Uftvn. M act at fill e??* Yarl. ftrciB pier S*, Nocib ri?*t. foot *1 CbaaBoere etreet. at ttac 9M?v<*l?. m Ba<uma> . Ma) IS. far Ua?r? dtraai Ifrst (liw P&MI0 |IU fcooad u * Sf Tb* artel artll ae foUr'wed b / the Worth Star, Jans S 1b* u*nt 01 tiiu* T**?al* will *o> be aoo^aa table to* cold, diver, bullion ?r?ooi4, Jewelry e;?otou? itna*l ?f eia tall, *ale?? bill* ?,( l*4ia? aia *iao*^ >baia**t, aa<i tb* ttVa> Uwnol tberele etpruaaea. fipeale and .ceud> lUtt a. uaH rate* No rretpht 'oonWed a'tor >nu e f tte <M cetera Ho berth aerured aaUl paid foe. Letter* picptit, MKt, per 'J wtU Ci <v3M?e* a* Mk> office ap to II A. ? o< the <lay *f aalUaf., and will be oc^raai lo *Uon? ludia ml>?er ? eg* anil* I oof acd *a arrival ft' Uixe. will be lmr>?.tl*<?ty deoo^ted la Ui* Peat &lr there. Pacealp tat em. ?aat> yrepaid *n* Cellar wiC at wiHii viSBit eat a* ae ettut* PBUit saw toki rmom uirt* Anal Hmj Ik Dcrta Star May U North Star June ? ArteL..* Jitea t AtiMU JuueiW N ?ir..B Htar JiuU North Star Jolt iL Atlal /ul*t& Ariel ugart 1L MankMai iatuit U Mortb Ktar. ....Septeuilx't 1 Ariel hepVMabe! 1 Ariel Septointur d burlb Star. .. KupMiute.- Hi Morcb Star (tetobor 13 Ariel noti>b?Tlf Anal M?<antar i North Ota* Noaoaihat fi Ariel Nnmiaxer 31 new aieaauiAiv* ate uiaaeed A I at tbe et> >e* and apovit) and *ooA* atll ie tutored tr tbsn at a* l*w i?t* ?I proiutuu. a* is aay etbar *t^aa>aiiliM than tu-oae the os.hj far toelcbt ui paaaaca, apply <? D. tiiajUMi'l, N*. S ttewuiir om*n, Wew Son 80MAEK, MCNTAW 4 ?RAPE&. X live M 1>. Hat tU tvirda. Pari* CflkYSTiK, ?CIJLOCaSMAN> A CO.. V Qoat Caaiatr I' a atiAbs Uatrre. Tan LiriKfoui. akd raiLiJi^au fti'imsacy Cuiui**, intend taxing then CemO'O ttohaietuf <?? CITY U? lAMbtuiTtU igliitMn, iJuil #f(t? CliY kt UALIUOHa, ibc?.) i.Kltthiu, CkfC , CITY OF WaSHINOTo;* Jo. ?,M0 tone, Ca#t. S iMtMt 6eluoi (tW. Ii/i end (&>, tveurdtu* <? ?*?*? rotai. A limited aumbec ;>t third <iw * yaaaoagBra ?U1 t? UK* irom t-hiladeiiibu M<f Mvrruuoi, kt4 utasd ib prov?tiowe From Pfc>iad?l|.hik JJ>' | lYuu. U<W(??I wtetuag to bring out their rian<sa ?? eM?in ??rts ?caUs of passant and draft* o% l.iveipeel, in ,uuiaol A~ iter! oi, and upward*. A tipi v to SAMUEL SMITH, Ac?n: 17 Walnut ii.vM Philadelphia aad tt*. T Rrofl Iwayii'sv' York BKP1RE LINE FOR LlFEtlPnOL.-THE fAVO&ITZ paukot aulp AMKiiUA cepi. Barstuw, mil postttvoiy ?all 10 luortow. tor passage in cabin. smooJ oaiia of tt-oeeane, having tpleudio looomtodtujiii, apply ?* board, (ifrti North river, or te ORMAKk.iT 1 JOatiS, W (tith ittMl, eoioer UM dip. Ii OH LIVERPOOL.? PACKET 17PII OF MAY.? THE J? Alb now ebip lilAWlhS A 1" A 1. VI t? K, U'lM ns burihuu. kiclmrdsou, MWUttei will n i he iik'fit. Thia aupriar ve.eel tilers an eaoel.ent oppor ui.ltr icr pas>enaere snout proceeding id Europe. II < r ea jin nod 2d cabin art tltted up with ew.r> oom euiouoa for lb* acoomino 1 .lion of pa?ea 5 era. Fot baiaice in treigbt or peerage, appo on board, at 'ier 20, E. K-. or to TAl'SCOTT A Co. ttd d*u'.h ttieet. First snip for Livr.RrooL. -the fast sailing lackni ship i'E ^fOKluN, Captaia CoomHa, aaiis on Saturday teat, tbe i!)'h For paua^e (haviag uue ijUBllcd accommodation. ) apply on board, pivr 11, K it , ?r to SAlir.1, A COK 1'IS, 6J f ulton etjeot. 1'OR BREMEN, YIA SOUTHAMPTON, -THE UNITED Matw Halt tteatueuip OKUMA V'N, R. Ui^tm own mandtr, will tail iot lire men, touching At Suuthtmpton H tau>d tbo mailt and piiasengort tor England and freioe, on Saturday, tlaj If, at 1 2 o'clock, M.. trunk pier 37 North river. 1'rioe of pasi-aga Irum t*e? York to Soutnamptoc or !)>? man: iu U at oa in main taloou, flJU; first oablu lower tokos, $110; In second cabin $i<ll An experienced surgeon it attached to each steamer Specie dulircred in Barreor l.oiiCou All l?tt?r? m .?t pass Ibioiuh obe Poetoffloe. For pannage or fri i?bt, apply to 0. II. dAN U. A??nt US .atU w iillam atreet. The I'oaiDnr W A8H1M OTOf< will luoooei tbe UAkllAltM, and (ail June 16. [j<OR SOUTH All PTON AND RAVRF, ? TtTE NEW UM J? tod Mateo mnil atvamer AttAOO, 1?. Lmowi. cainmaad er, will leave for Uavrs, t. ucbiu^ at south imp'.oa to Unl tbe mailaatid paaanugvr" on ftatur^ sj, June id ktl'io'olook, trom |>ler No. :I7 Nortb rivor, tout ?i <tracb >tr?tt I'rice of first oabin, tlM>; pri<-o of e?oi'Ud oahiu. t 6. uunjra^o aut wanted duiiiifi tbo T?>aj? cboiild be ?eat oa board tbu daj Lcf<ro eailmit, marked ' below," K? freight tsken after Tbartday, Mat SI For troic: t or ra??an? auplir t;> l(. LI V INut'low, aKcnt, 63 iiroadvra>. ft. 11.? All letter* Bust pa*? tniongh tbe Pott olAo?. DISPATCH LINE Ft#R bA\ I KASiOtSCi,' ? lHJaRAN toed to nail on or bolvre tlio 2Ucb iait. The eplondid A 1 elipptr ?liip Radiant, beam <nn?tur, ii now rapiillf UaJiog at pier No. tt, i a?t liter, and alii poiitirelv eail ior daw Iraneuco, on or tcfor- Tueniar, 2Uth lnat. Shipr?re are partieularly ieqoe?ud to arnd ?betr freicbt wainediatelj on board wed eumplete tbeic en*??*a'?nte before ru adv.Wi lnat , tbeieby avoiding the di'appoiaimente oeourring on tbe laet dtri ot loading. Special nuttoe ? Ful'. or not fall, the Radiaut wtU aaii on or before the day aiter'.UeJ, an'l ne freight taken alter tbe day prcceedlag the aalitug da? under Any cireumitaacf* or at any (rise. SUTTov k CO., S8 South utroet, oonier oi Wall, formerly of bi Wall street. P EDUCTION OF t'A RES TO SUIT THE T1MCS.~NEW XV York aid CalitornU eteamahlp lino via Nioaru/nA. Aeeeatory Transit Company, of Aloaragua, I'ropr.tturs? Through la advance ol the man? 7W tti oo shorter than any otber route, avoiding the deadly Panama farer aad twa mi lee Of dangerous boating in Panama Bay. Tbo splendid duubio en^ino Bteamshlp NOK7UKK!* LIUBT. 1,liM toae bnrdow. Captain Tiulurpaugh, *lil leave trom fterMo.3 North river, At throe o'elocl P. M., preelsoiy, for Panta Arenaa, .-n lion day, Hay 31, 18A6, eonueoting with the steaaehlp Unole Sam, i,M) tons burden over the Nicaragua Trass't route, bavinf but twelve aiilea o? land tranaportaUo* by Arat olaea ear nagee. For Information or paiaage, at t\ie redaoed ratee Apply only to CI1ARLE3 MO ROAM, Agec.t No. t U<<wtin? Green. Letter bags mads up at the office. No unstamped letters reocired. UNITED STATES MAIL LINE FOR CALIFORNIA, via Aipinwall and l'taama ? Califoraians are inferned that tbe Panama railroad is oompleted and the trauait >f tbe isthmus will be made by tai road, irom ocean to ooaaa. No more mole travel- no rive* boating. Oa M onlay, May 21, at 2 o elork. P. M. irom p er at font of Warr?a street, North river ? ill be dispatched the fleet steamship ILLI NOIS, 'o connect at Panama with tho n?w and superior ?tearotbip SONtMiA. A spare boat always kejt at Pana ma, to ptevt-n* detention in oa?c of accident No treigh', re ceived after I o'olook oa the tailing day. For paasaga apply at the oooip&r.y't office, 177 W est strtet, to J W. RAYMOND. FIB FAN JUAN !>K NICARAGUA -THE did Brat claat, :r ( aaiuog stoam<bip L'niiod Stales, (l aving been unavoidably detained, ) will poitively aaii Itr tbe above named port, on Saturday, May 19, at :< 1*. M. Thla ablp hns bwn titieil at great expense to eonvey Colrnol kmntyand bia friends to Contra! America. Ail j-ett 'tit derirous wf emlrratlng to that eouitry will (led tkia a Ikvoreblo r.pportiinitv lir sccunng pstiane. F t full par titulars ana poeitivc lefornittion relative to tho expeli'iun, apply to l'tUHAJ A.v 4 CO . SO Ba.vsr ftreet, WbTC plans of the tbip may be ncee. AC 8 TR ALIA-? PIONEER LINE -CARRYINO THE U i ited states mail ?The pole iraltd A I clipper k hi p MChllNOAl E, captain Mather, lor llalbourn.), will t,0 dorpstehrd on bor steond vcyajo aoout the lot.i Ju.ip, hav ing mtdo her last in VLo nipiecedciited time uf 76 davt Has exovlli-iit acooiiin>o<ia>ions tor uaaseanara and freigut. ap D'y at tbo ofiuo of K. 17. C'AMEUON, No b llowliag, aid lib Wall ktcoot. Aurtraiia-indri'knuent line-only vessel bow lr port op Tur Ani-tralia Tho splead d A I cllpp-r t KVHI Ai. I'ALAt r. wla bavo inijisilia * diapatoh for Melbcnrue, on ber aooorid voyage, haviug made her Urst in H< dejt. Ucr aco<>mmouat;ona lor j'lBsrrgers in dr?: and >eoond cabin are ol tbe vor. biv t, of which only a lunitod tuinmr *. II bo taken. For freighter passage at tbe lowo<t rat?s, ? |L!y to AKKFl.L a hi, I. tul li(i 1'oi.rl street, MAI l,M, It A Lt'Kl>, lu> Wall alrtei, N. Y. ?[ N 1 TED STATES HAIL ST*, A 11 111 I P COM P % S T? FoB ' Havana aad New IT win,- on Thursday, Hay 17, at I P. V., from pier l?4,t of Warrua street. North river, h; >he u? and elc,ant atcau<sMp UKANAIIA, Cap''. S. P. ijriino. 1'nssaf- j rar bos ourid at tbo oompaa) s o(n>-n FrcUlit to New Orletts, thirty rents por cubin foot 1-hippern will be snpslied with blena bii'a Ot lading o' the ferm al/nml by tbe ooBifei y, on a| ^lior.tion at tbni,- rldco Ms other ror<us slaned, a' d to Mhs of ladirg will e sI^dou ater 'be h->nr of ?nT:lrg. For f'eigbt or pa i?r go, apply at tu* offloe ol the oomt ary, 177 Wcet itroet, cm nor of Warren. MO ROREHT9. XJEW YORK ANO MKW oRl.LANh STkAMdiliP COd j JLl psny.-Fir Now l^rioai.s, stoppi g at ila??'ia car | ryins the tinted bta es mail.? The ttoamship CAil.v #114 U W. Shufvldt, coinnisnder. will e< inwcoou ree i>ia^ frilult on 'I ue.'day. TiA, and i?ail 'or the a iove porta ?n Vei- * duy, May 21, at IZo'tloik from pior at foot oi ttoeinton stfut, Ncrthrivt-r. Freight lor the interior and for M'? kiie c<'0ti?ni!d to our Buent in Now tirleaua. Jam t Gon ad)' A Co , will te lorear^ed fr^ of commissions. Pais"? Srt for Havana must procure passports before leaving p'irt il t of lading n.'itt bo tont in for alanine the oV'-mnx pre vious to the ship tailing, tor IreUlit or pas age spply to Livingston, CKortKRo.N * co.. A<i-nta, si nro?d v,?y. N. B ? the Iilack Harrier. J. D. Hul'ock, o?io niu dor, will buce?od tlie Cahawba, and tall Saturday ,1 u j? V CJT. IHOMaS, W. I.-THE ROYAL MAIL ST?vM j? I'soket Gor.pany't tteau^r TKVItif, S W. Sairv- r, I iciiat dvr, will sail for the above port oa or about tho filth ijiit. Ior liasitkce apply to HAITI AND, I' HELPS ft CO.. 14 Stoae itr*et. JOR SAVANNAH AND FLORIDA -U.4ITRH iTArtS nail line.? Tbe nrw and eloiiant atoamship aUiMMTa, Captain Tboe. Lycn, rill leave .Now York for -aeaauan on ?a?orday, Mar 1#, from pier No. 4 North river, at 4 a clcok 1. M. Pilla of lading aknod oo board. For Irrlgi t a, pi) oa board, or for papsapo to SAM17CI, L MIK'HIi.L. Kl Sn adwty. FerF'onda. tlimugh tlokott Irom New Vurk to J aoktr.nvllle, MI; to I'Uatka, E'<3. The A'aVama f aptsin O. R, Sohenek, will toeocwd, aad leave on Wetnsa day, May 23. FOB CHARLESTON AND FLORIDA-SEMI WEEKLY U. S. Mail Line ? The now, magnificent and fast loir * steamer "Nashville," M. Horry, commander, will leave I i r UN. B,oa Saturday, May IVth, at 4 o'clock P. M , [-ecitoly. Fir freight atvly oa board, whore all billt of la dir e win h? sisntd, and lor tiastia.e (having sope'b aocun n.ocTati.nt) at thn oftce or bPOFFtlRD. TILEdTON ICO, 2 y llroadvay. Tbmngh tickets to Florida as follows to Jr?'kron*ill? SSI. To I'llatka f CI. The Boulhcrutr' will luaoeed, leaving on Wedneeday, May 23. IrtOR NORFOBK, PETSRSBURO AND RICHMfiV n -- 1 The Dalt>d Stetri mall steamship JAK EiTitWN, L. P rriab. eomr.aader, rtll l??vo tier No. 13 worth rivsr, ou t ai irday. May 10, ?t 4 e'eieok P. M.. will arrive at Mnr folli Ihi ae>t a'ter-io in, and at Petevwbntt aad Hiebm^n I tbr fcliowiog morning. F*> m Norfolk paaeoay?r< for 'he fouth prcc.e ti Yy rallroed direct, with throu h tickets from W ldou to ? llmirgton, Charleston Ao. Paisare anil fire to Norfolk Wl *.o Prtersbwrc and R.?Smoad fid; bf If price, ihrongh ticVete ?o I yaolihnr*. S14. Ar.e'v ?? 1 rni.l'M t PIFASANTB. Na. |2 Broadway N H ? ft tak^a <tf l'et?rsborn STEAMER HIP.MANN.-FOR SAI R, A TIORET f|f |se**.e on t-oaid the above eteamoe; prlee Sl.'i 44p.i> U It. llTtoat, ofll?4 of lh? PrugrNi, 121 lirutd ei>y a. nrMtr?a. I 1 flHUi-l ? ?>MltAi4i, Wt O I.Hitl -0?>r? >1 W.?4B> U TJ^ ? ?pln'k. TLur?/?? w>? 17, wjj b* ' 10 v h am* i.oi Atrr. Mr l>...ip.rt Jn( ? Vermont ... Vim !'??? V.uia< V rrKT^ Mr L?uur ; -n I *> "?hu?r \( . S?f ?? ?r T?rwliv | r??in?JI 'tittoa Fruiitn ??Me, Uraxeaor j Oain eptt nu iHA 4??f?r4 ;v?i?<o.| ?i? ..Mr Ufic? I Midtrtt "M'? i^be^t t"u4l Data ? ?? Mi'?? 1<i?? a?d *Had iJH'Ml rem NlTillNU. T'fk *....!>? Mr Davidr* Npp...... Hue i. t.ou;oaUoio? W?tUt5't IttKa?** na.iAttWtr. UK4B ?rn*Bi* *vraet -1 h urxlkf , k." %1 IT. Tbl M*Md nVHuM lonvli of TIF r?R TAT. til* L? Affable firw *>' TH.X 1111*11 ntAO'MtV And 4 Kli'? I' IHI U\RS. FtUmt? BlrOl'S* a'NTS l< HlC.ll And Tlir. H." ?> UK*U>MI?| ? r Wake Me, ' Mr ?r<.n|th>i? Mr Ttorvet, Mix lost iwu. ???>(. M'i iluey, VJ? feephe**, Mri ar?u,;At?. ??.. *?., will *pp??r. G1BO. CHRISTY * WlM>D?7 MIM.iTKfcLS, Nty.. tri r IcMnr, iM?oh??<-a' H?IF, Proprietor* Ueury W ??* ??* do*. Clt (t| Tlll? >Mk, A ?A'Wd ?o<J ETHIOPIAN ??aneucla* ?*cr? ????!?*, A* 8 ???I'K# Te o?anla4e vith U.? knrlN<|Ui ?t ? 4' IIITtt 1'iok?*e, -V??aU All IuUlom triwwlcd by Ueury Wo*t. tmkth(/poi itan thbatbc, brua-witat. nrro i'l Pt?? Bond Arret ? l.tatuu, Mr. lUct-M* Alai <AgMr, Br, J?an ?)?An TBIS ETHJMNQ. MAT 17, UiEU UP. P* ClurL-t Colsiretm ?.Mr Vftlc^. BamET l?lVr It .'IsE? KVf. in vhtob Soaeriia Soto. M'lle IXiny lit rr?, Mo it*. C*rr??? Mr 0 W. SnUb Aud C'orpt dpliaUet will dunce. Tj be followed br MONSIEUR JACQUEH Uoa-ienr Mr M ?rrl? Barnjtt To copcluda with tho tte'lot r>l /Lotion. u?tiod I. A MA JA i>e sev 1 ,lt la Ma<a a-n'vrt** Set* I ratoaof adnttmioa: ? Pr"KWi.iuai Hone* aooortiac ? lo cality nd crpe?Hy. Haicoi?v and i#rilie?'ra tto?e\ *1; Drui Circle, I'trqnet and ail <>< her parte of t?o hou??, 5.1 eeota Itoore opea At 7 V. peiformaare to be^ln at 7X n'cUok. TXrALLACk'B TULATKE ? EXTRA.? M B UROUGiU AM Vr ! <??? to a9Dnunt<<< bin belie it will take i>tao? ?? MONnAY iM-xt. May !l, ?h-? A MI'LEN Lil 1? I'KUliKA U M R np KNTkHTilSMM.VJ j will be ir?He> trd oombiniui; tbr taleala 01 KVBKIT M K M Ot THIC CUM CAN'T. Paxtirulam in tututo bilU and adrertiieiacnl*. Franklin McsBim. mo n non b?t, fii&au epfo^ite the HHRflMn p9t f->rn*mea* MM) W tenioea, it S, and eret.t ereoian, a? H N. Ik. iKrta^er will obrerre t&at th> Fraokiia Mumcmt It t<t?- oily pL>c#k vb? U(itod Statee wt?TT> ?)>? *#??>?* %t? with etfcw erifcioA* ?wttftAioiuec.?? Fnwecrf-jv ft K Wo ? try. CIRrCS ? ORAVD CONSOLIDATION OF TT.1 OF the larger ?"?' mo*t popular Kquaitrlai Tr upnin the country vi/. , Welch'* *at-nni.l Ciroun. of I'Mla ti-lph'a, auo l.ent'ii Ne* ) crk l itttin, termini; a dauUe a> Vbuion. plvoti wl'b'.o one Mammoth I'avilln, for ? aia< a price of edmimion. Tbo MHlul companies ftl oxlilbi' ? At New lirunewiok, fliur J. j, May 17. Kabttey, Frde>, May IK Newark, Saturday, May 1?. I'et,T?i?. Mpm)?? Mitt 21. J Of I- (IV City, lucid*/, May ti hronkl; u, Wednoidat end thuridey. May 23 end 2t. Wlllixmeburg. tridey Mi- a. A pleading takiiit ?>? uritiMm itu H'O'.fsbitigly *uc< osi-ful ? phy i.i e.nomi i deliae atioo* nt tnarae'er and d'eeafJ, at ttlt-coker UulMiii(, on llundat and Inlay evoning* thia week, ?jr Cr. 11. BEOIVN WII.LlAta. Oflioe no. ti iioul etreel. TUKATRR FOR RENT? THE BUILDING ?WN A3 the 1'clickn Ihta'.re, situated no at Ch irlej atrset, opposite to Per.lido siroet, t ow i*rl?ana, to<et' e' orich all the acoDery, furniture. A o ltuil< tor ac ha* all the wecetrtiry ttnproYOni at* tor tu ih. Th? looit on la the boat in the oity, and to a gO"d ai.d re-pmai i|? tonaut it will be rcB ed low an J a lung leaae niven It de.irud for teitna, apply to DaMKI!> A 1U0WCI.L, 1' bo; ait lltuae, him Oilcans. TO DBAIIATIC AUTHORS. ? THE VA Mi El. 5 J >U,ft fl titled 'bobbin Around" ? ? di aud by w. I. Ilirenu, will bo published in a tew day. thl**"na til written by tl e und' rtipnoj exproaaly tor bl* wit*, aud hat boon auuuby bet with. -.real octal in the principal oiviai of the I. tn ni S'ttien; and the *ub*orin?i denot 'ilinaelf Oa led u p< n by the i cue?. t wh legale piracy of hi* private tnatiu aoripta, to give publicity *.o the above. ia the vain hopa that hereafter bo may be able to (rolect authors and aitiata ia ?cine aeature irojuthe unprincipled tie nf individual pro perty, t? J. Fi.oR E NCfc, eovedian DRY GOODS, AC. AT P. COLE'S tw BROADWAY.-Jl/iiT RKOFIVAD, a largo lot of tab a linen Ituon Hheeting, dauta <k nap kiu?. tot 'a wear, Ac , cheap biack aUkt, a now aruoe of lam**' tkiits. Black silr3 fr<.m auction.? another lot j u?t rcceivd ?A ricli <>re?e fur ii Alt; 776 yu d.< aleaaut lurtie blaok ailk, dt. (d. a tarn; f'OU yarda bea<y a vide, for ruaatlllLt, hi., woitb 12c; yards au|i?rtii.? rioh luatro htary do, (>. and (it. (id uyad., worth I ia aodlla.; 0(M \ arda extra aidtU biabopa aai?<ior uvko ?o , ouly 7i , worth 11 !.. ? 700 yards tsry heavy extra ? .porior an t extra wid'h 10a, vortli lis, alUKu C i".li<tl>aVr S'i cbexp wboto- pale and retail dry Roodl atoro. 191 Grand atroat, torntr ol Mulberry. J)Ul.PI?'8 11 AWT1LLAS? IN MOIKE ANTtQUB. TAF 13 feta ailk, obantllly and rcat Ruipuro laoe tlierieiioai and cheapest good* in tin* oity, ar? u >? ready for ladiea' in rp'ctioa. 4> axoelleat mai tilla in black inoira auti<|ua at ti^i and all tbo richer kinds piop? lot*. Rroadway BULPIN'8 SAi'PHO U ANTlI.LAi? A SURPRISINQI.T beautiful production, in (>Laln blaok ml*, inalre an titio* aud (niptirc lace. Price reapecti??ly il fit and fclG Alrrge aarortmtnt rtadi thU week, at tha I'arU HaaUl'.a Emporium, 361 Hrt-ad aay. BULPIN'6 SIX DOLLAR MANTILLAS- ANOTHER addition to tha atock thii week; all manniaotured of the r<cheat blaok ka(Te*a ailk aid naiverially pruaoanoed the cLeapeat and prottiejt mantlil* cf the aoaaeu. l'arii Mantilla emporium, Stil Broadway. Embroideries and laces. -just received, a complete aaaortoiei.t of embruideriea la Mtr daaiana a ad all qoaHtlee: also Valenciennes Bruaaela, gnloara, ll.-nitoa, point, and other rick lacea, blaok thread mantillae, point*, Telia, Ac. The price* are mueh below previoua ariieaa. MILLER k GRANT. 371 Broadway. FI.OrNCfD BAREGE ROIiES, MU.tLIV 1)0. DO., French Printed Jaeceneta and l.awni, Plaiuaad Print ed Barege* and Tutnee ? JAUF.S FRANCIS, 703 Utoadway, will < ffer far *ale on Thortday. 17th May. a l'r^e aud T,*ry cbilce atcck of the above Rood*, at one half the regular rrico*. ?VTEW EMBROIDERIES? JUST RECEIVRD, A 8PLEV Xi lot of rich collar* and altevea; alao, S?ita band* for tarnne*. pocket handkerchief*. An. Uur price* are re markably low. J. II. UAYNOR. importer ?f Kronoh oor*et* and eatbroideriee, tb Third avenue, near Tenth ttroet. SPRING MINTII.LAS ?3. AND M. E. TOWI.E A CO.. have now u hand a lar*e and varied otook of Pari* appll?tc and ? p-j rn mantilla*, tr>Ketbor wltbalar^e atock or Uack and colored >ilk moire antn|ueaad lace man ttllaa, romiTliior one of tl.o leat i.'jortmea'* to be touud; alto Cant< n crape, itella aud ptiated citbmere akawla, which they nre wllinf SO ptrcnt lcria than any other e* tablithment ia the oit#. 8 and M E TutVl.t * CO., Columliait lia I, 2rtl urand atreek. SjToCK^C.9! 8TUCKIVCS I STVCK INOS I? LS^'ES, 9 new i* tbo time to bn< your (tin. iter 1 1 eking* Ihc a.ib at rib? r ha? jr.?t rvorived tro-n auction t. ch ace lot of Udlm cot'on ho?:er*. ws. icb hs i* tolling al tnunually Ian- prio?t. i'lraeeoall and eaaruinn RKUAR3 CRT I..N, r'>t'??al ?tr e?, Bet'.ve in Thowfaun and Ltarcno. HOTEI.S, Brf.voort lom-rau bliuant docss. lo catodoti I'ifth avenue, the ladiiouabio prom i'.aJe Hi America, It o nlinued upon t he Earopeau file. u, wliboat an) chauicc ? 1 that beantMnl furnituit> or ti?n at !? of koep. li>): tvnioh baa lit'en >o n.uoh 1 1 proved of by it* patron* it c<<t tail * apartment* f r fa* lit?* or >lnx<o gentl. at*n aupo lior to thoaccfanir other ho'*! in tha oonatr/. Tb? patr^c ag? of the puulio i* respect toll * *olicited. A?-'ii;iif Clark, ivopri tar. CMILLINb' MOT CI. HAH FAMILY RUO'JlB ait LET, ) (rrmtinir the rtU .ivc cool and dcair I I* t t av.r.imT lerraa r'naonable ai d I' cati^a ut (.ttunlied. N it - llilila 1 Mid tatWnx rvuti attached tu the Heuco. XALU^ANA I'.Al'Eb, Proptietore, foot Canal itreet ? IRVING Iiot/SK -TII13 PtlPtfl.AR AND WEI.L kn wn eatabiishmort hat recmtly ua< cr^unn thor.icii, to meet the prsautit olme^e a#w orotiTi-t ia the not?l r? Mem. It will re?pen on Moaday, Ma > il, tb* F:urop?a? aud Amerieau I'lau ounikini'd witli tha aaiee ela rant dlnlni roonia a* lieretofnrc witb table d bote In la <taa' ordinary, whrn It will be Uir**n open to the public, ha Iranrea? Cliemfccr* ttrt't and Broadway It I. expi'-'tad tbia hotel will moot with tbo usual favor fr m the pa:ie, alro tri-m tamllici *ad permuncnt b ardrra, a* every a'ten ti' n will I e paid t? guerta. with morforate cbar^na flae lr viPt ll'wie 11 a * be- n iiovtlv fnr'i.lirj and paiatn I tl tmnh ont, w ith varliiua in provrnonta addrd Th- whoia will be en met id ly Mr. Wll.UA* II HCRE'COlii, wt>j ia veil known for hi* ikill and gentlemanly d.pnrtni?nt, which ct Itaelf i* a auarantoe t ?r its titt.ur.< Ruecc^a. Piia mo n* ? ill ba cbatftce frr aepaiately, and prioe* governed aioord ing to aire and location. Vjrw HAVEN HOUSE 11') 112. 414 A V V 414 ftiti?AI>. Xl way, over tb'; Now To.knndNaw llaven rallr iad dn po% Mi. V ' Mi Thla houM. ia aituatetl ia .ho tua*t oer.tral part rt the city, and bavin* anngaod tbo a ljninio< hnitdln?* on Hr adway, a* aUo thn Apollo ll<>om< roiflara it, fir tw in and oebvenirrte c<|n?i to an) In tbo city.etpe Ul jfr n-iti'ary rr oihrr oompMiie*. faiaengeta arriving ia the oar- can leavo tlidr chceka at the offloe ol the hotel havfc iheu baggaga ojnt.^v' '1 to their norni without it nv fiif difllctilty A port-r ?lil I* l:i attendanoo at aW nour* of the Dit,bt to admit travellora G. ai.KKR. rr<ih??NTO HOTEL.? TO AMFKICAH A^ O CANADIAN JL arrbUcct* PliM wilt to rteeiv^d l?y th* oalari igeed lot the erection tf a flrat elaa.i hotel en the ooraar of iu*g end York atreot*, Toroato, Co-it of the bnildtn c, with a rat"! a of at<.re? nnderaeath, no> to etce'd $7tl,<K>>. A pre n. mpi o< f- fti will be paid lor the adoptad piau ei the arolii tect w|t| reoala- a e<.uiL.itai m f?r *ui>*riuteuding the erae iton I I tin boi'< tug. Plana and apeoideation* ??> be aeat ly tt ? Orri of July next, tit particular* may bo bad oa appti ea ion to tb* uoderaixi'ed ? V. JlOSftlN * BROTHER, Toa^eetreet, HI4H.KN GOODS. OFFICF or T1IK CIIIEF OF police M AV U. TftW - < wraf* are waeted at II U ollktie for I p?ir a*? blue par 'alien* I cap,) pairke- te eand S fair cotton a., oka 'found ; alio, at the llr>t dlatile1 peilteoenrt tTomht, i.'aatre atrne-.;, 1.", bags e< i hot 1 lot ol *?id?r. I let of aoldering lr -ae, l bag',1 r ..pper 2 plate* el tine, I lot of itanva*> (piece*., I lot ot twl' * in hanka, I l< t ?i 0< pl?er nail* in p .pir*, 1 lot ?f la*, e I let of ?crtw* in T'?p?ra. 1 lot nf iron apiket, 1 'nt of i-i an I d r tutidn 1 .ieli a, I lot of lead pauoiti, I lot of 1 lar k riwrnranrfuui V>ekt, Mot cf *t*?l peaa, 2 bnttloa of r ' Huid, I i nodi* *er*toi4, all attppot d to have b.ien atoiea. GEO W. MATH ELL, Chief of P?>t?e. Of tli K t.y THE CHIEF 01 POIJCi, MAT 10, IW, - t w^era ai iwei.ted at the Firat UUtrtet Pol ce f^urt, 'i io? a 4 cii're etreat, i?t a lot cl eUtha aud ailk*. *u^po**d to l'**t uen avei. n GEO . W. MA1SEI.L, Clitef ef Police. . UPORTlirou"" Il * A ' F.FI'UrTION IN THE FA! B OF FH KIllHT Tl? VF ? If A tt I f M4i*, H C.? tta have redoead tHa ?*t of tretgl.t 1 1 *be SUatnel ip Line at foll-iwa tl-o't ba 'to '-a t a - !?* ?? n *t>i4 fifteen t?-at* r ottblc 'oo?, will be taken at tlfht pent* p- r t'jot, n'ltlj ft rtfKW notice SPOFPuBP, TIL??TON A CO. | *MV**mwr9. A~ CADKMY Or MUifO. ?TAl.lAM f> **?A. I'xiiliM; IK? u> l prrf-rtnaneo ta r?ow York, prior ta mm it | ?r?i.?v ?' tint ci' n hi.j for l;o?'?n. ? ?I UK A<A*'ll?V WK MUSIC WILL 0* ClH?81? dvriap ll.c o? the company. 'i b t U?t ?ua eroa'ee' ?f Vordl'a ureal. It T|n * irott, Irm ??Di'iiiKiiia,) ?? ta *epc*<?d. fur<Le la*' 'im? oh FliluaV hv k - I NO, MAY 18. Th? praoiaal rule. .u|i|.->. t. d ?? filUMultA jH-i ilu* i*l(?? fl5TT4U,IU fci Kl I3UIUN 1*4.1, A?ti?l?l<? AM? HJilO* ?iL'04i uwUii *1-4 ' wiMtor . . - ??? aait^aij Bo*' uti ka *e?.u??d at Hall A Sea'?| JeUle'fc Efe W Broad v*.. tat Jea * Uifl, uitltnta tbr ??><?> 3>v ?f ttaOe . - - I rCj, 4du.i?.a:-'>?ru<?V. f?^?a? Owata. *M *"+ Ciro'o. Hi *????* *1"). t aauiy Ct/Oii.. &? ceat?| tit* Opora oaatttoaw a? g ? mH IMI , lilt; MIOMuUI' W A fell I* t? T fc M rTifiuil. fl?r?trOt? Mr ?eha | Rio Km Ik. Oea* mirusk?0 uoai-m a*. ODCKLIY'li dtKkdi a ne.utt, U? BKOABWAW ? ft ...w. >?'{??*> in^a. K?ru ?ad Ml tbia ??!>, a* n-i?.u?l Biu. leal pinca eatitled I. At' RIKiiMaL m ECCLA I lOWtf. vi? ; ? 0. Strata* I ? ? A Oterk "> ? "a ri Hi atal t>A*o i^?r.eparxs Bro.n . . *. Wfh(>f . . A "?0 iu W aiAofa ?tek WiA. lit ?n? ",g,cve'*1 *?orito uri, >?:! ttui aaaioal 00i tha p. 00. klHU.PIAK hlNSTRRUrr Con??rt e.oimetioci ttC ? gv.-e* ItokeU to oeata. \rMU/>'8 (JARDRH. f. . . T^* COMlPMMghTABY OONOMV to bo gtron >f tbo b eotbi.rt #? tho I'll'Lll A M jniMO iOCIKTT to MR*. 1'HMnUoftlS I U |' t | o wtfl^tako pi WO on batt .rday evening Ma, u>, it HiMM Fori bo* parttavlara will ho duly aanoutced. 1 ?? ota . (I ; kNrwrteil rfoate, tl W BARIUM'S AHPUU'aN MV8KUM ~TUI/R<BaY. M?| 17 ? KveMBir, a' 1% o'olook, tuo lateree'iar A? n.u?ii? nraina at 1UK UkLIuS f Alia fcB? Juainy f.iv cfur, Mr. U daway. Al'oiiouo, M .1, ADMLK. Mala* UiBi-iaaa, utili arjfc' ???? a *> , i>? ur< U4, *al> taoativ 0< V? iMkot; 'br W?ittin4, U?log Oo'ricka*. to. * 1? ial tii.or, W ntKt?. oM'm oi. da* '??, |{^ aoeU J 1)01* R SMITH'S ok aa it frua uf lotan AKU alfiuE or SKUAdTiil'OC, At Chib uk Aucatl.t KooaiN, [>& MttootL ?houiog o?i aumili n rirvi, " torn feo? r?Ao, cf tbt- pritiotutl CltlEH aM? UrtJk' IS (.? 1NTRKRAY IM I *t-r? otouid t H a'jir-3?, acrf evisr* sOMr coor.( ?.ti ?ni< niTa/n bi Mr Al*yo flail, t^oOoi. e.Omit<AAOO BOWFfcY TOTATRE ?A CARU-MR. J C. DUIJI'I btiMlIt, Friday uvid.b/, Umjr 18 ? Conuoilaaa U M. Wild. ? f i l.o SoTru'eri.tb rfiatrict . Ci^hth ?-%rtl, w.ll moko ? pi jfi'otatiuo, kjr requoat of ixo i:omnutti>o ??? Arran< a eat#* ___ ui/N'. liAVIU u'KEEI It, Cliairiaaa. PERIIAM'S ETHK.I'IAN TRfO PR, 6?S ORtIA UW A.*, loiuioiiae nuproaa ?l RiinutK.'i T A K k (Jilts, vrblch will bo rcp> a'ud ever; uri-nioic t' i? wtiak, at t u'olcak. I icvfou- to /aroc, isnpr ? .Uiuatri lay aud M?dlojr. I'srU roiaaoca > u H'ctfi, ay fcalurda, afirroooee, ok 3 o'clock. Ticket* V> conta GK* tiekcta %(*mit ranr prraao< ooaa. PKKIIaU'S HUKi ?MJI K RtUT suo?r OOtrmercfa an I unadaf ovrglo?a May CI A? A MOHT At rLRdAa'd. MS RAi?AL>\rAY.? T liidar, Mav lh l.oudit ot jtapueoa. Mn< rul uiroeior. feici'heua' on bla woudartm Wood and :ur*#. i-'-nf fti' h'kutt.ul Sclu on Couodrtioa. ft'pbona in KultbEKa I AKK I A?K. TO KRaMaTIO Ainil-tRK .-Tun ONuKMSIOMBV ? t !>?>-???? I ' tho dran.atio autbora in tl.a i nit-d .1 *.??, to in vi e tbiir eaortlnua in bohklF vt tie drama, to a aoiapa titioa for tbc lolluBiafc Fur tbe l>eat tarne, ta wkieh ea Irtah" and Va .ktc f?m*le ?liar>ctor ekall ao tho Uadtag ftaiur?>e? Cm hundred t<m tifty dullara Fur th? bent draa^ in tbrto acta, attb ab I'iab male and Vaokoe female eliaraa t( r? T lirao bundrod dullar>. I'or lha heat O imedy. la ikrH or flrn eoia, id a bleb at In.h male and Vauket fvmal oh? rartpr (ball be tbo biuhc prumluont ? Mae liundtod dullaML ILfn-Minn ?ilf be paid to tbc auoronafnl antbore ro-'pno Mea ly 'Ibt deoiwuiit will be u aco b> a e?ui|K?i>Bt. diiiaMraofe o a Oumtuii l? ol'flro (CCnt'euieo The laieat to<m for ?bo ra ccfi'idD of tl.o playe, wbiob aro to be oout ta tbo ?ahattlbaV, line fcart N (nc'Cin'.n alreo., or the Uruadarey Thcw-tra, to the Ore' day of Auatiat next. Tho aubaonbor deeiae a< aeetf railed upoo by th> reoent vbolcaalo piracy of Ida pat ra'e ecanuacrlr'a, *a make ti e above pro(o?el?, ia tlio baa> that bcreaft?r be may l e axle to protect authnraaud ai Maaa ia aour inoaauro. front tbr unprincipled uae of UiiWHaJ l>ro| e'ty. ' A*:.ltV W 1 1,1.1 a MS. Comedtaa. LECTURE?. RUV IIENRY WARD BF.KJU?K WII.I, DELI VIB A. i '.dure In tb? Uaited t're .by tt.-ian ehurrh la WeeA lecntjllfth \ trout, botwien Soaebth aad Ai.'hth >t<?h ft Tbunday cTSbioK, May 17, at u quarter beUreg for tt a bench' of tho ohurob. 8 Ljeot? Patriotism. Tioketo V' cents each, for salt at John J Can C eef'a. Id Ksarth st s i. t urmxobcr'*, 229 fcixlith aveuue; (jeor<e Keys, StS H<*ha? avrntii", C. Scrlhtior'i>, I 15 Nassau stroei ; and at tit* dear a? tli. flvjulo/, of the leotute. KXTJiA PAY. BOUNTY I. AND, Af\? SuLDlKRS, SAILOR*. AB? a', others ?lio icrved in any nf (tha wart (aad their wi tfowa di minor children,) can obtain their war raata k> aa p'ymf at M e ol t eatab labtd office, i- o. 37 Chamber* atrtM, D itto Huitlia'i. L fc. BRUWNE, Attorney for VtltH Sta'ea claims. BOUNTY I ANDS-56 WALK STRERT ? ALL SOLDIBBS. aailors aad teams- ere, < r the wido *? at thoee w he Mrr cd fourteen da; e in ar y war since 1775, are Ol titled (? IM acre* of beai.ty iend, and ean obtain the tame of the a rtal. P. T. It ATI S, ?i Wall street, basement. Ne charge aalu colleoted. NATT BOUNTT LAffD AND "BX7RA PAT" OFFfCB ?Bounty leads and "eitra par" for IT & Miry ? ef A e , Id all ware timet 1799? tAoir widows aae heire ? pree attained and paid. hales oes daa widewe aad hairs af deceased V. B. ?afl ?34 others, ce lice ted, aad all kinds ef sla'ma walut United States reeevired by liilfABB nUSIU^ l?at aad latel PurserTT. B. Nary. <7 VaU < ' MKDICAZa. Dr lakb is consulted as usual AT nil OLB established offioc, Ne 1 Chatham square, from* A. ML to 10 I'. U , bcnlaya excepted. Eighteen yeara' experiaess in different climatta fa liable a Dr L to cure those eaeea vhieh fcaffle the chili of those le?e exptrieeced Reeeat eases sanB ih a few days. Midioii ca, $1 per battle ar box. OCTt'R Ill'NTERb RED IiROPCUREA WUEN TM treatment of other phyaioiaaa and all other ? I) tail. UUl>?r?ali rtliat ce lur a thoriMish care ia eartate di. eaces. It UOieicn street, tho only plaee now ea weB Inaaa for the vary many ai.d extraordinary earae it ta* ptilonoed without di.t or hindrance ftcoi luaineae, whom all other remedies only drive the dlaeaaoi ia tha bl?ed ? M only. This secuies the patient frotn seconder* eitaeke, end li the oel? reait iy on earth that doea it. Vuu will tad this out by bltttr oxpvrience, If you trust to any other aiodiidam It baa cured thousands e? oeaea that never weald have beam S'jrcd without it. ?r. HUNTKK ra<t<ires people to health daily ? bo have beta elmvet ruitaed by mercury aad eausUaa by '.be humbugs. Dr ciiai'.v an'R orKicR ior tiie cbxatwrnt of dumac) of children, 13 i.eroy place, B eat Bleeefcec street. Dr. y AHb s UNru&TUMATE ? iRitnft, ?I. rtn a book - Jo?t whei thofe want ahe [isti rmras ? dis^acr, naaiL-l/. a euro at onoe. aad no deUr eat ncr. Mjf Mr t.ree'o' rute ia the world by Dr. WacdPB ' Unti.rti.riktc's rneiid." Affl cted take aiuce-^aa etla rufaediea cat. o< to yoa radically. Slight eaaes sated to ft fi t* t oot*, botliins else door it No 5 1 Canal streelL eea deireaato? Lroadeay la the plaee texet tbla rapid mat t!:?rou?h rtn eilj? no wb?n- el?e la New Tork. A eara wa#> ranted by I >r \? a ??. I'atleeti< an t ibe for relief saay rely on a rti-ld ccc b/ li<c troatioeat, witbiut taxiac tkf system AlUratlcv of diet ei o.a<aUo? lr?? ?aalasss mm re<| aired MLARAUNT. Pa RIB AND LO* DON PRTSICtAir. . Mid 't<rie' e, avthor ol th> Medioal Adtiaer aad *ar nsr<- Gi'ido, MS I'SKt., 75 < tiara vi,?h (mailed by bin, acaleB el i?-'> tasty eddreat fir >1J n eenaai ed at 4S Heals street, rorrier of Lioadaay ftimil A M till t , aud A te B I' 11 bvuriaie eieepiod Tiiose at a diaiaoo* treated mail snd exj-r* is we oonoor with cta?r |iapere ia teeea mentl re I r. I, ard I it tiotM.r ? Dlspat?li, Courier daa litatt tale, Day Book, K. Y. Courier, &e. I HPOkTAM TO f ASeAl.KM.-DK. DUAOIR' Ofi'lCB I -Atii ry for the eicluhiye treatment ef all diaeasMi li.otdtki lo fa L * lea Ne M l.exini;ton areane. Beinedl m tor fitrcle deian^ecunuis trots (I to K. A4t<ee rr*l4% Cenanl'atlona ard l?tt?ts eonldsnaial fail leeeea eontaiaiaa V served with altloo aad medUine hy ? turn poet Rel-ef jnim teeJ ia ail eatea- I'a'iaaU frem # dl.fatee rre? Ided with eli?il>ie boaLrd, aursaac aad M teadaace THf (JRF. ATBMT *f?'?CAI. DISCOTKIT OB M? -kU. lilNU'lV 0' Hoet.ury, has dise veced to <ii.. el ear e.i>? ?e p?aMiiv> woede a remedy that eaiweaea^ t in <1 of bum or 1r?m tA? worat eer?<ala i?wa te a eetoeee *"r, -'ba? <rud It in ever 1 ion eseoe and rarer faued, stssB ta i?? easea^both t? snJer ?n?r He haa now iahisreft aaaatofi ov?r t?o ht ndr?4 a?rt'Qeat?ii s' te vurtaa, all wtetoto t*sa t; mil? a ef b??tin. !??. hoi'lea are warrai ted te nnre a aarelu? sors i Due to three lottles will sura tee rortt klad ar | tji f fl/0 ?wo tv tliree Miiee will cure the systeaa ef beds. ar III tier are warranted te ear*, the worst eaufattottt n.01 th or etonii eh 1 U ? e t< live 1 of Vs are va' an ted te care the wo ret smi ol r' . . ir ' laj (m? te two tbttlee ar>< wari anted te eare all kaaor to tow *N we bntt'ioe aie eenaat.d te oore run etna, of the eyes m* biotcbo aii.n, tlr t.air Pfat,r t( au tollies are warranted te eare et rrapt aad rb alnx ulcere Mir bottle *BI oar? seaiy etnptloa or thi skt?. Two to tbr?e battlea are sural ed te ?ue tke went aMB ef rii ;*?rw ... 1 .to to Uiree xKttoa are warraatod ta enre the meet aerate rite it rtcwnetlra. Hire# te four bef.lee are wertanted te ear* tka ?N r i ' r?'v el ;ht - ettlrs will eare tha werat ease e< seretoto. A bom A* is alwafs e?) orie)ated (ttm the ttiaa bwetla, a i? rivet care Is warraatad wtea the abe?a qeauty IT *tea"iler, I ptdd'.ed orer Hfcna*nd bettlet ef this ta ska to eirlir ol HeaiOL 1 know the efl'euU ef it ia arrr> easa it sure as water wile extinguish Are, to enre will tMs eare h? mcr I never soH a bottle of it but that sold aaeth w. ai?M atrial it always apeak a for Itialf. There are twe iUstf at.ont tine hetto that aptMtar te me earrridn,(? AMt taa4B ea, 1? e> r-e j'aeea ^elte ple-itiru, m# ?.v? .tiffl'ler* "l>*r*tt on Us birawtwte** ta -|yaa rersenal atten&aaa la bad eaeoa I ????? %,V,/aetareJ by ?>?nal4 Rwredf, WeT? ' tf Baes- Priee fl. W >.?!eeaia a?Mto I T * New Yerk'-t he? n K'n'V 1,1 troadwavT! Ta i I neVenea Ns. W Bare'ay etrSetj A It A n Randa. he IB riltpri rtreet: Varah * Northrop 130 OrennaHnb iecsa?? eb Iff* In A Pros A im *i'llem street: C?'d*P?n| ' rilin ?ev. s?tv?t:r C.^M's ? rraakUn stre-t B'Vew To. RebbtaeAre. fattier lane; Hav<lae? Beesall A Bk i lar Vair<n itr?" '<>-1. t''oa? A Ca , MaltaaUaet And *e ? i aiieu ky >a aptfiXd.

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