Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 18, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 18, 1855 Page 5
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% ?iptMthrld exhibit* great tutc la 111* ? aiuinetiue of hats. Hi* bnameM hae he?u itameeeely ia er*a?el *?> felling fbr $3 TO a totter ?rtiMe t*inii cm M t?s?kt el?ewt>*ie lor $4. The >Uti u 11H \uiu street while, the Hatter, bw ccuiuvcu from hta ?Id ttbkd, tiii iiroadaay, 1? 321 itro?.dw?y, nppoai'? the Bxoee?*y theatre. where tw cm be lound witb his usual ?apply ef every article in kh> ltr* W II ITS, bnt.r 3x1 Broadway. Cool and rWllgtitfol.? the (lata tlanuiw tared bj KAFFERTY A LEAbK are ju.t the tbi?? fortlieee M>t day?. suite l-eaver aad every variety of ?Bioinrr h.te, W Chatham, and eurner of Chatham and Pearl Mausoleum Daguerreotype Oaaea.? Meade ?R<>lBKhS havajna* received the above *???? lieaatUul ?>d a?i r? i.riate lor laaer'ing likene?.oe of deeeaei'd per eeaa la mou> meita; aleo, the Kb .w Notniaz ease for sale wholesale and retell 1'ioturei in every at?le daily at 433 Broad way. Parle, boulevard dee Italiene. Taeiity-dve Cent Oagnemotypet, orlgl*al, at !tH Uruadwaj, by tbe pr sent. company, aeveu year# ee?abll>teu. ImUatore nf the German iratrm and the pio tare factory, abould ua? tbelr own thunder aad make their specimen*. Borrowed plumage ie ?aia glory. Thai 'a eo. Hot Ire to the Pnbllil-A Hnmber of P?riHi are travelling in tbe Inited State* and various parte of che acrid, lepreeerting th? tni-elvrr ae Mende B'othere, of New York. TtU ie to teitify that the only establishments we have anything te d with, are tboae tu New York aud Paria. Worthy artists who l.avo lived with ua many year* during our fonrtu- n \ cars' expert* nc In the business have the pri vilege atd certificates to advertise their capabilities ae da Berr'iity t e art ie**, and aa hailing from our e?'abli?hia<*nte. ta UK bKol'llERa, 233 Broadway, Paris, Boulevard dee Italiens. Juat Publtahetl.? Hew Slavic. ? ? i He Iwlng lag Polka," illustrated with a bcauii'ul eolarrd vi<uette title; (fee music by Tboroas Maker composer of the cele brated "Sparkling Polka;" prioe 36 eentaeet. Daet for f*?r hende; 4# cent*. 1 ble ie a new production from tbe faeil* pen of thia popular composer, extremely preitv. ele gant and daneeable. '"1 be Sparkling I'olka " l&th edllen; price 86 eente; liueta, 40 eeate. Thi* polka ie found on ?very lad* '> piano. Tbeaale ia unprecedented. Publiahed fcy HORACE WATERS, 333 Broadway. Ureal Plana anil Unaie iiouie of Horetae JTATtRj, 33> broadwav Thelar. eat isaortiaeut of oele Mated piano* aid all kind of innate tneroaaadise in ihe Uni ked State*. The public ia a?are that thia hou*e haa. in op aaeHloa te-ahe eoiut.inatlou, adapted the reduoed prices, aad aui piano*, melodeons, and mueio can he bad ot <4r W a Maa at leaa prices than they eaa be found eUewhaic New i te rent. IhlodconiwB. U. 6i 11. ,V. Smith's Melo Iceca, tuned the equal temperament, to wb.oh was recently Mrarded the ttrat premium at tbe National, Waehing Ma. D C , van be found only at 333 bro? i?iy A liberal " ant made for cash. The trade supplied on the moet " terma. H'.ika'.E WATERS firm Piano and Mclotleon ttatabluhment ef 1LY A UUNOEtt, ;.)?> Broadway St Nioholat Hotel. The laigeat s'Ork of piat.OB and ni'lndouua in tbe eity, in cluding the celebrate) double octave eeloatial piano, our own manuteeiurc A. VV. I add A Co.'e Boatin premium enoa. and ten rtber dlfTerent raakea; atao Ca'hart, Neel iu A Co 'a world r< niiwned metodeoua. All are offered at that auit the 'lull tiaea and that aeriou^lyt defy com petition. Evtrj iuatxuinenc warxanted. t'lanoa to let. KI.7 A illf>UER, Oil) Uroadwty. Black Silk* faom H.actlou ? Another Lot inet reccivedr-Cxeater hargaine than ever ?773 yartte tieh luatrc hiack eilk only He tid ; M) yard*, %* wide, oil boiled do. tor mantillai, 7a., wortn Ua. a yard; 665 yard* vary heavy rieh luatro, auperior quality, 6?. 6d.. werth 10a. ?d. ; 7U0 yarda extra width very heavy lliaholT'a anterior make, oil toiled, 8e., !)a. and 10?. , wor'.h 11a, 12* and 14i. CKO. C. BURbET'l A CU , 1U1 tirand St., oorner Mulberry. Mew Kmbrol tier lea -Jut Receive! tno. tber large lot nl rich embroideriea, lace ourtaini, Ao., which We will aell ae befoae. at half their value E. 11. LlCADBJiAlER A CO., 317 Broadway. Rtw 8llki.-E. H. Lead beater di Co., Will ?pan tills morning, three eases of rich plaid aai striped sake atSs. per yard, worth #1. Alto, rich plain ailks, at lie., north 10a., slightly spotted ou the voyage of import %? Printed Ntullnt- We Will Offer Tills morning, a large a'eek ot elegaM French muslins, whioh we havojuei. reoeived troui auotion, end will eel 1 them at 30 per ?ent uider their value ft. H. LBADBBATBR A CO., 347 Broadway. Bleb Bartgci at is. 6d.? E. H, oeadbcater A Co will offer tliie morning 10, (MX) yards of rioli printed bareges, at the rer/ low price of IhJaC. per yard, and worth teem 3*. to 4s. Dress Goods ?Consisting off Piald and Stripe silks. harases, lawns and jaooaeta, the rtoheet assortment ?ad at the lowest prices to be found iu this city are at a. <HM.JS. luvV LB ft Co.'3, 281 Grand street Dressmaking -Opening t*r Summer Fashions. 111, kAH.N uKTH, lashiona le dressmaker and impor ter of laahlona, 827 llroadway, will open her iummer stylo* ler ladies' dtes?es this day. 'fho attendance of her patrons is solicited. N. B. ? Orders for dres-makiug executed in Wb boors. 327 Broadway, opposite droadway theatre., James Little & Co , Merchant Ynlltsr?, No, 112 broad way , near Canal street have uu hand ati oxoelieat assortment of read] made clothing, which they are leiling at nsiarkaM) low prieea Give them a oalt. Complete Zephyr Cssslmere Salts, $10; Splen did liurine s coatr, 86; fin* cloth eoats, $8; .uperllu true bine elo-h dies* coats, $lft; tepliyr rests 8i. At EVaNS Clothing Warehouse, Ml and OM Fulton street. It! Oak Hall Crowded! I !? This is in Conse quence of their aclling their new stock ot spring aad earn met o'othing for men and boys at such extrcmeiy low ftioes that Be house can keep up with them Kemember, .DBGHUOT A 6UN, Uek llall, 84 and ?6 Fulton st. Zephyr Merino Under Garments.? The first ts introduce thtao beautiful so-nmer articles to the publio waa Bil.AUGlll.lN, c.rner of Chambers and^Greenwich ?tree's, w iieie wlil bo found a large and well assorted stock #r men's furnishing goods of every description. Shins made to measure. Good Taste.? No greater evidence or good test* can be marlfoated than In an elegantly shod foot Moat of our city ladies je.iUze this, and according tiny sesr t AATKfcl.L'S gai.rra. tils twelve ah! ling gaiter* hare gained lor Mm celebrity that is rapidly acquiring una a haadx'D.o lor.tune. Hh address li 33ti Bowery. aud he is always tappy to welcome new customers as well as his old ob as. Corpettngsi? Peterson Ac Humphrey, 370 Jtsadway eorner of White street, have just reoeived torn the late larce auction sale* a large asuortmont of car yotng, Ac , which they will sell at the folloviug low jflaaa:? Kieh velvet earpot lis. to 14a. wr yard: rioh laysriv Ha to 10* p?r yard: riah Brussels 8a. per yard; ?kree ply Ka. to 9s. per yard; Ingrain (Lowell make) per r%rd And all other goods equally low Let This be Your Uulde :? Oorgecn* medallion oa> pets, with borders. Xavllkh velvet carpet*, 10?., 11* aud lit. par yard. Baalish tapestry carpets, 7*., 8*. and Us. per yard. Baglit-h three-ply carpet*, 7s., 8*. and 9s. per yard. Baclub ingrain oar pets, is., 4s., 4*. 6d. and 6*. par yard. Floor oilcloth*. 2*. fid.. 3s. and 4*. per yard. Sold wiodtw etude*. (3 $4 and 86 per pair. 0owquu and Canton matting*, 2* to 3s tid. per yard. At 11 1 HAM ANDERSON'S. SW Bowery. Mi-ger's Sewing Mate nine* im rowed si as to ran Without noi*o, are the moat perfect oontrivanee yet ?raieated to publio notice. Ihey sew the very finest thread without ever breaking it, and perform the heaviest work, in aiotb or leather, without getting out of order one machine will do ev?ry description of work. Clear profit of using one of these machine-. 8l,0W> a year. N. B.? All other (owing machine* aro )ia>>)o to suits ?for infringemoat of patent*, fc M. 8IM>kR A CO.. 323 Broadway. Gas Fixtures! Cms Fixtures!? We will open lor axLIMtloB on Monday, May list inst., a eautiful variety of ehandellera, Just received from srauce and bug land, be ng our alotllf imputation for tin . season, wtiio.i. aether with all of < ur stock of this oliai el goods we will 1 without profit, in order to make room for na* fall style*. W. J r Ll A I LEV A CU , Warble store*, 6SI > ad t33 Broadway. Mit be Nevpliyte, or the Paper, tne Oath, aad tb* Swtrd," a il. nlling orisinal al- , by Lleo !?. AiKeu, B q.,of hew York, is printod entire lo thi T>ue t-'iag Ju<t ksucd. Si en LouirO Chandler, VV. O. Est -o, aud other noted authors o ntrihu e to the tamo number. Sold by the aowipap. r dealers at foor cents LKXTEK ft BRO , Wholesale Agent*. The Bmlti.sonlan House, ttToad way, corn xr ?? Houston street, ou to* same block with the d iropoiuan Bwtel atd NiMo'i. bavins been enlarged to accommodate about Tour hundred iue?ts, aud ce l> faruished, offers sapt fior aeconimodations to traveller! and th? puhllo at Very ?odera'.a rates; conducted on the Buropeau plau. and meal* 'un ished as ordered in th* new retta rant or la the privsta MOM*. , SIDNEY Kot'SAN. The Anlomaton Bird Tree, with Birds Kly lag about aod sinking; the mechSi icai ta lesux, reprei'nt ta* a vessel tossed by the wavea; India rubber ever pointed poodle. Ale, canes, oomos, and toy*; Cr.inese juniors taming aoBrrsets are among the many euriosi lea for <tran (era to see, aud ptirehas it they denre, at rjfi'UE'j Km yoriua, 346 Broadway tii eater Bargains ?Just opened, fo. ty cases He. 2 Irench ehlue, as ektap a* o'.uimon oucaory This lot I* all laid oot and will be luiind well worth tuo ?t .eotion el saonoiulcal housekeepers; plate*, o< fT< e aud teacup- and aaaears: teapots susar*. bowls, Ac , als^ moulded aud out ?lass, at ubt'ommonly reduced prices. Also, Just rooeiv. d ea e nsiiiament, 20 packagesof Canton China plate*, overod dishes neat dishes, He., at redueed prices. Obiua and <lt?* properly packed tor lamili' s remo/mg to the cnun'.ry. J. K. klftH, aid llioadaay an 1 Bleventb street ta?r"?frrR<!.i.n" *? ^ h,Mi th?* wa?K tn taanla ware ?{'c. A^rfftLDW*lN'8*M ''ll "UlWl *Bd V* above W alker street. UALUWI*N Bowery, one Jhor Ursu.d Uala Week at Ingersoll's Boat and Oar liassar, 2&U South etree*. ? I wanty seventh auun?l boat lair? tloeee Saturday, tb< 1'Jth Aquatic spertsmsa, ooeaoi'svurs, and all deslrou*, are Invited to atteud; ad uis *<aa tree, lagersoll iat?ada taia time to give the p.ibllo a owBviacii.g proof of hi ability to aurpaas aoythittg ever be fore in his line. Every kind ol boat will be reprs Beated iwee, eail, fancy and plaaaore boat-, of nvery eou aelvable kiad. aa well ae the more auoa'.antlal ship boils la all over Ihe oars will also receive a1 tentloa, making a ri< b treat. N. B.? fhe boat which attracted ao mueb at tei.llou, aad bore off the prise at th* Crystal i'alaoe, wlU bo axliibitad. Still Longing For the Old Plantation^? Gei.tlensn whr wish to enjoy the luxury of smoking a good "gar, osn alwaje he aecommolaied by calling at BARTI.siT'S tohaoeo plant ttlon, 589 Broadway, oppoaite MotropolUan Hotel. Imported French Am Flxtnres Reduction ta arirea? New Imptirtstions? The largest aeloctioa to b* fooad ia this city. M ci anical lampa, earoela aud modem tors, rapeseed oil, repsirii g >lamns, broosing aad gildlae Tbe anhaaril er stiira to Paris, will reoeive ordors. CoaiiBl* atoaa oatruated to him wtii be oare(uUy attended to H DARDONTILLC, 448 Broadway. Lea A Psrrln's Worcestershire Sance, In oae imperial gsl'.en isrs, a'ao In quart, pint at i half pint bottlea - land't #, ex Manhattsn. fo* aaio by JOHN Oi/N CAM ft M>&S, 408 Broadway, sole agsnta m tka United States for the proprietors, . Vickies, Sauces, Catsup*, Relishes, Carries, maetsrd, Yarmeatb blosters, Ac , a'so, Bar aj A fertits' braw n atout aad porter, In pi at* aad miarta- loading, eg UrajuL for sal* by JOHN PUffCAN A ?9#8, 408 The IwMi Or. IpolMM, M D., A. Bn dw^ tirom Leo doe, ei European rame.)? Thia gT?ai U'l good Sa m.itftan It It now ren?r%I y conceded, la daily performing more ?re ?<? and astounding cures than all fit faculty. 9k. Mofcolaa Betel. #8 Spring Krett '>|iui(? tMibmeiider lefrt.? Robert H. Pi? Til K v tie hI?<i4ee'urer in the United S'ataa of the aaoveae.ebrated ?af*e, tad F 0. U fflu'a imp-netrale de look* eod cross Utl Depot IU2 I'earl linel, ane ?eor 1 teldw Maidan lai.e . Hair Dye, Wigt and ^auhelor't teiel>ra<.ed lector) for Ibete article* U 233 Broadway Nice fivate rrom* 'or tie aeplwatioi of hi* unrivalled heir dye hole?a1e and releil IK' were of imitati >a*. The largest umrtmcot of wUa ead Unpens is the world Hair CaitinK) C arllnK- Shampooing and diing ? Sh'tvuig eix cents MaKTIN SToLL, late of Mad kurst A Herd'* having left those gentlemen's employment, will he pleated' to serve bl? trienda at Mr. Hill's 41 Nassau ?tract. Ciiaudo>o'i Kzcclator Hair Dfe? Muat (olki fancy they oan let eft dyed hair, and detection i* ea *tf ? ban ?rdioary d\e? are o?ed. Bat the acutest obeerfer tar net di-tii.g?i?li the ExeeUlo; black, and hrowne froin thote )'<>tb tu I be hair The created end the lmpartea Unto ut identical CRI8TAEOKO, 6 Attor Bona*. U. T. Luvit'i Wahpene will restore grajr hair to ita youthful appearance and care baldneea. < ell at 76< Broadway, ead thote who have been sray and bald, ? ho low liavu as perfect heads of hair aa when young. Lmariaiit nhlaken and mouttache* forced to grew in tlx weeks by my unguent. ?hlch will not etain or Injure the akin; SI a hot le, tent to ?a ? part o'tbe country. K. G lllUlUll. 5t5 Broadway; Zieber, 44 South Third atreet, rhiia'teipbia; Brigga, 37 State atreet, Albany. Strike np the glad an thorn, we're found the great boon, ilringin, death totbe foe, like tae desert's .itaoon. lh? magic of LYONS' dread powder and pill, Oeatroys the loul vermin and inaeot a', will. Ibe fnurmeual wrapper and autograph there, Rid di.bene. pedlera and awindlere beware. Pi lnti|MU lie pot 4J4-4 Mroad way None gen tile without lac simile of signature ol K LYON on the label. B-dbugs.? ? . osta. '? Unrivalled Bedbug Kx trrmiuator I* a great annihilator ol theee pe.ts. Sold, ?h< leaale ar.d retail, at C'o.iar'a vermin and inaeot depot. No. ;'&< HroaiU ay, i?tw Ycrk. None genuine nnleaa aigned by 11 EN K V R. CosTaR ma Rat! A Hat! ittnd lor a Quarter {"?Mr. r I'ARioiva- Dear sir:? it givet ua ?re>t pleasure to teatit> to the gteat merits of your "Rat and Koaob K* terminator." Fur years bad we battled with tbeae tilt hy pe.te, and notwithstanding we had uaed every meant wituin ourpewer or knooledge, and kept persona constantly on guard against them and though we had .layed thousand! of ibe enemy, tbeir reserved 1 glona were euro to come in at the laat hour aud claim the Tio'ory. But hy the aid of your valuable "ExteruAnatnr," we bat e routed the enemy ? horse, foot and dragoon*. We rind no ueoaeaUy 'or eren nnr gnarJ, ae there are not enough of the enemy left to try etperiments npon. 1IKRR1TT A LANGMtY, proprictora of the Day atreet Home, Not. 64,5# and 48 Dey atreet. Audita, C V. KEN ER A CO., No. 81 Barclay atreet, and C. 11. (UNO, No. 192 Broadway. Pimples, Tan, VreckUa,"l?rnptioui, Sallow, reat morpkew. Ac., cured by COU BAUD'S medicateC eoap, Euore tubule uprnota hair troin any part ot the body. ukc, lily wh.t< , hair aye, and ruatorative at the old ci tal lirhfd d?pi>t, 07 M aimer .treat *irat atore from Br..?d way; Calit-ude , 88 Sc nth Third street, 1'hilaielphia; Uri. Bayea, Brooklyn. lite Great inhaling Remedy for Asthma, oon.t' nipt ion, ai d all diaeaaea ot the tnroat andlunga, ia Dr. t urtia'a IlT. eaua. Thoutaada have b.e? restored to bealth tlieraatyeai by the hygeana Principal offloe 843 Broad way, and .old by U. 11. Klr*Q, 192 Broadway. Pnue only 13 a paekage. Hernia- Only Prize Medal? Awarded to MaRSI A CO., by the lndnrtrial ?xnibitkn of all Natiini, tor their sew Fateut Radical Cure Truaa Referanoe ae 'o ita aoiwriarty, hrofea.ora Vammine Molt, Wulard 1'arker, and John M t'amoehan An extensive hat of uamea of n>arcantlle and other gentlemen oured hy tuia Truaa, may fce te?n at MAKSIl A CO'S , No. 2%, Maidon lane N. Y ) and MARSH, CuRLISS A CO., No. 5 Wen 4th it., Clnoiunatl, Ohio. Holloway'a Fills.? IK re Is Health toe All. ? Vet for all ? thia noble remedy, acting at it doee immedi ately on the n.ainapring of lire, restoring health, energy *nd vigi r to the .yatem when flagging, in a manner anperior to any medicine ever made known to the wjrld sold at the manutaotoriea. HO Uaiden lane. New York, and 244 St rani, London and by all drng&ietf, at 25 centa, C?>? oenta and $1 per hox. WtiiwIi On Wedr.eaday, May >#, by the Rev. Dr. Corblt, Wil liam KKT.NOLKB to MlS8 dABiU AlBtUSA KYKR3, all of thia city. un lueaday, May 15, by the Rev. Dr. Muhlenburgh, J. J. Hakkich to Mi?a Harriot T. Grant On w evening, May tf, at the residence of the bnae'e tether. by Kev C Do mas Sc tcy, til. Daniel W. McCaUlkt, ?l Philadelphia, to Miaa Julia, only daughter ol Tliumaa Johnnvn, fcaq., of Ontario oounty, N. Y. Ud Weonetday, May 16, by the 1 1 - v . Dr. Neirton, Jab mm M UthUK to Julia daughter of tne lace J no. Karr, Jtij-t . all of Philadelphia. Oo Iburaday, Muy 17, by the Rev. Chaa. J Johns, Mr. J. K To>TB to Mr a. Hahrxkt Davkt, second riuu giiier of Mr. Jobn toy, ol Tannton, Somersetshire, EugUnd In Hrook lya, on Tnureday, May 17, by tne ttev. 8. C. Cutler, Mr. J. Sidkll Isaac* to Miaa Nu.uc, daughter of Capum Wb. L Hudson, U. S. N. At iirem point, on Wedneaday evening, May 10, by the Key W b Bulch, Mr Jameh M Frkak, ot I'eekatill N. V., to Mian Sarah E. Van Sicklk, of the form-r p'aoe. At Natchez, Miaa , on Thursday, April to. by tee Her. W . H Anderton, Mr. Allan M. Smik-.n, Jr., of Neir Yolk, to Miaa Joatrui.NB GlllkSPIh, of the former plaoe. Died, On Wedncaday, May 1?, vtr Alexander Marshall, aged t>8 yeara, 6 mouths aul 6 day*. 'lie relative# and friends ol the family, and the mem bera of Cr ac?nt I .edge No. 3U2, 1. O of O F., are re apeotiuily inv.ted to attend the faoeral, from hia late reaidenae, No. 15 Pitt a treat, thia afternoon, at tiro o'clock Un Tburaday morning, May 17, at half paat two o'clock, afu-r a abort bat eevere iilneaa, Mr. John Quinn, late contractor Hia fnenia, tho?e of ma family, and of his brother in law, Jobn Mel oaald. are reepectfnlly invited to attend tbe'uneral, to morrow at ternosn, at one o'cloca, from hia late reai<'tnc> , corner of Fifty ?Uth street ana fh.rd avenue, witl out further invitation. Hi? remaina will be tat an to Eleventh street Ceme ary for interment. On Thursday morning, May 17, after a short iilneaa, AhlADVK W., wife ot Uemy L. Oathell, and yonngeat daughter ol Capt. lia Shalei-, m the 2t>th year of ner age. The relativea ana frienda of the family are invited to attend the funeral, (rum No ltto W. Eleventh atreet, to morrow afternoon, at three o'clock. On thuraday morning, May 17, of rheumatiam, Catha rim, relict of Jobn Byrte, aged 32 yeaia. I be friends cf the family are respect; ully requstwd to atteno the funeral, thia aiternoon, at three o'clock, from her late ret.dence. No *67 Mu berry sireet. On Thuraday, May 16, at tie tiirard Hiuae. m this city, of disease ot the heart, Mm. a. Thomas Smith, of Baltimore, Md On Thuriday morn.og, May 17, Maria L., wife of Booper C. Vau Vorit, Bin lemuin* will oe conv-y d to Albany for interment. In Brooklyn, on Wednesday morning. May M, after a painful iilneaa, Ukukuk W Thorp, m the 3otn year of hie age. The relativea *n i irtanoa of tee family are respectfully tpvii*o to attend toe tuueral tam afternoon, at four o cloc?, from No 4lJ ^outn;. In Brooklyn, on iLuri-nay mornug, Hay 17, Jlr. Ro bert Firrrr, n tbe Clat year ot hia age T3 e friends atd relativea ot tbe fain ly are renyectfully invited to attend the fun-ral, to- mnrro* afternoon, at tour o'cltck, from hia la** reticence, No. 147 Faiton atreet, without 1 miser invitat.on. Suddenly, on 'lb raduy, M.y 17, Charlbs ScnuTLtt Gra.ndt. agetl 1 year and '> montla. Ihe funeral will take place from tb? reau'.enca of bin parent*, No. 8< -outh .-?coB<i atreet, Wuli^manarg, tins al'etitoou, >t one o'clock. I be treud- o' toe family are invited to attend, without further notice * At O ften, Staten Inland on I huraday morning, May 17, alter a abort ilineaa, ituac sJimomion in tbe 9hiu year of hia age Ihe funeral will take plao?- to-morrow afternoon, at two o'clock. Irom hia late rentdeace, on Vanderoilt av? iibe lie fr.erda ot tbe Taniily are reapeotiuily invited to ?tt?nd. At t?obi ken, N J., on u?a> ay, May 16, at the resi dence ol her paren n, fcLUO E., daognter of William J. and Mary A . J< Lea ug<d 1 year una V month*-. Leaven have taeir '.tme to ail, Ann flowers 10 wittier at Ui? u ;ith wtnd'a breath, And etaia 10 a*i ? bnt all, Tbou liant all eeaaonn tor thine own, Oh! death. At Ureenpurt, 1. I., on I'onrnUy, May li, o chronic bronchitia, Mrn. Clakixha Tituill widow ot tne late Na thaniel l'utbiil, Jr At Albany, on Thuradiy morning May 17, Gnoltua t'RHiKlTT. ihe Director a of the American Dramatic Fand Aaaocla tion are ii<vi'e<4 to attend the funeral, a' naif pas. four o'ciock tb'a atterufxiu from tbe "epot ot tbe Budton Hlver Railroad, at tbe loot of ' him^era atieet, to pro ceed to tbe ground < f tbe Aaaociation, at Oyprean ailla Cemetery, inun< d.ately on tue arrival of toe body Alhriiy Iu l'.inghamU>n, N Y, on ?uo ay, May 6, of cruup, I-fami.- KVMKL, >nd in Tburn<lay. May 10, nt erv.up. t ham kx Ja>k, twins, eon and daughter of Ru-ael G aud ..aoe 1. toUei, *??o . year* an- 1 a-mclia. At i'atb Me. on Saturday, May 12, un. Hannah U., w.te of Tb n;a* Barnard, a^ed 4UyearH. At Honolulu. Sandwich Inlands, on Thursday, Marsh 8, Jobn C. Siuik, Kaq., of aenlcia, California, formerly of tb a city, aped UO year*. itfVaTlSfcMEiYfg KtNbWEi) EVERY DAY. TliiC TRADES. AFKF.Ntll CtiNracriOMR AM) UQUAKidTE ? Ishea a situation, beat reference* given, \ddrt.a Roland Mere dotflia. STAIK Ilt'Il.nKR WANTED? ONI WHO O.NDK-t >t?n<> the bkriness thtrourhly, and oapabla of taking charge of wo k ; none ether man spply. Inqoire ot Cucu ran A Burrows, Nu. 293 Aa>t 18th at., between avanuea A ant? h. TOTTfl rot IN VERS ? A f.(l??l? TY I'E URF.SSEH CAN Obtain a Steady eitnation by Immeuiite *ppli-atioa tt L. ralcuie, 1'htlaai Ipbla. ft one but ateady and competent men need appjy. fl'O CUTTth8.?-W ANTED, A FIRST RATS l'RACTI A oal entter one aeeu atoned ?o city trade. Addraai. with refervaees, I). C , beiald otttee. VAJlN.l?B?US\ BURNISHERS ? wantrd tmme dUtelv Vtvrenly flee boriilcbere, to work on plated * are, 13 lita' , Redflel'l A Co., eorner of jobn and Wi llaji stf. VV ANTfcD? A CUTTER TO S'lJTO CULUMUUS, OE'? . TT aafuremaa id ?larAe marohaat tallorlna boose. Ad' dreef, a Itb riifaienees, i>o>724 I'oat Offloe. ry ANTED- A COACH PAINTER W^H0 THOROUOBbV Z.q'tusv.i'.t: ? Kvan/sa-m" ^ u~'? WAITS. A MIDDLE AGED FEMALE WISHES TO OBTAIN A situation u nurse or aitsaduit on au invalid jgr old r. Cab lurnlsh exce leut recommendations of four years ii ? ih? above capaci-y. 11 u no objection tj to a short dis tant! in Hit country 1'lcaie (All At 1U5 Amei *t , S dnjs. A RESPECTABLE SCOTCH WOMAN W1SUES A situation u ?to? srdess? tut* filled a similar situation befrre, sr to travel wiii a lady; no ?'?jootlou to ua or lano i '?< st of reiurenues gl?en. Can be seen for A week at U 1 1 aanon at., four, h floor, trout room A LADY GOING TO EUROPE, Wl.-SlllCs TO FIND A situation for her wet nurse. who U not willing to no company h.r. She it a verv respectable, healthy woman, a wido?, with a very hue breast of mil* tier enild ie tour months old Apply At ilH 6th avenue, between 11 and 12 A.M. AxuKbit wanted, to uo wira a family ro M-ru^v ? A resptotahle woman, ebon williug and able to take charge ef children, o?n have her t>asea<H paidon b< ard the iiuuiir Hermann, which leave* on Saturday the lfcih, tor Sua must be well recwuim-inded. aud if ill should give entire satisfaction to her employer duriig her pasta p#, she will ho well rewarded, and may find witti tl.e tame ian.ii> a profitable enga?oinont for a louder time Appl) to Mr. B. Kock, at tbo New V'o?k Hotel. A PROFESSED BRBSSMAKKR WISHES TO OITAIN a situation in a urivate family; she i . coinpeteut to cut and lit ladius' and obi .Iron's dr<we-, and can do all kinds of Istnily sewint; baa no objcoll u to go a sbnrt distance is he country. Good city reference given, Cau bu seen for two da) ? at 176 Urand St. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN A wants a situation as chim >erm*id, or assist in washing aud irealnp. The best ot ruierenoe lias no objection In the country. Inquire at the grocery store, 71 Mott St., lor three days. LADY DESIRES TO GEV A SITUATION FOR A girl fourteen years of age, who oan be well recoiamend >a, as child's nur e; is a neat sewer asd good aatlior and Iroarr; has no objection 10 i?nm! housework or waiting; ban lived with the admr'iner taelve months, and is very honest Inquire immediately at 146 Hudson street, at. John's Park, bet a eon I aid 4 o'olook. A RESPECTABLE YuUNG WOMAN WANTS A NICK litustion, ior geteral hou ework or chnmbtrwork. lias ti oo city tclsienoe. Please call at 109 Cbartton St. Bao livid two years in her la?t place. A RESPECTABLE GIKL WANTS A SITUATION; SHE i? a good cook, washer and ironer, aud a good baker. Sktl.factery city reference. Call ai 'Ml Gold st., Brooklyn, opposite the tannery. Can be seen for two days. A RESPECTABLE YuDNO WO?AN WISUBJ A SIT umion as .ook or laundress; has no objeotiou to go a short distance in the snuu'ry. Can produce the host of city referenoe. Aii>l> at 3W 1st av., tirst floor, boat room, lor two days, if not engaged. A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A Si tuation as cook iu a sma l family where there will not be much washing. She can be well recommended. Apply at 27tf lit avenue. A YOUNG LADY WISHES TO FIND EMPLOYMENT ss taletwon an in a brut olass embroidery or lace store, or as copy lit. Address M A. , box lift Herald office. A WIDOW LADY, OF ABILITY AND PREPjSSES ? in, u at-ntrs. wiites to tn*age as saleswoman In a JabO) or millinery establishment ? some other city preierred; Ler scrvlets would be f> und valuable, having been in bast ness tor herself, and is fully competent. Address Mrs. Burg, Hudson street Cost Otace, for three days, stating whtre an interview can be bad Kotsrenoe exohauged. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUA J\. tiou as good cook, washer and ironer ; has lived with a 1 1 ench lamily f?r the last eifhtaen rninths. Cau be seen at ber present situation. Call at 3y5t? Fourth *t. A steady woman wants a situation to cook, J.\~ wash and iron, or do housework iu a small family. Hai Soid rsfert uoe. and no objection to go t j toe country. Can e seen for two days at 2iS Mulberry st. A CHILD FOR ADOPT ION. -A VY PERSON WISHING to adopt a tine healthy femnU child can find one by applying to Dr. Beck West &>th st. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL WANTS A situation to do chamberwark and sewiug; uuders andd her business well Call at HI 17th st? between Oth and 7th avtnuee. A COMPETENT GERMAN COOK WANTS A SITUA uX. tiuu iu a gc&teel family; no objection to wain pg and ir> nii.g; good city lefertnce frum bur laat plaoe. Can be (?en at 20 Bayard at., oorner of Chryatie, fourth Uoor, back room. A YOUNG WOMaN WANTJ A SUUaTIuN TO DO oheuberwotk and tewing; out out and lit obildren'a ureasea, and do up fine mualiua. lieat o: oity referenoe. Can be seen at . 4ti 3d avenue, near ICtta at. A RESPECT AB1.E PROTESTANT It UNO WOMAN wishes a situation aa nurse: ia oapable of taking oare ot au infant trcm its birth, ia also a good aeamatrees. Beat 01 oity roltrmce. lias lived in her laat piano nearly three years. cau be aeon for two day a at 244 9th at. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU ation aa cook in a private family; ii alao a good paa'.ry c. ok Can cone thoroughly recoinmei dod. Call at Mr. Mor mon ? store, corner oi Twelith at and Univerai y plaoe, for two day*. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS COOK, waaber and ironer, or to do general houae work. Beat city reu-rence. l'leaao oall at S6 worth Muore at. AREhPECl'ABLJC WOMAN WANTS A SI.UA.TIoN a.i cook; understands all kinds of cookingaud t-aking; Uaa first mt? city retoreuce. call at 1J4 W. ldtn at., base ment, rear A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHCj A SI tuauo* aa ohambermaid and aeamatreat or to da gene ial housework; best of telerenoe given. Caabesoenat 4 East Broadway three daya. i situation wanted- by a respectable A Prctes ant woman, aa a good plain cook; ia an exoul lent baker, and ia willing to aaaiat lu the wnahtng and iron iufi ; ao objeetiona to the country. Call tiro day* at 119 W. Ztth tt , aear 7th avenne. ACOOB PLAIN COOK WANTS A SITUATION IN A i mall private family; ia a good waiher and ironer; ha< t<at ?t oity Call at 106 1. 2?th it., for two daya A YOUNG LADY WHO HAS BEEN USED TO TUB bri adway 'anoy and embroidery bnaineaa, and who no oer> tends making up ail kinds of fancy artiolea, oaps, Ac. ?lahea employment in an embroidery . lace or fancy atore. Li i questionable reference. Inquire at or addreai 06 Weat 161 hit. ASEAMtThJESS, WHO UNDERSTANDS DRESS making aud cbiidren'a clothee periectly, alao ail tinda ol family aewini, wiahe* to meet with a few respectable lamlliei who will nve her iteady employment by iho day, week or month, it to provided; will come on reaaonabla terma. Call at 38* 2d avenue, batwoea 24th and 23th ate., third floor, irunt'room. AHESI ECTABI.E YOUNG WOMAN, LATELY MAR ned, having a iroah breast of milk, wishea to obtain a situation aa wet norae la a respectable private family. Ao ply at 102 Bayard at., in the bakery. AYCLNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS COOK in a respectable private family; wonid aaaiat ia wash iug and ironing , would have ao oljeotion to go a abort die tancc iu the country. Good elty reference given. Can be aetn for two daya at 103 Beater at., aeound fljor, iront room. i A resectable young girl wants a sir nation to cook, waah and iron; ane hat no objection to gei.tral Lou.enork. Good reference can be given Caa bo teen lor two daja. Pieaae call at 1M Washington it., Ho Loktn, aecond floor. A SITUATION WANTED? AS FIRST RATE COOK; A ia willing to a alat in the washii g and Ironing; no ob jection to go in the com try. Good city reference. Can be aeeu for two day* at 46?jth at , near 4tn av , rear. A hEbi'ECEABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU A atiiii >n tbe countiy, to do geueral hou?ew>rk Uood citv re erei'Ce giveu. Afplyat CO Weat Waauin^ton piaoe, iu the rear. A YoUNG WOMAN W1SMS A SIiUATION AS A seauittreea, one who can out and Nt children's dreaaea; shotai Lu aeea where abe ia now engaged, for two daya, a? 246 la>t nth at,, between 3d aad 4th aveuuea. A SINUi K COLoRlO MAN WISHES A SITUATION aa e. in a private lamli.> ; uo perfectly under anda L? care ol Lor??a, and ia careiul iu driving. Can give tl.e lertof oity retaronce fleaae apply lor two daya at J B. hyer'a bameaa manufactory, 612 Broaiway, cor ner of Beuatoa at, A' T.'UNts MAN or STEADY HABITS WISHES A nidation in a private family aa coachman. iho best oi eity reference given from l is la. > place Can he aeon at fc4U Hroaoway, C. W atera' atore, ioi two daya. Ad dreaa J. B. A VKhY ACTIVE YOUPG MAN WANTS A JlTCA Um. tion aa clerk in a graoery; ho auderatanda the bnaineaa; ni?at- Lii^liah andUeruian; eau produce good relor loo Irca. bie laat employer. Addrc.a or apply atXU Stn avenue, corner Slat at. AhLSI'AcTAULE YOUNO MAN WiSHES A SITUA won aa vaiet to a gentleman, or wai er in a private tan ilj fo u to travel t? au> part oi Europe: ia)luliy com^e tciit tu nil that aituatiou; i> sober aad atiady. Can give re ?potable and satialautory refereuea. fleaae ad dreaa J. H., >o. 6 H . 11th at., bcot aud aboe atore. A OKAHlAll Or IBB UNIVERSITY LOUVAIN, l.n^ium, wauta a^ituation in aooilrge. school, or with activate>, aa teacDerof Greek, Latin, rrenoh, or Ansiiah, Ac.; would |? iuto the country, ^au n o* too bait te.iin.oLialr ot competency and oonduot. Apply atAo. 173 Chatham tquare AYOVNG MAN, 22 YEARS Or AGE, OF &TK1CTLY moral and tbi-rough buaiaeaa babite, wisheaa aitua i. on In a linker's mauraoce, ahippitg or other drat e aaa l unm aa offie*-. la a good pei man, oud willing to maxe timteif generally naefnl. Wa<ea at praaeut a? object, a< he lr deteruiin- d by bi> coaouct to wiu I he aateeni ?nd there by elisor* hie own advancement. Uaa no ref renco la the cry tat bti henda aad lace. Beat of rof?r?ac? tr in hta ua tiva piace iu Caaada, Ad dreaa J. C. M., bog 171 llaralj of lice. A PI'RtNTICE WANTED? AT THE ENURAVING ?a. b< >!?>? as; au American lad, abvut sixteen .oars of afe; cut that rvalues with bla pa-enta. Apply to rboa. Burua 4t? bf aoway eor. of Broome at , between 10 and 1 o'olock. AtlEMlON -U am M>. riRST CLASS SHIRT ri iiial era. to work ia the >liop ateady, work at all aeaaona, a nil bo til* .eat pricra | aid by any eata )ll<rnnsnt. Appy it L-H i i A B k A t OF u b gcntleuiru'a fanliii nable fariuau lug baiear, aau up towi. glo< e depot, iM Broadway, St^y veiast Han utt. A til EM I ST, WHO LNDERbIAnDS TUE APOT1IE cary buaiaoas periectly, war.ta a al' uation, oan nhnw biadipltma aad give tha beat relereuoe. Appi> at ?73'_liat ham (quart. A FEW ACTIVE MEN CAN GfcT EM I'l OYME>T ATA good salary, by appl>lng at M Chatham at., beteeon 9AM and 4 P. M , t? day er to-Berr?<v. A GENTLEMAN NC W ENGAGED IN A PI.EASAN f permaarat buaiaeaa, at a salary of So 0, would .Ive the sains to a competent person for a small peroeutaae, to be dtdueted lr<m hia salary. To ptcrent anaoy aneo from a useless number of applicants, all letters molt enoloee one doilar. AcdrciaB. F Wood roet Oflkce. THOROUGHLY COMPETENT WaHEK WILL BE t isi-n, s,fil in a lew days, liaa lived tue la?t ni^ht yesra In tliia o?y, with laniiiiea of the ntghoat reipeo'.a lilttj . Reierei ce i aexcettiorah'c in ever j ra>f>ect. Pletae inquire in Mr R.ed'a ator?, corner ol twentj -seventh atreet and Broadwav lor two days. >0 boarding home keeper need aiply ATMORHMi COUNEHT'S, V7 BROADWAY, TOR i er ol Kraiie, can hsloosdso>a>(asf an lish, Sootct, lush a?<i Cermsn servants, fir hotrlsand private 'amillss. Also, per< cvs, waiters, coachmen, gardeners, farmers, aa chablca aad lahcrw*. at 287 Bptdwiy, or 108 Gmawlch *t, AV wajt*?. A young man, whosb cvenings are uwbm ployed. i* luitu to devote 'liro o >li< ?ritm* up of books making oat tecoiiti or otberwine. Satisfactory U aUaionial* tan bo fui niebed. Add ret e R. Baker, Herald otBoo. COM. RED GIRL WANTBD-TO DO Till GBNBRAL hoa?ew< rk of A f mall family of three peraon*. muet bo a good waaher and ironer. A food houee ud good to a proper pcrtua Apply At 216 Allan lie it., Brooklyn. C1COK8, N L RMS WAITERS, CHAMBERMAIDS AND / othjr male ana female doan-etice. proTidoil (or reepec table 'ami'lei i<> city and country, At tho Bmployment Ageney office. to But 14th at., Union eqttar*. N. B.? Tluoo firit clae* eooka At preeent eeeking tituntlon*. DBl'G ci irk wanted? a young man tiior ouil.lj acquaint* d with the city retail and prescription buiinee*. BiAy Apply At SO Hodeoa avenue, Brooklya. DBl'G CLBBK? WANTBD, A SITUATION BY A young roan tborougMy competent. Cab produeo the beat riiy teferenee> aa to capability and character; alao, re c< mmeeifation* irum employer*. Addresa Uruggiat, box 877 I'oat i.fflce EMri.uVKf.NT ? A CtMPBTENT MAN CAN II AVE A lernianent iituatiun, and good wagon, aa canva.*tfr, de liverer or country aarnt tor Virtue^* illustrated b >ok*. Afply Irom 9 to 4, to Win. B. Fry, X John -t , ap ataira. EMPLOYERS ARE WANTED FOR A NUMBER OF competent and induatrtoua lervanta; oooka, chamber maid*, nuifttf, waitere and general bouacworkera, with tlrat rat* rt'CCBimeBdati no, can uBtain good aituat.ona, either in oty or country, at the South Brooklyn Employment i?ffice, SB Atlantic at. All ordara promptly attended to. FRENCH OR GERMAN WAITER WANTBD, WHO underatanda bia bueiuoaa. Apply at tho Waverley llonit, 097 Broadway. Farm laborers, mechanics and female d"m*?tic* may be engaged at the ofBoe of the .vr.un can aad Foreign Emigrant Protective and Kmploymeot So ciety, No. 27Gro?uwieh ureat J'roipectuaea aeut en ap plication. tiOVEHMSS WANTBD? A FRENCH OR GBNBVISB f 1'rotreiant, to take charge ef the adnoation of two young pine; the moat aatiafaotory reference* repaired. Ad arte* 2b9 3tb are. HOUSEKEEPER'S SITUATION WANTED? BY AN American widow lady: ?ilhan elderly widower pre lerred. She ia capable ol taking the entire charge of the hi uie, Laving had long eaperlence in that oapacity. Refe rence* given. Pit ate addrcaa T. , Herald ol&ce. LADY'S MAID AND SEAMSTRESS.? SITUATION wanted, by a Geraaa girl, who apeak* French and Eng iieh; no objection to traeel in ibe country. Inquire at room No 284 New York Hotel, TLuriday and Friday. LAUNDRES8 AND WAITER WANTED.- TWO BNO ll*h er American Protectant women it the above caoa citiea. Apply at No. 3 Maditon avenue, from 9 to 'J o'elook Nurse an d seamstress ?a situation wanted by a per. on who underatanda outiing and makiug chil dren'* dreiie> aad embroidery. No objection to the coun try Cub ?ive good city rererenco. Call at 310 Mutt at., n>ar iileeokcr, areond floor, front room. SXAilslREtS WANTBD? BY THE DAT OR WEEK One wko anderatanda dretamaklnc and all kinda of plain aewing. Apply at 1U6 W. 34>h at. SITUATION WANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNQ woman, aa chambermaid aad nuree. Oool reference irom ber laat place, where abe oan be aeen until engaged. Apply at ;'33 Weet 30th at. SITUATION WANTED? BY A NEAT, TIDY YOUNG * ? man a* obamberinaid, or to do general homework; Diet rate city reternbee. Inquire at No. 6 place. Weat 33d at., for 2 day*. SITUATION WANTBD BY A PBOTBSTANT YOUNG womaia. aa chambermaid and plain aewer, or aaaiat in the ?are of children. Pleaae apply for two day* at 142 21at at. SITUATION WANTED BY A FIRST RATE COOK; undrritanda her burinei* perfectly, and bakiug;haa no ol Jecti. n te aaeiat in the waahlag and ironing. The beat of city reference* Can be >een for two day* at lU73d aveuuc, between 13ih and 14th at*. SITUATION WANTED? UT A PROTESTANT GIRL. ?? ohtnkerioiid tod wnl'.er, in i private family, Can be teen fur two day*, at 269 Adami (t., Brooklyn. SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, at chambermaid, waih-r ami ircaer; or a* cook la a fin all family ; ha* had experience; lived thrte year* in* bar laitplato. Aiply at huoth avenue, betweoa 8th it. and Waverisy plaoe, fourth fioor. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG woman, ai ebamherwald and plain Mwer, or to do watt lag and floe washing aad Ironing, or to take oare of ebil dien; no oljettloB to go in tha country, uood reference. Can be teen for two day*. at 333 3d avenue, between 25th and Vlith it*., top floor, back room. SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG women ai unrte, with a lady boarding, and take the en ure charge of a baby, no objection* to do plain lowing or ctamberwork or to travelling. Good reference fr->m her last place. Call at 73 4th >t., between Perry and Hammond, for two day*. SITUATION WANTED? BY A COMPETENT YOUNG woman, ai chtmhermaid and waitef or to do housework in a raall family; will be found willing and obliging, and can give U e he?t oily reference*. Can oe *ecn at JU7 20th tt., between 7th and Mb avennei, i? the rear, two day*. OI1UATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE AMK O tican woman, as cook, waaher and ironer; uo objection to go a* lanudret* Good ei?y reforeuce. Can Uo ioen for two nays at 38 Marion it., corner of Spring. Situations wanted-by two protestant girl*, ene a* flrat rate nnr*e i* experienced in the care and maragemeat ol infant*; can cut and make children'* clotbin*, aLd it a pe.-teotly capable per ton to take charge ot tbenuraery; the ither a* excellent cook, paatry and bak ing Understand* her butine** thoroughly. Would go a tbort diatance in the country, in a gentleman' i family. The beat ol city teferenoe given. Apply or addrell293 tith avi nue, near 18th *t. SITUATION WANTED? AS COOK. WASHER AND 1 O ironer, in a private tamlly, or general housework. Ha* no objection to go a short dutanoe in the ooaniry. City re ference. Can be **?n for two day* at 22 Madison *t. SITUATION WANTED ? BY A WILLING, HEALTHY girl, to do goneral hoosework, In olty er country; U a (_ood plain oirk and exoellsat wathir and ironer; mako* good bread; i* very well reoommendod, and will bo found obliging and kind. Applf at >61 Bowery, thi* day or to me I row. I THREE SMART GIRLS WANTED- AT GOSLING'S J. icitanrant, 300 Rroadwty, a* waltrette*. Thoae who have a knowledge of the butiaooaproferred. LEONARD GOSLING, Proprietor. TWO FIRST CLASS MILLINERS WANTED.? CALL immediately at Mi**** Ro*ane*, S72X Bowery, Alio, an apprentice. TO BANKERS, MERCHANTS, AC. ?A MIDDLE A03D nan, long acouitomed to banking and inauraaoe bus nets, and thoroBfbly conv?r*ant with bookkeeping, with"* it aitu ttion a* bookkeeper or aosiitaat; talary moderate, peri., a nent employment being deaired. Addre**, by loiter, Cook keeper, box 1916 Pott Office, N. Y. TO CLOTHIERS ?A MAN WISHES TO GET A GOOD iitnation In a wbolatale establlsnment, a* cutter and foreman who waa formerly oo upied in the above butiueM, or at cutter a*<d talenuan In a rupee table retail atore. City reference a* to hi* ability oan be g Iran. Apply at 174 He* ter street. TO CI.OTH1EKS. ? A CUTTER FROM PARIS, WHO bas bad tlx year* experience in thi* oountry, wl*ho* to t,nd an engagement a* tbreman in catting pattern* of boy*' and men'* clothing Can furaiih tbouaand* of dtir-nn* 1 at lei n*; can give the be*t ot references, and ia competent to fill any situation. Addre** Mr Richer, 80 Leonard at , near Broadway. TO INVENTORS AND MACHINISTS -A GOOD MA cbiniat and pattern maker, who thoroughly unlerstand* bit luttiteii, making all *ort* ol pattern*, *mail maotiln ry model*, Ac. in wood, iron, bra** or *oft metal, wi-hoi< a ait uatioii iu tuch capacity. Can bring tho best of reference*. No objection to to south. Aidrex* K<1. Stern, 150 av. A. rO WHOLES A I E DRUGGISTS. ? AN ENGLISBMAV, who thi roughly undcrttaud* the wboleitale drug trade, i* in want of a iftuationj ha it alto well acquainted with the mabtifactuie of aitiflo ai manure*; and h?s no objection to take a share ? ith a aetpeetable party iu the last mentioned buanet*. Addre,* A. L., Brooklyn Po*t offloe. fPO MERCHANTS, MANUFACTURERS, AC.? A RE X tpeitable man 1* detirou* ot meeting with an engage ment a* bookkt-eptr, clerk or warehouie man; write* a good band, aod b?* bean aconatomed to superintend the maun factoring of lock", braat foundry, and general huaineiir if a nt*i.nfaeti.rii>g autl factoring establishment. No objection* to gi Into tba oountry. Addrosi H. J. L> , Herald otHce. Wo RUILI'EKS ?WANTED, BY A MAN, AN AMURI JL can, a situation a* foreman; he is a good dia'toman. a d tiiiderttaiid* bit businets In nil it* brauohex. Can give tlie out of re'ttence a* to capacility, if required Any builder in want of *uch a man, will find it '? his advantage, a* ho will give ail hi* tin a and labor to hi* employer'* intorott. Please addres* Foramao, Herald office, UNE Vkl'VB, SUISSE, DESIRE SE FLACER COM ME femme de ehambre; elle salt faira let robe*, oilier at Manetir le* dentelle*; elle parleut e iranyali, I'aibamandet l'aii?)tii Pent donner la* msllonre reo<>mmasdatioo*. s a.lrc tier ehet Mm* Clark, 341 12th at., between l*t and 2d avraatf. TT.Vt fTu" E It AN"9 A I Vk, ^'ROTISS f a1^TE~ D^Jsl K K U te placer comae couturier* "U poor prendre *oin d'uu eniant. S'adrtiser an No. 222 William it. TX/ ANTED? BY A RESI'ECTABLI PROTESTANT VV tirl, a iitnation to do ot amberwork and towing, ot ctamberwork and astitt ia the washlag and ironing; i* wil ling to make herself generally uttful Most eity reference ti en, if reqnired. ( an bo seen for two day*, at 229 Bul imy st.. la tba rear, toarth floor, front room. WANTkD? A SITUATION, BY A VERY RESPECTA ble young girl, a* nnrte and seamstros*, or would at tend a tanoy store; understand* her busino** well; i* a good t mlro.dert r; ha* been ntod to the caro of children; gooj re urei oo tlven. Apply at 237 3d avenue, between 20th and 2l*t it*., in tho fancy ttore, two day*. W ??OATION AS REAMSTRMSt, rv a sao eliiiJrea'* faaey drt.T,?.m*|i ?fn^r,,*nd? dressmaking WANTED? BY A HESPErTABI.E YOUNG WOMAN, a tltaatioa aa seamttre.t ?nj Jr- stmaker; undarstaad* all kind* of family aewing. Wagea not so inooh an obleot a* a steady place (Please call or addres* a note to 28.1 Mul berry *t., ai-ai lion. ton, 'or two aaya, XI, ANTED? A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG WOMAN, vv to do tho oookin* and part ol tho wa*blag of a small ? niily; or weald go in the e< nntiy. Good arforeuco* from b or laei place, ( nil at i> J 9th *t , top flaor, ?>om 8. II ANTKD-BV A KKSPEOTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A V? lithatl' n a* ' amberniHid. and to as* *t in wathing sku iroaiaa; I* a go<d ylain <aw*r, aud fond of cmldrvn. No 'I jeetii.n to a rttrt dl>taac? in tho couhtry, and ha* good rrleionc* Apply two day* at 11V St. Mark'* place, between <tt av aad av. A. WANTED IMMk li I AT ELY? BY A YOUNG AMERI t an girl, a nt*a.l"o to do light chamberwork aad plain ttwlrg. list to objection to go a short, distanoe in the our try She ean 6* ?een at lor preseat employor1*, bO tt ttt bth *1, lor two da>?, if not *B*ag?d. \ \ AKTID? A SITUAT'ON, BY A RBSPECTtBLB VI girl, a* ohamierB>aitl or tnamstreti: hat ? > o Jeotiou to do the oookingol a small lamily. Gnnd oily refotouce. t an he seen foi two day* *t U1 .1/tli St., Mtwuea 1st aud 2d avtnao*. U ANTBU- IN AN O-LD SaTaBLISIlID BOARDING VV tclf <1, two li'.t.l* t iris to bo brought spat teachers; tl e.t will to tarolull) li timet- d in Eaglith, t ranoh music, ?ad plala ??d laxry w<rh; the oareni* to pay a tmali aKry 'he tntioar. Apply per*<.i ally to Mr*. Smith, 142 Uto Ik, boot flk avoaa*. WAITI. WETNCIPE WANTED? A MOPT DBSfKABLB SITU atlan, ?>tk liieral pay, U ? fftrcd at N aw ark, New J'nlj, ?o a reaped a? la American vobid, m nt kuree for ?a mfaat, ? a final! family with -at o'lier children flood health iml peaeaelr Apply at Dr. Meroar'f drag ?tore, B4 11 toad it , Jteaark ur ?y loiter, with wol name and n tidcaca addreaecd to tax 12K, fait uffio., Newark, N. J. UTANTED-BY AN EXPERIENCED ENGLISH COOK "T a titea'ion la a pri??t>- family haa u" objection ta m aiet in tha washing aud irnnlug. Good eity rafaraaea. Can la ?r>u for two daya at IU0 kliiabeth at., aoraaral :tpriog. U'iMlD-A SITUATION A3 NORSK AND SEAM TT atreaa, by a very competent and experienced girl. Cab cut and fit Ler wcrk, aud <lo plain embroider/. Lived aearly three yearn is her laht place. Hat flr?t rata city refereuaei. Apply at U) Bergen at , Hrotklyn. fcITU ATIoN, BY A RESPECTABLE " >e?a? woman, lo a* ?eneral houeework or oha-nbar work, no objection to the country, Good reference. Can be aeen for t ? o dai ? at the corner of Columbia aud Uarriaon tti , Brooklyn, up attire. ANTE!*? A SITUATION. BY A RESECTABLE TT ) onng woman with a truth br<-a*t of milk, aa wat norae. Cood city re faience. laJl at *H? 1 ? t avenue, between 14th aad ISt h ata , back room, top floor, for two daya. WANTEb-A SITUATION, BY A RE ? PE>;TAM.E I'roteataat ?irl, to do general hou?e?ork in a renpeota ble private family ; the country preferred. CallatilMul Larry at , la tha raar, room No. 11. Wanted? a situation, by a respeotable young woman, to do ohainharwork and waiting. Beat city reference. Call at 91 We?t 11th at. WANTED? A SITUATION, CV A YOUNG WOMAN, to do tha h' n-ework ot a amall family ; la a good plaiu cook, waebtr and ironar. Good reference. Call at 8S M'eat 18tb it., bet ?oau Cth and 7th avenua*. TVANTEJl? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT young woman, aa chambermaid aad waiter ia a amall piivate lamily; would aaniat in the waahing and iroaing; no objection to go to the oountry; good city rafereiee cae ba Sivea. Call at 1M> 8th it , St. Mark'a place, third Hoof, aek room. ?\\r aNTED-A SITUATION, BY A MOST HIGHLY TT recommai ded yoatg girl, aa eeaaiitrei* and Ene laun dre??; can do ladiea* hnery in the beat atyla; m deretanda embroider) and needlework; baa the moat aamfkatory city reference from flrit claa? familial; wa^et 97 per month. Call at or addreta for two daya 217 Eaat 23d at., lu the fancy atore. WANTED? A SllUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, aa aorta. ebamb. rmaid ur waiter; ia willing to maka herrelt ftueially uaaiul; baa good city reference; Mv>uld like to travel; ta a good waalier and ironer. Can be aeen for two day* at iit-D lludttn avenue, Brooklyn. WANTED? BV A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT gill, a (ituation aa cook, waahet and ironer, or Cham bormaid and to a?el>t in the waahiag and ironing; would prefer to lire in tba country; the beat of city refaronoe eta be given. Call at 3il 3d aronee, between 35ih and 27th ill. TIT ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. TT a Utuation at clminoermaid and waiter; haa lived four year t in her laat place, aad laave* on aocount of the fa mily going to Europe. Call (or kddrtae) at No. 12>? Wooiter *t., in th<, rear, for two daya. of city reference given fan ^ ^'^^al housework Ba.| abo%o toe *tuie, * ?"? tftB be ???? ?t 523 "th aveiljj Wa.MID- BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL. T0 DO general kuunuMork in a small family; no objection! to go in the country ; livea live yeara in her la.t plaoe; good city reference givn. Can be seen nt 75 Crosby it., twodaya. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, n situation in a private family, to cook. vub and iron, or to do the genera' houaowerk ot a email family. Can furniib i lie beet of city retercaoe*. Apply in the rear Of 122 West mh it. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young wotnau, to do geueral boneewurk, look, wa*h aiid iron; ie a first rate wusher and ironer, and Las ,<ood city reference irom her last plaoe. Ploasa apply at i3t) Ureeuwich street, Bret floor, for two day*. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, to do obaicberwotk and waiting. Good reference irom her la?t place, call at 13J 20th atreet, between 7tU and btli avenues, tint fleer, front raom. Tl/ ANTED? A SITUATION. BY A PROTESTANT it girl, to take oare of children and do ohamberwork, or general housework, in a entail private lamtly. Call at lilt HI 19th street, third flour. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, ae plain MM. Good referenoe from her lac. piace. Call at liluUt avenue, uuarsth eireet, top floor, front room. WANTED? A 1'RulESTANT FRENCH WOMAN, AS ciuld'c nurse aud seametrati, in a private family. She mutt be eipeneaced in the oare of children, know how to cut and fit tbeir dres?ei and dreaa a lady'* tair, and apeak Engliah well enough to be noderateod. Thoee having good recommcndationa may apply at No. 5 South William atroet, between 10 and 3 o'clock. W AM ED? BY TWO KESPEC'f ABLE GIRLS. SITUA tiui.H, one to eouk, waah and Iron: tlie other tj do cbam?erwcrk and waiting, and to aaaiat in taking care of chi dien. Can produce ike beat ot city reference. Can ba n far two day a, at 210 25th at , between S h and 9th ava. YAJ ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESl'KCTABLE TT Protectant girl, to do general hoaiework in a amall family. Can oe seen lor two day* at S3 Ureeuwich at , third floor, back room. \\Ta N1 ED -A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE vT youtig woman, ae cook, eashor and ironer in a private lamily. Good city tefeience. Can be teen for two day a at 347 Kth at , near 1st avenue flrat floor, front room. WAMED-A SITUATION, BY A TOUNQ WOMAN, I to do chninberwcrk; ta au elegant eeatnstreas, and cau 1 take chai ge ol a baby Irom its birth; can do washing in the l?st style; has a very agnetble disposition, andean be well recommended Apply at 150 N avy at., between Lafayette and In , Biookljn. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A attuktiou aa o li tun Wr maid or waiter or can do the uiework oi a small family; wuuld assist in the charge ol children or do flue ? sailing. Can be seen two aaya, if not en raged, at 1W> East 22d at. 1X7 ANTED? BY A RE&PECTaBLE PROTESTANT vt girl, a aituation aa nurae ai d aetinatresa, or ta do ehamfcerwerk. City reference can be given. Pleue call for tao d?\ s at lo Eaat ltltli at. ^H~ar's?' '-'-5 her last em pi' w!ll i eat o"",/^ ?o?r, Lack M ?? '$? IV' At> TED- A MIL AI I ON BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TV as cook, in a private tamily, in the eity or country, line a perleet know'udge ol her bueineta. Una lived threo years in her iatt place. Good cit; reference. No ohjeoti?n to washing and itoning. Can be teen tor two daya at 120 d'Dton pince, top floor, front room. WAMEii? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, to do general houaework and plain cooking, in a > mall family. No o .jection to go a abort diasanoe lathe country. Can be s?eu tor one day at 33 W. 43d at. IV' AM ED? A NEAT, RESPECTABLE AND INDUS TT triens woman that is a (Ojd lenniatre**, who can ent and fit children's domes, and ta willing to take care of children and make herself genera'ly useful, can have a good aituation by applying at lb W 23a at., with reference. WAMED-IJY A MESPEOTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation ea chambermaid ana waiter. Can b? seen tor two daya, at -37 3d avenue, lourth floor, front rooms. Good city reference given. 117 A> TED ? A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG WOMAN. TV as chambermaid and laundress; hai llied fo ir year* in her lait place. Apply at 4t> 3a avenue, between 10m and llib ate., lor tao days. |V'AN'IiD-A SITUATION, BY A RE5PEC TaIU.E TT woman, as cook, or to aaaiat in washirg and ironing; would go to the country, lias lived five yeara with a French family, ana can ? ive good reiereiaa. Can be asen two daya at 11 J ay at , Uruukly n rear houae. TV' ANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE TT young girl, to do gei eral housework; la a good oook, waster ana Oood olty reierence trotn hi r laat aitua ti n. No objection to go to the conniry ? itu a family. 1 .esse call at 132 IVth at., between 7th and 8th avenues. 1X7 AM ill? A I'RoTEsTANT GIRL, TO GO IN TUE TT conotry, to do ^eneial housework. Must under siai.d mllkinK and making butter. German prefetied. Ap ply at 50 East 31st st. fVAVlED? A t ITU ATION, BY A Y U UN G GIRL, TO TT cook, wash aud ir< n, or as laundress in a private ta i-ily. No objection to go in the country lor the summer. i>. ?t oily referenae. Call at 55 18th at. , between 5th and Oth aienues, in tha rear. IV AMEL-'iUE HasUING AND 1RON1.NG OF A TT respectable tamily, by a highly recommended young ?< a?i , v ho can do ui all slyleaol geutlomeu'a linens and ladies' tinery. City reference. Will ao ibe above at Iter own residence, aid will perform the work *?ll, at 44 to 5a. I er doten. Can be aeen ur two daya at 274 West 17th at, second floor, back room. Wt ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG OIRL. A aituation as ooauiberaiaio and piam a wer. Noobjeo ? ion to gj in the>. Good reforeooe. Apply at 159 Ea<t 32d (t., between lit and 2d avenuea, tor two daya. W/ ANTED? A WOMAN, AS COOK AA D LAUNDRESS TT in a imall lamily Apply at room IK New York Ho tel, Irom 12 to 2 o'clock, tms day. IV' ANTED? BY A YOUNG SCOTCH GIRL, A SITUA TT tion as lady'a waiting maid; can do plaiu aewing and if willta* to make herself generally useful; best ot city refe itnee^iven. Apply at 54 Ilenry at. \\ AM ED? BY A SMART, INTELLIGENT UlRi^ A TT aitna<ion to do get eral housework; is a good baker, a first rate lauadiesa, and a good plain cook. Beat of fity re lervmes. Apply li r three daya at 232 bth aveuae, one door Worn 15th at , iu the legar atore. IV AN TED-BY A RESPECTABLE AMEH1CAN WO TT man, a situation as chambarmkld and iraltar, tt aa nnrse and plain sewer. Can be seen tor two day* at No. Id Essex at VLTANTiD? BY A 1 ROT E S T A N T WwMAN, A SI'J UA TV tion as cook; she ta a perieot cock in ail ita branohes, Data *, | atlty , bread and cake; would help to waah or taka ehirtie ol the hoa-e'xeeping ol a gentleman ? latntly. To be WAMEL? A Sli LAI ION IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, by a retptctalle young woman, to eooa, waah and iron ai.d can n.ake excellent bread. Belt of eity refersnca given tall tor two daya at 35 We?t 13th *t., trst floor, iront room. ? W AM ED? UY A KESI'EC'TABLE YOUNG LftDY, A TT si uati< n aa ctam .ermiid or waiter, or lor genaral bouie?'>rk or nnrve. Cau glre good reference from bar laat I late. Can ta saea tor two daya at 330 Oreeawioh a*. Tl-'ANTED-BY A PROTESTANT GIRL, A SITUA TT tion to do general housewtrk In a small private rami n, r r | lain itvingstd chaoaberwork; is a good waaherand iioter Ocod city rererene*. Call for two day* at 212 Sul in an it., ii ihi rear, ro- m No. 7. u ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TV girl, to do ? astral houaework; nt deratands eoektng, washing and ironing; no objection to tha country. Can he aeti, at ktr presort place, 427 24 avenue, between 36th and ?,*>* St p., lor t?o day*. it aMED-A PITCATION, by a yolno GIRL, AS VT ehamhirntaid and seemstreee, r t to take care of ehil tiicn; I as good eity refereneea, baa no objtctioa to gc a abort dla'anre in the country. Call at 94 15th ti, between Ctb and 7tb, hrit floor. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG LADY. A attention a* ehamUarma id or wait?r, or for genera 1 houaework or ntuaa. Can g,va good refsrenea rein her iaet place. Can be s*en for two #aya at 44 Jay gt. WAITS. TP-ANTED-TWO 0* THRU YOUNG GIRLS, TO " >?*ra the dreiegiafclm. Apply at ITS Broom# rt. n^.?TID-i SITUATION. BY A TuCNQ WOMAN, aa auraa ai.d ?eami-tr eaa er chambermaid ud nam h Hul of reference. Mo ohj, alios to ike ooaniry. ' ?' bo ?? it 114 imit D, iop Aim r, .ack roam. II AMID-BY A RESPEt rABLE GERMAN GIRL, A IT aitaatiou ucb>mli riutid i>r Lit u? ebjeetieu to Jo feitril boaaework to a rice enitl>, l>eat of eity re'ereaeo given rUueecallat 171 Saet 11th it , betweea avenaoa A Blid B, iiJT tWO ' ' t ? TIUMID-1N A SKA I.I. t aMII.Y, A GIRL, TO DO 11 |tutr?l Uouiewoik. The boot of city nhfllN N qnirea. 96 Orchard it U'aMIU-A GCOO PLAIN COOK; OMR WHO 18 AN TT excdltnt laondretf , at d competent to do up ladiea' no'.' tbiw, ??d ?bo on com* bubiv recommended from her la>t employer, uiui Miimi S!i Union eimar* I'olvtiH. 117 ANTED? BY A FRENCH I'EHSUN, A SITUATION It ?! la ly e maid ?od MiBiiinu, ua'tcr?teuda ilruiaik ibk, mil'larry heir dreeem-in tli<> lat?at leatuea, and eaa Uaob child roa Irench, io objOotioai to traveL Apply at 1,1 "4 Broadway, corner Slat el. AM ED IRMEiilAl ELf ? TWO TOUNQ GIRLS, TO l??rB dreaimakiBg. Call al 2M Mb atea-ie. \kj ANTED? BY A YOUNG OIRL, A SITUATION TO ii ?ke care of children; U ?a exoe leat eewer; caa da xna ?nJU?'rk, Would join the country. Baal of refer* ! Hta, t ail at 7* Bait a?th at., for two day A PROTESTANT FRSNCU YOUNG It ?ou iB, a iltoattou in aa Amerioau family aa aiia atr?i? or nurte. She underitauda dr>aemakiBg aad too waiting per'ectly, aad ipeaki I reach eorrectly City ra im-Lce. Addrota Sophie P , Uuioa aquare f oat oiBeo, far two days. AJ1 ANTED- A SITUATION, RY A RB4PBCTABLI 11 womau, aa co?k m a private family. Good rafereaaa. Apply ai. ' Mulberry it , between I'r-uce and Uoaatoa. WANTED-BY A fcEHlRi'TAHLE PROTRSTANT girl, a utuation to d.. hou.ewa-g ka a urn all family, or to take oara ol a hab> and do plain aewiag City rata rei.ce lrom her laat place. Can be aoan for twedayaatM Wlttl at. WANTBD-A YOUNG LADY TO ATTBND A SALOON. ? Aoply at 107 caaal *t y\J ANTED? BY A HIGULY RBSPRCTABLB YOUNQ 11 woman, a aitoation aa ocmpanion to ala?v;eheiaa I ood reader, aud woold hate no unjaetlone to travel: abe la aa axaelleut needlewoman, orlaoapable of oaderiakiag tbe laatruvtion ot one or tao young children. Wage* aot an object io much aa a good home. Addieae C. B., P?it utfiee N. Y., for two daya. Tl ANTED SITUATIONS, BY TWO HIGHLY RE Tr ipeotahle young aoiueu; one aa firit rata abeaiber Mill ar waiter, aad if aa exoellaat wa.h or, willing aad Iging. would (ota the eouatry for the ignmer if re qi irtd, and can aire tbe buft ol ettj roferaueo; too other a a a urea and aeamatreea, tan eat and lit childrwa * driiaei aad it a I.* bo>a' clothes Pleate eall at 2*9 lat avanoe, between 14th and 15th ate., for two daji if aoteagagod. fX7AMED-A GIRL, (I'ROl RSTAN T PREFERRED, TT tor general housework in ? private family; mast be A good washer and in nor, ana nnderstaud her busLneee geae mlly. Apply at 16 fetal street WANTkD? WASHI1< 0 BY A RESPECTABLE 1f? niat, who i* >l excellent laundresa ua capable of doing the hnesl ??.biuK wit ? ".Melai tiuo ; u a respectable character, and cm be reo'-un < ' '-d aa heneat and iudua trioua Please oall on Mrs > Ijfcn, 17 33th it., betweaa7th and 8th avenue*. WaMED-A SITUATION, BY A HIGHLY RWPIC'T able Proteatant young wema i, as cuanbefaaald or nunc. Good reference Address box 132 Herald office, which will be attended to. flT ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE GERMAN LADY, TT competent a. general urear mating and plain aowiag, a aituation in a genteel Arm r.oaa family. Call on or addreta ?. S., 113 Third avenue, between 13th and 14th ati. WANIEU-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG VAN, A8 salesman: he lias had tome three or loar years' experi ?nee in the drv goeda bntineas, and can give the beat or r? trxenoe aa to e .tacter and ability. Addraaa 5. E , Herald office. WAMED--UY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MAN, A situation tn a watchmaking establishment. llat work ed at the buticeis tor ete y< ar. Can give good reference*. Addreae Htchtnga, 62 E. Warren at., oroouyn. WANTID-A LAD A3 ASSISTANT BARTENDER, ai Wigglna' Hotel, Coney island Plank Moad, Loag llland. lour n.i>ea Irotu Fulton ferry, frum fifteen to eigh teen j tare of age, an Anierioan or English, from the coun try |>releired. 117 ANTED? A PROTESTANT WAITER; ONE WHO TT ihor' uglily undoratauiia hie business; a middle axed ?aan preferred. Apply at 42 Chatham at. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE MAN, A SITUA tion aa groom or ooaobman; ia experienced in th* above capacity ; ii a steady , auoer man; would make hum self generally useful. Use no objection to citr or eotratry. Beat reference K.i*en from ia*t employer. Addreaa M. C., Herald office. Tl/ AN 1 ED? BY A RESPECTABLE HARRIED HAN, A TT situaucn aa gardener; uujeratands hia busineaa in au ita tranches, and oau take care of hcraee. Aleo, by hit wile, a situation a* first, rate cook; underatanda the eare ef milk and butter. Both are wiHng to make thomaelvec ge i erally u.elui. Beat reieieuee Iron their laat place. Ad dress J. C., box 131 llerald othce. TIT AN1 ID ? A SITUATION -AS WAITER, BY A YOUNG TT man, who thoroughly understanda hie nuslneea; ne ob jection to |;.o the oonntrt. Uood city reference given. Ad drets personally or by letter. *7 4th avenue, lit doer, oorner Kth at. ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A COIjOREO HAN; can give good city re'eTcnoo; can apeak a half dozen different languagxa; want* to engage with a respeotaole fa mily aa waiter. Call at 22 E. 11th at., three day*, at the Club stable. <a ANTED- TO ATTENu IN A BOOT AND SBOB TT ttuie, a man Wl o underatanda wn'.tii, r upon cuatoaera and would be willing to work on the Mat when not other wun itnr.loyed. No one need apply who hta not died aaob a situation in thia city before Apply at 174 Ca. al street, corner oi Varick. AM ID ? A YOUNG MAN ACQUAINTS* WITH tt.e ?>' irt buriner*. None oil er* need apply, JOHN DAVIS &. SuNS, 2S Warran at , up atalr*. w TETAMED-A FIRST RATE DAGUEHREAN ARTIST, TT to operate in ? well established gallery in Briotnn. Nore tut those veil qualified, and who oau produce the beat references, need apply. Call at 34j >'alt?n (treat, third floor. ? -fVT ANTED- AN ACCl'RAT* STENOGRAPHER. FOR TT one hi nr a d?j, to arita from dictation Addreee J. P. F. , Ucrald office. TV ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG HAV, TO Tv aiteud tar or uight watchman la some respeotahla leuie; bar been at the liusinesa for ten tear* lathe city. Lest ot releri-nce Aduie** i>., lleiaid ouice. WAMED-A SITUATION, DY A YOUNG HAN. AS cl aser; one accuatowed to all ita braacke*. Apply la J. Sbtrnff, 54 Mechanic at., Newark, N J. WJ AM ED-THREE HEN. TO WORK IN A LIVERY TV liable, who thoroughly understand their buaiue-*; none other* need apply. JoUN WARD, No. 27 Montgomery St., Jersey City. X\J ANTEU- A SINGLE MAN IN A MEDICINE STORE; TT one having tome knoaWdge ot the kuaiae** preferred. None but an Amtricaa need apply, to J. Snyder, flWI Grand at fly ANTED? A BOY ABOUT 16 OR 17 YEARS OLD, TO TT lear* a trada; alao a boy abou; 14 or 16 jeari af age for an office, none bot thoae who can one "sfl rtooameaded need arply. J. A G. H. Walker, lsu And 182 Centre street, lieater. Wj AN'IEI?-A STOUT YOUTH, W BO SPEARS f ilBNCH TT anu lagli h, to astist in a couieetioaar'a workabep. Apply AT G lio.ukias, 164 ureeawich at., between Cort 'SLdt and Liberty ata. Wamid-in a ritail hardware storb up town, au actit e, in' ent youtu, aa America*, from 16 to Ii years ot ape, who residee with hia parent*. Apply at C2 William street, room lb. WJ AM ED ? AT 341 BROADWAY, (BASEMENT,) TT clerks, ?*lc?m'n, school teaclier-, conductor* bMgare n.en. braaeen en, perteia, narkeepers, looa^bmea, kaye far trades, waiters. Au , househeepara, governajaea, ehamber li. aids ano siril tor housework. Apply to TMuMAS bPINE, Agent. WANTED? SITUATIONS ARE PROCURED FOR porters, cDrka, bookteepere. waitera ,ooa?bakea, groooaa, l ar?ei eis, farmers, boy s l< r tra4sa and stores, oooks, ekam ? nrn aids ?eamatre*?ea, bitosework <irla, io , at No. 4 baat Dmadeay, ouimr ot cbatuam e<|uare. Cbar^ea mvderate. N. B ?A cook for a hotel ana ti> ing saloon waited JAMES M01.KKNON, Ar> nt. PKtieiOSAV informa'jion io wanted op eliza janb JL Tt or* peon, tre? Uail'ord, county Down, Iralaad. wit* landed It this city on < r ahuu. the ?mli ai laat Maren. A letter addressed to c U box i.ooj New York Post Office, will receive immediate attention. INFORMATION WaNTED-OF TDOM AS TRAHAN, who iandid in the *h<p William Taiseo-. Any ivferua tioii tf him will be thai kiniiy reoeivsd by hi* ervtber Da vid Iralun, Newark Railroad budge, oara cf Hr. Rradibaw. 1NICRMATION WANTED? OF PATRICE O'NBILL, A native of Tirperary county, Ireland. Ha sailed fraat Liverpool for tbi* country, in >u*?m >*r. ltMd, and m ia Springs* Id, vihio, in DAI M Whea last beard . f la ISM b* was in Dark county, Ohio. Anv information of bint will b* tnaukfully received by bia ai.ter ln law, laabellh O'Neill, tt-2Dou*tou *t., New York. Ohio papers pleaeacopy. IF MR. J. R. SANTELLI WILL CALL AT 9* BROAD way. be aay bear of (omething to ki* advautaga. L. RDUERI'ON A DOANB. MR C. GRAHAM AKD MK. HENRY BRSRINB Baru** will ind their letter* at the Broadway Peak Oflice, U the city ot New Yora N it UOl.AS IOTT.-IF THIS SUoULD MBBT TUB eye ol Niche aa Lott, of llatland Neck, also left aM ton e on Seaeay last, the I.Htli inet , ba would iwnder hia famil) much *a'i*lactie* >>y ret t nin, bone wttooat deiar, a* ti,ey are nferin; vry muc. U mind irota hi* aaaaeoua tal,.e ab-eace In addiu- n to vboir trouble, that bad a serii us cause of uueasiaea*, ky a vuivatioii ot Providence on memi er el tbetamiiy, who baa u*t with a cerioua accident, at d aow liee u?ly ill. Sboeld bebNlebo laf) no'. I e willii g to return horn.', tti* writing to kia family statirg tl at heic well, w nld be sretefully aflkao ?l*dged. Any iuteia a?i?<* ef him may ba a<f<ir*ee*d t ?> J- SCUBNCH M'YLAM, .v3 Fulton atraet, Brooklyn. The tounq lady who lift oRAJ"j*:. Jersey, on tbe 11th April laat, and "1* *? father at tb? Market atra*t depot, earaeatly entreated to rvtura to her bom*, where *M will meat a kind reception, and r. Ua?* tbe deep dUKlU a? ?er afflicted fatkar aadfamil*. THK HHiirARY. ^ORRKST LIGHT GUARD Kill 1 J" Ditrntara of tlua Coo j any, also tbe ' ' 1 "J"1*1 attaeLe d la Hi* hai t>IL^T ???bait af tb? \ ! 5 ** A read*, G6S ,u ' M1* ! 1 o't 'ock, in iitend the ^ ivt&in* fry I h9mtrt. By o r l*r ?' C. Diina, attVe [ JKO HAltlan es-., I yiTHAJfl Op TBB ITar a, f mvrtit if of th* con* J7ii ? Ifllt a I :.v J-' ?"? & Wm. Taixaa, Aff,ttei H. RAyIow^,^"

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