Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 22, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 22, 1855 Page 5
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m>t. with aD itearmar ea, and in ao sinister mi (?KtM that shall rtf (lie it. SYLVAWS 8. WARD, Chairman of the Whig General Committee. (I. Bslicws, ) _ . . ird Hardibo, j et*ri<' The Peruvian Omtno Trade. TBB KD1T0B OF THE NBW YOUK HSltALD. Nkw York, May 11, IbiS. ?eata relative to a change in the agency and ' Peruvian guano, and purporting to emanate from ?thority, having been widely eiroalated, Meier*, eda & Bro. would state that all such report ? are f (alee and without foundation. That no tush " are meditated by the government will be by the accompany lag letter from U?e Minister for TRANSLATION ? Ntw York, May 15, 1855. . F. Bark eta k Bro., Baltimore:? uu?*a?? l'be Baltimore Patriot of the 12th inst. an article which 1 have eeen copied iu several la of this city, in which it ia Hta'.od that the re government intends to change the agency now ihed for th? sale of gua&o, and to reduce its price per ton. You are hereby authorized to state be e public, without any loss of time, that there is ingle word ot truth in the viows attributed to the in government in said article on the subject. pOrtation and i-alo of Peruvian guano will be ef ts heretofore, and under the sane arrangements; Lire ia to be any alteration it will only oe in the ing of the price up to the figure tbat may be con prudent by the government, its owners, whose re not to extend the consumption here or elae but to sell it at a price required by the value ef its inds and the good effects it produces on the soil, t again, that it it of the utmost importance to nown the untruthfulness of the statement in the . and that the prioe of guano will in no event be 1 by the government of l'era. I am, your obedi vant, J. Y. DS 03.NU, Charge d'AtTaires of Peru. iccldent on the Third Avenue Railroad. TO THB EDITOR OF THB HEBaLD. assertion in the Herald of yesterday, Miy th, aa regards the boy, five years oil, belag >1 mine, and attended by the company'* physi s an error which 1 beg leave to have correot e accident occurred about a quarter to 3 P. M., STo. 7 of the Third Avenue Railroad was on its trip, driven by Thomas O'Dounell, with care s on his part. Instead of driving the horses re fully wat:hing for a clear headway, they are Dg for pashen^ers at sll the streets they pits, per egardless of lif* snd limb. The parties that saw ident can testify to the fact of his carelej* driv bos. O'Docneli admits the fact of the dash-boirJ car, Mo. 7, driven by him. Knocking the child efore he saw her, and ollowirg the car to run its agth over the child'* legs before he put down the lacerating both ; cne in a mast shocking manner, h so, that you could scarcely tell it was the leg of but for part of the toes, which hung by the of skin. ihild ia a daughter of James Houston, undertaker, ird avenue, and Is two years and two months he doctors in attendance were, i)rs. R T. Horse - ho is the family doctor. Markoe, Buck and White. JAMES HOUSTON, Fath?r of the cMld. yoke, May 20, 1855. b op Varkibd Womsn'8 Rights.? The Lo re ol Wisconsin ha) recently pained the following lative to tbe rights of mairied womsa. Ihelaw Feet immediately after it* nuilication: ? married woman whore" husbind either from nness, profligacy, or (torn any other cause, sMU ; or refuse to provide for her support, or for the t and education of her children, shall have the n her own n>me, to transact business, and to re nd collect her own earnings and the earning* of nor children, and apply the same for her own sup id the support anl oiucatian of such cbiliren, m tbe control and interference of her husband, person claiming the same, or claiming to be re from the same, by or through her husbutd: Pro That if it is denied by plea, that either of the , enumerated in this act, as entitling tbe mtrried to sue In her own name, exists in point of fact, le issue upon this plea shall be tried and deter by the jury trying the case, with the other issuis ted. ) be & Co.'s Auoi tmcut of summer Bati Itleinen it aow comploto, comprising a variety of the ??liable styles and fabrics; their Rcoky Mountain beaver hat this season la oxtroemly light and els^ant; ive alio just reooived irom Faris, a large assortment and light Frenob beaver felt Lata, of the aboioea, .nd colors. ISC Broadway. ress Smnmrr IIuU at Oenlii's? Hie man new styles and fabric* with whleh GENIN opens tho Ir season of 1S33 is unprecedented. Amonj the promi urm weather ohapcaux are mora than twenty varie "clt hats, toft and bard. Then there are Panamas, of >es. qualities and siios; Leghorns, at all prioes; Swiss , light a ad beantifnl; East India and Canton a:r:i <1 beoomins; and Paris straws, that ventilate the head ce it at tho Fame time. Tl-.ore Is no taato, however kb, that may not be raited from the large and varied mt of mmmtr hats at NIN'S, 2U Broadway, opposite St. raul's Church. paken.-Yon make a Strange Mistake, if, when yon want a handsome aud fashionable hat net call upon our friend KNOX, of No. 12d Fulton and No. KS3 Broadway. Ilia fabrlos hare a certain id about them that yea will look for la vain ire else. Try him on. flte, the Hatter, has removed from bla >d, SIS Broadway, to 321 Broadway, opposite the ay theatre, where h? can be found with hli usual ? tTery artiole in his line. WHITE, 321 Broadway. Eipenselield'a Hata ?ills Spring and Ir styles are truly elegant, and their ohetpness is a mar e have priced tho market, and ctn recommend the es mentofMr ESPKNSC1IEI1), ll&Nassau ktreot. His I of tho choicest that can be procured, aud the boau'y, d elegance of the fabilo beyond oritioum. |on'i Dag aerreotypes.-Large Size lor 50 tolored and in a nice case, twice tho size othsrs take cents, and equal is quality and eise to those made (re lor $2. ANSON, 5bt) Broadway, opposite Metro Hotel. ti Tkla-An Old Man made Young for letting one of the belt manufactured wigs or tou >m the celebrated manufactory of MEDHURST k O, 27 Maiden lane. [entyflve Cent Daguerreotypes, Orl^l fcy tbo Man in the Moon, assumed l'rofesscr REESE 2t9 Broadway. The ploturos beariug the profcsior's kre only to be iound at the original picture factory. ; portraits by steam, UOO daily. |at Plajio and Melorteon Establtahmmt A HUNGER, 319 Broadway, St. Nioholas Unci, rgest stock i f rianos and mtloaecns in tbo city, in 5 the celebrated double octave oelestlal piano, our bnufaeture, A. tV . Ladd A Co.'* Bost>n premium l and ten othor different makes; also Oarhart, Need [ Co. '? world renowned melodeons. All are offered at that init i h" dull tines and that sorioaslyj defy eom Every instrument warranted. Pianos Co list. EL V * iusGER, 31? Jroadway. at Piano and Music House of Horace KB, 333 Broadway.? Tbo largest assortment of celc fiavos and all kinds of music merchandise in the itates. Ibe public Is awaje that this house has, in Un to the combination, adopted the reduced prices, tt pianos, melodeons and music can be had of Mr. sat Its* pricts than tbey can be found elsewhere' banes to rent. Bodeons.? 9. D. & II. W. Smith's Melo tuned the equal temperament, to which was recently d t he first premium at tho National Fair, Washin; C , can be found only at 33.'! Uroadway. A li.ieril Int made for cash. The trade supplied on the most Tteimf. HORACE W ATEaS. C. A. Peck, Dentist, respectfully an> ps to bis patrons and tho publio tbat he has reiumei lotiee ol hi! profession in New York, at U3 Broadway. Ipattegs ??Peterson A Ilamphnjr, 379 Iway. corner of White street, have Just received (be late large auction sales a large assortment cf est , io., which they will sell at the following low : ? Rich velvet carpet lis. te lis. por yard; rioh y He. to 10s. per yard: rioh B russets 8s. per yard; >1* Ms. to 9s per yard; ingrain (Lowell make) 6s. per And all other goods equally low. _ This be Tour Guide i? ?cons medallion carpets, with border*. ?ish velvet carpets, 10s,, lit and 12s. per yard, ?iah tapestry carpets, 7s., 8?. and 9s. per yard. pish thioop'y carpets, 7e., 8e. and 9s. per yard. llsh inirain carpets, 3s., 4s., 4s. 6d. and 3s. pir yard. t oilcloths. it. fid., 3s. and it. per yard. ?i windtw shades, $3. H and Pi per pair. rqua and Canton mattings, 2s. to 3s fid. per yard. [ At UIRAM InDIRSON'S, W Bowery. vice Gratia.? Purchase your Clothing of .IN k JESS UP, 33 and 33 Jofcn street, coraer of Nas It is sometimes wlie to take the ad rioe of an adver l?nt. pood Chnncc of Having Ittonty?Clty and ry uerclants. wishing to avail themselves of this op Bity, should ( ay a visit to M Wll. SON'S shirt, stock liar manufactory, corner of Broadway and Cortlandt , Giisey tuildinir, where they will find one of the lar/est hrapest assortments In his line to befoualin New I'rincipal eatrance* in Cortlandt street, corner ol |i*a>. mplcte SKephj r Casslmere Suite, 910; did business coats. *3; ek'.h frock ooats, Sti; 3,000 pair ner* pants, f2; extta superfine blueoloth Jreu ooats, it EVANS' Clothing Warehouse, 00 and Of Fulton St. [he Cry Is Still Tncjr Come. Whtro I toLUSK'S Millinery Empetium, 131 Fulton streot, ily. , to get ono of bis maptiifloent new style* of b ja Ihat sro attracting the atteuMon of the whole elty. phyr Merino Under Garments.-.' Thr first troduce these teautiful articles to the publio was itGllElN', 2'.'2 Creonwich street corner ot Chambers, j every article in men's furnishing goodl oan bo obtain the lowest price*. Ie Very Latest.? The Lateet News and She st> Its are always mostoovet:d. This is reasonable, se new things ol the prepent. day are oiten improve i. Of this character 1s ELLSWORTH S superior balr a truly seientilo preparation. ? jonr hair need strengthening? ild yon pr. mot e its growth? ild yon Improve and beautify your hair? ltd yen have beautiful and glossy curls/ t use that latest and best of all toilet arMcl?*, SHis ]? superior .hair tonic, carefully prepared from'nics la'", aad (legantly put up. _ I by all respectable druggisti and apotheoariss. C. V. laer k Co.. 81 Barclay street, aad Whitehead k Brother, iMnwich street, agents for thii ally. MOrlglnal Package .In order to comply ?provisions ol tbat highly popular bill known m ?Me liquor law," BARTLETT sow iaU( the best in original paelras*. at " The Tnhnceo mm' oyyUH |ittr*peU*a? M Ipfc.l? I? -Par. ?. I. PNak'a treatment for eomsnmptioii u< other diaeaaca of tiio lunga. It* complete triumph. To the Commvshty or Invalids:? A theory Of 4l??af? and of met nal pi ac tier, however beautiful, canuot be of ?neh interest to the invalid. What bo waata i* relief from hi* lufleringe and the meant of euro. Ono tingle faot which ?ho we him that he can te eared, t? worth more to the suf foier than whi*e volume* of learned speculations and in genious tbaorixing, that leave turn where they found him, to struggle, and tufler, and die. Such facts I present in thj following oorreipobdence. I aek tho consumptive to road these letter* carefully, and thru pnt tho question to himself, whtther he i* not unwise to neglect or delay availing him self of a treatment to clear. y demonstrated to he aucoess'ul in the euro of positive, seated consumption? These letter* aie taken up urniuat a', random, fiom the hundreds lying on my table, received Irctn my patients in the course of regu lar correspondence, and written without solicitation. I roil them upon the attention of consumptive*, became feel vsry desirous that tbey may be induced to adopt and employ a treatment which I know will *e auoli let* likely to disapi oiit their hope* of relief and oore than any other now any where practiced ; and I do trust that tuoh faot* as tkete nlll not fail to influence the invalid who t< looking for the mean I of relief fr?m a disease to generally regarded as hopelessly fatal. CASK 01 KE. D. W. THOMPSON? TRVK CO NSWurriON CURED. .Mr. Thou.ptcii write*, directing an invalid friend tome, and then adds the following : ? Cazkkovia, Madison Co , N. Y., April U, 1S5V Dr. P. S. Fitch ? Dear sii ? Suffer me to trouble yon with a few lfnes toucbirg my own health. You doubtless h \ru forgotten rry visit to v< ur office. four years a ;o, I think, laat October, and my tituatioD at that time. Suffice it hero to my, that it wss with trreat difficulty and some asaiatance that I was enabled to ascend tin stairs to your rooms, at hot VW Broadway ; 1 was then laboring under all the symp toms of consumption, having been treated lor it by various physicians in Maditon ceui.ty, N. Y., wituout any good re toft. I represented the facta of my ease to you, and re quested that if, in yonr opinion, there was any chance tor mi, 1 whs desirous to know it, una if not, was prepared tor tho worst ; after examining me, your reply to mo was nearly in these words : "I think, sir, yen are badly situated, and your ease it exceedingly doubtful. But I have remedies that will, perhaps, malcc you more comfortable for awhile, yet cannot lay 1 believe they wilL effect a cure," In abort, I obtained of yon medicines for two or three mneths, and took them; at the end of whleli time 1 was in tho enjoyment of good health, and have beet ever tinoe, with the exception of un attack of jleurisy, which prostrated me for some three n.ontba. My recovery it considered something very remark able in Caienovia. Respectfully yours, D. W. Thompson. CASE or J. L. FOWLER, A RESPECTABLE 1ABNGR. Flushing, L. L, April 12, 1855. Pr. S. S. Fitch? Dear Sir:? In the year li<?7, 1 applied t? yon in confirmed consumption; there is no doubt aoout this being my true condition tbeu; I had a deep mated cough more than a year, expectorating a thick matter; 1 had raised Hood to the extest of eight or ten ounces at a timi; every llttlj exertion would bring on bleeding. Ae right lung w*? ulcerated. I was emaciated to a mere skeleton; strength all gone, much pain in the right cbott and shoulders; i had loit all hope or expectation, and so had my friends, of in 7 ever being any better. You gave me encouragement that I might recover, and I put myself under your cure; you gave me shoulder traces, supporter aud inhaling tube, with modicines, and 1 entered upon the treatment with bn little hope or benefit. But now I bites the kind Providence who directed mo to you. I soon began rr ad ally to mend, tie pain in the chest subsided, the coukQ became less, all the tendency to bleeding disappeared, the nlccrated lung healed aud became strong, and now for tlx years 1 have enjoyed health, i am confident that your remedies and treatment saved my life. The supporter, stoulder braccs and inhaling tube are per fectly invaluable. I retard your pla? of treating consump tion as being demonstrated in my oase, to be effectual in its cure, and 1 do moat earnestly reoominend it to all who have diteate of the lungs. If the doubting will write to or call on me, 1 will convince them that what 1 say is true. Accept my LeartieU thank* for what yon have done for me. Your*, leapectlnily, J. L. Fowlkr. CASE OF ALOXZO W. STREET? A MARKED CASE Of CON SUMPTION. Rovth Nuiiwalk, Conn., May 10, 1853. Dr. S. S. Fitch: Dear Sir:? Tor tho benefit ot those suf fering with disease of the lungs. I wish to mike a statement of the effect cf your treatment in my caan It is also an act of justice towards yourself. I will first say that my family is a conecmptive one. My father and one sister died of this ditctHe. My own lung* have always been weak, and I evi dently inherit a predisposition to consumption; l.ast autumn 1 was taken with a severe congh, which was induced by a cold. It made rapid progress, aud toon thj luugs became extensively diseased, in about four weeks I commenced bleeding from the lungs, and in the course of three month*, 1 Med twelve times, some '.wo or three table spoonfuls at a time. 1 became much emaciated, and very weak. My friends regarded mv caao as perfectly hopole?i>. In Decem ber, I had an ulcer trea* in my lnngs, and discuar*e a lull haif pint ef heavy thick matter. My cough was distressing; 1 had tovere night sweats; I suffered mush pain through tie chest and under the shoulder blaiea; in short, I had every symptom of oonSrmed consumption. I applied to you, in January last, in this condition. You examined me, as you may recollect, and found the front* of both lungs ex tensively ulcerated, and alto a large cavity in the left lung. Still, you encouraged me to hope that 1 might be cured, though it seemed like hoping ajainat hope, I imme diately placed myself iu j our hand* Yon iiave mo your ro meditt? shoulder brare*, supporter, inlialin; tube, with medicines; also, inhaler and iuhaling fluid for medicated inhalation. My eou.:h toon showed signs of improvement? It lost its dry, hard, distressing character, and became easy and loote, while it gradually became less and le*a. I hail but ote turn of lltcdiug after commencing the use ot your remedies, and t hat lut slight. My strength and flesh csuin back, the chest expanded, the lunjis enlarged and be came strong, and evidently rapidly healed, and to-day I call myself well. 1 lave Letter health than I had twelve months a;o. To yonr treatment, under Providence, 1 am sure 1 owe pay life. My case certainly sho?s that oen mmption cat be cured, and how any one who his of the lung* knowing the fact* of your practice, can hes;tate <r neglect to place himtelf under your treatment is surpris ing to me. Accept my tntitude for the relief tnd health you gave sc. Youri, &c.. Aloxzo W. Street. GE.II'IKE TESTIMONIALS. If any donbt is eLtertnined as to the genainraess of the above letters, the reader it invited to address a letter of in quiry to the rctpeitive writer*. Th* benefits of the treat ment by which tuch cures at there were effoctel, I tender to the consumptive, and invite him to consult me froe of charge, at my offi'*, 711 Brcadvav, New York, from 9 A. M. to t> P. M., any day in the week, Sundsy excepted. 'Ihose at a distance can consult mo by letter. To enable tbtin tc make full statement* ef their cage*, I append a se ries ot questions. Reply fully to all that relate to your eon dition, stating any special circumstances not embraced in them. This will p jt me in potsessim ef the facts and symp toms, end enable me to treat the paMent nearly as well aa could be doue after a personal examination; though an in terview with the patient is preferred when practicable. All ?uoh letter* will be rrcmptly answered my candid opinion given, and if afbed, my term* ol treatment. question* son the invalid. Give name, age, residence, occupation? family consump tive, or what complaints subject to* where born and brought up? sarried or tinglef strong or delicate'/ lean or fleshy'r tall or short? ttratght or s-ooping, or deformed? height, and size around the want two inche* above the hip* ? coW of hair t complexion? have you any butuor, scrofula, canoer, skin dis ease, headarhe, cough, asthma, rheumatism, or pain any where, lot* of voice, hoarseness, catarrh , dropsy, expectorate much, raise blcod, lever or night sweat*, chills, confined to bed or house, palpitation, nervous, tits, palsy, bad dreams, sour or tick ttomaoh, dyspepsia, flatulence, dittress at sto mach, colic, all gone feeling anywhere, oostive, diarrhoea, appetite good or tad, piles, fistula, gravel, heat of urintor scanty of icdiment? 1 1 a lady? married ? had anv children? any female complaints? irregularity? weak baokr pain any where? any bloating? dropy ? bilious ? worms? indigent or essy circumstances f any bad tits of tickneas l taken much medicine? diseases treated. I treat the diseases, and generally giv? prempt relief, and effect a permanent cure: ? Consumption, and all diseases of tba lnnis and throftt. Palpitation, and all other form* of heart diseate. Liver ccmplaiut, dvspeptia, tnd all other diseases of sto mach and bowelt? pilei. Ac. Piolapius, and all forma of female oomplaintf, irregulari ties and weakness. * Rheumatism, scrofula, and all skin diseases. GRATI'lTOVS Dl? TRIBt'TION or A VALUABLE BOOK. ' Dr. S. S. F.tcb s "Six Lectures on Diseases of tho Lunt;8, Ac..:' a book of SC6 rages, hanisunely bound in muslin, with twenty-seven illcstrations, iuwhioh ths whole subject of lung disetse is treated a'. length, and the consumptive jointed lu'. the r^ad to health, will be tent to or for invalids, on application to me for it either personally or ty letter. It ^n bo sent throuih the mail? postage 18 eeuta. To ensure the good faith of the ap plication. I rc ,'s :re the payment of the nominal oharge of 20een:t. Ol tLc receipt "ol tbitit will bo for'ordod. s. s. men, A. M , U. D , 714 Broadway, N. Y. Benjamin's Gold Medal Brut Spring Trmi cCce, roinovtd to >'o. 1 Barclay street, ooratr Broadway. Thi* tiu?s nvtr rut's ncrwcakeis frotu use. SUisfaotion warianitd or money r* turned. Per Telfgr?ph.-Pttcrsb?rg, V?., May JJO, IC.'S.-S P. I1EHRING & CO.? Gents: Three or yuur Mf?i were in the lire Allnptt. Will write to morrow. Your*, WATKINS, SuN A CO., Amenta Ucrrlng'* Safe*. Comb Factory, 387 Broadway.? Ladles are re?ptctfully invited to cxtmlne the inhrcribor'* assortment of tortolat (bell comke, the newest etylee. Hhell combiro pairtd. A. A J. SAUNDERS. Heir Dye, WIgi and Tcnpfci^lalchtUr'a ttjebntid factory for tbe?e erticler ii 133 llroadway. Nine r if ate room* foi tbe application of Jan unrivalled hair dye. bolesale and -clail. Vtewf ro of Imitation*. Tli* largaet Mavrtmtnt ol wui and toutteain the world. While Ordinary H?lr Dyes Sell Slowly on eodKiiii' n. cub trder* fur Criitadora'* Cxcelrior Dye paur in irero every S'.ate. 11 is correspondent* *ay it U the only article ol itt kind upon which their customer* can rely for a perfect counterpart ol' the living black or bnwn. Prepared, ?old and applied, (privately,) at So. C Alter liouie. 'T would sorely puzzle counterfeiters' pates To read the grand ccrtifioatcs Which were, in eighteen fifty three, by Hillard Fiilaiore sent to me. One from Prince Albert, too, enclosing Hip medal? all the wortn exposing Of LYON'S powder and hi? pill. Which intecte r.i?cr failed to kill. principal depot, 1424 Broadway. No package* genuine without L. Lyon'* lac (imile of ai^na'.nre on label. The Great Inhaling Remedy for Asthma, eonenmpticn aid all dleeaie* of the throat and lung*, 1* Dr. Cartir* Iljgeaca. Ttnuandi bare b??n restored to health tbipaitvoar by tbe bygtana. Principal otftce 843 Broad way, and *oU by C. 11. RING, 191 Broadway. Price only 18 a paekape. Holloway's Ointment and Pills.? Scrofula, ?ait rbeum, rheumatism, and a'l akin or muponlar di?oa?oe, ran be radically eared, if the elntment be rubied into the part* affected, ai salt ii robbed into inent. No external dis ease can Ion* withitand the combined power of these won derfol medicine*. Sold at the manufactories, HO Matd?a late, New York, and 244 Strand, London, and by all drug Kilt*, at 25 cent?, 6l>? cent* and 11 per pjt. Hearing for the Deaf.? Persona Afflicted with deifncei arc invited to call at RUSIITi>N'3 and exa mine the acouitic auricle, which it a email instrument maoe of prepared plate*, io adjmted a* to comtnualeati a high decree o( vibration, wbicn, ratting thr.u :h a graduating tube, cnt?r"into the ear, prodnsingthe dmred effect. They are ro cnnrtmcte4 a* to be worn without being noticed. FREDERICK V. RUSH TON, st No. 10 Aitor Uonae, oorner of Barclay *t., and No. 417 Broadway, corner of Canal it. Luxurious Whiskers or Moustaches Pro dnoed in nix wick* by my on?u*nt. whioh will not tta n or Injure tbe akin. $1 a bottle, sent to any part of th* coun try. R. G. ORAIIAM, 6S3 Breadway; Ziebcr, 44 S iuthTMrd street, Philadelphia; Briggi, 37 State itreet, Albany. ?arrM, On Mon(??y, May 21, at St. Luke'* par nonage, by the Rer. ls?a?b. Tattle, Mr. AcarsTVH Brivk^an to Miss lusiirsn Orcthf. orthi* city. Philadelphia Ledger please copy. In Iroohlyn, on ThnrnJay, May 17, by the R?t. L. 8. Weed, Mr. J OS* C. Caxtox to Mil* Louisa J. GiLrta iiikvk, of that city. At Psterfon, N. J., on Monday, Miy 21, by tbe Rw. Wni.nm T union, WitUAM W. Morihbad to Caaius, daughter of Hirun Gould, itaq. D led, On Saturday Bight, Mar 19, at 12 o'eloek, after a lo? UIctM, Ax*, wJt of ILchaal GUI, and stotor of Rev j!> MTbOrar. Hteof Ballymore, covaty Westmeath Ire The friaods of tba fanUy are raapactfully inriUd ti attend the funeral, to-day, at twelve o'clock M., frta her late retidence, No. 401 Wort Forty seventh *treet, new Twelfth avenue. Oa Monday, May 21, after a short illne**, Matthias Horits, agel 76 year*. 1 month and 10 day*. The relative* and menls of the family are Invited to attend the funeial, to-morrow afternoon, at two o'clock, from the residence of E. F. and M. Hopke, No. 375 Wash ington street. On Monday, May 21, after a abort bat painful illnef I, Robert Winning, aged 83 year*. The friends and acquaintances of the family, and the friendc of bia brother In law, Benjamin F. French, are re spectfully invited to attend the funeral, from hie late re sidence. No. 186 Orchard street, to-morrow aftemacn, at two o'eloek. On Monday, May 21, of Inflammation of tho brain, Thomas Addison, the remaining twin son of Thomas and Elisa Manson, agod 9 months and 21 day*. Funeral this alternoon, at one o'clock, from No. 209 West Thirty- second street. The friends of tue family are cordially invited. Interment in Cypres! Hills. Gone to join bia infant brother in heaven. On Sunday, May 20, Klilauith, youmrest daughter of Wiiliam ana Eliiubeth Widdows, aged 14 months and 2 days. The relativee and friends are respectf ally invited to at tend the funeral, this af iernr. o, at two o'clock, from the residence of her parents, No. 8o Waat Fifteenth streat. On Moo'tuy morning. May 2), of cengestien of the brain, F. William, son of Ueary aod Dores Meyer, aged 7 months and 23 dajs. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this alternoon, at two o'clock, from No. 66 avenne C. On Monday mernieg, May 21, Mart Hkvriitta, infant daughterof Henry T and Mary Wast;)aged 8 months and 9 days. The relatives and friends of tha family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this afternoon, at half put two o'clock. Her remains will be taken to Greenwood. On Sunday, May 20, Ann Maura tu, wifaof Ednanl Dnnn. Tie friends of the family are requested to attend the funeral,' at one o'clock this afternoon, from her late re sidence, No. 3(3 Third avenue. Her remaiaa will bo taken to Calvary Cemetery. On Thursday, May 10, ut No. 12 Carmine street, Susan Wrigbt, aged C8 years. Tbe remains weio interred in tha Cemetery of the Ev ergreens. On Monday morning. May 21, Harvey T. Wiute, aged 1 year, 10 months and 21 days, son of Ezra B. and Uataa rine White. The relatives and frienda aro invited to attend the fu neral, thia morning, at eleven o'clock, from his parents' residence, No. 89 Hester street, without fuither invita tion. Afttr a short illnsss, William Henry Lyons, aged 3 years. 9 iponths aud 11 days, youngest son of Wm. and Isabella I.yeus. The friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this afternoon, at tiro o'clock, from the residence of his parents, No. 107 Mott street. On Sunday evening, May 21, Annie. daughter of James and Charlotte Proud aged 1 year and 9 cunt is. Stern death, that king of terror*, Ha* nipped oar beauteous (lower; But, with the oye of faith, we see It bloom in Rden'o bower. k The friends of the family are respectfully Invited to at tend the funeral, this afternoon, at half pint one o'clock, from the residence of her parents, No. 113 Fourth street, corner of Charles street. The remain* will be taken to New York Bay Cemetery ior interment. In Biooklyn, on Monday, Mty 21, Walter K. Brxic man, aged 28 years, lata of Memphis, Tennessee. His relatives and friends, and the members and ex members cf Engine Company No. 13, are respectf uliy in vited to attend his funertl, from the residence of his brother-in-law, A-a Stebbina, No. 25 B a tier street, at hatf past one o'clock this afternoon. At Me not Vernon, on Monday morning, May 21, after a short and painful illness, Maky B , w.i'e ef States B. Vanderoef, aged 36 j ears, 10 months and 20 days. The relatives and friend* are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, from tbe New Haven Railroad depot, corner of Canal street and Broadway, this afternoon, ut one o'clock. Her remains will be taken to Cornwall for interment. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. PERSONAL. CAPTAIN JAMFS BLOODGOOD, WHO, IN TI1E month ol April last, agreed to hire certain premises near West Hoboken, New Jersey, ia reqaeeted to call at the cor ner of Prospect and South Fifth streets, Jersey City, without further delay. D0RPHU8 BROWN, SEAMAN. DIED ON THE 2STH April, onboard b$rk Vtuua. Ilia father lives in Cayuga county, N.Y. If this should meet his eyo he will rocoive his effects by applying to BOONEN, GRAVES A CO., 112 Wall street. IF JAMES DALTON, LATE OF 42 TUFTON STREET, in the city of Westminster, police officcr, will cither call or reed his address to the undersigned, it msy re,ult to his advantage- His friends last heard of htm as being with Mr. Ihomus Kctfield, Coihcn, N. T. MOIT A MURRAY, Attorney s at-Law. 70 Nassau street, N. Y. INFORMATION WANTED? OF SAMUEL ROLLANP, drni&i't. who rctiaed sear Manchester, England, a*>ont lt-SU. He will hear of something of great importance con cerning tis affaire in England, by addresaisg Edward Moore, box 1,555 l'oat Office, Cblccgo, Illinois. INFORMATION WANTED OF MR. DAVID HUNTER, ergineer, late of Devon, Clackmannanshire, Scotland, who arrlvtd in the United States aiout three years a<o. When Inst heard from lie was in Bostjn, tuft now believed to be in Xtw York. If this should meet big notice, or any per icn who ia aware of hie whereabouts, they will confer a favor by calling on, oraddresaing Mr. James Patterson, 377 Ninth avenue. INFORMATION IS WANTED OF HANNAH CODMAN, who left Ireland about on* year ago. By calling at 14 Madison square, corner of twenty third street, she will meet with her only sister, Ann Codmar. JOHN SMITH, OF NEW YORK, NOW RESIDINO AT 364 Water street, would feel obliged to Parker or llates Chamberlain, if they would inform, by advertisement, m some paper, or by letter, aa to their whereabouts; and would also feel extremely glad to hoar from either of hi* Irothers Huchison and Benjamin, or his sisters Elizabeth and Julia. MR. A. 0. BENEDICT WILL PLEASE SEND HIS addrera to box 631 Post Office, for the purpose of hav ing communicated to him a business matter in which be i* interested. . MRS. ELLISON, OF HODOKEN, CONSIOEE OF 4 boxes, 1 bale and 2 rockiig chairs, *x schooner H. P. Stcney, In m Charleston, will Blease make herself known at the office ot DOLLNER, POTTER A CO., 1M Front *t. THE YOUNG LADY WHO LEFT ORANGE, NEW Jersey, on th* lith April last, and part*d with h*r father at th* Market street depot, Newark, the sam* day, is earneatly entreated to retnrn to her borne, where she will . meet a kind reception, and r*U*v* th* de*p distress *f her afflicted father and family. milE Gf NTLEMAN WOO SAW A BLACK SILK MAN JL tiila picked np in Broalway on Friday evening, May 11. will confer a favor by calling on Thos. H. Shaik'.aud, Metropolitan Hotel. INSTRUCTION. and i ,M*<i?inie* its day fcln>?lt or A LADY RECENTLY ARRIVED FBOM PARIS, being acknowledged one of the best ladiea' teacher*, pupil of the beat maatcra, both in alnging and languages wirbe* to give lessons, either in Italian, singing, or French and Spanish languages; speaks English, exceptionable rereieacc. Apply at beri avenue, near 20th st., or to Mortimer I ; speaks English, and brlcga most un 1 residence, 261 Fourth Livingston, 33 Broad way ACARD.-THB SUBSCRIBER WILL RECEIVE NEW pupiia daily lor class or privat* instruction in the art ot lensiaaskijacd boakkeeiiiu. OLIVE?. B. GOLDSMITH, 3o2 Broadway, i From the Home Journal 1 Wo advise tboeo who with to imprcve their aandwTlting to tear in mind that there 1* not a place in tho world wh?re the art if jenn anthip can ba ac iulred, either more agree ably or more expeultieuslj, than at the establishment of Mr. Goldsmith. A SWISS CENTLEMAN, NATIVE Or NEUCHATEL, I ropoies to five instruction in the French language; uterence, Frofeseor Dr. C?rnochan. N'o 2 Waverley Place. AdUrets J. 11., box 693 New York Poet Offlje. French class? a Parisian lady will in. struct yourg ladks in the Frenoh language, by a quick and easy method. Terms S3 a quarter, three lessoas a week. Piivaitc letscns 18. Apply at M>0 Tdird avenue. IADIES' AND GENTLEMEN'S WRITING AND BOOK J kenping academy, 443 Broadway, by H. C. ROWfi.? Ladies' ana gentlemen's fit.o letter or Italian angular hand, with mercantile, official, round, pointed and Scotch draft, each perfectly taught in twelve lessoas. French, Oermtns and Italians taught the English language in class. SpeoiSad hours for ladle?. Private instructions at the residence ot Vuplls as usual. Ornamental writieg* execute 1 to order, .essons in elocution l y an exi trlenced teacher. Terms ex tremely moderate, payable In advano*. WANTED-A FRINCn TEACHER FROM PARIS 10 five iustiuotion in French in exchange for the rime in Spanish. Addrees V. A., Herald office. FINE AKTS. OI.D BOOKS AND ENGRAVINGS FOR SALE AT EX trcmely lew prices, at the old took, print, and curiosity shop lu7 Nassau street. I have on hand a very oboke col Wctiot ol fue old and modern engravings, scrap pruts, autograph letters, Ac. U<>ok*. eniiavlig*, an 1 painting* lougLt. JOHN PY Nfe, 107 Nassau street ? UlaXIAIlDS. NN STR8BT, NO. 8-AN ENTRANCE 119 FULTON? UX Lasitord's Old rooms; 10 Billiard Tib'e* for placing ot metal asd slat*, alarge stoek;wlth his only pa out, ou*h ioas, and other late improvements, c<)tlis, balls, *u*i, oie polats, Ae, at red seed trices. BH1.IARD TABI ES ? HAVING INVENTED A NEW ?tile or cushion. on scientific principle*, whloli ha* given universal satisfaction to all who have purobaied, wo invite bsytrs to call and examin* our flno stock on hand, with everything etiy let*. CRIF1 ITH A DECKER, 0 9Ann atretk ITROPfl HAN '.il.LIARD RO< M AND PISTOL ?al1cr?, 51)4 BroaJ'-aj, adj'dmsg ;ho Vie troponin Ho tel.? Th'f is tl.o roost extenslv* billiard room in whe Unltod States, over two hundred feet dc;p ooiitalning siaUeu llrst elaia taMea. in the tr< ?t iierfect or !ur. This room i? nn der tb< management of Iil-.tiTUER PEltKINS, form ,-ly of Odd Feltoea' Hall. Btranters will find this plat) well wor thy of a visit. BANcrvo ACAnrwnii. mjLLE CAROLINE VBZIEN'S DANCING ACADEMY JUL Is new open. ;or the instruction ol ladie* and gentlemen ia the most fashionable teaees of tie dny. School for prac tice from 3 to fi, afternoons; eveniara, b to lu. Grand dan cing soiree* every Saturday, from 8 to 11 o'lloek. IPORTIXU. ^OR SAIE- A SPLENDID Wi. 1 iwUd ?u v? CMti, " WAIN. A YOUNG OIUiN LADY WISHES TO TBAYEL with a family; er woald u u itovMiu is ui tnnI going South. Cm be seen it lW Meadow it., Hokoken, for throo dws, ii?t Sot. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES TO OBTAIN A 8ITUA lion u ignt or chambermaid. She baa lived with ber ErtHDt employer for tome year a, where (ho to* advertises. ?II for two day* at i9 fifth etreet AN ENGLISH PERSON WISHES TO OBTAIN A tit nation at seamstress and name, or ehambermtid; would have ao objection to travel with a family or to go in the country. Good reference givev. Call at 11>I Atlantic it , between Hotry and Clinton, Brooklyn, for two day*. A LADY WISHES TO PROCURE A SITUATION TOR her unrse sol seamstress; oan recommend her as tho roof bly qualified tor her duties. She woald be equally well qualified a* ohambermaid and seamstress. Apply at 3s West Hth It , between 5th andtith avenues. A YOUNG LADY, FROM FAMILY BEREAVEMENT, beiug reduced from aconditicn of aflliicnee to that or indlcucv, desire* to procure touie honorable station whur - the education of a lady mifht yield her a '? ?mii-riablo sub ?ietenec. The most unequivocal references given aud requir ed. Address U. E. L., Sew York Poet utlioo. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WAN TS A SITUA" tioa to do general housework. No objection to go in the country. Cood city reference given. Apply at 79 Nor : 11. tt, in tho tear. A SITUATION WAN i EI> ? BY A REST VCTABLE young wi/iiiai, at chambermaid and waiter, with the belt of city referunoe lrom her last place, wuere shj ha: liv ed the last two and a hall v> a-s. Apply tor two days at ^Jti 10th av., between 25th and Zlith Ms. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WM1IF.S A situation as chambermaid or waiter, or to do the houie wtrkof a email larnily; in a good washer. llest of city re ferences. Apply at Mi Washington St., Brooklyn, for two days. A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE WOMAN WI3IIKS A situation as cook; tho is a first rate cook, and can be well recommended; has no objestion to go to the ountry. Apply at 1M 21st et., between 2d and 3d uvet., for tiro day*. , A YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS CHAM bermaid and to do plain sewing, or to take care ot chil dren; is willing to make berielf generally useful; has no objection to the country. Has good city reference, l'lcase call at iH Crosby St., ia the basement. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS chambermaid aud to assist in walking and trouiug, cr to do general housework for a imall family; no objection to go to tho country. Can be teen for two days at S6 Lawrence tt., Brooklyn. AN ENGLISH GIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO D3 chamberwork or waiting, or to uieitt in wathinj and ironing; would make hortelf generally useful. Cood oity re ference from her last plaee. Call for two days at 112 avenue C, between 6th and 7th sts., third floor, back room. A PROTESTANT FRENCH YOUNG LADY, DE3I rous of going to Europe, wishes a situation to wait on a lady or take cero of children; she h?s lived as nurse in a highly reapcctable American family ; best of city reference. Fleate address D. H., Herald otlice. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to tako charge of children, and to do plain sewing. She is perfectly competent, aud can give the best of references. Can be seen for two days, at the resi dence of her present employer, 71 Won 20th St., between <ith and 7th avenues. ARESPECTABIE GERMAN GIRL WISHES A SITU ation as cook and t.rst rate washer and ironer, or to do general housework. Has good recommendation from her latt plaee. She can tpeuk good English. Please enquire at ISA Iforsyth st. A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN 0? RKSPECTA hiiitv is detiront to ec&age with a lady as uurse anl ?eainstretr, cr lady's maid aud seamstress; is capable of fill ing eitner capacity; would prefer a lady travelling or baar.? - ing for the summer. Can give the beat of reeo iitncn lation as <o character aha capability. Can be seen a* ??1 tith ave nue, first Door, backroom. A A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO COOK, v ash and iron; no ol jwction to go in the jountry. Good cii j refer HM-e-willJbc given. Fleaso call at H4 Variek st. ; can tie seen for tw o days. A SITUATION WANTED, AS WET NURSE, BY A RE spectable young woman. Apply at Ktil Smith nt., be tween Dean and Bergen, Hrookly 11, leuoad tljor, back room. RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS cook, washer and ironer; understand* baking and pas try. Can give the best of eity reference Can bo seen for two days ii noi engaged. Please call at 103 Alott at, rear building. A6ITTUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE sirl, with a family intruding to f pi- nil the summer in tbo country. Reference riven from ber present employer. Apply at 121 Stanton it., corner of Essex. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN, AS Jr. L coachman and farmor. Can bring tbo best of city ref'er cnc# Can be Men at tio East loth at., corner 4th avenue, for two day*. A LADY WOULD LIKE TO GET A SITUATION FOR A il girl, as chambermaid and waiter, or to tako care of children; ike is honest and in every way c?pa\>le ol" filling the above litnation. Apply at 31 London terrace, for two dayi. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUA tion as plain cook; li a good waiher and Ironer; in a small timily Can give good tity reference. Apply for three days, at 395 Greenwich it. A FRENCH PROTESTANT GIRL DESIRES A SITUA tion as chambermaid or nurse; tlrn can tako good oaro of children, and can do plain sewing; the can give good ae ccmmendatlvns. Call at 179 Variok it. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE A yonng girl, as chambermaid anil laundress; has lived three years in ber last place, or would do cbam.erwork and waiting; tie is experienced and wikhes to engage with a rcs pectable lamily Can bo seen for two dayi, at No. 89 0th av., between 8th st. and Waverlcy place, np stairs, let Uoor. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION IN ? private family; Ik a good plain oiok, and an excellent washer and ironer; wonld have no objeotion to go a short distance In the oonntry; has the very best eity anl oouutry reference. Can be soen for three days, if not engaged. Call at 86 Mulberry at., back room, 1st floor. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL WANTS A ?it nation to travel with a lady. Would have no objec tion to go a short distance in the conntry. Good ruferenoo. Caa lie seen for two days, at 120 8th st A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS TO GET THE Wnthicg of a lady and gentleman, or that of afarni'y. Uood Caa be seen at 129 11th st , near 1st avenue, any day this week. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITU il at. on as cook; one who understands conking, bakinir, and ii an excellent laundress; would prefer chamborworx aid fine washing. G"od city referenco Can bo seen for two dayi, at 44 Euex st., near the corner of Grand, la the basement. A GIRL WANTS A SITUATION, AS CHILD'S NUItSE jC II or ehambcrnuiJ, or to do general housework, ifi a pri vate family. No 'bjcctian to going in the country. Best of references. Can l-e seen at 72 Weit 33d it., firit homo fnu tit k avenue. A NEAT AND TIDY GIRL WISHES A SITUATION it to do the housework of a 'in ill family; in a good ivssher i.n-i ircner; can do plain cooking; is kind to obiliren. Good refcr?nce. Call at 277 West 19th st., between 9th and ICth, second floor, back room, for two days A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION IN A A respectable family, to do the cooklnj cs general liouie. w(ik. Good eity reference. Call at 122 12th it., between :>th and 6th avenues. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO do the housework ot a small family, go as chamber maid and waiter, cr to do plalu sewing. Has no objection to go to the eonntry. Call at 114 37th it., between 2d and 3d aTtnner. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL WANTS A iltualiou as ccmbermaid and soamstresi, or cham bermaid nnd to take care of children. ]? agreeable to a^>ist a*, an) thing. Call at :vo. 81 17tn at., between Gth and 7th avenues. A YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS PLAIN cook, waiher and ironer and to do general h'-usework. She Is willing to mako borseli generally usetul. Good city references She can be seen at her lait empbyer'e, No. 10 Bsthnce st. RESPECTABLE YOUNG MAN WISHED A FITUA tion to work almost at any tartness. Would go as porter in a dry goods store. Is willing to make hiuiseli gen erally useful, Can prodnce five years' referenco front his last employer. Please call at 585Grand st. AN AMERICAN LADY WISHES A SITUATION AS houfi keeper in a private family, or Intel, or an matron in a boarding school, bavin/ had experience ia both. K>fo rcnccs exchanged. Apply for one week, at 53 Man gin st. ? SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE Protestant girl, as chambermaid, and who will take carc of children, and assist in housework. Apply t >r two dayt at btr present employer's, 30 Bntler St., Brooklyn. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT YOUNG LADY ?S desironi ol obtaining a situation to travel with a fami ly, eiftier through America or t* Europe, wonld wait npoa a lady, and take charge ol a child or i*o Can furnish the met respectable city refcrencos. May be son iirtwn days, at 189 East 2tth st , between lit and Sd avenues, upper llocr, tack rooms. RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS chambermaid and to assist in washing and ironing, or as chambermaid and to tako care of children; is of n?at and tidy habits; has the best of city reference from ber lait place where sho has lived two years. Call at 192 17th it., between 7th and 8th atenuei, for two days. A A SITUATION WANTEO-BYA RESPECTABLE WO luau; is a frst rate cook; understands ber business, ard is an excellent baker. The boiit of eity references. No o'jection to go* short dlftanoe in the country. Jan be seen for l?o dayi at 38 West 13th it , between 5th and Gth a vs., tint floor, sack room. A LADIES' HAIRDRESSER, AT MX. LYON'S, CON fectioner, 170 Sixth avenue, between Twelfth and Thir ti ei> th streets, bavin,, dresrc I, shampooed and dye I hair In I London, France aud Newport, will wait on ladies at theiv i . wn houses for $1 60 a week, and braid. and rspc, t irist la- ' dies' islse bands tor 12 oents eacb. A SITUATION WANTED ? BY A RESPECTABLE yonng woman, as ehambermaid and laundrei i; under standi French fiu'lng competently; or at narie and plain scams' less; is fnlly experleneed ia the oaro of ehildrsn. No objections to go to the eonntry. Beit ot eity referenot. Ap ply at 4<i West 13th it., between 6tb and bth avenues, ror two <ays. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, a* norse and leimitresi, oral chambermaid and fin* wssher and Ironer; good refercne*. Call for two dayi at 3-t ?th street, near 2d avence. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHES A A>UA tion aa eook, wather and Ironer. or would go a short dictliice in the eonntry: lest of referoi caJrom hor last piaie. Please call at l&J west 86th st , In tifo roar, for two days. A SCOTCH PROTSSTANT GIRL WANTd A SITUA tion as chambermaid a- d waiter: wonld assist in wash iug and ironing; or wonlJ go a abort distenoeln the oonntry. Please call at 136 Weit 26th it., for two days. AYOrNO LADY. NATIVE OF LONDON, ENOLANT, being an nons to return to her friends, offers her ser vices to auy lady visiting Europe, either as companion or attendant. Satisfactory references giv^n Ad dross M, S. Strort, No. 1 Bloecker st., corner Bowery. A YOUNG GIRL WROTESTANT.) WISHES A SMTUA tion as ehamkerBaid and to take care of children and fuV II iV.iiupVii'ii. " ^ WARTS. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SIT ? ation u chambermaid Mi seauiitreu, Can do or ?a* washing. Good eity reference given Please call at 203 12th it., between avnuu A and B. ACOOD, RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SlTUA tionr i* a *ood oook. washer and inner; the best of eity reference. Cau be Men for two day* a MO Pacific *t., be tween Court aud Smitk, Brooklyn, lecond floor, back loom A YOUNG WOMAN, LATELY MARRIED, WHO HAS lvst her flrit baby, wtshei a litnatlon a* wet nurse, in a respectable lamily. Can be seen lor three day*, if not en gaged, at 13 Wa*hingttn n., tLird floor, back room. AVERY RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, OF so ber, Industrious ha?it*, wWliea a situation lu a private family to cook, wash and Iron; U good, and willing to render her belt lerviooi for tbe benefit of her employer. Call f^r two dayi, at ??1 2Mb it , between 8th and Vih avenues, third floor, front roc in, weit tide. A SITUATION WANTED -BY A RESPECTABLE young girl a* eook la a prim e fami'v, no other noed "VP1? i t1001' s''y reference. Ploaso to call at No. 7- St. Mark'* place, between the lit avonuo and arenu j A. Cau be it en lor two dayi. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO do general homework m a smii'l private family. Clt/ reirrenci- it required. Call lor two d ayi at No. 2 1'-. arl it. corner of i'lyuiouth, Brooklyn, firit floor, frout room. A SEAMbTSESS WANTED BY THE WEEK? NONE J\ but Amiricmi &e*d apply; one who underitaudi ihirt unking, and it a neat and quick icwor, can apply at Au eon'i, 589 Broadway. A COOK, WASHER AND IRONER AND TWO SMART nurse* and ieum*tre?*e) wanted immediately; alio, chambermaids, waiters, laui'dreiies, and imutt tlrls for lioctewoik, with (rood re'treace, at WESLEY'S Select Female ofllce, 19ft 7th avenue, between 23d au4 21th its. A lady in attendance, Placei rsady. 'IN ENGLISH GIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO DO J\ general homework aud as?i?t in cooking, waehlng and ironing. Inquire at 99 Greenwich itreet, tear, for 4 dayi, AS WAITER.? A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT MAN, of experience, wauta a situation in a private lamily; ii without eneuui Stance, and has no objection to the country. Beit of city reference. A uote addroised J. P., 370 (jtu avenue, for three dayi, ihall be atiendod to. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS COOK iu a private lamily, who perfeitly understand* batting, aud would have no cbjection to a**Ut in washing and iron inic. the hut of city reference can be given. Pleaio call at 108 W cit 19th it., between 6th and 7th avenuci. A YOUNG GIRL WISHES TO OBTAIN A SITUATION ?I cbumbermaid or waiter, or a? chambermaid and to take care ot childrcu; good city referenoe Irom her laii place, where ?l e hai lired for the lait two j earn. Plcaie call at 62 West 21it it. A YOUNG OIKL WISHES TO OBTAIN A SITUATION a? laundreii, icaiastreu. or chambermaid, or t > assist in walking and ironing; good eity reference irom her last place, where she has lived tor the 'ast six years. Please call at C'i H ett 21?t it , ooruor of 6th avenue. AN ACTIVE, INDUSTRIOUS YOUNG WOMAN, wilhe* a litoation a* chambermaid and laundress, or to do general houiewerk. Can be highly reoommendeii ai to character and capability. Can be seen at her late em ployer'!, at 93 St. taark'i plaoo. A FORTUNE FOR ANY MAN WHO WANT3 IT. Tl c knowledge of a bu.-* where from $3t)$5 per day can be made, und no capital required, will be given tor 13. < all at EDWAKDS & CO. '8, corner ot Duane and Chatham streets, up atairi. A YOUNG MAN FROM THE COUNTRY, TWENTY two years of age. detires a situation a* salesman and assistant bookkeeper; has had lour years experience in a lesular country *t?to, and cau command some trade. Wagci not 10 much au objcot as a roud aud permanent lituatiun, where, by industry and strict attention to business, he is confident he will merit the eiceew and confidence ot his em ployer. Please address M. U., box 130 Herald office. AYOUNC MAN, WHOSE EVENINGS ARE UNEM ployed, ii anxious to devote them to the writing up of books making out accounti or otherwise. Satisfactory testimonial! cau be furnished. Aidren R. Baker. Herald office. A SITUATION WANTED, BY A VERY RESPECT A ble young man, hi oraohmun, iu lome private family; understands the care of horse*, and u a careful driver; will make himtcli generally asotnl. Cangivo the best of city re ference. Please call at No. 376 Atluntlc it., Brooklyn, ic cond floor, lront room, for two dzyi. A CAREFUL SELECTION OF SERVANTS-'JOOKS. nurses' waiters, chambermaid!, aud other ma'.o and female domestics, provided for every itntion in respectable fa in i 1 ii s city er country? at the Employment Agtney ofllce, to East 14th it., Union iquaso. AT MORRIS & COHXEUT'S, 287 BROADWAY. COR ncr of Rcado ft , can bo found a choice of Enrlish, Scotch, Irish and Uerman servants, for hotels and private faiLiliea. AWo, porters, waiterc, coachmen, gardoneri, far- I mcrs, mechanic* and laboreri, at 2S7 Broadway, or 10^ Greenwich it. Boy wanted-a smart, active, boy, about 14 to 16 years of age, to go ol errands and do the work ot a drug store. None cut ono who will take right hold atd lertorm bis work cheerfully and with neatness, noed apply. Unexceptionable references ai to hoaeity, Ac., will be required. F. T Quirk, Prnggiit, corner of Atlantic ft. id Columbia it! , Sontb Brooklyn. Boy wanted? one h iio writes a good hand. atd iciidcs with hi* pnrents; must he rcip-jctaMe md well recommended. Apply to Mr. M. Smi.h, No. 0 South William it. Boy wanted-in a bookbtndery, between fifteen and sUtetu year* old. luquire at 50 Perry It Bookkeeper-a situation is wanted as as ?istant Cook ket per, by a younr who cau cive the moit latielaotory reference. Addreii M E., box !00 Uerald office. Christian home for temali servants-of flee C6 East Sbtb et.. between 4th and uexington ave nue!.? A lady, of hi^h mental and mnral culture, rtedi lor and iuitrueti those committed to her cats ; every means ii nied whereby the principle! of th? Go?|cl mav be inculcated into the hearts ana lives of thcie lent out from the institu tion. Fifth and Madison avenua i-ago;, and Third avenue ears, within a few itepi of the door. Resident aud visiting gevernssiei, houtekeepari. Alio servant! in evory capacity, applied on application. Donati:m re<pcctfully lolj oited. Coachman wanted.? a man who under itsnds tha care of Ziorsei, andia competent to takn the entire charge of a prirata stable, may hear ef agoodsitua ticn by addressing H. M. P., Herald office. Good rcferenoes required. Drug clerk wanted? one acquainted with tic retail and diipcmlng btisiaes<, may apply at l.iO fctb avor.ue. T\RUC CLERK WASTED-ONE FULLY COMPETENT XJ to manage a retail drug itori, and provided with an queitionable refcrenooa, may apply to S. Elliot, 677 8th ave. T\RUG CLERK WANTED? FOR A FIRST CLASS RE XJ tall drua (tore. A thorough apothecary, wltu t;ovd city rtferince. None other r.ecd apply. Apply to J. P. Wilioa, cheiniit, corner 27th it. and od avenue. Drug ci.erk wanted.? a vousto man tiio rcughlj acquainted with tlio city retail und prescrip lion bnrinefi, may apply at the oorucr of Gold tnd Pro. peck itreeti, Uiooklyn. J7UROP1 - ENGLAND ? LIVERPOOL. ? A YOJNG V Enc'ish la''y, of hifrli raspeetablUtjr, wl?hci t'.o i lotec tiou ot a faally going to Europe? her assUt.*rc<\ during tl.o \o>a.e, beiiifr contidtred an equivalent tor her panage. She ii hoi teaiick. Kc.ercnco given. Addreis Miu u. E., il.ra'd office. 1 EMPLOYERS WANTEU-AT THE EMPLOYMENT li Offiec, No. 4 Sands it , Brooklyn for an En*I^.ti lady, is Liuiekceper, cr el ambcrmaid and waiter; alio for six Proteitact girls, ?e cooks, chamberE.aids, or general home workers. Tbey ?rc well recomtucnied. A larro nuabcr ol Catholic glrli alio want (lacei. Employers in city and country in want of good, indui'rioui help, as cooks, chainbcrnalris, nur*e<, waiters, icamstreisoi, and geuersl hoceeworkers, -.Till Und a lcr.o selection of competent, woll-recommcnded Kn.-1.sli, Irieh and German aomestieK at tbe employment effke'.-, M Atlmtic ilreet, South Brooklyn. A Scotch nurse on hand. Farm manager? a steady man of maw years' experience- wants a situatw.n in this capacity ; ban hie U tei timoniali. Address T. Chamberlaip, douih Side, Matvn Is. und. IfARM LABORERS, MECHANICS, AND t*Ell \LE DO 1 mesties may bu enga^eu at the Aincriosn aid Knreiga Emigrant Protoctivo and Employmont Society, 27 Green wich rtreot. Pioipjctuies sett on application. HOUSFKEFPER.? A GEVTLEMAIf WHO HAS RE ecr.tly I it hli wife, but is still desironi ot kc< pin - till rhMrirm ntth him, trill continue h".utekeepii:g shoul I he be fcrtutate In mealing with a lady pofiossin* tho reqmsito qoilitleatiom for dUcbargfng the duties of tho hoaiohold, and of euperintending tho moral, intellectual ar.d pby?ioal culturo ot bi* youtig chlldrea? now, more 'ban ever, no?d Irg a mcfher'i kindueu and watchful care. A lady of eda cutlon, refinement and ?ent!e temper, who can govern with kindlier* ind dignity : one capable of giving Initr.ution in music at.d iitber female accomplishment*, and wlHin' to LCTtonaPy supervise and aid in eommoa but esse, ial Bi usebold dune#, would be preferrid. A family of not more one child no impediment, ii a girl. The advrrtlsor is psrtf'nlar and yet easy to bo suited, aid th >urh occupying ? grcd social posi-ion, ii of retired, domestio, and most t> mi crate habits, and would esteem similarity o'' diiposl tl-n. Ti e higheat toitimonial* ai to character, Ae , will be given and te (?iied. letteri only will bo ronlicd to which *e> m most clearly to fnlfil tbe expectatii ni ol the ad i ertiscr, ' ho withci to offer a good home, rather than pecu niary oompensation. Adur'is, with aeoeoary particular*, box 3,fi3l ^ew York Pait office. OUSEWORKER'S SITUATION WASTED? BY AN Amerier.n laity, compotont to the csre of a ftmily of rhlldrtn and tho dutlci of housekecpi' it. Addreii M., Ilcurtkcepcr, Herald oQloe. Beat eity reference. H Laundress wanted.? one who thoroughly nrdcratanda taking eb*r<? of a flrst cia?? hotel lanndry. a fhort dUtance from tb? city. Apply to Mr. Llrown, ;ws Omna it. IAUNDRES9 WANTED-BY AN ENGLISH FAMILY, J ionic few mile* Irom the riti , ?u experienced En^lleb, Scotch or Weiah girl: mu?t understand getting up Rue linen, .and be a food needle On" un ler<t?ndin* dairy Work, ala?, would be preferred. Wa^ea W per moatu. Ad CMI lo* 3, Mil I'oat Iiaee, nWing reiidence. At;. WANTIII.A MAKERS WANTKD.? NONE BUT TII03E ar?"?">mrd to firit el?i? work noad apply ? to Molynaux Ltll, M t anal ?t. HI R?. GREEN MOST RESPECTFULLY INFORMS OER 1>1 fr.ei.da and the public that her agency tor domettloa 1? r'troTtd to No. 70 White itrcet, ?a?t ?ido, and lolielta all goad domcftlci to call and te anlted, la city or coantry, to ll>? 1 '?t situation! and hi.heit wares. Katct reduced. Fmpioycri ate (barged 50c. NOKSS CHILD WANTED? BY A WOMAN WH3 HAS a frith Meant of milk. Good referent*. Inquire tor Mrt. Maraball, at lap Clinton at. OYER? ERR OR CARETAKER -A GENTLEMAN IN | tl n i.< i shborhood ol tbe city who baa been making c in ? ideraK c improvements on hia place (containing a few acres of land), in defirone to procure cmpluymmt for a reapaet. able u .d faithful man, whom he can atroagly recommend to tl oic abont building ar laying out naw placet. In the du et, ar, e of hla doty t? ahow i neither faror nor affection, eon io?.ii teoualy innttini on having full jnitioi does to hla to pio) cr. He wrltea a fair haad and can keep almpla aoconnt* eer'tetly. I'Uaae address Caratakcr, box i, SC3 l'eat Ofloe. V. Y SMEAMKTKE83.-WANTEO, A SITUATION, BY A jcang woman, la folly competent to do ahlrimaklnr, dretamaVlng and all kioda of family aeving and cntbag; m willing to aeatat ia light work. If required. Wo objection to i Wii 'iinii liii. '1' |f ]Y*'' WAMV, 'J SINGLE KAN WANTS A ?1T0ATION A8 COACH mb. * ke haa drove lor ?aT?*?l jr*r< for the ant n electable families ia the citv, and who hu the test Of I*Ht tncei. Apply at the loan offlae, JOti Centra it. SHUT HANDS WANTED ? 1 NIS1IERS AND BOOT makers, for t<r?t tla-? work Nana bat BMl lewer* I0?d apply. Call at 621 Broiidwav, 8 to 12 A. M. SEAMiTR ESS WANTED? A > AMERICAN OR BWO liak woman, by tLe week or uiontti, that la mart and qaick at tb? acedia: one that 11 c .pable ef doing faiMlj tew ing, and hu* a knowled,o of drc- nakinj, may apply, with reference, at 36 I'ihe it. Seamstress wa*tf.d-4>ne tvno, PERrECTtv underatandi drrtao akin,-, >? ibroidery, land ail kinda of family ?ew lug. None others nc t apply, at 12 East 28th it., near 4th avenue. SITUATION WANTED? BT TWO ENGLISH GIRLS one aa flrst rate eonk. *a?t-r and ironer, understand* her battness in all its branches; he oth'-r as ''hv.nbermald and lautdreaa; 11 r uglily uuier.tandi the doing up el gen tlemea'1 aud ladwa' in. 'as; or "-oulddo waitin*. lleet of eity reiereneei giveu Pie... "?U at 125 2 1th it. , corner of 7th avanne, for two day* C1TUATION8 WANTED-' Y TWO RESPECTABLE 0 youn,- womeu, witli good cit . references trorn their lait placet; <>ae a? first rats ecok *? he and ironer; tie other a* fhambermaid or * and to aisiit in waihiag and truninr Nooljsetiun V. the r> ,otry. Can be teen at 131 Elisal eth it , r? ar, between Spin and Broome it,, (or two dsya, it not SITUATION >, AMKI BV A NEAT AND RfcSPEOT ublc young woniar, ? du i Uerwork ami (In* waibiug and irouinp: no object ion g a abort distance in iho country; u obliging ? u k r.d. u?d will make bcrsolf gene rally useful; aeat of reference c?n be riven. Apply at 271 Bowery, tor two dayr. SITUATION WANTED? A9 COOK. WASHER AND Q ironer in a private family, or to do general homework in a small tamify ; good ci* > rotor nee; no objection to go a short diltance in the eenntry i >u be seen tor two dayi at 1107th at., second floor, back : ? m. S1TUA1 ION W AN TED?" V A KESPECTABLE TOUNG woman, a>< ohiidteiTs il: id an saamatress; no objection to travel with a lady; ha ' lived live ye:ira in a family. Baat cf ci?r refer* noe if required, tun be seen for two days at 113 Wiktafctbit. SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTAE* E WO man, us first run* eaok in a rrlvu'.o family; understands eookiaa in all its tranche-; no ? >>juotion to go to the OOun try. Good olty reti rcncc <r'>m b r last place. Can be aaaa fur two d?ya at 10 City Hall SITUATION WANTED? BV A llt.V 17 YEARS OF ACE. In any respcctablc buiineaa; m. objection t>? trade. . By applyirg or addmsib^ n note to J. C., Zl,Li Minruo at., it will be pnnotually attended to. SITUATION WANTED? AN EFFICIENT PROTES" tant girl, to do general houaework, or na chambermaid and teaiiiatn .?*, auil cMIJr n' ? iinrae, eithor of wLith vooa ticna iho ia fnlly capable t? Ii^, 'i irge; hontnt asd re tree t ful; will lurnlah the best city ru: rencci. Apfly at No. 10 Tillary it , near Fulton, Brooklyn SITUATION WANTED? UV AV AMERICAN IV'JMAN, trom the eait, %<? i hilds' nuoe atd take c iro of aa inva lid; ean tak? entire ehit rite of at, in'ant;oan pro'Jnte uni|ue( tionab)* icfererro from t'o bcni | bysioi ini in tho ofty, b? lidei living in the eat famrtl' > Apply at 2&'J7tb ave. SITUATION WANTLD in TWO RESPECTABLE youag women; cne aa cl r.w l> :ruialJ, and to aiaid ia WtahiUK and iroiinc, tLeotiai ?? nur<o and aeainitrett; tood reference given, can be ?.-?:!? for twodaya, ut 27C Mul berry at., between II ucton a d ati. SITUATION WANTED? 13 V A BIOIILY EDUCATED young 1'roteatiint., a (?ennan,) in the ci'y or conn try, to take ctro of childr n, ! ?. matruct them in the Ger mun languago, or any kind o! andiwork; to aiviat the chambt ruin d, or to aot ai foan, -:reii. None bu. re?peeta ble | crtona D-ay apply at 117 Wa-lnngton it., llobokee. SITUATION WANTED? BY A \ OUNG WOM A'4, TO DO (tncrnl hou>'i?orU; ia ati ar! > nd indtiitrioui; n a f rat rato waflio.- and ironer; eon d > i lain cooking; win in het lift jlace 10 montba. Ca'.l at H> r. ink it., fortwoUaya. SITUATION WAMEF-IIV n BlQBkl RESPECTABLE O youo,-. woman, ai a hrit ru e cook waaher and ironer, in n private family; best ut ruierauce given.'fcfi 2Mb it., between i th r:nd fib rvci.uit, tor two days. SITUATION MrANTED? r>1 A RESPECTABLE I'RO t man, a a ooru nitiin ai.u to make himself gent r ally us-'lul in aptivute Inmii;,. no objection to (-o to tfe country. (Ictd city reference Addri.-a N. W.. boa 201 llerald SITUATION WANTKI>-BY A RKSPEC TABLE PRO tecuui, aa rtable groom tn take care of r oraee or go cn a lartn. Gcod city reference. 1'lenae call at 130 Chcrrj at., in the rear. QITUATION WANTED? BT A RESPECTABLE PRO O te?tant girl, a a nutre nnd chambermaid, or waiter; no objection to go a rliort dla'.anc" in tlio country. Good city ir'ereneei if re<<nircd t an be aeeu for two dayi at 211 Elit&betb ilrcet. in the roar. C1TUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WO O n an, aa p ain cook. wu?l,er and Ironer; good city reler eree from hir l?at piano ? ti?re l. ? baa livad six ye -ra. Call at 33 Leonard itieet, in the at re, for two 4ayi. SITUATION WANTKIi? AS OUAMBERMAID AND teauii' rcas; unilerata'-.ds drea-mtkin^; or would travel; no ofjectijn , to gn -o Europe; good eity re fercLce if required. Cau Ic ao- n torlwo dayi at 33 Leon ard it., is the at ;re. TO M'LLITtERS AND DftlU VAEERS.-A FATHER wiabea tu put hia cinuhlur .n a reipectable Catbolie family, ahore t b" o- Id 1,-aru eit erof the abivo tradei, and I e proptrly tat en eti-e ot. he would be willleg to pay restonauly for her for the lir -t iix inonthi Guod rclerenee required. Addreia box It3, 'ivra d olfioe, for two days. T'KE POL1S8EISE DE iliiN iRES DESIRE C.E PLA l cerdau? unc ebopo de poi r>a. e, Amerioaiaie, aoic Fiansaife. cotnalaaat t tr< a bicn r?n etat; elle pent ?o^mr d? bonnea r?commai:dallona. S'udreaaer an No. 140 itreot. WANTEB-BY A IADY, A <i TUATION AS NURSE unit Fe.imitrcae in a respectable lauiity; il competent to t?kn cl.argc ? f ir?- ?> ??<' woull make her?oU utttul; to object it n to travel. Addroia H irj . Herald office. WET N UR8B? WAN CUD. A SITUATION, BY A RE ipti ti> bl? young widow, a" wet nnrae In a ?erpectable family Plcatc call at 3*ith ?t. eoraer of yth aveunc. WAMtlt-A SITUATION. BV AN AMERICAN WO Dian a* cl aml^rtiinid and a amitreia, or to <!o p/.neral homework In a fmall family; would rot object to fro out of ? tacit*. Apply at 72 Stantou .t., corucref Allen, ups^.ri, lira Ifi.rn WANTEP-BV A RESPEOTabLE YOUNG Ollh, A TT titualion ai child'* urn* and feamitreaa: ia a rood embroiderer; understands bu-inem well; roference rives. Apply for two daye at 237 3d nveu'ie, betwoen Mb aad Silt iti., in the fenoy (tore. ryAMi;D-A situation, by a respectable TT young woman, tu gooe p ail cook; would naiiil in watbing and ironirg, or would do the homework of a mall (rivate lmnily ; the 1 eft A f city rolirence from b*r laa* place, whire ?h* ha* lived two yeurj. Call at No. 8 Aunty place, lor two day?. TTANfED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN. TT a rifnatinn to do general homework; no objection ioi io In the country ; rood recomtuendatlnni can bo r'ven 'r .in Ler lait rn.plocr. f 1< aie call at , J Eat'. -Itli it. Caj be Iteu tor two dayi. WAV/FD-BY A YOIVC WOMAN, A SITUATION to do l.cni .;work iu a pri* nlo l?;nlly , would do eh-uaber work and v niting liar rood city reference. Can be aeen at 11 Wet t Ifi'.h ?t., near 6tL avenue, in the roar, for two daya. WANTED- P.V A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION to do eo'.kinf, washing n i. .1 ironing in a private lamily; would do homework In a sit all l?mily. Han good city re ftrcnco ( :in b? leea at Hi M e: ; 16th at., near tlth avenue, for two divj-E. ?fETANTBD-Bl A 111 GUM RESPECTABLE PROTEST Tl ant woman, a tituntlon ai tir?t rate cook, wt.o per ftc'ly in d?rita; da meat -. s. uns and came in the trench i.yle, and all l.'utl * ol fancy do: crU and ji'lliei, and creama aad cakep; w.nta the I i<Leit aa^ei. t ali all tbii w-jek at 30!', eld No., t'a l 12th &' Wanieu-a situation, BV a COMPETENT, IN due'rntia yonn r v Oman. ?a teamttreaa and to aseiit in wakhin,:; would have no objection to go a ihort diitanos n the couu'ry. Firit rtte c'.t. rt ? r-nce. Apply at i3 Allan tic tt., Brooklyn, foi two dayi. Wanted? a family is washing, or that op a few tingle pet: on. by a resectable wotnan; woold waili ty t!?e month it bv the d fen on mo ler,ktc term*, aad lo punctual. Call at 1/3 Woofer atreet, in the rear. TirA^TED? BY A RF.SPI^ T A BLF. YOU^Q G'RL, A TT titualion a? lanadrt(>; ?iio (wrfectly uiidcr(tj.nds her 1 uiine??; or, nould do cha-n 'rrwr rk. t ci'.y reierenots. Call at bl Mutt itrect, n'ar A t lker, for two day*. , WANT EI? BY A RR->IT TAB! E YOUNG GIRL, A H (itua loa to d<> light cl<ainb?rwork, and make heraalf f <r.< r?l!y net lul, ia ntat *t d tidy iu her ptiaon; no objection foroaiiiort dlataneo 1> '.be ooaatry Call for tbreo dayi at $8A H eft Stith tWrt, Onod ci y referraea. TX7ANTBD-SITCATI07 S F! Y TWO RESPECTABLE TT glrla-ore ai pood cook waalier and iroaer, ia a rood laker, the ether ai Imndr c or cluiml crroiid. Beit city re ? rcn?c? f ivcr> . Noakjec'-I ni to gn in tb* eoantry. Ii iuuc at C>2 lJih it c.t. be. ween U*. and 2d avea its. -rtTAKTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MARRIED TT womau, a aitnation a< wet nurae; good refeneoea can be tiven. Apply at No. 2 Auut. i rect, near Broadway. WANTID-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a litnalion aa chambermaid and plain tewer, aad na deritanda taking care of chili.rea; lived ia her lait p ace for tbreo yean; Ictt of c it> rclereucc Riven. Apply at Id Broom* it. TI ANTE I'? A SirCATION, BY A RESI'ECXABL* TT ?oreat . to do general housework, cr aa "ItKbn maid and ? titer; no ol jc uon to a< vii*. ia wa,bin^ aod iron ing; tie bet! ?.! city relerenao given Pl?a?e ea'l at 179 Eaat i:h it., hotarea utand '-',i avtuuaa, lecond floor. Noeb cctlon to gn iato the con itty XITANTED-A OIRI CAPABIE OF TAKING CHARGE TT ot an mfant; a go ,d wu ? and ironar aail plain ewer; } i.rllih cr SeotoU { refe.icd In iuir? at 30 Douglaa >t., South llf-olij n. -?? ? TIT AKTF.I -A 3JMRT YOU>G WOMAN, TO DO THE TT hcui'wcrk for s g( i.Oeirati and hie wife; malt hnve I ood ro'eieicc. AyJy t?t No. 1 State it. WANT ED- A SnCAtlOfT, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, ai l.t'tndrcai or chumbarmud, and to do An? waihing; ta tally competeat to do either. The bolt Of refertace can te iiven. Apply at 61 Eatt 2?tb ?,H?0Bd floor, front room, rot two d?ya. WANTE1V- BY A KESPECtABLE YOUNOCIRUA litsatlon ai chitntirnuld or nnr>e; li capable of taking caio of a young labj ; I. at no object* n to the coaatry; n pood ilwer. (An give tlie to**, of city rc/erenee. J leaot call at P5 Wtlt 19t.h at., loaond floor, back room. WANTED? A GIRL, 1< DO CHAMBEL WORE AND aniit with th? ?nf:.tiig aad ixoning. Apply at 7<q Greinwieh it , ne*t i?i'jlr. WANTED?* ?ITfATIO.V BV A RESPECTABWE Vonan l * private family, aa pre toned eook. and It willing' u a>'i?? m * at hi a*. Uai no objootion to .?<?? la Ilia eSaatrr The lieat ?f reference will be given. leat e call at l".v IP '? '??. between 8th and 7th avi., for three dayi. MTTASTID-A SITT ATION, BV A RESPECTABLE WO W man *bo Borfcotlv under itandi her baiineia, to oook, watbTad Ton; with the pri.ile?e of having in the houM with htr a little flrl Myari of H?: ?? wo*l?o the home work of a ?mall family. II ai the beit cf eity referene*. In oolro over tbe jroccry itore, lormr of Comit and AtUntie a'ti , Brooklyn, iee?nd floor, front room. ror Sato* $S WAkli+tiialk 9um

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