Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 24, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 24, 1855 Page 3
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fcfraTBBfflrra i www rtut bit. BioruN Gentlemen ealtby locatioa, lodiru imprevemi . icouJ hou-e till Of RlgL MmUTMU tin MOBTH.-TO LET. IK SOUTH "J" t)U Brooklyn, the low r part or ft m*I briek onae, oonaittin* of froat aad l*ck parlor* on the flr*t oar. with eleiet* aad marble maaialt, ftad bask baaement, 11 IB parfeot trder. Iioglit oa the preaaUa*, 6? Saekett irtai, aacead bloek from Ilamiltca avraua ferry. )10TTAGE HOUSE TO RENT ? UN SEVENTY FIR3T J atraat, with thre? lota of ground, mw plnated with entaUM; atabl* oa tha premier* all ia good, genteel toar. Apply to E SMITH. U Barulay atre<t. I 1HEAF APARTMENTS TO LET? Fl'R* I3H ^D OR UN J luraubtd. at No. 10 Kutger* atreet; also, a amail atora. aqnlre at lira. PARK'S, No 10 Rut<er< atreet. j'URMtUEU HOUSE TO LET-A NEWLT FURNiSH ? ad three *tory hc-aia, with modern improvement*, ?old be lat far a boarding honae, if daiirad, dinged wait 1 Broadway, below Brooma atraat. Inquire ol kaiui. 1AMP1QN i DRUMMoND, graoer*. ta Caaal atraat. 71URN.SHED ROOMS TO LET-IN SUITS OS SEPA 7 i ate, ta gentlemen, ? ithoui boar J; ar on the European las; tha family ia very iminlL priva*, no children or othtr '--tloaien ?i airUg a quiet, glean home, aad , will d<> -rail to apply: tha houae hai tha tent*. i.a'l at 170 Wo*t Thirty-eighth atraat, I of E)|li-\ avenue. IMTENISBED ROOMS TO LP.T.? GENTLEMEN DESI . iroul c< obtaining n< ?lly famished apaitaeata. in a 1 uiet, reepeo able ana arco-.ifble neighborhood, may be ao I >aiiLodafad at 103 Amity atraat, where all tha oemfort* of host e will be teund. jiURMSHED ROOMS TO LET? AT NO. 772 BROAD way, corner of Ninth atrec; a parlor and bedroom, or I , ie floor of apartmem*, with areomraodaiiona for a family 1 ' - parly of centlemen; aUo, two ungle room! on fourth floor ill ba lat at vary moderate price*. TANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET-IN ? 1 the pleuantly located Bnglirh baaement honaa 278 -oorth avenue, oppoaite Calvaiy Churoh, (Dr. Hawka'.) ba rooma a>a large, and contain all th? modern improvo " ante. Tha baaement rooma would bo fultabia for a pby toian. :toboken.-tolet, PARTOF a PRIVATB house, t X 17 Iburd atraat, nat five minue.' walk fra<a the farry, ;> a quiet email family, w.tbont children. The houae la ? 'autifully finished, with grata* and marble mantel*, i'ns I 4?*ion lat of June. Rant moderate. For particular* apply 1 1 1 above, or to J. P. JACK, at tha engraving office ooruer of arolay aad Broadway, baaemant. |? TALF OF A HOUSE TO RENT? CONTAINING BASE IS a meat, thro* room* on aesond floor, aad t?ro in the attio, If' ft family of not over Ave person*. Rtomain good ooadl l^on. and locality plaaaant. Apply at 110 atroet. I iefaresoai required. I I >ART OF A FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET? ("ON 1 r taming froat and back parlor, two bedrooms, bath, tea j om, baaement and oellar: would be lat nntil tha lai of ay to any genttol family who would take oare of tie fnr , N . B.? tooling* and orookery included. | t-dfercnoea required. Pleaie apply, far one week, at 112 I fcUttM atroot. ?)ART OF A THREE 8TORY HOUSE TO LET-IN A genteel neighborhood up town, near tha Eighth Avenue allroad; will bo rented low to a amaU family. Apply at 6 Weat 'Jhi-ty-aixth atreet, or of Henry Franklin, 71 Weet iiirty fl th atraet. >BNT FREE-A BRICK HOUSE, TWO STORIES, li with ta?wneut. cauntercellara and fourteen rooma, tor 2 SO till May, or leased for flve veara for >15. Two floor* kill bring the whole rant. Inquire in the itore oorner of orth Ninth and Scovnd atreet*, Willfamiburg. ?OOMS TO LET? OM FIRST Fl,OOR OF HOUSE 57 >V Oiosby *tn ft, near Br>om*. conaiating of f iur rooma on 1 '.t Ikor and two rooma in attic with Croton water and od yard. Ret t cheap to a good Una it. Inquire on the Iemiiea, or 114 Waverlry place. 'TORE TO LET, WITH STEAM POWEBr-THE FOUR ) etory brick atore. 397 Eighth meet, botwoem a'enue # | id Lewi* etrtea. Apply at the Dry Dook Bank, eoraor of | inth atrvct and avenue D. JTORE TO LET? IN FULTON STREET, TWO DOORS from Broaiway. and very drairahle location. Rent 130. Addrra* C. ti. D., Herald office. MO LET- POSSESSION GIVEN IMMEDIATELY? THE I. roar part of tho aeoond a t orv, tha front purt of the third ory, and all of the foartb acrry of 29 Bcekman atraat. lao. tha front room ol the filth atory of 31 and 33 Beakmaa reel. Each apartment I* luitabla for a* y kind of meoha ??l bnaineaa. Also baaement of 24 Beakman atroM. In iir? of JAMES CONNER 1 SONS. 29 Beekman atraet. J 10 LET? A GENTEEL THREE STORY AND 3ASEMENT II brick honae, in a pleaaaut- neighborhood, at pre sent nn | >rgoing repair*; will be in per'eot ordor bv toe lat of June, ? thnew paper, paint, ga*, chandelier*, and looaMondo Eld I dge atreet, near Grand. A;>pty ta J. Hi i. V a, 109 Forayth i eat. 10 LET-ON lUTn STREliT, BETWEEN THIRD AND Fcnrth avenuet, three neat, well flaiahad oottage 'uaea, eight rooma each; runt SiO*. largo yard and garden; i -uld ba lat Inrniahcd. Inqnire on the prtmUea or ol J. EN HAM, corner of Sixtecntu (treat and Eighth avenue. 10 LET? IN THE GENTEEL TENEMENT nOUSl No. 94 Weat Twentieth atteet, all the ftrat floor, oon iting of eight toomi, with kitolen and two pantriea in tha ?omant, and very large yard. Rent low to a good tenant, ply on the prcmiaea. I'lO LET CHEAr? A SnOP IN THE REAR OF 45 ; Perry atreet. It ia 2b by 25 eeliar and three atoriea |>ove. Inquire at 19 C inton Market, or at 32 Grove atreet. LlO LET-AT A MODERATE RENT, A SUPERIOR four atory brown atone honae, in elegant order, and all odern improvement*; gaa tiiturea, oil oioiha, ?o. Looa bb noar fourth avenue, on a very nioe atreet. E B. KIN9BIMKR, 319 Fourth avenue. 10 LET-PART OF HOUSE 174 SIXTH AVENUE, oontiatingof all the teoond floor, froat and back parlor, 4 pantry between, with folding doer*, marble mantel*, >o good attic roomi. complete with ga* and Croton water attio. Apply on the premiiaa. 10 LET-A VERY HANDSOME LOFT IN STORE 44 Veaey atraet, wall calculated for an importer of lftoe*. eome light bndaea*. The location ie m the c.ntre oi mine**, and iheadvertiaer oan infloanuo ooneidarable trade, rare ohanee for a naw beginner. Rent 9200. Inuuire up aire. 10 1ET.? THE THREE STORY AND BASEMENT . brick hooee No. 90 Weat Twenty aeventh atra*t; ha? all a modern impiovement*. gaa, hot ftnd cold water all jongh, aad ia in perraot order. It will be rented lew to a tod tenant, or would be aold on very eaay term*. SAM L DDY, 68 Wall atreet, ba?ement. 10 LET? A SMALL THREE STOIY BRICK HOUSE an Twenty- (ixtha atreet. near Fourth avenue. _Renk m 1 7? #Uo> two ,U>U ^ttag* heoae* on Ferty Ird atrT*t, near Broadway. Rent C32& M- B. KINSHIMKR, 319 Fourth avow. 1 10 LET-TO SMALL AMERICAN FAMfLIEI, FLOORS I. through, cenaiiting ot fl?a room*, with batn, Croton later, Aa., ia tha new beuaea in Waat Nineteenth atreet. be [teen Seventh and Eighth avennea Rent* from $? .10 te 3 SO per month. Apply on the premiiet, 140We*tNine seath atraet, from 3 to 5 o'eloen P. M. 10 LET? A SPLENDID HOUSE IK WEST THIRTY flrit atreet, between Eighth aad Ninth avonaea; hat all e modern improvementa, aad will be let low te a (end ?ant. Apply to WALLER k SEELY, 440 Eighth avenae H) LET? PART OR PRINCIPAL PART OF MODERN _ hou-e 809 Weat Thirty aeoond atreet, between Elacnth ad Math avennea; beautiful location, gaa, bath, range, Ac.; to parlor* if desired, or the whole houte will be let, and wner'a family board with occupant. Rent lew. po LET-PART OF A MODERN BUII.T HOUSE, 8IT L uated near Second avenue. Ilouae contain* all the mo arn imnrovoment* and haa bean newly paiated. To a re leetable family will be rented for $200 per annum. Apply GIO. BBOWN. 100 Firat avenue. lO LET-A GENTEEL COUNTRY RESIDENCE, SUIT [l able for a dimmer boarding boo**; carriage and wagon ouae. atablea, barn*, chicken yard and garden*, and, if re nired, forty acre a or land, Veantifally (itaated oa the banka f the Shrewibury river. Good flahng, fowling and bathing laoe* on the prami<<oa. Apply to C. LBIGHTON, 10.1 Graaa trect. In ir?, Iro LET- AT LOW RENTS, A VERT DESIRABLE L ui conrcalcnt three atnry hone* en Eighty. slitk street, ear Fonrth avenaa. Yorkvill* Location pleasant Midi rnbla. Street 100 feet wl<l*; Crotoa watsr, lo. Alio the >wer put of a similar boots, m? row. Apply to B. SIL F.CE, Eighty<tixth street, near ronrtk nvenue. r.O LIT-UNFURN1SBMB APARTMENTS, COM8I3T *. Ing of tauf or Sve rooms, with *a? and bath. Will be *at*4 to a mall r-opectahle family or seatlemsn. Refe _vnee* exchanged. Call at 30 Amity street. A fine situatioa ?er a dn- - naif r. ?no LET.? A FINE LARGE HOUSE, IN A GOOD LO ?I cation in The Fifth ward, to let aad the furniture would 0 told; or to a desirable tenant, would be Ut, farnlshi-d. t ia provided with hot and oold water, bathroom, As. Ap ly to C. A W. ENAPP, ZAP Waihlngtea str*et. ?pO I.ET.-TDE FOURTH FLOOR OF THE HOUSE 17 ?1 Hull, contatnleg four flaa rooms, suitable for* ?agnemotyplst or bank note i n,rraver. Apply an th? First floor. KO LET? AT GREATI.T REDUCED RENTS, SEVERAL bomaa, parts of honiaa and apartraen-.s, suitable for v.-?te fttmllle* and boarding honaea, some In vary gent* ?! ocatkas, ai.d all in respeetatle neighborhoods. Apply to AMES l'RK E, 200 Hudson *trtel. LET-A BEAUTIFUL GOTHIC COTTAGE, WITH a. garden of fonr lots of gronad attached, corusr of Fifth venue and l.'llst street, (darlom ) ln<|iilre of Mr. IAMBS, cxt door, cr to WM BLARE, 119 Paarl street, l<iaw Vork.j 10 LET-TO A SMALL FAMILT, THE UPPER PART of tl.a house No. 37 Vaatrv atraat, near Hudson, In a kniet and ? aspect able neiihborliood. Posaestlon imme diately. In. . ?* tba premises. ) I.ET? TUB FINE 8TOR1 275 BLE1CKER STRUT. _ well calculated for a c*nf<e<ioncry store or saloon Will a put in fine order, and handsome apartment* can be had Ith tba st<ra. Rent low. E. B. EIN8MIHEE. 319 Fenrth avenn*. JO LET-THE ftTORE AND HOUSE, CORRKR OF twenty first street and avenue A; a good location for a krocery and seiar store. Apply to F D. JUNES, 311 But Sixth street. 10 I. EI? IN A PRIVATE FRENCH FAMILY. WITH ia the prlMlfno of Warring tho French language, a largo, hiry moii, at Kn. 4 Great J. nc street snltnletnr a single ki-ntlem'n Iu<|?ire Otly frc m 3 to 3 o'clock P. M., for tae T rencli teacher. JV) I ET? PART t-F A FIRST CLASS nOUSE, WITH li. modern iiaptovemer ts, m*r:i!e mantels In every room; bast location n Williamsburg four door* above Seres th itreit, in Division nmnf. three M<tiitti>i' walk Iron the fi rry, ? or be ? went, " r"i ? true, one parlor all of second IRoor, anil on? room on tbir.l it ior, V) per icar; or will be divided for tf o snisll fsmili's ilio owner, with but an iniaLt, vill occupy *,he remainder. Just ptirohaed and last tffm4 to kt. rpo iet-part of a first class house. witii 1 all modem improvements, wl'h or witoont board, fur aiihej or nurnrnl'i'i'il, wltb : i< si.d ?? tl\iuro?, In * very ictirable neighborhood rtont very low tu a good ten* t. f'oisemioo >heu Immediately. Apply for one week at 2iii "**e?t Iwnitieih street. Irro I.ET? 1BE SECt'N I1 I LuOR A* D ONE HALE TBI | A baseiAi-nt of honse III t brystie street; CrnMia waWr, Kt?, A% Also, Ir.rnlturo for sale, Aiplj on tiie premises eat MM. ?rpo LET-FRONT BaSF.VIF.NT, NO. >_? OAK STREET. ? A yaltaKe tor a phyairluTs oifioa, or would be let to a ?JP gfatoel lamilv, with a bedroom attached; reat mod* y . _APP'y <"> tba preminae. I r??*rJ * ??LL^A~lilAT COTTAGE A1LINDEN I,' Ma?j>rth, with four lots et laad and a stable, oalj * f ?" ?lift fro?i Wllliamabtirir nn>i o?*r an ?loM a7 M^h.L^' UKBltERB. a,ar the TKSAirrr rkoiwui f'f.T.lT" iA f8K,ALL.?KJlsr*c"T4,LI A lower pact of boat* 16 Woo ater itraat. near (aaal 4m') ?? premises. Kifertam r?]iiiril PLET IN WILLI 4 MS BU KG -TO A SMALL. OM.f * *?' oottage k"? kjad fctiiw i-f ??' **" **' P*r ",u" Ai?o. a Mr, 4ntil brick house lj rooms, watsr, gas, As. reat S3U0 nr *u Bum. Inquire a( M2Grand street WiiHam.burg. TO I IT OB rOR SALE- A BARREVS SHOP, 648 HUD (on street, well titled up, with a good business. Also, a poor on the corner of lindsou and (ian?evi>ort streets to let, with lour rooms on tbo floor, with gas and vaier. None bnt reel rotable persons need apply. A very pleasait altaa tioa. iBqtiie ob the premise*. rpo I. IT OR MASR? AT GREATLY REDUCED RENTS. A aeviral email atorea, with baasments, 1b good Un.luess looa' lona, toot ol them on very prominent r.ruors Alae several workshops. Apply to JAMEd PRICE, MM Hudson atreet. mo RENT? THE LARGE BOOM NOW OCCUPIEU AS X B billiard aaloon ooraer of Bowary and lireemt street bald roam ia tW foot in width oa the U#?i'T, bb4 00 feet is depth oa Broome street; a fine looatioa for a?w bus. noes. Inqaiia at the room, or of J. H. A W. K. Cost, 60 Bowery qV> GROCERS AND OTHERS? TO LET, A NEW X house and store, in the oeatra part of Hudson. former. y Uergan, New Jersey. and fifteen mlnutea ride from Jersey Cltl ferry, where these ia aa etore, ta a thickly act -.led neighborhood, aad a firs* class store Caa do ai excellent business, Ib ail branches, like a country store For farmer particular', i nature at the ooal yard, South Sixth street, near Grove, Jereey City. The dwells a house mo. km Leonard strect, a few door* tut of Broadway, to let. From ita very central potition tbil bona* ia wall adapted for a first ettsa boarding house, for whieb purpose it his been used for tntny yean. Apply to8TEPHKN CONOVER, SM Broadway. WORKSHOPS TO LET? IM THE REAR Of 2W Broadway, wall lighted and voniila*ed Kent mode rate. Apply to SiEPHEN CONOVER, Mb 0 road way. IIOCSKS, ROOMS, ?StC., WASTED. House wanted?wanted t<Pfurchase. a ??all two or three story honae, ilooly llniahed. Bid lu agood Keighborhood, not above Twenty toird street. to cost from *4,000 te SB, A00; Moot Will be paid, the ha auee to remain lur three years. Address J. HEAD, box 167 Herald office, tor thrae days, giving a description ai house aad loca tion. HOUfcE WANTED? A SMALL TWO OR THREE SToRY house, In New Turk or Brooklyn, in a respectable neighborhood at a moderate rout. Addreta W. K., but 1,670, N. Y. I'oat Office. PART OF A GENTEEL HOU3E WANTED-OF NOT lata than fonr rooms, in a pleasant looatioa betweoa Orsnd and Twenile h streets, and caa . of Sixth avenue, ny an AmericBB family of four, who would be permanent if suited. Addreas, postpaid, till* o'olock this evening sU ins ccktioB and r?nt, which must be moderate, W. T., Union square Post Office. WANTED-FOR A SMALL FAMILY, PART OF A genteel bouse, in the vicinity of the City Hall, Brook 1} n. Aldrtfa Pott, box S&i Heral d office. 1HK LIQUOR Q.UE ?TIO ?. RESOLVED. THAT THE LIQUOR DEALERS OF THE city of New York, including importers, J?bb?rs, brewer', hotel keepers, distillers, grocers, and bottlers, are requested to meet in their respective wards at sncb place and timi with in ton day- trom ibis date, as each ward m?y dirxet, for the purpose of establishing ward orgaiil/.*ti"U*in aeoor Unci with the constitution and by laws ol the 1 Iqsor Healers' Society and the following rules;? 1. Ihe liquor dealers of each ward, at said meetings, shall elect a ward committee, to consist of as minyat tSoy mar deem proper, provided that no MMU ahall I e el'. ot d Dut members of this society, and those who promiso to J*iu it; but no person shall be allowed in tbe inoctiuis of -aid c -m- I mittees unless he produoes a ticket of meuitiersbip of the l.iquor Praters' Society of this city; the; may adopt suoh I by laws for their government as they may doou propur, not inconsistent with the foregoing X Each ward oommuiittee snaM elect throe of Its metn^eri as delegates t-> represent the ward in a oentral ?onveut>or>. to mset at such place and time as chall heteatter lis ordered by this society. 3. The Recording Secretary of this sooie'.y shtll furnish i bcok to each ward oommittee, with the uamia of tbe mem bers of the society in the war J, alph ibe'tcally arranired, to gether with their residonoes and places of bnsloess. 4. Each ward committee shall bj provided with a blank j book in which they ahtll cuter, alphabetically arran ed, tbe Bamca et all the llqnor dealors In tlieir raapective wards, and check ttcreln tbe names of tlioaa who have, and of thsse who may hereafter join this soolety. H 1 hero shall l.e eleotion district coiamitt et appointed in every ward by Ihe ward ooamitt*e? thereof, who-u duty ahall he to call on all Uuuor ileMca in their districts and Invite them to join this s ialcly, and If any should r^fuso to bei ?me members, to enter their names risldenc^s and placet of bntl cess ib a book to be provided fir the ptt-puo and report them to this society, that their names mv be entsrod by the Oeoretary oa the hook et roterrace, so that w? may kao w our enemies rrom our friends Whcrea?, There are many people, directly aed indirectly, ; engaged in theJIiincr business In the nl<y and oounty of fo?- ' York, who have declined or negleote! to j?tn our association [ Bad assist ns with their preaeuco and money; and whereas, we do n?t approve of such ingratitude aud procrastiaatoa, ] bt It, therefore Resolved. That no person who thall ite.'ect to jolu this : loolcty until protecutlon shrjl na e mmfuoed against him, , shall be entitled to any pecuniary all from as for a'leied : violation of iaw previous to becoming a membar of our body. Resolved. That the commit iea appointed to procure oonn til to defend tho't who have ba^n arrested for aailiug liquor sinvo the 1st of Hay last, shall be also empowered to procure conns* 1 to defend every member of thit socioty kgatott all prosecutions that may arise nnder the erohlbitory liquor law patted by tba Legislature of thit State. JOHN f. HAYWARD, President. N. R. BUN CK, Vice Prasidsnt D. S. Pah* s , Sexretary. | SEVENTH WARD ALL RICOT -AT A LARGE AND enthuaiastio meeting of tbe liquor dealere of the above ward, hi>l?i at tbo home of Jobn Murpny, Esq., on Tuesday evening, May 22, Ip55? Mr Alexander M. Mathews, sf 110 Cherry atreet, in tbo ohalr? the following preamble and re?o lotion*. offered by N. R. Bonce, Esq., were unanimously adopted Wlitni. ? oriai* liat * risen in oar nntlmel hint ory, where in tbe capability of men for ?olf government has Men denied by tbo enactment of an odioua and tyraaaical sumptuary law, prescribiag what drink* wo ah *11 b* allowed; and whereat, thil law will meet asiuredly be folio ired by otbere of aa equally despotic character. antes* th ? is mot with a vigorous, determined and ronaolldated opposition by free net; and. whereas. one eiT-ot of tbat detectable law hai bees to call into existence band* ot apiee and oommoa ia formers, known as "Canon League*," whose ave sroil duty, decplcable though it to ferret oat all infraction! of tbat anti recnblieaa atatute, for the purpose ef matting complaint thereon; and wbcreae , there oaa he men found i be ?? (9 \on\ t? honor and chant m V? be wiU<u b?v? j their names u officer of a band o7 men wfteu traae III ; ever, from time immemorial, been held in utter detect at ion; therefore, he It Retolved, That we, in accordant* with the recommend* tlon of the New York Liquor Dealere' Sooiety, rrganiie our selves Into the ieventh Ward liquor Dealere' Society, and ter der them onr hearty co operation in all legal and peace able opposition to the Prohibit f ry law. Resolved, 1 liat a law whiih hac met the denunciation of a monarch,' at curt?i)ing tbe " natural libertiee ef subjects." eaasot claim tie ready obedience of freemen aad republi can*. Reeolved, That we call upon all who vain* the priceless legacy bequeathed them by their aacestors, which wae pur chased hy the trials and suffering of the immortal patriot a of tbe Jievwfution, to aid ua in the oyer throw or all in toleraat bigotry and fanatioiam. Rtsol?cd. Tbat ie leave all talk of " indaeementa by club law'' where it belonga. in tbe handa ef tbe eoeroieniata. with tbe almple warning that there if a point beyond which for bearance cease* to be a virtue. A I, EX Sf. MATHKW3, Chairman. P. A. Povchkrtt, Secretary. THE LIQUOR DEALERS SOCIETY WILL MEET at 39 Chambers street. next te Burten'a theatre, on Tburaday evening, 2itb last. Members will please attend aa bnsincti of importance will be brought before the sod sty. 4. N HaY WARD, President. N. R. BUNCE, Vioe Preeldent. D. S. Paick, Secretary. Ml'SICAL. Attention? pianoforte purchaser*- look at enr radioed prices for cash.? octave. plain, al ?14*; 6K octave, plala, $1M; t>\ octave, plain, ?170; 7 oc tave, plain, tauo: e. V octave, extra flnleh, lUMU octave, extra i*l?i, ?173; ?V octave, eitn laiali, WOO, 7 ooiave, extra ?alab, ?m te 0O?. MeDONALD BEOS., Maaufaeta rtra, 292 Bowery. _ Alto sincee.-a lady, fully competent, de airei an appointment in a church In New York or Rre kljn; ie well acquainted with the Bplaoopal service, bnt ie not particular what denomination aha attend a Al dteff Alto Singer, Herald offlca. ALL'S CELESTIAL PIANOS.? BENNETT k CO.. 3X> Broadway, arc now lupplied with a large ctoek of tbofe beautiful inetramente. No per.on shoal 1 by any mean* pareh**c, whatever Interacted parties may tay to tbe aentrary, till they have firat examined thete Improved plan of. USIC AT THE REDUCED PRICES-WAR NOT END ed ? One of tne largest and best selected catalogues of cboice and popular muaie in the United States, comprlsiag the productions of Thnmaa Baker and other great master*, at ltfa price* tban ever, in opposition to monopoly. Piaaot, mslodeons aid mnticai Instrument* of all kinds, at prioe* which defy ctm petition, HORACE WATERS, 333 Broadway. MBLODIONS-S. D. k H W. SMITH'S MBLODBOVS, tuned th* equal temperament, to which wa* ntceut.'y awarded the firit preaiinm at the National Fair, Washing toa, D. C . can be found only at X13 Broadway. A liberal dlseouat made for oash. Tbe trade supplied on tbe mo*t liberal terms. HORACE WATERS. Pianofortes.? john p. wake k co., manefao tarera, have removed their piaaoferte warehonae frees 68 Barclay street, te the new aad ipaciona baUdmg, 10 Caial atreet, between Hudana and Yari?k atreet*. Pianoforte* at wholeiale prloea, for eaih. or Mtii^uter] paper. A preat inducement to purehatero aor offered. PIANOS AT A OREAT SACEiriCE FOE CASH.? One detect octave retewooil pianoforte, (atvdart * make. ? coat (Mi, for S140; alao, one *ix octave roacwood, for IW; oB'- do., $100; also, thirteen eeoondhnnd mahogany piano*, at ?Lf) ItO fvi. ra aud one at ?"<l, at 1".' Sixth avenue near Twenty fourth ftreet. Plaaoa tuned, repaired, or taken in exchange UE MUSIC" WAR.? THE DISAGReiMiN'Yi WtilOH have existed in tbe mu>lc trade iot tbe pa.'t few mouths have iitts amicably arrarged I; is agreed tbat all tbe aon copyrl(ht in title pu> 1 It he l at the old net price* shall be sold at a) per cont lest than tbos* pricti, wbtoh aill reduce it to tLe decimal division* of our currency. Ail the music we h*tre pvbli bcdtmirked " redneed price*'' will be ?ld at that ptlo?, lint on fut nre editions the worls " reduced prioe" will be loft off, and an aftetifk (?) *ub*titnted ia their sl-ad We htve to return onr 'hank* to the tublie f?r tlii liicral man ner they have contributed tholr sopport to onr rr?at rerortn io thetraile, and to concratnlate curseWes aid onr eo'? ra Enraries that an arrangement hat teen elected oa terms <e r.noraMcand satls'ai;tor> to all. WM. Ham. A 50N , No. Broadway <. ppo?itii th* PaiV) It rataRT pianos f?)r~smai.Ii roum < ? *;i i.nisrs I mat'-, t-npcrlor in- trnmoutr at very low "irio^is; p aao* and m*!r>dc' ts to r*nt or fur ?a'o. and monthly ut* taken at 333 Broadway, when niu .!?? Is sold at half urlcn, hs HmRACK WiTE-tS. XT1I1TKD STATES ARMY.? WANTED, SEVER \ I, J *<od ninsicUnt for the reitimentai hand ef on* o the ttw n s'utsti. A'so, a few *ood tugler*. lauuire at tho leortiiting tendetvona, 01 Cbntham st. H M IlKVOVAJLS. DENTISTRY -RkMO\AU-DR. L JARVI3, SITR goon dentist, baa removed to No f S St. Mark'* pl?c* Eirli1 n strict. ae*r Hoeond avenue. Will be at M3 Urarni street, dailv. from 7 to H A. M. Removal notice.? albert n nicolay has removed from No. 4 Broad street, to the spaMoa* brown ftene s'ore. No. 11 Broad street, where he ha* In created facilities frr eooductiag various branches of his bu rlnsas, afd will be happy to eee his genemat friend* aad na tron*. ALBERT H. NICOLAY, Real Batata, Bteck, aad Central Auctioneer. No. 11 Broad atreet. HOIUIS, OAKftUOII, AO. A VwRT Pi"" "MWawd i-onky p or SAi.r A WttHltfd Miund nU free from tiit: tiaj I.e.* u.*d ABRijUI.UA M ROCKAWAY FOR BALK? 1 VERY exct Urbt article all complete, been bnt little u?ed and aill ti sold cttiutp Apply at 19 BttTtr atroet, up atair*. Vy r a,.e. In g>od order; una lit lit buggy wajoa, new aty la; una ??t ringle harneaa, iiew, for aaln at moderate prioea on ?fplic?tiaa alter .1 e'clockj*. M., at 17 Wait Thirtieth at. C1AUR1AC.ES FOR SALE? TWO 81COND BIND / ton buggicn, ana Blurting Up bujray, and on* without | u p, ?liMari) ?t?, will b? ?old low. Inquire at the oar I n?se lactory, Tulril avenue, aaar Forty aoTenth atreet ?>A i E? AT BREWSTER' 4 STABLE, 4#2 ATI.AV tio street, Urookl>a, ana pair lar^a dapple gray hor?ee. aiiWen baedi hi* h, fine ttyla ana aotion; one very fine (?mi It hurt*. blood bay aiiteon and a hair handa high fix year* old; ci.e pair very fine lay borMa, Alteon aid a hal< hand I iph aia yaara old ?lth a lias d tome rocka?ay oatrtaje aad haroete; a!?o tve or three very Una wa^oa and aaidle norm. FOR SALE-A BAY RORSR, SEVEN YEARS Ol.D thii f pr; iv. kind in Mngle or doable haruese. Jusl lr>m the oountry, ami warranted nouud; al.o.a light wwoa. la quiiool K II UcAYoY, 02 i'rlnee atreet, ooraer or kUriia. FOR SALE ? A HANDSOME, FASHIONABLE TWO teat rtn kaway, lined ?itb oloth. Un patent axloa, and baa b*en uaed very litt e To be teen at Meaara. W YHANN A LAWaH liTtry atable, 7? Reade atreet ?*rioe. $l.fl FOR SALE? A MAUNIFIC&NT ORRY aCLDlMO, Six teen hlgn, of floe atyle aad actios. Can trot la iM. aare. Ian be eeeu at BURN HAM'S, Bloomiagdalc road. Be ia no* in exeellaat health, aeund and kind in all hari eee, without (anlt, nevom yeara old, and a more d?4. rahle Line caaaet be found in the world. Hudson R. K.. 12)i A. M ; S JiUaaJ li P. 11. li'Olt SALE? EIGHTEEN HORSES. FOR BOSINEsS 1 V or the toad; alao. a large variety ef new aad aeooad j himd bUf'/im, faiui'y carriage* aed r?ok*?a/fi, trottiug i v aiuaa ai d fulkeyp, haraoa, ike . at the atable nnd repeal- I icy i oorntr ut Nevim atreet aad Fulton avoaue, Brooklyn. FOR S/l.K-A BEAl/TIFUL BAYIIOR3R, SIX TEARS rid, ?i*t<-ea ha da high, kind aad tottnd; ean tret ia three niinat?a and a halt to wagon. For particular! Iminire at the ? ffioe of the Bancroft Honee, coriurof Broadway and Twentieth atreet. FIJI SAIJt-A STLEN DID HORSE, WACOM ANB ' hnrneta; the borae 7 ye?r< old, 1R% handa high; the har- | t.e#a entirely now, made t> order, witn a good Up wazon. A i Tmi1'? w,r}n''e *"1 gi?en. Can be leea at theoorner I o I Hiol:*> and fl*rribon Btrrot*, South Brooklyn. IFOR SALE -A GRAY HARE, 1 B'i HANDS HIQU, ' A vi ry handsome, five rear! eld, aouud aed kind; oan trot clo?o to thne mlnntei; of fruat emlaraaee; ean ko 13 milei ' per hour. Apply at the Aroade !tablei, lighth street, near I !>ixth nvcntie. i. OR 8ALR-A PAIR OF LARQ* WORK UoRSKS; F a! o one etogle oart horae; they have b>>eu need about one year In tb< city. Apply at 106 N est Twenty fourth atreet, ore C. THISliSTON. F'OR SAI E-A nORBEL IIORSE, ABOUT IS HANDS bifh, witn vi- bit o mant and tail. Perl'eotty broken to aad fjU'R SA1 K? i GOOD ROAD IIORSE, SEVEN YEARS I' old, bands nigh; Kind In all harnoa*; free from ill trick*, and xound Sold for want of uae. To be aooa at Eaton's atablo, ISO Ciouby street. FOR 8 a LE ? A PAIR OF BLACK HORSES. QUI&T und yeatle, nod very a'yliab tltirers; also, a kandaooio two heated |>) vtcu. built by John R Lawrence A Co., la ex cel int. oon'Ution, rnd a sot of doable harness. mtJo I j 'I minor. UilbeitolJ together or separate i'rloe for the whole. Mat be >een at ClIARLEa llRADI.EY S stable, IT eat sixteenth rtre<>t, near bixth avcaue. For sale? a good mii.k round, horse wagov, caur and all belonging t<. tbe business. together with a gct.d daiiy. Apply at H. D. BINGHAM'S, Fifty aeoond rirfctj botMcen Second and Third avenues. To be a?ld at a bargain, as the owier hae other business. I^OR SAI.E.-BORSE, WAGON AND HiRSESS, CO* plete, the property of a gentleman who bought them lor bin own u-o, aim is obliged to bo absent far tie next fa# months. Hie horse is very stylish, promises to be fait, and la quiet la all kinda of harnosa or under the saddle; Ave yearn old, fit teen and threetourtbs band] bUh. To be aeen at Vegans s.aole, corner of llarrlaen and llicks streets, SontU Brooklyn. rOR SALE.? A THOROUGH BRET) CHESTNUT COL C erod marc, eitbt yaara rid, fifteen aad a half banda high, well broke In double or ainglo barneaa,- cr.n trot her n.fl- in three ralnutea, or one hundred milea in tea suooes live hours. Can be aeen at Oakley 'a stable, Hobo ken. IpOR SA1E? A FIRST CLASS I ICHT TROTTING 1 wag n, square box. finished la the beat atyle. by one of tho boat maker*; never been used. Prioe till. Apply to GOCLD, corner ef Seventh aveaue aad Twenty aeooai at. F>OR BALE? A GRAY IIORSE, EIGHT TEARS OLD. 1C hauda high, aoand and gentle. Aay geatlemaa ia want of a horse worth $.100 will do well to call, aa he must be fold thia woe It. To be aeen at Ui> Spring street. I'rice ?16fl For bale, matched horses.? a fair oftert fine black, loug tails, manes and foretopa, seven y ears old, abont fifteen aaa a half hands high, perfectly kind, sonnd and gentle, aad without fault or blemish. Caa be teen at the stal lo rear of No 2f?West Twenty aeoond at. /I RAT HORSE WANTED? A LONG TAILED OSAT \T horse. IAI4 to MH haads high, with good spaed aal some ambition. For a good horae of thia desoriptioa, sis or seven years old, sound aad kind, a fair price will bs girea. Apply at mobs 24 and 26 of 40 Wall atreot. Notice? the gentleman who left the bat horae on livery with Patrick Phillips, oa the 7th day of ApHllaet, at 40 Carmine street, will please call at 94 Mer ex r, aad pay tho expenses of keeping, aad this advertise meal , or at will be sold at pabllo aucilea to pay the same. ' r. PHILLIPS, M Mercer street. PAIR OP HORSES WAITED. -MUST BE OF FINE styliah appearance, dark color, 15 to 1 b}? haads high, not over eight years old, gentle drivers, and mast be sbls to trot a mile ia 3j-j miautes together. Any person havlag such a pair of horses to dispose et, may hear of a purchaser by addressing 8. C. T , boi 106 New Pork Post Offloe, giviag a full and accurate description, and lowest price demanded TOP WAGON FOR SALE LOW-INTENDED FOR one or two horses, ahaits and pole oonplete, ha* net been much used, and made expressly fe city uae, or wonld be exchanged for a lighter one la good condition, aad the difference paid in money, if any Apply any day, betweea 12 and 2 o'clock, at CON KLIN'S stables, ? Houston street. ?ERMONT HORSES.-A FINE PAIS OP MATCHED baja, young and styliah; a bay oclt, five years old? earn tie* la ?Sti; also, several youag, styliah aad fast siagle horses, pare Morgans, and warranted aeuad; also, three light wagons aad baraesa- Apply at 21 and 23 Boerain street, Brooklyn. ' T17 ANTED? FOR AN INVALID, A PAIR OP PONIES, fV thirteen and a balf to fourteen and a half hands hlfh. One must be good nader the aad die, aad both gentle. Inquire at Washington stable, corner Sixth avenue aad Twi nty alxtii street, at 1 o'clock, P M. WAGCN FOR SALE.? A LIGHT, SHIFTING TOP wagon, bit little used, and made to order by one of tho teat <lty makers. Will be told low for eaah. Also, a lot of oil paintings, ancient aad modern, suitable fer parlor perl gallery. Apply to GEO. W. FARLEY, Northeast cor f 1 of Market and Cherry * treats. WAGONS FOR SALE.? AT 278 MADISON STREET, on" handsome 1 ight varnnhed trotting wagon. very little ated; a six feat light shiftlag top rookawav suitable lor the country: alao, a second haad four seat rockaway, for oao horse, all of wlteh will be sold low for waat of use. WaCUN FOR SALE? A BUSINESS AND PLEASURE wagea combined, male to order ia the best maaaor; tvw stats, both mo'eable; oae a regular baggy seat, with first class (eaamtled leather) top; aa excellent article for a buaiaees wagon ia tbe city, and well ealculatod fer % geatle juaa ia the country to go te steamboat er railroad depots. Apply te J. W. ROW*. 3 Canal street, RUMMER RHTHEAT9. / 'i 1 /./INS WEST 1'OINT HOI EL. ? THIS HOTEL " will op<n on Saturday, the 26th inst. Mr. C. hai two furalsbod oottages to let, with or without board. Lake george. ? the fort william iienrt Hotel, situated at the above place, will be opened for the reception of guests oa the day of Juno next. This la a new notei, ereoted ainee September last, situated at the Sotith end of the laks, immediately adjoining the ruins ot F:rt William Henry. It has a view of the laki for miles. Ike house and furniture have oost about $.V),000 It is Ztf feet In length on the lake aad 40 deep. wVh? wing 1LS feet iatberear. The grounds are laid out in a most iKautital manner, with louetalaa, Ac 1 he bouai la lighted wltk gas, aad can accommodate Ml persons. Water ia brought for tbe are of tbe hotel frea a mouatain spring tbe distaace of a mile, aad is sairiod to every aart 01 the bouse, furnishing a fell supply of hot and cold baths. Tbe hotel coatalns every coaveaience that caa he draired aad la furnished in a ityle not Inferior to our Arat ula?a c ty hotels. The roima are aU large with oomplete ventilation and most of them ceniect, so tfcat aal' s or rooms may be had. or private par lore, aa may be preferred. A Ihery stable ia ooanected with the house together *ith an abundance of stable aad larnioon. The undersigned can be seaa oa Wetlaeaday, Ibartday and Friday, or this week, from 11 A. M , to 31'. &l , at tbe oifioe of Measrs. Clark A Cornwall, 195 Rroadwar, eoiiinr of D< > stiett, third fleor. by aey persona d?air,rg tf tagage roona or to make ianulrie< about the house. DAMEL GALE, Proprietor. XTEW f OKA bay PRIVATE /AMILT HOTKs ll Two aad a balf miles from Jersey City forrv, is nowopea fer samlhrr oa Bergen I'oiat nlank road. Bathiag, beat Ing and fiahing. Stagei leave the (erry every hour. Apply to Capt LEES, proprietor, Post OBce, Jersey City, or at I the henso. OCEAN fcnUSE, 8HREW SDUEY - THIS DEI, H1HTFPL aad well kaown retreat ?iil br ijx-nod tor the I rtreptK.0 of vlaltt r? 011 and aftor the lirat 01 June, 'ihe rr? irt'tcr would lespeet tally ratarn t barns for tbo t?.t j airoea^e of bis <nctidi sad tbe pul.lle, and bej< to a 'aura I ttem that the b?uc> and in ?pf.eodaie.< ha*o loen put lu ' rcrfec' ord'r, rleenoit and ren'ina'ed in the most t Ivirm ,li 1 marter, aad that t olhitg will I 0 left undone by I.iuis -11 a . J | t s?i?:ants to mak' It a ?? in fn'r *e'reai" of the first clas*. He 1 as alao beer hap,|i> to secre the a.sistaace of Capt. 4. r. I'a?s* t?vi.?ab'y known In the r.ommnrelal | c< li.itirily, sa )it.?-*iee the services ot **itllam Andeui, I Isti , l*t o p" I nt tor ' I tie Grime ry House, wl'h w'??e united cxertiors ho Icela asavt' d that to his old pa'roaa, to fatniUfK *t.o via1' so irake a prrmareat arraogtment, or to tlf se ehomsy t< rn|K ?a?il.? vlsUthe honse, cvrry attention will leVeatowcd to prom te tl.elr comfort and happtu?as. The bou-< aill b? k'rt on the American anil European elans teD'bn>' >1 at d the rt taurant ar>d taMo d'hote wlii beo! t?e mt at m| erii r ebsrar.ter 1 he facilities lor batinag. fi-bing. salliug Ac., are tinm.'i aaaod. H. E RIELL. Pavilion hotel, glen covf, -this estab II hment ii mar open for the reception of vlslt?r? For partloulare, Inquire at Ihe Mansion Uu??N.:i?;Jr#?k. tbe aniiairlber. at Glen Cove. OTIS ORtgS hEF.. SUMMER RETREAT -RE-OPENINQ ?P THE WADA wannck Donee, S'onincten, Ct The old patroni of this use, and those who mas be soekiag a aeaside residence In a trot class he tel. are Informed that the honsc will again be open for visiters on tbo 10th Jane. Every facility will be afforded for bathing, fiohiBg. cniUag to For tarttonlari addraae at Btoatagto^ J. Q. ?&I9GS. AT AUCTION. AfCTIMf KOTIOE.? BT EDWARD SCHlKCtr' wn lb Wall street ? On Thursday. Nt o. at 10W a'cluek ??Vt? *? .. Importer'* Ml*. The oeltace or tha.J ''?? "?*'??* UBSOld ft , lit lut ?Mk t? n^t > ?rlvmto ?to0k rlt.# /. wr. aur?l?v? [*? V ? ViUril Aud Harmony ?horri??a *?w!ov? Gordon a Mideiri* South Sid# do kd- ri ? ? v, per. I&I6. llonft k Cu.iml Tokty lull lot. ffii- 3ut?S JTetaeiv "til * aVulf *'??/' D" brma**' ,a37: ? ???! P*M?b* w.abiar to buy ftr ... -V '" tb?e* food* as pure aad ot flrit tualitj ' AC CI I OA' NOTICE --wtlKAT SALE OF MAGNIFI oei.t oU p?(ntii#r ? EDW aKD SCIIBNCE will Mil a', aictiou, on Friday. May 2.?, at his saloaroom*. 16 Wall (treat, a private gall<ry of modern oil palntinga, ineludioj lout very Lcauti'nl specimens of tbe llet'.iaa, Kuilik, French end Aroe i< aa .-.che?,le. well woitby tbe attention of ? ?aur.iiaeure. ILii cullcctl jb wat made with gr*at out, and at a (treat expense , iuc.uile. L->ua? pleaeiag landscaped in*e rtorn, ??a piece*, Mower piecoa. pastorals, and other subjects of general interest. Ibe whole of the pai&tiuna uro electa'. l? framed. Am?m the collection are toinu beautiful eoe.ii mens by Sobaelfol Kobb* of tiroa.eli, fejtur, Veraet, J*t lere. Schilling of Munich, Pilliec, I nlen> ack, Uraa lenHerg, Bro cmi herder, Seidel, Webe'^-r, Car' >r, I.eslie, Saa>or, Wllst n. Darby, aod other celebrated a. AUo, several el?t.tLily framed peiuliiii i, belonging It as e*' a>e, rii.: ? One lar.e wiol?r acone. by Van Dalit; one eaiill do ; moon light turn view, ly 1'lei/ier; large sua piece, do ; land*cap?a, amah marines, <te , ji? and coat tr? n tl'-O to J300 Alan, a very fine collection of old aid original oil palatini, Inm tbe mo*'. celebrated matter*, dale poaitive. AUCTION NOTICE. ? EDWARD SCHENCK WII.L ?ell thia day aiay 21. at bU aalearuum, 16 Wall a'.ivet, 1? baeketa ohatnpagoe, I randa 1'ei.chea A Ol vier; 3a btaketi cliampacuo "Goldon down;" UK) ea.,ei claret, and ?'> caaai Haul snntrrne All of tbe ataveisof direct tmportatioa, aad wart anted genuine. A LMRT H. HICOLAY, AU..TIONEElt-HraCK8 X\. aad ttoeda at Auction ? Regular Sale -- ALtlFKT tl. N IOL.A Y will ball t la day. M:iv ^4, at o clook, at th'i M< rcbaiita' ft xch.nge, for aoooaot of whom it may concern ? fJ'.tXlO Virginia State t! per c?et bouda fl.tHM >S,tM*' ].oni(ian? state l> per ceat bonda l.(Mi) fl.flttt htsite (WiiooDiln; J p<-rcrn; bonda. eeoh l!C'iW 94.W4J l.akolrie, Wabaah and 8t. Louta Railroad lat uiortgapej par aent boada. each 1,(00 $7, I'M. Oalt iia and Cbicago Union Kuilroad lat m>it ga-a 7 per oent bond*, ea< h 1,000 C'inoiiinaii, Pennaybauia and Ckioa?u Itailr.aJ 10 per eebt e<.nverilblo bonda ? $6 000 C eveland. 1'alaaaaiile aad Aahtabula Railroad 7 par cent muriate botda, eaoh 1.00J 9l.tUU i^a Ci?aae awwi Milwaukie Kailroa'l 8 par oent b'm'ia All the right, title and i.ureat wblcb John C. Wnii-aff bad mi tba 1th da> of November, 1*61. i? $10 000 worth of full atock in a company then Intended to he formed for the purpoae of manitfa<-mring reamieaa felt gannen'a, tintt' ar with all ita incrra?e and auvantaiea aroruing tbcreon, the i&trre t iptaaded t? bo ?ol?l bain/ oi e tant b or th<? wboln capital of anid company, aad which company wai oomp>aud of aaid Wa^otaff John T Uaitin Rdj*. Fa,onner ? ^o , Jamer Uiabop, Julia K. Ford, Thomas l. irJ and Daniel Iiiw. 70 sharra Hank of Sing L<inp each 4100 llltJ do. Nioa^a^na Traaait Company 100 30 do. I.orillard Fire Insn anre Company 4 do. New Auibtordam Kire Inaursnoe Comp'y 40 do. Rutgere Uro laauranoe Company 15 10 do. t'eter Cooper Fire Irtnranco Compauy . CO do. 1 niton 1'ijo Insurance C?n>ptny !i5 25 ao. Grocers' Steam Sugar Ko& unit Company 100 1(*0 de. >fw York and Shawanyuu Mining Company, bypc tKoatod 8 8 do. American i'lste Glass t'ompany 100 l(i(l de Gi Id (Quarts Machine C impany 5 Tartua of aali'i-t-Ton per cunt this day and the balance be lore 1 o'clock to inoirow. Tba accrucd iatoreat on tbe tton s ? ill be charged to the pnrcha>er. Auction mgtick-u. wiusos. AUcrioNKBR Kiali and ma^nifioent nouaeholJ furniture, ooitly robf\vood i ianofoite, lar,e French plate mirrora. elegant oil paintioga. taporry. oarpeta At? Friday, May 10th, at 10,'i 0 clock, by caiat^ue. tho entire contents o' the large fuur story d?eUing lo9 Weat ?th atreit, aear the 7th a?enu?, oetitaiaing a superior aairrt n.ent of coatom nude hoaaeh?li fiimitura wtli worthy the aUoniionot ho.i-ekejp-ra, Aainall Toitien ot the oontanta is snbloiuod ?iatinngntheeiit ro?ewe-id vianof.rte, made to order by T Gllbort A Co.. t>" Boston, coat >4<i0. This ipatrumcnt for beauty of flotih and swent reefa of tone oannot lie excelled. Real Eugliah tapestry oar pcta, in anterior order and of elegant pxtierss, r >sowood parlor auiacorerod in ailk p'.ush, vis.: sola four ohairs, par* lor nnd leceptlon do; alao, stilt lu tolid rosew^o l fra.nja, ca' ared in rare and expens re satin, crimioa aud intr>on sofu, tour fiphnlttoret-1 onck chairs and two lar<c easy ohtira; also, one aiilt cOTeiad in ItaUng, with worked aeata; larae raiy Voltairn, and racaplion chairs to matsh; rooiwiod ete gere, with marble tvpa and mirror doors and baoY, lined with satin wood, *ory axpenairolT earvad; elegant roinwond cci.tre, side and work taoles; ladies' nsewood saoMt?r?. with Biirt'T iloor, lined with satin wood; massive rosewood bookcam and reeretary, with elegant earrings male to uuteh the roaevood pai'lor furniture; Mra*ood ct?rna" and m taio ?tands; 'ar.e > rm b plate mirrora, expenaira laooaud lin catel Mindow ourtaina; also, a.rrat variety of ell psiutinas, rmtrnclog many valusblo spo imans; on? lar?a fruit pleoe, by Seid%l. wiuter iicnes, sea views, mienlight ?ur? view, lanilicapes, ic , all ola 'antlr framed; lar^e aiie eltgan'ly decorated obinaTaaas, farisian and Chloesa figures, twenty one day ormolu clocks, together with many o her cjitly mantel ornaments; mahogany, blaok walnut and rasew iod rutMontd obaira, eeverfcd with bair cloth, and madallioii reeking and easy chairs, sofas oak and blaok wainut ex tension tables, rich ebiia tea and ainrer sets, cut glait ware, comprising a full assortment, such as tamblora, wlaes, champagnas, roblets, cellery glaaioa, aalta, hattor diehes, lemonades, pitehera, Ao. ; also, costly silverware, such as elegant ran lviog Batters, with splendid rut bottles, tpoons, forks, oake baskets, tea trrvieea salvers. Ivory cut lery, commm crockery, plates, vegetable dlihea, soup ta r-oos, Ac.; also, tba furniture of all tho bedrooms, con taining maple, cotlage, blaok walnut and aCioxany enthioned chairs; ele./aat rosewood, mahogany, aud black walnut and maple bedsteads; pure cnrNd bair matLreatct, beat live gee-e featbir beds ard pillows, silk and aatin bei spreads, rosewood and mahogany marble i op bur?aus and wasbatands to natch the bodateade; maTnifloantly deo rated china toilet tots, bedroom carpets, mirrors, toilet and week tables, elegant stair sarpats aud reds, oilcloths, rue wood hall stands, Ac. AUCTION NOTICK.? JOHR HOVGH JR., AUCTION A ear. As?igneo's tale *( ele<ant ro9awood and inahoja n> houselioid furniture:? roae wood pianoforte, royal tapes try velvet oarpeting; Franob plata pier aud oval mirrors ;oil paintings, allvarware, ohinaware, cutlery, Ao ?To morrow, Friday, at lU>-3 A. M. nracisely. The sale embraces the entire oontents oftihe beautifully furuisbed prlrate dwelling. No. 70 Morray street, whiob will ba sold without ratarve to the liigtest bidder. The farnitar* is in excellent condition, and wasmade to erder. Th* oontant* aro la brief a* follow*, vis:? two solid rosewood frame parlor snits, upholster d ia brocatel, aad elaborately oarvod; superior rosewood piaaa firte, richly cased, of beautiful toae, made by G. A il. more of this city, aad fully warranted; carved rosewood eteaare. with plata, glaasjdoore, aad back; maxaivo resswooi bookcase; elegant ladies oscrutoire Inlaid throughout with rare and costly woods; heavily earved maUogadv axteaaioa table; rotewood marble top centre tables, beantlftill} oarved aad finely polisbad; large French plat* pier aad *val mir rors; ooatly lace and brocatel curtalas; elegant roaewtod and mahogany bedstead*, bureaus, waahstands, English ta pestry, Brussels and ia&ra a carpets; pure curled h?lr mat tresses; mahogany and walnut tefaa, ehalrs, Ae.;eot>oice roUeetioB ef oil paintinga, by the moat eminent artiits of tacdrrn times; beautifully deeotated ehiaa vases, marble ?tatnary, (liver tea **ts, cast*r<, oake basket*, ehiaa dinner aad tea set*, maple aod walmui chain, tablet aad hed*t?a ls, cutlery, cut gla>*war*, Ac , Ae. Sal* to tak* plae* without tagara to waathw. Auction notice? larob ralr? excellent household furniture, large mirrors, oil paiatiajt, silver ware. Ac. II. WILSON, nuetieneer. will sell this day (Tlior 'day ,) n>orniBg,10>4 o'clock, the furniture la the large three story bout* 76 FrankUa, near Cburoh street, otnaist iag of one costly grand action pianoforte, la rosewood, very costly aad nearly new, tlegaat oarved resewood parlor *uit?, ia saliu broeaea, mahogany sofas, oo*hion*d oh airs, raekar*, rosewood oentre. ttde and card table*, book rack, mutii ana ettsw stands, elegaat tapestry oar pets, nearly mew, large mirrors, 24x44, rich brocatel aad laee eurtalaa, costly oil painting*, eiteasleu tea aad diniag tablet, bedroom feral tore of the best kind, vix., resewood aad mabegaay bad itaads, fcuraaos aad washstaads, mode la tbe belt man ner; also mapls aad other bedsteads, eaae seat ohairt, twoeleeaat paiated bedroom suites, beddlag, I hosts, pi l lows. blaakets, feather beds, hair mattret**< oemao* wath staadt aad crookary, bedroom ?irp* lonagee, ehiaa vases, elegant ohina tea sets, beat out glasawars, cat'ery, rioh sil verwsre, sslvera. oaatera, with heavy cut bottles, oake baa keta, tpoou*, fork*, rioh plated tea tarvio*. Ao. The *al* will oommanoe with the kltaben furoitura, which emhraees a large and oeeirable ssairtmeat of everything neceetarv for homekeeplng. Persons about going to housekeeping will do well to attead, at everythiag will b eold contained in the houte, and without the least reservation whatever. At 12 fi oleek, two elegant^roaewnod pianoforte*, made by T. Gil bert A Co. of Boston and Nunns A FUhcr of this city, both 01 which are folly wart anted. Auction notice -tuos. bill, auctioneer By lie 1 1 A Uueh? TMa day and Fnd*y, at ll>>? o'olock. In car tale* room, 12 North WHIlam street, we oIom th? ?a'e or the valuable etoek of an impor or and manufacturer of book*, etattoi ery, Ao , by order of aaalftnae, re noved from 177 1'earl itreet; will be told in lot* to auit. Oa Saturday will bo told t! o counter., abowoaaea, and whatever miy be laft. There i* nothing battar in the lina ia tha market. Oar eitentive ealei tor neat weak will be duly annouaoed. A UC'TION NOTICE ? W. A CARTER, AUCTIOVEER, JY will aall, without reterve, at tba (tore of Saml. Coaely, ho XI Greenwich etreet. tbla (thnnday) morning, at 10 o'clock, an invoice af freah and dealrabl* druge, eoaiUting ?f oochiretl, tors*, TCtdixria, potaab, Kpaom aalti, Ac., Ac , with a large e?ock of groceries fruit*, taae, 4?. , tor ac eoaat of ooicorned. A UCTION SALE OF PLANTS.? J. T.. YANDKWATKR A will Mil on Friday, May 25, at 10)? o'clock, a', tbe aalciroom, No. 12 Maiden lane, a larjce variety of p anti, collating In part of monthly ruaa*, In bloom: heliotrope*, new Japan lily, three different kinda: monthly -arnatioaj, larre dtnble (lowerln* oleaader, daaUia araeelea, a now Jarau ahrob, from the well known niracry of D. Bol', jSoriet, earner Broadway and Fiftieth atreet. 4 UCTION NOTICE? J. BOUART, AUCTIONEER. BY | JX h. BOUART ? Thli day, at 10li o'clock, at tbe ik .mi room*, corner e( Fiaakfort and William atreota. the entire atrck and fixture* ef a fancy dry good*, millinery and thread and cedle ?tor<\ conaiatm* in ptrt of calico, da lain**, boaiery, hntton* ribhoni. ?ilka, lidloe' bat', ^-npt, ' fringe*, lilk mitt*, hankerchicls and a larje variety of other | loodi. Sale peremptory. I AUCTION NOTICE -WILL BF. SOI.D AT PCBMC A auction, on Wednesday, May .10, at 11 o'clock, at tbe I ! Irvmz Kuomc, 101 Broadway, nine mpcrior billlar I taMea, | j Biiaaforo'a make iron fremt*, tog?ther ?ith the belle, ener aid e?er?tbln(! connected therewith; tu>lee, aettoea | gaa fixturea. Ac Alio the ride and platol xallery. with i rit'tr, pi*toia, tariota, Ac ThU eale it undo in ofitee ? I1 <(U*nre of the owi *r nonflnin* hi* bnaiaeaa to one floor. Tha ?*1? will So peremptory, for eaah. The two nrfr flnora to let; inquire in tlie premiaej or of WILLIAM WITTERS, I auctioneer, 157 Canal itreet. / 'HARI.R9 U. DEI, A VAN, AUCTIONED -CHaTTEI, ",/ mritra?e ?ala ? In poraoanc* of a c.'ia'tc m.rtra,ro dated May III, IHiM, I will cell at pnblw a lotion; at It m :'-'J aril IL'I l.r<e<l?ay crtir of Twenty tl rat atreet ia the city rt ,>f* Vork, on U>do>aJay teat. tj? "Jtli day of Mar, IiT.'i ?< mm*' cing at 10 n'i lo^k A. M , th* j>'oj.??y ror <red *7 ? mortp???, cofifidt ii r of hou^ho <1 fitrriiMrt, Wm< | i ih#furiturt oi tie a I. Uottl. of irm cit/ CRARL.R4 D. IXtl.sVAX, Am tl?ncer ami Attorney tor Moriga. >.e. fitted New Yort. May i'.l, 1 Vm I fie |rnpe?t? cor.U'a ii p*rt of o-"> fle?\nt rov?wo?4 liiano'nrtt >ar ? a >d at It-nrfid oial an I ?.|0?rn ,ittr j ID coHly Ira iua, ro tenor 1 and mirt lf1 top cen're tabl?a, ; mai '? top htiraana. a?.ti oi r?e?wn ..I aid matio^ttBy p%r l< r ti-i'itra, conHatlnK vf trtu a t<t<? arm ant ptrlor I I ihirr, Ave aptendld ai* aeafed aettete. circr l tv '.br i I pluih, a' ltahle for hotrla, alaaoet new; roaawnod, toa 'O i'iy a> <1 maple chair*, dialti* and tea ii^Iik aide tab! ? *nJ offi?? j d(kk mnrhle to? and ili'n wa*h?la"ia. dr<a'iar tat.t"., n ahoaany and jthcr ktyt>a ot hM-'cada. |nan?.>a, ro.-kl i ? ; and arm rltelrt, Iadl<'*' aewtnjr ebaira, mattrea^a nn4 pat I liafiea, ronoterpanrt crmf rta'lea, wollon blanket', ? I fetf, l>o'at?ra pilli *a. and ca*e*; t.ipmtry. Ilru?a*la. in fTRln. flocr aad a'air c*?p,f*, ollclotha and nt?a, wladoir I aliadrn and oartalm, tec llrr ma'air n la'c, hut little need, thine*" ronr, ele.ant framet ptjturoa, knlreaanl forka, tatil* eaaUr'. tatle and tea apoma, ?"ilet aeta, atair roda, rroekery and *1 m ware, **.nTo*, gilt i^rn'oai ona |ar*o beki-r. toyeaher with a ari at rati' tr of kitoh'-a Cur nitnre l'a*alo? are wi'l he rMid? on Mindly morein* next, the MKb la**., and caw be bad at tbe office of tha auc tioneer Roe. Il9and 111 Naaaa* a?raet, Marhle Hull licta, lata RIMe tlonae, a .d near tha Naaaan Hank aad alao on tha morula* ot the caie, at Itoa. f.'.l and DJi ftrooda a* eot ner ot Twenty fret atraet. Deaoaita will be reu aired from all rar?l.aaere, and eale f c?i>ir?. rain or aMne. Term* eaih. lanVah'e moaey, and ao dedocUca* male unaa *aoli after the Mnr; of Vhe earaa. lAUBlATirOTHW. nvm! or"cLoti!i>o. *c-;oiirfV ?v yii U'Hid ?trwt tLe stock is 411 <1 *? fwUlotoi, ?tstf, hirtr jr^iNGMAV, Irrrr ? .%,*auctii>k eer -by fravc 4 CCF.NEB ??l. 1-H rt.a-a iili o' tlie (unlin. li J Li*v ', Jr , ol the Globe Uotel Fultos street, corner of f H. % 'r*'1' Bruoklia, ou Saturday, ?-y 3?th, l<443. at UK* Block. MIUWII|01 Mm'ay, May ??' aod the fjl IohIo* da,i i.tiill 'oil, c.i (ii'l.d si suien<iid oar I or. c'uaia t?r and oUhuk room lurniiurt vi? iui>* of ronfft?d parlor tcn.jiure, >tt lufsa chairs of all Linda, bookuas;*, war Jrobes, bedsteads, b-ireaus, wa*tia'anes commodes cs?a frj, war aid- and iatiojr tables, Sxiaauoa dining tables, ?hsi'ldler* and gxi bnrn?rs maxMrioutst pi* r miatot ?nj htdrtom mtrr?r?, o?l p%?u io*#, ?*Pe*r>. Uruf!*?U ?ui ia. grain caipola, Lair msttr*..e., pal iaa.ea, ehoeta, el.ukots, and Kuitec iLw, ta'.le eovais, i uina, ?U?a and r-vekarr ware, silrsrplaud ware, auives, toiks, Ac., beiat ia all a ycry {JUU'IM ki?r>rLiB(Ut gl hJtel furniture, uiucU al it ?early 1 aw t'Aars will I.* recti Tad t?t private purchase it tba alcve mintioeed pr..p~rt, mail I ri 'a, evening To be ?old to satiafy unaltol mort^a^es aad by uc ler o f in>r'ga<<>r EX IRA SALt-TUMS UuRREI i., AUCTIONEER, *| Nassau street. hill *ell, tU.s earning, a1. Ha; o'cl.ok, volvet and i{rus?els carpeting. i aw d .signs', rose a nod ma hogany. blacV walnut, oak. Ac , tural- ?re for parlors, d'uatn. bsrs, hall* lilaina roi uia, libraries aad oouuimg rooms, oil paintings, Isr .e vsriety of plea log scenery and fixirst, ti EugUali aud A met loan arti-te. iu kan4a?m* Iramsi; alao limi. plate pier ulaat ua. o> al m rrors bronze ha l htinls, Eote curled hair mattresses fa cy goods aud juvrelry, ma any counting bnuso dc-k. sofas, chairs, rookert, etij ehniis, centre tab'.c-, fcecrela'ua, nardiohea; r?H?wd p ir lor ruit, C"vti td in birc-tele; rss'wood centre taSlut, suierkr oak ? xte?rion dining tables, teteatetes, Ao., ia suit; lonn.ei and bedstead-, ourlod maple and blaoit tralaat cane coat ct.airs, sinjle .VI and M eedeteade, ret? and roat ircar ??!.. ?rlb? book rack a, rorccr ?bnt-eoti, black tralaat I oen're iab>eg, ovrlaia*, Ac , Ac. At the c .mineacament and | o'oae <?( talc, rriri.aratcra < I all (*>??, from axtooaira and ' reliable niunufnctnrrrt C'aru and pai k?ra read/ to aerre * at moderate ctargea, and no dola;. | I. E AABfiV, AUCTION KEH, WILL stl.L, TUIS J. day, a' lOf J o'e.ook at tlio aale-room, C7 Na<u%n it . a aptturtd aa^crtraent of tin* jold watrbe>, dia-anndi and jowrlry i'ereona in want ? f warranted n a.cliea will ds wall to attend hnla without iwair*?. for OJiab. GEO. I.EVIK. ACCTIONEKR. WILT. 9EI.L, OV FRT 1 day. May bv auetlen, a larze a?*ortiu?t t olceady i niada olottiinj, c<oi ha, CKaetin^rsa, ?{!*, relret ae*i-*^rilk, oauvaii aiioMita Imf una. Utnkorv aud wl ito a'lirta, neul'a hatiiikercnitfa and horiory, Alao, damaged ^oodi ou nit or whom it <?ay cnocern. Alao. one piece ratret tapoatry. Saia to ion ueice at 10'i o'olock. j JOBGI COi>K. Ar.'CTFO.VKI It -rCRMTt/RE. ETC., 1 I iT by ^Tt>V EK A CuuE. to morrow, Friday, at iUX | I o'vlnok, at their ?ale rouiao ,'BM ilruadwas, o rnerof Umao ' street, an extensive aaaortment of new aut faabl joabla raao- , kioJ. oak. walnut, and mahogany psrlor, dining ronn. li- , brary and cl.a ohcr furni nr?; earpeti. French p ate inir (bra, china, fN.n and uilrrr plated ware; oil oainungs, table , cutlery, Ac. Catalcpiea on the morniuK of aaln. /^i o. noRTov. AtrcTf?)\EFit wim, set.i. tui.s I U? day, at ll o'clock, at 13 8ixth avenue, luruitnra re nu?fd from brookl) ii from a lamily br*akiDit up hnu?e keej.iun; n aheguny cbairt, oarpcts, crockery, inirrori lot ol ladina' dr. s^ue GRCCF.HIF.3, PfCKl.tS. CURRENTS, PRUNES AND Crockery. -tiiday, 41?.v 'J.V at lu^ o'clock, at .17 l>dy : alroet, corner ot Grecnwicb, ^aluu oil, nuia, alni'iLdf, loraoa strnp ii.|ii?tira. ohinitgia, ciarot tuas, sugars colleei, uhot'clite cocoa, ootlcu atd spice mills, nulla, aoales, ' woi/Uls, spring t.alaace*, aawe tliovcls. As W. A. CAttTKR, A otit.ueer, 57 Uoy s'.reet. HEKhY U LEEDS, ADC J ION EE R. ? BY II. U. I.EKD3 A Co ?Wednesday, Kay2.'i, aud Ihursdny, lliy^l. at 1 It % o'clonk eaob aay, a? aalairooma. No. 19 i? .taaau atreet, i avperti marble Yhrcs, atatiary, Ac , being the last stlu of the neason, louipri-iug the la.t hnp'irtotiot o( M<uor U. It. P.iudi'lflni, fir?"lou?ly to Ms departure nr Europe. Yaaes A *U|.cr!i c"l:ccti0n. onDBtatlng of i'omi.eii E rtfoan, liar- I dig io, I'yrot eae, fixian, AO. . of marble and alabaster, all 1 r oMy curved in ttaaao rvtievo A large variai,y ot tnarbla aid alabaster etn net', a, Tit Tra;cdioj and (Jomadies, ' bi -na, liileli, Hemnlea, ttnaelma, I'rud'ry and Oo iu?try, \ Innnteioc, l.o?e, and m*uy other olaasfo nubjacts. io .oral | ptLOci ol manniftoent inarhle stid Terde antique atatuary by I the moat o"le!>raicd Ital no seulptori ? avnnx them will ka , fun m] tlie Mnd'.nun oi T'<nerani, Fnur H??hods, Ariosto, ' Oante. and otlieia eijuaUr flue A lar, e iavoiea ol brouaes, coj siat'nf cf lamps and atat lettes, onmpritin? the moat , unique and reo: erchn oolledinn yat offero.i, t>ieMior with i at aatoitment of b?otxe and ormolu e'ooks, of r >rinus stales, ?i/cs and patUra. bale without reaarve. to close out tho in- ; YOiCfv. Henry n. Llins, auctioneer-by n. 11. i.erds I A Co.? Frida , liny 28, at II o' the.atoro ill Nas- I tauairee!, first olaas Minet brandies, An., to cluae the st.tjk of a dealer ? liOcaaeaSt. Julian clare', oimmpa^ne of rarioiii brands, .M' ocn i Iieni-esaey brands, ItVKi riniagej anuth aide Mndelra, pure juioc sbarry, liarmnuy d'l , l>uU (iordou. Per r art in. Arn'Oitilladd d'l ; porta? Urithant, Keatni, Loadon deck, Qi een n; t/tsrd, l icet, and other fins r.randiet, old j whiskey, Moui ngaheia wliiakey 2d year* old; vt/y old nuil fnp' T'or Jumaloa rum, reeeral yc rs ia London dock; va rn ua Lrrnds ol fine hook ^anionic and a'her winfls Alao, a larro n-anrtment of tlno ara-kllng Catawba winos, juat re ccivcd. Alio, an astoJtni'jLt. i?mui tue prirate stock of n gen tleman to I a sr.ld putlve.y, w ithout any rt -e.-ve. Erary I article warranted pure, and as r jpros.-i.'cd. Hardware auction notice? j k. yan ant ! B'fcKI' Kill sell on Thursday, 21th, at. 1.) o'olook at ' tin PrMl atroet: 'JUU pscka-.'s aud lots birmia^ham, Shef- I Held, (ierman ai.u Araer can haidware. comprising an ex | ceUnit aascrtnieut. Also, 30 casks emery, an invoice ot I American table outlery, shoe and butcher's knives; 20 cases j cut tnoks, hrads and finishing nails; 1 oase brass tob'iooi j boxes; 3 ca?ks American ilea, 4,va to 14 inches; 2>l do/cn j Relist Wei saws; !? caces axe and plok handles, Also, for ' account of whom it may concern, the intiro of a retail hard- | w arc bcn?e, r ith which ?ne sale will commence. Also, 2 ! casks ?x chains, danared goods; 1 o%sk Kuglish drawing j knivn; i catk Ball Uraa>; S bags norso nail), danagedoa j the voyage. Catalogues on da i of tale. Jon* L. VANHEWATEH, AUCTIONEER. WILI. | sill on Tuoaday, Wednesday and Yhnraday May J9, :? \ at d .11, at 1UX o'olook eaoh day, at ths warerojmt, r>2:t j iiroadwmy ?<e. attraotiva and peremptory sale of first : class cabinet turnltnre. in rosewood, mahogany, walnut aad ! cak, emtraoirg the litest and most reohercho stylei aid de-i^ina. Also, a lino of Parioitn clocks and real bronna ftfiorei', bung ths ettirs stcok nf llsssrs Rochetor A akar ren bale peremptory in oonsoqronce of dissolution of co partaarsbip. The furniture comptialng tbis sale, with the exception of the Parisian stock, was manufaitnrad by Ueasrs. K. A 8 , ntrdor their own atreotion and snporvisiott, oxprossly for tbrir private onaton, an4 It as well finished as thonsh made to order? every iiteoe of whtob fully warraatod. The well known reputation '{ the manufacturers aa to stylo, ' design ai.rf finish. Is bolisvod to oa a fall guarantoo to al< j who desire to nurotaso The goods may be eiammed several | days be'ora ths salt, with oatalognas. An insnection is re- 1 ? pootfully f requested. Every lot will bo sold to ths highest { bidder. Terms cash. Foe particulirs see Courier aad En QtilW. JOHN L. VANDEW AT BR, AUCTIONEER, WILL 1 i?il. ob this dir. May w, nt 10*-; o'clock, at (>? ' aalea row, 12 Maldea lane, household fuiaiture rem >ved j for roaeeBienee of lale, conawting 1b part of Bruaaats, Wil- , Ui and ingrain carpets, oil elotha, roaewood euitea, oarer- | cd in plaeh and brocatel; roaewood a d maho.any marble tee centre tablm ladies' black walnut ecoretary, with plate glass doors: mahogany and roaewood work taMit, ma bo /a r j secretary bookoese; damark window ourtaina Ac. Bad room Inriiture ? Vahogaay Bad roaeweed 1'raBob bedsteads, marble to } dieaaing bnreaua, waahstaadf, tablaa, mattress aa, toilat seta, Ae . JOHN W SOMERINDTEK, AUCTIONEER. CORNER of Franklin and Cantra streots.? Mortgage aale of rural tore, Ao. , at the auction room, tbia day. Mar 24, at iu'< o'clock, eoaaiitlng of mahogany sofa aad Frenoh bedatoade, mahocrany buraaua, ebalra, washatanda, ronedtad iaaf ta bin. lagrain and three ply earpeta, atair carpat anil rods, clock*, abadaa, cornlcaa, An . hair and str*?r maltreaeea, faather bad*, plllawa, Ac. JOHN W. SOMCRINDVKK, Attoraay for Marina,; ea. JOSEJ'll HUGE MAN, AUCTIONEER.? FRIDW, MAT ?5th. at 10 o'cUok A. M precisely-At tba central aalaw , rooma, corner of Willoughby and P<M atraets, Hrookltn, largo aad geueral aa ortui'nt of household UrBiture ot every i diaoripMon, comprising splendid mahogaejr secretary and hookonse, baudecmo mahogany niarbla top chamber farai ton, maibl > top atdatoarde. eofaa, mahogany and walnnt eatanaiOB tat, tea, Ital an coilage ahilra, ejoelleet hair mat tresses, office deak*,| two Iran aafaa, gss fixtures, nhiaa tea aat, caatera, caka baaketa, Ao. Alao a large aaaoriment of Brnrtale, ta|>eatry, tbreo ply aa J in/raia oar pet?, oilclotha, Aa. Tbia furniture ia moatli la excellent order, and will ba ?rraagad in the gallert of tha aalna room and ready for ex amlnatica, with catalogues, oa 'i hursday evuniug. T H011ARTY, AUCTIONEER. WILL SELL THIS t) ? day. at 10 a clock, at 173 Chatham aanare. tha atook, in part, of winea, brandiea, gin and other Utiaora. of * fine quality. The owner ia going to Europe The sate will be Gel'l*a. Alao tba furniture, a good assortment. Alao a rge number of earpeta, KruaaaU, aad rage, with a great j many other gooda. Mortgage sale in brooelyn-an elegant etna .roat honaa, balBg tha fifth aaat of foart street, oa the aoutb aide of Second piaoo, lot M hy 13J loot, just rot Into good order, will bo (old aadar foreoloaara, without raaorra, at aooa, on Satnrday next, at Montague Ball, t ea be aeoa en? tine before ante. For partlanlara inquire of D. F. WORCES1 ER, 24 W 111am atroet, roam 13, Naw Tork. M DO 10 ITT Y, AUCTION FER. WILL SILL THIS ? day, tt tha aalatroom, 27 Ceatra atroet, the geateel funituro ot a family, lemorad fcr eoaraaiaaoa. eoaoietinx of maho/ar ? tofaa aad aofa tadeteada, mahogtnt pianaforto, oentra, card and dial ;g tablaa; rosewood aad mahoginy I eaay chaira, ia brocatal and pluab; ailrer platad warn, , canters, Ac Also, tba balance of faraitnre of a boardiag i houie? twenty heastcsda, hair mattresies and feather bada, I with new furniture, to pay advances, altogether makiig a { largo aaaoitment woithy tba attontioa ot honaekeepera aad t tha trade. PECAKKS. BERNSTEIN A PHILLIPS. REAL ESTATE AND OENBR&L AUCTIONEERS, No. St Liberty atroet, ana door from Naaaaa. will giva tleir peraooal attention to aalea of real oitate, atoeka, Tea- ! sola, and m>.rtga?ea, at publlo and prirate aala, aad to tha aale at aactl>B)of carg?o?, boaaebtld fartitnre, aaintlnga, atatnarr, worka of art, jaweiry, Ae., and t? oat doer sales generally. Honey literally adranoad oa real aetata, ateeks, veesela, furniture, *e , left oa aala with as. Loana aagotiated. fElERl'AHKS AUCTIONEER.? AOC1IO.V SALE OF ! d' ai'able touaabold faraitnre. Ihnratay, May U. at Iti.H o'cloca, at Its Hpnng atreai. aear Weasrer, ? lar^a and ; var ad aa^ortoieat of hooaehold Inflltsfi, eempriaing iir n- I aela aid ot 1 tr <sipet?. oil clothe, mahogany parlor and | -Kaiu er fnr-.itttri mirrore.wardrobov ?9oKoaae?, cu tilery. cr>oker>. and other table ware, kiiohfn^ BUaaila, As. P LASTS AND FLOWERS.? W. S. MclLVAII WILL j aell every day iliia week, a* the a*?d atora, NaT Jo'? ; atroet, at II o'clock, a floe aa? rttn nt of roaas, rer teaai i dthliaa piLke, h'>norsucklea, telaro??i, Ac , la Una e >r..h ; te n, ft in 1' II- 1 iluaou, Jir? y City. The aalea f >r tha ?MMon will clou thl* week, an 1 everything will be tald witl.< a< reawea by sataloaoe ' II f 8. WELLOK. Ab? TlitNKKK ? HY Hl?U JltrON t f ? , Meflor, t!,la day, M?> 24. at IrtU n iluk a* eaiea r.< bi, US Naaaaa street, nevr the o'd Bi le ll>a->( . per uip bri tt>ol c??>iie- I'iriiitnre %>?<! a o p rior toned , rn-?w< od I end 7 oo*a?a ptano f-rte? Kit 4 to pa ad ranee, | withrut r'aena la the attova will bn foa,.i? n r-o i a 30' , leatlaB aa la> 'C rod tbl-< ?prln-, ard ?ori lie in > at*, ntj ,a ?J tKn trade < '-unlr? raerol aet , hotel keep: 1 ?n-l oth?ee. Ctfl'MWtaa u'-r'tva't sela Ee ry fa>t'lte for ptcklag j a. d >bipi <ng i n lie prumife b) etperieaeed pae ert. too laieri ot par'er turuittire? 'latorate'y ear<*d ro?e wo"d ?nitee, f?>ere?l la eoetly brocade, bri>o?' I, p nun and hi I' ell, ib; nobly ear?rd oentrs. p er <l,!e and fueov taSle>; cn'TSd etc eree imrrora, do r? and t>aekl ; ido n i corner t?e riea, ledioa' p?rlor ?' citary an t wr|t.ln< deiks. lieed tWiani WW) <l, wliito bo ly , tw< t r"nct| |,| 1 1.. m rr rv w lb c'^errich fence articles. Cham ier? aotid roaewo.i l >,e I at cede, carted d<ee?lB^ bnreaua, mirWe tori aa I rich gtaia e-, wa-batanea ctflimi) 'n to tna'cb, waiout and maliotan* (?o,. a'Veral richly dew?At#d and enamel >4 chamber aeltie, with and wl'kent ?ar'o'e tooe; bedrooiu chaira in irr- al ta rfi'y t?g>tb?r with ral superior hori-a hair mattreaaoa, I a'lleeMii. Ac IHiii g room? ?olid o >k baa'at >, w.ln u d? ?m er.'.r city trade a* eaaion dl? Ing taM<'e, In oak walnut, matocane, roaewoo' aad bireh, with dmlag room ohalre to a-atob: richly dacorati d French obina dlaa->r, tea and eet tee ecte l.lbrarr? rlah boakcaaee and an* etarlee ia walaaS r tee wood aad wabngaay, af tbolateet atylee end deaicaa; II I rasa d*ak>, chalre, readlag table , Ac. Also, at 12 o'clock br?eia<4y s reral Aaa tpiKd aad 7 oo?are pianof?r?ns, alt ?f which are rally wairar.'ed wortAy the atfativa of tha HaAe aad aUi?ra; s*J I to adi >?.-ea ? ? %-? c*jno?c? . VTaBLE H *C'K If EN, *#.? .?"~aret? *?e *aie ' I h?Ni, ?irrtk|N m4 huani ? loaa W 8?.'utrih?) k- aqoli?t>r*r o r??r ?< Oantra aod fruk Ha (tree. '? ?<!! t?u I' ll day Ma? Wth. at 1 1 ?'clack. Ml frw t of IV ?toro cn Irankiiu atraot, by nrtm ot two eh et ui mort^uCv *?# c aloe ha u >ael,e?, oae f?ur ><?t wagon, auiiaLleior on* ?T??o hirae.; ?l*j, eg, ?iar horea ui a Ml of ciUrr plaU' doable h.rae*e JOHN W iOMBRIN DYKE, itwruf lor <QKft?egi.*. WILLIAM IRVING, A LC rioNK^K? I'KttKB I'TORE ?ala of laivy teoda.? W 11,11 aM IKVING A CO. wUt s?ll at auouoa on Iriday, aul Saturday, Mm 3Ub, -itt, and -itb, at li>>, o'clock, at the atoro of t Ba#a aaa 7(9 Broadway, rich china palatad aad oeciratad filfff to to ? Uta acU, cai? and taijurre. Ftermb ot.ina *nnpa aai 11* u a a, olagant paj '?r macho pearl inlaid deika, dra.ain* aa im and toltoa, let eaddiaa, card ruceivera, tray*. ftc ; tnaM grour* and l,ura?, tnkat?i;d* table belle, uo tolabru, oaa dlaelicka, elegant roaewood w rkboxea, filled; aentleiaaa'a ru*e*?o<l,*o<l mahogany dreMin* caae* and wrltiaa daata^ irtiuiilea, elegant fan*, poail au J ivory p >rte uiuanaiae, a* cetaariea, o?rd ca?ea, P?P?* cnttei*. pen bolder*, to area* bottle*, iwry cBeequora, vhva., nun. domiooee, clieciuer board i, troaio olonka clothee- hair, nail, lal tenth bruilteef drru bnttont, ahell co:nba w.irk aatcbela, auperb dreaaiat ca-ee witu ailvor Suln-a; nap. ehawl, and bair pine; leather with a tarn* aad (eiu-rjl a**oriment of tt raoob jiwelry, tracoleta, broochai, car rin ;? , chain*, ohatelaiaea, ringv ?'? ne buttona, etude, ,kc ; jet goodc? bracelet a. broeeha^ etude, Ac , ulrrr plated and ^ritaama w?r?, ivory on*Maas colofio bottlae, pocket knivee, MinMti, etlrar an 1 gal4 pea oil < eice. toga'*. oaten. Ac Alao, all the flitorei, tlioa ei'ot, counter*, ?hel'aa.gaa flit una. move-, Ao tviry article trill ptaiiively be Mil without raaerv ?. a> tike owner i? abuut tearing far Karopa. WH o. ai.buetus. auctioneer ? sheriff** ? eaie.ou Thursday, M?v ,'4'h. at II o'clook, in Bain* r?lre?t, betaacu Hwltli aad iluyt atr.-cta, Hr jj'klyn, aiai# linraat, lir'y oat e aud liaruc-?: ?l? fuur lliht ftfttt. bale (jo-Uh a |,i?TT, Sbar t. Ji.llN rikBi't, Dipatf . COI'AUTN KHitllll* NOTICES. 49^ nho -*/ activk licViNB^ m \fi. ftir iPi?>,UvU. afiaidtuaork with tb? above xmoiat of oap'tal, or half d'?t bond* and n> >rt/a re* on city prupirkr. can *ct an lal*re?t ia a bu>fuea? oi # I v I mu p,,r KnBnm t>4 net profit '.ft per **at gnarautecd. At dreti Cavttal, llsrtlt office. din nnn wa*tei>.-a pabtnji? \r antbo ih Jiv.uWW nn tirp riu* aud jobbing huuteof millluarp gnuda, witba*>ont the at<ovi< amount of ca -vital, ha* a Mrat rate a?t of f.utoaern a- d one ol the belt t'audi in the citf. Addteat JeLber, I n* 176 Hera d oflicc (Lin/^nn TO ?1-V0>. ? A hartkkr WANrR?* iplU.lHlU with thia amount, in one of the beat Inmber lag eatablidimtnte in tho oity. n, w having a prime tr*4c. I'aitioulara will be latiafacori'y given on aa intarricw, f*r which adilruaa O. M , llcrald office. d>Onn -A IARTNIB WAVTUI>. VITU TIIW iPOUl/* auit unt to engage in a ll^ht and very :neraMva buaiitai I'roBti JIOO per ooi t t.'all an I cee cpocimcaa at Tattch'* lloiel, comer Ureenwich aid H'arroa atresia la quire for E. 1'. 0. (OAn -A l'ART>ER WANTED TO RNOAOR WITM tTtlwU, the adverliai<r in a Lo-iueae in ehio'i H,'?N f f.l.ttiJ per y?ar may l e ea Uy ma l? to ?ach party enga(e4. Tha buainr?a re-reti abir, prjftalile, and done aiomalvely (ur ca-h, and ai'.hout ci*mpt'titiwu. Apply tv C. B. UUWIIS A CO., H Naeaan ctreot. TO MCO ?WASTED, A fJRNTuEW 4.N OF QDUB VW"" addreaa. to tako an equal intortrt in a caah bud ?<oa>. already aatabllahed, <?? Kroadaajr, making Ir iin il,iut to yearly. For p.n lloulara apply l > AMI'RRI.Ii k DA V, lis t'hamber* atrect. i*. S.-jum ueed apply with out lb* ready caih. -IDE ADIfEKi ISER URS1KBS TO lNrBdT ?I afewbnudrtd dollars in a pa) ing ca^h bnilae-i*, aet requiring hia perannal attention. An < .ta- ni? ,,g jouog man, of goc* character, may afdroa* Irving, witk [.artici.lara, Ilerald office. DlySOLUIIbN ? THK PARTNERSHIP IlERRTOFORB exlating ouUcr ti.e tirm ot Cutter A ^tagg, i? '.hia dap duaolved by mutual cok*vnt. The butlueae t? he cettl*d hw cithtr patty. ;JoUM CUlTfcR. May lit, 1U5. 1 VISXOI.LTION OP PARTNRasaiP.? TUR riRM ?f A t Mtboncy k M*t?n *m this <1 ? y diaaolvud by thn doath ol Jamoa W. iiaboney. Tbc or<-dilora of tl,* late firm arc re qneati d to ftrusent th?lr claim*, without daiay, to VflU 1,1AM J. MASON, aurvivla:; partner, tM> Oroad ftrcet. May l'J, 1N'<6. PARTNF.R IN TI|E OROtiGltV I117SISKSS WANTEBU u Mr ti haa been Ion.- oata' liahod, and it now d ;>ia(? large caih trade, with Drat jl?a-< cuitomera. The chaaaa cai.not be equalled. None no- d api'iy anlca* having $1,#UR and ?' unexceptionable charaoW Arply to M. Lyoa, la > irct t v. nua, or 3. Lyou, l.% Fatten a.roet. 1>ARTN'?:R WANTED.- TUB l'M>*!l3(GNKDHArMO X teeiired a l.'uited Statoa paieut tor an inrentioa "hieh prumlrr^ to be very proflta'jl* ia dealrom of forming a part ncrahlp with a poraon having I'ruu <tK?) t? St Odd oapltaL 1 hf invortion conaiata of a ne ? kind al apria; gaa, to h* at tached to aafea, door lock*. Ac, oal'eil a-i 'alarm attaoh mi nt." It t, ay bo taally a rmi^cd, however ao aa to giva hlaim or to ??und For !u rth:r particular* apply to JOHN SCHNEIDER, 11 Franklort itroet. If. T. SPECIAL NOTICR.? TI1R UN DBRSIQNBR, SOU pto|.rieiora of Adam^ A Oo.'a c:ali'ornia Package Ra pteea, have thi^ da> dianoaed 'if their entire latere it in th? aaid exprcac to.Moaara. rrecniin A Co., wh >m ire ckcerfaUjp recaminend to onr cuatouiera and the oubtiu generallv. W. U D1MSMORR, K. S. Sa vIOKU. New Tork, May Ifl, l.?M. 3. W. SHuRMaKRE. Tlir. DNDERSIOVED HAVINU THIS DAT FITK chat*d of Mecara. Adam* A Co.. of Now Tork, their as tir* int< reel ia the California Freight and l'ackagc Rapraaa, have forinad a oopartnerehip under the name and firm *C freeman & Co., who will oonfin* ihtm-elv*< to a legitimate expreaa buaiaeaa betweea the Atlantic Slatea, Saa PraaolaM aad tb* writ coaat of South America. Office 59 Broadway. J NO. M. FREEMAN, JNO. K. STIMbOV. JOSIAH URODSN, New Tork, >'?y lG, 1MJ3. JNO. HORT. TO SAIL MAKERS.? A SMART, ACTIVE MAN, WHO iiad?r?taade the bnaine**, and ha* a *mall capital af ? bom one thonaand dcllara, caa have aa intereat ia aa alt e-talliah' d sail loft, dolag a good aad aa/c haalaact. Ad dreaa a liae. (with real name, to D. A II., tot 3*179 Pa*% Cfl'.ce will be attaaded to. 110 PHTSICIANS AND SURGEONS.? A TODNG PHT aician. with goed testimonial i, haviag bald a aHnatiea ia a Loapital f?r more than a year, wlahe* to become aa aactat unt to aa old, reiportable pbyaiolan, in th?oity. Would ba aatjafied at praaaat with a moderate aalary. Addraa* baa ln2 Ilcrald oflc*. WANTED-A PARTNEE, WITH WOO CAPITAL, Of aaate tad profitable mechanical buaiacta. None aaM apply except a pcraoa willing to work. AddraM B. M. Herald office. WANTED-A LADT WITH A QUANTITY Ot GOO? fartiitnre, to Join lb* adv*rtla*r ia k**pin? a i**pe*t able boarding houne, ia a deairabl* leoatioa aear the citp. For particular*, addrea* Siagleten, Broadway P??t OAoa. MlUilKRRT, AC. A CARD -YASniONABLB DBBSSMARINO? VB& STklMOfiBLD, begs ?? lafena the ladles af Daw Ytk tfcat aba baa ooninieired bualaeis >? ladle*' u4 eblldree# dreee Mid maatUla ?eker, at No. 8 Hiuli straat, u4 as aft* has had tba eipirience of many tairtia lb* biiiun uJ has Mdi arranremrBte by whleb lb* will NuUtlli rw aeiva the lataat paitarne u tb?j art leaned by tha BonM> imit Vreurb aru.te? ebe ft the ntmoet eoaJilenee ia ba Iii ikli it |It? (bi falteil MtiilutUa t? bw ^iroai. Mm will bri<o? moat particular attention to mutrnlBg trim of trery bind, and an* to maklag elilldrea'a dreeeaa, aad ba* e bargee will be secerned by a regard lor Ua alrwlut Hiai bit. MBS. STBInariKI.D, Ma. S Beach street, eornar ad 61. Johae Park. ClAtH STRAW goods hovrk. / HTIIAW BPNNK1S. LBQUORN FLATS, FRBNCIi FLOWERS, aad * ;aneral utook of millinery Rood a, ara cffarad to aaah purchasers, at roduaad pricaa, at Noi. M and U6 J-ihn street. ocrni r af William straat, HUMKR A rItCBBM. THE CRY IS STILL THfcY COMR TO MRS. BKM milliatry, hi. .1 Catherine strm t, U gat oaa af bar air nifleeat new atyl? af boaneti. Lawn bonne W, aa usual, lb. and 14a. WOULD VOL' BR HArPY 1-THBN QO AT ONCB tO Li^SR'S millinery store, 151 rulton atraat, aad bar ob? of bla handaomaat itrlei of boanati for you* wife, *mm, aur word far it. yaa will be happy. DA!ICIHolC iDKKDEa. AN'ClNfl ACADBMT, KM BROADWAY -M?. P?. RA'.'iilO iai Mie eonor to apprlaa bla lienrli aad tba Subtle that bis aalooa will be opened th? whole yaar, atoy *y lor pr rate leitoBS and far praetloa la the areata*, and ha baa engaged a grant maay young lidiea, tba aM faabieaab't and graraial daneari Price $1 a lesion; Ac praotics, 60 eente ; erery a renlng. D BJ LLC CAROLINR VEZIBNS DANCING ACADEME XXI 1? aewopea. for tba iastrnetloa ot ladiea aad gsatleaaa ia tha most faibbaabls danoea of tba day. School far praa floe from .1 to ft, afternoons: rrsnlngs, H to 10. Grand dan cing solraca aiary Saturday, from S to II oolock. Ol VLlaTfl AMD AUHJSTS. DB 8. H. ELLIOTT, OCULIST, HAS REMOYBD otkre to No 1 CUn'oa plaoa, f' nrth door waet af ff uay, wl.era La will ooatlnaa tha praati"e of opthalaia mB ?Ib? and earn ry until bla departure for Europe. I MPBOYB TOUR RYBS BY M. WISB. OPTICIAN, WO. J ?37 II roadway, up lUira.? M. Wiea raipaotfally Iafsrans the pablio that V atlll eontlnnee bia baslaass la tha aa? bulking. oicnpiad by bla for tbo laat twelve years, but ha* nwiATvd ap >tair? to radaoa bia aipaniea. and Mil baeanblaA tteroty to mil hia artlelaa twenty per taat o nonpar tha* aa i| in tbla lire oi boatnaaa. 1'eraona with weak eve? ean ba lupplled with alaiaaa which will sraa'ly l.etettt and not strain tha eight. Particular at tention ie paid to a new styla a? perspective croaad (laaa, ad the taaat fllat, wbioh, throo^b Ita biab polish aad hrwa icroniid, nr-dnaeo tha punet riaioa, and baa boom hlihly tw aomniendrd aa the beat, f a ita efloet apon the eye, f?c pf? irning and Intprorlac tba eight ia ee a tin aad writing aad reading. Mmrt elrMed paraoas aad tbnt? optratod apon for eata ract ear alao ba anitad. Ii? ina*ri? now ?ta<eas of anparior quality. In old flraaaaa, aad i' H?"ln? tha pa?ionare of all In waat ofhla artlelaa. all aieatacla < pnro'iasad of hlae ta suit tha ? lab* '?e Tear*, or ahange ?bo glaMma without eitra charsa. M Y P ATI RMS ARK KIRBHY NOTIFIED THAT I _ liaveJo>t retaraed frttn Rarep*, where I bare ea^o/ad u a?ua' opportaaitiae af ?t>aerviBK tlie modrra i?r?< iic"Of tbe w opt di-iih? praetitlonere. parlteolarly in I ??n.foa. Pi>rn iMiliiin, Clvisaw and ICdinhurir. In?'rurn?i<ta af ia ri'ci'i' la ??luo ban recently been disoowd. wbiab aaa i fleeting a eomrkte ravlatloa la tl a kno ?l? l*e aad I treat t ol many of tba dlwmoi ?f ilia ete an" < ar, bltaarta imelriHlin InM nni abtanrity Ibaranahle taa aurreou ?<? aeecilaln tb? r??i>' ?' ,? tr an* <itliar ir > ealth or dl'? I#* H) thd n'J af'>?" JJfaaF r w tpl Iha'ro??r( p. wc e-n Irak Intatbe r?T VfjV.** in r,i jtn.1 ran tha a?Mal itata af the upUdaarre i a In ai snr...|., a.ul ?tg iaciplrt-l : rata r?? ? ' rcteiilurri it euoall* rower''il <*t rl.?ia< tb? dra? af bta IP!l .","Tr bZtt prooatad, a? alio eeeeral aaw ab? *u' 1 , lar." rslltr'lon of tha flaeet artiftelal i lulled* whora casas have Ultharto baBad tla farolfj. ?"'? Jlwonragad and waa ri.d ttarelHng from oaa pbrsW-iaa to nnotha-, say eoa ' vult a>r wi'b * rvoslllrt afinranoa that at all erenta they I will te told decliiralf and truly what their di?aa*a really -a, end uhatber rufablw t-r ctHarwlsa; for by ataia of that* ln etrwaaaK raeh naaa baraaiae perfectly plaia aad rlelbla, aad tba ultlina'r faaalt ia pi ar ad bays ad a shadaw af daaht. Mrdlsal men ran raraira prirata iartra**toas At ka?a fraa 9 t? 11 an* from I tot o'elork. daily, at WW Bceadaray JAMBS W. POWBM, BUB, Oeatist aad Bnrisb.

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