Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 25, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 25, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. # WHOLE NO. 684fr. MORNING EDITION? FRIDAY, MAY 25, 18 55. PRICE TVfO CENTS ARRIVAL OF THE AMERICA. ONE WEEK LATER FROM EUROPE. AFFAIRS IN THE CRIMEA. Successes for the Allies, but Sebastopol JVot Yet Taken. IEHG1YATI0N OF DROUYN DE L'lIClS. CHANGES IN THE FRENCH MINISTRY. American Vessels in the Baltic. IMPROVEMENT IN COTTON. M CliH?E IN BREiDSTCFFS. CONSOLS 88 3-4, Ac., A c., Ac. BY m HOCFK PRINTING TStEGRArn LINK, 21 WALL FFTRKKT. Halifax, May 24, 1855. The Royal Mali Steamship America, CapUin Lang, ar Xtved at this port at 8 o'closk this morning. Her dates froa Liverpool are to the afternoon of Sat urday, the 12th iast , one weoi later th'.n rejeived by the Baltic at New York. The America nailed for Boston at 10 o'clesit. Weather Use. B'-ie will be doe at Boston oa Friday n'ght, so that her mails will doubtless reach New York oa Satur day afternoon. 'The steamship Union failed from Southampton on the 9th Inst for Now York, with nlnaty ptssengsrs. The week'* budget of news it Tiry meagre, affording HO event of importance. Affairs before 8?baetopol were in much the same posi tion as at the departure of the Baltic, although some trivial successes for the Allies have, in tli9 Interim, been reccrded. The tone of public sentiment apmata J to have resolved Itself into the conviction that thn war must be a pro tracted ore, an'l wltlout hope of assistanse from Aus tria. M. Dronyn de I'Huys, the French Minister of War, had resigned, from an unwillingness to protract the war, fcnd Count Walewsk i, the Trench Airnas- i lor at London, 2ms been appointed hi* successor, All the documeats in regard to the Austrian Confer ence had been Uid before the British Parliament. Redschid Paeba had be?n superceded as Grand Vizier 1>f Mahomet Pacba Pianor), who attempted to assassinate the Emperor Napoleon, had been condemned to death. The em'grant ship John, from Plymouth, bound to Qie hec, was wrecked, and a number of lives were lost. In a commeicial view the news by th's arrival, so far fts regards cotton, at least, is highly important. The transactions in that staple continued to be oa a very ex* ttuive scale, the week's business footing up over to M hundred }boqsan4 bales, of which V?out a moiety ?as takey by speculators. The quotations generally -?how an advance of one farthing over the prices current ?t the departure of the Baltic. In Breadstuff* there had been little or no change, ttuept in corn, which was a trifle higher. Provisions generally were steady, at former rates. The London money maiket continued very easy, and Mniols closed at 88\. ^Several extensive failures in commercial circles in Liverpool were spoken ot privately, just prior to the departure of the America, but no names had trans ? fired. THE WAR# AFFAIR'* IN THE CRIMEA. A correspondence from the eamp. April 27, ?xpUiaa the difficulties of th? bat aUtes confidently that the allies advance over the ground bit by bit, and that while the works ao advance there can be ao doubt of Ultimate sueoeaa, provided the Rusaiana in the field are BBftble to force tb? ailiea to raire the alege. Gen. Canrobcrt baa announced that when reinforce ments arrive be will enlarge the circle of his operations, implying that he w.Il attack the Russian field positions. On the 28th of April Canrobert writs* to the Emperor that the English army has recovered its health and effl - Clency, and is on cordial terms with the French. The lateat official advices from Sebaatopol are to May 10. On that day, in the morning, ths Russians male a ?ortie with a larr* hidy ol troopa on tlie allies' right art Tanoe trench, but vrere driven back In-uediately, and a second and similar attempt aharnd the same fate. Nothing could be better than the conduct of the troopi who took part in the affair . Tlie loss of the enemy was ?erioua. Gen. Marmora had arrived with four thousand Sardi nian troops. Procrastination and jealousies are damaging the pro posed scheme of a Turkish contingent commanded by Eagllsh officers o' the Indian army. THE BALTIC SQUADRON. Th* English fleet is working up towirds Gothland as loe permits It is said that France asks permission to ?etahUah a French camp on Swedish territory, and if refused Bomarsund will be oecupiel and fortified by the Allies. Three *hipa left England on the 1( th to blockade the White Sea. THE NEGOTIATIONS. Symptoms increase that the Austrian and Prussian cabinet* aie attempting to effect a general accord among Abe German Plate*. lE.Htors of neml official journals have been invited to favor the movement. The document* of the Vienna Conference, the whole extending to ninety pages, are pirttally republished Ja th# English newspapers, and have excite! much in terest. Palmerston baa evaded answering the question whe ther the confer* nces are or are not finally broken oil; hut it is said, as the accredited representatives of all the Powers, Russia included, continue to reside in Vienna, the eUmeaiti of tbe conference permanently exist, should Russia, or Austria oa behalf of Ruasli make at any time proposals offering a prospect of a settlement. A Russian note, in the form of a circular, addressed to the German States, says that th* Czar, relying on the Continuance of the pollsy hitherto pursued by them, Will adhere to tbe lolution given at the conference* to the two flr*t point* of the guarantee OPINION OF THE BRITISH PRE33. The English pre** admit* that hopes of peace have '?'i and that no assistaae* can be expected from Aui hla, aad but little from the rest of Europe; consequent that Fraace and England mast fight it out. Th > London Time* publishes *n irtlel* expre**iag these ?lewe. Tbe Time* hss also an editorial on be hair of the ferernneat. stating that K Is Impossible to peruse the Official documents of the Vienna Conf*r*nae without see ing that Russia wi?s never la earnest in her pretend ?d desire for peace. Some, however, think differently! and Earl Grey, In tbe Houae of Loids, has given notlc ?fa motion for 21*t in*t., that an addrea* be sent to the Queen, deplct'ng the failure of negotiations, and stating, M the opinion of Psrliament, that the proposals of Ra* ?ia were auet as to afford a fair prospect of concluding a peaee. by which all the original objeita of the war might hare been gained, and by which the allies might have ?attained all the advantages which can b? reasonably de ??anded from Russia. Milner Gibson made a similar ?Votlon in the Route of Commons. THE LATEST WAR NEW3. The French mail has not arrived. The Vienna correspondent of the London TtW. re marks, that as long as no rrvolutiosary elom*nt? are brought into notion, Austria will lMTe Russia to get out t>f her difflrn ties ai she beat can; but if England aid Fraace *houid r* solve to lorm a or pa of refugees, and amploy them c? or near h*r frontier*, the Holy Alliance Would assuredly again be formed > Paris, Miy 11? Evening. The Mmittyr $oea not contain any news km the 9asU VlKJlJfA, M?~ U? Evening. The rvmor that Count Buol bad given in hir re&igna tlon U not confirmed. Bmtux, May It ? Evening. Count Esterhaxy, the Anatrian Ambaaudor, has re turned from Vienna. It U aaid that Austria Is on the point of declaring her complete neutrality, as well as that of the whole of Germany. Cvcnt llrltaln. PARLIAMENTARY rKOCBKDINQS, ETC. In Parliament It was stated that Lord Dandonald's proposal to blow up the Russian fortifications had been uubcittcd to the Scientific Committee, Including Messrs Faricay, Flay fair and Graham. Tie rt turn of articles from the New York Kxpcnltion wai> referred to, and mention made that the French go ?fitment is lesponsible (or articles sent to the Pari ; Exposiiirn. A long debate tnsued on a motion asking for a sel?o ceniuttee to ii quire into the practicability of uniting the Pritish armies. The motion was lost. It e b'll to suppress Gretna Gr?en marriages wan also lost. Tbe second wading of the bill permitting the mar rage <o a deccar ed wife's bister was carried by a small majority. Ibe b;ll removing the newspaper stamp tax was read a third t me and passed. Mr Layard ban temporarily postponed his motion or icqutiy into ibe maragtment or tbe army and n*vy. Mr Roebuck's committee is still in tension Si<lney Hubert i.nd ACmiral Ounda* have been examined, and Lords Aterdpui and Perooa.cited to give evidence. The movement in favor of an administration raform gaics ground, and indignation meetiDgs against aristo ciatic mismanagement continue to be held. Lord fal n erst on in rapidly besoming aa unpopular as bis prede cessor (Lord Aberdeen) was. Hie London Time*, in an editorial which has attracted MM loiice, says tbat the circumstance that America dees net sympathise with tbe adies is shocking and re vnltirg. .An adjourned meeting w?s held at London of English contributors to consider how they may get back tlieir contributions from the New York Exhibition. An inceediary Ore. set by a discharged workman, de slrojed totally rue of tbe floating batteriei just ready to lauzch in the' lhames. Tbe Queen gave a State ball on the Otli. The United Ptutts Minister, Secretary of Legation, and Mr. Line were present Tb? Cbsmpion of the Sea arrived at Liverpiwl, from Melbourne 10th February. France. RWIOKATION OP DROl'TTN DE L'HPTS -MINISTSRIAI. CUAN<?8? NBW LOAN? RUMORS OP PLOTS, Erg, M. de Persigsy is appointed Ambassador to Eogiand, in room of Count Walewaki, who succeeds Drouyn de l'Buys as Minister of Foreign Affairs. Further changes are rumored, namely, tbat M. B.ltault, Minister of the Interior, will succeed Admiral Hamelin, who retires from Minister of Marine. M. Boncher, Minister of Pub lic Works, will succeel Billault, and fM. de Richemont, l irector of Orleans Kailway, succeed* Boucher. A new loan of 7Ci0,0i 0,000 tranea is at present under consideration by the Council of State. I be police say tney have discovered a vast, plot, with ramifications throughout Europe, to promote insurrec tion; and hence Pionorl'a execution wi'i be postponed to trace his connection therewith. On the day the at tempt wao mace it was freely stated in various cities of Italy, Spain and German;, that Napoleon was dead, and Paris In inauireotion. 8 pain. DECLARATION RESPECTING THE BALE OP CXJBA._ _|n the C'oites, on the 2d inst., ?enor Avecilli took oc" c"flon to declare, in tbe name of the democratic party, tbat it bad never entered into any negotiations with M. Soule for tbe sale of Cuba. Italy, ' THE KINO IIRED AT BT ACCIDENT. It was rr ported that the King of Naples w?? fired at by an a;raasln, at a review, but the shot was found oat upon Inquiry, to buve b?en nothing mire than an aoci dt Ltal discharge from the gun of a toldier. Mount Vesuvius la In an active atate of eruption. Austria. CHOPS DESTKOTKD BY INUNDATIONS. Tbe grain growing distr ess on the banks of the river Tien, cor? ring twelve hundred square mileB, hare beea mandated la consequence or a rise in the river, and the crops are most probably destroyed. Russia. irSmUllCTION IN THE UK11AINE- AMERICAN SHIPS AT ORO)>STADr. Russian >ourc?s themselves send confirmation to the report that there has been an Insurrection in the I kraine, aid that Poland is very restless. St. Petersburg advices to Uay 1st, mention the expect ed arrival at Cnnstadt of several American slips, and cargoes of hemp and iron were sent there to m?wt them, sod it was hoped they woul 1 be permitted to discharge and load, although conaidered doubtful, as the blockade is strictly notified. An American Merchantman In the Baltic. MUNITIONS OF WAR FOR THE RUSSIANS ? 13 JOHX BULL ASLEEP ? Ibe following is from the London Standard:? A very extraordinary circumstance, reported from a quarter which precludes any doubt as to the truth of the g at*ment, reaches us by letters from St. Petersburg. It appears that a fine American frigate bailt ship recently arrived at a port in tlie Baltic. It was stated that the vessel had on board eight hundred bale* cotton, but the correspondent of our informant Tinted tie f-hip and found in addition to tbe a*>ove, she bsd tiitj thousand rifles and fivs thousand revolvers. Ibe Russian* laugh at our cruisers, and naturally ask, if John Dull has been asleep to have allowed so valuable a prlre to have escaped. The Messrs. C? ? , mer chants ot Boston, were paetengera, and are supposed acted a? supercargoes. We have net been able to as cr;?in if the vessel left America this season, and ha* cut her way through the ice before our fltleg squadron could come up with her. or if ahe reached one of the lower pojta of the Baltic last year, and lay quiet till tie spiiog. We say no more than " What are our Consuls in the United states about, to have permitted such a cargo to leave without apprising our government hereof tbe fact." Other letter* from St. Petersburg s?at? that the vessel baa since left for Koenlgsberg in ballast. Commercial Intelligence* LONDON MONEY MARKET. Consols on Friday closed at 88 X for money to 80 for account. Discounts, 3>< per cent. Exchanges too high for the export of gold. The bullion in the Bank of England had increased ?120,000. Dollars were worth 4a. ll?*d; doubloons, 76: eagles, 78 2}?d. AMRRICAX STOCKS. Stock ere higher. London papers report the Market rather dull during the week, bat good State stocks are still in demand. United States '68 Bonds, 100 a 103, ntininal; Massachusetts 5's, buyers at ICO; Maryland, 91 a 92; Pennsylvania 6'a, 77 a 79; Pennsylvania '77 Bonds, 82 a 84>f; Virginia '86Bonds, 88 a 88; Pennsyl vania Central Railway, first, 89>? ; second, 89; Illinois Central Construction, 87 a 89. LIVERPOOL COrTON MARKET. Brown, Shipley ft Co., again report a large and apeca* lative demand for cotton; ad vices per America having tad to tbe expectation that the supply would be short, owing to the low stage or the rivers prices, launedla'?ly advanced a farthing on all qualities, and, although with leas activity the last two days, the market closed steed*. The sales of the week are ll'5, 90* bales, including 53,000 oa speenlation, and 5.280 for export Fair Orleans is quoted at6?<d.; middling, 5 11-lfd.; fair Mobile, 6l?'d.; middling, 6*?d. a P9-10J.; fair upland?, 8),'d. ; mid dling, 5 9-18d. a S*fd. ; ordinary, 5 B-18d. ; "nferior, 4d. a 4>{d. Stock 886,000. including 374,000 American. LIVERPOOL BRBAD8TUFF8. Brown, Shipley ft Co. I* circular says:? We have no al ts ration to notio in wheat oi flour, which are in fair moderate cemand at last week's rates. Indian eoru has improved Is., with more doing. White wheat, 12?. a 12e. 8d. ; red, 10s. 9d. alls. 9d. Weitern canal flour, new, 40s. a 41s; old. 41s. 6d. a 42r. Od. ; f'liiledelpliia and Baitiicoie, 44s. a 44*. 6.1 ;Ohlo, 44s. 6d. a 46*. 8d ; Cana dian, 41* a 42s. ; sour, 40*. a 42a. Yellow corn, 49s. a 51*. ; mixed, 49s. a 49*. 6d. ; white, 49s. a 49s. 8d. LIVERPOOL PROVISION MARKET. R. S pence ft Co. report a good business in beef. Sales 1,0C0 tierce*. Price* steady. Pork moved to an average extent, but with )e?* pressing of sMes? holders antici pating aa Improvement. Bacon continued In good de mand, and a large buslne** was done at 6d. advance. Ordinary Western sold at 44* a 46*. ; fine, 4fs a 47s ; boaelee*, 40a. Short middle* are much wanted. Shoulder* are mtfeh enquired for. Lard ;a moderata business, without variation in price. Quoted 48* a CO*. Tallow in fair demand at stead/ prise* ? 66s. a 58*. _ _ , trT1l^r00.T' PRODUCE market. The Broker* Circular reports ashes steady and un ci anged -pots 30s. pearls 3 is. a 34-. ad. Nothing doing in turpentine. Bosin In regular demand: sale* 3,00 1 ron,??"? w. a 7s. 3 i. Spirit** turpentine ogtrt, 38s. Olive oil eon. uued in nod demiX No thing done in fish oil*. Rape o 1 l.ttle inquired rot. Unseed nil has declined; ssllv* at 37*. Palm o<l dull and rather lowsr. In dyewo.d* u-ansaction* hre .l-Klted Sugar* are in active demand, at 8d. alvasce. Nottuns notleable In coffee; rather more bns;as*s In new. luce moderately active, Car oils a 2i> t. W. ordinary. THE LONDON MARKETS. Hiring Rrotksr* report a good flemuiJ for the principal article* of ag at steady pr sea. Hemp dull; Petersburg clean, ?13. Lard uachanged; Western kegs, 60a a 6?i. Linseed oil recsded, bat resovered to 36j. Tallow stsady. at 6k 6d. a 53s. on the spot. Turpentine? Considerable tale* at Of. 3d. Spirits eteady at #6s. 6d. a 37a. Iron ia with oat improvement. Italia, ?6 10s.: Scotch pig. 61*. Spelter dull. Tin unchanged. TH* GLASGOW MABKKTK. John Atbya fe Co. 's Circular reports breadatuffa firm. Lard ? A moderate buaineaa at 50s. a 62a. l'rorisiona generally quiet and unchanged. Naval stores firm, and In good demand. MANCHESTER MARpT. The market ia dull, and without improvement. FREIGHTS. Freights from live- pool to the United Statu are rather stiffer. Slups uecomiog scurcer, but steerage paeeengeri without imnro venai nt. LATEST REPORT. Livkrpool, May 12?2 P. M. Rig la mi, Allijer A: Co report cotton unchanged. 8?les to day, 12,0(0 bales, laciuding 6,000 for speculation aod port. BreaiMtuffs firm Corn 50a. Boef and pork in better demand Bacon sella itttiy at 47a. 1-aid In moderate de mand at tOf. Passengers by the America. Mi?s Perry, Mi?s MnKsntie, Mrs Hicliards, Mis* Pyortou, MissBornott. Miss Kirk?,? d, C'apt Startloy, r*?v Mr Ma juire, Mian Fax, Miss Poilttd, Cant Brorhett and Sidy, Mr Ko* and l?dy. Miss Tetnco. tier, Mrs Bernard, Lieu* Colonel Dalton, Mrs Kirkwood ard two daughters, C ilufla<lo (bear er ofdeipatcbea to Washington), Mr RiU-hle and Udy, Mr Jeffry and lady, Lieut Col Auetiu. Col Ginasmill, Rev Mr Btonares llorion and lady, ('apt Hollironko, Mr Atki.:on aud lady, Mr Van I'ayman and lady, Mrs Plerco, Mr Amoy and lady, Mr* Urines. Messrs Vortou. Berg, Lemesnrler, Vr*n lis, Ilolderness, Mover, Jackson. .VoKen/ia, Fanoll. I, owe, Rireble. Matheson., Corry, l>i?bury, Went, Turner, < ayles. Hooprr, Pembnton, tJruy, Sikes Brown, Graham, Jarvls, Llnten. Lindle-y, Ulnklw Caro, Bur^oe, Nott. Beck, Balll, Kennedy, l.ambort, Routellivr, Euan, Stasklsy, Al len, lloswlck Gilbert, Spencer, Atkinson, Suiilt, Gray, Itroomliall S> odgrass Ieli. hr. Astyman, McGllI, Wolcb, GifTord, Walker, Diamond, Kogtrs, Usyas, Loosey, Barsloy, McLcary. Shipping Intelligence. Arr from New York May 8. Aatarotlc. Antwerp: Marshall, 3wiufmund, Mar of Empire, JUrumen; Jorcinia'i Thompson, Beibit Clinton, at Liverpotl. Arr from Boston Vtb, Catbelral, at Liverpool. Arr from Charleston Dtb, Buwk, Antwerp. Arr from Apalschtccla 8th, MnjlIo*er, Antwerp; 9th, Ox ford, IHvre. Arr trom New Orleana 8th, John McKentls, Jaboi Snow, Caroline, Mary Clarke, at Liverpool; Ulanohard, Havre. A; r from Mobile !>tb, Golden Eagle, LiverpooL Sid forNYork Stb, Cornelius Griunell, from Portsmouth. Sid for New Urleana 9th Sumner from Artaerp; Harvest Queen Guy Mannorlng, and Joan Rutledge, from Liverpool; Colchis, from Portsmouth. Police Intelligence, BBEAEII a TPOF A* ALLEGED GANG or Bmrr *na SBIZURfi of A LARGE QUANTITY OR SmIT TOOLS AND COUNTEKFEin?G API'ABATCS. n t 'I'm ; T ?,ght 8ergfn*t Mnrth1' WOW?. Rosa, Underbill, and Murray, 0f the JeOfcrson Markot loliceCoort, aided by Lieut. Punn, of the Twentieth ward police, made a descent upon the house of one Cforge W.lson, at So. 218 Ninth avenue, and arrested ant ee n of the inmates on suspicion of burglary. A bur glary having been committed in this neighborhood, W'l aca'a place. was closely watched by thaao offlcera for two or three nighta preceding the deacent. A warrant for k?epicg a oisorderly house being issued by Justice Bren nan it was.determined to enter the home, and arrest all the inmate-. Accordingly, on the night in question these officers repaired to Wilson's house, and ojtainiug ncnuttance, captured all the inmatsa. torn* hard fight* Kto ?Znr0llCJMa th#,r Priaonera; but !,?*? ,5 ' M. ueuaI ia Aach cases, cams off aecond best, .-he prisoners havliig been sent to the station home for the night, tho premises wei e strictly searched for stolen pioperty, when a lot of lacs, jew/Jv and tte &?T f0fUnd secreted ^ Prions pst'ta of tte houte. A couple of dies and presses for couotdrlait ing ten cent p.eoes and quarter collars were aI?o di??i T"ed and away by the pohce. Xbe?mw?a th? proctered to the Louse of ote ut th? priiomrs at No "1 Mxteenlh.treet, and cn aearchmg lU premisL fou^d ^ k compete lo? of burgiais' toola th?t was ever ? the police. Drills for oi>ening safes, circular Vnivea ior cutt ng panels out of doors, skeleton keys of evtrj size, alups and fiaifnsion, jimmeye, flies *5 *' ,nd a11 oth'r t0?l? ussd by the met o\ ?"(>*?*' T?ie Be ''fi1 b'the Police. Indeed, the tools found at tbLi p.ace must-have cost several hundred dollars lial?a? v?" tuc i011' RS .,^l*T 'JAi all the apoearincj of 6 the 800,1 finished tradesman The fLtire party, w : thrall the property and bnrziara' tools found at t lies'- two houses were conveved to thi? Fecond l?iatxl=t PoUoe Co-at, Jen.r?on SS. Vre the ptiDoners gave the'r names as George Wilson Wil Uam RobjrK Barnoy KoCabe, Samuel Smith, Frincis Stf* Butler, John Anderson; Robert John?on William Thompson, Wiliiam U.a, Rico ard Green wool' AlVih? nJf" ' 7 A,Doe r*?5or and Alice Butler! reni^Pn uB!"K,re B^Uv/8 of En"Un<l with the ex ception of Mctabe, who is an Irishman, and Marian theI,EH?o.7.tr0 " *,Cnb*n- Jostle# Brennan, before whom ? . ggsarmcSShs'jr & ceSjnSsr^ ?* *? Wftws ercCBfSFCT, OPERATION OF TH* PATENT SAFE SWINDLE CAUTION TO OOCNTBYMEN AND BTRA1 Ol BP. from time to time we have recorded cases of swindlinr the patent safe game, show-ng how easily it is for countrymen and Grangers visiting the metropolis, who are rot carefully on their guard, to be unmercifully fleeced of almost every farthing they may have in their possesion. Yet it seems people from the country will cot ktep sh j ol these sharpers until they have had prac tical experience cf the astonishing smaitsesa of our men about town. Almost every week somo poor unfor tunate visits the Uriel's office, and (ells a doleful tale of the duplicity of a newly formed acquaintance that ha accidentally picked up at seme of the hotels or theatres. It is bnt vfiy feldom that the sharpers are arrested and brought to justice, and simply because those upon whom tne.r tricks are practised are more sojourners in our midst, and cannot remain in the city, at a heavy ex SZWV0" 0f tiBn? *Wle the police are hun Vine after the sharper*. Besides th s, lu many esses whers the swindlers are immediately nrreatod, the coai plainants, not wiping to be at a heavy lo* c< mprcmue tne matter, and receive the greater portion f'l,6" morey b,ck And then depart for their distant f^Tda" ' tw 'fh <0 *"l)iAfied wilh the restitution of their funds, that they refuse to prosecute, or, to any the least, beer me witnesses so unwilling, t?ai it would be follj for the authorities hti? to nak# any att#Llnf I? punching the offenders. About tkyee weeks r" .' ? ? t0 Accompany htm to Greenwood Pretence of examining a new invention tLew Sa??e #i.?f ?nd Taluables which waa tLere defonted. On azr.virg at thr burial around a wVs^y y . u? i??in: Of acquaintance No.' 1) DUce thi nfsi* r f c"ar!e>- A* Introduction took f?r ? Ittle patent safe was product, and In a few nUnntes. by the old and famPiar game Mr Stnnt became a v ct'm to the tone of $pr.O. Tt-e whole tr?? action took place on a grave atone whoro 5 .. i ! sitting In astonishment, while the twoaharr rs bymeana of the msny ad vantages the grounda .VoW w?V I quickly out cf sight, ard were cl?ar of the outer < ?re the countryman bad hit upon tbe r.ght n?th to th! 'cllrrJ* tbe met'py R^eours' was liid to the I f hief s office, m orofr, If fossibie, to recover the ln?t BeT* a description 0f th^ was eft with c fficer Keefe. who at once felt sit sfied li ?new the fellows, and told Mr Stcut that he wo?M ? on lb. look out for Item, and when h. aucc^dZl in a?! I them fca would inform bin bv telerranh at tho ".'?.a?"wW' 'if" '5* ?f? ?SlSK'iSt I *y . Wn.ewf, wboso IdcieiipMoa mvtm A With that given by Mr. Won't, of bSJ 1. The prisoner was taken before Juitlce oXrne' I . 4ll*T,"g obte,n?d ?8i0 from the eom I *? ' ,n " 't waa on a fair bet. The officsr made an affidavit against him, and he wt, f?U, m.ttsd ior trial. Meaat'ms Mr 8* ut wm ZZ' I ?**p-hcd to and rtque?tod to coma to New York ?? " it"!bI? to ldH,t:fT prisoner and pro^nti c w' "P*ct^ to a" vePT1hS I f v J? . *a Ibcutaads hire btf n Nwindli^d out I ?? ??n|ings. Returned Californians and those I KOing thither arc continually taken in bv these aham ? n H th/" f ?onal wLti ^th s 'sS" I r", 1 I**I P?r"euUrly, hotels, pLtces of aaosemmt snd steam&oat wharves are coestaaUv inf?t^t^Ti; I ^ 40 th'*' gentlemanly rascals, as thev lava I * THlt OF MRU. WEBn. Sm-I .?TuT!!.M ",T0* 01 ?K JsKS' w,.:,',d h.m teuJ^SJ: I ter Mr nrrest, ifuttlot Cornollv font 'or mn tn hrin ?;? I ueis^p to |TYt>T? her mreetAhillfsy I dM ?r> ? hnf i s.1 u Mav u, una. W. *. H EBB. I . TO THP V TUTOR OF THV Wro.lp | slssmtn? Plato, It; e)BS*onsno? ofTeinr SHtnlrsd npr?.io??d, by th-i m?,? Jd earerot.Vofthe Ms' rJ? ? I plok'J ?hs man out cf ?h. waJer, waHlaVaert I Mb e, sarb as moasy for m> iroaMs, as was Aat A in vsiter j d?y s r?". *r. *!>;a '.h? una got in'o the boat hethrsa'Jaad I r " J Vy' """oh 1 rowsd him laok to tlm ihtr, 1 rt svid 1*1 I link biro asbsra he wold pivo me ftva dolls?. Vhanko cat I d'llart, wbi. h l remiss . ? o t ake. I I LV..i! *tila ?,"a <?" h,? wnTd I W I- id ?<it no' hi Off I ?***. dollars Had he n. tuon-y, h^s I s2Liii?" "es 'jI li.m ?l,o ra?ooo: inn irsia hnn? ' rAin arartr, ? Tk? Tmti Cektkitillb cotmu!, 1. i.? < mOTTWflU THE TWENTY MILK TIME RACE. Sine# tho great performance of Trus'oe, is 1MB, when he accomplished hie celebrated taak of tweoty mile* ia harness within an hour, no attempt haa been made t? rival that wonderful achievement, until the present instance, which baa resulted in a failure. It li, not w'tbstacdiag, a prevalent opinion among horiemen | that we have among ui many trotters capable of per forming that task. Die present mulch oiiginated in opinions of thia kind, , and the owner of Flora Temple believing her fully capable. wi.s induced to select her among many others for the feet; and although una jo ceesful yeaterday, be Uns had no reaeoa to alter bis opinion, and attribute k her defeat soMj to her casting a fere shoe in tbe eighth mile, and cutting her quarter so badly that be wa * compelled to wi'.hiraw her after the twelfth mile. The traci was never in better condition. Early In the morning it hai been accurately measured threa feet from the pole, and It found to be precisely sixteen feet nine iueh'_ ? over a mile in circumference. Ihii would mate a dilertnce of three hundred and thirty fiTe feet in twenty circuits of the track. The afternom was cloudy, with a bite? frcm the louth, which at times blew rath;-- huid? a day very similar to that on which Ti 11 s*4e accomplished hi* great race. This caused considerable (peculation, which seemed to be In favor of time. The betting on the race wan rather con tradictory be'oie .lie start, odds beii.g given both ways, but previous to ysuterday, it was all even. Tfce match w#i ror $5,000, Mr. McMann to produco a Lorse that wooid trot twenty miles to a wagon wituin one hour. As previously stated, Flora Temple was selected. The wagon was built expreaaly for the occasion, and weighed elgh y iour pounds; and t'ae driver, Warren Pcabody, weighed one hundred and forty-sis pound*, mahing a totil of two hundred and thirty pounds. So great was the interest taken in tha race that the attendance was much larg'r than had bean seen at the Centrevlile a nee tha first race between Highland Maid and Ed. Eddy; and yet, to the mortification of the pro prli'or, the receipts were much leaj tun Uny should have teen, aa hundreds obtained admission by ecalrng the fenccs. Tuete individu&'s wore Vuo e who always patronize the cara and other cheap conveyances. I)uriu< the performance the track wan densely crowded, and it required tie utmost exert on on tha part of Sheriff Bojd to kiep back the throng, who we re cintluual'y preening for said to watch tne movements of Flora as the catne up the home atre'.ch. No acciduut, hoaeeer, occurred from this canu>. Between tour and five o'clocH waa the tim.? select??d for the race, and Flora waa brought up on a square trot for the wcr*, which wat- given, an*. taray she went on her doubtlul task. She appeared rathur excited aud bioke up into n rrn several tim?M befom she cast her shoe, which nbe did on the eighth mile, just aa she came to the judteB' stand. Nothing of an unusual nature took place before this accident; but 88 sorn aa it wis discovered, the throng became excited in tha extreme, especially wben it wa:i eoeu that she had cut bnrHelf baoly. iho backers of J lora were then convinced that the race was over that there was no chance of her winning, snd that It would be uu aot of charity to wth e'raw her, as it wa^ really daogerom to have her pro ceed. Her owner stopped heron the twelfth mile, aud ga?e up the mated As a companion between tbe two races? Trustee's and Horn's ? we annex the lolloping table: ? iRCHTEB's Tuns in Harkep*. Flora Tkmplu'u Time to Waco n. Oct. 20, 1843. May 24, 1*55. Time qf Tnt <1 'ilmt of To'al Mil a. earh mite. time. Mile*, each mil tint'. l.tmlle... 0:01 3:01 lstaUe....?:59 2:55 2d mile. ...2 66 f?i57 2d m>le.,..2:5w 5:4i) ?d mie... .2:5(1 8:53 3d mile. ...2:49 8:158 4th ml'.e... 2:57 4th mile. . .2 59 11:37 5th mil?... 2*4 14:44 5th mile.. .2:58 14:36 6th mile.. .2:tll 17:'0 titt? mila. . .3:03 17:38 7th mile.. .2:47 *20 ".7 7th mile. . .2:5;". 20:33 fcth mile...2:S8 23:S5 8th mile. ..2:58 V? 23:31 9th m'le.. .3:00 28:1-5 9th mile. ..3:01 2fl:30 10th icL'e.. .8:11 20:10 10th mile. . .3:08 2r>:44 11th mile... 3 :C 3 32:39 11th mile., .3:28 33:10 12th mile.. .2 CI 85:83 12th mlla. . .4:01 37 .11 >i 13th mile.. .2 :SU 38:112 13th mils... ? ? 14th m.le.. .3:03 4t:3r> 14th mile.. . ? ? lfath mile. ..3:04 44:39 16th mile... ? ? ltith mile.. .3.05 47:44 16th mile... ? ? 17?h mil#.. .2:69 50:43 17tbmile... ? ? 18th mile. , .1! Ul fi'.S:44 18th uitl?... ? ? lO'.h mile.. .2,(9 f.?:43 19th mils... ? ? 20th mile.. .2:M}? (9:35?< 20th mils... ? ? City Intelligence. A Colors!) Mim*tkr Gjkcied from a Railroad Oar ? The Bev. James W. C. Pennington, a colored minuter, late of Pricce street chnrch, got into sorce dlffi ;al'y jestt-rdn} in endeavoring to enforce what be deemed hi* light in one of the city railroad cars. It appear* be en tered car Ne. 16 of the Sixth Avenue Railroad Compter, in order to piocccd down town, where he had some bur.'uess to transact. He had acarcsly taken bin seat before be was notified by the conductor that the com pany's rules prohibited colored peopie from riding in any cars but those designated as colored cirt. Mr. Pen nington accl.ned leaving the car, as ha said he bad a legal tight to ik'e m any convey a no chartered for pub lic accommodation; whereupon, according to Mr. Pen nington's statement, the conductor and driver forcibly ejected b:m from the car in so lough a manner that ha lost liis hat aftd cane. Highly incensed at what he deemed at unwarrantable outrage, be ran behind the car nntii he met a policeman, whom he requested to arrest tie offending parties. Tliis the (filler refused to do, whereupon the parron got so violent that the " aiar'' arrested him and took tim before Justice Connolly, let ting tbe cargo. There an explanation was had,' when th? whole affair was dlnmls*ed. TiiC-lUKnALi.'H Island Light Isfaxtry .? 1 The Randall's Island boj s, 100 strong, under command of Capt . J toes H.'gerty, made their promised visit to the city yesterday. They first paraded to Brooklyn and visited the navy yard, where they were cordially received by Commodore Boorman, who addrersad thfm and expr^sted himself hif hi > gratified with their visit. Ma-ter Barney Mount replied on behalt of the corps. After visltiog the curio citi( s In tbe varJ. they returned to tb*> city, and visited the Ten Governor* at their respective place-' of busntoHs They were afterwarJs reviewed in the I'ark by Colonel Ming, Mcyor Wood being unavoidably ab ent. Thn (Lio nel made a speech, in which be talked to tae boys like a fatbVr, and gave them some excellent advice. A colli tic vi given at the Astor House, by Messrs. Colaman & Stetson, finished the performances of the day. Tee '.arts looked well, inarched well, and made a very creditable torn oat. 1'RKpfjrTATioy to Hok. Jons Kn.LT ? 1 number of the I ciicnal and political friends of John Kelly, member of Congress elect frcm the Fourth district of this 8Ute, met last night to present him with a Us imonial in the shape of a tea service, valued at $1,(00. Tne presentation was made by A H. Green, and was replied to by Mr Kelly. A supzer was then eaten, after which speeches were made by Captain Kyndera, Alderman Herrick, Richard Cotoeliy, County Clerk, and others. John H. Chambers, Clerk ot tbe Common Council presided. Tbe company seriated at a late hoar. Firk 15 Hum Pnurcr. ? A lire was dl.covcred en V e(ine;.dsy night, about 10 o'clock, in the basement of the "Friends' Meeting House," corner of Hester anl Eli zabeth streets. Policemen Lee and Dunn succeeded !a patting it ont with a few palls of water, before it did much damage. Fiom an examioatinn of tbe prcm'sei by the Fire Marshal, the fire evident!) originated in a large box nsed for holding ashes. On Sunday last the "Friends" held a meeting, on which occasion tome fire was made In the stoves, and on Wednesday the stoves were all taken down and tbe ashes in them, tmong which there was no appearance of Ore, ta>en out atd put Into tbie box. on top of other ashes which had been there for upwards of two weeks. From the num ber of fires caused by carelesness in putMogesbe* into wooden vessits. tt would seem that but little attention is paid to the ordinance of oar "City Fathers'' rrgulating such m fetters. Firk is Nawac gTSKrr. ? Shortly before 7 o'clock last evening, an alarm of fire in the Seventh district win caused by a fire being discovered in tbe has ment of the auction store No. 79 Kossan street, kept by S. B. Frank lin. It was found amongtt some pack ages of woollen comforters In a case situated almost at tbe extreme end ot tie basement. They were removod by toe firemen without further damage. How the 3 re came there is at present utktown. Finn is J axis Slip.? Betwe-n 10 and 11 o'cl>ck last night, ft lire broce out in the sailor bearding house N >. 3 James slip, occupied by John Wood. Tbe fire was on rationed by carelessly leaving a charcoal furnaco on th-t flooring. A bole was burnt in the floor. Tho fir# was extingnlthed with ft pall or two ef water. No further damage was done. More Street Enenmliraiirei. FIRST PI8TBJOT OOt ftT. Be'ore Judge Green Mat 23.? There were 80 cases In this court for viola tion of the corporation ordinances, ia encumbering side walks and streets, for leaving vault coverings without fnVtiDf*, A:o. There were 4f? of tb?'!t? tn which the summons were returned served by copy, other defend ants hot npptanng, new summons w?re ordored; lft were settled and tbe balance of them were tjiel wl'h two exception*, judgments rendered against the deiend ants In var'ous sums Irom $<i tof2T> In one case the defendant p roc uce J a permit signed by Jam*s Fai r, - <?( -rr allowing tin 'iotcn Unt to o vsupy the public street with trucls The J ndge remarl e<l that it could not bave been tho intention ot the ocrpora^un to autlorre the Street remmi?ai?mer to grin', permits for any tther ourpos* than ttiafof bui "lie*, *K-ioagn tbe orc'naeee would teem on (tataa* to au'.hirin h'5i t" grart gtntral peimkis.on to eocumtter itreV, 1 wlVl tbf r?^W Mi IHMC UR n * f' ; 1?J ARRIVAL OP THE GBOR6E LAW. ONE WEEK LATER FROM CALIFORNIA News from Oregon and Washington Territories, Son til Pacific, New Granada, Sand wich Islands and Australia $1,320,176 in Gold Dust. YACHT EACE AT SAN FEANCISCO. THE MINING BUSINESS. HTFlESTOIfi ITE319, MARRIAGES, BIRTHS AND DEATHS, Markets, ?Lc., Ac, &3. The steamah.'p George Law, Ueut. Q. V. Fo*, U. 3. !>., commanding, left Ajpinwall at 10 o'clock, on the even ing of the 15th iiut., ani arrived at Quarantine at 11 o'clock yeaUrday morning. She bring* the California mail* of May lit, $1,324,025 in treasure, on freight, and 817 passengers. In the lint of passenger* will be noticed the name of Capt Vfn. Keanikh, who returns from a survey of the Isttmus of Panama, fromfehe Pacific to tbe Atrate river, for a canal route, lie reports a successful termination to J^^wyrue. llP^M'ffate left Sen FrancUco at 11 A. M., on the 1st. About thirty miles outside the heads, pasned the steaicer Souora, bound in. She a: rived at Paaama at & o'clock, on tbe eve of the 10th, bringing ' down 900 patsetgirs and about $1,500,000 in troinure, pj.rU ally ou EoglUh account, tha balance for New York. Annexed is the amount of gold brought here:? TREASUBB 1. 1ST Ol TUB STKASMUIP OKOEUE LVW. Ordt-r $396,(00 Frcbst & Meinertz Wells, Fargo & Co. 227 4C0 bagen $6,985 Metropolitaa Bcnk. 290,000 Crocker & Warren. f>,748 Lrexri&Co 2C0,CC0 Sampson A: lappaa 5,100 Wm. Boge & Co. . . 60,0C0 GelpcKA k Co 5,1<>0 Batk cf Ameiica.. ?4,000 K. Patrick 4,272 E. Keller & Co.... 2!< I'OO Chambers & Helaer 3,&'.?2 Rosa. Falconer A: Co 211,108 J. G. Wytuau k. Co 2, $28 J. E Ledge 17.860 Jao. Durand &: Co.. 2,373 Porter & I-icUtrs.m 17 544 A A: E. S. liiggins G B Upton 16,600 & Co 1,022 Rerdt ft Wade 16,109 C. W. Thomas.... * 1,900 Ihos. Waiteon & Mechanics Bank.. 1.0<>0 Sor? 15,000 E Harris & Co... 1,457 Andrew Carney. .. 14.082 W. 9. H?n:ell & JoLnscn & Louden. 13,052 Horn 1,350 Booth & Edgar.. .. li,27G Snow k Burgess. . . 1,200 K L. Taj lor 10,680 Calb?rf & Finlfty.. 1,0'0 John Pfcelan, Jr.,. 10.250 Williams i PotUr. 979 Hudson & Bio .... li'. 00.' A.Horn 60!) J 8. Gana k Co.. . 8,400 ? T. W. Kiley 6,722 Total *1,320,176 The treasure list of the Golden Gate from Sua Frin cIko. May 1st, was as follows Vcreuch to New York $1,320,176 Through to Biltisb 152,084 Tbiough to Pscama 11,200 Total 81,484,1160 111* English treasure was consigned as follows N . M. Rotlifcblld A iftns ?13l,?00 Watsin, Thompson & Co '20,034 Eugeace Le Koj 1,850 Total $1?2,984 Our thsnks iwe due to Wells, Fargo & Co., Freemm & Co., llaines & Co., J. W. Sullivan, and to the Pacific Exj.ief s Company J. Bawes & Co , and Mr. Edward H. Mitchell, the purser of the George Law. (or late papnri. i part fiom legislative action, little of especial iotere.t lias oc.c uretl in the Pacific State since the news by the last sttumer That booy has pasted several bills of im pb'tan?*, among which is one profi ling for theconitruc tir.n of a icnd from tho easiern limits of the State to Cersoa Valley in Utah Territory, and another for tUe iKj'Oeing of a capitation tax npon foreign immigrants const r tut orally incapacitated from becoming naturalized I citizens. 7ii?resre others even more important noiv un der consideration in either body. Tlie Stmt* lias purchased an elegantly executed por trait of the pioneer of California, Gen. Sutter, and the same artist la also to paint another of Majar-Ueneral Wool. The Seoatoiiul controversy hat not bsen renewed. Ihc State Agricultural Fair assembled in San Fraa ciroo on the 2?>th ult. Tue evening sessions, held in the Hall cf Representatives, were largely attended, and many instructive and eloquent speeches on this impor tant subject were made by legislators, delegates, and other citirem. An able address was submitted to the agriculturists of the 8t*t?. The weather durio ; the last fortnight had bcon clear, and moderately warm. Tie late ra:ns bad been of incalculable benefit to the two great department* of homo Industry. The crops never locked more promising, and the market* were crowded withtlio finest vegetables. li e mining interest w?s in a flourishing condition. Ibe dry diggings were abundantly supplied with water, uunrrs wire doing well almost everywhere. Canal and ditoh enterprises were constantly being pro jecttd and conftnenced. Little was faiJ about quartz mining, but froin Crass Valley and ether mills were received favorable accounts of op?ratic.D? in this department of mining. Pnsino* eont'nued excessively dulL li t Kein river hur.bug was effectually exploded. Conference* of the Congregational and Method'u de nomination*, al.-o meetiog* of the San Francisco Pres bytery, had been he'd in San Francisco. AusuMm?nt* were numerous. What with I-eo Ac M*r s ball's r'olojica! exhibition aad circus, Mi*s Davenport at tbe theatre, UadAmc Bishop and Qerr Mengii cm certizing, the time of the pleasure teeking population was prettj fully occupied. On the 24th April tbe 1/nIUd States Uad CVBniissI^ rejected five claims held by Jose T. I.imvntour under Mexican title. i for more than 1.000 square miles of land !a ClOfint portions of the State. It was supposed that und?r the decision in these case* the similar claim of 1 imsntcor to about ft, 000 acres within the limits of San Fraiiciico will be rejected. A Mexican was hung at Jesu* Maiia in Calaveras coucty, on the 22d, for stabbing Wm Joice, an Ameri can. The latter was supposed to be mortally wounded, but was not dead at last accounts. The San IHego Herald reports that gold diggings have been found at Santa Yaabel, is Stn Diego county. On the 28th of March J. A. Philips #tabbed R. J. McJbssa, on Indian Creek, in Klsmath oeunty. The rounded man died in twenty five minutes. The miners collected and elected a coroner, and he sum ?aoned a Jury an J held sn inquest. Ibe verdict waa that McJames was killed by Philips. A meeting use then regularly organised, and the question was put whether Philips should be handed orer to the regular authoiitlee or tried by lynch law The decision was in fsvor of the latter. A Jury cf twelve men were empan eled; a couple of persons were assigned as counsel for the accused , the evidence was heard; the jury found T'bUlp* gfclltj of the killing; the meet ng resolved that he should be hrng at 10 A. M , oh March 31st, and he was hung at that time. Hi nry FicVenfeldt was found tn ordered In White Rock Ravin*, El Por do county, ca the 21*t. A Congregatlonallst church was consecrated at the Miss'on I olores, on Ihe 29th. The pastor, Rev. J. E. Benton, a highly intelligent clergyman, aided with his own han- > tn the erection of the bmlding. The legislature had passed a bill to take the State Prlion Horn the bands of the lessees. An act to levy a capitation tax of $60 on every Clilav msn amving In the State, ha* been adopted by the Le gists ture. Rl -ha Tterey and J. W. Be*nra? it, mine-*, were shot snd I Wed afherlocVs Flat, Marlpon, on the 26th April, in a quarrel about a mining claim. The Nicaragua stamshipa will hereafter tench in Mexico, at the port. of MauraaiUo, instead of *t Acs pulco. IAt tbe date e? our lost report, the operations of the San trt nclajo Branch Mint wore enspen led, to allow t?io for acnual ecttl'Bjen*. The office ess epesel on the lit inst for the reception of dep ?*'H *nd thcafW** ticna of tbe mint ?<ilM be resumed k'ay 7th. A new fifty dollar gold piece had b> x>n issued. Tbo {?iece Is toond, t!u fact U .ng the tmbi smattc visage of .; berty, surrounded with thirteen hit pot ated stars; Iht obverse brlag flit/ doliart in <l:st ncuve letteriag, par tially encixc Ml by u wreath ol grain, (urn wunted by itn standard value and mi mm need oy the addrt ? and aatn? of the colnera. The Sin Francisco l/rrnld says, w? learn br letter# from Sacramento ttut It ia no* proposed to t ?k? away from tiie Sistera of Charity the pro rata cf t ^ School Fund, by wbien they are at prraent ewsbied to keep open the schools over wnich they preside Th ** soaa eigtteeu huncred childrtn will be turned adrift in Sea Francisco. Colonel Walk! r and expedition had not yet ? tiled. Arrangements am on fcot, however, to give *o Ve, 'ta ? speedy despatch Flnini'lai liiirllijcritre. [Vrom the Alta ( uliforine, Hoy 1 ] The demano for money ia not to fljett aa it ttw auo potta it would have b. t'u, consideueg tae chaeaoter of the 1ra<ie Cone ricring ti>e punt we*k, #ud wo have ao tlced noextraoroinsry ?hi*i iog- a auie iadicatiaa that the country u pa; iog up pretty well, la f*ot, the lnto rii r merchant* bouuia iw nMu to f uitil their engageaeat* at pieeent without cifiiculty, coa?icetir.g the fact that a larger amount of 'lust rut* iu tfce hanis of the vtaer* at present t; aa at aoy tiro* during the post two or thro* vears. With the hoary product ol tne mlaoa at prvjeat, there HbouM bo no p :areity of gold bete, nod tueve caw be oo doubt that? Much aa ia absorbed by par Has who hoard, and who an- engaged in ou'aido apeculatioaa ? toe amount of bultion in the cruntry ai praasat ia larger than it ever wai before, and should bo brought into circulation. The y 'nt, It is stated, will reaume operations to mar row. Should such prove to bo the case, it will, of ccurae. prove a subject of sincere congratulation anot; aU business partk ?; but at the aame tiaae ws cannot crnceal our disguat at the whole course of the govern ment regard the coinage of gold in California It te I not generally known, but is nevertheless the fact, that the pricdpal private assay office in the country effects over fitly per cunt raorf towards tho supply ol coin to the country than ttio United states Mint does. Tte highest point rcoched by tbe Hint baa heon a boat 91, 6(0, (00 per month in ccln. Tho assay ofllco has, for weeks at a time, manufactured from tuO.OOO to $80,009 per diem. Every banker in the State will aiunowtodg* tbat but for the Assay Office the fltancial crisis in this State would have be*n prolonged for weeks and weeks. To it the holders r f ju'.llon bau to look for ooin, and but for It ban Francisco raiijht at this moment bare beoa bankrupt Tbe Mlot lure should be of a capacity to colu $6,000, 0? 0 per month. 'Ihe l'htladelphia eatabUak wt-Dt should be brol"n up : the New York Assay Office should be changed In'o n Branch M ut ; bat the groat gov< rrroent manufactory mould be located ia Saw Francisco The Sea Bird brlEgs us Intelligence from the SaaJwick Islands of auotber Me:gga operation practiced there, in irgarc to whalemen 'a druftu, many of which, aold daring the past season, have turned out to bo forgeries. Tho amount to fsr discovered is about $50 1 IX). It will bo iemetnb* r> d that the Alia CVi't/omiti called attention to thfse opersfonh over two months ago. Mr LUight (of Page, Kacon & Co ) lias waited on us to day. and asauroi us tbnt tlte only draft purchased by that houte, whicb proved to have been a forgery, is ono of $li,000, which ia pirfectly secured. The snipmtct to morrow will not probsbly tal! short of $1,260,0(0 in bullion although at th? present moment it ia difficult to determice how great it actually will bo. The manifested treasure, It rhould ha borne in mind, bf ' no mssns )epr?Benta the amount of exchange irawn.oa. iht H>et, or the money remitted. The biaiecj tJ ways prefer t> nutting pap?r, as loog as they are ausured of ita value; inasmuch as by so doing they *are both freight sot! insurance. Thus i>r>reramcnt drafts, certificate# of ceposit in New York Esxtom bank "heclH, lie , Ate., arw eapsily ?o>ght after heie at a premium of 1 to 2 par cent. but. the remittance of them does not appear, exoopt on tf.e bool'H of the parties interested. We aro in.'ormed by Meisrs. Lucas, Turner & Co , that by to-morrow'a stfcmer they forward over $100,0(,0 of sucb paper, aad we doubt not tbat the ot.t?.r hankers also remit largo siuoubio a at iKo msi me wanner. Important Contract with BKexIco? Th* Haw Steamer Pott on tbe Pacific. The recent contract between tbe Mei can government and Mr Foster, agent of tbe Nicaiagua Steamship Ooaa pany, by which th - port of Uanzanilia ia thrown open to the'stoumers ot tbat line, stems likely to bo tba ooaa tuecccmt-utof a biabl.v lucrutive trade betweoa t^ataec tion of Mex'co and California. This port, offering aafa anchors go to vessels of the largest class, is sltaaaad ia 1st 10 iltg 3 min. N., Ion. 1.4 deg in min. W Tho trade of Manzanilla lias hitherto been extremely limited, cervicg as a seaport 'o Colima, u populous oity tn tha IbUrior, itod a urt of Uverpool to that Mandioator at Uexico? Huac'a'ajsra It is about three bundled aailoa nearer to San Franci-co than Aaapulco. Tbe sAvsntsgeoni' tvtuat.^n of Vaniandl* would giro it superiority over all other poitstn sapplyng the pro virccs rvf Col m >t Mirhoacan and Jallfcn, and above all, it would i\port nitre ouickly and at loss co-it the aor cliacdise from (iuai1 alajsra and th* celebrate! lair at San Juan del Rio, wbera near roe hundred tbousAi peo ple. are congrrg&ted. Tho to^n is twenty leagues west of Colima, tbe capital of tbe territory of tbat name. Ex cepting earthquakes and goitres, with which Ihe inba bitai>t& are siiltcted, there is nothing uotable ia Ooiuna, which contains some thirty thousand souls. Ilin great vtlcano of Culami, near by, is H.OCO feat in height, and is yet In activity, but Bending forth only cinders, smoke snd ashes. Another peak, witb an extinct crater, is 710 feet higher, and north of tfca above meniioced summit It is often covered with snow, and serves as a magnificent landmark for tho at tine r. By tVe treaty with the Mexican government, tbe steam ers of tbe company, atd also those of the late Indepen dent Line of I stiama s te?m?-r j, are permitted free en trance <nto the port with the right of establiahiag a coal an< provision depot there which we believe to bo tbo principal object almeri at by tte compaay. The Interior iiboucds 'n the trop'cnl fruiti, ?n<! a valuable trade will ('ouhtiesi at once start into life between soma of oar fruit tracers and the n&tives. It i* said that bug* quantities of specie have found their way tbrongh Maoz.ioilla, of iatA years, into tha hands o! tiv^lish merchants, the greater part of wbicb, turned into a new channel, will now reach California. San Francisco, with her prs eut overstocked market, might easily aupply the popu'ous towna of the interior with manufactured and other goods. Tbe i-teamor Cortes, Captain Barns, was the first to tsVe advantage of tbe treaty, wbicb she did oa her late trip through Nicaragua Captain Barns represent* the place to be healthy in tbe summer aea'Oi. Another thriving commercial town seem* about to he formed at this sn?g little seaport. Whoa tarts tbe first fruit trats there? The Mining Bust near [From the San Kranci -co Herald, April 36 ] From several g>ntiem?n who hare recently been through tfce interior, and tram all the journals in the mining clstiicte, with scarce aa exception, we leant that the min'rs were nevrr more prosperous and contented. Ihe recent rains hare been of incalculable service, and in every direction the miners, with a fall supply of water, are butiiy at rork. We are told that there I*. p>ntv of gold dust (?Uerlng in the mining towns, and that the tracers are in high spirits. There U no complaint mt hanl times them, we learn further that the quarts ui am are becoming very profitable, an<l that addittena atd improvements are being oomtautly male to tha quartz establishments now in operation. The bus'nepM is becoming bettec understood? science aid experience ere Uniting the cost of working the m'ne.- and extracting the gold? capital is seeking inveet mtnt sga n 10 tnterprlses o( this character? new lodgee ire being discovert*) tnu pW re-workedj 7C| t?V* U x?1 '?r ''I'tant wflen the _vield cr tli<-i? quartz minea wdl cM?tit?t* a tmj important proportion or the aggre gate product of tie State. Ther will pay long after tha plsc*r mites are exhausted. if that time ever should ar rive. As iwn as It is generally known how Urgelr these mines bare been pajing or late, capital will pour in flma Kuroj e to aid In df relapicg ttelr riches. I The capitaliato of Login nd hare aiwa;s been partial to mining enterpri ses. They are well satisfied if ther obtain four or Brw per cent t o their moaey at home. The quart* name* now in operation In thisBtate yield an average profit ef at least thirty per c nt upon the amount In rested. Yacht Race st Man Franrlsro. [t'rcni tha Alta California. April 30 J Quite a *en!-atluu?has been rife for some days among tl>e I oat rg community around tha wharree, relative tn n boat race, regarding which some considerable aosaunta of mcn?y had been wa^eren, and no email degree a t ni-russion aod debate engendered among the old ealto. The bests entered for the nautical strife were tha Flytag Cloud, Eclipse and Mischief, thongh it waa generally Daderotcod that many more were to be compact ton Car the price, which, by the way, we are unable to any n word about, not knowing what the main stakee vast place* at. Tbeee were all eloop rigged. msinsatl and j>h, and, It was believed, properly ballasted. Tha diatanoa waa from the ct Broadway wharf around a flag hen* anchored off Fort Point, aid back around Goat Ulead to the point of departure. At 12 o'elock the little fleet got away with a spank >eg hr'eze, which soon increased to a stiff gate; tfce ri vals attended or followed by some fifteen or twenty satellite*. the operation of some of them proring thai ther nuant bare boine no laggard's part la the raoe HeeV. For about half a m la neither boat obtained an/ rery remarkable advantage over the others, though it appear ed that the Eclipse was gradually clearing a bead. Sine was beautifully handled, and, the boats being on tha wind, (which we forgot to mention was fiom the aoctfc west.) she showed herself a peeUr, and great hope* van entertaoed of her. But the Flying CI on 1 itemed to har? suddenly awakened fron a dr?.vn. A few ship s length* nast Meiaea' ubirf. an 1 "he rapidly overhauled the &clip<", passing hrr handsemrtr, and to the snryriat ad sU. During this tf *>*? the Mlschl :f had gradually dropped astern snlMcnTd fUkU to hare been badly tcitn*n*4 or ball's ?tel. i-ft* *" out ome race, to att Intent* and PtT?rih'ln* to hare the matter entirely in her own band* afior this, hogging the I'reeidio conafc th? W.T oat, while her two competitors tacked about bal'war down towards Abatrai. rflie reached tT?e flan beat golr at a 1 lipping paca," on the starboard tnat, lept away, rounded t*io goal, and, In another moment was winging her way boTi? agi'n, flying like a ftlghtenoA bird uefore the v-lnd. She reached Broadway wharf In two boore end tv ree quarter*, (quarter before threw o'cio-k,) ? splendid winner Bnt rot so the Rolipae, who bavin; missed a figure fa her awkward " leg" towards Bird Island, rea?tn?d ?W boa* half an hoar later than '-Us I Irlaj Clou 1. ih*

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