Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 26, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 26, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW WHOLE NO. 6847. MORNING YORK HERALD. EDITION-SATURDAY, MAT 29, 1855. PRICE T?TO CENTS li L ' -- ? -? g Important to Tax Payers. . K0N-BK8IDKNT8 TO B1 A88K*SRU ? THK PllOBABLB % HATE OP TAXB8. ? Tut ytjcn nait cot forget that the Mn?sin?nt roUa j* Of the several wards are now open for examination and ? correction, at the Tax CommUalouer's office, in the New * City Hall. Those desirous of ex.imin'og them can do so fany time before the 25th day of Juue next, whan they will be olcaed, and no further correct on allowed. There ? can be no mitigat on of the amount of tax levied after I that date, as the record shown by the book* U finti and without appeal. _ It is the general impression that the valuation of pro perty in this city, particularly of perronal property, is exceedingly inaccurate, and is far lower than a true statement of ttie facte would warrant. And no doubt this is true; Indeed, our present pi# u of electing ansa g son in the fttveial wards, has a tendency to bring about juat such a retuD. The best ssseieor wi'.h us h the one I whe will place the value of property fa his district at ai J low a rate ns possible, and should one of them attempt to I do his duty, he would find himstlf u?xt jear relieved I from the cares of bis office. The valuation of pro I perty in this city, last year, was $l!iSt021,734, no doubt 1 a more accurate estimate would prove it to be in the j neighborhood of $600X00,000. | The Legislature at its lest session pissed a bill taxing * the personal property of nou resit e&ts, thus making I them pay their just proportion rr the SUte taxes, which they have not heretofore done, rhi following is the law, which bears date February 27, ISM :? 1 All persons and asnooiaticn-i dolsg business in ths 1 State Of New York, as mer chants, r>?u *rs or other wije, ? either as principals or partners, WMfhet special or other < wise, and not residents of this Sta'e, nh -11 be assessed I and taxed on sill sums invented in any manner in said j business, tee same as if they wer* residents of this , State; and taia taxis sball be oolieeted from the pro I perty of the firms, persons, or associations to which 1 they severally belong. i It will be seen that the above law mtkes no provision ' for other than pen one who reside out of the State, and ; does not apply to the personal property of persons who do business in New York and reside in the adjacent towns, and villages. Hut, nevertheless, j it is estimated tbat the law bb parsed will add to the " taxable property of the city nearly (30,000,000, a sum that must have acme effect in cheapmg the rate of tax ation to our citizens. The largest emiuut of personal property of acy one nca- resident is $i50, 000. There is as other large clats of persons who aim escape taxation, for whose benefit it would be well to pa?s a special law. We allnde to the floating population, whose migratory habits render a proper valuation ot their personal pro perty next to imprssible, under our present tax laws. | The first Monday in June the Ceiiius Marshals will commence tbeir l&bcrs, and as thfy have orders to esti mate real eatate and personal property without regard to its present assessed v&lue, their labors, if properly conducted, will be ef great uBe in reforming our present imperfect tax list, and will be the basis ot an improved valuation. It 1s thought that the rate of taxation this year will be about $15 on every thousand, higher?1 we believe, than it ever has been. City Intelligence . Bass Ball.? Our readers ate perfectly aware that the good old fashioned game of have ball is at pretest receiving much attention among the lovers of apart an 1 manly exerc se. Five clubs are organised and in ops ration in this city and Brooklyn, composed of some thirty or forty members each, an.l are in continual prac tice. Thrte of th?m play at th j cilysan Fields, H? boken, one on every af'.ernoon during the week? ttie Knickerbocker Club on Monday and 'lhur-iday, the Eagle Club cn Tuesday and Friday, i.n ? th? Empire Qlub on Wednesday and Saturday. One other, the tiotham Club, plays at the Bod Houtte, Harlem, on l'uesiay and Friday afternoons, lbs Excelsior Club of Brooklyn, we under - stand, have tot as yet arranged tieir daya of practice. We woulc recommend such oi our re?u*rs wli? have suf ficient leisure, to join one of these clubs The benefi-, t? be derlv?d, especially to the man of sedentary habits, is iacalculable, and the blessing of health and a dimi nished decttr ? bill may reasonably ba expected to flow from a punctutl attendance. On Friday, the first o.' June, tre Kni'kertocker an-i Gothiai Clu"is w ll play a match at the Red Houi>e, Harlem, and th? Kigle an Empire Clnbs will also play a m^tcb a', the Klysiai Fields on Friday, the lota of Juno. Ma'ches betwee : the Knickerbocker and Eagle and tua Soiham and Eagl ? Clubs axe alio expected to come oil uu:in? the month o' June. The play tak s place during tie a'.ternoon, com mencing at about three o'clock. A Child Rvn Over and Kiu.rd by a Cart. ? Yesterday afternoon, s little boy, about five years of age, namel John Miline, ton of Mr. K'line, of 5? Vesey street, was run ever and killed, hy a bone an.l cart, driven by Joha Connor. The occurrence took place just opposite the re sidence of the child, who wis p'sy lug in the middle of the street at the time The Third ward police on being notified of the fact, arrested Conuor and conveyed aim to the Tombs, where Jostlce Connolly committed him to prism to await the action of the Coroner's inquest. Coroner O'Donuell was notified of the occurrence, and will hold an inqueet upon the body of the deceased to day. Fatal Bkstlt of a Railroad Aocidknt.? On Saturday night last, a man named Dennis Burke, -living at No. 7 Roosevelt s tre* t, was accidrntally run over on the Secnnd avenue railroad, in South street, near Peck slip. The deceased was severely injured, and was conveyed to the New York hoepital by the Fourth ward police. Here he lingered until yesterday, when death pat an end to his sufferings. Coroner O'Ponnell wa< au'.ified of tne fact, bnt in consequence of some difficuly encountered In the getting of witnesses, the inquest w.n postponed until to-day. Tie driver of ths car, (No. 14) and alto the conductor, hare been subptonead at the coroner's office to attend. Fran IN City Hai.l Place . . About 8 o'clock yestsrlay inorn'ng, a fire was ciscovered on the fourth floor of Mr. George Bruce 'a type foundry, c.rnerof Chamber# ?treat and City Ball place. The Are was occasioned by a defect In the tin covering of the nraoie cMmney lea tin< from the ateam boiler. The team 3 and the undernetth Bt of the flooring were charred bjr the fire before ex gaiahed. Damage trifling. Fibs in Mij>ktta Street.? At 12 o'clock on Thursday Bight an alarm of fire wai given, canted by Ifrs. An drews, of No. 2 Minelt* street, accidentally settla; Are to her clothing, wbile laboring under an aberration ot mind. Policeman E*ndford, assisted by soma citizen*, anon ex tinguished the (lie. The unfortunate wiman was seat to the Fifteenth ward itatton bouse and Dr. Grin -roll eent for, who pronounced her Injuries aot of a serious nature. Fibs ih Fifteenth strict.? The aWrm of Are in the Fourth district last night, between nine ual ten o'clock, wm caused by a Are discovered ia a private atable, situ ated on East Fifteenth street, near tbo Fourth avenuf. The firemen were quickly at work and extinguished fie flames before they spread beyond the stable. The horses were extricated without injury. A cirpenter's shop be longing to Mr. Lewis, adjoins the btavle, but did cot receive any damage. TO THS EDITOR OF THk HBtUI.1). ? numerous friends in this city, and the public generally, >blige m" by in?pen<ling their opioim in regard to tne Sixth avenue :?i roiu o*se yesterday, in I <e?l onfldent tbo civil suit I am about to oomroence will ria<Moet? mv right, to showing that tbe law ana the facts *re on my ?lde; also (bat the public is against the company and in my faror. This is tbe ii?.-ue. What is the law t Win has violated it ia this eaeet This qneeilna meat be decided bv a Judge ot tbe Superior ronrt.. It is not a xuesti in of prejudice or orsfsr enee, or of white cr black; but It is a eimple qnention ef civil lew. j, w. 1'KXNINOTOW. 20 Sixth street, May 25th, 1855. Brooklyn Intelligence. Arrest or Alleged Cor.*TMt putters. ? Yesterday morn ing, officers Oubbs, Mathews and Van Wagoner made a descent opon a home in Coaeord street, near Pearl, and arrested two men aad a woman, on snsp.cion of being Implicated in the manufacture o? bogus coins, a large number of which had lately been put in circulation in both sections of this city, bat more particularly in the Eaateni district. On sArching thi premisee, they tound dies or halves, quarters and ten cent pieces, a galvanic battery, various acida, jars and crucibles containing a quantity of compoaition metal, ready lor melting. Horn* counterfeit Fpan11.l1 coin was also found, aad the whole lotwaatak'n to the office of the Chief of Police. The name* of tbe accmed parties are John I.onsano, a Spaniard; Maria, bis wife, aad James Qutnn. Loexano has heretofore been employed in thU city as a journey man barter, and was seemingly an industrious aad honest man lh? v were all locied up to await farther developemer.ts. ft appears that aome time during the morning a hoy found a die in an ash barrel in front of the houte occup ed by the accused. lie immediately repaired to the office of the Chief of Pollse, and exhibit ed It, whereupon the above ntm*<l officers were des patched to esc'rtain more about It. They soon dis covered that the ash barrel was owned by the occupants of the hou*e tefore which it stood, an 1 then proceed*) to make fut ther inquiries which resulted in the arrest of the parties named, and the eel 7 ore of the implements. Jersey City Kews. Take* to the Pt at* Prwos.? Rosintu, Smith, convict ed of grand larecny in the late term of the Hudaoa County Court of Oyer and Terminal, and sentenced to the Hate prieon for six months, wv la* en Is Trenton on Thursday, to commence her term cf imprisonment. Tna Railroad Brthoi. over h-> Delaware rver atLiski waxen, oa tbe New York and Krie Railroad will probat>l r be rebuilt, ?o that the pa?Feag?r tra a will aa^s over it thla (Saturday) aitenMoa. Marine Afffclrs. A N*w Steamship Limr? The citizens of Portland, hitherto feeling the n( ed of fteim communication to this prit, bare held out inducements to partite here, to start a line of steamers between oar respeotire cities, and w? are informed that Captain John Riley hu accordingly made arrangement* to put the two fine steamships Cale donia and Westernport on this route to sail from hence, on cr about tbe 1st of June, and it now only rem tin j for the citizens of Portland to do their part by furnishing freight to have all their future wants In that respect supplied by New York capital. On looking orer thii route we notice that the distance bttween this port and Portland Is not greater than the dl-.Unce from lieie to Boston, and the run from Vineyard fonnd to Portland is considered by mariners less ha/. aidous than from Ihe eatce point to Baston From tcnce to Nantucket the route is through the Long Island and V.'Ltyard Bound, being aa safe as the 8tonfngton or Fall Fiver. Portland is the most commodious and ac cessible harbor on the coast, and the distance from this city to Montreal and Q??bec, we are Informed, via Port land and the Grnnd Trunk Railroad is shorter and more eligible than by any other conveyance. We think the enterprise deeerves the attention of merchants ship ping to and from these quarters. Acaokmy of Mcsic? " Er.nasi."? The " Ernai.i" of Verdi ? certainly the most popular of that composer's operas ? drew a full an3 distingue house to the Academy of Music last evening. The audience was aupeilor, both in numbers anl appearance, to that of any of the previons performance* of the La Grange troupe, and this fact proves conclusively that iLe artists are gradually gaining that place in tbe public estimation which tbey deserve. "Ernani" has been dons here so often that no length ened description of the plot and inusio is nejesiary. It is, like all Verdi's operas, distinguished for dramatic power, and the librettist ba.i not been over-nice in put ting strong effects at the expense ol improbabilities, some times going over the mark of dramatic licence. Tae soprano, aa usual, is absurd enough to prefer a hand some tenor? a bandit who turns out to be a duke, singularly enough? to a crusty old bass and a baritone, the la&t named person belog quite a good fellow for a kluj. After numerous trou bles and conspiracies, tho tenor receives the soprano and his dukedom under a sort of general a unnssty, but bis elderly rival suoceoia in demolishing the young lovers while they are enjoying the Qrst fruits of their happiness. A shockingly bad ending, as all the ladies very truly observe. The cast of "Ernani'' at the Academy ia a strong one, ncluding Mme. de l a Grange as Elvira, Slgnor Mirate as Einanl, Slgnor Morelli a i the King, and dig nor Marini as Don 8ilva. The Eivira of the night was deficient in dramatic power, but superb in vocalism. She did not receive quite so much applause at on previous ooaa sicca, is her profuso ornamentation, quite proper in Bosina and Lu:ia. would be out of place in klvira. Her cavatioa, Ernani involami, was charm iiigly rendered, and the duet with Eruani in the second act, ''Ah morir," was given with much feeling and expression. Musically speaking, Mm). La (?range's Elvira waa excellent, but she did not seem to attempt to act. Ernani was very good, both in act ing and ringing. ? Hla scene, In the sesend act, with oilva, was excellent. 8ign?r Morelli's performance of tba King must be considered, however, the crowning glory of tba night. We have seen nothing equal to its aitistio finish, both in noting and Hinging, for many a day. Signer Marini'j fellva seemed as powerful and ef fective as ever. The oi*ra was well car?d for in the mire en teene, and waa applauded throughout. It wflfbs given again on Monday evening. Nihlo's Garden ?English Opera. ? Mr. W. V. Wal lace's opera, "Marltana," was given last night, to a fair house. Mi aa L. Pyne sang Marltana in her usual exquiiite style, and *be other parts were well represent ed by Mr Elarriion, Miss 8. Pyne and Mr. Borraui. This evening, the "Daughter of tbe Regiment." Walla ck Testimonial. ? An adjourned meeting of the friends of J W. Wallack, Esq , waa held at the St Nicholas Hotel, on Thursday evening, the 24th Inst., Copt. I'. P. Levy in tho chair. After a series of resolu tions, expressing sympathy for Mr. Wallaok's long Ill ness, his restoration to health, his worth as a manager, actor and man, the following gentlemen enrolled them selves as a committee to farther the laudable undertak ing for which the meet ng waa convened:? Cap t. U. P. Levy, U. 8. N. ; James Phalen, John C. Holland, Robert Emmet, Denning Doer, G. A. Cooover, John Hoey, C. W. A. Roilgers, E. A. Mai shall, Caleb Marshall, Jonas B. Phillips, Atael Levy, H. Saowden, Hon. J. McKeon, G. W. Jackson, J. M. Bncklaod, S. C. Jollle, and many others. Coroner*' Inquests. Fatal Railroad Aran est ?Coroner Wilhelm held an ir quest yesterday upon the bod/ of Frank Bu'ner, the hoy who vu killed on Thursday night, by being ran over by one of the New Daren freight cari, in Fourth avenue, near the Bible House. The evidence taken on the occasion went to show that the driver of the ear could not possiblv have averted the accident, a* the car was tlorfl upon the unfortunate child ere th? driver was awaie of his presence Tin jury rendered the following verdict:? "That the decea?ed came to his deafi by tfie ifTcct* of a compound fracture of the left thigh, and other injuries received by being run over by on* of the New Yo'k a ad New Ilaven freight cars, said car bring driven hv FtankUn Fex. The jury exculpate the driver from all blame, but argent'.y racommend that some means be taken to prevent similar acsHents, aul that Dm company are censur.xble for not having a b-a1;?msn between the two cars, (w> icli were connected together ) ty whi:h. means the accident might have been pre vented." The deceased was nine years of age. SrrciDE dy Taking Akssmc. ? An inquest was held by Coroner Gamble, upon the bodv of a woman named Ca tharine Hodge, at h?T late resldenee in Fifty-second street, near Eleventh avenue, who died from the offsets of a dose of arsenic, administered by her own hand, for the purpose of coraai'.tirg suieiie It appeared from tte testimony taken on the oscation, that the deceased bad of late been addict"! to the too 'ree me of intoxlcit ing liquors, which crested a difficulty betwient her and her husband, he being * temperate snd respectable rain; that cn Wednesday she swalioned a dose of arsenic, and uprn <"oiog so informed her mother, then in the house, 01 the fact. A doc+cr wis immediately sent for, who prescribed the proper remed<>?, but without effect, a? the fle.eised expired the following morning, manifesting up to the last moment a wish for death. l'h? Jury reoler e<l a verdict of suicide The f. cceai- e i was forty years of sge, and we* a natve of Ireland. For? Psowskt).? Corcner Gamble held an inqueit at p'er No. 40 East liver, upon the body of an antnown men, about twenty years of age, who was found floating In the river at thii point. The dessased had smJy hair, we re h< op rings In his ears, and had probably bean In the water about two weeks. Thejury rendered s verdict of "e'eath by drownixg." ? The Tuif. MAPfAunrasTrs rack*. C.?iffl*nxiK Trottixo Park, U*y *22.? Matjh, $100, m'le beets, beat three in Ave, in harness. S White named r. (.Gov Peward Ill B. Titus named ch g Pr Wood 2 2 2 Time, 9:57? 2:15ft?' ?:00. Saks Dat ?Hatch, $600, mile heats, best three in Ave, to wagons. R. Titos named bl. g. Know Nothing 112 1 A. Bklncer named b m Tib Htnman 2 2 12 Time, 2:41 ? 2:43^ ? 2:42)?? 2:49. obio racks. Qvns Citt Cornsr, Cikcixjiati, Kay 19.? Purse and stake. $160, mile beats, best three in Ave. Mr Jsm?s named b. g. Keu^e 110 1 J. Roekey named br. g. Bil Wood. ........ 2 2 0 2 Mr. Bobbin i nrroed s. g Mcse drawn. Time, 3:30? 2:54-2:67? 3:06. * LOriSIANA RACBfl. Metaibis Couwii, H?y 16. ? Trotting purse, $100, m is heats, best three in Ave, in harne?.? J. B. Hartley's bl. m. Lady Lancaster 12 2 11 George Fletcher's b ra Dolly Smith.... 2 112 2 E. Shilling's s. g. Henrr Clay drawn. Time, 2 :44 2 48?2 :4 8?2 49 >4? 2 52. May 16 ? Pacing puree, $100, miie heats, bent three in live, in harness. Geo Futcher named Andrew J. Polk 13 11 BK Bonham named Tecum sell 3 3 3 2 8. F. Bloe named Bilver Tall 2 1 2dH Time, 2 31^? .2:31^? 2:29? 2:34. May 17 Parse, $100. for trotter* two mils heits, to wigons. Marshall Hanson's s. g. Henry Clay .*5 2 11 8. F. Rice's bl. g. iArkin 1 0 .1 2 ?:?o FuUber's s. m. Dolly Smith 2 12 3 B. K. itonhani s b. m. Nameless dj^t. Time, 6 .????}*? u :34 % ? 5 46? $ :49. CALIfOTlNI A RACKS. U*ro* Cor*?r,8AwFi?Aiici?co, April 2<J ? Pacing pum $200. mile heats, best three in Ave, In harness: we'ahti, 116 lbs. p. C. Campbell's b. g. Joe Wilson Ill Jobn Crooks' eb. g. Daniel Webster 2 3 2 Mr. Eott's rn. mare l,edy Mac 3 2d'? T.?o, 2 29-2 01-8 31 X. Bbyofi Office. THE rARiDK, r>JBPlCTlON AND RKVIKW OP THE TO 1ICB FORCE IK THE PARK. To-day hu been designated by Major Wood as the ono on which the inspection and review of tbe police Khali take place, and arrangemants for thii interesting affair have been completed on a very extent ire scale. This b the first time the wbole force haa been brought togeth er since the organisation of the department. The fol lowing Will be the order of arrangements:? The companies from every dietriet, consisting of 32 men each and 3 officer*, which, tjgether with the re rr served corps, will number in all bstweea 900 or 1,000 men, will march from their respective districts and b-? in the Park at 2 o'c'ock precisely. On srriving on tbe ground they will be formed into three battalions, the right resting on Chatham street, anil tin left west of the Ciiy Hall on Broid>vay. They will then be ordered into line by double Hie at 2'J o'clock, and wlien ready for inspection ami review, it will be announced to the Mayor, who will n;mediat?ly proceed to make a thorough inspection and review of evwy rran, scrutinizing care his ap pearance dreFS and carriage, an 1 notiug bit kno sledit of the drill exerc^e. During the r.view the line will ext?nd from Broadway to Chatham street, in opan order, tbe Mayor passing between, aocompauled bv his clerk, prepared to make memorandums of interesi. a i The several battalions will th a be formed in a three' i equare, four men deep, In fr?nt of tbe Hall, whea his llotor will present the medals, procured br h'm at his pMNHl expense, to tho*e memoers of the department whose meritorious actions entitle them in bis judgment to receive consideration at his hands From ammg the wbole force he has seleoted seven members who are well deservicg of th>n lienor, each of whom will be addrensei by bim. and the nature of the service r<?nuered stated. Tl>e medal is of silver and the workmanship very beau tiful. Its design :s a shield, surmounted by an eag'e bear ing a scroll, on which ia th<t motto, 4 Fiat Jas'.icia ruat Calum " On the shield are stars with the words N. Y. rnlii?, a ml the mctto "Partum Mrrilo.'' Oa the obv?rie, ?'Prevented to ? , by F, Wood, Es-i., Mayor, Id 55 and 1866." Alter tbe ceremonies of presenting these *w*rdB of merit, the Mayor will deliver hts a Mress. Oa its con clusion they will sgain fonn into line and each compa ny will repair to its respective station house. It is un derstood, however, that the three crack companits of the fciglith, Fourteenth and Fifteenth wards, who havs taken fjieat pride in the drill exercise, will march aal countermarch in front of the Hall. Between the cerernon'ts Duiworth's celebrated band of thirty-five pieces will perform. The invited guests, consisting of the members of the judiciary, heaus of depirtments, members of the uty government, Meyors, k c., of the adjoining cities. w'io may be present together with atber distinguished oiti zens, will be provided for in the Governor's rooal, May or's office, au'i other aptitments in the Hall, where they will be enabled to wl tnees the whole affair. STBEXT C LEAKING MAC II I MIS? A DIRTT TRTCK. The successful operation* of the street cleaning ma cii'nc.s, which have given to the First, Second, Fourth and Sixth wards such a clean and healthy appearance, acd bas become the subject of general remark, hai brought upon the proprietors, Messrs. Smith, Meckel & Co., theenmitj and malice of the advocates of the old fashioned and stale system of manual labor. A nnaa and contemptible plun of injuring the director* has b'ieu resorted to. Lirt carts filled with all sorts of rubbish ar.d filth, tbe tail board* of which are purposely fixed on lioaely, so that tbe contents of the carts n>s.y hive an easy egress, have been going about dally n'iW for a whole neck, over a part of Broadway, abovo Spring street which fs being cleaned by the machines. A memorial was received by tbe Mayor, signed by several merchant* C.viag business in that vicinity, complaining bitterly tba> such disgraceful conduct should be permitted, a id asking His Honor to take proper measures for i's pre vertion. It 1* to te hoped that thla matter will be se*n io. Police Intelligence. THE OCEAN BANK ?UOKZZLEKINT CASK. Yesterday, officers Splcsr and Bos t wick, of the Court of General Sessions, arrested Smith Dunning, Jr., and James S. Dunning, on a twnch warrant issued from this court, wherein they staud charged with being impli cated with Willum B. McOuckin, late teller of the Ocean Bank of this city, in embezzling funds Irom that Insti tution to the amount of $75,000. The aetused were brought before Recorder Smith, who held them to ball in the sura of $10, OM to answer. The requisite ball having been procured, th?> aecn-ed were allowed to de part at liberty. The in<^ iM mints nga'nst these parties were found by tbe Grand Jury of the April term. CnARQS OF RBCEIVINO STOLEN GOODS. Cept. Norris and officer Darly, of the Tenth Ward Po lice, arrested a man named Jaco*) Messenger, keeping a grocery atore at 217 Second street, on charge of hav icg been receiver of a quantity of property which It is sd!eged was atolrn from the Erie rsllrosd depot, at the foot of Duane street. The property stolen (12 firkins of butter), was tbe pro^urty of Messrs. Condi*. k Nobis, of Water street. The batter, It is alleged, was taian by a colored man named .;teph?ns, who hai been employed to convey the same from tho railroad pier to the ft ore of the owners, who, Instead of doing this, carried it to tbe store of Messenger, and there disposed of it at less than the original cost. The accused ws* taken before Justice Welsh, at tbe Essex Market Police Court, when he was committed for examination. The alleged thiaf still continues at large. ALI.EGED FKLON'IOfS ASS1CLT OS SHIPBOARD. Yesterday afternoon Wm. S. Cashing, mate of the ship Rappahannock, wa* arrested by officer Marshall, o' the First ward police, and brought before Justice Connolly, at the Lower Police Court, charged with having feloni ously assaulted one of the crew, named Michael Kyan, by striking bim several blows ou tbe head with a cap stan bsr, inflicting many severe, if not fatal, woun s. The cause of the assault has not been ascertained, but it Is said that Ryan beoemlng somewhat refractory while on board, the mate took the favorable opportunity of inflicting this light punishment upon bioi. Cushiflg wa* committed for trUl on tho above charge. CHABGE OF BCBGLABY. A complaint was made yesterday before Justice Brea can, at the Jefferson Market Pelice C.mrt, by William W. Norton, proprietor of a furnishing store at S43 Broad way, against William Thompson, one of the men arrested at Wilson's house In Ninth avenue, on suspicion of bur glary. for burglariously enter! eg hu store by forcing off tbe padlock ot the front door, and then picxing the lock with a false key. The complainant alleges that a quan tity of collars, laces, cravats, kid gloves, and other articles of lad ea' and gentle sen s furnishing goods, tmountlrg ia all to about ?l.OOO, were stolen from his premises He has Identified a portion of the goods teund in Tliommon's possession, and heoce the charge of burglary. The examination in the caae ot these prl rontra wili come off to day before Justice Brennan. Personal Intelligence. The I hi'aolpbia Nrrrth Jmrricn, of thu 24th Inst., says:? Cel. Venrj, L Rtrney, the leader of the expadl tioii to Nicaragua , left this city for new York on wed nr ?day morning. We learn tnnt it is hi* intention to ? ail frcai that pert en Banaay, in one of the fastest res tela afloat, so that we shall s^on hear of his doings In Central Air.eT'ca. The Pott of th'.s city rays:? Col. Kinney, who now re joices in Jbln exemption from the c utcbes of the law, is ugaln in tewn, muling every preparstlon to sail on an taily tiny of next *e?k. lie still inheres to hie antl Qdibusterlng profe s'.on declarlr ft that the letter extract ed from the Fr.iwna?iHo Flog, which hasbetn extensive ly published to Msdamegc, i? a forgetyjanl that he beret authorize*?, wrote or signed inch a manifesto. A New York correspondent of the Boston Journal write* as follows In pasoicg down Twelfth stnet to day I m?t, fcr the first time lor many months, Oeaerai Scott He resides In a splendid mannion in that street, which he bat purchased Mince toe tit e of I.leutenant (icteial was given to him. with the salary added fro a the tine of the war with Mexico. He grow? old quite rapidiy, and the change in his appearance sinoe the re suit cf the campaign that elected Gen. Pierce is vtry apparent. Bis lofly form is bowed down? his clastic ttep has ptseed away? a look of sadness ani weariness has settled upon those once expressive and decided fea tures. He leads a t? rj retired life ? see* but little com pany? rarely appears in public, and usually walks alone. It Is not possib'e to see Gen. ceott, sad not be struck with the truthfulness of ebakespere's assertion, that '? there la a tide .n the affairs of men." Biuret Lieut. Col Braxton Bragg, of the Third ArtU l*ry, has declined the majority tn the new cavalry regi ment, recently tendered to bim. The Hon. William Jay, President of the Amerioan Peace t^iety. is aneounced to deliver the address at its anniversary, in Bostco, next Monday evening. Hen Was. L. Lee, Chief Justice of the Sindwlah Idard, was In fsimsville, Kr , on the 2Vd inst Mr \/m is alao as accredited minister or commissioner from the Hawaiian government to that 01 the l'nted States, clothed with authority to negotiate a special treaty of commercial reciprocity between the two countries. ARRIVAL 8. A', the St Nicholas ? Thos C. Rear, Virginia: John B Williams A. A. Rlpka, Philadelphia; Or flam Nelsos, Virjitit; Anreliaa Conoklin, Buffalo; B.N. Shelton, Con ii set lent. AtAke Metropolitan? H. n Walhridjte, Toledo; D.B. Hinck ley, Ban Frasolscot James Bdmonil, Bo?toa; Or. I.onjr, Attend: Mr. J. 1), IVebifrr, Chicago; .Inlei Do Caller, Vir ginia; J. E. Mieholf, Providence; E. U iron, Philadelphia At tbe As tor? lion. L. Bancroft, Alt' any; Boa. J. B. Bottler. Colntnbus; J .-.die Dens, Pouirhkeopmc; C. F. Tend. Hartford; General Martin, Albany , Captain Sleaner, Te l?.<!o. At the Irving? Hot. B. T. MePhiriin, Toronto. C. W. : A. Tones, PUIiMnli; C. FooU, Bridgeport; M. Balu ?L, Fhiladelphe; J. w Butler, Boston, Frcm flavanrab, In eteamship FlotMv- J Alexander, S S Anetln II Biiihan, I N J C fleman, Br?nan, M ?? t Clark. Vi?? F, O Clay, W Canto", " Carroll. f Conn,*! 3 l)i key, t> M Dennise*. Iff (tot-. , v n B bcf.-, A r?l l?y Mri J il Foster, J W Oi'her*, *rn Hmter Maj'er Hun ter. J Hallor ant laily, J Z Joyce. M!<s V Loe?ee, M H LeM, Mrs B Melville .1 MSDoniall, Mies M' utmi, J Maon der. Miss Main, 11 M Mips, U ftiddletrao*, Mr faz#o aid UJy, Mlm?e A snd F J U P?v W b ?'afT-rd So i S L ?<ch.->' nmaksr, sin St-oMor,, Mr Iteld n a id sos, G# jTio P?ar?ont Mr' flwsrtont. T H BlSiMSi T Tayl A TVi?:?er, V Wolt, Mr j Wolf, Mrs Wi1o?. Mi-i Gw W?{d si j lady, Mrs i (Vileor, and 3Potteri Bwird Coanellmen. This Board mat at 5 o'clock last evening? President Conover is the chair The .ulna ten of the last meeting w?t?r??(i ?nd appro *?J; afte* which the Boara p.-c mmm to the iniRP EKMig or I1ILL8, .j. 1 ? following orlioances .'ind resolutions were adopted a.m ng?t mai.y otJfr.t : Report of Committee on Vha rvm, pier? mud Slipi, In ,It-D<linf pier at >he loot 0/ Harrison street, norm river. ?,?*??'* 0< <*?> Ylrv Vep&rtmt wt, in furor of I B 2 *unp?nd Compi vr No. 40. and in favor of disbanding Bald company. on CWni?T Streets, in favor ?l ? ;?v? k P 4 ordinance for tl.e of wntur ll?, 1 ft ! ,ortl,e Of Tcfujj in .i?er frnn u~,n^riiSSS.-?' ?*'???? ?????<???> Report of Con oiit eo on I'oUoa, in favor or payinte claim toniint??f Ji Pr-,,u' wli1^ acting a?l>'au tcnants of Nine eenth ward police. ?sjM SISu Wa^r^"^ iu f*?of The Clerk then proceided to read niaetv se-vn atnet" fL !ri!w* l?< the fmisdonof t*xei, siwera^e, b Lfi'?ll!/D<1 *'P?rl?g, providlog of how , h OOHipsni.fl ?nd other matters, none ot Vbich possessed anv public m'erest. Pr?i!9nt ition of petitions was a.-xt Iu order. A petition was presented asking for the ivnaiug of city railroad cars on the line of the Hudton River Railroad. It was referred to t^e Committee ou Rallroals. > A petition from tbe Census Marshals, askln? for in ' K l,1!?? !to*r<,> WAS ??ad and referred to the Committee, on Salaries ana Offices. ^solutions were next o?Ued for. The following reoo Z" W0tl0? ?f Mr- I'WCKNKY.? " tae Cle" of the Salmon Council be. and is hereby, directed to report to this lljar.j, at its Mxt meeting, the amount paid heretofore to M?s<rj. Kent's Noten f<" priutfn& ihe City Charter aad It was resolved taat wheu the Board adjourn it ad journ to meet on the first Monday in June. It was rwolved. on motion of Mr. Matubr, that rule forty-one be so mooMed that tbe meetings of tui? ifVi v^ttif ?8. mouths ot June, July aulAugist stall be held frora day to day, Saturday a ana Suufay* COTcfuded? ntil the buantnj 01 the monthly sesilou is The Beard then adjourred. United States Dtstilct Court. Bcfcrc Hen. Jud*e ingereoll. TD? DUTIES OF A UKAN1* JtfKV. May 23 ?The Grand Jury entered court this morning, and made some inquiries of tie Judge respect ng the* power to Ignore billa ot indictment when they deemed the endencc iuauffijientto establish a case before a pettv jury. r ' lhc Court, in advising them, remarked that it was S? 7iTi3it! nrVi ?l* cl ibr b?lj Sh0ald find in fi?r ?.?Jli!L ?? 1 Virtufcl'y dismissed, and nwa au further action; it was not tbet afore ntcesiafy for them o go tmough the formality of diamisfiog or itruor.nir the bill, because, if the District Attorney L^uUe ne^evi Grant! Ju^Yr^!011 'h? matUr befur# tUu "" Grand l Jury. It there were not twelve in favor of the lidictment, then ,t drop 1 dead for want of action If the District Attorney hauls in a bill, the Grand Jurv tare a right to sa? they ignored the bill, and taen iho accusation had not g*l oii'ect. Tte State laws might 11,1 ?th*r, but they cannot govein tue laws of the ' }r?b l1'8 ^ found during tae term againet a man who ia in custody the court may. m iu discretion, say whether he should bo subjectea to fur ther detention 01 not. Tfce court miy exercise th? e ims discretion us to whether the bail .hould be continued on ILn h i ? ??r ^U,- rne Prictio? <X the State courts c?n have lo eilect hi re. The Grand Jury iigain retired to their room. We were given to understand tuat tbe cause of these inquiries waa a aiffereiice of opinion among tha Grand Jurors aa to their action on soma charges preferred highly respectable ship merchants for soiling wares to pai ties alleged to have been engaged ia tha * avo tra(*e A porth.n of tbe Grand Jury think thtt hm efI>aTXe t4f brought berore them the bill ought to be ignored. Before Chief Justice Nelcon. PUC1810N ON Al'FEAL Iff ADMIBALtT. , Jr. *I>*P rjHCHi* vs. Joseph w. Hati' it.? ste/mhlitTil a i !1 /I1"1 a"ucox. master of the steamboat llero, against the ship l'ha-uU, to rtcovsr carnages for an injury tnat occunel to the former oa /?t?fCr!?,OI,1hV*h Au8"^.l"3, in a alip at taS foot Of Springs' reet. oa the North r.ver. The Uwo ? a? ?h^e a.1 ?' backing into the si p to reach her berth oa the south stfe ot it, ana which was on the north ante of p er No. 4J anu ne-et the loot of the str-jat. There were two vessels .jing at the eutrancs of the slip oV the same 1 sWe ol the pier The Phusnir lay oppoiue, on tae *outh Bile of pier No. 44, heading into ilin Tkxere beV.'taihi 'jlnS ^?'J?l,la3 <>f the 1'hu.uU, under lit fctarboard bow. Toe tDtraace Into the hhp vu ihu? i? J-Si? 1 mioaearieo ot the &*ro torn* what flifflcalt in taolng into her berth between the ve.j ?els, eajec ally as the night was very dark. Sae became weoged ;n ketwetn ihehghter and the vessel below and after a ackenltg me fastenings of the lignter, and ao' vanclng h.r fnrUer into the slip ,, th.tThe t/sio could n*'"-?''1 of thfl cams In contact ?.Itb the smok- pipes or the H-ro, breatiog taem down lha Bmu?5eofTtWelh0a!,*' 0?^?de,, doln< 0t(16r dam no.' the ground I of the complaint in tbe libel ia, that the bands on board tto I'hanix impropsrly neglected is !"a< ^ ' tsP6c,%1,7 tbe mum yard, whtch ex tensed acme ten or twelve feet over the side of the ves ?ei, and occasioted tbe damage that occurred The re spondents deny negligence in not bracing her yards and a ? charge that tne damage was occasioned Wy ih. mil manag?u,tnt of tbe steamboat in b*c?ing into the Mln ^7 V0me *mkU contrariety in the evidence upon t-e point whetner or not the mainjraidj were square; at ths time the Hero attempted to back luto the ai.p; and also whelher or not the hiuJs ? lo wer- engtg.u in slacten ing the fas enlngs and moving the l'ghter hid not braced tiem themse.'ves be.ore* tbe acfidln^c^rred tinl tt.e?e^ *,n,I,oneer*nce ??> fsvir of the aito/a' ?oi braced but squared, and had Si 1 T.n situat'on by the hauls oa board the th.TD e'i. " It-'I'tel on thi par; or the respondent that it is custoniary for vessels lyioir in rl rs around ^ their yarJs .quaked du^^i.S? as well as the day, and hence, that no negligence is proper y efcargeab e lor tte omission to brace them ui ar top Uft thtrn. 1 tbmk thj weight of ths evidanca in the case is the other way. It is true, Hhultr, one of the ??iri!>';T,^a ?' 8,JB tt,"t (t i8 common for vessels to lay with their yards squared, more common than to lav with them braced or top-lifted; whether he maaua wtile lyiag in slips in the night, is not staled; and yet he aV mita taat It ia not a prudent thing lor vessels to lay with the^ JMds squared. Admitting this to be so. his duty f. ,r or should leid iiiin to correct thii prac r8 U ""PP0"0'' " P^vaflT Ster/ on. ?f. ^ Port Wardens, says, when vessels lay in slip, wrere boats are ?oatinuali/ coming in an i Kviwt out the custom is for vessels to brace their yards up Vhen vans are squared is where vessele lay'.t the wharves flffstost \&?CkZkT' ?? (xtnpUlt't b ,n? ma'1e to him I? . .l , Phwnix, gave orders to the mtt? on board tha day before the accident, that he mast n?ht time ,hAIf> up Jtaria? tho nignt lime, while lying m the slln as wh.n ?ere 'continually* Jas^ in^nl out trurt ^*?!PP! ^ P'A Tec' or byue direction, and rhould be generally observed brvesials lying on slips around the h.rbor, aad ?houl I be enforced by the officers appointed to superintend ana regulate tbe ?hipping lying with In It. It Is said that thnlitnla on board the Hero Ltd no right to interfere ?ritu tits lighter, and without removing her the coll'.rijn would not hire fcapp?ieil, as the steamboat would cot hare backed far enough Into the slip to hart b:oujht the aato'^apl^a la ronlnct with the Bkin yard. We do not thlaV so. Alter having called npon the han.Se ot the Pheuix to change the pc sitlon ot the lighter, and their refusal, ti>??e on board the Hero were juatlQed. unlet the circumstaiicei. is matins the change tbeia?elvea The crowded coaJI ?.ten of the chipping at the docka and wh >rv?s arounl the harbor must, of necessity, jnatify flight intsrfer encea ofthia description, for the oonveaienca aa 1 accom modation of the bualoeia and commerce of Ihe clly. Uadoubteflly, where it ia practicable, a dock or haibjr maater aliould be called in to enforce a proper spirit of accommodation. Thia could not be reaaonably required under the elrcnnataneex of the prearnt cue: anl no harm waa <1om to the lighter. We are aatlaUed, there fore, tbat the Phenix wae In fauit, and responsible for the damage sustained, were it n>t that the bana* on board the ateemboat were also in fault, far attempting to back into the alip among the crowd of vessels, with tut getting a line oat to eteady her. The want ot thia inay have contributed to the accident, and for thU reason tin roart below, adopting the role where both veseele are in fjult, divided the loas. We eoncnr in thia view, ai l ahiU therefore affirm the decree, with the coita or this court. Counsel for the respondent., Mr. D. McMalion; for appellant, Meaara. Bebee and Doaoline. IN ADMIRALTY. Before Hon. Judge lngeraoll. Mat 23.? Albert Tan ri. Striimboat Jl<-nnj 3tor nam, htr tacklt, cCc.? ThU waa a libel brought ta re cover about 1400 for chip chandlery furniahed the above ateamboat during summer and fall of 18.' 4. The de fence waa that abe wae a domeatic vee?el a ad aa to all the itema of the account which accrued before the 15th November, 1&S4. tbe lien was loat b -cause ah? want out of the State to Newark, and at ta ail the items which acsrued after the 10th November, 1854, there wae no ll?n, because they did aot amount to ?!>Q It appeared that on the 1Mb November 1864, the ve*ael towed a barge ta Newark. The libellant Insisted tbat h's a? ccunt waa a running account and was not due until the last item, and therefore tbe lien waa u;t loit an I even If tb* cla;D' of the defen lent* was "correct, or that the ve??l went out of the ?tats on th^ l&tti November, the I'etnte 1M not apply becauae thej ?u^den!y ard s*crttly went ont of tbe State The Dfstri -t .Wgo decided ths cause non theee nolnti, nimely, tlut ii hie julgn.nt the a-.ccint In s 1't waa a ruunim; account and did not become due until the parties rested their a ;.j nt. whioh wn? aftf? '.te 'ist !iej ml, tbusfo'i', tiev^ne'.not bar ron* otr'.of tiie .Jt -vt<- afUr t .e lait i:em tli- lieu **?; cot loai, it Jifl not br>v>vu-' uec^try t> Xv le thia pciat aa the >c?>-:?>n tm.rbt ho h#?ol oa otter priiata? the ???vtcte rel?Vn.; to each leasiida *r*io?t ?blpe r? -sole eeetn^i t j hiu> 'o h?r? teU'ion MOM par1ii*w!srr!y to case* where the rights of third parties were (avoirs I, especially in its provision that the lien should be lost when the veetel weat out of the State; ul in this cam it appeared 1 3%r the man who wax owner of the beat w.*i,-n the supp ie* were turnishe 1. was the man who cHlmevH and intervene! in thiisult for the vessel; and an no third party had acquired any right or titio t? the veseel, no one therefore, was preju diced by the lite, and he thought it would be gross ly Irrebuttable f? apply tie stat ute to such a esse. How was the case to be decided with that question staring him in the face ? He was dot pr aaaretl to >ay that he would hold any sncli construction 01 tuo statute in faror of the nan who bought the supplies It was not necea ? aary, his Honor said, lo' decide the ea "W upon either of tboie points, and then tf?e sole question- *n thecaie wiu this, ronceding that the riewt* of t.^e de.enKut'x couvsel were correct icHtw, did She vei''?' 13 point of fact go out of the State w'ttla the seeming of the act ? In theft th Hill, Hancox v*. Deming, the So,""**118 Court decided that going out of 2be State 1* a tri. ^ trip was .not going out of the Stat* within tie me in iag of too s^tute. It nm?t bo a r?gn!-vr depart.we in p ursuance o? her usual w!?ll known an 1 r <cogolzed mplnya 'ant ? so tbs* oretli'ors knowing that >h?< vessel va.4 enj ?!*d in a regular business, trading out of the 3tate, an d per. mittlog her to go unattachc4 would therefor \ t>8 pwutnod to consent to hei departure, and' to waive their Iks. It was aader tho statute a waive of Hen. Applying those rwinciplon t> this ca ?e, the court said it here appears that this ves^ef was ju at completed, for a particular kind of butlnes*, to to v about the harbor, and the next day ofler her ooanpletioa she makes this voyage, unknown l;> tue llbeilaot, to Newark, and after hor return g?ts tho suppllea of him. ' Such % departure was not, in my judgment, witVn tho statute, and it would be grossly inequitAula, where no third party's right hai intervened to bold it of him. Tha learned Judge therefore decreed for lib-iUnt, with refer ence to a commiesloner to compute amount due, with costs. D. McMabon for libellant; W. J. flank ett, for respondent. Annlvtiwr^ of ttie I'nlttd Americana In New [From the Newark Mercury, May 25 ] The seventh anniversary of the organization of the order of United Americans in this State, was celebrated last evening in the Clinton street M. E Church. The church wa.i crowded and thd p"o tendings throughout were of a highly Interesting character. The member* of tlo crder in this oity convened at O U. A Hall at 7 o'clock, and pioceedeti thence in a holy 1o the church, where, as they entered, they were of course the "ob served of all obrervers." They wore the usual regalia, snd turned out in strong nam ?ers. The exorcists of the evening commencec with pray'r by Itev. Mr. lit ice, after which ibere w;is appropriate" music by Duncklee's titee Club. Joseph P. Bradley, Ksq., iva? then introlused, sit hi' speech was ieceived with the greatest applause. J'r. Jthn Y Foster thea followed in a npeecu of con liOerable length. Tie exercises concluded with singing bv Duncklei's Glee Club, and the benediction bv Rev Mr Cox. lbe >>rinil officers ot thin State Cave reten'.ly instituted tbiee new chapters of the Order of United Americans. The following are tteir i ami l and cumbisr#:? Washing ton Rcik. No. 24; Somerset., No 25, and Weston, No. 20. Thus this excellent orier is branjbijg Itfalf throughout the country, showin; conc'usively that Its principles are appreciated by the Ameiican people. N?wa bjr Natl. The Cambiidge students who wue arrested in Boston last wttk tcr disordbrly conduct, asjaultin< an c!fl ;er, A-c , have teen expelled from the college by the vote or the faculty, A number of additional ctarges are to bs brought agamsc ex l'ostmahter Kerdatl, at hew Orleans, for em bezzlement of morey in letters. Twelvo hundred and sixty- three dozen eggs were en tered at the boston custosa bou.^e, t or the prorlocss, on Monday, Iree of duty, under the reciprocity treaty. A Dre occurred in New Gileses on tbe teth Inst. In a Inn.* house on Hevia stieet. between St. Jobn and St. 1'eter stieets, cccup'.ed by Mr. S. Koiker, whi;h commu nicated to a kitchen a. jo uipg, both of which were quickly consumed. It then epread to double tenements ! on lievia street, belonging to Sewell T. Taylor. They ! were tccip ed by Capt F. Mdi can. the chief of police, | J'r. Viug'uan nnJ family, Mr. Lee, an 1 acother faulty. >our fr<uic boures were alao burned ou St. Peter street. Losirabout $40,010. A despatch from Mobile says that a Qre occurred In that city on Saturday, at the corner of G^rernm^ntand Fmtnuei stieits. 'i'be residence of J. K. Hosi wick, on Government slrett, hardware store of Cileo Pri:e aa joit.icg, and five other buildings, wers destroyed. The loss Is estimated at ft0,l00. Ibe itcrv about tbe Rev. Mr. Chase runn og avray witli mother man's wife at Btun\wxk, near Troy, turns out to be false Tte PsrW rsburg (Va ) JV'mm Caswell's saw mill, planing machine, nottcn factory, griat mill, kr., *nd ivellby'a foundry ana machine Hfjop. as haviof tieesiript away Vy the flie io that place on th> 17 '.ti lust Th? tctal loss is estimated at irom $12,000 to J1P.IK0 On the ICth isst. tbe steani lumber eitablishmBnt of ?icith & McCnllie, at I hattknooga, Ala., together ibe outbuil i&j?s, nnJ a large quuntitr of lumber aad timber wete destroyed by fl<e. lx>s?, 940,00<). Tie dw#!l ag bouse of P. B. Manchester, the Cincin rati (inane ier, was sold on the iilnt lost., aayn the C n cicnaM GateUc, for llS.OtO, ami the Pest (Wi re bull jlag for $12 ?1(1 0 There wa* a mortgage of $12,000 on the dnellirg hrnee, and probably a heavy one on the Post odice boilding. The balances wiil leave but a fear drops in tte bucket, to divide among those who wer* so unfor tunate as to Lave deposited their money will* this "pri vate banker." Wells B. Badwell, foreman on the railroad near Himfl ten, C. W., was murdered on tbe 18th iaat , by two Irlsimen named Jaiaes O'Donnell and John HoulaghaL Teo cbildien r au.ed John Henntty and Frank McC*a, stiajed iiom tbeir homes in Aleiatdris, Va , oe the 17th mat., asd on the 19tli they were fcund buried un der a lark ot sand, both dead. It ia supposed that they ? ere plaj leg under tbe bunlr when it c%v?d In apoa them, burning tbi*m beneath ii. The Canadian Parliament will be prorogued on the 28th in&t. A train of fourteen pnrmogsr rat* passed through TTtica cn the 2 26 tn?t , arhich contain*', orer eight hun dred emigrants ? mostly Germ ana? bound for the We? t On the 10th ini t sixty two ears, filled with cattle, left Pocket ter for the Dht, drawn by three locomotive* Tbisisiaid to bate been the Urgent number of cattle ever tai.en aloof tie Central rosd at any onetime. Estimating twenty an inaU for each car, and tbe total la 1,240. The Rocl-e'-tcr U'lion says there will be no more pro secutions in that city for violation! of the Maine law, until after July 4 .An explosion of a steam drying cylinder took place on llie 21st inat. at tbe Edgewcrtti rubber factory, Mao*., whereby a man named Moore wt s so eeri*u?ly injured that he nurri red the Accident but half an hour. Tbe Govt rnor of Canada hv> approve! the bill to abo lish postage on newspapers. Aceortirr to a csipus just taken there are 34,463 male arfmts in Hamilton county, Ohio, Including the city of Cincinnati . On the 21st list, a dilute was fired in Boston by the fiieLda of the nuU-lication Personal Liberty bill, in coa gtqutnee of its pt??ag? orer the veto of the Governor. Cap'aln llatchelor. of tbe ateamer Americas, wMch was destiojfcd by Ore. when about leaving Pittsburg wanted a tttgar. and itepped into a store to get one. There he met an insurance agent, to whom ne care leasly proposal tnsuring the cirgo. It was done, an 1 on that Mp tbe Americus was burned. That co?t tbe insurance cbmpany about 950,1/00. Hermann Weifenborn has been recognized by the President of tbe United States, as Consul of ths Prlnoes of Reuts, for New York. It is stated that three or four tboueaad hogs hare lately been slaughtered in Greennastle, I* . for tie use of tlie army in tte Crimea. Contracts for 30,000 head for the Mme purpose have been made with dtflerrat psities throughout the State. Tie United states survey in* schooner Yarica; Cap*. Betryman, Is tow in Tampa bay, f la . engaged in mak ing nsurvty of its capacity ana depth of w?ter as a commercial bubor This will be ths first thorough and sati* facte ry examination of the water" of Tampa, made by one adequate to the performance of the duty. The New York Fancy i* Porthkd, Mb? Ye? terday Loon there arrived in th'.s city about ado>:en New York prize fighting bullies, r a the Atlantic road. Thsy were of the class of Tom Tiyer and Yankee Sullivan, hatd beaded, bard-fisted whiskey drtnkem? and very de mrous of cottioually "punch ng eomeun'y's head." Tbey had been up to Canada to settle a prize fight, but were driven back orer tbe line bv the terrora of ths riot act, backed by a strong police foroei. At Ia'.and Pond, yesterday morii.op. 'hey had an amateur engagement, to give tnem an apetlte for breakfast. At Batbel tbey baa another HIT; an' in the rsra they were pitching into each other <ioit? piomiscuously along the route, just to pass away tne time pleas* ntlv. Sereral of the car win dows were broken out, with holoa about the aiaa of a nun's bead. Mayer low had been telegraphed of their arrival, and requeited to detain thorn. He was accordingly a' the cars with a strong force, bnt aa tbey did not ioterfe e nith Mm be did not meddle vltb them. One of the bul l.ea wanted to know how many p ilicsmen were there. He wss told, about thirty. 'Thirti'" said he, "make it sixty and we'll whip tbe crowd." Tbey passed on west, an<l hOMrad Boston with their presence last eren iog. We i houlc'n't wonder if the police reports of to ?ay, in tlat city, were unusually Intereisting. We neret raw men more >:es'rou i that somshody sho ?1J "tread on tlie tails of their coats " Rut the Idea of whipping our c ntire police force with thirty added to It! That's the greatest joke of the whole ?Portland Arffut, May 24. United Males Otatrlet Atlomey'l OfHee. Mat M ? Thr Stow Trnde ? Rodolph C. Laeoelle. T. A. Myers end A F. Martin, w?re arrested by officer Kevin* cn a charge of baring flttet out the brig Horatio, In the pott of how York, for the slave trade, in ffovemhar, 1HM. Mr I Affile was bailed in tbe sum of 120,000: the others >ot having fonnd ball, were detained in custody. The Homtio ? aa found abandoned near the Island of Cubs, and was brought into Key Weat. It was supposed fro ? tie r general appearance that she had b??n enraged a< i ilaver. Ihe c-xac inaWou will take piaoe this a/. I ApiwinUnent by the President* Daniel W. lluckms, of MAe-achueet'.s, to m i Consul o< I the United P fates lor the port of Cape Town, at tie Oops ' of Ml flofe. Our Washington ' W^auiNOTOif, MJ7 24, 18M. TV Kiintas PiJJicu 'If ? Mr. t ierce and the AMilumittl-* ViT-a teiied TrovlW teilh Ike Cuban Auth tUu* ? Ow R-lations uitk Spain. The Reeder difficulty hi but ccwmeiciaj. Thtf Presi dent wan informed y eeter Jay that in tha tT??t ?f the Pennsylvanian bring returned, aa bad tx>en SetermeSed "ton, during the absence of Guthrie aad Da&Mn, that thei-e gentlemen, together with the Setretary at War, would resign their seats in the Cabinet. It le wwrtk 7 note that lees conversation has been had by tS?V"*e sident with the gentlemen above named 00 the K(U^* troubles, including tte return o( Reeder, tian with ttaf remainder of the Cabinet who sre frc-n free Scats*, aad in favor of Keeder's course while in K:*isa*. A sepa im* tioa uj.on thli queRtUm, of the Cabinet, at OBM ope art tbe war between the North and South, w Zilch wifl not b# closed until the question of ScuCbero separation and ilr dependttee of the free Slates became a tlxjd fact, eras the other hand tbat the ?outb be a 'lspeudeaoy upon the whims and caprices of Northern alnlittoalam*. :md in tbM form lias the subject been prrjeu'.ad to (isa. Pit res. The Pres'i'fnt has m> far Jemsansd himself as to reply to nsolt-nt aad threatening letters which have been I sent him by leading abolitionists, and has ?\ea sunk himself so low as to reason with tlira the <l*u?Bt<ODS of a form of government best suited ta tiie wasfci on! Znterests ef Kansas. Ihese important lMters ?Trt> written aud transmitted without the obaer vaace of the uxuvl eourtes/ hitherto adoySAd by Ameri can Presidents OS' subjects of seriout moswnt? a eaa sultuMon with hia Cabinet. It is clearly ascertained * that iVm ral t'ierc* has been directed in some of his late movement* bv IVjugi&s, of Illinois, especially ?a relatiaa to Kansas, and it is >y his a ivice that Paris tie late * ? boll- 1011 editor, has set out te engages* rransel the Illinois Senator, who has expressed sympat?^ In hia cace. The motives suggesting this strange wnrie ot conduct on tbu part of Mr* Iiouftlas, can >>ut bo guesaei at. but it is shrewdly surtnisea that a rupture of tha Cabinet ba* m metlnng te?Jo with it, for, not withstand - iag his dlsrlaimer in the I'nion, the .Senator is at wark for the next Preeiilei ry, with a majority of the present Cabinet opiHseii to him . who nMiat t?e got ont of the way, together with those' who are tiepeudcot upon oflioo for a livelihood, and entertain the vi'-ws of ihe:r leadars upon thil subject Krery employ.- of the government having :t vote lu Virginia, has lien rertaitted t > visit his placa of nlidenca, with an understanding that he was to cast his vote for Wise. There are a fnw who have not rollcit ed this privilege, and who. for tbeir obstinacy, at tha end of the month will be infcrmed that their service* are no longer require!. Tsls is tbe anli proseriptlvs govertineeLt that Pierce had pledged him-elf to give tha pi ople lie not Furprlsed to learn ir. a few days, that dUB culties have taken place between our squadron unler - the command ot Com. McCnuley, and the Spnnt?h fore* sent out to protect Cuba. Secretary Dobbin issued, im mediately upon his return to Washington, lnstru-tioaa, with orders for the pquadron to proceed atonoe to Cuba, and there await tbe result of a- demand miie by tha Se<r?t?ry of State for instant redress, and seat oat ta our Consul for presentation to Concha. A refusal ta accede at once to the demands of the United States, I' sm informid, will be the signal for the Commodore's departure in pursuit of the Spanish vessels of war thnt outiage<l our flag by firing upon Ameriean vessels. Una satisfaction must st once be plven, or tbe villils will be claimed as prizes of the Lnited States. This dticand, it is expectad, will meet with resistance aa tha part of the Spaniards, but our vessels are preparai for every contingency, and our commanders have hewn, looking fcrward witb interest for tbe moment when thar might engage in a more active service than is geasraly to be had in playing the diplomat The rsoent informa tion irtm Spain received by the Department of State, and the intelligenca conveyed to Mr. Dobbia through reliable tourres whilst on hie lns.e visit to the sautk, huve hastened a crieis that there is no receding fiom with honor to tbe I'nited States It is sap pored that Coacha. seeing that our government ia at last in earnest, willyiolo a cheerful cimpliaaoe by making restitution, and giving new pledges for hia gaai bebavitr hereafter. This, however, will soon be plaoed. beyond surmise. The of tliis city, for the last two or thrse days has eviared a bt'.oming sensibility for its reputation hfe mal.icg dentals of home charges and statements seat by jour correspondent ana pabliished in the Hkkala. One ct the cbstyes was tbat a gentleman interested ha. the Washington Vnvw was ?pecsUtmg in Kaaaaa lands. &c. To this the Union replies that it is request ed by John W. Komey ti contraoict the ata^emeat af his ?peculatio? <n Kansas tanas. Now, Mr Foraey'a nsme. was not mentlrn^d by sour coi espon lent, aad ha leoews the charge, the truth o' whicb has not baew controverted by ih's llimsy eftr.rt of John W. Korney. Attain : tl.r Cni'm quot"H from a publisher leuer o# oar scting Miuiiter in ><pain, showing ttat msny ?>? our dif 0 sullies with tbat conntry had b?en aettled, far aa promises went. Tlis letter is d?t-d April 27. Ales days after its <?a-e Interviews wfre had a. tlu> Hpinieh Min'ster's r -quest, and information was given that thar government could sot .'or the present attend ta tha claims of the United State*. It was from thssa des patches af Mr. Perry, da'ed after tha 27th, that we gat our information, i oubtieas cou'd Mr. Perry bars with held his letter of the 27th April, after his last inter view^ with the Minuter, tbe extracts quoted from it by tbe f'r.ion wool! have been atricken ant, or atlaaat w< nlr! not have found a place In it. Your oorrospanlont will for tbe fnture omit noticing npy remarks by the I'nion which bia letteis nay call ont. Politic*! Intelligence. Tb* following ROvernreut fmpUiyrs in the Vorfoik W?. vy Yaid bave been removei? ctuiv Know -N'ottungiana? ?vir. L. W. William*, of jci(.er?, Jane* f. M?ttL? ?s iiuurtfTmao of bolt driver? ; and Joseph An derson r id Moaes (Juarlei, oveiheert. of labor* re. The official return* of the vole* at the receat election in New Hampshire have been published. Th? votes fee nw inherent Congress were an folio ws ?First district? Oorge W. Kittrvdge (dem.), 9,79P; Jam-n Pile (K. N.), 13.011: scattering, 80. Seocnd district? George W. Mor rison (dem.), 8,6.10: llaron W Tappan (K N ), 12,139; scattering, 11. Third district? William P. Wheeler (dem.), K.S40. Aaron H. Cragin (K. N ), 12,120; aoet tetirg. 2. Use returns for 8enatora show tie elect on of the Know Nothirg candidate* in the First, Second, Third, Foor'h. Filth, Seventh, Kighth, Ninth, Tenth and Be ventli dia'rict*. The Twelfth elected a democrat, Hh. D Sleeper, by only thirty majority, and in tke Sixth there wan lo choice. Hon. A. H. Colquit, whorepreMnUd the Second district of Geergi* ia the last Ctngresi, declines a riaNa InaUoa. L. B. Caraicbsel, Esq , of Wilkes, bas been noBlnet ed aa the American candidate for Congress in the Kaghth olstrict of North Ciroltna, in opposition to the Hon. T. L. Clipgmsn. We le/rn from the Savannah Georgian th%l Sen iter Toombs if preparing a letter on the subject of Know Ne thiogun, which will soon be published It la uader Mood that he agrees subitantlatiy with Hon. A. H 8te vf n? In his ground* cf opposition to tht new political k ganiratlcn. Tie late legislature of lUssachnaetts will be revea b? red for ome time lcr Its many unique aayings and doings. During a recez.t debate on a railroad bill aa lonoraV.e mmii>?r of the Senate charged the other with Laving bean bribed, whereupon the latter unbosoms* hlnii-elf to the following effect: ? "Mr. President, the Se nator 1ms charged me with changing my poaiUoe. I t'eiiy it, elr ? it is false and IX lie tepeaU it, I will rana it down his throat " No reply was ma t t? this, aa* the Seuate soon sought relief in adjournment. The amendments to the oonetltntlon of Meisachn setta, passed a year since, approved by the laat Legisla ture, have now b'en adopted by the popular rote. The nmerdments are ? 1st, a plurality system of election; Vd; a change in the day or the State election In Preei uential yiars; 3d, election of coansellors, In dlatriota, kf the people: 4th. the election of Secretary of State eM other admimstiettve State officers by the people; 5th, against appropriating money to sectarian schools; Mb, election of f- he rill's, clerks of courta, ks., by the people. Colonel Dorsey, of Coosa county, Ala., haa decline* becoming a candidate for Congress, because hi* wtffe wants b'D at home. H>n Nathaniel O Taylor, whig, Is up for a r> alao tlon to Congress in the Flret district of Tenneaeee, In op position to Mr Watkiea. Tbey ar* bet h Knew Ne&hiaa*, and the American paper in Oandridge refuse* to snppert either, bat say* they are both talented and worthy Mai. A meetirg was held on the 2tth inet., at Mnnaynnk, Philadelphia, in faver of "open American organisation." Among the speakers were Peter Hken Smith ail Jeka Henry Jines. ihe meeting ia said to have been well at tended. A meeting of aholltlonleta la to be held In Jefferaoe, Ohio, en the ?th o' June, for the purpose r, f "giving voice to their feeling* and t elimination, oa the reoent attacka upon the freedom of electlona lo Kansas " The St. Ionia htlrllipmer formally takes leave of the whig party, and anncunce* it* withdrawal ia tbe follow ing terms: ? " W* bave renounced the old whig party an dead forever. It did not get three hundred vote* In St. l.ouls last April. It* organisation Is *b*ndo|?*<' in Ken tucky? abandon* >1 in Virginia? abendone l everywhere. That paitj can never be rerived ss a national party. mm Oppoee the whig party a* a thing of lb* pant. War Bktwkbm tiik Pkkm akd t*k Jmicnw* nr 1WDIAM Ju 'k" Petit, (<ate ITeited State* Senator from Indiana Tsars the l^afayette Journnl, upon the motiesa. of one ef tbe attorneys nr Cearl** Kill*, new on tried la* tbaMown for on urde/ eia^ tlie following order at the nnaniie of Court on Jriday morning. ? Oi' ered by the Coi-rt, as a standing rule o' this Court, that iluring tbe trial of any mur er oaae. no newapaper o- mis county shall publish any ruling, or pretend** rolmg or any evidenee or pretended evidence therein, er any article thereon. fbe J'timal conclude* an article, ef which thia order is the teit, ae follows: ? Th?? ar'lele la arrogant, arbitrary aad tyrannical: dlt gTaceful *o th* Jn^iciarv and the State aad with the exception of the reetrirtion upon the pohlicatkm o' the testimony, which we *xe a.) vised he (the .fudge; ha* th* prwt r to make, we spit npon. axeevat* wid d*fy it I.H i car Petit pteceed with hi* fine* aad imiiriseaaient.

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