Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 29, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 29, 1855 Page 5
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l*ee and lulla Curtains. -Solomon M HiET, 243 Hroadwa.v, offer for uli iich lace and muslin eartsiue, just received, lower than out of importation. French Furi.ftaxe, Jaat Received from Parts, ?oacitior ot tld'bn&rds, etegtres, bookcases, turtaui, Ac , richly earved. W ill to so'd at !e?? than coat. Call at 341 fourth sirtet from 1 (a 5 o'cloik, P. M. laporUuit to Uquur Wan alactamt, Dtr tBiere, da* u?rreo?y pists, photographers. ?leetroplater*, HT^teobn.a'n, steel polisher*, Ac? Tno best oil co(nao, bo lb ffsea and >*l?ow; oil apple lor older brandy , od Jargonelle pear. eneovea ,in, MoooiMab'la ehukey, Jamaica and St. Crou ran, ouerry , poach, bromine, iodine, cyanide, potaa to, nitrate si??er. Vienna lime, asbestos, eadamjm, his matk, nickel, pjatina, nitrate strontia.bary fa, ibM*< pov ash. bloe vitrei. For sale by 1). L. F EtiCUTtrANQSil, ra Mi<4 to IIH Maiden lane Hair Dye, Wlgi Mid ronpees? Batchelors's celebrated factory for theae article* ia U3 Hroaiway. .Nine private rooma for the application of hia unrivalled hair dye, wholesale aid retail. Beware of Imitation*. The largest assortment uf wigs and toupees in the world. Ulttadoio'tExcelilur Hair 0ye._!fo Clap. trap baa touted >hli eye into tmblio tavor, liv it* own superior excellence it rose inte celebrity, and on that baaia it stands? unchall?ii|ied and uoapi>r>*ehe'f. In ten annates it converts a blemish into an attraction. Manufactured, sold and applied, at No. 0 Aator lluu.e The Lovel!i?f#? Imparted to tfte Shin by the free use of l.UUKAL'I) a exquls te Italian Medicated ooap, amply supplies any deficiency in iiraceiulaoaa. Tba horde of cnticnlar bleinishts? sucn for inttance as tan. frooklos, pimple*, ?allowress, sunburn, pnstules, rashes, riagwora. redness and roughness, depart 'rem before tbit wonderful soap, as the rank ni*bt daws are dispersed by the m irninc ana. Its too'lnnR and h< aling qualities make it peouliarly valuable to the tender tkiasof infanta; and forth# purposes of shaving and biihin,-, .either in hard or salt water,) it ia Jaat the article wanted. Gouraud'* J'oudre Subtile is the only depilatory ox-*i.t which will uproot superfluous hair, witoout injury to the mo<t delicate skin. Gouraud's llair Keetorativo ?ill inako wiry hair silky and glossy, force hair to grow where it has tailed off and prevent hair froa turn ing prematurely nrn.v Ci uraad's Liquid Kougo ia ? beauti ful article .'or staining pule cheeks and lips a toii color. Gour ind's Lily White ia the only article ladiea abonld uaa for rhitenia? the oamplexi n Found at Or. GODHArD 5 old e?t&hlisbed depjt, 07 W alker stmet. first ?tore from Broadway; Callender, 88 South Third. Philadel phia; Bate*, 1?) W'a?bingt9? atreot, Boston, Whiskers In Six Week*? tly Ongaent will produce then, in that time, and will not stain or injure the skin Slab' tie; sect to any part of tbeeountr*. K. G. CKADAM, S?3 Broadnny; Zelbsr, 44 South Third atroet, Philadelphia; Briggi, 37 State street, Albany. Read This ? \n Old Msui nude Yoang for 910, by setting one ot the beet,mannfactured wig* and ton ris Irvm the celebrated msnulact ry of MKOUURST CO., 27 Maidai. laao. Back and front braids, band*, eurls, Ac. ls> 383 Broadway .?.Ladle*, If yon wish a beautiful toilet for dressing the hair, keeping it clear of dandruff, a preventive of gray and ?aldn?ss. use U. T. to V ?T S Medicated Wabpeue and Indian Vegetable i'repa ratlon, trans patent and free lrc in oil. Dw. 8. 8. FJIeh, Author or the ?Slx UetnrN on Consuraotion," Ac., olTio. 714 Broadway, c;>an daily (Sun days excepted; from 9 5 o'clock, treat* consumption, asthma, diseasea of the heart, and all chronic diseases of ?ale* and lemalee. Consultation tree. The Baron Dr. Spolosco, 91. D , A. B., &c., (from London, of European fame )? Thi? great and good Sa maritan, it ii low generally conceded, U daily performing mote treat ami astounding cure* than all the faculty St. Nicholas Hotel, 9S Spring street, Strangers, take notice. Bolloway'i PIIln -Targe tUe tyitem at this season with a few dojeu of this wonderful medicine, io ai to ?utify the Mood, and sivu a healthy and vigorous tone to the liver and stomach, an I than remove all lingering sign* of dis- ase. Sold at the manuiactorios M) Miiden lane, New York, and "44 Strand, Loudon, and by all druggists, at 35 esnts, 6 cents and tl per boa. To Nervona 8uHereii?-i Retired Clergy man, restored to health in a lew daya, after many years of great nervous suflering, ii anxious to make ksown the means of cure. Will send free the prescription used. Direct the Kot. John M Dagnatl, 59 Fulton street, Brooklyn, N. Y. Hurrah 1 Hurrah ! for the lied bogs' play That begins with the setttn,- son, Is sore to be vetoed tola glorbas May And by Lyon the work will be done. Tbe pedlars ani cheats, who with vile coonterfeit* The poblic have long oajoled, Are now brought to shame, for the medals and name Deter rascals, however bold. Look to tlie engraved national medal* and signature on tbe wrappers oi the flasks and boxes containing Lyon's Magnetio Powder and Pills. Without these none are get uine. Depot 434 Broadway. Owners or Horses will llud Dr. Tobias's OLiment in pint bottles, at 90 cents, superior to anything else tor coring colic, swellings, gills, brui-es, lump', Ao. Sold by all the storekeepers and druggists. Depot No. 60 Cortlundt street. Chills and Fewer.? I'o Prevent the Injurious effects of this disease upon the system, it is neorssary to break it up immediate! v and afterwards tfrotict the system ?gainst its return, hnshton'a new remedy will accomplish thin with more certainty than any thing hitherto known. RUSHTONS, 111 Astor House, and 417 Broadway, corner of Canal street. Oamea, On Thursday evening, May 24, by Rev. Thomas 0*1 laud<-t, J. Thomas Nrtkrvilli, to Scsaw G., daughter of the iate Hammond Wailts, all of thfS city. On Saturday ereum;, May 27, by liev. Dr Johnson, Mr Chjb. W. KJlNZki-8, to MUs Mahrik A. Joh.vso.n. Sua Kranci.?ci> papers plea.-e copy. At Jersey City, on Thursday, M?y 24, by tbe Rev. Mr Douglas, Cms. E Moka>, to Mary Gordon )j?:, grand daughter of the late Jamea Hendricks, Esq., of St. Johns, DleO, On Sunday, May 27, Mrs Eliza Dm. Yacano, widow o the late Cbailee Loi \ eschio, in the 66th year of her age. The funeral services will take place at St. Patrick's eatbedral, Prince street, this afternoon at 4 o'clock. The fiiends of tbe family are respectfully invited to attend without further Invitation. On Monday morning, May 28, William Coylr, eon of Jcbn and Margaret Coyle, aged 4 montn* and 18 day s The relatives and fiiends of the family are invited to attend tbe funeral, to day at 2 o'clock, from 76 Monroe street. On Sunday, May 27, Mr. Thomas Hardv, aged 65 years, (formerly ot Birmingham, England ) Hut friends are respectfully requested to attend hit fnneral, this afiernoon at 1 o'clo:k. from his late resi dence, No. 166 West Thirty-seventh street, near Eighth avenue. English papers please copy. On 6aturd?y, May 26. Ella, youngest daughter of Henry R. and Sarah H. Plenum, aged 1 year and 19 days. Ou Mondey morning. May 28, Edward L., eldest son of Gilbert and Elizabeth Sweet, aged 0 years and 6 mintbs. The frU nds of the family are respectfully invited to attend his funeial, from the residence of his parents, No. 71 West Twenty-seventh street, this afternoon at 2 ? clock. On Sunday, May 20, at 405 Sixth avenue, of cholera infantum, ihomas Rkqysold Bickuxo, son of the late Captain William A. and Jessie Hiekllog, a<e<i 11 months. On Monday morning, May 28, after a short but severe fRness, of consumption, Miss Thkrk&a Eleabkth Bijotat, aged 20 years, 1 month and 8 days. Her relatives and friends, and also those of her uncles, Mr. John Raynor, Mr Abraham Forshay, and Mr. Geo?ge Bylsgten, nre respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this afternoon at 2 o'clock, from 137 West Sixteenth street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues On Monday, May 28th, at his late residence, 465 Green wich street, of a long and painfal illness, Puillip Dono van, in tbe 48th year of liU age. His friends and the friends of the family, and the hoi lei makers generally, are particularly invited to at tend bis funeral, which will take place to morrow after ncon from bis late residence. On Sunday, May 27, Capt. John Romer, of Greenborg, in bis ?8tb year. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited o attend bis funeral, this afternoon at 1 o'clock. On Monday morning. May 28. sucdenly, Javk, widow of tbe late Ph'iip Bucanau, aged 83 years. Tbe fiiends ol her family are respectfully Invited to at tend her funeral, from tbe residence of Charles McCau *y? 85 West tleventh street, to-morrow afternoon at 3 ?'clock. Her remains will be taken to Greenwood Ceme tery lor internet t. California papers please copy. OnSnndai, May 27, after a short illness, of inflam mation of the liver, Mr. Thomas McOacrax. His relatives and friends, and the members of St. Mary's T. A. B. Society, are respectfully invited to at tend his funeral, tbia afternoon at 2 o'clock, from his late residence, 193 Mercer street, near Bleeeker street On Monday. May 28, of consumption, Mr. J oh* Bras sxl. in tbe 26 tn year of his age. The relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend his faneral. this afternoon at 2 o'clock, from his late residence, 40 Mott street. On Monday morning, May 28, after a leng and sever* illness, of consumption, Robsht Graham, aged 29 years. Tbe relatives and fiiends of the family am respectfully Invited to attend his funeral, from h.s late residence. No 948 West Twenty ninth street, this afternoon at 2 ?'clock. His remains will be taken to Greenwood. In Brooklyn, on Friday, Jobs McMulle*. Tbe remains were taken to the Cemetery of the Ever greens, from Walworth street, Drooklyn. iifUlTISElENTS RENEWED EVERY DAT. THB TURF. SID HOUSE, HARLEM.? TUIS FASHIONABLE Ri ser* is now complete la all Ite appointments, and the m stables attached are constantly ftiWd with the finest and fastest horses to be fonad. Persons la want ot horses eaa always be supplied at the Red Uosse. The trotting tiaok is ia splendid order, sad trotting matches osoor every fne afternoon. The Second avoane oars paas the door every Ive minstos. UNION COURSE, L. I. -TROTTING).? 10 DAT, Tnetdej. May 2V, at 3 V. M.. match for 1600, aula beats, beet three in five; Mr. D. P!fer names b. g, Indigo, to harness; W. Peabody names 3. M. to a *)0 pound wagon. SHAW A WHITE, Proprietors. TO THE LOVERS AND BREEDERS OF PINE STOCK. The celebrated thorouchbred stallion Wild irish man will stand for s Hmiiel number of mares the ensuing Mason at the Red Hoose stables, at MO tbe seaeou. All moaeysto be paid b efore serving the mare. All accidents at the risk of ^eown?s. IAJ( A_ brown, ProprUtof. MILLINRBT, AO. CASH STRAW GOODS HOUSE.? THE ENTIRE STOCK, at Nee. 14 and 66 John street, corner of William, is of fesed at reduced priees for oaeh. STRAW BON WETS, LEGHORN FLATS, FRENCH ^LOWERS, Ac. UOMIR A KETCHUM. KCONOMY IS WEALTH -FINE LAWN BONNETS. 10s.; extra tine, l'.'s : silk and crape bonnets, 13; extra One, $.130, at Mrs. BELL'S millinery and pattern store, N?. 3 Catherine stroot. rflHE AMERICA BROUGHT US SEVENTY FIVE OT X the most bountiful bonnets ever eiblMtel dnrinr the seaenn. We sdvlae our friend* to call early, as moat of them are already promised. MADaME HARRIS A SON, Mttrof oUtaa Eoaa?t St?(e, 571 Broadway PBEMHAl. AC (JUSTUS REED? TUEKE 18 A LETTER IN THE Broadway Poet office for job. CHILD LOST -A LITTLE GIRL OF W YEARS WAS lout on Sunday. In tbe afternoon, in Varick atreet. The girl wai clothed with dark red cloth and light blue boa net. Any notice about thi* child will be thaakfully re ceived at Utf Vance atreet, nuil * reward will ke paid. INFORMATION WAN T BD? OF J AMES H* ILLY, WHO arrived l.ere in tbe ahip Cultivator laat June, from Li verpool. Any lolornation reauecting bia whereabout* will be thankfully reieived bv hia brother, Michael Reilly, at Michael Feagan'a, 181 Firat avenue between Eleventh and 'twelfth atreeta. Country pa f era pleaae copy. INFORMATION WANTED OF AMELIA SAVILL, landed on or about tbe 15th of April Auy ;af<>rmati)a of her will be thanktully received at VFiiliain Koblneon'a, at 62 Grtenwich atreet, and will be forwarded to ber hua band, John Savill, Myatic bridge, Connecticut. INFORMATION WANTED? THE GENTLEMAN WHO aniited tie young man from the o< al bole io front of Malliard'a aaloen, on l riday morning 18th iuav, will confer a favorby calling on CHaS. F. ME VERS, 602 Broadway. "INFORMATION WANTED OF GEORGES. JONES, AGE A 17 yearn, of Mancbeater, N. V., by bia aiater, Mra. Sarah J. DilL Any information of him will be thankfully re leived at the Paoino llotel, 170 Greenwich atreet, at the i? going to California. INFORMATION WANTED-OF ROBERI" R. THOMl' ion, a bookbinder by trade; aerved aa one of the Old State triion Guard lu 1811. and aerved in Capt. Blood Iood'a company in tbe old Red Fort, at the Batter/, in S12, and atterwaid at Staten Uland or Sandy Hook. Aov perron knowing of aaid Ibotnpaen'a avrvice, aa above, will confer a great favor ot hia wiiow, in iadhent circuamaacw, by addraaaing a itateweut facts to U G. GUYON, No. 117 West SUtf?ntb >tr*?t. INFORMATION WANTED -ON SUNDAY EVENING la?t,May 27, between tbe hour* of 7 and 8 o'clock, John 0. Varran, a boy 12 yeara old, waa anooked down by aome per acn, and hia thlnh broken, in Tompkina (quire. All p?r?ona who witneaaed it will pleaa* give information to hia father, J. C. VAKRAN, 3U3 Sixth atreet. MB. JULE8 MONLUN LEFT HIS RESIDENCE (170 Welt Twenty tilth atreet) on Wednesday morning, the MM Init., ainee when he haa not been heard of. He la 39 year* of age, dark oomt>lexior, blaok early hair, about Ova feet eight mcbea huh; wore a gray brown aack coat, green velvet veat. pantaloona ?f green and black woollen plaid, and patent leather ahoea. Any information relating to him aubaequenbto the above time, will be moat thankfully re ceived and ;Sberally re warned by Vr. DU RAND, 18 South William atreet, or IS Wett Washington place. MR. JOHN CARTE* WILL PLEASE COME HOME ON account of a death in tbe family. R. AITK.EN. THE GENTLEMAN WHO BOUGHT A BOX OF SEGARS on Friday atternoen, the S.'ith instant, at Bartlett'a To bacco Plantation, No. 689 Brradway, ia requested to oall or lend for a small paper parcel that he left through mis take. Hia add] eaa ia not known ^ THE FIREMEN. TDK ACTIVE AND EXEMfT MEMBER? OF IS DE p?nd. lob note Company >o. 3 are requeued to meet at the bote home, on Tuesday afternoon, tae S'th innt. , I o'clock, to attend the funeral ot our laxa memaer, Mr. John Braitil. By order of a. W. MOON EV, Foreman. MISCELLANEOUS. tQlin-ITiMfii), A PARTNER WITH THIS ?JjovU# amount, to embark in a lucrative business. A gentleiuun of good addrots and lively habits may realize from S6.0M) to tti.OW) yearly. Call, and be convinced, at CAMFltlLI. A DAY'S office. 113 Chambers street. <fein R*WARD WILL BE PAID FOR THE RETURN fU-V of a box of jewelrj, containing apairof larire *iied slieve button* and a pair of shirt button*, all in mosaic set in gold (tone, each repreoentin^ a bouqae*. of fliwera, stolen lrom 107 Front street, on Friday la?t. Apply on the ere mites, op stairs. <J?1 fl REWARD.? LOST, ON SATURDAY. THE 2uTH ?JP-LVr Inst., a lawn ooloied Italian greyhound slut: has a scar on her side. Apply to D. B. Stewart, Wallaofc's Thea ire, Broadway. g?C REWARD? DOC LOST.? STRAYED FROM OCR fU packinghouse, a white bnli terrier, with tan colored spots and dark noso Wboev<r will retnrn Dim tj 1U1 and 192 Chryitle street, will receive the a>>ove reward. REMINGTON A CO. <J?C REWARD. ? LOST. ON SUNDAY EVENING. BE ?JP tweeu 9J? and 1 1 o'clock, ono gold pencil case, with name engraved in full, with a jet chain attached. Any per son rei urning the aoove to J. H. Cooper, 92U Broadway, will receive the above. reward. 3 ASHLAND PLACE, PERRY STREET. -A GENTLE man and wife or single gentlemen can be accommodated w;ith handsomely furnished rooms, with board; dinner at six; house ha* gas, balhs. and all modern improvement*. Eaty access to cars and states. Reference* exchanged. Appiy as above. * private family in carkansvili>?. can ac J\. commodate two or three persona with good board, in a beautiful location, overlooking the North. East and Uariem livers. Address B. F,, box 184, Herald office. Board.? a gentleman and wife, oh two sin gle gentlemen, can obtain pleaaant rooms en the second floor, al?o a baek parlor on the first flour, with or witnout hoard, at Greene street, near Fourth ?t., on reasonable terms. Bath ouc gas in the honse. References required. BOARD.-AT 14i EIGHTH STREET, OPPOSITE THE Mercantile Library, several well tarnished and com fortable room* may be obtained Southerner* will find here, be ?idee tho advantage* of an eligible position, all the con veniences of a first class hotel at a comparatively moderate expense. BOAKDING-AT 448 GREENWICH STREET, NEAR ^ estry ? To let, with board, ono or two second floor rooms, iurnished rr unfurnished, to gentlemen and their wive* or single gentlemen. BOARDING AT 17 RENWICK STREET.? A TEW GEN tlemen, or gentlemen and their wives can be accommo dated with comfortably furnished rooms, four doors from Caial t treat. Term* moderate. Also, two unfurnished rooms to let on second floor. 001. 1. A MORE HOUSE, BROADWAY, CORNER OF Spring atreat, New Vork.? Traveller* will find at this hotel unaurpasied accommodations, with all the modern im prove me nts, at moderate charges. Oar firmer patron* arj partionlarly notified that oar prices remains the same? $250 Ptr day. G. M A WM PEKRY. C10UNTRY BOARD -A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE, J or two gectlemen. can be accommodated with board in a private fan.ily, on a lwxefarm about one hoar's ride by railroad from the city. Situation delightful; very healthy; every variety of fruit; ioe boase, carriage house, and ample stable mom. Every luxury of conntry and city. Price $7 per week for loll board. Nona need apply hut those of the first respectability. Address 8. ?., Uerald office. I7IUGENE B. FRANKLIN, All 'TIONEER. ? BY J franklin A Nichols, to-morrow, (Wednesday,) at 10>i o'clock, at 79 Nas-su street, between Fulton and John, houttbold furniture, comprising rloh oarved rosewood par lor furniture in suites; a great variety of sofas, tcte a tetee, chairs, tables, be<i?teads, bureaus, washatsnaa. hair mat treses and palliasses, carpets, oilcloths and mattin<, sojie Bp)i>ndld mirrors and oil paintings; two very tine rosewood pianofortes, with a largo lot of* second hand furniture, in good order, to Jhe sold without reserve, on amount of mortgagee. TLi* catalogue comprise* almost evtrv article in the house furnishing line, and is well worthy of attention. Catalogues on morning of sale. IpOR SALE ?A FINE SHOE STORE, AN OLD STAND, Sixth avenue, doing a splendid ousiness price l:M0; sold OB account of sioknes*. Alto, a window shade manulac tory and store, on a great thoroughfare, price S3, 600, doing a splendid business Also, patent right, stook. machioery and manufactory ot gutta peruha, doing an immense busi ness, $20,000. U. 8. Agency 212 Broadway, room No. 13. FRENCH BOARD IN BROOKLYN.? A WIDOW LADY, having several well furnished apartments to let, in a Loose with all the modern Improvements, would like a tew gentlemen boarders. Apply at No. tki Willoughby street, three blocks from tbs City Bsli. For sale? one light two seat rockaway carriage, in good order; also a light top wa?on. Inquire at corner or Sixth avenue and Twenty sixth street. FOR SALE-A BUTCHER'S SHOP. LEASE, Fix tures. horse, cart, wagon, and everything appertaining to a Art t class establishment of that kind, and will be sold cheap for oash . Inquire of C. B. HON ES A CO , 84 Nassau street. IilOR SALE? THE BEST MATCHED PAIR OF BLACK long tail mares in the countrj. IfiX hands high, six years old, ,and warranted sound and kind; tbey are of the celebrated Bashaw stoek, raised in Buck* county, Pa , well suited for a roekaway or any other style of carriage; they he sold far below their value. Apply at WlLLlAM ROBERTSON'S stable, Stat* street, near Henry street, Brooklyn, Long Island. FOR 8ALE OR EXCHANOE? FOR A WRLL IMPROV ed farm of 00 to 7# acres, near a railroad depot, on the Hudson riveT. New York and Erie or Ilarletn railroads, within 30 to 60 miles of hew York, and looatlon healthy. Good railroad bonds, stteks and cssb. or a good bouse in Brooklyn. Address, wi.h fnll particulars, price, terms. Ac.. Almond, care ot Bowen Post office. GEOROE P. FOX 8 " LA JEUNE METROPOLITAN/' No. SMI Broadway, (Astor buildings, went side,) will be opened "engrande etat" for the reception of gentleman boarding at the Metropolitan and other botels, who require elegantly furnished parlors, bedroom*. Ac., opposite the main entrance of the Metropolitan Hotel. Thus enjoying all the advantages of publicity or retirement, at a moderate cost, of a Fifth avenue gentleman * firat class private resi dence together with command of the services, luxuries, comforts, secisty and central position tf tho celebrated Broadway hotels. Lost? a small bunch of keys, whoever will return the same to No. 20 Soutn street, will be saitably rewarded. LOST-IN THIS CITY OB BROOKLYN, TWO IRON keys, tied together witn a narrow yellow ribbon The finder will aa rewarded bv leaving thsm at the office of Robt. W. Lowbcr, 01 Wall street, third floor, front room NO. 6 ST. MARK 9 PLACE-FURNISHED ROOMS, with hoard, in 'he fleet class honse No. t! St. Mark's plaee. Dinner at 6 o'elock. SEVENTEENTH- WARD LIQUOR DEALERS . ? A meeting of the liquor dealers ol tia Seventeenth ward will be held at the Tivoli, 1 11 a?"nue A, on Wednesday even ing, 80th inst., at 8 o'eloik. It is expected that every liqnor dealer la tho ward will attend, as important business will be transaeted. P. McCORMACK, Ch'n. B. Rm.LV, Secretary. TO BARBERS.? FOR SALE-A FIRST RATE BAR ber s shop, with fixtures, furniture and everything oim flONVll'i^r? ^?ili,hod J?M?- Apply to C. B. CO., 84 N assau street. TO'-" n0* LEASE-THE DESIRABLE STORE, . M With basement, sub cellar and "J ^ * ?i V T,rjr in't?hle for wholesale hardware, pa business; also, the fir. t loft, extending through bniVri rLt?- ' "?* ?*?*"??. ?nd holstway on Spruce street, with basement, vanlt*. Me . with ituia if deaired. All the above ato fitted up wlVh ia< water A? complete. Apply to J Af. PRICE. J&O Hnd^n ? toV 0. Stevens. 23 Beekman St., up stairs. WANTED ? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRI A situation as chambermaid and waitress in a t>riv'a? fsamlJy. C*?n give the test of city rerereneo. Pleas- call at ME. 19th at, her present employer's. Can be seen until tinted. WANIED-A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABiTe v v woman, to eaok, wash and lr?n; has no objection to da general housework in a small family. Good reference nan he s Ivsn. Apply at 93 18th it., between 6th and 7th ays . lot two dajri, ? WAITS, A resectable younc woman. a native of Scotland, wnti ft aituation to attend ft family or walk ou a lady gtiug to Ualitoruia. She ha* lived in the mqst re spectable fanilliei Id this oity (or tho Iftit three year*. Tbe btbt of reference* oaa bo Riven. Mile* Perry, Eiq., 16 Gra mercy park. A SCOTCH LADY. DESIROUS OF RETURNING TO Glasgow wonld ilk* to ensage heraelt a* an ftttendftnt, oreompanlon to ft lamily visiting Europe Addreaa M. U., Berftld Office, A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG FRENCU Wo man to do fine washing and ironiop in a rc-pectihle fami ly. Good reference can be given. Addreet A. B Herald of" nee. A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE ENGLISH PERSON wikhoa a aituation aa lady 'a maid aad seamstress, or to wait on young laoiee'; wonld like to trarel wi'h a family to Europe. C?n rive good oity reference. Please oall lor two day* at No bS Welt 13th at. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do general bo laework in a private fanily. ia a good washer and ironer. aud can d i plain cook ing. and can give good reference. Ap^ly at 181 Madison at, Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED? UY A RESPECTABLE jcx girl. to do cbambcrwnrk or assist in washing and iron ing or plain sewing. The beat of city reference if required from ter laat place. Can be seen lor two dayaat821 Broad way, entrance on 12th at A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHES A S1TUA ion aa chambermaid or to do general bouaework; ia industrious and will make heraelf generally useful Apply at 4i'3 Weat *t , between Perry and Hammond. A YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO Do CHAM berwork and plain sewing, or take oare ot ehildreu: no objeotioni to go in the ooi.ntry or travel. Call lor three diyi at 2S0 Weit 42d it , near 9tU avanue, aeeond floor, buck loom. A DRESSMAKER, WHO GOES OUT BY THE DAY, deslrea a few wore ouatomera. Ad trees Mri. Oaviea, No 27 Jmes street. A GIRL, 16 YEARS OLD, WISHES A SITUATION to do general bouaework. or take eare of ehidreu; ia an American and h Proteatant. Boat of reference* givou, and wage* hi ected, $3 per month. Addreaa for two daya L. II., Herald office. A YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO TAKE il oare of children and do plain tewing, or wonld aaaiat iu chamberwork. in a retractable family. Call at her present employer'!, 206 Wen 24th at. Oood reforenoe* given. A SITUATION WANTED, BY A RESPECTABLE young lady, in a gentlemea'a furnishing store; under atand* tbe buiineai thoroughly, cu.ting ahirta, makiu^ atocka, Ac., Ac. Can furnlah the b?at or reference. Can be ?een for two day* at 103 Weat 17th at., between Cth aud 7th avenuct. v A SITUATION WANTED. BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do general homework. Beit ?t refer ence from her laet place. Can be aeen for two dn?a at 333 3d avenue, tecond floor, front room, from 9 till 4 o'clock. A SITUATION WANTED, BY A RESI'ECTABLE girl, aa washer tod ironer and good plain oook. Good city retenoe given. Call at 285 East IJtb at., between ave nue* A and B, tbird floor, tront room, for two day*. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A PROFESSED COOK in a private family. She uncerstanda all kinds of pro i?rvei, pioklca and making up all kinds of fane* dianes. Can be teen for two cay* at 016 4th at. A PERSON, OF RESPECTABILITY, 13 DESIROUS xi. of obtaining a situation to take o -re of children. She ia of a kind and willing disposition. No objection to go in tbe country. Beat of city reference Call or addreaa 154 Cth avenue, between 17th and 18th it*., for two daya. A RESPECTABLE GIRL, OF SIXTEEN YEARS OF age, wants a nice situation to do chamberwork, or to mindalaby; she is a nice sewer. Residence AO Sheriff at. Can lie seen for three days. ARESrECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A 81TU atinn aa cook, washer and ironer. The belt of city re ference given <rom her last plaoe. wbero she has served tor a long'time. Can bo seen for two daya at fti3 Weat 25th at. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITC A atinn aa seamstrcse, by tbe week or month. Cftll at 203 Went 25th at. AN AMERICAN WIDOW LADV, MIDDLE AGED, wishes a situation in aome respectable family, to teach yonng children and acw Good relerenoes giveu. Inquire at ??9 Broadway, aeeond floor. AN AMERICAN WIDOW LADV WISHES TBE CARE of a bouse during the snmmcr, in the a^aonco of tbe family. No remuneration required Best of city references given. Addreaa Hope, Union square i'oat Office. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION aa eook; undoratanda her buainess in all its branches. Mas no objection to the country, flest of city reference. Apply at 44 3d avenue, third door from 10th at A LADY WISBES TO OBTAIN A SITUATION A aa chambermaid, and to assist with the washing and ironing and to take oare of a child. Good re'erences. Ap ply at her present place, 110 9th at., for two daya, trom 10 to 5 o'clock. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A VERY RE3PEC TA ble Protestant young woman, as good onok, wsuhoraid ironer; no oljection to go to tbe country wita a good family lor tbe summer. Can produce good city reference from her laat place. Can be seen for two daya, at 125 Weat 12th at , between 5tb and Cth avenuea. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A Si tuation aa nurse and seamstress, or ae nurae and cham bermaid: would lie willing ti make hera*lf generally utetal. 11a* very denrftble city roferencea. May ?? Been for two daya, at 443 4th at , between lat and 2d avenuea. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as chambermaid and waiter, or to do Sue washing and ironing Has escrllant city reference; and ba* no objections to go to tbe country Can be aeen lor twa daya at 124 lit avenue, near St. Mark'* plaoe, aeoond floor A YOUNG LADY-JUST ARRIVED FROM ENGLAND wishes to obtain a situation as teacher in a private la mily; she is capable of giving inatruotlone in Frenoh, mu4o and nil tbe branches of English usually taught In the first schools Ihe bigheat testimonials, as to qualification!, Ac., can be given. Addreaa K. Z., box 68, I'oat Ofllee. AS M ILLINER OR SALESWOMAN.? A LADY WISHES an engagement fur either of the above; ia fully oapa ble of aurerintecdinc and taking charge; unexceptionable referenrea; she prvfera New York, but na? no objection to any city. Ple&ae addren, by letter only, M. B. B., 56 Bond ?t. A RESPECTABLE WIDOW WOMAN WANTS A child to wet. nurse at bar own reaideuce, 207 Weat 39th at. Good city referencea given , if required. AYCUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS CHAM t ermaid or waiter, or both. Pleaan call at 212Sul11vau street, in the rear, between Amity and lileecker Can be eeen for two day*, if not engaged, Good eity reference* can be given. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOl'NG WOMAN, **ecok; has no objection to aaciat with washing and itosing; understands bread and pastry; no objections to take a laundreai'a situation in a respectable family; is oapa ble of taking either- Good city referenee given. Please call at 3(11 W. lbth at., until engaged. A SMART AND ACTIVE GIRI. WISHES A SITUA tion in a respectable private family; ia a good plain cook aud excelleiitfwasher and ironer; a beautiful hand at ladles' mualina and French fluting, chamberwork or line washing, would go a >bort dis'anca in the conntry lias good ci' y reference. Can he seen 'or tw J day* at 33d st., be tween 6th and 7th av*. 103 first floor. ABESPECTABI.E YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU ntion to do eookivg; no objection to do up a'alrs wart and fine washing. Best of oity reference from her last jlaci-s Can be aeen for two day*. Apoly at No. 7 At torney it. A KESPECTAHI E YOUNG GIRL, WHO HAS LIVED in ber laat place twelve months, wisnos a eitnatiou aa eLild'a nurse or any otber light occupation, ia a nea-. ae ver and used to fancy knitting. Can give good referenoea from ber la*t plaee. Plcaae apply at 97 7th avenue, near 17th at. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GERMAN PROTESTANT, who speaka 1 rencb and kftgliah fluently, ia ileairoua to get employment in a centl man a familyrahe Has be >n uaed to children, and can undertake to inatruct them in the rudi> menieof these languages. Tbe moat satisfactory oity refer erces can be givsn. Inquire personally or addreaa Measra. Scbarfeuberg A Luia, 769 Brcadway. A HIGHLY EFFICIENT AND RESPECTABLE GIRL want* a situation as ehambermaid and waiter; nan do ?tod plain s?wing, or would assist in washing and iron'ng. Has no objection to go a short diatance in the country with a reipectal la family. Can give the beat of oity referenc \ l'leaae apply at 3b h eat 13th st., second flotr, for two day*. A NICE, TIDY YOUNG GIRI, WANTS A 8ITUA tion aa chambermaid and waiter; no objection to do housework in a small private family. The heat eity refer enee. Call at 111 W. 25th st. A YOUNG WOMAN WI8UES A SITUATION; IS A good plain cook, waaber and ironer. Best ot reference In n. her laat place. No objootion to go a sh >rt diataece in the country. Can be aeen for three days at 4HGreeawich at. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU ation %e cook, washer and Ironer, or cbam^ieraork. lias no objection to a private boarding houae. Citv re ference. Call for two daya at 3S Elisabeth at. third floor, back room No. 10, two doora Irom the corner of Walker A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO DO general boaaework; is a good waaber and ironer. Good oity reference. Can be as?n for two day* av 119 3d *t , be tween avenue D and l.ewlaat. A LADY WISHES TO OBTAIN A SITUATION FOR A young woman, who baa lived with her two yaara, either ae chambermaid, ard to do plain lewing, ar aa nur?e. In quire at 148 Weat I2th at. next to the come* of 5th avenue. ANFAT YOUNG WOMAN, WHO HAS LEARNED dreasmaking, wiabeia situation as seamatres* or woald do light chamberwork and *?wing. Caa be seen for a week at 9t> Middagli atriet, a few dour* from Pulton atreet. Brook Ijn A SITUATION WANTED-BY A VERV RESPECTA kle Englifh woman; is a good cook, aad an excellen wai ber and ironer. Can bo highly reeommeaded. Wa-o not so much an oVJeet a* a good plao*. Please apply at 271 , Bowery, thia day or to morrow. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE tonug woman, to do ohamberwork and waiting, or chamberwork and to **sl*t in washing, in a private family. Noohj. ctiou to go a ahert distance In the conntry. Can be wtll recommended, l'leaae call at 328 Grevnwioh St., tkii day. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, a* child's nnrie and plain eewer; no objection to go to the country for the lumnrr. Beit ol city r-turenue* from her Utt place Please call lor two day* at?V- Mott et. a SITUATION WANTED-BY A SMART YOUNO' A |irl, ia a private family, to do gemral honavwork or rook, wash and Iroa, or aa ehambermaid and plain aewer, er to tftke rare of children. Good eity re ereace. Inquire at 822 Weat 27th It., third floor, front loom. A LADV ABOUT GOING TO EUROPE, WISHES TO proeare a situation for a ftccd ar.d faithful giVl, who ba* lived with her fer rone time, a* chambermaid, and t> aatist with the wathing and ironing, er waiting. Call for two dayg at 141 8tb at. A YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS SEAM ?trill ; tmdf^Mds sblrtmikini, and all kluis or lamil) sewing; sh^^^Blling to make lieriielf generally ou ful and hai no iiHEn to tbe conrtry She !ia* the best of city referenee ^Hrwhtr* fhe ha* lived. Please call at 209 7th it. ARESrECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WANTS A 8ITITA tion, to do general housework or chamberwork and wafting; would be fonnd willing at.d ohliyin.; i* a good pla'n rook, waaber and iroaer. Good city reference given. Can It leti at ti o. 70 Y andam tt., tut twe diyi. wahti. A HOUSEKEEPER? WANTED, A MIDDLE AGED woman, (tout, strong and hearty; good reference ri paired. Addresi box 188 lltrald office, for two days. Abituation wanted? bv a respectable young girl, m obarn barmaid, ar io da tbe wcrk of* amall lau-ily. Can give good ref-rences from her last plate. Can be teen for two J a) a at 135 Croeby it., ia the itore. A YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUATIONiAS CHAM bermaid, ai.d to a?i*tin wafbin^ and ironing, or to take care of children, lias good city reference from her laat place Pirate call at IS!) Seventh avenue, second door, trout room. Can be iten for t*o d*y*. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A WESPECTABLE German girl, aa chambermaid and waiter in a private American family. Good city refeienoe. Pleat* oaU at her laat place, 132 E 17th it. A8ITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young girl a* chambermaid and waiter in a boarding bouse or hotel Goon ri ferenc* lrou? her Laat place. Can be seen lor two daya at 130 Crosby >t , in tba utoro A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL, WHO is a good plain oook. and first rate aasherand irouer, or would do ctainberwork and plain tewing. Can give good citv ref> rence 'rem bar place. Can bo aeen tt No. 9 Union conrt, beta eon 11th and 12th it*., for twodayi A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS good cook, washer and ironcr The b*it of city refer ence riven No objection to to in tbe country. Can be seen tor two day sir not ougage<l. Please call at the turner ol Hicka and liairiioa at* , Brooklyn, over tha livery ?tatle. A COACHMAN WANTS A SITUATION; UK IS A ?toady man, and per'eetly understand* hi* bueinesa in every respect, and can ho liwbly recommended by hi* pre tent emple; er, who ii leaving for Europe. Addrea* W. B., ?J8 5th avenue, corner of l?th it., until Friday, June 1. A teacher wisnEs to employ a part or his day's and evening'* time to giving Freuoh. Spanish, or mercantile arithmetic letsun*, in a respectable family or school, in exchange fir hi* board only. The hett reference* will he furniihed Addrui* A. H. Samiuoa, 2-1 Fulton it., for three daya. A SINGLE YOUNG MAN. A PROTESTANT, WISHES a situation aa groom ? nd ooaohuiau: prefer* the oonn try; the beat ot reference. Can be aeen for two day* at 191 Green* at. A YOUNG MAN, ENGAGED IN THE COMMISSION bnilneta, having an exten*iv* general oonneotion, 1* ai xicua to add to hie ireaen' lint any otber ?tanl* article* ihat may pay a remunerating per centage. Address Bu*i nc*a, box lull, Herald office. A BOY WANTED, WHO UNDERSTANDS THE GAME ?fhillard*; alao warned, a smart, active boy to open oyaterr. Apply at Cullen'i reitaursnt, corner of Broadway and 9th_*t._ ' A RESPECTABLE, MIDDLE AGED MAN AND WIFE want aitnatioBa; the man a* eoaohman and groom, and willing to make himielf generally naeful to bii employer; the woman ai good plain eooa or laundroii for a orivate family. Tbe country preferred. Beit recommendation! from lait employer in thii eity. Can be leen for two day*, at Mr. Majtr'i office, 197 Water it. A N ENGLISHMAN WANTS A SITUATION A3 J\ groom or eoaohman; understands the car* of horie* well; a* had 20 year*' experience. No objeotton to the country. Good city reference. Addrea* for two day*, B. 1., box 109 Herald office. Bookkeeper -a situation is wanted as As sistant bookkeoper, by a yonng man who can jgiv* the moat *atiita?tory reterenoe. Addrea* M. ?., box 100 Herald office. Bookkeeping and correspondence -a per *on, who thoroughly understand* bookkeeping, and i* able to correspond in five languages, wishes a situation, either as bookkeeper or corresponding clerk. The b at city reference* wil< be given. Adore** Account, Herald office. COOK, WASHING, AND IRONING.? SITUATION wanted, in a private family, by a respectable woman. Good city reference Call for two daya. at 123 12th itreet, between oth sndGth aveou. ? in baieuient. ("10CK WANTED-TO GO A SHORT DISTANCE IN J the country- one that perteitly understand* cooking and baking eau apply at 74 Ea-t 23rd street. A girl wanted alio aa chambermaid and waitress, in the itmi place. COOK WANTED ? A GOOD COOK, WASHER AND Ironer watted in a small family. Apply >H9 Willow itreet. Brooklyn, with references. None but l'rot*sta1lta need apply. 0LERK.- WANTED, A SMART, ACTIVE YOUNG man to attend in a tailoring and furniihing store, to make entriei, eollsct bill*, and make himself generally use Inl. One who knowi the city, and can give goud reference*, may apply at Am Broadway. Coachman or groom wants a situation in a private family. No objection to go ia the oountry or work in a garden, or wonld take care of a couple of oows. tank* teen tor two day* He will make himself generally useful in a gentleman's house. Has t?o year*' reference from hi* 'ait employer. Addreia box IW. Heiald office. CHRISTIAN HOME FOB FEMaLE SERVANTS, AT J Mi Laat Thirty eighth straet, between Fourth and Lex ington avenues. Governesses. housekeeper*, alao servants in every capacity, aupplied from this institution. Madison avenue itagci and Thiid avenue oar* pas* within a tew stops ot the doer. Dressmaking and (seamstress.? a young wo man want* a aituation, in a resectable family, as dressn aker and aenmstreaa, and is willing to make herself gcuerslly useful in otber departments. Aptly ai Hi Ninth it., near Ilfth avenue, where she can b* well reeommendod. Farmer wanted immediately.-to take charge of ai d do the work of a firm, containing ISO ncrcs; he must understand plnnghiug th? handling of horse*, mules, Ac Apply to B. G. Well-, 37 Chambers itreet. Farmer wanted-for a place on states Island; a smart boy in a saloon, a b< y in a wholesale liquor store; and a girl to go twenty tulles from the elty Apply at No 4 East Broadway. c rne'r ot rbatham square Situation* alio procured tor clerka, porter*, ooacliineo, Ac. _ ___ _ JAMES McLEriNUN, Agent. Farm laborers, mechanics and female do ireatioe may be engaged at the American and Foreign 1 migrant Protection and Employment Society, 27 Crveu wioh it. I'roipcotuses lent ou application. GIOVERNESS-A LADY DESIRES A SITUATION T in a ichool or family. Sie is capable of teaching the rudiments of French, and th* ordinary branoho* of an Eag lull education. Can be seen between the hours of S and 12 A.M. by calling at 2S Washington place, near Broadway, snd inquiring for Teacher. C-tROOM WANTED. -A COLORED MAN, WHO UN IT derstands the care of horses. Apply at No. 19 Maiden lane, between 12 and 2 o'cloek on Tuesday. HOUSEKEEPER'S SITUATION WANTED ? IN A hotel or restaurant, by an experi?uced woman; or would take charge of atore room, < r waiter girl* and dining room. Best of city reference. Please address A. B. C. I)., Herald office, for tiro day*. Man and wife, both excellent servants, lately arrived in thil country from Dublin, want aitua tion* in any private family, where both can live. The man i* a eoaohman, understand* waiting, and would be found useful in every way that he oan be about a gentleman'* place Iliawtfe would alio be moil useful in a family; ahe undfTitaLdi are*i making, hair dressing, all kinds ef family needlework, and would do ot-amherwrii. Both have alwav* been strictly honest, sober, and attentive. Would live in tbe conntry. iud take moderate wa<es. Please addres* E. K., box 179 Herald office. SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG woman, a* chambermaid and laanlress; has no objec tion to go to the country. Best of city raf<renco Call at 33 13th st. aecond floor, between Sth and 8th avonnee. SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, as chambermaid and waiter; go.<d city reference. Can be leen tor two dayi at No. tt 4th avenue. SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE MID die aged woman, aa nook. 11a* no ohjeotion* to the oonntry Car be aeen at 20 Harrison St., third floor, back room, from 10 till 4. Good city rwterenoe. SITUATIONS ARE WANTED BV TWO GIRLS-ONE a firs' rate cook, washer and in-net; the other a good chambermaid or nurie; can auiit in washing and irooing. Thiir recommendations ar* ttr*t cla*#. Call at tbe intelli gence office 302 8tb avenue. Offio* it free to employer*. SITUATION WANTED-BY A HIGHLY RESPECT able yonng woman, a* (eamatreas and to take charge of grown children. Best of leference. Can be aeen lor tvo day* at US Weat 17th *t. SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE WO man, to do general hon*ework in a amall private family; no objection to go a thort dlatanne in the country. Good city reference. Pleaae call at 22ti 10th at , between 8th and 9th avenue*. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG girl, a* chambermaid and to a*?i?t iu wathiag; no objec tion to go a (hurt diitance ia tbe country. B?st of eity re ference. Apply tor two day* at 2HU lit avenu*, corner of 16th >t., third itory, front room. SITUATION WANTtD-AS CHAMBERMAID A"D waiter Good city relerence. Pleaio call at No. 8 State *t., fortbr** oayi. S SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG 5 woman; ii a good oook, washer and Irnner. Good city relerence given. Can be seen for two days at 15 Jacob it., third floor, front room. SITUATION WANTED BY A STEADY MAN AS GAR dea*r; wtnld take oar* of a horse iud cow: ia a oareful driver; has the belt ot reference from In* laat employer. A line addrened to W. M., box 201 Herald office, will be attend ?a to. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WO man, a* tint rate oouk and t* assiit in the washing and ironing, in a private family. City ro'ereno*. Call at 279 1st avrau*, near 17th itraet, for tiro da>i. SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS cbild'a nntie or to tike charge ?f an inrant; she is will ing to make herself generally uteW. No ohj v-tion to eity or country. G??d reference. Can ho seen for two day*. J lease call at StH Houston St., up ?talai, front reom. SITUATION WANTED-BY A WOMAN, AS GOOD plain cook, washer and irnner; if required, can take care ?t milk and butter Has no objection to va a short diatance in the oountry. Go< d reference from her last pi***. Call at ?04 Houston it., np itr.iri; oan be *e?a for two day* if not engaged. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG AMERICAN kJ girl, lti years of age, to do lUht cliamherwoik or take esreot el ildren. Apply at 190 East 12th it., corner l*t av?nt)e. liWO RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMEN WANT SITUA i tioa>? one as coek. and is willing assist In the wash irg and Ironing; the other a* ehamhermaid and waiter. Good city leterenoe. No obieotios to lbs country. Call at IS tth *t.. between 2d and 3d avenue*, for two day*. no LADIES. -AN E.VPKIiIK>OLl? MIDDLE AGED X Protestant woman want* a situation as baby * nurse; the petfectly understands the caM oi infants and the bring ing np of them by band, if r-qnired: has the b**t teulm> nislsand cits r*lerere<'f, if required Cab h* seen, fer two days. r.t U3 W Stttb St.. near Mh avenun. mt) merchants and shipowners.-wantid, I. by a seafaiicg, a r.evt h In a st re. or in a roaster ss master ?r mate, bi t wonld prater the shor -, being a married mm. Has been master if Boaster* Id Ac tralia, and mate ot lsrge ship*. Good re Terence*. Addros A. A. A., Herald office. ^ TO BOSS TAILORS - A VOUVG MAN OF GOOD AD dress and re> pectablc appearanre would accept of a ritnatl- n as psntalocn and ve*>. (utter. Can keen acojuni* it rsqaired. Ne otjeetlen* tc*n>|*rt*f the Union. Ad dress D K D , iiereid office. TO WATCHMAKBRS ? WANTED, A SITUATION FOR a boy. of 16 years ef a *, to learn the watchmaking ba dass*. To ? snnahle place a preinlnm will be glveu. Apply, hi letter, W Mr, Jmbci WUAibivd, b*s 2,113 Vot\ Vft;?. WABTi. TO CL0THIEE8.-W ANTED, A SITUATION AS foreman in a wholesale store, by a man who under stindi the buiineii. and uf several imti: expenonoe in t Ml citj. Addreii bos 1HM llcrald office. _____ TO BOSS LOCKSMITHS AND BELHIANOERS.? AN industrious lad aged levcnteen, wiihte a iituation to learn the above trade; hai some knowledge of lockenutbing; can make (ranks, fit keys, At.; writeiia good band; ??"1? study tbe interest of lis employer. Addreii lhomaa, 9Jt Newark avenue, Jeriey City. Ti BOSS BOOT AND SHOE MANUFACTURERS.? Wanted, a situation a* torsnien, or cutter nod talesman, liai uo objection to the country, Good city reference can be given. Addreii E. W., care ol Mr. ILpkim, 16 Union ?t., South Brooklyn. TO CAPITALISTS OB FARMERS -WANTED. A SITU ation to take charKe o( a farm, bi a middle aged man. lias uo objection to go Would preler raiilng stock. Tbe best of reference given ai to indu?'ry, competency and integrity. Addreai for threo days, J Stewart box lt>i, lie raid office, stating where an interview cau be had. TO MERCHANT TAILORS AND CLOTillERS ?A steady young man, late from Lnglaud. want* a situa tion as cutter; can assist as salesman, *c., if nquired. No objecUonto the country. Address P. A. H., UeraU ofAoe. TITANTED ? BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUA Y\ lion in a private family, to do general housework; she is a good washer, ironer and oook. 0?od oit rretireno, can be gi?Su A "pi "at 138 Eait3tith St.. between 2d and -id avenues Wanted? by a resectable English woman, a situation in a family lolng to England, ai nurse orto take eaie of one or two children. Salary no obleot lirtt city reference. Addresi S. M., box 111 Herald office, for three diyi. . TITAN TED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. W a situation as chambermaid and brit rate ""be: r and irouer, or upstairs wotke Good retire io?. call for two aay ? at It 9 Crtene it., in the rear. _____ WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation to do general homework; ii an exoellent cook, washer and ironer; would prefbr going to the country, no matter bow 'ar; or f\ie would aot as waiting maid to a ftdyor to a small lamilv about to travel. 0?od wfewueo from her last place. Caa be eeen for three days at ii 7 Eli sabeth at , between l'rince anil lious'.on. AMTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, to do nenoral housework, plain cooking, washing and ironing Best ol city reference can ba given. pirate call at C9 Pacific St., between Smith and Boerum street!, Brooklyn. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE W young weman, to eook, waih and iron for a private lamlly. City reference jiven from her last place. PJ?ase call at No. 230 Third atreet, between avenues B and C, lor two dayi. _____ WANTED-A WET NURSE ; NO INCUMBRANCE; American preferred, lnqulra at >0 East 33d St. TIT ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A REJPECTAlBLE VV v our g woman, to do general housework in a small pri vate family; she is an excellent washer and ironer Can be teen for two days, with good city reference. Call at No. Hi Mulberry St., In the store. TIT ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE W yonng woman, as good plain oook and *0 assist in the washing ana Ironing; baa lived 14 years in London. Can be s?en lot two day. it No. II Uleeck.r St., Curran place. Geod reference given. TITAN TED? BY AN AMERICAN WOMAN, A SITUA W tion, a* hoosekeeper in a imall private family, with city reference. Apply at No. 229 Elisabeth it., In the store. -rifANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE SCOTCH GIRL, A W situation ai nurse and seamstress, or to do obamher work Good recommendations given can be seen tor two dayi at 236 Weit 16th it., between 8th and 9th avenuei, in | tie rtar. ___ \\, ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN TO VV do general housework for a private family, is a good cook, washer and ironer. Good roferenoe. Apply at Ho. t<> Ccncord it., Brooklyn. Can be seen for two daya. TV'ANTED? A WOMAN TO DO GENERAL HOUSE YV work. N one but thoie who ca-t bring the verjbest re ference! need apply at No. 5 William *t. John W ? Carter. ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE ycung woman, to general houiawork m a priv itc tiinllj ; ii a good washer and Ironer. Can give good city re fiSnew, Pie we apply at 118 16th it., between lit and -d avenues, third floor. -nr ?mrr- A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE W1?ung wTm.n 1 ?ok a^l' laundress In a .mall private lamilv i Lfd citv r<1Wm/?eajren; hai lived four years in ft? I a? X*. I*2?3F ft lbS Prospect it., Brooklyn, for tw o day i n . TITAVtED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE VV woman, ai firet rate waiter; willing to aisist in ohain berwrfk it riquired; the beet of city wlirence ftom her Ust niece where she hai lived four years: so objection to trie country. Can be leen for two days at iu3 Broadway, corner 2Dth it. . WANTED-BY a RESPECTABLE YOUNG situation as chamb. rroalil and "alter, or to do ths general housework of a small iTivate family, no oWJootioni to go to tbe country with a lady lor the biuDmermonthsu a first rate washer and 'ronet. Has the he.t city reference. Call at 128 Mott it. second floor, up stairs. \ir ANTED? BY A niGUlY KESPF.CTA11LEENG VV litb woman, a situation ai ladiei sick uurse.hnhad se\ eral years' exjierience in England, ami o?.n produce^ the kighest testimonials irom some t>t ti e molt emioen.^ P-fT'1 cians in this city; if not engaged would take charieol an in fiint trom its birth; is a l ompeteu'. nnrso in every roipvct. Can be leen at 173 West UMh >t . ?eeond floor. ANTED-BY A PRUl EbTANT WhMaN, A SITUA tion as tint elaaseook; pot lectly nnderitaidi mea.?. tovpi tnJ pame In the Irecch stj 1?, ?udrV'fcV. rill tlZ desserts, jellies and creams, all kinds of cakes. Call this w eek at 3i>9 (old nnmbir) E. 12th st. ANTED-BY A RESPEOTABLK MARRIED WO man, a child to wet nurse, at her own h >use. Incite at 513 l'carl it., in tbe rear. Mrs. McUera. WANTS*? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation as cook, w asher and ironer- ihe best city reftrenct can le'glven. Can be seen for two davs in Bond st., between Douglali and Dcgraw, seooud buck house, Brooklyn^ WANTED-A SITUATION AS SEAMSTRESS, BY A reiteotable girl, w bo wonld also take oaro of ? child and an 1st at washing and ironing; she has the ^t of oiiy refer, nco. Apply at Mr, Sbevly s, corner of Uicki and liar riion fitp., Brooklyn. \ITAN1ED? BY A PROTESTANT ENGLISH GIRL, A VV situation ai nurse, and to do plain sewing aad waiting. Can be leen at 878 Biteoker it. Tl" AN TED- A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT GIRL. VV as laundreii or cbambcrmaid. C?n be icen at S!o Bleeckcr it. Wanted? Bf an honest, industrious oirl, a situation to eook, wa?h and iron, and hai no Objec tion to do general housework iu a ?mall f"'** * I'leise call at M Madison it., in the rear, brst floor, can be seen for two days. _________ aktIIWA WOMAN, AS COOK. l^ASHER ANO W ironer, Ac , in a small rrivate|famllv; one willing to do the necessary work in a first rat* manner only. n?ed ap ?ly, good refererce will be required. Apply at 44 Eait ->th it. WANTED? BY AN EXPERIENCED PERSON, A SI tnfttion as ludi's maid ; she perfectly nnderitandB m aUnt'1 litir (IroH^iuK ao d cud havo th? best of city a"eT?ckesD*Ap*rl7 at Ml &h"v. , between 2U-b and Jlst it. Can be iten for two days. -wtt ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE W vonng w> man, as cock; understands *ood cooking, l aking, nud hai no objection to asiist *\lh lhte Lest of city reference given. 1 lcaie apply at ?J6 East2lit st. Can be teea fcf two dayi. T^taNTED ? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, VV as nurse and seamstress, or cl>amOeMDaid *n-i s^m stresi- would do chamberwork and line waihlu* and lromu<, is eat able of fulfilling either ot the above ntnationi. Best of reference! t o on t?y pre. erred. Can be leen for two day. it not ni^agcd, at 31 corner of Mott and Sprin* its., lit floor. I*. ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE VY young girl, to take rare of children, or to do (.hauler work or waiting; bo objea'.lon to the unnutry: good refer ence given. Can he teen for two days at No. 8 Desfciosses it., in tbe tascment. TIT ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE vT girl, to do general housework; is an excellent washer sod Iroaer and good plain cook; h?s go< a reterouie from her last plsce, where (be hai lived tfcree yean. Call at 43 1'rinoe it , for two day*. XV ANTED-A SITUATION. BY fA RESPECTABLE vf weman, to eook, waeh and iron, chauibermaid and Ir.untirifsi. Good city reforence. ''an :>? seen tor two days at No. M7 22d it., 4th floor, front room, batween 7lb and fth a\es. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, as eook or lannrirees; h>,? the best o' city refer ence from her last place, w here site has liveu four years Can be teea tor two day i. Pleaie call at No. ii Mloetta it. TIT ANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A TT situation in a imsll family ai ieam>tre.s and nurse. Inqulic at 72 Mott it , in the rear. WANTED? A YOUNG LAKY <)P GES VEEI. AUDREYS, to Do plain sewing, and assist iu tending a confection ary store Nona but American or Frnnoh need a pplj. Re ference required. Call at 21 Hudson it. TirANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TV } oung girl, to do general housework. In a small private family, or to do cooking, washiag and ironing, or chamher work and lowing, or ehamberwntk and asiist in washing and ironing. The belt of city reference can b? given. Please call at 48 Marlon it., betweua 1'iinee aad bprin^ iti., for two day*. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE woman, as chambermaid and laundreii in a mail pri vate family. Good city rifeieuce can be riven. Caa he leen for three dayi. If net engaged, at So. 311 East lDth it., Mcind floor, back room. WANTED? BY A YOUNG ENGLISH GIRL, A SUVA TT tien in chambermaid er wsiter in a respectable fimily. Good refereace ean be (iven. Apply at Ne. I 2d it , fourth floor. TIT AN TED ? BY A RESI'K'1 ABLE GIRL, A SITUA TT tion to do general honnjwotk, is a good washer and Ironer. Good etty reference give*. Call at lift Mulberry it. TV'- AN TED ? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT womav, as good plain eook, first rate wisher and iroier in a private family ; ao obleition to go a short 4.1 tance in the country. Good city or country relerence givea. Can be see a for two data at loo Pitt it. TV ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE * TT youtg girl, aa waiter ( r as chambermaid; ae objection to to in tbe country. Best of city relerence. Pleate call or aditreii AI21it it , corner otbth avenue. TIT ANTED? SITUATIONS, BY TWO RESPECTABLE TT young women? one as first rata eook, washer and trocer, and the other as aetiuatreii, or chaabermald, or both- willing to make themselves generally met hi. Tha h??t of oily referenco frem their I ait plane. Caa b?i soea for two daya at 34 Pacific at., Brooklyn, near Boer um st. ANTED ? SITUATIONS, BY AN INDUSTRIOUS man snd hii wife, (no family,) to take charge of a dairy; w perfectly understand milk and butte'j country preferred F'.r further particular! please call at 1,9 7th ave of 22d it. i avenue, e .roer TVT ANTED? A YOUf O MAN. TO WORE IN A DINING TT saloon, Oct that is u*?1 to carving. Good refereai l required. Inquire at No. 1 Atlantic itriet, Brooklyn. Union Hotel. WANTtD-A SITUATION, AS COACHMAN IN A private fimily. by a man that undsriutndi taking care of horiei and hii business ai ooaohman; ii well acqualnt e-1 with the elty; would have no objection to the country. ( an furnish tbe best af oi'y reference. Call ot R. t). II ,*ei. (MtHMUtbii, "U ANTF.D-A SITUATION, BT A YOUNG WO HAN. A VT cook in a amall family, or chambermaid and waiter. Good refennoe. Arply at 319 Henry it., Brooklyn. TTAKTID-A PROTE8TANT WOMAN. AS NURSE, IW " ? "mil j where there are no very young ohildren. Sb? be a good iiuutnit, kind active, aad willing to heraelf ueelul. Such a [<eraon, who want? a boa*. ana ha? no followera, may apply at 12 Lafayette plaoe TVANTED-A situation, bv a respectable TV young woman, u chambermaid, aad to do flat wathing aad ironing, cr general homework in a private family No objection to tho country. 1'leaao call at 260 Eaet 14th at., top floor. TIT ANTED? A SITUATION, JIT A YOUNG GIRL, THIR TY teen yearn of ago, aaehUa't name, aad to doplaia tew ing. Good refetouce. Apply at 73 Wett 27th at,, on the tirat floor. TITAN TE D-A "s I TUATION IN 77 1 UST CLASS MILLI* TT ncry or faaey goods eatabliabment, by a lady who baa I een in l>ui<ineee fet nnraelf for the Wat ton year*. A note addreaaed to II. J. C-, Brooklyn Poat Office, will Moot with prompt attention. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A GENTEEL YOUNG ciil. in a private family, at aeamttreea: aaderttande di rttnjkkin?, ahirtmaking, and all kindt of family ae wing; would aaiiat in taking cere of < bildreu. Can do up flae mua liat. Good city reterence. Can be teen at 562 Pearl it., near Broadway, tor two d*yt. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE ' " joung woman, at nuite and seam- trail, or to do cham btreotkaud tine wailing; would pr?ter a family goiag io Newport lor the tuuiBtr. 1 leaf call, or addrtae A. Mo (lowen, tt. UA Weat liith tt , third floor A G,RI- WU0 "AS SERVED TWO SI" iS a situation at aeamatreee and ' 0V,<iuM ,'fly lu "ork ? dreeimaker; re J--?. 9ii . i lbtu betweea Broadway ana 4 1 a ayenue, for tw day*. WANTED? A BITl ATION , III a RESPECTABLE girl, a? oook. Valuer aud lroner, in a private family. Tbe beet of city refer 'nee giver.. Call it u Dean at third floor, South Brooklyn. WANTED- A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young womaa. o do houaework; ie a good waaher and lroner Can nroduc' '.lie heat ol city reference. Pleaie oall at 105 Weat 19th at., Tietweou Cth and 7th avenuta. WANTED-BY A R kSPkcTaBLE PROTESTANT girl, a aitaation at < ibaml erwtlJ and waiter; baa no objection to take car? ol children aad do plain rowing, or to go in the country. Ca I at le5 Weit 27th at. TTTANTED-BY A PKOTES1 ANT GIRL, A 8ITUA ff tioa at cook, w:'.<horand ironer, or aa chamberma:J, waaher and iroaor; would | refer tbe country. Geed eity reference given. Call a: 841 3d ar., between 2Gth tad 37th at?., in the rear. tXTANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN. TT at nurae and plain leamatreat; no objection to travel with a lady. Good recou ueudationa from her lait place. Apply at 105 E. 26th at., St t floor, front room. 117" ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT girl, to do general houuuwork; it a good plain cook, waaher and lroner. Beit city reference. i'leaae call fee two day* at 113 E. 22d it WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, at waiter or chambermaid, or to do flae waaliig and ironing: ia a good plain aewtr; no objection to go to tbe country or travel with a lady Uaa the moat re apectable city rtlerenco from tier latt place, where ahe lived one year. I'leaae oall at 2U3 9th at., nuar 2d av., for 2 daya. WANTED? A SITUATION. UY A RESPECTABLE woman aa oook, good waaher and ironer; underatanda ber butineia perfect, from twelve y rare' 'eiperienee in thia city. Bett of reference. Cat; bo noon for two daya at 198 Yt eat 27th street, front baiem it, between 8th and 9th ava. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do hou ework in a private family. No objection to travel with a la ly. Good referenoe. Apply at 1? TaWmati at , Brooklyn WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE TT young woman, aa good coo* and excellent lroner. Good city reference. Can be ?een at 136 Amity at., in tbe rear, at Mrs. Whelan't. TVANTBD? A SITUATION, BV A YOUNG WOMAN. TT to travel with a lady, or to do plain tewing. Good reference. Apply at 116 Allen at., in the rear. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A PROTESTANT girl, either aa chambermaid and teaa.itroaa, or waiter. No objection to go a ahort diatanoe in tue country. Can {roduce aatiafactory reference. Call at 126121b tt., between t b and fltb avenaet. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A VERY EXPR TT rlenced young woman, aa rimmbermaid and aeam atieaa, or launareaa; ia capuUe of giving aatiilaotion in all her dutiea. Heat of city reterence. Call at 170 W. ltftb at TV" A N TI D ? BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUA TT tion aa el ambermaid or waiter. Beat of city refer ence. Call tor two oayt at 173 12th at., between lat aui 2d avennea. \kj ANTED? A YOUNG LaDY, TO ATTEND AN ICE TT crcam aaloon. The boat reference will be require 1. Apply at!18 Bleeeker at., botween 11 aad 1 o'elcok. WANTED? BY A RESXECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN T T a aituation ai children'a maid, or to do ohamHerwurk, or woull bavu no objection to do the bnutownrk ef a imall laiaiiy: bat no objection to go a abort diatanc" In the conn try. Beat of city reference. Addreta KL. F., 115 Eaat2tjth at., bet w ecu 2d and 3d avenuea. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNC WOMAN, a titnation aa vet uurae, tier baby being Ave weektold. Can give good city reference. Can be teen For two daya, at No. lf< Btrbareen at., neat Tillery, Brooklyn. ?\TSTANTED? A SITUATION, AS CHAMBKRM A IB AND TT waiter, or aa plain oook; i? a goo6 watUuraol lron?r. Celt of city reference can be *l*en from Iter laat place. Call at No. ti Eatt 31 at at., between Dtb and Maliaon avea. Can be aeen ft i two daya. TITAN TBI ?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT ^oong woman, to do tei eral houaework, or chamber maid and plain acwer. Good city referenoo. Call for two ?lay;, at No. 1 Dcratlo at. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a lituation to take cbarae of a baby and tewing, or light chamberwork and aewing; nu objection to go to the country for lie mmm?r. Tbe beat city jeference given. Call l<r two dayt at No. 76 laat 12th at. WANTED-BY A NICE RESPECTABLE YOUNG WO man, a tituatlon aa chlid't nune and teamatr iaa; hat no objection to travel or go to tie country. Beit of city re icronce. Can bo teen for two daya at 355 Hndaon at. T1TANTEU-A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE TT young woman, to do general houaework, or at laun dreia. Can come well recommended tlai no objection to go in the country. Apply at 48 B eat 13th *t., aeooad floor, rear building. TITANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE AMERICAN WO TT man, a aitnation ai houiekeeper. City reftrence given. Apply at 9bS li*th it., for two dtya. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TT at lanndrett in a private f tally: hat lived nrarlv nve ytart in ber laat place ; thoroughly underatanda her buaineaa; or would like a cbambtrmaid't place, and do line waihing and ironing. I'leaae call at 125 Greenwich aveaae, top floor, front room; can be aeen for two daya. TT-ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A BESPECTABKE TT girl, aa cook, wather and ironer. Tbe bett city re'er ence can be given. Apply at No 60 Spilng at., lat floor. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT young girl, In a private family; ia a tint ra'e plain cock, waaher and Ironer; oan do chainberwork, or tine waah iu? and tinting. Tbe bett of cltv reterence can be given trcm tcrlaat place, where tbe hat Itvtd the paat four yeera. I'leaae call at 193 7th avenue, near 2<d at ; eaa be eeen for two daja. TV- ANTED- BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, WHO TT thoroughly underatanda ber buainett, a aituation ae cool . bat no o' jection to go ? ihort dlttance in tbo eonatrr. The bett of citv reference given if required. Can be teen lor two dayi at H51oreyth It . between Uelanoy aal Rivington. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT >< uBg woman, aa chambermaid and leauiatreat or iiurir. Ita- the belt of reference from ber l?tl plae?, where >L? hat lived two jeart Pleaae call at 00 Wtn Broadway WANTED-BY A UE3PECTABLE WIDOW WOMAN, TT with coo little boy, a aitnation to dn eeneral houae work, or to ctok, wath and iron and hat no objection to ai.y rait ef the country; hea the beat of eity refireace. I'leate call atlH Madron at., 2d atory, front room. VlT ANTED? A GOOD PLAIN COOK, TO OO IN THE vv country ; tingle man preferred. Apply at No. *U7 Spring atreet. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young wiman, aa ct ambermaid and waiter, or to do cbatnherwcrk and take oare ef children; hat no objeitlin te ?> to the countrv, I'lea-e rail at 80 Baltic it , between ickt aad C< lumbia, Brooklyn. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESl'RCTABLB TT yotieg woman, at took, or ia willing to do general houaework far a email private family; underetaadt baking paatry, good waaher and iroi -r Good city reference. Call lor two dayt. at No. 9 (larriton at , three doora flrotn Co lumbia, Brooklyn. 2d floor, front room. TKTAN TED? SITUATIONS, POR TWO SI*TCRi; OVB vT aa oook. and the otb?r aa (Hiaml ermald and waiter; tbe hea' of city reference from their lavt plaoe; are Pre teatantt. Call at 115 Weat 2.'?h at. No objection te the country. TV ANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE TT yonng girl, to do tbe bnuaawork for a amall fawilv. Coed city reference. I'leaae call at 396 cherry at., froak locm, grit fltor. WAX TED- A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT yonng womaa, aa cook or to do general honeework. No ol Jettien to the country, I'leaae call for two daya, at No. 73 Creaky at. , WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN' tt a aituation aeohambirn.ald. or to do the caneral houae work of a amall family; la a g< od waaher aad lroner. Beat city refereace. Call at 135 Wcat 13th at , thia day. WANTED-A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE ycuag woman, at good cook, waafcer aed itcne& in a mall private family. Tie belt of retereaoe given. Apply t 2t)f itb avtnee, one door from t7th at., for two daya. WANTED ? AN EXPERIENCED PROTESTANT TT nunc; one that can apaak Fr*ncb preferred: the meat ring uatxceptionable reference*; mult be neat, of good dle oanlon, and a good aeamatreaa. Apply at No. 10 Weet 19th t.. from into 12. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa chambermaid aad waiter, or aa chambermaid aad leamttreii. or to do general bee ae work in a amall family. Good city reference from her laat plaee. Can be teen for two daytai 156 Smith it. Brooklyn, aeeond door from Bergen, aeeond floor front room. T1T1 N TED? BT A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, TT a a< '.nation aa ehambirmaid and plain eewer: good re ference given. Call at 55 Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn, for tw* daya. WAN? D-A SITUATION, BT A YOUNO WOMAN, A VT rrottitant, aa coek . wather and treaer ; baa no objeo tinn te do general booaewrk ; la a good baker of bread; good refermeei; no objection to the country. App'.y a'. No. 103 II ot t IL TVANTED-A SITUATION, BT A TIRST CLASS TT icamatreia; can cut and lit children'* elcthlng. ladlaa and mlaiet' nBdertairoentland morning robea, la theneweat I'yle; bti no cbjiction to the conntry. Good city reference given. Can be reen at 199 13t)i at rVAI^ED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TT at cbamTicrtnald and waiter, or to dt general houae work; gend elty rclarenee; no objection to the country. Ap ply aiflC Bulltran tt For Balance of Wants see 8ixth Paee.

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