Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 29, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 29, 1855 Page 7
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WllilUB MOTTO imi MI. MUUUhd UP LOMUfl. ? " |vvvvvvvvvvvv>/vyvvvvvvvvvvvvv%^^?? ? onn ?*? PLEASANT THIRD 8T0RY RACK ROOM JOvv? to let, to one or two ??agle gentlemen, with or without breaklast, also, a null boat noa, AMitM Ui fc? Herald offioe. BROADWAY, (OVER WRLLER'S SALOON. F uraished rooms to lot, io[*nUl; or ia suits. 713 KfiK BROAD WAT. - ELROANTlT FURNISHED UDU room*, ia ratio ud single, ?? >?*? ,0 temUioa and ?oa l lemon, without board, at prices to suit applicants. Lo dltien unsurpassed. Houne furnisliodjwitb gas, baths, Ao. QfTQ FOURTH Bt RRRT.? A P ARTM RNT9 AND Oft/ rooms, elegantly furnished, to lot, for single re spootablc goatlcmcB, with hoard, if desired. orn GREENE STRRRT.-PARLOR and rrdroor jhtJO to lot, with or withoBt hoard, with all the modern bprovements, three door* fro* Clinton place. Reforeneee oa changed. 1 17 J WIST TWENTY SECOND STREET? ROOMS ilT may ho obtained ia suit* or eiagle. famished or an fniiished, In a first olass bouse, replete with all the modem may ho obtained ia suit* or siaglo. furnished or an ed, In a first olass bouse, replete with all tlx Improvements. Terms moderate Apply a*. above. I OA MADISON AVRNU1.? TWO DESIRABLE SUITS luu of rsoms bow vaoant, furnished or unfurnished; mngle rooms for gentlemen, la a flret elacs boerding bone. Those who wish to remain in the oity wlli find it a delightful summer residence. Wall street stages pass the door. m TENTH STRERT, RRTWRRN RROADWAT AND Usivereity plaoo.? A suite of handsomely famished foam*, first fioor, front parlor, aad two largo bedrooms at tMhod, with private table: ot will ho lot to slngls gentle Bee, with or without board. Terms moderate. WR8T FOURTEENTH STREET, APARTMENTS in suite or single may bo obtained by a few seloot families or bachelors, who are witling to pay liberal for the best of aeoemmodatioa. AMITT STREET. -GENTLEMEN WISHING FUR nishsd apartments, largo or email, in a quiet aad 105 103 _ . _ respectable neighborhood, whore they may enjoy the com forts of a home, csu find suitable accommodations at 1U3 Amity ftrcot. Hot and eold bathe, gas through >ut the houio. Prices reatonable. Alio, a pleasant efflce, suitable far a physician. Q1 PRINCE STREET, WEST OF AND NEAR BROAD tJl way ?A law tingle gentlemen oan obtain rooms and heard, at moderate prleee. House first olass, handsomely laraithed, eoutaining all the modem improvements. n ? WARREN STREET ?ROOMS TO LRT, TO A ORN I l) teel family, without children. Rent moderate. Ap ply as above. n(\ FRANKLIN STRERT, FIRST HOUSE WEST OT I U Broadway, parlors oa first floor, sepeurate or together, suites and single rooms, oa socoad and third floors, neatly fnvuitbed for gentlemen, to let for a short period if required. Terms from two to ton dollars ptr week. ?0 HUDSON STREET.? BOA RD-A GENTLEMAN OZ and his wife, or one or two gentlemen, can find a plea sant fr< nt room, with pantrias, on seoond floor, near Cham bers street. ?A AND G2 VAR1CK STREET, ST. JOHN'S PARK. v)V A handsomely furnished room on the seoond floor, with private baths, Ac. attaohed, to let, with board, to a gentleman and his wife: also vory comfortable rooms tor single gentlemen; first olass accommodations. Inquire as above. ifl MURRAY STREET.? BOARD, WITH HAND "w seinely furnished rooms, for gentlemen and their wives, or siaglo gentlemen. The house has all ths modern Improvements, and is pleat antly situated one block west of Broadway. Transient boaeders accommodated. Terms mo derate. iC EAST NINETEEN* a STREET ? SUITES Of TU apartments, with board, for families and gentlemen, may be obtained, oa immediate applicatioa. Traasisnt hoarders oaa bo agroeapiy aooon.modated. "I f\ AMITY STREET. NEAR BROADWAY.? A YERY XV comfortable and pleasant furnished room and bedroom, suitable for one or two tingio gentlemen, in a private family, where there are no boarders or annoyances of any hind. Terms very reasonable to a good tenant, who oan hare par tial board in his own room, if required. A PRIVATE FAMILY HAYING A HANDSOME ROOM, in a house with the. modern improvements, would li?e a gentleman aad wife or two siaglo > geutlemen to room with full or partial bos/d. Call at 168 West Nineteenth street, near Eighth avenue. Terms reasonable. A FARTMRNTS TO RENT.? A HANDSOME PARLOR A and bedroom, well furnished, in a moet desirable loo t tton, with partial board, may be had by a single gnnileman who wants a quiet home. Apply at 29 university plnoe. A PLEASANT SUIT OF ROOMS, OR ROOMS SINGLE, A may be obtained by gentlemen, or gentleman and wife, with hoard. In a private family, by addressing O. L., Herald office. References exchanged. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OR SINGLE GENTLE A men, oan be accommodated with rooms, furnished or unfurnished, with board, at H8 West Tweaty-socoud street. The bouse contains the modern improvements, and is conve nient to ears and stages. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE. OR TWO YOUNG LA dies, can be aeeottmedated with board in a plain privat tamlly. Apply at 66 West '1'wenty first street, rot two dsys A FEW SELECT BOARDERS MAY OBTAIN ROOMS, furniihcd or unfurnished, with or without board, with a private family, in a new brown stone house oontaiu u>K all the modern improvements. Apoly at 144 East Thir teenth street, between Seoond and '1'hird avenues. Refer ences exchanged. A HANDSOME SUIT OF ROOMS TO LET. PARTIAL ly furnished, with use of kitchen, in a private family The bouse contednsgas, baths, Ac. Apply at 118 Wavurley plaoe. A LADY DESIRES TWO OR THREE CHILDREN TO board, in a very healthy plaoe, and whe.-e they will re ecive a mother's care; also, ux furnished rooms to let. Ap ply or address Doctor Clarence Villas, lU3d St., 3d av. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OR TWO SINGLE GEN tleman. cau be acoommodtted with a pleasant room, with board, by applying at 100 Eldndge, between Broome and Grand its. AN ELEGANT SUIT OF ROOMS TO LET, WITH OR without board, in the finely located, modem house, &i Rast Sixteenth street, near Irving plaoe and Union equere. The entire first, seoond or third floors may be secured for the summer or permanently. One or two families only wiU be taken, or a tew gentlemen. Re'eronoes given and re quired. A small private family, having more room than they require, would accommodate a few single Cntlemen, or a gentleman and wife, with board, either suits or teparate Jalso, an offioe, suitable tor a surveyor, dentist or phjsuiaa. References exchanged. Inquire at 143 West Twenty second street. A FRONT PARLOR WITH BEDROOM AND SI'A eious closets attached, on the seoond floor, to let to gentlemen, l'be rooms were painted and elegantly fur nished this spring. Gas throughout the house; breakfast givea if desired. Apply at 109 Bleeoker street. Board.? a furnished room to let, to a sin tie gentleman, either with or without partial hoard. Inquire at 149 Spring street. OARD.-ONS OR TWO GENTLEMEN AND THEIR 1 wives, and two or three single gentlemen, oan obtain good board and pleasant rooms, on reasonable terms, by ap plying at No. 8 Fifty- third street, between Seoond and Third avenues. B B OARD-A LADY AND GENTLEMAN CAN BE Ac commodated with or without botrd, aad furnisted par lor and adjoining bedroom, xupplled with gas, bath, Ao.. in B small family wlthont children, and no other boarder*. References exchanged. Apply at 90 Franklin street, butwoeu Broadway and Church. OARB IN PRINCE STREBT, AT 19J.-A LADY HAV tag more room than required, has a parlor and bedroom, B troat, with bath room adjoining. * hieu she will let, fur niched or nnfurnishsd, with or without beard. Alto, two Beat single rooms, tor single gentlemen, cheap. Board in twenty-third strert.? a hand aomely furnished rait of rooms, to let, with full or pw teal board. Also, a single room, in a first class heuss, with all the modern improvements. Also, a basement, suitable far a physician's offioe. Apply at 76 Weet Twenty-third etsset References exchanged. Board in a private family. -a gentleman and bis wife, or two single gentlemen, ear be aofjinrm dt ted with very pleasant and airy rooms, with fall or par tial board. House contains the modem improvements, and Is convenient to oars and stages. Inqnlio at No. 199 Went Twenty seventh street, a few door* west of Eighth avenue. Board in Brooklyn, at 97 Nassau street, two doors from Adams, in a strictly private family; only a few gentlemen, or a gentleman and hie w.fe, taken. Re ferences exchanged. Apply as above. Board in bbooklyn.-onr or two oewtle men, or a gentleman and his wife, oaa have very" pli le ant reems in a quiet family, residing in the beet part of Brooklyn, Bear Wall street ferry. Addrees J. L., box 3,OUO New York I'oet Offioe. Board in Brooklyn? 10s pineapple street.? Two verv desirable front rooms, on seoond story, suita ble for a gentleman and wife, or two or three tingle gentle men, near Wall strtet and Fulton ferries. Relcrsnoee ex ?imaged. Boarding in brogklyn-a Few single gen Hemes, or a gentleman aad wTe, ran he v-oomuiodated with very pleasant rooms in a private familv who have more room than tbey reqnlre. To those who apprroiate the eom ferts of a home this would be a good opportunity. Apply at 91 Sands street, Brooklyn. Board in Brooklyn? two large rooms fur aiehed, with partial teard. ia one of the fiaest looa MOBi in Brooklyn; also,two hall bedrooms. Apply at Mi Clinton street, between Wall andAtlantie street ferries. Board in b rook lyh. -two or thrre gentle men ean be acoommodated with pleasant rooms and board In a private family, where there art but few bear tors, at 44 Hieks street. House bow aad pleaeaatly totaled, three minutes' walk from Foltoa ferry. Eoard in south brooxlyw -two or three boarders can be accommodated with an agreeable family. In a pleasant airy bonse. having gat, Ac., within four ml rutee' walk of Hamilton ferry, and nine of South ferry. Terms moderate, and every attention paid in order to make ? happy home. Apply at 00 President street. Board in south brooklyn.-four young men can be accommodated with good board and furnished rooms, on moderate terms, two minutes' walk from the Benth ferry. Also t? o handsome parlors, en the first floor, fiornlshed or unfurnished, with .or without board, laqnlre at 40 State street, Brooklyn. oard in HOBOKF.N.-TWO SINGLE GENTLEMEN can be accommodated in a private family, with partial board ia a first class home, near the ferry. Terms moderate. Address W. H. N.. Herald Office. BOARDINQ.? TWO OR THREE SINGLE GENTLE mea can be aocommodated In a private family, whore they can enjoy the comforts of home, with breakfast and tea, and a pleasant front room on the seoond fioor, at S.*3 Tenth street. Five lines of stages pass within one hair hleeh. Address J. E. W., care of It J. A Co., 1^06 Poet Offioe. Apply as above. TSOARDIVO-M VARICK STREET, ST. JOHN'S PARK. Xy ? Gentlemen and tholr wives or single gentlemen ean be accommodate I with n.oms en suite or single, furnished or M furnished, with fml or partial board. Bath rooms, gae. Ao. This (oration it very eoavenieatto the business pari of the city. References exchanged. Boarding -a well furnished second itory front room, with gae and larje closets, an 1 I <*4 red, a lane bedroom eemmenleating, to let. with board, by a email reepeetable family, at II West Twenty hi? >nd street. A gentleman nnd his wi'c may isa'ito the eodlTorie #r bome hj apply lag as above. References exchanged. BOARDIHG AJVO LODGIH Q. BaiUIMO ? VIET DESIRABLE BOOMS FOB TBS |M?W| at N*. 4 Abiagdca ?qB*ro, weet (id*. Boarding -a few single gentlemen can be accommodated with |IwnM rooas and fall or partial board; alto, a gentleman and wife, by calling at UO Greene atre*t, ?eeoud door from Prince, (U, bathe. Al. Boarding.- a few gentlemen and theie wivaa, and tingle gentlemen, can bo aeoommodatod at 114 Leonard (troet, a fow doora eaat of Broad w a* , alto a large batement room to lot, with cloiet, containing Crotoa watir, well adapted for the tffioe sf ? phytic inn. Transient and day boarder* takes. Boarding -foub single gentlemen can be aocos modated with board is a private family where there are no ether boarder*, in a pleasant location and in a roepectablo neighborhood. Term* moderate. Inquire on the premises, 427 Second aTMie, between Twenty tilth and Twaaty -seventh itreet*. BOARDING.-ONE ROOM, SUITABLE FOE A GEN t lemon and lady or two single gentlemen, alto one slug'* room, to let, with er without board, at 143 Chamber! (treat Boarding.? a gentleman and wife, a few young man, and one or two yoang ladies, can be aeeom modated with good board and neat room* at the a*w board ing hotter, 238 Henry (treat. Boarding in fourteenth steeet-a ladt having a few rooms to di(po*o of in a flrit ela*e house, would be bappv to accomodate a gent lemma and hi* wife and a few (ingla gentlemen Apply at 64 Fourteenth etreet, between fifth and Sixth areouee. Boarding on Brooklyn heights? between Fulton and Wall at. ferric*. A large and (mall room to lat to two or three gentlemen, with partial board and dinner on Sunday, in a private family. The bouae ia eituated iu a desirable quiet neighborhood. To tho*e who wou'd ho per manrnt, the term* would bo very reaeonable. Roferencea urexcrpticnable. Pleaac addre** W. A. 8., Herald offioe, with real nam* attaohed. Brooklyn heights, three minute*' wale from Wall itreet ferry.? A room and two bedroama on the third floor of the ur?t elaaa houao C2 Kem-en atreet. auitable tor a family er alnglc geutleut*n. Dinner at 6. Cat, bath, Ac. Reference* exchanged. Brooklyn.? a lady and gentleman, or two ?ingle gentlemen, caa have a larre room, furniabed or unfurniahed, with hoard, in & ti ret eltta house, on moderate term*. Healthy situation, respectalle neighborhood, and only a few minute' walk from South and Wall atreet for >1** Apply at !'< ' lleir, atreet. Brooklyn heights ?gentlemen and their wivea. or eincle gentleman, can obtain pleaaant roone, with board, at 12u Colombia (troet, t lire's minute*' walk from Fulton or Wall street ferry. Ref*rencea exchanged. Bergen hill or noBCKEN -permanent board wanted on Bergen Hill, or Hoboken, if oa the rivar front, by a gentleman and hi* wife. Good accommodation* will be required Addre** A. M., Herald office. COUNTRY BOARD.? TO LET, TO A FAMILY, WHJ would take it for thr** or four months, a large country hou*?, situated oa the Hadaoa rlrer. within tw> houra' ride cl the *ity by railroad or itaamboat; good bathing aai boating aceommodationa for horaea and cow*; the plaee i* perfectly haaltby; a private table if r tired. Further par ticular* by applying at M Ninth atreet, fourth bona* from Fltth avenue, between th* hour* of 11 and 3 o'oloa*. COUNTRY BOARD MAY BE HAD WITHIN A HALF hour' a ride of Brooklyn, by railroad; pleaaant location; airy rooma, fine lawn, with abade treea, and plenty of truit, vegetable*, and milk. Apoly at 74 Ea*t Twenty third *tre*t. Accommodation* alio for horao*. COUNTRY BOARD.? THE ORANGE LAKE HOUSE, pleaiently aituatod on the eaet nda ot Orange lake, Newburg. Orange county. New fork, will open on thne flrat of June, for faml'le*; good bathing. *aUing. flihing and gun ning; conveyance by the Hudaon river oar* and ateam >oata, e*ery boor of the day. Addre** JAfl. HENDERSON, No. 3 Montague place, Brooklyn. (COUNTRY BOARD, NEW ROCHBLLE -A NEAT J houae, beautifully aitnated for health, in th* midat of a garden; ladie* or gentlemen, or a amall falily, wishing t* economiae, will And thli eligible; term* most roaaonabl*. Apply to Mr. Humphry, houae carpenter. New Bochelle, or for particular*, 33 Forty th street, N. Y. DESIRABLE BOOMS. WITH BOABD, MAY BE HAD lor gentlemen and their wive*, or (ingle gentlemen, with or without board, in auitea or single, in a mod dotira ble location, No. 20 Weet Twaaty eighth atreet, corner of Broadway. Families supplied with good country board, for $6 par week, in advanoe, at Kcyport. New Jerfey. For partionlari, call on Mrs. J. Boormer, 227 Uoui ton *tre*t. FURNISHED BOOMS TO LET? IN SUITS OR SIN gl*. with hot and oold water, in a private family- at fVJS Broadway, a few door* above Union park. Inquire of P. Cole. Furnished rooms to let down town ?two or three gentlemen can obtain very pleasant rootna, with out board, at 90 White *tr*ot, weet of Broadway. Furnished or unfurnished rooms, on se caad and third floor*, may be had. with board, at 74 East Twctty third street. The houae containt all modern improvement*, and I* pl*a*antly looated, between Fourth and Lexingtoa aviauee. Furnished rooms to let? a handsome par lor and bedroom to a aintlo gentleman, or an arrmwe meat can be made by wbiah a family or party at gentlemen can be accommodated with one floor of apartments, having splendid accommodation*, in th* tirat cla*a houae No. 77o Broadway. Handsomeiy furnished bedrooms andpar lore, fcr gentlemen only, without board; breakraat If required. Apply at 302 Fourth itroet, near WaahU^ton square. Handsomely furnished rooms tt let, in auiti or separately, ou leeond and third floors with or without board, at 36 East Twentieth itreet, between Broad way and Fourth avanue. ONE OR MORB SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAN BE AC eommcdated with pleasant room* and partial board in a tut elaaa home in Hlok* (treat, Brooklyn, between the South and Wall (troet ferrio*. Addre** W. M. W., Hlirald office. PhlVATE BOABD.? A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OB two iiagl* gentlemen eaa obtain pleasant room*, wi?h 8 tntrio* attached, turniahed or unfurniahed, ia a modern ouao, with batba, gaa, Ao. Location at Ho. 116 Weat Six teenth atreet, between Sixth and Severn h avenue*. PB1VATE BOABDING? TWO YOUNG MEN CAN BE accommodated with board at 26 Blvington strest, near the Bowery. Tenia $3 per week; no aign on the door. Rcoms handsombly furnished, to let. to geatlemen or famlliee, in a spacious hoaae, with all the modern Improvement*, p eaaantly looated oa Ahington ?quare. Car* aad atages pan the door for all part* of tho city. Apply at CM Hudion itroet, corner of Baak (Abing dan aquare, No 2). Rooms to let, without board.? two gentle mtn can rent a large iquara front room, nioely fur niahed, and kept in perfect or'er; hai iron Rata and marble mantel, two new Iron bedsteads and new hair mattreasoi; ia fact ia well furniihcd, aad may be had for $4 90 per week, by applying at 126 Foray th itreet. Booms to let.-two or three gentlemen can bo accommodated with rooms without board, on agreea ble term*, in a private family, at 74 Sixth atreet STATEN ISLAND.? BOABD ATCLIFTON. IN A BEAU tlfully tituated cottaae, within five minutoa walk ot Vaa derbllt 'a lauding, with bath bouse, itabling, Ao. For more particular* addrcii. with real name, K. , box 137 Ptc office, TWO GENTLEMEN CAN HAVE NEATLY FUR ai(be? rooma with gaa, with or without partial board, la a small private family where there are no other boarders. The bona* i* pleasantly (ituated in the weitern part of th* Sixth avenue, attw icoonda walk from th* oar* Term* moderate. Call *r addren G4 W*it Fifteenth itreet. TWO OR THREE GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOMMO dated with ploaiant room, with or without board, at No. 3 Hudaon plaoo, opposite Franklin terrace, Uoboken. TWO OR THREE GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOMMO dated turniahed rooma, and with breakfast and tea it required, ia a amall geuteel family, and tther boarder*. Apply at 27 Union plao*, South Brooklyn. Thra e minutes' walk from th* terry. rpo SPANIARDS.- WANTED, BY TWO GENTLEMEN, X furniahed rooms aad partial board in a private Spaeiiah family whs re the language ii almost eioluitvely spoken. Location above Fourth street. Beferonoes exchanged. Ad areas (prepaid) J. R. M., box 1,110 Poat Offloe. mo LET-TO GENTLBMEN, THE ENTIRE FIRST J. floor, three room*, ot a comfortably furnished house, oo enpied by a small French family, living in good stylo To a tollable applicant, arrangemeata can be made for a private table for aeveral ptraoa* toa ether: host* la Clinton plac -, rear Waihlni ton park. Addrea*. for one week, C. M., Me tropolitan 1'oit Offiea, Amerloan Bible Hoiim. mo FAMILIES OR GENTLEMEN.? A HANDSOME X aulte of room*, together or separate. Foar rooms, with all the accommodation* to keep houae, uie o' kltohen, or private table to jteatlemea. Th**e room* will b? lot at mod? rat* price*? front rairr and bedroom, back parlor and bedroom, with baloony laoklog over beautiful garden*. Gas and bath*. 870 Broadway. WANTED- A PLEASANT ROOM. FURNISHED, with board for a lady, aad with a email family where there are few or no boarder*, preferred. Addrees, atattag term*, which malt be moderate , tiormaa, Broadway fail Ofle*. WANTED-A YOUNG GENTLEMAN OF QUIET habita wishe* to flad a pleaaant furniahed aad alt r room, with partial board, la a private family, aad la a bouae with th* modern Improvement*. Woald prefer *uoh whore he could enioy the company of young poo Die. Addraaa, (postpaid) with fall particular*, Albert, box 066 Poat Uffioa. WITH OB WITHOUT BOABD? 1 WO V.ERY HAND ?ome snitai of raomi, furnished, lultatlo tor single ratlemea or a reapootabla family. They will b* lot duly, required Of * blook from Broadway, in the rear of Oraoo church pleaaure grounds. Inquire at 86 Fourth aveaa*. ep poi'te Eleventh at root. PLAYIHG CARDS. PLAYING CARDS -LINEN PLAYING CARDS. VEEY old and well coaaoaod, with aU th* oth?r varioaa qual ttlo* of linen aad cotton eardi, made by SAM HaRT A OO For aalato the trad* and oltib houaei at their itore. No. 1 Barclay (tract, opposite the Actor llotta*. EX(!(IK*IOI? Excursion to the fibhino banks. -thr (teamer GOLDBN GATE, Captain Aaderioa, (for merly of the steamer Laura Kaaptf) will oommeaoo her trip* on Wednooiay, 31'th of May, for tha **a*on, leaving Amei street at 7 o'clock. Spring atroot at 7\, Peek ilip at H, Broome itraet at 8)4, Pier N*. I North riv*r at 9 o'clock, Saaday* excepted. FOB THE FISHING BANKS-FARE FIFTY CENTJ - Thc new and <pl*adld auamooat MERCURY, Cap*. Klehard Ytte*, will make dally trip* to tb* Flihtng Banks (Sundaya axoepted) throrghout tbe aoaooa, eominooelng ou WednMday, May 30, leaving as follow*:? Foot of Jackson atreet, East river, at o'clock A M.; Major Brown'*, foot of Amoi Street, North river, at 7 o'otock A. M ; foot of Spring itreet North river at 7>t o'clock A. M.:f*ot of gob Inion street, North river, at 8 o'elock A. M ; Pier 4 North river, *t o'elock A. M Ratoralng at 6 o'clock P. M. Rafraahmeau, flehinx ta^klo aad bait fatal*h*d oa board. WOODHAVEH.? REAL ESTATE NOTICE -TIPE SE oond excnrilon sale on th* gr*und, adjonraad to M*y Silt, 1 86ft' at 2 P. M. See tb* Eipreii, Poat and Com. merrlal, for farther particular*. Bait price railroad ti*k*t* (10 e< nta out ard back) can b* had *f S. R l'itkin, 56 Doy *tr*at, Ntt York. MTJSICAIm #0 ?BANJO I BAB JO I BANJO I ? BANJO TAUGHT U . ?? ft new ftnd improved method, In ail leaeefte; tortus Is idvoaeo. Pupile, by oar it itaa, laara with the grui Nt facility. Uihii givoa every evening. Bft- Jo* for m1? from 92 to ta. a. B. A H. P. JACOBS, 407 Broftdwfty, >pd 92X Chatham itmt, Attention ? piamofobtb purchaser*? -looe ftt >u i?4 ii*4 |ii?N for Mttn, ttalt, ft) 5; 6k octavo. plain, 9U0; 6\ octave, ftUta, tl>S; 7 ? tavs, plaia, tSJO; JM oiltn, extra finish, SIM; Hlftls ?air* finiah, IJ7?, tV HtftM. extra finiah, 9300: 7 eetav*, utrft lnisk. 00 M 000. MaboN ALD BROS., Mawtfeeto row, 292 Bowsry. A LA BOB STOCK OF NIW AND SBCOND HANI pianee, of ftU alaaaee ftnd by varians mftktri, for aftlo aud hire, at J. A D. WALKER'S, No. ? Aator plaec ftnd Eighth itwfti. A SPLENDID 9326 SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD p ano, for Iftle lor 9236, mad* to order two mouths aiaoo by eelelrftted oity mftktrs, and fully warranted, ol inperior tone ftnd finish; perfect every wary. Tbo owner Is going to Psris. It eftn be aeon ftt 143 Chambers atroet, from a till 3 o'clcck, for four d?ya. ffOR BALE? A SUPERIOR ROSEWOOD FIANO 1 lorte, C\ octaves, Wit J metftlUo bftra ftnd ftll the iftteat improvements, mad* during the dull aeftloa by the men ol one o' the moat oelebrftted mftkera in the oity. Frio* %M. Can be aeen tt 69 Pour h aveuue. Great sacrifice.-grand diagonal seven octftTe plftftolorto, in elegant oaae by boet maker, ftad wftTTftnted, (coat 9460.) will m aold tor S'AJU; hft* boon aaed a few month*; owner leaves for Europe. Can bo aeon ftt 141 Mnth atroet, from 10 to S o'clock. Grace church music for sale. -to church committee* or publishers ? Tuis muaic, whteh for ft pe nod of ten jears has rendered the aervieee of Oraoo churoa. New York, ao popular aud widely known, ia now offered for sale. It is ftll oopyrighterf, the original and only copies being in the poaaeasion of WlllUm A. King, Esq., the oom poacr and arranger, aisteen yeara organist ef Utace charoa. The music (an accumulation of ten intra' aervioe,) oonaiataof ft large (election, gloria patri, ju Dilate, fta theme, ehanta.eoloe, by nine and pealm*,ori Inal ftad adapted front the worke of the first author*. Hrmna ftnd pealme adapted to (hrlatmas ftud Easter. Thia aeloction will make odo of the ninet valuable works of aftored muaic, of ft high executive character, ever published. Parties wishing to purobftae will apply to HE*KY C. Wa TaOS, 6l'J Broad *ft>, by letter, or, if porronally, between 12 and 2 o'olook. HALL'S CELESTIAL PIANOS ? BENNETT A CO.. 300 Broadway, are now eupplied with a largo atook of thee* beautiful instruments, no person should by any meana pur ebaae, whatever interested parlies may **y to tbo oofttrftry, till tbey have fir.t aeon these improved |>ianos. T IOHT, NEWTON A BRADBURY'S Li PlANuFuRTES and Goodmab k Baldwin'* Povbi.i ajid Sinuli Bank MELODEOMS, 423 Broadway, New York. For iftle ftt Bftnufftoturor'a prieoa. CuLBURN A NASH, Agoat*. N. B.? Piano's ftad molodeoaa to lot. MUSIC.-A YOUNG LAD7. EXPERIENCED IN giving inatruetion on the piano, will recclvo two or tliiee more pupila ftt her reaidoace, ftt 92 per month with {rlvilege of prftotioe. Pupils ftttended ftt their residenoo 10 to 915 per quarter. Apply ftt 238 Eighth fttenue, be tween 22d and 23(1 at*. Music.? a young lady, pupil or THE most eelobrfttod vocftl ftnd insirumoutftl performers thftt hftva rimed the United Statca ftnd posaeaaiag greftt naturftl ftbilitiea for instructing othera, will vivo leaaons to ladiea ftt her residence, or will ftttend ftt residence of pupila. Term* According to the timoa. MUSIC TAUGHT IN A FEW LESSONS ON THE PIANO forto. sinking, guitar, aecordo a ftnd violin, by Prof. DDNSDAY, 225 Grand street; terms at hia academy, 90, in advftnee, for 12 lessons. Also, piftnos ftad tbo above for sal* ftnd to lot cheap. PIANOFORTES.? JOHN P. WAKE A CO., MANUFAO Hirers, hftvo removed their pianoforte warehouse has 18 Bftralfty stroot, to tbo aow and apaciou* building, IS Carftl atroet, between Hndaon and Variok streets. Pianofortes at wholooalo price*, for cash, or aatlaiaototj paper. A groat indueemeat to purehftsers aow offered. SECOND HAND PIANOS? VERY CHEAP FOR CASH; one 7 ootave rosewood, for 91S0; o?e ti % oetftvo do , 9110; oao ti oeUvo do., for 9S6; ftlso Avo manogany plftaoa, at puces 920, 933, SAO. 906 ftnd 976; ftlso i hroe melodoaas fti greftt bftrgftins, at 402 Sixth avenue, near Twenty fourth street, l'iftnos tuned, repaired or taken In oxshango. Pur chasers will find it to their advftntftge to oftll ftnd axamine. s ECOND HAND PIANOS AT GREAT BARGAINS, lino ftll round corners, earvod logs ftnd mouldings, fret board, Ac., *T Gilbert A Co.'s make. price i&JO; been used about one yeftr, for i-ftle for 93M). Oue tik outove, front round oor n>ra, price $/!5, for 9210. On? do, 7 octave, 93Z3, for tM5. Gilbert's boudoir tiftnoa for 9176, $19>t, ftnd 92M. Second Lftftd piftnoa for $86, 9100, 9126, 9160. ftnd new tijti ootftve piftnoa for 9176. IIUKACK WATERS 333 Broadway. Thomas f. briggs' banjos for sale -two bftnjot.oi superior tone ftnd oi greftt Tftlue, being th* property of tbo lftto l homfts P. Briggs, formerly of Wood's liiiibtrels, will ?e sold ftt ft fair valuation. Offers for one or both instruments will bo reoetved by the uadors?ned, who wftl istftin them one weak tor the purpose of reoeiviag bids from ftll thftt ftre desirous to purchftso. Thftt tho banjos are the aame used by T. F. Briggs will bo certified to by hi* parents, for whose benefit the sale is Bftde. Apply to 11. Wood, Mechanics' Hftll, 472 Broadway. iiuic u?voR4UEmof. Ninth ward liquor dealers.? a meeting of the Nlttb wftid liquor deftlers wlll|be held ftt Smith's hotel, No. SO Perry street, on Toesdfty evening, Mfty 29, ftt 8 o'clock P.M. Ail interested are request to attend. C. L. CHURCH, Preaidont. SIXTH WARD LIQUOR DEALERS.? A MKKTING Of the Liquor Dealera of the 6th Wftrd, will be held ftt the Cooper House, corner Anthony street, ftnd Broftdwfty, on Tuesday evonintr, Mfty '^Uth, at 8 o'clook, to organize the waid in ftcoordftnoe with the order from the Geiernl Liquor Deftlers' Sociaty. Punctual ftttondftneo pftrtic ularly re ?nested. CHRISTIAN W. SCHAFFER, Chairman, pro torn. Waltik Roach, Secretory, pro tem REWARDS. dine REWARD? LOST, ON SATURDAY BR SATUR day night, a diamond breaatpin. (eluater,) via., one large eentro atone and nine cr ten amftller onoa. Tho Under will receive tbo ftbovo reword by leaving it at No. 9 Ana ?treet. diOfl REWARD.? STOLEN, A GOLD LEVER WATCH, Samuel* A Co , makers, Liverpool; alio, a ical with a red *tone, on which the Initiftl* J B were engrftved. The atftl was the figure of a camel bearing ft mftn, in gold, with a dog ftt tbo aide. Whoever will return the above wfttob and seal to Mr. Miller, No. 19 North Wliliftm street, or to Mr Moses, 119th streot, iear Second ftvenue, Harlem, will re ceive the above reward ftnd no questions asked. Of|n REWARD? LOST, ON SATURDAY, THE 9STH qP-LU Inst., ft fftwn colored Itftliftn greyhound slut; has ft scftr on her sido. Apply to D. B. Stewftrt, Wftllaok's Thev tre, Brotdway. <&-m REWARD ?STOLEN, FROM 176 WEST THIRTY* ?JPJ.U nlLth street, on th* tvening of Sunday, by ft colored acrvftnt girl, ft aumber of ftrtlolea, ftmong which are two silk ?kliti, one French eftlieo dress, two cloth aid ono silk basque; ftlro, one Oftif of mnsftlc eftr.iags. The above reward will be ylven for the recovery of the property ftad conviction ol the thief. Ste Is rather dark, medium sue, large features, and has a large lamp on the left tide of her nect. <J? r REWARD? LOST IN ALBANY, MAY 8, IN GOING Irora the Hud*?n to the Central Railroad, an Old Country watch, marked Aberdeen, inaide. Being a family relie, five dollars will bo paid for Its delivery to VI, WATT. 180 Nassau street, Brooklyn. REWARD ? HORSE LOST.? STRAYED FROM UP posits tbs Arsenal, on Fifth avenue, ft bfty horse, aiout fifteen an! ft hftlf hftade high, ahoit tftil. and aick with dis temper. llad on wbtn he lett ? leather hftltor. The finder bj returning him to Poat'a atablea Twentv- fourth stroot ?ad Third ftvonuo, thail rooolve tho above rew>rd. a. Y08KS. REWARD? LOST, FROM QUARANTINE LAND $0 log, Stftten lalftnd, on tho night of the 28th inatftst, ft nineteen Iftt row boot, pointed white outside, with ft red ftnd yellow etrcftk, and green gnnwole; the bao< board l'ftinted lead color; no noiue. Tho obove reward will bo piid by giving iaformfttion of her whereftbouta to GEuKQ E STODDARD, or ftt Nftthftniel Bird's hotel. Quarantine JLsand in?, h tftten Island. REWARD.? LOST, ON MONDAY. MAY 21, IN A _ l'oiirtteiith atroet atftge, ft bftaket narked " J. B June*." eontaiuing nine llnea ahirra The above reword will be paid on returning the yne to No. 1'j Broad war. F LOST AND FOUND. Found-by the subscriber, on sundat, 27th inst , between Williamsburg and Mjrtle avenue. Brook lyn, a portemonoaie, oon'oiniog aome money, the owner of wbieh eon lave the aame by paying far thia advertisement and proving property. Wa. McDonftgh, 11 Munroc plftoo, WUliftmaburg. OUND? YESTERDAY, MAY 28. AT THE BOWLINO Groon, ft lot of silver ware, whish the owner ton have by proving property ftnd paying for thia ftdvortieement, by ftp plying to ameer John Con y, at No. 6 Bowling Green. Lost-one blace enamelled carpet bao.con Mining linen and law papora, marked BUJfth Brown; the aame was loft in a Broadway stage; tho fi tder will bo suitably rewarded by leaving same at 167 Broftdwfty, room U. ap stairs. ELIJAH BRoWN. Lost.? 92 reward.-a small rattan cane, supposed to bftv* boon l*ft on board of the Hotxikea torry toot bttwoon ?'? ftnd 0 o'clock, on Snndftv evn <ln < last, with ft golo plaited beftd. (the git of ft friend.' Tti finder, by loftving the same at 60 Irving plftoe, will roociv^ the abov* reward. Lost or ctolen-from the subscriber, a eortoln due bill, drawn bv 8. L. CaveHy to theordor ol Thomao Bonar for tKrea hundred dollar*, dated on or about November 7, 1864. Tho ftbove duo bill wa* made either ia Brooklyn or New York. Th* public are ooutdoned agninst boylag or aogoUfttiag the same. It having been paid S. L. CaVERLY. KINK ARTS. Engravings and old books douoht in any quftutlty.? Llbrarla* of book* aad portfolio* of print* bought at th* highest price*. Send a aot? or tiring them to o* at6S6 Brosdway: also, *ld aovel*. W* bav* ftlwar* oo bftnd, aad lot sol* cr.Bftp, old books, aovola, scrap ptint*. BllJ.IAHDl. Billiards.-we have a splendid stock of ?ftbies, with mftrhle, slftto or wooden beda; also, oil hard balls, cnos, fifteen balls pool, billiard cloths, in fket, every artiglo in tbo trade, ten per oent cheaper than any other establishment in the United Stales LEONARD A CENJAMW, bigbut premium makes*, 332 Rroadway. Billiard tables.? we offer for sale a fine stock of table*, with onr oolebrated <Uasti? enshioos. wblth have boen prononnoed to bo the onlv oorroct oashio now ia oao by the Ve*t players la the world. Can bo seen a cur manufactory, 90 Ann st. GRIFFITH A DECKER. Billiard table wanted?any person nAV ing a good billiard table for sale lew (marble cr slat* bed ptoterrcd), may find a purchaser by addr*?aing Andrew Miller, box 1M Post Office, giving a description and atating prion, to save trouble ot calling. Billiard table want*d-a second hand billiard tab)*. Nie AilO; p?k?e anil be low. and tabl* in good order. AdJrea* G. F. U., Herald ofllso, stating prioo and wfctra msy bo seen. DAJfCINO ACADBXHIi Dancing academy, am broadway.? mr. pe RAI'IIIO has the honor to ftpprito his friend* ftnd the Soblio that hi* saloon will be opened the wbMe year, every ay, for private lessors and for prae'loo In the eveotiu, and be baa eotasad a p?at many young ladio*, th* iao>t fasiMoo ?btaaad ,r?t? t ul danocva. ?Q1 BROAD WAT. RNTRANCR FIRST DOOR IN DOX A ail) lot, with W kovd, a large parler, with bedroom and paatrioa attached, oa ?? mi floor; ilitiiletMil iuil< niM, fan iM h nnfur niibed. m may it 4*?ired. Battu u4|W titlM bona*. At ford ham.? to lit, a cottagr an? oar den, with aU kind* af fruit, |UU? aad rwtuM< .far hv if ro* aired, Al*o large lUu he mo, part or whole of it, ?1M tardea The root will bo taken in mh4 If ngroeablo. inquire a. 70 Franklin itreet, or on the pnauw M Ui dipot. ___ AFURN1SBRD HOUSR TO LRT.? A FIRST CLASS hou*o to lot, to a family of grow a porieaa. Tbo pro ?oat occupant* three la number, would remain aad board wit b the familv ; diiton for tbo gentleman exeeptodjor vaald bo lot m (run to two or tbroo gentlemen, or a gontlo maa and bio wifo, with breakfaat and tan. Apply at 96 Woot twenty urtb otroot. A STORE TO LRT? WITH BACK ROOM, NO. 16 Eighth avenue, bow utod ai a fancy otoro, lultaolo for any bueineii. Roat low to a good tenant. Po<?***iou lot of Jane. It'iuirt on tbo promt***. 1 10U> TRT RESIDENCE TO LRT? IN ORRNYILLR, J Fairflold oonaty, Connecticut, a bout* and eight aero* of laid, vary pleaoaatly lituated: la twoaty ?ina.oo' ride from tbo dopot at l'ertohoeter. Inquire of or addrooi J. L. MOSHRR, fortohaotor. t/OR RRNT ? A DAN DSOMRLY FURNISHED BASE r rnent heme. with all tbo modern improvement!, No. 26 Eui Thirty third itreet Termi reatonable to a doiira bio tenant. Iho furniture can b? porobaied if deiircd. FURNISHED II OU 8 E TO LET.- A ROOHT DRTACHRD cottage, a m it comfortable dwelling ana well fnrniahed, is ti e beet part of Biooklyn, ga*, water, raoga, Ae ; open at the baek with imall garden. Inquire of Colo aad Coil ton. 46 1* aaiau atreet. House to let in brcokltn-on Cumberland itreet, l ear Atlantic avenue. with or wi? boot furni ture; a lar^e yard attached, with liable, coaeh houoe aad other toqniaitei; alto atoro 60>j Fulton itroet, Now York. The a?o*e to be had at a law rent. Apply to L. WIN E BURG, Jeweller, 61 Naiiau atrect. N. Y. HO BOA EN.? TO LRT, PART OF A PRIVATE HOUSE, 17 Third atioot not fire mlnnloe' walk (row the ferry, . to a on let amall family, w.thoat ehildron. The hoaeo la beautifully flniabed, with gratoa aad marble mantola. Poo oeeaion lit of Jane. Rent modarata. For partloalari apply ai a1 ore, or to J. P. JACK, at the engraving ef&oe eoraer of Barclay and Broadway, baaoBoat. LOFTS AND WORK S HOPS. ? TH RR R LOFTS TO LRT, ?nitabla for any manufacturing purpoiei, 112 foot deep by 26 foot. Apply on tho premise*, 7'J Prinoe atreet, oornat Croaby. LOFTS TO LRT IN FULTON STREET.? FOUR SPLRN did floor*, well lighted, 25 bv 75 foot, will bo lot or leaied for a term of yeari, at 123 Foltoa itreet, (marble building,) near Nauau i.reet. Apply on Uo pranuooo, np ?tairi. MORRISANIA.-TO let, reasonably, a finrlv flniihed two Itory and baeement bonne, with aa aoro of around; atable on the promliea. Inquire of J. B. BUH N RT, 126 W illiam itreet, or of H. R. MUKNRT, Frannlin avenue, Morriiania. RW ENGLISH BASRMRNT HOUSE NO. 242 WEST Thirty eecond itreet to let to a private family; it ii bow being pain'cd and pat in complete order. Alio, atable 21 Wilt Twenty leoond itreet. JOHN B. MURRAY, U Wall itreet PART OF AN ELEGANTLY FINISHED HOUSE, LRSS than three minntea' walk from Peek alip ferry, Wil hamibure, in which ga* aad other modern ImproTcmeata baa boea introduced, would be lot at a moderate rent, to a reipectable family. Addreu 21 Oliver itreet, N. Y. ; or U South Fourth itreet, Wiiliamabarg. ECOND FLOOR OF nOUSE 234 TBIRD AYRNUE, walli N SECOND FLOOR OF nOUSE 234 TBIRD AYENU to let ? coniietlng ot four lane pleaiant roomi, wa painted, marble manteli, folding doors, Ae. Poete eioa i? mediately. Rent only SIC ? month to a good tenant. Alio, the basement. Iaqniro in the grooery (ion neat door, or to JOHN FOLEY, 167 Broadway. SECOND FLOOR TO LRT, IN BROOKLYN? A SMALL and itiiotly private family having two, three, or four room* to iparo, on the teoond floor of a three itory home in the prettieit and moit healthv part of Brooklyn would let the i*mo to a gentleman and wile, at $ 130 to $160 por an num. Gai fixturei, pantriei, Ao.. in two roomi, and no ob jection to one. or oven two, qolte youn* ehildroa. Addreu, itating particular*, Dr. Henry, Herald offioo. STATRN ISLAND.? A COTTAGR TO LET, DELIGHT fully located by the ica ihore, a fow minntei' walk from Vanderhilt'i Lanoing; the furniture for itle No one nood aniwer thii unleoe they are prepared to purchaie the furni ture Apply to S. B. S., Herald office. PoMeiuon imme d lately. STATIN ISLAND ?PART OF A FURNISHED HOUSR, eoniiiting of two litting and two or throe bedrooma, will re let for the eeaoon on moderate termi, to two or throe ?ingle gentlemen, or a imall family ot ro?p?ctabUity: the home ii detached, and lituate on New York avenue, within teren minntei' wall of Viadeibilt landing tho view irom which cannot be lurpaited on the Iiland. The preieut fan ilj only coniiiti of two penon*. Addroaa G. A., Heratd office. r LET? POSSESSION GIYRN IMMRDI ATRLT? THR roar part of the aeooad atory, tbo front part of iho third ?ton, and all of tho fonrth ?WiT of 29 Bookman otroot. Alio, the front roan of the fifth lion af 91 and 33 Bookman ?treot. Raeh apartment to auitablo for any kind of mooha alial buiineee. Alio baeemeat of 24 Bookman etreot. la (aire af JAM*? CONNRR A SONS. ? Bookmaa otroot. r LET.? THR FOURTH FLOOR OF THR HOUSR 47 Wall itreet, containing four fine room*, initable for a dagueirtotyplit or baak note engraver. Apply on the flrit floor. fO LET? A BRAUTIFUL GOTHIC COTTAGR, WITH garden of four lot* of ground attached, eoraer of Fifth avenneand 13I*t itreet, (ttariem.) Inquire of Mr. JAMRS, neat door, or to WM BL.Ak.JC, 119 Pearl itroet, mow Vork. TO LRT? A HOUSR IN GOOD ORDER; 109 WAYRRLRY plaee, near Washington park. laquuro at M Uroonwteh avenue. TO LIT? A FURNISHED TWO STORY AND ATTIC bi irk houoe in tho viaiaity of Fourth otroot, weat, aad near Broadway. Tbo flrit party want to bo wall *aour?d; will ?iva pomutoa in the begianing af Jaao aaat. Apply at 263 Broadway. TO LRT? ON THR RAST RIVER, AT RAYRNS wood, L. I . two modera built oottagto, 11 rovnioaoh. Inquire at GILBERT HOPKINS, Raveaawood, or at bU office, 40 Pe?k tlip, up itain, from 11 to 1 o'oloak. TO LRT? STORE 40 READR STRRRT, IN THR FIRST home eaet of Broadwav, epaoiite Stewart's. RaattMU per year. Apply at Gemmel'*, 302 Broadway. ZO LET? SRCOND AMD THIRD FLOOR OF HOUSR 421 Braadwav. The roomi are ipaeioai and in good or r, and auttable for almoat any baiineee. Term* *a?y. Ap ply to P. ARCHDEACON. 41# Broadway, corner Canal. TO LET? IN HOBOKEN? WITHIN FIVE MINUTRS' wa'k of th* ferry, to a imall genteel family witboat children, either the leoond or third floon of a modern three itory brick boute; will be let cheap to a good ten ant. Apply at No. <S Meadowitreot, Hoboken. rLET.-A WIDOW LADY, OCCUPYING A FIRST clan three atory home, oontaining all the modern im provement*. woula like to let to a imall family the leoond atory, conaiitmg of throe largo re< mi, with pantriei attaoh cd, and front baatment if required. Rent from SIM to SJ00 per annum. Call at 119 Weil Forty-fifth itroet, bo twee a Broadway and Sixth avenue. Reference* exchanged. mo LRT? A ROOM AND TWO BEDROOMS; ALSO A X workabop, initable for any kind of buiineia; would mil a eablneimakor or chair factory. Apply at 163 Yariek itreet. To Let ? Tho eeooad itory No. 101 King itroet, near JOndaon, eoniUtiag of four room* on the floor? two room*, two bedroom* and pantrv, with front baaomeat, if required. Poieetiion gieen immediately. TO LET? 10 SPRING STREET, FIVE DOORS FR.1M bowery, the upper part af houae, coneiiting of five pleaiaat roomi. Crotoa water and ? bath oa the floor. Rent bt7& Po*aea*ien immediately. mo LET? TUE SECOND FLOOR OF BRICK HOUSE JL 1S6 We*t Seventeenth itroet, a fow doore eaat of JUgbth avenuo. Apply on the premuo*. mo LIT? APARTMENTS FOR A SMALL AMERICAN X family, in a flrit elf** family home, contaiainc Croton nater, gaa aad bath room. Apply at 107 Wen Tweaty-fuarth itreet PTO LET-THE HOUSE 141 MERCER STREET; WOULD be let to two famtliei The home eompruoe ten rooma. ia in good order, with ga* and Crotoa water, and a jr<K? yard. Cood t?rmi. Apply on the premiiei, or to OwRN ML RPliY, 62 Exchange place. mo LAT-TO A SMALL RESPXCTADLE FAMILY, THE X itcond floor or home No. 1W> Madiaon. 'or partion Ian laqvire within, or of M. BYRNES, 65 aad 67 Falton Market. Reference given and requite*. TO LRT? OFFICRS AND ROOMS, AT 334 BROADWAY; two large virlora (ol'-able for piano ibow room*; floe loom* frcnting on eraadwuy. tor engraver* and artieta; all in fine crder, and at low r*at*. Apply oa tbo premuoa, roi m 3. TO LET-THE FINE STORES 276 AND 277 BLEKCK BR itreet, neveat? feet deep; a fine apartment will o? male to go with them; Croton water and every eonvenieaoe. Tliey are the eheatwet itorei in tbo itreet, with all the Improve ment*. Rent, $26(1. E. B. KINSHIMBK, 319 Fonrth avenue. TO LRT? APARTMENTS, CONSISTING OF YOUR, flve or aix roomi, all in good order, with gai and bath; will be let to a respectable family. Good looattoa for a dree* inker. Apply at 30 Amity itreet i TO LET-HALF OF COTTAGR HOUSR 121 BAST Twenty -eighth itreet, containing lix or eight room*. Alio, to rent, epper part of booie 1'iJ Ra*t Twenty eighth itreet, flve loomi, with gai fixture*, water alooet*, Ao.; very da*irablo. Kent $11 Alio, rooma at 106 Tweatf-aigbih itreet, corner of Third avenne, at $7 aad S6S0. R. B. KINS HIKER, 319 Fourth avenue. TO LIT? A HOUSE ON ROOLYN TERRACR, RIGHTY leeond atreet, Yoakvtlle. 'etween Third and Fourth aveauea; tho home oonfbti or eevon roomi aad (even pan trial, tioton water, wood bouie, a goo it garden ; reat $175 i>try<rtr. Apply at home No. 2, on t?o Terrace, or at 132 Bleeeker itreet. lO LET-PART OF HOUSE 10 WALKRR STRRRT, . near Broadway, wait aide. Inquire withui. TO MET- ROOMS AND BRDROOMS TO SMALL FAMI Iwi, it >o. 1 Gaiden rew. Eleventh itroet, flrit door from the Sixth avenue; Croton water oa oaeh landing. ?Hi LET-FIRST RATK OFFICE ROOM, IN THE RE X preei Office lt>8 Broadway. Rent $4MJ per annum. Apply to A 1.. 81 1 MSON at the above named itora. TO LET? IN TWENTIETH STREET, NEAR RIGHTO avenue, a large bom* containing 17 roc ma, with all the nnderr improvement*. Yearly rent $fl00. Furniture from ??.<?) to MOO. For tale very low, and from 16 to BO good tiardere that will remain. B| W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. TO LET? DWELLING PART OF HOUSR NO. Ml Bowflfy, a moat doeirable loea'fbn, aoar Grand itreet, eultable for a fawilv or private bearding houoe, oontaining flve room*, with e>Ueal< n dining roam on Brit floor, attie with two large front bedroomi. PoiiohIob ima?<liat?ly. A | ply in tho ruralturetwarorooa*, a* abova. rro I.RT? AT WILLIAMSBURG, A HANDSOME TWO i itory and attie d? ailing homo and *tore and two lot* etrcer Graham avenue and Power* itroat; (tor* long eitab liebed ** a meat marhot. Alio, two itory and baoement home and two lota en Sandford itreet, Eait Brooklyn, flrit bottle tenth of Wtllonghby avenne. Apply at 466 Grand it. TO LET-APART* ENTB IN HOUSRS NOS. 84 AND 86 Weat Fortieth *tr*?t, between Broadway and Sixth ?venue, confiding of a parlor, two bodroom* aad kitohdk all communicating: they are flniehodin a lupoHor manner, with mirblo ir inte)*, gai, Croton water, aad all modera tm irov menU, Rent moderate, tariff op tbo ri^HII TIC WANT'S bjbgutrr. T* LET- ON* OR TW? NEATLY FURNISHED sparlmsnts, te slsgls gtntiemeu. ? iihout kMTi, la t Cleats k?iH. I*IU ud |U. Boat of relereaoes required, us ire the prtmiaes. M Crosby street, between Bm m ana Spring, after 9 o'clock A. M. fO LET-FIRST FLOOR OF HOUSE 66 BEEKMAN street; a store 13 Dunne street; house 64 Matt streot; house No. 4 Variek street; home 114 H eat Broadway. To lot, Id WUllameburr, a koaaa Boar (be ferry; it baa (u aad ,uo pleaaaatly aitaated. Apply W 8. C BM1TH, 16 Molt alrect T? l,.ET~T^" STALLS, OR TWO HORSES TAKE* X ?? uv?rj, *ith wafos room 1a b priviu stBbl**. For , ril; ?!,f ? ,B 3 minntoi etrUta; good andir tin (addle; al?a a light trotting man. Apply at 17 V entry ?t fpO LBT? TO A SMALL FAMILY, PART OF A HO U SR. 1 1*' *?** I0*' neighborhood. at prmnt oocupled by ? family ef two persons aaly. Honx baa all improvements. ?? . _ . HENRY FRANKLYN, 71 Woat Thirty-fifth atraat, aaar Bron.lway. TO LRT? IK WILLIAMSBURG. TO A SMALL, G^V taol family, a now, pretty trick cottage. llouae u?wiy papered, qalot aad retired; rant $1:5 j>?r annum. Alao a large, fashionable house; rout $Sw par auuum. lniutre at 462 brand atraat, Williamsburg. mO LET? A FURNISHED ROOM.? APPLY AT NO. 8JU J. Broome street, nasi door to the corner of Sullivan. TO LRT, NEAR R1GHTH AVENUE-A BEAUTIFUL tkree itory hrown a >o ue bonis, la perfect ardor; yearly vent very low, SMJu; with Croton water throughout, in, abandellera, bathe, tannery, belli, (peaking tubes, Ac. Car pete and oilcloths may be purchased If desired. B. W. RICHARDS. 307 Broadway. TO LRT, ON MYRTLE AYRNUE, CORNER OF YATES avenue Brooklyn ? 6 new houses. commanding one at tie tacit views of the city. To a good, respectable tenant, will be let for $160 a jeer raoh. Apply to A. C. FRAV SIOLI, at tbe oflloc of Therassoa A Bryan. No. 8 Wall atrsst, New York. TO LET OR LEASE ? ON LEXINGTON A VENUS, BR tween Fifty ilxth and titty- eeventh etreet, New York? one four etory r riok dwelling, one three story brick factory with frame building and stnblss, on three lot! of ground, 75 feet b? 90. Alio, In Brooklyn, a genteel house aearly sew, No. 21 Haaiver plaoe, 70 feet from Pulton avenue. Apply to W. C. KEEN. 97 Sixth avenue. New York. TO LET OR LEASE? A GENTEEL TURKS STORY honse. with the modern improvements, all la complete order. Inquire oa the premises, 9ti Kid ridge a .root, near Grand. TO LET OR LEASE-A GENTEEL THREE STORY house, with the modern improvements, all in complete order. Inquire oa the premises, 96 Eldridgs street, near Grand. O LEASE? A COUNTRY SEAT AT PELHAM, WEST Chester conntv, containing SI aores, beautifally located the Sound, with good buildings, Ac Apply to ADAMS A LUCKEY, 75 Nassau street. GROCERS AND OTHERS. ? TO LRT, A NSW use and store, in the centre part of Hadsoa, formerly Bergen, New Jersey, and fifteen mi naves ride from Jersey C?tv ferry, where tliers is no store, in a thickly settled neighborhood, and a firs' elaas store Can do an exoellent business, la all branches, like a country store For fnrtaar particulars, inquire at ihs coal yard, South Sixth street, aaar Grave, Jsrasy City. T ?B Tt. W HOC 8KB, ROOMS, AC., WAWTEO. L>IRNISIIED ROOM WANTED-IN THE UPPER J part ot tbe city, north aide, a furnished room, to whioh access can be had through a store. Any lady keepiag a re spectable store, and having a eomtortahle room to spare, ean receive a liberal pricc for the same by addressing R. S. T., New York Post Office, stating terms. None others need answer. House wanted? wanted to purchasr, a small two or threa story honse, .nloely finished, and in a good neighborhood, aot above Twenty third s tract, to coat Tram $4,000 ta $8,600; $2,000 will be paid, the balanoe te remain tor three year*. Address J. MEAD, box 167 Herald office, ior thrae days, giving a description at boose and loca tion. COUNTRY HOUSE WANTED? WITHIN AN HOUR'S ride ot the oitv, furnished plainly and comfortably. Mnst have garden and shade trees, and plentp of soft water. A term house wc uld answer, If in good order and pleasantly located. The house is wanted by the veer, and tin rent mnst not exceed $300. Address immediately, giving full particulars, Country House, Herald office. ANTED TO RENT? THE UPPER PART OF A small two atcrr hense, in East Brooklyn. None nead nppl/i unless the party is respectable, and tha bouse in good condition. Adiress Brooklyn, box 600 Herald offioe. WANTED? HALF OF A MODERATE SIZED HOUSE, for a small family, in the Tioinity of Astor place. Sa tisfactory references can Tie given. Kent moderate. Ad dress P. N , 81 Marion street. IITANTED? BUIIDERS' HARDWARE OR MARBLE TT mantels, in exchange for a first class hsuse, with all ?podcrn improvements; aUo. one or two good farms, in ex chsnse ler city aud Brooklyn property. DUNSCOMR A McML'I.I.EN, 111 Broadway, room No. 9, first floor, Trinity Building. EITRA PAY. ~ BOUNTY LAND OFFICE, 60 WALL STREET, BASE mead.? Soldiers, sailora and teamsters in any war ainoe 1*76, or their widows, ean obtain tbeir land warrants or the agent, P. T. (BETTS, 66 Wall street. No charge until eol 1 acted. Bounty land.-$17o for onr hundrro and sixty warrants, new issue, Aot 3d, March, 1 n&6. War rants obtained, bought and sold, at most favorable rata*. Casta before Court oi Claime successfully prosecuted. WM. GRAN DIN, N otary and Attorney, 79 Naaaan atraat, room 10. VfAYY BOUNTY LAND AND "EXTRA PAY" OFPICR. J.N ?Bounty landa and "extra pay" for 0. 8. Navy sailors do-in all wars since 1790? their widows and heirs? prompt y obtained and paid. Balances dne widows and heirs of doeeaaed U. 8. sailors and others eolleeted.and all kind* of claims against the Uni ted States recovered by EDWARD BISSELL, Agent and (late) Purser U. 8. Navy, 67 WaU street. UNITED SPATES SHIP ALBANY.? TIIE WIDOWS OR heirs of those who perished with said ship will be pro fited by calling oa RDWARD BISSELL, Late Purssr U. 8. Nary, 67 Wall street, basemeat. ^ furniture. Reclining chairs Wbeel chairs, Chamber chair*, Bod ebalr*, Office revolving chain, and every variety of chair* (or Invalids, mannffcotnred by M. W RING A SON, 468 Broadway aad 109 Merest itiesi uwellaiieous. HZH BUILDERS' HARDWARE-SEAMAN LOW ERRS, 907 Kpriag.?treet, between Greenwioh and Hudson, offer* for sal* a large and general assortment of hardware suitable for builders. Citv made lock* of th* be*t quality can al ways b< furnished from tbe shell eoaplete, with brass, por celain. mineral, or plated knobs; also, eaptuaeolet and etkec (a*t*nings for French windows, bills, latches, Ae. SEAMAN LOWERRE, 307 Spring street. B BUSHES OF EVERY DRSCRIPTION AT THR BRUSH factory, 837 l'sarl street, Franklin sqnare. All article* sold at th* lowest faotory prices. Paint brushes of superior quabty constantly on hand. Machine boushea made to or der. JOHN K. HOPPEL. CURS OF CORNS BY MADAMR BRRHARD, NO. 167 Bowery, east side, betwesn Broom* and Delaneey streets. Madame B. renpectfolly inforns the publio that ehe has rcdueed ber price, in order te enable every one to b* lree from pain, and it els confident in promising that she wiH remove come, bunlora, nails gr<iwn in the flesh, Ae., without causing the least paia sr Inconvenience. Perseus can be at tended to at home, or at Madamo B.'* rcsideno*, from 1 until 7 o'clock P. M. > A8 FITTINGS AND FIXTURES.? STORES, DWELL Jt ings lactones and publio building* proc rtly fitted with gaa pip** and fixtnrer eheaper thua aay othar house. A splendid assortment of ohandeliors, pendants, braokete, Ac., of the latest designs, at the wboleeale and retail gae fixture manufactory of JAMES G. MOFFET, L19 and ?fl Priao* street, third block west of Broadway. ePOST DAVIS. ESQ., REPRODUCED THE H?IR . upon one of his splendid horse tails, which had re sisted ail ot bar remedies. Mr. Davis took the trouble to give ]> K EL1.I NO hR a call at his residence at Yonker*. and made the feet known to him. Dr. K. has diaeovered that roots ?f tha bair n- ver die while tl^e patient lives; aud If bald to .?) years by tha use of a tew bottles, the hair is certain to be reproduced, hold by the tredc generally. HARRISON'S TOILET SOAPS ?THE HIUHESTCHE mioal science and mechanical manipulation only, can Crodneo such soaps a* Harrisoa's. Having secured those, e ean leeommes* them ?? fully worthy of a place In hi* peat He* of Columbian Perfumery, lor the American oouti nent, aad surpassing intrinsically all the soap* of the world in material, la ebemical ptoportions, in compounding and In perfume. There are thirty ioor different varieties to meet tto demands of utility, taste and refinement. S. TOWNS END A WILLIAMS, XX Pearl street, supply any of tbea at wholesale. All the retail store*, wber* (he bout soap* are kept muat have thms; J. SeygeU, 1 JO aveau* C. ha* them. LADISS ASS RESPECTFULLY SOLICITED TO GIYE Disk'* (pool cotton a trial. Ask for it when (hopping 1 Buyers plena* not*, it oaa ba had, ia New York of Robt. Lo. Pin A Co, 61 Day street; Boston, Ilarnaaa, Welton A Co.; klladephla, J. W. Fanll, Cfaeitant street; Baltimore D. Mollnaa, aad Stallmaa, Hiariok* A Co. ; Richmond, Va., D.JB. London. ' ' LEECHES. - TEN TUBS LARGE8 LEECHES, AR rived In prime order, per sWmer Union from Harre. Far sal* by J. F. C1.EU A CO., 'JO and 93 Maiden lan*. G RJEXICAN GUANO FROM TIIS CELEBRATED BIRD jXl lalaad.? The uaderaisusd will sell thi* auaao, delivered in bulk at Oreon'a stores, in Brooklyn, at the low price of $2ti per ton, aad la ban ar barrels, delivered ta this eity, at $26 per ton. MObE.-> TAYLOR A CO. , 44 Seuth atreet. PATENT CALORIC FURNACES -THE RIPPOWAM ? Company, 406 Broadway, have now the exclusive eon tre) of Bo I tea A Y ales' eel*brated faraaoe* for heating d well lag basse* aad public baildiaga; warranted, with the same quantity of fa el, te produce 60 per cent more heat than any other kiad of furnaoe bow la use. BuiUers er gen'lemea building houses for tbeir own use, are respentfolfy invited (aad they will tad It t?r their interest) to call aad examine tbe principle of tbeee ta-aaeee. the great desideratum ha? iag been cMaiaed of produelac heated air that will neither injure htalth nor track aad destroy farnitura. SHOW CASBS -HOFrHAV A FRRISH, SHOW CASS wareroem*, 67 Bowery, botwaea Walker aad Bayard (treete. Case* mad* la *v*ry style, silver plated, brass, rone and (atin wood, mahogany, A*. N. B.? Old asa?* taken In eiebaag*. Orders promptly *xe*uted. fpORICR IS HE ASMSD WHO HATH HIS QUARREL And he but naked, though looked up la steel. Whose eonssiense with ia J as ties is eorrapted. Hydrophobia.? Aa infallible aura lor tbla melaaaboly af fliction Is In the possstsioa of tha uadorstsned. who offer* to aay person who may favor him with a call, refersaoe la this ejty of meat indubitable reapectebllity. Ia any *tag* ct toe rcsalWfrim being Mttea by a rabid' dog the undersigned will efeetually remove ths virus, aad rosters to i*rf*et eoapo n re and health Instaataaeeusly the patient tuffsring under tl at dreadful disease, heretofore ia (vary Instance so fkial ia its tenntnatioa. Dr. Dnlgnan also begs to sail tbs a-tsu tl? n of heads of famlllsa to the faet that ta svery iasiance w> are persons may wish to keep dsg( without lalury or paia to the salmal, hs eaa aulllfy any poasibiflty of tbsir eem mttieating by a bite a?v mere pwiMns matter than woald serrue from a eommoaiilaee wonnd. Dr. Dulgnan eaa ba ad dressed, personally sr by letter, at bis residence. M Frank ?crt strset, room It. M. O. DUIONAN WINDOW SB ADR* AT WHOLESALS AND "TAIL | VI ? GBO W CARPENTER has epeaed a bow s*o~ ?? M! Chatham (treat, whsrs be Invitee tfcs pehMe te eaJl a?d K?kU tiock of told ul Bilkor of oil liiH Cfftiotf, Ui 4t, fiM. A#., *??*. ? nnn, cakmao? ,+Qk A FAST BABK, Or GOOD STOCK, FOB SALS-SIX j tan old thii ipnag 1*H kuli ia height, thttlan|. tolor, two mentha from tbe country. Cm tret la 3 roiM and 15 oeeoada. Alio, a new light (HOI, *ttk iktflhM i*li nearly taw, aad huiui. It will bo m14 M|?nll it VMM. A pply it 16 Ehaabeth rtiHl, itoUii ib the nw. A SECOND II AND DOCTOR'S GIO FOB IAU-*il la mnIIiiI ?!<?, ridei and mi vary mv, ?tl * be K>ld at a vary law pnte u the ewuer tiaj ao futktrtw for 11 Inquired or a41mi Doctor It., at Mill EokMaaM'*? Ml Brutlni;. ANEW LIOHT 1IALF Sl'SlNO WA6BN, WIT| ?hit tier leather top, for tale. It U being made to ant i 1/ oio of the bett citv makiri. will ka ftaiikedlaahf doyi, aid tba owaer will aeil it (or H'> laaa tbaa eoet. AIM . a light half Ipring ironing wiioo; baa baoa la aao kit; ?hart lima; price fl??. Alio, a 'ij bt *:>riag a art, callable to< a bntokor or grocer. In rood order; prioo HA. Apply at t*C carriage factory 102 Laurent itreet. A GOOD COACH. USElJ ONLY SEVEN MONTHS, ANV. J\ ooit S7W0, wtll bo a?ld ohi-ap, by oalllac laaalattlr, at 203 Morcor itraat, w Lore it can b? lean, or apply at 1W>* Elviiioa atraat. CARRIAGE FOE BALK ? A BANDSOME JENNY Liad carriage, with leati for fanr per.oni, tap to let down, aad marly aaw; ooat 8300; will bo aald at a aaonfloa. Alio a pair ot rpiendtd black carriage hoTMl, 10 haad< blab, and wail matihed; ?oed aad ityliah traveller*, and will bo i?>ldcb>ap. Would bo well worth tha wklla of goatlgmea ta call. Tba whole may be ieea at 75 aad 77 Ean Eleventh ?treet, near Scat ad miia. GKO. Z. BARTiiBLF. C^ARJIAGES FOR SALE-TW9 TOP BCOGTS. OK B J , *?'h thltting top. Have lean naed bat a abort time. ?J. j * '?'* low- lB<t?'r? at L.ENT3 carriage factory. Third avenue, near Forty aeventb atre?t. FAST MARE? A DARK CHESTNUT MARK, OF LARBB ?ito, great at>la aad c&tra ape?d, ilx year a old, perfectly lound, wai broegbt from Vermont by liar araaaat owaor; oaa trot la 2:45. To enve tieutle, no oaa need apply unlet* wil liag to pay a fail price. Apply at 271 Jay itreet, Brooklyn. FOR SALE? A PAIR *>F BLACK UORSES, QUIET aad rootle, aad very ityliah dtiveri; alae, a baadeeiao two Mated phatoa, bnllt by Joba E l.awrcnee A Co., la ex aelloat condition, and a aot of doablo barnooo, made by Trainer. Wi'l keiojd together or leparate. Price far tba whole, ?W0. May be aeon at CHARLES ttUADLEY S (table. Went sixteenth itreet, near alxtb aveane. For balr? a bat hurse, seven tears old, firat rate nipper, with tUo bolt diipoaMtea to "ooiaa (aft;" alae a wagea, at Mr. Win. ford A soa'i Bake, and a aew Freneh iptieg aaddla aad kridla. Apply at J. QUART'S ?table (bow kept by Meiira. bwtft A Yermilyea), Na. 18 Amity itreet. F)R BALE? AT A GREAT SACRIFICE, A HAND oomo two ieat high oarritia, 1 igh whoela; ooat 81,000? bai beoa uied only five moutbt. Would suit a Sontbora gen tlemaa. Apply to KYER90N A HOWARD, 73 l/niveriity plaoe. rR SALE? A FAST TROTTJNG M ABE. FITB TKARS old, actind and kind, ootor gray; oaa trot tm tkroa miButei to wagaa; sever been trained; vary opea gaitod; Ba K'nier iteek. and promiiei to m ? ke a vary lait one; will i aold cheap, ai tan owner li about leavlag tbe city. To ka ?oen at the Arcade StaUet, Eighth itreet. POK BALE-A VERT FIVE BAT HOESK, BF VEE Bioat Morgaa aieok. ?>< kmdi high, all yean old, pea* built, (no ityle aad action, and goad ipeed; perfootly aoaaB aad klad every way. Mold for want of aao. laqukre at alak at able, Paoltte itroet, soar Court, roar of eeal yard, Bieok iy? fOR BALK? AT J. FASAN'S'jSTABLE, CORNER OT llicki aad Barriion itreeta Brecglya, oaa pair of Iroa gray honoi, UK haadi, 6 yoari old, ot atyliih appear aaoe, and warranted aoaad; alio, a phmtoa aad a aet of karaooa, aearly aaw. Will bo told oaeap, together or npaaata, M ap plied for Immediately. FOR SALE-A FAMILY ROCKAWAYJVini POLK and ihafli; the proDerty ?' a gentleman. Alio aao brown mare, aaten yean old, vary fait, and with foaL Caa bo Men at J. Lynok'i itable, Mo. 9 Kait Tweaty bait liraot. Fob bale? a handsome top wagon, shifting rail; boea aied bat three moathi; warranted la every reipect. Inquire at 175 lloiter at., corner ot MoM, where ib can bo leea. Foe sai.e? a hay mare. FAST AND KIND; also, a boggy aad harneai, all in good order, to oIom a ooa eern. w til be aold cheap. Apply at 196 Graad itroet, WU llamibarg. For bale-kightkkn horsks, two fast teot ten; alio a lait pacing pon*. wagons of all ityloo *( tbe beat make, both aew and leoond hand; roekawaya, calaak topi; buggji, trotteri, inlkeyi, alngle aad doablo haraoM, Ac., at Noi. 8 and 10 Netini itreet, oorner Fallen avaaae, Brooklyn. FOR SALE? THE CKLKBRATKD PACING TKAM, Cinderella and Iiidora. Tbey bare made tko faateat time ever made, and arc porfeotly eoand In itiit way: very ?tylloh and of great eadurance. Thiy are, withoat doubt, the plearautait and fanciait driving team la tko eoantry. The owntr'i attention to ba>ineaa roqntrei the'r aalo. Alao, a fine act of tingle and double barneM, blaakete, kooda, Ai. Addren box Wo. 8,3*5. P. O. fOR SALE-A BORREL PACING HORSK, SEVEN year* old, fifteen and a half hnndi high, a pleaaaot aad fait driving bone? lay minutoe; itanda withoat tying ; luitable tor a lady'i riding or a gentlemaa'a family bene. Kind in all harneai, and told for waat of aao. Call at JliHM HUESON'S itable, 117 Twelfth itreet, aoarOaivor ?ity plaee. For sale? an abdai.lah colt, six ykars old thii May, warranted aoand, kind and ityltih, aad ia a fait travel er either under tha laddie or la harneaa; raiaed by tbe preaent owner. Alii, a ibltting top wagoa aad har neaa. Sold for want of um. Apply at toe itaklo No, U Bowtry. For salk-an kxckllent gray horsk, i6>; bandi high, levta yearaild, of aupertor atyla aad aotiea, and auitable for a oarriage, family, or d'-oior'a bo'M; will bo warranted ictind aad kind. Caa bo ieen at 3tH T oath at FOR BALK-ONE OR BOTU OF A SPAN OF STTL18H gray borooi, kit d aad gentle la double or tingle bar - aeii, well adapted for a gaatloman'i carriage. Tkey oaa le ?MB by calltag on MATUIAS NAG LB, A3 Oak itreet. FOR BALE, MATCHED HOBSES -A PAIB OF VBRY ?no black horiei, long taili, m aoi and fore to pa, mvob vein old, abont fifteen and a half hand! higb, perfectly kind, loand and gentle, and wltksut fault or klemuh. Can be icea before tea or after throe o'olook, at tbe (table roar of 25 Wait Tweaty -locoad itreet. FOR SALE? A GIG IN GOOD CONDITION -CAN BB Men at the carriage factory of Mr. A SMITH. No. fO South Seventh treot, Wllliamabarg, Long liland. file* Fob sale-a black mabe, about u hands bigk, 7 yearaold, kind and gentle in ainglo aad doa|>la harneai, lettable for a family bona. Alio a aaall Shetlaad jiony, at* veari old. very haadiomo, and lately imported from Scotland. Both of the above will be aald for tba want of me. Can be ? eon at the itabloi, 69 Fraaklia itreet' For sale-a bat mare, u% hands high, titb jean old, an excellent laddie bono, and alio a hand aone driver, aound and kind. Will bi aold obeap. I Ban ire at M, CAMPBELL'S itabloi, ooraerof Clark aad Columbia itriota, Brooklyo. For sale? onk of the handsomest littlb riding borwi ia the oity, five jeari old, perrootly broke and vory i, atvliib Alio, a handnouie ityliah bona, 1AJ? hand! high, light yeari old, lonnd aad kind, luitable fur any uie. Call at 64 Sixth itroet. For bali-a sorrel horse, is hands high, warraated inund aad kind ia all baraoM; will trat a mile in thne irlnntei; juit frim the count f. Caa ka ioea at REED A TRUESDELL'B itablee, Noi. 7U and 71 Mercer itrtet, lot oae day, from ? till 12 o'olook. Horses -new tork tattbrsalls. sixt?7 *.'1^ nue, corner of Thirty ninth uriet. ? Tlaia day, ai o'clock, auction aale of hnraea, waiaia haraoM, Ac., Ao. Poaitive aale of oeven fine honei, iui table for tbe road aad work ; alio, a great variety of new and aeeond haad read and bniixeM wagom. witli aad without tope; aew aad ao tieend band ainglo and doable bara?M, of all dweriptiona; alio, iheeti, blaaketa, h altera. Ac, A a.; alio, to poiy It ov ate, five light wagona, three baek eoachea, together witk tbe ninal variety of property offered it the 1 atleraall'l wMkly ulei GEO. CLKMENS, Aactioaoer. Hunt, Saleimaa. Horse, waoon, and harness fob balk -a beautifal concern, coniiating of a fine eream colored ii. are, aeven yeara o<d . k<nd and docilc in aay klad of har neaa, alio a good laddie animal, per'ectly laaad, aad oaa trot ia 2 Ml, with a new, light, ibltttag top wagaa. aoedealy a week, togitliar with a tandaome harniM, walp, blaaketa, Ac. The whole, cutting ever tl,U00, will bOHld ier IWt Can koMeL by y P'J'lng to OkORGK I.Ea, Fraaklia Muieum, 53 Bowery. Vf ORGAN HORSES? A BAT COLT FIVE TKARS Jvl eld, a cbeetnut Morgan lam* are, a large power fa I Abdal lab colt tlx yean old Kitbor of theto caa trot iaiide of three minntei, aad are aoand. Alio Mreral anterior atagle borMl, lately from Verm cat, for tale. Apply at ii Booram itreet, Hrooklya. PAIR OF HORSES WANTED. ? MUST BB 0F FINK atyliah appearatee. dark color, 15 to ktada high, not ever eight veari aid, gentle driven, aad maot bo able to trot t mile ia 3>t minntei together. Aty penes kavlag lack a pair ef hereei to dlipoM of, aiay kear of a aarokaaot by tddroaiing S. C. T . box 406 Now fork Peat OAea, giviag a rail aad aeenrate deaoriptloa, aad lowoat price dtmaadta Road or family horse fob salk-a vkry ityliah brawn him, 15^ baadt high, teven yaan eld, ota trot verv ftat, and ii ot great anduranoa; a very frea end itfllib driver, perrectlv oouad and kiad in every mpeet. Apply in the itvra Nt. HIS Foartb, curaer of Charltt atreei. WANTED? A BOB TAILED BAT HORSE. ABOUT MK kaadi high? a it y 11 th driver; bIm, a haadaome tad die borM. Applv at 127 Graad atract, between 8 aad 12 A. B. A competent ecachmaa waati a litaatloa. Beat aity'rtlk riaec caa be givea. A pply at tht above number. ClaOTHMO, *C. Ant amocnt or nkw and cast oft cloth lag, all i^lei aad natterai, ptrekatod at tha klgkact nut, by THOMAS D C0NKOT,4^ Pearl itreet, atar City Ilall Plata Geatlnaea re aiding at koto la er private haaaea having larptaa tlethimg waited t pen ?y addntaitg at abt vt. SA8T OFF CLOTHING AND FURNITURE WANTED. - Ladiet er goatltrntB having aay of tht tamt to diiaott it a obtaia a Tate each pilot by loading for t ho laboeriktr. at fail rttidtBM, or through the pott, 101 Chatham itroet tr 66 Elm gtrttt. M. 8. COHEN. N. B.-LadiM Btteadtd by Bn. C. / 1AST OFF CLOTHING AND FtTRMTPEE WANTED. \ J ? Ladiot or gentlemea having any of the aame of, can obtain a fair eath prioo by leading for ?be itbitrtbtr, at bit rttideaoe, or thn,^ SMfoonr, 13 El. itraet. N. B.? Laditt attoaded by Mra J nwldorf. 5Sd r?atTy 'ESwLd'tS Stf at^wMiinM /aMES MORoKet, 11 TjaxteTArMt Uata Oraagc itroet). DTOIWO AND FPENITUM?LADIKS OB GKNTLK f^TTkavlMaay to diipeie tf can reoeivt a lair ink !bt?. MMndiag " ?*? 11 I^artai itrtet. mm Canal, Jlfc? I/JJ BreSlway. or by litter tkroa gh tht poet. LaA4t? - y ?'? C?*-- CcOMB. Gentlemen having lkft off clothing, in !?rge ar imaH quaatUlta eaa obtain tbt hlchart irita for them b j calling en or h HrMtlag JOHN MUkPHria Naitan itroet. batemtat ' '? Notice to gknts.? tou mhbt not fobgef that 8At Pearl itreet, nenr Bread way la the " 1 v and a * I.k'?Z?-"n get yoar ipringaad mmaaor clothing of every doitH*4on aad oalar. band ninety do nod. c*'' -4 ?

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