Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 30, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 30, 1855 Page 3
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UNANCI AL AND COMMERCIAL. f BOV1T HiSKRTi Tcksbay, May 29?6 P. M. The upward movement la the stock market utiU e?n Inues. With a daily increasing activity in transacting rices are steadily improving. At tha first baarl Illinois iMtral bonds advanced par cent; Cleveland and To s<lo dividend bonds, ; Pennsylvania Cj*1, 1>?; S. Y Mtnl Railroad, >?; Erie Railroad, \i ; Hirlem, > ending Railroad, X; Cley eland and Toledo Railroad, >?. Ma bone*, 1875, fell off per cent, there were ver/ irfe sales of trie and Reading. All the leading aw;kg rere in demand. State Blocks, railroad boa tj, ltnd, oal aad transportation companies were all 4 idle act ve t the (approvement in price*. The One weatier gves vary eoe encouragement relative to the growing crop', ad gives confidence in the future. Everything reg\ri igthe approaching 1 11 -vents la belied upon with tha raataat Interest, and everything connected with tlaaace ad trade hin6o? upon ib*t event Frem the Soath we eceire more -atinfactc rjr account! of the weataer. A* be aeaeon advance* the public mind will b? more in meely abtoibtd in thia matter, and if the prospec righttns a* maturity ap; roaches, we shall tee the effej 1 ev?rv department of industry. All 01 our public work* artieipate in tha general feeling. Their budtneaa will be luch affected favorably or unfavorably by the result nd there interested in them do not look ou with indlf trance. A few desperate bear* in Wall street miyno e satisfied with the favorable proapest* regarding th rope. They are all the time looking out for Urea, reafcete, drought*, and disaster* of all aorta, and th * robabUity ia that they will thl* yaar be disappointed, hey bad enongh last year to satisfy them for a dozan t leaat, but we behave they are as hungry as ever, vary day adds to the security of the growing crops, aad 1 a few weeks wheat will be safely harvested and oused. The opening of new railroad linei throughout lie Western States will open an immense tract of new Juntry to market and give us mpplies of grain greater tan ever before heard of. Sections of cou&t'y which ntil naw have been almost shnt out from the world, ?ve now the cheapest aad ppeedieit conveyance to arket. Thousands npon thousands of acres of the oet prolific land In the world have thia year been ronght under cultivation, which laat year was wild rairia. The extent of land sowed and planted this year so much greater thaa last, that an average production sr acre would give ns an enormous aggregate compared ith former years; but the yield is likely to be far above I average, and the aggregate is likely to be perfectly itonishing. At the second board the market was a shade or two itter for some stocks, while others were firm at the orning'k prices. Indiana 6'* were up per cant} imber'and Coal, H i New York Central Railroad, ,'4. t the close the tendency was upward. The transactions at the Assistant Treasurer's office >-day were as follow*:? Paid on Treasury Account $87,980 52 ?ceived do 91,220 00 Uance de 2, 219, 105 47 Ua for As-ay Office.... ?66,27133 lid on diobu.BiDg check* 34,04166 The warrants entered at the Treasury Department, ashing ton, on the 27 th, were;? >r the Treasury Department $101, 9C3 91 >r the Interior Department 27, M9 83 >r the reaemption of stock 2 M to >r the Custom* 76.61* 81 er warrant* received and entered 18,010 81 ipay warrants 2u,671 13 >r covering into the Treasury from miscel laneous sources 119 90 ir covering Into tne Treasury from oustoma, 690 32 The sales at the Mining Board, yesterday, ware : ? 00 shares Conrad Hill .18 yi 00 do. to la 00 do. do 13 ^ CO do. Ship limber 75c. $1 Yi per share waa offered for North Carolina, with it sales? $1% asked. Mr. J. Tbompsen will sell, at the Merchants' Exchange 12)4 o'clock to morrow, (Wednesday,) Virginia State I, North Carolina 6's, Teaaasgee 5 per cents, Sacra ento bomlH. lake Erie, Wabash and St. Louis Railroad >nds, Great Western bonds, &c. The steamship Baltic, from this part for Liverpool to orrow, will take out a large amount of specie. It is timated tbat the shipment will not be less than one id a quarter million of dollars, principally in California rs, which have been reserved for export. The ship ent will not, therefore, draw mush from the binks e steauuhip Star of the West, from Nicaragua, le arly due, with California dates to the 9th inst. She II bring probably half a million on freight, besides at in the hands of passengers and In drafts. Ther s been no change in quotation* for foreign exchange - ? cositinue to quote 10 a 10*4 per oent premium on indon; Paris, 5f. 13^ a 61. 11>?. The conference* held by the Vermont and ad concert ing the possession of the Vermont Centra .ve, at yet, resulted in no definite action. The Ia?t |eting, held on Friday, stands adjourned to Wodnes y n? it. It is rumored that a new organization in th* rection of tha Vermont and Canada will probably be tenained u{.on before any transfer of the property is ide. The Boston Traveller of the 28th init, says: ? Copper etocks attract a large share of attention, anl feral are decidedly active. Copper Falls, whten bail a down to 3u, in conseqaence of reports giving rather ;agre results Irotn monthly operations at the mine, Ilied with coaeiderable strength on Saturday, aad ilsk at 34 at close. Toltec is very firm and quite ac re. The btatement^ which reaoU u? from reliable urces are very satisfactory as to tha working of this ne. The vain grows richer as it is developed, and the oduct in mass and barrel work is Urge. The Isle lyale too is ji?ldiog well, and bids fair to become a ry productive mine, but it is depressed by large as ?amenta which have been necessary to clear oil' the debtee nee* of the company. The Rutland Railroad has converted one-third of its ating debt into third mortgage boada at par, leaving t $800,000 to be changed In the same way. The net in me of this road ia handsomely increasing, and the ne encouraging intelligence is received from the official urces of the Ogdensburg, Central, Northern and Cha - ire corporations. If the entire cost of these roads ire represented by shares of capital stock, they could pay diviceads, and the market value would, no doubt, increased from fifty to one hundred per cent. f the proposed new stock of the Fitchbarg RaRroal Smpany, one to every fourteen, should not be taken at ', it will be necessary to paae two more dividends, aad stockholder* will receive no returns until July, 1856. looks now as if tbe measure would succeed, and a di vi lad be declared in July next. (Since the announcement of the sales of land by the inois Central Railroad Company the sailer* of bonds time api>ear to be inclined to leave this security ne. A etek *in:e, time sales were made at 72>? to buyers 60 days. The rate has gradually advanced cash sales at 77 to 77%. Thia rapid advanct is on ubted'y to be attributed to the fact that public at ation ha* been arrested by the operations for the past ree weeks ia the land office at Chicago. During April, 660 acies were sold for $260.847? an average of $13 r acre ? and to the 20th of this month tbe sales hav* lounted to $358,066? so that the company have f?ady a sinking fund formed, in round num of $1,500,000. A list of the pur acers has been exhibited at tbe office of the mpany for several days, wbich sho srs that tbe sales e made generally in lots of 40 to 160 acres. At a very oderate assumption the company will have from ,600,000 to $3,100,000 of their lands sold during tbe esent year. Th* prices are too high for speculation, e purchasers eettle and cultivate the lands at once; us the adjoining property la greatly enhanced ia value, e great feature of tnie system is that ths sinking fund n the be?t |.os?ibIe khape? that ia, in notes given for [ad to be placed under improve .nent prior to their me rit y, an l the title to tbe land retained until the notes paid. Ry this ingenious system of long credits and w rates or Intereat, the company will realize an im tnse sum of money for their lands, far exceeding their nded indebtedness. At 26 p?r ceut lees tban the prices tnally obtained In the laat two months, these lands 11 bring $2&, COO, 000. The road has cost about $20, 0,00$. This unexpected show in the land department will in ee the stockholder* to wait very quietly the devetope >nt cf the business of the road, the receipts of which, r the !a?t month, were $100,600, derived almost en ?ly from way business, and through a country im veriahed by the almost total failure of its crops the f season. If the originators of this enterprise P,1 held up to the world the fact that build a railroad upon the prairies is bu'ldlng great highway to create business, no di ap mtment would now be felt at the receipts this first ar, before the harveat. A portion of tbe Aurora road is opened ia-t year into the prairies, under precisely eh circumstances, and the receipts for March. 1854, ere $16,133 94, against $37,439 40 ia March of this <ar. For April the receipts were $14,692 26 ia 1854, ' jalast $42,991 39 for the same month of this year? eadlp Uxeble last year's receipts. ! t&lMr to the opening of the Illinois Central road ia the r ? ~ and tB tkt ceatral end f othera portions of the State, oin has bars nominally worth U to 20 cen'.e per bnshsl. This jitr kh* farmers la Southern niiMi. have paid 70 cents per bushel for orn to keep their stock alive. Thl* week corn hu rs*ch?d the nnteard of price of 80 cents p?r bushel lu Chicago. The r-ufftriig osureJ by this scarcity u dentin*! to react wonderfully upon tie product* of the prairie*. Fura-rs ate turning up their lands upon all side* A crowd o( Fast em, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania inm?n are pour'ug IB upon that magic toil which the firm year pays all the eiptoM of ploughing, fencing, &e., and yitMs an abundant harve*t without manure. This will enure greatly to the advantage of the Central Md other Illinota reads. The director* cf th?i>e concern* have learned by the experience of the last year that the public will hil l them strictly accountable for their management; th it no lens economy and pereocal inspection are clearly mani fest, they are aubject to a rigid investigation and acrutiny ?therefore we look for a decided change in the puMic es tlmation of theee securities, and think that capitaliata who have held their aecuritiee tlirough tne railroad aril eade, hare reason to congratulate themaelree upon their future proepeota. Keck Gicnaage. Tukhiiav, May 19, 1M1 98(00 Virginia 6'a. *8 98 V 100 ?*a Cumo Oeal C j 28'i 8(X0 do ....S3 98 Ji 100 do 2H', 12(00 do... MO 99,* 100 do a80 28 S, 5000 Tenn 6* '90. . 93 109 N T Geo RR .b3t) 92\ lltOO Ind St 6'a. . . s3 84>f 210 do 92*i 1000 Miaaouri tl'a.b3 94 100 do ??0 92*? 6000 do 93J* 300 do b60 9S^ MOO Ind Bank Bds. 84 >; 200 (to a3 92j; 1000 ErioC'lnBV71 84 100 do 9d 20(0 Erie Bds of '83 93 ICO III Central RR. . . 93 \ 3C00 do 08 500 Krie Railroad . . . 4*', 50(0 Erie Bda '75. ?3 89 200 da b60 49 6000 do sS 89 100 do bOO 49^' 1COO HRlv2dMg*Bda 95 100 do b30 49 5000 HitivSdMgeBds 72 100 do *80 48',' 1000 MicnSo Bds '63 87 10.0 do 40 5000 NlalatMge G L 89'4' 166 do ?3. 49 5000 do 89 60? do bSO 49* 1000 PanBda2dlstue 101,* 100 do s3? 49 100(0 IUCenRRBs4m 76 176 Harlem Railroad. 27 15000 do. ..b00 78 200 do 2*,* 5000 do . . . b60 77 \ 100 do b80 a:* 20000 do 77? 200 Reading RR...a3 89* 1(000 HICenRRKU h3 72K 600 do sOO 84* 31(0 NYCenthRBd* 88*? 500 do b30 89 2000 ChictRIRKBda 96 600 do 88 yt 6600 Civet ToDivBds 77 200 do sl5 88T4 30 aha Metrop'n B'k 110 200 do s30 88tf 8 Continental Bank 107 * 400 do a- 0 88Jf 50 Canton Co....s3 26?,' 200 do blO 89 200 do bJO 2fi* 250 do 89 200 do a 30 2?J.,' 300 do a5 89 600 do b00 26* 600 do bl5 89* 1(0 do *60 26* 600 do s3 89 * 100 do a60 26* 26 Mich S &N la RR 102 20 Nlcar Transit Co 157, 60 Panama RR 101* 60 do 16 SCO do 101 50 Penn Coal Ce.bSO 109 60 do *30 101 60 do .83 109 50 dj b60 101* 100 do *3 110 100 Qevo & 'Col RR. . 81* 100 Cumb^oal Co.bOO 29 10 Chi & R I RR... . 85* SECOND BOARD. $6,000 Ind State &* *3 84* 100 *h? NY Oen RR. 03 * 2 0?0 Vlrg'a 0* b90 98* 100 do b60 91* 10, COO City 5s, '60 . . 98 6 do 93* 4,000 111 Cen RR bd* 77,* 5 do 9J * 5. 000 do b30 78 10 Erie Railroad .. . 49 1,000 H R lat M t>d* 103 50 do *!? 48J? 4o aha CI & To ICR.. 81* 100 do b60 49 10 to 81* 350 do 48 % 60 do 81 * 100 do *60 48* 1 0? Comb Coal . . *60 28 X 200 lUrlein RR ... *3 21 * 100 do 29 100 <10 b30 27* 100 do 29*' 50 do b3 27* 1C0 do 21"; 10 Reading RR 89V 100 Co hfiO 29* 300 do 89* 100 do 160 29^ 300 do 89 200 do b30 29 100 do b i 89 82 Gal & Chic RR... 98 200 do b3 88% 1(0 NY Cent RR .8(0 93 CI1Y TRADES REPORT. Tuesday, May 29?6 P. M. A$hk8 quiet. ms.? The market was irreguLar, but in the main iavcred purchaser* for common to good brand*. The sales embraced 8,000 a 9,000 bb!s , including com mon to gcod bitte and Western, at $10 12 a $10 5>?. Ca nadian, (2, COO a 3,(00 bbla.,) ai $10 50 a $10 56 for cum mon to medinm grades; farorite and extra at $11 a $11 12. Southern, 1,200 bbla. so d at $11 60 a $11 81 for ccmmon to good, and $11 87 a $13 for fanny and extra. Uenetee extra was at $13. Wheat? Bales 2, 0C0 bushels Southern Michigan were made oa private terms; part was reported at $2 62. Com waa plenUer. and sales ac tive. The traniact.on* reached about 80,000 bushels, chiefly mixed, inferior to geod ?nd sound, at $1 (."> a $1 07, and $1 12 a $1 13){ for white and yellow, and South ern. Rye ? Ihe market waa quiet. Oats con dnued firm, with small aules of Western and State, at 78c. am 84. Cokfkk. ? Here waa a speculative muv.-ment wiih free Kale*. The tiansact'.ons embtaced 3,000 bags Liguyra alO^; 7,000 St. I)oming <, lor export. atW'^j, cat'h; 050 Maracaibo at 10c. a 10 S,'c. , au>i 1,8(0 ao Ki>, at 9c. a 10?,'c., and 250 do Porto Rico w^re eold at 10^c Hale* ol 8,0ti0 bag* of Rio were also made in Philadelphia, on private term*. Cotton ? The sales embraced about 7,000 bales, part in transitu: the market closing at 11 <ic. a ll)jc. fof middling Upland*; ll^c. lor Florida*; ll;^o. a ll^o. for Mobile, New Orleans and Texas Fki it ? The sales embraced about 200 boxes lai era, at %1 76. Fbkiguts.? To Liverpool, at>cnt 400 bbls. rosin were engaged, at Pd., and about 150 balea Sea Island cottoo, at l4" d . a 9-32d. ; for corn, 3^'d. a 40. was oeraanded. a vessel waa taken to load with corn for Cork at 6d. ; If to either of two other channel ports at 6sl., In bula. To Havre, cotton and bone were at Ko. ; ashes and rice at $7 a $8; provisions at 80c. per bbL; smoked meats )??.; Uquida, i)ic. Hat ? >alea of 300 a 400 bales were made, at $1 12. Molawkb was quiet; 150 bbls. Texas sold at p. t. Navaj. Stori.s ? Sales of 1,000 bbls. rojln were made at $1 85 per 310 )ba., delivered, and 1,600 bbls. spirits turpentiae, at 42c. Provision ? Pork ? Th* market was some ettier. Th* sales reached 900 a 1,000 bbls., including eld at $16 68 a $10 75; and new, at $17 50 c $17 62; and $14 G2 for new prime. Cut meats were firm. 500 a 600 packages wer* sold at 9>.,c. a 95,e for hams; 7'i'c. a 7Xc. for shonlders: beet bams were held at 917 a $21; bacoa waa uncharged. Beef? Mens and prime sold to the extent of 200 a 300 bblt., at $10 12 a $12 50 for the former, and $8 75 a $1* 50 for Lard? 600 bbla. were sold at 1 0 *4 c . a 10*,c. Th* market closed rather easier. Rick was dull; 50 caaks were sold at itfe. a 63 ;c. Scgab.? The market was active, and prices recovered atout >,'q. of the previous decline of ?e. per lb. Tne sale* embraced about 1,500 hhd*. t'ubi muscovado, at c. a 6*4 c., and 600 a 800 boxes brown Havana, at 6 \ie. a ejiic. Toracto remain* Brm, with moderate *ales. 85 hhd*. Kentucky, at 7 He a 12j?e.; 144 bales Havana, 30c. a 36c : 8i caie? seed leaf, 6j ;c. a 14c.; 6 bags Havana scraps, 11c. WhisKmr.? Sale* of 300 bbl?. were mvle at 38,^5. caiih, and 39c. time and interest. BOARDIM AND MWWI.TO. Real Estate. The fallowing sale* o? New York property were male jeaterdajr at tne Merchants' Excbang* -'ome of the vacant lets, particularly those on Broadway and on Forty eixth street, brought good price* ? House and lease of lot No. 21 Clinton street $2,600 House and lease of lot No. 160 Stanton street 2,625 Hooae and lot soot b side of Twenty -seventh street, west of 'third avenue, lot 20x89 3 500 Hou?e and lot No. 47 Twenty fifth strset 6,500 Four story brick house and lot No. 356 Ninth *t , lot l*x92 3,000 1 'of. corner of Broadway and Fifty-fourth street, 26x83 3,900 1 adjoining, on Kroadwav, 26x90 2,950 1 do. 25x96 2,9?0 3 'ot* on Slxtn avenue, between Forty-fifth and Forty -sixth *tr?etf, 26x75 each 2,460 4 lot* Mouth side Forty sixth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, 26x100 each 1,9:>0 1 lot south aire Forty-third street, between Sixth avenue and Broadway, 21x1(0 2,160 6 lets, with brick *tabie, corner 129th itreet and Broadway, four of them fronting on Broadway and two on the *treet, each 1,300 1 (jore lot on Thitty tnird street, near Seventh avenue, 20x98 1,5'iO 3 adjoining, 25x98, each 1,010 1 lot west side Fourth avenue, between Seventy sixth and Seventy seventh streets, 26x80 665 3 adjoining, same *ize. each 360 13 years leaue of two lots with frame dwelling* and s'tablas, corner Broadway and Sixty ninth st... 1,626 BROOKLYN. Three story brick house and lot, corner of Van Bruot and hactett strei ts, 16x7C $2,600 Three story brick house and lot No. 60 Sackett st., lot 20x100 3,000 No. 62, adjoining, same ai- above 3,000 Two atory frame house and lot in I/irimer street, between Jackson and Witters, kit 26x100 1,030* AMKWMi fiVKIU Ml. <?QrtO -A PLEASANT THIRD STORY BACK ROOM <POUU? to let, to one or two *IbkI* xratlemea. with or wMhont breakout; al?o, a etaall boat ruoaa. Addreu box 160 Herald efflrn. ffrq BROA I- WAV- ON E DOOR BEl.OW EIGHTH i JO itre*t; a KrBtlcman ?nd wife, or gentleman, eta obtain detirable rocius iu suits, or separate, with or withoot board. 1'rlvate table, il required. Rsforencesexehanued. ??Q-| BROADWAY-ENTRANCE FIRST DOJR IN LIOJ. Amity street, to let, with or withoot board; a large carlorwltb bedroom and pantries attached, on the second flo >r; also pleasant ainile ronms furnished or uafurni hed, a* may be required. Batbs and 11.1 in th* boiiie. QQ?I BROOME STREET.? HANDSOME I. Y PITR althed front and baek rooms to let, with or with out board, toftethrr or asperate. OQQ bowery -a raw gentlemen can be accommodated wl'h tull board and pleaiant room?, at$? air week. Also, rooms furnished or othereUo, with or without board. Rrfireaee, Jlo. mWEST TWENTY SECOND STREET.? ROOMS may be obtained la salts or sinds, foratahed or aa taralsbed, in a flrtt class house, replete with all the modeta improvements. Terms moderate Apply a*. above. CC H0DSON STREET.? BOARDING? A P*W OEN ? )') t If men ean be acoommodated with pleasant rooms 111 hoard. Also, a lew da j boarder* would be desirable. 49 MURRAY STREET-BOARD, WITH MAVD (omely furnished room*, for gentlemen and their wives, or *in.J* (fentlemen. The henee lias Ml the modern improvements. an^U^leaiantly situated ?ae block went of hmadvay. Tr?T'wPs ia?ier? ?ocoia?oi?t?d. Term' ra? tfltate. 32 85 1 MARDOO UO LODOllfCk HK1H STUI' ? A HANDSOBBLT FUttNlSHID par'. <t and bedroom attached , oa the drawing room floor with break'eat if required; aUo a liuli rooia. Aoplv a* %Vove, in the fir* new w tilts freestone houte a hit# Slitn avtrouc 3A9ni AN I> PI.ACF. PERRY STREET.? A OINTLB man and wife, or siutle gentlemen, caa be aocoinm wlatad with hmdromely furnitheo roomt, wlta hoard; dinner at 6, Monte hat km. ba?ht. and all the modern improvements. *aey arces. to cart and stage*. Kefersuoea eschanged. ? pply ?? above m PRINCE STREET. WEST OP AND NEAR BROAD tray ?A lew *ibgle gentlemen caa obtain room* and bo rd. at moeerate price* Houte tint olaat, handsomely furnished, contnimug all the modern improvement*. ST. MARK S PLACE. ? GENTLEMEN AMD WIVES, or tlnglo gentlemen oan ob'aio tarnished room* with or without tuli or partial hoard, at the abov* dstirabi* location. Q1 EAST TWENTY -THIRD STRE IT.? A PARLOR Ol and large bedroom on Int floor, and on* large room oa third floor, all handsomely furnithed, oan ba oonined, with board (private table it required), in a first elan houte; looa tion Ttry tina There la a lama fruit garden h? longing t? U>e bonta. Apply at above. FRANKLIN STR EE? FURNISHED ROOMS with board, for tingle gentlam*n, at *4 aud $A per week, al.o, an uufurniihed parlor for a gentleman and hit wife, at fc* per week. A PRIVATE FAMILY HAVING A HANDSOME ROOM, in a house with th< modern improvemeati, would li?a a gentleman and wifo or two uncle gentlemen to room with hill or partial board. Call at 1 6& Iveat Nineteenth (treat, near Eighth avenue. Terms reatonabl*. API EASANT SUIT OF ROOMS, OR ROOMS SINGLE. ma> be obtained by gentlemen, ar gentleman and wite. with board, in a private family, by addraaaing G. L., Herald office. Mel?|*noe* eiehangtd. A LADY rBSIRES TWO OR THREE CHILDREN TO board, in a very healthy place, and where tiny will re ?eive a mother'! oare; alto, mfurnuhad room* to lei. Ap ply or addreta Doctor Clarence Villa*, 103d at., 3d ar. A small private familt, having morb boom than they require, would accommodate a few aingl* gtntlemcu, or a gentleman and wiie, with hoard, oither in auit* or teparatejalao, an office, suitable tor a surveyor, dentist or phyticia*. Refereaoet txahanged. Inquire at U3 Wett Twenty second street. A PRIVATE FAMILY IN NINTH STREET. DBTWBB ? Iltth and Sixth avonuet, will let, with or witnout board, private tablo or not, two suit* ot rooms, one salt fear rooms detp, en toooad floor, English basement house, with ail < the modern improvement*. Address, with nam* and number, M. 8., Onion square Post offloe. A PRIVATE, AMEBICAN FAMILY, OCCUPYING A first olats house, oontaining all the modern improve ments, will let rooms, with board, to a lew respectable boarders, by applying at 109 East Soventoenth street, be twecn. First and Second avenues, near iituyvetant square. A FEW GENTLEMEN CAN UE ACCOMMODATED with board, at No 9 Clinton street, Brooklyn. Alto, a ptrlor, suitable for a gentleman and his wifo; bedroom at tached, tf denired; convenient to four ferries. A PRIVATE FAMILY, HAVINO MORE BOOM THAN desirable, can aocommodate one or two slugla geutle men, or * gentleman and hi* wift, nt 1(2 West Sixteenth street. A WIDOW LADY OF RESPECTABILITY. OCC0PY ing a very fine house, desires to receive two or threo gentlemen into her family at partial boarders, where they can enjiy the comforts of a home- largo airy rooms, ll<h'.ed with gas, a gcod table, ant good society. Xhe house it with in a low minulet' walk of eithsr Tulton or Wall street ferry, a*d delighttully located. Please oall at 61 Henry street, Brooklyn. A PLEASANT ROOM. WITH 110ABD FOR A GEN til-man and wile, also two sinjla looms lor gentle men, in a beautiful and convenient location; batht, gat, pri vato family; 07 Perry street, between Uleeikeraad Fourth. Stance pats each end of tlio block. A ri'RNlSPED ROOM? FOR A LADY AND GENTLE i\ man; full board for the lady only; convenient to Waihington l'srade Ground. Address E. W. K., DroaJway Poat Omce. At'OUPI T. OF GENTLEMEN AND THEIR WIVES, or a ttw pintle gentlemen, can bo accommodated with board, at 122 Senas street, Urooklyn. AT 113 EIGHTH STREET. OPPOSITE TOE MERCAN tile library several commodious, airy and well tur nisheu rooms, with board, may be obtains*. Southerners will find here, besides the advantages of an eligible posi tion, all the convenienses of a first olass hotel, at a compa ratively moderate expense. A FURNISHED ROOM WANTED, WITH OB WITH out board, lsr a lady. i.ooation below Spriiif street, and with a widow lady preferred. Address W. L. II , Broad way i*ostOtBcc. LI, PERSONS WHO DESIRE ROOMS AND BOARD in private families or boarding houses, ia this citr. brnokljn, Jfrtey City or the country, art Infor ned that at Ni; 4 AHor plsce they will be directed t? exoellont plaoot, f,eo ol charge. Parties wanting bonrdtrt are i-.^call. AFF.W LARGE AND HANDSOME ROOMS WILL BE lot, with board, to agreeable, respectable aud retpon sponsible persrna. Houre gente?l, with all the improve inentf. Locatkn otieof the best in the city. Iu<(iiiro at Gd St. Mark's place, a tew doers from Second arcane. BOARD.-A FURNISHED ROOM TO LET. TO A SIN fit- gentleman, either with or without partial board. Inquire at 140 rpring street. Board - a gentleman and wife, or two sin tie gentlemen, can ootain (lenient rooms on tne second iioor. aUo a l?ack parlor on the flr*t floor, with or wUh*?is boarU, ut ZJ\ Greene street, ??ar Fourth St., on reasonable tniuis. Hath and yes in the house. Kefetcncos re?i*?irod. BOARD.-A r RENCn FAMILY, residing in a modem house, too large for the family, woald accom modate a gentleman and wire, or aiugle gtntleinen. with ai iir; ooeiit* and board, in the second itory, containing all llen.odern improvements, and near Union square. Ad drees Pre, Hertld oflice. Board.-hocsf, delightfully locate din South Brooklyn, live minutes' walk from the Hamilton ie/ry. A gentlemsn and lady, or one or two single gentle men, can be accommodated ia a private family. Apply at ?o. 11 Socond place, between Clinton and Henry (treets. BOARD-A WIDOW LADY, RESIDING ALONE. IN a retired locaiion, who t?r years hai heen accustomed to the requirements of the siok would aeeommodate a lady with board, nuroing and skUlful attendanoe, previous U and during oonfln.ment. Address A Friend, Chatham square Post OflUce, care ot A. Swarts. Board at no. s west Washington place one of the pleasantost location* in the nitv, being one doer from Washington square. A few desirable rooms r*r gentlemen and their wive* or tingle gentlemen The hou** ba* all the moderi. improvement*. Reference given and re quired. Board in twenty third strebt.-a hand aouiely iurnished suit of roemi, to let, with full or par tial board. Alto, a tioile room, in a first elate htute, with rfl the modern improvement*. Also, a basement, snitabie tor a pbvi>Iclan's omce. Apply at 70 West Twenty-third strret 'References exchanged. Board down town -two single gentlemen maybe accommodated w ith pleasaat rooms and board bv appljlng at No. 1?> chamter* street. Kererences re quired. B OAHir IN A FR ENCII F A M I L Y.-tl B N TLE M E N* who wish to learn the French language by praotics, can apply to a teacher ot French, No. 2.19 Tenth street, where that lasguage only I* awoken by th? ^mUy. who as well as himselt, are Irom 1'arii. The terms will molud* aU th? aoceissry instruction, with board. GENTLEMAN iavor east ot Socond avenue. * The house is pleasantly situated, anl contain! all the modern improvements. rIOARD AND ROLMS MAY BE HAD, PLEAS 1NTI.Y ? Iccsted, in bouse Hi West Eloventh street, near Broad way. by early application. Rooms en suite for a respectable family Gae, bath Ac. Releienoes eaohangtd. OAKD AT YONKERS.? ONE LARGE. OR TWO small genteel tamilie* may find *nitable ace?mmods tlnna, with 'he nndertignod. at Glsnwood; fine view ol the rivir, aud 3W) yard* from th* station; stabling pORT Board in p.rooklyn. at sj Nassau street, two doors from Adams, in a sttiet'y private rarnlly ; only a few gentlemen, or a gentleman and his w to, taken. Re ferences exchanged. Apply at above. OARD IN BROOKLYN.-ONE OR TWO GENTLE men. or a gentleman and bi* wife, can have very plcav ant rotm* in a quiet family, residing in the bo*t part of Brooklyn, near Wall street forry. Addr*i*J. L., boaJ.Odo New York 1'ott Office. Board in brook i.yn-two large rooms fur. nlthed. with partial loard. in one of tha finest l?ca: hers in Brooklyn; also, two hall bedrooms. Apply at So Clinton street, between Wall and Atlantic street ferrlot. OARD IN BROOK I.YN -TWO Olt THREE GENTLE men can be accommodated with pleatant roomt and board In a private family, where there are bul few bperJer*. K 44 Uiek* ttreet. Honte new and locate I, three minute*' walk from Fulton ferry. OARD IN BROOKLYN-A I'BIVATB FAMILY WOULD let. seme very rooms, with partial board ; ter*s SaAOper week. The house is new and pleasaatlr situated, alont nftt*en minutes walk from any of the ferries. Apply at 1U0 Dean st, Board in hoboken.-two single gentlemen oan be accomodated in a private family, with narUal board in a flret o'.ats house, near the ferry. Wms moderate. Addret* W. H. N., Herald Office. BOArtD IN BROOKLYN.-FAMILIES AND GENTLE n.en and their wives, tan obtain airy room*, furnished or nnturnithtd, with transient or permanent boar.l, io a heantilully situated house In the beet paH of Brooklyn, having all th* modern impio?ement?, aud only a few mm utet' walk Irem Fulton and Wall itroet fetrlos. Alto, ae or.mmodation for a U w single gentlemen. Terms moderate. Apkly at Washington street, Brooklyn. Board im dbooklyV-wanted for a young lady, where she c*n have th* nse of a piano; a prlTate toBiiW preferred; ibanized. Address, with par* ticulm and terms, which must be moderate, P. II. C., 1 ost Ofhoe, Brooklyn Board in south Brooklyn. -two or three lingle gentlemen can have partial board, with apart ment* furnished or unrurnithed, in a quiet and respectable family, where there are no children and no other boarder* taken. Inquire at 187 Clinton street. Board in brooklyn.-a gentleman may have partial board, with a very pleasant and well fur nished Iront room and bedroom adjoining, in a email P"*ate lanilv for tl per week. Location eeuvenient to South and Wall street ferries. Address W. C. T., ^o* 1,#T2 New ^ ork ro*t OBce. Board in Brooklyn.? gentlemen can on tain plea* snt and neatly furnished rcom*. with partial hotrd at K te f-'l SO per week. Alto, a gentleman and wift aeeomvodateawith a fine room and large pantry at. tach*d , on moderate term*. Apply at No. t Sand, street. B~ OARD IN TI1* HIGHLANDS. OPPOSI1E WEST Point ran t e procured, at a pleasant farm house, by .ppli^a. 'oaaU,^ Roadway, corner ol Twenty e,thth *t, -rariARD waNTBD-FOB A LADY AND GENTLEMEN. B bo^rdTor the l.d, only. Address Frank, Broadway Post OBce. stating terms. DOAKD WANTED? IN BROOKLYN, BY A GENTLE B m*n i* a private family, where tha oomfort* or ahem* would he tajoted. If suited. O - be mad* a ddre*? Thomson, boa S,i^. New lie .j, wjtfc (Vu |?erti?ttl?i?i ** ?Ml?l '?Itt att??t' BOABD CAN BE OBTAINED BY A GENTLEM and hi* write, or aeveral aingle gentlemen, on vtrir t?i able term*, hr applying at 4M Sixth street, seventh door i B BOARDING AMU LOBUIIQ. B| OA HI) WANTED ? FOR A GENTLEMAN AN1) I.ADY with boa'd fur tho lady oul? . ob vh* watt ud? ui lir?ad'. wav, above Fourth and sot ?lov? Thirtieth s t r?? t , tenns most be modera'e. Address (3. N. U . Broadway Po t UAo*. Bmt OABl WAN TBI) ? IN N IV YORK OK BRi> KLYN, by two } oum ladles, slaters, is some plaiu pr <m? law Uy. Terms mud be moderate. Addrea* B C. a* this uffioa. stating particulars BGABD H'AMKIi IN STATEN ISLAND, NEW BKIGH ton. ? A gentleman hi* wife sad sitter would likearraage uieut* for three m'B'ba from Ju*e. is an Amsrioaa family, wlieia tbav can had tbo oouil'vrta ?f a horns. Address box Post Ofbce, New *ork. TJOARDINO. ? TWO OB THBEB 'SIhiGLE GENTLI J J men can be accommodated in a private family. wbar* they can enjoy its comforts of heme, with hreskfast and tea, and a pleasaat trout room on tbs aecoud door, at 3/3 Tenth etreei live Unas of stag ?? i>a<s within one half block. Address J. E W.. oars of II. J. A Co., 1,306 1'ost Office. Apply a* above. BOABD1?0- 64 V AKICK STBBBT. 8T. JOHN'S PARK. ? Gsntltmen and their w ivea or tiagle gentlemen oan be accommodated with rooms au suite or single, lurnishedor unfurnished, with fu I or partial beard. Uath ro?u>< tin Ao. 1 bit location is veiy eonveuient to ;ha business part of tbs city. Boiereaoes as change*. BOARDING.- GOOD FURNISHED ROOMS TO RtVT to gentlemen and tans wives. Also, rooms for uncle gwotlemeu, with or without b*ard. Gai in all the rooms Cleanliness and attention striotly observed. lint and cold bath rooms fr??. Apply to Sirs MjCOUUKST, Ml Houston street. Boarding -very desirable rooms for the summer, st No. 4 Abingdon square, west aide. Boarding.? a gentleman and wife, a few jaong moo, and one or two young ladies, can bo accom modated with good board and neat rooms at the new Board ing bouse, 23# He Dry street. BOARDING-AT 448 (1BEENWCCH STREET, NEAR V**try ? To lot, with board, one or two second lloir rooms, furnished rr tinfnrniihtd, to gentleman and their wires or single poo tieinen. BOARDING?AT 434 HUDSON AND #6 MORTON streets, a fine front room with olosota; alto a large baok rocm and small tiiad rooms, at moderate prices, callable tor married or tingle men; roomt with or without board; housa pli-asantiy located and very quiet. Reforenoes exohunged. Boarding. ? two largk furnished rooms, with gat and bath, to lot, with or without board, by ao pi) lag at IK t'rince street. Boarding -elegantly furnished rooms, in unite or singly. for gentlemen and their wires, or for tingle gentlemen, at .Hi) bevrnth avenue, fourth dtor from F6urt< entb strtet. House new and replete with every sati re nienee. Boarding -pleasant rooms, furnished, on ti-o second iloor, w i'h or without board, at the private boardiLg house No. 18 Watts street, between Sullivan and Varick. BOARD1NG.-ELEUANT SUITS OF ROOMS, FUR nlshed or uniurnisaed, lcr familins or gentlemen, to let, with ot without board. Gas aud bath in the housa. Tarms reasonable. Apply at 31 Eighth streot. Boarding.- an elegant suit or rooms on tetoiid floor, unfurnished; alto, front room on third floor, with single roomt, furnithed, to let, with or without board, lias and bath In house. Apply at 47 llond itreot. Boarding ? a gentleman and his wife can bu accommodated witn a pleasant furnished room on the tmvnd ilocr, alto vacancies lor two ar throe single per sons. Apply at 112 Madison street. Boarding, at 91 warre* street-pleasant. air, rooms to let to gantlemen, or a gentleman and hit wile; ate*, tingle rooms. Two ladies can b? aecommidated with board ami room. Day boarder* acoomuiodaled. Boarding at it hen wick stubbt.? a te w gbm tlemen, or gentlemen and their wives oan be accommo dated with comfortably furnished rooms, four doort from Canal street. Terms moderate. Also, two unfurnished rooms to let on second Iloor. Boarding in fourteenth strket-a lady haviug a tew rooms to dis^ote of in a first class house, would l> a happy to acoomodate a gentleman and his wife and a few single gentlemen Apply at t>4 Fourteenth street, between Filth and Sixth avenues. B BOOK l/IN II EIGHTS, TIIR?E MINUTES' WALK, frois It all street ferry.? A room aud two bedroom* oa the third Moor ot tho tirst class house 02 Remten street, suitablo lcr a Inmiiy or single geatleinen. Dinner at 6. Gas, bath, Ac. Rsferrnoeo exchange i. BROOKLYN.? A LADY AND GENTLEMAN, 01t TWO tingle gent'eimii), can have a room, furnished or unl'iirnlrhod, with board. In a tirst olats honse. on moderate terms. Healthy rltustioo, letpcctabln neighborhood, and only a few mlunt's' ? nlk from South and Wall street lol lies Appl} at ?4'<l Hei ry street. C COUNTRY BOARD ? A GRNTLiMAV AND niS WIFE, J or two gontli'uen, can be aooommndatei with Iniard In n private fau-lly. on a lsr^e farm about ouo hour's rule by rxilfad Irom thn city. Situatioi delightful; very healthy; every variety of fruit; ice homo, carriage house, ami uniple stable mom. Kv. ry luxury cf oountry and oily 1'riuo S7 per week tor full hoard. None nocd apply hut thoto ot the Brit respectability. Address rf. R., Herald office. (COUNTRY DOAKD. ? TO LET, To A FAMILY, WII9 J wonld tike it for three or four months, a large couatry house, situated on the lludton river. *itkb If# hoiirt' ride vl the -it* by railroad or ateamboat; good bathing nnl boating aeeommoda'ious for horset and cowt; the place is pecfeotly healthy; a private tabu ifrei)nirel. Further par ticulurs by applying at fil Ninth ttreot, tourth house froia Filth avenue, between the hours ot 12 and 3 o'clook. COUNTRY BOARD MAY BE HAD WITHIN A HALF bom's rid? of brooklvn, by nitroad; pleasant looaMin; airy rooms, tine lawn, witti shade trees, and plenty of trutt, vegetables, and milk Aptly at 71 East Twenty third stroet. Accommodations also for hortes. CtOl'NTRY BOARD, NEW ROCH&Lt.R ? A NEAT J houte, beautifully el^uatod forhvalth, in the midst of a garden; ladies or gentlemen, or a small falily, wishing te economise, will find this eligible; terms most reasonable. Apply to Mr. Hnmpbry, botise carpenter. New Roclielle, or tor particulars, 33 i'orsyth street, N. Y. COL'NTBY BOARD WANTED-FOR GENTLEMAN and wife, in Yonkert, or a village pleasantly situated ?car the city. Board wished from the 1st of June to Sep tember or October. A pleaiar.tly situated house, good table, with reasonable charges, will insure agreeable botrd ers I'leate state letmt, dlitanco from city, also diatanoe from depot. Address S. H. CHARI.ES, Herald oSce. COUNTRY BOARD? IN A PRIVATE FAMILY PLEA santlv situated Bear High Bridge For particulars, ea quire at 474 Sixth avenue, next doer to Twenty-ninth ttreet "I \EMRABI.B bT>OM?, WITH BOARD, MAY BE nAD J " lor gentlemen and their wives, or tingle gentlemen, with or without board, in suites or single, In a moat desira ble location, No. 20 Weet Twenty eighth street, corner of Broadway. ?LM.IOA NT PARLORS AND SINGLE ROOMS, Wim lu er without board, or private table, at 732 Broadway, opposite the New York Hotel. Families supplied with good country board, for ff> P'r week, in advance, at Keypirt. New Jersey. For particulars, call on Mr*. J. Boormer, 227 lions ton street. I^URNISUED ROOMS TO I.F.T-IN SUITS OR SIN ?le. with hot and oold water, in a privets family at Ilrondway, a few doora above Union park. Inquire of F. Cole. pTTRNlSHED OR UNFURNISHED ROOMS, ON SB ? eend and third floore, mey he had, with board, at 74 Eeat 1 webty third atreet. The houee contains all medern improvements, and is plaasantly located, between Fourth and Lexington aveiuea. fURNISRED ROOMS TO LET ?A HANDSOME PAR lor and bedroom to a single dintloman, or an arrange | ment eaa be made by whi'.h a family or par'y ol tentlemen ? can be sceommodatcd ?ith one floor i f apartments, having ' splendid accommodations, in the firat clasi house No. 77o Broadway. Furnished rooms ?to let, one or two rooms, neatly fnn.lshed, in a (mall private laially, suitable for slnnle itntlemen. The house conUin* a't the modern Improvements, and In a detfraale location Partial hoard, if required. A|>plv at 11 West Eleventh street, between Fittli and Sixtb avenues. ItUKMSUBD ROOMS TO LET? WITH BOARD, IN' A first olsss boose. Apply at 81 West Twenty sixth st. 'i erms moderate. I BURNISHED ROOMS TO LET.? TWO BBAUTIFI'L ly Inrnlshtd rooms, with gaa and Croton wkter, will be let ver< roasnnably to tingle gentlemen, without bonrd, in a private family. Apply at 138 Bowery, in the dru* store VTICELY FURNISHED ROOMS ON SBCON'D AND J.1 third floors may be obtained, with bosrd, at 43 Cheevsr place, Brooklyn. N ICILY FURNISHED ROOMS. SUITABLE FOB A gentleman a'.d wife or two or three single geBtlem?u, may bo obtained In a tirst clast houte 43 Cheever place, five niinnies' walk from Hamilton and South ferry PklVATE BOARD.? A GENTLEMAN ANI) WIFE, ?->R two single gentlemen oaa ohtsin pleasant rooms, wi'h ptntriet attached, lumished or unfurnished, in a modern iioiieo, with baths, gas, Ac Li ration at No. 116 West Six teenth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues. FKIYATE BOARDING.-TO GENTLEMEN FROM THE Old Country.? An English widow la ly, residing in one of the be>t localities in Brookly n, has a vaeanev; bouse new. modern improvements; within fifteen minutes wale of South ferry ; cart pass tho door; reference* exchanged. Ad dress A. L. Bote, box 3, DO I Post Office, N. Y. T>OOMS TO LET.- TWO OR THREE GENTLEMEN CAN XV be accommodated with roomt without board. On ogreea nc term*. In a private family, at 74 Sixtb street. (^TATKN ISLAND -TWO OR THREE GENTLEMEN I O can be accommodated with board and plemsnt rn>m?, lu a [ family, retidinr at Btapleton beitrH'tillr Is- I eated, live minnteh* walk irom the landing Terms mudersts. I Addre ? W. C. A Co., Herald office. TO I.FT-A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED PARLOR, on the hrst Iloor, with lull cr partial board, where ail the comforts of a homo can be bad. Inoutre at 112 Snlli tan strc*l. ri'WO OR THREE GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACG0IIMO J. dated tnrnished rooms, tad with hre.aklait and tea il r*>iuir?d, IB a small aenteel fimiiy,and no tther boarders. Appl>at27 Union place, Soutb lirooklya. Thrre minutes' walk irom tlfe ferry. TWO 0INTLEM1N* AND THEIR LADIES WISH TO procure two rooms in a home where there are bo eth -r boarder*, with board lor the ladies only. Addreu J. W , Brosdwny Pott Ofiiec, stating terms and loi ation. TO LET TO ONB OR TWO GFNTLEM P.N-A PARLOR, with bedroom attached, ia a small private lanilly, re slding ' 17 White atreet, a few doori w.'it of ftroadwsv, whete partial board will be 'urnithed if dotired; gat throughout the hnute; good looatlon for a professional gen I ma*. Reference exchanged. V"BRY PLEASANT SECOND SPORY ROOMS TO LET, V to gentlemen and their wlver, or tlugle gentlemon, with i or without board, at H>6 Hudson street, near St. John's park. ! Refcreneet exchanged. WANTED-BY A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE, A ! tnri Ithsd room, with board for the lady, ia a private ' family, where there ate positively no other board'rt. Hrook- j lyn prefeirod. Address, with par'ioalar* and terma, for j two?laya. Child* llarold, Herald office. SPIRITUVMSM. Ol' IRITU A LI SM?? MRS . SEARING. THE IWBLL known te*t tnedinm, assisted by two exoelinnt medium*, w II hoUrlrel*sd*lly. Developing elrcle* Monday aftorooout Tun* day and Friday evening*. ll*nr* from 10 te 14 A. M , :ito :.a*d f< to in V, M at r?o?i 571 Bo* iway. opp^iitt M if' l olitan rommr ummmnmm, AFL'SMsUED HOUSE TO LET.? A FIRST CLASS house to let, to a family of grwwn person ?. Tue pro ?tut throe in numer, w.uld roatii lid boiril with the liimilt ; (iuteri for t tie (Uiltati e toe plod; or would b? let in rt' or* to two or three gentlemen, u r a g?utle ruan end bis wife, with breakfast and tea. A\<A] at 98 Twenty fifth .Intl. A STORE ANT CELLAR AND GOOD APARTMENTS to let, ntir the South ferry. Inquire of J I.O.N (J. in t he oft eo corner of State and turmau atr" ets. Brooal/n. APARTMENTS TO LIT? AT 75 WARREN STRUT, ~~~ 1? * r<speoteble family, without children. Ai^fy n mo office, first fl?or. * A LARGE ROOM, WELL FlllN I SI1E1), WITH ONE JX or two bedrooms attached, to lot. to #in-lo leulleueu, iu u pri * ftte lioutf, **th *11 th? modern improvement,#; * single room, with grate mml gas in u Apply mt 96 Prince street. a few duori wee. ot Broadway. C10TTAGE AT TORT LEE To LET. WITH A FINE J view ot t be Hudson river, and 1)( aoras of land' pa -lor kitchen, dialog loom and eignt ..ocrooaii, haidsjuiely finished: tour marble mantel* in the bouse Aooese l.y tlie steamboat Mora, which leave* the fo,t of Sprint streot at 10 if, ai d 0 o'ekek, and Fcrt Lee at 7,'a, 12 and 4 AddIv to HV 1.1 VI NG8TON, 8ft Nassau struct rr ' liiOE RENT-A HAN DSOMELY FURNI3UED U A-' K r meut bouse. with all the modern improve nenta, No. 25 Eui Thirty third street Term* reasonable t > a desira ble tenant. The furniture can ba purctiaswd if daeired. b'LRMSUEU HOUSE TO LIT? A NEWLY FURN IS1I ed throe story house. with modern impruvnineute, ?oald be let for a hoarding house, If desired, situated west ot Uroadwajr, below Iiroomo street. Inquire of Messrs. HAMPiON A DRUMMoND, grocers, 85 Canal etree*, _ fM'RNISIIED COTTAGE To LET? ON STATEV IslsuJ, live minute*' walk from the t rry at Port Rlab roond, with five acres o' laud, good barn, truit, and ia de lightfully shaded. Termii very moderate to a rood teutnt. Aim ly to Samuel Eddy, No. 03 Wall itreot, NY, or L. C. C Isrk, 1'ort Richmond. Furnished bouse to let.? a roomy detached coit?,e, a moat comfcrtablo dwtlliag ana well lurnisbod. in ti e best pert of Biooklyn, gas. water, range, Ao ; open at the baok with small garden, near Wall street lerrjr. In quire of CeU and Chilton, 45 NaesAu street. Furnished apartments ?a sitting rook an o bedroom, furnished, to lot, at moderate rent, fur the summer; location quiet, airy and near the Unlou Club Hjuse. Address M.. hex 1,788 Post office. 1 ^URMSIIED ROOM 8, ? Tt> 1ST, A HANDSOME PAR lor and bedroom, to a gentleman; or an arrange n><nt ran be mailo by w lioh a 'amily, or a party of gentleman, can bo aocommudated with ?n> floor ot apartments, nav iiigfplendJd aocommodationa? at 870 Broadway. HOBOKEN.? TO LET, PARTOF A PRIVATE HOUSE, 17 Third stioot. net five miuutoa' walk frees the ferry, to a quiet small family, w.tbout children. The houae is beauufnllr finished, with grates and marble mantels. Pos session 1st of June. Rent moderate. For partioulars apply as a'ovo, or to J. P. JACK., at the engraving otliceoorner of i Barclay and Broadway, basement. Lofts and work shops.? three lofts to let, suitable for any manufacturing purposes, 112 feet deep by 25 feet. Apply on the premises, 7J Prince street, oomer Crosby M0RRISANIA.-TO let, reasonably, a finely finished two story and basement house, wit* an aoro of ground, stable on the premises. Inquire of .1. K. BUK Ml, 125 William street, tr of H. R. ttUitNET, Franklin avenue, Morrisania. STORE TO LET? 250 TULTON STREET, OPPOSITE W ssbiogton Market. A good location: rest low Apply as above. H V. SCUENCA. STEAM POWER, WITn GOOD AIRY ROOMS, TO LET. ' on reasonable terms, ia the North Ameiiran Stosm Works, >orsyth street. Apply at the offloo.M Forsyth St. STEAM POWER ?TO LET, SEVERAL WELL LIGHT- ! ed rooms with steady pouer in the building, cor ner of Hester and Elizabeth street ?; also In Huilding corner : ot Twenty third street and Firat avenue. Rents very mo del ate. Apply 212 Pearl street. THOMAS MORTON. I SIIOPROOM AND TOOLS, FOR HUILDING LIG1IT j machinery, can be bid at Ju. 10 Union Stoam Worka, coiner of Twonty second street and Seoond avenue. qui LET? POSSESSION GIVEN IMMEDIATELY? THE ' L rear part of the second story, the front part of tbe third itory, and all of the fourth storr of 29 Bookman (treat. I Also, the lront room ot the fifth story of 31 and 33 Beokeuan itreot. Eaoh apartment Is suitable for any kind of meoha- i alsal business. Also baaement of 2t Beekman street, la- I (aire ot JAMES CUIfNER A SONS. 29 Beekman street. TO LET.? THE FOURTH FLOOR OF THE nOUSE <T | Wall street, contalnlog four fias rooms, suitable for a I dagnetrvotypist or bank note engraver. Apply on the ! first floor. TO LET-A BEAUTIFUL GOTHIC COTTAGE. WITH garden ot foar lots of ground attaohed. corner of Fifth : avenue and 1.11st street, (barlotn.) Inquire "l Mr. JaMBH, I next door, or to WM BLa&E, 111) Poarl street, ciew Fork. I fo I.ET-A HOUSE IN GOOD ORDKK; 109 WAYERLEY piaoe, near Waibingtou park. Inquire at 41 Greenwich avenue. TO I.ET-A FURNISHED TWO STORY ANa ATI'IC btick house in the vioinity of Fourth vrcet, west, aod | near broadway. 'll.efl:st party want to to well je-nroJ; will give pospevsion in the beginning of Juao neat. Apply at 2b3 Broadway. TO I.F.T? ON THE EAST RIVER, AT RAVENS ' wood, L. 1, two modern bnllt cottan?s. II roore s each. 1 Itiquliu ot 01LBERT llt'l'KINS, Uav^D?wood, or at Ula ofBoe,40 Peck slip, up stairs, from II to 1 o clock. I fo LET-STORE 40 READK STREUT, IN THfc FIRST house eact of broadaay. opposite Stewirt's. ttontAjOl . p*r year. Apply at Gemmul's, M2 lirsadwuy. TO LET? APARTMENTS FOR A SMALL AMERICAN ' laniily, in a first otass family bouvo, containing Croton > water, gas and bath room. Alply at 107 West Twuutj -fourth , street. fO I.ET? TO A SMALL RESPftCTABLE FAMILY, THE second flocr of bouse .'No. 180 Madinon. I or {wrtluii lars Inquire within, 0' of M BYRNES, U> and 57 Foltm Market. Rrferenoe given and rsquirel. TO LET-DWELLIN0 PART OF HOUSE NO. 141 Bowery, a must deairable looa'ion, near Grand street, suitable for a fairily or private boarding housd, oontaining five rooms, with exteasion dining ro>m on first floor, at tic with two large front bedrooms. Possession immediately. Apply in tbo futaitur??war?cooma, as abor*. | fO I.ET? AT WILLIAMSBURG, A HANDSOME TWO story and nttio dwelling houas and storo and two lots I corner Oraliaiu a\ onus and Pow era atroe'.; stors long estab- < liihtd as a moat market. AUo, two story and >>a?ement house and two lots on Sandford street. East Brooklyn, fir-t house south of Willonghby avenue. Apply at 4.Vi Grand at. TO LET-APARTMENTS IN HOUSES NOS 81 AND Mi ' West Fortieth street, between Broadway and Slrtli avenms consisting of a parlor, two bedrooms and kitohea, all communicating; they are tlnidlied in u snperior mtnn.-r, . with msrblo mantels, gas, Croton water, and all modern im provements, Rent uodetate. Imiuiro en the premises. TO LET-A 8PLENDID nOUSE Il? WEST TUIRTY firat street, botween F.igLth ami Ninth avcsiuea; has all I tbe modern improvrmeuta, aid will be let low to a good tenant. Apt ly to V> ALI.KR k SfcF.LY, 440 Eighth avenao fO LET? 1 WO LARGE AND NICE APARTMENTS, ' with gas, water, Ac , in Walker street, No. !H, nsar Broadway; rent very moderate. fO LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY WITHOUT CUIL dren, three rooms and tront basement in a strictly pri vate family. For further particular* applvat Kj Prince ! street, from V A. M to 4 P. M mo LET-A HANDSOME SUIT OF FIVE ROOMS, i X with a basement ; the rooms are in elegnut order, on first floor, with sss and rhanduliers, water closat, An , mud have . a separate front door entrance. Kent $25 a month. Pus srssion 1st of July : location genteel. E. B. KINSHlMER, 319 Fourth mm. fO LET-FIRST FLOOR OF HOUSE OS BEFKMAV street; a store l.'i Dn?n? street; house 54 Mott Stroet; houae No. 4 VarUk street; house 114 West Broadwav. To let. In Williamsburg, a houfe near tbe ferry; it has fn and marblo mtioteU, snu very pleasantly sitna'ed. Apply to 8 C SMITH, 15 Mott street. TO LET-IN PHILADELPHIA, IN THE VERY BEST mud most frequented purt of Chestnut street above i Sixth, on the sooth side, three -fc urths of an 18 feet stere, 70 I foot deep, modern built, tbo other lonrth now occupied as a , segar store Rant S 1,250. Helcrenccs and se uri'.y r>' quired. Afply by letter, prepaid, to A. B , 138 Cho-tnut street, Philadelphia. TO LET? IN A FIRST CLASS NEIGHBORHOOD, two r or in ? and budroom on 'lie third floor Apply on the prem-aea, 321 West Twenty third street. TO LET? THE WHOLE OR PART OF THE MODERN house 10(1 West Thirty -second street, nsar Eighth ave noe. beautiful location; owner's fa nil/ would, it desired. , board w ith occupant er p?rt to let at $.'500 to $400. Us . bnth, range. Ao Immediate possossioa. TO LET-A VERY NICE LIGHT BASEMENT. ONE OR two doors woat of Broadway; an exoellent 1 >citlon for almost any kind nf businoas, would be very desirable for a tailoring estsblishtr.unt. boot and shoe or trnnk stora Rui.t very reasonable. B. W. RIC1IARD9, 307 Broadway. TO LET-AT GREATLY REDUCED RENTS, SEVERAL homes, parts of bouses and apartmenss, suitable for private families and boarding houses, some in very gsate I loeatlrne, and all in reepectaMa neighborhoods. Apply to JAMES PRICE, 2U0 Hudson street. fO LET- TO SMALL AMERICAN FAMII.ICS. FLOORS I through, consisting of fiv; rooms, with bath, Croton water, Ac , in the now houses in West Nineteenth str< -t. be '.ween Seventh and Eighth avenues. Rents trom t'J ,V) to $13 CO p< r month. Apply on tho pr'tnises, l?l Weil Nine tecntb street, frcm .? to I o'clock P. ,M. TO LIT? W1TII III FIVE MINUTES' WALK f>? fUL ton fer^r, furnished or unlnrolsbtd rooms, with or with out board, to single gentlemen, or gentlemen and their wives, In a prlvmto family ; or tho upper part of tho honta to ??t to a rest rotable family Inquire at the drug store nor ner of Myrtle avenne and Jay stre< t, Brooklyn. TO LET-IN TWENTIETH STREET, NEAR EIOIITH avenne, a large oontaining sovesteon roorns, , with all the trod- rn improvements. Yearly rent $000. Fur niiure from f2t<0to mim For sale very low, and from 15 to 'JU good boarders that will remain. II W RICHARDS, ,'W7 Broadw.iy TO LET-A VERY NICE DWELLING PART OF A house on Fourth avenne, consisting of twelve moms, newly painted and In tine order. Hath, ess Ac. Root low E. B. R1W8HIMER, 311> fcurth avenue (fO LET -AT A LOW RENT, A NICE SMALL TIIRP.F. | 1 story brick house, op a cross street, near railroad nod staps ion's; boua>- contains nins rooms In giod ordar, and suitable for a small family. Immediate possession E. 11 KINSHIMF.K, 319 Fourth avenne. | TO LET? PART OF THE TWO STORY HOUSE. 41 Bedford Street. Rent low to ft good tenant Inquire oi . A. MoNFORT, 29 Carmine strset, near Bleecker stroet TO LET-FOR WORKSHOPS, FOR LIGHT MECIIANI eel I uslness office#, or to small families, rooms on aeounl floor, in house Aft Heekman street. Apply oft the premises. Alao for sale, a tailor's cutting table, with ft Well seasoned blaek walnut top, 8 by 6 feet. TO LIT? THE WHOLE LOW ER PART OF A FUR nisbed tour story house, consisting of twelve rooms, with mirrors, cbaadellers, velvet oarpets, rosewood p.aao, Ac ; everything for housekeeping for a respectable ffnllv Ktiit $i?l par month. House eaa be seen by aprly in t to R. D. GCODWlN, Eighth straot, near Itroftdway, TO I.ET? TllE UFPER PART OF A HOUSE, CON j si>t4ftg of two ftjnt rooms on secoftd story, two rooms on th<rd story, and 'ront basoment. The house contains 1 bath std gas Locat.on unexreptioftab'e. To a resectable ? mall 'atnilv it will be let cheap. Apply on the pri nii.oa J Nd. 3'J Twelfth strut, belwtsn Sizfbaad Stvsat'i ?vmi??*- ' m Airs K ROISTER. LFT-a I'KIIK", BAilMlMT. IN A FIRST SAM locality and well 'of *" othof, at 1 very aaodn rate mlAl!!.".rii eet able young men can be aooaaa undated with eieeltoat boat '****? ^PF1/ *' Wo. ft lover at. rpol-ET-To" A GENTIEL **""?? THB ?,P''K? 1 part sod tromt ka.sment. witk ut.h'r P""!***.. ?' N" 76 l>claiu-ey atreet Inquire oh premues, from 3 U 10 A. M and from 3 to 6 P % TO LET-VERY DES1KAHLE AI'A "TMENT5. TflK upper floor and one lUic room, cella< Pri*i'*t??. HH bath, and ail the modern imj roveiaents; ib> rooma newdr papered nod paiuted; and to thole who with ?l? and quiet tbia oflerx a good opportunity. Appl<??" the pra iii lira, 140 East Nineteenth ?tie?t, weal of S.cond ??'?#?? fO LIT? TBI STORE 14 ROOSEVELT STREET, OHK ot tbe boat standr iu (be i onrtb ward for the grocery and liquor business. Apsrtmcnts to let in the rear bald in* a. liwjuut ot F. PRIEST. TO LET? T?< A GENTEEL FAMILY OP 1 WD OK three persona, the third He op ol house No. 1M Grand ?t.. corner of I'm, consisting of ftoot and Hack roeia, tad tmall room between, pleasantly situatod within two bioclu 01 Broadway, tho apertm> nta are auitaolo for a (eatlemaa. wile and child. or wiaow Udy and eon, or daughter Oolv oae email lamily occupy the remainder, Inquire ia tbe drag ?tore. TO LIT, NEAR EIGHTH AVENUE- A BEAUTIFUL * tree story brown atone htuaa, in perfect ord*?r; yaaitjr rent very low, fold; with Croton water throughout, cm, ebandelnre. baths, tannery, belli, speaking tnbea, At. Car pete and oilcloths may be i>urohas?1 if desired. H. W KiCHaKD?. XIJ Broad wtf. TO LET, ON MYRTLR AVE* U E, CORNER OF YATBM avenue I'roeklyn? o nee hi>UHi commanding one at \ V* 2?."1* 0l'y- % K??d. respectable tenant, ItHI. * t*" 'Mh- Apply to A C. FRAN 8IOLI, at tbe tfflne of Theraesoa A Bryan, No. 8 Warn ?tieet, York. TO LET IN HOROKRN? NEATLY FURNISH IV room* for sicgie ?entlemen, with bruak<ast la.iuira a* i!? Broad (treat, cp stairs. fO LIT OR LE API ? ON I.EXINIJTON AVENUE. Be tween Fifty lixth tod fifty. seventh atreet, Now York? onu four story nrick dwtlling, ona three story brick factory with frame building nnd atablea, on three lot i of ground. 7ft feet l>t 90. Also, in Brooklyn, a genteel house nearly now. No. 22 Haniver place, 70 fee* (root Fulton avanue. Apply to W. C. EKT.N VI Sixth avenue. Now York mo LIT OR LEA SI? A CRN TF.EL THREI STORF JL hooae, with tbe luodurn improveumnta, all in oomplat* order. ln>|aire on the premiaea, !*i Kl.lrt tgc (tr-ot, near Grand, TO LIT OR LEASI ? Til E DIHIRA BLK STORE. No. 'M lie, kmau atreet. with bnaeiuont, eub collar mA Br# proof raulta, very aulUMe tor wholoaalu hardware, pa p?-r or other bueineaa; alao, tbe Br.t loft extending ttronfh (IM feet) to Zprnvo atiaet; line entrance, and hoiitway ?? both atreeta; alao, the three tipper lofta, lit'it an<I ceiaiaa dlona. Alan, at a greatly reduced rest, tha line (tare No. U Spruce atreet. with baiement, vauita, 4c., with ate?m powea il deaired. All tbe above aie ft('u<( up with gai, water. As. oompleta. Apply to JAS. PRICE. T ~ ' O. Stevena, 2n Beekmau at., up ataira. mo LIT OR LIASI? AT GREATLY REDUCED RINVR, JL arveral amaH atorei, with baeuuanta, in good bnainea lo?ationa. aome ot tbem on very prominrnt c".rnora Ala*, aeveral work(hopf. Apply to J AM EH 1'RICI, AW Badaaa (treat. TO LEASI? A COUNTRY SEAT AT PILHAU, tTEWT cbeett-r county, contalninc 61 aorea, beautifully loo*t?4 ?a tba Sound, with good buildinga, Ac App'y to AliAMS Jt LIIOKKY, 76 haiadiMnai f*0 RENT?1 TO A RESECTABLE FAMILY, WITII cnt childi en, tba entire aeouud floor, conalatia^ of twe larp* rooma and bedrooma, with uie nl kitchen. f!i Wiltoar atrial, Brooklyn, within thrve minute-' walk of Fqltoa or Wall atrtet farrioa Rent eeventaen doliari por mentb, ta ?dvanoe. Rcferencea exohanged. fwo LARGE PARLORS TO LET; ALSO, A FEW pleaaant bandaomcly farniabed rooma to let. with ar without board; bona* pentee), with ail the modern improva ?nenta; location ona of tbe boat in tbe city. Alao, ?a otta* to let. Apply at 66 B'ercktr atreet. GROCERS AND OTHERS? TO LKT. A NET ouae and at ore, in the oentre part of llndaon, form?aty Borgen, New Jeraey. and flft?en mlnutea ride from Jnraqw City ferry, where there i( no (tore, in a thickly (etui* neiiihborlwod. and a Aral elaaa (tore Can do an exoellaafc butiinuea, in all branchea, like a sountry ?ton< For furtaar Bkrticulara, impure at tbe ooalyard. South Sixth atrtxt, aaac rove, Jeremy City. n IIOUSKS, KOOJIH, &C., \V.\ VCKIK POST BOX WANTED, FOR A REASONABLE price. I'lt-nte addreaa L., box Poat OIBae. ItLRMSIIED ROOM WaNTEO-IN THE UPPER part of the ?ity, north tide, a furnkbed room, to whish accesa oau ho had through a atoro Anv Udy keeping a re apeotaHe (tore, anil barint a oomtortalile rioni to i>nare, nan reocire aliheral price for 'he hiim by aitdroaaiox R. S. 'J'., New Vork 1'oat Office, atatlng terina. Nono others aead answer. "TtTANTEI)? HALF OF A MODERATE SIZED HOUSE, Vf Inr a ama!l fairily. in the v.ciaity of Aator place. Sa tiafketory reltrenccs Riven Aildreaa P. N., 81 Marion *t. TlfANI EL'? A Pl'RNISHKl) COTTAGE, SITUATED n between FortUtb and Sixtieth atreets Good reference* will te (jiven sind rent paid in advanoe, if re^uind. Ad dieae box 1,183 J-oat Othic. TITAN TED TO BUY, FOR CASH, A TRACT OF LAND. vf 4'Ki to 1 (*KI (crc?, for farming purpurea, wituia W mllra of tbla city, with plenty ot water, i:ood aoi! and wood. aLd wiih orwith-nt improvements. Addteu Carl MoU(T, Ohemi(t, West Uro(d*ay. EXTRA PAT. Bounty land office, iw wall street, bas* nient.? Soldiera, (allor( and teain(t?r( in any war iiiaa 1776, or th*lr widow*, oan obtain tboir land warrante ?' tha agent, P. T. IBETTS, 56 Wail (tree-.. No ohargi until oat leeted. Navy bounty land and "extra pay- ofpiob. ? Bonnty landa and "extra pay' for U. S. Navy aaiiora 4 c. .Jn all war( ainre 17'J0 ? their widowa and heirs ? prompt - y obtained and paid. balances duo w idows and heirs of deceased U. S. sdlws anddtbera collected, and all kind( of c'aima againat the 0ai t?d States reoovered by GDWAKD 11ISSELL, Agent and (lata; Purser U. S. Navy, G7 Wall streat. UNITED SjATES SHIP ALBANY.-TIIE WIDOWS OR beirs ol tboae who perished with said ship will be pro fited by calling on EDWARD BISSRLL, Late Parser U. S. Navy, ?7 Wall street, baiemeat. TRAVELLERS Ul'IDE. LIOR KEYP0RT, UNION, PORTSMOUTH, RRD BANK. J? Shrewsbury, and Middletown Point? The ateamer Eagle laavea foot of Murray street daily (exeept Soadayl, at V o clock Returning, leaves Portsmouth at 3 P.M., aad Union at 1 P. M. For coney island and fort Hamilton.? thx ateamer NOKWaLK will eommenca her rernlar trip^ as above, on Fricay, June I 1KV>, leaviog New York as fal lows:? Pitr foot or Amoa afreet, at 9V, A. M , 1?L4 and V4 P. M ; pier fixt of Spring atreet Sit, A M , and l?>i and 3? P. M ?, pier No 3, North river, 10 A. M.. I and 4 P. M.; leav ing Coiey Ialana la(t trip, at P.M. Fare to Caaey le'and and back to New York, 26 cents. No half prica far childrca. NF.W ROUTE FOR GREINPORT AND SAG HARBOR ? On and after Saturday, Jnno 2d. tha splendid aaw eteamer ISLAND BELLE, Captain J. Poat, Jr., will leava New York, from Catharine mai ket alip for Sag Uar' or, oa Tneaiiay, Thuradaj and Saturday, at II A a : re turn lag will leave Sag Harbor on Mouduy, Wadncaday and Friday, at HA. M , landing at Greenpart, Orient Point aad North port, both wnya. 1 are to and from Sag Harbor. Orient Poiat and Greetport, 91 60; North port. 60 cente. freight takoa at reasonable ratea, psyable 011 dt livery of tha goods OtULiaVI AMD AUKISTO. C1ARD.-DR. WHF.ILER, OCULIST, 486 BROARWAY. J davotes his attention to <lisessu.l of the eye, and by htal mild tr atment, ohronio inflamnintion of the eyeiida or aana ??yea, however long evading, can be elfectuaily coral, films, apecks, Ao , removed without anrgical operation. OAaw botira, y to I P. M. Artificial eyes luaerted. DnSCKLLAWEOVS. Cl A3 FITTINGS AND FI XTURIS.? STORES, DWILIe r log( factories and pnblie building* promptly Uttad with g?( pipes and fixtarea ehcaper than aay other bouaa. A ?pi end: 'I aaaortment of ehan Jcliers, peadaota, kraok?t(, * of tb? latest deaifjaa, at tha wholesale and retail gas flitac* manufactory of it M K.i G MOFVET, li? aad 131 Prta m dree', third bloek west of Broadway. HARRISON'S EXTRAf T OF GERANIUM.? THE IX <bMigrtof pure affnetiena is e?prc>?ed, when from hand ts hand a tw ig or laat of this little plant is passed an<l its owa pure perfume Inhaled; and oft thu Hrat affection rip onaiata l .ve sa holy as ita own loved odtr Ialnspirinr. TAnae whidoal In affection'* offeriasa, DCIlIEFFLLIn iiROTHERS A CO., 170 William atreet, fiavait at wholeaale, and J. A. PaRISB, .V> Market aireot. at retail. Harrison's bair regiorer is oaa of Barriion's American diacoieriea. It will preveat Una hair from falling. invUorato the grnath, and ifjtnv vitality reroala in the roots, produce a tew growth of fllfr on tha kx!d bead. IS IT POSSIBLIr? TBIS EXPRESSION IS UTTERID I by every on? wbo sees tbo vot '(Ua.itity of turbid (limy matter extracted from the (.'rot on water by the porona cl ass li ter. All are aatonisbad. and th oae who ai? uaiag It da rlare it to b? the noat tflccuve artlole of tbe kind. Dapob 7Wa Canal (trtet. T EEC HIS. ? TIN TUBS LAMBS I.RKCHI9, AB IJ rived In prima order, par steamer I'nion from Havre. 1 or (ale bv J . F. CLEU A CO., yo and Vi Maldea laaa. NEW YORK ANTI FRICTION GRIASE COMPANY HEN KT f ., onle Meat. 120 Waiar atreot. near Wall, N. Y.? This (npsrior grease for nsaahlnery, axlaa ?f city railroad ear*. soa?Ve?, carriages, wagoaa. Ao., baa long aapcrsodsd all greases in the most enli.-htaned par's of Enro, a, anil is fast gaining groat repute in the Unitod Mates One trial will aatiafy nay obaerver that it ia a eat ing sf full 1(4 per e?nt ovarany other grcas* in oso. fhlN TING.? MERCANTILE. COMMERCIAL AND OK dinary bnalbcaa printiu go' every desirlptioa, dons ia tha first *',yl0 ot the art, at IHoMAn E. SUTTON'S general job and eatd printing eatabliahmont, 142 Fulton street, be tween Nastau an>i l!n.a<tway. N. B. ? Omi/na far aec el.anta' store kill*, cards, Ac , in gteat variety. -?reat reductirn to perton* wiahing a larga nnahar. OHOW CASES.? HOFFMAH A FIRISH. SHOW CA8? O wartrt'OTiK, *7 Bowety, between Walker aad Bayard (trecta. Casea mad* la every (tyl#, diver plated, brass, rose and satin wood, Mhogaay, Ac. N. B. -Old sases taken in egobanga. Orders promptly exacnted. C? *CIALN0TICI.-ATTINT10N -CARPENTERS AND O m??hA!iicB of %\\ kindf. and all oth?rf ??lnc i?o!? hartwaro of aay kind, ape moti e?U and r lamia* for at tha old ftaad. Ia a4<li t'na ia %ba Urge ttook of tooln which wort Jrornirly, Ml ?hi" * " of men i.. w .. ? . - - . . . . . _ ao0ortinta% of HOdfV'a col?ia#t, uphoUtppfr f>?aaafarla, aad all other hardware filea. saws, . hiaala, plaaas aad iroaa, tarnsorewa, braoss ami *<? ?"u'V't"r*'< bj,J^nW Smar* Jaekann, Biggin. Greaves. Ward, Keatoa aad Mars d. n ami all oib?r eeisbrated makers in England, also, af Bee s Worrall a and Johnaan s snpeiior AmeHean laaaa'ac tura 'f.wllenira'i and boya' tool oheata eomplett. Tabla and nock' t cutlery, rnaoTs (hear( aad (oi((oea, aaanfaa turea by Ro'igsya k Sons, Wostenholin and nthera. PHI. MAS SMITH, anecassor to John Hill, 390 Broadway, near White aireet. Establaehed IMP. WINDOW SHADES AT WIIOLISALI AND RITAB. W ?MO W. CARPENTER l.aa epeaed a aaw atom at fai Chatham etreet where ha invitee the pnbti.- ti eall aad a'e his stoek of gold aad ether >had*a, ot all alisi. Certucaa. b?-d?, loops pia?. A*., eo?at( ou kaud

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