Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 2, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 2, 1855 Page 6
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WlliMH IfflMfll ITBT BIT. liJJM AT ACOIWMt A LB* MT U. NIcVlA*^ AUCTION ??R-PEREMI*TO A ? sal* of fiM wlaa*, brandie*, oi?ar*, Ae ? ALBERT fr NfUOLAY'wiU niotiu*,,on Saturday, June 2, at )j ?'#o#k. it th* ?p*oio?a aaieareoa 11 Broad street, a fin* (?Ueot?B of ?u?, braudies. oif.Br*, Ae.. eou listing ia part < f chaupMna of varieu* brands ; Otard Bad Loo Job Dook i?aadie*: SOU caee* St Julioa clar.t, Jamaica run, eta, VoMagaatla (vary old,) South aide Madaita,pure juioa aher 10. Alt*. brand* of fine Liu ok, Sauterae bbI other I. BERT H. NICOLA Y, AUCTIONEER -PSRIMr _ L t? *41 lo . tuc y sal* of a very handsome Gothic cottage with 12'< I lota, Bt CUftOB. Staten Inland, within lire minute.' Ik of VanderblH'* landing. ? Albert 11. Nioolav will Mil, A' *f VaaderbUt'* landing. ? Albert 11. Nioolav will **IL ob Wednesday. June 6, 1666. at 12 o'clock, at tk? Merchant*' Iiotaa* a very handsome tew frame cottage, filled la 8 A tank, built 1b the beet meaner in th* bagli*h rural |e, wJUieut regard to ooat, t -nether with about 12X tall I of gronnd, (itaated ia the beautiful and rumanttu Tll kn ?! CUflM, State a Island Tlua property ia oa the private read, ia an exceOea'. neighborhood. and withla enly nve minute.' walk of Vanuerbllt's landtag the garden tgnbracee all kind* ot vegetable, and young fruit*, and tbe ipeuadi around the boos. are taste'ally laid out with navel walks, flowers, ahrab*, Ac , Ao. ; in faot, the place i* 5l that a gentleman of taste oou d desire. Unless the abova pro pert/ be disposed of at priva'u *al* by the 6th or Jane, ft will ob that day be .old at auction te tbe big'tost bidder, frltbout reserve. Term, li oral and title uorfoct. For full particulars, and card, of ailmis*ion to M tbe premises, ap ply to the auutioaeer . 11 Bro.d street. Auction sale of a link of stages-known a* the Bowery and Tweuty-thurl street tiae, consist i at of 70 horse*, U stages, 'aed wagon hay outter, harae**, iioenoe*, Ac , will be a*ld on Saturday, Jane Z, at li o'olook, wltfni reserve, at the atable* o or nor of Thirty-tiftk itroet | and Tenth avenue. A HSIGNIE'S SALE OF VALUABLE REA.L ESTATE. - Jl 17 lot* of ground, with tho bul din<a thereon, oa the tooth ridt of West Twenty six ID atrect. aud knows** tbe Chelsea Iron Wttka ANTHONY J. BLEBCKKR, will ?til at aactlon,on Tueadaj . June 5, 1SS5, at 12 M . at the Herchanty BkchanK* Mew York, tbs following rropirtj, yit Ttoe 17 valuable lota of ground, on the .oath side of Twenty Math etreei, oetween Tenth and Bltventh aveuuei, commencing 276 fett wes or Tenth avenue, containing 115 laet front on Twenty sixth street, and runniux t* within <00 feel at Ueventh avenue. Kach lot is 26 feet front and rear, ky SB feet <t dep* h. on t lie due lota next to the Tenth avenoe. are the following bnlloings? Mac nine shop, 92 by 12 foet, Saturie* high; smiti shop, {J? by 32 feet; founirr, 1U0 by SB (pet 9 laches, all bnilt of brick, in the beat inanuer. Bad nearly new. Ibis property if in exoelleut ordor, extremely noli located, and conld be applied to manufacturing pur "poees immediately. The fixture., maohin-ry an 1 apparatus attached are exprewly re?arv*d. and not to be sold with tae real eatate. but will b? Hold on the prom ices c it tbe 12th inat. jFermapn. ti?ma, and full part-culart, apply to tho auction eer, fto. 7 Broad atre.C, or at the >Uio?, on th* premiss. ABNEK MILLS, <A..?i.iiee. JAS VANVKMBBHaa,iA"" a9t' AUCTION NOTICE.- GREAT >AI.l OF JEWELRY, watcke* and diamond. ? KDVVaUO STil tVCK wilt aeti at auction, this day, Saturday, June I, at 10^ o'olook, at ihedFaleeroem, 16 Wail at., a lar^e aaaortment ot diamond Jewelry, watches, 4c , oonniatlng of tlegauc dittneadpini ?u burring*, breastpins, elegaut cluster and aiugi* atone ziaga aad pn?, tarring*, Ac.; ladies' watches, enamellod ana net on both *idee with diamond*; a so, other*, Til.: independent ateoadl, doutle tlmt-ketpar*, filteen day, English patent aad detached love', Ac.. b > Cooper, Jobnion. Boekoll, Tobia. and other.; all in h -avy ei^hte-ta carat gold oatea, gold jewelry, eonsiating of suit* of braoelt.ta, pie and earring*, broochea, breaaiDins, aeal rings, gold atoae <l?ere knttsni, do. .tuds. cold ncncil oatea, leokots, Ac , Ao. Sale *<*itiv?. Alto, at 12 o'olock, one taa^uifieent single itunt diamond ting, valueo ai, Hit). Auction notice? Rica stock of ciii va, glass andcrockery By Vt'il. vt'. dUl ?. I. tl Aootioneer, Aloa dag, June Ufa, atlUfj o'clock, at etora No. WJ Seventh avo sue. next to Seventeenth street. Po.iitive aale of Thomaa KcSortef'a elegant tea, ootte-i. dinn?r and to'let sets, SO era large an J small vase.; also, cut and prosed glassware; t white granite, Ac., worthy the notloe of doalera and ftmilie*. Call and examine the good*. AUCTION NOTICE ? f HIS DAY, AT 10# O'CLOCK, JV at 27 Centre atreat, near tbe City llail, a general -variety of furniture, carpe.i, oilcloth, mirrors, and arocktry, the stoek of a dealer; ro.ewood ant mahoguny kaokeast* and bedsteads, ch*ir?, ' ureaus and wa.Usta^da, maple chairs, Ac.; also to pay advances a -d stornge, two mahawany pianofortes in good order. M. DOUGHTY, Auctioneer. AUCTION NOTICE. ? W. A CARTER. AUCTIONEER, will sell, thi> day (Sa'urdty/?t 10 o'olock, at SO Ureeu irich ctreet, for acooiint of ooneerued, a stock, con listing In part el extra superfine flour, areen aad black teas, railing currantt, ana prunes, a quantity of dry gooda, salt, Eejara, augars, Ac. AUCTION NOTICE ? TUOS. BELL AU M'lONEER? By Iieli A Uu?b. ? lhj? day, at 10>4 o'clock, in onr ?aleMrom, 12 Nortn Milium atre-t, a ,-eneral aud valutble Msorlment ot excellent bonnohold furniture and hons -neep jag article*, buteaua, au'as, f rtnch bedatenda, matiresies, Ac ; also, at. 11 o'clock, we will sell tbe balance otetook of a clock ttid uitohmaker, jewelry and fancy goods; alto, all tiie couutvrr. *ko v at?t fixtures; Ac., of the stor*. rem tvod ler convenience of .ale. Kgtentivo sale of tpiondiil furni ture, Ac., on 'lue -day. AUCTION NOTICE.? J. BOG ART, AUCTI JNEKR-BY S. Bogiirt,? Monday, at lu>t o'olook, at th> auotUn rotms. Mortgage .a e conaiatiug, in part, o' mahogany and walaut cbairr, <)Laxtette taolts, in set-i; rockers, sofa tables, corner stands, ottomana, Bruateia three ply carpota, Freash Btdaleads. mabog.-kuy sola do , bureaus, llookingg' asses, wash atauda. diking tables, crockery end g asaware; 70,00(1 choice Havana solars, oilito de*k? bedsteana, mittresaes, kitohen lurniture, Ac. Also, ono second hand piano. H BISHOP, Attorney for Mortpajee. DD NASU, AUCTION KKlt -ST jKL ;iui Broadway. . bberitV's aale of power mom*. Ac , gMlfltf, June t, U 1U o'oloou, ?t No ? Thirty -Sivcnlh ttn-et, betv oea seventh aod fcti,Llh avenues, consisting ot power looms and fixtures, puliis, hargers, i>b&ttiuK aud belting, pressing machines, one >*r ge eilendnr tor pressing olotu, A Ac. A ho, ??tut day, at 203 F*rt,y fourth ftrent. at 11 o'clock, cue steam engine and fixture*, in complete order, Ao., Ac, DB. HOUCH, AUCTIONEER -AUCTION NOTICE. - ? 1 fcrve uiirrHtuil vale 01 mnit elegant and costly rose w*o4 una durable and genteel mahogany household furni tart, tORCl her with pinnoloMe, numet?n<o<l pointings, and xiob and expeusivo decora ions ? Tbi? day, (Saturday) morning, at lu}? o'clock prosUoly, tbe entire t-pleudid con tents ot the ^ilnH dwelling house Nu TJ Wu'reu street, o f; Mit Iluoson hiver Kailroad depot, partly consisting of royal Anxlish velvet iloor and stair carpeting, mgraia do., Xa(Ui*l> oilcloth*, tiiftr plated stair tods, AO. ; rosewood pari or suit*, elegantly upholstered and covered ia mareon, vfliuNt and green Ir?uch satiu damask; alto one antsjna jnedfthon si t, heavily carved in gold and oriniton, Italian statuary. Burble top tables ot all the usual descriptions feund in well furnished rooms; heavily oarva d full Sevan oc tavo double action pianoforte. made by Harmore, of this dty, and warranted; (this instrument, for linenessof egt.o xior and quality of tune, is unsurpassed.) also a Tory fine rpsewoid etegere. finished thr oghoist in plate glass aud Ita lian marble; ? reach work tables, tanoy reception chairs, us oritoirea, large an 1 splendid Freaoh plate pier glmsos in softly frames; rich heavy laee and brecateile car;ains, ori ginal oil (lainvings by eminent modern artist<; Ujtbio iulaid and solid statnarr marble clocks, eostly Dresden china ware, fine vases ot Sevres porcelain, 1'aritn marble etitues aad claasic representations; oak extension table, wita an tiuue cwmbj; table finon, French obina silver toa service*, cake baskets, forka, spoeas. ivorj cutlery, heavy out glass ware, nines, champagnes, Madeira, liquor cases, decanters, Ac.: rosewood and mahogany bedstead* of tbe antique abd modern stiles, rosea ood marble top dreisiiig bureaus waih ataadi, ooiwer and towel stands, palliasses, fiae onrled hair mattress**,, bolsters and pillows china teijet ?et*, oval and squat* gilt frame mirrors, Ao , A*. bale posi tiv*. Dock PROk'ERTir.-wo.tioiioRwo.oou.? on tcesdat, Juneft, at nuon, JAMES CoLK will soil, at tho Mer chant*' Enrhange, the deck bet*. -en Acta Tenth aad North Eleventh streets, in the Fourteenth ward ot lir?>slra; ?Ixty five lots, with 26" fevt water rl?ht on the List rivur. Jt i? lease.! ferfiiteen yesrs, as 100 a >ear, but arran ge meats can bs mule for pro -imate rosse.isiiu For purticu l?r s oall oa l/iooke, Campbell A Sohumaker, Sheriff s *ffioe, .Brooklyn. DC. DAVIS, AUCTIONEER.? T&I8 DAY.? AS ? Figure's sale of the rtuck ol a hardware etorj At *i Division ^<rtOt, at 10% o'clock, I shall sell the balance of th* entile sti ck, consisting ot a larjo and varied assort ment ol hardware, cutl.-ry, Ao.. wurthy the attention of dealers and the trade. Catalogues on the inoraing of aale. Eugene b. franklin, auctioneer ? Br prank iiliv A riK UOLS. ? liousshold furm'-urc. mirrors, oil paintings, pianofortes, Ac., tiiis day, Saturday, at lU.'j ?'clock, at i!? street, between t ultoa and John, a rtry large assortment ol elenant household furaitare. eni krncnsg almost every article ia tbe line, and consisting in part as fellow*, vii : ? Beautitaliy caivtd suites of tosewood par'tr furaitan> in rich coveiiac, miteogany da. covered in Mir doth, aofas, tetv a tetes and oi.airs ot all kiads; rote ?o?d and mahovany marble top centre, pier and iota tables, bekcasca, watdroties, helstctds, bureaus, wash<tauds in Dieat varietv ; oak and walnnt extension dlu'ug ta>>Ui; seve ral beantifnl gilt frame pier and otal mirrors and *U paint ings. An invoire of fancy gomls in r tsewoud, papi<tr raachis aad mother of pearl? comprising ladies' workb>te?, ompa slot*, writing ana pertumed cases, wi'.h several ether arsi ?lra A large L>t of silver plated waro, beside* a quantity of ?ecoad haaa fuini'urc, carpcM. matting and oil cloth, woll -worthy the attention of bottickeupers and dea'.ers. C*ta legue on morning; of sale. BE. AARON, AUCTIONEER-WILL SELL, THIS ? da*, at tbe salesroom, No. 67 Va'iau street, at half pest 10 o'cloek, a ip.endld assortment or tl*c ^olil u a'ches. rich diamonds anil Jewslry. I'trsons wishing good watches frill do well to attend sale, without reserve, tor cash. 0. HORTON, AUCTIONEER. WILL SELL THIS day. at two o'ok ok, at 13 diith avonne, furniture, Ac. Henry n leeds, auctionf-kr-uv ii. h. legds A (JO, ? Saturday, June 2, a' Iu>, o'olook, at the sales Toon, 19 Nncsau street, exeeo'or's sale, by orlor of exeou tars, lour snperb msewi-od octavo pianolorte*, by one of tk< most oelebrated makers in the city; also, an ass>rtinent ?i household lurultiire. consi?cln< of elegant suits of rose we*d. rni*ogany and olack walnut sofwi.tete a-tetes.arm and Verier chairs, rocstrs, ot<om>ns in relv,<t, crim<on, plush and liair cloth . rosearood and mahogany roar ole top oentro tables, tn eaeud etegere?, relv*t. t*p*stry and lirmioli ctspe ? and rng?; olloloths, oil piintiiu*, rich window cur tains and e.,ri ices, laec window eurttios, mirrors, pier ?MNI tutwloi tuhles, dialog tab es, mahogany breakfast ?s!iM'i,cl.l"i( ,-l.sswaro, mantel ol>cki an I ornament*, ?h*B?(llert. Ac ,qnartette?, rosewood, mahogany .ind blae* walnut ledsteaos, ti attrcsaos, liair do. ; feather beds, pil lews and boitt?r?, ilre-. ni bnreaqs, marble t >p wajhstau Js, ^#a tablet, chairs, tuiiet f?t<- ?ii.?os, ru^s, ,tc ;Brnssclt atalr carpets brass tt*!r ro4i, | arlor d ">r inat i; also, a qnantitv *f bair aad bask mattr isses, leather bets, bla. k yiliilMiliif.di, al o' sup.-r or kind and en'iril/ nor, Wm tfce stock *f a man \i ae'.ur.r ab >nt rcmovia ;. SriNBt II LEEDS, AUCTION 1IIU-RT I, H. I.F.KDS ? ~tS*Maasu^s' ssss' 1 J o i-li.ok, iu front store > a. I? N*ss*n street, a laiy's ?>dle mare seutl ? Md kind in all respects; to be sold without rns^rv* ' a tine Shetland pony, five yi-trs old and parfeotly tsund; sold as the owner uas ao farther use for It. Household eurmture at auctk.h -job* i VANDEWAlER will sell, this day, St li'!io',l?0k at tbe salearoom, It Naidee Ian*, a lar<? v*rie y ?r furniture consisting of oarved rosewood (nils, ofered in plnsb and aatia l.reoatil, sofas, tete a tete, arm ohalrs aad paaiar chaiis, tete-a tot >s. An. so'as, o .verea in hair cloth, parlor chairs do.; Bmoelsand tapestry carpets, blaek wa nut au.l mahogany seeretaries and booaoase*. *te^ori'S extension table*, irsrtel orraments, va?e?, Aa.; paintings, ailver plated rasters, clock*. Ae.; hedrof.m lunitnr*. ma'tocany Mi r**?wood (iilts, consisting of marbU top dressing bu raans, do waah.tanda, Fnnch belstaels, 11) pound hair jBettremfs, ehina tmlet sets, lounge bedsteads, Isndilia* '. A*. Tbe atteatina of those in want are respectfully inritsl A* attend, a* every lot is t<> be sold p?remp?orjr, to ulos* con ?ienmeats. B BERNSTEIN. AUCTION ERR.? BV PECAKE. BERN, ? HTKIN A I'll! i, i.l Ps ? Malls' n streot. ? fue-d ttf .June aiUe'oUck, at the Marohaat^ Exo lanjto, the lot /.'mIiW. |lit' *???? ?we stor? t'ttc .ij hrae-.-' i?i, >n?wi 17? Wadi?n* street. Al-e the |..t R] IiUM H. oa ?'ie south a -e I Eighty ei^htl. street ijn '?st east oi To- irtb tvea-i*. W th the t we two saory ?a<| bas m>n> h- uses fa?WI | |! -reea ?'r Wan aud uspa xfyi, to iko aJCUinetia, il SAMM AT AVSTtOI. J MORI ARTY, AlCTIONMI WILL SILL. THIS * ''?) ?l U o'eiook, >1 17S Chat base a<|ware, the eatira tuiwitnrr or ? respectable loardieg bouse, frost 29 twnt; fourth >tr>et; al.-o trom fanutiua leaving ibecitv a various assort n.eut of furniture; also same good oar pets, f?alk?r beds, Ac. Sale witheet rtiini ? f OKTUAGfc SAI.E OF SM.OOO WORTH UK AMERICAN M clocks.? EUGENE B KRA.UI.IM, Anstioaeor.? Fraaklin >t NicUol* will Mil At public auction at fioir rooms 79 Nasoau street, 01 Wednesday, Juaa U 1855. anil following Jays, until the whole n disposed *1. a Tory large and every fay desirable atoeg af America* olaalu aad tlmo piacea, amjuntlug in valuu tu upward* at M) Uu). all of wbicb muat bo noid, without limitation, h the highest bid der, and in Iota to *oit purchaser* The aaaertiueat pri*e* many new and derirable aly'ea, oonsM'ng priauipally of elgbt d?j fancy cloaki, in ornamental iroa aad pspior mache ca?es, and ia well worthy the attention of the trade, and tbe public generally. The good* ara the property of an extensive mnnufartnror In Coanootiout, embraomg a large portion of hia itock of Uuiahod meroliaadiae, and will be sold, without regard to coat of manufacture to pay ad vanee*. Jobber! in New York and it* viuiaity, a* serai dealert in fancy gooda, am oaaatry inorohant*, wui tint tbU an opportun-iy for procuring those styles of gooda suoh aa seldom pre.entajtself, promt ting to them rare and deci ded advantages, of which tl.oj would do well to avail them* selve*. Descriptive catalogues may bo prnoured at Vho office of tbo auctioneers, on the dav previous to that of the ?ale, which will bo poaitive, t.nd without reserve. Terms? Under 91(iU, caah; Sl<4> to |500, 4 months; and on eums of EStX) and upwards, t> month* orodit for a???">ved paper. Sale to eommtnoe each day at 10 o'olook. FitANICLIN A NICHOLS, auctioneer*, 79 Narnu atroet. ATOTICI.-WILL BE SOLD AT I>DBI,1C AVCTION. .LN at the public pound, Forty-second atreit and SeMeath avenue. two oows and one ?oat, on Monday, the 4th day of Juno, at 12 o'olook M. By order ot the i'euud Master ' K. P. BAftk.BR. SHOW CASES AT AUCTION.? BT YIR-UE OF AN execution, 1.1 rhow ease* will be ao d thie day, at !?)( o'clock, at Ufl Canal atroet, bv order of the Sheriff TH. WITTERS, Aaotionoer. SHERIFF'S SALE.? W C. ALBURTUS. AUCTIONEER, will sell thia day, June 2. at 10 o'olook, at No. ID Court street, Brooklyn, one splendid auit of roaeweed furniture, in plush; marble top centre tablet, laoe window oertaiaa, Brussels and inarain earpeta, sofas, chaira. bureau*, teblea, A) ; alto, twelve sieving P?na, fish aad ether boilera, of cop per. Also. at 11 o'clook, a lot ot fine gold Jewelry; also, two large aito French plate mirrors. ?. LOT T, SheriS. I E. Triples, Deputy. Tunis mohrell, auctioneer.? at si Nassau atreet, thia moruicg at 10>j o'olook. preolaely, second band gcoda trom a tamily; alao bedsteads and mat tresses from a boarding house ; then refrigerator* of all sites; then extensive stook of choice furniture, coaaiat ing of all kinds? rosewood. mahogany, black walnut, oak, Ac., for parlora, chambers, bails, dining rooms, librtrioa and office*. fancy, Ao.; alao thirty oil paintings of exeelleat artiste, gilt trauma; large oral aler giaaaea, Vreaoh plate and gilt frames: ilr?t and aecond quality pure hair mattrss aer, ailverplatod gooda, clooka, marble mautel vases, aplen did ormolu clock and oandle arborcra, velvet carpet (new and made np), Bruaaela oarpnt, in piece, with privilege. Far particular* examine A* gooda aro ao arranged, and privi lege ia given to leave if not aatiafaotory, no roaert te Suying In ia praotiaod. Every faotlity given to purohaaer* at a dia t?noe. Storage free for a nnmber of day*. WM. DUHONT, AUCTIONEER- UNITED 8TATEB ahip Lexington. WML DUH(>NT will aell at anotioa, teorder ot tne Navy Agen%?a Friday, June 1, at lie^eleok, ill the Navy Yard, Brooklyn, tbe B. S (hip Lexington aa atie now lien at the Nav; YarA, Brooklyn; 091 tona, built of live oak and hard pine, copper faatenod and bea>ily copper ed: now ready for inspection. Tae inventory oan be ob tained at the office of the auctioneer, No. 4 Wall atroet. WILLIAM IRVING, AUCTIONBER.-CHOICE COL It lection of modern oil painting* ? William Irving It Co will aell at auction on Tuesday, June. I at 10>? o oUok, at the HRleprooms, No. H l'lno atroet, fine modern oil painting* in rich gilt frames, a amall and ohoico oolleotion ot modern paintings of the Angliih school, comprising tbo Havlield. >y Kliaycr; a pair of cattle croasing tbe brides, by Shver; a pair ot psiuting* by Bright, beautiful specimens from the easel ot Morris, of London; undoubted orl.liala by Eolfs, an iubiblled picture by llenxell, liipay Encampment and Scene in Devonshire, by bhayer, Jr.; a deli <litful apccimen of Kidd; also many others, among which are notioeable exam ples trom the studios of Q Earl. Ilorrmt Willians. Arns ti eld. Cooks. Andrews, WUheriagt-on, J is Fine, Elen Hunches, Stavfield, Hamilton, Ueodall, Collins, Lancaster, Wuyne and ethers. Alao a JJalvator Rosa aad a very tine picture by G. Ilavisaon, from the Thy > sen gallery. The above choico collection will he tonnd welt worth the atten tion rf tboie desirous of obtaining tine examples of the mo dern English school. Now on exhibition. WILLIAM T. BOYD, AUCTIONEER OFFICE 77 N AS sau street. ? Mortgage sale of groceries, leans fixtures, borsr, wagon, harness, Ac. ? On Honda", Just 4. at lll>^ o'clock, a>. >5t* .Madison street, corner of Clinton; tHe *took consirta of crushed, powdered and brown su^arc green and blaok teas, cplcea. sperm and tallow candlos, fanoy and brown soap*; Hecker'* goods, such as fariua, Ac.; ohioo lu'ea, cocoas, pici'es. fruila, Ac ia jars; liquor ia wood aad el**,', cordials, ' Engliah and Arteriot-n porter, molatse*. Hour, t.teal, Ac., compri'lng a cornple'e assortment of a tirtt class *tvre; also, the tixtuies, platform and counter scales, oil and tea cans, liquor catks and kess; also, the store fix tures and lease, bting an excellent maud; awning, ioe box, horse, wagon, barns**, Ac. \\/M B- JONES. AUCTIONEER? MORTGAGE SALE ft of hordes carriage* waions, Ac? Uy virtua of a chaU tol inoit/age I oil! -<? 1 this day, at itjVclocktia the foronoon, at Isos 7'> und 77 Watts street: :? coachei; 1 mUHiyij U liuggy wt-'ous; I pair of l>ay coach h. rses; 1 do do. pony homes; 1 do. bav short tail mnres ; 1 do. switch ta I mares; 1 dark stay horse; 1 sorrel mare; 1 do. horse; 1 large bay horse; 5 siu.-le bngi^ horses, named Kapolnon, Uuneral. lllucher, John and l.ncy; 1 spitted gray h?r*e; I dark gray mare. WM. B. JOr?ES, Attorney for Mortgagee and Court officer. TXTII.LTAM WITTERS. AUCTIONEER? WILL SELL, ft this duy at lll^j o'clock, at 1S7 Canal sir )et, ths fur niture of a tan ily breaking up housekeeping; sofas, chairs, rockers, marble top tables, glit trame and other mirrors, oil pairtintH. one elegant rosewood piano, 7 ootavee; l*r*? e liiuu vases, tajie-tr- and other carpets st air r ?da, oiloloths, BIllUIIJ and walnut bedsteads, hair and other mattresses, bedding, It., niarsle top dressing and other bureaus, mar ble top vrashstanda, toilet tots, wardrobes, dining riom and kitchen furniture, china, glass, and pU'.od ware; at private sale, two billiard tables, and one bt^atelie table. nDSICAL. <?1 hll/l PIANO.? THIS BRAUTlftfl.IMANO.MADE Jpl .UUU by IloRACX* WATKKi, oan b? km U bil J ,? ,.u r??uM, 3oS Broadway, during thi* week. OA FINE NEW PIANOS TO LET? VERY LOW, WITH privilege of sale anH rent deducted. gome t hat have bssen ue?C a fow months Hill be told oheap. Grout induoe aunts ore offered purchaser* Mel^leous. violin*. gui'ar*, Ao , very cheap. COOK Jc 1JRO , 042 B roadway, 1'anthooa lltilding. Q*Ci ?BANJO ! BANJO! BANJO I ? BANJO TAUOUT ipO, on a new and improved method, in *lx lessoas; term* tt> id advance. Pupil*, by our avstem, leara with the great eat facility. Lessons pivea every evening. Banjos for aale from $2 to $:'5. h. u. A H. P. JACOBS, 40T Broadway, and tl2)i Chatham itreoi. Attention-pianoforte purchasers? look at our reduced price* for caih.? 6)4 ootave, plain, at $145; ti>, octave, plain, $1*0; octave, plain, <174; 7 oc tave, plain, $2U?; to1., octave, aim laiah, 9165; 6k ootary, extra finish, SlJft; til ootave, extra finish, $2U?; 7 ootave, extra finish, $250 to ISUO. McUOM ALB BROS., Manufactu rer*, M Bowery. A LARGE STOCK OF NEW ANB SflCONB HAND pianos, of all cla**e* and by varioua maktrs, fer ?ale and hire, at J . A I). WALKER'S, Me. 0 Alter plaoa and Eighth s'.reet. ASPLE-NDID ?a SEVEN OCTAVB RO&gWOOB P ano, for sale lor $236, nisde to erder twe mout hs since by celebrated city mak*ra, and fully warranted, of superior tone and finish; petteot every war. The owner 1* going te l'sru. It can be sean at 149 Chamber* (Iceet, lrom 9 till 3 o'clock, for four day*. A HARP FOR 8AI.E.? A SPLENDID IIARP. MADE hy i.wart, in London, wor?h $500, <tuitenew, will heseld for f7r?. bj applying at 75 and 77 Nassau street, reir build irtr, <ffice fro. 2. A choice lot of rank' for harp n*d Bute at the same place, office onun every day from ? till U ('clock in the torenoon and 0 till 7 In tbe afternoon. Bargains, bargains.? four seve* octavb rosewood pianofortes, ol superior tone and finish, with tbelroa Irame and other imprevemnnts, far sal* 10 v fer cash, as the owner leaves for the South la a few days. Ap ply at (125 Broadway. Great piaho and music house of Horace wi 1 f.RS. 333 Broadway.? Ill* largest assortment of eeie hratcd pianos auil all kind* of inusio merchandise In the United States. I he | ut>lic are a vara that this house has. tn apposition to the cniuidnation, adopted .he reduced prices, and that piano*, melodeoos, and mutio can he had ef Mr. Waters at lee* price* than thev can be found elaewher*. >*w piano* to rent, aud rent allowed upon purehaiio^i monthly psymcnt* taken. HALL'S CELESTIAL PIANOS? BfcNSETT A CO., .'WO Llroai'way, are now supplied with a large stock of these beautiful instruments, no porsen should by any means pur ?haee, whatever interested parties may say te tho oontrary, till tlitj hate first seen these improved piano*. pIAN'OS FOR SALE CHEAP-IK TAKE* IMMF.DI X ateljr.? One 7 ictave, price 62'V> been used ftv* weeks, fir sale 'or ?lfV ; 1 do , Chick' rin.,'* mako, for SI.W. Also, 1.1 second hard pianos ted uielode<>u* tor $V> 945, 170, $75, $P6 and 81 W, at 402 Sixth avenue, near Twenty feurtn *t. SECONDHAND PIANOS AT GREAT BARGAINS.? one ail round corners, earvod leg* and taouliitus, trat toard, Ac., Gilbert A Co '* nake; price <500? been used about one year, fer sale for }S50. una Ofi octave, front round corners, price $ ."ft. for Sfltl. One do. 7 ootave, Mil, Corfu:". Gilbert* boudoir p anos fer #175, $lfM and (20*. Second hand pianos tor $r5, J 100, $125, 1 1 ?'(), and new i.l4 octave piano* for $175 . UliHACK. WATERS, 331 Broadway. TWO LADY VOCALISTS WaNTBD.-A SOPRANO, atd also to accompany a travelling exhibition; must also be able to play either harp, guitar or accordeon. To such |>crson* a fair eornp'.nsatlon will be , iv.>? for tus ssa ton. Addr?f * b. II , Herald office, itutin,; whero au inter view inay be had. HOUMfiS ftOO.'Iii,^ WAIfTKIK HOUSE IN THE COUNTRV WANTED.? A GOOD ii> use with a few aoreaot land, or ?-irJen, either near >ew \"rk or Br. oklyn. Terms must be modi rate. Addruss W. J. R , Herald otiice. TE7ANTED? BY A RE^PEi TABLE FAMILY OF FOUR M persons aithont ynunit cl lldren, patt of a ?ent*el and pleasantly located hoiiMi, nniurnis.ied; wrtere tfiere ?ro no boarders preferred ? of unlurnlliied :?,"trtru 'nt, eontaiaini; inur or five room* Mtoation not l.elvw Biueoker street. Address bo -. 573 I'o? t Ol:i 0*. fVTA>"IED? TWO OR Mt RE FLOORS, IN A IlUif.DING }} u? town, suitable for mantifaoi.miog purpjsos, with tbe privflca* of a (I or M hvrfe sUam powor; an aluindaac*- of Creti n water necevfary; or any one nisTing a small factory can find au iinmedia e tenant. Addro>a, box IS) Herald ofbta. TIT ANTED? IN A GFNTBRL NEIGHBOR HOOD, NEAR v v the line of tt.e lith or xth aven >? road*, a hon?e suit able for two small families withunt children Rent not ower Wsi, and licntion below iV>th strcjt. Ad-irea* W. P. J., Box i.U, Pvst lilhoe. \\f AN I HI)? TWO OR TWO AND A II.\LF &JVKY " house ai d lot, with good title, fr*u e or un.a, In tbe upper part of thi* city, *r In the neighboring cities. Pet soaa 1 avuig .n-h to s?ll f >r e??h, dating the ""r/.,ow";* prVe kml all larnealars, may addres* Mi. Cash, box 513 Herald office IX' AVTFI) TO PURCIUSK-ONE OR TWO LOTS OF fv inr nnd, lor the pnri??e of imirovleg. M?*t be In a rcspe.table niiRbb'tliood, and wuhlu half a mile of t!io coiner of Bowi-ry and 1; aud sire is Any person having the ss me lor sale may a<ldte*s il. L>., Herald olAoe, sia. :iiN loeeitUn and irlce. UNiOD Vi A.> ii-D ? <1 ? L Til-l't^'H Ov ?ood oak two buadr< d i"*?d Jersey ploe, a* 1 ti?* aea <red beartv Vlrsmis p?'.e, t? be d->liveeej >,u Knv Address Ss B., Imtaediatal*. ear* ?l is?i 1 Bee'e ACa., tta ia? tree fo? oa?ket th??? month* e?*4it, , BOAAima ^ LOMwa rrz sy broadway. ? handsomely furnished i*JU MU ?( rooms, lw let. on but Mi n?w4 Imci, wBh ? without Vo?r4,a* o?a*nhoaa*. KAfi BBOADW A Y.? -i'KI V ATE BOARDING.? ftNEOR '' IV m mlliMI MM oUtli I p'ataaat fr HI* rtin, M ?ond atory, with or witbual partial bssrd, in a small print* '???jjly, wtba Saventh ward. Apply at 231 Mad la* n (treat, *510 firoftdwft), of E. a 1*. AO 1 BROOME STREET. ? FURNISHED BOOMS. TUl with breakfast rioaaant, airv r >oa* to lot to >li eIo gentlemen. and genUaineo and their wiv*?, with fall board for ladles, if reqairod Houm ku all th* tuodora la yrticiiati. Reference required. QUO BROOMS STRUT? A LARGE FRONT AMI 000 b*ek room to lot. together or aeparataly, with board. Oho bona* Iim *11 wo modern improvement*. Term* mode rat*. m FRANKLIN STREET? FURNISHED R?0MS. with board, foe single geatUiueu, a> St and AS per weak; alyo, an unfurnished parlor for a gentleman and aia wi<e, at K) per weak, or tw* respectable young man may have parlor, with b*ard, at ti eaob. 1 rn BLEECKEB STREET. OPPOSITE DEPAU BOW. At) I ?The abov* first cla** hen**, repiatu with imprive mtnta, ia now ready for the reception of boarder*, families desiring delightful apart men - a, a*?arataly or la inita, will And superior accommodation*. Location on stage root*. ?v* fwTfI55u.~ SPIT" or riA WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET.? A FRONT I tt parlor and bedroom oa the third floor may b* obtained permanently, or for a ahort period, if doared. AVao, one or two r*om* for single gentlemen. 0/? AND 28 UNION SQUARE.? A SUIT Of ROOMS ON the first floer, anitabie for tho*e ?i*hiag the best aa oommoOation*; ala* a front room may b* had by imaedlate application, at 28 Union square. The heuaa is beautifully finished, haa evary oonvenienoe and U unsurpassed tor plea eant and oonvenient location. A ABINGDON SQUARE, WEST SIDE-A FINE. AIRY I T loe*tlon for the *utn net, being situated near the Had ?on; poMewo* every facility of access to aU part* ?f th* ?*ty. A PRIVATE FAMILY HAVING A HANDSOME ROOM, In ahou** with th<> raodera improvements, would lice a gentleman and wife or two single gentlemen to room with Ml or partial board. Call at lt>6 Weat Nineteenth ttroat, ?ear Eighth aveune. Term* reaaonable. A WIDOW LADY OF RESPECTABILITY, OCOUPY A inn * Tory fine bon*e, desire* te receure two or three gentlemen into her family a* partial bnardera, whor* they ?an enjjy the * am fort* of a homo- large airy rooms, lighted with gas, a grod table, ant good loeiety. The house is with in a few minute*' walk of either Fulton or Wall atreet ferry, aad delighttully located. l'leaae oall at 61 Henry atreet, Brooklyn. A GENTLEHAN WISHES A PERMANENT HOME X\. for himself and wife, with a private family, near Pul ton ferry, Brooklyn, or below Taatn atreet, New York. Break fast required at 6 A.M.; tea at 7 tf M. Gentleman law down town, exoept Sundays. Terms not to exoeed (12 per week. Addresa, with full particulars, ainolair, Herald oAoe. A PRIVATE FAMILY CAN ACCOMMODATE TWO OR A- tbree single gentleman, or a gentleman aad hit wife, with partial beard; rooms large aad airy, in a very pleasant location. Address J. S., Herald office, or apply at 'Si% Commerce atreet, in the vicinity of Barrow and Hudson atrtets. Terms moderate. A FURNISHED BEDROOM TO LET? SUITABLE FOR a single gentleman, lor lodging. 1 squire of Mm. KTIftG, 37 Sullivan ?treot. A FEW SELECT BOARDERS MAY OBTAIN ROOMS, rv furnished or unlnrnifhcd, with or withaua board, with a private family, in a new lir*wn atone house, containing all the modern improvement*. Apply at 144 East Thirteenth atreet, between beeond and Third avenue*. rtefeconoe* ex changed. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED RODM FOR A SIN A gle gentleman, with partial board. The family is amall, a?d the bouse has akl the modorn improvements. Apply at ?2 Ninth atreet, between fifth and Sixth avenuea. A LADY WOULD LIKE TO HIRE A HOUSE, WITH modern improvements, in a genteel neighborhood, where the family would be willing to board out the ran'.. Best of reierobce given. Please oall. er address 12 Troy street, between Greenwich avenue and Fourth ctreet. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD L1KB AN useable young lady to board, as companion t'er the lady, itone need apply whose employment will bo out of the houae. Deferences required. Apply at 227 IV eat 37 tk at., betwten 8th and Vth avenuea. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, WITH BOARD FOR tho ady "uly, can hive a handsomely furnished parlor and back bedroom, on the fljat floer, with privilege of luth rccm, hot and cold water, *nd where theie are no othor boarders, by addressing Otto Reinsen, Broadway Poat Office. A l'ARTMENTS, WITH GOOD BOARD-MME MEYERS, A o. 6 lit roy place, Bleecker streit, oan di?p?se ot? a handsome trcnt parlor, with bedrooms aijoioinz, a ipaoioui baok parlor on ?ecoi.a Door, and rooms tor ?iugle gentlemen. Dinner at U o'olock. Also, an office, convenient for a deotor. A N ELEGANT SUITE OV ROOMS TO LET-WITII JEL bnnrd. in a private family, M East Sixteenth street, near Union kju a e and Irving place. A renpoctable family ?r a lew gentlemen may aecure rooms for the summer or per manency, either on the tlrat, aecoad or third floor; ro^er uncce exchanged. A PRIVATE FAMILY, OCCUPYING MORE BOOM H than they require, wonl* acoommodate a few single , entleinen, or a gentleman nnd his wife, witb board; alto an { office suitable tor a phjsiolan, dentist, or surveyor Refer ; oaees exchanged. Inquire at 143 West Twonty-iecond street. A SINGLE GENTLEMAN MAY BE ACCOMMODATED with a furnished bedroom In a private faintly, on 3r?ok lin height,, within three minutes' wnlk ol Kultan or Wall street hrrles; torma $.1 per month. In advance. Apply at 36 Willew street, Brooklyn. References exc haa jed. DUARD? WITH Ct.KOA.MT BOOMS AKD EVERT JD coiiTiwien}*, in a healthy and deligbt'nl situation, W West 'twentieth street, eppssit* th* grounds of th* Theolo gical Seminary. Board.? a lady, having a large house, is desiron* of a?- on* vr]two families, or two or three tingle gentlemen, with board. Also, a back parlor and bwtroom, fnrniahed or unfu ruisbed; bath and ra? ia the house. Apply at i?o. 9 St. George'* place, Eait Thirteenth ?traet, between First and Second avenue*. Board.-a gentleman wishes a permanent home for himself and wife, with a private fami y. *orei*ner*. aad tho*e wbo keep no other boarders pre ftr i ed ,'cn Brooklyn heights, or hstween Tenth and Twen tieth street*. Breakfast and tea required. Gent eman dines down town exoept on Sundays. Addresa, with full Birticulars, stating terms, whioh must b? moderate, W. F., erald office. Board.? a gentleman and wife, or two single gentlemen, can obtain pleasant rooms on the ; second Hoot, also a buck parlor on iba Ant floer, with or without board, at 224 Greene itrect, near Fourth, on rea sonable towns. Batk and gas in th* house. References re quired. B pRi\ ate f AUIUY?ROOMS year : ^SSi^^^SzSSS Board down town.-two or thrbc orntle men can bo accommodated with board. at 172 Dnane street, near Hndsoa, opposite Dnano street, park. Board down town.? single gentlemen can be accommodated with pleasant rooms and board by oatling at lliti Chambers street. References required. Board at the battery, no. 7 state street. - Families and single gentlemen cau obtain handsome furnished rooms, with transient or permanent board. Tbe lioun is beautifully situated, with a full Tie* of the Bay, and has tne modern improvements. Mtages oonvenient to ad pans of the city. Board near bt. johns park.? punished rooms, with board, tor tentlemen, or gentleman and their wives, without children, la first class home No. 18 Varick street. Baths and gas, with privilege ot park. Kc icronocH exchanged. Board in twenty third street.? a hand somely furnished suit of rooms, to let, with foil or par Mnlboard. Also, a finale room, in a first class house, with dl the modern improvements. Also, a basement, suitable tern physician's ottice. Apply at 70 West Twenty-third Kreet References exchanged. Board in brooklyn.-a few gentleman can be accommodated with board, in a honse pleissntly situate. I, within fifteen minutes' walk of South and Wall street terries. Apply at 63 llojt street, corner of Dean. Board in brooklyn-very desirable newly hunislied rooms. in one ot the finest locations in Brook Ijn. to let, with board; also, a largs front room, in base ment. to a nhyslclan. Terms modernte. Apply at 1M6 At lantic street, Brooklyn. Board in brooklyn-within five minutes' walk of Fulton ltrry. A ireutleman and hn wlto can be acootnniodaUd with a pleasant room, with or without bed room attached; also, several tingle gentlemen can bs aoaom modated. Apply at 13U Henry street, Brooklyn. Board in south Brooklyn.? two or three tingle gentlemen can have partial board, with apart ments lurnisbed or unfurnished, ia a quiet and respectable iMnlly, where there are no children aad uo othor boarders takea. Inquire at 187 Clinton street. Board at uoboken.-a pleasant ro>m, in house No. 4 Htidsonpiaoe, to let, with board. For par ti Hilars, apply te W. WILLIAMS, fcsq., US Liberty street, second tloor Board at yonkeks? may be obtained at tiif, 1 aciflr lioUl, which is locatcd in one of the most delight ml situations upon tbe North river, within three minutes' walk of the railroad station. Board in the codntry.-a few families can )><? accommodated with board, at Rose, t crnwall. near .Newbury. For beauty of loenery, fin* roa<l?, fruit, and al) the tiecessary atteadents to make a summer residence desirable, it cannot be surpassed in this country. Appl> to I'. H. Rl^U, IV- Broadway, corner John street jj Board wantrd-a sort of unfurnishrd rooms, tor three (frowa persons, in a mtdert h at 1 1 bouse, not below 2ld St., cr above ^tth at., la t lie vicinity of Broadway or Sixth aventia A private taniiy pr;.|?rrel. Terms mutt be raodrrata. Adorns J. F., lioraid oBJoe, be* Board wanted-by a gentleman, wipe a$d brother, in a respectable family or botrdins house, si tuated uron or near oae ot the uo town parks. Three rooms n<iuired. Address Ret, box 3 3fti 1'ost Office. Board wanted-for a lady, in a plain. qeiot family, whore she oan have a room to herself, with Mill privilege of a home;* near Caaal street an 1 with a widaw lady, preferred. Address C. II. 1*., Broadway Post Office. Boarding, ? two large furmsukd room3, with gas and bath, to let, with or without boarl, by ap pt>itu at 167 Prince street. ? - Boarding -elegantly i trnihiie t> rooms, in suite or sin.'lj, for geatfrmen and their wives, or for ringte gtiillefiien, at '.'.9 f>eT?nth avenue fourth dsorfrooa ? onrti ciith strtet. House new and replete with every con venience. Boarding at oi warren stikit ? pleasant. air? rooms to let ?o *?ntli?'ne>i, with tall nrpirtlil loarl l>a? boarders accommodated Willi bosrJ. I'ricei m>< itesa'e. ROARt>I?0 - TIIRFE OR FOUR (K^TiEMEH CAN U'-.U'?. U'S.1 ai'h newly fnruisliad reeus, ?ith >c ?ita?ut boa*, at IK Watkia?,tua strut, floh^kea. Mi BiWBAjMiiiOaqpiai , B'woI*wm^A^iSVAM family would lit a \ MOOcd >U third floor 1MB, with hmt'ui Bad Ut, U or k irtiliui Bad wife. Me. IV But HiktMitk , (trr?t, on* block ft bore Union square, betwooa Bread ?ay ftad fifth ITuaK eoBvoaiently located far owl or otage*. BOARDING.? Fl"BN18HE? PARLORS AND BSD rooms to let, for geatlemo*, ftsd geatlemen ?bJ thair wive*. vary pleasantl r situated. at ?| First itrot^ ITibokoa, tlree miuutes walk ftem the fairy. Boarding. -good furvushed rooms to rent tu (MtUiMi and then wive*. Also, r>?ni for single gentlemen, with or without b'ard. Uai 1b all the ruuai. Cleaaliaee* Bad attention strictly observed, Hot aad oold bath rooms free. Apply t* Un VIUIIUKU, Ml Hiuittk street. , Boarding? at 10 carroll place, (Blekjker street.) This house having changed ktadi oa tba Ut af May. bat been newly furnished, painted. Ac , and pat la complete order. Familie* ftud tingle ponton* can now obtain large, airr and handsomely furniiliad room*, la ona of the kit location* in tte oity, and convenient to Broadway. Re tofenoea exchanged. Boarding.? a gentleman and dis wife, and two ataxic gentlemen, oan nbta-n pleasant room*, wibh full or partial boaid, by applying at St. Clement'a place, 09 Macdoapal street. between Hooeton a id Bloecker asroeta. hclerenoo* exchanged. Boarding-gentlemen and their wives and single gentleman oan fir. d comfortable quarters at >o. 5 College place, corner of Re&inaen utreei. Tranneat aud day boarder* taken. Boarding? for a few single gentlemen or mail and their wire*. Comfortable beard may be had at 426 l'earl street lor reipectablo people; no other i nerd apply. Alto, two or three young ladio* oan bo aocouimo dated. CIOUNTRY BOARD.? BOARD CAN BE OBTAINED, J for tea or twelve periun*, in a Harm houee about fifty n>iles from New York. The house i* Large, and delightfully Located about a mile from tbe village, and two from the ? lure of Long Island Bound, which tor sea bathing cannot be ?i'rpa?*ed. Thorn are fear train* el ear* leaving daily for New York. Toe location ii perfeotly healthy; fever and ague are unknown. A family would be preferred whore there are no email children. For particulars apply to A. L. HYA1T, 186 \ Fulton (treat. Elegantly furnished rooms in the second ?tory.? Three rooms will be let to two single gentle men, with or without breakfa*t. The family is email, the loeation i* near Broadway, and tbo terms for **oh apart ment*, are Terr reasonable Reference* given and required. Apply at 73 East Twelfth street. Eagle hotel, lodgings.? a gentleman can obtain a sleeping room exolueively to htmielr, with good bed and bedding, fur 26 cut* per night or tl 60 per w ek. Refectories in the neighborhood, whore he eaa obtain meal*. Apply corner Frankfort and William ttreet*. Good furnished rooms on second or third floor, for gentlemen aad their wive* or aingle gentle men, with full or partial board, in a email private family, refilling at 41 Kant Twenty eighth street. House ha* all tbo modern improvement*. Location desirable. Dinner at ? is. Term* moderate. Handsomely furnished rooms to let in a small family, for gentlemen and ladio*; board for the laoie* only. House baa all the modern improvement*. Ad dre** A. C'? Broadway l'oot trlflce. Hugo rodeck, grand street iiall. wal hklla, 127 Granaitreet, np stain, next to Broadway ? lull* every night. Furnished room* for aingle men to lot, with or without board. A large aaleon for meeting*, sa feties or any other parties, f r any night in tko woek. HOBOKEN.? A FEW GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOM, modatod with moe-. desiiable rooma, and the best par tial beard, in an English private family, residing at 21 Ir ving piece, a few minutoa' walk from the ferries. Tormi moderate. "PRIVATE BOARDING. ? HAYING LEASED THE JL first olat* house, the late residence of Alfierinan Bank*, i.?q., 131 Blaeeker itieet, three btock* weit of Broadway, whiSh is oomplete with ga?, hot and cold water throughout; will lot rooms in euit* or *ingl*, furnished or uafurniihed. Booms with board-house gramercy park, lbti East Twenty first street.? A lady whohaakepta private boording house in the lower part of the oity for the last eleven year*, having removed up town, ha* one suit of ruoina and a lew tingle room* nnooonpied The hooae 1* bat two years built. has all tba late improvement*, nat been nowly furnished, lit* a privilege in tie park, and 1* every way delightfully situated. l'lease call as above. Rooms, furnished or unfurnished, with full or partial board, to let at 113 Leonard atreot. Applica tion for tbe above should be made at 1 10 tame street, where a few gentlemen caa bo aeoemmodated with fall or partial board. States island.? board can be obtained at a lame, oommodiou* farm house pleaaamly situated at t.btUea Height*, tweiity fl'e minute*' drive from i'ort Rich mond. and five minute* from Cheltoa landing. The koaseis well thaoed, and baa all eonvenlenoes that may be required. For particulars, apply at 762 Brotdwaj, or to A. tfutlor, I'ort Richmond landing, who will direct to the promises. TWO OR THREE YOUNG LADIES CAN BE ACCOM modated with board in a private family. Inquire at 23 bixtli street. rilWO OR THREE GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOMMO 1 dated tuinisbed room*, and with breakfast and tea it required, in a tmall genteel family, and no ether boarder*. Ai'Ply at 27 Union plaoe, South Brooklyn. Three minute*' walk from tbe terry. TWO OR THREE SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAN' BE AC conimoda'td with a plea*aut room, with or without par tial board. Also, t?o jount ladies oan be acoommodated with board, bj a;>;djing at 111 Attorney tl. TO GENTLEMEN.? A VERY DESIRABLE WELL FUR nished parlor and bedroom attached, un eecond floor, to lot to a gentleman, with breakfast, in a small private fami ly, where all t he comfort* ot a home may bo eoj vyed. House very pleasant and location dnairibU, at 04 Maodougal ttreet, between Houston and Bleeokor. TJI/ITHOR WITHOUT BOARD? 1 WO VERY HAND TT icnia anlte* of noiui, furnuhod, auitable lor *iagle gentlemen or a reepeotablo family. They will be lot (ingly, n required. Oi e block from Broadway, in the rear of Grace ehttrcb pleasure ground*. Inquire at 8(1 Foarth avoBne, op poiite Eleventh itreet. a as. COPARTNERSHIP HOTXORS. (f> ? ) linn? A BUSINESS MAN HAVING THIS A IPO.UUU. moant u( capital and wlahlng to inveet ll in a hrrt olasa manufacturing bualneaa, caa bear of a good cbanua where he can intra than doable hu money in ene year, by addressing J. W. Patentee, box 112 Herald office. <C'4 nnn ~A TOUNO or middle aged man, of tpO.UUV/* bnsineaa habits, wlio w.mld loan hia em ployer vhree tbonaand dollar* on undoubted security, may meet with a gaod sitaation la a wholesale and rotail (tare and fair 'alary. Seven p*r oent interest for the money. Addreat Manly A Co., Broadway Post utlice. Ojorvn TO $300? WANTED. A PARTY WITH THE $OUU above amount, to Join the advertiser ai a ailaat partner, in a bnainesa that will pay a profit af $i"> a day. Advertiser haa abundant facilities. but no mraaa, and la desirous of foimiDa a oonneotion with one whi hai. Un doubted and beat of reference given ai to intagritr and buai neea qualifications. Address Partner, Herald othoe. AT CHANCE FOR A PERSON WITH $2,0M , who may be dlapoaed to engage in the alaugbteriag aad uurins ot perk, on promiaea Bear the depot where hope a>ri?a daily. The persoa advertising baa beea maay yean in the bucineaa. and is thoroughly acquainted therewith, la all it? departments. Apply to M. K_ BURKE, No. 4 wty Hall place. _ J * COPARTNERSHIP ?THE SUBSCRIBERS HAVE TIIIS day loroed a copartnership, under tha firm af Jaeab Roaevel t A Son, for the purpose et transacting a general ship chandlery and akin store bualaaai, at 22 South street and 33 CoenMes slip. JACUU RUSEVKI.T, New YotH, May 31. 1858. MaRCUS ROSBYELT. DISSOLUTION AND REMOYAL.? THB COPARTNER chip heretofore existing between the aubscrlbera, under the Arm of Thoa N. l>ale A Co.. ti thia day disselvod bj mutual consent. Thoa. N. Dale alone i? nuthori/.ed to aettle the aifaira and aUa in liquidation lor tha lata can '?cm, and has removed ta No, 18 Warren street. THUS. N. DALE, JOHN D. CAHI'. EDWlN HIlLYKR. UEORUE RICHMOND. Thoa. N. Dala haa this day formed a copartnership with George Richmond, under the tlrm ot Tool. N. Dale A Co.. and will continue the business af tha lata firm at Na. 13 Warren street. T1IOS N. DALE, New York. Junel, I CM. GEORGE RICHMOND. VTOTKE-THE COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE x\ (listing under tha firm and name of Conenheven aad Sfydcr, painters, haa beea tbia day dia(olved by mutual concent. A.l nersona indebted are requested to mako pay ments, and all having claima aro requested to present tha tame to either of tie underaignad. CHRISTN. D COUENHOYER. JOHN U. SNYDEN. New York. Juna 1, 1?<56. PARTNER WANTED? IN A NEW HOTEL. SITUATED ia New Jerney and near the city, in a delightful loeatloa. The owner and proprietor haa one also in New York, which ha haa kept tar tha last seven years. Being unable to at tend to bo'h, ba wishes a partner to assist, with a capital af about $7,000 cash. Apply at HarrU's Hotel. WANTED?A PERSON WIT1I $1,(100 CASH. WHO maybe disposed to engage in the (baking business, la the beat selected spot in this city, may apply ta M. K. BURKE, No. 4 City Hall place. yiiic MttuonttijECTioi. SPECIAL NOTICE.? LIQUOR DEALERS' ASSOC1A tion ot Kiog'a Count? will hold their regular imntnlr meeting at Toynbee's Hotel. Montagne place, Brooklyn, on Monday the lib inst. at 2o'olock P. M , tor the transaction of important hustneaa; all membara are reqaaated to be <n attendance, and thoae * lahlng to become members. By erder of TBOMaH TUYNBEE. President ALi'RED ROUK, V loo President. P. Ci.ranrsow, Secretary Twklith ward.? an adjourned meeting of the iwiliih ward liquor dealers was held on Thurs day e\.u-.'.a, Ma> tlieiilai at tLe house of Jas. Croahany, Stryker a bay, J. T. Jackson in the ohair, E. B. Liw retire . fecre'ary, pro tem, when the following reaolu tion was adopted:? Resolved, Ibat this association, new organised act in accordance with the resolutions ot tha liquor association of the city of New York. Carried. Moved and aecondod thatT T. Jackson *#'. as thairratn of the Ward Comniitt?o Carried. Moved and seconded, that three delegates be clected to represent the Twelfth Ward t ommi< tee in Central Convention. Carried. Alex ander Thorn, Thcm?s T. Jackson and Edward Luff were only elected laid delagataa. Alter the tranaaetion of other business. f apt. Ri< hard I'ttnoh, pf I reach's Hotel, in hia usual able and irgumfbUtivA at>le, addressed the meeting, which was listened to with marked attention. The meeting then ad|onrn<d to meet on Thursday next, Jim 7th. at eight o'clock 1*. M., at the house of E. Jones, E?q., Clare moot. TO I IljUOR DEALERS IN HOBOREN OR JERSEY Citf ? Annnoiiiiftl opportunity to comul^le net ot copper distilling apparaiua, entlrelv usw, o**tea or twelve gaDons capacity , made in Paris. Will ->? sold at a vsrv mo derate price, Address tha tarkceper at Kiell's Scar UoteL > 4 Lfspenard street SPORTING. /"1ANARY birds.? tiie umh.rsignf.d beg leave \ ' to Inicrm the public 'hat they basojaat. received from I nrope a large asseriment ot esuei|?n( singing bird', ?ueh a< canaries, bnldnchea, gold* re lies, atarliaga. throstles, Ao., ao., which he off rs for sale, wnnletale and retail. ?*. rsry lew prlcesi also a lot ot South American biris, sncn as Vlr cina nlghtioga'es, moaking parr <t>, Ac , Ac.; to other with a (Inn assortment of bird rates of every detnrln tie*. Mid seeds, Ao , Ac II. A. KEltUIE A SON, 1 VI Wil ham street, betweca Franklort A Spruce MdihlM. hIKDtt t%iU !?ALfc.-T*l> L.I u moekiag birdi, twjy^arsold; ?il' nook eat, d*g, pig. hen ard roaster, aad will sing a>cht and day. An* p? soa a is hit g a ?u( bird may afpl / U fraaktia aarket, j.d sig> rmmjkaw ATNABIBM-TO tBTCtft roB SALS CHEAP, ON 13-td u4 llitk tmuii, i dbU ??? a half stary firaao kousa. fi.Ud is with briofc, ulaa Mf* coHai. Ao.. and six full lot. Ut inual, wfeni with Inh IH>I Term? eaijr. Can ?VU|| at 1334 street. AddW to H. B. BI' 'B, Superior Court, Oil# Hall or 46 Ext 1'won tf?|hlk atreet. A FURNISHED HOUSE *<> LET- FIRST CLASS- TO ? family of grown persona. The preaent oeeapaat* (lata in (umUr, would lotnaia aad board with t*e family dinners far gwntlemau oxouptcd. Kartiea will b? treat* i with for throe following daye, Apply at 96 Wart Twenty fifth (tract, eeeond block from Broadway. FURNISHED HOUSE ON EAST TABUS.? A WIBDW rr, without obildren, owning a lar*a furnished Us use, near Union square. would lot it te a fatally, and, if agree able, board with tliom. tieceby reducing the runt to about fl.UOO. Apply to JaUES SUCH, W East Fifteenth atraat. FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET IN BKOl#KLYN. Laige and ooavnpi?at, some diHMoe from ttie ferry, but in the finest and h*?ltbisst situation. baring all the atlvaa f aires ef country, and naue of ita risas. -Address box ISfit Pos>. Office. FVBNISHED BOOBS TO LET.? A PARLOR, BED room and kitchen, with ooek stove and other hix nicaoc* tor baepiug heuae C'rotoa up. Also roomi far one or two young goa .lemon. No boarding bousa. Please oaJ at 12S Weet Twenty fourth atraat, near Seveuih arouse FURMSI1ID R( 0 US. ?TWO BEAUTIFULLY FUR nlthed room*, pliasaetly situated, with gas aad Crotnn wafer, will be lot very reasonably, without board, la a pri vate family. Apply at IS 8 Bowery, in tbe drag a tore. House to let-possession immediately- a neat three awry hou*e with modern im[>rovemaeta, i.i a centeel neighborhood. Bent $449. Situaud ia Detn atreot, South Brooklyn, twelve door* from Bond, towards Serine aouth aide. For further particular* inquire at Ui Canal afreet. New York. TJABTLY FUBMSIIED HOUSE AT CLIPTON. STA JlT ten laland, to let ? Within ten minutes' walk of Vender but'* landing. The gre?ads are welt arranged aad beauti fully ehaded. Term* moderate. Inquire of R. 3. lloWKS, residing on the premises, or o?. Mr. CHESTER FLOWE&, 7i Broadway, up *tair* STEAM POWBB? TO LET, SEYEBAL WELL LIGBT ed room* with steady power ia the building, oor ner of He*tar and Eliaabetti *treet(| alio in Halloing oorner ef Twenty third street and First arouse. Beat# very mo derate. Apply 812 I' earl atreet. THOMAS MORTON. STATEN ISLAND? TO LET OB FOB SALE, A FUR* niafiod or unfurnished cottage, with Si* aires of ground! (dtuatod oh Barde avenue, a few minutes' Walk from Sail er'a Snug Harbor landing. Bent $300 a year. Apply te Dr. A. B. MoT*. oorner of Thompson and Bleeoker itreeta. r LET? POSSESSION CI YEN IM MEDIATELY? TBE rear part of the icooud story, the front cart of the third atory, and all of the fourth story of 29 Ileekmaa street; also, the front room of the fifth story of 31 and S3 rteekman atreet bach apartment U suitabls for a?y land of mechanical business; ala<u bisemonkof 21 Bookman street. Inquire ef JAMBS COB NBR A SUNS, 29 Ileekmaa atreet. TO LET-STOBE 40 BBADB STREW, IN THE FIRST bouse east et Broadway, oppottie Stewart'*. BontfOM pee year. Apply at Genmel'i, 302 Broadway. fO LET? THE STORB 14 ROOSEVELT STREET, ONE of the beat stand* in the Fourth ward for the grooery and liquor business. Apartment* to lot ia the roar build ing*. Inquire of F. PKlEaT. : mo LET-THE FIRST LOFT OF NO. 4 MURRAY J. street, two doors from Broadway, and the third loft, if desired. A first rate location for any light business. In quire on the pre mine a. : TO LET.? UFPEB PART OF A HOUSE, NO. 97 HUD. eon street, to a respectable faulty without board, rooms furnished or unfurnished. r> LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY, THE SECOND story, nnd one bedroom in third story, with privilege ot bath room, oellar, Ac., of house No. 98 East Twenty eighth street. Inquire as above. TO LET? THE UPI'BR FLOOR OF A THREE STORY brick house situated ia Fourth street, Williamsburg, near Division avenue. The location cannot be surpassed. Kent moderate to a smaB family. The balanoe of the house is occupied by a family ol lour persons. Apply to John Wis tie, 48 Wairen street, N. Y. mo LEI? AN ELEQANTLY FURNISHED HOUSE ON J. East Sixteenth street, near Irving place. Furniture in first rate order, and all the modern conveniences in the house. Inquire ot K. A. W ATKINSON, 7Natsau street. TO LET? COTTAGE HOUSE AND EIGHT LOTS OF around, attached, situated at the foot ef 121st street. on the Harlem river. Said premises are laid out in a beautiful garden, with a choice variety of fruit, making one of the moat delightful summer residences on New York island. Uroton * ater in the house. Seoond avenue cart go within two blooks of'the doer. For further particulars inquire ot B. P. BR1GG3. 171 Third avenue, corner of Seventeenth at r> LET- AT NO. 60 ATLANTIC STREET, BROOKLYN, nitbia one minute's walk of the ferry, five rooms aad oloeoti. Only oue family in the house. Beat low to a good tenant. | fO LET? A LARGE STORE AND TWO ROOMS AT taohed, suitable tor grooery and liquor*, in a good looa fisa fcr business. Rent moderate. No 118 Twenty fourth street. Apply to D. JUNES, 314 East Sistn street. 1 fO LET? A NEW FOUR STORY HOUSE, BROWN 1 stone front, in 38th street, second door west fro in Lex- j ingtnn avenue; size twenty by sixty-five; contain! all the modern improvements: will be routed low to a good tenant. Apply to T. A L. KoSS, 99 Peatl and 62 Stone St*. fix) LET? TBYNER'S UNION BOOMS, 825 AND 8Z7 JL Houston street, two bloifc* east of Broadway, by the day or week, f?r soirees, mee'ing, Ac. The law* room will be let tor a church, and will eontaia an orgaa. Apply on <fi? premises. J. r. T. TO LET-A FUBNISHED HOUSE, IN A PLEASANT location; contains bath and cas. Part ptyment osn be made in board; or would let part of the same te a small tamilv, with privilege in kitchen. Apply at 222 Greene street, between Amity and F ourt.h. ; mo LET-A NEW HOUSE UP TOWN, WITH MODERN A improvements; will be rea'.ed low, aad the rent taken in board. Address C. D. A. Herald office. | rpO LIT ? A FRONT ROOM ON SECOND FLOOR, WITH X small room attacbad; very handsomely famished; will be let with breakfast and dinner on Sunday, if required. The house ii replete with modern improvement*, ana deaira bly located at 121 Croabr atreet, opposite Niblo'a. IIO LST-FOR ONE OR FIVE TEARS, ON THR MOST Hbei al term*, to goed tenant a, (at the owner if about leaving the city,) two English basement houses on Hurray hill, 11S aid 11S East Thirty ninth atrcat, near Lexington ?venue. Houses four stories and all the Improvements. In quire on the premise*. K. GIBBONS, ID Bait Thirty-ninth street. fTIO LET? A FURNISHED ROOM, FOR AN OFFICE, X with the uae ot a front parlor on the first floor. In jnire at 30 Canal ttreet. TO LET-A BEDROOM. WITH THB USE OF A StT ting room, to a lady; a drestmaker preferred. Batereacea required. Apply at 131 W eat Sixteenth atreet. TO LET? FIRST YLCOR OF HOUSE 35 BEEKMAM street; a star* 13 Duane atreet; heuaa M Mett atreek henae No. 4 Variak atreet; kenaa 114 Weet Breadwar. Te let. hi WilliamakuiK, a house near the ferry; it ha* ia* and marble mantels, ana vary pleaeanUy situated. Apply te k 0 8MITH, 16 Mett atreet. r I.ET-A VERT DESIRABLE HOUSE, IN A GOOD neighborhood, containing sovtnteen room*, with rin^e. gas, Ac. It ia well calculated for a boarding houae, looaved on the corner of Wood hull and llicka atreet*, Soutn liraak lyn, within about aeven mlnntea' walk of the tarry. The atove will be let at a low rate to a good, responsible tenant. Inquire of J . A. LYDECKER, liAl Columbia atreet, oarnar ol Union, Month Brooklyn. rl.ET, ON MYRTLE ATRltUB, CORNER OF TATKS avenue Brooklyn.? 6 new konsea, commanding on* *4 the flneet viowa ef t>ho city. To a good, respectable tenant, will b* letter SIM a year each. Apply te A. C. FRiN SlOLI, at the office of Thexauoa A Bryan, No. H ffal atreet, New York. rru LET IN BROOKTN? HIE HANDSOME BROWN 1 atone front house 37(1 Pacific street, tilth honse front tio cottar of llond ttreet, in a row of aiullar house*, beau tifully situated, in complete order, with bath, gas and wa ter fixtures. Possession immediate, and rent low to a goad Uwaat. Apply at the oOce of JAS. COCKER & CO., 84 John atreet, New York. TWO LARGE PARLOUS TO LET; ALSO. A FEW ploasant handsomely furnished rooma to let. with a* without boaid; bourn genteel, with all the modern improve ments; location one of the boat in the eity. Alae, aa office o let. Apply at Sfi Bleecksr street. rLET OR LEASE-ON LEXINGTON AVENUE, BR tween Fiftyrlxth and fifty-seventh street, N>w York one four atory hriok dwelling, one three story brick factory with frame building and staMee. on three lots of ground, 76 feet by 90. Also, in Brooklyn, a genteel house nearly now. No. ?2 Ham ver place, 70 fedt from Fnltoa aArnie. Apply to W C. KBEN. W Sixth avenne. New York. TO LEASE FOR A TERM OF YEARS-A BRICK AND ttcne building, oronpyiLg two lot?, near the East river, ia this city, with a fifty hor<e engiuc. mills, shafting, oleva tora and ttiree rnn of atone for grinding horse feed, now in opciation. 1 1 ta property will be "old, if desired, on the moat acsommodatin* terms. Particular* given by applying to JOHN M. I.EITCU, No !? Spruce st., room J. TO BENT-THREE ROOMS, IN A TWO STORY COT taie, 1 10 East 1 wenty third street, near Third avonue. None but a small and very respectable family need apply, lo auch the rent will bo lor. TO RENT? ON BROOKLYN H EIGHTS, TO A FAMILY without children, the entire aecond flnor, two Urge room* and bedr>?o>H, with use of kltclma; V> Willow sarett, jbrooklja. within three minutes' walk of Fulton or Wall street terries; location quiet and respectable; reterenoo* ex changed. tlTANiED TO LET? AN APARTMENT IN A SMALL '? turni'hed house, te a man and wife, in order to have tl.o v ite take ehsrg* of the house, whijli will h* let out la rooks. Addres* Delta, with name and address. HI ixi AltDS* BILJ.IARDU.-WK DaVK A MIRMJII STOCK ?? Utile*, with n.arble. alata or woodm bad*; ale>, ifV hardball*, com flftnun bain pool, billiard otolba, in fact, oanry article in tbu trade, ti n p?r eent cheaper than any otkt-r enUbliibaont in thn I'nil-d SUtn. LEONARD ft BKITJAMIN, highaat oremluin maker*, 332 Broadway. UMON r ARK BILLIARD ROOMS, UN I^tttSITT place, corc.?r Tbtrt-.enth atrcet, tha l*r?eat i.nd bait THil??K d roumi in tha o-ty, where gantUaiea csu amaaa ?hie rrlrr* at tl>e healthful game of billiard*. Twj seoend J, Mid iabiei far laic at a b.rnain, ja pjrfee t ardar. _jt: H. HATfluBM, i*< Wm E OFFER FOR SALE, A FINE STOCK OF Bil liard* tablee.with our uewly invxnted cnahi?ai, anperior to all atbera now in uae; two n??d aecond band tahlai for fair at a barpala. GRIFFITH ADECKKR, !M Ann (treat. A8TRor?or. _ CARD.-MADAM t'RBWSTRR RETURNS THANKS to htr friend* and patron*, and be** to aay that, altar tha thoneanda, ?oth la thi* aity and I'hiladelpliI*. wbo hart con*nlt*d hrr with rn:irg aatWfactim, aha facia confident that in the i|?o*Hnn? of arrology, Ioto and law matter*, and book* or ora;lea. aa relied on conatantly by Napoltua, the ha* no eqnal She w<N tell tha name ot tha fotare h*a band, and alio the name of her Tlattar. Roaidoaoa 76 Madi aon ? one door from Catherine. \IADAVK ALWIN. FROM PARTS? TENDERS RBI irl aervlrra to the ladio* and nonMrmon of thia city, la pl.renelort Mm can b* eonnnlt.?d abant lore, marrtaie, bn wwl Aa ; a* a OUi Mil it ,u ktlaii im tint U4y uataliMM tl e> will a.atn *J?o the nana of her Tiaitara *1 ? in roavertMlr Uie Boaliah. FraneK n.rt G*rm+? :??*"??.< ?i; mlnmllUmiy, h>n? m4Iww*iiim? BORMna, ?AKkiuaa, ?S. -BLWB M*RsK fuB MAI JL? A U AfW . wu. lull Mia W?/ Morgan berse, eight yean old thin spring, p? rfeclly s?u>.d end kind. ?er? luLuJ gr<et bottom. Andres* tax 3.1&! Fo?t office $800. Arur?iciAN'8 cig, or huperiob sttlk ahb timsh, aid unite *? geed ? new. having been >s*y UMk used, will ki Mid foe UU l?*s than soft; also. a wa*?u suita ble for ft doctor, price $60. liutfc eau btMiu Ka< ?.a'e stable, earner of Biok and Harrison iirn cU, Seuth Brwaija ABIOUCHAM ROOfcAWAY. BOSTOJf CHAISE AND ooupe rock away , neaily new; also, pints ruckaways ?ad burgle*, lor ?ale obesp Apply a? 79 West Tweuty-third street, a law doers wa it of 8?ltb aronue. C AMI AGE FUR SALE? A HANDSOME JHfV Land oarriMv, with Malt tor four penoes, top ta M down, md nearly now; oost *.>*'; wllj bo said at a taorMga Also a pair ol spteudid blauk earriaie hersrs, lt? heads high, and wall matibs^ pood aad sty tish travellers, and vil h a?Ulrh>ap. Would be well worth the while of gen lensn ta oall. The whole may be seea at 74 aad 7T East Blurs** eUeot, a ear ?ee?nd avenue. CBO. Z. BARTjIOMff. For sale? a maunificcnt grey gelding, sol took hands bin a. ol lit style and action. Caa trotlt 2:40, sure. Can be aoon at BUR* HAM'S, Blo.MOtagdala road. Ua la no* in excellent bealtk, sound and kiad in all harness, without fault, eevea year* old, aad a mora da<4 rable horae cannot bo found in tho world. Huilaen B. R. 1?4 A. Id.; 3 "A) and 6 T. M. FOR SALE.? a BLACK BoUBE, is hands hi oil sound, aad kind in single or doublo barne**; weriM make a snleudid military bone, aa he is odo of tbe head' rmmt saddle horse ia Now York. Can bo una* at Harrises Float's stablei. No. IV Roosevelt street ; sold^fer wast of uao. I/tOR SAI.E? A VERY FIVE BAY H0R3K. OT YEB JJ mont Morgan stock. 16){ hands high, six years old, pony bnilt, Una sty le aad action, aud good spied; perfectly son o% sail kind every way. Bold for want of una. Inquire at otita stable, raeilc street, soar Court, rear of coal yard, Bteefc Fa salb? matched horses? a pair or very hue family borsea, bay. short talis, about sixteen bands high, kind and gentle Abo, a oarriage, made for the are ee? owner by one or the boat oity makers, and but IlUla used. Sold for want of nee Sold together or separate. Can be seen at Dennett's slab's. <>K and 7U South Sixth street, Williamsburg, Long Island, from 10 to 3 o'olock. FOB 8AT.B? A LADY'S SADDLE H9RSB. IIU hands high, a superior saddle horae, and w amnion sound and kind in single aud deubla harness; will ba sell etioap. as the owner Is gtiug to Europe. Apply to W. CUUiMWEll, 130 Chrystie street. I.10R SALS ? HORSE, WAGON, AND HARNESS, *? r be sold together or separate; roan horse 16 hands high, can trot to niton in S mieutei and 16 seconds shifting tsf wagon very little worn, made It Godwin ft Humphrey, to order. Caa be seen at Reed k Trueedoll'e stable, 172 aad 174 Meroer street. 1i<OR SALE? A LIGHT BAY HKBSE, (PONY BUIlTA J? seven yrars old this spring; perfeotly sound, kind anl gentle; baa been used as a lady's saddle horse; must be cold, as the owner is about leaving lor Europe. Inquire at the New York Steam aad Gaeflittlng Establishment, 17# aad WM Centre street. Also a light box wagon and harness. Fob sale? a yery stylish black horsb, s years old, 16 hands high, and warranted sound and kind aad stands without. tying, l'rioe $126. Also, a good work horse, sound, with the exoeptieu ot being a little eore for ward l'rioe 946. For particulars inqnire at 4(3 Sixth aro nue, cormtr of Twenty-eighth street. T7>OB 8ALB-A TALUABLK MAMBRI NO BAY MABB. J? six year* old, 19% hands high, long tail, no white aboat her; ran go her mile ia three and a half minutes; warrante4 sound, kind, snd without lanlt; sold only for wans of use, and $200 Is the lowest price, whioh is $100 less than ske ta worth. Can be seen at George Murray's stable, 33 Thir teenth street, near University place. Horse at auction.? tiiis day, at 12 o'clock. corner of Wall and New streets, a splendid ysuag eeriel mare. W A. CARTER, AuotUneer, store 6/ ?e*r atreet, corner of Gteenwich. Horse fob sale? a sklrvdid young hor?e. <-en hands hlsh, sersn years old, a superior saddle horse, sound and kind in single or double harness; proba bly the bandsomn^made horse in the conitry; oolor lliht ba), long black ND and black logs. Apply to JOSHrH CARNEY, coruer of Kleventh and Soutn First atrtets, Willlamsbntg. HORSE FOB SALE.? FOR SALE. A SPLRNDI9 ur?y horse, six years old, tixtoea hands high, scant aud kind; can trot a mile in three minutes. One brews horse, 1-V? bands hl^h, six >ears old; caa trot In tlireo mintAos; price $'260. One new top wtften, weighs 2(>5 pounds^ one square box wagon, wnit lis pounds, will be sold cfeeap. Inquire of JAMES COYNX, CIud (table, oorner ot tttaio and lloerum streets, Brookljn. Horse? for sale, a bright bay fony horse. atout lifteen hat.ds high, kinJ, grntlo and showy la single or double harness. Good under tho saddle Hu been drove and rode by a lady. Inquire of Mr. MMITH, 'Oi Dey street. For salb.? a black mare, seven years ol?. star / sixteen hands high, she will be sold at a bargai^ ?s the owner has bo use lor her. Apply at tha stable, M Franklin street. For sale? one of tue most pf.rfect little riding horses iu the oity, 13 baud? bigfc, (i yeart eld vear handsome, stylish aud very gentle; in fact a perfeot pat, nitbeut fault or blemish. laqnire at 61 sixth street. For sale? a bright bay horse, wbll broke. sound and kind, at.d stands wi-.uout hitchlug, tegetuer with bupgy and bsrness, or separately. Reason fer selling, tho owner having no use for tho same. Apply at 110 De^raw trect, Brooklyn; or to \V. RoBlaSON, til Nassau street, loom No. 7, lor thiee days, by letter. BMiR sale? A ROCKAWAY carriage, shiftino tof, glass front, pole and shafts ta complete and exoel lent ordtr, built by Brewster. Will be sold tor half its oest, f sold immediately. Apply to J. I'tltKlNX, at Sedi^ok'a livery stables, Uoyt-street, Brooklyn. For sale, cheat? a horse, spring cart and harness, with work. Apply at 023 Washington street, attar ti V. M. Horse and wagon wanikd.? the horse to be dark chestnut or black, showy, light built, fast travel er, and kind in harnoss or under the saddle; the wagoa a suitable match tor the horse. Any parson having suoh, may tad a purchaser by driving to 70 Wail street. F. A. ABBOT. HOUSES TAKEN AT LIVEKY, AT >18 1>EB MONTH, at the old eitabliehed *ta>le, 4ti, 48, anil to Greene etrett. 12 quarta or oat* given, ?nil h*y at night. N. B.? If satisfaction is not given, no aliniuu will be mads. | H??RY H. LYON. Morgan horses? a bat colt five team old, a ohcKtna t Morgan name age, a largo powerful Anlal laacoltdx year* old. Either of then ran trot inaida o I Uiree minute*, aad are toond. AWo several (uperler aiajkh boraea, lateiv from Vermont, for aale. Apply at 21 Btma atreet, Brooklyn. Riding horse for sale.? can be shin at Tigne)'* ? table, ooraer of College plaoe and Love latxu urooklyn Said animal is a bay mare, mx year* old, loaM gentle, aid of unoominon beauty. SECOND HAND ROC KA WAY CARRIAGE F0S *ale ? Strong and la good order, for two hnrae* ; wilt oarry aix per*on* Uclading tbe <ri?er A* ply to Mr, Pa* tona, coaclimaker, corner of Broadway and Thirty -Mveatk Itreet. ' SECON IHIAND CARRIAGES FOR SALE.? TITO shitting top bonier; one tour leat raakaway, two eix neat rookaway*. All in good order and n-ariy now. Apply ?i the oarriage factory, llurd aveaae, near Forty leventnaw WANTED? TWO GOOD nORSES, 15 OR IS HANDS high, rnitable for coantry work, match er no*, aa to color; mart be eoand, gentle, and true in alt harnca*. la quire at 103 Eaat Broadway. WANTED-A l'AIR OF HATCHED CARRIAGE horaea, color crajr or bay, not over eiglit year< aid, ktyliah and perfectly ctaad and gentle, a superior pair of bona* in every setae. Peraon* bating euoh animala te dis poae of may addre** J. R. A.. Herald office. WANTED? A MARE FOR BREEDING : SHE MUST bo well built, .entlo iu all harness, and fit to do light work on a farm, Address box 1,54>8 Pert Oflica, atatiag aie, site, color, aoundaess and price, whioh must be low. WANTED TO EXCHANOE-A HANDSOME BAY hor>?, seven yeara old, without a blemlah, aoui.d and kind in overy particular, trota fa<t, lor a pair ef yoatig po Diet, about 14}* hand* IiIl,Ii, eitbor trotter* or paoers; trot tcra preferred; moat go te tke pole inaida ef Sif. aad moat Ve right ia e>ery t articular Any person having eaeh a aadt and willing to exchange, will pleaae addrea* Samuel, I'wr IXTioe, stating an, height, color, gait, and whero te be *e?n. PUB1I ITIRK. IjWAMELLED COTTAGE FUKMTURF.-NEAT, PUI J ty suit* a* low aa t'ii, at the maun factory and war* room*. 634 Broadway, near Bleecker street, berido* tvecy styla af elegant aad faihionable enamelled auit*. 8. H. WARWICK. 01.D STAND FOB CHEAP FGRN1TURE, V BATHERS, beds, mattreiaea and pi. Iowa; fuixiturv made te order, repaired. varnished and upholstered; chain acated with can* or mah, and painted; fr->n and aofa bedsteads cheap: a very <araa walnut bookeaan, for aale, at G. M. SNEbEN't, 2t3 Bowery, between Houston and Stanton atreeta. "DECLINING CHAIRS? Xv Wkeal ohalra. Chamber chair a. Bad chalr?, Office revolving ebair*, Mi every variety or chair* lor Invalids, man m fact a red bf M. W. KING A SON. 468 Broadway aad ll? Mcrcar (treat KXPRKHS AGENCIES. Ij'HRKMAN A CO. '8 CALIFORNIA EXPRE3St~(Slfc r ecssor* to Adaina A Co.? IMTioe M n ay.? Onr aext express** for California wlh leave on T<ie?dav, June A par ?learner Gecrge Law, via I'anama, doing at 1 'o'clock P M e and per Star of the W'eat, via Nicaragua cl?tuag at 2 o'clock. P. M. Both expreaaea in charge ol apeeial meuea g era. Fieight at reduced raiea. FREEMAN A CO., Pnptietera. 1RAVKLLEKS' ? IT I DR. F'OR K.KY?"(?HT, UNION, FlIKTSIiillliU, K?D Sliruwiifurv, nnd Middtotuwn I'oint. ? Tim KagU leave* foul ol Mirray ?tro<-t daily (.'?3?-pt Sua w o clock Running, leiTei Portmaouth tl 3 U Mw rt 4 1'. M . For k*y port ano tort uauii.tojt . tod f??t (tcambi it KEY PORT leave* N%| knirij h' r '** t , daily, S,ndav? etoap'sJ, at returning leavea Key port at 7J< o'clock A. Si P?ri"i>i iicitroni of victim* one of tbo ma lw ?i bMbii* pltcri in the *!<? nitr of New, ?* Jtcri'Mt i m>d lmoinrai ia*n can bo la "atf put 9 A. M. vntll 4 1'. M. For covey isiand and fort iia! M?itrrM)k1Vll.l[ will <o?im?nc?? M *' on Friday. J?ae I 1M*i '** /./'* 'I lnwr? l'i>r fro* of Ainon (tree t, a* . i# I IV M; pier fott ol M'rirc Hreet f'S A I.J P. M ; pier N? ?">. N#rth riT*r'?Ul.,A/ ?! J Int Coney l?lnu?l U?t ttin. Irland and bnck to Now York, 24 eenta. cMldrea. FOR, NEW ?OOWl*ihSi and Rooky Nocfc ? ateemlmn mice her regular lHntnn Catberin. marke* ?Up at < el ?<?* J SUN BAY* TRIP TO NFtW HU HO f r "52? Hrrin. |M?IM at Yorker., llMlil ry. mtSSl SWwM-f. Ilavr.tra.and f' ,i ir. pact? 'a Vaufc. 1 hcl!?b win lea?? rn* f??t ?f J. I" dae ?* ?* ? IWI. T< ;,??? A?*kift m i r. m.

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