Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 2, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 2, 1855 Page 7
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ITHMSRTS mm mil III. fo* BAiiS. - nnn -*o* SALk-A valuabui ib ow orb fOi.UuU. tract, whir* b InwJ, aad paying mora &>? 12 per ??tit, without ??< dttienal expense to too ifMT. Satisfactory rttiooi Ur wiling. Apply to _ WA LLBB A Sluf, 440 Eighth ?????? cm nnit-fox salb. lumbeb yard. oib ^lU.uUl/t eetakliebed, and splendidly located, doing an wfttiiM buaineai and eleariag >10,000 per year, having extrame faaUiMcs lor extending trade; alio, partner wanted, ?M froa 15,000 to $10,000, in a superior and old established Manufacturing business. Apply at the United States Agency, 212 Broadway roora IX ? ? T KrtA -VALUABLE MILL PBOPBBTY ON LONG HP i .OUU. liland.? Sixteen aeaec of land, two ntver felling ponds of water; large prist, saw and "amp mllli, in narfaet order. now doing a large business; three (tory facto &. large dwelling bout*, barn, earr age hoases, Ac. E. A. Bl'ACB, 212 Broadway, corner Fulton ft, room No. 3. *A?IE CHANCB.-rOB SALB OR^X ^T.tlUU. chance for real eitate, the etock and fixture* ?i the largeet aad beet boot and ahoe (tore In the city of * Brooklyn, 79 Mjrtle avenue Satisfactory reasons riven lor celling, ae the owner ic going te leave the city ; er, the a tore te let and ftxtnroa for lale. <800 ~8H** STORB FOR SAKE? THIS IS A BARB WV/Vl/. opportunity ier any peraon desirous of entering *???*? boot and a?o? business. The ateek is all new, ana WB1 be cold very low for can*, a* the preaont proprietor te Mgaged in aaother be'ineae. Foe further particulars la ture at 192 tirand street. A BARB CHANCE FOR CAPITALISTS.? FOR SALB, ii a very liberal perpetnal charter of a Life Inearaaee Company, which has nearly one hundred pMiniei in foree, With au the neeeaeary booki, blanks, o tiles funtture, Ae., Moated la central Pennsylvania. All wVl be cold on favor able terma. For particular*, adiireac STEP UK* MILLER, Bcq., floor iaspeotor, Mount Vernon Ueuae, North Soooad ?treat, Fhttadelpia. A BAKE CHANCE ? A FEED STORK, WITH 14 JH. static, and doing a good each busteoai, tot aale cheap. Apply at Ml Water at A MAGNIFICENT AND EXCLUSIVE MANUFACTB ?**. ling business, affording a clear profit et 301) per cent, viB be sold very lew; with tae ateek, properties, Ae , ?>m ple-e ae the proprieter has other ironc in tho tire and can at lead te it. Apply te THOMAS A STREET, 3 1% Pine AN EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY TO BNGAGE IN XL buataese.? For sale, a window shade aid paper hanging ate re, an old ectablithed ataad aad doing a good business, in a geed location, where trade ic yearly increasing. For oar tioalara, addrecc L. P., Herald office. (1BNTBAL PARK LOT8.-FOR SALB. CHEAP, TWO J lota en the Berth cide ot Sixty third ctreet, 190 feet Mat of Broadway, in the Immediate vicinity of the pro peeed park, restricted against nuiaaaeea; even with the ?~de, and atreet opened. Apply to JOHN F. CON KB If, It ? all ctreet. ("10TTAGB ON TUB NORTH RIVER FOR SALR, J containing tea rooms, splendid g vrdeu and yard attach ed, {OxSOU f?et,l with vegetables, chrubberv and ohoico Iratt trsec Location witbin two hundred yardc of the irvington depot ? viaw )( the river and surrounding scenery unsur parsed. Price $3,t>ti0. Apply at the depot, or at YAN ElBW'S, 1 11V Broadway. CHEAP LOTS-FOB INVESTMENT ?R BUILDING? cplendidly located at Cambridge, en the Camdea aad Ambey Railroad, eppotitc Philadelphia. They are elevated, level aad dry; in alio, J) by 100 to ISO leet, and only $38 each. Title u-auuestiouable. For particulars addresc or ap ply te D. M. ailTCUBKuN. 76 South ctreet, Philadelphia. Drug store for sale cheap, for cash? price $bC0. two jearc leaoe, rent $1B0; store, five rooma and ettiar, with goed yard, Jto. N. B.? Fluid and eampbene will pay the runt. Adareuc Paul, llerald olftce. BXPRESS FOR SALE.? AN OLD AND WELL ESTAB 11, bed exprecc betweet Brooklyn and New York for ? ale. lor full ptrtieularc inquire of P. LaNGDON, 47 Fnl tea ctreet, Brooklyn. Elegant country residence for salr-situ a tod on Union avenue, Muiaaronee village, Wectohecter oovnty. 'I he honae contains nine beaotifnl rooms, cumaer btteben, wash heune, ice l.ouse, Ac. Ihe ^roundc comprise fifteen oiiy lota, laid out witli choice Iruit treec. Just in beariag; one hour'c ride from the City Hall b? New Haven railroad aad two minutes' walk from the depot. Tho above very dctiraLle recidence will be sold reasonable. Apply at Bt) Bowery. fCR SALE? 60 CASE3 NO. 24 GUASE SHEET CAST ?tcel, best auality, suitable for portemonnaies, A o. For V*iH?alarc apply te IUOMaS aogTON, 212 Pearl street. I OB SALE ? A GOOD SECOND HAND COPPER RET tie, will bold about 17 barrels; also, a variety of iron bol'era aad pans, of every description. WiJ be sold oheap fer cash. Apply te PuOiJi A HaBRISON, 65 and 07 Rut gcrc slip. tOR SALE- AN EIGHT HORSE STEAM ENGINE and boilet. Inquire ot KICHAR1) WltlUf, 141 Tbomp een ctreet. ?OR SALE? THE 1. KamE. STOCK AND F1XTURE9 oi n eonlectionery, ioe cream aaloon and bakery, lo cated np town, on one of tha lea ling thoroimhtiires, aud new detui? a gooa buaineas, with a thrse years loase Apply to T11UMA8 A STKMAT, 34'2 Pine street. FOR BALE? A NBA! TWO STORY AND ATTIC COF tago bouae, situated in Washington avonu", Ceutral Monrisanla, near the eepot. Tho house is well finished, with ?crbio maatlte. grates, dnmb waiter, speaking tube, bath and gteen rr nuis, and the grntind woil laid ont with shrubbery and fruit trees, with wire lenco in front hfty foet, ttHh althea he ogo. hue oi let 50x140. Also, a lot in rear, tame lite, fronting oli Kattroi: d i7eaoe. Will bt cold tega ther ti sf'paia'.. for abeut two thirds of the original cost. Apply to MM W LED, 8b Bowury. or ISAAC AMKRMAN, Jr., (4 IV all street. If OR SALE? TUB SMALL YACHT LA PIERS, 18 FRET k< el. i-tll ri.. .-d. lunuiro ot or addrA" E. E. HOLlaB V, Merobaiiit insfitanee Co., cornet ?i ra 1MB and Urjenwicn streets. tOR SaLE-AT A GREAT SACRIFICB, THE STOCK ana fixtures ef a conteotioaory, doing a go?d retail Lusines%, which oan be greatly im( roved by aay person hav isg a imall capital. Apply oa the premicea, 170 Eighth av, fO? SALE? AN UNEXPIRED LEASE, HAYING SIX years to run, ef two new heusec: rented for $300 each. Ihe rt-nt payable qasr.oxly. and well aocored. Proposals, stating tie amount that will be given in cosli for the lease, may be addresiod to Letscr, Herald office. For sale-a beautiful country residence at W est Farms, Westchester county. New York, all in goed cider, and immediate pcaiession oan be given, with the areps ef corn, potatoes and every kind of ve^ntablot and Ciuit now growing. For turtber particulars applv to J. 1. CODDINGlON, No. 17 Wall strset, seeoad story, front effice. For sale-new. cheap, and desirable resi dences. quite near the cburchee, schools, stores, and depet at Stamford, Conn. Five decirable bonsec of different sixes, and some witb larger lots, will be sold low and on toy accommodating terms. Prices from &LUOO to $7,000. Apply to HOMLK MORGAN, l'ine ctreet, No. 3 Metropoli tan Bank Building. Fob sale-a villa, situated on tub banks of the Hudson liver, about 46 minutes' ride by railroad from the City Ball, N. V., with a beautiful viow of the river and surrounding country. The hrnso n new, of tha first slass, ai.u replete witu every ooayenience. Croion *?? ter tirooghout, bath*, water closets, stationary baeiu?, dumb waiter*, gaa pipoa, rau^e, furnaoe, Ac. Ittaooeaei Ulity by car /i an<t atagea rendera it very deiirable. Tarmi eaay. Af ply to PHILIP K. WILKINS, auetionoer, No. 2 Broad strict, corner of Wall. SjlOR S A LI? AT A BARGAIN, A LARGE TENANT . building. aituated in the Seventh ward; the wholeot the building being ended by the owner on day'ii work, of the be?t material; (ize of the house l'< x 51 feet; on the premieAt there ia a lcato of throe yeare from the firat of Hay, ISA, at the yearly rent of one thuueand dollars. For further particular*, apply to MR. LYOMS, No 2 franklin ?|u?e. fOR SALE-ONE OF THE OLDEST AND BEST IS tabliabed lining taloone down town, doing a fine tv.?i noes, with 90 or 80 lodging rooms attached; will be eold if applied for soon. Adareea K. , Herald offiou. For sale-a hotel on the european plan, witii furniture and atook, doing an extensive dining ba dness; located in a leading thoroughfare, with a lease of art year a; a?ld a? the ewner is leaving the eouatry. Addreai lex 1,831 Poat Office. , -?i?TT third W?* ?i&No money!*1' I OR SALE AT A SACRIFICE? THE HEPRE-^EWTA tire khip (Continental/ sarin* the passeu^cri of the ill fated San IranoUco. Ibia representation ia the best of the kiae ever got up; it is in a large glaas eaae, aud worthy to adorn aay saloon or bar. Will be sold at a bargain. Can ke aeen ior a few day a at S3 South street, up alaira. J L_* " '' 1W1 PAST .1Z*A*B?AT fVRBALEOR TO LET, At ASTORIA? A GOOD TWO ?tery house, with eight lot* of jronad, at eoiTmlrai walk trom the landing. Apply at U Piae itw*. aoooed Soar, front ofiioe. PIK SALE OR TO LET-A LARGE HOUSE WtTO twi aeree of ground, situated between beventy seventh ana Seventy oighth streets oa 1 it tad arena?, next to the l?i mile house; a large atiadod l?,*n :n lapnt with a great varie ty ef iruit. ta^mre at ;? Madieoa, er an the premises. Possession given immediately. FAR MALE OR TO I.ET-A BRICK FACTORY BUILD ieg. ?tie 2Vxl(w feet, 'too atoriea and cellars, with wator power, on t lie bank of tne Hudson river, Jaat above the Higblai. 4i, ard convenient of access by river aad railroads, 1'remWra suitable for many ktnda of semiMU, espeoiaily for waiting, anlLi i>, brewing, t?aaing, laundry and machine shop, cabinet, ? ,?r, kltnd and door work; turning, sawiat, starch, soap ai.J nine making. ,to., Ac. la the bnildlfg is aa abundaaee of pan aft lag water, largo boiior, tuba, tanas, A a. Lumber, iron, coal, bark aad anmarh >andr. Attached iara dwelling, convenient for two families, at&ble aad oar stage boose. Price of rent low, and aeeamaodaUoaa for a permanent bosimas for a good tanaat, wooid bo made to a res, enatfle extent. Inquire af Dr. JAMES ALCOC&, No. 9 Lot ay place, New York, or Vf, A. ROYCR, Newborg. N. Y. FOR BAi.E OR EXCHANGE-A SUPERIOR LOT OF ail painfioga, suitable for a parlor or gallery. Will bo exchanged for a good family or road horse, er a low pnoed building plot amor get the aveiaea. Apply to CEO KUE W. FARLKY, M < 'Lcrry atreet, corner of M aaket street. Hotel and dining saloon for sale-one or the best stands ia thii eity, now doiug a flr?t rate Kneintas. The pr prietor la cot able to attend to the bnai neae, en aceonnt ot ill health. It will bo Hold for Si tW); a part of the pnrchare m >ney can remain en bond and mort gage. For toll particulate, apply to ami II A WOOELU Hi Eighth area no. Hotel -for ?ale. the lease and purni ture ot a hotel in Jeriey City, now dolp* a toou traa sleet nod boardlnq bnnineea. For further particulars apply at the i'M.sdtilpbta Hotel, Jersey city. SAIL BOAT FOR SALE? CARRIES JIB AND MAIN 'ail- ve>y is*'., in good ore er for use, ea?lly matter 1; i. 2 *, !?,? lona, 7 icet wide, alth sails, Ac., all eoiapfctto, yr<-U0t Addrees or a; t>ly to jaMEs K H'ALEER, 114 Faltom Oreet. ST?'RE FIXTURES ?A FIRST RATS LOT OF StlKLV in/ lui arawora, al ?o eenater, for salo aheap, nt So. d l ia< ittift, tiurd ?iory. "V V'ttT " ulir*A" F.?R SAftk-'lBM FAti VM? 1 t"Vi?lrnl >aekt. of utx'u" im) '.one burthen, flowing t" the eitate ef C. B. Milker. E?q., late W Me# W.inetr, ia Oiar.e oauaty deooaoed, a?l h?r tackle, An., la oosipiete order, it ellered for sale. She ia n"W lyici near IlobvUi'a r Try, Mer**y ?h?re,) wnero a lie dim he e.vainine I. Apply KB, W. BONN El", Ea-'cutor, Ae ,88 Wall ft., N.T, LLOYD'S manor FOR salb.-the subbcribe* 1* prepared to Nil portioa* ?( hU mUU io (nilimtn "MIIIIWM nddMm. ta farm* ef from to fifty "W Till beautiful property if ait uated in Qomi eonnty, ?a ?b* ' ?orth aid* of leag I.laa*. withia two boar* of No* lork aitybv a steamboat runuini daily to u< from, and la ?loo accessible by railroad Th* harbor., baya, aad Sonnd surround In*, furnish tbo fit est bathtng fishing aad tailing, "a jrfaoo U wall watered with living spring* of aa excellent quality; , aad for tho sue, variety aad *xt*nt of it* foraat Bad shade trooi if nuiivallsd la thii oonntry. Tho laud la Boitljr at aa elevation of Iron 90 to 75 foot above tidewater; the toll strong aad dry. for the remarkable healthinee* of tho climate generally, the subscriber baa permiMioa to rater to Dr. AUxaider ft. Stiieu, who owaa aa adjoininc property. Farther iaformatioa may he obtalaod oa applica tion to It 0. Carman, E*q, 24 William etreet, or Wyaant Van Zandt, E*q.. eontr of Fifth aveaue aad Twenty eighth atreet, aad by addreuing the ?obaoribar, at Lloyd* Manor, Huntington Poet offlo*. Long 1 aland. 11ENRY LLOYD. TO GROCERS? A FIRST CLASS GROCERY AND frait atote to bo (Old cheap, or a looa ehaneo would bo rivan to a yonng maa, of good oharaoter, with $500 or #6U>, to bare equal Interact ia the basin***. Apply at 72 bit Broadway. HOTELS AMD SUEUUBK HHIUHATS. Belmonth all. new Brighton statin island. ? Aa addition aavlaf boon made to this bonae enabloe it to aceoamodate a much larger nnmber of gu**t* than heretofore; and *ome Tory doairable rooma are offered to fa miliee or ainglo gentlemoa. The boati leave tho foot ef Whitehall atreet. 1. C. COJFTIN. GETTY HOUSE, YONEBRS, WESTCHESTER, COUN ty? Bncklin A Du?*nbury, Proprietor*.. ? rbe above ad mirably arranged hotel i* bow onea for familial aad tran sient paiticc, who with to pace tbo cummer monthc in one of the moet healthy aad beaatlfol village* on ttie Hudeoa river. The house ocenpiea a front of 110 feet front en the river by ICS feet north view: admirably arranged with par lor* aad bedroom*, making it very detlrable for familioa. lookers 1c aituated oa the eact |<ank of the Hadeon 1(5 milec from New York City Hall, which may bo rtaehed at nioe* hourly by railroad aad iteamboatc, making it a d*?ir able homo for geatlemen doing boainexe in tho city. Tbo bonae haa been thoroughly refitted and ia replete wita every convenience The undersigned will use every endeavor to make tbia one of tho moet pleasant aad agreeable roaorta oat of Mew York. ROBT. L. BUliKLIN. RDVV. A DUSENBURY. HGLDKEDGE'S TEMPERANCE HOTEI., 797 AND 7 fit Broadway, corner of Clinton place. Family auita aad ait) file apartment*, handeomely farmihed and neatly kept, oaa aow bo obtalaod, with or without board, a* tkaaedaoo* toat of from S3 to S1A per wook. KELLINGER'S MANSION nOUSE, AT YONEERS, IS open for the season. Target and other parties. from 100 to fiUO, oan he acoommodated at the chortoct notice. Kel linger'a liniment can be had directly from the laboratory. 1 be Dr. ii alwaya at homo to give advloe and to entertain hi* patient*. Mount vernon hotel, cape mat, new jer aey ?The above hoa*o ha* beoa completely finished and furnished, and will comfortably aooommnatae 1,SU# neat*. l'Be home I* situated within tho city, atandiag by niolf oa probably tho bo*t boaoh for bathiag ia tho world. The bonte io upward of 800 foot la length, the dinmg room l* 460 feet. Altogether the Moust Vernon Hotel afford ? tho oooleat and moat del If btfnl retreat in tbo world. PamUic* oi six pereon* and unaard* ean be accommodated with pri vate tables, having Ifaeir meals farniahed at any hour agree able to them. Aa ordinary will aleo be cot at regular hour* for tho*e who areaot ia pertU?, and who may prefer a table d'hote. A large aumber of private dining room* have tht* xaaoa btei added, tor partiei cisiring to be striutly pri vate. An Arteiian well ha* been bored aearly 100 toot in depth, and farniahe* pure soft water throagbont tho hoata. Largo aad sommodious (tabling have boon addod. Tbo hotel haa every modern improvement; indeed, everything haa boon ordered to give eomfott aad pleaiare to the gaoat*. A fall band of music will be in attondaaee during the wholo *oa*oa. Lottor* addressed to the proprietor*, direct ed to Capo Island, Cape May, N. J., will be promptly aa awcred. SAMUEL B. WoOLMAN A CO., Proprietora. VTEW YORK BAY UOTEL, 2% MILES FROM JERSEY li City ferry oa Bergen point, plank road The moat beautiful summer residence in the State. Fiabing, bathing, boatiiur. Dinuer* and anppera at au honr'i|uotioo Private carriages to and from the honse to city. Now open for per manent and transient guest*. Apply at tho honte, or to Capt. L1ESE, Post Office, Jersey City. Richmond hill hotel, staten island, will open for the season on the l)ih of June The view from the honao ie ono of the finest in the country, embracing the wide expanse of th* aea between Look Island, Staten Island, and New Jersey. Particnlar* at S. W. Benediot'a ctoae, No. 0 Wall atreet, Now York. J. P. K BLUET f. PropfUtov. SUMMER RETREAT.? REOPENING OF TUE WADA wanneu Heme, Stonlngton, Ct. The old patron* of thl* home, and thoie who may bo leaking a aeand* real dence in a first class hotel, are informed that the house will apain be open lor visiters on the 10th June, Every faoility will bo afforded for batting, fishing, sailing. Ac. For parti culars, addre**, at Stoningtva, J. G. BRIGG3. SUMMER BOARDERS.? TUE ORANGE LAK.E UOU JE, pleafaatly situated on the east side of Orange lake, six a?lie* west of Newbnrg, Orange county, N. Y., can acootn modate a lew renpeotabl* families. Good batting, fishing, aailing aad guaning. Conveyance by the Mndson rivor ears and Albany boats to Newbnrg. Address Jas. Henderson, No. 3 Uontaane place, Brooklyn. THE ATLANTIC PAVILION, HIGHLANDS OF NEVE -ink, is now open for the reoeptiou of guest*, transient and permanent. The location, tor salubrity ana prospect, challenges o?mparl?on.|The proprietor will remit no effort to render bis patroc* comfortable. Fiabing boatiug, surf and river bathing unequalled. Access to and fro daily, bv steam boat, irom loot of Jay street. JUSEfH J. THOMPSON. II/ 1GGI>8' HOTEL, MONTICEI.LO. SULLIVAN ff eeaaty. New York.? GSORUE WIGGINS, proprie tor. ? Wo learn that this popular and well known house will be orened en the first of June, instant. |U uumirms fricada, who tor many summer* have wade it the jeylul terminn* of their dusty pilgrimage fro <a the eity. * H1 hardly reoogniae It, amid the alteration* and improvement* made by it* *nt?rpnsiag prcprieter. The room* have been en larged and bean tided, are w*U ventilated and firnitkod, aid the ooipfort of tie bw J???V boon ?h? Urat and only ebjeet eons'dered. The village of Mentioello ia justly celebrated for ita healthy air aad it* aniq*o aad do ligltrBl acenoaf. The village ia easily reaohod by a aide of aboat eight hoar* from the *ity; th* paacoagtr taking th* Iris car* at tk* foot ef Dnane *tr?et, at H A. tur nieied with tbroagh Motet* by the ageat, Mr. Davhi, aad leaving tho eaaa at Middletowa, where a (tag* wiM he ia readlaei* to *oav*y him, over aalaak road, to Montioollo. Stage* ran daily Ea*t aad We*t from Wlggksa' Hotel to tho Kri* RaJUoad. DHV eOODft, dtC. B CLP IK'S MANTILLAS ! ! I ? UNIVERSALLY PRO nounred the mod elegant collection in the city, aad tt price* without a precedent or paralle: ? commencing with a rich and pretty silk mantilla at SO, and every suoeeedia* price to th< mott ooetly garmoati manufaotnrcd. 361 Broadway. ULPIN'S REAL OCIPCRE LACK MANTILLAS. ALSO moire antique aad laoe oombined? an extremely light aad graceful aitiole of costume. ranging in price from twelve to twenty dollar*. An immense aMortment thia week at tho Pan* Mantilla Emporium. 3ol Broadway. /CHANCES " FOR MILLINERY A~N?~ DRESSTRIM \J n in?*. ? One of the taoit ebaneei evor offered to tho ladv portion ot tho publie, ia now preeeatod by Liekton'tefca, 90 Bowery, corner of Ueater street, tor tho Durohaoo of rib bo 119, millinery good*, drees trimming*, Ae., at pmooa far be low the customary ratee tor idmilar qnalitiee. This mat eatablielmsnt annoaaoo* that it ba* ju?t opened over two worth of ohoite goed* tn thi* lino of bu*mes*; and, a* the (cod* arrived at too late a aoaaon fer the n*oal di?po*al ?t wh<-le*alo, the? will be retailed oa the moat extraordinary reasonable terms. The auortmeat is laid to surpaa* a-> ? tMng ef the kind ever witnessed before in tbl* couutar. a 'I eolor* of neb ribbon* (auitablc for trimming 'adieu' areae**) and sbadc* of eolor*, may be found among it. and itic ina pt itible, therefore, for the mo*t fastidious to fail in (electing an article to pleaae every taate, hvwever oxaoting. DR wTo 00 1)8. - 11 ESSES. CROM I E~ a'cbTwfoRD bare Just opened a magnificent (took of new summer dry zede, eonsiating ot beautiful *atin stripe baragea, crape, do Parle, tiMuei, plain and figured baregii, orgai dies, Frcnch Jaconet*, Ac., Ac.; together with a complete atock ?f itaple and fancy goed*, purchased at the la*t auction a?les, coiskierabl? nnder their real value, and will diapose of trem cheaper than the sane elaaa of good a can be pur - elaaed for in any part of the oity. <59 Eighth avenno, oar ?er of Thirty -fourth ?treet. 1/tROM AUCTION.? GREAT BARGAINS IN FRK.VOU r f mbroidt riea ? 120 French nanelia aeta at $12 Ml each wortb 122; 1,000 cambric and Bwic* cellar*; the average price* will be 4a., tf* , 8a., 10*., 12*. aad 14*. each M ADORN A STEWART, 643 Broadway, sesend door above Bleeoker street. INTERESTING TO LADIES.? Git fat Reduction in Pmcr*. The entire a tuck ot col*r?<l and llaok ailk maatUita of this sprin?'? sty!a? will tow be sold a'- 30 per cent lent than fl e naaal |rirer, to make room for our very large r, took of Himmer styles Our new desl;ac per steamer I'ae.le ave re ceivtd, and colics of them will be rer.dy for sale on Moaaay, Juae4. MOLVNECX BELL, 36 Canal straot. (.KU & TaVLoR IIAV1NG LATELY^kBDlt* T9 their atock THE LATKIT NEW PATTERNS 0? VELVET AND BRUSSELS CARPETINOS, are prtpated to offer to purchasers CREATE* INDUCEMENTS THIS EVE*. Inrraias, three ply and oilcloth* ia the acual variabr. GRAND STREET, CORaER OF CHRYdTIR. ACES AND RMBROI DERBIES. ? MADDEN A STEW ART, M3 Broadway, ***ond door above Bleeoker ?Ihet. bavcopeaed this day two ease* of elegant embroider ed collar*, from 4c. to $fi each Also jacket*, ba*naea, black aad white laoe shawls, aad al*o 11)0 lace aad maaliu sets, at 18 each. *,| ANTILLAS. MANTILLAS. M liOLYNlUX BILL, 66 Casal St??:et, has redaeed the prices of hi* * pi lag style* in oolorcd aad black allk mantillas, wiabing to clear them out to make room for hi* now summer ttylsa. X' EW DESIGNS IN SUMMER 1> AND LACE MANTILLAS, V. BELL will be ready to exhibit the copiea of hi* new de 1 lias in summer maatllUe, received per ateamtr Pacific, on Monday next, Juac 4. Tc make room for the large ctoek hi* Increaaiag bnalueaa d>n and*, he ba* reduced the prise of hi* spring siyl.ii.ty rircent. Ihut affording ladiac an opportunity of purcha sing an elegant mantilla cheap. Oa Canal (Meet. ONE "THOUSAND 8ILE MANTILLAS WILL BE ON ?ale oa Monday. M-ay 28, and during the week, st Pi each, the richest tflk with elegant laoe and metre aat.iue raffle*, the moat taahlenable Mylc af the caason, and the ebeaceet mantilla ever offered. BULPIVS Emportwn. 301 Broadway. Bare , _ band* at hal/tiheir value. A choioe* assortment of embroidered hand kerchiefs and collar* at auctjen nrjcea inkino and crTmpino, on S'LKS, satin s, barege*, de lainea, bon^aihie*, alapacas. merlaoirt, cloth, Ao., la the most artlttio manner and at very lew rricea. SUk, Ac., pinked at one aent per j aid. Mine. DE MOREflT'S Imp orium cf Faahion*, Si 4 Broadway. Extra iadncemaata to the trade. M KS AT 2*. 6n. 1'ERTyARD. Karaite* at 1*. Ad per yard. Gingham* at 1*. per yard. 1 Inea weft striped chambra at Co , whioh oost to import at least 20c. I.intn table cover* at 3*. 6d., worth 79?. I awn* at llo. Linen ffilla tor boy*' wear 1*. 8d. and 2*., wo*th doable. bnmnitr flaanei la., *old everywhere at 2s. i tape abawla *t f3 30, *old every where at $f> Crape abawla at $U and $10, sold tverywhera at $15 to are amoag the lar*aina whioh are offered at TBE BOWERY SAVINGS STORE, no. 12G bou-khv, whuc trery article has Seea marked down from an to W) p?r cel.'- all mark> din utain red igares, fkom whioh aod. >i aslon ia aliea%i. wholeeale or retail. *,??? LAl/llC IlATE YlHI^fcD THE ESTABLISH dn<rg the last week, and evcifr *ae esfraeccc corprise while they lay ?t tbe eaeeedingly low prioe*. EMIiRDlDERED LI*E!? RAK l?K ERi 'IIIEPS which a<tSd at W to M. new we ?H1 at 92 to *3. We have abont l.Otti, brft they will not tart long with ns. I. W. A W. r. OILLET, at B?wcry. ETER ROBERTS A CO, 375 BROAD WAV, l?*t received a ,uaatity of Swls* aad jackoaet hi V" 1" " fAwm. $2,000,000 .-aKAWfcSjat: Nltn, Ac, er beacht <M oash, ?l* (lack*. MM, mer? ?Hu and Ml* ?< ntkuft iHtMlM. BaMnsss MaUM ihl ud Koaf*, by THOMPSON * 09 , knktn aad Ms ?tcMoa mtrefcaaH, ltz Kuui rtntt, mm M iu, rooM Nt. 2. (*?oid fleer ttonn nnn -HOW** ADVASC10, I* AWT fZUu.llUU ? uuoat, n diamonds. watohcc, Jewel ry, plate. Aa., Ae ? tr beugbt far a ash Busiaaae oonfldea tlal, sad umiM wttb despatch, at M B^|IM street, ??CCl4 iHt. The striotsit MlitMt Hi koaor My be rcltod on. L. B AliCH, lw>?f. g (On nnn -monmy to lmnd, on bond and fOU.UUU. raort(t??o in MUM to RH eppllaaats on Ant ilm productive reel ?ttl< ia this city or Brooklyn. Apply to B. B. BROAD, 13 Wall street, sccoad iMfJ, boat ?>??? 4?/in nnn ADVANCED ON DIAMONDS, fTV.UVV . watches, Jswelry, pianofortes, and (Terr Ceseriptioa of merehaadUe. Biiuhi atristly confidential. Apply to J. LYON A CO., W6 Houston (treat, between Mimr and listen. OMn nnn -MONEY liberally advanced on fTU.UUU, diamonds, watehes, Jewelry, terari, stocks, and all kind* ?f merchandise, by JOSKl'H LYON A CU., U Wllliaa street, r?om 10. Parties waitsd on at their rwt dencee. N. B..? All transactions confidential. <R9n nnn ^antid-at t per cent, fob five ViiViUUU, year*, on Improvad real estate in this city, worth douMe tba amount; a Literal bonus wlh bo given. Address Cash, Herald office. <tnn nnn T? wanted, on a loan for >T 1 U.'/v/U two ri tbreo years, to bo aoourod by bond ana mortgsae on real astate, worth Ave times tbs amount loaned. A liberal ontnmiaaion paid il obtained soon. Apply toSANDFORD, BTKIKER A PORTER, 81 Liberty street. Any amount of money to loan to mem abants, manufacturers and the public genera* ly, or will buy at eight merchandise, diamonds, Jewelry and per ianal property, and collateral soonrity of all kinds, at the old responsible and lata Pacific Agency and Private Loan Offltc, over Pacific Baak. aoraar Brcadway and Qraad street Buainese confidential, prompt and safe. (''ASH ADVANCED IN ANY AMOUNT. OR PURCHA* ) ed at sight, diamonds, watche*, ri.a Jewelry, macchan disa, and valuable personal property (fsnerally. R. l^OOD, cy Kultoa street, second floor, front room, frm 8 A.M. to &P. M. CASH LIBERALLY ADVANCED ON HOUSEHOLD fiiri iture. pianoa, gold and sliver watches, diamonds, lilver plate, nautical instruments, mechanics' tools, As., or the highest eash price paid for same at 3d Catherine street, by MoCAFFRAY A WALTERS. CASH ADVANCED ON DIAMONDS, WATCHES, JEW alry, scgars, pianofortes, merchandise and (wrsonal pro perty generally, or bought for cash; first olsu notes, stocks, bonis and mortgages, 4o., negotiated. Business oonfidon tial and executed promptly, at 78 Nassau street, first floor, back office. FLORENCE A CO., Broker. Money to loan.-perbons requiring tem porary advances on real estate, diamonds, plate, watches, jewelry, pianofortes, dry goods, horses, carriages, and every description of pertoual property, promptly ao aommodated by the Empire Loan and Agency Company, 338 Broadway, oppesitc the Broadway theatre. _ C. If ILLS, Agent. XT OTIC*.? THE JULY INTER1ST. ON THE CIVIL i.v Fnada Bonds, of the State of California will be paid by JOHN COOK, Jr., at his office, 31 Broadway, on precen tation of the coupons, en and after the 30th June, 1895. TOCAriTALISTS.-THK F*X AND WISCONSIN IM provement Company offer to capitalists for investment tho remaining half of their 8 per sent bouds(H0l,000), pay able February 1, lhtiS, interest semi anntsally, at the Bank of North America, city of New York. These bonds are so curt d tj a first mortgage upon lands worth, at a low valua tion, more than double the amount; also, u >on the improvo meat itself, together with its prooosds, water power, Ac Inquire at the office of the company, 14 Wall street. WANTED TO BUY? ONE OR TWO SHARES OF THE Aoailemy ef Music. Addruis box 4,230 Post Office. WATGHBI, JEWELRY, M. CALIFORNIA DIAMOND SINGLE 8 TONE GKNTLB men's pins, at $5, equal in brilliaaey and appearanoe to tho real diamond; ladies' pinf, rings, crosses, studs, ear rings, Ac., set ia every style and at prioea to suit evenr body. Old original L. & J. JACOBS, 407 M roadway. MISCBLLANEOUS. BUILDERS' HARD WARM. ? SEAMAN LOWERRE, Nf Mpriag street, betweea Greenwieb and Hudson, efNr* for sale a large and general assortment ef hardwum a citable far buildcre. City made locks of the best qual% caa ?4 wsys bt furnished hoa the shelf saaplete, with brass, por eelaia. misers I, er plated knobs; alra, esparaeoiet aad ether fastenings for Preach wtndnwi, belts, latches, Ac. SEAMAN LOWERRM, 307 Spring street. BBSSDES OF EVERY DESCRIPTION AT THE BRUM! factory, 337 l'carl street, Franklin square. All artMce seld at the lowest faotory prices, l'aint brushes e' superior Saality constantly en band. Machiie boushes made to er er. JOHN K. H?PPMt. DAGUERREOTYPES? KNAPP'S DAGUERREOTYPE gallery removed entire to 477 Bruudway, between fcroome and Gcaod streets. Likenesses in evet; i ty u ot the art, larpe iize colored ease included, SO cents and H? equal, if not better than ctherstoharge (2 and $3 for. Fa. ail j group*, in proportion. DR. JOUN WILLIAMS, VETERINARY SURGBXiN, recpeoUuIly tutoroas bis numerous friends and the public that he continuse practising suuoessfally on the dit lerent diieanes incidental to that noble animal, the horse, at his i.ew Ureprnot sutablisl'ment, with 22 box stalls for lick horses, at the sign of the Goldea llone, 131 Chrys?i? street, between Bioome and Delanosv alruets. Dr. Wil liams' experience for examining horses for soundness, favors neither psrty. HARRISON'S AMBER LAVENDER.? ABSENCE OF a knowledge or the tine propertied this article as a perfume, baa caused it till recently to be but little used, it is now beccming very prpular. Its delighting aroma, Its Brvaalve and permanent perfume, the agtceable aensatum >m Its uae, render it plaaring, healthiul and Invigorating, as a perfume lor the handkerchief, applied to the head, or in daily ablations Marsh A Mortbsop, 160 dreenwich strset, sell it at wholesale, and so do Chilsoa. 30.1 Bruadwity, at re tail. Tbey also aell Harrison's shaving oreama. rose, an broalal and almond. Aad creams, they are, jo rich, an ira frant, ao soothing, as to makeoue's humanity oxpund. while abaving, to a love of aU his race, and tl.e "restefmua klnd," exeept the apes. HYATT'S LIFE BALSAM.? RCSOFUI. A, KING'S EVIL and rhenmatlsm in it* moat paint<il and protriota.1 loimi; old ulctrt, erysipelas, great impurity of tho l.iooi, (dice, liver and kidney oomplaints, dnbliit*', in< lpUmf. ooa snmption, aathma, At., Ac , Me most certainly oired bv this great purifying sgeu t. A thuusaad have b?n cured and pnblithea in the Sun, Herald, and other paper*, alter all other remediet bad failed. ?oiorvu. A lady in the fsmilv of F. W. Gilley, B?q.. of the well known Bowery ary goods itore (No. 13(0 beajust beenonred of a eaie of scrofulous ulceration of nine years' etandin^. and of eo atabborn and distressing a natnre that many of tbe molt seieatlflo of the mediial proton. on had failed to cure or find a name for it. Mr. Oil ley will oheeifully give any information In relation to thit mott extraordinary oiue to any person *b? may desire it. The srand daughter of Mr. Jones. Ne. IBS Nassau street, Brooklyn, wat aHlictai with scrofula in the nook. Some ol the ulcer* penetrated to the windpipa. She wae enred with tbr?e hottlss. Mr*. Burton, No. 127 Eldridge street ? Thii la<hr had ?uf f?Trd for vetrs, until life became intolerable; some ?( the alcer* had consumed the flesh to tbe bone* and tknlL She wis enred in a month. Mr. K. B. fioily was six months tn tbe City Hospital for aa ulcer seven inobes in diameter, and then given up as ii.ourable. lie was ound by tbe baliain in a month after lea-ring. Mr. Holly is now a member of the Seventh ward polioe. ? HXUMATISM. Mr. T. Johnson, No. 193 r orty fourth street, was a eripptx most ot tbe time dunag four years; his knees were swollen to twiue tbe natural ?ixe, and the paint be eadarvd were most Intense. One bottle enabled him to walk, and three completed the ears. ?inn isruMKMiroRv rhiiiiitiwardgovt. B. Sice, Esq., No. 32 Grove stree', was for more tbaa a year so teverely afthcud that he bad to abandon bis bnsiaooc, Miid was soon unablo to walk or rest his foot upon tbe grooud. His loot and joints were swollen to double their uatural site, and he wan unable to enjoy one hour's slevp. exoept tbfough opium er ??.m* more powerful drugs. Mr. Bice visited the aprlngs. and bad tbe best mtdieal advioe, but be oould obtain no relief until the life balsam eta* to his aid A few bottles restored hia to eioelleut health, nor has be su feted any other attaek, though five years ha^e sinee elapsed I rioclial depot No. 2*6 Grand street, where adviea wUl be given without chsrge. T.'j eents per bottle: six for 94 1 or sale also by drugjiisU, ana at wholesale by 0. T. C'nekrner A Co., No. rl Barolay street, and Wheeler A H- rt, No. -jt Peeler' an itratt. Agent for Brooklyn? Mrs. Bsyif, No. 70Fulteu street. EILVF, HALF PRICE ENGRAVER AND PRINTBR, 61 FnJtoa street, New York. ? Bridal cards, visitiag, address and st home eerds, bridal envelopes, eake boxes, lane? stationery, Ac . bill !.e*ds, bosinees oards. biltt of ex change, note and cheek bosk*, Ae. For sale 4 e<>|> per plate vnew) and 1 eaioosilnrf pr as, with stand, very ohnap. LUTHERts PEARL I.OTION? FOR BEAUTIFTING the skia, by the removal of :reeklee, pimples, tan. oata neous eruptions ol every Lature, aad rciuhnett and rednes* of tbe lace, from exposure to a scorching sun or hurih win Is, giving to it a fair, smooth and healthy appearand-. Ollioo ?S8 Broadway. XTEW FORK ANTI-FRICTION CREASE OMi'ANV? JX HENRY C. FOSTER, tale aceat. 1*1 Water street, near Wall, N. T ?This sweatier grease foe uaahiMry. axles of etty railroad oats, eo aches, carriages, wagons .*??., Las ioag tup?r*e>Jed all greases In the most enlightened parts of Etaeae, aad i< fast gaining areat repute la the Hatted tttate*. One trial will satisfy any observer that it la a *av iag of fall 100 per eeat ever any ethet grease la ase Notice to gold biaterh.? sold beater* having moulds to stop can have thsaa'dsne la the n?at e>t ?aener by aa expartanoed hand of tea year*' preoboe. Best of refereace given. Address Mrs. M. W.,S90 Third aveaue, PRINTING, IF DONE AT ALL, SHOULD ilK WELL don j ?Business men who take a in tbe loiss of their work, without wishing to " pay tos moab for the wt.inle," will find It to their advantage to call at THOtfAd E. SUTTON 'b Job and card priatlng oBoe, 144 Faltoa stroet, between Broadway and Nauuu street. PAINTS, PAINTS, FOR BUILDINGS, ROOFS, luces. Ac.. 1>^ cents a [ouad; whit* lead, 7 tent*; do.; sine. W cents do.; freMc's boiled oil, 76 oants a gallon; Tan nsj * oil, Ji> tent* do.; machinery ell, UO cent* do , at 113 Maiden laas. JOHN II SMITH, Agent. ? T)OMK WAS NOT BUILA IN 4 DAT," NEITHER 13 At ELLSWORTH'S aupeflor hair tunic tne proJuoitoa of an hour. Hoisntific kno? led^e and long practical Invest! r-a'ion I.avu combined to prod'.ce this great toilet artiole, unequalled tbe world over for improving aad beautifying lite hair. Agent* for New Fork? C. V Clickener A Co., 81 barolav street; Whitehead A Brother, 1,12 (ir-enweh street; Neetell, Sctlhnet A Co., 114 Chambers struct; sold by drug girt* and dealer* in partumorr generally. R*Bt>DINQ'S RC8S1A 8AI.V t? A BOSTON rV.MEOY, ot thirty jeart' s'sndlng-A sure and *pe??ly our* for bi-rns, toll*, corn*, lelons, pile*. nUUlbltin, and sorts of all kind*. Reo"miuen<lsd by phy*toian?." 25 ccats a hv*. Held by *U drusgists Agents? lleyd A Haul. G. V, Clltke.isr A < o . C II. King, corner of JJl>n stra*\ Now Ftrk; .'oha Gil f.ett A CO., Wm. 1? /leber. I'hUxdelpiiia. RKl'Dl .">? G A CO., Troorletors, Boston. f|HWN i RA V Kl.J.y K - ?>N F. WELL A "Q'JAIN TEO Kith l.nsineis, and having % f >??' rannse>t?n in New * s, wish--.* to aJ.t to Ims . 1'ic msn d-.cturtr or i lily t if r? t ra diHiUo. aid lidt*. rfCcGOI'SRS^ "-A VFRV"r*K.B LOT OF "wTfT^iWS, 1 ? her .;'*.) fet 0?'<>e<inE u?s. lust received f.em Bordeaux, aad usr sals l y F. rATIWEL A CO., ?l Tenrt street. I^ioW rBS~AT WHO LISA LI AND RETAIL ? CI?. W CARFTNTBRhasqpetiedanew *t<?a at SO Chatham *tr#et. where be iaavHee Ifce pabllo to call aad see hi* stdfck of abld and ether shades, cf all ?Imi. C'wnMw. baads, loop*, pit*. Ac. , goaitMrtly ta Kajl A.' B. NV1, CtmnMur ? Thfa steamship will d?part with the U. States mailt far Europe, peeitive ly on Wednesday, Juue 13, at 12 o'clock frwktr berth at the foot ef Cut! street. For frieght or potsege, Mrisg unequal!*! miois ?odatieas tor elegance u< comfort, apply to BOW \w> K. COLLINS, M Wall atreet. Pat-earera are rtuguM to le on board at i?u, A. M. The ATLANTIC wilf tucc??d the Padd*. and tail July 2f. Ship pert will pleats take aotieo that the ships of this 11a e eaanot carry any goad* contra band of war. All letters ant paal threagh the Pott UfRce; any others will be retarned. nriBI BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL J. Mail Steamship*. PBOM new TOBK TO MTMtrOOL. Chief eabln passage 9tf# Second cabin parage 75 whom aoiToiv to livbbpooIm Chief c*A>ia pat sago .......$110 Second cabin passage *0 the ahipe from Boatoa call at Halifax. ARABIA, Cap*. Jodkins, AMXBICA. Capt. Lang, PERSIA, Capt. Bjrie, EUROPA, Capt. Shannon, AMI A, Cap*. I. 0. Lett, CANADA, Capt. Stone, AFRICA, Cant. Harrisan NIAGARA, Cant. Lsitch. Tbete vessels carry a ?i?ar white light at nacthead; green oo ? larloaxd bow; red on pert bow, America, I .an,.-, leaves Boatoa Wednesday, June 8 Africa, UarrisoB, " Bonoa Wednesday, June 20 A-ia. Lott " Bo. ton Wudnectlay, July 4 Amerioa, Lang, " Boston Wednecday, July IS Bertkc not secured nattl paid for. An experienced surgeon on beard. The ownera at thoae ahipa wili not be aooonatable for gold, silver, bulli-in apecie, jewelry, precious atonee cr metal*, unlets bills of lading are signed therefor, and the valve thereof therein expressed. For <V?%bt or passage aaplv to E CUNARD. No. 4 Bowling Green. There *iU be no steamship* of this Viae from New Yeak until farther xetiee. ?PHE VANDEBBILt* EUROPEAN UNB *F STB AM X lbf? The ftrat.elaxi steamship NORTH STAR, War aock, n.aatorwlll leave New York from pier 3U North rirer, foot oi Chamber* atreet, a* boob proaiMljr, ca 8a tar day June y, lor Havre direct. Firat olaaa passage fill Beetod " M The North Star will be Hollowed by the Ariel Jane 3U. The owner of theae vessel* will no* be aeecuatable fee gold, silver, bullion, specie, Jewelry, areoloaa^steaei er uu tala, nnleaa bills of lading are si^sd thereto!, Bad the vaiac thereof therein expressed. Specie and gooda taken at aeoal rates. N o freight received after noon of the day before salUaa. No berth scoured aatll paid for. Maters prepaid, 12>.e. per K o*., will be received at tha office ap te 11 A. M. of the day of calling, and will be ear Tied In strong India ro- b?r bags under look, aad aa arrival at Havre, will be immediately deposited In the Post CUioo there. Parcels taken, each prepaid, one dollar aad cptraida, riXKD datxs or siiuaa. rBOM HEW TOBK. rBOM HiTIB, North Star Juae 9 Ariel Jane I Ariel Jiin?3U North Star J?ae3C North Star July 21 Ariel July M Ariel Aug. 11 North Star Auk. U North Star Sept. 1 Ariel Sept. 1 Ariel Sept. 22 North Star Soot. 21 North Star net, 13 Ariel Oct. 13 Ariel Not. I North Star .^..Nov. 3 _ . , Ariel ?J?e?. 24 Theae iteamship* are elassed A 1 at tho iuturaaae offices, and specie and gooda will be Insured in them at as low rates ot premlurr as in any other steamships that cress tho oocan. For freight or yaeaagc, apply to D. TtSKKANCE, No. 6 Bowling Greea, Now York. SUMNER, MONTANT A DRAPER, M Rae N. B. 4m Vio totre, Pari* CilRYSTIX, SCHLORBSMANN A CO., 27 Qua! Cailmh ?e'avlgne, Havre. VTOTH K-EMERALB 18LE, FIRST PACKET FOR J.1 Liverpool? Thia noble vsfsol will positively sail on Monday, Jtino 4. Early applications to secure berths should be made on board, pier 37 East river, foot of Harket struct, or to TAl'SCOTT A CO . 86 South street. fOR LIVERPOOL. -PACKET SHIP JAMES FOSTER, JKr., will sail on Monday, 4th instant. A steamboat *111 be at pier 24 East river, precisely at 7 o'clock A. M., to uoBvey pastcnaers to the ship. C. 11. MARSHALL A CO., 38 Burling slip. fHE LIVERPOOL AND PHILADELPHIA STEAM SHBF Company intend tailing their favorite steamships? CITY OF MANCHESTER. 2,12s tons, CaptMWyUa. CITY OF BALTIMORE, inew,) 2, ASS tons, Capt*?1? , ti'iY of Washington, do..2jutttons, capt^R, Saloon S9U, <06 and tbS. aooording to state room. A limited number of third class passengers will be taken from Philadelphia and Liverpool, and found in proTisions I'rom Philadelphia 930 | From Liverpool 949 Parties wishing to bring out their friends, eaa obtain cer tificates of passage and drafts en Liverpool, in sums of ?) sterling and upwards Apply to SAMUEL SMITH, agent, 17 Walnut street, Philadelphia, and No. 7 Broadway, New York. Bremen, via Southampton.- the united States mail steamship WASHINGTON, E CavenJy. coins.ander, will tail for Bremen, touching at Southampton to laud the mails and pattengets fur England aud Franco, on Saturday, June lti, at 1J o'clock M., from pier 37 North river. ,Prioe of passage from New lork to Southampton ot breurca: ? In first cabin, main saloon. 9130 In flrtt oabin, lower saloon II* In second eaoin <f0 An experienced aurgeon is attached to each steamer. Spu cle de'lvered in Havre er London. All letters must pass through tte Pott OtHco. For passage or freight apply to ?. H. SAND, Agent, 11 South William itreet. The steamer Uormaan will sucoeed the Washington, and ?ail July 14. -CmR SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE.? THE NEW UNI X ted State* mail steamer ARAGO, D. Lines, eouim&nd ei, will leave for Havre, touching at Southampton to land tbe mails and passengers, on Saturday, Juno ^d, at 12o'clook pier No. 37 North river, foot et Beach street, l'ricie o' hrit cabin, 9130: price of second cabin, $'/5. Luggage not wanted during the voyage should be sent on beard the day befcre sailing, marked '"below." No freight taken aftea Tnar-iday, May 31. For freight or passage apply to M. LIV INGSTON, agent, 63 Broadway. N. B. ? Au letter* murt pass through the Post Office. IfOR Havre direct.? the first class steam 1 ship ERICSSON, A. B. l.owber, matter, will leave New Terk at aoon precitclT. on Saturday, June ltith, for Havre cirect. Pattage, fldU. The owners will not bo aooouutable tor geld, tilver, bullion, or other valuables, unless >>illi of lading are signed therefor. No bertha secured until paid for. Let ?rs prepaid, 12)?c. rer halt ounce, wUl be received at the office up to 11 A. M. ot th? day of aailing. For freight er passage, apply to JOHN B. EITCH1NU, Agent, M Beaver street. REDUCTION or PARES TO SUIT TDK TIMES. Maw York and Cattforaia (teamahlp lias, tU Nicaragua Mutuu} Irinmt Company, of Nicaragua. proprietor*? ? mough in advance ut the^mall? 700 mile* ahorter tliaa an y ether route, av?ldin<r tlm deadly Pauama fever, and twe ailea of dan^areni boating in Panama Bay. The aueadld donble engine ateauablp Star of the Went, 2,000 tons Mrdsa, Cautaia Tomer. will leave pier No. 3 North river. at three O'clock P. M. precisely. >or rente Arena*. on Tueaday, J on* 6. IM, connecting wiui the ateamahip Sierra Neveda, l.flU tost burden, over th%Nicaragua Traniit route, having bnt twelve mile* of land Iraaaportation by brat claie oarna^et for Information or paarage at tbe reduced rate* apply only to CHARLES MORGAN. Agent, Mo. 2 Bowling Urean. Latter bag* made up at tba etlioe. No anatamped lattera NNtrei TTM1TED STATES MAIL LINE FOR CALI/ORNIA, U via Aapinwall and Panama, California** are in termed tbat tbe Panama railroad la eoinpleted, and tbe traaait of tbe lathmna will be made by railroad from ooaaa to ocean. No Bore male travel? no river boating. On Taetday, Jane 5, at 2 ? oloek P.M., from tbe pier at tae foot of W arren (treat, Nortb river, will be despatched tbe fleet ateamabip OSORGE LAW, Capt. O. B. Foai, U. 3. M., to lomt-ot at Panama with tbe near and anperior ateamahip JOliN L. STEPHENS. A a pure boat alwaya kept at Pa ?ama to prarent detention In eaae of accident. No freight received alter 1 o'clock on tbe aalling day. l'or paaaage ap ply at the company 'a office, Mo. 177 Weet atreet. to J. W. RAYMOND. CLIPPER SHI I' GALATEA. FOR SAN FRANCISCO, IS J now rapidly loading at pier 10 Eaat river, and will pu?itively eatl en or before Saturday, 10th June. inet. Mjppera will plaaae have all tbalr freight on beard by IcaiuriiajL 9tb, ana hand In tbair bill* ef lading, for airaa tar*, to SUTTON A CO., 5b Booth atreet, eornerof Wall. F_ ORSA1H IRAN CISCO. ? T11E A 1 NEW STEAMER Astoria, at HO ton* burthen, will be duapatehed oa the 5th oi Juae. For freight and paaeage apply to tbe umluc figned, or to the eaptaan on board. Tbe etoamer offera tine accia laudation for a liny ted number of passenger*. l'ar aona availing themselves of thia opportunity will avoid the dautrof *ickie?s on the Isthmus Wl. LOBACU A bCUEi'BLER, 30 Beaver atreet. 4 CSTKALIA^IN DEPE^EnTLTn E-ONLY V JCSi EL .A in port up for Australia.? Tbe beautiful A 1 elipper strip t KY3TAL PALACE, 1;U00 tona, B F. Simmon*, oom umrdrr, will have immediate deapateh for Melbourne en her aceon 1 voyage, having made her Irat in einhtyfour day*. The accommodation* ef thia One ship for passengers are of tbe vary beat both la Drat and aeoond eabina, of which only a limited number will be taken. Having moat of her cargo engs?ed. paasenger* ean depend on there being no detenttoa. lor treUbt or pa.-sage applv on board, at piar 13. Eaitt rivar, or to ARK. EL I, A ELLIOTT, 146 Pearl atreet, or to MAIL lER A LORD, 108 Wall atreet. USTRALIA.? PIONEER LINeI? C ARRYI NO THB United States malL? The celebrated A 1 elipper chip MOH1 INliALE, Captain Mather, for Melbourne, will be despatched on ber aaeond voyage about the 20th Jane, hav ing made her laat in the unprecedented time of 7# days. Haa eueeileat accommodations for passengers and freight. Ap ply at the offioe ef R. W. CAMERON, Me. ? Bowling flreea, and 116 WaU atreet, UNITED BTATTS MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPACT.? Ji-r Havana and New Orlaaaa.? On Saturday, Jnne.2, at 2 o'clock P. M.. from pier foot ef Warren afreet. North ri^ar. by tbe well known and faverite ateamahip EMPIRE Ci TT, Captain H. W ladle. Paaaage ean be aeenred at the eoa<pMiy's effiee. Freight to New Orleana, .10 eoutj per eabi ? foot, bhippera will be aupplled with blank bttla ef l?<i-i..'of the farms signed by tbe eompaav, oa appltoation at thair olBae. Mo other forma aigned, and no blllo ef lading will oe aigned after the hour of sailing For freight or paa tace an>? at the olhoe ef the company, 177 Weat atreet, corner af Warren. M. O. ROBERTS. VEW TURK AND NEW ORLEANS STEAMSHIP i.1 Company.? For Niw Orleana, atopping at Havana? arryhig tae United Htatea mail? The ateamahip BLACK t? ArfRlOR, J. D. Bullock, eomman ler, will oonmoaea re ielv> ig freight oa Ihuradajr, June 7. and aall far the above porta on Saturday, Jane 9, at L2eVloek. from pier at foot 0) atreet, forth river Freight for (he interior and lor Mobile, consigned to ou? agents la New Orleana, "Jaiuea Conanly A Co.," will be forwarded froe ef eommia cioaa. Pafaeamr* f^r Ilaeaca muit procure paaaporta be for? leaving por*. Bill* ol lading mnai be aent In for ri^ning tbe evening previoi? to the aliip railing. For freiicbt. or pae ?age, apply to HYlNGSTON, OROCHERON k CO., _ Ataata, 81 Broad wav. h- U. ? TbeCahawba, R. W. Shi fWdt, eommaader, will aueccad tbe Black Warrior, aiid nail Monday, Juae 2A. I 'OR SATANNAH AND rLORIDA? CNITEM STATES ?ail line.? The new and elegant ateenahip AUGUSTA, tapt. Tbnmaa Lyon, will laaru New Y'irk fur Saeanaah. oa Pfttnrday, June t, trom pier No, i Voith river at 4 o'cloek P. M Bflla ef ladli r aigced en boartl. For frclgba, ap.ily oa beard, or for ra**a?e to SAML. L. MITCHELL. 13 Broad way. For Flarida, throuih tleketa from New Yoti to J ark ?onvlllo, $S1; Pilatka, 3 The Alabama. Geo. ft. Sobeack, e i 1 aueceed, and leave on Wadt>eaday, June<>. liOR CHARLESTON AND FLORIDA? ?EMI WEfcK.LV F U- B Mall Lti.e ?the aew, ma^niti > cn t aod faat tiln; ?.tratTi'ir N AFH V ILLE, M. Berry, commander, will leave i?(*r No. 4 North river, oa Saturday, Juae 2 at 4 o oioolt r. M.. pr? ci>?ly For freight apply on hoard, where a'l bill* of I aula. 1 will be alined, and for paacixe at tbeotBoe o( SPtilFORl). IM EStON A CO.. SO Broadway Through tirketa to rlt'rlda a* followa? To Jacksonville, S.H;tol'< Intka, K3 Ihe Seutberoor will ineceed and leave on Wed naaday, thetitb. L'OR NORFOrT. PETERSBURG AND RICHMuJiu r The United State* mall (teamahlp JAMESTuWN, L. i^rrifh. eoma ander. will laeve pier No. 13 North river, ea ?"atnr.ljtf June 2, at 4 O'elock P. M., will arrive at Ner lolk tbe witt altemoen, aad at PeterAurg and Rlohmoad the lollowlr.g morn'ng From Norfolk paecengerc for the South vroe?ed ?)> rcilroad dlroot. with thrnaeh Mcketafrcn WriJiK ?o Wlfcnlnrtoei, CMnrleaton, Ae. Paeeace and fare t* Norfolk, ffi to Fc'eraharg aad Rhhmood. f|0; a Menage balfprtte. three*h tieketa to Lyaohhnrg, *14. *>ely to UTDLMf A PLF tRANTS. Me. fci Broa4wav. W. B ? No fMtfht ti ken ?er P?ter*iur|t. XMAJ "RimiMVND AND NORFOLK -Til tT dTKAM J chip JAME.<rO?N, Cast. Parrlah, I* bow loadlac at pifr 13 North River, for Richmond and Norfdlk, and will leave oa Satardav aftemenp, at 4 o'rinek. LCDLAM k PLRASJNTS, 32 Braadway, B ACADEMY Or MUSIC.? LAST WMJU.-fQM MB A fist tin*, the la g bangs opbba tioupi Will perform Bellini'* wall tim UMn, I POBITANf, ?B MONDAY EVENING JUNB 4, The rriaaipbl role* will be ?? uport?U by BBS. ANNA DE LA GBANGM, SI ON OB RAFrAELS MIBATB, SIGN OB MORBLLI, i?4 ? . , ^ 8IGB0B MABim. B?*Io?l aad Coadaator. ... M|ur Arttti Seat* n.y Ix mimt at Hall A ?n?: Jellie'a, Mil Broad '? A Blng'*, ud at ika iox efflee at Iklil* ??> ?' MaaU _Prt? ?o? Parquet, Parqnot CtraM, Mi first SStv ii V."!*4, 11 m'' ,M,U? C"*^ A*pW **?"??? i?t TK: the Op?H to waai m? M> a'Qt?h. Bboadway tmeat?e -? a. Marshall, soli |jnw.-l>??w at 7; aomneaee at 7H ?'?look. Uantflt of Si*. La Manna. Satarday even's*, J on 2, will be performed 1 UK WIDOW'S VICTIM. Mou?t?ehe*irapp?oo Mr chanfrau Jane Chattarly Ml?? Aloertine DIVERT1SBMRNT BALLET. JU#*rMn* To conclude with the seoond ncd third acts of THM BOHEMIAN GIRL. Arline Mli>, ? A. Dorand Thaddeus Wm. II. R??ves Iicv'leboof.?. Mr. Lyater Glpsey Queen Mr?. IWvea TXTALLACB'S TMBATBB. BROADWAY. NBAR TV Drue ate street.? Saturday, Jnae 2. T apt Sight hi-t Two Of thi Pnimt^T Ska?o*. BEN Ml IT OF MA. W. It. MOOES. ASSISTANT TREASURER. Lait aifht *f two favorite comedies:? A BACH E LOR Of ARTS, and A G*N ILrMaN FROM 'RELANB. Monday? Last night of o'Keefe's finest aomedy, WILD OATS, and the favolite farce of the season. '1UE NEW rOOTMAN. Mr. Blake, Mr. Letter, Mr. Br*ugham, Br. Vlnoent, Mr. Pyett, Mr. Bland, Mr. Stewart, Mrs. Hoey, Mrs Stephens, Mrs. Ccnover, Mrs. Brougham, Ac., will appear on these evenings. Geo. rhkisty a wood's minstrels, ca broad way, above Grand street. ?PEN EVERY EVENING. Fer this wee*, Ethiopian Mlnitreisy, I>*neHg, As., een eluding with the WANDERING MINSTREL. Doers opea, 6>?; conmeaee. 8 e'oloek. TicknM 8 Mate , A)) bstiiHi transeeted by U. Wood. ROADWAY THEATRE. S1G. LA MaNNA'S BENEFIT. Satitbday, Jirnt; 2 Big. I a Manna respectfully nuuuunces to tbe mnaieal pub lic of N?w Toik that, in addition to other attractions, MISS RW3A1.IK DUKAftD, Thi GRtAT American Prima Donwa, will have the honor of making tier first uppearanoe in this city aa Arline, in t lie opera of the BOHEMIAN GIRL. Mr. Cbanfrau haa a ao volunteered, and will appear ia a favorite part, in which ho wUl intruduoo his ctLURArui IMITATIONS of Mr Edwin Forrest, Mr. Chas. Kaan, Late Mr. J. B. Booth. Mr. Barney Williams, And Mr. T D. Rioe. Miu Albertine wll) alio appear, and ;tive her great imita tion of Misn Jilia Dkak, har first appearanoe at thi* Theatre. M'lli: /.ok, the greatest daaseuse of tho age, bas also volunteered, and will appear in a Grand Ditkrtiik Ht XT, WALLACE'S THEATRE, MR. LESTER haa the honor t* anaoanee that his benefit will take pi toe on TL' fcMJA Y NEXT, JUNE 5. THE I.AST a 1UHT OF THE PRESENT SEASON, when aa eatertaiutaent. combining novelty, variety and the whole talent of the oompanv will m presented. Box book now open* A CARD.? BURTON'S THEATRE. LAST MlillT OF TUE SEASON. Satvrday, Jrm.i 1856. GRAND BABYSHOW. TWO LOVELY B'HOYS, (each weighing 2liO lbs ) MASTER WILLIAM BURTON nnd MASTER GEORGB HOLLAND. These two wondtrfnl babiu* will be exhibited for eae night only. 1 be reoeipts ef tbe exhibition will be appropriated for tho BENEFIT OF MASTLR GEoRUE HOLLAND. " Let n* tee these beautiful aud liealtby specimen* of humanity, and, revering nature, henoeforward take pity en the anffering victim* of an artificial prooes* for rearing In fancy. " Secure seats in time for the show. Fran ki in museum, no. u bowery, nearly opposite the Bowery Theatre. Performances ovary at tcrnoon, at 3, and every sveuing, at 8. N. B. ? Stranger* will observe that tbe Franklin Muxeumia tho only place la the United States where tbe Modal Artists are exmbitad. with ether original entertaiomoat*. Remember, No. tl Bowery. JOHN R. BM ITU'S GRAND TOUR OP EUROP? AND 8IEQE OF SEBAhTOPOL, At Camur Amkmri.v Room*. Hit Bruadw at, showing on a hundred view*, forty iaet wide, of the priueipal CITIES AND OBJECTS OF INTEREST IN El) EOF*. Every evecinf, at 8 o'clock, and e>?ry Saturday after noon, at 3. The muiia by Mr. Alwyn Field, of Lond'.n. Admission U oonti THE TURK. Bed house, harlku.? this fashionable re ?ort .? now oomplete in all It* appointment*, and th* aal?* atable* attaotud are (onstantly tilled with the fioeat and inateat horittn to be tound. I'ersons In want at boriei s*n he eupulied at thu Red House. The trctting track i* in apieadid order and trot tin* matches oeonr eitrf Sue aft? rnoou. The Second avenue cara pan the door every ?*( mirutea. C1ENTR&VILI.E COURSE, L. I.? TROTTING.? MON I day, Jute 4, at 3 o'clock 1'. M , iwrepetake for (300, mile heaU. the heat in Bre, >n barneaa. J Bridges names b. g. Emperor, K. Jobuaton b'.ops ?. g Ftrilou; J. Conway nanti a. m. Lady Kllen. JuEL CO.*. KLIN, 1'roprietor. UNION COURSE, L. I.? TROTTING.? ON MONDAY. June 4, at 3 o'clock P. 3d., a purae and atakeof StlW; mile heate, beat tbiee in live, to waxona. U Woodruff name* gr. tAclite; John ftelaon namoa r. g. John JHurphy; Wan. htlan namea b. g. Jerry. SHAW A WHITE, Proprietor*. UNION COIRSE, L. I.? TROTTING. ? ON TUESDAY, June S, at 4 o'eloek P. M.. a match for $4,00U, mile and re(*at, to wagou*. II. Woodrull namea gr. m. Alio* Gray, atd blk. m. Stella; Geo. Spioer namea b. g. Lantern, and f. g. Whalebone. SIIAW t WHITE. TTNION COC1SE, LONG ISLAN D.-GREAT DOUBLE L team lace, on Tuesday. June 6th, at 4 o'oiock P. M., a match lor >2.000 mile heata, to waaen. H. Woodrnff namea Im.tAlice Oray and blk. m. Stella; Ueo. Spicer namoa b. (. antern and a. g. Whalebcne. Cara wi/1 leave tbe South ferry, Brooklyn, for the oourae, at half past two o'oiock, and return aa soon aa the (port iaover; fare to go and return fifty cents. N. B. ? Tbia race to wrae off without regard to waather. SllAW k WHITE, Proprietors. TO THE LOVERS AND BREEDERS OF FINE STOCK.? The etlebrated thoroughbred atallion Wild Irish man, will at and for a limited number of mare* the enaninz aoaaon, at tbe Rod House atablea, at (AO the eeaioii. All money* to be paid before aerving the mare. All acoideat* at th* risk of Ike owner*. WILLIAM A. BROWN, Proprietor. ^ REMOVALS. J I. A NT, WORTHY, ARTIFICIAL FLOWER MANO ? facturer, baa removed to 19! Broome aireet. An op purtnnity now offera for yooug ladiee to obtain permanent and ovmfortablc aituations. A forewoman la alao wanted, t? take eharge of the work room, and ??veral apprentice*. EMvVAL.? THOMAS N. DALE & CO. HAYE RE moved to No. 18 Warren atreot. K MEDICAL. DR. SWaN APPRlSkS HIS FRIENDS AND THOSE who wlah to eonanlt him that bia office ta removed irom ho Rnraay itreet to No 1 Chatham aquare, in partus* abip with I>r. Lake. Conaultation* from S A. M. to 10 P. M Sunday* *ao*pt*d. DR. COBBETT, 19 DUANE BTREET. MaT BE HUM ?sited with eontdenee on certain disease*; 24 yearfila one apeciality of tbe i>rofe**ion, enable* him to goanuite* permanent eurea. Hi* treatment 1* tbe earn* a* that pra* tiaod by tb* great Rieord of Pari*. N. B ? Dt C.'( <itlmai a* member * I the N . Y. Uaivaiaity, may be aeea at hi* ofbo< DR. COOPER. M DUANE STREET, SO LONG KNOWS to the eitUea** of New York a* tbe mo*t leoaeeaiwi practitioner tbia eonntry can boart of, *ontina*a to b? orranited at hi* old *<1l*e, rail* vine the unfortunate, %a4 giving consolation to many an aehlag heart. N. B.-Di C. guarantee* a en re In all ***** undertaken. ]~tR- JOHNSON. 10 DUANE STREET, HAS PERFORM J *d mar* cure* than any *tb*r modieal man in i+mm oik. Dr. J.'* treat meet I* aafa and eapaditiane; hi* madi cine* aan be takwi without fear of detection. Chargeajne derate, and the money rafnnAed It aatiafaetlon i* not given. DR. JOHNSON, ao BAXTER (LATE ORANGE) STREET, cornar Anthony, can be consulted, aa naual, at hia of t.oe. Speedy **r*( ga*rante*d. Charge* moderate. Sf( ?Ue paat* $1 per box. No mercury. DR. HUNTER'S RUD DROP CURES WlfRN TBI tioatment *f other phyai*laaa and *11 otliet rarnedie. fail. It ia yoar oniv rdiaac* foa atboromgn -ate ia eertaia di**aa?*. >o. 3 DMtioa ttreet, the on'y place now ao well known- tor tbe many extraardmary ear** It tiaa perfnmod witboat diet or blndraa** from bnalaoa*. fhen all uthar *e m*dx a only drive t' e dUeaae In tbe blood? *. only. Thi* aecurea the patient from (eeondary I'lwka, and ia the only remedy on earth that doee it. Yon will And tMa out by Wf. tcr txperieno*. II leu trait to any other medieiaa. It baa cured thoti(at'd( of eaae* that never would have been o wed without It. Dr. Uua'er reatoree p?ople tv health datly, who have been almoet rained by meroary aad aauatia* by th* hambng*. DR. 0. K. Mil HIS HAS KEMOYED FROM 75 AN thony atreet to 31 Eaat IJroadway, near Catharm*. wl.ere he coatlnaea tbe K*n*ral practice of m*dicln*aad lurgtrjr. DR. WARD * UNFORTUNATE'S FRIEND, Si, WITO a book ? Juat wh*t tboa* want who have ontrarted diaraa?a. namely, a *ur* at once, and ao delay and mote ex penac. (;r?av >t euro in the world by I)r Ward'a" Unfor toisate'>rFriend." Allliotad take notice? eo other reinedlo* can cur* y?u radically. Blight oa**e oorad in a few hoar* nothing eiio doc* it. No Au Canal atraet., one door ea*t of Broadway, la the place to get thi* rapid and thorough teim dy? t.owLerc elae ia New Tork. A cure warranted by Iir ft ard Patient* anxiout for relief may rely oat a rapid cttre by hia treatment, withont taxing the ayatem. Altera tii n *1 die*, or c*(**ti?n ftom ba*ia**a not reqnlrod. MLARMONT, PARIS AND LONDON PHYSICIAN ? and autxeon, author ef the Medioal Advlaer and Mar riage Caida, "At> pa/e*. 75 earraviag*, (mailed by him, a*a)*d elotely, to any addrea* for $1,) W eoaanltad at 42 Roane atrctt, crntr of Broadway, from II A, M. till 2, and < to II 1'. M., Snaaaye exeepted. Thoee at a dtatanca treated by mall tnd expreaa. w*o?nenr with other pa para in r*eom mendiug Dc. L and hi* treat i*e. ? Dl? patch, Coutlerd* Etat* Oala, Day Book, N. Y. Conner, National Dvmoorat, Aa. Notice. ? the mdian. k. e. ostrandbr, no l'tail itreet, ep|w>4t***a. ehallengoa the entire n epical * crld in tae ata-? of rheoanatiam. heart dia*a*e eoaramptian, rrtoiula, favtr aor**, *aao*ra, atlaa, fit*, aai all ftbetraoOioaa. V** (NIRE -OR. WARD'S UNVOWIVNATR'S IrUnd aawi* uaad Mma??y *tW remedy m* ealr Ma cava ka wn. Ma aa* ha dweiared. It la th* *?iy remedy the* will a?t disappoint. Quit* mtcinal without rnrt *rv or min**al p*ia*n*. No *a* aver triad the Uafc>r?a. ivdte'a Ftier d bnt expressed Ma admiration of iia effaet? eonallv plnaeant aa aatutary. Many are anrad by aa* d***. OSo* Caaal *t., oa* do?t *a*t at Broadway. N1BLCS GARDBN-Tl * OF COMMMH UM1M If fa Door* open at 7; Over -II I* ?mmmmiI 73? ff#1 tain t? ri*e at H o'clock preo. <ly. Bex ?fflce opu irem a A <? to 4 P.M., kr It* mM W ticket* and aecunn* (<rcheat-a Seat* ui Private Pa? ?It. PYNR AM) IIAKRI80N ENGLISH OPRRA C0MJ*4irf. Saturday, June t, BOHEMIAN GIRL. Atllar .. Miaa MhM( DeviUkoof. . . Mr. Horneaatle | Couat Arahetm. .Mr. Boni Morottne Mr. Holman Giptey Qaeen Ml** Pnt Thaditea* Mr. W. Bwlwi M wntt?n for and originally play o J by kirn in Uiioa. Conductor Mr. G>0. f. MaiaruW. *PXCI At. KOTICB. Tb* Dice* Circle. Parquet and Boxe* ara thro1 tk* pukllo, witkoat r?*?rvatUn ?( aaaU, at en* anrform price. Ticket* M Mill Tba only Mtu tkal aaa be *eeured ara:? The ?reheat ra Arm Chair* P?wk Private IMM M BURTON'S. CHAMBERS 8TBLET ? SATU RDAT.? REN KM'l OF MR G. HOLLAND, aad laai aicht el the *??!??. 1 he itnic rieee et kEULAQ SPA Ike two Keys, ?v M***r*. Burton and Holland. Mr lio run a* Jim Bag*. m THE W AKUERINO M IN S'IRfl., with the uolefui chaunt if " TlUhift* aad his Dinah " Mr Holland iu hi* own pica* of A OAT AF11B MB FAIR, in which ke will pUy Sta part*. "I nu Aa immeute kill at great fun. frolio Aad faaey. Bowrrv tiiratha-i. t WALbdoarBQrinNI and tfaaajvr; Robert Jou?* bia?* Maaacec. Mm ?< adCiUrloa:? Boza*, '!* evtit*, |>U U>* ceaM) Gallery, ?tnt* Private Rniaa, IS tar day ??en(a?, June X 1UR t ATI Lt Si RAIDERS. THE KlftG 3 PuOL. Trltuulet Mr. johaatom bUH JUAN. METROPOLITAN TbtAlKR, bROADWAT, OPTO alt* Road ?tr*et ? I !..? ? and Manager. Mr. HMkatt THIS IVkMHO, ^ATl KDAYOJUliE i Do?r> open at 7>*; aomnieiica, 7?4. Fourth n&kt ot MASAN1ELLO, WITH SOTO A3 Ifc.s ti.LA. TUB BOMB GIRL. a r. a ?- at PAarouiiiic tkiihih. With tba btautilt.1 *cen?ry, by J. It. Smith. fluey ISarru, Mon*. Carre?e. G * . Smith, Cera* de Bail at and en'iro Dramatic Company, will appear in {hi* lnagaiS cent apectaele 'le akaeiudo with A CURIOUS CASK, in wllaU Mem*. YValcot, Levtre, Byrne and Mr*. Waket, will appe*r. hext week? la*t weak of the reaton? Mr. Hackctt will ap p*ar. Door* op?a at 7>i; oommeaoe at 7J?. BCCE LEY'S SERA NADERS. 030 BROADWAT. imr viuht tni* wane, the groat kurUiuue an tbe upeia of NORMA, m ITU1TR PACKS, introducing all tka principal gem*. Fr**ediug the eptra, NEGRO MINST1ELBT. wl?h 6. Swafne Kueklcy la hi* *t>ienraaed *haraatera. Aim, hi* sew rieeo. ? u'ltled CRt?W OUT SHANGHAI. Commence* at ? a *<o*k Tltkou, Wnntft BAR.NCM'8 AMERICAN MUSEUM. -MOW] Swia* Bearded Lady and b?r Saarded Infant, who, although not yet twu year* old, ha* a full beard aad #kl? ker*. Saturday, Jure 2? Rveniap, at 8, THE LuNRLT MAN OF TOE Ot'EAN. A'ten.< or. at 8, >ane a* tn tho evening. Maine Giante**, nearly ei^ht feet ki^h: Dwart Lady, Mammoth l>irl, li?u n t'urun/ Untang, the Utraili, IWtnic Ottiiehe*. Ao. Admittaaaa. M aeat*; ahildrna an det ten, 12>k oent*. National babt show.?1 td k list closed mx eejii to Twian, Triplet*, Quatcrn* and Pat Baoie*. Tho una hundred nabi*? enx*K?<l- ri>" ff*st event eome* of at Barnuin'e kuteuo an tba S:u, 6th. 7th and 8th of Jane, lb* *u* hundred babie*. to whioh tho aumbar to limited, have already reoeived their aurtlfloatei, aad more can be leeeivea. Tbe lis ?*, howovar. ara (till era for twin*, triplet*, quatarn* and fat babie*. Nine twin*. mi tilpleta, <ne quattrn. and icveral tnt ehlldren ana dwsrft, are enmcea. Ample and eomfortahle arraucemanta are being ma in lor tho *eeomin"daiion of the otittdrdn, their attendant* and the pul<ilo twenty one premium*, amennting to eleven i>uadred dollarn iu ea*b, beatde* mel al*. diplomat, Ac., will be di*tiiliute<t totho Inert bable* by impartial judre*, who arc all laoie* of ro*p?ctability. Such a charming dirplav of juvenile buinauity wa* never before witLMeed ?n tbia eonuncut, and the publte may ie*t a* *ured that tlii* ?ill prote oae of >k? mnat ch**te. aovel and iBterekting exhilltioi.* ever be mid. On Tharaiay, 7th of June, an addreaa, appropriate t? the oceaiien, will be de livered in tbe leeture room, by Mr*. L. N. Fowler, at 3 o'clock r M. fHE UABY SHOW THIS QUEER AN1) MUCH BR rttod tihibi'ion, j rojectoJ by Btrnum, i* to *p*n *n th* morninR ol Tunday, <he fith oi Juno, witkeut fail. It will ecntmue open until the iu low iu* Kririay eveniag. Tbe fremiuu* amounl, in all. to !! 1WI, aad tbo lady judge* will e antboriied to add to tne lilt auv number uf diploma*, at ditcretion. tin Iburaitay. Mr* L N Ko> ler ?ill deliver the addrea* in the lei tuie Room IhejuUgea ate all ladlaa 01 respectability, and Ci.uMlcaa will be atrietly Impartial. Barium 1 an hetu ridieule t and unutud uot a little for tbia exh'bition, l.ut ?? ven'ure to ray that he haa atruek a v<Rt of public oriorlty ?htchmoa> of 'he mother^ and many of tie fathers in the laud will bo flail of an opportunity of gratify irg. One bupdred l icked t-abics. umliir Ave year* of ago. all in one room, t* a fight never yet witnouod on thto continent ?hew York Eve' Tog Post. MACDi'NAI.D MACOKEGiiR'S UKVEHIT, AT Bowery Theatre, Wodnod -y, June (i. Jour new pieeo*, and a hont of volnntecr*. Box book now open. Ticket* tor aale at the principal hotel*. PEBHAM'S BUBLESQl X OPERA ilOt'SK, iMi urtu AD WAT, TIIEGRKAT Bl'KlEHQIB BAH* SIH?W, tbe mo?t Inughr.ble pWce ever |u dueed <& tho Ethiopia* Uvmnkiii will be repeated 'V < r t evening thif week, lit Wednesday and Sa'ur4?y afternoon*. a' .1 o'clock. Prevli n? tb UAUY hiiOW, Ethiopian Couoort and Olio. Admission '&> oeutti mo dramatic aCthuks? the bn dersmn es X OTi.poioe to the draimtto aaibum in the United dtatoa, to invite their eMrtionn in helnJ1' 01 tte drot.ia, t?j a compe tition for the tallowing: t or the bcit tarae, in which an Iri?h male ami Yaukae rumale eLuriet.-.- (ball be the leading featnrek?Ont hnmlred and fifty dollar*. Fur tb* bout drama. In threo net*, with an Irish male aud Yar kef fsnuus sharco ter? Three hundred di.llara For the i*.i eamtdjr, in '.brer or five acta, in wbinh an lrloh male and \ *nke? f trnal" eha racter ahall be the moat prominent? n?# hundred dollars. Thcieiums will be paid to the encceaafnl author* reep?oti re ly. Tbe deotaion* will be madohv a *ini|?tont, dtsintarost ed committee of lira gentlemen The lateat torn for the re ception of tbe play*, wMeb are to tw mt to tha eabssaiber, 102 East Nineteenth it res'. , ar the Broadway Tb?atre, It the frit day of Ancuit next The snbaaribor doom* airnaeB called upon bp tb* recent wholesale piracy of Ms pri vate irannncrlpt*, to make tie above proj o?ali, In the hoM that hereafter lie may be able ?o pro'eoi author* and artlatk In aomemeaanre. from tbe nanrlnciplod nee of individual property. LARNEY WII.UaMS. Comedian. Theatre for brnt.? the iiuild*ng known as the Pelican theatre, tituated on St. Chariot itreet, opponte to 1'erdido street, New Orleana, toi-itber with alt tbe iceuery, fnniture, Ac. Built for an amphitheatre, it ha* all tbe ntcemary improvement* fc-r ?uch. Iho location i* the beit in the city, and to a go-.d and respoBiibl* ten-tat it will be nnted l*w, and a loag leaie ^i?en K doaired^ For term* apply I " New Or lean*. term* apply to DANIELS! & B1DWELL, Phoenix ilouac, Mrlcani. REWARDS. MO REWARD -LOST THREE WEEKS AGO, A SB vlU venteon foot boat, bln? gunwi'c red i'reak, wkil* body top; green bottom, panted wbiie Iniiilo lid ir mned with rvu. THOU AS NBsDlT, Battery. (in REWARD ? STOLt N FKoU ME, AT BY BOOM. ?pj-U No. 24 W ill lam it roct an old 'aihioned French gold watch, with ulver oap, sold fare and iteel hand*; alio, a flat gold chain and gold ley. The alove reward will be paid for tae raeovery of tiie article*, and the tbank i of the awaer. liAKf BBUKLEY. (in REWARD -LOST, AT TIIE MEETING AT T'AB 3PAI' many Hall laitrvenlng, a ?i vnr patent lever wa'?h, Jobn*oL'? make, No. H71. oy ireaking it from tha ring where tne tafety chain w a* attached. Tbe Under will re ceive the above reward by returning it to John W Wheeler. No. 3 l.ewi* itreet. Q1 A REWARD WILL RE PA I D FOR A CHASED GOLD C 1VJ ring, with a part of the el l " Lit>*' ty btil " inserted in tbe centre, with nhe lollo ? lng niierip'.ion on the inaido : "Proclaim liberty throughout a' I 'belaud, unto all tbe In habitant* tbereoi. July 4th, 177b." To be left at Abel's txebange, 496 Broadway. (frC REWARD.? LOST, ON THE FIRST or JUNE, A ?]?'/ umall diamond cron breaatpin. Tbe finder wIP receive the above reward by brioiin/ it to the owner, bitween the hour* of 0 and 12 o'clock P. H M1CHABL UcUaHoM, 3?> Bowery, toffee (aloon. q>r: reward.-lost, on the ist inst., niab ?J') Fulton ftrry, Brooklyn, haaa boo* No. t'ham brr* itreet Bank. Any perion finding it, who return.) it to the office of A. A. PHILLIPS. 10 t'lty Hall plate, will re ceive the above reward. It u n**le*t to any one bat Um own?r. DKNTISTRY. Btheb SAFE IN DBNTAl. OPERATIONS? THE FN halation of ether 1* now rendered barmlea* by the newly inveatcu inhaler of Dr. LUTflBB, dentin, No. 49S Broad way. ly which limplt ijiitrumeat all danger I* entirely avoided. Complete **t* of btautilol artiiicial teeth inaerttd upon the new principle. BXCVBM04I Excursion to the fisiii*q banks, -tub ?teamer OOLDEN GATE, Captain Aadertoa, ifcr merly ef the ateamer Laura Knapp ) will eommenot her tripe on Wednesday, # tb of May, tor the ataton, Itaviag Atnoa atraet at 7 o'clock, Sprlag itrcet at 7X- Pttk alia ai H, Brooine (treat at Pier No. S North river at 0 o'olook, Snnday* sxcepttd. EXCURSIONS.-FISHIBG BANKS OFF SANDY HOOBj (are 2.. centi each way. The new *oa "teamer LauBA KNAl'P, Captaia Aadenoa, fcrm<r'y tt the Lair* Knapp, will eommcaee her regular tripe for the Behiag banka, om Wedaetday, titli of June, and coataiue ?v <ry day duriaa tha *eaion, with the exoeptioa of ai.u lay*, landing at bht follow lag pi?ee* ? Amoi itroot, 7 o'clock; Spring atraet, 7W do.; Peck alip. 8 do. ; Broom* ? roet, do ; Pier No. S, Norvo river, i do. Viihlag tackle, bait, rolioalimantt. At., oan ba procured on board. I EXCURSIONS.- THE LARGE, COMBODIOUS AND J wail kaov n uteamtr AMLH1CA. and barge Coiaackit to let for racaraioai, with ao additional barge if re<|nlr?d. For rartieulara and making eoatraeta, laquiro of Captaia lEvl FREI.1GH, on board tit ttaaaier Amerioa, toot of Joy (trtet, North river. L^OB 1HE FISHING BAN K"*.? FA KB FIFTY CEMTS - P The new ? team boat itKI'U RY. Capt R>ob>r4 Vataa, will Bake daily tnpa to the Fialiini Binke itopping at roaa Hamilton each way. Nsa*lng a* t ll?w* ? Fo?>t of Jaokioa *tre*t, Fait, river, at 6 o'clock; Iteiaoev itreet, Ea*t rtrtr, f S o eloek; Cethmae maiket, 7 e'eloek, t'eek alio, 71a o'olook; Spring atroet. North nvor, Ho'cleck; Pi?r 4, Nettk river, o'elock. Retreibm?n*?, lihing tackle aad baM, furnialed on board. N. B ?On Saturday! the Mercury will make a land at Canard wharf, Jer*ey tlty, at 9?? I o'clock. RXTRA r.AA LAND WARRANTS WAVTED-OF THB BBXI OUU can aid Klor.-la **r and the ear of 1?U aad ale* lllls' i*. Miaiosri anil Ar?*a*ai pa-, it* locatsd la 1SB. lore ilnce told l?r ts?. ?: slso fate?t- located tines 1817, in IBwot*. Wlsemai ?n' J???. ?h* ^Ittsir saiB price wiU te gl?-n- AFOiy to 0. O. s^rriLDt, No. 2 Nai .au tre*t, Snt tlcor, two deori Irom Wall itroot. Bounty land office, m wall stbebt, basb a<eni.? ?oWier?, ajalcr* and teamiVSra la any war Ado* ,jf?. <r tb?1r "srranfc #' the a^Mit r. T. IBETTi, Bt Wall atroot No charge uaMI tsV le*??4^ BOSNTY LAND, PENSION* -notary PlTMt.y ? Sailor*, (oldier*. Ac. widow* and minors, wishftir prompt and speedy *ncce??, will call on tbe nnder*i?atd. raae* InCourt of Claim* despatched, l^w hnilne** iit?en. folly doas. WB. OkaNDIN, 7V Nassau stmt, rota N,

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