Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 3, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 3, 1855 Page 5
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Branrfrtth's Pllla-The 8ero-l-no-l<?' Feven. loWn . ? kat bis rctignation as a "uiyrmi l >n of the Uaitol States" loold be accepted? when, one odl yet pleasant day in Ao nst, in pepped the postman wita a letter (ranked thai:? *R. Jones, Adji. Gen!, t. S. A..'' Here was tho acceptance If onr re; lgnation sure enough. But no, lor upon breaking lie se*) te read ?s follows: ?"By a letter ttii Jay received ?rem iir^vet lirifiajier lienertl Taylor, oomtnanding the ray in Florida, it is seen that he desires your services as 44 do camp in Florida. If this meet* your vrUhen yon may lontider this *n order to proceed forthwith and join Mm peral in Florida" Uere aai a atunniog, flattering ooinpli ?nent, when old Rough and Heady, *ti suir <>unded by gal ant and intelligent officers, 'rom the number of whom he Bight bare i bo>en an aid. Ilo took advioo an J resolved tt foeept the appointment whiob our good and brave old friend ?d tendered. For seven or eight months previously, in h37, we bad served under htm. when bo waa Cel. Taylor, at ha battle of Okeechobee and elsewhere in the pestilent and ?hienrs hot" climate, among tne sanda, snnsMne and ser wnts. fevers, fins and chlggere of tbia ho called land of flow t?." We knew him and loved him, andf elt highly honored ai man wonid have done by his preference. "Let those laugh on win." Hut in returning again to dangeroas ground, we look l be precaution to take with ua a medioine chest, of pbatY Laugh if yon pleaae, but it was wholly male up of [Braadreth pills ! a score or two boxes 1 Firm in the faith, *rom actual eiperjence, that a sound and oleanied stomach urifies all the other functions and springs of phvsioal ex atence, and knowing that It. B. pills would most effectually "id thoroughly do that office, our medicine ehest contained >n#ht else. Seme time in 1W-3-39 very great tiekneas and mortality pre ailed in tbe peninsula ol Florida, especially at Tampa and tber points on tbe Gull of llexlco. Same oalled the disor er congestive, some yellow fever; but certain It is. sbor hnftwas made of the victims; they died soaroely having ?ime, en oecasion, to make a sign. In vulgns ignohile, yei xpie*?ive phrase, they " died like rotten sheep." The hos 'tale at Tampa were crowded with the dead and dying, the aeral dram was u often heard aa reveille or tattoo. Mrs. ajor Sewall, Captains Barker, Pat ton, Uriffin. Adjt. Gen. et.rabb and others followed each other speedily- lien, aylor was itiicd, and for two week* hi* iron constitution ad indomitable will oontested the victory with the con aeror of tbe world. For five days, inch wai his precariou* tate, that no person, not even member* of hi* own family, rare permitted to have interview* with him. Matters and ihings generally, on all tides, wore a datk and gloomy as ? it. In tbe midst we fanoied tho preinunito'y symptoms have fallen upon us. We sought onr medioal adviser*, is. W and J of the army, and they ponrod the halm of consolation into onr ear, by assuring ns that sensation* ~t sold chill * along tbe veitebra, dull and heavy aches, anil tain* in the head and bones of the body, and " a most foul" stomach, most indubitably wero Indicative of anything other 'than a salubrious condition of the physical man. On the iastant we bethought us of B. B., and. hastening to our 'tent, embowered in erange, lime and lemon groves, sur rounded by all the perfumes of " Araby. the blest," we absolutely bolted a whole tox Charing the box) of twen ty four nanseous pill* 1 Soon sleep came over the senses, iat in course of two or three houi* abused |nature ?ailed aloud. "Lat her rip" ' was the order of tho day; and "Well, it's no use talking." that night "Kiohard was him *elf agiin;" no "cold chills," no more aches, pains or penal ties; no congestive, yellow or other fever, and what is bot ter, no tear or appreheniion- of any ill that flesh i* hoir tol And all this produced by a nostrum, a quack, patent medicine? Urandretb's Fills. We had a faithful servitor and friend in Florida, well known and well considered by every body in and out of the army? Ilugh McCarthy ? who has laced danger and death iu a thousand forms, had many "'hair breadth '(capes." Wo were summoned to him as his nearest and best friend, a* ho said, for he bad been tiken down with tho prevailing epidemic. By our advice ho would have swallowed quicksilver, stryohnlnc, and other tfiadly poising. But a* we are advocates of thorough work and thorough reform, we at once administered a box of B. B.'s, (except the box,) and the following day Hugh was, a* he boasted, "a broth of a boy." We cannot now detail the modus operandi of overcoming the natural repugnance of a ?talworth Suminole warrior to any medicine of a pale faoe, or how by toreing such a one to swallow six only (and these were enough) he was saved from the " happy hunting grounds." W. G. Brandreth'a Pil!s are sold at the principal office, 4.1 Canal ftieet Brandreth Building, at 25 oents per box, with full directions; also at Burnton's booh stores, 290 Itownry and 241 Hudson street. They may also be had of D. 1> Wright. 66 Houston street, corner of Lewi*; and of J. Kerr, 813 Bioadway. Ilolloway 'a PUI?.? Pnrge the ayatem at thla I season with a few dtseB ot this wonderful mcdicine, so as to purify the blood, and give a healthy and vigorous tone to the liver and stomach, and thus remove all lingering signo of disease. Sold at tbe manufactories, 80 Maiden lane. New York, and 244 Strand London, and by all druggists, at 25c., (i2>,o. , and $1 per box. Who killed cock robin? inquired some one. 1, i-aid the sparrow, I did it for fun. Bat who killed tbe roaches, moths, bedbugs and fleas'' The "magnetio powders" of Lwn killed tnese. wtilcb, a* well tut hia I'll., the world re nowned exterminator of mice and rats, are known to be genuine by E. LYON'S autograph on the four melal'd wrapper. Depot 424 Broadway, and No. 6 South Eighth street, Philadelphia. Blsth, On Friday, June 1, of a ton, the wife of Mr. James Clarke, 104 West Fortieth street. ?utlHOi At Brooklyn, E. I) , on Thursday, May 31, at the resi dence of her father, by the Rev. J. W. faggart, B. B S. Barnard, of Mew York, to Hklkn M. Stone, oi the for mer place. At Albany, on Thursday, May 31, by the Rt. Rev. Dr. Potter, Bishop of Pennsylvania, Gkorgk W. Pratt, of Prattaville, to anna atwood, daughter of Benj. TtDbets, Ksq , of Albany. In Prato, on the 27th of April, and again in Genoa, by her BritaLn.c Majesty's Consul, in the presence of Mr. Berberaont, American Consul, and others, Ucnrt Mkr bywkatuhr d? Wiuioiist, to Cora Withers, daughter of Kenben Wither! , of New York, U. S. A. Died, On Friday, June I, Anna Catharine, wife of Charles Boone as a daughter of Hezeknth Wheeler. The relatives und friends of the family are requested to atund her funeral, from the Church of the Annun ciation, Fourteenth street, near Sixth avenue, to mor row afternoon, at -S o'clock, without further invita tion. Her remains will be taken to Greenwood for in terment. On Saturday, June 2, at hii late residence, Ko. 99 West Nineteenth street, Jonathan Woolsky, in the 30th jear of his age. Ihe friends and relatives of the family anl the Diugh ters of Ameiica, No. 7, are invited to attend tae fuue ral, at 8 o'clock, to morrow morning, at his late resi dence. His remains will be taken to Westchester for interment. t^udcenly, on Thursday, May 81, Cornells S. Bartink, in the 51st year of his age. His remains were taken to Eastchesler for interment. At Alktn, South Carolina, May 22, after a long LUness, Mr. John Acklaxd, aged 65 years and 3 months. The funeral will take place trom his late residence, No. 1(>0 Grand street, at l>i o'clock, this afternoon. Hi* iriends and those of the family, are respectfully In vited to attend, without further notice. On Wednesday, May 30, of consumption, Mary Ann, wife of Roderick J. Entwistle, aged 27 years, 8 months aid 4 < ays. The friends and acquaintances of the family are re spectfully invited to attend her funeral, from her lat? residence, 134 Allen street, this afternooa, at 2 o'clock. Her remains will be interred in Greenwood Cijnetery. On Friday, June 1, Mary Catherine Hickman, only daughter oi Henry and Eliza Jane Hickman, of dropsy, ageo 1 year, 6 months and 15 days. The friends and relatives of the family are requested to attend tne funeral, trom her late residence, >o. 178 Suffolk street, at 2 o'clock, this afternoon. Tae re mains will be interred at Vernon Cemetery. On Tuesday, June 2, Tiiumah Farlow, aged 40 years. His relatives and friends, also tbe members of Wash ington Lodge No 2, American Protestant Association, and the order In general, are respectfully invited to at tend his funeral, tbis afternoon, atj^j,' o olock, from his late residence, No.'2G2 West Tb'rftonth street. On Saturday, June 2, William Kay lor, aged 48 years and 8 months. Tbe friends of the deceased are invited to attend the funeral, to morrow afternoon, at 3 o'clock, freru his late residence in Wjth avenue, fourth door from Ruse street, Wllliamsborg. Saturday, June 2, Mrs. Catherine Hickman, wife of J. H. Hickman, aged 30 years, 6 months and 1 day. The relatives and friends of the family, also the mem bers of Mutual Lodge, No. 57, I. O. of O. F., are respect fully invitsd to attend her funeral, to morrow afternoon, at 1 o'clock, from her late residence, No. 419 Cherry street. Her remains will be taken to Greenwood Ceme tery for interment. On Saturday morning, June 2, at 6 o'clock, Bkidoct O'Connor, of Cuileyfad, Parish of Killow, wife of John O'Connor, Longford, Ireland, aged 29 years. The relatives and friends of the family are respeotful ly invited to attend her funeral, to-morrow afternoon, at 2 o'clock, from her late residence, 390 Seventh ave nue, between Thirty fourth and Thirty-fifth streets. On Saturday morning. June 2, after a short illness, Hankaii, wile of Staats 3. Bell, agei 44 yeari, 6 months and 2 days. Tbe relatives and friends of the family are respectful ly invited to atteod her funeral, on Tuesday afternoon, at 2 o'clock, from her late residence, No. 4 Twelfth street, without further invitation. H?r remains will be taaen to Greenwood for interment. At San Francisco, California, on the 8th of May, of Panama fever, Mr. Arthur Eoolkcb, in the 44th year of his age. ADVRRT1SKIENTS RENEWED EVEKY DAT. THE TURF. R1 ID HOUSE, HARLEM.? THIS FASHIONABLE R* j,v Mrt is aow complete la ell its appointments, and the ?ales stables attached are constantly tilled with the Iniil and fastest horses to be found. Persons in want ot can always be supplied at the Red House. The trotting track is ia splendid order, and trotting matches occur everr tne afternoon. The Second avenue oars pass tbe d?or every ?ve minutes. (1ENTREVIL1 F. COURSE, L. I.? TROTTING.? MON J day Jute 4, at 3 o'clock P. M , sweepstske tor *?'?*?, mle hoatr, tbe best in five, in harness. J. Bridges names b r Emperor; F. Johnston names s. g. Fulton; J. Conway m. l.ady Ellen. JuEO CON KLIN, Proprietor. UNION COURSE, L. I.-TROTTING.-ON MONDAY, Jnne 4, at 3 o'clock P. M., a purse and stake of $?J0; mile heats, bent three in tire, to wairons. II. Woodruff mmci igr. ? Active; John Nelson names r. g. John Murphy; Win. Wbelan names b. g. Jerry. SHAW A WHITE, Proprietors. UNION COIRSE, L. I.-TROTHNQ.-ON TUESDAT, June ft, at 4 o'clock P. M . a match for W.UIW, mile and ref eat. to wagons. 11. Woodrnll' names nr. m. Alice Uray. ai.d bik. m. Stella; Geo. Spicer names t>. g. I.sntorn, ana s. g. W halel one. S11AW A WHITE. UNION COLES*, LONG ISLAND,? GREAT DOUBLE team lace, on Tuesday, June 6th, at 4 o'oieck P. M., a match lor 92.000 mile heats, to wa^ion. II. Woodruff names ? m.' Alice Uray and blk. m. Stella; Geo. Spioer names b. g. Lantern and s. g. Whaleb-ne. Cars will leave the sonth ferry, Brooklyn, for the course, at half put two o'clock, and return as soon as the sport is over; fare to go and return fifty eents. N. B.? This race to eoino off without re.-ard to weather. SHAW A WHITE, Proprietors. UNION COURSE, LONG ISLAND - PACING -OS Thursday, June 7th, at 4 o'clock I'. M.. a mitch for $2,C?0, mile beats, best three in ivn, to harness. Geo. Spi cer names gr. g. Hero; Jas. Whelplev ratnes r. g. Pet. 811 AW A WHITE Proprietors. TO THE LOVERS AN R BREEDERS UF FINE STOCK. The celebrated thoroughbred stallion Wild Irish nan, will stand for a limited number at msres the snsuimi season, at the Red Honse stahlos, at ffsl the season. All moseys te be paid b sfore serving tbe mare. All accidents at the risk of the owners \MLLl\Jk A. iisyMMi, personal. Fmdmick-1 relied on and trusted you, and eld not expect this You should have spoken, yuu (braid speak uow. You shall be received without a reproach fer tbe put and I ba*e tn offer, which 1 think, will moet J,**. J 00 "''"i tut if you value peace of mind a fither'a blectiucs, anil j oriiblv a sis'er'i life, return. You do not know the rniterv you came, the injury you do Remember jour plixhted honor, my|child ! Do not forfeit it, but for God's take return. INFORMATION WANTED-OF MICHAEL CORI.EY, A native of tbe county Moiaghan, Ireland. Wheu last beard from wan in New York. Any information respeotlog bim will be thankfully received by directing to Felix Corley, Foit Dallas. Miami, Florida. Information wanted? of john keough. of Kiltytown, county Dublin Ireland, lie left Brooklyn, in _ ltfie, was Iant teen in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, since which time he has not been heard from. Any information from him or James Burns will be thankfully received by hie wife Catherine Keongb, 94 Warieu street, Brooklyn. South ern papers please copy. IF EDWARD BOLTON WILL CALL AT TUB MAN Chester House, 34 Whitehall street, he will hear of e>mo thi?i to bis advantage. SAML. W1LBRAHAM, :H White hall street. JOHN MOONEY. OF DUBLIN, WHO LEFT LIVER pool in Maroh, 1864, in the ship Underwriter, for Now York, will please communicate with BARKLIE X BROWN, 63 Exchauge place, New York Mrs. jane hussry, who once lived with mrs. Booth, Monnt street. Da'blin, and who oamo to this oountry about tbo year 1822, mav hear of something to her advantage by addressing box 1,691 l*ost Offioe, New York, giving information as to whero she can be seen. Any of her mends will confer a favor by giving the like Information. MR. JULES MONLUN LEFT HIS RESIDRNCX (170 West Twenty-fifth street) on Wednesday morning, the 23d inst., since when be has not been beard of. He is 36 year* of ape, dark complexioa, black early hair, abont five feet eight inches high; wore a gray brown sack eoat, green velvet vest, pantaloons of green and blaek woollen plaid, and patent leather shoes. Any information relating to him subsequent to tbe above time, will be most thankfully re ceived and liberally rewarded by Vr. DURAND, 18 South William street, or IS West Washington plao*. MR. H. ERSKINE BARNES AND Mr. CLINTON GRA ham will find a letter in the Broadway Post Office. Matthew wren (or ran) will hear of something to his advantage by addressing a note to box 1,681 l'o>t office, New York; slating where he oan be seen. Any friends of Mr, Wien will oonter a favor by giving the like information. WILL THI 1 ADY IN BROOKLYN WHO ADDRESSED a note to a gentleman in New York please write again, as bcr letter was not received nntil Saturday? flPJIiUAli NUTJICMB. A MEETING OF THE STOCKHOLDERS OF THE M'Culloch Copper and Gold Mining Co. will bo held at the office of tho company, No. 18 Exchange plaoe, on Mon day. June 4, at halt past one P. M , on business oi import ance, when the attendance ef the stockholders Is earnestly requested. By order of the President. AT a meeting of THE emmet guard, held at tbo City Armory, Brookljn, May 23, l?ft6, the following preamble and resolutions were unanimously adopted: ? Wlereas. It has pleasod Almighty Providence t > remove from his sphere if usefulness here below, onr late brother and fellow member, John Cambell; therefore, bo it ? Rei-olvfd, That to the family of deceased we hereby offer onr heartfelt sympathy, and trust with them he has reached a bright immortality, there to spend a happy futmity. Resolved, That l>y the will of Ood this corps has sustained a eevere loss by the removal of our lato brother momber; but, knowing that He doeth all things lor tho best, we humbly autmit to his divine will. Rtsolved, That we attend his fnnertl, and pay the last tribute of respect, by appearing in citisen's dress. Although we should like to have paid him full military honors, yet through the force of circumstances we are compelled to fore go this aoknowledgemebt of bis worth as a citizen soldier. Resolved, A copy he sent to the family of deceased, and published in the Herald. A. MORRIS, ) 1*. MALoY. >Com. on behalf of Corps, D. BRADLEY, ) P. IIcDermott, Secretary. Guttenbkkg ferry COMPANY.? THE SIIARK holdtrs of the above company are hereby requested t? toisttena our annual nueting, on Monday, the 4th of June, at the Shakespeare Hotel, corner of William and Dnanests . at 7)6 P. M., tor the purpose of electing a new Board ef Di rectors tor tbe ensuing year, and receive the communica tions of tbe old Board. By order of the President, D. Stkil, secretary. H. PETERS. Green turtle ? just received, by schooner Electric, only fon; days from Abaco, a fine lot of green turtle, of all siren. For sale by WM. M. ROGERS A CO., 27 Fnlton Fish Market. OLMIS A BUTLER'S Alnm Patent Iron Safe Depot, HU and 93 Maiden lane, (below Liberty,) N. Y. HOBOKEN TCRTL1 CLUB-NOTICE? THE FIRST d:nn*r of the U" bo ken Turtle Club for the present sea son, will be given at Elm Park, on Wednesday, June 6. Spoon exercise* to commenoe nt 4 o'clock P. M. Bv order ot WM. P. DENMAN, President. Masonic notice.-new york, may 31, ism.-to the Sir Knixhts of Palestine Encaunment No. 18:? Yon are hereby requested to attend ? special meeting of the members ot Palestine ?coampment No. 18, Knights Tem plars, to be held at tbe reading room ot Sir Knight Jno. M. Leonard, at 383 Broadway, atgo'olock P. M , on Sunday next, June 3, as business of importance is to be brought before tbe meeting JOHN W. TIMSON, Grand Commander. 0 Masonic notice.? the a?nual communica tion or tbe M W. Grand Lodje of the Ancient tnil Honorable Fraternity of Free and Accepted Mason* of the State of New York, (aoeordiog to the old constitutions.) will be held at tbe Grand Lodge Boom, Free Mason'* llall, COO Broadway, on Tuesday evening tbe 5tb inut , at 7 o'clock. JAMEa HERRING, Grand Secretary. Masonic.? the members of john d. willard Lodge No. 2S0 of Free and Acoepted Masons are re Sucsted to meet at their lod^e room, 411 Broadway, on Sun ay morning. June 3, at 1U o'clook A. M , tor tbe purpose of pa>ing the lait tribute of respect to our worthy brother Herman H. Bnhne, whose tuneral will take place trora bis late residence, 3S9 Broad way. at 1 o'clook P. M. The frater nity are respectfully invited to attend. WILLIAM U. BENSON, W. M. Masonic.? the annual communication of the M. W. Grand Lodge of the Ancient and Honorable fraternity of Freo and Accepted Masons. of tbe State of Mew Tora, will be opened at the Apolio Rooms, 410 Broad way, on Tuesday evening, June ft, at 7% o'clock. JAMES M. AUSTIN, Graud Secretary. ?VTOTICE. ? CREDITORS OF THE LATE FIRM OF Stover A Saatz, lumturo dealers, are requested to pre sent their claims forthwith, for immediate settlement, to ED HON 1) blank man, Assignee'! attorney and eonnatllor, 289 Broalway, room No. IV. VTOTICE? ALL PERSONS ARE HEREBY CAUTION Xl ed agaisst harboring or trusting any of tno crew of the British brig Haiti, from Anx Cajes, as no debts of their contracting will be paid by the master or consignees. U. A. CONVENTION.? DELEGATES FROM THE several chapters, are particularly requested to attend the meeting at Barlow's, corner of Broadway and Prince street, on Wedtiesday evening, June 6th, 1855, at IS o'clock. OFFICE OF TIIE TONKERS GAS IIGHT COMPANY? Yonkers, May 2Mb, lh6?i. ? A dividend of fourperoeat on tha capital stock of the Yonkers lias Light Companv, will be paid to the i-tockholucrs, out of the earnings of tue company for the Is st six months, on or after Monday, Uth June next, at the Bank of Yonkers. By order of the Board of Directors, JAMES SCRY USER, President. Wm. W. Scni-oiiax, Secretary. Sylvester lay, attorney and counsellor, Notary Pnblic and Commissioner; depositions and ac knowledgement* taken for all the States except New Jersey and Maryland. Passports obtained ham Washington. Re ference* ?Hon. G. C. Bronson, Hon. L. 8. Chatflald, J. R. J affray A Sons, Wells, Fargo A Co., New York. Ol&oe 16 Wall street, New York. The united freemen's land association. No. 3 ? Etimates will be received bv the above asso ciation, at the office of the Secretary, 93 Fulton avenue, Brooklyn, for sinking and building wells at South Green field, L. 1., nntil Tuesday, ftth June. WILLIAM MACKAY, Secretary. fHE CITIZENS OF NEW YORK ARE RESPECTFUL ,y invited to attend a public meeting ti be held at Stuy vctant Institute, Broacway, opposite Bond street, at 8 o'clock, to morrow, Monday evening, Jnne 4th, to maka, in allbtral and comprehensive spirit, an open declaration of National American principles. timed: J. T. ROLLINS, WII.IJAM S T1SOALE. coR>fcLius Matthews. Tax COMMISSIONER'S OFFICE, NO. 82 CHAMBERS street, basement of the New City Hall.? Notice to tax payers. The assessment rolls of the several wards of the city of New York will bo opened for examination and review from Monday, the 21st of May, until Monday, the ?>th day of Jure, inclusive. All tax pavers desirone of examin ing and correcting the said roll* are requested to make ap plication to tbe undersigned, at their office, between tno hears of 9 A. M. and 4 P. M. J W. ALLEN. ) CEO. H. PURSER, / Tax Commissioners. WM. J. PECK, LOST AND POUND. B^OUND-ON FRIDAY, THE 1ST IN8T , IN ONE OF the East Broadway line of stages, a portc-moanaie, containing a sum of money. The owner can have tbe same by calling on Thomas Lamb, Wilson street, second door frcm Lee avenue, Brootlyn. Etstera district, after ft o'elock P. M., and payltg cost ol advertising. LOST? TUESDAY EVENING. GOING FROM 94 PEARL street, via PI) month, Brooklyn, to Roosevelt terry, a small package of papers, of ao use to any one bat the owner, lis tinder will much oblige sn old shipmaster, and net shipowner as before nuolished, ny leaving them at the He rald office, erat Van Dyke's Hotel, Catharine slip. -r OST-ON THURSDAY LAST, A CROSS PIN, SET 1 i with Ave large garnets, supposed to have been left ia tbe 9 o'elock train to Albany. Tie finder, by leaving the seme at No. 11 Bond street, will beli>erally rewarded. T 08T? IN T 11 E HUDSON R! VF.lT RAILROAD CAR.*, I i between the hours ot 9 30 and II A. M.. on the 31s- of May, between New York and Sing Sing, a lar^e garnet breast. i ia, oomposed of five larse stones in the shape of a cross. The finder will be liberally rewarded by returning it to the owner at II Bond street. 1 OST-ON THURSDAY. MAY 31ST. A GOLD CHAIN, J locket and ring attached, while golig from corner of I irst avenue and St. Mark's placa to the Iiusseldnrf galley, or In an Eighth street rtate; the chain Is valued as a gift of a deceased friend; a suitable reward would be paid by return ing It at 112 St. Mark's placr 08T? ON FRIDAY MORNING, A GREEN PARROT, j escaped from a rear window ot hon?e2AO East Broad way, supposed to be fnum! by some person in Division street. lit will be piid for its return, or for information which will lead to its recovery. T OST OR~VtO! EN-A LADY'S ENAMELLED WATCH IJ with a figure ol Jenny I.lnd on the btck The fiadcr *111 be liberally rewarded i>y returning tbe same to H. 0 Tallman, at the Chemical Bank. _ XTOTE LOST-CAUTION. -ALL PERSONS ARE cTu JN tioned against purchasing or negotiating a note for tl 2150 dated May 17 tw, at 90 days, drawn bv Horaoe H, *1,280, dated May ... ? . . ... _ . . . Lav In mv favar, and n?t. endorsed. 'Payment has been stofpJd D " JO"ss?*. lu5 Wall f? -* DA.IHNO HCADMWIKS. MLLF. CAROLINE VEZIEN f> DANCING ACADEMY is now open, for the instruction of ltdiei *nd gentlemen lb i he most tasMonabls dance* of the day. Mboot foe prao ?*- tn ? H w 'ft Orftfiu UAQ A mi* ?????? Uita ft e w 11 WAJfTS. OQ7 BROADWAY, CORNER Or READE STREET ? AO I AI MORRIS A COH.NBKT'S cm be had a choice of fceiiliab, Booteh. Irish or German helps, for no tela and eri I vate t?milte? ; alio, waiters. porters, ooacbmen. gardeners, : farrotra. mechanics aud laboicra, at tbis or the brancii office, 102 Greenwich atreet. A GOOD SALESMAN WANTED, IN A RETAIL DRV fooda stoie None bat one who la acquainted in that buaineaa, need apply. J. t KKUDENBERGER, 4 S3 Eighth avenue. A BOY, SIXTEEN YEARS OF AG?, WANTS A PLACK J\ in the city ,to learu a food trade. Address E. 11. MEAD, Geneva, N. Y. BOY WANTED? FROM li TO 10 YEARS OLD, IN A wholesale house; one living in Brooklyn preferred. Sa lary t 11)0 hint year. Addreaa L. A. , Herald office. BOY WANTED? FROM 14 TO 18 YEARS OF ABE, atrong, active, intelligent, not afraid to work, and who i? well acquainted with the city, can oome well recommend ed', preference given to au American; can have a eituation by applying immediately at 10 liarciay at. C CHRISTIAN HOME FOR FEMALE SERVANTS.-OF J flee of thia institution Thirty eighth street, between Fourth and Lexington avenues from which ia suppliel gov trnetaee, housekeepers; alao, aervanta in every capacity. Madiaon avenue ttaaea and Third avenue care pass within a few atapa 01 tbe doer. COOK? WISHES A SITUATION IN A PRIVATE FA milv; baa had long eiperienoe and can furnish the beet city testimoniaia; abe would like to find employment for her nephew, a lad IS teara old, whoae board and clothing would be sufficient; he hae good reference*. Call at No. 9 Baat Kith at., between Broadway and Sth avenue. /"1LERK WANTED? IN A RETAIL JEWELLER'S \J (tore. Addraaa S. W., Herald office. Going to europe. -a respectable woman, a native of Scotland, ia deiiroue to accompany a (tmilv or lady who may require her aervioee, going to Eaglaud; beat of reference given. Addreaa M. 3., Herald office, for three day a. SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG GIRL, AS cbamlermaid and waiter; la a very good plain aewer, and underatanda the care of obildren. Apply at her preeent employ cr'a, No. SO West 26th st. TO DRESSMAKERS ?WANTED, TWO EXPERIENCED dressmakers who underatand the buaiueaa. Call at 1(<7 Laurena at. TO DRUGGISTS.? A .YOUNG MAN OF NINE YEARS' praeiicc in tbe wholeaale and retail drug business, wishes a situation; understands filling Southern and Weat ern orderx, compounding, A 0 ; no objection ts go South. Addreaa J. Weit Herald office. TO BUSINESS MEN.? SUCH PERSONS WISHING TO advertiee will find it to their intereat to addreaa It., Ad vertiaing Agent, box 121 Herald offloe. If deaired, adver tiaemeuta written aud partiea waited on freo of charge. The real gentleman and tiie forlorn baobelor who hae nn one to care for him, will have their warhing done in a superior manner, at tbo ehorteot noticc, and all the little fixings carefully attended to and punctu ally delivered at the laundry, 79 Croaby street. UNE PARISIENNE DfcSIRE TROUVER UNE PER conne aeuie ou uue lamille pour voyager eu Europe; ' elle pent etre gonvernante do jeune persoune, ou famine de chan.bro au benoin; elle peut ctre tres utile par les renaei guement qn'elle peut donner anr tonte cho*e, nyant beau coup voyager. Kile a pour referenco una den premiere fa mille do New York. S'adreaaer No. 10 Laurena ?t., Weat Broadway place. WANTED? A WOMAN CAPABLE TO TAKE CHARGE and do the wishing, cooking and the housework lor a iinall family, collating of three persona, who are away from home all day. It will be indiapensable that tbe poreon should understand plain aewing. One who appreciate* a comfortable home, and capable to do the work, will find a constant and comfortable home. Apply, personally, at the tringe atoie, KM,1, Fulton at. WASHING WANTED-BY THE MONTH OR DOZEN, by a respectable woman, who can give most aatisfac tory reference. Apply to Mra. Perry, Seventh avenue. WANTED? A SITUATION, AS NURSE AND SEAM Btresa, or 110 the houaework of a small family, b 7 a girl, who can be seen, aud refen by permiaaion, a; 9a 27th at. WANTED-A GENTLEMAN, TO TAKE CHARUE OF a botol juat erected on Choetnut Hill, within aix miles of Philadelphia. It ia a tirat clasa house, and intended as an elegant aummer resort for famlliea. The applicant muat bave uirane to turniah It, good reterence and experience la the huatneaa. Addreaa box&07 Philade'phia Poat office. TVAN1ED? FOR THE UNITED STATES SURVEYING TT steamer Corwin, two good cooka, tor a aummer's cruiae on the ccaat ot Maine. Good pay, tine climate, om fortablo veseel, and dntiea light. Apply on board, off tbe Navy Yard, with recommendationa. None bnt first rate cooka need apply. WANTED-TWO OR THRRE BOYS, TO PACK BRI tirb liivtre. None but those accustomed to the bus! 1 ess need apply to E. R. Durkeo A Co , 181 Pearl ft. , cor ner ol Cedar. THE LIQUOR QlIKiTlOS. An adjourned meeting of the liquor deal f r? of the First ward was hel l at tno Broad Street Houi e, on Friday evening, Jnne 1, the Trepidant (Mr. Jo seph Mackburn) in the choir, Mr. Samuel Atild, secretary pro tem. There ?ii a large number of tho member' present. Alter a apirit-atlri inp address by Mr. Williams, ho predat ed the Inllowing preamble and resolutions, which were read, and unanimously adopted. Alter lomu further business the meeting adjourned to Friday evening, the -ih of Juuo, at (i o'clock:? Whereas, ai American republican freemen, having a thorough kiioaledse of our social wants and piutical rights and privileges, and a ju?t appreciation of the exercise ot le gitlatne authority and power; and whereas, whilst we pro claim a due respect for, and a cheerful obedience to, aH just and necessary lawn to be tho tirst and paramount duty of the citizen, we contcml.tliat enactments obnoxious to constitu tional cnarauteei and transcn Jing constitutional limits are entitled neither to respect nor considorathn, but, on the con'rary, snch laws being subversive of tiiose great princi ples ol individual liberty and rizbf which form the ground work ot our federal and State constitutions, their enforce ment, should not only he depreoatud, bnt firmly and zea lously resisted; and it is the honnden duty of alt gooit citi zens t:. aid one another in tho usu of all legal appliances within their roach to render such laws totally inoperative. Anr whereas, the prohibitory liquor bill, recently adapted by the Legislature, and sanctioned bv the Governor of tbis State, is an sudaclon* usurpation of legislative functions; end inasmuch as it seeks to legalise a system of wholesale plunder and robbery, and to braud as felons and I'ariahs to society, a larie and honorable class of oitizens, whose only crime is the pursuit ot a legitimate and honorable business; and tbis. for the ostensible purpose ot eradicating the vices an>l improving the morality of the commuiitv, wo dnnaunoa it. In all its parts, as a lie and an abomination, aud a most llagrant violation otour natural and political rights. And. whereas, the prohibitory law above referred to It based on the] hypothesis that our humanity his beoome ut terly deprived ? that we have sunk below tho level of the brute ? that our conduct is regulated by our passions and appetites, and not by any principle of honest or manly in tojirtty? that we aro incompetent to decide what we shall drink, and as a matter of course, what we shall eat, tho quantity of air, exercise and repise that may be necessary for our bodily and mental vigor; and, whereas, we repudi ate such alligations as nifonnded calumnies against our good name, and a seandalous libel oa the a?o and conntiy in which we live; and we turther maintain, that the abive aentioned law is the offspring of a blind and intolerant fa naticism, which, under the speoions saib of diiintetosted philanthropy, b a* been gradmlly gaining ctrengthin our midst, until, from its ircscnfrtllgh and dangerous position, it aims a death blow at our most cherishcd and inalienablo lights. And whereas, sumptuary laws have in times past, and un der various forms, of even detpotio governments, been oun sidcred unjust and oppressive, and utterly inoonsistent with tlie end contemplated; be it, toereloro, Resolved, That, adopting the sentiaents of the foregoing preamble, and entering our solemn protest araiuat the- pro htbltory |llquor law of this State, we pledge nurnslvot to stand firmly together in resisting, legally aud constitution ally, the odious despotism. Ke'ol ted, That the continuance of such a law o.i our sta tute hock is a disgrace to the State, and that we shall make its repeal the issup at the next fall election. Roolvcd, That we hereby plcdio ourselves not to supoort nor patronize, either direc'ly or indirootly, any Individual or party, or any portion of the press, whici insv hive ad vocated the passage, or may insist on the enforcement, of a prohibitory liquor l??. Resolved, That that portion of the press whioh is opposed to fanaticism and sumptuary enactments, is entitled to our thanks, gratitude and support. JOSEPH BLACKBURN, Chairman. SAMr?i. Ai'Ln, Secretary pro tem Liquor dealkrs' central convention. -the delegates from the several wards to the oentral cor.v.-n tioa will meet at the Westchester House, on Tuesd&y even ing, thefithinsf. for the purpose of organizing in accordance with the resolutions of the l.iqnor Dealers' Society. J.N. IIAYWARD, President. N. K. BUMCE, Visa President. D. S. Pak.c, Secretary. D ?? Pa,cE, Secret.^ K" SPECIAL NOTICE? LIQUOR DEALERS' AS90CIA lion ot King's t'onnty will hold their regular monthly meeting at Toynbee's dotal, Montagu place, Brooklyn, on Monday the 4th inst, at 2 o'clock I'. M , tor the transaction of important business; ell members are reqsasted Ki h 'n attendance, add those wishing to become mcuhere. By order of THOMAS TOVN BEE. I'resident ALFRED ROUK, Vioo President. P. Clemitiiok, Secretary. TO LlgUOR DEALERS IN HOBOKEN OR JERSEV City ?An unusual opportanity to secure a coroolete set ol copper <n*t tiling apparatus, entirely aew, a' ten or twelve gallons eapaelty, made in Paris. Will ha sold at a very mo desato price, Address the sarkeapar at Riell'i Star Hotel, M Lisptnard (tieet. THE LIQUOR DEALERS' SOCIETY OF TIIE FOUR teentl. Ward held their second regular meeting at Cen tral Ball, on last Friday evening, and completed their or ganization. The following ofllcsrs were chosen for tho ensuing year? William Raynor, Cha mien; Michael Corooran, Secre tary; James Mulligan, Treat uier. Various committees wera alio anointed, and the meeting adjourned to meet at the lama place, en next Friday evening, at H o'olock. The fifth ward liquur dealers- protective Sooletv for IS'. A will mist at the filth Ward Hotel on Tuesday evening, June 6, at H o'clock, for the purpose of re organising. All persona interested sre requested to attaad. I'LTKR M. SCIlKNiK, President. J B. Taylor, Secretary. INSTRUCTION. <5:1 n -BOOKKEEPINtJ, fULL UNLIMITED course V I ol artttng. >2; arithmetic and other Ensliih branch es, French and Spanish, at re* need terms, at M. S PAINE'H academies, :!?%.'{ Urand street, corner ol the Bowery, and I'M } ulton street, Brooklyn. "My younsast son and two daugh ters attended Cot. Paine'a school to my eutiie satisfmti >u. ? lis style of vriting is tho moat modern and easy."? K< Gov. King, of K. 1. An episcopalian i.aey oesike# an engage rctntas governess in a private family. Her course of instrnc'ion includes musio, French, and the usual branches of a wll grounded English education. Address Goverdesi, box IS1 Herald oflea. VI ADAME BAKBlEll PARISIENNK, NO. 4 GREAT Jy| /ones street, proposes increasing her olass Tot the r'.los ct "aohel previous to tha arrival of ttat Justly ofelebrated artist A largo airy turniahel room to let, with the privi lege oftlesrning the French language, suitable tor a eiegle Sentleman. At home from 3 to A, or alter 7 in the opening to o'clock. L1QIOHS, &C SCniIDAM GIN!? LANDING, ON MONDAY, THE Ith day of June, at pier 21) Worth Kiver, .' 50 pipes ot MaWi lulls 8? an t. in, per ship Caroline of Rotterdam, as ale i a !?1 St i bs#'ean l,af??e ?o?deanv flare', is bond, Uipj'Vll by P. Ht IvUuU. ?/Uie? <4 uum as. iiLis at Avcrmm. Auction notick.-by idward scue\c*.-on Thursday. June 7, U 1(>^ o'elook, at 16 Wall atreet. Continuation sale o< tin" old wino*, braadie*. Ao , from a highly rest actable imporilng he use now clesing their busi ness. All warranted pare and an detcribed. 8ala positive. Albert u. nicolay, auctioneer -pirkmi tory tale 01 a very handsome Gothio cottage, witU l-'J Inll lot*, at Clifton. g'.aten Island, within tlva inmates' walk of Vandcrbilt ? 'anduig. ? Albert li. Nieola* will Mil, ou Wednesday. June 6, lt?V>. at U o'olook, at the Merchants Exchange, a very hauasome arw frame cottage, filled in with tiiok, Imllt in the bent manner, in the Unglish rural ?tyle, witlK.ut regard to oo*t, together with about UU loll lot* of ground, situated la the beautiful and romantic Til lage ot Clifton, Staten Uland This property U on the pnvate road, in an excellent neighborhood, and within only five minutes' walk of vanderbilt'i lauding The garden embrace* all kind* ot vegetable* ?nd young fruit*, and the ground* mound the house are taatelully laid out with gravel walk*, flower*, ihrub*, Ac., Ac.; in fact, the place i* all that a gentleman of taite con d de*ire. Unlet* the above property be disposed of at private *ale bv the tithofJune, it will on that day be told at auction to the higheft bidder, without reserve. Term* literal and title perfect. For full particulars, and card* of adim**ion to set the premise*, ap ply to the auctioneer, 11 Broad (treat. ASSIGNEE'S SALK OF VALUABLE REAL EHTVTE. 17 lot* of ground, with the bui dinjs thereon, on the south side of W est Twenty sixth atrett, and knowaa* tbo Chelsea Irou Wotk*. ANTHONY J. KLEECKER, will ? ill at auction, on Tuesday, June 5, 1856, at 12 14 , at the Merchants' Exchange, New York, the following proporty, via.:? Tbe 17 valrable lota of ground, on the *euth aide or Twenty tixth atreet, between Tentb and Eleventh avenue*, commencing 275 feet weal of Tenth avenue, ooutalning 425 feet front on Twenty aixth atreet, and lunuiag to within 10U feet ot Eleventh avenue. bach lot i* 25 teot front and rear, b|r 'Jh feet 9 inche* depth. On the tine lot* next to the Tenth avenue, are the following building*? Machine shop, by 42 feet, 3 stories high; imitn shop, MO by 32 feet; foundry, I 'JO by Wj feet V inches, all built of brick, In the beat manner, and nearly new. Tbi* property is in excellent order, extremely w*U located, and conld be applied to manufacturing pur poie* immediately. The fixture*, machinery anl apparatn* attached are exprewly reserved, and not to be *old with the real eitate, but will be sold on the premiie* on the 12th iu*t. For map*. terms, and fall particular!, apply to the auction eer, No. 7 Broad *treet, or at the otAoe, on the premise*. AHNER MILLS, ( llul,nM1 J A3. VANDKNBERQH. ^Awaignoe*. AUCTION NOTICE-MORTGAGE SALE. ? H. WILSON, auctioneer ? Kieb and magnificent household furniture, costly ro*ewood plane forte, large Frenoh plate mirror*, ele ;ant oil painting*, tapeatry carpets, Ao.? Monday, June 4, at o'clock, by cataloiue, the entire oontenti of the large tour *tory dwelling 1G9 West Twenty-fourth atreet, near the Seventh avenue, containing a superior assortment of custom made household furniture, well worthy tho attention of houiekeepers. A amall portion of the oontents i* tubjoined, vit? magnificent rosewood pianoforte, 7 octavo, citv made, cost $400. Thia instrument for beauty of finish and aweet d?*i ot tone cannot be excelled Real English tapestry ear pet*, in luperior order and of elegant patterns; rosewood tarlor suits, oovered in silk plush, vu: sofa, fo ir chairs, par lor and reception do. ; alst, suit in solid rosewood frames, oovered in rare and expensive aatin, crimson atd maroon; sofa, four upholstered back chair* and two large easy ohairs; also, one *uit oovered in laatlng, with worked aeata; largo ea*y Voltaire and reoeptlon chair* to matoh; roaewood ete gere, with marblo topa and mirror door* and back, lined with satin wood, very expensively carved; elegant rosewjod centre, side and work tables; ladies' rosewood secretary . with mirror door, lined with latin wood; ma*sive rosewood bookcase and secretary, with elegant carving* made to match the roaewood parlor furniture ; roaewood corner and music ?tand* ; large French plate mirrors ; expen*ive|lace and bro catel window curtains ; also a great varioty of oil painting*, embracing mauy valuables pecimcu*, by Soldel, winter scenes, sea views, moonlight sea view, landscape*. Ao . all elrgantly framed ; large sixe elegantly decora ed ohina vasts, l'arisian end Chinese figures, twenty-one day ormolu clocks, together with many other oottly mantel ornaments ; mahogany, black walnut and rosewood cushioned chairs, covcrcd with hair cloth, and medalion rocking and easy chairs, solas, oak and black walnut extension tables run china tea and dinuor s*ti, out glass ware, comprising a full assortment, such a* 'umb ers, wines, champagnes, goblets, celery glaitt*. salts butter dishes, lemonade*, pitchers, Ao. ; also costly silver ware, siieh as elegant revolting cas tors wits splendid cut bottles, spoon* forks cako baskets, ten services, salvers, ivory cutlety, oomraon crockery, plntes, vegetable dukes, soup tureeni, Ac ; also, tho furni ture of all the bedrooms, containing maple, oottage, black walnut and mahogany ouihiened ohairs; elegant rosewood, mahogany, and black walnut and maple bedsteads; pur curled hair mattresses, best live geese feathor beds and pil lows, silk and ealin bedspreads, rosswood and mahogany marble top bureaus and wa?hstaiids to match the bedstead; magnificently decorated cbina toilet sett, bedroom carpets, minors, toilet and work tables, elegant stair carpets ana rod*, oilcloth), Ac. ACCTI3N NOTICE. ? JOSEl'U L. SM ITII, AUCTION eer.? Large and important sale of elegant household turnituie, at 76 Franklin street, tomorrow, Juue 4, at 10 o'eleck A. M., and to continue till every article i? aold. A depot will be required from every purchaser, aud every ar ticle sot paid tor on the day of sale will be sold tbe day af ter. The sale will commence with the kitchen furniture, consisting ot ono excellent cooking stove, refrigerator, crock ery. silver and glass ware, extension dining and kitchen tables. Tbe bedroom furniture will consist of rosewood, mahogany and black walnut bedstead*, bureau*, wa*h*tands, tour eninielled suites, one with marble top*, (coat $72;) ear rets, chairs, looking gla**e*, crockery, beat hair mattresfe*. bolsters, pillows, blankets, quilts, straw bed*, pilliasters, Ao. The parlor furniture will consist ot one rosewood suite, covered with satin brocado, one suite in plush, made by liwight A Bishop, and cost (275; one seven octave piano, made by Nuns A Fisher; marble top centre, aide and sofa tablts; card and quartet tables, book and secretary case, etegtre, whatnots, sofas, ltr^e oval aid pier ^lasacs, elocks, oil palntiDis. china vases, aud every artie'.o to be found in a first class houae, too numerous to mention. Auction notice. -joiin hough, jr., auction eer ? Extensive sale of elegant rosewood and matioga ny household furniture, rosewood pianoforto*. royal tapes try velvet carpetiegs, French plate pier aud oval mirrors, oil painting*, silverware, c-lvnaware, cutlery, Ao? to-morrow, Monday, at It' >4 AM, precisely. The sale embraces the entire contents ot the beautifully luruisbei private dwel ling No.|70 Murray street, which will bo sold wi-.hout re icrve te tie highest bidder. The furniture i< in excellent eondition aud was made to order. The contents are in brief a* loliowr: -Two solid rosewood frame parlor suites, uphols tered in brocatel and elaborately ujrved, superior rosewood piau-.'lorte richly oaied, of beaatilul tone and fully warrant ed, 0K0td rosewood ete.ere. with pla'.e glass doors and bai k, massive rosewood book case, elegant lady'* escrutoire, inlaid throughout with rare and eustly woods, heavily carv ed mahogany extension ta'jle, rosvwood marble top eeutre tables, beautifully carved nnd finely polished, large French rlate pier and oval mirrors, costly lace ?'id brocstel cur tains, elegant roi-ewood and mahogany bedstead*, bureaus, withstands, English tape. try. Brussels and ins rain carpets, pure curled bale mattresses, mahogany and walnut sofas, ehairs, Ac., a choice collcction of oil paintings. by the mut, eminent artist* o' modern times, beautifully decorated ch'na vases, msrble statuar?, two silver tea *irvioei, ele gantly embossed, go'd band and decorated china dinner set, ormolu and alabaster clocks, Brussels and Venetian stair carpet, patent rod* and eyes, oilcloths, mahogany easy recking Mid p rlur chairs, oblna toilet set*, gi I*, comics, beantllnlly painted shades, silver casters, eake baskets, forks, spoons, salts, Ao , ivory cutlery, cut gU<*?an, !>? ds aad heddins, cane reat. maple and walnut chaire, Ac. Tbe sale will take place without regard to weather. Auction notice? j. bogart, auctioneer.? By 6. BOGART. ? Monday, June 4, at 10,'i o'o' the auction room), eerier of Franklor: and William utreets, mortgage tale of ucnlcti houiehold lurniture. oiegaut cat >*t*. 4c., confuting of a large asmrtipent of n iw a -id aes >nd hand tolas, lonngea, bureau*, ottoman*, French mab chair*, bluck walout. do , lofataile*. set nest tablet, ca-ved mating my rocker', corner stands, quartette tallies tape*try, bro*>ols, tbrce ply and ingrain carpets, wardrobe, bla:g wall, ut. t'-a tabl?>, matnganv table*, office and counting houic desk*, crocktiy and glassware, luobingg.a??es, table cutlery, office clocki kitchen furniture and utenaila. Ma j, one pianoforte, II. BISliuI', Attorney for Mortgagee Do. nasii, auctioneer, store 310 broadwav. . ? Montage aale un Friday, June H, 1855, at Id o'clock A. M , at 310 Broadway, consisting ot a bond and mortgage 111 atle l.y David King to John Duxton, Jr., .and all moneys due or to grow due thereon, together with a juigm-ntob tained upon the bond, a'?o, a certain personal mortgage uiade hy John Buxton, Jr . to Benjamin Andrew*, on pro perty No. 145 and 147 Fulion street Nc? York; alio, ?t?r tiflcate of twenty tbnres of the stock of 'he Sufl'lk Bank; alto, a certain Irate for the term of five year* and three moLthi from 1st February, 1W1 on property 14 bey ttreet, filit llocr and bate meiit. H D. LAPAUuB, Attorney. Dock fropertv.-$4o,ooo on Tuesday, June 6, at neon, J AM La CuLK will noil, at the Mer chant!' Exchange, the deck between Nottn Tenth and North Eleventh streets, in the Fourteenth ward of Brooklyn; aixty hvo lots, witb i'mi feot water right on the E?at river It la l'taed torfliteen years, MIS, 100 a vear, hut arrange metis oa;? be made for proximate poaaeatiin For partieu Ian call on Crooke, Campbell A Scbumakvr, Sheriff's offioe, Brooklyn. E' RGE COOK, AUCTIONEER -EI.EGANT NEW J and fashionable turniiure trench plate tnirr .>ra, oil painting*, tapestrv carpet*. Ac. ? Un Tuesday next, nt l'i'. o'clock, by STOVER A COtiK, at their aale* noma, 3t>4 Iiroadway corner ot Duane street, a large and splendid as sortment of rotewood, oak, mahogany and wslnut drawing room, parlor, library, dining room mil chamber furniture, and hi usekteping article* ut every description. tv t?- fa cility will be afforded to purchaaer* lor boxing aud shipping. Catalogue* on the morning of aale. Household furniture at auction ?john l VAj? HEW ATC.R will aell, Monday, ..t lujf o'ol jok, at the taltsrtum, I i Maiden lane, a large varie>y <>1 furniture, confuting ol ear?ed ruiewood auita, <nvered in plnshatid latin l.rocatel; sol'**, telt> a te'e, arm clialrt and parlor ebairt, tete*a tetea, Ac. ao'af, covered in haircloth, parlor chair* do ; llrns-elsand tapestry carpet*, blank walnut and mahogany teeretarie* and boo* owes, etegeres extension table*, man ltd orramenti\ va?e?, Ac.; paiitiag*, silver plated castors, clocki, Ac.; bedroom fur liture. raaho*any and rotewood tuita, consisting of marble to., dressing on reads, do. wMliatand', Frmoh belatealf, 40 pound hair mmttreeecs, china toilet ae-a, lounge bedstead*, bedding. Ac. The attention of those in want are reapeettuMy Invited to attend, at every lot ia to be told p r mpiory, to close con signments. Henry ii. ieeds. auctioneer ? hy n. h uebds k. t O? tm Tuesday, J una ft, and Wednesday, June 6, at 1H>4 o'clock, at store 1U Naasau at., beautiful sale of marble statuary, vaaea, Ac ; alto, sta'narv from the Crystal l'.ilace, with other nrtlelea. to he to.d without re.erve, cens'atingof a auperb boat, of Lord Palmeriton. exhioited at the Crys'al i'alace; alto, beautltol Florentine table top*, superb trunks, utile by Lampini, Ac.; alto, a laree collection of beamitul (tatuarv, reprrsentieg Venna ot the bath, Mary Magdalen, Spring, Cut'td and nest, lour Italian jpoeta, one large pair of vase*, 9 feet high, eletanlly carved; K'ruscan. Menu I, Flo rentine and Rcmaa va<et; card raceiven, with trrca'.ha of grapet, yarloua aizet; alabaa er atatuary, with glaat thadet, rtprt- sooting the Urtcei, and other desirable pieces; alto, ebina, bronze*, plated ware, clocks and other valuable artl cles, not before ?*hi Ited Can be men on the day of aale. Immediate!* after the aalea of faacy goods, at* No 19 Naswan ttreet, atnlTad bird* -a large collection of ttulfed hirdt from all ptr'aof the warld, collected and pre pared under the immediate auperviaioe of the oe'.ehrated ornithologitt, Mr. Oalbraitb, conaittlng of birda singly on tpri?t. *r' up? oit do., nvdrr abadei, Ac., mounted la the raoat aobitanlial and beautiful manner. T BERNSTEIN, AUCTIONEER ? BY PECARE, BERN, tl ? MM .N A fill ULlPS? Madiiuin street. ? foesd ay , June 6, a'. 11' o'olock, at the Merchant*' Exchange, the lot zftxtO", with the two story a'.tlc and basement brick honae. known aa lTli Madi?on street. Also the lot, 5l:Jtlm):S, on th? aouth aidaef Eighty eighth *tr?et l!*i 'est east of Fourth avenue, with the two two atory and basement frame houeee (new) thsraon. For ttrmi and map* ap^ly to the anctioneeri, 51 I ib^Tty *tr*el T E. VAN ANTWERP, AUCTIONtER ? CROt^KERY, ?J s glasa and chin*.? J. E. VAN ANT VKRP, will aell on Tuesday, June 6. at I* o'olock. at 211! I'earl atreet, from the thelvea and ky package, 61 r-ratea whit? grat Ite ware, aa r?r'ea; >? do liabt blue. ;| do. mulberry, 2 do flowered blue, 7 do. C. 0. dipped and edg?war?, 1 do ohioa nsaortcd; 2 cratea Rockingham apittoons. Alao, P3 paokagea glaseware, a full assortment; knive*, forkr, apoona, Ae. Also, parlor the stock ot a retailor N. K ? Goods packed in the best ordar lor tl.ippmg. Catalogues ready the day preTions. fUNIS HORHELl.. AUCtlONEER.? AUCTION SAI.E? Mender. Jnne 4, at 10>? o'clock, at el Nassau street, near Sum Itlce, large t'ock or all klndtot fntr.iturs, of an excellent quality, trom those necessitated for ready caah, consittHig of roa? weed, inabogaay, black walnnt a?d oak, for parlors, ehamber*. dining rooms, Ac ; also, a number of extra quality oil paintings, and French plate pier, Ao., mir ror*. first quality maur>w*f, feather boda Ac ; Brussels ? nd English carpetmr. refrigerator* of all suea, etove* and fixtu-es, single bedsteads from hole's, jewelry. All kinds ol ,< C 1 ovp*l ir I?r*j f.l r??" \%i Hl?l, 8iLKS AT AUCTIOK. AJOTK E.-WILL UK SOLD AT PUBLIC AUCTIOW, XN at th? public pound, Fortysveond street and S*?entb avenue, two cow* and one a oat, on Monday, the 4th day of Juno, at 12 o'clock M. By t der ol the I'oond Master ft. 1*. BARKER. \\' ILLIAM T. BOYD, AUCTIONEER OFFICE 77 NA8 v? tan street.? Mortgage ial? of groceriss, lease fixtures, horse. ?agou. hainesa, Ac.? On Monday. June 4, at 10*^ o'clock, at 2.V< Mi llion street, corner of Clinton; the *tock consists of crushed, powdered and brown ?o.-ara; sreen and black tear. spices. sperin and tallow candles, fancy and brown soapi; Decker's goods, such aa farina, Ac.; clueo latca, cocoas, piccles, fruits, Ac in jara; liquor in wood and Slaaa, e< rdiula, English and American porter, molasses, ? our, meal, Ao., comprising a complete aiaortment of a firit class atore; tlio, the fixtures, platform and oouuier scales, ?llaud tea cana, liquor casks and kegs; alio, the store fix ture* and lease, bung an excellent s.and; awning, ice box, horte, wagon, harneai, Ac. WILLIAM IRV1NO, AUCTIONEER. -CUOICE COL lectivn of modern oil paintings ? \v llliatn Irving A Co. will aeil at auction on Tuesday, J one a. at lu)i o'clock, at tbe salesroom*, Mo. 8 l'lue street, tine modern oil paintings in rich gilt frames, a umall and choice collection ot modern paintings of the English ichool, coarprisin.- the llaytield. t>y bhayor; a pair of cattl* (ironing tbe bridge, by sh\jer. a pair ot painting! by Bright, beautiful specimen* treoi llie eaael of Morri*, of London; undoubted origiials t y Rolls, au inhibited picture by lleniell, Gipiy Encampment and Scene in Devonshire. by Shayer, Jr.; a deli<htful specimen of Kidd; also many others, among which are noticeable eiai plea from the studioi of G Earl. Herring. Willlans, Aru. field. Cook*. Andrew*. Wiiheringtou, J. M fine, Elen Hanekes, Starfleld, Hamilton, Geodall, Collins. Lancaster, Wayne and ethers. Alao a Salrator Rosa and a very fine picture by 0- Davisson, from the Thyssen gallery. The above choice collection will be tound well worth the atteu tion cf those dealroua of ubtaining tine example* of the mo dern English aohool. Mow on exhibition. DKY GOODS, diC. i) /UWi EMBROIDERED LINES CAMI1RIC HAND Zi UUU kercbiefa, slightly damaged, will be effersd on Monday, J one 4th, from Is 6d to 4* each A T. STEWART A CO.. Broadway, Clamber* and Reade It*. 1 SPRING FAS DIONS.? GENTLEMEN'S F A lUtJtJ. ahionable furnishing baiaar and glove deiot, tj.%5 Broadway. LEWIS A BEACORl) invite attention to their nnequallcd aiaortment ot gentlemen'* goods. 8hirta, collar*, tummer underok thing, hosiery, tie*, cravats, glovea, Ac. Splendid new stylts of ahirt *tad* and ileeve Intton*, in gold aad gilt just received. A LARGE LOT OP FREN JH EMUROIDSREH CUE MI ?ette* and ileeve*, collar# and cuff*, la Beta, very de sirable fcr travelling, jutt received at PETER ROBERTA A CO.'S, 375 Broadway. A N OTHER CHOICE LOT? SPRING SILKS A Rich atripe* and plaid*, 3?., 4* and A*, p?r yard, at LORD A TAYLOR'S, 253, 257, 280 and ill Grand itreet, and new No*. 47 and 49 Catherine street. Black guipure and thread laces, all width*; shawls, mantilla*, pointa, scarts veil*, figured and plain net*. Alao, several caaea of new lace ana tuualiti embroideries, juat received per Pacific, at PETER ROBKKT3 A CO.'S, 376 Broadway. BULPIN'S REAL GUIPURE LACE MANTILLAS, ALSO moire antique and lace combined? an extremely light ?nd graceful article of costume, ranging in price from twelve to twenty dollar*. An immense aaiortment this week at the Paris Mantilla Eqpporinm. 301 Broadway. BAREGE, G KEN A DIN E|AN D SILK ROBES? ARNOLD, CONSTABLE A Co., will open on Monday, a ohoioe eollecti >u of the above goods, received tier steamers America and Union, being tbe very latest novoltie*. 02 Canal ttreet, near Broadway. BAREGE I)E 1.AIMES.-A. T STEWART A CO WILL o|wn on Monday J urn* 4th, two caaea, new atylea, at la. (id. per yard. Broadway, Chamber! and Reade it*. BULPIN'S MANTILLAS ! ! I? UNIVERSALLY PRO nomiced the moat elegant collection in the city, and at pticea without a precedent or paraliri-^ommenolug with a rich nnJ pretty ailk mantilla at SO, and every lucceeding pn*e to tbe moat ooa'.ly garment* manufactured. 361 Broadway. CASH PURCHASERS OF STRAW GOODS, FRENCH flowers, Ac., will find great inducements offered tliem at t.4 und Cti Join ttrtet, corner el Will>am. Tbe snbscrihera arc enabled, by th? cash *yitemk to offer, notwithstanding tbe lateness ot the soason, a superior and complote atook of goods in their line. HOMbR A KETCIIUU. Juat received? 10 cartons blonde lace; G cartons straw ruobe. CAMBRIC EMBROIDERED HANDKERCHIEFS, FAN cy Reviere, hem atitched. and tape border. Alao, gen ie men's verr fine embroidered bands, flounoinga, and trim ming* having been bougLt at motion very low, will ho sold at small advance on cost, at PKTJsR RuBEKTj A CO.'S, 375 Broadway. C ill FA I' LINENS FOR FAMILIKS, HOTELS, Ac.? I i'iapers, sheetings, napkins, towellings, Ac , most ap proved bnisb. LORD A 1AYLOK, 255, 257. 259 and %1 Grand street, and new Nos. 47 and 4i) Catherine street. OnEAl' SPRING AND SUMMER HOSIERY? A full arrortment of ladies', ccntlemen's and children's hosiery; fancy and plain cotton, silk woollen nnion, Ac., Ao. I, <>K1> A 1'aYLOK, C.V., l'i7, 259 and JO I Grand streot, and new Nos. 47 and 49 Catherine street. Dress goods.? Messrs. cromie a crawford have jnst opened a magnificent stock of new summer dry goods, consisting of beautiful satin stripe bareges, crape, Ue i'arie, tissues, plain and figured bareges, oraandiea, >recch jacontta, Ac., Ac.; together with n complete stoek ol staple und fancy goods, jmrchaaed at the last auction a*les, coiridcrablv ander their real value, and will dispose of ttem cheaper than the aaite class ot goods nan be pur chased tor in any part of the city. 459 Eighth avenue, uor ncr ot Thirty -fourth ttreet. From auction.? great bargains in french embroideries? 120 French mualin aets at $12 50 ea<fti worth $V2: l,<M't? cambric and Swiss collars; the average prices will be 4s., (is., 8s., 10s., 12*. and 14s. each MADDJ1N A STEWART, 643 Broadway. ?e:ond door above Bleecker street. (^REAT BARGAINS IN DRAPERIES AND CURTAINS J braptry mnslins, all qualities, from (id. to 4a. per jard and upwards Mualin rnrtaias, cheap at 13, $3 50 and $4, will be sold (to clcre) at C2, $2 M and $3 per pair. Alao. lace curtains, worsted and union damask, Ac., CHEAP. bliltu A TaVLoR, 255, 257, 259 and 901 Grata street, and new Nos 47 aud 49 Catherino street HON1TON, POINT, GUIPURE, BRUSSELS CRAPES, chemisettes and sleeves, in sets; eel arets, bertha, bridal tear's, coiflemes Also, new stock <t Valencienno lac.s, from Is. per jard, and every stile of foreign laces At PETER ROBERTS A CO.'S, 375 Uroad way. INTERESTING TO LAIJIES.? lire eat Reduction is Price*. Tbc entire ft", k ot colored and Mark (ilk mantillas of this spring's sty lee-will low be sold at. 50 per cent less than tic usual priccs, to make room for our vory largostook of summer styles. Oi:r new desk-ns per meami-r Pacific are re ceived, and copies ot them will be ready tor sale nn Monday, Juue 4. MOLYNEUX BELL, 58 Canal street. Lord a taylor hating lately added to tlieir stock THE LATEST MEW FATTEIt!** Or VELVET AND BRUSSELS CAKi'E IING3, are pn pared to offer to purchaser* ORKATEK INDUCEM KN'TH TH ATI KVKH. InpraiBS, three idv and oilcloths in the >iauai vari?tv. GRAND STtiEEr, CORNEROFCHh.Y3TIE I ACES AND EM tiUOIDERIES.? MADDEN A STEW J AKT, MS Breadway, second door above Blooc^er street, hare opened this day two cases of elegant embroider ed collar), frtm 4a. to$6caoh AUojaoketa, basiiues, blaoK and white lace shawls; and also 150 lac* and niualia sets, at eaoii. Mantillas, mantillas ? II 0 I, V N ? U X BELL, 56 Can a i. 8tr i ft, ban reduced the prices of his apilng styles in colored and black silk mantillas, wishing to clear tbem out to make ro ui for bis new summer styles. M ANTILLAS, VISITES AND CRAl'E SHAWLS? Large assortment? beautiful deaians? low prices. Lord A TaVi.iiR. S.Vi, 257, 25!?an?2?il Uiand street, and new Noa 47 and 49 Catherine street. \r*W DiSlGNS IN SUMMER I> AND LACE MAMTII.I.A*. M. BELL will be ready to exhibit the copies of his new dn i?T.s u> summor maiitillss, received per steamer Pacific, on Monday next, June 4. To make room for the large stock his increasing bn-t%"is demands, be las reduced the prut of his spring styles filty per ?> t. lb tie affording Indies an opportnnity of purcha ting an elegant mantilK cheap. fW Canal stteet. ONE THOUSAND BILK MANTILLAS WILL BE ON sale on Monday, May 2ft, and during the week, at M each, the rich en silx with elegant lace and moire antique ruffle*, the most fashionable sly le of the seaeon, and ths cheapest mantilla ever offered. BULPlN'a Emporium, SCI Broadway. FINKING AND CRIMl'INO, ON SILKS. SATINS, bareges, de laines, lorn lasines, alapacas, merinoes, cloth, Ac . in the moat artiatic manner and at very low ?tieti<. Silk. Ac., pinked at one cent per ya-d. Mine. 1>H lOREBl'S Etnporinm of Fashions, 3i5 Broadway. JCxtra inducements to the trade. B-Tbbons r e du ced i we.ntyfi ve f e r "c!nt~ i Ihis reduction has teen made in order to close our present LARCE AND ELEGANT STOCK; And sales will be ooatinued on and after Monday. Jane 4. LORD A TaYi.oR, 2b&. 'il 7. J59 and ?il ('.rand St., And new number*, 47 and 411 Catherine st. S1I KS AT 2s. 6n PER YARD ? Harases at Is. 6d per yard. Ginghams at Is. per yard. I inta welt striped cnambra at Cc , which cost to import at least Jic. I.intn table covers at 3s. Gd., worth 7fle. 1 awn* at lie. Liner drill* lor boji' w ear la. 6J. and 2*., worth double. Summer flannel It , sold every where at ia. < rape shawls at *.'t M, sold everywhere at S?i. ''rape ahaw Is at ti and >10, soli ? very where at f 15 to $3). are among the larsalne which are offered at THE BOWERY SAVINGS STORE, so. 1*. H SOW) RV, where *rery article has ?een marked down from 20 to 5>l per cent? all marked In plain red ? mires, from which no devi ation is allowed, wholesale or retail. HI, I HI LADIES IIAVt VISIttD THE ESTAI1MSII MINT during ?he laat week, and every one cxfireesea *nrpriae while they buy st the eiecedinAlv l'<w peicea. EM It R( >1 1 ? K K ED LlNRh Il A N I)K BRCH IEFS, whfch w?*i <1 at ?4 to %i'i. now we sell at $2 to Id. We have about 1,1*0, but they will not last long with us. F. W. A W. r. OIL LEY, 126 Bowery. "il/HITE LINEN DRILLING AND DUCK. FOR SUM TT mer wear, five cases of Barnaley while linen, drilimg and dnok. will be opened on Mon lay, June 4th. Prioes from 4s. tu ."a. per )ard, cut in any qntatitia*. A. T STEWART A CO., Broadway, Chambers and Reade its. B BlUMAItDB. ILLIARDB. -WE HAVE A BPLE.N 01 D BfOCR OF tables, with marble, slate or wooden beda; also, nil liardball*. cnee, fltteen balls pool, billiard elotbi, in faet, ev<ry article In the trade, ten per e?nt cheaper than an* other establialm-ent in the United State*. LEONARD A BENJAMIN, bigheet premium makers, .YU Broadway. nil orriR for sale, a fine stock op bil m hard* table*, with onr newly invented cushion*, superior to *11 other* now in nsc, two good second hand tahle< for asle at a bargain. GRIFFITH: ADECK.BR, 90 Ann (treet. M A Tni MOMAL. 3 A YOUNG MAN, OF FAIR PROSPECTS. WISHES ? eform the acnnalntanee of some ladv. with the view ??? ml M*"W v lls< t- e? |ee* Inn ?? a vewn ' w-M -w, tf ?Die. AtU<M A. ? KeW*>a, svet vUtwt. _ HOTELS AND SUMMER RITUEAIV. BELMORTIIaLL, NEW BRIGHTON S^TEfiflSLANTL ?An addition havit g born mane to tbia bouse enable* it Mi *oe< a n.udate a much larger number of guest* tbia m? 1B(' '0,n,> very de?ir*l.|e roooi are offered to fa s',;'** or dagl* aeutleiuea. fit* boats leave the foot of W hitchall street E. C. COFriN. C COUNTRY BOARUOJiSBi SH'IRl TWO M1NUTBS' ' "??* 7 ani city > <" .?>??nley Home, Bridgeport, C?. ; *lt aniinea., . mi rt tea laMim, > rou lawua i>od trie*, hot and cold aalt or (<??:, wver bath* ' Term* reasonable. BUN l> W. Fa IIUHILD, ? ? G Ed. a WELLS, J PdfrirtWl, DESIRAHLE SUM H EK RKTKEAT.-THE BDCKIJT Houae, l?cat> a at S'aiu'ord. Conn . i? now ope>it<>r tbe accommodation 01 gueeta who ?nh to withdraw to tbi coun try during the tuitra months ot auuitner. It will be under the management oi 'be undersigned late of tbe l'reaeott House. New York For gentiemeu whun buaiuet* require* tl.eir daiiv attention ii ihu city, Stamford i>oinuu maa; advantage* over otb<r town* on tbe like of tbe New U at on railroad, ai all the tra'nii leaving New York flop at thii place. TI.e lluoklry Houae iaal'uated at the corner of Hon ry and Atlantic atreeia, ai*?ut tifty rods south ottho Stam ford depot and commaoJa a pictureai|ue view of Long Island Sound and it* num?roua buy*. Jo thoae who Are in purauit of health and patliar the locatinn afford* ever* facility for flabinf ana bathing, while t he drum in the neighborhood are unsurpassed tor variety and beauty. Chnro'iea of tbe va rious denominatinna are within a ?hurt diatance only from the hotel. Apply to 11 G Ely .Mi* Uroadway. under the St. N icbolaa lloW I, it on the premise* to J. M. STAI'LBS If I M l'ARK? THE SUBSCR1 IIKKS TA KB PLEASURE J in aanonncing to their friend* and the pnblio, that thty have opened ihia favorite house tor the seaaon, aad pledge theuiae v|> thai it ihfcll be kept in the boat aad meat reapectable ttvU that uu improper peraoni will be permitted on tbe grounds. Proprietor*. ETTY BOUSE, YONKBRS, WESTCHESTER, COUN I tj? llucklin ? Du.euburj . rroprietors..? The Above ad mirably arranged bo el t* now open for tamUie* and traa ?ient parti**, w bo with to pas* the summer month* in om of the moit healthy and beautiful villaze* on the Hudaoa river. The bouao occupies a troritof 110 feet front on tba river by lt/5 feet north view: admirably arranged with par lor* anil bedrooma, making It vury da?irable for familiea. Yonkera i* ailuated on the eaat | ank of the Undaoa, 16 mile* from New York City Hall, which may bartaabedal moBt hourly by railroal ai d steamboat*, making ita detir able home for gentlemen doing bulinea* in th* oity. The borne ha* boon 1 1" r? ly refitted and i* replete with (vary oonvenience The underaigued will uee every endeavor to make thi* one ol the tnotl pleasant and agreeable reaort* out of New York. RiiBT. L. HUCKLIN. EDW. A. DU8ENBPRY. Mount vbbnon hotel, cape hat. new jbb *ey ? The above boaau ha* been oompletaly bniibed and fnrniabed, and will comfortably aoeommodtae 1,300 f;ne*t). TSe houae ia aituated within the oity, atanding by taelf on probably fie teat beach lor bathing la the worla. Tbe home i* upward of feet la length, the dining room if 16(1 feet. Altogether the Monat Vernon Hotel afford* "th* cooleat aad moat delixhil'ul reireat in the world. Tamil! ta ct aix perion* and opwarda can be Moomiuodated with pri vate tablet, having ;hcir rneala furnished at any hoaragfaa able to them. An ?rdinarv will alao be*et at regular hour* for tbo*e who are not iu parti-a, and who may prefer a table d'liote. A largo number ot private dining room* have' thil taaaon bust added, tor partio* otairing to bo itrietly pri vate. An Arteaian well ha> Imen oorod Lcarly 100 toot ia depth, and turn labei* pan *olt water throughout the hone*. Laryc and eommcdiou* ?tabliug hare been added. Tba hotel baa evert moiirn improvement; indeed, everything haa been ordered to give comfort and pleaanre to the gneata. A full band of muaic w ill bo in attendance duriag tba whole aeitaon. Letter* addroaaed to the proprietora, direct ed to Cap* Ialanil, Cap- May, N. J , will be promptly an awered. SAML'KLll WtlOLM AN A CO., Proprietor*. VEW YORK ISA Y HOTEL, "hi MILES FROM JERSEY 1 \ City terry on Uergun polut, plank road The most beautiful summer reaidence in t be State. Fiahing, bathing, boatin*. liiuuei* and *uppca at an h?nr'i|notiee Private cariiagea t? and from tl.o liouto to city. Now open for per manent and tranaieut gue<ta. Apply at tha houae, or to Capt. L1ESE, I'oat Office, Jcreey City. PARIS-HOTEL D6 LYON, 12 RUE DES FILLES, ST. Thoinaa.? Mr MEKIMbK, proprietor, beg* to inform tlie viaitera to the Li Kahibi'ion, that they will Und at bia well aituated bottl, ouring th* moatli* or Mar and June, the beat *cconimi>d*tioD*. inelnding plain breakfait, dinner, good bed*, aervant* and lUhta, at Irom SK to IB franca a day. Richmond hill hott-l, staten island, win. oi>eii tor the aeaaon on the 9>h of Jnne. The viaw from the houae ia one of tbe hueat in tha country, embracing tbe wide expanae of tbt aea between Lon* t 'laud, Staten Ialand, and New Jeraey Pariiculara at S. W. ltenediot * (tor*, No. 6 Wall atreet. New York. J. P. RELLETF, Proprietor. SUMMER RETREAT ? RE OPENING OF THE WADA O wtnuei il nae, btonington, Ct. The old patron* of tbi* houte, and thoao who m&v be aeeking a *easid* r**i in a tint claa> nctol, are Informed that the houaa will apain be open tor viaiteraon tb? loth June. Every faeility will be afforded for hatt inn. Ilahing, tailing. Ac. For parti culara, addrea*. at Stoniiivton, J. O. I1RIGOS. SUMMER HOARDERS.? THE ORANGE LAKE HOUSE, pleaaaatly aituatad on the ea>>t aide of Orange lake, alt niliea weat of New burg, urnnae coanty, N. Y., aeoom mndate a lew rt-pectahl* familiea. Good bitting, fiahlng, tailing and gunninv. Conveyauce hy the Hudson river oar* and Albany boata to Newbarg. Addreaa ,laa. Henderaoa, No. 3 Montaiue place, Brooklyn. SUMMER QL'AKIERS AT ELM PARK, RYE? TIII9 agreeble reaideiicc, aituateil on Loot; Ialand *onml, ha* jutt been opeted ua a retort from the city heat daring tbe atimmer. 'J he hmliiiugi. are aeol oiled, apacioua and well fn? n^hed. finely abadeil with tree*, aud alTjrd line walka. flab ing and o her heal'liy recreation. The eatabliahinent may be reached in oi e hour several ti nea a day by rai rovl, or preternbly, by water iu tbu atonoiboat George Law, from the toot of Catherine atreet, at I' M , and arriving at Port cheater landing (witliin itune'a throw of tha eatabliahment,) at b$i P. M.; returning next morning at f>%. Apply on the irtiuitea, or at lit Wort 1 wenty accoud atreet. SACHEM'S II LAD, GUILFORD, CONN.? TnE AllOVE well kanan lumuier reaort will be openedfor the raejp tion ot company, on tlie20th of June FRANK SHIPMAN, 9upt. The atlantic pavilion, highlands or nbvb ?ink, i* now open for the reception of gue*ta, tranaieat and permanent l he location, tor aaluirtiy and pro?peot, clialleiiaea conip*riron.|'l hu proprietor w III romlt no effort to render bia puiroi a C 'loiortalilo. Mailing boating, MR and river bathiti^ uneuuaHtd Acceta to and fro dally, bv ateam hoat, Irom loot of Jay atreet. JOSEPH J. THOMPSON. ll/lGGINS' linTKL, MONTMELLQ, SULLIVAN Yv county New York ? GKllRGE WIGGINS, propria tor. ? He learn that thi* popular and well knoan houae will bo opened on tin' lirat o'June, inatant. Itannmeron* frieno*. who lor many anmmer* have aadeltthe joytnl temiinua of their dnaty pllirriDiagn from tho city, will hardly recogniiu it. amid the alteration* and lmprovem*at* mad* by it* enn rptn-in* proprietor The ronin* have been en larged and beau mad, are well ventilated and farniebed, and <bc comfort ol the gneat ha* evidently been the flrat and only object aona'dtrod The village of Montioello i* iuatlv cniebr?ted for it* healthy air and It* oni'pe and de lightlul aeene>> Ti e village it eaaily reached by a nde of about eight honra Irom tbeeity; tbe paiaenger taking tbe Erie eara at tlie foot of Dunne atraet, atK:.J0A. fnr nial ed with tbrourh ticket* oy the aient, Mr. Davie, and leavin* the car at kiddletown, where a atage will be in readineaa to convey him, over a plank road, to MonMetlle. M a. ' a run daily Eaat and Woat from Wiggin*' Hotel to th? Erie Railicad. BUSICiO. Oil FINE N1W riAXOS TO LET? VERY 1-0 W, WITH prtvil. ?? of ?ale anil rent deducted, hornn Mitt btT? been tin a k r?w m< utha m ill be enld cheap. Groat indnoe iueiil? arc ctrervil purchasers Meltdeotia, violin*, gai'.ars, Ac , very cheap. CwOK. A, BBO , 313 Broudway, Pantheon Btilding. <t>{i Jr-BANJO-UAKJO-BAKJO? taught v' ' ? in six leiaone; terms. Si. in advance. Pupili, by my method, learn with the rretitft ru>-. anil mite niomleni I Ihj iiH in a ?hor' time. I.urron* given every evening. Each letsou occepieione huur. futile taught separately. S. It J ACU113, 407 Broadway. A LADY- AN EXPLRIF.NCED TEACHER ? WISHES to nMnn a lew rum pnpila for the ptauo. Thwae re <|i.iriDir the ?ervicea of competent teachers may secure then upon immeiilite application to uiutic teacher, U3 King atreet. Terms moderate BANJO! BANJO TAUGHT ! BANJO TAI'GII T ? ALL Iboae whu wl.b t learn thli popular and t leasing instriiinert, can oo bo witi.out tail by my new and eimple met bod, In six leaaona. Term- $u in ndvaiice. Lena >na nit en every evening. II. 1'. JACOBS, V'JH Chatham a tree'.. HAI L'S CELESTIAL PI ANOS? hENNETT & CO., 900 Broadway, are now aupplied with a lame (took of these beautiful instrument*, no peraon lltoald by any ineaua par ebae*. whatover intereated parlies mar aay to the oontrary, till they have Br?t ?een those improved planoe. MELOHF.ONS.--8 n AH. W. SMITH'S MELODEONS tuned the equal temperan ent, to which wae recently awarded the Brat premium at the National Fair, Washing ton, 1>. C.. can be lound only at No. 333 Broadway. A liberal diaooutit made lor oaeh. The trade aupplied on the meat reasonable turmi HORACE WATERS. SECONDHAND PIANOS AT OREAT BARGAINS.? One ail round cornera. carved lege and moulding*. Iret toard, Ac., I t.ilben it Co a make; price J.VMI ? been used about one jeer, !? r aala for $VjO. One (i}i octave, front round corner*, price $.7fl for $lld. One do. 7 octave, Slift, for Gllbett'a boudoir y auoa fer $17'?, $!!?? and CJUW. Second band piano* tor f I'M, SI2S, HSU, and new 6\ octave pianoe lor S I 7S . Horace WATERS, 353 Broadway. \1/ANTFI>-a TENOR SINGER, TO MIL A PEE TV niam-nt situation in a company now travelling; muat have a knowledge ot iiuimc. one w ho can play an instrument pirlirred Apply at I'trham's, W>3 Broadway, between 10 and 12 o'clock, I'. M . M nday. REWARDS. ! <??*>/"* HEW A El>.? LOST OR IftlUR, A PASOi HI ?)W containing c-r'itu atea of itook, bills of exebaaca en I ranee, ami otner papers, of no uae to aay |?ra>n but, the owner, tin tranaier or pajment being The tinder will be raid the above reward by returning the iaD?ra to Jf.-Ei 11 lltlJuUII, Lux 188 Herald office, and ao iiatiiiAt aaktd Qll\ IIKW'AHC -LOST THREE WEEKS AOO, A SB tpiU vent>en f"' t I" at, line gunwale red e'reak, white body top; green bottom, painted while inaide and tr mtued wul, red THOMAS NBsll I T, Battery (in BEW A Hl> ? *Ttll,l N FROM ME, AT *T ROOM, ij*l 1/ N' W illiain atreet an eld faahinnel French gold watch, with stiver cap, void face and tteel hande; alao, a fiat gold chain anil ?md >ey. 'Ihe above reward will he paid fer tberecovtty of the aiticlea, and thethanka ofjj.e owner. 1 MAKt BECKLtY. REWAKD WILL RE PAID FOR A CHASfP GOLD rink-, win. a part of the old " Liberty bell Inaertad in the centre, with bhelollowing inacription on the inalda . " 1'rsclaim lib?rty ihroarhout all the land, nnto all the in habitant* tin rent. July 4th, 1776." To be left at Abel'* exchange, tUti Broadway _ _ ?in REWARD-THIS REWARD WILL nE PAID %3P 1 \? for lb* itcovMy of ???en iwimUfor? Bole? of fo? each, drawn by Henry Welden, to the ortar of the in been bar (and not endoraedi, da'ed Nov. I, InM. at 7, 8, 9 10, II, W aad I'tm-ntbe. Ail person* are rauii^ried again at negotiating the i.ame. At.pb toJoHN SH.F, 21 ? all street, baieaent, ir 170 West Tweity necond Mreet. Se REWARD - U af. on TnB EVENING OF JUNE iN> ]?? a norte monneaia containing paijera which are ef n?, valm iieint?oihe owner The reraon flndmgthe same ?till e-e?ive ti e abov- r"*ard and the thanks of the owner by l-avitig It ai the aaloon of K. C. Montgomery, 15 Beak man street. _ BXGVMIOIS. in.*CLK9ION9.-FI?HINO BANES OFF SANDY BOOK; fj fare 2? cen's each way. The new sea steamer LAURA KNAPP, Captain Anderena, formsr'y of the Laura Rnapp, will commence her regular trips for the Ashing banks, on Wrdneiday, h'h of June, and coattnne every day during the Mimset season, with the exception of Sundays, landing at the following plaeee Amoe street, 7 o'clock; Spring street, 7*4 do. ; I'eck alip Hdo. ; llroome street. 8V,do ; Pier No. S, lnneK r,,. pm ???bUr tackle, h*", t'.D.yujL'-i, 4c., ?.??? t?? I irwvuieii ua liwiad.

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