Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 3, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 3, 1855 Page 7
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Pills? The W Fawn. -He who mi the lollowing waa quietly, diligently u4 ?only ttndjlng tr reading law it No. U% Pin* itrtil, in ha good It and (sot to apeak it profvnely) godly oily of Jolt am, in the 1 etr of p-ace A. D. 1S38. is daily e?pectatlon hat hi* resignation aa a "myrmidon of the llaitoi Statea" tould be acoepted? when. one odd yet pleaeaat day In As ;utt, in pepped tbe postman with a letter franked that:? ?K Jcnei, sdjt. Qtal. C. 8. A" litre wm the nooeptnuee ?f onr retlgaalian tare enough. Cut no, for upon breaking 1?h?1 we read at follows: -"By a letter this day received rem Brevet Brigadier General Taylor, oommandlng the 'mny in Florida, it it Men that ho desires yoar services aa id de camp in Florida. If this meet* yonr wishes yon may wander t hit an order to proceed forthwith and Join tbe Ue "iral in Florida" Here waa a stunning, flattering eompli ent, when old Rough and Beady, ??i tni rounded by gal mt and intelligent officers, 'torn tbe number of whom he igbt have cboten an aid. Be took adTiee and resolved t-> eept the appointment whieb onr good and brave eld friend ' tendered. For aeven or eight month* previously, In .... , we bad ??rved under him, when bo waa Cel. Taylor, at ?she battle of Okeeohobee and eltewhere In the pestilent and "biatiBf hot" climate, among the inndi, auntkine and ttr pent a. fevert, ftnt and ohiggere of thia so called land of flow 'ilia." We knew bis and loved him, aodfelt highly honored aa any man would have done by hi* preference. "Lei thoae laugn woo win." Hut In returning again to dangeroa* ground, we toek the preenatlon to take with aa a medicine ohest, of what? Laugh if yon pleate, but kt waa wholly made up of Braadreth pill* I a aoore or two box** I Firm ia th* faith, from actual eiperjence, tbnt a sound and eloansed ttamaoh ' auriiea all the other function! and apringa of phyaieal ex istence, and knowing that B. B. f iUa wonliT moat effectually I aad thoi ought y do that office, our mediolne eheat contained Tjaan, bt elae. Seme time In 1HK8-S9 very great tiekaaef and mortality pre vailed in tbe peninsula ol Florida, especially at Tampa aad ether peint* on the Uulf of Mexico. Some ealled tbe disor der congestive, some velio w fever; bat certain it 1*. sbor Shrift wa* mad* of tbe victims; they died eearoely having time, en occasion, to make a sign. In vnlgaa ignohile, yet *xpr**tlve phrase, they " died like rotten abeep." The hoa "iltals at Tampa were erewded with the dead aad dying, th* naeral Aram wa* as often hoard as reveille or tattoo. Mr*. ' Major Bewail, Captains Barker, Pat ton. Griffin. Adjt. Gen. ; Melrabb and other* followed each other speedily. Uen. "avlsr waa teiaed, and for two week* hi* iron ooaatitntion ad indomitable will eonteated th* viotory with the con qaeror of tb* world. For five day*, snob was his precarioui ?tat*, that no person, not even member* of hi* own family. ' wtre permitted to have Interview* with him. Matter* aad ' thinga generally, on all tide*, wore a datk and gloomy as pect. In tb* midst we fanoied the premoaito'y symptom* to hav* fhllen noon vs. Wo songht our medtoal advisers, I>rs. W and J of th* army, and they poured tb* balm V*f *onsolation into onr ear, by assuring us that s*n*attons ?t eold chill * along tbe vertebra, dull and heavy aches, and fain* in the head and bones of the body, and " a most foul" : atom ac It, moat indubitably were indicative of anything other ' than a salubrious condition of the phyileal man. On the test ant we bethought us of B. B., and. hastening to our . tent, embowered in orange, lime and lemon grove*, sur rounded by all the perfumes of " Araby. the blest," we absolutely bolted a whole box (baring the box) of twen ty four nanseous pill* I Soon sl**p cam* ovar th* senses, Vat In course of two or three boar* nbnied Innturo ealled aloud. "Let ber rip'.1 ' was the order of tbe day; and "Well, it's no us* talking." that night "Klohardwas him ?elf agiin;" no "cold ehtus," no more aches, pains or penal ties; no congestive, yellow or other fever, aad what is bet tor, no tsar or apprehension- of any ill that flesh is heir tol And all this produced by a nostrum, a qnaok, patent medicine? Brandreth'e Pills. We had a faithful servitor and friend in Florida, well known and well oonsldered by every body in and out of the army? Hugh MoCarthy? who has laced danger and death in a thousand forms, had many ''hair breadth 'scapes." We were summoned to him as his nearest and best friend, a* he said, for he bad been tiken down with the orevaiiing epidemic. By our advioe ho would have swallowed qulcktilver, stryobnine, and other d<adly poisjns. IJut a* we are advooates of thorough work and thorough reform, we at once administered a box of B. B.'s, (exopt tb* box,) and the following day Hugh was, as he boasted, "a broth of a boy." We cannot now detail the modus operandi of overcoming tbe natural repugnance of a stalworth Suminole warrior to any medicine of a pale faoe, or how by toreing sueh a one to swallow six only (and these were enough; he waa saved from the " happy hunting grounds." W. G. Brandreth's Pill* are sold at the principal office, 43 Canal .? street Brandreth Building, at 25 oents per box, with full | directions; also st Bnrnton's book stores, 29G Bowery and [ 241 Hudson street. They may also be had of D. u Wright. 66 Houston street, corner of Lewis; and of J. Kerr, 813 Bi cad way. Hollowaj'l Pills.? Purge the system at this season with a few deae* of this wonderful medioine, so a* to purify th* blood, and give a healthy and vigorous tone to the liver and stomaob, and thus remove all lingering signs of disease. Sold at the manufactories, 80 Maiden lane, New York, and 244 Strand London, and by all druggists, at 25o., G2X?., and $1 per box. Wh* killed eock robin? inquired soma on*. I, said th* sparrow, I did it for fun. Bat who killed tbe roaebes. moths, bedbugs and fleas? The "magnetic powders" of Lyon killed tnes*. Which, as irell as his PtU, the world re nowntd exterminator of micc aad rati, are known to b* tenume by S. LYON'S autograph on the four meial'd wrapper. Depot 434 Broadway, and No. 6 South Eighth atreet, Philadelphia. Blith, On Friday, June 1, of a ion, the wife of Mr. Jamsb Clarkr, 104 West Fortieth street. At Brooklyn, E. D. , on ihursday, May 81, at the resi dence of her father, by the Rev. J. W. fag gar t, B. B S. Barnard, of Mew York, to Hblsn M. Stonk, ot the for mer place. At Albany, on Thursday, May 31, by the Rt. Rev. Dr. Potter, Bishop of Pennsylvania, Gkorge W. Pratt, of Prattsville, to anna atwood, daughter of Ban). Tiooots, Eaq , of Albany. In Prato, on the 27th of April, and again in Genoa, by her Britain :c Majesty's Consul, in the presence of Mr. Berbemont, American Consul, and others, Hrnrt Mir rywkatukr d* Wilhokst, to Cora Witosrs, daughter of Beuben Withers, of New York, U. 8. A. DM, On Friday, Jane 1, Anna Catharine wife or Char lee Boone ana daughter of Hezekiah Wheeler. The relatives and friends of the family are requested to atund her funeral, from the Church of the Annun ciation, Fourteenth street, near Sixth avenue, to mor row afternoon, at 'J)t o'clock, without further invita tion. Her remain* will be taken to Greenwood for in terment, On Saturday, June 2, at his late residence, No. 09 West Nineteenth street, Jonathan Woouucy, m the 80th j ear of his age. Ihe fritnds and relatives of the family anl the Daugh ters of Ameiica, No. 7, are invited to a '.tend toe fune ral, at 8 o'clock, to-morrow morning, at hie late resi dence. His remains will bo taken to Westchester for interment. Hudccnly, on Thursday, May 81, CoRxruca 3. Bartink, In the 51st year of his ago. HVs remains were taken to Eaetcheater for interment. At Aiken, South Carolina, May 22, after a long illness, Mr. John Ackland, aged 66 years and 8 months* The funeral will take place irom his late residence, No. 160 Grand street, at IX o'clock, this afternoon. Bis Iriends and those of the family, are respeotfutly In vited to attend, without further notice. On Wednesday, May SO, ot consumption, Mart A.v.v, wife of Roderick J. Entwistle, aged 27 years, 8 months and 4 days. The frienda and acquaintances of the family are re spectfully invited to attend her funeral, from her late residence, 134 Allen street, this afternoon, at 2 o'clock. Her remains will be interred In Greenwood Cimetery. On Friday, Junel, Mart Cathkrini Hickman, only daughter ot Henry and Eliza Jane Hickman, of dropsy, ageo 1 jeer. b months and 16 days. The friends and relatives of the family are requested to attend tne funeral, trom her late residence, no. 178 Suffolk street, at 2 o'clock, this afternoon. Tae re* mains will be Interred at Vernon Cemetery. On Tuesday, June 2. Tuomab Farlow, aged 40 years. His relatives and friends, also tbe memoers of Wash ington Lodge No 2, American Protestant Association, and the order in general, are respectfully invited to at tend his funersl, this afternoon. atJLl? o'olock, from his late residenoe, No. *02 West Thirteenth street. On Saturday, June 2, William Katlor, aged 48 years and 8 months. The friends of the deceased are invited to attend the funeral, to morrow aftecnoon, at 8 o'olock, frera his late residence in Wyth avenue, fourth door from Ruse street, Williamsburg. Saturday, June 2, Mr*. Catherine Hickman, wife of J. H. Hickman, aged 80 years, 0 months and 1 day. The relatives and frtenos of the family, also the mem bers of Mutual Lodge, No. 67, 1. O. of O. F., are respect fully invitsd to attend ber funeral, to morrow afternoon, nt 1 o'clock, from ber late residenoe. Mo. 419 Cherry street Her remains will be taken to Greenwood Ceme tery for interment. Ob Saturday mornlr.g, June 2, at 8 o'clock. Bridget O'Connor, of Cuileyfad. Parish of Klllow, wife of John O'Connor, Longford, Ireland, aged 29 years. The relatives and frienda of the family are respeotfut ly Invitsd to attend her funeral, to-morrow afternoon, nt 2 o'clock, from her late residence, 300 Seventh ave nue, between Thirty-fourth and Thirty-fifth streets. On Saturday morning. June 2, after a short illness, Hannah, wile of Staate a Bell, aged 44 yeari, 6 months and 2 days. The relatives and frienda of the ramily are respectful ly invited to attend her funeral, on Tuesday afternoon, at 2 o'clock, from her late residence, No. 4 Twelfth street, without further invitation. Htr remains will be tacsn to Greenwood for interment. At San Francisco, California, on the 8th of May, of Panama fever, Mr. Asracn Koaucz, In the 44th year of hie age. ADflRTlSBMENTS RENBWP EVERY DAYT THE TURF. Bed bo us*, harlem.? this fashionable bb. eevtisaow complete in all its appoiatsaeuts, and the ?alee atables attached are constantly filled with the finest and faetest horses to be fonad. Persons in waat ot homes mm always be supplied at the Bed House. The trotting tseek is la splendid order, and trotting matehee occur eeerv fine afternoon. The Beoond avenue sere pass the door every five mlnntes. CENTREYILLE COURSE, L. I.? TROTTING? MON day, J use 4, at 8 o'clock P. M, sweepeteke for WO, mile beatr, the beet In five, in harneee. i. Brldree names b. g Emperor; F. Johnston names s. g. Fulton; /. Conway names s. m. Lady Ellen. JvML CO 5 KLIN, Proprietor. UNION COURSE, L. I.? TBOTTIlfO.? ON MONDAY, J one 4, at 8 o'clock P. M., a purse and stake of $400; mile beate, beet three in live, to wagons. 11. Woodruff ntmei igr. K Active; John Nelson names r. g. John Murphy; Win. whelan names b. (. Jerry. _ w noian nam a 'anAW 4 WHITE, Proprietors. NI0N COURSE, L. I.-TROTTING.-ON TUESDAY. Jnne ft, at 4 o'clock 1'. M.. a matoh for 84,000, mile and nimt, to waione. II. Woodruff names jr. m. Alloc Gray, aad blk. in. Stella; Geo. Spioer names ?. ? Worn, and s. g. Whalebone. SHAW k WHIfE. TTMION COURSE, LONG IStiAND.? GREAT DOUBLE Uwmia?; on Tuesday, JnaeOtb, at 4 o'clock P. M? a match tor 88,000 mile heate, to wagon. 11. Woodruff names ? m.' Alice Gray aad blk. m. Stella; Geo. Spioer Barnes b. g. Lantern and s s W halobene. Cars will leave the con to terry, Brooklyn, for the oonreo. at hair past twos clock, and return ae soon a? the sport isevst; fare to gr .and return ?ftv cents. N. B.? This racc to oome off without regard to woathirl SHAW * WHITE, Proprietor.. TTNION COURSE, LONG ISLAND ? PACING ? ON U Thursday, Jase 7th, at 4 o'clock P. M.. a mateh tor 8*000. mile boats, best three in *?o, to harness. Oeo. Spi oer namee gr. g. Hero; J as. Wbelplev osmes r. g. Pet. SHAW A WHITE Proprietors. r THR LOVERS AN !? BREKDERS OF FINE STOCK. Tke celebrated thoroughbred stallion Wild Irish maa, will stand for a limited nnmber ef mares the ensuing season, at the Red Hoaeo stahiee, at fftt) the season. All meaeya to be paid berore serving the saara. All aecidente si the risk of the WILLIAM A. UAOWH, i ropwetes. raasonu. FBEDXRIl'K-I relied on and trusted you, and 41d not expect thii You should tut spoken, you should IJ??k new. Y on ill *11 be reoeived without a reproach for the pa*t and 1 hue an offer, wtuoh 1 think, will meet wtatyuu desire; but if you value peace of mind a father'* blessing!, and possibly a aii'er'a life, return. You dt not know the mlxri you came, th* injur* you do Remember j our plichted boaor, my|child ! Do not forfeit it, bat for God't take return. INFORMATION WANTED? OK MICHA.BL CORI.EY, A JL native of the eounty Mocaghan. Ireland. When laat beard from was in New York- Any information respooiing him will bo thankfully received by dlreoting to Foil* Coiley, rott DaUai, Miami, Florid*. INFORMATION WANTED? OF JOHN KEOUGH, OF X Kilty town, eounty Dublin Ireland. Ho loft Brooklyn, in lfcAC, was last toon in l'ittaburg, Penaiylvaaia, ilnoo which time be baa not boon beard from. Any information from him or Jamas Burne. will bo thankfully received by hi* wife Catherine Keougb, M Wanen street, Brooklyn. South ern pa pore pleaee eopy. IF EDWARD BOLTON WILL CALL AT THE MAX Chester Homo, St Whitehall itreet, be will hear of imo thing to bla advantage. 8AML. W1LBRAHAM, St White hall (tieet. IF ROBXRT LLOYD, WHO FORMBRLY LIYBD WITH Er. Hough in Riiex, Ct., and reointly with Mr. Luoiue Lyon, of tbia oity, will oall at 116 Broad it., N, Y., be will bear of lomething to bl? advantage. JOHN MOON BY, OF DUBLIN, WIIO LIFT LIVER pool in Maroh, 1?64, in the ihlp Underwriter, for New York, will ploaio oommunleato with BAR&L1E & BROWN, SSIiohange place, New York Mrs. jakrhussry, who once livid with mrs. Booth, Mount itreet. DuVin, and who same to tbii country about the year 1821, may hoar of lomething to her advantage by addroiilng box 1,591 foit Offloe, New York, ji?ini Information ai to when the can bo aeon. Any of her menu w ill confer a favor by giving the liko Information. MR. JULES MONLUN LIFT HIS RESIDRNCR O70 feit Twenty fifth itreet) on Wednesday morning, tbo JSd lnit., linee when ho baa not boon board of. Ho ii 35 yeari of ago, dark complexion, black oorly hair, aboat flvo feet eight Inches blgh; were a gray brown aaek ooat, green velvet veat, paataloon* of green and blaok woollen plaid, and patent leather ihoei. Any information relating to him lubMquent to th* abova time, will b* raoit thankfully r? eeived and liberally rewarded by Vr. DURAND, 18 South William itreet, or 18 Woit Washington place. MR. H. RRSKIMR BARNES AND Mr. CLINTON ORA ham will And a letter In th* Broadway Poit Otto*. MATTHEW WRXN (OR RAN) WILL HEAR OF aomethiag to hit advantage by addressing a note to box 1,691 Po?t ufflce, New York, Hating where he oan be eeen. Any friendi of Mr. Wren will oonter a favor by giving th* liko information. WILL TH* 1 ADY IN BROOKLYN WHO ADDRRSSED a not* to a gentleman in Now York pleaa* write again, aa her letter wai not received until Saturday? APJfiUAL HVl'JKHS, AMEE1ING OF THK STOCKHOLDERS OF THE M'Culloch Copper and Oold Mining Co. will bo k*ld at th* office of the company, No. 18 Kxohange plaoe, on Mon day, June 4, at balf pact one P. M., on buiiaeia of import ance, when th* attendance ef the stockholders laoarneitljr requested. By order of the Preiident. ATA MEETING OF TBE EMMET GUARD, HELD AT A. the city Armory. Brooklyn, May 23, 18A5, the following preamble and resolutions were unanimously adopted: ? Wlereal. It hai pleaied Almighty Providence t? remove from hii ipber* of uiefolneia here below, our late brother and fellow member, John Cam be) I ; therefore, be It ? Reiolved, That to the family of decaated wo hereby offer onr heartfelt aympatby, and truat with them he hai reached a bright Immortality, there to spend a happy futuilty. Resolved, That by the will of Ood thii corpi hai initaiued a severe loss by the removal of our late brother member; but, knowing that lie doeth all tningslor the belt, we humbly ?ufcmit to bli divine will. Raiolved, That w* attend hit funeral, and pay th* lait tribute of reipect, by appearing in oitisen'i dreii. Although we ihonld like to have paid him full military honori, yet through the force ofeircumitanoei we are compelled to fore go tbii acknowledgement of hii worth a* a eitfiea loldier. Retolved, A oopy be sent to tb* family of deceased, and publiahed in tb* Herald. A. MORRIS, ) P. MALOY. > Com. oabehall ol Corp*, D. BRADLEY, S P. McDkbmott, Secretary. Guttrnbbrg ferry company. -the shars holderi of the above company are hereby requeated to totattand our annual meeting, on Monday, the 4th of June, at the Shakespeare Hotel, eorner of William and Duaae iti . at 7H P- M., for the purpoie of eleoting a new Board *f Di rectori tor tb* ensuing year, and receive the oommaniea tioai *f the old Board. By order of the Preiident, D. Stkil, secretary. H. PETERS. Green turtle.? just received, by schoonbr Electric, only four dayi from Abaco, a fine lot of gr**n turtle, of all ilses. For iai* by WM. M. ROGRR* A CO., 27 Fulton Fith Market. Holmes a butler'u Alum Patent lion Saf* Depot, 90 and 91 Maiden lane, (b*low Liberty,) N. Y. HOBOKRN TURTLR CLUB-NOTICR ? THE FIRST dinner of the Hoboken Turtle Club for the preaent sea son, will be given at Blm Park, on Wednesday, June 6. Spoon exercliei to eommenee at 4 o'clock P. M. Bv order o? WM. P. PENMAN, Preiident. Masonic notice.-new york, may si, isso.-to the Sir Knlghti of Paleitlne Enoamaiment Mo. 18:? Yon are hereby requested to attend a ipeoial meeting of the member! ot Palestine Eooampment No. 18, Kuighti Tom plan, to be held at tb* reading room ot Sir Knight Jni. M. Leonard, at 383 Broadway, at2o'olock P, M , on Sunday next, Jun* 3, as builnen of Importanee ii to b* brought before the meeting JOHN W. TIHSON. Grand Commander. Masonic notice.? the annual communica tion or the M. W. Gland Lodge of the Anoient and Honorable Fraternity of Free and Aeeepted Huoni of the State of New York, (aooording to the old constitution*) will he held at the Grand Lodge Boom, Free Maion'* Hall. COO Broadway, on Tuasday evening, the 6th imt., at 7 o'clock. JAMEs HERRING, Qrand Secretary. Masonic.? the members of john d. willard Lodge No, 260 of Free and Accepted Masons are re queued to meet at their Iodic room, 111 Broadway, on Son day morning. June 3, at 10 o'cloek A. M , tor the purpose of paying the last tribute of respect to oar worthy brother Herman H. Bohne, whose tnneral will take plaoe from his late residence, 389 Broadway, at 1 o'clook P. M. The frater nity are respectfully invited to attend. WILLIAM I). BENSON, W. M. Masonic.? the annual communication of the M. W. Grand Lodge of the Anoient and Honorable Fraternity of Ftee and Accepted Masons, of the State of New Torn, will be opened at the Apollo Rooms, 410 Broad way, on Tuesday evening, June 6, at 7Ji o'clook. JAMES M. AUSTIN, Grand Seoretary. Notice.? crelitors of the late fikm or Stover A Saats, furrlture dealer*, are requested to pre sent their elaims forthwith, for immediate settlement, te EDMUND BLANKMAN, ^Astignee's attorney and counsellor, 289 Broalwajr, room Notice.? all persons are hereby caution ed agaisst harboring or trusting any of toe crew of the British brig Haiti, from Anx Cayee, as no debts of their contracting will be paid by the ma9t*r or consignees. OU. A. CONVENTION.? DELEGATES FROM THE ? several chapters, are particularly requested to attend the meeting at Barlow's, corner of Broadway and Prince street, on Wednesday evening, Jnne 6th, 1865, at 8 o'clook. OFFICE OF TIIE TONKERS GAS LIGHT COMPANY? Yonkers, May 2bth, 1866. ? A dividend of four per oent on tba capital stock of the Yonkers Gas Light Company, will be paid to the ttockholcers, out of the earnings of the company for the lsst six months, on or after Monday, Uth June next, at the Bank of Yonkers. By order of the Board of Directors, JAMES SCRYMSER, President. W?. W. Scri'qham, Secretary. QYLVESTIR LAY, ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR, O Notary Pnblie and Commissioner; depositions and ac knowledgement* taken for all the States, except New Jersey and Maryland. Passports obtained from Washington. Re ferences :? Hon. O. C. Bronson, Hon. L. 8. Chatfield, J. E. J affray * Sons, Wells, Fargo A Ce., New York. Offiee 18 Wall street, New York. The united freemen's land association, No. 3 ? Estimate* will be received b* the above asso ciation, at the offiee of the Secretary, 03 Fulton avenne, Brooklyn, for sinking and building wells at South Green field, L. 1., nntil Tuesday, 6th June. WILLIAM MACKAY, Secretary. The citizins of new york are respectful iy invited to attend a public meeting to be held at Htuy vet ant Institute, Broatway, opposite Bond street, at 8 o'clock, to morrow, Monday evening, June 4tb, to make, in a liberal and comprehensive spirit, an open declaration of National American principle*. SllMd: J. T. ROLLINS, WILLIAM S TISOALE, Cornelius Matthews. Tax COMMISSIONER'S OFFICE, no. 32 CHAMBERS street, basement of the New City HalL? Notiee to tax payers. The assessment roll* of the several wards of the city of New York will be opened for examination and review from Monday, the 21st of liar, until Monday, the 25th day of June, inclusive. All tax paver* desirous of examin ing and correcting the said roll* are requested to make ap plication to the undersigned, at their offioe, between tne Dear* of 9 A. M. and 4 P. M. J. W. ALLEN, ) GEO. H. PURSER, > Tax Commissioner*. WM. J. PECK, S LOST AND FOUND. fOUND-ON FRIDAY, TDK 1ST INST, IN ONE OF the East Broadway 11ns of stage*, a portemoonaie, containing a sum ol money. The owner can have the same by calling on Thomas Lamb. Wtlion street, second door from Lee avenue, Brooklyn. Eastern district, after 3 o'clook P. M., and payitg cost of advertising. LOST-TUESDAY EVENING. GOING FROM 94 PtARL street, via Plymouth, Brooklyn, to Roosevelt ferry, a small package of papers, of ao use to any one bnt the owner. The finder will much oblige an old shipmaster, and net shipowner a* before published, ny leaving them at the He rald office, er at Van Dyke's Hotel, Catbartoe slip. LOST-ON THURSDAY LAST, A CROSS PIN. SET with five large garnets, supposed to have been left ia the 9 o'clook train to Albany. Tbe finder, by leaving the same at No. 11 Bond street, will be literally rewarded. OST-IN TH^ HUDSON RIVER RAILROAD CARS, between the hours ot 9.30 and 11 A. M.. on the 31s*- of f May, between New York and Sing .sing, a large garnet breast, pia, composed of five large stones in the shape ef a cress. The Under will be liberally rewarded by renaming it to tbe owner at 11 Bond street. LOST-ON THURSDAY. MAY 31ST. A GOLD CHAIN, locket and ring attached, while golig tram corner of I'irat avenue and St. Mark's place to the Dusseldoif gallerv, or in an Eighth street Mate; the chain is valued as a gift of a deceased friend; a suitable reward would be paid by return lag It at 112 St. Mark's plaot. LOST? ON FRIDAY MORNING, A GKEKN PARROt, | escaped from i a rear window ol honse'ifiO East Broad suppeted to be fouad by some person in Divtiion street. S6 will be ptld for it* return, or for information which will lead to its recovery. OST OR 8TOI.EN-A PV? BNAMRLLED WATCH ,?lth,a fl?nre ot Jenny Lind on tbe back. The finder ?u! be liberally rewarded by returning the same to H C Tallman, at the Cbemioal BanV * 10 M \rOTE LOST-CAUTION.^LL~PEr7oWTre~cTu SMSA ST,",? <s DANCIIK aCADRHISa -VILLI. CAROLINE VK/.IKN h DANCING AC&DIHT 1TI I* now open, for the instruction of ladies and gentlemen Ih t he most fashionable dances of the day. School foe prae ?lre tr-? >t?l* ?'tw?o?"<: evenlnrs H '0 Grand dan I east* ****** tttij <msi?*j, mmb ? te 11 ? ?Ht WAJT W. 287 BROADWAY, CORNER Of READ! STREET.? At MORRIS A COUNERT'H can be had a choice of A?c!leb, Scotch I rub or Uerman helps, for aotela and pri nt* families; alio, waiteri. porter*, ootohnra, KtHiliri, farmer*, meobanlot and laborers. at tiki* or the branch office, 102 Greenwich street. A GOOD SALESMAN WANTED, IN A RETAIL DRY roodi itoia. None bat one who it acquainted la that business, need apply. J. iRECDENBEROER. <83 Eighth areane. A BOY. SIXTEEN YEARS OF AU?, WANTS A PLACE ia the city ,to learn a good trade. Address E. II. BEAD, Geneva, N. Y. Boy wanted-from it to i# years old, in a wholesale bouie, one living in Brooklyn preferred. Sa lary $100 fit ?t year. Addresa L. A. , Herald offioe. Boy wanted-from m to ia vears of a?r, strong, active, intelligent, mot afraid to work, and who Is well acquainted with the city, ean oome wall recommend ed; preference given to an Ameriean; can hare a situation by applying Immediately at 10 Barclay it. CHRISTIAN HOME FOR FEMALE SERVANTS. -OF fice ef thie inativntion Thirty eighth itreet, between Fourth and Lexington avenuaa from which i* supplier gov t messes, boneekeepen; alio, eervanti ia every capacity. Madison avenue states and Third avenne care pan wlthla ? few etepa o l the deer. COOK-WISnES A SITUATION IN A PRIVATE FA milv; ba? bad long eaperienoe and ean furnlah the beet city testimonials; ahe woald like to And employment for her napbew. a lad IS ? ear* old, whoea board and clothing woald be sufficient; he ha* good reference*. Call at No. tf Rait 16th at., between Broadway and 6th avenne. CLERK WANTED? IN A RETAIL JEWELLER'S ?tore. Ail dim S. W., Herald offioe. GOINO TO EUROPE.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A native of Scotland, ia desirous to accompany a family or lady who may require her aervioea, going to Eaglana; beat or reference given. Addiata M. 8., Herald offioe, for three day?. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL, AS chambermaid and waiter: ia a vary good plain aawer, and understands the care of ohildren. Apply at her p recent emplejer'a, No. 60 Weit 25th st. mo DRESSMAKERS ?WANTED, TWO EXPERIENCED X dreeimakera who understand the bnaineia. Call at.W Lanrena it. TO DRUGGISTS.? A .YOUNG MAN OF NINE YEARS' praetice In the wholesale and retail drag business, wishes a sitnatlon; enderitandi filling Southern and Weat ern orders, compounding, 4o. ; no objection to go Sooth. Addren J. Weit Herald office. TO BU8INESS MEN.? SUCH PERSONS WISHING TO advertiee will find It to their interest to address R., Ad vertiiing Agent, box 121 Herald offioe. If deiired, adver tisement! written and partiei waited on free of oharge. THE REAL GENTLEMAN AND THE FORLORN bachelor who hai no one to oare for him, will have their washing done in a mperior manner, at tho shortest notloe, and all the httle fixing! carefully attended to and punctu ally delivered at the laundry, 7 9 Croiby itreet. TTNE PARISIENNE DESIRE TROUVIR UNE PER U tonne seuie ou une famllle ponr voyager en Europe; elle pent it re gonvernante do Jenne personne, ou femme de cbambre an beaoln; elle peut fctre trn utile par lei rensel gnement qu'elle pent donner mr tonte chose, ayant beau coup voyager, alle a ponr reference une dei premiere fa mllle de New York. S'adreiier No. 1C Laureni it., Wait Broadway place. WANTED? A WOMAN CAPABLE TO TAKE CHARGE and do the wishing, cooking and the housework for a tma'I family, consisting of three perioni, who are away fir om borne all day. It will be Indiipenaable that the perion ?honld understand plain sewing. One who appreciates a eomfortable home, and capable to do the work, will find a constant and comfortable home. Apply, personally, at the fringe atoie, HM)i Fulton it. WASHING WANTED-BY THE MONTH OR DOZEN, by a reipeotable woman, who ean give moit satisfac tory reference. Apply to Mrs. Perry, 283 Seventh avenue. WANTED-A SITUATION, AS NURSE AND SEAM itresi, or oo the housework of a small family , b r a girl, who ean be teen, and referi by permission, a: 98 27th st. WANTED? A GENTLEMAN, TO TAKE CHARGE OF a botol Just erected on Chestnut tlill, within six miles of Philadelphia. It is a first elass house, and intended as an elegant summer resort for families. The applicant mast have means to inrnlih it, good reference and experieaee la tbe bnatnen. Addren box 507 PMlade<phta Post Oliloe. WAN1ED? FOR THE UNITED STATES SURVEYING steamer Corwla, two good eoohs, tor a summer's oruise on the coast of Maine. Good par, fine climate, com fortable vessel, and dnties light. Apply on board, off the Navy Yard, with recommendations. None bat firit rate eookineed apply. WANTED-TWO OR THREE BOYS, TO PACK BRI kish lustre. None but those aoenstomed to the basl i ess need apply to E. R. Durkee A Co. , 181 Pearl it. , cor ner of Cedar. THE U(iCORdUE?TIO!l. An adjourned meeting of the liquor deal ?r? of tb? First w?rd WII held at tut Broad Street Horn e, an Friday evening, Jane 1, the President (llr. Jo ? ?epb Hlackkurn) in tbe chair, Mr. Samuel Anld, sooretary pro tarn. There was a large number of the member* present. After a spirit-stlning address by Mr. Williami, he presont ed tbe following preamble and renoiatiom, which were read, and unanimously adopted. After tome farther baiiuen the meeting adjourned to Friday evening, tbe 8th of June, at 8 o'clock:? Whereas, ae American republican freemen, having a thoroucb kuonledve of onr social want* and political rUhts and privileges, and a Ju?t appreciation of tbe ezereiie ot' la gltlative authority and power; and whereas, whilst we pro claim a duo rospeet for, and a oheorful obedience to, all (net and necessary law* to be tbe first and paramount doty of the ?itlzen, wo contend.that enactment* obnozioa* to eonititu tional puarantcei and tranioanding constitutional limit* are entitled neither to rospoet nor eonsldoratian, bat, on the contrary, inch laws being subversive of Uioee great princi ple* oi individual liberty and right' which form the ground work o< onr federal and State constitution*. their enforce ment ibould not only be deprecated, bat firmly and zea lonil v resisted ; and It is the liounden duty of all good citi zens tu aid one snother In the use of all legal appliances witbin their reaeh to render snch laws totally inoperative. Anc whereas, the prohibitory liquor bill, recently adapted by the Leglslatnra, and lanotioned bv the Governor of this State, I* an sadaclons usurpation of legislative functions; snd. inasmuch as it seeks to legalise a system of wholesale plunder and robbery, and to brand as felons and Pariahs to society, a lane and honorable class of oitizen*. whose only crime la the pursuit ot a legitimate and honorable kusinesa; and tbis. for the ostensible purpose of eradicating the vice* ami improving the morality of the commuiity, we denotinoo it. In all its parts, a* a lie and an abomination, aud a most Hag rant violation of our natural and politioal rights. And. whereas, the prohibitory law above referred to Is based on tb?J hypothesis that our humanity has beoome ut terly depraved? that we have sunk below tho level of the brute ? that our conduct is regulated by our oaisiont and appetites, and not by any principle of honest or manly In tegrity? thnt we are inoompetent to dcolde whet we shMl drink, snd as a matter of eourse, what we shall eat, the Quantity of air, exercise and repose that may be necessary for our bodily and mental vigor; and, whereae, we repudi ate suoh allegations as unfounded calumnies against our good name, and a scandalous libel on tbe a<e and coontiy in which we live; and we further maintain, that the above mentioned law is the offspring of a blind and intolerant fa naticism, which, under the speoious gacb of (liiintereitad philanthropy, baa bean gradually gaining strength in our mldat, until, from its presenrlllgh snd dangerous position, it aim* a death blow at our most oheriihed and inalienable rights. And whereas, sumptuary laws have in times past, and un der various forms, or even despotic zoveromesta, boen con sidered unjust and oppressive, and utterly inconsistent with the snd contemplated; belt, therefore, Resolved, That, adopting tbe sentlaent* of the foregoing preamble, and entering onr solemn protest aralnst the'pro nibitory fllquor law or this State, we pledge nurielruj to stand firml v together in resisting, legally and constitution ally *Se odious despotism. R vlved. That the continuance ef such a lav on our sta tute book is a disgrace to the State, and that we shall maka its repeal the inn* at the next fall election. Resolved, That we hereby pledge ourselves not to supoort nor patronize, either direoMy or indirectly, any Individual or party, or any portion of the press, wbioa mav have ad vocated the passage, or may insist on the enforcement, of a prohibitory liquor law. Resolved, That that portion of the prasa which is opposed to fanaticism and sumptuary enactments, is entitled to oar thanks, gratitude and support. JOSEPH BLACKBURN, Chairman. Samubi. Auld, Secretary pro tam Liquor dealers' central contention, -the delegate* from the several wards to the oentral conven tion will meet at the Westehestar Moose, on Tnasd&v even ing, tbe fttb inst. far the purpose of organising in aoeordanoe with the rssolutloas of tne l.iquor Dealers' Society. J.N. HAYWARD, President. N. K. BUNCE, Vioe Preside**. D. 3. Pah, i. Secretary. T IQUOR DEALERS' SOCIETY.? REGULAR MEETINGS I j will i>e held at the Odd Fellow*' Hall oorner of Centre and Grand streets, on every Monday evening, and special meetings thereafter, during the weak, except Saturday, at the Westetester Mouse, for tbe dlspatcn of bniine**. Mally, for "the price of Liberty ?* eternal vigilanee." J. N. MAY WARD, President. N. R. BUNCE, Vioe President. D. S. Pa in z. Secretary. SPECIAL NOTICE -LIQUOR DEALERS' ASSOC I A O lion ot King's County wtli hold their regular mentnly meeting at Toynbee'a Hotel, Montagu* plsee, Brooklyn, on Monday tbe 4th last, at 3 o'clock P. M , tor the transaction of important buitness; *11 members are rcqaoatod to be 'n attendance, add thosa wishing to beoome member*. By order of THOMAS TOYnBIR. President ALFRED ROUK, Vice President. P. Clcmitiow, Secretary TO LIQUOR DEALERS IN HOBOKEN OR JERSEY City.? Annnniual opportunity to secure a co racist* set ot copper dlttMlng apparatus, entirely new, of tea or twelve *sllon* eapaclty, made in Pari*. Will be sold at a verr mo '?ate price, Address tha Barkeeper at Riall's Star Hotel, 64 Liapenard riieet. The liquor dealers' society of the four teenth Ward held their second regular masting at Cen tral Hall, on last Friday evening, and completed their or ganization. The following offleers were obosen for the ensuing {ear:? William Radnor, Chairmen; Michael Coroorto, Secre ary; James Mulligan, Treaeuier. Various oommitteea were also appointed, *n'l the meeting adjourned to meat at the tame place, *n next Friday evening, at H o'clock. The FiFTn ward liquor dealers' proteciive Society fer 186ft will meet at tbe t ilth Ward Hotel on Tuesday tvenlng, June ft, at 8 o'clock, for the pnrpo*e of re organising. All persons interest*! sre requested to attend. PETER M. SCHkncK, President. J B. Tailor, Secretary. isiirauCTioir " d?T ft -BOOKKEEPING, FULL UNLIMITED COURSE iJlJU. of ariting, S3; arithmetic and other English branch es, French and Spanish, at rat need term*, at M. S PAINE'S ?eadamias, 233 Grand street, corner ot the Bowerv, aid lAtf Fulton street, Brooklyn. "My youngest ion and two daugh ters attended Col. Paine'* school to my entlie Mtiafaitton. His title of ariting 1* the mo*t modern aid easy. '? Ex Gov. King, of K. 1. AN EPISCOPALIAN LADY DESIRES AN ENGAGE rotnt at governess in a private familv. Her eourae of instruc'ion includes music, French, and the usual branohs* of a well < rounded EnglUh edueatioa. Addrss* Governeis, box 131 Harald oIlM. iiADAMF. BARRIER PARISIENNE, NO. 4 GREAT iVl lone* street, proposes increasing her ola?* for th* rile* cf Baehel previous to tbo arrival or ttat Justly oblebratcd artist A large airy furnished room to let, with she privi lege oile*rnlng the Frenoh language suitable for a aiegle gentleman. At home from 3 to 6, or alter 7 im the eyening to 9 o'eloek. LIQUORS, *C SCQEIDAM GIN!? LANDING, ON MONDAY, THE 4th day of June, at pier 30 North Kiver. 80 pipe* ot Mclvl hills Swan (1 in, per ship Carolina of Rotterdam. *s als . a Im? et C'be??#*?'te ?o?de?nv Cltnt, in bljl'l, by P, AalnUt. vibes i* wkiti at. ? jjuca at Awenow. Auction notice.-by bdwabd sche\ck.-on Thursday, Jan. 7, U 1CW o'elook, at 1? ITnll (treat. Continuation *ale of floe old wine*, brandies, Ao, from a highly resiectable importing hcue* mow closing their buei neea. All warranted par* and an described. Bala po*itlve. LBERT H. NICOLAT, AUCTIONEER .-PBRBMr Wry *ale of a very handiome Qothio oottago, with 1-,'a tall lot*, at Clifton. 8- Hen laland, within five miauiee7 walk of Vanderbilt'a leading. ? Albort H. Nioolav will Mil, on Wednesday. Jons 6. 18&6, at 12 o'olooh, at the Merchants Exchange, a vary handsome new frama cottage, Iliad In with fcrwk, built In tba boat manner. In the English rural style, withtjut regard to ooat, together with about 12% tall lota it ground, aiiuatod la the beautiful and romantic rll lag a at Clifton, Statan laland Thia property la ?? tha pi irate road. U an eioollent neighborhood, and within only five minute*' walk of vanderbilt'* landing Tbo garden ambracea all kinda ot vogatablea and young frulta, and tba groandi atound tba boaaa are taatafully laid out with gravel walka, flower*, abruba, Ac., Ao. ; in faot, tha place la all that a gentleman of taate oon d daalra. Unlet* the above property be di*poeed of at private aale br the 6th of Juno, it will oa that day be acid at auction to the highaat bidder, without reserve. Tarma liberal and till* perfect. For fall particular*, and oarda of admiuion to aee the premises, ap ply to the auctioneer, 11 Broad atreet. ASSIGNEE'S SALK or VALUABLE REAL ESTATB 17 lota of ground, with the bur dingo thereon, on tha sou<h side of West Twenty sixth atrett, and kuowaaa the Chelsea Iron Work*. ANTHONY J. HLEECKER, will a >11 at auction, on Tuaiday, Juna 0, 1856, at UK, at the Merchant.' Exubange, New York, the following groperty, vis.:? The 17 valr able lota of ground, oa tha aeuth aide or Twenty lixth atreet, between Tenth and Eleventh avenues, commencing 275 feet weal of Teath avenue, ooutainjag 425 fact front on Twanty iixtb atreet, and tunning to within IUU feat ot Eleventh avenue. Each lot i* 26 feet front and rear, by 98 feet 9 inohaa depth. On tha line loti next to tha Tenth avenne, are the following buildings? Machine (bop, 'Jt by 42 feet, Satoriea high; amitn shop, MO by 32 feat; foundry, 100 by Kfeet 9 inches, all built of brick, in the beat manner, and nearly new. This property ia in azoetient order, extremely well located, and oould be applied to manufacturing pur potee immediately. The fixture*, maobinary anl apparatus attached are expreaaly reserved, and not te be aold with the real aitate. but will be aold on the premleea on tha 12th inat. For maps. terms, and full partioulari, apply to tha auction eer, No. 7 Broad atreet, or at the office, on the premleea. ABNER MILLS. I A***l??.? J AS. VAN DEN BEROU, \ ^"gneea. Auction notice-mortgage salb.-h. wilson, auctioneer ?Rich and magnificent honeehold furniture, coatly roaewood piano forte, large Erenoh plate mirrora, ele a ant oil palntinga, tapeatry carpet*, 4o.? Monday, June 4, at 10% o'clock, by catalogue, the entire content* or the large tour atory dwelling 169 Weat Twenty-fourth atreet, near the Seventh avenue, containing a superior assortment of cuitom made bouaabold furniture, wall worthy the attention of housekeepers. A amall portion of the oontenta ia aubjoined, vii:? magnificent roaewood pianoforte, 7 octave, city mada, coat 1400. Thia inatrument for beauty of flniah and iweet nea* of tone oannot be excelled. Real Engllah tapeatry ear pet*, in tuperior order and of elegant patterna; roaewood {arior auita, eovered in ailk pluah, vii: aofa, four chair*, par or and reception do.; alee, auit in lolid roaewood frame*, oovered In rare and expensive aatin, crimson at d maroon; aofa, four upholatered back chalra and two large eaay ohaira; alao, one ault oovered in lasting, with worked aeat*; largu eaay Voltaire and reoeptlon ohaira to matoh; roaewood ete gere, with marble to pa and mirror doora and back, lined with tatin wood, very expentively carved; elegant rote wood centre, tide and work table*; ladies' roaewood secretary, with mirror door, lined with aatin wood, maaalve roaewood bookcaae and secretary, with elegant carvings made to match the roaewood parlor furniture ; roaewood oorner and muaio atanda : large French plate mirrora ; expeneivetlace and bro catel window curtaina ; alao a great variety or oil paintinga, embracing many valuable* pecimou*, by Seldel, winter (oene*, aea views, moonlight aea view, landscape*. Ac , all elegantly framed ; large aise elegantly decora ted ohina vaaea, 1'ariaian and Cbineae figure*, twenty-one day ormolu olocke, togethir with many other ooetly mantel ornament* ; mahogany, black walnut and roaewood outhioned ohaira, oovered with hair cloth, and medalion rooking and eaay ebair*, aofaa, oak and black walnut exteneien tablea run china tea and dinner a*ta, out glaa* ware, comprialng a fall aeeortment, auoh aa tumbler*, winea, ohampaguea, goblata, celery glasses. aalta butter diabea. lemonadea, pitchori, Ao. ; alao coatly silver ware, auoh a* elegant revolving oaa tera. wit* aplendid out bottles, apoon* fork* cako baskets, tea aervicea, aalvera, ivory cutlery, eommon crockerv, plat**, vegetable disbes, aoup tureena, Ac ; alao, the furni ture of all the bedrooma, containing maple, oottage, blaek walnut and mahogany outhioned ohaira ; elegant roaewood, mahogany, and black walnut and maple bedateada; pur curled hair mattreaae*. beat live geeae feather beda and pil lowa, ailk and aatin bedapreada, rosawnod and mahogany marble top buream and wa*hataudi to matoh the bedstead; magnifloently decorated oblna toilet *ets, bedroom carpets, minor*, toilet and work table*, elegant etair oarpeta and rods, oilcloths, Ac. AUCTI3N NOTICE.? JOSEPH L. SMITH, AUCTION eer.? Large and important tale of elegant household furniture, at 7o Franklin street, to-morrow, Juue 4, at 10 o'clock A. M., and to continue till evert article i* sold. A depoat will be required from every purcbaaer, and every ar ticle not paid tor on the day of sale will be sold tbo day af ter. The sale will commence with the kitchen furniture, consisting of one excellent eooking stove, refrigerator, crock ery. silver and glas* ware, sxtension dining and kitohen table*. The bedroom fnmitore wlil oonsiat of roaewood, mahogany and black walnut bedateada, bureau*, waahatanda, lour enamelled suite*, one with marble top*, (coat 9720 oar peta. chair*, looking glaate*, crockery, beat hair mattreaae*. bolsters, pillows, blankets, unfits, straw bed*, pillia*ter*, Ao. The parlor furniture will oomiat ot one roa?wood suite, covered with satin brocado, one suite In pluah, made by liwight A Bishop, and ooit {275; one seven octave piano, made by Nnns A Fisher; marble top centre, side and aofa tables; oard and quartet tables, book and secretary case, etegcre, whatnots, sofa*, large oval and pier glades, clocks, oil painting*, china vaae*. aud every artiste to be found in a first class house, too numerous to mention. Auction notice. -john hough, jr.. auction eer.? Extensive sale of elegant roaewood and matiO{a ny houaetoid furniture, rosewood pianoforte*, royal tapes try velvet carpeting*, French plat* pier and oval mirrors, oil paintings, silverware, chinaware, cutlery, Ac., to-morrow, Monday, at 11'% A.M., preoisely. The ule embraces the entire content* of the beautifully turnlahed private dwel ling No.|70 Murray street, which will be aold without re lerve to tl e hlgbeat bidder. Tbo furniture Is in excellent condition aud waa made to order. The contenta are in brief as follows: -Two solid roaewood frame parlor suites, uphola tered in brocatel and elaborately carved, superior rosewood pianoforte richly eaied, of beaatilui tone and folly warrant ed, fHred rosewood ete.ere. with plate glasa doors aui back, -Massive llltflll b?ok case, elegant lady's esorutoire, inlaid throughout with rare aud eostly woods, neavily carv ed mahogany extension table, rosewood marble top centre tables, beautifully oarved and finely polished, large French plate pier ai.d ovsl mirror*, costly lace aid brocatel cur tains, elegant rotewood and mahogany bedstead*, bureaus, wasbstands, Eiglish tapeatry. Brussels and iutrain carpets, pnre ourled hair mattresses, mahogany and walnut sofas, chairs, Ac., a choice collection of oil paintinga. by the most eminent artiata ot modern tlmea, beautifully decorated cb'na vases, msrble atatnarv, two silver tea serviae*, ele gantly embowed, gold band and decorated chloa dinner s*t, ormolu and alabaster clocks, 6ruaseis and Venetian stair esrpet, patent rods nnd eyes, oil c'oth*. mahogany easy recking and p*rlor chair?, ohina toilet seta, gilt cornic**, beautifully painted ebades, silver caaters, oake basket*, forks, spoons, salts, Ao , ivory cutlery, out glaa* ran, b*d* aad bedding, cane seat maple, and walnut ohain, Ac. The sale will take place without regard to weather. Auction notice.? j. bocart, aUuTioneer. By S. BOG ART. ? Monday, June 4, at o'otuo*. at tke auction room*, coricr of Frankfor'. and William atroetr, mortgage mle of gentee household furniture, elegant cil tets.Ac., comUtlng of a large aaccrtvent of new and leoand h*ml eofaa, lonn?e?, hureaaa, ottoman*, French mahoganv chair*. bin. k walnut do , lofa tables, **t nest table*. oa-ved mahogany rocker*. corner atanda, quartette tablea. tapeitrv, brna.eU, three pi; and ingrain carpet*, wardrobe, bla:k walnnt fa table*, matogtnv tab)**, office and aonntinz bonic dctki, crooktiy and glaiaware, looking*. as?*i, table cutlery, office clooki klteben furnituru and ntaniili. Aid, one pianoforte. H. It ISlloI', Attorney for Mortgagee DD. NASH, AUCTIONEER, STORE 310 BROADWAY. ? ? M o?t? age tale on Friday, J an* 8, I at 10 o'olook. A. M , at 310 Broadway, conaiating of a bond and mortgage mad* by David Ring to Jobn Duxton, Jr.,. and all money* doe or to grow due tbereon, together with a Julgment ob tained npon tbe bond, a<*o, a certain perioaal mortgage made by Jobn Buxton. Jr , to Benjamin Andrew*, on pro perty No. 143 and 147 Fulton itreet. Sew York; al*o, acer tiflcate of twenty aharea of the stock of the Suff >lk Bank; alio, a certain Irate for tbe term of five year* and three moiitha from lit February, ISM on property 14 Dey (treat, fliit flocr and base meut. H D. LaPAUGB, Attorney. Dock or& on Tuesday, June A, at neon, JAMEa COLE will aetl, at the Mer chant*' Exchange, the deck between Noitn Tenth and North Eleventh atreeti, in tbe Fourteenth ward of Brooklyn; aixty tivo lot*, witb 2 W? feut water right on the E**t river. It i* ItaieJ for fliteen year*, at $2,100 a year, but arrange ment* ca/> be mada for proximate poueaaiin For pirtiou lara call oa Crooke, Campbell A Sohutuaker, Sheriff* offioe, Brooklyn. George cook, auctioneer -ei.egant new and faibtonable furniture, rrenoh piato mirr>r?, oil painting*, tapeitry oarpet*, Ac.? On Tneaday next, *t inj>i o'clock, by STOVER A CihiK, at their aalea noma, 3U4 Broadway, corner ot Dnano aireet, alarga and aplondid as sortment of roaowood, oak, mahogany and walnut, drawing room, parlor, library, dining room and chamber furniture, and ticuiekeeping article* of every de?oription. Jtv?r? fa cility will be afforded to purohaier* for boxing and ahinplng. Catalogue* on the morning of aale. Household furniture at auction.? jobn l VA? DEWATER ?U1 aeU, Monday, ..t lo)f o'olook, at tbe falearcom, 12 Maiden lane, a largo variety ol' furniture, oonaiating of earved roaowood auita, qnvered in pinah and latin brocatel; eofaa, tele a to'e, arm chair* and parlor ?bait*, tat?<a tetee, Ao.. to'at, covered in hair cloth, parlor ebalrn do ; lliusrelaand taper try carpet", blank walnnt and mahogany >e?retariea and boot catea, ete<eree extentinn table*, mantel orrau>ent\ va?e?, Ao. ; paiitingii, aitver plated caatora, clock*, Ao.; bad room fur iltnre. maho?anr and rosewood auita, consisting of marble to;i dreteing Bu reau*, do. waahatandr, French balneal*, 40 pound hair mattrMiea, china toilet ae'a, lounge bodateada, bedding. Ao. Tbe attention of tho*e in waat are reepectfnlly invited to attend, ai every lot ia to be (old p'romptory, to cloaa coa ligament). Henry ii. lekdp, auctioneer.? by a. h lebds A CO ?tin Tneaday, June.'>, and Wednesday, Jnne 6, at 10W o'clock, at atore 19 Naaaau at., beautiful *ale of marble aUtusry, vaaea. Ao. ; alio, atatuarv from the Cry atal Palace, with other artiale*. to be aoid without raterve, cena<*tingof a superb butt of Lord Palmeriton, exhibited at the Crya'al Palace; alio, beautiful Florentine table topa, auperb trunk*, made by Lampini, Ac.; alio, a larce collection of beantltul rtatuarv, representing Venn* ot the bath, Mary Magdalen, Spring. Cur 'd and neat, four Italian poet*, one large pair of vaiee, !) feet higb, elegantly carved; E'macan. Medici, Flo rentine and Eomaa va>es; oard receiver*, with wraatha of grape*, varioua aijet; alaba* er statuary, with glaaa ahada*, repreaenting the Urace*. and other deairable place*; alao, ehiaa, broniea. plated ware, clocks and otbar valuable arti elea, not before exhibited fan be aeon on the day of (ale. Immediately after the aalea of faacy good*, at* No 19 Naraau atreet, atnffad btr<ia-a large collaetioa of *tuff*d hirda from all par** of the world, collected and pro pared under the immediate inporvtaloa of the oo'.ehratod ornithologist, Mr. Qalbraith, oonaiating of birJa alngly on tprif*. iroupr on do., nnder ahadea, Ao., mounted ia the moat anbataatial and bcantifnl manner. J BERNSTEIN, AUCTIONEER.? BY PECARE, BERN, . b'l'KlM A PHILLIPS? Madiaon (treat. -Tanadar .Juno ft, ?*. 12 o'olook, at the Merohante' Exchange, the lot zftxtOO, with tke two atory attto and baaement briok houae. known aa lit MadUon atren. Alao the lot, Al:2xlOO:H, on tbe aooth aideaf Eighty eighth atreet 2W 'eot eaat of Fourth avenue, with the two two atory and baaeaent frame honae* (new) (hereon. For term a and map* apply to tbe anctionoora, 51 Liberty atreet JX. VAN ANTWERP, AUCTIONEER. -CROCKERY, ? glaaa and china. ? J. E. VaN ANTWERP, will aell on Tuea<*ay, June S. at If e'elook. at 216 Pearl atreet, from the ? helve* and by paokage, flt cratea white grai ite ware, ae lor'rd; do. liaba blue. 3 dn. mulberry, 2 do flowered blue, 7 do. C. C. dipped and edireirare, 1 do ohina amorted; J crate* Rockiogbam ipittoon*. Alio, 83 paokage* glaaaware, afnll aaanrtment; knive*, fork*, apoona, A*. Alao, part of tbe atoek el a retailor. N. It ?Good* packed in the beat order lor (hipping. Catalogue* ready the day previous. Tunis horrelu aucmoneir.? auction sale? Mendar. June 4, at 10k o'clock, at Ml .Nap rati (treet, near !nn tfflce, large (took or ah klnda of fnaaiture, of an ea .client quality, trom thore nacetaitated for ready caeh, conhlatfeg of roat weed, mahogany, black walnut aad oak, for parlors, ehambere, ddning room'. Ao. ; alao, a number of extra quality oil painting*, and Frenoh plate pier, Ao.. mir ror*; flrat quality maUrtaee*, feather bad* Ac : Brmeel* and EngHah earpetmr, rafrigeratora of all me(, etovea and fixture*, aingle bedataadr from hot***, Jewelry. All kind* or jet 4 i'(jvpal pr jcrj j??tiy?4 f;i ?astiva Mia, I SALES AT AUCTION. Notice? will be sold at public^auctiow. M th? public ponnd, Forty second street and Seventh avsnus. two co*. and one ?oat, on Msaday, the 4U day of June, at 12 o'eleck M. By order ol the I'ound Mular R. P. BARKER. WILLIAM T. BOVD, AUCTIONEER OFFICE 77 NAB sau itroot.? Mortgage sale of grocerls*. lea** flxtaras. horse, wagon, harness, Ao.? On Monday, Juno 4. at 10< , o'clock, at 258 Madison street, corner of Clinton; the stock consist* of crusked, powdered and brown sugars; groan and black teat, apicea. sperm and tallow candles, fancy and brown soap*; Hecker's goods, such u farina, Ac.; ch?oo? tatel, cocoas, pickles, fruits, Ac ia J art; liquor in wood and 8 lass, cordial*, English and American porter, molasses, our, meal, Ae., comprising a complete assortment of a firtt olass store; alao, the fixtures, platform and oouutar acalea, ?11 and tea cana, liquor eatka aad kegs; also, the store fix turea aad leaae, being an excellent stand; awning, iee box, horte, wagon, harness, Ac. WILLIAM IRVING, AUCTIONEER? CHOICE COL lection of modern oil paintinga ? W illiain Irving A Co. will aeil at auction on Tuesday, June S, at 10>f o'clock, at tba aaletrooma, Mo. ? Pipe street, tine modern oil paintings la riob gilt frames, a small aad choice collection of modern paintings of tie English school, coorprisiag the Hayfield. sy bhaver; a pair of cattle crossing the bridge, by Shayer; a pair o? paintings by Bright, beaatifnl speeimeas from the easel of Morris, of Londoa; undoubted origlaals by Rolfs, an Inhibited picture by UansaU, Gipsy Encampmeat aad Scene in Devonshire, by Bhayer, Jr.; a deluhtful specim-n of Kiddj also many others, among whioh are noticeable exaa plea firom the studios of 0. Eari. Hsrring. WlUians, Aras field. Cooks, Aadrews, Wliberingtan, J. ? Piae, Elen Hanekes, Htaafleld, Hamilton. Geodall. Collins. Lancaster, Wayne and ethers. Alao a Salvator Bosa aad a vary fine pietura by O. Davisson, from the Thy.saa gallery. The above choice collection will ba found wall worth thy atten tion cf thoie desirous of obtaining tine examples of the mo dern English school. Now on exhibition. DRY GOODS, ?C. i) nnn BMBROIDERED LINEN CAMBRIC BAND ? UUU karcbiefs, slightly damaged, will be offend on Monday, Jane 4th, from If 64 to 4s each A T. STEWART A CO., Broadway, CI ambers and Reade sts. 1 ?SPRING FASHIONS.? GENTLEMEN'S FA xOcfcl. shionable furnishing baxaar and glove deiot, 6S8 Broadway. LEWIS A BEACORD invite attention to their unequalled assortment ot gentlemen's goods. Shirts, oollars, summer undercl<- thing, Loaiery, ties, cravats, glovss, Ao. Splendid new sty l?s of shirt studs and sleeve buttons, in gold aad gilt just received. A LARGE LOT OF FREN JH EM BROIDEREO CHE III settes and sleeves, collart and ouffs, la sets, verr de sirable for travelling, Just received at PETER ROBERTS A CO.'S, 375 Broadway. Another choice lot-spring silkb Rieh stripe* and plaids, 3?., 4s and 5s. psr yard, tt LORD A TAYLOR'S, 285, 257, 259 and 251 Grand strsst, and hw Nos. 17 and 49 Catherine street. Black guipure and thread laces, all widths; shawls, mantillas, points, scarfs, veils, figured and plain nets. Also, several oases of now laoe and muslin embroideries, just reoeived per faciflc, at PETER ROBERTS A CO.'S, 875 Broadway. BULPIN'S REAL GUIPURE LACE MANTILLAS, ALSO moire antique and laoe combined? an extremely light and graceful article of oostnme. ranging ia priee from twelve to twenty dollars. An immense assortment this week at the Paris Mantilla Etppo rinm. 361 Broadway. Barege, ghenadinejand silk robes-arnold, CONSTABLE A CO., will open on Monday, a choice colleeti?n of the above goods, received tier steamers America and Union, being the very latest novolties. 62 Canal street, near Broadway. BAREGE DE LAIN E3.? A. T STEWART A CO WILL open on Monday. Jnne 4th, two oaeee, new styles, at Is. Cd. per yard. Broadway, Chamber* and Read* sts. BULPIN'S MANTILLAS ! I I? UNIVERSALLY PRO nonnced the most elegant collection in the city, and at prlcea without a precedent or paralitl-^ommenolug with a rich and pretty ailk mantilla at Mi, and every succeeding priee to the most costly garments manufactured. 361 Broadway. CASH PURCHASERS OF STRAW GOODS, FRENCH flowers, Ac., will find great inducements offered them at 64 and 06 John street, corner ef William. The subscribers are enabled, by the cash system, to offer, notwithstanding the lateness ot the season, a superior and complete stook of goods in their line. HOMKR A KETCIIUM. Just received? 10 cartons blonde laoe; 6 cartons straw ruche. CAMBRIC EMBROIDERED HANDKERCHIEFS, FAN cy Keviere, licm stitched, aad tape border. Also, gen.le. men's very fine embroidered bands, flounoings, and trim mings. having been bought at auotion very low, will bo sold at small advanoe on coat, at PETER ROBERTS A CO.'S, 375 Broadway. C1HEAP LINENS FOR FAMILIES, HOTELS, Ac.? J .Diapers, aheetings, napkins, towelliags, Ao , most ap proved finish. LORD A i A VI, OK, 255, 257. 250 and 261 Grand street, and new Nos. 47 and 40 Catherine street. EAP SPRING AND SUMMER HOSIERY? A full assortment of ladies', gentlemen's and children'* hosiery; fancy and plain cotton, silk, woollen union, Ac., Ao. lord a Taylor, 255, 257, 259 and 261 Grand street, and new Not. 47 and 49 Catherine street. DREBS GOODS.? MESSRS. CROMIE A CRAWVORD have just opened a magnificent atook of new summer dry goods, consisting of beautiful satin stripe bareges, crape, de i'arie, tissues, plain and figured barege*, ortaudies, French jaconets, Ac., Ac.; together with a complete stock of staple and tancy goods, purchased at the last auction s> les. considerably under their real value, and will dispose ofttem cheaper than the sane class ot goods oan be pur chased for in aay part of the city. 459 Eighth avenue, cor ner oi Thirty-fourth street. From auction.? great bargains in frknch embroideries? 120 French muslin sets at (12 50 ca<fh worth jr.!: l,(Xn> cambric and Swiss collars; the average prices will be 4s., 6s., Ss., 10s., 12s. and 14a. each MADDRN A STEWART, 643 Broadway, second door above Bleecker street. Great bargains in draperieiandcurtains Drapery muslins, all qualities, from 6d. to 4*. per jard and upward* Muslin enrtalas, cheap at 13, S3 50 and $4, will be sold (to close) at ?2, $2 SO and $3 per pair. Alao. laoe curtains, worsted and nnion damask, Ac., cheap. doru a Taylor, 255, 257, 259 and 361 Gram street, and new Mo* 47 and 49 Catheriao street HONITON, POINT, GUIPURE, BRUSSELS CRAPES, chemisettes and sleeves, la sets; eol arets, bertha, bridal scarfs, coilleutes Also, new stock cf Valencienne laoes, from la. per yard, and every sty Is of foreicn laces at I'ETER ROBERTS A CO.'S, 375 Broadway. INTERESTING TO LADIES.? UitiAT Reduction in Trick*. The entire stock ot colored and black illk mnotillai of thU ipi ing's styles ? ill tow be pnld at. 50 per oent lesi than tie usual prices, to make room for our very lari<o stock of summer atylee. Our new designs per steamer Pauilic are re ceived, and copies of them trill be ready tor late on Monday, June 4. MOLYNEDX BILL, 68 Canal street. Lord a taylor baying lately added to tbeir stock TUB LATEST NEW PATTERNS OP VELVET AND BRUSSRI.3 CARPE TINGS, are prt pared to ofler to purchseers GREATER INDUCEMENTS THAI* EVER. Ingrains, three plv and oilcloths Ui tlie usual variity. GRAND BTmEET, CORnER OF CBkYdTlE LACES AND El( BROIDERIES.? MADDEN A STEW AKT, (43 Broadway, second door above Bleecker st reet, have opened this day two oaui of elegant embroider ed collars, turn 4s. to 96 caoh Also Jaokets, b**<iues, bla?K and white laee s bawls; and also ISO lace and muslin sots, at 13 esoh. Mantillas, mantillas llOLYNEUX BELL, 68 Canal Street, has reduced the prices of his sptinic styles in eolored and black eilk mantillas, wishing to clear them out to make ro >ui for bis new summer style*. Mantillas, visites and crape bhawls Larsc assortment? beautiful desliRS? low price*. l.ORO A TaYMJR. JS6, 257, 240 and 361 Gi and street, and new No* 47 and 49 Catherine street. NEW DiSlGNS IN SDMMER AND LACE MANTILLAS. M. BELL will he ready to exhibit the copies of his new dt'figLa in snnimor mantillas, received per steamer Pacific, on Monday next, June 4. To make room for the large stock his increasing buxMess demands, be kas rsdvced the Bnoe of his spring niyles llt'ty percent. Thus affording ladies an opportunity of puraha fing an elegant mantilla cheap. 68 Canal stteet. ONE THOUSAND SILK MANTILLAS WILL BE ON sale on Monday, May 28, and during the week, at 98 each, the richest silk with elegant laee and moire antique rnffles, the moat fashionable style of the somor, and ths cheapest mantilla ever offered. BULFIN'S Emporium, S61 Broadway. PINKING AND CRIMl'INO. ON SILKS, 8ATI5S, barege*, de lalnes, bom ^asinea, alapacan, murlnoen, cloth, Ao.. in the moat artistio manner and at very low Slices. Bilk, Ac., pinked at one oent per yard. Mm*. DB l<(Kfc>'l S Kmporlnm of Faihlons, 335 Broadway. Extra inducements to the trade. FBBONS RE D~UC E" D TWENTY FIVE FER CINT. This reduction has keen made in order to close our proseRt LARGE AND ELEGANT STOCK; And sales will be ooa tinned on and ?fter Monday. June 4. LORD A TaYlOR, 260. 267. 269 and 261 Grand St., And new numbers, 47 and 40 Catherine st. SII K8 AT 2?. 6?. PER YARD ? llaraees at Is. (id per yard. Ginghams at 1*. per yard. lines welt striped chambra at 6c., whiob cost to import Rt least kOc. n table covers at 3s. fid., worth 75e. l awns at 11c. Linen drills tor bojs' wear Is. 6d. and 2s., worth double. Summer flannel It., told everywhere at U. ('rape shawl* at f3 60, sold everywhere at $6. Crape ahawla at J9 and tlO. sold avery where at $1.1 to $20. are smots the larsains which are offered at TBE BOWERY SAVINGS STORE, NO. 126 BOWERY, where trery article has seen marked down from 3D to 50 per ceat? all marked in plain red 'gures, from which Ro devi ation is allowed, wholesale or retail. HI, I'M) LADIES 11 A V it VISIIAD TBE ESTABLISH MINT dmlng >he last week, and every one expresses surprise while they buy st the ***eedlagly low prices. EM BROlDERRD LINE* ll AND KERCH I EPS. which sold at *4 to tti, now we tell at $2 to $3. We hava about 1,0(0, but thsy will not last lone with us. F. W. A W. F. OILLEY, 12S Bowery. 11/ BITE LINEN DRILLING AND DUCK. FOR SCM TT mer wear. Five cases of Barnsley while linen, drillm* and duok, will be opeaed or Mob lay, June 4th. Prices from 4s. to he. per j ard, cut ir any 'inantities. A/ T STEWART A CO., Broadway, Chambers and Raada its. BIlJM A RDeT Billiard?.? wf. have a splendid biock ?v tables, with marble, slate or wooden beds; also, r|1 Hard balls, cuee, flfMen balls pool, billiard elotbe, in fact, every article in the trade, teR per eent cheaper than an* other establishment In the United States. LEONARD A BENJAMIN, highest premium makers, 332 Broadway. WE OFFER FOR RALE, A FINE STOCK OF B I L liards tablet, with our newly iRvented cushions, superior to sll others now In use ? two goo>l second hand table* for sale at a bargain. GRIFFITH AORCKER, 90 Arb street. matrimonial,. A YOUNG MAN, OF FAIR PROSPRCTS. WISHES tafom the acquaintance of some ladv. with the view ?<? mtt'ltr'wv Wee ?>' ?' lee'ln" ?? a v?un ' W?, If abie. AlUlM a. *. Aawaja, *rvaa*?j * vet vtttve. _ HOTELS AND IP?BE ETMAli. BEI.MONTHALL, Mir bkigbton staten ISLAND. ? An addition hiring been made to this taoaie imMn it to ?(!?. ? modete e iuucIj larger nam bar of p?M Um heretolore. and torn* very deeiralle room are effered to Ha mlile* or single sentleuiea. l'he boat* leave the foot of Whitehall street. E. C. CO/MM. COUNTRY BOARD ON SKA SHORE, TWO MINUTES' J wslk ft um < lty tun uffiee.? .Stsaley Hoaie, ttridgeport, Cl. ; sleanliness, o rnil. rt s*a batbiac, trees lawns and trie*, bot aud oold salt or fi?*ti water bs< >is Terms reaaonabl*. Bi>lNl> W. Fa l KCH1LI), / p,, GEO. A WELLS, 5 Proprietor*. Desirable summer rrtreat.-the buckley House, loeat- d at S'atatord, Conn , is now opea tor I be accommodation ot guests who wish to withdraw to tbc coun try during the seltrv inontba of t u miner It will bo uader the manag*m*at ot tbe underlined late of the Preaeott House. New York For gentlemen whuao business re |uire* their dalir attention in the city, Stamford |ni>aeu?i many advantage* over other towns on the line of the New Haven railroad, aa all tbe trams leaving Near York a to* at thi* place. The Buckley House is situated at the oornar of Hen ry and Atlaatio streets, about fifty rods aoath of the Stam ford depot and commands a picturesque view of Long 1 aland Sound and ita numerous bar*. To thoao who are ia pnraait of health and pastime the location afford* every facility for flahlnf ana bathinr, while the drives ia the neighborhood are unsurpassed for variety and beauty. Chnroha* of the va rious denomination* are within a abort diatanee only Arm the hotel. Apply to 11 U. Ely 519 Broadway. under the St. Nicholas llot.1, or on the premlaee to J. If. STAPLES IjM.M PARK.? TUB SUBSCRIBERS TA KB PLEASURE J in eanonneing to their frienda and the publlo, that thiy have opaaed this favorite honao for the aeaaon, aad pledge themse tes that it <ba]l l>e kept ia tbe beet aad meat retractable style that uo improper person* will he permitted on the ground*. W. P MNMAN.) p JOHN 1?. HAFF, S Proprietor*. (1BTTY HOUSE, YONKBRS, WESTCHESTER, COUN I tv ? Backlin A l>u.mbury, Proprietor*..? The Above ad mirably arranged bo:el ia now open for familiee aad traa aieat partial, who wiab to paaa tbe summer months m oaa of the moat healthy and heautifnl villarea on the Hudson river. The houae oocupiee a troi.t of 110 feet front on the river by 166 feet north view: admirably arranged with par lor* and hedrooiu, making it very deeirable for families. Yonkors la aituated on the eaat |)ank of the Hadaoa. 18 milee from New York City Hall, whioh may be reached al most hourly by retime! at.d teamboaM, making it a desir able home for gentlemen "lag business in the oity. The boose bat been tboro.'g* ly leflttedaad is replete witn every oonvenience The undersigned will use every endeavor to make this one of the most nlea* it and agreeable riser te oat of New York. KiiBT. L. BUCKLIN. EDW. A. DUSENBURY. Mount vbenon hotel, cape mat, nbw jbe sey.? The above hoase has beea completely finished and furnished, and will eomfortably acsommodtae 1,000 guest*. Tfie house it situated wlthta the oity, standing b/ itself on probably tie best beach for bathing ia the world. The honse is npward of WW feet in length, the dlatag room la 460 feel. Altogether tbe lfouat Vernon Hotel afford* "the eoolett aad mott deluhtful retreat la the world. raaillM ?i six person* aad upwards oan be aaeommodatod with pri vate tablet, having -.heir meals furaished at aay hour agree able to them. An ordinar> will al*o be *et at regular hour* for tho*e who are not in parti's, aad who may prefer a table d'hote. A large number of private dining rooms have' thi* ?easoB bcee added, tor pantos dtsiring to be striitly pri vate. An Artesian well haa been bored nearly 100 teat 1b depth, aad turnisbc. puro aott water throughout tbe heaaa. Large aad commidiou* 'tabling bare been added. The hotel baa every mo liern improvement; Indeed, everything has been ordered to give comfort aad pleasure to tbe gneeta. A foil band of muaic will be in attendance duriag the whole season. Letters addressed to the proprietor*, direct ed to Cape Island, Cape May, N. J.. will be promptly an awered. SAMUEL 11 WoOLMAN A CO., Proprietor*. VI* YORK BAY HOTEL, 2* MILES FROM JERSEY X\ City ferry on Bergen poiut, plank road. The most beautiful summer residence iu the Slate. Fishing, bathing, boatin*. binueis and euppcrs at an hour's|notiee Private cartiages to aad from the lioute to city. W ow open for per manent and transient gueit*. Apply at the hon*e, or to Capt. L1ESE, Post Office. Jersey City. PARIS-HOTEL DE LYON, 12 RUE DBS FILLE3, ST. Thomas. ? Mr MER1MKK, proprietor, beg* to Inform the visiters to the lh Exhibition, that tbev will Bnd at bl* well situated hotel, during tbe monthe or May and June, the best scoommodatloa*, taolnding plain breakfast, dinner, good beds, servant* and light*, at from ?>i to 10 francs a day. RICHMOND HILL HOTEL, STATEN ISLAND, WILE open for the seanon on tfio &>h of Jnne. The view from tbe house i* one of the finest in the euuntry, embracing tbe wide expanse of tht sea between Loos Island, Staten Ialand, and New Jersey. Particulars at S. W. Benediot'* (tore. No. S Wall *treet. New York. J. P. KELLETf, Proprietor. SUMMER RETREAT.-RE OPENING OF THE WADA> wsnuea H. nse, htonington, Cf. The old patrons of tbi* houae, and thoao who mav be seeking a seaside resi dence in a tint clear hotel, are informed that the house will again be open tor visiter* on tbe 10th Jnne, Bverv faeility will be afforded for batting. Ashing, sailing. Ac. For parti culars, address, at Stonington, J. O. DRIGUS. SUMMER BOARIiERS.? THE ORANGE LAKE HOUSE, pleasantly situated on the eatt side of Orange lake, six mlie* west of New borg, orange ooantv, N. Y., oan aeoom modate a tew re-peotehle families. Good batting, fishing, sailing and xunnins. Conveyanoe by tbe Hudson river oars and Albany boats to Nawburg. Address J a*. Hendereoa, No. 3 Uontacue place, Brooklyn. SUMMER QUARTERS AT ELM PARK, RYE? THIS agreeble residence, situated on Long Island nound, ha* just been opened aa a resort from the city heat daring the summer. 'J he huildiug* ere t eel tided, spacious and weU fu? niched, finely shaded with trees, aud aff jrd fine walks, fish ing and o'.her healthy reorcation. The establishment m?y bo reached in ore hour ceveral tines a day by rai<ro?d, or preferably, by water iu the steamboat George Law, from tbe toot of t'atheriae street, at 3'4 1*. M , and arriving at Port Chester lauding (within ttone's throw of the establishment,) at b\ I*. M. : returning next morning at Apply oa the [rtnust*, or at 174 West Twenty second street. SACHEM'S HEAD, GUILFORD, CONN.? THE ABOVE well known tumuier resort wilt be opened for the netp tion ot company, on the2Uth of June FRANK SHIPMAN, Supt. THE ATLANTIC PAVILION. HIGHLANDS OF NEVE sink, 1< now open for the reception of guest*, transient and peruianeut Tbe location, tor aaluirity and prospect, challenges compartron.|Thu proprietor will remit no effort to render his patroi a eomiortable. fishing boating, lurf and river bathing unequalled. Access to and fro daily, bv ?team boat, from foot of Jay street. JOSEPH J. THOMPSON. WIGGIN8' HOTEL, MONTIOELLO, SULLIVAN county. New York ? GEORGB WIGGINS, proprie tor.? M e leera that thia popular and well known boaee wUl be opened on the Drat o'June, instant. I ti numeroa* friends, wbo for many summer* have made it the Jeyfnl terminus of their dusty pilgrimege from tbe city, will hardly recognise it, amid tbe alteration* and improvetaeete made by Its ent> rprieing proprietor. Tbe room* bav* been en lergcd and beau lied, are wall ventilated aad frirniehed, ead t ho comfort of the gnest ha* evidently been the first and only object eons'derod The village of Moutloello ia iustlv celebrated for its healthy air and It* nniqne and de lightiul irenety Tbe village is easily reached by a ride ef about eight hours from tbe city; tbe paiteager taking the Erie car* at the foot of Duane street, at K:30 A. M., fur nished with tbrourh tickets by t^e agent, Mr. Devi*, aad leaving the ear at kiddletown, where a stage will be im readiaes* to convey him, over a plank road, to MonMeelle. Staxea run daily Eaat and W est from Wiggins' Hotel to the Erie Rail] cad. ^ _ IKD81CAL. O/k FINE NEW PIANOS To LET-VIRY LOW, WITH ?i\J rri>il> ge of ?al? nnri rent deducted. homo ' hat have been ne< a a few m< uths will be sivlii cheap. Great induce ments are offered purchasers Meltdeons, violins, tfai r, ars, BtiiihsV Ch"P- CwOK 4 Ua? ? 3,3 Broadway, PuUhi K, $fi, M? BANJO? BANJO? BANJO ? TAUGHT in tix lessons; terms, SO in advance. Pupils, hy my method, learn with the greatest ease, and make exoc< lent I'laj era in a short time. Let loss given every evoning. Each lesson occspiei on* hunr. fupils taught separatelr. S. H. JACOBS, 407 Broadway. $(). A LADY- AN EXPERIENCED TEACHER- WISHES to obtain a few nure pnplls for the piano. Those ro ?imring the nervicee of competent teachers mar soouro them upon immediate application to mnsic Uaoher,ti3 King (treat. Terms moderate BANJO! BANJO TAU0IIT1 BANJO TAUOIIT ?ALL those whu wish to learn this popular and flossing instrument, can do so without tail by mj new and simple method, In six lessons. Term* fri in aavanoa. Lwoasiliei every evening. II. P. JAcObS, ?'<:>? Chatham street. H ALL'S CELESTIAL PIANOS-BENNETT * CO., 900 Bruadway , are now supplied with a large stock or thoea beautiful instruments, no person should by any means par abase, whatever interested parties may say to the oontnry, till they bate br t ??on these unproved pianos. ELODEONS.? 8 D. A B. W. SMITH'S MELODEONS tuned tha oqual temperament, to which wan recently awarded the first premium at the N ational Fair, Washing ton, 1). C., can ha lound only at No. 833 Broadway. A liberal discount made for cash. The trade supplied on the most reasonable terms HORACE WATERS. SECONDHAND PIANOS AT GREAT BARGAINS. One ail round corners, earved lane and mouldings, Irot toard, Ac., 1 Gilbert A Co '? make; price MOU ? beea used about ona jear, for sal* for $VjO. Una OH octave, (rni round corners, prion S.7S for $tlO. One do. 7 octave, <90, for fan. Gilbert's boudoir p.anos far S17A, $10u and tJW. Second hand pianos tar S-fi, $1WI, SI26, S1S0, and new CM octave pianoa for $175 . hi 'RACE WATERS, 333 Broadway. M "11/ ANTED- A TENOR SINGER, TO FILL A PRR Tv mam nt situation in a company now travelling; moat have a knowledge of mntis; oae who can play an instrument pieferred Apply at I'trham's, 003 Broadway, between 10 and 12 o'clock, P. M., Monday. rewards. fl-on REWARD.? LOST OR STOLEN A PARCEL q;Ol/ containing o-rtiflcatos of nook, bills of eiobango en I ranee, and other papers, of no use to any porssn kit tha owner, the transfer or payment being stoppsd. Tha tinder will b* paid the above regard by returning the Lasers to JOgEl'H 11 tCOM B, box 188 Herald oftioe, and BO iHlUdhi asked. ?1ft REWARD -LOST THREE WEEKS AGO, A SB JplU ventsen fort beat, bine gunwale rod s'reak, white body top; green bottom, painted white inside and ir ons! with rod, THOMAS NEaBlTTBattory. ?lft REW AR1>. ? sTOLl N PROM MB, AT MT ROOM. Jjplt/Ne 24 H illiam street an all fashioned French gold wstcb, with silver cap, sold faeo and stool hands; alse, a flat, gold chain and gold bay. the above reward will bo paid for therecovety of the aitiolas, and tha thanks otxht owner. MARY BECKHY. fel ft REWARD WILL BE PAID FOR A CHASED GOLD $.1U rins, with a part of the old " Liberty boll * inserted in the centre, with the following inscription on the Issfdo : " Proclaim liberty throughout all the l?nd, unto all the In habitants thereoi. July 4th, 1776." To be left at Abel ? exchange, 4fJ6 Broadway. a>1A REWARD -THIS REWARD WILL BE PAID V I v for the tecovrry of seven promissory notes of W eacb, drawn by Henry Welden, to the order of tha subooribar (end not endorsed), dated Nov. I, 1K54, St 7, 8, 9 10, 11, 12 ai4 13 months. All persons are oantloned against negotiating the sam*. Applj to JuMN SLlf. 21 W *11 streot, bMmnt, or 170 West Twenty second streot. ? C R^WARD^L' i'T. ON THE EVENING OF JUNR CO let. a porte monnnale oonUlninit papers which ar* of n<> valve except to ihe owner. Thsrerson flndmg the etas will receive the shov reward aad the thanks of tha osrnor by leaving B ai the saloon of R. C. Montgomery, 15 B?k> man street. EXWRtiOd Excursions-fishing banes off sandt nook 'src fc cen's enoh way. The new sea steamer LAURa' UNA I P, Captain Anderson. former'y of the Lstnra Eaaan will commence her regular trips for the Ashing banksion Wednesday, M of Jnna, and continue every day during thn ?nmw sr ssftiin. with the ?ii?nii/m ?r mi IIII er season, with the exception following places -Anila streot ~ do.; Pees slip 8 do. ; Broome str r \ rr p <? *<?Mk ? tickle I I rvcusod ua kuiud.

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