Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 3, 1855, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 3, 1855 Page 8
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AiMMii|?<ntkiiiilnntrlNkiUla! UmiOiM UNITABIAN SOOOTT. Ik NfMt ot Um Treasurer, UiItIi W. Clark, E?q., ?MMi Mkl iMtipti tor tht Mat year, iMiadiif t |Nk turn* Of 9116 1?. ul i taUm from (ormn ac eemnt ef 1M. ww $31,821 75. ToWl expenditures, in deihag $10,926 87 for publiihlng books, $21,214 20. 2ate*e ia ths tnMujr, $607 56. 0OMWTT rom TUB RELIEF OP A.3ED AMD DESTITUTE OLBHUYMKN. The Imnnr'i report shows mat $200 had bean H during lha jtar la donations, and$900 bra WM hmlad ia stocks. There hare b tM received <Wa| ths mr. Including a balance of $278 left la the ireasary, $1,192. The balance now on haul is $91). The actual far nOaa of the stock* of too society ia $10,300, ao4 their Talaa la mater at Ua present time than at Ik* tint of their purchase. flflUnmi ITIIII 1 1 I LIBRARY ASSOCIATION. Th* relaaee* in the library of tae Association are new $.400, ami there are 12,000 pamphlets. The additieas to me nnmbsr of ameabers daring the year has been $91, ?akiag theteUi number no* 980. The Talus of the lltlill wa* aasuidered re ry great, on account ef the tultjr it afbrds to ministers temporarily in Boitea, to aaosrtai* where their serrieei may be desired, aad alao te parish** where they may tind oae to preach for thea. The necessity for a library building was then presented, aad the importance of suoh a building showa. The ease wtth which funds are raised lor a Masonic hall, a music hall, or a theatre, was referred to as an Inducement to eaerttoa 4a raising funds for a library building. It was hetisred that $26,000 would be sufficient to commence. The societies which would ute the building are new pay tog far reat the interest of $100,000. The report con clude* with a re solve pro riding for opening subaerip tlene to obtain $26,000 for the ereoUoa of a Coogrega ttoaal Library Building. MAeeACHuame bomb missionary society. lha receipt* to the eauae of Home Mission ? for M aasa ehuaetta during the past year have amounted to #48,104 42? at which $08,403 40 came into the treasury, aal $9,69$ N were paid by the doners to the National Dec toil at New York. The diaburaements hare been 94,$0f 0T far missionary serrio* performed in Massa chusetts; $1,289 32 in defraying the proportion of lnoi 4estal ezpea*** pertaining to this auxiliary ; and $31,000 far aalealoaery labor in other parte of the land, undsi the dinette of the American Hoaae Missionary Society. Thee* figure* show an advance of $2,431 81, the collec tisas in Bectoa alone being nearly $2,000 mere than ia lay farmer years. The what* number of Orthodox Congregations Churches ia Massachusetts, is 489, or whlah only 38, or about 8 par oent., are new leaning on the Maaiachuaett* Jfissteaary Society. Sixteen years ago, when ths whole ?washer wa* but 376, 80 of them, or about 21 per cent, i to stand without this staff. The number or > unable 1 to thee* churches ia 1,640, of which 46 have keen added by profession, and 51 by letter during the 7?er. The aumber of scholars in the Sabbath schools, L about 4,000, gathered frnm 1,094 families. There has fceea aa an usual religions interest, and rerirala hare oc curred ia aereral localities. The whole number of coa T*rts reported ia nearly 100. The report takes a brief surrey of the field at large; aotioe* the progress made in the valley of the Missis sippi aad ea the Pacific coast, and calls particular at tention to toe fatting off of reoetata in the treasury of the American Home Missionary 'Society to the amount af orer $11,000, aa compared with those of the prerioos year. rorW8ALIST HOME MISSIONARY 80CIKTY. The treasurer's report was read and acoeptsd. Amount afm*eey reoeired for the yea t $1,312 40. Amount ex yeoded tor the year $992 62, leaving a balance on hand af $41* 78. The amount of funds on hand is now $1,421, aa iaomuM af some $200 during the year. AMEBKAN FOREIGN CHRISTIAN UNION. Am abstract ef the annual report was read by Rst. Dr. Fairchifd, of New York. The receipts for the year hare heea $68,807 28; expenditure*, $66,861 69. Rer. Dr. fieathef* ooliectiona up to the middle of April were more than $9,000. They are not included in the abore state meat. Aflusio* wsa made to the recant morement* ia 4h* country to suppresi Koaunism, the moat important af whion reiatss to the "tenure of church property," The aeciefy suffered last year, in common with others, frees the ttaaactal embarrassments af the country. The Butfieatteoe of the Union during the past year hare ?eea numerous, and their missionary laiors hare been laigc and important. The entire number of the mis ?ienarfes of *11 classes, supported by the society last year, -wa* 108; of whom 62 were in the home fiell, and 46 in $be foreign. WEDNESDAY WISTKRN OOLLStiE 80CIBTY. aeat* Dr ,Ttleron B*<1wln, raid a state ?t 1,10 operation* of toe society during the nut bmmuu ?/h WOrk ?WM Ut tU? ? "ri^T,,10 ,*n rtitutiona 5 Indian*, Iilmoi., Wisconsin. Iowa Mi??n,.r. Ssss' C"<is,.d?ueon;ia ' jnal pl#dr to J~ t<*'uoinia, and movements are on foot look, "f.?? "*et'on '? Minnesota, to s?y nothing ^*^4' *?; ao far M if 5?^iiu^r h,w. ?cr84"#d intere,t ,n *? w?tk ?ao?52rtl! it Jl- >7 wre Tery Pr*'8?K- bat it will Claim, hefo^the chuwhes 0PP?rta,?>t7 of laying it. OONGKFGaTIONAL KOARTI of publication. 9&TQt paHt J,w hare ???anted to ZZ'J^Lr j -t?*.grVtr bV* amounted to $1,306 36, and ^.WUd atlS:^^^ ^ *?* tow". . ambkican tract society. The following m an abstract of toe report _ The reaulta of ths year are better than wit. expected ccnaioering the general depression of business. Itie re' S?thi D^iou^.??8 ^Lleg*:ieH aM a htu? in advance ****.? ,Tb* a?ou?t received from the w1* i" tll*n the P'oTiousjrear, owing UTta* h? ? ^ numb^ of oolpor^ The total receipts are $73,387 03, of which Ms irssnfciiti^k'.iT*.^0,212 38; bM(dM **. M *?55? S?7JS? u """ 10 the H0<;'8'7 in New <*m, mak ng the who]* amoaot of donations to thin cau*e from this field, $33,206 83. 10 ^S^mtTSST^r fT P?hUr?tio??, *33,495 C7; col l?2ftF' .. ?'.?? ' f?rei?n Und,> *3,000; building fund, 92,686, *ocr?Urj and flvn general ?jrent8, $6 ?78 27 *"?"""?* fire clerks, $4,?m: aTothe'r Jiyme.u' ??3j2?ff&s asa&xssa xt; ^?h^^iBird"IJO"- b' "d nivy Xe,/ *Sf4?M liter?r' *ai ?bantable 555*137. member, and life director., ralae, -20?'000 MP"? ?* Issued month Child* t J'apnr ? 8(0,000 copies of this sheet m "MT^ 66,(K 9 0f whlckaw circrtUted by th" ssjs^'ss&'s? -- r.ii'tfi: it^/y>CTt?4r* <n Afaine. JVeic Hampshire , K<n?on? ?m< ? Eighteen har. heen' ?y ? fro" 0B* to ?'*Ten months, whose aeitreirate UJrs amount to .erenty four months an^ twntJTo^ _^^ c/JMr Labot ? -Tha publications sold by them SlZThiii J $,'I(W 83; Ml <<ou? meet IBg* b<l*1 23a:jTlrtt?dJtt.(Wa; held religions feS JaT- so f-^n *Bd ***yer? for ?,399 of these; *?????: ya*?.me,,:W,b0 Pai>1,c w?r?hip; 1,431 gag.*. Dilf. 1 ?M?t tue BlbU: 'and * ?'b1?- A???* the tamilie. TUited, 3 to Jm m th# ?a>oant of OONTBiTIOW OF OOVORSWATIONAL MINISTERS* report of the treaeuwr wa. road and ac CooT*nt'*n for the Ust year ^ toeasnry June 1,1854, hLmw , ^K^tlonal Charitable arifc?tL^ !!f ' ?^? i10'11* ran<, *31; c??> S L . ? L Caarch, $167 HI; total, $8.J1 +v>*^? ?* ^ t'eamry at the present time, $10,1 80. ? rei?,rt 0f th? C*ntr*1 committee was pre 2Tv?niBiiJtP^?fc V"!?**# fiLty P#r?ao? entitled to 1m reclpUateofthe fnnd of the Conrention. Accepted, ^s repertof Uietrnate^of the Morris fanl show, that *23 had been distributed to four females. Dlstributleas "? J**1 ??*** needy pereons amounted to $72 06. MBBTINO OF TH* BFISOOPAIIAN CI.EROT AND LAITT. The meeting was called to hear the report of the com ?t?M appealed oo the 16th of May, Z confer w,? Coptey 8. Green, of this city, with regtrd to a pro joaed deaation of $4u,000, on condition that $40.00<j ad U, t0 *>? the basis or ao Epi.. burn presided H?n,t,x*ry ** thi/i dioce... Bishop East *0RAL WORM aOClBTY. ?? T?* ?*Wl^otb f"0"*1 "Port was submitted by the *S? r*!lb7 *r- Although the oeMnlttre hare been instrumental in reclainioir maoy ^em the paths of immorality and vice, yet t tie society ?a? keen much oiippied by the want or pecuniary as the year they had receded a donatio. "h0 f#lt ? gre,,t ""e?tio J^r^rrB!b,r of at p?*?nt in the Tem lF?rU?'o.'r"Ju KnUm^r ?f ia,aut,, rBCSi"1 daring 2m h' ^ C i,x h*Tt' b,,#n adopted, fire hare 'T'.y. "OW ^ al the Home. The BeteMt ?wTTiS? tb" pM} **" ,l ,h# stranger's * notn,>?r of f^rn'lie. supplied with ??L "^'V006 offi?.M71, numb.r of f. 5!?^ ^ titoitioDi, 1,258. Uaanah B. Emeriwn, wa* u?n wm. TDe exp?>ndUurAa iw. ' . ?"?, w ?? ken $?,0n, 36, including a deftrit in th. ^"' haTe 4be oommenceenont ot $U the ter^i tr.#?"ury ?l lame time hare been as o&7 as w/f during the MTe De'n ?6 bu lance overdrawn $118 THURSDAY. ?^rr 1A"B,0AK SL'KDAY HCHOOLITNION. The (Taioa haa been in ex stenre tor thirty ons .Mr, u. teld is the conatry. It farolahesmi?slon?rl.?In1ho.Ji<i te the needy aad the destitute, and orxml/e. .-^bbatn ache?Ut It ha. employed during the y?r ;i24 mi,.iona" i^*oty {our dll,"?nt Htatea. It has organized *1??* achooto, with 41, BIB teacher. and 26.i,70?t?bo!ars Seme 7'/2, coo scholars attend Sunday achools throughoat Jh# custry. The aociety have expended $72,7*7 04 T?* receipt, hare amounted to $248,604 76? #56,198 of mich have been doaaUona. and $8,230 44 In legacies. The fund ea haad ia rery large. ? Mf?AC?PWrrTH "tBBATH school gocncrr. ^ ?f t4"? aaanal report wa. wad. The bn aineea at the De^xitory waa never so large a* daring 5? PJf1 'oriy one new books have bsen publish ? ad. The whole number of hooks In the s?>lety'a cata logue new aaannnts to 1,118, of which 800 are liound vo "f- Tv* M'ncy has been continue.! witn ?ood roaulta, Tlie expenditures of the society durlnr ? ??. ' w ,ThJoh ri':,KR *? ??t * Che waatero flsM. Rooks. Writ. Spnnni An have ? Mat to St State, aad the.Brltish i'rovfaie. ' ? AMMRI0AN MI8HI0NAKT ASSOCIATION. ??<* c^rr* WVtppV, Pe-re tary 0.' tne l oreitfn De ^M atat, (Ml aa account of th* eperat nan of the wn t ?y aM^od There are oow 80 muMUnan*. in the f flefcl fliaea the last aaau^l r*port, sixt*en hare t Oai. to far ? fa forU A aumj?r of atatiaa. at* lo MMNflueMtrf iMe*. latslhganoa fa? ft> ?Mm U ?f(fT w Wf SMeuraftag, H|lKi% (im iM ot. Ota* of btly tn comiag from tut tmtry. Tmn wkt kift |0M then aey where we ktn one ntLstieaary bow we should here twevt/. The aiMMi U Jtiilci are progreaaiag fieely, b?*>"g ****4 well established churches. Lewi a Tupu, the trHiuw.iittod tlut the receipt! for the fiscal je*r laouitMl to $48,000. Den tieni here been received frees various pereoae la alive cities. Oao gentlemen in Washington hu offered to gire $1,200. CHILD BJCN'8 MISSION. Mr. Green, the treasurer, read hu anneal report, showing the receipts, including the balaaee from aid as oonnt, U have been $1,044 82. After deduoanj the ex penses, the treasury waa left ia debt to the a no ant of )M 86. But ha waa happy to any that the mission had baea relieved from all embarraasment, by tbe generous contribution of $t00 from a party of children la Otrchae tar, being the proceeds of a lie* fair. The eeorstar/'s report spoke encouragingly of the lab ore of ihe mission ariaa, and of the many children that have been reclaim ed from the dene of infamy and porerty, ani mada to walk ia tha path* of virtue and Christianity. Caitle Garden aa an Emigrant Depot. SUPERIOR COURT. Before Hon. Judge HiiTmta. Mat SO.? J. Phillip t Phanix vi. the Ommittionert qf Emigration, the Mayer, <$&, or Nev> Tork.? Hon. Oglea Hoffman, an the part of the defendanta, reanmad, this morning, hla argument, which he had commenoed tha prsvioas afternoon. He apoke for aeTerai hoars, and contended that the State having m&Je it imperative upon them to deaignate some place for aa emigrant depot, un ions they conld eeleet Castle Garden, it wonld be Impos sible for them to fulfil their dutiea, aa thare was no ether place in New Tork or its vicinity applicable for tha purpose. If the court should decide to ooatinue the in junction and refute to allow the place to be so appro printed, a very aerlous blow would be atruek at the commercial prosperity of thla city, for the' emigrants who are now accustomed to land in th? port o? (few York, wonld, for want of a central depot or landing place, aa required by the State authontiea, be com polled to go elsewhere. He contended that the place waa not only the sole remaining one bnt the very best that could have been selected, and that the precau tions taken by the Commissioners, as exhibited in their answer, and the testimony of eminently practical phy aiciana dispelled all ideas of danger from contagious diseases in the event of emigrants being landed there. He dwelt at great length upon the conditions affiled to the grant by the State to the corporation of the Battery and Bowling Green, and contended that the Castle Gar den, being beyond low water mark, was not affected by the acts of 1790 or of 1821, bnt waa simply granted by the State, subject to no conditions, and re atrietea by no covenants as to Its nse for private purposea. Besides, the use to which the C>mm ta li oners proposed to app'y It waa eminently a pubi c one. The plaintiff had contended that the anaignment by Ooncklin of his term to the Commissioners was invalid, and that tse assignment to htm by Allen, the lessee of the corporation, waa equally defective, bseause certain covenants contained in their leases had been violated. This did not affect the case, for the Costaisaionars, whether by a good title or defective title, or without any title whatevsr, were in possession when the injunction was applied for; tha corporation had interposed no ob jection and liad made no appearance here to oppose (he notion of the Commissioners, and therefore they could not be opposed by persons in the capacity of the plain tiff, having no privity of centract. and whesa own ma terial rights and covenants would not be Injured or affected by aaything the Commissioners ceuld do ia the premises. Hon. F. B. Cutting replied for the plaintiff, and the Court reserved its decision. Decision In Admiralty 0(. Appeal. UNITED 8T1TIM CIHGUIT OOUHT. Before Hon. Judge Nelson. May SO.? Aaron O. Biggin* t it. the United States Mail SUamtXip Compan y.-Thl? libel w? Blad in the ceurt be low to recover demurrage for the unreasonable detention of the ship Kanawha ?t the port of Havana. She was freighted by the respondents with coal, from New York to that port; and It is claimed that, according to the contract of affreightment, the vessel was to be detained not exceeding twelve running days in the discharge ot her cargo, whereas she was, in fact, detained some twsnt; -seven days In addition. The bill of lading, signed by the master of the Kanawha? the only written contract between the parties-mikes no mention ef the number of days within which the coal should be dis charged. It is in the usual form, and stipulates tbat it is "to be delivered in like good order an! condition, a. the aforesaid port of Havana, (dangers of the sea except ed ) unto Metiers. Drake & Co., or to ttttli _ai?lg?i, he er they paying freight, at Si per ton, with Ave per cent primage, ami average accustomed. The limitation as to the number of running days in the discharge of the coal Is sought to oe made out by oral evi dence- and we have before us the testimony or agents of the' owners on the one side, and of the shippers on the other, directly In conflict on the subject. it is undoubtedly true that this iustrninsnt is open to ex planation to a certain extent as between the origin il parties, to cortect mistakes or Imposition upon the master, to lar as It partakes of the nature of a receipt It may be properly explainable, and is not oonaiuiivs. But we have seen no case tnat has gone the length of vaiying the contract by parol in respect tothemitterin question. According to the construction of the Wll of lac inc. excluding interpolations by oral evidence, the delivery of the coal would be governed by the custom and usage of the delivery of esrgoes of thi. descrfptwa at the port of Havana. The oral eviiencs, tnsrefore, changes entirely the legal effect of the instrument sj to the mattsr In question. Kven were I more doubtful than I am as to the application of the rule excluding the paral evidence of toe contract, the omission to Insert .It would lead me to Incline in favoi of the testimony of the witness, who denies that any such contract was mad* Whether made or not depends upon the evidence of the two parties who entered into the oontract of shipment, and which, as we have said, Is directly In conflict. We, therefore, lay out of the case the oral agreement set up by the libellant. Then, as to the delivery of the conl, the respondents were in possesion of a or wharf at Havana, where all th? coal shipped for their line of steamers was landed; and we are Inclined to th'nt ttat ths msster or the Kanawha was right n s opposing that he was bound to discharge hts cargo at that, plies. Indeed, upon the evllence it would seem to ***" the only place where his cargo could be discharged tbat port, and being obliged to discharge it there, he was also nece> sartly obliged to conform to the usage and prac tice tbat existed regulating the delivery, and wh'ch was, as but two vessels could discharge at a ^e, to wait for his turn. Only one vessel was permitted to discharge her cargo before him over which he was entitled to pre ference'. She was engaged seven days in the delivery, and fer this delay he had a right to complain. The oourt below found the delay to be but that wa? founded upon the oral contract, wnUn w? have disregarded. An objection U taken to the .iirU iViction of the oourt betow, upon the .????***? .V? breach of oontract complained ot is not the breach or* maritime contract. But this Is a misapprehension. Ac cording to our Interpretation of the contract of ship ment, the respondents were bound to afford wc?m? Ra tion at their wharf to the Kanawha for the delivery of the coal, according to the usage and custom of engaged in its shipment. This contract Is a maritime contact, over which the oourt had jurisdiction and It is for a breach of It upon which the ilsel is founded. The rsfusal to permit the discharge of the cargo, ac cording to the usage of the plaso, was as muc* a I ?reach of the contract as a refusal to psy the freight, or to ac cent tke cargo at all, where the bill of lading provided for acceptance. We must therefoie reverse the decree b? ton* and Unless the parties agree upon the damans tor the seven days' detention, reference must be mide to the clerk, to ascertain them In conrormity with this opinion. May 31? Jacob Shurti vs. Vie Steamboat New York ? This Ubel was tiled by the owner _ or the barge Hero which was sunk in a storm on the North River on the night of the ad or August, 1864, near Yo niters, while in tow or ths tug New \ ork. She was loaded 213 too s or coal, and was stationed tn the middle of the front tier of the tow, on the larbowd side of the tug, which consisted ef three boats. Several grounds ate taken upon the proofs, whicn are voluminous in the case In order to esUblish gross negligence on the part o' the master of the tug. under the circumstances of the violence of the storm In which the boat was lost such as that its position in the tow was an improper one- tbat the tog was moving at too great speed at tlie time tiat she should have come to an anchor, or de tached the boat from the tug, so ss to have prevented it from being drawn under and sunk. We h*T" this case with a view to tae several grounds of cornpU.nt against the conduct of the tug. and agree with ths Court below that neither of them are sustained by the proofs Oo the contrary, the efcar weight or the ovr dence is that the sinking of the barge is attributable to the effect of the storm that prevailed, fault of the tug, or to tne negligence ot the master in Lnt r,rni#Tlv eecuiing the forecsstle hatch, in eonse qu n'ce of ^hich R wL forcM open by the broking o the water over it and letting it into her haU. This hstr.h ss described in the testimony, was ooyered a bo\ t.r combings rising from tlio ?eck, fltttag tl<ht, without any? ther fsstenlng The other two hatches wire secured with hooks and staples as thisoue should have l*en. or with bars properly fastenel, which is _ bet ter, and has since been adopted. The ?*??* _?[ the barge, also, is not altogether freo from hlHm?.afterthe ntorm had arisen an<i oangsr apprehen led, as he neg lected to watch the ill-secured h?tct? after his attention had Wen called to it by some of the bands <rfthe tug. We think the decree balor, dismissing the hbe^, right, and aflirm the decree. I'nltrd States District Coatt. Before Hon. Judge Ingersoll. Mat 3 C.?Charpr of Stabhinq mi the High Sea*.? John Hons?en, one of the crew of the ship Santa Clara, was placed at the bar, charged with stabb'ng ths mate of that vessel, on the M of April last, with a knife. Ths defence did sot deny the actual stabbing, but set up as a justification that the injury was Inflicted wnilst the mate was assailing ths prisoner with a belaying pin The prisoner was found guilty, and the Court ssntenoed him to six months imprison aient in the State pris in. Charge of Smuggling. ? Ths United States vs. Chrrtt if- O ? This was a charge against the defendants for smuggling a quantity or diamonds. It appears thst the Custom House officers having received Information, en t*n<l the premises of the defendants, and on opening a Mfs discovered a quantity of diamonds, which they al lege had not paid iduty' on coming into this port. The defendants deny ths chsrge of smuggling. It wai un ler stood that $10,000 worth of th? property belonged to the late Mad Sontsg, and was left wit a the defendants. The case is still on, Mat ?l ? C*i ted Stat-* vs. (Me I'arMag* of Uui mMn,lr Tlsoikir* CUriti, r1a>mnnt ?In this oa?e ths Ji?j d 'or the claimant and sgsunkt ths vultures ?f the Ousts a Heats. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. BtnuiT. Jim 3?8 P. M. Than Tuntiur a dan bhuI ittkilnt board to-day. The eicitomtat la llMlf ku ftrtitll; subsided. Al| the I? ding stocks wan quiet, hat prices hm no( varied much Obia Ufa and Trait Qaayuf advaaced 1 par oeat; Oomkerlaad Goal New York (Jeatral RaUraad X; Mtehigaa Ceatral Ra dread Jf; Cleveland and Tel ad a % ; Harlem X- Panama Kallread declined X per eeat; Beading Railroad %. There ware am all a ilea af Stontng toa at MK a M par east, which u aa improvement ea previous tales. Cumberland wae the mast buoyant etook ?n the list to-day. Dliaoii Central Beads continue ia deaumd at the advance. At the second board then waa net mack activity ia the market, mad no chaage of ooaaeqaenoe m prioei. firie vm an eighth batter; Naw York Central, % da. The transactions at the Assistant Treasarer's office to-day w?re as folia wa: ? Paid on Treasury account $22,072 47 Received oa Treasury acoouat 194,286 00 Balaaco 2, 4*4,633 48 Paid far Aasay Office 21,81164 Paid oa Disbursing cheeks 87.188 46 The steamship Ax ago, from this port for Havre to day. earned out $480,828 02 ia specie, principally ia gold bars. The warrants entered at the Treasury Department, Washington, on the Slat May, were as follows.? Fbr the redemptiea of stock $118 62 For thai reaaury department 728 20 for the Interior departaseat 14,844 72 For the Customs 6,267 46 War warranto received and entered 344,770 24 Bapay warrants 337,072 29 On acoount of the aav^ 60, Ml 89 fttor covering into the Treasury from landa.. 1,460 61 The steamship Star of the West, from Nicaragua, brings probably one million of dollars, in goii and drafts The pas *engers, it is known, hare a very large amount, and the amount en freight waa larger than usual. The seeond suspension of Page, Bacon ft Co. of San Francisco, was expected, and therefore had no effeot here. It was well known that when the news arrived ia SsnJFranciaoo, of the second suspension of Page k Bacon, of St. Louis, that another panic would spring up among depositors and other creditors there, and that wo should haws an other excitement similar to the last. This is probably the last. Both houses are now in a state of suspension, and must wind up in the regular way. That every cre ditor will ultimately get every dollar dde, principal aad interest, there is not the alightest doubt. It will only be a matter of time. The assignee of the house here has judiciously appropriated all the funds received from California, and we have no doubt he will continue toad minister the affairs of bath houses to the satisfaction of aH parties. We understand that the assignee will pay to-morrow, Monday, at the Bank of America, a dividend of sixty per cent on all the drafts of Messrs. Page, Bacon k Co., of ban Francisco, on their agents, of the dates of 9th April to 8dMay, both inclusive. These are the only drafts covered and protected by the assignment. The following letter from Lucas, Turner k Co., of Ban Francisco, appears in the San Francisco Chronicle, rela tive to a false report which had obtained credence, of tne failure of their house in New York Origin of the Rktort tuat a Note of Lucas, Tdr.ver k CO., HAD BK?N PKOTK8TKU IN NKW YoUK. House or Lucas, Tusker k Co., \ Bait Fbancwoo, May 2, 1855. j We have at la*t found out the origin of the rumor which was afloat last night, that one of our bills had oome back protested. January 31st last, we sold Burgoyne k Co. a bill of exchange on Lucas k 8immmds, of St. Lout*, payable at tne Metropolitan Bank on the 19th of this month. This draft went into the hands or Page, Bacon & Co , who seat it to St. Louis, where it waa duly accepted. Subse quent to the remittance of the draft, Mr. Burgoyne ob tained from Page, Bacon k Co., here, an order on Dun can, Sherman & Co., for the surrender to Burgoyne & Co., or order, of the above named draft, or the proceeds thereof. We believe Mr. Burgoyne hypothecated this order with Adams k Co., of this city, who, of caurse. re mitted it to New York, where, it appears, Dunaan, Sher mnn k Co. refused to surrender the draft or its value. It is this order which has been protested, not the diaft, which makes all the difference in the world. Our drait is not duo until the 19th of this month, and of course could not be proteited; but the order for tbe draft was such an instrument as would necessarily be protected to hold tbe endorser. It is a simple eonteat between Page, Bacon k Co., and Adams Ac Co , for tbe proceeds of said draft. Any person curious in such matters c?n see the notice In the hinds of Mr. Cohen, assignee of Adams k Co. No notice was sent us, as we are in no way concerned. luc&s, ruasisR & co. Tbe Philndelphia Ledger of the 2d Inst., says:? Wo aie glad to learn that the State authorities have repudiated the discrscited and filthy '? Relief" notes more properly termed distress notes? and we hope soon to bear of their being banished from circulation ? driven home to the banks issuing them. Our City Treasurer, we are informed, says he has instructions from Harris burg not to receive tbe "Relief notes inpayment of State taxes. If this is to be the role, our oitizena ought to know it, and govern tbemselvee accordingly. No person should touch one of them. And yet whit a humiliating spectacle for tbe commonwealth t Refusing the notes of her own endorsement, and supposed to be bicked by all her great rosouices. The annexed statement of the Treasurer of the United j States will show the amount on deposit and subject to draft in tbe several depositaries of ths United States, on the 2Sth ult ? U. S. Flva.vcsb? Si'BPLna Rbtknuk. Amount Ammnt on depotit. subject to draft. Treasury U. 8. Washington.. $224,370 51 4129,734 62 Assistant Treasurer, Hob ton 3,618,134 24 3,627,603 36 Mew York 1,003,010 46 409,000 78 Philadelphia 90,888 41 71,096 46 Charleston 96,865 23 88,046 30 Mew Orleans 314,477 92 70,286 16 St. Louis 3,676,834 69 8,119,606 97 8an Francisco 296,730 61 ? Depositary at Buffalo 22, 299 74 21,383 51 Baltimore 260,3*1 88 245,788 16 Richmond. Va 67,494 18 67,365 78 Norfolk, Va 227,311 92 126,651 92 Wilmington, N. C 19,146 91 16,780 91 Savannah, Ga 61,262 70 44,602 88 Mobile 142.914 86 104.087 91 Na?hville 44,726 80 42,939 39 Cincinnati, Ohio 48,784 39 46,019 86 Pittsburg 21,216 99 10,495 84 Cincinnati (late) 20 39 20 39 Dubuque.... 208,525 92 129,489 86 Little Kock, Ark 105,683 13 102,693 80 Detroit, Mich 6,996 36 6,995 33 Chicago, IU 65,880 35 59,648 68 Detroit, Mich 104,013 49 89,877 34 Tallahassee, Fla 42,106.33 39,844 58 Assay office. New York 4,744,500 00 4,744,500 00 Branch Mint, ?an Francisco 768,783 66 768,783 09 Mint or tbe U. 8 , Fhilade'a 2.1M.3M 16 2,128.354 19 Bransh Mint, Cnarlotte 32,000 00 .12,000 00 Dalilonrga 80,560 00 30,550 00 New Orleans 2,706,415 47 2,675,415 47 Total *21,170,692 51 $18,'.H9,552 63 Deduct overdraft, &c 264,998 77 18,691,553 76 Add difference in transfer* 969,049 70 Net amount subject to draft,.... $19,650,603 46 Transfers ordered. To Treasury of l*. S., Washington, D.C.. $100,000 00 To Assists at Treasurer, New York, N. Y.. 1,890,000 00 Charleston, 8 C 40,000 00 New Orleans, La 360,000 10 St. Louis, Mo 300,000 00 Sin Francisco 1,730,000 00 To depositary at Norfolk, Va 70,000 00 To Brsnch Mint of (J. 8., San Francisco.. . 200,000 00 Philadelphia 1,000,000 00 Ttotal $5,0*30,000 00 Transfers ordered from Ash. Tress., Boston $920,950 30 From Assistant Trees., New York 1,612,500 00 From Assistant Tress., St. Louis 867,500 CO From Depositary at Dubuque 50,000 00 1 rom Depositary at Detroit 25,000 00 From Assay Oilice at New York 1,000,000 00 From Mint of (J. 8 , Philadelphia 495,000 00 Totsl $4,700,950 30 Tbe falling off in dutiee collected on customs Is steadi ly reducing the surplus revenue, and the probability Is that before the expiration of the present year the de posits will be under twelve millions of dollars. The re dumption of tbe public debt proceeds slowly. The mo ney market is too easy to induoe holders of government stock to change their investments. The ninth annual report of tbe Boston, Concrird and Montreal Railroad Company, presented at the stock holders' meeting st Gilford, N. H., on Monday, states the whole amount charged to construction at $2,771 310 89. The Income for tbe year ending March 31 wm $295,282 31 ; ex ptoses during same time, $154,331 17 ? leaving net earnings $140,951 14, which has been appropriated to inUrest on bonded and floating debt, and dividends on the preferred stock, leaving a surplus of $10,86i 66, from which a dividend of $1 per share, or little more than $5,000, has been declared on the new stock. The floating debt April 1 was $301,879 10, and has been re duced $145,307 80 during the yetr. Of this about one half will be paid during the year from bands already sold, and of the balance, say $160,000, more than one half ia represented by the wood lands and personal property of the company, which ia entirely unencum bered, aed the means for meeting the reildue are tbe unsold preferred stock an i tits difference to be paid on conversion of the old stock Into new. The repairs of the read have been much Isrger than usual, and inclnde msny Items not of the ordinary character, the whole amount beng $20,000 greater than the previous year, and the road and machinery are In a more complete and effect. vs con i)lt en than twelve months age. At a meo'.ng of the bvndhwUUr* m the Vermont and Ml MB **?*"***" " ? y-j- ?--?-? -? *T- wthl aOUi Im( , thi pmitet mmU a proportion to the eBect tki(tkibNdlultoi?nlua|ith*kMli m la IMr piniMioa tor k?Ui which Ad be Mil |?r?Wl on tbt first da/ of Joly, 1875, aecuied by mortgag ?, ul limit wz #er cent interest ? * slaking (h! of tea thousand dollars per year, placed to tha kaoda of tha truateea, being established as further aeoartty tor tha pajaaai of tka banda? thii irrai|Nual aat ta ba bincing unless authority ba obtain ad from tha 1/egiala tuic, aad the mortgage ba axooatad batora tha first day of Jul/, I860, aad aooaptad by tha holdara of three foortha of tha laaut of tha boada. Tha preeldeat azpraaaed hia ooafidaat conviction that tha road could easily pay tha iataroat on tha new boada, aad aat aside tha 910,000 par yoar. Tha rot* takaa on tha propoai tlon was aot a full one, bat the majority were to tta fa ror. The Baatan Traveller, a f tha 20th ult., aays Stocks war* variable to-day. aad slightly unsettled. Boa ton and Maine Improved *, with aa active request at 100*. Proridenoa, 66* bid, 07 asked. Boston aad Worcester la demand at 93*. Concord aold at 48*. aad more offered at aame rate. Eaatern, oa sales or tea shares, jumped ap 3 per cent. Fltchburg steady at 80. Northern advanced *, with a bettor aemaal for the stock than for several weeks. Ogdensburg was * lower, and heavy. Vermont aad Haaaaohuaatta declined to 12*, with more sellers than buyers. Vermont and Canada advanced 3 par cant slnoe last sale, to the cop per shares there was lass animation oa the part of buy ers. Forest, 4 bid, 4# asked? aaaaaament of ta per share paid; Pittsburg, 147 a 100; Alfotna, * bid: Ful ton, 1* asked; Norwich, 6* Wd; Teltec, 0* bid, ?* aakad; Minnesota, 106 bid; Copper Falls, 35 a 36*. On the let of Jaao the floating debt or tha Og&eaa burg Railroad, amounting to 93(0,000, will fall due, it having been extended for one yoar, aad secured by 8*00, 000 second mortgage bands aad a mortgaga of 9100,000 oa tha lake propellers, making 9000,000 to all, which tha corporation offers to the creditors, if they will reoeive It in full payment. The preaeat board of trustees are J. 8. Bdridge, John Smith, and Wm. R. Lea, who has just bean appointed to Hi tha vacancy created by the resig aation of J. C. Howe. Mock Exchange. Saturday. June 2, I860. 9200000bi?6's,'60.b3 106* 100 N Y C RRshs s30 93* 4000 Tena O'a, '90.. 88* 40 do 93* 1000 Erie Bds, '83... 83 * 60 do eSO 93* 6000 do 93* 300 Erie RB s3 48* 8000 Hud R3dMBs..c 72 616 do. 48* 1000 Mich 8o 8 p c Bs 98 100 do b30 48* 22(00 IllCenRRBs..s3 78 100 Panama RR 100* 6000 do '0 78* 100 do s60 100 60(0 do blO 78* 60 do s30 100* 6000 do bfiO 78* 200 Reading RR 89* 8000 do 78* 100 do 89* 10(0 mOen RR F Bs 73* 1(0 do blO 89 3000 do 78* 300 do c 88* 4(00 N Y Cen RR Bs. 88 * 200 do s3 88* 1000 Harlem 1st MBs 87* 200 do s30 88* 8000 M Y Cen 7's. . .. 104 100 do b3 89 6fhsBkof Com.. 112* 100 do bSO 89* 42 Continental Bk.. 107* 200 do s3 88* 40 Ohio L & Trust. . 90 400 do s39 88* 60 Penn Coal. . . .b60 110 46 Mich Cen R R. . . 90* 100 Cumb Coal. . . blO 28* 1000 do bSO 90* 100 do 800 28* 48 M S&N In Cn..s3 94 200 do b30 28* 60 Galena & Ch RR. 98 250 do blO 2fe* 6 Cleve C k Oia RK 106* 60 do 28* 160CUcTolRR..b30 80* 400 do b60 29 100 do s30 80 200 do b30 20 60 do c 80* 100 Canton Co 26* 60 Stontogton RR. . 64* 260 do bSO 27 21 do 65 ' 60 N Y Cen RR. . sSO 93* 675 HarlemRR 27* 100 do s3 93* 14 do 27* 100 do s30 93* SKOOKD BOARD. 926000 Mls'ri 6's.b60 9S* 200 sha Read RR.b60 89* 10000 Erie Bs, >76.b7 88* 1(0 do s30 89 600 111 Cen RK Bds. . 78* 200 do 89 200 shs McCulloch G. * 100 do s60 88* 600 Cumb Coal.. sl5 . 28* 28 Chi A Rock T RR. 85* 100 do.... .b80 29 300 Canton Co... b)0 27 60 N Y Cen RR. . s60 93* 25 Erie RR s3 48* 20 do 93* 100 do b60 48* 100 do a 00 93* 100 do b30 44* 550 Reading RR...a3 89 60 do 48* 200 do blO 89* CITY TRA.DE RKPORT. SATimixAT, June 2?2 P. M. Flour? Market heavy; sales of 6,000 a 6,000 bbls., mostly at yesterday's prices, except common brands of Western and State, which were 6*c. a 12*e. lower. Wheat firm, but nominal. Corn dull aad sales light, being confined to 8,000 a 10,000 bnshels, at 91 18 for Northern white and yellow; Western mixed was at 91 12, and Southern white and yellow at 91 16 a 91 17. Pork ?Sales of about 1,000 bMs., at 6 a 12 per cent off tor mess, both eld and new. I.ard quiet at 10*c. a 10*c. Beef and cutmeats firm. Cotton firm, bat some less active. Whiskey dull. ?uvisnTisisaisim *Kwswjai jvkki oak. ruAaciAiu ?'7 nnn nnn ? money ~ to loan on du ^?UUU.UUU ? monds, watones, jewelry, dry good*, sogers, Ac. , or bought for CMh; city stooks. notes, mort gages end bill* of exchange negotiated. Business confiden tial and prompt, by THOMPSON * CO., broken ltd oom mlMion merchant!, 102 Kiini street, corner of Abb, room No. 2. seoond floor. o?r 7r Ann TO loan-or bought for cash, ft) I u.UUU diamond!, watches, Jewelry, and every description of valuable property, by JOS. E. ISAAC, base ment office, 11 CMmbers itreet, between Chatham and Cen tre. Transaction* strictly confidential. N. B.? The highest priee paid tor old gold and diver, from 8 A. M. te 6 P. M. qtonn nnn ? money advanced, in ant ?P,?Uv.UV/U ? amount, en diamonds, watches, jewel ry, plate, Ae., Ac., or bought for cash. Business confiden tial, and exeonted with despatoh, at 36 Bookman street, second floor. The striotest confidence and honor may be relied on. L. BALCH, Broker. J &A A nnn ADVANCED ON DIAMONDS, i|it;v.vUv ? watches. Jewelry, pianofortes, and every description of merchandise. Business stnetly confidential. Apply to J. LTON A CO., MS Houston street, between Mercer and Green. <fc/in nnn -MONET liberally advanced on iPt:U.UuUi diamonds, watches, Jewelry, so cars, stooks, and all kinds of merchandise, by JOSEI'H LTON A CO., 15 William street, r?om lo. Parties waited on at their reet dencee. N. B..? All transactions confidential. fcon nnn WANTED-AT 7 PER cent, for five ifiiU.UUv;, years, on Improved real estate in this city, worth double the amount; a liberal bonus will be give*. Addrees Cash, Herald office. u>on nnn ? T? loan on bond and mort V^".UuV/? gage en will improved eity property, in sums to suit applicants. Apply M A. C. LOOM 13, 1,128 Broadway, near Thirty -foarth street. ann nnn T? wanted, on a loan for vfU v two or three years, to be seenred by bond and mortgage on real estate, worth five times the amount loaned. A liberal commission paid i( obtained soon. Apply to SANDFORD, STRIKER A PORTER, 51 Libertv street. ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY TO LOAN TO MER chants, manufacturers and the public general!*. u will buy at light merchandise, diamonds, Jewel sonal property, and collateral seourity of all 1 old responsible and safe Pacific Agency and I Offiue, over Pacifio Bank, corner Broadwiur aod Grand itreet. Buiineis confidential, prompt and safe. per kinds, at the Private Loan A?V ANCKU IN AN Y AMOUNT. OB PURCHA3 ) ed at sight, diamonds, watohes, rich jewelry, metchea dise, and valuable personal property generally. R. WOOD, 69 Ku lton street, second floor, front room, ttim QASH^ ADVANCED IN ANY AMOUNT, OR PURCHAS due, en 6!) Kulto ft P. M. FINANCIAL? $3 000 TO LOAN UPON IMPROVED city property centrally located; muit be worth double the mm loaned. Alse an odd sum of 9060. Apply to JAMES PRICE, 200 Hudson itrert. ITONEY TO LOAN.? PERSONS REQUIRING TE*. IlL porary advances on real estate, diamonds, plate, watohea, jewelry, pianofortes, dry goods, horses, carriage*, aod every deecrlption of personal property, promptly ac commodated by the Empire Loan and Agenoy Company, 333 Broadway, opposite the Broadway theatre. C. WILLS, Agent. ONEY TO LOAN ON UNDOUBTED PERSONAL securities, diamonds, watches, jewelry, or other vain M ab'ee, for shott periods, in any requited sums, at the Loan Office, 247 Broadway, up stairs, corner of Murray street, reom No. 4. Interviews confidential. NOTICE.-THE JULY 1NTBR1ST. ON THE CIVIL Funds Bonds, of the State of California will be paid by JOHN COOK, Jr., at his offioe, 31 Hroadway, on presen ts tion of the coupons, on and after the 30th June, 18& VTOTICE.? THE UNDERSIGNED IS l'REPARID TO J.1 pay a dividend oi sixty per cent on the amount of diafts of Messrs. Pare, Batma A Co., of San rranoisco, on their sannts in this city, Boston, Philadelphia, St. Loois, Cinninnati, Louisville, Baltimore and Pittihurg, whioh besr date from the !?th April to the 3d May both day* in clusive, and requests holders of snob draitsto present them to him in original and duplicate, at the bank of Amoriua, on and alter Monday, Ith Inst. GEO. E. HOADLEl', Assignee. New York, Juno 2, 1885. PARTIES DESIROUS OF INVESTING CAPITAL IN a strictly legitimate business, without rilk, that will net from I '>,01)0 to $i6,U0U per year, will be shown sueh by adorcieiag Lumber, Herald office, appointing an interview. 1 hose intending settling in tbe W est will find this an oppor tunity that occurs but once in a lifetime. r CAPITALISTS.? THE FOX AND WISCONSIN IM prov erne nt Company offer to capitalist! lor investment the remaining half of their ? percent I>ondi(f4k,004), pay able Febtuar.v 1, 1HBS, interest iemi annually, at the fiaak of North America, city ol New York. These bonili are ee curtd by a flrit mortgage upon land! worth, at a low valua tion, more than double tbs amount; alio, u ion the improve most itself, together with iti proceed!, wa'er purer, Ae lnq'iire at the office of the company, 14 Walt itreet. ANTED TO BUT? ONE OR TWO SHARKS OF THE Academy el Muilo. Address box 4,230 Post Office. w THE TftADKS. T"o~BUTCnER S? A BATCHER'S SON, FROM KU rope, wishes to find employment is one of the large es tablishments in this city, but where oaly oxen aro slaught ered; he spaaksUerman and English; wagss ao obj>ot Ad dress Q t. U., Herald ifflee. WANTED.? A CLASS ENGRAVC.R, WHO HAS MANY jeers' experience in finest and common workings, wishes te stta situation, either in a glass manufactory or stors. offers sreepted by A. B K , Herald office. WANTED? A PATTERN CARVER, AT 12 DUAXE street. Noae bnt g nd workmen. aid of ateftjy habtU. I k?td a*?ly. T? (vet, sltiii employ m*ct ca? be rflvea. | WOAKfinro fOAA -A PLBABAMT TOIBD STORY BACK BOOM fOvVi to tot, to eae m In tingle twllmw, ?IU ?r wtthoat hreakiaat; iIm, * amifl bit naa AUmIm MB Hwald oflw. 7 CI) BROADWAY. HANDSOMELY FUBNISHED I O^j ulU of room* to lot, first u4 imw4 flood, wtafa ut wllkMt kwi, to tke uon trst class house. A ?>1 BBOOME 8TREET. ? FUBNISHED BOOMS, iul with tauktut. Pleasant, airy room* to lot to ain sto prtUBOt, tad geBtlemea ui their wivoa, with fall board far ladles, if required. Houm hM ?U tho modern ia pro?a?eats. Befcrcaoo raqulrod. Q7Q FOURTH STBRET-APABTMSNTS AND BOOMS Oil/ elegantly furalahhad to lot, with or without board^ Q07 BROADWAY. ? FURNISH BD BOOMS-GENTLE Oa I men requiring todginga dowm town, oaa bo aoeia Bodatod with bandiomely furnished parlors aad ilagle room*, at rrioea to rait tho times. Apply aa above; eeceod block aboTo tho Irving Houm. 1 en BLEECKEB STREET. OPPOSITE BEPAU BOW. ill I ?Tho above flrat class houee, replete with Imprave mcnta, U bow ready for th* reception of boardari. FamiUta desiring delightful apartment*, aeparately or ia auita, will ?nd raporior accommodations. Location aa (tags route. T A Q EIGHTH STREET, OPPOSITE THE MBBCAN IttO tilo Library.? Several .gentloaen may have ploaoaut room*, with full or partial board. inc WEST FOURTEENTH STREET, APABVMBNTS lUt) ia ralto or aingle nay bo obtaiaod by afawooloot familial or baehelora, who hi wiiMag to pay liberal for tho boit of accoBBodatton. 1 (\(T WAVERLEY PLACE. THIRD DOOR WBST OF lUl) Waahlngtrn park,? A tow dsairable rooms oaa bo had, with board, by a family or Mngle gentlemen. Location ia one of tho moot delightful la the illy; term* BOdirato. Beterenooo eichaagtd. Horn* flttt claaa. Q") PRINCE STRSBT, WBST OP AMD NBAB BROAD ?7A way.? A tow aiagle geatloman oaa obtain raoma aad board, at modarate prices. Heuao firat claaa, haudsoaMy tnrniihad, containing aB tho Bodotn improvaminta. Q1 BAST 36TH STREET? ROOMS, SINGLE OR EN 91 suite, with or without board. Location very doalra ble, being a lew doota from Lexington aToauo. Qt ST. MARK'S PLACB.? GBKTLBMBM AND WIVES, OO or aiagle gentlemen, can obtain faralahad rooaa. with or without full or partial board, at tla abort doairabto InMob. Ql BAST TWENTY THIBD STREET. -HANDSOMELY OJL furniabed parlor and bodroma may bo obtained, with fall or partial board? and private table? la a flrat olaaa houao. Location ia very fine. There to a large garden at tached to tho houao. Apply aa aboro. CC AND 67 WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET.? A PEW U*J aeleet familie* aad gentlemen can be accommodated with auita or aiagle reoma in that eligible brown atoai build ing. Thia ia ono of tho Boat delightful locationa for a aim mer reaidenee, aa it ia one of the breadeet itroeti in the olty, and oaaaot bo aarpaaaed for oonronionoa to atagee and ear*, and every way doairable. 50 GREENWICH AVENUE, BUSSELL PLACE.? FUR t) Dished room! to let to goatlemen, with or without board; alio, two young todiea can bo aooommodatod with board. Stage* paaa tho door every five minutce; gai and bath in the houao. Alio, a front baaement, for an office. Term I moderate. AMITY STBBET, NEAR BBOADWAY.-A VERY comfortable and pleasant furniihed room and bedroom, auitable for one or two aingle gentlemen, in a private family, where there are no boardera or annoyanoea of any kind. Terma very reaaonablo to a coed tenant, who oaa have par. tial board in hi* own room, ti required. 4 ABINGDON SQUARE, WEST SIDE.? YERY CON venient apartment! for familiee or aingle gentlemen, with board. A fine airy looation for tko an m mer, being situated near the Hndaon; poiieiaea every facility of aooeu to all parte of the city. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM POB A SIN ale gentleman, with partlrl board. Tho family ia email, and tho house hai all the modern improvement!. Apply at 62 Ninth itreet, tho flrit white honae weat of Fifth avenne. A PRIVATE FAMILY HAVING A HANDSOME ROOM, in a houee with the modern improvements, would iUe a gentleman and wifo or two aingle gentlemen to room, with full or partial board. Call at lt?o Weat Nina tee nth itreet, near Eighth avonno. Tecmo reaaonablo. A WIDOW LADY OF RESPBCTABILITY, OCCUPY ing a very fine houee, doauea to receive two or three gentlemen iato her family aa partial boardera, where they can enjuy the oomforta of a home?large airy rooma, lighted with gas, a gcod table, and good aoolety. The house ia with in a lew minutei' walk of either Fnlton or Wall itreet ferry, and delightfully located. Pleaie call at 61 Henry itreet, Brooklyn. A GENTLEHAN WISHES A PERMANENT HOME A for bimielf and wife, with a private family, near Ful ton ferry, Brooklyn, or below Tenth itreet, New Ybrk. Break 1 ait required at 6 A.M.; tea at 7 P M. Gentleman dinet down town, except Sundayi. Termi net to exoeed >12 per week. Addreu, with fall particular!, Sinclair, Herald effloe. A PRIVATE FAMILY CAN ACCOMMODATE TWO OR three single gentleman, or a gentleman and hii wife, with partial board; rooma large and airy, in a very pleasant location. Addreu J. S., Herald office, or apply at 3i>? Commerce itreet, in the vicinity of Barrow and Hudion itreet i. Termi moderate. A LADY WOULD LIKE TO HIRE A HOUSE, WITH modern improvement!, in a genteel neighborhood, where the family would be willing to board out the rent. Beit of reference given. Pleaie oall, or addroia 12 Troy atreet, between Greenwich avenue and Fourth itreet. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, WITH BOABD POB tho lady only, can hive a handsomely furnlibed parlor and back bedroom, on the flut floor, with privilege or bath room, hot and cold water, and where there are no other boarders, by addressing Otto Remaen, Broadway Poit Office. A B A PRIVATE FAMILY, OCCtJPYINQ MORE BOOM than they require, would accommodate a few single gentlemen, or a gentleman and bis wife, with board; alio an office iuitable tor a physician, dentin, or surveyor. Refer enoei exchanged. Inquire at 143 Weit Twenty-second street. A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE CAN BE ACCOM, modated with front room oa the looond floor, nicely fur nished or unfurnished. Also, two or three single gentlemen oan bo accommodated with full or partial board, on Tory reasonable terms. References exchanged. Apply at 39 Cranberry street, corner of Willow, Brooklyn Height*. SUIT OF FURNISHED BOOMS. IN A FIBST class house, within a fow steps of oari aad stages, to let, together or separate, to a few gentlemen, with or without breakfast: or to a family, with the use of a kitchen. In quire at 93 St. Mark'* place, Eighth street, A WELL FURNISHED PARLOR TO LET-EITHER with or without board; location near Broadway, below Broom* street. Addr*** B. A., Broadway Po*t Office. Apartments, with good board-mme. meters, No. 6 Leroy plaee, Bleeeker strert, can dlspo** of a handiome front parlor, with bedroom* adjoining, a spaoiout bach parlor on **oond floor, and room* tor single gentlemen. Dinner at C o'clock. Alto, an otto*, oonvanteat for a doctor. A FURNISHED PARLOR TO LET-TO A GENTLE man aad lady, with or without board for th* lady; pri vet* family; no other boarder*; location near Broadway and Canal itreet. Address E. M., Broadway Port Otto*. Board. -a widow ladt, occupying a neat modern hone*, and living quite retired, would let one or two furnished or unfurnished room*, with bath, gat, Ao.. to a lady and gentlomaa, with fall board for th* ladt and break fs st to r gentleaaa if desired. Adore** Quietude, Union tquaro Post Offioe. DOABD ? W 1TH ELEGANT BOOMS AND EVERY JJ eonvtnienae, in n health* and delightful situation, WU West Twentieth rtroet. opptaite the grvrond* of the Theolo gioai Seminary. Board.? a lady, haying a large house, is deairou* of acoumtnodating one er|two families, or two or three single gentlemen, with board. Also, a baok parlor and bedroom, fcrwiahod or unfurnished; bath aad cna ia th* hou**. Apply at Mo. 9 St. George'* place, East Thirteenth itreet, between First and Second avenue*. Board. -the thrbb elegant brown stone house*, roplof* with ovary modern luxury aad conve nience, splendidly furnished, No*. 43, 40 and 47 East Nine teenth street, between Broadway aad Fourth avenue, are now ready for insneotion by those desirous of living on the European plan, finlts of room* for famili**, or (ingl* room*, oan bo obtained^ with or without meal*. Tho*e deairou* ot combining n denrable loqnrton and elegance with eoonomy, will find thi* a favoiabl* dfportuity. OABD IN TWENTY-THIRD STREET.? A HAND 1 society furniihed suit of rooms, to let, with full or par tial beard. Also, a single room, in a first class house, with all the modern improvement* Alio, a basement, suitable bra physician's office. Apply at 76 Wert Twenty-third street Reference* *xohange<L Board near bt. john-s park.? funished rooms, with board, tor gentlemen, or gentleman aad theit wivea, without children, in flrat class house No. 18 Varick street. Baths and gas, with privilege ot park. Re forencoe exchanged. Board in Brooklyn. -a family residing at 211) Adams street, near John, have a pleasant room on tiie seeond floor to let. with partial board. Terms moderate and the comfort* of a home can bo had. Looation is oonv* nleat for either Wall or Fultoa ferry. Board in brooklyn.-genti.emen and their wive*, or single atntl*m*n, can be accommodated with pleasant room* in a deairabl* loealitv, betweea South and W?ll street trrrle*. Referonoe* required. Apply at 72 State ?treat, hou** formerly occupied by Mr*. Franks. Board in bbooklyn.-a few gentleman can be accommodated with beard, in a house pleasantly situated, within fifteen minutes' walk of 8outh and Wall street ferries. Apply at to lloy t street, corner of Daaa. Board in Brooklyn- very desirable newly fnrnlehed room*, la one ot the finest locationa in Brook lyn, to let, with board; alio, a larg? from room, in ba*o njont. to a physloian. Terms moderate. Apply at ldti At lan tic street, Brooklyn. Board in bbooklyn-two or three gentle men can be accommodated with partial board and neat ly furnished reoma, at No. 8 Garden atre*t. The house i* pleasantly situated, aad within three minutes' walk of South or ft all itreet terries. Board at yonkers-may be obtained at the Pacific Hotel, which ia located in one of tho moat delight mi titnationa upon the North river, within thr** minutes' walk of the railroad itation. Board at yonkers.-two or three families, al*o tingle gentlemen may find iuitable accommoda tions, on Broadwat. this *iae of Ashburtou areuue; fin* vi*w of the lludaon, and wlthia five minutes' walk of the depot. Board wanted-a suit op unfurnished rooms, for throe grewa persona, In a modern built houte, not b*low 23d at , or above 29th at., ia the vioinity of Iir?adway or Sixth avenue A private family p referral. Term* muat be moderate. Adores* J. p., Herald offioe, bos Board wanted for a lady and gentleman - Room* la a atnotly private family or with a widow lady, board for the lady only, payments weekly la ail vance. Ad drees Urough the Port Ofllco, ?tatiar terms and location, to Edward Longuevlll*. Board wantfd immidiatelv-fob a gentle msn atd hi* wife, tregkfaat aad tea lor tho gentle man, or would hire three room*, furaislied to keep hou**. Addr*** H. T., Herald office, rtatiag term*, which moil be moderate. Boarding? two or thrbe respectable young tacn can have a largo, well furniehed room on the second flocrof a modern house, with hot, cold and ehower ??wis, gas, pteaeast garden, ?e , either ?itl> or without toaid, oa *<rj rraMuabl* terms, alse a spn'ione back parler on iir.? turf, suitable for a raatleman and win. Apply at C2 SiUnaa *t., brtVM* Blotoktr and Aatiy. MUUmOAIDLODaiSG. T>OARDINO-A GENTLEMAN A?HlFwtFK~ JD tan ili?it inlUgin, om ?bin >1mmI mm, ?fi fan or partial board, by >pilrii{ at St. Clement's pltct. rn MM4wi*r lUwt. Mitmi HiuMi tilBltHkwiiiMii. Keftwacw Metm?i Boarding.? a obntlbman and his viri cam be moobm4iM with i seoond itw/ front room, with eloeets u4 KM, hot and ooU voter, with a tull respeot* ble family, whooo doair* will bo to aaki their gussts oom fortablo aad at homo. Apply at 21 Woot Trial/ MNii stioot, aoar fifth evaes. -pOAKDING.-GBNTLKMEN AMD THEIR WITRS, D ana single gentlemen. oaa find a comfortable homo at 2 rti Greenwich street, corner of IV am a, opposite tho lrriii Bank. Transient and da; boarder* taksn. "DOARDINO-TWO OR~ THREE BOOMS TO LET TO JJ a family or single gentlemen. on second floor, in a pleasant neighborhood, op town. Apply at lU Woot Im iy seoond etreet, betwMn Sixth and Seventh aveaua*. Also, an officg for a physician. OaAiNG. NBAR WASHINGTON PARK.-THE EN tiro seoond floor, three roomi deep, with bodroomj, km, bath*. Ac., with or without board, U respectable parties, laiilr small, aad house elo^aatLj furnished. Inquire at ION tlaon plaoe, one blook from Broadway, bet w Ml Waver ley place aad Eighth otroot. COCL CITY BBSIDKN CB? 174 WEST 22 D STRkET. near Eighth arenao. Thi? fine four it >ry honeo is sl toatod la one of tho eootest parte of the oilgr, and unob structed by other bulldiogs either in front or at tho stdM; pro rid od with gas, and hot and cold water, on every floors larce bath room, water oloeete, Ac. ; besides a spacious yard, ut within a few doors of Mveral lines of stages and oar*. It thus oombinos all tho >equialtes for a salubrious, agrM able aad commodious summer residence. Rooms furaishod or unfurnished; singly or in suits. Spanish spoken in tho ho?M. Terms low. Apply to the proprietress, on the pre mice*. N. B.? This ostabMshmeat ii oonnoctod with a de lightful oonntry seat on Long Island Sound. COUNTRY BOARD? IN A PRIVATE FAMILY PliBA santly situated Boar High Bridge. For particulars. en S're at 474 Sixth aveaue, most door to Twenty -ninth street, m 11 to 1 o'olook. COUNTRY BOARD.? BOABD CAN BE OBTAINED, for ton or twelve persons. In n farm house about fitly miles from Mew York. The house is large, aad delight fully located about a mile from the village, and two from tho sh?ce of Long Island Sound, which tor sea bathing cannot ho surpassed. There are fe?r trains of oars leaving daily for Mew York. The location is perfectly healthy; forer aad ague are unknown. A family wonld bo preferred where there are no small children. For particulars apply to A. L. HY AIT, IM* Fulton street. _ Elegantly furnished rooms in the second story.? Three room* will bo lot to two ainglo gentle men. with or without breakfast. The family Is small. the looation is near B roadway , and the terms, for suoh apart ment*, arc very reasonable References gives aad required. Apply at 73 Ehst Twelfth street. French board in Brooklyn.? summer ke treat.? Pleaiant and convenient rooms, with pfirtial board, for single gentlemen; an exoellent opportunity for those wishing to practice the French language Looation de 11# htful, with all the advantages of the couatry; Ave min utes from South ferry. Reference* exchanged. Address l'arls, Herald ofllce. Furnished rooms to let? in the first class house. No. 776 Broadway, to ilngl* gentlemen, or ac commodations luitablc for a family. Furnished rooms in the spacious house, is Bond street, recently fitted up with all the modern conveniences. An exoellent table i* provided, of which gueite may avail themselves at their option. Breakfast at any hour, dinner at 6 P. M. Furnished rooms, with or without board, in an elegant house, with all tho modtrn improvement*, use of the bath*, Ao., tor a few single gentlemen or a gentle man and wife, in a desirable location, near Broadway; refsr oneee exchanged. Addre** Madame Marchard, Broadway Peit Office, for on* week. Gentlemen desiring a very pleasant lo oatlon for rooms with partial board in a private faintly having no one else, will call at No. 121 West Thirty sixth street, seer Broadway: not an extravagant, bat fair prloe required and an expectation to remain for nnt month* it ?uitod. Reference* required. VTO. 2 BOND STREET, NEAR BROADWAY.? BOARD Ai and rooms for single gentlemen or families. Dinner at 0 o'olook. NO. 81 WEST TWENTY SIXTH STREET.? NEATLY furnished room* to lot, with board, in a first olass house. Looation pleasant, and term* moderate. NO. 14 ABINGDON SQUARE.? A SUITE OF ROOMS cn the aocond floor to let, with board, in a private family, at thi* desirable location, oonvonient to three lines of itages and the Eighth avenue oar*. Referenoe required. PRIVATE BOARD IN BROOKLYN? NO. 328 HENRY street, a very deiirable front rait of room*, on tho se cond floor, together or ceparate, suitable lor a gentleman and bis wife, or two or three single gentlemen; the house oontains all modern improvement*; locatlon-'and neighbor hood uniurpafied, only five minute* from the ferric*. PRIVATE BOARDING. ? HAVING LEASED TlIE first olM* house, the late recldenM of Alflerman Banks, Jtaq., 131 BlMcker stieet, three blocks west of Broadway, which 1* complete with gas, hot and oold water throughout; will let room* in *uit* or (ingle, furnished or unfurnished. Respectable gentlemen seeking for a plain, but easant and oomfortable home In a small lamily, without children, who do not pry into other'* buri ns**, will find teat airy room* and olean bed, at 79 Crolby street. Booms with board? house gramercy park. 10(i East Twenty first street.? A lad 7 who hu kept-a private boarding house In the lower part of the oity for the last eleven years, having removed up town, ha* one rait of room* and a tew (tngle room* unoooupied The houae 1* but two years built, bas all the late improvements, ass been newly furnished, has a orivilere in the park, and Is every way delightfully situated. Please call M above. e Rooms to let-to onb ob two single gen tlemen, an elegant rait of room*, unusually largo aad airy. In a first cIms huuie, ocoupied exclusively by a private family without children or boarder*, being rituated in the be*t neighborhood down town. They are peoollarly cuitaMe for merchant* who board at tho hotel*, and to rack it 1* de sired to rent them. References exchanged. Apply at 61 Barclay street, bolorefi P. M. STATEN ISLAND.? BOARD CAN BB OBTAINED AT a large, oommodions farm house pleasantly situated at Chelsea Heights, twenty five minutes' drive from Port Rioh mond, and five minutee from Chelsea landing. The house 1* weB shaded, aid hu all conveniences that may be required. For particulars, apply at 752 Brpidwaj, or to A. Butler, Port Richmond landing, who will direct to the premises. TWO OR THREE GENTLEMEN CAN OBTAIN BOARD on moderata term*, in a delightful location, with a pri vate family on New York Island, 41) minutes' ride from tho City 11*11, and in the immediate vicinity ef lood fishing and sailing. Address X. T. !&,. Herald office. fBREE SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAN BS ACCOMMO tfated with board and pleaaant roomi in a imall pri vate family, where there are no otier boarder*. Apply at Ne. 6 First straet, third door from the Bowery. mo GENTLEMEN.? A TERT DESIRABLE WELL f UR J. nlihod parlor and bedroom attaohed, on eocond Boor, to let to a gentleman, with breakfaat, in a email prirate fami ly, where all the comfort* of a home may be enieyed. Honee ?ery pleasant and location deeirablo, at M Macdougal ?treat, between Houton and Bloockar. r LET? IN A FRENCH PRIVATE FAMILT, AN OF flce and eevoral room*, for aingle gentleman, famished or nnfaruiihed, with breacfast If required. Inquire at 602 Hvutoi itreot, near Broadway r LET-IN THE FIRST CLASS HOUSE. NO. 28 WA Terley l'lace, two furniihod bedroom*. Apply as above. r LET-IN A FRENCH PRIVATE FAMILY, APART roents suitable for a imall family or for two gentleaaaa, with or without partial board, inolading the privilege of learning the French language, the tenant of the boa n being a professor. No. 1 Clinton place, Eighth street, Sret private house from Broadway. rLET TO ONE OR TWO GENTLEMEN? A PARLOR, with bedroom attaohed, ia a (mail private family, re aiding at 47 White *treet, a lew door* wait of Broadway, where partial board will be furnUhed if desired: gaa throughout the house; good location for a professional gaa man, Relerence exchanged. WANTED? BY TWO GENTLEMEN, DOINO BUII lese down town, a well furnished parlor and bodroim, with breakfaat. In a (trlotly private family, where they eaa enjry good sociity, and where there are no other boarderi. Beit of reference* given and required. Pleaae addreas C. H, box 2,010 Po*t offloe. BSCBLLANKOVil. (1ARD 1TIINTING OF ALL KINDS, BILL HEADS. J bill* of lading, oironlar*. notion receipts, blanks, checks, label*, prioo lists. poatlng and handbills, country merchant*' itcie bill*, and all other kind* of Job printing, done in handsome style, at THOMAS E. SUTTON 3 I'rlnt iog office, 142 Fnlton itreet, between Nassau and Broadway. New patent spectacles, for strenothrn ing vision, and for seeing both near ana distant object* with one pair only, accurately adjmttd to the eye.? Mana factured by 1'rofesaor FRANKS, Patentee, Lecturer on the Human Eye, Optician to the Now York Eye Hoipltal and New York Eye latlrmary. Office No. 2 Park row, onpaaite the Astor House. Uusineis hours from 9 A. M. to 6 P.M. mOWN TRAVELLER -ONE WELL ACQUAINTED JL with business, and having a good oonneotlon ia New York, Brooklyn, and the other suburbs, wishes to add to his other commissions, any article that the manufacturer or proprietor may wish to brine speedily before the aabUc. Address Ton n Traveller, box 121, Herald office. WINDOW SHADES AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL ?GEO. W. CARPENTER ha* opened a now store at W) Chatham street, whare he invitee the publio to nail aad ??e his stoek of gold aad other shades, of all sisei. Cornioea. bands, loops, pins. Ao.. constantly oa hand. ryOOD MOULDINGS - WOOD MOULDINOS.? A T? splendid varl?ty of oarpcater*'. *hlp joinsrs' aad gild irs' moulding always on band and worked to order at the J)or?est notice, at 142 Centre stre<t. between Walker aad White, and at 430 Tenth street, near avenue D SELLERS A COMPANY. ~ AM PAIJRINTM. CARD -DR. WHEELER, OCULIST, 4H6 BROADWAY, devotes bis attention to diseass* of th* eye-, aad by his mild treatment, chronic inflammation of the eyeilds or sore eyes, however long ataading, oan be effectually cured; films, specie, Ao., removed without aurgloal operation. vBea hour*, 9 to 4 P. M. Artificial eye* Usorted. Night blindness -city and county op new York, ss:? Thomas Tomlinson, a resident of WAriJWJ Sootia. and late a seaman of the sohoeaar Granger. Gaptaia John Fowler, of that port, being aarorn, eolth jiat while at sea. on the Ith of May. A. D lvl, he wae "fdaaly aeisad witk a total loss of vision, whiob hs bat since nnileritoed to he known as "eight blindaeas:" thatanch dlseaae continued to afflict him uwtil he roMbld New York when ha was Induced to visit Dr. Wheeler, aa oculist, of great celebrity, at 4 K> Broadway, corner of Kroome street, wbo ho* entirely cored deponeet; aad to k,"MM Md Sworn before me thle80th day of May, 18AA, J as. C. IIar moTT, Commiesioner of Deeds. COUW.-HIOHT BLINDNESS- A SINGULAR and myaterloua disease? thus known to madi <al men is wo naderstaad, commonly incidental to Mariaan and ot'hera, who, to *ha language of Scripture, "so dowa to tha sea in ablaa." It will be seen it nflllavlt which we pa ll?b in an?*b?c eolnmn, that Dr. Wkeeler, neiditt, of m Broad way .|ka* a*a"a beoa snoeasefsl to a*x)*Wly IK<a( a case ol that ktod. O4

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