Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 6, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 6, 1855 Page 3
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kjwhlr* r?wwpM<MH, Cowcoe? (M H ), Jut 4, uu. rfl* LegUlature of Nine Uumpikirt?TU Stm* MkrHtrnt?Tk* Maine Law to be TriU Itj orm?CKaiiffci ia (A* State gmatorial DU Lqgislature of thia BUto will iiMmUe ktn m ?art, June 6. For tha flrat lima for alao tad tut the second time 'a about a quarter of a ; that body will contain a majority against the It baa been the aalsfortuae of oar 1 sens era meet with defeats at time* when they could lent klans. la 184fl they were beaten, aai than ware Besators to be cho# en? one far a full tarn, ud the to urn oat the balaace of Mr. Woodbury 'i tam, had hat a faw moathi to raa. Is 1846 thay hare Mate* ; and as their defeat hu beea maoh more than that which they experienced In ISM, their national loaaea been greater. One fall hip, another for four years, and three members Houae of Represent* tire* are their loaaea, whleh hare been greater If there had baen anything to loae in that way. The ooalttioa waa inezorubli both, and made the name aort of swoop upon the tic family aa that usarpar did apoa the domes h of the Thaae of Fife. The dm tad tha I were all seized. Thia miraculous change, h ia aa marvellous aa aay thing that we read of ia of magic, <* due to the wonder-working power* o fellow-citizen *t W*ahlngton, who, although he was ?apposed to be * conjurer while bore, ha a oortainly to assume the character of * great wizard ho left as for Waahlngton. Without wishing t ? te the importance of second cause* ia prodaciag chaage* that we hare seen, it is beyead question the Baal cause thereof 1* to bo found oaly ia tha ?t the President? a man who has showa himself utterly unfit for either the chieftainship of a F?ty or the hcadahip of a great nation. tTa .bly the Ne w Hampshire democracy would hare rudely ahakea by the introduction of the Nebraska aad by the rise of the Know >othing party; but ir of these things, nor both of taem combine!, hare worked any permanent injury to it, or hare temporarily animated it, if it haa not been for the itioa that was caused in its ranks by the ignoble Of th* President himself, who eought to tarn the MO of his great office to the accomplishment of purposes, namely: the punishment of every maa in Bute who had erer injured or sought to injure him, the ruin of every man who had ever labored for his eat. Instead of rising with his fortaaae, as mea do, he soak eren below his previous rank politicians, and must trust to the follies of his is to be eaaoled to get out of the predicament la be has placed himself by bis owa rodf . He *f matexial* to the Know Nothing* of which the/ node kmple use. Legislature will have to choose two United States ?tors one to serve for six years, aad the other for year*. 1 lie re bare been many persona aamed la ition with these two offices, tae most prominent _ Mr. Bell aad Mr. Hale, the one a whig, aad who bi? party's candidate for Governor ; aad the other a i roller, as the world is pratty well a<r*r*. Tha do st* in th* ooalition aA thought to have their i ia the high place* of the Governorship. The ad itration democrats are quite sore that thaSeuato I question will aot be settled without trouble to the ?rs, the more sanguine of their number being certain i it will shatter them all to pieces. Perhaps it will; * leaa to the opinion, while admitting that the coa i is oom posed of too laoongruous materials to be awed with length of days, that this view of the sub "ia dream born of deiiriam, caused by the Vir{lnt* cy having so mauled another coalition. Troubles i may be, and serious ones too, but not enough to : tain in so great a hurry as some people hope for. i Legislature will have a goon deal of work to do of aloharucter. The Maine law is to be introduood oar State, If the coalit.on can do it, which many >t. The mere discussion of the question, however, 1 caaae trouble ia the ranks of the party that is so s>on i responsibility. New Hampshire is the only ' England State that haa kept clear of the Heine law i far, and I do not know that we are any more intern ' i than oar neighbors. i proposed to reorganize our courts. This reform Ilandly demanded by many people, the reformera being - no meaaa confined to the coadUon ranks. The pre nt judiciary system is looked upon as being very im t, and a* standing much in need ol a radical ?ge. It would be a popular thing to change it, pro i the reformers should keep witnin the biunds of Istoo, and net allow the spirit of partisanship to sway eir action. A political change is spoken of, namely, the recon ruction of the Secatorial districts. It is alleged that > present di (tacts are no better than so many Ger s, and that they were made to tavor the old de ktie party, without regard to the convenience of Tnere is some truth in thia; but that the strict! were made sure for the democrats can hardly contended now, whsa we see that the coalition haa kde clean work of almost the whole of them. | Should any thing of special moment oscur hare I will rite yon again, though it is orosab'e that the telegraph fill give you the news of what Is done on the initant. FLUME. The Bounty Land Law. I'NDKB ACT 3d MAKCH, 1865, AHBffDA TOBT OF Tin ORADCaTION ACT OF 4 rH AUGUST, 1861, AND OfcUTAIN OTHKB ACTS BILATtNO TBIIRO. Gxnkral Lard Offick, June 1, 1865. G?tumbi ? By the act of Congress approved 3d March, 866, entitled '-as act to amend an act approved the 4th August, 1864. entitled 'An act to graduate and reduce pi ice i f public land* to actual settlers and enltiva ' " It ia directed that "aaid act ah *11 be ao conitrued the affidavits requited by the third ssction of that may be mad* before any officer duly authorised by i? to administer oaths, according to sueh form I, and urauaot to nuoh regulations, as may be prescribed by ie Secretary of the Interior." The only object of thin law ia to afford relief to those ??aiding in the State or Territory In which the land Is ^^ituated which they desire to enter, wao may be pre en Ud by aiT serious Impediment, such aa physical in rmity, or other disability, from attending in person at "ie local land offiee, to make the affidavit which the 31 iction of the act of 4th August, 1864, require* to be ade " before the Register and Receiver.'' To this aas of persons, and none others, is the relaxation In ie Mid act of tne 3d Mareh, 1866, to apply. These "regulations," then, allow you to reeeive from uch persona their affidavits, when " made before any fficer duly authorised by law to administer oaths;" but ou wOl require all others strictly to conform to the re uirementa of the aforesaid 3d section of the act ef 4th Lugust, 1864. For persons prevented by eauses alluded to from at tending at the local land offioe to make the affidavit ex cted by tbe 3d section aforesaid, tne following "form*" ?e prescribed, and which muit be strictly adhered to:? Not*. ? Tbe following forms, de?ignated aa nambsn 3 id 4, as those in eircalar of OctJber 30, 1854, are to be eatsd as number 1 and number 2, in the order in which hey are printed: ? FORM WO. S. \>r affidavit! under the thinl na tion ofths act for tho nr de nting land for immeditite utth inenl wut cultivation. I, ? , of ? , and now retidUg in tbe ? of ? county, state of , aged ? j t an, (here insert a full description of tbe age , sex, and if a female, whether the ie siiule, married, widow, I or head ef a family.) being desirous of snterinc the ? under tee aet entitled "An act to graduate and reduco tbe piise ef pablie laadsto actaal tattlers and cultivators," 1 4th August, 1854, do tolen n'y swear, that I enter he same tor mv own nee, (or the purpose of astual settle Iment and cultivation; that I will remove in peraoa, and 1 with my family, on said land within not sxoeedlag two I months from the date of toe entry of the earns; tha>, to e'her with tela entry, I have not acquired from the (7ai Siates under tbe provision* of said aot, more than J three hundred and twenty acres, according to tho returns [ of surveys aad that i aid laad i? not now ia the occapeooy ' of any actaal aottler; and further, that if there snail be an aotual,*tttler rcsidlnr upon and land at tho date of my en try ot the same, I hereby relinquish all elatm to tbe same. (The affiant's signature. ) Citv (or county) or , I State o>- ? . J On this di>y of , personally eprearel before mo A. B., a Jestire of tbe i'eace within and lor tho ? aforesaid, C. b . to me well known as the person desoribed in, and who hss signal tbe foregoing affidavit, who, having been duly sworn. oepoe?t and aa? s, that tho statemente oontain ed in aaid affidavit are cornet and true ft. F . Juitice of the Pesos. FORM NO. 4. For thoee vho vitb to enter hind adjoining a farm or plan tation owned or occupied t>i/ the applicant. I, ? , of ? , aad now residing it> tho ? of oouaty, State of , aged ? years, (licro insert a full description ot tbe age, sex. aud, If a female, whether she is siagle, married, widow, or bead of a family,) being desirous of entering tne nnder tbe aet entitled ''An net to graduate sad roduce tbe price of the publie lands to actaal settlers and cultiva tors." approved 4th August 18M, do >olemniy swear that 1 eater tbe same for the use of an adjoining lartn owned by me, aituated on the of said farm, about acres arsaow in caltlva'ion aad there are (bore dosoribs the improve ments;) and, together with tbe entry now applied for. I have not acquires from the United 3t*tos, under the provisions of said act, mors than thres hundred aed twenty acees, ae cordlng to the returns ef surveys. I further testify that said land is not now in tbe oocupanoy of any actual settler; aad turtjer, that if there shall be an actual settlor roilding u I on said land at the data of my entry of the tame, I hereby rslisquish all claim to the same. _ (The affiant'* signature.) The form of the offioer's oerUBoate will oe precisely like that j reecribert ia form No. 8; and where any of tm statements mace in either affidavit are known to him personally. ho should so state in a is cert Iff -.ate. Where be has doubts on aoy point, he should require satisfac tory evidence before certify lag. and stole the nature of the testimony, and the names of tbe witnesses. Wild or uroecupled lands are not regarded as fame or planta tions within the meaning of thfci law. The official character ot the mtfrbtrat*, or other officer who may administer t b* oath, and tbe genuineness of hi* slgaatore, in each and every cnte, mast be oertiBed, nnder seal, by tbe proper officer. Tbe pari ids and prin ciples of graduation fixed by the " circular Instructions" from this office, of tbe 30th October, 18*4, are confirm* 1 a a cisnse ia the first pec<l?n of the general appropria i act of the rid Mareh, 1865, aad you will, therefore, be guided by them socordlagly. Tbe affidavit, in the form prescribed In the foregoisg, must be accompanied, in every instance, by an applica tion. in writing, from tbe settler, specifying the partita, far tract tr tracts claimed, at required by tbe set of 24th Vebruary, 1810. (United States statutes at Large, vol. 2, pag* 568, chap xi.) On the application and affidavit thus made and pre sented, you will endorse the date when presented, g'V'Ug to each, aad the certificate that may be issued for tbe entry, the same number. In view of the numerous allegations of frnud under the graduation law, (treat cars must be taken by you to see that tbe proceeding? in every ease are perfectly fair US'* regular. Whet*, through error or inadvertence, nertons have , /aid more ib;, n the proptr price fot the graduated \and?, the receiver will be dlfteted "to refund the ex ( cess oot pi sej ??< acv m his tmn<?s Revived from tb* sales of public luw," silif istkNHt ef a prov-so In the last irfM'at spprrprUtfcn set; but the register mvI recelnr muxt, ia tie tire t in*', sate, report th? apples Bj ortcr if th* fcaaratwy a t tha litww. joi* viLsoa, r BacUtar wi lacaif at? Poll tlrai ITUMTH MP TBI IMf MTUM fAJTTT IX HIT Lun. Tha Aiitytlli ?f tkt IttliaM.iaaa ?? ?f ?? IM alt , M aa arwci* MtlM|rMHcli af tbU party MtU Mr* -Mary wad U ?uia lor 'Sam, " aa alalia ?*m*f i* IMM>M bauif ooaBdcntly raeiaaad aa by ni < pr*?u la .*>??* coon tloa tb. aum ??? of ?r..n,.a . . larja. Ia Galvart, tar I? la ana ?? an ta.1 thai mmiw about thirty Totaa ?U1 b? m*t a?aiaai 'Wmm " la ik. largaat diatrtet of that aoaaty than aa aatd ta ba bat two aetl-Aeeaieae Tatar*. TH1 mow NOTB1N4 OOWWW 09 nm Thia aaata atloa, whiaa waa la aaaatoa al limt im waait, paaaad tha faUawtag wiiiabin vita wr uum (*DtlO( va|ma KaaaWad, Thai tha aaw part; I* *wk waaaaaBk. glaaca ia aat haaad oa aaa Maa alaa?. bat aao# and should altaji act la that will pro ax fraa paop'a Kaaolvad, That tha DmIu>Um af toaa aad t#ror of tha Oaaaftatiaa. m? Or! _ 17*7. tha worda aad daada of tha imim af publk. all iadiaata that oar fnrafatbar. imnM (iUr?ry ahowOd ha aaetloaai, aat aatlaaai fmpm not rciminint Rofolvad, That wa aaUawly >i 1I1H ^al? I tha m of tha Miaaoari Coaniraaiiaa tha iaa^ of tha 1*1 ha-Kaaaaa btU, aad tha ragtttaa mm law aa rtaai of tha righta of tha fraa MaWa, aad laaaia* ta tta m ruction of tha fraa laatitatioaa of oar aaaatry. laaolvad, Ttat wa plad?t oaraalraa v> aaa aotot ex?rt>ooa to fraa our aatloaal Tamtanaa fraaa taa a of alavery, aad that wa will aavar aaaaaat ?a4ar eircuxcMtaaeaa, ta tha adauaaoa af aaathar alar I to tbil Ufiien. KaaoWad, That aay attrwpt ta aaaaalt aw Or* tha fraa Btataa to tha ad* aaoaaaaat af tha tattraa* SU tot j ?to igaora it aa a pahtleai qaaatiaa- ta ?ua ?a a alda t*?ua? or to tajoua alWaca upoa oa ia r*ap* ita arila aad ancroaabaiaata, daaarru aad taaaivaa (taracat dlaapprobatioa aad <Ua*aat. MiaOKUAVaotm. Tha Lagialatura af Naw Haapahira wftt aaaaaWa day. Tha fHaa4a of taaparaaoa la that State aaaldi axpoct that a Prohibitory law will ho iiiMi Tha Damocratio Stata Coaamlttaa hara nIM a ?entlon of tha damocrata of Harylaa4, ta ha hat BaJtimora on tha 16th of A BR mat, to aoalaata aa data* for Coaptrollar aad Lottory (Wiaiaaiaaar add real Invoking tha aarly orgaaisatioa of tha pari to b* iaauedL FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. mobtky harkit. Tcxsbat, Joae 5- c P. M Quotations for stocks are all op txUy ^ L. th? a? ta m*fket ?*???Hy. At the first board North Carolina 6 'a advanced i cent; Illinois Central boo da, li; do. Frealaad i< New York Central Railroad, fc; Cleveland aad To! Wdo Railroad, 4; Reding Railroad, 14; Mow?. Central Railroad, 4. In IUlnota Central beads, of all olaaaea, a verj large butneaa wai transacted. WtW^^T WS,00? ""i " *? " ?*"*, $17,000, ud or tto In. land, with privilege, $40,000. A large lortloa of the aalea were for oaah. The most active atoek on the List was Reading, the aalea amoantlog to nstrly ?fc thousand shares, of whioh about four thousand ahareswere for cash. Two lota of one thoa.and share* each, and one lot of twelve hundred eharea were sold at the fliat board, for oa?n, besides other smalle r lota. Very fe v .tocka on the market oculd stand such a quantity of caah stock ofltrtd at cne board. Ihe above aalea were made at the highest prices realized this Beaacs. Erie wa? in mere active demand than usual tc-day, without change in price#. Cumber J??d baa improved a fraction eln* the election. The oompanj'a report baa been favorably received. demand for Cumberland coal ia steadily ln erearfng, for manufacturing and marine purposes. In tie recent trial trip of the ateamahlp Ericsson, aftermost careful experimenta made by asveral of our most scientific engineers, it waa clearly and conclusively shown that the Cumberland coal had the preference over anthracite, being aa 74 to 94 in favor of that description. Tots settle* all doubts which may have heretofore been entertained. There were large aalea of New York Central tola m ming, at the alight improvement. Western railroad stocks continue in limited demand at present prices. The transactions only amount to ? few sharea per day, and there ia, therefore, no chance for speculation. All on the market are regular dividend paying atocka. With one or two exceptions, tbey are all below par. After the adjournment of the board the folio ting ?ales were made at auotijn by Simeon D ap?r:? 110,000 N. Y. and Harlem RR first mort, . Int . 20,000 Flushing R." R. first mort. . hit! added ft6\v a 11?! 531 sham Trenton Iron Co .?.!!! 83 a85 31 do Mahonoy and Shamokin improve- i meet Co.,,., | 62 sbarei l j erorton sod Sa*qu?hanna R B.Oo! | A^i??o?nrthQ,nb*rUBd D ?? Lwid t M.??* ? par nine of each lot bahi W.YW, sold to! | get her for ...T... ........ J Mr. J. Tnompson's regular weekly aale of stocks and bonds will take place tc-morrow (Wednesday) at half past 12 o'clock, at the Merchants- Exchange The liat consists in part of State, city and raUroal bonds. Adrian H. Mailer will hold his regular weekly pale of stocks and bonds to-morrow (Wednesday) at 124 o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange. A variety of securities will be .old by order of the United Statea Truat Company, aa receiver. The t ran tactions at the Assistant Treasurer's office to-day, were a a followa 'CCOBB>' M?,?4 48 Balance^ dn 18:''278 60 Paid fc* Auaj Office .... ."\\V.V;:::.V.V 9? Paid oa ditburiisf checks 86'J91 67 The receipts include $100,000 transfer*] from Boston. The warrants entered at the Treasury Department, Washington, on the 2d inat., were as follows For <he redemption of stock , , For the treasury Departs en t V.V. 84.018 45 For the custcm ivi ^7? ?? War warrants received and entered! ..!!."!!!.." 2f?27 ? War repay warrant* received and entered. 20* " '7 08 Merer warrants rewired and entered^ !!!! u 877 21 _OTerii(f into treasury from mis. sources.. ' 3 u On account of the navy _.. .. 40S 00 At the second board the market was firm and uu usually actlre. Illinois Central bond* and Reading Railroad were in demand at prices current at th3 first board. Nearly three thousand shares of Read mg were sold this afternoon. In speaking of are Bales of this stock in Philadelphia, yesterday, the Ltdgtr of that city aay?:-? There are reports of a targe dividend in July next. The business of the road is of a character to justify expectations of a very handsome return. Oce thing is very oertain if he Reading road doe* not earn money, and 'gely too, there ia little use of investing money in the construction of railroads relying to any great extent for tbeir revenues on ooal tonnage. Th? Banding Railroad is doing not only a heavy busi nets, but doing it pretty much at ite own rates. All the coal carrjing companies having as much as they can do to supply the demand for fuel, there is no competition to bring down rates." The Ncrth American Fire Inmranee Company hare declared a semi annual dividend of ten oer cent. The annexed statement exhibits the quantity of plain and printed calicoes, Ac,, Ac , t xported from Great Britain up to the 1st of May, in each of the past Jour yean Eiposto or Corrw v\d nrmm MAsrpAnrraas from , , wsiuT Bwrsnr to to* Csmto ntatw. Mp?1 '''<*>? C'at'i. Prints Ga;. /Yn-V. lee li' -* (*&? J ds f fiQ ]c?,? 6,100 515 13 Mr 9V7 31 iSi!!::::: *:??>?* ?i.?S .. r.'ffiw Jf.42f.V22 ?m '".aiO.'Ifl 18,727.04H 29,101 rw*."''' Linrn We'n JITi. 185? J <i'Q? r> 1* l'U. 18M 2! m !"??"?..!!:! 175 27? ii!-8'1 1.028,187 18.S5 -4 m.', J?7-0*0 1,1^8. 7W T. '* ll- 357.130 440 781 It will be seen by this, that, v>m?wd -,th jear, there has been a great d -crease io each ar raa< (I- The returea from our own de payments oon^rm the above statements. Wltn such a rednstion in su< h a short time, without a cti responding redaction in our exports, our fo;eiaa ttsde most 1.' n a v? rj- fivorabie 0 edition. T'irarrrxedolatfniwtoxhihita tSe oatditiinof toe of luliftAu oa U19 M'.ti of A^ril' *fe M aa Slat af Jaaaary pra ??*?? Bam ? Imiii aw x ? ? Arr* M Mb ?# Mi^m . . . K<H?M |4,!M,1M Mi ttll.tti Mtaw k?M Mi tar. I?l #11 ate mi mm u.eaa ? SBt.lM 4*0,041 taftwhrtmlMU H).?Jl U?,M haawta aarf Ml I i tea* M M4 ? 1,114, M4 1,443,300 fffcata l,?M,taS 1,141,619 ?4T.1T 1,4*4 g; ,174,441 m 1*4.107 I.'.IM.IN M??.oif HM l<4 Ml M?,nt Hal ,, . l^M4,fllt 1U-'" rrjT?."?I VtlMlta MM AM ?* C???* Mfr kj (M Inl ipoitke U Is ih atfbtoaa. tha eitattag old rw pto ?? *ddi C MMTfrtlll, J? ?hvtlto. Thai WM ha* af tha ?U book, wtth Um tmytin rf U Parti aa4 Plyajott. Ttta ?Igaad tor cbu?M? Um local** ta tt?aa frm Miablgaa City la La Porta, m4 tram Ml* PtyaMutt, ara t haagM by M"tU ha ptaaatbte aad aattefaetary. La Pa?? waa rr carded, hi aoaaMartag tola oaaa. aa the o?? of 111 111 *W I larger eiaee of atMUli y tku ?Ichlgaa Cay, aad war raliehd ta a*atd mo* w?tt thla Idea. Thla eatocttoe aaaaad to hniH tha aaoaaHy. K waa ?rgad. af chaaf tog Ifca looattoa af ? bcaach at Oaath Baal, tor IN raaaca thai tta braach al either af ttaaa pU aa, by the railroad n aaif? . will aeo *aiaod*to tie euaa dlitnd ot roaatry. PI yaaath wtii he eoaaected. after a white, with La Pcrta. by raUroad, tt la troa; eat aba raaafeaa a dtetrtet af eooaOrr, vary ifcl aad rapidly devafcplag. wbteh haa baft Brta paaaa tt* with either La Pcrta er II toh Brad. Thaaa, with * thcuaaad ottere, ?ra tha argaaaata eeed. la duclng tha foltowiag raaalt:? D*?rt A Ma. 1, Lt?a; 2, La Porto: l,Plj?oath; 4, Pert Wayar; 4. Lw faytlte; ?, L-^aneport; 7. l*?M*aM?: mod; 9, CuaaaraYtlia; 11. Medtooa, 11, Jaate nan rilla; 11. Naa Albae*; 13. Kraaan to; *ja cf-nufp; 16. Bedford; M, ta /? Haute; 17, 8>att Babd; 18, Hoahrilto. Tba Augu,ta ((>e>rg*a) pih* lithe* the following potato of the dacle'oa af tha Soprvme Court of that State la tha etw af tta era tiitora of tha Baak of Dm tea again* laa rttoto of Georgia:? lit That tha Ptate U not liable to pay ?P tbo tapUd iaitalm* nta on bar aubecrtptton f the 2d Tb?t lha M*U la Mt b??U of the bllU o( U>? b?k eUll ?uUU?4ih, ? of th. ?cento looB<t*d o? bill* t . th 3d. l'bbt tb? Kiate ?? jMUtebte to ebart?r ud the mtu of im bomb, wJ pU?i?c tbem in tbe C??tr^ Ha?k. 4th. That th. H?t? ?ii joetta^ to W*4?W. tbroufb it* a?rnt, tba Oaatral Ban*, tba *X? bill* c( the !>>itan Bank from Ita dabtora, and able to tha ju.'rinant or otbar eradlmra *1 tbo teat to Mount for auch cotlaeU na aa l! moo m 6 tli Tbat the M*U waa JaaUdabU in tteMrmf fro" tb# dabtora of tba Dan an Hank, afamat ?bo? Jadf ??uwM.d. the <^apraeint?\ btV.a of (5 ibaaa .ap%r n?nt of *ueh Ja<l(BanU, and aha in not itabia *????"** to tbo cradttora lor aucb e >Uactiana aa if a?da in a\*r r*6th.UTh*t the tiro oldaat ju?<f?*nU ailatmf the hank bar* a ptioiity of ben n?on tha J1'* back, and that ail taa earreat fnnda aelteMad bj U. State trom the anoFte, nfior dodueltof ei^enaea, ware or elaaa, -ara the botdora of thn t?? oldeot jn fthe riant* ra* Bank anl tba Bank a> .taa^Wato monta,) ate entirely out off and alfladad, tbo aa*o? made cubjact being wholly In? fflalaat to aatWj tboeo juc'gmrnta. Tha Si. Loola Republican of tba 31et ulL f'*aa tba tailoring aooounl of tba bonded dabt of taat city The total of tbia dobt U bonda payable at the timoa ?et forth to Ue annexed vJJlJ Amount Yur. AmmmL SS: IKS ffi ?S? iSSI::::":::::::: S;S5 m;::::::.::::::: 1868 .!.. #?,?<? 1?4 mS::::;;;: ?8>? wts a?.ooa ^ "i'wo 12":::::::::::::: 5^4 7?;?? mm IkJ . 9* ,100 W.oea }2^ 70U00 1800 *.0?? Jile? 70,000 1801 to, 000 j 8?#: ? : : * 100,000 Tot?\ of b?od*.i? ? 1(1-0 .... -A0.W0 dabt ;* ? thirty thousand aaren hundred dollara of h*ar an mtereat of U.n p?r can', an<i t aanty flr. tbou aand of it an intemtof rand dollar, cf the amount flrrt ?awed I ?atnrei i in aear lha laat named amount t* not payable Uliiaw. ^ith thaaa aptloM tha 5s3 'to teraat. and the whole inUreatehaxfa i* to To tha amount of bonded inflabUdn<~,? ? baring been paid, the toUl amount of ^ bo ?4,456.09?, carrying an mureat of ?/<W.-8a. Tba Philadelphia Ltdgn, of tha 5th InaU, aaya:? Tha Sunbury and Erie Railroad Company baregtw* notice of tt* payment of an ^ *ba wr a tiara on or b?for? the 0th of,in auaiien v? w Inatalmanta heretotore cailad for et ^ |to Uaat tbat ,r js !? % srs tLSfissri ?roe promptly forward with t?.ir ln.t^n??ot. u4 lM tha pr. .party bcldera In tba re?^? to J. whan ma?le, w.U "P"1 tbe {'nion, may >p*r* no exartlon* to ot^ura t^na^aa Muy subKCTlptioea to tl?e?peady work. To Northern Pannartoania the arapteUaa of road wiU gire an additkmnl ralua of m lliona of dollar^. According to im tan report* 01 umi oomptoy tbe 6to k subscribed up to Mar b 1, 1456, amooited to 47,078 ?hum, or $4,707,800. The amount ptid 1b, to $2,093, 740-leeviag a balance ooWtttdtng of $2,614,060, t) which may be added tb? stock pro Tided for la the contract with J. B. A W. O. Mwr b?ad for wo k, nj $290,000, aad also win the Vont< or Company for lroo, $250,000, making ao sfgiegate of $3,184,060. This earn it mad* op m follow*, to wit:? Ilelatceor the cltj> tubecrlptloa, $1,060,000-. lend, Painaville ana Aihtabula Kaiixoed, gaoOCOO; City of Erie, $160 000; the Crane, Goodirto sod White ra* acrlpticna, an tuumnl by JtaN ilursi k Co . per eea tract for work, $9(0,0(0; indiTidnala, $J14,0A0. by ? r. tracts for work and material, m abore etated, $640,000. We find, in addition, that lundry informal an* cona tion aubacrlp'lona have Iwb ofT?r?d by eonntiae and boioDfbn on the line of tbe road, amounting la all to ahtut ?1.CG0 000. Mat we hare not regarded theae M a p source tor tbe proxeeattna of the work. Tbe receipts and expenditoiea to Um let of March were ae follows, to wit:? RinipU for ? tabtcrptlonft paid In...., $2,093,740 00 Bmk ot United State* 4 724 M Eoi.ra of the company 18S.0C0 00 WJ1? pb'awe ?... .tO,lvi we Ariravccd by Jarr?? A Co , N. Y., on col lateral aecurtty 47,7CO 03 Total 2,301, 3ft 1 70 Fupcndtuire* lor? Hu'.lfl og and laaia $0,847 77 Fnftin??ri!ff 104,CH< 46 }:<m I construction 1, ^07, 10 1' era in the Harbor of Erie.... 6*.Orl at P.aed nuptrrtruetuie 336, K2I 37 Istmat and dlaconuta 12 Contingent eip?n?c? 60.7i'i W TnVrckt paid to atocUhoK.era.. 1R.M4 M .1 {torn* & Co. on contract... li>0,676 t>7 CWve P k A RR. COCpoal,.,. 8 W0 to Kile city ctnpona 1,W)0 00 I oan account. ...... ... 97U 00 Jobn Galbtaitb 10 OA Wnt Branch B'k, M 'tn?p?tt.,. I.'i6 00 R'ght of wt / atwt laads 73 *M 06 8?upeo?? ace with otd atook,. ? 128 00 ? 5,075/40 M Beltcc* $ttt|7V0 82 ?U'tOMBt exhibit* the quutity sad tbIm of certain artiolee Imported Into thi< dktnct daring the week ending Friday, June 1 , 18M OiHxaci or mi Pobt or New You-Wiau Urom. But*. (fitaml. 23 60 Books... Bettls* ? Bristle 72 lirushes 0 Button# 10 Cbeet* 68 Cfcta* 527 Nagars ? CuftI 1,064 i 830 . 474 . Ill ,. 6 8 80 (64 86 Gun dtBir.. Ik> Sn?U... Hjd ? lodlM. Cbrtj Cotton . . l'VZZ Argolt..... Barjtes... Ble*. powder Bora i Bnm?tonr... 1,760 ( ochin?aJ... . 6 Ihu Urtar. 41 flMMN 18 12 40 ie 6 6 a liwriMfwt* 426 Magweaia .... 26 Hum 27 OiiIkmU... 6 Phosphorus.. 2ft Rap* oil 2 VaiaUe 1 halaoda 100 Podaaah 174 Tart. acid.... 43 Terra alb* ... 20 Vartlgrte .... 4 Yai'w btrrtai 44 Otkw aitieiee ? I>yewo*d<, fee. Fustic ? Colors 327 93 260 Otia 6 Lina fad 261 Oil to 4,718 India*. , Madder. Fiwh , lag Hood . . Humar Veiaillioo. . Ktuito? Oli on Curraata... 327 120 1 76 ICO Mill , 1 inespplee. . . ? ham ? Raisins ? ? Hires ? Kartboa varal , 146 lagrertnfs .. 8 Ksacy goods.. 22 letting 1 Wather* 0 H?h ? Furniture. . . . Fura Hair Haircloth .... Hatters' g'da. 7 61 n 16 IN 27 100 Koaajr 7 Haw* Value 81,464 2,100 0,180 2,740 11,686 1,327 3,2o3 1,702 22,616 28,077 4,300 66,273 12, 528 2,010 1,607 1.855 468 8,080 2,680 2,576 1,416 10,100 522 1,876 626 ?0 802 8C0 1,074 16,240 200 1,430 600 1,520 184 1,767 719 8,184 6,*70 192 1,134 1,037 3,381 4.640 3,260 6,216 45.225 146 19,058 22,140 3,260 861 200 482 4,610 1 245 14,068 23,317 16,102 0,667 2,494 7,896 669 36,734 3 080 3,260 1,10ft 1.856 2,470 781 23,875 4,872 11,874 8,251 1,242 1,788 115 Quant. OlMfl 0 l)a. war*..... 8 D*. plat*.... 44 Do. mirr*m. . 40 In*trn?Mita ? Mu.teaL 46 Surgical 6 Jewelry 6 Oil paintings. 2 Mustard 414 Liquor* ? Ala 150 Branly 1,870 Cardials 16 Gin 2'.W Porter 50 32 109 14 60 Leather Pa true do. ... Breessd abas UmlrMatd da. M?tsl good*.. Copper ore... Percus'aoaps hheathing.... Cutleiy 21 Hardware.... 132 Guns 34 Iron. t?na... 2,540 Coaloa 20 Hoop 700 Pig 4,265 Kalroad....4,'>28 Scap 100 Sheet 3,204 Tub>s 50 Wire 614 Lead 6,092 Needles 12 Nails 24 Plated ware.. 1 Saddlery 7 Steel 639 Tin 11,632 Mar bis 173 Burr atones.. ? Molasses... 1,476 Paper 61 1)0. bang.... 15 Pei Turnery... 50 Pipe* 821 Plaster 200 Potatoes ? Oatn 10,280 Rags. 2,704 Rattan 400 Salt ? 8eeds 231 Soaps 2,168 Spices 445 Stationery... 1C9 Sugir,tc*.fcc7.833 Do, bs &bgsl3,964 Te* 6,865 Tobacco 214 Toy* 284 Watches 37 Wine* 1,743 Champagne. 3,011 Wood Rrasil. ? Coder ? Cork. ? Mahogany.... ? Rom ? Willow ? Wool 656 Flocks 148 Wa?to 223 Ot jar articles ? Vol ut. IMI 26a 8,2 it 3,774 4,080 2.186 1,030 25? 1,371 1,370 116,423 427 14.611 SIS 3.014 1,240 16,0)2 00,260 2,696 6,540 4 844 8,662 8 660 23,790 7,601 112,326 1,693 1,309 62,897 27,611 2,269 13,61(1 653 8,023 42,192 4,079 1,067 286 876 22,619 84,994 4,137 3,0*6 29,690 4,813 1,100 3,305 1,367 200 4,427 4,981 45.750 1,082 24,0?8 2,965 7,503 7,612 4,871 330,497 71.984 73 060 3,025 12,880 60,640 76,101 22,698 448 193 262 291 4,705 837 44,756 2,464 3.015 3,643 Total Tains o t of unp*rts during the week..., 32, 666,371 Of the aboT* aggie gate upwards or two million ?f dollars wm for general meichandlas. Bo saris an tin ports at article of Import. Upwards of four hundred tbonaaad dollars worth was entered last week. Tea aid coffee average nearly a hundred tDiumad d >11era each per week. Than are nscee ?arj art! clue of eoaenmpthm for all o lessee. Mine rale, to a gnat valor, are weekly inpoitei. Erery Item, except tin, exists within cor owa limits in in e Aha?stibie <i?antiU*8, cot withstanding: wbioh we mnst gn sbroed for enpplies. It is the sbteacn of prrprrty directed industry in certain channels wh eh aweile oar importations to saoh an enormoos ?ueet. flCM Virginia 6'a.. . 1(N? NUri's 2H CO Missouri Gsb60 ?.ooe do too L*uiaia*a 6'a . llwto Kite Br-aof '83 M?Otrt*U.nBd*71 ?M N JCauRK IWs ftiOOlUCRR Bds s3 1MU) CO :? o If (0 7(00 12O0O IMMI 15m) do 60 do.. ,b60 <?O.,.s60 <?*.... Si do.... b3 do ...b?C i'o bSOaftlO 1500011 CRKFBswp ? co e* 2000 Krrelanl Bds.. 3 MOO do .... *3 1C00N TCRRB9*.. 1000 Clwr* 4 Tel Bds 50 ?hs Union Oa. . . 100 do s60 1( 0 Nie Traas Oa s20 KOPena Coal Co... 10b do b?0 840 Cum Coal Co... e 100 do b3 1<0 do sM> 200 ?* s30 1011 de WW 156 do b30 50 do- sM 50 do blO 150 da a3 2u0 co s60 Mack Bxtbsngt. Tv Jane 6, 1855. 09 X 600 ho? Cura C Co o60 20* 00 100<i Gold Hill Mine. * K.i * 500 N Y Cen RR.bM 94 9 8* 100 do c 93V 01 >00 do s30 ?r* 03* 560 do 93;, 84 20 do 94 97 (t Gal k Chic K K.. 98 79 25 CI J: Pitt RR ... 36 V?% 60 Cleve & Tol R R . 8ti}< 79 26 l>ie KR 4SJi 80 4t0 do ?3 48 79 X 400 300 200 ?C0 1C0 U0 80 80 80* 80 73 72 74M 100 76 1000 88* M0 00 100 2?-K 600 1C0 16>4 lOCO 100* 1200 109* KO 28* 200 28* 100 ?>\ 100 28 \ SOO 2 ?* 60 W* 28 S 2?* do btO 48* OO s30 44* do e 4?)^ do b60 41* do bl5 48* do b3 4?* 100 Reading R* do S3 91 da 91* do s3 01* OO s60 91* do 10 91* do b30 91* do S3 91* do 01* do .... s60 91 do s?0 01* do bW) 91* do bl6 01* do blO 91 Si do slO 01* 30 Mich 0? RR ... 00* 46 Mlfth S* N la RR 101* 28 Cb a R I RR.... 8o',' lOfanamaRR 101* 60 <o 101* nOOMD ?i?'uO Traa e-a-flo.. 04 10(1' ? Mtasouri 6's .. low Virginia 6's.. . lUMOlllie* KKb?0 50(0 do 18(00 do ... *3 ft 00 do.. txO l.i00 SYC?? 7's... 104 2:'0t0 1CllP Be, wp 73 -COCO to ...b?0 73* 0>bs Bk of Cms... 113 . 2k Obi* Lit* k T 0*. 08 to d* .... b'O *10 ( a?ton 0> 1(0 Nle Iran Co..K 4C,ti Cumb loal C*..i3 210 d*. .... U n K Y Cm RR .... 03* N* 80* 80 << 80* 8?* 26 )4 18* V* ??* 04 BOAOP. 200 aha NY Cm R si 100 Kn* RR *10 100 do .'>0 do b3 1(0 Readiag RR...a3 AO 1I0 do b.:o do .... *10 do do a.: do,... .-a-'W do b30 do b60 do do RR .'WO 2T0 1010 60 100 10*) 100 .'WO 100 50 Pi 60 U1 Can RR 10 0*1 kCkicRR .. 08* 48* 48* 48* H! 01 ?1 01* 81* 91* 91* ??X 01* 91* 101* 04>? 08 CI rv TEnDB HRPOUr Ttw>at, Jim 5? ? P. M Atim> ? faira of 1M tarnli war* mail*, without ehii|t pricoo. BwiWti r?*.? (loat ? Augmantao roooipta, togoUww wtth 'arorabla a<-*caata r*far<*lar th* (rowtrg prop* in ?artoua part* cf ifeo couatry, h?1 a toadaacy to dapraai pt m *a and tb* autil aloabd bt?rj, at aboat O.^a. a 12K?- drcl'B* fa r a?;arior bad Nmaoa knad* Tha IruaMtitM ImM*! about 7,100 a *, COO bairala, la clarilof eoaaoa It abate* Plata at M CT a 110 13, aad wartara ta Ma at |IOI7allOt2; (froartiaa (akoat I barrv'a) at 910 ?7 a *11 ?2*, wblcb ?M 1*S? U-wrt ; swnttnt. about *? b?ir*la. at 111 31 a ' ? II fl far >o*mca to ebon* bra?da, bad $11 7ft a *12 7ft tar faaey aad oatra >itw?*mn t? at lift. Waaat? I 6.1MI a ?. w?< bu?b?l* w?ra Mid in. ludla* ?hH* Ibebi (?d at I'J 60 a 12 ftb,aad about !M pi I ma wbiio Otuo at 12 M. Car?? Tbo aalaa *mbrw-*d about 43,000 ba*b*la. lachMai ?*mra mtsad at II 10 a 91 11 aad a cam ot twu of K>uU>*r? wbtta, trvaa ?u>r*, at II 1ft. ana II IT for bTtb*r* da; aoatbar* jrlk>w waa brld ai |1 1ft. K?? 4Ht bii ?>?*)? W*r? *oM at II *0 Oata wafa i\?tj ; a ?to of Prtoao Kaward lata ad waa aoM at 7?H? ; Stat* aad wo*t#ra w*?* at 7ft*. a M?. Cot" ? i.k wvr? maJa at 10^*. a . 11c., 7ft mat* Java, ot 14 '4 a., aad J00 baf* Ma, at 14X*> alt-S* Otim.-Wm of abant 4 000 Mai waa* wula. Tba ?aiifi tlQuft at a* adraboa of aboat ^c. fat tbo big **f , or t?W gradep. I'Wii.r* . Fata* ta lirarpaal wrra dull, aa aMppara w**o wataag latar ioi*i?a m*?. Oni wao at aboat Sd. | lVto waa to rotto* <rt aiomt oWriug, bat rat** (or li wtra oon.ln* i I* itiaafo* own war* ia*>a at K?., aad M inwa wbal* 'nota, at "JOa. To Uarr* - iotu a aad bow* war* at H? * tut *k aifiwd ta MM wtvb I ?> M-U M| t 1 ? -Iifc.n al fti far I M lai it.? 100 a J00 baia* t*y*r rowaa* wara aoid at 13 TV ', a I- Tft. Dii.-CilM ofahart ftOO balaa w*t? a*W, at IMe. a llVr. Hmwu ? Aboi.t 110 bbta. aa-1 ITohhV*. ot Cab* ruatorado wara aoki at Via b 'Jht for *> bbda., aad lb* r?maib<i?r at -be b Ma. Na*4t tmim-Wa bar* cat; ta avtaeo aalaa n( 100 ' bbla. , ? "'pcotia*, at 4lr. raab Koata waabaHat | I IKY , aad Ibba. oflbftd. 1,1A0 bbta of Horn j tat wora 1 ???'< at |3 M <?ll?arad, tMt. Pacini kw ? P?*b- lb* mafb*t waa Wary, wftb tn v ' d*lata*a<?w Tba t'kf>*?ct.naa waia rooflawl to about | i <(a a "00 bbla , ibclad'bff old irwaa at |lt> *T, aad aa* I da 117 M a 117 tti aad aaw ailaw, at |U fti. n?af Din hair* .no bbi* . at ||0 tftblOMi for tmm *trjr I irrM, acd lift a lib 7ft for "paetal Wa*t*ra. B?f 1 r*n>* aoo ff ma tn*ia b*of obrb*i?<*<t r at BNt< wr* li'ir : CO bbla *bau)<kta w*r* atld at 7 ?,* , an.1 100 a I VOO par*ar*a U?m?. at b?<* a ??,? balaa l?? bbla. W?at?ra ??ofcr<! ha*ob brou|[bt #H?. l.trd? ?0 a b?0 . bbl*. ?oki (t H V b 10',*. Ib? m-rv** flrra Km -fa<*a 110 r*?fc? ?*?? *i?d* bt n? f %e. ?Tt< TT ? JM 00 m?*ar*>rto war* aald a*. ""?? , fi viow'b*. btxiaB - li>* ??!?* r?hr?r*d aboat ftSO bh n. of Uaba j uu>totii"o at 6|f*. Taixow . ? ftiloa of 10,1*0 Iba atty nadond wrr* mate at lie. Tnaacttt ? Vodar?to aal** aw! flr? prt**? ar? ?h? able itilti*i ot tb# aiart*t. Tb* *a>*? wrr* lit ItMi *t 1 )ir aUa.. 1?? bbiaa Haraaa, tr. ? * :'jw. ; M raa** a**?i U ?' . '?* b 14*. %m>KiiT of ?0C b *'?0 hVb rtb'0 aal prta?? ' tm *a'? at ? S5Jb*? IffttmMnt UHT0 imv BIT. bUAttiHIU aH * UXmhNO. 383 259 BBltlMIE STREET ? TdX HANI>3<>MELY fL * frail twn It l-i, *IU ?r wltbetl Wwi. U two gen'letaen. or a ?entiemau and wife. The kowao kw all th* undent improvements Betwoea InUtt/ u4 Bo very. GR1ENE STREET-PLEASANT RttJM TO LET, with boa'd, ID a bona* with all the aa >4*ra imprev* meuu; tb? lOTiti n u delightful, Mi| near th* part. tkrwe docnfiom kighth street 1 nj BLEECKEB STRELT. OPPOSITE DRPAU BO IE. A*-' I ?The tbove first olui kou*o, replete wik imprtvo '? foT th* *f warders. Faiailu* desiring de'whttul apart meu ? aoparately ar la suits, will ?ad superior accommodations. Location on iup nil*. 14-^ ?IN?'? .. "BBE-r-SOiT OE UANDSOMBLY ilo fnrnutad room. to lot, ou ??toad Hoar to a taaiir with private table, if preiorred. Alu. two roams f.r sia ;lo genth men, with rail or partial board. U?*e Drat eias* pleasantly located, between Broadway and Fearth aveaae EIGHTH STREET -SEVERAL COMMODIOUS aod airy room', with board, may bo had Southern era will find here, beide* the advaa-.a<e* of aa uaoanopttoa able looatiua, the convenience* of a lirst elate Uot.l, at a comparatively moderate e?poa>*. "lAO ABITV STREET.? A LIGHT AND PLEASANT lUO Ironl b?w meat, to let suitaMe for a phfsirlaa. Alio furntahed apartments, with (as, ho* aad old bathi, Aa. ; a plea?ant houie, la a very desirable location. E 4 ST TWENTY THIRD STREET ? HANDSOMELY luruieled parlor and bedrome mar be obtainad, with full or Partial board? and priraie taHlo ? in a drat class bouec Looation ii very One, Then if a large gardaa at taoLed to the honse. Apply as above. 7 ft FRANKLIN STREET, FIRST HOUSR WEST Of I U Broadway, parlor* on flrit floor, eeparate or together, mites and single room*, on seooad end third flo ere, neatly *uriii*bed for gontlomon, to let for a abort period if require*. Terms from two to ten dollars per week. 143, 81 56 u .ISPENARD STREET, NEAR BROADWAY-A large and neatly furnlihed room on the first floor, to let, without board. C A HI .BECKER STREET, CORNER WESLEY PLACE. Ol Beautifully situated roons, with full or partial heard, for Ismi.ies or single geaUeiaea. Terms moderate. Family small aud select. Oft AND 28 UNION SQUARE ?A SUIT OF ROOMS ON 4j\J the tirat floor, suitable for these wishing the beat ao ooinmoJations; also a front room may be had by immediate application, at JW L'nion square The house is beautifully finished. hss every oouvenieaoe and Is unsurpassed tor plea sant and convenient looation. O f> ABIT Y PLACE, ONE DOOR FROM ULEECKBR ^iU etreet, a little weat of liroadwav ?Elegantly fur pithed parlors and separate bedroom*, with or without par tial hoard The bouse has all the modern improvement*. Summer visiters will find it oonvenient aad agreeable. 20 VARICK STREET, CORNER OF BEECH, FRONT O iug on St. John's park, two front rooms furnished, suitable tor a gentleman a no wire, or two tingle gentleman, with full or paitial board; bath, gas and key to the park. Relerenees exobanped. A ABINGDON SQUARE, WEST SICE.? YERY CON T voniont apartments lor femiliai or single gentlemen, with board. A tine airy looation for tie mmmer, being titti%ted near the Hudson; possesses ovory facility of acoess to all parts of the city. A handsomely FURrUSHEU room for a sin ii ?le gentleman with paitli-1 board. The family Is small, at d the houte hat all the modorn improvements. Apply at 62 rtinth street, the flrit white hon.-e weit of Fifth avenue. * FRENCH FAMILY RESIDING A SHORT DIS iv lanoe trom Mi* York, having only a little bey four years old, would be willing to take anotner ohiid to board, which will find maternal care, good inuruotion and a piea taut hrme Addn s* for particular! M M , Herald odloe. A PRIVATE FAMILY, HAVING MoRE ROOM THAN A tbey require, would let to a gentlemen and wife, or two gentlemen, a hapdaoraoly furnUln d front and beok psrlor on t)r?t floor, with full or partial board, at 17 Renwiok street. 1 etas moderate. A WIDOW LADY WILL LET TWO FURNISHED puloistnd bedroom with board, for a lady aud gen tleman, for tit, or partial board for singlo gentlemen at ttOO Private family. Location untunta-med. Apply at tixth house trom Montague street in Furman street, near Will ?tre?? ferry, Sooth Brooklyn. Agenteeman and win;, or single uevti.e men, ran be uicoinoiodat-d ?i .h pleasant rooms, witt board, at fc? Woit Twen'.y second s<reet.. The bouae eon tans tre modtrn improvements, and i* convenient to oar* and stages. a private family occupying more room A than tbey requiro, would accomodate a few gentlemen wuh pleatant tnrnithed rooms; location and house desira ble ; Amity street atagoa pats the do>r; bath and gas. In quiio at 32 Greenwich avenue. A PRIVATE FAMILY, OCCUPYING MORE RrtOM than they require, would accoumoaate a fow single ^on tltmen, or a gi-nueB'an and hla wife, with board. Also as of fice, i uitaMe for a physician or Oentiat. hefrrence exchang ed liqoire at 143 West Twenty -sccond stroet, botweun tixth and teventh, avenues. AFURMSIit.D PARLOR AND BEDROOM OR tinglo rooms, with full or partial board, in a pri vate family. The housn in plessa. tly ljeeted. lias gas bath, Ac. Apply at H5 V t. Twenty tecond (treet, be' twe< u Sixth and Seventh avenues. Reference* exohangod' * I.. MK'.K AND PI EASANT FRO?T OR BACK KOOli, 2V on (he frond floor, neatly furnished, with pantries and bedtoom, ir required, to let, to a gentleman and wife or aoourleof siugle gentlemen; or would be let to gentlemen without board. Apply at 8< llenry street. 4 FURNISHED PARLOR OR PAKLOR AND BED J\ room ta let, in a private family, witn partial board, if derited. Inquire at 91 rt'tite street, one door from Elm. References exchanged. A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE, OR TWO OR J.. L three sii ?le gentlemen, can bi sooomm tda'ed with plrssant roc me, with full or partial board, where the o?a? toits of a home and goed *ociety can be obtained. In a pri vate family, oitbiu Ave minutes' walk of Fulton and Uridine street ferna*, by applying at 78 Lawrence street, Brooklyn. Terms moderate. AF1N1 I.ARGB PABLOR TO LET-TO ON* OR TWO sibsls seiitlemen, with partial board, In a honae replete with all the modern improvements, conveniently located as to stag' and railroad rontes; far one, $7; for two, $4 ?Mwh per w< ek. Apply at 117 Wesi Fifteenth street, near Seventh avenue. A r^mmfA^at0ZAhULK VOUNQ uts CAW be an | A M'LENDI D FURNISH K.D ROOM, WITH ONI OR A two or three he<lre< me attached, mitable for a party of genttcinen. to let. together or separate, In a private houee, with all the modern impmvemei Is. Apply at 90 Prince atreet, a law doors west of Broadway. A FAMILY IN NINTH STREET HAVE A SUITE OF jt\ sinner parlors; can bo arranged ax drawing, dining, sleeping and craving rooms; are aow partially tarnished ? ith sarnies' matting and drapery; aa a^reoa bin arrange meat can be made for a private table, or not. Ad dross A. B , Union *qnare Post offio* A FEW GENTEEL PERSONS, WITH OOOO 2EIE reacts, can Hod the best of aeoommodntlana at (M St. Mark's place Charges comparatively low, as the reaideat ismily defends on other msans. Board? at is east twentieth street, se ooad 're* Mono front, and third door cast trom Uroad way; rooms handsomely turn ie he i, In enitsor separate, with or without board l BOARD-WITH EIKOANT ROOM8 AND EVERT convenience, in a bealtnv and delightful situation. X*J Hot Twentieth street. opp?(it* tee grounds of the Theolo gical Seminary. Board -several handsome parlors, with bedrsotas attached, finely turnisned. are now vacant, at 1 10 vt averley place, and oan so had for tbe season. Ihnaer at six o'clock. a!?o single rooms. BOADD.-A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIPE. OR POUR r ingle gentlemen. eaa b? accommodated with a large ' si. ^d t. early furnished room on second Hour, with o^ard, in a deslrablo neighborhood. Aim, a few gent'emen day bourd i era. 1?rm? reasonable. Call at 111 Henry street. BOARD.-A FRENCH FAMILY RESIDING NF.\R I'nion square, la a modern house, would accommodate I a email lamily or "tnn'c gentlemen, with apartment* and i beard, en the 2d story. Address A., Herald office. BOARD. -THE THRRB ELEGANT BROWN 8T0NB bourse, replete with every modern Inxnrv and conve ne nee, splendidly tarnished, Nss 41 15 and 47 ?ast Nino ! teen lb ? treet. between tfreadway and Fourth avenue, an , a<>w ready far insrw>ti?n by thoee desirous of living on the ; Earocaaa plan Suits of roome for familiee. or sia<l* ratmi, I can be obtained, * itb or without meals. Those desirous of csmkiBiag a desirable loeakton aud elegance with eoonoiny. will iii tins a favsiable opportuity. B CARD -A LADY AND GENTLEMAN CAN OBTAIN board with a widow lady wkere they can have the com Kris of a bom*; full board tor the lady only. Twju mode rate. Address, for three days. Home. UeraJd office. Board -a widow lady, occupying a neat ?nedeta house, and living <juite retired, would let ?m or two famished or unfurnished rooms, with bath, gas, Ac . te a lady and ?ratl*<nao, with full board for the lad' a?d breakfast for |eatl*mea if desired. Adaress yuetudo, i r. i square Past t.ffiea. Board -TiiKRB or four grntlrmen can iie accommodated with board and pleaeunt rooms at 838 brettstrh "treet Also, a large parlor to let, untarnished, en the tret loot. Terms moderate. Unexceptionable refer ence gtvea aad required Board -a lady can be accomadatbd with ?. a>d sr d a p easaat lumustied room. Apply at 3i MlWvt street. HOAUb IN TWBNTF THIBU STREET. ?A HAND s^MSly furnished suit of mama, to let, tilth fall or par tal ' aid A I se, a sin sis room, la a first olaae kcuee, with all <be> modern itnin. vsment*. Also, a basoment, snitab'e bra pby?" 'aa 't offica. Apply at tt West Twenty-third Meet Rsfsreaoee aelinuiiid. Board in a pritate family, with very plea seat and suy rooms; location exoellant; n?l? hbomood ?Bevrs^iienatls; convenient ts cars aad rtagse. Honae c r.taiis tb" modern rmprnvamaats. Inquire at No. I!<9 We>t I wealy soveatA (treet, a tew d??rs wtst of EUhth aniae, BOABPIN BR?K?KIY V -A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE ?on I' accommcdaiea nith a desirabl* room aal board, lb low ?? ru a at L>7 i>rldg? street, corner cf HUh. A pies seat l< estKB aa<i a ear toe ferric*. Gas la house UOA*D B BROOKLYN -TWO LARGE BOOMS, PUS Bivted, w tfi partial board, la one ol the flneat. location en Hro >kl> t.. slee t?e hsll bodrooms Apply at No 80 Clin- I tea street, beleeen W all and Atlantic street ferrios. Hoard in bmooklyn -gentlcmbn and their i wives atd a 'es ataai I f ntlsmea can be a^5iminod??*d ' With goed l?ard and rleai-ant ro me, t.y applying at Aj Slat* ! str-et. Sen er rf Gardra Hieel HOAbD IN BR> ORLYN.? TWO SINGLE OENrLE ana. er a g*ati*?aa aad bis wile, eaa be ire mimo'tat edwith pleasant fnrrlehed roo?i and partial board in a ir'B'^'emt y, o**> ptla<a modern built hsuee. Veiutifally located near Fort Grvsae. Rcrersaces exchanged Addrcra E. T. J , bat J ?>!.'' f V Post Office. RO%RI> WANTED? A r.ENTLXMAN DESIRtB TO k>raa?* lor a oast at d ceail-ttable r'niu, i.r*?kf??t ? * d It a dnriar tl fw.-'k aad dati-r *n Sunday, ''?r *ottrr< l l"trd. in a e?l?ct boarc as. b?i.*c ?r reepsrtsMf pri'atsf* | n't wbrre rnald ba bad 1 mbo siB? oosu'erte as to aceomtit . dA'tene saJ -iri'ty; I ra sot- to i*t I* aHaer tbe M Niche ai t artt(?i?tif fr tt'en p'-eftrred A dirt ?s, gjva,: ter??, Bttdbki, H -re! 1 *91 R->(j.vai?s ?*ffc?rg-. -I. Oi\A ? ?*i? tfiRi't, ovt oooi iiLomo faVT twa-'fc <?M< A at'l rrt'iw half. ?ttw| U?N?I H (I liiH. ?|I| NM I k? tiilMMli ftrOM i? ?? w ???? >m *al* H. Ink Mm ???t m?m T!"1."*' *** " *? * <w*My liitxl tifcwuM w yioabd at i..#?bb?-?ay ti h * % i n r j . attbm 1> r H.tai *kN?UlMM HI >W .N?c?4 n ?*f, ?uU? UrnaMMT ? ?Ik ?< tit r?tn*4 lt?Mn BOABI' AT lOKUIIk -okloirvulllOUMf "??? W tin pieaaaat mm fM b>*?ata*t Ml MA. ul ?MMf H lutex. a A pAttta fan 'If. ( Aa>?rwne>, m. a tret toafe kata. kM t*4 hM ????, l> . Mix XI ItMlH*. aad allUl Una killM walk ?? U> <trr> . imh naawtiUa A<tr?M W ? k?? : son I'm* oa?* Board in ? raw obhtlbbbb caw I* ??<?"???* tat *4 aiti f art Ml ka*rJ aat aaally far ki>k>4 k > Iffll'H ?? *?'? ? ftfaai lakakaA UW kaoa ilata mmm Mfwl lalafMtat aickMMa Board im tbi ctwrtr-tvo iiiu rta lt*a* xa|l( ??allaaM eta to a.?*a wtoial * tit la* airy rtatal, ta at taa m4 A-altAr A laiattt* Aa Va.i?k>?af o aalr afatli, witkta *M kaaftrUtai Ika alia } iar' are laqalr* At 37 t a 1 1 aa aiiato. Boarb in hr< m>k l v? a fime iarui boom, mi iba a*. . ad l**r. aailAbla fa' taa* {atbNMt, AHA* WAlilfraaaM IKui ? *??. I* I.e. aailk partaal auard. m I'lj mall aad tba *?afafta mt a at 118 Aaaa>a atMt , aaar JahtHb BOARU W AfcTRD? IN TMB ClTF OR COCWTBT. Ul a fflnia hail) bf aa A?*rwaa wid?w lady. a( atoaa lag ataaavra. .a 14 4. tat* half af *a*b Of to aawiaal aa a I'a^anliaa lar bar ?*wd er ah. aaaM to ?'V. 11 tf?*' U ?"?M?t?a ta aa >a?aU4 A4dr?*a Mr*. ? Ofay, I' 1 taa a j?ara I'ait inft.a, f*r tbta araab, wtooa aa Interview aaa to baA R.t.r*a<>?* a.abaaH BOABD WANTED HT a LABY. IN a PBIYATB famUy ?f lrrr-d. .ha a . ,14 t.ruab tor aaa raaa Ad dree* a. N Il.taU etticA, etatieg teiaawhieb But ba moderate, aaa Uentien. Boarding.? a few single uritmcmrv can bb uroommtdatrd with baarA bf apflytaa at lift OiatOa* Mr*, t, nppoait* Kldndg*. alto. a few yeaag ladiea, with elaaa. air? rooaa Taraia reaeaaaMa. BOARD1NG-IN FOCBTEENTB STRUT -A LADT hAviag a law ru->ni* naaeeapUd. il laaraai af lat tag them to a gen lemau aad bia "if*, af for alalia teatlemea. beautiful larra rooaa turaiaha-4 ar aafuraiahed Baabk erntra can to aceomuiodaUd at 64 fait Utb at , batvaaa A A and Utb afaaooe. Boarding.? pleasant rooms, with eitubr tall or lartial board, cab ba obtained ?a applicatiaa at hi H bite itiatl, A ft* door* 'r in Broadway. Boarding.? four yoi-ng men caw be aocom uiodatad with neatly turnlah.d rooma, vitA break leal and taa Apply at i'lfl Rait Broadway. BOARDING-AT 10 CARROLL PLACE. (BLEE3KBB ?tree!) Ibia houee haunt ebaated baadaaa tha lata* May, ba* been naaly furniahed, related, Ac , and pat ta complete order. Pamiliea aad ataxia paraoaa cab maw obtata larita, airv And bandeomely furniahed rooma, la oaa af tto boat looatioua ia tba otty, and aonranUat t. Broadway. Ba lerenoea exohauged. Boarding.? furnished ro>bs to let witb or without board; alao, two (iBalafaatlaiaaa oaa to AA oommodatcd with board, and ona yuuuf lady, at tto paa vato toaidiaR huu, a No 10 Watt* atnat. Boarding -a gemtleman and his wife can to aooommodated witn a room; alao a atngla room, at 30 Wait Twenty around atraet. Boarding.- good furnished rooms to rent to xaatlairon and tbair wiaaa. Alao rooma far ataxia A?Btl?fu*n, with or without board Uaa ia ail tha roaaaa. Clean llueaa and attontioa atnatiy oh>a'vad fl?t aad a >ld lath rooma liaa. Apply to Mra. MKDIII/EST, HI Uaaataa ?tr?*t. , , , i!t. ; Boarding at 120 and 122 chambers street ? Newly furniahad ro<ma for famitiea, with arary ooava* uitnee, and At low pricea; alao ptaaaanl rooma far ata<Ia gentiemoti; fine iarga r joina that will aocommodata a t?rt|r of four gentlemen Day boardera can to acootaaaadatadl alao, Eefarance required. Boarding in bri^oeltn.-oentlemen can ?b tAin n*atly fnrnlabeil apartmenta. with fall or partial hoard; Alao a gentleman ana wite o?n ob'ain daalrahla ato oonimodattona, at ftn 4 Saada atraet Termafsr <antlaaaAM. with breakfast and tea. V3.V) per anal. The hoaae ta wt Ma fire niButra' walk of Fulton ferry. BKt OKLYN -AN ENGLISH PHIVATS FAMILY living on the Helghta, 2^, miantaa' walk from Sooth aril M all atreet terrira, oaa now acoumaodata oinortva ain^ile gentlenieu with partial board And a aaite of h <od ? aoBcly fnrnialieil ronma.tha former oooupanta leaving ia tbaa week'a ateamer for Europe. Addreaa box 1,<>59 1'oat Ol&aa. BBl.OHI.YN BLIGHTS.? TO RENT-TO A SMALL family witt ont child ten, tb? entire aaeind flo ir ? thaw* I Af'ira and bedroom? with nan of kite lien. At 05 Willow atraat, bro kl)n. within three minute*' walk if Fulton or Wall atreat ferriea. Kont $17 per month, in ailvauo*. Kafureaoaa AfehtBgtd. ( tOLMRY BOAKD ? Ki.M 1'AKK, RYI, WESTUHES " J tcr county - An agreeable summer r?tr?At ia now opea At this plAoe, Tbu ao*nery ia to.tuilfal, bAtiitag good; n*o ry ronveuirnoe for flahing, b..aj^nf, ao CommaaioAtioa daily by car* or Ceamboat. Apply ala Mlm Fart or 174 W. 'iwentyaooond itraet. COUNTRY BOARD, STATEN ISLAND.? TWO OB three J r n n .? gentlomrn can to handaomtly anoamma dated with lod^inca in a pi ivata huuaa, near the middle land* ing, and at a moderate rata Addreaa Clifton. 3<aplet?a Peat t'fflce The houae overlooka both landings, And the en tire bay And hAtbor. COUNTRY BOARB.? TWO BOOMS WITH BOABD, partial or full, may to hAd in a privAte family At Waah in*ton Dei?hta, ten minutea' walk ftum railroad atationfook ot )A2d at:eet. I.oeation retired, well ahaded, and verr pleaaant. Addreaa Frank Aldan, Waahlngtou do'ghta Poat Cfllne, or apply atSM Broadway, aecond atory. from Id to t o'clock. C "101^ TRY BOARD, NEW BOCUELLE-A aaa? honaa. J beautifully fi'.oated in tha midat of a garden; ladle* and I gentleman, or a email family wiahing to eoon unite will hud 1 thia eligible, tomtber with a healthy aitaatisn and erary atteiitlon to contort. Apvl* to Mr. Hl'MPnRY. hoaae carpenter. New Aochelle, er for putieulars at 33 Forayth ( treat, Ni w Y'erk COUNTRY BOARD AT YON' HERS. ?ONE LARGE OR two email genteel famtliaa can find pleaaant aooom DodAtloBa for the eummer, with tha anderalgnad, 2>V yard* from the atation at Glenwood. Stabling for h or aaa. A. POST. (COUNTRY BOARD MAT BE HAH WITHIN A HALF J bour't- ride ol Brooklyn by oara; ? delightful con>try bonc? fine ai ry room*, plearaat iivo and (bade treat, plasty ol Iruit, vt-getablea and milk, laqnlre at 74 Kaet Tweat y tbird ttreet. Accommodatioaa aUo tor bore**. Furnished fiiunt rooms, with board, can be obtained on moderate Urmi, at 41 Bait Flf'**ath ttreat: near Union ?.,uar?, for famUlea or aingle geatlemaa, na?, bath, io. Diimi hoar, ill e'oloak. FCRNISHED BOOMS TO LET.-TWO OB THREE GEN U'-men earn obtain wall fnraithed roma i* a Tory ({Mat looatlna, and convenient to buaiaaaa down town. A paly at ho. 3) Whit* street. HOBOREN - PLEASANT FURNISHED ROOMS, either with or wltliaot partial board, dan ba obtain** b> "ppljin* at No. A Franklin terrace, Hadaon (treat. HOBOKEN.? W ANTE P, BT TWO OR THREE GER man gentlemen, a unit of handsomel* fnrnUliod rooms, in a pn rate family, near the lorry. Addreoi, pre paid, baa ?1,CWaF oit Office, New Veik LODGING AND BOARD II* BROOKLTN.? ONE OR two nentlemeti can be accommodated with twe furaiahed rooma with or without partial board, m a German family, t>7 applying at SI Clinton a'reet. Brooklyn. NO. 2 BOND STREET, NEAR BROAD WAT.? BOARD and room* (or ainftle jentlomea or lamiliea. Diaaer at t o'elook. NO. 81 WRIT TWENTY SIXTH STREET.? NEATLY furnithed imoii to lot, with beard, in a Irit claea bona*. >A>?ation |>l**aaat, and torma moderate. Private hoard? an enolish family re aiding in one of the be.t looalltiea in Brooklyn, haa a vacancy; the bonae la sew, with modern improvement*, witLtn dlteen minu<ee' walk of booth tarry. Cari p*et irem luiton erry. Keferenooe eiibaaued. Addreta A. L . boa box 3.194 Foat OCloo, N. Y. with hoard? house oramercy park, UKi laat Twenty ftrat aireet. ? A lady who haa kept a C'vate boarding tiooee in the lower part of the city for tka t eleven yiare. having removed up aowa, hai on* anit of rooma and a taw pw rooma uao*oupted The hoc** ia baa two year* built. ba? all the late improvement*, aaa b**a newly furfatahed, haa a privilege la tb* park, aad U every way dellftbtfnlly situated. Pleae* call aa above. Rooms for single gbntlbmen, in a private family, with it without board.? Two lar* e rooma aad bedroom, "n one floor, alegaally furniabod . alao, one 4a alratle tingle room The hou*e and furniture new, and tint tia?? Apply a* 119, H Math atreet, five doora weet at Broadway. mo LET. WITH board- a large unfurnished A perler and bedroom, on the third floor, front R*f*r*ao* required. For torma, Ac , appiy at 97 Bleecker atreet, a <*w docra caat of Broadway. T JVf'd wUh'boid (and"TLBll,PN CA* ** ACCOir? 0 Unt atiset, third door rro SINGLE GENTJ.EMBN.-A GENTLEMAN, LIVING X two door* Irem Broadway, aad oae miuute'a walk from th* Metropolis* Hotel, would l*t to oo* or two jentleaaaa turnhthed apartmenta to ault them. Everything about th* bona* I* in tae beat order, and haateomely furai*h*d. N*a on* chano* Ilk* It la a hundred. Adit*** T. *' Broadway Poet Ottea. rLF.T-A HANDSOME FURNISHED ROOM, ?R rooma to let, la a fashionable part of the ctty, with every aceomm'datioa: gee aad bath room on the *amo floor. At 62 We?t Klrhteent h atreet. corner of Sixth aveaaa, Caw b* accommodated with breakfast aad tea, it ro qui red. rro LET? WITH BOARD, AT 131 BLEECKER STRUT A a*v*ral rooma, Urge and amalL, or partial beard, a* preferred. |si$l ^^^.astSpsaaSgsg sif#?? ? Uj,B^*et?,B.,H,;^^Ua H*. "IX/-ANTFD-BY A RBftl'BCTAnLR WfI)'?W. A CHILD f f N> h'.arJ, not under two vaara of Call at Itt Wett 16th at., b*twe*u 7lh and Hh avenoe* TtrASIED-A PIEASANT ROOM FOR A OF. NILE - II man, tnrni*li*d "r unfurnished, with breakfast aad t?a. Addr?*a wtth lull pertl*Bl***> O. M. M., Herald *Ao*. Pnoa mvit b* moderate. WlTlf OR- WITDOirr BOARD ? 1WO VERT HANO aome ?ui?aa of fomn, fnrni*b-d, nitabl* tar <ta*U centl?m?a or * ra*peetab'e family Thev will be l*t aia?tf. ft rennlred Ore bltwk iroa. Hroadwar In the rear ef Uraoi. obirrb j>lea?*r* ground*. Inqnir* at Jrt Foarth avenue, op pent* Eleventh atre*t. (OAL. nptL H FI.OUR $10? THE PEOPLE'S OI.D EStAS I ' lubed coal a o.l tlan* nreney. .IH ?T.?d *ay, will e**'rao ilurin 1 1 ia w?uk te an ?ply lor tb* ?*ta*n tint qnalitr ***l ft', if- par tea, d*li? *-ed i* l*#w Vork, Willia?'ekorv Br?okl>? llohoke* *r Jam; C'.ty. l>ewn With th* ??a pvij :a tvAi aai U?jr.

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