Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 7, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 7, 1855 Page 3
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mini (V TUB NOITflBU luhf. TAILS OF THE CALIFORNIA NEWS, in Oold Dost Arrived. QUICK TRIP. Tweitjr tod a Half Ikyi from Sao Francisco, MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. MARKETS, *?., Jw., Ac. The Aceaaaor y Trantft Company 'n steamship Nortkwi light urited jesterdaj moraia*, ia ntm d ays and tn boor* Am San Juan del Noru-, ha v>ng bMs absent from X(* York only fifteen days aad aixtesa hour*. 8b* briaga 416 paaaengtn and ${24,026, oa fright, t rem Baa Francisco, 1U] 16, per aUamahip Uade flam. There U also a larger amount of gold ia tho haala af la Csatral America the government part/ hare again in reded Lean, being determined to reduce it before the antral of Walker, if poedble. Tha arrival of tha Kinney expedition haa boon anx ioualy leaked far by both parties. Tha United States aloof af war St. Mary'a arrived at Baa Joan del 8 or, May 90tb, and waa to leave about June lat for tha Sandwich, Man|ueeaa and other Tha Northern Light left in the harbor of San Juan dal Norte, May 30th, tha British M*<1 steamer Clyde. The fallowing la tha afecia lint of tha Northern light;? Aaron, Jacob*, & Co.. Vow Tark $16,400 Behloa Brothers. Now York 18,760 W. H. Dunbar, Naw York 14,762 Newhouee * Spata, Philadelphia 10.000 W. SeUgmaa k Co .Now Yotk 20,000 ?ssrkCo , New York 6,0?* t. T. Cole men k Co., Now York 19,074 A. Yanralkonhurg k do , New York. 10,222 A. * B. S. Higgina fcOa. New York 3,600 A. A. Lew k Brother* New Yora 8,000 Johaana * Lewden, Sew York 20,279 C. W. Thomas, Now York 1,600 Walla, Fargo k Oa., Now York 96,100 Bom, Falconer * do New York 88,903 J.K. Bwcetaer, Boston 7,023 Bank of America, Now York <0,200 Metropolitan Bank, New York 86,000 Drezel & Co., Philadelphia 117,600 Blgga li CO., New York 12,483 jTw. BuUivsa, New York 838 The Accessor/ Tranait Company, New York .... 12,630 Total ?624,026 Wo are indebted to Mr. Ttomas B Hatch, Puraer of the Northern Light, to the PactSo Expreaa Costpany, Walla, Fargo k Co., and tha Saa Franelaoo News Depot of J. W. Sullivan, for flits of California papers. Was a, M alitor k Co. had comsaeugod Issuing their fifty and twenty dollar plaeaa, at the rata of $38,000 par day. Tha cola ia above tha United States standard, and is OMfldantly receivsd la trade throughout the State. Governor Bfgler viatted San Francisco on the 12th last., and had a public receptioa The Governor made a speech at tha Merchanta' Exchange. No pregrees had yet bsan made in settling the affairs of Adams k Co., mat can an y td?a yet bo formed ai to what per cent of the debts would be paid. The aaal(n eea were dalajred In action by the oourts in tha interior, who refuted to order the transfer of tho funds ia tha aouatry efficra iato tho kaada of the assignee*. A Jockey dab on the most approved Eogliah style had been organized at Saa Francisco. Aa Intense excitement waa gotten up in Saa Fraaolso by tha ruaaer that 280 oonvicta had eaoapad from the State 1'riaon on the 12th Hay, and ware making their war ia a body iato tho interior. The atatemeat proved to be uafaandad. Only three pmonsrs had aasaped. The clipper ahip Charmer, which had aalltd from San Fraadaoo, it waa aald had oa board several thousand doaaa shovel*, oa Bngllah account, destined for the Crimea. 9he Failure of Page, luon 4c Co. [Fro** th* Alt* Caiitoraia, Kay 16.1 Th* tout of Pag*, Ba m, and Co. dii as Immensely profitable busiaeea. Ik commcnced with a cash capital ef $26,000, and haa mad* to th* partacrs th* magnificent, . ma of $1,300,000. The sum of $440,000 was loaned by tbem soms time back to Pace k Bacon of St Louis; 9860,000 which waa Mot to New York previous to tho first suspension, waa takes by Pag* & Baooa to resnm* kutaew. Tbia mak*a up the who)* amount that th* hou* her* baa made, ana the following table ehows th* balanc* *f the amount that Dante 1 D. Pan and Henrr D. Baoea hare tat? frosn Pag*, Bacon k Co. arffl th* Moyt* of California. Deposits and certUsaSss of deposits $496,000 Tub* certificate* . ? 407.000 Draft* aa New York to r*turn.fc..,. 260,000 Total .$1,188, OH) To thi* add what th* hop** h?s mad* 1,800,000 Total $2,488,000 This tMiat *( two mOUoa* four hnndrad aad thirty thre* thoaiaad dollars in what th* hone* of Pin k Bacon had got from California prerkus to their failure; and fcr thla they hare treasfsmd to NagW* k Parrot, for th* Mtuttj of th* ttm oartiflcate holders, property **? tl mated br them to to worth $420,000. The trojteea estimate it much lower? aay $288,006. Upaa this at taohaMate bare been leaned to the amoont of $76,000. Thia property, which haa been traaeferred to Nagle* k Psrrott, ceaiiste of real *etate, balan*? of hooka, aad adds aad *ad* generally. Ded noting the $288,000 from th* $2,433,000, aad we hare $2,200,000 aa the amonnt of money used br the St. Lo?b hou?* of th* foada of the California house. PtolMtoal Intelligence. THK WHIG PARTY IN CALIFOBNIA. [From th* Baa Fraadseo Alt*, May 16. ] Aa attempt waa mad* a day or two stnee. aa we ua d*r stead, to g*t together the Whig Stat* Central Tom mittee. Bat it waa uaaTsillng. No quorum oould be found, aad so th* maeting adjourned, to meet agaia at MB* lutuie day. Alas! we faar th* whig party Is de fnaet It was a brave old party eaoa. Aad where is it? What has beoosa* of the sterling aad solid man that fcr years *a years maintained it* iat* grity aad its prinsi ale*, aad though eft b**t*n, war* never eoaqaer*d, so bag aa their brilliant laagers surrired to summon the foroaa to rraew the eoatoetf line* bar* changed. TH* elasticity of th* America* people is *a*h that th*y can adapt taemselre* to say system of go t eminent policy. If the laws are only permanent, the people will prosper whether we hare a Ugh tariff or ao tariff at all, for IT the people kaow what they are to depend npcm, they will laeritably prosper. Some of the ao*aaar*s that the whigs oould eaoe adroeate with propriety, bar* now be com* uaaaoessary, aad ether features of their policy hat* tocoaae Incorporated into the poitsy of the opposiag party. Ia oae way aad aaother th* old issues late to*a swallowed up ; ** th* whig party, which always was a party principle, for ft has had email test* of th* spells, la bow dead, very d*ad, aad buried. Aa a party it is goo*. Its mighty leaders sleep with their fathers, aad their oae* mighty Influeac* is scattered to th* wiade. It was a great aaa a useful party ia Its day. Ia it waa the oonserratire iaflaenc* of the country, aad ba*aas* of Us eoaserra tism. it was, ia a party sense, unsacosssful. It num bered smoag its ssemb*rs th* eautioun aad th* saf*, or, ih modera parlaaco, th* fogie influence o? th* country. It was less aggressir* thaa th? opposite party, aad looked aa*r* to th* triumphs of peace, aad leas to th* triumphs of war. Th* member! of the late whig party remain. They &r* th* ? am* in principle aow a* ta tlsaes gon* by. But the eld issuls are lost sight of. New issue* her* aris en, aad whigs aad democrats alike promiscuously fa vor aad oppose them. Hobm must aria* aew orgaaisa tionsoa the ruins of the eld. The desaooratic party eaaaet exist without the whig, tor when the latter ts dissolved its members will units with oa* or the othar of th* factions or wings of the former. Thar* must b* two partiee at l*aet, and it ia folly for the democracy to lMgh er*r the dlna*mbera*at of the oppoeitioa ?r. Their own must epsadfly follow. W* apea it aow aa a fixed fact (hat parties for the fntore will be mate ap of aleaMats that have opposition. Our use he is a whig, i he battle will he mate up of ilsmsnts that hare ia times past beea ia oppositkm. Oar aaxt Pissideat rill aet be eiscted because he is a whig, aor yet bsoaose la Is a democrat; but the battle will be fought oa rltal atd liTiag principles. The asrrow aad oae idea plaak ef Kaow No thing lam will not suffice. Th*r* must b* bought la to th* oombat the great question of Internal Ugnreraessat; thsr* win be th* integHty of the aaMoaal faih aad the r*-*stablabm*nt of the MiaMuri compre ss a. Oa these issues wiD parties dlrid*. aad oa th*** ?*??* iaust th* aext Pr**M*at b* elected. raa trin op rusu [From the Baa Francisco Herald, May 11.1 Frsa present iadloatloas it is probabl* ton* parti** *11 hi* lb* field at the aaprosohlag municipal else ?a. Ths bulk of the whig pasty has beeoaie merged tatb Kaow Nothing organisation, aad there win, thr*Sre, ia all probability, be ao whig nominations. Ths the stiacgle will be betweea the Know Nothiags, 'bster secret order termed the aati-Kaow Nothings, sn<VJ? democrat*. Efforts sre b*lag mad* to oombtne the isesrdar.t elements of this last named party, and, froa th measures adopted, we ualerstaa* (her* is eomtukiikood of saocsse. Of ooarse such an alliaace weuk aoJast longer thaa until th* State Coar*attoa ia July. IhHwo wings would unite simply for the preeeat rmeigeaey^nd weald Mparate agaia so soon a* th* ia ten its ox their Isadora would com* la ooallct W* deukt if a ermaaeat settlement of th* difficulties ? Istlag ia theiarty Is desmad fsasibls br aay, hat th*r* *M ao nasea by the two factions should aet harmonise la the approahlag municipal contest. CUMILIKQ M BAN f*A*CI$00? GLOBING OF TSI n, niaoo Rome. [Fr<* ill* Alta Caflfornla, May 16. J If the reader wiU pass aloag by ths oorasr of Wash ?tea aad Ksarney streets, he will sse en* of th* sign" th* times. H* wlB *f* the M Dorsde, the oldest, ?s?t rrsqssnied aad most respectable efaU the ram blag houses with doors etessd an i th? wards "to Let" lasted op PrabsMy msrs meney has bsea mad* or ta**d In this ka-.Mieg tbsn say other la Oallfsrnla and ; ths last it had ths sppnsrimT sf doing as muok bail |tes a* aay (ambttef hosee la towa Bat It li neif eloM4,(b|NfiMMmM(?l)r|iiW(|tithiU*ul napntlM (Mr fe?*faa*e Wart In a*w Uf Mm ?ffrct. Iota carol t My W judttjr aacnbed to the L-g\a latnre, which haa tow jast otaaai !U aaaatoa It hu done what oaght ta have be?a em a* rvui ago It hM paaaad a *triag?at law agataat Ratably, *o that th*a* Wmptlag MWM ua mm liapt e*-o to I art to the ua wary, *n? wbea hi* mm art bewailed by th? meat* and the- glare that 1a offer*! to rob him of bl* meaer If ao o'.her geW deed had bee* den* by thli Legiala tuie, thie act ale** would rat tie I' ta th* pubic rtati tad*. OaabMachm ha long bee* a crrlaj erll It baa la jar ad aa at bona* and abroad, ta* traaiiaat vtalter coviiag hara a ad ***tag the gambling earrie I oa In open day, the Mf p'lea of afirar. f?l<l and toll *p*H m?n? ppread oat ta t<in|t th* laokrr on, ha* fan* aw >r with the impraaalaa that thia I* the moat daagarwa* and immoral place ia the world. It li rain for the aa wi pe per ? to uj that e xiietj her* ia aa good aa it U ta th* Eastern eitlao? that Mfe and pro party are aa aafa bora, or that it ia a deoirablo place far the young people to oomo to, so long aa tbo noaator rice of gambling atalka abroad unmoleaiad If aoc **y were go?d, they raaaoa, and correctly, ea oh a pract co would aot be tolerated la public. If a bad practise ia tolerated la paUc th* yao-, pie are at fault. aad what ooold bo said ta da'oaea of the Borah tr ot tbo paopla o* California ao loag aa thoy permitted thia rice of vicee to exiat naraatrlcted Th* aoppretatoa of gambling will bar* a good effaet la more way* than one It will not only aare tbo nnlal tiatcd from th* path of deatruelioa, but away from Call forsla it win operateto our a-lvaataga Ia maay parte of tbo United State* gambling la look.d up->a ai a thing very diaadfnl, and the report* which go from hara of tbo impaally with which tt ia carried oa haa lilt away many of that claae of citlaaaa waom moit of all wo aeed ? tbo mora), tbo rotor, th* tadnatrioa* Erery eor loctlon of abu** Ilk* tbl* *111 reader California attrac tive to tha emigrant It la a alga that aoclaty la Im proving; aad wboa the farmer, 'n hia oold, bloat. Now England, Mow York or Michigan heme, heari 'he gtowia* account* of tbo gallon land of California, with it* deli clous cilmato aad prolific toll, it* luxarlaat fruit aad iaextanatlb!* aalaaa, bo need aot picture to bim**lf tbo open gambling aaloea, with it* meratrioiou* di-plav, aor tbo atraeta filled with mea aaeb barlag a largo revolver ?long to bit body ; bat ia a ehort time tt I* to be ho pel that onr city *batl be aa free from gambler* aad from armed men aa a Quaker chaecb, aa that the lft objec tion to emigrating to Oaltforala will be ioae away. Tien aball the hardy, the aober and tadaitriou* oltlxea tbtak it ia Indeed the Jaad of promiae, aad the tide of immigratioa that aball aot ia ahall urge aa oaward with giant atrldea ta tbo path of groataeaa aad prosperity. The Telegraph Through Mexico. COM M CN 10 ATION BITVE3X SAN FRANCISCO ASM NEW OBLVANB IK IIOBT D1TS. [From tbo Baa Francieco Herald, May 16.] We meatloaed acme tlme>go that Mr.rJ. A. Doyle, aa enterpiis'nc young (Oatleroaa, bad left thia city for 9aa Bl**. witb tbo intention of making the journey through Mexico to 'Vera Crux, with aa eye to tbo establishment of an overlandfexpreae from tbo Oalf to tbo Pacific, ta time to eoaaact with tbo ateamer* oa tbl* ooait bound to Ban Franciaoo, aad tboo* oa th* Oalf runaiag to New Oileana. Mr. Doylo returned from bl* tonr of ohaervatioa oa the laat iteamer, and giro* a highly favorable report of the practicability of bla enterprise. The port of Manx*. niUo, ta the State ofOol ma, will hereafter be tbo later - mediate depot of tbo Nicaragua ateamer* between Saa Franclaco aad San Juan. It ia Mr. Doylo'a Idea to raa aa expre** acrons the conatry from Manxaaillo to Vara Crux and bach again. Thia can be done, without diflloul ty, In fir* day*. The road, the whole way, la in excel lent order, aot only for courier*, bat bo raporta that aa exprean wagon can be driven over It without dlfflulty. Should he carry bla project into operatioa, the trip from New Orieana to San Francieco can eaaily be made la thirteen, or allowing for coatlngenclea net now f ore seen, in fifteen day a at he out*lde> Tbia will give ua new* from the' Atlantic cltlao In from eight to ten days in advance of the mail*. Bat tf only three or four days' time li gained by tbl* arrangement, it will be of lacalcalable icrvioe to onr community. The telegraph ia now completed from Vera Craz through the city of Mexico to Leoa, oa the way to Saa Bla*. Colonel Stewart, who la the proprietor of the line, baa recently returned to Wexloe from the United State*, and ia now at work axtendtajr tha line of tela graph from I eon to Maacanillo, a distance of not more than cue hundred and aixty or one hundred and eighty neilei. It will be completed In a few mouth* aad then there will be laatant coinmuaieatioa between Vera Crax (only three day* dlatant from New Orieana) and Mavxu nillo, only five day* from San Fraaciaoo? reducing the time fr?m city to city to only eight daya? a gain of four* teen or alxteen day a en the time now made between the two place*. It ia difficult to over eatlmate the value of such dijpatch, not only to the preat, and through it to the reading community at large, bat to haainesa men on both aides of the continent. We recommend Mr. Doyle'a enterprlao to the hearty support of our oitlzeau. Ha haa resided for aome time in Mexico ? la familiar with the country, the language aad the bablta of the people, aad poeaeaae* the energy necessary to carry out hia plana. The Walker Expedition. [From the Alt* California, Ma j 10.] At last the famous Walker expedition has sailed. The brig Vesta. Gapt. Richard Eyre, left our harbor yester day morning at one o'clock, and quietly proceeded on fcer passage. Tlia brig had been lying for eosae days at Stewart street wharf, under attachment; after the rais ing of this attachment she was still detained by the county sheriff for fees of office, amounting to 1360. Deputy Sheriff Purdy had the Teasel in charge, and was very contentedly observing the movements of the mnley crowd on board, never dreaming of the real intention of going to sea that night. A bent 12 o'clook, Col William Walker requested the Deputy to step below and examine some papers, which it was necessary to see by candle light, and Mr. Pnrdy, being on the beat of terms with the com minder, he ac ccmpanied him, when he was coolly informed that the vessel would get under war at once, aad that no vio lence would be offered should he (the Deputy) remain quietly below. In fact, he was a prisoner to an Intents and purposes. The fastening! were now nolselesaly let go; the steam tag Resolute (fit name for the nature of the enterprise) glided alongside, and in a few momenta the gallant ves sel was swiftly shooting past the city; and out to sc*. The Heads cleared, the tog let her go, and away she spread under a press of sail, to the south-westward, with a stiff northwest tresis after her. So the f anion* Walker expedition 1s the last off. The character of the men composing this party Is far better, as regards capa city and morals, than that of the 8onora expedition, and some of that number are among these. The number, including officers, is fifty- six. They art splendidly armed aad equipped, have a uniform aad a fine band ef music? a great desideratum among the Ni caraguans/who attach great impoxtance to the " pomp acd circumstance of glorious war." Every man has a rifle, two large naval Colt's revolvers, a bowie knife, and as much more armiment' as the faacy of the person m'ght dictate. There are no field pieces on hoard. The deputy sheriff was kindly treated wnile detained below, wlta ci gars and champagne, and recommended to keep ceol and make himself perfectly comfortable. He was carefully depositsd on board the Resolute on her retain, and laad eifgafely in town yesterday morning. The little army sent back repeated and hearty cheers to ths steamer, after she cost off, which were heard dis tinctly over the sea after her distance had given her the appearance of aghost She was soon a white speck in the moonlight The following are the names of some of the principal prisons on board known to us, though there were many more celebrities in the ranks whose names we coulo net obtain. As the organ! tat Ion was to be eflected after her departure, we do not give the raok. CoL William Walker, Commander-in-Chief ; A, L. Kewen, (probably to be sseoad in command;) Jasaes Bliaekleford, (nephew of Gen. EsteU;) R. T. Merrimtn, (brother of lieut. Merrlman, of the United States schooner Mercy :) Edward Rlgga, Char lee Turn bell, (of Sacramento;) Edward Bawl, (of Mow Orleans;) James McNsb. B. F. wmianssoa, F. Anderson, James Con nelly, George Leonard, John Marram. Ool. Hornsby, Tbonai Kennedy, Ches. Brogan, Jaases Sands, In all 60. Mr. A. L. Kewen Is a >ounger brother of E. J. C. Kewen, Esq., of this city; he was in the Cuban expedi tion, under Lopez, and took the fort at Gardenas, gai ri se ned with twenty- four men, with nineteen Amsrfcaas ; be afterwards escaped to Key West. Mr. Williamson was a lieutenant in the Mexican war; Colonel Hornsby was also in ths Mexican war, as were nearly all of the abeve mentioned. No person has been allowed to join this expedition who could not bring sat isfactory proof of previous military service, or were well known as men of courage and determination in San Francisco. The Testa will proceed directly to Amapala, in Tigre Island, Bay of Fee sees, where the expedition will be thoroughly organized. It has not yet been decided which route to take from Tig re Island into Nicaragua? by the ?? ten road to Tameieke, and thence through Chinandega to Eecn, the headquarters of Don Fraaclsoo CsstlHon, aad a distance by laad travel of some forty eight mttez over a level country ; or to the port of San Lorenzo, on the bay, aad thence thrqpgn the neat cattle hacienda of San Bsraarda to Lsoa; both are msl bis and easy routes, aad the intermediate country, at the last accounts, tn the hands of the OastlOoa party. Mules will be furnished oa time for the entire party at San Bernardo, by the proprietor, who Is strongly com. promised on ths democrisie or CWtlDeo side, aad per haps the wealthiest citlsen of Nicaragua. Great bopeg of the enterprise are entertained fn this city, as the expedition sails under the direct authority and by the express Invitation of the existing govern ment of Nicaragua The matter prudently managed sad no excessee committed, amy ripen into a powerful American tnfluecoe being permanently established in Central America, not less thaa 7ft, 000 acres of lead being pledged by Mtaal treaty to Walker aad his men, should they succeed In quieting the Oaamorro party and restore Nicaragua to peace. The original intention of landing at Realejo, or 8aa Jnaa del Bar, was ulti mately abandoned. The Blew City Charter of Ian Francisco. lhe new chsrter previdee tor the election of the fol lowing officers, with the attached oompensations>_^^ 1. A Mayor, (allowed a clerk with a salary of $2, fiCO per annum. )..... 2. A Comptroller 4,000 3. A Marshal 4. A Surveyor (in lieu of Street Commissioner) . . 4,000 6. An Attorney, (allowed a clerk with a salary of $2,600 per aaaum) *.000 ?. A Treasurer ' 7. Tsx Collector, allowed a|commias1on or IK per cent on all amounts pall by him la the Treasury. ? 8. One Aseceeor for each ward, each ,JJJ 9. One Alderman for each ward, saoh l.O?? 10. One Assistant Alderman for each ward. cash. 1,000 lite first election under this charter took piaoe on the fourth Monday of May. aad the officers elected enter upon the discharge of their duties oa the first Monday of July. As regards the Board of Education, section 61 provides as follows: for the election, "by the people at large, at the time of the general election, of at hast e gnt person*, or whatever larger even a umber may be deemed necessary, to oonstitute n Beard of Rdnmtlnn, of which the Mavor shall be ess officio Pre* ideal; also for the election of a Superintendent of PabUe Schools, wbeee duty shall be presrrtbed and ealaew flee* by sr dmtore, not to exceed two thousand heu4r?d dol lars per annate." fte members of V!u Rtsrd of Meca Vion at Unit Brit mwling draw t*g to detsntfat the l?|ttiriMln,uiMliV|o oat of oft tte HfnltM Of 0*0 NOV, MOHf It (MMHTT it mh Mt MquHt (twrU iInUw I* ritct (tm ? mm Moben who ut to hoM oOoo for two ;owi Mflog fcwt Wo cMtteao to roMiio for; ooNHmtac Momtt fro* tho varieaa mlaiag OUtricu of tko Sub*. la tko vicinity of Weavtrvttla aad oloac ?ha trtait y River aome Kl* surprising liitnw* of good lajk mi moral permaaea 7 of tho goM dig flags and their lasxhaus tibio tkmetar ku now become o tut iat laooateeti Mo foot. Am Aeroa a na Kin ?Tho IIw;itIIIi Beritld ?ay* Ifctt Mr. NotBo, tho ootor, vubM oat two oaaoes of fohl duat from o siagle aaa of earth, Ukoa front tho uactiea cUloi ot Iowa Bill Wo apprehead Mr. HhIi bM aover found oo rich Oifiieg* about aa/ theatre la Ulilaait, Bad those* tho poo pi* hero may mot appre eioto hia u oa actor, tho* wttt be wiAtag to admit him to tho wore exalted position of o good ?foot. May his daim Mnr |tn oat. ? BM Lump ?Wo won ihon tho big lamp of qaarta and gold which waa takoa out at Froaoh R>tIh, a?ar Dewn*viUe, b y oao of tho ubiquitous Smith family, aooM throo moatho ago. Tho weight of tbo lamp, or rathor boulder, la 96 pound* trop A largo psrttoa of It 1? quarts, bat tho smout of golt la It estimated at $10, COS. EobIoca Qcab t* Compact? This aooooUtioa is la a rorj flout ishlrg condition. Too California Hxprmt tar* that the Treaiuror had laid upon bu tablo what rare!/ adoraa aa editor's laactum ri?.:? botwooa ala* and too thooaaad dollars of pare gold, tho product of fir* weeks' labor of their mill*. Qi akti ? A party of miaere at work at Loag Hollow, Nevada county, struek on a very rtoh quarts load, from which thoy have siaee booa taking oat $MJ0 to $400 per d?y, urlag oaly a hand ?or tar. Too rota haa pro rod to bo a pertloa of the Wyoaiog quarti Tela. Ricn OLmms ?Motor*. Bur riagtoa k Co . at their dig Cnga oa Go '4 BUI, Nevada county, ta two day'* wash g. with Ave moo, took from their board alaloo tho aum of $1,808. Tabu Mountain Lbab.? The diggiaga la Caldwell's garden, at Shaw'a Flat, aro paying riohor tkaa ever. Nearly all the oompaaio* in the Uao of tko " rich el alum," have etrock tho lead. Thar haro followed It oa until it itriio* la at Tablo Monatala. The Souther a Mining Company, adjoining tho "rtoh claim," haro (crook tho lead, aad are taking oat a largo quaattty of gold every day. They have takoa out tbi* wook ap ward* of one hundred ouaeeo. Oao day'* work waa thirty oao ouacto. Diofaloation.? A rumor haa beta la circulation for the past two or throo days, to tho effect that a heary do faleatloa had been diacovoiod roceatly in tho account* of tho lato a root of Wills, Fargo k Co at Sacramento. Tho defalcation of Angus Frier ?oa occurred aomo foar moatba sge( and long before tho fall aro of Adam* k Co and tha other baako; aad aa the houao weat through that crisis aad caaae oat souad aad *afl?, there 1* aow ao roaaoa why it should bo affect*d by a dofalca tioa that happeaed long ago The oetaio of Friorsoa, it is laid, will pay the whole assount of tho dofaloatioo; so tbat the hoaae ought to bo ta aa healthy a condition as ever it was ? Alia California, May 16. Thi Two Russian Shits.? Tho' British frigate Pique was yet off tho harbor oa the lookout for the two Rus sian privateers (the Kama aha tha aad Nlahelt* L) at aachcr in tho ba / of Saa Fraacisoo The forsaer moaats tea guos, aad is ia *vtry way prepared for a maraudiag expedltloa oa tho Ehgiuh merchant vosmIs trading oa the Pacific ooaat. Th?y aro both, however, effieotaally blockaded. On the receipt of the recsat tows of the Emperor'* death the Kamchatka fired a number of Sana la tokoa of respect Wo shall not bo surprised to ear of hsr slippiag oat aad dodging the Britisher* yot. Thk Strmui TmjL? Tho Sutter title is oonfinaed. The d sou ion of the commisloaeas was rendered yostsrday, and, ao far aa wo have hoard, give* universal satisfac tion. the anxiety and uncertainty la regard to laad title* have long been serious impodimoata to tho State's prosperity, and aay thing that is likely to give confidence aad aeourity will bo of advantage to the people. This esse of Cept. Sutter is oao that has loag attracted an unuiual share of the public ataantion, not only oao from ita magnitude and importance, bat from the sympathy tbat has been folt for the old pioneer. Bow much of the claim remains ia his band* we know aot, but it Is to be bo fed tbat the long delay haa aot obliged htm to part with all of hi* once vast possession a.? Atta California, May IS. Hxavt Damages.? The jury ia tho cue of Henry C. Vaughaa v?. R. I.. Whiting, captain of tha mail stamer Sonora, brought la a verdiot at a late hoar on Friday night, awarding $5, COO #amai*s ia favor of tho plalatifti It will be remembered that Vaughaa waa oarpenter oa board tho atoatcor Sonora in December last, when a heavy amount of treasure waa stolen. Captain WLftlag. supposing Vaugban one of tha robbor*, had him placed tn irons and confined In tho ladies' bath room. For thia alleged illegal imprisonment aad cruel treatment, Vaugban brought suit ? laying bis, 'damages at $20, 000? and recovered as above. i.NOTHEB Amkkica* Doctor for tbi Seat of War. ? Pr A. Add. Marshal, of Soaora. has received a com mission In the medical staff of the Rassiaa army, aad will depart for the Atlantic States en route for Russia, on tho aext ttoamer. Dr. Marshal ban resided for seve ral yesrs at Sonora, aad haa earned the reputatioa of a thorough aad skilful physician. ? Alt a California. Marriages and Deaths. MARRIED. May 13, by the Bar. R. P. Cutler, Mr. Tbomta A. White to lilts Emma A. Hut, both of tiu FraooUco. At ButtevOle, 0. T., April 23, Mr. Joseph Buchtel to Miea Josephine Iitourette At the same time and place , Mr. Christian Switcer to ICiflt Elizabeth Gcer. Ia Yamhill conatj, April 22, Mr. George J. Stuart to Miss Edna A. Covens. Ob the 22c April, Mr. bistai Rossorants to MJm Mary J ace Choate, of Claoksaoaa county. At Oregon City, April 22, Mr. Absalom B. HaOeck to Miaa Ibrr T. Blias, both of Portland. la An bum. May 3, Mr. James Beck to Miss Laurlada Evans, all of Virginia, Placer county. Ob Pry Ckeek, Placer county, May 6, Mr. Johnson H. Cnlbertson to Mrs. Elizabeth Poor. Ia t an Francisco, May 9, by the Rev. Mr. Thomas, Mr. George W. Somarindy ke to Mi u Mary Yatea, of New Tork city. In Baa Francisco, by the Rot. Mr. Le Brae, Mr. John 8. Blakiaton to Mlsa Catharine Casaldy. At Moquahimae River, May 2, Mr. Joel Martin, of Cook's Bar. to Mlsa Mary M. Barton. At Wooa's Ferry, May 7, Mr. George L. Calaway tj Miis Amanda M. Church, both of Dry Cieek. Ia San Franciaco, by the Her. B. Brierly, Mr. Dennis Holland, to Mlsa Ellen Tiro. Ib Treka, April 28, Mr. Wa. Fletcher, of Douglas* county, O. T., to Miss Minerva Ban ton, of Shasta Valley. April 25, Mr. John Wilson, to Miaa Sarah Elizabeth Freeman, all of Shaata county. la ban Franciaco. .May 15, by A. Rlx, Esq. Mr. Timothy W. Newell, of Stockton, to Miaa Susan M. Aides, of flan Francisco. In San Franciaco, May 15, by the Rev. Wm. E. Poad, Mr. Samuel J. Wegeman, to Mlsa Louiaa Haxrold, both of Glen Goto, Long Island, N. T. In San Francisco, by Rot. Mr. Briton, Mr. William H. Charring ton, to Miss Harriet Bambridgn. In San Francisco, on Sunday, May 13, at the Unita rian church, by the Rev. R. P. Cutler, Mr. Thomas A. White, to Mits Emma A. Hunt, both of San Franciaoe. In San Franciaeo, on the 12th May, by Jamea G. P?ar aon, J. P., Jacob Jegger, to Miaa Sarah Taylor. At Santa Roaa, by Judge John E. McNalr, Mr. T. C. Bishop, to Miaa Klira Smith, all of Bonora. In Petaluma, on the 10th May, by Rev. Mr. Guernsey, Mr. William Von Houten, to Mary, eldest daughter of H. Baaaett, Esq., all of Petaluma, MBV At Fair Play, EMoiado county. April 28, Edward Tho aaas, formerly of Missouri, aged 24 year*. At Eureka, April 24, Mr. H. M. Fellows, aged 23 years. la San Franciaeo, of Panama fever, Arthur Egglee, lately returned from New York. On the 17th April, in Polk county, Oregon, Mrs. Eliza beth Liggett, win of Jonathan Lfggeta, aged 66 years and 5 months. At Monte Criato, on Wednesday, May 9, Mr. Daniel L. Wood, late of Crown Point, New York, aired 25 years. In Han Francisco, Mary Coralie, infant daughter of Aler. G. and Emilia Abell, aged 4 months and 12 daya. At Monterey, on 7th Inst., Dona Maria A. Lugo de Va Lejo, aged 78 years, wife of the late Ignatio Valejo 3he was born at .San Louie Obispo, married to Iter god rather when thirteen years old, and had 166 children, irand- children, and great-grand-ehlldrsn. At Pajaro, lately, Dona Perfeta Rodriguez, wlie of Don Rodriffutz. In Honolulu, April 2d, Mr. Chartoe S. Caveaagb, late of San Francisco, formerly of New York. At Saeramanto, April 28th, from the eflect of Injariee received while prospecting war Jim Grow Canon, Mr. Geo. Harrington, formerly of Boston, Mass. At 8mith's Flat, Mr. Galehanae, formerly ef Calum bus, Ohio. At French Camp, May 10th, Mr. Soott Hord, of Ban dolph county, Mo., aged about 22 years. Haikehk Bah Fbaxcuoo, May 16, 1895 ' Flock ? Sales of 200 bbla. Haxall en private tense; 150 3o. GaOego, and 30 do. HazaU, jobbing, at 913 per bU. ; 75 ca. Suffolk, at 912 60; 260 qr. aka. Aabley'a aeff-iiaiag, at 910; 260 do. Santa Clara, at 97; 100 do. Magnolia. at 17; 2,0(0 do. Oregon, at 90; 980 do. dome* tie, in thine lata, at 94; and 137 do. inferior do at 96 90 per 200 lb*. Wheat? Sales sine* report of yesterday, of 702 ska. at I \'e. ; 472 do. at lXe. V** ; aad 1,200 do. at 91 96 a 91 96 per 100 lba. Birlxt? Sales of 10,000 aka. ChilL on private tor mi; 500 do. California, on private terms: 800 do. do. at lj?e. per lb ; and 480 do do. at 91 30 a ?1 86 per 1?0 lba. Oats? Sale* of 860 ska. on private terms; aad 100 do. at 2c. por lb. Bcckwdut? Sale of 36 ska. California, at per lb. Cdiu Pracjw? Sales of 360 ctroons, at 20s. per lb. Dmao Arrtae ? Bale of 100 kegs, at 9tfe. per ft. Potatokr ? Sales of 160 ?ks., at 6#e. ; 130 do., at 82Jic ; 3C0 do., at 65c.; 200 do., at 70c.; and 100 do., at 76c. per bag. Tea? Sales of 400 ca. gunpowder, In 1 lb. canisters, a' 40c. ; 40 <o. Young Hyaon, in 61b. bxs., and 40 hf. cheH* Oolong, on private terms. 8r (MR? Sales of 100 hf. bbla. New Orleans, a**^? per lb. / _ , AiaosM ? Sale laat evening of 36 bbla. paper ? Casm.w? Sale of 260 half boxes adamantine, States Island brand, at 24 j. per lb. Pre farm-Bale of lOO doiwn Wendell k ^ p? p?h-, ~ '"KKirSiBnBl-fcto o? 1,000 plton., La wort, ?t 70c. per gallons. From Oregsn. h'lhVlrJsl ot Bunts, for tto snnrde'r child ttn, hM rw?lUd In th? (oflowlof vwdltt ? W? tat tba prisoaer Mt guUt y. by mm ?f af Bated." the Drmocra-. mj*?" w? luri (r<? tae tfftm vht ktn lul charge of the itMuc, that he kM ItkM itllkr food oar drink mmcu b* m broarht to the ert / for tiUl a p?riod of too days, aal that be daice his seUrssiaatsoa to eUrre hima*:r to death, ?MkireMiioM f aoquiUed. Hums was Hied oaly ?a en? oi the five isriietseeate fowad agnltat him Ho mlM bo triad ifM ou of th* remaining iadlotaseate at tbo Jul; Um o( the court, ressaiaiag too while la cu? tody." the At gut says ? " Wo uadereUad that qu'te a asm b?r of lumen, ia liftittt mcUm of tbo ulliy, tro Mtkf wnifNittti l?r looontf thew stock east of tbo In? do meuatoias daring the present imon Oiik if ootirol/ too scare* io in tny pieces ?t pr?*eat to support the Urge band* of cattle etraed bjr aur of our farmers Tbo country Mil of tbo Casoadrs, beiag yet Movttltd, ill oao of tbo boat gra/leg MeitriM tu tbo ? or Id,* U j oat tbo place wboro a Lermit, vbooo o|0 is boot pleased With sleek fat herds, would bo well satia ted to spend b>s da/a " The several putiw oho bars cos tracts oa tbo Military toad fn a t'a|qu to MyrM.Gieek, in progressing r#r y rapid; with thetr work, and tbo majority of them wtU baro lb air eoatraoU completed prwious to tbo Uaao specified, tbo Ut of June. MAHEKTS. "** Portland, 0. T , April its. ? A fair amount of business wm done at the rnmiaoarr mnnt of tbo woak just past, bat, since tbo departure of tbo steamer, trade baa bee a light. Ingaarral awrcbau tiro wo Bate a decline. Sugar, 9c. a 11c : salt, lie.; candi?a, S'2\o. , couatrj flour baa boon sold in Portltad during the past w?k at $*; wbuit, $1 a 91 IS }i per busnttl; o*ts, 60c. a 00 ; potatoes, !4i?o. a tic per bushel; coifte lCc. a 10c.; furniture. 100 per caat over Now York coat; lumbir, $10 a $l.< par X. ; bricks, ?10 a ?14p<rM. From Halt Ukt. OftSON BYTI ON THIS UKMTILU ? PAtflHB AND PEJTl 1KNII FBKDICTK*? TH# BU/OU OF KAKTlBli. The :-aU Laka Arm* coatalaa a aum'ser of laa^tiy M>r mans delivered receatiy b; tbo loading Sala'o? among others, ono by Eidor Or wo Hyde, ia whicb be takaa a text from one whoa he calls "a diatiaguUhod outsider Piesidect 1 irroe. He says:? "Ia the laatgoaoral opiatio of Franklin Fierce, Chief Apostle of tbo United States of A, written to his brethren of tbo Seaat* and House of Hepieosntativaa la General Conference aieem kM, flrat dense of tbo lirst Torse, yon will Bad these reloadable word a recorded: ? 'The past baa been aa eventful jeer, aad will hereafter be referred to aa a marked epoch la tbo history of the world. While we barn boon happily preserved from tbo calsaaltiea of war, our domestic prosperity has not be?n entirely uninter rupted. Tbo erops, ia portions of tbo oaaatry, bare beta nearly eat off. Disease has prevailed to a greater extent than asuai; aad tba sacrifice of baman li'e through casualties by aea aad land it without paral lel.' " Upon this teat he makes aa elaborate address to conrlnoe the Mormon* tbat all these distresses hare come upoa the nation, aad tbat more will follow, be cause the American psonle barn winked at the murder of the Prophet JoeBmith, becauae God la aagry with them for having quietly suffered hia chosen people [the Mor ?tons] to ba robbed, plundered, murdered and d iren like ckaff before the wind, without iatnrpoeiag la any way to to pre rent it, and because their petition a and cries for rediOM ware oabaeled. ''Aad now," triumphantly exclaims Or son, 'the nation may begin to ask, 'Was Joesph Smith a FiopbetY' Did he not propbscr that all these a (Ilia, tiona should fall upou the people t For thua the ix>rd bath spoken [in the Book or Hormoa] : " Nations shall be cut off when th?y are ripe In Iniquity, Bat thef are not ripe ia Iniquity until thpy kill my a errant*, and cast out my people ;? then will I ristt them in my anger, sod ft x tbeui in nir <lapleasurs, and out off their bitter brsncbss. A desolating sickness shall cover the land. (l?oe Book of Covenants.) Famine shall sorely oppress them? conluaion and ear shall make their hearta faint, ?nd their kneea to tremble." " Would to God," contl nnea Orson, T?ry ploaely, " tbat oar nation had never given cause for distress which they aow ohly begin to toller t Would to Goi tbat toey, chiefly for their sateen, had never provoked tie anger of the almighty by killing oar prophets, and casting oat oar people." Orsoa taken It for granted, becauae he says " it has been preached about, written upon and prophecied of by the Mormons for the past twenty year*," tkat a famine is to visit ear people* forthwith, and he urges tho saints and aloneta, Jews and Gentile*, white men and red, in Ut*b, to go to work with all their might to raise wheat, corn and stock? to save all their gialn, aad aow all the/ possible can. lie compares the Mormons to Joaeuh, dri ven oat by bis wicked brethren,? the people of tns Uni ted States? and predicts that, aa of old, these brethren will toon he going do*n to the lend of Joseph to save them from famine. Hio appreciation of the Sori pture story is T*ry imus'eg. He sets "Prepare storehouses ia whish y oar bountiful orops can be saved. Komember Joseph in Fgypt. The old man bmself and all the boys had to go to blm, for he had coin ia time of famine Politician* oppose our gathering together. But if yoa will have pleaty ot wheat, perk aad beef on band, ill hell cannot atop them from oomiag here. Look out for tho old man, aad all the boy*, to come bending unto you, and I'll venture they will aot quarrel with you about the anion of church and State ? at least not until they have had their breakfast. W? may tlien tell tbemathat*when we were with^them thay burned up our wheat In the stack, In the shock, and that which was scattered In the field. They bar; 1 ouz hay and our bouses, sad left our sick, our wom? -i\ child ren, in the scorching sun and beating rain, without food or shelter. We told tnem when they did it that wa would have wheat when they had none. When thee* poor starv ing thousands flock here for fool, will it uoi be glory ei ou, h for yon to begin with to feed them? to give tbem shelter aid administer to the sick? Will not such coals e, beaped(apon^thoir heads, bo hot enough to aatlify righteous Indignation? If you will do as you are told, jour ejee shall witness just such scenes. You may ask, ' When will those things be t' Answer, ' Just io soon as von c*n possibly lay ap tho wbeat.' If the United States will not make Brig ham Young Gover nor, wheat wm. Jnaeph'e b rethrew never voted to make him Governor over them; bat ho was eleeted to tbat office by a joint ballot of wheat aad corn. There is more salvation and sesuntv in wheat than in aU the po litical schemes of tho world? and also m re power in it than in all the contending armies of the nation*. Raise wbeat aad lay it ap in store till it will bring a good prloo? not dollars and cents? but kingdoms, countries, peoples, tribes and tongues. 'They bare sold themselves for naught, and must be redeemed without money.' It will take wboat to redeem tbem. Raise wheat aad lay it up securely, and It will preach tly 'gathering' more eloquently, aucccsafnlly and extensively than all the mti S'onariea that wo can send oat to sweep through the nations with the proelamatisn of tho judgments of God abroad in tbo land." Be reiterates bis blasphemous asserti ? that the Savler of mankind was a polygaraist in practice:? "I discover tbat some of tbo Eeetera papers, represent me ss a great blasphemer, because I said ia my lecture oa "Marriage" at our last conference that Jesus Christ was married at Caaa of SaHUee? that Mary. Martha and others were bis wire*, aad that be begat children. All tbat T have to aay ia rirnly to that charge Is this:? They worship a Saviour that is too pure sad holy to fulfil the commands of his Father. I worship one tbat is just, pure snd bely enough 'to fnlfll all righteousness'? not only the rigbteone law of baptism, but tho atlU more righteous and important law 'to multiply and replenish the earth.' Startle not at this! for even the Father him self honored that law by coming down to Mary, without a natural body, and begetting a son; aad If Jeeas begat children, be only 'df? that which he had aeen hia Fatber do.' ? Jtfwi from the Itndwlch IiUodii TBI ALLIED 8QVADB0N ABOUT TO BLOCKADE TBTKO PACLOWPEI - CB1MS I* THE ULANDS? THE JUDI CIARY? APPLICATIONS FOB DIVORCE DECREASING ? 1088 OP OOVBBNMBKT PRBASUKB? THEATRICALS. We have flies of Honolulu (8. I.) papers to the 21st of ApriL The n?wi U ra'her important. Hex Bri tunic Majesty's icn* corvette Brisk, 13 gun? Cfcpt. Curtis, arrired at Honolulu from Callao on th? 14th April. On the 16th the got np steam and toured the Dido out, which haa gone to blockade Petfopanlowaki. On tho 17th, H. I. M. frigate Alee* to, 60, arrived from Oallao, and willed on the 20th? destination not publicly known. The frigate Preaidont, Admiral Bruoe, Miled on the 18th, and the Brisk in the afternoon of the same day. bound to the northward. From the above It would teem that the allied fleet In the Pacific ate about making another attack on Petro paolowskl, which port they would probably m*im on or about the 20th of May. From all that can be learned from Pttropaulewskl, there la every probability that they will meet with aa warm a reception u they did on their previous visit. The Legislature was despatching busineee? poshing bills through with little delay. The report of Chief Justioe Leo 1s published, and, takes aa a whole, Is a remarkable document. The con victions for offences against the laws have increased the Fit year, but the increase is confined almost exelutire to Honolulu. The number of eonvietions in Hawaii is 829. a decrease of 200, as compared with the previous year ; la Maui, ?, ? ;?*-? ?r pvraons pjro wcuted, 984; number of persons couTl8t?u, *%?, ?."S.rW'r of persons acquitted, 203. Total amount o I fines im posed, 94,139 02. In Onhu there have been 2,290 oouTictlona tot various offences, mostly petty, during the year 1864, which ?hows an Increase of 789 over the returns of last year. This increase has been in the offences of drunkenness and fast riding. The amount of Usee and costs actually paid in the se veral districts of Oahu, appears by the folio wing table:? Honolulu 810,199 M 1,045 24 Sr.".-:: 351 CO Walalua..'.' ?? 98 Koonlauioa 50 E^Kpoko. "71 >0 Total 817,590 78 t. if.n.t ?ad Kllhau. it appears that the number of cases trW during 1854 is precisely the sami aa that for jij53 ^nely, 224, while the convictions are 109, being u'crease of 10 over 1888. rhe applications for divorces have diminished, while 4e number granted has been increased, aa wQl appear by fhff follow i Dir table:? iVo. Application!. Dtnird. O ran led. 1 344 383 31 1 240 103 87 The abore compilation affords a very strange index to the character of the inhabitants of the Islands, more particularly, as among the whole nnmoer, not one eapl tal offenoe is named, the whole being for petty crime*. Among the Legislative reports we And the following strange explanation of the Ministers of Finance and Edu cation in relation to the safety of the government vault, sad the lois of 11,841 60 by the Department of Public instruction Mr. Allen stated that the money of the government w?r~et m trunk* In the vault, and that he considered 1 However, to bo mare sure, he intended -tth ,*,n<1ow' vault either walled up or ft2d ?batters. mm eMdK2rf?kii*Of8,llBl money in the Trea VZlZmL M wS. '* wonli net be secure in hl? u f?\iTB*rt it oo4'<** '* Jue last, and when eaQed Mini MiiMbd had kM hJ tki* It bU MM knrt te ear tut M Itl <(M the mmt kr in? a af* oreet?d ft>?' ?' irae. til* but of the nwi er m kdw o t tk? ?#ult iHhw alm?iti?Ni tuM te miter It ifaNit oer?ain (kit b? ru tkt cal |Tit. N4 tlvw expected (kit ha wo'tfd te properly ??alt with. Mr*. ML 1 Bmeb >ia uutuMl to girt t- ?*??" M teo tU, by Mr. til Mi* tor Hut of Ml Mr. Z*aky. The Pciynrriam, gf April ilet, np -Wi kin raeMr M * Uag twwitrtiH frtui Ohpt. H^mw Pratt, au J* !l tt* bMk 0 u naU ef Kail Rjrer, M*ee.. teach ?** matter af >he Jaha Ual a ad la r?fV ia a at ?JWMteai ruraUhed ua bf Capt. Brraat af the Gideoa Uavtoad, aad published (a the /'olyieastea af Jw. S7th. g*^? lata for tMe iaaue, bat ae wa proaai tad i^^Zi v? v *"* *' our far aar eipaaaUina height ikNi* ta Make, wa ahatl eadeaver ta Aal WMere* bU rammaeicuttoa la aur Beit rl *? ** 0hmri~ 8- Ca?M?k, lata af tea fraaclaea, (ermer y af New Yeck. Tlae Oua at Hlu Baabltf. *? TBI BDITOxt OK TU U&ALV. PBiiADKLntia, J una S, 1MJ. Dkab Snt? I have juit aaaa the Sundit H*halb ar tha SdiaMteat, ia vhUh I Hnd published my letur af ia quiry ta you. relative ta the caf Uaa at a oertaln articla a hick appeared ia year paper la Ua/ laat, tIi.:? "A aecead editlaa af Maria I' oak, tc " la aaewar, yea are pltimt ta eay? "Will tlia tnqairer ?lata what the abject af tua inquiry U T Wa akaU thaa take tha matter lata grave oonaitleratiaa. " The object of the (aquifer ia, ta ebtaia aueh facta aad lafermation a* aijr bjof ua ta her whea aha ah all commeace a ault for alander aad dafaaaatioa af eharae. ter ?gaiaat a certala individual, aad kla aMaolatea> whoever they ai; be, who hat previously threateaed, aad is aow eadeavoriag te carry lata effect aueh tbreata, to dee trey her repatatloa for veraoUy aad oheatlty? a vindictive retallatioa for tha injunctioaa aha hai cauaed ta be placed oa Meaara. Dewitt, Daveapoit aad e'.hera, to aupareea the publlcatio^of her book by them. Hailug bow aaawered jour question, l bag leave ta aay to tha latter part of yeur remark, about ''lalag tha aiatter lata (rave conaideratioa," that at flrat bluah It aeemed ta be aareaatic. I am, howevor, not wllliag to belie re It waa tataaded aa aaeh. I oaa aee ae reajoa why aa iadepcadeat jouraallat, ( aad If you are aot ear, where ia he to bt touadf) should tvke ?idea with anybody, and the mere eepecially agate at a young lady who liaa been unfortunate enough te be inve'gled lata a Romish ooarant, under the Ion aad guiae of haly life; aad ea th? diacovery of her errar make* her eaoape, bee a oaa aot permitted te depart with the ooaaant of the officers of the iaatltutiaa. 1 know you are too cautloui In your business arrange - tneate te admit libellous artiolea lata your paper, wlthoat kaowiag the aathon. Oa the first ar aecead of May laat. I called at the counter af the IIebald office, aad teaaenag a card signed by Miaa Bunkley h?nelf, to the proper clerk, aektd haw much I ahoald pay for oaa ia certloa 1 Aad alio* me here ta aa/ that thla card waa the only article arer pabllahed by Miaa Baakley, ar by her aaactioa, dariag the whole proceed lag a before the U K Court ?all elae waa by the oppoaita party. The cleric read over the card reiy alewiy, taking time raeagh to cead It orar four Mmea. Ba than ?ald, "I doa t thlak we oaa iaaert this? it ta too personal. ' ' I replied, "there eaa be no objecUoa aurely, when the aame of ttie party waa affixed, and took all the reeaeaaibility." He thea Raid, "1 will abow it ta Mr. Beaaett." "No," aaid I, "I eaa do that my eell " aad taking the paper from him I weat to aee Mr. Bennett? and after giving my name la writing, and fully explainiag the matter te eae of tbe proper officer* who cemmualea'ed with him, th6 card waa learrted. With each proper care aad cau tion, I cannot bat believe tbat yeu can give tbe aame of tbe author, and that you will do ao aa requeated. Not having expected my former letter for Miaa Buak ley to appear in priat? it being bat a bnaiaeaa matter, and mere of a privet} thaa of a public aature ? I waa of c"T?e much auiprlaed at Ita appearance Taking for granted that you will do the aame with thla, 1km written more at leagth, that tbe whole matter may be better aaderatood by the public, aad to obtaia th a pub lication without tbe coat of an advertisement for that purpose, lam. very re*peotfully, youra, SOLOMON ANDREWS. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. MOJTEY MARK K T. Wkd-vesdaf, Jaao 6?6 P. U. The news from Europe and California, or some thing e"??, fcai a v.ry favorable effect upon the stock ms;ket this inorDing. a. very a;tlve demand ex 1*1 i tor all t'ae leading securities, and an ad fai c- a priccH wis reabzed la nearly every in star At the fl (St board Illinois Central Bands improved i percent; ditto Free land, 4; Ner York Central Bonds, 4; Canton Company, 4; Nioaragua Transit, 4; Cumberland Coal, j ; New York Central Railroad, 4; Erie Railroad, Harlem Railroad, i; Michigan Boathem Railroad, 14; Panama Railroad, 1; Illinois Central Railroad, 4; Cleveland and To ledo Railroad, }; Reading Railroad, | at the open ing, at which very large aalea were made; bat a few small lota of stock were afterwards sold by the bean below tbe market price, for the purpose doobtlcOT, of bringing about a reaction. The tata ?alee at the first board of this stock, sum np tlx thousand shares. There was a little more activity in Harlem today, at a slight advance In piioea. Btate stocks were in better demand, prln si paily these of Western State*. Qaite a variety of railroad bond* were sold to-day. Erie*, 1875, sold to some extent at previoue prises. The market throughout was buojant, and buyers appeared to be more abundant than sellers. There was very little cash atock offered, exoept Reading. Of that stook four thousand of the six sold, was for oath. The facility with which Reading is soli for cash, and tbe improvement in prices in the face of large supplies, j frighten the bean. They hardly know what to make of the movement. When the atock touches par, they will begin to look into it, and then they ! will find out the cause of the rise which has been ' going on iteadlly for the past five months. Tie following sales were mads at auction to-day by J. Thcmpton, R. W. Latham officiating aa auctioneer $12,COO Klieonri 6>* 93 % 7.COO Virginia Vb 99>? 1,000 North Carolina C's W % 4,000 .'-'an Francisco City 10'? 97 X 6,0(4 L. ErU, Wabash and St. Louia 7'?. . 73^ to TiJi The following sales were ale* made at auction:? I 40 ahatca Knickerbocker Ufa Ins. Co 3fl>? ? 1.192 do. St. NichoUa In?. Co 44 to 60^ 20 eo. Mechanica' Bank, WlUlanubuig 42 I 200 (to. New York Consolidated Stag* Co.. . 56 9M)b Cincinnati and Chicago R. Estate Bond 10*a 65 9 do. do. da. do. 63 ?5(0 Cine In., Loganaport and Chicago RR. 6'a. . . 72 $e,roo Ohio and ifiaaiaeippl 7'a 67>? S2.0C0 Fluahisg RR. First Kortgaga Boada 64 26 ebarea Northern Bank, Kentucky Ill >? 20 do. Indianopolia ana Cincinnati RR in 1,800 do. Union Gold Co ofN. Caro., per ah., ii6a3dio. 260 dc. Ohio and MLselaalppl RR ? A. H. Nlcolay's regular semi-weekly auction sale of stocks and bonds will take place to morrow, (Thursday,) at 13? o'clock, at tbe Merchants' Ex- ' change. At tae second board the market wm active, bat not so buoyant gener illy. Reading Railroad advanced i per cent on the closing prloes of the first board* The tonnage on thin road thin week will be oompa. ratfrelj small, la consequence of the mine* in the Schuylkill region being Inundated with the recant rain. It will take some days to tree them. What ever happens to reduce the weekly tonnage now uwji nm> w uwib ?r ? ? ...? urn in the season, when hl^ier toQa will be current. Con ameer* of eoalare, therefore, injured by theee ao ddenta, while the railroad company ie benefitted. Brie was active this afternoon at lower prices. Cumberland and all other stocks dosed without change. The transactions at the Assistant Treasurer's office today, were aa fellows Paid on treasury account $109,100 0 2 Rocoived do 143,087 01 HnUac* do 2, '280, 812 78 Paid for AMty Ofle* 38,778 18 Paid o* dlsbnrslsg clucks 64,461 66 The warrants entered at the Treaaniy Depart meet, Washington, on the 4th Inst., wave aa M lows For t*o Treasury dopartinont #277,118 76 For tte into* tor Department 3,382 30 For tho Customs 61,166 86 From Customs 416,63*30 From Unas 226,710 80 On tcoouat of the Nary 220,683 00 The steamship Northern Llgft, from Nionragua, brings us paper* farm Sin Francisao to ths 16th of May, Inclusive, and 152 1,000 on freight. It in report ed that the pasaenger* bring a very large amount in gold, besides drafts on the government treasurer ot this port. The estimate la, that the receipta by thia steamer will figure up fall one million of dollar*. The maO steamer via Panama, will ha In toon with upward* ot a million In geld, besldea draft* and the ?meant la th* hands of pasaenger*. The total re ceipt* thk week win not vary much from two mi ll en* and a half or dollar*. The atoamahip II ?tea, from Boafttn far Uvir pooi ?ooay, oanM ho\ |1,013,4W U spsoJa, OmMf hM <ui?d > ? i m? i mmm * *** i*mi Oit>eeetf Fir* iBsaraaoft Ooapaay *M par oak lb* Oaweg* iai Syraaoas BiHrwl Oeasp hare dcotarod ? cash dividend of three aad ft I p'T cent; tbft Mernatao Maaafaetwiac (Maps t/oweO. fif* per cent; tte Boston Qm Onp ft quarterly dividend ftf tw? ud ft Yoaktn Gk Coapu; fwr nt oeai, | ThefoUowtajria eanteftsftatafthefc am ftha euili is this btaio, is tha m 1864 ftftd 1866: ? May. 1864. 18<"5. First week 11U.1M 44 ftM.Ml M fc?cood VMk .... 18t,SM 80 1W '111 M Tftic? wMfc i ae,?n 26 os.sti u FouU wwk 13l,ua M 130, 4U 3T ToUU $60S,1K 17 $398,029 38 IIM.U1 ItiirtyoMib; telegraph thst the Ltu Esrugs Institution had failed. The deflate la ?Uted at #500, 00ft, ftfti thensaeta it about $lMj$$?. A oharge of embtrzleaoent, il i> said, la agaiaat one of the offioera of the taatitmlea Tbe Newark Daily Advtrtuar tbaa apai *?.A. Whitehead, the recently appelated sum of the llail*m KtiLroad:? I Ur Wa. A if Uitebetd, ?( tkii city, the able I? - I ter y ol the New Jerur lUilread C ompaay. baa Jaat Ma I oiionn Ttmum of the Vew York u< Harlem BaHl? ft I Company, ta the pi ice of W. B. Draper. Ktq . (NMft Mi. Whitehead h*e accepted tha aapelataieaS aad taa> dered hla reugneiioa to tha New Jersey Onaiuf, thft Dtxeotore of which paaeed reMlutioaa (Me MB ifthft neat highly campUuentmg the lueaer ia which ha haft faldlied aia forcer duU?? We ere (U4 te tear* Mat Mr W. aade hie aocepUaee of the appolatmeat ma*' tioeal Lpom hU retaining hi* rteidtace la New JenMk aad we take plaaawe la addlag that tha H?Heea OaS? peay have made a ao*t fortunate aelrcttea far aha* eel rae We kaaw af a* aia to there efhiy qaaUSed la* the poeitloa by prerioua experieaoeta Saaaoe tilha maa, aad they aaay weft "coa'graiulete th*maei*aa ta aaeoxiac aaoh acryieee aa aa he ia able to reader tftaa* The report of tbe Portland, 8aoo aad PortMll Rallrcftd Company exhibita the foUowia* nuaHi ftf the past year'e bnaineM, ending Mi y 31, IBM: fc? coase, $279,0 85 39; total ezpeoaa, including 919JH& charge to reeewal account, $147,988 64; sal iaoaa% $131,096 76; from which dftdnot tw? dfrideads lac the jear, of three per cent, $83,966, aad $626 3$ tm damages to persona la 1851, leaving aarjdfta aaafr inga over 6 per oeat, or $47,615 39; aamttfap plus fund June, 1854, $79,714 40; makiag the MM surplus fund $118,229 79; paid Ewteta, aad Bealfti and lfaine Railroad $46 000; balance to srsdtt af sgency May 31, $72,229 79. This read ia perpfttoallj to the Eastern and Boston aad loads, they guaranteeing six per cent Uteres!, wM* ia promptly paid semi unoa'iy. It will be ma that tbe road baa not only earned thla alz par aiftt bnt a surplus of $47,616 39, equal to nearly lea par cent, $40,000 of which baa been paid ta the toft roads to whioh tt ia leaaed, ia tbe shape of pnifc fremthe contract. Tbe ftrrlTtls at thia port ia May nambarad tJU$ ?eeatlF? 80 foreign and 3,387 ceaatwbe. Of thla brr 24 were shipe, 27 barka, 94 brigs, 917 < 346 sloope, 92 steamer*, 909 birgea, aad 1,161 1 The arrl*aa ia Ap ii noaabarod 2.878 roaaalst ia March, 1,810; ia February, 326; ia Jaaaary,f 1J? maklsg a total for tbe year thus far ?( t,HL DoMng tbe eaae period ia 1854 tbe aaabv was 7,924? iacieese, 1,109. Stock Kxcbufe. fftDTOMT, Jaae 8, UHt $30(0 Kf ntncVy fl'i. 104 SO aha Brio BR. . alt 49K lOCOOTton <f'a, '?0.c 94 ?50 da aid COO Viiginia 8'a.. . ?9>?' 100 da....,.hS? 4#2 5000 da 00.^ 60 da hlS 4M 1C0C0 lUiaouH 0'?..e 03 X 150 da b3 49K 6000 <?... b30 B8.S 100 da bW 4W 2000 Cal 7'a, '70. ... 80 100 da bJS (il 2000 llji 1 1m Stk,'47 06\ 700 Harlem BB M 2000 Er Con B<1* ,'71 84 1C0 da hSS Btf 50C0Krle Bda, '83. c 03^ 26 Qal ft Ohlor re RS Si 41CC0 ErU Bda, >76 . . 89 M Third Areaue BB M 10CO do e M% 160 Beadlag BR. . . . . MK 1CC0 Hnd K 2 M BJa PS 1900 da ?B 1000 Hud R#M Bda 72 1000 da MC 4000 do 72,<?' 300 do al? Ng 1600 Hnd Cost Bdr. 71 400 da Nf 10000 Paa Bda, 2 isa. 103 300 da. MO W 346C0 IB Ce* RR BJa 80, Si 300 do hlS MM 24000 do.. ,b60 80X 100 do sift 0ft 6000 Co... M0 81 300 da a St 6000 do 80 X 100 da MO Sfltf 1000 ID Fr?al'd Bda 7 SK 200 da aa?? 600N Y CUB Bda. 89 200 da B| 1000 NYCaa 7'a... 104 400 ft.. . ftl lOCOCh ftRlRBda 9?X ICO do. hSS SW 5000 TH&A 2MB i3 79 200 da 7 Si 360 aha Caa Ca . .M0 27 100 do. ...,SM SIk 100 do -MX ?00 da.... ais 160 da ?60 Idy, 100 da... M0 mI lS2 ? A?; ? ?I>? 2fl? SOMtehSftNladRR ISa S61a KiohBk..,. 114 10 da 1MB 160 Nice Tranait..R3 16'4' 10 S ft N Ia BB Caia 07W 360 do *3 1 00 do atS 100 Camber Coal Ca. 20 14 s da ?f^ JJ* 2?h' 60 Paaama RB..'.e3 lift 860 do 20 >? 26 do aSS ISft no do e60 2fl\ 100 da e 300 X T Oaatral RR. 04w SO da... aM .a do 04^ m da..:: Jao 5? bao ?4X 60 da .*M0 260 da M0 94J* 100 do 1?0 de aio mv 300 da.""*M0 3? 8 Bria Railroad . . . 49? n (Mr, OftCta BB. al 40>,' 100 Ilia CeaBX...b3 60 do ?*> 49)? 60 Chi & Rack IBB.. nooirft BOARD. M000 ViTfinta 6'a. . . 99V 100 aba Comb a Oh 20C0 Wi/souri C'l. . . K)? 100 do.. 16000111 Cea Bda, MO 81 300 do. * "*a8 66000 do a3 80? 200 da.V.V.ialO do.. .830 80^ 200 ErU RR 16000 do... M0 80/,' 100 da. 2000 Erie Coot, '02. 88 200 do ICOOO mCFra'd.bdO 76 W 100 do" 2CC0 111 C Fre'd.wp 73>2 360 da 60ahsc*atea0e.e30 2fl%' 100 do... ...aM 4SI 100 do 26\ 200 do M 4Si 900 do M0 27 200 da. M 48 88 Cbioaro ft R I.. . 80 >? 100 do b80 48 UNYOwRR.... 94 \ 200 Readlnr B B aM Ml 85 Gal k Cklcaga RB 98 800 do.....:!a# Ul CITY TRADE REPORT. P Wf.Ii VIKT? Y. Jim M P. U. A?hw? 40 a 50 bbla. wete no Id iritbul ehtin la. pricM. Brbatxttftb ?Flour? There wa? mora oflbriaf, **? i-ricee for ccminta gradM of State and Weatara rel adf about 12' a-., per bbl. Canada ulso fell off 12o. a t6o. Mr bbl. The i*l&? ejnbrtoed abJut H.OOO a 0,000 bbla ,W eluding iaferior aad mmmi to goad State aal WwtM at 19 75 a lio 12. Soutbara th laacttT* mIm 199 i 800 bbla.. at $11 25 a 111 82 for Inferior te ek% and at ill 75 a 912 75 for tuer aad extra. Om0 dlan (about 2,700 bbla. > Mid at $10 IS a 911 26 fmr whole raage. 1,000 bbia. coaamoa State Mid. "ar?*a bi? la August, at 99 12. Wheat waa alto h3*yLMg buahele prima white Oaaada war* Mid at f* $7 200 do. upper Lake at $2 23, aad 1,400 at p. t. Co?*_ Tba market waa a eti re aad lower for we?~*.?T^X with lalta of 50,000 a 60,000 buihale $1 00 a $1 10 for inferior to prime Soother n whit* ?old at $1 18, wWci ' *?"* J~ r allow do. 6,000 bu?h*lt W*?*r* mixed aold for(fl? itrery ia Aagurt) p. t? B]? wm uomiaal. Oateware m WmSSh aal** embraced 1 ^ jafe at 10c. a lO't'c. , Included were ?*< ^a'lS^^TL 100 do. Iaguajra at lCc a 10*4c., aad 50 do. at 1$M9> * /? 11* . ; aadXo caak* *f ctoicory, at 10>j0f lb. Corrow ? Th* martlet waa at sited, aad wagaaa reached ab*ut H.000 a 10,090 A teaaa^Bf Tbe^ market cloaed at aa adraaM ^ for prfrate letter* per iteasMr Africa. 2.&00 ears ww*a <sga|cd for Liverpool at \d. ; 60 torn of Braatt awtept 16*. ; and 100 tea* futile at 7a Od. Cottoa ami MOB war* aominal at preTloaa quatetioaa. T* other peas* ?agagemeat* were light. Aaothev reaeol waa takaa ama to load for Toulon with park, ?$?. t There wa* 8a chaag* to aatl** ia tatei for AaatraJla or Oalifonria. \ Hat.? About MO bate* a*M at $1 0$ a $1 12. V Hoawr.? 10 ttorce* aad 0 hhda. Cuba aold at 49%, *4 bond; aad SO bbla. 8t Doaatago aold, for home uae, at U Ino9.~-?maO aake of Soateh pig wara aaakiag at 99H 60 a $2$, at* month*. I fad.? Hale? of 54 too* aoft Bagliah war* mada at p. t. Molimsw ? Bate* of 600 a f 00 bbl*. Now Octaaaa waa9 made at 30c., aad 260 bbl*. d*. Trinidad d*., p. t. Natal Bioub.? Satea *f 200 bbla. rptrite of tartt^M9 w*r* mad* at 40*. eaah. FMVM$a*~ Pork. Th* aaarkat waa lrm, with 1? creaaed aetaTlty. Th* aalaa niaaad about 1,400 a l.64fo bbST, iaoludiaa old mm at $19 87, aad aaw do. at 9tt 60; aad 914 63* fo* new ariaaa. W*f waa Arm, wMfc xalta of 400 a 600 bbl* at old prtaM. 160 bbl*. CblaaMi repacked ibom aold at 919 59. Cut aaaate were SnaTwMa aaba ef 400 a 500 paehagea, laiitiatlag ahouldera,** 7Xc. a 7Xo., aad ha ma at ijfg, a 10c - th* latter for Ha aa eager cured. lard ateadr: 400 bbla aold at i9tffc a 10 Vo., with man prima 1*4 at lOJjg. Rk-k.? Pmali aale* war* aaad* at fb. a OX*. Srnaa.? The aa tea ambaaeed about 1,000 hhda., ta rludad la wt loh v?m abowt 440 a 000 hhda. Parte Stem at 5Va. a 6*a. and 6c. ; 450 to. Cuba at ?*e.; ? Mfe Itew Ottaaaa a* 9K?. ; aiad 1M bona teowa BaTaaa at 9^ Saw ?A earao af GadJ ? /told *? ? - Wnaxrr.? 1m market rM quiet *r Okie aadSta*. at 99o. a MMa> TTifrrltT Mark*!. Naw Bnronv C.t tUnan, Jaaa 4 ? Sperm- The traa* Mctloaa lor the nek fnolude Mtea of l,w)0 bbla., la Ia9m hbl* ' at 00c ; V00 "P?" prirate tera*; JSJ fiArferg iroS^gai i .vsi. S?55i$re555sSSSl bfcda.aUfhU/UfoftecoVWH^

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