Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 7, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 7, 1855 Page 5
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?TO, Wt, Omu lite, in tkit TMlX|. * tn U?kw-1 * ,^L? " OM pilM. I twrtMit ol Lo*h*in ba'-a, and itri* goods In ceavrtl, . ULLiiCU, 11S Oaakl M J W. QMnil iramuiri Hate at ttulnl-TlM aw ?flaw sty et aad ft brie* with wbih Otun ?ptu tlx a??r kiioi af IKIfi ts anoreoedeiited Ainins ' ?>*> pro siroiit warm w-n'tur chspotui are rooia Uu> twenty wa ttes of felt half, soft a i4 hard Than there are s*?na m af ill shape*. qualities and slits; Leghorns a- all prioos; I Vita straws. !i*ht untl beautiful, 4a?t India and Can'on "tfaara eoel ant wroinlns; and furls s?r?w*, tha*. ventilate be ke*d aad irx< It at the tame time T^era >? no tsste, ?veto f>sti<-ious. that mar ant he waited Ihi 1 the lariu Ml variei aicr'nint <f >nni?r hati at OBNIN'B, 214 teadway. o| rosi'e St. Paul's Chcreh. Jut TtiluK of It-Some tarty vailctlfi or i airr bats are ?. * for sale at Knox't II* castomtrt, , present an ?q?al diversity; from the laboring man to i beard ary e: a?ate. all Dad it their internet to pnretiase dr bats of kacx. KNoXltat No I'JS FjIiod itrwt and lo. 633 Broadway. C?U and hay a >?mu,n hat. Hat* for Jiui?.?The White Rearer, and isery variety of summer bsts of tbo be-.t qnality. the mint isblouiM.' ??> las, ind at the lowest rit< s, at KAfl'fETV i LtAfX'B celebrated bet e?ta>>lisbni?i t? y0 57 Chttaam I net and cuter of Chatham and I'earl a roots. The tosh at White's ntore h only eqatlkd 7 the nth to Me Banna s babies, and we woro pleased to - that the htts worn by the well d raited gentlemen ea ,_j occasion were obtained at WUIT^'d, 321 Broadway, !?He?ite the Broadway theatre. JUaon1! O a^nemsuty pea-Large Slxe liar SO colored and la a nice oise, twice the rise others take flu eents, and equal in quality and also to tnose made share for 12. Ah HON, MP Broadway, opposite Metro i Hotel. William aait'a Photographic Inatltute 949 _ feat, Brooklyn. A portion of thisleetibllshmeat 1 apart for popUs, who arc taaght the art, and furnished "> apparatus and chemicals. laatan Planaa.? Horace Water*, 338 Broad" r, haa tha solo agency of T. Gilbert A Oo.'i ilanoi, with I without tbo sselian. Jacob C bickering's, lla'lett tCom i'?, ard Woodward A Brown's pianos, all of which have l Iron frame asd will stand any climate. They ate tha 1 Boston makes, and will bo told at inctory prion, whtle i aad retail, with a liberal diaeount for o tih. Albeit Ha Htcolay'a regular aemt??reelciy etioa ia.'e of stacks and bond! will tit; plaoo this da/, hurrday,) at 17k n'elock, at the llei-ahAta* Kaobaage. further particulars see bis a*-^ ? f 1 n another Catalogues ean be bad at the ofiloe, ILBroad at. Jauie. 1H55 -Snrnmer Coats, Pantaloona, te aid furnishing goods, in mat vaiioty, a 'a?te4 to the saute of both men aid boys, are new exbibitod wL ~)NKCB A CO 'S one pilco clothing st re, 4<rBroa Iwaj. Jane, 1895.? Oheck Mo reel Ilea 8ults, $8,50; byr eafslmeio suits 910; Bartei lei vests, $1; brown II I oos's. 91; double breasted eloth ooats, $8: extra tine aa cloth dress cuait, (13. At EVANS' Clothing warehouse. (Wand G8 Fulton street. j A Good Fitting Bialrt la ?ta \eceatary aa a d Ittnt c>at. Call end leave jour measure at tha old id, and tbey will be delivered as agreed npon, and pnno A. L. HYATT A Co., Ii6>? Fulton street, near iwiy. Bummer Under Gar manta of emery Dcacrlp ton. ia aills, eotwn, xepbyr merino and lis!e thread, at loLAUCUl.IM'S thirt iactory, 'JS2 Cioenwich street. aor ? of Chambers street. Sulrts of all sites, and of the best 'ity, wholesale and retail. I Carpeting* and OlU-.lotba Twenty Per Oent ithan former priocs ? firCRSON A HUUPB R BY, 379 adwa", will sell during this mo ith at the above rates Wraius may be expooted. Call and tee. I Hiram Anderaoit'a Great Carpet Eatabllah at. 99 I'owery, is famous for tbe,neweet and most fashion Mo patterns or Eripllsh royal velve'., tapestry, three ply ?dincrain carrots and oilcloths; and particularly famous oiling them twenty-five p?r oent less than the usual i at other places. I Vavlllon, New Brighton, Staten Island^. aia ettablUliment Is now fully opened for the reception of larderi Feraoni wiahlne to reoure apartments, can apply i the premises, or at 82& Broadway, N. Y. f. BLaNCABD, Proprietor. | K> tcbnm'a celebrated Combined Ho wing bd Helping Machines ? I'rloe. with extras, SI20 Foriale MAT! HBR A CO., 197 tYa'or street. [Wedding C surd*.? An aaortment of Bver> ll l? (elegantly er-r*ved at home) notei, wedding cards, en "opoe, Ac , can ?e had on aiphcatlon or sent by poit to by part of the country. Established 18 W. IjAMES EVER DELL, 902 Broadway, corner of Duanott. ily 93 95 tor French Calf Boot*, with I ibanki. made to order by A. EAKBR, IS Ann street. Ereaoh patent leather boots, 95 to 97. Gen lomeo's , gaiters, Ae., from 26 to M pot cent oheaper than hero. I Letter trout O, Panahaw, Uaq.? The follow g ttstimonial. in relation to RUaHTuft 'S new remedy for ror and ague, ii one of irany vclun'ary eomokendaupn* 'iieh this now preparation has revived, and calculated to plain its qualifications. to aa. r. ?. rushtoi*. I New Vork, J una 4, 1SSS. Bcar Sia: ? I have, for about a doien yours paat, resided a ruiat district. Five yctrs a;o l hid a feror, and was id by an emetic and level al days doeini with qDiciuo. I year 1 had the fever and ague; an emetio and five days ?R with prepared arsenic restored me to health', but in pi* her eate was 1 lo t as oomturtable as disease found me. ; the process of ouriog, my hetd siemed to have some dcieate machinery in it something of the spinning Sol caat, which was acc jmpanie J with dull, hetvy, and >loaal shooting pains; and 1 htd only to close my eyes am to mo a variety of nondescript Mii|s. For weeks r OMh cure I was troubled with slow movlog and shoot as. In difTerent parts of the body: whether from the ae, or the partially annihilated disease 1 knew not. It weeki siaoe, 1 was again vitited with the fever and lue, but bad heard oi BUSHTOM'a new remedy for tevtr id ague, aad bilious fever, prepared from the prescription Br. Qriswold, ai d that you had it for sals; hut remem Ing my former sufferings in the proceM of curing, and my at at irward, 1 coaoludcd to have a oonveraaMon with j doctcr coLceraing this specific, before I ventured to use ; aad ai ha had for rears rerided in fever dlstrlots, I he ive< I might depend up- n what he said. From htm I had titive aeturatoe that the medicine oonld not In any way Jure the patient's future health: and that its operation in adieati'-e the disorder could not be felt; and that lu twelve are tbo disease would be completely oonquered; but tali, ime inetiLOea. whore it had taken Ann hold ot the sri , it might retutn on the 14th or 21at day a.fter the last 'og. It tarred out exactly as the doctot said it would, a the ten pills; the fever and ague was gone; but by bat proofs 1 was net ab'e to define, for the pills had no eptitU effect in any way or manner. The drops speedily ared the appetite. It li low Jgdivaiiaoa my last shake, I 1 am in excellent health. Ai I have frequently witn?>s IUia distressing effects of this disorder on others, as well having a little experience in it myself; I am plea^el with rtuvity ot triAlaimicg what I know canoeming tho It in mv ca;o; snd tope th\t vory mauy other snfTer i may be induced t. try tbis annlhilator ot fever and ague, or obedient servant, D. Farskaw, Printer, No. S3 Ann street, corner of Nassau I remedy emhraoes two ure<criptlons? a box of pills, I break up the disease, and a bottle of mixture for its radt 1 ctr?. It is the saiesi: and mist effectual romody ever sred to the publio KUSlITuN'd, k? the old es aMtslimeut, No 10 Astor House, corner of froliy street, and 4'7 Broadway, c rnerot Canal street. ?mlllca Leaving the City for the Country ' l supply themselves with Wolfe'* Schiedam Aro Schnapps, *i a preventive of change of water; as a aulant in CMC of cholera or ague and ferer, It hai no su lor It la preeoribod with *reat sncoes* in gravel, (tout, role rheumatism, obi'vuction? of the kidney* and blad . Sold by all the respeotaHe druggists UDOLPHO jLFE, ?ole importer 18, 20 and 22 Bearer stceet; 33 8 juth I Mitt, Philadelphia. S. B. Fitch, Anchor of the "SI* Lec en Consumption," office 714 Broadway, open daily, nday excepted,) from 9 to 6 o'clock, treats consumption, a a. diseases of the heart, and all ohronic di&eases of i and female*. Consultation free. Broadway -Ladhi If you with a beau ?Jet for dressing the hair, keeping U olear of dandruff: ventive of gray and baldneai, uie H. T. LOVBT's ated Wahpene, an Indian vegetable preparation, (mai lt and free from oil. Price SO eente. Dye, Wig* and ronpeet ? Batchelora'a ated factory for theee article# i* 288 Brcaiway. Nine i room* for the application of hi* anri railed hair dye. alo and retail. Beware of imitation*. The largeat neat of wig* and toupee* in the world. aro'a Kxcelalor Hair I>jrc? !fo Clap, baa rotated tbi* dye into pubUo favor, Br its own r_rior excellence it rceo into oelebrity, and on that batia tande- anchallengcd and unapproacned. in ten minutes ebverls n blemlsr. into an attraction. Manufactured, sold I applied, at No . # Astot Hon*e Wh? killed cock robin? Inquired someone. I, a*ld the ipatrow, 1 did >t for fan. But who killed the roaches, moth*, bedbugs aud fleas? The "magnetic powders" of Lyon killed these. 7 bleb, an well an Ilia Pili, the world re ined exterminator of mice and rata, arc known ta bo >iae by B. LYON'S anto;rapli on the four medal'd per. Depot 1.4 Broadway, and No. 6 South Eighth t, Philadelphia Great Inhaling Remedy tor Ajthms, amption, and all diseases ot the throat and lungs. Dr. a'a Uy senna Tbonsauds have been restored to heal ah ast year by the ily&eina. Principal office No. MS (way, and sold by G. II. Ring, No. 192 Broadway, i enly f8 a package. Dr. Curtis wilt beat the office i from 10 to 3 o'clock, where he may be consulted free of away1* Pi lla.? Here Is Health for All I , for all I? Tbis noble remedy, sotiog as it doe* iiame Hy en the mala t| rings of life restores health when sg, enerjy aad vlror to the eynteiu when flavin,,, in a aer superior to any medicine ever made kuown to the 4. Bold at the maauiaetories, No. "O Maiden lane, York, and No. 244 Stiaed, London; and *y all drug S at 26 oeata, W { cents aad SI per bo*. Illnetrioas names arosaea holow 9b nod to certificate*; Premiomi) of nations we ran show from Europe ?nd the Staten Flore the Incaillbadltjr of f.yoo's Nag* ewder for destroying all kinds ofln?acts, and of his r killing miee aad rata, read, Chemists Chiltoa, j Tarrey, at , roan of high standing, ax President mi F, Friaea Albert, Ac.. Medals from the United States, tfatd, Frnce and Belgium, prove the trath of the as ' "a, at depot 424 Broadway. rbla-An Old Man Made Tonag (Or by retting one of the best manufacture 1 nigs or ??? from th* celebrated manufactory of MKDHI.I13T ., 27 Maden laic. Back and front braids, bands, a, Ac. Copr the addiase. OnaueAt for Forcing tlit Growth of ?era is |l per bottle, or large battles, detaining tight be at.tall sees, safely p icked and aunt to any put ibe country. It. O. GKAliAM, WW Broadway; /eiaar, ith Third street, Philadelphia laeateiy and Dlarrhcea are Immediately id bv Br. TOBIAS' celebrated Venetian liniment. Price aad fiOr. fto'd by all the drngfists and storekeepers, at No Mi Cortlanat street. Married. iTuewtay, Jnn* A, at the Churt h of Pt. KransiiZa r, Sixteenth etraet hi tbo I>.v M. Drfscoll S. J , i'm 0', in. i> , to kiM iiary e. r. Rim*, both of aity. XMmAa i Tuesday mornlag, J?M 6, jAjrm Drvof, agal M ji rsls'Jvsii aad M?n1* of t 'amlly an raip?it f;.vit#<i toattaad the funeral, at h>e Lata rc<id?n.-a. ibd street, th * afiaroooa, at 2 oVloc*. On Tnaaiay evening Jw* 5, Borer W. Snn, M*d 0S year*. farsmfc oftta ally ?f Ediaborg, Scotland. Th? reWivesend fnwdi af tic family .hn.^uI tf >nvited to attend hie funeral, from tho rcsHtno? at kto eon, J. A. (teith, 321 Mwrtw itfMl, this afternoon, it x o'clock. Ob Tuesday, Jnne 6, of pleuritic. Mrs Kuzibctb iw?, relict of the Ut? WiUta AJams, oC Cuauit. Parish of kuortbriu*, Mail; Oktu, InsUnd Her im irwMli (KiiTltri) to attend h?r 'a ?oral. fniu her lata ran d?n-?, 104 E*<it Nincteen'.h the hour of 4 o'alaeb, t%le I'iroMio. On faetoay, Janet, Cakou** Bkixabdi. The fneuda * no relativea of Um famly ara respi jtfnl ? 1/ invitee to attend UM funeral fr-i* lu* Ut* ???'? ccnoe, 176 1 -aureus .(treat, this mornta*. at o'clock. H*r reman* will ba taken to Calvary Cmwt ery tor i a ferment On Tuesday night, June 5, Hen it t Wooovtorth Gaars wood, aged 4 j?m? and 6 months, acta of B;njao?ia an J feilvanus Greenwood The le iti??i and trends of the faintly are invited to attend tbe funeral, this afternoon, at 2 o'clock, at No. 8W West Tttot j -sixtb street. Atbsr rmfen-.e, B8 Green street, ?n Fr'?ay, Jaaa 1, of cocvu'aions, Mr?. Hrsia rtuiic, wife of Joseph Price, in tlie 2?tb year of fear age. Her lenities were taken to Eastoa, Pean , for inter ment. Oa Frkay. June 1, Willi* n N. Lims, at 282 Stanton street, aged 3 months. 11m remains were interred in the Cemetery of tho Evergreen*. On Tuesday, June 6, of consumption, Ma?y, wilts of Patrick Fitapatrick. "lbe relative* and frienda of the family are invited to attend tbe fnneral, from her late retidenoe, 12fl Oreeo* itroat, this afternoon, at 2 o'clock. On Tuesday. June 5, J Eahlb, only child of Emoa* A. and John E Holmes, aged 1 year, 1 moath and 14 days. The relatives and friends of th? family are roepectful ly invited to attend his funeral, from 77 Barrow street, Ufa morning, at 10 o'clock. Troy papers please copy. On i Wednesday morning, Jane 6, the Rev. Jaoor Brodhkad D. D., in the 76th year of his age, formerly one of tbe ministers of the Collegiate Reformed Dutch Church in this city. The reverend clergy, and the relatives and friends of the family of the deoeamd. are invited to attend toe fa scial services, at tbe North Dutch Church, corner of William and Fulton streets, to-morrow afternoon, at 4 o'clock precisely. On Wednesday, Jnne 0, Mrs. Cathuuxe Smoaon, In the 88th year o- bar age. The relatives ana frienda of the family, and also her son Janes, are respectfully invitod to attend her tun? ra), from her late residence, No. 102 Elizabeth street, to-morrow afternoen, at 2 o'clock, without farther in vite ticn. At Bush wick, on Wednesday, June 0, Jon.v Black - BChy, sged 24 years and 7 months. Bis relatives and friends, an 1 also Pacific Engine Com pany No. 8, are reepeot'ully Inv ted to attsnd his fune ral, at the residence of bis parents, corner South Se tenth si d Seccnd streets, tomorrow afternoon, at 2 o'clock. Bis remain* will b? interred in UreenwooJ. On Wedresday, Jan* ft, Csablhi Wiuj am, only son of Cbailss and Anna Osier ne The friends of the family, and those of his grandfa ther, are respectfully invited to attend the faneral, this niter coon. at 2 o'clock, Boeton ana Newfoundland nepers please eojiy. On Wedr etc ay, May lft, at Tort Duncan, Ks^le Pans, Texas, of dyientery, John C. Bkhnard, of Utioa, New York. Alas ! U was a fearful thing To yield np living breath, Without a hand to wipe away Ihe gathering dews of death. There wae noose netr to bear him Wfcen be breathed his latest sigh ? Save tbe angels that were wmgiog Their bright way from tbe sky. ADVERTISEMENTS BKMEWEJt BTKRY MY. ' _ _ RBMOVALa. Removal.? thomas n. paj.e a co. have ke meved to No. 18 Warren street. PSaSONAL. A AGAK NO. 3 -IF TIIIS SHOULD MEET TOUR JX eye, please commonlcate with vour friend l.araace J. Fmanuel, formerly of the^rm of Cott, Uiggs A Co. Ad diesaLaranee J. MmanueI7 Baltimore l'ost uttlce. CAPTAIN JOHN ( HOWELL WILL FIND A LITTER addreesf d to fatm at the office of F. Hart. G3 Cortlandt atreet. Said letter i* from Q. Hart ofNew Bodiord. Information wantes? of john aheen, by bla wife, who landed in New Fork, May 20. The last Utter ahe received from him, was dated at Caiaie, State of Milne, ana he wae then employed by Mr. Porter, ahip owner. Any inform ttion will be Kratefally reooived at No, Frankfort atreet ? John Torby 'a, TO EUGENE. ? YOU ARE KARNESTLY REQUESTED to return, or at least write ta . EUaabetb-town. THE FRENCH GENTLEMAN WHO APPLIED throoch an advertisement for rooms, aad ivhi was to have called on Friday evening last, will confer a great farorjby sending his adareas. WILL DR. JAME8 H. IALUSBURY, FORMERLY State Chemiit at Albany, aud recently of this city, inform Harvey Groot where he now reaidea'; TIIK JHUTA RY~ VETERAN CORPS OF 1812.? A SPECIAL MEETING of the edrpa will he held at ?. RleU'a, 62 Llapenard street, on Friday evening, Jnne I, al 8 o'elock, In relation t? the removal t f the revolutionary soldi ra' boaes to Fort Grfen. By order, H. RAFMuND, Col. Ww. Tavixjb, Adjutant. ngmcnoi. A HINT TO TBE READERS OF TUB HERALD.? The anhscriber will reseiv* new pnpila, thi?dayani to morrow, for %i SO for ton writing leasooa. Donbie entry bookkeeping rednoed from to $12 SO for a thorougu Bonne OLIVER B. Q On. PS Ml Til , 3dl and 3H2 Broadway. A LADY EXPERIENCED IN TEACHING, WISHES A an enpnjiement aa governess in a private family; oan teach the English branches. French and muaic. In which ahe is pioficient: ia an Epifcopahan, and cau furnUli imucep tionabie Tefeienoea. Country prel'errel. Addreai Teaohcr U7 l(Hh at. A FRENCH LADY, EXPERIENCED IN TEACHING iV. IrcBch desirea to obtain a few more pupils iu Sew York, or any neighboring city, either at tbetr reitdencc or it her own, Broome street. She has a mental method >f teaching the rudiments of tho language to childroo, chloh renders it s plsaturv instead of labor. Ad IresB or sail at 3^3 Broome atreet, for two daya. BOOKKEEPINO, PENMANSAIP. Ao., ARE TAUGUT in a superior aad eapeditioaa manner, by FOS fEK A DIXON, Hth iiroat* way. where gentlemen and vontha are lualihed to diacharge toe dutiea of the oouating bonas with preniptnesa, faellity and despatch. BOOKKEEPING, ARITHMETIC, WRITING, AC' thoroughly taught, upon very favorable terras, hy W. I. BEN VII. L?, 289 Broadway- Eaoli student receiver sepa rate and careful instruction, and is enabled to reality apply In practice the knowledge imparted to him. Open from 9 Ajl_ io 9 P. M. FRENCH LANGUAGE TAUGHT BY A PARISIAN lady. ? Class for young ladies three times a week. Terms 18 per quarter. Private lessons given. Apply at 233 Third avenue. CIO VEEN ESS.- A YOUNG LADY WISHES A 9ITCA T tlon as governess in a email family. Ri-fotfnccti ox ctiungod. Address box 2.2U', Post Office. THE FRENCH LANGUAGE PRACTICALLY TAUGBT to elasees or to private pupils, bv an experienmd Pari'ian teaeber, on the Robertsoalan System et teaching modern languages. Reference? Clark A Funriag, Moun*. Wanhiag ton Lollcgiatc Inatitnte, Washington aqoare. For farther particulara addrcca J. L. B., Herald office. BXCVRUOI8. Excursions -THi favorit* ihon uaroe IRENE, with two co-nmodion* (looks, 110 bf 3? feet, 1* ] now being pot in good order for exoursion*, aid can bo rhw- I tereclbj day, week or season. Apply to Capt. SNYDER, on board, Aaaraa itreet, Brooklyn. Excursions to the fishing banks. -the new tea (tenmei- GOLISN GAT1, Captain Anderson (for mcrly captain of Uie iteamer I.aura Knapp), will make an eicuriion to the Bank* every day dnrin; tho mimtr (Snn dayi excepted); leaving Amoa stre.t at 7 o'oltMik; Spring street at 7 fa'; Peek slip at 8; Broome itrtet at SVi, and Tier > c. 3 N or?h river at 0 o'elouk. N. B.? A Hue cotillon band accom panic* the boat. LA. AND J. L. BENJAMIN'S GRAND P1C-NTO EX ? enriion and grove conotrt, will be given on Wednesday. Jvi.e tlie 20th, in Undmn park, Nerth river, on the lar^e *t?amtoat America, with coBjpadion* barirn. Tioliet 26 cents, to be had at 223 <'hrr?t%1trect. l)od?orth'? brua and cotillion lan* it ergaged. Pwra Dulasoy street 7, and Spring street 8!? o'clock , T) CHARTER FOR RXCJJRSION3-AN 1 1, Ed ANT first clan it earner. Apply to ALEX. M. C. RM1TB, SB Weat street. MATlUMOmL. MA TBI MOM A L.- AN Y YOUNG LADY DESIROUS OF marriage with a tolerably good looking s.ent!ora.\n, who i? of tcedlsm slie ardof aome beauty, and will bo eaUrned with comUrt. may liter cf an offer by addreeiinj C. G. Ki ln, New York I'aet oifioe, itating where an interview m?y be had. I WANTS. ()Q7 BROADWAY. CORNER OF READE STREET? ZOI atJIOKUlS A COHIBRT'd, can be hai a cboioa of Knglish. scotch, Irish and utroaa help for h tela and private famllii i; alto, waiter*, porters, coa'bmen, pardon em, faimcrs, mechanic* and laborer*, at thlt or the branch offlce, 102 Qrcenwich *t. A MERICAN WOMAN WANTED? 10 DO HIE fJENE xL ral homework of a family of three person*; she mutt be a good oook, w**h*r and ironer; reference* reiiuirai. Ap ply at 117X Wen 27th ?t. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU (X ation a* *eamstr?s*; she eat* acd fit* children's dresses; is an excellent plain worker; would take efcanrc of one or twonovn ohlldren; areiidenee In the oonntrr preierrd. ?aU?(actory reierenoe. Call for two day* at hi West l'Jth ?treat, between 6th and 7th avenue*. A LADY OF HIGH RISPECTABIT.ITY. FROM A RE Bl verve of tortnno, wUhe* a situation t* housekeeper or overseer in *ome Urge e*Ubll*hment. II?s to objection to the oharce of children, having bad a family of her own. B?*t reference* given. Appfy to Andrew Eddie, Jr., 117 Fulton itreet; or a letter *fdr*a*ed to Mr*. M. L? Po*t Of ?oe. Brooklyn, will be promptly attended to for throe day*. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUA tien, a* oook and to assist in the washing and ironing; no objection to go in the country City roferenoe from laat place call at 331 IStb *t. , between lit and 2d avenue*, for two day*. A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT, WHO thoroughly underasand* Uer business, wiahe* to engnro a* attendant to a lad;; would havo no objection to travel; ean give three year*' reference. Any communication a Idrei *ed to M. Hewitt, 10 Cniveriiiy place, will b* punosnaily attended to. YX7ANTRD? AN AMERICAN GIRL DESI RBsTsirUA fv tien in a priva'e family, to do licht wore, **wia< and to take care of children. Compensation no particular Ob i**[\ ?? obJeeti?? k go to the ecmn try. VWrsu K. c\, H? A _ Bm tb? beet city jeferenee from bar lut ptaoe. Would 10 a abort dtaUaM Jftlfea oountry it required. IFEOTESTaNT YOUNG WOMAN, WISHES A SITU itiia to aiiad ibiMm, or d? tho host* >?tk of a em tU ARESPECTaBl-E GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS WW and to co plain ioIu; i? w*llin< to make hat ? ?If generally utelul. She lived in bar laat plaee two veara. Ilaa ao objee'iua to inn). Boat of eily reference Ci?\h oall lor two day a, at 21* IStfa at., between lat and 2d ava. AI'ROTESTaNT girl, wants a situation ah oltamUitntid, aod to do plalar aewing. or 10 eaalit ia ?a?biDj. or do general bouaeweru ia a email private family. Cood cuy rtftrsaM. Pleaae oall at 213 12th at , bet*?ea lot avenue and avenue A, aecoud floor, front room, for two day a. A SITUATION WANTED BY A YOUNG WOMAN AS chambermaid and keami'reee, or chtaberrnxd aad waiter. baa the beat of city reference. Call at 67 27- h at., between bib aad Jtt av??. IN ENOUGH GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO TAKE J.V rare of ebildicn; it a good piaiu aewur and cat mike b<raelf generally eaefel; Rood etty reference. ''an be -e?n tor two day a at 312 2d avr. , between Slit and 3Jd at*., in the card; atore. A SITUATION WANTED EY A RESPECTABLE yooeg woman, toeoek, waah, andiron. No o*>J>>clioo to do h. narwork linod c-tr reference. Can be aeon at No. 3 iLeatuut at , for two dayi. AS WET *>UR*E.-A YOUNG MAKRirD WOMAN wiabea a situs tior ai wet nurse in a gentleman'! family, li'Od city eiven. AddreuE. S.. Staplctsn, States laiand, and at the Herald office. A SITUATION WANTED AS NURSE AND SEAM atreu, by a Proteataot young wnmaa. (Jan ft vc oity ief?-ene?. Would go to tbe ouuntry for tho ernimar with a tanuly that returns in tbe winter Can bo sten fur tha re mainder of tbe week at 143 Eaat 28th it., between 2d aad 34 avennei, 3i floor. No. 12. AS F1AIN COOK, AND TO DO GENERAL MOUSE work in a small private ? Jit nation wanted, by a girl wtio bn liveo four year* ia h-r prevent iltuttiun; tbe will t>e ftund 'aitLtut, truatworthv aoi diigoat; aleo a tr-t rate girl want* a litua'icn aa chambermaid and wait er Have good reference. They would not objeet to go a ibrrt distance in the count ry. Can be aeen until engaged at 34 avnue, netr 4tli at. AREbPECTAbl.E VOUNG M OHAN WANTS A SITU alien to Hn general bonaawork; ia a good oook and good ws uLer and roner. Be?t of reference given from herlut cla ti. Pleaae eall at 212 Rivington at. Can be teen for two day r. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young wi mun, ai good cook, flrat rate waeiier and iron er, oral chambermaid and to do fine wa-hiug and ironint; no objection to go a for: Ciataaeo In tbe otantry. Uu the belt city reference Call tor two dayi at 76 Weet 19th street, ne*.rtiih avenue, front baiement. A SITUATION WANTED BY A RESPECTABLE yonng woman aa cook or latmdraa, Ilaa ao objoatioua to <!o the housework ol a email private lamily. Ia wlliing to ?u a miall distance in the country. Can co well rec >m mei dca from her lilt place. Plaaic call at 570 Greenwich at. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS cbambermnid and wtlreis. Can do lallea' finery and plain iewii<g. Good reference. No cbjeetiou to tbe ooantry. Apply at 73 Fourth it., between Hammond and Perry. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A HIGHLY RESPECT able girl; in a l'lotoetant waiter; hai no objection to ? o to the country; cai take the charge of a dining room; a hotel pro. erred. Call at 116 Weoater it, in the resr. Caa be leen for two diya, if not angaged. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A S1TU tion aa chambermaid or waiter, or to do general houee work in a until family. Haa good eity reference. Caa be Men for two dayi at 122 Hamtralcy it., np itairs. A COMPETENT FASHIONABLE DRESSMAKER, WHO bai removed from her reiidenoe, now wished to be em ploy od by the day or weik. Hai good referancea. Call at 173 Meat lath it., third fl"or, hack room, where you will find a eatielnctory anawar to year application. A YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS SEAM itreii; underitandi ihiit and dressmaking, and would have no objection to lee to cblliron; wonld ao a abort dla tane? in the oonntry. Pleaic call at 200 West 23d it., at her present employ er'i. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WANTS A 3ITUA lion >o do obamberwork, or nurie and plain awing; n&a no objection to to in tbe ooantry. Can be Men at ber laat place 221 Welt 17th at. A LADY WISHES A SITUATION, TO TAKE CARE of a |*ntleman'i bonao for tfee summer; won d like to take ber daughter and piano. For rererencei oall at 334 Greenwich it. Her daughtor can teaeb mum i. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE woman, to oook, waih andiron, in a private lamily; haa no objeotiom to go a ibort diitaree in tbe country. Can be teen for two dayi at 243 Welt 16th at , between 9th and 10th avennei. Beit of city refereuocj given frotn ber lMt employer. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN vanti a tituution ai cook and to aiiilt in waibingand ironing; no objection to go a abort dlitanoe in the country; jood city references can be given. Can be a?ea at 33 Wea? A f EXPECTABLE YOUNC WOMAN WISnES A SIT uation at chambermaid or waiter, or would do plain tewing, or mind children; the beet city referenee tor two yeari from ber laat plaoe. Can be leen lor two dayi at 4H Suffolk it., tint llcor, front r?oj;i. A Torso, WILL EDUCATED GERMAN LADY. OF genteel, w ante a situation to tend a fancy or acy other store; can refer to Ler fur nor employer; a [Malta gooa English; good treatment ucferred to hign wages. Ad drcsu W . , Herald offloo, through the neek. A RESPECTABLE, WELL EDUCATED YOUNG WO man, v itho? a situation to take earn of children; can do all kind* of orotihct wuk >ud f??o/ kuitrtng; would bo Killing to icake herself generally useful; eaa come well, re commended; no objection to go a abort distance in the country. Call at 342 9th at., between 1st and 2<1 a retinas, from 1 2 ti'l 4 o'olcok. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITU atloo, la a privato family, aa plain cook, waaner and iron cr; haa gocd city and country reference Call at 110 Court at., In the rear, a few door* lr?m Amity, Brooklyn, for two day*, if not engaged. AS NURSE? SITUATION WANTED, BY A VERY RE ipcctable Fro teat ant young woman In a prirato family. Is fully competent to take charge o' an Infant or grown children, bo objection to po to Brooklyn or the country for the summer. Bott city reference for character and citpVil ity. Can he seen for two daya at 470 4th at., near 2d av. Actuation wanted? by a respectable . young woman, at oook: ia as excellent washer ana iroser. Can ?We the beat or olty reference Apply for two daja at 233 6tL ar. ' 4 YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION ?IS A A gkcd plain ecok and baker, and laundress: it aocni b med to the care ot children; would like to go South; is ac oBHomedto traveling. Good city reference. Call at !28 Weat 17th atret t, in the (tore. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG ENGLISH GIRL WiSHE? Xx. a situation aa cook or washer and irouer. it a. ,-ood bsker. The best city refererce trcin her last place, whtre she has lived the laat two yeaia. Call tor two daya at 03 Sclhran street, between Sprioj and Bcocme, trout base ment. A SITUATION WANTED-BV A HIGHLY RESPECTA ble ycung English w imau, aa fir?t rate meat and pistry coo?; no objection to assist In weshiug and ironing. taa bo highly recommended for competency ami obaractir. Flvata apply at 271 Boacry, fur two nays. No ubjee.ion to the couuUy. j,)^, " if ? ' ? h j A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION as e ok; thoroughly uiideratanda her kn-ineai in Ml its branches; ia willing to a?ai?t in washing aud ironing; has no ohj^ttion to >o a abort distance in the coua iv. Hood oify r< lorence. l'leaie call fcr two daya at :ilu Mott at., near Bleecker, th.rd floor. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE yourg per <<n, aa ob^iuueruiaM anil plain aowcr; would go in U.?. country; wageauot ao much an oh.leet an a nlace in a respectable private family. Good refercneo i'lcaie call tor twu day* at 123 lat arcane, second floor. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young ".irl, aa rhu'iibermaid, to go a short distance in tbe country; would du the hooaowork of a str.all family; can be welt recommend"'!. Call at il Main at , Brooklyn. A SCOTCH PROTESTANT GIRL WISHES A SITUA tton aa waiter; is a ?ood laundress. rieaai) eu'l at 71 Vthst. near 6th avcaue, whe.o aim now lire;. A RI5PECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION, IV a private family, to tcok, was'i aud iron, or would go as lauulret ?. Understand* her dutlra perfectly Cite ro tercnce from ter laat employer. Call at 141 12th at., eairanr cf University placr A YOUNG MAN M ANTS A SITUATION IN A nAT A ter'a fur aud trimmings store. Hits been many years in tho Imiiesi ; can make himself generally < sotul. or will net aa light porter in any btuintss. Addresi Mar?'.i*ll, Herald office. A YOUNG MAN, WnO IS A GOOD PENMAN AND correct at flguier, u anxi rja for an i>a,:a.-< rcoat with some one by whom hi* service* mitht tc rj ;uir .5; ia tho ttu':hly acquainted with bookkeeping, an4 is a t r't rate packer Mo ohjeo'icn to so In tlo oountry. A no to au nrirsed to M? N., Herald office, will Rcolvs Immediate at tentloa. AS11UAT ION WAN TED-BY A TOUNG WOMAN, a* a first rate cook; it an eaoellcnt uakor of bread aud pastry; uader*tarda her Lfniaefl*; \* willing and o'^liji Irr, aid haa no oUeotlun to a?*l?t in wa.hin.; anl ironing. Pteaie eall at 212 ln?>th st. 11 ax the best of ulty refertnes. ATEt TESTANT YOUNfl UiN WANTS A SITUATION a* coaehman or urrom in a private family, eitU' r in citv irceaatr}', he has lived with tho boat familte". and hai tho lest of ci'y set are d con. and la wlllirg to make himself -renr rallv uaefnl Apply either por*onaily or bv letter to W. Stewait, 319 Hi are., peeond floor, lor two nays. 4 CLF.RK WANTED-TO SERVE IN A LARGE ^1. wholesale store: m?et be *ma?t and active; * good pon eian, and eorreet at tifuree, with some knowledao e< book keeping. Tbie 1* * ra-e opportunity, aa tho aalary I- Iir^s. T; .<j pie seat ocuupaut heinj; ahont to leave the city, can pro cnie the litaaticn lor a person psa^eeaing th" n'qnlalte ?inallneatioua. Please addreaa. post paid, enclosing one dol lar, J. J Lang, N. T. Poet t ifhee. A YOUNO MAN, A IWISfl, WANTS A SITUATION A in areapectalla fam ly, to tako care of horaes; haa ao ehjcction to go to work on a farm. The bast o( roferenoe given. Inquire at Mona. Dnjiuia' ?iO0 Broad ?ay. AN AMERICAN BOY, 17 YEAR8 OLD. IS W ANTED, to take eharge of a earriage and horaet fir a lady and aeatleman travailing. Salary good Applv at;the Warorley liotire, corner of Broadway and Ith at., room HI, betweaa ,( and oP. k., preoisely, thia day ostly. A boy frem the country preferred. BOY WANTED? TO ATTEND BAR A?D MAKE HIM 13 *elf generally usefnl, about 14 or 16 reara of n/o\ one from the oountry prelered Apply at the Grape*, 17 Croab> it. , lrom 7 till 10, or .1 till 6 o'olock. BOOKSELLERS, ATTENTION?A TRAVELLING Auc tioneer, preparing to* a iour westward, solid ta oonsi^n mnbte of bO'.'Ks, stationery and fancy artl'<le<? anything <>nt Bsrnnm'a Liie and la*t year's Almanao*. (Jfxd seoarlty and prompt retnras. "Ntvblo alapenee better than alow ahilltna '' Address, for oe* week, GYASCOOT1S, bo* la; Herald office. /CHRISTIAN HOME POR FEMALE SIEYAVm, 3d?h \J itreet. bet* ecu Fourth and Lesington av?nue?. Oo vrrv esses, honaekeopar*, and servants In every capacity, ?tipplied from this lnitftntlon. ('iooe; wanted-a middle aged woman, TO J eook. *nd aatiaf with the waahiag aad ironing, io a pr1 jate family ; a good eook, with el?y referenee, /-an eall at 81 n*t Wh at., latweon Irvtog place and 4tii at., befsr# font e'tloek. r^lOOK.? WANTW), A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. AS %J cook, who thoroughly nad*nUnd* k? baaiaoa*, ui baa SI elty n'triDMi. Apply, tftwio 10 ud Ue'o.oek, at Stli avenue. /COACHMAN'S SITUATION WWTI1) BY A TRUST * ; tnttt nu 28 Tear* of age Cadoratand* all brasehe* of tbe above business. No o"j'otion to the ojuntry The beet '.t eity rtferete* from bli lata mplojw. floaao ad r?M A. B., Hfrald Ufloa, for two day*. DRESSMAEtng.-LADIES SOJOURNING AT THE ST. M.-holas, Metropolitan, A*t?r, Irving or othar fasblsn eble hotels, who wlsa their dresses la latest ParUlaa style, will pltase observe that tbc rinhent dnutl ara Hatched la tba latest ?tyle? and perfection of a"., ill ton hoars, by Mrs. FAlNSWnkTH, fashionable dre<smak*r, and importer of fertilor.ii. 377 Broadway, opposite the Broadway The ? ire. DECCi CI.EBK WaNTED-A young man who thoroughly understand* the drug ha<in6**anJ in i r ?landa op puttie* perfumery. 1 lie beet of referenooreqi^red. A pp ly at the Bo a try drug store, MB. DRAYMAN WANTED? A MAN WELL ACQUAINTED with thr eity,who understand* taking care of a horie, ai l eta bring good reference, may address bos 2,2ft3 Post Office. EXPERIENCED ENTRV rf.ERK WANT SD.? APPLY at 11 Murray street. Avery, Uu'.lsr A Cecil. IpXPERIEVCED SERVANTS WANTED IMM EDI ATE 'J ly. for gentlemen's families ?A i une aud seatn*tre>s a famiN dretaitaker, lately leaded, far the oity. a Sootch or Knfclirh cook, snii u smart yonnc waiter girl for the cnun* try, wi' h g. oa r*fer?uo?. at ft tiLlV'S select fomale offiie l'.O Seventh avenue between '1 wenty-thlrd and Tweaty fourth streors. A lady ia attendance. N B ? \ smait Pro testant Gctn an oooK on hand; also, two Protectant ohain termaidii and waiters. , Housekeeper, or nursr to aged invalids. ! A respect a Me middle a^ed person, with the Mst of oity relerenct #. and well qualified for either of the a hjvu sana tions, mty te en^a^ea by applying 147 S kit 21st St., frout roim, :td i lory. LA' K MAKERS AND EMBROIDERERS, ALSO DRESS eap iua n * rs, w?nied, at Uarttsr'a laoe ?aaufaotiry aud millinery W3 Broadway. ON UEMANDE? UHE FILLS FRANQAISE, PROTE3 tar.ta, poor soigner lee enfant* steoodre, at faire let robec. arte bmne recommendation- S'adresaer 4o 10th St., entre la So at C? avonues, avaut 11 heures. PROTESTANT SKBVANT* -MANNING, 10 TILLARY ttroct, tilth door from Fultnn street, Brooklyn, has waiting for employment, at his agency, this day. an ozpe rienteu tiuruian chain 3?riiiai<l and seamstress, also an ex cellent selection ol Protestant servants of ev.irr doaestie cspaci'y, with most reliable relereneei, suitable for oity and country, SITUATION WaNTED.-A GERMAN GIRL WANTS kJ a muatior. as lid) 's maid and searostreu; speaks the Eiig'i-h, French and German lanenacea; no oMeetion to the eoontry. Please oall at Mrs. Magnet's, 231 West lt, near 9th avenue. SITUATION WANTED? BY A SMART, TIDY GIRL, AS chambermaid and waiter; can assirt In washing and ironing. City reference. Can be seen tor two days at 111 Colombia tt.. South Brooklyn. SITUATION WANTED ? BY AN EXPERIENCED seamstress; understands cutting and fitting children's and lady '* jretaes, and all kinds of floe family ae<vtn.;; will do chamlerwoik and take eare of ohildren; i a pernou in whom the strictest confidcnee can be glared; wil go in tha country at moderate wsgos. Apply at 263 7th uvenue. SITUATION WANTED BY A MIDDLE-AOED WOMAN to do acnoral housework and is a good washer and ironer, and bait no objections to going a short distanoe in the ccurtry. laqutre of litr present employer, Hi Hudson st , next Vcrlt. SITUATION WANTED ? BY A MOST RESPECTABLE and competent young woman, at good plain cook and first rate watber and irener, or would prefer chamber vork, floe washing and ironiug. Ha* lived with respectable fami lies. and is very well reeomrceaded. Call al 44 Essex st., between Hestor and Grand. SITUATIONS ARE WANTED-BY TWO COMPETENT young women; cue as first elars waiter and chamber maid, ana would a sist in the wasbina aad Ironing, aid make herself generally useful; the other as good eooV, waih"rand ironer; understands pastry and bakiwe. The beet of city reference from their last employer, where they lived nearly throe years. Plnaro oall or address 271 Bowery, near Houston st. They havo no objection to the country. SITUATION WANTED-BY A VERY TIDY. WELL recommended Protestant girl, to do general housework; Is a cood plain csok, and flrrt rate wasker and ironor; has no objection to go a short distance in the oountry. Call at No. It* Bivington St., for two days. SALESMAN WANTED? IN THE YANKEE NOTION business ote who eaa Influence a good trade; none other ueed apply. Ono acquainted with the btutness pre ferred. Address Salesman, Herald office. SERVANTS.? PROTESTANT AND GERMAN GIRLS wanted for fami'lee ia the city and eonatry, calling every day, at EERRE'S Agenoy, No. 94 Duane street, one door west of corner Broadway. N. B Families suited, with out delay, with the best servants in the oity. THE ADVERTISER WISHES TO PROCURE A SITUA tion for ayouug lady now in her employ, and can re commend her; she is well educated, speaks French aad German; will attend as lady's mrid; would accompany a fa mily travelling to Europe. Salary no ohjeet. Addreu A . B.,>o. 0 St. Mark's place. TO EDITORS? A TOUNG NEW YOREER, W30 IS master of tbe Spanish language, and has a decided taste for lit< ra'ure, wants a situation ia a newspaper otSoe. Ad diess K. J., r. Herald office. T.O PARENTS AND GUARDIANS.? W*.NTED, A RE tpco'aLln lad, about IS year* old. who hat a taste far lettering snd drawing, as an apprentice to tbe lithographic Vuitneke. Apply to r. Miller, corner of Trinity Thames rtreet. place aad TO MERCHANTS AND OTHERS.? A SITUATION wanted, by a rating 'married man: out door or other wise: would be wliiing to make himieif generally neeful. Has been in a manufacturing baeinees on hi* own acooaat in this oity tor the last nlae years. Tbe waat of oapital, not of attention snd energy, ia the e?uta of seeking * situa tion whereby to support his family. Reference and seourity, it re i uii oa A <Mjo?s Conlldenes, Herald office. TO LAWYERS* ?a YOUNO man, HAVING HAD three years' experience in a law office, <esi re* a situa tion where his talent* would be appreelatod; understands cfficc business ard can artw pleadings, Ac. Salary reassn able. Pless; address Counsellor, Herald office. rO HOTFI, PROPRIETORS AND KEEPERS.? A GEN tli-man believing him*alf to poise** every aeedfal qua liflcation to aaeitt in the t.iudujtmit of an establishment of any maanitnde, desires be smployed. Addreu D. H., 98 Sprtn.< st Tea dialers wishing to snout* the services ot ft thoronphlv competent ajs'atant, wi!l pleise rrilresa, fur two daya, U. C.. K) Allen itml. ri'ITF ADVERTISER, POSSESSING AN IN TIM ATE AC* X quaintanre with the uittzena of this city, will undertake tl>? aollertion of bill* which atood for an7 length of time, aud guarantee apeedy and prompt payment. rte'er encta and accuritj given. Ad dree a Collector, th!e oITioo. TO DRUGGIST? A YOU NO MAN, OF STRIVTLY teropera't and indnrtriotie habits, wants a aituation in a wholesale or retail drag house; he utidtrstandii tbehuai-eee veil, and can (live *"ud uitv reference. A lias ftddreteed tj E. 0., licrftld ottico, will b? promptly attended to. TO DKUGGISTS -A YrUNG MAN, WllO HAS HAD 'igtt >eari OJtptrience in the drug busincaa, five ot which were In 1'kilaaelphift. wishes ft actuation in a retail ?tore; baa attended ft ragnlir course of locturrs in the Phila delphia C?llegc; undtr- tun ln German ftnd pliir macy; wouM hare no objection to go So at* or Weal. Ad dieae Louie Korald nthce. TTNE PERSONNK DK MOYEN AGE, D&8IRE SE L placer dar.n art famillo prh6e, pour eoiroor lee en tents tt cmidre, ou fairs uu ittit miu:ige. S'adioiscr 70 4e avenue, entre la 9e c' 10c ruai. WANTED? A SCOTCH OR GERMAN I'KOTESl'.VNT girl, to do the feu. ral hou*ew?rk of a private U jji y. Kb* i.i.i at be t lira; rate v ftUirr aud iron-.r and understand rlftia cot kin,;. Apply at 33 Riyina;ton at. |X7ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE ? ? tnj*a, ftaa pood waalier ?ed irunkr, to work by tlit day ; i* a good houae cloanar Ootd reference Call at Ifl rrince it. 11, ANTEE-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG GIRL, Tii tt do the cocki 'g and ?a.?hiuir and ironing, or the general homework of a trnaU faiaily. Hae the beat of city refer crce. rieatecallatllO \l e-t 24?h at. WANTkD-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG GIRL, TO do cliambtrwork and waiting. Ha? the b?et o? city reference i'lctae tail a*, lly Weatrtth at. ITT ANT1D? A SITUATION, BY AN ENGLISH WO TT nan, aa brat elaaa cook; ia a good washer and ironer. a *oo J baV "r and pastry cotk, and projorr-ir o( all kind* of fruit, liood city recreate frrnn her las'- place, t all at No. 9 Van i m. ft , iu tli? rear, tor two daya. WA^ TED-BY A BtSPEC'TA BLI PROlESTAN* girl, a aitu?ti"n aa rl.ajnberin?.id nr to do ?h? general I onarworlt of a arnall family; hat no objection toroln the country. 1'leaae call or address, for two daya, 103 Mott st., i i the rear. WANTED? A SITUATION AS 3RAMHTRE33, BY A proteatant young woman, who can do all kinds of iew logon line linen and cbildriu'a elothlng. No objection* to do *one cbambcrwork cr go ft ahort dtatanos into the country. Pleaae call at IJ2 I6th at., between 7th and xtli avtnver, In the candy store. \I7ANTED?A RITI ATlON, BY A YOUNG SCOTCn tt giri, to do ehamberwork or waltle*. Good city refer <nce < an be aecn for '?? daya at 247 Dftat 12tb at, be tr t?n avecnea A and B. ?-ANTKD-A SmjATIlN, BY A PROTE3TAVT TT woman, to do aonerai bonaework for a amall family, ei i. take care of rhildren. Good city refer moo. Call f?r tw? daja at No. 209 Wert aist at., botwoen fcth and 9tb a?a. tlf ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPBCTARi.E TT Proteatant gtrl, to cook, wash and iron in a nrlTatfl family; is ft plain eook and an rxoellcnt waahcr and irocev. and a Rood broad baker. Good city rofarnaoo from I j r laat rlaco. Oftll at LJ) '7l.'i at., front room, No. U, for U aw daya. j \\[AHnu-A YOUNO Gint, COM PETE ST TO DO j TT gcr.etal liouacwcrk,re<|no<ita a aii nation ia the country; Lfw to?n t*o yoara in hor laat placs O^n boaecafortwo ?lay a at U H'e#t | nli at. Good reftronce can bo girem. TITANTBD? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT yoimn voinan, to do hioaowork for a nniall fitnily, or (.I bmbrraftid ftnd tme waahinc and iroutnr, or to take euro o? onlldreo. Good city referenda. Call i^rtwo dayaat iw State at., Brooklyn. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG GIRL. TO ?lo general houaework; ia *Too<t waaher and iron?r. Good eit.y reference giynn. Apply at 49 Kine atraet, tront baaeatnt. Can be aecn for two daya. tt'ANTKP- A SITUATION, BY A RESPKCTABf.r, TT yocng woman, aa s<?od oook, waab- r, and ironer. Sho nndrrttanda baking bread and cake. .No obioition to the eonntry. A)iply at -tt! Tcr^yth atreet. G?)J refcrenco ft. . n ? her last plftra. _____ \VANTtD--A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT young to Bind chilar -n, or to do chftoi'MYwork and waiting. U?at M referrnac fiirea. Call at 71)^ Woat ).?t h at , near t>th avtnne, lor two d%ya. WANTED- BY AN EPl'ERIENCRD, CAPABLE WO nan, ft ait tation aa 490k; und?rataada har tcainoea thoroot.*ily, m i ia afintrato domea k) baker; good 01:7 f?. fen n:a. Plrft^o oailar i2oci>nt?n piaoe, Rthat.. till as 1 tod WAN TUB BY A RMPECTABL* PROTilT.tWT airl, a aitna'Jen m obtliren'a anrae, or to g? traveliiuj aa Itdi'i maid; ;\?i ivd elty rafWWee. Apply *t 146 JCth at., >ttFce? *th and ?'.h Cm ^a aaen fcr twe days WAOTI? ' \T7 ANTED? BY A RB6PECTABLB YOUMO TV ? aitaatioa aa tktm^nuid u< |liii i take o?r? of uuftU obUdron, ha* do objeetioa to *.<? . i? ... . t'fta W n?b for two day*, M bar employer'!, W Omw ' * i?h it. I - ? ? WANTED- BY A YOUNG WOM1N, A SITUATION a* ohambtrmaid and laundreee, or to do the chamber aoik and waitin*. Good lefereaee tram her laat plftM, for 'U year*. Apply at 76 Wut jgth at _____ WANTED -A SITUATIOM, BY A PROTESTANT young womaa, 1a a private family, ?a chambaraaajd and Mamitrtii Ueod city refettnoe. Call at 31} Baft 13th it.. mi Uilvereitj plaee. \JLT ANTED ? A SITUATION BY A FIRST RATE GIRU YT aa aook. waaUer and lrunar, i? a good baker. Baat rafar aaca. KaquLre it htr laat piaoe, 1 43 at. Brooklyn. UTAMTBD? 81 fUATlONS, BY TVYO PROTECTANT TV young woniou; one ( wh-j la ne*er aaa aiok,) withai to ob taia aiitofttion ftalftdv'i maid, or cbildraa'i naree, with a timlly going to Borland; the oib'.r either aa oham-ieraaid, alitor, or ohild'e nnrre, in ft private family. Inquire of their pioaaftt employer. No. 1 Grftmerey park, corarr ef2lit >t., to whom they tofar. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A ToUNQ WoMAS aa oook, waaher and irouar In a amftp. family, kB<j rtutral houaework. raJorovouj. App'j at 171 Waat ICtb ft. , between 7th and 8ttk ftvenuaa, float basement. WANTBD-A YOUNG WOMAN, WHO UN OKH elandi coking, washing and iroaing. Apply, wi'.h reference, at W Grand ttreut. Jersey City. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE ycung woman ft* ohambai ma<d and laundraaa in a vri ?ate family, or would do waiting; i? a good pi tin oook; baa been fm.r yrari in bar laat aitua'ion ; boa* xf oity ralo*aa?<'? f?ea; eau be Men for two day a at liSUIth al.,oorner of 7th avenue. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A YOUWQ WOM A if, ai foamatrear; undoritanda all kinds of fa-nl v aewWj under stand* out ting and fl'tiag. No ohjeaUan to travel. Good rat'orenoe. Apply at I3A W, at 28th at WANTED? BY A SMART, TIDY GIRL, A SITU ft'-ivn to do general homework, or to oook, wanh and iron. Apply at h-ir present place ol engagement, i: We.t lltb at., neat liroadwny. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Seotth girl; is a good oook, wajho- an I irouer; tim n ) objertirn to do general houaework in small family. Call a'. ItOu liott at., bttweun l'rinoe aud Uouttoa, loooud Boor. , Beat oity reference kiven if required. WANTED. BY A YOUNG 01 HI. A SITUATION AS chambermaid and to takeoaruof children, or to aatlst in washing and Ir. ulug Would bo williug t* mako heraolf generally uanfu). Can be aaen lor two days at her lavt p'aee. I'leafo inquire sc. 17b' *4 eat 89t!i at , car stli uv WANTED- A SITUATION BY A PROTESTANT young woman to take oare ofobiidrnn and do plain ?ow - iur. Good icfiircnco. Call at Mo 181 Seventh ar., bstwe<.n liiihavd I'i tli tin. Can be >eea for two day a. "WJ" AN 1 EH ? A SITUATION A3 COOK IN A PRIVATE fi laiiii'j, by a i 0111:1 woptan of exoellout character aad qualirtcHti. r:\ hi & plitia ovoli. Rrftra to her sreannt ein where the liaa Mved lor nearly twojeara Apply at So. KJj Jeraleuion a:., Brookljn, wli'ro ihe will remain one w?ek. WANTED, RY A RESl'SCTABLK YOUNQ WOMAN, ft munition aa waitreaa and chambermaid is ?. nrivftte family, fche eau bo wall rooommendt-d by bar present am tlojera. Apply at No. li Wavcrloj pi. TIT" ANTFD? BY A RESPECTABLE SCOTCII, PROTES TT tant jotirg woman, ft ait.oation aa tuirre in>l p?am atrera, or would irartl with a lady. ?'*U or addria* for two dayn, ftt 230 W(?t 10th at., totauon 8th andUth areuae* YITANTED? A SITUATION AS LAUNDRESS; IS VT l'ully eftpftLla of the bsaineta Tha beat of reference will be riven; no o^iocticu to go in tha ooantry. Ap.Oy at 273 7th avetue. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RRSl'KCTABI.E young (irl, ?a oook, in ft private family; beat of city reference t Ivaa it reqniied. Can be aeon tor two daya at ?Vf Atlantio at., Brooklyn. WANTED? A YOUNG WOMAN, WITH CITY REFER ence, to go ft ahort on the Hudson river, na chambermaid and waiter, for a email private <arailr. None ?ecd ftpply exoept fullv competent to diacharge the above dntiee. Apply at 44 Weat 28tb at., betwoen the boura of 'J and 13 A. fa WANTED-A SITUATION, AS SB AM STRESS, BY A German pirl, wbo eptaka Engliah, nan ?o all kind* of Una lowing, and make ohildren'a dmiM*. Noobjeotiona to light ehamberwork. if retjulred. Cun be icon in her pre ?cnt kituatien, 67 Ncrth Mcore at., between Hudson and Greenwich. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE voroan, to do /enerfti housework for a amal) family; good retcrence, and it n good waaber ftad lroner. Anr'v at til foray th it., for two days. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, ai coo?.; no objootion to do general houaework. in ft snftll private family. Good city reference. Call lor two daya at 320 Weit 17th it., be.ween 10th and 11th avenuta. ? WANTED FOR THE COU> TRY? WOMEN FOR ALL the departmonti cf hounewcrk; tho beat of aitoationr toriueb. Apply at MRS. GRKKN S a?einyfor domea^oi. 70 White a'reet, near Broadway, eait aide, Ratoa reduced to fifty e?nta to employer and employee. WANTED- A SITUATION AS CoACBUAN. BY A l*TOt?ttant yount; man, who thoroughly nudere.anda hii bust re i* in all ita branetea. Can be acou lor three dayi at 100 Eedlonl li. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE French woman, a? ladlee' ma d in ? aoaloman'i tainilf ; ona who perfcotly unduratandi her buiioMi Good reference. Apply to A. P., Herald i/fflco. WANTED-B* A VIRST CLASS COOK, W1TD CITV recumrntuda'ion, a good situation, in ft ceutleman's family. Understands her uusiness in avory branch, ?leo preserving. j,ickling and making butter Ha< no objection to go oot of town during th* summer. Can be lean untl' engaged at Mr*. Green's domestic agency, 70 Whit* it. e?tt cido. WANTED-BY A SCOTCH GIRL, A SITUATION TO do th. ccoking, waiting andir >ning of a small private family, or to do rhaKbcrwotk and fim- washing, or pl;-in sewing; so otjMtion to go ? short di.tanoe in the country. To be *ecn for two da?* at 32 Jane ?t , two door* from 4th ?t. Good reference Riven if required. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE GIBb A 8ITUA tion hi nurse and seamstress; oaa da all kfndi of fa mily sowinr; it willing to go a short diatanoe in the c untry. Can give tbe best of reference. Can be >m a1, hortast place, '*0:! Blecciter aUeet, corner ot Cottage piaoe. ttj ANTE T? A SITUATION BV A RBSPEOPABLB TT yonnfr woman as ctambcrmaid ; can assist iu w*?b?ng ??d lrmiiiq lias ?ootl city references. Has no objections to go in the country. Pitas* call at 67'J Greenwich st ttf ANTED? A SITUATION BY AN EXPERIENCED f T young girl, with tho best ot eity references, as cham bermaid asc tine lausdri'Si; can waih and iron in the reatest svvle; can do fluting If requirod; is a reat parlorma'd; c?n fake charge of the silver; ? ?ul y ooinpottnt. Htsno ioj?c. tion to a few miles in the country. Call or addres* 017 t 23d st , in tbe fancy store. TITANTRD-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION TT as w.iitresH in a private family, t>;ia wh.-> tnor<>ngbly uncerstanii her business, and et?n produce the br st ol city references from somooftho most re?i>e-..ab ? f.milic*. Please enquire r t 361 Second a? , hetwein 22d and 2M sis , for two dsyr, up stairs, backroom. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A KESPBCrAHl E young ??tnap,?i chambermaid and wai'ir, or plain Mwcr. Call at 180 W. ffth ?t.. bctaeeu 7ttt?n<i(itb avenue*. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A R8SPECTABLE (,-irl, to do the honsework of ? small private family: will le willing to make herself senarally ust-lnl; good city refer nee. Call at ISO Orchard st , near Rivui^ton. Can be seen for two days. WANTED-A SITUATION, TO 00 GENERAL HOUSE work in a small prhate family, ot ohamevrwrork and liu* washing *na Ironing, or to take oaro ofchildrej; good reference; no objection to tin countiy Call at SO Sprint bt , iu the tear, lurtwo days. 117 ANTED- SITUATIONS, BY TWO RESPECTABLE TT, one ua took, wttsher and ironer, the ether as erambaruaiJ *nd waiter; can come well recom mended if required. Apply at 13 1'urmiu tt? aro Jklyn. for two days. t , WANTED-A SITUATION, BV A RESPECTABLE Klrl, >i nur?e amd seamstress, or as fnem-treen aid chambermaid; has no objeotion to go iu the c nutrv; sa'w factory reference can be given Pieise -a'i, f?r two days, at 191 fourth street, second etory, near Eixth avenue. IVTANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE T I young woman, as plain cook ; la a rocd t<*kor oi brea 1 and biacnii, and is a good washer and ironer: has u > objeo tion to do general housework in a small private fimilj; ha* four years ro'emce f rom h?r laat place. Anp'y at 109 East Thirtieth fttroet, corner of Third avenne. ?The caunt-y pp*. fined. None need apply but private familiar WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RMSPECTATI.E Protestant young woman, a* good oook ; no ol>je;tio? 1 to a*sist i? ? and uonin*; or as chambermaid oul f*amr<iets; b?jt oi city refrrenoc. Can be si*i. tor t?? day*, at No. 148 Thirty fifth street, near Seventh avscie. , WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, i to travel witb a family gnine t> CaH'ornii; ij a gonil taker ana i ook, and a goad ahambermatd and narsa: good j releience. Apply at lflu Ninth ave-ine between T*?ntyfr?t i and Twent) seoend itreet<, tbirl floor. WAN1ED-A SITUATION, BY AN ENGLISH WO man a* honatlreerar la a tai'l family. Apply st v?) i Dons tea at., in th* store. WAMED-A SITUATION, BV A RE^PE ;TACLE | ycung woman, i ? do general hons" work i: i small fa mily, or to take earu of obiidnn a: n do chaaberwork, or i to do chamber? jrk and a .?i?t in wa*bin? and ironing. Good city retereneo. Call for tiro da jt at (ID IV. lJtb it., first ! floor, freat room. WANTED? BV A RESPECTABLE VOUNG WO* IN. a situation a? chambermaid, waiter or wamftra**; hat no ctyectioa to do tbe paneral housework of a ?mtll respect able family. Ploase rail at 10 K. M arreu s'.. Breotlya, where she has Uve<! tor the last If months. WANTED? SITtATIONS IN CITV OR CBONTRY by two etttclent youn* woim.n, a- gfl 'd rooks and laundresses; understand all klti l* of c^'.ntrv work, tnllk ing., taking. Ac , will tak* moderati wages Can give ?ali?fac'.ory refireaeo't for capability and inrerri'y. Can be I pcen at the Bcnth Brooklyn y)mp><ymer.t Oflice, 5S At- 1 lactic st. tlT AN1ED? A SITUATION, ItY A PR ITERANT TT girl, a* ejuk, tr to <!o poni-ial iion<ework li. a re?oet?. able family; ha* ao objejtlnn ti jtc a slior'. dis'aj<."j in the i e. 'Entry. TUacu eali at No. 77 Snth Mt., between tilb and 7th avenue*, drat floir. WANTED? B> A RE6PECTAMLE YOftNG OTRL, A >Y situation to take eare j laia tew |nr; goo? reieronoe; p'cise ClU at 141 V arlolf t tre"t, so ion I fii tf , itMt room. WASTED-BY AN tX PKRiE ?"?E? WOMAN, A SIT II nation *? lao >idrc?s, and who p*r!e?tljr onu irstands d?r.j up alt k>n<la of ft*': lacs. M d I'rauch tin in/; t.ha L->st ?fraftreaco. AnJy '?* l"fl J*>?At I4'.' ?th avenue, la th* lie itore. ____ WANTED A SITUATION, BV A R Be PIT 'TA3(>R vT jotar w*nian, a* oaok, waaber and Iromr; i* a ftrat rata Teler, eat) ?l?o th* t^>?t of e.ty raltfeooe ar '^"apabil tiv ?(,.! character; oan to **oa fat two dtjs at 1>V> W. 171b Would like to to tka eonotey. tETABTBB? A SITUATION, |?Y A BF?*PBcTAB^l TT yonug v otsan, to <o the cooking, watmn*. and iron 't ?, ?' a sroail prl\ata fa<ail) ; ha* no o>jac<inato do the n^rtl hensewnrk Ctn )vi gnod eity refersnoa. Can b* seen ti r two day*, at 47 26th st.. >ietw*en th?4tp avnoa And L?ii: .tor at??n?, thiri tlccr, rear bitlding. *t 1*3 Var mi ??. WAN TIP- A SITUATION. tl NCJK9B O* CS*M bermaid, by a mpMUk ? ? man; a ?? giro g?t?f sly reiereace Irom her present ?n> |.l- ;?? aad others; M oly <e w?.ti/th fur 'uu>D,er- m WANTID? A SITUATION -y a RESPECTABLE mi( u seam.- ?). or chambermaH, ?> to I IB washing aad b> I ..1 < i'? r* eronoo SaA b3 . riiutotilltt 111* Kxt ;9tusi between 2J *ad Sd uiiit gift* _ M . IT?aiM. fcr two dBJB. w AJiHB-A SITUATION, 1]> A HtPKTAIIiI i'rotestant woman ; s ? go , la:* oook, and as C1A*1 lent baker; la Willing to ?ss it ao objeetion to f,o in the c nntrr t'leaae oali'at Best*' eity rslarntite given. nTiNTED - BT A EW**Cl?UtM W girl a aitnatlon to tai? cate 01 ohildrta^ and do chamberwork. Apply at 401 urove *treet, J*r*ey City; gat a *t*f,e at the ferry. - Wanted? a situation k>.b a yoono oislas l>Wu? leter, and to tak? 'ar? ??f ohilJreB. ifweUre covin. nd< d. Apply *' her ?reM.ut employer i ibetWMA 9 and I o'clock), at No. 72 lirt SJJ ?? ______ XXTANTEB^BT A RESI'H riBI.B PROTECTANT W girl, a ittuatiou use suil. rmaid ?* waitrses in aamaJI private la milt , or eeneral bou-o^orfc *n A ^ V_ tamiiy. Is a toed bakrr and g" 'J #?sl?<r *A<1 okjestioos to (to to Brooklyn l'lo*.e call at her la?t >!?*? oNlHtli St., for two dajs. _____________ "OrANTED-A SITU A1 ION, UY A RESPECTABLE f? *our/ woman a?c?"V, ?nii"t m iruner, or to ?? g??eral housework In a pri?at? f>aillv. Tl a bw * of at y rcfurecoe Call far two da<ie at law Wool Wth at., kst iwi 9th and 10tb avs.. third llwr __ XT-ANTED- BV A RESPECT a IH.E YoUNG WOMAN. A W situation a* obau>bt?rm?l\i %uo miwKmi, or -.o take car* ol >01)1 children; has no otj"e?iou <o the co-m'ry. V,au ff.Vnf"roua day, at 239 Gold ??? God city_?*lerene* T17ANTM)? BT A KESi'BJrABcB Y<>0N0 W >B AN, W a litnstion to do bonieworh la A " plain c?ok M.d eood w:.?ber ?n< 1 roaer. Tha _**?*?' J '*"* Unoe riven. Piea?e ox\\ tcr tw?? daya at 445 tonnu ?.roat, recond floor, froct tcom. ? , , WAJ'TED? A SITUATION, *V A M )ST NBAT AMD tidy girl, a? cuau:h?rmani aLd ?w?> c'' *V' noatlr, wih Lud Ir. u for the ??<> aud wato on A lady Wbo board*: no obUotion to a ho'cl ? r boar?liii|5 hoQto Ma? ^5 cVt> r.t.?noo Win ? S5.a nunth Fa tba oity .r country. Call at S17 ti?" -o atiaat _________ *17ANTED? BT A RESI'SCTaBLE VOUA'C W*><AW, ?Y a tit nation a? fir?t rat? conk; i? a flr?t rata ****% nndaratandt all kind* of pa?'.rv , li.?no o>?jo?Uon t? ***** in tha wanlilifi and lranirg; pr 'i^r* tha oouBtrv. Can ??? the boat eitytrf,?r?nca if t? iulrcJ. f)aA? f V i L? ' t. K ? ? A at 99 dt.h ftrdtt, b?tvre?u lorry aud CUarloi, is tba 1MB* batemont. , W_ ANTHD-MY A RESPE^TAl I.E 10UNQ W0M4H. actuation as chamber ir.aiJ and waiter, ?r h M chamber* < rk and aui ? t in v??dhl-i< knd ironla*; ti>>n to fo to the ooBn'ry. tlo iuuity ?ef?roAC?. '-*11 At 36 13th ?tr?ut. WANTrD? k 6ITUATI it ? , "T A Tf>UNG tVOMA./<, aicook, wArlior and lr?- tr in a .niaU prlrata taeuy, or to do chain barwork ar d plain Vw - lk LImc ?roe frcm her iatt plAee. Uram o>-H At 2 U lib A\?A??. to??r ol ?'?ii st., top floor. b?th r0t"? inFANTEB-A SITUATION, BV A aE>PECTAMJ W lonoi womia, (0 do iht ^o.i ^ork or a smsu flMttlJ. Gcoi'tity rcfcroEce. Call at 1JU 27th WiwShl 7;L and bkb avtuuos. - TV A 3S1E D A SITUATION, BY A R^SPJCTABIJ W Protestant woman, an o mjW; Is a 8??^ pastrycook: hAino ohjeelon to ko ? abort 41atAAJ?l???? country with a private family lln. tUe j?at af ???y ???? tenet. Please call at 23 l ritoo st.. tor two days. WANTID? A SITUATION At COACHMAN, BT A If ro test ant man, wbo tiiotougUiy unde?sta?dB the care and management oi hors ? in ever' resp?ot. *?? eAo live the l?st of city refewnoe as aoachm>n lor t auAlW M * ears. Addreas C. B , 3H Crfrst. .1 >t WANTED? A SIIUAIION BY A RESPECrABLB lady, aa honsakooper, ?r t attend a 6ak?y ?r oob iectionery. She la capable of ftlllnR el' hjr. C?n ?.*a tba fery best recommendations Adartss lol _ Wanted? by a scotch a situation aa cook, in a r^Bta family ; 1? wlltng to a?nst in tka wishing and ironing; baa pood ?ef'-reoeea lfreqalre j. t?n for two days at 147 1st avenue, between 9th AndHkhstl., third Doer, front room. Wanted? by a xovso hoMan, a situation; if a nood plain oouk, wa?1iT aid ironer; no o>j?>ctit'o to tbe country; if a flrnt rato har.d at rnilk and tnitur. Caa he fa for two days, II not etinajied, at Mil Uonttcn ( ... 0|> stairn, Iront room WANTED? BY A RESI'E -T.tllt.S YoUSG WOMAN, a situation as chaiu etBislU a- d waat et ana Ironer. or to do tba work ol a a. "?<l f??il? ; iaa^ooiplain cook. wa?ber and ironer, Bad fa# , .?< H < reference tts , ha seen lor two daja, if Bvit en ,a, ? ?: l( BeArta i '., eceatd floor, front roe it . WANTED-A S1TUATI' * ST A MS'S'-'TABLE Protestant womaa, a? ? ; ?? ?,M'??ts Aisi?t ta the washing and ironing, and l? ??r > . . if rotjalrafl, w??l Id go for modaraie wager; pret- ?' fan be seen for two days at '<> II u t?a ?l . In tkc store. iitamee-a situ ai u?n, ur a bespbctabl* VV jouui woman, ? bo is aa esettlent oook, * first raaj vatber and ironer, and cater; io sa?e trjotlo, none noad apply tot t'noff who are wlllinn to give gojd w s^et; ?o oh jeetion to fo in tho eona'ry. far be ?eon for three <l>ya,i BOtiBsat?d, at 1&8 l.udlow st front 1 asemaat. Iti ANTED-A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT WO W insn, desire* a situation as oook; sbo ?*n wash and ii on, snd understands her treation in ev#ry particular; B??t I of re'erences. Also, a worth/ yenn* g.rl desire* a place to tske charge ot cblldret, a?*i t m ho??oliold wori Ac ; A* ohjeotion to go to tbe coul ry. App'y At No. ItiS r^rat avenne, t?r two days. _ _____________ IirANTED? BT A BFSfECTABLE P iOTBSTANT W woman, it -iHnatiou um fiist rato e ?? k. In All its biauehei;ai.d to asriat aith tae?r?>liing aud ironins. Also, ty a I'rotcftsntyonng woman, as nnrsx and setmstres**, oath in one private family bsve no objection t? el'y or eonntry; both bavo tha best of city ret'ereuoe from thour lAtt plaaa. where they have lived tor a length of tlma; can ho seen for three day*, by c tiling at 107 East 19th st. oor. third avaa?* . WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE UTRL, A SITUA tian a* first rate oook, wa?ber and Inaar, in a retrac table private lamily; has m objection to go ai Inondraaa: has good city ietereaee from bar last place. CaJI At M Charlton street, corner of Variok. TirAHTED-BT A REBPECTABUE MARRIED WOMAN, W a chili to wet anno at her ho.i*e, No. 210 2St!> st., be tween 8th and 9th avenues, second door !>Ack room. Bar child wa? oaly two weeks old abeu It died. Noni axespt reipeetatle persons need apply. Befereuae, Dr. Mat bows. He. IBS Westtftth st. WET NURSE -WANTED, Br A IIEALTIIT YOUMO woman, a dtostion in a good fsmiiy , the beat af refer enoe an be Riven as to charaetar and oapibilttr. Apply It No. 82 3d a venae, between 11th and 12th ats., till enna^sd. WANTED- SHIRT MARINO OR GAITBR BINDING to do on A sewlnE maohlne. by a lady whj undervtuadB both perfectly; ha* used A machine two year*. Inqmr* At 359 Broadway, ap stair*. TirANTll' ? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE TT joong girl, as cook, wnsher and Ironer; the best of city reference ean be given. Ploate apply at 00 Spring et , m-jt tloor. WANTEt-A SITUATION. BY A RE3rECrABL? young woman, a* laundres*, or cbamh-rmaid an i wait er; lest of referenep given. Apply at ?.? Spring *t , k*?Ond lloer, front, room, left band, for two da}*. W2NTED-BY A RESPEOTABI.K YOUIfO WOMkM. VT a eitnatian to do < ontiri>l boueowork; she is willing and lodastiioni; is a good tarrant; has no objoetion to no a *hort distmee in tbe coartry; can produce unexoeptionatle ra terenois Irom hljrhly resptcta le plaoos lojtho City. Tj whom it m?y concern pl*a*o eall at or addrei?, No. 6 Hester at., front baiemtnt, *h< re in interview ean be had. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A TOUNO M1HRIID TT TtmtD, nr act r.ur-v 1'Inw apply 12? .>rwmiU avenue, at >(r?. Iir?? L \ , WANIEl-BY AN JSNOtlSU PROTESTANT GIRL, aaituation a? chambermaid or lnundren. Apply at plK Cfcriatopbcr it., trout r jom, flwt floor, for two daye. SITUATION, BY 1 RESPECTABLE TT ymn; ?omkc, H chambermaid or child' ? nnrM, or woald travel with a Udy. la a jccod plain K<?. Ilk* lived In liar '?.?* place two yean, and h>< llred aa nnrae lira yeara. Hut roierence. ('an be aeen .or two daya at !M7 Btoadway, b?tw?en U#t aad it\ at*. WANTRD-BY A STEADY TftNO ROMAN, A tt >itoa<lcn a a chambtrmatd and to do waahiag aad French flotiiic, ot aa chamber ueld and waiting. Oaa ba rem at liar jiraioat employer'*, 12 W. 2.M at., tor t we daye. TITAN TED? A SITUATION. BV A YOUNU WOMAN, TT i on. ik 1? rt tn a<> tho houeework of a amall roarectatle tamllj; nadcretatda plain coking- U a rood gather ud irOBtr; btat of le.'efat'O hen. Cm b? rooa lar two ?laya. If ?ot tifsgcd, at 8Zi Saet ISttb at , between lit aad 24 area. \VTANTRI>.? ANY OOUI; KiKI'EH IN B ANT 0? A TT trench eo<k. ean Lear of a p-o-irl ote, by applying at tor. Beeiwj'a, *2 3d avenue, eorner of 1Kb aad 12th ita. TiTANIED- BY A YOUNO MAN. A SITUATION AS TT bnaheller. B?? had cood experfeaua. Would go aadar inatrnc'ion Appiy a', 7 I'all at , thud door from Bowery. XV ANTKU-BV A YOUNO MAN, A SITUATION AS TT porter In i wh?l*ealo More: I* of honrit arU indae tnoua ballta, and can five the ban of oity reference. P'aaaa n i drear .1 B.. box 116 iirrald olfloe lX'AKTED-A >A?MKK AND HIS WIFE, WITH HJT TT i-bttdren, upon a ?.oaU taroi mi Sla'on Iflu I; Oa ta nttrr t t<' the po :'trj and dairy; k. of Hah nr Soiteb will ka 1 r?fene<.'. Mu.t bare r?o<l reeommeuilatloai. Apply at No. 2< William at. tjota No. II. WAN I ED? A SITUATION FOR AN ACTIVE MAN, aa onl doer clerk or ll*?t porter, by hie praaaataa [p ojor ?, who have no tonhar t>eu4 of bla torrfeer. Thay can ro' orotneud him in every way. Addra?^ Boa 2 318 PoM Cflcf. W'ANTKU-BY a young man, a situation in a tt w licit eale etoro, aa ligot porter, or where lwt eaeld n eke l,;iua< If ueeful; <? well aoqaalntad with the city. Caa rue the teat ret'ereaoa I'leaav call (or addreea r JR. > INI W'oit TT tb at net, fci twe daj a. W'AMEr? 10 ASSIST in AN OFFICE rEtoTICE TT an air^rinNf Kn*l!.ili phy?lcian aad airg??. ? jradn ate of u?f 'f ?h? aiiver?itl?a of Ora?s Britain, i'toii Ii cnlapi>u, 10 Grand at., Jaraat ?lty. ' WAXTIE- A SITUATION AS OOAflTMAW, BP A S)N TT .le ' ottntr m?n wl.0 oudcrataaili" Ma mh'IH) fill; wtlibaiuund carrfnl ami ?r??twr?bT a^d eM :???' *??? rccMnm. i.deil, Aj't.1* t? M N.. Ueral.i om??. "*? ?? to IZ o clcek i!ajr iTTin*r?day;. * 1?rANTP.D ? RY A T0l<>? MaN, A SITUATION IN V\ a arocary, h?rd?atr, or >h?l?aale lin.ior row; padr. riag.ln the o ore of horraa, and la a *ool driTer; Itwill'aK to drrote bia attention to hie employ* la iny eapr.cltj. Can produue the very b?t ol el?v rejeretce. Can (?o???n for thrta daya at ^i nthH., e^rwr Jf araaoe B, tap fl>e- , nr asTED? A SITUATION; IN SOME WHOLVSAUE U 1,*, ..aeaa preferable, by a yoang man, f/om tho 4. at. whe ha? aa artenal*# a*finaloUoaa, aai ean esanmaM . la\taVp&^ ro2??*r' ( f fti" ?

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