Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 7, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 7, 1855 Page 6
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?mt Mt. OjuisMBtt* 4l^ UOlKHHH, ??n i njr Vt "nir rrrwrr mjrnishrd ??III of i?m>*>? I ? let. ob trot ul Newlltw. : wliktst kitrt Ik tho tbtfi fint olao* kotM. ?Q? BROADWAY - Nit l'ERACHIO HAS Till HO OOt) ?*? to Inform ti. irwxili and tho publio, that h* MM NM? tnl ? put B?* . V a>? ladio* Iw day aad eroaing. Piiet W c?ut?. Grand b?Il *a Friday ntilii, June li, at SI a tick**. BROOM R HKllT.- A LA ROM FRONT ROOM. ? haad? ?ly fir i.l>?d, to lot, with or without , Ik* hoaao bu Mi lb* luodorn impoov*B*nt*, situated mm Broadway at 4 lio ?iry, Cars ttd *tagt? p??< tho dNinwy ?to islam. , alao, two or tbre? young NltlMWMdi'ii 1'itai moderate. 383 botwofl QAi SECOND AT KN UR, ONE DOOR BKfMW TBUl ZlfX Utath rtte* -A ?ntH prirato fan^r, wtthao* WBMm Mohlldroa. wi'i roots row handtomfly farnUfco* M goatlomoa oni Tho boat* ha* **?y atodora , lad if mo?t deeirably looatod. Roftraaoo* ok 157 ssi-ag-as ? ?t too?. lflK wnT. VOVRTARNTB STRUT, AFARTMRNTB Ivy in *aito ?? itaA may be obtaiaod b* a fow ooloot ImmtSm or bachelor*, wh? arc willing la pay liberal for tlio boot of xxioaunodatiOM 1 AO AMITT ST1URT-A LIOBT AND PLEASANT lvO front tawaca' . to lot. tuitaSle for a physician. Aloe, furnished apufmvata. with aw, hot aad ooid batba, Ra.; a pUaaaat hemae, in a vary dertrabi* looMlau. Q1 BAST 2tTB STRKKT? ROOMS. SINGLE OR EN 571. oulia, with or wiihont beard. Looatica very dotlra M?a Ma? * I** door* <r>m Lexington avoaae. Q1 PRINCB STRRF.T WEaT OT AND NEAR BROAD vl Way.? Gentlemen ??? their whroi, aUo *iagl* gentle man, oaa obtain non dxeirable aooommedatioa*, with boar*. Hoots flrit class handsomely furauhed, aoataiaing ?itwa improvement* <T?? GREENE STREET-BACK PARLOR, UN FUR I U niched, to lot. to use or two geatlemea, aad two haadaoeely furnished room* for t*atlcm*a ai d their ladle*. Fmu board far the ladies aad partial board for th* gentle Mi. U" deaired. 66, AM ITT STB E IT ? ON SECOND FLOOR, ONE ' beaatlful parlor, with bedroom attaohad, large pantry, toe, CM, bath, on ?ame floor; tho baok parlor en drat y*i witb pantriei attached. flue piaaaa, aoed yard; alto, a flA AND U VASKK -IB lir. ST. JOHN'S TASK - JJV A handsomely furniebed ruit of rooms, with private bath, **., attached, ?o lot, with board, to a aeatUmaa aad hfc wlib. or Mule gentlemen; *l*o, two oomforUble *iagl* roo*a, on the third floor. First olas* aooommodatloa. In qalra m abor*. VH TAKltiB. BTKCKT, OF BEEC1I. FRONT - ~.V. ?? SI pork, two front nous furiushed. sulkeWo ler e gentlemen tu) wife, or tw? single gentleman, WMjiMl er partial k .arc ; bath, (M u4 ki; to the park. GREAT JONES STREET.? SUITS OF PARLORS, dsuble and single b. d reoma, all handsomely fai nUh i*l to gentlesner, wttaout board. Also ? largo iront "it, lMt*U? for a jphj sioian. (ON SQUARE, west side.? tert con WwwmIi lor famlllee or single gentlemen. A flno airy looatlon for tko laminar, being near the pommim e*ery leoilitj of aooees Ho *t tho otty. A HANDSOMELY FCRXISHED ROOM FOR A SIN ? Y jde gentleman with p?rclrl board. Tho family li small, ??dfce nense ha* *11 tho modern improvements. Apply at H Ninth street, IU flr?t white honse west of fifth areaus. ?PRIVATE FAMILY OCCUPY WO MORI ROOM than they require, would aooomoaate a few geutlemea wtthflMitit furni*h?u rooms; location aad bouse desira bio ; Amity ttreet iU??i pan the door; bath and gas. la qutoo at St Greenwich aveaue. A PRIVATE FAMILY, OCCUPYING MORE ROOM JX. than they require, would ecoeumodate a few single gen tlemen, or a gentleman and his wile, with board. AUo an of ?ee, oi litabie for a physioles or deaUat. itefrrenoe exchang ed. {squire at 143 W*at Twenty -leeond a trout, botweea Sixth and Sevcntlitavei.uos. A LARGE AND PI EA 3ANT FRONT OR BACK ROOM, ?a tho seeoad flow, neatly tarnished, with pantries aaid bedroom, if required to let. to a gentleman and wife or a couple or aingle gentlemen: or would be let to gentlemen without beard. App'y at 81 lloury street. A FURNISHED PARLlR OR PARLOR AND BED A room t* let, ia a pri>at* family, with partial board, if dsslrcd. Inquire at W 4 hi to street, one door from Elm. Refer oucoa exchanged. ? A SPLENDID FURNISHED ROOM, WITH ONE OR two or three b?dre<me attaohed, suitable for a party of gentlemen. to lot. together or separate, io a private honie, with all the rood era iuprovemeats. Apply at 'M Prince ?treat, a few doora weat of Broadway. 4 FEW GENTEEL PERSONS, WITH GOOD EEFE rearet, can Dad the beat of aocominodatians at (W St. k'splnc* Charges comparative!; tow, as the resident family depends on other means. A FURNISHED PARLOR AND BEDROOM OR ?ingle rooms, with fall or partial board, in a pri. ?ate family. The house is pleasantly looatod, hat gas bath, Ac. Apply at 146 Weet Twenty aeoond street, be' twee* Sixth and Seventh arenues. References exchanged A FEW SELECT BOARDERS MAY OBTAIN ROOMS, furnished or ?nlutniebed, with or without board, with a private family, in a new brown atone houae containing all the modern improvemrnts. Apply at 144 JCait Thirteenth street, between Second and Ihurd avenues. Referenees ex changed. A WIDOW LADY, OCCUPYING A FIRST CLASS three story hou*e containing all the modern Improve ments, would let te a small family tho second floor, throe lam rooms with r>?e'ri?a and front basement; rent low. CaU at No. 119 Weat Forty -ftfth street, between Broadway aad Sixth avenue. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE CAN HA YE A PLEA ?ant room on seeoad floor, anfnrniahed, ia a genteel . a at atrictly private family, with full board for tho Udy, and breakfast aad tea, and dinner on Snidays, tor the gen Uoeaaa; also, two single gentlemen can bo accommodated? rooms pleasant, and furnished, if required. Terms moderate, and atrictly in advaaoe. Apply at IB Grand street. AN ELEGANTLY FURNISHED PARLOR AND BED room, to lot, either with board or without, for the sura mer meeths. ia a pleasant location. To soeuro a desirable occupant. the rent will be leasthna oao half the usual prlco et enoh accommodation*. Address, poet paid, with name an* residence, M. C. M., box 260 Union square Post Offioa. A LL PERSONS WISHING BOARD OR BOARDERS J3l are talented that tie agency offlae will be removed on the 13th of Jur.e (for the convenience of the publio) from Clinton Hall, to 80S Broadway, next above Orace ehuroli, Where I will attend as uaual. R. D. GOODWIN. E GENTLEMAN AND WIPB, OR TWO OB THREE A jTnale gentlemen, wishing full or partial board, with ?? furnished room*, wbers the comfort* of a home can be enjoy ed with a small , quiet family, may call at 8? President , treat. South Brooklyn, throe minute*' walk from the ferry. A FURNISHED ROOM TO LBT.? A PRIVATF. FAUI A ly would lee their second story front room to a gentle man, without board. Apply at 28 Walter street. ~l PRIVATE FAMILY. OCCUPYING A FIRST A. elAM hou*o up town, will let a bedroom on the third ??or to a gentleman, with the ptivilege ot partial board with the family. Boat referanoe* required. Terns moder ate. Addtess Locke, Herald offlco. HOARD-- WITH ELEGANT BOOMS AND EVERY Si oonvanienee, in a health r and delifhtFul situation, 380 Weet TweaUeth (treet oppjsile the grounds o t the Theelo gioal Seminary. BOABD.? A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE, OR FOUR aingle gentlemen, ean be aooommodated with a large siaed. neatly furnished room on second floor, with card, in a domrable neighborhood. Also, a few gentlemen day board en. Terms reasonable. Call at 111 Heary street. Board at a country seat on the east river ? A private family, oocupytng a largo house, de lightfully located in fall view of the East river, with exten sive lawn, vegetable garden and bath honso, wish to take on* or t w* families of grow n persons to board for the summer aad tall. Carriage aad stable room if required. Access to tho city every ate minutes, by Sooead, Third aad Fourth aveaur cars. Address Country Sea!, Uaion square Post Qfllo*, for three day*. Board -rooms are now vacant in a first cltas boarding houae in Brooklyn. The bouae is beau tifully Hituated on a huh elevation, and soar the Fulton aad Wall street fenio*. Tits preieato a favorable opportu nity for famtliee who may with to avoid the expense* of a hotel during the season. Apply at 179 Washington street, Breotlf n. HOARD.? HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM^ WITH D good board, in a family with few boarders, where the comfort* of a home can be enjoyed. Ivx, from S3 60 to $4 90 per week. Please inquire at 236 Elisabeth street, second doorabOTQ Houston. Board.? a few ointlembn can be accommo dated with board, ia a small family, in a pleuaat lo ontien in Newark N. within tea minutes' walk ol the Market atreet depot; refervnie* rtquirod. Inqoiru of IF. J. COMES, with Johntoa A Hlgxin*. 80 Wall street. Boars? at dobhs- ferry, apartments to let, with board, in a house pleannatly situated, in view ef aad u*ar the Hudson rivor, with well shaded grounds, and hut a short diet en eo from tho Hudeon River Railroad twenty two miles from New York. Address P. V ., box 8.P4P Post Oflioe. ' Board? a private family having two haadsomely tureiahed room*, would let them to two *tagl* gentlemen, without beard. Apply at 231 Broome st. *D0ARD, WITH ROOM AND BEDBOOM, WANTED JD By two ladiss. Referenees exebaaged. Addre's Boar I, Herald o?oe, for two daja TJOARD IN A FEENCH PAMILY.? GENTLEMKN JLf who wish to tears the Freaeh Unguaze by praotice, oaa apply to a teaoher ot French, No. 239 Tenth street, where that language only ie spoken by the family, who, as well as kiaaself, are frem Paris. The terms will iaelnds all the aoosesary instruction, with board. BOAE ? IV TWENTY THIRD S TREK. -A HAND semsly furnished suit of reesan, to 1st, Vhh full or par " " * " "" ? * ' * ? alass hens*, with JD semsly furnished suit ef reenus, to let, tifl heard. Alee, a stogie room, to a drat na the modern improvement* Also, a basemoat, saltans Boars in BKOOKLTH.? UMOLI nook, for oeni tlemen, with partial heard. Abe a small heck parlnr aa?|atUe reow, la a handsomely furnished house, with all hnprevemento, in a genteel and airy sitnaOon; eilnutss' walk of AtlaaMe and flvsofWall tree! 'ervtea. Apply at ax Henry slsifc T)OAED IN BEOOELVN.? TWO SINGLE 01NTLE **'? w,f*' ?" iaa b#*rd '? nmytlelt^tful situation; airy rooms; only fonr minutes' mu wTT iTw^i a^! '. tha oonifcrt* of ? home may he enjoyed. Apply at 4ft Ulsh street, near Waehiagtoii. y. THE wall STIEET * iew mlnnte.' walk ef Boaed in brookltm ?Tiro utoi boom* roi nlated. witb Itrtitl bear*. ia ??? of U? taeet locations in Breoklja; elaet'* hall be iroems Apply ?* *? M Ciiar lom itowt, bwbwe? W ?U end AtUatto Skrea ' fbcria*. Board, on Brooklyn hiiobts.-a aENtLRMA.M lad his wiln. ar twe at tkree otagle geatiemea. oaa be accommodated with fail or partial beard, with pleasant room, ia a delightful situation, en isaeeaable tKai, a'. 30 Cranberry. owm of Wlll'w itmt. >?(inaow aiet?i|il Board at yonebrs-may be obtained at the Paaiflo Hotel. whtok le located Inoneef the aoit lelight I ml aitantieas vpoa tba North riT*r, withla tkree m^atee* walk of tba railroad elation. Board at hoboken-oneortwo single gen tlemea can ba nco?-?modated with pleasant rtou. with broakfaat and tea, and dluner aa Sunders, la a private fan-ily, (American), m a AiH elate house; bath, hot aad eetd water, Ao ; Pleanaet looatioa, aad within three minute' walk of tba ferrv ; terms reasonable. Ad dree* W. Tewasend, box 2,650 1'oet Office Board, in hoboken.? two rooks to let with or without beard, at Na 4 Iludtoa place, opposite 1 raaklia terrace far particulars apply to W. WILLI A MS Esq , 98 Liberty street, M floor. Board wanted-by a middle aoed gixtle men, la a private Family, at moderate price. Addreii H. K , 1885, Herald office. Board wanted-by a touno lady-, in a family where thrre are ao ether boardert preferred. Address, for two days, Willlaia, Herald office. Board wanted-by a gentleman and wife; a larpe furnished front room, ia a private family, where there are bo other boardert preferred; partial board for gen- 1 tlemtn and full board for the lady. Addrees 0., box XXL 1'o.t office. -nOARDINO.? PLEASANT ROOMS, WITH EITBER J) fall ot (artial board, oan be obtained oa application at 88 White etreet, a few door* from Broadway. Boarding.? furnished rooms to lbt with or without board; alio, two single gentleman eao be aa commodatad with board, and rne young lady, at the pel rate bearding homo No. 18 Watte street. Boarding.? a gentleman and his wife, or two tingle gentlemen, oaa obtain board in a email pri vate family, what* the eomforte of a hema may ba realised. Reom on aeooad etary, front, with pantriee, gas. bath, Ao. Alao, a large bedroom adjoining. Apply at 21 West Tv?eaty aecond atraet. "DOARDING.-A FEW T0DN0 GENTLEMEN. OR A JL> geatiemea and hit wife, eaa be acoommodated with good beard asd pleasant, ally roomi, at 14T Madison etreat. OABDING.? TWO SQUARE UPPER ROOMS AND hall bedroom, and a email upper room ta let, with beard, a young ladloe whose ba?in>as ie out ef the house, can be accommodated. Teine modtaate. Apply at No. 66 Seocad avonne. Boarding, near wasuington pare.-the en tin second floor, three rooms deep, with bedroom*, in, bathe. Ac., with or without board, to respectable parties. Family small, and hdee elegantly furnlshod. Ia?uue at lONclsoa place, one block from Broadway, between Warer ley plaee aad Eighth etreat. ? Boarding at 120 and m chambers street. Newly fnralshod room* for families, with over/ oeave nienee, and at low prioes; also pleasant rooms fer single gentlemen; fiue large noma that will acoommedate a party of four gentlemen. Day boardera oaa be acoommodated alec. Refoioaoe required. Boarding in brooelyn.-gentlemen can os tein neatly furnished apartments, with fall or partial board; also a gentleman aad wife oan obtain daiirablo ao ocinnuidations, at No. 4 Sands street Terms for gentlemen, witti breakfast and tea, $3 00 per weak. Tha house is wi Un ?re minutes' walk of Fulton ferry. Brooklyn.? gen ti.em en and their wives, or siagle gentlemen. can ba aooommodated with pleataat room*, In a food locality, between South ami (Montague fer ric*. A ppljr at Ti btate street, houec formerly eoonpied by Mi*. Fruki. Reference! required. COUNTRY BOARD.? ELM PARC, EYE, \fl3TC3E3 t?r county ? An agreeable summer retreat ii new epea at this plaoe. The loeaerj U beautiful, bathing geed; eve ry oonveuioaoe for Huhing, boating, Ao. Communioatiea daily by car* or ? team boat. Apply at Elm Park er 171 W. Twenty -eecond (treet. COUNTRY BOARl. ? TWO ROARS. WITH BOARD, partial or full, may be had in a private family at Wash ington Height*, ten minutes' walk bom railroad station foot of 102d stieol. Looatioa retired, well shaded, and very easant. Address Frank Aldea, Washington aslghU Post ce, or apply at&S Broadway, seoond story, ben 10 te 4 o'clook. C COUNTRY BOARD, NEW ROCHELLE-A Ml hense, ) beautifully lituated in the midst ot a gardea; ladies and centlemen, or a small family wishing to eoonmlsc will Had this elligikle, tot other with a healthy situation and every attention to comfort. Applv to Mr. HUMPHRY. honee earpenter. New Rocbello, or for particulars at S3 Forsyth treet, Ntw York COUNTRY BOARD WAY BE HAD WITHIN A HALT hoar's rile of Brooklyn by oars; a delightful oouatry house fine airy rooms, pleasant lawn and shade trees, plenty of fruit, vegetables and milk. Inquire at 74 Eait Twenty thipd street. Accommodatloas also tor horses. (10UNTRY BOARD? IN A PRIVATE FAUILY PLKA J santly situated near High Bridge Tor partiotUars, en quire at 174 Sixth avenue, nest door to Twenty -ninth street, Irom 12 to 1 o'clook. CIOUNTRY BOARD -GOOD AND SUBSTANTIAL > board o in be obtained in a pleasant farm house oar rounded bj plenty of shade trees, eleven milrs from New York: aooess two or three times a day Strawberries la abundance. Inquire at No. 20,TweatyeIghth strejt, corner of Broadway. COUNTRY BOARD.? WANTED, BOARD ON A FARM not mora than an hour's ride from the city, by a family of four grewn persons. Must have plenty of fruit, vegeta bles and milk. Addreu H. JU, Herald office, stating par ticulars. FURNISHED OR UNFURNIKHCD ROOMS TO I.CT, with or without meals, la the deiighttally leoated base ment honsa 378 Fourth avenue, opposite Calvary Church; or would let a partto a small family, without yovng children. The house oontains all the modern improvement*. Furnished front rooms, with board, can be obtained on moderate terms, at 4! East Fifteenth street: near Union equate, for famiHe* or single gentleman, gas, bath, ie. Diane* hour, su o'clook. Furnished rooms to let-in a private fa mily, where there are no other boarder*. Call at 114 Franklin *trest. Terms wasoaable. Furnished rooms to lrtto gentlemen, with breakfast and tea, if required. Bath* and gns in the house. Apply at 172 Thirty-eighth lireet, near Eighth avenue. Furnished rooms to let. -two or three gen tlcmen earn obtain well furnished room* in a vary qmet location, and convenient to business down town. Apply at No. SO White street. " ' Furnished parlor and brdrooii-in brook tan. for one er two gentlemen, rent S3 per weak; partial board if required; a strictly private family. Inquire at 104 Prospeet street, Brooklyn, within tea minutes' walk ot Fallon ferry Handsomely furnished rooms to let to gentlemen and lea tee; board for the ladles only. The hens* ha* all the modern improvement*. Addres* A. C., Broadway Feet Offiot. HOBOKEN ? DRSIRABLE ROOMS CAN BE HAD A* 21 Hudson terraee, five minutes' walk from the l'erry. Hot and oold baths, also ga?. IHAVR TAREN A LARGE AND PLEASANT HOUSE, near one of the lineet park* in the eity, and having more rooms than are required tor my own convenience, would let two or three te gentlemen and their wives, or single gentle men, who deeire the comforts of a home, and are willing te pay reasonably for the same. The house oontains every modern improvement, and ean scarcely fall to suit the moit fistidlou*. Referancos given and required. Please address A. L. F., Union square Post Offico. 1 O DOING AND BOARD IN BROOKLYN.? ONE OR ?J two gentlemen eta bo accommodated *ith twe furnished rooms, with er without partial board, in a Oerman family, by applying at 83 Clin ten street. Bieoklyn. NO. 2 BONf STREET, NEAR BROADWAY.? BOARD and room* for single gentlemen or families. Dinner at 6 o'clock. O. 81 WEST TWENTY SIXTH STREET.? NEATLY furnished room* to let, with beard, in a 8r*t elan house. Location pleasant, and terms moderate. Nice, airy, well furnished rooms to let, in a private family, with or without bow J, where the comfotts of a home can be enjoyed, at 127 Third avenue, be tween Fourteenth aad Fifteenth streets near the Bible Hon?. fARTIAL BOARD.? AN ENGLISH FAMILY RE siding in one of the bost localities in Brooklyn, has a vacancy: the house is new, with modern improvement*, within dflecn mimic*' walk of Fonth lerry. Cari pass from 1'ulton terry. Refcrtnee* exchanged. Address A. L , bos to* X9H Post oew. N. Y. fRIVATE BOARD IN BROOKLYN? 328 HENRY street, a very desirable front suit of rooms on the second floor, together er separate, suitable for a gentleman and hi* wife or tvo single gentleman. The house contains all tho modern improvementa. Location aad neighborhood unsurpassed. Term* moderate to a permanet couple. Only Ave minute* from the ferries. PRIYATR BOARDING.? A YOUNG MAN ANDTTTS wife can be acoemmodatcd with board, also two ' men, at S6 Rlviagton street, near the Bowery. No boarclng on the door. 00 MS TO LET-TO ONE OR TWO SINGLE GEV tlcmen, an clegaat suit of reom*, snuiaally laras aad ? iry, in a ftrat elae* house, oc on pled exelnsivMy by a private family without children or boarder*, being iltaated in the be*t neighborhood down town. They are peculiarly suitable ft>r merchants who board at the hotels, and to saoa it is de eired te rent them. Reference* exchanged. Apply at 61 Barclay street, belor* 3 P. M. *v * LIMITED NUMBER OF CENTLEMEN CAN be iuntshed with handaom* r>om? and closets, with er without board, on reasonable terms, by a private family without children, occupying a convenient modern house sit uated between Broadway aad Fourth avenue Address F B., Herald offiee. fTX) A VERY LIMTTED NUMBER OF GENTLE A mea gueeto oocnfottable aad elegantlv furnished parlor* with single or double bedroom* uonaeete'd o? detached, are offered, ensuring respectability with family quietude, at a ^t^nuTh'eutS dCT^4 m,to of th? rpo LET, WITH BOARD- A LARGE UNFURNISHSD PMler and bodreom, on the third floor, front. Reference required. For terms, Ac., apply at 37 Bkeoker *treet, a frw deors cast of Broadway. rpHREE SINGLE CENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOMMO A dated with board and pleasant reom* la a small prl vate family, where there are ao ofier boarders. Apply at No. 6 Flnt stmt, third door from the Bowery. mo LET? WITH BOARD, AT 131 BLEECKER STREET, A icveral room*, large and small, or partial beard, at preferred. - T) LET, TO 0KNTLEMEN-AT2M FOURTH AYIMUE, room* aewly fitted up, and furai*lied, in salt*, or liaglyf one front l.asemout, suitable for an offiee; break/act given if reqalrod; a restaurant opposite. rpo LET-TO A OENTIEMAN AND WIFE. A LARQH A room and bedreom, at 89 Rlrlagtoa ftreet, ecrneref Orchard. TTN FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH BOARD.? THE \J r um* en eecoad float, eemmunleeUag. te dlifMt ?< at modera** prlea, with gee I beard aad a?Uada*M*| all tbc biodera improv?wMitei frlvatc family j refbreaae* etoaaag ed Aaoly a* US Wccft f wtaty Mm! dmt. I.WMWS rtaktai V? hp m4 N' WH1TU OB WITHOUT MilD-tV* TUT HiND. kin iuHu of KOMI, fenu.ktd, Mitaale tor lacll ^W?iPMO W>lim?'l fcpflF will w lot tiagty, iirt*je*red Ot 0 bfaek ftuo Dn>t4?u. u Mu hu of Onto Ssrargssr TX/IULIAMBBUItG, CORN BR OT GRAND AND SIXTH " itmU.-i IM; i*coup?i?? * hit sow u4 oIiim root dcooe, in.eii with evtr> c?avtaleooi, tit ?itlun Art mta nte*' walk ?f all the lerrHt, iotU aoeommrd ate o few la ?IHm or olajtie geatleuoB with hiiiihoi oc aafaraithtd IftrtMDli u4 board. Ivory oiImtw will be alio t j ia luto the tiJifMiU til tltatUou ?f i homo la reality. ANTES.? A GENTLEMAN, WIFE AND DAUOHTER doiiro board, about the lot or middle of September, la w a rei pec table family, where tharo aro a) ether boardtr*. I ooaUoa between Third as I Suth arcaaei, aad aot abort T?enty third ttreet. Addroic RtwLaaA, Us 2, Ml I'ott COM. WANTED? BY A BK8PE0TAULE WIDOW, A CHILD to board, not uodor two jean of a?o. I'lease call at W Wtt* 19th ot., betwcea 7th aad 8th a tea set. MVtWOM) ?U ~ ARRIVAL or GOODS SLlOHTiiT AFFECTED BT TUB IMPulTATIoeT. Bobort Lotao A Co., No. 11 Do; otroot. hare latt re ceived a eklpmeat oi DfCE'S UVOuL CtfTTON, which thor Cod hat aot arrived la lit ooeat (rod conditio a, - ad being determined to offer aetbing '?t what it core to rotaia the ooofidesee of their cootomere, ard maiatala the character of thit tploodld ortlclu, they will clear off the above at greatly reduced Mini, Byeri please eall at oboo oa BOUT. MJOAN A CO . Wo. 61 Dcy itreot. UDLl'lNH EBAIi GUIPURE LACE MANTILLAS, ALSO U moirt aatiqat aad Imo oomblaod? aa extroaaljr light and graoefal artlolo of eoitama. ranging in prtoe boa twelve ta twenty dtllaro. Aa immoaie aitortmont thl* week ot the Pgtji Mantilla Etaporiop. 861 Broadway. BULPIN*? MANTILLAS 1 1 I? UNIVERSALLY PRO noanood the co>t elegant oolleotioa in the eltjr, aad at pricet withcot a precedent or paralM ? commeaolag with a rich aad pretty Bilk mantilla at W, aad even laoocoding price to the moit oootiy garment* maaufattureu. Ml Broadway. Brussels lices.-just bbcbived, beussels roiot let*, for $9, wlioh aro a dtoided bargain: alto, collaro and oleeveo ia a new make of laoe, very beaoufnl. for S2I; tbio article it pactloalarlr worth; of attcatloa, aad will be freely thtra to thoie who take aa atereoi in taoh thiagi Embroidered batquet, baadkerokien, collar t, Mo., lathe lateat deti^ai. MILLER ft GRANT, Sri Broadway. BROOK'S SILK COTTON? FOR HAND AND MA* lUio oewicg. o'iperi>r to any khrtad in tho world. woandonJOe, SIM aad 000 yard ipoolt? white, block aad all colore, front He. 8 U No MO. Any n amber, color and toag'.h for tale at WBBELER A WlbSoN'S towing mi ehLs? depot, 343 Broad waj . BABBOE ROBES AND OROANDIES? BBCBIVED PER ?teamer North Star. 2 caios of barege robe*. Alto, 2 o&oee of Organdio robot and Or^aadit by the yard, saw de licti, will bo offered tliit morniur. UBSDELL. PE1RSON ft LAKE, Mo. <71 Broad ray. CASES Of NEW GOODS -15,000 TABUS VALENCIEN neo lace, from one ihilling i*or yard rpwardt; bow pat tiint; black laoe polnttlver> cheip; embroidered aad hem Hitched cambriok handktrchieft. Alio, Uoalton Point and y altnoiennee cape*, ohemlnatteo. oleeret, and collar*. A now lot of 1'irlt embroideries, aad pain black not for maatllUi, which it io much la demaad, Jutt received per North Star. PETEE EOBERrS ft CO., 576 Broadway. EMBROIDERRD TRAVELLING DRESSES-UBSDELL, PEIESON ft LAKE, art offering the balaaoo of their oUofc at St 79 per drool. Alio, the balaaoo of Foulard tlikt, at a great rednotloa la price. Alto, 2 oitoi or barege di litaei, at la. per yard. fto. 4*1 Broadway. French mili,inert.-just receifed per last ?teamer, a iplaadld aaiortmaat of Frocoh bonnet*, capo, and hair drroiei of the latoit fathioas. Ploato eall at tho French millinery eetabUthmiat and oxamlao the goodi? all charming and admirable. MAESIN DE YOB 481 Brtadway. PROM AUCTION. -GREAT BARGAINS IN FRENCH embroideriee? 110 French mnolia teto at $12 00 eaoh wwrth %'ii: 1,000 oambrio and Swito oollarii tho average price* wUl be <*., 6r, 8a, 10*., 12t and Mi. eaoh .... . MADDEN ft STEWART, 648 Broadway, Ulead dear above BloooVor itreot. Fashionable parasols.? james k. spratt weald infirm hll triendi aad the pnblio that ho hat opeaed a convenient place at No. 343 Broadway, for tho tale of aU tho new itylei of raratolt. whore he will bo piaaeed to oell a doien or a Mnglt ono at a low figure. No. 343 Broadway, oppoiito the Tabernacle. TAMES FBANCE, 703 BROAD WAV, OPENED ON el Wodateday, May SI, a now aad biautiful atiortment of Freaeh work baada, oellait, fto , on flwiii and oaabrio ?uliu LOR? A TAT LOR HATING LATELY ADDED TO their atook THI LATKIT mrw F1TT?H) OF TELTBT AMI) BBVa8*I.S CAKl'E TINGS, act prt pawed to effar to purohaaera CBItTEI IMnVCBMCMTI THAlf ITE1* Ingraiaa, Mint ply and oilcloth* in th# naual varl?t*. GRAND BTBBBT, ?Q?<IM OF CHRTaWl. MAMTILLAS.? 31LK AND LACE MANTILLAS, IN the mut Patit stylet, for aale at low orioaa at Mm*. D1EDEN'8, 731 Broadway. fVKB THOUSAND SILK MANTILLAS WILL BE ON v' aale oa Mondmv, U*j 26. aud daring tho week, at ft aaak, th* riehaat oflk with elegant laoe and molra antique rufilut. the moat laahlonable styt* of the aeaton, and the ohcapeat mantilla *rer offered. BULPIN'S Xmporinm, 561 Broadway. HOTELS AND SUMMKil RKTREATS. Atlantic villa, long branch, new jersev. Th? enbsoriber haa rented of R. W. Boyer, Esq., hit place at Long Branch, and will open it a? a aummar board tag houto en the 20th June. Th* locatloa la beautiful, being turrouaded with magnificent ahado trees, in view of th* At lantic Ocean, and about ten minute*' walk ot th* lea ahorc, and In tbe vioinity of th* hotala. Tho situation for health la unaurpaaaed, aud iti proximity to tho moat luxurious *urf batbing, render* it a desirable retreat for famiUat. Tho houto is saw, aud flniahed in modern ttylo, rooms lure* aud airy, tpaoioua plana*. Ac. The ohnrgoa for board will be mo derate. aud the oomrort of th* gutett will b? particularly atudled by th* proprietor. Boom* may bo engaged by as dreating me thia week, New Tork, or any lutormatiou will be given by Mr. Beyer, 117 White itrcot. Now Tork. AMOS B- 3TELLEN tFERF. Belmont hall, new Brighton, stathn island. ? Aa addition having boon mad* to this houo enable* it to aceoa module a much larger number of rnecta than hetetof*re; and soma very doiirabl* rooms are offered to fa mlllaa or ainglo gentlemen. Tho boat* leave tho foot of Whitehall street. E. C. CQFTIN. ATH HOTEL? SEA.SIDE? A DELIGHTFUL SUMMER leaidenoeeu the oecan ihore, ? Long I aland six mtlee frocn Brooklyn, now open for tho reception of permanent boarders for the aeaeot. Meals aud refreshment* ut all hours for transient guests. B. RATHBUN, Agent. CHARLES ISLAND HOUSE, MILTORD, CONN. -THIS delightful summer resort, on Long Island Sound, will open on Thursday, June 14, I860. Transient visiter* for a few days, or famllia* and boarder* Air the summer season, eau be comfortably accommodated, upon very reasonable terms. Letters addressed to the proprietor*, Milford, Ooaa., wiM be promptly answered. GEORGE S. BARLE A CO., Proprietor* COUNTRY BOARD ON SEA SHORE, TWO MINUTES' walk tlom city Post Oflloe.? Stanley House, Bridgeport, Ct. ; ?leanllnesa, oamtort, aoa bathing, green lawns and ftraoo, hot and cold salt or fresh water hatha Terms reasonable. ELINB W. FA1RCH1LD, J GEO. A. WEILS, 5 GETTT HOUSE, TONKERS. WESTCHESTER, OOUN ty ? Buckliu A Duaeubury, Proprietoro..? The above ad mirably arranged, hotol is now open for families and treat ment partiet, who with to pats tho summer months in on* of the most healthy and beautiful villages on the Hudson river. The house ooenpie* a front of 110 foot front on tbe river by ICO feet north view; admirably arranged vaith par lors and bedrooms, making It very desirable for faratlaee. Toakers Is situated on tho ?ast|t>auk of tho Hudeoa. IS miles from Now Tork City Hall, whieh may bo rtaahed al most hourly by railroad aad steamboats, making it a dotfr B doing business in th* city. The house hat boon thoroughly refitted and it replete with evoty convenience The undersigned will use every endeavor M make this one of tho most pleasant and aneeable reeori* out ot Now Tork. ROBT. L. BUCK LIN. EBW A. DUSENBURT. MOUNT VERNON HOTEL, CAPB. MAT, NBW J BR IVl toy.? Tho above houte hat bcoa completely hatched and furnithcd, and will comfortably aooommoatae 1,300 insets. The house is situated within tho eity, standing tar Itself os probably the boat beach for bathing in tho wsrii. Tbe houto it upward of 800 feet in length, the dining room it 400 feet. Altogether the Mount Varaon Hotol affords Mm oooleat and moat delightful retreat in tho wdrld. TaaUioa of six persons and upwards ean be accommodated with no vate tablae, having their meals furnished at any hour agfto able to them. An ordinary will also be sot at regular hour* for those who are not in partita, aad who may prefer agtable d'hote. A large number of private dining roome have this aeaaon btea added, for parties desiring to bo ttrlotiy pri vate. An Artetian well hat boon bored nearly MO toot la depth, and furnishes pare soft water throughout tho bouaa. Lane aad eommodiou* ttabliug have boon added. Th* hotel ha* every modern improvement; indeed, everything baa been ordered to rive comfort aad pleasure to tho gaeot*. A fttll band of mntlo will bo In attoodaaoo daring tho whole aeaaon. Letters addreaeed to the propria* or*, diroot edto CapeltUad, Cape May, N. J., will be promptly *n swered. SAMUEL B. WOOLMAN A CO.. Proprietor*. VTEW TORE BAT HOTEL, 2W MILES FROM JERSEY r ' .$'7 t,rr7< o? Bergen point, clank road. Tbe moot beautiful tummer reoidence in tbe State. Flehlna, batMng, beating. Dinners and (upper* at an hour'tjaotioa PrlvaM carriage* to and from tho nonso to city. Itiw open for per manent and transient gueita. Apply at the houto, or te Capt. LI ESI, Pott Office, Jereey city. FATILION, NEW ROCHELLB.? THIS DELIGHTFUL tummer residence it now ready for tho recaption of guoftt; tome vtrv detirable rooms aro offered t? families and tingle gentlemen on very reaeonable termt; persona wlthiig to tpend a few dava, weeka or montha, caa obtain pleatant accommodations, very conveniont of aeooca to tho city by the Now Haven ear* eeveral t tinea per day. Bnqnire at the Pavilion, or of PETEBSON A HUMPHREY, 379 Broadway. Richmond hill hotbl, state* island, will open fer the aeaaon on tho Wlh of June. The view from the houto ia one of tbe finest In tho country, ?mbraotnrtti* wide oxpnnao of th* tea between Lena lelnnd, Statea IaLand, and Now Jertey. Particular* at 8. W. Boaodiofa flora, No.6WaUateoct.Ncw Tork. J. P. EELLBTT. Propciiaiea. SACHEM'S HEAD, GVILTORD. CONN.? THE ABOTE well kaown summer retort will bo opeaod for the reoep smr^K, SANDS STREET.? HOUSE U1 BANDS STRBET, Brooklyn, will bo opened on and after the 7th, aa a family hotel: roome let, with or without board, a* low aa any well oonaucted houae In Brooklyn; the cart paaa the door. Thia houa* haa boon fitted up regardleaa of ooat, iPORTING* CUIMTANXKE, (OB OUBANO OUTANO,) FROM Africa, for aale. A fine healthy, very kind, gentle and tractable chimpaniee oan be aecn at Xn Pearl itrwt, fourth floor, at Mr Johneon'a. Tor torma, Ac. apply to J. B. OAGEB A CO., 1X5 Wall atroot. " EOB SALE? THE FAST BAILING SLOOP TACIIT Uadlua, 41 tone Cuatom House mcaaurcment; built ia best manner, by day'* work. For further nartiealara, apply at >0 St. Mark't pfnoo. from ? till 10 A. M. New tobe tacht club.-the bboatta of this aratoa, will ooaa* off on Thuraday, the 7th ef Jane. Th* ateamar JoMpMac faaagnaod lor thaaaaor the Club, aad adll start ?*?> tVojt* aUvo tbo fcot of Caaal etrcc* at K>H A . . A?f? Membora wbo have act reoalved thdr Urkots w*l Had tAoaa at the odloo ef B. H Hone, Bia , Trea ^wor. A W? lte?H. hTBlwDOvOB, BoocriUtW J ?AUM4V4POim. 12 e'olool, *t the Merchant*' Exchange, that ?l?|ut sami gothie double villa, near the r>!l<>; (tltlH it New K? ohelle, MTtitcbetter eoaavy, lately erected by Paul J. FU\ Esq.. for bit own realdenoe. The land front* flagueaot itreet 226 tot, by 60U ImI on Hirriion ilmt, thai eom maiidiof tba two mill trwiM The hftUM U forty foot froot by thirty *ix fbet deep. with two duo eaoh 18 foot by 27 foot, built in the very boot miuor. by l?y'? work, ul U arranged for two taiaiiie*. with oop irate eatraaces by tha twa tuilbulu. By arohtag tha oaatro wall, it oaa bo throws lato oaa large aid inaotoa* rMideaoe. Th?ra ara oon modioui nadir oel(irt, wttti two furaaoaa, warming tho bouio by twalvo register*, and two hitohiai with ranges aad water. On neit floor ara two larga drawiag rtoai, two dining roomi, with dumb eritara, two libraries wator del ete, bath*, butler'* cantdoi, Ao On aaat flocr, dx bod rtM ic?, with ipacioui closet*. and oa tha floor abeve nrwii INK larga aad ? nalL Thohoiaala UM >Ul mantels, grate*, upealinj tubes, and other modern aad ri <iuieit? ooaveileioet, ana tha view of tha grouad aad eona tr> Ik extcariv* and unaurpaMed. A coach htm, (tables, wtlliof go>d watar. aad Use*. are on tho plate, aad tha land i? predueUv* of itrawber-ie*, vegetable*. aad floweri. frulu and ibrubt>erv. UatU within a few. week* a praiaieei garde&cr hai had charge of the plaoe. It la within threa mil uto?* aallc of the i tat ton. Permni oaa take tha 9 AM. tcain from Canal itreet, aad return by tha 11:90 A. ML train from New Rochelle. Sale poiitive. Albert h. nicolay, auctioneer? albert h. MCOLAY will tall, thli day, June 7, at 12% o'clock, at the Merchant*' Exohange, for aooount of whom It may o?ne?rn ? $4,1*0 Caynga aad Suiquahanna Railroad lit mort gage 7 par cent bor it. each SI, 000 *..0111 Ohio State Bondi of 1800 1,000 $12,(00 Virpiuii State 6 per oent bonds, aaoh 1,0(0 SI". 000 Ilailem Railroad 1st mortgage 7 per ceat brnd*, each I,fl00 $8,(00 California State 7 per eeat bond* of 1870, ea?h. 1,000 A depont balance againat tbe Knloker booker Bank for 2,210 li5 that tt llb'tion River Railroad, eaoh 100 79 da Roading Railroad, eaoh 100 bO dt. Nicaragua Traidt Company, each 100 16 do. Chatham Rank, eaeh . 25 10 do. Irvine Baak, eaoh 6"? 1,000 do. New fork and Concord Granite Co., aaoh.. 6 Tc-rmi of aale? Ten par oant thli day, and tha balance be fore 2 o'clook to morrow. The accrued internet on all tha bouii. with the exception of thi State bondi, will be oharged to the pu rchayr. Next regular lale oa Monday, Jnna 1L Auction noticb? h. itilson, auctioneer? Genteel bouiebeld furniture, thli day, fThartdiy,) morning, at 10% a'oiook, tha oontanta of honia 13 Beaolt it., near Wut Braid way, ocnMatiag of rich roiewoed parlor fur niture, evvared in latin; centre and ride table*, iplendid roteweod etogert, clook, oblta vaiei, plated oaadalabrai, CllinhEcd DEIIEn flfllMI ntAKAMn* AnahiltaAJ ?kal?a ty-fourtb (treat, between Seventh ana Eighth avenaei, th* rich and coatly honiehoid furniture oentaTned in the Large three at< ry houie above, consisting ot one superb ronswood ?even cctara pianoforte, or magnificent tone and riohly oar ved oaie, coit SfiuO; mperior rosewood parlor inlte in artm ?on and gold brooaUe; alto, oaa >ulte In crimion aad green, with rnoit elaborately oarved framai; very large heavy Preooh plate mirror*, oarved roaeweod marble top centre, tide and ?ofa tabid; a One ooll'ctlon of oholie oil painting* and itoel plate enxravinn, In rioh gilt frame*; roaeweod di van*, covered In the totfof *atin; coitly ohlna tum. tete-a tete, lot* china, Parian, brome and bi*<(ae flgurei; twenty one day mantel o look*, brooatel and lace window enrtaina, and rioh gold band parlor (hade*; about 200 yard* of the bait Engltah tapeitry carpet*, in exoellent order: mahogany and blaok walnut tea, dining aad extoniim table*; geld band ohina dinner aad tcaaeta, illverwara, tea terrloe, lalvar*, cake baiket*, with *olid rilver edge*; ipoon*. fork*, outer*, napkin rings, be>t of ivory handled table outlery, orookery. rich out alaiiwira, 4c ; alio, bedroom farnitme of the belt quality, Brunei* carpet*, mirror*, rotewood, mahogany aad bliok walnut bedstead*; bnraam, waibitaadt, gilt china toi lot Mti; best of South American curled hair mattretsai. boltters aad pillow*; book case*, mahogany onahloned chair*, aofa* rocking ohairi, work tattle*, 4?.; togethtr with a tine auortmcnt of buement farnlture. Auction sales.? john fishblatt, auctioneer and oommiiiion merohant. CO William itreet. oorner of roiewood and Frenoh spring coat chair*. superior mahog and walnut rockers, mahogany and nolUhed black wal tablet, lofai, marble top wash stands, bat ctands, loan, Auction notic*.-thomas bell, auctioneer. By Bell Jt Bach. This day, 10>f o'clock, la oar **le* rtozni. No. 12 North William ? treat, will bo (old a valuable auortmont of hooiehold tarnitnre; alto, a variety of count ing houie arrangement^ deiki, tablet, chairs, oil olotb, matting. splendid fainting*, (of as, bureaus, 1 splendid gold watch and heavy gold chain, cott 9300, 2 fine London guns, aad other artlolet. All oursalet are wlthou'. reterve, ana promptly paid. Alto, ISO tpleadld Canary blrdt, la fine health and toag, to olote a concern. Our talet of Friday aad Saturday Trill bodoly aanonnced. Auction notice.? j, booart, auctioneer. bt 8. Bogart. Tfalt day, at Wii o'olook, at the auo'.ion roomt comer Frankfort aad William streets large mortgage (ale of now and second hand houcehold tarnitnre, carpets, ^ lounges, (*U of glraadolei, marble top ceatre table, dreulax and plain bureaus, wardrobe*, elegant Parian marble maakl clock t, til ver plated ware, gilt looking gla?M>, mahogany French bed* tea dj, hair and huk mattretiei, Brussels, 3 ply and iagrala c arrets, crockery and (late ware, table cat lory. Alto, constable's tale, 9 elegant mlnltture eaeei, 6 gold locketa, lot tllver ware, 4 eU paintings; alto, eoantiag house desks; aad to morrow the itoek ot dry boom aad fan cy goods p R. MILLER A CO., AUCTIONEERS-WILL SELL \J. at pnblio auction, at the Merchant!' Exohaage, on Thnnday, June la. 1K?, at 12 o'olook, valuable honte aad lot, situated at tormiana of Division avenn^.at it* Junction with the Brooklyn and Jamaica plank road, Ea*t New York, throe ttory frame, with larae (tore on tint floor. Alto, tU houaee adjoining, 20x25 each, freatlng oa IM vision aveaue and plank road. The looation of the property U unrivalled. Terma liberal, and tale will be peremptory. For full par ti eni are apply to C. R MILLER A CO., auctioneers, 195 Broadway, or to P. H. RE1D, Etq., Eait New York. D, D. NASH, AUCTIONEER, STOKE 310 BROADWAY. '? ? Mortgage ealo oa Friday, Jane 8, IMS. at 11 o'clock, A. M , at 3K> Broadway, eonatstiag of a bond aed mortgage made b?j>avid Kin* to John Buxton, Jr., aad all momyi dno ec to grow doe roes eon, together with a jaigment ob late*! upon the bond; also, a oortain peraonal mortgage nade I v Jehn Bnxton, Jt. , to BenJamia Andrews, oa pro CtyNo. 146 and 147 Fultoa street, New York; aleo, ncea eate of twenty tbaret of the lioci of the Suffolk Bank; aleo, a certain leate for the term of Ave yea** and throe moatks Aran let February, UN. on property 14 Day (treet, flret fleer and basomeab. H. D. LAPAUOH, Attorney. S. NASH, AUCTIONEER? STORE 310 BBOADWAYl ? ?Now Tork Common Plena.? Richard Stoker agalaat Bernard MsMnhwa.? By virtue of an order of the Oomrt of Common Plea* of the ?Hy aad eonnty of New York, and no dor the direction of Garritt H. Striker, referee tkareia, 1 (hall cxpoec for tale on the premiee* northwcct comer of Ninth avenue and Thirtieth (treet, on the 9th day of Jnaa, MBA, at 13 o'olook noon, all the right, title and interact oi the late ftna ot MoHahon A Stoker, in aad to an unexpired term of a certain leaae of (aid premier nor'.hwect oerner ef Ninth avenue aad Thirtieth rtreet, together with th* fta tare*. lead pipe, aad other artiolac and materialr belonging to a plnmMng eeiabkehment.? New York, Jan* 4, 185J. DD. NASH, AUCTIONEER -STORE 3H> BROAD* , way.? fiheriff aad mortgage (ale of bar titerta oa Fri day, Jane 8, at Mt o'clock at 230 aad 241 Broadway, in the baaemeak eonsietfag of painting*, mirror*, counter*, (taadi, decanter*, bottle*, tnmhlern, wine glaeco*, chair*, table*, fbrnltaro, ga* flit ore*, kitohrn furniture, gang**, boiler*, (team apparatus, olooka, iron safe, knive* and fork*, rpocaf, easter* aad coo Mac .utensllc, Sxture* Ac., together with lea** of premise*. D7NASia7AUCT10NEBR-ST0RE 310 BROADWAY . ? Mortgage aad tbcnR tcl* of that well known and pcpnlar rvetanrent, the Flortaco talocn. No*. 239 and 240 Broadway, corner of Park place, on Friday, Jane 8th, at 10 A M., ooa*i?tiag of bar counter* and flxtarca, plot glasses aad mirror*, oil painting* and engravings, table*, cur tains, decanter*, goblets, tumblers, kcivee and fork*, spoons, erockerywarc, oilcloth*, linen, mnr'ole (labs, copper aad tron kit oil en utensils, table*. (team boil?r*j>ampc,(&ain tablls, mages Nc.; porter aad ale in wood and glace, cham pagne, claret, sherry and Madeira viae*, brcndioc gin, whl* key, box**aad fixture*, together with leaee cf (aid prcciiaee. /GROCERIES, FU RviTTRE. CROCKER?! NAI LS, IT claret, nutmeg*.? Friday, Jane 8, at o'clock, at 57 Dry (treet, coiner cf Qreeawioh, iron tafov, vert pattcrnc, reaais, tea*, rogar*. buckwheat flour, prance, enrraat*, nut*, (?Jad eil, cocoa, cb>ooUtc, tobacco, llqncr*. (its, flic*, ooaltc and wt'ght*, baiwu*, bedttead*, tahlee, Ac. W. A. CARTER, Auctioneer. . EORGE LEVI E, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELl, ON Thursday, June 7, at 122 Nauau (treet, an aiaortment <1 mal.ooaay, reoewood, and walaut faralturc, oil paiatlagc, aad Hac exgravtnaa, c arret*, plat*d ware, lace oarialna, Mlada. 1 elegant mawood oxUntion uble, rockets, an! btd Kttt fnraitur*. gate at 10H C'doek. iOROE COOK. ACCflOS'ElR? Iti.EOANT TURN I tnie, carpet*, Tr*nch plat* mirror*, oil paintings, Ae? on Friday, to-morrow, at 10? o'olook. By Stover A Cook, at their naie srooms, 3M Broad vav, corner of Duaac (treet, a largo aad (plea did saeertmcnt of rich aad faahlonabt* ro*o wood, mahogany, walnut aad oak drawingroorc. parlor, din iagroom and abamber fViraitnr*, and houaekeeplng artioie* of every description. Furchacer* from a dirtaaec can hare th* arttclcc boxed on the prcmUec, at a reasonable charge. Catalogue* on the morning of (ale. TTESRY H. LEEDS, AUCTIONEER -BY H. H. LEEDS XI and Co., Thnnday, Jan* 7. at 11 o clcok, at tbetr gal l?ry over the (tore. No. 19 Natsau (treet- Sal* of elegant Browne, etc.. comprising fine coplei trose *ome of th* moit ochbtated painting* in tb* Louvre, by Orenre. Vernot, Van Dyok, Van Harnum, Sir Dand Wllkie, BcrgW, Tenier?, Al?>, a number of fine old picture* In the (ohool* ot Rtibens, Tlttan, ilond* ko**t*r, Vernet, etc. To be *old without raterve. At Mte talc room. 19 Nassau street, after the sale af painUnga? Executor's tale of handtom* household rarnitma. oonaistiag o? suit** in orlmton aad marocn broca tell, do, in hair cloth, bronre and ormolu clock*, ohiaa vmm, mahogaay and black walnnt bedstead*, mattres***, ehain, bureaus, elegant pier glass**, marble top tables, rste wood ctsgeres, extension tai.lee, A a. At 13 o'olook, in front or (tore, lit Nauau street. A splendid laadau ba rouche, with exteadon top, nearly aew aad la fint *rd*r? made hy Wood A Tomlinsoa. JOSEPH L 8JI1t?, "AUCTIONEER, WILL SILL, THIS ') day, at 14 o'olook, A. M., at 71 Franklla itreet, a ear broadwry, a large assortment of elegant parlor, btdriem and kitchen fnraltnre; condsting In part cf cue 7 ootavc plane, city made, aad coat 1371; one rccewood cult e( nlae pleoe*, covered in plash, and mad* by Dwlght Bishcp, aad coot I27S; roMwoed aad mahogaay sifas: easy aad reeking ehairs, noverod la hatr oleth and pluah; ro**wocd aad ma hogaay burean*, waehataad*. oealra, *tdo aad lofa tables, with aad without marble tops; e* tension aad diaiag tables, bctsf ads, heat hair mattreeees, straw palUassec, ena melled salts, earpets, eil olatb, looklag glasses, olieke, oblaa vanes, tw* oooki*? *tcvo*, nTHtoratcr, arxkerv, glass aad diver war* book racks. *o*ratariev a* raer steals, aad every astlol* t* be ftand la a flrat class hens*, to* a* uerias to IMIIH, ut matt bt ??U. m the hoost ta t? b* ten J ?MJW W AtOWOT. n IMKt ? tlipi, A? OTI lin'lM T K. EL LEEDS * XI Olr-f(llaf Jtmtl at Ite'ol'ek, at Myaek, opposite nK fcy m4k ?( tho MMtim ?f *? IU? JaaM'Ttomp... lw<i muo imv factary. wi* *U tha ptanafo*??e Aalshed a?l uo??Uh-di Miww<,*iU?o?d, u4 other toeia, maokiatry, *??. ?'?}* ra*ewaadplaa?foite?, pit.* u4 rouai, tX 7 ootavM, ? ion round owtir reaew ?d kit aikM 5** TUJi tf*1* *V. *? . * *?.. S HMU 4? , ? alldlag Itiki It da untnUhed. 13 **U keyL M eeUeirved aad pla<a Mga. rMtU( otm: tl>?? ('?ok ef v arlou* kltdi of itralik, (tant. frame lifter*, M ana look* large aad "mall aara wa, metallic plates ?ni*h*d aouading boerda, machine moulding*. 90 mti veneered Ian, cut out; upward* of lo.tlOO teet vaneeri. rneawood auheiaiy, walnut, maple. aatia wead, lag vonoon aid etSer weed, to ; hardware, ? ??, bauuti leathered. Ua( plated kiage*, Ae.i all tba toola, car* la < machine*. borm*. uwt, pruapL lathe*, fuioaca, larjce augur*, at d evary oth?r artiol* imi in a irjt class manufactory. Tlw at la will tako plaoa rala or a ' in*. 1 be car* leave Catmben e?r#et far Tarry tow a every half hoar from 9 o'clock? crow In tho ferry boat from Tarry to <ra o>*; few miaatoa to Nyaek. Bale without any raisrra ahtuftr At II o'elook. In front of tho atnr* N* 19 Vaaaao atrtot ? A beautiful pair of tro an homo*, 18 hand* high, aaa rii, tha other *?ven yaara old, kind la all karaa**, and hollared t? be eound la a Tory rtapoct. 8*14 omly at the owner it Uavia* the city. JE. VAN ANTWERP, AUCTIONEER? HARO ? war*, fanoy good*, to - J. E. Van Aatwerp will iell tbU d' y . at lOe'cloek, at No 216 Pearl airaet, by oatalofu, IDO lota aod paakue* *( woll aicortod hard ?aro, oatlory, io Alaa, 8 ca?k? band aad paatl iawt, 12 eaaae oa?t Iron pleke, 6 oeee* axe handles, 3 caak* aborted Ilea, i oaaju German good* assorted, 3 can* English oro ?t oat i aw*, ?hovel* bolt*, pocket knives, ralea. *pooai, ladlci, Ae, 1 caee *hoo thread. Al?o by oner of aatigaeei aa Invoice of extra fin* quality portmennaiei, allver peacil oaae* wltk gold pens, fine knive*. Ao. JOHN L. VAN DE WATER, AUCTIONEER, WILL SILL thl* dav, June 7, at W'4 e'oloot, at the Fraaklla Ratal, No 256 Fulton street, oppmte Wa* ingtoa market, all tha furniture oontainad In the abora hotel. cantUtlag la part of 100 feather bod*, ted* and mattreue*,U0 boditcai*, banau, watbftand*. toilet acta, ingrain e?rp**?, mitori, gilt frame pier glance, ollolotha, marble floor, kltohoa range, cooking uttaifli glanware, oroekery.alargo quantity, toi other with the ureal assortment of furniture usually foaad ia a hotel. Tho above aale afford* a fine opportunity to dealer* and ether* in waak HORIARITT, AUCTIONEER. WILLSRLL TBI J DAT. _ . at 10 o'olook, at 173 Chatham Square, tho furaitare of ad ceo a *od family removed bra M*ad for oeaveaieaco of ?ale, eonalftlag la part of marble top table*, beok eaao, hat ?tand, ao'aa, chair*, mirror*, earoet*. *c. Alee, 1,000 yard* oaxpet iagraia aad Brunei*. AUo. 6,00* yard* matting, all in rood order. AUo, a feather bod. The *ale will oom menceon tke etreet, aad over j artie'e offered will boield without r?torvr Mortgage sale.? /oun w. sowcrindtke, auctioneer, afro ootaer of Fraaklla aad Geatre street*, will eoll, oa Saturday, Juno 9, at 10>^ o'elook, at 39 Centre etreet, flft h floor, by virtue of a chattel mortgage, alx priatlng prenee, one itaadlag do., lot of piiatori' tool*; alao, blaok aad oolorod ii-Va. Ae. JOUN A. VAN BOKCELEN. Atteraay for mortgagee. Mortgage sale of ?to,ooo worth or ankrican oloeke.? Eugene B Fraaklla, AaoUoaeer.? Fsaaklia A Nleholl* will aoll at pnbllo anotioa. at tneir room*. 79 Nana* atroot, oa Wedmeeday. J aaa 13, aad following day a, until tho whole la dl*po*od of, a very large and every way deeirable stock of Ameiieaa elooka and tlmepieoo*. amount ing la value to upward* of 920,000, all of which mart be ?old, without limitation, to the high* it bidder, aad in lot* to rait pure hater*. The a**9rtm*at eemprUa* many new aad desirable atyle*, and U well worthy tho atteatloa of the trado aad the public geaorally. Tho goods are the property of aa extouiiv* maaaflaetarer in Conaostieat, embraolaga largo portion of hi* *teok of flaiehod merehandlse, aad will bo iold without regard to oa*t of maaufaotaro, to pay at vanoo*. Jobber* la Now York and its vicinity, rsnoral dealer* la faaoy good*, aad country merchant*, will find thl* aa opportunity for arc c aria < then atylo* of geodi enoh a* *eldem proaent* itoolf; promising to thom rare aad do olded ad va at age*, of whioh they would do woll to avail themaolve*. Descriptive catalogue* may be procured at the ?Ooe of the a-iotloneer*, oa the day prevlou* to that of the ?ale, whioh will be pealtlva aad without reserve Term*? Under $100, oaah; $lCO to $100, four month*; aad on rum* of SfiOO and npwara, *1k month* credit for approved paper. Sale to oommeaco each day at lOa'olook A. If. FBAKKiilN A NICHOLL3, Auctioneer*, 79Na**au*t. MPOUGHTV, AUCTIONEER-WILL SILL, TQI3 . day, at 10* o'clock, A. M-, at 213 We't Sixteenth itreet, the etook aad flxtare* of a grocery aad llqaor *toie, (agar*, tea*, coffee, apice*, eounters, eoalo*, weighu. oaai* ter*, keel, decanter*, Ae ; alto, horse, wagea and barae**. PAWNBROKERS SALE THIS DAY-BT WILLIAM N. LEWIS A SUN. at their loom, 131 Bowary a general aa?ortment of unredeemed pledge* for men aad womeu'a wear, vit . coat*, pant*, gown*, tbawl*, para:ol?, caps, rem nant*, Ac. By order of pawnbroker. PUSSELL W. WESTCOTT. AUCTIONEER.? RLE XV gant rosewood aad mahJj^any furniture? Thi a day, (Thursday) at 11 o'olook, preolaely, at 72 Eighth arena*, near Thirteenth itreet, embracing the entire haadaeme fur nitnre of tho above hea*e. The tpeoial atteatloa of honH koeper* and the trade 1* called to thi* tale, a* the whole will be told uareiervedly, and oomprUe* a large aad ?!? ?ant variety of parlor, chamber, dining room and basement urniture, and ma*t be removed immediately Iron the premleei; oon*i*ting of tplendid roieweod piaaeforte, rich w lit oa tapestry and Ingrala carpet*, rosewood (ocretary bookoase liaed with aatm wood; two aaperior *ofa bed ?tead*, NeGraw'e patent; wardrobe*, roieweod and mi hegany bed?tead?, l?rgo pure hair mattrenoi; roiewood parlor mlt, covered in tape* try, with ouahlon back*; Frenok plate oval mirrori; a number of oil palatlngi; rosewood, marble top etegere; reception aad arm ohairs: marble ton rosewood centre tablei, marble top ooraer etegeiei, full marble top rosewoo*3 and mahogany droning bureaui, tete a-tete*. aofaa, roiewtod and matogaay chain, rooVeri, lounge*, ihade* and cornloe*, marble top rosewood wa*h itands, china toilot aet?; ten Freioh cottage beditead*. with bair mattrenea aad feather bed* oomplete; dining and ttaaktaat table*, silver ware, out glass ware, rloh china tea set*, erookerr, stove -and fixtures, oil cloth stair carpets, and rods, ball stand, aad a large quantity of other furni ture. No peetponemeat. T)EVERBE'S SALE.? A LAEQB LOT OF CLOTHING XV and piece good*. conelatlug *f clothe and fancy oaait. mm, atocka, cravat* , red tUk and aergea, and black aad colored ailk lining!. By order of Nlehelae O' Brian, referee. To be gld tbi< day, at 10>? o'clock, by A, M. CriataUr. auo ttowr, a Bo wry. OHEBIFFS SALE.? W. C. ALBURTUS, AUCTIONBBE, O will tell on Thnrtdar, Juno 7th, at 18 o'clook. at Mo. 71 Fultoa aveauo, a general ae*ortmeat of dry good*, cloth*, luhmarti, veetinga. do. ; alao, the ehelvlng, counter*, g*e fixture*, Ac., la the (tore; alio, a lot of lino gold jewelry. E. LOTT. Shorilt ALEX DP FliOP, Deputy. SHERIFF'S SALE OF RANOXS.? THIS DAT, THURS day, J>">? 7, at W A. M, at So. 243 Water itroot, oon aiatlng oi a large quantity of raagea, boater*, reglatere, cart ing*. old Iron, Ac. Tunis horrell, (auctioneer -attractive good* for houaekeepere, thU morning at K)X o'clook, at tho largo ipaoioua auction room. No. 81 Naaaau itroet, now tho Sua oO;e. Ladloi aad geutlemea will fiad comfort la attending, aa no delay or aay objection can be mule to (took or manner. The etook eoaairt* of rioh roiewood parlor luitee, eonaiatlng cf to fa, arm ohair, gethio and four chair*, tabid to match, covered ia gold m? crimaoa aatln brccatele, largo oval French plate pier glaaeee, rich oU paintlaga, Eag liah velvet aad Brueela earpetiag, (la qaaatitiee to euR,) roeewood eterere, marble aad minora, imperlor aad plala exUaatoa dining table*, black walnnt Mcretarie* for ladiee, mahogany, black walnnt, A*., for all part* of dwelhaga, pare cnrled hair mattreiM*. Dealer* win fiad a large (took of medium good*. of a raperior quality. Every faculty for boxing aad (hipping. WM. TOPPING. AUCTIONEER -WE TOPPIVE A Co., will aoU oa Friday?next, Jane 8, at their a net too room. 33 Broad itroet, fni thouaand garment*, of every do fcripUoo.'juft fiaiahed for the pre* eat ?eaooa'i mm, of deairaUe atyloa aad material*, aad all feehioaably aad taoCe fully ma do. Every article la ike Uae will be found laeladod in tile invoice, aad it ia the la teat Ion to aell every lot with out reeerve, to eloie the affaire of a ooaeera giviag up buai neae. The particular attention of tho elothlag Wad*, aad our eoetemer* generally ia lavitod to tlaCi Mile, aa M wfil be the laroevtaad beet lot of elothlag that can be offatod at auction thla ?eaeoa. WS. HELLOR, AUCTIONEER? BY HOUGHTON A ? Hello*. Ibia day, (Thnrtday.) at 10X o'oloek, at 113 Naa*au street, peremptory tele of elegant cabiaet furni ture, minora, and tuperior toned reaoweod piaooforC**. la the above will bo found aa rioh a ootlectloa M any offered thla aprin?, and worthy the atWIioa of the trade, ooaatry merchant*, bottl keopere and ovhen. Catalogue* on moot ing of wla Even facility for pee* tag aad ahtpptag on tho preml*** by experienced packer*. Conoiite in part of par lor tnrnitnre, elaborately carved roeewood rait a, covered in eortlr broeada, brocatel, plnak aad haircloth; richly earved centre, pier, tide aad fancy table*; carved otegerae, minora, door* and back*; aide aad oornor etegere*, ladico> parlor (ecretary and writing deak1, lined with eatia wood, wbfte holly; two Preaoh plate minora, with other rich fancy art ir 1c a. Chamber*? ootid roeewood bedstead a. oar red dreaeing bureau*, marble tope aad rich alaaae*; waohatanJa. oemmode* to match, walnnt and mahoqtay Jo., sever id richly decorated aad enamelled chamber rulte, with aad without marble tope; bedroom ehaira la great, variety, to gether with aeverni roperier hone hair mattrcaaaa. palllaa Efto. Dining room? aolid oak beaofkta, walaat do., eu r city made extenrioa diniag tableaja oak walaat. ma sy, roeewood and btrah,wlth dining room chaise to match; I if rary? Rioh bookcaee* aad aearetarfe* la walaat, roeewood aad nahegaay.of the lataat Kyle* aad d*4lgna;l!brety deck*, chair*, reading table*, Ao- Alee, at 12 o'elook preoieely, several fine toned Hjf aad 7 oetave pianoforte*. ?U af which are fnlly warranted worthy the attention of the trade aad ether*| *old to pay advance*. WILL BE SOLD BT HENRT 5! LEEDS, ON THITR5 day, ia froat of hi* itcre, 19 Naaaau (treat, at 12 o'eloek, a iplendld Landau barouehe, with eitenak>a top, nearly new and in fine erder? made by Wood and Tomltaaoa of thla city. TV*. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER, WIIJ, SELL. TniS " day, at 2 o'clook la the afternoon. atI87 Canal rtreet, a large aiaortment of geatoel heuaehold furattnre from lamlllc* breaking up bmackeeping, in. -India* oao alegaat roeewood piano, two melodeona, one lult of mahegaay rumi tura, I a haircloth; marble top centre table*, pie* aad oval minor*, oil palatiaga, lace curtaiaa, mahogany bookeaaee, eltcant tapcetry and other oerpeta, uaibl* top draeriag ba reaua aad waabaUad*, toilet let*, mahogany and walnut t *4?te*d*. bair suUnnM, btddlnt diniag room aad kltohea fhrnltura, aleo, Mtlna, glee* and plated ware. KXTRA PAT. Cftft 1 and WARRANTS WANTED? OF THE MHir OUU aaa aad Florida war, aad the war of 1M3. aad alee IlBaoks Mfaeenrl aad Arhaaaae pate ate, located la M|A long liaoe eoll foe tax or; alaa pataate loeated afaee 1M7, Tn Ill&oie, Wlaoonda aad Iowa, for wtoek the Iflakee* eaah prtM will ba given. Apply to 0 ?. BH ?TU.DTTno. ?Nnr i*u *tr*at, tut Boar, two doora itoat Wall MroedL BOUNTT LAND OFFICE.? ALL SOLDIERS, BAILOES, wagonmaator* aid teaaaatec*. or the widow* of there who torved fourteen day* on aaa or ah or* ia any war afaee 1778, ar* entitled to 160 acre* of bounty land. TheM who received *0 or 80 aoree aaa obtain the balaaca No o barge acta the warrant I* collected Apply te the (jrent, G. U. 8J1UI ELDT. Wo. 2 Naeaau ?troet. two door* from Wall. TJOUNTT LAND OFFICE, M WALL STREET, RASA .D ment. ?Soldier*, *n!lor* and toamrter* in any war alace 1 J70, et (Mr widow*, can obtain their land warrant* of th* p. T. (BETTt, M Wall itreek No eharge until e*V VTATT BOUNTT UWD AND "EXTRA PAY" OFPIOB. 1> -Bounty land* aad "extra pa y" lot ( I Navy Bailor* a*- Jin all ware ataee 1710? their widow* and beira ? pcompt y dCUincd and paid . . " Balaaeae due widow* and halrg of deaeaeed 0. 8. *aEoa* tad other* eol acted, aad all kiade of elaim* agalaat the Vfa ted Statee reoovered by underalued; and the widaw* et heir* of tho** who pcrtabod with United State* (hip ' Alba ny," will be profittcd by ealling on . . ? . _ W1WARD BISSELL. Agent aad (late; Perm U. >. Nary, K Waa rtraet. DILLUnM UILLIARDS.-WE |UTE A flUWM? STOCK EF D table*, with marble, elate or wooden bedai alio, b$ UaH ball*, euee, Ifoaaa ball, pool, billiard olotha, in foot, every article ia the trade, tan per eent cheaper thee an ether eetabUabmant la the United Matoe. 1. ROW A ED k BEWJAHIN. blgheet arnmlam aaakara, Hfl Broadway. BULIAND TABLE WA*TEE. ? ANT PEHS'tN HAT lag a email table, la M*i ardar, about alaa feet long, may hear af a eaah ba**r If ebeae. Addreee W. E S ., bee Mfc NMit, ataUag *Ue, yriet aad whect ? M ma, *9 ttfW) nnn -cash tDriuenTM^I faUVV.UUU. mcndt, viWhM, Je.olrr, IM IHMMM. Mi ?ITtMl) MtHftl (lOKtB or htiiiU lor cub; trot oltH uo>m, ateoir, (tuU u( ?? WH? . MUfUMaA. UniiiMt ooafid^aUal and iumH {???!(?), M 78 bateau tlMti, kit ??or, baek ofltoe FLOKBNCE * CO , *r?^H 18.000.000 Mean, A* _, or boo* lit for o??fc{ wi( MHkt uoUa. MM H< iUI? Of UMIM UOgjtlataA. BatlntM MliH Itului Mkft, by tliOMi'S'JM * CO., brofcart tiltH a'tetuu Oiwil.Mii*, IK liujia t.twl, tfouiii il 2. reoaad flour. ? &9fin nnn ? nonet to loan on BiAiioa V^VVaUV/U. wetobM. jewelry, gale m4 Hirer pi ft**** f*' ?U k?4i of boatoheul riniiin Bud mm fld.atiij ud tab. Apply at JW UMliMB itroet, I flMT. IhI total* tought and Mil on oemmlitioa. L. BALCH, Broki 3?7n nnn ~i? f0^ at seven per <***, 4>,l v.Uyi/. b?(d ii>4 Dortmf, ?> improved or |_ nmruprort? ro?l eetate, in thit city or Bro->klvD. la Mtfl luit applisantr Also. 51 OOU '.o lavett in the purehai^l mortgage!. Apply to J. E. COOK, Jr., No. 8 WaUitcH riliwt't. 11. ? nnn *? LEWD ON bond and mortoaA ?tW.vl/v 1b lumi to lult iNbotato, oc good mWH tiro raal Mt*U la tbio eitjr or HtNkl/t. Apply Ulfl BROAP. 13 WiUitmfcjeoaad ttory. froat raomt nnn ? advances* on diammr ?tU.uUU. watohet, Jewelry, piaoafortai, Mi?> Aoicrlptioa of merebaadUe. Bnmeu itrtoUy Mat " ~ Apply to J. LVt>M * COM MB Boutoi itmS Merear aad Otoea. ?on nnn -t? loan, at ^ per cent, ipZiU.UUU . Rrft oUm improved oity property. A to RoSEWELI, G. PIERCE, Fii? ?treet,o,>mer Broad undir Metropolitan Baak. M. ?..? All ttaMaotloaj ooaftdoatial. nnn T0 EXCHANGE FOR UNINCUMBERl fOu.UUU. property, lut or We it, a ooraor AUaa Dock ttora, SO ky 18(1 foot, fire proof, roar otory rraa front. Mortgage $12,000, Apply to W. H. BROWfl No a Jaunooy Court, 41 WaU itrMt, <fc9 f\ nnn -T0 loan on bond an mortoac ijpZit J.XJyJXJ. oa improved real oitate, la thl? oity, la I ?umi of J6.0U0 each. Ayp'.y to W. U. B BOWER, Ml Jautcey Court, 41 Wall itroet. a><) nnn 70 * ??.-i WILL give goob secvi ip^.UUU ty and a liberal lalary to aay nia| o who will loaa mo tkaabova amoant and attend to ar ol butinMt. AIM, aa IBtareit thould he oait oa trial, 1 rartloriart and aa iaUrview addreai Atrertiter, air offioo, or Unit a Square Poet office. ?1 nnn -WANTED to loan on AN I tjpA. Wl/. In good city improved property timet the amount. A tf droit J. C. P., Herald i INTEI worth W. I .. ugmi effloe. oommunioatlontwiU meet with prompt atteatloa. $800 ?WANTED, EIOHT HUNDRED DOLLA1 . for oaa year, for wUieh doable the amooatL tiie capital ttook cf a maaufaeturtag oompaay, free of dtl tad paying over fifty per ooat, will to depotitod at too art I Awn all premium will bt paid. Addrow A. M., Htrald tlj ANT AMOUNT OF MONET TO LOAN T* A ehanta, manufacturer! aad the nublia generally, will bay at tight mere baa dite, diamond!, jewelry aad f tonal property, aad ooliateral teourity of all ktada. at I old rotpontible aad tafa Paoiflo Ageaoy aad Private Offloe, orer Paoiflo Bank, oemer Broadway aad ?treat. Baiiattt ooafidontl al, prompt aad lan. CASH ADTANCID IN ANT AMOUNT. OB PVBCSA? ed at ticht, diamond!, watohot, riok jewelry, meeak^H dite, and valuable portooal property gantrally. B. W(M 09 Fulton itrttt, ?Mtad floor, front room, fr>m 8 A.M. ? P.M. ' | CASH LIBBBALLT ADVANCED ON WATCI__, platr, jowolry , dry getdt, grcccriet, liqnort, piaaoiort^H or any aUiot detaripHon ot property, at that old attabliahH and confidential office, 3tK Brotdway, coratr of Unaatl second floor, loom 9. Strioteit honor obterved. McfiOOGHUN A O'NEILI DIVIDBND.-OFFICE CITIZENS' FIRE INSUBAMfj Company, Naw York, Jnne 5, 1806 ?A dividend aft per cent bat been doslarad thit day, payable oa <" at the office, No. C7 Wall ttrtst. | J. M. MoLEAN, ia?rH>yj DIVIDEND.-OFFICE OF TnB COUUBBCIAL PU Iutoraaoe Compauy, 49 Wall ctrMt, New Tork, J* titb, lb5T) ? The Board of Direotori have thit day dto artd terni auuual dividend of teu per oent. payabie on aad a'fl Monday. Utfc Inst Tbo tranitcr book wlH be oloted uni^ that day. HENRY B. GREENWOOD. SoorataryJ N -ETON XT TO LOAN.? PERSON S REQUIRING TB 1*1 porary advanoet on real eatato, diamoadt, plaM watohet, jewelry, piano fortet, dry goodt, honei, aamagM and ?y?ry deecription of porional property, promptly oommodated by the Empire Loan and Ageaoy Company, Broadway, cppoalte the Broadway theatre. ? 0. WILLS. Agea OTICB.? THE JULY INTEREST, ON THE Oil Fundi Bondi. of the State of California will to ? by JOHN COOE, Jr., at bit ollioe, 31 Broadway, aa mM tation of the oooponi, on aad after the 30th June, IMA | TO CAPITALISTS.? THE FOX AND WISCONSIN pro v omen t Company offer to oapitallita for iaTtetm the remaining half of their 8 par eent bondift2M.,0(M). P*H able February 1, 1808, intarott cemi annually, at the MM of North Amerioa, oity ot New York. These bonde are l anrod ky a flrit mortoage upon land! worth, at a lew vala tlon, more than danbla the amaunt; alto, u poa the impca* meat ittelf, togothar with ite proceed!, water power, * Inquire at the oftea of the oompany, 14 Wall itrMt. mWCAL. OQ SECOND HAND 40 at prices $23, $30, $33, US, 1 I'lANOS AND MELODEG> B?;?HKS57 ."Bl&ffi R,??. tuM. Pianos exchanged or te let, -with privilege of p ? ohaslag, at 102 Sixth hum, mm Tw*nty fourth street. . B. GONZALEZ.) ACCORDEON TAUGHT AND MADS BAST, BT Him ol Instruction foudii on a praottoe eftw*? j Mr*. Term*, Ht Iuhu. or qotrtw, mad* kun ? an application to tb? Original Jacob*. 102 Chatham it root SPLENDID $3M 9ITBN OCTAYB BO$EWOO| . piano, for tale tor $239, mad* to order tiro manths 1 by celebrated city makers, aid fally warranted, at (apt to a* and finish: perfect erory way. The owaer U Rata Pari*. It can be aean at 1<3 Chamber* itreet, tr?m 9 1 e'sloafc, for fear day*. f\ HKAT PIANO AND MUSIC HOUSE OF HORACB Wi U TERS, 333 Broadway-? Tb* lar*e*t asior t meat of cab brated liaaoe and all kind* of nu* merchandUe In th Qfeited State*. Thacufell* are aware that this house has, I ?(position U> tb* combination, adopted lb* rednoad ftise km that pianos. Bate deans, and muaie oan be bad of Mi Waters at lee* price* than they can be bond elsewhere. Br piano* to vent, and rent allowed upon purchasing meathi papnunt* taken. HALL'S CELESTIAL PIANOS? BENNETT k CO.. M Broadway, are now supplied wltb a large (took of the* beautiful inatfnaaenta, a* per* on should by any mean* pat ehase, whatever Interested parties may say la the nntoo tUl they bar* Crut ma tha** improved piaao*. MUSIC TBACHBB WANTED.? A TEACHER I wanted to go South, who thoroughly understands tb Stnaa and guMar, al*o tb* French laagnaga and oil palntlnt Fob* other need apply. Best reference required. Apply t J. M. Bdney, 36 John si. REDUCED PEICE3? HORACE WATBRt B ? the ebeioe an. greatly redo* ? stdl rapidly I erea*lag patronage from the pnBUe, which thus conntenaai aad supports his loufl needed reform and oppoaitlon to u combination which seek* to sustain tb* old high and 1 orbitnnt tariff of pries*. Hi* wareroom* oeatala the lari asaoitment of piano*, melodeona. mo*io and masi* ? tbandiee ef all Kinds to b* found in the United States, an* bi? price* are lower than can be bad elsewhere, and whijT defy competition. ' ORGAN PERFORMANCE.? THE IB WILL BB 1 public exhibition ef the new orran at th* Reform* Dutch Church, r.orner of University and Washington plate on Thursday eveninr, the 7 th Inst., oommenclng at ei^b o'clock, buflt by Richard M. Ferris. Meisr*. Carringtea.Me*' der. Poad .Melville, and other*, will perform during tb* tri * part, aad 0. W. Morgan daring tb* second part et the pr inriBKe. KHCBLL.VIVEOV S. A LIVING FOR ALL.? I WILL" FORWARD OM Rl eeipt of $1 and postage stamp, plain directions for tfav manufacturing ef three article* in oonstant demand, b* which 1 have made ovet $3,0?o in the last two years. Ad drew Honeety, Chatham sgaare Po*t Ogee. Alderman bbiggs. inspector O'eeefb, at.. SUTTON, the printer, are all pocular in their way The two first In the jbilitical arena, aad Sutton aaoag tb business men of tbe city, to whom be furnishes, at low prioet. for oaah, from kl* old stand, 112 Eulton street, all kinds 6* jeb or card printUf. Wko's tbe next r Engine oil, "metallic oil," cuuberlani Brothers patent, aad Tockaey's Improved lubricaMm ?ompoand*. manufactured aad for Ml* by AUOBUTUl TOtflUIBT.caceC; Exchange place. Harbisons carnation rouge-how beau tlfully doee the hue of th* Carnation pink axpreee tbs health tint oi tb* maidea's eheok, when young Itf* is ketal lm through her vein*, and beauty 's warm celoriag sits npM bet Hps, aad be* bnoyaat soul 1* flashing Ught from Mr beaming eyes r To restore that lovellaes s when natnre fou*. U tb* work of art. In Harrison'* Carnation Roug* is art'* >?b?tltut? for satare's lo*t lorslhsei*. It I* at wholatal* bp TOWN ?BND A WILLIAMS, 236 Pearl street, and atre tall by CHILSON, Mi Broadway. To remove freckles aad all cutaneous defects, ?)ts beauty to tbe eomplealea and a ?oft texture to the skin, employ Harrison's Cream of Beanty. 17 BLLINGER'S MANSION HOUSB It OPEN BOB THE JV season. Parti**, large or small, caa b* aaoe earns date# at tb* abort **t no tie*, Parson* earn* from a ciataaee daUp to ecnsnlt tb* Dr. I'ar'J** can enjoy this d*ligWal t*tp, get dinner and a bot :le of liniment, for 91. Bnraan Kyo. Optician to tbe New York Eye Hospital aaB New York bye Infirmary. Ofilce No. 2 Park row, opp*M|? the Aftor Hoop*. L! tin in ess hour* from 9 A. M. to ii P. M. J rno DRUGGIST? -OENTLEMBN, DON.'T BB Tftg-i A renraced, or think tbn* business is getting Into each aft f impoverished condition tn this olty and Brooklyn, that sp| many want to sell out. LabertlngJshow Jar*, sfgas. letter Ian on gist**, Ao , fiy C. ALVOR&T HI Nassau street. 1 ^ _ ACTttCTUOCOr. ~~~ A STROLOOT.-DR. C. W. HORACE, FROM SWEDEN J A late of Philadelphia. New Tork ami Boetee. odors bit* services to tb* oitir*** ef Now Tork and It* vlcialty. H* 1* til* to foretell past, present and fut*re cvente He ha* been consulted by all tho crowned heads of Earepe, and ; loys a higher rerutatioa as an astrologer thaa any ana ? livlag. Nativities calculated. Ladies $S| gentlemen, mm. Letters, post paid, will receive immediate attention. F*sr particular* see astrological almanacs. Can I10 procured at the office, 171 Bycasaort street, Cineianati, Ohio, by apjUda tion by letter. ifwsjggstfevar^La'geaai

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