Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 7, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 7, 1855 Page 7
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my W. 1 AAA nnn WORTH OF THE MOST TAW4 J.VVfU.UUU hi* prtptrty mi tar sal* Uiii; it Bilttn not who apply, ih?y thali bar* entire ktfBctlon, a- B- he i is to ion*, it U ItCHUr; you thould I InMud ju4(* f?r j oa rt ol f mm ttfcMW IllltHI. R. Jit II AHON, I7o cba CkltkM it. OA ftHA -vacant lots for bale-ioo very il/.Uuv . detirable lotf, at Flatbaib, ttrookl yn, will <?14 low, or exchanged ia Mlt for a desirable eoaatry id*?c?i M. L. SHELDON, ? <m?? ?trwt 4 inn "A HOUSE AND LOT. SITUATED IN TUB r,OUv. Eleventh ward, for aale, at a bargain ? Th? hi ion very desirable, and the property pan fifteen per Ftejs the investment. J*r1o? t,4 ,VH>; ball of whioh may halnMmertfage. Apply, immediately, to C. B. flUU iCi | JO., M Haw atrtta. ?I) CA/1 FOR ONE OF TBB BEST FARMS IN ?).OUU Puffolk county. containing flfty acres, with K? new ??ilii?it?, aad in full view of Long Inland Viand, |iibi from the oity. Alto, one of niae acres, with lar^o i beate ? II 2U0. A. M BURR. W Broad ftreet. room SI. I> Onn --CB1AP PROPERTY IK BROOKLYN.? |2.t7UU. Good business location, near tho ftrry Four |ik houses aad stores, tao oa a corner. Priee from $X90<> H.flBO each . Terms eafy. Alio, a new oottaca, boa e, aad ia*ompleteerd?r, 81,400. _ B. A. BUNCE, 212 Btoad oerner Falton, room No. 3. A AH - A COUNTRY St AT FOR SALE, IN THE txUUt beautiful Tillage of lleevllle, N. J., with two I of land, about two and* balf hour* from the toot of ^Fstieet, by the Ooeaa War*. Inquire of C. B. HOWES, B>m?w street. f\f\f\ ? RAHE CHANCE? BUSINESS FOR SALE, .UUU. (or ?u acti** young man taken ae partner, bualntss ia respootable. profitable aid without riak I party making appllcaVioa aa partner, matt posses* at kt o*e tboui and dollar! in oath. AJdre ??, wito real name, M. , Herald offioa. WO. -FORSALE, LEA8E, STOCK AND FIXTURES . of a dry goods eaUblinhment, located on a JU tkeron(hfare, fitted ap in a tatty manner, and now hg a One and increasing bnaineas. Apply im ? edn'nly at [Broadway, room 10. GEORGE W SIM Kit j. ifin ? * NEW BOUSE. NEWLY FURNISHED, TO ;\JU. let, la Sonth Brooklyn, aboot tea miunUa' walk h At lantit str?*t ferry, eootainin* twelve room*, gas, it, Ac. W ill be let for two or more year* for $800 o r 'am. it the bouse for SMO and furniture told low. Ad is D. Herald offloe. OA -PAWNBROKER'S OFFICE. ESTABLISHED Uv. for the laat ton years, tho lease of hooto for je years, and fixtures for tale. The fixtures cost ('oable lameaa'. A good cbaace for any pertan with a small cap , at will be abowu by an intervio#. Address T. B. C., aid ogee, with real name. I OOi<D CHANCE FOR A PERSON WITH A SMALL I capital 1 Tho itoek and fixtures of a gentlemen's fur flag stare, the best looathon In Broadway, must bo sold, ^* owner Is going immediately to Europe. Addrett H. tder, Beiala office. | BARE CHANCE -FOR SALE, A BUSINESS, Iff which any parson may have a perfect knowledge in one , aad pays 2t0 per sent profit. The artloles told are la ml im, aad in the manafaeturiug lino, but any person be soft* familiar directly. Apply to C. B. BOWES i CO., 84 Nassau utreet. (RARE CBANCE? FOR SALE, THE STOCK AND lila as of a grocery and provision store, with a long l of a five story briok bouse, situatod in ons of tho best ds in ths sity, wUl be sold sheap for cash. Also, a cart, e and harness tor sal*. Apply oi the premises, 412 Third HARLEM.? FOR SALE AT A SACRIFICE, OR TO let, *a 133d street, between fifth and Sixth avenues, a I two aad a half story frame bout*, filled la with briek, i rooms, cellar, and aix lots of ground, oovered with fruit J*. Apply to H. H. RICE, Superior Court Clerk's Office, I II 8 city Hall, or No. 45 East Twenty-eighth stroet. itam. {tBWERY FOR SaLE OR TO LET? THAT KNOWN at the Williamsburg Brewery, No. 41 and 4S North Insd street. It was bout last fall, and no 'exponse was sd t? make it suitable tor (be manufacture of malt k. Also a very superior horse, spring cart aad harness Jo. Apply at th* premises, between th* hours of 9 and . M.. ano a and 0 P. M. iUO STORE.? FOR SALE, A NEATLY FITTfD UP ding store, in *n* of th* greatest thoroughlares in the ?. It ia owned at present by a physioian. who oanaot Ind to it It is doug a good business, ana will he told " Address Fbytioian, Broaiway Post Offioe. 3ANT COUN1RY RESIDENCE FOR* SALE, WITH I the faraiture, oarriagn, Ac , and twentv acres of land, land a halt milet trom the New Brunswiok djpot, N. J,, Tie banks of tbe Raritan and oouMnaadlng a maxuifioent . The house is In the Gotblo style, lately bnflt with tho | materials, and filled in with brick. A photograph sf [plaee can be aeon at the office ot F. D'HERTILLr, No. xobange plaee. i&M FOR BALE-SO ACRES, i good home, barn lituatcd in Palmyra |*,N iRM ] OR SALE.? A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY SEAT and faim lor tale, seventeen mil's from New York, and IsilJe from the Paataio Falls, near Paterson, New Jcrsev, g on the west bank of tbe Paisaic, about 1^0 feet front be river. For forthfr information, apply to the propria 'J ARRET J. BLAUYE1.T, on the premise?. 'n*t?d in Palm,^d? "?'i; 3?o5d ^KMVJBI>i HAS LCTORY FOR SALE? NEAR JERSEY CITY, ON THE [New York bay. Said factory oonsists of two large Idlngs, if.OOO square l'ctl , ttone cellar, oitr and teveral Is of land, y or parliculars address J C., box 3,432 Post 1*, New York. pB SALE? 50 CASES NO. 24 GUASB SH1IT OAST itesl, bast quality, mi table for portemcnnaies 4*. For ?ttUn apply t? 'MKJAIAS JftORTON, 212 1'sarl street. j SALE? A VILLA, SITUATED ON THE BANKS of the Hudson fiver, about 45 oloutes' ride by railroad the City Ball, N. Y., with a beautiful vfoirof the f and surrounding country. The honse ie new. of the lelau. and replete with every convenience. Crown wa byonghout, hatha, water closets, itatioaarr basins, I waiters, gas pipes, range, fnrnace, Ao. Its aenessl r tar ears aad stages renders it very desirable. Terms Apply to PHIlIP R. WILKIN 3, auctioneer, No. 2 1 street, corner of Wall. IB SALE- A VERT NICE NEW, WELL BUILT three story honeo, in the apper part of the eity, at the ced and very lew prke of f 4,5u0. This honse mast he %e cecviiee the purchaser that It i* exceedingly low. ly to B. U. KINBHIMEH. 319 Fourth avenue. lit SALB-A COt TAOS RESIDENCE, STABLE AND But bosses, together wita eleven lots of ground, at |ty-eiihth street, between the Bloo mingdile road and len'h avenue Possession immediately. Apply to W. sON, cornier Coitliodt street aad Broadway, Gilsay "i* IB SALE? SEYEltAL TWO AND FOUR HORSE lwagons, farm, plantation and railroad carte, with har lot all kinds. Will be eold low at the large factory ol iAEl. MULLONES, Warren street, Jersey City. |R SALE? THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A fancy embroidery and tepbyr worsted stors, and the i to let. Inquire at 393 Grand street. IB I ALE? A FINB FARM. CONTAINING EIGHTY three acres. adjoining the beautiful tillage of Haoken . New Jersey, with home, outhouse, Ae. It is well ted for sauly gardening purposes, or oonld be divided i village lots; aad is well calculated from its location he pci poses of an association. Apply to G. WILSON, 122 Prospect plaeo, Jetsey City, IB SA LB-CAPITALISTS ATTENTION IS CALLED to tear dwelling houses, in ritinity ot Madison square, s sold at a bargain; houses three story, brio*, in flue r, all modern improvement*. Mid rented to good tenants ae rear. For Jurth?r particulars apply to K. U. K.1N UR, 319 Fourth avenue, from 3 to 7. SALE-OR EXCHANGE FOR A HOUSE AND [lot, er mere, in this eity, a 4ns farm, of 1*0 aorcs, at lings, 1). C. Also, a oonnfry seat tbis side of Jauaioa, , on rlank road. Also, a beautiful country seat *t Oe- ' . N. Y Apply to E, B. K1NSHIMBR, 31* Fourth are |tivm 3 to 7 P. M. SALE? A NEAT TWO STORY AND ATTIC COT tage bouse, ritcatcd in Washington avaaue. Central taenia, near tbc depot. The bouse ia well finished, with iie martlie grates, dumb waiscr, speaking tnbo, land gicen rouis, and the ground well laid oat with phery and fruit trees, nith wire tonee ia front arty foot, | althea licdce. Sits of lot SOz 140. Also, a lot in near, i tise, fronting oh Railroad arcane. Will b* sold to*e er sepa'ete for abeut svo thirds of the original oost. hr to M M. W EED, 88 i?w?ry. 0* ISAAC AMERMAN, |4 W all street. ? SALE.? AN EXCELLENT CHANCE TO MAKE noney ? A butter store, in a genteel and thlokly popu neighborhood up toirn and good roc of cuHotn, will be ted of on reasurable term*. Applv to THOSfAj C. l?N, R? titter 't effioe. No. 2 Hall or Rssords, Park. . 8AI.E CHE IP? A FIRST CLASS GROCERY Istere, rear the Bowery, in the inmedate vicinity of *i OBebandM.1 Ail fifty families. SatisCactory reasons ?e given for selling tut. For rarticuUrs addreef M. B., Id ettee. r SALE? $16,000.? AN INTEREST IN ONE OF TnE bott frequented and beantiful of the incorporated Rn emcterits ia the vimni'y of this olty, wblsh Is no e*pi kt. but hat been some year* In operation. Its obliga which are founded on tbo bads or a very va uablo real le, will prove a most certain and trirCtelhe investment, lose to whim the eurtainty of a lar.te r turn in the fa lie mere an objtet than f>ree*nt income this offer oora ts itielf. Address, f>r partieaUra, with name, box 101) klya l'oit?fflce. BALE? ONE OF THE OLBE8T ESTABLISHED faint stores in this eity, in a first cltss location, doing i etih trtde daily. Alec, a first class honse paint lag less connected, as can be shown. Tue aotaal stook in > is about two thounan i dol'ars. No eharge far good ie a respoaeible party. This is a ohanoe very seldom Y ith ia tMtltae. Tm farther psrUouUrs. apply at I3J J" itreet, from 10 to 4 o'rteek. ? BALB-A FEED STORE IN WaTSR BTRBRf, Ineit looatir>n and trade In the eity, doing a splen Iburineas. Rent 1300? price IJW. B<ia*rlor gr?eory | In East Broad* ay. doing A reehiBg MB trade ' -ptlo > lalro, a lumtcr yard dnin^ a rnvnifisent bqsinoas, elear 10,000 year? prioe fW.OCO. Apply at 212 Bread way, 13 SA IB? THE LEASE AN? FIXTURES OF A grei cry, dolni a good buVleo.s, aad stook. If desired, y on thu ptemiatl, comer of Mort-oa and Blecekei sts.. fker BniidiiirS. r 1 SALE- ONE OF THE BEST EOCATBD BlI.Lt4.RD saloo*s in the city; will be ?nlJ at a groat -aerlfiee, ss Ironrietor Is tngs^fd in other hn?inis?. For farther ?lit*, inquire of W1LLIAR WlTTERS, 187 Canal SALE-A BILK DAIRY AND MILK ROUTE, hsrie and wagon, either separate or together. A lease ?o jenrs unf*r>rod of the hoase, whioh ooasiste of I ftont will fitted up tor other hutinoss in oonnsation liht dairy, two bed room*, lwge fit >li.g room, kitcb-n, lellars ?nd basement. Rent only S:V> per mortb. For l*r tartlcnlars. inqniro at No, 1 Rivington street. N. TheTfiiru for selling, the ounor hsi o?ber MM to |d t>. Pleats inquire withia thrit dayi. (SALE AT HOBOKEN? BAUMSP.'S HCTIL, COB er of Hudson and Ihird streets, coBtafr.inu; tweutv-fonr l, with i a?coi,imedstlci.s for bearders, barrovm, kltcbeo two >sj?meats, ball riem. mlliard saloon, tenpln i, ca?aen, Ac., including three lots of ground. Inquire a-^LE. S*vT? l-'T-TIir UKASE ANB IMPROVK -V.I t'^akt lots of grennd. at the foot ?f West for t'M rtr et. J. WATA0B5, Xk MM llfi FIR UU ?R MXCMANGR-A rabs and mxtmn aive barinoaa. wtthoet MaptUtln, aferdlag It" MIM ftolt*. will be mM tl a basgaia, Bith the aSeohTteola, ii. . tiarU*!, M fnoton ?u?i Mta4 tl tt. Ajgiy toTHOMAtA STREET.*# Pi? Hurt. FOB BALI, OB EXCHANGB FOB A SMALL r ABM, within fcrty Biles of the eity? Tbe Uim furnlWn MM fixtures of & lodging house, diwi.* faUon, NiUoilit, Ac , DMT of oar But eiituitt railroad depita, doing a thriving bnriues. Apply U 1. W. RICHARDS, 307 Bread way. IMPORTANT TO TBAVELLBBS.? FOR PALI CHXAP, ? very tno trunk, made of dtmilan Sacbten leather, divided la the ineido in tkmparii, which bu bsea exhibit ed In tie New York Crystal rYlaoe. Inquire at 2ti9 William street. TJAINT SHOP FOB SALE ? THB STOCK. FIXTURES JT aad goodwill of aa eld establuhsd paiat ship, aituatad down town. It will ko aold cheap a* the tire sent owner la lea tine IM city. Inquire at 15 Frankfort street. S SWING MACHINE FOB SALE.-ONB OF GROFBB, Baker A Co. 's make; a vary aaporior machine, la ex oolleat order, aad will bo aold low lor oaab; baa act been la ase More thaa taain-ntha. The roaaoa far selling it la be came the owner farther aae lot It. Maa bo *eea at 175 Bloecker (treat. STATUI ISLAND -LOTS FOB SALB, ON Hian ground, with tae views, pnre water aad perfect sewer eg#. oa tbe tract of W W. Van W agones, Esq. la tha moat eeairal par*. of Cliftoa. near tbe Narrowa Tha raoet at trtotive po title n lor residu eoa oa the lelaad. Apply to M. O'CONNOR, No. Id Reade street, .or ead of omnioas roata, Clifton. rro GROCERS.? A FIRST CLASS GRJ0BRY AMD X frtit stoie to bo (old cheap, or a < ood ebaaeo would bo eon to a youag maa, o' good oharactor, with $500 or ftiOO, bare equal interest la tha basiness. Apply at 73 Baai Broadway. TO CARPE>TERS.-FCR SALB. THE STOCK AND good will of a earpenter's shop tin the lower part of the eity ; will be told iow, aa tbe owuor ia going Wen. Thta is a good chance ft r an eatorprisiBg mau with a email capital, aa it doe* a eaah business Address, with rea" aame. ita' in# where an in' orview may be hid, D. W., box 80 Herald offiae. Al>o, two lote of ground. Are milee frem Peck elip ferrr. rt O 1 RUCOISTS AND APOTHECARIES.? STORE FOR X (COD; very ohrap: a good store, situated in Brooklyn, not far from Hamilion terry; It ia rested very reasonably and tbe store la a desirable one ia many reepeota. Call on F. RALE, medical lacelUr, SONaaaau street. TO DRUGGISTS AND APOTHECARIES. DRUG store t<r sale? only WHO? dealrabl r luoated, ia the tin mediate vicinity of Br a4way. it is aa old, well aaovn stand, and doing a goi d business. The situation ia nn rivalled. Call on F. HALE. medical fitter, 80 Nassau at. TO DRUGGISTS AND APOTHECARIES ? STORE TO be sold for f 1,500. tituated ia tbe best avenue la tbe eity, and doing a capital presorip' ion business; well atookod, sad was aewly labelled and fitted laat tall. Apply to F. DALE, medical label'er, 80 Nassau street. TO DRUGGISIS AND APOTHECARIES.? A FINE first class store to lu sold for S2.20U, handsomely fitted, ?nd well stocked with ehemloali. perfumery aad fanoy ar ticles. The stead if a well knowa ons, and doing a business of S12andSl(> per day. Apply to F. HALB, medical fitter, 8U|X asiau street . TO DRTGGISTS AND APOTHECARIBS.? A NEW AND complete store for >2,000 A large and convenient drag store, newly, handscmtly and substantially fitted, and well stocked with every article. It 1* situated in a highly deal rable and rabidly improving part of Brooklyn, and ia now doing a geod legitimate business, which might be easily ia creased to f8 WO per annum. It ia leased at & low roatal, per five yean to ran. Call on F. HALE, medical Utter, 8 J Nassau street. TO PHYSICIANS. ? A WELL KNOWN DRUG STORE for only ISSO, located on tbe eaat tide of Broadway, la one of the beat thorouiihlares; cost more than three times the amount to fit Mutt be sold this week. Apply to F. HALE, medical labeller, 80 N astau street. TO PHYSICIANS? -WW s A BARGAIN? STORE MUST be told at once: drug (tore, vary suitab e for a physician wasting to establish a good praotioe. It if desirably looated in Brooklyn, in tbe midst of first elass private residences. Call oa F. HALE, writer on glad, 80 Nassau street. fO PHYSICIANS ? STORE FOR $800.? THIS DRUG (tore i* espocially suitable for a physioiaa, is aa old stand, and situated in a very populous part of the eity; the store 1* completely itoeked aad ready for immediate occupa tion; the bustiers is principally counter faatlee aad all caah. Apply to F. HALEjumtar on glass, 80 Nassau street. TO PHYSICIANS.? ONLY S600 FOR A GOOD DRUG (tore, situated la Brooklyn; a good stand, well fitted and ctseked, and been established more than three years. For a young physician this is a first rata ehance. Apply to F. HALE, nodical fitter, 80 Nassau street. aoaaag, OAiuuA?t?, ?t. ANY PERSON HAVING A GOOD HORSE AND xl wagon, will be favorably dealt by ?a commission, to travel in this and other States, a? agent. Apply at 11 King At a sacrifice? A PAIR OF bay ponies. is bands, wai ranted sound, sevpn years eld, eaa go ia 3:15; a two seated wagon, wltbont top, built bv woil ? Tom' in - ?ob, and a set of light double haraese. made by Wood Gibson, nearly new. Apply at private etable, 63 Great Jonss atroot. A GREAT BARGAIN.? A DROVE OF TWENTY hone*, Just in from the country, will be (old very aheap, as tbe owner is in want of money. The? can be seen ia Baltic sticet, between Smith and Hoyt streets, Brooklyn. WM. DAVIS. A GOOD COACH, USED BUT A 8HORT TIME, AND coit$70o, wul be sold at a bargain, by calling lmraedi atelyattf 3 Mercer street. Lowest eash priee, f&M. A PAIR m VERY CLOSE MATCHED CARRIAGE horses foruale. Very stylish drivers a> d warranted in every rrs.pect; six years old, 16*4 ha ds hith, iron gray, short' tails. Would be traded tor a building lot up tawn. Inquire of F. W. BTRLZBIRDE. 180 Christopher stieet. fIVE VERY SUPERIOR HORSES FOR SALE? ONE very fast; they are all warranted eoand and kind; two of tbem are bcantifal urder the saddi* * ?? e?ntl?"??? desiring a vslnable norse will do well to oall at the tale ttaoles, No. 2 Unlv.rsity place, ab ovc Foarth street. FOR SALE? a genteel light CITY madb WA gen. shifting top, pointed black aad striped, ia perfect order, l uilt by Ford, last rummer. Alio, haraest, if wanted. Mfcy be seen by applying at Hi Thompson street. IftOR SALE? A VERY STYUSH BAY HOBSB, SEVEN 1 years old, warranted to be sound In every respect. Ap ply tefWIFT A VERMILYA. 20 Amity street, or O. PA CaLIN, 32 Amity street or 203 Broadway. For sale- a light bay horse, < pony built, j seven years yd this spring; perfectly soand, kind aud gentle; Las been uaod at a lady's saddle horse; must be sold, as tbe owner ia about ha*ia? for Murope. Inquire at the J>e\r York Steam and Gatfitting Establishment, 170 and 172 Centre street. Also, a light box wagon and harness. For sale? a tair of large truck horses and tiuek, a very excellent cart horse and cart, to gether or separate Also, a very kind aad gentle horse, just tight for a family horse; prise Sf< 0 At the distillery ooea pied by TOWER A R1NGUEPKRG, in Eaut Brooklyn, on Kent avenue, Bear Johnson's lumber yard. FOR SALE? A SPI Elf DID PONT BUILT HORSE, SIX JMti old, warranted Maud and kind in aay kind of har ness. Inquire at 202 Twenty ?Lxth street, betweon Eighth and Ninth avenues. fOR SALE.? A CONFECTIONERY-ONE OF THE beit l<oations in tho city, and now doing a snag busi ness, which can be largely increased by proper attention, fcatlrfaetory reasons for selling. Apply immediately at 296 Broadway, room 10. GEuRG E W. SIM?R^. For sale? a beautiful gray horse, sixtecn bind* high, six years old; a vary stylish driver, suit able for a doctor; warranted sound and kind. Apply at Moo's stable, Fourth street, between Maodougal and SUth avenue. For bale? a fine bat horse from Vermont, rix years old, Sfteen and a half hanis high, poay built, extra stjle and rood speed, perfectly sound and wihout blemish, and kind every way ; an exoeUent family or expreie horse. Inquire at Club stable, Pacific street, near Coart, rear ?f ooaJ yard, Brooklyn. For sale? a pine sorrell mare, is hands high, sound and gentle; is a stylish driver, and oan trot in three mlnn'os. Can he seen at all hours at the stable, 103 Twelfth street. Also wagon and harness. For sale-a chrstbut horse. 7 tears old, is bands high, soncd and bind in smglo or double harness, and very stylish. Apply at the Livery Stable, corner of University p:aco ana Thirteenth street. {TOR BALE-BY A MERCHANT FROM UTICA, A P beeutitnl bay horse, over 17 bands high, Ave yean old, ooming tlx, kind and gentle well broken to single or double harness; will be sold eheap. - Any perun wanting a good fnmily carriace horse, will do w?ll oe toe this horse, at OKAY'S stable, 28 Warren street. ?? 7 Front street. Twenty fuih street, or apply For sai.e-a bat bob tail horse, about is hands high, perfostly sound, aad kind in all harmes, and oan troi inside three mlnutns to saddle er wagon; also a beau tiful tvmily oMTlago horse, bright bay, with iongtail, 16# bands high, 7 years old and perfeetlr sound, and ess trot Id SU, single er double; also, a light close carriage. Apply at tho feed store, 133 East Twenty third street. For sale-a vert fine brown horse, isk hands high, seven years eld; ean tret very fast aad oT great endurance; Tery free and sty llslij driver; warranted perleeUy sound and ikind in nil harness. Apply la the store, 1?S I ourth street, comer ef Charier. VfOROA* HORSBS-A BAT COLT PITS TRAM Ivl eld, a chestnut Morgan same age.a large powerful Abdal Ui. eolt ?l? years old. EHher of these ea? trot inside ej three minutes, and are sound. Also see oval superior *Joglt horses, lately r;b Tsrment, for sale. Apply at SI Beosaai itrect, Broo?l}n. PAIR OF HORSES FOR BALE-A TERT FINE PAIE of hones, seunti, kind anl gentle, and tut rate tra vellers. t'sn be se?n at the stable iu University* uer of Fourteenth street, between the hours of 7 and 9% A. M., and from tito 8 P. M. SADDLE HORKD. ? FOR BALE, A FBRrECT SADDLE horic. for a lady. May be toen for three days at stAbl j fp 0? ^w*n'J eighth street, from 10 A. M. to SBBOND TIAND ROCK AIT AT TOR SA1.S CHEAP? A eapltsl roekaway, in 8?st rate crder, and s>U sn .as eount of the o*n?r ftayiag the olty. Also, her?e and hw tee*, if required. Cau be soen at .the oommisslsn stables aio W'cosur street, above Fourth. SADDL^ TONIES FOR BALE? TWO VB?T KICK potior, on* canttrs snd the other trots. They will both go in ary lioness, and werrsnted perfectly sound and hind. Can be seen at the sale aad commission stabler, No. 2 Unlvenlty place, above Fourth street; also, fi>vs very fine horses. Twenty omnibuses, with harness and ap purtonnnees, for sale. B. MOORE, rseeivsr, Man hattanvllle. Wanted-any gentleman having horses for tale ?IU find unsqfWlltd facilities at the sale and cmmlMien itmbles. No > University plaoo. above Fourth street, wleie buyers tr sellers ean invariably fled what they detire. H cries are well attended t? aad chtrgea made rate for keep er commission. WAGON FOR SALE-A BUSINESS AND PLBASORE wst on combined, made to order In the best manner-, two seats, both movable: one a regular buggy seal, with first clan (enrolled leather, top; an excellent enisle for a bneineis wagon in the city, aad well calculated fer a ana tie man in the oonMrv to go to steamboat or re'lread eepoti. /pplj to /. W. R?WE, 3 Cwinl street. SECOND FLOCK TO UT. WITH PANTRIES, ?. u4 a as M'wn ob (bird door; kUobea if repaired, til to |H< order u4 lm |M< neigh berhood la (be Nlath ward. StiiM un coaiwimt meat moderate u a mall fa ?My. laqalrtof JR. C. , 198 Reade street. 1 PARTMENT8, VERT DESIRABLE, TO LIT? TO A. (mail families oaly, la house*, 21*), 193. 294, and ?M Ninth street, at low rat; Croton wa'er aad gas la (he (wni; faoiag Te mpklns Kit E? quire on (ho pwalw. VPLENDID SUITE OF UNFU RMSRRD ROOMS, at 26 Kiab(h arcane, with all (be uiederu Improve ment*, aid privilege of (be kitchen, If required. Please k qnlre at 48 Prince atreet, at 26 Eighth aveaae. ArDRNieHID ROUS! TO LBT, FIRST CLASS-TO a family et grown persona; the preaant oceopauta, three ? amber, weald remain and beard wih ibe family, dlaner ' tl fhe A A fcr gentleman excepted; er would let a part ef ton same. Apply at 9 " " " Bread way. Apply at 99 Weft Twenty-fifth street, aeoond block from C1?UN1BY BBAT TO LBABB? AT PBLHAM, Wh.8T / chatter count*. en tbe Leag Island Bound, %lth a water frent, eoatalnfag flty toer aerea, with mansion boaae, farmer' a cottage. bathing hoaae, Ac Will be leased to an eligible tenant, for a term of yrara, reasonably. For partio ulers apply te ADAMS A LUCAEy, 75 Na^aaa slreet. Factory to ibt in Brooklyn? comprising aU tbe bull din. a nocoaaary to carry oa tbe manufacture of (beet ell elotha. (? greates( feasible adranta e. The fix tures are ib perfect order and will be sold very low. For particulars address B. M. P., Herald oJHoe. Furnished housb to or fur sale at Stamford Coan.? une of tbe raos'. desirable locations in tbe place. Contains twelve toed rooms; has all the mod am city improvements, sneh as furnace, ran^e, hatha, dum b waiter, veatilatore and cas throughout, all In the most complete order. Tbe ? round* are tandsomelv laid oat. and well atcek'd with trait, shade aad ornamental trexa; geod garden, planted, eboice grapee, and abuadaace of o her small fruit. 1 be 'nrnltnie isaearly new, in go-d couditi >o ar d complete, with ti e exoeptioa o? the bed and tabli lined, wllch would It furnlsl ed, (new,) it required. Good stable and cerrtare hoeee on 'he pretciscs Immediate poaaeoston given |Will be rente! for sis or ten month'. (Inquire of 0. L. 8C0FJELD B?q at Stamford depot, or adlreas Uru'ir, for tbree davs, Box 682 Post (Mica HOUSE TO LIT AT STAMFORD, CONN.? TQB large double (wo story aad attic bouae on Unary street, recently oeeopled by Lieat. Rogers. lias just bnea painted throughout, nad s (a complete order, immediate pos^es lion givea. Inquire of A KNOWLTON, 37 aad 39 Murray street. HOUSE TO LET-THE THREE STORY, ATTIC AND basement house 9 Wooaier street, westerly side, la complete repa'r, gas. hot and sold water; fie lower part oao bo arranged lor business purposes being tbe second house from Caaal street Apply to J. Cram, 60 Union iqaare. HOUSE TO LI T-WILL ADAPTED FOR A BJARD ing homo, replete with every modern convenience, bo tween Amity and Broome street*, a tew door* wen of Broadway. Furniture for ea'e, or oilcloth and e\noeting. Very little money required Hoase in perfect order Pos i estion immediately on the 1st of July. For particulars in quire between 111 and 6 o'clock, at N. P. a ? CURT1S3' pianoforte wart rooms, *47 Broadway. LOTS TO LBT.? TWO LOTS ON HOBOKEN STREET, suitable lor a c al yard, hare a front of sixty feet, with in eighty feet of West street, and elose to Hoboken ferry. Collins'steamship dock, Ac. Apply to JAMES PRICE, 200 Hudson street. NOTICE TO BUTCHERS -TO LBT, WHOLB OR J.1 part, or privilege in a large and oommodioas brick slaughter bouae, with stables attaohed, a flue yard snd cat tle pen. and alio Crotcn water, situated at 1*1 Thirty- atth street, between First and Second avenues. Inquire an the premises, or at 176 East Twenty -fourth street, in the after noon er at 3U Broome stroet. in the morning. fARTLY FURNISHBD HOUSE AT CLIFTON, STA ten Island, to let? Within ten minutes' walk of Vander Wlt's landing. The ground* ar* well arranged and beauti fuRv shaded. Terms moderate. Inquire of R. S HOWES, residing on the premises, or ?f Mr CHESTER FLOWER, 71 Broadway, up stair* STBAM POWER -TO LET, SEVERAL WELL L1G9T ed rooms with steady power In the building, cor' aer of Hester and Elliabetb street*; alto In building corner of Twenty third atreet and First avenue. Rent* very mo del ate. Apply 112 Pearl itreot. THOMAS MORTON. mo LET? POSSESSION GIVEN IMMEDIATELY? THE X rear par( of the second story, tbe front cart of the third etory, and all ef tbe fourth story of 29 Beekaaa street; also, the front room of the fifth story of 31 and 33 Btekmaa street Each apartment is suitable for any kind of meehanloal business; also, basement ol 24 Bookman street. Inqulie ef JAMES CONNER A SONS, 29 Bookman street, TO LET-IN JERSBT CITY. A FEW DE3IRABE brick dwellings la select localities, having modem im provements; the rrice* vary fcom $ 120 to $360 eaon. JAMES B. NOYAS, office corner of Jersey avenue and South Fourth at reft. Open all day. TO LET-AT MORRISANIA, THE WHOLE OR PART OF a convenient double cottage, pleaiaatly lituated, and only a few minutes' walk from the Melrose and Morrisanla depot. Has a large garden, with fruit trees and nleaty of excellent water. Kent low to a small respectable family. Apply to P. B., ?21 Broadway, entrance in Twelfth street. TO LET? TO A RESPONSIBLE TENANT. TUB HOUSE and stere No. 1 First avenue, corner of Houston street. For particulate inquire at No. 18 Clinton place TO LET? THE STORE AND BASEMENT. WITH FIX turea. No. 47 Atlantio street, Brooklyn, on the badness side ef the street Alio, the parlors, with marble mantel*, dumb waiter, iron balcony, ke , In front, in good order, within two minute*' walk of the South 'erry. Will be let toother or teparate. Apply to Jame* Walker, 46 Atlantio street, next doer. mo LET? A NEW FOUR STORY nOUSE, BROWN A stone front, in 38th street, aeoond door west from Lex ington avenue; fito 20 ?y 66. Contains all the modern im ?rcvement*. Will be rented low to a good tenant. Apply to . A L. Roes, 99 Pearl and 62 Stone street rro LET-ON 1UTH STREET, BEPWKEN THIRD AND A V?mr%h eT?a??a, thru atat, well flnieheil cottage House*, eight rooms each; rent flM); large yard and garden; would be let furnished. Inquire en tbe premises, or of J DEN HAM, corner of Sixteenth street and Elgnth avenue. TO LET.? WHAT 13 THE MATTER? DON'T ANY one want houses f Why you can got two bounce for StiCO. worth $?00, or (60 per montn; four xtory English base meats, with all the impro femeats, on Murray Hill, the pleasantest place in the city. Possession immediately. Ia qnire on the premises ef the owner, R. OIUSEVS, 113 and 116 East Thirty-ninth street, near Lexington avenue. TO LIT? TWO BROWN STOME FRONT ENGLISH basement houses, with all the modern improvements, ia Twenty-first strest. betweea Flttli end Sixth avenues. Ap to ALEXaI. DEE WtC'KUlcRtE, 31 liberty street. rro LET-THE LARGE ARCHED HALL CORNER OF X Grud and lUreer streets, suitable foe drill, billiards, and many otbm pur coses; will be let on raasonable term*. Inquire om the promise*, of 8. A W. GKER, 101 Grand et. TO LET? FOR NOTHING. THIRD FLOOR OF A. GEN teel hoaie, beautiful location, fine larse yurl, gM In tbe boose, As , 22 Sonth Fourth itreet, Williamsburg, (now Brooklyn,) only three minnt?s' walk trom all the Turrio*, None bat a (mall rasreotaele family need apply to T. HANSON, Dentist, 365 Broadway. TO LET? TBE STORE NO. 8 1 PI. TON STREET. IN quire of T. T. EBOERTON, 144 Pearl itreet. rrO LET? THE DWELLING PART OF HOUSE 431 X Fourth an nuo. House in good or<er, very pleasantly leeated and a very deslrablo reeidenoe fur a >mal family. R*nt only $600. Apply at tbe Manhattan Laad OQon, 48-i Fourth avenue, tr to EEVES A HOAGLANu, Union ?qnare Real Estate Office, No. 8 Everett Home, oornnr of Fonrth avenue and Seven teen th etraat. TO LET? HOUSE 119 WEST TWENTY SEVENTH ?treet, in perfect order, with Cr .ton water. Apply to WASHINGTON MURRAY, Attorney at Law, 78Nasean itreet. TO LET-FURNISHED COMPLETE, WITH LINEN, crockery. &o., a small three itory home in Weit Twea ty-third street, near Sixth avonne. The bonne is qolto new, and bai all the modern Improvements. Th ? furniture is also new. Rent $28 per week. Address IX C., Hor?ld oflte. TO LET- TBS LOWER PART OF TH1 GENTEEL three story dwelling house ?M. Seventh avenue, in a de llpl.tful neighborhood, near Twenty -third street; baa aH the modem lupronements. Tbe advertiser will ooeupy the bal ance of the house for bis own family. Rent about SlOll. TO IET? AT GREATLY REDUCED RENT?, SEVERAL houses, parte of hoases, and ap*rtmeots, some of thim la very genteel locations, and all in resectable neighoor l.ocdi; suitable for private families, boarding houses, Ac. Apply to JANES PRICE, 200 Hudson itreet. rpO LET? AT A REDUCED RENT, THE TWO AND A J. half story and basement dwelling No. 3 Hubert street, within one l.nnorod tcet of - t John't Park; bat Croton wa ter and waste pipe, and vault nnder sidewalk. Alio a largo bouse in the vicinity of tbo square. suitable far a bearding bouse. Apply to JaMES PRICE, 200 llndion street. TO LET~A SMALL HOUSE DOWN TOWN, NO. 6 Yariek street, $500; first floor bouse ?*> Beekmaa ?treet; three room* in a house ooenpied by one family; stores, apartments and baiements; a h crone in Williaai burg, near the feiry. Apply to B. C. SMITH, 15 Mott it. TO I.RT VERY LOW-ON THE WEST SIDE OF Broadway, 1a the vicinity of Cbambors itreet, a large freit roem on seoond floor, easy of aoeeaa. very desirable far almost any kind oi basinets, via : importer, tailor, milliner or dressmaker. Apply to B. W. RICHARDS, 3W Brxsd way. TO LET, IN BROOKLYN.? THE BROWN STONE front, 8sUry house, S>6 Paoiie street, fifth hoase from tie earner of Bond street, in a handsome row of ri roily houses, beautiiiBlly sitnated and la complete order, with hath, gas and water llxtnres. Root low to a good tenant. Apply at the office of /AMES COCKER t CO., 8i John N. Y. _ rl.ET OB LEASE-AT ASTORIA. FRONTING HAL let's Cove, and near the terries, a beat two si err cot tage bouse, with garden grouad attached The hoot* oon taint eight ?nisbed rooms, Just pntnted anlpapared. Rest annua For partienlars apply at f7i B ,-ovl vay. fTO LET OR LEASE? AT GREATLY REDUCED RENT\ J. severalapiall stbres, with bailments, In go>d bust nets locations, Me of I hem on very prominent sornera. Alva, several werksbapi. Apply to J All EE PRICE, 300 Hodaeh itrhot. TO LET OR LEASE? TBE DESIRABLE STORE Ne. 26 Beikaa* strtet. with lasemeut, sn?. callar ani fire pre of vaults, very snltable tor whn'.oeale hardware, pa Er or other business; ateo, the first loft, extending through 'A feet) to Spraoe stteel; fine entranoe. and hoUtway on th streets; also, the three npper lofts, light and commo dious. Also, at a grestly reduaed rest, tbe ana etore'Ne. 18 yprere itreet, with basement, vaults, Ac., Willi itaxm power if desired. All the above aie fitted up wltii cai, water, *o., complete. Apply to J AS. PIUCK, J"*) Hadsnn it., or to j. O. Stevens. 28 Be*)' man it., up stairs. Tl>? *ENT?A~ HOU*E"aND~ GAR DEvI' ' NEAR FOliT Green, Brooklyn. In|a delightful location, with all IU modern improvements, to aa approved tenant. The owntr I- willing to board ia the family for the rent. Addren N. C., Herald office T (Trent-one first class" winter or site mtr, brick and stone house, on the height* at New Brightoa, Staten island, delightfolly siiaatei, commanding an eatensive view of the bay and snrronnding country The home Is replete with ev?ry convenience of waterworks above ind below. Dumb waiter, sneaking trumps1, s, stable and coach home, garden ground, ptlvate walks and avenue*; within five mlnntei' walk of New flrv b? n terry, and of eaey aoeees to Qoarantle*. Fcr further ptrtienlars, apply oa the preMliee, er to C. K HAMILTON, 74 Beaver stroot, or E. O. HAMILTON, 99 Pearl itreet. Tee cfpee part of nou% no. us east twen ty sixth street to let to a small fa ally. To oae that wEl P s y , reat moderate. ffHE OLD ESTABLISHED BOARDING HWSE-22 A Cathevlae Hi Ml to let. and the (arnitare for aale eheap, as tbe owner ie going to Europe. Then M* thirty- three iearders in th* b?u*? a? prmit. the 0. IHUI a ail* ?? We< Jan* 18, at IS o'clock , frea h*r krvk at kkibot lUNi f?r fjuffur IMH0. *Wif??<M?n?< aodatiana KrilutMttiimM, AUttHVtML ColLImB, m will atreet. P mxkm m NmiMttli ?a board u i?k i. M. The awEaNTK! w4f-*ac**ed the Pa*i??, tad saU J aa* S7 Bbippw* >01 l?>> aeti** that th* ships ?f tbii Iks* eaaaot urrjr u; |*o4i ??tn band *f war. All IM?? atit |tll IM|k II* fNt OIh; uj atbara wHl ba rataraad. THE MEW T.M iPD LIVERPOOL VNITBB STATBI Mall Bt*na*r*.? Th* ship* ^mpadag ?M? Mm aaa Mm teU*wi?g> ATLANTIC, Cap*. Waal. BALTIC Capk. Ca PACIFIC. Capt. Nya ADRIATIC, Capt . Thtaa *Mp* baa* baa a boflt by contra**, aipmab for gar ansaat MnUa l<aq a ara baa baaa tikaa hi IMr N? atruatioo, aa alto la their au tuea. ta eaiar* strength aa4 ep**d aid then aaaaBuiadatloaa far nassaagsr* aa* aM> quelled for alaaaaa* aad comfort Prla* ef paaeag* taan paw Tori to Liverpool, la Irat *la?s aatilo, B130; la aaaoad da . 176; exeluaive use of ei'ra ana at\teroom. tSBfl; from Llvarpool to Now Yark. 90 aad 2U guiaea*. Aa axparionoad surgeoa attached ta aaak ?hip. No berth svaared aaU p?M fat. noma bath or *Aa.t?a. FBOW HEW r Ron 1.1 TCI POO V Wednesday.... Nay 18, 1866 Saturday May 19, IBM W*on**dey May 80, ISM Saturday Jon* 9,135 Wednesday . . . .Jana 1.1, IBM Saturday Jut IS, 18.13 WodnerCay . ...Jana27, ISMS Saturday Jaae 30, 18W Medneaday ....July 11, lfcA6 Saturday July Id, lflBB Wa*wa*ai ....JmU 26, lt? Saturday Jaly a, im r or freubt or kaiiaa<(* appli to BLWJ) K. CI L1JR8. So K Wan itraat, Maw Tork. BBoWftSBIPLKY A 00 , Liverpool. STAPH IN KENNaRD A cb? 27 Austin Pilar*, Ulta. B. G. WAlAWhlCHTa CO., Pasta. QEIjEOE B. I'RaI'KR, Havre. The owners of thes* abipa ?ill not ba aeeoaa table far gold, silver. ballloB sp?cle, Jewelry, preeiena itoDM er metal a, aale?a bil's of ladia? af* iliaed therafor, and Uia raise tbirvof tberela expressed. Shippers pl*aae take a tie* that the ships of Ihia line eaa aot carry any good* eoatrabaad at war rB VAN DKBUILT BUROPBAN UNI Of 9TBAM ahlpa the int. *1*4 (tumahln NORTH STAR, War oook, master, will leave Now York tram pier 3U Mortk date, foot or Ckaabw* rtreet, at aaaa proeiMly, *a Satar day, Job* 9. lot Havre Itmt riKtelaaa pasacg* 91M Seeond ? The North Star will b* followed by the Ariel Juaa 30. The owner of tbeee reeaole will aot be aaoovatable t? fold, allver, bulillon, r pee la Jewelry, preeioua^tcne* *r m* tale, anleu bille of lading are aigaed Uerefer. aad the vain thereof therein dkpi*a?*d Specie and good* taken at nasal rate*. No freight reeaivad af er noon of the day before tailing. No berth aeeured anil) paid for. Letter* prepaid. UVa. per % oa., win be received at kb* office up to 11 A. M. of the dai of falling, and will be ?ar rled la (trona Indian ker kagi nadar leek, aad ea arrival at Havre, wfll be lmatdiately depoaited la Ike Port Offie* *h*r*. Puetli takea. eaeb prepaid, ana dollar aad npwarda rixao datum or uiuaa. *ao? acw roia. raoa aATXa. North Star Jen* t Ariel... Jn* I Ariel Jan* 3D North Star Jua*3( North Star July 21 Ariel Jaly 21 Ariel Ail 11 North Btar Aug. 11 North Stu Sept. 1 Ariel Sept. 1 Ariel Sept. 21 North Star Sept. 22 North Star Oct, 18 Anol... Oct. 13 Axial Not. > Math Star Not. 8 Ariel -Nov. 2d Thaaa ftaaathip* ar* *la***d A 1 at the insaranaa office*, aad apeele and g<.od* will ba tnanred ta them at a* low rata* *1 preminn a* io aay other *team*hlp? that ar*M tk* oodM. For freight or jaaaage, apply ta I>. TuftKANCE, Re 3 BowUag Greea, Mew York. SUBNKR, MO TAN T A DRAl'MR, '3> Ra* M. B. da* Ti? toir*. Taria CBRYST1E. SCHliOIfl&MANM A CO., Qnal Cailrak Delavtgne, Havre. OR LONDON. -THE PACKET SHIP LIT1RP00L will Mil Tharadajr, Jon* 7. For eaasaco apfly to TUOg. G. ROOBB, 83 South * tract. F F OR LIVERPOOL ? THR PACKET SHIP ALBERT GALiiAllN, will tail Tuesday, Jan* 12 Second eabla and *teera*e paicangtr* will be found la a liberal tupply of ?ook*d proviaiona by th* aliip. Para, aeooni oaoin, 418: ateerage, SIC. The paoket aalp CONSTITUTION, will *allJu*21. Ftr paaag* in either of the atove Rhip* apply to THOS. U ROCHE, ?8 South *tr?ei. TAPSCOTT'S limb OP livercool paqrets. Paeket, 9th Juaa? ' The *pl*i.dld, aew aad faat (ailing ?hip, William Tapicott, CapUia James B. Bell, wUl poll* tively tail oa Saturday, 9th June, her regular day. The accommodations la this abip far cabin and steerage passen gers, are aL*urpa*(*d; te?on* about proceeding to B irope should aake cany applieatioa ta secute bertha oa board, at pin 38 East river, or to TAPsOOTT A CO., 80 South rtrect. THE LIVERPOOL AND PHILADELPHIA STEAMSHIP company Intend sailiag their favorite steamship*? CITY Ok MANCtiEDTEH. *,1*8 tons, Capt WyUa. CITY Of Baltimore, new,) 2,488 tea*, Capt. , CITY OF WAbHlMGTOM, d?..t,7UU Waa, Capt. R, Lttteh. Baloc n (90, $66 aad <66. aaeerdiag to itaio room. A limited aumbar of third elae* passenger* will be 'akea from Philadelphia aad Liverpool, aad fouad la prorUioas From Philadelphia S3U I Prom Liverpool 948 Parties wleblng Vs bring ont their friend*, eaa obtain cer <ifloatee of passage and draft) ea Liverpool, ia snms ef t) ?tcrlina and upwards. Apply t* SAMUEL SMITH, agent, 17 Walavt (treet, Philadelphia, aad Mo. 7 Broadway, N?w York. Bremen, via Southampton.- the united State* mail sttamship WASHINGTON, E Cavendy, eom?anaer, will sail for Bremen, touching at Southampton to lend the mail* and passenga* fir England and Franoo. on Saturday, June 18, at U v'eloek M., trora pier V North river Prioa of pattag* from Mew York ta Southampton a t Broaai:? _ In first cabin, mala saloon. 9130 In iir>t cabin, lower saloon 110 In second eaeln <0 An esperienoed nurgeon is attached to each steamer. Spe cie delivered in Urvre or l^ndon. All lettere mast paaa through Ui* Post ufiiee. tor paaaag* or freight apply ta ?. H. SAN D, Agent, if South w illiam street. The steamer Hermann will succeed the Washington, aad tail J uly lfL DEDUCTION or PARES TO SUIT THE TIMES.? XV New York aad California *t*amahi? liae. via Niaaragaa Aeoeaary Transit company, of Niearagua. proprietor*? tiirongh la advaac* of the b. all? 700 milea ihorter than any ether route, avoiding the deadly Paaama fever, and two miee of daarerons boating in Paaaaa Bat. The splendid to able engine steamship NuRTUERN iJGHr, 2 600 ton* bnrdo , Capt. Tinklopaugb, will leav* pier N o. 3 N orth river, at 3 o'olock P.M. preeitely, ior Punta Arenas, oa W*dn** day. J nut 20, I'M, conceding with the ateamahlp Cortes, 2,000 ton* harden, over th* iearagua Tranalt route, haviag kn: twelve mile* of land '.raaaportation by first olass oar riare* Por infonnatioa or pastag* at tae reduced rat** ap ply oal) ta CHARLES MORGAN, Agent, No. 2 Bowling Green. Letter bags mad* ap at th* eAoa. Mb aaatasapbd lettcrf received. OUPPEE SHIP GALATEA, f OR BAN FRANCISCO, 18 aew rapidly leading at pier 10 ?a*t river, and will potitivcly sail an *r ktiore Saturday, ISth Jane, iaet. Sbippsrs will please have all their freight oa beard by taturday, 9th, an A haad In their bill* ef lading, for sigi tore, to SUTTON A CG.,68 South street. *orner of WaU. Australia pioneer line.? carrying the United Stake* mail -Th* eelebratad A 1 ellpper *hip NIGliTINGALB, Captain Mather. f?c Melbourne, will be despot* lied ea her **eoad voyage about tbe 20th June, hav ing made her last In the uaweeadaated Mm* of 76 day*. Ha* ?xaelUat aeaommodationa for i>aasong?rs aad fr*ight. Ap ply at the office ef R. W. CAMERON, Na. C Bowliag Green, aad 116 Wall stroet. NEW YORK AMI NEW ORLEANS STRAHSHFP Company ? I or Ni* ?rl<an?,stoppiiig tl Umiw* laming ttie United SUtii mai?? The steamship BLACK W aRRIOR, J. D. bollock, commander, will oommenee re ceiving freight on 1 huredny, Job* 7, aid **il for Uh above ports ob Batridoj, Julc 9, at U e'elocn from pier at loot of Robin ?# v street, > crtk river Fisightfor th? interior and lor MobUa, consigned to on? ngea-.s in Nov Orleans, "James CoLuolj A Co.,1' will be forwarded freo of eoosiui* slonf. Paesensers for Bnu> proevM naeeperta bo tor# ltaving port bill* of lading must be ??nt U tor signing the cvemng rreviow ? to the sbtp sailing. for freight or par MS?. M>PlJ to L1V1NGSTMN, CKOtHERON A CO., _ Asents, 31 Broadway. N B. ? Tta Cahawba, R. W Shufddt, ecnamaader, will succeed the Black Warrior, and tail Monday, Job* 25. L>OR CHARLESTON AND FLORIDA? 9E if I-WEF.IiLY J? United f tates mail line.? The bow and fa?' going steam ship JAMBS aDGER, S. V. Turner, COiumander, will leave rlcr No. 4, North river, on Saturday,' Jane 9, at 4 u'olook V. N. rnwflT. For freight apply on board, where all bills of lading will bo signed, aad tor passage at the office of BFOFFcRD, TltihTuN, A Co, lf? Broadway. Through tickets to Florida as tol,ewe;-to Jacksonville, $31; to l'i Istka. M3 The Marios wUksncoeed, and leave on Wetnrs day, June 13. FOR BAYANNAH AND FLORIDA-UNITED STATES mail line.? Tie new ard elegant steamship KNOX VILLfc, Captaia C. D Ludlow, * ill leave New York for Savannah, ob datnrday, June 9. from pier No. 4 North river, at 4 o'eJoek P rt. Bills of lading signed ?b V ard. For freight etply on board, or for pa-s?ge to SAVUliii I.. MIT CHILL. 13 BrosU way. For Florida through tiokets from New York to Jacksonville, SSI; I'llatka, *33. Ike Florida, Certain M. ft Weed hall, will su oeod, and leave eu Mod ous el ay, Jnne 18. I ?TOR NORFORK, PETERSBURG AND RICHMOND - V The United States may steamship JAMESTOWN, L. ?arrish, ecrmtander. will leave olor No. 13 North rite*, oa Batvrday. June 9, at 4 o'clock P. will arrive at Ner folk the next ateruooB, and at Fotortbnrg aad Richmond the following morning Frem Norfolk pasjenaers for the Boath prooeed by railroad direct, with throo'b tiekots from Welden to Wilmington, Charleston, Ac. Pwage aad fare to Norfolk, (8; to Petersburg tad Richmond, fit); steerage half price. Through ticket* to Lynchburg, 114. Apply to LUDi.UM A PLEASANTS, No. b Broadway. N.I. -No freight taken for Fetertbtirg. CLOTHWO, AC. Any amount of "new and cart off cloth iag, all atyles ami pattern', pnrohaicd at the highest prloe, by THOMAS D COS ROY, 491 Pearl street, near City Hall place. G'ntlemen residing at hotels or private homes having ear pi as clothing, waited upon by addressing ai above. Oast off clothing of byery description wasted? The highest pr ee given, aad cash paid in ear rent money. Gentlemen wishing to dlspo** of cbthing, of a good quality, for a liberal oa?h eqatvaloat, are requested to call on or addiew J AM KB MORON EY, u Baxter street data Orange itreet). CLOTHING WANTED -LADIES OR GENTLEMEN having pood superfluous clothing to disp>seof, can ob tain a fair cash price for the same, by leading to the ? ab seil be r at Cti Elm street or 11*1 Chatham. M, 5. COHEN. N. B.? Ladle* attended by Mr?. Cohen. Clothing an d fu i^itTus-E.? l am es or gentle men having any to Aspoao of can receive a fate caeh price by eon ding to the (tores 13 Laurens street, near Canal, or 62 West Brcadway. or by letter throagh the post. Ladiw attended by III Cohen. 8. COHEN. GENT1IMEN HATING ANY LEFT OF!' CLOTHING to dispove of, can receive the highest cash mice fir t he >ine by applying to. or addressta* though the .post, John MURl'HV, 13Na?ean stroet, basement. THE BOY'S CI.OTHIN 0 DEPARTM1MT AT GMNIN'S Bat aar, US Broadway, fo?ms row one of it* moet at tractive features. Crowds of juveniles flock there to see the manner fashions. PROPOSAL.*. B~UNTBoTANICAL GARDEN -TBE TRUSTEES IN vite alsns for laying cat and fencing the grounds. aad sr sating conservatories and other appropriate baiUlalc. A premium ft *190 will be paid for inch a design a* n*v be ap proved ef and adopted Bliuoa acres are eontaloed within the Itotts of tie cardan, the profile and boudartes of which, together with the grade* of the strerts which ar? to or close It. may he obtained by aanlieattcB to the naderslgr?d, *ho will also ^oraiah aay larorraaU^a ia bis power about the nndertakiag. All decicae mart be handed in by th* let Jaly, to /OBN MAXWELL, Chairman of th* Constrnetloa Commlttoe, CD Wall st. NOTICE TO CARPEMTtRS AND BUILDERS, TOE tte alt?flfg of a bouse In Fonrtll street, ne?r South 1 iast street, WllUamsbnrg. Proposals Wfl beieeeirtd at A M. CRISTALA S, 13 Bowery. F A KPSLVS 81UIM -TUB UP ?WMMRNCEMB1?T:? XI ??II ihi m T; t* iwn * 7X. *w Ma Him H ffe'elach {tM<?h, miAimimiwN musa opera company. THURSDAY. JUNE 7. ??lltei'a SOmNAMBULA. f?>u Mis* L. Frit ? l?ia* Mr. W UuriM Lisa..... Mm ^T'-e I Teraaa Mm. Balkan* loust Rodniphe.Br Bomil | Alaaeio Mr. Horacaatl* Trtday? Wallaae'a MAKITaNA. Saturday? Balf*' a ttOUKMlAN GIRL. _ . . (VB01AL NOTICE. rntkU Bum 15 OrohMlr* &?*tp M * . fl lj* ?ffiee ?p?ii 4*11? from 8 A. M. U 4 >. if., ftT ???ttjUg 0Ftk#i%r& HmIi ib4 I'rtTftti Roxm illy, Rtfyj?lAt.U-1- *? WALJOBON PROPRIETOR TBI COURT or OBER0N. ClAll Pterrot French Spiniib 1)umh TBI AVENGER OF KN A V R8 aOROUUlI. Barn cm '8 American museum -opeh every D*y And Evening, with it* iamease array si Curiort lie I i*4 Amu?emeats. THE QRiND NATIONAL BABY SHOW Mill take place en WEDNESDAY. THURSDAY and FR1DAT, Jan* 6 7 Bad 8, I860, when tb- um?t INTERESTING DISPLAY OF HaNDSOME INFANTS, U well ?? the me*t extraordinary coll- etioa ot TWINS. TRIPLET#, AND KaT 8 A BIBS. tver ait a** ted in the world, will k* pnmlid, Ail upwards * BLBVRN HUNDRED DOLLARS (N PREMIUMS distributed among th? meet meritorion* by tb? laly Jadre*. EXTRA ARRANGEME ?T8 FOR INGRESS AMI) BGRR8B. he mot* TidUrt adiri .ted tbnn c*n he Booomm*dat*4, on any ont day ot tho bABV SHOW, during tha botir* **t apart lor that exhibition. Toe Baby Bbow will onunu* BACH LAV. FROM II A. M. TO 3 P. M , and At 3 o'clock ob Thurtday Afternoon TBR ADDRESS, b/ m?S. L. N. FOWLER, will t* delivered Id tb* I* cure Ro*m. TODAY (THUftsDAV.) JUME 7. THE PRIZE BaRY ot tha whole show (to which $100 w An *w Aided) will he eepeeially exhibited. CHILDREN OTtRl^R VBAR will be exhilited. Alto, No* 47, >*8 And SO. b< in e the TllRaE PRIZE KaBIBS uader one year, whioh took prises na Wednesday. The PRIZE BaBV, selected by Councilman Wild from the audience, and awarded by him aii *,eg*at gold locket, k*iid*s ALL THE TWINS. TRIPLETS and FaT BaBIES, Ac. MR8. FOWLER'S ARC I UKE at 3 o'clock P. M. EniertAinm*Bt* in the Laetar* Ko* a:? Thi? morning, At 13 o'olock, a* well as tBi* aft*ru*on. At 8o'*lock, Bad tki* evenisg, At 8 o'clock. BURTON'S THEATRE, CHAMBERS STREET.? Thursday, Jan* 7,-ab exoellont comic entertain ment, for tb* benefit of MR. B 0. HANN. ALL THE WOHl.D'S A STAGE. Di/firy Mr. U. C. Jordan Jenny Mia* Annie Lee 111 AT RA8CAL JACK. Kami jAtk ,Mr. John Dana (Hi* first appear Ane* here for throe yeaii.) A Day after the fair Mr. George n HI and In six different oharaclers. Mr. B. V*to? in A Comic Dun Plenty of Senga and Dances. BUCKLEY'S 8SRSNADERB, 830 BROADWAY.? MON day eveaing, June 4, and all tbi* week, tb* musical kvrlctta ? I the TWO POMPEYS. PompeyJIo. 1 R. Bishop Bnohley Introducing ecvtrAl origir al moeleal eompoaitiuna. NEGRO MINSTRELS I, ?f a nperior crder with tta celebrated G. 8. Batkley in kb new piece, CRoW OUT SHANGHAI. Commence* At 8 t'elook. Tioket*. M **nU. PERHAM'S ETHIOPIAN TROUPE. 063 BROADWAY. UREAT BURLESQUE ON NATIONAL BAOY SHOW, which hit teen nee ted at each p*iform*noe with TREHENDOUS APPLAUSE. 1 will he preeen'ed every coning thit weak at 8 o'clock, and W*dnt*'ay and Saturday Afternoons it 3. Preceding tt* BAhy Sh'W. NEGRO M1VSTRELSY, DANCING, ft o. Tickett, 28 centi. Gilt Ticket* admit four poaraon* eack' JOHN R. SMITB'S GRAND TOUR OT EUROPE AND SIEGE OF SERASrOPOL, At Chihkse AsaktiBLY Moon*. 038 Bboadwat, ?bowing ONiHiiaDiKOruwi, forty tcct wide, of the piinoipal CI TIE* AND OBJ BCXS OF INTEREST IN EUROPE. Every erening, At 8 o'clock; And every Sat ar day atter ?o?n, at 3 Tho mnaio by Mr. Alwyn Field, ot London. Admiatlcn M ?*at? RANK! IN MUSEUM, NO. 83 BOWERY, NEARL1 _ oppotite the Bowery Tbratr*. Performances ererv al tern oca, at 3, and rrery evening, at 8. N. B? Staacgen vill ?b*err* that th* Franklin Maaenmia the only pHeote tb* United States wker* tb* Model Artists are oiBlbited, with *th*r *rig!na1 ent?rtalnm?Bt*. B*monh*r, Ko. S3 Bowery. CURE FOR HARD TIMES. Ps:biiam s Great Qirr Dtbtbiwt'Tiow Poutirely takes place on fith of Jnly. Remnjobrr tbat tickets ere only $1 each. ftitKAK's Ethiopian Opera, 6fi.'i Broadway. Amongst tbe gifts to be disttibnted is a Splendid farm, worth 918,001 1 loan of cask - 3,1*10 1 loan ot OASb 3, 000 lloABOfeash 1,000 2 leans of caab, t.V*> each 1,000 10 lotna of caab, $100 eaeh l,0dj The 3:40 trottivg mare Lilly Dale 1.504 10R-aewcod pianos 4004 CO Gold watches, Ac,, ft*. Send orders all for tickets to JOSIAI1 l'KRHAM, Adaraa Hon?*, Boston. WALLACE'S THK AIRE.? FRENCH VAUDEVILLE night, lonn?ei*7 Join, 1855.? Un* femme qnlaejett* par It fentitie, randeville en nn acte; L'Anglais Toariate, Cbantonnette eomiqae; La ''ordo Benaible, raudeville anno acte; Un nargnii do cb.? V4ry , tandcville on un acte. Prix dea Placea ? Loces d'avant set' i.e. (7; Leges de ponrtowr, $6; Stsllcs d'oioheeire. $1; premieres, ga erlfs et parnuot, 50eents; denxldma* galerie* 25 eents. Lea hnreanx onvri ront a 7 henrea; oncommencera i 8 b. ITTALLACK'S THEATRE. ? EXTRA NIGHT.? TBC TT pnblic Are respeo'.foliy informed that an txlravcr formAnca will be siren, at thia Theatre, on Monday oren ina, J una ]1. tor the BENEFIT OF THE PROPRIETOR. MAJOR RODGERS, on which occaaion a ipleudid entertain meat will be *ir*r*ii, in which most of the leading talent of the oity will Appear, baring already gencronsly volunteered their services. Full particulars in fatnr* ?dverti?ementj. PERHAM LEADS DARNUM IN THE BABY SHOW BUSINESS, Judging by the immense audience* and hearty laughter seen and heard at 6C3 BROADWAY, NIGHTLY. Tonight? a. sedgwick's concertina con cert? Chinese Renins, &X9 Broedva y ? Vooaliata,? Meadamea Lovarney, Duokworth, Hr.iwn, Mcsefti. V rezur, George Harrison t toe pel, Jiro? a. Concertina duet, Meaara. Sedgwick and Field. Retained neata, W c ate: tiokoU, 35 cents; to be bad el Mr. A. Sedgwioa. tuach?r of piano and oonccrtiaa. 51b Broome stisot; and Bonuett's piano store, 300 Broadway. Brooklyn museum -Thursday evening, Jone 7.? Benefit ? f the Managor.? Admission K cents. Coatnmee by L A. Philips, 77 Chatham street, N. Y. Doors open at 7K o'oioek; to commence at 8 o'olock. THE DEm HaM' or VENICE. Shylock Mr. Abbe | i'ortia Miss F Gordon Baseanlo jir Jtllla I Jpssiea Mita A Stanford Gratiano... ..... Mr. a teuton | Nerie?a..Miaa Kate Singleton Song Mr. Anderson I Yankee Story. .Mr. G. If. Hill ALL TUAf GtilTTERS IS NOT GOLD. A NIGHT WITH THE POETS AND ORATORS !-ON A. next Friday evening, Hth in.t , Mr. JAMES TREACY wtll,read and recite at national Hall, Forty foarth atroet, between li*hth and Ninth avenues some ot the moat aablime {aseagoo from the penaof Soak-poare, Byron, Moore, Burns, lalledk, Wlllii. Ae. ; together with oxtrac'a from the era tions ol aome of the moat eelebrated ornten of ancient and modern time*. Tick eta 2fic., to be hud at the door and at P. O. Bhea'a, bookseller, 7SJ Broadway. Door* open at 7 o'clock. The poeta and oiator* wll pour fonrth at 7%. I BE ABBOTT COLLECTION. -THE CELEBRATED gold signal ring of C'heipe. who bult the groat Pyramid; the necklace and oairitu of Menus. first Pharaoh of Egypt.' 2,7flO jeara before cbrlet; the helmet cf the Egyptian King Shiabak, who invaded Jerusalem: threo large "mnmmioe of the raored Bull, Aria, upwards ofr 3,000 jeara old, (the on'y specimen* ever exhibited,) aud more than a thousand other eennino objeota of antiquity, are atltl on exhlHl'lon a", the 8tujTe*ant Institute, WW Broadway. Admiaalon, 1*5 oenta CAPTION.? THE MESSRS. BUCKLEY NOW. ANJ? for yeara back, giving 'heir Burlesque Ojiera and E'hio plan Entertainments at Buckley'* Oper* II on as, MO Broad way, perceiving IBkt some company la playing in Wa?hiajr ton, 13. C., under the title of "Buckley's berenadera, from New York." take leave te Inform the eltizena of Washington that they bar# no connection whatever with "the people" aeaamlng (heir namea. /AS. BUCKLEY A BOSS DECIDED HIT.? LAUGHTER IMMENSE, AT PERHAM'S BABY SHOW, as presented to the crowded au iieaoos visiting Perham'a Ethiopian Opera Honae, 6'iS Broadway. ST. CHARLES THEATRE NEW ORLEANS.? 3T. Lonis Theatre, St. Lonia.? B. De Bar, Leasee and Ma nager of the above thratree, will be in New York Imme diately after July 4, for the porpoae of making engigeamnta with atari, Ac. CHARLES T. PARSLOE, Agent, N. Y. ?THIOPIAN MINSTREL BAND8, OR ANY CONCERT Clnb, on exhibition.? The advertiser woald engage, or enter into co partnership with, as manager, Ao Temporary or permanent eaiagemeata made. Aleo, wanted to treat with, a good professor ef daneing. Address Exhibition, Herald office. HABRT BURNHAM, THE YOUNG CONTINENTAL OF 1776. !? to be performed, on rrlday evening. Ma 8, en the occasion of the grand teatimonial benefit to Mr. Thd*. C- ttwi. OLYMPIC CIRCUS. 43 BOWERY, UNDER A SPACI ova rummer pavilion ?II. Franconi and Burnell Ran nalla, proprietora. Open every evening. Afternoon per formances on Wednotday and Sararday. THE M<tUOR<ll7B*TlOV. 83?Sfei??^ of lmrertsa?e ?ui v V'0,?' "a'!. Can^?*L!?r,n,n*. 7th order of ww k? bought beVrJ"^;'^ B^aS TRAYELLSHI' guide. _ TC10R THE VIRGINIA SrRINGB? THROUGH TICKETS I) to>920.-Onc day and a hall only from Riohmond to White Solpbur aad Sweet Springe.? Pertona wlatiHg to vlait tie Vlriinla Jprlna* ean, by taking the ateamihlpe Jsmeitewn or Roanoke, fcom Now York, on Wednesday or Sat.nrday atterneoas, cor.neot nt Richmond with.the ears of the Virginia Central Railroad to Staunton, thence bjr stage U the springa. For further information apply to * LUDLAM A PDEA9ANTS, 33 Broadway. TTtOR EEYPORT AND PORT HAMILTON.? THE MEW JP??ad fast steamboat KETPORT loaveo New YorC, foot of reUrrilarf leavea Eevp-)rtat7)< o'cloak A. M. Tare 2ft cento. Persons desirous ofvialtlrg o no of the moat baalthy an 4 heat bathfl^ plaoca la the vicinity of Now York can tad it at Eeyport) and bualneea men ean be la Nrw York (toil half paat 9 A. M nSfcl 4 P. M. FOR CONEY ISLAVP AND PORT HAMILTON.? THR steamer NORWADR irEl eommenea ber renlar triaa, , ae above, on Pilday, Jane 1. 1865, leaving Now Zarli aa fol lews:? Pier foot ef Amoa street, at A. M.. aad {Ujj P. M; plot loot ef Boeing etreet 9W A and 12>a aad .1,4^! P. M . Jier No. X North rivet, Ml. M.. I'aadi P. M.; leer tug Coaev Mand.'last trto, at 6^ P.M. Fare to Ooaey island aid VsMk to New York, 11 eoata. No half prieefbr ebildien. A Ml' SBMJB1V TS. ^ ^ A C A DEMY OF MUSI COKCZIT. A la grange iftuon WILL uivr ? OliN II I'KKCIIf. THIS EVBNlNO, T1IU-8UAY, JWSM 1, Mat. anna n? la grange will aingtke eelobrawd Has nriM ?a?tody , ? DM I "Unix D'Amore with 8IU"i>& MittELLl; aad a J oompeacd for IX 1'iamo hr ' ebalhoff Sign jr miRatr will time IB A rift from " Don ihbutiti, ' ud A Bm wllk i HlU.I. WbO Will *1*0 (P*? ?n ArU fron t>io " f*-?orltA." SU.NOxS MAKIM A.ND ailtm will Alao aiag an Aria auo lino Far pameulara aee ema'1 kiila. Iimii ihiNwt ma cuiau< kM UawAitill Rm > bm b< secured at Mall * Sea's: JaRWa. WMM ttj; Yaa Nerdea A Atu/'t. u< ?' tSe t*x iiw ?f jfcff llBf tf luk. ' riiMtf AfWH-^Wt fiNM (MkMllW Oirale, ?1: Secured, fl M; Faae"* C?reie, M ooaala; AaaX theatre. 1* aaaM. at 7X O'elael ; ?? aam?a*a? a? 8. FBmAV tTEHMD, JVItB H, LAST APPEARANCE IN >IW YOU, acd oily time at N<<RVA, BY TUB LA GBANUa <>PERA TROCPB. METROPOLITAN TUBATRB, BSOADWAT, OPPO aite Bona aireet ? lo-k-i ?.d Miai^w, Nr. ImIiM. lKari op?B at 7 comineaeo a' U n'eloek BENEFIT UK ?t?uKIIA SOTO. An which oieaaion iBilmif K-fi tr>, I'rirna Dob B A Of tU ltnlian Opera, He?ara;Mi"- 1'aunv Moraat, Drury laae, London; Hid Mr RaeknU, t?*o ?<nnateered. Till HSl>AV KVr.* 1 ?U, JUNE 7. Obi act vaudeville .. MORNJNQ CALL MIm Fb?Y MwaatV' *r J U Alia.; MU# OAUhM^B, Aria, trom the opera ?f " Nabnc." Madama F?tn _ . }'" r? ??* O. W. Simjtb Bolero da Im it. ......... a A*? and Nona. CdfMM HpBBifh Subk? La Ci.anert. .aadaao Fwfl After which, MONff. MALLBT, OK TDK Ph?T OFFICE MISTAKE Maai. Mallet, an exiled General ut tf'apeleoa).. . Mi ilaekett tpanl.h Ballet, *TO LA MAJA Pi SEVILLE. Da rise the ballet, Pai Cosiiqne Mr. 6. W. Sltltk New Cachuoa Seaortta Se*e El Xapaleado. or iplder Dunce Saaonta Setd Grand Finale? genorita Soto, Moco. Carreee, ti. IF. Snitb and characters. To eoaclade ?Hh the farce if Wllu SI'tAts FIK8T? in whieh Mcaara. Waicot, l.evtr*, AnUeraon, Mrs. Wallet and Mini (ianaon, will appeor x WURW " t*i# *ff' rot'tlT*1' Pamrday, MR. llACKETT'S Benefit aad laet night of tb? HIM. Geo. coristy a wood s m i nsyeels, 02 bmaj< wa/, above Grand atreev OPBN BVAHV AFBNUrO. For tbi* weak, Btbioplaa M 'a?'r?l?y, Daaeia*. Ae., tea eluding witb the WANDERING MlrtSTBIU Dcera open, (>>?; oomioviioe M o'clock. Tkkcte t Mat# All baaiaeai traaaaotod bj H. e .>?A METROPOLITAN Til EaTKE? BROADWAY, OTP# ?iN lioad itrc?t. 1SI0ORA CLARK, AMERICAN > Ri?i A DONNA, will (ira bar tbUd and la?t UK&ND CONCERT, in tbii city, on TUE4DA k ev hmk Joue 13 aniated by 3I0N0K AHNOLl'I, 1'iuor, S1GNGR BERN A -tl'l Hariton, SIGMOR (. \S,'. aioNl, Bum, *R. UUaRI aPPY, the eelab*aU4 Violiaiat, aad a Fall Orobeitra. und r tba dit action of Mr. Carl Bergman. Alao, other rmUent actinia, wboM aaaoa will appear hereafter. Ticketi will te roady on Satnrday, at the innate rtotfi, botele aad at tba Ibeatre. UED1CAL. D A NEW BOOK, -THE MARRIaGE GUIDE, OR FAM A ily Medieal aad Pbj?iclu. iial laatraetor, nf easily for tba married er tbooii luten Uoxto marrr. Dj Da. B. Uollick, the anthor and lectarer. Handredta edi'aoa. It* hundred pacea; colored pla<ee i'rioa one dollat. PaUUk ed by T. W Stronn, US r-eevau >T?t, New Yoik. wha will forward by mail, free, on reuetfii g oae lellar aad addreee. From the MedieaJl and Sur. ioal keriew.? Tba moat extra ordinary book wa everrotd. ? * otn feature wbieb paw ticularly dtatingniahea thia huok fn>m all othara of tbe klad, ia the poeuUar toae oi delicacy aad mocality wttiofi per Tadea It. ____ R. 6WAN APPRISES BIS FRIENDS, AND THOSE who with to eonnnlt him, that be it dally at bia oAoa, No. 1 Chatham aqnare, in pan aarabip with Dr. kake, whera bia celebrated remodiea are prvpared tor both Miea. Baaaat caaea cored fa a law day a. Dr. L 'a elisor aad elootaary, price $1 ptrbol tie or box. DR. PERRY, 87 FRANKLIN STREET, NBAR TAY lor'a taloon, may be contulWd -n certain diaaaaoa witb certainty ci cuocfre Dr. ferry U the aient for Duvari Froaoh remedy for female itregalatlaiea. Pr'ee %l DM. nUNTEK'tt RED DROP CURES WHKN rag treatment of other pb>rieian? and all other MNH fall. It la your only rellauco fo- a thoroaab euro la Kilt diaeaaea. No. S Divuion etreet, the only plaoe aow ta wall known tor the naif axtraordinaiy eurealt baa porMnaod without diet cr hinoraooe from botiaeaa, when all etM>M ?ediea only drive the diaeaie la tbe blood? 91 only. Tm? aeenrea the p&ticnt from aecondary attaoke, and b tba aalj reiut'Jy on ear'.b that doea it. Y ?n will And tbla cot by Ma tor experience, if joa tm?t to aay other mod lain q. M 14o entcd thnoaanda of eaaea ' bat ii??r weald hare bean anM w ithout it. Dr. Dunt er ra*> or*a people to health daihTtWha have boea almoat rttiaod by maraury ud oauaiiaa tj Wt bnmboga. DR. FR. GKRAL'S OFFICE. FOR TOE SPECIFIC treatment of pilee auo diaeaaee of tbo bo wall ia geaa - ral, 841 Fourth atreat, o- morel Bioadwaj. OAeo Koarra 12, 1, 6 and 8 P. M. Cnre warraawd or treatment BO* Odm menced. Mfney returned when not aatiafiod, four WOAka after. Intermittent ltTira oorei la all laataacoa witboat inhering the general he* tt in thn nllghteat degree. PmIh tion agalnat future attack! by minimal doaoa. DHE. COBBETT, 19 DUANE STMEBT, MAT EE OOM ? aalted with ooBfldenoo on ooraia dlaoaaoa; M yaan te one apeeiallty of the profeaslob aoablea him to wtmttl permanent ourea. Bia treatment la he aame aa that aaa Uaed by the neat Rteerd of Paria N. B.? Dr. C.'a dtfSraa aa mcmbor or the M. Y. Uoi?oraK? nay baooeaat MiaEw DHR COOPEB, id DCAN I STREET. 80 LONG KNOW* I to the oltiaenea of New Yetk aa tbo moat aieMMMl practitioner thia aonntry eaa b?aat of, aontlaaao to ba eosaulted at bio old efffoe, raUeniHr the anfortaaaML MR giriair consolation to maay an aobtaig heart, R, E-F|, C. gaaranteoa a en re ia all eaeee uadortakoa. DR. JOBNSON, It DUAMB b TV KIT, HAS MIIOUP ?d men car*, than u) itsn medloel ma ta IW York. Dr. J.'i treat moot U aafe end expedltloaa; hit Mil cine* tin b? taken \?ltf oat fear of deteotloa Oh>r(MM derate, and the money r*fund*d ?? ?ti?ttrtle> to io> ihw. TpvR. WARD'S UNFORTUNATB'8 FRIEND, SI, WITH A J a liaok? Juat whit tho*e rant who have Mllmm aifcaiea, namely, a oar* at onae, tad to delay aod raert n Bnff. Uitattkt aoio in tha w. rid by Dr Ward'* " Oalhr rata'iJKricnd." Afflicted take notice? no othtr Mm*dlM fan cure yon radically. Slight etui eared in a fbw btnr not I. inn el(* doea It Ne Su Caual a tree t, oat door taat of Broadway, 1* the place t? ne'' liiit rapid and thorough remedy? nowhere eUe in New Tor* A oure wajrraated mf Dr. W trd. Patient* an xiout for rtlief may rely on a rapM cure by hit treatment, wi'hcu* taxing the tyittm. Altera tion 01 diet or oetiation from bstinaaa not required. DR. TOWERS' LADIES' SILVER, TONIC AND PIR|. odic pill*, known to be the >aly certain en re fo? weak nett. irregniaritios and obetr?eti> nt SI P*r box. Letter! will receive attention. Sold at Dr. K ARD'S, A3 Canal ft. IMPORTANT TO FEMALES -DR. DUBOIS' OiPICB? Agency for tLe aiclntiva treatmont of all diteatea aoi oent to lemalet, No 86 J.?xtnrt'>a avcone, near West T treaty ? levtnth itreet and Fb >rlh *v?nue. Keuiediet for female ileran- tmen'a from $1 to |l? A lvioe pratia. G'ontaltallon* and lettert confidential Mill letters containing tSaorved with advice and modioine by r?t urn pott lUlief (o.iraatoed in all ftw. Fat lent a from a diitaiee provided with allaibU I card, nnralag aad attendant)*. NO FICTTON.- AN APPEAL TO THE CANDID.? DR. L. B. Wright'i tciofaHui aaiido<o ii the only medi cine evrr direcTC'ed that mty b< rolled on for the can ef eonaumpHon and all other ?croul"U' diteiue*. It hftt per formed more wonderful ot;re< than all o'.hsr medieiae* oflcrcd the public. O It andicine to the afflicted nay be bailed n good new*. l'> Ik ether medicinee it will att deceive yo.,r moat taa.ulnt *x rectal lone. \lao, Dr. Wright'* liquid eatliarno tr tarully ph-aio. A oemplet* rro'utioa ta mcdicine. Thit phytic fr deatiard to do away with all other pnrgatlvei sow in me. It la perfectly pleeiMt to the taat*. Children at w. 11 at adnl t ake it with pleatan. It operate* thoroughly yet gently; prodooet neither aaaiea or gripiaa:to the chelpcBt phytic in nae, and la truly and honoetly the belt bilioua ar a alterative poyalo known. It it a perfect regulator of the itouaoh and bowel*, ,r.d will not leave the bowela coatlve Aa a w >-m melioinc it ia nueqoailsd. No family ehould be without it Soli wholetale and retal at 4I?9 Broadway, New York, and at the principal d r*g tteret throughout the United Sta'et. S0XK CURfc-DR. WARD'S UNFOHTOTf ATM'S Friend aow (fated before every ether remedy. The ealy etrtaia care kcown. Do sot be liedvei It to thecal* remedy that will not point QaHe erifinal wttim merearv or mineral peiaane. Me one ever tried the Plhlta aate't Frier d but expreaacd hit admiration of Ht tdfeet equally pleaaant at tala'ary. Many are owed by ea* 4***, OMee Canal at., one d*er eaat *? Broadway. rpBS GRBATBST MIDICAt DTSCOTRRY Ot TD 1 age. ?MR. LINNIUY, ot R.xburr. hat dlaoiveredS one et onr common pattnre wooda a reatedy that ear** area kind ef hamcr, from the wertt tear fa la down to a na*j| pimple. ?lie ha* tried it in over 1,100 caeca, and aerer Med. ?a**ft in two eatet? both tbonder bn<r.or He hat a?w la hiS yce teaaion ever twe handred *ertifleatet of H* virtaM. aB wHMl tw*aty mllet of Bottoa. Twe bottle* ar* warranted to e*re a aarttaf tore noath. One t* thr** bottle* will care tha went kind ef pimpltt *? the fiace. ... ... . ? Twe to tbr** bottlea will en re tt>* afatem of boil*. Two t*t?l*e are warranted t* *ar* the woMt *aah er ta MM moat bar ttomaeh. . . . Three to fiv* bcttlw at* vtrrtIM t* *u* the wont MM ?f cry tipelaa. ... ... On* to two bottle* ar* warranted t* oar* all k*a*i ta III ?yet. Two bottlee are warranted to ear* run a ln? of th* *y?* u4 blotchct amoag tha hair. Foar ta tlx battle* ar* warraatal to eu* *orrapt aad nt* ain* a leer*. Oae bottle will cart teal j ?rwptinn ot th* tkia. Two to thro* bottle* are wamated to care the wont MM ?frtafworm. . . Twe to three bottle* ar* warranted to e*?* th* meet 4m per ate c*a* of rhewmatlrm. Three t* foar bottle* an warranted to mm th* wit rheum. Five tr eight tettlci will enre the wwret etM ef wwfato. A bencf t it alwaya axperletieed from th* tr*t bottle, aid a perfect can to warranted whew th* above quaat.iy ? UR?a<"*?, 1 p*ddlcd over a thontaad kettle* af til* ?* to* vicinity of Botton. I kaow tht effect! of it la every ea**. So tan a* water will catinrntoli ?re, to tan will tMeewn burner. 1 never lold a hottle <* it bat that told ?"thwaf tcr a trial it alwayt apaakt for ltt*If. T?W* ?i 'I'HT abont tbit herb that appear U> me enrprtrfn*^**^1"**/ af the ditcovery, I wttlttate, and told tbent tlx bottle* pard*J ?j. 0TV,/r,Vr' .Sal Ai a* direcMea* *aab*af Iliu Hk* to operate m ?SHRbfl't. w arron ?arr?\ Rox^rwry, Man I for Nrw V .rk Chat II R-nj^^^H Cllekeatr, M II B?May tto**(: A. K ?

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