Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 12, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 12, 1855 Page 3
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. NOSE Y KUKKT. Monday, Jom 11? G P. K. The stock market has beoome dttl, flat ud as fvefitnble. The tendency it the opening this morning wm downward, and a very United amount tfhounees waitresses ted. At the fl -st board Cen to* Company declined k per cent; CnmbxUid Coal, ii Bending Railroad, j; Patau* Billroei, 4. Virginia 6's adranoed J per cent; Harlem, 4; Olinoia Central Railroad, 4. la C imbarlaai, FIrle and Sending there wee n moderate baitcesa, bat in nil other tecarities inactivity prevailed. The epeeulntive auvement noticed in Bending Jnit week, bne entirely dJenppearel, nnd price* nave fallen hneknboat two per oent Thia in n matter of ver y little consequence to permanent holders. Erie flue* tnatei lees than any otter fancy on the liit, not withstanding the general activity of the atook. -Cnmberland move# np and dowefart enough to suit all classes of operator#. The ?*h aalei to-day were larger thnn usual. Neir Tovk Central, Harlem, and ?U the We aura railroad stocks, continue ic moderate emnnd, without any mnterial clacge in prioea. After the adjournment of the board, this morn ing, the following tales of bond* and stocks were made at action by A. H. Nicola? : ? 46,000 Illinois Central R. R, 7's, 1875. int. added. . 77 8, CfO flushing K. B.. lift mortgage do....6*i? 7,000 Breeaenrldge Cans el Coal Certificates 91460 7,000 do. do. ao 14C0 7,400 do. do. do 1410 l(i shares Chatham Bank Mv 40 Ao. Fulton fire Ini. Co 87 1M do. Gocdjesr's India Rubber Glove Co.. ... . 70 100 do. New Creek Coal Co l 'i 36 do. Hampshire Coal and Iron Co 16>; 20 do. Sharon Iron Co 25c. 600 00. North River Mining aad Quarrying' Co. 6c. Simesn Draper's regular semi- weekly sale of bonds nnd stocks will take place to morrow, at half past 12 o'clo k, nt the Merchants' Exchange. At the second board prices were in some instances n ahede or two better. Bending Railroad ad vau:ei 1 pa- cent; Etie, I; Cnmberland, 4; Illinois Central bonds, J; Cleveland nnd Toledo Railroad, 4; Michi gan Central Railroad, i; Chicago and Rock Island Railroad, J. New Yerk Central Railroad declined j percent. The wnrrants issued nt the Treasury Depart ment, Waahiogton, on the 8th iiut, won as fal lows:? For the Treasury Department $2,031 00 For the Inteitor Department 16,031! 82 For the Customs 66,047 00 War warrants received and entered 17,9:0 05 War repay warrant* received and entered.. . . 10,508 05 Covered Into the Treasury from Customs.... 206,875 06 The earnings of the Michigan Central Rill road Company for May, 1856, were:? PasffTigert. Freight. Misc. Tata]. 1865. ...170, 276 45 115,542 57 7,520 48 203,338 61 1864.... 108 823 31 83,677 54 7,510 17 200,020 02 Increase961,462 14 31,885 03 1 41 03,318 49 Earnings for 6 months in 1855 $1,040,040 40 Earnings for 6 months in 1864 689,420 2.'! Increase 9351,611 17 A committee of the Vermont and Massachusetts Railroad bondholders has decided to recommend the exchange for old bonds, of eleven hundred thou sand dollars of new 6 per c?nt mortgage bonds, payable in twenty yean from 1st July, at 95 per oent, secured by annual payments of $10,000 to a sinking fund. If the bondholders consent to this arrangement, application will be mide to the next Legislature of Massachusetts for authority to create a new mortgage for $1,100,000. This will cover the bonded, and floating debts, and leave the sorporation with a remaining debt of about $100,000. The Milwaukie Wisconsin states that a contract for building the section of tie Watertown Railroad between Coinmbns and Watertown, a distance of eighteen miles, has been let to Messrs. A. & L. Gra ham & Bcott, at the favorable price of $9,000 per mile, they to do all the bridging, grading, masonry, tarnish 1?S Uas and laying track, (everything exoep ii?, spikes and chairs,) and to be oompleted on o before th? of fiaptemher. 1856. The payment are such es to be entirely within the means of the road. The contractors have a large foroe of men and tools, nnd will nt onoe oomnBoe the work with vigor. The work on the section between Oconomo woc and u progressing rapidly, and the road will be completed for the care on the Is September next. The annexed statement exhibits the condition o the hundred and thirty-two banks of Maiaachu oetts, out of Boston, on the 2d of June, compared with that of the 5th of May : Banks or Massachusetts. May 5. June 2. Capital 926,666,620 926,310,000 Dec.9246,620 Leans nnd diso'ts. 44,410,267 44,258,197 Dec. 162,070 Specie in bank 996,007 996,673 Inc. 1,066 Doe tm other banks 4,462,366 3,817,926 Dec. 644.430 Due to other banks 413,627 442,382 Inc. 28,866 Deposits 6,419,384 6,344,034 Dee. 75,350 Cironlation 16,097,366 16,330,816 Deo. 766,661. In the above the Maiden and M?nson banks hi?$e made no return. Adding the return# of theee as made May 5, the comparative statement would show an increase of $3,380 in capital- joaQS j295 . ?40; specie, $15,328; due other bankj $31,377, and a decrease in circulation of $553 026 m ?96, and due from other banks ^(USO Tho following statement ^ abo^ TftInQ of deposits at the Branch Mirit| Ne? 0rleaM( dnring the month of May:? Cold deposits? $77,634 ae From other sour^ 2,22124 Silrn deposit ."whS acted from CsllfornU gold ' 9470 49 3 8r om other sources 817,776 14 Tot*l silver deposit 9818,246 63 Total gold and (ilver deposit# 9897,602 83 The Ci eicent City says that "all purchases of silver are no* suspended a* the Branch Mint, and within a few days the usual purchase of gold dost has been discontinued, for the want of legal coin to pay. The Mint, however, continue* to receive dust, and on assay grants a certificate in return, which will be redeemed when iu fands. There is an abun dance of silver coinage on hand, but it will not be re ceived by depositors. Possibly after the repairs on the engine are completed, and operations in coinage resumed, there may be a transfer made to cover and pay for gold dust as heretofore." The annexed statement exhibits the grois earn ing! of certain railroad oompanies during the months of Kay, 1864 and 1865, showing tbe increase in the month this year over last. In every instance there has been a very handsome increase in receipts:? Railroad Rickifts, Mat, 1865. 1864. 1806. 1866. Hudson Riyar R. R. 9123,271 69 $130,44(1 18 In. *7,170 47 MUwankio *Mi*a. .. 41,761 31 67,174 11 la. 26,422 86 Cleveland k Toledo. 6S,9#6 00 78,966 00 In. 19,070 00 Catena k Chicago. . 119,166 00 203,730 00 la. 84,666 00 North. Cent'l,P?n?. 46,974 72 69,023 62 In. 12,048 80 Virginia k Tenn. . . . 10,891 76 22,623 27 In. 11,731 62 Chicago k R. Island. 109,289 20 128,990 61 In. 19,701 31 Michigan Central.. 200,020 92 293.338 61 In. 93,318 49 Clove, k Pittsburg. 61,283 00 66,839 00 In. 4,666 00 Indianapolis & Ota. 17,371 80 30,896 02 In. 14,623 16 Tetali $777,013 66 $1,089,027 16 $292,013 61 The above statement, it will be seen, does not in elude the largest roads in the country, but it does include some of the most productive. The average increase in leceipts amounts to about thirty-seven per oent. When the long roads come, this average will be largely redused. The returns from Eastern roads, and from those in this State, will bring down tbe average per cent inoreue. The Western reads have thns far this jear done a heavy business. After the harvests they will without doubt do an immense freighting basinets. Tbe earnings of the Ohio and Pennsylvania Rail road Company, for the month of May, show a large increase over the corresponding month of last year, as will be teen by the annexed figures:? Earning* in May, 1866 $82,143 48 Do. do. 1864 88,988 21 $7,1M 27 In flrat Ave month* of I860 $429,461 81 Do. 00. 1864 383,299 ii? Increase, (18 fer eent) $86,162 16 The earnlngt ?f theCstawlm Railread Company for May, wire;? Freea fMl?lWl $11,575 frem freight 8,6C4 Tetal $20,399 The aanexed tilmtat exhibits the average daii; movement in the Leading departments of tao btaks of this city, doling the week preceding Sitnrdsy osoning, June 11, 1855: N*w York Cirr Banks. Loatu Spent Circul'n. Depotiu. New York $3,317,787 829.63S Manhattan Co. 4,3C2 542 fl07,l0? Merchent m' 3,796, OM 1014, 113 Mechanic*' 3,831,108 712,814 Union 2,717.333 292,172 Axeiict 4,473,580 1,$?*,*2? Phenix 0,220,821 409 877 " 20ft 588 83,615 159.610 218,123 342,010 313,836 City 1,748 279 Noith Kirer.... 1,120, 575 Tradrsmrns'..., 1.408,62? Fulton 1,633,599 Chemical 1,420,092 Mer Exchange. 2, 461,0X8 National 1,461,769 194:416 But. 4: DrOTers'. 1,625,320 202,711 Mtc. & Trader*'. 712,539 67,C2f. flreenwleh 439,874 46 t>52 Leather 1,817,608 141,863 Skrtnth Ward.. 1,187,746 148.139 State 3,149,714 818,816 Ametican Ex.. .8,617,772 7*0,016 Mechanics' Am. 1,102,646 102,102 Cotnmtrce 7,636,494 1,382,888 Bowery 999,213 Broaoway 1,;-89,381 Ocean 1,267,843 Mercantile 2,113,022 1'acitic 866 ,481 Republic 3,228, 106 Chatham 647,159 Peoph*' 891,787 Noith America.. 1,614, 708 Harover 1,2*8,636 trying 532,284 Metropolitan .. .3,659,723 Citbena' 711,068 Grocers' 642,629 Napsnu 911/194 f ast Hirer, 656,321 Martbt l,17t>,?45 St. Mcholaa...-. 684.659 Shoe it Leather. 977,353 Corn Exchange.. 1,479 407 Continental 2,764,176 Commonwealth. .1,101.686 Oriental 540,69ii Marine 771,948 Atlantic 604,742 Island City 376,604 N. Y. Pry Dock. 405,061 N. Y. Exchange. 21C,322 Bnli'a Beat] 227,422 77,208 140,842 98 806 267,208 67.313 812,533 78.3*1 69,477 97,290 96 986 52,868 722.997 89,641 110,389 159,194 00,943 116,243 41.563 80,514 90,109 219,118 82,826 41.564 103.466 60,166 61,83V 20,709 12,608 19,847 242,050 2,989,740 381, t81 2,818,926 222 678 4,818,962 418,770 3.236 074 18 - 992 2,360,851 118 6(9 6. 187.309 62,121 2 107,698 72,419 1,349,832 178,628 781,296 250,701 813,928 13.', 726 1,348,919 277,196 1,377,796 147,969 1 812,263 186,802 831,126 59 977 1,118,324 109.646 633.376 ? 317,886 192,382 1,421 022 190,716 692 324 493,082 2,469 345 295 464 5,992,926 187,924 860,310 2>6 0,247,904 169,168 808,663 20S, 920 1,278,886 106 546 716,670 84,242 1,446,201 116,838 596 622 98,664 3.623,441 96,606 427,641 123 6(13 078,927 87,910 1,145,061 107,692 679,973 111,666 460,774 101.742 4,319,122 1*1,171 599,799 87,356 118,200 93,924 116,464 93,031 106,870 693,460 821,216 299,711 948.900 396.352 609,887 01,406 1,361,091 70,426 1,896,462 82,374 886,842 92,623 96,482 98.299 89,003 67,312 110,749 94,009 35C.042 632,620 336,239 201,375 160 518 150,678 129,501 Total $02,109,097 15,005,166 7,602,668 77,128,789 Clkabinu Houai Transactions. Fxchangea for week ending Jane 4 ..*103,861,746 Do. do. Jane 11 108,516,831 Balance* for weak ending June 4 $5,742,400 De. do. June 11 6,050.628 The above aggregates compared with those for previous weeka, present the annexe* statement:? H?W You ?TTT HAN EH. Loom. Specie Circul'n. Depotit* Dae. 00, '64.. $81, 653, 637 12,076,147 7,076,830 *2,828,020 Jan. ?, '66.. 82,244,700 19,696,963 7,040,982 64,032,163 Jan. 13, >66.. 83,976,081 1*, 488, 626 *,*80,461 *7,803 308 Jan. 20, '65.. *6,447,998 16,372,127 6,681,356 *9,647 618 Jan. 27, '66.. 86, 654, *67 10,097,26* 0,639,823 70,136,618 *eh. 3, '66.. 88,146,697 17,439,196 7, *00, 766 72 923,317 Feb. 10, '66.. 89,862,177 17,124,394 6,969,111 73,794,348 Feb. 17, '66.. 90, 86*. 031 17,339,086 6 941,60* 76 193 *8* Feb. 24, '66.. 91,690,604 16,370,876 0,963,602 74,644,721 Mar. 3, '66.. 02,886,126 16,681,271 7,106,710 76,968 344 Mar. 10, '66.. 02,331,789 10,870,069 7,131 998176,269 489 Mar. 17, '56.. 92,447,346 10,933,932 7,001,018 76,624,227 Mar. 24, '66.. 08,060,773 10.602,729 7,452,231 76,289,928 Mar. 81, '55.. 93.084.041 16,018.106 7,337.633 75 600,18* April 7, '55.. 94,499,894 14,968,004 7,771,634 77,313,90* Apl. 14, '55.. 94,140,399 14,890,979 7,623 628 77,282,240 ?pi. 21,'f)0.. 98,632,393 14,365,041 7,610,124 76.744,921 Apl. 28, '5 5.. 92,605,961 14,282,424 7,610,986 76,219,951 May 5.'c5.. 93,093,243 14,326,050 8,087,609 78,214,169 May IV 65.. 91,642,498 14,686,626 7,804,9i7 76,860:692 19. JS-. 91,675,600 15,225,066 7,638,630 77,351,21* 2?',?" JJ'J&'S18 15,314.632 7,489,637 75 765 740 Jnne 2, '66.. 91,197,660 16,897,674 7,655,6C9 76,343,236 June 9, '65.. 92,109,097 15,006,155 7,602, 6*8 77,128,789 The laat returns, compared with those of the pre vious week, show a Dec. ease ia epecie of $392,519 Decrease in circulation of 63,041 Increase in diacounta of 911,444 Increaie in deposits of 786,653 These variations are considerably larger than those of the week preceding. With an expanded more- I ment in disco ants and deposits, the Mmmat of sped e on boad and the circulation show a contraction The decrease in specie has been CDnsiderably iar.ger tban we have noticed for some weeks, bat thr# gregate still keeps above fifteen millions. T^e oot. ward movement this week will be to soae extent, without tue probability of receipts or 00DjwqueDce frcm any quarter. The exportation dnri0g the pre sent week will bo upwards of one anj a mi;. lion, only a portion of which will ^ thB banks. The next returns most &JW a ration la the i|gir|att of epecle cn h{D(j< ItOCk ^%IUUgQa .... Mondat, June 11, 1866. |5000Mln*oun 6'*.. 94* 150 eha Erie RB. .*30 48 3000 Ohio 6'* '60... 107 ioo do *60 48 2000 Virginia 90* loo do b#0 48* 3500 do a3 100 150 do c 48* 8C00C?1 7'* '70.... Jfe 100 do b3 48* 1000 Mich 80 It* 21 v J7 500 do *3 48* 4000 NUlrtM^oshL 80% 100 do *00 48 1000 do 90 600 do e30 48 20500 IU rr Bd? 78 100 do b30 48.* 6??? do *10 78 100 do MO 48* IS^mCRRFBdrwp 73 160 NY Cen BR.. *60 93* eSfo Erie Bd* of '83 93* 6 da 93* 5000 Etta Bd* of '76 89* 50 Harlem RR 27* 16COO NY CenRBda.c 89* 50 do 27* ?200 Clev&TDivBda. 80 1060 Beading RR..?3 89* 10 aha St Nich Bk.. 9? 260 do 90 5 Ohio Life * t Co 100 300 do b30 90 2C0 Canton Co... h90 26* 400 do M0 89* 150 do 26 150 do ?60 89* 550 Cumb Coal Co. . . 29* 3C0 do c 89* 100 do....bl6. 29* 7 MichSftNIaBB. . . 103* 60 do 28* 18 Mlchd&NIaOon.. 99 200 do *10 29 16 Panama BB 101* 200 do i3 29 400 Olinoia On RB. . 95 400 do *60 29 144 GalftChicago RR. 100 1100 do 29* 6 ClilfcBocklaldRR. 88* 810 do 16O 29* 100 Clert&rolRB. . s3 31* BXOOMD BOARD. $1000Cal7'i '70.... 88 100 aha Erie RR.. ?10 48* IOCOO 111 Ceo R B b60 78* 200 do b30 48* 200 ah* Canton Co... 26 100 do *3 48* 50 do *60 26 100 do 48* 310 *do b90 26* 60 IludaonR RR.... 39* 100 Pcnn Coal Co. . .. 110 350 do 39 90 Beading RR 90* 10 Gal k ChloRR... 100 100 do *30 00* 44 do 99* IOO Cum Coal Co.bSO 29* 126 Clev * Tol RK..a3 89 300 do a 60 29* 40 Mich Can RB.. . . 92* S50 do a3 29* 26 Chic & Rock I RR 90 100 Erie RR a8 48* 6 NV Can RR 93* CITT TRADE REPORT. IfOffDAT, Jon* 11?6 P. It. Amixh.? The *ala* embraced about 100 bbl* , including pot*, at $5 76 a $ 5 81, and pearl* at 86. Briuiiptujt8. ? Flour? Tie sale* in the aggregate reached about 7,000 a 8,000 bbla., Including common to good brand* of State, at 89 37 a 89 87, which was 12*c. per bbl. lower. We* tern inferior to good brand* ranged from 89 60 a 810 26, and for fancy and extra brand*, at 811 26 a 812 60 a 813. Canadian, 2,000 bbla., at 810 26 a $11. Southern, heavy, 800 bbla. sold at 811 12 a 811 60; for common to choice brand*, at 811 62 a 812 62. By* flour and con mead inactive. Wheat wa* dull . Bale* 3,000 bushels upper lake were mad* at 82 16. Cora market active, with aale* of 75,000 a 80,000 buhola, chief ly Weatern mixed, at 81 a 81 04, the chief aalea having been made at 81 03 a 81 08*, including lot* for n hip man t. Then were 20,000 bushel* sold deliverable in July, at Me. a 81. No sale* of whit* or yellow were re ported. Rye, 1,600 bnahel* were *old at 81 80. Oat* were dull at 760 a 77c. for good heavy Weatern. Cofjxk.? 800 bag* Rio were sold at 10*e. al0*c. 60 do. Lsgusyn, 10*c. and 160 mat* Java, at 14*o. Cotton. ? The sale* reached 2,500 hale*, and the mar ket cloeed ateady. Kkhohtb. ? T? Liverpool 18,000 buiheli of 00 rn were engaged at 8d. in (hip's bags, and 400 bale* of cotton at at p. t., suppoaed to be at 4a per bale. To London, 300 bale* bopa were taken at *c. ; 00 bale* Tamploo graae at 4*. per bale; and 800 tierce* beef at p. t. To Bremen, a few ton* measurement good* were engaged at l?e. There wa* nothing new to French port* or to California. Hay ?The market inclined to droop, and small aale* for ahtpment were reported at 81 and at tl 06 a 81 12 for city use. Ikon.? Small sales Scotch pig were made at 829. Lead.? Then waa increased activity in the market, and aale* 300 ton* Spaniah were made, to arrive, at 86 12 a 86 18, and 100 do. English to arrive at 86 2t. Moiasen.? The market waa rather quiet and price* unchanged. Sale* of 126 hhda. clayed Cuba ware made at 25c. Naval Storm.? About 2,500 bbl*. common Wilming ton were aold at 81 96 per 310 lb*, delivered. Spirit* were nosniiiAllT the mum. Oils ?Linseed wa* dull at 88c. a 90c. ; whale wa* un changed; crude sperm waa at lie. Pbotbhws.? Pork? the market wa* firmer with aale* Of about 1,100 and 1,200 barrel*, Including old me?* at 817 a 817 04; and new do., at 817 62 a 817 76; and new me**, at 814 It a 814 87 ; beef wa a firm, and among the ?ale* were 220 barrel* Chicago repacked me** at 816 60. Beef ham* wen Arm, with (alee of Vermont at 820. ho prim* mea* beef was offering. Cut meats wen firm; tho sale* embraced 300 a 400 package* at 7 *c., 7* c., a 7*e. for *honld*ra, and at 9*e. a 10*e. for ham*. Lard was firmer, and aale* were made to the extent of 1,2C0 a 1,300 bbla. at 10*c. a 10*c. Rice.? Sale* of 100 tierces wen made at 8*0. The whole range wa* at 6c. a 6*c. Sricm? 600 bag* pimento won aeld at 9*o. a 9*c. in bond. iirasn were in fair demand, with aalee of SCO a 900 hhda., chiefly Cuba muscovado, at 6*c. a 1*0. a 6?,e., and 40 do. New Orleans, at 5J<c. a 6*c. Tallow.? -Quint at 12c. for city rendered. Whwio r.? The aalea embraced about 3C0 a 400 bbl*. State, at 0?*e. a c5*e. Clotiar nthn dull. OtBKiim UUIM iVttl Ml. ?*LM At AVi A LBUtt H M uubAT, A BCTHta CAR-PARK M P -iV t?r> Mb of ft* ategaul gothii doable MtUft, at flew ???jgU*. ^*?| Mgrty rour aorta of rioh Uad attached. - ALBRRT B. NICOLAY will mil on lutdtj, Jim It M U e'eleek, the Merchant.' Rxehange. thai elegant **mi *7^* do?M* "lift, near the rwlway statien at Maw Ko cbelle, Weetoheater oonnty. lately orated by Paul J flit, ta. iarlum residence. Tba land freat. aa iiagaeaei atreet S2S fee*, by 800 laat aa Himwi atreet, thu* com manding the tw? main arena** Tba hoaaa l? forty (tab front by thirty tlx hat deep. withtwe triage aaab lb (bat by 2f leet. baUt in tba ver* baat mauaar by dty'e work, and U nrraaged fur two taaillaa, with aaparata eatraaoee by the two vcatibale*. By arching lha oantra wail, it aan ba thrown lato caa Urge aad apacioua reeideaea. There ara eoc modiona under callara. with two f boaaa I water. ata. bat hi, butler'* pantttaa, Ac Oa next Harr, aix bed room*, with apae.aua claaata, aad aa tba gear above itrtril room*. large and a wall The haaaa ii fiat* bed with marble man tela, grate*, *peaktag tube*. aad other modern aad re quieiia eonveniaicet, and tba view at the ground aad ooan try ia esteaaive aad uniurpaaeed. A ooaeh haaaa, atablaa, walla of go >d water, aad treaa. ara oa tba pla >*. aad tba land ia productive of atrawberriee, vetetabte?, aad flower*, fruit* aad *hrubbery. Until witbia a few weeka a proiaaaad gardaaar haa had charge of the place. It ia witbia three mUutee' walk of the atitiea. Pereoa* oaa take tbe 9 A ML train from Canal (treat, aad return by the 11 JO A. H. trala from Maw Reohelle. tale poaitira. Albert n. nicolay. auctioneer.? positive ta>* af flue wlaas. Lrandiea, gin, wbiake) , ohampagn**, Catawba aad olaret wine*, para Por' Juice, aegar*. *?.? A' bar* B JMcolay will tall on Wedaeadar, June IS, at 11 o'clcck. at the *paclou* aalaaraom, Mo. 11 Bread atraet, a hoe collection of wlae*. brandlea, aegar*. Ac.. Ac.. oonaiatiag M Ilcnaeaar, old champagne. Otard. Ponet, Caitilloa, Loadon deck. M arret A Co.. aad Btrtal braadla*, vintage of 1NM. Alao, gin, whiskey, claret nert Jnioe, champagne* aad C atawba wine* together with 20,000 aalected Batrana aejari. at tba following choice brand*? prlnclpe, La Bayadere, Bl Coniata, Raj flower, Lb Bellaarete*, Londrei , Opera* and Regalia*, of (everal choice brand*. 1 he above liquor* are put op ia one, two and flve galloa daraijobna, aad la oaaet of oaa dozen totUaa each. All warranted a? par earn pie. The whole to be poaitlvely gold, being tha balanee of the (took of a dealer. ALBXRT B. NICOLAT, AUCTIONEER.? POSITIVE ?ale.? Yorkvilla lota.? Albert U. Nioolay will aatl oa W edataday June 20, at 12 o'olook, at the Merchant*' Ex change, beooLd avenue, corner of Blghty- fifth itreet, the valuable lot (ituated on tbe northeaat corner of Second araaua and Eighty fifth atraet, 24 feat 8 iaahea front aad rear, by 100 tee* in depth. Alae, the lot aitj?l?i>a Uu. awta, on tccend avenue, 20 feat troat and roar, by 100 feet deep. Tbe above lote are altoatad In tba oeatre of YorkvUle. tor 1 j belonging to tha Lccount eatate; aad aa lota have keen *? Id thia aaaaen that oflar greater induoement of capi tal or ImproTement. a* the Second Avenue Railroad ran* by tbia property aad tha aale la to ba made wit bant reaerre to tha bigfceat bidder, fio par oent can remain on boadaad mort gage tor three year*. at 7 par cent, if daairad lha title ia unquestionable, ana the lot* will b? (old free from alliacum For further particular* apply to ALBERT H. NI COLA Y, Auctioneer, No. 11 Broaf (treet. Auction notice ? great sale of jewelry, watch e* and diamond*.? EDWaRD SCBENCK will ?ell at auction, thij day, Tnacday, June 1% at 10>? o'olook. at the aala* room 16 Wall (troat, a large asaortmaat of diamond jewelry, watohca, Ao , coniiating at elegant dia mond (in* and carting*, kreaitpin*. elegant oluiter and iln glo (tone ring* aad pin*, earring* Ao ; ladia*' wateha*, en an el led ana *et on both rides with diamonde; alio other*, vit. : independent *eoondi, doubt* lima keeper*, fifteen day, Fopl'th patent and detached larar Ac., by Coaper, John no*. Kotkell, Toblaa aad other*, all In heavy eighteen oarat gold oaaaa; gold jewelry, oonaiiting of *uit* or bracelet*, pin*, earring*, baoeche*. breaatpini, aeal ring*, gold atone aleeva button*, do. *tud*, gold pencil cue*, locket*, Ao. Sal* po?ltiTe. Auction notice? crockery, glass andchiva. ? JOBN E. VAN ANTWERP will aell on Tua^, l-'tb. at 10 o'clock, at 216 Pearl *tr?at, from tha (holvo*, an exleamea**ortmtnt of white jpranite, light au flowed blue dipt, ?c aad edged war* bait Ireneh ohlna tea *eti,44 piece*; 6*i piece* rich Frenoh otffao*, oandleniok*, card ba*keta, Ao. AUo two crate* Bookingham *pittoon* and yallowware. Alio eighty package* p lean were, aaaorted Alto one aaae tea tray* and waiter*, knire* aad fork*, (poon*, Ao. Alao one hundred taLoy clock*. Cntalogne day previeu*. Auction notice.? mortgage sale.-/, w. som ARltiAYEE, auctioneer, batarday, June W, at 10 o'olock, at the corner of Teeaty-nlnth atreet inJ Eleventh avenue (formerly occupied by Well* A Crana). ooniiating of engir o and btller, ahaftlng, belting, vloe*. lathe*, planing machine*, drilling maohioe*. blaokeiuith*' tool*, beuohe*, Ao., Ac , together with one horte and harne**. LEONARD A BOFFMAN. Attomeffor Mortgage*. Auction notice. -crockery, glass and China.? J. U. BARTLETT. auctioneer, will *ell on Vaednetday, June 13, at 10 o'olcek, at 281 Pearl *treet, la lot* to ault purchaser*, whit* graalte, blue printed, pM"'^ o e, Rockingham and yellow ware, cat and pretaed "Iten 'de corated Freuoh china, Ao. Alto, theatock ??' retailer de clining butine** Hale peremptory. Auction noticf.? j booaj*.t. auctioneer? bv S. BOGART ? W edneadar at lo^j o'clock, at the auo tien rocm* corner or Fran'/fort and William atreeta, large aiiorlment of parlor, be-^jooB and kitchen furniture, oar I>et*, two pianoiorte*. AV9Tl,??,?S?JfcT.-J BOGART, AUCTIONEEK? BY S. Bt'G AR f? Xhi* day, at 10 o'olook, at 100 Na**au atreet, Laa?-ateBt, mortgage aale of bar, counter, table*, ?tool*. g>? fixture i\ C'roton pipe, copper boiler* and kettle*. 'J'"-, kitchen range itreet Jamp. crookery. ITM. TUORraow, Atty fer Mortgagee Auction notice of boots and sboes? we would call attention to the aale thia day, at lv o'olook, at the itore of A D. GALE, 5H Beecman atreet, oompriaing a large atd detirable aaiortmant for the *ea*on. Auction kotice.-assignee'8 sale of ready mad* clothing, Ao. CEORGE LEVI will *ell, thi* day, at bta cash aucion room*, 122 Naiiaa atreet, the (took of a dealer, comprlaini dre**, frock, *ack and buiineia coat*, pant*, rest* in all ityle* aad eolor*, fancy and white ahirta, collaif, neck tlea, Ac.; alao, an invoice ut cloths, aaaaiuierea and alpacoa*. Sale poaltlve for saah . Auction ngticf-thos. bull, auctioneer? By BELL A BUSH, this day. at 10)i o'clock, at No. 12 Koitb William street, an assortment of exoellent furni ture. of tvery description; gas fitting!, clock*, ahow oaiei, canary bird*, twenty boxe? superior legars, tiro London I gun*, one rifle, Ao. At 11 o'efook, aa invoice of oiothing, viz. : mmmer eoata, ve*tiag, ladle*' shawls, collars, under, ?lssv?s, bose, cravats, table linen, Ac., Ac. | ('I HAS. R Mlia<ER A CO AUCTIONEERS, WILL SELL J at public auction, at Merchants' Exeuamg*, ? th?> day, June U, at U o'clock, (even valoable booses and lots, situated directly at the terminn* or Division avenue and Brooklyn and Jamaica plank read and Fulton avenue, at point of junction of Fulton and Division Avenue Railroad; also, two valuable lots corner of Atlautio and Wyckoff ave nues. For full particulars, apply to C. R. MILLER A CO., auctioneers, 1?6 Broadway, or of P. H. RE1D, Esq., East Mew lork. DD. NASH, AUCTIONEER, STORE 319 BROAD . way.? Mortgage sale of horse and wagon. This day, June 12, 1866, at 310 Broadway, an iron gray horse aad gro cery wagon. GEORGE MOORE, attorney for mortgage*. DD. NASH, AUCTIONEER, STORE 310 BROAD . way.? Mortgage sal* of furniture, to., on Wednesday, June 13, 1(66, at 310 Broadway, consisting of a general as sortment of mrniture, as sofas, couohes, desks, table*, car pets, engravings, oil paintings, hair mattresses, bedsteads, bureaus, mantel, pier and oval glasse*, slabs, braokets, Ac. DD. NASH, AUCTIONEER-STORE 310 BROADWAY . ?Mortgage and aberifl sale of that well knowa and popular restaurant, the Florenoe saloon, Nos. 2 30 and MO Broadway. *on*r of Park plae*, on Friday, June 8th, at 10 A M., consisting of bar counter* aad fixture*, pier glasses and mirrors, oil palating* and engraving*, tablet, cur tains, decanters, goblet*, tumbler*, knives aad iorka, spoon*, crockeryware, oilcloths, linen, marble slab*, oopper and iron kitchen utentil*, table*, (team boil*r?, sum pi, steam tabll*, raage* No.; porter and al* in wood and glass, cham pagne, elarat, shetry aad Madeira wines, brandies, gin, whis key, boxes and fixtures, together with lease of said premises. The above sale i* adjourned uutil Tuesday, Juno 13th, 1 8o5, at 10 A. M., at the same place. DD. NASH, AUCTIONEER. STORE 310 BROADWAT. ? ?Mortgage sale, on Friday, June 8, 1BS6, at 11 o'otock A.M., at 310 Broadway, consisting of a bond and mortgage made by David Ring to John Buxton, Jr., and all moneys due or to grow due theroon. together with a judgment ob- I t?<t.ed upon the bond; also, a certain personal mortgage made by John Buxton, Jr., to Benjamin Andrews, on pro perty Nos. 148 aad 147 Fulton street, New Fork; also a cer tificate of tweaty shares of the stock of the Suffolk Bank; sl*o, a certain lease for the term of live years and tbree months tiom 1st February, 1863, on property 14 Dey street, firat floor and basement. II. D, LA PACOH, Attorney. The above sale is adjourned until Tuesday, the 12th inst., at same time and place. DS. HOUGH, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL CON . teat* of the magnificently furnished residence in War ren street, between Uteenwiob street and West Broadway, tnis dsy, Tuesday, at I OH o'olook. Parties areinformed that the sale of this rare and valnabl* collection of household good* will take place positively a* adver tlsed, and without any postponement. Term* of *al?, cash. Annexed is a partly enumerated, but not de scriptive list of the good*. To fully appreciate their value it i* only neoenary to aee them. Parlor*? two complete suit* of rofewood parlor furniture, covering, French satin damask and Fr*n*h brocatel; rosewood Italian, Egyptian aad inlaid marble top tables of the late ttyl** of centra, *ofa, side and otberi ; also elegant papier machie .and other fancy do. ; maaaiv* rosewood cylindrical aotian bookcase, rosewood French inlaid oabinet. carved plate front etefere; very excellent rosewood pianoforte, 7 octave, beautifully finished, nearly new, and coat SJOO; a number of oil paiat ing*, consisting of marine Ti?w*, game, fruit and battle [leces; landscapes by emiaeat American sad foreign artists; Axmiuster, royal velvet aad Brunei* carpeting; ingrain do. : al*o a largs and vari*d collection et elegant mantel aad earner decorations, a* Sevres vase*, *ar off*, Parian aad bisque representation*, all of the finest French maanCac ture; marble statuary, beautiful iaoe curtains and shades, elegant pier and oval glass** with marbl* *lab* and gilt bracket* and fabl**; gas chandeliera. The ohamber* are furinshed with coitly French ronwood and mahegnny bed steads, marble top dressing bnieans, do armeire de glace, waehitandi, chairs, tables, *ofas, tete-a-tete*, mirror*, hair mattreaee*. Marseille* counterpane*, clock*, Ac., dining room extension taalea, oarvod; great variety of silverware, including tea scrviees, casters, Ac.; *hina t*a **t*, cut glass ware, out docanter*, linear case*, elegaatly decorated china dinner **t*. cut goblet*, win**, Ac FCOLTON, AUCTIONEER.? LARGE SALE OF . household furniture, mirror*, oilolotns, Ac , Ac ? F. Col ton will sell this day (Tnesday), June 12, at 10){ o slook, at tb* auction room* sw Beekman street, ssoond story, a very large assortment of good mahogaaj aad ro**wood cabinet fur niture, mad* In the best manner, consisting in part of several full rait* of parlor furniture In brocatelle aad haircloth, mahogany French and Gothic be<l*te*d?, t*te a tele*, Vol taire chair*, *ofa* aad sofa bedsteads conch**, bcokcans. secretaries, dining and *xten*ion tabic*, French plat* aad oval mirror*, black walnut and oak larniture, marbl* top droning bureaus, marble ton centre aad card table", carv*d and plain rooker*, cottage furniture with marbl* top*, oil paintings, mahogany full French and oth*r chair*, hair mat tn***(, oarpet*, oilcloth*, bedroom and basement furniture, Ac., Ac. Alio, about twenty doien curled maple, black wal nut and oak ehairs, all in goed order. Alee, storage furni ture Sale will he peremptory, aad goods must be removed same day or Wednesday morning. AI*o, twenty four ottage bedsteads, in good order. George cook, auctioneer?new and fash tnnable furniture, tapestry oarpets, French plate mir ror*. oil painting*, elegant china ware, Ac., en Thi* day, at 10)f o'olock, at ? ale (room No. 304 Broadway, oor ner of Duaae itreet, a large aad inlaadid collection of r**ewood, mahogany, walnut and oak drawing room, parlor, dlalag room and ohamber fnraiture; also, Brunei* and ta pestry aarpet*. beautifully decorated china war*. French Rlate pier aad mantel glaseea, fine oil palating* m rich gilt amis, silver plated ware, table cutlery. A*. Catalogue* on th* morning of *alo. Gray horse.-h. h. leeds a co. will sbll at auction, en Wednesday, 13th last., at 12 o'slook, in iront 19 Nissan street, a valuable gray horn, 7 jeers old, perfectly toond and kind in all harness, ted a good saddle horn; a good, free and say traveller. Warranted souad. Can be teen at* table. Pljmeuth street, between W**biaf ton and Adam* streets, Brooklyn. MORIARTT. AUCTIONEER. ? WILL SELL THIS S day, at 10 o'clock, at 173 Chatham square, a large sncrtmnt of furniture, from lamill** going to th* aoontry; *l*o, flora Twenty second street, aa a**ortm*at, among whith ait tent gt>*4 *arp*t*, f*ath*r bed*, A*. B1LM AT ADOTIOI. MUU^ABBT, CMAMP A4J W 1W4U O*. NC TS f??2S **5? ?'? "? ?* * *!? ?y *tr?** eoraar v.f*'- >y- ????no?u .tu. a.f.T5W ^.!S2lSS?a??ra~ -W 'sar, a:*?.?u.? l"M?, ?tor* Mi nlM, H, AUCTIONEER.? DY A. B. WOOL H ** ? j j- h**i **? f* }&T * C**- ??* k"M atfaet, corner of H iUiata, * at tke aaita raoa, t? Sot -oniol houeaheld furmitur*. e*a ????*** mnl> lianofortea, uli bjr oaUbralad w* * .if* ? "*?! ?? ortaa, nHfNH?l Ur 1E 'h,u *5* "t?jr of waaic. TIm abort are nchneea of tone, nd ? ??aav 'd. A 1m, aa aaeortmeat af "*.**? uraitaia, m?ao<aay eoiai ?Mta*. diniaf room ami ehaaatar w , chain, mahocaa* and ?? ?>*u' cloth, parlor aad dhiiag roov iaMraaaaa aad paUiaj bUekwalaat bodeteada, eurle7 hair a \ tablaa, maEogaur aaa, ita&MaB} buraao*, liiatmt aad ta. -airroM, oraldo waahata r.d t , en a m riled e?U, ten piaoee; . . {aa af ail taint" ?iU?r plated and flaaawata, a largo eotioe 0|d furniture i?P?. elwka, a ? emeral aaeortmoat of b*aeak ahamJS?^ Abo will ba told four baeketa ot pax Hamlet ? adr'aaoaa! AU the ab0T? will ba aold w ithoa* rooono, to pa> Hikby H. LXEDS, AUCTIONBKR -BY H. H. k *,?<>?. Tnoaday, Joae U, aad Wetooedar. Joae , \f! ll*H o olock, at our etoro 19 Naaaao etroet Bwatlftl a ? af marble ??atuary, raaaa *o., with atkar artiolaa Ul ' . Mid without raaerre, oonaiattng of a eoporb buat af Lord I Pmlmer.ton, exhibited at the Cryatal Palaoo; alaa, boaa V Utml Pkrtiiiu UbU Up#, MMrk trunk* mMk bj lifpini. | ??? ? *,>0i ? collection of Mftatifol ititairr, npnieit- I mg > i uua at the bath, Kuf Mag dWca, Spriag, Cupid and ne*t, four Italian pools, one largo pair vaoes nine foo? high, elegantly carved, tlniiak, Medici Flonatiae, and Kxnaa iuh; card receivers with wriatbi of grape* of variota* aiioi, alabaster statuary with (lata (bade*, repnsoatlng tb? three Graces and other dseirabia pieces Also, ohina, broaso*. plated wan clock*, aad ctbar valuable articles sat boforo exhibited ? oan bo ooaa oudaysof oalo. H1MY H. LBKDB, AUCTIONEER, BTH. U. LEEDS A Co.? Tuesday 12' h, aad Wednesday Utt-At tho Cbolaoa Iron Werks. on ffoat Itftb ilnot, between lwth and llth avtnuee, at M)>i a'olooh oaeb day. ? iHiiMt'l sale. ? The immense atook , otoaai engines, too la. patteraa, appara tus, *o , belonging to tbo a bo to wsrka, without nay reserve, cenaitliag of an 8 Lotac powar steam ea*iae. 8 inch ofliadar, S toot stroke, with two copper plpoe; loo engiae. Goria'i oa ten*; 1 air engine, BowWa; 1 aelf supporting boring mill, detached from the building*, capable oi baring oyllnden 6 foot in liameter, 11 foot Ion#, with daplioata boring bar aad reet for boriag (mailer oyliaden; oat tar haada 2 to 5ieo'. cylinder rott, oountnr (haft, pully baltiag. blooke. falla aad Loifting gear, acrew catting maoblaea, complete drilling at ehlne, one 26 hotoa power eteam online, high proeenre (team boat ?*'??, %t U cylinder. 8 rw stroke; 12 lathe maadrlll*. 1 elide lathe, doable gear. 21 foot ahaare, swings 64 iaobee, with gear complete; baad driilere. several elide latbee, oao 0 foot planer, hand lathee ot every ootoriptioa, 1 boiler iron pit, 18 feet diameter. 8 foot deep : boiler iron forges, boiler iron beading roller, ktilowe trims mK aheare, eaat iron pipes, obalne, hold maker' ? anvil* and tool. , together with almost every other deeoription of maohlaer; and atook for mill*, st ram, ga*. water work*, tf. A 1*0, L^ahmerr for ererj de scription or work, Bad all too moulds and pattern* laoom plete eeta, need in a large tooadry. \Uao, ail the manufac tured (took of avery deeoription. the et tire apparatui of tbo establishment, bar iron, (tool, pig, aad othtr raw material*. Tbia extensive establishment will be Mid br order of the a* eigaee* without reeer re, and can bo et amiaed at anytime previous to the (ale. Cataloguee oan bo bad at the foundarr on Wednesday, or at the ofioe of the anotioaeeri, Mo. 19 Nassau street. HE2.1YjB AUCTIO| XER.-ON TUBS day, Jnne It, at 10% o'olook, at ?tora. Mo Ml Pine erect, the bAaaee of tho (took of groooi wIom hSuom aad segan, uncalled for from last Jilt, J trllllr o7'atwr^!S for mortparee, consisting of Oolea# ""I t runoowder tea. pickle*, farina ancboviea, sardine^ A**' ' Jtard and Signette niandies old Jamaica rui, D.ff.dorJon, A?ouWadol a berry, olubhousc aad Sehledwn gia;*egar< Salvadsre (, la gloria, aad ^eraT other oh TO?r ri>0?*o uu n ouugw J.iBik 11 IdM and allowing day a, until the wholo 1* d;V' *?*{,?! lara# and ov.ry way dedrable e.ock of and timepleoea. amounting in value to u ailof which mult bo (old?without ltmlUt. Jg biedor, and in lota to suit purchaser*. TK !???*?*?* rrlae* many new and doairable atylo. 1* ???. the attention of the trade and the good* are the property of an aatoh'< . The neotient, embraoing a laige Bor?' Zfhi? ui .ill tw. ?? ?">a or hi* (took ot QaUhed ?t?i? of >ond> kiicl an opportunity for procariag tbeee a* *eldom present* lt*oTf, promTsing to wel?to ?a? ? .oidod adviiatages, of which they would do J tberaaelre*. DeecripMae catalogues may l>o I'.V". at the offloo of the auctioneer* on tho day preriou* . ot the *ale, which will bo poaltive and withoat re ye. Icimi? Under S10O cenh; $100 to tMH). 4 mo*.; and cn turns ot fefiCOand upward*, 6 month* credit for approved paprr. Sal* to coinmeace eaoh day 10 o'olock, A. 11 FRAMKL1M & MCHOLL8. Aactioueera, 7!> Maisaa *t. PJ. BKLI.F, AlICY10MEER.?$f 0,000 WORTH OF ? dry good*, the *took ot McCobtIII A Murphy, will be sola at anotlnn. <u the (rcmiiea. 31 Catherine drect, oa Monday, the lltb inataat, and tollowie^ daya, until all are diipoecd of? ooinmoncint; eaoh day at 9 o'olook, A. M. PAWNBROKER'S SALB.-A M. CRISTAl.AH, Auc tioneer, '?'? Bowery, will *cll, this day, at 10^ o'clock, mcn'a and womea'a weariBg apparol. cootiating ot ailk drceaef, cape* and mantilla*, remnantH. (ilk, delainea, mus lin*. Ac.; alao, a very large and hondaome atsortmcnt of book*, of variou( kind*. RLSSELL W. WE9TCOTT, AUCTIONEER.? UAUNIFI cent household furniture, imported chandelier], original oil painting*, Ac., at tho totidenoe. No Mi We'd Twonty firav street. K W. Westoott will tell on Wednesday, Juno 13, at 10>j o'olook, the entizo magnidcont furniture of the above first clan* house, mo*t of whioh, with tbe chandelier*, itataary, paintings, Ao . have been imported by the preeont owitr. aad (re worthy the attention ot conoisseur*, and all in want of tuperb first class furniture Tbe (ale will be peremptorily without regard to woathor, catalogues of which can be obtained at Mr. h.V. Haughwout'a, 601 Broadway, or at the house on Tuesday, when the whole oaa be examined, l'arlora? Klegant pior mirrors, 28 by 100; rich English velvet carpets, three magnificent ehandtUera, with all tho gas fixture* ia tbe house; two oostly suits solid rosewood furniture. 17 pieces coveted ia orimson tapestry, with slip cover*; lady's escultore, oarved out of solid ro(?wood, com t2b0; rtoewood otegoro, (tylo Louis XIV.; do. mirror tront, mosiac and statnaiy, top centre tablas, splendid grand ao tioa pianolorto, made by Wm. Liadoman A Sob*, with em broidered atool aad oover; tapestry laoo curtains, gold bor dered (hadoo, with a ohoioo collection of oil palntiaga, by Tan Kiken, Ourolla, Eglio, Tankorana, aad othor eminent old and modern artUt*; Fariiian aad *ovrea rases and orna ments, msgniicent mantel clook, mounted In ormolu. Dia mahogany extension dtaiag table* oar*od tideboord. mirror naok l?uh oktln. splandid china dinaor (ct, 180 pieces: crystal out gisTsa ?m. (itver ware, eilver and ivory cutlery. Chamber furniture? Conly roiwwo.4 aad enameHed teuitoad*. full marble top rosewood aad ma bopaay bureau*, lined with satin wood; elegant rosewood *e oret(ry bookcase, cost $1S0; one do. made in Berlin, pure hair mattresses, oarvod oval aad Fronoh plate mirrors, Wilton aad Bra*(ol( oarpets, roeowood tate-e totee, sola*, invalid and arm chain, rosewood waahttand*, Ao.. with a large assortment of kitohon utensils. 200 yard* superb oil cloth, (tairoarpota, refrigerators, Ac., allot whioh caa bo examined on Tuesday. SHERIFF'S SALE.? WILL BE SOLD AT PUBLIC auctioa, on Tneeday, June 12, 1860, at 10 o'olock A. M., attha hotel oorntr of Montague Plaeo and Court (troot, Brooklyn, known as Toynbeo's Hotel, the entin itook. fix ton* and furniture of said hotel, ooasisting of aa oxtenaivo aasortment or carpets, oilcloths, bedsteads, bods and bed ding, chairs, tables, sofaa, loaagei, mirrors, china, glaa* and earthen ware, Ao., Ao. Al*o. the entire aad oompleto tix tsres aad furnitnre of reitauraat aad bar. Alto, 12 billiard table* eomplete. Terms o> sale, oaab. EN OLE BERT LOTT, Sheriff. Ri v. R. HcftgnxA!*, Deputy. Tunis mokreli., auction eer.-last auction tales tor tbe season, commeneiug this day, at 10^ a. U., a' 'be Urge sales rocm. 81 Nasann atreet, south from the Sun e^ice, to pay for cash advanced (positive orders of own ers). N. B.? The bond given to tho Mayor rorbids any ua* derbidding whatever, which ie practised extensively. The stock is as follows:? Rosewood parlor suits, oovend in satis brooatel, tablea to match; largo roaewood etegon (cost over S1C0); black walnut s?cretiry for ladiea, mahogaty book cases, rosowoed wardrobe: bedsteads valned from $3toS40; bunaus of all kinds, sofas tete a-tetes, easy and rooking obairt, parlor chain; eontre, sola and fatcy tables, oard, Ac. : booaland corner stands,clocks,orib?,purecair mattresses, French plate oral mirrors, sil paintings, secondhand maho gany pianoforte, cost (2U); refrigerators of six sizes. English t.iussels carpeting in patterns to suit; also, tbrei cases of made up table, Ac. lieon; also, china of various kinds, not unpacked yet, which will be sold if not redeemed; extension diting tables of all kinds. T HARDY, AUCTIONEER? IS NOW PREPARED TO ? receive any quaatity ot furniture, on commission, at his spacious salesrooms, 39 Cent n street, or will attend to out door sales of every description. Sala this morning at 10 o'clock. WS. MEM OR, AUCTIONEER., BY HOUGHTON A ?Msllor, Tbis day, J nae 12th, at KK o'clock, at the (alO( room, 113 Naoaaa street? Peremptory (ales to pay advances aad close confignmhat* of over S10.000 worth of cabinet fat altaro? Three fine toned roeewood piano fortes, made by Gilbert, Abbott, and Barmore, ot Now York and Boeton; tllck Frenoh plate pier, mantel aad oval mirror* , in richly ornameated frame*; nveral deeorated aad enamelled cham ber suites, plain aad with marble tope, tog other with other rioh and desirable house-furnishing goods. CaUaot furni ture will consist of the entin stook ot a first olasa city cabinet maker, ramoved for convenience of sala, aad sold positively to psy advances, vis : six solid rosewood parlor saitos of furniture, medallion back* and oovered in costly two and thrcs colored satin brocatelle and satin, suites la plusb, hair oloth aad Bouquet; solid roaewood oeatre tablea with etatnsry marble tope ; pier and aide do, elaborately earved roaewood mirror doon, side* aad baok; ladio*' mu sic. cabinet and writing tecretarie*, pearl inlaid table*, chamber fnraiture in groat variety, roaewood beditoad*, bureaus aad waabatand* to match; mahogany aad walnut do, with a variety ot medium cla**t furnltun; *ofa teto a tetoa, apring seat Voltaire aad rocking chair*, library and sooretajy book eases, resewood, mahogany aad oak extonsioa dining table*, 14 teet long; ball stands and chairs. Tbe trade, eountry merchants, aad those about refurnishing are invited to examlee tbia stook oeton pure bating. The ani eles are bow arraaged for examination. Goods oan bo packed far shippiag oa thepremises, or storage can bo ob tained by applyiag at tbo office. WILLIAM IRY1NG, AUCTIONEER -CHOICE WINES, braadtoa, Ac - WILLIAM IKVINO A CO., will (ell at aactlon oa Wednesday. 13th, at 10^, o'clock, at the aale* room* Mo. 8 Pine stnet, choice wines, o roadies, aegars, Ao.; beiag a portion ot the stock of an Importer dot lining bnsi tess; consisting In part of Scott, Pealold A Co., L. P. Ma deira, U36; East ladU boreal Madeira. 1861; Burdock, YaUlo A Woodrop'a Eclipao Madoira. 1M0; Imperial Cabiaet Sher ry, JBAM#, 1834; Cnwloy, Sayiee. Uoldoa Sherry, It 36; a few doxoa pala aad golden sherry, from private (took, l<o coet A Capdepoo, 1813; Victoria Port, being old; Imperial Port, IStfc; Loadoa Prize Port, 1842: (<tard, pale and dark, London Dock brandies; Hennssiy brand conao do , 1827: old Jamaica ia casks and demijohns; Holland gin; Scotch, Irish Monoagahola whiskey: clarets; Burguadiea, oham Wae, quarts aad pints, of various brands; also, about 80, choice Havana eegars. TX7ILLIAM WITTERS, AUCTIONEER. WIIL SELL. VT this day, at 10K o'clock, at 187 Canal strnot, all the genteel parlor, chamber and kl ohen furniuun of a family breaking up housekeepiag? one suit of farnitura, ia hair cloth; oao elegant rosewood piano, seven octaves: pier aad mantel glasses, elagant tape-try carpet, oilcloths; china, glass aad plated wan: mat oirs a j and walnut bodstsada, hair mattresses, beadiag, dressing bartsas, wasfastand, toilet te'.s, oa* mahogany bookcase. WA. CAETER, AUCTIONEER? BY SAML. CONELY e 80 Onenwlcb street, will sell, this (Tuesday) morn lag, Juno U, at 10 o'clock, extra stiperflae flour, gre?a and blaek tea*, raisias in boxes and ken. eheeoe, walnuts salt, scssrs, with various other articles of ?reeert*s, hardware, do. WILLIAM T. BOYD, AUCTIONEER, OFFICE 77 Nassau (treat? Household furniture, sala oa Wedaee day, June 13th, at 10K o'olook, at 201 Monroe street, ma botany sofaa, chairs, pier aad ccatra tables, side aad ceatn tablas, velvet earpete, marble ornamente, pictures, curtain*, ball oil olotb, atair carpets, mahogany aad maple bedsteads, bed* aad bedding, baroaus, stands, ehalrs, ingrain carpets, Ac., with a good assortmeat of kitohea faraitan, Ac. WALTER GRBENOUQH, AUCTIONEER.? DAMAGED corn at auetiea. W. Greaaourh A Co. will soli tola day, Tuesday , at U o'olook, oa board boats lata Kimball aad J. J. Schenek, between piers 3 and ?, East river? <oa account of whom it may ooacera)? 8,00* bushels prime Wast ? tb cota, slightly damagtd the voyage, Tsrmi cash. BALUAT&fOTIOB. WILLIAM 1EV1NO. AUCTIomi*.? H A.KDM*? heueebo'4 lomtin.-WiUitB lmu k O- vUl ?tuiUMN>??Mf.iu*ll,*IWK a'Sort. a ? B?r day at real. rtftl WtlWa MrnU, aaitaa *f o*r?*4 rat* *?04 (initm oorerad la eriuaot m4 i* pli I|1IH aa*la aafat, ira chain, fitlw chain aad rthni. orimaoa ??? gold broaalal window curtain*, Lao* aa4er 4* . ra*?wa*4 ??rbl* top centra au4 acta table*, r*Mv?*4 aarbUUl |l? tabic*, vltk mirror baoka, eitgaat gilt frame p?*' ??" "? ttl Bi.iron, ormolu chaad*h*?a aa4 bceotata, alagaa-. o?r*?4 roe?weo4 htm octave p4aaaf*rta, aa4a by Haaarl. 0 M H Barn ore; braoi* aa4 aaiMa oioak* aa4 oaadala br*?, ahiaavaaae *a4 oruamf ita, bar oil paiaWaf aa4 aa craving* In rich gold uit framai, maboxany oateailoa dime* tab! 1*, black ? alaut do , mahogany aataa aad chair* la hair cloth, caac kH aria ahau*. mahogaay marbt* to* aide I boar4, atuaa diaaer aa4 ua aat, *laaawara, plated meat 4uh<*. acllw aa4 tea oiu*. *U?*r plated oaater* aa4 aaW* baakata. cutlery. Ac. Alaa aa elegant raahogaay cabinet, aoatainiag aboat torlr drawera ai aolaa, m*4al*, mineral ?, laaaata, obeli* 4c. 4l*a raaewood and manogaay amor* glaca, with rial* gla?* door*. Bedroom*? Brvaaala aad {brae ply carpet*, auita maliogaay and blaak walaot fall i tiled *ad uaal* badroom f uraitara, Freack aad aottare ba 1 Head*. marble top dreiaia* beraao*. waahataaai, WUct ?*l*, maple bedeteada, caa* aaat eliaira. hair mattreaaae, *prisg nattr*:*ea. palaaaa-. leather Uda, bolatara and pil law*, quilt*, blanket*. coaatarpaa**. abeeta. pillow caae*. Ac., lio** 4ama*k labia cloth* aa4 aapkina. oifolatb*. aura, oak hat *taa4 aad kali chair*. together with a large and complete a**ortm*at af klMhaa turailura, vltk which the ?\lr will commence. aawAiun^ kti plaCO. Ai| tA above kkwxrli will b?. *Il>U Pa',d b/ ,k* ?ndertlgned for such iatormatiou u will leaO U UK>*",??"'Jr af Egbert W. Bvdoiu. Ue hu boi mitting ainu * Monday morning. 4th last. ; u ia foeWi health. about M y.^Vif ???? ?Ufcataaaor two iaobes ia height, gray hahr anu FggBWl, ?t genteel iHtirtuj*;' * ? gold mounted esse. \*Bh fci* name engraved upow It. JIBEIIJBULL, 10 D ***" street, ?r 22 Wavsrley pin ?Cn REWARD? 8TRA'r*D OB STOLEN, ON THE iP')U tight o? Friday. Jut * fivm the paa tare of Mr. My da. Eaatcbetter. a light bat wttk long tail, aad a dark bay bona, with ihort flag i*11 . Wboavar wBi rotors ?aid horsea, with thiaf or thieves, fill rtoeir* the above re ward, and twenty 6 re dollar* will btf paid for tba recovery of tba harati alone; aad aay information ia regard tu hor tee or tbieveo wttl be suitably rewarded. 8. CONK I. I.N, livery (table, etraer of Fourth aveaue aad Tweuty ttfla itreet, H. Y., or S. B. Udell, Eastchester Hotel. *QA REWARD. ? TWO SETTEB DOGS STOLEN. ONE ipZiU a largo sited setter. white, with l*ot>i of Uver color oa the esrs, and a liver colored spot oa tbs back, aaewere ta 1 tba aaata of Jew; the other a liver and white color, with hia left ava blind, answers to tbe name ot Davy; very tractable, will jump o*er a etiok or ? peak. Whoever will retura the said oogs to Edward B. Lawrence, at Fordham, will reooive the above reward, ?r$10 for either of them aad $2T> f?r the thief. KDff'D B. LAWBENCE. Fordham, Wettobeiter Co tin BEWABD WILL BE PAID FOB A CHASED qplU (old riag, with a pert of the old " Liberty bell" ia aertad in tbe centre, with the following inscription on tbe inside:? " l'roolaim liberty throughout all the land, uato all the Inhabitant! thereof Jaly 1th, 1776." To be loft at Abel'e Exchange, 490 Broadway. BEWARD-FOB A BLACE AND TAN TEBBIEB ?lut. No, 2 Paik place, or 256 K Twelfth street W. OKEI.L. $5 IX) ST AND FOUND. Dog lost-jib bewabd.- lost, a small brown bull t< trier dag; ana wore to tbe nam* of Charlie. Who ever will retura him to Ibonpton, No. t > White etreet, will receive the above reward. LOST-ON SATURDAY EVENING, 9TH INST, IN tba vioinity of Bleeoker (treat. Cottage or Variok place, a gold chatelaine. Attached to it waaagold blue enamelled key and leal; aleo a gold croa* and locket. Who soever will return the above to t!99 Houaton etreet, will ba liberally rewarded, and thanki of tbe owner. LOBT-A BANK BOOK. ON THE SEAMEN'S SAY inga Bank, No. 53,3ft>. The finder will be liberally re warded oa returning it, at the deik of tbe bank. Lost-a pocketbook, with a letter in it. Whoever haa tound it will pleaae deliver it at No. 100 ulivtr at , where one dollar reward will ba gtvea, and ao quettioni aaked. Lost? some time during the month of may, a very pretty card caae, port monnaie, aad ring: alto, a very nise pair of glove*. in Broadway, very near the violui*y of Eighth atreet; they are thought to have been found by a very tiioe young man. Thia ia inserted to aaution the citUsas of thia village, agaimt bartering for laid articlea. LOST-SUNDAY NOON,' IN OB COMING FROM DR. Macelroy's chuicb, Fourteenth itreet, to 558 Broome street, a pair ot gold spectaolea, in a caae. A liboral reward will be paid for tbe came at 300 Broome atreet LOBT-ON MONDAY, BETWEEN THE HOURS OF ONE aad two o'clock, in c rotting tbe Hamiltoa avenue farry, a pertemoanale containing money? aome gold, the reat pa per. The finder will be amtably rewarded by returning it to tbe loaer, at 80 Monroe street, New York. Tbe perioa who lost it ia a poor laboring maa. LOST-YESTERDAY AFTERNOON, A LARGE MEMO ranOuui book, bound in aheep, and tied up iu paper, con taialDg an aoouiint of rente, with sundry papers, of na use hut to tbe owner. A liberal reward will be pa>d if returned to 207 Tenth atreet. LOST-IN BROOKLYN, ON MONDAY EVENING. A silk shawl. In buff wrapper, (tamped " Ststeu laland Dyeing Establishment A auitable regard will be paid for the package at MENU ETT A PHILLIPS', 2ti Mai Ion lane. LOST-ON SATURDAY. IN BARNUM'S MUSEUM, A white handkerchief, black embroidered, and marked with tbe full name iu one corner. Tbe finder will be euitably rewarded by delivering it at Noa. 119 and 1-1 Nassau stroei, room No. 24 Lost, or siolen-a small black, and white King Charlea t|>aniel rlut, (Blenheim breed , white fore leet, cropped tail, with collar, name aad St, Nicholas Hotel on it; Just in beat. A liberal reward gtvoa. Apply at lit Ea?t ThirUen'.h atreet. Strayed from 69 east twenty third street, a black pointer dog. The finder will be handaomely rewarded, and no queatlona aakod. W' ATCI1 LOST OB STOLEN? TWENTY FIVE DOL iara reward ?Loot or ftolta ia one ot the oars trom Boi ton on Saturday night, a gold watch aad hair vest chain, cold mounted. Tbe watoh wai made by T. F. Cooper, Lon don; number 2.721, gold dome, X plato, engine turaed, with shield; gtld dial, compeneation balance, platina screws, Jew el loo ia eight kolas. Tbe above reward will bo paid for tbe recovery of tba watoh, by Wm. Bnrgor, Wholeeale Druggist. AO Cortlandt street. SPECUL MWMMBa. OLMES A BUTLER'S ? Alum Pataat Iioa Rata Depot, 90 aad M Maidaa laao, (below Llbarty,) N. T. Hamilton works, Newark, n. j? june 7. ism. To archlteota, bnlldora, to. ? A preliminary meeting of thoaa interoited in the artificial atoaa baatawat, carried oa at the above worka, will take place at the Metropolitan Ho tel, Bow York, oa Friday evening, the ISthiaav, for the purpoae of ortanitlng a company, to whiohyoar attention la | reapeotfully invited. JOHN WOOD, Secretary pro tem. NEW YORK, JUNE 9, 1855? THE PBICE OF BOARD at our respeotivo boteK oa and after thi( data will ba two dollar* aad filty ceat( per day. TREaD WELi,, ACKER A CO.. St. Nioholae Hotel, HIRAM CRANSTON, Now York Hotel. O. C. PCTNAM, Claroadoa Hotal. Notice.? to the lovers of turtle soup.? Cooper, o* Cooper'a Hotel. Fordham, will, oa Tuesday afternoon, 12th intt , at 3 o'clock 1', M., aerve up a pot of turtle aou p free of charge. Come oae. come all. COOPER'S HOTEL, Fordham. THE LlHVORdUEVriOS, Fifth ward liquor dealers* association.? At a meeting of the liquor dealera of the Filth ward, bold at the Fifth Ward Hotel, corner of Franklin and Weat Broadway, tor tbe purpoae of organiiation, after appolating a Central and Ward Committee, Ac., adjourned to meet again at the aame place oa Tneaday evening, June 12, at 8 o'clock. All liquor dealers art reapectiully Invited to at tend. JAMES tL WELCH, i'reaident E. T. Davidson, Secretary. THE NINETEENTH WARD LIQUOR DEALERS' Asso ciation wiU btld a meeting at No. 708, third avenue, corner 4?th atreet, on Wedaeaday evening, Jane 13th, at 7* o'clock, to organia* tbe ward iu aocordaace with a reaolutioa of the New York Liquor Lealers Soelety. All liquor dealera in tba ward are expected to be preaent. WILLIAM DfcNICKE. ) CHARLES MURRAY, JOHN LU AN, I Committea MICHABL LOON AM, ( GEORGE GILL1G, ' 01 S. THILEMANN. Am.H?M?. EDWARD 1.1 HI ON, Arrangement!. JACOB ROSEN STEIN, J FOFT QFHCE MOHCEg. UNITED -STATES MAIL BOXES.-POST OFFICE, New York, June 9th, 1800.? The Poat Maater General having autboriied a large inoreaie ia tba nambor of boiea atationod throughout the city, for the roeeptioa of lettere to be forwarded in tba mailt or delivered ia tbe oity; aad bar ing alto directed that tueh bozet bo opened aad their eoa tenta brought to thit office four timet a day; aad that tba delivery by carriort. ot mall and city lettert, thall > be at leaat throe tiaoea a day ia every part of tba city aouth at Fif ty-fourth itreet: Notice it hereby givea to pertoaa detiring to bavo boxea stationed at their placet of batinett, for the tcoommodatioa of their euato mora and neighbora, that aa plioaitiOBi therefor abould be addretted, la writing, to NEL SON J. WATKRBURY, AuiaUat Poatmaater, on or before tba 26th day ot Jane inataat. No otmpeaiation it paid for tbe care of bozet, bat for tba information ot tbe public a llat of the plaoea at whloh they are atationed will be publithed la all the daily papera. Ia no cate will a boz be placed in any ttort at whloh aav other boz it kept for the recepMea of lettert ta ba tent by the mailt or delivered ia thit oity. ISAAC V. FOWLER, Poatmaater. SPORTING. FOR SAI.E-THE SAIL BOAT ECLIPSE; CARRIES Jib and maintail, good thane, and Jaat put la order for u?e; ai?e, 30>4 feet long, 7 feet wide; warranted to be fait; the appearance ot boat not to ba excelled Priee S19U. In quire of JAMES E. WALKER, 114 Fulton atreet. XI OT BARNUM'S FOULTRY EXHIBITION. -THE Xv largest collection of faaey fowlt, birdt, moaktyt. dtickt, dogt, Shetland poneyt, Ao., to be found In tbe United btatet, oaw be teen at ARCHIE GRIEVES', 150 Chambert ttreet, near Hadaon R. R. Depot. Adraistien free. mo SPORTSMEN.? THOBOUGH BRED SETTER PUPS, X eight weekt old, tor tale at 197 Seventh avenue, near Twenty third street; alto, aa ezcellent watch doc, two jeart old. THE T&A1WB. TO PRINTERS.? A OOOD JOBBING COMPOSITOR It waated at 11 Spraoe itreet. Nens bat a thorough work man need app y. Alto, ft roe good oampotKort oa book work. TO CARRIAGE MAEERS.-A WHEELER, WHO EN easaged to work lor ua U September laat, left hia e*?it of toolt, and baa not returned to elaia them? informa tion wanted, that thev may be nreperly ditpoeed at. He wat apparently aa Engiithman bv VlrtT MA JOE TMOMPSON A CO, 71 Weoatet rtreet. r WATCHMAKERS -WANTED, A WATCHMAKER Who perfectly nnderttaadt hit trada, to ge a ahort lis" taace lathe oouatry . Only tkote with the b?*t afreftrenctt need apply at J. H. ROnlRTSON l, 28 Maiden Una WANTED? A SITUATION, RY A RESPECT* BLR * u a good whoolwrigbt, aad aa* da aU kinda of wood work. Call at 78 aad 79 Chatham ?t., inbaiemtat. _______ WANTED-A WHEELWRIGHT TO CO IN THI cenwtry. Anply to L. C. Katobuoi. * ?o?!?uat tt , Vki* mottling, at 11 a eVot'.. ni f UT TVIDTT Till* IfUIT -I t?f I 1 MC. parte* Hi b?*reea am the third door Mf iMmmI permanently, m rut e/wrt ?arW rf 4*m?M - Aloe. iMwtw reoaea if a>a?l i LmMmHw 4<mi b*a iki StiU intM A^m bandsome m it or rooms to lit t? a |iit; ?( (??Umn ?r raUwu ui n* tli*, ??#* rveaa tar ???( eat*. at ? ?* ?o? Tlirt; *rtmJ r *00*. ?* twooa Broadway nod r.nb >'?!?? A^m oood chance -WANir.p r? in, t"tir ?nil It t KriilM knH ?? i m?II ii<i*> #f ."?? ? hrwu, wbo it? (illui to mi iMr rfii a? knfN ? '?? other room* la order oco?pi?<l kf mil' ?esi;?eee, waebiag lhay iu kifi. >(4 ilw raa Turaaah Mft'K >??< la than if {inferred ad into Wilaet Imditn. we* ub?, nmmm aa<i partiewlare Boarding boos* to remt or ri? uu-if lut K*? T?rt, ? large heaee. ??k alar i*?Wf mi. adalrably eituated for a large b?srtie? beeeo (?b?a mm ta wanted I ar aeh?el. tea* fermjtere will be *tm bouse. lout reaeeaabW, aad ewner wtU tab- aai ae-t et net la board Apply to C. B IILIIIIC9 , ai - <?a?ara 198 Bread nay. at Iujmb Saitk. aa tha nra atose ?<IBMi Uaaat, /ar a tara d yearn, mm Biara appl y to ADABS A LCCAEY, 74 ? I v I ** I K A M 1 I HOU'E TO LIT IB VOT '.mtmf J ' ???tt atreet, wiih laaediaie paaaain. aarttMata* ???J**1 *a?lljr. Neighborhood ae?soep< leasvie T a a rte W* OAa, chaadalao'e airvre tethe la* a** A# a a portion of the furniture, l? vt l??? eerpe'a. Aa a eaed be pertbaood. Appl) ia ? W. mCMABDS. AT Iwrfay. P1** 'Ti01** *? <*****" STREET fO LBT tKoatioa .a \h, atreet rtti.w for ?k .? ar i?I m. ia nr.mlli J*I U * ,0*4 ?d?Aal l> ?ira ft a. 86, at W ilium U t rVM FHENIBHED BOOSE TO LET ??? TBI '"BBBBB moatht, until lot Oetuim, a tree ciM bens >?? ? anunre and! Fifth, eoaptetoiy Ur??b>t WaW he 1A aery naaodable ta a ewrtoelT . iirW.Jl nnaeand reoidenoe, baa MS B T. Pest <?? a mm4 ?? owe will reoeive attention. Hotel in bbook.lvn.-to lbam, * niimi.? af white marble, W fret front. near <be ta?y BMC about being errcted. Aaply la J T. QATKOt, S Caa^ "pARTlV KlIRNISmS BOUSE AT CUrTBH, IBB X tan Ulan J. to lat, w.tbia ??aa auaaMaa atllal fa arrbllt'a iaadlar Tba iraaaAa ara wall uaaaia4 aa? baaa* titulty ah?4ad. Taraa audaratn la<|atra ai ? S MOW A*, raaidtag oa tba pramiaaa ar af BR. CUSATEK rL?W?4. 71 Broadway. a? atatra. Rooks abb bkdroons to lbt. at no ? wamnm ihaat, aaar Caaal. STXAB roWB*.-TO LIT, 8BTBB AI. WKLL iMmr ad raoau wnb ilaady paarac la tba b?>td?M. aa* aar af Baatar aad Kluabata aaraaba; aiaa ia kmltaa aaaaar of Twaaty third atraat aad Tint avaaaa. ?il< dacau. Apply til Pearl atraat. TBOBAS BOBTBS. rpo LET? A HOUSE AND STORE, TOOETIER BB ?? X parate, fer aaa ar faar yean, CI Walker atraat, dam from Broadway. laqatre at Tbayar'l ' Broadway. rLKT-AT TUROO'S NBCB, WEATCBBtTRB, tba aaaaar, a lanre eattaca, farm tetrad. It raeaa. a (ood racatable tardea, a good aaaanaeat at fruae ta) ar nam eat treat, earriaaa bowae aad etaMe. laaatre aa Aa prealaat o< E. PNDItlHl LL. rLlT.-THB NIVT THREE STOBT BOOM B PBT lar atraat, Brooklyn, witbia e aa aiaate'e aalfc aftAa (arry. For farther part leal are la >j aire of THOMAS HOB TON, 818 Ptarl atraat. New York. mo LET? POSSESSION OITEN IBBEMATM.T? MB X rear part of tba teond atory, tba Iroat part ad third atory, and all of the fourth a tar* af IP Ba atreet; alto, the front room af tba tftb atory aad i3 Deaknan atieet Eaak apartaaeat la ami table fa* kind of meobanleal buainrat; alae, baaeoaaat el M atraat. laqulxa af JAHES CONNER A BONS.2? attaet. TO LET-TWO BROWN STOBE FRONT ENQI basement Uoutta, with all tba modern I apr urease Twenty -Uretatrect. betweea Fifth aad Sixth araaaaa. to ALEXANDER WECKBECEER, 31 Ukorty aUeat TO LET? THE LOWER PART OF A HOOSE, 00* taining all tba modern improvemeata, ia a geaAadi neighborhood, eaat of tba Bowery, ia porftot order Alae, a part or wbola of the furaitnre lor aala; it la nearly aaar, af to*jd daioripUoa, and in order; will be aold at a I * paia% tha owner leaving the city. For panionlart addreea, er eaA on J. W., SX! Monroe atreet. TO LET-THE ENTIRE SECOND FLOOR, CONEIW inx of three rooaa. No. .t|| Uroadway, will he let ehaa# to a good tenant. Inquire at No. 357 Broadway, ia the aagM etc re. TO LET-IN JERSEY C11Y, ONE OF THOSE HANB eome brown atone front boaaea oppoeite Vaa Vara* tquara, ZSxSO reet on the grouml, three atory aad baeeaaat. replete with every modern ooutenienoe, aueu aa hatha, water cloeete, wash atanda, turnace, km, atataary taaateli, ba^ coat over 110,000; will bo rented thia year at the rate ?f |M per aannm, with the privilege of one or more yean at tha rate of t~U) per knnam. Imguire of ANDREW CLARE, Ah the ottoeof the Jenoy City Uaa Company, oornar af Creena aad Grand atreet s. TO LET-AN ELEGANTLY FURNISHED HOU3F. OW Eaat Slataentb atreet, near Irving pl*ee, fnralture aad improvemema complete. Will bo rented for eix aontha, ar leaaed for a longer eentoa. laqnire of K. A. WAl'KINdOM, 7 Naaaau atreet. TO I.ET? HALF OF A NEAT THRKE STOBT BRIOK bente, near the corner of Foart tenth atreet aad Had aon. Would be let to a rood tenant, at the rata af tS a year. Iaqnlre of J, DUBREK, Eighth avenue, corner Sta teenth atraat. n>0 LET-RENT $800, OR LESS.? A DWELLING, ON A A atage and car route, oonalatlng of two large parltra, niae aleaflag rooma, bathroom, kitohen, Aa., gaa throagh the bonae, newly painted aad In hne order. Aluo, a laaB three ttory houta to lat; rent #330. E. B. KIN 3 Hi HER, MB Fouith avenne. TO LET-A LARGE STORE, OPPOSITE PIER S. North rivar, Ut for any description of bnainaaa, aa it la in the beet looation in the city. Inquire of JOHN BUB PHY, 33 Waat ?tre*t. rpo LBT? THE UPPBR PART OF A THREE STOBT boate. 7 rooaa, ia a rood neighbourhood. A wnaM houta ia waet Broadway. Firat floor of hoaaoSO, Haebaaa atreet. A amall bonae la WUUamabnrg, aaar tha ferry. Apply to 8. C. SMITH, 10, Matt atreet. TO LET-TO A SHALL, QUIET FAMILY, ROOM AJTB two bedrooma, oa tha aaooad floor af tha throe story brick hoaaa, No. 39 Charles atraat, aaar Fonrth. TO LET? A NEW FOUR STORY HOOSE. BROWN stone froat, in Thirty oightb atraat, aacoad door waat from Loalagtoa avaana; alia tweaty by eUty tlve. Coataiaia all tha modem improvements. Will ho rented law ta a good tenant. Apply to T. A L. ROSd, 90 Penrl aad U Stoaa atreota. - mo LET-IN BROOKLYN, PART OF A BRAT COT 1 tage bouse, consisting of two room and three f-~ oaths second floor, and front ba*em*nt, situated it tut arena*, iiu Myrtle avenue. Apply to OLIYER WILLETft A SoN, 27# Ptarl street, New York. mO LET? UNFUBNISHED Al'AKTMENTS, CONSIST - JL ing of fonr room* on the eecond floor, and one or (m room* on the third floor, with all the modern improvement*, to be let to a gentleman, or a imall family. Apply at No. 30 Amity street. TO LET SECOND FLOOR OF A TWO STORY HOVBB consisting of three room* and pantries. Reat low. tM Inrnltnre in the apartment! will be sold cheap if wanted. 1% is piaia.and nearly new, and well adapted for a, small family wishing to keep house. Apply at 22 Harrison street. MCDONNELL. TO LBT-iH TWENTY SECOND STREET, BETWEEN Seventh and Eighth avenues, No. 1MI, a new brown slsss house. Rent SUM, and furniture lor sale very cheap. Csa be seen at any time. TO LET-ONE ENTIRE FLOOR. CONSISTING OF T9VM. to five rooau; gas, bath and every convenience far housekeeping; location, Amity st. For particulars, apply at HO William strest. TO LET? AT HOBOKEN, A TWO STORT 8ASB meni and attic dwelling house, 1 29 Washington stmt, near Third. Apply on the premises, or to JOHN M. BOARD 27 Barelay strset, from I to 2K P. N. TO LET-TO A SMALL RESPECTABLE FAMILY, the upper part of boose 110 Waverley ptace, a few turn lrom Washington square. The house has all ths modern imurc vements. Inquire on the prtmises from 8 to 13 A. I., or from 2 to 6 P. M. TO LET-A FURNISHED HOUSE, IN MORRISTOW*. N. J., at a moderate rent, or would be let to a family willing to board the occupant (a lad/) tor use of hsas* and Address H. S., box 110 Herald oBeo. TO LET-THE STORE AND DWELLING, NO, W Bowery, near Fifth street, tor several years occupied as n plane and tool store. Inquire at No. 9SSf{ Bowery. TO LET-THE UPPER PART OF HOUSE NO. ?? Warren street; It will suit two small families. Ala*, the rear building of same house, for any mechanical purpose. Apply at 21 Warren street . mo LET-A HOUSE AND STORE, NO. 100 BOWERY. J. en* of the most desirable 1 coitions In the Bowery, bates on th* west side, between H?stsr an* Grand street*, it quire at M Bowery. NORMAN COOK. TO LEASB-FOR TEN YEARS, A PLOT OF QROUH? ?n Broadway, corner of Thirty ninth street, suitable far a coal yard or factory; will be let tog*tb*r or aopattea, An ply to ROaWELL G. PIERCE, Pin* street, oornar *t Broadway. mo LET OR LEASE AT TONKBRS-A COTTAGE 1 with five acres of land, on which are n stehU, in* howne, garden and orchard. The cottage contain* 12 roc as*, situate three quarters of n mil* south of rallreaA d*Ni Apply, between 10 and >2, to ft. B. HUTCHlNGS, 34 John strati HARF PROPERTY AMD LOTS TO LET OR I.BASS ? Running from the Ele Tenth avenue to tk* Mud*em river, betwsen Thirtieth and Thirty ?rt t *treet*, favorably situated for a stone or lumber yard, with a two story brisk office on tb* premlMs; ha* been used th* la*t throe or (bwr years as a lumber yard. Imaadlat* poseessioe can be kad. Apply to R. H. OOFF, 118 Bro^wny, or at 2? West Thlrtir fourtb tree!. ~ CLOTHDG, dkC. gfrggh?'iHMSr C^AZt&ir.WvmiTiz==r-' I aliSffig for th* sa a^SP* < ?s?I? WH'IWtl. ipiXTa-ON flOLD. Sl TO W ONLY, WARRANTEE; "ft . . prseUcsl dentist. SS Broadway, also, SO* Weet TMrty ***' end stmt, user Eighth avenue, before ? and after ? e si*)t. P.M. Tbote in??r?"?4 ftlll pirate o*ll. 1 new and beautiful styles. Fonr premiums roeetfvedL Reference dfNL Te?ih filled, cleaned, Ac .eeuaUy mod* I rat* price*. Teeth on pivot* SI only. Br. MANSOMTm yw*e

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